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Collet adapter

Anca Pty

Collet adapter

Locking rim cell phone case


Locking rim cell phone case

Locking rim cell phone case

Screen Holdings

Substrate processing apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Extended articular surface resurfacing head patent thumbnailnew patent Extended articular surface resurfacing head
A modular humeral head resurfacing implant including a head, an anchoring stem, and a modular extended articulation flange. The head includes an exterior hemispherical articulating surface defining a terminating rim, an interior concave surface opposite to the exterior articulating surface, and a first coupling mechanism proximate to the terminating rim.
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc
 Heart anchor positioning devices, methods, and systems for treatment of congestive heart failure and other conditions patent thumbnailnew patent Heart anchor positioning devices, methods, and systems for treatment of congestive heart failure and other conditions
According to one embodiment, a heart anchor tensioning device includes a main body and an elongate shaft. A tension member or tether may be inserted through a lumen of the elongate shaft to allow the shaft to be advanced over the tension member and within a body while the main body is positioned outside of the body.
Bioventrix, Inc.
 Locking rim cell phone case patent thumbnailnew patent Locking rim cell phone case
A cellular phone case includes an insert panel. The insert panel is flat and has an insert panel height with an insert panel width.
Evutec Corporation
 Fluid machine and rankine cycle patent thumbnailnew patent Fluid machine and rankine cycle
A fluid machine includes: a first shaft; a compressor/expander fluid machine; a planetary gear mechanism having a sun gear connected to a second shaft rotating in synchronization with the compressor/expander fluid machine, a ring gear connected to the first shaft, a planetary gear, and a planetary carrier; a first clutch that locks/releases the planetary carrier and one of the ring gear and the sun gear; a second clutch that locks/releases the planetary carrier and the housing; a clutch control unit that controls locking/releasing of the first and second clutches depending on whether the compressor/expander fluid machine operates as an expander or a compressor.. .
Sanden Corporation
 Ring binder mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Ring binder mechanism
A ring binder mechanism for holding loose-leaf pages has a housing and rings movable between closed and open positions. The rings are mounted on hinge plates supported by the housing for pivoting movement relative to the housing.
World Wide Stationery Mfg. Co., Ltd.
 Optical module having latching mechanism of cover with bush patent thumbnailnew patent Optical module having latching mechanism of cover with bush
An optical module with an improved coupling portion to couple an optical device with an external fiber is disclosed. The coupling portion includes a stub to secure a coupling fiber in a center thereof, a bush to support the stub, a sleeve to receive the stub in a portion thereof and an external ferrule in another portion, and a sleeve cover to cover the sleeve.
Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Inc.
 Method and system for nature observation patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for nature observation
A nature observation device has a lower housing including a camera, the camera being configured to record images of nature. The observation device may include an upper housing configured to be disposed adjacent to and on top of the lower housing, the upper housing including a transmitter and a microphone.
 Collet adapter patent thumbnailnew patent Collet adapter
A collet adaptor 20 including a work piece clamp mechanism 29. The collet adaptor 20 is rotatable about a first axis a and the work piece clamp mechanism 29 is mounted within the collet adaptor 20 for rotation with the collect adaptor 20.
Anca Pty Ltd.
 Support bracket patent thumbnailnew patent Support bracket
A support bracket includes a housing, a driving member, a first linking member, a gear mechanism, a first engaging member, a second linking member and a second engaging member. The housing has a guiding rail and a through hole.
Wistron Corporation
 Insulating container and latching mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Insulating container and latching mechanism
According to an aspect of the invention, a latching mechanism/device is provided, as well as a method of maintaining a closed position between opposing first and second portions of a container. The latching mechanism includes a latch attached to the first portion and a latch keeper integrally molded to the second portion.
Yeti Coolers, Llc
new patent

Feeding device

A feeding device includes a guiding assembly and a clamping mechanism. The guiding assembly includes a guiding rod and a transfer rod coupled to the guiding rod.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
new patent

Ladder lift

A ladder lift is provided. The ladder lift may include a foldable platform, a frame, a motorized gear mechanism, a gear channel and a toggle switch.
new patent

Resilient track frame pivot mechanism

The present disclosure provides a pivot joint about which a track frame pivots relative to a main frame of a work machine. The pivot joint includes a housing having a first cover portion, a second cover portion, and at least one load-bearing rib.
Deere & Company
new patent

