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Microcontroller patents

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Tpk Touch Solutions (xiamen)

Light transmittance measuring apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Microcontroller-related patents
 Hybrid power supply architecture patent thumbnailnew patent Hybrid power supply architecture
A hybrid power supply architecture including a microcontroller, a linear regulator, a first current sensing unit, a second current sensing unit, a switching regulator, a pwm controller and a hybrid output stage is disclosed. The linear and switching regulators respectively perform linear and switching regulation according to a first enable signal and a second enable signal generated by the microcontroller to generate a linear output power and a switching output power.
Celestica Technology Consultancy (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 Integrated micro-inverter and thin film solar module and manufacturing process patent thumbnailnew patent Integrated micro-inverter and thin film solar module and manufacturing process
Embodiments of the present invention include a method for manufacturing, and a structure for a thin film solar module. The method of manufacturing includes fabricating a thin film solar cell and fabricating an electronic conversion unit (ecu) on a single substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Circuit arrangement for detecting a type for a solenoid valve patent thumbnailnew patent Circuit arrangement for detecting a type for a solenoid valve
A circuit arrangement for detecting a solenoid valve type in vehicles, including at least one solenoid valve in the circuit arrangement for detecting the solenoid valve type and having at least one coil winding having a resistance of the typical order of magnitude for a predetermined vehicle electrical distribution system supply voltage, a constant current source, arranged to impress a predetermined measurement current into the one coil winding of the solenoid valve, a current mirror circuit, arranged to generate a second voltage on a detection section of the circuit arrangement from a first voltage produced as a result of the impressed measurement current on the at least one coil winding of the at least one solenoid valve, in which the second voltage produced on the detection section is passed out, on the detection section, directly to a microcontroller in a control device for determining the type of solenoid valve.. .
Knorr-bremse Systeme Fuer Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh

 Light transmittance measuring apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Light transmittance measuring apparatus
A light transmittance measuring apparatus includes a housing made of opaque material, a light source device disposed in the housing and for emitting a first light beam and a second light beam to the object, a light sensor and a microcontroller. The first light beam and the second light beam have different wavelength ranges and have a first light intensity value and a second light intensity value, respectively.
Tpk Touch Solutions (xiamen) Inc.

 Hardware-based device authentication patent thumbnailHardware-based device authentication
An opportunity for a computing device to participate in a secure session with a particular domain is identified. A domain identifier of the particular domain is received and a secured microcontroller of the computing device is used to identify a secured, persistent hardware identifier of the computing device stored in secured memory of the computing device.
Mcafee, Inc.

 Computer system and  operating a computer system patent thumbnailComputer system and operating a computer system
A computer system includes a power supply unit, a system component including at least one processor, a microcontroller and a memory functionally connected to the microcontroller and stores information relating to an interruption in at least one operating voltage of the computer system. When at least one secondary standby voltage is applied to the microcontroller and the information relating to an interruption in the primary supply voltage of the computer system is read from the memory, the microcontroller is configured to selectively switch the computer system to a first operating state on the basis of the information which has been read..
Fujitsu Technology Solutions Intellectual Property Gmbh

 Sensor, measuring and tracking impacts sustained by wearer patent thumbnailSensor, measuring and tracking impacts sustained by wearer
In an aspect, an accessory for an activity is provided, and includes an accessory housing, an impact detection device and a secondary module. The impact detection device includes at least one impact sensor selected from the group of sensors comprising an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

 Implantable sensor and  such sensor patent thumbnailImplantable sensor and such sensor
The present invention relates to an implantable sensor configured to be implanted within the body of the subject and being configured to measure impedance within a body tissue of the subject resulting from an electrical current flowing through the body tissue, wherein the body tissue is sub-dermal or subcutaneous tissue of the subject. One pair of injection electrodes is configured for injection of electrical current into the body tissue and one pair of sensing electrodes is configured to detect the resulting voltage.
Dermal Therapy (barbados) Inc.

