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Medical Device patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Medical Device-related patents
 Network based endoscopic surgical system patent thumbnailnew patent Network based endoscopic surgical system
A network based surgical system including a first medical device having a first network interface, a second medical device having a second network interface, a communications network over which the first medical device, through the first network interface, and the second medical device, through the second network interface, are communicable, wherein the first network interface and the second network interface employ the same network protocol for communicating over the communications network, and wherein the first network interface has a maximum throughput greater than a maximum throughput of the second network interface.. .
 Valve holder and loading integration patent thumbnailnew patent Valve holder and loading integration
A device for holding an implantable medical device includes a jar for receiving the implantable medical device, and a ring coupleable to the jar. The ring has a plurality of channels adapted to receive retaining features of the implantable medical device to stabilize the medical device within the jar..
 Partial encapsulation of stents patent thumbnailnew patent Partial encapsulation of stents
A method of making an implantable medical device includes extruding a first eptfe tube and a second eptfe tube, cutting a plurality of slits in the first eptfe tube, positioning a radially expandable support layer between the first and second eptfe tubes so that the slits span portions of the support layer, and laminating the first eptfe tube to the second eptfe tube through openings in the support layer.. .
 Retaining cage to permit resheathing of a tavi aortic-first transapical system patent thumbnailnew patent Retaining cage to permit resheathing of a tavi aortic-first transapical system
A delivery device for an implantable medical device includes an inner shaft extending in a longitudinal direction and an outer shaft surrounding at least a longitudinal portion of the inner shaft. The outer shaft is slidable relative to the inner shaft in the longitudinal direction.
 Left ventricular intraseptal stimulation lead patent thumbnailnew patent Left ventricular intraseptal stimulation lead
A stimulation lead is disclosed. This lead comprises a lead body having a lumen housing an inner conductor, the conductor being axially and rotationally movable within the lumen, and coupled to a generator of an active implantable medical device.
 Electrical connection plug for a multipolar lead of an active implantable medical device and manufacturing thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Electrical connection plug for a multipolar lead of an active implantable medical device and manufacturing thereof
A method for constructing a plug for an electrical connection to a multipolar lead for an active implantable medical device includes providing a plug body having an insulating monobloc central core, the monobloc central core having a generally cylindrical shape, a cylindrical side surface, and a housing, providing a connection wire and a conductive pod, attaching the connection wire to the conductive pod, placing the conductive pod into the housing with connection wire extending therefrom, placing a conductive cylindrical ring on the cylindrical side surface, wherein the cylindrical side surface centers the conductive cylindrical ring coaxially about the monobloc central core, attaching the conductive pod to the cylindrical ring to create an electrical contact zone on a cylindrical outer surface of the plug body.. .
 Medical leads and related systems that include a lumen body that is joined to a lead body and that has multiple filar lumens patent thumbnailnew patent Medical leads and related systems that include a lumen body that is joined to a lead body and that has multiple filar lumens
Medical leads include a lumen body at an end of the lead, and the lumen body includes multiple filar lumens. The lumen body is joined to a lead body, and electrical connectors are longitudinally spaced along the lumen body.
 Lead or lead extension having a conductive body and conductive body contact patent thumbnailnew patent Lead or lead extension having a conductive body and conductive body contact
An implantable medical device that includes a body that includes a proximal end portion configured to be at least partially received by an apparatus, and a distal end portion; a stimulating electrical element at the distal end portion of the body; a stimulating contact at the proximal end portion of the body, wherein the stimulating contact is positioned such that, when received by the apparatus, at least a portion of the apparatus is capable of electrically coupling to the stimulating contact; a stimulating conductor that electrically couples the stimulating electrical element to the stimulating contact; a conductive body, wherein the conductive body is not utilized for application of stimulation; a conductive body contact, wherein the conductive body is electrically connected to the conductive body contact. Systems that include devices are also disclosed..
 Mri-safe implantable medical device patent thumbnailnew patent Mri-safe implantable medical device
A medical lead is provided for use in a pulse stimulation system of the type which includes a pulse generator for producing electrical stimulation therapy. The lead comprises an elongate insulating body and at least one electrical conductor within the insulating body.
