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Metallic patents

This page is updated frequently with new Metallic-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Metallic-related patents
 Semiconductor laser mounting with intact diffusion barrier layer patent thumbnailSemiconductor laser mounting with intact diffusion barrier layer
A first contact surface of a semiconductor laser chip can be formed to a target surface roughness selected to have a maximum peak to valley height that is substantially smaller than a barrier layer thickness. A barrier layer that includes a non-metallic, electrically-conducting compound and that has the barrier layer thickness can be applied to the first contact surface, and the semiconductor laser chip can be soldered to a carrier mounting along the first contact surface using a solder composition by heating the soldering composition to less than a threshold temperature at which dissolution of the barrier layer into the soldering composition occurs.
Spectrasensors, Inc.

 Electrical connector with metallic shell functioned as negtive terminal patent thumbnailElectrical connector with metallic shell functioned as negtive terminal
An electrical connector includes an insulative housing, a positive terminal received in the housing and a metallic shell shielding around the mating portion. The housing has a base portion and a mating portion extending forwardly from the base portion.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

 Electronic device patent thumbnailElectronic device
An electronic device having a radiation part and a metallic frame is provided. The radiation part is l-shaped, and includes a feeding branch and an open branch.
Acer Incorporated

 Metal plate lens patent thumbnailMetal plate lens
Optical axis as central axis is defined as z-axis, and axes perpendicular to z-axis are defined as x- and y-axis. metallic flat plates are formed parallel to x-z plane to overlap each other and be separated by a given distance.
Ibaraki University

 Organometallic complex, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device patent thumbnailOrganometallic complex, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
An object is to provide a novel organometallic complex. Another object is to provide an organometallic complex exhibiting green to blue phosphorescence.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same patent thumbnailOrganometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
Wherein in formula 1, l1, l2, and n are the same as described in the specification.. .

 Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same patent thumbnailOrganometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
Wherein in formulae 1 and 2, m, cy1, cy2, y1, y2, z1, a1, n1, and n2 are the same as described in the specification.. .

 Free-standing metallic article for semiconductors patent thumbnailFree-standing metallic article for semiconductors
A free-standing metallic article, and method of making, is disclosed in which the metallic article is electroformed on an electrically conductive mandrel. The mandrel has an outer surface with a preformed pattern, wherein at least a portion of the metallic article is formed in the preformed pattern.
Gtat Corpotation

 Electrochemically-gated field-effect transistor and  its manufacture patent thumbnailElectrochemically-gated field-effect transistor and its manufacture
An electromechanically-gated field-effect transistor includes an arrangement which is placed on top of a substrate. The arrangement includes a first electrode, a second electrode, a transistor channel, an electrolyte, and a gate electrode.
Karlsruher Institut FÜr Technologie

 Method of forming an integrated crackstop patent thumbnailMethod of forming an integrated crackstop
A method including forming a first dielectric layer above a conductive pad and above a metallic structure, the conductive pad and the metallic structure are each located within an interconnect level above a substrate, forming a first opening and a second opening in the first dielectric layer, the first opening is aligned with and exposes the conductive pad and the second opening is aligned with and exposes the metallic structure, and forming a metallic liner on the conductive pad, on the metallic structure, and above the first dielectric layer. The method may further include forming a second dielectric layer above the metallic liner, and forming a third dielectric layer above the second dielectric layer, the third dielectric layer is thicker than either the first dielectric layer or the second dielectric layer..
Globalfoundries Inc.


Light pipe arrays for thermal chamber applications and thermal processes

A processing chamber is described. The processing chamber includes a chamber having an interior volume, a light pipe array coupled to the chamber, the light pipe array comprising a wall member that defines a boundary of the interior volume of the chamber, wherein the light pipe array includes a plurality of non-metallic light pipe structures, and a radiant heat source comprising a plurality of energy sources in optical communication with each of the plurality of light pipe structures..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Hydroxyl group termination for nucleation of a dielectric metallic oxide

A surface of a semiconductor-containing dielectric material/oxynitride/nitride is treated with a basic solution in order to provide hydroxyl group termination of the surface. A dielectric metal oxide is subsequently deposited by atomic layer deposition.
International Business Machines Corporation


Nonvoltile resistance memory and its operation thereof

A memory cell and the associated array circuits are disclosed. The memory array circuit includes a plurality of memory units, in which each of the memory units includes a storage device and a field-effect transistor.
National Chiao Tung University


Magnetic media access head with metal coating

Embodiments disclosed herein provide magnetic media access heads with metal coatings. In a particular embodiment, a magnetic media head for accessing magnetic media comprises a base substrate configured to support a magnetic head layer.
Quantum Corporation


Image forming device

An image forming device includes: an image carrier on which a toner image is formed; and a cleaning blade which removes a residual material on the image carrier after the toner image is transferred to a transferred body, wherein the image carrier includes an elastic layer, the cleaning blade is a metallic plate spring, and a tip end of the cleaning blade is pressed against the image carrier by restoring force of the plate spring.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Lithographic printing original plate

