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Modulation patents

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Variable modulation unicast system

Photosensitive cardiac rhythm modulation systems

External autonomic modulation

Date/App# patent app List of recent Modulation-related patents
 Spl16 compositions and methods to increase agronomic performance of plants patent thumbnailSpl16 compositions and methods to increase agronomic performance of plants
Methods and compositions that affect grain shape, width, and yield in rice are disclosed. Methods of transgenic modulation and marker-assisted breeding methods improve grain length to width ratio and grain yield in rice.
 Variable modulation unicast system patent thumbnailVariable modulation unicast system
A system is described that consists of a variable modulation unicast system that utilizes multiple modulation schemes in a cable network for unicast applications and is capable of assigning users to different channels of differing modulation schemes in the network based on a feedback signal received in response to a transmitted probe signal. The system may also, in response to the feedback signal from a remote device in the network, assign a channel from a plurality of channels having differing carrier frequencies and modulation schemes to the remote device and may also modify the carrier frequencies of the channels..
 Photosensitive cardiac rhythm modulation systems patent thumbnailPhotosensitive cardiac rhythm modulation systems
Photosensitive cardiac rhythm modulation structures and systems are described. A genetically-engineered tissue comprising a population of pacing cells expressing a photosensitive membrane transport mechanism that is responsive to light of a particular wavelength(s) combined with one or more of a light source, a power generator, and a sensor provides pacemaker and/or defibrillator function to a subject.
 External autonomic modulation patent thumbnailExternal autonomic modulation
In some embodiments, nerves surrounding arteries or leading to organs are targeted with energy sources to correct or modulate physiologic processes. In some embodiments, different types of energy sources are utilized singly or combined with one another.
 Cmut-on-cmos based guidewire intravascular imaging patent thumbnailCmut-on-cmos based guidewire intravascular imaging
An intravascular guidewire with integrated imaging and pressure measurement capabilities is disclosed. The guidewire can comprise an integrated cmut-on-cmos ultrasound transducer array to provide 3d imaging of vasculature and other tissue.
 Radiosurgical neuromodulation devices, systems, and methods for treatment of behavioral disorders by external application of ionizing radiation patent thumbnailRadiosurgical neuromodulation devices, systems, and methods for treatment of behavioral disorders by external application of ionizing radiation
Radiosurgical techniques and systems treat behavioral disorders (such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (“ocd”), addiction, hyperphagia, and the like) by directing radiation from outside the patient toward a target tissue within the patient's brain, typically without imposing surgical trauma. The target will often be included in a neural circuit associated with the behavioral disorder.
 Modulation of hsp47 expression patent thumbnailModulation of hsp47 expression
Provided herein are compositions, methods and kits for modulating expression of target genes, particularly heat shock protein 47 (hsp47). The compositions, methods and kits may include nucleic acid molecules (for example, short interfering nucleic acid (sina), short interfering rna (sirna), double-stranded rna (dsrna), micro-rna (mirna) or short hairpin rna (shrna)) that modulate a gene encoding hsp47, for example, the gene encoding human hsp47.
 Antisense modulation of ptp1b expression patent thumbnailAntisense modulation of ptp1b expression
Provided herein are methods, compounds, and compositions for reducing expression of ptp1b mrna and protein in an animal. Such methods, compounds, and compositions are useful to treat, prevent, delay, or ameliorate metabolic disease, for example, diabetes, or a symptom thereof..
 Crystalline forms of 3-[5-(2-fluorophenyl)-[1,2,4]oxadiazol-3-yl]-benzoic acid patent thumbnailCrystalline forms of 3-[5-(2-fluorophenyl)-[1,2,4]oxadiazol-3-yl]-benzoic acid
The present invention relates to crystalline forms of 3-[5-(2-fluorophenyl)-[1,2,4]oxadiazol-3-yl]-benzoic acid, pharmaceutical compositions and dosage forms comprising the crystalline forms, methods of making the crystalline forms and methods for their use for the treatment, prevention or management of diseases ameliorated by modulation of premature translation termination or nonsense-mediated mrna decay.. .
