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Microencapsulated patents

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Herbicidal formulation

Date/App# patent app List of recent Microencapsulated-related patents
 Pressure sensitive coating for image forming patent thumbnailPressure sensitive coating for image forming
A microencapsulated pigment including a leuco dye system is incorporated as one or more layers in a roll of adhesive tape. The tape is applied and may be rubbed by hand or another object to induce a color change.
 Microencapsulated curing agent patent thumbnailMicroencapsulated curing agent
A microencapsulated curing agent for use in curing a thermosetting resin is provided. The microencapsulated curing agent includes an organic peroxide curing agent and a polyurethane resin encapsulating the organic peroxide curing agent.
 Herbicidal formulation patent thumbnailHerbicidal formulation
A capsule suspension formulation comprising microencapsulated pendimethalin comprising a herbicidally effective amount of pendimethalin being encapsulated within a polymeric wall, said polymeric wall being in-situ formed by an interfacial polymerization reaction occurring between a first phase dispersed in a second phase, at least one of said first and second phases being characterized in comprising a pre-defined amount of at least one alkali or alkaline earth metal salt of an organic acid; and a herbicidally effective amount of a second herbicide.. .
 Smokeless tobacco composition patent thumbnailSmokeless tobacco composition
A smokeless tobacco product configured for insertion into the mouth of a user of the product is provided, the tobacco product including a water-permeable pouch containing a tobacco formulation, the tobacco formulation including a tobacco material and a plurality of microcapsules dispersed within the tobacco material, the plurality of microcapsules including an outer shell encapsulating an internal payload. The internal payload may include an additive such as water, flavorants, binders, colorants, ph adjusters, buffering agents, fillers, disintegration aids, humectants, antioxidants, oral care ingredients, preservatives, additives derived from herbal or botanical sources, and mixtures thereof.
 Enteric delivery of functional ingredients suitable for hot comestible applications patent thumbnailEnteric delivery of functional ingredients suitable for hot comestible applications
A microencapsulated enteric matrix composition and method for manufacture are provided. The microencapsulated enteric composition includes enteric material, such as sodium caseinate and soy protein, and a functional ingredient contained therein in a core.
 Water-soluble anti-inflammatory cream with natural ingredients base patent thumbnailWater-soluble anti-inflammatory cream with natural ingredients base
A water-soluble anti-inflammatory cream is disclosed. The cream is a composition of between about 7.5% and about 30% by weight of a healing oil; between about 1% and about 6% by weight of an herbal extract; between about 0% and about 3.5% by weight of microencapsulated amino acids; and at least 39.4% by weight water..
Microcapsules encapsulating living cells
Disclosed are devices and methods for encapsulating living cells, microencapsulated cells produced by the disclosed devices and methods, as well as methods of using the disclosed microencapsulated cells.. .
Rubber composition with encapsulated resin and pneumatic tire
The present invention is directed to a vulcanizable rubber composition comprising at least one diene based elastomer and an in-situ resin, the in-situ resin comprising a methylene acceptor and a methylene donor, wherein one of the methylene acceptor and methylene donor is microencapsulated.. .
 Microencapsulated amino acid composition and the method of manufacturing the microencapsulated amino acid composition patent thumbnailMicroencapsulated amino acid composition and the method of manufacturing the microencapsulated amino acid composition
The invention relates to a microencapsulated amino acid composition and methods of manufacturing this composition. Amino acids, such as branched-chain amino acids, have low water solubility, poor hydrophilicity, and poor stability.
 Heat-stable microencapsulated fragrance oils patent thumbnailHeat-stable microencapsulated fragrance oils
A process is disclosed to make polyurea microcapsules containing fragrance oil. The microcapsules are heat stable such that the fragrance substantially remains when the microcapsules are exposed for 1 hour at a temperature of from about 190° f.
Extended production of nitric oxide from a microencapsulated nitrite salt and an aqueous acidified gel
Methods and compositions are provided for generating and applying long-lasting therapeutic nitric oxide (no) gas from the reaction of a least one microencapsulated nitrite salt and an activating volume of an aqueous acidified gel that has sufficient acidity to convert the nitrite salt to a nitric oxide (no) and further provides a reducing property that retains the no in bioactive form. .
