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Mineral patents

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Fermentation of fruit juices

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mineral-related patents
 Underground reactor system patent thumbnailnew patent Underground reactor system
An underground reactor for creating hydrocarbons and chemicals from organic material preferably includes a heat recovery device. Some embodiments of the present invention include at least one tube that injects biomass underground and at least one second tube that collects reacted biomass on the surface.
 Method for producing nitride single crystal and autoclave for use in the method patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing nitride single crystal and autoclave for use in the method
There is provided a novel method for producing a nitride single crystal with both a rapid crystal growth rate and high crystal quality, as well as a novel autoclave that can be used in the method. The invention provides a method for producing a ga-containing nitride single crystal by an ammonothermal method, comprising introducing at least a starting material, an acidic mineralizer and ammonia into an autoclave, and then growing a ga-containing nitride single crystal under conditions wherein the temperature (t1) at the single crystal growth site is 600° c.
 Method and use of organic and mineral admixtures for emi and radioactive isotope shielding of building materials such as glass fiber wall coverings, gypsum wallboard and electrically conductive or resistive, high performance, high strength concrete patent thumbnailnew patent Method and use of organic and mineral admixtures for emi and radioactive isotope shielding of building materials such as glass fiber wall coverings, gypsum wallboard and electrically conductive or resistive, high performance, high strength concrete
A method is disclosed for the use of an organic admixture composed of a polysaccharide such as hydroxypropylcellulose and a monosaccharide such as ethoxylated methylglucoside and de-ionized water and minerals such as zeolites for electromagnetic; radio and microwave frequency and radioisotope shielding of building materials such as wall liners, gypsum wallboard and high performance, high strength concrete.. .
 Acid-stable creamer or whitener composition patent thumbnailnew patent Acid-stable creamer or whitener composition
The invention relates to a particulate creamer or whitener composition, wherein the particles comprise fat, carbohydrate, whey protein and an acidulant, and wherein, if reconstituted in demineralized water, a 10% (w/w) dispersion or solution of said composition in demineralized water has a ph between 3.5 and 6. The invention furthermore relates to a process for preparing such a composition, and to the use of the particulate composition in food products, in particular in food products having an acidic ph, i.e.
 Fermentation of fruit juices patent thumbnailnew patent Fermentation of fruit juices
A method of introducing yeast into a fruit juice such as grape must to be fermented is disclosed. The method comprises feeding dry yeast into a flowing stream of the fruit juice and delivering the flowing stream of fruit juice with the yeast in it to a mixer (10).
 Horse feed dietary supplement composition derived from chia seed composition patent thumbnailnew patent Horse feed dietary supplement composition derived from chia seed composition
A horse feed dietary supplement composition increases the energy and improves the health and coat of a horse and is formed as a partially defatted seed meal composition that may be supplemented to a horse feed. The composition includes a shelf stable, partially defatted supercritical co2 fluid solvent extracted whole grain flour that is derived from salvia hispanica l.
 Method of preparing bone material having enhanced osteoinductivity patent thumbnailnew patent Method of preparing bone material having enhanced osteoinductivity
Methods for increasing osteoinductivity and/or surface area of bone material are provided. The methods include providing bone material and dehydrating the bone material with a solvent at its critical point.
 Use of formulations containing glycerol as a dry grinding aid agent of mineral matter patent thumbnailnew patent Use of formulations containing glycerol as a dry grinding aid agent of mineral matter
The invention consists in the use, as a dry grinding aid agent of a mineral matter chosen from among the dolomites, talc, titanium dioxide, alumina, kaolin and calcium carbonate, the function of which is to reduce the specific grinding energy and to increase the grinding capacity, of formulations containing glycerol.. .
 Process for preparing a composition comprising synthetic mineral particles and composition patent thumbnailnew patent Process for preparing a composition comprising synthetic mineral particles and composition
A process for preparing a composition including synthetic mineral particles, in which a hydrogel which is a precursor of the synthetic mineral particles is prepared via a coprecipitation reaction between at least one compound including silicon, and at least one compound including at least one metal element, characterized in that the coprecipitation reaction takes place in the presence of at least one carboxylate salt of formula r2—coom′ in which: —m′ denotes a metal chosen from the group made up of na and k, and —r2 is chosen from h and alkyl groups including fewer than 5 carbon atoms. A composition including synthetic mineral particles which is obtained by such a process is also described..
