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Metallic patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Metallic-related patents
 Dual modulus hip stem and method of making the same patent thumbnailDual modulus hip stem and method of making the same
An orthopaedic prosthesis for use in a hip replacement surgery. The orthopaedic prosthesis includes a metallic foam shell and a metallic core.
 Advanced electrolytic device--bimetallic wound dressing patent thumbnailAdvanced electrolytic device--bimetallic wound dressing
An advanced electrolytic device-bimetallic wound dressing that provides galvanic current and has antimicrobial properties. The dressing comprises a pliable base material, along with a pattern of deposited metal powder and flakes.
 Guide-wire dilation device for facilitation of lesion crossing patent thumbnailGuide-wire dilation device for facilitation of lesion crossing
Devices and methods are disclosed for widening a channel in a treatment site, the channel containing a guide-wire. The channel is widened by advancing an elongated dilation device, which is configured to fit tightly over the guide-wire at the distal tip of the dilation device and to provide a distal dilating surface, over the guide-wire and at least partially through the treatment site.
 Feedback/registration mechanism for ultrasound devices patent thumbnailFeedback/registration mechanism for ultrasound devices
Among other things, there is disclosed structure and methods for registering images obtained through internal (e.g. Intravascular) ultrasound devices.
 Shield connector patent thumbnailShield connector
A shield connector to be able to improve liability of shield performance is provided. The shield connector is fixed to a metallic case having a housing including a terminal fitting and a shield shell formed of conductor provided the interior side of the housing, and the shield shell is formed in tube-shape to be able to surround a connection portion of the terminal fitting, one end of a grounding electric wire is connected to this shield shell, the grounding electric wire extends through a extending portion of the housing to the interior side of the metallic case, and the other end of the grounding electric wire is connected to an inner surface of the metallic case..
 Nanoscale three-dimensional battery architecture patent thumbnailNanoscale three-dimensional battery architecture
A three-dimensional nanobattery formed by individually wiring nanostructured electrodes and combining them with an electrolyte. Short, capped nanotubes termed ‘nanobaskets’ are formed by sputtering coating onto nanoporous templates.
 Radiative surface patent thumbnailRadiative surface
A radiative surface comprises a film comprising: a semi-interpenetrated or interpenetrated network of a first ion-conducting polymer and of a second electron- and electrochrome-conducting polymer; and an electrolyte for impregnating the network; the film comprising a first face intended to be in contact with the solar radiations, the first face being covered with a first metallic layer in order to reduce the absorptivity of the solar radiations. A method for creating the radiative surface is also provided..
 Surface-coated metallic pigment, water base paint containing the same, and coated product to which water base paint has been applied patent thumbnailSurface-coated metallic pigment, water base paint containing the same, and coated product to which water base paint has been applied
A surface-coated metallic pigment according to the present invention includes base particles and a coating layer constituted of one layer, or two or more layers formed on a surface of the base particles, the coating layer having an outermost layer composed of a first compound obtained by polymerizing one monomer or oligomer, or two or more monomers or oligomers having one or more polymerizable double bonds, the outermost layer having a surface to which one surface modifier or two or more surface modifiers is/are bonded, and the surface modifier being a monomer or an oligomer having a bridged ring structure containing 9 to 12 carbon atoms and having one or more polymerizable double bonds.. .
 Anticorrosion coating composition in aqueous dispersion comprising an organic titanate and/or zirconate patent thumbnailAnticorrosion coating composition in aqueous dispersion comprising an organic titanate and/or zirconate
Anticorrosion coating compositions for metallic parts based on particulate metal in aqueous dispersion are described. The compositions include an organic titanate or zirconate compatible in aqueous phase or in organic phase, an optional silane-based binder, and water.
 Metallized cutlery and tableware and method therefor patent thumbnailMetallized cutlery and tableware and method therefor
A tableware item molded from a plastic material, such as polystyrene has a metallic coating applied to at least one surface by a sputtering deposition process. The sputtered coating is suitable for food contact without an overcoat, and imparts the appearance of a metal tableware item.
Metal foil with carrier
A metal foil with a carrier includes a non-metallic plate-shaped carrier, a metal foil laminated on at least one surface of the carrier, and a low-adhesion material provided between the metal foil and the carrier to adhere to the metal foil. A cutout region where the metal foil is surrounded by the carrier is provided around the metal foil..