Extended production of nitric oxide from microencapsulated chemical reactants
Methods and compositions are provided for generating and applying long-lasting therapeutic nitric oxide (no) gas from the reaction of water-soluble chemical reactants microencapsulated in polymer matrices. In some applications the microencapsulated reactants are introduced in an aqueous gel, and in other applications they are introduced to the area of therapy either directly or in a medical device such as a therapeutic pad or dressing.
Compressed articles with microencapsulation
A compressed article of hygiene is formed by a compressed cloth that has been compressed by dehydration or vacuum pressure into a coin shape and that is expandable upon contact with a liquid, and a plurality of microencapsulated beads containing a material. The microencapsulated beads are attached and embedded in the compressed cloth.
Microencapsulated bioactive agents for oral delivery and methods of use thereof
The presently claimed and disclosed inventive concept(s) contemplates a novel polymeric oral dosage form (transmucosal delivery vehicle) for delivery of pharmaceutical and nutriceutical bioactive agents to the mucosa and bloodstream of the intestine. The oral dosage form of the presently claimed and disclosed inventive concept(s) comprises a polymeric coating which encapsulates the bioactive agent and inhibits degradation and dissolution of the bioactive agent within the stomach and within the lumen of the intestine until after passing through the mucosal wall of the small and/or large intestine.
Protection of microbial cells from acidic degradation
A simple cellulose sulphate based microencapsulation technology has been applied to encapsulate bacterial or other microbial cells, which produce and release digestive enzymes and thereby provides an acid resistant shelter for these microbial cells. Surprisingly, the resulting spheres were found to provide sufficient protection for encapsulated cells from treatment with aqueous acidic solutions.
Microencapsulated probiotic substance and process of manufacture
Dried powder solid particles containing a probiotic microorganism and a carrier phase wherein said probiotic microorganism is encapsulated, said carrier phase further comprising at least a nutritious source, said dried powder solid particles present a particle size distribution between n and (n+400) pm, wherein n is comprised between 100 and 10000 μητl, preferably between 300 and 5000 pm, more preferably between 400 and 1000 pm.. .
Method of field application of natural pesticides with reduced toxicity and high efficacy by means of microencapsulation
Microencapsulated formulations of macrolide lactones (abamectin, milbemectin, milbemycins emamectin, avermectins, ivermectins) wherein the active ingredient is protected from uv-degradation, with exceptional release characteristics resembling those of an emulsion concentrate or, if desired, of long-lasting effect; further with appropriate rheological properties, and with reduced toxicity. The invention provides a unique microencapsulation process for the chemical stability and biological activity of mectins, e.g.
Method for producing leather for covering aircraft seats with leather
Chemical process steps in which the leather hide is treated with chemicals, wherein both mechanical and chemical modes of action are combined in individual process steps, it is envisaged that, in a process step of retanning, synthetic and/or vegetable tanning materials, fattening agents, microencapsulated auxiliary agents based on ammonium, phosphate, phosphorus and the ester compounds thereof and natural additives based on rubber and milk products are used, and in a process step of reducing the thickness of the leather hide, the leather thickness of the leather hide (lh) is reduced by splitting and/or scraping without reducing the physical authenticity, and in a process step of flame retardant application, an application material (am) consisting of acrylic, polyurethane, vinyl acetate dispersions and having a flame retardant based on cyclic di- and triphosphates and organic ammonium with sulphur and phosphorus compounds is applied on the flesh side (fs) of the leather hide (lh).. .
Elc thermofilm and method for automatically ascertaining an elc thermofilm for contact thermography in order to detect temperature distributions on the surface, in particular the chest, of a living being, in particular a human being
An elc thermal film, in particular for automatically determining an elc thermal film for contact thermography for detecting temperature distributions on the surface, in particular the breast, of a living organism, in particular of a human being, comprising a carrier film, if appropriate a black layer on the carrier film and a layer containing, preferably microencapsulated, cholesteric liquid crystals on the carrier film or black layer, characterized in that the layer containing the liquid crystals is subdivided in a grid- or strip-shaped fashion into regions having at least two different mixtures of different cholesteric liquid crystals, and a method for automatically determining an elc thermal film for contact thermography for detecting temperature distributions on the surface, in particular the breast, of a living organism, in particular of a human being. .