 Hydrazide containing nuclear transport modulators and uses thereof patent thumbnailHydrazide containing nuclear transport modulators and uses thereof
Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein the values and alternative values for the variables are as defined and described herein. The invention also includes the synthesis and use of a compound of structural formula i, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or composition thereof, e.g., in the treatment, modulation and/or prevention of physiological conditions associated with crm1 activity..
Modulation of chemosensory receptors and ligands associated therewith
The present invention includes methods for identifying modifiers of chemosensory receptors and their ligands, e.g., by determining whether a test entity is suitable to interact with one or more interacting sites within the venus flytrap domains of the chemosensory receptors, and modifiers capable of modulating chemosensory receptors and their ligands. The present invention also includes modifiers of chemosensory receptors and their ligands having formula (i), its subgenus, and specific compounds.
Crystalline forms of n-[2-[[(2,3-difluorophenyl)methyl]thio]-6--4-pyrimidinyl]-1-azetidinesulfonamide
There is provided crystalline forms of n-[2-[[(2,3-difluorophenyl)methyl]thio]-6-{[(1r,2s)-2,3-dihydroxy-1-methylpropyl]oxy}-4-pyrimidinyl]-1-azetidinesulfon-amide anhydrate. Such compounds/forms may be useful in the treatment of a disease/condition in which modulation of chemokine receptor activity is beneficial..
Stabilized polypeptides as regulators of rab gtpase function
The present invention provides inventive polypeptides comprising a c terminal rab binding domain (rabbd) of rab family interacting proteins (fips) stabilized by peptide stapling, and pharmaceutical compositions thereof. Also provided are methods for modulating rab function comprising contacting an inventive stapled polypeptide with a rab protein, and methods of treatment associated with modulation of rab activity.
Novel peptide inhibitors of serotonin 5-ht2c receptors:pten interaction
The 5-ht 2c receptor is implicated in feeding, obesity, palatable food reward, metabolic disorders, drug addiction, anxiety, stress sensitivity, and depression. Embodiments of the invention are directed to modulation of the 5 -ht 2cr.
Configuration of the modulation type of a near-field communication router
A method for configuring a first near-field communication device according to a modulation type transmitted by a second device, wherein: a decoder of the first device is configured to decode an overcoded type-b modulation; a signal received during a first time slot corresponding to the duration of a symbol of an initialization frame is decoded; and the first device is configured according to the value of the decoded symbol to determine the modulation type.. .
Modulation of stem cells using zinc finger proteins
Methods and compositions for modifying stem cells using one or more zfps are disclosed. Such methods and compositions are useful for facilitating processes such as, for example, dedifferentiating cells, differentiating stem cells into the desired phenotype, propagating stem cells and/or facilitating cloning..
Substituted benzoazepines as toll-like receptor modulators
Provided are compositions and methods useful for modulation of signaling through the toll-like receptors tlr7 and/or tlr8. The compositions and methods have use in treating or preventing disease, including cancer, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, inflammatory disorder, graft rejection, and graft-verses-host disease..
Compositions and methods for inhibition of the jak pathway
The invention encompasses compounds having formula i and the compositions and methods using these compounds in the treatment of conditions in which modulation of the jak pathway or inhibition of jak kinases are therapeutically useful.. .
Compositions and methods for treatment of bacterial and mycobacterial infections
A novel method of treating and preventing bacterial diseases is provided. In particular, the present invention relates to compositions and methods for inhibition of gram negative, gram positive and acid fast bacilli in general and tuberculosis (tb), mycobacterium avium complex (mac), and anthrax in particular.
Modulation of pilr to treat immune disorders
The present invention provides methods of using pilrα agonists, or pilrβ antagonists, to treat immune disorders, such as autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, including cns, joint and gut inflammation.. .
