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Waterproof motor seat on a rotisserie

Waterproof motor seat on a rotisserie


Honda Motor



Nissin Kogyo

Electric actuator and vehicle brake system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Control rod/control rod drive mechanism couplings patent thumbnailControl rod/control rod drive mechanism couplings
A nuclear reactor includes a pressure vessel, and a control rod assembly including at least one movable control rod comprising a neutron absorbing material, a control rod drive mechanism (crdm) for controlling movement of the at least one control rod, and a coupling operatively connecting the at least one control rod and the crdm. The coupling includes a first portion comprising a first material having a first density at room temperature, and a second portion comprising a second material having a second density at room temperature that is greater than the first density.

 Waterproof motor seat on a rotisserie patent thumbnailWaterproof motor seat on a rotisserie
The present invention is to provide a waterproof motor seat on a rotisserie, which comprises a housing having an opening on one side thereof and an accommodation space formed therein; an element fixing seat smaller than the opening and mounted in the housing on a position corresponding to the opening; a rotating mechanism positioned on an inner side of the element fixing seat; a waterproof washer having one end embedded into a gap formed between the element fixing seat and the opening, and the other end extending outside of the gap; and a packing ring securely mounted onto the housing and abutting against the other end of the waterproof washer and an outer side of the element fixing seat; such that the waterproof washer can be deformed and tightly packed within the gap for enabling the element fixing seat and the housing to be watertightly joined together into one body.. .

 Transmission patent thumbnailTransmission
A transmission includes a transmission mechanism. The transmission mechanism includes a planetary gear mechanism and a fixing element.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Electric actuator and vehicle brake system patent thumbnailElectric actuator and vehicle brake system
An electric actuator includes a shaft member, a nut member, a power transmission member, and a guide portion. A spiral groove is formed on an outer circumference of the shaft member.
Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

 Tube mount of a roller pump patent thumbnailTube mount of a roller pump
A peristaltic pump includes a housing in which a tube mounting case is formed in which a pump head is rotatably supported. The pump includes a tube unit provided as a replacement part consisting of a flexible tube and a tube fixture which holds the tube at two positions.
Aesculap Ag

 Expandable screen completion tool patent thumbnailExpandable screen completion tool
An expandable screen comprises a first end comprising a first coupling mechanism, a second end comprising a second coupling mechanism, a wire wrap section extending between the first end and the second end, and a plurality of rods coupled to the wire wrap section. The wire wrap section is coupled to the first and the second end, and the wire wrap section is configured to radially expand.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc

 Differential safety valve patent thumbnailDifferential safety valve
A valve for limiting differential pressure applied to a downhole tool includes a housing and a movable piston/mandrel assembly therein. In a closed position, drilling mud or other fluid may be communicated through a central bore of the valve to the tool.
Pioneer Natural Resources Usa, Inc.

 Continuous oil pipe clamp mechanism patent thumbnailContinuous oil pipe clamp mechanism
The continuous oil pipe clamp mechanism includes a saddle-shaped clamp block and a clamp block seat. The saddle-shaped clamp block is buckled on the clamp block seat.
Yantai Jereh Petroleum Equipment And Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Concealed hinge mechanism patent thumbnailConcealed hinge mechanism
A concealed hinge mechanism for connecting a door and a door frame has two fixed plates mounted on the door and the door frame, and two l-shaped connecting elements to connect the fixed plates while providing a rotational and outward movement for opening.. .

 Door latch assembly for motor vehicles patent thumbnailDoor latch assembly for motor vehicles
A door latch assembly is equipped with a latch mechanism, a locking mechanism, an operating mechanism and inside and outside release mechanisms. The locking mechanism includes a release link that is connected to an inside release lever connected to the inside release mechanism.
Magna Closures Inc.


