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Modulate patents

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Pulse width modulated outputs for an output module in an industrial controller

Laser landing altimeter for precision aircraft landing aid

Digital acoustic system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Modulate-related patents
 Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same patent thumbnailPlants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
The present invention provides a method for enhancing various economically important yield-related traits in plants by modulating expression in a plant of a nucleic acid encoding a patl (patellin) polypeptide, a prp38 (precursor rna processing factor 38) polypeptide, an ada2 (adaptor 2) polypeptide, a gata-like polypeptide, or a wd40 repeat (wdr) 23-like polypeptide. The present invention also concerns plants having modulated expression of a nucleic acid encoding a patl polypeptide, a prp38 polypeptide, an ada2 polypeptide, a gata-like polypeptide, or a wdr23-like polypeptide, which plants have improved yield-related traits relative to corresponding wild type plants or other control plants.
 Pulse width modulated outputs for an output module in an industrial controller patent thumbnailPulse width modulated outputs for an output module in an industrial controller
An output module for an industrial controller configurable to simplify setup and commissioning is disclosed. The output module includes configurable pwm outputs that may be scheduled to start at different times within the pwm period, that may be configured to generate a fixed number of pwm pulses, and that may have an extendable pwm period.
 Laser landing altimeter for precision aircraft landing aid patent thumbnailLaser landing altimeter for precision aircraft landing aid
The present invention discloses a laser landing altimeter for precision aircraft landing aid. Its measurement unit measures distance using a modulated laser beam with centimeter accuracy.
 Digital acoustic system patent thumbnailDigital acoustic system
Provided is a digital acoustic system comprising: a ΔΣ modulator that modulates a digital input signal and outputs a digital signal; a post-filter that is connected to the ΔΣ modulator and which performs mismatch shaping to convert the digital signal; a parallel-serial converter that converts the digital signal converted by the post-filter into a digital signal which is serially transmitted; a serial-parallel converter that restores the digital signal converted by the parallel-serial converter; and a drive circuit which receives the digital signal restored by the serial-parallel converter, and drives drive elements to convert the signal into an analog audio signal.. .
 Display arrangement for a drug delivery device patent thumbnailDisplay arrangement for a drug delivery device
The present invention relates to a display arrangement for a drug delivery device, comprising: a first display member comprising numerous surface portions having at least two different but interrelated appearances and being alternately arranged along a first direction, and a second display member comprising a light modulating structure to modulate visible light emanating from the first display member, wherein first and second display members are movably disposed relative to each other along the first direction to simultaneously reveal and/or to conceal at least two surface portions of interrelated appearance.. .
 External autonomic modulation patent thumbnailExternal autonomic modulation
In some embodiments, nerves surrounding arteries or leading to organs are targeted with energy sources to correct or modulate physiologic processes. In some embodiments, different types of energy sources are utilized singly or combined with one another.
 Optimized velocity-selective arterial spin labelling module patent thumbnailOptimized velocity-selective arterial spin labelling module
A velocity selective preparation method is disclosed, for velocity selective arterial spin labelling (vsasl), the vsasl method using non-selective radiofrequency pulses and magnetic field gradients to modulate the longitudinal magnetization of the spins as a function of their velocity, wherein said velocity selective preparation method comprises an n-segment b1 insensitive rotation that is resistant to eddy current artifacts.. .
 Cycloalkyl-hydroxyl compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses patent thumbnailCycloalkyl-hydroxyl compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses
The present invention relates to novel cycloalkyl-hydroxyl compounds, compositions comprising hydroxyl compounds, and methods useful for treating and preventing a variety of diseases and conditions such as, but not limited to aging, alzheimer's disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, a disorder of glucose metabolism, dyslipidemia, dyslipoproteinemia, hypertension, impotence, inflammation, insulin resistance, lipid elimination in bile, obesity, oxysterol elimination in bile, pancreatitis, parkinson's disease, a peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-associated disorder, phospholipid elimination in bile, renal disease, septicemia, syndrome x, thrombotic disorder. Compounds and methods of the invention can also be used to modulate c reactive protein or enhance bile production in a patient.