A presensitized plate having a long press life and excellent resistance to scum and corrosive micro-stains and capable of on-press development is provided. The presensitized plate includes a photosensitive layer containing (a) a sensitizing dye, (b) a polymerization initiator, (c) a polymerizable compound, and (d) a binder polymer; and a protective layer which are formed on a support in this order.
Fujifilm Corporation


Composite nanoparticle structures for chemical and biological sensing

Described herein is a nanoparticle that enhances the interaction of the nanoparticle and/or a molecule/material deposited on the surface of the nanoparticle with light, comprising a pair of stacked metallic disks separated by a non-metallic spacer, wherein: (a) the dimensions of the disks and spacer are smaller than the wavelength of the light; and (b) the nanoparticle enhance the light interaction at least three times greater than that an individual metallic disk. Methods for making the nanoparticle and methods for using the nanoparticle in a variety of assays are also provided..
The Trustees Of Princeton University


Thin-film resistive-based sensor

Printed resistive-based sensors and transducers comprising a thin, electronically “active” sensing layer within a dielectric and/or metallic layered structure are provided. The electronic resistance of the active sensing layer is measured during a change in the sensor environment.
Brewer Science Inc.


Resueable polyurethane projectile

Improvements in a reusable polyurethane projectile are presented. The reusable polyurethane projectile performs like a bullet or projectile because the projectile is essentially the same size and shape of a bullet and can be fed through a normal bullet clip into the breach of a gun, fired and ejected.


Hybrid spring device

The invention is directed to a hybrid spring device comprising an outer tubular shell, and an inner part enclosed in the outer tubular shell comprising a fibre reinforced plastic material. According to the invention the outer tubular shell is designed as self-supporting part made from a metallic material.
Mubea Carbo Tech Gmbh


Attachment apparatuses and associated methods of use and manufacture

A system for carrying or using a device includes the device and at least one attachment apparatus. The device may include at least one attachment element.
Apple Inc.


Centrifugal pump

A centrifugal pump includes a rotating blade member including an impeller member and a rotor magnet provided under the impeller member, a metallic main body casing in which the rotating blade member is accommodated, and a coil portion configured to rotate the rotating blade member. The coil portion is disposed to be located in a periphery of the rotor magnet.
Kabushiki Kaisha Saginomiya Seisakusho


Centrifugal pump and producing centrifugal pump

A centrifugal pump includes a metallic main body casing in which a rotating blade member is accommodated. The metallic main body casing includes an upper main body casing, a lower main body casing which is fixed to the upper main body casing, and a blade casing, which partitions an interior space formed by the upper main body casing and the lower main body casing so that a fluid introducing passage is formed at an upper portion, and a rotating accommodating space that accommodates the rotating blade member is formed at a lower portion.
Kabushiki Kaisha Saginomiya Seisakusho


Porous ceramic layer system

A porous ceramic layer system is provided having two layers of porous layers with a tightly controlled and matched porosity. The layer system has a substrate, a metallic bonding layer on the substrate, an inner ceramic layer having a porosity, an outer ceramic layer on the inner ceramic layer, with a two-layered nicocralx layer as the metallic bonding layer, with a lower nicocraly layer, in which the content of chromium (cr) in the lower nicocraly layer is less than the content of chromium (cr) in the outer nicocraly layer..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Lock with flexibly obedient securing arm

A bicycle lock apparatus comprises a locking mechanism selectively changeable between locked and unlocked configurations and an elongated securing arm. The securing arm includes a first end adapted for removable insertion into the locking mechanism it is unlocked, and for non-removable connection when it is locked.
Flexlock, Llc


Roof curb

A curb assembly is provided for mounting on a sloped, standing seam metallic roof, in order to provide support for a roof fixture, such as an exhaust fan or skylight. The curb assembly includes a box-like structure mounted atop the roof in surrounding relationship to a roof opening.
Standard Sheet Metal, Inc.


Bimetallic zincating processing for enhanced adhesion of aluminum on aluminum alloys

A coated metal component includes an aluminum alloy substrate and a protective aluminum coating on a substrate. An interfacial boundary layer between the coating and substrate enhances coating adhesion.
United Technologies Corporation


Electrolyzer reactor and related methods

The disclosure relates to an electrolyzer reactor suitable for the reduction of organic compounds. The reactor includes a membrane electrode assembly with freestanding metallic meshes which serve both as metallic electrode structures for electron transport as well as catalytic surfaces for electron generation and organic compound reduction.
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University


System and process for aluminization of metal-containing substrates

A system and method are detailed for aluminizing surfaces of metallic substrates, parts, and components with a protective alumina layer in-situ. Aluminum (al) foil sandwiched between the metallic components and a refractory material when heated in an oxidizing gas under a compression load at a selected temperature forms the protective alumina coating on the surface of the metallic components.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Methods and forming bulk metallic glass parts using an amorphous coated mold to reduce crystallization

Embodiments herein relate to methods and apparatuses for casting of bmg-containing parts. The surfaces of the mold that come into contact with the molten amorphous alloy comprise an amorphous material.
Apple Inc.


