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Medical Device patents


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 Retention magnet system for medical device patent thumbnailRetention magnet system for medical device
An external portion of an auditory prosthesis includes an external magnet that interacts with an implantable magnet to hold the external portion against the skin. Magnetic force generated by the stray field of these magnets can disturb the operation of a vibrating element of the auditory prosthesis.

 Flat capacitor for an implantable medical device patent thumbnailFlat capacitor for an implantable medical device
One aspect provides a capacitor feedthrough assembly having an electrically conductive member dimensioned to extend at least partially through a feedthrough hole of a case of the capacitor, the conductive member having a passage therethrough.. .
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

 Monitoring of a time period relating to a product patent thumbnailMonitoring of a time period relating to a product
A label includes a timer to monitor a predetermined time period relating to a medical device, such as an indwelling cannula, or other product. The label includes a signalling apparatus that provides an alert signal on expiry of the predetermined time period and a fixing portion to fix the label to a support surface such as medical records of a patient.
Senver Pty Ltd

 A  mapping images of human disease and of designing or selecting a medical device using a surrogate model patent thumbnailA mapping images of human disease and of designing or selecting a medical device using a surrogate model
A method of designing or selecting an implantable medical device comprises the steps of: i) obtaining a plurality of measured data points of a characteristic of an anatomical feature of an individual; ii) using said data points to construct a surrogate model of said characteristic, the surrogate model being constructed by interpolating or regressing measured data points of the characteristic, and using said surrogate model to obtain predicted values of said characteristic at a plurality of locations; iii) using said predicted values to determine or select at least one value of a design parameter of the implantable medical device. There is further disclosed a method of monitoring or diagnosing a disease or disorder..
University Of Southampton

 Medical devices having activated surfaces patent thumbnailMedical devices having activated surfaces
Implantable biocompatible polymeric medical devices include a substrate with an acid or base-modified surface which is subsequently modified to include click reactive members.. .
Covidien Lp

 Systems and methods for implantable medical device communication patent thumbnailSystems and methods for implantable medical device communication
An implantable medical device (imd) is configured to be implanted within a patient. The imd may include a controller configured to adjust a communication frequency, a housing formed of an electrically common material, and an insulating cover coupled to the housing.
Pacesetter, Inc.

 Neurostimulator system, apparatus, and method patent thumbnailNeurostimulator system, apparatus, and method
An apparatus (10) for applying stimulation therapy to a patient includes an implantable medical device (20) and a remote controller (50) for inductively powering the medical device and communicating with the medical device. The remote controller (50) includes a feedback portion (220) for helping to establish a communication link between the remote controller and the implantable medical device (20)..
Autonomic Technologies, Inc.

 Tube-cut helical fixation anchor for electrotherapy device patent thumbnailTube-cut helical fixation anchor for electrotherapy device
An implantable medical device is disclosed herein and can be in the form of an implantable medical lead or a leadless pulse generator. The implantable medical device includes a body, at least one electrode and a tube-cut helical fixation anchor.
Pacesetter, Inc.

 Diffusion bonded lead connector patent thumbnailDiffusion bonded lead connector
A medical device lead connector includes electrically conducting contact rings spaced apart by an electrically insulating ring and in axial alignment. The electrically conducting contact ring and the insulating ring having an interface bond on an atomic level..
Medtronic, Inc.

 Reservoir plunger position monitoring and medical device incorporating same patent thumbnailReservoir plunger position monitoring and medical device incorporating same
Apparatus are provided for infusion devices and related control systems and methods. In one embodiment, an infusion device includes a voided portion adapted to receive a shaft portion that includes a shaft coupled to a plunger of a reservoir.
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

Tet system for implanted medical device

A tet system is operable to vary an amount of power transmitted from an external power supply to an implantable power unit in accordance with a monitored condition of the implantable power unit. The amount of power supplied to the implantable power unit for operating a pump, for example, can be varied in accordance with a cardiac cycle, so as to maintain the monitored condition in the power circuit within a desired range throughout the cardiac cycle..
Heartware, Inc.

Implantable oxygen generator and transporter

An implantable medical device is described. The implantable medical device includes a small molecule generator, a small molecule diffusor, and a cannula that connects the two.
Doheny Eye Institute

Delivery system for deployment of medical devices

A catheter that comprises a sheath that is connected at opposing ends to concentric tubes that move relative to each other in a manner that alternatively covers and exposes a medical device loaded onto the catheter. A portion of the sheath is arranged so as to invert upon itself so that axial movement of one tube relative to the other simultaneously moves the inversion point over or away from the device, alternatively covering or exposing the device..
Medtronic Cv Luxembourg S.a.r.l.