 Ballast for gas discharge lamps patent thumbnailBallast for gas discharge lamps
A multi-stage ballast for powering a gas discharge lamp includes a power factor correction stage configured to receive an ac input power and produce a phase corrected dc power, a buck regulator stage coupled to the phase corrected dc power and configured to produce a regulated dc power. The buck regulator stage includes a buck switch.
General Electric Company

 Systems and methods for luminescent display patent thumbnailSystems and methods for luminescent display
A ruggedized luminescent display system for displaying electronic images or light from a surface of an object, such as a boardsport medium, helmet medium, article of clothing, or protective clothing medium, for visibility enhancement. According to various aspects of the present technology, the object may comprise a resilient transmissive material disposed within a cavity of the object and may have a surface that is configured to be substantially flush with an outer surface of the object.
Light Bohrd, Llc


Lighting system with an interface having a power supply unit and at least one light source module

Various embodiments may relate to a power supply unit including an output for outputting a current, a communications line, a current-measuring device and a microcontroller including an analog-to-digital converter. The current-measuring device generates a current on the communications line which is proportional to the conductance of a current-setting resistance, the current is convertable into a digital value by the analog-to-digital converter, the power supply unit assumes various operating states based on the digital value of the measured current, and at least one light source module is connectable to the output, wherein the at least one light source module has the current-setting resistance, which is connectable to the communications line.
Osram Gmbh


One-bit to four-bit dual conversion enhanced security against side channel analysis and method thereof

Disclosed is a dual conversion apparatus for preventing a side channel analysis, including: a microcontroller which converts one-bit expression, which is expressed by zero and one, into one of two four-bit transitions, reconstructs a cryptographic algorithm, and applies the four-bit converted dual conversion to the reconstructed cryptographic algorithm; and a storing unit which stores the four-bit converted dual conversion which is converted by the microcontroller.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Devices and methods for generating gunshot alerts

Devices and methods for generating gunshot alerts are provided. In some embodiments, devices for generating a gunshot alert are provided, the devices comprising: a microphone having an output; an amplifier having an input coupled to the output of the microphone and an output; a band-pass filter having an input coupled to the output of the amplifier and an output; an analog to digital converter having an input coupled to the output of the band-pass filter and an output; a microcontroller having an input coupled to the output of the analog to digital converter and an output; and a notification device having an input coupled to the output of the microcontroller..


Control of semiconductor devices

A microcontroller device comprises at least one processor (8), one or more peripheral systems (6) and a resource supply module (2). The processor (8) and peripheral system(s) (6) are each arranged to generate a signal when they require power and/or a clock signal.
Nordic Semiconductor Asa


Microcontroller device and controlling method performed therein

In one aspect, the present disclosure provides a microcontroller device that has, in one chip: a central processing unit; a plurality of peripheral circuits configured to execute respective prescribed processes in response to corresponding trigger signals; and a peripheral control unit that controls respective activations of the plurality of peripheral circuits, wherein at least one of the peripheral circuits is configured to: control operation of an external device; determine whether or not the operation of the external device has ended without an error; enter a standby mode to accept a next trigger signal when the operation of the external device ended without an error; and generate an interrupt signal to interrupt the central processing unit when the operation of the external device ended with an error.. .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


Bus microcontroller, bus node circuit and electronic control unit for a vehicle

A bus microcontroller includes a processor circuit having at least one unit designed for performing one or more functions due to a bus command via a communication bus, a power control circuit adapted to be coupled to a transmitter-receiver circuit for receiving bus messages via the communication bus, and a means for placing at least part of the processor circuit into a reduced-power operating mode without placing the entire processor circuit into the reduced-power operating mode. The power control circuit is designed to evaluate incoming bus messages with respect to an activation bus message containing information on activating at least part of the processor circuit, and to output a corresponding activation control signal.
Stmicroelectronics Application Gmbh


Steering appartus for a steered vehicle

A steering apparatus comprises a rotatable steering shaft and a sensor which senses angular movement of the steering shaft. An electromagnetic actuator actuates a stop mechanism to releasable engage the steering shaft.
Marine Canada Acquisition, Inc.


Universal solenoid driver

A device may include a driver integrated circuit (ic) comprising a first control unit and a second control unit, a first solenoid that is electrically coupled to the first control unit, a second solenoid that is electrically coupled to the second control unit; at least one sensor, a clock that synchronizes a microcontroller and the driver ic, and a peripheral bus that communicatively couples the first control unit, the second control unit. The microcontroller and the driver ic form an outer control loop that actuates the first solenoid and the second solenoid, and the first control unit, the second control unit, and the at least one sensor form an inner control loop that controls the first solenoid and the second solenoid..
Infineon Technologies Ag


Modularized control circuit of fan motor and operating the same

A modularized control circuit of a fan motor is used to provide a phase-sensing control to the fan motor. The modularized control circuit includes a driving circuit and a microcontroller ic.
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Microcontroller resource sharing

A system includes one or more master modules configured to execute instructions embedded in non-transitory machine-readable media and controllable by a processor. The system also includes one or more peripheral modules that are configured to execute instructions embedded in non-transitory machine-readable media and controllable by the processor.
Atmel Corporation


Data storage device and flash memory control method

A data storage device and a flash memory control method with high efficiency are disclosed. The random access memory of the data storage device is allocated to provide a collection and update area for logical-to-physical address mapping tables that correspond to logical addresses recorded into the physical-to-logical address mapping table.
Silicon Motion, Inc.


