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Mems patents


This page is updated frequently with new Mems-related patent applications.

 Microelectromechanical sensor device with reduced stress sensitivity patent thumbnailMicroelectromechanical sensor device with reduced stress sensitivity
A mems sensor device provided with a sensing structure, having: a substrate with a top surface extending in a horizontal plane; an inertial mass, suspended over the substrate; elastic coupling elements, elastically connected to the inertial mass so as to enable inertial movement thereof with respect to the substrate as a function of a quantity to be detected along a sensing axis belonging to the horizontal plane; and sensing electrodes, capacitively coupled to the inertial mass so as to form at least one sensing capacitor, a value of capacitance of which is indicative of the quantity to be detected. The sensing structure moreover has a suspension structure, to which the sensing electrodes are rigidly coupled, and to which the inertial mass is elastically coupled through the elastic coupling elements; the suspension structure is connected to an anchorage structure, fixed with respect to the substrate, by means of elastic suspension elements..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

 Multi-mass mems motion sensor patent thumbnailMulti-mass mems motion sensor
A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) motion sensor is provided that includes a mems wafer having a frame structure, a plurality of proof masses suspended to the frame structure, movable in three dimensions, and enclosed in one or more cavities. The mems sensor includes top and bottom cap wafers bonded to the mems wafer and top and bottom electrodes provided in the top and bottom cap wafers, forming capacitors with the plurality of proof masses, and being together configured to detect motions of the plurality of proof masses.
Motion Engine Inc.

 Heater design for mems chamber pressure control patent thumbnailHeater design for mems chamber pressure control
The present disclosure relates to a mems package having a heating element configured to adjust a pressure within a hermetically sealed chamber by inducing out-gassing of into the chamber, and an associated method. In some embodiments, the mems package has a cmos substrate having one or more semiconductor devices arranged within a semiconductor body.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Inter-poly connection for parasitic capacitor and die size improvement patent thumbnailInter-poly connection for parasitic capacitor and die size improvement
The present disclosure relates to micro-electromechanical system (mems) package that uses polysilicon inter-tier connections to provide for a low parasitic capacitance in mem device signals, and a method of formation. In some embodiments, the mems package has a cmos substrate with one or more semiconductor devices arranged within a semiconductor body.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Display device,  manufacturing the same, display method, and wearable device patent thumbnailDisplay device, manufacturing the same, display method, and wearable device
The present disclosure discloses a display device, a method of manufacturing the same, a display method, and a wearable device. The display includes a first base substrate; a low-temperature polysilicon (ltps) back plate formed on the first base substrate and provided with a switch control circuit; and a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) microlens array formed at a non-display region of the first base substrate, wherein the mems microlens array is configured to reflect light emitted by a light-emitting structure at the display region, and the switch control circuit is configured to control the mems microlens array to be turned on and off; and the light-emitting structure formed at the display region of the first base substrate..
Chengdu Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

 Chemistries for tsv/mems/power device etching patent thumbnailChemistries for tsv/mems/power device etching
Replacement chemistries for the cc4f8 passivation gas in the bosch etch process and processes for using the same are disclosed. These chemistries have the formula cxhyfz, with 1 ≦x<7, 1≦y≦13, and 1≦z≦13.
American Air Liquide, Inc.

 Performance of coprocessor assisted memset() through heterogeneous computing patent thumbnailPerformance of coprocessor assisted memset() through heterogeneous computing
Techniques herein perform coprocessor assisted memory filling in a pipeline. A computer receives a request to fill multiple ranges of memory addresses with a value.
Oracle International Corporation

 Photosensitive resin composition, resist laminate, cured product of photosensitive resin composition, and cured product of resist laminate (11) patent thumbnailPhotosensitive resin composition, resist laminate, cured product of photosensitive resin composition, and cured product of resist laminate (11)
The purpose of the present invention is to provide: a resin composition, a cured product of which has extremely low residual stress and exhibits excellent adhesion to a metal substrate such as a pt, lt or ta substrate after a wet heat test in the fields of semiconductors and mems/micromachine applications; a laminate of this resin composition; and a cured product of this resin composition or the laminate. The present invention is a photosensitive resin composition which contains an epoxy resin (a), a compound having a phenolic hydroxyl group (b) and a cationic photopolymerization initiator (c), and wherein: the epoxy resin (a) has a weighted average epoxy equivalent weight of 300 g/eq.
Nippon Kayaku Kabushiki Kaisha

 Electro-mechanical designs for mems scanning mirrors patent thumbnailElectro-mechanical designs for mems scanning mirrors
Electro-mechanical designs for mems scanning mirrors are described. In various embodiments, a driving coil may be situated on a reflective portion of a mems mirror.

