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This page is updated frequently with new Modulation-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Modulation-related patents
 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method patent thumbnailWireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
A wireless communication apparatus is capable of improving communication efficiency by reducing the amount of control information transmitted. A channel quality information extraction section extracts cqi's from a received signal.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

 Methods and devices for transceiving/transmitting downlink data in wireless access system supporting new carrier type patent thumbnailMethods and devices for transceiving/transmitting downlink data in wireless access system supporting new carrier type
The present invention relates to a wireless access system, and provides methods for transmitting downlink data with a new carrier type (nct) by using transmission diversity and devices for supporting same. According to one embodiment of the present invention, a method for user equipment receiving downlink data in the wireless access system supporting the new carrier type (nct) comprises the steps of: receiving an upper layer signal comprising indication information indicating demodulation of downlink data into a user equipment-specific reference signal (urs), wherein the downlink data is transmitted by means of a distributed virtual resource block (dvrb) technique; receiving the downlink data and the urs transmitted using the dvrb technique by applying different precoding matrices to a first slot and a second slot in a subframe; demodulating the urs and estimating channel information with respect to the first slot and the second slot; and demodulating downlink data based on the channel information..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Method for receiving control information on epdcch patent thumbnailMethod for receiving control information on epdcch
In one embodiment of the present specification, provided is a method for receiving control information on an enhanced physical downlink control channel (epdcch). The method for receiving control information may comprise the steps of: receiving information associated with a pattern change of a demodulation reference signal (dmrs); identifying a time of changing mapping between an enhanced resource element group (ereg) and an enhanced control channel element (ecce) for an epdcch, according to the pattern change of the dmrs; and receiving control information on the epdcch by applying the change of the mapping at the identified time..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Broadcast signal transmitter, broadcast signal receiver, and  transceiving broadcast signals in broadcast signal transceivers patent thumbnailBroadcast signal transmitter, broadcast signal receiver, and transceiving broadcast signals in broadcast signal transceivers
A broadcast signal receiver according to the present invention comprises: a demodulator for performing ofdm demodulation on a received broadcast signal including a frame for the delivery of a broadcast service: a frame demapper for outputting the frame, the frame including a preamble that contains first signaling information, and a plurality of link-layer-pipes (llps) that contain plp data, second signaling information and third signaling information, with the plp data including a base layer and an enhancement layer of the broadcast service; and a decoder for decoding the first signaling information, for decoding the second and third signaling information, and for selectively decoding the plp data by using the third signaling information.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Systems and methods for multi-user simultaneous transmissions patent thumbnailSystems and methods for multi-user simultaneous transmissions
Systems, methods, and devices are provided for protecting a multiuser (mu) transmission between an access point and a plurality of wireless stations. The access point may transmit a frame that is addressed to multiple stations in a wireless network.
Newracom, Inc.

 Radio base station, user terminal and radio communication method patent thumbnailRadio base station, user terminal and radio communication method
The present invention is designed to make possible link adaptation that is suitable for future radio communication systems. A radio base station according to the present invention has a coding section that encodes downlink data for each of a plurality of user terminals, a modulation section that modulates the downlink data for each of the plurality of user terminals, and a transmission section that multiplexes the downlink data for each of the plurality of user terminals on a per subband basis, and transmits the downlink data for each of the plurality of user terminals by using transmission power that is allocated to each of the plurality of user terminals on a per subband basis..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

 Relay station, relay method, radio communication system, and radio communication apparatus patent thumbnailRelay station, relay method, radio communication system, and radio communication apparatus
A relay node in a mobile communication network for relaying communications between a base station and a mobile terminal. The relay node includes a first communication unit that communicates with the base station via a backhaul link using at least one of a first modulation method and a first multiplexing method, and a second communication unit that communicates with the mobile terminal via an access link using at least one of a second modulation method and a second multiplexing method.
Sony Corporation

