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Motor Housing patents

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Fast assembling ceiling fan blades

Aircool Industrial

Fast assembling ceiling fan blades


Dyson Technology Limited



Bladeless fluid propulsion pump

Date/App# patent app List of recent Motor Housing-related patents
 Actively controlled curvature robotic pectoral fin patent thumbnailActively controlled curvature robotic pectoral fin
A robotic mechanical fin, having a motor housing containing a plurality of rib rotation motors, rib spars, and a plurality of ribs, mechanically movable and communicatively coupled to the plurality of rib rotation motors and shafts, where the plurality of ribs are rotationally coupled to and actuated by the plurality of rib rotation motors and shafts. The mechanical fin further includes a flexible fin casing, within which the ribs reside, forming the complete actively controlled curvature robotic propulsion and steering apparatus.
Us Gov't Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy Chief Of Naval Research Onr/nrl
 Fast assembling ceiling fan blades patent thumbnailFast assembling ceiling fan blades
Fast assembling ceiling fan blades includes a motor housing having its outer circumferential side longitudinally provided with a plurality of gaps respectively secured therein with plural transverse engage blocks. A plurality of blades respectively have one side formed with a plurality of transverse guide grooves corresponding with the engage blocks of the gap, and each guide groove has its bottom extending upward to form an engage slot.
Aircool Industrial Co., Ltd.
 Fan patent thumbnailFan
A fan includes a casing having an air inlet and an air outlet, an impeller housing located within the casing, an impeller located within the impeller housing for generating an air flow along a path extending from the air inlet to the air outlet through the impeller housing, a motor housing connected to the impeller housing, and a motor located within the motor housing for driving the impeller. A bellows support is provided for mounting the impeller housing within the casing.
Dyson Technology Limited
 Bladeless fluid propulsion pump patent thumbnailBladeless fluid propulsion pump
A bladeless pump for fluids, including gases or gases having particulate matter therein, which may be driven by a motor. The bladeless pump consists of an assembly of rotors or discs stacked one against the other.
 Bearing arrangement in an axial drive patent thumbnailBearing arrangement in an axial drive
The invention relates to a drive device, particularly comprising an internal rotor motor, with a motor housing, a stator for a winding and a rotor having at least one permanent magnet, wherein the motor housing has a housing part extending substantially radially on one side of the stator and the rotor has two rotor bearings. The rotor bearings are arranged on the substantially radially extending housing part or on a part connected thereto which extends substantially axially..
Ipgate Ag
 Electric drive patent thumbnailElectric drive
An electric drive contains an electric motor for generating a driving force and a transmission for transmitting the driving force. The electric motor has a motor housing, a rotor arranged in the motor housing, and a motor shaft which bears the rotor.
Brose Fahrzeuteile Gmbh & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft, Wuerzburg
 Control device for exhaust gas recirculation valve patent thumbnailControl device for exhaust gas recirculation valve
An egr valve includes a valve housing having a gas passage and a motor housing containing a motor. The valve housing and the motor housing are made of different materials.
Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
 Robot and manufacturing  robot patent thumbnailRobot and manufacturing robot
A robot includes a base, a multi-joint arm provided in the base, and a wrist member configuring a part of the multi-joint arm. The wrist member includes: a motor including a rotor, a rotor shaft, and a stator; and a housing including a motor housing recess, in which the motor is positioned and housed, and forming an external shape of the wrist member.
Seiko Epson Corporation
 Apparatus for generating waves in a swimming pool patent thumbnailApparatus for generating waves in a swimming pool
A wave-making apparatus for use in a swimming pool comprises a motor that may be powered at least in part by the flow of water from a swimming pool pump. When water from the pump flows through an inlet in the motor housing, it rotates a turbine within the housing, which in turn rotates a cantilever arm about a central axis of the turbine.
 Liquid cooled motor for cabin air compressor patent thumbnailLiquid cooled motor for cabin air compressor
A method of manufacturing a nonconductive liquid cooled back iron heat exchanger to house a conductive cooling liquid is disclosed. This method may include forming layers of material via additive manufacturing to create channels for transporting cooling liquid.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Drive force transmission device

A drive force transmission device includes a motor, a transmission, a motor case, and a seal member. The motor is disposed in a dry space within a motor housing.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Compressor device as well as the use of such a compressor device