Method of manufacturing internal antenna by laser
Disclosed is a method of manufacturing an internal antenna by laser, which includes preparing a case, forming an antenna groove, forming a pattern, and plating. The preparing the case includes preparing the case of the portable terminal.
Distributed lighting assembly
The lighting assembly (20) includes a light guide (22) formed of a resin material propagating light through internal reflection. A housing (28) surrounds the light guide (22) and maintains the light guide (22) in a predetermined position.
A plug that can be produced without performing complicated axial alignment. The plug is provided at one end of an optical fiber and is removably attached to a receptacle.
Image pickup apparatus effective for reducing false operation due to static electricity
An image pickup apparatus includes a metal body, a metallic lens barrel provided movably in an optical axis direction of an imaging optical system, and a metallic exterior casing having an opening that exposes the lens barrel from inside to outside the image pickup apparatus. The metal body includes a cut-and-raised portion formed by cutting and raising a part of the metal body, and the cut-and-raised portion is electrically connected with the exterior casing or inductively coupled with the exterior casing.
Motor protector
A motor protector of the present invention includes: a serial current path that is formed between a first terminal and a second terminal and that sequentially connects a fixed contact, the first terminal, a movable contact, a movable plate holding a bimetallic element, an intermediate fixing plate, a first electrode section, a first resistor, a second electrode section, and the second terminal, the fixed contact being held by a base member stored in an insulating resin case that includes an opening sealed by the sealing member; and a parallel current path that is formed between the first terminal and the intermediate fixing plate and that sequentially connects the first terminal, a conductive bottom plate, a second resistor (ptc) 19, and the intermediate fixing plate, wherein, after the first resistor produces heat due to an excessive current and the bimetallic element is thus thermally activated, thereby opening a contact, a current-interrupted state is also maintained because the high resistance of the ptc 19 maintains heat production.. .
Radiating element for an active array antenna consisting of elementary tiles
An antenna comprises a plurality of tiles forming an antenna plane, each of said tiles comprising a plurality of radiating elements. Each radiating element comprises a metallic upper patch disposed above a metallic lower patch, the two patches being separated by a layer insulating them electrically.
Ultra-wideband antenna and terminal
The present disclosure discloses an ultra-wideband antenna, including: a coplanar waveguide feeder connected to a radio frequency (rf) excitation port on the pcb substrate at one end and to a tapering supporting arm at the other end; the tapering supporting arm connected to the coplanar waveguide feeder at one end and to a primary radiating closed-band-shaped monopole at the other end; the primary radiating closed-band-shaped monopole connected to the tapering supporting arm; a primary coupling patch located in the area closed by the closed band of the primary radiating closed-band-shaped monopole; a secondary radiating closed-band-shaped monopole connected to the primary radiating closed-band-shaped monopole through a metallic via; and a secondary coupling patch located in the area closed by the closed band of the secondary radiating closed-band-shaped monopole. The present disclosure also discloses an ultra-wideband terminal.
Antenna apparatus and communication apparatus
The present invention provides an antenna apparatus which can realize favorable communication properties while achieving downsizing of a casing of an electronic device when incorporated in an electronic device. An antenna module (1a) which is incorporated in a mobile phone (130) and which is enabled to perform communication by receiving a magnetic field transmitted from a reader/writer (120) comprises an antenna coil (11a) which is wound in a clearance (132) between an end portion (133b) of a metallic plate (133a) opposing the reader/writer (120) within a casing (131) of the mobile phone (130) and an inner peripheral wall (131a) of the casing (131) so as not to surround an outer peripheral portion of the metallic plate (133a) and which is inductively coupled with the reader/writer (120)..
Spherical filter
An embodiment filter including metallic plating unitarily forming a spherical shell and a resonator, the resonator defining a resonator cavity, a tuning nut disposed in a lower portion of the resonator cavity, and a tuning screw threadably secured within the resonator cavity by the tuning nut, the tuning screw rotatable to deform an upper portion of the resonator to tune the filter.. .