Electronic frame for use with coupled conduit segments

An electronic frame for use in a downhole component coupling mechanism in a segmented wired pipe system includes a first frame element including at least one retaining structure configured to retain an electronic component. The frame also includes a sealed chamber disposed in the frame element, the sealed chamber including inputs to receive input signals from communication elements and either couple the inputs together or direct the input signals to control electronics..
Baker Hughes Incorporated
new patent

Assembly and taping walls for painting stripes and patterns

Assemblies and methods for applying painter's tape to a wall for painting stripes thereon wherein the assembly has a first elongated body with a first straight outer edge, a second elongated body having a second straight outer edge with a substantially transparent body and having a tape width guide marking substantially along the elongated body with a plurality of elongated markings parallel to the second straight outer edge, two or more arms each having ends rotatably coupled to the first and second elongated bodies respectively, each of the arms being spaced apart of another and coupled at different positions of the elongated bodies, and a coupling mechanism rotatably coupling an arm to one of the elongated bodies and having a locking feature selectively fixing the angular position of the coupling mechanism and preventing rotation of the rotatably coupled arm relative to the coupled elongated body.. .
new patent

Shedding waste selvage in a loom

A shedding apparatus for waste selvage includes a pair of first swing levers and a pair of second swing levers for forming an open shed of selvage yarns. The drive force to the swing levers is transmitted by cranking through a drive shaft which is coaxial with the sun gear of a planetary gear mechanism.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki
new patent

Adjustable umbrella

An adjustable umbrella, which includes: an umbrella base, a stand column, a sliding sleeve, a cross rod, an umbrella cover adjustment mechanism, a drawing rod, and an umbrella frame, wherein a top of the umbrella frame is rotatably attached to a top end of the cross rod through a rotating mechanism, a bottom joint of the cross rod is rotatably connected to the sliding sleeve, the umbrella frame has an elongated umbrella rib with a bottom end, the bottom end of the elongated umbrella rib is connected to the umbrella cover adjustment mechanism, the umbrella frame is rotatable by adjusting the umbrella cover adjustment mechanism. The sunshade is novel in appearance, and has strong practical performance and reasonable and practical structure..
Phaeton Manufacturing Llc
new patent

Air gun magazine with ratchet loading mechanism

A magazine for an air gun is provided with first and second shells; an internal passage; a rotatable shaft including a lengthwise groove on a surface, and a transverse slot on the surface communicating with the groove; a pulley rotatably put on the shaft and having both ends rotatably secured to the first and second shells respectively; a ratchet mechanism mounted on the pulley; a pin inserted into the pulley to dispose in one end of the groove; a line having one end wound on the pulley, the line extending through the passage to have an other end engaged with a projectile support in the passage; a spring put on the line and biased between the pulley and the projectile support; and a spring biased knob disposed on an outer surface of the first shell and secured to the shaft.. .
new patent

Substrate processing apparatus

A substrate processing apparatus comprising a substrate holding rotating mechanism, a process liquid supply mechanism having a nozzle for dispensing a process liquid toward a principal face of the substrate, a processing liquid reservoir for holding sufficient process liquid to form a liquid film covering the whole principal face of the substrate, a liquid film forming unit for forming the liquid film by supplying the process liquid onto the principal face of the substrate in a single burst, and a control unit for controlling the liquid film forming unit and the process liquid supply mechanism such that the process liquid is dispensed from the process liquid nozzle toward the principal face of the substrate after formation of the liquid film covering the whole area of the principal face of the substrate by the liquid film forming unit.. .
Screen Holdings Co. Ltd.
new patent

Rip fense with lockng mechanisms

A table saw includes a movable rip fence and a base including an upper cutting surface through which a blade extends. The rip fence includes front and rear clamping mechanisms connected to front and rear ends of a casing respectively.
new patent

Ratchet tools

Illustrative embodiments of ratchet tools are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, a ratchet tool may comprise an output shaft, a motor, and a transmission coupled between the output shaft and the motor.
Ingersoll-rand Company
new patent

Lift system, overload coupling and operating the lift system

A lift system defines a vertical hoist axis and includes a holding unit for lifting and lowering an object in a direction along the vertical hoist axis. An overload coupling mutually connects the drive shaft of a motor and the input shaft of a gear assembly.
Efs-gesellschaft Fuer Hebe-und Handhabungstechnik Mbh
new patent

