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Metallic patents

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Exhaust gas processing device


Exhaust gas processing device

Method for forming metal structures


Method for forming metal structures

Date/App# patent app List of recent Metallic-related patents
 Reactor and  gasifying and/or cleaning a starting material patent thumbnailnew patent Reactor and gasifying and/or cleaning a starting material
The invention relates to a reactor for gasifying and/or cleaning a starting material (12), especially for depolymerizing plastic material (12), wherein the reactor comprises: a reactor vessel (14) for receiving the starting material (12), especially the plastic material (12); a metal bath (26) which is arranged in the reactor vessel (14) and includes a liquid metallic material having a metal bath melting temperature (tschmelz); a plurality of filling elements (25) which are at least partially arranged in the metal bath (26); and a heater, especially an induction heater (18) for heating the starting material in the reactor vessel (14). According to the invention, a metal bath intermediate storage device (52) is provided and is connected to the reactor vessel (14) and is designed to remove at least part of the metal bath (26) from the reactor vessel (14) and to return the metal bath (26) to the reactor vessel (14), and comprises a delivery device (64) for delivering the metal bath (26), the delivery device (64) having a pressure increasing unit (60) by means of which the metal bath (26) can be delivered by applying the gas pressure (p)..
 Antimicrobial polyurethane foam and process to make the same patent thumbnailnew patent Antimicrobial polyurethane foam and process to make the same
An antimicrobial polyurethane foam that is formed from: a multi-functional isocyanate component; an aqueous polyol component reactive with the multi-functional isocyanate component; an antimicrobial metallic compound; and a complexing agent. The complexing agent is used to form a stable blend of the antimicrobial metallic compound with the polyol component.
Avent, Inc.
 Nanostructured titania catalyst with stabilized acidity and process thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Nanostructured titania catalyst with stabilized acidity and process thereof
The present invention is directed to a process for obtaining a nanostructured titania catalyst with stabilized acidity through the sol-gel method and hydrotreatment and thermal activation; constituted basically by titanium oxide, specially characterized of being as nanostructures in its evolution nanocrystals-nanotubes-nanocrystals, that gives special physicochemical properties such as high specific area, purity and phases stability, acidity stability and different types of active acid sites, such as a capacity to disperse and stabilize metallic particles with high activity mainly in catalytic processes.. .
Instituto Mexicano Del Petroleo
 Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene and preparation of multimetallic mixed oxide catalyst for such process patent thumbnailnew patent Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene and preparation of multimetallic mixed oxide catalyst for such process
Oxidative dehydrogenation of light paraffins, such as ethane at moderate temperatures (<500° c.) to produce ethylene without the formation of side products such as acetic acid and/or other oxygenated hydrocarbons is achieved using tellurium-free, multimetallic catalysts possessing orthorhombic m1 phase and other crystalline structures that have an important role for obtaining high performance catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene. Such catalysts are prepared using thermal and hydrothermal methods..
 Production of graphene and nanoparticle catalysts supported on graphene using microwave radiation patent thumbnailnew patent Production of graphene and nanoparticle catalysts supported on graphene using microwave radiation
Microwave irradiation is used to synthesize graphene and metallic nanocatalysts supported on graphene either by solid or solution phase. In solid phase methods, no solvents or additional reducing agents are required so the methods are “environmentally friendly” and economical, and the graphene and nanocatalysts are substantially free of residual contaminants.
Virginia Commonwealth University
 Soft rubber roll cover with wide grooves patent thumbnailnew patent Soft rubber roll cover with wide grooves
An industrial roll includes: a substantially cylindrical metallic core; a base layer that is adhered to and circumferentially overlies the core; and a top stock layer that circumferentially overlies the base layer. The top stock layer includes circumferential grooves, wherein the grooves have a width/height ratio of at least 0.7..
Stowe Woodward Licensco, Llc
 Protective lockable female electrical outlet patent thumbnailnew patent Protective lockable female electrical outlet
An improved electrical outlet providing a lockable electrical connection between a male plug and the outlet to securely retain the plug. The method to secure and retain the plug imparts minimal stress to the outlet and to the male plug so as to not substantially decrease the durability of either.
 Flow drill screw attached grounding block patent thumbnailnew patent Flow drill screw attached grounding block
A grounding block is provided. The grounding block includes a means for fastening and a formed metallic block.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
 Receptacle connector with double metallic shells patent thumbnailnew patent Receptacle connector with double metallic shells
A receptacle connector includes an insulative housing, a number of contacts fixed to the insulative housing and a shell enclosing the insulative housing. The insulative housing includes a main portion, a mating portion and a fixing portion.
Alltop Electronics (suzhou) Ltd.
 Method for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member
A method for producing an electrophotographic photosensitive member in which leakage hardly occurs is provided. For this, in the method for producing an electrophotographic photosensitive member according to the present invention, a coating liquid for a conductive layer is prepared using a solvent, a binder material, and a metallic oxide particle having a water content of not less than 1.0% by mass and not more than 2.0% by mass; using the coating liquid for a conductive layer, a conductive layer having a volume resistivity of not less than 1.0×108 Ω·cm and not more than 5.0×1012 Ω·cm is formed; the mass ratio (p/b) of the metallic oxide particle (p) to the binder material (b) in the coating liquid for a conductive layer is not less than 1.5/1.0 and not more than 3.5/1.0; and the metallic oxide particle is selected from the group consisting of a titanium oxide particle coated with tin oxide doped with phosphorus, a titanium oxide particle coated with tin oxide doped with tungsten, and a titanium oxide particle coated with tin oxide doped with fluorine..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
new patent