Enhanced electrochemical deposition filling
One embodiment is a method for void-free metallic electrofilling inside openings, said method includes: providing a substrate with at least one opening, the substrate includes an electrically conductive surface, including inside the at least one opening; immersing the substrate in an electrolyte contained in an ecd cell, the ecd cell includes at least one anode and a cathode, the cathode includes at least a portion of the conductive surface, the electrolyte includes plating metallic ions and at least one inhibitor additive, said metallic ions and at least one inhibitor additive having concentrations; providing electrolyte agitation across the substrate surface; and applying electroplating current density to the substrate; wherein the agitation, the concentrations, and the electroplating current density are such to produce void-free metallic electrofilling of the at least one opening, and wherein a height of electrodeposited surface bumps, or transition steps or humps, or transition spikes, is less than 140 nm.. .
Power semiconductor module
A power semiconductor module comprising a substrate. The power semiconductor module has first and second dc voltage load current connection elements and first and second power semiconductor components.
Light emitting device and lighting apparatus having the same
A light emitting device includes a substrate including a plurality of convex portions, and a first semiconductor layer over the substrate. A plurality of first pits is provided in a top surface of the first semiconductor layer, and a plurality of second pits is provided in the top surface of the first semiconductor layer.
Organic light emissive device comprising a trilayer cathode
A method of manufacturing an organic light emissive device comprising: depositing an organic light emissive layer over an anode and depositing a cathode over the organic light emissive layer, wherein the cathode comprises a trilayer structure formed by: depositing a first layer comprising an electron injecting material; depositing a second layer over the first layer, the second layer comprising a metallic material having a workfunction greater than 3.5 ev; and depositing a third layer over the second layer, the third layer comprising a metallic material having a workfunction greater than 3.5 ev.. .
Organometallic complex and organic light-emitting device including the same
An organometallic complex and an organic light-emitting device (oled) including the same are described. In exemplary embodiments, the subject oled devices may comprise an alkyl derivative of a tris(2-phenylpyridine)iridium complex paired with a carbazole-based host in an emission layer and emit green phosphorescent light..
Nonvolatile resistive memory element with a passivated switching layer
A nonvolatile resistive memory element has a novel variable resistance layer that is passivated with non-metallic dopant atoms, such as nitrogen, either during or after deposition of the switching layer. The presence of the non-metallic dopant atoms in the variable resistance layer enables the switching layer to operate with reduced switching current while maintaining improved data retention properties..
Method of fabricating test strip for measuring biological fluid
The invention provides a method of fabricating test strip for measuring biological fluid. The method comprises steps of: preparing a metallic membrane and an insulating material; adhering the metallic membrane on the insulating material; photolithographing for the metallic membrane; etching the metallic membrane to form a circuit layer; providing a sensing reagent on the circuit layer to form a sensing reagent layer; and adhering an intermediate layer and a cover to the insulating material to cover the circuit layer and expose part of the circuit layer.
Non-deleterious technique for creating continuous conductive circuits upon the surfaces of a non-conductive substrate
A non-deleterious method for producing a continuous conductive circuit upon a non-conductive substrate can begin with the application of a metallic base layer upon a surface of a non-conductive substrate. A circuit pattern can be created within the metallic base layer based upon a circuit design.
Electric submersible pump cables for harsh environments
A cable for supplying power to an electric submersible pump (esp) includes a helically disposed electrical conductor, at least one polymer layer extruded to embed the helically disposed electrical conductor, and a seam-welded metallic tube drawn over the hard polymer layer, all providing resistance to corrosive chemicals at high downhole pressures and temperatures. In an implementation, the helical disposition of cable components, added cushioning polymers and geometry, and a non-leaded metallic tube compensate for stress and differential thermal expansion to keep the cable protected from intrusion of corrosive chemicals.
Method for making an arrangement consisting of a cast part and a cast-in component
A method for making an arrangement consisting of a cast part and a cast-in component composed of a metallic material. The cast-in component is composed of a metallic material that has a galvanically applied nickel layer.
Casting cores and manufacture methods
A casting core assembly includes a metallic core and a ceramic core. A protuberant portion of a metallic core is received in a compartment of the ceramic core..
