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Metallic patents


This page is updated frequently with new Metallic-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Metallic-related patents
 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure includes receiving a substrate including a die pad disposed thereon; disposing a passivation over the substrate and around the die pad; disposing a polymer over the passivation; forming a post passivation interconnect (ppi) including an elongated portion and a via portion contacting with the die pad; depositing a metallic paste on the elongated portion of the ppi by a stencil; disposing a conductive bump over the metallic paste; and disposing a molding over the ppi and around the metallic paste and the conductive bump.. .
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

 Electronic devices with solderable die structures and methods of formation of such devices patent thumbnailElectronic devices with solderable die structures and methods of formation of such devices
An electronic device includes a semiconductor die having a lower surface, a sintered metallic layer underlying the lower surface of the semiconductor die, a thermally conductive flow layer underlying the sintered metallic layer, and a thermally conductive substrate underlying the thermally conductive flow layer.. .
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

 Writer pole formation patent thumbnailWriter pole formation
Implementations disclosed herein provide a method of reducing the topography at the alignment and overlay marks area during the writer pole photolithography process in order to reduce the wafer scale variation and reduce the writer pole photolithography process rework rate. In one implementation, an intermediate stage of a wafer for writer pole formation is generated by removing a part of at least one metallic writer pole layer on top of an intermediate stage writer pole wafer to form a recovery trench, depositing an optically transparent material on top of the wafer, wherein the thickness of the optically transparent material is higher than a target recovery trench topography, forming a photoresist pattern on top of the optically transparent material over the recovery trench, etching the optically transparent material, and removing the photoresist pattern and at least part of the remaining optically transparent material..
Seagate Technology Llc

 Semiconductor device and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and manufacturing same
A semiconductor device (1001) includes a thin-film transistor (103) including a gate electrode (3a), source and drain electrodes (13as, 13ad), and an oxide semiconductor layer (7), and a source bus line (13s). The source electrode, the source bus line and the drain electrode include a first metallic element and the oxide semiconductor layer includes a second metallic element.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Remote detection and measurement of objects patent thumbnailRemote detection and measurement of objects
Provided are methods of using electromagnetic waves for detecting metal and/or dielectric objects. Methods include directing microwave and/or mm wave radiation in a predetermined direction using a transmission apparatus, including a transmission element; receiving radiation from an entity resulting from the transmitted radiation using a detection apparatus; and generating one or more detection signals in the frequency domain using the detection apparatus.
Radio Physics Solutions Ltd.

 Saliva glucose monitoring system patent thumbnailSaliva glucose monitoring system
A glucose sensor suitable for measuring glucose levels in human saliva is provided. Systems containing the glucose sensor and methods for making and using the sensor are also provided.
Northeastern University

 Remotely controlled semi-automatic mechanized sampling and temperature measuring probe  molten steel in metallurgical furnaces patent thumbnailRemotely controlled semi-automatic mechanized sampling and temperature measuring probe molten steel in metallurgical furnaces
A remotely controlled, semi-automatic sampling and temperature measuring apparatus for steelmaking comprises (i) an air-cooled main probe body carrying a retractable metallic pipe pole containing a plurality of measuring cardboard cartridges by means of a push-pull driving mechanism; (ii) a non-cooled half-moon circular probe housing comprising a rotating arm for inserting and removal of the main probe body from the furnace by means of a hydraulic rotating actuator; and (iii) a double sided frame arm connected to the furnace shell for rotating and repositioning the half-moon circular probe housing and the main probe body away from the furnace for replacing the cardboard cartridges.. .

 High performance sleeved interference fasteners for composite applications patent thumbnailHigh performance sleeved interference fasteners for composite applications
A fastener adapted to pass through aligned holes through workpieces is disclosed. The fastener includes a pin member having a transition portion wherein the diameter of the transition portion decreases radially as it extends from the smooth cylindrical shank portion to the threaded portion.
Alcoa Global Fasteners, Inc.

 Connection point for metal structure patent thumbnailConnection point for metal structure
A connecting node for metallic structures, specifically for structures based on props or pillars (1) wherewith cross beams (2) are associated, wherein said pillars (1) incorporate rosettes (3) separated by a predetermined distance, each of which having a polygonal window (31) and at least one circular hole (32); while the beams (2) include on their edges a fork (4) having a stub (41) with a polygonal configuration that projects from the lower side and has a configuration equivalent to the window (31) and at least one hole (42) in correspondence with the hole (32) of the rosettes (3); the foregoing in anticipation that a fork (4) will be fitted into a pair of rosettes (3) without possibility of sideways movement of the beam (2) and, once the structure is assembled, that it will be immobilised by means of at least one screw (6) which, passing through holes (32) and (42), establishes the definitive connection.. .
Industria Metálicas Anro, S.l.

