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Medical Device patents


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 Medical device coupling arrangement patent thumbnailMedical device coupling arrangement
Embodiments presented herein are generally directed to a coupling arrangement for securing an external component to a recipient of an implantable medical device. The coupling arrangement is configured to magnetically couple the external component to a recipient so as to minimize damage to tissue of the recipient adjacent to the coupling arrangement..

 Apparatus for contactless power transfer in implantable devices patent thumbnailApparatus for contactless power transfer in implantable devices
In the field of contactless power transfer for medical devices, more specifically, to contactless power transfer for intra-corporeal medical devices, a rechargeable power supply for an intra-corporeal medical device comprises an implantable power receiving means for wirelessly receiving power, and implantable power storage means. The implantable power receiving means is arranged and configured to receive power from an extra-corporeal power transmitting means for wirelessly transmitting power.
Nuheart As

 Medical device battery charge indicator patent thumbnailMedical device battery charge indicator
A charging device receives charge data from a device connected to the charging device. The charge data corresponds to an amount of stored energy in a battery connected to the device.
Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

 Method of manufacturing a ceramic bushing for an implantable medical device patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing a ceramic bushing for an implantable medical device
A method for manufacturing an electrical bushing including at least one electrically insulating base body of a ceramic compound and at least one electrical conducting element, the conducting element comprising at least one cermet and, at least in part, is hermetically sealed with respect to the base body. The method includes manufacturing the at least one base body and introducing the at least one conducting element into the base body in non-sintered or pre-sintered condition.
Heraeus Deutschland Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Biodegradable metal alloys patent thumbnailBiodegradable metal alloys
The invention relates to biodegradable, metal alloy-containing compositions, methods for their preparation and applications for their use. The compositions include magnesium and other components, such as yttrium, calcium, silver, cerium, and zirconium; or zinc, silver, cerium, and zirconium; or aluminum, zinc, calcium, manganese, silver, yttrium; or strontium, calcium, zinc.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

 Chomically indicating sterile wipes patent thumbnailChomically indicating sterile wipes
Aspects of the present disclosure generally relate to sanitizing wipe that provides a visual indication that a sufficient amount of abrasive scrubbing has occurred for a given period of time to properly sterilize various medical devices and medical equipment including needless intravenous hub-and-port systems. The sanitizing wipe can change color when used to properly sanitize medical equipment.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

 Anti-microbial coatings and devices patent thumbnailAnti-microbial coatings and devices
Compositions and methods for coating medical devices are provided. A coating composition may comprise a tether covalently attached to an anti-microbial peptide, the tether having sufficient length to permit the anti-microbial peptide to at least partially penetrate a membrane of a bacteria, upon contact of the anti-microbial peptide with the bacteria..
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

 Water resistant wearable medical device patent thumbnailWater resistant wearable medical device
A wearable medical device includes a water-resistant/waterproof housing configured to be continuously or nearly continuously worn by a patient and formed from a water-resistant/waterproof material, and configured to prevent ingress of water in a wet environment; a plurality of ecg sensing electrodes configured to be removably coupled to the patient and to monitor an ecg of the patient; a plurality of therapy electrodes configured to be removably coupled to the patient and to deliver at least one therapeutic pulse to the patient; and a control unit disposed within the water-resistant/waterproof housing and configured to be electrically coupled to the plurality of ecg sensing electrodes and the plurality of therapy electrodes, the control unit configured to receive the monitored ecg of the patient, and responsive to detection of a cardiac arrhythmia, provide the at least one therapeutic pulse to the patient via the at least one therapy electrode.. .
Zoll Medical Corporation

 Ventricular tachycardia detection algorithm using only cardiac event intervals patent thumbnailVentricular tachycardia detection algorithm using only cardiac event intervals
An implantable medical device system includes a pacemaker and an extravascular implantable cardioverter defibrillator (icd). The pacemaker is configured to acquire a cardiac electrical signal, determine rr intervals from the cardiac electrical signal, apply ventricular tachycardia detection criteria solely to the rr intervals, detect ventricular tachycardia (vt) when the detection criteria are met; and deliver anti-tachycardia pacing in response to detecting the vt before the extravascular icd delivers a shock therapy..
Medtronic, Inc.

