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Crossbow with a release mechanism

Mcp Ip

Crossbow with a release mechanism

Damping unit for an elevator

Inventio Ag

Damping unit for an elevator

Damping unit for an elevator


Electrical switch operated by lockable push button actuator, and retrofit method and kit

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Cervical spinous process staple patent thumbnailnew patent Cervical spinous process staple
Thoracic/lumbar and cervical spinous process staples which staple/fuse adjacent spinous processes are disclosed. Thoracic/lumbar transverse process staples which staple/fuse adjacent transverse processes are also disclosed.
 Dial-down mechanism for wind-up pen patent thumbnailnew patent Dial-down mechanism for wind-up pen
The invention relates to a torsion spring driven injection device having a dial-down mechanism for dialling down a selected dose size. The torsion spring (2) is strained when setting a dose by rotating a proximally located dose setting button(30) relatively to the housing in a first direction and unstained when rotating the same dose setting button (30) in a second direction opposite the first direction.
Novo Nordisk A/s
 Automatic transmission device patent thumbnailnew patent Automatic transmission device
An automatic transmission device configured to change the relative speeds between an input and output member. The automatic transmission is configured with four planetary gear mechanisms and a plurality of clutches and brakes, the arrangement being configured so as to reduce a loss due to the meshing between gears.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
 Hybrid power train for vehicles patent thumbnailnew patent Hybrid power train for vehicles
A hybrid power train for a vehicle may include an input shaft, an engine-side drive gear provided on the input shaft, an output shaft, an engine-side driven gear rotatably provided on the output shaft and meshed with the engine-side drive gear, a motor-side drive gear rotated by a motor, a motor-side driven gear fixedly provided on the output shaft and meshed with the motor-side drive gear, an output gear rotatably provided on the output shaft, a one way clutch installed between the output gear and the output shaft, a clutch unit provided to switch an operating state of the output gear and to switch an operating state of the engine-side driven gear between a fixed state and a released state relative to the output shaft, and a planetary gear mechanism installed to couple the output shaft and the output gear to each other.. .
Hyundai Motor Company
 Agitator grid with adjustable restrictor elements for concrete block machine patent thumbnailnew patent Agitator grid with adjustable restrictor elements for concrete block machine
A feedbox for use in an automated dry-cast concrete block machine, including an agitator grid having a plurality of parallel agitator elements disposed parallel to a bottom of the feedbox, a plurality of prongs extending downward toward the bottom of the feedbox from each of the parallel agitator elements, and one or more restrictor elements slideably coupled with a coupling mechanism to one or more of the plurality of prongs which can be slideably adjusted along a length of the one or more prongs.. .
Ness Inventions, Inc.
 Pluggable optical moudle latch mechanism and method patent thumbnailnew patent Pluggable optical moudle latch mechanism and method
A latch mechanism for a pluggable optical module includes a slide disposed in the pluggable optical module, wherein the slide includes a front cylinder connected to a rear cylinder with a slide body therebetween and a post connected to the rear cylinder; a bail over a top of a front portion of the pluggable optical module and rotatably connected thereto, wherein the bail includes a first cutout portion on each side in which the front cylinder is moveably positioned therein; a ramp disposed within the pluggable optical module for sliding the rear cylinder thereon; and a notch disposed within the pluggable optical module for translating force from the post thereto responsive to the bail moving the front cylinder, the front cylinder applying force to the rear cylinder via the slide body, and the rear cylinder translating the force to the post.. .
Menara Networks, Inc.
 Adjustment turret patent thumbnailnew patent Adjustment turret
The invention relates to an adjustment turret comprising a base, a rotary control element, which can be rotated relative to the base about an axis of rotation, a display element, which can be rotated about the axis of rotation, and a mechanical coupling mechanism coupling the rotary control element together with the display element, the mechanical coupling mechanism being configured such that the display element can be rotated about the axis of rotation by the rotary control element into at least one rotational position of the rotary control element, wherein the coupling mechanism is configured such that during a full rotation of the rotary control element about the axis of rotation the display element can be rotated by the rotary control element relative to the base only about an angle of rotation which corresponds to part of a full rotation.. .
Swarovski-optik Kg.
 Control device and control  hybrid vehicle power unit patent thumbnailnew patent Control device and control hybrid vehicle power unit
A power unit includes a first rotating electrical machine and a second rotating electrical machine as prime movers. The first rotating electrical machine, the second rotating electrical machine and a drive wheel are respectively connected to a ring gear, sun gear and carrier of a planetary gear mechanism.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
 Electrical switch operated by lockable push button actuator, and retrofit method and kit patent thumbnailnew patent Electrical switch operated by lockable push button actuator, and retrofit method and kit
A simple kit of parts is provided that can be used to replace a few easily removed elements of a lockable push button actuator of a mechanical locking mechanism to convert the push button actuator to a lockable actuator for controlling a switch that can serve as a component of an electrical locking system. Other aspects of the invention relate to a method of making the mechanical to electrical conversion, and to a lockable actuator for operating an electrical switch connected to the actuator..
The Eastern Company
 Damping unit for an elevator patent thumbnailnew patent Damping unit for an elevator
An elevator damping unit for reducing vertical oscillations of an elevator car when at a standstill, has brake shoe retainers provided with brake shoes. The brake shoe retainers are connected to a common electric motor via a toothed gear mechanism.
Inventio Ag
new patent