 Transmitting apparatus and transmitting method patent thumbnailTransmitting apparatus and transmitting method
A transmitting apparatus and a transmitting method are provided. The transmitting apparatus comprises: an encoder configured to encode data for a plurality of user equipments into corresponding encoded signals, respectively; a modulator configured to perform a joint modulation on the encoded signals for the plurality of user equipments to generate modulated signals, wherein the modulator performs the joint modulation by mapping bits of the encoded signals for the plurality of user equipments to a symbol corresponding to each constellation point of a constellation map of the modulated signals so that respective constellation points satisfy a gray mapping rule; a transmitter configured to transmit the modulated signals..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

 Mcs table adaptation for 256-qam patent thumbnailMcs table adaptation for 256-qam
The present invention relates to adaptive modulation and coding scheme selection and signaling in a communication system. In particular, a modulation and coding scheme to be used for transmission of a data is selected from a set of predetermined modulation and coding schemes.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

 Apparatus and  sending and receiving broadcast signals patent thumbnailApparatus and sending and receiving broadcast signals
Disclosed is an apparatus for transmitting a broadcast signal, including: an input formatting module configured to demultiplex an input stream into at least one data pipe (dp); a bicm (bit interleaved coding and modulation) module configured to perform error correction processing on data of the dp; a frame building module configured to map the data of the dp to symbols within a frame; an ofdm generation module configured to generate a transmission signal by inserting a preamble into the frame and performing ofdm modulation; and a transmission parameter control module configured to set at least one transmission parameter and control transmission signal processing of the frame building module and the ofdm generation module.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method and transmitting/receiving data in wireless communication system supporting non-binary channel code

The present disclosure relates to a pre-5th-generation (5g) or 5g communication system to be provided for supporting higher data rates beyond 4th-generation (4g) communication system such as a long term evolution (lte). A method for transmitting data in a transmitting apparatus in a wireless communication system supporting a non-binary channel code is provided.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd


Method and base station for transmitting downstream link data, and method and user device for receiving downstream link data

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus which transmit/receive at least one demodulation reference signal by using a cdm group and/or a transmission rank of a user device that have been used to transmit the at least one demodulation reference signal for the user device, an occ that has been used to spread the demodulation reference signal, etc. Also, the present invention relates to a method and apparatus which change an antenna port for transmitting the demodulation reference signal by using ndi for a disabled transmission block..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Broadcast signal transmitting device, broadcast signal receiving method, broadcast signal transmitting method and broadcast signal receiving method

A broadcast signal transmitting device according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: an encoder for forward error correction (fec) encoding data pipe (dp) data transmitted via multiple dps, wherein each dp transmits at least one service or at least one service component; a signaling encoder for encoding signaling data; an interleaver for interleaving the encoded dp data; a frame builder for mapping the interleaved dp data and the encoded signaling data and then generating at least one signal frame, wherein the interleaved dp data is mapped according to the type of the dps transmitting the respective dp data, and wherein the encoded signaling data includes type information indicative of the type of each dp; a modulation unit for modulating the at least one generated signal frame in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) scheme; and a transmitter for transmitting a broadcast signal including the at least one modulated signal frame.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Interference cancellation user equipment in cellular communication system

An interference cancellation method and apparatus of user equipment in a cellular communication system is provided. The method includes receiving signals including a desired signal and an interference signal from one or more base stations; determining a maximum likelihood (ml) decision metric to determine a value “l” of a rank indicator (ri), a value “p” of a precoding matrix indicator (pmi), and a value “q” of a modulation (mod) level of the interference signal; applying a logarithm to the ml decision metric, and applying a maximum-log approximation to a serving data vector and an interference data vector, which are included in the ml decision metric; determining the values of “l,” “p,” and “q” using the applied ml decision metric; and cancelling the interference signal from the received signals using the determined values of “l,” “p,” and “q.”.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Optical modulator, optical transmitter, optical transmission/reception system, and control optical modulator

To correct and uniform phase shift at each phase modulation area in an optical modulator in operation. An optical modulation unit outputs a four-level modulated optical signal.
Nec Corporation


Wavelength-reuse fiber-optic transmitters

A fiber-optic transmitter comprises a transmitter optical port, an optical circulator, a semiconductor optical amplifier, and a two-port modulation-averaging structure. The optical circulator has at least three ports, a first one of the three circulator ports being optically coupled to the transmitter optical port.