Concrete distributor mast

A concrete distributor mast has a plurality of mast arms, which can be moved relative to each other. The mast arms are connected to each other in a hinged manner at coupling points and have in the region of the coupling points hinge points, at which drive and coupling members of a coupling gear mechanism that actuates the mast arm movement are coupled in a hinged manner.
Putzmeister Engineering Gmbh


Coating system and process

A coating system for coating a part (10), such as a turbine blade or vane, has a mask (14) positioned adjacent to a first portion (16) of the part (10) to be coated and a mechanism (30) for moving the mask (14) relative to the part (10). The mechanism (30) may be a gear mechanism or a magnetic mechanism..
United Technologies Corporation


Sanitary locking storage box

A storage system for adult products includes a box, a lid, a locking mechanism and a ventilated tray. The box has an upper rim with a plurality of ventilation holes formed therein.
Passionate Playground Llc


Driving device for hybrid vehicle

A driving device for the hybrid vehicle includes a planetary gear mechanism; a first rotating machine coupled to a sun gear of the planetary gear mechanism; an engine coupled to a carrier of the planetary gear mechanism; a second rotating machine and a drive wheel that are coupled to a ring gear of the planetary gear mechanism; and a regulating mechanism that regulates rotation of the carrier, wherein the driving device has a first driving region that allows executing a dual-drive mode that causes running using the first rotating machine and the second rotating machine as power sources, and a second driving region that allows executing a lubrication running mode that causes the first rotating machine to rotate the engine so as to lubricate the planetary gear mechanism and causes running using the second rotating machine as a single power source.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha



On a centerline parallel to an air blowing direction inside a retainer, a ball joint with a ball is disposed. On a turning louver, a central axial support portion from which axial support portions are projected radially is disposed at the center of a cylindrical frame.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Ring binder mechanism having unitary structure

A ring binder has an elongate body and rings. Each ring includes ring members moveable between open and closed positions.
World Wide Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Twin hammer clutch impact wrench

A power driven tool for rotating a mechanical element. The tool includes a housing and motor.
Sp Air Kabushiki Kaisha


Apparatus for manipulating tubular and round section objects

An apparatus for cutting workpieces adapted to engage the workpiece in at least four points of surface engagement. The apparatus has a clamping mechanism designed to be fastened to the workpiece.
Exact Tools Oy


Stopcock flow path switching device

This stopcock flow path switching device includes: a three-way stopcock having a flow path switching cock and provided to, by switching of the flow path switching cock, allow flow path switching between a state in which a contrast agent introducing flow path is formed by coupling a flow path on the patient side to a flow path on the injector head side and a state in which a blood pressure measuring flow path is formed by coupling the flow path on the patient side to a flow path on the blood pressure transducer side; and a clamp mechanism for closing the flow path of the three-way stopcock communicating with the injector head side, in the state in which the blood pressure measuring flow path is formed.. .
Sugan Co., Ltd.


Lid for a container

A closure for a lid may provide controlled access to at least one opening in the lid. The closure may include an activator pivotally coupled to the lid, a cover pivotally coupled to the lid, and a connecting member pivotally coupled to the activator and the cover.
Runway Blue, Llc


Apparel with safety handles

The invention features apparel having a safety assembly featuring adjustable handles. The handles move along tracks and can be positioned to be grasped by a passenger on a vehicle.


Cigar band

This disclosure provides a cigar band comprising two annular-shaped halves, a clasp mechanism, a hinge mechanism, and at least one spring mechanism. The clasp mechanism is along one side edge of each annular-shaped half and is configured to allow for the separation and union of the two halves along the one side edge.


Reciprocating mechanism for a fishing reel

A level winding mechanism includes a worm shaft, an engagement member, a sliding member, and a lid member. The lid member includes lid portion and a retaining portion.
Shimano Inc.


Rotational safety device for firearm

A rotational safety device for a firearm is provided that replaces a traditional cross bar safety device. The safety device is easier to operate and easier for a firearm user to assess whether the firearm can be fired than previous safety systems.
Jennings Gentry Llc


Attic door rope apparatus

An attic door rope apparatus for retractably storing an attic door rope may comprise a spool rotatably coupled with a rotation mechanism, and a stored-energy mechanism having a first end coupled with the spool and a second end coupled with the rotation mechanism, wherein the stored-energy mechanism is configured to impart a torque on the spool about a rotation axis of the spool. Another attic door rope apparatus for retractably storing an attic door rope may comprise a winding mechanism configured to rotate in an unwinding direction and a winding direction, a motor coupled with the winding mechanism configured to turn the winding mechanism in at least the unwinding direction, a sensor configured to detect a user command and send a command signal to the motor, and a power source in electrical communication with the motor and the sensor..


