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 Electronic control module, in particular for gear mechanism control, with electrical components which are welded to press contacts patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic control module, in particular for gear mechanism control, with electrical components which are welded to press contacts
An electronic control module for a gear mechanism controller in motor vehicles includes a printed circuit board and an electrical component. The printed circuit board has a mounting side and includes conductor tracks.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Mechanical design of thin-film diamond crystal mounting apparatus with optimized thermal contact and crystal strain for coherence preservation x-ray optics patent thumbnailnew patent Mechanical design of thin-film diamond crystal mounting apparatus with optimized thermal contact and crystal strain for coherence preservation x-ray optics
A method and mechanical design for a thin-film diamond crystal mounting apparatus for coherence preservation x-ray optics with optimized thermal contact and minimized crystal strain are provided. The novel thin-film diamond crystal mounting apparatus mounts a thin-film diamond crystal supported by a thick chemical vapor deposition (cvd) diamond film spacer with a thickness slightly thicker than the thin-film diamond crystal, and two groups of thin film thermal conductors, such as thin cvd diamond film thermal conductor groups separated by the thick cvd diamond spacer.
Uchicago Argonne, Llc

 Magnetic shield for a solenoid operated locking device patent thumbnailnew patent Magnetic shield for a solenoid operated locking device
A magnetic shield for a locking device such as a gunlock having a first portion and a second portion configured for controlled movement with respect to the other portion and for being held in a fixed and locked position vis-à-vis each other. At least one of the first and second portions includes an electromechanical locking mechanism including a solenoid and solenoid activated spring loaded pin configured, in a first position, for preventing the first and second portions from moving with respect one another and in a second position for allowing the first and second portions to move vis-à-vis one another.
Santa Cruz Gunlocks, Llc

 Door latch assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Door latch assembly
A door latch assembly includes a push bar attached to a door panel and connected to an actuating lever, a latch mechanism is attached to the door panel and includes an actuating element, a housing is attached to the seat panel, a rotary latch member is rotatably attached to the housing for engaging with a keeper member, a sliding member is slidably connected to the actuating lever for selectively locking the rotary latch member to the keeper member and for selectively latching the door panel to the door frame, and for allowing the sliding member to be moved away from the rotary latch member with the actuating lever when the push bar is moved toward the casing.. .
Thase Enterprise Co., Ltd.

 Handcuff shield patent thumbnailnew patent Handcuff shield
A handcuff shield includes first and second walls connected by an end wall to form a channel for receiving a pair of handcuffs. A slotted opening is formed in the first and second walls to receive a chain link or hinged for locking the handcuff shield to the handcuffs.

 Easy open container patent thumbnailnew patent Easy open container
Certain embodiments of the present disclosure provide a container associated method of operation. The container comprises a cover, a base, and a body, which includes one or more spine structures and one or more door panels which may open and allow substantially lateral access to the interior of the container.

 Material handler for construction site patent thumbnailnew patent Material handler for construction site
Various disclosed embodiments include apparatuses for handling construction site materials, methods of fabricating an apparatus for handling construction site materials, and methods of moving materials at a construction site. Given by way of example only and not of limitation, a non-limiting, illustrative apparatus for handling construction site materials includes: a frame defining an opening therein at a front of the frame; a mesh configured to fit over the frame; and a sliding mechanism disposable in the frame and configured to permit materials to be loaded into and unloaded out of the frame through the opening..
Mcf Distributing, Llc

 Modular roof rack clamping system patent thumbnailnew patent Modular roof rack clamping system
A roof rack system has a clamping system comprised of handles, a ratcheting mechanism, and a pair of jaws. The jaws provide a universal clamping system that will attach to most roof rack cross bars with an easy-on/easy-off, quick-release actuator, such as a ratcheting mechanism or lever system, that will integrate with a wide variety of accessories.
Grip Racks Llc

