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Mems patents

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Mems based dust removal for image sensors

Mems Drive

Mems based dust removal for image sensors

Mems component having aln and sc and method for manufacturing a mems component

Epcos Ag

Mems component having aln and sc and method for manufacturing a mems component

Mems component having aln and sc and method for manufacturing a mems component

Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho

Integrated device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mems-related patents
 Mems-released curved image sensor patent thumbnailMems-released curved image sensor
This document describes mems-released curved image sensors capable of sensing light from a monocentric lens. This mems-released curved image sensor receives light focused on a curved focal surface by releasing a photodetector side of a computing and sensing wafer, such as a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (cmos) sensor.
Google Inc.

 Mems based dust removal for image sensors patent thumbnailMems based dust removal for image sensors
Systems and methods provide dust removal on an image sensor surface of a digital camera. Dust removal can be achieved by either imparting vibrational movement on a stage upon which the image sensor is mounted and/or by moving the stage towards one or more impact stops.
Mems Drive, Inc.

 Mems component having aln and sc and  manufacturing a mems component patent thumbnailMems component having aln and sc and manufacturing a mems component
A mems component includes a lower electrode. The mems component also includes an upper electrode.
Epcos Ag

 Integrated device patent thumbnailIntegrated device
An integrated device with high insulation tolerance is provided. A groove having an inclined side surface is provided between adjacent devices.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho

 Nxn optical switch patent thumbnailNxn optical switch
Described herein are various embodiments of a cross-connect type optical switch (e.g. 1) for switching optical beams between a plurality of optical fibers.
Finisar Corporation

 Mems sensor,  manufacturing the same, and mems package including the same patent thumbnailMems sensor, manufacturing the same, and mems package including the same
A mems sensor according to the present invention includes a base substrate including a displaceably supported movable portion and a lid substrate covering the movable portion and functioning as a magnetic sensor that detects magnetism by making use of the hall effect.. .
Rohm Co., Ltd.

 Aerosol ionizer patent thumbnailAerosol ionizer
A system and method comprising an ion production chamber having a ultra-violet light source disposed towards said chamber, a harvest gas disposed to flow through the chamber from an inlet to an outlet, and a jet, said jet operable to introduce a sample into the harvest gas flow. In some embodiments the system includes using helium as the harvest gas.
Brechtel Manufacturing, Inc.

 Pressure sensor device with high sensitivity and high accuracy patent thumbnailPressure sensor device with high sensitivity and high accuracy
The voltages output from a low-pressure mems sensor are increased by increasing the sensitivity of the sensor. Sensitivity is increased by thinning the diaphragm of the low pressure sensor device with corner trench.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

 Radio circuits and components thereof including temperature responsive liquid mems patent thumbnailRadio circuits and components thereof including temperature responsive liquid mems
A radio circuit includes an adjustable rf front-end module on an ic die, a liquid mems component on a board, and a processing module on the ic die. The adjustable rf front-end module adjusts processing of an inbound or an outbound rf signal based on a compensation control signal.
Broadcom Corporation

 Shock-robust integrated multi-axis mems gyroscope patent thumbnailShock-robust integrated multi-axis mems gyroscope
Various embodiments of the invention integrate multiple shock-robust single-axis mems gyroscopes into a single silicon substrate while avoiding the complexities typically associated with designing a multi-drive control system for shock immune gyroscopes. In certain embodiments of the invention, a shock immune tri-axial mems gyroscope is based on a driving scheme that employs rotary joints to distribute driving forces generated by two sets of driving masses to individual sensors, thereby, simplifying the control of the gyroscope..
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.


Systems and methods for mems gyroscope shock robustness

Various embodiments of the invention allow for increased shock robustness in gyroscopes. In certain embodiments, immunity against undesired forces that corrupt signal output is provided by a chessboard-pattern architecture of proof masses that provides a second layer of differential signals not present in existing designs.
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.