Lubricating-oil composition

The lubricating oil composition of the present invention comprises a base oil that contains at least one selected from the group consisting of a mineral oil and a synthetic oil, has a viscosity index of 120 or more, and has a paraffin content by ring analysis of 70% or more; (a) a dispersant containing one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of an alkenylsuccinimide, a boronated alkenylsuccinimide, an alkylsuccinimide and a boronated alkylsuccinimide; and (b) a metallic detergent containing one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of an alkali metal sulfonate, an alkali metal phenate, an alkali metal salicylate, an alkaline earth metal sulfonate, an alkaline earth metal phenate, and an alkaline earth metal salicylate; wherein the component (a) is contained in an amount of from 0.01% by mass to 0.10% by mass in terms of the nitrogen content thereof based on the total amount of the composition, the component (b) is contained in an amount of from 0.01% by mass to 0.3% by mass in terms of the metal content thereof based on the total amount of the composition, at least one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of a boronated alkenylsuccinimide and a boronated alkylsuccinimide in the component (a) are contained, the ratio by mass of boron to nitrogen b/n in the component (a) is 0.5 or more, the phosphorus content based on the total amount of the composition is from 100 ppm by mass to 1200 ppm by mass, and the sulfated ash content based on the total amount of the composition is 1.1% by mass or less. Accordingly, even when used in automobile internal combustion engines capable of increasing the thermal and mechanical durability temperature thereof more than before and capable of realizing power increase and fuel efficiency, the lubricating oil composition can prevent engine performance degradation and therefore can satisfy both the requirements of engine performance and engine durability..
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.


Pocess for providing metallic substrates with corrosion resistance

The present invention relates to the technical field of providing corrosion resistant coatings or anticorrosion coatings on substrates which are susceptible to corrosion, particularly on metallic substrates, especially of providing chromate-free corrosion resistant (anticorrosion) coatings on such substrates.. .
Byk -chemie Gmbh


Aqueous agent and coating the anticorrosive treatment of metallic substrates

An aqueous agent for the anticorrosive treatment of metallic substrates and to a method for coating such substrates. The aqueous agent according to this invention includes at least one compound that dissociates into zirconium- or titanium-fluorine complexes in aqueous solution, at least one water-soluble compound that releases metal cations, the metal cations being selected from the group composed of: iron-, copper-, or silver ions, and a water-soluble alkoxysilane that has at least one epoxy group..
Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag


Method of fabricating carbon nanotube sheet scrolled fiber reinforced polymer composites and compositions and uses thereof

A novel method of fabricating carbon nanotube sheet scrolled fiber and fiber tows (carbon, graphite, glass, natural polymer, synthetic polymer, metallic, silicon carbide, kevlar, etc.) in composites with improved interfacial shear strength, compressive strength, yield strength, stiffness and toughness has been reported. Single or multiple layers of carbon nanotube sheet, with a bias/wrapping angle of 0° and 90°, has been scrolled around single fiber and fibers tows to improve the above mentioned mechanical properties of the matrix surrounding the fiber.
The Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Vented metallic container end closure

A metallic container end closure is provided that generally comprises a dispensing opening and a vent opening. The vent opening improves pourability through the dispensing opening and provides an alternative option for consuming the contents of the container.
Ball Corporation


Magnetic chalk line

A magnetic chalk line provides a powerfully magnetized fastener, which may be secured magnetically to any flat metal surface, such that it will remain secured when the line is drawn out of its spool and snapped. A hook end is provided which may be hooked to the edge of a surface, such as a steel plate, girder, wooden stud, or drywall sheet.


Metal and magnetorheological multi-panel

A metallic and magnetorheological multi-panel, which is constituted in a sandwich structure that consists of a core (2) that consists of a viscoelastic resin (2) of adhesive nature, in which are found, distributed in an isotropic or anisotropic manner with a proportion in volume of more than 5%; and magnetorheological particles of ferromagnetic material and with sizes between 10 nm and 10μ, said core (1) being arranged between a first skin (11) of metallic non-magnetic nature and a second skin (12) of metallic non-magnetic nature equal to or different from the first skin. The ratio of the thickness (hn) of the core with respect to any of the thicknesses (h1), (h2) of the first (11) and second (12) skins is less than 0.1 and more than 0.01..
Recubrimientos Plasticos, S.a.


Methods of forming metallic glass multilayers

The disclosure is directed to methods of forming metallic glass multilayers by depositing a liquid layer of a metallic glass forming alloy over a metallic glass layer, and to multilayered metallic glass articles produced using such methods.. .
Glassimetal Technology, Inc.


