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Modulate patents

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Method and apparatus for optimization of wireless multipoint electromagnetic communication networks

Structured light system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Modulate-related patents
 Rate adaptive irregular qc-ldpc codes from pairwise balanced designs for ultra-high-speed optical transports patent thumbnailnew patent Rate adaptive irregular qc-ldpc codes from pairwise balanced designs for ultra-high-speed optical transports
Systems and methods for data transport include encoding one or more streams of input data using one or more quasi-cyclic low density parity check (qc-ldpc) encoders; controlling irregularity of the qc-ldpc encoded data while preserving the quasi-cyclic nature of the ldpc encoded data and eliminating the error floor phenomenon. A parity-check matrix may be partially reconfigured to adapt one or more code rates; and one or more signals are generated using a mapper, wherein the output of the mapper is modulated onto a transmission medium.
 Systems and methods of data transmission and management patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods of data transmission and management
Data communications systems and methods comprise a conductive media infrastructure in communication with a baseband data universe propagating at least one first signal and a broadband data universe propagating at least one second signal. At least one segmentation device is in communication with the conductive media infrastructure and partitions the broadband data universe from the baseband data universe.
 Communication system and communication device patent thumbnailnew patent Communication system and communication device
A communication system has a first communication device, and a second communication device that conducts wireless communication the first communication device. The first communication device has a first transmitter that transmits a signal to the second communication device while modulating the signal, and a first transmission controller that controls the first transmitter.
 Systems and methods for real time sound effect modulation based on attitude variations patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for real time sound effect modulation based on attitude variations
Provided are systems and methods for real time sound effect modulation based on attitude variations. The system may include one or more position sensors installed on a moving object, with the position sensors reporting positional data associated with the moving object.
 Methods and apparatus for transcranial stimulation patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and apparatus for transcranial stimulation
The present invention provides systems, apparatus and methods for applying electric current to neurons in the brain to treat disorders and to improve motor and/or memory functions in a patient. In a method according to the invention, an electrode is positioned adjacent to and spaced from the skin surface of the patient's head and an electric current is applied through the electrode to a target region in the brain to modulate one or more neurons in the target region.
 Engineered nucleic acids and methods of use thereof for non-human vertebrates patent thumbnailnew patent Engineered nucleic acids and methods of use thereof for non-human vertebrates
Provided are formulations, compositions, kits and methods for delivering biological moieties such as modified nucleic acids into cells to induce, reduce or modulate protein expression in non-human vertebrates.. .
 Certain chemical entities, compositions and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Certain chemical entities, compositions and methods
Chemical entities that modulate pi3 kinase activity, and chemical entities, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of treatments of diseases and conditions associated with p13 kinase activity are described herein.. .
 Cannabinoid receptor modulators patent thumbnailnew patent Cannabinoid receptor modulators
Provided are certain methods useful in the treatment of pain comprising administering a compound of formula ia and pharmaceutical compositions thereof that modulate the activity of the cannabinoid cb2 receptor;. .
 Biomarkers for psoriasis patent thumbnailnew patent Biomarkers for psoriasis
A group of polypeptides that are modulated in a psoriatic sample as compared to a normal sample is provided. These polypeptides can be used as biomarkers for diagnosis and monitoring treatment of psoriasis..
 Method and apparatus for optimization of wireless multipoint electromagnetic communication networks patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for optimization of wireless multipoint electromagnetic communication networks
An apparatus is provided. The apparatus comprises: transceiver hardware that is capable of receiving data utilizing multiple simultaneously-received polarization diverse or spatial diverse channels and includes at least one receiver wireless element that is orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-capable and at least one transmitter wireless element; and circuitry capable of working in association with the transceiver hardware.
new patent Information transmission method, user equipment and base station
The present invention discloses an information transmission method, a user equipment and a base station. The method includes: receiving indication signaling that is sent by a base station and includes a sequence group offset value, where the sequence group offset value is used to adjust a sequence group number of a sequence group used by a user equipment for sending a sequence modulated signal; and determining the sequence group number according to the sequence group offset value.
