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Date/App# patent app List of recent Mems-related patents
 Gnss/imu positioning, communication, and computation platforms for automotive safety applications patent thumbnailnew patent Gnss/imu positioning, communication, and computation platforms for automotive safety applications
A gnss/imu safety sensor platform is disclosed consisting of data fusion processors, gnss acquisition and tracking processors, mems imu sensors, one or multiple accelerometers able to provide orientation information, optional v2v communication modules, and optional v2i communication modules. The data fusion processors provide interface ports to gnss/imu processors, odometers, video (visual/infrared) cameras installed in the vehicle, v2v relative positioning sensors (laser, radar or any other distance measuring), and v2v and v2i communication modules.
 Implantable microphone for hearing systems patent thumbnailnew patent Implantable microphone for hearing systems
An implantable microphone for use in hearing systems includes a housing having a sidewall, a first membrane coupled to a top portion of the housing and configured to move in response to movement from an auditory ossicle, and a second membrane coupled to the sidewall such that an interior volume of the housing is divided into a first volume and a second volume. The first volume has an opening that permits fluid to flow out from the first volume.
 Mems based filter and catalizer patent thumbnailnew patent Mems based filter and catalizer
The present invention provides a filter for separating particles and/or catalyzer for particle reaction in a fluid. The device comprising array of passageways fabricated on a die wherein the passageway size is controlled by actuators.
 Monolithic band switched coupled push-push oscillator patent thumbnailnew patent Monolithic band switched coupled push-push oscillator
As provided herein, in some embodiments, monolithic oscillators with low phase noise, large swing voltages, wide tuning, and high frequency characteristics are obtained by a monolithic integrated circuit having an oscillator core configured to generate a first output signal, and one or more tuning units operatively coupled to the oscillator core. In some embodiments, the oscillator core is a push-push oscillator core having a bipolar junction transistor, and each of the tuning units uses a fet transistor to present a selectable capacitance.
 Systems and methods a high gain bandwidth low power trans-impedance voltage gain amplifier (tiva) topology patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods a high gain bandwidth low power trans-impedance voltage gain amplifier (tiva) topology
An amplifier and oscillator system includes a mems resonator and a two stage amplifier topology. The mems resonator is configured to generate a resonator signal.
 Particle manipulation system with cytometric confirmation patent thumbnailnew patent Particle manipulation system with cytometric confirmation
A mems-based particle manipulation system which uses a particle manipulation stage and a plurality of laser interrogation regions. The laser interrogation regions may be used to assess the effectiveness or accuracy of the particle manipulation stage.
 Switchable attenuation circuit for mems microphone sy patent thumbnailSwitchable attenuation circuit for mems microphone sy
A switch control circuit monitors a signal produced by a mems or other capacitor microphone. When a criterion is met, for example when the amplitude of the monitored signal exceeds a threshold or the monitored signal has been clipped or analysis of the monitored signal indicates clipping is imminent or likely, the switch control circuit operates one or more switches so as to selectively connect one or more capacitors to a signal line from the microphone, i.e., so as to connect a selected capacitance to the signal line to attenuate the signal from the microphone and, therefore, avoid clipping.
 Mems speaker device with an electronic test circuit patent thumbnailMems speaker device with an electronic test circuit
A mems speaker device including a membrane that forms a first capacitor and a second capacitor, respectively, with a top plate and with a bottom plate. The device includes a driving circuit that operates, during a first operating period, to move the membrane into a first position, in which the membrane is close to the bottom plate, and during a second operating period, to move the membrane into a second position, in which the membrane is close to the top plate.
 Mems-based calorimeter, fabrication, and use thereof patent thumbnailMems-based calorimeter, fabrication, and use thereof
Mems-based calorimeter including two microchambers supported in a thin film substrate is provided. The thin film substrate includes a thermoelectric sensor configured to measure temperature differential between the two microchambers, and also includes a thermally stable and high strength polymeric diaphragm.
 Piezoelectric and mems actuator patent thumbnailPiezoelectric and mems actuator
A micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) lens actuator having a support fame including a stationary outer portion surrounding an inner receiving portion. A piezoelectric drive member is positioned within the inner receiving portion and attached to the stationary outer portion.
