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Motor Housing patents


This page is updated frequently with new Motor Housing-related patent applications.

 Device for the vibration-decoupled mounting of a motor patent thumbnailnew patent Device for the vibration-decoupled mounting of a motor
A device for mounting an electric motor, in particular a fan drive of a heating or an air conditioning system in a motor vehicle, in such a way that vibrations are decoupled, the device having a number of damping and/or decoupling elements at the motor end, each damping or decoupling element being supported eccentrically in relation to the electric motor or the stator thereof or pole casing or motor housing thereof. A drive and to a damping and/or decoupling element is also provided..
Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft, Wuerzburg

 Firearm cleaning device patent thumbnailnew patent Firearm cleaning device
A firearm cleaning device is disclosed herein. The device may include a housing comprising a grip portion, a motor housing portion opposite the grip portion, a neck portion disposed between the grip portion and the motor housing portion, and a slot disposed adjacent to the neck portion between the grip portion and the motor housing portion.

 Modular actuator concept for a clutch actuator patent thumbnailnew patent Modular actuator concept for a clutch actuator
A modular concept is proposed for an actuator, in particular a clutch and/or transmission actuator. An electric motor is provided with a universal flange.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

 Impact tool patent thumbnailnew patent Impact tool
A hammer drill has a body housing having a motor housing and a gear housing formed in one piece. An electric motor is fixed to the motor housing.
Makita Corporation

 Overbed table patent thumbnailOverbed table
An overbed table may have a base support frame with at least three casters and a rechargeable battery. A motor housing with a top wall having an opening may be attached to the base support and a telescoping column that is hollow tubular is attached at a bottom end to the motor housing over the opening to extend upwardly.

 Umbrella system patent thumbnailUmbrella system
An umbrella system includes a support pole connected to a rotating tube positioned around a center tube that extends between the support pole and a center support that is connected to an umbrella frame. The rotating tube has one or more helical grooves therein that are engaged by teeth of a hub which is connected to the umbrella frame.
Current Products Corp.

 Internal venting system for industrial machines patent thumbnailInternal venting system for industrial machines
A mining shovel includes a boom and a transmission unit coupled to the boom. The transmission unit includes an outer housing, an internal motor housing disposed within the outer housing, and a venting system coupled to the outer housing to direct air through both the outer housing and the internal motor housing..
Harnischfeger Technologies, Inc.

 Connecting structure of driving motor and reducer patent thumbnailConnecting structure of driving motor and reducer
A connecting structure of a driving motor and a reducer includes the driving motor having a first shaft transmitting driving power to the reducer, a motor housing inside which the first shaft is mounted, and a first boss which is hollow and configured to protrude in a length direction of the first shaft at an end portion of the motor housing, and includes the reducer having a second shaft receiving the driving power by being connected with the first shaft, a reducer housing inside which the second shaft is mounted, and a second boss which is hollow and configured to protrude at an end portion of the reducer housing so as to be inserted into the first boss, and the first shaft and the second shaft pass through the first boss and the second boss respectively.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

 Current diverter ring patent thumbnailCurrent diverter ring
The current diverter rings and bearing isolators serve to dissipate an electrical charge from a rotating piece of equipment to ground, such as from a motor shaft to a motor housing. One embodiment of the current diverter ring includes an inner body and an outer body configured to clamp at least one conductive segment between them.
Inpro/seal Llc

 Blower, electric machine and associated method patent thumbnailBlower, electric machine and associated method
A blower includes an impeller housing, an impeller rotatably secured to the housing and an electric motor. The motor has a motor housing with a central portion and a radially extending portion extending from the central portion, a venturi chamber adjacent the motor housing and opposed to the impeller housing, a stator secured to the central portion of the motor housing, a rotor rotatably secured to the central portion of the housing, and at least one heat generating electrical component secured to the radially extending portion of the motor housing.
Regal Beloit America, Inc.

Atherectomy device

A surgical atherectomy apparatus for removing particles such as plaque from an interior of a vessel having a motor housing slidable axially between a proximal position and a distal position. An axially fixed sheath extends from the outer housing and a catheter is connected to the motor housing and is positioned within the sheath.
Rex Medical, L.p.

Hygienic adapter for electrical motors

A adapter for coupling a cable to a motor in a hygienic environment is provided. The hygienic adapter is non-rotatably coupled to and hygienically seals an opening of the motor housing, the hygienic adapter including a port adapted to receive the power supply cable connector such that the connector and cable are oriented parallel to the longitudinal surface of the housing and the connector is accessible to the electrical leads..