 Implantable medical device which may be controlled from central station patent thumbnailnew patent Implantable medical device which may be controlled from central station
An implantable medical device (imd) comprises a transmitting/receiving (t/r) device for transmitting medical data sensed from a patient to, and for receiving control signals from, a medical expert (a human medical professional and/or a computerized expert system) at a remote location; an electronic medical treatment device for treating the patient in response to control signals applied thereto; and a sensor circuit, having a sensor circuit output, for producing sensor circuit output signal(s) representing medical data sensed from the patient. The imd also includes logic device which analyzes the sensor circuit output signal(s) to detect a medical abnormality and, upon detecting an abnormality, either sends a notification signal representing a medical state of said patient to the medical expert at the remote location or sends a local treatment device control signal to the medical treatment device, or does both..
new patent Single-chamber leadless intra-cardiac medical device with dual-chamber functionality
A leadless implantable medical device (limd) comprises a housing configured to be implanted entirely within a single local ventricular chamber of the heart near a local apex region. A base on the housing is configured to be secured to tissue of interest, while a distal electrode is provided on the base and extends outward such that, when the device is implanted in the local chamber, the distal electrode is configured to engage the distal apex region at a distal activation site within the conduction network of the adjacent ventricular chamber..
new patent Systems and methods for packed pacing using bifurcated pacing pulses of opposing polarity generated by an implantable medical device
Techniques are provided for use with implantable medical devices to deliver packed pacing using split or bifurcated pulses of opposing polarity in different cardiac cycles. In one example, packed single-phase pulses are delivered by the device during a first cardiac cycle that serve to stimulate heart tissue.
new patent Systems and methods for postextrasystolic potentiation using anodic and cathodic pulses generated by an implantable medical device
Techniques are provided for use with implantable medical devices to deliver paired or coupled postextrasystolic potentiation (pesp) pacing using split or bifurcated anodic and cathodic pulses. In a paired pacing example, a single-phase anodic pulse is delivered by the device that has sufficient amplitude to depolarize and contract myocardial tissue.
new patent Electrostriction devices and methods for assisted magnetic navigation
An apparatus and method for interventional navigation within a subject's body is provided in which a medical device having at least one electrostrictive element is adapted to cause the distal end of the medical device to bend in a given direction for improving navigation. The medical device may further comprise at least one magnetically responsive element on the distal end, which may be oriented in the approximate direction of a magnetic field that is applied to the subject's body.
new patent Anchoring for non-retainable foreign objects
A kit and/or method for use during surgery is configured to decrease the risk of accidental retention of foreign objects, such as surgical items or medical devices, used in surgery inside of a patient after the surgery is completed. Specifically, illustrative kits may include, but not be limited to, a combination of one or more foreign objects, an anchoring member attached to a point outside of the patient or surgical field, and at least one or more connection members connecting the foreign objects to the anchoring member.
new patent Nozzle for the supply of biological material, in particular cells, medical device with such a nozzle, use of a nozzle, method for mixing fluids and apparatus
A nozzle for the supply of biological material, in particular tissue cells, having a mixing chamber (11) which is delimited by a proximal end surface (21) and a distal end surface (22) spaced apart from the proximal end surface (21), at least one nozzle opening (23) which is formed in the distal end surface (22), and at least two supply ducts (30, 40, 50) which discharge into the mixing chamber (11). A first supply duct (30) is arranged in the proximal end surface (21) and discharges into the mixing chamber (11) coaxially to the nozzle opening (23) and a second supply duct (40) has an inlet opening (42) which discharges into the mixing chamber (11) laterally, in particular tangentially at the distal end surface (22)..
new patent Biodegradable medical devices and method to control degradation of the biodegradable medical devices
An implantable biodegradable device having two or more layers composed of one or more biodegradable materials is disclosed. The two or more layers are coated with one or more drugs.
new patent Systems and methods for anchoring medical devices
Some embodiments of a medical device anchor system include an anchor device that secures a medical instrument (such as a catheter or the like) in place relative to a skin penetration point using subcutaneous anchors.. .
new patent System for anchoring medical devices
Some embodiments of a medical device anchor system include an anchor device that receives a catheter (or other medical instrument) and secures the catheter in place relative to a skin penetration point. In some embodiments, the anchor device can secure the catheter in an operative position relative to the skin without the use of sutures or skin tapes..
