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Microcontroller patents


This page is updated frequently with new Microcontroller-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Microcontroller-related patents
 Power over ethernet lighting system patent thumbnailPower over ethernet lighting system
A system for controlling a plurality of led lighting fixtures includes a power over ethernet (poe) led driver coupleable to a poe switch via a first power and communication link. The poe led driver includes a microcontroller for receiving first power and control signals from the poe switch and for controlling a first led driver chip to operate an led lighting fixture in response thereto.
Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

 Light emitting diode driver patent thumbnailLight emitting diode driver
Devices, systems, software, and methods for control of light emitting diodes (leds) via an led driver circuit that receives a dimmed ac input signal from a dimmer and generates an output signal to power and dim an led element. The led driver circuit comprises a dimmed input sense circuit, a microcontroller, and a power supply circuit.
Crestron Electronics, Inc.

 Method on digital deep dimming through combined pwm and pfm patent thumbnailMethod on digital deep dimming through combined pwm and pfm
Techniques and systems for deep dimming in an led lighting system using any general microcontroller with a 16-bit timer/pwm module are provided. The techniques combines pwm (pulse width modulation) and pfm (pulse frequency modulation), and makes use of standard features of general microcontroller to reach a deep dimming level (such as 0.1% of the maximum output) without special hardware between microcontroller outputs to led array.
Bridgelux, Inc.

 Battery power supply with automatic load sensing patent thumbnailBattery power supply with automatic load sensing
A power supply, and a method of operation thereof, includes: a power source; a microcontroller for comparing a first sense potential with a second sense potential for generating a potential booster enable; and a relative isolation unit for isolating the first sense potential from the second sense potential; and a potential booster for controlling an output potential, the potential booster controlled by the potential booster enable from the microcontroller.. .
Clevx, Llc

 Wireless power line sensor patent thumbnailWireless power line sensor
A wireless sensor apparatus for determining and reporting the status of an electrical wire, said sensor apparatus comprising: an electrically insulated housing; a non-contact electrical energy harvesting device, said energy harvest device disposed within said housing, said energy harvesting device comprising an electric current detector and voltage detector; an electric power source, said power source operatively connected to said energy harvesting device; a microcontroller, said microcontroller operably connected to said power source; a mechanically rigid base, said base operably connected to said housing and to said at least one strain gauge, said at least one strain gauge operably connected to said power source and to said microcontroller; a wireless data transmission antenna, said wireless data transmission antenna operably connected to said power source and to said microprocessor; a visual indicator, said visual indicator operably connected to said power source and to said microcontroller.. .

 Wireless power line sensor patent thumbnailWireless power line sensor
A wireless sensor apparatus for determining and reporting the status of an electrical wire, where the sensor apparatus comprises an electrically insulated housing; a non-contact electrical energy harvesting device, within said housing, an electric power source; a microcontroller; a wireless data transmission antenna; a visual indicator.. .

 Compact spring guide rod laser patent thumbnailCompact spring guide rod laser
Laser systems are provided. In one aspect a laser system has a battery unit and a transistor having a source and a drain in series with the laser and the battery unit with the laser with the transistor having a source, and a gate that allows sufficient current to flow to the laser to allow the laser to emit light when a voltage at the gate is at a higher level and that does not allow sufficient current to flow to allow the laser to emit light when a voltage at the gate is at a lower level.
Lasermax, Inc.

 Child restraint system patent thumbnailChild restraint system
Child restraint systems are disclosed. The child restraint systems can include a base portion and a seat portion.
Thorley Industries Llc

 Battery control unit system patent thumbnailBattery control unit system
A battery control unit system is provided that detects a state of a battery used for driving a vehicle and monitors the state of the battery on the basis of detected information so as to control a circuit device surrounding the battery according to a result of the monitoring. The battery control unit system may include an internal power source that is connected directly in parallel with the battery and that supplies power to the battery control unit system, and a microcontroller that operates using the internal power source and detects, by a software process, an on/off-state of a battery pack switch that is provided in a battery pack including the battery and the battery control unit system..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

 Pen support rack having biometric access restriction patent thumbnailPen support rack having biometric access restriction
A pen support rack for securing pens and preventing unauthorized access comprises a support member defining a rack body having a base, a trunk, and a plurality of branches and an integrated fingerprint scanner. Each branch includes a locking loop for receiving the body of a conventional pen, with its clip secured over the loop so that the pen hangs from the locking loop.


