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Wedge mechanism

Alstom Renewable Technologies

Wedge mechanism

Pharmaceutical warning system and method

Pharmaceutical warning system and method

Pharmaceutical warning system and method

Flatfrog Laboraties Ab

Laminated optical element for touch-sensing systems

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Apparatus to facilitate orthogonal coupling of a server sled with a server backplane patent thumbnailApparatus to facilitate orthogonal coupling of a server sled with a server backplane
An orthogonal coupling mechanism includes a threaded rod, a pair of travelers engaging the threaded rod, and an actuator. The actuator is disposed on the threaded rod, such that the actuator translates a first axial force along the axis of the threaded rod into a rotational movement of the threaded rod about its axis.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

 Wedge mechanism patent thumbnailWedge mechanism
A wedge mechanism including at least one wedge element and a guide member. The guide member is attached to the second assembly and adapted for receiving the wedge element in a way that and at least an inactive position of the mechanism is defined where the first and second assemblies can be detached from each other, and an active position where at least one of the wedge element and the guide member presses against two different sectors of the first assembly such that the first assembly and the second assembly remain attached to each other..
Alstom Renewable Technologies

 Pharmaceutical warning system and method patent thumbnailPharmaceutical warning system and method
Disclosed herein are various embodiments of a system and a method for pharmaceutical packaging with an audio warning and/or instruction. In accordance with one aspect of the approach, a sound and light generating pharmaceutical package includes a medical container having an interior space, a cover for preventing unauthorized access to the interior space, a sound and light module affixed to the medical container, the sound and light module containing a pre-recorded digital medical notice and a means for playing the digital warning; and a trigger mechanism configured to cause a visual signal and the sound module to play the medical notice when the cover is moved to allow access to the interior of the container..

 Laminated optical element for touch-sensing systems patent thumbnailLaminated optical element for touch-sensing systems
A laminated optical element is provided for a touch-sensitive apparatus which operates by light frustration (ftir), and comprises: a light-transmissive panel (1) that defines a front surface (5) and an opposite, rear surface (6); a light-coupling mechanism for light input to and output from the panel, arranged along a perimeter of a touch-sensitive region (4) of the optical element; a shielding element (70) applied at the front surface (5) over the light-coupling mechanism; and a light-transmissive sheet (60) disposed overlapping the shielding element and covering the front surface of the panel within the shielding element, wherein a lower surface of the light-transmissive sheet is in optical contact with the front surface of the panel, so as to allow light within a predetermined wavelength range to propagate between at least first and second positions of the light-coupling mechanism by total internal reflection in an upper surface of the light-transmissive sheet.. .
Flatfrog Laboraties Ab

 Endoscopic cutting forceps with jaw clamp lever latching mechanism patent thumbnailEndoscopic cutting forceps with jaw clamp lever latching mechanism
A lever latching system comprising: a housing; a lever having a latch pin fixedly mounted to the lever, the lever being movably mounted to the housing so that the latch pin moves in an arc; and a latch plate movably mounted to the housing for linear movement with respect to the housing, the latch plate comprising a labyrinth for receiving the latch pin.. .
Gyrus Acmi, Inc., D.b.a. Olympus Surgical Technologies America

 Sensor device for speed measurement on a wheel of a vehicle, brake system for a vehicle and vehicle therewith, and use of the sensor device for speed measurement on a wheel of a vehicle patent thumbnailSensor device for speed measurement on a wheel of a vehicle, brake system for a vehicle and vehicle therewith, and use of the sensor device for speed measurement on a wheel of a vehicle
A sensor device for speed measurement on a wheel of a vehicle includes a sensor carrier with an integrated sensor to sense the rotation of a pole wheel that rotates along with the wheel. The sensor device has a clamping mechanism integrated into the sensor carrier by which the sensor carrier can be displaceably clamped into a holding opening in the region of the wheel and/or in any orientation with respect to rotations about the longitudinal axis of the sensor carrier.
Wabco Gmbh

 Level sensor assembly patent thumbnailLevel sensor assembly
A level sensor assembly is provided. The level sensor assembly includes a first housing and a second housing.
Caterpillar Inc.

