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Mobile Phone patents


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 Method and system for eyeprint recognition unlocking based on environment-filtering frames patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for eyeprint recognition unlocking based on environment-filtering frames
A method and system for eyeprint recognition unlocking may be based on environment-filtering frames, wherein the method may include capturing a plurality of frames of a user's eye images via a front-facing camera in advance for data processing to obtain the user's eyeprint information and storing the eyeprint information in a mobile phone locally; when the eyeprint recognition unlocking is performed, starting the front-facing camera to capture a plurality of frames of a current user's eye images; performing data processing on the acquired current user's eye images to obtain the current user's eyeprint information; comparing the current user's eyeprint information with the prestored eyeprint information, and determining whether they are consistent or not, wherein unlocking succeeds if they are consistent, or failure of unlocking is prompted if they are inconsistent.. .
Jrd Communication Inc.

 Media messaging methods, systems, and devices patent thumbnailnew patent Media messaging methods, systems, and devices
A wireless communications system that allows a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer user the ability to initiate the sending of a text message or email whereby the sender is able to include photographs, graphs, pie charts and the like within the flow of the actual word by word texting or email writing process, without depending on the traditional necessary step to “attach” the photograph.. .
Phoji, Llc

 Method of transmitting data and a device and system thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Method of transmitting data and a device and system thereof
A method for transmitting data signal from a sending-end 100 to a receiving-end 200, comprising the steps of spreading the data signal into a spread spectrum signal, combining the spread signal with an analogue signal into a mixed signal. The mixed signal can be transmitted or broadcasted to the receiving-end 200.
Activwell Limited

 Key ring attachable rechargeable mobile phone power and control device patent thumbnailnew patent Key ring attachable rechargeable mobile phone power and control device
A portable power source and control device for a mobile phone or tablet is releasably attachable to a user's key ring or key chain and sized to be carried in a pocket or purse. The device has an internal rechargeable battery to provide emergency power for operating the user's phone, usb connectors for connection a power source and the phone, an internal microcontroller, and a bluetooth® wireless communicator.
Go Devices Limited

 Capacitors having engineered electrodes with very high energy density patent thumbnailnew patent Capacitors having engineered electrodes with very high energy density
An apparatus and associated method for an energy-storage device (e.g., a capacitor) having a plurality of electrically conducting electrodes including a first electrode and a second electrode separated by a non-electrically conducting region, and wherein the non-electrically conducting region further includes a non-uniform permittivity (k) value. In some embodiments, the method includes providing a substrate; fabricating a first electrode on the substrate; and fabricating a second electrode such that the second electrode is separated from the first electrode by a non-electrically conducting region, wherein the non-electrically conducting region has a non-uniform permittivity (k) value.
Granbluetech, L.l.c.

 Display device and  driving the same patent thumbnailnew patent Display device and driving the same
A display device and a method for driving the display device are provided, which pertain to the technical field of display, and can reduce the negative influence of data lines in a rgbw display device on the light transmittance. The display device comprises a display panel having a plurality of pixel units arranged as an array.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

 Snap-on identifier for a cable such as a mobile phone charger cable patent thumbnailnew patent Snap-on identifier for a cable such as a mobile phone charger cable
Disclosed herein is an identifier for a mobile phone charger cord or other electrical cord. The identifier comprises a snap-on device that is designed to be easily snapped on and snapped off of a cord.

 Wheres my stuff patent thumbnailnew patent Wheres my stuff
A smart phone shopping application, particularly for locating the products in a store, such a supermarket or a department store is disclosed. The application displays the floor plan of the store indicating the aisles and shelves for the products through gps.

 Techniques for providing an electronic representation of a card patent thumbnailnew patent Techniques for providing an electronic representation of a card
Techniques for making electronic cards that can be displayed on a mobile phone. The techniques permit making an electronic card based on an arbitrary sms message and making an electronic card (ecard) that corresponds to a pre-existing non-electronic privilege card such as a loyalty card.
Codebroker, Llc

 Mobile operating system patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile operating system
A mobile operating system, includes a “smart dynamic icon”, a “quick voice assistant”, a “quick slide assistant”, “smart gesture”, a “full screen application interface”, a “global application icons interface”, “quick shut down” and an “important contacts application”. If an application is in an update status, the “smart dynamic icon” automatically display this application's icon on a home screen.

