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Multiplex patents

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Method for allocating resource in lte system

Samsung Electronics

Method for allocating resource in lte system

Switch-based load balancer


Switch-based load balancer

Switch-based load balancer


Method for transmitting and receiving data in wireless local area network and apparatus for the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Multiplex-related patents
 Control signaling for wireless communication patent thumbnailControl signaling for wireless communication
In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, a method comprises allocating a control channel resource in a wireless relay transmission frame on a wireless relay link; generating a control signaling based on at least one of a resource allocation scheme, a status of the wireless relay link and a traffic condition of the wireless relay link; mapping the control signaling to the allocated control channel resource via at least one of a time-first mapping, a frequency-first mapping, and a multiplexing mapping; and transmitting the control signaling in the allocated control channel resource on the wireless relay link to at least one associated relay node.. .
Wireless Future Technologies Inc.

 Method for allocating resource in lte system patent thumbnailMethod for allocating resource in lte system
A fractional resource block (rb) allocation method which enables resource allocation in a unit smaller than rb to improve the capacity of voice over internet protocol (voip) in a long term evolution (lte) system is provided. The method includes generating modulation symbols streams by performing channel coding and modulation on transport blocks corresponding to first and second data to be transmitted to respective users, multiplexing the modulation symbols stream alternately in unit of two continuous modulation symbols, and transmitting the multiplexed modulation symbol stream as mapped to corresponding resource.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Switch-based load balancer patent thumbnailSwitch-based load balancer
A load balancer system is described herein which uses one or more switch-based hardware multiplexers, each of which performs a multiplexing function. Each such hardware multiplexer operates based on an instance of mapping information associated with a set of virtual ip (vip) addresses, corresponding to a complete set of vip addresses or a portion of the complete set.
Microsoft Corporation

 Method for transmitting and receiving data in wireless local area network and  the same patent thumbnailMethod for transmitting and receiving data in wireless local area network and the same
Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for transmitting and receiving data in a wireless local area network (wlan) system. A method for transmitting data may comprise generating a physical layer (phy) frame including a payload in which a plurality of medium access control protocol data units (mpdus) are multiplexed; and transmitting the phy frame, wherein the phy frame includes information on subcarriers occupied by each of the plurality of mpdus in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) symbol of the payload.
Newracom, Inc.

 Method of transmitting control signals in wireless communication system patent thumbnailMethod of transmitting control signals in wireless communication system
A method of transmitting control signals in a wireless communication system includes multiplexing a first control signal with a second control signal in a slot, the slot comprising a plurality of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) symbols in time domain, the plurality of ofdm symbols being divided into a plurality of data ofdm symbols and a plurality of reference signal (rs) ofdm symbols, wherein the first control signal is mapped to the plurality of data ofdm symbols after the first control signal is spread by a base sequence in the frequency domain, the rs is mapped to the plurality of rs ofdm symbols, the second control signal is mapped to at least one of the plurality of rs ofdm symbols, and transmitting the first control signal and the second control signal in the slot.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Clock generation apparatus, server system and clock control method patent thumbnailClock generation apparatus, server system and clock control method
In order to provide a multiplexed clock generation apparatus in which synchronization between circuits based on a received clock is not lost, a clock generation apparatus is made to have a clock determination unit which determines whether a cycle shift time between a first clock signal and a second clock signal satisfies a predetermined condition or not and a clock switching unit which switches the first clock signal and the second clock signal based on determination of the clock determination unit. The clock determination unit determines that clock switching is possible when, as the predetermined condition, a first condition that a cycle shift time is equal to or more than a period from a setup start time to a hold end time of a signal specified for a clock bus and a second condition that the cycle shift time exists before the next setup start time are satisfied together..
Nec Corporation

 Method for increasing the probability of error correction in an optical communication channel patent thumbnailMethod for increasing the probability of error correction in an optical communication channel
A method for improving the resilience of a communication channel (such as an optical communication channel) to correlated errors (e.g., burst errors), the channel is being formed by a time-multiplexed aggregation of a plurality of lower rate constituent lanes and employs a forward error-correction (fec) mechanism for forming codewords from data carried by the constituent lanes. Accordingly, the distribution of errors among the codewords is modified by introducing, at the transmitter side, specific delays to the transmission times via the constituent lanes, relative to each other..
Multiphy Ltd.

