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Mechanism patents


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 Follow focus device patent thumbnailFollow focus device
The present invention relates to a follow-focus device comprising: a first terminal comprising a first housing, a first control module, a transmitting module electrically connected with the first control module, and a synchronizing wheel rotatably disposed on the first housing and electrically connected with the first control module; and a second terminal comprising a second housing having a chute, a second control module electrically connected with the driving motor 5, a receiving module electrically connected with the second control module and the transmitting module, a driving motor fixed on the second housing and drivingly connected with an adjusting gear, an adjusting gear, and a clamping mechanism slidably disposed in the chute. The position of the clamping mechanism on the second housing can be slidably adjusted according to the scene and different cameras, thus fitness between the second housing and the camera is improved, and the follow-focus adjustment effect is better..
Dong Yang Model Technology Co., Limited

 Double pole breaker with tandem arrangement patent thumbnailDouble pole breaker with tandem arrangement
A circuit breaker assembly includes a plurality of circuit breakers each including a housing with a trip mechanism therein and each having an opening in a side of the respective housing. Each trip mechanism has a coupler disc connected thereto.

 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes a driven unit, a coupling mechanism, a driving lever and a locking mechanism. The driven unit is configured to be supported slidably between a storage position and a pull-out position.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

 Automatic transmission device for vehicle patent thumbnailAutomatic transmission device for vehicle
An automatic transmission device for a vehicle includes a first planetary gear mechanism, a second planetary gear mechanism, a third planetary gear mechanism, a fourth planetary gear mechanism, an input shaft, an output shaft, six engaging elements including a first engaging element, a second engaging element, a first clutch, a second clutch, a third clutch and a brake, a first connection member, a second connection member, a third connection member, a fourth connection member, a fifth connection member, a sixth connection member, a seventh connection member, an eighth connection member, and a ninth connection member.. .
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

 Door latch for power tong patent thumbnailDoor latch for power tong
A latch mechanism for securing a pivoting door of a power tong in a closed position across a lateral opening to an interior bay of the power tong includes a door cylinder coupled at a proximal end to the body and having an extendable rod to pivot the door between a closed position, across the lateral opening, and an open position providing lateral access to the interior bay, the power tong further includes a latch cylinder coupled at a proximal end to the door and having an extendable rod to pivot a latch member to pivot between an engaged position, to engage a latch post on the body, and a retracted position to disengage the latch post of the body.. .
Eckel Manufacturing Co. Inc.

 Locking nut with a directional coupling mechanism patent thumbnailLocking nut with a directional coupling mechanism
A locking nut for installation on a cylinder, including a nut body defining a nut engagement surface and a directional coupling mechanism associated with the nut body, for locking the nut body with the cylinder in response to relative rotation between the nut body and the cylinder in a locking direction. The directional coupling mechanism may include a plurality of recesses, a plurality of rolling members contained within the recesses, and a retaining device for retaining the rolling members in the recesses.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Awning window assembly having a double hung appearance patent thumbnailAwning window assembly having a double hung appearance
A window assembly having a first sash and a second sash mounted to a window frame, the first and second sashes arranged along different vertical planes within the window frame to resemble the appearance of a double hung window. The window assembly further includes a hinge mechanism coupled to the window frame and to the second sash, hinge mechanism operable to guide the second sash away from the first sash to accommodate an outwardly swinging motion of the second sash in a similar fashion as a conventional awning window.
Jeld-wen, Inc.

