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Modulation patents


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 Visible light communication  manufacturing visible light communication apparatus patent thumbnailVisible light communication manufacturing visible light communication apparatus
A visible light communication apparatus includes: a light source; a power source circuit which applies a voltage to an electric path for causing the light source to emit light; a modulation circuit which causes the light source to emit light modulated by a communication signal; and a function circuit section which is connected to the electric path and performs a predetermined function by operating on a current flowing through the electric path, the function circuit section operating on a voltage lower than a first voltage value which is a lowest voltage value at which the light source emits light and higher than or equal to a second voltage value, wherein the power source circuit further applies to the electric path the voltage lower than the first voltage value and higher than or equal to the second voltage value.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Solid-state lighting structure with light modulation control patent thumbnailSolid-state lighting structure with light modulation control
A solid-state light source (ssls) with light modulation control is described. A ssls device can include a main p-n junction region configured for recombination of electron-hole pairs for light emission.
Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.

 Multi-user mimo systems and methods patent thumbnailMulti-user mimo systems and methods
A method and system are provided for scheduling data transmission in a multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) system. The mimo system may comprise at least one mimo transmitter and at least one mimo receiver.
Blackberry Limited

 Method for transmitting and receiving uplink control information, terminal, base station patent thumbnailMethod for transmitting and receiving uplink control information, terminal, base station
A method for transmitting and receiving uplink control information (uci), a terminal, and a base station are provided. The transmitting method includes: calculating the number (q′) of modulation symbols occupied by the uci to be transmitted; dividing the information bit sequence of the uci to be transmitted into two parts; using reed muller (rm) (32, 0) codes to encode each part of information bit sequence of the uci to be transmitted to obtain a 32-bit coded bit sequence respectively, and performing rate matching so that the rate of the first 32-bit coded bit sequence is ┌q′/2┐×qm bits and that the rate of the second 32-bit coded bit sequence is (q′−┌q′/2┐)×qm bits; and mapping the two parts of coded bit sequences that have undergone rate matching onto a public uplink shared channel (pusch), and transmitting the coded bit sequences to a base station..
Huawei Technologies Co.,ltd.

 Method of transmitting reference signal for multi user mutliplexing in multi-antenna-based wireless communication system and apparatus therefor patent thumbnailMethod of transmitting reference signal for multi user mutliplexing in multi-antenna-based wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
The present specification proposes a method for a user equipment to receive a dm-rs (demodulation-reference signal) from a base station in a multi-antenna-based wireless communication system. Specifically, the method includes the step of configuring a plurality of parameter sets via a higher layer signaling, receiving a downlink control signal including information on an antenna port for the dm-rs and a number of layers, and receiving the dm-rs and a downlink data signal corresponding to the dm-rs based on the downlink control signal.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Interference averaging and interference resource groups in a wireless communication system patent thumbnailInterference averaging and interference resource groups in a wireless communication system
Methods, apparatuses, and systems are described related to interference averaging to generate feedback information and interference averaging to demodulate receives signals. In embodiments, an evolved node b (enb) may transmit interference averaging information to a user equipment (ue) including a time domain averaging indicator indicating a time domain averaging window to be used by the ue for averaging interference measurements in a time domain or a frequency domain averaging indicator to indicate a frequency domain averaging window to be used by the ue for averaging interference measurements in a frequency domain.
Intel Corporation

 User terminal and processor patent thumbnailUser terminal and processor
A user terminal according to the present embodiment comprises: a controller configured to control so that a discovery signal is repeatedly transmitted by using an harq scheme. The discovery signal includes a demodulation reference signal.
Kyocera Corporation

 Method and  compressing and decompressing data patent thumbnailMethod and compressing and decompressing data
Methods and apparatus are provided for compressing and decompressing image data by producing two sets of reduced size image data, generating a modulation value for each elementary of the area from the image data, the modulation value encoding information about how to combine the sets of reduced size image data to generate an approximation to the image. In one arrangement, a set of index values is generated corresponding to a set of modulation values for each of the respective elementary areas of a group of elementary areas and these are assigned to each respective group and a second set of index values corresponding to one of the set of first index values for each elementary areas is assigned to each first group of elementary areas.
Imagination Technologies Limited