Tracking dynamic on-stage objects

Methods and systems for dynamic tracking of on-stage objects using microelectromechanical systems (mems) presented herein do not require illumination to track a randomly moving object and are easily configurable for various stage sizes and for stages movable relative to the ground. In some instances, a tracking method includes determining an initial state of an mems motion tracker carried on a dynamic object, such as a performer.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.


Mems structure and manufacturing the same

There are provided a micro electro mechanical systems (mems) structure and a method of manufacturing the same. The mems structure includes: a middle structure including an insulating layer, a circuit layer formed on the insulating layer, a mass formed beneath the insulating layer, and supports formed so as to be spaced apart from sides of the mass, and having corner portions of sides formed in a concave shape; an upper structure formed so as to enclose an upper portion of the middle structure; and a lower structure formed so as to enclose a lower portion of the middle structure..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Sensor integration with an outgassing barrier and a stable electrical signal path

The present disclosure relates to a structure and method of forming a mems-cmos integrated circuit with an outgassing barrier and a stable electrical signal path. An additional poly or metal layer is embedded within the mems die to prevent outgassing from the cmos die.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Vacuum sealed mems and cmos package

A vacuum sealed mems and cmos package and a process for making the same may include a capping wafer having a surface with a plurality of first cavities, a first device having a first surface with a second plurality of second cavities, a hermetic seal between the first surface of the first device and the surface of the capping wafer, and a second device having a first surface bonded to a second surface of the first device. The second device is a cmos device with conductive through vias connecting the first device to a second surface of the second device, and conductive bumps on the second surface of the second device.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Top-port mems microphone and manufacturing the same

A top-port mems-microphone has an upper side and a bottom side. The microphone includes a mems chip with a monolithically connected protection element at the upper side, a backplate, and a membrane.
Epcos Ag


Mems component and encapsulating mems components

A mems component includes, on a substrate, component structures, contact areas connected to the component structures, metallic column structures seated on the contact areas, and metallic frame structures surrounding the component structures. A cured resist layer is seated on frame structure and column structures such that a cavity is enclosed between substrate, frame structure and resist layer.
Epcos Ag


Mems switch

A micromachined switch has a cavity with an atmosphere configured to reduce sparking between switch contacts during opening and closing operations.. .
Analog Devices Global


Tilted mems

A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) optical sensor, method of detecting sound using the mems optical sensor and method of manufacturing. The mems optical sensor including a substrate having a base portion and a vertically extending support portion.
Apple Inc.


Integrated package containing mems acoustic sensor and environmental sensor and methodology for fabricating same

An integrated package of at least one environmental sensor and at least one mems acoustic sensor is disclosed. The package contains a shared port that exposes both sensors to the environment, wherein the environmental sensor measures characteristics of the environment and the acoustic sensor measures sound waves.
Invensense, Inc.


Multi-die mems package

This document refers to multi-die micromechanical system (mems) packages. In an example, a multi-die mems package can include a controller integrated circuit (ic) configured to couple to a circuit board, a mems ic mounted to a first side of the controller ic, a through silicon via extending through the controller ic between the first side and a second side of the controller ic, the second side opposite the first side, and wherein the mems ic is coupled to the through silicon via..
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation


Support structure for tsv in mems structure

An embodiment is a method for forming a microelectromechanical system (mems) device. The method comprises forming a mems structure over a first substrate, wherein the mems structures comprises a movable element; forming a bonding structure over the first substrate; and forming a support structure over the first substrate, wherein the support structure protrudes from the bonding structure.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Frequency modulated microphone system

Systems and methods of sensing audio with a mems microphone that modulates a frequency of a phase-locked loop. The mems microphone includes a movable electrode and a stationary electrode.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Light field camera with mems scanners

A light field camera device comprising an array of light field camera elements, each camera element comprising a scanner for scanning an input beam across a two-dimensional angular field; an input focus modulator for modulating the focus of the input beam over time; a radiance sensor for sensing the radiance of the input beam over time; and a radiance sampler for sampling the radiance of the input beam at discrete times; the scanner comprising a biaxial electromechanical scanning mirror comprising: a mirror, a platform, an inner frame, and an outer frame; the mirror attached to the platform via a post, the platform attached to the inner frame via a first pair of hinges, and the inner frame attached to the outer frame via a second pair of hinges; the first pair of hinges arranged substantially orthogonally to the second pair of hinges, thereby to allow biaxial movement of the mirror; the extent of the mirror larger than the extent of the inner frame.. .