Crossbow with a release mechanism

A trigger mechanism for use in a crossbow having a bowstring, the trigger mechanism comprising a housing having a slot formed therein, a trigger lever pivotally mounted in the housing and having a trigger that extends partially outside the housing, a catch pivotally mounted in the housing, and a disarm mechanism received in the housing that is moveable between a neutral first position and a disarm second position. The catch has a first end configured to retain the bowstring in a cocked position and a second end configured to operatively engage the trigger lever.
Mcp Ip, Llc
new patent

Mechanism for vehicle transmission default to park

A default-to-park mechanism for a transmission includes an output member, a rotatable plate, a latching mechanism, and a biasing member. The output member is rotatable to park, reverse, neutral, and drive positions.
Stoneridge Control Devices, Inc.
new patent

Power tool, saw blade and power tool system

A sawing power tool, in particular a sawing hand-held power tool, includes at least one clamping mechanism that is configured to fasten a saw blade to be driven with a stroke motion. In one embodiment, the at least one clamping mechanism fastens a compass saw blade that has a blade body which includes a cutting edge with cutting teeth and that has a fastening shaft.
Robert Bosch Gmbh
new patent

Door closing device

A door closing device having a housing, a lever interface for the attachment of a door closing mechanism (110), which interface is rotatably supported in the housing, a spring device, which charges the lever interface with a closing torque, and a dampening device for dampening the charging of the lever interface with the closing torque, where the housing is configured, at least in sections, as a cold-deformed structural member.. .
Dorma Deutschland Gmbh

Ear wax removal device and methods thereof

The present invention provides a cerumen removal apparatus for mechanically removing cerumen from an ear canal, comprising: a device body having a distal end and a proximal end interconnected by a main longitudinal axis; said distal end comprising at least one collector head for amassing said cerumen; said proximal end comprising at least one rotating mechanism adapted to rotate said at least one collector head; wherein said rotation of said collector head amasses said cerumen and removes said cerumen from said ear canal.. .
Wondertip Medical Ltd.

Securing device for medical lines

Disclosed are various embodiments for devices configured to secure medical lines. A securing frame is configured to receive and secure at least one line couplings.

