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Motor Control patents

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Motor control system, motor control method, and motor control device

Motor control device for compensating backlash

Motor control device for switching pwm frequency to use the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Motor Control-related patents
 Motor control device and electric power steering apparatus patent thumbnailMotor control device and electric power steering apparatus
A motor control apparatus includes a plurality of voltage detecting sections configured to each detect a terminal voltage of one of phases of a brushless motor, and a control section configured to control driving of the motor. The control section takes in, via separate signal lines, detection signals of the voltage detecting sections.
 Motor control system, motor control method, and motor control device patent thumbnailMotor control system, motor control method, and motor control device
A host controller is incorporated with a plurality of different pieces of control software which are applicable to a plurality of destinations for a cooling blower to cool a main battery incorporated in a vehicle. The host controller transmits a destination-signal request pattern for requesting a destination signal pattern to specify the determinations for the cooling blower, to a motor control device by means of a pwm signal.
 Motor control device for compensating backlash patent thumbnailMotor control device for compensating backlash
A motor control device includes a position command generating unit, a difference calculating unit for calculating a difference between a positional detection value of a movable unit and a positional detection value of a driven unit, a retaining unit for retaining, as an engaging difference, the difference when the movable unit is moved in a first or second direction to engage with the driven unit, in association with the first direction and the second direction, and a compensation amount calculating unit for calculating a backlash compensation amount based on the difference calculated by the difference calculating unit and the engaging difference retained by the retaining unit. It is determined whether or not the movable unit is engaged with the driven unit by comparing a movement amount of the driven unit with a threshold..
 Motor control device for switching pwm frequency to use the same patent thumbnailMotor control device for switching pwm frequency to use the same
A motor control device includes an inverter, a power device temperature obtaining unit, a motor temperature obtaining unit, a power device temperature determination level storage unit, a motor temperature determination level storage unit, a pwm frequency storage unit that stores at least two pwm frequencies including a high pwm frequency a low pwm frequency, a power device temperature determining unit that determines whether or not a temperature of a power device is equal to or higher than a power device temperature determination level, a motor temperature determining unit that determines whether or not a temperature of a motor is equal to or higher than the motor temperature determination level, and a pwm frequency selecting unit that selects a pwm frequency to be given as a command to the inverter.. .
 Motor control apparatus and motor control method patent thumbnailMotor control apparatus and motor control method
A winding switching signal generator is configured to obtain information indicating a degree of field weakening from at least one of a current command calculator and a constant output controller, and to generate a winding switching signal for switching from a low speed rotation state to a high speed rotation state when the degree of the field weakening exceeds a predetermined condition in the low speed rotation state.. .
 Surface motor direct-drive sucker-rod screw pump device patent thumbnailSurface motor direct-drive sucker-rod screw pump device
A surface motor direct-drive sucker-rod screw pump device is driven by a vertical three-phase permanent magnet brush-less dc motor, and comprises a motor controller (6), a rectifying circuit, an inversion circuit, a cpu and a driving circuit. The motor controller (6) is used to adjust the voltage and frequency of the motor by the rectifying circuit, the inversion circuit, the cpu and the driving circuit.
 Electrically adjustable antenna control system and method patent thumbnailElectrically adjustable antenna control system and method
An electrically adjustable antenna control system includes a controller, an actuation mechanism controlled by the controller, and a feedback loop connected to both of the controller and actuation mechanism. Herein, the controller includes a control board and its imbedded program.
 Medical storage cabinet with rfid inventory patent thumbnailMedical storage cabinet with rfid inventory
A medication and/or medical supplies storage cabinet of all-steel construction has an rfid transducer or reader with an antenna array (i.e., an antenna or series of antennas) carried on a vertical elevator at the rear of the cabinet's metal shelves and drawers. The metal shelves, sides and back of the cabinet define successive compartments in which rfid-tagged item are stored.