Optimization of mobile phone service during power failure

Optimization of mobile telecommunications service during a power outage at one or more base stations, wherein optimization includes identifying one or more of a plurality of base stations to which non-emergency electrical power has been interrupted; determining an initial number of users in areas corresponding to the one or more of the plurality of base stations; generating a user location probability model and a user call probability model; scheduling initial battery power operation for the plurality of base stations; monitoring user calls and user movement after the battery power operation has started; updating the user location probability model and the user call probability model based on the monitoring; and updating battery power operation scheduling for the plurality of base stations.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Mobile electronic device, control method, and non-transitory storage medium

A mobile electronic device (e.g., a mobile phone) includes a sensor and at least one controller. The controller performs a control base on a detection result that is detected by the sensor.
Kyocera Corporation

Systems and methods for remote control of computers

Systems and methods for remote control of computers and computing devices, such as tablets and mobile phones, including control software run on a control device, and a client application running on one or more controlled devices in network communication with the control device. The control device can be used to selectably lock or otherwise control the controlled device from further usage.

Wearable augmented reality eyeglass communication device including mobile phone and mobile computing via virtual touch screen gesture control and neuron command

Provided are an augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality eyeglass communication device and a method for facilitating shopping, payments and multimedia capture using an eyeglass communication device. The eyeglass communication device may comprise a frame, and a right earpiece and a left earpiece connected to the frame.

Remote search engine using camera

A remote search method is disclosed to search a printed book, video presented on a computer display, or movie displayed on tv screen. The method utilizes a digital camera of a mobile phone, tablet, or optical head-mounted display.

Touch panel and display device

A touch panel and a display device are disclosed. The present disclosure relates to the technical field of display, whereby the technical problem of mura of the touch panel can be solved.
Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

Keyless vehicle systems

A keyless vehicle entry and start system for motor vehicles includes an input device such as a keypad and a backup electrical power supply to unlock the door latch in the event the primary power supply fails, thereby eliminating the need for a lock cylinder. The door latch system is configured to supply electrical power from the primary electrical power supply to unlock the latch upon receiving a signal from a mobile phone, and to supply electrical power from the backup electrical power supply to unlock the latch if an authorized code is input via the keypad.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Dining plate system sensing food characteristics, sending data to the internet, and displaying information on a handheld communication device

A dining plate active foodware system senses food characteristics, such as weight and calories. Removable dining plates are placed on an underplate comprising sensing and wireless communication components.

Mixed-mode interaction

A user of a wireless device, such as a mobile phone, can make purchases or obtain information via a network, such as the internet, using both voice and non-verbal methods. Users can submit voice queries and receive non-verbal replies, submit non-verbal queries and receive voice replies, or perform similar operations that many the voice and data capabilities of modern mobile communication devices.
Aeritas, Llc

Systems and methods for encrypted communication in a secure network

A method for users of devices including mobile phones and computers to engage in encrypted communications with other devices using asymmetrical key exchange technology, involving the user of a device first creating a password and then at a later time re-entering that password on the device, with the result that when the password is re-entered the device is able to decrypt a set of software components that are required for a fresh session of encrypted communications.. . Pty Ltd

Power adapter and terminal

A power adapter (200) and a terminal (100). The terminal (100) comprises a battery (110) and a charging interface (120), the terminal (100) introducing a charging current from the power adapter (200) via the charging interface (120) so as to charge the battery (110); and the terminal (100) further comprises: a communication unit (130), the communication unit (130) performing bi-directional communication with the power adapter (200) via the charging interface (120) so as to determine a charging mode of the terminal (100).
Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd.

Wireless application protocol gateway

A method for providing application service is provided. The method discloses that a user is authenticated according to a received application service acquisition request from a user mobile phone, and when the user authentication is passed, the application service acquisition request is sent to an application server, so that the application server provides an application service to the user mobile phone according to the application service acquisition request.

Light-deflection three-dimensional imaging device and projection device, and application thereof

A light-deflection three-dimensional imaging device and a projection device, and the application thereof are provided. The light-deflection three-dimensional imaging device includes a projection device, a receiving device and a processor.
Ningbo Sunny Opotech Co., Ltd.

