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Surgical cutting instrument with near-perimeter interlocking coupling arrangement

Medtronic Ps Medical

Surgical cutting instrument with near-perimeter interlocking coupling arrangement

Syringe device

Novo Nordisk A/s

Syringe device

Syringe device

Chiun Mai Communication Systems

Sliding mechanism for slide-type portable electronic device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Occipital plate patent thumbnailOccipital plate
An occipital plate for use in an occipitocervical fixation procedure to stabilize the base of a patient's skull with respect to the patient's neck. The occipital plate is made up of a middle portion having left and right sides, and left and right hinged legs extending outward in opposite directions from the left and right sides of the middle portion.
 Surgical cutting instrument with near-perimeter interlocking coupling arrangement patent thumbnailSurgical cutting instrument with near-perimeter interlocking coupling arrangement
A blade coupling mechanism for a hand-held surgical cutting instrument includes a first coupling member including a first blade-contacting surface and a first outer perimeter sidewall adjacent the first blade contacting surface. It also includes a second coupling member including a second blade-contacting surface facing the first blade-contacting surface of the first coupling member.
Medtronic Ps Medical, Inc.
 Syringe device patent thumbnailSyringe device
A medical delivery system comprising a container and a coupling mechanism movable between a coupling position wherein distal movement of a drive mechanism is transferred to an actuator, and a non-coupling position wherein distal movement is not transferred to the actuator. Moreover the present invention relates to a dosing assembly for use in the medical delivery system and a container for use in the medical delivery system.
Novo Nordisk A/s
 Sliding mechanism for slide-type portable electronic device patent thumbnailSliding mechanism for slide-type portable electronic device
A sliding mechanism for an electronic device comprises a mounting plate, a slide plate, a first magnet, and a second magnet. The slide plate is installed on the mounting plate and is slidable relative to the mounting plate.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.
 Starting device patent thumbnailStarting device
A starting device includes a pump impeller, a turbine runner for rotating together with the pump impeller, a damper mechanism having an input element receiving power from an internal combustion engine, an output element coupled to a speed change device, an intermediate element between the input and output elements, and a dynamic damper for damping vibration at a predetermined frequency among vibration transferred to the speed change device. The starting device includes a first dynamic damper having an elastic member and a first mass body coupled the first elastic member, and coupled to the intermediate element; and a second dynamic damper having an elastic member and a second mass body connected to the second elastic member, and coupled to the intermediate element.
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.
 Decay heat removal system with hybrid heat pipe having coolant and neutron absorber for cooling nuclear power plant patent thumbnailDecay heat removal system with hybrid heat pipe having coolant and neutron absorber for cooling nuclear power plant
Disclosed is a decay heat removal system for cooling the decay heat of a reactor core and the spent fuel. The decay heat removal system including: a first heat pipe which is placed in an upper plenum of the reactor vessel and arranged in upward and downward directions corresponding to a position of an insertion hole formed on a top of the nuclear fuel assemblies; a control rod drive mechanism which is connected to an upper portion of the first heat pipe and drives the first heat pipe to move up and down so that the first heat pipe can be selectively inserted in a control rod insertion hole of the reactor core arranged in the nuclear reactor vessel; and a second heat pipe which is coupled to and in close contact with a bottom surface of the reactor vessel and removes the decay heat generated in the reactor core..
Unist Academy-industry Research Corporation
 Support component for an apparatus patent thumbnailSupport component for an apparatus
A support component for an apparatus is described. In at least some implementations, a support component is attached to an apparatus (e.g., a computing device) via a hinge mechanism.
Microsoft Corporation
 Tandem telephoto lenses patent thumbnailTandem telephoto lenses
An apparatus has a plate having a length, a width and an attachment interface, two clamping mechanisms, each having a cross piece fastened orthogonally to the elongated plate, a bumper block formed under the cross piece, an inflexible strap joined the cross piece on one side of the elongated plate, and a first tightening mechanism enabled to draw the strap joined to the cross piece on an opposite side of the elongated plate. The attachment interface allows the cross piece of the clamping mechanisms to be assembled at a plurality of different positions along the length of the elongated plate, such that a distance between the two clamping mechanisms is adjustable, allowing the clamping mechanisms to be joined to a tubular barrel at two different positions of equal or differing diameter..
 Circuit breaker thermal-magnetic trip units and methods patent thumbnailCircuit breaker thermal-magnetic trip units and methods
A trip unit is provided for a circuit breaker that includes electrical contacts, a trip mechanism, a bimetallic strip, and an armature. The trip unit includes a first trip bar coupled to the trip mechanism and disposed about a pivot point, and a second trip bar coupled to the first trip bar and disposed about the pivot point.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
 Microstrip line filter patent thumbnailMicrostrip line filter
A microstrip line filter comprising a coupling mechanism arranged to couple a first resonator and a second resonator, wherein the coupling mechanism includes a shared metallic coupling member arranged to have a predetermined dimension associated with an operation characteristics of the first and second resonators.. .
City University Of Hong Kong

