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Metallic patents


This page is updated frequently with new Metallic-related patent applications.

new patent Electrical connector having improved contact module and making same
An electrical connector includes an insulative housing, a number of contacts, a shielding plate, and a metallic shell. The insulative housing defines a number of contact-receiving grooves and a number of through holes connecting with adjacent contact-receiving grooves.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

new patent Card connector having pre-assembled ejector shaft
A card connector includes an insulative housing defining a front-and-rear direction, a number of contacts accommodated in the insulative housing, a metallic shell enclosing the insulative housing to form a receiving space and an ejector having a shaft received in the right of the receiving space and an actuator driven by the ejector. The metallic shell has a receiving slot receiving the shaft, and an upper wall and a lower wall around the receiving slot.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

new patent Electrical connector having improved contact module and making same
An electrical connector includes a number of first contacts and a number of second contacts, an insulative housing, a shielding plate, and a metallic shell. The insulative housing has a base portion, a tongue portion, and a number of receiving grooves running through the base portion to the tongue portion.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

new patent Nonmetallic push-in connector
A push-in connector generally having an interior channel equipped with longitudinal protrusions that run at least part of the length of the interior channel of the connector body to define grooves through which wires of a different gauges can be inserted. When the user rotates the connector body about its longitudinal axis, the interior channel defines a second gauge through which a wire of a second gauge can pass.

new patent Electrical plug connector
An electrical plug connector includes a metallic shell, an insulated housing, a plurality of plug terminals, a plurality of tooth portions, and a routing block. The insulated housing is received in the metallic shell.
Advanced-connectek Inc.

new patent Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
When the organometallic compound represented by ml1l2 is used as a dopant in the emission layer of an organic light-emitting device, the organic light-emitting device may have low driving voltage and high quantum efficiency.. .

new patent Light emitting compounds
Claimed is a cyclometallated organometallic light emitting complex having two tridentate ligand portions sharing a central heterocycle “a” providing a binding-site for each of the two metals (formula i): formula (i): a more illustrative embodiment is formula (xii): characterizing for the invention is that either one of xi and x2 and either one of y1 and y2 is carbon. The dinuclear complexes are for use in oleds..
Merck Patent Gmbh

new patent Organic light-emitting display device
An organic light-emitting display device includes a pixel including a first sub-pixel, a second sub-pixel, a third sub-pixel, and a fourth sub-pixel, where the first sub-pixel includes a first emission layer that emits a first color light, the second sub-pixel includes a second emission layer that emits a second color light, the third sub-pixel includes a third emission layer that emits a third color light, and the fourth sub-pixel includes a fourth emission layer that emits a fourth color light; the first color light, the second color light, the third color light, and the fourth color light are different from each other; at least one emission layer selected from the first emission layer, the second emission layer, the third emission layer, and the fourth emission layer includes an organometallic compound; and the organometallic compound includes iridium (ir).. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

new patent Composition for forming n-type diffusion layer, forming n-type diffusion layer, producing semiconductor substrate with n-type diffusion layer, and producing photovoltaic cell element
A composition for forming an n-type diffusion layer, comprising glass particles that comprise a donor element, a dispersing medium, and an organometallic compound; a method of forming an n-type diffusion layer; a method of producing a semiconductor substrate with n-type diffusion layer; and a method of producing a photovoltaic cell element.. .
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

new patent Thin film transistor, array substrate and manufacturing the same
The disclosed provides a thin film transistor, an array substrate, a display device and methods of manufacturing the thin film transistor and the array substrate. An active layer of the thin film transistor is formed of metallic oxide material, and a source electrode and a drain electrode of the thin film transistor both are formed of graphene or silver nanowire.
Hefei Boe Optolectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

new patent

Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device includes a first circuit layer, a copper pillar disposed adjacent to the first circuit layer, a second circuit layer and a solder layer. The second circuit layer includes an electrical contact and a surface finish layer disposed on the electrical contact, wherein a material of the surface finish layer is a combination of at least two of nickel, gold, and palladium.
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.

new patent

Super-resolution microscopy methods and systems enhanced by dielectric microspheres or microcylinders used in combination with metallic nanostructures

Methods and systems for the super-resolution imaging can make visible strongly subwavelength feature sizes (even below 100 nm) in the optical images of biomedical or any nanoscale structures. The main application of the proposed methods and systems is related to label-free imaging where biological or other objects are not stained with fluorescent dye molecules or with fluorophores.

