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This page is updated frequently with new Multiplex-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Multiplex-related patents
 Frequency-division multiplexing (fdm) using soft clipping (sc) patent thumbnailFrequency-division multiplexing (fdm) using soft clipping (sc)
A method comprising mapping data onto odd frequency subcarriers of a plurality of non-overlapping frequency subcarriers, wherein each of the non-overlapping frequency subcarriers comprises a center frequency that is an odd integer multiple of a lowest center frequency, producing a time signal based on the mapping, applying soft clipping (sc) to signal amplitudes of the time signal according to a polynomial function, and producing a positive-amplitude signal based on the applying.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

 Optical network controller and optical network control method patent thumbnailOptical network controller and optical network control method
In an optical network by a highly dense wavelength division multiplexing system using a flexible frequency grid, it is difficult to improve the optical bandwidth utilization efficiency in the optical network as a whole with improving the fault tolerance, therefore, an optical network controller according to an exemplary aspect of the present invention includes an optical path setting means for selecting a plurality of optical node pairs composed of two optical nodes from among a plurality of optical nodes composing the optical network by a highly dense wavelength division multiplexing system using a flexible frequency grid, and setting, between each of the plurality of optical node pairs, a plurality of optical paths including a first optical path and a second optical path each of which links the optical node pair through various routes; and an optical band setting means for setting respective optical bands based on optical path length and transmission capacity so that an amount of optical bandwidths of the first optical path may become larger than or equal to an amount of optical bandwidths of the second optical path.. .
Nec Corporation

 Optical switching patent thumbnailOptical switching
An optical switch (10) comprising: inputs (12) to receive input optical signals at respective wavelengths and having planar wavefronts; conversion apparatus (14) to convert each input optical signal into a respective optical signal having a respective helical wavefront, each helical wavefront having a different orbital angular momentum, oam; optical multiplexing apparatus (16) to receive each helical wavefront optical signal from the conversion apparatus and to multiplex the helical wavefront optical signals into an oam multiplexed optical signal; and optical demultiplexing apparatus (18) comprising a plurality of outputs (20), the optical demultiplexing apparatus arranged to: receive the oam multiplexed optical signal; demultiplex the oam multiplexed optical signal into a plurality of wavelength multiplexed optical signals each having a different oam; reconvert each wavelength multiplexed optical signal from its helical wavefront into a respective planar wavefront; and deliver each planar wavefront wavelength multiplexed optical signal to a respective one of the outputs according to the respective oam it had before reconversion.. .
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Erisson (publ)

 Apparatus for broadcasting scalable video contents and method using the same patent thumbnailApparatus for broadcasting scalable video contents and method using the same
An apparatus and method for broadcasting scalable video contents are disclosed. An apparatus for broadcasting scalable video contents according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a video codec unit configured to generate a plurality of codec layer signals by dividing codec media stream into a plurality of layers; encapsulation and delivery unit configured to perform a transformation for transferring on the codec layer signals; and broadcasting signal multiplexing unit configured to generate a layered-division-multiplexed broadcasting signal by combining the codec layer signals at different power levels..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Method and  providing input to a camera serial interface transmitter patent thumbnailMethod and providing input to a camera serial interface transmitter
A system for receiving at least two data streams and providing a single input data stream to a mipi's csi tx is disclosed. The two received data streams are written into respective data buffers.
Analog Devices Global

 Multi-turn coil multiplex circuit and  for controlling multi-turn coil multiplex circuit patent thumbnailMulti-turn coil multiplex circuit and for controlling multi-turn coil multiplex circuit
Examples herein provide multi-turn coil multiplex circuits. The multi-turn coil multiplex circuits include a multi-turn coil, a switch, a near field communication (nfc) matching circuit, and a camera circuit.
Xiaomi Inc.