 Methods for servicing subterranean wells patent thumbnailMethods for servicing subterranean wells
Pumpable process-fluid compositions comprise polyacrylamide, a non-metallic crosslinker and a ph-adjustment material. Such compositions have utility in the context of controlling lost circulation in subterranean wells.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Fluidized bed particles having alkaline resistance for coating metal substrates

Polymer particles containing a polyoxymethylene polymer for coating metallic substrates are described. The polymeric particles contain a polyoxymethylene polymer in combination with a thermoplastic elastomer.
Ticona Gmbh


Coating having solar control properties for a substrate, and depositing said coating on the substrate

The present invention relates to coating glass for architectural or automotive use, either monolithic or laminated, having solar control properties. The coating consists of several layers of different metal oxide semiconductors (tio2, zno, zro2, sno2, alox) and a layer of metallic nanoparticles, which when superimposed on a pre-established order give the glass solar control properties.
Vitro Vidrio Y Cristal, S.a. De C.v.


Method for the manufacture of synthetic quartz glass

One aspect relates to a method for the production of synthetic quartz glass. Moreover, one aspect relates to a polyalkylsiloxane compound, which includes certain specifications with respect to chlorine content, metallic impurities content, and residual moisture, as well as the use thereof for the production of synthetic quartz glass.
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg


Vehicle seat

A vehicle seat (10) comprises a base unit (12) and an upright seat back (14), the base unit (12) being moulded composite materials with optimised fibre orientations and metallic fixing points for attachment to the vehicle and at least two laterally-spaced upstanding arms (46), the seat back (14) being of a moulded composite material with optimised uni-directional fibre orientations and being attached to each upstanding arm (46) via a connection that is distributed along the vertical direction. This vertical distribution can be achieved by providing a plurality of mechanical attachments (48) between the two parts, with the attachments (48) spaced apart in the vertical direction..
Gordon Murray Design Limited


Intelligent soldering cartridge for automatic soldering connection validation

An intelligent soldering cartridge that includes: a housing; a solder tip; a heater for heating the solder tip; a storage device for storing information about characteristics of the cartridge; a processor for retrieving the information about characteristics of the cartridge, monitoring the power level delivered to the solder tip to detect liquidus occurrence at a solder joint, determining a thickness of an intermetallic compound (imc) of the solder joint using some of the retrieved information, determining whether the thickness of the imc is within a predetermined range, and generating an indication signal indicating that a reliable solder joint connection is formed when the thickness of the imc is within the predetermined range; and an interface for transmitting the indication signal.. .
Delaware Capital Formation, Inc.


Tool for wire tying and untying

Tool for metallic wire tying and untying, comprising a resistant elongated body, defining between the end sections thereof two tubular channels (1) which open into the outside area through said end sections (2), at least, and extends from the opposite end section into a coaxial pin (6).. .


Polyoxymethylene polymer composition for fluidized bed coating processes and products made therefrom

Polymer particles containing a polyoxymethylene polymer for coating metallic substrates are described. The polymeric particles contain a polyoxymethylene polymer in combination with an adhesion promoter which may comprise an acid modified polyolefin and performance enhancing additives.
Ticona Gmbh


Composite oxygen ion transport membrane

A composite oxygen ion transport membrane having a dense layer, a porous support layer, an optional intermediate porous layer located between the porous support layer and the dense layer and an optional surface exchange layer, overlying the dense layer. The dense layer has electronic and ionic phases.


Apparatus for humidifying a respiratory gas

An apparatus for delivering pressurized, humidified breathable gas to a patient having a sleep-related disorder includes a cpap unit with a blower configured to generate a flow of pressurized breathable gas. The apparatus also includes a liquid storage container configured to hold a body of liquid.
Resmed R&d Germany Gmbh


Dishwasher with integrated closure element having an antenna

A dishwasher with an integrated closure element, such as a pivoting door or sliding drawer front, having a metallic front panel extending from an upper edge to a lower edge of the closure element includes a user interface located on an upper face of the closure element such that when the closure element is in a closed position, the user interface faces upwardly and is inaccessible to a user. A radio system for the dishwasher includes an upwardly facing antenna located on the closure element adjacent the user interface..
Whirlpool Corporation


Power module and power conversion apparatus using same

A power module includes a plurality of semiconductor devices constituting upper/lower arms of an inverter circuit, a plurality of conductive plates arranged to face electrode surfaces of the semiconductor devices and a module case configured to accommodate the semiconductor devices and conductive plates, wherein the module case includes a heat-radiation member made of plate-like metal and facing a surface of the conductive plate and a metallic frame body having an opening that is closed by the heat-radiation member, and wherein a heat-radiation fin unit having a plurality of heat-radiation fins vertically arranged thereon is provided at a center of the heat-radiation member, and a joint portion with the frame body is provided at an peripheral edge of the heat-radiation member, and the heat radiation member has a heat conductivity higher than that of the frame body, and the frame body has a higher rigidity than that of the heat-radiation member.. .
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Airflow control system

An information handling system (ihs) cooling system includes a multi-ihs chassis having at least one fan system that produces an airflow. An ihs is positioned in the multi-ihs chassis.
Dell Products L.p.