Flexible wall system

The present invention relates to a novel, sustainable, flexible, modular, reusable constriction system, which can be used as a vertical or horizontal space-enclosing element (fig. 1) or can functionally extend existing space enclosures as a lacing shell (fig.
Jan-michael Werner
new patent

Latch alignment jig

A jig includes a plate with at least one jig aperture which defines a jig aperture axis; a striker defined along a striker axis generally parallel to the aperture axis; and a bias member movable relative to the striker axis. A method of mounting a latch mechanism to a door of a vehicle, the door includes a multiple of latch mechanism apertures, includes mounting a jig to the latch mechanism, the jig biased with respect to the door to align a multiple of jig apertures with the multiple of latch mechanism apertures..
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.
new patent

Shower partition assembly

A shower partition assembly that includes at least one and preferably at least two innovative hinge mechanisms, a stationary wall and a door pivotally attached thereto by the hinge mechanisms, wherein in the closed state, the door panel is flush with the stationary wall. The substantially parallel gap formed between the stationary wall and the pivoting door is sealed by a sealer, wherein the pivoting door may pivot in both directions, with respect to the stationary wall.

Patch cord plug organizer

The present invention is directed to a cable organizer. The cable organizer has a base with a plurality of ports.
Panduit Corp.

Apparatus for closing the slag doorway and for cleaning the slag doorway and channel of a metallurgical furnace and relative method

A method and apparatus closing a slag doorway and cleaning the slag doorway and channel of a metallurgical furnace including walls defining a slag doorway and a slag channel that crosses the slag doorway and has a bottom. The apparatus includes a support structure associable with the furnace, at least one slag-breaking body including a lower border that, under mounting conditions of the apparatus on the furnace, is directed towards the bottom and at a definable height, the slag-breaking body being associated with the support structure in a movable manner along the slag channel away and/or towards the slag doorway to wipe, with its lower border, the bottom or a parallel plane, and a vibrating or oscillating mechanism associated with the slag-breaking body to confer a vibrating or oscillating movement with non null component incident the bottom, during a travel performed during its movement away or towards the slag doorway..
Tenova S. P. A.

Translating stowage bin and assembly

A stowage bin is provided. The stowage bin includes a bucket, a support assembly, and at least one translating pivot mechanism rotatably coupling the support assembly to the bucket, the at least one translating pivot mechanism including a first component fixedly coupled to the bucket and comprising a first pin and a first slot, and a second component fixedly coupled to the support assembly and including a second pin and a second slot, wherein the first and second components engage one another such that the first pin is received in the second slot and the second pin is received in the first slot..
The Boeing Company

Quick release

A quick release mechanism for at least partially muscle-powered two-wheeled vehicles such as bicycles having a through axle extending in the axial direction, a clamping device at a first end of the through axle and a fastener at the second end of the through axle and with a clamping mechanism for clamping the clamping device. The clamping device includes an engaging section for applying a clamping force from the clamping mechanism to the clamping device and a clamping section with an annular pressure area for clamping.
Dt Swiss Inc.

Identification system for beer fonts, growlers, and wine bottles

The present invention disclosure reveals an easily changed beer font and wine bottle or growler cork system that comprises easily changed standardized faceplates useful for quick identification. A font body is affixed to the industry standard beer tap or cork, a sliding mechanism allows for quick change of a identifying faceplate, and a magnet pair mounted on the faceplate and font body to assist the assembly's rigidity and security..

Method of protection in tower

A method for using a guard for structural members is disclosed. This can reduce worker injury with a thin sheet metal or plastic, broadly u-shaped guard plate attached to a structural support through attachment to a pair of clamps, each with a primary and a secondary threaded clamp mechanism.

Slam latch bolt dampener

A slam latch mechanism employs an actuation lever rotatable from a first position to a second position and having a prong extending therefrom. A bolt, resiliently retractable from an extended position with the actuation lever in the first position, has a land with a slip surface engaging the prong in the second position to retract said bolt.
The Boeing Company

Multi-level sofa hinge for sofa convertible

A sofa hinge that provides easy conversion of a sofa convertible from one position to another while providing added safety by substantially reducing the risk of an injury to the operator's fingers. The sofa hinge includes a first and a second bracket rotatably connected to the sofa hinge at a bolt.
Lifestyle Solutions, Inc.

