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Metallic patents


This page is updated frequently with new Metallic-related patent applications.

 Electrical receptacle connector patent thumbnailnew patent Electrical receptacle connector
An electrical receptacle connector includes a metallic shell, an insulated housing received in the metallic shell, receptacle terminals, and a grounding plate. The receptacle terminals and the grounding plate are at the insulated housing.
Advanced-connectek Inc.

 Rf radiation redirection away from portable communication device user patent thumbnailnew patent Rf radiation redirection away from portable communication device user
A case for a wireless device includes a number of rf coupling elements mounted in the case and configured such that rf radiation is coupled from an internal antenna of the wireless device out of the device to a first rf coupling element, and from the first rf coupling element to a rf redirector coupling element that redirects the rf radiation in a direction outward from said wireless device that is opposite to a user side of the wireless device. A corrugated metallic shield is optionally provided on an opposite side of the case, facing a user of the device..
Antenna79, Inc.

 Horn antenna patent thumbnailnew patent Horn antenna
A horn antenna includes a metallic horn having a rear end adapted for connection with a waveguide. The horn antenna further includes a dielectric horn connected with the metallic horn and extending forward from a front end of the metallic horn.
Tokyo Keiki Inc.

 Battery housing and power storage device patent thumbnailnew patent Battery housing and power storage device
A battery housing includes: an exterior member; and a first terminal of a non-metallic material, wherein the first terminal has a first end extending to outside of the exterior member, the first terminal has a second end extending to inside of the exterior member, the first terminal includes a first long-diameter part having a first long diameter and a second long-diameter part having a second long diameter larger than the first long diameter, the first long-diameter part and the second long-diameter part being disposed between the first end of the first terminal and the second end of the first terminal, and the first long-diameter part and the second long-diameter part are embedded in the exterior member.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Photoactive semiconductor component and  producing a photoactive semiconductor component patent thumbnailnew patent Photoactive semiconductor component and producing a photoactive semiconductor component
The invention relates to a photoactive semiconductor component, especially a photovoltaic solar cell, having a semiconductor substrate, a carbon-containing sic layer disposed indirectly upon a surface of the semiconductor substrate, and a passivating intermediate layer disposed indirectly or directly between the sic layer and semiconductor substrate, and a metallic contact connection disposed indirectly or directly upon a side of the sic layer facing away from the passivating intermediate layer and in electrically conductive connection with the sic layer, where the sic layer has p-type or n-type doping, which is characterized in that the sic layer partly has a partly amorphous structure and partly has a crystalline structure.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

 Nonmetallic push-in connector patent thumbnailnew patent Nonmetallic push-in connector
A push-in connector generally having an interior channel equipped with longitudinal protrusions that run at least part of the length of the interior channel of the connector body to define grooves through which wires of a different gauges can be inserted. When the user rotates the connector body about its longitudinal axis, the interior channel defines a second gauge through which a wire of a second gauge can pass.

 Method of producing a cermet-containing bushing for an implantable medical device patent thumbnailnew patent Method of producing a cermet-containing bushing for an implantable medical device
One aspect relates to a method for producing an electrical bushing for an implantable medical device. The method includes forming a holding element for holding the electrical bushing in the implantable medical device, the holding element including a through-opening.
Heraeus Deutschland Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Tracer wire product and  manufacture of the same patent thumbnailnew patent Tracer wire product and manufacture of the same
A tracer wire product for use in detection of underground utility line or routes includes: a metallic wire configured to conduct an electrical signal for detection by an aboveground signal detector; a tin coating formed over the metallic wire; a non-fibrous insulating jacket of polyethylene over the tin coating; a hot melt adhesive at least partially over the polyethylene jacket; a high tenacity woven polyester strength element with water blocking fibers being formed over the hot melt adhesive and the polyethylene jacket; and, an abrasion resistant hdpe outer jacket formed over the high tenacity woven polyester strength element to form one of a circular or oval cross-sectional shape. Further, an apparatus and method for manufacturing the tracer wire product includes a source of a substantially flat polyester woven material; a source of a metal wire material; and an elongated forming tool including an input base into which the substantially flat polyester woven material is fed.
Neptco Inc.