Compressor device that is at least provided with a screw compressor with a compression chamber that is formed by a compression housing, with a drive motor that is provided with a motor chamber formed by a motor housing and with an outlet for the discharge of compressed air that is connected to a pressure vessel via an outlet pipe, whereby the compression housing and the motor housing are connected directly to one another to form a compressor housing, whereby the motor chamber and the compression chamber are not sealed off from one another and whereby the outlet pipe between the pressure vessel and the screw compressor is free of closing means.. .
Atlas Copco Airpower, Naamloze Vennootschap

Screw compressor

Screw compressor with a compression chamber that is formed by a compression housing, in which a pair of meshed helical compressor rotors in the form of a screw are rotatably mounted and with a drive motor that is provided with a motor chamber formed by a motor housing, in which a motor shaft is rotatably mounted, and this motor shaft drives at least one of the aforementioned two compressor rotors, whereby the compression housing and the motor housing are connected directly together to form a compressor housing, whereby the motor chamber and the compression chamber are not sealed off from one another and whereby the rotor shafts of the compressor rotors, as well as the motor shaft, extend along axial directions that are oblique or transverse to the horizontal plane.. .

Floor cleaning machine

A floor cleaning machine for cleaning a surface includes a body having a suction nozzle thereon, a handle pivotably coupled to the body and having a motor housing portion, and a suction motor assembly operable to draw fluid and dirt from the surface through the suction nozzle. The floor cleaning machine also includes a recovery tank coupled to the handle in fluid communication with the suction motor assembly to receive and store fluid and dirt drawn through the suction nozzle and an expandable hose fluidly communicating the recovery tank and the suction nozzle.
Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.

Ship's propulsion unit

The present disclosure relates to a ship's propulsion unit which includes: a closed liquid cooling system having an inner space containing liquid. The inner space is partly limited by a cylindrical outer surface of a cylindrical section of a motor housing section of the propulsion unit for exchanging thermal energy between an electric motor arranged in the cylindrical section of the motor housing section and liquid in the inner space.
Abb Oy

Ship's propulsion unit

The present disclosure relates to a ship's propulsion unit such as a ship's azimuthing propulsion unit. The propulsion unit can include at least one supporting metal sheet arranged between an support section of a shell structure of the propulsion unit and an cylindrical outer surface of a cylindrical section of a motor housing section of the shell structure for providing additional support for the motor housing section of the shell structure at the shell structure of the support section..
Abb Oy

Electric motor support structure and power equipment unit incorporating same

An outdoor power equipment unit such as a string trimmer, and an electric motor support structure for use with the same. The structure may form a cage that surrounds the motor and secures the motor in place relative to an outermost shell of a motor housing of the string trimmer.
The Toro Company

Valve-timing control internal combustion engine and power-feeding mechanism used in valve-timing control apparatus

A valve-timing control apparatus includes a motor housing formed with an accommodating space; a permanent magnet provided along an inner circumference of the accommodating space of the motor housing; a rotor configured to rotate relative to the permanent magnet; a transmitting mechanism configured to transmit a rotational force of the rotor to a cam shaft; a switching brush mounted on the motor housing and configured to switch an energization of coil; a power-feeding brush provided to one of the motor housing and a fixed member and configured to feed electric power to the switching brush; a slip ring provided to another of the motor housing and the fixed member and being in contact with the power-feeding brush; a pigtail harness connecting the power-feeding brush with a power-feeding terminal; and contact portions bending the pigtail harness at a plurality of spots of the pigtail harness by contact with the pigtail harness.. .
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Hydraulic unit

The invention relates to a hydraulic unit including a motor housing for receiving components of an electric motor; having a pump housing for receiving components of a pump, which is driven in order to pump a pressure medium from the electric motor, the pump housing having at least one through-bore for fixing the motor housing to the pump housing by a screw; and having a control device which is arranged on the pump housing face opposite the motor housing. A retaining region for the screw is provided in the through-bore of the pump housing for the purpose of an efficient attachment, the retaining region having an inner thread which is cut or tapped into the retaining region by the thread of the screw during the screw-in process..
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

Electric motor

An electric motor includes a motor housing (5) which includes cooling ribs (15) on the peripheral side leading away heat arising in the motor. The cooling ribs (15) only extend over a part of the periphery of the motor housing (5), so that cooling ribs (21) of the electronics housing (13) have space in the cooling-rib-free part of the motor housing (5).
Grundfos Holding A/s

High-efficiency compound dielectric motors

A high-efficiency electric motor generally comprises one or more high-winding inductive coils and a rotor element coupled to one or more permanent magnets for creating rotation driven by the inductive coils, wherein the motor is optimized using dielectric materials for reduced loss. Reduced loss is achieved in several ways, for example by reducing eddy currents, hysteresis, and magnetic drag presented by ferrous and other metallic materials.