Power gating

A circuit and method for power gating is provided. The circuit includes a switch circuit and a modulation oscillator.
International Business Machines Corporation


Spin oscillator device

The present invention relates to using spin transfer torque underneath a nanocontact on a magnetic thin film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (pma), provides generation of dissipative magnetic droplet solitons and report on their rich dynamical properties. Micromagnetic simulations identify a wide range of automodulation frequencies including droplet oscillatory motion, droplet “spinning”, and droplet “breather” states.


Systems and methods for reducing electromagnetic interference by adjusting switching processes

System and method for regulating a power conversion system. An example system controller for regulating a power conversion system includes a signal generator and a driving component.
On-bright Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Control apparatus, buck-boost power supply and control method

A control apparatus, a buck-boost power supply, and a control method that can control an output part comprising two primary switches which are n-type transistors without changing the switching frequency are provided. A control apparatus for a buck-boost power supply comprises: a pulse-width modulation (pwm) signal generator configured to generate a pwm signal having a pulse whose pulse width is based on an output voltage; a mode pulse signal generator configured to generate a mode pulse signal having a signal whose time period is based on at least one of an input voltage, a difference between an input voltage and the output voltage, and a difference between an input voltage and a voltage proportional to the output voltage; a first delayed signal generator configured to generate a first delayed signal having a pulse whose rising edge or falling edge is delayed for a first delay time from a rising edge or a falling edge of the pulse of the pwm signal; and an output controller configured to control an output part of the buck-boost power supply, based on the pwm signal, the mode pulse signal, and the first delayed signal, the output part comprising: two primary switches that are each an n-type transistor; a boost capacitor for driving the high-side switch of the primary switches; and two secondary switches that are each a transistor, wherein the output controller controls switching of the output part so that a first time period during which the high-side switch of the primary switches is off and the low-side switch of the primary switches is on is longer than or equal to the first delay time..
Spansion Llc


Voltage converter and a voltage conversion the voltage converter

A voltage converter includes first and second charging elements, first and second switches, and first and second switch controllers. The first switch controller adjusts a first activation timing of a first control signal in response to a pulse width modulation signal, a switch signal, and a first control signal.


Method and multi channel current driving

A multi-channel current control circuit and method are disclosed herein. The multi-channel current control includes an operational amplifier provided for a channel; a low pass filter provided for the channel connected to an input terminal of the operational amplifier; a mode control circuit configured to control the low pass filter to have one of predetermined time constants in accordance with predetermined current control mode; and a pulse width modulation circuit configured to generate a pulse width modulation signal provided for the channel; and transfer the pulse width modulation signal to the input terminal of the operational amplifier via the low pass filter.
Abov Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


Radar device and method having an antenna array with two switching states of different modulation

A modulation concept for a radar having switched antennas, in which individual switching states of the antenna array having the switched antennas are closely dovetailed with the modulation of the radar signals. In this way it is possible to use switched antennas in the time division multiplex method and thus to allow for short time periods between the switching states.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Speech dereverberation methods, devices and systems

Improved audio data processing method and systems are provided. Some implementations involve dividing frequency domain audio data into a plurality of subbands and determining amplitude modulation signal values for each of the plurality of subbands.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Display devices with high resolution and spatial density modulation architecture

Architecture and designs of display devices are described, where the display devices possesses high spatial resolution as well as high intensity resolution and may be readily used in various projection applications, storage and optical communications. According to one aspect of the present invention, a display device includes an array of image elements, each of the image elements further includes an array of sub-image elements.