 System and method for safely powering an appliance user interface without external power patent thumbnailSystem and method for safely powering an appliance user interface without external power
Systems and methods for safely powering an appliance user interface without external power are provided. One exemplary method includes receiving power generated by rotation of a rotor.
 Electromotive-vehicular motor control apparatus patent thumbnailElectromotive-vehicular motor control apparatus
This electromotive-vehicular motor control apparatus includes: a motor; a power drive unit; a torque control unit that controls an output torque of the motor; an electric current control unit; a number-of-revolutions detection unit; a target number-of-revolutions setting unit; a number-of-revolutions deviation calculation unit; and a removal unit that outputs a signal of a second number-of-revolutions deviation, in which the torque control unit controls the output torque based on the second number-of-revolutions deviation that has been output from the removal unit.. .
Motor controlling device, motor controlling method and machinery system
A motor controlling device is provided. The device includes a position controller for generating a speed reference based on a positional reference and a motor position, a speed controller for generating a torque reference based on the speed reference and a motor speed, a motor drive for driving a motor based on the torque reference, the motor driving machinery to which an acceleration sensor is attached, an acceleration feedback signal generator for generating a feedback signal to the speed reference based on an acceleration detection signal that is a detection signal of the acceleration sensor, and a positional reference filter inputted with the positional reference and suppressible of low frequency vibration of the machinery..
Motor control with voltage harmonic shaping
A control system for an electric motor (10) comprises a current sensing means (14) arranged to produce a current sensing output indicative of electric current in the motor, current control means (20) arranged to receive a current demand and to control voltages applied to the motor, and correction means (26) arranged to receive the current sensing output and the current demand, and use them to generate a correction signal. The current control means (20) is arranged to receive the correction signal and to use the correction signal to correct the voltages applied to the motor..
Seat belt apparatus
A seat belt apparatus includes a reel, a motor, a clutch member, a belt reacher, a door opening/closing detection section, a wearing detection section and a motor control section. Once a change from an opened state to a closed state of a vehicle door is detected by the opening/closing detection section, the control section controls the motor so that the webbing is pulled out from the reel at a predetermined speed.
Fire control system for rotational ivus
A patient interface module (pim) for an intra-vascular ultrasound (ivus) imaging system and a method for using it are provided. The pim may include a motor having position sensors; a motor controller circuit providing a signal to the motor; and a clock and timing circuit to provide a trigger signal to a pulse transmitter circuit and a reference clock signal to an analog to digital converter (adc) circuit, the trigger signal and the reference clock signal synchronized to a local oscillator; wherein the motor is configured to provide a relative phase value between a motor shaft and the local oscillator to a data processing circuit..
Apparatus for motor control system and associated methods
A motor control apparatus to control a motor external to the motor control apparatus includes a microcontroller unit (mcu). The mcu includes mixed signal motor control circuitry adapted to perform back electromotive force (emf) motor control in a first mode of operation.
Image forming apparatus
The image forming apparatus includes photosensitive drums, drive motors for driving the photosensitive drums, a motor control unit for controlling operations of the drive motors, and a printer control unit. The printer control unit stops rotations of the photosensitive drums at reference positions after a print job is finished.
Motor control device and control method of stepping motor
There is provided a motor control device controlling an energizing state of a coil of each phase for driving a stepping motor having multiple phase coils. The motor control device includes a detecting unit configured to detect whether the stepping motor is out of step, and a reverse rotating unit configured, when the detecting unit detects that the stepping motor is out of step, to rotate the stepping motor in a second rotation direction reverse to a first rotation direction, which is a rotation direction of the stepping motor before detecting out-of-step, by a number of steps with which a stress received by the stepping motor is alleviated, before the stepping motor spontaneously rotates in the second direction..
Motor control apparatus and motor control method
A motor control apparatus includes a state quantity detector configured to output a detection signal in correspondence with a state quantity of a motor, a vibration detection unit configured to detect a disturbance vibration component of the motor based on a torque instruction and the detection signal and output a vibrational component signal in correspondence with the detection result, a speed signal generator configured to generate a speed signal based on a result of subtracting the vibration component signal from the detection signal, and a speed controller configured to generate the torque instruction based on a deviation between a speed instruction and the speed signal.. .