Variable valve operating internal combustion engine

A variable valve operating apparatus including an electric motor including a motor housing with a permanent magnet, and a speed reducing mechanism having a casing, the motor housing and the casing of the speed reducing mechanism being coupled to each other by a plurality of bolts, wherein the motor housing includes a convex portion formed in a portion of the motor housing which is opposed to one axial end of the permanent magnet, the convex portion having a threaded hole into which a tip end portion of each bolt is screwed, and a projection formed on an axial end surface of the convex portion in alignment with the threaded hole in an axial direction of the threaded hole, and wherein the axial end surface of the convex portion is located further spaced from the one axial end of the permanent magnet than the projection.. .
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Air cooling of a motor using radially mounted fan

A motor cooling system is provided comprising an electric motor including a rotor having first and second axial ends, and a stator having first and second axial ends, a motor housing surrounding the motor including an air chamber extending around the motor and axially along the motor length, a motor enclosure enveloping the motor housing, and a cooling fan radially mounted to the motor enclosure and adapted to operatively cool said electric motor.. .
Honeywell International, Inc., Patent Services M/s Ab/2b

Stator with ground contact

A stator for an electrical machine with a stator body (2, 102) and a ground contact (3, 103) which is electrically connected to the stator body, wherein the stator body is arranged in a motor housing (4, 104), which is formed from plastic material. In order to have a compact stator that is easy to install and at the same time has a reliable contact to a ground contact, it is provided that the motor housing has a stator holder (7, 107), which receives the stator body in the operating position, and is located on the inner surface of at least one of its housing parts, and to arrange and fix the ground contact at the inner circumference of the stator holder, facing the stator body, so that the stator body can be electronically contacted by the ground contact..

Electric motor

A connection housing (11) which arranged outside on the motor housing (9), receives electrical connections as well as electronic components and, with respect to the motor axis, extends peripherally and axially of the motor housing (9). The connection housing (11) comprises two individual housings (12, 13) which are connected to one another and whose interiors are connected..

Reciprocating compressor or pump and a portable tool powering system including a reciprocating compressor

A reciprocating compressor or pump features a manifold arranged not only to define a hollow interior for receiving fluid discharged from a plurality of cylinders but also to define a base or frame on which the cylinders are carried. Unique valves formed in part by flexible material reduces the likelihood of fatigue and increases efficiency by retaining less heat relative to conventional reed valves.

Power tool having improved motor and controller cooling

A power tool includes a motor housing defining a first air chamber with a first air inlet that receives a motor. A handle extending from the motor housing defines a second air chamber with a second air inlet that receives an electronics control module.

Deformation control device for a resonant spring in a linear driving unit

The present device is applied to a linear driving unit which comprises: a linear electric motor (m) formed by a motor housing (c) which is electrically excited and affixed to a fixed structure (1), and by a magnetic armature (a) which is displaced in a reciprocating axial movement; and a helical resonant spring (50) having an end coupled to the fixed structure (1) and an opposite end coupled to the magnetic armature (a). The deformation control device (60) is mounted to contact a surface extension of the resonant spring (50), which is elastically and radially deformed, and to generate friction with said surface extension and/or an elastic deformation in the deformation control device (60), absorbing energy in a value sufficient to at least minimize said radial elastic deformation of the resonant spring (50)..

Apparatus for removing snow/ice from an object

The present invention provides an apparatus for removing snow/ice from an object. The apparatus includes a housing, a nozzle, a handle, a battery and a tool.

Line-of-sight blower for a power tool

A power tool has a cutting element driven by a motor assembly for performing a cut on a workpiece, the motor assembly further driving a fan for flowing air over the motor assembly. The power tool further includes a foot plate configured to be supported on a workpiece, the foot plate defining an opening through which the cutting element extends to perform the cut, and at least one alignment opening arranged relative to the cutting element opening to allow the operator to visualize the cut line of the cut created by the cutting element therethrough.

Friction clutch assemblies

A friction clutch assembly, preferably for a hybrid cooling pump. The friction clutch assembly includes a friction lining carrier member, a friction lining member, a compression spring member, a clutch carrier member and a flux plate member.