 Techniques for blind equalization of high-order quadrature amplitude modulation signals patent thumbnailTechniques for blind equalization of high-order quadrature amplitude modulation signals
A blind equalization technique of high-order qam signals is provided. A method implemented at a receiver-side in an optical communication network receives an optical signal and performs a two-step polarization tracking process on the received optical signal.
Zte Corporation

 Transmitter optical module outputting an optical signal containing two or more wavelengths patent thumbnailTransmitter optical module outputting an optical signal containing two or more wavelengths
A transmitter module is disclosed, where the transmitter module includes optical sources, an optical multiplexer to multiple optical signals each output from optical sources, an optical detector to detect an output of the optical multiplexer, and a controller. The controller alternately superposes a dither signal on a bias current provided to the optical source, and the bias current is controlled based on a magnitude of the dither signal, which is detected by a configuration similar to the lock-in amplifier..
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

 Terminal device, base station device, wireless communication system, reception method, and integrated circuit patent thumbnailTerminal device, base station device, wireless communication system, reception method, and integrated circuit
In a wireless communication system that performs non-linear pre-coding, degradation in transmission performance due to a feedback error is improved. The terminal device according to the present invention is a terminal device which receives radio signals that are space-multiplexed and on which non-linear pre-coding is performed, from a base station device including multiple antennas, the terminal device including: a channel state estimator 53 that estimates channel state information on a channel between the terminal device and the base station device; a terminal antenna module 51 that acquires a linear filter that is calculated in the base station device; and a channel equalization module 57 that performs channel equalization processing on the radio signals that are received at a first point in time, based on the channel state information at a second point in time that precedes the first point in time and on the linear filter..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


In-band pumping 975-nanomater single-frequency fiber laser with ytterbium-doped silica optical fiber

The present invention relates to an in-band pumping 975-nanomater single-frequency fiber laser with an ytterbium-doped silica optical fiber, comprising a 915-nanometer in-band pumping laser, an optical fiber wavelength division multiplexer, a high-reflectivity optical fiber bragg grating, an ytterbium-doped silica optical fiber, a low-reflectivity optical fiber bragg grating and an output optical fiber. The 915-nanometer in-band pumping laser servers as an in-band pumping source.
Tianjin Optera Laser Technology Co., Ltd.


Bit sequence generator and calculating a sub-rate transition matrix and a sub-rate initial state for a state machine of a plurality of state machines

A bit sequence generator for generating a bit sequence defined by a generating function and an initial state of the generating function comprising a plurality of state machines and a multiplexer. Each state machine of the plurality of state machines generates a time-interleaved bit sequence, wherein a state machine generates a bit of the time-interleaved bit sequence for a current time step based on at least one bit generated by the state machine for a preceding time step, the generating function of the bit sequence to be generated, and the initial state of the generating function and independent from a time-interleaved bit sequence generated by another state machine of the plurality of state machines.
Advantest Pte. Ltd.


Directional backlight

A directional display may include a waveguide. The waveguide may include light extraction features arranged to direct light from an array of light sources by total internal reflection to an array of viewing windows and a reflector arranged to direct light from the waveguide by transmission through extraction features of the waveguide to the same array of viewing windows.
Reald Inc.


Parallel multiplex test system and method

A parallel multiplex test system is disclosed. The parallel multiplex test system is used for testing n devices under test (duts) in the n isolation boxes via n test signals through n test channels.
Lite-on Electronics (guangzhou) Limited


Density amplification in magnetic levitation to detect binding events of large molecules

A system and method that quantifies the concentration of an immunoactive analyte by detecting a chemically amplified change in density. This method, termed delisa for density-linked immunosorbent assay, but useful for any biomolecular recognition event, uses magnetic levitation (maglev) to detect the changes in density.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Multi-analyte optical sensor

An analyte-detection system has an optical waveguide with first and second cladding layers adjacent a core; a light source coupled to provide light to the waveguide; a photodetector such as a metal-semiconductor-metal, vertical pin, or horizontal pin photodetectors, the photodetector having an absorber configured to detect light escaping from the waveguide through the first cladding layer; multiple, separate, photocurrent collectors, where each photocurrent collector collects current from a separate portion of the photodetector absorber; and at least one current-sensing amplifier for receiving photocurrent. The photodetector absorber is an undivided absorber region for multiple photocurrent collectors.
Colorado State University Research Foundation


Application of quantum dots for nuclear staining

Embodiments of a system, method, and kit for visualizing a nucleus are disclosed. A tissue sample is pretreated with a protease to permeabilize the nucleus, and then incubated with a nanoparticle/dna-binding moiety conjugate.
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.