 Modulation of hsp47 expression patent thumbnailModulation of hsp47 expression
Provided herein are compositions, methods and kits for modulating expression of target genes, particularly heat shock protein 47 (hsp47). The compositions, methods and kits may include nucleic acid molecules (for example, short interfering nucleic acid (sina), short interfering rna (sirna), double-stranded rna (dsrna), micro-rna (mirna) or short hairpin rna (shrna)) that modulate a gene encoding hsp47, for example, the gene encoding human hsp47.
 Agents and methods for treating ischemic and other diseases patent thumbnailAgents and methods for treating ischemic and other diseases
This invention relates to methods of screening for modulators of mammalian cell injury cause by trpm7 gene and protein activity, compounds that modulate trpm7 gene and protein activity and methods of treatment of mammalian cell injury using modulators of trpm7 gene and protein activity.. .
Compounds and methods of treating ocular disorders
A method of treating an ocular disorder in a subject includes administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of an agent that modulates at least one target in a signaling cascade associated with light induced retinal degeneration, aberrant all-trans-retinal accumulation, and/or generation of reactive oxygen species (ros).. .
Inhibiting gs-fdh to modulate no bioactivity
Patients needing no donor therapy or inhibition of pathologically proliferating cells or increased no bioactivity are treated with a therapeutically effective amount of an inhibitor of glutathione-dependent formaldehyde dehydrogenase.. .
Mobile communications radio receiver for multiple network operation
A mobile communications radio receiver for multiple radio network operation includes an rf unit for generating a first down-converted signal from a radio signal received from a first radio network and a second down-converted signal from a radio signal received from a second radio network. Further, the receiver includes a first receiving unit including a user data channel demodulator configured to demodulate a dedicated user data physical channel and a control channel demodulator configured to demodulate a common control data channel of the first radio network based on the first down-converted signal.
Radio communication system, radio base station apparatus, machine communication terminal and radio communication method
The present invention is designed to make it possible to reduce the cost required for a machine communication terminal when the network domain of the machine communication system employs an lte system. With the radio communication method of the present invention, a radio base station apparatus allocates downlink signals to a machine communication terminal in a predetermined cycle and transmits the allocated downlink signals to the machine communication terminal, and the machine communication terminal receives downlink signals from the radio base station apparatus in the predetermined cycle and demodulates the downlink signals received in the predetermined cycle..
Reciprocal mixing noise cancellation in the presence of a modulated blocker
A method for reciprocal-mixing noise cancellation may include receiving, from a first mixer, a first signal comprising a wanted signal at a first frequency and a modulated signal at a second frequency. The modulated signal may be a product of a reciprocal-mixing of an unwanted signal with a phase noise.
Plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus
Disclosed is a plasma processing method which includes a gas supplying process, a power supplying process, and an etching process. In the gas supplying process, a processing gas is supplied into a processing container in which an object to be processed is disposed.
Oscillating combustor
An oscillating combustor may support a time-sequenced combustion reaction having rich and lean phases. The rich and lean phases may be determined according to a flame position relative to a diverging fuel jet.
Modulators of 4-1bb and immune responses
The invention provides peptides and fragments, methods and uses based upon modulating the binding or interaction between 4-1bb and galectins such as galectin-9. Modulating such binding or interaction between 4-1bb and a galectin, such as galectin 9.
Sumoylation of serca2a and cardiovascular disease
Methods for treating cardiovascular disease, and in particular heart failure, are provided comprising administering a therapeutically effective amount of a modulator of serca2a post-translation modification such as sumoylation or acetylation. Also provided are methods of treating cardiovascular disease by inhibiting serca2a degradation.
Recovering data from quadrature phase shift keying modulated optical signals
Systems, devices and techniques for processing received qpsk modulated optical signals include sampling the received signal at twice the baud rate, thereby producing samples that are then processed as 9-qam symbols using a decision directed least squares optimization method. Data bits are then recovered from the resulting symbol estimates.
