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Microcontroller patents

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System or a method for measuring flow of fluid or gas

Agena A/s

System or a method for measuring flow of fluid or gas

Watch assembly having a plurality of time-coordinated belts

Devon Works

Watch assembly having a plurality of time-coordinated belts

Watch assembly having a plurality of time-coordinated belts


Wearable apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Microcontroller-related patents
 Detector with integrated sensor platform patent thumbnailnew patent Detector with integrated sensor platform
An integrated system platform includes a sensor containing an embedded microcontroller and associated circuitry for providing safety critical functionality. Signal conditioning circuitry is coupled to the sensor along with gas concentration determining circuitry, alarm status circuitry and fault status evaluation circuitry.
Life Safety Distribution Ag
 System or a  measuring flow of fluid or gas patent thumbnailSystem or a measuring flow of fluid or gas
A system or a method for measuring flow in a flow duct has at least two ultra sound transducers. The flow of air in a duct is measured by one or more transducers transmitting beams of ultra sound controlled by a microcontroller based electronic system in which the microcontroller stores a vector of data samples for each direction of transmission, which vector includes an appropriate number of n samples forming a frame, the microcontroller multiplying each value of the frame which a complex number.
Agena A/s
 Watch assembly having a plurality of time-coordinated belts patent thumbnailWatch assembly having a plurality of time-coordinated belts
A watch for providing a digital time display comprises a movement mechanism disposed in a case that includes a number of continuous belts. The belts each have a numerical indicia consistent with hours, minutes and optionally second.
Devon Works, Llc
 Wearable apparatus patent thumbnailWearable apparatus
Disclosed embodiments include a multi-function wearable apparatus comprising (a) a sensor module including a plurality of low power solid state kinematics sensors,(b) a microprocessor module comprising a low power microcontroller configured for device control, device status, and device communication; (c) a data storage module comprising a solid state local storage medium, said data storage module configured for sampling and storage of kinematics data; (d) a wireless communication module comprising a low power bidirectional transceiver wherein said wireless communication module is configured for communicating and synchronizing sampling time instances of said sensor module with signals from a second apparatus; and (e) a power module comprising a battery and an energy charging regulator. According to one embodiment, the wearable apparatus is a watch capable of quantifying human movement..
Apdm, Inc.
 Voltage sensor systems and methods patent thumbnailVoltage sensor systems and methods
An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a floating voltage sensor system comprising a metallic enclosure, a conductive sensor plate, a signal conditioning circuit, and a microcontroller unit. The metallic enclosure can be configured for electrical communication with an asset carrying a voltage.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
 Wireless power supply for rescue devices patent thumbnailWireless power supply for rescue devices
The present disclosure may provide an electric transmitter which may he used to provide wireless power transmission (wpt) while using suitable wpt techniques such as pocket-forming. Transmitter may operate as power source for rescue devices where wired power sources are not feasible because local infrastructure may be damaged or destroyed.
Dvinewave Inc.
 Wireless power supply for logistic services patent thumbnailWireless power supply for logistic services
The present disclosure may provide an electric transmitter which may be used to provide wireless power transmission (wpt) while using suitable wpt techniques such as pocket-forming. Transmitter may operate as power source for electronic devices used in logistic devices such as, postal services, storage services, shipping services, pizza delivery and the like.
Dvinewave Inc.
 Real-time solar tracking system patent thumbnailReal-time solar tracking system
A real-time solar tracking system includes: a microcontroller, a light-resistant box, a motor for changing a direction angle of a solar collection board, and a diver for controlling operating condition of the motor. The light-resistant box has a loophole disposed at a top surface of the light-resistant box, a convex lens plane array is disposed parallel to a bottom surface of the light-resistant box, and a photosensitive element array is disposed at a bottom of the light-resistant box.
 Safety shredder with mechanical bin-full device patent thumbnailSafety shredder with mechanical bin-full device
A mechanical bin-full device for a paper shredder with a bin, having a curved, perforated t-blade sensor on a cylindrical body partially covered with a metal sheet. The t-blade is pendent into the bin.
Aurora Office Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai
 Use of multi-thread hardware for efficient sampling patent thumbnailUse of multi-thread hardware for efficient sampling
This disclosure pertains to systems, methods, and computer readable media for utilizing an unused hardware thread of a multi-core microcontroller of a graphical processing unit (gpu) to gather sampling data of commands being executed by the gpu. The multi-core microcontroller may include two or more hardware threads and may be responsible for managing the scheduling of commands on the gpu.
Apple Inc.