Supply authentication via timing challenge response

In an example implementation, a print supply cartridge comprises a microcontroller to receive a timing challenge and enable authentication of the cartridge by providing a challenge response. The challenge response is provided in a challenge response time that falls within an expected time window..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Golf swing practice system with virtual divot generation

A golf practice mat includes an impact sensor disposed in a vicinity bounding the location of where a golf ball would be placed for striking. The golf practice mat may also include, for example, a “crosshair” target imprint that is disposed on a golf club impact sensor portion of the practice surface and indicates the point/line of contact that the club face should hit the ground after the ball has been struck with the club head in a descending blow.


Systems for assessing and optimizing muscular performance

Monitoring muscle data can include one or more fully flexible sensor patches having sensor modules configured to sense muscle data, data processing modules, transmitter modules configured to transmit the muscle data, and a microcontroller configured to control the modules on one patch side and an adhesive layer on the other patch side; a wearable mobile hub having one or more of a receiver, transmitter, and/or transceiver module configured to be operably coupled with the one or more sensor patches so as to receive muscle data therefrom and a muscle data processing unit configured to process the received muscle data, and one or more user feedback interfaces to provide processed muscle data to the one or more user feedback interfaces; and a base station configured for receiving, storing, and analyzing the muscle data for one subject received from the mobile hub in comparison with one or more other subjects.. .
Somaxis Incorporated


Electronic hookah apparatus

An electronic hookah apparatus comprising a core unit attachable with a stem piece and a base. The core comprises at least one airflow sensor to detect airflow from air pathways, a plurality of cartridges including a wick and a heating element, and a plurality of flavor selection buttons, each of the flavor selection buttons connected to a switch that activates and deactivates a respective one of the plurality of cartridges.


Spherification/reverse spherification automated and integrated apparatus and method

An apparatus for producing gelled pearls includes: a housing with at least one opening into which a flavored liquid is provided; external components; and internal components. The external components include: a first ingress port through which a first refill pack is coupled; and a dispenser with tubing through which a processed solution is expelled into a gelling bath.
Lemniscate Innovations Llc


Method and device for internet protocol communication over a dmx network

A device includes a transceiver configured to communicate over a communication network according to digital multiplex (dmx) protocol; a memory device; and a microcontroller configured to process server data stored in the memory device into one or more internet protocol packets and to provide the one or more internet protocol packets to the transceiver for communication of the server data over the communication network according to the dmx protocol.. .
Philips Lighting Holding B.v


Smart power system

A smart power system is described. In one or more implementations, the smart power system comprises a microcontroller and a power converter electrically connected to the microcontroller and is configured to convert electrical energy from one form to another.
Bedrock Automation Plattforms Inc.


Card reader with power efficient architecture that includes a wake-up circuit

A card reader is provided with a read head with a slot and is configured to be coupled to a mobile device and has a slot for swiping a magnetic stripe of a card. The read head reads data on the magnetic stripe and produces a raw magnetic signal indicative of data stored on the magnetic stripe.
Square, Inc.


Method of transmitting information from efficient communication protocol card readers to mobile devices

A method is provided of transmitting information with a communication protocol to a mobile device. A card reader is provided with a read head that has a slot for swiping a magnetic stripe of a card, an output jack and device electronics that includes a microcontroller.
Square, Inc.


Integrated framework of memory storage module and sensor module

An integrated framework of a memory storage module and a sensor module comprises a sensor controller, an embedded memory storage device controller, a microcontroller, and a non-volatile memory. By way of integrating the sensor controller and the embedded memory storage device controller sharing a same microcontroller and a same non-volatile memory, the complexity of packaging and the manufacturing cost are accordingly reduced..
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.


Indicating critical battery status in mobile devices

An integrated circuit such as a soc may indicate the critical battery status without powering-on a substantial portion including the host processing cores. The soc may include a microcontroller, which may cause the critical battery status data to be stored in a static memory and the display unit may retrieve such data from the static memory to display a visual symbol on the screen.
Intel Corporation


Device for digital reading of quick tests

A device for photometric qualification of lateral flow quick tests by means of camera imaging includes an arrangement which manages with a pinhole aperture with a slot-shaped opening, which has been integrated into the basic housing body, in which the imaging has been optimised with a view to diffraction, imaging scale and integration behaviour and in which the illumination and all the components are arranged in a housing which can be produced at a reasonable price, with the result that the quantifiability of customary lfa quick tests is made possible for the user with a sufficient precision. The device can transmit test-specific data automatically and contact-free with the help of electromagnetic waves via a transponder (rfid) and is thus suited for various tests and for quantification of lfa's.
Optricon Entwicklungsgesellschaft FÜr Optische Technologien Mbh