Optical modulator module and modulation method for optical signal
An optical modulator module includes an optical modulator including an optical waveguide which conducts an inputted optical signal, and m modulator regions on the optical waveguide; and m discrete driving circuits serially connected to one another. The discrete driving circuits include a driving circuit which outputs a signal obtained from a digital input signal with a synchronization signal to one of the modulator regions, and a phase shifting circuit which outputs a signal resulting from giving a delay to a signal branched from the synchronization signal.
Optical communication based on polarization dependent coherent optical nyquist frequency division multiplexing
An optical transmitter transmits a dual polarization optical nyquist frequency domain multiplexed signal. The signal includes a first polarization component and a second polarization component.
Ultrasonic speaker system
An ultrasonic speaker system has a first variable gain block, a modulation block, a second variable gain block, an ultrasonic actuator, and a controller, wherein the controller controls gain of the first variable gain block so that a modulation degree of a modulated signal becomes a predetermined value, and when the controller raises the gain of the first variable gain block, the controller lowers the gain of the second variable gain block, while when the controller lowers the gain of the first variable gain block, the controller raises the gain of the second variable gain block.. .
Wireless communication apparatus and communication method
A wireless communication apparatus receiving a signal transmitted from multiple transmission antennas by multiple reception antennas, includes a rotational component removal unit to remove rotational components from a channel matrix representing a characteristic of a transmission path between the multiple transmission antennas and reception antennas, the channel matrix being generated based on the reception signal; multiple signal separation units including at least a signal separation unit to use a first signal separation algorithm for a demodulation process of the reception signal, and a signal separation unit to use a second signal separation algorithm for the demodulation process of the reception signal; and a control unit to execute control for determining one of the multiple signal separation units to be used for the demodulation process of the reception signal, based on a predetermined component of the channel matrix having the rotational components removed.. .
Rceiver with reduced wake-up time
An auxiliary reduced power analog-to-digital converter (adc) is provided for use during sleep periods of a receiver. The auxiliary adc has a reduced dynamic range but sufficient accuracy to allow demodulation of signaling information contained in an input signal and to update control parameters used for synchronization and channel estimation.
System and method for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-offset quadrature amplitude modulation
A method for performing orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm)/offset quantization amplitude modulation (oqam) includes obtaining a data burst. The method includes performing weighted circularly convolved filtering modulation on the data burst to produce an output signal.
Method and apparatus of primary cell indication for enhanced control channel demodulation
Method and apparatus of primary cell indication for enhanced control channel demodulation method and apparatus are disclosed. Control information receiving method in a multi-distributed node system includes demodulating a first cell identification (id) based on a synchronization signal (ss), demodulating information indicating a second cell id based on a radio resource control (rrc) message and demodulating enhanced physical downlink control channel (e-pdcch) based on the second cell id, accordingly, it may be possible to reduce complexity that occurs when the optimal prediction motion vector is induced and to enhance efficiency..
Signal generation device, mobile communication terminal test device including the same, signal generation method, and mobile communication terminal test method
To provide a mobile communication terminal test device that can generate a signal with amplitude-frequency characteristics or phase-frequency characteristics which are changed over time. A mobile communication terminal test device 10 includes a data generation unit 12 that generates a bit stream, a sub-carrier generation unit 31 that receives bit stream data and performs, for example, predetermined encoding, symbol mapping, or sub-carrier mapping to convert the received data into a plurality of sub-carriers based on an ofdm modulation system, a frequency characteristic storage unit 13 that stores table data for predetermined amplitude-frequency characteristics and phase-frequency characteristics, and a frequency characteristic calculation unit 32 that sets the amplitude and phase of each sub-carrier input from the sub-carrier generation unit 31 on the basis of the table data..
Methods for analyzing and optimizing the performance of a data collection network on an electrical distribution grid
A system and methods for optimizing the performance of communication network utilizing an electrical distribution grid are disclosed. Optimization methods may include archiving historical message data and metrics from transmissions by remote hubs received on one or more substation-to-edge channels.
