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Motor Housing patents

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Integrated container-type torque sensor motor

Juicer with simple assembly and disassembly of housing

Date/App# patent app List of recent Motor Housing-related patents
 Circuit breaker slot motor patent thumbnailCircuit breaker slot motor
A two-piece slot motor housing assembly is provided. The slot motor housing assembly includes a first j-shaped body baying a lower, first end and a second, j-shaped body having a lower, first end.
 Integrated container-type torque sensor motor patent thumbnailIntegrated container-type torque sensor motor
An integrated container-type torque sensor motor is provided. Disposed on a motor housing along the direction of a motor shaft is a hollow cavity formed by a ring-shaped protrusion; contained in the hollow cavity is a fixed guiding slip ring; the fixed guiding slip ring dynamically matches with a floating sensor ring assembly having ratchet teeth and a magnetic steel piece; the ratchet teeth of a flywheel mating with the cogging distributed in a ring shape in a sensor ring having ratchet teeth; disposed on the motor shaft is a hall element, the magnetic steel piece cooperating with the hall element by means of magnetic induction, thereby outputting an electric signal to control a vehicle to enhance the force for rotation.
 Juicer with simple assembly and disassembly of housing patent thumbnailJuicer with simple assembly and disassembly of housing
A juice extractor with an easily assembled and disassembled housing includes: a driving unit having a motor housing having a motor mounted at the inside thereof, a rotary shaft connected to the motor and protruded toward one side of the motor housing, and a fixing shaft disposed adjacent to the rotary shaft on the motor housing; a juice extracting unit having roller portions operated by the motor provided at the driving unit to crush, extract and transfer juice extraction materials and the housing for accommodating the roller portions thereinto; a fastening unit for detachably coupling the housing of the juice extracting unit to the motor housing; and a sensor unit having a sensor operator mounted on the housing of the juice extracting unit and a sensor mounted on the motor housing in such a manner as to be operated by a change in distance with the sensor operator.. .
 Cooling circuit pump for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailCooling circuit pump for a motor vehicle
The invention relates to a cooling circuit pump for a motor vehicle, having a stator which is arranged in a motor housing (14) and in which a rotatably mounted rotor is received. It is proposed that the stator (12) is received in the motor housing (14) in a positively locking manner..
 Motor housing assembly and method patent thumbnailMotor housing assembly and method
A motor housing assembly is formed by positioning a stator relative to a motor housing to configure a fillable gap between the stator and the motor housing, and filling the fillable gap is at least partially with a polymeric material to form a thermally conductive layer. The polymeric material may include a metallic filler material.
 Vacuum pump/ air and gas compressor patent thumbnailVacuum pump/ air and gas compressor
A pump housing for a pump/compressor includes a front portion and a back portion. The front portion includes an opening forming a motor bearing pocket for seating a motor bearing and through which a motor shaft extends towards the back portion, at least one vent hole radially outwardly spaced from the opening for cooling, and a protrusion extending outward from the front portion, wherein the protrusion is configured to locate a motor housing.
 High efficiency, low coolant flow electric motor coolant system patent thumbnailHigh efficiency, low coolant flow electric motor coolant system
A fluid-cooled electric motor includes a generally tubular-shaped motor housing having a plurality of channels through which a coolant can flow. The channels are spaced apart from each other in an annular arrangement around the housing and extend through the housing in an axial direction.
 Power tool, such as a portable circular saw, having improved braking and cooling patent thumbnailPower tool, such as a portable circular saw, having improved braking and cooling
A power tool, for example, a portable circular saw, includes a fan, a motor configured to rotate the fan, an output part or shaft driven by the motor, a motor housing that houses the motor, a grip housing connected to the motor housing, a trigger associated with the grip housing, and a brake member configured to brake a rotation of the motor, the brake member being mounted inside the grip housing. The brake member may be a resistive element of a rheostatic braking system.
 System, apparatus, and method for controlling a motor patent thumbnailSystem, apparatus, and method for controlling a motor
Mechanisms are provided to control the operation of a motor. In particular, a variable frequency drive motor controller is described which resides within a motor housing.
 Integrated cast motorcycle chassis and motor housing patent thumbnailIntegrated cast motorcycle chassis and motor housing
This invention comprises a frame for an electric motorcycle. Electric motorcycles have vastly different component requirements compared to internal combustion engine motorcycles, and, therefore, require a radical redesign of the frame in order to maximize the efficiency of the system..