Data storage device and flash memory control method

A data storage device and a flash memory control method with high erasing efficiency are disclosed. A microcontroller is configured to maintain a plurality of logical-to-physical address mapping tables and a link table on a flash memory to record mapping information between a host and the flash memory.
Silicon Motion, Inc.


Data storage device and flash memory control method

A data storage device with flash memory and a flash memory control method are disclosed, in which the flash memory includes multi-level cells (mlcs) and single-level cells (slcs). A microcontroller is configured to use the random access memory to cache data issued from the host before writing the data into the flash memory.
Silicon Motion, Inc.


Data storage device and flash memory control method

A data storage device with flash memory and a flash memory control method are disclosed, which upload the physical-to-logical address mapping information of one block to the flash memory section by section. A microcontroller is configured to allocate a flash memory to provide a first run-time write block.
Silicon Motion, Inc.


Data storage device and flash memory control method

A data storage device with flash memory and a flash memory control method are disclosed, in which the flash memory includes multi-level cells (mlcs) and single-level cells (slcs). A microcontroller is configured to establish a first physical-to-logical address mapping table (f2h table) in a random access memory (ram) for a first run-time write block containing mlcs.
Silicon Motion, Inc.


Data storage device and flash memory control method

A data storage device and a flash memory control method with a power recovery design. A microcontroller is configured to allocate a flash memory to provide a first block from the blocks to work as a run-time write block for reception of write data.
Silicon Motion, Inc.


Display device, display system and control method

The present disclosure discloses a display device, a display system and a control method for achieving simutaneous interaction between a terminal device and a liquid crystal display device, and meanwhile guaranteeing the consistency of a touch point between the display device and the terminal device. The display device includes a receiving module for receiving an image frame; a first decoder for decoding the image frame; the display module for performing an outputting and displaying process on decoded image data; a touch module for responding to an image display command corresponding to a touch point of a user on a touch screen; a touch point coordinate extracting module for reading a first coordinate data of the touch point of the user on the touch screen; a microcontroller for converting the first coordinate data into a second coordinate data according to a correspondence between a resolution of the display device and a resolution of the terminal device; an encoder for generating a control frame including the second coordinate data; and a transmitting module for transmitting the control frame to the terminal device..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Voltage-driven intelligent characterization bench for semiconductor

A method, and forming an associated system, for testing semiconductor devices. Driver channels are provided, each driver channel connected to a storage device via a bus and connected to a respective semiconductor device.
International Business Machines Corporation


Personal submersible drone for aquatic exploration

The invention is directed toward an autonomous submersible aquatic drone, a system utilizing an autonomous submersible aquatic drone and a control unit, a control unit for controlling an autonomous submersible aquatic drone, and a method for using the same. The autonomous submersible aquatic drone comprises a shaped housing, a propulsion system, one or more electromotors, a camera, a sonar unit, a wireless transponder, a battery, a microcontroller unit, and a control hardware unit.


Apparatus for production of three-dimensional objects by stereolithography

A system for making three dimensional objects. The system may have a frame, a build platform movably coupled to the frame, a vat removably secured so that the build platform may be lowered within the vat, and a movable radiation source capable of movement along an x and y-axis.
Old World Labs


Antenna tuning unit

A system, apparatus, and method directed to impedance matching an antenna with a transmitter for non-directional radio beacons. The apparatus includes an l-type impedance network comprising non-capacitive elements and at least one variable inductor on each branch of the impedance network.
Southern Avionics Co.


Wireless communication systems for underground pipe inspection

Wireless communication system for underground pipeline inspection. The system includes a plurality of sensor nodes moved by robots within the pipeline and each sensor node includes a radio transceiver.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Digital map based 3d-character virtual interaction system for social networking

A digital map based 3d-character geospatial virtual interaction system for social networking proposes a visual and audio presentation and virtual interaction system and methods for presenting 3d-characters which can be extended to other 3d objects (e.g. Cars, buses, bikes, ships, planes, etc.) and presenting their animations and sounds for interactions on a digital map mimicking the actual persons' and/or objects' physical appearances, looks, shapes, voices, sounds, locations, movements, behaviours and interactions, some or all of which can be mimicked, the visual and audio presentation and virtual interaction system and methods being combined with a geographic information system (gis) supported social networking platform which can store, manage and distribute geospatial and virtual interaction information along with other social networking information for use on the actual persons' computing devices (e.g., any type of computers, smartphones, tablets, microcontrollers, etc.)..


