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Microprocessor patents


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 Cooling apparatus with a control system for cooling microprocessor based equipment patent thumbnailCooling apparatus with a control system for cooling microprocessor based equipment
A cooling apparatus for cooling microprocessor based equipment is disclosed. The cooling apparatus comprises a rack mountable cooling unit and a cooling control module.
Rack Cooling Technologies Llc

 Driver identification and data collection systems for use with mobile communication devices in vehicles patent thumbnailDriver identification and data collection systems for use with mobile communication devices in vehicles
Systems, methods, and monitoring devices for collecting and transmitting operational data about a vehicle to a separate receiving device located within the vehicle, wherein the monitoring device includes a housing mounted to the vehicle and a power supply that powers electronic components contained within the housing, the electronic components include a microprocessor, memory in electronic communication with the microprocessor and configured to store the operational data, one or more sensors for detecting and determining the operational data about the vehicle, wherein the microprocessor causes the operational data to be stored in the memory, and a data transmission module, controlled by the microprocessor and configured to retrieve the operational data from the memory and to transmit the retrieved operational data to the separate receiving device. The operational data is stored in the separate receiving device for further processing, later upload, or further transmission to a remote receiver outside of the vehicle..
Obdedge, Llc

 On board vehicle presence reporting module patent thumbnailOn board vehicle presence reporting module
The present disclosure describes a microprocessor executable presence reporting module operable to determine, based on one or more of a vehicle occupant context and requirement of law applicable to a current geographic location of the vehicle, whether the vehicle occupant is present and available for receiving an inbound communication and/or by what communication channel and/or modality to contact the vehicle occupant.. .
Autoconnect Holdings Llc

 Antenna device patent thumbnailAntenna device
An antenna device, including a circuit board, electronic components, a functional component module, an antenna module and a feed line, is provided. The electronic components are disposed on the circuit board and include a microprocessor and a wireless communication chip.
Htc Corporation

 Addressable electric safety contact monitoring system patent thumbnailAddressable electric safety contact monitoring system
An addressable electrical safety contact monitoring system is described. The system includes an input terminal connected to an external signal relating to a safety fault, a first signal wire connect the input terminal, a switch having a default position and an active position, a first electric connection between the input terminal and a switch, a microprocessor, a second electric connection between the microprocessor and the switch, an address-section mechanism, an output terminal and a third electric connection between the microprocessor and the output terminal.

 Encoded information reading terminal with item locate functionality patent thumbnailEncoded information reading terminal with item locate functionality
An encoded information reading terminal can comprise a microprocessor, a memory communicatively coupled to the microprocessor, a communication interface, and an rfid reading device configured to output raw message data comprising an encoded message and/or output decoded message data corresponding to an encoded message. The eir terminal can be configured, responsive to receiving one or more target item identifiers, to attempt to locate at least one rfid tag transmitting an encoded representation of a binary string, at least part of which is equal to at least part one of the specified one or more target item identifiers.
Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
A semiconductor device capable of arbitrarily operating a microprocessor while protecting a secure program is provided. The semiconductor device includes a memory equipped with a first program area in which an arbitrary program is stored, and a second program area in which a secure program is stored, a microprocessor which outputs an address designating an instruction in a program, and a memory protection unit which controls access to the memory based on the address outputted from the microprocessor.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Solid state memory unit and  protecting a memory including verification of a sequence of requests for access to physical blocks patent thumbnailSolid state memory unit and protecting a memory including verification of a sequence of requests for access to physical blocks
A solid state memory unit and method for protecting a solid state memory having a microprocessor are disclosed. The method may include receiving user-input requests for access to blocks of the solid state memory, the blocks of the solid state memory storing ordered virtual files.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

 Test  testing a battery pack patent thumbnailTest testing a battery pack
A test system for testing a battery pack having a high voltage terminal, a low voltage terminal, first and second battery modules, and a master microprocessor is provided. The test system includes an inverter unit and a test computer.
Lg Chem, Ltd.

 Bicycle activity monitoring and recording device with air pollution sensors patent thumbnailBicycle activity monitoring and recording device with air pollution sensors
Provided is an activity monitoring and recording device which may include a smartphone, a pollution sensor, a global positioning system (gps) device, a microprocessor and proprietary software supported to a bicycle.. .

System and low-power close-proximity communications and energy transfer using a miniature multi-purpose antenna

A system for providing information to a magnetic card reader. The system comprises an antenna (in one embodiment comprising a multi-purpose antenna or an antenna module) and a microprocessor for applying a differential signal to the antenna.
Nxt-id, Inc.