Method for generating an optimized return-to-zero pulse shape against aggressive optical filtering and an optical transmitter implementing the method
An optical transmitter comprises: first and second sets of optical in-phase and quadrature modulators; an integrable tunable laser assembly; a first polarization beam splitter that is configured to divide the continuous-waveform optical signal into a x-polarized tributary and a y-polarized tributary, each of the x-polarized tributary and the y-polarized tributary is modulated by one of the first and second sets of optical in-phase and quadrature modulators in accordance with the two respective input signals; a second polarization beam splitter that is configured to combine the modulated x-polarized tributary and the modulated y-polarized tributary into one optical signal; and an optical modulator that is configured to modulate the combined optical signal using a driving voltage, wherein the driving voltage has a bias point that is reduced by a predefined offset from a predefined reference voltage level.. .
Optical output device and method for contorolling an optical transmitter
Since it is difficult to emit a control a iq modulator emitting modulated lightwave according to qam format without signal degradation of said emitted signal due to low frequency dither used for the control of said modulator, a method for controlling an optical transmitter according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes: generating a multilevel electrical signal by means of combining two or more binary electrical signals, where said multilevel signal is used to drive the modulator of adding a low frequency dither signal on several of the binary electrical signals, wherein the phase of the added dither signal depends on the value of the binary signal to which it is added; tapping a portion of light after the modulator and generating a monitor signal from the tapped light; controlling the modulator according to the monitor signal.. .
Uni-fiber lasercom terminal design
A method, system, and apparatus for a uni-fiber laser communications (lasercom) terminal are disclosed herein. The apparatus includes an oscillator to generate a first signal having a first wavelength, and a modulator to modulate the first signal.
System and method for measuring the phase of a modulated optical signal
The invention is related to phase detection in lidar systems using single photon detectors (spds). The frequency at which the spds are time gated is related to but not an integer multiple of the frequency of the transmitted optical pulses.
Amplifier for electrostatic transducers
A class d audio amplifier which provides both an alternating signal and a dc bias voltage to an electrostatic transducer (9). The amplifier comprises an input module (1) for generating a modulated sequence of pulses in response to an input audio signal, and an output module (3) for amplifying the sequence of pulses, which includes high speed switching output transistors (4, 5).
Ultrasonic speaker system
An ultrasonic speaker system has a first variable gain block, a modulation block, a second variable gain block, an ultrasonic actuator, and a controller, wherein the controller controls gain of the first variable gain block so that a modulation degree of a modulated signal becomes a predetermined value, and when the controller raises the gain of the first variable gain block, the controller lowers the gain of the second variable gain block, while when the controller lowers the gain of the first variable gain block, the controller raises the gain of the second variable gain block.. .
A system and method for inferring schematic and topological properties of an electrical distribution grid
A system and method for inferring schematic and topological properties of an electrical distribution grid is provided. The system may include remote hubs, subordinate remotes, a substation receiver, and an associated computing platform and concentrator.
Isolation communication technology using coupled oscillators/antennas
The present subject matter discusses, among other things, electrical isolation, and more particularly wireless electrical isolation methods and apparatus. In an example, an electrical isolator can include a transmit circuit including a transmit antenna, and a receive circuit including a receive antenna.
Cooling device equiped with a thermoelectric sensor
A cooling device of a component includes at least one channel in which a first cooling fluid flows designed to cool a hot area of the component. It further includes a thermoelectric module configured to measure a temperature difference between the hot area of the component and the channel, and a control circuit configured to modulate the flowrate of the first cooling fluid in the channel according to the temperature difference..
Phase modulation apparatus
A phase modulation apparatus has a light source outputting continuous light, two phase modulators, and an intensity modulator. The phase modulation apparatus is provided with an rz phase modulation circuit, in which the phase modulators phase-modulate the continuous light from the light source with data signals input to the phase modulators and generate two phase modulation optical signals, a phase shifter shifts the phase of one phase modulation optical signal by π/2, and an intensity modulator intensity-modulates a multiplexed signal, combined with the other phase modulation optical signal, with an input clock signal clk to convert the signal into an rz signal, and, thus, to output the rz signal, and a phase control circuit which adjusts the phases of the phase modulation optical signals generated by the phase modulator of the rz phase modulation circuit so that the output of the rz phase modulation circuit is maximum..