Latch release device for vehicle door

A latch release device for a vehicle door is provided which enables the release of the latched state of a latch mechanism that accompanies actuation of an electric actuator in response to the normal operation of an operating member for latch release, and the release of the latched state by a mechanical latch release operating force in response to emergency operation of the operating member for latch release, and includes a child lock mechanism attached to the latch mechanism, wherein the child lock mechanism is arranged so as to switch between linking and unlinking the actuating member for latch release and a mechanical operating force input member to which a mechanical latch release operating force is transmitted from the operating member for latch release, and latch release intention detection means is disposed on the latch mechanism so as to detect actuation of the actuating member for latch release.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Honda Lock


Winch and use thereof

A winch for moving a load along a track from a first position to a higher position has a drum around which a retrieve and a launch cable are wound in different directions. Rotation of the drum acts to reel in one of the cables while paying out the other.


Seed carrier with pivoting conveyor

A seed carrier includes a main hopper coupled with a frame via leg members. The main hopper has a discharge.
Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Vehicle lower portion structure

The present invention provides a vehicle lower portion structure having: a vehicle skeleton member that extends along a vehicle longitudinal direction at a vehicle transverse direction outer side of a vehicle front portion; a sub-frame that is provided at a vehicle lower side of the vehicle skeleton member, and that has a side portion extending in the vehicle longitudinal direction; plural joining members that join the side portion of the sub-frame to the vehicle skeleton member at two or more locations in the vehicle longitudinal direction; and a rotating mechanism that is provided at a mounting portion of a front side joining member that, among the plural joining members, is positioned at a front side in the vehicle longitudinal direction, and, when a load from a vehicle front side is applied to the vehicle skeleton member, the rotating mechanism rotates the front side joining member such that an upper side in a vehicle vertical direction of the mounting portion moves relatively toward a vehicle rear side as compared with a lower side thereof.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Equipment docking apparatus

Aspects of the present invention relate to systems, methods and apparatus for securing equipment to a structure. Some aspects relate to an apparatus with clamp flanges and a clamping mechanism that engages a piece of equipment and secures the equipment from tipping or other movement relative to an attached structure such as a vehicle bed, storage container or display platform.


Roller mill and milling material to be milled by means of a roller mill

The roller mill according to the invention is composed essentially of at least two grinding rollers which interact with a grinding plate for comminuting material to be ground, wherein the at least two grinding rollers or the grinding plate and at least one grinding roller are each assigned a separate drive train for driving same, wherein each drive train has a main motor and a main gear mechanism. At least one drive train additionally comprises a superimposition gear mechanism with a regulating drive, wherein an open-loop and closed-loop control device which is connected to the at least one regulating drive is provided, said open-loop and closed-loop control device regulating the power of the separate drive trains with respect to one another by means of the at least one regulating drive..
Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Ag


Wheeled lifting device

The present invention is directed to a wheeled lifting device that is configured for positioning between an extended configuration and a retracted configuration and adapted for attachment to a wheeled or non-wheeled device. In the extended configuration, the wheeled lifting device is configured to allow for multi-directional movement of the wheeled or non-wheeled device.


Devices and methods for applying surgical clips

An actuator is movable between a first position and a second position to move a drive mechanism between a first configuration and a second configuration relative to a housing. A cartridge assembly configured to be removably coupled to the housing to couple such that the cartridge assembly is coupled to the drive mechanism.
Conmed Corporation


Seat device

A desk chair device including a base frame with a pedestal and a chair structure with a seat and a backrest, wherein a pivot mechanism is provided, via which the chair structure is mounted on the base frame for pivoting movement about a horizontal pivot axis between a work position and a reclining position. The pivot axis is arranged with respect to the base frame in a fixed position above the seat approximately in the region of a center of gravity of the chair structure..
Eb-invent Gmbh


Camera housing for a square-profile camera

A square camera housing accommodates a square camera with a substantially square profile. The square camera housing includes a latching mechanism to secure the camera in the housing, a mounting mechanism to secure the housing to a mounting device, and multiple openings in the housing body to accommodate the camera interface.
Gopro, Inc.