High dogleg steerable tool
A rotary steerable drilling system may include a substantially non-rotating tool body, a rotatable shaft including at least one pivotable feature, where the rotatable shaft is at least partially disposed within the tool body, and a bias unit that alters the position of the rotatable shaft within the tool body. The rotary steerable drilling system may also include at least one force application member that alters the position of the tool body in the borehole.
Battery-powered handheld vacuum device
A battery-powered handheld vacuum device for use on building sites includes: a dust collection box; and a motor housing, in which a drive motor provided with a fan impeller and a battery pack for supplying current to the drive motor independently of an electrical network are provided. The dust collection box is fixed in place on the motor housing in releasable manner.
Portable fan
A battery-powered portable personal fan is described with reference to two embodiments, both of which comprise a two-part base, of which the upper part is provided with an elongate neck to which a ball-shaped motor housing is pivotally attached. The motor housing contains a motor having a drive shaft which drives a two-blade at least 5000 rpm on a high-speed setting.
Modular electric compressor including a built-in securing device
An electric compressor (7) includes a compression mechanism (3); an electric motor (2) driving the compression mechanism (3), the electric motor having an axis of rotation (x); and an electric motor (2) power supply inverter (1), the inverter (1) being mounted in an inverter housing (10). The compression mechanism (3) is mounted in a compression housing (30), and the electric motor (2) is mounted in a motor housing (20) extending longitudinally along the axis of rotation (x) and having a first end (20p) connected to the inverter housing (10) by a plurality of securing devices (5) extending inside the motor housing (20).
Seal protection system
A seal protection system for use with protecting a seal assembly between a motor housing and a final drive assembly. The seal protection system includes a seal protector assembly having a first band portion and a second band portion.
High efficiency blood pump
A high efficiency blood pump includes a pump housing, wherein the pump housing provides an inlet and outlet. The pump includes a motor housing, wherein the motor housing contains a motor.
Electric power tool with improved visibility in darkness
An electric power tool includes a motor and a motor housing at least partly encasing the motor. The motor housing has a top portion, a bottom portion opposite to the top portion, and side walls disposed between the top and bottom portions.
Current diverter ring
The current diverter rings and bearing isolators serve to dissipate an electrical charge from a rotating piece of equipment to ground, such as from a motor shaft to a motor housing. One embodiment of the current diverter ring includes an inner body and an outer body configured to clamp at least one conductive segment between them.
Enhanced cooling of enclosed air cooled high power motors
A fully enclosed fan motor assembly includes a motor housing. A stator is located radially inward from the motor housing.
Electric power assisted steering system for vehicles
An electric power assisted steering system for vehicles is disclosed. The system includes an electric motor drive having a motor housing, a motor shaft, and at least a first bearing and a second bearing for mounting the motor shaft.
Cooling system for a machine and method of assembly of same
A cooling system for rotating machines, such as electric motors, is provided. A heat exchanger housing is coupled with the housing of an electric motor.
Electric blower
Disclosed herein is an electric blower including: an impeller; a driving module including a rotor part coupled to the impeller in order to driving the impeller and a stator part, the rotator part including a magnet and the stator part including an armature formed of a core positioned so as to face the magnet and a coil; a motor housing having the driving module mounted thereon; and a control module mounted on the motor housing and controlling the driving module.. .
Current diverter ring
The current diverter rings (cdrs), captured cdrs, bearing isolators, and explosion-proof cdrs serve to dissipate an electrical charge from a rotating piece of equipment to ground, such as from a motor shaft to a motor housing. One embodiment of the explosion-proof cdr includes a stator that may be mounted to the equipment housing and a rotor that may be mounted to a shaft.
Impact tool
An impact driver or impact tool includes a motor, a motor housing that houses the motor, a grip housing integrally provided with the motor housing, a hammer case is disposed frontward of the motor housing, a spindle rotated by the motor, a hammer housed inside the hammer case and configured to be rotated by the spindle, and an anvil housed inside the hammer case which anvil is configured to be impacted by the hammer. In this impact driver, a length from a rear end of the motor housing to a front end of the anvil (i.e., the front-rear length of a main body) is less than 128 mm..