 Printing roller and  mounting a printing roller patent thumbnailnew patent Printing roller and mounting a printing roller
A printing roller comprises a base body which has mounting segments, a printing and a clamping mechanism which has a clamping bushing, which can be displaced in the axial direction, and with respect to the clamping bushing, has a proximal and a distal clamping element which are arranged to detachably clamp the printing sleeve to the base body by means of the radial clamping force in each case, wherein a compression force transmission chain is formed between the clamping bushing and the proximal and the distal clamping elements, by means of which, during an initial clamping phase, the compression force, generated by the clamping bushing is transmitted predominantly or entirely to the distal clamping while the compression force generated by the clamping bushing is applied to the proximal clamping element to a lesser extent than to the distal clamping element or not at all.. .
Inometa Gmbh

 Home-use crane game machine patent thumbnailnew patent Home-use crane game machine
There is provided a home-use crane game machine whose operation of a rotation transmission mechanism can be restored with ease that includes a plurality of motors 91, 92, 93 having a drive shaft to which a gear is fitted, rotation transmission mechanisms having a plurality of gears which are rotated by the plurality of motors 91, 92, 93, a catcher 65 for grabbing a prize 6 which is moved up and down by the rotation transmission mechanisms, a crane main body 54 having the motors 91, 92, 93 and the rotation transmission mechanisms internally, and rollers 68, 69, 70 connected to the rotation transmission mechanisms via input gear mechanisms.. .
Agatsuma Co., Ltd.

new patent

Apparatus and methods for aseptic fluid interconnects

The present invention provides apparatus and methods for making multiple aseptic fluid interconnections in parallel with an integral clamping mechanism and elastomeric fluid sealing gasket to provide an initial fluid tight seal while removing sealing tape tabs and a final fluid tight seal after sealing tape tabs are removed. The clamping mechanism comprises a hinge coupling and a first set of snap-fit locks to maintain the initial fluid tight seal and a second set of snap-fit locks to maintain the final fluid tight seal..
Pharyx, Inc.

new patent

Drug delivery device with cap induced needle movement

A drug delivery device (1, 200) comprising a drug delivery unit (10, 210) comprising a housing (12, 212) extending along a general axis, a variable volume reservoir (40′, 40, 140, 240), and a needle support (50′, 50, 150, 250) for receiving a needle assembly (30′, 30, 130, 230), the needle support (50′, 50, 150, 250) and the variable volume reservoir (40′, 40, 140, 240) being capable of diverging relative axial motion from a first relative position to a second relative position and converging relative axial motion from the second relative position to the first relative position, a cap (20, 120, 220) removably mountable onto the drug delivery unit (10, 210) to cover at least a portion of the needle support (50′, 50, 150, 250), and a coupling mechanism configured to bring the needle support (50′, 50, 150, 250) and the variable volume reservoir (40′, 40, 140, 240) from the first relative position to the second relative position in response to the cap (20, 120, 220) being mounted onto the drug delivery unit (10, 210).. .
Novo Nordisk A/s

new patent

Kitchen appliance and using same

A kitchen appliance includes a housing that defines a cavity. The housing has a housing rim defining an opening to the cavity.
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.

Wearable image pickup apparatus

According to one embodiment, a wearable image pickup apparatus includes a mounting unit mounted on a user, and an image pickup unit arranged on the mounting unit. The image pickup unit includes a fixed portion fixed to the mounting unit, and a movable portion movably coupled to the fixed portion by a coupling mechanism.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Image reading apparatus

A image reading apparatus includes a first placement unit, a second placement unit, a first reading unit, a second reading unit, a rotating mechanism, and a switch-over mechanism that switches over the first placement unit and the second placement unit between a horizontal state and an inclined state. The rotating mechanism rotates the first reading unit and the second reading unit, so that, in the horizontal state, the first image reading unit and the second image reading unit read a medium placed on the first placement unit and a medium placed on the second placement unit respectively, and, in the inclined state, the first image reading unit and the second image reading unit read a medium placed on the second placement unit and a medium placed on the first placement unit respectively..
Pfu Limited

Cylindrical and spherical triboelectric generators

A generator includes a first member, a second member and a sliding mechanism. The first member includes a first electrode and a first dielectric layer affixed to the first electrode.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Data transfer connector, system and method

A connector for data transfer is provided. The connector comprises a connector body having a coupling mechanism, and a communication module for communicating with a first data processing device and a second data processing device.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Low-travel key mechanisms using butterfly hinges

A key mechanism including one or more butterfly hinges. Each butterfly hinge may include a double wing design operative to move between a depressed position and non-depressed position.
Apple Inc.

