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Single insertion trimming of highly accurate reference oscillators

Piezoelectric array employing integrated mems switches

Stacked assembly of a mems integrated device having a reduced thickness

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mems-related patents
 Attitude estimation for pedestrian navigation using low cost mems accelerometer in mobile applications, and processing methods, apparatus and systems patent thumbnailAttitude estimation for pedestrian navigation using low cost mems accelerometer in mobile applications, and processing methods, apparatus and systems
A user-heading determining system (10) for pedestrian use includes a multiple-axis accelerometer (110) having acceleration sensors; a device-heading sensor circuit (115) physically situated in a fixed relationship to the accelerometer (110); an electronic circuit (100) operable to generate signals representing components of acceleration sensed by the accelerometer (110) sensors, and to electronically process at least some part of the signals to produce an estimation of attitude of a user motion with respect to the accelerometer, and further to combine the attitude estimation (750, α) with a device heading estimation (770, ψ) responsive to the device-heading sensor circuit, to produce a user heading estimation (780); and an electronic display (190) responsive to the electronic circuit (100) to display information at least in part based on the user heading estimation. Other systems, circuits and processes are also disclosed..
 Single insertion trimming of highly accurate reference oscillators patent thumbnailSingle insertion trimming of highly accurate reference oscillators
A highly integrated monolithic self-compensated oscillator (sco) with high frequency stability versus temperature variations is described, together with a cost effective single insertion point trimming (spt) algorithm. The spt is utilized to adjust the phase and frequency of the sco to meet frequency stability versus temperature and frequency accuracy requirements for a reference clock.
 Piezoelectric array employing integrated mems switches patent thumbnailPiezoelectric array employing integrated mems switches
Switchable micromachined transducer arrays are described where a microelectromechanical systems (mems) switch, or relay, is monolithically integrated with a transducer element. In embodiments, the mems switch is implemented in the same substrate as the transducer array to implement one or more logic, addressing, or transducer control function.
 Stacked assembly of a mems integrated device having a reduced thickness patent thumbnailStacked assembly of a mems integrated device having a reduced thickness
An assembly of a mems integrated device envisages: a package having a base substrate with a main surface in a horizontal plane, and a coating set on the base substrate; a first body including semiconductor material and integrating a micromechanical structure, housed within the package on the base substrate; at least one second body including semiconductor material and integrating at least one electronic component, designed to be functionally coupled to the micromechanical structure, the first body and the second body being arranged within the package stacked in a vertical direction transverse to the horizontal plane. In particular, at least one between the first body and the base substrate defines a first recess, in which the second body is housed, at least in part..
 Capacitive pressure sensor and method patent thumbnailCapacitive pressure sensor and method
In one embodiment, a method of forming a mems device includes providing a silicon wafer with a base layer and an intermediate layer above an upper surface of the base layer. A first electrode is defined in the intermediate layer and an oxide portion is provided above an upper surface of the intermediate layer.
 Micro-electro-mechanical device with buried conductive regions, and manufacturing process thereof patent thumbnailMicro-electro-mechanical device with buried conductive regions, and manufacturing process thereof
A mems device formed by a body; a cavity, extending above the body; mobile and fixed structures extending above the cavity and physically connected to the body via anchoring regions; and electrical-connection regions, extending between the body and the anchoring regions and electrically connected to the mobile and fixed structures. The electrical-connection regions are formed by a conductive multilayer including a first semiconductor material layer, a composite layer of a binary compound of the semiconductor material and of a transition metal, and a second semiconductor material layer..
 Micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) and related actuator bumps, methods of manufacture and design structures patent thumbnailMicro-electro-mechanical system (mems) and related actuator bumps, methods of manufacture and design structures
Micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) structures, methods of manufacture and design structures are provided. The method of forming a mems structure includes forming fixed actuator electrodes and a contact point on a substrate.