new patent

Force sensing resistor with external conductive layer

Embodiments of a force sensing resistor (fsr) are disclosed. The fsr has one or more external conductive layers, applied to at least part of the contact surface of the fsr, so that when a conductive probe presses the fsr, initial zero-force contact with the fsr can be detected immediately.

new patent

Strain gage based failure detection of a fluid film bearing

A system and method for detecting a failure of a fluid film bearing is disclosed. The system and method use one or more non-laser based strain transducers to detect changes in the frequency spectrum of the pressure of the fluid film at one or more locations in the bearing to identify failure or the risk of failure of the bearing.
Pioneer Engineering Co

new patent

Expanding multi-faced work light flashlight

A combination flash light and work light. The device can also be provided with a usb receptacle port for electrically connecting a cable to recharge the internal battery or using the internal battery to charge another electronic device.

new patent

Abrasive tip blade manufacture methods

In a method for manufacturing a blade, the blade comprises: an airfoil (100) having a root end and a tip (106); a metallic substrate (102) along at least a portion of the airfoil; and a tip coating (152) comprising an oxide abrasive (156) and an aluminum-based matrix (154). The method comprises simultaneous thermal spray of the matrix and the abrasive..
United Technologies Corporation

new patent

Article having metal oxide coating

Provided is an article having a metal oxide coating employing a novel configuration exhibiting both color and metallic luster. The article having a metal oxide coating disclosed herein is provided with a base material including a metal material and a metal oxide coating including a metal oxide coated onto the surface of the base material.
Fujimi Incorporated

new patent

Method of manufacturing zn-mg alloy-coated steel sheet with excellent blackening resistance and excellent adhesion

The present invention relates to a zn—mg alloy-coated steel sheet with excellent blackening resistance and excellent coating adhesion and to a method for manufacturing same. Provided are a zn—mg alloy-coated steel sheet with excellent blackening resistance and excellent adhesion and a method for manufacturing same, the steel sheet comprising: a substrate steel sheet; a zn—fe intermetallic compound layer formed on the substrate steel sheet; a first zn—mg coating layer formed on the zn—fe intermetallic compound layer and comprising a zn—fe intermetallic compound in which the content of zn is 95% by weight or higher; a second zn—mg coating layer formed on the first zn—mg coating layer and comprising a zn—mg intermetallic compound in which the content of zn is 80 to 95% by weight; and an oxide film formed on the second.

new patent

Method for crushing hard tungsten carbide scraps

Provided are a method for crushing hard tungsten carbide (wc) scraps which is a pre-step of alkaline leaching and acid leaching processes for recycling of tungsten and cobalt, the method including mixing hard tungsten carbide (wc) scraps such as chips, wires, bolts, drills, etc., that are metalworking tools to be discarded after being used, with aluminum, followed by heating to a high temperature, to form an intermetallic compound, metal oxides, or mixtures thereof in a sponge form, and crushing the intermetallic compound, the metal oxides, or the mixtures thereof in a sponge form. Further, provided is a method for recovering tungsten and cobalt from hard tungsten carbide (wc) scrap powder through alkaline leaching and acid leaching methods,.
Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources

new patent

Methods for modifying and enhancing material properties of additive manufactured metallic parts

A device for additive manufacturing of an object. The device includes: a first probe configured to form the object; and a work-hardening second probe, where the work-hardening second probe is an ultrasonic probe, and further where the second probe is configured to emit ultrasonic energy to modify a substructure of the object during manufacture; wherein the first probe is configured to increase a temperature of at least a portion of a first layer of the object facing the first probe, to a first depth; and wherein the second probe is configured to work-harden the at least a portion of the first layer of the object facing the first probe, to a second depth, the second depth being greater than the first depth..
Clarkson University

new patent

Biosensors including metallic nanocavities

Devices and methods relating to biological assays are provided. In one exemplary aspect, a detection-enhancement element for a biological assay can include a substrate, a metallic layer on at least one surface of the substrate and including at least one nanocavity, a transparent film positioned between the substrate and the metallic layer; and capture molecules within the at least one nanocavity.
University Of Utah Research Foundation

new patent

Process for the industrial synthesis of sordidin

The present invention relates to a process for preparing sordidin, comprising a step of preparing 4-(2-ethyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-yl)pentan-2-one by means of a reaction in which 2-ethyl-2-(pent-4-en-2-yl)-1,3-dioxolane is oxidized in the presence of a catalyst chosen from the group comprising organometallic complexes of transition metals.. .
M2i Salin

new patent

Method for manufacturing a pvc film structure for packaging candy

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a spool of pvc film, fine characteristics of which make it possible to manufacture a stiff pvc film that is transparent, colored or metallic, partially coated front and back with a thermosealable lacquer, having a specific chemical composition, which conforms to a defined shape, both in design and angles, characterized in that the enamel-type substance is continuously applied on one side of the longitudinal pvc film, such that the substance is applied to the peripheral portion of said side of the pvc film, the substance not being applied to the center portion, and at continuous application of the enamel substance on the other side of the same longitudinal pvc film, such that the substance is applied to the entire said other side of the pvc film, the film being printed with a design. The problems of jamming of the material are avoided, thus optimizing the packaging speed and substantially improving the look of the final packaged product..
Minipak S.a.s.