 Automotive door power assist patent thumbnailAutomotive door power assist
A method of closing a vehicle door includes the steps of providing a door pivotally coupled to a vehicle body, transmitting a door closing signal to a controller, identifying a current position of the door using a position sensor, closing the door using a power assist device powered from a hinge axis of the door, monitoring the door position during closing, releasing a catch of a latch mechanism when a latch striker of the vehicle body is partially received in the latch mechanism, and latching the door to the vehicle body.. .
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Door closure and latching confirmation system patent thumbnailDoor closure and latching confirmation system
A vehicle latch confirmation system includes a door that is rotatably coupled to a vehicle body and a power assist device that is coupled between the door and the vehicle body for moving the door between open and closed positions at a hinge axis of the door. A latch mechanism includes a rotating catch configured to latch to a latch striker.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Gun lock for securing a weapon within a vehicle gun rack patent thumbnailGun lock for securing a weapon within a vehicle gun rack
A gun lock for use in securing a weapon within a gun rack of a police vehicle or the like utilizes a housing supporting a pair of curved lock gates in curved travel paths between an abutting closed configuration and a separated open configuration. The curved lock gates are constrained in curved travel paths by a top plate and a lower plate and each define a curved gear rack.

Sleeve pack assembly with latching mechanism

A sleeve pack assembly with a latching mechanism that can be engaged by an operator's foot when in an upright position. The latching mechanism includes a front facing engagement panel.
Orbis Corporation

Multiple delivery sling-load system and method

An add-on sling-load system capable of being attached to a host that comprises a load provided with at least two slices arrange in a predetermined configuration and preferably a stack and a controlled coupling mechanism configured to attach and release at least one slice from the arranged configuration. The sling load system is used for multiple devices..
Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.

Coupling mechanism for aircraft

A device for connecting an aircraft to a tether secured to the ground includes an attachment mechanism secured to the tether. The attachment mechanism includes a projection having at least one opening.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Rooftop bike rack system

A bicycle rack system has wheel trays spaced apart along a first edge of a roof of a vehicle, a support arm extensible and retractable in length, supported by a pivot mechanism near a second edge of the roof of the vehicle, the support arm extensible to a maximum length substantially greater than the width of the roof, and a specific length substantially less than the width of the roof, and a capture mechanism on a free end of the support arm, adapted to capture a part of the bicycle to be carried in the bike rack.. .

Speed enhancement for hvac mode kinematics

A system and method for air distribution in an air conditioning system of a motor vehicle, the system including flow paths with air outlets toward the windshield, in the dashboard, and toward the footwell, along with a central gear mechanism having an adjustment element and damper controls for air dampers, for the purpose of opening and closing the air outlets. The adjustment element is arranged to be steplessly movable between a first end position and a second end position.
Hanon Systems

Adapter assemblies for surgical devices

An adapter assembly for connecting an end effector to an actuation assembly is provided. The adapter assembly a base defining a plurality of notches spaced at least partially about a circumference of the base, a handle supported on the base and rotatable about a longitudinal axis of the base, and a latch mechanism supported on the handle assembly and selectively engageable with the base.
Covidien Lp

Agricultural sprayer with multi-section foldable boom

An agricultural sprayer including an applicator boom which itself includes a centre boom frame and a pair of multi-section boom side assemblies. Each side assembly is mounted by a respective hinge to the centre boom frame.
Agco Netherlands B.v.

Latching mechanism for a battery pack

A power tool assembly includes a power tool having a battery support portion that defines a battery insertion axis and a battery operatively engageable with the power tool support portion along the battery insertion axis to provide power to the power tool. The power tool assembly also includes a battery latching mechanism having a latch pivotable about a pivot axis transverse to the battery insertion axis and engageable with one of the battery pack or the battery support portion for securing the battery pack to the battery support portion.
Ac (macao Commercial Offshore) Limited

Fuse and trip mechanism therefor

A trip mechanism for a fuse includes a trip unit disposed within an elongated housing of the fuse, and a processor. The trip unit includes a fuse element and an actuator for severing the fuse element.
Eaton Corporation

Inter-rack gear track system

A multi-rack assembly with an inter-rack gear track system comprising a first rack, a second rack, and at least one intermediate rack positioned between the first and second racks and releasably interconnectable with each other. A segmented gear track extends from the first rack to the second rack.
Facebook, Inc.