Hybrid optical transmitter and/or receiver structure

A device may include a substrate. The device may include a carrier mounted to the substrate.
Infinera Corporation


Enhanced mems vibrating device

A mems vibrating device includes a substrate, at least one anchor on a surface of the substrate, and a vibrating body suspended over the substrate by the at least one anchor. The vibrating body includes a first piezoelectric thin-film layer, a second piezoelectric thin-film layer over the first piezoelectric thin-film layer, and an inter-digital transducer embedded between the first piezoelectric thin-film layer and the second piezoelectric thin-film layer.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.


Mems microphone and operating the mems microphone

The present invention concerns a mems microphone (1) comprising, a transducer element (2) for providing an electrical signal, a first part (3) for receiving the electrical signal from the transducer element (2) and for providing a processed signal, a second part (4) for receiving the processed signal from the first part (3) and for providing an output signal of the mems microphone (1), and a gain control unit (5) that is enabled to adjust a gain setting of the first part (3) and to adjust a gain setting of the second part (4). Further, another aspect of the present invention concerns a method of operating said mems microphone (1) comprising the step of adjusting a gain setting of the first part (3) and adjusting a gain setting of the second part (4)..
Epcos Ag


Low noise amplifier for mems capacitive transducers

This application relates to amplifier circuitry for amplifying a signal from a mems transducer. A super source follower circuit (40) is provided which includes a feedback path from its output node (nout) to a control bias node (bc) in order to provide a preamplifier signal gain that may be greater than unity.
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd.


Gas pressure controller

A pressure controller is provided with an insulating substrate having a gas inlet and a gas outlet and including an inner channel, a valve mechanism including an mems valve element that is attached directly to a front surface or a back surface of the insulating substrate and that is connected to the inner channel via a port communicating with the inner channel, a pressure sensor section including an mems pressure sensor element that is attached directly to the front surface or the back surface of the insulating substrate and that is connected to the inner channel via a port communicating with the inner channel, and a control section for feedback-controlling the valve mechanism based on a detection signal of the pressure sensor section.. .
Shimadzu Corporation


Auto-focus camera module with mems capacitance estimator

A mems actuator for a compact auto-focus camera module is configured to measure physical values and to estimated values each indicative of position or motion or both of a mems component. A smart logic component determines a set of mems driver control values based on analyzing the measured physical values and substituting estimated values to more accurately position the mems component.
Digitaloptics Corporation


Apparatus and driving and measuring a mems mirror system

The present invention relates to an apparatus for driving and measuring a mems minor system, the mems minor system having a mirror pivotable around an axis by a driving coil and exhibiting a resonance frequency, having a pulse generator and a measuring unit, each electrically connected to the coil. The pulse generator is preferably configured to feed a modulated pulse signal, comprised of pulses separated by intervals and having a modulation frequency different from the resonance frequency, to the coil.
Trilite Technologies Gmbh


Mems-based rotation sensor for seismic applications and sensor units having same

The present disclosure is directed to a mems-based rotation sensor for use in seismic data acquisition and sensor units having same. The mems-based rotation sensor includes a substrate, an anchor disposed on the substrate and a proof mass coupled to the anchor via a plurality of flexural springs.
Westerngeco L.l.c.


