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This page is updated frequently with new Metallic-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Metallic-related patents
 Electronic assembly with one or more heat sinks patent thumbnailElectronic assembly with one or more heat sinks
An electronic assembly comprises a semiconductor device that has conductive pads on a semiconductor first side and a metallic region on a semiconductor second side opposite the first side. A lead frame provides respective separate terminals that are electrically and mechanically connected to corresponding conductive pads.
Deere & Company

 Electronic assembly with one or more heat sinks patent thumbnailElectronic assembly with one or more heat sinks
An electronic assembly comprises a semiconductor device that has conductive pads on a semiconductor first side and a metallic region on a semiconductor second side opposite the first side. A lead frame provides respective separate terminals that are electrically and mechanically connected to corresponding conductive pads.
Deere & Company

 Bus bar plate, electronic component unit, and wire harness patent thumbnailBus bar plate, electronic component unit, and wire harness
An electronic component unit and a wire harness include a bus bar plate. The bus bar plate is equipped with a resistor that has a main body and a pair of terminals protruding from the main body, and a substrate main body in which a metallic bus bar is built in a resin material and which has a component mounting section with the resistor mounted thereon.
Yazaki Corporation

 Bus bar plate, electronic component unit, and wire harness patent thumbnailBus bar plate, electronic component unit, and wire harness
An electronic component unit and a wire harness are provided with a bus bar plate. The bus bar plate is provided with a metallic bus bar that is built in a resin material, and including a through-hole in which a terminal of a relay mounted on a mounting surface is soldered.
Yazaki Corporation

 Antenna device and electronic timepiece patent thumbnailAntenna device and electronic timepiece
An antenna device housed in a metallic case body of an electronic timepiece includes: a first substrate which is provided on the side of a back over of the metallic case body and on which a ground pattern and an wireless communication unit as a power feeding circuit are formed; a second substrate which is arranged on the opposite side of the movement and on which a chip antenna is formed; and a conductive electrode which is arranged inside the movement and has one end connected to the wireless communication unit and the other end connected to the chip antenna.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Corrosion resistant metal bipolar plate for a pemfc including a radical scavenger patent thumbnailCorrosion resistant metal bipolar plate for a pemfc including a radical scavenger
The present disclosure includes fuel cell bipolar plates and methods of forming a radical scavenging coating on a bipolar plate. The bipolar plates may include a steel substrate, a middle layer contacting the steel substrate and including a bulk material and a radical scavenging material, and a conductive layer contacting the middle layer.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Reacted conductive gate electrodes and methods of making the same patent thumbnailReacted conductive gate electrodes and methods of making the same
A semiconductor device and a method for fabricating a semiconductor device involve a semiconductor layer that includes a first material and a second material. The first and second materials can be silicon and germanium.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

 Display device using semiconductor light emitting devices patent thumbnailDisplay device using semiconductor light emitting devices
A display device including a wiring substrate having a wiring electrode; a plurality of semiconductor light emitting devices which form pixels; and a conductive adhesive layer configured to electrically connect the wiring electrode with the plurality of semiconductor light emitting devices. Further, the conductive adhesive layer includes a body provided with a resin having an adhesive property; and a metallic aggregation part disposed in the body, and formed as metallic atoms precipitated from a metal-organic compound and aggregated with each other..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
A semiconductor device (10) includes a metallic base plate (22) provided with an upper surface (22a) and a lower surface (22b), a plurality of insulating substrates (24) provided on the upper surface (22a), and a plurality of semiconductor elements (26) and (28) mounted side by side on the respective insulating substrates (24). Annular grooves (50) and (52) for storing insulating grease are provided on the lower surface (22b) of the base plate (22).
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Method to prevent stress corrosion cracking of storage canister and storage canister patent thumbnailMethod to prevent stress corrosion cracking of storage canister and storage canister
A method to prevent stress corrosion cracking of a storage canister 1, wherein stress corrosion cracking is prevented by applying a compressive stress to a range where a tensile residual stress is generated on a metallic body 2 by welding a cover 4 to a top 2a of the body 2. A first compressive stress is applied beforehand to a range l of the body 2 where a tensile residual stress is expected to be generated by the welding of the cover 4, the tensile residual stress is canceled by welding the cover 4 with a compressive residual stress generated in the range l, and then a second compressive stress is applied so as to generate a compressive residual stress over the range l..
Central Research Institute Of Electric Power Industry


Apparatus to interface with a corrugated diaphragm

Apparatus to interface with a corrugated profile are disclosed. An example apparatus for use with a fluid regulator includes an elastomeric ring having a corrugated profile that corresponds to a corrugated profile of a diaphragm of the fluid regulator.
Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.


Decorative microsphere articles

The present disclosure provides multilayer stacks that can be used as decorative microsphere articles. The decorative microsphere articles can be a durable and aesthetically pleasing substitute for anodized aluminum and other matte metallic surfaces.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Coated article with low-e coating having absorbing layer over functional layer designed to increase outside reflectance

A coated article includes a low-e coating having an absorbing layer located over a functional layer (ir reflecting layer) and designed to cause the coating to have an increased outside reflectance (e.g., in an ig window unit) and good selectivity. In certain embodiments, the absorbing layer is metallic, or substantially metallic, and is provided directly over and contacting a lower of two ir reflecting layers.
Guardian Industries Corp.


