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Electrohydraulic generator systems and methods


Electrohydraulic generator systems and methods

Software testing platform and method


Software testing platform and method

Software testing platform and method

Robert Bosch

Planetary gear mechanism with adjustable ring gear

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Mounting latch patent thumbnailMounting latch
A mounting latch for mounting a device to a rail is provided. The mounting latch comprises: a moveable actuator having a profile; a latch mechanism comprising first and second opposed rail engaging members, at least one of the members having a face for causing the member to yield against a bias source when the latch mechanism is engaging with the rail; and a follower enabling the at least one member to follow a rotational movement of the actuator such that movement of the actuator in a first direction causes the at least one member to become unlatched from the rail..
Control Techniques Limited
 Electrohydraulic generator systems and methods patent thumbnailElectrohydraulic generator systems and methods
A system includes a generator configured to be coupled to a power input of an uninterruptible power supply (ups), an engine, a hydraulic motor and a mechanical coupling mechanism configured to selectively couple the engine and the hydraulic motor to the generator. The system further includes a hydraulic accumulator and a valve configured to fluidically couple the hydraulic accumulator to the hydraulic motor.
Eaton Corporation
 Software testing platform and method patent thumbnailSoftware testing platform and method
An integrated test accelerator platform that ensures discrete testing solutions to be integrated to work together in harmony, and resources (people, data, and process) allocated to these solutions to collaborate and work in tandem. The platform provides a flexible way of interconnecting accelerators (i.e., automation framework, regression optimization, risk based testing, test data management, pair-wise testing, and metrics) using coupling and decoupling mechanisms.
Syntel, Inc.
 Planetary gear mechanism with adjustable ring gear patent thumbnailPlanetary gear mechanism with adjustable ring gear
A planetary gear mechanism, in particular for wind power plants, includes at least one planetary gear stage that has two power-split planetary stages connected in parallel. At least one of the two planetary stages includes a ring gear which is operatively connected to a housing.
Robert Bosch Gmbh
 Bore selection apparatus patent thumbnailBore selection apparatus
A bore selection device for use with a dual bore subsea system is disclosed. The bore selector (18) can be remotely actuated to provide selection between a production bore (12) and an annulus bore (16) without a rotating mechanism or flapper valve.
Enovate Systems Limited
 Damping positioner patent thumbnailDamping positioner
A damping positioner is installed in a headrail track of an automatic roll-up blind and works with an automatic winding mechanism of the roll-up blind. The damping positioner includes a positioner that is disposed in the headrail track as well as a damper that is connected at an end of the positioner and is able to rotate freely.
 Door lock switch with lock state indicator patent thumbnailDoor lock switch with lock state indicator
A door for a vehicle having a body controller includes a vehicle interior-facing surface. The door locking system includes a latch mechanism configured to alternately attain a first state that locks and a second state that unlocks operation of the latch mechanism.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
 Length adjuster and clamping mechanism for a steering mechanism patent thumbnailLength adjuster and clamping mechanism for a steering mechanism
The steering mechanism includes a center link which extends between opposite longitudinal ends. Each end has a bore with threads which are spaced from the end by an unthreaded portion.
Federal-mogul Motorparts Corporation
 Bar clamp having a ratchet mechanism for fastening a clamped work piece patent thumbnailBar clamp having a ratchet mechanism for fastening a clamped work piece
A bar clamp having a ratchet for fastening a clamped work piece is provided with a fixed jaw carrier at a front end of a slide bar; a moveable jaw carrier moveably put on the slide bar and including a transverse channel distal the slide bar, and a gear adjacent to the channel; a shaft partially disposed in the channel and including two parallelepiped ends; two cam members each including a rectangular hole complimentarily put on one parallelepiped end; a control lever including two fitting members disposed in tunnels and each including a rectangular hole complimentarily put on one parallelepiped end, a pivot hole, and a pin; a ratchet assembly including a spring actuated trigger mounted on the control lever, and a link secured to the trigger and including a pawl member in gear engagement with the gear; and a bifurcation member including two opposite curved slots.. .
 Ligator and  use patent thumbnailLigator and use
A ligating system having a ligating apparatus configured to attach to a distal end of a scope and to hold a ligating band thereon; an activating cord configured to extend down a working channel of the scope and attach to the ligating apparatus; and a line pulling assembly including: a central body; an attachment mechanism on the central body configured to attach the line pulling assembly to a proximal end of the scope; an access channel through the central body and in communication with the working channel of the scope, the access channel providing an open inlet to the working channel of the scope when the line pulling assembly is attached to the proximal end of the scope; and a winding mechanism attached to the central body, wherein the winding mechanism is configured to pull the activating cord proximally such that the ligating band is removed from the ligating apparatus.. .