new patent

Vehicle mirror mount assembly

An interior rearview mirror assembly for a vehicle includes a mirror head, a mounting member and an attachment member. The mirror head includes a mirror casing and a reflective element.
Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

new patent

Liquid ejecting apparatus

A liquid ejecting apparatus includes a signal modulation section that causes an original drive signal to be pulse-modulated to generate a modulation signal, a signal amplification section that amplifies the modulation signal to generate an amplification modulation signal, a coil that smooths the amplification modulation signal to generate a drive signal, a piezoelectric element that deforms when the drive signal is applied thereto, a cavity that expands or contracts due to deformation of the piezoelectric element, and a nozzle that communicates with the cavity and ejects a liquid in accordance with increase and decrease of a pressure inside the cavity. The coil is a metallic alloy type..
Seiko Epson Corporation

new patent

Conditioning gas turbine engine components for increasing fuel efficiency

The present invention relates to a conditioning method of gas turbine engine components (e.g. Compressor blades and vanes) for increasing fuel efficiency.
Envaerospace Inc.

new patent

Metallic compositions useful for brazing, and related processes and devices

A braze alloy composition is disclosed, containing nickel, about 5% to about 40% of at least one refractory metal selected from niobium, tantalum, or molybdenum; about 2% to about 32% chromium; and about 0.5% to about 10% of at least one active metal element. An electrochemical cell that includes two components joined to each other by such a braze composition is also described.
General Electric Company

new patent

Metallic monomer used as ionomeric additives for ionomers and polyolefins

(ii)(a) at least one polyolefin or (ii)(b) at least one ionomer.. .

new patent

Cage amine ligands for metallo-radiopharmaceuticals

The present invention relates to compounds that are useful as metal ligands and which can be bound to a biological entity such as a molecular recognition moiety and methods of making these compounds. Once the compounds that are bound to a biological entity are coordinated with a suitable metallic radionuclide, the coordinated compounds are useful as radiopharmaceuticals in the areas of radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging.
The University Of Melbourne

new patent

Marker materials and forms for magnetic marker localization (mml)

A magnetic marker for marking a site in tissue in the body. In one embodiment, the marker comprises a magnetic metallic glass.
Endomagnetics Ltd

new patent

Mechanically driven ultrasound scanning system and method

Described herein are radiolucent imaging devices and methods capable of acquiring real-time 2d, 3d, or 4d images. By using remote-actuation techniques to mechanically drive an ultrasound transducer element in multiple directions, the majority of dense metallic components typically present in the ultrasound probe itself are eliminated.
Sonitrack Systems, Inc.

Electrcial connector with improved shielding performance

An electrical connector includes an insulating housing, contacts, a shielding plate disposed in the housing and a metallic shell. The housing includes a base and a mating tongue, the base includes a retaining portion and a supporting portion extending downwards beyond the retaining portion.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

Electrical receptacle connector

An electrical receptacle connector includes a metallic shell, an insulated housing, a plurality of first receptacle terminals, and a plurality of second receptacle terminals. The insulated housing is received in the receiving cavity.
Advanced-connectek Inc.

Electrical connector having improved insulative housing

An electrical connector includes an insulative housing, a number of terminals carried by the insulative housing, a metallic shielding plate retained in the insulative housing, and a shielding shell attached to the insulative housing. The insulative housing has a number of receiving slots located at a back-end thereof.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

Housing, electronic device having the housing, and manufacturing the housing

A housing includes a metallic base defining a slit, a plurality of metallic members arranged in the slit at intervals, and a non-conductive member formed between each two neighboring metallic members and between the metallic base and the metallic members adjacent to the metallic base. The plurality of the metallic pieces and the metallic base are connected by the non-conductive member.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Metallic plate with at least one measuring structure and producing a metallic plate with at least one measuring structure

A metallic plate for an electrochemical system is provided. The plate has at least one measuring structure formed in one piece with the plate.