 Methods and apparatuses to improve reception of direct detection optical signals patent thumbnailMethods and apparatuses to improve reception of direct detection optical signals
System and method embodiments are provided for improving reception of direct detection optical signals. In an embodiment, a method for optical transmission includes bit loading and power loading, with a digital signal processor (dsp), transmission bits of an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) signal; calculating, with the dsp, a signal-signal beat interference (ssbi) component of the bit and power loaded ofdm signal by modulating each subcarrier with a symbol; and subtracting, with the dsp, the calculated ssbi component from the bit and power loaded ofdm signal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Mixed guard intervals in ofdm signal data segments patent thumbnailMixed guard intervals in ofdm signal data segments
Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with generating wireless communication with a long guard interval followed by short guard intervals are described. According to one embodiment, a wireless communication device includes a transmitter configured to generate and transmit an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) signal with (i) a preamble and (ii) a data segment following the preamble that includes a plurality of data symbols that are each respectively preceded by a guard interval.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

 Data processing apparatus and method patent thumbnailData processing apparatus and method
A data processing apparatus maps input symbols to be communicated onto a predetermined number of sub-carrier signals of an orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) symbol. The data processor includes an interleaver memory which reads-in the predetermined number of data symbols for mapping onto the ofdm sub-carrier signals.
Sony Corporation

 Bonded ofdm communication system patent thumbnailBonded ofdm communication system
An orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) communication system includes a first interface having a first cable coupler to couple to a first end of a coaxial cable, and a first plurality of signal pathways coupled to the first cable coupler. Each signal pathway of the first plurality includes a physical (phy) layer component and a radio frequency (rf) front end coupled to the phy layer component.
Vixs Systems Inc.


Analog distributed antenna system for processing ethernet signal

A device included in an analog distributed antenna system includes a first analog signal processing unit for receiving an analog communication signal, a first modulation/demodulation unit for converting a digital ethernet signal received from an ethernet network into an analog ethernet signal, a multiplexing unit for multiplexing the analog communication signal signal-processed by the analog signal processing unit and the analog ethernet signal converted by the modulation/demodulation unit, and a transmission unit for transmitting, to other devices included in the analog distributed antenna system, the analog communication signal and the analog ethernet signal, which are multiplexed by the multiplexing unit.. .
Solid, Inc.


Communication station and communicating using minimum bandwidth units of various tone allocations for ofdma hew

Embodiments of a communication station and method for communicating in a wireless network are generally described herein. In some embodiments, the communication station may be configured to communicate orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) symbols on channel resources in accordance with an orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) technique during a control period.


Optical communication using super-nyquist signals

An optical transmitter multiplexes multiple optical channels for transmission over an optical communication medium. The spectrum of modulated signal in each optical channel is lowpass filtered in the electrical (digital) domain at half the channel baud rate such that super nyquist signal multiplexing can be achieved in the optical domain without having to perform optical filtering.
Zte Corporation


Wavelength selective switch and controlling spatial phase modulator in wavelengths

The present invention discloses a wavelength selective switch and a method for controlling a spatial phase modulator in a wavelength selective switch. The wavelength selective switch includes: a first demultiplexing/multiplexing component, configured to split, an input multi-wavelength optical signal into multiple single-wavelength optical signals; a spatial phase modulator, configured to change a transmission direction of each single-wavelength optical signal included in the multiple single-wavelength optical signals, where the spatial phase modulator is further configured to split a first single-wavelength optical signal in the multiple single-wavelength optical signals into a first light beam and a second light beam, where the first light beam is incident on an output port, and the second light beam is incident on a monitoring port; a photoelectric detector, configured to receive the second light beam; and a performance monitoring component, configured to perform performance monitoring on the received second light beam..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Channel state information for enhanced carrier aggregation

Methods, systems, and devices are described for wireless communication in a system that supports enhanced carrier aggregation (eca). An eca configuration with a large number of component carriers (ccs) may include ccs grouped into channel state information (csi) reporting groups.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and wireless communication method

A wireless communication system is disclosed. The wireless communication system performs data transmission using spatially multiplexed streams from a first terminal including n antennas to a second terminal including m antennas (n and m are integers larger than or equal to 2 and n>m)..
Sony Corporation