Height adjuster mechanism for a dishwasher dish rack

A dish rack is supported for both selective movement into and out of a washing chamber of a dishwasher tub and vertically relative to the tub, with the vertical adjustment being made by manually grasping and shifting at least one frontal cross bar extending above a front wall of the dish rack to cause pivoting of first and second lever members extending along sides of the dish rack. The side lever members cooperate with latching mechanisms to lift and retain the dish rack in a select raised position..
Whirlpool Corporation

Bear-proof backpack and latch system

A bear-proof backpack and latching system. The bear-proof backpack and latching system has a hard shelled main body portion having perimeter sidewalls that define a main body portion cavity, a first open mouth at a first end of the main body portion, the first open mouth having a first rim.

Fishing reel and drive mechanism therefor

A fishing reel employs a driving mechanism having a cooperative pinion gear and a face gear. The face gear has a tooth form with a cross-section wherein the cross-section of the inner pitch portion is less than the cross-section of an outer pitch portion.
Heligear Engineering (h.k.) Co. Ltd

Method and aeroponic growth

A system for growing plants without soil uses removable v-shaped baskets to support plants in a tiered, self-contained unit. Nutrient enriched water is sprayed on the plant roots.

Latch mechanism

A latch mechanism is provided, including a rack having a restricting structure and a linkage assembly connected to an electronic device in the rack. The linkage assembly includes a fixed frame, connected to the electronic device; a sliding frame, movable along a first direction relative to the fixed frame; a handle, connected to the sliding frame; a trigger, movably disposed between the handle and the sliding frame; and a latch member, connected to the fixed frame and the restricting structure to restrict the electronic device in the rack.
Wistron Corp.


A socket according to the present invention comprises a base member for holding a plurality of contacts, a cover member and a latch mechanism for pressing a semiconductor package. A latch member has a pressing portion, a link member connected to the cover member and pressing portion of the latch member, a lever member rotatably fixed to the base member and connected with the cover member at a first end and with a narrow portion of the cover member at a second end.
Sensata Technologies Massachusetts Incorporated

Line delivery apparatus

A line launcher (110) capable of firing a projectile (117) and an attached line (125) up to about 70 metres. It has a barrel (113) large enough for a resilient projectile attached to a line.
Line Launcher Holdings Limited

Automatic charge hearth access door assembly

An automatic charge hearth access door assembly for a melting furnace includes an access door movable between a closed position for covering a furnace opening located on a face of the furnace and an opened position for providing access to the furnace opening. A latch mechanism is configured to automatically secure the access door to the face of the furnace in the closed position.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Shifting manipulation vehicle

A shifting device for a vehicle may include a control rod disposed on a support and being configured to rotate and slide straight, a shift lever mounted on the control rod to rotate the control rod about the support by moving straight, a driven arm disposed on the support and rotatable about a rotation axis parallel to the control rod, an inertial body disposed at a free end of the driven arm, and an arm rotating mechanism engaging the shift lever and the driven arm to transmit a rotation of the shift lever to the driven arm.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Drive hybrid vehicle

A drive apparatus for a hybrid vehicle includes: an engine applying a drive force to drive wheels via a drive shaft; a motor applying a drive force to the drive wheels via a rotation shaft; a planetary gear mechanism having first, second, and third elements lining up sequentially with a gap interposed therebetween corresponding to a gear ratio; and an automatic transmission having input and output shafts rotatably connected to the drive wheels, and changing a gear ratio obtained by the division of the rotation speed of the input shaft by the rotation speed of the output shaft, wherein the input and drive shafts are connected to the second element, the output shaft and one end of the rotation shaft are connected to the first element, and the output shaft and the other end of the rotation shaft are connected to the third element.. .
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

Magnet retention member and locking sleeve for a position sensor arrangement for a gear mechanism