Information system for biological and life sciences research

An online life science research environment and virtual community with a focus on design and analysis of biological experiments includes a life sciences laboratory system employing at least one networked computer system that defines a virtual research environment. Users access the system through a portal associated with the networked computer system(s).
Applied Biosystems, Llc

Replaceable unit for an electrophotographic image forming device having a latching mechanism

A replaceable unit for an electrophotographic image forming device includes a body having a toner reservoir. A drive element on a rear end of the body is unobstructed to mesh with a corresponding drive element in the image forming device.
Lexmark International, Inc.

System and low-field, multi-channel imaging

A system and method for performing parallel magnetic resonance imaging (pmri) process using a low-field magnetic resonance imaging (ifmri) system includes a substrate configured to follow a contour of a portion of a subject to be imaged by the ifmri system using a pmri process. A plurality of coils are coupled to the substrate.
The General Hospital Corporation

Clear ice maker

An ice maker includes an ice making tray having an array of individual ice cube compartments. The ice making tray having a transverse axis and at least one pivot axle aligned with the transverse axis.
Whirlpool Corporation

Transmission case

A transmission case houses a gear mechanism that transmits power through the meshing of gears, the transmission case including an oil pan, the oil pan including a soft magnet in at least one portion thereof, the soft magnet being attached to the oil pan by magnetic attractive force.. .
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

Multi-stage transmission

A multi-stage transmission that includes a case including an annular support that extends radially inward from an inner peripheral surface of the case; a first planetary gear mechanism that includes a plurality of rotating elements and to which power is transmitted from the input member; a second planetary gear mechanism that is disposed on an opposite side of the support of the case from the first planetary gear mechanism; a clutch that interconnects any one of the rotating elements of the first planetary gear mechanism with an element to be connected which is included in the second planetary gear mechanism and releases this interconnection; and a brake that connects the element to be connected to the case to hold this element stationary and releases this connection.. .
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

Minimizing oil leakage from rocking journal bearings of two-stroke cycle engines

A rocking journal bearing is provided in a piston coupling mechanism of a two-stroke cycle engine. The bearing includes a sleeve and a wristpin constructed with two sets of eccentrically-disposed bearing surfaces which alternate in accepting a compressive load during an operational cycle of the bearing.
Achates Power, Inc.

Push, pull and rotate deadbolt and passage set and helical gear mechanism therein

A helical gear actuator for use with a passage set or deadbolt set is provided. The helical gear actuator comprises a shaft including an at least one helical groove, a plunger and a receiver including two tracks, the receiver shaped to rotatably accept the shaft, the groove shaped to slidably accept the two tracks, such that in use, urging the shaft into the receiver effects rotation of the receiver relative to the shaft.
Big Toe Innovations Inc.

Closure and latching mechanisms

A closing and latching mechanism for a closure in which further rotation of an input shaft in a latching direction results in engagement of a release cam with a release cam follower and movement of a release slider which moves a pawl into a position in which a claw is free to move from a latched position to an unlatched position and the claw then moves towards the unlatched position under the action of a biasing spring.. .

Closure arrangement for tank opening of agricultural machine

A closure assembly is disclosed for a work machine having a supply tank with a tank opening. The closure assembly has a lid and lift, actuator and latch mechanisms.
Deere & Company

Method for controlling a steering device, and vehicle

A method of controlling a steering device including a pair of rack bars capable of steering right and left wheels in one and/or the other of opposite right and left directions, and a coupling mechanism which moves the rack bars in the right direction and/or the left direction by the same distance. The method includes issuing a command to couple or uncouple the coupling mechanism, and driving at least one of an engaging part and a receiving part of the coupling mechanism relative to the other if a coupling state sensor are unable to detect that the coupling mechanism has been coupled or uncoupled when a predetermined time has passed after issuing the command..
Ntn Corporation

Clamp mechanism

A steering column assembly includes a clamp mechanism comprising a clamp pin that passes through an opening in a shroud of the steering column assembly and an opening in a bracket that supports the shroud of the steering column assembly. A first reaction member is secured to one end of the pin and a second reaction member secured to another end of the clamp pin, the reaction members defining a length of clamp pin between them that passes through the opening in the shroud and the opening in the support bracket.
Trw Limited

