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Metallic patents


This page is updated frequently with new Metallic-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Metallic-related patents
 Electrical receptacle connector patent thumbnailnew patent Electrical receptacle connector
An electrical receptacle connector includes a metallic shell, an insulated housing, first and second groups of terminals, an adapting circuit board, and extension terminals. The insulated housing is received in the metallic shell and includes a base portion, upper and lower tongue portions, and a partition plate.
Advanced-connectek Inc.

 Negative electrode,  producing the same, and battery patent thumbnailnew patent Negative electrode, producing the same, and battery
A method for producing a negative electrode, including a step of subjecting a copper foil to a plasma treatment, a step of coating the copper foil subjected to the plasma treatment, with a slurry including an active material containing a silicon atom, and a step of subjecting the copper foil coated with the slurry to a heat treatment to form an intermetallic compound of copper and silicon at an interface between the copper foil and the active material. A negative electrode including a copper foil, an active material layer including an active material containing a silicon atom on the copper foil, and copper silicide at an interface between the copper foil and the active material..
Nec Energy Devices, Ltd.

 Magnetic random access memory with perpendicular interfacial anisotropy patent thumbnailnew patent Magnetic random access memory with perpendicular interfacial anisotropy
The present invention is directed to an mram element comprising a magnetic free layer structure and a magnetic reference layer structure with an insulating tunnel junction layer interposed therebetween. The magnetic free layer structure has a variable magnetization direction substantially perpendicular to the layer plane thereof.
Avalanche Technology, Inc.

 Manufacturing  led carrier patent thumbnailnew patent Manufacturing led carrier
An led carrier includes a substrate, a metallic layer, an insulating layer, and a reflecting layer. The metallic layer is disposed on the substrate and has a die bonding region and a ring-shaped wiring region separated from the die bonding region.
Lite-on Technology Corporation

 Downhole cable with intergrated non-metallic tube patent thumbnailnew patent Downhole cable with intergrated non-metallic tube
A non-corrugated cable 10 with a hollow core 20, suited for subsea operations at big sea depths and corrosive environments has a core 20 with a tube shaped non-metallic material for withstanding corrosion. A first inner armouring layer 30 is wounded onto the core 20, and at least a second armouring layer 40 is wounded onto the first inner armouring layer 30.

 Apparatus, method, and system for calibrating one or more motion sensors patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus, method, and system for calibrating one or more motion sensors
Described is an apparatus which comprises: a first sheet, formed of non-metallic material, to position a device-under-test (dut); and a frame, formed of non-magnetic material, to support the first sheet such that the frame can be oriented in various positions to calibrate one or more sensors associated with the dut. A method is also provided which comprises: positioning a dut on a first sheet made from a non-metallic material; securing the position of the dut using adjustable stoppers coupled to the first sheet, wherein the first sheet is coupled to a frame which is made from a non-magnetic material, and wherein the frame supports the first sheet such that the frame can be oriented in various positions to calibrate one or more sensors associated with the dut; and orienting the frame in various positions one at a time to calibrate the one or more sensors of the dut..

 Elastomeric gasket for fuel access door of an aircraft wing and a  making the same patent thumbnailnew patent Elastomeric gasket for fuel access door of an aircraft wing and a making the same
An assembly for use on an aircraft wing having an aircraft skin and a fuel tank, the assembly comprising a metal access door for accessing the fuel tank, a metal retainer ring for engaging the wing and the access door. Fasteners removably couple the access door to the retainer ring.
Aviation Devices & Electronic Components, L.l.c.

 Sliding bearing patent thumbnailnew patent Sliding bearing
A sliding bearing and a method for its manufacture are disclosed. The sliding bearing may include a metallic substrate, an electrically insulating layer on the metallic substrate, and an electrical component on the electrically insulating layer.
Mahle International Gmbh

 Metal leading edge on composite blade airfoil and shank patent thumbnailnew patent Metal leading edge on composite blade airfoil and shank
A composite blade includes a composite airfoil section having airfoil pressure and suction sides extending chordwise between airfoil leading and trailing edges, a dovetail root attached to airfoil section and a blade shank therebetween, and a metallic leading edge shield covering an axially extending portion of airfoil section including at least a portion of airfoil leading edge and a radially and chordwise extending portion of a leading edge portion of the blade shank. Leading edge portion may be cut back from airfoil leading edge and a shank leading edge aft or downstream of airfoil leading edge.
General Electric Company

 Connecting element for a tubular component overlaid with a metallic composite deposit and  obtaining such element patent thumbnailnew patent Connecting element for a tubular component overlaid with a metallic composite deposit and obtaining such element
A connecting element for a tubular component, the connecting element being overlaid with a coating including a principal layer constituted by a nickel-phosphorus alloy, a tubular component including one or more such connecting elements, and a method for producing such a connecting element.. .
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

new patent

Panel fasteners

A panel fastener (20) is disclosed having a hook and cam assembly (21). The fastener has a metallic casing 23 comprised of two sidewalls (24) formed with a boss (27′) inwardly indented from the main sidewall portion through which a cam shaft (28) is journalled.
Kason Industries, Inc.

