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Metallic patents

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An ultra-violet-curable and moisture-curable adhesive composition

Cable assembly with improved shell

Date/App# patent app List of recent Metallic-related patents
 Methods and devices for delivering therapeutic agents to target vessels patent thumbnailMethods and devices for delivering therapeutic agents to target vessels
The present disclosure pertains to stents having a coating applied thereto, wherein the coating comprises a biocompatible polymer/drug mixture, as well as devices comprising a metallic stent, a biocompatible polymeric carrier and a drug.. .
 Catalyst for living radical polymerization and polymerization method patent thumbnailCatalyst for living radical polymerization and polymerization method
A nonmetallic compound having an ionic bond with a halide ion is used as a catalyst for living radical polymerization. Even if a radical initiator is not used, a monomer can be subjected to a radical polymerization to obtain a polymer having narrow molecular weight distribution.
 An ultra-violet-curable and moisture-curable adhesive composition patent thumbnailAn ultra-violet-curable and moisture-curable adhesive composition
Disclosed is an adhesive composition, comprising: (a) a silane terminated oligomer; (b) a (meth)acrylate monomer; (c) optionally a (meth)acrylate oligomer; (d) a photoinitiator; and (e) optionally an organometallic catalyst. The adhesive composition is both ultraviolet curable and moisture curable.
 Cable assembly with improved shell patent thumbnailCable assembly with improved shell
A cable assembly (100) including an insulative housing (2) defining a number of receiving passageways (20), a number of contacts (3) received into the receiving passageways, a cable electrically connected with the contacts, a metallic shell (1) surrounding the insulative housing (2).the contacts comprise a number of grounding contacts and signal contacts and the metallic shell defines a number of metallic plates (1110) extending into the insulative housing to contact the grounding contacts.. .
 Pillar structure having a non-planar surface for semiconductor devices patent thumbnailPillar structure having a non-planar surface for semiconductor devices
A conductive pillar for a semiconductor device is provided. The conductive pillar is formed such that a top surface is non-planar.
 Fcoc (flip chip on chip) package and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailFcoc (flip chip on chip) package and manufacturing method thereof
A manufacturing method for flip chip on chip (fcoc) package based on multi-row quad flat no-lead (qfn) package is provided wherein the lower surface of plate metallic base material are half-etched to form grooves. Insulation filling material is filled in the half-etched grooves.
 Methods for making electrodes patent thumbnailMethods for making electrodes
A method of forming an electrode for a lithium-ion battery. The method includes providing a metallic substrate and coating the metallic substrate with a substantially solvent free electroactive coating composition.
 Method for producing an anticorrosion coating patent thumbnailMethod for producing an anticorrosion coating
The present invention relates, furthermore, to coated metallic substrates coated by the method of the invention. The present invention relates not least to the use of the anticorrosion primer for use in the method of the invention for improving the corrosion resistance of metallic substrates..
 Thick film conductive inks for electronic devices patent thumbnailThick film conductive inks for electronic devices
Thick film conductive inks for electronic devices, methods for making electronic devices using thick film conductive inks, and electronic devices fabricated by such methods are provided herein. In one example, a thick film conductive ink includes an organic portion and an inorganic portion.
 Amorphous multi-component metal/metal oxide nanolaminate metamaterials and devices based thereon patent thumbnailAmorphous multi-component metal/metal oxide nanolaminate metamaterials and devices based thereon
Nanolaminates comprised of alternating layers of amorphous, multi-component metallic films (ammfs) and metal oxide films are disclosed as metamaterials whose physical properties can be engineered to customize the resulting electrical, average dielectric, and thermal properties. In certain configurations using ammfs, the construct may be an optical or an electronic element, such a metal-insulator-metal (mim) diode, for example..
Decorative sheet for three-dimensional molding and method for producing same, and decorative molded article using decorative sheet and method for producing same
The decorative sheet for three-dimensional molding includes a thin metal film layer, a surface protection layer, and a base film, at least the thin metal film layer and the surface protection layer being disposed on the base film in this order, in which the surface protection layer consists of a cured material of an ionizing radiation curable resin composition containing a polycarbonate(meth)acrylate and/or an acrylic silicone (meth)acrylate. The decorative sheet for three-dimensional molding, which has excellent moldability, provides a decorative molded article with a metallic style in excellent design and with excellent abrasion resistance..