Optomechanical sensor for accelerometry and gyroscopy

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards a micro-electromechanical system (mems) sensing device, including a laser arrangement configured to generate a light beam, a first waveguide configured to receive and output a first portion of the light beam, and a second waveguide having a section that is evanescently coupled to the first waveguide and configured to receive and output a second portion of the light beam. The section of the second waveguide is configured to be movable substantially parallel to the first waveguide, wherein a movement of the section of the second waveguide may be caused by an inertial change applied to the sensing device.
Intel Corporation


Mems device with improved spring system

A system and method in accordance with an embodiment reduces the cross-axis sensitivity of a gyroscope. This is achieved by building a gyroscope using a mechanical transducer that comprises a spring system that is less sensitive to fabrication imperfection and optimized to minimize the response to the rotations other than the intended input rotation axis.
Invensense, Inc.


Method of controlling a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) valve

A method of controlling a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) valve includes defining a desired pressure output for the mems valve. The desired pressure output is related to a control reference value.
Microstaq Inc.


High-productivity porous semiconductor manufacturing equipment

This disclosure enables high-productivity fabrication of semiconductor-based separation layers (made of single layer or multi-layer porous semiconductors such as porous silicon, comprising single porosity or multi-porosity layers), optical reflectors (made of multi-layer/multi-porosity porous semiconductors such as porous silicon), formation of porous semiconductor (such as porous silicon) for anti-reflection coatings, passivation layers, and multi-junction, multi-band-gap solar cells (for instance, by forming a variable band gap porous silicon emitter on a crystalline silicon thin film or wafer-based solar cell). Other applications include fabrication of mems separation and sacrificial layers for die detachment and mems device fabrication, membrane formation and shallow trench isolation (sti) porous silicon (using porous silicon formation with an optimal porosity and its subsequent oxidation).
Solexel, Inc.


Stacked semiconductor device and forming the same related cases

A stacked semiconductor device includes a cmos device and a mems device. The cmos device includes a multilayer interconnect with metal elements disposed over the multilayer interconnect.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Top port mems cavity package and manufacture thereof

A method for the manufacture of a package encasing a micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) device provides a cover having a lid and sidewalls with a port extending through the lid. A first base component is bonded to the sidewalls defining an internal cavity.
Unisem (m) Berhad


Micro-electrical-mechanical system (mems) microphone

A micro-electrical-mechanical system (mems) microphone includes a mems structure, having a substrate, a diaphragm, and a backplate, wherein the substrate has a cavity and the backplate is between the cavity and the diaphragm. The backplate has multiple venting holes, which are connected to the cavity and allows the cavity to extend to the diaphragm.
Solid State System Co., Ltd.


Mems structure, electronic apparatus, and moving object

A mems structure includes: a substrate; a lower electrode disposed above the substrate; an upper electrode including a movable portion disposed facing and spaced from the lower electrode; and a projection projecting from a surface of the movable portion on a side facing the lower electrode, the projection being composed of a material different from that of the movable portion.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Method and applications of thin-film membrane transfer

The disclosure relates to method and apparatus for micro-contact printing of micro-electromechanical systems (“mems”) in a solvent-free environment. The disclosed embodiments enable forming a composite membrane over a parylene layer and transferring the composite structure to a receiving structure to form one or more microcavities covered by the composite membrane.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Cmos-mems integration by sequential bonding method

Methods for bonding two wafers are disclosed. In one aspect, a first wafer includes an integrated circuit and the second wafer including a mems device.
Invensense, Inc.


Ultrananocrystalline diamond films with optimized dielectric properties for advanced rf mems capacitive switches

An efficient deposition process is provided for fabricating reliable rf mems capacitive switches with multilayer ultrananocrystalline (uncd) films for more rapid recovery, charging and discharging that is effective for more than a billion cycles of operation. Significantly, the deposition process is compatible for integration with cmos electronics and thereby can provide monolithically integrated rf mems capacitive switches for use with cmos electronic devices, such as for insertion into phase array antennas for radars and other rf communication systems..
Uchicago Argonne, Llc


Mems swtich with internal conductive path

A mems switch has a base formed from a substrate with a top surface and an insulator layer formed on at least a portion of the top surface. Bonding material secures a cap to the base to form an interior chamber.
Analog Devices Global