Light control user equipment, and user terminal

The present invention provides a light control method and apparatus for a user equipment, and a user terminal, where the light control method for a user equipment includes: detecting an environmental parameter near a charging interface of the equipment, where the environmental parameter is at least one of: magnetic field strength near the charging interface of the user equipment, a distance between the charging interface of the user equipment and a charger plug, and brightness of light near the charging interface of the user equipment; and enabling a lighting device disposed near the charging interface when the environmental parameter falls within a preset parameter range. According to embodiments of the present invention, it may be implemented that when a mobile phone is connecting to a charger plug, lighting is provided for a user according to an environmental parameter near a charging interface of a user equipment..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Vehicle key apparatus

A vehicle key apparatus, mounted on an outer wall of a vehicle and a driver dashboard of the vehicle and the surroundings, including an electronic cipher keyboard, an rfid reader/writer (20), a biological features recognizer, wherein a portable electronic key comprises multi-functional appliances such as a mobile phone, a watch and the like, and an anti-theft system lock extension switch (5) is set beside an engine switch (3) of the vehicle; the door lock of the vehicle, the anti-theft system lock, the engine, the air-conditioner and the cargo hold are opened and closed and recorder data is read and so forth by means of the cipher, rfid, biological features, remote control, radio induction and the like. Due to the convenient use of the apparatus, there is no need or less need to carry keys, which enhances the performance of key management..

External indicators and notifications for vehicles with autonomous capabilities

A method for notifying a third party or a third party device (e.g., a mobile phone or a second vehicle) as to whether a first vehicle is operating in an autonomous mode or a semi-autonomous mode. The method includes receiving, at a first electronic control unit, notification information including whether the first vehicle is operating in the autonomous mode or the semi-autonomous mode and a description of or details about the first vehicle and transmitting from a transmitter of the first vehicle to a receiver of the third party device, the notification information.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Fiber-reinforced composite laminate and articles made therefrom

Also disclosed are articles comprising the composite laminates, wherein the articles are housings or protective covers for mobile electronic devices such as a handheld computer, a tablet computer, a mobile phone, an e-reader, a portable game device, a portable media player or a digital camera.. .

Adapter device for securing an eyepiece to a mobile phone

A housing for an adapter device to secure an eyepiece to a phone case includes a body including a cavity with a spring housing extending therefrom, a retaining member within the body, and a spring positioned within the spring housing of the body and biased against the retaining member. The retaining member is configured to capture the eyepiece within the cavity..
Save My Scope Inc.

Mobile phone case with receiving slot

A mobile phone case includes a front portion and a rear portion. The front portion comprises a front opening, side walls, a floor, a rear surface, a receiving groove enclosed by the side walls and the floor, and a receiving slot provided on the rear surface and adapted to receive sheet-shaped items.
Verus Usa Llc

An image capturing system, a kit for an image capturing system, a mobile phone, use of an image capturing system and a configuring a color matched light source

An image capturing system (300), a kit for an image capturing system, a mobile phone, a use of an image capturing system and a method of configured a color matched light source are provided. The image capturing system obtains captured images having a substantially equal color reproduction in a portion illuminated by ambient light (l1) and a portion illuminated by a color matched light source (305).
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Emergency communications system

A communications terminal facilitates signaling emergency alerts and monitoring. The terminal is operative in response to user input to generate emergency messages which are transmitted to one or more predetermined recipients via one or more mediums of communication.
Greatcall, Inc.

Method of selective mobile device restriction and automatic activity reporting

A software implemented method of selective mobile device restriction for interrupting the features of specified communications applications on a mobile device based on the movement of the mobile device as well as the vehicle in which it is moving. The software implemented method of selective mobile device restriction is implemented through an interruption software application which contains instructions which cause a processor in a mobile device to perform the specified steps which allow it to determine whether a mobile phone on which it is installed is moving in a vehicle and the user of the mobile phone is positioned in the driver's seat of the vehicle, as well as to momentarily disable certain communications features on the mobile device based on its determinations.

Time-dependent information management mobile phone

A time-dependent information management system and method for a mobile phone that enable the management of time-related information in consideration of a change of time zone are provided. The method includes registering an event planned to occur at a first local time based on a first time zone together with a reference time calculated from the first local time; if the mobile phone enters into a second time zone, selecting the event in accordance with a key input; and setting the event to occur at a second local time calculated from the reference time.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and system for remote management of access to appliances

Embodiments described herein include methods and systems for remotely managing appliances associated with a user. A mobile phone is but one example of a controlled appliance.
Payjoy Inc.

Devices and dispensers for sterile coverings for tablet computers and mobile phones

A sterile cover for a touchscreen device is provided that includes a transparent, electrically conductive screen area adapted to cover a screen of the touchscreen device and including a first sterile material. The sterile cover also includes a perimeter area surrounding the screen region and having an opening adapted to receive the touchscreen device and including a second sterile material.