Isolation communication technology using coupled oscillators/antennas
The present subject matter discusses, among other things, electrical isolation, and more particularly wireless electrical isolation methods and apparatus. In an example, an electrical isolator can include a transmit circuit including a transmit antenna, and a receive circuit including a receive antenna.
System and method for satellite link budget analysis (lba) optimization
A method of optimizing a link budget analysis comprising performing a first lba based on a target modulation and coding pair (modcod), the modcod having a symbol energy to noise density ratio (es/no), a target setting of a power amplifier, or a target antenna size, determining an excess margin and increasing or decreasing a maximum available modcod accordingly, iteratively performing a second lba, calculating a ratio of allocated bandwidth to peb and adjusting at least one of the modcod, amplifier power, and antenna size, summing a contribution to a final ratio of allocated bandwidth to peb of the plurality of communications links, accessing a look up table and selecting a new modcod or adjusting the amplifier size or antenna size is based on the ratio of allocated bandwidth to peb and altering one or more transmission or receiving parameters to apply the optimal modcod, amplifier size, or antenna size.. .
Ultra wideband modulation for body area networks
A symbol modulation system applicable to a body area network is disclosed herein. The symbol modulation system includes a symbol mapper.
Method and apparatus for modulation and coding scheme adaption in a mimo system
Method and apparatus for decoding a transmitted signal by a receiver in a mimo system into a first estimate component for estimating a first signal, a first interference component indicating interference resulting from a correlation relationship among a set of signals to be transmitted, and a first noise component. A base station generates the transmitted signal from the set of signals through a coding process, the coding process defining a correlation relationship amongst the set of signals.
Method and apparatus for allocating resources in wireless communication system
A method for a base station to transmit a demodulation reference signal (dmrs) for a control channel in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method includes transmitting a dmrs for an enhanced-physical downlink control channel (e-pdcch) to a user equipment, wherein a dmrs sequence corresponding to the transmitted dmrs is formed using an initial sequence calculated based on a virtual cell id..
Transmission diversity and multiplexing for harq-ack signals in communication systems
A method and apparatus are described for a user equipment (ue) to transmit in a control channel acknowledgement signals associated with a hybrid automatic repeat request process (harq-ack signals) in response to receiving transport blocks (tbs) transmitted from a base station. The ue conveys the harq-ack information by selecting one resource from multiple resources in the control channel and by selecting a constellation point of the modulation scheme for the harq-ack signal.
Methods and apparatuses for handling reference signals in a cellular network
Methods and apparatuses for enabling a configured demodulation reference signal to be transmitted from a user equipment, ue, (202) when served by a base station (200) in a cellular network. The base station sends (2:3) at least one configuration parameter to the ue, which indicates a ue-specific base sequence and/or a ue-specific cyclic shift hopping pattern assigned (2:2) to the ue.
Integrated circuit for channel arrangement and radio communication
Provided is a radio communication base station device which can prevent lowering of use efficiency of a channel communication resource for performing a frequency diversity transmission when simultaneously performing a frequency scheduling transmission and the frequency diversity transmission in a multicarrier communication. In the device, a modulation unit (12) executes a modulation process on dch data after encoded so as to generate a dch data symbol.
Pseudo zero vectors for space vector modulation and enhanced space vector modulation
A method of performing space vector modulation for pwm control for creating ac waveforms includes generating and sampling a reference signal to generate reference samples and performing a reference vector approximation to synthesize a reference vector associated with at least one of the reference samples. The reference vector approximation employs active vectors, one or more zero vectors, and one or more pseudo zero vectors in the formation thereof.
Power converter control method
When an ac voltage is outputted to an inductive load, pulsation of an effective power caused by an odd number-th order harmonic component of a current flowing in this load is reduced. A modulation factor k of an inverter 4 includes a dc component k0 and an ac component.
Power supply controller with minimum-sum multi-cycle modulation
An example power supply controller includes a signal separator circuit that generates a feedback signal. An error signal generator generates an error signal in response to the feedback signal.