Aluminum alloy sheet material for lithium-ion battery and producing the same

An aluminum alloy sheet material for a lithium-ion battery can significantly reduce the number of welding defects (e.g., bead non-uniformity and underfill) that occur during laser welding. The aluminum alloy sheet material includes 0.8 to 1.5 mass % of mn, 0.6 mass % or less of si, 0.7 mass % or less of fe, 0.2 mass % or less of cu, and 0.2 mass % or less of zn, with the balance being al and unavoidable impurities, al—mn—si-based intermetallic compounds having a maximum length of less than 1.0 μm being distributed in a matrix of the aluminum alloy sheet material in a number equal to or larger than 0.25 per μm2, and the area ratio of the intermetallic compounds being 3.0% or more when a field of view having an area of 5000 μm2 is subjected to image analysis..
Uacj Corporation
new patent

Lithium accumulator

A lithium accumulator with a housing comprising at least one cell with two electrodes (2a, 2b) provided with current collectors (3a, 3b) and separated by a separator (4) wherein each electrode (2a, 2b), free of organic binders, is pressed down onto both sides of the current collector (3a, 3b) made of a perforated metal strip in the form of metal network, expanded meal or perforated metallic foil. The minimum thickness of the electrodes (2a, 2b) is three times the thickness of the perforated metal strip (3a, 3b)..
He3da S.r.o.
new patent

Method for forming metal structures

A method of forming a metal structure. The method comprises providing a dispersion of metal nanoparticles and a solution comprising a transient polymer and solvent.
Xerox Corporation
new patent

Ceramic thermally insulating layer system having an external aluminum-rich layer and method

A layer system is provided that has at least: a substrate, a ceramic layer and an outermost layer, which has an aluminum-rich form, in particular directly on the ceramic layer, and optionally a metallic bonding layer between the substrate and the ceramic layer, and in which the outermost layer has aluminum particles, in particular aluminum particles with a particle size of 100 nm to 50 μm. As a result of applying particles of aluminum to an outermost layer, the ceramic layer is better protected against what is known as cmas (calcium, magnesium, aluminum and silicon) attacks..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
new patent

Decorative member for vehicle

A vehicular decorative member is curved as a forward-bulging shape, and includes a transparent base, a transferred layer, a metallic layer, and a base layer. The transparent base includes a front face, and a rear face.
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.
new patent

Steel sheet for container having excellent organic film performance and process for producing the same