Nonmetallic spray system
This invention relates to apparatus for a methods of crystallization of salt from brine on top of any soil surface, including repeating spraying of a ground surface, evaporation in air, controlling a moisture depth, capillary action and enhanced renewable energy to grow a layer of salt which can be collected. The brine is pumped from an underground source, sprayed in ambient air over a solid surface at a rate to either produce salt upon the ground and, if water is not completely evaporated, allowed to seep through the surface to saturate the capillary zone.
Method of plasma preparation of metallic contacts to enhance mechanical and electrical integrity of subsequent interconnect bonds
A method of removing oxidation from certain metallic contact surfaces utilizing a combination of relatively simple and inexpensive off-the-shelf equipment and specific chemistry. The method being a very rapid dry process which does not require a vacuum or containment chamber, or toxic gasses/chemicals, and does not damage sensitive electronic circuits or components.
Composite metallic solar cells
A composite photovoltaic cell comprised of a substrate overlaid with metallic nanoparticles sensitized with quantum dots. Using flexible or rigid substrates in conjunction with metallic nanoparticles and quantum dots a highly efficient photovoltaic cell can be formed by using localized surface plasmon resonance.
Solar cell interconnect assembly and method for manufacturing the same
A solar cell interconnect assembly and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. In an embodiment, the method may include: providing a solar cell having an interconnect member formed thereon, the interconnect member comprising a metallic part formed on a surface of the solar cell and a first precursor layer formed over the metallic part; providing an interconnector comprising a second precursor layer at a surface thereof; heating the interconnector and the interconnect member to a temperature equal to or above a eutectic temperature of the materials of the first and second precursor layers and pressing one of them against the other so as to form a eutectic liquid phase; and isothermal solidifying the eutectic liquid to form a bonding layer of eutectic alloy..
Assembly for supporting and grounding solar panels
In various representative aspects, an assembly for supporting and penetrating metallic solar panel frames to provide a grounding path between the panels, holding ballast of various masses to stabilize the solar panels, and allowing the solar panels to tilt to an adjustable angle is disclosed herein. The assembly has a support member with a pair of vertical components, a ballast holder and a mounting member with at least a raised portion to penetrate a surface of a solar panel and form a grounding path between the assembly and the solar panel.
Engine component
The present invention has the objective of solving the problems encountered in coating engine components (engine blocks or sleeves, either fixed or movable) having at least one cylindrical cavity and composed mainly by iron or aluminum, providing them with a coating (3) that is subdivided into three different layers, which are deposited onto the metallic substrate (1), which are first sub-layer (21) comprising at least 80% silicon deposited onto the substrate (1) with the function of providing interface with good adhesion between the substrate (1) and the subsequent sub-layers, which contain hydrogenated amorphous carbon, second sub-layer (22) of transition comprising a percentage of silicon and of hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-c:h:si) and, finally, on the working surface, third sub-layer (23) having a pure composition of hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-c:h), wherein such coating (3) is generated by the hollow cathode effect (hce) by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (pecvd).. .
Primary plastic piston with functional insert for a penetration-type master cylinder and a master cylinder equipped with such a piston
A primary piston is described of molded plastic and equipped with a functional metallic insert and at least one groove. The primary piston is installed in a master cylinder comprising at least the primary piston and a secondary piston, these being mounted in the bore hole of a master cylinder.
Forming of metallic glass by rapid capacitor discharge forging
A forging apparatus and method of uniformly heating, rheologically softening, and thermoplastically forming metallic glasses rapidly into a net shape using a rapid capacitor discharge forming (rcdf) tool are provided. The rcdf method utilizes the discharge of electrical energy stored in a capacitor to uniformly and rapidly heat a sample or charge of metallic glass alloy to a predetermined “process temperature” between the glass transition temperature of the amorphous material and the equilibrium melting point of the alloy in a time scale of several milliseconds or less.
Metallic coated ceramic electrodes
The second layer of metallic coating will be a material that that makes the electrode work more efficiently. The metallic coating will be applied using the atomic layer deposition method or vapor deposition; this secondary metallic deposit will improve the efficiency of the ceramic electrode on products such as fuel cell electrodes, hydrogen generator electrodes and batteries..
