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Metallic patents


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 Near field communication and wireless power transfer dual mode antennas for metal backed devices patent thumbnailNear field communication and wireless power transfer dual mode antennas for metal backed devices
In one aspect, an apparatus for wirelessly coupling with other devices is provided. The apparatus includes a metallic cover having a removed portion.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Quantum cascade external cavity laser with metasurfaces patent thumbnailQuantum cascade external cavity laser with metasurfaces
A metasurface reflector for quantum cascade lasing is disclosed. The metasurface reflector uses an array of subcavities disposed on a substrate and spaced with a sub-wavelength period.
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Electrical connector having improved shielding shell patent thumbnailElectrical connector having improved shielding shell
An electrical connector includes an insulative housing, a number of terminals disposed in the insulative housing, a metallic shielding plate, a shielding shell defining a mating cavity, and a metal shell. The insulative housing defines a base portion and a tongue portion extending forwardly from the base portion.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

 Flippable electrical connector patent thumbnailFlippable electrical connector
A plug connector mateable with the receptacle connector, includes an insulative housing enclosed in a metallic shell, defining a receiving cavity to receive the mating tongue, and equipped with a plurality of contacts on opposite sides in the vertical direction. A latch forms a pair of locking heads extending into two opposite lateral sides of the receiving cavity to lock with a shielding plate embedded within a mating tongue of the complementary receptacle connector during mating.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

 Coaxial barrel fittings and couplings with ground establishing traveling sleeves patent thumbnailCoaxial barrel fittings and couplings with ground establishing traveling sleeves
Barrel connectors, a right angled adaptor and a single ended fitting include at least one axially displaceable traveling sleeve for insuring electrical continuity with coaxial connector, nominally an f-connector. Each barrel connector described comprises a rigid, metallic hollow body housing an internal contact tube.
Perfectvision Manufacturing, Inc.

 Patch antenna patent thumbnailPatch antenna
A terrestrial transceiver is described, which is operable for exchanging rf signals with communication satellites. The transceiver has a patch antenna sensitive to signals within an l-band rf range and operable for providing a gain to the rf signals.
Hand Held Products, Inc.

 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery patent thumbnailNon-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
The nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery includes a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a nonaqueous electrolytic solution and is characterized in that the nonaqueous electrolytic solution contains propylene carbonate and fluoroethylene carbonate, the positive electrode contains an oxide that contains lithium and one or more metallic elements m as a positive electrode active material, the one or more metallic elements m include at least one selected from the group consisting of cobalt and nickel, the negative electrode contains graphite as an active material, the negative electrode active material includes lithium and a lithium carbonate layer with a thickness of 1 μm or less on the surface thereof, and the ratio of the total lithium content a of the positive and negative electrodes to the metallic element m content mm of the oxide, a/mm, is greater than 1.01.. .
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

 Nanotubular intermetallic compound catalyst for positive electrode of lithium air battery and  preparing the same patent thumbnailNanotubular intermetallic compound catalyst for positive electrode of lithium air battery and preparing the same
Disclosed is a nanotubular intermetallic compound catalyst for a positive electrode of a lithium air battery and a method of preparing the same. In particular, a porous nanotubular intermetallic compound is simply prepared using electrospinning in which a dual nozzle is used, and, by using the same as a catalyst, a lithium air battery having enhanced discharge capacity, charge/discharge efficiency and lifespan is provided..
Postech Academy-industry Foundation

 Active material, nonaqueous electrolyte battery, battery pack and vehicle patent thumbnailActive material, nonaqueous electrolyte battery, battery pack and vehicle
According to one embodiment, there is provided an active material. The active material includes a composite oxide having a monoclinic crystal structure and represented by a general formula of liwna2-xm1yti6-zm2zo13+δ.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Outer package material for lithium-ion battery and  producing lithium-ion battery using the outer package material patent thumbnailOuter package material for lithium-ion battery and producing lithium-ion battery using the outer package material
A lithium-ion battery outer package material, provided with: a base layer, and a first adhesive layer, a metallic foil layer, a corrosion prevention treatment layer, a second adhesive layer, and a sealant layer sequentially layered on one of the surfaces of the base layer. When a tensile test (a sample of the substrate layer is stored for 24 hours in a 23° c.
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Organometallic compound and organic light emitting device including the same

M(l1)(l2).   formula 1.

Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

The present invention relates to organometallic complexes for use as emitters where a molecule of the compound has an orientation factor greater than 0.67, and devices, such as organic light emitting diodes, including the same.. .
Universal Display Corporation

Anti-corrosion protection of photovoltaic structures

One embodiment can provide a photovoltaic structure. The photovoltaic structure can include a multilayer structure, which can include a base layer, a surface-field layer positioned on a first side of the base layer, and an emitter layer positioned on a second side of the base layer.
Solarcity Corporation

Matrix detection device incorporating a metal mesh in a detection layer, and manufacturing method

A matrix-array detecting device including a stack comprising a matrix array of detecting-element pixels, and an active matrix array comprising a network of rows and columns for controlling the pixels and produced on the surface of a substrate, wherein the detecting-element pixels comprise: a common top electrode; a detecting layer; and discrete bottom electrodes; the device comprising a metallic mesh that is connected to the top electrode; that includes pads comprising at least one metal portion, the pads being incorporated into the detecting layer; and that is positioned in correspondence with the network of controlling rows and columns. A process for fabricating the matrix-array detecting device is also provided..
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Substrate surface metallization method and substrate having metallized surface manufactured by the same

A substrate having a metallized surface is provided. The substrate includes a substrate having a silanated surface, an adhesive layer disposed on the silanated surface, and a first metallic layer bonded to the silanated surface through the adhesive layer.
National Tsing Hua University

Semiconductor device

For a purpose of raising the breakdown voltage of a semiconductor device, the creepage distance and clearance between an electrode terminal and another metallic portion are preferably increased. A semiconductor device is provided, the semiconductor device including: a semiconductor element; a case portion that houses the semiconductor element; and an external terminal provided to a front surface of the case portion, wherein the front surface of the case portion has, formed thereon: a wall portion that protrudes from the front surface; and a hollow portion that is provided to a region surrounded by the wall portion and is depressed relative to the front surface, and the external terminal is arranged on a floor surface of the hollow portion..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


A capacitor that includes a porous metallic base material; a phosphorus-containing layer on the porous metallic base material; a dielectric layer on the phosphorus-containing layer; and an electrode on the dielectric layer.. .
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Film member for electronic device

Disclosed is a film member for an electronic device capable of preventing malfunction of an electrostatic touch screen and expressing a design characteristic of unique texture. The film member used for the electrostatic touch screen of the electronic device having the electrostatic touch screen, includes: a transparent film; and a window decoration made of a metallic material and provided on one surface of the transparent film, wherein the window decoration includes a plurality of metallic thin film figures which are electrically insulated from each other..
Elk Corporation

Electrostatic charge image developing toner, electrostatic charge image developer, and toner cartridge

An electrostatic charge image developing toner includes toner particles including a binder resin and a metallic pigment and silica particles having an equivalent circle diameter e of greater than 0.10 μm, wherein a relationship between a number-average maximum thickness c and a number-average equivalent circle diameter d of the toner particles satisfies 0.700<c/d<1.220, a number-average equivalent circle diameter d of the silica particles satisfies 0.10 μm<d<0.30 μm, and the content of silica particles, having a ratio f/g of a circumferential length f to a circumference g calculated from the equivalent circle diameter e of 1.10 to 3.00, with respect to the total number of silica particles is 30% by number to 100% by number.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Mask blank, manufacturing phase shift mask, phase shift mask, and manufacturing semiconductor device

A mask blank having a structure in which, on a transparent substrate, a phase shift film, a light shielding film, and a hard mask film are laminated in the stated order from the transparent substrate side. The phase shift film is formed of a material containing silicon, the hard mask film is formed of a material containing at least one element selected from silicon and tantalum, and the light shielding film is formed of a material containing chromium.
Hoya Corporation

Method and detecting gas leakage from radioactive material sealed container

A method for detecting gas leakage from a radioactive material sealed container includes measuring a temperature at a top portion of a metallic sealed container, a temperature at a bottom portion of a lid portion of a concrete-made storage container facing the top portion of the metallic sealed container, or a temperature of a member existing between the bottom portion of the lid portion and the top portion of the metallic sealed container. An inner temperature of the lid portion of the concrete-made storage container is also measured.
Central Research Institute Of Electric Power Industry

