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Medical Device patents


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new patent Magnetic shielding of an x-ray emitter
An x-ray emitter includes a housing. In an embodiment, the housing includes a diamagnetic or paramagnetic housing material and a plurality of ferromagnetic particles.
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

new patent Method of producing a cermet-containing bushing for an implantable medical device
One aspect relates to a method for producing an electrical bushing for an implantable medical device. The method includes forming a holding element for holding the electrical bushing in the implantable medical device, the holding element including a through-opening.
Heraeus Deutschland Gmbh & Co. Kg

new patent Non-contact alarm volume reduction
A method and apparatus for providing a caregiver the capability of modifying the tone and volume of an audible alarm for a medical device based on non-contact methods.. .
Segars California Partners, Lp

new patent Method for updating and/or upgrading the operating software of an electronic device
The invention relates to a method for updating and/or upgrading the operating software of an electronic device, particularly a medical device, by means of a user authentication means, particularly a user authentication card, having an integrated memory, which user authentication means a user feeds to the device before the use of the device typical of operation in order to authenticate the user on the device. During the authentication process, one or more software packages are transferred from the user authentication means to the device in order to update and/or upgrade the operating software.
Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

new patent Systems and methods for uniform expansion and heat setting of medical devices
Systems and methods for uniformly expanding and heat setting medical devices. One method can include expanding a medical device by advancing the medical device over a preheated expander, the medical device being uniformly expanded as the medical device is advanced over the preheated expander; and heat setting the expanded medical device while the medical device is positioned over the expander, the preheated expander being maintained at a predetermined heat-setting temperature.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

new patent Portable, hands-free, pre-calibrated and wearable laser brace/wrap type clinical-strength medical device/apparatus, with embedded low-level-laser-therapy (lllt), providing for a new method/modality for pain relief in the form of orthopedic laserwraps, from joint related musculoskeletal pain caused by joint related illnesses including - tennis elbow, carpel-tunnel, arthritis, osteoperosis, plantar fascitis, tendonitis (back pain, knee tendonitis, hand tendonitis, achilles tendonitis), sport injuries & bursitis
Wearable, pre-calibrated & hands-free clinical-strength medical device/s for joint pain relief using a sports/orthopedic brace/wrap (for wrist, knee, elbow, neck & shoulder, ankle & foot & back) embedded with therapeutic low level laser therapy (lllt) based red light (infrared and near infrared) technology. —a convenient portable device for pain relief from joint related musculoskeletal pain caused by illnesses including—tendonitis (back pain, knee tendonitis, hand tendonitis, achilles tendonitis) tennis elbow, carpel-tunnel, arthritis, osteoperosis, plantar fascitis, tissue healing from sports injuries and bursitis, and as an non-invasive alternative to nsaids (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs).

new patent Systems and methods for making and using connector contact arrays for electrical stimulation systems
A connector for an implantable electrical medical device includes an elongated connector body; a connector lumen to receive a lead or lead extension; a non-conductive carrier disposed in the connector body and including at least two rails extending parallel to the connector lumen and pairs of contact holders spaced-apart along the rails; contacts with each contact disposed between one of the pairs of contact holders; and connector conductors coupled to the contacts. Instead of carrier and contacts, the connector can include contact assemblies, each contact assembly including a non-conductive contact carrier defining two nodes, and two contacts, each contact disposed in one of the two nodes, each contact including a coil and a sheath disposed around at least a portion of the coil.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

new patent System and assessing and selecting stimulation vectors in an implantable cardiac resynhronization therapy device
Systems and methods for providing crt therapy to a patient with an implanted multi-site pacing medical device. In one example, an intrinsic electrical delay associated with each of two or more left ventricle electrodes may be determined.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