Electroplated plastic chassis for electronic device

In one example an electronic device comprises a controller and a chassis comprising a polymer layer, a first metallic layer deposited on a first side of the polymer layer, and a second metallic layer deposited on a second side of the polymer layer, wherein at least one of the first metallic layer or the second metallic layer comprises an electrically functional integrated structure. Other examples may be described..
Intel Corporation


Halogen heater

A heater of an embodiment includes a bulb, a filament, a gas, and metallic members. The filament is disposed in the inside portion of the bulb along a tube axis and includes a radiative unit and non-radiative units.
Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation


Communication device and display incorporating antennas between display pixels

A display, such as for a touch-sensitive communication device, can include a transparent cover glass, pixels that emit light through the cover glass, and multiple antennas positioned along respective paths in an inactive area between the pixels. The antennas do not obstruct the light produced by the pixels, and can therefore be composed of opaque materials, such as metallic thin films, without affecting the optical properties of the display.
Intel Corporation


Packaging film for power storage device, tube-type packaging member, and power storage device

A packaging film is formed by a laminated film including a plurality of layers, and is configured to be bent into a tube-shape to form a tube-type packaging member having flexibility. Further, the packaging film includes an innermost layer, an outermost layer, and a barrier layer arranged between innermost layer and the outermost layer, as the plurality of layers.
Showa Denko Packaging Co., Ltd.


Organometallic complex, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device

An organometallic complex emitting light with high color purity. The organometallic complex is represented by general formula (g1).
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Organometallic iridium complex, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device

In the formula, ar represents a substituted or unsubstituted aryl group having 6 to 13 carbon atoms, and each of r1 to r7 independently represents hydrogen or a substituted or unsubstituted alkyl group having 1 to 6 carbon atoms.. .


Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same

Wherein m is selected from iridium (ir), platinum (pt), osmium (os), titanium (ti), zirconium (zr), hafnium (hf), europium (eu), terbium (tb), thulium (tm), and rhodium (rd), and wherein l1 is a ligand represented by formula 2a and l2 is a ligand represented by formula 2b, and wherein l1 and l2 in formula 1 are different from each other,. .


Light emitting diode array constructions and packages

Light emitting diode packages as disclosed herein comprise a monolithic chip including at least a first and a second light emitting diode (led) that are electrically coupled in series, wherein the first and the second leds each include at least one electrical terminal configured to be electrically coupled to a power source. The monolithic chip is mounted onto a connection substrate having first and second landing pads formed from metallic material and electrically isolated from each other.
Bridgelux, Inc.


Silver-gold alloy bonding wire

The silver-gold alloy bonding wire of the present invention includes an alloy composed of not lower than 10% and not higher than 30% of gold (au) and not lower than 30 ppm and not higher than 90 ppm of calcium (ca) with the remainder of silver (ag) at purity relative to a metallic element except for elements au and ca of 99.99% or higher, in mass percentage; a layer enriched with oxygen (o) and calcium (ca) formed as a surface layer on the surface of the alloy; and a gold-enriched layer formed immediately below the surface layer.. .
Tanaka Denshi Kogyo K.k.


Adhesive composition, electronic-component-mounted substrate and

There are provided are an adhesive composition that keeps storage stability and further gives a cured product wherein metallic bonds are formed in the state that the cured product wets its components and is satisfactorily spread between the components (or parts), thereby turning excellent in adhesive property, electroconductivity, and reliability for mounting such as tct resistance or high-temperature standing resistance; an electronic-component-mounted substrate using the same; and a semiconductor device. The adhesive composition comprises electroconductive particles (a) and a binder component (b), wherein the electroconductive particles (a) include a metal (a1) having a melting point equal to or higher than the reflow temperature and containing no lead, and a metal (a2) having a melting point lower than the reflow temperature and containing no lead, and the binder component (b) includes a thermosetting resin composition (b1) and an aliphatic dihydroxycarboxylic acid (b2)..
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.


Bond pad with micro-protrusions for direct metallic bonding

A bond pad with micro-protrusions for direct metallic bonding. In one embodiment, a semiconductor device comprises a semiconductor substrate, a through-silicon via (tsv) extending through the semiconductor substrate, and a copper pad electrically connected to the tsv and having a coupling side.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Manufacturing process for substrate structure having component-disposing area

A process for a substrate having a component-disposing area is provided, and includes the following steps. A core layer including a first surface, a metallic layer and a component-disposing area is provided.
Unimicron Technology Corp.


Method for magnetizing multiple zones in a monolithic piece of magnetic material

An article having a multiple magnetic polarities and a method for making the article are disclosed. The article can be a monolithic substrate form from a metallic material or materials.
Apple Inc.