Metallic materials with embedded luminescent particles
Formation of an authentication element by deposition of a metal layer with embedded particles on a metal substrate, wherein the embedded particles are configured to convert energy from one wavelength to another. The embedded particles may be upconverters, downconverters, or phosphorescent phosphors, which can be detected and measured with analytical equipment when deposited in the metal layer.
Amine-aldehyde resins and uses thereof in separation processes
Amine-aldehyde resins are disclosed for removing a wide variety of solids and/or ionic species from the liquids in which they are suspended and/or dissolved. These resins are especially useful as froth flotation depressants, for example in the beneficiation of value materials (e.g., bitumen, coal, or kaolin clay) to remove impurities such as sand.
Permanent magnet and method for manufacturing permanent magnet
In a permanent magnet and a manufacturing method thereof, entire magnet can be densely sintered without a gap between a main phase and a grain boundary phase. Fine powder of milled neodymium magnet is mixed with a solution containing an organometallic compound expressed with a structural formula, m-(or)x, wherein m represents cu, al, dy, tb, v, mo, zr, ta, ti, w or nb, r represents a substituent group consisting of a straight-chain or branched-chain hydrocarbon, and x represents an arbitrary integer, to uniformly adhere the organometallic compound to particle surfaces of the neodymium magnet powder.
Angular synchronization of stationary and orbiting plate scroll blades in a scroll pump using a metallic bellows
Parts of a pump head of a scroll pump facilitate an assembly process in which the stationary and orbiting scroll blades of the pump are angularly aligned or synchronized with one another. A metallic bellows of the pump head provides a primary means of synchronizing the stationary and orbiting scroll blades.
Antenna mounting system for metallic structures
An antenna mounting system includes a metal plate having a void formed therein and one or more continuous slots extending from the void to an edge of the metal plate. An antenna is mounted inside the void..
Unibody magnet
A method for plating magnets with metal is disclosed. In one embodiment, the metal is aluminum and the aluminum plating provides a number of aesthetic and structural advantages, over brittle magnetic materials, which are only plated with a thin, anti-corrosive metallic layer.
Rotor for an electric motor
A rotor for an electric motor includes a metal core, a plurality of electrical conductors arranged on the metal core, and a metallic corrosion protection layer enveloping the metal core and the plurality of conductors. The corrosion protection layer is laid as a solid body around the metal core and the conductors and fastened at least to the metal core.
Lightweight hub bearing assembly and processes for assembling it
A hub bearing assembly includes a hub of light metallic material forming a cylindrical portion, on which an inner tubular ring having a raceway is mounted; on the first inner tubular ring a second inner ring having a second raceway is fastened; formed between the cylindrical portion of the hub and the inner tubular ring is a cylindrical interstice containing a brazing bonding material or a structural adhesive which integrally binds the hub to the first inner tubular ring.. .
Method of manufacture of products from geopolymer composite
A method of manufacture of products from geopolymer composite shaped in a mold which is filled by casting of geopolymer composite in form of a precursor and after its hardening the casting is taken out from the mold and the casting surface is provided with a metallic layer. Before metal-plating casting surface with absorption capacity greater than 5% is treated to make it chemically stable so that ph of a leachate from 100 g of the bulk product in 1000 g distilled water after 24 hours does not exceed 9.
Semiconductor device
The semiconductor device of the present invention includes an insulating layer, a copper wiring for wire connection formed on the insulating layer, a shock absorbing layer formed on an upper surface of the copper wiring, the shock absorbing layer being made of a metallic material with a hardness higher than copper, a bonding layer formed on the shock absorbing layer, the bonding layer having a connection surface for a wire, and a side protecting layer covering a side surface of the copper wiring, wherein the side protecting layer has a thickness thinner than a distance from the upper surface of the copper wiring to the connection surface of the bonding layer.. .
Methods and devices for enhancing mobility of charge carriers
Methods and devices for enhancing mobility of charge carriers. An integrated circuit may include semiconductor devices of two types.
Light emitting device module and method of manufacturing the same
A light emitting device (led) module, and manufacturing method of the same, which may be applied to various applications is provided. The led module may be miniaturized by directly mounting an led and a lens unit on a substrate, and price competitiveness may be enhanced by lowering a fraction defective and increasing yield of the led module.
Method for making a carbon nanotube film
A method for making a carbon nanotube film includes the steps of: (a) adding a plurality of carbon nanotubes into a solvent containing metallic ions, and flocculating the carbon nanotubes to get a floccule structure with the metallic ions therein; (b) reducing the metallic ions into metallic atoms, thereby the metallic atoms being attached onto outer surfaces of the carbon nanotubes to form a floccule structure of carbon nanotubes compounded with metal atoms; and (c) separating the floccule structure compounded with metal atoms from the solvent; and (d) shaping the floccule structure compounded with metal atoms to obtain/get the carbon nanotube film.. .