A surface-treated steel sheet for a container, comprising: a steel sheet, and a zr compound film disposed on the steel sheet, wherein the zr compound film being formed by a dipping or electrolytic treatment in a solution containing zr ion, f ion, ammonium ion and nitrate ion; and the coating weight of the zr compound film is 1 to 100 mg/m2 in terms of the amount of metallic zr, and 0.1 mg/m2 or less in terms of the f amount. There is provided a steel sheet for container, which has an excellent processability in the can manufacturing, and at the same time, is excellent in drawing and ironing processability, weldability, corrosion resistance, adherence thereof to a coating material and adherence thereof to a film, and a process for producing such a steel sheet for container..
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation
new patent

Dehydrogenation catalyst, and carbonyl compound and hydrogen production method using said catalyst

Objects of the present invention are to provide a novel dehydrogenation reaction catalyst, to provide a method that can produce a ketone, an aldehyde, and a carboxylic acid with high efficiency from an alcohol, and to provide a method for efficiently producing hydrogen from an alcohol, formic acid, or a formate, and they are accomplished by a catalyst containing an organometallic compound of formula (1).. .
Kanto Kagaku Kabushiki Kaisha
new patent

Multimetallic mixed oxides, its preparation and use for the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane for producing ethylene

Is prepared by a process of mixing metallic precursors of m1, m2 and m3 to form a precursor mixture, hydrothermal treatment of the resulting mixture to obtain a homogeneous solid mixture, and thermally treating the solid mixture to activate the solid mixture and obtain said catalyst.. .
new patent

Exhaust gas processing device

An exhaust gas processing device includes a cylindrical metallic member and an insulating layer. The insulating layer has a thickness of about 20 μm to about 400 μm and is densely formed such that no through pores exist in a thickness direction of the insulating layer.
Ibiden Co., Ltd.
new patent

Apparatus for tuning multi-band frame antenna

A multi-band frame antenna is used for lte, mimo, and other frequency bands. The frame antenna includes a conductive block and a metallic frame with no gaps or discontinuities.
Sony Corporation
new patent

Formation of through-silicon via (tsv) in silicon substrate

To form a through-silicon via (tsv) in a silicon substrate without using plating equipment or using sputtering equipment or small metal particles, and form an interlayer connection by stacking a plurality of such silicon substrates, a through hole of a silicon substrate is filled using molten solder itself. In detail, solid solder placed above the through hole of the silicon substrate is molten and the molten solder is guided to and filled in the internal space.
International Business Machines Corporation
new patent

Mos p-n junction diode with enhanced response speed and manufacturing method thereof

A mos p-n junction diode includes a semiconductor substrate, a mask layer, a guard ring, a gate oxide layer, a polysilicon structure, a polysilicon oxide layer, a central conductive layer, ion implantation layer, a channel region, and a metallic sputtering layer. For manufacturing the mos p-n junction diode, a mask layer is formed on a semiconductor substrate.
Pfc Device Corp.
new patent

Deicing of a surface of structures in general such as wind turbine blades, aircraft wings using induction or radiation

A method is provided which allows the facile deicing of a surface of a structure in general. Electromagnetic induction or ir/microwave radiation is used to heat up a layer or a coating on said surface of the structure in general whereby said layer preferably contains conductive particles such as carbon nano particles, such as graphite, carbon nano tubes, carbon nano cones, metal in powder form, metalized glass beads, carbon fibers, chopped or as woven structure, etc all collectively named carbon nano tubes (cnts) or cones or metallic particles at concentrations above 0.01% by weight.
Jka Kemi Ab
new patent

Pan and making

In an exemplary embodiment, an induction cooking pan can include: a pan; a handle coupled to the pan; wherein the pan can include: a ceramic inner coated portion; a first metallic outer portion; and a second metallic outer portion; wherein the second metallic outer portion is at least one of extruded or impact bonded to the first metallic outer portion; wherein the second metallic outer portion can include: a generally circular shape and can include a plurality of punched openings therethrough; and wherein the plurality of punched openings have been at least one of: impact bonded into a lower surface of the first metallic portion; or extruded into a lower surface of the first metallic portion; and wherein the first and second metallic outer portions have been machined substantially smooth.. .
Nuwave, Llc
new patent