 Suppression of undesired harmonics in mems mirror projector display patent thumbnailSuppression of undesired harmonics in mems mirror projector display
Disclosed herein are devices and methods to generate a drive signal to actuate a mems mirror system. A controller can generate the drive signal to comprise a modified square wave voltage waveform comprising a tri-stated portion, an attenuated portion, or a tri-stated and an attenuated portion to suppress a number of harmonics in a response of the mems mirror system to the drive signal..

Mems bio-dsc

A mems cassette for insertion into a dsc calorimeter and a dsc calorimeter using mems cassettes to conduct dsc experiments. The mems cassette includes a chip configured to conduct dsc reactions of a sample and reference to derive information regarding the sample..

Encapsulated microelectromechanical structure

After forming a microelectromechanical-system (mems) resonator within a silicon-on-insulator (soi) wafer, a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cmos) cover wafer is bonded to the soi wafer via one or more eutectic solder bonds that implement respective paths of electrical conductivity between the two wafers and hermetically seal the mems resonator within a chamber.. .
Sitime Corporation

Forming semiconductor structure with device layers and trl

A semiconductor wafer is formed with a first device layer having active devices. A handle wafer having a trap rich layer is bonded to a top surface of the semiconductor wafer.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Mems electrostatic actuator device for rf varactor applications

A mems actuator device and method of forming includes arrays of actuator elements. Each actuator element has a moveable top plate and a bottom plate.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Mems die with sensing structures

A microelectromechanical systems die including a thermally conductive substrate including an outer surface, a plurality of low mass sensing structures disposed within the thermally conductive substrate to form a plurality of inter-structure spaces therebetween, each of the plurality of low mass sensing structures include a sensing structure proximal top surface, a sensing structure distal top surface, and a sensing structure width dimension.. .
Carrier Corporation

Composite mems flow sensor on silicon-on-insulator device and making the same

The present invention disclosed a micromachined composite silicon flow sensor that is comprised of calorimetric and anemometric flow sensing elements, time-of-flight sensing elements as well as independent temperature sensing elements on a silicon-on-insulator device where the device layer is used for the thermal isolation membrane. The disclosed composite silicon flow sensor can measure mass flowrate, volumetric flowrate and flow medium temperature simultaneously, from which a full spectrum of flow parameters including flow pressure can be obtained.
Wisenstech Ltd.

Three-way microvalve device and fabrication

A three-way (3-way) micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems)-based micro-valve device and method of fabrication for the implementation of a three-way mems-based micro-valve are disclosed. The micro-valve device has a wide range of applications, including medical, industrial control, aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics and products, as well as any application(s) requiring the use of three-way micro-valves for the control of fluids.
Corporation For National Research Initiatives

Mems element including a stress decoupling structure and a component including such a mems element

Measures are described which contribute simply and reliably to the mechanical decoupling of a mems functional element from the structure of a mems element. The mems element includes at least one deflectable functional element, which is implemented in a layered structure on a mems substrate, so that a space exists between the layered structure and the mems substrate, at least in the area of the functional element.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Cavity pressure modification using local heating with a laser

A method and system for changing a pressure within at least one enclosure in a mems device are disclosed. In a first aspect, the method comprises applying a laser through one of the at least two substrates onto a material which changes the pressure within at least one enclosure when exposed to the laser, wherein the at least one enclosure is formed by the at least two substrates.
Invensense, Inc.