System for puncturing the epidermis with controlled fluid delivery

Embodiments of an actuating device for actuating a needle cartridge and puncturing an epidermis with controlled depth. The actuating device includes a motor housed in a motor housing, an actuating rod driven by the motor and configured to actuate in a reciprocating motion, and an adjustment mechanism.
Rejuvatek Medical Inc.

Wheel motor cooling system with equally divided flow

An electric wheel motor cooling system includes first and second electric wheel motors and gear reducers which use hydraulic fluid for cooling and lubrication. Each of the electric wheel motor housings includes a sump and a scavenge pump for return of hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic fluid reservoir.
Fairfield Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Basketball goal assembly with lift actuator

A basketball goal assembly with lift actuator that has up and down vertical movement to let a user make shots at different positions. A scissor lift mechanism for use on a basketball goal or the like, the lift having scissor leg units connected to each.

Electric implementation unit

What is advantageous with the design of an electric motor proposed here, is that, through savings in assembly time and assembly expense, as well as parts costs, it is possible to assemble the motor components in the motor housing very simply and favorably, and additionally a number of advantages are offered as compared to use of conventional glass-to-metal feed-through (gtms). The openings in the motor housing required for the electrical feed-through units are small, resulting in improved pressure resistance and stiffness of the motor housing.

Rotating beacon

There is provided a beacon assembly (10) including an integral cast metal mounting base (11) having a mounting flange (12) bounded by a ventilated side wall portion (16) and an upper wall portion (17) combining to support integral cooling fins (20). The side wall portion (16), transparent housing (23) and mounting base (11) form an upper chamber (24).
Orca Group Limited

Cargo and work light

A window wiper motor housing is employed in a vehicle with a tailgate to mount a cargo light assembly which includes one or more sources of illumination. Upon raising the tailgate, a motion-actuated switch actuates the cargo and work light assembly to provide illumination downwardly toward the cargo area and/or rearwardly to facilitate use of the cargo area and/or the work area near the rear of the vehicle..
Marcus Automotive, Llc

Non-coaxially mounted electric actuator and transmission

An electric actuator comprising an electric motor comprised of a motor housing that houses a drive shaft having a drive gear and a drive axis, a transmission comprised of a transmission gear having a gear axis, the drive gear, the transmission gear and the valve pin being drivably interconnected and arranged such that the drive axis and the gear axis are non-coaxially mounted or disposed relative to each other and the valve pin is drivable linearly along the pin axis, wherein one or the other of the motor housing or the transmission housing are removably attached to a top clamping or mounting plate that is mounted upstream of the manifold and fixedly interconnected to a mold.. .

Power equipment cooling system

A method of cooling blower components may include rotating a fan assembly (160) responsive to operation of a motor (120). The rotation of the fan assembly may create an underpressure region in an inlet portion (154) and an overpressure region at a main channel (340) of the fan assembly (160).
Husqvarna Ab

Portable blower with attachment clip

A portable blower is suitable for blowing leaves and debris. The blower includes a housing defining a handle, a battery compartment, and a motor housing.

Micro motor, micro-geared motor with micro motor, and manufacturing micro motor

Provided is a micro motor with micro diameter that can be manufactured with high accuracy and efficiency. The micro motor (10) includes a tubular motor housing (11), a motor shaft (12) that is supported in the motor housing (11) and rotationally driven, and a connecting member (16) that covers one opening of the motor housing (11) and allows the motor shaft (12) to be inserted to project outward, and the micro motor (10) can transmit rotation of the motor shaft (12) to a planetary gear mechanism (driven unit) (20) as another unit.
Namiki Seimitsu Houseki Kabushiki Kaisha

Electric motor driven liquid pump, in particular for the forced lubrication of a manual transmission for motor vehicles

An electric motor driven liquid pump, which can be used for forced lubrication of a motor vehicle manual transmission, has a housing flange-mountable on a fluid container via a flange surface. A stator including a motor winding and a magnetic rotor are incorporated in the housing for conveying liquid.
Fte Automotive Gmbh &

Circular stapler with selectable motorized and manual control

An apparatus is operable to clamp, cut, and staple tissue. The apparatus includes a stapling head assembly, a shaft assembly coupled to the stapling head assembly, and an actuator handle assembly coupled to the shaft assembly.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Rotary actuator

A rotary actuator includes a connector housing with a hollow tube, a separate motor housing clipped to one side of the connector housing, and a separate gear and sensor housing clipped to an opposed side of the connector housing. At least a first gear and a first gear carrier are located within the interior of the hollow tube.
Cts Corporation

Instrument carriage assembly for surgical system

A robotic assembly is configured to support, insert, retract, and actuate a surgical instrument mounted to the robotic assembly. The robotic assembly includes an instrument holder base member, a motor housing moveably mounted to the instrument holder base member, a carriage drive mechanism operable to translate the motor housing along the instrument holder base member, a plurality of drive motors, a plurality of gear boxes, and a plurality of output drive couplings driven by the gear boxes.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