Systems and methods for reducing electromagnetic interference by adjusting switching processes
System and method for regulating a power conversion system. An example system controller for regulating a power conversion system includes a signal generator and a driving component.
Pseudo zero vectors for space vector modulation and enhanced space vector modulation
A method of performing space vector modulation for pwm control for creating ac waveforms includes generating and sampling a reference signal to generate reference samples and performing a reference vector approximation to synthesize a reference vector associated with at least one of the reference samples. The reference vector approximation employs active vectors, one or more zero vectors, and one or more pseudo zero vectors in the formation thereof.
Systems and methods for burst demodulation
A data processing circuit with flaw robust burst field demodulation includes a burst integration circuit operable to calculate burst integration results for a servo data burst field, a comparison circuit operable to determine whether an absolute value of the burst integration results falls outside a window, and an error indicating circuit operable to indicate that a media flaw has been detected when the absolute value of the burst integration results fall outside the window.. .
Phase modulation apparatus
A phase modulation apparatus has a light source outputting continuous light, two phase modulators, and an intensity modulator. The phase modulation apparatus is provided with an rz phase modulation circuit, in which the phase modulators phase-modulate the continuous light from the light source with data signals input to the phase modulators and generate two phase modulation optical signals, a phase shifter shifts the phase of one phase modulation optical signal by π/2, and an intensity modulator intensity-modulates a multiplexed signal, combined with the other phase modulation optical signal, with an input clock signal clk to convert the signal into an rz signal, and, thus, to output the rz signal, and a phase control circuit which adjusts the phases of the phase modulation optical signals generated by the phase modulator of the rz phase modulation circuit so that the output of the rz phase modulation circuit is maximum..
Driver for electro-absorption modulator
A transmitter optical module implemented with an electro-absorption (ea) modulator is disclosed. The module includes an ea driver comprising a signal detector, an offset controller, and a driver circuit.
Lossless hyperspectral imaging
Techniques for hyperspectral imaging using a spatial light modulator having a plurality of pixels, including encoding electromagnetic radiation incident a first pixel at a first location and a second pixel at a second location into a first modulated signal having a first modulation frequency and a second modulated signal having a second modulation frequency, the first modulation frequency being different than the second modulation frequency. A sum of intensities of at least the first modulated signal and the second modulated signal is measured at a plurality of optical frequencies and a transform is applied to the sum to obtain an intensity of electromagnetic radiation incident each of the first location and the second location for each of the plurality of optical frequencies..
Fiber scanning projector
A fiber scanning projector includes a light source comprising a plurality of monochromatic light sources, a modulator providing a modulation signal according to image information to the light source, a scanner scanning a screen with a light emitted from the light source and controlled according to the modulation signal, the scanner including a fiber bundle and an actuator which 2-axis-drives the fiber bundle, and a synchronization controller synchronizing driving of the actuator and driving of the modulator.. .
Electronically switchable privacy film and display device having same
An electronically switchable privacy films suitable for use in display devices are described. The electronically switchable privacy film comprises a pair of mutually opposing transparent electrodes; an optically transparent microstructured layer disposed between the transparent electrodes, the microstructured layer comprising a plurality of microstructured ribs extending across a surface thereof such that the microstructured ribs form an alternating series of ribs and channels; and electronically switchable material disposed in the channels, the electronically switchable material being capable of modulation between high and low absorption states upon application of an electric field across the transparent electrodes..
Mapping eddy current fields in mri system
Eddy current fields in a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system are mapped by acquiring mri data from an object located in an imaging volume of the mri system. An mri data acquisition sequence is preceded by a pre-sequence including (a) a gradient magnetic field transition that stimulates eddy current fields in the mri system, and (b) a spatial modulation grid tag module that sensitizes a spatially resolved mr image of the acquired mri data to the stimulated eddy current fields that existed during the spatial modulation grid tag module.