Theft-preventing system and method with magnetic field detection

A tag-based electronic theft-preventing system further comprises a first and second multi-axis magnetometer arranged at the two sides of an entrance to a shopping area and configured to output a first and second vector signal representing movement of a first and second magnetic field vector, respectively. A signal processor estimates a first rotation of the first magnetic field vector and a second rotation of the second magnetic field vector, and generates an indicator signal comprising indication of a counter-direction rotation or a same-direction rotation.
Alert Metalguard Aps


Sensor-equipped display device and controlling the same

According to one embodiment, a first substrate includes a gate line extending in a first direction, a source line extending in a second direction intersecting the first direction, a switching element sw which is connected to the gate line and the source line, and a pixel electrode which is connected to the switching element sw. The first substrate includes a common electrode which is opposed to the pixel electrode, and a detection electrode element tx necessary for sensing a state of closeness of a conductor brought externally, that extends parallel to the common electrode and is formed of a metallic material.
Japan Display Inc.


Liquid crystal display device

The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device, which includes a liquid crystal panel (1) and a collimated exit light backlight module (3). The liquid crystal panel (1) includes a cf substrate (11), an array substrate (13), and a liquid crystal layer (12).
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.


Liquid crystal display device

The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device, which includes a liquid crystal panel (1) and a collimated exit light backlight module (3). The liquid crystal panel (1) includes a cf substrate (11), an array substrate (13), and a liquid crystal layer (12).
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.


Radiation selective absorbing coating and process for obtaining the same at room temperature

The present invention relates to materials and its thermal applications in different uses. More specifically, it relates to the use of a selective absorbing coating which is obtained at room temperature and is deposited on metal, which is additionally used for capturing solar energy or artificial light and converting it into thermal energy.
Energia, Suministros E Instalaciones, S.a. De C.v.


Nonmetallic sheathed electrical cable mounting

A bracket for securing an nm cable includes a generally planar member having a bore having a first diameter defined therein; a sleeve having an inside diameter that is greater than said first diameter, the sleeve is coupled to the bore; and a collar is disposed within the sleeve and substantially abuts the generally planar member, the collar has an outside diameter that allows insertion within the sleeve and an inside diameter that is smaller than the outside diameter thereof whereby the flexible metallic sheathing of an associated cable will abut the collar and the conductors thereof will pass through the collar and the bore. In addition the bracket may include a clamp on the sleeve dimensioned and configured for engaging the outer surface of an associated flexible metallic conduit..


Sliding bearing

To provide a technique by which the occurrence of cracks due to fatigue can be suppressed. The sliding bearing of the present invention is a sliding bearing including: a lining consisting of 3 wt % or more and 12.5 wt % or less of sn, 1 wt % or more and 8 wt % or less of si, 0.05 wt % or more and 3 wt % or less of cr, 0.05 wt % or more and 0.3 wt % or less of zr, 0.01 wt % or more and 0.5 wt % or less of ti, 3 wt % or less of cu or mg, and 0 wt % or more and 9 wt % or less of bi, and the balance al with inevitable impurities, 10 wt % or more and 90 wt % or less of cr forming an intermetallic compound with al, and the rest of cr forming a solid solution with al; a back metal; and an intermediate layer formed between the back metal and the lining by an al alloy containing 0.01 wt % or more of at least one solid solution component selected from zn, cu, mg, li, mn, v, zr, fe, mo, co, ni, hf, sc, ti and w wherein the whole amount of the solid solution component forms a solid solution with al, in such a manner that the intermediate layer has a thickness of 20 μm or more and vickers hardness of 30 or more and 80 or less..
Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Cylindrical bearing with thermally conductive members

A bearing assembly is for supporting a pivotable member and includes a laminated bearing having a generally cylindrical body with a centerline and a central bore for receiving at least a portion of the pivotable member. The body is formed of a plurality of alternating, generally tubular elastomeric and metallic laminae nested coaxially about the central axis, each one of the elastomeric and metallic laminae having opposing axial ends.
Aktiebolaget Skf


Sealing system

The invention relates to a sealing system consisting of a first part and a second part and at least a passage opening extending in both parts, in particular a passage opening for fluids such as hot combustion gases from combustion engines as well as a corresponding metallic flat gasket such that the sealing system comprises or consists of a first part and a second part with the first part and the second part being compressed against each other at a joint contact surface and comprising at least one passage opening in the contact surface, which protrudes into the first and/or second part, an annular groove, which is delimited by the first and the second part and which encircles the passage opening, with the first and second part in the area at least radially outside of the groove come to rest one on the other.. .


