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Mechanism patents


This page is updated frequently with new Mechanism-related patent applications.

 Remote scanning and detection apparatus and method patent thumbnailnew patent Remote scanning and detection apparatus and method
A surface scanning apparatus attached to a movable highway vehicle, mobile equipment or a drone (collectively, “platform”) that passes over a substrate, at least some of the features of which are to be sensed and characterized. The apparatus includes a variously adaptable, complete, and ready to operate packaged kit including configured sensor suites with components selected from the group consisting of a visual scanning sensor; an infra-red scanning sensor; a ground-penetrating radar unit; a laser range finder for sensing elevation of the apparatus above the substrate; a distance sensor for measuring displacement of the apparatus from a point of origin; a position sensing unit for determining a position of the apparatus; a simultaneous trigger mechanism; a structural boom assembly attached to the platform; and a processor for digitally processing measurements and signals collected by one or more of the group of components..
Gse Technologies, Llc

 Debug trigger interface for non-debug domain system reset patent thumbnailnew patent Debug trigger interface for non-debug domain system reset
A system, such as a system-on-chip, has a non-debug domain and a debug domain. The debug domain has a debug framework that enables a debugger driven, non-debug domain system reset.
Analog Devices Global

 Gas flow controller including valve decoupling mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Gas flow controller including valve decoupling mechanism
Gas flow controllers for use in gas fired apparatus including a pilot burner and a main burner are described. A controller includes a pilot valve moveable between a closed position and an open position to provide selective fluid communication between a gas inlet and the pilot burner, a main burner valve providing selective fluid communication between the gas inlet and the main burner, an actuator configured to open the pilot valve, a flow controller valve operable to open and close a fluid flow path between the gas inlet and a back side of the main burner valve upon actuation of the actuator, and a decoupling mechanism.
Emerson Electric Co.

 Spring mechanism and linear motion displacement mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Spring mechanism and linear motion displacement mechanism
The present invention provides a spring mechanism which can elastically deform an elastic deformation part with a film shape of a transducer into a shape having high symmetry, and also can be structured in a small size. A spring mechanism 2 includes: a cylindrical member 7 that is provided so as to extend toward a first element member 21 from an elastic deformation part 11 of a transducer 5, and also is arranged so as to slidably penetrate the first element member 21 in the direction of a central axis line c of the elastic deformation part 11; and a rod member 32 that is provided so as to extend toward the cylindrical member 7 from a second element member 22 side, and is slidably inserted in the cylindrical member 7 in the direction of the central axis line c of the elastic deformation part 11..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Sliding mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Sliding mechanism
A sliding mechanism 1 includes a first sliding member 10 and a partner second sliding member 20 configured to slide relative to the first sliding member 10. The first sliding member 10 includes a matrix phase 11 and a hard phase 13 that is harder than the matrix phase 11, in which the hard phase 13 is embedded in the matrix phase 11 in a dispersed state.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

 Electronic lock patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic lock
An electronic lock includes a base, an electromagnetic mechanism, a connecting mechanism, a clamping mechanism and a magnetically-attractable plate. The base has an opening the electromagnetic mechanism has a protrusion block.
Flytech Technology Co., Ltd

 Kennel latching mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Kennel latching mechanism
A latching mechanism for a kennel includes a first horizontally extending latching bar, a second horizontally extending latching bar, the second bar extending substantially parallel to the first horizontally extending latching bar, and a vertically extending handle, the handle being coupled to the first horizontally extending latching bar at a first end and being coupled to the second horizontally extending latching bar at a second end, and being configured such that when moved in the vertical direction, the handle rotates the first and second horizontally extending latching bars.. .
Doskocil Manufacturing Company, Inc.

 Positive lock latching mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Positive lock latching mechanism
An apparatus and method according to one or more embodiments are provided for a latching mechanism. The latching mechanism may be implemented, for example, as a positive lock latching mechanism that provides a positive indication when a latch is not engaged.
The Boeing Company

 Interactive personal robot patent thumbnailnew patent Interactive personal robot
An interactive personal robot includes a basal body, a memory set in the basal body, a rotating mechanism connected to the basal body, a camera and a microphone assigned on the basal body and a control system set in the basal body. The camera is used to capture an image of a user's eyes.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

 Pivotably adjustable binding mounts patent thumbnailnew patent Pivotably adjustable binding mounts
Pivotably adjustable binding mounts including a base plate that mounts upon a substrate. A pivoting plate is disposed upon the base plate, and accepts a binding.

new patent

Injection device with cammed ram assembly

An exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure can provide an injector including a trigger mechanism, an energy source, and a user-operable firing-initiation member. The trigger member can include a trigger member having a retainer portion, and a ram assembly having a ram configured to pressurize a medicament container for expelling a medicament therefrom and a trigger engagement member configured to engage the retainer portion of the trigger member in a pre-firing condition.
Antares Pharma, Inc.

new patent

Height-adjustable table and assembly

A height-adjustable table includes a first tabletop and a second tabletop. A first height adjustment mechanism is configured to vertically shift the first tabletop relative to a support surface on which the table is supported.

