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Microphone in speaker assembly

Knowles Electronics

Microphone in speaker assembly

Acoustic bandgap structures for integration of mems resonators

Acoustic bandgap structures for integration of mems resonators

Acoustic bandgap structures for integration of mems resonators

Dolby Laboratories Licensing

Multiple stage modulation projector display systems having efficient light utilization

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mems-related patents
 Integrated cmos/mems microphone die patent thumbnailIntegrated cmos/mems microphone die
The claim invention is directed at a mems microphone die fabricated using cmos-based technologies. In particular, the claims are directed at various aspects of a mems microphone die having anisotropic springs, a backplate, a diaphragm, mechanical stops, and a support structure, all of which are fabricated as stacked metallic layers separated by vias using cmos fabrication technologies..
Knowles Electronics Llc

 Microphone in speaker assembly patent thumbnailMicrophone in speaker assembly
An apparatus, the apparatus include a housing, a micro electro mechanical system (mems) microphone, and a speaker. The mems microphone is disposed within the housing.
Knowles Electronics, Llc

 Acoustic bandgap structures for integration of mems resonators patent thumbnailAcoustic bandgap structures for integration of mems resonators
Example acoustic bandgap devices provided that can be fabricated in a semiconductor fabrication tool based on design check rules. An example device includes a substrate lying in an x-y plane and defining an x-direction and a y-direction, an acoustic resonant cavity over the substrate, and a phononic crystal disposed over the acoustic resonant cavity by generating the phononic crystal as a plurality of unit cells disposed in a periodic arrangement.

 Multiple stage modulation projector display systems having efficient light utilization patent thumbnailMultiple stage modulation projector display systems having efficient light utilization
Dual or multi-modulation display systems comprising a first modulator and a second modulator are disclosed. The first modulator may comprise a plurality of analog mirrors (e.g.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Mems device with constant capacitance patent thumbnailMems device with constant capacitance
A mems apparatus has a substrate, an input node, an output node, and a mems switch between the input node and the output node. The switch selectively connects the input node and the output node, which are electrically isolated when the switch is open.
Analog Devices Global

 Variable capacitor compromising mems devices for radio frequency applications patent thumbnailVariable capacitor compromising mems devices for radio frequency applications
A variable capacitor (300) comprises cells (200, 400) that have an rf electrode (202, 402) coupled to a bond pad (30). Each cell comprises a plurality of mems devices (100) the capacitance of which can be changed by means of a movable electrode.
Cavendish Kinetics, Inc.

 Using mems louvers to change an angle of light for augmented or virtual reality patent thumbnailUsing mems louvers to change an angle of light for augmented or virtual reality
Configurations are disclosed for presenting virtual reality and augmented reality experiences to users. The system may comprise an image-generating source to provide one or more frames of image data in a time-sequential manner, a light modulator configured to transmit light associated with the one or more frames of image data, a substrate to direct image information to a user's eye, wherein the substrate houses a plurality of reflectors, a first reflector of the plurality of reflectors to reflect transmitted light associated with a first frame of image data at a first angle to the user's eye, and a second reflector to reflect transmitted light associated with a second frame of the image data at a second angle to the user's eye..
Magic Leap, Inc.

 Display apparatus including mems devices patent thumbnailDisplay apparatus including mems devices
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide techniques and configurations for a display apparatus. In one embodiment, the apparatus may include one or more micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) devices.
Intel Corporation

 Mems optical scanner patent thumbnailMems optical scanner
Provided is a mems optical scanner that stably performs a scan with light by rotary moving a mirror centering on a v-axis in coincidence with a resonant frequency that enables ramp wave driving while securing shock resistance. The mems optical scanner includes a first substrate, a driving portion that drives the mirror by a piezoelectric film in a first axial direction where the piezoelectric film is installed on the first substrate, a frame that supports a driving portion, a second substrate, a support portion that supports the first substrate, a frame portion spaced from and surrounding the support portion, and an axis portion that supports the support portion and the frame portion along a second axial direction.
Jvc Kenwood Corporation