Bimetallic catalysts for co2 hydrogenation and h2 generation from formic acid and/or salts thereof
The invention relates to a ligand that may be used to create a catalyst including a coordination complex is formed by the addition of two metals; cp, cp* or an unsubstituted or substituted π-arene; and two coordinating solvent species or solvent molecules. The bimetallic catalyst may be used in the hydrogenation of co2 to form formic acid and/or salts thereof, and in the dehydrogenation of formic acid and/or salts thereof to form h2 and co2..
Dispensing head for a system for dispensing a pressurised product
The invention relates to a dispensing head (2) for a system for dispensing a pressurised product, said head comprising a body (8) presenting a shaft (9) for mounting said head on a tube (7) supplying the pressurised product and a housing that communicates with said shaft, said housing having an insert (11) enveloped by a sleeve (12) thereby forming a path (13) for dispensing the product between said shaft and a dispensing orifice (14) formed in a wall (15) of said sleeve, which is arranged facing a wall (16) of said insert, where at least one of the walls (15, 16) of the sleeve (12) and the insert (11) present a surface suitable for entering into contact with g the product, said surface comprising metallic copper.. .
Processing a waste stream by separating and recovering wire and other metal from processed recycled materials
Processing waste materials to recover valuable metals, such as copper, from the materials. Waste materials are further refined to concentrate the metallic material after the waste materials are initially processed.
Method of obtaining a yellow gold alloy deposition by galvanoplasty without using toxic metals or metalloids
The invention relates to a make-up solution for a galvanic bath comprising organometallic components, a wetting agent, a complexing agent and free cyanide, wherein the make-up solution further comprises copper in the form of copper ii cyanide and potassium, and complex indium allowing, after addition of alkaline aurocyanide, to galvanically depositing a gold alloy.. .
High-density metallic sputtering targets
The present invention is directed to a process for producing high density, refractory metal products via a press/sintering process. The invention is also directed to a process for producing a sputtering target and to the sputtering target so produced..
Flexible touch sensor with fine pitch interconnect
An article includes a multilayer structure, such as, e.g., a touch sensor, having two opposing sides and comprising a central polymeric uv transparent substrate, a transparent conductive layer on each of the two major opposing surfaces of the polymeric substrate, a metallic conductive layer on each transparent conductive layer, and a patterned photoimaging mask on each metallic conductive layer.. .
Data transmission cable intended for the aeronautical industry
A data transmission cable includes four bundles (10) each having 19 copper conductor wires and each covered with an insulating layer (12). A shielding (14) has a metallic copper fabric and an outer sheath (15).
Metal-based solder composite including conductive self-healing materials
A solder composite is provided. The solder composite may include: a metal-based solder matrix, a capsule dispersed in the solder matrix, and a self-healing material that is encapsulated in the capsule.
Manufacturing methods of materials powder for performance improved electrode and using the same electrode and its application
Disclosed is a material for an electrode having an excellent performance and an excellent durability by maintaining high electrical conductivity and by restraining the growth of the grain at a high temperature. The material can be manufactured by synthesizing composite materials through use of a metallic material of mo and a ceramic material, and then the composite materials can be used as the electrode..
Method for making a shaped turbine aerofoil
According to the method, a turbine aerofoil is made starting from a reference aerofoil, locally reducing the metallic exit angle at the trailing edge in two areas which substantially correspond, in use, to the position of the peaks of the secondary flows in the boundary layer.. .
Drug eluting stent with a biodegradable release layer attached with an electro-grafted primer coating
The present invention provides a drug eluting stent including a metallic stent framework, an electro-grafted primer coating disposed on the stent framework; and a biodegradable polymer coating hosting a drug disposed on the electro-grafted primer coating and a method of manufacturing said biodegradable drug eluting stent.. .
Injection needle
An injection needle 1 made of an alloy containing cobalt and molybdenum is manufactured as follows. First, lancet cut is carried out to a pipe-like metallic material composed of the alloy containing cobalt and molybdenum to form a blade tip 3 and a blade part 5.
Electrical connector assembly with improved metallic cover
An electrical connector assembly (100) includes a securing box (3) and a electrical connector (2). The securing box (3) includes a box portion (31) for receiving the electrical connector (2).
