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Microcontroller patents

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Intelligent hitch apparatus for vehicles


Intelligent hitch apparatus for vehicles

Heated floor panel for an aircraft and aircraft having a heated floor panel

Airbus Operations

Heated floor panel for an aircraft and aircraft having a heated floor panel

Date/App# patent app List of recent Microcontroller-related patents
 Dual endianess and other configuration safety in lock step dual-core system, and other circuits, processes and systems patent thumbnailnew patent Dual endianess and other configuration safety in lock step dual-core system, and other circuits, processes and systems
An electronic circuit includes a microcontroller processor (410), a peripheral (420) coupled with the processor, an endian circuit (470) coupled with the processor and the peripheral to selectively provide different endianess modes of operation, and a detection circuit (140) to detect a failure to select a given endianess, whereby inadvertent switch of endianess due to faults is avoided. Other circuits, devices, systems, methods of operation and processes of manufacture are also disclosed..
Texas Instruments Incorporated
 Computer systems and methods of detecting ac failure patent thumbnailnew patent Computer systems and methods of detecting ac failure
A computer system that includes a power supply unit that generates at least one secondary supply voltage (vcc) and an auxiliary voltage (vaux) based on an ac supply voltage (vac), and a system board electrically connected to the power supply unit, the system board comprising a sequencing microcontroller that selectively activates further components of the system board, the further components comprising a chipset, wherein the sequencing microcontroller is configured to monitor the state of at least one control signal of the power supply unit and/or the system board to detect a failure of the ac supply voltage (vac) and signal the failure of the ac supply voltage (vac) to at least the chipset.. .
Fujitsu Technology Solutions Intellectual Property Gmbh
 Device,  logging smoking data patent thumbnailnew patent Device, logging smoking data
A system, a method, a device, and a computer program for detecting, monitoring and logging smoking activity related data. The device can comprise a housing, a power supply located within the housing, an atomizer electrically coupled to the power supply, a liquid solution fluidly coupled to the atomizer, and a data logging device configured to be located within the housing and that can comprise a microcontroller, a memory, and a data interface.
Loec, Inc.
 Railroad interlocking system with distributed control patent thumbnailnew patent Railroad interlocking system with distributed control
A system includes a transceiver for receiving one or more communications from a communication device in a railway vehicle; a microcontroller that is configured for communication with the transceiver and that is configured to control a position of a switch in the railway; and an electronic subsystem for interfacing with the microcontroller and with the switch; wherein the trans transceiver is configured to transmit to the microcontroller at least one of the one or more communications received from the railway vehicle; wherein the microcontroller is further configured to extract a command from the parsed contents; wherein the microcontroller is further configured to transmit the command to the electronic subsystem to cause the electronic subsystem to transition the switch to a position specified by the command; and wherein transitioning of the switch to the specified position enables the railway vehicle to cross the switch.. .
Carnegie Mellon University
 Electrical device for use with a multiway switch system patent thumbnailnew patent Electrical device for use with a multiway switch system
Electrical devices, methods of operating an electrical device for use with a multiway switch system, and methods for connecting an electrical device with a load device and a multiway switch system for controlling the load device are described. In one embodiment, an electrical device for use with a multiway switch system includes an alternating current (ac) power interface configured to connect to at least one of a live wire and a neutral wire of an ac power supply, a load regulator module configured to regulate a load device that is connected to the neutral wire of the ac power supply, an output power interface configured to connect to the multiway switch system and to output a voltage to a switch of the multiway switch system, and a microcontroller module configured to control the load regulator module in response to a switching of the multiway switch system..
 Headlamp control system patent thumbnailnew patent Headlamp control system
One object of the present invention is to provide a headlight control system. The headlight control system is configured to be used with a headlight of a vehicle.
Ming Chi University Of Technology
 Vehicular vision system patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicular vision system
A vehicular vision system includes a plurality of cameras mounted at a vehicle, with each camera including a respective image sensor and having a respective field of view exterior of the vehicle. The system includes a control and a video output for transmitting a stream of video captured by an image sensor of a camera of the plurality of cameras, and a serial data interface permitting a microcontroller of the control to communicate with at least one electronic device of the vehicle.
Magna Electronics Inc
 Control switch figuration and related methods patent thumbnailnew patent Control switch figuration and related methods
A control assembly includes a locking device having at least a first mode of operation and a second mode of operation, the locking device configurable to change from the first mode of operation to the second mode of operation. The locking device has a non-contact sensor and a microcontroller.
Rockwell Automation Technologis, Inc.
 Intelligent hitch  vehicles patent thumbnailnew patent Intelligent hitch vehicles
A hitch apparatus for a vehicle includes a microcontroller unit, a drawbar, and a coupling apparatus secured within the drawbar via a pin. The pin and/or the drawbar includes one or more force sensors, each configured to measure a force vector on the pin and/or drawbar during towing of a trailer or other vehicle attached to the coupling apparatus.
Teleswivel, Llc
 Heated floor panel for an aircraft and aircraft having a heated floor panel patent thumbnailnew patent Heated floor panel for an aircraft and aircraft having a heated floor panel
A heated floor panel for an airborne vehicle and an airborne vehicle having at least one heated floor panel are described. The floor panel includes a controller housing, a first heated panel configured to heat the floor panel, a panel connector arranged in a wall of the controller housing, at least one power line coupled between the panel connector and the first heated panel and configured to supply electric power, which is input to the panel connector, to the first heated panel, a switch connected in one of the power lines, and a microcontroller connected to the switch and configured to actuate the switch for interrupting the electric power supply to the first heated panel in case of an electric fault in the floor panel..
Airbus Operations Gmbh