Connecting device and an electronic apparatus

A connecting device configured to rotatably connect a first main body and a second main body of an electronic apparatus includes a rotating mechanism rotatably connecting the first main body and the second main body. A coating mechanism covering at least a part of the rotating mechanism is provided and a supporting component is provide to support an inner side wall of the coating mechanism so that the coating mechanism is bent without folds or crumples as the rotating mechanism is rotated.
Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.

Connecting device and electronic apparatus

A connecting device configured to rotatably connect a first main body and a second main body of electronic apparatus includes a rotating mechanism rotatably connecting the first main body and the second main body; a coating mechanism covering at least a part of the rotating mechanism; and a magnetic mechanism magnetically coupling the coating mechanism and the rotating mechanism together. The connecting device disclosed in the present disclosure improves man-machine interaction, and enables the user to enjoy a better experience..
Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.

Electronic device

The present disclosure provides an electronic device that includes a first body, a second body, a rotating mechanism, an enclosing mechanism, and a flexible display screen. The first body and the second body are pivotally connected by the rotating mechanism, and the enclosing mechanism encloses the rotating mechanism.
Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.

Heater member for the fuser assembly of an electrophotographic imaging device

A fuser assembly, including a heat transfer member; a backup member disposed adjacent the heat transfer member so as to form a fuser nip; a frame in which the heat transfer member and the backup member are at least partly disposed; and a cover member pivotably coupled to the frame so as to pivot between a closed position and an open position, the cover member in the open position providing an opening for accessing and withdrawing a sheet of media disposed in the fuser assembly. A latch mechanism selectively latches the cover member to the frame and including a lever member disposed relative to an outer surface of the cover member such that movement of the lever member by a single hand of a user unlatches the cover member from the frame for moving the cover member to the open position..
Lexmark International, Inc.

Accelerometer with inductive pick-off

An accelerometer as disclosed herein includes a support wafer, a bottom wafer, a top wafer, and an inductive pick-off. The support wafer may define a plane and may comprise a first side, a second side, and a proof mass.
Honeywell International Inc.

Clear ice maker and forming clear ice

An ice maker assembly includes an ice tray having an ice forming plate with a top surface, a bottom surface and upstanding edges around a perimeter of the ice forming plate. A containment wall extends upwardly around the perimeter of the ice forming plate.
Whirlpool Corporation

Component mount

A component mount is disclosed having two parallel compressible load paths interposed between first and second attachment members and a coupling mechanism. When a force above a predefined level is predicted to be transferred, the coupling mechanism is engaged so that both of the compressible load paths act in parallel to transfer the force between the first and second attachment members, and when the predicted level of the force to be transferred is below the predefined level, the coupling mechanism is disengaged and the force is transmitted through only the first compressible load path.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Drive axle of electric distribution torque

A drive axle of electric distribution torque, comprise of: a drive motor having a output shaft for outputting torque; differential including differential housing, a drive shaft. The left and right drive half axle rotating about an axis of rotation; double row planetary gear mechanism outputting power of the motor output shaft which will be reduced two-stage; double planetary gear torque distribution mechanism connected to the double planetary gear reduction mechanism, receiving the double planetary gear reduction mechanism output torque, and outputs reverse torque in contrast to said torque; single row double planetary gear coupling mechanism providing opposite direction torque to the left and right axle.
Jilin University, China

Vehicle opening-closing body control apparatus

A vehicle opening-closing body control apparatus includes: a driving device driving an opening-closing body; a lock device retaining the opening-closing body in fully open and fully closed positions by including a latch mechanism, which performs an engagement action depending on a movement position of the opening-closing body; and a control device controlling the actions of the driving and lock devices, wherein the control device includes a position determination unit determining whether the movement position is in an engagement action position of the latch mechanism in a case in which driving control of the opening-closing body is stopped, and it becomes possible for the driving control to be restarted thereafter, and an engagement release control unit causing the latch mechanism to perform a release action by controlling the action of the lock device in a case in which it is determined that the movement position is in the engagement action position.. .
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

Laterally-expanding tray table

In a preferred embodiment, an aircraft passenger seat includes a seat back and a laterally-expanding tray table including a telescoping table segment and a main table segment having an interior pocket for receiving the telescoping table segment in a retracted position, where the telescoping table segment is adjacent to the main table segment in a fully extended position to form a contiguous table surface. The seat back may include a mounting region for stowing the laterally-expanding tray table, including a latching mechanism for latching the main table segment in a stowed position.
B/e Aerospace, Inc.