Method and reducing in-process and in-use stiction for mems devices

The present disclosure involves forming a method of fabricating a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) device. A plurality of openings is formed in a first side of a first substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Mems loudspeaker having an actuator structure and a diaphragm spaced apart therefrom

The invention relates to a mems loudspeaker (1) for generating sound waves in the audible wavelength spectrum, with a carrier substrate (2) that features a sub-strate cavity (6) with two substrate openings (7, 8), which are formed on two opposite sides of the carrier substrate (2), an actuator structure (3), in particular a piezoelectric actuator structure, which is arranged in the area of one of the two substrate openings (7, 8) and is connected to the carrier substrate (2) in its edge area, and a membrane (4) anchored in its edge area, which, by means of the actuator structure (3), can be set into vibration for generating sound waves. In accordance with the invention, in a cross-sectional view of the mems loudspeaker (1), the membrane (4) is spaced at a distance from the actuator structure (3), such that an intermediate cavity (13) is formed between these two.
Usound Gmbh

Microphone having increased rear volume, and production thereof

For a microphone having an increased rear volume, a cavity housing is proposed, comprising at least a base plate and a covering, which define and enclose the cavity. On the base plate, a microphone transducer, usually an mems component, is mounted alongside a sound guiding element.
Epcos Ag

Microelectromechanical resonator

In a mems device having a substrate and a moveable micromachined member, a mechanical structure secures the moveable micromachined member to the substrate, thermally isolates the moveable micromachined member from the substrate and provides a conduction path to enable heating of the moveable micromachined member to a temperature of at least 300 degrees celsius.. .
Sitime Corporation

Magnetic inertial sensor energy harvesting and scavenging methods, circuits and systems

A magnetic energy harvesting and scavenging circuit includes a first substrate having a first surface and a second surface. An energy harvesting and scavenging coil is formed proximate the first surface.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

Mems actuator beam with insulator tabs

This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus for providing protective coatings on electromechanical systems (ems) devices. A display apparatus can include an electrostatic actuation assembly for controlling the position of a suspended portion of a display element.
Pixtronix, Inc.

Asymmetric mems mirror assembly

A mirror assembly includes a frame having a central opening and a mirror plate, which is contained within the central opening of the frame and is shaped to define separate first and second mirrors connected by a bridge extending between the first and second mirrors. A pair of hinges are connected between the frame and the mirror plate at locations on the central axis on opposing sides of the frame so as to enable rotation of the mirror plate about the central axis relative to the frame..
Apple Inc.

Mems reinforcement

An apparatus for mirco-electro-mechanical (mems) reinforcement is described herein. The apparatus includes a mems device and a stiffener.
Intel Corporation

Mems sensor with reduced cross-axis sensitivity

A mems sensor includes a movable element positioned in spaced apart relationship above a surface of a substrate and a single centrally located suspension anchor formed on the surface of the substrate. First and second rigid beams are coupled to opposing sides of the suspension anchor and are suspended above the surface of the substrate.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Mems led zoom

The present techniques are related to an apparatus for an mems led zoom. The apparatus for includes an led light source and a collimation lens.
Intel Corporation

Simplified mems device fabrication process

A simplified mems fabrication process and mems device is provided that allows for cheaper and lighter-weight mems devices to be fabricated. The process comprises etching a plurality of holes or other feature patterns into a mems device, and then etching away the underlying wafer such that, after the etching process, the mems device is the required thickness and the individual die are separated, avoiding the extra steps of wafer thinning and die dicing.
Mems Drive, Inc.

Electronic device and manufacturing method thereof

An electronic device includes an image sensor that has a device layer and a mems device that is located on the image sensor and includes a mems element, a cap element, and a cover layer. The mems element having plural hollow regions is located on the device layer, such that a first cavity is formed between the mems element and the image sensor.
Xintec Inc.

Mems grid for manipulating structural parameters of mems devices

A system and method for manipulating the structural characteristics of a mems device include etching a plurality of holes into the surface of a mems device, wherein the plurality of holes comprise one or more geometric shapes determined to provide specific structural characteristics desired in the mems device.. .
Mems Drive, Inc.