 Method of fabricating a nanochannel system for dna sequencing and nanoparticle characterization patent thumbnailMethod of fabricating a nanochannel system for dna sequencing and nanoparticle characterization
A process for fabricating a nanochannel system using a combination of microelectromechanical system (mems) microfabrication techniques, atomic force microscopy (afm) nanolithography, and focused ion beam (fib). The nanochannel system, fabricated on either a glass or silicon substrate, has channel heights and widths on the order of single to tens of nanometers.
 Micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) capacitive ohmic switch and design structures patent thumbnailMicro-electro-mechanical system (mems) capacitive ohmic switch and design structures
A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems), methods of forming the mems and design structures are provided. The method includes forming a coplanar waveguide (cpw) comprising a signal electrode and a pair of electrodes on a substrate.
 Sub-millinewton capacitive mems force sensor for mechanical testing on a microscope patent thumbnailSub-millinewton capacitive mems force sensor for mechanical testing on a microscope
Most mechanical tests (compression testing, tensile testing, flexure testing, shear testing) of samples in the sub-mm size scale are performed under the observation with an optical microscope or a scanning electron microscope. However, the following problems exist with prior art force sensors as e.g they cannot be used for in-plane mechanical testing (a- and b-direction) of a sample; they cannot be used for vertical testing (c-direction) of a sample.
Three dimensional piezoelectric mems
Method and apparatus for a piezoelectric apparatus are provided. In some embodiments, a method for fabricating a piezoelectric device may include etching a series of vertical trenches in a top substrate portion, depositing a first continuous conductive layer over the trenches and substrate, depositing a continuous piezoelectric layer over the first continuous conductive layer such that the piezoelectric material has trenches and sidewalls, depositing a second continuous conductive layer over the continuous piezoelectric layer, etching through the vertical trenches of the first continuous conductive layer, continuous piezoelectric layer, second continuous conductive layer, and top substrate portion into a bottom substrate portion, etching a series of horizontal trenches in the bottom substrate portion such that the horizontal trenches and vertical trenches occupy a continuous free space and allow movement of a piezoelectric mems device created by the above method in three dimensions..
Accelerometer with low sensitivity to thermo-mechanical stress
The invention relates to a microelectro-mechanical structure (mems), and more particularly, to systems, devices and methods of compensating effect of thermo-mechanical stress on a micro-machined accelerometer by incorporating and adjusting elastic elements to couple corresponding sensing electrodes. The sensing electrodes comprise moveable electrodes and stationary electrodes that are respectively coupled on a proof mass and a substrate.
Spring system for mems device
A spring system (74) links a pair of drive masses (30, 32) of a mems device (72). The spring system (74) includes stiff beams (76, 78, 80, 82) oriented to form a parallelogram arrangement (84).
Microelectromechanical bulk acoustic wave devices and methods
Micromachined gyroscopes, such as those based upon microelectromechanical systems (mems) have the potential to dominate the rate-sensor market mainly due to their small size, low power and low cost. As mems gyroscopes are resonant devices requiring active excitation it would be beneficial to improve the resonator q-factor reducing the electrical drive power requirements for the excitation circuitry.
Manufacturing process of mems device
A manufacturing process of a m ems device divides a substrate for fabricating u mems component into two electrically isolated regions, so that the mems component and the circuit disposed on its surface could connect electrically with another substrate below respectively through the corresponding conducing regions, whereby the configuration of the electrical conducting paths and the manufacturing process are simplified. A mems device manufactured by using the aforementioned process is also disclosed herein..
Method to package multiple mems sensors and actuators at different gases and cavity pressures
A method for fabricating a multiple mems device. A semiconductor substrate having a first and second mems device, and an encapsulation wafer with a first cavity and a second cavity, which includes at least one channel, can be provided.
Signal source separation
In one aspect, a microphone with closely spaced elements is used to acquire multiple signals from which a signal from a desired source is separated. The signal separation approach uses a combination of direction-of-arrival information or other information determined from variation such as phase, delay, and amplitude among the acquired signals, as well as structural information for the signal from the source of interest and/or for the interfering signals.
Micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems), systems, and operating methods thereof
A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) includes a micro-mechanical structure that generates a first electrical signal. An analog-to-digital converter (adc) is coupled with the micro-mechanical structure.