Optoelectronic modulation stack

An optoelectronic modulation stack includes a substrate, a plurality of touch sensing units, at least a first anti-interference spot and a nano-structural layer. The touch sensing units are coplanarly disposed on the substrate, and a first interval region is formed between the adjacent touch sensing units.
Hannstar Display Corporation


Touch sensitive device

A method of generating a keyboard switch haptic sensation in a coupled system comprising a touch-sensitive surface and a force exciter or actuator coupled to the touch-sensitive surface, the method comprising generating a carrier wave signal at frequencies within the frequency bandwidth of the coupled system, modulating the carrier wave signal with a modulation envelope so that the modulated carrier wave signal has a closely spaced pair of peaks, and driving the exciter or actuator with the modulated carrier wave signal to excite the touch-sensitive surface to provide a closely spaced pair of impulses whereby the keyboard switch haptic sensation is simulated to a user touching the touch-sensitive surface.. .
New Transducers Limited


Systems and methods for advanced diagnostic in modular power converters

A power conversion system is provided. The power conversion system includes a plurality of power conversion modules connected in parallel, all power conversion modules of the plurality of power conversion modules configured to receive a pulse-width modulation control signal, each power conversion module of the plurality of power conversion modules including a current unbalance detection circuit configured to calculate a difference between a reference current and an output current of the power conversion module, and a processing device communicatively coupled to the current unbalance detection circuit and configured to perform processing using the calculated difference..
General Electric Company


Optical illumination system

Systems and methods are provided that combine an amplitude modulation slm with a phase modulating slm in the same optical illumination system. The combination of the amplitude modulation slm and the phase modulation slm allows the optical illumination to compensate for the limitations of amplitude modulation slm by using phase modulating slm and conversely to compensate for the limitations of phase modulation slm by using amplitude modulating slm..
United States Government As Represented By The Department Of Veterans Affairs


Optical modulator

An aspect of the present invention is an optical modulator including a substrate, a plurality of optical waveguides, and a plurality of modulation electrodes provided on the substrate in order to modulate light propagating through the optical waveguides. The modulation electrodes include signal electrodes, to which modulation signals are supplied, and ground electrodes.
Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co.


Optical components

Various optical components are disclosed herein, which have diffraction gratings formed by modulations of at least portions of their outer surfaces. The gratings exhibit gradually varying characteristics that vary over the surface portion so as to gradually vary the manner in which the incident light is diffracted at different points on the surface portion.


Grayscale patterns from binary spatial light modulators

Brightness-by-column grayscale and spatial Σ-Δ modulation grayscale allow grayscale patterns to be produced using a binary spatial light modulator as fast as the bright/dark switching speed.. .
Alces Technology, Inc.


Scanning type backlight module and display device

The embodiments of the invention disclose a scanning type backlight module and a display device. Since a laser light source with good collimation is applied, during a display time of a frame, with the modulation of the optical path regulator, the laser emitted from the laser light source performs a progressive scanning for a region corresponding to at least one row of pixel units in a light guide plate or a display panel.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Directional backlight with a modulation layer

A directional backlight has a directional backplane that has a plurality of directional pixels configured to scatter a plurality of input planar lightbeams into a plurality of directional lightbeams. Each directional lightbeam has a direction and angular spread controlled by characteristics of a directional pixel in the plurality of directional pixels.
Leia Inc.



Microfabrication processes and apparatuses for fabricating microstructures on a substrate are disclosed. The substrate has a current diffraction grating pattern formed by current surface modulations over at least a portion of the substrate's surface that exhibit a substantially uniform grating linewidth over the surface portion.


Phase gratings with odd symmetry for lensed optical sensing

A sensing device with an odd-symmetry grating projects near-field spatial modulations onto a closely spaced photodetector array. Due to physical properties of the grating, the spatial modulations are in focus for a range of wavelengths and spacings.
Rambus Inc.


Method and generating a bit stream signal having a reduced output swing

An automotive radar apparatus includes a bit stream modulation circuit configured to generate a bit stream signal at an output thereof and a driver circuit having an input coupled to the output of said bit stream modulation circuit and configured to generate a corresponding driver bit stream signal having a reduced output swing at the driver circuit output. Also included is a filter circuit having an input coupled to the output of said driver circuit and configured to generate a filtered bit stream signal at the filter circuit output.
Valeo Radar Systems, Inc.