Computational bluetooth tag with backscatter

A backscatter modulation radio-frequency (rf) sensor and method for using the same are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the rf sensor comprises: an energy harvesting unit operable to convert incident rf energy to direct current (dc); a storage unit operable to store recovered dc power; one or more sensors for sensing; a backscatter communication interface to backscatter energy to communicate one or more packets using a frequency-shift keying (fsk) modulator; and a microcontroller coupled to the energy harvesting and storage units, the one or more sensors, and the backscatter communicator, the microcontroller operable to cause the backscatter communication interface to communicate sensed data from at least one of the one or more sensors while powered by energy previously harvested and stored by the energy harvesting and storage unit..


Slot based management controller address

Techniques for determining an address of a management controller are provided. A microcontroller on a cartridge may read a signal from an enclosure, wherein the signal is associated with a slot in the enclosure.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp


Modular automated chromatography system

Valves, pumps, detectors, sample loops, fraction collectors and the like are individually incorporated into modules that are mountable in interchangeable manner at individual mounting sites on a base unit which also supports one or more chromatography columns. Each module includes fluid connections to other modules and a microcontroller joining the module to a computed and monitor through an electronic connector at each mounting site.
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.


Electronic device with wireless path selection capability

A portable encoded information reading (eir) terminal for incorporation in a data collection system can comprise a terminal module communicatively coupled to a wireless interface module via a wired interface. The terminal module can include a central processing unit (cpu), a memory, and an encoded information reading (eir) device.


Industrial control device and insertion and removal of a module under power without interruption

Disclosed is an industrial control device including a point-to-point backplane/point module architecture providing riup (removal and insertion under power) functionality where data communications between modules is maintained after the removal of a point module from the backplane. According to an exemplary embodiment, a backplane includes a plurality of bypass switches controlled by respective point modules, whereby data communicated bypass a removed point module interface and point-to-point data communications are provided to an inserted point module after an initial routine is executed by a microcontroller associated with the inserted point module..


Entry point opening sensor

A sensor package is disclosed that includes, a compass, an accelerometer, and an electromagnetic flux tag based open/close sensor. The compass may be activated by a microcontroller in response to an indication of movement detected by an accelerometer.


Entry point opening sensor

A sensor package is disclosed that includes a compass and/or an accelerometer. The compass may be activated by a microcontroller in response to an indication of movement detected by an accelerometer.


Fast efficient evaluation of messages on automotive networks using look-up tables

A support vector machine (svm) classifier employs a kernel ƒ(xi,y)∝Πd=1df(xi,d,yd) or ƒ(xi,y)∝σd=1df(xi,d,yd) where d is the dimensionality of support vectors xi and vector y is a vector being classified, e.g. Representing a message communicated on a controller area network (can) bus of a vehicle.


Methods of transmitting information to mobile devices using cost effective card readers

A method of transmitting information to a mobile device includes providing a card reader is provided with a read head, a slot for swiping a magnetic stripe of a card and device electronics that includes an analog front-end and a microcontroller. The analog to digital front end is coupled to a processing element in the microcontroller.


Method for operating mobile electronic device, mobile electronic device, and computer readable medium using the same

The disclosure provides a method, mobile electronic device, and computer readable medium for operating the mobile electronic device having a motion sensor, touch sensor, microcontroller, and processor. The method includes the following steps.


Bi-directional electric energy meter

An electric energy meter for a poly-phase electricity network includes a power transformer having a primary side and a secondary side, a first analog front end (afe) unit is coupled to the secondary side of the power transformer, and a microcontroller coupled to the primary side of the power transformer. The first afe unit is to be coupled to a first phase of the poly-phase electricity network.


Fiber-optic weight management mat

A weight management mat for passively and automatically monitoring weight for one or more individuals in a household. The weight management mat generally includes a housing having an upper mat and a lower mat between which is sealed a pair of perpendicular sensor arrays.


Fetal health monitoring belt

A fetal health monitoring belt includes a main body and a fixing part, wherein the main body includes an ultrasonic sensor, at least one ecg sensor and a microcontroller which includes a control module, a signal processing module and a data transmitting module, and the control module electrical connects the ultrasonic sensor. The ultrasonic sensor detects the location of the beating heart of the fetus, and transmits a location signal to the control module.