new patent Confirming sensed atrial events for pacing during resynchronization therapy in a cardiac medical device and medical device system
A medical device and medical device system for controlling delivery of therapeutic stimulation pulses that includes a sensing device to sense a cardiac signal and emit a trigger signal in response to the sensed cardiac signal, a therapy delivery device to receive the trigger signal and deliver therapy to the patient in response to the emitted trigger signal, and a processor positioned within the sensing device, the processor configured to determine whether the sensed cardiac signal exceeds a possible p-wave threshold, compare a portion of the sensed cardiac signal to a p-wave template having a sensing window having a length less than a width of the p-wave, confirm an occurrence of a p-wave signal in response to the comparing, emit the trigger signal in response to the occurrence of a p-wave signal being confirmed, and inhibit delivery of the emitting signal in response to the occurrence of a p-wave signal not being confirmed.. .
Medtronic, Inc.

new patent Cuff-resistant anchoring balloon for medical device
A medical device having an elongate support structure and an inflatable balloon including a first-end portion secured to the support structure at a first location, a second-end portion secured to the support structure at a second location distal to the first location, and a middle-body portion. The first-end portion has a wall thickness greater than a wall thickness of the middle-body portion; the balloon defines a sealed interior through which the support structure extends.
Hologic, Inc.

new patent

Implantable medical device

According to the invention there is provided inter alia an implantable medical device with coatings comprising an immobilized heparin moiety and elutable paclitaxel and to methods for making such devices.. .
W.l Gore & Associates, Inc.

new patent

Magnesium/polymer composite-containing scaffolds to enhance tissue regeneration

The invention relates to magnesium-polymer composites, methods for their preparation and applications for their use. The composites include a combination of magnesium particles and polymer matrix.
University Of Pittsburgh-of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

new patent

Medical device and methods

Hysteroscopic system includes a hysteroscope having a main body coupled to an extension portion. The extension portion may be a shaft configured to extend transcervically to a patient's uterine cavity.
Iogyn, Inc.

new patent

Self-dilating catheter introducer with obturator and use

The present invention relates generally to medical devices and, in particular, to a self-dilating catheter introducer and obturator system for introducing implantable medical devices into a body cavity. Depending on the size of the orifice or opening in which the device is required to pass through determines the french scale size of the device (e.g.

new patent

Mems micro debrider devices and methods of tissue removal

Medical devices for shearing tissue into small pieces are provided. One exemplary device includes oppositely rotating first and second rotatable members, each located at least partially within a distal housing.

new patent

Magnetic field-compatible components of a medical diagnostic and/or therapeutic system

A medical device assembly comprises a medical device comprising a shaft having proximal and distal end portions. The device further comprises a sensor at the distal end portion of the shaft that comprises first and second leads extending therefrom to the proximal end portion of the shaft.
St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.

new patent

Microcavity-containing polymeric medical devices for enhanced ultrasonic echogenicity

An ultrasound-detectable polymeric device that offers superior visibility of the body of the device and decreased ultrasound angle dependence through the use of microcavities and methods of manufacturing thereof is disclosed. These microcavities enable superior ultrasound visualization due to diffuse reflection of sound waves when compared to solid polymeric objects, ensuring that a strong signal is received at the source of the ultrasound transducer and providing strong image contrast throughout the entire cross-section of the implant that is also robust to variable angles of insonation..
Sonavex, Inc.

new patent

Smartphone with telemedical device

The present disclosure discloses a smartphone based telemedical devices incorporating into smartphone medical devices such as stethoscopes, thermometers, ultrasound imaging devices and/or alarm generators for diagnosis or determination of the disease or health status or condition of a user. The present smartphone based telemedical devices can be advantageously and conveniently used to measure and generate and/or remotely transmitting the medical data or information generated by the incorporated medical devices thus allowing an accurate and rapid determination of the status of a user particularly under emergency particularly when there are no regular medical or hospital services are available..

new patent

Medical monitoring and treatment devices, systems, and methods

Medical monitoring and treatment devices, systems, and methods. In one system embodiment, the system comprises a medical device configured to obtain a bodily measurement from a patient; an alert device comprising a receiver configured to receive a signal from the medical device, the signal indicative of the bodily measurement; and at least one user device in communication with the alert device; the alert device configured so that when the bodily measurement falls outside of a predetermined bodily measurement range, the alert device is operable to send an alert signal to the at least one user device, the alert signal indicative of the bodily measurement falling outside of the predetermined bodily measurement range..