System for monitoring and controlling negative pressure wound therapy

A system for monitoring and controlling negative pressure wound therapy includes a microcontroller that controls means for maintaining reduced air pressure based on a pressure signal from a pressure sensor. The means for maintaining reduced air pressure may include a vacuum pump and valve.

Train-of-four measuring clip

A monitoring apparatus includes a clip assembly configured to be secured on a patient's digit. The clip assembly houses an accelerometer which measures acceleration in three dimensions.

Vaginal biomechanics analyzer

The present invention includes a device and method for measuring skin elasticity that comprises: a probe, wherein the probe comprises one or more holes, a vacuum source, a pressure sensor, and one or more proximity sensors aligned about the one or more holes; and a processor for recording the deformation of the skin using a control unit comprising a microcontroller connected to the proximity and the pressure sensors, wherein the proximity sensor and the processor is adapted to automatically initiate a test when the sensor is positioned at a pre-determined distance from the skin, wherein a vacuum in the probe is capable of pulling skin into the one or more holes and the proximity sensor is capable of measuring an amount of skin drawn into the one or more holes to determine an elasticity of the skin.. .

Integrated circuit device with tamper detection input and having real time clock calendar logging thereof

If an enclosure of a metering device is opened or vandalized, application software must determine when the metering history information became unreliable, and further notification to the utility may be desirable. Likewise, a shipping container or suitcase that has been opened or mishandled during shipping transient may be attributed to a particular location and/or handling person(s) when the time and date of the mishandling occurrence are known.

Electric vehicle battery pack voltage monitoring

Total voltage output by a multi-cell battery pack in an electric vehicle is monitored. A main microcontroller having a chassis ground is digitally isolated from positive and negative busses of the battery pack.

Electric vehicle battery contactor switch monitoring

Contactor switches between a multi-cell battery pack and an electric vehicle load are monitored. A main microcontroller having a chassis ground is digitally isolated from positive and negative busses of the battery pack.