Device for purifying water of a container

A device (10, 110) for purifying water, particularly but not exclusively for domestic use, comprising a metallic body (11, 111) to be inserted in a container (12, 112) of water (13) to be purified, the metallic body (11, 111) having a face (14, 114) made of silver and an opposite face (15, 115) made of brass, both intended to come into contact with the water (13).. .
new patent

Reactor for gasifying and/or cleaning, especially for depolymerizing, plastic material and associated method

The invention relates to a reactor for gasifying and/or cleaning, especially for depolymerizing a plastic material (12), which reactor comprises: a reactor vessel (14) for receiving a starting material (12), especially the plastic material (12); a metal bath (26) which is arranged in the reactor vessel (14) and includes a liquid metallic material that has a metal bath melting temperature (tschmelz); a plurality of filling elements (25) in the metal bath (26); a heater (18) for heating the plastic material (12) in the reactor vessel (14); and a residual material removal device for at least partially removing residual material (38) which is produced during the gasification and/or cleaning of the starting material (12). According to the invention, the residual material removal device comprises an overflow which is centrally arranged in the reactor vessel (14) so that residual material (38) floating on the metal bath (26) can be removed via the overflow..
new patent

Method of using surface modifying metallic treatment agents to treat subterranean formations

A method of treating a subterranean formation comprises pumping into a well penetrating the formation a surface modifying treatment agent having a metallic anchor and at least one hydrophobic tail attached to the metal of the anchor. The surface modifying treatment agent is covalently bound to the surface of the subterranean formation through the metal of the anchor..
Baker Hughes Incorporated
new patent

Method of inhibiting fouling on a metallic surface using a surface modifying treatment agent

Fouling caused by contaminants onto a metallic tubular, flow conduit or vessel in an underground reservoir or extending from or to an underground reservoir may be inhibited by applying onto the surface of the metallic tubular, flow conduit or vessel a treatment agent comprising a hydrophobic tail and an anchor. The anchor attaches the treatment agent onto the surface of the metallic tubular, flow conduit or vessel..
Baker Hughes Incorporated
new patent

Metallic thin-film bonding and alloy generation

Diffusion bonding a stack of aluminum thin films is particularly challenging due to a stable aluminum oxide coating that rapidly forms on the aluminum thin films when they are exposed to atmosphere and the relatively low meting temperature of aluminum. By plating the individual aluminum thin films with a metal that does not rapidly form a stable oxide coating, the individual aluminum thin films may be readily diffusion bonded together using heat and pressure.
Micro Cooling Concepts, Inc.
new patent

Electromagnetic valve

A pilot valve element includes a metallic pilot valve body formed integrally with a plunger, a flexible sealing member, fitted on a tip of the pilot valve body, which touches and leaves a pilot valve seat, and a stopper for restricting the displacement of the pilot valve element relative to a driven member in a manner such that the sealing member is stopped in a direction of axis line after the sealing member has seated on a pilot valve seat. The stopper is configured such that the pressure-receiving diameter of the sealing member, which receives a pressure difference between an upstream side and a downstream side of the pilot valve, remains unchanged from when the sealing member comes in contact with the pilot valve seat until when the sealing member is stopped by the stopper with the result that the sealing member has completely seated on the pilot valve seat..
Tgk Co., Ltd.
new patent

Steam generator and heating cooker comprising steam generator

A steam generator comprises a water storage chamber which stores water, a steam generating heater which heats water in the water storage chamber, a water supply pump which supplies water stored in a water supply tank through a water supply port provided in the water storage chamber and a water supply passage, a discharge passage which discharges water formed with a first water discharge passage having a u shape to be convex downward, which is in fluid communication with a discharge port provided in the water storage chamber, and a second water discharge passage having an inverted u shape to be convex upward, and configured such that water stored in the water storage chamber is discharged through the discharge port and the water discharge passage according to the theory of a siphon, wherein the first water discharge passage is formed by a nonmetallic material.. .
Panasonic Corporation
new patent