 Carbon nanotube composite material and process for producing same patent thumbnailnew patent Carbon nanotube composite material and process for producing same
A carbon nanotube composite material includes a metallic base composed of a polycrystalline substance in which a plurality of rod-shaped metallic crystal grains are oriented in a same direction and a carbon nanotube conductive path, which is composed of a carbon nanotube, and forms a conductive path allowing electricity to conduct therethrough in a longitudinal direction of the metallic base by being present in a part of grain boundaries between the rod-shaped metallic crystal grains on a transverse plane of the metallic base, and being present along the longitudinal direction of the metallic base.. .
The University Of Tokyo

 Skyrmion based universal memory operated by electric current patent thumbnailnew patent Skyrmion based universal memory operated by electric current
A method for generating a skyrmion, comprising: depositing a vertical metallic nanopillar electrode on a first side of a helimagnetic thin film, the helimagnetic thin film having a contact on a second side to provide a current drain; injecting a current through the vertical metallic nanopillar electrode to generate a rotating field; and applying a static upward magnetic field perpendicular to the helimagnetic thin film to maintain an fm phase background.. .
The Johns Hopkins University

new patent

Plate for creating holograms and manufacturing the plate

A plate for creating holograms or other light-bending or diffractive microstructures on web-shaped or sheet-shaped printing substrates includes a relief for a relief printing process. The relief is formed of one or more raised dies and one or more adjacent depressions.
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag

new patent

Localized surface plasmon resonance sensing of human performance biomarkers using short peptide recognition elements on optically active metal nanostructures

A biomarker sensor using short peptide recognition elements. The biomarker sensor includes a substrate and a metallic layer on a surface of that substrate that is localized surface plasmon resonance reactive.
Government Of The United States As Represented By The Secretary Of The Air Force

new patent

Nano sensor

A device includes an upper metallic layer, a lower layer, and a nano sensor array positioned between the upper and lower layers to detect a presence of a gas, a chemical, or a biological object, wherein each sensor's electrical characteristic changes when encountering the gas, chemical or biological object.. .

new patent

Stress relieved welds in positive expulsion fuel tanks with elastomeric diaphragm

A metallic positive expulsion fuel tank with stress free weld seams may include a first hemispherical shell with a first edge; a pressurized gas inlet attached to the first hemispherical shell; and a metallic cylinder with first and second edges attached to the first hemispherical shell along matching first edges by a first weld seam. The tank may also include a second hemispherical shell with a first edge attached to a fuel outlet fixture.
Keystone Engineering Company

new patent

Friction material, in particular for the manufacturing of a brake pad, and associated preparation methods

An asbestos free friction material having at least one of the group consisting of inorganic, organic and metallic fibers, at least one binder, at least one friction modifier or lubricant and at least a filler or abrasive, wherein the binder is almost completely and exclusively inorganic and is constituted almost exclusively or exclusively by a hydrated geopolymer or a blend of hydrated geopolymers.. .
Itt Italia S.r.i.

new patent

Flux mediated deposition of metallic glass

A method and resulting gas turbine engine component (40) having a protective layer of metallic glass (14) deposited over a superalloy substrate (12). A further layer of ceramic insulating material (42) may be deposited over the metallic glass.
Siemens Energy, Inc.

new patent

Structure of dual-color electroplated article

An improved structure of a dual-color electroplated article includes a base material, which has an outside surface, on which a metallic plating layer is electroplated to have the metallic plating layer tightly wrap around and enclose the outside surface and which includes at least one recess formed therein to be alternate with non-recessed portions of the outside surface and each receiving therein a black chrome plating layer electroplated therein to have the black chrome plating layer tightly attached in the recess; and a protection layer, which is formed, through electrophoretic deposition, to tightly wrap around and enclose the metallic plating layer and the black chrome plating layer of the base material. The metallic plating layer formed on the outside surface of the base material and the black chrome plating layer formed in the recess provide the base material with two different metallic colors and a dual-color article is provided..
Her-chorng Co., Ltd.