Electromechanical rotational damper with tension and compression stop

A rotational damper includes a damper housing surrounding an electromagnetic damper motor and connected to a first mass via a fastening part; a coupling lever supported for pivoting relative to the damper housing and connected with a second mass; a strain wave gear mechanism for damping vibrations and including a rigid unit having an internal spline and being connected with the damper housing, and a flexible unit having an external spline and being fastened with the fastening part, wherein the first and second units are coupled with each other via the internal and external splines; a wave generator rotatably supported in the flexible unit, wherein a rotation of the wave generator causes a deformation of the flexible unit; and a wrap spring connected on one side in rotative fixed relationship with the coupling lever, and on another side connected in rotative fixed relationship with the fastening part, wherein at a predetermined pivoting of the coupling lever relative to the fastening part the wrap spring deforms the flexible unit thereby blocking the strain wave gear mechanism.. .
Audi Ag

Reversing machine and substrate polishing apparatus

Disclosed is a reversing machine that reverses a substrate upside down. The reversing machine includes: a first arm pair configured to mount a substrate thereon; a second arm pair facing the first arm pair; an opening/closing mechanism configured to open/close the second arm pair so as to grip the substrate mounted on the first arm pair; and a rotating mechanism configured to rotate the first arm pair and the second arm pair around a predetermined axis that is set inside the first arm pair and the second arm pair and extends along an extension direction of the first arm pair and the second arm pair such that the substrate is reversed upside down..
Ebara Corporation

Table saw throat plates and table saws including the same

Throat plates for table saws and table saws including the same are disclosed. In some embodiments, the throat plates and/or saws include at least one securement mechanism adapted to secure and prevent inadvertent removal of the throat plate from the throat of the saw.
Sd3, Llc

Walking training apparatus and walking training method therefor

A walking training apparatus includes a walking assistance apparatus for a leg of a trainee, a first wire winding mechanism for pulling a wire for the leg upward and forward, pulling control means for controlling the first wire winding mechanism to pull the wire with a first pulling force, and storage amount detection means for detecting a storage amount of the wire. The pulling control means controls the first wire winding mechanism so that the first wire winding mechanism pulls the wire with a second pulling force larger than the first pulling force in a swinging start period in which the storage amount of the wire detected by the storage amount detection means is equal to or smaller than a predetermined storage amount of the wire in a period including a timing when the wire of the first wire winding mechanism changes from a pulling-out state to a winding state..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Instruments for use during spine surgery

Surgical instruments and devices including drivers, inserters, and reducers. The driver includes a ratcheting mechanism configured to provide uni-directional motion when engaged.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Hand sanitizer latch control

A system having a dispenser enabled to contain and dispense a liquid or semi-liquid material and located on a wall of a facility having a door, a user-operable triggering mechanism causing dispensing of a volume from the dispenser upon operation of the triggering mechanism, and a door latch mechanism incorporated at an opening edge of the door of the facility and coupled to the dispenser in a manner that operating the triggering mechanism to dispense the volume also unlatches the door latch mechanism, allowing the door to open.. .

Wire grid security enclosure with heavy duty latch mechanism

A wire grid security enclosure with heavy duty latch mechanism is utilized to secure contents while allowing viewing of the contents within. The enclosure includes a base mount onto which a lateral wall is positioned.

Floating lounge with improved back support

According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a recreational floatation device comprising a body portion comprising an inflatable member having a first inner perimeter surrounding a first inner area, a first support portion comprising a layer of material extending through the first inner area and attached to the inflatable member at its first inner perimeter to support a user of the device, a back support member located within said first inner area, a hinge mechanism coupled to the back support member and the first inner perimeter and configured to allow the back support member to rotate between a first position, wherein a substantial portion of the back support member extends generally away from the first inner area, and a second position, in which the back support member lies substantially within the first inner area.. .
Aqua-leisure Industries, Inc.

Novel cam assembly with interlocking parts for furniture

A mechanism and method for assembling a base to a piece of furniture is provided with at least two cam pieces having complimentary interlock mechanisms constructed and arranged to interlock one to another. A plurality of interlock mechanisms may be provided, as well as a plurality of positioning elements on respective cam pieces..