Multiplex labeling of molecules by sequential hybridization barcoding

The present invention, among other things, provides technologies for detecting and/or quantifying nucleic acids in cells, tissues, organs or organisms. In some embodiments, through sequential barcoding, the present invention provides methods for high-throughput profiling of a large number of targets, such as transcripts and/or dna loci..
California Institute Of Technology


Methods of sample preparation

The present disclosure provides methods, compositions, and kits for methods that can improve techniques nucleic acid analysis, and can allow for more reliable and accurate targeted, multiplexed, high throughput sequencing. The methods, compositions, and kits can be used for sequencing target loci of nucleic acid.


Dimming device and illumination system using same

A dimming device includes a control unit, a first setting section and a second setting section. The control unit is configured to receive a control signal transmitted by a multiplexing transmission method and to control a dimming level of an illumination load in response to the control signal.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Methods and multiplexing peer-to-peer traffic and/or access point traffic

A method comprises receiving a first message over a first portion of a frequency bandwidth. The first message includes an identifier of a transmitting first wireless device and an intended recipient second wireless device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Methods and discovery and measurement in cellular networks

Adaptation of measurement procedures for cell detection and association provide more accurate and frequent reports for use by the network, to enhance cell association. A user equipment receives, within a configured measurement bandwidth, orthogonal frequency division multiplexing symbols comprising discovery reference signals (drs).
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Modems for mobile internet and cellular systems

Methods used in modulator and demodulator (modem) for mobile internet and cellular system connected mobile devices and phones for reception of global positioning system (gps) modulated signal, video orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) modulated signal and spread spectrum signals controlled by touch screen generated signals and using fingerprint authentication. Methods for generating in mobile devices and in phones in-phase and quadrature phase cross-correlated time constrained (tcs) waveforms and cascaded long response (lr) filter filtered signals for modulation and transmission of these cross-correlated signals..


Data processing method, communications board and device

Embodiments of the present invention provide a data processing method, a communications board and a device. The method includes: acquiring, by a first communications board, an optical channel data unit odu data flow; performing, by the first communications board, slicing processing on the odu data flow according to a fixed frame frequency, so as to obtain various slices, where each slice includes a section of continuous odu data in the odu data flow; separately encapsulating, by the first communications board, each slice into an ethernet frame; and sending, by the first communications board, each ethernet frame to a time division multiplexing tdm service switching module in an ethernet switching chip, so that the tdm service switching module sends each ethernet frame to a second communications board to which a destination mac address carried in the ethernet frame directs..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Icon-based home certification, in-home leakage testing, and antenna matching pad

A method for determining the magnitude of leakage in a subscriber's premises catv installation; a frequency multiplexer for coupling between an antenna and a receiver for the multiplexed frequencies; and, a method for a technician to certify a catv subscriber's premises for the provision of catv services are disclosed.. .
Trilithic, Inc.


Broadcast transmitter, broadcast receiver and 3d video data processing method thereof

A broadcast transmitter, a broadcast receiver, and a 3d video data processing method are disclosed. A 3d video data processing method includes processing, by a video formatter, 3d video data, encoding, by an encoder, 3d video data, generating, by a system information processor, system information having 3d video composition information including information about the processing and encoding of 3d video data, multiplexing, by a multiplexer, the system information and the 3d video data, and transmitting, by a transmitter, a broadcast signal.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Fault and variation tolerant energy and area efficient links for network-on-chips

The present invention provides methods for detecting and correcting transmission errors in inter-router links of network-on-chip (noc) architectures. A noc has repeaters along its bus lines.
Ohio University


Method and transmitting and receiving preamble

A method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving a preamble is provided. The apparatus includes an stf and an ltf including a plurality of repetition patterns, a cdf for collision sensing among messages, a cef for channel estimation, and a csf for carrier sensing, wherein the time length of the stf equals the time length of two orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) symbols..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Multiple-antenna system for cellular communication and broadcasting

A reception method and apparatus for use in a multi-cell orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) wireless system. In a unicast receive mode during a first receive time period, a first group of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) symbols is received by a mobile device from multiple of a plurality of antennas at a serving base station.
Neocific, Inc.