Method for creating and displaying individualized learning material for reading

In one embodiment a method is provided by which a person learns to read text for which the person may already know the text vocabulary in the spoken language. A photographic image is generated which has an association with a spoken word for which the person is to learn to read a corresponding written word.

Microprocessor-controlled tamper detection system

A microprocessor-controlled system for monitoring a package or container to detect unwanted tampering, recording parameters related to the tampering, and optionally for initiating countermeasures in response to the tampering, is provided. Upon sealing the material within the container, a microprocessor arms the system and a clock function begins.

Multi-core microprocessor that dynamically designates one of its processing cores as the bootstrap processor

A microprocessor includes an indicator and a plurality of processing cores. Each of the plurality of processing cores is configured to generate a default core id and to sample the indicator.
Via Technologies, Inc.

Instruction sequence buffer to enhance branch prediction efficiency

A method for outputting alternative instruction sequences. The method includes tracking repetitive hits to determine a set of frequently hit instruction sequences for a microprocessor.
Soft Machines, Inc.

High performance zero bubble conditional branch prediction using micro branch target buffer

Embodiments include a micro btb, which can predict up to two branches per cycle, every cycle, with zero bubble insertion on either a taken or not taken prediction, thereby significantly improving performance and reducing power consumption of a microprocessor. A front end of a microprocessor can include a main front end logic section having a main btb, a micro btb to produce prediction information, and a decoupling queue.

Remote control device, control system and controlling

A remote control device for remotely controlling an unmanned apparatus and a carried object carried by the unmanned apparatus includes a remote control device attitude sensor and a microprocessor. The remote control device attitude sensor is configured to detect a remote control device spatial attitude of the remote control device and output a remote control device spatial attitude signal according to the remote control device spatial attitude.
Sz Dji Technology Co., Ltd.

Integration of photonic, electronic, and sensor devices with soi vlsi microprocessor technology

According to an aspect of the present principles, methods are provided for fabricating an integrated structure. A method includes forming a very large scale integration (vlsi) structure including a semiconductor layer at a top of the vlsi structure.
International Business Machines Corporation

Mechanical refrigerator

A mechanical refrigerator including a main body forming a storage space; a inverter compressor compressing a refrigerant; a microprocessor controlling drive of the compressor; a thermostat, which is connected to a power supply and switched on or switched off according to changes in a temperature of the storage space; a power detection circuit, which is connected to the power supply and the thermostat electrically, and configured to switch on or off the microprocessor according to a status of the thermostat; and a power circuit connected to the power supply and the microprocessor and configured to supply power for driving the compressor to the microprocessor.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Induction rechargeable electronic candle system

A large plurality of artificial, battery-operated, electronic candles are arranged to be simultaneously recharged upon placement on a series of interconnected charging trays that include a transformer primary winding at defined locations thereon. The primary windings are driven by an ac signal whose duty cycle is controlled by a pulse width modulator 1c to induce a voltage across secondary windings contained within the candle housing.
Shenzhen Liown Electronics Company Ltd.

Redundant active vibration and noise control systems and methods

Redundant active vibration and noise control systems and methods are provided, which include safety-critical systems and methods. In one embodiment, a safety-critical active vibration control system (scavcs) is provided, which includes a plurality of digital buses, a force generator, at least one sensor and at least one system parameter.
Lord Corporation

Remote control system for controlling operation of a fan assembly

A remote control system for controlling operation of a fan assembly is provided. The system includes a first sensor module having a first housing, a first sensor, a first microprocessor, and a first rf transmitter.
Direct Success, Llc

Systems and methods for dive computers with remote upload capabilities

Dive computers incorporating a variety of features are disclosed. One embodiment of the invention includes a dive computer including a microprocessor, memory configured to store a software application, a pressure transducer configured to determine depth information, and a communications device configured to communicate with external devices, wherein the software application configures the microprocessor to create a dive log stored in memory, wherein the dive log includes recorded information including depth of submersion information recorded from the pressure transducer, and transmit the dive log using the communications device..
Pelagic Pressure Systems Corp.

Closed-loop metalworking system

A closed-loop machining system that includes a rotating spindle assembly having a body, a tool holder connected to the body, an ultrasonic machining module connected to the tool holder, and a power supply for powering the module; a processor for controlling the operation of the closed-loop machining system; a safety and compatibility bridge linking the ultrasonic machining module to the processor, wherein the safety and compatibility bridge further includes an electrical connection between the ultrasonic machining module and the processor; and at least one microprocessor located in or associated with the ultrasonic machining module for enabling and processing communication between the ultrasonic machining module and the processor.. .
Edison Industrial Innovation, Llc

Aerosol extraction apparatus

An ultrasonic aerosol generation apparatus preferably includes an aerosol generation case, a case cover, at least one outlet pipe, an air feed manifold, at least one, transducer, transducer power supply, and microprocessor based controller. The aerosol generation case preferably includes a fluid reservoir and a transducer chamber.

