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Mobile Phone patents


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 Nonlinear acoustic echo cancellation based on transducer impedance patent thumbnailNonlinear acoustic echo cancellation based on transducer impedance
An acoustic echo cancellation (aec) system within an audio playback system of an electronic device, such as a mobile phone, may calculate an estimation of an acoustic echo based on parameters describing the transducer reproducing the audio playback signals. Those parameters may include, for example, a resistance and/or inductance of the transducer and a current through and/or a voltage across the transducer.
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd.

 Mobile phone patent thumbnailMobile phone
A mobile phone includes: a display comprising a touch panel; and at least one processor coupled to the display and touch panel, wherein the at least one processor is configured to: in response to an incoming call from another telephone, display in a first area of the display a first image that is associated with the incoming call; display a first input instruction in a second area of the display simultaneously with the display of the first image in the first area; determine whether a user of the mobile phone has provided a first touch input on the display in accordance with the first input instruction, if it is determined that the user has provided the first touch input, display on the display a first graphical input image and a second graphical input image, wherein the first and second graphical input images replace the first input instruction on the display, determine if the first graphical input image or the second graphical input image has been selected by the user using the touch panel, if it is determined that the first graphical input image has been selected by the user, control the mobile phone to answer the incoming call, and if it is determined that the second graphical input image has been selected by the user, control the mobile phone so that the incoming call is not answered.. .
Kyocera Corporation

 Cordless phone apparatus, cordless phone system, and  transferring data patent thumbnailCordless phone apparatus, cordless phone system, and transferring data
Slave device information transmitter (127) of the present disclosure transmits slave device information to a mobile phone. Slave device transfer data receiver (122) receives slave device transfer data from the mobile phone, and stores the slave device transfer data in storage (103).
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Photon data transmission method and transmission device for mobile terminal, and photon data receiving device patent thumbnailPhoton data transmission method and transmission device for mobile terminal, and photon data receiving device
The present disclosure discloses a photon data transmission method and device for a mobile terminal, where to-be-transmitted data is encoded by tuning a light luminance intensity combination so as to send more information and improve security. Preferably, before encoding, luminance of a flash is controlled and data of a specific information amount is sent, and a photonic receive end recognizes a light signal, and according to a recognition result, determines a maximum quantity of luminance levels of signals supported by the photonic receive end, and then performs encoding according to a recognition capability of the photonic receive end.
Kuang-chi Intelligent Photonic Technology Ltd.

 Mobile phone having a wireless power module patent thumbnailMobile phone having a wireless power module
A mobile device includes a shell; a first replaceable hardware component received within the shell; and a second replaceable hardware component received within the shell, the second replaceable hardware component configured to receive a wireless power signal from a remote device and convert the power signal into electrical energy usable by the mobile device.. .
Elwha Llc

 Graphene oxide-metal nanowire transparent conductive film patent thumbnailGraphene oxide-metal nanowire transparent conductive film
A process for producing a transparent conductive film, comprising (a) providing a graphene oxide gel; (b) dispersing metal nanowires in the graphene oxide gel to form a suspension; (c) dispensing and depositing the suspension onto a substrate; and (d) removing the liquid medium to form the film. The film is composed of metal nanowires and graphene oxide with a metal nanowire-to-graphene oxide weight ratio from 1/99 to 99/1, wherein the metal nanowires contain no surface-borne metal oxide or metal compound and the film exhibits an optical transparence no less than 80% and sheet resistance no higher than 300 ohm/square.
Nanotek Instruments, Inc.

 System and a  camera motion analysis and understanding from a video sequence patent thumbnailSystem and a camera motion analysis and understanding from a video sequence
In the event that a moving body (e.g. A person, a car, etc.) is outfitted with a video camera or with a camera-equipped device (e.g.
Irida Labs S.a.

 Mobile terminal patent thumbnailMobile terminal
A mobile phone as a mobile terminal includes a flexible display, a cover glass as a cover configured to protect the flexible display, a touch panel which is integral with the cover, a substrate located behind the flexible display, and an adhesive layer configured to partly bond the flexible display and the touch panel in correspondence to a position where the substrate is located.. .
Kyocera Corporation

 Gaming system, gaming device and  utilizing mobile devices at a gaming establishment patent thumbnailGaming system, gaming device and utilizing mobile devices at a gaming establishment
A gaming system which facilitates the two-way communication between mobile devices, such as mobile phones, and different gaming system components to enhance a player's gaming experience.. .