Reconfigurable modular computing device

A configurable computing device comprising a housing, a printed circuit board disposed within the housing, a first microcontroller and a second microcontroller each coupled to the pcb, wherein the first microcontroller and the second microcontroller are in electrical signal communication with each other, a computer-on-module (com) coupled to the pcb, wherein the com is in electrical signal communication with the first microcontroller and the second microcontroller, and one or more peripheral modules coupled to the pcb, wherein, the peripheral modules are each in electrical signal communication with the first microcontroller and wherein, the peripheral modules are each in electrical signal communication with the com via the second microcontroller.. .
Entegra Technologies, Inc.

Industrial sensor system and use

An industrial sensor system is disclosed. Said system comprising a communication module, a one or more sensors, and a power system.
Vtb Net, Inc

Physical activity monitor and data collection unit

A physical activity data collection unit includes one or more infrared sensors configured to provide an output indicative of a pulse rate of a user of the physical activity data collection unit, at least one temperature sensor configured to provide an output indicative of at least a body temperature of the user, and at least one accelerometer configured to provide an output indicative of movements of the user, the physical activity data collection unit can also include a microcontroller configured to determine a pulse rate, a body temperature, and movement characteristics of the user of the data collection unit based on outputs from the one or more infrared sensors, the at least one temperature sensor, and the at least one accelerometer; determine a physical exertion level of the user based on one or more of the pulse rate, the body temperature, or the movement characteristics of the user; and store, in a memory, data indicative of the physical exertion level during a time period during which the physical exertion level exceeds a predetermined threshold.. .
Heartmiles, Llc

Automated stabilizing apparatus

An automated stabilizing apparatus includes a bracket to mount an image device such as a camcorder or camera phone and a differential gear assembly connected to the bracket; a first and second drive system, consists of a bidirectional dc motor, an encoder, and a gear train, having an output shaft couples to the differential gear assembly; and an electronic enclosure houses controls elements that include a microcontroller, motor drivers, and sensors in communication with the drive systems to maintain the bracket and image device steady over a wide range of positions.. .

Wildlife warning system

A wildlife warning system that comprises at least two independent warning devices, wherein each warning device has an electric power supply, at least one signal generator, and a microcontroller for controlling the signal generator, and a communication means for wireless communication with other warning devices and/or with a base station for the purpose of forming a wireless network of wildlife warning devices.. .
Ipte Schalk & Schalk Og

System for managing secure and nonsecure applications on one and the same microcontroller

An electronic microcontroller system including: plural processors; at least one interface for exchange with at least one peripheral, the peripheral being user master of the electronic microcontroller system; a mechanism for access to a shared memory space; an interconnection matrix for interconnecting the exchange interface, the processors and the mechanism for access to a shared memory space; a mechanism managing applications involving a guaranteed level of security and integrity and of applications exhibiting a nonguaranteed level of security and integrity. The exchange interface cooperates with a secure isolation cell of the memory situated between the user master peripheral and the interconnection matrix..
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

Clock generator circuit with automatic sleep mode

A clock generator circuit for an integrated circuit (ic) component (e.g., a microcontroller unit) is disclosed that provides an automatic sleep mode for modules of the ic component. In some implementations, the clock generator circuit provides a simplified user interface and low power consumption by implementing one sleep mode level and allowing modules in the ic to start and stop internal clocks dynamically on demand.