Electric motor equipped with deceleration device

An electric motor equipped with deceleration device (1) is provided with a main shaft component (200) that is formed substantially in a circular rod shape, and has one end portion (201) that is rotatably supported at a substantial center of a bottom portion (111) of a motor housing (110) and another end portion (202) that protrudes towards an outer side through an aperture in the motor housing (110), the main shaft component (200) is fixed to the motor housing (110) via the one end portion (201). An armature (130) is disposed inside the motor housing (110) so as to be on the same axis as the main shaft component (200) and so as to surround the main shaft component (200), and a deceleration device (10) is disposed between the armature (130) and the other end portion (202) of the main shaft component (200) so as to surround the main shaft component (200), and an output component (16), which is formed in a toroidal shape, is disposed on the same axis as the main shaft component (200) so as to surround the main shaft component (200)..

Non-coaxially mounted electric actuator and transmission

An electric actuator comprising an electric motor comprised of a motor housing that houses a drive shaft having a drive gear and a drive axis, a transmission comprised of a gear shaft, the drive gear and the transmission gear being drivably interconnected and arranged such that the drive axis and the gear axis are non-coaxially mounted or disposed relative to each other, wherein one or the other of the motor housing or the transmission housing are removably attached to a top clamping or mounting plate that is mounted upstream of the manifold and fixedly interconnected to a mold.. .

Windscreen wiper motor

A windscreen wiper motor (1), with a shaft (30) carrying an armature (35) and a collector (36), wherein the collector (36) cooperates with brushes (38), which are arranged on a brush carrier device (25), and wherein the brush carrier device (25) is arranged fixedly in a windscreen wiper motor housing (11), wherein the brush carrier device (25) has at least a first opening (39) constructed as an aperture, which is penetrated by a preferably cone-shaped extension (41) connected with the windscreen wiper motor housing (11), that on the side facing away from the fastening side of the extension (41) in the windscreen wiper motor housing (11) the extension (41) projects over the brush carrier device (25) in the region of the at least one first opening (39), and that a securing element (50) is connected with the brush carrier device (25), which securing element on the axial moving relative to each other of the extension (41) and of the securing element (50) jams with the extension (41) and thereby secures the brush carrier device (25) on the extension (41) in the longitudinal direction of the shaft (30).. .

Guard system for pump assembly

A length adjustable guard system for shielding the driveshaft and coupling joint directly abuts the motor housing at one end and is secured at a second end to the pump housing. Interchangeable mounting plates allow the guard assembly to attach to various pumps.

Vacuum cleaner filter housing

A vacuum cleaner includes a motor housing, a motor and fan assembly in communication with the motor housing, a housing forming a receptacle in fluid communication with the motor housing, and a filter assembly removably insertable into the receptacle. The filter assembly includes a filter supporting a filter.

Robotic surgical system with removable motor housing

A robotic system. A housing is removably attachable to a tool interface portion of the robotic system and includes a drive system.

Vibration exciter for construction machines

A vibration exciter for construction machines, particularly for vibration pile drivers, includes at least one axle having at least two imbalance masses. At least one rotary piston pivot motor is provided, by way of which the rotational position of at least one imbalance mass, relative to the at least one other imbalance mass, can be changed.

Vibration exciter for construction machines

A pivot motor, particularly for a vibration exciter for construction machines, has a pivot motor housing that is mounted so as to rotate on a pivot motor shaft. At least two pressure chambers to which a hydraulic oil is to be supplied are provided, by way of which oil the pivot motor can be driven.

Vibration exciter

A vibration exciter, particularly for a vibration pile driver, includes at least two shafts disposed parallel to one another, as well as at least two imbalance masses, which are attached on one or more of the shafts. A pivot motor provided for adjustment of the relative rotational position of the imbalance masses with regard to one another, includes a pivot motor shaft and a pivot motor housing.

Tool spindle

An embodiment includes a two-part power-driven tool spindle that comprises a spindle motor housing in which a first liquid cooling duct extends, a spindle head housing in which a second liquid cooling duct extends, the first and second liquid cooling ducts forming a liquid cooling circuit for a coolant, and a liquid duct, through which the coolant can be conveyed out of the liquid cooling circuit to at least one resealable outlet opening in the spindle head housing and/or in the spindle motor housing. The liquid duct branches off from the second liquid cooling duct in the spindle head housing and/or from the first liquid cooling duct in the spindle motor housing, in such a way that the coolant in the spindle motor housing and the coolant in the spindle head housing can flow out of the tool spindle under gravity..

Electric motor

An electric motor includes a motor housing (1) and a further housing (6), in which electrical and/or electronic components (7) are arranged. A fluid-leading channel circuit is provided for cooling these components (7) and conductively connects the inside of the motor hosing (1) to the inside of the further housing (6)..