Injection system

Described is a medicament cartridge comprising a housing having open proximal and distal ends, a first coupling mechanism, and a syringe slidably disposed in the housing. The syringe includes a needle and has a retracted position in which the needle is covered by the housing and an extended position in which the needle is exposed.
Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

Control rod drive mechanism built in nuclear reactor

Disclosed is a control rod drive mechanism. More specifically, the control rod drive mechanism includes a guide member 100 disposed in a nuclear reactor to receiving a drive shaft 2; a latch assembly 200 disposed in the guide member 100 to enable the drive shaft 2 to be withdrawn and inserted; a supporting member 300 connected to the guide member 100 to cover the drive shaft 2 and to support the latch assembly 200; and a plurality of coil housings 400 spaced apart and connected to the guide member 100 to cover the latch assembly 200, and each having a coil 410 built therein..
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Monitoring devices with energy-harvesting power sources

An apparatus worn by a subject includes an energy-harvesting power source, at least one physiological sensor and/or at least one environmental sensor coupled to the energy-harvesting power source. The at least one physiological sensor senses physiological information from the subject and the at least one environmental sensor senses environmental information in a vicinity of the subject.
Valencell, Inc.

Objective lens switching mechanism and inspection apparatus

An objective lens switching mechanism holds a plurality of objective lenses respectively disposed on each of the plurality of lens mounts, moves the plurality of objective lenses between a first position on the lens mounts and a second position above the lens mounts by a rotating mechanism and moves the plurality of objective lenses from the second position above the lens mounts to another second position above the lens mounts.. .
Nuflare Technology, Inc.

Security tag for application to footwear

Systems (100) and methods (1300) for operating a security tag (132). The methods involve: slidingly coupling a first engagement member (212) of the security tag to a first sidewall (208) forming a first right angle with a base (220) of an article; and extending a securement member (218) of the security tag across an exterior surface of the base of the article.
Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

Circuit breaker assembly including a plurality of controllable circuit breakers for local and/or remote control

A circuit breaker assembly includes a plurality of controllable circuit breakers. Each of the controllable circuit breakers includes separable contacts, an operating mechanism structured to open and close the separable contacts, a trip mechanism cooperating with the operating mechanism to trip open the separable contacts, a first line terminal, a second load terminal, and at least a third terminal.
Labinal, Llc

Shutting assembly for closing an entrance of an mri device

A shutting assembly for a magnetic resonance imaging device (mrd) bore aperture, comprising at least one first movable portion and at least one second portion affixed to the mrd, wherein the shutting assembly further comprising a normally closed or normally open sliding mechanism. The sliding mechanism couples at least one first moveable portion to at least one second portion affixed to the mrd, thereby enabling a reciprocal movement of at least one first moveable portion parallel to the mrd bore aperture in an upwards and downwards directions in respect to at least one second portion affixed to the mrd..
Aspect Imaging Ltd.

Door handle arrangement

The invention is directed to a door handle arrangement for a motor vehicle door, wherein a door handle is provided and wherein in the installed state a hinge mechanism is provided which allows pivoting of the door handle for its manual actuation. It is proposed that in the installed state, for fixing the door handle to a door shell section of the motor vehicle door, the door shell section is clamped from both of its sides between a first clamping surface of the door handle and a second clamping surface of a clamping element, wherein the clamping engagement between the clamping surfaces and the door shell section provide the hinge mechanism for the door handle such that the clamping force flows through the hinge mechanism..
Brose Schliesssysteme Gmbh & Co. Kg

Universal vehicle self-right apparatus

A self-right apparatus is a device for automatically returning an overturned vehicle to an upright orientation. The device features a base plate that is mountable to a vehicle and a flip plate that is hingedly connected to the base plate via a pivot axle.