Sense coil geometries with improved sensitivity for metallic object detection in a predetermined space

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for detecting a presence of an object. In one aspect an apparatus for detecting a presence of an object is provided.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Measuring cuvette for spectrometric measuring instrument

A measuring vessel in which a gas to be analyzed by spectrometry is intended to flow, the vessel being in the form of a hollow tube provided with a reflective material forming an optical-reflection layer, including: a hollow tube is produced from a non-metallic material, and a removable supple optical article is applied against the internal surface of the hollow tube, the article including a supple flexible support, one face of the support being covered with a reflective metal material, the article being inserted in the tube so that the reflective metal material forms the optical-reflection layer.. .



A pressure sensor to measure the pressure of a fluid comprises: a metallic membrane to be in contact with the fluid and on which are stacked an electrical insulator and at least one gauge for measuring the deformation of the membrane, the whole forming a sensitive measuring element a cap comprising: a cover comprising a cavity and holes; conductors located in the holes, the sensitive element exhibiting a face opposite the cap and located in a plane p; wherein the sensor comprises: at least one metallic zone, located in a plane parallel to said plane p, for hermetic sealing of the cap on the sensitive measuring element; continuous metallic tracks comprising parts for picking up contact with the conductors and parts for picking up contact with at least the gauge. A method for manufacturing the pressure sensor is also provided..
L'essor FranÇais Electronique


Radial line dial plate and automobile meter provided with radial line dial plate

A radial line dial plate includes a synthetic resin dial plate and a shaft through-hole that is provided to the dial plate such that a rotation shaft of a meter unit penetrates therethrough. The dial plate is provided with a plurality of grooves that extend radially outward from an opening rim of the shaft through-hole to form a radial line pattern provided on the dial plate, and the plurality of grooves are provided radially around a position different from a center axis of the shaft through-hole.
Yazaki Corporation


Enclosure assemblies having cable clamping inserts and cable clamping inserts for such enclosures

A manufacturer installed cable clamping insert is provided that can be used to fix various sizes of non-metallic sheeted cables to an electrical outlet box. The insert can be oval in shape and can be used to secure the cable without a tool.
Hubbell Incorporated


Non-metallic vertical turbine pump

A non-metallic vertical turbine pump and a method of manufacturing same are provided. In accordance with one embodiment, the vertical turbine pump can include a motor, and a drive shaft coupled to the motor for rotation, a casing with a mixed flow diffuser including a diffuser hub and diffuser vanes that project out from the diffuser hub, and a mixed flow impeller configured to rotatably fit inside the casing, having an impeller hub, impeller vanes, extending from the hub, and a front and a back shroud connected to opposing ends of the impeller vanes.
Mpc Inc.


Hatch with thermally broken frame

A roof access hatch, which utilizes thermal breaks is disclosed. This roof access hatch has a cover with a first metallic exterior surface spaced from a first metallic interior surface by at least a first insulation layer, where the first metallic exterior surface is thermally isolated from the first metallic interior surface.
The Bilco Company


Electroplated coatings

A modified electroplated nickel-based metallic alloy coating and method of forming the same is provided. The electroplated coatings exhibit unique microstructure and composition which improves performance over conventional metallic materials.


System, apparatus, and providing cathodic protection to buried and/or submerged metallic structures

A system configured to provide cathodic protection to buried and/or submerged metal components and/or structures, such as pipes is disclosed. The system includes a cathodic protection apparatus having at least one upright support and a plurality of sacrificial anodes secured to the at least one upright support in a vertical orientation to provide variable cathodic protection to the metallic structures..
Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.


Method for depositing an anti-corrosion coating

Process for depositing a corrosion-protection coating on at least one portion of the surfaces of a metallic substrate having at least one cavity with an equivalent diameter emm<2 mm and a length/width ratio of greater than 150, using an aqueous suspension comprising powder of the metal to be deposited on the substrate combined with an agent for protecting the surface of the metal powder, a diluent, and at least one additive, the particles of the suspension each having an equivalent diameter d such that d≦emm/10.. .
Universite De Lorraine


Manufacturing metallic film and outside door handle for vehicle

A manufacturing method of a metallic film being formed on a surface of a non-electric conductive base material, the manufacturing method includes a first deposition process depositing a first chrome film being made of chrome on the surface of the base material at a first deposition speed by sputtering, a second deposition process depositing a second chrome film being made of chrome on a surface of the first chrome film at a second deposition speed that is higher than the first deposition speed by sputtering, and a crack forming process forming a crack within the first chrome film and within the second chrome film by an application of a stress to the first chrome film and to the second chrome film.. .
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha


Zirconium based bulk metallic glasses with hafnium

Various embodiments of zirconium based bulk metallic glass with hafnium are described herein. In one embodiment, an alloy composition includes zirconium (zr), hafnium (hf), copper (cu), aluminum (al), at least one element from a group consisting of niobium (nb) and titanium (ti), and at least one element from a group consisting of nickel (ni), iron (fe), and cobalt (co)..
Washington State University


Lightweight boron tubular structure support integrated into seat structure

A support may include a hollow metallic tube having two opposing ends and a body extending over a longitudinal axis of the tube. The tube may have a steel composition that may include, by weight, the following concentrations: approximately 0.19 to 0.27% carbon; approximately 0.0005% to 0.004% boron; approximately 1.5% to 2.5% manganese; and less than or equal to approximately 0.35% chromium, the balance including iron and inevitable impurities..
L & W Engineering