new patent

Method for producing catalytically active powders from metallic silver or from mixtures of metallic silver with silver oxide for producing gas diffusion electrodes

The invention relates to an electrochemical method for producing catalytically active powder from mixtures of metallic silver, optionally with silver oxides, which are particularly suitable for use in oxygen-consuming electrodes, in particular for use in chlor-alkali electrolysis. The invention also relates to the use of said electrodes in chlor-alkali electrolysis or fuel cell technology or in metal/air batteries..
Covestro Deutschland Ag

new patent

Chromium-free conversion coating

A chromium-free conversion coating is prepared by the addition of inorganic metallic salts and one or more silanes to dispersions of conducting polymers which are then exposed to alloys of aluminum or other metals. Advantageously, the performance of the coating is comparable to that of conventional chromium-based methods for a number of aluminum alloys having particular significance in the manufacture of aircraft..
The Boeing Company

new patent

Recovering rare earth metals from magnet scrap

A method is provided for treating a rare earth metal-bearing scrap material by melting an extractant selected from the group consisting of bismuth (bi) and lead (pb) and contacting the melted extractant and the scrap material at a temperature and time to recover at least one of the light rare earth metal content and the heavy rare earth metal content as a metallic extractant alloy, which can be subjected to vacuum distillation or sublimation to recover the rare earth metal(s). The method can be practiced to recover the light rare earth metal content and the heavy rare earth metal content concurrently in a one-step process or separately and sequentially in a two-step process..
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.

new patent

Semiconductor element cleaning liquid and cleaning method

The present invention makes it possible to provide a semiconductor element cleaning method that is characterized in that: a hard mask pattern is formed on a substrate that has a low relative permittivity film and at least one of a cobalt, a cobalt alloy, or a tungsten plug; and a cleaning liquid that contains 0.001-20% by mass of an alkali metallic compound, 0.1-30% by mass of quaternary ammonium hydroxide, 0.01-60% by mass of a organic water-soluble solvent, 0.0001-0.1% by mass of hydrogen peroxide, and water is subsequently used on a semiconductor element in which, using the hard mask pattern as a mask, the hard mask, the low relative permittivity film, and a barrier insulating film are dry etched, and dry etch residues are removed.. .
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

new patent

Novel anionic polymerization initiator and preparing conjugated diene-based polymer using same

Disclosed are an anionic polymerization initiator, which is a reaction product of an organometallic compound and a compound including an alkyl chain having a tertiary amino functional group, and a method of preparing a conjugated diene-based copolymer using the same.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

new patent

Method of bonding a metallic component to a non-metallic component using a compliant material

A means for attaching a metallic component to a non-metallic component using a compliant material having thermal properties intermediate those of the metallic component to a non-metallic component is provided. The method can accommodate cte mismatches and wear-type problems common to many assemblies of dissimilar materials.
United Technologies Corporation

new patent

Open cavity package using chip-embedding technology

A method for fabricating packaged semiconductor devices (100) with an open cavity (110a) in panel format; placing (process 201) on an adhesive carrier tape a panel-sized grid of metallic pieces having a flat pad (230) and symmetrically placed vertical pillars (231); attaching (process 202) semiconductor chips (101) with sensor systems face-down onto the tape; laminating (process 203) and thinning (process 204) low cte insulating material (234) to fill gaps between chips and grid; turning over (process 205) assembly to remove tape; plasma-cleaning assembly front side, sputtering and patterning (process 206) uniform metal layer across assembly and optionally plating (process 209) metal layer to form rerouting traces and extended contact pads for assembly; laminating (process 212) insulating stiffener across panel; opening (process 213) cavities in stiffener to access the sensor system; and singulating (process 214) packaged devices by cutting metallic pieces.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

new patent

Processing element for processing a profile-shaped or flat metallic workpiece and wall-shaped supporting device having a plurality of processing elements mounted thereupon