Variable passive intermodulation load

In one embodiment, the pim load includes a variable attenuator; a detector configured to detect a signal characteristic associated with a signal received by the pim load; and a controller configured to control the variable attenuator based on output from the detector.. .


Two wire daisy chain

A detonator which, in response to a command, uses a first modulation process to generate a first signal and, in response to an event, uses a second modulation process to generate a second signal.. .
Detnet South Africa (pty) Ltd


Modulation control a hybrid transmission

A hydraulic system includes a main modulation control scheme which relies in part on the use of a vbs solenoid and the multiplexing of that solenoid. The hydraulic system is associated with a hybrid module and by controlling the main pressure at a reduced level, the fuel economy and reliability of that hybrid module are improved.
Allison Transmission, Inc.


Capacity modulated scroll compressor

A compressor may include a first scroll member having a first spiral wrap, a first chamber, and a first aperture. A second scroll member may include a second spiral wrap engaged with the first spiral wrap to form a series of compression pockets and a second aperture.
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.


Telemetry system and operating the same

Methods and related apparatus pertaining to downhole and surface telemetry, such as a method in which a telemetry system is provided with a communication path formed with an electrically conductive transport medium coupled across a plurality of downhole nodes. Such method includes operating on the communication path with a multi-drop system that provides telemetry to the downhole nodes in a wellbore, including employing modulation in a master-slave arrangement using binary differential phase shift keying or differential quadrature phase shift keying..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Compositions and methods for growth factor modulation

Provided herein are proteins, antibodies, assays and methods useful for modulating growth factor levels and/or activities. In some embodiments, such growth factors are members of the tgf-β superfamily of proteins..
Scholar Rock, Inc.


Compounds and uses thereof for the modulation of hemoglobin

Provide herein are compounds and pharmaceutical compositions suitable as modulators of hemoglobin, methods and intermediates for their preparation, and methods for their use in treating disorders mediated by hemoglobin and disorders that would benefit from tissue and/or cellular oxygenation.. .
Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc.


Ship1 modulators and methods related thereto

Compounds of formula (ii): wherein a, r1, r2, r5 and r13 are described herein, or a stereoisomer, enantiomer or tautomer thereof or mixtures thereof, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate thereof, are described herein, as well as other compounds. These compounds have activity as ship1 modulators, and thus may be useful in treating a variety of diseases, disorders or conditions that would benefit from ship1 modulation.
Aquinox Pharmaceuticals (canada) Inc.


Compounds and uses thereof for the modulation of hemoglobin

Provide herein are compounds and pharmaceutical compositions suitable as modulators of hemoglobin, methods and intermediates for their preparation, and methods for their use in treating disorders mediated by hemoglobin and disorders that would benefit from tissue and/or cellular oxygenation.. .
Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc.


Modulation of k2p channels

Disclosed herein inter alia are compositions and methods useful in the treatment of diseases, for example pain, neurodegeneration, or mood disorders, and for modulating the activity of a k2p channel.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


3, 10, and 12a substituted tetracycline compounds

The present invention pertains to novel 3, 10, and/or 12a-substituted tetracycline compounds. These tetracycline compounds can be used to treat numerous tetracycline compound-responsive states, such as bacterial infections and neoplasms, as well as other known applications for minocycline and tetracycline compounds in general, such as blocking tetracycline efflux and modulation of gene expression..
Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Washing device for water treatment apparatus and washing method thereof

A washing method of a water treatment apparatus is provided. The washing method includes a wash water inflow operation in which wash water flows into circulation members, and a circulation washing operation in which a circulation modulation circulates the wash water through passages of the water treatment apparatus..
Woongjin Coway Co., Ltd.


Methods and bilateral renal neuromodulation

Methods and apparatus are provided for bilateral renal neuromodulation, e.g., via a pulsed electric field, via a stimulation electric field, via localized drug delivery, via high frequency ultrasound, via thermal techniques, etc. Such neuromodulation may effectuate irreversible electroporation or electrofusion, necrosis and/or inducement of apoptosis, alteration of gene expression, action potential attenuation or blockade, changes in cytokine up-regulation and other conditions in target neural fibers.
Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.l.