North complex/south complex interface

Embodiments including systems, methods, and apparatuses associated providing an interface between a north complex and a south complex of a system on a chip (soc). In embodiments, the north complex may include a microcontroller in an input signal requirement.


Spectrum analyzer using multiple intermediate frequencies and multiple clock configurations for residual, spurious and image signal reduction

A spectrum analyzer for measuring an rf signal over a selected frequency span configured to use multiple intermediate frequencies (ifs) for residual, spurious and image signal reduction. The spectrum analyzer has both a primary if path and a secondary if path configured to provide band pass filtering of the if signals.
Test Equipment Plus, Inc.


Radio-frequency test system with tunable test antenna circuitry

A test system is provided for performing radio-frequency tests on an electronic device under test (dut) having multiple antennas. The test system may include a test unit for generating radio-frequency test signals, a test enclosure, and a test antenna fixture.
Apple Inc.


Intelligent electronic system for removing wrinkles on textile clothes and carrying out said wrinkle removal

An intelligent electronic system for removing wrinkles from a textile clothes load, including an electronic integrated circuit of the microcontroller type placed preferably integrally on the mainboard of the dryer machine located on the control panel, an user interface located preferably on the control panel allowing communications between the user and the dryer machine, and a water-injection means located at the drum's air inlet. A process for removing wrinkles on textile clothes is also disclosed..
Mabe, S.a. De C.v.


Method and system for disabling and enabling an electric motor vehicle control module

The invention pertains to an electronic control module (3) for a motor vehicle electrical circuit (1), intended to be linked in a galvanically isolated manner to a motor vehicle electrical circuit (1) comprising at least one functional module (5) powered at high voltage, the control module comprising: - a connection bus (9), intended to be linked to an exterior interface (7), configured so as to conduct low-voltage electrical setpoint signals, emanating from the exterior interface (7) to the elements of the control module (3) to which they are addressed, - a microcontroller (1), configured to control the at least one functional module (5) as a function of the setpoint signals, characterized in that the microcontroller (11) and the connection bus (9) are linked by a non-galvanic coupler (13), provided with a low-voltage part (131) and with a high-voltage part (133), which are able to exchange at least one signal and are galvanically decoupled, and in that the control module furthermore comprises an electrical transformer (15), linked via outputs (153, 155, 157) to the high- and low-voltage parts (131, 133) of the non-galvanic coupler (13) and to the microcontroller (11) so as to provide their power supply, the transformer (15) being linked to a low-voltage source (17) via a breaker switch (19), and the connection bus (9) comprising a switching member (91) controlling the open or closed state of the breaker switch (19).. .
Valeo Systemes Thermiques


Method and controlling current slew rate of a switching current through an external resistive load

In one aspect of the teachings herein, a switching circuit for switching a power transistor is configured to control the slew rate of the switched load current in a manner that yields substantial independence from the load voltage, based on the use of a miller-effect compensation capacitor and controllable source resistances for driving the gate or base of the power transistor. In a non-limiting example, a control circuit, such as a microcontroller, uses a set of bidirectional input/output ports to drive the transistor base or gate through a selectable combination of parallel resistors, so that the effective source resistance for transistor turn-on and turn-off is selectable by configuring different combinations of input/output settings for the set of bidirectional input/output ports.
Omron Automotive Electronics, Inc


Reader for barcode and package processing system using same

A reader includes a main body, a pen, and a control unit. The pen is located at a first end of the main body.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Externally powered test meter firmware upgrade

An analyte meter having nonvolatile memory is configured to update its firmware via a usb cable using the power provided by the cable to transfer program code into temporary storage in the meter and to transfer the program code from the temporary storage to a program memory for reprogramming the meter's microcontroller.. .
Lifescan Scotland Limited


Three-dimensional gesture remote control

A three-dimensional remote control for operating external electronic devices. A three-dimensional gesture sensor is positioned within a controller casing having a touchscreen, wherein user motions through a three-dimensional space above the touchscreen are detected by the three-dimensional gesture sensor.