A processing element for processing a profile-shaped or flat metallic workpiece, wherein the processing element is designed such that a plurality of similar processing elements can be arranged one behind the other on a supporting device in the longitudinal direction of the supporting device, wherein the supporting device can be driven in a circulating manner and the plurality of processing elements can be guided past the workpiece for surface processing at least approximately linearly by means of the supporting device. A rectangular or block-shaped main body having bearing surfaces for bearing on the supporting device is provided, and oblong ribs protruding outward in a web-like manner are provided on the main body on opposite flat longitudinal sides and overlap the corresponding opposite flat longitudinal sides of the main body on an identically embodied processing element, which is arranged between the ribs..
Lissmac Maschinenbau Gmbh

new patent

Stable undercooled metallic particles for engineering at ambient conditions

Undercooled liquid metallic core-shell particles, whose core is stable against solidification at ambient conditions, i.e. Under near ambient temperature and pressure conditions, are used to join or repair metallic non-particulate components.
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.

new patent

Method of determining quality of cladding layer and laser build-up apparatus

A method of determining a quality of a cladding layer according to one aspect of the present invention is a method of determining a quality of a cladding layer 16 formed by irradiating a laser beam 30 while a metallic powder 26 is being supplied, the method including: a process of capturing an image of a melt pool 31 and an area around thereof while the cladding layer 16 is being formed; a process of measuring the sizes and the number of ball-shaped metallic powder aggregates absorbed in the melt pool 31 from the image that has been captured; and a process of determining the quality of the cladding layer 16 based on the sizes and the number that have been measured.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Laser build-up method

A laser build-up method according to an embodiment includes the processes of: forming an annular counter sunk groove 15 in an edge of an opening of a port on a side of a combustion chamber; and irradiating a laser beam 30 while a metallic powder 26 is being supplied to the counter sunk groove 15 and successively forming a cladding layer 16 for a valve seat, in which: the cladding layer 16 is formed while a seal gas 24 is being sprayed onto a melt pool 31, the cladding layer 16 includes a starting end part 17a, a part formed just after the starting end part is formed 18a, an intermediate part 18b, a part formed just before a terminating end part is formed 18c, and a terminating end part 17b, which are formed in this order.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Laser ablation treating a copper alloy containing metallic surface and increasing hydrophobicity

A method of treating a metallic surface comprising a copper alloy, such as phosphor bronze, whereby the metallic surface is ablated by directing a laser beam with a diameter of 200-400 μm produced by a co2 laser with a pulse frequency of 1200-1800 hz onto the metallic surface, and a n2 assist gas is concurrently applied with a pressure of 550-650 kpa co-axially with the laser beam to form an ablated metallic surface comprising microgrooves with cu3n present on a surface of the microgrooves, wherein the ablated metallic surface has a higher surface hydrophobicity than the metallic surface prior to the ablating.. .
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

new patent

Process for the synthesis of nanostructured metallic hollow particles and nanostructured metallic hollow particles

A process for the synthesis of nanostructured metallic hollow spherical particles, in which the metal is deposited onto sacrificial masks formed in a polymeric colloidal solution by the electroless autocatalytic deposition method. Deposition releases only gaseous products (n2 and h2) during the oxidation thereof, which evolve without leaving contaminants in the deposit.
Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina - Ufsc

new patent

Method for reinforcing metal material by means of graphene

A method of reinforcing a metallic material includes adding graphene to an alcohol solution; subjecting the alcohol solution containing graphene to sonication; mixing a metal powder with the alcohol solution containing graphene; milling the metal powder and alcohol solution containing graphene mixture; drying the metal powder and alcohol solution containing graphene mixture to form a composite powder; subjecting the composite powder to a densification process followed by a hot isostatic pressing treatment to form a composite material; and molding the composite material by hot extrusion.. .
Avic Beijing Institute Of Aeronautical Materials

new patent

Surface roughening metal stock and surface roughening metal stock

A surface roughening apparatus includes a first mold and a second mold. The first mold has a plurality of first protrusions.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Method for treating engine exhaust by use of hydrothermally stable, low-temperature nox reduction nh3-scr catalysts