new patent Method for identifying agents that inhibit cell migration, promote cell adhesion and prevent metastasis
Disclosed are methods for identification of agents that modulate cell attachment, cell migration and cell viability. Cancer and primary cells adhered to a matrix are treated with agent(s) that modulate actrii signaling and cell adhesion.
new patent Incised composite material for selective, multispectral reflection
Geometrically incised fabrics that control reflectance and transmission in the visible, thermal, nir, swir, and microwave/millimeter bands of the electromagnetic spectrum are provided. The incised fabrics include incised flaps that move about a hinged attachment portion into open and closed configurations.
new patent Compositions and methods for treating organ dysfunction
A method of retarding cellular senescence comprising (i) providing an extracellular matrix (ecm) composition comprising ecm from an adolescent tissue source, the ecm comprising an exogenously added cytokine, and (ii) administering ecm composition to an organ with cells exhibiting cellular senescence, wherein, the cytokine interacts with at least one molecule in the ecm composition and modulates ros production of the cells, whereby, the cellular senescence is abated.. .
new patent Dual pump/dual bypass fuel pumping system
An example dual pump/dual bypass fuel pumping assembly may include a dual bypass valve including a first inlet port, a second inlet port, and a movable spool arranged to modulate fuel flow from the first inlet port to a first bypass port and a first discharge port and arranged to modulate fuel flow from the second inlet port to a second bypass port and a second discharge port based on a position of the movable spool; a first pump arranged to supply fuel to the first inlet port; a second pump arranged to supply fuel to the second inlet port; a supply header arranged to supply fuel to the first pump and the second pump; a bypass header fluidically coupled to the first bypass port, the second bypass port, and the supply header; and/or a discharge header fluidically coupled to the first discharge port and the second discharge port.. .
new patent Systems for differential optical signaling
According to one embodiment, a system for transmitting differential optical signals can include an optical modulation device, a multi-core optical waveguide, and a balanced optical receiver. The optical modulation device can include at least one optical input port and multiple optical output ports.
new patent Method and apparatus providing wave division multiplexing optical communication system with active carrier hopping
A wave division multiplexing (wdm) system is disclosed which accommodates shifts in the resonant frequency of optical modulators by using at least two carriers per optical communications channel and at least two resonant modulator circuits respectively associated with the carriers within each optical modulator. A first resonant modulator circuit resonates with a first carrier and a second resonates with a second carrier when there is a shift in resonance frequency of the at least two resonant optical modulator circuits.
new patent Multidimensional coded-modulation for high-speed optical transport over few-mode fibers
Systems and methods for data transport are provided which encode streams of data using low density parity check (ldpc) encoders and map data streams to symbols, by assigning bits of symbols to a signal constellation and associating bits with constellation points. Constellation points are generated using a d-dimensional optimum signal constellation design (oscd) method.
new patent Optical transmitter
Disclosed is an optical transceiver 1 including a phase locked loop circuit 3a configured to receive a reference clock cl1 and remove a jitter component of the reference clock cl1; a second phase locked loop circuit 3b configured to receive an output of the first phase locked loop circuit, generate a multiplied clock cl3 synchronized with the output, and when the frequency of the output deviates from a predetermined range and is in an abnormal state, output an alarm signal alm1; and an optical transmitter module 5 configured to output an optical output signal modulated based on the multiplied clock cl3 and electrical signals d1, d2, d3, and d4 from the outside.. .
new patent Electronic device
Provided is an electronic device including a plurality of oscillators (12) each of which outputs a modulated wave of a parametric speaker, a display (40) that displays image data, a recognition unit (30) that recognizes positions of a plurality of users, and a control unit (20) that controls the oscillator (12) to reproduce audio data associated with the image data, the control unit (20) controls the oscillator (12) to reproduce the audio data, according to a volume or a quality which are set for each user, toward the position of each user which is recognized by the recognition unit (30).. .