Mems autofocus actuator
A micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) autofocus actuator having a support member for supporting a lens element, the support member including a stationary portion and a movable portion, the movable portion attached to the stationary portion by a movable support beam. An electrostatic drive member is attached to the stationary portion and the movable portion to drive movement of the movable portion with respect to the stationary portion.
Mems element and oscillator
A mems element includes: a substrate; a first electrode formed above the substrate; and a second electrode having a support portion and a beam portion, the support portion being formed above the substrate, the beam portion extending from the support portion, being formed in a state of having a gap between the first electrode and the beam portion, and being capable of vibrating in a thickness direction of the substrate. The width of the beam portion decreases with distance from a base of the beam portion toward a tip of the beam portion.
Mems microphone system for harsh environments
A mems microphone system suited for harsh environments. The system uses an integrated circuit package.
Hybrid integrated pressure sensor component
A pressure sensor component includes a mems component having at least one pattern element that is able to be deflected perpendicular to the component plane, which is equipped with at least one electrode of a measuring capacitor device, and an asic component having integrated circuit elements and at least one back end stack, at least one counter-electrode of the measuring capacitor device being developed in a metallization plane of the back end stack. The mems component is mounted on the back end pile of the asic component.
Mems pressure sensor assembly
A pressure sensor assembly includes a first die assembly, a second die assembly, and a conducting member. The first die assembly includes a mems pressure sensor.
Acceleration and angular velocity resonant detection integrated structure, and related mems sensor device
An integrated detection structure has a first inertial mass and a second inertial mass, each of which is elastically anchored to a substrate and has a linear movement along a first horizontal axis, a first detection movement of rotation about a first axis of rotation parallel to a second horizontal axis and a second detection movement of translation along the second horizontal axis; driving electrodes cause linear movement of the inertial masses, in opposite directions of the first horizontal axis; a pair of flexural resonator elements and a pair of torsional resonator elements are elastically coupled to the inertial masses, the torsional resonator elements having a resonant movement of rotation about a second axis of rotation and a third axis of rotation, parallel to one another and to the first axis of rotation.. .
Tri-axial mems inertial sensor
A micro-electromechanical systems (mems) inertial sensor includes first, second, and third fixed electrodes, a first translational element to translate along a first direction, first mobile electrodes extending from the first translation element and being interdigitated with the first fixed electrodes to form first sensor assemblies, a second translation element to translate along a second direction, second mobile electrodes extending from the second translation element and being interdigitated with the second fixed electrodes to form second sensor assemblies, and a rotation element to rotate about the second direction, the rotation element having a surface opposite the third fixed electrodes to form third sensor assemblies, wherein the third fixed electrode being displaced from the surface of the rotation element along a third direction.. .
Secured element for performing a user authentication and user authentication method
The invention relates to a secured element (9) including: —a communication interface (91); —an integrated circuit comprising a security module (93) comprising encryption based security features and configured to process authentication requests received on the communication interface. The secured element further.
Mems-based cantilever energy harvester
The claimed invention is directed to integrated energy-harvesting piezoelectric cantilevers. The cantilevers are fabricated using sol-gel processing using a sacrificial poly-si seeding layer.
Microphone with programmable frequency response
Methods and apparatus automatically cancel or attenuate an unwanted signal (such as low frequencies from wind buffets) from, and/or control frequency response of, a condenser microphone, or control the effective condenser microphone sensitivity before the signal reaches an asic or other processing circuit. As a result, the maximum amplitude signal seen by the processing circuit is limited, thereby preventing overloading the input of the processing circuit.
Systems and methods for high frequency isolation
Systems and methods for providing vibration isolation for a mems device are provided. In at least one embodiment, a system comprises a first assembly and a second assembly, wherein the second assembly and the first assembly are joined together, enclosing the mems device, wherein the joined first assembly and the second assembly have a recessed groove formed on an interior surface.
Mems anchors
The invention relates to an improved apparatus and method for the design and manufacture of mems anchoring structures for light modulators in order to address the stresses of beams mounted on them.. .