Portable transmitter for wireless power transmission

The present disclosure may provide a portable wireless transmitter which may be used to provide wireless power transmission (wpt) while using suitable wpt techniques such as pocket-forming. Portable wireless transmitter may be intended for providing power to a variety of devices in applications which demand portability or mobility for the transmitter.

Percutaneous neurostimulator

The present invention concerns a percutaneous neurostimulator (11) consisting of a printed circuit board, the main elements of which are a microcontroller (14) and two electrodes having opposed polarity, and operating according to an intensity of about 1 μa and a frequency or a combination of sequential frequencies chosen amongst eight possible frequencies: 8 hz, 12 hz, 16 hz, 20 hz, 24 hz, 28 hz, 32 hz, 36 hz.. .

Systems and methods for compound motor action potential monitoring with neuromodulation of the pelvis and other body regions

An electromyography muscle sensing system including a sensor platform and a cloud-based data analysis and storage platform. The sensor platform has an electromyography muscle sensor having sensing electrodes and a signal processing circuit having a sensor output, an analog-to-digital converter having a digital output, a memory, a communications device, a display indicating a status and an indication of cmap presence, a microcontroller maintaining a record of a current procedure, transmitting in real-time the record, determining if cmap is being achieved, and displaying a status or indication of cmap.
Cmap Technology, Llc

Methods and interpolating low frame rate transmissions in lighting systems

Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for interpolating low frame rate transmissions in lighting systems. A method (100) includes, in a microcontroller (22) of a light fixture (14), receiving (102) input data frames at a low frame rate from a light controller (12) over a data bus (16), generating (104) output data frames from any two adjacent input data frames according to a scaling scaling in a lookup table (lut), and transmitting (106) the output data frames at a frame rate greater than the frame rate of the received input data frames to control a lighting effect of a light-emitting unit (24)..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Modular constant current regulator

Constant current regulator (10) for supplying a series circuit (9) of a lighting installation with an output electrical power corresponding to a predetermined output power, comprising a plurality of modules (13) electrically connectable for simultaneous operation to jointly provide the output power, the modules being each configured for providing a module output power contributing to the output power of the regulator. Each module comprises its proper transformer (135) for providing galvanic insulation as required by local standards, and a microcontroller (231) for controlling operation of the module.
Adb Bvba

Flexible system of small-scale linear parabolic solar concentrators for power generation and dehydration

The invention relates to a solar energy collection system that uses linear parabolic concentrators designed on a small scale and with a modular configuration that allows optimum usage of solar collection surface area in places such as the roofs or flat roofs of factories or shops where space is generally small or irregular. The solar collector is coupled in rows actuated by a fully autonomous system for electronically controlling solar tracking, the operation of which is based on an algorithm programmed in a microcontroller.
Inventive Power S.a. De C.v.

Method of operating a security token, computer program product and security token

There is provided a method of operating a security token, said security token comprising a secure element and a microcontroller unit being coupled to said secure element, wherein: the secure element receives an authentication command from a host device while the microcontroller unit is in a first sleep state; the secure element decodes the authentication command, sends a corresponding authentication request to the microcontroller unit and subsequently enters into a second sleep state; the microcontroller unit wakes up upon receiving the authentication request and subsequently determines an amount of available power; the microcontroller unit processes the authentication request only if the amount of available power exceeds a threshold. Furthermore, a corresponding computer program product and a corresponding security token are provided..
Nxp B.v.

Engine control unit

An engine control unit including a substantially rectangular printed circuit board in which a microcontroller is mounted. The printed circuit board includes a connector portion in which connection terminals are provided to be arranged in one side edge portion along the longitudinal direction thereof.
Mikuni Corporation

Remote verification of user presence and identity

A system for verifying the presence and identity of a user on a remote computer having a server connected to a network, the network being connected to one or more remote computers. The system further includes a microcontroller connected to the remote computer by means such as usb, and registered with the server.

