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Date/App# patent app List of recent Metrics-related patents
 Method for authenticating users and devices on a computing network patent thumbnailMethod for authenticating users and devices on a computing network
A method for authenticating users and devices on a computing network is disclosed. The method includes authenticating a user and a user's device with a computing network based upon received authentication data from the user's device.
 Method and system for forward error correction decoding with parity check for use in low complexity highly-spectrally efficient communications patent thumbnailMethod and system for forward error correction decoding with parity check for use in low complexity highly-spectrally efficient communications
A receiver receives an inter-symbol correlated (isc) signal with information symbols and a corresponding parity symbol. Values of information symbols are estimated utilizing parity samples that are generated from the parity symbols.
 User feedback in network and server monitoring environments patent thumbnailUser feedback in network and server monitoring environments
A system according to the preferred embodiments of the present invention utilizes performance monitoring tools on the network infrastructure and servers of a vdi environment to provide a performance indication to each user, based on his network path and his servers. The user may also provide feedback, such as a rating from one to five, of the performance of each of his applications.
 Anomaly detection in network-site metrics using predictive modeling patent thumbnailAnomaly detection in network-site metrics using predictive modeling
Methods and apparatus for anomaly detection in network-site metrics using predictive modeling are described. A method comprises obtaining time-series data for a given time range, wherein the time-series data comprises values for a network-site analytics metric for each of a plurality of sequential time steps across the given time range.
 Targeted and dynamic content-object storage based on inter-network performance metrics patent thumbnailTargeted and dynamic content-object storage based on inter-network performance metrics
Methods and systems for coordinating provisions of storage service for clients are provided. For each storage provider of a set of storage providers, a service-provider database stores a metric characterizing a property of a service provided by the service provider.
 Interest expansion using a taxonomy patent thumbnailInterest expansion using a taxonomy
Disclosed are methods for inferring interests of a user based on declared interests of the user. Text for which a user has expressed interest, e.g.
 Aggregation of data from disparate sources into an efficiently accessible format patent thumbnailAggregation of data from disparate sources into an efficiently accessible format
Methods and apparatus are presented for aggregating data from disparate sources into an efficiently accessible format. For example, an aggregation tool may receive attribute-based data from one source and metrics-based data from another source.
 Transformation weighted indexes offering concentrated multi-risk factor exposure patent thumbnailTransformation weighted indexes offering concentrated multi-risk factor exposure
Computer-based systems, software, and computer-implemented methods for creating an index of securities based upon various data transformations of risk factor metrics regarding entities or securities associated with the entities and weighting each index member in proportion to its combined transformed weighting value.. .
 Calculating audience metrics for online campaigns patent thumbnailCalculating audience metrics for online campaigns
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer-readable storage medium, for determining performance for a campaign. A method includes: identifying a campaign associated with the delivery of an electronic media item; identifying identifiers of devices that were served impressions of the electronic media item; determining a number of unique identifiers that received impressions and a number of views of the electronic media item per identifier; identifying a plurality of demographic categories; identifying labeled identifiers; determining a number of identifiers and views per demographic category for the campaign; accumulating un-labeled identifiers to produce a count of un-labeled identifiers and views; determining, for the labeled identifiers, a distribution across the plurality of demographic categories; adjusting for errors in the determined distribution; determining an overall distribution among the demographic categories for impressions; and applying the overall distribution to a total number of unique identifiers and views for the campaign..
 Digital media index patent thumbnailDigital media index
A method of quantifying the effectiveness of delivery of digital media content comprises identifying a group of instances of delivery of digital media content, calculating a plurality of metrics for the group, each metric indicative of a different aspect of effective delivery of the digital media content, and combining the calculated metrics into a single indicator of the effectiveness of the delivery of digital media content for the group. The group of instances can represent the delivery of digital media content by a particular supplier or a particular service of a particular supplier of digital media distribution services over a period of time.
Agent relationship portal
Systems and methods which assist a parent entity in directing an agent entity toward a desired course of action are provided. Embodiments may include one or more data processing devices which compile data for the parent entity regarding the agent entity.
System and method for performance tracking for motivating individuals to capture consumer data via mobile devices
Individual performance for obtaining consumer participation in a promotion is tracked. The individual is associated with a promotion.
Method and system for attributing metrics in a crm system
In an embodiment of the present invention, a response object collects and synchronizes information from other types of objects as may be implemented in a crm system. For example, certain objects may include a lead or contact object, a campaign object, and an opportunity object that is synchronized into a response object.