Fan blade with static dissipative coating

The present disclosure relates generally to a fan blade for use in a gas turbine engine, wherein the fan blade includes a metallic fan blade body, including a fan blade body leading edge and body outer surface, extending radially outward from a root, and a static dissipative coating material disposed on the body outer surface.. .
United Technologies Corporation


Deployment of expandable graphite

A method of deploying an apparatus in a wellbore comprises positioning a device at a predetermined location; wherein the device comprises a composition that contains an expandable graphite, and a metallic binder, and wherein the composition has a first shape; and exposing the composition to a microwave energy to cause the composition to attain a second shape different from the first shape. Alternatively, the composition further comprises an activation material comprising a thermite, a mixture of al and ni, or a combination comprising at least one of the foregoing and a method of deploying an apparatus comprising such a composition includes exposing the composition to a selected form of energy..
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Method for producing a metal foam and producing particles suitable for said method

A method for producing a metal foam includes depositing metal-containing particles and blowing-agent-containing particles by cold spraying. A layer formed in this manner is formed from metallic particles and particles containing blowing agent, wherein the blowing agent forms the core of coated particles.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Bulk nickel-cobalt-based glasses bearing chromium, tantalum, phosphorus and boron

Ni—co—cr—ta—p—b alloys and metallic glasses with controlled ranges are provided. The alloys demonstrate a combination of good glass forming ability, high toughness, and high stability of the supercooled liquid.
Glassimetal Technology, Inc.


Multi additive multifunctional composite for use in a non-metallic fuel conveyance system

A multifunctional composite material may include a polymer matrix, at least one nano-additive, micro-additive, and/or a spherical nano-additive. The non-metallic composite material may be used to make non-metallic parts for fuel conveyance systems for use in aircraft..
Eaton Corporation


Molding packaging material and molded case

A molding packaging material includes an outer substrate layer made of a heat-resistant resin, an inner sealant layer made of a thermoplastic resin, a metallic foil layer provided between the outer substrate layer and the inner sealant layer, and a protection coat layer formed on a side opposite to the metallic foil layer side of the outer substrate layer. The protection coat layer is made of a resin composition including a main resin containing a phenoxy resin and a urethane resin, and a curing agent, and has a thickness of 0.1 μm to 10 μm..
Showa Denko Packaging Co., Ltd.


Aluminum alloy material having thermal bonding function in single layer, manufacturing same, and aluminum bonded body using the aluminum alloy material

This invention provides an aluminum alloy material capable of being thermally bonded in a single layer without using a bonding agent, such as a brazing or welding filler metal. This invention also provides a bonding method for the aluminum alloy material, and an aluminum bonded body using the aluminum alloy material.
Uacj Corporation


Nanosegregated bimetallic oxide anode catalyst for proton exchange membrane electrolyzer

A surface segregated bimetallic composition of the formula ru1-xirx wherein 0.1≦x≦0.75, wherein a surface of the material has an ir concentration that is greater than an ir concentration of the material as a whole is provided. The surface segregated material may be produced by a method including heating a bimetallic composition of the formula ru1-xirx, wherein 0.1≦x≦0.75, at a first temperature in a reducing environment, and heating the composition at a second temperature in an oxidizing environment.


Orthopaedic surgical instrument assembly for reaming a patient's acetabulum

A surgical instrument assembly includes a metallic hemispherical component and a driver component removably coupled to the hemispherical component. The metallic hemispherical component has a convex outer surface configured to engage a patient's natural acetabulum, a concave inner surface positioned opposite the outer surface and defining a cavity in the hemispherical component, a plurality of cutting teeth extending outwardly from the outer surface, and a plurality of apertures defined in the inner surface.


Composite core furniture items

A composite core furniture item can include a multi-layered core (optionally including both metallic and non-metallic layers) that provides exterior major surfaces for application of top and bottom wood veneer layers or other exterior veneer layers via a heat catalyzed adhesive or other bonding process.. .
Halcon Inc.


Handle assembly

A present handle assembly is mounted to a handle shaft of a fishing reel. The handle assembly includes a handle arm and a handle knob.
Shimano Components (malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.


Fishing line guide, reel seat, and fishing rod including the same

A fishing line guide includes an attachment portion, a support leg frame, a support leg portion and a guide ring portion. The support leg frame extends from a base end of the attachment portion and is integrally formed with the attachment portion.
Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Shutter covered on sound hole of loudspeaker module and assembling method thereof, loudspeaker module

A blocking piece covering the sound hole of a loudspeaker module may be arranged at a position where the sound hole is located on the case of the loudspeaker module and covers the sound hole. The blocking piece may be made of a nonmetallic flexible net.
Goertek Inc.


Spark plug

A spark plug having an insulator that includes a first portion which accommodates a front end of the metallic terminal. A portion of the metallic terminal has a roughened surface portion with a vickers hardness of 200 hv or greater and 320 hv or smaller.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.


Antenna structure and wireless communication device using same

An antenna structure includes a feed portion, a ground portion, at least one metallic portion, and a radiating portion. The ground portion is spaced apart from the feed portion.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.