Novel approach for significant improvement of fft performance in microcontrollers

A system includes a memory bank and a control unit. The control unit is configured to perform fft computations based on merged radix-2 butterfly calculations by performing fft computations over n input items, and to access the memory bank for (½×log2 n)×(10×log2 n) times..
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Control device with automatic adjustment

A control device with automatic adjustment includes: a gps module, for receiving a gps satellite information; and a microcontroller unit, coupled to the gps module. The microcontroller unit updates a control setting value based on the gps satellite information from the gps module, and the microcontroller unit controls a controlled device based on the control setting value..
Lite-on Technology Corporation

Hybrid prosthetic hand

A hybrid prosthetic hand is detailed which is controlled via input from both semg signals, as well as mechanical control from the elbow and shoulder of an amputee. The device is equipped with mechanical fingers, which are driven by electrical motors, and controlled via microcontrollers.

Wirelessly operated heating device of hot water dispenser

A heating device of an instant hot water dispenser is provided with an inlet, an outlet, a pcb, a solenoid valve, a flow meter, a first heating unit, and a second heating unit. The pcb includes a first transformer for supplying dc to the first heating unit, a second transformer for supplying dc to the second heating unit, a receiver for receiving pulses of ir light from a remote control, and a microcontroller electrically connected to the pcb for controlling the solenoid valve, sensing a flow rate measured by the flow meter, and communicating with the receiver so that an operation of the remote control wirelessly commands the microcontroller to control electric current to the first and second heating units..

Portable tactile electronic object

The present invention concerns a portable electronic object provided with a case including a middle part closed by a back cover and by a glass and a bezel fixed to the middle part, said case containing at least one electronic module formed of a printed circuit board to which is fixed at least one microcontroller sending information to display means, said object further including tactile control means including at least one base element on which there is arranged at least one electrode, said electrode being electrically connected to the microcontroller by a conductive path.. .
Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse

Method and brushless dc motor control

In one aspect of the teachings herein, an interface circuit obviates the need for a microcontroller with multi-channel pwm capability in the context of controlling a brushless, three-phase dc motor. Instead, the interface circuit generates the requisite set of motor-phase control signals using a single pwm channel from the microcontroller.
Omron Automotive Electronics, Inc

Microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch and lighting apparatus having the same

A microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch uses a detection circuit design to convert external motion signals into message carrying sensing signals readable to the microcontroller. Based on the time length of sensing signals and the format of the sensing signals received in a preset instant period of time the microcontroller through the operation of its software program codes written in the otprom is able to recognize the working modes chosen by the external signal generating user and thereby selecting the appropriate loops of subroutine for execution.

Techniques for generating microcontroller configuration information

A method and apparatus for configuring a programmable device, wherein a user may select from pre-defined user modules to select a configuration and corresponding function, representations of which are each displayed to the user, and instructions, based on the selected module, are automatically generated and used by the programmable device to implement the selected configuration and corresponding function.. .
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Automatic door

In some implementations a microcontroller is coupled to a storage device, the storage device having a voice-recognition engine stored thereon, and the microcontroller is operably coupled to a device-controller of an automatic door.. .
Altorr Corporation

Optoelectronic device for the detection of uterine cervical cancer, comprising a self-positioning attachment

The present invention relates to a portable device which analyses cervical tissue using two simultaneous measurements, namely an electrical measurement and an optical measurement. The aforementioned device examines different areas of cervical tissue, taking electrical measurements from same in different frequency ranges and optical measurements in three different wavelengths.
Instituto Tecnologico Y De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey

Distributed system of autonomously controlled mobile agents

A system includes a drivable surface that includes location encoding markings. A mobile agent is provided that includes a drive motor, an imaging system for taking images of the markings, a vehicle wireless transceiver, and a microcontroller operatively coupled to the motor, the imaging system, and the vehicle wireless transceiver.
Anki, Inc.