Surgical instrument

A surgical instrument is provided. The surgical instrument includes a housing.
Covidien Lp

Systems and methods for providing pressure to an extremity

A high-performance tourniquet for use in rugged environments is disclosed. The tourniquet includes a strap which surrounds an extremity to apply pressure to the extremity.

Injection unit for administering or delivering a fluid product

The invention relates to an injection unit, preferably a pen-shaped injection unit, for administering or delivering a fluid product. The injection unit comprises a housing, an axially movable piston rod mounted in the housing in a non-rotatable manner, a delivery apparatus having a threaded nut that is able to move the piston rod in order to deliver product, a dosing device having a dosing sleeve, a rotary knob, a discharge button arranged coaxially on the dosing sleeve, and a receptacle for the product.
Tecpharma Licensing Ag

Medical injection device with injection site pain reduction device

Described is a medicament delivery device comprising a housing adapted to contain a syringe, a pain reduction device coupled to the housing, a coupling mechanism disposed in the housing and operably coupled to the pain reduction device, and a drive mechanism disposed in the housing and operably coupled to the coupling mechanism. Activation of the drive mechanism actuates the coupling mechanism to activate the pain reduction device..
Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device producing method

Disclosed is a substrate processing apparatus, including: a processing chamber for processing a substrate; a substrate rotating mechanism for rotating the substrate; a gas supply unit for supplying gas to the substrate, at least two kinds of gases a and b being alternately supplied a plurality of times to form a desired film on the substrate; and a controller for controlling a rotation period of the substrate or a gas supply period defined as a time period between an instant when the gas a is made to flow and an instant when the gas a is made to flow next time such that the rotation period and the gas supply period are not brought into synchronization with each other at least while the alternate gas supply is carried out predetermined times.. .
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus which suppresses the degradation of an image signal originating in esd with a simple configuration is provided. An original feeder unit is supported openably and closably by a hinge mechanism fixed on a bottom member of an image reading unit.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Hinge mechanism for a fluid filled lens assembly

In an embodiment, a hinge for a fluid-filled. Lens assembly includes a base having a first end configured to connect to a temple arm of the lens assembly and a second end configured to connect to a frame of the lens assembly, wherein the base includes a gap that is shaped to allow for tubing to pass from the first end to the second end of the base.
Aldens Beacon, Inc.

Range limited latch

A latch mechanism includes a latchable structure and a latch member assembled with the latchable structure and movable between a latching position and a releasing position. The latch member includes a first stop portion positioned to engage a second stop portion carried by the latchable structure when the latch member is in one of the latching position and the releasing position..
Waterloo Industries, Inc.

Hinge mechanisms and foldable furniture

Embodiments generally relate to hinge mechanisms. Many of the hinge mechanism embodiments may be used in foldable furniture.
Flatzen, Inc.

Spinning reel

A spinning reel includes a reel body, a handle, a spool shaft, a spool, a rotor, a rotor driving mechanism, and an oscillating mechanism configured to rotate in conjunction with the handle and cause the spool to reciprocate via the spool shaft. The oscillating mechanism includes a threaded shaft having a spiral groove and is configured to rotate in conjunction with the rotation of the handle.
Shimano Inc.

Removable lock for attaching additional extension ladder

A removable locking device for attaching a base ladder to one or more flys of an extension ladder is disclosed herein. The removable locking device is slightly greater in width than the extension ladder.

Press assembly and coupling mechanism for same

A press assembly (100) for pressurising a body, comprising a cartridge (300) for generating a load on the body, a frame (200) comprising a bore for accommodating the cartridge, a chamber for accommodating the body and a fastening mechanism (400) for fastening the cartridge to the frame when the cartridge is inserted into the bore; the bore having an open proximate end into which the cartridge can be inserted and the bore being in communication with the chamber at a distal end. The fastening mechanism is located outside the bore..
Element Six Limited

Hinge mechanism with multiple rotating axes and electronic device therewith

A hinge mechanism with multiple rotating axes is disclosed. The hinge mechanism includes a first bracket, a linking bracket, a first rotating shaft, a second bracket and a second rotating shaft.
Wistron Corporation

Individually articulating automatic transport locks for folding implements

A latch to secure folding implements in a transport configuration. The latch is constructed so as to permit selective disengaging of the latch to allow the folding implement to be configured for operation.
Forage Innovations B.v.