 System and method to streamline identity verification at airports and beyond patent thumbnailSystem and method to streamline identity verification at airports and beyond
A system and method of performing identity verification based on the use of mobile phones or mobile computing devices in conjunction with a secure identity authority; said method to be used as an alternative to conventional identity verification using paper-based documents such as driver's licenses and passports. The new method improves speed, accuracy, cost, and reliability of identity verification for entities that need to verify identity, as well as convenience for end-users..
Morphotrust Usa, Llc

Systems and methods for multi-user multi-lingual communications

Various embodiments described herein facilitate multi-lingual communications. The systems and methods of some embodiments enable multi-lingual communications through different modes of communication including, for example, internet-based chat, e-mail, text-based mobile phone communications, postings to online forums, postings to online social media services, and the like.
Machine Zone, Inc.

Personal cloud case cover with a plurality of modular capabilities

A personal cloud contained in a case for a portable computing device such as a tablet personal computer (pc), mobile phones, portable media players, or the like. The personal cloud case may be fitted with memory, a network connection, two-way wireless charging, external memory slots, external connections and other components for portable personal cloud computing..
Micro Mobio Corporation

Mobile phone case and injection mold for the same

A mobile phone case injection mold includes a first molding plate and a second molding plate to form a cavity corresponding to a mobile phone case to be manufactured, a first injection device to inject a first molten resin, a second injection device to inject a second molten resin, a first runner to guide the first molten resin, a second runner to guide the second molten resin and a mixing runner to simultaneously guide the first and second molten resins to mix the first and second molten resins, thereby producing a mobile phone case having a pattern formed by mixing the first and second molten resins.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Optical adapters for mobile devices with a camera

Portable, mobile, lightweight, removable, low cost, easy to manufacture, easy to ship, easy to transport, easy to store, and easy to use optical adapters that provides an effective means of videoconferencing over a mobile phone or other mobile device with a camera. Embodiments include landscape and portrait adapters that can be easily applied, used and removed while maintaining a professional and aesthetic appearance.

Cell phone emergency mode for location in rubble

Mobile phones, phone systems, and emergency location systems are described with features that assist rescue teams in locating survivors in a disaster situation where a phone user and their mobile phone are buried under rubble. To enable the phone's battery charge to last longer, an emergency power conservation mode (e-mode) is activated by either receiving a command from an external source via rf transmission, or by noticing a rapid reduction in signal strength from a tower without changing the phone's physical location.

Waterproof presskey structure and waterproof mobile phone utilizing same

A waterproof presskey structure includes a shell, a button or presskey, and an elastic element. The elastic element and the shell can be assembled together with gum, the presskey is movably assembled to the shell and matches with the elastic element.
Power Idea Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Multi level hazard detection system

A multi level hazard detection system for home residents or owners or service providers that want to efficiently monitor and detect numerous common hazards in houses,offices or industrial structures. Hazards that may be dangerous their health or to the structural integrity of their houses, offices and industrial structures and all appliances and systems that are of these structures such as heating and cooling systems, pipes and more.

Led bulb has multiple features

The current invention make a big improvement than conventional market available all kind of led bulb which only can offer near-by areas illumination not like the current invention can use one led bulb to offer near-by and far-away illumination or image or both or any combination with other light effects and digital data display images. Also, the current invention may has more than one light beam emit out from led bulb which under more than one control means for the one of the light beam may selected from power failure, remote control, infra red controller, blue-tooth with mobile phone, motion sensor to trigger at least one of the light beam to offer the light beam for illumination or image to area(s)..

Contextual driver behavior monitoring

A database of high risk locations is formed and high risk causal factors for the high risk locations determined. Driver behavior is monitored at the sites in the database using data collection devices such as electronic logging devices or mobile phones to see if the drivers exhibit the same specific behaviors that are considered contributing factors to specific accident types at risk of occurrence at those sites.
Intelligent Imaging Systems, Inc.