Steering column assembly

A steering column assembly comprising an inner tube and an outer tube that surrounds the inner tube along at least part of its length, in a relaxed condition the outer tube being a relatively loose fit around the inner tube, an elongate slot in the outer tube which can be at least partially closed by applying a load either side of the slot to cause a reduction in the internal diameter of the tube, the slot extending along the outer tube starting from one end of the tube, a pair of flanges which are fixed to the tube on opposing sides of the slot, and a clamp mechanism which connects one flange to the other, the clamp mechanism being movable between a clamped position in which it applies a clamping force to the flanges that acts to reduce the width of the slot and so tightens the outer tube around the inner tube, and an unclamped position in which the clamping force is reduced to permit the flanges to move away from one another as the tube returns towards its relaxed condition. A restraining member that extend around the whole outside of the circumference, or substantially around the whole circumference, of a length of the outer tube that is located at, or close to, the end of the outer tube at which the slot starts, the restraining member preventing unwanted deformation of the end of the outer tube..
Trw Limited

Collapsible stroller mechanism

In accordance with some aspects of the present disclosure, there is provided a foldable stroller frame comprising a first side frame member, a second side frame member, a middle frame member, and a sliding mechanism configured to slide along the middle frame member. First and second cross frame members may connect the sliding mechanism to the first and second side frame members.
Monahan Products, Llc

Child restraint for child seat

A child restraint for a child seat is relatively easily engaged using a passive approach and resists disengagement until released. A cross bar can be moved along a slide mechanism in the restraint, where the cross bar or the slide mechanism may include a ratchet mechanism.
Safe-strap Company, Inc.

Mandoline-type food slicer

A food slicer includes a frame for supporting a landing and a runway, which is movable relative to the landing. A cutting blade is secured on an upstream end of the landing.
Helen Of Troy Limited

Exercise chair

A device for moving the back and core muscles while sitting includes a rocking assembly that sits atop a base assembly, and optionally a height adjustment mechanism between the rocking assembly and the base assembly. The rocking assembly further includes a rocking mechanism that sits between a base plate or platform and a seat.

Keyboard mounting assembly

A keyboard mounting assembly includes a base having a base upper surface and a downwardly-extending base skirt adjacent at least one side of the base upper surface. The base skirt has a recessed portion offset inwardly from the peripheral edge of the base upper surface and formed underneath the base upper surface.
L&p Property Management Company

Tool-less storage device adaptor tray with spring mechanism

A storage device tray has a form factor designed to support a larger storage device, and is configured to secure a small storage device, thereby acting as an adapter between storage device sizes. The storage device tray includes a clip configured with pegs that may couple to screw hole sin the storage device.
Super Micro Computer, Inc.

Tool-less storage device adaptor tray with slider mechanism

A storage device tray has a form factor designed to support a larger storage device, and is configured to secure a small storage device, thereby acting as an adapter between storage device sizes. The storage device tray includes a sliding mechanism configured with pegs that may couple to screw holes in the storage device.
Super Micro Computer, Inc.

Firearm having a dual cam, cock on close bolt action

A bolt action firearm that cocks the firing pin upon closing the bolt and includes a cam pin with dual heads for a high velocity rimfire cartridge. In one embodiment, actuating the main spring while closing the bolt, instead of while opening the bolt, more uniformly distributes the physical energy required by the user over the bolt actuation cycle.
Savage Arms, Inc.