 Method for shielding mems structures during front side wafer dicing patent thumbnailMethod for shielding mems structures during front side wafer dicing
A method includes applying a compressive force against mems structures at a front side of a mems wafer using a protective material covering at least a portion of the front side of the mems wafer. The method further includes concurrently dicing through the protective material and the mems wafer from the front side to produce a plurality of mems dies, each of which includes at least one of the mems structures.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Method of sealing and shielding for dual pressure mems devices

The present disclosure relates to a mems substrate. In some embodiments, the mems substrate has a device substrate having a micro-electromechanical system (mems) device, and a layer of bonding material positioned over the device substrate at positions adjacent to the mems device.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Micro electro mechanical systems package and manufacturing method thereof

An mems package and the manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The mems package includes a package substrate, a block ring, an mems chip and an encapsulating material.
Chipmos Technologies, Inc.


Mems microphone

Embodiments of the invention provide a micro electro mechanical systems (mems) microphone, which includes a microphone chip, a premold lead frame comprising a lead frame to which the microphone chip is electrically connected, and a cover coupled to the premold lead frame to cover the microphone chip and electrically connected to the premold lead frame.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Phase-locked loop with a varactor based on mems technology

The invention, according to various embodiments described herein, relates to a phase-locked loop with a phase detector and a controlled oscillator. The controlled oscillator provides a varactor.
Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg


Mems electrostatic actuator

A mems electrostatic actuator includes a bottom plate affixed to a substrate and a top plate suspended above the bottom plate. The top plate has a parallel plate center section and two rotating members electrically connected to the center section.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Electronically controlled squishable composite switch

A method and apparatus for making analog and digital electronics which includes a composite including a squishable material doped with conductive particles. A microelectromechanical systems (mems) device has a channel made from the composite, where the channel forms a primary conduction path for the device.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Mems switches and other miniaturized devices having encapsulating enclosures, and processes for fabricating same

Miniaturized devices such as mems switches (10) have encapsulating enclosures (100). The enclosure (100) and the remainder of the switch (10) are fabricated on a concurrent basis by depositing layers of an electrically-conductive material, such as copper, on a substrate (26)..
Harris Corporation


Elimination of 3d parasitic effects on microphone power supply rejection

A mems microphone package is described that includes a first node and a second node having nearly equivalent 3d parasitic capacitances relative to a preamplifier of the microphone package, such that any noise generated on the first node is equivalent to any noise generated on the second node. An external power supply is connected to the first node and provides a bias voltage signal to the mems microphone package via the first node.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Projection device and control method thereof

A control method of a projection device is provided. The control method comprises following steps.
Lite-on Technology Corporation


Drive circuit for mems resonator startup

A drive circuit for a mems resonator can include closed loop means for detecting and amplifying a signal of the mems resonator, and means for feeding the detected and amplified signal as a feedback signal back to the mems resonator. The circuitry also comprises dc bias voltage means for generating for the mems resonator a first dc bias voltage, and a second dc bias voltage that is controlled according to measured amplitudes of the mems resonator, one of the dc bias voltages being summed into the feedback signal.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Drive circuit for a mems resonator

A drive loop circuit for a mems resonator. The circuit comprises a closed loop circuit to detect and amplify a signal of the mems resonator, a phase shifting circuit to phase shift the detected and amplified signal, and a feedback circuit to feed the detected, amplified and phase shifted signal as a feedback signal back to the mems resonator.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Mems gyroscope

A mems gyroscope is disclosed herein, wherein the mems gyroscope comprised a magnetic sensing mechanism and a magnetic source that is associated with the proof-mass. The magnetic sensing mechanism is disposed at a location wherein the magnetic field gradient from the magnetic source is maximum..
Insightech, Llc


Mems device and producing an mems device operating with acoustic waves

The present invention relates to a method for producing an mems device (1) operating with acoustic waves. The method comprises the steps of producing an mems component (2) operating with acoustic waves on a substrate (3), encapsulating the component (2) with a housing layer (10), wherein the housing layer (10) is transmissive to electromagnetic radiation (14) in a wavelength range, and trimming the component (2) by irradiating the component (2) with electromagnetic radiation (14) having a wavelength lying in the wavelength range in which the housing layer (10) is transmissive to the electromagnetic radiation (14).
Epcos Ag