Low-temperature nanosolders

A nanosolder comprises a first metal nanoparticle core coated with a second metal shell, wherein the first metal has a higher surface energy and smaller atomic size than the second metal. For example, a bimetallic nanosolder can comprise a protective ag shell “glued” around a reactive cu nanoparticle.
Sandia Corporation


Method for creating porous structures by particle expansion

A process for producing a metal foam. The process includes mechanically working a metallic powder such that oxide particles are finely dispersed within a metallic matrix of the metallic particles that make up the metallic powder.


Tool for preforming a tube for subsequent internal high pressure forming, as well as a producing such a tool and for producing a component by internal high pressure forming

A tool is provided for preforming a metallic starter tube section for subsequent internal high pressure forming in order to produce a tubular ihf-component. The tool includes a plurality of tool sections that can move relative to one another and that delimit, between them, a shaping cavity for receiving and forming the starter tube section.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Modular tuner and manufacturing the same

Disclosed herein are a modular tuner and a method for manufacturing the same. The modular tuner includes a metallic casing, a tuner adaptor and a plurality of metallic elastic pieces.
Wistron Corp.


Development of a high-efficiency adsorbent from e-waste and aluminosilicate-based materials for the removal of toxic heavy metal ions from wastewater

An impregnated and activated ion exchange material prepared by a process is provided that includes: impregnating an ion exchange precursor material, wherein impregnation of the ion exchange precursor material includes reacting the ion exchange precursor material with an impregnator solution, thereby increasing the surface area and the hydrophilicity of the ion exchange precursor material; activating the impregnated ion exchange precursor material to increase the porosity of the impregnated ion exchange precursor material, wherein the ion exchange precursor material comprises at least one of nonmetallic printed (nmp) circuit board, amorphous aluminosilicate, or mixtures thereof. In other aspects, a method for fabricating an ion exchanger and a method for removing heavy metal ions from a solution are provided..
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology


Low temperature scr catalyst for denitrating diesel vehicle exhaust, and preparation method thereof

Provided are a low-temperature scr catalyst for denitrating diesel vehicle exhaust, and preparation method thereof. The catalyst uses a molecular sieve as a carrier, and uses metallic elements such as copper and iron as active components.
Sichuan Zhongzi Exhaust Purge Co., Ltd.


Fluid filter assembly incorporating drawn down cover plate

A fluid filter assembly is provided comprising a filter can, a filter cover assembly, and an interior filtering assembly. The filter cover assembly comprises an outer cover plate and an inner mounting plate.
West Troy, Llc


Biological functionalisation of substrates

The invention relates to an activated metallic, semiconductor, polymer, composite and/or ceramic substrate, the substrate being bound through a mixed or graded interface to a hydrophilic polymer surface that is activated to enable direct covalent binding to a functional biological molecule, the polymer surface comprising a sub-surface that includes a plurality of cross-linked regions, as well as to such activated substrates that have been functionalised with a biological molecule and to devices comprising such functionalised substrates. Such substrates can be produced by a method comprising steps of: a.
The University Of Sydney


Mri visible medical device

Cobalt in oxidized state for use as anti-artifact layer (4) covering a metallic substrate (1) of a medical device for reducing the production of artifacts in mri caused by the magnetic property of the metallic substrate (1), wherein the anti-artifact layer (4) is present at outermost surface of the metallic substrate (1) and has at least 30% of cobalt ratio (at % co) to the total amount of transition metallic atoms present therein, and at least 90% of cobalt atoms present within the anti-artifact layer (4) are converted into at least one of co(ii) oxidized state and co(iii) oxidized state.. .
Cardiatis S.a.


Spinal rods formed from polymer and hybrid materials and growth rod distraction system including same

A growth rod distraction system a domino having first and second bores provided therein. First and second spinal rods are respectively disposed within the first and second bores for movement relative to the domino first and second spur gears are disposed within the domino and respectively cooperate with the first and second growth rods such that rotation of the spur gears causes axial movements of the growth rods relative to the domino the spinal rods may be formed either from a flexible polymer material (such as a peek, carbon fiber peek, peak, or similar medical grade polymer material) or a hybrid combination of such flexible polymer material and a metallic material (such as nitinol or similar medical grade metallic material).


Quick release buckle belt for improving efficiency in security screening procedure and method thereof

The present invention relates to a quick release buckle belt, comprising a strap and a buckle. The buckle includes a connecting piece and a buckle body.


Treatment liquid for cleaning an implant part

A treatment liquid shall be suitably designed specifically for cleaning bacterially contaminated surfaces of bone implants, dental implants or other components contaminated with a biofilm. For this purpose, the treatment liquid according to the invention comprises, as one of its basic constituents, an aqueous solution of an acid which is provided with a metallic salt in such a manner that a conductivity of at least 30 ms/cm, preferably at least 75 ms/cm, and particularly preferably at least 150 ms/cm results..


