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Metamaterials patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Metamaterials-related patents
 Three dimensional metamaterials from conformal polymer coating layers patent thumbnailThree dimensional metamaterials from conformal polymer coating layers
A manufacture for supporting propagation of terahertz waves includes a stack of layers made of a conformal protective polymer coating material; and an array of cells patterned on each of said layers, each cell including a metallic structure.. .
 Antenna structures combining metamaterials patent thumbnailAntenna structures combining metamaterials
A metamaterial structure including at least one basic unit including a mounting made of a dielectric material. The mounting has an upper surface and a lower surface.
 Active manipulation of electromagnetic wave propagation in metamaterials patent thumbnailActive manipulation of electromagnetic wave propagation in metamaterials
An apparatus for controlling propagation of an electromagnetic wave includes a metamaterial having an array of cells, each cell containing a metallic structure having a resonant frequency; a plurality of devices integrated in the metamaterial, each of said devices being in electrical communication with a metallic structure in a cell in the array of cells; and a controller for electrically activating each of said plurality of devices to cause said resonant frequency to change, thereby causing at least one of a permeability and permittivity of the metamaterial to change.. .
 Gyrotropic metamaterial structure patent thumbnailGyrotropic metamaterial structure
A gyrotropic metamaterial structure that include a plurality of chiral metamaterials forming one or more pairs of dipole structures. A plurality of lumped circuits are positioned between the one or more pairs of dipole structures.
 Acoustic and vibrational energy absorption metamaterials patent thumbnailAcoustic and vibrational energy absorption metamaterials
An acoustic/vibrational energy absorption metamaterial includes at least one enclosed planar frame with an elastic membrane attached having one or more rigid plates are attached. The rigid plates have asymmetric shapes, with a substantially straight edge at the attachment to said elastic membrane, so that the rigid plate establishes a cell having a predetermined mass.
 Hyperbolic metamaterials as distributed bragg mirrors for high power vcsel devices patent thumbnailHyperbolic metamaterials as distributed bragg mirrors for high power vcsel devices
Implementing a layered hyperbolic metamaterial in a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (vcsel) to improve thermal conductivity and thermal dissipation thereby stabilizing optical performance. Improvement in the thermal management and power is expected by replacing the distributed bragg reflector (dbr) mirrors in the vcsel.
 Imaging using metamaterials patent thumbnailImaging using metamaterials
A system for imaging an object is provided. The system includes a light source configured to emit light having a predetermined wavelength towards the object.
 Acoustic metamaterials patent thumbnailAcoustic metamaterials
Metamatenal members for absorbing sound and pressure, and modular systems built of metamaterial members are provided. The metamaterial member includes an outer mass.
 Doped chiral polymer metamaterials patent thumbnailDoped chiral polymer metamaterials
Some implementations provide a composite material that includes a first material and a second material. In some implementations, the composite material is a metamaterial.
 Terahertz wave modulator based on hole-injection and -transfer patent thumbnailTerahertz wave modulator based on hole-injection and -transfer
The present invention relates to a terahertz wave modulator. The terahertz wave modulator includes: a semiconductor substrate; a terahertz modulation layer including an organic-material layer disposed on the semiconductor substrate; and a first incident wave radiation unit for vertically radiating a first incident wave having a terahertz wave region onto the terahertz modulation layer.
Radiative cooling of optoelectronic devices using hyperbolic metamaterials
A method of radiative cooling of optoelectronic devices using a hyperbolic metamaterial tim layer below the heat generating optoelectronics is disclosed. Optoelectronic devices are optimized for high radiative heat conductance due to broad hyperbolic frequency band in the long-wavelength infrared (lwir) range with an efficient electromagnetic black hole thermal interface between the metamaterial tim layer and a metallic heat sink.
Tunable metamaterials
A metamaterial comprises a support medium, such as a planar dielectric substrate and a plurality of resonant circuits supported thereby. At least one resonant circuit is a tunable resonant circuit including a conducting pattern and a tunable material, so that an electromagnetic parameter (such as resonance frequency) may be adjusted using an electrical control signal applied to the tunable material..
Dynamic terahertz switching device comprising sub-wavelength corrugated waveguides and cavity that utilizes resonance and absorption for attaining on and off states
A terahertz (thz) switch consisting of perfect conductor metamaterials is discussed in this invention. Specifically, we have built a thz logic block by combining two double-sided corrugated waveguides capable of slowing down the electromagnetic waves in the thz regime with a sub-wavelength cavity, having one or more grooves with shorter height than the grooves of the periodic corrugated waveguide.
Wireless power transmission system
Various aspects of the subject technology include a wireless power transmission design based on extended range near-field resonance coupling induction, where magnetic near-field range may be extended by several orders of magnitude. One element that may help to accomplish the near-field extension, in one aspect, is the addition of a transformational magnetic lens to the transmitter.