Tunable delay circuit and operating method thereof

A tunable delay circuit includes a first multiplexer, a delay chain, and a second multiplexer. The first multiplexer selects an input signal or a feedback signal as a first output signal according to an enable signal.
Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Autonomous multi-source energy harvesting system

There is provided a self-powered energy harvesting system for harvesting electrical energy from the environment for feeding a load, the system comprising a first energy harvester for generating first electrical energy having a first input voltage from the environment; a first local storage unit for storing the first electrical energy after conversion; a passive startup circuit connected to the first energy harvester for harvesting, converting and storing the first electrical energy inside the first local storage unit; a second energy harvester for generating second electrical energy having a second input voltage from the environment; and an active circuit connected to the first local storage unit, to the second energy harvester and to the load for extracting and using the first electrical energy stored in the first local storage unit for harvesting, converting and directing the second electrical energy to the load, the second input voltage being insufficient for operating the active circuit. There is also provided a passive startup circuit and an energy-aware time multiplexer for combining energy originating from the different energy harvesting sources for use with energy harvesting systems..
Khalifa University Of Science, Technology & Research (kustar)


Controlling a fault-tolerant array of converters

A redundant path power subsystem comprises a plurality of phase regulators in a multi-phase power converter. The plurality of phase regulators comprises at least n+2 phase regulators.
International Business Machines Corporation


Display apparatus and driving method thereof

A display apparatus includes a de-multiplexer having a number of first switches equal to a number of data lines. Each of the first switches is connected to a first end of a corresponding one of the data lines.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


System and transmitting sensor data from a rotating component of a turbomachine

A system for transmitting data from a rotating component of a turbomachine includes a plurality of thermal sensors coupled to corresponding rotatable components within the turbomachine where each thermal sensor generates a discrete analogue signal indicative of temperature. A plurality of transmitter assemblies is coupled to an end of a rotor shaft of the turbomachine.
General Electric Company


Apparatus for controlling inverse fast fourier transform input in long term evolution system

Disclosed is an apparatus for controlling an ifft input in a lte system. The apparatus includes: a first multiplexer configured to select a portion of data applied to a first stage of a fast fourier transform (fft) structure according to a predefined condition from among input data, and assign the selected data to a memory of the first stage; a butterfly operator configured to receive the portion of data selected by the first multiplexer and perform a butterfly operation for the first stage of the fft structure using the received data; a multiplier configured to output a value obtained by multiplying a result value output from the butterfly operator and a predetermined value together; and a second multiplexer configured to receive a value output via the multiplier, and remaining data not selected by the first multiplexer to output to a second stage of the fft structure..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Virtualization of hardware accelerator

Technologies are generally provided to virtualize hardware acceleration. In some examples, a coprovisor component may be configured to multiplex multiple domains' requests to access a hardware accelerator such as a field programmable gate array (fpga), an application specific integrated circuit (asic), or a comparable accelerator in a paravirtualized environment.
University Of Ottawa


Holographic display apparatus and driving the same

A holographic display apparatus includes a light source unit, a spatial light modulator, and a spatial light modulator control circuit for controlling the spatial light modulator, the spatial light modulator control circuit including a data driving circuit for providing a data voltage to a signal line, a demultiplexer circuit which includes a plurality of switching elements connected to the signal line and sequentially turned on, and transfers the data voltage to a transfer line through a turned-on switching element among the switching elements, and a first element connected between the transfer line and a data line, passing a current flowing from the transfer line to the data line, and blocking a current flowing from the data line to the transfer line.. .