Lossless hyperspectral imaging
Techniques for hyperspectral imaging using a spatial light modulator having a plurality of pixels, including encoding electromagnetic radiation incident a first pixel at a first location and a second pixel at a second location into a first modulated signal having a first modulation frequency and a second modulated signal having a second modulation frequency, the first modulation frequency being different than the second modulation frequency. A sum of intensities of at least the first modulated signal and the second modulated signal is measured at a plurality of optical frequencies and a transform is applied to the sum to obtain an intensity of electromagnetic radiation incident each of the first location and the second location for each of the plurality of optical frequencies..
A lidar includes cw laser light sources that oscillate cw laser light rays with wavelengths different from each other; an optical multiplexing coupler that mixes the cw laser light rays oscillated by the cw laser light sources; an optical branching coupler that splits the cw laser light passing through the mixing by the optical multiplexing coupler; a light modulator that modulates first cw laser light split by the optical branching coupler; and an optical fiber amplifier that amplifies the laser light modulated by the light modulator, in which a transmit-receive optical system irradiates a target with the laser light amplified by the optical fiber amplifier, and receives scattered light of the laser light by the target.. .
Eye fixation system and method
An eye fixation system for attention-attracting fixation of a user's eye includes an audio system configured to play sound based on audio signals to be audible to a user so as to attract the user's attention, and a target display system configured to communicate with the audio system to receive the audio signals and to display an optical target to be viewed by the user. The target display system includes an optical modulator configured to modulate the optical target based on the audio signals.
Apparatus converting input value to control value, driving pixel based on control value, and modulating light
In an apparatus for modulating light, an spatial light modulator includes a plurality of pixels and configured to modulate input light in response to a drive voltage for each of the pixels. An input value setting unit is configured to set an input value for the each of pixels.
Touch-sensitive display devices
We describe a touch sensitive image display device including: an image projector to project a displayed image onto a surface; a touch sensor light source to project a plane of light above the displayed image; a camera to capture a touch sense image from light scattered from the plane of light by an approaching object; and a signal processor to process the touch sense image to identify a location of the object. The touch sensor light source is amplitude modulated, and signal processor is further configured to process a plurality of the touch sense images captured when said touch sensor light source is off to compensate for ambient light in a touch sense image captured when the touch sensor light source is on..
Loss prevention system
A loss prevention system comprises a protected article and a receiver. The protected article and the receiver are located in the same room.
Method and system for quantifying hepatic fat in humans
A probe unit (100) including a magnet (102, 103) generates a static magnetic b0 field in an examination region and a rf coil (105). An input-output module (201) includes a transmitter (203) which controls the rf coil (105) to excite resonance and cause echoes (210) and a receiver (204) which demodulates and digitizes the echoes (210).
Led driving device
An led driving device has a first constant current source circuit and a voltage control circuit. The first constant current source outputs a first constant current to a first node and the first constant current flows into a first led module disposed between a driving node and the first node; wherein, the first constant current source circuit has a first detection node for generating a first detection signal in response to the voltage level of the first node.
Led drive circuit with a programmable input for led lighting
A led drive circuit according to the present invention comprises a controller and a programmable signal. The controller generates a switching signal coupled to switch a magnetic device for generating an output current to drive a plurality of leds.
Wireless inductive power transfer
A power transmitter (101) transfers power to a power receiver (105) using a wireless inductive power signal. The power transmitter (101) comprises an inductor (103) for providing the power signal and a power signal generator (207) for driving the inductor (103) to provide the power signal.
Systems and methods for controlling multistage electronic controlled gas valves
Disclosed herein are exemplary embodiments of an electronic control unit for controlling an electronic controlled multistage gas valve (mgv) for adjusting gas flow to a gas fired appliance. In an exemplary embodiment, an electronic control unit generally includes an integrated furnace control (ifc) unit, a multistage gas valve control (mgvc) unit electronically coupled to the ifc unit, and a coil electronically coupled to the mgvc unit.