3d camera system for infant monitoring

Systems and methods employing a depth-sensing camera to detect abdomen rise and fall during an infant sleep period, or lack thereof due to respiratory arrest. Visual processing of image data collected by one or more 3d digital camera is performed to detect the infant and to measure a distance between an infant's abdominal cavity and a camera baseline over time.
Intel Corporation

Short range wireless translation methods and systems for hands-free fare validation

A system and method in which the bluetooth technology is used in conjunction with a user application on a mobile device to facilitate hands-free fare validation at a transit station. The user app communicates with a controller driver in a controller unit that interfaces with a compliant fare gate.
Bytemark, Inc.

911 services and vital sign measurement utilizing mobile phone sensors and applications

Improved methods for utilizing 911 services, for implementing 911 dispatch protocols, and for measuring vital signs of a human, all by accessing mobile phone sensors and applications, are disclosed. Vital signs such as heart rate, breathing rate, breathing distress, and blood pressure can be measured using mobile phone sensors and applications.

Geometric fingerprinting for localization of a device

Systems, apparatuses, and methods are provided for developing a fingerprint database for and determining the geographic location of an end-user device (e.g., vehicle, mobile phone, smart watch, etc.) with the database. A fingerprint database may be developed by receiving a depth map for a location in a path network, and then identifying physical structures within the depth map.
Here Global B.v.


A user input detector for a mobile device is described having an ultrasound demodulator having an input for receiving an ultrasound signal reflected from a user and an output for outputting a demodulated ultrasound signal; a gesture processor comprising: a time-frequency processing module configured to generate a time-varying ultrasound-image spectrum from the demodulated ultrasound signal; an image-feature extraction module configured to extract micro-doppler features from the time-varying ultrasound image spectrum; a feature selection module configured to select and compress the extracted micro-doppler features; and a gesture detection module configured to compare the selected micro-doppler features with a known feature set and to output a detected gesture based on the comparison. The user input detector may be incorporated into a mobile phone for example to provide an always on low power control mechanism for the mobile phone by recognizing user gestures and executing control commands in response to those user gestures..
Nxp B.v.

Handoff between access points for a mobile electronic device based on mobility state

A mobile phone (mobile electronic device) includes an acceleration sensor that detects an acceleration, a communication module that performs communication, and a controller. When the number of steps based on the acceleration detected by the acceleration sensor has reached a first step count during an on-state of the communication function of the communication module, the mobile phone shifts from a stop state to a walking state.
Kyocera Corporation

Corrections for transducer deficiencies

We describe a straightforward method/device that provides the “ideal” compensation to small micro-speaker acoustic transducers, such as those in current large-scale use in earbud headphones. This compensation results in an audio transducer that provides an output that precisely reproduces the input sound quality to the listener.

Techniques for providing telecommunication services to an accessory device

The embodiments described herein are generally directed to systems and methods for intelligently structuring, handling, and enhancing communication sessions between or among communication devices including traditional telephony endpoints (e.g., phones) and non-traditional endpoints (e.g., automobiles, accessory devices, wearable accessory devices) among others. Some embodiments are particularly directed to call forwarding policies for providing the ability to make and receive telephone calls intended for a specific telephony endpoint (e.g., Inc.

Near-field waveguide

As the technology relating to controlling electromagnetic waves radiating from the mobile phone such as smart phone during a phone call, wide band waveguide that controls electromagnetic waves radiating from mobile phone and radiating them towards hand was invented. Distance between mobile phone, waveguide and hand is 3 to 6% of the wavelength.
Beacon Associates, Inc.

Low power display device with variable refresh rates

The disclosure describes procedures for dynamically employing a variable refresh rate at an lcd display of a consumer electronic device, such as a laptop computer, a tablet computer, a mobile phone, or a music player device. In some configurations, the consumer electronic device can include a host system portion, having one or more processors and a display system portion, having a timing controller, a buffer circuit, a display driver, and a display panel.
Apple Inc.

My personal identification mobile wallet

This process and procedures system is the results of a night revelation. I have in my personal notes step by step of what i saw in the dream or a visual idea.

Intelligent market automatic clearing system and implementation method therefof

The present invention relates to an intelligent market automatic clearing system comprises a device part and a system part, wherein the device part comprises commodity electronic price tags, a self-service weighing apparatus, a shopping ring, a mobile phone, a shopping basket and a market automatic clearing device. The system part comprises intelligent market automatic clearing app software, an intelligent market clearing system and an intelligent market clearing system data cloud service platform.