new patent

Metal member and manufacturing method therefor

The present invention can improve corrosion resistance and fingerprint resistance and can shield electromagnetic waves, as well as imparts a metallic texture to metal materials that is prone to a surface oxidation, such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, titanium, titanium alloy, copper, copper alloy, silver and silver alloy, including magnesium and magnesium alloy through surface treatments such as a protective layer and an fingerprint prevention layer including a passivation layer. The present invention includes a structural pattern formed on one surface of a base layer; a passivation layer formed on the structural pattern; a protective layer formed on the passivation layer; and a passivation layer that faces the protective layer and is formed on the other surface of the base layer..
Wisco Hitec Co., Ltd.

new patent

Electrodeposition preparing polycrystalline copper having improved mechanical and physical properties

Polycrystalline materials are prepared by electrodeposition of a precursor material that is subsequently heat-treated to induce at least a threefold increase in the grain size of the material to yield a relatively high fraction of ‘special’ low Σ grain boundaries and a randomized crystallographic texture. The precursor metallic material has sufficient purity and a fine-grained microstructure (e.g., an average grain size of 4 nm to 5 pm).
Integran Technologies Inc.

new patent

Processes for recovering tantalum and niobium with carbon tetrachloride

There is provided a method of treating solid material, wherein the solid material includes target metallic material and one or more other metallic elements, wherein the target metallic material consists of at least one of tantalum and niobium, the method comprising contacting the solid material with a gaseous reagent material within a reaction zone, wherein the gaseous reagent material includes carbon tetrachloride.. .
Cvmr Corporation

new patent

Methods and systems for producing high carbon content metallic iron using coke oven gas

A method for producing high carbon content metallic iron using coke oven gas, including: dividing a top gas stream from a direct reduction shaft furnace into a first top gas stream and a second top gas stream; mixing the first top gas stream with a coke oven gas stream from a coke oven gas source and processing at least a portion of a resulting combined coke oven gas stream in a carbon dioxide separation unit to form a synthesis gas-rich gas stream and a carbon-dioxide rich gas stream; delivering the synthesis gas-rich gas stream to the direct reduction shaft furnace as bustle gas; using the carbon-dioxide rich gas stream as fuel gas in one or more heating units; and delivering the second top gas stream to the direct reduction shaft furnace as bustle gas.. .
Midrex Technologies, Inc.

new patent

Smelting apparatus and using the same

The present document describes a smelting apparatus for smelting metallic ore. The smelting apparatus comprises a furnace having a continuous curved wall and end walls defining a longitudinal volume having a longitudinal axis in a horizontal direction.

new patent

Method of lubricating a transmission which includes a synchronizer with a non-metallic surface

The invention provides a method of lubricating a transmission which includes a synchronizer with a non-metallic surface, the method comprising supplying thereto a lubricant comprising: (a) an oil of lubricating viscosity; (b) an alkaline earth metal detergent; and (c) a non-aromatic carboxylic acid or a salt thereof having 8 to 24 carbon atoms.. .
The Lubrizol Corporation

new patent

Organometallic compounds for use as anthelmintics

And their use for in a method of treatment of disease, in particular their use against helminths.. .

new patent

Organometallic n-2-cyano-1-hydroxypropan-2-yl for use as anthelmintics

With each independently from any other being hydrogen or an unsubstituted or substituted alkyl and their use in a method for treatment of infections by helminths.. .

new patent

Novel chiral aryl or aryl-alkyl phosphoramidate dexamphetamine precursors having a regioisomeric purity >99%

The invention includes processes for the synthesis of amphetamine, dexamphetamine, methamphetamine, derivatives of these, including their salts, and novel precursors and intermediates obtained thereby, by synthesizing aziridine phosphoramidate compounds in specified solvents at specified temperatures, and then converting to a novel aryl or aryl-alkyl phosphoramidate precursors using an organometallic compound such as a copper salt, where the novel aryl or aryl-alkyl phosphoramidate precursor is then easily converted to the target compounds using known reactions,. .
Chemapotheca, Llc

new patent

Low-emissivity coating and functional construction material for window and door including same

Disclosed is a multi-layered low-emissivity coating sequentially comprising: a ti-based oxide layer, a composite metallic oxide layer of zinc and aluminum, a low-emissivity protective metal layer, and a low-emissivity layer.. .
Lg Hausys, Ltd.

new patent

Fire-retardant edge material for panels, corresponding sandwich panel, and fire-retardant cover layer

The invention relates to an edge material for panels, the edge material being constructed from a plurality of bonded layers. The edge material comprises a first layer, which is non-metallic, and a core layer, which is made of at least one metal layer.
Lufthansa Technik Ag

new patent

Polycrystalline diamond composite compact element, tools incorporating same and making same

The invention relates to a pcd composite compact element comprising a pcd structure integrally bonded at an interface to a cemented carbide substrate; the pcd structure comprising coherently bonded diamond grains having a mean size no greater than 15 microns; the cemented carbide substrate comprising carbide particles dispersed in a metallic binder, the carbide particles comprising a carbide compound of a metal; wherein the ratio of the amount of metallic binder to the amount of the metal at points in the substrate deviates from a mean value by at most 20 percent of the mean value. The invention further relates to a method for making a pdc compact element comprising a pcd structure integrally bonded to a substrate formed of cemented carbide; the method including introducing a source of excess carbon to the substrate at a bonding surface of the substrate to form a carburised substrate; contacting an aggregated mass of diamond grains with the carburised substrate; and sintering the diamond grains in the presence of a solvent/catalyst material for diamond; wherein the mean size of the diamond grains in the aggregated mass is no greater than 30 microns..
Element Six (production) (pty) Ltd

new patent

Method for joining dissimilar metal parts for improved weldability, weld quality, mechanical performance