Platform unit for combined sensing of pressure, temperature and humidity

The present invention provides a modular platform unit comprising a plurality of sensors for the combined sensing of pressure, temperature and humidity. In particular, the sensors are composed of a layer of metallic-capped nanoparticles (mcnp) casted on a flexible substrate or a rigid substrate.
Technion Research & Development Foundation Limited
new patent

H-beam and constructing concrete form using h-beam and non-metallic sheathing board

Disclosed are an h-beam and a method for constructing a concrete form using the h-beam and non-metallic sheathing board. An h-beam includes a middle support part interposed between two adjacent sheathing boards so that lateral surfaces of edge portions of the two adjacent sheathing boards respectively contact both lateral surfaces of the middle support part and are supported by the middle support part, and edge connection parts bent perpendicular from both side end portions of the middle support part and extending forward and backward in a longitudinal direction in order to cover front and rear surfaces of the edge portions of the sheathing boards and support the same.
new patent

Method for producing an aluminum piston

A method for producing an aluminum piston for an internal combustion engine may including providing a piston bowl having a bowl edge and a bowl base; subjecting an area of at least one of the bowl edge and the bowl base to a welding treatment to introduce at least one additional element into a base material of the piston bowl and to produce intermetallic phases in the base material; the welding treatment may introduce at least one of the following additional elements at the specified concentrations, 1-7 wt. Percentage of ni, 1-15 wt.
Mahle International Gmbh

Magnesium-aluminum-zinc alloy, the production thereof and use thereof

A magnesium alloy and to a method for the production thereof and implants made thereof. The magnesium alloy includes up to 6.0% by weight zn, and preferably 2.0 to 4.0% by weight zn, 2.0 to 10.0% by weight al, and preferably 3.0 to 6.0% by weight al, where % by weight al≧% by weight zn shall apply, the remainder being magnesium containing impurities, which promote electrochemical potential differences and/or the formation of precipitations and/or intermetallic phases, in a total amount of no more than 0.0063% by weight of fe, si, mn, co, ni, cu, zr, y, sc or rare earths having the ordinal numbers 21, 57 to 71 and 89 to 103, be, cd, in, sn and/or pb as well as p, and the matrix of the alloy is solid solution hardening due to al and an and is also particle hardening due to the intermetallic phases formed of mg and al..
Biotronik Ag

Iris expander

In a first aspect of the subject invention, an iris expander is provided which includes a non-metallic, unitary, multi-segmented body which is expandable from a first state to a second state. The second state defines a larger footprint than the first state with the body being defined by a plurality of segments connected by living hinges.
Beaver-visitec International (us), Inc.

Bearing roller chain

A bearing roller chain includes a tubular bush configured to interconnect link plates facing each other, a tubular metal-made roller through which the bush is inserted, a plurality of metal-made anti-friction rollers arranged between an inner circumferential surface of the roller and an outer circumferential surface of the bush, and annular nonmetallic restraint members fitted into openings at the opposite ends of the roller in an axial direction, with the bush inserted through the restraint members, the restraint members configured to restrain axial direction movement of the plurality of anti-friction rollers.. .
Tsubakimoto Chain Co.

Element for metallic belt

An element 40 for a metallic belt in a belt-type continuously variable transmission has a structure in which: a belt radial outer portion 46b of a metallic belt 7 is linearly shaped to come into line contact with a pulley radial inner portion 11a which is a constant-angle inclined generatrix portion of a pulley 5 or 8; a projecting portion 48 located below a locking edge portion 44a and extending inward in the belt radial direction is provided at each of the lower ends of both side edges of the element 40; and when the element 40 and a pulley radial outer portion 11b which is a curved generatrix portion of the pulley 5 or 8 contact each other, the projecting portion 48 bends inward in the axial direction of the pulley 5 or 8.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Swim fin for leg amputees

A modified swim fin comprising a swim fin component and a leg amputation coupling. The swim fin component and the amputation coupling may be two separate structures joined together such as by welding, glue, mechanical attachment or integral fabrication.