 Leaching of minerals and sequestration of co2 patent thumbnailnew patent Leaching of minerals and sequestration of co2
A method for leaching of minerals and sequestration of co2 is disclosed, wherein the method comprises forming a rock pile; injecting exhaust gas containing co2 in the lower part of the rock pile; spraying leaching liquid on top of the rock pile; collecting enriched leaching liquid from a lower part of the rock pile; precipitating mineral carbonates from the enriched leaching liquid, or further extracting dissolved elements or compounds.. .
new patent Illuminated glass panel for a vehicle, and manufacture thereof
An illuminating glazing unit for a vehicle includes a first sheet made of mineral or organic glass, a peripheral light source with a support profiled member referred to as source support, the emitting region or face of the source facing the edge face, referred to as injection face, of the first sheet for a propagation of the injected light within the thickness of the first sheet, the first sheet then playing the role of guide for the injected light, a device of extraction of the guided light so as to form at least one illuminating region, the source support being within an accommodation surrounded by material and covered by a cover, the cover and the source support being removable from the glazing unit.. .
new patent Synthetic bubbles or beads having hydrophobic surface
A synthetic bead for use in mineral separation is described. The synthetic bead has a surface made of or coated with a synthetic material such as a polymer that is naturally hydrophobic or a polymer that is hydrophobically modified.
new patent Thermally isolating hermetic electrical feed-through
A moisture-sealing and thermally-isolating miniature implement for terminating a mineral-insulated and metal-sheathed cable and connecting it to a power source, includes a hollow contact prong protruding from one axial end of a metallic heat-sink barrel penetrated from an opposite end by the steel sheath of a heating element cable. The heating element contacts a nickel or nickel clad iron pin that penetrates the prong and is welded to its most distal extremity.
new patent Ultrasonic wellbore dewatering device, system and method
An ultrasonic device and system is provided for specific application to unloading non-gaseous production (typically mineralized water which may or may not be associated with produced solids and/or hydrocarbon liquids) from gas producing wells. In one embodiment, the system comprises an ultrasonic particle generator bank, including a transformer as needed (geometry of bank varies depending on down hole configurations) with multiple ultrasonic sources for redundancy/longevity and particle formation rate control.
Delivery systems containing bioactive materials
A delivery system comprising a covering containing at least a first substance for release to a surgical site is provided. The covering includes an elongated containment portion having at least one compartment, wherein the covering includes an elongated containment having a first end and a second end.
Asphalt materials containing bio-oil and methods for production thereof
An asphalt binder includes asphalt and an asphalt binder modifier, which includes bio-oil. The asphalt binder can include a carboxyl additive.
Play modeling dough
The present invention is directed toward a play composition including a polymeric binder and oil. In an embodiment, the binder is a hydrogenated triblock copolymer including styrene.
Charging load for making tft glass and method of making same
A charging load and a method of making the same wherein the charging load includes at least three diverse mineral raw materials in pre-selected percentages, the charging load being transformable into an aluminosilicate glass product by heating to a temperature of at least 1,200° c. And being a mass of structurally stabilized individual beads, where each of the beads is a composite of the at least three diverse mineral raw materials made non-friable by a partial sintering process, each bead of the mass containing a homogeneous mixture of ground and sized particles of the at least three diverse mineral raw materials, where the particles have a controlled maximum particle size of less than 30 microns and are mixed in each of the beads at the pre-selected percentages..
Functional sugar replacement
The present invention is related to a functional food ingredient, which replaces sugar on a 1/1 weight and/or volume basis in food recipes containing sucrose, with a substantial caloric reduction in view. More than an ingredient, it has to be seen as a functional ingredient, since it possesses some health promoting effects.
Oxygenated demineralized bone matrix for bone growth
An improved composition for inducing bone growth is provided that is a mixture of dbm and a perfluorocarbon oxygen carrier. Injection/implantation of a composition of dbm and a perfluorocarbon results in enhancement of bone formation..