Apparatus and process for assembling different categories of multi-element assemblies to predetermined tolerances and alignments using a reconifigurable assembling and alignment apparatus

Systems and methods for assembling different multi-element items with different specifications using a reconfigurable apparatus are provided. One embodiment includes a base plate, a back plate coupled to the base plate in a predetermined angle relationship.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Tube hangers and systems for very early smoke detection

Systems for very early smoke detection are disclosed, including details of tube hangers that may be used to hang sampling tubes for very early smoke detection systems. The systems and components thereof may be temporarily installed in aerospace vehicles during manufacturing.
The Boeing Company


Vehicular power transmission device

A selector device disposed between a transmission and a differential gear includes a first output shaft connected to the transmission, a second output shaft connected to the differential gear, a third output shaft relatively rotatably fitted on an outer periphery of the second output shaft, a planetary gear mechanism having a sun gear connected to the third output shaft and a ring gear connected to the differential gear, a first meshing switching mechanism that is capable of switching between a state in which the first and third output shafts are joined and the second output shaft is detached and a state in which the first to third output shafts are joined, and a second meshing switching mechanism that is capable of joining a carrier of the planetary gear mechanism to a casing.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Image capture system and clamping mechanism

A clamping mechanism includes a main body having a first end; a first clamping member rotatably disposed at the first end; a second clamping member corresponding to the first clamping member; and at least one connecting member movable with respect to the main body, wherein the second clamping member is connected to the connecting member.. .
Asia Optical International Ltd.


Vehicle hydraulic control device

A vehicle hydraulic control device for a rotating electrical machine and associated gear mechanism. Oil passages are configured with relief valves such that a first relief valve discharges oil in a first oil passage when an oil pressure in the first oil passage located downstream of a throttle portion becomes higher than a predetermined first set oil pressure, and a second relief valve allows a part of the second oil passage which is located upstream of the second relief valve to communicate with a part of the second oil passage which is located downstream of the second relief valve when an oil pressure in the second oil passage located upstream of the second relief valve becomes higher than a predetermined second set oil pressure set higher than the first set oil pressure..
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.


Latch release device for vehicle door

A latch release device for a vehicle door is provided which includes an electric actuator that can exert power for latch release for releasing a latched state of a door, a latch mechanism that releases the latched state of the door in response to actuation of the electric actuator or input of a mechanical latch release operating force, and an operating member for latch release that enables normal operation by a vehicle user so as to actuate the electric actuator and emergency operation by a vehicle user so as to input a mechanical latch release operating force into the latch mechanism, wherein the emergency operation of an operating member for latch release is restricted and emergency operation restriction means restricts emergency operation of the operating member for latch release when an operating member for restriction release that a vehicle user can operate is in a non-operated state.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Honda Lock


Pool cleaner with a protracted filter

A pool cleaning robot that may include a fluid inlet, a filter; a winding mechanism and a holding mechanism; wherein the holding mechanism is configured to hold the filter; wherein the winding mechanism is configured to perform a winding of the filter thereby removing a filter portion that was positioned in a filtering position and placing another filter portion in the filtering position; and wherein the filter portion, when positioned in the filtering position, is configured to filter fluid that enters through the fluid inlet.. .
Maytronics Ltd.