Installation for depositing films onto a substrate
An installation, comprising a chamber comprising two ends, a transport unit and a support unit which introduce a two-sided substrate into the chamber, a stabilized high-voltage high-frequency power supply of at least 200 kw, comprising an hf transformer comprising a primary and a secondary circuit connected to terminals, at least two electrodes being connected to the terminals of the secondary circuit, said electrodes being placed on each side of the substrate, at least one dielectric barrier placed between the at least two electrodes; a power supply regulation/control unit placed upstream of the hf transformer that is capable of increasing an active power/reactive power ratio, an introducing unit for introducing at least one reactive substance into the chamber, and an extracting unit for extracting residual substances, wherein an adjustable inductor is placed in the secondary circuit of the transformer in parallel with a circuit comprising the at least two electrodes, and the adjustable inductor enables a phase shift between a voltage generated between the electrodes and a total current delivered by the high-voltage source to be modulated, and the power supply regulation/control unit, placed on the primary circuit of the transformer, and/or a unit for controlling the inductor being capable of generating harmonics extending a time during which a current flows between the electrodes, wherein the installation is suitable for depositing a film onto an inorganic substrate.. .
Distributed acoustic monitoring via time-sheared incoherent frequency domain reflectometry
A system and method to obtain an acoustic signal from a borehole penetrating the earth are described. The system includes a modulated single frequency incoherent light source to output a modulated light signal.
Air charge system and method for an internal combustion engine
An air charge system for an internal combustion engine may include a charge path having a charge inlet configured to receive air, and a charge outlet configured to convey air to an intake of the internal combustion engine; a first compressor in the charge path, the first compressor being driven by a motor and configured to receive the air from the charge inlet and increase temperature, pressure and volumetric flow rate of the air in the charge path; a first valve in the charge path downstream of the first compressor configured to divert at least a portion of the air leaving the first compressor from exiting the charge path through the charge outlet; and a controller configured to modulate at least one of the first valve and a speed of the motor to adjust a volumetric flow rate of air leaving the charge outlet.. .
Satellite broadcasting and communication transmitting method and apparatus operable in broad signal to noise ratio (snr) environment
Provided is a technology applicable to a broad signal to noise ratio (snr) environment for a satellite communication and broadcasting service, including a mapper to modulate a forward error correction frame based on a predetermined constellation, a physical layer header processor to add a physical layer header to the modulated forward error correction frame, a physical layer frame spreader to spread a physical layer frame of the modulated forward error correction frame, and a physical layer scrambler to scramble the added physical layer header and the spread physical layer frame.. .
Apparatus for transmitting a broadcast signal, apparatus for receiving a broadcast signal, and method for transmitting/receiving a broadcast signal using an apparatus for transmitting/receiving a broadcast signal
Disclosed is an apparatus for transmitting a broadcast signal, an apparatus for receiving a broadcast signal, and a method for transmitting/receiving a broadcast signal using an apparatus for transmitting/receiving broadcast signal. A method for transmitting a broadcast signal according to the present invention comprises the steps of: generating a first plp which includes an ip stream having at least one service component; signaling ip-plp mapping information for linking the ip stream and the plp in binary form and generating a second plp which includes the signaled binary information; performing fec-encoding and bit-interleaving on the first and second plps; generating a transmission frame including the first and second bit-interleaved plps; and modulating the transmission frame and transmitting a broadcast signal including the modulated transmission frame, wherein the ip-plp mapping information includes ip information for identifying the ip stream and plp information for identifying the plp..
Systems and methods of performing noise modulation and gain adjustment
A method includes receiving a first value of a mixing factor. The first value corresponds to a first portion of an audio signal received at an audio encoder.
Setpoint adjustment-based duty cycling
A facility for performing setpoint adjustment-based duty cycling techniques by adjusting the setpoint of a device or component is described. The facility reduces energy consumption for a system, such as an hvac system, or device by adjusting or modulating an associated setpoint or temperature setting.
Liquid ejection device and liquid ejection surgical instrument
A liquid ejection device includes a drive waveform generator generating a drive waveform signal; a modulator performing pulse modulation on a signal from the drive waveform generator to provide a modulated signal; a digital power amplifier performing power amplification on the modulated signal to provide an amplified digital signal; a lowpass filter smoothing the amplified digital signal to provide a drive signal of an actuator; a compensator advancing the phase of the drive signal to provide a negative feedback signal; and a subtractor providing a differential signal between the drive waveform signal and the negative feedback signal as an input signal to the modulator. The liquid ejection device can be used as a liquid ejection surgical instrument..