Support for mems cover

Embodiments related to a mems device in which a support structure for supporting a cover is formed in a cavity are described and depicted.. .
Infineon Technologies Dresden Gmbh


Microelectromechanical system devices having through substrate vias and methods for the fabrication thereof

Methods for the fabrication of a microelectromechanical systems (“mems”) devices are provided, as are mems devices. In one embodiment, the mems device fabrication method includes forming at least one via opening extending into a substrate wafer, depositing a body of electrically-conductive material over the substrate wafer and into the via opening to produce a via, bonding the substrate wafer to a transducer wafer having an electrically-conductive transducer layer, and forming an electrical connection between the via and the electrically-conductive transducer layer.


Methods and recognition of start and/or stop portions of a gesture using an auxiliary sensor

In a specific embodiment, power savings features are included to preserve the energy stored on the battery of a sensing device, which power savings features are enhanced using an auxiliary sensor, such as a capacitive touch sensor or a mems sensor.. .


Supply independent and programmable non-resonant mems driver

A motor driver circuit for a micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) micro-mirror device, the motor driver circuit comprising: a non-inverting buffer circuit; an inverting buffer circuit; and a scalar circuit, the scalar circuit comprising a supply tracked common mode voltage (vcmsc) generation circuit, wherein the non-inverting buffer circuit, the inverting buffer circuit, and the scalar circuit are configured, together with the vcmsc generation circuit, to provide a common mode voltage to a motor in response to a vcmsc voltage generated by the vcmsc generation circuit, and wherein the vcmsc voltage is generated by the vcmsc generation circuit in response to a control supply voltage and a driver supply voltage provided to the vcmsc generation circuit.. .
Maradin Ltd.


Apparatus having a hermetic seal

Apparatus having a hermetic seal that seals a portion of the apparatus, for example and without limitation, a portion having a mems sensor.. .
Microlux Technology, Inc.


Shielding mems structures during wafer dicing

A mems wafer (46) includes a front side (52) having a plurality of mems structure sites (60) at which mems structures (50) are located. A method (40) for protecting the mems structures (50) includes applying (44) a non-active feature (66) on the front side of the mems wafer in a region that is devoid of the mems structures and mounting (76) the front side of the mems wafer in a dicing frame (86) such that a back side (74) of the mems wafer is exposed.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Dual layer microelectromechanical systems device and manufacturing same

Exemplary microelectromechanical system (mems) devices, and methods for fabricating such are disclosed. An exemplary method includes providing a silicon-on-insulator (soi) substrate, wherein the soi substrate includes a first silicon layer separated from a second silicon layer by an insulator layer; processing the first silicon layer to form a first structure layer of a mems device; bonding the first structure layer to a substrate; and processing the second silicon layer to form a second structure layer of the mems device..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Mems device and manufacturing the same

A mems device is provided in which, in order to suppress generation of a gas from an inner wall of a space in which a mems portion is disposed, the mems portion is disposed in a space constituted by at least a silicon nitride film and a silicon film, the silicon film has a first hole, the first hole is filled with a metal film or a metal silicide, and an airtight structure is formed by the metal film or the metal silicide, the silicon nitride film, and the silicon film.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Mems device with split pad package

A device and a microphone are disclosed. The device comprises a circuit board and a plurality of pads on the circuit board, wherein at least one of the plurality of pads is split into at least two portions that are electrically isolated from each other.
Invensense, Inc.


