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Monocular patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Monocular-related patents
 Video capture attachment and monitor for optical viewing instrument patent thumbnailVideo capture attachment and monitor for optical viewing instrument
The present invention is an attachable and detachable video image capture and display instrument that comprises a digital video capture device that can easily be physically connected to a gun scope, spotting scope, telescope, microscope, monocular, binocular or other optical viewing instrument or optical instrument used for viewing or examining an object or scene. It has electronic output to a display device, recording instrument, computing instrumen video projection devise, or data transmission instrument by way of connections of various options including wires, blue tooth, cellular, or other methods of video and audio data transmission.
 Eyes-off-the-road classification with glasses classifier patent thumbnailEyes-off-the-road classification with glasses classifier
A method for determining an eyes-off-the-road (eotr) condition exists includes capturing image data corresponding to a driver from a monocular camera device. A detection of whether the driver is wearing eye glasses based on the image data using an eye glasses classifier.
 Monocular telescope capable of capturing and recording images patent thumbnailMonocular telescope capable of capturing and recording images
The monocular telescope provided by the present invention includes a monocular main body, an image capturing/recording module and a lcd monitor. The monocular main body includes a tube.
 Method for measuring the height profile of a vehicle passing on a road patent thumbnailMethod for measuring the height profile of a vehicle passing on a road
A method for measuring a height profile of a vehicle passing on a road, said method comprising the following steps: directing a monocular camera from a point above the road onto the road with an angle of aperture that captures a section of the road from above, recording at least a first image of the passing vehicle by the camera at a first moment in time, recording at least a second image of the passing vehicle by the camera at a second moment in time, generating a movement vector image of the vehicle from an analysis of the optical flow between the first and the second image, and creating the height profile of the vehicle from the movement vector image.. .
 System for the physiological evaluation of brain function patent thumbnailSystem for the physiological evaluation of brain function
The oculokinetic device is used to test an individual to evaluate brain function including, but not limited to, identifying the presence of a traumatic brain injury or central nervous system disease which manifests itself through abnormal ocular responses to stimuli by using the high-speed tracking of an individual's eye movements (monocular or binocular, and either conjugate or disconjugate in horizontal, vertical, or torsional directions or combinations thereof), pupil size and reactivity, eyelid position, and blink parameters, and optionally along with other ocular elements, i.e., eyeball pressure, temperature, blood flow, etc. The eye movement stimulus protocol uses a target that moves in any direction of a two- or three-dimensional plane and may use a color display or geometric shapes.
 Monocular cued detection of three-dimensional structures from depth images patent thumbnailMonocular cued detection of three-dimensional structures from depth images
Detection of three dimensional obstacles using a system mountable in a host vehicle including a camera connectible to a processor. Multiple image frames are captured in the field of view of the camera.
 Respiratory function estimation from a 2d monocular video patent thumbnailRespiratory function estimation from a 2d monocular video
What is disclosed is a system and method for processing a video acquired using a 2d monocular video camera system to assess respiratory function of a subject of interest. In various embodiments hereof, respiration-related video signals are obtained from a temporal sequence of 3d surface maps that have been reconstructed based on an amount of distortion detected in a pattern placed over the subject's thoracic region (chest area) during video acquisition relative to known spatial characteristics of an undistorted reference pattern.
 Real-time monocular structure from motion patent thumbnailReal-time monocular structure from motion
Systems and methods are disclosed for multithreaded navigation assistance by acquired with a single camera on-board a vehicle; using 2d-3d correspondences for continuous pose estimation; and combining the pose estimation with 2d-2d epipolar search to replenish 3d points.. .
 Object detection apparatus patent thumbnailObject detection apparatus
An object detection apparatus mounted in a vehicle, includes a first domain definition unit, a second domain definition unit, and a determination unit. The first domain definition unit defines a first object domain including a first detection point which is indicative of a position of a first object detected by using a vehicle-mounted radar.
Method of occlusion-based background motion estimation
A technique for estimating background motion in monocular video sequences is described herein. The technique is based on occlusion information contained in video sequences.
Fast initialization for monocular visual slam
Apparatuses and methods for fast visual simultaneous localization and mapping are described. In one embodiment, a three-dimensional (3d) target is initialized immediately from a first reference image and prior to processing a subsequent image.
Driving system of three-dimensional lcd device, method for driving the three-dimensional lcd device, and three-dimensional glasses
A system and method for driving a three-dimensional liquid crystal display (3d lcd) device, uses a target frequency, where the target frequency is double of a monocular frequency of an input picture of the 3d lcd device, and the monocular frequency is in the range of 62-118 hz. The system and method converts a frame rate of the input picture of the 3d lcd device into (62 hz-118 hz)×2, and monocular frequency through the 3d glasses is in the range of 62 hz-118 hz..
Image stabilizer
An image stabilizer applicable to a monocular or binocular optical system. The stabilizer includes an erecting prism placed between an objective lens and an eyepiece to compensate for deterioration in a quality of an observed image caused by hands movement.