Phosphate substitutes for alkaline machine detergents

The invention concerns a machine cleaner to clean kitchen appliances, comprising an alkaline system and a complexing component to bind metals or metallic cations, wherein the complexing component comprises a combination of at least one element from each of the following groups of complexing agents or complexing aids: methyl glycine diacetic acid or polyaspartic acid or salts thereof; polyepoxysuccinic acid or salts thereof; and gluconic acid or gluconates. The invention also concerns the use of a combination of different complexing agents or complexing aids in an alkaline machine cleaner as well as the use of a machine cleaner in accordance with the invention to clean kitchen appliances, in particular in the commercial kitchen sector..
Budich International Gmbh


Polymer foams

A polymeric composition may include a polyolefin or styrenic polymer, a metallic acrylate salt, and an acid neutralizer.. .
Fina Technology, Inc.


Polymer, production same, and molded article

The present application pertains to a production method for a polymer, including a step for polymerizing a starting material composition (i) that includes: a monomer mixture (i-1) containing a macromonomer (a) represented by the following formula (1), and (b) a vinyl monomer; and 0.01 to 5 parts by mass of a non-metallic chain transfer agent with respect to 100 parts by mass of the monomer mixture (i-1); a polymer obtained by the production method; and a molded article. According to the present invention, there can be provided a polymer having exceptional resistance to dwell-induced degradation, and a molded article having exceptional yellowing resistance, a low haze value, and exceptional pliability..
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.


Amine substituted trisilylamine and tridisilylamine compounds and synthesis methods thereof

Halogen free amine substituted trisilylamine and tridisilylamine compounds and a method of their preparation via de-hydrogenative coupling between the corresponding unsubstituted tnsilylames and amines catalyzed by transition metal catalysts is described. This new approach is based on the catalytic dehydrocoupling of a si—h and a n—h moety to form an si—n containing compound and hydrogen gas.


Method for preparing aromatic carbonate

A method for preparing an aromatic carbonate, of the present invention, comprises the steps of: (a) preparing a reaction mixture containing an aliphatic carbonate by reacting an organometallic compound and carbon dioxide; and (b) preparing an aromatic carbonate by reacting the reaction mixture and an aromatic alcohol. The method for preparing an aromatic carbonate allows an aromatic carbonate to be economically prepared in a high yield by using carbon dioxide as a carbonyl supply source..
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Process for the manufacture of a glass container, glass container and related uses

The present invention relates to a process for the manufacture of a glass container that comprises the steps of: a) providing a first glass element; b) providing a second element made of a material selected from: glass, ceramic, metal and metallic alloy; said first element and said second element, joined together, defining a containment cavity of said glass container; c) depositing a sealing composition comprising at least one glass frit dispersed in at least one dispersing liquid on at least one surface of at least one of said first element and said second element; d) positioning said first element and said second element in contact with each other so that said sealing composition is arranged between said first element and said second element; e) heating said sealing composition so as to melt said glass frit and form a sealing layer between said first element and said second element. The present invention further relates to a glass container, such as, for example, a bottle, a cup or a jar, and related uses..
Bormioli Luigi S.p.a.


Sheet processing device and image forming device provided with the sheet processing device

A sheet processing device performs saddle stitching binding a bundle of stacked paper sheets, and includes a stacker section temporarily stacking conveyed paper sheets substantially vertically; a stopper regulating the paper sheets stacked in the stacker section; a first binding section provided in the stacker and saddle-stitching, with a metallic staple, a paper sheet bundle regulated by the stopper at a binding position around a center of the paper sheet bundle in a sheet conveying direction; a second binding section saddle-stitching, without using the metallic staple, the paper sheet bundle being regulated by the stopper at the binding position around the center of the paper sheet bundle in the sheet conveying direction; and a folding section folding in half the paper sheet bundle regulated by the stopper at a folding position at which the paper sheet bundle is bound by the first binding section or second binding section.. .
Nisca Corporation


Shaker bottle with magnetic elements for temporary securement to exercise equipment

A protein shaker bottle or similar beverage container that has one or more magnets on its outer surface. The magnets allow for the shaker bottle to magnetically adhere to a metallic or ferrous surface.


Paper-scrim-foil core having extruded polypropylene resin

Embodiments of the invention provide a facer used as protective covering for an insulation product. The facer may include a metallic foil layer, a scrim layer, and a paper layer positioned adjacent the scrim layer.
Johns Manville


Process for obtaining tight components by powder metallurgy

The process: includes mixing a metallic powder including iron or nickel or copper or mixtures of two or three elements thereof where the sum thereof defines at least 55% in mass of the metal matrix of the component to be produced, and a molybdenum disulfide powder as a densification agent and as a solid lubricant with a content from 3 to 30% in volume; filling a mold with the mixture and obtaining a compact presenting from 5 to 25% in volume of primary pores; and subjecting the compact to a temperature and time sufficient to allow the reaction of the molybdenum disulfide with the matrix, forming iron sulfide, nickel sulfide or copper sulfide, and the diffusion of the molybdenum in the matrix; and subjecting the compact to temperature sufficient to transform the sulfide into a liquid phase, filling the primary pores before finishing the sintering step of the compact.. .
Whirlpool S.a.