Semi-contact-type ecg measurement system and measurement method thereof

The present disclosure provides a semi-contact type ecg measurement system, comprising a contact-type sensor configured to directly contact a skin of a passenger in a vehicle and detect a first ecg signal; a non-contact type sensor configured to be in proximity to the passenger to detect a second ecg signal without directly contacting the skin of the passenger; and an ecg sensor module configured to process the first and second ecg signals and configured to determine a biological status of the passenger from the first and second ecg signals microcontroller.. .


Multi-master 0-10v dimming controller with remastering capability

A 0-10v dimming system includes at least two dimming controllers, at least one luminaire electrically connected to the dimming controllers, a control source connected to each of the dimming controllers, including a method to receive inputs about a dimming level, and a microcontroller coupled to each of the dimming controllers, the microcontroller configured to assert control of the dimming circuit over any other dimming controllers based upon the control source.. .


Sensing using rf to dc converter

A sensor for detecting electromagnetic radiation and providing valuable information is disclosed. The sensor includes at least one antenna for receiving at least one signal.


Smart switch for connecting an input power supply to a load

A monolithic integrated circuit (ic) switch device includes an input pin that receives an input power supply and an output pin that is connected to a load. The monolithic ic switch device includes driving circuitry that controls a switching operation of a power switch to connect and disconnect the input power supply to and from the load.


System and battery charging

A battery charger for use with at least one battery and a method for charging a battery. The battery is selected from one of a rechargeable and a non-rechargeable battery.


System and tracking, surveillance and remote control of powered personal recreational vehicles

A system for tracking and remote control of a personal recreational vehicle has at least two sensors. Each sensor senses at least a respective and distinct one of temperature, pressure, acceleration, geoposition orientation relative to a horizontal plane and communication signal strength.


System and selective power and secure communications via an electronic gaming machine interface

A gaming system includes a secure communication board having a universal serial bus (usb) interface and/or a wireless interface accessible externally to players and administrators of the gaming system. The secure communication board selectively provides power and communication between a coupled or proximate mobile device and the gaming system.


Hybrid power management approach

Methods and apparatus to provide a hybrid power management approach are described. Some embodiments redefine the interface to power control unit (pcu) allowing a hybrid implementation where software running on cpu (central processing unit, also referred to herein interchangeably as “processor”) cores performs more of the work for power management, enabling the pcu to remain as a simple or regular microcontroller.


Testing and monitoring of an electrical connection

A system and method for testing of electrical connections, conductors, and loads prior to energizing those connections is disclosed. For example, an interlocking socket can comprise a receptacle designed to be coupled to a connector of a load.


Personal massage device and storage for same

A massage device having a body with two end sections attached to a center section. The center section of the body has a motor and a heating unit, and each end section has an eccentric weight that are connected to the motor such that vibrations generated by the motor are transferred to each eccentric weight.


Device for detecting fullness of bladder

One example embodiment is a device for detecting fullness of a bladder of a subject. The device includes a distension sensor, an electromyography (emg) sensor and a microcontroller.


Physiological monitoring device and related methods

Systems, devices and methods for monitoring the physiological parameters of a subject. The physiological monitoring device comprising (i) a physiological board assembled and enclosed in a material that conforms to a subject, (ii) a set of sensors disposed in the physiological board, (iii) a microcontroller unit, securely adapted to communicate to a network or cloud system.


Wallmount dual beam sensing device

A wallmount dual beam sensing device has a microcontroller unit (mcu) mounted inside a housing and electrically connected to an ambient light detector, an infrared detector and a microwave sensing module. The mcu determines if the infrared detector and the microwave sensing module are activated according to detected luminance by the ambient light detector and outputs a control signal when the infrared detector and the microwave sensing module are activated and any one of the infrared detector and the microwave sensing module detects the presence of people in a monitored environment.
Ir-tec International Ltd.


Integrated hall-controlled switch devices

Embodiments relate to hall-controlled switch devices. In an embodiment, a hall switch and a load switch are integrated in a single integrated circuit device.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Activity monitoring accident detection and response

Various embodiments are presented for one or more wearable electronic devices which may be mounted on or integrated into, e.g., helmets, clothing, gear, vehicles, body portions, etc. These embodiments may be used in a variety of contexts in which user injury may occur, e.g., in outdoor sports, construction environments, military exercises, etc.
Saphibeat Technologies, Inc.


Electronic deterrence devices

An example electronic deterrence device includes a housing, and one or more first and second indicator lights. The one or more second indicator lights, when illuminated, illuminate a textual message visible from a front of the housing.