Mems oscillator
A device comprising, a mirror which is configured to oscillate in response to an oscillation signal, wherein the device is configured such that oscillation of the mirror will induce a signal; and a circuit in operable cooperation with the mirror such that an induced signal can be measured by the circuit and wherein the circuit is configured to provide an oscillation signal proportional to the measured induced signal; wherein the device is configured such that the mirror can receive the oscillation signal so that the oscillation signal is filtered due to oscillation limitations of mirror, to provide a filtered signal.. .
Methods and systems for fabrication of low-profile mems cmos devices
A mems integrated circuit including a plurality of layers where a portion includes one or more electronic elements on a semiconductor material substrate. The circuit includes a structure of interconnection layers having a bottom layer of conductor material and a top layer of conductor material where the layers are separated by at least one layer of dielectric material.
Mems component
An mems component includes at least one metal-ceramic multilayer stack as a mechanical functional layer in the layered structure of the mems component. The metal-ceramic multilayer stack functions as a mechanical functional layer in which at least one component of the micromechanical structure of the mems component is configured..
Packages and methods for packaging mems microphone devices
Microelectromechanical systems (mems) microphone devices and methods for packaging the same include a package housing, an interior lid, and an integrated mems microphone die. The package housing includes a sound port therethrough for communicating sound from outside the package housing to an interior of the package housing.
Mems force sensors fabricated using paper substrates
Also provided are methods of modifying paper for use as a substrate material in mems devices.. .
Micro-electromechanical gyro device
A resonator micro-electronic gyro, preferably a micro-electromechanical system (mems) gym comprises a first and a second resonator mass (1, 2) suspended for rotational vibration. The two masses (1, 2) are flexibly connected by four mechanical coupling elements (4, 5, 6, 7) for anti-phase vibration.
Methods and structures for using diamond in the production of mems
A mems device with movable mems structure and electrodes is produced by fabricating electrodes and shielding the electrodes with diamond buttons during subsequent fabrication steps, such as the etching of sacrificial oxide using vapor hf. In some embodiments, the diamond buttons are removed after the movable mems structure is released..
Routing of mems variable capacitors for rf applications
The present invention generally relates to a variable capacitor for rf and microwave applications. The variable capacitor includes a bond pad that has a plurality of cells electrically coupled thereto.
Projection apparatus
A projection apparatus including a light source module and a micro-electro-mechanical-system (mems) mirror is provided. The light source module outputs a plurality of illumination beams having different transmission paths.
Electronically steerable antenna using reconfigurable power divider based on cylindrical electromagnetic band gap (cebg) structure
A low complexity/cost beamsteering antenna includes a central line feed affixed to a radial waveguide structure, radiating elements positioned along the circumference of the radial waveguide structure, and a plurality of active elements interspersed along the surface of the radial waveguide structure between the central line feed and the radiating elements. The active elements may comprise pin diodes or microelectromechanical system (mems) components, and may be selectively activated/deactivated by dc switches in order to direct the propagation of an rf signal over the radial waveguide structure in a manner similar to a power divider.
Stiction resistant mems device and method of operation
A mems device (20) includes a movable element (20) suspended above a substrate (22) by a spring member (34) having a spring constant (104). A spring softening voltage (58) is applied to electrodes (24, 26) facing the movable element (20) during a powered mode (100) to decrease the stiffness of the spring member (34) and thereby increase the sensitivity of the movable element (32) to an input stimulus (46).
Mems device with stress relief structures
An encapsulated mems device includes stress-relief trenches in a region of its substrate that surrounds the movable micromachined structures and that is covered by a cap, such that the trenches are fluidly exposed to a cavity between the substrate and the cap. A method of fabricating a mems device includes fabricating stress-relief trenches through a substrate and fabricating movable micromachined structures, and capping the device prior art encapsulating the device..
Wireless mems left atrial pressure sensor
Systems for monitoring left atrial pressure using implantable cardiac monitoring devices and, more specifically, to a left atrial pressure sensor implanted through a septal wall are presented herein.. .