Speed change device

A speed change device includes a power transfer shaft, a tubular shaft member, and a planetary gear mechanism that has a carrier. An in-shaft oil passage is formed in the power transfer shaft.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Reversible handleset spindle actuator and related method and kit

A reversible handleset spindle actuator and related method and kit. The spindle actuator is configured to be installed in a handleset.
Ferco Architectural Hardware Inc.

Marking paint applicator for use with portable utility locator

A marking paint applicator for a portable electronic locator that locates buried cables and pipes via electromagnetic emissions is disclosed. The marking paint application may include an elongated support structure and a trigger mechanism, along with a bracket assembly, a receptacle for holding paint, and an actuating mechanism for selectively controlling release of the paint in response to operator actuation of the trigger mechanism..

Automatic bagging machine

An automatic bagging machine contains: a delivery mechanism, a film transporting mechanism, an ultrasonic cutting mechanism, an electric eye mechanism, a limiting assembly, a clamping mechanism, an air tube assembly, and a pushing mechanism. The delivery mechanism includes a conveying belt and plural fixing mounts on which plural spinning bobbins are fitted.
Eminence Machinery Co., Ltd.

Impact-absorbing support for a wheel

An impact absorbing mechanism for a wheel is provided. The mechanism has discs that are engaged so that rotation of a first disc causes translational movement of a second disc.

Method for controlling a hybrid driveline in order to achieve gear change without interruption of torque

A method is provided to control a hybrid powertrain to achieve gear shifts without torque interruption, comprising a gearbox with input shaft and output shafts; a first planetary gear connected to the input shaft and a first main shaft; a second planetary gear connected to the first planetary gear and a second main shaft; first and second electrical machines respectively connected to the first and second planetary gears; a first gear pair and a third gear pair between the first main shaft and a countershaft; and a second gear pair between the second main shaft and the countershaft, which is connected with the output shaft via a fifth gear pair. The method comprises disconnecting the first gear pair; connecting the first planetary gear with the output shaft via a coupling mechanism connecting the first main shaft and output shaft; disconnecting the fifth gear pair; transferring torque generated from the combustion engine from the second planetary gear to the countershaft via the second gear pair; and transferring a torque from the countershaft to the output shaft via the third gear pair..
Scania Cv Ab

Cargo barrier for a vehicle

A barrier for separating a cargo area from a passenger area of a vehicle includes a support structure that is fixedly attached to a frame of a rear seat, adjacent a seatback of the seat. A gate is attached to and supported by the support structure, and is rotatably moveable relative to the support structure between a stowed position and a deployed position.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Motor drive control device

A motor drive control device is capable of reducing gear rattling noise generated in a speed reducer without increasing size of the speed reducer and the number of components. A motor ecu controls a motor to generate a reverse set torque (tn) when a target torque (t*) is reversed (at a time t1).
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

System for adjusting frame height of an agricultural vehicle

A suspension system includes a strut coupled to an agricultural vehicle suspension system, a frame coupled to the suspension system, and a height adjustment mechanism coupled to the strut. The height adjustment mechanism is configured to transition the strut between a raised position, in which a frame height is at a first position, and a lowered position, in which the frame height is at a second position.
Cnh Industrial America Llc

Workpiece securing device for friction stir welding device

A workpiece securing device or a friction stir welding device is constituted of a starting-end-side workpiece stopper that positions a welding starting-end-side end of a workpiece to be placed on a workpiece surface plate; a finishing-end-side workpiece stopper that positions a welding finishing-end-side end of the workpiece; a starting-end-side workpiece clamping mechanism that presses and secures a portion along a welding line close to the welding starting-end-side end of the workpiece against the workpiece surface plate from above; and a finishing-end-side workpiece clamping mechanism that presses and secures a portion along the welding line close to the welding finishing-end-side end of the workpiece against the workpiece surface plate from above. In a state where the welding starting-end-side end and the welding finishing-end-side end of the workpiece placed on the workpiece surface plate are positioned, only the portions along the welding line close to the welding starting-end-side end and close to the welding finishing-end-side end of the workpiece are secured..
Ihi Corporation

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