Polyaxial screwdriver for a pedicle screw system

A polyaxial screwdriver for inserting a bone screw in a vertebra. A polyaxial bone screw assembly includes a coupling element.
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc


Method and operating a tray mechanism

A tray mechanism for a device housing includes a tray bed having a planar surface with first and second opposing sides that form a boundary around the planar surface, wherein the first opposing sides include a front side and a back side, wherein the front side is configured with dimensions for closing an opening of a cavity within the device housing, and wherein the second opposing sides are configured for a slideable attachment within the cavity of the device housing. The tray mechanism further includes a lever positioned on the planar surface of the tray bed and a hinge mechanism that pivotally connects the lever to the planar surface of the tray bed.
Motorola Mobility Llc


Removable battery pack with latching mechanism

A battery pack configured to supply power to a cleaning system and be received by a battery receptacle of the cleaning system. The battery pack includes a housing including an aperture, a user contact moveable between a first position and a second position, a moveable member that moves from a retracted position to a protruded position when the user contact moves from the first position to the second position, and an engagement member that moves from a latched position to an unlatched position when the moveable member moves from the retracted position toward the protruded position.
Techtronic Floor Care Technology Limited


Magnetron sputtering apparatus

To provide technology that can increase the productivity of an apparatus when magnetron sputtering is carried out using a target formed from magnetic material. The present disclosure is an apparatus provided with: a cylindrical body that is a target formed from magnetic material, disposed above a substrate; a rotating mechanism that rotates this cylindrical body around the axis of the cylindrical body; a magnet array provided inside a hollow part of the cylindrical body; and a power supply that applies voltage to the cylindrical body.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Managing nuclear reactor control rods

A nuclear reactor control rod drive assembly includes a control rod drive mechanism coupled to a drive shaft and operable to bi-directionally urge the drive shaft through a portion of an inner volume of a reactor vessel at a first force; a control rod manifold coupled to the drive shaft; a plurality of control rods coupled to the control rod manifold, the plurality of control rods adjustable among a plurality of positions within the inner volume of the reactor vessel based on operation of the control rod drive mechanism; and at least one variable strength joint positioned between the control rod drive mechanism and the plurality of control rods.. .
Nuscale Power, Llc


Musical instrument

A musical instrument including a vibrating member, such as a string, and a clamping mechanism. The clamping mechanism can include a first clamping member and a second clamping member.


System and a modular multi-panel display

A modular multi-panel display includes a frame having a number of members. Lighting panels are removably coupled directly to the frame using coupling mechanisms.
Ultravision Holdings, Llc


Electronic system for locating remote objects

Systems and methods for marking and locating objects in crowded environments, and more particularly, systems and methods that include a remote configured to communicate with a beacon having audio and visual indicators, are shown and described. One system comprises a remote including a housing, a tool extending from the housing, a movable sleeve configured to cover the tool, a first control circuit, a selection button coupled to the control circuit, a first transceiver, and a beacon including a second transceiver configured to communicate with the first transceiver, a second control circuit, an indicator electrically coupled to the second control circuit, and a latch mechanism, the tool configured to interact with the latch mechanism to securely couple the beacon..


Motorized horizontal docking station having integrated locking mechanism

Disclosed is a system for preventing unauthorized removal of an electronic device from a docking station including a first plug positioned to slidably interface with a first port of the electronic device, a second plug opposite the first plug and positioned to slidably interface with a second port of the electronic device, a mechanical locking mechanism operable to restrict removal of the first and second plugs from the electronic device, and a software application for communicating with the docking station, the software application including a messaging component for sending messages to, and receiving messages from, the docking station, and an authorization component for authorizing unlocking of the locking mechanism.. .
Henge Docks Llc


Rotating bezel system

A timepiece case band including a peripheral shoulder in which an annular rotating bezel system is rotatably mounted. The rotating bezel system is an independent module including an annular bezel, an annular support element, a toothed element, and a spring mechanism cooperating elastically with a snap-fit mechanism, the spring mechanism and the toothed element being axially retained by the bezel and/or the support element.
Omega Sa


Handheld firearms with indexed magazine and compact firing mechanism

New handgun configurations are enabled by a multiple cartridge magazine that includes the firing chamber for each cartridge. A hammer with a pivot pin below and between the leading and trailing edges of a chamber strikes the primer at an acute angle.


Lighting poles with accessible electrics

The present invention provides an adjustable street light having a pole having a first end and a second end, an anchor member, wherein the second end of the pole is attached to the anchor member. A sleeve member slidably mounted on said pole, a pair of opposing arms pivotally attached to the sleeve member, and a pair of light housings each attached to an end of the pair of opposing arms.