Dissipating an electrostatic charge from an optical element

A method and apparatus for dissipating an electrostatic charge from an optical element are described. An apparatus includes the optical element, a microelectromechanical system (mems) device located proximate to the optical element, and a conductive coating over the optical element, wherein the conductive coating is substantially transparent, and wherein the conductive coating dissipates the electrostatic charge..
Intel Corporation

Position-sensing contact lenses

The subject matter of the disclosure relates generally to a mems-based position-sensing system and lenses, for example, contact lenses and intra-ocular lenses, manufactured with the position-sensing system employing one or more angular and/or linear accelerometers and/or pressure transducers and methods for detecting position and motion of an eyeball and/or head utilizing the position-sensing contact lenses.. .

Mems acoustic transducer, and acoustic transducer assembly having a stopper mechanism

The invention relates to a mems sound transducer (2) for generating and/or detecting sound waves in the audible wavelength spectrum with a membrane carrier (40), a membrane (30) that is connected in its edge area (37) to the membrane carrier, and may vibrate along the z-axis (50) with respect to the membrane carrier, and a stopper mechanism (60), which limits the vibrations of the membrane in at least one direction (51). In accordance with the invention, the mems sound transducer is characterized by the fact that the stopper mechanism at least features one reinforcing element (31) that is arranged on one side of the membrane, and an end stop (61) opposite to the reinforcing element, which is spaced at a distance from it in a neutral position of the membrane and against which the reinforcing element abuts at a maximum deflection.
Usound Gmbh

Bonding pad structure, bonding ring structure, and mems device packaging method

The present disclosure provides bond pad structures, boning ring structure; and mems device packaging methods. An exemplary bonding pad structure includes a plurality of first metal blocks made of a first metal material; and a plurality of second metal blocks made of a second metal material.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

Mechanical shock resistant mems accelerometer arrangement, associated method, apparatus and system

An accelerometer arrangement and method are described for determining accelerations of an inground tool. First and second triaxial accelerometers are supported such that a normal sensing axis of the first triaxial accelerometer is at least generally orthogonal to the normal sensing axis of the second triaxial accelerometer for determining the accelerations along the three orthogonal axes based on a combination of sensing axis outputs from one or both of the triaxial accelerometers.
Merlin Technology, Inc.

Integrated mems inertial sensing device

An integrated mems inertial sensing device can include a mems inertial sensor with a drive loop configuration overlying a cmos ic substrate. The cmos ic substrate can include an agc loop circuit coupled to the mems inertial sensor.
Mcube Inc.

A method for forming a mems device includes coupling a mems substrate and a base substrate. The mems substrate and the base substrate contain at least two enclosures.
Invensense, Inc.

Micromechanical component

A method for manufacturing a micromechanical component, including: providing a mems wafer; structuring the mems wafer proceeding from a surface of a second substrate layer of the mems wafer, at least one electrically conducting connection being formed between a first substrate layer and the second substrate layer of the mems wafer; providing a cap wafer; joining the mems wafer to the cap wafer; structuring the mems wafer proceeding from a surface of the first substrate layer of the mems wafer; providing an asic wafer; and joining the asic wafer to the joint of the mems wafer and the cap wafer.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Mems sensor with side port and fabricating same

A mems sensor package comprises a mems die that includes a substrate having a sensor formed thereon and a cap layer coupled to the substrate. The cap layer has a cavity overlying a substrate region at which the sensor resides.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Mems device, semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

The invention provides a mems device, semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing the same. The mems device comprises an enclosed cavity, the cavity having an inner wall extending in a first plane, the inner wall including a film deposition region for depositing a getter film, wherein one or more grooves are formed in the film deposition region, the angle between the sidewalls of the grooves and the first plane is more than 0° and less than 180°, and the getter film overlays the sidewall of the grooves.
Hangzhou Silan Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd

Mems devices and methods of manufacturing the same

The present disclosure provides a cmos mems device. The cmos mems device includes a first substrate, a second substrate, a first polysilicon and a second polysilicon.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Condenser microphone with non-circular membrane

A non-uniform stress distribution of a mems microphone having a non-circular shape is compensated by a structured back plate that has a compensating structure to provide a stress distribution opposite to that of the membrane.. .
Epcos Ag

Multiple stage modulation projector display systems having efficient light utilization

Dual or multi-modulation display systems comprising a first modulator and a second modulator are disclosed. The first modulator may comprise a plurality of analog mirrors (e.g.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

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