Locking device

A slidable locking device for fixing a position of a medical device, includes a housing having a passageway therethrough and an actuator coupled to the housing movable between a locked position and an unlocked position. The actuator includes at least two arms extending therefrom that are operatively coupled with at least two engaging members disposed within the housing, each engaging member having a slot configured to receive a respective arm of the actuator, the engaging members being biased towards the housing passageway, wherein the engaging members are disposed toward the housing passageway when the actuator is in the locked position, and the engaging members are disposed away from the housing passageway when the actuator is in the unlocked position..
Hologic, Inc.

Medical device comprising a hydrophilic curved flexible tip for the treatment of varicose veins

The invention relates to a medical device intended to be inserted into the lumen of a cavity of the human or animal body or in the lumen of a blood vessel. The invention is characterised in that said device comprises a probe (5) suitable for delivering a treatment by the endovenous route, and, at the terminal end thereof, a hooked flexible tip (1), wherein the angle α formed between the extension of the end portion of the probe (5) and the extension of the end portion of the tip (1) is strictly less than +90°, said tip comprising means (3) for delivering a treatment.

Preloaded medical struts

A medical device, comprising: a medical strut; a preloader configured to store energy, wherein the medical strut is configured to transform the energy stored in the preloader to a first force applicable to a bodily tissue; an actuator configured to apply a second force to adjust the length of the medical strut, thereby facilitating the transforming the stored energy to the first force; and a controller configured to control the actuator.. .
Orthospin Ltd.

Method and device for improving passage of electrohydraulic lithotripsy probe

A medical device is provided with a probe including an elongated shaft having a distal end, a proximal end, and an external wall. The probe also includes at least two conductors extending substantially along a longitudinal length of the probe.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Aligning a field of view of a medical device with a desired region on a subject's body

A system and method are provided for aligning a field of view (fov) of a movable part of a medical device with a desired region on a subject's body. In the system, a position detecting unit detects an identifiable optical front projected on the subject's body and at least partially overlapping with the desired region and generates information corresponding to a spatial position of the identifiable optical front.

Direct integration of feedthrough to implantable medical device housing with ultrasonic welding

One aspect is an implantable medical device including a metal housing configured for implantation in a human and including a biocompatible metal and defining an opening. A feedthrough device is configured within the opening of the metal housing and includes an insulating section and a conducting section, the insulating section electrically isolating the conducting section from the metal housing.
Heraeus Deutschland Gmbh & Co. Kg

Power internal medical devices with guided surface waves

Disclosed is an implantable medical device and methods of using the medical device. The medical device may include a guided surface wave receive structure configured to receive a guided surface wave transmitted by a guided surface waveguide probe.
Cpg Technologies, Llc

System and medical device security, data tracking and outcomes analysis

The present invention creates an objective methodology of quantitative accountability for medical device manufacturers, vendors, clinical providers, patients, and payers. In one embodiment, the standardized data received and stored in the medical device database can in turn be used for a variety of applications related to decision support (e.g., medical device selection), education and training (e.g., procedural performance), cost efficacy, evidence based medicine and best practice guidelines, personalized medicine, and comparative performance/safety analytics..

Systems and methods for updating a medical device

Embodiments described herein include methods and/or systems for updating a medical device. Embodiments include medical devices which are configured for updates in response to various events including connection of a peripheral device to the medical device, a user initiated event, or based on received recommendations..
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

Soft silicone medical devices with durable lubricious coatings thereon

The invention is related to a medical device comprising a core material made of a crosslinked silicone material and a hydrogel coating which is thermodynamically stable. The invention is also related to a method for producing such a medical device, especially a soft contact lens..
Novartis Ag

Liquid triblock copolymer

Wherein a is a hydrophilic polymer, b a hydrophobic polymer and r are end-groups, wherein r is h or a c1-c30 organic moiety and wherein the copolymer is fluid in a temperature range of 0° c. To 37° c.

Medical device sanitizer

Some embodiments of the present disclosure include a sanitizing device for sanitizing a medical device. The sanitizing device may include a spray canister configured to accommodate a volume of a sanitizing fluid, the spray canister having at least one spray head extending therefrom, wherein the spray head is configured to expel sanitizing fluid when depressed; a body with an openable lid, the body configured to accommodate the spray canister, wherein a distance between an upper surface of the spray canister and an interior surface of the lid is sufficient to accommodate the medical device; and a lid protrusion extending downwardly from an interior surface of the lid, wherein the lid protrusion aligns with the spray head when the spray canister is positioned within the body.