Frictional sliding mechanism for interior assembly of a vehicle

A system for a motor vehicle with a first assembly having a first substrate and a rail extending outwardly from the first substrate. The system also includes a second assembly having a second substrate and a clamp extending outwardly from the second substrate.
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Feed devices for swagable lockbolt collars

An air-driven feeder tool is provided for presenting swagable collars one at a time for placement on the shanks of lockbolts and thereby made ready for the application of a swaging tool. The swaging tool breaks off a pintail from the lockbolt and a vacuum system draws the broken-off pintails through a vacuum device and into a receptacle for safe disposal.
Gage Bilt, Inc.


Downhole clamping mechanism

An anchoring system for use with a downhole tool includes a body with anchor members mounted on the body that pivot radially outward from the body and into engagement with an inner surface of a tubular. Curved slots are provided along a portion of the members and a sliding block has a protrusion that projects into the slots.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Double hung latch and jamb hardware

A fenestration operation hardware assembly includes latch mechanisms configured for coupling to respective top and bottom sashes, and a paddle member configured for coupling the latch mechanisms. The latch mechanisms include movable latch bolts, and at least one of the latch mechanisms includes an operator interface feature movable between at least initial and operating positions.
Marvin Lumber And Cedar Company, D/b/a Marvin Windows And Doors


Grasping apparatus and construction machine

The grasping apparatus has a gear mechanism 30 in which an annular inner gear 71 is disposed concentrically with a sun gear 73, plural intermediate gears 68 are interposed in an annular space between the inner gear 71 and the sun gear 73, the plural intermediate gears 68 are freely rotatably supported by a bracket secured to a construction machine or the like, a grasping apparatus swing cylinder 23 rotated by the sun gear 73 or the inner gear 71 is equipped to the construction machine or the like as equipment, an upper fork 36 is secured to the inner gear 71, a lower fork 32 that grasps a conveyance target object 90 or the like in cooperation with the upper fork 36 is secured to the sun gear 73 to which rotating force is transmitted from the inner gear 71 through the intermediate gears 68.. .


Power transmission apparatus and power control apparatus of washing machine

A washing machine includes a power transmission apparatus and a power control apparatus. The power transmission apparatus includes a driving unit, a gear mechanism including an input shaft connected to the driving unit, a reduction assembly coupled to the input shaft to reduce its rotational speed to a preset gear ratio, a washing shaft coupled to the reduction assembly that rotates at the gear ratio, and a water removal assembly selectively connected to the driving unit in a water removal mode for independently rotating from the washing shaft, a coupling unit selectively transmitting a power of the driving unit to the water removal assembly in the water removal mode, and a brake unit selectively forcing the water removal assembly to stop in the water removal mode..
Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation


Winding apparatus and winding method

A winding apparatus includes a nozzle that is adapted to rotate about a core along a locus that is inclined relative to a center line of the core, wire material winding members that are adapted to guide a wire material wound via the nozzle to the core, and a core rotating mechanism that is adapted to rotate the core relative to the wire material winding members. The wire material winding members are disposed on either side of the core so as to sandwich a plane that includes both a rotary center of the nozzle and the center line of the core, whereby the wire material winding members extend in a tangential direction to the core such that respective tip ends thereof are oriented in a rotation direction of the core.
Nittoku Engineering Co., Ltd.


Rotating mechanism

A rotating mechanism includes a base, a number of rotating assemblies, and a transmitting assembly. The rotating assemblies are secured on the base.
Fih (hong Kong) Limited


Game with timer device and playing the game

A timer mechanism for a game is disclosed herein. The timer mechanism including: an end portion; an object secured to the end portion by a retractable member capable of being extracted from the object and retracted into the object by a winding mechanism; and an indicator mechanism located at the end portion for indicating when the object has come into proximity with the end portion and has contacted a portion of the indicator mechanism through retraction of the retractable member into the object by the winding mechanism..