Method and transmitting a reference signal in a wireless communication system

A method of transmitting a reference signal in a wireless communication system, and an apparatus therefore. The method according to one embodiment includes selecting one or more values among a set {0, 3, 6, 8, 10}; cyclically shifting a base sequence based on the one or more values selected from the set {0, 3, 6, 8, 10}; and transmitting the reference signal based on the cyclically shifted base sequence to a base station.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Frame structure design for new carrier type (nct)

A system and method utilizes a selected prb configuration for a new carrier type for a 3gpp-type wireless network. A downlink signal is received that comprises a demodulation reference signal pattern in at least one predetermined subframe of the downlink signal.
Intel Corporation


Radio communication method, radio communication system, radio base station and user terminal

A method and system for carrying out communication adequately in a hetnet even when the radio resource region for downlink control channels is expanded is disclosed. A radio communication method in a radio communication system having a macro base station that forms a macro cell and a small base station that forms a small cell such that at least part of the small cell overlaps the macro cell is provided, and the small base station performs the steps of generating specific control information of user terminals, scrambling the specific control information by using user-specific scrambling sequences, and transmitting the specific control information to user terminals in the small cell by using an enhanced downlink control channel that is frequency-division-multiplexed with a downlink shared data channel..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Dl scheduling and harq-ack feedback for dl transmissions in flexible-tdd systems without and with cross-subframe scheduling

There is provided methods for use in control signaling in advanced wireless communication systems that support flexible allocation of tdd ul-dl configurations. Where harq-ack bundling is used, pdcch/epdcch transmissions indicating dl sps release and pdsch transmissions with corresponding pdcch/epdcch are scheduled only on dl and/or special subframes in a dl association set which are not after the subframe in the dl association set carrying an ul grant.
Nec Corporation


Accessing cp channels with lp terminals via wavefront multiplexing

Presented are methods that utilize wavefront multiplexing for enabling linearly-polarized terminals to access circularly-polarized satellite transponders. The methods disclosed herein feature (1) polarization formation capability that renders transmitted signal conditioned on circularly-polarized channels through multiple linearly-polarized feeds, and (2) polarization-conversion capability that compensate path differentials introduced by electromagnetic wave propagation channels.


Polarization diversity with portable devices via wavefront muxing techniques

A novel terrestrial wireless communications technique for terrestrial portable terminals including hand-held mobile devices and fixed wireless instruments, utilizing a spoke-and-hub communications system, having a plurality of individual hubs and/or base-stations all in communications with the portable terminals. The portable terminals and the hubs are assigned to use incompatible polarity formats in terms of circularly polarity (cp) and linearly polarity (lp).
Spatial Digital Systems, Inc.


Optical demultiplexer and controlling an optical demultiplexer

An optical demultiplexer includes an interleaver with at least four ports including a first port adapted to receive the sum of two optical signals a and b, a second port and a third port respectively for signals a and b, and a fourth port. The optical demultiplexer further includes an optical component coupled t at least one of the two ports for signals a and b and configured to split the optical signal to be outputted into a weak intensity optical signal and a strong intensity optical signal..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Interrupt signal arbitration

An interrupt controller includes a priority level arbitrator (8) including multiple stages. The stages include at least one stage comprising a plurality of interrupt selectors formed of a multiplexer (14) for selecting between a pair of potentially concurrently asserted interrupt signals in dependence upon selection data.
Arm Limited


Control optical element

A control method of an optical element, including light sources to emit lights having different wavelengths from each other, and ring modulators connected in cascade along a light waveguide, is disclosed. Each ring modulator includes a ring resonator, and a wavelength adjustment electrode to adjust a resonance wavelength in the ring resonator, wherein the lights from the light sources are multiplexed to enter the light waveguide.
Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association


Light modulator

An object is to provide a light modulator capable of highly accurate bias control by maintaining main output characteristics and monitor characteristics in an appropriate relationship and matching a bias point determined using monitor output and an optimal bias point of main output. The light modulator includes an optical waveguide formed in a substrate having a thickness of 20 μm or less, in which the optical waveguide includes a mach-zehnder waveguide and an output waveguide for guiding signal light from a multiplexing portion of the mach-zehnder waveguide and outputting the signal light outside the substrate and monitoring means that monitors signal light or radiated light.
Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.