Electric terminals sealed with microencapsulated polymers
A method for sealing a terminal to a hole through a plastic body includes applying a microencapsulated polymer to a portion of the terminal that is to be sealed to the hole, the microencapsulated polymer including a plurality of microcapsules where each microcapsule includes a capsule wall with reactants within the capsule wall. The method also includes surrounding the portion of the terminal with the hole after applying the microencapsulated polymer.
Microwave heating of heat-expandable materials for making packaging substrates and products
Packaging containers (e.g., cups) or protective wraps may be made with two layers of sheet material and an expanded thermal insulation between the layers. The thermal insulation may be made from microencapsulated, heat-expandable particles that are expanded with a microwave heater at some point during processing substrate, building, conveying or packaging the containers.
Powdered pouch and method of making same
Disclosed herein are water-soluble films and resulting packets including a water-soluble film coated by a powder, wherein the powder includes a mixture of a powdered lubricant and an active agent. Optionally, the active agent may be encapsulated, e.g.
Techniques for computing device cooling using a self-pumping fluid
Techniques for computing device cooling using a self-pumping cooling fluid are described. For example, an apparatus may comprise one or more heat-generating components, a housing forming a cavity including the one or more heat-generating components, and a self-pumping cooling fluid arranged in the cavity.
Microencapsulated catnip oil and methods of using the same
Microencapsulated catnip oil comprising microcapsules in the range of 5-60 micrometers, apparatuses useful in the application of the microencapsulated catnip, and methods of using the same, are disclosed.. .
Thermoplastic molding composition comprising microencapsulated latent-heat-accumulator material
A thermoplastic molding composition is provided, which comprises a) from 30 to 90% by weight of at least one thermoplastic polymer, b) from 10 to 70% by weight of microcapsules with a capsule core made of latent-heat-accumulator material and a polymer as capsule wall, where the latent-heat-accumulator material has its solid/liquid phase transition in the temperature range from −20° c. To 120° c., and c) from 0 to 60% by weight of one or more further additive, where each of the percentages by weight is based on the total weight of components a) to c) and these give a total of 100% by weight, obtainable via mixing in the melt of components a), b), and optionally c) in a multiscrew extruder, where the multiscrew extruder comprises, along the direction of conveying, in this sequence, at least one feed zone, one plastifying zone, one homogenizing zone, and one discharge zone, and the feed of the microcapsules b) into the multiscrew extruder takes place at a site after—in the direction of conveying—the plastifying zone.
Thermal barrier liner for containers
A thermal barrier maintains a beverage within a container at a desired temperature. The barrier may include gas or liquid filled microcapsules and a base material having microencapsulated solid-liquid phase change material, or combinations thereof.
Dry wipes comprising microencapsulated cleaning composition
A dry wipe for cleaning an article or surface comprising: a non-woven fibrous substrate pre-loaded with microcapsules containing a cleaning composition.. .
Pressure sensitive coating for image forming
Dye and developer components of a leuco dye system are separately microencapsulated. The microcapsule walls are fragile to the point of being easily ruptured.
Reflective display device
A method of manufacturing a reflective display device comprises depositing an electro-optical ink on a substrate, the electro-optical ink comprising a plurality of microencapsulated electro-optical fluid shells dispersed in a polymer pre-cursor. The electro-optical ink is cured to provide an electro-optical layer in which the shells are maintained in a polymer matrix having at least two-phases.
Microencapsulated volatile insect repellent and/or insecticide agent and methods of making and using the same
This disclosure is particularly directed to arthropodal compositions in the form of capsules containing an active arthropod agent, more particularly to capsules containing an active arthropod agent and methods of making and using the same. The active arthropod agent may be an insect repellent and/or an insecticide agent..
Improved processes for the control of undesired vegetative growth in crops
Disclosed are compositions comprising a microencapsulated triallate compound, and an improved process for the control of undesired vegetative growth in and among desired vegetative growth, especially cereal crops, the process comprising the steps of: providing an effective amount of a treatment composition to the treated crop.. .