Motor control device and work machine using the same
The controller estimates torque output by the motor and controls the current supplied to the motor in such a manner that a torque estimate of the motor obtained by the estimation corresponds to the torque command value. A torque estimation calculator 120 estimates the torque output by the motor.
Energy retrieving device
An energy retrieving device includes a first rectifier circuit, a direct current (dc) link circuit, a second rectifier circuit, an energy retrieving unit, a motor controller, and a micro control unit (mcu). The mcu includes an energy retrieving control module, to control the energy retrieving unit to work according to control of a processing module.
Motor controller and brushless dc motor comprising the same
A motor controller, including: a control box including an inner wall; a circuit board; a dissipater; an igbt module; and an insulating piece. The circuit board is disposed inside the controller box.
Electrical power steering apparatus
A motor control circuit includes a power relay, a converter division, a smoothing condenser, a control circuit and a motor drive circuit, and is connected to a battery as high voltage power and to an electrical motor. The battery is connected with a driving battery having the high voltage such as 288v etc.
Tapped auxiliary winding dishwasher motor
A motor assembly comprises an electric motor and a motor controller. The motor includes a stator; a rotor; a main winding; a first auxiliary winding; a second auxiliary winding; a capacitor; a first tap point between the main winding and the first auxiliary winding; and a second tap point between the first and second auxiliary windings.
Motorized drain cleaning machine
A drain-cleaning machine comprises a cable, a motor assembly, and a speed control assembly. The cable comprises a longitudinal axis.
Electronic-movement analysis tool for motor control rehabilitation and method of using the same
The present invention relates to a low cost motion capture system for clinical utilizations, such as for upper-extremity (ue) motor control rehabilitation. As contemplated herein, the present invention records range of motion data and graphs rotation, flexion, and abduction motions of a targeted joint in real time.
Motor position controller
A motor position controller includes a temporary setting portion, a position command generating device, a motor controlling part, and a second conformity determination portion. The motor position controller drives a motor based on an input of a command pulse signal and a setting of a desired pulse form.
Motor control device and motor control method
In an αβ coordinate system, vectors of currents flowing in three-phase ac motor are set in directions fixed relative to a zero vector current according to a voltage applied in six non-zero vector switching modes of an inverter. A current vector closest to a command current value is specified from those current vectors.
Work machine having operation rod
A work machine includes an operation rod, a front unit disposed at a front end of the operation rod and configured to attach a tool, a rear unit disposed at a rear end of the operation rod and configured to attach a battery, a brushless motor disposed in the front unit and configured to drive the tool, a motor controller disposed in the rear unit and electrically coupled with the battery, and a plurality of motor power lines disposed along the operation rod and configured to electrically couple the motor controller with the brushless motor.. .
High density epidural stimulation for facilitation of locomotion, posture, voluntary movement, and recovery of autonomic, sexual, vasomotor, and cognitive function after neurological injury
Methods of enabling locomotor control, postural control, voluntary control of body movements (e.g., in non-weight bearing conditions), and/or autonomic functions in a human subject having spinal cord injury, brain injury, or neurological neuromotor disease. In certain embodiments, the methods involve stimulating the spinal cord of the subject using an epidurally placed electrode array, subjecting the subject to physical training thereby generating proprioceptive and/or supraspinal signals, and optionally administering pharmacological agents to the subject.
Control circuit and method for negative pressure wound treatment apparatus
A negative pressure wound therapy apparatus can include a wound dressing, a fluid collection container, a vacuum pump comprising a pump motor, and tubing. Additionally, the apparatus can include a pressure sensor that measures a pressure in the tubing.
Motor control apparatus and method
There are provided a motor control apparatus and method. The motor control apparatus includes: a signal generating unit generating a first signal; a sampling unit obtaining the numbers of pulses of the first signal included in a plurality of sampling sections having different start timings, respectively; and a calculating unit calculating a speed of a motor using the numbers of pulses of the first signal obtained with respect to the plurality of sampling sections..
