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Date/App# patent app List of recent Molecular-related patents
 Mixture for transdermal delivery of low and high molecular weight compounds patent thumbnailMixture for transdermal delivery of low and high molecular weight compounds
Aspects of the present invention concern the discovery of a transdermal delivery composition that can deliver low, medium and high molecular weight pharmaceuticals and cosmetic agents. Embodiments include transdermal delivery compositions with therapeutic and cosmetic application, transdermal delivery devices for providing said transdermal delivery compositions to subjects in need thereof, and methods of making and using of the foregoing..
 Emm-22 molecular sieve, its synthesis and use patent thumbnailEmm-22 molecular sieve, its synthesis and use
W. .
 Reactivating propane dehydrogenation catalyst patent thumbnailReactivating propane dehydrogenation catalyst
Increase propane dehydrogenation activity of a partially deactivated dehydrogenation catalyst by heating the partially deactivated catalyst to a temperature of at least 660° c, conditioning the heated catalyst in an oxygen-containing atmosphere and, optionally, stripping molecular oxygen from the conditioned catalyst.. .
 Method of extracting lutein/xanthophylls from natural materials and highly purified lutein/xanthophylls obtained from the method thereof patent thumbnailMethod of extracting lutein/xanthophylls from natural materials and highly purified lutein/xanthophylls obtained from the method thereof
The present invention provides the new method for extracting lutein from natural materials wherein the said method comprises of modification of natural lutein ester in the natural materials to free lutein and/or low molecular weight lutein ester, extraction of the said natural materials with supercritical fluid at the optimal conditions. The said method yields high amount of crude lutein with high purity due to the mild condition used for extraction.
 Polymer product, polymer compact, polymer compact for medical use, toner, and polymer composition patent thumbnailPolymer product, polymer compact, polymer compact for medical use, toner, and polymer composition
To provide a polymer product, which is substantially free from an organic solvent and a metal atom, and has a number average molecular weight of 12,000 or greater.. .
 Polyphenylene ether-based resin composition and method for producing the same patent thumbnailPolyphenylene ether-based resin composition and method for producing the same
To provide a resin composition that has a high impact resistance, hardly causes peeling during molding, and is excellent in flame retardancy, heat resistance, and heat aging resistance for a long period. A resin composition containing (a) polyphenylene ether, (b) a hydrogenated block copolymer that is obtained by hydrogenating a block copolymer including a polystyrene block and a conjugated diene compound polymer block, and that has a weight average molecular weight of 100,000 to 500,000, and (c) an organic phosphorus-based flame retardant within a specified amount, wherein a value of the loss tangent (tan δ) peak height of the (b) component in a dynamic viscoelasticity spectrum obtained by measurement of the resin composition at a frequency of 10 hz is in a specified range..
 Pharmaceutical dosage form comprising polymeric carrier composition patent thumbnailPharmaceutical dosage form comprising polymeric carrier composition
A pharmaceutical dosage form comprises a solid dispersion product of at least one active ingredient dispersed in a polymeric binder composition, the polymeric carrier composition comprising a) a vinylpyrrolidone homopolymer, wherein at least 95% by weight of the vinylpyrrolidone homopolymer has a molecular weight distribution within the range of from 1000 to 13 000; and b) a vinylpyrrolidone copolymer having a weight-average molecular weight of from 5000 to 1 500 000. The dosage form is preferably prepared by a melt extrusion process.
 Peptide bfp4 for promoting osteogenesis or vascularization and use thereof patent thumbnailPeptide bfp4 for promoting osteogenesis or vascularization and use thereof
Disclosed are a peptide for promoting osteogenesis and vascularization, and the use thereof. The peptide has a low molecular weight so that it can be economically produced.
 Method of preparing an adduct patent thumbnailMethod of preparing an adduct
A method for identifying one or several molecular structure(s) having a high-affinity for a target of interest, the molecular structure(s) each including one nucleotide chain onto which is hybridized at least one pna-encoded molecule.. .
 Molecular-based method of cancer diagnosis and prognosis patent thumbnailMolecular-based method of cancer diagnosis and prognosis
A gene profiling signature for diagnosis and prognosis of cancer patients is disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the gene signature includes 32 or 79 cancer survival factor-associated genes.