new patent Signal generating method and signal generating device
A transmission method for transmitting a first modulated signal and a second modulated signal in the same frequency at the same time. Each signal has been modulated according to a different modulation scheme.
new patent Methods and apparatus for wlan transmission
In a method for generating a phy data unit for transmission via a communication channel, a modulation scheme is selected from a plurality of modulation schemes, information bits are encoded to generate encoded data using one or more encoders, and an interleaving parameter ncol is selected using the selected modulation scheme. Ncol varies for different modulation schemes.
new patent Laser projection device and method for manipulating the same
A method for manipulating a laser projection device is provided. A laser projection device comprising a laser source, a driving module and a scanning mirror module is provided.
new patent Wireless communication system, base station, and mobile station
A wireless communication system includes a base station (100) and a mobile station (200) that transmit/receive a data signal and a control signal. The base station (100) includes a control unit (100a) and a communication unit (100b).
new patent System and method for signaling and transmitting uplink reference signals
A system and method for signaling and transmitting uplink reference signals are provided. A method for communications controller operations includes signaling information about a set of sequence groups to a first communications device, where the first communications device uses a sequence in the set of sequence groups to modulate a reference signal.
new patent Managing interference in a network
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. In one configuration, the apparatus may be a ue.
new patent Opportunistic interference alignment for multi-cell multi-user uplink
A ue receives information indicating a receive direction vector for a serving bs and a set of receive direction vectors for at least one interfering bs. The ue determines a channel between the ue and the serving bs and a set of channels between the ue and each of the at least one interfering bs.
new patent Energy conversion architecture with secondary side control delivered across transformer element
A switched mode power converter is configured having predominate secondary side control. A primary side driving circuit is configured as a responsive state machine the output of which is input as the driving signal for a main switch.
new patent Rectified high frequency power supply with low total harmonic distortion (thd)
A method and apparatus that performs ac to dc power conversions without creating significant 50 or 60 hz harmonic currents and voltage distortions on the ac power source conductors thus minimizing the need for ancillary harmonic filtering of 50 or 60 hz harmonics. The method and apparatus is embodied in a circuit that first performs balanced modulation on a 50 hz or 60 hz power voltage converting it to a higher frequency, then subsequently passing the resulting wave through a step-up transformer to produce a higher voltage wave and finally rectifying and filtering the higher voltage wave to produce a dc voltage.
new patent Optical guidance systems and methods using mutually distinct signal-modifying sensors
In an embodiment, a guidance system determines a location parameter of an object, and includes: at least one oscillating element located at the object for emitting modulated optical radiation; at least two mutually distinct signal-modifying electro-optical sensors, each of the electro-optical sensors having a detector and a demodulator for generating a demodulated electrical signal in response to detection of at least a portion of the modulated optical radiation; and a processor for determining the location parameter from the demodulated electrical signals. In another embodiment, a guidance system has aberration-corrected imaging and includes: a plurality of electro-optical sensors sharing a field of view and mutually distinctly providing a respective plurality of altered images therefrom; and an image generator module for linearly and non-linearly processing spatial frequency properties of the plurality of altered images to synthesize an aberration-corrected image for the imaging system..
new patent Projector for preventing thermal deterioration of a light shielding member
A projector includes: a light source device; an optical modulation device configured to modulate a luminous flux emitted from the light source device in accordance with image information, forming an image; a projection optical device configured to project the image; a shutter device including a light shielding plate which can move into and out of an optical path of the luminous flux ranging from the light source device to the optical modulation device, shields the luminous flux by the light shielding plate moving into the optical path; and a light control device which being disposed on the optical path's upstream side of the shutter device, changes the area of a light passage through which the luminous flux passes, controlling the quantity of the luminous flux.. .
new patent High directivity screens
A theater utilizes multiple projectors that are widely spaced. The wide spacing of the projectors reduces hot spotting that occurs on flat, curved, retro-reflective, and other types of screens.