 Electronic medical system with implantable medical device, having wireless power supply transfer patent thumbnailElectronic medical system with implantable medical device, having wireless power supply transfer
An electronic medical system is described. The system comprises an external rf power transmitter configured to emit a first power signal via an electromagnetic coupling, said rf power transmitter being configured to emit said first energy signal with a power no greater than 1w.
Ado Holding Sa

External unit of an implanted medical device

A method, systems, and devices are disclosed. An example method includes determining whether an external unit of an implanted medical device is coupled to an implanted unit of the implanted medical device.

Epicardial defibrilation lead with side helix fixation and placement thereof

A method and system for employing a medical device is disclosed. The medical device includes a housing, a processor disposed within the housing, a connector module, and a medical electrical epicardial lead connected to the processor through the connector module.
Medtronic, Inc.

Leak reduction during implantable infusion device refill

A method for reducing small volume subcutaneous leaks of therapeutic fluids during procedures to refill an implantable medical device includes reducing pressure in a reservoir of the device. A refill needle can be percutaneously inserted into a fill port in communication with the reservoir and therapeutic fluid can be delivered through the needle into the reservoir.
Medtronic, Inc.

Implantable drug delivery device

The invention pertains to implantable medical devices for controlled delivery of therapeutic agents. Some devices according to the invention have a titanium reservoir, and a porous titanium oxide based membrane to control the rate of release of the therapeutic agent.
Nano Precision Medical, Inc.

Inflatable medical devices

An inflatable structure for use in biological lumens and methods of making and using the same are disclosed. The structure can have an inflatable balloon encircled by a shell.
Loma Vista Medical, Inc.

System and manipulating an elongate medical device

A guidewire manipulation device includes a housing configured to be supported by the hand of a user, the housing having a distal end and a proximal end, the housing configured to allow a guidewire to be placed therethrough and extend between the distal end and proximal end, a drive system carried by the housing and configured to drive rotation of the guidewire, and a manual input module carried by the housing, the manual input module configured to allow one or more fingers of the hand of the user to manually stop or slow the rotation of the guidewire while the housing is supported by the hand of the user.. .
Vesatek, Llc

System and local delivery of therapeutic compounds

An apparatus for preloading magnetic particles or cells onto a medical device includes a device carrier and a particle carrier attached over the device carrier. At least one magnet is inserted into the device carrier, the at least one magnet extending inside a section of the device carrier, over which the particle carrier is attached, to attract magnetic particles or cells to the particle carrier when the apparatus is placed in a suspension of magnetic particles or cells.
The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia

Catheter and introducer catheter having torque transfer layer and manufacture

The instant invention relates generally to catheters and to introducer catheters used to help deliver catheters or other medical devices to locations within the human body. In particular, the instant invention relates to large diameter catheters and introducer catheters having a torque transfer layer that includes at least two flat wires braided into a wire mesh.
St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.

Cannula adapter for medical devices

A cannula adapter can include an adapter body, a breakpoint, and a coupling mechanism. The adapter body can have an interior channel with opposing openings.
Marina Medical Instruments, Inc.

Medical device data integration apparatus and methods

Methods, systems, and apparatuses integrating medical device data are disclosed. In an example embodiment, a vital sign monitor apparatus includes a renal failure therapy interface configured to receive a renal failure therapy parameter from a renal failure therapy machine performing a renal therapy treatment on a patient and an infusion pump interface configured to receive an infusion parameter from an infusion pump performing an infusion treatment for the same patient.
Baxter Healthcare Sa

Safety processor for wireless control of a drug delivery device

A system and method provide for enhanced reliability and safety of programming and/or operating a medical device, such as an infusion pump, with a remote control device, such as a mobile phone (e.g., a smartphone). A safety processor acts as an intermediary device between the smartphone and medical device to review transmissions from the smartphone prior to the transmissions being delivered to the medical device.
Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