Systems and methods for 3d pose estimation
The present system provides a tool to estimate the relative pose of a generic object with respect to a camera view-point by processing 2d images from a monocular camera in real-time. The capability of solving the pose estimation problem relies on the robust detection and matching in consecutive image frames of significant visual features belonging to an object of interest.
Real-time monocular visual odometry
Systems and methods are disclosed for multithreaded visual odometry by acquired with a single camera on-board a vehicle; using 2d-3d correspondences for continuous pose estimation; and combining the pose estimation with 2d-2d epipolar search to replenish 3d points.. .
Adaptor for connecting an electronic device having a camera to an optical device
This invention comprises an adaptor device for connecting an electronic device having a camera to a range of optical devices, including but not limited to binoculars, monoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes, telescopes, and microscopes. This adaptor device has a plurality of protrusion that provide a self-centering and fitted connection between the electronic and optical device, so that the optical axes are aligned so that the user may take images or video on their electronic device through the optical device.
Anti-reflective device with attachment means for optical products
This invention comprises an anti-reflective device comprised of a main cylindrical body, with thin walled protrusions attached to an optical product via the use of one or more attachment members which clamp to the external body of the aforementioned optical product. The anti-reflective device is to be used on optical products such as binoculars, monocular, rifle scopes, and spotting scopes, to prevent the return to an object of visible reflections of light emitted from the surface of the objective lens of an optical product.
Jackrabbit quick attach ii - day/night rifle scope night vision adapter
An accessory that is fitted to a monocular night vision device (mnvd) rendering the user with the ability to attach said mnvd to a standard telescopic firearm sighting device. The particular invention is completely universal in that it allows users to attach the mnvd to any telescopic sighting device with a rear objective no smaller than 1.5 inches nor larger than 2.0 inches in diameter.
Binocular goggles
Binocular goggles are described. Embodiments of binocular goggles according to the present invention include two monocular units installed on a relatively high volume goggle body.
Image-based localization
Image-based localization technique embodiments are presented which provide a real-time approach for image-based video camera localization within large scenes that have been reconstructed offline using structure from motion or similar techniques. From monocular video, a precise 3d position and 3d orientation of the camera can be estimated on a frame by frame basis using only visual features..
Medical magnification device
The invention relates to a medical magnification device which has an optical unit with an optical axis, illuminating means and attachment elements, wherein the optical unit has at the proximal end, an eyepiece of monocular design, and the illuminating means is configured in the form of a hollow cylinder, is connected at a distal end to the optical unit and is coaxial with respect to the optical axis generating a concentric illumination pattern and the attachment elements include means that can be connected to the optical unit and that are configured so that the optical unit is adjustable in any direction.. .
3d image taking apparatus
A 3d image taking apparatus includes: a monocular photographic lens; a first and second solid-state imaging devices that receive one part and another part of incident light coming from a subject via the photographic lens in parallel; a light splitting member that splits the incident light into the one part and the other part of the incident light using a boundary region that extends perpendicularly to an optical axis, and causes the one part and the other part of the incident light to enter the first and second solid-state imaging devices, respectively; a parallax separation member that prevents a part of the incident light entering the boundary region from entering the first and second solid-state imaging devices; and an image processing unit that generates 3d image data of the subject by performing image processing on respective output signals of the first and second solid-state imaging devices.. .
Image modifying assembly for smart devices
An image modifying assembly for connection to a smart device, such as a smartphone or smartpad, is disclosed. The assembly includes an adapter case for receiving the smart device, a connector attached to the adapter case, a locking collar operably associated with the connector for removable attachment thereto, and a clamping device having a first clamping portion for connection to the locking collar, a second clamping portion spaced from the first clamping portion, and a bore extending between the first and second clamping portions.
Long focal length monocular 3d imager
An optical assembly for three-dimensional image capture includes first and second optical channels that are fixed with respect to one another. Each channel is configured to direct light onto at least a portion of an image sensor.
Optical system for image of an object
An optical system for imaging an object is provided that is in particular embodied as binocular field glasses, as monocular field glasses, as a spotting scope or as a telescope. The optical system comprises at least one first objective, at least one first image stabilizing unit, and at least one first eyepiece.
Modeling human-human interactions for monocular 3d pose estimation
Techniques are disclosed for the automatic recovery of two dimensional (2d) and three dimensional (3d) poses of multiple subjects interacting with one another, as depicted in a sequence of 2d images. As part of recovering 2d and 3d pose estimates, a pose recovery tool may account for constraints on positions of body parts of the first and second person resulting from the correlated activity.
Display device and electronic device
One object of the invention is to provide a display device that can display an image which causes a viewer less strain associated with viewing and gives a viewer a sense of great depth and an electronic device for enjoying the image. The present inventors have focused on a sense of depth obtained by monocular viewing and have conceived a display device in which pixels each include a light-emitting module capable of emitting light having a spectral line half-width of less than or equal to 60 nm in a response time of less than or equal to 100 μs and are provided at a resolution of higher than or equal to 80 ppi; the ntsc ratio is higher than or equal to 80%; and the contrast ratio is higher than or equal to 500..