new patent Structured light system
A structured light system based on a fast, linear array light modulator and an anamorphic optical system captures three-dimensional shape information at high rates and has strong resistance to interference from ambient light. A structured light system having a modulated light source offers improved signal to noise ratios.
new patent Concurrent driving capacitive touch sensing device and transmission system
There is provided a concurrent driving capacitive touch sensing device including a drive end, a capacitive sensing matrix and a detection end. The drive end simultaneously inputs encoded and modulated drive signals into a plurality of channels of the capacitive sensing matrix within each drive time slot of a frame.
new patent Capacitive touch sensing device and detection method thereof
There is provided a capacitive touch sensing device including a sensing element, a drive unit, a detection circuit and a processing unit. The sensing element has a first electrode and a second electrode configured to form a coupling capacitance therebetween.
new patent Electronic ballast-compatible lighting driver for light-emitting diode lamp
A lighting driver includes a rectifier having an input connected to receive ac electrical power from an electronic ballast and having an output connected to supply a current to a plurality of light emitting diodes (leds) arranged in series with each other in a string, and a switching device disposed at the output of the rectifier and configured to receive a switching control signal and in response thereto to execute a switching operation to modulate an amount of power supplied to the plurality of leds so as to cause an average of the power supplied to the plurality of leds to be equal to a target power level. A current sensor may be provided to sense the current, and a controller configured to control the switching operation of the switching device in response to the sensed current..
new patent Modulated supply stage with feedback to switched supply
There is disclosed a voltage supply stage comprising: a selection means for selecting one of a plurality of power supply voltages in dependence on a reference signal representing a desired power supply voltage; a combining means for combining the selected power supply voltage with a correction signal to generate an adjusted power supply voltage; and an adjusting means adapted to generate the correction signal in dependence on the reference signal and the adjusted power supply voltage, wherein the selection means is arranged to select the one of the plurality of supply voltages further in dependence on a signal derived from one of the inputs to the combining means.. .
new patent A strip-shaped gate-modulated tunneling field effect transistor and a preparation method thereof
The present invention discloses a strip-shaped gate-modulated tunneling field effect transistor and a preparation method thereof, belonging to a field of field effect transistor logic device and the circuit in cmos ultra large scale integrated circuit (ulsi). The tunneling field effect transistor includes a control gate, a gate dielectric layer, a semiconductor substrate, a highly-doped source region and a highly-doped drain region, where the highly-doped source region and the highly-doped drain region lie on both sides of the control gate, respectively, the control gate has a strip-shaped structure with a gate length greater than a gate width, and at one side thereof is connected to the highly-doped drain region and at the other side thereof extends laterally into the highly-doped source region; a region located below the control gate is a channel region; and the gate width of the control gate is less than twice width of a source depletion layer.
new patent Dual door fan air modulating valve
A fan air modulating valve (famv) employs a pair of doors rotatably attached at the fan bypass air exit of a precooler. An actuator engages the doors for simultaneous rotation through a range of motion from a first closed position to a second open position, wherein trailing edges of said doors sealingly engage an exit plenum extending from the precooler in the first closed position and fan bypass air flow is modulated by positioning the doors within the range of motion between the first and second positions..
new patent Methods and systems for humidity and pcv flow detection via an exhaust gas sensor
Methods and systems are provided for estimating a pcv flow to an engine based on the output of an exhaust gas oxygen sensor. During dfso conditions, a reference voltage of the sensor is modulated initially with an intake throttle open and then with the intake throttle closed.
new patent Methods and systems for humidity detection via an exhaust gas sensor
Various methods and system are described for determining ambient humidity via an exhaust gas sensor disposed in an exhaust system of a variable displacement engine. A reference voltage of a sensor coupled to an inactive engine bank is modulated between a first and second voltage to estimate ambient humidity.
new patent Methods and systems for humidity detection via an exhaust gas sensor
Various methods and system are described for determining ambient humidity via an exhaust gas sensor disposed in an exhaust system of an engine. In one example, a reference voltage of the sensor is modulated between a first and second voltage during non-fueling conditions of the engine.