Restaurant management system correcting a restaurant operating deficiency
A restaurant management system and method interface is provided. In accordance with the invention, data from various restaurant operations is collected and stored for processing.
Restaurant management system for forecasting staffing levels
A restaurant management system and method interface is provided. In accordance with the invention, data from various restaurant operations is collected and stored for processing.
Vendor contract assessment tool
A system and method that generates a graphical representation and allows the comparison between: 1) a set of contract or deal business requirements; 2) a contract or deal proposed by a vendor; and 3) a contract or deal that currently exists as viewed in the present time. The relative comparisons may be completed on key areas of the contract where key business requirements (kbrs) and metrics have been uniquely defined, targeted, and weighed.
Wide-area agricultural monitoring and prediction
Ground-based measurements of agricultural metrics such as ndvi are used to calibrate wide-area aerial measurements of the same metrics. Calibrated wide-area data may then be used as an input to a field prescription processor..
System and method for estimating performance metrics of conservation voltage reduction (cvr) systems and volt/var optimization systems
A system and method for estimating performance metrics of conservation voltage reduction (cvr) systems and volt/var optimization systems is disclosed.. .
Method of training an employee
The invention is a method and system that provides for efficiently incentivizing and rewarding employees for their successful use of a training system or other employer defined metrics by utilizing smartcard cards and you did it right cards. Successful demonstration of training and performance metrics is rewarded through such rewards to supervisors and to employees as gift cards or discount coupons redeemable for goods and/or services at retail/service centers..
Measurement of field reliability metrics
A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include an access segment of a mobility network in which routers receive network traffic data from base transceiver stations, forward the network traffic data by way of aggregation routers, originate probe packets directed to a targeted one of the base transceiver station and the aggregation router to determine, by way of an expected reply to each probe packet, reachability of the targeted one of the base transceiver station or the aggregation router. A change from reachability to unreachability of the targeted one of the base transceiver station or the aggregation router is determined to be an indication of service impacted outage.
Data visualization
Data visualization is contemplated to facilitate pictorially or otherwise visually representing various types of data, metrics and other information to a viewer. The data visualization may be useful in visually relating multiple sets of data relative to each other in order to visually convey a relationship to the viewer.
Continuous optimization of advertising campaigns based on real time tracking
A processing device tracks sales metrics during an advertisement campaign for a product or service and compares the sales metrics to sales goals. In response to determining that the one or more sales metrics fall short of the one or more sales goals by at least a threshold amount, the processing device increases a degree of targetedness for the advertisement campaign.
Operation control for deploying and managing software service in a virtual environment
A system and method can deploy and manage software services in virtualized and non-virtualized environments. The system provides an enterprise application virtualization solution that allows for centralized governance and control over software and java applications.
Optimizing virtual machine synchronization for application software
Real-time application metrics of an application executed by a virtual machine are dynamically monitored by a controlling agent and analyzed to determine an optimal configuration of the virtual machine for executing the application. Based on the measured metrics, tunable parameters of the virtual machine may be adjusted to achieve desired application performance..
Dynamic and selective management of integration points using performance metrics
In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method for dynamic management of integration points includes connecting a set of applications to a communication interconnect fabric to form a set of connections, wherein each application in the set of applications is interconnected and each individual connection has a set of integration paths defined including a default path. The set of connections is monitored to determine whether a performance metric for a specific application in the set of applications is within a predefined tolerance.
Methods and apparatus for performing dynamic load balancing of processing resources
A load balancer coupled between a network and a pool of processing resources utilizes a method for performing automatic, dynamic load balancing with respect to allocating the resources to handle processing requests received over the network. According to the method, the load balancer electronically receives registration requests from the processing resources and registers each resource from which a registration request was received.
A computer system for assisting searching of a database of a plurality of attributes, measures and content in order to answer analytical queries, the system comprising an input device for receiving word queries requesting information and/or metrics from the database a processor configured to process word queries requesting information and/or metrics from the database; and a storage memory containing a plurality of responses to word queries which responses contain and/or correspond to attributes, content and/or measures of the database, and containing one or more ordered combinations of attributes wherein the attributes of the ordered combinations are in a set order, the processor configured to match one or more words in a received word query with one or more attribute, content and/or measure in or corresponding to the stored responses, to provide relevant responses to the input word query based on the matching, and to rank the relevant responses, wherein the ranking of each relevant response is based at least partially on the position of one or more matched attributes of that relevant response within at least one ordered combination.. .
Target-weight landscape creation for real time tracking of advertisement campaigns
A processing device selects a population of persons and measures sales metrics from the population over a time period and measures an advertising weight over the time period. The processing device determines an effect that the advertising weight has on the sales metrics and additionally calculates values for a degree of targetedness for the advertisement to the population of persons.