The invention relates to a magnet retention member (1) which can be fitted to a wall (28) of a locking sleeve (27) for a gear mechanism, a locking sleeve (27) and a position sensor arrangement (37) for a gear mechanism. In order to be able to produce the position sensor arrangement (37) with the magnet retention member (1) and/or the locking sleeve (27) in the most cost-effective manner possible, there is provision according to the invention for the magnet retention member (1) to have a retention slot (4) for receiving a wall (28) of the locking sleeve (27), which is flanked by retention arms (2, 3) of the magnet retention member (1), the wall (28) having a securing portion (32) for the magnet retention member (1) and the position sensor (37) having a magnet retention member (1) according to the invention and/or a locking sleeve (27) according to the invention..
Tyco Electronics Amp Gmbh

Double hung operation hardware

A fenestration operation hardware assembly includes at least one latch mechanism and an operation hardware assembly configured for coupling with a panel slidable within a frame. The latch mechanism includes a latch bolt and a latch biasing element coupled with the latch bolt.
Marvin Lumber And Cedar Company, D/b/a Marvin Windows And Doors

Enclosure assembly for securing a door

Disclosed are systems and methods for an enclosure assembly for securely mounting an electronic component to an exterior surface of a door via attachment of a latching mechanism to the door.. .
Brady Worldwide, Inc.

Steering column assembly

A steering column assembly for a vehicle, comprises a shroud comprising an axially movable upper portion and an axially fixed lower portion, which move telescopically to provide adjustment for reach of the steering column assembly, a steering shaft supported by the shroud, a pivot which connects a part of the lower portion to a fixed part of the vehicle, a clamp mechanism which releasably fixes the upper and lower portions and the shroud in position relative to a further fixed part of the vehicle. A sprung support assembly is secured to a fixed part of the vehicle and includes an axle that passes underneath the upper portion of the shroud and a cylindrical roller that surrounds a part of the axle and has an outer surface that engages the underside of the shroud and an inner surface that bears on the axle, the sprung support at least partially supports the weight of the shroud when the clamp mechanism is released, and the cylindrical roller rotating around the axle as the shroud is adjusted for reach..
Trw Limited

Actuator coupling mechanism

An actuator coupling mechanism (acm) for an actuator of the type that can be employed in a drive module. The acm has first and second portions that are coupled in an axial direction by dropping one portion into the other portion such that mating features on the two portions engage one another in a tool-less manner..
Eaam Driveline Systems Ab

Sapphire wafer squaring machine with double swing cutter heads

The present disclosure provides a sapphire wafer squaring machine with double swing cutter heads, including a frame, an unwinding mechanism, a winding mechanism, two cutter heads placed at an angle of 90° or 180° between each other, an elevator mechanism for the cutter heads and a revolving table. The unwinding mechanism and the winding mechanism are arranged at both ends of the frame, respectively.
Eco Power (wuxi) Co., Ltd

Fastener-driving tool including a reversion trigger with a damper

A fastener-driving tool is provided and includes a housing and a workpiece-contacting element movably connected to the housing, where the workpiece-contacting element is movable between a rest position and an activated position. A trigger is movably connected to the housing such that the trigger is movable between a rest position and an activated position.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Mobile integrated continuous processing system

A mobile integrated continuous processing system for mixing and distributing hydrated construction materials having a system frame, including a coupling mechanism for selective engagement with an associated vehicle for transport to a worksite and selective disengagement from the vehicle for stand-alone operation, a mixing assembly including components for mixing dry construction materials with water of a temperature selected by a user to produce a hydrated construction material, a lifting mechanism for hoisting dry construction materials into a loading position in proximity to the mixing assembly, and a distribution assembly to expel hydrated construction materials from the mobile integrated continuous processing system.. .
Integrated Lath And Plaster, Llc

Triggerless handle mechanism and shock absorbing elements for basketball system

In one example, a basketball system a goal attached to a backboard assembly. A connecting structure connects the backboard assembly to a support structure.
Lifetime Products, Inc.

Extraction device for collecting blood samples, including a catheter and a safety system

The extraction device for collecting blood samples, including a catheter and a safety system in which a flexible catheter instead of a metallic cannula with sharp edges for extracting blood is presented. This catheter is inserted through a traditional cannula, which retracts once the catheter is inside the vein, by means of a spring and safety latch mechanism, retaining the cannula within a rigid housing.
Equipos Medicos Vizcarra, S.a.