System for stimulating bone growth, tissue healing and/or pain control, and method of use
A system for use in stimulating bone growth, tissue healing, and/or pain control is described. The system includes a screw, a battery, a controller, and means for connecting the battery such that current is routed from the battery through the screw and thence to a target area of interest requiring treatment.
Daily periodic target-zone modulation in the model predictive control problem for artificial pancreas for type i diabetes applications
A controller for an artificial pancreas for automated insulin delivery to patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus (t1dm) that enforces safe insulin delivery throughout both day and night, wherein the controller employs zone model predictive control, whereby real-time optimization, based on a model of a human's insulin response, is utilized to regulate blood glucose levels to a safe zone, and time-dependent zones that smoothly modulate the controller correction based on the time of day, wherein the controller strategically strives to maintain an 80-140 mg/dl glucose zone during the day, a 110-220 mg/dl zone at night, and a smooth transition of 2 hour duration in between.. .
Method and system for tissue modulation
A method of modulating tissue of an internal organ in vivo is disclosed. The method comprises: fixating the tissue on a shaped device so as to shape the tissue generally according to a shape of the device; and focusing radiation on the fixated tissue using a radiation-emitting system so as to modulate the tissue, wherein the radiation-emitting system is non-local with respect to the shaped device..
Radio frequency identification on mobile computing device
Method and system for providing radio frequency by using a mobile computing device. A mobile phone comprises a tag antenna and a motherboard integrated with a radio frequency front end module, a processor and a memory.
Communication system for spatially-encoded wireless communications
A method of spatially-encoded wireless transmission using a wireless communications device that is configured with an electromagnetic radiator involves applying a modulated carrier to one or more radiator elements of the electromagnetic radiator. The radiator elements are selected based on instantaneous samples of baseband information, and the modulated carrier is generated from the baseband information.
Method to control the effects of out-of-cell interference in a wireless cellular system using backhaul transmission of decoded data and formats
Successfully decoded data received from a mobile terminal as well as the transmission format of that data is relayed over the backhaul from a base station receiver that successfully decoded the mobile terminal's transmission to the base stations in the mobile terminal's active set that presumably were unable to decode the mobile terminal's transmission due to inadequate signal-to-noise ratio. A base station that receives this transmission from the relaying base station that did successfully decode and demodulate the mobile terminal's transmission is then able to reconstruct the data and subtract it from the total interference, thereby increasing the signal-to-noise ratio at this base station for its in-cell processing..
Methods of using cell-cycle inhibitors to modulate one or more properties of a cell culture
Methods of modulating the properties of a cell culture expressing a protein of interest are provided. In various embodiments the methods relate to the addition of cell cycle inhibitors to growing cell cultures..
Methods and compositions for enhancing proteasome activity
This invention relates to methods and compositions for enhancing proteasome activity in a cell. The methods and compositions for enhancing the activity of the proteasome in cells modulate the activity of ubp6 (yeast) or usp14 (human), an endogenous inhibitor of the proteasome.
New natural and synthetic compounds for treating cancer and other diseases
This invention provides a method of synthesizing new active compounds for pharmaceutical uses including cancer treatment, wherein the cancers comprise breast, leukocytic, liver, ovarian, bladder, prostatic, skin, bone, brain, leukemia, lung, colon, cns, melanoma, renal, cervical, esophageal, testicular, spleenic, kidney, lymphatic, pancreatic, stomach and thyroid cancers. This invention is an anti-adhesion therapy which uses the compound as a mediator or inhibitor of adhesion proteins and angiopoietins.
Anti-viral compounds
Disclosed herein are compounds and related compositions for the treatment of viral infection, including rna viral infection, and compounds that can modulate the rig-i pathway in vertebrate cells, including compounds that can activate the rig-i pathway.. .