 Filtering  performing deblocking filtering on a boundary between an intra pulse code modulation block and a non-intra pulse code modulation block which are adjacent to each other in an image patent thumbnailFiltering performing deblocking filtering on a boundary between an intra pulse code modulation block and a non-intra pulse code modulation block which are adjacent to each other in an image
A filtering method is for performing deblocking filtering on the boundary between an ipcm block and a non-ipcm block adjacent to each other in an image and including: determining a first quantization parameter for the non-ipcm block; determining a second quantization parameter for the ipcm block, using the first quantization parameter; determining a filter strength for the boundary, using the first quantization parameter and the second quantization parameter; and performing the deblocking filtering on the boundary using the determined filter strength.. .
Tagivan Ii Llc

 Multiple stage modulation projector display systems having efficient light utilization patent thumbnailMultiple stage modulation projector display systems having efficient light utilization
Dual or multi-modulation display systems comprising a first modulator and a second modulator are disclosed. The first modulator may comprise a plurality of analog mirrors (e.g.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Machine vision inspection obtaining an image with an extended depth of field

A method for providing an extended depth of field (edof) image includes: periodically modulating an imaging system focus position at a high frequency; using an image exposure comprising discrete image exposure increments acquired at discrete focus positions during an image integration time comprising a plurality of modulation periods of the focus position; and using strobe operations having controlled timings configured to define a set of evenly spaced focus positions for the image exposure increments. The timings are configured so that adjacent focus positions in the set are acquired at times that are separated by at least one reversal of the direction of change of the focus position during its periodic modulation.
Mitutoyo Corporation

Method for demodulation and demodulator

A method is provided for demodulation of an analog receive signal carrying information, wherein a number of more than two analog signals is formed from the receive signal in separate channels such that the receive signal is multiplied in each case by a period function, the phase thereof respectively differing in the channels, and wherein the multiple signals are each low-pass filtered.. .
Technische Universitaet Muenchen

Systems and methods for a multicarrier modulation system with a variable margin

A multicarrier modem has a plurality of carriers over which data is transmitted. By assigning, foe example, one or more different margins to the individual carriers the data rate and impairment immunity can be increased..
Tq Delta, Llc

A transmitter, a receiver, and methods therein

A method in a transmitter for transmitting cpm signals to a receiver. The transmitter divides bits into first and second sequences; duplicates the sequences into third and fourth sequences.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus and digital radio communication method

A transmission apparatus and method include modulating a transmission signal using a first modulation scheme selected from a plurality of modulation schemes to generate a first symbol sequence. A second symbol, generated using a phase shift keying (psk) modulation scheme, is inserted in the first symbol sequence to generate a first modulation signal for transmission.
Wi-fi One, Llc

Method and radio node for enabling use of high order modulation in a radio communication with a user equipment

A method and radio node for enabling higher-order modulation in a radio communication with a first ue. A first table configuration comprises at least one of a first modulation and coding scheme, mcs, table and a first channel quality indicator, cqi, table which tables support a certain maximum modulation order.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Optical transmitter, optical communication device, optical communication system, and optical transmission method

An optical transmitter according to an exemplary aspect of the present invention includes sub-carrier adjusting means for outputting sub-carriers to a plurality of output ports according to a control signal; encoding processing means for mapping client data on a plurality of output lanes according to the control signal; a plurality of modulation means for modulating the sub-carriers inputted through the output ports by client data inputted through the output lanes and outputting modulated signals; and control means for generating and outputting the control signal based on transmission information.. .

Hitless, multi-rate optical transmission and reception

An apparatus comprising a receiver configured to receive an optical signal that carries a multi-rate data signal associated with a first transmission data rate and a second transmission data rate. The apparatus further comprises a processor configured to convert the optical signal into a plurality of digital electrical signals, decode a first portion of the digital electrical signals according to a first modulation format associated with the first transmission data rate, detect a rate change signaling block in the digital electrical signals that indicates a rate change from the first transmission data rate to the second transmission data rate associated with a second modulation format, and decode a second portion of the digital electrical signals received after the rate change signaling block according to the second modulation format..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Mitigating inter-symbol interference in coded light

A method of controlling an input signal supplied from an encoder to a modulator, wherein the input signal causes modulation of a current flowing through a light source in order to embed data in light emitted by the light source. The method comprises: for each of a plurality of possible logical transitions allowed by the encoding scheme from an adjacently preceding symbol to a present symbol, determining a respective observed value for the current level of the present symbol; for each of the plurality of logical transitions, determining an associated error between the respective observed value and a corresponding one of a set of nominal values for the current levels; and based on the respective error for each of the plurality of logical transitions, applying a respective compensation to the corresponding input in order to bring the resulting current level closer to the corresponding nominal value..
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Optical phase regeneration