Ratcheting mechanism for a revolver

A firearm utilizing a ratcheting system to rotate a cylinder containing ammunition is disclosed. The ratchet system is designed to accommodate the cylinder being in an initial safe (without a chamber centered over the barrel and hammer) and subsequent active positions.
Ironmonger Arms Llc

Medical device delivery control mechanism

Apparatuses and methods for controlling a medical device delivery assembly are provided. The apparatus can comprise a first engagement device and a coupling mechanism.
Covidien Lp

Advance and retreat assist tool for endoscopic treatment instrument

An advance and retreat assist tool includes a base unit, a first tubular member, a rotary portion and an advance and retreat mechanism. The advance and retreat assist tool further includes a hinge mechanism which switches to either a coaxial condition or a slanted condition..
Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

Planetary gear arrangement for a seat adjustment mechanism and operating such a planetary gear arrangement

A planetary gear arrangement for a seat adjustment mechanism, includes at least one inner, externally toothed fitting part and an outer, internally toothed fitting part, which fitting parts are pivotable in relation to each other about a pivot axis. An external toothing of the inner, externally toothed fitting part rolls along an internal toothing of the outer, internally toothed fitting part.
Johnson Controls Technology Company

Mobile device cover with detachable emf blocker

An emf blocker having a blocking shield made of a material to sufficiently block emf radiation emitted from electronic devices. The emf blocker has necessary coupling mechanism to detachably couple to the electronic device so that an ideal relative positioning between the electronic device and the emf blocker is ensured.
Prince Lionheart, Inc.

External electronic device and related computer system

An external electronic device for connecting to a portable electronic device is disclosed in the present invention. The external electronic device includes a base, a sliding component, a holder and a first hinge mechanism.
Wistron Corporation

Latching assembly for wellbore logging tools and use

A latching assembly for wellbore logging tools includes a bottom hole assembly to be disposed on a distal end of a drill string. The bottom hole assembly includes a landing sub (310) having a bore with a latching mechanism that includes latch jaws (321) and bias springs (323).
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Latch spring mechanism

A latch bolt mechanism for tilting window sashes includes an actuating spring that is integrally molded of plastic material in one piece with the latch bolt. The spring has a transversely corrugated configuration, comprised of at least two transversely disposed wave-like spring sections.

Latch housing and isolating components in a latch housing

A latch assembly is disclosed herein. The latch assembly having: a latch mechanism; an actuator assembly, the actuator assembly, comprising a housing, a cover configured to be secured to the housing, and a plurality of barriers located within peripheral edges of the housing, wherein the plurality of barriers extended upwardly from a bottom surface of the housing and terminate at an edge portion wherein the housing cover is configured to contact the edge portion of the plurality of barriers when the cover is secured to the housing and wherein the plurality of barriers are configured to mitigate dust intrusion towards components of the actuator assembly..

Stabilized raising wheelchair

A raising wheelchair comprises a wheeled frame and a raising system mounted to the frame and supporting a seat and a backrest. The raising system is configured to be movable between a lowered position and a raised position.
Dane Technologies, Inc.


A clamp suitable for clamping a handle from which a blade extends or a pair of scissors when the blade is being tested or sharpened. The clamp includes a first jaw, a second jaw and a releasable lock if the form of a latch and teeth.

Rotating mechanism for computer or similar device

A rotating mechanism for a computer or similar device cooperates with a case to hold the computer or similar device in a desired position. The rotating mechanism has a cradle to receive the computer or similar device and a mounting disk to attach to the case.

Pneumatically actuated decoupling device

A pneumatic decoupling device for an electromechanical actuator, in particular, for flight applications includes a pressure accumulator housing for storing a compressed gas, which can be released to a decoupling mechanism of an electromechanical actuator for separating the drive components, so that in the event of a decoupling the electromechanical actuator runs totally freely.. .
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

Apparatus for automatically gluing head and tail ends of stock material

Feedstock is delivered perpendicular to the line of applied glue in an automated gluing machine, thereby simplifying operation and better accommodating other in-line factory or assembly processes. The machine comprises an input nip for receiving the head end and the tail end of a sheet stock in overlapping registration, with the tail end being longer than the head end.
Plymouth Packaging Inc.

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