Ddr1-binding agents and methods of use thereof
The present invention relates to ddr1 binding agents and methods of using the agents for treating diseases such as cancer. The present invention provides antibodies that specifically bind to an extracellular domain of ddr1 and modulate ddr1 activity.
Modulation of bio-electrical rhythms via a novel engineering approach
The present invention relates to novel compositions and methods to induce, and/of modulate bio-electrical rhythms (e.g. In cardiac, neuronal and pancreatic cells) by fine-tuning the activity of hcn-encoded pacemaker channels via a novel protein- and genetic-engineering approach to augment or attenuate the associated physiological responses (e.g.
Multi-mode fiber node
In a first configuration, circuitry of a fiber node may be configured to modulate an optical carrier by an analog upstream electrical signal received via the electrical network. In a second configuration, the circuitry may be configured to digitize the analog upstream electrical signal to generate a digitized upstream signal, and modulate the optical carrier with the digitized upstream signal.
Channel estimation in optical communication based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Techniques for optical communications using optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) include operating a signal transmitter to modulate laser light to produce modulated light that carries, in optical domain, ofdm subcarriers for carrying communication information, without a frequency guard band between the ofdm subcarriers, and pilot subcarriers for channel estimation at a signal receiver, each pilot subcarrier being free of communication information, and controlling optical power of the pilot subcarriers to vary with optical frequencies of the pilot subcarriers so that optical power of a pilot subcarrier at a high optical frequency is different from optical power of another pilot subcarrier at a low optical frequency.. .
Multimode multiplexing
A system includes a transmitter to multiplex a plurality of modulated optical signals and an unmodulated optical signal and to transmit the plurality of modulated optical signals and the unmodulated optical signal along a transmission path. The system also includes a receiver to de-multiplex each of the plurality of modulated optical signals and the unmodulated optical signal and to demodulate each of the plurality of modulated optical signals with the unmodulated optical signal to coherently detect a modulating signal from each of the plurality of modulated optical signals..
Terahertz temporal and spatial resolution imaging system, imaging method and application thereof
A terahertz temporal and spatial resolution imaging system is provided. The system includes: a sample placing rack; a detection crystal, located on the exit side of the sample placing rack; a pump light generating device, for generating a pump light to irradiate the test sample; a terahertz light generating device, for generating a terahertz light to irradiate the test sample, irradiate the detection crystal after obtaining information about the test sample, and modulate an index ellipsoid of the detection crystal; a detection light generating device, for generating a detection light to irradiate the detection crystal to detect the index ellipsoid of the detection crystal, thereby indirectly obtaining the information about the test sample; and an imaging apparatus, located in an optical path after the detection light passes through the detection crystal, for collecting terahertz images of the test sample..
Process and device for synthesis of an audio signal according to the playing of an instrumentalist that is carried out on a vibrating body
Process for synthesis of a synthesized audio signal, in which at least one audio signal of contact is produced for each excitation contact of a sequence of contacts carried out on a vibrating body (2). A partial attenuation signal of remanence is generated from at least one vibration signal representative of the vibration of the vibrating body (2) generated by at least one excitation contact, named partial contact, the partial attenuation signal of remanence being representative, of a partial attenuation of at least one remanent audio signal of contact, resulting from an excitation contact that is previous to said partial contact.
Method and apparatus for selective silencing of telephone ringing
A system and method for a selective ring silencer that prevents people from having to listen to the telephone ring on and on with nuisance calls. The ringer silencer can be: (1) discretely constructed from a telephone, (2) part of a telecommunication device, or (3) part of a central telephone network construction.
Systems, apparatus, and methods for receiving paging messages by creating fat paths in fast fading scenarios
This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus for receiving paging messages in fast fading scenarios. In one aspect, a method of demodulating a paging message during an assigned time slot by a wireless communications apparatus operating in an idle mode is provided.