 Shaft coupling mechanism patent thumbnailShaft coupling mechanism
A shaft coupling mechanism 1 includes a coupling base body 3 coupled to a rotating shaft 2; a coupling base body 5 coupled to a rotating shaft 4; a pair of rotation transmitting members 6 and 7 interposed between both coupling base bodies 3 and 5 and adapted to transmit the rotation of the rotating shaft 2 in an r direction to the rotating shaft 4 through both coupling base bodies 3 and 5; an intermediate interposed member 8 interposed between the pair of rotation transmitting members 6 and 7; and a coupling means 9 for coupling the pair of rotation transmitting members 6 and 7 to each other.. .
Oiles Corporation

 Latch mechanism patent thumbnailLatch mechanism
The present invention is directed to a latch mechanism for latching a door or window panel to a frame. The latch mechanism includes: a pair of first members, a first of the pair of first members being located in an upper region of either the door or window panel or the frame, and a second of the pair of first members being located in a lower region of either the door or window panel or the frame and a pair of second members, a first of the pair of second members being located in an upper region of the other of the door or window panel or the frame to the first of the pair of first members and a second of the pair of second members being located in a lower region of the other of the door or window panel or the frame to the second of the pair first members the second members being movable between an unlatched position and a latched position wherein the second members are brought into abutment with, or close proximity to, the respective first members, wherein the first members are adapted to move from the unlatched position to the latched position under a magnetic attraction to the respective second members when the door or window panel is brought into a closed condition and wherein the second members are coupled to a controller via one or more linkage members, wherein actuation of the controller results in moving the second members from the latched position to the unlatched position..
Centor Design Pty Ltd

 Vehicle door handle and powered latch system patent thumbnailVehicle door handle and powered latch system
A vehicle door includes a powered latch mechanism and an interior door handle having first and second sensors disposed on opposite sides of the interior door handle. The first and second sensors are configured to detect the presence of a user's hand to control operation of the powered latch mechanism.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Latch mechanism

A latch mechanism is provided for securing the lid of a container in a closed position having actuator components that facilitate latching and unlatching of a latch plate of the latch mechanism.. .


In-floor pool cleaning system

A distribution valve of an in-floor pool cleaning system is provided. The distribution valve includes a housing having an inlet port and a plurality of outlet ports.
Blue Square Mfg


Vehicle seat including an interlock assembly

A vehicle seat comprises a latch mechanism, a seat frame bracket, a seat back bracket and an interlock assembly. The interlock assembly is configured to inhibit movement of the seat back bracket from the folded position to the upright position when the latch mechanism is in an unlatched condition.


Forming device for three-dimensional printing machine, and a three-dimensional printing machine

A forming device for a three-dimensional printing machine is connected to a height adjusting mechanism of the three-dimensional printing machine, and is driven by the height adjusting mechanism to move vertically. The forming device includes an universal joint, a forming platform, a coupling shaft interconnecting the universal joint and the forming platform, and a clamping mechanism.
Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited


Ratchet mechanism for ratchet wrench

A tool that includes a wrench body a first drive end, and a ratchet gear disposed in an aperture in the first drive end. A first cavity is formed in the first drive end and in communication with the aperture.
Snap-on Incorporated


User support apparatus to provide enhanced limb mobility

An apparatus to support a user's limb enhances the range of motion of the limb and permits the positioning of a counterforce to be adjusted, which corresponds to the weight of the limb. The apparatus includes a vertical member having a first end coupled to a structure and a second end having a spring mechanism, a horizontal arm assembly rotatably mounted to the spring mechanism by a joint assembly, the horizontal arm assembly having a first arm member coupled to a first side of the joint assembly and a second arm member coupled to a second side of the joint assembly, a limb support assembly coupled to the first arm member of the horizontal arm assembly and having a cuff to enclose a portion of the limb, and a counterweight member slidably mounted to the second arm member..


Methods for connecting a longitudinal member to a bone portion

An apparatus (10) includes a fastener (16) engageable with a bone portion to connect a longitudinal member (12) to the bone portion. A housing (40) has a first passage (42) configured to receive the longitudinal member (12) and a second passage (44) extending transverse to the first passage.
Zimmer Spine, Inc.


Coupling mechanisms for surgical instruments

A surgical instrument includes a shaft defining a longitudinal axis therethrough and having an end effector assembly disposed at a distal end thereof. The shaft includes first and second shaft components that are releasably engageable with one another.
Covidien Lp


Power distribution system and method, and circuit breaker for use therein

A programmable circuit breaker, including an input unit, a sensor, and, a trip mechanism. The input unit permits user input and/or adjustment of predetermined load parameters.
Energy Distribution Systems Proprietary Ltd.