Secure firmware flash controller

A microcontroller that includes a secure firmware flash controller is provided. The secure firmware flash controller utilizes a hardware assisted boot sequence that performs a firmware code validation.

Dynamic programming and control of networked sensors and microcontrollers

A network of sensor and controller nodes having the ability to be dynamically programmed and receive updated software from one another, and from a host system. Each network node includes multiple state machines, at least some of which are operable relative to physical pins at the network node; the physical pins correspond to inputs from sensor functions or outputs to control functions.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Management of gas pressure and electrode state of charge in alkaline batteries

An inventive, new system that measures gas composition and pressure in the headspace of an aqueous electrolyte battery is described. The system includes a microcontroller that can use the composition and pressure information to connect a third electrode to either the anode(s) or the cathode(s) in order to balance the state of charge between the two.
Research Foundation Of The City University Of New York

Analog signal compatible cmos switch as an integrated peripheral to a standard microcontroller

At least one analog signal compatible complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cmos) switch circuit is incorporated with digital logic circuits in an integrated circuit. The integrated circuit may further comprise a digital processor and memory, e.g., microcontroller, microprocessor, digital signal processor (dsp), programmable logic array (pla), application specific integrated circuit (asic), etc., for controlling operation of the at least one analog signal compatible cmos switch for switching analog signals, e.g., audio, video, serial communications, etc.
Microchip Technology Incorporated

Control circuit for driving motor and controlling speed of motor

A control circuit for driving a motor and a method for controlling a speed of a motor are provided. The control circuit comprises a microcontroller and a drive circuit.
System General Corp.

Locking and synchronizing controller for hall-sensor driven motors

Disclosed embodiments include a method for locking and synchronizing hall-sensor driven motors electronically. A programmable integrated circuit microcontroller is positioned between the hall-sensors and the motor drivers.

Card transaction device and method thereof

A card transaction device is provided. And it's disposed in a smart phone, the smart phone includes a transaction processing application, and the card transaction device includes a credit card reader, a converter, a microcontroller, a plug, and a data register.
Smart Approach Co., Ltd.

Forensic air and surface sampler technology (fasst) collector

A particle collector for collecting biological material using electrostatic precipitator (esp) technology including a removable esp collection tube having an electrode wire suspended therein, a high voltage power supply coupled to the electrode wire for generating an ionization field within the collection tube causing smaller particles entering the collection tube to precipitate onto the walls of the collection tube, electronics including a microcontroller for controlling the operation of the collector, and a housing assembly for housing the collection tube, the high voltage power supply and the electronics. Some embodiments include an interlock system for disabling high voltage to the electrode wire if certain system parameters are not met, a static discharge mechanism for dissipating excess electrostatic charge which may accumulate on the collection tube during operation, and an altitude adjustment mechanism for adjusting the amount of high voltage supplied to the electrode wire based upon the altitude at which the collector is being used.

Power measurement system based on self-limiting force

An apparatus is described for measuring the power expended in driving a chain. A light-weight, compact, flexible structure is attached to the chain.

Multisensory control of electrical devices

In some implementations a non-transitory storage device having a multi-sensory-recognition engine stored thereon is coupled to a microcontroller, a device-controller for an electrical device that is wirelessly coupled to the microcontroller, and at least one of a plurality of sensors is operably coupled to the microcontroller.. .
Altorr Corporation

Server transferring at least one chassis-specific configuration value

A server system includes a chassis having a plurality of insertion slots that receive a plurality of server plug-in modules; at least one printed circuit board including at least one first microcontroller and arranged in the chassis to contact server plug-in modules received in the insertion slots; and a first server plug-in module including a first system management controller and arranged in a first insertion slot and coupled to the at least one printed circuit board, wherein the first microcontroller and the first system management controller are coupled together via at least one first signal line, and the first microcontroller is arranged to provide the first system management controller with at least one chassis-specific configuration value.. .
Fujitsu Technology Solutions Intellectual Property Gmbh