Bulletproof fabric and method for producing the same
Disclosed are a bulletproof fabric and a method for producing the same that exhibit improved anti-traumaproperty and minimize deterioration in bulletproofness even after use under harsh conditions for a long period of time. The bulletproof fabric includes a fabric comprising at least one high-strength fiber selected from the group consisting of a high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, an aramid fiber, and a polybenzoxazole fiber, and a water repellent layer disposed on the high-strength fiber, wherein the water repellent layer is formed by treating the fabric with a water-repellent agent comprising fluorocarbon and a hardness-enhancing resin, and the hardness-enhancing resin is a polyvinyl acetate resin, a polyester resin, a polyacrylate resin, a melamine resin, or a mixture of two or more thereof..
Quantification and molecular detection of lactic acid bacteria in a sample
Methods and compositions are disclosed for detection of probiotic bacteria strains intentionally provided to animals comprising: providing an animal with a known amount or number of probiotic bacteria; following a pre-determined time, obtaining a biological sample suspected of comprising the inoculated probiotic bacteria from the animal; and quantitatively detecting the amount of probiotic bacteria in the biological sample.. .
Major qtls conferring resistance of corn to fijivirus
The invention relates to methods and compositions for identifying maize plants that have newly conferred resistance or enhanced resistance to, or are susceptible to, a fijivirus, particularly mal de rio cuarto virus (mrcv) and/or maize rough dwarf virus (mrdv). The methods use molecular genetic markers to identify, select and/or construct resistant plants or identify and counter-select susceptible plants.
Denture adhesive compositions
Denture adhesive compositions having good hold and improved taste containing a salt of a copolymer of alkyl vinyl ether-maleic acid or anhydride. Compositions containing from about 25% to about 45%, by weight of the composition, of a salt of a copolymer of alkyl vinyl ether-maleic acid or anhydride containing a cationic salt function containing: i) from about 60% to about 72% cations selected from calcium, strontium, magnesium, or combinations thereof; ii) from 0% to about 10% sodium cations; iii) less than 1% zinc cations; and iv) from about 25% to about 40% of a free acid component; and further containing from about 15% to about 25%, by weight of the composition of a carboxymethyl cellulose having a molecular weight of from about 200,000 to about 1,000,000 daltons; and a carrier.
Pattern-forming method, electron beam-sensitive or extreme ultraviolet radiation-sensitive resin composition, resist film, manufacturing method of electronic device using them and electronic device
A pattern-forming method includes in this order: step (1) of forming a film with an electron beam-sensitive or extreme ultraviolet radiation-sensitive resin composition that contains (a) a resin having an acid-decomposable repeating unit and capable of decreasing a solubility of the resin (a) in a developer containing an organic solvent by an action of an acid and (b) a low molecular weight compound capable of generating an acid upon irradiation with an electron beam or extreme ultraviolet radiation and decomposing by an action of an acid to decrease a solubility of the low molecular weight compound (b) in an organic solvent; step (2) of exposing the film with an electron beam or extreme ultraviolet radiation; and step (4) of developing the film with a developer containing an organic solvent after the exposing to form a negative pattern.. .
Additive for nonaqueous electrolyte, nonaqueous electrolyte, and electricity storage device
In which a represents cmh(2m-n)zn, m being an integer of 1 to 6, n being an integer of 0 to 12, and z representing a substituted or unsubstituted alkyl group, a silyl group, a phosphonic acid ester group, an acyl group, a cyano group, or a nitro group, the compound having a lowest unoccupied molecular orbital energy of −3.0 to 0.4 ev, a standard enthalpy of formation of −220 to −40 kcal/mol, and an enthalpy change with hydrolysis reaction of −5 to 5 kcal/mol.. .
Electrolytic copper foil, method of producing electrolytic copper foil, lithium ion secondary cell using electrolytic copper foil as collector
The present invention provides an electrodeposited copper foil having a tensile strength of at least 300 mpa and elongation rate of at least 3.0% after heat treatment at 350° c. For 1 hour and provides a copper foil which prevents the breakage of a current collector (copper foil) while maintaining adhesiveness between the current collector (copper foil) and the active material in response to substantial expansion and contraction of a si or sn alloy-based active material.
