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Medical Device patents


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 Enabling data communication between an implantable medical device and a patient management system patent thumbnailEnabling data communication between an implantable medical device and a patient management system
Embodiments of the invention provide methods, systems, and devices for enabling data communication between an imd and a host computer. In one embodiment, a device is provided that comprises a frequency and protocol agile transceiver capable of communicating with an imd via a first communications link and with a host computer via a second wireless communications link, wherein the first wireless communication link is configured for substantially shorter communication range than the second wireless communication link.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

 Systems and methods for producing medical devices patent thumbnailSystems and methods for producing medical devices
The present disclosure provides systems and methods for producing customized medical devices, such as customized medical grade labels, customized medical kits, and other medical devices having customizable features.. .
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

 Readmission risk scores patent thumbnailReadmission risk scores
Systems for use with a medical device for reducing medical facility readmission risks are provided. In one aspect, a system includes a medical device that is configurable with operating limit parameters for providing testing or treatment to a patient, and a limiting system.
Carefusion 303, Inc.

 Position detecting system patent thumbnailPosition detecting system
A position detecting system includes: a capsule medical device having therein a magnetic field generation coil for generating a magnetic field; detection coils configured to detect the magnetic field generated by the magnetic field generation coil, and to output detection signals; at least one reference coil configured to detect a magnetic field and to output a detection signal, and arranged at a position where a signal-to-noise ratio to the magnetic field generated by the magnetic field generation coil is smaller than a signal-to-noise ratio in each of the detection signals detected by the detection coils; and a magnetic field correction unit configured to correct magnetic field detection values based on the detection signals respectively output from the detection coils, using at least one reference magnetic field detection value that is a detection value of the magnetic field based on the detection signal output from the at least one reference coil.. .
Olympus Corporation

 Thermoplastic polyurethane materials for forming medical devices patent thumbnailThermoplastic polyurethane materials for forming medical devices
Principles and embodiments of the present invention relate generally to thermoplastic polyurethane materials having controlled and improved stiffness and/or flexibility, and methods to prepare them. The thermoplastic polyurethanes described herein having superior stiffness and softening properties may be fabricated into film, tubing, and other forms of medical devices.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

 Use of a dedicated remote control as an intermediary device to communicate with an implantable medical device patent thumbnailUse of a dedicated remote control as an intermediary device to communicate with an implantable medical device
Systems and methods are disclosed in which an external device such as a consumer mobile device (e.g., smart phone) is used as an external controller to bi-directionally communicate with an implantable medical device (imd) using a dedicated patient remote control (rc) as an intermediary device to translate communications between the two. The dedicated rc contains a graphical user interface allowing for control and monitoring of the imd even if the mobile device is not present in the system, which is useful as a back-up should the mobile device experience problems.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

 Self-learning  for managing intracardiac cycle extension patent thumbnailSelf-learning for managing intracardiac cycle extension
An implantable medical device is provided that comprises a pulse generator circuit that times delivery of ventricular pacing pulses based on a base intracardiac interval (ici). A processor is provided that has memory storing program instructions and storing atrial and ventricular events over multiple cardiac cycles and that is responsive to execution of the program instructions.
Pacesetter, Inc.

 Mri-safe implantable lead assembly patent thumbnailMri-safe implantable lead assembly
A medical device includes a pulse generator and a filter. The pulse generator is configured to generate a stimulation signal and to provide the stimulation signal to tissue of a patient via an implantable lead assembly.
Cyberonics, Inc.

 Medical device delivery system patent thumbnailMedical device delivery system
A medical device delivery system can be used to advance a medical device to a target area within a patient's vasculature. The system can comprise a catheter, a support sheath, and a core member coupled to a medical device.
Covidien Lp

 Medical devices and related event pattern presentation methods patent thumbnailMedical devices and related event pattern presentation methods
Infusion devices and related patient management systems and methods are provided. An exemplary method of presenting information pertaining to operation of an infusion device to deliver fluid to a body of a patient involves identifying a plurality of event patterns within different monitoring periods based on measurement values for the patient's condition, prioritizing the identified event patterns based on one or more prioritization criteria, filtering the prioritized list of identified event patterns based on one or more filtering criteria, and then providing a respective pattern guidance display for each identified event pattern remaining in the filtered prioritized list..
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