In a signal regeneration device in which recovery of a signal quality which has been degraded during transmission in optical communication and extension of a transmission distance are achieved, the most representative method of quantizing an optical phase is a phase sensitive amplifier (psa) and a technique that utilizes an optical parametric process through use of a highly nonlinear optical medium, but there is a demand for a technique of quantizing an optical phase which is not accompanied with an optical parametric gain, has small-sized elements, is easily integrated, and does not require high power pump light. By a technique of a hybrid optical phase squeezer (hops), when a phase of input light is quantized to m levels (m>2), phase conjugate light of the input light and (m−1)th phase harmonic light of the input light are subjected to power modulation to be coherently added, so that quantization of the optical phase is performed through use of a simple four-wave mixing (fwm) that is not accompanied with the optical parametric gain and a general optical amplifier by using a general nonlinear optical medium such as silicon, and accordingly, a ger of equal to or higher than 30 db can be obtained, even if a nonlinear optical element having a low nonlinearity is used..
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

Resource allocation method and apparatus

Embodiments of the present invention provide a resource allocation method and apparatus, and relate to the communications field. On the premise of existing dmrs pilot overheads, an orthogonal dmrs design method for up to 24 data streams is implemented by means of new port mapping.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Transmission method, transmission device, reception method and reception device

A transmission method includes mapping processing, phase change processing, and transmission processing. In the mapping processing, a plurality of first modulation signals and a plurality of second modulation signals are generated using a first mapping scheme, and a plurality of third modulation signals and a plurality of fourth modulation signals are generated using a second mapping scheme.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Radio device and distortion cancelling method

A radio device includes: a processor that outputs a transmission signal containing a plurality of signals that are transmitted at different frequencies; an amplifier that amplifies the transmission signal output from the processor; and a transmitter/receiver that transmits by radio the transmission signal amplified by the amplifier and that receives by radio a signal having a frequency different from a frequency of the transmission signal. The processor generates a cancel signal based on the plurality of signals contained in the transmission signal, the cancel signal corresponding to an intermodulation distortion that occurs due to intermodulation among the plurality of signals, and the transmitter/receiver synthesizes the cancel signal generated by the processor with the transmission signal amplified by the amplifier..
Fujitsu Limited

Integrated circuit

Wireless communication wherein channel estimation accuracy is improved while keeping the position of each bit in a frame, even when a modulation system having a large modulation multiple value is used for a data symbol. An encoding operation encodes and outputs transmitting data (bit string) and a bit converting operation converts at least one bit of a plurality of bits constituting a data symbol to be used for channel estimation, among the encoded bit strings, into ‘1’ or ‘0’.
Panasonic Corporation

Interference processing method and apparatus

An interference processing method comprises: receiving a multi-carrier modulated signal, wherein the multi-carrier modulated signal comprises multi-carrier modulation symbols; discomposing the multi-carrier modulation symbols into a set of subcarriers, wherein the set of subcarriers at least comprises a target subcarrier; equalizing the target subcarrier to obtain an equalized target subcarrier; obtaining an error power of the equalized target subcarrier; and comparing the error power of the equalized target subcarrier with a predefined threshold to determine the existence of interference in the target subcarrier, wherein the predefined threshold is associated with a minimum distance between two constellation points of a modulation constellation of the target subcarrier.. .
Montage Technology (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Pulse width modulation circuit

The present invention discloses a pulse width modulation circuit, comprising: an input circuit, inputting a voltage through an input end; a voltage difference calculation circuit, and the voltage difference calculation circuit comprises a resistor and a subtracter, and one end of the resistor is coupled to an output end of the input circuit, and the other end is employed to be an output end of the pulse width modulation circuit, and two input ends of the subtracter are respectively coupled to the two ends of the resistor; an analog dimming circuit, and an input end thereof is coupled to an output end of the subtracter, and an output end thereof is coupled to a control end of the input circuit to receive the voltage difference and convert the voltage difference into a pulse width modulation signal to be outputted to the inputted circuit for current feedback.. .
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Class-d amplifier with pulse-width modulation common-mode control and associated performing class-d amplification

A class-d amplifier includes a loop filter, a pulse-width modulation (pwm) circuit, an output circuit, and a common-mode control circuit. The loop filter receives an input signal of the class-d amplifier to generate a filtered signal.
Mediatek Inc.