Hardware-based device authentication

An opportunity for a computing device to participate in a secure session with a particular domain is identified. A domain identifier of the particular domain is received and a secured microcontroller of the computing device is used to identify a secured, persistent hardware identifier of the computing device stored in secured memory of the computing device.
Mcafee, Inc.


Interactive stylus with discrete circuit multiplexing system

A discrete circuit multiplexing system in an interactive stylus is provided. The discrete circuit multiplexing system includes a first electrode and second electrode positioned in a stylus body, with a shared transmitting sub-system coupled to the first electrode and the second electrode.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Banknote temporary storage module and reel rotating speed control method thereof

A banknote temporary storage module is provided, including large and small reels driven by first and second power motors respectively, a coiling tape, first and second coded discs, first and second sensors and a microcontroller. The first and second coded discs are fixed on rotating shafts of the large and small reels respectively.
Grg Banking Equipment Co., Ltd.


Take-off unmanned aerial vehicles

An unmanned aerial vehicles take-off system may include at least one winch, at least one towline, at least one dolly on which at least one aircraft is mounted, and at least one battery of the at least one winch. At least one micro-controller unit is connected to the at least one winch, wherein the at least one microcontroller unit is configured to control the activation/deactivation of the at least one winch.
The Boeing Company


Intelligent shaving system having sensors

Methods and apparatuses for an intelligent shaving system is disclosed herein. An example intelligent shaving system includes a handle, at least one blade connected to the handle, a microcontroller attached to the handle, a wireless communication unit configured to send and receive data from microcontroller to an external device, a memory configured to store data applicable to the at least one blade, and one or more sensors configured to send sensory data from the one or more sensors to microcontroller.


Device to measure and monitor drinking and eating

In described embodiments, the present invention is a cup assembly including a cup holder having a base having a microcontroller, weight sensor and accelerometer incorporated therein, a handle extending upwardly from the base, and a camera support extending upwardly from the base. The camera support supports a digital camera.
Drexel University


Protective circuit for an apparatus

A protective circuit for an apparatus includes an accelerometer having an output and a microcontroller coupled to the output of the accelerometer. The protective circuit also includes a switch for controlling the apparatus coupled to an output of the microcontroller and a load coupled to the switch.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.



A microcontroller includes a nonvolatile memory. The microcontroller executes an ecc error detection to detect an ecc error during a main process, which accesses the nonvolatile memory, and an interrupt process when the ecc error occurs.
Denso Corporation


Wearable wireless hmi device

A wearable gesture control interface apparatus is used to control a controllable device based on gestures provided by a user. The wearable gesture control interface apparatus includes (i) sensors configured to detect user orientation and movement and generate corresponding sensor data and (ii) a microcontroller configured to: sample the sensor data from the sensors, determine whether the sensor data from one of the sensors meets transmission criteria; and if the sensor data meets the transmission criteria, transmitting control data corresponding to all of the sensors to the controllable device..


Modular holographic sighting system

A lightweight holographic sighting system is provided that is designed to minimize optical aberrations common with earlier holographic sighting systems. The system has a modular construction that is more economic and conducive to high volume production, in terms of complexity of required fixturing and availability of materials, than earlier systems.
Tactical Holographic Holdings Llc


Measuring device having a switchable measuring and operating electronics for delivering a measurement signal

A measuring device having a configurable measuring and operating electronics for delivering a measurement signal, includes a measurement transmitter with an electrical current control circuit for outputting a controlled electrical current, wherein in a first manner of operation an electrical current is set in a first range, and in a second manner of operation an electrical current is set in a second range having a greater interval than the first range; the measuring device further having a microcontroller circuit is connected with the electrical current control circuit for delivering a digital signal for operating the electrical current control circuit, wherein the digital signal has a low state and a high state and wherein by operating the electrical current control circuit an output current can be set with an electrical current level in a first interval for the low state and in a second interval for the high state.. .
Endress+hauser Flowtec Ag


Multi-functional precious stone testing apparatus and method thereof

A multi-functional precious stone testing apparatus includes a microcontroller, a measuring unit for measuring properties of the testing object, and a functional unit. The measuring unit is arranged to measure one of a combination of ultraviolet and infrared distributions of the testing object and a combination of thermal and electrical conductivities of the testing object.
Shenzhen Dikai Industrial Co., Ltd.