Fragrance slide sampler
A fragrance slide sampler incorporating a fragrance card being coated on one surface with a microencapsulated fragrance and one or more cover elements comprising a first side and a second side, one side being exposed to the user, and the second side being in contact with the microencapsulated fragrance card surface. When the fragrance card is moved, relative to the contiguous cover element, the fragrance card releases its aroma to frictional rubbing against the contiguous cover element, and releases its fragrance through the cover element for enhancing the aroma of the ambient area.
Two-wire process variable indicator with microencapsulated electrophoretic display
A two-wire process variable indicator includes a housing having a plurality of terminals disposed therein. The terminals are coupleable to a two-wire process control loop.
Microencapsulated engine lubricant additives
An engine lubricating system for an internal combustion engine. The system comprises a vehicle engine; a circulation system for providing a continuing flow of lubricant to the vehicle engine and engine components; and a lubricant disposed within the circulation system.
Photo-responsive microencapsulation materials, compositions and methods of use thereof
Photoactivatable prepolymers and methods of use thereof are disclosed for microencapsulation of a substantially water-insoluble material within a nonporous shell. As provided herein, the microencapsulated material is released with no more than a slow release rate.
Microencapsulated probiotics for reducing fecal shedding of pathogenic microbes in animals
Disclosed are methods and compositions for reducing e. Coli o157:h7 colonization and shedding in ruminant animals.
Fully ceramic microencapsulated replacement fuel assemblies for light water reactors
A fully ceramic micro-encapsulated fuel assembly for a light water nuclear reactor includes a set of fcm fuel rods bundled in a square matrix arrangement. Fully ceramic micro-encapsulated fuel assemblies replace standard reference solid fuel assemblies with smaller number of fcm fuel rods that have a larger diameter than the diameter of the solid standard reference fuel rods, while keeping similar amounts of fissile material in the fuel assembly and maintaining comparable rates of burnup and number of efpds, and compatible power production, heat transfer and thermo-hydraulic features.
Coated effervescent tablet
A dietary tablet having a core containing a microencapsulated oil part and an effervescent agent, a coat which isolates the core from the environment and protects the core from oxidation and at least one ingredient giving taste. Suitable oils are preferably chosen from oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
Brachytherapy devices and related methods having microencapsulated brachytherapy materials
A brachytherapy device includes a bioabsorbable support and a plurality of microcapsules on the support. Each of the plurality of the microcapsules includes a plurality of microspheres and a bioabsorbable microcapsule wall that encloses the plurality of microspheres.
Assembling bipolar plates for fuel cells using microencapsulated adhesives
The flow field plates in a bipolar plate assembly for a fuel cell can be both bonded and sealed appropriately using microencapsulated adhesives. This offers several advantages over using other adhesives which may have limited pot life and/or require lengthy curing periods at elevated temperature during which time the plates must be stably positioned and under compression..
Early applications of encapsulated acetamides for reduced injury in crops
Methods of reducing injury to crop foliage and achieving weed control using encapsulated acetamide herbicides in pre-plant or preemergence crop plant applications are described. A composition comprising a first population of a particulate microencapsulated acetamide herbicide and a second population of a particulate microencapsulated acetamide herbicide is described wherein the application mixture exhibits a bimodal acetamide release profile.
Buffered microencapsulated compositions and methods
A microcapsule composition comprising at least one polymer substantially disposed as a semi-permeable shell around a buffered solution and at least one therapeutic agent, wherein the therapeutic agent permeates the shell, and wherein the composition is suitable for delivery to a mammal. This invention also provides related compositions, products and methods..
Liquid coolant with microencapsulated phase change materials for automotive batteries
A microencapsulated phase change material used in conjunction with a cooling fluid as part of a thermal management system for an automotive battery pack assembly. The microencapsulated phase change material is made to have enhanced latent heat transfer properties at lower (colder) temperatures and higher (elevated) temperatures such that a vehicle employing such an automotive battery pack assembly is more resistant to environments where freezing and overheating might otherwise be prevalent..

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