Method of treating cognitive disorders using neuromodulation

The present invention involves a method and a system for using electrical stimulation and/or chemical stimulation to treat a cognitive impairment and/or disorder. More particularly, the method comprises surgically implanting an electrode and/or catheter that is in communication with a predetermined site which is coupled to a pulse generating source and/or infusion pump that release either an electrical signal and/or a pharmaceutical resulting in stimulation of the predetermined site thereby treating the cognitive disorder and/or enhancing the cognitive ability..
Functional Neuromodulation, Inc.


Immune modulation

The present invention relates to a poxvirus vector comprising a nucleic acid sequence encoding a fusion protein comprising: (i) a peanut allergen selected from list consisting of at least two peanut allergens from ara h 1, ara h 2, ara h 3, ara h 4, ara h 5, ara h 6. Ara h 7, ara h 8, ara h 9, ara h i o and ara h i i or a derivative or part thereof having at least 70% sequence identity thereto, and (ii) a profeasome degradation tag to enhance intracellular degradation of the fusion protein.
Sementis Limited


Novel compounds as opioid receptor modulators

The invention further relates to methods for preparing such compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, and their use in the treatment of disorders that may be ameliorated or treated by the modulation of opioid receptors.. .


Method and system for breathing modulation

A nasal breathing aid comprising the following components: a housing; facial engagement means attached thereto; at least two nostril pieces coupled to the housing. On the housing, there are at least two nasal inlets; at least one vent; and in the housing: a first passage and a second passage, each communicating an inlet with a vent, and fluid-isolated from each other, and restriction means configured to allow free flow of air through each passage from a vent to an inlet, and flow of air through the first passage independently restricted from flow of air through the second passage, from an inlet to a vent..
Ge Sleeping Technologies Ltd.


Systems and methods for neurological traffic and/or receptor functional evaluation and/or modification

Systems and methods for controlled sympathectomy procedures for neuromodulation are disclosed. A system for controlled micro ablation procedures is disclosed.
Autonomix Medical, Inc.


Wireless terminal station and base station

Demodulation is effectivley performed that uses an mmse adaptive array which uses a guard section of a signal that uses a cyclic prefix. According the present invention, there is provided a wireless terminal station that is applied to a wireless communication system which is made up of multiple wireless terminal stations and a base station, the wireless terminal station including: a delay time setting module 123 that sets a delay time based on a transmission timing identification number; and a transmission module 108 that, in a case where any other wireless terminal station starts transmission within a predetermined time after all communication within the wireless communication system is ended, starts transmission after the delay time has elapsed from a point in time at which the transmission has started..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and system for link adaptation at a mobile station

A method for link adaptation at a mobile station can include the steps of computing mutual information per coded bit (mib) metrics on at least one sub-channel for one or more candidate modulation types. The method may average the mib metrics over at least two sub-channels, generate feedback information including mib metrics for the plurality of candidate modulation types, and transmit the feedback information to a base station..
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Base station, terminal, communication system, communication method, and integrated circuit

There is provided a base station that communicates with a terminal by using a resource element constituted by a sub-carrier and an ofdm symbol. The base station includes an epdcch generator, a reference signal generator, and a transmitter.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Network admission control

Systems and methods for managing a network are disclosed. One method can comprise determining a first modulation rate associated with a network device.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Imaging apparatus with focus assist function

An imaging apparatus with a focus assist (fa) function includes an imager configured to obtain an image signal from a subject formed by a lens, a high-frequency signal extractor configured to extract a high-frequency signal from the image signal, a modulation level calculator configured to determine a magnitude of a modulation level signal in each of regions, into which a screen of the image signal is divided, in accordance with an amplitude level of the high-frequency signal, a level modulator configured to modulate an amplitude level of the high-frequency signal using the modulation level signal to obtain an fa signal, and an fa signal synthesizer configured to synthesize the fa signal with the image signal to output a resultant signal.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Methods and low power operation utilizing multiple adcs with different precisions