Systems and methods for usage replenishment

Provided are dermatological medical devices and methods comprising a distal end for positioning at a region proximal a target therapeutic region of tissue, an output port at the distal end, an energy source that generates optical energy, which is output from the output port to the target therapeutic region of tissue, and a microcontroller that processes replenishment data that controls an operation parameter of the device. The device is activated for performing a treatment operation in response to a receipt and processing of the replenishment data..
Dermal Photonics Corporation

Asil b-compliant implementation of automotive safety-related functions by means of a high diagnosability, quality managed-compliant integrated circuit

An automotive internal combustion engine electronic control unit for performing safety-related functions with a predetermined automotive safety integrity level, including: a microcontroller and an integrated circuit distinct from and communicating with the microcontroller. The microcontroller performs one or more safety-related functions with the same automotive safety integrity level as required to the automotive engine electronic control unit.
Exida Development S.r.l.

Intra-oral balance device based on palatal stimulation

A device for vestibular substitution includes a mouthpiece fitting entirely within a person's mouth in a shape that conforms to the palate. The mouthpiece encases a circuit board containing an electronic system that can deliver electrical pulses to electrical stimulators touching the palate based on head movement.
Innervo Technology Llc

Sensor and continuous health monitoring

An optical proximity sensor assembly includes an optical proximity sensor with an ir led emitting light having an infrared wavelength, an ir photo detector sensitive to the infrared wavelength, an optical barrier blocking direct light rays from the led to the ir photo detector and permitting reflected light rays to reach the at least one photo detector; and an electronic integrated circuit with an amplifier for amplifying a signal detected by the photo detector, an analog to digital converter, led drivers, noise reduction and ambient light cancellation circuitry, and a digital interface for communication with a microcontroller. The optical proximity sensor is accommodated on a wearable carrier.
Wayne State University

Wireless power, light and automation control with ambient light and proximity detection

A device and method for remotely controlling the supply of electricity to an electrical apparatus or system. The device (200) includes a wireless communications control module (202) configured for peer-to-peer communications, a microcontroller (208), and a sensor module (206) configured to detect at least one of light or proximity.
Kortek Industries Pty Ltd

Methods and systems for controlling a motor

A control system for a motor includes an inverter coupled to the motor. The control system further includes a microcontroller coupled to the inverter.
Regal Beloit America, Inc.

Security light with lifestyle solutions

A lifestyle lighting solution using microcontroller technology for controlling nighttime illumination is disclosed wherein the night time illumination is divided into two stages with the first stage being a full power illumination for a preset time period and the second stage being an energy saving/security illumination. The time period of the first stage full power illumination is managed by a virtual timer which is programmable and dynamically variable according to the home owners' living habits and needs.

Three-phase power supply and system of leds with three-phase power supply

A three-phase power supply (10), intended especially to supply leds system (20), has a system of a diode bridge rectifier which comprises rectifying diodes (101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106). The three-phase power supply (10) is additionally equipped with fets and each of the rectifying diodes is bypassed by an fet of a rectifying unit (111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116), respectively, which is controlled by a control system (40), comprising en anglogue-to-digital converter adc 403, a digital-to-analogue converter (402), a microcontroller (401), which provides a control signal to a gate of the appropriate fet through the input/output (404).
Wladyslaw Wlodarczyk Igloo

Method and system for verifying sleep wakeup protocol by computing state transition paths

Disclosed are a method and a system for facilitating verification of program code implementing sleep wakeup protocol for a microcontroller. An input handling module is configured to receive metadata from user required for verification of the program code.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Drug delivery system for treating erectile dysfunction

Drug delivery systems, apparatus and methods to treat erectile dysfunction via an implanted drug infusion pump. The drug delivery system incorporates a passively pressurized drug infusion pump, one or more catheters, one or more microfluidic valves, a microcontroller, and one or more patient input mechanisms to deliver therapeutic solutions to the erectile tissues of a patient.