Fiber optic rotary joint with dual-core fiber

Aspects of the disclosure include an optical fiber sensing system and apparatus that provide for free rotation of fiber optic cables containing multiple cores. For example, the disclosure presents a fiber optic rotary joint, comprising a stator housing a non-rotating portion of a dual-core fiber optic cable and a rotor housing a rotating portion of the dual-core fiber optic cable.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


6d positioning system using a shadow sensor

A positioning system, in particular, positioning in six dimensions of a sensor with respect to an assembly composed of a multitude of leds, is provided. The sensor is a shadow sensor and has a mask and a 2d imager.
Csem Centre Suisse D'electronique Et De Microtechne Sa


Positioning system and method

A positioning system, in particular, six-dimensions positioning system of a shadow sensor with respect to a constellation of light sources is provided. The sensor can be a shadow sensor and has a mask and a 2d imager.
Csem Centre Suisse D'electronique Et De Microtechnique Sa-recherche Et Développement


System and monitoring temperatures of and controlling multiplexed heater array

A system for measuring temperatures of and controlling a multi-zone heating plate in a substrate support assembly used to support a semiconductor substrate in a semiconductor processing includes a current measurement device and switching arrangements. A first switching arrangement connects power return lines selectively to an electrical ground, a voltage supply or an electrically isolated terminal, independent of the other power return lines.
Lam Research Corporation


Radio base station, relay station and radio communication method

The present invention is designed to increase the capacity of backhaul links between radio base stations and relay stations. The present invention is designed so that a radio base station (bs) non-orthogonal-multiplexes downlink signals for a plurality of communication devices including at least one relay station, over the same radio resource, with different transmission power, and transmits the downlink signals to the plurality of communication devices with the different transmission power, and a relay station (rs) cancels interference by a downlink signal for another communication device, which is non-orthogonal-multiplexed in the radio base station, over the same radio resource, with the different transmission power, so as to receive a downlink signal for a lower communication device connected to the subject station, as a downlink signal for the subject station, and transmits the downlink signal to the lower communication device, using a radio resource that is different from the radio resource that is used in non-orthogonal-multiplexing in the radio base station..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Method and limiting transmission of in-device coexistence indication message in wireless communication system

A user equipment (ue) and method are provided for transmitting an in-device coexistence (idc) indication message in a wireless communication system. The ue receives a configuration message including an idc indication from a base station.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Network interface device for optical premises signals and networks

A network interface device (nid) demarcates an access network and a premises network. The nid receives a broadband signal via an access network and transmits optical device signals to pieces of premises equipment.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Multi-flow optical transceiver, multi-flow optical transponder and multi-flow optical node

There is provided a multi-flow optical transceiver that includes (a) a plurality of wavelength-tunable light sources, (b) a plurality of optical modulation units which modulates light with an input signal, (c) an optical multiplexing/demultiplexing switch which couples light from at least one of the wavelength-tunable light sources to at least one of the optical modulation units with any power, (d) an optical coupling unit which couples a plurality of lights, modulated by a plurality of the optical modulation units, to at least one waveguide, (e) at least one multiple carrier generating unit which generates multiple carries, arranged at equal frequency intervals, from light of the wavelength-tunable light source, and (f) a wavelength separation unit which branches the multiple carriers from the multiple carrier generating unit for each wavelength.. .
Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation


Methods and local channel insertion in an all-digital content distribution network

Methods and apparatus for inserting local content of interest in an all digital content delivery network. In one embodiment, the content delivery network comprises a cable television or satellite network, and an rf channel thereof is separated or isolated from an incoming multiplex of all-digital content transmission.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Digital broadcasting system and processing data in digital broadcasting system

A digital broadcast receiver and a control method thereof are provided. The digital broadcast receiver includes a reception unit for receiving a broadcast signal in which mobile service data and main service data are multiplexed, an extractor for extracting transmission parameter channel signaling information and fast information channel signaling information from a data group in the received mobile service data, an acquirer for acquiring a program table describing virtual channel information and a service of an ensemble by using the extracted fast information channel signaling information, the ensemble being a virtual channel group of the received mobile service data, a detector for detecting a descriptor defining internet access information corresponding to the mobile service data by using the acquired program table, and a controller for controlling the internet access information of the detected descriptor and the mobile service data to be displayed..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method and system for serialization and deserialization (serdes) for inter-system communications

An integrated circuit may comprise a tuner operable to digitize a band of frequencies comprising a plurality of television channels, a crossbar operable to select one or more of the plurality of television channels output by the tuner, a plurality of demodulators operable to receive the selected one or more television channels from the crossbar and demodulate the selected one or more television channels to recover a plurality of transport streams, a transport module operable to multiplex the plurality of transport streams into a single packet stream, and a framer operable to: encapsulate packets of the plurality of transport streams into transport stream frames of a serial datastream, and insert filler frames into the serial datastream after every nth transport stream frame of the serial datastream, where n is an integer.. .
Maxlinear, Inc.