new patent Valve system for inflatable medical device
The present invention relates to a valve system for an inflatable portion of an indwelling medical device and more particularly to a valve system for fluid regulation of a catheter comprising a fluid inflatable portion that undergoes pressure changes within the body during use. The present invention also relates to methods of treatment using said valve system and indwelling medical devices comprising said valve systems..
new patent Remote titration of therapy delivered by an implantable medical device
Techniques for remotely titrating a therapy delivered using an implantable medical device system are disclosed. An implantable medical device delivers therapy according to a first program.
new patent System and method for electrocardiogram analysis and optimization of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and therapy delivery
The system and method provide for electrocardiogram analysis and optimization of patient-customized cardiopulmonary resuscitation and therapy delivery. An external medical device includes a housing and a processor within the housing.
new patent Portable programmer for providing patient status information
A method and apparatus concerning the retrieval and storage of status information obtained from patients having implantable medical devices (imds). When patients are having episodes during which symptoms are experienced relating to their medical condition, the collection of the patient's status information can be helpful to the patient's physician for diagnostic purposes.
new patent Medical information management system
A medical device communication system is described. The system includes a plurality of medical devices, a message listener programmed to wirelessly receive a plurality of messages from the plurality of medical devices, a storage device in communication with the message listener for storing the messages, a message distribution device for delivering the messages to a plurality of locations including a system database, an analytics database, and an integration engine.
new patent Apparatus for use with needle insertion guidance system
A guidance system utilizes ultrasound imaging or other suitable imaging technology. In one embodiment, the guidance system includes an imaging device including a probe for producing an image of an internal body portion target, such as a vessel.
new patent Implantable detection/stimulation multipolor microlead
Leads for use with implantable medical devices are provided. One microlead is intended to be implanted in the venous, arterial, or lymphatic networks.
new patent Communication protocol improvement to recover data from a continuous glucose monitor
Data transmissions between medical devices are governed by various communication protocols. For example, blood glucose measures may be retrieved wirelessly from a continuous glucose monitor in accordance with the ant wireless communication protocol.
new patent Device and method for monitoring of absolute oxygen saturation and tissue hemoglobin concentration
A method and medical device for detecting signals that detects emitted light scattered by a volume of tissue delivered along a first pathway at a plurality of wavelengths to generate corresponding first detected light intensity output signals, detects emitted light scattered by the volume of tissue delivered along a second pathway different from the first pathway at a plurality of wavelengths to generate corresponding second detected light intensity output signals, determines whether a difference between the emitted light detected along the first pathway and the emitted light detected along the second pathway is greater than a predetermined threshold, and alters sensing by the device in response to the determining whether a difference is greater than the predetermined threshold.. .
new patent Balloon dilation catheter system for treatment and irrigation of the sinuses
A medical device for the treatment and irrigation of a sinus opening is described. The device allows for single-handed operation to access, dilate and irrigate a sinus opening.
new patent Medical device comprising machined parts and injection molded parts
A medical device comprises parts made by injection moulding and parts made by machining such that the respective parts have similar colours, measured on the l*, a*, b* scale. The parts made by injection moulding may be made in a process which involves introducing molten material comprising polymeric material such as peek into a mould, wherein a mould surface which contacts the molten material is at a temperature of at least 210° c.
new patent Copolymers and methods of use thereof
Copolymers, such as block copolymers, having at least one block that is a random copolymer of ε-caprolactone and a-carboxy-s-caprolactone are disclosed. Also described are methods of using such copolymers, such as, for example, in medical devices..
new patent Medical devices and methods comprising an anabolic agent for treatment of an injury
Improved medical devices and methods are provided comprising an anabolic agent for healing an injury. These improved medical devices and methods can enhance healing in injuries from traumatic soft tissue injury, surgical injuries, burn, traumatic brain injuries, musculotendinous injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, bone injury or other injuries or maladies, which can be chronic or non-chronic in origin.
new patent Medical device design, manufacture and testing systems
Described are methods and systems for testing lumens of cannulated delivery components or assemblies thereof that may be used to deliver cells to a patient. Test cells are contacted with walls of the lumens and/or liquids that contact walls of the lumens, potentially over an incubation period.
new patent Protocols for making hepatocytes from embryonic stem cells
This disclosure provides a newly developed strategy and particular options for differentiating pluripotent stem cells into cells of the hepatocyte lineage. Many of the protocols are based on a strategy in which the cells are first differentiated into early germ layer cells, then into hepatocyte precursors, and then into mature cells.