Power add-on device for manual wheelchair

A power add-on device for powering a manual wheelchair includes a motorized component including dual electric motors and a power source electrically coupled to the electric motors, wherein each of the motors is configured to turn a respective one of a set of drive wheels. The power add-on device can include a latching mechanism adapted to attach the power add-on device to the camber tube of the manual wheelchair; and a controller, reachable by a person sitting in the manual wheelchair, that controls the latching mechanism, the motors, and a swing arm that allows the rear wheels of the manual wheelchair to be lifted off the ground.

Vacuum cleaner suction nozzle with height adjustment and bleed valve

A vacuum cleaner nozzle assembly having an inlet opening, a height adjustment mechanism configured to adjust a vertical position of the inlet opening relative to a surface to be cleaned, a suction passage fluidly connected to the inlet opening, a bypass opening fluidly connected to the suction passage, and a bleed valve. The bleed valve has a closed position in which the bleed valve blocks the bypass opening, and an open position in which the bleed valve does not block the bypass opening to allow a flow of air through the bypass opening and into the suction passage.
Aktiebolaget Electrolux

Beverage preparation machine

A clamping mechanism for a beverage cartridge is provided, comprising: a frame; a tray suitable for receiving a beverage cartridge therein; a clamp; and an actuator. The tray is coupled to the frame to allow the tray to move between a brewing position and a loading position.
Kraft Foods R&d, Inc.

Livestock stanchion

An improved livestock stanchion including a plurality of forked vertical posts fixed between a substantially horizontal base rail and a horizontal rail to form a co-planar frame having at least one livestock opening. The horizontal rail can be serpentine in form to reduce the likelihood of head, horn or ear strikes as the animal's head enters a livestock opening.

Low profile connector locking mechanism

A latching mechanism releasably secures a first connector to an interlocking second connector, such as a first and second electrical connector. The first connector defines a lock tab.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

Folding electronic device

A folding electronic device is disclosed. The folding electronic device includes a first flexible display, a second flexible display, a hinge mechanism and an image data generation unit.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Device for gripping vessels

A device for gripping vessels is presented. The device comprises a mount, a support having a longitudinal axis coupled to the mount so to be rotatable relative to the mount around the longitudinal axis, a rotating mechanism for rotating the support, a gripper coupled to the support so to be translatable relative to the support along the longitudinal axis.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Barometric relief air zone damper

A zone damper having a first portion controlled by a actuator to move between an open and a closed position in response to a zone thermostat, a second portion responsive to the static pressure in a hvac system to open and bleed an amount of conditioned air past the damper when the static pressure of the system increases above a selected level, a coupling mechanism coupling the first and second portions to limit the relative movements of the two portions with respect to each other, and a biasing mechanism exerting a torque against the system static pressure differential.. .
Controlled Holdings, Llc

Tube interconnection system

A tube interconnection system is disclosed that includes multiple interconnection components having base portions and one or more band connection systems. The interconnection components can be configured to interact to be in a coupled state.

Damping device having a rotary damper

A damping device having a rotary damper for a vehicle for damping a pivoting motion occurring at an input element, in particular a coupling rod, wherein during pivoting the input element operates on the rotary damper via a gear mechanism. The input element is coupled to the gear mechanism by way of a slip coupling such that the torques occurring at the slip coupling that are above a predetermined threshold torque result in a relative movement between the input element and the gear mechanism..
Audi Ag

Suspension assembly for payload carrier

A suspension assembly for a payload carrier includes an upper plate fixedly attached to a back wall of the payload carrier, and a lower plate positioned laterally spaced apart from the upper plate, the lower plate configured to move relative to the upper plate on exertion of an external force thereon. The suspension assembly also includes a damper assembly provided between the upper plate and the lower plate to dampen a transfer of the external force from the lower plate to the upper plate.
Caterpillar Inc.