Electrostatically driven mems device

The mems device has a suspended mass supported via a pair of articulation arms by a supporting region. An electrostatic driving system, coupled to the articulation arms, has mobile electrodes and fixed electrodes that are coupled to each other.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Mems device, pressure sensor, altimeter, electronic apparatus, and moving object

A mems device includes: a substrate; a sensor element (functional element) that is disposed above the substrate; a surrounding wall that is disposed above one surface side of the substrate and surrounds the sensor element in a plan view; a covering layer that overlaps the substrate in the plan view and is connected to the surrounding wall; and a reinforcing layer that is arranged between the covering layer and the sensor element. The surrounding wall includes a substrate-side surrounding wall, and a covering layer-side surrounding wall that is located on the covering layer side of the substrate-side surrounding wall and at least a portion of which is disposed above the inside of the substrate-side surrounding wall in the plan view..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Methods for fabricating apparatus having a hermetic seal

Methods for fabricating a hermetic seal to seal a portion of an apparatus, for example and without limitation, a portion having a mems sensor. One such method uses crimping devices to compress a seal in a cavity formed in a housing that includes a mems sensor attached to a stress isolator.
Microlux Technology, Inc.


Mems microphone

Mechanical resonating structures, as well as related devices and methods of manufacture. The mechanical resonating structures can be microphones, each including a diaphragm and a piezoelectric stack.
Sand 9, Inc.


Method and ultra-low power switching microphone

A scheme is described to switch the power supply to the mems microphone on and off in a cyclic manner that is synchronized with the associated adc sampling rate. In this way the mems microphone amplifier, whether it is a j-fet transistor or an operational amplifier, is off most of the cycle time, and is turned on only for a few micro-seconds prior to the sample-and-hold timing of the adc device.
Dsp Group Ltd.


Temperature compensated oscillator and control method thereof

A temperature compensated oscillator and a control method are provided. The oscillator includes a micro electro mechanical systems (mems) resonator group, a heating device, and a controller.
Harmony Electronics Corp.


Temperature compensated mems oscillator

A temperature compensated micro electro mechanical (mems) oscillator is provided. The oscillator includes a mems resonator group, a heating device, a connection body, and a controller.
Harmony Electronics Corp.


Acoustic sensor resonant peak reduction

A mems acoustic sensor includes a transducer with a frequency response with a gain peak, and a peak reduction circuit with a frequency response and coupled to the transducer. The frequency response of the peak reduction circuit causes attenuation of the gain peak..
Invensense, Inc.


Absorptive electromagnetic slow wave structures

Electromagnetic slow wave structures (sws) comprised of arrays of conductive obstacles are formed inside conductive parallel-plate waveguides these sws may be formed using, for example, mems manufacturing processes at the wafer level on substrates including ceramic and silicon. An effective relative permittivity in the range of 15 to 40 may be obtained at millimeterwave frequencies.
Wemtec, Inc.


Mems sensor

Embodiments of the invention provide a mems sensor, including a flexible substrate having a vibrator and a sensor, a mass body coupled with the flexible substrate, and a support part supporting the flexible substrate. The vibrator includes a multilayer piezoelectric part and an electrode part connected to the multilayer piezoelectric part, and the sensor includes a piezoelectric material and an electrode part.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Mems sensor with decoupled drive system

In a first aspect, the angular rate sensor comprises a substrate and a rotating structure anchored to the substrate. The angular rate sensor also includes a drive mass anchored to the substrate and an element coupling the drive mass and the rotating structure.
Invensense, Inc.


Particle manipulation system with stay-wet algorithm

A mems-based particle manipulation system which uses a particle manipulation stage and a sensor to detect when the sample volume is exhausted or nearly exhausted. The sensor sends a signal to a fluid control means that reverses the pressure between one of the output channels and the input channels, to keep the surfaces wet with a volume of the sample fluid.
Owl Biomedical, Inc.


Mems device with polymer layer, system of a mems device with a polymer layer, making a mems device with a polymer layer

A mems device, a method of making a mems device and a system of a mems device are shown. In one embodiment, a mems device includes a first polymer layer, a mems substrate disposed on the first polymer layer and a mems structure supported by the mems substrate.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Mems chip and manufacturing method thereof

A mems chip includes a cap layer and a composite device layer. The cap layer includes a substrate.
Richtek Technology Corporation


Methods of forming semiconductor structures including mems devices and integrated circuits on common sides of substrates, and related structures and devices

Methods are used to form semiconductor devices that include an integrated circuit and a microelectromechanical system (mems) device operatively coupled with the integrated circuit. At least a portion of an integrated circuit may be fabricated on a surface of a substrate, and a mems device may be formed over the at least a portion of the integrated circuit.