Medical devices including metallic connector enclosures
Medical devices provide metallic connector enclosures. The metallic connector enclosures may be constructed with relatively thin wails in comparison to polymer connector enclosures to aid in miniaturizing the medical device.
Metal oxygen battery and a method for manufacturing oxygen storage material used therein
Provided is a metal oxygen battery 1 including a positive electrode 2 having oxygen as an active material, a negative electrode 3 having metallic lithium as an active material, and an electrolyte layer 4 interposed between the positive electrode 2 and negative electrode 3. The positive electrode 2 contains oxygen storage material including mixed crystal of hexagonal composite metal oxide expressed by the general formula axbyoz (in which, a is one type of metal selected from a group of y, sc, la, sr, ba, zr, au, ag, pt, pd, b is one type of metal selected from a group of mn, ti, ru, zr, ni, cr, and x=1, 1≦y≦2, 1≦z≦7, provided that a case where both a and b are zr is excluded) and one or more non-hexagonal composite metal oxide expressed by the general formula axbyoz..
Electrochemical cells useful for energy storage devices
An energy storage cell is disclosed, including an anodic chamber for containing an anodic material and a cathodic chamber for containing a cathodic material, separated from each other by an electrolyte separator tube, and all contained within a case for the cell. The cell further includes a ceramic collar positioned at an opening of the cathodic chamber, defining an aperture in communication with the opening, and a current collector brazed to the ceramic collar, extending into the cathodic chamber.
Composite metal surface
A composite metal surface that looks metallic, but permits effective transmission of an electromagnetic field. The composite metal surface can be integrated into various electronic equipment, such as telephones, remote controls, battery doors, keyboards, mice, game controllers, cameras, laptops, inductive power supplies, and essentially any other electronic equipment.
Monolayer touch screen and method for manufacturing the same
The present invention discloses a monolayer touch screen, which comprises: a transparent cover glass; a transparent emboss adhesive layer coated on a surface of the transparent cover glass, wherein the transparent emboss adhesive layer has multiple grooves that are located at non-visible region; a metallic mesh layer embedded in the transparent emboss adhesive layer, and the metallic mesh layer are located at a visible region; a hairline finishing layer deposited on the surface of the multiple grooves; and an ink layer coated on the hairline finishing layer. Hairline finishing layer of such monolayer touch screen deposits directly on the surface of multiple grooves of transparent emboss adhesive layer, compared to the traditional touch screen, such monolayer touch screen is thinner and has a hairline finishing effect.
Housing and electronic device using the same
A housing includes a substrate and a decorative layer deposited on the substrate. The decorative layer includes chromium, iron, aluminum, chromium oxide, ferric oxide, and aluminum oxide.
Process for producing a layer system
A process for producing a layer system is provided wherein the layer system has at least a substrate, a ceramic layer, which is applied to a surface structured in a targeted manner, in which process the intermediate layer, in particular the metallic layer, is applied in such a way that the recesses form during the coating. By introducing recesses into a surface, the stresses in the ceramic layer on the metallic substrate are reduced in such a manner that a longer lifespan for the ceramic layer is achieved..
Novel gold-platinum based bi-metallic nanocrystal suspensions, electrochemical manufacturing processes therefor and uses for the same
The present invention relates to novel gold-platinum based bi-metallic nanocrystal suspensions that have nanocrystal surfaces that are substantially free from organic or other impurities or films associated with typical chemical reductants/stabilizers and/or raw materials used in nanoparticle formation processes. Specifically, the surfaces are “clean” relative to the surfaces of metal-based nanoparticles made using chemical reduction (and other) processes that require organic (or other) reductants and/or surfactants to grow (and/or suspend) metal nanoparticles from metal ions in a solution.
Method for conferring antimicrobial activity to a substrate
In one embodiment, the invention relates to a method for rendering a non-metallic substrate stably antimicrobial. The method comprises: (a) contacting the substrate with an antimicrobial surfactant; (b) contacting the substrate with a polymeric binder; and (c) subjecting the substrate, surfactant, and binder to conditions at which the substrate becomes stably antimicrobial.