Wearable mobility device
A wearable mobility device comprising a base for the placement of a shoe, the base including a heel-support section, a battery pack, a tail reflector, and a wireless receiver. The device including a first wheel having a wheel hub motor embedded therein, the motor rotatably connected to a first partial axial shaft connected to the base.
Trimaran having outriggers with propulsors
An improved trimaran of a type having a central hull, a starboard outrigger, a port outrigger, a starboard crossbar for attaching the starboard outrigger laterally to the starboard of the central hull, and a port crossbar for attaching the port outrigger laterally to the port of the central hull is provided. The improvement comprises a starboard propulsor attached to the starboard outrigger for propelling the trimaran, a port propulsor attached to the port outrigger for propelling the trimaran; and a motor controller connected to both the starboard and port propulsors for controlling the combined propulsion of the starboard and port propulsors for controlling both the speed and direction of the trimaran by tank steering..
Blower motor for hvac systems
A blower motor assembly having a variable speed motor that is suitable for replacing a psc motor in a residential hvac (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. The blower motor assembly includes a variable speed motor and motor controller; a first power input for receiving a plurality of ac power signals from a control device for use in determining an operating parameter for the motor; and a second power input for receiving ac power from an ac power source for powering the motor controller even when no ac power signals are received by the first power input..
Motor control apparatus and electric power steering apparatus provided with the same
A motor control apparatus that is capable of making the whole control system robust not only with respect to motor parameter variations such as the temperature variation and the manufacturing unevenness but also with respect to disturbances while using a cheap and compact one-shunt type current detecting circuit and simultaneously diagnosing an estimation error and an electric power steering apparatus provide with the motor control apparatus.. .
Method for operating a vehicle
The invention relates to a method for operating a vehicle comprising at least one steered axle and at least one driven axle, wherein at least the driven axle has at least two wheel-hub electric motors that are integrated in the respective drive wheel. In addition, an electronic control unit (bldc controller module 1, bldc controller module 2) is provided for the wheel-hub motors (wheel-hub motor 1, wheel hub motor 2) forming an electronic differential.
Servo control system with position compensation function for driven member
A servo control system including a servo motor, a driven member driven, a coupling mechanism coupled with the servo motor and the driven member, and a motor control part controlling the servo motor. The motor control part includes a position command generating part generating a position command value of the driven member, a force estimating part estimating the drive force acting on the driven member, a compensating part compensating the position command value based on the drive force estimated by the force estimating part, and a control signal output part outputting a control signal to the servo motor based on a position command value compensated by the compensating part..
Divided phase ac synchronous motor controller
A divided phase windings circuit includes motor divided phase windings, a power switch circuit comprising at least one power switch and a direct current (dc) supply circuit all at a midpoint of the divided motor phase windings, and a non-collapsing dc power supply component to prevent the dc power supply from collapsing when the at least one power switch is on and conducting. The non-collapsing dc power supply component may include one or more of a tap from the motor divided phase windings electrically connected to the dc power supply, a secondary phase coil winding connected to the dc power supply to power the power supply, one or more resistors between the divided phase windings and the power switch circuit, one or more zener diodes between the divided phase windings and the power switch circuit, and/or an electrical component to create a voltage drop between the motor divided phase windings and the power switch circuit to prevent the power supply from collapsing when the at least one power switch in the power switch circuit is on and conducting..
Motor control device
A motor control device according to the present invention includes a motor driving unit for driving a motor, a current vector controller, a magnetic-flux weakening current command generator, and one of a target command limiter and a q-axis current command limiter. The current vector controller controls a current of the motor by separating the current into a d-axis current and a q-axis current orthogonal to each other, in accordance with a target command value from the outside.