Data acquisition and power control programmable customizable combinatorial testing power sensing and display instrumentation

A method and system for a power supply and data acquisition unit including a power supply component configured to provide a selectable, variable power output to an experiment, wherein the experiment comprises one or more sensors. A sensor interface unit is configured to read a plurality of sensor inputs from the one or more sensors of the experiment.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Method of managing an electronic apparatus

A method of managing an electronic apparatus including a case containing a microcontroller powered with electrical energy by an electrical energy storage and connected to a time base, a mechanism of measuring light intensity, a mechanism of detecting whether the apparatus is being worn, the microcontroller also being connected to a first display and a second display, arranged, in an active operating mode, to be controlled by the electronic control circuit to display at least a first temporal data item at least provided by the time base.. .
Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse


Density analysis of living organisms by magnetic levitation

A system and method enabling a portable electronic device to perform fluorescent measurements are provided. The system can comprise a case that houses one or more light emitting diodes and an optical filter.
Northeastern University


Monitoring systems and methods

A monitoring system includes a plurality of modules to sense temperature and vibrations of a motor assembly, a hub computer to collect the sensed temperature and vibrations, and an analyzer computer to analyze the collected temperature and vibrations. The modules contain detectors that measure a temperature and vibrations in three axes of the motor assembly, a transceiver integrated circuit that measures a die temperature of the transceiver integrated circuit, a microcontroller integrated circuit that self-adjusts its clock pulses, and a memory that stores parameters set for the operation of the modules.
Tdg Aerospace, Inc.


Method, computer program product & system

An electrical solution that avoids power-up problems due to excessive power consumption during start-up of for example microcontroller based electronics. According to the invention the power consuming electronics is disconnected from a power supply until all power storage elements of the power supply are charged up to a first predetermined level.


Electric motor control during unreliable power supply operations

A motor system and a method of operating an electric motor that includes monitoring a voltage of power supplied to the motor by a mircrocontroller located in the motor; storing energy within the motor; detecting if the voltage drops below a nonzero threshold; and if the voltage drops below the threshold, immediately operating the microcontroller with the stored energy to store a state of the motor in non-volatile memory located within the motor, and ceasing operation of the motor. This motor operation may be employed with multiple motors in vehicles where voltage drop may occur during an engine start of a vehicle stop/start event..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Electronic lock with power failure control circuit

An electronic lock with power failure control circuit includes a lock mechanism having a latchbolt movable between extended and a retracted positions and an electrically powered lock actuator to lock and unlock the latchbolt. The power failure control circuit includes a microcontroller and the lock is connected to a primary power source and an auxiliary power source, preferably supercapacitors and charger that can be turned on by the microcontroller and off when the charger signals a full charge.
Sargent Manufacturing Company


Alcohol detection system for vehicle driver testing with integral temperature compensation

An alcohol detection system incorporates a resistive touch sensor mountable in a vehicle for determining presence of alcohol based on changed skin resistance. An ignition interlock is provided in the vehicle and a microcontroller is connected to and receives data from the touch sensor and provides a signal to open the interlock to disable the vehicle upon receipt of data from the touch sensor exceeding a predetermined value.
Transbiotec, Inc.


Personal lung function monitoring device capable of exhaled breath analysis

A personal lung function monitoring device capable of exhaled breath analysis is described. The personal lung function monitoring device includes a physical measuring device and a microcontroller.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Information processing apparatus with debugging unit and debugging method therefor

An information processing apparatus includes an external tool unit configured to provide a man-machine interface to a debugging user; and a microcontroller. The microcontroller includes: a cpu section configured to execute a program as a debugging target in a response to a first clock signal, wherein a clock rate of the first clock signal is changed in response to an instruction from the cpu section; a first transmitting section configured to transmit debugging data to the external tool unit in response to the first clock signal; a second transmitting section configured to transmit the debugging data to the external tool unit in response to a second clock signal which is different from the first clock signal; and a receiving section configured to receive data transmitted from the external tool unit..
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Universal water condition monitoring device

The present invention is directed to a water condition monitoring device and related methods of use that significantly reduce the cost of the water condition monitoring devices by replacing the expensive and bulky multiple sensor electrodes of currently available devices with a single set of two or three metal electrodes to detect and/or measure such water quality parameters as ph, electric conductivity, temperature, and dissolved oxygen content. A microcontroller activates each sensor one at a time in a continuous loop, processing the sensor signals into near real time water condition data, which may be stored, displayed, or sent to a remote location for storage or display..


Mobile robot for cleaning

A robotic cleaner includes a cleaning assembly for cleaning a surface and a main robot body. The main robot body houses a drive system to cause movement of the robotic cleaner and a microcontroller to control the movement of the robotic cleaner.
Irobot Corporation


Microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch

A microcontroller based multifunctional electronic switch using a detection circuit design to convert external motion signals into message carrying sensing signals readable to the microcontroller. Based on the time length of sensing signals and the format of the sensing signals received in a preset instant period of time the microcontroller through the operation of its software program codes written in the otprom is able to recognize the working modes chosen by the external signal generating user and thereby selecting the appropriate loops of subroutine for execution.