Method and device for internet protocol communication over a dmx network

A device includes a transceiver configured to communicate over a communication network according to digital multiplex (dmx) protocol; a memory device; and a microcontroller configured to process server data stored in the memory device into one or more internet protocol packets and to provide the one or more internet protocol packets to the transceiver for communication of the server data over the communication network according to the dmx protocol.. .
Philips Lighting Holding B.v


Extended guard interval for outdoor wlan

A wireless network interface device selects a guard interval from a set of guard intervals including a first guard interval, a second guard interval, and a third guard interval, where in the first guard interval has a length that is 50% of a length of the second guard interval, and wherein the length of the second guard interval is 50% of a length of the third guard interval. The wireless network interface device generates a preamble of a data unit to include: a legacy signal field, a repetition of the legacy field, and a non-legacy field that includes a field that indicates the selected guard interval.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.


Transmission of data using a plurality of radio frequency channels

Methods and systems are described for transmitting data to a node using a plurality of radio frequency channels. The data may be allocated, based on feedback from the node, into various portions amongst multiple radio frequency channels and/or amongst tones associated with the radio frequency channels.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Transmission of data to multiple nodes

Methods and systems are described for determining and transmitting at least one orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) symbol that may comprise data associated with multiple nodes such as a first node and a second node. Each ofdm symbol may be determined using weights, time-frequency channels, and/or tones that are determined based at least in part on transmissions from the first node and the second node..
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Pilot signal transmission method and radio communication apparatus

In a radio communication system, transmission of cazac sequences as the pilot signal sequences by using code division multiplexing as at least one of user multiplexing schemes, is done by dividing a system band as a frequency band usable in the system into frequency blocks b1 and b2 having bandwidths w1 and w2, generating the pilot signals of the frequency blocks b1 and b2 with a single carrier, using the pilot signal sequences having sequence lengths l1 and l2 corresponding to frequency blocks b1 and b2 respectively; and, transmitting the generated pilot signals as the pilot signals corresponding individual users, with multicarriers using an arbitrary number of frequency blocks among the plural frequency blocks. .
Nec Corporation


Method for transmitting multiplexed harq feedbacks in a carrier aggregation system and a device therefor

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. More specifically, the present invention relates to a method and a device for transmitting multiplexed harq feedbacks in a carrier aggregation system, the method comprising: configuring a first cell with pucch resource and a second cell with pucch resource; configuring zero or more third cells without pucch resource; generating a first harq feedback by multiplexing harq feedbacks of all harq processes of the first cell and third cells associated with the first cell; generating a second harq feedback by multiplexing harq feedbacks of all harq processes of the second cell and third cells associated with the second cell; and transmitting the first harq feedback on the first cell with pucch resource and the second harq feedback on the second cell with pucch resource..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Time division multiplexed orbital angular momentum based communication

Optical signals with different orbital angular momentum (oam) modes are used to multiplex data directed to different receiver together using time division multiplexing. The oam based multiplexing may be used in addition to other multiplexing schemes such as time division multiplexing, polarization multiplexing and so on.
Zte Corporation


Method and mapping and de-mapping in an optical transport network

The embodiments of the present invention disclose methods and apparatuses for mapping processing and de-mapping processing in an optical transport network. A low order optical channel data unit (lo odu) signal is mapped into a payload area of an optical channel data tributary (odtu) signal in units of m bytes.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Stokes-vector-based transmission and detection of optical polarization-division-multiplexed signals