Electrochemical storage material and electrochemical storage device for storing electrical energy, comprising such a storage material

A storage material for storing electrical energy by reduction or oxidation of an active component, wherein the storage material, in addition to the active component, additionally has a reactive framework structure in at least a reduced and/or oxidized form, which is capable of chemically integrating at least one form of the active component in the form of a mixed oxide or an alloy into the framework structure during the charging or discharging process. This integration can occur in the case of an oxidic framework structure, in particular, in the formation of at least one stable mixed oxide of the active component and an oxide from the framework structure.
Forschungszentrum JÜlich Gmbh


Nickel manganese composite hydroxide particles and manufacturing method thereof, cathode active material for a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof, and a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery

Provided are nickel manganese composite hydroxide particles that are a precursor for forming cathode active material including lithium nickel manganese composite oxide having hollow structure of particles having a small and uniform particle size for obtaining a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery having high capacity, high output and good cyclability. When obtaining the nickel manganese composite hydroxide particles from a crystallization reaction, an aqueous solution for nucleation, which includes at least a metallic compound that contains nickel and a metallic compound that contains manganese, and does not include a complex ion formation agent that forms complex ions with nickel, manganese and cobalt, is controlled so that the temperature of the solution is 60° c.
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.


Non-metallic semiconductor quantum dot and carrying out chemical reaction or photoluminescence reaction by using the same

A non-metallic semiconductor quantum dot is provided with a non-metallic substrate, and has a particle size ranged from 0.3 to 100 nm. A method of carrying out a chemical reaction or a photoluminescence reaction by using the non-metallic semiconductor quantum dot is also provided.
National Cheng Kung University Hospital


Semiconductor device

An n−-type semiconductor substrate (1) includes an active region and a terminal region disposed outside the active region. A p+-type anode layer (2) is formed in a portion of an upper surface of the n−-type semiconductor substrate (1) in the active region.
Miitsubishi Electric Corporation


Semiconductor structure and fabricating the same

The present invention provides a semiconductor structure and a method of fabricating the same. The semiconductor structure includes a carrier, a semiconductor chip and an encapsulant.
Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.


Room temperature metal direct bonding

A bonded device structure including a first substrate having a first set of metallic bonding pads, preferably connected to a device or circuit, and having a first non-metallic region adjacent to the metallic bonding pads on the first substrate, a second substrate having a second set of metallic bonding pads aligned with the first set of metallic bonding pads, preferably connected to a device or circuit, and having a second non-metallic region adjacent to the metallic bonding pads on the second substrate, and a contact-bonded interface between the first and second set of metallic bonding pads formed by contact bonding of the first non-metallic region to the second non-metallic region. At least one of the first and second substrates may be elastically deformed..
Ziptronix, Inc.


Systems and methods for mechanical and electrical package substrate issue mitigation

Systems and methods are provided for an integrated circuit package. A plurality of electrical contacts are configured to provide a structure for electrically connecting the integrated circuit package to a printed circuit board.
Marvell International Ltd.


Plasma generator with at least one non-metallic component

A plasma generator for an ion implanter is provided. The plasma generator includes an ionization chamber for forming a plasma that is adapted to generate a plurality of ions and a plurality of electrons.
Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.


Permanent magnet, motor, and generator

The embodiments provide a high-performance permanent magnet. The permanent magnet includes a sintered body having a composition expressed by a composition formula rpfeqmrcutco100-p-q-r-t, with carbon in a range from 50 mass ppm to 1500 mass ppm.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Electrically and thermally non-metallic conductive nanostructure-based adapters

A conductive adapter for carrying relatively high current from a source to an external circuit without degradation is provided. The adapter includes a conducting member made from a conductive nanostructure-based material and having opposing ends.
Nanocomp Technologies, Inc.


Resistive memory devices

Electronic apparatus, systems, and methods can include a resistive memory cell having a structured as an operably variable resistance region between two electrodes and a metallic barrier disposed in a region between the dielectric and one of the two electrodes. The metallic barrier can have a structure and a material composition to provide oxygen diffusivity above a first threshold during program or erase operations of the resistive memory cell and oxygen diffusivity below a second threshold during a retention state of the resistive memory cell.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Metallic plate and recording tape cartridge

A metallic plate that is a structure of a release member, the release member being configured to be integrally rotatable with a reel accommodated in a case, and the release member moving a locking member from a locking position, at which the locking member locks rotation of the reel relative to the case, to an allowing position, at which the locking member allows rotation of the reel. The metallic plate comprises a touching surface that is to be touched by a distal end of a sliding protrusion portion that protrudes from the locking member; and a structure such that, if a plurality of the metallic plate are stacked in a plate thickness direction in a state in which the metallic plates are not attached to release members, the touching surface of each metallic plate is not in contact with any other of the metallic plates..
Fujifilm Corporation


Recording tape cartridge

A recording tape cartridge includes a release member, a sliding protrusion portion, a metallic plate and a reference portion. The release member is provided in a reel hub to be rotatable integrally with the reel.
Fujifilm Corporation


Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium

There is provided an image processing apparatus capable of favorably reproducing a metallic texture on a recording medium. The image processing apparatus includes an input unit configured to receive color information included in image data, a conversion unit configured to convert the color information into color material amount data of a chromatic color material, and a determination unit configured to make a determination on color material amount data of an achromatic color material to be formed on top of the chromatic color material on a recording medium so as to cause a hue of diffused light and a hue of specular reflection light of an image, which is formed of a chromatic color material corresponding to the converted color material amount data of the chromatic color material, formed on the recording medium to coincide with each other..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image data processing apparatus and image data processing method