Modified and derivatized ß-glucan compounds, compositions, and methods
Modified and/or derivativized β-glucans with an enhanced capacity to modulate human immune response as compared to the parent, unmodified and/or underivatized β-glucans are demonstrated.. .
Targets for treatment of er stress
The embodiments of the invention provide for genetic, chemical or dietary interventions that modulate hepatic phospholipid synthesis and/or endoplasmic reticulum (er) calcium homeostasis function. More specifically, the present invention addresses modulation of the lipid composition of the hepatic stressed er and/or improvement of the hepatic er calcium metabolism to reduce er stress and thus treat type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, atherosclerosis, inflammation, and/or dislipidemia..
Tricyclic compound derivatives useful in the treatment of neoplastic diseases, inflammatory disorders and immunomodulatory disorders
Or a stereoisomer, tautomer, salt, hydrate or prodrug thereof that modulate tyrosine kinase activity, compositions comprising the compounds and methods of their use.. .
Pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridin-4-yl-amines and pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyrimidin-5-yl-amines as janus kinase inhibitors
The present invention provides pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine-4-yl amines pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyrimidin-4-yl amines that modulate the activity of janus kinases and are useful in the treatment of diseases related to activity of janus kinases including, for example, immune-related diseases and cancer.. .
Methods for inhibiting muscle atrophy
In one aspect, the invention relates to methods for treating muscle atrophy by providing to an animal in need thereof an effective amount of a compound. The compound can modulate the expression levels of multiple mrna of a muscle atrophy signature.
Method of modulating stress-activated protein kinase system
Disclosed are methods of modulating a stress activated protein kinase (sapk) system with an active compound, wherein the active compound exhibits low potency for inhibition of at least one p38 mapk; and wherein the contacting is conducted at a sapk-modulating concentration that is at a low percentage inhibitory concentration for inhibition of the at least one p38 mapk by the compound. Also disclosed are derivatives of pirfenidone.
Quantitative genomics of the relaxation response
Disclosed herein are assays for and methods of monitoring the relaxation response in a subject by measuring the expression level of one or more genes that are modulated in a relaxation response. Primers, probes and kits for use in the assays and methods are also provided..
Relay device
A relay device relays transmittance of information between a wire communication line and a wireless communication line. The relay device includes: a modulation unit which modulates information to be transmitted into an electrical signal; and a control unit which controls an operation of the modulation unit.
Stress tolerant bifidobacteria
The present invention relates in general to the field of bifidobacteria. In particular, the present invention relates to the field of bifidobacteria with a modulated stress resistance.
Anti-viral compounds
Disclosed herein are compounds and related compositions for the treatment of viral infection, including rna viral infection, and compounds that can modulate the rig-i pathway in vertebrate cells, including compounds that can activate the rig-i pathway.. .
Anti-viral compounds
Disclosed herein are compounds and related compositions for the treatment of viral infection, including rna viral infection, and compounds that can modulate the rig-i pathway in vertebrate cells, including compounds that can activate the rig-i pathway.. .
Pd-1 antagonists and methods for treating infectious disease
Methods and compositions for treating an infection or disease that results from (1) failure to elicit rapid t cell mediated responses, (2) induction of t cell exhaustion, t cell anergy or both, or (3) failure to activate monocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells and/or other apcs, for example, as required to kill intracellular pathogens. The method and compositions solve the problem of undesired t cell inhibition by binding to and blocking pd-1 to prevent or reduce inhibitory signal transduction, or by binding to ligands of pd-1 such as pd-l1, thereby preventing (in whole or in part) the ligand from binding to pd-1 to deliver an inhibitory signal.
Time segment based software defined radio system
A modulated signal is demodulated to obtain a modulation signal. The modulated signal is contained within an input signal.
Multi-user mimo receiver and method for receiving data units over a wideband channel
A multiple-input multiple output (mimo) receiver includes circuitry to receive a mimo transmission through a plurality of antennas over a channel comprising two or more 20 mhz portions of bandwidth. The mimo transmission comprises a plurality of streams, each transmitted over a corresponding spatial channel and configured for reception by multiple user stations.