Capacitance-detection type pressure switch and pressure sensor

A capacitance-detection pressure switch and pressure sensor that, in the connection between a diaphragm used as one electrode and a signal line for detecting a signal from the diaphragm, can ensure stable conduction without exerting an influence on operating characteristics of the diaphragm. A capacitance-detection type pressure switch of the present invention includes a metallic diaphragm that is displaced in response to a change in pressure of an operating medium supplied from a conduit, a movable electrode connected electrically to the diaphragm, a fixed electrode provided at an atmospheric pressure side of the diaphragm opposing the conduit, and an insulating film ensuring insulation between the fixed electrode and the diaphragm, wherein an electrode contact portion for connection to the movable electrode is formed as at least one projection extending toward an exterior on a part of the outer periphery of the diaphragm..
Saginomiya Seisakusho, Inc.

Transparent tinted coating for appliance exterior panels to allow for tinted surface patterns and a process for application of coating

An exterior panel for a kitchen appliance includes a metallic substrate having a predetermined surface pattern on at least one side of the metallic substrate, wherein the metallic substrate is formed to include a predetermined contour. A coating layer is an organic paint coating composition on the at least one side of the metallic substrate, the coating layer including a predetermined color and a fingerprint resistive surface, wherein the coating layer is at least partially translucent such that the predetermined surface pattern is visible with the naked eye through the coating layer, and wherein the predetermined surface pattern is modified by the coating layer to reflect the combination of the predetermined surface pattern and the predetermined color of the coating layer..
Whirlpool Corporation

Heatsink with integrated electrical and base contacts

A heatsink having integrated electrical and base contacts for use with a light emitting diode (led) light source. In some embodiments, a heatsink assembly for an led lamp includes a first metallic heatsink component having a first wall portion and a first electrical contact, and a second metallic heatsink component having a second wall portion and a second, separate contact portion.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc

Composite booster spool with separable composite blades

According to present embodiments or aspects thereof, a composite booster spool with separable composite blades is provided. The blades are inserted radially from within the inner circumference of the spool and extend outwardly through the spool.
General Electric Company

Bi-metallic solar water filtration pump

A pump uses solar energy to heat bimetals and other materials with high expansion coefficients to create movement that is coupled to pistons or impellers resulting in a fluid pumping action. The moving pistons or impellers are used to push salt water (or any fluid) through a membrane for filtration.

Method for producing a steel component which is shaped by hot-forming a steel sheet which has a metal coating, such a steel sheet, and a steel component produced from said steel sheet by means of a hot-forming process

A process for producing a three-dimensionally shaped steel component from a steel sheet with a metallic coating may involve hot forming the steel sheet into the steel component. The metallic coating may involve an fe—al-based alloy.
Thyssenkrupp Ag

Production granular metallic iron

This method is for producing granular metallic iron in which the relation between the mass ratio (mass %) of the volatile matter content contained in a carbonaceous reducing agent and the average gas flow rate (m/s) of the ambient gas in a heating furnace fulfills expression (1). Mass ratio of volatile matter content≦−4.62×average gas flow rate+46.7 .
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

Enhanced thermally conductive latex cushioning foams by addition of metal materials

Methods and combinations for making and using one or more thermally conductive cellular foam layers comprising flexible cellular foam and metallic material particulates, and said thermally-conductive cellular foam layers may be located on, under, or in cushioning foams and mattresses or placed between on, under, within, or between other layering substrates to increase the overall cooling capability of the composite. The thermally conductive foam may be used in mattresses, pillows, bedding products, medical cushioning foams, and similar materials used in bedding environments..
Peterson Chemical Technology, Llc.