Wireless play communication wristband

The wristband is wirelessly linked to either a radio frequency panel, bluetooth device, or infrared controller. The wristband led's are wired to a microcontroller, bluetooth controller (or rf transceiver, or infrared controller), and a battery power source.


Instrumented softball or baseball bat and bat knob and system for monitoring a bat swing

An instrumented baseball or softball bat knob comprising a knob housing including a generally cylindrical member inserted into a handle end of the bat and a knob portion attached to the cylindrical member. The knob portion has a diameter that is larger than a diameter of the handle end of the bat.
Rip-it Holdings, Llc


Systems and methods for providing non-invasive neurorehabilitation of a patient

A system for providing non-invasive neuromodulation to a patient includes a mouthpiece and a controller. The mouthpiece includes an elongated housing, a printed circuit board, control circuitry mounted within the elongated housing, and a cable for connecting to a controller.
Neurohabilitation Corporation


Systems and methods for providing non-invasive neurorehabilitation of a patient

A system for providing non-invasive neuromodulation to a patient includes a mouthpiece and a controller. The mouthpiece includes an elongated housing, a printed circuit board, control circuitry mounted within the elongated housing, and a cable for connecting to a controller.
Neurohabilitation Corporation


Systems and methods for providing non-invasive neurorehabilitation of a patient

A system for providing non-invasive neuromodulation to a patient includes a mouthpiece and a controller. The mouthpiece includes an elongated housing, a printed circuit board, control circuitry mounted within the elongated housing, and a cable for connecting to a controller.
Neurohabilitation Corporation


Personally-wearable internet of things microcontrolled device

An internet of things device containing a memory device, gps antenna, wi-fi connection, microcontroller and power source that is in a mobile, compact, flexible form factor. System units can execute specific functionality it is programmed and can be easily reprogrammed by a user.
Warcollar Industries, Llc


Low power secure user identity authentication ring

A wearable device (4) for secure execution of near field communications identity-based data transactions with an enclosure (8) that contains a secure nfc integrated circuit (40), a secure bluetooth low energy integrated circuit (48), a microcontroller (48) with a firmware program (104), a battery (44), and a passive sensor (16) that activates the microcontroller (48) when the device is removed or donned by the user. If the nfc integrated circuit (40) is in the enabled state when the microcontroller (48) is activated by the sensor (16), the firmware program (104) disables the nfc integrated circuit (40) function.


Internet of things clock hub device and method

A platform, apparatus and method for internet of things implementations. For example, one embodiment of an apparatus comprises an internet of things (iot) clock hub comprising: a memory for storing program code and a microcontroller for executing the program code; a wan interface to couple the iot clock hub to an iot service over the wan, and a local communication interface to communicatively couple the iot hub to a plurality of different types of iot devices; and a display to display a clock indicating a current time, a current temperature, and one or more calendar events retrieved from a user's calendar, wherein the calendar events are provided to the iot clock hub over the wan interface..
Kiban Labs, Inc.


Internet of things device for registering user selections

A platform, apparatus and method for internet of things implementations. For example, one embodiment of an apparatus comprises: a memory for storing program code and a microcontroller for executing the program code; a communication interface for coupling the microcontroller to a network; a plurality of input elements communicatively coupled to the microcontroller to detect user input; a slot for receiving a selection card, the selection card comprising a plurality of user-selectable items displayed thereon, wherein each of the input elements are associated with at least one of the user-selectable items displayed on the card when the selection card is inserted in the slot; and wherein upon selection of a particular input element corresponding to a particular item, the microcontroller transmits an identification code for the item to a service over the network, the service identifying the item using the identification code and performing one or more operations responsive to selection of the item by the user..
Kiban Labs, Inc.


Battery management system

An isolation apparatus includes isolation circuitry that includes multiple semiconductor switches arranged electrically in parallel to isolate, from an electrical system, a plurality of battery cells of a battery capable of providing high levels of current. The apparatus includes a microcontroller operatively coupled to the isolation circuitry, wherein the battery cells are isolated from the electrical system to which the battery is connected when the microcontroller switches off the multiple semiconductor switches.
Rocketship, Inc.


Multi-layer wireless communication

Methods, systems, and apparatus for wireless communications. One device includes one or more sensing components; a microcontroller unit; and a wireless module, the wireless module configured to selectively operate in an active mode and a low power sleep mode, wherein the microcontroller unit is configured to analyze signals from the one or more sensing components and to selectively place the wireless modules in the active or sleep mode depending on the analysis..
Mivalife Mobile Technology, Inc.