Wet/dry vacuum cleaner filter for wet material collection
Vacuum cleaner filters, in particular replaceable vacuum cleaner filters suitable for both wet and wet/dry type vacuum cleaners are disclosed, as well as vacuum cleaner systems incorporating the use of such filters, and methods for their use. The filters include a filter element arranged in a closed circumferential, cylindrically-shaped path, a top end cap having a central orifice capable of constricting a post on a vacuum filter cage, and optionally a molded end ring oppositely-spaced from the top end cap for engagement with the lower motor housing of a vacuum cleaner..
Compressor motor housing and method of manufacturing
A compressor motor housing includes an aft region having a radially inner surface defining an inner diameter and a radially outer surface defining an outer diameter. Also included is an o-ring groove extending around at least a portion of the aft region within the radially outer surface, the o-ring groove.
Frequency altering brace for an electric motor
A vibration dampening brace for a motor enables altering the stiffness and reed critical frequency of a combined system of the motor and driven equipment without removal of the motor from a motor stand or support structure. The vibration dampening brace includes a first member configured to engage a portion of a housing of an electrical motor and a second member operatively connected to the first member to stiffen the bending moment of the electrical motor housing, resulting in the housing moving less with the vibrations generated by the combined system of the motor and the driven equipment.
Motor unit having cooling channel
A motor unit for a vehicle is provided with a cooling channel cooling channel formed within a motor housing of the motor unit, and forming a flow channel that allows coolant to flow through the flow channel. The cooling channel includes: a supply channel portion having an inlet; an exhaust channel portion having an outlet; and a flow channel changing portion connecting the supply channel portion and the exhaust channel portion to allow a coolant supplied through the inlet of the supply channel portion to be discharged through the outlet of the exhaust channel portion, where at least one of inner protrusion portions and outer protrusion portions are formed on an inner circumferential surface and an outer circumferential surface, respectively, of the supply channel portion or the exhaust channel portion, protruding toward the motor shaft, and extending in a circumferential direction..
Frequency altering brace for an electric motor
A support brace for a motor enables altering the stiffness and reed critical frequency of a motor system without removal of the motor from a motor stand or support structure. The support brace includes a first flange configured to mount to an electrical motor housing, and a second flange configured to mount to a supporting fixture.
Circular stapler with selectable motorized and manual control
An apparatus is operable to clamp, cut, and staple tissue. The apparatus includes a stapling head assembly, a shaft assembly coupled to the stapling head assembly, and an actuator handle assembly coupled to the shaft assembly.
Valve-timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
A valve-timing control apparatus includes a drive rotating member; a driven rotating member fixed to a cam shaft; an electric motor configured to rotate the driven rotating member relative to the drive rotating member; a motor housing connected integrally with the drive rotating member; a cover member located to face a front portion of the housing; a tubular motor output shaft provided inside the housing to be rotatable relative to the housing; and a plug member fixed to an inner circumferential surface of a tip portion of the tubular motor output shaft and configured to inhibit lubricating oil supplied into the tubular motor output shaft from leaking to an external. The plug member includes a core member formed in a bottomed tubular shape and formed with a through-hole in its bottom portion, and an elastic body coating at least the through-hole and an outer circumferential surface of the core member..
Vacuum pump for use in the automotive sector
A vacuum pump for use in the automotive sector includes a rotor element fixed on a rotor shaft and arranged in a rotor housing, an electric drive arranged in a motor housing, a housing wall comprising at least one passage opening, and a bearing device. The rotor housing comprises at least one inlet and at least one outlet.
Motor-pump unit
A motor-pump unit includes an electric motor and a pump. The electric motor has a motor housing, on the outside of which a cooling channel is arranged.
Electric supercharging device and multi-stage supercharging system
It is intended to provide: an electric supercharging apparatus wherein, with a simple structure, rotor windage loss in an electric motor for driving a compressor is reduced and good cooling performance is produced; and a multi-stage supercharging system using the electric supercharging device. This electric supercharging apparatus is provided with: a first cooling passage formed in a stator along a motor coil and communicating a gas supply port with a gas discharge port in a motor housing; and a first intake passage connecting the gas discharge port to an intake port of a compressor.