A catalyst composition includes a heterobimetallic zeolite characterized by a chabazite structure loaded with copper ions and at least one trivalent metal ion other than al3+. The catalyst composition decreases nox emissions in diesel exhaust and is suitable for operation in a catalytic converter..
Ut-battelle, Llc

new patent

Conductive tip catheter

A conductive tip catheter includes a flexible tubular member defining a lumen that extends between a proximal end and a distal end. The conductive tip catheter also includes an electrically conductive metallic coil at least partially located within the lumen of the flexible tubular member.
Teleflex Medical Incorporated

new patent

Dendronized metallic oxide nanoparticles, a process for preparing the same and their uses

Dendronized metallic oxide nanoparticles, a process for preparing the same and their uses.. .
Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1

new patent

Suture with trim formed tip

The present invention discloses methods for producing a surgical suture having a reduced cross-sectional area portion from monofilaments fibers of various polymeric and metallic materials. Also disclosed are novel sutures having novel tips.
Ethicon, Inc.

new patent

Metal-ion electrochemical biosensor and use thereof

One aspect of the invention provides a method of determining metal ion levels in the patents due to corrosion and wear processes of the metallic implant in a human or veterinary patient. One embodiment provides a cost effective and patient driven early diagnostic method which has a potential application in orthopedics and dentistry.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas Sy Stem

Electronic device having metal housing and manufacturing the same

An electronic device having a metal housing includes an external housing including a first face facing a first direction, a second face facing a second direction which is the opposite direction of the first direction, and a lateral face at least partially surrounding a space formed between the first and second faces, and a display exposed through the first face of the external housing, wherein the external housing includes a metal substrate having a first part at least partially forming the second face and a second part at least partially forming the lateral face, the second part being integrally extended from the first part; and a non-metallic material coated on the first part, and wherein the second part includes micro dimples having a repeated pattern on the lateral face.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Holding frame for a plug-type connector

A holding frame for a plug-type connector is intended to have good heat resistance and a high level of mechanical robustness and, when installed in a metallic plug-type connector housing, enable protective grounding while at the same time being convenient to use, in particular during the replacement of individual modules. To this end, it is proposed to manufacture the holding frame at least partially from spring-elastic sheet metal.
Harting Electric Gmbh & Co. Kg

Single fastener electrical connector

A one-piece metallic connector is configured to receive a fastener and has features that grip and electrically bond two conductors as they are clamped together when the fastener is tightened. The connector's generally u-shaped body has first and second legs, a bight portion joining the legs and an opening in each leg through which a single mounting fastener can extend.
Hubbell Incorporated

Antenna structure for mobile phone

An antenna structure for mobile phone includes a branch antenna acting with a metal shell of the mobile phone, an insulating body located in the metal shell, a main antenna disposed on the insulating body to be coupled to the metal shell and having a feed portion, and a feed-line including a conductive portion welded with the feed portion. The metal shell has a back cover and a ring-shaped metal frame integrated with the back cover.
Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same

Wherein m is selected from iridium (ir), platinum (pt), osmium (os), titanium (ti), zirconium (zr), hafnium (hf), europium (eu), terbium (tb), thulium (tm), and rhodium (rd), and wherein l1 is a ligand represented by formula 2a and l2 is a ligand represented by formula 2b, and wherein l1 and l2 in formula 1 are different from each other,. .

Method for manufacturing semiconductive branches for a thermoelectric module, and thermoelectric module

Then, a water-based paint system with fluorine rubber is applied on the side surface of the rods by a cathode or anode electrodeposition method and a protective polymeric coating is produced. Then, the rods are washed and thermally cured.