Dynamic range detection and positioning utilizing leaky wave antennas
Methods and systems for dynamic range detection and positioning utilizing leaky wave antennas (lwas) are disclosed and may include configuring one or more lwas to enable communication of signals in a particular direction. Rf signals that are reflected from an object may be received via the lwas, and a location of the object may be determined based on the received reflected rf signals.
Mems device oscillator loop with amplitude control
A mems device and method for amplitude regulation of a mems device are disclosed. In a first aspect, the mems device comprises a mems resonator, a limiter coupled to the mems resonator, and a regulator coupled to the limiter.
Wafer-level packaging of a mems integrated device and related manufacturing process
A wafer-level package for a mems integrated device, envisages: a first body integrating a micromechanical structure; a second body having an active region integrating an electronic circuit, coupled to the micromechanical structure; and a third body defining a covering structure for the first body. The second body defines a base portion of the package and has an inner surface coupled to which is the first body, and an outer surface provided on which are electrical contacts towards the electronic circuit; a routing layer has an inner surface set in contact with the outer surface of the second body and an outer surface that carries electrical contact elements towards the external environment.
Mems device and process
A mems capacitive transducer with increased robustness and resilience to acoustic shock. The transducer structure includes a flexible membrane supported between a first volume and a second volume, and at least one variable vent structure in communication with at least one of the first and second volumes.
Mems microphone
Mechanical resonating structures, as well as related devices and methods of manufacture. The mechanical resonating structures can be microphones, each including a diaphragm and a piezoelectric stack.
Micro electro mechanical system (mems) microphone and fabrication method thereof
Provided is a structure for improving performance of a micro electro mechanical system (mems) microphone by preventing deformation from occurring due to a residual stress and a package stress of a membrane and by decreasing membrane rigidity. A mems microphone according to the present disclosure includes a backplate formed on a substrate, an insulating layer formed on the substrate to surround the backplate; a membrane formed to be separate from above the backplate by a predetermined interval; a membrane supporting portion configured to connect the membrane to the substrate; and a buffering portion formed in a double spring structure between the membrane and the membrane supporting portion..
Micro electro mechanical systems device
Disclosed herein is a micro electro mechanical systems (mems) device including: a mass body; a first fixed part provided at an outer side of the mass body; and a first flexible part having one end connected to a distal end of the mass body and the other end connected to the first fixed part, wherein the mass body is rotatably connected to the first flexible part.. .
Injection molded microoptics
A wafer-scale apparatus and method is described for the automation of forming, aligning and attaching two-dimensional arrays of microoptic elements on semiconductor and other image display devices, backplanes, optoelectronic boards, and integrated optical systems. In an ordered fabrication sequence, a mold plate comprised of optically designed cavities is formed by reactive ion etching or alternative processes, optionally coated with a release material layer and filled with optically specified materials by an automated fluid-injection and defect-inspection subsystem.
Volumetric measurement device, system and method
An acoustic volume sensing device is disclosed. The device includes a housing comprising a reference volume chamber and a variable volume chamber, the reference volume chamber and the variable volume chamber connected by a resonant port, a first mems microphone located in acoustic relation to the variable volume chamber, a second mems microphone located in acoustic relation to the reference volume chamber, a mems speaker located in acoustic relation to the reference volume chamber, and a circuit board in electric connection with the first and second mems microphones and the mems speaker..
Temperature-robust mems gyroscope with 2-dof sense-mode addressing the tradeoff between bandwidth and gain
The current invention is a novel gyroscope design, which yields devices robust to fabrication and environmental variations, allows flexible selection of operational parameters, and provides increased bandwidth with minimized sacrifice in gain regardless of the selected frequency of operation. The gyroscope has a single degree-of-freedom (dof) drive-mode and a 2-dof sense-mode.
Calibration of mems sensor
A micro electromechanical systems (mems) sensor is excited. The response of the mems sensor is measured.