Communication apparatus and communication method
A communication apparatus comprises an inserter that inserts an element having a value of 0 or nearly 0 into a predetermined position of a modulated signal to generate inserted data; an operator that adds a pilot signal comprising a data series of which the elements at the positions corresponding to the predetermined positions in the modulated signal are multiplied by a first amplitude coefficient and the elements other than the elements multiplied by the first amplitude coefficient are multiplied by a second amplitude coefficient to the inserted data to generate a post-operation data; an ifft unit that performs ifft on the post-operation data; and a transmitter that generates a baseband signal based on the post-operation data on which the ifft is performed and transmits a transmission signal generated from the baseband signal.. .
Broadband high efficiency amplifier system
Systems and methods are provided for generating a modulated radio frequency (rf) output signal representing a baseband input signal. A digitizer is configured to sample the baseband input signal and produce an n-bit binary digital signal representing a scaled linear function of the signal amplitude.
Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals
A method and an apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals thereof are disclosed. The method for transmitting broadcast signals comprises encoding dp (data pipe) data carrying at least one service, mapping the encoded dp data onto constellations, time interleaving the mapped dp data, building at least one signal frame including the time interleaved dp data, modulating data in the built at least one signal frame by an ofdm scheme and transmitting the broadcast signals having the modulated data, wherein the at least one signal frame includes emergency alert information..
Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals
The object of the present invention can be achieved by providing a method of transmitting broadcast signals including encoding data pipe, dp, data, wherein the encoding further includes forward error correction, fec, encoding the dp data, bit interleaving the fec encoded dp data and mapping the bit interleaved dp data onto constellations; building at least one signal frame by mapping the encoded dp data; and modulating data in the at least one built signal frame by an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, ofdm, method and transmitting the broadcast signals having the modulated data, wherein each of the at least one signal frame includes at least one preamble having repeated at least one signaling information.. .
Method and apparatus for wideband spectrum sensing using compressive sensing
Disclosed is a method for wideband spectrum sensing using compressive sensing, the method including: acquiring a sampling signal by applying a modulated wideband converter (mwc) to a received signal; and acquiring a restoration signal corresponding to the received signal by using a compressive sensing restoration algorithm from the sampling signal, and a mixing signal multiplied by the received signal at the time of applying the mwc, as a signal transformed from a first mixing signal having a periodic waveform, includes a second mixing signal to remove a partial frequency area from the received signal through the application of the mwc.. .
Wavelength modulation heterodyne light source
The present invention discloses a wavelength modulation heterodyne light source, which comprises: a modulation unit, a wavelength modulated light source and a birefringent crystal. The modulation unit produces a triangular or sine wave modulating signal, and transmits the modulating signal to the wavelength modulated light source to generate a wavelength modulated light signal, then the modulated light signal is refracted by the birefringent crystal with two different optical paths caused by the two different refractivity of the crystal to generate a heterodyne light.
Communications network transport node, optical add-drop multiplexer and method of routing communications traffic
A communications network transport node comprising an optical add-drop multiplexer (oadm), comprising optical signal processing apparatus, electrical signal routing apparatus, and a packet switch. Each optical signal processing apparatus comprises an optical input, an optical output, optical-to-electrical (o-e) signal conversion apparatus arranged to receive input optical channel signals and to convert each into an input radio frequency (rf) modulated electrical channel signal, and electrical to optical (e-o) signal conversion apparatus arranged to receive output rf modulated electrical channel signals and to convert each into an output optical channel signal.
Variable load driver with power message transfer
Representative implementations of devices and techniques provide a modulation arrangement for a control signal. The control signal is received as a digital value.
Wireless transmission device and wireless transmission method
A wireless transmission device includes a wireless reception unit which receives and demodulates a wireless frame in which a local area network (lan) signal including a timing packet and an error detection code are multiplexed and converted into a high-frequency wireless output signal from a wireless transmission path, separates the lan signal from the demodulated wireless frame, and calculates a wireless frame error rate by detecting a signal error of the wireless frame from the error detection code within the wireless frame, and a holdover switching unit which switches an operation mode from a timing reproduction mode in which a clock and a timing pulse are output based on a cycle and a phase reproduced from a timing packet included in the lan signal to a holdover mode in which a clock and a timing pulse are output based on a cycle and a phase saved at a normal time when the wireless frame error rate calculated by the wireless reception unit is greater than a first threshold value.. .