new patent Thermoplastic fluoropolymer-coated medical devices
A medical device provided with at least a partial surface coating of a thermoplastic copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoroalkylvinylether that is free of cross-linking monomers and curing agents. The fluoropolymer coating is preferably an amorphous thermoplastic, is highly inert and biocompatible, has elastomeric characteristics that provide desirable mechanical properties such as good flexibility and durability.
new patent Biocompatible material and uses thereof
The present invention relates to a biocompatible material and in particular to a two-phase or composite biocompatible ceramic material, wherein the first phase is a doped calcium zinc silicate and the second phase is a metal oxide. In an embodiment, the invention has been developed for use in tissue regeneration including bone tissue.
new patent Apparatus and method for analyzing medical image
An apparatus for analyzing a medical image includes an image receiving unit configured to receive two or more medical images from a medical device; a image registration unit configured to register the two or more received medical images; an overlapped area detecting unit configured to detect overlapped areas in the two or more registered medical images; and a lesion analyzing unit configured to analyze lesions in the two or more registered medical images by employing different analysis techniques in the detected overlapped areas.. .
new patent Method of fabrication of implantable medical device comprising macrocyclic triene active agent and antioxidant
This invention relates to methods of including an oxygen-sensitive macrocyclic triene on an implantable medical device wherein the device includes separate antioxidant-containing layers above, below or both above and below the drug reservoir layer containing the macrocyclic triene.. .
Remote control of medical devices using instant messaging infrastructure
Systems and methods for remote control and management of medical workstations using an instant messaging infrastructure. A remote client, such as a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or other computing device, is used to generate instructions or information requests in one or more data packets.
Medical device fastener mechanisms
Connecting mechanisms between medical device or other physical components are described. One or more plug pin connector(s) is received in a matching socket connector(s) to either permanently or temporarily join at least two components together along with associated components.
Method of fabricating a low crystallinity poly(l-lactide) tube
Methods of fabricating a low crystallinity polymer tube for polymers subject to strain-induced crystallization. The low crystallinity tube may be further processed to make an implantable medical device..
Medical device delivery system with an inner catheter having a flushing groove
A delivery system is provided with a flushing groove between an inner catheter and an outer sheath. The outer sheath is attached to a first handle member, and the inner catheter is attached to a second handle member.
Implantable medical device
An implantable medical device includes a housing formed of a first material and a first electronic component provided within the housing. The implantable medical device also includes a second material provided in contact with at least a portion of the housing.
Active rejection of mri gradient signals in an implantable medical device
Active rejection techniques are used to cancel mri gradient signals in an implantable medical device. An active component placed in an input channel of the implantable medical device actively rejects mri gradient signals received on the input channel.
Pacemaker event queue to control device processor operating power
In the present disclosure, conservation of an implantable medical device power supply of is facilitated by controlling the power consumption of the device's processing component. The power supplied to the processing component is controlled to enable processing of received events as a function of predetermined criteria rather than the actual occurrence of the events which is frequent, but irregular.
Leadless intra-cardiac medical device with integrated l-c resonant circuit pressure sensor
A leadless intra-cardiac medical device comprises an integrated l-c resonant circuit pressure sensor. In some embodiments, the pressure sensor comprises a passive sensor that measures pressure in response to an externally generated excitation signal.
Cardiac pacing during medical procedures
An implantable medical device may comprise a therapy module configured to generate pacing therapy for a heart of a patient and a control module configured to control the therapy module. The control module may also be configured to detect a condition indicative of the presence of a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) device and switch operation from a first pacing therapy program to a second pacing therapy program in response to detecting the condition indicative of the presence of the mri device.
Method and apparatus for arrhythmia detection in a medical device
A method and device for detecting arrhythmias in a patient that includes electrodes positioned subcutaneously within the patient, a microprocessor, coupled to the electrodes, determining one of a sequence of the sensing of cardiac signals by the electrodes and a duration between the sensing of cardiac signals by the electrodes, and control circuitry delivering a therapy in response to one of the determined sequence and the determined duration.. .