Method for manufacturing high-si austenitic stainless steel
A high-si content austenitic stainless steel, which exhibits stable acid resistance and excellent corrosion resistance in high-temperature and concentrated nitric acid, has a chemical composition comprising: c: at most 0.04%; si: 2.5-7.0%; mn: at most 10%; p at most 0.03%; s: at most 0.03%; n: at most 0.035%; sol. Al: at most 0.03%; cr: 7-20%; ni: 10-22%; optionally, one or more types selected from nb, ti, ta and zr: 0.05-0.7% in total; and the remainder being fe and impurities, wherein a total amount of b1 type inclusions measured by a method according to jis g0555 (2003) annex 1 “microscopic testing for the non-metallic inclusions on the point counting principle” is not more than 0.03% by area %..
Process for producing ferromagnetic iron nitride particles, anisotropic magnet, bonded magnet and compacted magnet
The present invention provides ferromagnetic iron nitride particles, in particular, in the form of fine particles, and a process for producing the ferromagnetic iron nitride particles. The present invention relates to a process for producing ferromagnetic iron nitride particles, comprising the steps of mixing metallic iron obtained by mixing at least one compound selected from the group consisting of a metal hydride, a metal halide and a metal borohydride with an iron compound, and then subjecting the obtained mixture to heat treatment, with a nitrogen-containing compound; and then subjecting the resulting mixture to heat treatment, in which a reduction step and a nitridation step of the iron compound are conducted in the same step, and the at least one compound selected from the group consisting of a metal hydride, a metal halide and a metal borohydride is used as a reducing agent in the reduction step, whereas the nitrogen-containing compound is used as a nitrogen source in the nitridation step..
Iron-based sintered alloy for sliding member and production method therefor
An iron-based sintered alloy for sliding member, in which seizure resistance is improved, and a production method therefor, are provided. The iron-based sintered alloy for sliding member consists of, by mass %, 10 to 30% of cu, 0.2 to 2.0 % of c, 0.03 to 0.9 % of mn, 0.36 to 3.65% of s, and the balance of fe and inevitable impurities in the overall composition.
Method of making a combustion turbine component from metallic combustion turbine subcomponent greenbodies
A method of making a combustion turbine component includes assembling a plurality of metallic combustion turbine subcomponent greenbodies together to form a metallic greenbody assembly and sintering the metallic greenbody assembly to thereby form the combustion turbine component. Each of the plurality of metallic combustion turbine subcomponent greenbodies may be formed by direct metal fabrication (dmf).
Tool head and method for machining a metallic workpiece
A tool head includes an ovoid basic element disposed about a center axis, at least two chip grooves formed in the basic element, and a number of major cutting edges. Each major cutting edge is disposed in a convex course along a respective chip groove of the at least two chip grooves.
Linear motion guide unit with inside seal
An inside seal is installed to make close contact with a lower surface of a slider to exclude foreign material from circulating circuits, ensuring smooth sliding movement of the slider relative to a guide rail. The inside seal is composed of a major portion made of an elastic member and a metallic core, an elastic lip extending sidewise from a lengthwise side of the major portion across the overall length of the major portion to come into sliding contact with a guide rail, and hooked portions upright at lengthwise ends of the major portion at right angles to the major portion so as to fit into slots on end caps to keep in place the inside seal.
Insulated metal substrate
An insulated metal substrate (ims) for supporting a device comprises a metallic substrate having a ceramic coating formed at least in part by oxidation of a portion of the surface of the metallic substrate. The ceramic coating has a dielectric strength of greater than 50 kv mm−1 and a thermal conductivity of greater than 5 wm−1k−1..
Touch panel and method for electrode
Disclosed are a touch panel and a method for manufacturing the electrode. The touch panel includes a substrate, and a transparent electrode provided on the substrate to detect a contact position.
Device and process for reduction of passive intermodulation
An antenna includes a plurality of metallic components, the plurality of metallic components arranged to provide transmission of a high-power broadcast signal. The antenna further includes at least two of the plurality of metallic components being configured to be connected to one another, an insulating material arranged between the at least two of the plurality of metallic components, and nonmetallic mechanical fasteners holding the at least two of the plurality of metallic components together..
Apparatus and method for detecting defects in a metallic surface
An apparatus and method for detecting defects in a metal surface is disclosed. The apparatus is configured to move an eddy coil relative to an underlying metallic surface along a plurality of generally parallel and adjacent scan paths, and to receive from the eddy coil an oscillating signal induced at said coil as it is moved along each path.
Led light
An led bulb comprises a structural shell formed by folding a flat pcb into a three-dimensional polyhedron shape and a fitting for removably coupling the bulb to a light socket. The pcb comprises a plurality of leds, at least one led mounted electronically on a plurality of faces of the polyhedron, and a driver circuit for driving each led.