A method that improves the weldability, weld quality and mechanical performance of components involving concentric parts or non-concentric parts with closed weld seams of dissimilar metals and uses a temperature differential concept on one of the parts or both of the parts to be joined is proposed. This method results in improved weldability, prevents weld cracking both during and after welding, and significantly improves structural performance in terms of static, fatigue, and dynamic strengths.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

new patent

Method of controlling the corrosion rate of alloy particles, alloy particle with controlled corrosion rate, and articles comprising the particle

A composite particle comprises a core, a shielding layer deposited on the core, and further comprising an interlayer region formed at an interface of the shielding layer and the core, the interlayer region having a reactivity less than that of the core, and the shielding layer having a reactivity less than that of the interlayer region, a metallic layer not identical to the shielding layer and deposited on the shielding layer, the metallic layer having a reactivity less than that of the core, and optionally, an adhesion metal layer deposited on the metallic layer.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated

new patent

Manufacturing metallic housing of electronic device

A manufacturing method for a metallic housing of an electronic device is provided. The method includes providing a die-casting mold, including a male die and a female die engaging with the male die, the male die defining a pouring gate therein, and the female die defining a cavity therein corresponding to the pouring gate; positioning a metallic outer case in the cavity of the female die as an insert; assembling the male die to the female die to cover the cavity, thereby communicating the pouring gate with the cavity; casting pressured molten metal-alloy into the cavity via the pouring gate to form an inner structural member embedded in an inner side of the outer case; dissembling the male die from the female die to expose the cavity, and removing the outer case and the inner structural member from the female die..
Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

new patent

Process for producing a multilayer pipe by expansion and multilayer pipe produced by said process

A process for producing a multilayer pipe by expansion is disclosed, with or without heating, in which a multilayer pipe (1 ) comprises at least one outer pipe of metallic material (10) and an inner pipe of metallic material (20), the inner pipe of metallic material (20) having a yield strength lower than the yield strength of the outer pipe (23) and an external diameter smaller than the internal diameter of the outer pipe. The process for producing the multilayer pipe comprises a mounting step (34) between the pipes (10, 20), wherein the inner pipe is inserted inside the outer pipe, and at least one mechanical expansion step (36), comprising moving a mandrel (2) longitudinally and internally in the inner pipe (20) while the outer pipe and the inner pipe are held at a fixed position, wherein at least part of the mandrel (2) has a greater external diameter than the internal diameter of the inner pipe.
Vallourec Tubos Do Brasil S.a.

new patent

Biomimetic interfaces for biodegradable metallic implants

A biodegradable device includes a substrate and a nano-ceramic/polymer composite coating thereon. The substrate may include mgy, az alloys, mgca, mgzn, mgznca, mgzncazr, mgznsr, mgli, ti, ti-6al-4v, cocr, and cocrmo.
The Regents Of The University Of California

new patent

Non-adhesive false eyelash system and method

A false eyelash system comprised of upper and lower eyelash assemblies, each including a magnetic and/or metallic element, the assemblies are frictionally secured through magnetic attraction to the wearer's natural eyelash which is sandwiched therebetween.. .


Multilayer thin film, manufacturing the same, and electronic product including the same

A multilayer thin film and a method of depositing a multilayer thin film on a surface of a product is provided. The multilayer thin film includes a first layer including a non-conductive material coupled to an object, a second layer including a metallic material coupled to the first layer, and a third layer including a non-conductive material coupled to the second layer..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Raintight compression connector and raintight compression coupler for securing electrical metallic tubing or rigid metallic conduit

A raintight compression connector has a connector body with first and second portions and a bore extending therethrough for connection to a conduit. An upper sealing ring is dimensioned to contact the connector body to make sealing contact with a conduit.
Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.


Broadband planar antenna

A broadband antenna includes a uniplanar structure having a plurality of separate and contiguous metallic elements. A first element comprises a substantially circular metallic element having a flattened portion.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Modified bimetallic nanoparticle and a process to prepare the same

A modified bimetallic nanoparticle comprising a first metal consisting of platinum and a second metal selected from the group consisting of iridium (ir), ruthenium (ru), copper (cu), cobalt (co), titanium (ti), zirconium (zr), hafnium (hf), vanadium (v), niobium (nb), tantalum (ta), chromium (cr), molybdenum (mo), tungsten (w), iron (fe), osmium (os), nickel (ni), palladium (pd), rhodium (rh), silver (ag) and gold (au) having at least one mercapto alkyl acid attached thereon, wherein the molar ratio of the first metal and the second metal to mercapto alkyl acid is at least 16:1 is disclosed. A process of preparing a modified bimetallic nanoparticle is also disclosed..
Tata Chemicals Limited


Battery anode

A battery anode including a metallic current collector layer adjacent a first major surface of a graphite layer and a silicon containing anode layer adjacent a second major surface of the graphite layer. One application for such anode is in a lithium-ion battery..
Graftech International Holdings Inc.


Package for power storage device

A package for a power storage device includes at least one laminated packaging material having first and second sections. The packaging material includes a metallic foil layer, a heat-resistant resin layer, and a heat-fusible resin layer.
Showa Denko Packaging Co., Ltd.


Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same

Wherein in formula 1, groups and variables are the same as described in the specification.. .