Electronic, optoelectronic, or electric arrangement

An electronic, optoelectronic or electric arrangement contains a circuit carrier having a metallic heat conductor, and a component, which is embedded, inserted or formed in the circuit carrier. The component has at least one electric, electronic or optoelectronic construction element and a rewiring layer, which contains a metallic heat conducting path.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Bone-conduction speaker

A bone-conduction speaker unit including a resilient metallic voice screen having a plurality of substantially equally spaced locking elements around a periphery thereof, coupling with a yoke supporting a centered magnet within a magnetic ring, the voice screen and yoke being above a metal cover of a housing to which a bone-conduction speaker so formed is affixed.. .


Methods and systems for detecting foreign objects in a wireless charging system

Methods and systems are described for using detection coils to detect metallic or conductive foreign objects that can interfere with the wireless transfer of power from a power transmitter to a power receiver. In particular, the detection coils are targeted to foreign objects that are smaller than a power transmitter coil in the power transmitter..
Convenientpower Hk Ltd.


Electrical connector having waterproof structure

An electrical connector includes a terminal module, a first sealing member embodied in a rear portion of the terminal module and a metallic shell shielding around the terminal module and the first sealing member. The terminal module has an insulative housing and a plurality of conductive terminals received in the housing.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited


Metal-air battery

The metal-air battery of the invention includes at least one cell. The cell includes an electrolytic tank that stores an electrolytic solution, a metallic electrode that is provided in the electrolytic tank and serves as an anode, at least one air electrode that serves as a cathode, an electrode insertion opening through which the metallic electrode is inserted into the electrolytic tank, and a position adjustment section.


Resin composition for element encapsulation for organic electronic devices, resin sheet for element encapsulation for organic electronic devices, organic electroluminescent element, and image display device

Provided are a resin composition for element encapsulation for organic electronic devices and other things, which have excellent long-term reliability and excellent visibility by capturing not only the moisture on the front surface or lateral surfaces of the resin composition for element encapsulation for organic electronic devices, but also the moisture permeating through the interior of the resin composition for element encapsulation for organic electronic devices. The resin composition includes a polyisobutylene resin (a) containing a polyisobutylene skeleton in a main chain or in a side chain and having a weight average molecular weight (mw) of 300,000 or more; and a tackifying agent (b) as main components, includes an organometallic compound (c) having hygroscopic properties, and has a water content of 1000 ppm or less..
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.


Flexible packaged integrated circuit

A method for assembling a thin, flexible integrated circuit (ic) device includes using an etched contoured lead frame having raised features. A die is attached to the lead frame to form a sub-assembly that is then selectively coated with a low-modulus gel.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Method of making bond pad

A method of making a bonding pad for a semiconductor device includes depositing a first region of the bonding pad on a top metal of the semiconductor device at a first temperature, wherein the first region comprises aluminum, and an entirety of a material of the first region of the bonding pad is different from a material of the top metal. The method further includes depositing a second region of the bonding pad on the first region at a second temperature, wherein the first temperature is different from the second temperature, and the second region is a metallic region..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Radio frequency shielding cavity package

A radio-frequency shielding cavity package is set forth along with a method of manufacturing thereof. According to one embodiment, the radio-frequency shielding cavity package comprises a metallic leadframe and plastic molded body.
Ubotic Company Limited


Impedance matching circuit, power amplifier and manufacturing variable capacitor

A manufacturing method for a variable capacitor includes forming a first element of which a capacitance value depends on a voltage applied to both of two terminals of a first area on a substrate, forming a second element having a capacitance value fixed to a second area on the substrate adjacent to the first area, and forming metallic wires for connecting the first element and the second element and connecting the first element and the second element with the outside. The first element maybe a bipolar transistor that may include a diode.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Method for controlling the profile of an etched metallic layer

An ashing chemistry employing a combination of cl2 and n2 is provided, which removes residual material from sidewalls of a patterned metallic hard mask layer without residue such that the sidewalls of the patterned metallic hard mask layer are vertical. The vertical profiled of the sidewalls of the patterned metallic hard mask layer can be advantageously employed to reduce pattern factor dependency in the etch bias between the pattern transferred into an underlying layer and the pattern as formed on the metallic hard mask layer.
Stmicroelectronics Inc.


Method and making amorphous metal transformer cores

According to an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus for assembling an amorphous metallic transformer core from a plurality of amorphous metallic strip packets comprises an unwinding section comprising a plurality of uncoilers. Each of the plurality of uncoilers operated to unwind a coil comprising a single-ply continuous strip of a metallic material.
Lakeview Metals, Inc.