Personal medical device and use with restricted mode challenge

A personal medical device and method of use with restricted mode challenge having a personal medical device including: a memory operable to store programming code; a processor operably connected to the memory; a user input having input buttons to receive input from the user; and a user display to display output to the user. The processor is operable to: detect a user request for entry to the restricted mode; display a user input image on the user display, the user input image including display buttons corresponding to the input buttons; highlight one of the display buttons; detect actuation of one of the input buttons on the user input; and deny entry to the restricted mode when the one of the input buttons does not correspond to the highlighted display button..
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

Coated medical device

A coated medical device (10) including a structure (12) adapted for introduction into a passage or vessel of a patient. The structure is formed of preferably a non-porous base material (14) having a bioactive material layer (18) disposed thereon.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Retrieval of medical devices

A medical device retrieval system can include an elongate core member and an expandable member coupled to a distal portion of the elongate core member. The expandable member can move between collapsed and expanded states.
Covidien Lp

Devce with tensioners

This disclosure provides for a medical device to be implanted in the vasculature and a method for treatment in the vasculature. The device has an outer layer of a first material and an inner layer of a second material attached to the outer layer.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Catheter with atraumatic tip

A medical device is provided comprising a shaft comprising a first segment and a second segment. The first segment is configured to buckle upon application of a first critical force.
St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.

Detecting short circuits in electrosurgical medical devices

An electrosurgical system for providing an electrosurgical signal to a patient is disclosed. The electrosurgical system includes a control circuit, wherein the control circuit is programmed to: provide the electrosurgical signal to a first electrode and a second electrode, receive a plurality of input variables, wherein the plurality of input variables are indicative of a short being either present or absent between the first electrode and the second electrode, and apply a short detection algorithm to the plurality of input variables to indicate either a short circuit or no short circuit between the first electrode and the second electrode during the provision of the electrosurgical signal.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Therapy to treat pelvic floor dysfunction and/or pain

In some examples, the disclosure describes devices, systems, and techniques for treating pain and/or pelvic floor dysfunction of a patient. For example, a method for treating pelvic floor dysfunction in a patient may include delivering, via a medical device, a therapy to one or more nerve fibers, wherein the therapy is configured to at least temporarily deactivate the one or more nerve fibers; and determining that the one or more nerve fibers was at least temporarily deactivated by delivering the therapy..
Medtronic, Inc.

Clot retrieval system

A method of making a platform of medical devices from a single tube of a memory metal is described. The single tube, which may be generally cylindrical, is cut to form perforations that function as scoring lines and are located adjacent to the proximal and distal ends.
Legacy Ventures Llc

Implantable fastener for attachment of a medical device to tissue

Implantable fasteners that can be repositioned after implantation, and implants including these repositionable implantable fasteners, have been developed. The fasteners are designed to fixate medical devices and other implantable components in the body, and can be adjusted after initial fixation in tissue to reposition the implanted medical device.
Tepha, Inc.

System and electrocardiogram analysis and optimization of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and therapy delivery

The system and method provide for electrocardiogram analysis and optimization of patient-customized cardiopulmonary resuscitation and therapy delivery. An external medical device includes a housing and a processor within the housing.
Physio-control, Inc.

Intracardiac medical device with pressure sensing

An implantable medical device includes a housing having a proximal end and a distal end, a control module enclosed by the housing, and a pressure sensor electrically coupled to the control module. A fixation member is coupled to the housing distal end for anchoring the housing distal end at a fixation site within a cardiovascular system of a patient, and the pressure sensor is spaced apart proximally from the fixation member..
Medtronic, Inc.

Lower extremity visual device

The lower extremity visual device is a portable medical device that allows individuals as well as physicians the ability to view the lower extremity. With the use of mirrors and an attachable bracket for digital visual imaging devices such as an attachable camera, the patient can more readily identify abnormalities and aliments of the lower extremity of the body and track the progress of healing.

Sandwich cathode lithium battery with high energy density

A lithium electrochemical cell with increased energy density is described. The electrochemical cell comprises an improved sandwich cathode design with a second cathode active material of a relatively high energy density but of a relatively low rate capability sandwiched between two current collectors and with a first cathode active material having a relatively low energy density but of a relatively high rate capability in contact with the opposite sides of the two current collectors.
Greatbatch Ltd.