Using an active solder to couple a metallic article to a photovoltaic cell

Methods include providing a metallic article that is configured to serve as an electrical conduit within a photovoltaic cell. The processes further include providing a semiconductor substrate that includes a coating at a top surface of the semiconductor substrate, where the coating is a dielectric anti-reflective coating, a transparent conductive oxide or an amorphous silicon.
Gtat Corporation


Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof

The present disclosure provides a semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof. A dielectric layer is formed on a first surface of a semiconductor substrate.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation


Self-aligned repairing process for barrier layer

A self-aligned repairing process for a barrier layer is provided. A repair layer is formed by chemical vapor deposition using an organometallic compound as a precursor gas.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Ic package

An ic package having a semiconductor body that includes a monolithically integrated circuit and at least two metallic contact surfaces. The integrated circuit being connected to the two electrical contact surfaces via printed conductors, and being disposed on a carrier substrate and connected to the carrier substrate in a force-fitting manner.
Micronas Gmbh


Substrate including selectively formed barrier layer

A method of selectively locating a barrier layer on a substrate includes forming a barrier layer on a surface of the substrate. The barrier layer comprises of a metal element and a non-metal element.
Suss Microtec Photonic Systems Inc.


Polarization filter having metallic webs

The present invention relates to a polarization filter which is formed by at least one periodic line grid made from parallel extending metallic webs on a dielectric layer. The metallic webs are interrupted in their longitudinal extension by slots.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Spectral shifts and modifications in metal-enhanced fluorescence, phosphorescence and alpha-fluorescence

The present invention provides for excitable molecules positioned near metallic structures, wherein the metallic structures have a particles size from about 1 nm to 1000 nm and wherein the excitable molecules have fluorescence, phosphorescence or alpha-fluorescence emissions that are altered due to positioning near the metal structures. The emission spectra are distorted on either the blue or red edges in a range from 1 to 10 nm thereby changing the color of emissions.
University Of Maryland, Baltimore County


Refrigerant circulation device, circulating refrigerant and acid suppression method

The present invention provides a heat pump device and an organic rankine cycle device that are capable of maintaining a stable thermal cycle even when an hfo is used as the refrigerant in an environment in which the operating temperature reaches a high temperature. The refrigerant circulation device is filled with a refrigerant comprising a hydrofluoroolefin or hydrochlorofluoroolefin having a carbon-carbon double bond within the molecular structure, and has a region in the refrigerant circulation circuit where the operating temperature of the refrigerant reaches 175° c.
Central Glass Co., Ltd.


Enhanced fluid attenuators and methods, especially useful for aircraft hydraulic systems

Fluid attenuator systems and methods for attenuating fluid ripple waves within a main fluid line (e.g., a main hydraulic fluid line of an aircraft hydraulic system). At least one attenuator branch conduit may be provided in fluid communication with and at substantially a right angle to the main fluid line with a porous material positioned therewithin (e.g., at an open inlet or a closed distal end of the at least one attenuator branch conduit).
Embraer S.a.


Damper device

A damper device is provided with a first rotating body, a second rotating body, a coil spring and a spring seat. The coil spring is interposed in a circumferential direction between the first and second rotating bodies.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Roller bearing cage

A roller bearing cage, in particular for use with insufficient lubrication, including a plastic base body (2), a modified surface (4) of the base body (2), and a metallic coating (3) on the modified surface (4) of the base body (2).. .
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Sliding engine component

A sliding engine component may include a sliding surface, and the sliding surface may include a plastic polymer-based layer disposed on a metallic substrate. The plastic polymer-based layer may have a composition including a plastic polymer-based material having distributed throughout the polymer-based material a thermochromic material configured to change colour irreversibly when thermally activated by heating beyond a threshold thermal treatment condition.
Mahle Engine Systems Uk Ltd


Angular synchronization of stationary and orbiting plate scroll blades in a scroll pump using a metallic bellows

Parts of a pump head of a scroll pump facilitate an assembly process in which the stationary and orbiting scroll blades of the pump are angularly aligned or synchronized with one another. A metallic bellows of the pump head provides a primary means of synchronizing the stationary and orbiting scroll blades.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Valve seat

The valve seat includes an iron-based sintered alloy subjected to oxidation treatment, which is obtained by subjecting an iron-based sintered alloy including: 4 mass % to 15 mass % of co particles; and hard particles each containing at least one compound of an intermetallic compound, a carbide, a silicide, a nitride, or a boride that has one or more kinds of elements selected from group 4a to 6a elements in a periodic table, and having a hardness of from 600 hv to 1,600 hv to oxidation treatment, and which has an oxide mainly including triiron tetraoxide (fe3o4) and cobalt oxide (coo) formed on a surface and in an interior of the iron-based sintered alloy. The iron-based sintered alloy subjected to oxidation treatment has an area ratio of the oxide of from 5% to 25% in a cross section thereof in a state prior to installation on the cylinder head..
Tpr Co., Ltd.


Layered mechanical security bar structures

Layered security bars (2, 4, 6, 8) are provided each having a structural outermost layer (10) and at least one ceramic layer (12) usually surrounding a core (14) to defeat attacks by thieves' tools. The outermost layer (10) is formed of a structural metal ordinarily an elongated tube (18, 36, 56, 72) having a case-hardened exterior (22) and a hollow interior (20, 28, 60, 74) containing discreet ceramic links (26).