Wavelength-division multiplexing and demultiplexing device

A wavelength-division multiplexing and demultiplexing device is disclosed. The device comprises: a transparent substrate, disposed in an optical path of at least one incident beam; a first total internal reflection film on an upper surface of said transparent substrate; multiple optical filters on a lower surface of said transparent substrate, with a predetermined spacing between adjacent optical filters; and a second total internal reflection film at least on an exposed portion of the lower surface of said transparent substrate.
Suzhou Innolight Technology Corporation


Devices for automated sample collection, quantificatoin, and detection for insect borne bio-agent surveillance

Devices and methods for insect surveillance are disclosed. In particular, the invention relates to devices for collecting samples of salivary fluid from insects and multiplexed high-throughput methods of screening insect samples for specific insect species, genetically modified strains, and insect-borne pathogens.
Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Large-scale biomolecular analysis with ssequence tags

The invention is directed to sequence-based profiling of populations of nucleic acids by multiplex amplification and attachment of one or more sequence tags to target nucleic acids anchor copies thereof followed by high-throughput sequencing of the amplification product. In some embodiments, the invention includes successive steps of primer extension, removal of unextended primers and addition of new primers either for amplification (for example by prc) or for additional primer extension.
Sequenta, Inc.


Multiplex targeted amplification using flap nuclease

Methods for multiplex amplification of a plurality of targets of distinct sequence from a complex mixture are disclosed. In one aspect targets are circularized using a single circularization probe that is complementary to two regions in the target that flank a region to be amplified.
Affymetrix, Inc.


Load fill sensor system for grain storage vessels

A system for remotely indicating the level of grain being loaded into a grain trailer. Plural vertically oriented sensing strips are affixed to a trailer's hopper(s) sidewall of the trailer's hopper(s) at spaced locations.
Leading Edge Industries, Inc.


Load fill sensor system for grain storage vessels

A system for remotely indicating the level of grain being loaded into a grain trailer. Plural vertically oriented sensing strips are affixed to a trailer's hopper(s) sidewall of the trailer's hopper(s) at spaced locations.
Leading Edge Industries, Inc.


Motor generator unit with multiplexed output

A vehicle includes an engine, a transmission connected to the engine, an auxiliary electrical load, and an electrical system. The electrical system includes a high-voltage energy storage system (hv-ess), an auxiliary/low-voltage energy storage system (lv-ess) connected to the load, a full-bridge active rectifier/inverter, a semi-active auxiliary rectifier, and a motor generator unit (mgu) connected to the hv-ess via the active rectifier/inverter, and to the lv-ess via the semi-active auxiliary rectifier.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Nucleic acid molecule vaccine compositions and uses thereof

The present disclosure relates to nucleic acid vaccine compositions and methods for preventing or treating pathological conditions, such as cancer or infectious disease. Further, the disclosure provides methods for more efficient production of antigens via mrna containing one or more non-conventional start codons to promote multiplex initiation of translation in eukaryotic cells..
Tapimmune Inc.


Multi-carrier modulation with hierarchical resource allocation

Methods and systems for communicating in a multi-carrier communication system are disclosed. Radio resources may be organized in at least three hierarchical levels.
Neocific, Inc.


Video streaming system and method

A system and method implementing simultaneous video streaming to multiple end-user mobile user devices (mud) is disclosed. The system/method utilizes an ethernet/sata bridge (esb) to permit a host computer system (hcs) the ability to load video media content (vmc) on a local storage media (lsm) via a sata multiplexer (mux) using a hardware mac-to-lba transmission decoder (ltd).
Gazoo, Inc.


Wired communication link for transmitting time sensitive data and bidirectional data over the same wires

A wired communication link to carry to one side a first transmission of unidirectional time sensitive application data, having a throughput of at least 1.1 gbps, multiplexed with a first direction of a bidirectional data channel, and to carry to the other side a second transmission of a second direction of the bidirectional data channel. The first and the second transmissions are transmitted over at least one common wire, the frequency bands of the first and the second transmissions at least partially overlap, and the communication link guarantees correct reception order.
Valens Semiconductor Ltd.