Spring element

A braked spring element includes a first spring mechanism for absorbing and releasing energy, a second spring mechanism for absorbing and releasing energy and a damper assembly held between the first spring mechanism and the second spring mechanism, the damper assembly including a damper piston displaceably disposed in a fluid space and a piston rod connected to the damper piston.. .
Hahn Gasfedern Gmbh

Deformation correcting device

A deformation correcting device to correct a deformation occurring in a ring shaped article, which has been heated, while the heated ring shaped article is cooled, includes a support table, on which the ring shaped article in a heated condition is placed; a pair of receiving rolls; a press roll provided in opposition to the pair of the receiving rolls with the ring shaped article intervening therebetween; a press roll drive mechanism for driving the press roll between an advanced position, at which the press roll is urged against the outer peripheral surface of the ring shaped article, and a retracted position, at which the press roll is separated away from the outer peripheral surface of the ring shaped article; and a press roll rotating mechanism for rotating the press roll then urged against the ring shaped article by the press roll drive mechanism.. .
Ntn Corporation

Sunlight tracking sensor and system

A sunlight tracking sensor, comprising: a base; a gyroscopic mechanism, for rotating the base; a non-transparent cylindrical profile, mounted on the base; a first pair of punctual light intensity sensors, mounted on the base from opposite sides of the horizontal axis, at an outer side of the cylindrical profile; a second pair of punctual light intensity sensors mounted on the base from opposite sides of the vertical axis, at an outer side of the cylindrical profile; wherein the gyroscopic mechanism comprises: a first rotating mechanism, correspondingly with the first pair of punctual sensors, for rotating the base around the horizontal axis; a second rotating mechanism, correspondingly with the second pair of punctual sensors, for rotating the base around a vertical axis; a controller, for instructing each of the rotating mechanisms to adjust its orientation towards the sensor of the corresponding pair of sensors, which indicate a higher light intensity level.. .

Rubber band dispenser

Disclosed is a rubber band dispenser suitable for use in homes, offices and industrial settings which is capable of repeatedly dispensing single rubber bands from a multiplicity of rubber bands. A version is disclosed in which a queue of rubber bands is continually pressed against a flange by means of a spring mechanism or the force of a weight with one or more gaps in an outer housing placed over the core of rubber bands.

Waste containment receptacle

A waste receptacle for collecting waste with a carrier that allows for easy transport. The receptacle uses a closing system to manage odor, and an actuator system to open and close the closing system.
National Eco Wholsale, Inc.

Trigger mechanism for inhaler device

The present invention relates to a dry powder inhaler device comprising a body having a guide surface formed on an inner surface thereof, a trigger having a socket with a shape complementing the guide surface, and a spring, characterized by comprising at least one retaining element (8) positioned on the inner surface (1) of the body diagonally across the spring (6) to enable the trigger (5) to perform a stable axial displacement and a mechanism check or quality control to be made as one of the parts of the device (7) body is not closed or assembled yet.. .
Arven Iiac Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.s.

Protective structure for top of tank car

A railway tank car including a protective structure for the top of the tank and surrounding a manway or valve mounting nozzle to protect it against damage resulting from the car being overturned even while moving longitudinally. The protective structure may include longitudinally extending generally parallel side plates and a skid structure including longitudinally extending sloping, end portions and providing access to a manway or valve mounting assembly on the top of a nozzle.
Gunderson Llc

Impact switching device of an impact drill gearbox

An impact switching device of an impact drill gearbox includes a gearbox front shell, an output shaft, a torque regulating mechanism, an impact mechanism, a decelerating mechanism and a gear shifting mechanism. The gearbox front shell on its top is prominently mounted with threaded columns.
Dongguan Best Electric Tools Co., Ltd.

Housing construction system

A wall surfacing system for providing a secondary ceiling or wall covering structure adjacent a primary structure. The system provides a plurality of elongated structural support rails, each of these support rails have a coupling web with a bearing surface for attachment to the primary structure, a coupling mechanism, and a portion integrally formed with and connecting the coupling web to the coupling mechanism.
Ig Creative Solutions Inc.

Handheld vacuum cleaner and docking assembly for connecting to a central vacuum system

A hand held vacuum cleaner unit and docking assembly for a central vacuum system is shown. The hand held vacuum cleaner has a handle, a suction nozzle, a trigger switch to turn on a battery powered suction motor and an outlet port.
Canplas Industries Ltd.