Spacer for insulating glazing units

A spacer for an insulating glazing unit composed of at least two glass panes is described. The spacer includes a polymeric basic body having at least two mutually parallel side walls which are connected to one another by an inner wall and an outer wall, wherein the side walls, the inner wall and the outer wall enclose a hollow chamber.
Saint-gobain Glass France


Tamper resistant bicycle lock

A tamper resistant bicycle lock (10) is provided having a base (12) and a shackle (14) each provided with an interior ceramic layers to defeat attacks by thieves' tools. The shackle (14) is formed of a structural metal tube (32) having a case-hardened exterior (34) and a hollow interior (46) containing ceramic links (36).


Tamper resistant padlocks

Padlock structures in the form of a trailer lock (10) and base and shackle padlocks (124, 168) are provided. Each type of padlock includes a lock body/base (12, 126, 168) and a lock pin (42) or shackle (128).


Screen panel

A screen panel intended to be mounted on or fixed to a surface, in particular to ensure a “screen” effect, comprising a sheet, preferably rectangular, that is held by its edges in a rigid frame, preferably metallic, that includes joined-together profiled elements, characterized in that the frame comprises two uprights that are able to be placed on or fixed to a surface, having at least one groove on the inside, the uprights being joined to cross members by assembly parts in the form of an angle bracket that is inserted in each case into a groove in a corresponding upright by way of one bearing surface and into a groove in a corresponding cross member by its other, preferably orthogonal bearing surface.. .
Intermas Nets S.a.


Reinforcement block construction process and piles prolongation for dynamic pile tests, metallic mold and reinforcement block

A reinforcement block construction process and piles prolongation for dynamic pile tests, metallic mold and reinforcement block, which refers to a reinforcement block construction process and piles prolongation for performing dynamic pile tests, implemented by the use of a laminar metallic structure appropriately constructed, in which are provided holes for inserting the anchor bolts, and later on the electronic sensors is provided.. .


System and protective coating of reinforcement

A coated member is disclosed. The coated member has a member and a coating disposed on the member.
Sine Wall, Llc


Adhesion of coatings using adhesive bonding compositions

A multi-layer article (1) disclosed herein contains a metallic substrate (2), a protective layer (6), and an adhesive bonding layer (14) including an oxygen-containing compound that bonds the adhesive bonding layer to the metallic substrate, the protective layer, or both. A method for forming the multi-layer article includes the steps of heating a protective bonding composition (20) to form a molten material (24) in contact with a metal-containing surface (2), allowing the molten material to cool and solidify into the adhesion bonding layer (14) affixed to the metal-containing surface, depositing a ceramic material (26) onto the adhesive bonding layer, and heating the ceramic material to form the protective layer (6) affixed to the adhesive bonding layer..
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Method for obtaining a substrate provided with a coating comprising a discontinuous thin metal layer

A process for obtaining a material includes a substrate coated on at least one portion of at least one of its faces with a coating including at least one discontinuous metallic thin layer based on silver, on gold, or on any alloy thereof, the or each discontinuous metallic thin layer being encapsulated between at least two dielectric thin layers, and the or each discontinuous metallic thin layer being in the form of periodic geometric patterns, the process including a deposition step then a step wherein the substrate thus coated is made to run opposite at least one laser device emitting a laser radiation focused on the coating in the form of at least one line, the power of the radiation being adapted in order to render the or each metallic thin layer discontinuous by dewetting.. .
Saint-gobain Glass France


Method of surface-treating a cast intermetallic component

There is proposed a method of surface-treating a cast intermetallic component, which is intended primarily to reduce or remove surface porosity from the component. The method includes the steps of: providing a cast intermetallic component; placing the component in an inert atmosphere; focussing a laser beam on a surface of the component; traversing the laser beam over at least a region of said surface whilst the component is in said inert atmosphere; and controlling the laser beam during said traversing step so as to locally melt the intermetallic material of the component to a depth of no more than 300 μm, as measured from said surface of the component..
Rolls-royce Plc


Steel having superior rolling fatigue life

There is provided a steel, having an excellent rolling fatigue life, wherein an oxygen content in the steel is 8 ppm or less, a sulfur content is 0.008 mass % or less, and an al content is 0.005 to 0.030 mass %, the number of non-metallic inclusions having an inclusion diameter of 20 μm or more and less than 100 μm, detected per steel material volume of 1000 mm3 by ultrasonic flaw detection, is 12.0 or less, the number of non-metallic inclusions having an inclusion diameter of 100 μm or more, detected per steel material weight of 2.5 kg by the ultrasonic flaw detection, is 2.0 or less, the mass % ratio of (mgo)/(al2o3) in the average composition of mgo—al2o3-based oxides present in the steel is regulated into a range of 0.25 to 1.50, and the number ratio of the mgo—al2o3-based oxides to all oxide-based inclusions is 70% or more.. .
Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd.


High entropy alloys with non-high entropy second phases

Embodiments of high entropy alloys which can contain non-high entropy second phases. The high entropy alloys can include a number of different principle elements which can form relatively simple structures, such as fcc or bcc.
Scoperta, Inc.