Downhole tool

A downhole tool (10) comprises a slip member (32) pivotable about a pivot axis between retracted and extended configurations to engage a bore wall, wherein the slip member (32) defines an actuation surface (44) and a brace surface (46). The tool (10) further includes a wedge member (34) defining a wedge surface (42), wherein the wedge member (34) and slip member (32) are configured to move relative to each other such that interengagement between the wedge surface (42) and the actuation surface (44) causes said slip member (32) to pivot.
Xtreme Well Technology Limited

Affixation device for vehicle door

A vehicle door fixing device is provided with a door lock striker arranged in a first panel that is one of a vehicle body panel and a door panel, and a latch mechanism arranged in a second panel that is the other of the vehicle body panel and the door panel. The latch mechanism is capable of holding the vehicle door in a closed state by being engaged with the door lock striker.
Aisin Seiki Sabushiki Kaisha

Terrain compliant, eco-friendly, modular ballast system with optional integrated wire management and racking system

A modular ballast system for supporting objects uses tubing such as pipes of appropriate size for the required ballast. Once in place, the empty pipes are filled with a watery mix (slurry) of sand, silt, gravel, soil, cement or other generally available material to generate a majority of the ballast weight.
Anar Solar, Llc

Control network for led-based lighting system in a transit vehicle

A transit vehicle lighting system has a plurality of led-based lighting fixtures for providing interior illumination. A control network comprises a plurality of slave nodes for controlling the led-based lighting fixtures, and a master node for controlling the slave nodes.
I/o Controls Corporation

Ratchet adjustable locking pliers

This invention relates generally to pliers, and more particularly to releasably locking pliers having a ratchet mechanism for adjusting the pliers' upper and lower jaws about an item to be gripped there-between. The ratchet mechanism facilitates an incremental adjustment of the pliers' jaws..

Stent delivery system having retention structure

A stent delivery system including an elongate shaft of a medical device, a stent selectively coupled to a distal portion of the elongate shaft, and a coupling mechanism for selectively coupling the stent to the elongate shaft by inserting a tab on one of the stent or the elongate shaft into an opening in the other of the stent or the elongate shaft. The tab may be deflected from a first position to a second position to disengage the tab from the opening..
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Electrical switching apparatus including a remotely controllable actuator structured to move a push/pull operating handle

An electrical switching apparatus includes a housing, separable contacts within the housing, and an operating mechanism structured to open and close the separable contacts. The operating mechanism includes a push/pull operating handle and a remotely controllable actuator.
Labinal, Llc

Method for fabricating a patterned composite structure

Provided herein is an apparatus comprising a substrate; a continuous layer over the substrate comprising a first heat sink layer; and a plurality of features over the continuous layer comprising a second heat sink layer, a first magnetic layer over the second heat sink layer, and a second magnetic layer, wherein the first and second magnetic layers are configured to provide a temperature-dependent, exchange spring mechanism.. .
Seagate Technology Llc

Display system with a flexible display

A display system includes a continuous flexible display, two book halves, two main display supports, and a movement synchronizing coupling. The two book halves is connected to each other via a hinge mechanism.
Creator Technology B. V.

Electronic devices with clips

A portable electronic device may have a clip. The clip may be mounted to a housing using hinge structures.
Apple Inc.

Twistable security cable

A twistable security cable including a cable and a coupling device. The cable includes a central core, two or more wire groups positioned about the central core, and an outer coating.
Schlage Lock Company Llc

Damping unit for an elevator

An elevator damping unit, for reducing vertical oscillation of an elevator car during a standstill period, has brake shoe retainers provided with brake shoes. The brake shoe retainers are connected to an electric motor via a toothed gear mechanism.
Inventio Ag

Pivot bin assembly

A pivot bin assembly configured to receive luggage and be positioned in the interior of an aircraft. The pivot bin assembly includes an upper housing that includes a strongback and first and second side panels, a bucket that cooperates with the upper housing to define a bin interior, a first pivot mechanism operatively associated with the first side panel and the bucket, and a second pivot mechanism operatively associated with the second side panel and the bucket.
C&d Zodiac, Inc.

Boat propulsion device

A boat propulsion device includes an engine including a crankshaft extending in an up-and-down direction and a cowling accommodating the engine. The cowling includes a first cowling portion preferably made of resin, a second cowling and a coupling mechanism configured to couple the first cowling portion to the second cowling portion.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

Integrated active hinge mechanism

An active hinge mechanism structured for lifting a portion of a hood of a vehicle is provided. The mechanism includes a tubular link structured for operative coupling to the hood so as to transmit a lifting force to the hood after activation of the mechanism..
Tk Holdings Inc.