Magnetic rotating cleaning apparatuses for cleaning aquarium walls

The present disclosure is directed to magnetic rotating cleaning apparatuses for cleaning of an aquarium wall. A magnetic rotating cleaning apparatus includes a first magnetic assembly and a second magnetic assembly magnetically paired to the first magnetic assembly.

System and a surgical suture fixation

A surgical suture fixation system includes a delivery guide, an anchor, a movable anchor deployment component and a spring mechanism provided between the delivery guide and the anchor deployment component. The anchor is received in the anchor deployment component.

Latch mechanism for surgical instruments

A latch mechanism for a surgical instrument includes a lever moveable from an initial position to an actuated position for moving an end effector assembly from a first to a second state. A pin extends from the lever.

Scalpel handle having a blade shield

A scalpel handle for holding a blade having a cutting edge includes a handle member and a blade shield for covering the blade cutting edge. The blade shield is connected to the handle member for pivotal movement relative thereto between a blade-covering condition and an out-of-the-way condition, and a movable shield latch mechanism is capable of releasably locking the blade shield in its blade-covering condition.

Automatic transmission

An automatic transmission includes plural planetary gear mechanisms rotatably supported by a housing to be coaxial to a rotation axis, a ring gear of the foremost planetary gear mechanism being connected to a sun gear of the rearmost planetary gear mechanism, an input shaft being connected to a carrier of the foremost planetary gear mechanism, an output shaft being connected to a carrier of the rearmost planetary gear mechanism, a rotation member positioned at a radially outward of the ring gear of the rearmost planetary gear mechanism to be rotatable coaxially to the ring gear of the rearmost planetary gear mechanism, a brake selectively fixing the rotation member to the housing, a clutch selectively connecting the rotation member and a carrier of the planetary gear mechanism positioned at front relative to the rearmost planetary gear mechanism by one, and a dog clutch selectively connecting the ring gear of the rearmost planetary gear mechanism and the rotation member.. .

Quick disconnect utility power distribution systems

A quick release connector for tensioned power lines, the connector comprising: a first component, said first component attached to a power line segment; and a second component attached to a second generally collinear power line segment, said second component comprising a locking clamp mechanism that selectively clamps the first component and automatically releases upon the application of a longitudinal force of predetermined magnitude along the clamp.. .

Variable geometry lift fan mechanism

A vertical takeoff and landing aircraft includes rotors that provide vertical and horizontal thrust. During forward motion, the vertical lift system is inactive.

Kneading machine

A two-shaft continuous kneading machine is disclosed wherein airtightness in a housing is assured by a simple means without using a mechanical seal. A magnetic coupling mechanism is formed between the mechanism in the housing (2) including shafts (3) of the kneading machine (1) and a carrier (5) arranged outside the housing (2).

Latch mechanism for securing an electronic module

An apparatus includes a frame forming a bay for receiving an electronic module having a blind mate connector for coupling with a chassis connector. An actuator is slidably secured to the frame and forms a push button, an intermediate actuation member, and a distal actuation member.

Overcurrent relay and molded case circuit breaker with the same

An overcurrent relay and a molded case circuit breaker (mccb) including the same are provided. The mccb includes: a switching mechanism unit; an overcurrent relay; a trip mechanism, wherein the overcurrent relay includes: a case body; a case cover coupled to the case body; a control unit installed within the case body and having an electronic circuit board; and a plurality of setting knobs disposed to be spaced apart from one another on the electronic circuit board, having an indication unit exposed to the outside to indicate a current reference value and a trip operation time marked on the case cover, respectively, and configured to be rotatable, respectively..

Skateboard / longboard truck with advanced pivot mechanism

A skateboard or longboard truck comprises a hanger that includes a structural member that embraces an axle or pair of axles that support two wheels. The axle or pair of axles include two bearing standoffs that separate a bearing surface of the axle from a face of the structural member that embraces the axle.