Hand-held blender

A hand-held blender includes a housing and a body. The body is disposed in the housing, and the body comprises a microprocessor, a pressure sensor, a pressure button, a driving device, a coupling, a stirring rod, a power switch and a safety protection device; the coupling is connected with the stirring rod and driving device, respectively; the microprocessor is connected with the driving device.
Huiyang Allan Plastic & Electric Industries Co., Limited

Functional electrical stimulation systems

A gait modulation system including: (a) a sensor device including a sensor adapted for associating with at least one lower limb of the patient, the sensor for transducing at least one parameter related to a gait of the patient, so as to obtain gait data related to the gait, and (b) a muscle stimulator including: (i) an electrical stimulation circuit, the circuit adapted to supply an electrical stimulation output to an electrode array for performing functional electrical stimulation of at least one muscle of the lower limb, and (ii) a microprocessor, operatively connected to the at least one sensor, the microprocessor adapted for: receiving a stream of gait information based on the gait data; processing the gait information, and controlling the stimulation output based on the processing of the gait information, and wherein the microprocessor is further adapted to identify a failure in the stream of gait information, and to consequently control the electrical stimulation circuit to deliver a fail-safe stimulation output over a portion of a duration of the failure.. .
Bioness Neuromodulation Ltd.

Electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette light emission control method

An electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette light emission control method. The electronic cigarette comprises: at least one touch sensor (2), a microprocessor (1), and a light-emitting module (3).
Kimree Hi-tech Inc.

Tablet holding device

A tablet holding device for allowing a user to view a mobile electronic device while lying in a supine position. The tablet holding device includes a base portion and an upper portion securable thereto, wherein the base portion and upper portion form a cavity in which the user can position his or her head.

Electronic pump

An electronic pump includes a controller. The controller includes a power input terminal, a printed circuit board, a motor driver and a microprocessor.
Hangzhou Sanhua Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Method for acquiring constant torque of electronically commutated motors

A method for acquiring a constant torque of an ecm, the method including: a) acquiring a target torque value t0 input from external; b) when the motor is in a non-use state, operating the motor and acquiring an initial rotational speed rpm by the microprocessor; and when the motor is in an operating state, acquiring a current rotational speed rpm by the microprocessor; c) calculating a corresponding target bus current value itad by the microprocessor using the function of a dc bus current itad=f(t, rpm) according to the target torque t0 and acquired rotational speed rpm, in which t represents a torque value output by the motor; and d) comparing the target bus current itad with a real-time bus current ibus by the microprocessor in a closed-loop control according to the detected real-time bus current ibus.. .
Zhongshan Broad-ocean Motor Co., Ltd.

Warning computer

A warning apparatus for a computer comprises an input device and a wearable device. The wearable device is in wireless connection with the input device.
Primax Electronics Ltd.

Error correction in low-cost off-axis doppler radar readings

A method for correcting doppler shift-based speed measurements of a projectile where the correction is based upon a two-parameter model for the projectile speed. In one example application, the method is used for correcting the well-known “cosine” measurement error endemic in doppler shift-based speed measurements is accomplished by comparing the received projectile speed data with parametric curves that are computed in a low-cost microprocessor, and selecting a set of two parametric curves that bound the received projectile data within a sufficiently narrow parametric range so that the initial projectile speed can be computed with the desired accuracy..

Vehicle-mounted detecting device for a bicycle

A vehicle-mounted detecting device for a bicycle comprises a force sensing base, a strain touch member for detecting the direction and magnitude of force, and a sensor contacted with the sensor. The detecting device is assembled to a crank and a pedal shaft of the bicycle in a manner of external hanging.

Flow sensor system including spring contacts

A flow sensor sub-assembly for sensing flow of a fluidic medicament is disclosed. The flow sensor sub-assembly includes a first spring contact and a second spring contact.
Crisi Medical Systems, Inc.