Composite insert

A composite insert has at least one metallic contact element which is extrusion-coated with the aid of a premolded part which has a first three-dimensional sealing surface to an injection mold, a stiffener of the contact element being formed beyond a transition region of the premolded part to the injection mold.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Fin field effect transistor with merged metal semiconductor alloy regions

Raised active regions having faceted semiconductor surfaces are formed on semiconductor fins by selective epitaxy such that the raised active regions are not merged among one another, but are proximal to one another by a distance less than a thickness of a metal semiconductor alloy region to be subsequently formed. A contiguous metal semiconductor alloy region is formed by depositing and reacting a metallic material with the semiconductor material of raised active regions.
International Business Machines Corporation

Emulsion aggregation toner for sensor and antibacterial applications

Provided is a toner that has a plurality of toner particles. Each toner particle can include a binder resin core and a shell disposed about the binder resin core.
Xerox Corporation

Strip product forming a surface coating of perovskite or spinel for electrical contacts

A strip product consists of a metallic substrate, such as stainless steel, and a coating, which in turn comprises at least one metallic layer and one reactive layer. The coated strip product is produced by providing the different layers, preferably by coating, and thereafter oxidizing the coating to accomplish a conductive surface layer comprising perovskite and/or spinel structure..
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

Substrate for suspension, process for producing the same, suspension for magnetic head, and hard disk drive

A substrate for suspension comprises a metallic substrate, an insulating layer formed on the metallic substrate, a conductor layer formed on the insulating layer, and a cover layer covering the conductor layer. The insulating layer and the cover layer are formed from different materials, whose coefficients of hygroscopic expansion are in the range between 3×10−6/% rh and 30×10−6/% rh.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Molecular organometallic resists for euv

Described herein are organometallic or inorganic complexes with high extreme ultraviolet (euv) optical density (od) and high mass density for use in thin films. These thin films are used as high resolution, low line edge roughness (ler) euv photoresists.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

Method of depositing thin metal-organic films

Embodiments include systems, apparatuses, and methods of thin metal-organic film deposition with inkjet printheads. A method of depositing a metal-organic thin film over a substrate includes introducing chemical precursors into one or more piezoelectric printheads.

Process for coating metallic surfaces with coating compositions containing particles of a layered double hydroxide

Coating a metallic surface with at least one of a pretreatment composition prior to organic coating, with a passivation composition without intent for subsequent organic coating, with a pretreatment primer composition, with a primer composition, with a paint composition and with an electrocoating composition, wherein the coating composition includes particles on a base of at least one layered double hydroxide (ldh) phase characterized by the general formula [m2+(1±0.5)−x(m3+,m4+)x(oh)2±0.75]an−x/n.mh2o.. .
Universidade De Aveiro

Metallic toned dial plate and production the same

A metallic layer is formed on a resin-made dial plate main body by surface treatment. A front surface of the main body is provided with a circular or arc-shaped second design face around a rotation shaft of a pointer, and a first inwardly inclined face and an outwardly inclined face continued to the second design face so as to rim an inside and an outside of the second design face and gradually extending toward a rear surface as extending away from the second design face.
Yazaki Corporation

Methods for coating articles

Coated articles and methods and systems for coating the articles are described herein. The methods and systems described herein include, but are not limited to, steps for actively or passively controlling the temperature during the coating process, steps for providing intimate contact between the substrate and the support holding the substrate in order to maximize energy transfer, and/or steps for preparing gradient coatings.
Gvd Corporation

Method for coating metallic surfaces of substrates, and objects coated according to said method

A method and composition for coating surfaces, a corresponding coating and the use of objects coated according to said method. A cleaned, metallic surface is contacted with an aqueous composition that is a dispersion or suspension, and drying and/or baking the organic coating or optionally, drying the organic coating and coating with an equivalent or additional coating composition prior to a drying and/or baking.
Chemetall Gmbh

X-ray diffraction (xrd) characterization methods for sigma=3 twin defects in cubic semiconductor (100) wafers

An x-ray defraction (xrd) characterization method for sigma=3 twin defects in cubic semiconductor (100) wafers includes a concentration measurement method and a wafer mapping method for any cubic tetrahedral semiconductor wafers including gaas (100) wafers and si (100) wafers. The methods use the cubic semiconductor's (004) pole figure in order to detect sigma=3/{111} twin defects.
U.s.a. Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

Stiffening electronic packages

Stiffening is provided for an electronic package assembly having a substrate. A first electronic package, having a first function, is electromechanically fastened to a first surface of the substrate with a first array of electrically conductive interconnects, which is disposed over a central area of the substrate first surface.
Nvidia Corporation

Graphene-based metallic polymer double-layer supercapacitor

A multilayered graphene-based supercapacitor, including a generally planar separator with a plurality of graphene sheets on each side of the separator, wherein each of the graphene sheets on each side of the separator are separated by a layer of electrically conductive metallic adhesive or encapsulant.. .