Mems switch

Several features are disclosed that improve the operating performance of mems switches such that they exhibit improved in-service life and better control over switching on and off.. .
Analog Devices Global


System, electronic pen and the acquisition of the dynamic handwritten signature using mobile devices with capacitive touchscreen

The invention describes a system, an electronic pen and a method for the acquisition and processing of the bio-kinetic information associated with the signature, in order to send this information to an authentication server for authenticity validation. The system includes an electronic pen (1), comprising a housing and a tip made of capacitive materials, two groups of mems inertial sensors, memsa and memsb, an acquisition microcontroller (p7), and a capacitive touchscreen mobile device (2).
Softwin Srl


Power line monitoring apparatus and method

Devices and methods for measuring an electrical characteristic, in particular, for measuring current are provided. The devices can use a pair of mems optical modulators as opposed to the more conventional coil and associated oil insulation arrangement..
The University Of Manchester


Methods and mems structure release

An apparatus may include a vessel adapted to contain an organic solvent and a dehydration apparatus coupled with the vessel. The dehydration apparatus may be adapted to remove water from the organic solvent.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Electrolytic cell equipped with microelectrodes

The invention relates to an electrolytic cell equipped with microelectrodes for the generation of un-separated products and the method for obtaining it. The cell and the microelectrodes of the present invention are obtained using a technology for the production of microelectromechanical systems (mems).
Industrie De Nora S.p.a.


Mems fabrication tool and using

A tool includes a collet, a vacuum path, and a top die. The collet has a first end and a second end.
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Mems device and forming the same

According to an exemplary embodiment, a method of forming a mems device is provided. The method includes the following operations: providing a substrate; forming a catalyst layer over the substrate; patterning the catalyst layer; forming a carbon nanotube based on the catalyst layer; forming a getter layer over the carbon nanotube and the substrate; and etching back the getter layer to expose the carbon nanotube.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited


System on a chip using integrated mems and cmos devices

An integrated mems system in which cmos and mems devices are provided to form an integrated cmos-mems system. The system can include a silicon substrate layer, a cmos layer, mems and cmos devices, and a wafer level packaging (wlp) layer.
Mcube Inc.


Mems devices and methods for forming same

Embodiments of the present disclosure include mems devices and methods for forming mems devices. An embodiment is a method for forming a microelectromechanical system (mems) device, the method including forming a mems wafer having a first cavity, the first cavity having a first pressure, and bonding a carrier wafer to a first side of the mems wafer, the bonding forming a second cavity, the second cavity having a second pressure, the second pressure being greater than the first pressure.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Electronic device and manufacturing the same

According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a mems element formed on an underlying region, and a stack film covering the mems element and forming a cavity part inside, wherein the stack film includes a first layer having a hole, a second layer provided on the first layer and covering the hole, a third layer provided on the second layer and formed of an oxide, and a fourth layer provided on the third layer and formed of a nitride.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Mems microphone system for harsh environments

A mems microphone system suited for harsh environments. The system uses an integrated circuit package.
Invensense, Inc.


Radio frequency mems devices for improved wireless performance for hearing assistance devices

Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for wireless electronics using a mems switch for a hearing assistance device. The present application relates to a hearing assistance device configured to be worn by a wearer.
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.


Microphone assembly with barrier to prevent contaminant infiltration

A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) microphone includes a rectangular substrate with a rigid base layer, a first metal layer, a second metal layer, one or more electrical pathways, an acoustic port, and a patterned flexible printed circuit board material. The mems microphone also includes a mems microphone die and a solid single-piece rectangular cover..
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Rf front-end circuitry with transistor and microelectromechanical multiple throw switches

This disclosure relates generally to radio frequency (rf) front-end circuitry for routing rf signals to and/or from one or more antennas. Exemplary rf front-end circuitry includes a multiple throw solid-state transistor switch (mtsts) and a multiple throw microelectromechanical switch (mtmems).
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.