Clinical data obfuscation and enhancement wireless medical devices

According to one aspect of the present invention, a sensor for diagnosing a physiological or physical state includes a measurement system configured to determine clinical data for one or more parameters related to the physiological or physical state, a first memory configured to store the clinical data, a transmitter configured to transmit the clinical data according to a first communications protocol, a receiver configured to receive enhanced data according to a second communications protocol, and a second memory configured to store the enhanced data. The enhanced data is based on the clinical data..
Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings Ag

User interface system for a medical device

A customizable and intuitive user interface for medical systems and devices, such as cardiopulmonary bypass systems, perfusion systems, extracorporeal circulation apparatuses, and heart-lung machines, is provided, which allows for ease of access to critical patient data to facilitate blood perfusion and to monitor and regulate various physiological parameters of a patient and an extracorporeal blood flow circuit during surgical procedures, such as cardiopulmonary bypass and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ecmo).. .
Maquet Cardiopulmonary Gmbh

Protein adhesion inhibitor

To provide an inhibitor for inhibiting protein adhesion capable of easily forming a coating layer which is excellent in water resistance, from which coating components are less likely to be eluted, on which protein is less likely to be adsorbed and which is excellent in biocompatibility; a coating solution; a medical device having a coating layer employing this inhibitor for inhibiting protein adhesion; a method for producing the same; and a fluoropolymer to be used in this inhibitor for inhibiting protein adhesion. A compound for inhibiting protein adhesion comprising a fluoropolymer that has units having a biocompatible group, a fluorine atom content of from 5 to 60 mass % and a proportion p represented by the following formula of from 0.1 to 4.5%.
Asahi Glass Company, Limited

Medical device transport containers

Medical containers are provided, wherein the containers may be used to transport medical devices. The medical container can include a front panel, a rear panel, and a lower panel cooperating to form a cavity.
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Stabilizer wheel assembly and methods of use

Included is a stabilizer wheel assembly that may assist in stabilizing a medical device during a medical procedure. A medical device may comprise a body; and a plurality of stabilizer wheel assemblies coupled to the body, wherein the stabilizer wheel assemblies each comprise a motor assembly and a stabilization leg, wherein the motor assembly is configured to drive the stabilization leg onto a contact surface to stabilize the body..
Globus Medical, Inc.

Programming and virtual reality representation of stimulation parameter groups

The present disclosure involves a medical system that includes one or more implantable medical devices configured to deliver a medical therapy to a patient. The medical system also includes a portable electronic device on which a touch-sensitive user interface is implemented.
Nuvectra Corporation

Electronic medical system with implantable medical device, having wireless power supply transfer

An electronic medical system is described. The system comprises an external rf power transmitter configured to emit a first power signal via an electromagnetic coupling, said rf power transmitter being configured to emit said first energy signal with a power no greater than 1 w.
Ado Holding Sa

Sealed implantable medical device and forming same

Various embodiments of a sealed package and a method of forming the package are disclosed. The package can include a housing extending along a housing axis between a first end and a second end, and an electronic device disposed within the housing that includes a device contact.
Medtronic, Inc.

Devices and methods for adjusting pacing rates in an implantable medical device

Systems, devices, and methods are disclosed for limiting the duration of elevated pacing rates in an implantable medical device. An illustrative device may include a housing, a plurality of electrodes connected to the housing, and a controller within the housing and connected to the electrodes.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

Interventional medical systems, catheters, and subassemblies

An engagement subassembly of a catheter, for retrieving an implanted medical device, may include at least three segments or, alternately, capture members being spring biased outward from a longitudinal axis of the subassembly, wherein a device receptacle of the catheter forces the capture members/segments, against the spring bias thereof, toward the axis. Each capture member includes a spring-biased wire and a grip, which is located between proximal and distal portions of the corresponding wire, and which is configured to interlock within a gap between a device attachment feature and housing; a length of each wire distal portion may be approximately equal to that of the device housing.
Medtronic, Inc.

Implantable modular electrode array assembly

This disclosure describes various modular electrode assemblies. For example, an implantable modular electrode assembly may include a hub including a plurality of electrical contacts configured to receive electrical signals from an implantable medical device, a first electrode module including a first substrate and a first plurality of electrodes on the first substrate, and a second electrode module including a second substrate and a second plurality of electrodes on the second substrate.
Medtronic, Inc.

Systems and methods for anchoring medical devices

Some embodiments of a medical device anchor system include an anchor device that secures a medical instrument (such as a catheter or the like) in place relative to a skin penetration point using subcutaneous anchors.. .
Interrad Medical, Inc.