Clamping mechanism

A clamping mechanism includes a driving assembly, a gear assembly and a clamping assembly. The driving assembly includes a driving gear.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Pickup tool for pet waste or the like

An extended pickup tool adapted to pick up pet waste or the like from a surface from a standing, upright position. The pickup tool consists of an elongated body having a trigger mechanism disposed in a handle at an upper end thereof.

Sliding door or window latch

A latch includes a protrusion that extends from a latch body. The protrusion moves from a fully extended position to a partially extended position when the door or window to which the latch is mounted is moved to a closed position.
Assa Abloy New Zealand Limited

Vehicle door latch system and method

A door latch system for a vehicle having a front door and a back door includes electric latch mechanisms associated with each door. Open switches are associated with each door to request opening of the doors.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Handcart with pivoting shelf

A handcart comprising a frame, a double handle grip, a load accommodating bottom shelf and a load accommodating top shelf, the top shelf being pivotably secured to the double grip handle, wherein the double grip handle of the handcart includes a u shaped top piece which is secured to the double grip handle by bolts that allow the u shaped piece to pivot or swing to a position parallel to the ground. The pivoting or swinging action of the u shaped top piece is accomplished by way of a spring mechanism fitted onto the double grip handle, thereby allowing the pivotably secured top shelf to accommodate heavy loads..

Beam-supported joining machine, in particular laser transmission welding device

A beam-supported joining machine, in particular laser transmission welding device, including a beam head for providing a joining beam producing a joining seam between two components, a receiver for mounting the first component, and a clamping mechanism for clamping the components, in particular to clamp components with a joining seam running three-dimensionally. The clamping mechanism has a clamping device adapted to the course of the joining seam to produce a clamping force between the two components at least in the region of the respective joining zone acted upon by the joining beam, wherein a magnetic or magnetisable strip adapted to the course of the joining seam is provided as the clamping device, which strip, at least in the region of the respective joining zone acted upon by the joining beam, applies a clamping force to the components by a control magnet guided with the joining beam due to the magnetic forces acting between the strip and control magnet..
Lpkf Laser & Electronics Ag

Vibration absorbing apparatus

A vibration absorbing apparatus is provided which includes a vibration absorbing mechanism equipped with a spring mechanism and an elastic member. The elastic member is made of a non-metallic material and of a cylindrical shape.
Advics Co., Ltd.

Method for semi-automatically reconditioning a railcar articulated connector

A method for semi-automatically reconditioning a railcar articulated connector that comprises a male portion including a parent casting material is provided. The method comprises applying weld material to a male portion of an articulated connector, mounting a housing mounting a housing defining an interior space to the male portion, the male connector within the interior space, centering and stabilizing the fixture laterally on the male portion, inserting a clamping mechanism attached to the housing within an opening of the male connector to affix the housing to the male portion, securing the clamping mechanism to a surface of the male portion, and automatically machining at least a portion of the weld and/or parent casting material..
Ttx Company

Cartridge dispenser for liquid or semi-liquid materials

A dispenser for a fluid material includes a handle portion and a cartridge having the material to be dispensed. The cartridge is easily mounted to the handle portion or removed, whereby the handle portion may be used with a variety of cartridges, each of which may contain a selected material.
Adhesive Technologies, Inc.