Tracking and managing advertising campaigns using mirrored experimental designs
A processing device selects a local sub-population that matches a national population based on a fitness function. During a national advertisement campaign, the processing device introduces a local advertisement campaign to a treatment group comprising the local sub-population, wherein the local advertisement campaign mirrors the national advertisement campaign.
Integrated system and method for social opinion networking
A computer solution inclusive of web-enabled client-server hardware architecture and a unique software method for soliciting, sharing and influencing opinions on social issues. The software gathers metrics from collective opinions and facilitates social-networking using these metrics to guide members in forming informed opinions.
Business continuity and response plan management
Embodiments described herein include are directed to managing response plans of an enterprise. Business recovery plans, system recovery plans, and emergency management plans for the enterprise are identified, where the business recovery plans relating to business aspects of the enterprise, the system recovery plans relating to technology aspects of the enterprise, and the emergency management plans relating to emergencies affecting the enterprise.
Metrics for description of human capability in execution of operational tasks
Manipulability metrics are used to evaluate the feasibility of a vehicle occupant package design. A manipulability metric quantifies the ability of a virtual human subject to carry out an operational task in the design.
System and method to facilitate analysis of brain injuries and dissorders
In an example embodiment, this disclosure provides a computer system that includes a processor configured to compute, based on test performance data of a user, at least one performance variable characterizing balance and postural stability, and at least one performance variable characterizing vestibulo-ocular reflex (vor). For each performance variable, processor can compute a respective score based on the respective performance variable and based on a set of performance metrics.
Managing game metrics and authorizations
Various metrics as may be deployed in an active, passive, or hybrid validation architecture are disclosed. A computing device configured to monitor network game activity may identify an inconsistency between user game data and a particular game metric governing a particular aspect of the network gaming environment.
Modal adaptive antenna for mobile applications
An adaptive antenna system for mobile applications where the mode of the antenna is optimized dynamically to optimize link quality with intended sources. Interfering signals are suppressed by mode selection to minimize link quality by altering antenna radiation pattern characteristics.
Intelligent video thumbnail selection and generation
In accordance with one embodiment, an intelligent video thumbnail selection and generation tool may select a relevant and visually stimulating image from a video file and generate a thumbnail including the image. The image may be selected by computing a relevancy metric for an image in the file based on one or more selected relevant features, and comparing that relevancy metric with the metric of at least one other image in the file.
Dynamic network selection using kernels
A method for determining whether to perform vertical handoff between multiple network. The method comprises obtaining a plurality of selection metrics for each network, calculating, for each of the other communication networks, a predicted utility value from at least the corresponding plurality of selection metrics using a variable kernel regression function, obtaining, for the current communication network, a second plurality of selection metrics; calculating a second predicted utility value for the current communication network from at least the corresponding second plurality of selection metrics using a second variable kernel regression function, comparing each of the predicted utility values for each of the plurality of other communication networks with the second predicted utility value and switching to one of the other communication networks having the highest predicted utility value, if the highest predicted utility value is greater than the second predicted utility value..
Dynamic bandwidth selection for wide bandwidth wireless local area networks
Dynamic bandwidth selection techniques are provided for a plurality of wireless access point devices that operate in a wireless local area network. Each access point device is capable of serving wireless client devices with a bandwidth from a set of possible bandwidths associated with one or multiple contiguous or non-contiguous radio frequency channels.
Wireless communications system including single channel retransmission and related methods
A wireless communications system may include wireless communications devices configured to communicate with one another on a given channel via a time division based communications protocol. A communication initiation wireless communications device configured to transmit data in an initiator time slot of the given channel.
Systems and methods for cache endurance
A cache and/or storage module may be configured to reduce write amplification in a cache storage. Cache layer write amplification (clwa) may occur due to an over-permissive admission policy.
Rule-based system for client-side quality-of-service tracking and reporting
Server-side control of client-side quality-of-service tracking is provided. When a service is being provided to a client device, a server provides aggregation rules to a client device as part of the service.
Framework for quantitative analysis of a communication corpus
A quantitative technique for social network analysis is described. The technique uses a communication corpus embodying one or more conversations between participants in the one or more conversations.
Systems and methods for analyzing and reporting geofence performance metrics
A method of tracking an advertising campaign is provided. Information about clicks made on advertisements distributed to mobile devices in the advertising campaign as well as information about numbers of impressions made on mobile devices in the advertising campaign is retrieved.