Methods and systems for treatment of a bladder

A medical device is disclosed. The medical device may include an elongate member having a proximal end and a distal end an expandable end effector assembly extending distally from the distal end of the elongate member.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Methods, medical devices and kits for modifying the luminal profile of a body vessel

Methods of modifying the luminal profile of a body vessel are described. An example method comprises advancing a cannula out of the distal end of a catheter disposed within the lumen of a body vessel of an animal and toward a target site on the wall of the body vessel; passing contrast dye through the cannula toward the target site; simultaneously continuing the advancing and passing until the distal end of the cannula punctures the inner layer of the wall of the body vessel at the target site; and passing a bulking agent through the cannula and into a space between connective tissue layers surrounding the vessel wall at the target site.

Gas release cell

A gas release cell for use with pneumatically actuated sharps-containing medical devices. The gas release cell has a rigid outer shell and a sealing membrane sealingly engaged with the rigid outer shell.
L.o.m. Laboratories Inc.

Patterned surfaces

The present disclosure provides patterned materials that may be useful in reducing certain negative effects associated with damaged tissue in vivo. The patterned materials can modify the healing process, and may minimize the formation of scar tissue.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

Patterned surface

The present disclosure provides patterned materials that may be useful in reducing certain negative effects associated with damaged tissue in vivo. The patterned materials can modify the healing process, and may minimize the formation of scar tissue.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

Methods and apparatuses for vertebral body distraction and fusion employing a coaxial screw gear sleeve mechanism

Medical devices in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention employ one or more coaxial screw gear sleeve mechanisms. In various embodiments, coaxial screw gear sleeve mechanisms include a post with a threaded exterior surface and a corresponding sleeve configured to surround the post, the corresponding sleeve having a threaded interior surface configured to interface with the threaded exterior surface of the post and a geared exterior surface.
Spinex Tec Llc

Tiltable implantable medical device

The implantable medical device includes at least one frame having a rounded shape and formed of a plurality of rounded legs. In one embodiment, the device includes two frames having similar rounded shapes and coupled to one another by means of a flexible coupling.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Medical device having removable deployment device and affixation element

A medical device including a first layer having an opening formed therein. A second layer is positioned with respect to the first layer to form a pocket therebetween.
Atrium Medical Corporation

Devices, systems, and methods to support, stabilize, and position a medical device

A stabilizer system for supporting a medical device includes a platform and a stabilizer body positioned on the platform and being slidably translatable about the platform. The platform includes a translation actuator configured to engage with a receiving member of the stabilizer body.
Evalve, Inc.

Stress shielding and variable tensioning system for pelvic fracture management of osteoporotic bones

An apparatus for use with a medical device is disclosed that includes an end plate. The end plate includes a fixation portion configured to attach to a proximal bone segment.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Dottering tools for implanting medical devices

Insertion tools for medical applications. An illustrative example is an insertion tool for implanting a lead such as a subcutaneous defibrillation lead, which includes a handle at a proximal end, a catheter, and a distal end.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

Lumen passability checking device

A lumen passability checking device checks whether a capsule medical device configured to be introduced into a gastrointestinal tract of a subject is allowed to pass through the gastrointestinal tract. The device includes: a main body dissolvable by a substance in the gastrointestinal tract; a first layer coating the main body, having an outer diameter substantially equivalent to an outer diameter in a minor axis of the capsule medical device, and being dissolvable by the substance in the gastrointestinal tract; and a second layer coating the first layer and being dissolvable by the substance in the gastrointestinal tract.
Olympus Corporation

System and correlation of patient health information and device data

A system and method for correlating health related data for display. The system includes a medical device recording data and a display producing device which correlates the data and simultaneously displays different types of data or displays two sets of the same type of data along with the circumstances at which the two sets of data were recorded.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

Medical device and methods of monitoring a patient with renal dysfunction

Embodiments relate to a method of monitoring physiological parameters of a patient with renal dysfunction. The method includes electrically connecting one or more medical device electrodes with a measurement site of a patient, generating one or more first stimulation signals sufficient to provide input physiological parameters specific to the patient, measuring one or more first bioimpedance values from the generated signals, analyzing at least one of the input physiological parameters within the one or more first bioimpedance values and generating a personalized dialysis program.
Medtronic Monitoring, Inc.

Ultralow-power implantable hub-based wireless implantable sensor communication

Communication power in a medical device system is managed by providing power from a power supply to a communication circuit in a sensing device according to a first communication wake up mode set for a first time period and according to a second communication wake up mode set for a second time period. The second communication wake-up mode is established by a second device..
Medtronic, Inc.

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