Peeling device

A label peeling device includes a mounting bracket, a power member attached to the mounting bracket, a driving member driven by the power member; and a pressing assembly coupled to a first end of the driving member. A clamping mechanism includes a sliding member coupled to a second end of the driving member, and a clamping assembly configured to clamp a backing paper.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Method and system for producing composite component

A system is provided for producing components of composite material, and especially elongate or continuous components of fibre-reinforced polymer. The system comprises a winding mechanism for winding an elongate sheet of composite material about a winding axis that is at an angle to a perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the elongate sheet so as to form a helical coil of wound sheet a mechanism is provided for drawing or conveying the helical coil of wound sheet along a process path, wherein the process path is preferably substantially parallel to the winding axis.
Airbus Operations Gmbh

Table saw throat plates and table saws including the same

Throat plates for table saws and table saws including the same are disclosed. In some embodiments, the throat plates and/or saws include at least one securement mechanism adapted to secure and prevent inadvertent removal of the throat plate from the throat of the saw.

Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method

It is an object to prevent adhesion of a processing liquid to a non-processing region of a substrate. In order to achieve the object, a substrate processing apparatus includes a substrate rotating mechanism, a discharging portion for discharging a processing liquid to a substrate, a moving portion for moving a discharging portion, and a controller.
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.

Therapeutic apparatus

A therapeutic apparatus for therapeutically treating an individual, which includes an upper support, a frame for supporting an inner working assembly and attaching thereto lobe and seat lever controls and a switch panel for motor control, and a structural base for supporting the upper support and frame and attaching thereto a leg rest. The inner working assembly includes rightward and leftward segments each having fore and aft lobes connected together by a hinge mechanism and in part by a flexible guide rail and a plurality of roller assemblies each connected to chains to propel the roller assemblies, with the assistance of the motor, over the flexible guide rails.

Spring mechanism for power device

A spring mechanism for attaching to a power device drive unit includes a housing connectable to a portion of the power device and a shaft extending through the housing. One end of the shaft is coupled to a workpiece and a bottom member extends from the other end and is positioned adjacent the drive unit.
Ranir, Llc

Ring protection device

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to a ring protection device. The ring protection device can have a shell layer to at least partially encase a ring.

Fishing equipment cooler device

A fishing equipment cooler device is provided having a multi-chambered cooler interior and a separable construction. An upper cooler assembly removably attaches to a lower cooler assembly, whereby each is capable of supported chilled items therein in a segregated configuration.

Straight through line feed vegetation trimmer apparatus

A trimmer head for use with either clockwise or counterclockwise trimmer heads, including the use of a bidirectionally dispensing spool. Various locations of passages straight through the trimmer head and spool are shown along with various locations of components of the ratcheting mechanism to allow for winding of the trimmer line on the trimmer head and for limiting the amount of line dispensed during “bumping” of the trimmer head knob on the ground.

Cervical spinous process staple

Thoracic/lumbar and cervical spinous process staples which staple/fuse adjacent spinous processes are disclosed. Thoracic/lumbar transverse process staples which staple/fuse adjacent transverse processes are also disclosed.

Dial-down mechanism for wind-up pen

The invention relates to a torsion spring driven injection device having a dial-down mechanism for dialling down a selected dose size. The torsion spring (2) is strained when setting a dose by rotating a proximally located dose setting button(30) relatively to the housing in a first direction and unstained when rotating the same dose setting button (30) in a second direction opposite the first direction.
Novo Nordisk A/s

Automatic transmission device

An automatic transmission device configured to change the relative speeds between an input and output member. The automatic transmission is configured with four planetary gear mechanisms and a plurality of clutches and brakes, the arrangement being configured so as to reduce a loss due to the meshing between gears.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Hybrid power train for vehicles

A hybrid power train for a vehicle may include an input shaft, an engine-side drive gear provided on the input shaft, an output shaft, an engine-side driven gear rotatably provided on the output shaft and meshed with the engine-side drive gear, a motor-side drive gear rotated by a motor, a motor-side driven gear fixedly provided on the output shaft and meshed with the motor-side drive gear, an output gear rotatably provided on the output shaft, a one way clutch installed between the output gear and the output shaft, a clutch unit provided to switch an operating state of the output gear and to switch an operating state of the engine-side driven gear between a fixed state and a released state relative to the output shaft, and a planetary gear mechanism installed to couple the output shaft and the output gear to each other.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

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