An image data processing apparatus includes a total-colorant-amount calculating unit that calculates a total amount of a metallic colorant and a process-color colorant used by an image forming apparatus to form an image having a unit area, the image forming apparatus forming an image by using a white colorant, the metallic colorant, and the process-color colorant; a white-colorant-amount specifying unit that specifies an amount of the white colorant used to form the image having a unit area on the basis of a calculation result obtained by the total-colorant-amount calculating unit; and a white-colorant-amount correcting unit that corrects the amount of the white colorant so that the amount of the white colorant used to form the image having a unit area decreases as the amount of the metallic colorant used to form the image having a unit area increases.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Panel with reduced glare

A wire-grip polarizer (“wgp”), and a panel having said wgp is provided. The wgp is mounted on an absorption layer.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Control valve

A vibration-proof spring, which coaxially inserts a shaft, is provided in a body of a control valve. The vibration-proof spring includes a cylindrical spring body, spring parts, which are integrally formed with a side wall of the spring body and are supported by the spring body in a cantilevered manner, and bulging portions, which are formed, on surfaces of the spring parts facing the shaft, in a protruding manner.
Tgk Co., Ltd.


Tubular structure support with variable dimensions and mechanical properties

A support may include a hollow metallic tube extending over an axis and may include two opposing ends. The tube may include a plurality of sections disposed along the axis.
L & W Engineering


Piston ring

A piston ring may include a metallic base, an outer slide layer and an intermediate layer disposed between the base and the outer slide layer. The base may extend between at least two end regions.
Mahle International Gmbh


Method and device for real time estimation of the applied pressure and of noisiness in a brake element, in particular a brake pad

A brake element is sensorized by at least one piezoceramic sensor arranged between a metallic support element and a block of friction material of a brake element, the sensor being completely embedded within the block. An electrical voltage signal generated by at least one piezoceramic sensor, without the need for a power supply, is picked up by an electrical circuit integrated into the metallic support element.


Fail safe ball joint

The present invention relates to a steering metallic ball joint mechanism which eliminates undesirable ball socket separation resulting in complete loss of vehicle control. Further, the present invention aims to improve the ball socket separation force in the steering ball joint mechanism subsequently improving vehicle safety.
Rane (madras) Limited


Ablative mechanical fastener

A mechanical fastener is provided for securing an ablative material of finite thickness to a metallic substrate, said ablative material subjected to high temperature erosion on a proximal side to protect said substrate on a distal side. The fastener includes a flathead bolt and a nut.


Wind turbine and a lightning protection unit for a wind turbine

A wind turbine is provided, having a nacelle, and having a rotor that has at least two rotor blades. The rotor blades each have a rotor blade root, at least one metallic conductor, for conducting a lightning strike, and connected thereto, provided in the region of a rotor blade root, have a conducting ring.
Wobben Properties Gmbh


Chemistry based methods of manufacture for maxmet composite powders

A method of manufacturing a gas turbine engine air seal comprising forming at least one max phase particle. The method includes coating the at least one max phase particle with a metallic shell.
United Technologies Corporation


Abradable seal and forming an abradable seal

An abradable seal having a metallic substrate and a multi-layered ceramic coating on the metallic substrate. The multi-layered ceramic coating includes a base layer deposited on the metallic substrate, an abradable layer overlaying the first layer, and an abrading layer overlaying the second layer.
General Electric Company


Vane ring band with nano-coating

An inner band used on a turbine engine is disclosed herein. The inner band may include a core comprising polymeric materials and a shell comprising nanocrystalline metallic materials applied to the core to cover at least a portion of the core..
Rolls-royce Corporation


Method of electroplating plastic substrate

Provided is a method of electroplating a plastic substrate, wherein the treatment time of processes including coarsening, copper plating, nickel plating, etc. Is decreased, and a semi-gloss nickel plating process (a semi-gloss nickel plating layer) in a conventional electroplating process is obviated.


Laser assisted interstitial alloying for improved wear resistance

A method of enhancing wear resistance of a metallic substrate includes applying a coating of an interstitial element to a surface of a substrate. A laser beam is directed onto a localized area of the metallic substrate coated with the interstitial element locally raising a temperature of the metallic substrate to a temperature causing the interstitial element to diffuse into the substrate.
Dm3d Technology, Llc


Method of forming very reactive metal layers by a high vacuum plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition system

This invention provides a method and a system to deposit a thin layer of very reactive elemental metals by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (peald). The very reactive metals, selected from the highly electropositive elements include alkaline earth metals, group iii metals, and some transition and rare earth metals.