Introduced in adsorption filter for inhaled halogenated anesthetics for cardiopulmonary circulation bypass

Improvements introduced in adsorption filter for inhaled halogenated anesthetics for cardiopulmonary bypass. It relates to an adsorption filter (10) of the type pertaining to the field of medical devices, more specifically, used to adsorb inhaled halogenated anesthetics that are eliminated through the output of the membrane oxygenators (20) of the cardiopulmonary bypass circuit (cpb); said filter (10) contains a hollow reservoir (11) for preservation of adsorber elements (ed) of the activated charcoal type (30), said reservoir (11) being of tubular cylindrical form, and it receives on one of the free extremities (11a) a cover (12) whose internal diameter (d1) is greater than the external diameter (d2) of the cylindrical reservoir (11), so as to produce an access chamber (c1) for the input of the inhaled anesthetic (al) that, in turn, penetrates through a tubular member (12a) in the central portion of the cover (12), where a tube (tb1) for connection with the oxygenator device (20) is installed, said tube (tb1) allowing the input of the gas (al) into the filter (10) for decontamination; on the same extremity (11a) and in the peripheral wall (11b) are made openings (11c) intended for the input of the inhaled anesthetic (al) after input in the chamber (c1), initiating the ingression in the chamber (c2) of the cylinder (11) endowed with adsorber element (ed)..
Copeen Treinamento E Consultoria Em Anestesia Eireli

Medical device

A medical device includes a treatment module configured to apply a treatment to a patient. The medical device includes an interface configured to operatively connect to a removable storage device storing authorization data that identifies a level of treatment authorization.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Secure limited components for use with medical devices

In some examples, an ambulatory medical device is provided. The ambulatory medical device includes at least one sensor configured to acquire data descriptive of the patient, one or more processors in communication with the at least one sensor, a patient care component executable by the one or more processors, and a limited functionality component executable by the one or more processors.
Zoll Medical Corporation

Electrical contacts on a medical device patch

A device for conveying power from a location external to a subject to a location within the subject may include a flexible carrier and an adhesive on a first side of the carrier. A coil of electrically conductive material may be associated with the flexible carrier.
Nyxoah Sa

High pressure balloon

Composite fiber reinforced balloons for medical devices are prepared by applying a web of fibers to the exterior of a preformed underlayer balloon, encasing the web with a matrix material to form an assembly, and inserting the assembly into a preformed outer layer balloon to form the composite balloon.. .
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Inductively rechargeable external energy source, charger, a transcutaneous inductive charger for an implantable medical device

A mechanism for transferring energy from an external power source to an implantable medical device is disclosed. A sensor may be used to measure a parameter that correlates to a temperature of the system that occurs during the transcutaneous coupling of energy.
Medtronic, Inc.

Compositions and methods for multipurpose disinfection and sterilization solutions

The present disclosure discloses compositions and methods for multipurpose disinfection and sterilization solutions broadly effective against multiple microbial pathogens. The present disclosure demonstrates broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against environmental and pathogenic amoeba, bacterial spores, vegetative bacteria, fungi, rickettsia, viruses, parasites and toxic microbial products.
The Administrators Of The Tulane Educational Fund

Drug-delivering composite structures

Composite structures composed of a fibril core and a polymeric coat and designed capable of encapsulating both hydrophobic and hydrophilic bioactive agents while retaining the activity of these agents are disclosed. Further disclosed are processes of preparing such composite structures, and medical devices and disposable articles made therefrom..
Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.

Medical devices and delivery systems for delivering medical devices

Medical devices and delivery systems for delivering medical devices to a target location within a subject. In some embodiments the medical devices can be locked in a fully deployed and locked configuration.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Medical device handle

A medical device handle for percutaneous delivery of a medical device implant may include an elongated handle housing having a proximal end, a distal end, and a longitudinal axis extending from the proximal end to the distal end; a rotatable collar disposed about the proximal end of the handle housing; and a rotatable control knob disposed about a proximal portion of the rotatable collar. The rotatable collar may include a first internally-facing longitudinal slot extending less than a full length of the rotatable collar and terminating proximally at a distally-facing wall of an internally-facing circumferentially-oriented slot.
Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

Medical device comprising an artificial contractile structure

A medical device including an artificial contractile structure, which may be advantageously used to assist the functioning of a hollow organ, is provided. The medical device includes an artificial contractile structure including at least one contractile element adapted to contract an organ in such a way that the contractile element is in a resting or in an activated position; at least one actuator designed to activate the contractile structure; and at least one source of energy for powering the actuator.
Myopowers Medical Technologies Sa


The invention relates to medical devices and methods of using them. The devices are prostheses which can be percutaneously deliverable with (or on) an endovascular catheter or via other surgical or other techniques and then expanded.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Systems and methods for manipulating medical devices