System and contactless power transfer in implantable devices

In the field of contactless power transfer for medical devices, more specifically, to contactless power transfer for intra-corporeal medical devices, a system and method for transmitting power to a rechargeable power supply are provided, the rechargeable power supply comprising implantable power receiving means, and an implantable power storage means. The system comprises an extra corporeal power transmitting means arranged and configured to supply power to the rechargeable power supply by wirelessly transmitting power to the implantable power receiving means.
Nuheart As

Medical devices with non-uniform coatings for enhanced echogenicity

The invention provides medical devices comprising improved non-uniform coatings for ultrasound detection, which provide optimal ultrasound images. Methods for preparing such devices are also provided..
Encapson B.v.

Implantable medical devices having double walled microspheres

An implantable medical device including at least one double-walled microsphere containing an active agent, and a biodegradable polymer layer containing the at least one double-walled microsphere.. .
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

Anionic drug-containing medical device

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a polymer gel that can increase drug content ratio and reduce undesirable influence on gel strength and shape stability after the drug release, compared with the conventional techniques. The purpose can be achieved by an anionic drug-containing medical device comprising: (1) an anionic drug; and (2) a copolymer which contains, as constituents, a cationic monomer comprising a condensation product of an alkyl quaternary ammonium compound having a substituted or unsubstituted aralkyl group and (meth)acrylic acid or a salt of the condensation product and a monomer capable of copolymerizing with the condensation product or the salt of the condensation product..
Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Medical device connector

The present invention relates to a medical device connector for connecting a piercing device, with a vial comprising a base member. A plurality of grip members, each grip member comprising a distal end (d) and a proximal end (p) and each comprising a wedge portion adapted to temporarily or permanently lock the medical device connector to the vial.
Carmel Pharma Ab

Shaking device, system, and method

A shaking device includes at least one pad, a mover configured to reciprocally move the pad, and a mount configured to support the mover. The shaking device may be connected with a medical device using a feedback system.
Health Research, Inc.,

Systems and methods for removing air from medical devices

Systems and methods are provided for removing air from a medical device, such as a stent-graft and/or its delivery device. In an exemplary embodiment, the stent-graft or its delivery system or both are exposed to perfluorocarbon, by immersing the stent-graft or flushing the delivery device to remove air from the stent-graft.

Medical device

Novel devices and methods for implanting medical stents are provided. A novel apparatus, which may be in a first compressed position, may be inserted into the artery, such as by being positioned over a catheter.
Rbkpark Llc

Implantable product with improved aqueous interface characteristics and making and using same

An implantable medical device including a porous membrane that is treated with a hydrophilic substance to obtain rapid optimum visualization using technology for viewing inside of a mammalian body. These technologies include ultrasound echocardiography and video imaging such as that used during laparoscopic procedures..
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Disinfecting device

A device (1) for disinfecting a port of a medical device in fluid communication with a patient is disclosed. The device comprises a portion (2) adapted for connection to the port.
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn Nhs Foundation Trust

Application of polymer-based materials to hydrophobic and adhesion-resistant surfaces

A conductive coating may be adhered to a structure comprising a hydrophobic and/or adhesion-resistant surface. The conductive coating may have a polymer backbone with conductive particles suspended in the backbone.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Detection of medical electrical lead issues

An implantable medical device includes a sensing module configured to receive a cardiac electrical signal via electrodes carried by a medical electrical lead coupled to the implantable medical device and a control module configured to detect a lead issue. The sensing module is configured to produce cardiac sensed event signals and spike detect signals.
Medtronic, Inc.

Multi-joint device for objective measurement of laxity and cartilage damage

The present application discloses a medical device useful for the diagnosis and/or treatment follow-up of human joints, in particular a device for positioning human joints for ct-scan and mri. The medical device allows an accurate and comprehensive assessment of human joints, characterizing quantitatively biomechanical consequences, whole joint kinematics alterations, cartilage mechanical behavior under pressure and clinical susceptibility to further damage..
Espmen - Consultoria, Unipessoal, Lda.