Continuous casting nozzle assembly for casting of a metallic pipe

The invention relates to a continuous casting nozzle assembly (10) for casting, in particular for upward vertical casting, of a metallic, in particular a non-ferrous, pipe, which is suitable for uninterrupted casting, which nozzle assembly comprises a nozzle (11), a mandrel (12) and a cooler (15). Surface roughness of at least part, in particular of the dwindling area (z), of inner surface of the nozzle (11) of the nozzle assembly (10) is 1-8.0 ra, advantageously 3-5 ra..
Upcast Oy


Method of making folding hand tool set for bicycles

A method for producing a tool for use in a folding hand tool set includes the following steps. Firstly, a metallic rod is provided.


Multiple blow molded metallic container sidewalls

A system and method of forming a metal container with a featured sidewall may include providing a blow molded metal container. The metal container may be positioned into a mold inclusive of at least one sidewall feature.
The Coca-cola Company


Method for producing a multicoat paint system

The present invention relates to a method for producing a multicoat paint system on a metallic substrate, in which a basecoat or a plurality of directly successive basecoats are produced directly on a metallic substrate coated with a cured electrocoat, a clearcoat is produced directly on the one basecoat or the uppermost of the plurality of basecoats, and then the one or more basecoats and the clearcoat are jointly cured, and wherein at least one basecoat material used for production of the basecoats comprises at least one aqueous dispersion comprising at least one copolymer (cp), said copolymer (cp) being preparable by initially charging an aqueous dispersion of at least one polyurethane, and then polymerizing a mixture of olefinically unsaturated monomers in the presence of the polyurethane from (i), in which a water-soluble initiator is used, the olefinically unsaturated monomers are metered in such that a concentration of 6.0% by weight, based on the total amount of olefinically unsaturated monomers used for polymerization, in the reaction solution is not exceeded over the entire reaction time, and the mixture of the olefinically unsaturated monomers comprises at least one polyolefinically unsaturated monomer, and comprises at least one linear hydroxy-functional reaction product (r) having an acid number less than 20 mg koh/g, the preparation of which involves using at least one compound (v) containing two functional groups (v.1) and an aliphatic or araliphatic hydrocarbyl radical (v.2) which is arranged between the functional groups and has 12 to 70 carbon atoms.. .
Basf Coatings Gmbh


Magnetic based device for retrieving a misplaced article

A device for locating and retrieving a misplaced foreign body that has metallic characteristics includes a shaft connected to a handle and a retrieval tool that is coupled to the shaft and moves between a deployed position and collapsed position. The tool has a magnetic element that generates a magnetic field, wherein the magnetic field extends over a greater area in the deployed position and is of sufficient strength to attract the foreign body such that it is held in contact with the tool.
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai


Device for use in orthopaedic surgery

A device (10) for use in orthopaedic surgery includes a metallic central member (30). The device also includes an outer portion (20) comprising a polymer, which can be moulded around the metallic central member.
Depuy (ireland)


Closure device with magnetic interlocking logo

Magnetic interlocking closure device made of two main components different one another and frontally-interpenetrating, one “male” and the other “female”, in which shapes with complex outlines, such as those of a logo or of the customizable initials of a name, give shape to the “male” and, by subtraction, to the “female”, which allows to reversibly hold together two overlapping openable surfaces of materials such as fabric, leather, leather-imitation, cardboard, wood, other materials such as metallic, organic, minerals, ceramics, glass, composites, or a combination of them, which, by way of example, but not as a limitation, may be those of bags, handbags or of other containers such as purses, boxes, sheaths, cases, protective cases, or of pieces of apparel such as jackets, coats, raincoats, trousers, skirts, belts, necklaces, bracelets.. .


Housing and control unit having a housing

A housing (1) is described, which is designed for accommodating an electric and/or electronic circuit (2), the housing (1) having at least one first (4) and a second (5) housing part corresponding to the first, at least one metallic layer (8) being disposed in the area of at least one inner side of the housing parts (4, 5), and the metallic layer (8) having at least one electric contact surface (11) designed to contact the electric and/or electronic circuit (2).. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Structural concrete mix for construction for electromagnetic wave/pulse shielding

Conductive concrete mixtures are described that are configured to provide emp shielding and reflect and/or absorb, for instance, em waves propagating through the conductive concrete mixture. The conductive concrete mixtures include cement, water, conductive carbon material, magnetic material, and metallic conductive material.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska


Bi-based solder alloy, bonding electronic component using the same, and electronic component-mounted board

A bi-based solder alloy includes ag and al, is substantially free of pb, and has a bi content of 80 mass % or more, a solidus of a melting point of 265° c. Or more, and a liquidus of 390° c.


Induction heating device for shaving and cosmetic applications

An induction-heating device for heating and or melting a heat affected product zone of shaving or cosmetic products (6a) stored in a product container (6) which consists of a layer of said product immediately below a top product surface and heated by an electrically conductive metallic target member (7) having through-passages overlying said top product surface and energized by an induction coil (3) into which an electromagnetic field is generated by electronic circuitry for a predetermined time period into said product container, thereby permitting said heated and or melted product to flow through said through-passages onto said top surface of said target member to be collected by a user for shaving or cosmetic purposes.. .
Alps South Europe S.r.o.