Rotating mechanism used for rotating a screen and display device therewith

A rotating mechanism used for rotating a screen includes a supporting stand and a base. An end of the supporting stand is connected to the screen.
Wistron Corporation

System and calibration and monitoring of an anechoic boundary array rf environment simulator

Some embodiments include a system for simulating electromagnetic environments that includes a channel emulator having a plurality of outputs, each output associated with a different operational path. Each operational path has a power amplifier, an antenna and a first coupling mechanism.
Ets-lindgren Inc.

Connecting device and electronic apparatus

The present disclosure provides a connecting device and an electronic apparatus having the same, which overcome the above deficiencies in related art, by using the connecting device, no matter where the rotating mechanism is rotated, the enclosing mechanism enclosing the outside of the rotating mechanism will always fit onto the rotating mechanism without any wrinkles or rig marks occur. A connecting device for rotatably connecting a first and a second bodies includes a rotating mechanism for rotationally connecting the first body and the second body together, wherein the connecting device further comprises an enclosing mechanism to enclose and cover at least a part of the rotating mechanism.
Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.

Latch mechanisms for modules

Latch mechanisms for modules are disclosed. A module includes a housing and a release slide.
Finisar Corporation

Automatic transmission apparatus

An automatic transmission that includes a first planetary gear mechanism, a second planetary gear mechanism, a third planetary gear mechanism, a fourth planetary gear mechanism, a first coupling element, a second coupling, a third coupling element, a first clutch, a second clutch, a third clutch, a fourth clutch, a first brake and a second brake.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Additive manufacturing process grown integrated torsional damper mechanism in gas turbine engine blade

A blade is provided for a gas turbine engine. The blade includes an airfoil portion with at least one internal cavity and a damper located within the internal cavity.
United Technologies Corporation

Shear mechanism with preferential shear orientation

An example whipstock assembly includes a whipstock providing a ramped surface and a longitudinal groove defined in the ramped surface. A lead mill is coupled to the whipstock with a shear fastener that provides resilience against premature shearing under torsional loads between the lead mill and the whipstock, while providing susceptibility to shearing under a predetermined axial load..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Movable latch housing apparatus

A movable latch housing apparatus and method of installation is disclosed for enhancing security of a latch mechanism that has a channel with a linear drive that is removably engagable to a slidable engagement structure with a shoulder that is pivotally attached through an arm to a door for automated opening and closing, with a lever that can selectably disengage the slidable engagement structure from the linear drive to allow the door to open freely. The apparatus includes a base and a pair of opposing sidewalls each extending in a same direction perpendicular to and straddling the base and attach to the shoulder, the sidewalls extend beyond the base forming an open ended slot for arm movement.

Door lock device for vehicle

A striker is at a vehicle body. A door latch mechanism is at a back door and holds it in a closed state for the vehicle body by engaging the striker.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Housing construction system

A wall surfacing system for providing a secondary ceiling or wall covering structure adjacent a primary structure. The system provides a plurality of elongated structural support rails, each of these support rails have a coupling web with a bearing surface for attachment to the primary structure, a coupling mechanism, and a portion integrally formed with and connecting the coupling web to the coupling mechanism.
Ig Creative Solutions Inc.

Planer and producing rumble strips

A road planer for road milling or road planning operations implements a control system for forming a plurality of rumble strips in a work surface. The control system may receive a plurality of variables from an operator interface related to the desired configuration for the rumble strips including a depth-of-depression variable, a length-of-depression variable, and a distance-between-depressions variable.
Caterpillar Paving Products Inc.

High magnetic field assisted pulsed laser deposition system

A type of high magnetic field assisted pld system consisting of pulsed laser and pld cylindrical vacuum chamber inclusive of double-layer clip-sheath cylindrical chamber with water cooling located in the bore hole of superconducting magnet is disclosed. A flange plate in one side of the double-layer clip sheath is equipped with substrate heating table or laser heating table and rotating mechanism; the flange plate in another side is equipped with target components and moving/rotating mechanism.
Hefei Institutes Of Physical Science Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Shredder with paper separation and advancement mechanism

The present disclosure is generally related to an apparatus having cutter elements for destroying articles such as paper sheets and a mechanism for separating at least a sheet from a stack in a tray. The separation mechanism can be activated by rotation of the cutter elements.
Fellowes, Inc.