External defibrillation with automatic post-shock anti-tachycardia (apsat) pacing
A medical device such as an external defibrillator delivers electrical therapy using a special pulse sequence. The special pulse sequence includes a defibrillation shock that is automatically followed by a quick succession of automatic post-shock anti-tachycardia (apsat) pacing pulses.
Special opening aortic embolic protection device for structural heart procedures
A medical device may include an embolic protection device including a distal filter element, a proximal filter element, and a deflector element disposed between and spacing apart the distal filter element and the proximal filter element. An embolic protection device may include a longitudinally-oriented mouth extending from the distal filter element to the proximal filter element.
Centered balloon for the left atrial appendage
A medical device for reducing the volume of a left atrial appendage (laa) may include an elongate shaft having a distal portion, and a volume-reducing means expandable from a collapsed to an expanded state, the volume-reducing means being releasably attached to the distal portion. The volume-reducing means may include an actuatable frame and an impermeable covering disposed over the frame.
Robotic surgical devices, systems, and related methods
The embodiments disclosed herein relate to various medical device components, including components that can be incorporated into robotic and/or in vivo medical devices. Certain embodiments include various modular medical devices for in vivo medical procedures..
Medical device having an electro-magnetic device tip and related method of use
A medical device may include an elongate shaft having a longitudinal axis and a distal end. The medical device may include a distal tip having at least one electromagnetic coil disposed adjacent the distal end and a plurality of bulbous elements disposed about the longitudinal axis.
Micro-articulated surgical instruments using micro gear actuation
A medical device for removing or manipulating tissue of a subject is provided with a distal housing having an end effector, and an elongate member configured to introduce the distal housing to a target tissue site of the subject. The elongate member may have proximal and distal portions interconnected by a joint mechanism that is configured to allow the two portions to articulate relative to one another.
Catheter vacuum dressing apparatus and methods of use
A vacuum dressing to cover a medical device insertion site, generally comprising a transparent film dressing member, adapted to form a sealed region between the film dressing member and a region of skin surrounding the insertion site; a sponge/foam member adapted to be positioned over the insertion site; and vacuum tubing, wherein the vacuum tubing permits vacuum pressure to be applied to the sealed region.. .
Drug retaining surface features in an implantable medical device
An implantable component of a medical device, comprising a polymeric surface. The component includes one or more macro-surface features at the polymeric surface having a configuration that, following application of a liquid drug to the surface retains a quantity of the liquid drug adjacent the surface..
Methods and apparatus for anchoring within the gastrointestinal tract
The present invention relates to an anchor configured for minimally-invasive implantation and sized to remain securely positioned within at least a portion of the gastrointestinal tract of an animal. The anchor includes a radial spring formed from an elongated resilient member shaped into an annular wave pattern about a central axis.
Torso compression medical device and method
A torso compression medical device allows selectively applied compressive torso support to alleviate chest pain. The device includes a flexible band of material having a width of at least several inches and a length sufficient to extend substantially around the person's torso, with handles on ends of the band positioned adjacent the person's hands.
Methods for localizing implanted vascular access devices
Disclosed are vascular access devices, implantable dialysis grafts, and systems including them useful for improved access to implanted medical devices. Also disclosed are implantable hemodialysis vascular access graft devices that facilitate easy, accurate and reproducible cannulation or needle entry into the implanted device by magnetically-locating a portion of the graft that includes one or more paramagnetic materials operably defining the physical boundaries of the target cannulation site/entry port..
Polymeric marker with high radiopacity for use in medical devices
High radiopacity is achieved in a polymeric marker by combining a polymeric resin, a powdered radiopaque agent having uniformly shaped particles of a specific particle size distribution and a wetting agent. The method to produce the marker calls for the blending and pelletization of these materials followed by extrusion onto support beading.
Systems for indicating parameters in an imaging data set and methods of use
Systems and methods for aiding users in viewing, assessing and analyzing images, especially images of lumens and medical devices contained within the lumens. Systems and methods for interacting with images of lumens and medical devices, for example through a graphical user interface..
Coatings for implantable devices comprising poly(hydroxy-alkanoates) and diacid linkages
Coatings for an implantable medical device and a method of fabricating thereof are disclosed, the coatings including block-polymers comprising at least one poly(hydroxyacid) or poly(hydroxy-alkanoate) block, at least one block of a biologically compatible polymer and at least one type of linking moiety.. .

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