Skateboard / longboard truck with advanced pivot mechanism

A skateboard or longboard truck comprises a hanger and a baseplate assembly. A redesigned hanger, a large ball pivot, a load-redirecting pivot cup, a tapered kingpin and other improvements give the hanger a high kingpin ratio and a high angle of mechanical advantage, thereby improving the performance and turning characteristics of the truck..

Systems and methods for keyed welding clamp

The invention described herein generally pertains to systems and methods for accurately and precisely mounting an orbital welder for static use. Clamp systems as described herein can include a keyed welding clamp assembly for retaining the orbital welder having an orbital welder clamp, a clamp adapter, and a clamp mount.

Pump actuated jar for downhole sampling tools

An apparatus configured to impart a force on a downhole component, having a piston configured to expand from a movement of a drilling fluid in a downhole environment, a weight configured to move from a first position to a second position, wherein the weight contacts the piston and the piston is configured to move the weight from the first position to the second position when the piston expands from movement of the drilling fluid, a spring configured to contact a bearing surface and the weight, wherein movement of the weight toward the second position compresses the spring, a return spring configured to impart a force on the weight to return the weight to the first position from the second position and a trigger mechanism configured to actuate a return of the weight from the second position to the first position by the return spring.. .

Rotating mechanism

A rotating mechanism includes a holder assembly, a rotating assembly, and a valve assembly. The holder assembly includes a mounting block.

Involute non-ring continuous teeth spherical gear transmission mechanism

An involute, non-ring, continuous teeth, spherical gear transmission mechanism includes a female and a male spherical gear to form a three degree-of-freedoms deputy campaign. And its design regularity is the same as that of common one degree-of-freedom gear, which is involute tooth profile for continuous engagement, therefore such spherical gears have the same transmission features as common one degree-of-freedom gear, like fixed transmission ratio and efficiency.

Apparatus and method to access bone marrow

An apparatus and method for penetrating bone marrow is provided. The apparatus may include a housing such as a handheld body, a penetrator assembly, a connector that releasably attaches the penetrator assembly to a drill shaft, a gear mechanism, a motor and a power supply and associated circuitry operable to power the motor.
Vidacare Corporation

Dermal filler injector

A dermal filler injector is provided which includes a handpiece and a coupling mechanism for operationally coupling the handpiece with a dermal filler cartridge. The handpiece includes a motor for controllably driving a plunger in the cartridge to provide effective and controlled injection of a dermal filler into skin..
Allergan, Inc.

Lateral foot sliding mechanism

This invention relates to a lateral foot sliding mechanism in the field of sport activities, training devices, and more particularly exercise machines, especially adapted to lower extremities. The lateral foot sliding mechanism includes a low platform (1) with a profiled groove (5) in the mid along the platform (1), in which two foot sliding mechanisms move (2), which have two foot supports (6,7) and are equipped with elements (11), which enable lateral movement of the slide mechanisms (2) along the platform (1).

Rotational force transmitting apparatus

Provided is a rotational force transmitting apparatus that can prevent jolting of an output shaft in a circumferential direction caused by jolting in an input-side mechanism in the circumferential direction, has a thin and small structure, and is excellent in productivity. In the rotational force transmitting apparatus, a clutch mechanism 1 and a planetary gear mechanism 2 are axially coupled in a fixing member 10, and a rotational force inputted to a sun gear 62 of the planetary gear mechanism 2 is outputted from an output rotation member 20 of the clutch mechanism 1.
Namiki Seimitsu Houseki Kabushiki Kaisha

Golf coupling mechanisms and related methods

Embodiments of golf coupling mechanisms are presented herein. Other examples and related methods are also disclosed herein..
Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

Coupling of shafts using variable-profile splines

A device for coupling two shafts by a gear mechanism includes a coupling part ending one of the two shafts. The coupling part is fitted concentrically into a complementary coupling part ending the other shaft.