Low emissivity and emi shielding films
A low emissivity and emi shielding transparent composite film typically for use in association with window glazing and comprising a transparent film substrate having on one side thereof an underlayer of abrasion resistant hardcoat material with at least one infrared reflective layer covering the underlayer, typically a metallic layer which may be encased in metal oxide layers, which is then covered with a thin external protective top coat of a cured fluorinated resin.. .
Fastening device suitable for use with needle detectors
A fastening device designed to be suitably used with needle detectors. The fastening device does not trigger alarms from needle detectors.
Thermal expansive aluminum guide roller and production method thereof
A thermal expansive aluminum guide roller includes: an aluminum guide roller base, wherein the aluminum guide roller base is coated by an irony layer, the irony layer is coated by a hard metallic layer. Preferably, the hard metallic layer is a nickel layer or a titanium layer.
Optical sensor for analyte detection
Devices, systems, and methods for detection of an analyte in a sample are disclosed. In some embodiments, an optical sensor can include a metallic layer and a plurality of dielectric pillars extending through the metallic layer.
Monolithic metallic self-ligating bracket with locking catch devices
A monolithic metallic self-ligating bracket with a locking catch device is provided. The bracket includes a base, at least one tie wing and at least one locking catch device placed on one surface of the base.
Non-aqueous electrolyte for high voltage rechargeable magnesium batteries
An electrolyte for use in electrochemical cells is provided. The properties of the electrolyte include high conductivity, high coulombic efficiency, and an electrochemical window that can exceed 3.5 v vs.
Negative electrode terminal for battery and method for producing negative electrode terminal for battery
A negative electrode terminal for a battery in which a first metal layer and a second metal layer hardly separate from each other is provided by inhibiting an intermetallic compound from being formed between the first metal layer and the second metal layer. This negative electrode terminal (8) for a battery is composed of a clad material formed by bonding a first metal layer (80), made of al, including a first region connected with a battery terminal connecting plate and an adjacent second region on the same surface side as the first region and a second metal layer (81), made of ni, connected with battery negative electrodes, while the second metal layer is arranged to be stacked on the first metal layer in the second region of the first metal layer..
Pouch-type battery cell
In an aspect, a battery cell includes a stack that contains at least one anode and at least one cathode, a pouch containing the stack and electrolyte, and anode and cathode terminals. The pouch includes first and second films, each including a metallic main barrier layer and a sealing layer.
Liquid crystalline composition for use in a foodstuff article
A shaped part that is formed from a polymer composition that contains a liquid crystalline polymer and a metallic pigment is provided. By selectively controlling the type and relative concentration of these components, the polymer composition and shaped parts formed therefrom can have a metallic-like appearance.
Liquid crystalline composition with a metallic appearance
A polymer composition that contains a liquid crystalline polymer and a metallic pigment formed from metal particles and a carrier resin is provided. The polymer composition also contains an organophosphorous antioxidant that can help reduce the production of odorous compounds at high temperatures.
Press platen or endless belt having a sandwich-type structure
The present invention relates to a press platen (1) or endless belt for embossing materials, in particular wooden materials or plastics materials. In order to considerably reduce the production costs and the use of material, it is proposed according to the invention that use is made of a sandwich body which consists of a carrier body (10) and an embossing body (11), wherein said bodies are connected together in a firm and planar manner via a magnetically active and/or metallic adhesive agent (12).
Bimetallic turbine shroud and method of fabricating
A bimetallic ring for use as a turbine shroud in a gas turbine engine. The bimetallic ring forms a sealing surface as a hot gas flow path boundary in the engine.
Coupled plasmonic waveguides and associated apparatuses and methods
An apparatus and corresponding method in which the apparatus includes a dielectric waveguide and a metallic waveguide. The dielectric waveguide has an effective mode index and a longitudinal dimension.
Power module and power conversion apparatus using same
A power module includes a plurality of semiconductor devices constituting upper/lower arms of an inverter circuit, a plurality of conductive plates arranged to face electrode surfaces of the semiconductor devices and a module case configured to accommodate the semiconductor devices and conductive plates, wherein the module case includes a heat-radiation member made of plate-like metal and facing a surface of the conductive plate and a metallic frame body having an opening that is closed by the heat-radiation member, and wherein a heat-radiation fin unit having a plurality of heat-radiation fins vertically arranged thereon is provided at a center of the heat-radiation member, and a joint portion with the frame body is provided at an peripheral edge of the heat-radiation member, and the heat radiation member has a heat conductivity higher than that of the frame body, and the frame body has a higher rigidity than that of the heat-radiation member.. .