Zone select stage tool system

A stage tool operable with a plug is used for cementing a tubing string in a wellbore annulus. The tool can have a housing with a closure sleeve movably disposed in the internal bore of the housing.
Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

Door support assembly

A door support assembly that raises and lowers a door in a series of measurable, successive steps through a ratcheting mechanism. The door assembly also includes additional lateral ratchets and straps that help secure the door against a vertical support structure for enhanced stability.

Firearm having a dual cam, cock on close bolt action and a low creep sear and step trigger assembly

A bolt action firearm that cocks the firing pin upon closing the bolt and includes a cam pin with dual heads for a high velocity rimfire cartridge. In one embodiment, actuating the main spring while closing the bolt, instead of while opening the bolt, more uniformly distributes the physical energy required by the user over the bolt actuation cycle.
Alliant Techsystems Inc.

Spinous process fusion devices and methods thereof

Devices and methods for positioning and immobilizing at least two adjacent vertebrae using adjacent spinous processes. The method includes positioning a spinous process fusion device in an interspinous space between adjacent spinous processes including a rod and a first wing, and attaching a second wing to the rod, for example, using a ratcheting mechanism..
Globus Medical, Inc.

Devices, systems, and methods for tissue morcellation

A morcellation system includes a morcellator and a grasper. The morcellator includes a housing and a tube extending from the housing and having at least one blade section.
Covidien Lp

Apparatus, performing an electrosurgical procedure

A forceps is provided. The forceps includes a housing having a shaft that extends therefrom.
Covidien Lp

Devices, systems, and methods for tissue morcellation

A morcellator includes a housing, an elongated tube extending distally from the housing, and first and second electrodes. A distal end of the elongated tube is configured to cut tissue.
Covidien Lp

Infusion pump

An infusion pump comprises a tube attachment section configured such that an infusion tube is detachably attachable to the tube attachment section, an access cover configured to close the tube attachment section in an openable manner, and a tube clamp mechanism located within the tube attachment section and configured to clamp and block a portion of the infusion tube. The tube clamp mechanism comprises a base member, a clip clamp member rotatably mounted on the base member, a tube clamp release lever rotatably mounted on the base member, and a tube clamp member rotatably mounted on the base member..
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Capnography module with automatic switching between mainstream and sidestream monitoring

A capnography module for a patient monitoring system includes a hardware switching mechanism and a software mechanism for switching the capnography module automatically between a mainstream monitoring mode and a sidestream monitoring mode. The hardware switching mechanism along with software detection is capable of detecting the connection of a mainstream capnography sensor and a sidestream sampling line and generates flags to notify the software switching mechanism which sensor or line is connected.
Spacelabs Healthcare Llc

Electric automobile drive apparatus

Construction of an electric automobile drive apparatus is realized in which the relationship of the traveling speed and acceleration of a vehicle can be made smooth and closer to the ideal, and the transmission efficiency can be maintained. A bypass gear-transmission mechanism 10, a toroidal continuously-variable transmission 11, a first planetary-gear mechanism 12 and a second planetary-gear mechanism 13 are arranged parallel to each other in the power transmission direction between a driving-side rotating shaft 4a that is the input shaft and a driven-side rotating shaft 5a that is the output section and that is arranged parallel to the driving-side rotating shaft 4a.
Nsk Ltd.

Automatic transmission device

An automatic transmission device that changes a relative speed between an input and output member. The transmission configured with a first planetary gear mechanism including first to third rotary elements, a second planetary gear mechanism including fourth to sixth rotary elements, a third planetary gear mechanism including seventh to ninth rotary elements, and a fourth planetary gear mechanism including tenth to twelfth rotary elements.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Bidirectional gear assembly for electromechanical toys

A gear mechanism having a shuttle gear adjacent both an auxiliary gear and an action gear and a cam plate, having a shuttle lock adjacent the shuttle gear and including a cam follower riding back and forth along a first cam pathway with an action element in mechanical communication with the action gear. A motor operates the shuttle gear with rotation of the motor in a first direction rotating the shuttle gear into engagement with the auxiliary gear, activating the shuttle lock to maintain the engagement throughout a predetermined rotational range of the cam plate and rotating the cam plate back and forth driving controlled back and forth movement of the auxiliary elements, with rotation of the motor in a second direction rotating the cam plate beyond the predetermined range releasing the shuttle lock..
Hasbro, Inc.