Ratcheting inserter device and suture anchor arrangement

A ratcheting inserter device for tensioning a knotless suture anchor includes an outer inserter shaft and an inner inserter shaft having a common longitudinal axis. A ratcheting mechanism provided between the inner inserter shaft and the outer inserter shaft permits rotation of the inner inserter shaft in one direction relative to the outer inserter shaft.

Mandibular subluxation device and method

A mandibular subluxation device (msd) is provided. The device includes an upper msd component and a lower msd component.

Sample collection apparatus

The present disclosure describes a sample collection apparatus for collection of biological samples, such as fecal material. The sample collection apparatus includes at least one coupling mechanism to couple a sample collection device to a cap, and includes at least one release mechanism to release at least a part of the sample collection device from the cap.
Alpha-tec Systems, Inc.

Compact dual element fuse unit, module and fusible disconnect switch

An embodiment of a fuse module has been disclosed. The fuse module includes a housing and a fuse element assembly contained within the housing.
Cooper Technologies Company

External pipe reinforcement

An external sleeve arrangement for repairing a defective length of pipe has top and bottom segments for substantially encircling the pipe, where the bottom segment in addition has connector plates welded on either side. When the pipe and sleeve segments are made of a similar material, the sleeve segments are made thicker than the pipe wall, up to three times as thick or more, so that upon heating the sleeve segments for a given time they stretch relative to the pipe.
Petrosleeve Incorporated

Low profile computer security locks

A lock that is configured to be attached to electronic equipment requiring securing against theft and the lock comprising: a lock body; a locking element protruding from the lock body and having a forward distal section that is comparatively wider in cross-sectional size compared to a rear section thereof, the forward section being configured to be insertable into a cavity formed in the equipment, where the cavity is defined by an opening having a size and shape slightly larger than the cross-sectional size of the forward section of the locking element and an interior larger in cross-sectional size than the opening of the cavity; a slidable locking pin configured to slide alongside the locking element and into the cavity, after the locking element has been inserted into said cavity, to substantially fill a space of the cavity left unoccupied by the locking element; a sliding mechanism coupled to the locking pin and configured to slide the locking pin into and out of the cavity; and a locking mechanism to lock the locking mechanism within the lock body to prevent withdrawal of the locking element from the cavity.. .

Systems and methods for controlling the degradation of degradable materials

Embodiments described herein relate generally to a system and methods for controlling and/or modifying the degradation behavior of degradable materials via a surface treatment and/or coating. This surface treatment and/or coating (also referred to herein as a “barrier”) can be used to modify the degradation profile without changing the bulk of the degradable material.
Dropwise Technologies Corp.

Sheet supplying apparatus and image forming apparatus including this

A sheet supplying apparatus includes a supply part, a cover, a base tray, an interlock mechanism, and an auxiliary tray. The supply part is provided in the apparatus body.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Cargo attachment system and making and using the same

A number of variations may include a product comprising: a cargo attachment system having: a base unit comprising an attachment piece, and a rail comprising a slide face; and a cargo attachment mechanism comprising a knob, a cargo attachment component, and a slider mechanism mechanically coupled to the slide face wherein the slider mechanism is constructed and arranged to slide the cargo attachment mechanism along the slide face and statically lock the cargo attachment mechanism at a position along the slide face, and wherein the cargo attachment component is constructed and arranged to pivotally rotate into a plurality of fixed positions about the knob.. .
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Ratchet wrench providing combined functions of ordinary ratchet wrenches

A ratchet wrench includes a first and a second drive members 21, 21′ rotatably mounted in a first and a second heads 16, 16′ extended from a first and a second ends of a handle 10. The first drive member 21 includes a square inner periphery 35 adapted to slidably retain a drive shaft 36 including a ½″ drive fitting 45 and a 3/8″ drive fitting 46, and the second drive member 21′ includes a ¼″ drive hexagonal bit holder 53 and ¼″ drive fitting 54, for providing combined functions of ordinary ratchet wrenches for turning fasteners.

Chemical-mechanical planarization system

A chemical-mechanical planarization (cmp) system includes a platen, a pad, a polish head, a rotating mechanism, a light source, and a detector. The pad is disposed on the platen.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Potable cable resistance pulley exercise equipment and related methods

A portable exercise apparatus having a base, at least two handle assemblies, and a cable wrapped between at least one flywheel within the base, wherein the cable is attached to a handle assembly and is affixed to a spring mechanism configured to provide resistance against the pulling of the handle assemblies. The load provided by the spring mechanism can be adjusted to accommodate more or less resistance for the user.
Bodyfly Fitness, Llc

Osteotomy opening jack

Adjustable opening jacks with designs that incorporate a novel locking hinge mechanism and adjustable separation arms to achieve broader scopes of application, bone plate specificity, and variable bone size capability during various osteotomy procedures. The locking hinge mechanism constrains the upper body from moving in either the vertical plane or anterior-posterior (ap) slope trajectory depending on the mode of application.
Arthrex, Inc.