Statically stable walking machine and power system therefor

A walking machine that includes a chassis with an operator interface, a main controller in data communication with the operator interface, at least two leg members operatively connected to the chassis, and a power system in data communication and electrical communication with the main controller. Each leg member includes a leg control system that includes a leg microcontroller in data communication with the main controller and at least a first electro hydrostatic actuator in electrical communication with the leg microcontroller.

Method and system for controlling a tuning factor due to sensor replacement for closed-loop controller in an artificial pancreas

Described and illustrated is a system for management of diabetes that includes an infusion pump, glucose sensor and controller with a method programmed in the controller. The infusion pump is configured to deliver insulin.
Animas Corporation

Physiological signal measurement apparatus capable of automatically adjusting a measure position and utilizing the apparatus

A physiological signal measurement apparatus is capable of automatically adjusting a measure position and suitable for installed on a support element to measure a physiological signal of a user. The physiological signal measurement apparatus includes a movable element, a physiological signal sensing element, a pressure sensing unit and a microcontroller unit.
National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

Wifi enabled wide area automation system

Disclosed is a wi-fi enabled wide area automation system. The system includes an application installed in a handheld wireless communication device for wireless controlling of the at least one appliance by accessing a specific preset hypertext markup language (html) page.

Power supply apparatus

A second control circuit is configured to switch a pulse signal to a level which turns off a second switching transistor when a coil current that flows through a primary winding reaches a predetermined threshold current. The second control circuit is configured to start a switching operation when a power supply for an electronic device is turned on, to set the threshold current to a first value when an intermediate voltage is higher than a predetermined level, and to set the threshold current to a second value that is lower than the first value when the intermediate voltage is lower than a predetermined level.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Automatic door

In some implementations a microcontroller is coupled to a storage device, the storage device having a voice-recognition engine stored thereon, and the microcontroller is operably coupled to a device-controller of an automatic door.. .
Altorr Corporation

Temperature control device

A temperature control device has a housing, a configuration unit, a microcontroller unit (mcu) and a temperature-sensing unit. After the configuration unit is used to configure a requested temperature and a temperature tolerance, the mcu adds a temperature outside the housing sensed an external temperature-sensing element of the temperature-sensing unit to the temperature tolerance, then determines if the sum is higher or lower than the requested temperature, starts a cooling unit or a heating unit to operate until a temperature inside the housing sensed by an internal temperature-sensing element of the temperature-sensing unit, thereby achieving an thermostatic effect..

Data processing system, microcontroller and semiconductor device

In order to perform easily power cutoff of a device configuring a data processing system and to improve the power reduction effect at standby, the data processing system is configured with a microcontroller, a memory ic including a nonvolatile ram array, and a power supply unit capable of controlling the power supply to the microcontroller and the memory ic, separately. When a control signal to control read and write of data to the nonvolatile ram array is at a high level, the memory ic is enabled read and write of data to the nonvolatile ram array.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Configuring power domains of a microcontroller system

A microcontroller system is organized into power domains. A power manager of the microcontroller system can change the power configuration of a power domain based on whether the microcontroller system has asserted a power trigger for any module in the power domain or if any module in the power domain has asserted a power keeper..
Atmel Corporation

Run-time image display on a device

An embodiment for a computing device is described herein. The computing device may include a word database enhancer, a recommendation engine, a keyboard monitor, a ranking and display manager, and a keyboard.

Method, device, sensor and algorythm for detection of devices stealing information from atm devices

Method for detection of skimming devices comprising detecting electromagnetic emissions by sensors of the invention located inside of atm. Electromagnetic emission is monitored in broad band of 10 khz to 30 mhz and narrow band, and only one determined frequency is passed through filters in the narrow band, and sensors' output is analyzed and processed according to algorithm of the invention.

Low-powered system for driving a fuel control mechanism

A low powered system for providing sufficient current to a fuel control mechanism drive. The system may have a fuel control mechanism pick circuit that has an energy storage mechanism for providing a large amount of current for a short time to the fuel control mechanism drive.
Honeywell International Inc.