Hermetic plastic molded mems device package and fabrication

A hermetically packaged microelectromechanical system (mems) device has a substrate with an assembly pad (101) and a plurality of terminals (102); a chip (110) with a mems mechanical element (111) of a first height (111a) assembled on the pad and connected to the terminals by wires (120) with an insulating coat (121); a ridge (130) on the substrate, which surrounds the mems element (111) with a second height (130c) greater than the first height and comprises a plastic compound (131) filled with particles (132) and a surface (130a, 130b) having an adhering moisture-impermeable seal layer (133); and a moisture-impervious lid (140) attached to the ridge by moisture-proof bonds (150, 151), sealing the volume (160) enclosed by the lid, the chip, and the metalized ridge as a hermetic space for the mems element (111).. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Mems tunable inductor

Embodiments of the present invention provide a tunable inductor having a magnetic core which has an air gap. In order to vary the inductance of the inductor, the inductor includes a tuner that is moveable relative to the magnetic core in the vicinity of the air gap.
U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i


Sensor assembly

A multiple axis sensor assembly includes an enclosure and encapsulated microelectromechanical system (mems) sensors. The encapsulated sensors are disposed inside the enclosure and are mounted in different orientations, which correspond to different axes of the sensor assembly.
Westerngeco L.l.c.


Optical object-detection device having a mems and motor vehicle having such a detection device

An optical object sensing device for a motor vehicle, having an emitter unit for emitting an emission light beam and having a receiver unit for receiving a reception light beam, and having an electronic evaluation device for detecting an object external to the vehicle in a vicinity of the motor vehicle as a function of the reception light beam. The emitter unit includes an emitter for generating the emission light beam, a controllable micromirror by which the emission light beam can be panned at least in a first panning direction, and an emission lens arranged behind the micromirror in the emission beam path, where at least along the first panning direction, the emission lens is configured as a concave-convex lens with a concavely curved surface, which faces towards the micromirror, and with a convexly curved surface..
Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh


Security system using ladar-based sensors

A security sensor system comprises one or more laser detection and ranging (ladar) sensors configured for accumulation of three-dimensional image data. In one embodiment, the one or more ladar sensors each comprise a ladar device, such as a mems device, configured to transmit a plurality of laser pulses, and a microprocessor operatively coupled to the ladar device.
Honeywell International Inc.


Inertial sensor

A technique of preventing the function stop caused by false operation and false output of an inertial sensor by canceling a signal caused by applying of an acceleration other than a measurement signal before input to an lsi circuit is provided. An electrostatic-capacitance mems acceleration sensor 100 configured to include: a movable unit 104; a p-side first electrode pair formed of a detection movable electrode 105a and a detection fixed electrode 106a; a p-side second electrode pair formed of a detection movable electrode 105b and a detection fixed electrode 106b; an n-side first electrode pair formed of a detection movable electrode 109a and a detection fixed electrode 110a; and an n-side second electrode pair formed of a detection movable electrode 109b and a detection fixed electrode 110b, the movable unit 104 is supported at one point of a fixed portion 101 arranged on an inner side of the movable unit 104, and besides, the fixed portion 101 of the movable unit 104, a fixed portion 107 of the detection fixed electrode 106a, a fixed portion 108 of the detection fixed electrode 106b, a fixed portion 111 of the detection fixed electrode 110a, and a fixed portion 112 of the detection fixed electrode 110b are arranged on a line 116 perpendicular to a detection direction 115 of the mems acceleration sensor 100, and besides, the p-side first electrode pair and the n-side first electrode pair are arranged on one side of the fixed portion 101 of the movable unit 104, and the p-side second electrode pair and the n-side second electrode pair are arranged on the other side thereof..
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Hand held breath analyzer

A portable breath analyzer is described including a housing that encloses a probe assembly with two probes: one responsive to the 12co2 isotopes in a breath sample, and the other responsive to 13co2 isotopes. Each probe includes a sample cell containing exhaled breath, a correlation cell containing a selected one of the isotopes, and a calibration cell.