Rf radiation redirection away from portable communication device user

A case for a wireless device includes a number of rf coupling elements mounted in the case and configured such that rf radiation is coupled from an internal antenna of the wireless device out of the device to a first rf coupling element, and from the first rf coupling element to a rf redirector coupling element that redirects the rf radiation in a direction outward from said wireless device that is opposite to a user side of the wireless device. A corrugated metallic shield is optionally provided on an opposite side of the case, facing a user of the device..
Pong Research Corporation

Voltage sensor systems and methods

An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a floating voltage sensor system comprising a metallic enclosure, a conductive sensor plate, a signal conditioning circuit, and a microcontroller unit. The metallic enclosure can be configured for electrical communication with an asset carrying a voltage.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Overslam bumper for vehicle door latch

A closure panel latch assembly can include an overslam bumper mechanism comprising a biasing element as a spring formed from a metallic material positioned relative to a slot of the latch assembly. The biasing element resists entry of a striker into the slot beyond a selected position in order to inhibit contact of the striker with a bottom end of the slot.
Magna Closures Inc.

Insulated high temperature composite seal

An embodiment of the present disclosure includes a seal assembly. The seal assembly may include a metallic seal, an insulating sleeve, and a retaining clip configured to retain the insulating sleeve relative to the metallic seal.
Eaton Corporation

Piston ring

A piston ring for at least one of a piston of an internal combustion engine and a compressor may include at least one substantially annular metallic base having a nitrided layer. The base may include at least one chamfer and at least one outer surface that maintains contact with a layer of lubricating oil.
Mahle - Metal Leve S/a

System for securing two components

A system for detachably securing a first component to a metallic surface of a second component is provided. The system includes a magnetic device, a bracket member, and a clamping device.
Caterpillar Inc.

Electronic device with bimetallic interface element for wire bonding

An electronic device includes a chip with an integrated electronic component and a terminal made of a first metal material. The device further includes a lead made of a second metal material different from the first metal material.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

Fin field effect transistor with merged metal semiconductor alloy regions

Raised active regions having faceted semiconductor surfaces are formed on semiconductor fins by selective epitaxy such that the raised active regions are not merged among one another, but are proximal to one another by a distance less than a thickness of a metal semiconductor alloy region to be subsequently formed. A contiguous metal semiconductor alloy region is formed by depositing and reacting a metallic material with the semiconductor material of raised active regions.
International Business Machines Corporation

Luminescent cyclometallated iridium (iii) complexes having acetylide ligands

The present invention relates to phosphorescent (triplet-emitting) organometallic materials. The phosphorescent materials of the present invention comprise ir(iii)cyclometallated alkynyl complexes for use as triplet light-emitting materials.
The University Of Southern California

Ultra thin proximity card reader

The proximity readers for opening a door are typically located on a lock, a metal prison wall, on a metal fire door, on a metal door frame. Traditionally, a proximity reader had to be made thick so that the pickup coil/antenna was not close to the metallic mounting surface otherwise the reader's read range would be drastically reduced.