Illuminating device and method for manufacturing the same
A method for manufacturing an illuminating device includes steps of: forming an electrical conductive circuit on a metallic substrate, arranging light-emitting elements on the metallic substrate to be electrically connected with the electrical conductive circuit, covering a transparent cap on each of the light-emitting elements, fixing an electrical connector to the metallic substrate to be electrically connected to the electrical conductive circuit, forming a transparent body outside the transparent caps, the metallic substrate and the electrical conductive circuit by means of an over-molding process; forming a lamp cover outside the transparent body, the metallic substrate and the electrical connector by means of an over-molding process. An illuminating device is further provided, thereby prevents the light-emitting elements from suffering damage due to the temperature and pressure of the over-molding process, and increasing the brightness of the light emitted by the light-emitting elements..
Spacer-modified graphene electrode for supercapacitor
A spacer-modified nano graphene platelet electrode, comprising: (a) multiple nano graphene platelets or sheets having an average thickness smaller than 10 nm; and (b) discrete, non-metallic nano-scaled particles that are disposed between two graphene platelets or sheets to serve as a spacer. In such a spacer-modified graphene electrode, large amounts of electrolyte-accessible pores are formed, enabling the formation of large amounts of electric double layer charges in a supercapacitor, which exhibits an exceptionally high specific capacitance..
Liquid crystal medium composition and liquid crystal display panel manufactured with same
The present invention provides a liquid crystal medium composition and a liquid crystal display panel manufactured with same. The liquid crystal medium composition includes a negative type liquid crystal material, a polymerizable monomer, a sensitizer, and stabilizer.
An electronic device including a core, at least a wire and a magnetic material is provided. The core includes a pillar, a top board and a bottom board.
Cylinder head gasket
A cylinder head gasket includes a metallic gasket layer having through-openings and, at its peripheral outer margin, a first sealing element for providing a seal. The first sealing element forms a sealing line extending circumferentially about the gasket layer and surrounding the through-openings.
Semiconductor structure
A semiconductor structure includes a silicon substrate, a titanium layer, a nickel layer, a silver layer and a metallic adhesion layer, wherein the silicon substrate comprises a back surface, and the titanium layer comprises an upper surface. The titanium layer is formed on the back surface, the nickel layer is formed on the upper surface, the silver layer is formed on the nickel layer, and the metallic adhesion layer is formed between the nickel layer and the silver layer..
Dual-phase intermetallic interconnection structure and method of fabricating the same
Provided are a dual-phase intermetallic interconnection structure and a fabricating method thereof. The dual-phase intermetallic interconnection structure includes a first intermetallic compound, a second intermetallic compound, a first solder layer, and a second solder layer.
Nanostructured silicide composites for thermoelectric applications
The present invention provides a method of preparing a nanocomposite thermoelectric material. The method includes heating a reaction mixture of a semiconductor material and a metal complex to a temperature greater than the decomposition temperature of the metal complex.
Methods to synthesize nipt bimetallic nanoparticles by a reversed-phase microemulsion, deposition of nipt bimetallic nanoparticles on a support, and application of the supported catalyst for co2 reforming of methane
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for nipt nanoparticles, compositions and supports including nipt nanoparticles, methods of making nipt nanoparticles, methods of supporting nipt nanoparticles, methods of using nipt nanoparticles, and the like.. .
Combined method for drilling a layer system, in which mechanical working and edm working are performed
A method including mechanical removal and electrical discharge machining (edm) working allowing symmetrical or asymmetrical holes to be produced with exact contours in a layer system including a metallic substrate and a non-metallic outermost layer is provided. In a first step, an outer region of the hole is worked by mechanical removal.
Brake lining for railway vehicles and disc brake equipped with the same
A disc brake for railway vehicles includes a brake disc fixed to a wheel or an axle of a railway vehicle and a brake lining configured to be pressed against a frictional surface of the brake disc by a brake caliper. The brake lining includes a plurality of friction members arranged to be spaced from each other, each of the friction members having a surface that faces the frictional surface of the brake disc, a metallic backing secured to back surfaces of the friction members, and a base plate supporting the friction members on the back surface side via spring members.