Three-layered hair conditioning composition and consumer product
Personal care compositions comprising three liquid layers, particular useful for treating hair. The compositions are visually three separate layers.
Brine and method for the manufacture thereof
The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a brine with improved features for use in food as a condiment and for the preservation and treatment of fish and shellfish, improving the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the foods treated and/or cooked with it. The brine with improved features obtained according to the method of the present invention can furthermore be used as raw material for manufacturing intensely hydrating and mineralizing isotonic beverages for human consumption, as well as any food product requiring water in the manufacturing process, improving the nutritional properties thereof.
Mineral separation using functionalized filters and membranes
An apparatus for collecting mineral particles in a slurry or the tailings is disclosed. The apparatus may take the form of a filter, a conveyor belt or an impeller to be used in a processor to collect mineral particles in the slurry, or in a tailings pond to collect mineral particles in the tailings.
Mineral composite panel and its production process
The embodiments herein provide a prefabricated mineral composite panel and a method for producing the same for constructing the internal walls, the lateral walls and the corner walls in a building. The method comprising the steps of: preparing and assembling a cast, fixing a mesh in the cast, pouring a prefabricated mineral composite into the cast, smoothening and flattening a top surface of the cast, disassembling the cast to withdraw a semi-dried prefabricated mineral composite panel, placing the semi-dried prefabricated mineral composite panel in a drying room for drying the prefabricated mineral composite, removing the dried prefabricated mineral composite panel from the drying room and packaging the prefabricated mineral composite panel..
Method and system for releasing mineral from synthetic bubbles and beads
A synthetic bead for use in mineral separation is described. The synthetic bead has a surface made of a synthetic material such as polymer and the synthetic material is functionalized with molecules having a functional group for attaching mineral particles to the surface in a separation process.
Activated flotation circuit for processing combined oxide and sulfide ores
A method of extracting targeted metallic minerals from ores that contain sulfide metallic minerals along with oxide minerals, carbonate minerals, silicate minerals, halide minerals or combinations thereof. In the method, an ore slurry containing the metallic mineral in oxide, carbonate, silicate or halide form is provided.
Apparatus and method for density separator for drilling fluid
An apparatus is disclosed for separating minerals in drilling fluid based primarily on density. The separator creates and maintains a slurry with a controllable density for separating minerals from drill cuttings.
Mineral slurry drying method and system
The present invention provides methods and systems for reducing moisture in mineral slurries, particularly mineral slurries containing minerals of small particle diameter, using a granular drying material. The invention also relates to novel mineral products and intermediates useful in connection with the process.
Calories tracking when making mobile payment through near field communications
A system, a method, and a computer program product for tracking of attributes, such as calories, vitamins, minerals, fat, and the like, of a food item when purchasing the food item from a point of sale location are disclosed. Information representative of a plurality of food items purchased from at least one point of sale location is received by the user's equipment from a terminal at a point of sale location via a near field communications medium.
Osteograft implant
Bone implant compositions are provided that include a body made of cortical bone extending along an axis between a first end and a second end. The body includes an outer surface configured to engage host bone of a patient and at least one recess extending transverse to the axis into the outer surface of the body configured for disposal of an insert.
Production of biodiesel and glycerin from high free fatty acid feedstocks
A system and method for the conversion of free fatty acids to glycerides and the subsequent conversion of glycerides to glycerin and biodiesel includes the transesterification of a glyceride stream with an alcohol. The fatty acid alkyl esters are separated from the glycerin to produce a first liquid phase containing a fatty acid alkyl ester rich (concentrated) stream and a second liquid phase containing a glycerin rich (concentrated) stream.
Compression-resistant collagen-based artificial bone repair material
The present invention provides a compression-resistant collagen-based artificial bone repair material that could be used for bone defect repair at human load-bearing sites. Such material has a composition and structure of self-assembled nano-sized calcium phosphate salt and collagen molecules, thereby possessing a biomimetic mineralization structure similar to the natural bone.