Polishing with pre deposition spectrum

A method of controlling polishing includes storing a base spectrum, the base spectrum being a spectrum of light reflected from a substrate after deposition of a deposited dielectric layers overlying a metallic layer or semiconductor wafer and before deposition of a non-metallic layer over the plurality of deposited dielectric layer. After deposition of the non-metallic layer and during polishing of the non-metallic layer on the substrate, measurements of a sequence of raw spectra of light reflected the substrate during polishing are received from an in-situ optical monitoring system.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Systems, methods and obtaining data relating to condition and performance of concrete mixtures

A sensing device includes a shell comprising an elastomeric material, the shell including a first portion having a first end and a second portion having a second end. The shell may be egg-shaped.
Quipip, Llc


Biosensors including metallic nanocavities

A biomolecular assay includes a substrate with a metallic layer on at least one surface thereof. The metallic film includes nanocavities.
University Of Utah Research Foundation


Optical detection system with tilted sensor

A detection system includes a planar plasmonic element for analyzing an analyte, the plasmonic element having dielectric and metallic regions, the plasmonic element emitting light that carries detected information; and a planar two-dimensional image sensor positioned in non-parallel angled relationship with respect to a plane of the plasmonic element to enhance a spatial image resolution for the light that carries detected information with respect to at least a portion of the light.. .
Integrated Plasmonics Corporation


Heat exchange laminate

The invention relates to a heat exchange laminate for use as a heat exchange member in a heat exchange unit, comprising a base layer extending substantially planar, said base layer being bilaterally coated with a contact layer. The contact layer is electrical conductive and is substantially non-metallic.
OcÉ-technologies B.v.


Valve body and fluid injector

A valve body for a fluid injector includes a central longitudinal axis and a one-piece base body. The base body has a side wall defining a recess extending from a fluid inlet side to a fluid outlet side of the base body.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Method for producing a soot sensor with a laser beam

A method for producing a soot sensor is provided. The method includes steps of applying a contiguous metallic layer on an electrically insulating substrate and structuring the metal coating with a laser beam by vaporizing areas of the metallic layer.
Heraeus Sensor Technology Gmbh


Coated articles and manufacture methods

An article (50; 100) has a metallic substrate (22), a bondcoat (30) atop the substrate, and a thermal barrier coating (28; 27, 28) atop the bondcoat. The thermal barrier coating or a layer thereof comprises didymium oxide ore and zirconia..
United Technologies Corporation


Slotted insert with captured nut anchor

A slotted insert based upon a non-metallic void former including a neck portion defining a longitudinally elongated slot, the neck portion having a first transverse width, and a channel portion defining a longitudinally elongated channel, the channel having a second transverse width substantially greater than the first transverse width. The insert includes a metal nut, captured within the channel, having an aperture and a third transverse width substantially greater than the first transverse width.
Dayton Superior Corporation


Electrochemical process for coupling of phenol to aniline

The invention relates to an electrochemical method for coupling phenol and aniline, the difference of the oxidation potential of the substrates being in the region of 10 mv-450 mv and the substrate with the highest oxidation potential being added in excess. Said method enables biaryls, which have hydroxy- and amino functions, to be electrochemically produced and to dispense with multi-step syntheses using metallic reagents..
Evonik Degussa Gmbh


Freefall forming of bulk metallic glass feedstock and sheet material

The disclosure is directed to freefall methods and apparatuses for preparation of amorphous bmg feedstock and sheet material. In certain aspects, the disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses for contactless formation of bmg feedstock and sheet material via a drop-tower.
Apple Inc.


Localized hardening of metallic surfaces

The present invention relates to a method and system for treatment of a surface of a metallic material component, the method comprising the steps: electro-spark treating the surface of the metallic component by means of an electro-spark electrode, wherein the metallic material is a basically ferritic, perlitic and/or austenitic steel and the method creates a thin layer with martensitic microstructures at the surface of the metallic material component. Serpentines and quartz can be incorporated by an additional step as well as the surface randomly structured by this..
Longevity Engineering Sa


Biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals

This disclosure relates to compositions and methods for converting biomass to various chemical intermediates and final products including fuels. Aspects include the depolymerization of lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose to a wide slate of depolymerization compounds that can be subsequently metabolized by genetically modified bacterium, and converted to cis,cis-muconic acid.
Alliance For Sustainable Energy, Llc


Preparation of chiral amides and amines

This invention provides a convenient method for converting oximes into enamides. The process does not require the use of metallic reagents.
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Selenium and other contaminants removal process

D. Discharge a metallic contaminant -depleted aqueous solution..


Container finish for metal lug closure

A container assembly including a container and a metallic closure. The container includes a polymeric body and a polymeric finish.
Amcor Limited


Container finish for metal lug closure

A container assembly including a container and a metallic closure. The container includes a polymeric body and a polymeric finish.
Amcor Limited


Printable film for lamination on graphic supports having a metallic matte finish and manufacturing

Film with a metallic matte finish, suitable for being laminated on graphic media, printed materials or without printing, based on paper/cardboard with conventional wet (with glues) and/or dry (with low temperature sealing resin) lamination, based on a biaxial polypropylene substrate, and that displays a high capacity for being printed with conventional inks for non-porous substrates, resulting in a film with excellent colors and metallic inks. The resulting printing is sufficiently anchored on the medium and provides a very flashy and realistic metallic finish, highlighting and providing various glosses and hue changes depending on the viewing angle and the light falling on the support.
Taghleef Industries, S.l.u.