Vestibular prosthesis
A vestibular prosthesis includes micro-electric-mechanical (mems) sensors, gyroscopes in each sensitivity axis (x, y, z), accelerometers in each sensitivity axis (x, y, z) to detect an angular and linear movement providing displacement measurements, gyroscopes in each one of the spatial axes (x, y, z), a microprocessor connected to the mems sensors and producing an electric pulse pattern or a continuous galvanic current pattern, a conditioning unit that amplifies and conditions the microprocessor output to apply current to the stimulation electrodes, the microcontroller being configured to determine the displacement of the cupula and the otolithic mass, determine a membrane potential as a result of a displacement detected by the mems sensors by means of determining a transduction current, and determine an action potential discharge pattern for the primary afferent neuron, which synapses with the hair cell by means of a mathematical model of the informative process of the vestibular mechanoreceptor.. .
Mems microphone using noise filter
An mems microphone is provided which includes a reference voltage/current generator configured to generate a dc reference voltage and a reference current; a first noise filter configured to remove a noise of the dc reference voltage; a voltage booster configured to generate a sensor bias voltage using the dc reference voltage the noise of which is removed; a microphone sensor configured to receive the sensor bias voltage and to generate an output value based on a variation in a sound pressure; a bias circuit configured to receive the reference current to generate a bias voltage; and a signal amplification unit configured to receive the bias voltage and the output value of the microphone sensor to amplify the output value. The first noise filter comprises an impedance circuit; a capacitor circuit connected to a output node of the impedance circuit; and a switch connected to both ends of the impedance circuit..
Multi-axis, large tilt angle, wafer level micromirror array for large scale beam steering applications
A system 120 for reflecting or redirecting incident light, microwave or sound energy includes a first substrate 144 configured to support an array of reflective elements 130 that can be angularly displaced through a range of substantially 90 degrees in response to a reflector angle control signal and a controller programmed to generate the reflector angle control signal to achieve desired incident energy beam or wavefront re-direction. The reflective elements 130 preferably comprise mems micro-reflector elements hingedly or movably attached to the first substrate 130 and define a reflective surface that is aimed at the source of incident light, microwave or sound energy..
Microelectromechanical system (mems) and (mem) optical interferometer for hyper-spectral imaging and analysis
A microelectromechanical system (mems) (10), and a microelectromechanical (mem) optical interferometer (18), for hyper-spectral imaging and analysis. System (10) includes matrix configured collimating micro lens (16), for receiving and collimating electromagnetic radiation (60) emitted by objects (12) in a scene or sample (14); microelectromechanical optical interferometer (18), for forming divided collimated object emission beam (72) having an optical path difference, and for generating an interference image exiting optical interferometer (18); matrix configured focusing micro lens (20); micro detector (22), for detecting and recording generated interference images; and micro central programming and signal processing unit (24).
Display apparatus with multi-height spacers
A device includes an array of devices formed on a first substrate. A second substrate is spaced away from the first substrate such that the array of devices are positioned between the first and second substrates.
Integrated triaxial magnetometer of semiconductor material manufactured in mems technology
Two suspended masses are configured so as to be flowed by respective currents flowing in the magnetometer plane in mutually transversal directions and are capacitively coupled to lower electrodes. Mobile sensing electrodes are carried by the first suspended mass and are capacitively coupled to respective fixed sensing electrodes.
Electronic apparatus
An electronic apparatus includes a multilayered structure in which a plurality of semiconductor chips provided with semiconductor devices are stacked, penetrating electrodes penetrating the semiconductor chips and electrically connecting the semiconductor devices of the plurality of semiconductor chips, an mems chip mounted on the multilayered structure and provided with an mems device, wherein pads connecting to the penetrating electrodes are provided on the mems chip.. .
Microelectromechanical system (mems) device and fabrication method thereof
A mems device includes a silicon substrate and a structural dielectric layer. The silicon substrate has a cavity.
Wafer bonding and related methods and apparatus
Techniques for bonding wafers together are described. The wafers may be bonded via a eutectic bond.
Method and apparatus for biochemical sensor array with integrated charge based readout circuitry
A mems biochemical sensor configured to sense a target molecule, such as a dna molecule, a protein molecule, and a viruses molecule. The biochemical sensor may include a cell and a readout module.
Mems switches and other miniaturized devices having encapsulating enclosures, and processes for fabricating same
Miniaturized devices such as mems switches (10) have encapsulating enclosures (100). The enclosure (100) and the remainder of the switch (10) are fabricated on a concurrent basis by depositing layers of an electrically-conductive material, such as copper, on a substrate (26)..