Systems and methods for enhancing mobility of atomic or molecular species on a substrate at reduced bulk temperature using acoustic waves, and structures formed using same
Under one aspect of the present invention, a method for enhancing mobility of an atomic or molecular species on a substrate may include exposing a first region of a substrate to an atomic or molecular species that forms a molecular bond with the substrate in the first region; directing a laser pulse to a second region of the substrate so as to generate an acoustic wave in the second region, the acoustic wave having spatial and temporal characteristics selected to alter the molecular bond; and transmitting the acoustic wave from the second region to the first region, the acoustic wave altering the molecular bond between the substrate and the atomic or molecular species to enhance mobility of the atomic or molecular species on the substrate in the first region.. .
Composition and method to alleviate joint pain using algae based oils
A dietary supplement composition is formulated in a therapeutic amount to treat and alleviate symptoms of joint pain in a patient. The composition includes an algae based oil having glycolipids and phospholipids and eicosapentaenoic (epa) fatty acids in combination with astaxanthin and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronan) and a molecular weight less than 300 kilodaltons (kda) in an oral dosage form..
Compositions and methods to enhance the immune system
The invention relates to the field of molecular medicine. In particular, it relates to compositions and methods to enhance the clearance of aberrant cells, e.g.
Pharmaceutical compositions containing botulinum neurotoxin
This invention relates to the use of a composition comprising a polysaccharide and a botulinum toxin for reducing a skin wrinkle. In some embodiments, the polysaccharide comprises disaccharides.
Composition for reducing toilet odor containing polypropylene glycol as a reactive gas barrier
A method and composition is provided that aids in the reduction of objectionable volatile odors when a few drops are placed in the toilet prior to use. In one embodiment, the composition contains a high molecular weight polypropylene glycol (ppg) together with a dispersing agent to create an instantaneous multifunctional surface barrier of the polypropylene glycol/isopropanol mixture across the water surface.
Magnetic media with a low molecular weight lubricating layer for use in head/media contact detection
This lubricating layer may be used in a magnetic disk, which includes a recording layer positioned above a nonmagnetic substrate, a protective film layer positioned above the recording layer, and the lubricating layer positioned above the protective film layer. In another embodiment, a method for forming a magnetic disk includes forming a recording layer above a nonmagnetic substrate, forming a protective film layer above the recording layer, and forming a lubricating layer above the protective film layer, the lubricating layer comprising a perfluoropolyether (pfpe) represented by: x—cf2cf2o(c3f6o)mcf2cf2—x, wherein m is in a range from 4 to 8 on average, and wherein x is.
Molecular sensing device
A molecular sensing device includes a substrate; a well i) formed in a material that is positioned on a surface of the substrate or ii) formed in a surface of the substrate; a signal amplifying structure positioned in the wed; and an immersion fluid deposited into the well and surrounding the signal amplifying structure.. .
Cumulant microscopy
The invention describes a method and a microscopy system for imaging and analysing stochastically and independently blinking point-like emitters. A multiple-order cumulants analysis in conjunction with an established blinking model enables the extraction of super-resolved environment-related parameter maps, such as molecular state lifetimes, concentration and brightness distributions of the emitter.
Ink for ink jet recording apparatuses and image forming method
An ink for ink jet recording apparatuses contains water and a pigment dispersion containing a resin and carbon black. The ink additionally contains a surfactant including a compound expressed by the general formula (i) below, and the mass average molecular weight of the resin, the dbp oil absorption of the carbon black, the content of the resin with respect to the content of the carbon black in the pigment dispersion, and the dried-by-evaporation viscosity v40, which is the viscosity of the ink at the dryness of 40% by mass, are all within the respective predetermined ranges..
Vibration damper for vacuum pumps
In a vibration damper of a turbomolecular vacuum pump, a vacuum tightness function and a vibration damping function are both performed by one ore more toroidal rings made of an elastic material. The elastic rings assume a resting configuration while the vacuum pump is not operating and the damper is at atmospheric pressure, and they assume a compressed configuration while the vacuum pump is operating and the damper is under vacuum conditions.
Door switch apparatus for microwave ovens
A door switch apparatus for a microwave oven that disables the microwave system while not requiring any separate “fingers” or tongs on the door face to reach into the main body of the oven to activate a switch. The switch uses stackable switches activated by a single switch lever.