Smart case for mobile devices

Smart case with features including one or more of a locking door, flip id, collapsible compartment, magnetic release and/or mechanical release to access id, lanyard boss, tripod, programmable tactile buttons, wide/zoom camera lenses, keyless vehicle fob, fitness technology, lipstick/pen holder, retractable ear buds, magnetic card reader, battery, usb port, recharging technology, wireless charging receiver and tracking technology. A microchip, microcontroller, controller or processor with embedded or separate memory is configured or programmed to control the smart electronic features..
New Wallet, Inc.


Smart case for mobile devices

Smart case with features including one or more of a locking door, flip id, collapsible compartment, magnetic release and/or mechanical release to access id, lanyard boss, tripod, programmable tactile buttons, wide/zoom camera lenses, keyless vehicle fob, fitness technology, lipstick/pen holder, retractable ear buds, magnetic card reader, battery, usb port, recharging technology, wireless charging receiver and tracking technology. A microchip, microcontroller, controller or processor with embedded or separate memory is configured or programmed to control the smart electronic features..
New Wallet, Inc.


Semiconductor circuit

There is a need to provide a technology that shortens a time period from a point to start an external power supply for a microcontroller to a point to start operating a logic circuit. A stable voltage supply circuit of a semiconductor circuit accepts an external power supply vcc and supplies a vdd line with one of a power supply voltage to cause a stable output voltage and a power supply voltage to cause an unstable output voltage and fast start.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Method and system for power management of asset tracking system for non-stationary assets

There is system for power management for radio frequency identification (rfid) tag asset tracking systems where the tag has a transceiver, configured to control rfid communication of the rfid tag, an accelerometer, configured to determine and communicate whether the tag is in motion and a microcontroller unit (mcu), to control operation of the rfid tag and operably connected to, and in communication with, the accelerometer and the transceiver, wherein the mcu awakens, based on a trigger and receives, from the accelerometer, whether the accelerometer is moving, and if it is moving then provide power to other parts of the tag, otherwise transition to a sleep mode to conserve power.. .
Trapeze Software Ulc


Startup performance and power isolation

The various implementations described herein include systems, methods and/or devices used to protect data in a storage device. In one aspect, a method includes (1) powering a power control processor (pcp) (also sometimes called a storage-level microcontroller) using a first input voltage, (2) while the pcp is powered using the first input voltage: (a) operating the pcp in a first mode, and (b) enabling charging of an energy storage device, (3) after achieving a predefined internal state, which includes the energy storage device charged to a predefined level, powering the pcp using a power supply voltage distinct from the first input voltage, and (4) while the pcp is powered using the power supply voltage, operating the pcp in a second mode, where the pcp operates at a higher performance level in the second mode than in the first mode..
Sandisk Enterprise Ip Llc


Method and system for streamer depth control

Depth and tilt control systems for geophysical sensor streamers and methods of use are discussed. Such systems may include a plurality of tilt sensors disposed at spaced apart locations along the geophysical sensor streamer, each tilt sensor having a first tilt sensing element arranged to measure tilt of the geophysical sensor streamer proximate the associated spaced apart location, a plurality of lfd control devices, each disposed proximate one of the tilt sensors along the geophysical sensor streamer, and a plurality of microcontrollers, each microcontroller in signal communication with at least one of the lfd control devices and its associated tilt sensor, wherein each microcontroller is capable of utilizing the tilt measured by the associated tilt sensor to selectively operate the associated lfd control device to cause the geophysical sensor streamer to align with a selected depth profile..
Pgs Geophysical As


Microcontroller with integrated interface enabling reading data randomly from serial flash memory

A microcontroller includes a microprocessor, a serial flash memory interface, and input/output (i/o) terminals for coupling the serial flash memory interface to external serial flash memory. The microprocessor is operable to generate instruction frames that trigger respective commands to read data from specified addresses in the external serial flash memory.
Atmel Corporation


Mobile asset data recorder and transmitter

An acceleration-based mobile asset data recorder and transmitter equipped with a wireless processing unit, an event recorder, a digital video recorder, a fuel level sensor, and an inertial navigation sensor board. The inertial navigation sensor board includes a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis magnetometer, and a microcontroller.