High voltage power control system

A high voltage power control system comprises a microcontroller unit, an embedded non-volatile memory, and a high voltage driver. The micro controller unit is configured to control high voltage outputs of the high voltage power control system.
Ememory Technology Inc.

Integrated micro-inverter and thin film solar module and manufacturing process

Embodiments of the present invention include a method for manufacturing, and a structure for a thin film solar module. The method of manufacturing includes fabricating a thin film solar cell and fabricating an electronic conversion unit (ecu) on a single substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation

System for measuring a palmar gripping force

The invention relates to a system for measuring a palmar gripping force, comprising a device (1) for measuring said palmar gripping force, which device comprises: a handle configured to receive a palmar gripping force; a force sensor (3); and an electronic module (6) integrated into the device and comprising at least one microcontroller (61) connected to the sensor (3) and able to process data originating from said sensor (3), characterised in that the force sensor comprises a stress gauge with a minimum precision of 50 g; a controlling system is also provided and comprises means able to do the following: calibrate the sensor using a linear calibration curve; and transmit the sensor measurements to a display unit (8) and/or a storage unit and/or a processing unit, preferably via wired or wireless means.. .
Institut De Myologie

Embedded software debug system with partial hardware acceleration

An embedded software debug system with partial hardware acceleration includes a computer that executes a debug software stack. The debug software stack includes high level operations.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Method and programming a decoder-based irrigation controller

A method and decoder-based irrigation controller, and method and programming chart, are provided. In some embodiments, a decoder-based irrigation controller comprises a microcontroller; and a first connector coupled to the microcontroller and configured to couple to a reader, wherein the reader comprises an optical reader configured to read an optically readable pattern, wherein the first connector is further configured to couple an input from the reader to the microcontroller; and wherein the microcontroller is configured to interpret the input from the reader and perform an action at the decoder-based irrigation controller according to the input..
Rain Bird Corporation

Remote controllable thermostat

A remote controllable thermostat has an on-board power supply with batteries, a microcontroller having a timer, a temperature sensor, a temperature set point control controller and an rf receiver. The thermostat also has hvac state control means for generating hvac control signals in response to sensed temperatures being outside of control set point range and for periodically connecting and disconnecting the rf receiver from the power source to conserve battery power.
Hunter Fan Company

Method for dispensing a lubricant in a metered manner

The invention relates to a method for dispensing a lubricant (3) in a metered manner by means of a lubricant dispenser, which comprises a lubricant cartridge (2) filled with lubricant (3), at least one electrochemical gas-generating cell (4), and on control electronics (1) for controlling the gas-generating cell (4). The control electronics (1) comprise a microcontroller (8) and a switch (9) for interrupting the current flowing through the gas-generating cell (4).
Perma-tec Gmbh & Co. Kg

Synchronisation and trigger distribution across instrumentation networks

A system for synchronising the operation of a measurement instrument having a microcontroller, a local oscillator and function circuitry to an external timebase is provided. The system includes a usb host controller; an interrupt generator adapted to respond to itps by generating respective interrupts and passing the interrupts to the microcontroller; and a timer for measuring an interval between receptions of the itps in a time domain of the local oscillator..
Chronologic Pty. Ltd.

Temperature controlled dissection and observation stage

A temperature controlled tissue dissection and observation stage comprises a central working area and a first temperature controlled station positioned within the central working area. The first temperature controlled station comprises a first temperature controlling element configured to adjust the temperature of the first temperature controlled station.