Self-measuring nonvolatile memory device systems and methods

One embodiment describes a computing system that includes a boot device. The boot device includes nonvolatile memory that stores startup routine instructions and a first pointer, in which the first pointer identifies a first one or more memory addresses in the nonvolatile memory where at least a portion of the startup routine instructions are stored, and a microcontroller that retrieves the startup routine instructions from the nonvolatile memory using the first pointer and determines whether the startup routine instructions are corrupted before executing any portion of the startup routine instructions.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Internet of things platforms, apparatuses, and methods

An internet of things system and method are described. For example, one embodiment of a system comprises: an iot hub comprising a wan interface to couple the iot hub to an iot service over the wan, and a local communication interface to communicatively couple the iot hub to a plurality of different types of iot devices; and at least one iot device having a memory for storing program code and a microcontroller for executing the program code, wherein the program code includes library program code comprising basic building blocks usable by a developer to implement any iot device by creating application program code which utilizes the library program code, wherein at least one of the basic building blocks comprises a communication stack to enable communication with the iot hub, the library program code provided to the developer in a software development kit (sdk) with the microcontroller..
Kiban Labs, Inc.


Fill level measurement system

A fill-level measurement apparatus for measuring a fill level of a fluid in a container includes a housing having a first end and a second end and first and second substantially identical thin capacitive sensors mounted on a carrier plate in the housing. The carrier plate includes a circuit board and a microcontroller is mounted on the circuit board.
Skf Lubrication Systems Germany Gmbh


Dynamically monitoring the instantaneous zero rotation rate voltage of interferometric fiber optic gyroscope (ifog)

The drift (°/h) for an interferometric fiber optic gyroscope (ifog) means the variations on the voltage generated versus the zero angular (rotation) rate, whilst ifog is not under influence of any angular rate effect. If the drift of an ifog is predefined, the compensation of the drift can trivially be carried out by a subtraction process.
Tubitak (turkiye Bilimsel Ve Teknolojik Arastirma Kurumu)


Method and electronic circuit assembly for the redundant signal processing of a safety-relevant application, motor vehicle brake system, motor vehicle having said motor vehicle brake system, and use of such an electronic circuit assembly

The invention relates to a method for the redundant signal processing of a safety-relevant application, in particular of a safety control unit of a motor vehicle, wherein at least two redundant signals are fed from at least one sensor (4) to an electronic circuit assembly (2) as input signals (6) for processing of the sensor information. At least one input signal (6) is converted into a different test signal (16).
Wabco Gmbh


Synchronized array of vibration actuators in an integrated module

The disclosure relates to integrated modules for synchronized array of vibration actuators (fig. 125a).
Coactive Drive Corporation


Biological sensor

The biological sensor includes a microcontroller that generates a driving signal, a light-emitting element that emits light in accordance with the driving signal, a light-receiving element that outputs a current detection signal based on an intensity of received light, and an amplifying circuit that converts the current detection signal into a voltage detection signal, amplifies an alternating current component of the voltage detection signal, and outputs an amplified detection signal. Furthermore, the microcontroller generates an offset signal that is applied to an offset circuit to offset the direct current component of the voltage detection signal and to obtain biological information by processing the amplified detection signal..


Automatic actuator calibration using back emf

A self-calibrating linear actuator is configured to control a spring return valve with variable stroke. The actuator includes a motor, a spindle coupled to an output of the motor, a motor controller coupled to the motor, a microcontroller coupled to the motor controller, and a back electromotive force (bemf) circuit, coupled to the motor, configured to provide to the microcontroller a bemf value for each motor step.
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Wearable electronic device

A head-mounted device includes a see-through display having an inner surface and an outer surface; a display driver integrated circuit (ddic) for driving the display; and at least one processor for controlling the ddic. A microcontroller may control the ddic to display content through a specific area corresponding to eye tracking information acquired from an eye tracking module in a display area of the display..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and device for measuring a line resistance of control lines in hazard warning and control systems

A method for measuring a line resistance rl (7) and determining control line (16) faults in a hazard warning and control system. The control lines (16) connect a control device (20) to an actuator (10) using an actuation voltage ua in the case of an event and supplies the actuator (10) with a monitoring voltage um in the case of a monitoring process using a monitoring module (21).
Minimax Gmbh & Co. Kg


Latchup recovery mechanism for fingerprint sensor based on state monitor and handshake

Devices and methods are provided for recovering from latchup state in fingerprint sensor devices. For example, a disclosed device can be operated to perform operations that include, receiving, at a microcontroller of the fingerprint sensor device, raw sensor data from a sensor array in communication with the microcontroller, comparing the received raw sensor data against a predetermined threshold, and, based at least partly on the comparing, resetting power supplied to the fingerprint sensor device to recover from a latchup state..
Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co., Ltd.


