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Mobile Computing patents


This page is updated frequently with new Mobile Computing-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mobile Computing-related patents
 System and method to enable rules-restricted vending machine purchases patent thumbnailSystem and method to enable rules-restricted vending machine purchases
A method and system that allows a self-standing vending machine to distribute controlled goods only to authorized purchasers wherein the authorization and purchase occurs via the purchaser's mobile computing device. The invention allows the purchaser to locate products, get information about products, and purchase products using their mobile phone and receive those products at a specified vending machine.
Captech Ventures, Inc.

 Method for providing privacy through atm communication to consumer devices patent thumbnailMethod for providing privacy through atm communication to consumer devices
Disclosed is an automated teller machine (atm) that directly communicates with consumer devices to provide privacy. The atm typically includes a processor, a memory, and a module stored in the memory.
Bank Of America Corporation

 Methods and systems for filtering communication between peripheral devices and mobile computing devices patent thumbnailMethods and systems for filtering communication between peripheral devices and mobile computing devices
The embodiments are directed to methods and systems for sending and receiving signals between one or more peripheral devices connected to a dongle system and an operating system. The methods and systems can detect when a dongle system has been connected to a mobile computing device.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

 System and  printing from a mobile computing device to a narrow media printer patent thumbnailSystem and printing from a mobile computing device to a narrow media printer
One aspect of the disclosure relates to a method for printing a document in a mobile environment, comprising: using a mobile computing device, executing a first application in the background; executing a second application in the foreground; activating, from the second program, an extension of the first application; wherein the extension facilitates conversion of a selected document having a first encoding to a second encoding, the second encoding useable to control a printer communicatively coupled to the mobile computing device via a wifi, bluetooth, or wired connection. The printer can be a narrow media printer, wherein, responsive to receipt of the second encoding, the narrow media printer prints the document.

 Real-time event monitoring system for basketball-related activities patent thumbnailReal-time event monitoring system for basketball-related activities
An event monitoring system for tracking, tabulating and displaying in real-time player and team performance statistics and events (such as scores, shot percentages, ball possessions, steals, rebounds and turnovers) during a basketball game or basketball-related activity involving a basketball goal, a plurality of players, and a basketball equipped with active or passive rfid tags. The system includes a plurality of wireless ball trackers worn on the wrists of participating players and officials, or attached to the goals, and a wireless mobile computing device with an event monitoring program and a set of data objects configured to store data representing current and historical events and performance statistics associated with the basketball activity and participants.
Shottracker, Inc.

 Body presence sensor calibration patent thumbnailBody presence sensor calibration
Technologies for the calibration of a body presence sensor include a mobile computing device configured to calibrate the body presence sensor based on a present physical configuration mode of the mobile computing device. The mobile computing device may be adjustable into multiple physical configuration modes based on the intended use of the mobile computing device.

 Methods and systems for managing resources on a mobile trading device patent thumbnailMethods and systems for managing resources on a mobile trading device
Certain embodiments provide a method including obtaining data at a first time using at least one sensor associated with a mobile computing device, the at least one sensor arranged to gather data regarding at least one operating factor for the mobile computing device, the mobile computing device configured to receive market data and execute a trading application. The example method includes analyzing the data obtained from the at least one sensor to determine the at least one operating factor.
Trading Technologies International Inc.

 Context-based management of wearable computing devices patent thumbnailContext-based management of wearable computing devices
Technologies for context-based management of wearable computing devices include a mobile computing device and a wearable computing device. The wearable computing device generates sensor data indicative of a location context of the wearable computing device and transmits the sensor data to the mobile computing device.

 Systems and methods for presenting traveler interfaces on displays of mobile computing devices patent thumbnailSystems and methods for presenting traveler interfaces on displays of mobile computing devices
In some embodiments, systems and methods for presenting a traveler interface using a mobile computing device are provided. In some embodiments, aspects of the traveler interface are hidden to allow the traveler interface to be presented on the display of the mobile computing device.
Kachinc, Llc

 System, devices, and methods for providing a product recall notice to a consumer patent thumbnailSystem, devices, and methods for providing a product recall notice to a consumer
Systems, devices, and methods for providing a product recall notice to a consumer are disclosed. Embodiments include receiving consumer identification information and product identification information from a mobile computing device at a computer server as well as storing and associating the product identification information in a consumer products database with the consumer identification information.