Technique simulator

A technique simulator for training a user to introduce a medical device into a radial artery of a human body. The technique simulator includes an arm model possessing an appearance that imitates portions of a human arm including at least a wrist and a simulated human subcutaneous region arranged in a storage groove formed in the wrist of the arm model.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Method and proximity control in cold plasma medical devices

Methods and apparatus are described that use an array of light sources that project converging light beams to control treatment distance. This approach controls treatment distance without contacting the patient or increasing the risk of pathogenic contamination.
Plasmology4, Inc.

Method and detecting arrhythmias in a subcutaneous medical device

A method and system for use with an implantable medical device for subcutaneous implant within a patient to determine a likelihood of the patient experiencing a cardiac event that includes sensing a cardiac signal along a plurality of different sensing vectors, determining state information of each vector of the plurality of sensing vectors, determining a cross correlation of the determined state information of each vector of the plurality of sensing vectors, comparing the cross correlation of the determined state information of each vector of the plurality of sensing vectors to a threshold, and detecting the cardiac event in response to the comparing.. .
Medtronic, Inc.

System and resetting an implantable medical device

In one embodiment, a method, of operating an implantable medical device, comprises: (i) operating reset logic within the implantable medical device that is independently operable from a processor of the implantable medical device after the implantable medical device is implanted within a patient, wherein the processor is adapted for central control of the implantable medical device; (ii) operating a magnetic field sensor in the implantable medical device; (iii) generating digital data using, at least, the magnetic field sensor; (iv) detecting, by the reset logic, a digital key in the digital data; (v) in response to (iv), asserting a reset signal on a pin of the processor by the reset logic; and (vi) conducting reset operations in the processor in response to the reset signal.. .
Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, Inc.

Hybrid communication channel for communicating with an implantable medical device

An apparatus comprises a communication channel comprising a plurality of disparate sequential communication links configured to facilitate bi-direction communication between an implantable medical device (imd) and a programmer. A transceiver is configured to communicate with the programmer via a first communication link of the plurality of disparate communication links.
Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.

Methods and devices for maintaining an open pathway in a vessel

Medical devices and methods are disclosed in the present application. In one illustrative example a medical device may comprise a catheter shaft extending from a proximal end to a distal end and the catheter shaft may include a plurality of catheter shaft lumens extending through at least a portion of the catheter shaft.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Needle safety device

The invention relates to a needle safety device for a medical device, the needle safety device comprising: a base portion having a bore extending along a longitudinal center axis therethrough for receiving a needle; and two opposing jaws extending from the base portion generally in the axial direction and each having a head portion in the region of its free end, wherein the needle safety device includes a locking projection for securing the needle safety device to the medical device. The needle safety device according to the invention further provides at least one elastic element mounted to the jaws in a non-surrounding manner lateral to the center axis in a region between the base portion and the head portions, wherein at least one elastic element and the jaws are configured such that the jaws can be spread apart against a restoring force of at least one elastic element in order to allow the needle received in the bore to extend all the way through the needle safety device..
Poly Medicure Limited

Structure for use as part of a medical device

The present invention generally relates to an articulating structure for use as at least part of a medical device. In one aspect, the invention features an articulating structure comprising an inner member, a sleeve, a pull wire, and an outer member.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Coatings with crystallized active agent(s) and methods

The present invention relates to coatings with crystallized active agent(s) and related methods. In an embodiment, the invention includes a method for coating a medical device including selecting a solvent and a polymer, selecting a concentration of an active agent of at least a certain amount of saturation, forming a coating composition having the selected concentration of the active agent, and applying the coating composition to the medical device.
Surmodics, Inc.