Pedal operated configurable guitar chord player

A pedal operated configurable guitar chord player is used in conjunction with a selection software and includes a chord actuator, an actuator assembly, and a pedal. The chord actuator provides a support structure, wherein the actuator assembly is positioned within a casing and connected to a base and a mounting frame.

Detector with integrated sensor platform

An integrated system platform includes a sensor containing an embedded microcontroller and associated circuitry for providing safety critical functionality. Signal conditioning circuitry is coupled to the sensor along with gas concentration determining circuitry, alarm status circuitry and fault status evaluation circuitry.
Life Safety Distribution Ag

System or a measuring flow of fluid or gas

A system or a method for measuring flow in a flow duct has at least two ultra sound transducers. The flow of air in a duct is measured by one or more transducers transmitting beams of ultra sound controlled by a microcontroller based electronic system in which the microcontroller stores a vector of data samples for each direction of transmission, which vector includes an appropriate number of n samples forming a frame, the microcontroller multiplying each value of the frame which a complex number.
Agena A/s

Watch assembly having a plurality of time-coordinated belts

A watch for providing a digital time display comprises a movement mechanism disposed in a case that includes a number of continuous belts. The belts each have a numerical indicia consistent with hours, minutes and optionally second.
Devon Works, Llc

Wearable apparatus

Disclosed embodiments include a multi-function wearable apparatus comprising (a) a sensor module including a plurality of low power solid state kinematics sensors,(b) a microprocessor module comprising a low power microcontroller configured for device control, device status, and device communication; (c) a data storage module comprising a solid state local storage medium, said data storage module configured for sampling and storage of kinematics data; (d) a wireless communication module comprising a low power bidirectional transceiver wherein said wireless communication module is configured for communicating and synchronizing sampling time instances of said sensor module with signals from a second apparatus; and (e) a power module comprising a battery and an energy charging regulator. According to one embodiment, the wearable apparatus is a watch capable of quantifying human movement..
Apdm, Inc.

Voltage sensor systems and methods

An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a floating voltage sensor system comprising a metallic enclosure, a conductive sensor plate, a signal conditioning circuit, and a microcontroller unit. The metallic enclosure can be configured for electrical communication with an asset carrying a voltage.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Wireless power supply for rescue devices

The present disclosure may provide an electric transmitter which may he used to provide wireless power transmission (wpt) while using suitable wpt techniques such as pocket-forming. Transmitter may operate as power source for rescue devices where wired power sources are not feasible because local infrastructure may be damaged or destroyed.
Dvinewave Inc.

Wireless power supply for logistic services

The present disclosure may provide an electric transmitter which may be used to provide wireless power transmission (wpt) while using suitable wpt techniques such as pocket-forming. Transmitter may operate as power source for electronic devices used in logistic devices such as, postal services, storage services, shipping services, pizza delivery and the like.
Dvinewave Inc.

Real-time solar tracking system

A real-time solar tracking system includes: a microcontroller, a light-resistant box, a motor for changing a direction angle of a solar collection board, and a diver for controlling operating condition of the motor. The light-resistant box has a loophole disposed at a top surface of the light-resistant box, a convex lens plane array is disposed parallel to a bottom surface of the light-resistant box, and a photosensitive element array is disposed at a bottom of the light-resistant box.

Safety shredder with mechanical bin-full device

A mechanical bin-full device for a paper shredder with a bin, having a curved, perforated t-blade sensor on a cylindrical body partially covered with a metal sheet. The t-blade is pendent into the bin.
Aurora Office Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai

Use of multi-thread hardware for efficient sampling

This disclosure pertains to systems, methods, and computer readable media for utilizing an unused hardware thread of a multi-core microcontroller of a graphical processing unit (gpu) to gather sampling data of commands being executed by the gpu. The multi-core microcontroller may include two or more hardware threads and may be responsible for managing the scheduling of commands on the gpu.
Apple Inc.