Method of applying a thermal barrier coating to a metallic article and a thermal barrier coated metallic article

A thermal barrier coated metallic article includes a platinum-group metal enriched outer layer on the article. The surface of the outer layer has a microstructure including a plurality of projections extending away from the metallic article.
Rolls-royce Plc


Method for surface-treating a metallic substrate

A method for surface-treating a metallic substrate, in particular steel plate, using a protective coating on a zn basis, according to which a chloride-containing solution is applied to the protective coating and as a result an anti-corrosion layer comprising hydrozincite and simonkolleite is formed at least in parts. To increase the corrosion resistance of the protective coating and to improve the process sequence and reproducibility of the method, the invention proposes reacting the protectively coated substrate with the solution which, using an acid, is adjusted to a ph of 4 to 6 and contains 1.8 to 18.5% by weight chloride, so as to increase the proportion of simonkolleite in relation to the proportion of hydrozincite in the anti-corrosion layer..
Voestalpine Stahl Gmbh


Aluminium alloy sheet for metallic bottle or aerosol container

The invention also relates to a sheet manufactured by a process such as that described above, together with metal bottles or bottle-cans, together with aerosol cans or aerosol dispensers made from the said sheet.. .


Physical property improvement of iron castings using carbon nanomaterials

A method is provided for fabricating iron castings for metallic components. The method for fabricating the iron castings may include forming a molten solution by melting carbon and iron and combining carbon nanomaterials with the molten solution.
Dresser-rand Company


Method for reducing iron oxide to metallic iron using coke oven gas

The present invention provides a method for reducing iron oxide to metallic iron using coke oven gas, including: dividing coke oven gas from a coke oven gas source into a plurality of coke oven gas streams; providing a first coke oven gas stream to a hydrogen enrichment unit to form a hydrogen-rich product stream that is delivered to a reduction shaft furnace as part of a reducing gas stream; and providing a tail gas stream from the hydrogen enrichment unit to a reforming reactor to form a reformed gas stream that is delivered to a reduction shaft furnace as part of the reducing gas stream. Optionally, a spent top gas stream from the reduction shaft furnace is cleansed of co2 and recycled back to the reducing gas stream..
Midrex Technologies, Inc.


Water-soluble metal working oil agent

A water-soluble metal working oil agent which can be prevented from being scattered in the form of mists for a long period when used for the cutting processing, grinding processing and the like of metallic materials is provided. A method for producing the water-soluble metal working oil agent is described.
Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd.


Aqueous metal surface treatment agent for lithium ion secondary battery

Having a degree of saponification of 90 to 99.9 mol % and an average degree of polymerization of 250 to 3000; and a metallic crosslinking agent.. .


A preparing a conductive metallic layer or pattern

A method of preparing a conductive metallic layer or pattern includes the steps of applying a metallic nanoparticle dispersion on a support to obtain a metallic layer or pattern, and contacting the metallic layer or pattern with a solution containing an acid or an acid precursor capable of releasing the acid during curing of the metallic layer or pattern. It has been observed that by contacting the metallic layer or pattern with a solution containing an acid or an acid precursor capable of releasing the acid, higher conductivities at moderate curing conditions are obtained..
Agfa Gevaert


Intumescent composition and the use thereof

An intumescent composition is described which contains a binder based on polyurea. Using the composition, which has a relatively high rate of expansion, it is possible to easily and quickly apply coatings at the layer thickness required for the specific fire resistance duration, wherein the layer thickness can be reduced to a minimum yet still reach a high insulating value.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Surface treatment composition for coated steel sheet, surface treated plated steel sheet and production of same, and coated plated steel sheet and production of same

An aqueous surface treatment composition for coated steel sheet securing sufficient working adhesion while causing the formation of a surface treatment layer imparting excellent overhang corrosion resistance even without containing chrome, that is, a surface treatment composition containing a specific organic silicon compound, hexafluorometallic acid, a urethane resin having specific cationic groups, a vanadium compound, and an aqueous medium and sufficiently securing working adhesion while imparting excellent overhang corrosion resistance by the urethane resin having cationic groups and a total amine value of specific values is provided.. .
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Coated Sheet Corporation


Polyoxymethylene copolymers and thermoplastic pom composition

The invention relates to polyoxymethylene copolymers with medium molecular weight, processes for producing these, and their use. The invention furthermore relates to thermoplastic compositions which comprise mixtures of polyoxymethylene homo- or copolymers, production of these, use of these for producing metallic or ceramic moldings, and the resultant moldings..
Basf Se


Preparation metallic oxide spherical cascade structure

A preparation method for a metallic oxide micro-nano spherical cascade structure, belonging to the field of nanometer/micrometer microstructure material and a preparation thereof is provided. The metallic oxide spherical cascade structure of the present invention refers to a micron-sized spherical particle structure composed of metallic oxide powder having a particle size of tens of nanometers.
Nanjing University

Metallic topics: Binder Material, Crystallin, Semiconductor, Combustion, Pressure Sensor, Scattering, Optical Fiber, Cathodic Protection, Metallic Compound, Alpha Particle, Radioactive, Replacement Gate, Silicon Nitride, Planarization, Semiconductor Devices

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