Particle image velocimetry system for three-dimensional space
An imaging device can take an image of a flow field including tracer particles includes a compound-eye lens formed from a large number of monocular lenses, which take images of images taken by an imaging lens. Each of the multiple monocular lenses functions as one imaging device.
Eyeware including a heads up display
Eyewear is provided including a frame, a visor attached to frame and a heads up display. The heads up display may be housed in the visor.
Optical coherence tomography device, method, and system
In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, an optical coherence tomography instrument comprises an eyepiece for receiving at least one eye of a user is provided; a light source that outputs light that is directed through the eyepiece into the user's eye; an interferometer configured to produce optical interference using light reflected from the user's eye; an optical detector disposed so as to detect said optical interference; and electronics coupled to the detector. The electronics can be configured to perform a risk assessment analysis based on optical coherence tomography measurements obtained using the interferometer.
Laser targeting viewing device and method
A targeting viewing device is disclosed that couples a laser pointer to a viewing device such as binoculars or a spotting scope. In one embodiment the laser pointer includes a switch to selectively activate a laser beam to project a spot of light on a distant target so as to identify the target from within a group of potential targets to other observers of the targets.
Computer-aided system for 360º heads up display of safety/mission critical data
A safety critical, time sensitive data system for projecting safety/mission critical data onto a display pair of commercial off the shelf (cots) light weight projection glasses or monocular creating an immersive omnidirectional hud (heads up display) system with 6 degrees of freedom movement with user immersion and user inputs & outputs. The system includes the display, haptic glove, haptic suit, vestibular interface, temperature emulation, smell emulation, and omnidirectional sound, the workstation, the application software, and inputs containing the safety/mission critical information (current user position, total collision avoidance system—tcas, global positioning system—gps, magnetic resonance imaging—mri images, cat scan images.
Method for generating depth maps from monocular images and systems using the same
Methods for generating depth maps from monocular still image or monocular video and systems using the same are provided. First, an initial depth map is estimated or arbitrary defined.
Monocular 3d pose estimation and tracking by detection
The present invention provides methods and apparatus for people detection and 2d pose estimation combined with a dynamic motion prior. The present invention provides not only 2d pose estimation for people in side views, it goes beyond this by estimating poses in 3d from multiple viewpoints.
Monocular stereoscopic imaging device
The monocular stereoscopic imaging device according to one aspect of the presently disclosed subject matter includes: an imaging optical system including a zoom lens and a diaphragm; a pupil dividing unit configured to divide a light flux having passed through a imaging optical system into multiple light fluxes; an imaging unit configured to receive the multiple light fluxes, so as to continuously acquire a left-eye image and a right-eye image; and a controlling unit configured to control a zoom lens driving unit to move the zoom lens in accordance with an instruction of changing the focus distance, and configured to control the diaphragm driving unit to maintain at a substantially constant level a stereoscopic effect of the left-eye image and the right-eye image three-dimensionally displayed on a display unit before and after the zoom lens is moved.. .
Monocular/binocular bridge for viewing device and helmet mount employing same
An improved monocular/binocular bridge and helmet mounting device employing same for an optical device are provided. The mounting device herein includes a mount with a bridge attachment for providing multiple options for a monocular or binocular optical device and multiple options for moving the attached optical device to any of multiple stowed positions out of the user's line of sight when the optical device is not in use.
Protective spray painter eyewear
A binocular snap on lens for conventional safety glasses having slits located in front of a user's eyes through which the user can see. The snap on lens is configured to snap onto the safety glasses, and preferably stagnantly sealingly conforms to the safety glasses to create a stagnantly sealed interior space between the snap on lens and the safety glasses.
Night vision device with display of ancillary environmental information
A night vision goggle (nvg) attachment device retrofit to an existing monocular or binocular type nvg system to provide additional environmental information to the user of the nvg device. The attachable device includes a ring connector having one or more external display projectors positioned on the objective side of the nvg optical system.
Night vision system for use in a vehicle
A night vision system for use in a vehicle includes a night vision device configured as a handheld monocular device. A mount for coupling the night vision device to the vehicle includes a mounting plate configured for attachment at an attachment point in the interior of the vehicle, a coupling assembly coupled to the mounting plate and coupled to a quick release plate of a quick release mechanism, the coupling assembly configured to permit adjustment of orientation of a mounted night vision device in elevation and azimuth.
Method for moving object detection using an image sensor and structured light
A method for detecting moving objects including people. Enhanced monitoring, safety and security is provided through the use of a monocular camera and a structured light source, by trajectory computation, velocity computation, or counting of people and other objects passing through a laser plane arranged perpendicular to the ground, and which can be setup anywhere near a portal, a hallway or other open area.

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Monocular topics: Global Positioning System, Constraints, Response Time, Electronic Device, Contrast Ratio, Remote Control, Ocular Lens, Output Device, Tomography, Motion Picture, Selected Item, Degrees Of Freedom, Off The Shelf, User Input, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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