Three-dimensionally contoured, acoustically effective heat shield for a motor vehicle and the production thereof

A three-dimensionally contoured, acoustically effective heat shield for a motor vehicle, includes a heat reflection layer made of a metallic material, such as aluminum, and an acoustic insulation layer made of a thermoformable, rubber-elastic and thermoplastic material, and a hot-melt adhesive film made of a polymer material. The adhesive film is disposed between the heat reflection layer and the insulation layer and forms a plane mechanical connection between the heat reflection layer and the insulation layer.
Carcoustics Techconsult Gmbh


Cable connector assembly having internal metallic shield

A cable connector assembly includes: a printed circuit board (pcb) having a front end, a rear end, and an intermediate portion; a cable electrically connected to the rear end of the pcb; an inner metal member disposed about the intermediate portion of the pcb; an insulating member holding the inner metal member in position relative to the pcb; a metallic shield disposed around the insulating member; a front metal casing engaging the metallic shield; a rear metal casing surrounding a front of the cable and engaging the front metal casing; and an outer over-mold surrounding the front and rear metal casings.. .
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited


Electrical connector assembly having waterproof function and manufacturing the same

The present invention relates to an electrical connector assembly comprising: an insulative housing; a plurality of terminals received into the insulative housing; metallic shell enclosing the insulative housing; and waterproof material sandwiched between the insulative housing and the metallic shell.. .
Shenzhen Everwin Precision Technology Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and connecting a cable to a high temperature circuit

Connecting a capacitive measuring probe at elevated temperatures is achieved by direct attachment of metallic connecting components on a temperature substrate. A method and apparatus for a high temperature cable to circuit board connection involves a set or plurality of connecting elements that are soldered directly on the circuit board and a set or plurality of mating connecting elements that are soldered to a secondary circuit board having soldering pads for a cable..
Advantec Sensing As


Waterproof electrical connector assembly and manufacturing same

A waterproof electrical connector assembly includes: an insulative housing; plural contacts retained to the housing; a metallic shield secured to the housing; an insulative cover enclosing the shield to define a rear chamber; a substrate connected to the contacts and having an edge portion, the edge portion extending forwardly into the rear chamber; and a sealing member filling the rear chamber. A method for manufacturing such a waterproof electrical connector assembly includes: mounting a metallic shield to a combined insulative housing and electrical contacts; connecting a substrate to the electrical contacts; enclosing an insulative cover over the shield and an edge portion of the substrate to define a chamber; and sealing the chamber..
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited


Multiband antenna having external conductor and electronic device including the same

A multiband antenna includes a conductive connecting member, an external conductor, and a conductor frame. The conductive connecting member is disposed on a non-metallic region of an electronic device.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Organometallic compound, composition containing the organometallic compound, and organic light-emitting device including the organometallic compound or composition

Wherein, in formula 1, groups an variables are the same as described in the specification.. .


Organometallic compound, composition containing organometallic compound, and organic light-emitting device including the same

Wherein in formula 1, r11 to r20, l11, m11, and n11 are the same as described in the specification.. .


Organic lighting emitting display device including light absorbing layer and manufacturing same

A method of preparing a display device including a plurality of pixels where a plurality of gate lines cross a plurality of data lines, respectively, each of the pixels including a thin film transistor (tft) region and a display region, the method can include: forming a thin film transistor (tft) in the tft region; and forming a light emitting element for displaying images based on signals from the tft in the display region, in which a metallic layer is disposed in the tft region for electrical connection of the tft; and a light absorbing layer configured to absorb at least part of light propagating toward the metallic layer is disposed on the metallic layer between the metallic layer and one of a gate insulating layer, an active layer, an interlayer dielectric layer and a substrate.. .
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Enhanced channel mobility three-dimensional memory structure and making thereof

A stack including an alternating plurality of first material layers and second material layers is provided. A memory opening is formed and at least a contiguous semiconductor material portion including a semiconductor channel is formed therein.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.


Apparatuses and methods for depositing sic/sicn films via cross-metathesis reactions with organometallic co-reactants

Disclosed herein are methods of forming sic/sicn film layers on surfaces of semiconductor substrates. The methods may include introducing a silicon-containing film-precursor and an organometallic ligand transfer reagent into a processing chamber, adsorbing the silicon-containing film-precursor, the organometallic ligand transfer reagent, or both onto a surface of a semiconductor substrate under conditions whereby either or both form an adsorption-limited layer, and reacting the silicon-containing film-precursor with the organometallic ligand transfer reagent, after either or both have formed the adsorption-limited layer.
Novellus Systems, Inc.


Gamma radiation stand-off detection, tamper detection, and authentication via resonant meta-material structures

Resonant meta-material structures are defined by metallic, dielectric or other materials that form nanoshells or nanomeshes that can be situated proximate to ionizing-radiation-sensitive layers so as to provide ionizing-radiation-dose-dependent optical properties. Such meta-material structures can also define aligned or periodic, semi-random, or other arrangements of nanostructures that are coupled to or include stressed layers.
Battelle Memorial Institute


System and inspecting subsea vertical pipeline

A device for discovering, identification and monitoring, of mechanical flaws in metallic structures is disclosed, based on magneto-graphic/magnetic tomography technique to identify stress-related defects. The device can determine the position of the defect or stress including depth information.