Implantable medical device charging

Embodiments presented herein are generally directed to inductive charging techniques in an implantable medical device system comprising an inductive charger and an external component. The external component includes a rechargeable battery and an inductive coil that is configured to form an inductive charging link with a charging coil in the inductive charger to receive power signals from the inductive charger.

Head mounted display device for use in a medical facility

A head-mounted display device for interface with a medical device configured to perform an invasive procedure on a patient, such as a blood component collection, an infusion, a feeding operation, etc.. .
Fenwal, Inc.

Test strip ejector for medical device

A system for receiving and ejecting a fluid testing device test strip includes a strip connector having first and second guide rails, and divider walls each having a channel. A sled has first and second legs connected to a cross member.
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.

Radio frequency material analysis utilizing phase

Briefly, embodiments of the present invention describe an inexpensive, accurate, rapid and automated method to detecting bubbles, foreign object, debris, dissimilar material or property changes in a liquid, lubricant, compressed gas or fine solid. This method uses the vector signal analysis [also known as a phase-gain meter or automatic network analysis] phase change in the transmitted energy versus the reflected energy in radio waves to detect bubbles, foreign object, debris, dissimilar material or property changes in a liquid, lubricant, compressed gas or fine solid using one, two or three antennas or a coil.

Electrospun cationic nanofibers and methods of making and using the same

Methods of making polycationic nanofibers by grafting cationic polymers onto electrospun neutral nanofibers and polycationic nanofibers produced by the methods are provided herein. In addition, methods of using the polycationic nanofibers to reduce inflammation, to adsorb anionic compounds such as heparin or nucleic acids, to inhibit the growth of microbes or inhibit the formation of a biofilm are also provided.
Duke University

Use of additive manufacturing processes in the manufacture of custom wearable and/or implantable medical devices

A method for manufacturing a custom wearable and/or implantable medical device, such as an orthosis (e.g., an ankle brace, etc.), a prosthesis or the like, includes use of scanning processes. A digital model of a surface may be applied to a digital device model to define a custom digital device model.
3d Patents, Llc

Ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic medical device

An ultrasonic transducer 1 includes two metal blocks 2, a plurality of piezoelectric elements 3 stacked between the metal blocks 2, a bonding material 4 bonding the metal blocks 2 and the piezoelectric elements 3, and the piezoelectric elements 3 to each other, and a heterogeneous material part 5 having a thermal expansion coefficient differed from a thermal expansion coefficient of the metal block 2 and provided in a notch part 2b formed at an end portion of the metal block 2 on a bonding plane side with respect to the piezoelectric element 3.. .
Olympus Corporation

Implantable medical devices with low volume batteries, and systems

Implantable medical devices, implantable medical device systems that include such implantable medical devices, and implantable medical device batteries, as well as methods of making. Such devices can include a battery of relatively small volume but of relatively high power (reported as therapeutic power) and relatively high capacity (reported as capacity density)..
Medtronic, Inc.

Implanted pulse generators with reduced power consumption via signal strength/duration characteristics, and associated systems and methods

Implanted pulse generators with reduced power consumption via signal strength-duration characteristics, and associated systems and methods are disclosed. A representative method for treating a patient in accordance with the disclosed technology includes receiving an input corresponding to an available voltage for an implanted medical device and identifying a signal delivery parameter value of an electrical signal based on a correlation between values of the signal delivery parameter and signal deliver amplitudes.
Nevro Corporation

Medical break-away connectors

Break-away connectors are disclosed. The break-away connectors may be configured to be coupled in at least two configurations, for example, a high force configuration and a low force configuration.
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Cannula for connecting medical devices to biological systems

A cannula for connecting a medical device to a biological system is taught. The cannula includes a tissue engagement portion, preferably in the form of an annulus, to which a vacuum is applied through the cannula to attract and hold tissue of the biological system in an initial connection while an affixment device is applied to complete the connection.
University Health Network

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