Production line oven

A production line oven includes a product gripping mechanism mounted above one side of the production line oven, a plurality of fixtures, a fixture gripping mechanism mounted under the product gripping mechanism, a lifting mechanism, and a conveyor mounted in other side of the production line oven. The product gripping mechanism includes a first guide rail, a support arm mounted to the first guide rail in sliding, and mechanical gripping members connected to the support arm.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Watch with improved power reserve

The movement includes first energy take-up means connected to at least one wheel set of this going train by at least a first elastic connection, this first energy take-up means cooperating with at least one wheel set driving this ratchet, in mesh with this ratchet for powering this energy storage means by reinjecting part of the energy taken up by this energy take-up means, this wheel set driving this ratchet being uncouplable under the action of at least one uncoupling mechanism active during the operation of this winding mechanism.. .

Hinge mechanism for a vehicle seat and operating a vehicle seat

A hinge mechanism for a vehicle seat includes an actuating lever, a disengaging lever, a main rotary axis, a deflection lever and a deflection rod. It also includes a separate first operating element for folding a backrest over in the direction of a seat part in the case of a fixed seat part, and a separate second operating element for folding over the backrest in the case of a simultaneous or subsequent pivot movement of the seat part.
Johnson Controls Gmbh

System and utility vehicle accessory mounting

System and apparatus are disclosed for a cargo bed of a utility vehicle including side wall panels and a clamping device for mounting accessories. One exemplary embodiment includes cargo bed side panel having a first protrusion and a second protrusion, a clamping mechanism having a first finger configured to engage the first protrusion and a second finger configured to engage the second protrusion, and an actuator configured to move the first and second fingers effective to secure the clamping device to the side panel..
Club Car, Llc


The invention relates to a gripper for raising and lowering loads and having the following configuration:—it comprises a coupling part and a connecting part,—the connecting part is guided on the coupling part for movement along a movement axis between a first end position and a second end position, wherein those ends of the aforementioned parts which are oriented away from one another are further apart from one another in the first end position than in the second end position,—at least two catch elements are present on the coupling part and can be moved between a gripping position, in which they use a rear-engagement surface to engage behind a mating element of the load, and a release position, in which they release the mating element,—the connecting part is connected to the at least two catch elements via at least one gear mechanism.. .
Areva Gmbh

Pushbutton latch mechanism for a vehicle

A pushbutton latch mechanism includes a module housing having first, second and third housing walls defining respective housing openings. The mechanism may be employed in a glove box assembly in a vehicle.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Clamp system for welding applications

A welding clamp system using a fixture plate with a bulkhead that allows the clamp system to be coupled to a robotic arm. The robotic arm supplies air and electricity through pneumatic and electrical ports, enabling operation of the clamp system.
Nu-way Industries, Inc.

Commercial lifting device-power unit with bridge latching mechanism

A power unit has a frame with a bottom and a pair of lift arms with a cover plate, and a bridge. A lower latch member has a forward end, a middle portion and a rearward end with the middle portion pivotally connected near the lower inner side of one of the lift arms.

Rotating mechanism for computer or similar device

A rotating mechanism for a computer or similar device cooperates with a case to hold the computer or similar device in a desired position. The rotating mechanism has a cradle to receive the computer or similar device and a mounting disk to attach to the case.

Pin sorter

A system for sorting merchandise tags. The system includes a housing configured to receive a first portion of the merchandise tag and a second portion of the merchandise tag, the first portion and the second portion configured to attach to one another.

Inhaler 624

The present invention relates to an breath actuated inhaler (bai) actuator, comprising: a loading element capable of being loaded with an actuation force, a breath actuated trigger mechanism arranged to counteract the actuation force of the loading element, and to fire the actuator by releasing the actuation force of the loading element in response to an inhalation breath, and actuation locking means moveable between a locked position wherein it relieves the actuation force from the trigger mechanism setting the trigger mechanism in a neutral position, and an armed position wherein the trigger mechanism is set in an armed position.. .
Astrazeneca Ab

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