Methods of and measuring metal cleanliness

Methods and apparatus for measuring the cleanliness of molten metals. Direct current is passed between electrodes through molten metal advancing through a passage in an electrically resistive wall.
Novelis Inc.


Superhigh torsional strength, metallic and airtight drillrod coupler

The present invention discloses a superhigh torsional strength, metallic and airtight drillrod coupler, which comprises: an externally threaded coupler, which has a radially outward outer shoulder at an end thereof in an axial direction and an inner end face at the other end thereof in the axial direction, with an externally threaded section and a first sealing face being provided in sequence in the axial direction of the externally threaded coupler from the outer shoulder to the inner end face; and an internally threaded coupler to be threadedly connected to said externally threaded coupler, the internally threaded coupler having a radially inward inner shoulder at an end thereof in an axial direction and an outer end face at the other end thereof in the axial direction, with a second sealing face and an internally threaded section to be engaged with the externally threaded section being provided in sequence in the axial direction of the internally threaded coupler from the inner shoulder to the outer end face; wherein said inner end face mates with a shoulder face of the inner shoulder, and the outer end face mates with a shoulder face of the outer shoulder; and the first sealing face and the second sealing face are both sloped faces, and are in an interference-fit sealed connection with each other. The drillrod coupler has a relatively high torsional strength, good airtight sealing performance, and good performance in terms of repeated threaded connection and disconnection..
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.


Metallic insert with smooth contours for use with composite working members

A rotary working component is provided for use in a pump, compressor, blower or the like. The rotary working component can include an impeller, rotor, fan blade or other similar component and includes a metallic insert and a composite structure overmolded on the metallic insert.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Fan blade root

A dovetail root of a fan blade configured for operation within the fan assembly of a gas turbine engine. The dovetail root is imparted with a compressive residual stress layer along the outer faces of the dovetail root preventing crack formation within the dovetail root when the gas turbine engine is in operation.
United Technologies Corporation


Turbine blade tip repair

A method for repairing a blade wherein the blade comprises a metallic substrate shaped to define an airfoil having a tip. A coating is on the tip.
United Technologies Corporation


Hot section repair of metallic coatings

Aspects of the disclosure are directed to a servicing of an airfoil of an aircraft engine. A first portion of a first bondcoat layer may be removed from the airfoil while leaving a second portion of the first bondcoat layer intact on the airfoil.
United Technologies Corporation


Method and device for the formation of borehole casing by application of material layers by means of kinetic sputtering

A formation of a borehole casing by application of material layers is achieved by means of kinetic sputtering. Specifically, the formation is achieved by additive kinetic sputtering of metallic, non-metallic and composite materials using acceleration and heating of material powder particles and subsequent plastic deformation of deformable powder fraction upon the impact onto the surface.
Ga Drilling, A.s.


A rock removal body

A rock removal body comprises a pcd material (601) bonded to a substrate (602) along an interface. The body is of right circular cylindrical shape and the pcd material has a thickness (607) from the circumferential edge axially along the surface of the barrel portion of around 3 mm or greater, and a functional working volume (606) having a maximum extent such that the final wear surface does not intersect the interface of the pcd material volume and the substrate.
Element Six Abrasives S.a.


Apparatus and recovery of material generated during electrochemical material removal in acidic electrolytes

A method for recycling metallic material produced by an electrochemical material removal process. The method includes flowing an electrolyte solution between an anode workpiece and a cathode tool in a first electrolytic process, the first electrolytic process including applying a first electrolytic current and voltage between the anode workpiece and the cathode tool and thereby causing metal ions to be removed from the anode workpiece and dissolved and substantially retained in the electrolyte solution.
Faraday Technology, Inc.


Multilayer coating for a component

A multilayer coating for a metallic surface of a component is provided. The multilayer coating includes a first coating having a metal nitride.
Caterpillar Inc.


Copper-gallium sputtering target

A ga-containing and cu-containing sputtering target has a ga content of from 30 to 68 at %. The sputtering target contains only cuga2 as ga-containing and cu-containing intermetallic phase or the proportion by volume of cuga2 is greater than the proportion by volume of cu9ga4.
Plansee Se


Application of metallic glass coating for improving fatigue resistance of aluminum alloys

A zr-based or zr—cu based metallic glass thin film (mgtf) coated on aluminum alloy substrate and a method of fabricating the metallic glass and mgtf coated on aluminum alloy substrate are disclosed. The zr-based metallic glass thin film-coated aluminum alloy substrate of the present invention comprises: an aluminum alloy substrate; and a zr-based metallic glass thin film located on the substrate, in which the zr-based metallic glass is represented by the formula of (zracubnicald)100-xsix, wherein 45=<a=<75, 25=<b=<35, 5=<c=<15, 5=<d=<15, 0.1=<x=<10.
National Central University


Slurry chromizing compositions

Slurry coating composition for selectively enriching surface regions of a metal-based substrate, for example, the under-platform regions of a turbine blade, with chromium. The slurry coating composition contains metallic chromium, optionally metallic aluminum in a lesser amount by weight than chromium, and optionally other constituents.
General Electric Company


Preparation of ultra high molecular weight ethylene copolymer

The invention relates to a process for the preparation of a particulate ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (puhmwpe copolymer, comprising the steps of preparing a magnesium containing carrier, loading the carrier with a organometallic compound forming a supported catalyst and contacting the supported catalyst with ethylene and at least one olefinic co-monomer under polymerization conditions, wherein the organometallic compound is of the formula r33p═n—ticpxn.. .
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.