Dual endianess and other configuration safety in lock step dual-core system, and other circuits, processes and systems

An electronic circuit includes a microcontroller processor (410), a peripheral (420) coupled with the processor, an endian circuit (470) coupled with the processor and the peripheral to selectively provide different endianess modes of operation, and a detection circuit (140) to detect a failure to select a given endianess, whereby inadvertent switch of endianess due to faults is avoided. Other circuits, devices, systems, methods of operation and processes of manufacture are also disclosed..
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Computer systems and methods of detecting ac failure

A computer system that includes a power supply unit that generates at least one secondary supply voltage (vcc) and an auxiliary voltage (vaux) based on an ac supply voltage (vac), and a system board electrically connected to the power supply unit, the system board comprising a sequencing microcontroller that selectively activates further components of the system board, the further components comprising a chipset, wherein the sequencing microcontroller is configured to monitor the state of at least one control signal of the power supply unit and/or the system board to detect a failure of the ac supply voltage (vac) and signal the failure of the ac supply voltage (vac) to at least the chipset.. .
Fujitsu Technology Solutions Intellectual Property Gmbh


Device, logging smoking data

A system, a method, a device, and a computer program for detecting, monitoring and logging smoking activity related data. The device can comprise a housing, a power supply located within the housing, an atomizer electrically coupled to the power supply, a liquid solution fluidly coupled to the atomizer, and a data logging device configured to be located within the housing and that can comprise a microcontroller, a memory, and a data interface.
Loec, Inc.


Railroad interlocking system with distributed control

A system includes a transceiver for receiving one or more communications from a communication device in a railway vehicle; a microcontroller that is configured for communication with the transceiver and that is configured to control a position of a switch in the railway; and an electronic subsystem for interfacing with the microcontroller and with the switch; wherein the trans transceiver is configured to transmit to the microcontroller at least one of the one or more communications received from the railway vehicle; wherein the microcontroller is further configured to extract a command from the parsed contents; wherein the microcontroller is further configured to transmit the command to the electronic subsystem to cause the electronic subsystem to transition the switch to a position specified by the command; and wherein transitioning of the switch to the specified position enables the railway vehicle to cross the switch.. .
Carnegie Mellon University


Electrical device for use with a multiway switch system

Electrical devices, methods of operating an electrical device for use with a multiway switch system, and methods for connecting an electrical device with a load device and a multiway switch system for controlling the load device are described. In one embodiment, an electrical device for use with a multiway switch system includes an alternating current (ac) power interface configured to connect to at least one of a live wire and a neutral wire of an ac power supply, a load regulator module configured to regulate a load device that is connected to the neutral wire of the ac power supply, an output power interface configured to connect to the multiway switch system and to output a voltage to a switch of the multiway switch system, and a microcontroller module configured to control the load regulator module in response to a switching of the multiway switch system..


Headlamp control system

One object of the present invention is to provide a headlight control system. The headlight control system is configured to be used with a headlight of a vehicle.
Ming Chi University Of Technology


Vehicular vision system

A vehicular vision system includes a plurality of cameras mounted at a vehicle, with each camera including a respective image sensor and having a respective field of view exterior of the vehicle. The system includes a control and a video output for transmitting a stream of video captured by an image sensor of a camera of the plurality of cameras, and a serial data interface permitting a microcontroller of the control to communicate with at least one electronic device of the vehicle.
Magna Electronics Inc


Control switch figuration and related methods

A control assembly includes a locking device having at least a first mode of operation and a second mode of operation, the locking device configurable to change from the first mode of operation to the second mode of operation. The locking device has a non-contact sensor and a microcontroller.
Rockwell Automation Technologis, Inc.


Intelligent hitch vehicles

A hitch apparatus for a vehicle includes a microcontroller unit, a drawbar, and a coupling apparatus secured within the drawbar via a pin. The pin and/or the drawbar includes one or more force sensors, each configured to measure a force vector on the pin and/or drawbar during towing of a trailer or other vehicle attached to the coupling apparatus.
Teleswivel, Llc


Heated floor panel for an aircraft and aircraft having a heated floor panel

A heated floor panel for an airborne vehicle and an airborne vehicle having at least one heated floor panel are described. The floor panel includes a controller housing, a first heated panel configured to heat the floor panel, a panel connector arranged in a wall of the controller housing, at least one power line coupled between the panel connector and the first heated panel and configured to supply electric power, which is input to the panel connector, to the first heated panel, a switch connected in one of the power lines, and a microcontroller connected to the switch and configured to actuate the switch for interrupting the electric power supply to the first heated panel in case of an electric fault in the floor panel..
Airbus Operations Gmbh


System for monitoring and controlling negative pressure wound therapy

A system for monitoring and controlling negative pressure wound therapy includes a microcontroller that controls means for maintaining reduced air pressure based on a pressure signal from a pressure sensor. The means for maintaining reduced air pressure may include a vacuum pump and valve.