Mobile phone case with selfie-stick

A mobile phone case is fully integrated with an extendable selfie stick where the selfie stick can be folded and stored in the back of the mobile phone case when not used. The selfie stick can be unfolded and extended for settle photographs when needed.

Thermal haptic alert notification

This application relates to computing devices that can incorporate thermal haptic feedback devices for providing feedback in the form of a temperature change. The thermal haptic feedback device can be incorporated into a watch, and a portion of the watch can change temperature when a notification is to be provided to a user.
Apple Inc.

Mobile phone voice-based automobile diagnostics method

The method includes a car diagnostic method based on mobile phone voice mode which includes the following steps: step 1, providing a connector which will be mounted to a car, downloading a client to a mobile phone, opening a microphone of the mobile phone or opening the client by a user to input voice; step 2, interpreting voice content and executing commands by the client after the client had received the input voice; step 3, communicating the client software with the connector mounted on the car automatically; step 4, starting a diagnostic software, collecting data from the car, and analyzing the data from the car professionally to form a diagnostic result, by the client; step 5, transmitting the diagnostic result to the client, outputting the diagnostic result to the user via voice mode, and storing the diagnostic result.. .
Launch Software Development Co., Ltd.

Methods and systems for recording interactions with a system for purchasing mobile phones and other electronic devices

The present disclosure describes various embodiments of methods and systems for operating a kiosk that is configured to purchase electronic items from a user. One or more cameras on the kiosk record a transaction which is stored as a record on a computer-readable medium.
Ecoatm, Inc.

Webpage data processing

Disclosed is a webpage data processing method, including the steps of: a first display terminal sends a webpage link request to a server to obtain webpage content included in the webpage link; the first display terminal classifies the obtained webpage content according to the type of the webpage content into a first preset type of webpage content and a second preset type of webpage content; the first display terminal outputs the first preset type of webpage content to a second display terminal for display; the first display terminal displays the second preset type of webpage content. Also disclosed is a webpage data processing device.
Shenzhen Skyworth-rgb Electronic Co., Ltd.

Nonlinear acoustic echo cancellation based on transducer impedance

An acoustic echo cancellation (aec) system within an audio playback system of an electronic device, such as a mobile phone, may calculate an estimation of an acoustic echo based on parameters describing the transducer reproducing the audio playback signals. Those parameters may include, for example, a resistance and/or inductance of the transducer and a current through and/or a voltage across the transducer.
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd.

Mobile phone

A mobile phone includes: a display comprising a touch panel; and at least one processor coupled to the display and touch panel, wherein the at least one processor is configured to: in response to an incoming call from another telephone, display in a first area of the display a first image that is associated with the incoming call; display a first input instruction in a second area of the display simultaneously with the display of the first image in the first area; determine whether a user of the mobile phone has provided a first touch input on the display in accordance with the first input instruction, if it is determined that the user has provided the first touch input, display on the display a first graphical input image and a second graphical input image, wherein the first and second graphical input images replace the first input instruction on the display, determine if the first graphical input image or the second graphical input image has been selected by the user using the touch panel, if it is determined that the first graphical input image has been selected by the user, control the mobile phone to answer the incoming call, and if it is determined that the second graphical input image has been selected by the user, control the mobile phone so that the incoming call is not answered.. .
Kyocera Corporation

Cordless phone apparatus, cordless phone system, and transferring data

Slave device information transmitter (127) of the present disclosure transmits slave device information to a mobile phone. Slave device transfer data receiver (122) receives slave device transfer data from the mobile phone, and stores the slave device transfer data in storage (103).
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Photon data transmission method and transmission device for mobile terminal, and photon data receiving device

The present disclosure discloses a photon data transmission method and device for a mobile terminal, where to-be-transmitted data is encoded by tuning a light luminance intensity combination so as to send more information and improve security. Preferably, before encoding, luminance of a flash is controlled and data of a specific information amount is sent, and a photonic receive end recognizes a light signal, and according to a recognition result, determines a maximum quantity of luminance levels of signals supported by the photonic receive end, and then performs encoding according to a recognition capability of the photonic receive end.
Kuang-chi Intelligent Photonic Technology Ltd.

Mobile phone having a wireless power module

A mobile device includes a shell; a first replaceable hardware component received within the shell; and a second replaceable hardware component received within the shell, the second replaceable hardware component configured to receive a wireless power signal from a remote device and convert the power signal into electrical energy usable by the mobile device.. .
Elwha Llc

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