Measurement and modulation in real time of the electrical consumption of a plurality of electrical appliances
A method is provided for measuring and modulating in real time the electrical consumption of electrical appliances. The method includes measuring in real time the current consumed by each of the electrical appliances on each electrical line portion on which each electrical appliance is situated and extracting the frequency and the voltage of the electrical signal on each electrical line portion.
Switching regulator control method
A control method for preventing an output voltage of a buck switching regulator from falling when an input voltage of the buck switching regulator falls includes: converting the input voltage into a charging current; determining a duty cycle of the buck switching regulator according to the charging current and the output voltage; and adjusting a switching frequency of a pulse width modulation signal in the buck switching regulator when the input voltage falls to a specific voltage and an off time of the pulse width modulation signal reaches a minimum value, in order to change the duty cycle to prevent the output voltage from falling.. .
Power conversion control device, power conversion control method, electric motor, and vehicle driving system
A power conversion control device includes a modulation-wave generating unit generating a modulation wave based on output voltage phase angle command and modulation factor, a carrier-wave generating unit that, in a case of non-overmodulation state, generates a triangular wave or saw-tooth wave as the carrier wave, and, in a case of overmodulation state, generates, as the carrier wave, a signal fixed to −1 in a first section that is a predetermined range centering on timing corresponding to a peak position of the modulation wave, generates, as the carrier wave, a signal fixed to +1 in a second section obtained by shifting the first section by a half cycle of the modulation wave, and generates, as the carrier wave, a triangular wave or saw-tooth wave in remaining third section, and a comparing unit that compares the carrier wave and the modulation wave and generates a switching signal.. .
Inverter apparatus
An object of the present invention is to achieve stable inverter control by means of current detection using one current sensor in all of periods in which overmodulation control is performed. An inverter controller includes a γ-axis current calculation section that holds, in advance, a γ-axis current arithmetic expression including a direct current as a parameter, and calculates a γ-axis current using a direct current detected by a current sensor for the γ-axis current arithmetic expression..
Dual-mode dimming of a light
A lighting apparatus includes at least one light emitting device, such as one or more leds, detection circuitry coupled to a power input of the lighting apparatus and arranged to detect a characteristic of a modulation of the power input, supervisory circuitry, such as a processor, coupled to the detection circuitry, and a network interface, coupled to the supervisory circuitry, to communicate over a network. The supervisory circuitry is adapted to receive a message that includes brightness information over the network, receive information regarding the characteristic of the modulation of the power input from the detection circuitry, and control a brightness of the at least one light emitting device based on the brightness information and the information regarding the characteristic modulation of the power input..
Wireless inductive power transfer
A power transmitter (101) transfers power to a power receiver (105) using a wireless inductive power signal. The power transmitter (101) comprises an inductor (103) for providing the power signal and a power signal generator (207) for driving the inductor (103) to provide the power signal.
Semiconductor gate structure for threshold voltage modulation and method of making same
A gate structure of a semiconductor device having a nfet and a pfet, includes a lower layer of a hafnium-based dielectric over the gates of the nfet and pfet, and an upper layer of a lanthanide dielectric. The dielectrics are annealed to mix them above the nfet resulting in a lowered work function, and corresponding threshold voltage reduction.
Fin deformation modulation
A method includes forming a plurality of trenches extending from a top surface of a semiconductor substrate into the semiconductor substrate, with semiconductor strips formed between the plurality of trenches. The plurality of trenches includes a first trench and second trench wider than the first trench.
Opto-electronic integrated circuit, array antenna transmitter, array antenna receiver, and transmitter
An opto-electronic integrated circuit includes an optical splitter (12, 13a, 13b) formed on a substrate, the optical splitter branching an input optical signal into n (n is an integer of 2 or more) optical signals, and outputting the optical signals, and n optical phase modulators (15a-15d) formed on the substrate for the respective optical signals output from the optical splitter, the optical phase modulators adjusting the phases of the optical signals based on a phase modulation characteristic in which the phase change amount changes depending on the wavelength of light, and output the optical signals.. .

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