Direct drive wind turbine

A wind turbine has a rotating forward hub with turbine blades and a relatively large diameter field for a generator, and a rotating rearward hub with an armature that fits concentrically with the field. The forward hub moves forwardly in still air and in low winds to axially separate the field and armature.

Clamping mechanism

A mechanism for clamping workpieces includes a base body, a first clamping unit, a second clamping unit, and an inserting member. The base body includes at least two elastic members.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Low volume, pressure assisted, stem and seat vent valve and associated methods

Exemplary embodiments are directed to vent valves, systems and methods generally involving a valve body that includes a seat retainer, a needle and a seat. The seat includes a bore extending there through and the needle includes a needle stem and a needle head.
Waters Technologies Corporation

Latching method ensuring device can be sealed reliably and ultra-violet liquid processing device

A ultra-violet liquid processing device comprises a liquid processor, a lamp holder, a latching mechanism provided within the lamp holder, and a lamp holder fixed cover provided with a lock hole therein. The latching mechanism comprises a locking dog able to extend from or retract into the lamp holder and a water nozzle blocker.
Shenzhen Xingrisheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

Coupling mechanism between a manual flight control member and a trim actuator of an aircraft

A coupling mechanism between a control member (1′) that generates manual flight commands and a trim actuator (4) forming part of a mechanical transmission train for transmitting flight commands in an aircraft. The coupling mechanism comprises axial engagement means between a lever arm (3) mechanically connected to the control member (1′) and a pivot shaft (10) forming part of the trim actuator (4).
Airbus Helicopters

Article with a latching mechanism

An envelope has a latching mechanism that is activated by a key to releasably secure a flap of the envelope in a closed position. The latching mechanism is located on the envelope's flap.
Hallmark Cards, Incorporated

Low profile securing latch

A securing ring for holding a lid or similar closure on a container includes a ring end having a radially outer surface. A latch lever is mounted by one end to the radially outer surface by a pivotable connection.
Greif International Holding Bv

Kch hybrid screen changers

A screen filter comprises a housing defining a melt passage for molten thermoplastic material. A guide channel in the housing is configured and arranged to direct a continuous screen filter across the melt passage.
Parkinson Machinery & Manufacturing

Fuse and trip mechanism therefor

A trip mechanism for a fuse includes a trip unit disposed within an elongated housing of the fuse, and a processor. The trip unit includes a fuse element and an actuator for severing the fuse element, the processor is in electrical communication with the trip unit, and is adapted to monitor electrical current.
Eaton Corporation

Core drilling tools with external fluid pathways

Implementations of the present invention include a core barrel assembly including external fluid pathways extending generally axially long the outer surface of the core barrel assembly. The one or more external fluid pathways can allow for increased fluid flow around a latch mechanism.
Longyear Tm, Inc.

Connectable two piece bowstring engaging mechanism for crossbow

A manually assisted bowstring drawing mechanism may be used with a crossbow. The drawing mechanism may include a pair of handles attached to opposite ends of a rope and an engaging mechanism.
Hunter's Manufacturing Company, Inc. D/b/a Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies

Electric vehicle power transmission apparatus

A power transmission device is embedded in an electric vehicle equipped with an electric motor and a transmission. The transmission includes a first reduction mechanism and a second reduction mechanism.
Exedy Corporation

Snap-in electrical connector

A connector assembly including a connector body with a spring clip including a first free end for engaging a side wall of an electrical box upon installation. During insertion of the connector body the first free end engages the knock-out hole perimeter and deforms so as to permit further insertion.
Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

Clip clamping mechanism of pressure fixture and pneumatic caliper having the same