Anti-microbial device and its manufacture

An antimicrobial medical device that includes a substrate having a metal surface that is made from a metal or metal alloy that may include stainless steel, cobalt, and titanium. Disposed on the metal surface is a first antimicrobial oxide layer that includes an antimicrobial metal that may include silver, copper, and zinc, and combinations thereof.
Nanovis, Llc

Method for improving stent retention and deployment characteristics

Medical devices and methods for making, preparing, and using medical devices are disclosed. An example method may include disposing an implantable medical device along an outer surface of a balloon.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Medical device for a cardiac valve implant

A medical device for delivering and retrieving a medical implant is disclosed comprising a sheath, a wire having a distal end and being movable in a lumen of the sheath in a longitudinal direction of the sheath. The distal end comprises a locking structure for receiving and interlock with a complementary mating surface of a medical implant, wherein the locking structure comprises a first locking surface aligned in a first radial direction to lock rotational movement of the implant, when received in the locking structure, around the longitudinal direction.
Medtentia International Ltd Oy

Medical device having extenable members

This disclosure provides design, material, manufacturing method, and use alternatives for medical devices. An example medical device includes a scaffold including a central member and a plurality of extension members extending away from the central member.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Medical tools and methods for gaining access to extravascular spaces

This disclosure provides tools and implant techniques utilizing such tools to gain access to and implant a medical device, such as a medical electrical lead, within extravascular spaces. In one example, this disclosure provides a tool for creating a sub-sternal tunnel in a patient.
Medtronic, Inc.

Detachable implantable devices

Described herein are delivery devices and systems for delivering a detachable medical device and various associated methods of using such devices and systems.. .
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Deployment mechanism for implantable medical devices

A system for controlling deployment of an implantable medical includes an implantable medical device and a gripper mechanism. One or both of the medical device and the gripper mechanism are made from a shape-memory alloy material having a temperature at which the material will transition from a martensite state to an austenite state.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Steerable medical device

A medical device is provided. The medical device includes an elongated device body having a steerable portion including a plurality of segments.
Human Extensions Ltd.

Systems and methods for communicating data

An external medical device including monitoring circuitry and communication circuitry. The monitoring circuity monitors a cardiac condition of a patient using the external medical device.
Zoll Medical Corporation

Feedthrough connectors

According to an embodiment, an implantable medical device is disclosed. The device includes a sealed housing enclosing an electronic circuitry, a plurality of feedthrough conductors, each conductor of the plurality of feedthrough conductors includes a proximal end part connected to the enclosed electronic circuitry and a distal end part available external to the housing.
Oticon Medical A/s

Determining and forecasting end of life for an implantable medical device having a rechargeable battery

An algorithm programmed into the control circuitry of a rechargeable-battery implantable medical device (imd) is disclosed that can quantitatively forecast and determine the timing of an early replacement indicator (teoli) and an imd end of life (teol). These forecasts and determinations of teoli and teol occur in accordance with one or more parameters having an effect on rechargeable battery capacity, such as number of charging cycles, charging current, discharge depth, load current, and battery calendar age.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

Device for simulating analysis of blood glucose levels

Disclosed is a method and apparatus for providing a realistic training environment for health care and patient care providers using a simulated medical device. The method can include actuating a first actuator of the simulated medical device that turns on the device and then actuating a second actuator of the device, where, in response to the actuation of the second actuator, the user is prompted to simulate scanning a bar code.
Pocket Nurse Enterprises, Inc.

Medical device connectivity interface system and method

A system includes a medical monitor having a sensor input responsive to a sensor signal representative of a physiological parameter; a processor that may calculate the physiological parameter from the sensor signal; an output port in communication with the processor to output medical data comprising the calculated physiological parameter in a first communication protocol; a removable interface having an input port receptive of the medical data in the first communication protocol; a memory storing code that may translate the medical data into a second communication protocol; and a first output port that may transmit the medical data in the second communication protocol to an external system that recognizes the second communication protocol and not the first communication protocol.. .
Covidien Lp

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