Power point tracking via solar-battery-converter

Controllers (1) control converters (2) that convert first power from solar arrangements (3) into second power for battery arrangements (4). Said control comprises, in response to detections of values of current signals flowing through the battery arrangements (4), adjustments of impedances of the converters (2) for maximizing the current signals.
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Three-phase variable reference pulse width modulation

A system includes a three phase ac or brushless dc motor, an inverter and a controller. The inverter is electrically coupled to the motor.
Eaton Corporation

Inexpensive variable rep-rate source for high-energy, ultrafast lasers

System for converting relatively long pulses from rep-rate variable ultrafast optical sources to shorter, high-energy pulses suitable for sources in high-energy ultrafast lasers. Fibers with positive group velocity dispersion (gvd) and self phase modulation are advantageously employed with the optical sources.
Imra America, Inc.

Randomized weight modulation

A method of modulating an individual's weight generates a randomized daily caloric intake value based on an individual's body composition and metabolic rates and the individual's specific weight management goals, including weight loss, weight gain, or weight control and eliminates the individual's foreknowledge of future daily caloric or nutritional intake goals. Once the individual's base metabolic rate is determined, a series of categories, each having a different daily caloric intake value, is calculated to provide a range of daily caloric intake values.

Systems and methods to prevent hot-wiring of electronic gun racks

A system includes a controller in communication with a transmission device. The system further includes a gun rack that includes a locking mechanism.
Blac-rac Manufacturing, Inc.

Multi-target laser distance meter

A laser distance meter includes a laser light source configured to emit temporally modulated laser light toward target objects. The laser distance meter further includes a light detector configured to detect laser light reflected by target objects.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Method and determining a chromatogram

The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for determining a chromatogram. The method includes a first step where a sample is inserted in two separation columns (2.1, 2.2, 2.3), wherein for each separation column (2.1, 2.2, 2.3), a corresponding part of the sample is inserted in the respective separation column (2.1, 2.2, 2.3) with a corresponding insertion device (3.1, 3.2, 3.3) which is controlled by a corresponding modulation function for generating a corresponding modulated part of the sample in the respective separation column (2.1, 2.2, 2.3), wherein the modulation functions with which the parts of the sample are modulated in the separation columns (2.1, 2.2, 2.3) differ from each other.
Tofwerk Ag

Device for measuring polarization degree and refractive index

A device includes a sample chamber (1) configured to receive the object, a polarization degree measuring member (2) configured to measure the polarization degree of the object received in the sample chamber (1), and a refractive index measuring member (3) configured to measure information corresponding to the refractive index of the object received in the sample chamber (1). The polarization degree measuring member (2) includes a polarization modulation member (11) configured to perform polarization modulation on a light beam (9) for analyzing the object and allow the modulated light beam to enter the sample chamber (1), an intensity detection member (12) configured to detect an intensity of the light beam (5) exiting from the sample chamber, and a polarization degree calculation member (13).
Atago Co., Ltd.

Ultraviolet light sensing circuit and sensing system

An ultraviolet light sensing circuit and sensing system. The ultraviolet light sensing circuit comprises a modulation unit and a phase delay unit, wherein the modulation unit comprises a first stage of inverter which is used for sensing ultraviolet light and is used as a voltage feedback modulation stage; and the phase delay unit comprises n stages of inverters which are connected in sequence, where n is an even number which is greater than or equal to 2.
Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

Detector for optically detecting at least one object

A detector for determining a position of at least one object, where the detector includes: at least one optical sensor, where the optical sensor has at least one sensor region, where the optical sensor is designed to generate at least one sensor signal in a manner dependent on an illumination of the sensor region by illumination light traveling from the object to the detector; at least one beam-splitting device, where the beam-splitting device is adapted to split the illumination light in at least two separate light beams, where each light beam travels on a light path to the optical sensor; at least one modulation device for modulating the illumination light, where the at least one modulation device is arranged on one of the at least two light paths; and at least one evaluation device, where the evaluation device is designed to generate at least one item of information from the at least one sensor signal.. .
Basf Se

System for communicating data via fluid lines

The present disclosure relates generally to data communication in subsea oil and gas drilling and production operations. In particular, data communication from sensors located on a piece of subsea oil and gas drilling and/or production equipment to a remote location, such as to a demodulation system, is disclosed.
Cameron International Corporation

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