Intermetallic and composite metallic gap filler

A structural assembly of an aircraft which includes a structural element constructed of a composite material which includes a matrix material and plurality of fibers positioned to extend through the matrix material, wherein at least a portion of the plurality of fibers are accessible from a surface of the structural element. A fastener secures the structural element to a structural component.
The Boeing Company


Method for joining metallic member and resin member to each other, manufacturing cooler, and cooler

A polar functional group is added onto a surface of a metallic member (1). A resin member (2) contains an adhesive functional group.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Polycrystalline diamond construction with controlled gradient metal content

Polycrystalline diamond constructions comprises a diamond body attached to a metallic substrate, and having an engineered metal content. The body comprises bonded together diamond crystals with a metal material disposed interstitially between the crystals.
Smith International, Inc.


Acoustic manipulation and laser processing of particles for repair and manufacture of metallic components

A disclosed method includes the steps of generating at least one ultrasonic standing wave (6′) between at least one set of mutually-opposed ultrasonic transducers (20a, 20b), dispensing metal-containing particles (22, 24, 26) into a node (14) located within the ultrasonic standing wave such that the particles are trapped in the node, positioning a surface of a substrate (160) proximate to the node, melting the particles with an energy beam to form a melt pool (170) in contact with the surface, and allowing the melt pool to cool and solidify into a metal deposit (176) bound to the surface. Apparatuses for carrying out such methods are also disclosed..
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Method for producing a metal-ceramic soldered connection

A method for producing a material-bonding metal-ceramic soldered connection of an uncoated ceramic body to a metal part uses a metallic solder and begins by choosing the metal part with a 50% fraction of an oxygen-affine element; choosing the ceramic body with at least 80% aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, silicon oxide or an alloy thereof; choosing an inactive, eutectic or near-eutectic solder; and forming a structure with the ceramic body and the metal part with an intermediate space between the their opposing surfaces. The solder is introduced into the intermediate space or the vicinity thereof.
Kristler Holding Ag


In-situ selective reinforcement of near-net-shaped formed structures

Various embodiments provide methods in which a metal matrix composite (mmc) material is incorporated into a metallic structure during a one-step near-net-shape structural forming process. Various embodiments provide in-situ selective reinforcement processes in which the mmc may be pre-placed on a forming tool in locations that correspond to specific regions in the metallic structure.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


Highly durable dual use catheter for analyte sensing and drug delivery

This invention pertains to the concept of creating a strip that contains one or more amperometric biosensing electrodes and integrating this strip into the outer wall of a hollow catheter (cannula). The electrodes can be used for continuous sensing of an analyte such as glucose and the hollow lumen can be used concurrently for delivery of a drug such as insulin.
Pacific Diabetes Technologies


Multifunctional metal nanoparticles having a polydopamine-based surface and methods of making and using the same

The present invention provides nanoparticles including a metallic core having a length along each axis of from 1 to 100 nanometers and a coating disposed on at least part of the surface of the metallic core, wherein the coating comprises polydopamine, along with methods for making and using such nanoparticles. The metallic core may be gold, silver or iron oxide and the polydopamine coating may have other substances bound to it, such as silver, targeting ligands or antibodies, or other therapeutic or imaging contrast agents.
Northwestern University


Basket catheter with microelectrode array distal tip

A catheter adapted for greater mapping resolution and location precision has a basket-shaped, high density electrode assembly for large-area mapping, and an integrated distal tip providing an array of ultra-high density microelectrodes for acute focal mapping. The basket-shaped electrode assembly 18 has a plurality of electrode-carrying spines and the distal tip has a nonmetallic, electrically insulating substrate body with indentations in which microelectrodes are positioned in a manner that the outer surface is generally flush with the outer surface of the substrate body to present a generally smooth, atraumatic distal tip profile..
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.


Card tray for electronic device and tray carrier assembly using the same

A card tray for use in electronic devices is disclosed that can improve tray durability, eliminate the occurrence of resin flash during insert molding, and simplify the tray mold structure. The card tray for electronic devices according to a preferred embodiment may be a card tray for electronic device use for insertion into and withdrawal from a card socket of an electronic device with a card loaded thereon, comprising a tray body made of a nonmetallic material whereon is formed a card mounting hole or mounting recess for mounting the card, and a metal frame part that is coupled to the tray body so that the cross section protrudes from the front of the tray body..
Molex, Llc


Radio unit and method performed by a radio unit operable in a base station system of a wireless communication network for reducing interference at the radio unit

Disclosed is a method performed by a radio unit (10) operable in a base station system of a wireless communication network, for reducing interference at the ru. The base station system comprises a baseband unit (30) the radio unit (10) and a plurality of radio heads (21-26) wherein the radio unit is connected to the plurality of radio heads via a number of metallic conductors (40), and wherein a signal is to be communicated to the radio unit at a first frequency range over one of the number of metallic conductors from one of the plurality of radio heads.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)