Mobile job posting

A mobile computing device displays details of a job that is posted on a social networking service as an unpaid job posting together with an option for upgrading the unpaid job posting to a paid job posting with associated advantages in comparison to the unpaid job posting. The mobile computing device displays a fee for the upgrade and at least one of the associated advantages of the paid job posting.
Linkedln Corporation


Natural motion-based control via wearable and mobile devices

A “natural motion controller” identifies various motions of one or more parts of a user's body to interact with electronic devices, thereby enabling various natural user interface (nui) scenarios. The natural motion controller constructs composite motion recognition windows by concatenating an adjustable number of sequential periods of inertial sensor data received from a plurality of separate sets of inertial sensors.
Microsoft Corporation


Computing device bonding assemblies

The description relates to computing devices, such as mobile computing devices. One example can include a first portion, a second portion, and an adhesive.
Microsoft Corporation


Docking apparatus and systems for mobile computing devices

Disclosures are presented for systems and apparatus for docking a mobile computing device for display and for coupling it with a cable for purposes of charging and/or syncing. Such teachings may allow a user to reel the cable around a spool, couple the mobile computing device with the cable, decouple the mobile computing device, and/or swivel the mobile computer in its stand with relative ease, such as with a single hand, through the use of micro-suction cups.
Quell & Company, Llc


Location based haptic direction finding

Methods and apparatus relating to location-based haptic direction finding are described. In an embodiment, logic (e.g., included in a mobile computing device) redirects one or more navigational hints to one or more trembler devices instead of a display device and/or speakers of the mobile computing device in response to a request to provide haptic directional cues.
Intel Corporation


Mobile ballistics processing and targeting display system

A mobile ballistics processing and targeting display system for receiving data associated with one or more ballistics variables, for processing such variables, and for displaying an intuitive targeting solution. One or more ballistics variables are inputted into a mobile computing device or are otherwise acquired by such device.


Hypertension prevention app and web based tools

A computer system and method is disclosed as a support structure for patients with hypertension or prehypertension to encourage life style changes leading to dietary control, increase exercise and blood pressure control. The method includes automated messages and responses delivered in real time to encourage appropriate actions by the patient.


Methods and controlling lighting based on user manipulation of a mobile computing device

Disclosed are methods and apparatus for lighting control. One or more properties of light output are controlled based on user manipulation of a mobile computing device (110, 510) such as a mobile phone.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Regulation via geofence boundary segment crossings

Embodiments related to regulating access to content via geofence boundary segment crossings are disclosed herein. For example, in some embodiments, a computing system for regulating access to content may include: boundary segment crossing logic to determine whether a mobile computing device satisfies boundary segment crossing criteria, wherein the boundary segment crossing criteria includes that the mobile computing device crossed a predetermined segment of a geofence boundary into an area defined by the geofence boundary; and/or content access logic, coupled to the boundary segment crossing logic, to, in response to a determination by the boundary segment crossing logic that the mobile computing device satisfied the boundary segment crossing criteria, provide a content identifier, associated with the predetermined segment of the geofence boundary, to the mobile computing device.
Intel Corporation


Sharing location information during a communication session

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a request to provide location information associated with a first user. The location of the first user is determined, and the location of the first user is communicated to a second user, the location of the first user being displayed on a graphical user interface of a mobile computing device associated with the second user..
Facebook, Inc.


System and location-based security

A mobile computing device, including: a first memory device having first computer-readable instructions tangibly recorded thereon; a first hardware processor configured to execute the first computer-readable instructions recorded on the first memory device; and an rfid component that includes a transceiver configured to receive a proximity signal from at least one rfid reader when the rfid component is within a predetermined range of the at least one rfid reader, and a second memory device configured to store the proximity signal, wherein the first hardware processor is configured to, upon executing the instructions recorded on the first memory device, control at least one operation of the mobile computing device in accordance with the proximity signal received by the transceiver of the rfid component from the at least one rfid reader.. .
Booz Allen & Hamilton


Secure behavior analysis over trusted execution environment

Systems and methods for recognizing and reacting to malicious or performance-degrading behaviors in a mobile computing device include observing mobile device behaviors in an observer module within a privileged-normal portion of a secure operating environment to identify a suspicious mobile device behavior. The observer module may generate a behavior vector based on the observations, and provide the vector to an analyzer module in an unprivileged-secure portion of the secure operating environment.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method of securing mobile applications using distributed keys

Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to methods and systems for securing mobile computing applications with distributed keys. In one aspect, a computer implemented method or computer readable media include steps electronically receiving, at a computer processor of a computing device, a first security key fragment based on a user input to the computing device; electronically receiving, at the computer processor, a second security key fragment from a network connected storage entity; and electronically concatenating, at the computer processor, the first security key fragment and the second security key fragment to generate a third security key..
Bank Of America Corporation


Server clustering in mobile computing environment

A clustered server system and a method for maintaining a server cluster involve a plurality of servers that collectively form a server cluster. A master database stores configuration information concerning the server cluster.
Sybase 365, Inc.