Transmission method for dual digital signal through single antenna, transmitter for dual digital signal through single antenna and receiving method for dual digital signal through single antenna
Disclosed is a method of transmitting dual digital signals through a single antenna. The method includes receiving, by a transmitter, a first data stream and a second data stream which use the same carrier frequency, modulating, by the transmitter, each of the first data stream and the second data stream, lowering, by the transmitter, a power level of the modulated second data stream, combining, by the transmitter, the modulated first data stream and the second data stream with the lowered power level, and transmitting, by the transmitter, the added first data stream and second data stream to a single antenna in the same channel..
Power tracker for multiple transmit signals sent simultaneously
Techniques for generating a power tracking supply voltage for a circuit (e.g., a power amplifier) are disclosed. The circuit may process multiple transmit signals being sent simultaneously on multiple carriers at different frequencies.
System and method for scrambling the phase of the carriers in a multicarrier communications system
A system and method that scrambles the phase characteristic of a carrier signal are described. The scrambling of the phase characteristic of each carrier signal includes associating a value with each carrier signal and computing a phase shift for each carrier signal based on the value associated with that carrier signal.
Vehicular power line communication system and slave apparatus
In a master apparatus, a reference device generates a reference signal, a power feeding signal generation portion divides or multiples a frequency of the reference signal to generate a power feeding signal, a first communication carrier generation portion divides or multiples the frequency of the reference signal to generate a first communication carrier, a communication signal generation portion generates a communication signal, and a superimposition portion superimposes the communication signal on the power feeding signal. In a slave apparatus, a separation portion separates the superimposition signal into a power feeding signal and a communication signal, a second communication carrier generation portion divides or multiples a frequency of the power feeding signal separated by the separation portion to generate a second communication carrier, and a modulation and demodulation portion modulates and demodulates a data communication signal to be communicated with the master apparatus using the second communication carrier..
Low power transmitter for generating pulse modulated signals
Described herein are an apparatus, system, and method for generating pulse modulated (pwm) signals. The apparatus (e.g., input-output transmitter) comprises: an edge detector to detect one of a rising or falling edges of a clock signal; a counter to count up or down in response to detecting one of the rising or falling edges of the clock signal, the counter to generate a select signal; and a control unit to receive a data signal for transmission to a receiver and to generate a pwm signal as output according to a value of the select signal and the data signal, wherein the receiver and the transmitter are a mobile industry processor interface (mipi®) m-physm receiver and transmitter..
System and method for data scrambling to reduce the crest factor in an ofdm waveform
A method is provided for reducing the peak power level in a combination of orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) tones. The method is particularly effective when the information to be communicated is digital data consisting of long patterns of “1”s or “0”s.
Systems and methods for digital processing of satellite communications data
A digital payload for processing a sub-band spectrum received on an uplink beam at a communications satellite includes a digital channelizer, a digital switch matrix and a digital combiner. The digital channelizer divides the sub-band spectrum into a plurality of frequency slices that can be routed by the digital switch matrix to any of a number of receiving ports.
Optical head-mounted display with mechanical one-dimensional scanner
An optical head-mounted display includes an eyeglass frame, a holographic optical element supported by the eyeglass frame to be confronted by an eye of a wearer, and a projector mounted on the eyeglass frame to project image information on the holographic optical element. The projector includes a led light source, a beam-splitting polarizer, a spatial light modulator, a lens set and a mechanical one-dimensional scanner.
Novel lithographic method with the capability of spectrum engineering to create complex microstructures
The present invention relates to a method for microstructuring a substrate. In the method according to the invention a substrate with a region to be structured is provided, and then by applying colloid spheres into this region, a colloid sphere monolayer is formed.
Color image capture system and method for light modulation
A color image capture systems comprised of: a lens 110; a light sensitive sensor 114; a first wavelength dependent mask 120 located on an optical path 128 between the lens and sensor, wherein the first wavelength dependent mask 120 includes a first attenuation pattern for modulation of a light field; and a second wavelength dependent mask 130, wherein the second wavelength dependent mask includes a second attenuation pattern to modulate the modulated light field from the first wavelength dependent mask, the second wavelength dependent mask located on the optical path 128 between the first wavelength dependent mask and the sensor, further wherein the second wavelength dependent mask is separated from the sensor by a distance d.. .

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