A clip clamping mechanism of a pressure fixture, which the clip comprises a fixedly mounted shaft, and a first clip and a second clip hinged through the fixed shaft. Two ends of the first clip and the second clip corresponding to the hinging joint form respectively a front arm, and a rear arm in linkage with a propulsion piece, wherein the propulsion piece is provided with an accommodation cavity for mounting the rear arm; and the accommodation cavity is provided with a wedge-shaped sidewall for butt junction and slip fit with the rear arm; one end of the accommodation cavity close to the front arm is a big end with opening, while the other end far away the front arm is a small end.
Yueqing Dongbo Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

Automatic transmission

An automatic transmission capable of causing first and second clutches and a connection/disconnection device to properly operate during stoppage of a vehicle, thereby enabling preventing vibration and improving marketability as well as obtaining excellent vehicle startability. When a shift position is switched to a forward travel position, first and second connection operations are executed for connecting transmission of a motive power of a prime mover, from first and second gear mechanisms to drive wheels, respectively, while changing the speed thereof.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Skin-attachable miniature drug injection device with remote activation capability and dry drug carrier within injection needle

An active agent or drug injecting device (10) includes a main housing (16) containing a trigger mechanism (24) which can be manually activated via release bar (32) or remotely triggered via wireless receiver (70) activating motor (74), and a second housing (80) containing an injection- and needle-assembly (22). The needle (30) encloses a dry carrier (26) having an active agent (12) disposed thereon.
Preciflex Sa

Automatic transmission device

An automatic transmission configured with four planetary gear mechanisms, three clutches, and three brakes configured so as to selectively provide ten forward speeds and a reverse speed. The configuration enables smoother acceleration due to the number of different shift speeds available, and provides a generally more comfortable driving experience.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Coupling mechanism

A coupling mechanism comprising at least two complementary shaped connecting members and a spline member wherein the at least two complementary shaped connecting members are configured to engage with each other and spline member is configured to secure the at least two connecting members together when the at least two complementary shaped connecting members are in an engaged configuration.. .
James Hardie Technology Limited

Tractor cab

A tractor cab has an access door with an associated door latch to hold the door in a shut position and an openable panel such as a window which is secured in a closed position by a window latch mechanism which acts between the window and cab. The window latch mechanism includes resilient means which, when the window is secured in its closed position, allows the window to move outwardly relative to the cab when the door is slammed shut thus ensuring that the door latch can be engaged..

Device for holding wafer shaped articles

A device for holding a wafer-shaped article comprises an annular chuck base body having a plurality of movable contact elements for securing a wafer-shaped article to the annular chuck base body, and a gear mechanism driving the contact elements in unison between a first position and a second position. The annular chuck base body comprises a housing formed from a material that is resistant to attack by strong inorganic acids.
Lam Research Ag

On-load tap changer with two vacuum interrupters and drive therefor

An on-load tap changer (1) having at least two vacuum interrupters (3) is disclosed. The on-loader tap changer comprises a selector (7) for selecting a respective winding tap (n, n+1) of a tapped transformer (9), a load changeover switch (5) for changing over from the connected winding tap (n) to the respectively preselected winding tap (n+1), a rotatable drive shaft (11) which is mechanically coupled to the selector (7), and a gear mechanism (15) for operating a moving contact (17) of a respective vacuum interrupter (3).

Lock-up device for torque converter

A lock-up device includes a clutch portion and a damper mechanism. The clutch portion includes a clutch output member, a clutch plate, an oil chamber plate having a disc shape and a piston.
Exedy Corporation

Trigger mechanism

This invention includes an adaptive mechanism for activating a firearm's trigger comprising a bite-activated trigger assembly, a cable assembly, an actuator assembly, lanyard, and a storage assembly. When properly assembled, the actuator is mated adjacent to the firearm's trigger in such a manner that the actuator is not exerting a force significant enough to activate the firearm's trigger.