Solid single site catalysts with high polymerisation activity

Process for the preparation of a solid catalyst system comprising the steps of preparing a liquid clathrate comprising a mixing of an aluminoxane, an aromatic compound and an organo-silicon compound, wherein the mol-ratio between the organo-silicon compound and aluminum of the aluminoxane is below 0.1, mixing said liquid clathrate with an organometallic compound obtaining a liquid mixture, and precipitating the solid catalyst system out of said liquid mixture by adding a saturated aliphatic compound to said mixture liquid.. .
Borealis Ag


Use of polymers as heterogeneous hydrogen donors for hydrogenation reactions

The present invention covers the use of polymers or copolymers having a naphthalene-type unit in their structure as heterogeneous hydrogen transfer agents for hydrogenation, hydrotreatment or reduction reactions. These heterogeneous hydrogen transfer agents may or may not be supported on metallic oxides and may be used in the presence of reducing agents such as hydrogen or methane.
Instituto Mexicano Del PetrÓleo


Process for purifying semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes

A two-step sc-swcnt enrichment process involves a first step based on selective dispersion and extraction of semi-conducting swcnt using conjugated polymer followed by a second step based on an adsorptive process in which the product of the first step is exposed to an inorganic absorptive medium to selectively bind predominantly metallic swcnts such that what remains dispersed in solution is further enriched in semiconducting swcnts. The process is easily scalable for large-diameter semi-conducting single-walled carbon nanotube (sc-swcnt) enrichment with average diameters in a range, for example, of about 0.6 to 2.2 nm.
National Research Council Of Canada


Gas generator and assembling method thereof

A metallic cup of constant inner diameter covering the igniter to define a charging chamber. The igniter assembly includes a main body, including an ignition portion and a electro-conductive pin integrated with a metallic collar by a resin.


Eco-humidifier for vehicle

An eco-humidifier for a vehicle performs a humidifying function by using solar light energy without separate power, and includes: a case having space to accommodate water and in which a light collecting device is installed on a top of the case so as to concentrate solar light; multiple metallic nano particles that sink in the water accommodated in the case to absorb the solar light passing through the light collecting device; and a condenser, an evaporator, and a blower motor connected with one upper side of the case via a connection pipe, where the metallic nano particles are heated by a surface plasmon resonance phenomenon to vaporize the water to vapor.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Method of manufacturing rotogravure cylinders

The present invention describes a method for manufacturing rotogravure cylinders with a cylinder base made of aluminum and a single metallic layer on the cylinder surface. The method comprises the construction of the cylinder base, the deposition of the metallic layer on the cylinder surface, the thinning of the cylinder to achieve the required dimensions, the polishing of the cylinder surface and finally the etching of the cylinder with the desired printing pattern.
Paramount International Services Ltd


Density enhancement methods and compositions

The present invention relates to granular composite density enhancement, and related methods and compositions. The applications where these properties are valuable include but are not limited to: 1) additive manufacturing (“3d printing”) involving metallic, ceramic, cermet, polymer, plastic, or other dry or solvent-suspended powders or gels, 2) concrete materials, 3) solid propellant materials, 4) cermet materials, 5) granular armors, 6) glass-metal and glass-plastic mixtures, and 7) ceramics comprising (or manufactured using) granular composites..
The Trustees Of Princeton University


Method of manufacturing escalator handrail

A method of manufacturing an escalator handrail of the invention is characterized by including: a metallic steel-wire producing step of placing a center elemental wire and a plurality of strands so that the plurality of strands surrounds the center elemental wire, and applying tension to them so that each distance between the center elemental wire and each of the strands becomes the same, to thereby produce the metallic steel wire; a preheating step of heating the metallic steel wire to a temperature equal to or more than that of a thermoplastic resin in a molten state; a composite-material forming step of integrating the metallic steel wire heated with the thermoplastic resin in a molten state, and extruding them through a die finished into a cross-section shape of the escalator handrail to thereby form the composite material; and a cooling step of forcibly cooling the composite material.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Aluminum composite material and manufacturing aluminum composite material

An aluminum composite material includes a first metallic plate, a second metallic plate, and a matrix material that is interposed between the first metallic plate and the second metallic plate and is formed of aluminum powder. Gadolinium oxide particles are dispersed in the matrix material..
Nikkeikin Aluminium Core Technology Co., Ltd.


Reciprocating saw mechanism

A saber saw (1) for processing a workpiece, in particular a mineral or metallic material, including a drive (20), and a reciprocating rod (60) having a first end (63), a second end (68) and a drive point (69). Moreover, a first articulated rod (40) having a pivot point (42) and a connection point (44) as well as a second articulated rod (50) having a first pivot point (52) and a second pivot point (54) are provided, whereby the pivot point (42) of the first articulated rod (40) can be rotatably connected to the drive point (69) of the reciprocating rod (60), and the connection point (44) of the first reciprocating rod (40) can be non-rotatably connected to the drive (20) by-a connection mechanism (70), and whereby the drive (20) can be situated at least partially in a drive housing..
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Layered mechanical structures for security applications

A method and protocol is provided for constructing layered mechanical security structures having a structural outermost layer (10) and at least one interior ceramic layer (12) usually surrounding a core (14) to defeat attacks by thieves' tools. The method includes steps of: selecting and providing an outermost layer (10) selecting and providing an interior ceramic layer, whether continuous or intermittent; and constructing the security structure with the ceramic layer strategically placed to interact with the outermost layer to defeat and hinder attacks on the structure by typical thieves' tools.


Bimetallic mercaptan conversion catalyst for sweetening liquefied petroleum gas at low temperature

The present invention relates to a bimetallic mercaptan conversion catalyst for sweetening liquefied petroleum gas at a low temperature, which is prepared by using an al2o3—sio2 composite oxide as a carrier to support bimetallic active components vanadium and nickel. The bimetallic mercaptan conversion catalyst has a proper specific surface area and more metal active center sites, and has advantages of simple preparation, an efficient mercaptan conversion ability even at a low temperature, and causing no saturation and polymerization of olefins.
Beijing Cup Green Catalytic Technology Co., Ltd.