Innovation management
A system and method for facilitating facilitating management of innovations and accompanying constituent concepts. An example method includes providing a first user option to define one or more alternate solution categories for one or more concepts, wherein each alternate solution category is associated with an innovation comprising a structure of concepts, and wherein an alternate solution category is associated with an alternate solution structure; providing a second user option to define a concept as an alternate solution concept belonging to an alternate solution category; and associating one or more metric attributes with an alternate solution concept.
Systems and methods for providing quality of service for data supporting a driving performance product
Quality of service (qos) systems and methods to determine the likelihood that a packet of information transmitted by an obd, mobile, or other telematics device meets user requirements for accuracy, reliability, and quality of data suitable for a driving performance product, such as, for example, the implementation and modification of a usage based insurance (ubi) or behavior based insurance (bbi) or self-insurance program. Methods are established for determining when and how to display data to each constituent, including policyholders, insurance actuaries, and insurance carrier customer service staff.
Viral benefit distribution using mobile devices
Gaming machines and systems are configured to distribute of viral events, such as viral gaming events, amongst devices. The devices can present the viral events.
Standard and method for quick draw contest simulation
A system and method for a quick draw contest simulation involves two players using weapons to fire non-lethal projectiles or infrared signals at each other. Optional draw sensors, such as pressure sensors, contact sensors or switches, may be used to determine draw times based on when the players touch their weapons or remove them from their holstered positions.
Enhanced metrics exchange for a wireless network
Apparatus, methods, computer program products, and software for reducing interference occurring when a capacity booster cell has a coverage area within the overlapping coverage areas of more than one coverage cell are disclosed. Essentially, weights are assigned, either by individual capacity booster cells or by zone controllers with which a plurality of capacity booster cells communicate, to coverage cells.
Dynamic performance data collection in large computer servers
A mechanism is provided for collecting one or more performance metrics. A plurality of source code instructions is provided.
Client classification-based dynamic allocation of computing infrastructure resources
Methods and apparatus for classification-based dynamic allocation of computing resources are described. A method comprises determining usage data sources corresponding to one or more clients of a computing infrastructure, and assigning values to client classification categories associated with a particular client based on metrics obtained from the particular client's usage data sources.
Calculating unique social networking system users performing an action on a social networking system object
A social networking system generates one or more metrics describing user interactions with objects to describe the popularity of the objects among users. Data describing actions performed by social networking system users on objects stored by the social networking system to identify an action, the user performing the action and the object on which the action was performed.
Determining metrics for groups of users defined by social signals of a social networking system
A social networking system generates metrics for one or more groups of users defined by various social signals. A group of users may be defined by the users' observed actions in a social networking system and/or the connections between the users' and other social networking system users.
Applying of social media metrics for supplier evaluation
In an example embodiment, supplier management is performed first by defining one or more social media metrics pertaining to a supplier brand of interest, with the one or more social media metrics being based on data gathered from social media. These metrics may then be used to analyze values from one or more social media websites.
Stereoscopic plug-and-play dermatoscope and web interface
A system includes a device (100) for imaging a skin abnormality of a patient, and a web interface (115, 125). The imaging device has a camera (103) recording a plurality of images from locations separated by that distance, thereby obtaining a stereoscopic image of the skin abnormality.
Service centric measurements for minimizing drive tests
The present disclosure relates to a technique for configuring and collecting network performance measurements in a mobile communications network, the mobile communications network comprising at least one network node and at least one mobile terminal 208 connected to the at least one network node, implementing a minimization of drive tests (mdt) trace measurement configuration and collection. A method embodiment comprises the steps of performing, in the at least one mobile terminal 208, a service specific measurement based on a service specific measurement configuration, wherein the service specific measurement includes determining one or more quality metrics related to at least one of one or more services, one or more service types, one or more bearers, one or more applications and one or more application types provided in the mobile communications network, to obtain a result of the performed service specific measurement and generating, in the at least one mobile terminal 208, active test traffic based on an active measurement configuration to perform an active measurement, wherein the active measurement uses the generated test traffic to obtain a result of the performed active measurement, the result of the performed active measurement indicating the performance of the test traffic in the mobile communications network..
Method and apparatus for computing metric values for loudspeaker protection
Systems and methods thereof for obtaining metrics and an accurate threshold to prevent loudspeaker overheating, based on autocorrelation and cross-correlation of band-pass filtered current and voltage measurements are disclosed. The methods invented are based on instantaneous voltage and current measurements.