Method of purifying nucleic acids, method of extracting nucleic acids and kit for purifying nucleic acids
[solving means] a method of purifying nucleic acids including the step of adsorbing substances in a sample containing nucleic acids with an ion exchange resin 10 including a positive ion exchange resin and a negative ion exchange resin. As the positive ion exchange resin, a first positive ion exchange resin and a second positive ion exchange resin having an exclusion limit molecular weight lower than that of the first positive ion exchange resin may be used..
Electrodeposition coating composition
The present invention relates to an electrodeposition coating composition comprising a soluble metal compound (a), amine-modified resin (b) and curing agent (c), wherein the resin (b) has an average molecular weight of 1,000 to 5,000, an amine value of 20 to 100 mgkoh/g and a hydroxyl value of 50 to 400 mgkoh/g, a theoretical residual hydroxyl value when the resin (b) and curing agent are reacted in an electrodeposition coating film is from 30 to 350 mgkoh/g, and the ratio (r) of the concentration of the theoretical residual hydroxyl value to the concentration of the compound (a) in the composition, based on the total of the solid content of the resin (b) and the curing agent in the composition satisfies the relationship (4,000<r<400,000).. .
Method for isolating cell-type specific mrnas
The invention provides methods for isolating cell-type specific mrnas by selectively isolating ribosomes or proteins that bind mrna in a cell type specific manner, and, thereby, the mrna hound to the ribosomes or proteins that bind mrna. Ribosomes, which are riboprotein complexes, bind mrna that is being actively translated in cells.
Noninvasive prenatal molecular karyotyping from maternal plasma
Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and apparatus for detecting microamplifications or microdeletions in the genome of a fetus. In some embodiments, the method comprises receiving sequence tags for each of a plurality of dna fragments in a biological sample; determining genomic positions for the sequence tags; determining whether the density of dna in each of a plurality of genomic regions is aberrantly high or low; identifying as a microamplification a set of consecutive genomic regions having aberrantly high density; and identifying as a microdeletion a set of consecutive genomic regions having aberrantly low density.
Antioxidant stabilized crosslinked ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for medical device applications
An antioxidant combined with uhmwpe prior to subjecting the uhmwpe to crosslinking irradiation. In one exemplary embodiment, the antioxidant is tocopherol.
Antioxidant stabalized crosslinked ultra high molecular weight polyethylene for medical device applications
An antioxidant combined with uhmwpe prior to subjecting the uhmwpe to crosslinking irradiation. In one exemplary embodiment, the antioxidant is tocopherol.
High throughput process for manufacturing molecular sieves of mfi framework type
A process for converting hydrocarbons comprising the step of contacting said hydrocarbons under conversion conditions with a crystalline molecular sieve having a pore size in the range of from about 2 to about 19 Å, said molecular sieve made by a method comprising the steps of (a) providing a mixture comprising at least one source of ions of tetravalent element (y), at least one trivalent element hydroxide source (oh−), and water, said mixture having a solid-content in the range of from about 15 wt. % to about 50 wt.
Copolymer 1 related polypeptides for use as molecular weight markers and for therapeutic use
The present invention provides processes for determining the molecular weight of glatiramer acetate and other copolymers. The present invention further provides a plurality of molecular weight markers for determining the molecular weight of glatiramer acetate and other copolymers which display linear relationships between molar ellipticity and molecular weight, and between retention time and the log of the molecular weight.
Water-dispersible amphoteric polyurethane, preparation method therefor, and use thereof in reinforcing concrete
A water-dispersible amphoteric polyurethane and a preparation method therefor. The water-dispersible amphoteric polyurethane is prepared from a polyisocyanate compound, a polyol compound, a dial compound having an anionic group or a potential anionic group, a compound having a tertiary or quaternary amine cationic group at least having two active h functional groups and a polyamine compound having a polyoxyethylene group.
Non-spherical resin particles, manufacturing method thereof, and use thereof
Disclosed are non-spherical resin particles that allow for improvement of light diffusion, light reflection, and other related properties, and a manufacturing method thereof. The particles comprise first and second, different resin components (1) and (2), with the second resin component (2) residing locally near the surface of the non-spherical resin particles.