Mems electrostatic actuator
A mems electrostatic actuator includes a bottom plate affixed to a substrate and a top plate suspended above the bottom plate. The top plate has a parallel plate center section and two rotating members electrically connected to the center section.
Central tire inflation system pressure regulator
An electronic pressure regulator is provided to regulate the pressure in one or more pneumatic tires that are selectively in fluid communication with a pressurized air source. The electronic pressure regulator may include a proportional mems valve that may be used to vary pressure behind a diaphragm in a method that provides a relatively fast response time and may experience relatively little wear over a relatively large number of cycles..
Multicapacitor force/moment sensor arrays
A multicapacitor sensor system facilitates the measurement of applied shear and moment forces. In one disclosed configuration, moments may be detectable in x, y and z directions, resulting in a full, 3-axis load cell with 6 degrees of freedom.
Heremetically glass sealed pressure sensor
Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods for pressure measurement of fluids including vehicular fluids. The pressure sensor includes a microelectromechanical system (mems) sensor for pressure measurement.
Pressure sensor
Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods for pressure measurement of fluids including vehicular fluids. The pressure sensor includes a mems die for pressure measurement.
Testing for defective manufacturing of microphones and ultralow pressure sensors
A method of testing a mems pressure sensor device such as, for example, a mems microphone package. The mems pressure sensor device includes a pressure sensor positioned within a housing and a pressure input port to direct acoustic pressure from outside the housing towards the pressure sensor.
Radio circuits and components thereof including temperature responsive liquid mems
A radio circuit includes an adjustable rf front-end module on an ic die, a liquid mems component on a board, and a processing module on the ic die. The adjustable rf front-end module adjusts processing of an inbound or an outbound rf signal based on a compensation control signal.
Dual single-crystal backplate microphone system and method of fabricating same
A dual backplate mems microphone system includes a flexible diaphragm sandwiched between two single-crystal silicon backplates. Such a mems microphone system may be formed by fabricating each backplate in a separate wafer, and then transferring one backplate from its wafer to the other wafer, to form two separate capacitors with the diaphragm..
Mems microphone package with molded interconnect device
A microphone package is described that includes a plastic lid, a substrate base, and two electrical components. The plastic lid includes a first conductive lid trace and the substrate base includes a first conductive substrate trace.
Liquid mems capacitor
A liquid micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) capacitor includes a first capacitor plate, a second capacitor plate, a channel, a dielectric doped droplet, and a droplet activating module. The channel is implemented or embedded in one or more layers of a board and the dielectric doped droplet is contained in the channel.
Liquid mems component responsive to pressure
A liquid micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) component includes a board, a channel frame, a flexible channel side, a liquid droplet, and one or more conductive elements. The channel frame is within the board and mates with the flexible channel side to form a channel within the board.
Liquid mems component and rf applications thereof
A radio circuit includes a front-end module, a board, a liquid mems component, and a coupling component. The front-end module is implemented on at least one integrated circuit (ic) die and includes a variable circuit.
Liquid mems magnetic component
A liquid micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) magnetic component includes a board, a channel, one or more windings, a magnetizing-doped droplet, and a droplet activating module. The channel is implemented or embedding in one or more layers of the board and the one or more windings are proximally positioned to the channel.
Handheld fiber optic current and voltage monitor for high voltage applications
A handheld fiber optic current and voltage monitor for applications in high voltage environment. A light source generates constant optical signal that is split by a fiber optic splitter into two paths.
Pre-molded mems device package with conductive shell
A mems lead frame package body encloses a mems device enclosed in an internal cavity formed by the mold body and cover. A conductive internal shell with a connection window sits in the cavity.
Pre-molded mems device package
A mems lead frame package body encloses a mems device enclosed in an internal cavity formed by the mold body and cover. To accommodate a mems microphone, an acoustic aperture extends through the mold body.
Normally closed microelectromechanical switches (mems), methods of manufacture and design structures
Normally closed (shut) micro-electro-mechanical switches (mems), methods of manufacture and design structures are provided. A structure includes a beam structure that includes a first end hinged on a first electrode and in electrical contact with a second electrode, in its natural state when not actuated..

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