Electrical components and methods and systems of manufacturing electrical components
A method of manufacturing an electrical component includes providing a substrate, applying an insulating layer on the substrate, applying a circuit layer on the insulating layer, irradiating the insulating layer with an electron beam to transform the insulating layer, and irradiating the circuit layer with an electron beam to transform the circuit layer. The substrate may be a metallic substrate that is highly thermally conductive.
Electrical components and methods and systems of manufacturing electrical components
A method of manufacturing an electrical component includes providing an electrically insulating substrate having an outer surface, applying a coated structure on the outer surface and irradiating the coated structure with an electron beam to form an electrical conductor on the substrate. The irradiating may include heating the coating layer to melt the coating layer to form the electrical conductor.
Platinum based alloys
An article made of an alloy of the general formula pt1-a-bma(b1-xmdx)b in which i) m stands for one or a mixture of metallic element(s) of the group zr, ti, fe, ni, co, cu, pd, ag, al; ii) md stands for one or a mixture of several metalloids of the group si, p, c, s, as, ge; iii) a is smaller than 0.2; iv) b is comprised between 0.2 and 0.5; v) x is comprised between 0 and 0.8; vi) the overall p content, if present, is less than 10 atomic percent the proportions of the elements forming the alloy having been selected to confer a hardness of at least 400 hv, a melting point below 1000° c. And improved processibility to the alloy..
Bulk nickel-phosphorus-boron glasses bearing molybdenum
The disclosure provides ni—mo—p—b, ni—mo—nb—p—b, and ni—mo—nb—mn—p—b alloys capable of forming metallic glass objects. The metallic glass objects can have lateral dimensions in excess of 1 mm and as large as 3 mm or larger.
Dye-sensitized solar cell
The invention provides a dye-sensitized solar cell including: a translucent tube-shaped vessel having sealing portions at both ends thereof, a photoelectrode, a collective electrode, and a counter electrode, the photoelectrode, the collective electrode, and the counter electrode being provided in the interior of the tube-shaped vessel; external leads electrically connected respectively to the collective electrode and the counter electrode, and electrolytic solution filled in the interior of the tube-shaped vessel, wherein remaining of air bubbles cause by evaporation of the electrolytic solution when hermetically sealing the tube-shaped vessel after having filled with the electrolytic solution is avoided, whereby preferable power generation efficiency is achieved. At least one of the external leads is formed of a metallic tube, the metallic tube is sealed by the sealing portion, and a projecting end portion of the metallic tube is hermetically sealed..
Solar collector, collector element, building roof, building, and solar energy recovery system
The invention relates to a solar collector (1) comprising a collector element plane comprising a set of parallel metallic collector elements (2) for collecting solar energy. The collector element plane, on its side to be arranged to face the sun, comprises a set of parallel, elongated ridges (r, r) formed by the metallic collector elements (2), and elongated depressions (v) between the ridges (r, r), and that at least some of the ridges (r, r) comprise therein a channel (3) for a heat transfer medium.
Gas generator and assembling method thereof
A metallic cup of constant inner diameter covering the igniter to define a charging chamber. The igniter assembly includes a main body, including an ignition portion and a electro-conductive pin integrated with a metallic collar by a resin.
Process for the improvement of reducibility of ore pellets
The present invention discloses a new process for the improvement of reducibility of iron ore pellets comprising the steps of preparing a raw material mixture which contain metallic ni powder, pelletizing the said mixture obtained, burning the said raw pellets and reducing the said burnt pellets under reducing conditions with presence of ch4.. .
Connection assembly for connecting metallic and plastic components and method of connecting plastic and metallic components
A connection assembly for attaching metallic and plastic components by a heat staking operation includes a first component, a second component, a compressible protrusion, an annular collar, and a deformable stud. The first component is formed of a metallic material and includes an inner surface.
Clip assembly for use holding sinuous springs
A piece of furniture (10) includes a rectangular frame (12) for supporting a plurality of sinuous springs (20). A plurality of clip assemblies (18) are secured to opposed side walls (14) of frame (12).

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