Passive mechanical exoskeleton to reduce hand fatigue

A passive mechanical system comprising an unpowered exoskeleton to maintain static grip around an object via a tendon drive and ratchet mechanism. The ratchet mechanism combines a passive cable retract and ratchet system with one or more cables acting as artificial tendons.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Coin hopper

A coin hopper is capable of simultaneously realizing high reliability, long lifetime, low cost and downsizing at a level equal to or higher than the prior art. A rotating disk, an electric motor, and a rotating disk driving mechanism for driving the disk by rotation of an output shaft of the motor are provided.
Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd.

Hinge mechanism with multiple preset positions

A hinge mechanism with multiple preset positions is described. According to various embodiments, the hinge mechanism enables a support component to be adjustably attached to an apparatus, such as a computing device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Charging device, image forming unit comprising the same, and image forming apparatus comprising the same

To provide a charging device that allows a discharging electrode to be cleaned without damaging a protruding portion at an end portion of the discharging electrode. The device is provided with: a discharging electrode including a plurality of protruding portions arranged along a predetermined direction, the discharging electrode discharging electricity from at least part of the protruding portions; a cleaner for cleaning at least some protruding portions included in the plurality of protruding portions; a cleaner conveyance mechanism for conveying the cleaner along the predetermined direction for performing the cleaning, such that the cleaner interferes with at least some protruding portions included in the plurality of protruding portions; and a cleaner height adjustment mechanism for adjusting a height of the cleaner in a vicinity of the protruding portion where the cleaner reaches at first..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Magazine loader device

The present invention discloses a magazine loader device (1) for firearms which consists of a lower section (1a) and upper section (1b). The upper section (1b) receives individual vertically-oriented cartridges from the hopper (61), turns them in the right direction using a rotating mechanism (32, 33, 34, and 35), which is the essential part of the upper section (1b), and pushes them towards the lower section (1a).

Vehicle drive apparatus

An apparatus includes a case, a motor, a gear mechanism, a lubrication mechanism, and a cooling mechanism. The motor and the gear mechanism are housed in the case.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Net pole latch mechanism

The disclosure relates to a wrapping material system in a harvester, particularly to a latching mechanism that allows a material support cylinder to be unlocked and automatically ejected from its locked position. The latching mechanism comprises a support plate, connected to a harvester sidewall and configured for supporting the material support cylinder, and a lever plate, connected to the support plate at a pivot point and configured for locking in the material support cylinder in a closed position and ejecting the material support cylinder from the locked position when moved to an open position..
Cnh Industrial America Llc

Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method

There is provided a substrate processing apparatus for processing a substrate by supplying a processing gas to the substrate while revolving the substrate, the substrate processing apparatus including: a rotary table installed within a processing container; a rotating mechanism configured to rotate the rotary table; a support part installed in a rotary shaft of the rotary table below the rotary table; an opening portion formed in the rotary table to correspond to amounting position where the substrate is mounted; a mounting part rotatably supported by the support part through the opening portion, and configured to mount the substrate thereon such that a height level of an upper surface of the substrate coincides with a height level of an upper surface of the rotary table; and a rotating mechanism configured to rotate the mounting part.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited

Adjustable seat assembly

A seat adjustment mechanism for an adjustable seat assembly includes an arcuate tilt column; a lift column; a first tilt slider block detachably engaged to the lift column and slideably engaged to the tilt column for moving the lift column between a plurality of tilt positions; and a first lift slider block slideably engaged to the lift column for moving between a plurality of lift positions independent of the plurality of tilt positions. The slider blocks, the lift columns, the tilt columns and the cross brace may be made of dissimilar materials and/or are easily replaced with alternative components..
Ami Industries, Inc.

Stroller with wheel swivel mechanism

A collapsible stroller includes a stroller frame, at least one hinge mechanism, a wheel, and a swivel mechanism. The stroller frame is moveable between a deployed position and a collapsed position.
Helen Of Troy Limited

Support bars and cycle carriers

A cycle carrier support bar has a cycle end grip device (4) at a first end of a tubular spacer bar (2) and a carrier end grip device (5) at the second end. The cycle end grip device can be a flexible strap (42) with a tensioning lever (43) and a key-operated lock (6).
C.p. Witter Limited

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