Electromotive furniture drive
An electromotive furniture drive includes an electric motor, the rotational direction of which can be reversed, a motor controller, a manual control, a battery unit, and a mains power supply device. A speed-reducing transmission is connected downstream of the electric motor and a further transmission is connected downstream of each speed-reducing transmission and the battery unit has at least one battery.
Motor control device and program
A motor control device for controlling a motor that drives by receiving electric power supply from a power source, including: a voltage measurement unit that measures a voltage of the power source; a reduced voltage determination unit that counts a number of times the voltage becomes equal to or lower than a predetermined stop voltage; and a motor drive control unit that controls driving of the motor.. .
Outboard motor control apparatus
In an apparatus for controlling operation of two outboard motors mounted on a stern of a boat side by side and each equipped with an internal combustion engine to power a propeller through a power transmission shaft and a transmission having a forward first-speed and a second-speed gear and a reverse gear supported on the power transmission shaft, control is conducted at turning of the boat to operate the inner one of the outboard motors to transmit the engine power to the propeller through the reverse gear, and to operate the outer one of the outboard motors to transmit the engine power to the propeller through the forward first-speed gear, when the detected engine speed is equal to or smaller than a predetermined first speed and the detected rudder angle is equal to or greater than a predetermined angle.. .
Motor control apparatus
In a butting control, while performing a constant current control for a motor based on an output of a current sensor, the motor is driven by sequentially switching over a current supply phase of the motor in a one-phase current supply method, in which only one of the phases of the motor is powered. By performing the constant current control in the butting control, changes in a current value of each phase caused by temperature changes or aging changes is suppressed and hence a torque change of the motor is suppressed.
Motor control device and steering device for vehicle
In a state in which the energization in the first direction is possible between the motor and the drive circuit and the motor is not rotating at high speed, when the phase induced voltage value of the specific phase that is the target of determination is continuously equal to or smaller than the abnormality determination threshold, the abnormality detecting unit determines that an open malfunction has occurred in the relay fet of the specific phase.. .
Systems, methods, and assemblies for detecting stoppage of electric motors
A motor controller for an electric motor having a stator and a rotor. The motor controller includes a power input for receiving ac power from a power source; a control input for receiving a control signal from a control; and circuitry for switching power from the power source to the electric motor in response to the control signal.
Motor control device
A motor control device is provided which controls a motor by performing switching between forward rotation and reverse rotation so as to cause an object to be controlled to reciprocate, the motor control device including a lead angle map storage unit configured to store a lead angle map in which a motor rotation speed and a lead angle to be set are associated for each of the forward rotation and the reverse rotation, a target rotation speed-setting unit configured to set a target rotation speed of the motor based on an input signal from outside, a lead angle-setting unit configured to obtain the lead angle associated with the set target rotation speed by referring to the lead angle map and set the lead angle as a lead angle of the motor, and a driving control unit configured to control rotation of the motor so as to achieve the set target rotation speed and the set lead angle.. .
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming system
A sheet conveying apparatus includes: a first sheet conveying unit that conveys a sheet by a driving force of an asynchronous motor; a second sheet conveying unit that conveys a sheet by a driving force of a synchronous motor, wherein a sheet is transferred from one of the first sheet conveying unit and the second sheet conveying unit to the other one to convey the sheet; and an asynchronous-motor control unit that starts drive of the asynchronous motor at a drive start timing determined according to rotation information at a time of acceleration of the synchronous motor, at a time of starting sheet conveyance when a same sheet is conveyed by both the first sheet conveying unit and the second sheet conveying unit.. .
Tape drive and method of operation of a tape drive
A method of detecting a reduction in tension in a tape, wherein the tape is transferable between a first spool (15) and a second spool (17) by a tape drive (11), the tape drive (11) having a motor control system (25) which includes two dc motors (16, 18) and a controller (24) for controlling the operation of the motors (16, 18), the tape drive (11) also having two spool supports (12, 14), each of which is suitable for supporting a spool (15, 17) of tape, and each of which is driven by a respective one of the motors (16, 18), the method including storing a value relating to the current required to be supplied to each motor (16, 18) to maintain tension in the tape, and comparing a value relating to the current being supplied to each of the motors (16, 18) during tape transfer with the respective stored values.. .