Method of protecting microelectro mechanical system device

A method includes placing a microelectromechanical system (mems) device over a carrier, wire bonding the mems device to a bond pad on the carrier with a bond wire, and spray coating a buffer layer over the mems device and enclosing the bond wire. A young's modulus value of the buffer layer is less than a young's modulus value of the mems device..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Mems capping method

A method for fabricating a mems device includes providing a substrate having a front surface and a back surface, and forming a protruding engagement member on the front surface of the substrate. The protruding engagement member has an inner periphery defining a groove and an outer periphery.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation


Sensor package having stacked die

A small area semiconductor device package containing two or more mems sensor device die and a controller die for the sensor devices is provided. The controller die is mounted on top of the largest mems sensor device die (e.g., a gyroscope) and over a second mems sensor device die (e.g., an accelerometer).


Inhibiting propagation of surface cracks in a mems device

A microelectromechanical systems (mems) device includes a structural layer having a top surface. The top surface includes surface regions that are generally parallel to one another but are offset relative to one another such that a stress concentration location is formed between them.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Dual diaphragm and dual back plate acoustic apparatus

A microelectromechanical system (mems) die includes a back plate and a diaphragm assembly. The back plate includes a first back plate portion including a first electrode and a second back plate portion including a second electrode, both electrodes being integrated on a mechanical supporting layer.


Mems motors having insulated substrates

A microelectromechanical system (mems) die includes a substrate, an insulation layer disposed adjacent to the substrate, a diaphragm connected to the insulation layer, and a back plate connected to the insulation layer. The back plate is disposed in spaced relation to the diaphragm.


Optimized back plate used in acoustic devices

An electrode apparatus of a back plate that is used in a microelectromechanical system (mems) microphone is disposed in spaced proximity to a diaphragm. The electrode apparatus includes a support layer and a conductive layer that is arranged in proximity to the support layer.


Method and system for filtering out adjacent frequency band interference

Provided are a method and a system for filtering out adjacent frequency band interference. The method includes that an rf mems switch control module receives a first transmitted coupling signal from a first frequency band rf module and a second received coupling signal from a second frequency band rf module; the rf mems switch control module determines whether interference exists between a first frequency band and a second frequency band according to the first transmitted coupling signal and the second received coupling signal; if interference exists, the rf mems switch control module filters out the interference by instructing a first frequency band rf mems radio frequency reconfigurable antenna working in the first frequency band to change a first antenna structure and/or by instructing a second frequency band rf mems radio frequency reconfigurable antenna working in the second frequency band to change a second antenna structure.


Multicast optical switch

A multicast optical switch uses a diffractive bulk optical element, which splits at least one input optical beam into sub-beams, which freely propagate in a medium towards an array of directors, such as mems switches, for directing the sub-beams to output ports. Freely propagating optical beams can cross each other without introducing mutual optical loss.


Fully differential capacitive architecture for mems accelerometer

A fully differential microelectromechanical system (mems) accelerometer configured to measure z-axis acceleration is disclosed. This may avoid some of the disadvantages in traditional capacitive sensing architectures—for example, less sensitivity, low noise suppression, and low snr, due to brownian noise.


Mirco-electro-mechanical system device

The present invention discloses a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) device. The mems device includes: a substrate; a proof mass which defines an internal space inside and forms at least two capacitors with the substrate; at least two anchors connected to the substrate and respectively located in the capacitor areas of the capacitors from a cross-sectional view; at least one linkage truss located in the hollow structure, wherein the linkage truss is directly connected to the anchors or indirectly connected to the anchors through buffer springs; and multiple rotation springs located in the hollow structure, wherein the rotation springs are connected between the proof mass and the linkage truss, such that the proof mass can rotate along an axis formed by the rotation springs.