We disclose an optical transport system configured to transport data using a pdm-modulation format, in which each of two orthogonal polarizations is independently amplitude-modulated, and the relative phase between the carrier waves of the two polarizations may also be modulated. This modulation format enables the optical receiver to perform direct optical detection using a stokes-vector detector to fully recover the encoded data.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Transport functions virtualization for wavelength division multiplexing (wdm)-based optical networks

A method for virtualizing an optical network, comprising: abstracting optical resource information corresponding to resources within the optical network, constructing a plurality of candidate paths for one or more optical reachability graph (org) node pairs, determining whether the candidate paths are optical reachable paths, and creating an org link between each org node pair when at least one optical reachable path exists for the org node pair, wherein linking the org node pairs creates an org. In another embodiment, a computer program product comprising executable instructions when executed by a processor causes a node to perform the following: determine an optical network's optical-electrical-optical (oeo) conversion capability, partition a plurality of service sites into one or more electrical reachability graph (erg) nodes, determine a grooming capability for each erg node, and construct a plurality of electrical-layer reach paths between the erg nodes to form an erg..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Optical switch, optical add-drop multiplexer, communication network node and communication network

An optical switch (10) comprising: input ports (12, 14) arranged to receive optical signals from directions d1 to dn; output ports (16, 18) arranged to output optical signals to the said directions; drop ports (20); add ports (22); a first switch array (24) arranged to receive from a first said input port (12) optical signals at a plurality of wavelengths, and comprising switch elements (26) each arranged to selectively direct optical signals to a respective drop port. The optical switch (10) further comprising optical filters (28), each arranged to receive from the first input port optical signals having bypass wavelengths, each optical filter arranged to transmit to a respective one of the output ports (18) optical signals at different bypass wavelengths; and a second switch array (30) arranged to receive from the other input ports (14) optical signals at some of said wavelengths, the second switch array comprising a plurality of switch elements (32) arranged to selectively add optical signals received from the add ports at others of said wavelengths..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Optical transmission apparatus, optical transmission system, and transmission wavelength control method

An optical transmission apparatus for transmitting wavelength-multiplexed light, the optical transmission apparatus includes: an optical transmitter configured to transmit light of a third wavelength to be arranged between a first wavelength and a second wavelength adjacent to the third wavelength in the wavelength-multiplexed light, and a controller configured to control a bandwidth of the light of the third wavelength to be arranged in a first bandwidth narrower than a spacing between the first wavelength and the second wavelength.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Optical transmission system, wavelength control method and node

An optical transmission system includes: a transmission node to transmit wavelength-multiplexed light of a plural wavelengths arranged in a predetermined transmission band; and a reception node to receive the wavelength-multiplexed light, and to include a monitor to monitor a detection sensitivity indicating a sampling phase shift with respect to a phase of light corresponding to one among the received plural wavelengths, and a transmitter to transmit information indicating that the monitored detection sensitivity for light corresponding to a wavelength adjacent to an outer edge of the transmission band, among the plural wavelengths, has been reduced below a threshold value, to the transmission node, wherein the transmission node includes a receiver to receive information indicating a reduction in the detection sensitivity, and a controller to stop wavelength control of shifting the wavelength adjacent to the outer edge in a direction approaching the outer edge in response to reception of the information.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Method and generating optical polar return-to-zero amplitude modulation signal using reflective semiconductor optical amplifier and wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical network system using the same

The present invention can operate a reflective semiconductor optical amplifier at ultrahigh speed using a polar return-to-zero (rz) modulation method, and operate a reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (rsoa) whose modulation bandwidth is limited at ultrahigh speed by generating signals vertically symmetrical using a newly suggested polar rz signal generator when generating an amplitude modulation signal at a transmission end. The present invention can overcome the problem that a modulation speed cannot be increased to 10 gb/s or above due to signal distortion by inter-symbol-interference when generating an ultrahigh speed amplitude modulation signal using an rsoa of low price having a very narrow modulation bandwidth in an rsoa-based optical network.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Transmission device, transmitter, and transmission method

