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Date/App# patent app List of recent Minute-related patents
 Energy-saving fuel gas system patent thumbnailEnergy-saving fuel gas system
The invention relates to an energy-saving fuel gas system, which provides a two coexisted mechanisms comprising a premixing mode of a premixing module and a diffuse-blend mode of a diffuse-blend module. A suitable fuel, which is produced by the mixing reaction of fuel molecule and oxidative molecule to be completed by a helical or scroll type premixing module, is guided to flow into the diffuse-blend module via a fairing hood for a secondary scroll air-mixing treatment and then is performed with a combustion chemical reaction by the flames on the fire board.
 Computer architecture for managing courseware in a shared use operating environment patent thumbnailComputer architecture for managing courseware in a shared use operating environment
Methods, devices, and systems are provided in a multi-level computer architecture which provides improved capabilities for managing courseware and other content in a shared use operating environment such as a computer network. In particular, the invention provides a commercial networked instruction content delivery method and system which does not exclude synchronous sharing but is focused on asynchronous sharing.
 Flavored straw with a flavor delivery system patent thumbnailFlavored straw with a flavor delivery system
A beverage flavoring apparatus comprising of an elongated tubular body, having at least three elongated hollow sections and a container for holding liquid flavor. The top hollow section is for suction and at least one of the hollow sections is adapted to receive liquid flavor and it has a smaller cross sectional area and shorter length which enables the flavoring liquid to be introduced into the beverage stream in minute quantity.
 Multiple axes external bone fixing member patent thumbnailMultiple axes external bone fixing member
An external bone fixing member includes an external reconstruction plate to replace the conventional large external support frame to reduce the volume of the external fixing member and the external bone fixing member is cooperated with a screw which is angle adjustable so as to meet requirements of fixation of the fractured bones (limb bones) at different positions or comminuted fractures. The use of the screw is further cooperated with the reconstruction plate to reinforce the stability of the connection between the reconstruction plate and the screw to prevent the screw from withdrawing, moving, angle changing or movement of the reconstruction plate..
 Bendable bone plate for external fixation patent thumbnailBendable bone plate for external fixation
The present invention relates to a bendable bone plate for external fixation, comprising a main body made of flexible materials, wherein the end of the main body has a larger surface area. There are several perforations running the length of the bone plate body and more located on the larger proximal end.

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