System and mobile device self-checkout for retail transactions with loss protection

The disclosure relates to mobile device retail self-checkout with incorporated theft detection system and methods thereof. Aspects of the invention employ asset tracking, mobile phone scanning and self-checkout in a retail environment.

Center for medical artifical intelligence control with remote system for preparation of diagnosis, drug prescription and online medical treatment shipping via telemedicine

Developed for medical treatment at a distance, using medical artificial intelligence (mai) and telemedicine. The patient (p), using her/his computer, tablet, laptop or through sms technology using her/his mobile phone, send health information to a control center (c) hosted in the web and in an integrated computer with dedicated software (s) developed with algorithms and filters based in medical artificial intelligence.

Automatic determination of device specific interoperability

Device specific interoperability is provided automatically utilizing remote service and/or cloud computing. Functionality of devices like mobile phones is tested to ensure that the device is properly configured to work with infotainment systems by using the phone to connect with the cloud services..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Safety processor for wireless control of a drug delivery device

A system and method provide for enhanced reliability and safety of programming and/or operating a medical device, such as an infusion pump, with a remote control device, such as a mobile phone (e.g., a smartphone). A safety processor acts as an intermediary device between the smartphone and medical device to review transmissions from the smartphone prior to the transmissions being delivered to the medical device.
Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

System for heating up liquids with a cover case/box for mobile phone

The present invention relates to an assembly for the preparation of a heated beverage, comprising a case or cover or box (battery cover) (8) for mobile phone (60) or external device (6) comprising an internal seat for the corresponding insertion of at least a container (7), said container (7) comprising means (13) for the production of heat, wherein said container (7) comprises contacts (12) to electrically feed said means (13) when said container is inserted in the seat.. .
Iuno Llc

Mobile telephone gateway apparatus, communication system, and gateway operating system

A mobile telephone gateway and communication routing device (mpg) (121) disclosed by the present invention is coupled through an electrical signaling transmission medium with a mobile telephone (100) operative on a first communication network in accordance with a first communication protocol, for adding communication capabilities through at least a second communication network in accordance with a second communication protocol. A mobile communication system (150) is disclosed, comprising mpg (121) placed in-between mobile phone (100) and battery (118) and subscriber identification module (sim) card (117).

Signal strength determination and mobile device identification monitoring system

A consumer sensing and audience measurement system that utilizes the mobile phone carried by the consumer as a proxy for the consumer's location inside a building and consumer attributes. Actions include monitoring wireless communications being provided by one or more mobile devices.
Bulzi Media Inc.

Processing a fax transmission using a mobile device

Methods and apparatus are described for receiving a fax transmission at a mobile phone. In one embodiment, the mobile phone receives an incoming call and answers the incoming call, upon receiving a command from a user of the mobile phone to answer the incoming call.
Advanced Messaging Technologies, Inc.

Portable cyber security device

A portable cyber security device that includes a virtual base station; a cyber security processor; and a cellular network module; wherein the virtual base station is configured to communicate with a mobile phone; wherein the cellular network module is configured to communicate with a base station of a cellular network; and wherein the cyber security processor is configured to apply a cyber security operation on content received by either one of the virtual base station and the cellular network module.. .

Blockchain-supported device location verification with digital signatures

Location data from one or more geolocation engines such as gps, a system that determines location from relative signal strengths or transit times, etc., within and/or connected to a device, such as a mobile phone, vehicle, movable electronic device, computer, etc., is included in a digital record that submitted to obtain a digital signature such that the presence of the device at the particular location can later be proven. The digital record may include data that encodes a message, as well as other parameters such as time.
Guardtime Ip Holdings Limited

Methods, systems, and apparatuses for payment fulfillment

The present disclosure is directed toward methods, systems, and apparatuses for payment fulfillment. The disclosed embodiments include a payment server that receives a request from an entity (e.g., a business or organization) that wants to make a payment to a consumer.
Outerwall Inc.

Secure transaction management through proximity based device centric authentication

The advantage of this system is that it lets the users pay for their purchases only using their mobile phone.. .

System and secure reciprocal exchange of data

A system for transmission of data from a first device operated by a first user includes a wireless device and a database. The wireless device is used by a second user and includes a memory for storage of data.
Boss Logic, Llc

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