Composite structure formed of fiber reinforced plastic sheet and metallic sheet, and manufacturing method thereof

A manufacturing method of a composite structure includes: (a) preparing: a metallic sheet(s) having a through-hole(s) penetrating throughout the metallic sheet(s) in its thickness direction; (b) setting a prepreg(s), constituting a fiber reinforced plastic sheet(s), and the metallic sheet in a pair of dies, which have a recess(es) arranged at a position(s) opposed to one side opening(s) of the through-hole(s), the recess(es) having a larger diameter than the one side opening; (c) closing the dies, wherein, upon closing, (ca) the prepreg(s) and the metallic sheet are molded to the predetermined shape, while surface-contacting therebetween, (cb) at least one of the prepreg(s) and a patch member(s) is extruded into the through-hole(s), so that the shaft part is molded, and (cc) the patch member(s) forms at least part of a head part(s) in the recess(es), the head part(s) integrated with the shaft part(s) and engaging on the metallic sheet(s).. .
Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.


Raster methodology, apparatus and system for electron beam layer manufacturing using closed loop control

A method for layer-by-layer manufacturing of a three-dimensional work piece, including: (a) delivering a metallic feed material into a feed region; (b) emitting an electron beam; (c) translating the electron beam through a first predetermined raster pattern frame that includes: (i) a plurality of points within the feed region; and (ii) a plurality of points in a substrate region that is outside of the feed region; (d) monitoring a condition of the feed region or the substrate region for the occurrence of any deviation from a predetermined condition; (e) upon detecting of any deviation, translating the electron beam through at least one second predetermined raster pattern frame that maintains the melting beam power density level substantially the same, but alters the substrate beam power density level; and (f) repeating steps (a) through (e) at one or more second locations for building up layer-by-layer.. .
Sciaky, Inc.


System and methof for fabricating hot-rolled semi light weight i-form beam

The embodiments herein provide a hot-rolled semi light weight, medium i-flange (i-7) beam with strength and more resistance when compared with the existing i-flange beam standards. The flange (i-7) beam comprises a vertical element known as web and two horizontal parallel edges known as flanges.
Iran National Steel Industrial Group


Golf club insert

An insert for a golf club head, wherein the insert includes a generally planar base surface and a maximum thickness, tmax, measured perpendicular to the base surface. The insert further includes a first component comprising a non-metallic material, and a second component coupled to the first component and comprising a continuous, formed metal sheet having a thickness between 0.01 mm and 3.0 mm, the second component extending a maximum distance, d, in a direction perpendicular to the base surface, that is no less than 6 mm.
Dunlop Sports Company Limited


Puncture needle, and manufacturing the same

Provided is a method for producing a puncture needle, which causes no significant pain during use such as when pierced. The method for producing the puncture needle includes the step of processing a pipe-like metallic base material having at one end a grinding surface obtained by machine work with plasma generated in an atmosphere filled with a mixed gas mainly including a main gas and a reaction gas..
Itac, Ltd.


Transcranial burst electrostimulation apparatus and its applications

The invention relates to a method of using metal nanoparticle or metallic particle to promote neurite outgrowth and treat and/or prevent neurological disorders. Particularly, the method of the invention uses gold nanoparticles or gold particles to promote neurite outgrowth and treat and/or prevent neurological disorders..
Gnt Biotech & Medicals Corporation


Stent having adjacent elements connected by narrow flexible webs

A stent incorporating flexible, preferably polymeric, connecting elements into the stent wherein these elements connect adjacent metallic stent element(s) across an intervening space and have optimized geometries. In one configuration the metallic elements are the result of forming the stent from a helically wound serpentine wire having intervening spaces between adjacent helical windings of the wire.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.


Smart medical device for electrochemical monitoring and control of medical implants

An external or implantable system for measuring for measuring electrical factors, such as voltage, current, and impedance, to assess the behavior of metallic biomaterials surfaces and to determine the corrosion-based activity of the surfaces while placed in their normal location within the human body. The system includes electrodes for interrogating the medical implant and electronics for monitoring the implant and controlling the electrodes, as well as a power source and communication module..


Cigar holder and method

A cigar holder includes a first member having a retainer secured to a first base for extending about a cigar. The first base includes a magnet.