An optical transmitter includes a dmt modulating unit that allocates information signals to scs and that generates a dmt signal by performing multi-level modulation on each of the information signals allocated to each of the scs. The optical transmitter includes a mixer that shifts, on the basis of the probe result of the dmt signal and frequency information on a wireless signal that is input, the carrier frequency of the wireless signal so as not to overlap the sc to which the information signal in the dmt signal is allocated.
Fujitsu Limited


Summation of parallel modulated signals of different wavelengths

An optical transmitter is provided. The optical transmitter includes a first optical modulator configured to modulate a first optical carrier signal having a first wavelength and a first power using a first data bit to generate a first modulated output signal, a second optical modulator configured to modulate a second optical carrier signal having a second wavelength and a second power using a second data bit to generate a second modulated output signal, wherein the second optical modulator and the first optical modulator modulate in parallel, and an optical wavelength multiplexer configured to sum the first modulated output signal and the second modulated output signal into an analog signal suitable for transmission over an optical fiber..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Link architecture and spacecraft terminal for high rate direct to earth optical communications

A satellite in low-earth orbit (leo) or medium-earth orbit (meo) with a modern image sensor and/or other remote sensing device can collect data at rates of 10 mbps or higher. At these collection rates, the satellite can accumulate more data between its passes over a given ground station than it can transmit to the ground station in a single pass using radio-frequency (rf) communications.


Methods and devices for determining link adaptation parameters

The teachings relate to a method 100 performed in a network node 2 for determining a link adaptation parameter, sinrla,i, for a wireless device 3. The network node 2 supporting a multi-antenna transmission mode comprising spatial multiplexing layers for transmission of data on a channel between the wireless device 3 and the network node 2.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Radio based automatic level control for linear radio calibration

A linear radio and a method for performing automatic level control are provided. A demultiplexer, within the linear radio, receives multiplexed signals from an indoor unit via a cable connecting the indoor unit with the linear radio.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc


Transceivers digital mobile communications

Mobile transmitter-receiver (transceiver) unit for receiving and demodulating a video orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) modulated signal. Modulator and transmitter for modulating and transmitting a filtered spread spectrum video baseband signal.


Multichannel analog-to-digital converter

Multichannel successive approximation register (sar) analog-to-digital converters (adc), along with methods and systems for multichannel sar analog-to-digital conversion, are disclosed herein. An exemplary multichannel sar adc can include a first sar adc for each of a plurality of input channels, and a second sar adc, a multiplexer, and a residue amplifier shared among the plurality of input channels.
Analog Devices Global


Analog switch and multiplexer

The analog switch includes a first dmos transistor of a second conductivity type that is connected to an input terminal at a first end of a current path thereof and to the gate of the first mos transistor at a second end of the current path, and is controlled in accordance with the second current. The analog switch includes a second dmos transistor of the second conductivity type that is connected to the second end of the current path of the first dmos transistor at a first end of a current path thereof and to an output terminal at a second end of the current path and is controlled in accordance with the second current.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Look-up table circuit and nonvolatile memory device

A look-up table circuit of an embodiment includes: first wiring lines; second wiring lines; resistive change elements disposed to intersection regions of the first and second wiring lines, each resistive change element including a first electrode connected to a corresponding one of the first wiring lines, a second electrode connected to a corresponding one of the second wiring lines; and a resistive change layer disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode; a first controller controlling voltages applied to the first wiring lines; a second controller controlling voltages applied to the second wiring lines; and a multiplexer including input terminals connected to the first wiring lines and an output terminal.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


System and multi-computer control

A system for a multi-computer control according to an exemplary embodiment may include: an integrated process server to receive, from one or more computer terminals, display information including video data and terminal identification information through a physical layer transceiver, multiplex and serialize the received display information, transmit the multiplexed and serialized display information to a user process terminal, and transmit a received user input signal to a corresponding computer terminal; and the user process terminal to mix the display information and the multi-control interface, display, on a display device, the execution screens of the activated computer terminals, and transmit the user input signal to the integrated process server along with corresponding terminal identification information, wherein the display information is received from the integrated process server, and the user input signal is received from an input device.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instit

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