Sequentially cross-linked polyethylene
A method of producing an improved polyethylene, especially an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene utilizes a sequential irradiation and annealing process to form a highly cross-linked polyethylene material. The use of sequential irradiation followed by sequential annealing after each irradiation allows each dose of irradiation in the series of doses to be relatively low while achieving a total dose which is sufficiently high to cross-link the material.
Oxidation-stabilized tamper-resistant dosage form
A polyalkylene oxide (c) having a weight average molecular weight mw of at least 200,000 g/mol.. .
Detection and use of low molecular-weight modulators of the cold-menthol receptor trpm8
The invention relates to novel modulators of the cold menthol receptor trpm8, to a method for modulating the trpm8 receptor using said modulators; to the use of the modulators for induction of cold sensation; and to objects and means produced using said modulators.. .
Method for preparing nucleic acid aptamer
An object of the present invention is to develop and provide a method for efficiently and conveniently producing a nucleic acid aptamer, particularly, a dna aptamer, having high specificity for and high binding activity against a target substance. The present invention provides a method for producing a nucleic acid aptamer, comprising: a complex formation step of mixing a single-stranded nucleic acid library with a target substance in a solution to form a complex of a single-stranded nucleic acid and the target substance; an immobilization step of mixing the solution after the preceding step with a solid-phase support to immobilize the complex onto the solid-phase support via connector(s) adsorbed on the target substance and/or the solid-phase support; a recovery step of recovering the complex immobilized on the solid-phase support from the solution; an amplification step of recovering the single-stranded nucleic acid from the complex, followed by amplification by a nucleic acid amplification method; and a single-stranded nucleic acid preparation step of converting the double-stranded nucleic acids obtained in the amplification step into single strands and then forming an intramolecular conformation..
Nucleic acid sequences from diabrotica virgifera virgifera leconte and uses thereof
Expressed sequence tags (ests) isolated from the western corn rootworm, diabrotica virgifera virgifera leconte, are disclosed. The invention encompasses nucleic acid molecules that encode d.
Methods and apparatus for detecting molecular interactions using fet arrays
Methods and apparatuses relating to large scale fet arrays for analyte detection and measurement are provided. Chemfet (e.g., isfet) arrays may be fabricated using conventional cmos processing techniques based on improved fet pixel and array designs that increase measurement sensitivity and accuracy, and at the same time facilitate significantly small pixel sizes and dense arrays.
Methods and apparatus for detecting molecular interactions using fet arrays
Methods and apparatuses relating to large scale fet arrays for analyte detection and measurement are provided. Chemfet (e.g., isfet) arrays may be fabricated using conventional cmos processing techniques based on improved fet pixel and array designs that increase measurement sensitivity and accuracy, and at the same time facilitate significantly small pixel sizes and dense arrays.
Crushed bacterial body and compositions thereof
A crushed bacterial body can be obtained by culturing a gram-negative bacterium and physically crushing a body of the gram-negative bacterium, comprises all components including immunostimulatory components in the bacterial body, and comprises lpss having molecular weights of 20,000 or less as active ingredients. The crushed bacterial body is effective as a health food, drug, skin-care product, bath agent, feedstuff for protecting crustaceans, shellfish, fish, poultry, farm animals and pet animals from infections, and a feed additive for growth promotion, and can provide an innate immunostimulatory substance derived from a gram-negative bacterial body having infection-preventing effects and growth promoting effects, an inexpensive and practical microbial crushed bacterial body, and a composition thereof..
Process for obtaining a catalyst composite
B). Contacting the molecular sieve with a metal silicate different from said molecular sieve comprising at least one alkaline earth metal and one or more of the following metals: ga, al, ce, in, cs, sc, sn, li, zn, co, mo, mn, ni, fe, cu, cr, ti and v, such that the composite comprises at least 0.1 wt % of silicate..
Compositions and methods for custom site-specific dna recombinases
The invention relates to biotechnology and provides novel compositions and methods for sequence-specific or sequence-directed transcription activator-like effector recombinases. The invention also provides novel plant transformation vectors and expression cassettes, which include novel combinations of chimeric recombinases with plant expression and transformation elements.