Motor control apparatus, image forming apparatus having the same, and motor control method
Disclosed herein are a motor control apparatus, an image forming apparatus, an image forming apparatus including the same, and a motor control method, by which position error of a motor and a control value for compensating for the position error are calculated and reflected in feedback control, thereby quickly removing position error of the motor. The motor control apparatus includes a detector to detect rotation of a motor to output a feedback signal, a measurer to measure speed and phase difference of the feedback signal and a target signal applied to the motor and to measure position counts by counting rising edges or falling edges of the target signal and feedback signal using a reference clock signal, and a calculator to calculate speed error of the motor from the measured speed of the target signal and feedback signal, to calculate position error of the motor from the measured position counts of the target signal and feedback signal, and to calculate control values for compensating for the speed error, the position error, and the phase difference..
System and method for variable speed motor control with a single control signal
In a motor control system, a controller generates a single control signal for a motor control unit in a first electric motor and another motor control unit in a second electric motor. The motor control units in the first and second electric motors operate the first and second electric motors at a first rate in response to the control signal being at a first level.
Motor control center unit withdraw with door closed
An electrical enclosure wherein an electrical component can be moved between various positions (e.g., connected, disconnected, test, etc.) without opening an enclosure door. The electrical enclosure supports a component for movement between a withdrawn position, a test position, and an inserted position.
Method and device for detecting rotor position in a permanent magnet synchronous motor-driven washing machine
A device and method to determine the stopping rotor position of a washing machine motor includes an inverter, a permanent magnet synchronous motor, and an electronic motor controller. The controller determines the stopped rotor position of the motor by measuring induced currents in the stator field coils of the motor.
Motor controller
A system and a motor controller for a motor vehicle, the motor controller having electronics configured to bring about the energization of the windings of an electric motor. A clock generator is configured to send a clock signal which controls the processes of the electronics.
Motor control device
A motor control device which controls rotation of a motor to which an object to be controlled is connected through a link mechanism, the motor control device comprising: a parameter input means configured to input information about operation start and end positions of the object to be controlled and parameters necessary for controlling the motor including at least rotation speed information of the motor; a position detection means configured to detect a position of the object to be controlled; and a driving control means configured to calculate a deceleration start position from the information about the operation start and end positions to drive the motor, and to perform a subtraction operation on the target rotation speed when it is detected that the object to be controlled has reached the deceleration start position to drive the motor.. .
Walking machine
A steerable walking machine is described which comprises a leg mechanism that provides a means for locomotion of the machine across a surface and a head rotatably mounted upon the leg mechanism. The rotational position of the head upon the leg mechanism acts to defines a direction of locomotion of the machine across the surface.
Creating an electric bicycle
Disclosed is a system and method of encasing the drive components of an electric powered bicycle in a unified storage device compressed and structurally integrated into the triangle space between the top tube, down tube and seat tube of a typical bicycle frame. This invention details a unique component case that provides the storage and security of electric bicycle drive components including the electric power source (the battery cell pack), and electric motor controller including circuit board and housing, along with associated wires, fuses, switches, instruments and plugs.
System and method for motor torque control for electric vehicle with transmission
Disclosed herein is a motor control system and method for a vehicle with a transmission comprising for improving the quality of shifting, by improving precision in shifting control with precise and active motor torque control by calculating a maximum and a minimum motor torque in response to determining a power-on up-shift for increasing a shifting gear and a power-off down-shift for decreasing the shifting gear in shifting of the vehicle.. .
Drive circuits and systems for motor controller protection
Protection of a motor controller from a transient voltage and/or an over-voltage condition is described. A drive circuit includes a rectifier portion and at least one inductive device coupled to the rectifier portion.