Explosion-proof current diverting device

A bearing isolator and explosion-proof current diverting device may be configured to dissipate an electrical charge from a rotating piece of equipment to ground, such as from a motor shaft to a motor housing. One aspect of an explosion-proof current diverter ring may include a stator that may be mounted to the equipment housing and a rotor that may be mounted to a shaft.
Inpro/seal Llc

Duct-mounted suction gas filter

A compressor for compressing fluid is provided. The compressor includes a housing having a housing inlet for receiving fluid and a housing outlet for discharging the fluid.
Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

Motor structure for variable counter electromotive force

A motor structure for varying a counter electromotive force is provided. The motor structure includes a rotor that is fixed annularly and concentrically to a radially outside from an exterior circumferential surface of a shaft of an electric motor and has a permanent magnet, and a stator that has coils positioned on the interior side of a motor housing and on the concentrically exterior side with the permanent magnet of the rotor.
Hyundai Motor Company


The present invention relates to a motor including a motor housing, a stator installed in the motor housing and including a stator core including a plurality of unit stator cores having teeth protruding from a head unit, an insulator, and a coil, a rotor rotatably installed at a center of the stator and including a through hole formed at a center thereof and a magnet module, and a bracket disposed at an upper portion of the motor housing and including a bearing supporting a rotating shaft and a bearing seating unit, wherein the bearing seating unit includes a lateral supporting part supporting a side surface of the bearing and a lower supporting part perpendicularly protruding from the lateral supporting part so that the bearing is seated, and noise reducing groove units are provided on a surface of the lower supporting part.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Throttle valve

A throttle valve 10 continuously increases/decreases the flow rate of air flowing through a communication hole 17 through which a first port 11 and a second port 12 are communicated with each other, by using a throttle valve element 22. A valve seat member 15 having the communication hole 17 is attached to a housing 13.
Koganei Corporation

Retention assembly for cyclical loading

A retention assembly for handling cyclical axial loads is disclosed. The retention assembly comprises a bearing, a motor, and a bushing element.
Caterpillar Inc.

Electric pump

An electric pump includes: a motor rotor having a cylindrical yoke; a pump portion having outer and inner rotors; a shaft transmitting a rotational force from the motor rotor to the pump portion; a motor housing in which a coil portion is fixed to an inner peripheral surface and the motor rotor is housed on the inside of the coil portion; and a pump main body housing the pump portion, wherein the pump main body has a bearing portion supporting a portion of the shaft between the motor rotor and the inner rotor, and the inner rotor has a first recessed portion of a diameter greater than that of the shaft on a side facing the bearing portion and a part of the bearing portion is inserted into the first recessed portion to be disposed.. .
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

Power tool housings

A power tool is provided that, in one version, includes a front housing that supports an output drive, and a back cap located opposite the front housing. The back cap receives at least one fastener of the plurality of fasteners.
Ingersoll-rand Company

Floor cleaning machine

A floor cleaning machine for cleaning a surface includes a body having a suction nozzle thereon, a handle pivotably coupled to the body and having a motor housing portion, and a suction motor assembly operable to draw fluid and dirt from the surface through the suction nozzle. The floor cleaning machine also includes a recovery tank coupled to the handle in fluid communication with the suction motor assembly to receive and store fluid and dirt drawn through the suction nozzle and an expandable hose fluidly communicating the recovery tank and the suction nozzle.
Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.

Reduced noise appliance

An appliance includes a reverse air flow motor housing. A casing carries and supports a motor, and a ventilation fan is rotated by a rotatable shaft driven by the motor.
Ametek, Inc.

Power steering apparatus

The present invention provides a power steering apparatus capable of realizing a reduction in an axial dimension of the apparatus. A resolver 16, which detects a rotational position of a motor rotor 13, is provided between a motor element 15 and a steering housing 6 in a direction of an x axis.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Motor having cooling structure

A motor having a cooling structure includes: a motor shaft in which a cooling passage is formed in a center thereof in a lengthwise direction; a rotor disposed at an exterior circumference of the motor shaft to rotate together with the motor shaft; and a motor housing in which a stator fixed at a predetermined interval from the rotor is disposed at an interior circumference thereof and in which the motor shaft is disposed to be rotatable, wherein a coolant flowing through the cooling passage is jetted to the rotor or the stator.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Wheel hub motor and motor housing of wheel hub motor

A wheel hub motor includes a motor housing and a motor received in the motor housing. The motor housing includes a first holder, a second holder coupled to the first holder, and a protective ring detachably coupled to the second holder.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Marine antenna actuator

An actuator for a marine antenna is provided. The actuator may comprise a base with a mount adapted to be fixed to a surface of a vessel, a fixed worm gear arranged on the base, a worm arranged in a gear housing and engaged with the fixed worm gear, a motor comprising an output shaft connected to the worm, the motor being arranged in a motor housing mounted to the gear housing, and an antenna coupler connected to the gear housing.