Metallic image forming method

A metallic image forming method is a method for forming a metallic image with a metallic ink containing an organic coloring agent capable of exhibiting a metallic color on a recording medium provided with an undercoat layer thereon having a black color or an opposite color to the color of diffused light from the metallic ink. The method includes applying the metallic ink onto the recording medium so as to cover at least part of the undercoat layer..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Inherent flame retardant rigid polyurethane foam

The present invention provides a kind of inherent flame retardant rigid polyurethane foam. The production formula comprises 100 to 105 pbw of polyether polyol and reactive phosphorus-containing flame retardant, 2.5 to 3.5 pbw of amine catalyst, 0.8 to 2.5 pbw of tertiary amine catalyst, 0.8 to 2.5 pbw of foam stabilizer, 0.5 to 1.5 pbw of blowing agent, 135 to 150 pbw of isocyanates, and 0.05 to 0.1 pbw of organo-metallic catalyst, wherein the reactive phosphorus-containing flame retardant is 9,10-dihydro-9-oxa-10-phosphaphenanthrene-4-hydroxybenzyl alcohol.
Xiamen University

Group 11 mono-metallic precursor compounds and use thereof in metal deposition

The present application provides precursor compounds useful for deposition of a group 11 metal on a substrate, for example, a microelectronic device substrate, as well as methods of synthesizing such precursor compounds. The precursor compounds provided are mono-metallic compounds comprising a diaminocarbene (dac) having the general formula: “dac-m-x”, where the diaminocarbene is an optionally substituted, saturated n-heterocyclic diaminocarbene (snhc) or an optionally substituted acyclic diaminocarbene, m is a group 11 metal, such as copper, silver or gold; and x is an anionic ligand.
Greencentre Canada

Longitudinal structural element for a windscreen wiper

Longitudinal structural element (30a) for a windscreen wiper (10′), in particular of a motor vehicle, said structural element having a non-metallic main body, characterized in that said main body comprises at least one part (39) made of a thermally conductive material or covered with a non-metallic thermally conductive material.. .
Valeo Systèmes D'essuyage

Polymeric shock absorbing element for a vehicle and longitudinal side member

Polymeric shock absorbing element for a vehicle including a substantially honeycomb structure having a plurality of channels which has a lateral external surface extending from a first open frontal end to a second open rear end, the shock absorbing element insertable and securable within an internal lateral cavity of a chassis of said vehicle, the internal lateral cavity being defined by at least two metallic plates. The lateral external surface includes at least one substantially planar face positioned on one side of the polymeric shock absorbing element and the additionally includes at least one metallic fixing element having a central portion which in turn includes a first central wall which is made integral with a corresponding substantially planar face of the lateral external surface, the at least one metallic fixing element additionally includes a plurality of side stiffeners which are weldable or made integral with the two metallic sheets..
Tres Srl

Bicycle rim

A bicycle rim comprises a radially outer peripheral part, a radially inner peripheral part, at least one sidewall, and at least one cover member. The at least one side wall radially extends between the radially outer peripheral part and the radially inner peripheral part.
Shimano Inc.

Liquid discharging apparatus and discharge state determination liquid in liquid discharging apparatus

A liquid discharging apparatus includes a first discharge section that discharges a metallic ink, a second discharge section that discharges a pigment ink, a detection section that detects residual vibrations that occur in the first discharge section, and outputs a first detection signal, which shows a corresponding detection result, and detects residual vibrations that occur in the second discharge section, and outputs a second detection signal, which shows a corresponding detection result, and a determination section that executes a first determination, which determines whether or not the first detection signal satisfies first conditions, which should be satisfied in a case in which a discharge state of the first discharge section is normal, and executes a second determination, which determines whether or not the second detection signal satisfies second conditions, which should be satisfied in a case in which a discharge state of the second discharge section is normal.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Additive manufacturing of functionally gradient degradable tools

A method of manufacturing an article comprises depositing a metallic powder on a substrate or a worktable; fusing the metallic powder according to a preset pattern; and adjusting a composition of the metallic powder or a condition to fuse the metallic powder or a combination thereof to additively form an article such that the article has a first portion and a second portion, wherein the first portion has one or more of the following properties different than those of the second portion: corrosion rate; tensile strength; compressive strength; modulus; or hardness.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Coating apparatus

An apparatus for coating a donor surface that is movable relative to the apparatus with a layer of metallic particles or particles having a metal-like appearance and reflectivity, the particles adhering more strongly to the surface than to one another. The apparatus comprises an application device to apply to the donor surface a fluid stream within which the particles are suspended, a housing surrounds the application device forming an interior plenum for confining the fluid stream, the housing prevents egress of particles from a sealing gap defined between the rim of the housing and the surface to be coated, and a suction source connected to the housing to extract from the plenum excess fluid and particles.
Landa Labs (2012) Ltd.