Color detection system for display

A color detection system includes a motherboard, a detection device, and a detection card. The detection device comprises a display unit and a memory unit storing a first color frequency setting value.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Method of secure management of a memory space for microcontroller

A method of managing an electronic microcontroller system, the microcontroller system including: two processors with a first processor configured for execution of a nonsecure application exhibiting a nonguaranteed level of functional security and integrity, and a second processor dedicated to execution of a secure application implementing code and data, and involving a guaranteed level of functional security and integrity, the secure application to implement a security function; and a mechanism to access to a shared memory space. The first processor includes a unit for managing the memory configured to implement a write access control, to manage write access to the shared memory space, that is not modifiable when the secure application implements its security function..
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

Controller for, and , operating a sensor cleaning system

A control system for a vehicle sensor cleaning system is provided. The control system includes: a microcontroller configured to: receive inputs including at least one input from any one of the following sources: sensors, other controllers, and an operator; determine whether a signal to actuate a cleaning system for a sensor should be generated; analyze whether the signal should be delayed; sending an actuating signal to a sensor cleaning system if the controller determines that predetermined cleaning criteria are met and delays sending the actuating signal if the controller determines delay criteria are met.
Caterpillar Inc.

Tire data collection and communication device, multi-purpose handheld data collection and communication tool, and communicating tire data between a vehicle tire and a remote computing device

A direct tire data collection and communication device is adapted for use in a pneumatic vehicle tire. The device incorporates a tire-mounted electronics module comprising a microcontroller, and at least one tire property sensor in electronic communication with the microcontroller and capable of measuring at least one operational property of the vehicle tire.
Itire, Llc

Measuring power consumption of ciruit component operating in run mode

A sense resistor is coupled between a power source and one or more power pins of an integrated circuit (ic) chip including a circuit component (e.g., a microcontroller unit (mcu)). An on-chip amplifier (e.g., a programmable gain amplifier or op-amp) amplifies the voltage drop over the sense resistor to a level that is within the dynamic range of an on-chip analog-to-digital converter (adc).
Atmel Corporation

Power couplings in transmitters for wireless power transmission

The present disclosure may provide various electric transmitter arrangements which may be used to provide wireless power transmission (wpt) while using suitable wpt techniques such as pocket-forming. In some embodiments, transmitters may include one or more antennas connected to at least one radio frequency integrated circuit (rfic) and one microcontroller.
Dvinewave Inc.

Appliances powered over sas

Methods and structure for powering storage devices over a sas interface. An exemplary system includes a storage device that includes a receptacle configured to receive a plug that communicates serial attached small computer systems interface compliant signals from a host system.
Lsi Corporation

Device and performing blood thromboelastographic assays by magnetic sensing

A magnetic sensor elastometry device (msed) and a method to perform the whole blood thromboelastography assay. It contains key components, including sample cuvette, detecting head, rotating disc, optical motion detector, and etc; and measures viscoelasticity of whole blood samples.
Biomedica Usa, Llc

Switching power supply apparatus

A switching power supply apparatus includes a voltage step-up converter that increases input voltage in response to turning on and off of a switching element, a transformer including a primary winding and a secondary winding and the primary winding of which is connected to the output of the voltage step-up converter, a microcontroller that controls the turning on and off of the switching element, an input voltage detection circuit that detects input voltage of the microcontroller, and an intermediate bus voltage detection circuit that detects intermediate bus voltage from the microcontroller. The input voltage detection circuit and the intermediate bus voltage detection circuit are circuits including elements having the same specifications.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Method of programming a programmable electronic lockbox system

A programmable lock system is provided for access restricting and user tracking the system includes a lock mechanism, a microcontroller, and an input device for receiving passing information. The microcontroller reads the received passing information and determines whether to unlock the lock mechanism.

Programmable light emitting diode (led) driver technique based upon a prefix signal

Provided is a light emitting diode (led) driver. The led driver includes a microcontroller for setting a level of an output current of the driver.
General Electric Company

Programmable light emitting diode (led) driver technique based upon an input voltage signal

Provided is an led driver including an amplifier configured to receive a negative voltage input signal and produce a positive voltage output signal in response thereto. Also included is a microcontroller configured for sensing a value of the positive voltage output signal.
General Electric Company

Home base station for multiple room coverage with multiple transmitters

The present disclosure may provide a wireless power system which may be used to provide wireless power transmission (wpt) while using suitable wpt techniques such as pocket-forming. Wireless power system may include a single base station which may be connected to several transmitters.
Dvinewave Inc.

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