Negative material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery using negative material

A nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery comprising an anode (3), a cathode (2) and a nonaqueous electrolyte. The anode includes composite particles having a carbon material included in a metallic material.
Sony Corporation

Stabilised (partially) lithiated graphite materials, methods for the production thereof and use for lithium batteries

Described is a coated, (partly) lithiated graphite powder characterized in that it has been produced in a non-electrochemical process from metallic lithium and graphite in powder form and has been stabilized outside an electrochemical cell by application of a coating layer; and a galvanic cell comprising a cathode, a lithium-conductive electrolyte-separator system and an anode comprising a coated, (partly) lithiated graphite powder, where the (partial) lithiation and the coating of the graphite powder are performed non-electrochemically outside the galvanic cell (ex situ).. .
Rockwood Lithium Gmbh

Electric storage device

An electric storage device includes an electrode assembly, a case that includes a defining wall and houses the electrode assembly, a sealing member that is arranged on the defining wall, and a conductive member that is electrically connected to the electrode assembly, the conductive member being supported by the sealing member. At least a portion of the defining wall where the sealing member is arranged includes an aluminum-based metallic material.
Gs Yuasa International Ltd.

Folded laminate battery cell

Methods and battery cells formed thereby are provided that minimize issues with an exposed metallic layer at the peripheral edge of a flexible laminate forming a battery cell pouch. Sealing the periphery of the pouch is optimized projecting terminals of the electrochemical cell through perforations in the flexible laminate at a folded edge thereof.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Array substrate and manufacturing the same

An array substrate comprises a substrate, a common electrode formed on the substrate, a light shielding layer disposed on the common electrode, an insulating layer disposed on the light shielding layer and the common electrode, a poly-silicon layer, a gate insulating layer, a gate connected with the common electrode by a hole, a medium layer and a source drain. A method for manufacturing the array substrate comprises forming a transparent conductive layer and a first metallic layer on the substrate, forming patterned common electrode and light shielding layer by multiple steps of etching so that a process of photomask can be saved, and forming holes connecting with the common electrode and the gate by a photomask etching process, then manufacturing a medium layer and a source drain.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Method for electrical coupling and electric coupling arrangement

A method for electrically coupling a pad and a front face of a pillar, including shaping the front face pillar, the front face having at least partially a convex surface, applying a suspension to the front face or to the pad, wherein the suspension includes a carrier fluid, electrically conducting microparticles and electrically conducting nanoparticles, arranging the front face of the pillar opposite to the pad at a distance such that the carrier fluid bridges at least partially a gap between the front face of the pillar and the pad, evaporating the carrier fluid thereby confining the microparticles and the nanoparticles, and thereby arranging the nanoparticles and the microparticles as percolation paths between the front face of the pillar and the pad, and sintering the arranged nanoparticles for forming metallic bonds at least between the nanoparticles and/or between the nanoparticles and the front face of the pillar or the pad.. .

Copper structures with intermetallic coating for integrated circuit chips

An integrated circuit (ic) chip includes a copper structure with an intermetallic coating on the surface. The ic chip includes a substrate with an integrated circuit.
Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.

Cobalt-containing conductive layers for control gate electrodes in a memory structure

A memory stack structure including a memory film and a vertical semiconductor channel can be formed within each memory opening that extends through a stack including an alternating plurality of insulator layers and sacrificial material layers. After formation of backside recesses through removal of the sacrificial material layers selective to the insulator layers, a backside blocking dielectric layer is formed in the backside recesses and sidewalls of the memory stack structures.
Sandisk Technologies Llc

Substrate treatment method and substrate treatment apparatus

In accordance with an embodiment, a substrate treatment method includes bringing a first metallic film on a substrate into contact with a first liquid, mixing a second liquid into the first liquid, and bringing the first metallic film or a second metallic film different from the first metallic film into contact with a liquid in which the first liquid and the second liquid are mixed together to etch the first or second metallic film. The first liquid includes an oxidizing agent, a complexing agent, and water (h2o) of a first content rate to etch the first metallic film.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

System having a superconductive cable

A system is provided having a superconductive cable (ka) which consists of a superconductive inner conductor (1), a screen arranged concentrically therewith and a dielectric applied (3) between the inner conductor and the screen. The screen (s) is constructed from a superconductive part (4) and a part (5) consisting of an electrically highly conductive material enclosing the latter, and in which the screen is enclosed with the inclusion of an intermediate space (9), used for feeding a liquid refrigerant through, by a cryostat (kr) which consists of two stainless steel tubes (6, 7) extending concentrically with one another and separated from one another by an intermediate space (8).

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