Plasma generation with dialysis systems

Embodiments for a blood plasma and red blood cell generation device are disclosed. The device may operate as an alternative modality of the dialysis machine, as part of the dialysis machine and/or as an add-on module.
Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

Smart cane with extensions for navigating stairs

Devices and systems are described including a walking aid including a linear rod having a first end and a second end, a hand grip disposed in proximity to the first end of the linear rod, two or more extendable and retractable self-leveling load-bearing feet at the second end of the linear rod, at least one sensor configured to detect a parameter of a walking surface in proximity to the second end of the linear rod, and a controller including a microprocessor and circuitry, the controller operably coupled to the two or more extendable and retractable self-leveling load-bearing feet and the at least one sensor, and including circuitry configured to receive information regarding the detected parameter of the walking surface from the at least one sensor and circuitry configured to actuate at least one of the two or more extendable and retractable self-leveling load-bearing feet in response to the information regarding the detected parameter of the walking surface.. .
Elwha Llc

Battery cell assembly

A battery cell assembly includes a thin sensor assembly having a plastic sheet, first, second, third, and fourth conductive pads, first and second resistive traces, a sensing circuit, a microprocessor, and an electrical connector. The plastic sheet has a first side and a second side.
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Self-learning relay turn-off control system and method

An exemplary embodiment is disclosed of a relay turn-off control system for use with an alternating-current (ac) signal input. The system may include a relay, a relay current load sensor connected to the relay, and a rectifier circuit connected to the relay current load sensor and having an output.
Emerson Electric Co.

Suturing training device and method

An apparatus for training suturing techniques. The apparatus comprises: (i) a suturing cartridge presentation display with a first receptacle for demountably engaging therein a first suturing cartridge and a second receptacle for demountably engaging therein a second suturing cartridge, (ii) a microprocessor, a graphical user interface, and at least one software program for cooperating with the microprocessor for training, monitoring, reporting suturing techniques; and (iii) a housing for mounting therein the suturing cartridge presentation display, the microprocessor, and the graphical user interface.
Uti Limited Partnership

Systems and methods for synthesizing high resolution images using images captured by an array of independently controllable imagers

Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed that use super-resolution (sr) processes to use information from a plurality of low resolution (lr) images captured by an array camera to produce a synthesized higher resolution image. One embodiment includes obtaining input images using the plurality of imagers, using a microprocessor to determine an initial estimate of at least a portion of a high resolution image using a plurality of pixels from the input images, and using a microprocessor to determine a high resolution image that when mapped through the forward imaging transformation matches the input images to within at least one predetermined criterion using the initial estimate of at least a portion of the high resolution image.
Pelican Imaging Corporation

Methods and systems for estimating skew angle of an image

The disclosed embodiments illustrate methods and systems for estimating a skew angle of an image. The method includes identifying a set of measurable blocks from one or more blocks in said image.
Xerox Corporation

Device and combined data and power transmission

A device for receiving data and power from a host line. The device includes a microprocessor configured to receive power from the host line by way of a diode and a voltage regulator.
Curbell Medical Products, Inc.

Weapons system smart device

A weapons system comprises a firearm, one or more sensors on an interior or exterior portion of the firearm configured to detect a motion or location of a moving part of the firearm relative to the sensor, a microprocessor configured to detect a signal sent by the one or more sensors and determine a status of the firearm, and a display in communication with the microprocessor configured to display information relating to the status of the firearm.. .

Touch controller for a downhole tool

A controller (30,300) for mounting on or within a downhole tool (10) is provided and comprises a touch operated control device (32, 320; 36) having a touchable surface (34,340) mounted within an aperture (16) formed in a sidewall (15) of the downhole tool (10) such that the touchable surface (34, 340) is outwardly facing and is the radially outermost component of the controller (30, 300) such that an operator may touch the touchable surface (34, 340) without having to disassemble the downhole tool (10). The controller (30, 300) also comprises one or more microprocessors (44) in electrical or electronic communication with the touch operated control device (32, 320; 36), where the microprocessor (44) is capable of being programmed by an operator to instruct the downhole tool (10) to actuate wherein the operator instructs the controller (30, 300) by touching the touchable surface (34, 340) with one or more distinct touches..
Sentergy Limited

Method for controlling interior vehicle temperature to protect occupants from extreme heat

A method for protecting occupants in the passenger compartment of a parked motor vehicle from exposure to dangerously elevated temperatures and co2 concentration levels is based on control of vehicle systems by a central microprocessor in communication with co2 and temperature sensors and a wireless communication module. The method implements a graduated, progressive series of warnings and responses as the cabin temperature and/or co2 concentration levels reach certain designated setpoints, so that security-compromising steps, such as opening windows, can be deferred until less extreme measures have been exhausted..

Infusion pump with program key

A wearable infusion pump allows a user to insert a program key into the device housing to select a continuous dosage rate. The program keys are shaped to close contacts on a printed circuit board within the housing to communicate the selected dosage to a microprocessor.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Heat dissipation in electronics

Heat dissipation configurations and methods are described herein. A heat dissipation apparatus may include an individual piece of metal having a thermally conductive metal surface.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

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