Magnetically insertable wire materials

A wire construct is ferromagnetic and/or biocompatible, while also having a size and geometry appropriate for use as an electrode for insertion into an in vivo implant site. In ferromagnetic embodiments, the wire is magnetically insertable via an electromagnetic driver, which uses high-speed magnetic acceleration to drive the wire material into a neural or other implant site.
Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corp


Footwear / shoes

Footwear (1) having a vamp (2), an insole, a midsole (3) and an outsole (4). A plurality of spaced apart magnets (5) located adjacent the outsole (4) so that in use the magnets (5) provide a gripping force between the footwear (1) and a metallic surface upon which the footwear (1) is placed..


An diagnostics of netural radicals in plasma

An apparatus for diagnostics of neutral radicals in plasma, the apparatus comprising: a portable probe configured to be attached to and extend into a plasma chamber to obtain information from plasma contained in the plasma chamber, the probe comprising a metallic rod configured to be biased with an alternating current voltage applied to the probe to obtain current measurements; a transparent dielectric sleeve having a large bandgap configured to allow light transmission to obtain optical emission spectra from the plasma; and an insulated thermocouple junction provided in the metallic rod, the thermocouple junction configured to measure equilibrium temperature of the probe.. .
Nanyang Technological University


Ribbon support system for electrodynamic microphone

A ribbon microphone having a housing made of wood, a wood laminate, or another suitable composite material having a characteristic impedance and density and a ribbon transducer assembly with metal support chassis having a higher characteristic impedance and density. By engineering a body housing and the ribbon support chassis having a similar or equal total weight but differing greatly in density, a rapid attenuation of internal harmonics is achieved, particularly reducing the undesirable metallic resonance of the metal bodies of conventional microphones.


Slot antenna built into a vehicle body panel

Slot antennas built into metallic body panels utilize the vehicle body itself as an antenna radiator. Building the slot antennas directly into the metallic body panels converts the vehicle body from functioning as an rf shield into an rf antenna, which significantly improves mobile communication reception for a wide range of rf communication devices.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Solid oxide fuel cell stack and manufacturing method therefor

A solid oxide fuel cell stack having a plurality of fuel cells, a metallic layer disposed between adjacent fuel cells, a first conductive material layer disposed between the metallic layer and a first fuel cell of the adjacent fuel cells so as to electrically connect the metallic layer and the first fuel cell, and a second conductive material layer disposed between the metallic layer and a second fuel cell of the adjacent fuel cells so as to electrically connect the metallic layer and the second fuel cell.. .
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Method for depositing a layer of material onto a metallic support for fuel cells or electrolysis cells

A method for depositing a layer of material on a metallic support for fuel cells or electrolysis cells includes the steps of preparing the surface of the metallic support, preparing an apparatus for an electrolytic bath, with the relative actuation means of the apparatus, including an aqueous solution with the cations necessary to obtain at least one material, dipping the metallic support into the electrolytic bath, and commanding the actuation means of the electrolytic bath so as to selectively carry out the electrochemical deposition of at least one layer of material on the metallic support, the layer of material includes an anti-corrosion protective ceramic material and/or a ceramic material with catalytic properties.. .
Sofcpower S.p.a.


Semiconductor package with package-on-package stacking capability and manufacturing the same

The present invention relates to a method of making a semiconductor package with package-on-package stacking capability. In accordance with a preferred embodiment, the method is characterized by the step of attaching a chip-on-interposer subassembly on a metallic carrier with the chip inserted into a cavity of the metallic carrier, and the step of selectively removing portions of the metallic carrier to define a heat spreader for the chip.
Bridge Semiconductor Corporation


Hybrid bonding with air-gap structure

A package component includes a surface dielectric layer having a first planar surface, and a metal pad in the surface dielectric layer. The metal pad includes a diffusion barrier layer that includes sidewall portions, and a metallic material encircled by the sidewall portions of the diffusion barrier layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Metallic button

A metallic button includes a metallic keycap and an annular buffer member. The metallic keycap has a peripheral side surface, and defines an annular receiving groove and a notch communicating with the annular receiving groove on the peripheral side surface.
Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Article of jewelry with hidden near field communcation (nfc) chip and metallic bezel substantially surrounding the nfc chip and uses thereof

An article of jewelry including a housing that permits passage of a near field communication signal, the housing characterized as having a lower layer joined to an upper layer; a near field communication (nfc) chip housed within the housing; a gemstone covering the upper layer of the housing; and a bezel substantially surrounding the outer perimeter of the housing and on a same plane as the nfc chip, wherein the bezel is formed from a highly electrically conductive material, further wherein the bezel permits near field communication with the nfc chip.. .