System for and method of dynamic home agent allocation
A system for and method of dynamic home agent allocation is presented. The system and method may include receiving, via a network, a request for allocation of a logical home agent for a mobile node, selecting a logical home agent for the mobile node based on one or more performance metrics, and communicating logical home agent selection to the selected logical home agent and the mobile node..
Metric computation for interference-aware routing
Systems and methods for computing and/or utilizing mutual information based link metrics for a link in a wireless mesh network are disclosed. In one embodiment, one or more mutual information values are computed for a link between a transmitter of a first network node and a receiver of a second network node in a wireless mesh network.
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for simulating channel conditions
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for simulating channel conditions are disclosed. According to one method, the method includes storing a plurality of system level metrics associated with various channel conditions.
Bandwidth management
In some embodiments, a system includes a shared, high bandwidth resource (e.g. A memory system), multiple agents configured to communicate with the shared resource, and a communication fabric coupling the multiple agents to the shared resource.
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for utilizing metadata to detect user datagram protocol (udp) packet traffic loss
Methods, systems, and computer readable media utilizing metadata to detect udp traffic loss in a test environment are disclosed. In one example, the method includes generating, at a user datagram protocol (udp) traffic generation module, a plurality of udp packets associated with a udp stream, wherein origination information corresponding to the udp traffic generation module is included in a payload in each of the plurality of udp packets and receiving, at a udp traffic receiver module, at least one of the plurality of udp packets associated with the udp stream.
Methods for identifying video segments and displaying contextually targeted content on a connected television
Systems and methods for identifying which video segment is being displayed on a screen of a television system. The video segment is identified by deriving data from the television signals, the derived data being indicative of the video segment being displayed on the screen.
Automated profiling of resource usage
Operating profiles for consumers of computing resources may be automatically determined based on an analysis of actual resource usage measurements and other operating metrics. Measurements may be taken while a consumer, such as a virtual machine instance, uses computing resources, such as those provided by a host.
Automated profiling of resource usage
Operating profiles for consumers of computing resources may be automatically determined based on an analysis of actual resource usage measurements and other operating metrics. Measurements may be taken while a consumer, such as a virtual machine instance, uses computing resources, such as those provided by a host.
Disambiguation framework for information searching
Methods, software and devices for responding to a user query are disclosed. A user query received from a user is matched to stored responses to obtain initial matched responses.
System and method for advertising analytics
The system provides a method and apparatus for providing analytics to determine accountability of offers and ads. The system provides real time analysis of advertising effectiveness and permits modification of ad campaigns during the life of the campaign.
Influencing service provider performance using objective and subjective metrics
A plan to incentivize performance is obtained based on objective and subjective metrics. A first step encompasses understanding the effect of actions on each objective metric on future service provider performance.
Planning and scheduling tool assistant
Schedulers, planners, and maintenance supervisors in an industrial facility can use the user interface of the present invention to extremely quickly move work order schedules, status planning, and manage resources. Additionally, key performance indicators or metrics on performance on how well the organization is doing is also cumbersome if not impossible in the current practice in these industrial organizations.
Systems and methods for delivering analysis tools in a clinical practice
Provided are systems and methods for capturing and analyzing medical information. In one embodiment, the system includes an interface component configured to accept user responses to medical survey questions, a transformation component configured to transform survey responses associated with a plurality of analysis metrics into a common scale, an evaluation component configured to evaluate the survey responses from the plurality of analysis metrics against a predefined diagnostic threshold, and a display component configured to generate a summary view.
Application of z-webs and z-factors to analytics, search engine, learning, recognition, natural language, and other utilities
Here, we introduce z-webs, including z-factors and z-nodes, for the understanding of relationships between objects, subjects, abstract ideas, concepts, or the like, including face, car, images, people, emotions, mood, text, natural language, voice, music, video, locations, formulas, facts, historical data, landmarks, personalities, ownership, family, friends, love, happiness, social behavior, voting behavior, and the like, to be used for many applications in our life, including on the search engine, analytics, big data processing, natural language processing, economy forecasting, face recognition, dealing with reliability and certainty, medical diagnosis, pattern recognition, object recognition, biometrics, security analysis, risk analysis, fraud detection, satellite image analysis, machine generated data analysis, machine learning, training samples, extracting data or patterns (from the video, images, and the like), editing video or images, and the like. Z-factors include reliability factor, confidence factor, expertise factor, bias factor, and the like, which is associated with each z-node in the z-web..
Forward error correction decoder input computation in multi-carrier communications system
A system and methods that accommodate for nonlinear interference in a multi-carrier communications system are provided. A first signal is received by a receiver.

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