Wireless mems left atrial pressure sensor
Systems for monitoring left atrial pressure using implantable cardiac monitoring devices and, more specifically, to a left atrial pressure sensor implanted through a septal wall are presented herein.. .
Internal electrical contact for enclosed mems devices
A method of fabricating electrical connections in an integrated mems device is disclosed. The method comprises forming a mems wafer.
Micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) variable capacitor apparatuses and related methods
Systems, devices, and methods for micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) tunable capacitors can include a fixed actuation electrode attached to a substrate, a fixed capacitive electrode attached to the substrate, and a movable component positioned above the substrate and movable with respect to the fixed actuation electrode and the fixed capacitive electrode. The movable component can include a movable actuation electrode positioned above the fixed actuation electrode and a movable capacitive electrode positioned above the fixed capacitive electrode.
Wavelength converting lighting device and associated methods
A lighting device according to another embodiment of the invention for directing source light within a source wavelength range in a blue wavelength range in a desired output direction may comprise a mems device that may include a dmd that includes an array of mems cells, each mems cell including an operative surface to receive and redirect the source light towards the desired output direction. The array of mems cells may include first and second pluralities of mems cells including first and second conversion coatings applied to the operative surfaces thereof configured to convert source light into first and second wavelength ranges.
Structured light and time of flight depth capture with a mems ribbon linear array spatial light modulator
A fast spatial light modulator based on a linear mems ribbon array enables a depth capture system to operate in structured light and time-of-flight modes. Time-of-flight depth information may be used to phase unwrap structured light depth information.
Low-voltage mems shutter assemblies
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for providing relatively thinner and less stiff compliant beams for a shutter assembly. A protective coating is deposited and patterned over the shutter assembly before it is released from a sacrificial mold over which the shutter assembly is formed.
Layer for reduced charge migration between mems layers
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for reducing image artifacts that arise when a display is exposed to sunlight over time. Various implementations disclosed herein can be implemented to prevent charge injection from inducing a negative offset voltage shift for display elements in the display.
Mems vibrating structure using an orientation dependent single-crystal piezoelectric thin film layer
A micro-electrical-mechanical system (mems) vibrating structure includes a carrier substrate, a first anchor, a second anchor, a single crystal piezoelectric body, a first conducting layer, and a second conducting layer. The first anchor and the second anchor are provided on the surface of the carrier substrate.
Mems vibrating structure using an orientation dependent single-crystal piezoelectric thin film layer
A micro-electrical-mechanical system (mems) vibrating structure includes a carrier substrate, a first anchor, a second anchor, a single crystal piezoelectric body, and a conducting layer. The first anchor and the second anchor are provided on the surface of the carrier substrate.
Mems device and method of manufacturing a mems device
Mems devices with a rigid backplate and a method of making a mems device with a rigid backplate are disclosed. In one embodiment, a device includes a substrate and a backplate supported by the substrate.
Low-cost package for integrated mems sensors
An integrated mems sensor package is disclosed. The package comprises a sensor chip with a top surface and a bottom surface.
Microelectromechanical system devices having crack resistant membrane structures and methods for the fabrication thereof
Methods for fabricating crack resistant microelectromechanical (mems) devices are provided, as are mems devices produced pursuant to such methods. In one embodiment, the method includes forming a sacrificial body over a substrate, producing a multi-layer membrane structure on the substrate, and removing at least a portion of the sacrificial body to form an inner cavity within the multi-layer membrane structure.
Mems switches and fabrication methods
Mems switches and methods of fabricating mems switches. The switch has a vertically oriented deflection electrode having a conductive layer supported by a supporting layer, at least one drive electrode, and a stationary electrode.
Mems resonator pressure sensor
A resonant mems pressure sensor in which the resonator mass of the mems resonator is anchored both to the fixed base beneath the resonator cavity as well as to the top membrane over the resonator cavity. This provides a more robust fixing of the resonator mass and offers a dependence of resonant frequency on the pressure outside the cavity..