Aqueous suspension concentrate comprising an acid salt of dodecylguanidine
The invention concerns a suspension concentrate comprising, expressed by weight based on the total weight of the composition: a) 40 to 80% particles of dodecylguanidine or an acid salt of dodecylguanidine of the structure (1), wherein x represents an acid residue of a monocarboxylic, dicarboxylic or a mineral acid, b) 0 to 10% of an anti-freeze compound, c) 1 to 10% of a wetting agent and/or d) a dispersing agent, e) 0 to 5% of an antifoaming agent, f) remainder water characterized in that, the median diameter of the particles (d50) is at least 7 μm and below 40 μm; and its use for the treatment of a fungicidal disease on crops or ornamental plants.. .
Cosmetic method for treating human perspiration using particles of an expanded amorphous mineral material; compositions
Provided is a cosmetic method for treating perspiration and, optionally, the body odors related to thereto, e.g. Underarm odors, with an effective amount of particles of an expanded amorphous mineral material or of a composition thereof, and more particularly containing expanded perlite particles.
Systems and methods for sterilization
Systems for sterilization of tissues, including acellular tissue matrices, comprising a package having a portion permeable to supercritical carbon dioxide and a portion impermeable to moisture are described. Methods of sterilizing acellular tissue matrices from soft tissues or demineralized bone are provided..
Grease composition and wheel supporting rolling bearing unit having grease composition packed therein
There is provided a grease composition decreasing the load sensitivity to a running torque, maintaining necessary performances for a wheel supporting rolling bearing unit, and maintaining a good lubricated condition for a long time, and, a wheel supporting rolling bearing unit having the grease composition packed therein. The grease composition contains base oil, thickeners, rust inhibitors, and anti-wear agents, the base oil contains mineral oil, synthetic oil or blend oil of the mineral oil and the synthetic oil, a mix ratio (mass ratio) of the mineral oil and the synthetic oil is 0:100 to 20:80, a kinematic viscosity of the base oil at a temperature of 40° c.
Mineral material processing plant and method
A mineral material processing plant includes a frame having two or more upper support surfaces and a jaw crusher including a crusher body having at least two bottom support surfaces at a distance from each other. The processing plant further includes at least one damper to be arranged in between the bottom and upper support surfaces which damper includes a first counter surface for the bottom support surface and a second counter surface for the upper support surface and an elastic material layer between the counter surfaces and preferably a slide joint between the first counter surface and the bottom or upper support surface.
Unmanned unattended mineral exploration drilling and sample return system
The invention is a system and methods for conducting automated, unmanned and unattended drilling operations. The system comprises an unmanned and unattended landing and launch vehicle capable of navigating to a location and reversibly coupled to an automated drilling platform.
Strip, method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing pneumatic tire
The present invention is a strip of a thermoplastic elastomer composition to be wound spirally on a cylindrical drum to form an inner liner for a tire. The strip is composed of a layer stack of a first layer made of a thermoplastic elastomer composition containing 0.1 part by mass to 50 parts by mass of an organic derivative of clay mineral relative to 100 parts by mass of a styrene-isobutylene-styrene triblock copolymer, and a second layer made of a thermoplastic elastomer composition containing at least one of a styrene-isoprene-styrene triblock copolymer and a styrene-isobutylene diblock copolymer.
Binder composition for the agglomeration of fine minerals and pelletizing process
B) at least one synthetic polymer which disperses mineral particles evenly in the pellets.. .
Insulation element for a flat roof or a flat inclined roof, roofing system for a flat roof or a flat inclined roof and method for producing an insulation element
An insulation element for thermal and/or acoustic insulation of a flat roof or a flat inclined roof comprises a first layer made of mineral fibres, and a second layer made of at least one fabric, whereby the second layer is fixed to a major surface of the first layer by an adhesive. To reduce the adhesive costs and the risk of blistering the roof membrane at the application stage, the second layer is impregnated with a filler.
Demineralized cancellous bone scaffolds
The present invention provides a cancellous bone scaffold to use in the replacement or repair of connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons. The cancellous bone scaffold has a fully demineralized segment with at least one adjacent mineralized end segment..
Transdermal dosage form for low-melting point active agent
The hydrophobic reservoir layer may serve as a skin-contacting adhesive layer. Alternatively, a release-controlling adhesive layer may serve as the skin-contacting adhesive layer.

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