Corona patterning of overcoated nanowire transparent conducting coatings

A method comprising: providing a transparent electrically conductive film comprising: a transparent substrate (14); a composite layer (18) comprising: an electrically conductive layer disposed on at least a portion of a major surface of the transparent substrate (14) and comprising a plurality of interconnecting metallic nanowires (12); and a polymeric overcoat layer disposed on a portion of the electrically conductive layer, to provide a coated area of the electrically conductive layer; and patternwise exposing the coated area of the electrically conductive layer to a corona discharge to provide a patternwise exposed electrically conductive film comprising (1) an un exposed region (122) of the coated region having a first electrical resistivity, and (2) an exposed region (121) having a second electrical resistivity; wherein the exposed region is less electrically conductive than the unexposed region, and wherein there is a ratio of the second electrical resistivity over the first electrical resistivity of at least 1000:1.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company

Method of fabricating a bath of electrolyte for plating a platinum-based metallic underlayer on a metallic substrate

The method is applicable to plating a metallic underlayer as a thermal barrier on a part made of superalloy.. .


A harness includes an electric cable including an electric wire section and a protecting section to protect the electric wire section, a cable clamp including a cylindrical portion, and a ring shaped metallic fitting being larger in diameter than the cylindrical portion. The electric wire section is inserted inside the cylindrical portion.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Systems and methods for fabricating structures including metallic glass-based materials using low pressure casting

Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention fabricate objects including metallic glass-based materials using low-pressure casting techniques. In one embodiment, a method of fabricating an object that includes a metallic glass-based material includes: introducing molten alloy into a mold cavity defined by a mold using a low enough pressure such that the molten alloy does not conform to features of the mold cavity that are smaller than 100 μm; and cooling the molten alloy such that it solidifies, the solid including a metallic glass-based material..
California Institute Of Technology

Method and device having a counterpunching belt, for punching labels

A device for punching labels from a substrate web having a carrier layer and a label layer includes a punching installation for punching labels. The punching installation has a delaminating installation for separating the label layer from the carrier layer, a metallic non-suction revolving counterpunching belt for conveying the label layer during a punching operation, and a relaminating installation for reconnecting the label layer, provided with punchings, to the carrier layer.
Gallus Druckmaschinen Gmbh

Mold for thermoplastic resin molding, cavity mold, and process for producing the cavity mold

A process for producing a heat-insulating cavity mold, characterized by producing two members, i.e., a metallic surface layer member (1) for forming a metallic surface layer (5) of a cavity mold in a mold for thermoplastic resin molding and a cavity mold main body member (9) for forming the cavity mold, forming a heat-insulating layer (10′) on a bonding surface of the member (9), bonding the two members to each other, and subsequently eliminating an unnecessary part (3, 12) of the metallic surface layer member to form the metallic surface layer (5); a heat-insulating cavity mold; and a mold for thermoplastic resin molding which employs the cavity mold. The mold for thermoplastic resin molding is characterized by being a heat-insulating mold comprising: the heat-insulating cavity mold produced by the production technique from a metallic surface layer member made of a metal having low thermal conductivity and a cavity mold main body member made of a metal having high thermal conductivity; and a core mold produced from an sus steel material for molds..

Induction heat-treating apparatus and process

An apparatus for induction heat treating and quenching a metallic part with rolls to convey, guide and restrain the part during processing. The apparatus includes a heating coil assembly with two sections of coils wound in opposite directions.
Metalsa S.a. De C.v.

Electroconductive paste with adhension promoting glass

An electroconductive paste composition for use in forming backside soldering pads on a solar cell including metallic particles, glass frit including bi2o3, al2o3, sio2, b2o3 and at least one of li2o or li3po4, and an organic vehicle is provided. The invention also provides a solar cell comprising a silicon wafer having a front side and a backside, and a soldering pad formed on the silicon wafer produced from an electroconductive paste according to the invention.
Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken Llc

System having a fuel distributor and a holder

A fuel injection system for high-pressure injection in internal combustion engines includes: a fuel distributor; and at least one holder which is used for fastening the fuel distributor to an add-on structure. The holder includes a holder body which has a first layer, a second layer, and an elastically deformable damping layer.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Strain sensor chip mounting structure, strain sensor chip and manufacturing a strain sensor chip mounting structure

Even when a strain sensor chip and an object to be measured are bonded to each other by using a metallic bonding material such as solder, the metallic bonding material shows the creep behavior when used under high temperature environment of, for example, 100° c. Or higher, and therefore, the strain detected by the strain sensor chip is gradually reduced, and the strain is apparently reduced.

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