An electronic device includes processing circuitry configured to detect a presence of a packet transmission via a channel, establish communication parameters and operational settings of an analog-to-digital conversion (adc) operation using a training field (tf) of the packet if the packet comprises the tf, and utilize a channel estimation (ce) portion of the packet to perform channel estimation of the channel. The processing circuitry is also configured to utilize the channel estimates to compensate for distortions introduced by the channel with respect to portions of the packet subsequent to the ce portion, obtain a modulation order and coding scheme used for the data portion of the packet, select an analog-to-digital converter (adc) to be used for a recovery of the data portion of the packet, and recover the information in the data portion of the packet using adc output samples corresponding to the data portion of the packet..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Mpsk demodulation apparatus and method

An m-ary phase shift keying (mpsk) demodulation apparatus and method are disclosed herein. The mpsk demodulation apparatus includes an amplifier, a carrier frequency recoverer, a plurality of correlators, and a symbol detector.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Scheduling messages using mixed modulation settings

Various exemplary embodiments relate to a wireless communications device and related method and machine-readable storage medium including: at least one antenna; a transmission circuit to transmit data via the at least one antenna and a wireless communications medium according to any of a plurality of modulation schemes; a reception circuit to receive data via the at least one antenna; an application controller to generate a series of messages having a message type and associated with an application; and a message scheduler to provide modulation settings to the transmission circuit for respective messages of the series to be transmitted according to different modulation schemes of the plurality of modulation schemes, wherein modulation schemes are chosen for transmission based on a modulation scheme pattern, whereby a first message is transmitted according to a first modulation scheme and a second message is transmitted according to a second modulation scheme.. .
Nxp B.v.


Generating parallel binary representation of hdbaset physical modulation

Method and devices for generating a parallel binary representation of an hdbaset® physical modulation. The method and devices include generating series-consisting-4-binary-symbols, each represents a physical modulation of one hdbaset compliant symbol.
Valens Semiconductor Ltd.


Quantum key distribution via pulse position modulation

A system and method for distributing a quantum key from a first party to a second party. A first node is connected to a public channel, wherein the first node includes a pulse position modulation encoder connected to a quantum channel.
0> and


Method and system for modulation-independent carrier phase recovery

A system for carrier phase recovery, including a receiver for receiving one or more frames of l symbols. A phase estimator performs carrier phase estimation for the received frames of l symbols, and the resulting carrier phase estimates are stored in a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.


Method and facilitating reliable transmission of a control region size and detection of cross-carrier signaling

Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are disclosed for facilitating indicating and detecting control region sizes. A multi-carrier communication between a wireless terminal and a base station is facilitated by a first carrier having a first control region size and a second carrier having a second control region size.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Base station, terminal, communication system, communication method, and integrated circuit

There is provided a base station that communicates with a terminal by using a resource element constituted by a sub-carrier and an ofdm symbol. The base station includes a pdsch generator, a reference signal generator, and a transmitter.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


A wireless device, a network node and methods therein for transmitting control information in a d2d communication

A method performed by a first wireless device for transmitting control information in a d2d communication with a second wireless device in a wireless telecommunications network is provided. The first wireless device multiplexes coded modulation symbols of the control information with coded modulation symbols of data information on resources elements, res, in a orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, ofdm, time-frequency grid of a dedicated shared channel, dsch, in the d2d communication, wherein the control information comprises transmission format command, tfc, information and uplink control information, uci.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Configurable transmitter hardware block and methods

A configurable transmitter hardware block and corresponding methods for configuring and employing the configurable transmitter hardware block are provided. A configurable transmitter that supports a plurality of channel types comprises a bit selection/manipulation module that performs a bit selection function and/or a bit manipulation function; a modulation mapping module, a gain multiplication module; a spreading/scrambling module that performs a spreading function and/or a scrambling function; and a channel combining module, wherein the configurable transmitter is configured using a plurality of sets of control signals that configure one or more of the modules, wherein each of the sets of control signals are precomputed for a corresponding one of the channel types.
Lsi Corporation