Train-of-four measuring clip

A monitoring apparatus includes a clip assembly configured to be secured on a patient's digit. The clip assembly houses an accelerometer which measures acceleration in three dimensions.


Vaginal biomechanics analyzer

The present invention includes a device and method for measuring skin elasticity that comprises: a probe, wherein the probe comprises one or more holes, a vacuum source, a pressure sensor, and one or more proximity sensors aligned about the one or more holes; and a processor for recording the deformation of the skin using a control unit comprising a microcontroller connected to the proximity and the pressure sensors, wherein the proximity sensor and the processor is adapted to automatically initiate a test when the sensor is positioned at a pre-determined distance from the skin, wherein a vacuum in the probe is capable of pulling skin into the one or more holes and the proximity sensor is capable of measuring an amount of skin drawn into the one or more holes to determine an elasticity of the skin.. .


Integrated circuit device with tamper detection input and having real time clock calendar logging thereof

If an enclosure of a metering device is opened or vandalized, application software must determine when the metering history information became unreliable, and further notification to the utility may be desirable. Likewise, a shipping container or suitcase that has been opened or mishandled during shipping transient may be attributed to a particular location and/or handling person(s) when the time and date of the mishandling occurrence are known.


Electric vehicle battery pack voltage monitoring

Total voltage output by a multi-cell battery pack in an electric vehicle is monitored. A main microcontroller having a chassis ground is digitally isolated from positive and negative busses of the battery pack.


Electric vehicle battery contactor switch monitoring

Contactor switches between a multi-cell battery pack and an electric vehicle load are monitored. A main microcontroller having a chassis ground is digitally isolated from positive and negative busses of the battery pack.


Portable transmitter for wireless power transmission

The present disclosure may provide a portable wireless transmitter which may be used to provide wireless power transmission (wpt) while using suitable wpt techniques such as pocket-forming. Portable wireless transmitter may be intended for providing power to a variety of devices in applications which demand portability or mobility for the transmitter.


Percutaneous neurostimulator

The present invention concerns a percutaneous neurostimulator (11) consisting of a printed circuit board, the main elements of which are a microcontroller (14) and two electrodes having opposed polarity, and operating according to an intensity of about 1 μa and a frequency or a combination of sequential frequencies chosen amongst eight possible frequencies: 8 hz, 12 hz, 16 hz, 20 hz, 24 hz, 28 hz, 32 hz, 36 hz.. .


Systems and methods for compound motor action potential monitoring with neuromodulation of the pelvis and other body regions

An electromyography muscle sensing system including a sensor platform and a cloud-based data analysis and storage platform. The sensor platform has an electromyography muscle sensor having sensing electrodes and a signal processing circuit having a sensor output, an analog-to-digital converter having a digital output, a memory, a communications device, a display indicating a status and an indication of cmap presence, a microcontroller maintaining a record of a current procedure, transmitting in real-time the record, determining if cmap is being achieved, and displaying a status or indication of cmap.
Cmap Technology, Llc


Methods and interpolating low frame rate transmissions in lighting systems

Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for interpolating low frame rate transmissions in lighting systems. A method (100) includes, in a microcontroller (22) of a light fixture (14), receiving (102) input data frames at a low frame rate from a light controller (12) over a data bus (16), generating (104) output data frames from any two adjacent input data frames according to a scaling scaling in a lookup table (lut), and transmitting (106) the output data frames at a frame rate greater than the frame rate of the received input data frames to control a lighting effect of a light-emitting unit (24)..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Modular constant current regulator

Constant current regulator (10) for supplying a series circuit (9) of a lighting installation with an output electrical power corresponding to a predetermined output power, comprising a plurality of modules (13) electrically connectable for simultaneous operation to jointly provide the output power, the modules being each configured for providing a module output power contributing to the output power of the regulator. Each module comprises its proper transformer (135) for providing galvanic insulation as required by local standards, and a microcontroller (231) for controlling operation of the module.
Adb Bvba


Flexible system of small-scale linear parabolic solar concentrators for power generation and dehydration

The invention relates to a solar energy collection system that uses linear parabolic concentrators designed on a small scale and with a modular configuration that allows optimum usage of solar collection surface area in places such as the roofs or flat roofs of factories or shops where space is generally small or irregular. The solar collector is coupled in rows actuated by a fully autonomous system for electronically controlling solar tracking, the operation of which is based on an algorithm programmed in a microcontroller.
Inventive Power S.a. De C.v.

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