Antenna and electronic device having the same

An antenna of an electronic device is provided. The antenna includes a substrate including a ground portion, an external metallic frame of the electronic device, a float ground portion arranged to be connected to the external metallic frame in a state of being disconnected from the substrate, and at least one radiator electrically connected to the float ground portion.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device with tunable work function

The metal-oxide semiconductor structure includes a substrate, a gate dielectric multi-layer, an etch stop layer, a work function metallic layer, a barrier layer and a silicide layer. The substrate has a trench.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Molybdenum-containing conductive layers for control gate electrodes in a memory structure

A memory film and a semiconductor channel can be formed within each memory opening that extends through a stack including an alternating plurality of insulator layers and sacrificial material layers. After formation of backside recesses through removal of the sacrificial material layers selective to the insulator layers, a metallic barrier material portion can be formed in each backside recess.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.


Lighting module with semiconductor light sources and carrier plate

Various embodiments may relate to a lighting module which is equipped with several semiconductor light sources, in particular led-chips and includes a metallic carrier plate. Several metallic carrier substrates are arranged on the carrier plate and are electrically insulated therefrom.
Osram Gmbh


Power semiconductor chip with a metallic moulded body for contacting thick wires or strips and the production thereof

The invention relates to a power semiconductor chip (10) having at least one upper-sided potential surface and contacting thick wires (50) or strips, comprising a connecting layer (i) on the potential surfaces, and at least one metal moulded body (24, 25) on the connecting layer(s), the lower flat side thereof facing the potential surface being provided with a coating to be applied to the connecting layer (i) according to a connection method, and the material composition thereof and the thickness of the related thick wires (50) or strips arranged on the upper side of the moulded body used according to the method for contacting are selected corresponding to the magnitude.. .
Danfoss Silicon Power Gmbh


Systems and methods for non-visual spatial interfacing with a computer

A device and method for operating a computer system without sight to explore and edit spatially portrayed data represented in a tactile format is described. Specifically, the system includes a work surface having a plurality of actuatable magnets located below the work surface.


Keyboard module and notebook computer with the same

A keyboard module includes plural keys, a switch circuit board and a metallic bottom plate. The plural keys and the switch circuit board are disposed on the metallic bottom plate.
Primax Electronics Ltd.


Gas sensor

A gas sensor includes a gas sensor element, a metallic shell, and a tubular protector fixed at a front side of the metallic shell. A front end of the gas sensor element faces an internal space formed between an inner surface of the protector and an inner surface of the metallic shell.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.


Heat exchanger and producing a heat exchanger

A heat exchanger is provided that includes a housing and an exchanger region which is arranged in the housing and has tubes and at least one base, wherein the tubes are connected to the at least one base, wherein the housing is manufactured from a plastic and has a housing inner surface, wherein the housing inner surface is covered at least in regions or in sections by at least one metallic element for protecting the housing from a thermal load. The invention further relates to a method for producing a heat exchanger..
Mahle International Gmbh


Insulation for baking ovens and baking oven with such insulation

Baking oven insulation (1), comprising at least a first insulating layer (2) composed of a fibre material, a metallic sheet material layer (3) and a second insulating layer (4) at least partially composed of a fibre material, wherein the first and second insulating layers (2, 4) are located at opposite sides of the metallic sheet material layer (3), wherein the first insulating layer (2) is an inner layer to be arranged immediately at the outer side of a cavity wall (12) of a baking oven (10) and immediately at the inner side of the metallic sheet material layer, and the second insulating layer (4) is an outer layer adapted to be spaced from the cavity wall (12) of the baking oven (1) wherein the first insulating layer (2) comprises a thickness d which enables the metallic sheet material layer to efficiently reflect the thermal radiation from the cavity wall and which enables the first insulating layer to reduce the heat conduction from the cavity wall to the metallic sheet layer (3).. .
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


Led light bulb

The led light bulb comprises an outer case, a heatsink, an led light module, a power driver and a metallic bulb base. The led light module includes a circuit board and an led light source.
Jiaxing Super Lighting Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.


Led light bulb

The led light bulb comprises an outer case, a heatsink, an led light module, a power driver and a metallic bulb base. The led light module includes a circuit board and an led light source.
Jiaxing Super Lighting Electric Appliance Co., Ltd


Metallic flange connection gasket

A metallic flange connection gasket to be used for sealing between flanges on pipes or between attractable pipe flange and flange of an operational unit, e.g. Pump or valve, the gasket exhibiting at least a pair of circling first ridges, the ridges thereof protruding from opposite faces of the gasket, right opposite to each other, and at least one first valley being adjacent a respective one of the first ridges and recessed in a respective face of the gasket.
Otechos As


Bicycle brake pad and manufacturing bicycle brake pad

A bicycle brake pad includes a friction member and a first support member. The friction member includes a first intermetallic compound.
Shimano Inc.


Damper device

The metallic core seat part is provided along the spring seating surface in the seat portion of the spring seats. The metallic core exposed portion is exposed so as to be capable of abutting the coil springs.

Metallic topics: Binder Material, Crystallin, Semiconductor, Combustion, Pressure Sensor, Scattering, Optical Fiber, Cathodic Protection, Metallic Compound, Alpha Particle, Radioactive, Replacement Gate, Silicon Nitride, Planarization, Semiconductor Devices

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