Variable speed electric motor controller
A variable speed electric motor controller includes a rotating cylinder having a variable amount of conductor material and a variable amount of insulator material along its length such that one side is mostly insulator and the other side is mostly conductor. An electrical connection, such as a brush, can contact the rotating cylinder and be moved therealong.
Driving motor for electric vehicles and control method of the same
A driving motor for an electric vehicle includes a rotor having a field coil wound thereon and a stator having an armature coil wound thereon. The driving motor includes a motor control unit to perform temperature based control between the stator and the rotor based on which one has a higher temperature than the other, in order reduce a current value to the one having the higher temperature than the other..
Back emf monitor for motor control
An integrated circuit includes a motor current input voltage-to-current (vi) converter that receives a motor current sensor voltage from a motor and a reference voltage to generate an output current related to a motor's current. A motor current calibration vi converter compensates for errors in the motor current input vi converter and generates a calibration output current based on the reference voltage, wherein the output current and the calibration output current are combined to form an estimate of the motor's current..
Control apparatus for ac motor
A current estimation section of a motor control apparatus carries out the following processing. When an ac motor is controlled under a current feedback control scheme (sine wave control mode or overmodulation control mode), a β-axis current iβ is calculated based on a current detection value iw_sns in a sensor phase and a current command value iv* in one other phase.
System and device for replacing mechanical actuators with touch-free actuators in a 2-wire activation system
A system, kit and/or device is provided for replacing mechanical actuators with touch-less actuators in a 2-wire automatic door system. The system, kit and/or device includes a sensor module connectable to power and the motor and control for the door, and one or more touch-less switches each configured for electrical connection with the sensor module via two wires.
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
A motor rotation speed determining circuit is provided, and a processing of generating motor driving waveform is switched in accordance with the motor rotation speed. A resolver signal is converted to a digital value by an r/d converter, and inputted to a resolver value correction computing circuit via an r/d conversion interface.
Electronic hand assessment tool and method of using the same
The present invention relates to a dual-purpose assessment and intervention tool that uses motion capture technology to measure fine motor control through the task of handwriting. The intervention portion of the tool contains various subsections designed to measure fine motor control, including tracing a maze and both tracing and copying a variety of characters.
Lock-out, tag-out system using safety programmable logic controller
A remote lock-out, tag-out system for controlling multiple buckets in a motor control center employs a safety network providing serial communication between one or more remote lock-out, tag-out stations and individual buckets of the control center permitting remote disconnection of power without the need for protective gear.. .
Systems and methods for braking an electric motor
A motor controller for an electric motor having a stator and a rotor. The motor controller includes a power input for receiving ac power from a power source; a control input for receiving a control signal from a control; and circuitry for switching power from the power source to the electric motor in response to the control signal.
Braking system and method of detecting a failure of a brake actuator
A method of detecting a failure of a brake actuator is provided. The method includes monitoring an angular position of a motor controlling the brake actuator.
Multi-drive printed product processing device with verified feedback control
A multi-drive printed product processing device is provided that includes a processing component and a motor driving the processing component. A motor control controls the motor.
Motor control device
Motor drive information is sampled at a regular interval and stored in a storage unit, during a period when a normal operation is performed in accordance with a first command signal received from a controller. When an abnormality occurs, a second command signal with which a motor can be driven is internally generated from the motor drive information stored in the storage unit.
Motor control device controlling a plurality of motors that drive one driven body
A state switching unit switches the state of a motor that has caused an alarm, from an excited state to an un-excited state at an alarm generation timing. A state switch timing setting unit sets a state switch timing of switching the state of a motor other than the motor that has caused the alarm, from an excited state to an un-excited state.
Abnormality detection method and apparatus
There is provided a system and method for detecting an abnormal operation of a motor controlling an operating parameter of a machine. Both a torque of the motor and the operating parameter are monitored.
Reducing current reversal time in electric motor control
The time required to reverse current flow in an electric motor is reduced by exploiting inductive current that persists in the motor when power is temporarily removed. Energy associated with this inductive current is used to initiate reverse current flow in the motor..

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