Filter cage for wet/dry vacuums

Vacuum cleaner filters, in particular replaceable vacuum cleaner filters suitable for both dry and wet/dry type vacuum cleaners are disclosed, as well as systems incorporating the use of such filters and methods for their use. The filters include a plurality of adjacently positioned pleats arranged in a closed circumferential, cylindrically-shaped path, a top end cap having a central orifice capable of constricting a post on a vacuum filter cage, and optionally a molded end ring oppositely-spaced from the top end cap for engagement with the motor housing of a vacuum cleaner..

Electric four wheel drive system of dual clutch type for providing torque vectoring and control the same

An electric four wheel drive system of a dual clutch type includes dual clutches selectively preventing power from being transmitted to both driving wheels from a motor. A motor housing is mounted on the motor and a hydraulic valve assembly mounted on the motor housing providing operating hydraulic pressure to the dual clutches.

Axial flux permanent magnent

According to an aspect of the present invention, an axial flux permanent magnet motor includes: a stator assembly configured to produce magnetic flux in a rotating axis direction; and a housing assembly including a motor housing in which the stator assembly is accommodated, in which a first cooling groove is formed in an inner circumferential surface of the motor housing to be predeterminedly and circumferentially extended, a second cooling groove, which corresponds to the first cooling groove, is formed in an outer circumferential surface of the stator assembly so as to be predeterminedly and circumferentially extended, and the first and second cooling grooves meet together to form a cooling flow path for a flow of a coolant.. .

Pull tight motor housing

A motor includes a motor assembly, an end cap, a flexible insulating sleeve, and a flexible enclosure. The motor assembly includes a stator, a rotor, and wiring connected to the stator.

Sprinkler assembly

The present invention includes an improved sprinkler design having a magnetic sensing system for determining the position of the riser nozzle, a waterproofed motor housing and related cables, configurable sprinkler body compartments, and a pilot valve with a check valve assembly, both of which are located within the sprinkler body.. .

Centrifugal blood pump with partitioned implantable device

A centrifugal blood pump system has a self-contained pumping unit and a self-contained motor unit. A pump outlet extends radially from a pump housing of the pumping unit.

Self-stabilizing platform, carrier, or base

A two-wheel movable platform, carrier, or base having canted wheels is disclosed. In one embodiment, the two-wheel movable platform, carrier, or base includes adjustable canted wheels in which the angle of the canted wheels is adjustable.

Adjustable mud motor housing assembly

An adjustable housing assembly is provided, which includes a splined housing and an adjusting ring which contain a splined mandrel. The splined mandrel is moveable axially within the housing assembly when disengaged from upstream and downstream portions of a drill string to disengage the mandrel from the splined housing.

Air-powered starter motor

An adjustable air-powered starter motor that provides a plurality of different operational configurations. The air-powered starter motor includes a motor housing assembly that houses at least a portion of a rotary actuator assembly, and which may be connected to a cover assembly.

Battery operated handheld power tool

A battery operated handheld power tool, comprising a working tool assembly (20), a handle assembly (10) and an elongate tubular rod (30). The working tool assembly (20) comprises a motor housing (26) having a first inner space (27), comprising an electric motor (21) with a fan (25).

Circuit breaker slot motor

A two-piece slot motor housing assembly is provided. The slot motor housing assembly includes a first j-shaped body baying a lower, first end and a second, j-shaped body having a lower, first end.

Integrated container-type torque sensor motor

An integrated container-type torque sensor motor is provided. Disposed on a motor housing along the direction of a motor shaft is a hollow cavity formed by a ring-shaped protrusion; contained in the hollow cavity is a fixed guiding slip ring; the fixed guiding slip ring dynamically matches with a floating sensor ring assembly having ratchet teeth and a magnetic steel piece; the ratchet teeth of a flywheel mating with the cogging distributed in a ring shape in a sensor ring having ratchet teeth; disposed on the motor shaft is a hall element, the magnetic steel piece cooperating with the hall element by means of magnetic induction, thereby outputting an electric signal to control a vehicle to enhance the force for rotation.

Juicer with simple assembly and disassembly of housing

A juice extractor with an easily assembled and disassembled housing includes: a driving unit having a motor housing having a motor mounted at the inside thereof, a rotary shaft connected to the motor and protruded toward one side of the motor housing, and a fixing shaft disposed adjacent to the rotary shaft on the motor housing; a juice extracting unit having roller portions operated by the motor provided at the driving unit to crush, extract and transfer juice extraction materials and the housing for accommodating the roller portions thereinto; a fastening unit for detachably coupling the housing of the juice extracting unit to the motor housing; and a sensor unit having a sensor operator mounted on the housing of the juice extracting unit and a sensor mounted on the motor housing in such a manner as to be operated by a change in distance with the sensor operator.. .