Self adjusting rotisserie device
A self adjusting rotisserie device utilizing multiple positions to achieve leveling on uneven surfaces and automatic alignment on each end of a spit through the use of rotational standards and rotational attachment of a hanging motor housing and a hanging bearing housing, each fixedly attached to rods and removably attached to two standards, and each removably attached to a base; a method of cooking food utilizing a self adjusting rotisserie.. .
Current diverter ring
The current diverter rings and bearing isolators serve to dissipate an electrical charge from a rotating piece of equipment to ground, such as from a motor shaft to a motor housing. One embodiment of the current diverter is substantially arc shaped with a plurality of radial channels extending there through.
Magnetic field-modulated transverse flux multiphase permanent magnet motor
A magnetic field-modulated transverse flux multiphase permanent magnet motor consisting of a stator and a rotor. A number m of phase armature units are arranged in a row along the axial direction within a motor housing (1); each successive phase armature unit is offset in the circumferential direction by an electrical angle of 360°/m; the armature coil (2) is embedded within an annular cavity between the first to the third stator iron core tooth segments (3, 4, 5); the external circumferential surfaces of the first and the third rotor iron core tooth segments (6, 8) are respectively grooved in the axial direction with k/2 permanent magnet slots; the rotor permanent magnet slot on the first rotor iron core tooth segment (6) is axially offset from the rotor permanent magnet slot on the third rotor iron core tooth segment (8) by one-half the rotor tooth pitch; the direction of magnetization of the rotor permanent magnets (9) is identical.
System for collecting stray energy
A converter system for generating electrical signal from an optical signal utilizes a collector for collecting an energy source as an optical signal. The collected optical signal is transmitted to a receiver which is associated with a converter for converting the optical signal to an electric signal.
Control systems for friction clutch assemblies
Control systems for a friction clutch mechanism and a hybrid coolant pump. Friction clutch assemblies are positioned inside the motor housing and include softening springs which minimize parasitic clutch power consumption.
Electric-motor arrangement for a dental handpiece
An electric-motor arrangement for a medical, in particular dental, handpiece that has a motor housing and a rotor which is arranged in the motor housing so that it can be rotated about an axis via a first bearing and a second bearing. A stator is arranged around the rotor in relation to the axis.
Electronic expansion valve
An electronic expansion valve comprising a screw rod and a motor provided with an output shaft. The output shaft is transmissively connected to the screw rod via a gear system.
Windscreen air distribution system
Vehicle cab windscreen air distribution system for a windscreen (1) provided with an external windscreen wiper (5) and a windscreen wiper motor (2a) mounted on the inside of the windscreen. The distribution system comprises an air distribution housing (3) which at least partially surrounds the wiper motor (2, 2a), the housing defining a passage (3a) for the supply of air onto the windscreen (1a) in the vicinity of the motor.
Internal venting system for industrial machines
A mining shovel includes a boom and a transmission unit coupled to the boom. The transmission unit includes an outer housing, an internal motor housing disposed within the outer housing, and a venting system coupled to the outer housing to direct air through both the outer housing and the internal motor housing..
Drive structure for electric bicycle
A motor structure for an electric bicycle including a motor provided with a rotor and a stator to generate a rotary force to drive a wheel of the electric bicycle, the rotor having an accommodation space formed at a center thereof, a first decelerator unit disposed in the accommodation space and connected to a rotating shaft that is rotated together with the rotor, a second decelerator unit connected to the first decelerator unit and disposed outside the motor, and a motor housing to accommodate the motor and the second decelerator unit.. .
Integrated motor bearing and rotor
An electric submersible well pump assembly includes a rotary pump and an electrical motor. The motor has a motor housing filled with a dielectric lubricant.
Motor housing integrated-type spoke for electric bicycle, manufacturing method thereof, wheel assembly having the same and manufacturing method thereof
A motor housing integrated type spoke for an electric bicycle and a manufacturing method thereof, a wheel assembly having the same, and a manufacturing method thereof, the motor housing integrated type spoke coupled to a rim and including a motor housing, which is provided at a center of the motor housing integrated-type spoke to accommodate a motor, the motor housing integrally formed with the motor housing integrated-type spoke through an injection molding.. .
Disk saw felling head with visibility window
A disk saw felling head comprises a motor housing positioned between a disk saw and harvesting and bunching cylinders so as to provide a visibility window laterally between the motor housing and a mounting post promoting visibility through the visibility window toward a cutting zone.. .