Systems and methods for providing qualitative indication of vibration severity while recording

A mobile computing system for providing qualitative indication of vibration recordings of a vibrating machine to a user includes a memory, a display device, and at least one processor configured to receive a vibration recording including a vibration level from a sensor computing device. Collection of the vibration recording is initiated by the user while at the vibrating machine.
General Electric Company


Send2mobile+ im

The present invention permits the merchant or seller to transmit a url link from the merchant's website to a customer's mobile number via instant message service (“ims”) message transmitted directly from the web site page. Once received, a customer can then interact directly with a merchant or seller, from a customer's mobile computing device, via the instant messaging service.


Automated financial transactions

Arrangements relate to processing financial transactions on an automated teller machine (atm). An atm identifier can be presented on a display of the atm.
International Business Machines Corporation


Reducing the search space for recognition of objects in an image based on wireless signals

Provided is a process including: determining that a mobile computing device has crossed a geofence associated with a merchant store; sending, to a remote classifier server, a request for object-recognition classifiers for objects in the merchant store; receiving a set of object-recognition classifiers; receiving with the mobile computing device from user a request to search for offers; capturing an image with a camera of the mobile computing device; receiving one or more wireless beacon identifiers with the mobile computing device; based on the wireless beacon identifiers, selecting a subset of the object-recognition classifiers in the set of object-recognition classifiers; and recognizing an object in the captured image based on the selected subset of the object-recognition classifiers; and requesting, from a remote offer publisher server, offers corresponding to the recognized object; and receiving offers from the remote offer publisher server; and displaying the received offers to the user.. .
Retailmenot, Inc.


Device, system, and enhancing user privacy and security within a location-based virtual social networking context

A hosted virtual social network includes a plurality of users that each have a digital profile. The users are each within a predetermined distance of a venue.
Kairos Social Solutions, Inc.


Computing device heat management

The description relates to computing devices, such as mobile computing devices. One example can include a housing containing a processor.
Microsoft Corporation


Wireless fitness tracking and fitness analysis system

A system and method for tracking activity, such as individual or group workouts, or fitness programs. In embodiments, one or more wireless communication sensors or beacons are in wireless communication with a mobile computing device that is configured to receive data and determine a user's engagement with the sensor.
Kevin Vincent Doherty


Accounting for indoor-outdoor transitions during position determination

A determination of whether a mobile computing device is indoors or outdoors can incorporate any of a variety of factors to make an efficient and accurate determination of indoor-outdoor status. Such a status can be useful for use in conjunction with positioning services.
Microsoft Corporation


Method and pre-fetching remote resources for subsequent display on a mobile computing device

A computer-implemented method and system for pre-fetching remote resource data from a remote mapping system for display on a client computing device is disclosed. Data received at a client device from an online mapping system in response to a query from the client device includes vector and remote resource data.
Google Inc.


Real-time dynamic hyperlinking system and method

A system and method enabling real-time dynamic hyperlinking of software applications and resources within mobile devices is disclosed. The system/method virtualizes the graphical user experience (gex) and user input experience (uex) that comprise the graphical user interface (gui) for host application software (has) running on a host computer system (hcs).
Gazoo, Inc.


Elastic cloud video editing and multimedia search

Technologies for cloud-based media search and editing include a video editor configured to build a media query and associate the media query with a dynamic content slot of a media program. When generating video output based on the media program, the video editor transmits the media query to a cloud analytics server and receives 5 search results identifying one or more media clips produced by a number of mobile computing devices.


Usage modeling for intelligent management of alarms and messages in mobile health systems

Systems and methods can support usage modeling and the intelligent management of patient alarms. An alarm management system can maintain models of patient alarm operations.
Voalte, Inc.


Technologies for adjusting a perspective of a captured image for display

Technologies for adjusting a perspective of a captured image for display on a mobile computing device include capturing a first image of a user by a first camera and a second image of a real-world environment by a second camera. The mobile computing device determines a position of an eye of the user relative to the mobile computing device based on the first captured image and a distance of an object in the real-world environment from the mobile computing device based on the second captured image.


Supportability framework for mobile software applications

A system and a method for providing software supportability involve a server receiving a first electronic record from a client application on a mobile computing device. The first electronic record describes activity that occurred at the mobile computing device during a request sent from the client application to the server.


Dynamic cross-environment application configuration/orientation

Dynamic configuration of cross-environment applications enhances the computing experience in a computing environment with an extended active user environment and/or multiple active user environments. A mobile computing device maintains multiple active device configurations associated with multiple active user environments and/or application windows within active user environments.


Managing cognitive assistance

Technologies for managing cognitive assistance provided to a user of a cognitive assistance system include a cognitive assistance system to determine a cognitive state of the user based on sensor data generated by one or more biosensors of the cognitive assistance system. The cognitive assistance system determines whether the user requires assistance based on the determined cognitive state of the user and identifies, in response to determining the user requires assistance, a trusted mobile computing device within a vicinity of the cognitive assistance system based on a trust relationship previously established between the cognitive assistance system and the trusted mobile computing device.