Mems package structure

A mems package structure including a chip, a mems device, a lid, a sealant and a first moisture barrier is provided. The chip comprises an active surface.
Himax Display, Inc.


Semiconductor device and forming the same

The substrate structure includes a substrate and a second bonding layer formed on the substrate. The substrate includes a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) substrate or a semiconductor substrate.


Mems pressure sensors and fabrication method thereof

A mems capacitive pressure sensor is provided. The pressure sensor includes a substrate having a first region and a second region, and a first dielectric layer formed on the substrate.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation


Mems gas sensing device

A microelectromechanical system (mems) gas sensing device includes a substrate, an oxide layer, a heating unit, a thermal-conductive metal layer, a passivation layer, and a sensor layer. The substrate includes a first cavity.
Sensor Tek Co., Ltd.


Controlled fluid delivery in a microelectronic package

A microelectronic package includes a die which may include mems and cmos circuitry for analyzing a fluid. A defined path is provided for channeling fluid to the die.
Intel Corporation


Mems component and the production thereof

The invention proposes a mems component having a crystalline base body (gk), a recess (an) and a structured assembly (a) which closes said recess, in which an opening (og) is structured in a first functional layer (mn), the effective opening cross section thereof varying as a function of the pressure difference on the two sides of the first functional layer (mn).. .
Epcos Ag


Systems, articles, and methods for wearable heads-up displays

Systems, articles, and methods for transparent displays that are particularly well-suited for use in wearable heads-up display devices are described. Such transparent displays include a register of light sources that sequentially generates light signals representative of portions (e.g., pixels, and sometimes rows or columns of pixels) of an image.
Thalmic Labs Inc.


System for the combined, probe-based mechanical and electrical testing of mems

A system for testing mems-structures includes a microforce sensor, two or more multi-axis micropositioning units, at least one electrical probe and a sample holder on which a mems-structure is mounted. At least one of the multi-axis micropositioning units is motorized and at least one additional micropositioning unit is equipped with at least one electrical probe to apply electrical signals or to measure electrical signals at one or multiple locations on the mems structure.
Femtotools Ag


Atomic referenced optical accelerometer

In some examples, a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) optical accelerometer includes a housing comprising an internal chamber that includes a fabry-perot cavity and a proof mass affixed to the housing via one or more elastic elements, a light source configured to emit radiation, a first detector configured to receive radiation transmitted through the fabry-perot cavity and configured to generate one or more signals that indicate a position of the proof mass. The mems optical accelerometer further comprises an atomic wavelength reference and a second detector configured to detect radiation transmitted through the atomic wavelength reference and configured to generate one or more signals that indicate a wavelength of the radiation emitted by the light source, and a servomechanism electrically coupled to the second photo detector and the light source, configured to adjust the light source to maintain the radiation emitted by the light source at approximately a selected wavelength..
Honeywell International Inc.


Semiconductor structure and ming the same

A semiconductor structure having a micro electromechanical system (mems) device is provided. The mems device includes a first and a second type electrical terminal, and a semiconductor interconnector.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.


Polymer anchored microelectromechanical system (mems) cantilever and fabricating the same

A microelectromechanical system (mems) cantilever includes a base and a cantilever beam projecting from the base. The cantilever beam includes a piezo layer sandwiched between an inorganic material structural layer and an inorganic material encapsulating and immobilising layer.
Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay


System and cryptographic key identification

A method for determining a cyrptographic key for a mems device includes identifying physical properties for the device. A feature vector having a plurality of values is determined.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Mems switches with reduced switching voltage and methods of manufacture

mems switches and methods of manufacturing mems switches is provided. The mems switch having at least two cantilevered electrodes having ends which overlap and which are structured and operable to contact one another upon an application of a voltage by at least one fixed electrode..
International Business Machines Corporation