Seating device having a height adjustment mechanism

A seating device can include a height adjustment mechanism that permits a height of a seat to be adjusted. The height adjustment device can be configured so that a user may provide a force to provide upward height adjustment and may also provide a force to allowing for a controlled downward height adjustment of the seat.
Knoll, Inc.

Tilt mechanism for a seating furniture and seating furniture including the same

A tilt mechanism for a weight-responsive seating furniture comprises a backrest support, a first lever and a second lever. The backrest support is configured for coupling to a backrest and is pivotably mounted.
L&p Property Management Company

Bag expanders

A bag expander is preliminarily inserted into a bag when the bag is in a compressed condition, such as for shipping and/or storage. The expander is expanded within the bag when the bag is to be expanded such as for purposes of display for sale.

Apparatus and spherical light field capture

An imaging apparatus comprises a gantry with a pan and tilt rotating mechanism to which an elongated member is attached. The elongated member enables placing an image capture device at a forward offset from the center of rotation of the pan and tilt rotating mechanism.
Otoy, Inc.

Light coupling in tir-based optical touch systems

A touch-sensitive apparatus operates by light frustration (ftir) and comprises a light transmissive panel (1) that defines a front surface (5) and a rear surface (6), a light emitter optically connected to the panel (1) so as to generate light that propagates by total internal reflection inside the panel, and a light detector (3) optically connected to the panel to receive propagating light from the emitter. The emitter is a vcsel array including a number of vcsels (21) driven to collectively form one light emitter, and a light coupling mechanism connecting the emitter to the panel is configured to give light from a plurality of the vcsels in the vcsel array substantially the same spread in the panel..
Flatfrog Laboratories Ab

Method and decoupling environmental and modal dependencies in inertial measurement devices

A resonant gyroscope apparatus has a decoupling mechanism implemented with spring-like flexure members to effectively isolate an axis-symmetric bulk-acoustic wave (baw) vibratory gyroscope from its substrate, thereby minimizing the effect that external sources of error have on offset and scale-factor. The spring-like structure enables degeneracy of in-plane resonance modes of the annulus and aids in decoupling the in-plane and out-of-plane resonance modes of the resonant annulus, thereby enabling the mode-matched and/or near mode-matched operation of the structure as a vibratory gyroscope in the pitch, roll and yaw-modes.
Qualtre, Inc.

Clamping indicator tool

A clamping indicator tool utilizes a clamping mechanism having a set of clamping arms and optionally a number of clamping paws. The clamping arms and paws can grasp and hold onto a wide variety of items to ensure that the clamping mechanism is secured to the item.

Starting device

A starting device where the lock-up clutch is a single-plate clutch including a piston having a friction material that is in frictional engagement with the input member; and the piston and the input element of the damper mechanism are coupled to each other on a radially inner side of the plurality of pendulum mass bodies so as to rotate together.. .
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

Cone/friction ring transmission and a cone/friction ring transmission

In order for it to be also possible to transmit relatively high torques in an operationally reliable manner with low power loss and with a low or inexpensive design outlay in a bevel friction ring gear mechanism, consisting of at least two component transmissions which are configured as bevel friction ring gear mechanisms and have a first adjusting device for a friction ring of the first component transmission and a second adjusting device for a friction ring of the second component transmission, wherein the bevel friction ring gear mechanism has a regulating device for regulating an axial position of the friction rings, it is proposed that the regulating device has at least one first part regulating device with a first reference variable and a second part regulating device with a second reference variable which is separate from the first reference variable, wherein the first component transmission has the first part regulating device for regulating the position of the friction ring of the first component transmission, and the second component transmission has the first part regulating device and the second part regulating device, but at least the second part regulating device, for regulating the position of the friction ring of the second part transmission.. .

Planetary gear mechanism with reduced gear lash

The present teachings provide for a transmission including a planetary gear set and a first displacement device. The planetary gear set can include a sun gear, ring gear, planet carrier, first planet gear and second planet gear.
E-aam Driveline Systems Ab

Actuator for an electric parking brake system

An actuator for an electric parking brake system includes an outer housing, a motor, a planetary gear mechanism and a belt-wheel mechanism that are received in the outer housing, and an isolation member. The belt-wheel mechanism includes a driving wheel, a follower wheel, and a transmission belt.
Johnson Electric S.a.

Starting and generating system for hybrid vehicle

A starting and generating system for a hybrid vehicle is provided. The system includes a starter-generator which transmits rotational force to the engine to start the engine when the starter-generator is operated as a motor, and is operated as a generator by receiving rotational force of the engine.
Hyundai Motor Company

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