Methods and apparatus to improve performance and enable fast decoding of transmissions with multiple code blocks

Resource elements from multiple code blocks are separated into different groups, and decoding the code bits of the resource elements within each group without waiting for a completed reception of a transport block to start decoding. Coded bits from multiple code blocks are separated into different groups, and the code blocks containing coded bits within each group are decoded.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


System and measuring full spectrum of modulated output signal from device under test

A system for measuring a full spectrum of a modulated output signal provided by a device under test (dut) includes a signal generating device that provides a radio frequency (rf) stimulus signal to the dut, and generates a trigger signal, where the dut outputs the modulated output signal in response. A receiver, having an intermediate frequency (if) bandwidth less than a total bandwidth of the modulated output signal, includes mixers, an analog-to-digital converter (adc) triggered by the trigger signal, and a local oscillator (lo) that consecutively generates multiple lo signals having different lo frequencies.
Keysight Technologies, Inc.


Passive intermodulation testing using pulse stimulus

Disclosed is a passive intermodulation (pim) test system having a pulsed signal generator configured to generate and apply a pulsed stimulus signal to a device under test. The pim test system is further configured to measure a power of at least one pim product generated by a pim source in the device under test using the pulsed stimulus signal.
Bird Technologies Group Inc.


Distributed combined junctional transformer

The distributed combined junctional transformer (abbreviated in this document as repeater station) provides a system to take any input signal in any frequency and using any modulation and multiplexing schemes, convert it to the desired format and frequency and subsequently retransmits the signal. In accordance with an embodiment of the invention, a repeater station comprises: an input section capable of receiving the input signal generated by any source device in radio, microwave, infrared, visible or ultraviolet spectrums; a downconversion section translating the input signal to a baseband signal if required; a baseband processing section that interprets the information of the input signal, converts the signal to the desired format and controls the other sections; an upconversion section which translates the baseband frequency output signal to the desired carrier output frequency if required; and an output section which transmits the output signal..


Ofdm communication system, for transceiving signal

An ofdm communication system, a method and a device for transceiving signal are provided. The method includes: dividing m transmitting antennas into one or more groups to form u transmitting ports, wherein transmitting antennas in different groups are uncorrelated, and m is greater than or equal to u; forming p data flows using a multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) mode, wherein p=u/2, and p is less than or equal to a number of receiving ports; and mapping a group of 2p modulation symbols, including two modulation symbols of each data flow, to a resource element pair to form space frequency block code (sfbc) coding relationships with each other, and transmitting the group of 2p modulation symbols on the u transmitting ports.
Spreadtrum Communications (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Signal processing

A method of processing an amplitude-modulated analogue signal at a carrier frequency fc comprises: digitising the analogue signal to produce an input bit stream that represents the amplitude of the analogue signal; generating an in-phase reference bit stream that is synchronous to the carrier frequency fc and represents an in-phase digital reference signal substantially in the form of a sine and/or cosine wave; and multiplying the input bit stream with the in-phase reference bit stream to produce an output bit stream representing the amplitude modulation of the analogue signal.. .
Atlantic Inertial Systems Limited


Efficient power amplification over large operating average power range

Embodiments of a doherty power amplifier that maintain efficiency over a large operating average power range are disclosed. In one embodiment, the doherty power amplifier includes reconfigurable main and auxiliary output matching networks and a fixed combining network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Systems and methods for zero common mode voltage

An electrical system includes a converter having an h-bridge. The h-bridge includes a first set of transistors electrically connected in series and a second set of transistors electrically connected in series.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Controller and transitioning between control angles

A system includes a pulse-width modulation (pwm) module, a subtraction module, an error reducing module, and a summing module. The pwm module controls switching of an inverter that powers a motor.
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

Modulation topics: Modulation, Duty Cycle, Reference Voltage, Comparator Circuit, Backlight Unit, Liquid Crystal Display, Liquid Crystal, Frequency Modulation, Intermodulation Distortion, Rf Switch Circuit, Frequency Detector, Holographic, Terrestrial, Ground Segment, Transponder

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