Low sequence bias single-stranded dna ligation
The invention provides compositions and methods for ligating single stranded nucleic acids wherein the ligation is based on fast, efficient, and low-sequence bias hybridization of an acceptor molecule with a donor molecule. In one embodiment, the structure of the donor molecule comprises a stem-loop intramolecular nucleotide base pairing (i.e., hairpin) and a 3′-overhang region such that the overhang is able to hybridize to nucleotides present in the 3′ end of the acceptor molecule..
Novel apoc-i isoforms and their use as biomarkers and risk factors of atherosclerotic disease
Novel isoforms of apolipoprotein c-i (apoc-i), namely apolipoprotein c-i1 (apoc-i1) and apolipoprotein c-i1′ (apoc-i1′), both of which have a molecular weight of approximately 90 daltons greater than native apolipoprotein c-i (seq id no:6) and native apolipoprotein c-i′ (seq id no:7), are shown to be both biomarkers for diagnosing atherosclerotic disease as well as risk factors for subjects having increased risk of developing an atherosclerotic disease.. .
Smartphone biosensor
A mobile computing device that includes an image sensor may be used to detect the result of a biomolecular assay. The biomolecular assay may be performed in an optical assay medium that provides an optical output in response to light from a light source, with the optical output indicating result.
Molecular flux rates through critical pathways measured by stable isotope labeling in vivo, as biomarkers of drug action and disease activity
The methods described herein enable the evaluation of compounds on subjects to assess their therapeutic efficacy or toxic effects. The target of analysis is the underlying biochemical process or processes (i.e., metabolic process) thought to be involved in disease pathogenesis.
Methods and compositions for modulation of amplification efficiency
Provided herein are methods and kits for modulating the amplification efficiency of nucleic acids, which are useful in multiplex reactions where the amplification efficiency of one or more nucleic acids in the mixture are desired to be modulated relative to one or more other nucleic acids. Embodiments relate to molecular diagnostics, including detecting sequence variants, such as snps, insertions deletions, and altered methylation patterns, as well as the modulation of the amplification efficiency of internal control sequences to provide more accurate control sequences for amplification reactions..
Methods of using oligonucleotides comprising a molecular switch
This invention relates to oligonucleotides comprising a molecular switch which may exist in an “open” or “closed” position. The molecular switch portion of the probe is particularly sensitive to the identity of sequences complementary to the molecular switch.
Biological specimen collection and transport system and method of use
Disclosed are compositions for isolating populations of nucleic acids from biological, forensic, and environmental samples. Also disclosed are methods for using these compositions as one-step formations for killing pathogens, inactivating nucleases, and releasing polynucleotides from other cellular components within the sample, and stabilizing the nucleic acids prior to further processing or assay.
Visible light photoinitiating system for preparing high diffraction efficiency hologram optical polymer material
The present invention provides a visible light photoinitiating system for preparing a holographic photopolymer material with high-diffraction efficiency. The photoinitiating system comprises a photosensitizer and a co-initiator, and its mechanism is that the photosensitizer transforms from ground state to excited state after absorbing photons, and then interacts with the co-initiator through transfer of electrons and protons, which produces an alkyl (or aryl) free radical r and a ketyl radical k; wherein the free radical r initiates the addition polymerization of monomers that are capable of free radical polymerization, whereas the radical k inhibits the chain propagation of the macromolecular free radicals to a certain degree due to the steric hindrance effect, and thus delays the gelation time of the photopolymerization, which helps to increase the phase separation between the polymer and the functional components.
Fuel cell comprising a proton-exchange membrane, having an increased service life
A fuel cell includes a proton-exchange membrane, and a cathode and anode fixed on its opposite sides. The anode delimits a flow conduit between a molecular-oxygen inlet area and a water outlet area.
Biaxially stretched polyester film and method for producing same
A biaxially stretched polyester film, being a biaxially stretched film including a modified polybutylene terephthalate (modified pbt) and polyethylene terephthalate (pet), wherein a mass ratio (modified pbt/pet) between the modified pbt and pet is 20/80 to 5/95, the modified pbt is a pbt containing 5 to 20% by mass of a polytetramethylene glycol unit having a molecular weight of 600 to 4,000, the amount of tetrahydrofuran (thf) generated by heat treating the biaxially stretched film in a helium gas atmosphere at 180° c. For 30 minutes is 50 μg/g or less, and the biaxially stretched film has tear linearity in a lengthwise direction thereof..