Detecting passing of unintended objects through throat of under-sink disposal

An under-sink disposal unit includes a motor, a disposal chamber, and a disposal throat. The disposal throat extends from the disposal chamber to an opening in a top of the disposal unit and defines a passageway through which objects pass into the disposal chamber for grinding.
Samelin Innovations, Llc

Method and spacer device for spanning a space formed upon removal of an intervertebral disc

An intervertebral spacer is designed particularly for patients who are not candidates for total disc replacement. The spacer maintains disc height and prevents subsidence with a large vertebral body contacting surface area while substantially reducing recovery time by eliminating the need for bridging bone.
Simplify Medical Pty Ltd

Glenoid defect-filling component

An orthopaedic shoulder prosthesis includes glenoid defect-filling component configured to be implanted within a defect in a glenoid of a patient. The glenoid defect-filling component includes a porous metallic body and a plurality of holes formed in the porous metallic body, the plurality of holes being arranged in a pattern to receive a number of pegs of a discrete polymer glenoid component..
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

Surgical metal debris reduction system

A surgical metal debris reduction system is provided for use in orthopedic surgical procedures having a metal block with one or more guide openings that accept bone cutting tools or bone drilling tools. One or more non-metallic bushings are included in the system that have outer dimensions such they can be removably inserted in the guide openings and have internal dimensions sized to accept bone cutting tools or bone drilling tools such that metal on metal contact is prevented during use of the tools, thus preventing or reducing generation and deposition of metal debris within the surgical field..
Aod Holdings, Llc

Toothbrush with partially coated surface

The toothbrush has a handle, a neck and a head. In the handle there is a first hard component which has a metallic covering.
Trisa Holding Ag

Electrical cartridge type heater with temperature monitoring and electrical heater with temperature monitoring

An electrical cartridge type heater (100) includes an outer metallic jacket (110) an electrical heating element (120, 121) arranged in an interior space (140) of the outer metallic jacket (110) and a device for monitoring the temperature (130), which is galvanically separated from the electrical heating element (120, 121) and is arranged in the interior space (140) of the outer metallic jacket (110). The device for monitoring the temperature (130) includes a wire or a tube, in addition to the electrical heating element (120, 121), made of a material that changes resistance with temperature change with a value of the temperature coefficient of the electrical resistance greater than 800 ppm/k, and especially preferably greater than 4,000 ppm/k between 20° c.
TÜrk & Hillinger Gmbh

Antennas for hearing aids

An antenna configured in a hybrid circuit provides a compact design for a hearing aid to communicate wirelessly with a system external to the hearing aid. In an embodiment, an antenna includes metallic traces in a hybrid circuit that is configured for use in a hearing aid.
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

Metallic dielectric photonic crystals and methods of fabrication

A metallic-dielectric photonic crystal is formed with a periodic structure defining a plurality of resonant cavities to selectively absorb incident radiation. A metal layer is deposited on the inner surfaces of the resonant cavities and a dielectric material fills inside the resonant cavities.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Corrosion and weather resistant assembly for a stuffing tube and a making a gasket for use therewith

An elongated, flexible composite gasket member having a knitted wire mesh rope at least partly impregnated with a soft, tacky, flowable, pre-cured polyurethane gel for use in a stuffing tube assembly. The stuffing tube assembly is used in a deck or bulkhead of a ship.
The Patent Well Llc

Arrangement for energized rail for movable sockets

Arrangement introduced on rail for movable sockets susceptible to receive several sockets by the fitting and turn on the rail's body. It comprises an electrical energy conductor rail with a body that internally has a rectangular gap that prolongs for the whole extension of the rail configuring an access and housing for movable sockets to be inserted on the rail.

Electrical plug connector

An electrical plug connector includes a metallic shell, an insulated housing, a grounding plate, a first terminal module, a second terminal module, and a molding block. The first terminal module includes first plug terminals and a first combining block.
Advanced-connectek Inc.

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