Wireless power transfer
A revised coil loop structure is combined with metamaterials designed to contain and redirect the electromagnetic field to produce an improved inductive coupling system. The efficiency of the inductive power transfer system is increased relative to existing technologies by overcoming the negative effects of distance and misalignment.
Metamaterial thin films
A metamaterial thin film with plasmonic properties formed by depositing metallic films by atomic layer deposition onto a substrate to form a naturally occurring mosaic-like nanostructure having two-dimensional features with air gaps between the two-dimensional features. Due to the unique deposition nanostructure, plasmonic thin films of metal or highly conducting materials can be produced on any substrate, including fabrics and biological materials.
Wideband negative-permittivity and negative-permeability metamaterials utilizing non-foster elements
A metamaterial simultaneously exhibiting a relative effective permeability and a relative effective permittivity below unity over a wide bandwidth, including: one of a two-dimensional and a three-dimensional arrangement of unit cells, wherein each of the unit cells has a magnetic dipole moment and an electric dipole moment that are dependent upon one or more of an incident magnetic field and an incident electric field; and a coupling mechanism operable for coupling one or more of the incident magnetic field and the incident electric field to one or more devices. Optionally, the coupling mechanism includes one or more of a split ring and a pair of parallel plates coupled by one of a rod and a wire.
Compact rotman lens using metamaterials
Apparatus for receiving and transmitting electromagnetic signals are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a positive refractive index (pri) medium; a negative refractive index (nri) medium having a first side and a second side disposed in the pri medium; a plurality of first transmission lines, each first transmission line having a first end extending toward the first side of the nri medium; and a plurality of second transmission lines, each second transmission line having a second end extending toward the second side of the nri medium, wherein a plurality of electromagnetic signals travelling in a first direction, enters the pri medium and travels along the plurality of first transmissions lines and exits into first side of the nri medium, passes through the nri medium and exits through the second side of the nri medium into the pri medium along a first one of the second transmission lines..
Highly flexible near-infrared metamaterials
A novel multilayer flexible metamaterial that can work at near infrared (nir) regime that can be fabricated on transparent pet substrate using flip chip transfer (fct) technique. An embodiment of the present invention also provides novel nir metamaterial device that can be transformed into various shapes by bending the pet substrate, wherein said metamaterial device is tunable via physical manipulation of its flexible substrate with no requirement to change the material composition of the substrate.
Manipulating and routing optical signal narrow paths on graphene and graphene as a platform for metamaterials
Graphene may support electromagnetic radiation and be able to support a variety of optical devices. In general, graphene may exhibit changeability in properties such as the conductivity and the like of graphene.
Fabrication of highly flexible near-infrared metamaterials
A method and apparatus of fabrication of a multilayer flexible metamaterial can be fabricated using flip chip transfer (fct) technique. This technique is different from other similar techniques such as metal lift off process, which fabricates the nanostructures directly onto the flexible substrate or nanometer printing technique.
Metamaterials with enhanced nonlinearity
Embodiments provide metamaterials having an enhanced nonlinear response to light. The metamaterials are artificially manufactured materials having a nonlinear response to light greater than that typically found in naturally occurring materials.
Wireless energy transfer with metamaterials
Embodiments of the invention disclose a system configured to exchange energy wirelessly. The system includes a structure configured to exchange the energy wirelessly via a coupling of evanescent waves, wherein the structure is electromagnetic (em) and non-radiative, and wherein the structure generates an em near-field in response to receiving the energy; and a metamaterial arranged within the em near-field such that the coupling is enhanced..
Acoustic energy absorption metamaterials
An acoustic energy absorption metamaterial includes at least one enclosed planar frame with an elastic membrane attached having one or more rigid plates are attached. The rigid plates have asymmetric shapes, with a substantially straight edge at the attachment to said elastic membrane, so that the rigid plate establishes a cell having a predetermined mass.
Phononic metamaterials for vibration isolation and focusing of elastic waves
A methodology for designing structured metamaterials that can reflect, absorb and focus the propagation of both scalar acoustic and vector elastic waves is described. Three exemplary representative inventions based on the disclosed invention are described, illustrating i) compact ultra-wide broadband isolation, ii) sub-wavelength gaps and negative index propagation utilizing a single material platform, and iii) a fundamentally new method of producing multiple high frequency spectral gaps.
Metamaterial for converging electromagnetic waves
The present disclosure relates to a metamaterial for converging electromagnetic waves, which comprises a plurality of cubic metamaterial units arranged in a first array which takes a y direction as a column direction and a z direction perpendicular to the y direction as a row direction. The metamaterial units of each row have the same refractive index, and for the metamaterial units of each column, the refractive indices thereof for the electromagnetic waves decrease gradually from a middle metamaterial unit towards two ends of the column, with variations of the refractive indices between adjacent ones of the metamaterial units increasing gradually from the middle metamaterial unit towards the two ends of the column; and the metamaterial units are anisotropic to the electromagnetic waves.

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