Method for transferring informational data
A method for transferring informational data in a passenger transportation device is provided. The passenger transportation device, comprises an informational system having output units, on which information, is output to the passengers.
Apparatus and method for mixed signal spread spectrum receiving technique
An apparatus and method for mixed signal spread spectrum receiving and spectrum aggregation in a receiver having at least one antenna respectively receiving at least one signal are provided. The method includes modulating the at least one signal received by the receiver with at least one unique orthogonal pseudorandom (pn) code, downconverting the at least one modulated signal into at least one baseband signal, combining the at least baseband signal into an overlaid baseband signal and filtering the overlaid baseband signal, converting the overlaid baseband signal from an analog signal into a digital baseband signal, splitting the digital baseband signal into a plurality of signal paths each having the entirety of the digital baseband signal, applying one of the at least one unique orthogonal pn code to each of the plurality of signal paths, and multiplexing the plurality of signal paths into a combined digital baseband signal..
Energy dissipating device for dc power supplies
An energy dissipating device configured to connect to a power supply and to dissipate excess energy from a direct current (dc) rail in response to a change in power supply settings or operating characteristics. The energy dissipating device is connected to the dc rail, which conducts current generated by an ac/dc converter to at least one dc/dc converter.
Video projection device and video projection method
A video projection device according to this disclosure is provided with a splitter having a first region including a plurality of segments and a second region including at least one segment and configured to split a light flux emitted from a light source into a plurality of light of colors in a time-divisional manner by having the light flux enter into each one of the segments, and a video display element configured to modulate the light of the colors based on a image signal to be input and to form a image, and a controller configured to calculate a light intensity and to control the light source based on a result of the calculation.. .
Method and system for diversity combining for high-performance signal reception
A terrestrial receiver at a premises includes a plurality of antennas and a corresponding plurality of tuners. The terrestrial receiver receives terrestrial television signals via the plurality of antennas and the plurality of tuners and diversity combines a corresponding plurality of terrestrial television channels within the received terrestrial television signals, for example, based on control signals received from one or more customer premises equipment (cpe).
Generating modulation patterns for the acquisition of multiscale information in received signals
A methodology for acquiring measurements of a signal at one or more scales of resolution, including: generating modulation patterns based on a predefined measurement matrix; modulating a received signal with the modulation patterns using the signal modulating array to obtain a modulated signal; and acquiring measurements of intensity of the modulated signal. Each modulation pattern is generated by: (a) selecting a corresponding row of the measurement matrix; (b) reordering elements of the selected row according to a permutation to obtain a reordered row; and (c) transferring the reordered row to the signal modulating array so that elements of the reordered row are mapped onto the signal modulating array.
Sensing pixel and image sensor including same
A depth-sensing pixel included in a three-dimensional (3d) image sensor includes: a photoelectric conversion device configured to generate an electrical charge by converting modulated light reflected by a subject; a capture transistor, controlled by a capture signal applied to the gate thereof, the photoelectric conversion device being connected to the drain thereof; and a transfer transistor, controlled by a transfer signal applied to the gate thereof, the source of the capture transistor being connected to the drain thereof, and a floating diffusion region being connected to the source thereof.. .
Apparatus for providing light source modulation in dual modulator displays
Dual modulator displays are disclosed incorporating a phosphorescent plate interposed in the optical path between a light source modulation layer and a display modulation layer. Spatially modulated light output from the light source modulation layer impinges on the phosphorescent plate and excites corresponding regions of the phosphorescent plate which in turn emit light having different spectral characteristics than the light output from the light source modulation layer.

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