Stabilized infrared absorbing dispersions

A dispersion, a resin containing the dispersion and polymer film formed from the resin are disclosed. The dispersion includes an infrared light absorbing pigment including organo-metallic particles being less than 1.5 micrometer or less than one micrometer in size.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Sensor for determining a process variable of a medium

A sensor for determining at least one process variable of a medium, comprising: a metallic substrate which has a recess at least in a first area; a first dielectric layer which is arranged on the metallic substrate at least in the first area, wherein the first dielectric layer forms a membrane; at least one heating structure which is arranged on the first dielectric layer formed as a membrane in the first area, wherein the heating structure heats the medium; at least one temperature sensor element assigned to the first area, which temperature sensor element is arranged so as to be spaced apart from the heating structure on the first dielectric layer and detects the temperature of the medium heated on the heating structure; and at least one protective layer which covers at least the at least one heating structure and the at least one temperature sensor element.. .
Innovative Sensor Technology Ist Ag


Encapsulated soft-lead capacitance probe for a gas turbine engine

A capacitance probe monitors the distance between a blade tip and a fan, compressor or turbine case. The capacitance probe may be attached to a liner, and may travel with the liner as it radially expands due to thermal changes.
United Technologies Corporation


Combustor wall with metallic coating on cold side

A combustor includes a combustion chamber and a combustor wall that at least partially bounds the combustion chamber. The combustor wall includes a first side that faces the combustion chamber and a second side that faces away from the combustion chamber.
United Technologies Corporation


Self-aligned tunable metamaterials

A self-aligned tunable metamaterial is formed as a wire mesh. Self-aligned channel grids are formed in layers in a silicon substrate using deep trench formation and a high-temperature anneal.


Biodegradable magnesium alloys, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same

Disclosed herein is an article comprising a metal alloy; where the metal alloy comprises a base metal, a second element and a third element; where the base metal is magnesium, calcium, strontium, zinc, or a combination thereof; where the second element is chemically different from the third element; and where the second element and the third element are scandium, yttrium, gadolium, cerium, neodymium, dysporium, or a combination thereof; and a protective layer disposed upon the metal alloy and is reactively bonded to the metal alloy; where the protective layer comprises a base non-metallic derivative, a second non-metallic derivative and a third non-metallic derivative of metals present in the metal alloy; and where the base metallic derivative, the second metallic derivative and the third metallic derivative are all chemically different from one another.. .
University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc.


Producing a titanium product

A method (400) for producing a titanium product is disclosed. The method (400) can include obtaining tio2-slag (401), and producing a titanium product from the tio2-slag using a metallic reducing agent (402) at a moderate temperature and a pressure to directly produce a titanium product chemically separated from metal impurities in the tio2 slag (403).
University Of Utah Research Foundation


Lubricating oil for automotive and industrial applications, containing decorated graphene

This patent relates to a lubricating oil with added decorated graphene nanoparticles, which is called nanolubricant. This nanolubricant has automotive and industrial applications and offers as major benefits, simultaneous improvements in the thermal, rheological and tribological properties of the lubricant used as base fluid.
Instituto Tecnologico Y De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey


Electrically conductive joining agent and solder joint

This invention has an object to provide an electrically conductive joining agent which enables a thermosetting resin to cure in a short time. It contains electrically conductive metallic powder including sn of 40% or more, thermosetting resin, an acid-anhydride-based hardening agent and an organic acid.
Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd.


Electrically conductive adhesive agent, joined body, and joint

This invention has an object to provide an electrically conductive adhesive agent which enables a thermosetting resin to cure in a short time. It contains electrically conductive metallic powder including sn, the thermosetting resin; an acid-anhydride-based hardening agent and an organic acid.
Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd.


Zinc cluster compounds and their use as catalysts in the reaction of amines with dialkyl carbonates

The present invention relates to metallic zinc cluster compounds which are suitable as catalysts in the reaction of amines with dialkyl carbonates to produce carbamates. The invention is also directed towards a method for the alkoxycarbonylation of amines.
Covestro Deutschland Ag


Processing constraining lower melting point metals within ceramic laminates during sintering

A method is described. The method is a method for making a constraining ceramic assembly.
Emisense Technologies, Llc


Nanometer-size-particle production apparatus, nanometer-size-particle production process, nanometer-size particles, zinc/zinc oxide nanometer-size particles, and magnesium hydroxide nanometer-size particles

The present invention is a nanometer-size-particle production apparatus for synthesizing nanometer-size particles in a liquid by means of plasma in liquid, and comprises: a container for accommodating the liquid therein; an electromagnetic-wave generation device for generating a high-frequency wave, or a microwave; an electrode conductor whose leading end makes contact with the liquid to supply the high-frequency wave or the microwave to the liquid; a covering portion being disposed into the liquid so as to cover a leading-end upside of the electrode conductor; a metallic chip being composed of a metal making a raw material of nanometer-size particles, and having a leading end that is disposed to face to a leading-end section of the electrode conductor; and a feed device for feeding out the leading end of the metallic chip with respect to the leading-end section of the electrode conductor; the leading end of the electrode conductor having a configuration that is a non-edge configuration; and the electrode conductor, except for the leading end, having an axially-orthogonal cross-sectional area that is larger than an axially-orthogonal cross-sectional area of the metallic chip.. .


Method of spooling a bi-metallic pipe

A method of spooling a marine pipeline (90) including a plurality of bi-metallic pipe sections (10) (66) onto a reel (60) including at least the steps of: (a) filling a first pipe section with a fluid (12); (b) spooling the first pipe section onto the reel; (c) filling a second pipe section with a fluid (78); (d) joining the first pipe section with the second pipe section wherein at least one of the first and second pipe sections maintains the fluid (12,78) therein; and (e) spooling the second pipe section onto the reel.. .

Metallic topics: Binder Material, Crystallin, Semiconductor, Combustion, Pressure Sensor, Scattering, Optical Fiber, Cathodic Protection, Metallic Compound, Alpha Particle, Radioactive, Replacement Gate, Silicon Nitride, Planarization, Semiconductor Devices

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