System and generating expected geolocations of mobile computing devices

A computer-implemented method for generating a geographical information database associating users with one or more geolocations. The method includes the steps of receiving user identification data, geolocation data, and date and time data associated with the geolocation data from the personal computing devices of a plurality of users.
Mastercard International Incorporated


Real-time location sharing to facilitate a physical meet-up

A location sharing component operating on a mobile computing device is configured to enable a local party and a remote party to share each other's locations during a phone call to facilitate a physical meet-up. The location sharing component exposes various options to set a length of time for the location sharing or the location can be shared up until the meet-up occurs.
Microsoft Corporation


Distributed computing method and system

A distributed computing system is disclosed. The system includes a host computer and a plurality of mobile computing devices in communication with the host computer via a communication network.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Active offline storage management for streaming media application used by multiple client devices

A system, method and computer program product for storing streaming media content includes: receiving streaming content, at a first mobile computing device, from a content service provider over a communications network; and determining, by a secondary mobile computing device specific details of a use of the content currently being received and buffered at the first device. The second device obtains, using the determined specific details, the content expected to be consumed by the first device to a local memory storage device at the secondary device, and stores the expected content for subsequent consumption.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and system for protecting data flow at a mobile device

A method and system for evaluating and enforcing a data flow policy at a mobile computing device includes a data flow policy engine to evaluate data access requests made by security-wrapped software applications running on the mobile device and prevent the security-wrapped software applications from violating the data flow policy. The data flow policy defines a number of security labels that are associated with data objects.
Sri International


Systems and methods for performing user recognition based on biometric information captured with wearable electronic devices

Systems and methods are disclosed herein for performing biometrics based user recognition and monitoring based on biometric information captured using wearable monitoring devices. More specifically, the present application provides systems including monitoring devices built into one or more articles of clothing that capture data relating to the wearer of the device and other subjects, such as biometric information, health vitals, environmental information, location data and the like.
Hoyos Labs Corp.


Mobile cloud service architecture

Techniques are described for implementing a cloud computer system to facilitate communication between a computing device (e.g., a mobile computing device) and enterprise computer systems. In certain embodiments, the cloud computer system may receive, from a computing device, a request for a service provided by an enterprise computer system.
Oracle International Corporation


Computer-implemented method, system, and device for providing and analyzing feedback and reviews

A computer-implemented method, system, and device for providing and analyzing feedback and reviews. The system may comprise: a feedback application and a wireless badge.
Thankz, Llc


Two-stage, gesture enhanced input system for letters, numbers, and characters

A system and method that allows convenient input of letters, numbers, and characters using an input requiring a minimal number of input buttons or keys enhanced by gestures. The system utilizes a two-stage input, first with an array “call-up” function that allows a user to select a range of letters, numbers, or characters, followed by a subsequent “specification” function that allows a user to select a specific letter, number, or character from the aforementioned array.


Motion-based message display

Computer-implemented methods, apparatus, and computer program product, the method comprising: receiving a reading from a sensor associated with a mobile computing device used by a user; determining based on the reading whether the device is in movement exceeding a threshold; responsive to the movement exceeding the threshold, displaying a message in a first manner; and responsive to the movement not exceeding the threshold, displaying the message in a second manner. The first manner may be associated with the message obstructing content displayed on the device; and the second manner may be associated with content displayed on the device being obstructed less than when the movement exceeds the threshold.


Gamified electromyographic neuromuscular reeducation therapy system

A method, system and apparatus for gamified electromyographic neuromuscular reeducation therapy may include an emg receiver and a mobile computing device. In some embodiments, the mobile computing device receives an emg signal from an emg sensor couplable to a muscle of a user.
Dynofit, Inc.


Cold temperature power throttling at a mobile computing device

The subject matter of the disclosure relates to low temperature power throttling at a mobile device to reduce the likelihood of an unexpected power down event in cold weather environments. A mobile device employing a power management solution may be configured to determine that a monitored temperature at the mobile device (at the battery of the mobile device) is below a first threshold level, and whether a hardware component (such as a camera) is active or inactive.
Apple Inc.


System and broadcasting encoded beacon signals

A method for broadcasting a beacon message by checking size of the beacon message by a beacon generation device to determine if that is greater than a specific size and then splitting the beacon message into two or more message chunks having a size less than or equal to the specific size, if the size of the beacon message is found to be greater than the specific size. The message chunks are then encoded as per a message format with multiple fields to include a message data field and packet identifiers before transmitting the message chunks sequentially in consecutive time slots through a wireless protocol.

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