Lapping carrier

Implementations disclosed herein allow a printed circuit board (pcb) to be removeably secured to a lapping carrier. The lapping carrier may include a clamping mechanism and one or more alignment pins that thread through corresponding holes in the pcb.
Seagate Technology Llc

Needle assembly removal device and disposal device

A needle assembly removal device is presented having a coupling mechanism adapted to engage a disposal device, a housing, and a carriage adapted to engage a needle assembly. Axial movement of the carriage relative to the housing causes the needle assembly to disengage a medicament delivery device.
Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

Ratcheted spinal devices

A spinal device (10) including a variable-length member (12) including a ratchet mechanism (14) that has an operative configuration that allows a change in length of the variable-length member (12) in one direction and prevents a change in length of the variable-length member (12) in an opposite direction, wherein the variable-length member (12) includes polyaxial-joint attachment members (32) for attachment to bone, which permit pivoting movement of the attachment members (32) about more than one pivoting axis, characterised by a force applicator (40) operative to adjust or advance the ratchet mechanism (14).. .
Apifix Ltd.

Coating film forming apparatus, coating film forming method, and recording medium

A coating film forming apparatus includes: a substrate holding unit to horizontally hold a substrate; a rotating mechanism to rotate the substrate held by the substrate holding unit; a coating liquid supplying mechanism to supply coating liquid to form a coating film on the substrate; an annular member to rectify a gas stream above a periphery of the substrate when liquid film of the coating liquid is dried by rotation of the substrate, the annular member being provided above the periphery of the substrate and along a circumferential direction of the substrate so as to cover the periphery of the substrate; and a protrusion provided on an inner periphery of the annular member along circumferential direction of the annular member so as to protrude upward to reduce component of the gas stream flowing directly downward near an inner peripheral edge of the annular member.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited

Ring binder mechanism having retaining system on ring members

A ring binder has an elongate body and rings. Each ring includes ring members moveable between open and closed positions.
World Wide Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Portable headrest

A portable headrest is provided that includes a center plate, a first side plate, a second side plate, the center plate, the first side plate and the second side plate configured to support a human head. The headrest further includes a first hinge mechanism to couple the first side plate to the center plate, the first side plate configured to rotate about the first hinge mechanism relative to the center plate, a second hinge mechanism to couple the second side plate to the center plate, the second side plate configured to rotate about the second hinge mechanism relative to the center plate, an inner rail assembly, the inner rail assembly including a ratchet assembly to couple the inner rail assembly to the center plate such that the inner rail assembly extends angularly from the center plate, the ratchet assembly configured to allow the center plate to rotate relative to the inner rail assembly and an outer rail assembly, the inner rail assembly sized and configured to slide freely within the outer rail assembly..

Vehicle seat apparatus having suspension with independent armrest adjustment

A vehicle seat apparatus comprising a base, a seat, a fore and aft seat adjustment mechanism, an armrest bracket, and a fore and aft armrest adjustment mechanism. The fore and aft seat adjustment mechanism connects the seat to the base and includes seat slide rails and spacers thereby defining a vertical space between the seat and seat slide rails.
Sears Manufacturing Co.

Clamping mechanism

A clamping mechanism includes an adjusting assembly, a driving assembly and a plurality of clamping assemblies. Each clamping assembly includes a base body slidably sleeved on the driving assembly.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Latch assembly for cargo door

A latch assembly for a cargo door assembly that accommodates for dimensional and structure variations is cargo door assemblies to ensure a secure latching mechanism. The latch assembly uses a two piece design that includes a handle unit and a separate plunger unit to enable its use with cargo doors of varying thickness.
Kencon Hardware Corporation

Tightening mechanism for trailer drawbar hinge assembly and using same

A tightening mechanism for a hinge assembly includes a first housing having a pair of outwardly extending spaced apart ears having aligned first bores extending through them. A second housing has a length which allows it to fit between the ears and has a pair of abutting second bores which are tapered inwardly toward one another.
Premier Equipment, Inc. Dba Premier Manufacturing Co.

Waste containment receptacle

A waste receptacle for collecting waste with a carrier that allows for easy transport. The receptacle uses a closing system to manage odor, and an actuator system to open and close the closing system.
National Eco Wholesale, Inc.

Rotation clamping mechanism

A rotation clamping mechanism includes a rotating member and at least two engagement members that are attached to the rotating member and transmit rotational power. The engagement members engage a rotated object placed in a predetermined positional relationship with the engagement members.
Hirata Corporation

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