Micro electro mechanical system catalytic combustible gas sensor using porous membrane embedded micro-heater
Provided is a catalytic combustible gas sensor using a porous membrane embedded micro-heater and a micro electro mechanical system (mems) technology. The present disclosure provides a gas sensor that is structurally, mechanically, and electrically stable, and has a simple device fabrication process in a mems catalytic combustible gas sensor that is miniaturized and also consumes a significantly small amount of power by puncturing a plurality of holes in membranes, a heating resistor, and a sensing electrode, by etching and thereby thermally isolating a substrate by a predetermined thickness through the plurality of holes, and by including a sensing structure formed using a sensing material and a compensation structure formed using a compensation material..
Multi-axis chip-scale mems inertial measurement unit (imu) based on frequency modulation
A multi-axis microelectromechanical-systems (mems) inertial measurement unit (imu) is fabricated in a vacuum sealed single packaged device. An fm vibratory gyroscope and an fm resonant accelerometer both for generating fm output signals is fabricated in the silicon chip using mems.
Dynamic orthoscopic sensing
A dynamic sensing method and apparatus employs microelectromechanical systems (mems) and nanoelectromechanical (nems) surgical sensors for gathering and reporting surgical parameters pertaining to a drive mechanism of a surgical device, such as speed, rotation, torque and other characteristics of the surgical device. The surgical device employs or affixes the surgical sensor on or about a surgical device for detecting electromechanical characteristics during the surgical procedure.
Dual layer microelectromechanical systems device and method of manufacturing same
Exemplary microelectromechanical system (mems) devices, and methods for fabricating such are disclosed. An exemplary method includes providing a silicon-on-insulator (soi) substrate, wherein the soi substrate includes a first silicon layer separated from a second silicon layer by an insulator layer; processing the first silicon layer to form a first structure layer of a mems device; bonding the first structure layer to a substrate; and processing the second silicon layer to form a second structure layer of the mems device..
Mems microdisplay optical imaging and sensor systems for underwater and other scattering environments
A sensing system is provided that includes a transmitter assembly with a light source and a microdisplay device, wherein the transmitter assembly defines an optical beam transmission path to provide illumination of a substantially one-dimensional (1d) region of a target area, the microdisplay device comprising a plurality of controllable elements for causing the illumination to be a substantially 1d pattern of light along the 1d region. The system further includes a receiver assembly for defining a return optical signal transmission path from the 1d region and collecting return optical signals from the 1d region.
Asymmetric travel for mems light modulator
Systems, apparatuses and methods are provided for increasing the aperture ratio of a display by increasing the total travel distance of respective light modulating bodies in a display while maintaining fast switching speeds. Increasing the total travel distance allows for a larger aperture ratio in a display, which provides greater power savings and increased display brightness.
Tunable cavity resonator including a plurality of mems beams
A tunable cavity resonator includes a substrate, a cap structure, and a tuning assembly. The cap structure extends from the substrate, and at least one of the substrate and the cap structure defines a resonator cavity.
Electron emission device
Provided herein are electron emission devices and device components for optical, electronic and optoelectronic devices, including cantilever-based mems and nems instrumentation. Devices of certain aspects of the invention integrate a dielectric, pyroelectric, piezoelectric or ferroelectric film on the receiving surface of a substrate having an integrated actuator, such as a temperature controller or mechanical actuator, optionally in the form of a cantilever device having an integrated heater-thermometer.
Micro-electro mechanical system (mems) structures and methods of forming the same
A device includes a first substrate bonded with a second substrate structure. The second substrate structure includes an outgasing prevention structure.
Method of modifying surfaces
The invention provides a method for chemically modifying a surface of a substrate, preferably a silicon substrate, including the steps of providing a substrate having at least a portion of a surface thereof coated with an organic coating composition including unsaturated moieties forming a surface coating, and introducing a vapour phase reactive intermediate species based on a group 14 or group 15 element from the periodic table of elements to the substrate whereupon the reactive intermediate species is able to react with a number of the unsaturated moieties in the coating composition thereby chemically modifying the surface coating. Also disclosed is a surface-modified substrate obtained or obtainable by the method, and uses thereof in the fabrication of mems and ic devices..