Humidity resistant sensors and methods of making same

A pressure sensor device which uses appropriate passivation materials/patterns to make the device more robust and resistant to a hot and humid environment. The pressure sensor device uses moisture resistant passivation material(s) covering exposed glass areas, including sidewalls, and bonding interfaces to avoid the glass and bonding interfaces absorbing and reacting with moisture, thus maintaining the integrity of the device output after exposure in a humid/hot environment.


Mems device and forming the same

According to an exemplary embodiment, a method of forming a mems device is provided. The method includes the following operations: providing a substrate; forming a first layer formed of titanium nitride over the substrate; and forming a second layer formed of titanium over the first layer.


Hermetic encapsulation for microelectromechanical systems (mems) devices

Embodiments of the invention describe hermetic encapsulation for mems devices, and processes to create the hermetic encapsulation structure. Embodiments comprise a mems substrate stack that further includes a magnet, a first laminate organic dielectric film, a first hermetic coating disposed over the magnet, a second laminate organic dielectric film disposed on the hermetic coating, a mems device layer disposed over the magnet, and a plurality of metal interconnects surrounding the mems device layer.


Mems device having conductive microstructures laterally surrounded by oxide material

A mems device includes a first substrate structure and a second substrate structure. The first substrate structure has a conductive microstructure and an oxide material surrounding lateral side of the conductive microstructure.


Method and system for cmos based mems bump stop contact damage prevention

In some embodiments, a microelectromechanical system may include a semiconductor substrate, a plurality of wiring layers, and a stop. The plurality of wiring layers may be coupled to a first surface of the semiconductor substrate.


Material dispensing system and methods

A system and method for dispensing a fluid within an environment. The method includes the steps of: providing a dispensing system within an environment; discharging fluid from the dispensing system at a first, non-zero rate; detecting a change in the environment; and discharging fluid at a second rate after detecting the environmental change.


Mems device

A mems device includes a backplate electrode and a membrane disposed spaced apart from the backplate electrode. The membrane includes a displaceable portion and a fixed portion.


Microelectromechanical systems (mems) microphone having two back cavities separated by a tuning port

Microelectromechanical systems (mems) microphones associated with a tunable back cavity are described. Provided implementations can comprise a mems acoustic sensor element associated with a first back cavity, which first back cavity can be separated and/or acoustically coupled by a tuning port to a second back cavity.


Mems resonator with functional layers

A mems device includes a substrate, at least one anchor on a surface of the substrate, and a vibrating body suspended over the substrate by the at least one anchor. The vibrating body includes a periodically poled piezoelectric thin-film layer, a first conductive layer, a second conductive layer, and a functional layer.


Mems structure and forming same

A microelectromechanical system (mems) device includes a substrate and a movable element at least partially suspended above the substrate and having at least one degree of freedom. The mems device further includes a protrusion extending from the substrate and configured to contact the movable element when the movable element moves in the at least one degree of freedom, wherein the protrusion comprises a surface having a water contact angle of higher than about 15° measured in air..


Mems device

According to the present invention there is provided a device comprising a mems die and, a single magnet, wherein the mems die cooperates with the magnet, such that the mems die is submerged in a magnetic field provided by the magnet; wherein the magnet is a single multi-pole magnet. .


Micro normally-closed structure and manufacturing the same

The present invention relates to a micro normally-closed structure, which is manufactured by a mems process and used as a mems component. The structure includes a base and a fixed contact; and a flexible arm including a first end and a movable contact, wherein the first end is electrically connecting to the base, and remaining a normally closed electrically conducting state between the movable contact and the fix end..


Biometric data gathering

A universal 6-dof mems sensor combined with six degree of motion algorithms and human motion parameters permits individualized real time motion analysis of a user to enable accurate measurements. Data derived thereby is wirelessly sent for viewing to a bluetooth® enabled smartphone or combination smartphone and eyeglass device, marketed as the google glass® headset.

Mems topics: Camera Module, Acceleration Sensor, Microelectromechanical Systems, Control Unit, Semiconductor Substrate, Semiconductor, Demodulation, Accelerometer, Calibration, Modulation, Mems Devices

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