Methods and devices for enhancing mobility of charge carriers

Methods and devices for enhancing mobility of charge carriers. An integrated circuit may include semiconductor devices of two types.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

Silicon-on-insulator device and intermetallic dielectric layer structure thereof and manufacturing method

Provided is an intermetallic dielectric layer structure of a silicon-on-insulator device, comprising a silicon-rich oxide layer (54) covering a metal interconnect, a fluorine-silicon glass layer on the silicon-rich oxide layer, and a non-doped silicate glass layer on the fluorine-silicon glass layer; the thickness of the silicon-rich oxide layer (54) is 700 angstroms ±10%; the silicon-rich oxide layer having a greater thickness captures movable ions on an unsaturated bond, such that it is difficult for the movable ions to pass through the silicon-rich oxide layer, thus blocking the movable ions. The present invention has good performance in an integrity evaluation of the gate oxide layer, and avoids damage to the device caused by the aggregation of movable ions at an interface.
Csmc Technologies Fab1 Co., Ltd.

Plasma processing device

A plasma processing device that includes a processing chamber which is disposed in a vacuum vessel and is decompressed internally, a sample stage which is disposed in the processing chamber and on which a sample of a process target is disposed and held, and a plasma formation unit which forms plasma using process gas and processes the sample using the plasma, and the plasma processing device includes: a dielectric film which is disposed on a metallic base configuring the sample stage and connected to a ground and includes a film-like electrode supplied with high-frequency power internally; a plurality of elements which are disposed in a space in the base and have a heat generation or cooling function; and a feeding path which supplies power to the plurality of elements, wherein a filter to suppress a high frequency is not provided on the feeding path.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Negative photosensitive resin composition, cured film obtained by curing same, producing cured film, optical device provided with cured film, and backside-illuminated cmos image sensor

The present invention provides a negative photosensitive resin composition including the following (a) to (d): (a) metallic compound particles, (b) a polysiloxane compound, (c) a compound having at least 1 group containing an α,β-unsaturated carboxylate ester structure, and (d) a photopolymerization initiator, the composition also including (e) a compound containing maleimide group.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.

Low loss acoustic wave sensors and tags and high efficiency antennas and methods for remote activation thereof

Enhanced surface acoustic wave (saw) sensors and saw sensor-tag wireless interface devices, including low loss devices, devices that enable enhanced use of time diversity for device identification, and devices suitable for use in band-limited environments (such as ism band) and for use in ultra-wideband applications are disclosed. Antennas for use with both saw sensors and/or tags, and wireless transceiver systems also are disclosed, including antennas suitable for operation in conductive media and in highly metallic environments, said antennas being used to activate and read said saw sensors and/or tags.
Sensanna Incorporated

Detection apparatus, power receiving apparatus, non-contact power transmission system and detection method

Disclosed herein is a detection apparatus including: a resonant circuit provided with a q-factor measurement coil and one or more capacitors to serve as a circuit for receiving pulses; a response-waveform detecting section configured to detect the waveform of a response output by the resonant circuit in response to the pulses; and a q-factor measuring section configured to measure a q factor of the resonant circuit from the response waveform detected by the response-waveform detecting section. It is possible to increase the precision of detection of a metallic foreign substance existing between a power transmitting side and a power receiving side..
Sony Corporation

Pre-stressed gamma densitometer window and fabrication

A gamma densitometer window is provided along with a method of fabrication thereof. The window comprises a plate of non-metallic, preferably gamma transparent, material having a first face and a second face opposing one another and having an outer edge defined therebetween.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Thermal management system

A system is disclosed. The system includes a thermally conductive enclosure bounding an interior cavity, a metallic cell wall structure disposed within the cavity, in thermal communication with the enclosure, and defining a plurality of cells, and a phase change material disposed within the cells and in thermal communication with the cell walls.
General Electric Company

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