Material for use with a capacitive touch screen

A modified material for use with a capacitive touch screen is described. The modified material comprises a material impregnated with a composition comprising either a non-metallic and/or a metallic conductive agent with a binder.
Glt Technovations, Llc


Thermal management circuit materials, manufacture thereof, and articles formed therefrom

A thermal management circuit material comprises a thermally conductive metallic core substrate having at least one through-hole via, non-metallic dielectric layers deposited on both sides of the metallic core substrate and on the containing walls of the through-hole via, electrically conductive metal layers on the non-metallic dielectric layers and an electrically conductive metal-containing core element filling the insulated through-hole via connecting at least a portion of each of the electrically conductive metal layers. Also disclosed are methods of making such circuit materials, comprising forming non-metallic dielectric layers by vapor deposition of a non-metallic material, for example by reacting an oxygen-containing precursor with an aluminum containing precursor and/or reacting a nitrogen-containing precursor with an aluminum or boron containing precursor on the surface of the metallic core substrate.
Rogers Corporation


Distributed coupling and multi-frequency microwave accelerators

A microwave circuit for a linear accelerator has multiple metallic cell sections, a pair of distribution waveguide manifolds, and a sequence of feed arms connecting the manifolds to the cell sections. The distribution waveguide manifolds are connected to the cell sections so that alternating pairs of cell sections are connected to opposite distribution waveguide manifolds.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Boundary microphone and boundary plate

A boundary microphone includes a microphone and a boundary plate on which the microphone is placed. The boundary plate includes a porous metal material of an aluminum-based metallic fiber layer clamped by an aluminum-based expanded metal and crimped thereto.
Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica


Electrical receptacle connector

An electrical receptacle connector includes an insulated housing, a metallic shell and a plurality of connecting portions. The insulated housing is in the metallic shell.
Advanced-connectek Inc.


Electrical receptacle connector

An electrical receptacle connector includes a metallic shell, an insulated housing, a plurality of upper-row receptacle terminals, and a plurality of lower-row receptacle terminals. The insulated housing is received in the metallic shell.
Advanced-connectek Inc.


Adjustable bonding washer

An adjustable bonding washer for placement between two metal pieces to create an electrical bond between them. The bonding washer has two metallic parts constrained to slide relative to one another along an axis.
Hubbell Incorporated


Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same

Wherein in formula 1, groups and variables are as described in the specification.. .


Thermally optimized phase change memory cells and methods of fabricating the same

A thermally optimized phase change memory cell includes a phase change material element disposed between first and second electrodes. The second electrode includes a thermally insulating region having a first thermal resistivity over the first electrode and a metallic contact region interposed between the phase change material element and the thermally insulating region, where the metallic contact layer has a second thermal resistivity lower than the first thermal resistivity..
Micron Technology, Inc.


Light emitting device package

A light emitting device package may be provided that includes: a lead frame; a light emitting device disposed on the lead frame; a metallic reflector which is disposed on the lead frame, has a hollow portion in which the light emitting device is disposed, reflects light emitted from the light emitting device, and is formed by a mold; and a resin body which surrounds the lead frame and the reflector. The resin body includes an insulation layer disposed between the lead frame and the reflector, and a protrusion disposed on the reflector..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Oxides with thin metallic layers as transparent ohmic contacts for p-type and n-type gallium nitride

Transparent conductive layers usable as ohmic contacts for iii-v semiconductors with work functions between 4.1 and 4.7 ev are formed by annealing layers of transparent oxide with thin (0.1-5 nm) layers of conductive metal. When the layers interdiffuse during the annealing, some of the conductive metal atoms remain free to reduce resistivity and others oxidize to reduce optical absorption.
Intermolecular, Inc.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing same

A semiconductor device (1001) includes an oxide semiconductor layer (7) and a conductor layer (13a, 13b, 13c, 13s) supported on a substrate (1). The oxide semiconductor layer (7) contains a first metallic element.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Manufacturing high-pressure discharge lamp and sealed part structure for high-pressure discharge lamp

A method of manufacturing a high-pressure discharge lamp, comprising the steps of: inserting a mount into an interior of a glass tube having an outer diameter smaller than an inner diameter of an end part of a sealed container; radially constricting the glass tube at a first position located away from a metallic foil toward a tip of an electrode; sealing the mount by a region of the glass tube that ranges from the first position to at least the other end of the metallic foil; protruding the electrode out of the glass tube located away from the first position toward the tip of the electrode to form a glass-tube air-tightly sealed mount; inserting the sealed mount into the end part of the sealed container; and radially constricting the end part of the sealed container to sealing the glass tube of the sealed mount by the end part.. .
Phoenix Electric Co., Ltd.

Metallic topics: Binder Material, Crystallin, Semiconductor, Combustion, Pressure Sensor, Scattering, Optical Fiber, Cathodic Protection, Metallic Compound, Alpha Particle, Radioactive, Replacement Gate, Silicon Nitride, Planarization, Semiconductor Devices

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