Cooling circuit pump for a motor vehicle

The invention relates to a cooling circuit pump for a motor vehicle, having a stator which is arranged in a motor housing (14) and in which a rotatably mounted rotor is received. It is proposed that the stator (12) is received in the motor housing (14) in a positively locking manner..

Motor housing assembly and method

A motor housing assembly is formed by positioning a stator relative to a motor housing to configure a fillable gap between the stator and the motor housing, and filling the fillable gap is at least partially with a polymeric material to form a thermally conductive layer. The polymeric material may include a metallic filler material.

Vacuum pump/ air and gas compressor

A pump housing for a pump/compressor includes a front portion and a back portion. The front portion includes an opening forming a motor bearing pocket for seating a motor bearing and through which a motor shaft extends towards the back portion, at least one vent hole radially outwardly spaced from the opening for cooling, and a protrusion extending outward from the front portion, wherein the protrusion is configured to locate a motor housing.

High efficiency, low coolant flow electric motor coolant system

A fluid-cooled electric motor includes a generally tubular-shaped motor housing having a plurality of channels through which a coolant can flow. The channels are spaced apart from each other in an annular arrangement around the housing and extend through the housing in an axial direction.

Power tool, such as a portable circular saw, having improved braking and cooling

A power tool, for example, a portable circular saw, includes a fan, a motor configured to rotate the fan, an output part or shaft driven by the motor, a motor housing that houses the motor, a grip housing connected to the motor housing, a trigger associated with the grip housing, and a brake member configured to brake a rotation of the motor, the brake member being mounted inside the grip housing. The brake member may be a resistive element of a rheostatic braking system.

System, apparatus, and controlling a motor

Mechanisms are provided to control the operation of a motor. In particular, a variable frequency drive motor controller is described which resides within a motor housing.

Integrated cast motorcycle chassis and motor housing

This invention comprises a frame for an electric motorcycle. Electric motorcycles have vastly different component requirements compared to internal combustion engine motorcycles, and, therefore, require a radical redesign of the frame in order to maximize the efficiency of the system..

High dogleg steerable tool

A rotary steerable drilling system may include a substantially non-rotating tool body, a rotatable shaft including at least one pivotable feature, where the rotatable shaft is at least partially disposed within the tool body, and a bias unit that alters the position of the rotatable shaft within the tool body. The rotary steerable drilling system may also include at least one force application member that alters the position of the tool body in the borehole.

Battery-powered handheld vacuum device

A battery-powered handheld vacuum device for use on building sites includes: a dust collection box; and a motor housing, in which a drive motor provided with a fan impeller and a battery pack for supplying current to the drive motor independently of an electrical network are provided. The dust collection box is fixed in place on the motor housing in releasable manner.

Portable fan

A battery-powered portable personal fan is described with reference to two embodiments, both of which comprise a two-part base, of which the upper part is provided with an elongate neck to which a ball-shaped motor housing is pivotally attached. The motor housing contains a motor having a drive shaft which drives a two-blade at least 5000 rpm on a high-speed setting.

Modular electric compressor including a built-in securing device

An electric compressor (7) includes a compression mechanism (3); an electric motor (2) driving the compression mechanism (3), the electric motor having an axis of rotation (x); and an electric motor (2) power supply inverter (1), the inverter (1) being mounted in an inverter housing (10). The compression mechanism (3) is mounted in a compression housing (30), and the electric motor (2) is mounted in a motor housing (20) extending longitudinally along the axis of rotation (x) and having a first end (20p) connected to the inverter housing (10) by a plurality of securing devices (5) extending inside the motor housing (20).

Seal protection system

A seal protection system for use with protecting a seal assembly between a motor housing and a final drive assembly. The seal protection system includes a seal protector assembly having a first band portion and a second band portion.

High efficiency blood pump

A high efficiency blood pump includes a pump housing, wherein the pump housing provides an inlet and outlet. The pump includes a motor housing, wherein the motor housing contains a motor.

Electric power tool with improved visibility in darkness

An electric power tool includes a motor and a motor housing at least partly encasing the motor. The motor housing has a top portion, a bottom portion opposite to the top portion, and side walls disposed between the top and bottom portions.

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