Integration of laminate mems in bbul coreless package
An apparatus including a die including a first side and an opposite second side including a device side with contact points and lateral sidewalls defining a thickness of the die; a build-up carrier coupled to the second side of the die, the build-up carrier including a plurality of alternating layers of conductive material and insulating material, wherein at least one of the layers of conductive material is coupled to one of the contact points of the die; and at least one device within the build-up carrier disposed in an area void of a layer of patterned conductive material. A method and an apparatus including a computing device including a package including a microprocessor are also disclosed..
Low-cost process-independent rf mems switch
A mems switch includes a semiconductor substrate, a movable cantilever and a cantilever anchor. The semiconductor substrate includes a device layer and a handle.
Process for manufacturing an integrated membrane of nozzles in mems technology for a spray device and spray device using such membrane
A process for manufacturing a membrane of nozzles of a spray device, comprising the steps of laying a substrate, forming a membrane layer on the substrate, forming a plurality of nozzles in the membrane layer, forming a plurality of supply channels in the substrate, each supply channel being substantially aligned in a vertical direction to a respective nozzle of the plurality of nozzles and in direct communication with the respective nozzle.. .
Pressure sensor using mems resonator
A pressure sensor including: a mems resonator; a sweeping unit which sweeps a frequency of an excitation signal in a predetermined direction of sweeping, over a predetermined frequency range including a resonance frequency f0 of a vibrator in the mems resonator, while outputting the excitation signal to the mems resonator; an integrating unit which inputs a vibrating-state information signal as a characteristic amount indicative of a vibrating state of the vibrator from the mems resonator while the sweeping unit sweeps the frequency, integrates a plurality of the vibrating-state information signals at different frequencies of the excitation signal, and outputs the integrated value; and a conversion unit adapted to determine a pressure acting on the mems resonator, based on the integrated value.. .
Systems and method for gyroscope calibration
A mechanism by which a mems gyroscope sensor can be calibrated using data gathered from other sensors in a system incorporating the mems gyroscope sensor is provided. Data gathered from an accelerometer and a magnetometer in fixed orientation relative to the gyroscope is used to calculate changes in orientation of a system.
Method and structure for adding mass with stress isolation to mems structures
A method and structure for adding mass with stress isolation to mems. The structure has a thickness of silicon material coupled to at least one flexible element.
Method for accurate and low-consumption mems micropump actuation and device for carrying out said method
The present invention describes the improvements due to alternated actuation cycles to reduce the delivery errors related to the pumping chamber elasticity, the actuator relaxation or hysteresis. The method actuates a pumping device with an optimal driving voltage profile, wherein the pumping device comprises a pumping chamber including a pumping membrane and a voltage controlled actuator connected to said membrane; the movement of said membrane being defined by three positions, namely a rest, a bottom and a top position.
Comb mems device and method of making a comb mems device
A mems device and a method to manufacture a mems device are disclosed. An embodiment includes forming trenches in a first main surface of a substrate, forming conductive fingers by forming a conductive material in the trenches and forming an opening from a second main surface of the substrate thereby exposing the conductive fingers, the second main surface opposite the first main surface..
Mems device with polymer layer, system of a mems device with a polymer layer, method of making a mems device with a polymer layer
A mems device, a method of making a mems device and a system of a mems device are shown. In one embodiment, a mems device includes a first polymer layer, a mems substrate disposed on the first polymer layer and a mems structure supported by the mems substrate.
Safe and arm explosive train
A safe-and-arm system for the prevention of unintentional operation of an explosive device by interrupting a detonation train, the system employing an interruptive transfer assembly made of silicon and suitable for implementing in a mems device, the assembly including a silicon based transfer charge carrier on a porous explosive passageway made by etching, the passageway extending between at least two ports on the circumference of the transfer assembly, and a drive means that can mechanically bring about at least one armed state of a detonation train.. .

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