Proceeding at a grinding machine and a device for the same

The invention concerns proceeding and device for facilitating the handling of a manually drivable and mechanically operable grinding machine (1) for floors (3) and other similar surfaces and which grinding machine (1) comprises a rotatable grinding disc (2), which is driven by a motor (5) and carried by an articulated motor housing (9) supporting the grinding disc on the chassis (10) of the machine. According to the invention, the motor housing (9) in question is counterbalanced so that the same becomes balanced in relation to the chassis (10) of the machine..
Scanmaskin Sverige Ab

System, apparatus, and controlling a motor

Mechanisms are provided to control the operation of a motor. In particular, a variable frequency drive motor controller is described which resides within a motor housing.

Motor unit, motor with speed reduction mechanism, and sliding door automatic opening/closing device

Disclosed is a motor unit including: an electric motor; a motor housing (6) configured to accommodate the electric motor; and a control substrate (70) including a sensor element (72s) to detect a position of an inner rotor of the electric motor in a rotational direction. The motor housing (6) includes a substrate accommodating portion (80) configured to accommodate at least a portion of the control substrate (70); a positioning portion (81) that is formed in the substrate accommodating portion (80), and positions the control substrate (70); and a screw configured to fix a stator of the electric motor to the positioning portion (81)..
Mitsuba Corporation

Drive actuator

An actuator drive, for blinds, roller shutters and the like, has a drive motor and a centrifugal brake. A rotational disk is coupled to a drive shaft of the drive motor via a shaft flange.
Johnson Electric S.a.

Backpack type self balancing scooter having foot-driven steering apparatus mounted thereon

A backpack type self balancing scooter having a foot-driven steering apparatus mounted thereon is provided, including: two wheels having motors mounted thereon; a motor housing for mounting the motors therein in such a manner as to allow rotary shafts of the motors to be located linearly to each other; a footrest; a shuttle ring mounted on any one side of the footrest; an erecting housing, a controller mounted on the upper portion, a cover disposed coveringly on top thereof, and an insertion hole formed on the center of the cover; a saddle; and a backpack. The rider walks in the state of carrying the backpack on the back, or puts the backpack on the around, sits on the saddle to drive the self balancing scooter in the state where both hands are free, while conducting the direction changes through the shuttle ring turned with his or her foot..
Robo3 Co., Ltd.

Generator motor

A generator motor includes a stator, a rotor that rotates relative to the stator, and a motor housing that houses the stator and the rotor. The motor housing includes a housing main body that encloses a periphery of the stator and the rotor and a cover that is attached to an end surface of the housing main body so as to cover an opening formed on the end surface, which is on an opposite side to an engine, of the housing main body.
Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Drive device and electric power steering apparatus

A drive device of an electric power steering apparatus includes a motor housing fixed to a gear housing, a stator, which is received in an inside of the motor housing, a rotor, which is rotatably placed on an inner side of the stator, and a shaft, which is rotated integrally with the rotor. The motor housing includes an engaging portion.
Denso Corporation

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is provided. The vacuum cleaner may include a cleaner body having a suction head that communicates with the cleaner body and a suction motor assembly to generate a suction force.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Vacuum suction unit

A vacuum suction unit is provided. The vacuum suction unit includes a cover, an impeller, a motor, a guide device which includes a guide body and a guide vane, a flow guide which is disposed below the guide device and guides the air guided by the guide device toward the stator, and a motor housing which accommodates the motor and includes an air outlet.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Downhole drilling motor with an adjustment assembly

An embodiment includes a downhole motor configured to operate a drill bit to drill a well into an earthen formation. The downhole motor includes a motor housing, a stator supported by an inner surface of the motor housing, a rotor operably coupled to the stator.
Aps Technology, Inc.

Structure for mounting diesel oxidation catalyst device to generator motor

A structure for mounting a diesel oxidation catalyst device to a generator motor includes: a generator motor arranged between an engine and a hydraulic pump; a diesel oxidation catalyst device mounted on an upper part of the generator motor; and a bracket provided between the generator motor and the diesel oxidation catalyst device and adapted to separately arrange the diesel oxidation catalyst device above the generator motor, wherein a boss with screw hole erecting upward is formed on an upper part of a generator motor housing, and a lower part of the bracket is fastened to the boss with screw hole with a bolt.. .
Komatsu Ltd.

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