System and providing channel equalization in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) wireless systems

The present disclosure relates to a computer-implemented method for estimating a communication channel response, comprising procedures such as: receiving, via the channel, a signal comprising a plurality of symbols, each comprising a plurality of sub-carriers; determining a pilot sub-carrier response and a pilot sub-carrier metric for one or more pilot sub-carriers; and for one or more non-pilot sub-carriers: i) determining a non-pilot sub-carrier metric; ii) if the non-pilot sub-carrier metric satisfies a criterion, determining a particular component (e.g., real or imaginary) of a non-pilot sub-carrier response as a function of different components of one or more pilot sub-carrier responses; and iii) if the non-pilot sub-carrier metric does not satisfy the criterion, determine the particular component of the non-pilot sub-carrier response as a function of the particular component of one or more pilot sub-carrier responses. Other embodiments include a communication apparatus and a computer-readable medium configurable to perform such procedures..
New York University


Iterative-diversity cofdm broadcasting with improved shaping gain

Transmitter apparatus to broadcast coded orthogonal frequency-division multiplexed (cofdm) radio-frequency carriers conveying low-density parity-check (lpdc) coding transmits the same coded dtv signals twice some time apart. The coded dtv signals of initial transmissions and of final transmissions are mapped to quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) of the cofdm carriers according to first and second patterns, respectively.


Two-dimensional (2d) burst marker (bm) to identify data start and stop

A communication device includes a communication interface and a processor configured to generate, transmit, receive, and process signals. The communication device generates orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) frame(s) that include a two-dimensional (2d) start burst marker (bm), a data payload, and a 2d stop bm, and transmits the ofdm frame(s) to another communication device.
Broadcom Corporation


Integrated pam4/nrz n-way parallel digital unrolled decision feedback equalizer (dfe)

An n-way parallel, unrolled decision feedback equalizer for a serdes receiver can convert between four-tap pam-2 and two-tap pam-4 mode, maximizing hardware through the use of mode control multiplexers. Each of n interleaved parallel branches includes an isi correction stage for generating a partial result approximating intersymbol interference and comparing the partial result to a threshold, a carry look-ahead stage for generating a second partial result based in part on previously generated partial results, and a decision feedback stage for generating a final decision based on previous branches.
Lsi Corporation


Speed improvement for a decision feedback equalizer

Circuits, apparatus, and methods are disclosed for decision feedback equalization. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a plurality of time-interleaved slices for processing an input data stream.
Nxp B.v.


Distributed radio system with remote radio heads

A system for routing signals in a distributed antenna system includes a plurality of digital multiplexer units (dmus). The plurality of dmus are coupled and operable to route signals between the plurality of dmus.
Dali Systems Co. Ltd.


Full duplex wired communication link that accepts erroneous packets

A communication link includes a first device coupled to a second device over a set of wires. The first device includes a first input channel to receive synchronous data, a second input channel to receive asynchronous data, and logic to multiplex the synchronous and asynchronous data.
Valens Semiconductor Ltd.


Apparatus and antenna management

Disclosed in the present invention are a method and an apparatus for antenna management. The method comprises that resource use status data are collected from managed access networks, access networks which participate antenna scheduling are selected from the managed access networks according to the resource use status data to compose an antenna scheduling set, wherein access networks using same spectrum resources are composed in the same antenna scheduling set; radio links of each access network in the antenna scheduling set are divided into one or more radio link clusters; radio resources are allocated to every radio link cluster in the antenna scheduling set in order that mutual interferences among all the radio link clusters in said antenna scheduling set are within a preset range; and radio resource allocation results are sent to the access network that the radio link clusters belong to.
Sony Corporation


Methods and apparatuses for wirelessly communicating in a multiple user-multiple-in-multiple-out network

A method for wirelessly communicating physical protocol data units (ppdus) in a network is provided. The method includes assigning a group identifier (id) in at least one first subfield of an existing field of a multiple user-multiple-in-multiple-out (mu-mimo) ppdu supporting multiplexing over a spatial domain, the group id indicating a group of stations (stas) of which each sta includes a set of pdus in the mu-mimo ppdu; differentiating the mu-mimo ppdu as one of a frequency multiplexed (fm)-mu ppdu and a spatial multiplexed (sm)-mu ppdu; and defining at least one second subfield of the existing field of the mu-mimo ppdu as user bandwidth (bw) subfield indicating a number of sub-channels allocated for each sta in the group of stas.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Uplink transmission on unlicensed radio frequency band component carriers

Methods and apparatus for using an unlicensed radio frequency band component carrier for uplink transmission are disclosed. A wireless communication device receives a carrier aggregation configuration, which can include at least one licensed radio frequency band component carrier and at least one unlicensed radio frequency band component carrier.
Apple Inc.


Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, receiving broadcast signals, transmitting broadcast signals and receiving broadcast signals

A method and an apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals thereof are disclosed. The apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, the apparatus comprises an input formatter for input formatting each data stream divided into a plurality of data transmission path, a generator for generating each of first signaling data and second signaling data, wherein the first signaling data and the second signaling data are processed respectively, wherein the first signaling data includes first information for the second signaling data and the second signaling data includes second information for at least one the data transmission path, wherein the second signaling data includes a static data and a dynamic data, an encoder for encoding, wherein the encoder processing: first encoding service data corresponding to each of the plurality of data transmission path, wherein each of the data transmission path carries at least one service component, second encoding the first signaling data and third encoding the second signaling data, a frame builder for building signal frames, wherein each of signal frames includes the encoded service data and the encoded first signaling data and the encoded second signaling data, a modulator for modulating the signal frames by an ofdm (orthogonal frequency division multiplex) scheme and a transmitter for transmitting the broadcast signals carrying the modulated signal frames..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Remote node device, optical network unit and system and communication method thereof

A remote node device for mutual communication between optical network units in a passive optical network includes an n×n-arrayed waveguide grating configured to receive upstream optical signal of one of the optical network units and to output this signal as a first optical signal; a 1×2 wavelength division multiplexer configured to separate per band the first optical signal to obtain a second optical signal; and a 1×(n−1) power distributor configured to transmit the second optical signal to the corresponding optical network unit through the n×n-arrayed waveguide grating.. .
Alcatel Lucent


Optical branching/coupling device and optical branching/coupling method

In order to add a cdc function to a roadm system currently incompatible with cdc, without requiring any service outage, an optical communication system of the present invention includes: an optical demultiplexing unit 1-1 and 1-2 which each demultiplexes a wavelength-multiplexed optical signal inputted thereto and an optical multiplexing unit 2-1 and 2-2 which each multiplexes together some of, specifically at least two or more of, the components of the wavelength-multiplexed optical signal having been demultiplexed by the optical demultiplexing unit 1-1 or 1-2; and an optical path selection unit 3 which selectively outputs either the optical signal multiplexed by the optical multiplexing unit 2-1 or that by the optical multiplexing unit 2-2, in a form of at least two or more output optical signals.. .
Nec Corporation


Symmetric optical multiplexing node

Techniques for communications using optical fiber are disclosed. An optical add/drop multiplexer (oadm) node includes an interface to a first fiber pair connecting a first trunk station and a second trunk station.
Tyco Electronics Subsea Communications Llc


Secure data transmission using spatial multiplexing

An example apparatus includes a mode selective detector, a measurement module, a difference calculator and a threshold and alarm module. The mode selective detector detects a plurality of modes of a spatially multiplexed signal.
Alcatel Lucent


Method and arrangement for channel set up in an optical wdm-network

The invention refers a method and an arrangement for channel set up in an optical network. An optical signal path is configured for a certain optical channel signal (oc1) of a wdm-signal.
Xieon Networks S.a.r.l.


Method and device for realizing optical channel data unit shared protection ring

A method and a device for realizing an optical channel data unit (odu) shared protection ring (spring) are disclosed by the present invention. The method includes: first, receive an oduj, wherein the oduj carries an odui; then, perform de-multiplexing processing to obtain the odui from the oduj; next, multiplex the odui to an optical channel data unit k (oduk); meanwhile, keep monitoring the oduk; and when the monitoring result that is obtained through monitoring the oduk indicates that a failure has occurred, perform a switching on the odui; wherein i, j, k are integers equal to or larger than 0, k is larger than j, j is larger than i, and i, j, k are used to indicate different rates of respective optical channel data unit (odu) signals..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Transmitter and wireless communication method

A transmitter that has a plurality of antenna elements and executes spatially multiplexed transmission of data to a receiver via the antenna elements, where the data is weighted utilizing a transmission weight. Channel state information, which indicates propagation characteristics between the antenna elements and an antenna element of the receiver, is obtained or estimated.
Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation


Circuits and methods for dfe with reduced area and power consumption

A 1/n-rate decision feedback equalizer (dfe) and method include a plurality of branches. Each branch includes a summer circuit configured to add a feedback signal to a received input, and a latch configured to receive an output of the summer circuit in accordance with a clock signal.
International Business Machines Corporation

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