Reconfigurable modular computing device

A configurable computing device comprising a housing, a printed circuit board disposed within the housing, a first microcontroller and a second microcontroller each coupled to the pcb, wherein the first microcontroller and the second microcontroller are in electrical signal communication with each other, a computer-on-module (com) coupled to the pcb, wherein the com is in electrical signal communication with the first microcontroller and the second microcontroller, and one or more peripheral modules coupled to the pcb, wherein, the peripheral modules are each in electrical signal communication with the first microcontroller and wherein, the peripheral modules are each in electrical signal communication with the com via the second microcontroller.. .
Entegra Technologies, Inc.

Industrial sensor system and use

An industrial sensor system is disclosed. Said system comprising a communication module, a one or more sensors, and a power system.
Vtb Net, Inc

Physical activity monitor and data collection unit

A physical activity data collection unit includes one or more infrared sensors configured to provide an output indicative of a pulse rate of a user of the physical activity data collection unit, at least one temperature sensor configured to provide an output indicative of at least a body temperature of the user, and at least one accelerometer configured to provide an output indicative of movements of the user, the physical activity data collection unit can also include a microcontroller configured to determine a pulse rate, a body temperature, and movement characteristics of the user of the data collection unit based on outputs from the one or more infrared sensors, the at least one temperature sensor, and the at least one accelerometer; determine a physical exertion level of the user based on one or more of the pulse rate, the body temperature, or the movement characteristics of the user; and store, in a memory, data indicative of the physical exertion level during a time period during which the physical exertion level exceeds a predetermined threshold.. .
Heartmiles, Llc

Automated stabilizing apparatus

An automated stabilizing apparatus includes a bracket to mount an image device such as a camcorder or camera phone and a differential gear assembly connected to the bracket; a first and second drive system, consists of a bidirectional dc motor, an encoder, and a gear train, having an output shaft couples to the differential gear assembly; and an electronic enclosure houses controls elements that include a microcontroller, motor drivers, and sensors in communication with the drive systems to maintain the bracket and image device steady over a wide range of positions.. .

Wildlife warning system

A wildlife warning system that comprises at least two independent warning devices, wherein each warning device has an electric power supply, at least one signal generator, and a microcontroller for controlling the signal generator, and a communication means for wireless communication with other warning devices and/or with a base station for the purpose of forming a wireless network of wildlife warning devices.. .
Ipte Schalk & Schalk Og

System for managing secure and nonsecure applications on one and the same microcontroller

An electronic microcontroller system including: plural processors; at least one interface for exchange with at least one peripheral, the peripheral being user master of the electronic microcontroller system; a mechanism for access to a shared memory space; an interconnection matrix for interconnecting the exchange interface, the processors and the mechanism for access to a shared memory space; a mechanism managing applications involving a guaranteed level of security and integrity and of applications exhibiting a nonguaranteed level of security and integrity. The exchange interface cooperates with a secure isolation cell of the memory situated between the user master peripheral and the interconnection matrix..
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

Clock generator circuit with automatic sleep mode

A clock generator circuit for an integrated circuit (ic) component (e.g., a microcontroller unit) is disclosed that provides an automatic sleep mode for modules of the ic component. In some implementations, the clock generator circuit provides a simplified user interface and low power consumption by implementing one sleep mode level and allowing modules in the ic to start and stop internal clocks dynamically on demand.

Secure firmware flash controller

A microcontroller that includes a secure firmware flash controller is provided. The secure firmware flash controller utilizes a hardware assisted boot sequence that performs a firmware code validation.

Dynamic programming and control of networked sensors and microcontrollers

A network of sensor and controller nodes having the ability to be dynamically programmed and receive updated software from one another, and from a host system. Each network node includes multiple state machines, at least some of which are operable relative to physical pins at the network node; the physical pins correspond to inputs from sensor functions or outputs to control functions.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

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