Expandable tissue space implant and use

A horizontal and vertical expandable tissue spacer implants, insertion tools, assembly methods and surgical methods are disclosed. The horizontal expandable tissue spacer implant includes a first lateral member with a first side, a second lateral member with a first side, and an intermediate spacer member.
Medivest, Llc


Self-ligating orthodontic bracket

An aesthetic ceramic material is combined with a resilient metal to obtain an aesthetic self-ligating appliance with an easily operable latch mechanism. The appliance uses a door assembly that includes a ceramic ligating cover coupled to a resilient clip pivotable about a hinge mechanism.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Hook device for hanging objects

A hook device (2) for hanging objects such as picture frames comprises a housing (10) which has an internal space for allowing a carrier for the hook device (2) to extend through the housing (10), and which is normally provided with a projection designed for functioning as a hanging hook. The hook device (2) further comprises a clamping mechanism for fixing the housing (10) on a carrier, wherein the clamping mechanism comprises a first hollow cylinder (20) having a tapered inner surface (21), which is retained in the housing (10) in an axial direction by form closure.
Jan Van Boxtel Artitec B.v.


Seat belt buckle, in particular for racing vehicles

A seat belt buckle, in particular for racing vehicles, has a casing with four connection points for connecting respective branches of a seat belt; three of the connection points are defined by two top slots and one bottom slot having respective inlets formed in a peripheral surface of the casing; the casing houses a coupling mechanism for retaining respective tabs inside the slots, and supports a lever having a radial arm, which is located on a bottom portion of the casing and is rotatable manually about an axis to release the coupling mechanism; the bottom slot is aligned, in a direction parallel to the rotation axis of the lever, with the rest position of the lever; and the fourth connection point is defined by an opening located alongside the bottom portion, on the opposite side to the inlet of the bottom slot.. .
Sabelt S.p.a.


Mounting latch

A mounting latch for mounting a device to a rail is provided. The mounting latch comprises: a moveable actuator having a profile; a latch mechanism comprising first and second opposed rail engaging members, at least one of the members having a face for causing the member to yield against a bias source when the latch mechanism is engaging with the rail; and a follower enabling the at least one member to follow a rotational movement of the actuator such that movement of the actuator in a first direction causes the at least one member to become unlatched from the rail..
Control Techniques Limited


Electrohydraulic generator systems and methods

A system includes a generator configured to be coupled to a power input of an uninterruptible power supply (ups), an engine, a hydraulic motor and a mechanical coupling mechanism configured to selectively couple the engine and the hydraulic motor to the generator. The system further includes a hydraulic accumulator and a valve configured to fluidically couple the hydraulic accumulator to the hydraulic motor.
Eaton Corporation


Software testing platform and method

An integrated test accelerator platform that ensures discrete testing solutions to be integrated to work together in harmony, and resources (people, data, and process) allocated to these solutions to collaborate and work in tandem. The platform provides a flexible way of interconnecting accelerators (i.e., automation framework, regression optimization, risk based testing, test data management, pair-wise testing, and metrics) using coupling and decoupling mechanisms.
Syntel, Inc.


Planetary gear mechanism with adjustable ring gear

A planetary gear mechanism, in particular for wind power plants, includes at least one planetary gear stage that has two power-split planetary stages connected in parallel. At least one of the two planetary stages includes a ring gear which is operatively connected to a housing.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Bore selection apparatus

A bore selection device for use with a dual bore subsea system is disclosed. The bore selector (18) can be remotely actuated to provide selection between a production bore (12) and an annulus bore (16) without a rotating mechanism or flapper valve.
Enovate Systems Limited


Damping positioner

A damping positioner is installed in a headrail track of an automatic roll-up blind and works with an automatic winding mechanism of the roll-up blind. The damping positioner includes a positioner that is disposed in the headrail track as well as a damper that is connected at an end of the positioner and is able to rotate freely.


Door lock switch with lock state indicator

A door for a vehicle having a body controller includes a vehicle interior-facing surface. The door locking system includes a latch mechanism configured to alternately attain a first state that locks and a second state that unlocks operation of the latch mechanism.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

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