Apparaus and method for induction motor heat transfer
A heat sink apparatus for induction motors and other dynamoelectric machines. The heat sink has a mounting portion adapted for coupling to a motor housing.
Multiple joints robot with mechanism for cooling motor
A multiple joint robot includes a movable body, a motor for generating power to actuate the movable body, a motor housing for accommodating the motor, and a cooling structure for dissipating heat generated from the motor. The cooling structure includes a heat conductor in the motor housing, and the heat conductor forms a heat conductive path for transmitting heat from the motor to the motor housing.
Switched reluctance motor assembly
Disclosed herein is a switched reluctance motor assembly capable of reducing an assembling error that is generated according to separate assembling and improving precision of assembling of bearing parts by forming a diffuser part and a motor housing integrally with each other. In the switched reluctance motor assembly, the diffuser is coupled integrally with the housing, such that a separate member for fixing the diffuser is omitted, thereby making it possible to reduce vibration according to driving of a motor and noise according to the vibration..
Mechanical and electrical-integrated drive unit
A mechanical and electrical-integrated drive unit is provided that is configured to be able to protect a control circuit board from thermal stress, a contaminant, or operating fluid from a motor housing chamber and that can improve the flexibility of layout of electronic components mounted on the control circuit board. The drive unit includes a motor, a control circuit board for controlling energization of the motor, the circuit board installed integrally with the motor, an obstruction portion isolating the motor from the circuit board, and an inverter housing for the circuit board.
Power tool housing construction
An apparatus is disclosed including a motor housing structured to receive at least a portion of an electric motor, a tool housing including a first half and a second half, wherein the tool housing defines an end taper, a tool attachment in mechanical communication with the electric motor, and a retention member including an inner taper structured to interface with the end taper of the tool housing to resist relative motion between the tool housing and the motor housing.. .
Heating circulating pump
A heating circulating pump includes a pump housing (1) containing a pump impeller driven by an electric motor. The stator thereof is arranged in a motor housing (8) connected to the pump housing (1).
Bolt on carrier for integrated final drive with closed circuit hydrostatic motor
A final drive assembly for a machine is disclosed. The final drive assembly may comprise a motor coupled with a motor housing, a driven component rotatably mounted on the motor housing by at least one bearing, and a planetary transmission configured to transfer power from the motor to the driven component.
Method and structure for cooling an electric motor
A high speed electric motor for use in a variety of applications. The electric motor an electric motor including a motor housing or stator, a rotor having a commutator and brushes for contacting the commutator at a predefined area known as the contact area.
Motor housing
Disclosed herein is a motor housing including: a housing body accommodating a stator and a rotor therein; and a supporting frame coupled to the housing body and supporting a shaft of the rotor, wherein an end portion of the housing body is provided with a fixing part that is extended inwardly, such that the supporting frame is coupled to the fixing part.. .
Electro-mechanical drive-unit
An electro-mechanical drive-unit includes an input member, an output member, a drive-unit housing, and a gearing arrangement operatively connected to each of the output and input members. The drive-unit also includes a pump for circulating pressurized fluid and an electric motor.
Electrically supported power steering having an immobilizer
The invention relates to a steering system with an uninterruptible mechanical positive coupling between a steering wheel and a pinion in the form of a steering shaft and with an electrical auxiliary power assistance, in which an electric motor introduces its assistance power into the steering system via a reduction gear mechanism. A switchable magnetic brake is provided, which in a closed switching state blocks the motor shaft of the electric motor frictionally in relation to a motor housing fixed to the vehicle body, and which in an open switching state releases the motor shaft so that this can rotate in a fixed transmission ratio with the steering shaft..
Power tool
A power tool includes a case and a motor installed within the case. The motor has a motor housing and a rotor with shaft.
Motor housing with integrated gears
A motor housing with integrated gears includes a motor having a first shaft, the motor configured to actuate the first shaft, a dowel, the dowel rotatably coupled to the first shaft, an encoder configured to surround the dowel, the encoder being configured to measure an angular velocity of the first shaft, a gear system in meshed communication with the first shaft, and a second shaft in meshed communication with the gear system such that the motor is operable to transmit power to the second shaft. The housing further includes at least one seal, the seal located on the dowel between the first end and the second end of the dowel and creating a barrier such that the dowel is rotatable within the seal while preventing migration of lubricant on the at least one gear into the encoder..