A method for treating a patient having thrombus includes providing a manipulation device including a housing configured to be supported by the hand of a user and having a distal and proximal end, a drive system disposed within the housing, and configured to rotate a rotation member, an engagement member coupled to the rotation member and configured to be removably coupled to an elongate medical device, an activation member carried by the housing such that it can be operated by at least a portion of the hand of the user when the housing is supported by the hand of the user, the drive system configured to apply motive force to the engagement member, securing an elongate member to the engagement member, introducing at least the distal end of the elongate member into a blood vessel adjacent a thrombus, operating the activation member to cause at least some rotation of the rotation member, which in turn causes at least some rotation of the distal end of the elongate member at or near the thrombus, and aspirating at least some of the thrombus with an aspiration catheter.. .
Vesatek, Llc

Medical implant, medical device and making a medical implant

The present invention relates to a medical implant which is vacuum-packed within an air tight cover material. Further, the present invention relates to a medical device for making a medical implant covered by an air tight cover material, wherein the medical device comprises at least an underpressure generating device and a sealing device, wherein the sealing device is arranged for air tight sealing of the cover material while the medical implant is located within the cover material, wherein the underpressure generating device is coupled or can be coupled with a space which is surrounded by the cover material, and wherein the underpressure generating device and the sealing device are controllable such that after generating a certain underpressure within the space surrounded by the cover material through the underpressure generating device the sealing device is activatable to seal the cover material in an air tight manner to form an air tight protection cover around the medical implant located therein.
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

Implantable medical device having enhanced endothelial migration features and methods of making the same

An implantable medical device having enhanced endothelial migration features, generally comprises: a structural member including a leading edge and a trailing edge interconnected by a third surface region, the leading edge including a second surface region in a generally curvilinear cross-section, and the trailing edge including a fourth surface region in a generally curvilinear cross-section, whereby blood flow over the second surface region generate shear stress at the second surface region without an eddy region in the second surface region.. .
Vactronix Scientific, Inc.

Methods and multi-catheter tissue ablation

Catheter systems, tools and methods are disclosed for the selective and rapid application of dc voltage to drive irreversible electroporation, with the system controller configurable to apply voltages to an independently selected subsets of electrodes, such that voltages of one polarity are applied to a multiplicity of electrodes on a first medical device and voltages of the opposite polarity to a multiplicity of electrodes on a second medical device. The first and second medical devices can be epicardial catheters positioned such that their opposing distal tips are approximately aligned and whose segments with electrodes collectively wrap around the pulmonary veins..
Iowa Approach Inc.

Methods and selective tissue ablation

Catheter systems and methods for the selective and rapid application of dc voltage to drive irreversible electroporation are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a voltage pulse generator and an electrode controller.
Iowa Approach Inc.

Medical device

A medical device that includes a support member, a heat insulator provided on at least a portion of a first surface of the support member, an energy output member configured to output energy, the energy output member provided on at least a portion of a first surface of the heat insulator, the output energy configured to treat biological tissue and a heat conductor provided on at least a portion of the first surface of the support member and contacting a second surface of the heat insulator, the second surface of the heat insulator opposite the first surface of the heat insulator, wherein a portion of the support member is located proximal than the energy output, and the energy output member is configured to transfer heat to the heat insulator, and wherein the heat conductor is configured to conduct the heat from the heat insulator to the support member.. .
Olympus Corporation

Medical device and treatment method

A medical device is disclosed for restricting a flow in a body lumen by being inserted into the body lumen. The medical device including an elongated shaft part; an expansion part which is a tubular body having a plurality of gaps and elastically deformable, with the shaft part being connected to at least one of both side end portions of the tubular body; a cover part which is flexibly deformable independently from the expansion part while surrounding an outer circumference of the expansion part, which is tubular in shape, both end portions of the tubular shape being connected to both end portions of the expansion part; and a sheath in which the expansion part and the cover part both contracted in diameter can be accommodated..
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Hemostatic valve for medical device introducer

An introducer for insertion of a medical device into a patient's vasculature includes an elongate introducer body, a hub, and a hemostatic valve. The elongate introducer body includes a longitudinal axis, a proximal region, a distal region, and an inner lumen.
Abiomed, Inc.

Automatic dose control for imaging medical devices

The embodiments relate to a method, an analyzer, a radiation dose disturbance system, and a computer program for automatically calculating a target radiation dose of ionizing radiation. In this case, both patient-specific parameters and equipment-specific parameters are taken into account.
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

Pressure sensing guidewires

Medical devices and methods for making and using medical devices are disclosed. An example medical device may include a medical device for measuring blood pressure.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Antennas for small imds

An implantable medical device (imd) includes a core assembly having a housing with circuitry disposed therein. The imd also includes an integrated electrode/antenna assembly.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

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