Metal panel assembly and method for making same
In accordance with the present invention there is provided a method of making a metal part assembly, the method comprising: —providing a first metal part and a second metal part wherein at least one of the first and second metal part comprises a metal panel; —providing an adhesive sheet having a first portion near a first end of the adhesive sheet and a second portion near a second end opposite to the first end of the adhesive sheet, the adhesive sheet comprising a thermosettable composition that comprises a mixture of a first and second epoxy compound and an epoxy curing agent, wherein the first epoxy compound has a weight average molecular weight of at least 1000 g/mol and has an amount of epoxy groups of between 5 and 10 mole % and the second epoxy compound has a weight average molecular weight of not more than 400 g/mol and wherein the weight ratio of first to second epoxy compound is between 0.8 and 4; —adhering said first and second metal part together such that the adhesive sheet is provided between said first and second metal part thereby forming a metal joint; and heating the metal joint so as to cause thermosetting of the thermosettable composition of the adhesive sheet.. .
Surface-modified, exfoliated nanoplatelets as mesomorphic structures in solutions and polymeric matrices
A method of manufacturing a nanocomposite having a continuous organic phase and oligomer-modified nanoplatelet mesomorphic structures, wherein the oligomer has a molecular weight of at least 100 g/mol.. .
Method for integrating large scale biological data with imaging
There is disclosed a method of extracting large scale biological, biochemical or molecular information about an index disease, biological state, or systems from imaging by correlating the imaging features associated with said disease, state or system with corresponding large scale biological data.. .
Anti-human epo receptor antibodies and methods of use
Herein is reported an antibody that specifically binds to human epo receptor, wherein the antibody binds to epo receptor fragment lpgpggsvdiv (seq id no: 01) but that does not specifically bind to a protein obtainable from human endothelial cells that has a molecular weight of about 66 kd.. .
Polymalic acid-based nanobiopolymer compositions
Nanobiopolymeric conjugates based on biodegradable, non-toxic and non-immunogenic poly (β-l-malic acid) pmla covalently linked to molecular modules that include morpholino antisense oligonucleotides (aona), an sirna or an antibody specific for an oncogenic protein in a cancer cell, and an antibody specific for a transferrin receptor protein, are provided. Methods for treating a cancer in subject with nanobiopolymeric conjugates are described..
Pluripotent therapeutic compositions and uses thereof
Synthetic stem cell-like tissue healing and regeneration medication with anti-inflammatory, protein synthesis, enzyme deficiency activation and genetic therapy, and anti-cancer agent derived from a series of inventions that include these products of biomolecular engineering, drug discovery from a biologic periodic table of applied biochemistry and biophysics. Tissue has a self healing effect promoting tissue healing and tissue regeneration.
Silicoaluminophoshphate molecular sieve and method of producing same
Carrying out a hydrothermal treatment on a mixture that contains a silicon source, an aluminum source, a phosphorus source, a structure-directing agent; and at least one of an inorganic magnesium salt or an organic magnesium salt or an inorganic manganese salt or an organic manganese salt at 0.001 to 0.1 mole per mole of the aluminum source.. .
Method of acceleration of nuclear transmutation of isotopes by carrying out exothermic reactions
Methods for acceleration of nuclear transmutation of tritium and radioactive isotopes of metals, and decontamination of metals contaminated with radioactive isotopes by destroying radioactive isotopes to a required level of residual radioactive inventory in metals with simultaneous release of thermal energy via stimulating accelerated transmutation with the half-life parameters describing kinetics of radioactive isotope destruction much shorter than their generally accepted half-life. The stimulus is applied to radioactive metals by placing them into a chamber, exposing them to gaseous substances of the group of hydrogen, deuterium, tritium, or a mixture of these isotopes in a molecular hydrogen form for said gaseous substances to be absorbed by the metals, heating the metals to a temperature of at least 200° c.
Liquid crystal lens element, display unit and terminal
Provided are a liquid crystal lens element, a display unit and a terminal. The liquid crystal lens element includes an upper substrate, a lower substrate and a liquid crystal layer, where directions in which each of the upper and lower substrates extends are defined as the x-direction and the y-direction.

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