Heat circulation pump
A heat circulation pump includes a pump housing (1) with a pump impeller driven by an electric motor. The electric motor is arranged in a motor housing (8) connected to the pump housing (1).
A motor is provided, the motor including a motor housing, a stator fixedly coupled to the motor housing, a rotor rotatably installed at a center of the stator by a rotation shaft, upper and bottom bearings having an outer race fixed to the motor housing and an inner race coupled to the rotation shaft, and an output clutch contacting an inner race of the upper bearing.. .
Index device of machine tool and method of manufacturing same
An index device of a machine tool is driven by a motor. Gap space created between the outer periphery of the motor and the inner periphery of a casing for housing the motor is filled with a material that is higher in thermal conductivity than the air.
Hydraulic motor unit and hydraulic four-wheel-drive working vehicle
A hydraulic motor unit according to the present invention includes an electric motor having an electric motor main body that is electrically controlled, an electric motor case that accommodates the electric motor main body and an electric motor main body output shaft that is rotated around an axis line thereof by the electric motor main body, the electric motor case being detachably mounted to the motor housing, wherein mounting of the electric motor to the motor housing causes the electric motor main body output shaft to be operatively connected to the first end of the control shaft so that the control shaft is rotated around the axis line in accordance with rotation of the electric motor main body output shaft.. .
Hybrid construction machine
A hybrid construction machine that enables to efficiently cool a generator motor, while suppressing an increase in the entire length of a power unit. A motor housing is provided with a bulging portion which is configured to axially bulge from the inner periphery of a motor side connection surface toward an engine over the entire circumference thereof around an axis, and to engage with the inside of an engine housing; and a coolant passage which is configured to flow a coolant for cooling a stator therethrough.
Combined motor and brake with rotating brake-release piston
The present disclosure relates to a combined hydraulic motor and brake including a hydraulic motor having a hydraulic motor housing, a drive shaft assembly that is driven by the hydraulic motor, a stationary housing that is fixed relative to the hydraulic motor housing, and a rotatable housing that is rotatably driven by the drive shaft assembly. The combined hydraulic motor and brake also includes a brake for resisting relative rotation between the rotatable housing and the stationary housing, and a piston that is hydraulically actuated to release the brake.
Hybrid coolant pump
A hybrid coolant pump with two modes of operation, an electric motor operation and a mechanical pulley-driven operation. A friction clutch assembly is positioned inside the motor housing and includes a softening spring which minimizes parasitic clutch power consumption..
Motor unit
A motor unit includes an electric motor that has a motor bracket that is fixed to an end portion of a motor housing that houses a rotor and a stator; a gear housing fixed to the motor bracket; and a circuit board that controls driving of the electric motor. The circuit board is wrapped on an outer face of a side wall of the gear housing..
Elevator drive
An electric motor for an elevator drive comprises a motor housing; a number of motor windings which are connected to at least one terminal; ribs or webs being arranged on the motor housing; and the at least one terminal is arranged between the ribs or webs.. .
Induction motor auxiliary cooling system
A totally enclosed fan cooled (tefc) induction motor or other type of induction motor auxiliary cooling system has a buffet thermal shroud that is oriented in opposed spaced relationship over existing motor housing cooling fins. An airflow channel is defined between the motor cooling fins and the shroud, for direction and passage of a cooling airflow.
Mounting structure for in-wheel motor system
Disclosed herein is a mounting structure for an in-wheel motor system. The mounting structure includes the in-wheel motor system installed in a wheel of the vehicle, and a torsion beam axle (tba) assembly to fix the in-wheel motor system to a vehicle body, wherein a rear portion of a motor housing includes a step portion formed in a stepped manner to have a decreased diameter, and a ring-shaped fastening face vertically arranged from the step portion, and the tba assembly includes a trailing arm provided with a through hole to surround the step portion of the motor housing, a mount integrated with the trailing arm to fix the trailing arm to a vehicle body, and a plurality of fastening bolts to fix the motor housing to the trailing arm, wherein, when the step portion is fitted and coupled into the through hole, the fastening face closely contacts the trailing arm..

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