Phase correction device, action identification device, action identification system, microcontroller, phase correction method, and program

There are included a standard deviation calculation unit that receives a plurality of acceleration data and calculates a standard deviation of the plurality of acceleration data for each specified time period, an average calculation unit that receives the plurality of acceleration data and calculates an average value of the acceleration data for each specified time period, a phase estimation unit that estimates a phase of the average value in a space having a first coordinate axis and a second coordinate axis by using the average value when the standard deviation is smaller than a specified threshold, and a phase correction unit that performs phase correction of the average value by using the estimated phase.. .
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Modular and expandable irrigation controller

Described herein are several embodiments relating to modular irrigation controllers. In many implementations, the irrigation controllers are modular in that various functional components of the irrigation controller are implemented in removable modules that when inserted into position within the controller, expand the capabilities of the controller.
Rain Bird Corporation


Lighting connectivity module

A lighting module, including: a baseboard configured to receive a user signal indicating a user lighting preference; a communication submodule configured to receive the user signal and convert the user signal to machine readable data indicating the user lighting preference; a control submodule communicably coupled to the wireless communication submodule for receiving the machine readable data, wherein the microcontroller submodule comprises: memory configured to store a lighting parameter provided by a provider, and a processor configured to generate lighting driver instructions based on the user lighting preference and the lighting parameter; and a lighting mode output submodule configured to output the lighting driver instructions to a lighting driver module of a lighting assembly for controlling light emitting elements of the lighting assembly.. .
Lifi Labs, Inc.


Modular constant current regulator

Constant current regulator (10) for supplying electrical power corresponding to a predetermined output power, comprising a plurality of modules (13) electrically connectable for simultaneous operation to jointly provide the output power, the modules are configured for providing a module output power contributing to the output power of the regulator. Each module comprises a transformer (135) for providing galvanic insulation as required by local standards, and a microcontroller (231) for controlling operation of the module.
Adb Bvba


Gate voltage threshold turn off for maintaining voltage supply during standby mode of a lighting system

Provided is a lighting system that includes a plurality of lighting elements to emit light, a power supply to supply power, a lighting driver including a microcontroller and to output power to the plurality of lighting elements for operation thereof, a control system to transmit a control signal to the microcontroller to initiate a standby mode of the plurality of lighting elements, and a semiconductor device configured to receive voltage from the microcontroller, and selectively enable and disable a low power consumption mode of the lighting driver, to thereby maintain voltage for communication between the microcontroller and the control system during the standby mode.. .
General Electric Company


Control circuit for heating textile articles

An example heating control module includes a microcontroller, and a switch operatively coupled to the microcontroller. The switch is arranged to allow current to flow between a power supply and one or more heating elements during a closed state and to prevent current from flowing between the power supply and the heating elements during an open state.
Phihong Usa Corporation


360-degree panorama driving recorder system and method

A 360-degree panorama driving recorder system for use in a carrier, including a display unit for displaying image records, three lens and three sensors respectively electrically connected together and mounted inside the carrier for capturing different view angle image records, and a microcontroller unit electrically coupled with the sensors for receiving and integrating the view angle image records captured through the lenses during running of the carrier into an integrated 360-degree panorama image record and then transmitting the integrated panorama image record to the display unit for display.. .
Papago Inc.


Power-optimized image capture and push

An example security sensor includes a battery power supply, camera coupled to the battery power supply to receive power, activity sensor, processor, and microcontroller. The processor is placed in a sleep state and is wakeable to an awake state.
Novi Security, Inc.


Class d power driver peripheral

A class d peripheral is integrated with a microcontroller as a general purpose driver for providing many different class d power applications such as motor and solenoid control, audio amplification, etc. Use of a simple triangle waveform (saw tooth) oscillator normally used for detecting changes in capacitance values in combination with a voltage comparator provides inexpensive generation of pulse width modulation (pwm) suitable for a wide range of class d power applications.
Microchip Technology Incorporated


Method and active voltage regulation in optical modules

A method and apparatus for active voltage regulation in optical modules utilize a voltage regulator to change the supply voltage provided to laser diode driver and receiver electronics to optimize module performance over temperature. The ambient temperature of the module is monitored.
Zephyr Photonics Inc.

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