Mems scanning mirror light pattern generation

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide techniques and configurations for an apparatus for projecting a light pattern on an object. In one embodiment, the apparatus may include a laser arrangement configured to generate a laser line, a tiltable micro-electromechanical system (mems) mirror configured to tiltably reflect the laser line, and a controller configured to control tilting of the mems mirror to enable the reflected laser line to project a light pattern on the object.
Intel Corporation


Packaging mems in fluidic environments

A method and apparatus for packaging a mems device is disclosed that includes a mems die mounting surface, a mems device disposed on the mounting surface, and a fluid contained within the package and surrounding at least a portion of the mems device. The fluid may be selected to provide certain advantageous features.


Micromechanical pressure sensor device and corresponding manufacturing method

A micromechanical pressure sensor device includes: an mems wafer having a front side and a rear side; a first micromechanical functional layer formed above the front side of the mems wafer; and a second micromechanical functional layer formed above the first micromechanical functional layer. A deflectable first pressure detection electrode is formed in one of the first and second micromechanical functional layers.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Micro-electro-mechanical-system device with guard ring and making same

The present invention discloses a mems device with guard ring, and a method for making the mems device. The mems device comprises a bond pad and a sidewall surrounding and connecting with the bond pad, characterized in that the sidewall forms a guard ring by an etch-resistive material..
Pixart Imaging Incorporation


Mems devices and methods for forming same

An embodiment is mems device including a first mems die having a first cavity at a first pressure, a second mems die having a second cavity at a second pressure, the second pressure being different from the first pressure, and a molding material surrounding the first mems die and the second mems die, the molding material having a first surface over the first and the second mems dies. The device further includes a first set of electrical connectors in the molding material, each of the first set of electrical connectors coupling at least one of the first and the second mems dies to the first surface of the molding material, and a second set of electrical connectors over the first surface of the molding material, each of the second set of electrical connectors being coupled to at least one of the first set of electrical connectors..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Interposer for mems-on-lid micirophone

A microphone includes an interposer, a lid, and a base. The interposer includes at least one wall portion that forms a cavity.
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Mems microphone with spring suspended backplate

A mems microphone has a base, a backplate, and a backplate spring suspending the backplate from the base. The microphone also has a diaphragm forming a variable capacitor with the backplate..
Invensense, Inc.


Integrated rf mems on ate loadboards for smart self rf matching

In a testing device, a method for implementing automatic rf port testing. The method includes attaching a device under test having a plurality of rf pins to a load board, dynamically tuning a plurality of rf ports of the load board to the plurality of rf pins, and automatically matching the plurality of rf ports to the plurality of rf pins with respect to impedance.
Advantest Corporation


Display aperture pixel circuit architecture including planarization layer

This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus for providing pixel circuits for controlling the state of operation of light modulators in a display. A pixel circuit used to control one or more display elements of a mems display apparatus can include a first output node coupled to a first actuator of a display element and a second output node coupled to a second actuator of the display element.
Pixtronix, Inc.


Wireless, motion and position-sensing, integrating radiation sensor for occupational and environmental dosimetry

Described is a radiation dosimeter including multiple sensor devices (including one or more passive integrating electronic radiation sensor, a mems accelerometers, a wireless transmitters and, optionally, a gps, a thermistor, or other chemical, biological or emf sensors) and a computer program for the simultaneous detection and wireless transmission of ionizing radiation, motion and global position for use in occupational and environmental dosimetry. The described dosimeter utilizes new processes and algorithms to create a self-contained, passive, integrating dosimeter.
Landauer, Inc.


Mems accelerometer with proof masses moving in an anti-phase direction

A sensor is disclosed. The sensor includes a substrate and a mechanical structure.
Invensense, Inc.


Integrated motion processing unit (mpu) with mems inertial sensing and embedded digital electronics

A module operable to be mounted onto a surface of a board. The module includes a linear accelerometer to provide a first measurement output corresponding to a measurement of linear acceleration in at least one axis, and a first rotation sensor operable to provide a second measurement output corresponding to a measurement of rotation about at least one axis.
Invensense, Inc.

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