Lateral traverse discharge spark plug
A lateral transverse discharge spark plug (10) which consists of a cylindrical metallic shell (20) having a tubular ceramic insulator (22), including an insulator attachment end (28) enclosed therein. An offset center electrode (30) is surrounded by the ceramic insulator.
Laminated body and piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
A laminated body has a substrate and a metallic layer. The substrate is composed of an inorganic material.
Methods of forming a barrier system containing an alloy of metals introduced into the barrier system, and an integrated circuit product containing such a barrier system
One illustrative method disclosed herein includes forming a trench/via in a layer of insulating material, forming a barrier system comprised of at least one barrier material and at least two metallic elements, and performing a heating process to form a metal alloy comprised of the at least two metallic elements in the barrier system. Also disclosed is a device that comprises a trench/via in a layer of insulating material, a barrier system positioned in the trench/via, wherein the barrier system comprises at least one barrier material and a metal alloy comprised of at least two metallic elements that are comprised of materials other than the at least one barrier material, and a conductive structure positioned in the trench/via above the barrier system..
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes a metallic plate, a bonding layer, a semiconductor chip, and a resin molding. The semiconductor chip is fixed to the metallic plate with the bonding layer.
Resistive random access memory using amorphous metallic glass oxide as a storage medium
The present invention relates to a resistive random access memory using amorphous metallic glass oxide as a storage medium, comprising a substrate, an insulation layer, a first electrode layer, a resistive memory layer, and a second electrode layer. In the present invention, an amorphous metallic glass oxide layer is mainly used as the resistive memory layer of the resistive random access memory.
Industrial component comprising a silicon eutectic alloy and method of making the component
An industrial component comprising a si eutectic alloy comprises a body having a wear surface, where both the body and the wear surface comprise a eutectic alloy including silicon, one or more metallic elements m, and a eutectic aggregation of a first phase comprising the silicon and a second phase of formula msi2, where the second phase is a disilicide phase. The wear surface comprises a resistance to erosive wear sufficient to limit transfer of, when an abrasive product is passing thereacross, at least one of the one or more more metallic elements therefrom to the abrasive product, such that the abrasive product comprises an increase in contamination level of 200 parts per billion (ppb) or less of the at least one of the one or more metallic elements m after the passage.
Vacuum chamber with a one-piece metallic cover for self-centering
The disclosure relates to a vacuum chamber including at least one ceramic isolating cylinder with two face ends. At least one of the two face ends of the ceramic isolating cylinder is closed by a metallic cover including an outer and an inner part.
Magnetic filter medium and method for its production
A filter medium for removing metallic particles, in particular for liquid filtration, is provided. The filter medium is comprised of a substrate, an adhesive layer containing magnetic particles applied onto the substrate, and at least one nanofiber layer arranged on the adhesive layer..
Method and apparatus for sorting carbon nanotubes
A process of sorting metallic single wall carbon nanotubes (swnts) from semiconducting types by disposing the swnts in a dilute fluid, exposing the swnts to a dipole-inducing magnetic field which induces magnetic dipoles in the swnts so that a strength of a dipole depends on a conductivity of the swnt containing the dipole, orienting the metallic swnts, and exposing the swnts to a magnetic field with a spatial gradient so that the oriented metallic swnts drift in the magnetic field gradient and thereby becomes spatially separated from the semiconducting swnts. An apparatus for the process of sorting swnts is disclosed..
Method for producing solid oxide fuel cells having a cathode-electrolyte-anode unit borne by a metal substrate, and use of said solid oxide fuel cells
The invention relates to a method of producing solid oxide fuel cells (sofc) having a cathode-electrolyte-anode unit supported by a metal substrate. It is the object of the invention in this respect to provide solid oxide fuel cells which achieve an increased strength, improved temperature change resistance, a secure bonding of films forming the cathode-electrolyte-anode unit and can be produced free of distortion and reproducibly.
Advanced nano technology for growing metallic nano-clusters
An apparatus for growing nano-clusters includes a pair of electrodes separated by an electrode pair spacing and a field generation module that generates a corona discharge across the electrodes. The corona discharge generates an electromagnetic field near the electrodes.
Diamond bonded construction with improved braze joint
Diamond bonded constructions comprise a body comprising a plurality of bonded together diamond grains with interstitial regions disposed between the grains that are substantially free of the catalyst material used to initially sinter the body. A metallic substrate is attached to the body, and a braze joint is interposed between the body and the substrate.

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