Power generating element

A power generating element includes a magnetostrictive rod through which lines of magnetic force pass in an axial direction thereof, the magnetostrictive rod formed of a magnetostrictive material; a magnetic rod arranged in parallel with the magnetostrictive rod, the magnetic rod formed of a magnetic material; a first coupling mechanism for coupling one end portion of the magnetostrictive rod and one end of the magnetic rod; a second coupling mechanism for coupling the other end portion of the magnetostrictive rod and the other end portion of the magnetic rod; and a coil provided so that the lines of magnetic force pass inside the coil in an axial direction thereof and in which a voltage is generated on the basis of a variation of density of the lines of magnetic force caused when the magnetostrictive rod is expanded or contracted. Further, at least one of the one end portion and the other end portion of the magnetostrictive rod is formed into a male screw portion..
Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.


Locking system for power line sectioning unit

A locking system for a disconnect switch mounted to a utility pole. The locking system includes an attachment assembly mounted to the disconnect switch.
Movex Innovation Inc.


Fail-safe control rod drive system for nuclear reactor

A control rod drive system (crds) for use in a nuclear reactor. In one embodiment, the system generally includes a drive rod mechanically coupled to a control rod drive mechanism (crdm) operable to linearly raise and lower the drive rod along a vertical axis, a rod cluster control assembly (rcca) comprising a plurality of control rods insertable into a nuclear fuel core, and a drive rod extension (dre) releasably coupled at opposing ends to the drive rod and rcca.
Smr Inventec, Llc


Pivotal supporting structure for fallboard of keyboard musical instrument

First and second pivot sections pivotally support left and right end portions of a fallboard on left and right side boards of a keyboard musical instrument, respectively. At least one of the first and second pivot sections includes: a damper mechanism provided on one of the side board and an end portion of the fallboard and having a driven member to receive pivotal movement; and a driving member engageable with the driven member and operable in interlocked relation to the other thereof.
Yamaha Corporation


Apparatus and activating a trigger mechanism

A method and apparatus for activating a trigger mechanism at a data capture device having a touch display, and a data capture module is provided. In operation, a first region associated with a first application and an input region is provided on the touch display.
Symbol Technologies, Inc.


Apparatus and performing a variable data capture process

A method and apparatus for performing a variable data capture process at a data capture device comprising a data capture module and a trigger mechanism is provided. In operation, the data capture device detects an initial activation of the trigger mechanism.
Symbol Technologies, Inc.


Sound suppressor for a firearm

A sound suppressor for a firearm is disclosed. In accordance with some embodiments, the disclosed sound suppressor may include a thread and taper arrangement and a latching mechanism configured, for example, to secure the sound suppressor to a flash suppressor and/or the muzzle of a host firearm.
Sig Sauer, Inc.


Starting device

In a starting device including a centrifugal-pendulum vibration absorbing device, while lock-up is released, a flow of working oil directed from a lock-up piston side toward a damper mechanism is produced in a clutch engagement chamber. A thrust force in the axial direction directed from the lock-up piston toward the damper mechanism is applied to a weight, of a mass body of the centrifugal-pendulum vibration absorbing device, disposed on the lock-up piston side.
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.


Insulating container and latching mechanism

According to an aspect of the invention, a latching mechanism/device is provided, as well as a method of maintaining a closed position between opposing first and second portions of a container. The latching mechanism includes a latch attached to the first portion and a latch keeper integrally molded to the second portion.
Yeti Coolers, Llc


Dual access enclosure

A dual access enclosure includes a base that has a compartment therein and a lid that at least partially encloses the compartment. The lid includes first and second latch mechanisms that are configured to selectively allow the lid to be pivotably opened from two opposed sides.
Nyx, Inc.


Fail-safe latch mechanism

A latch and fail-safe mechanism suitable for use with an industrial cart, dolly, trailer or other types mobile platforms or carriers. According to an embodiment, the latch comprises a housing or enclosure, a latch mechanism, a hitch hook and a fail-safe mechanism.


Handled ratcheting tool with a flip out handle

A handled ratcheting tool is able to be used in a standard, l handle or t handle orientation. The handled ratcheting tool includes a handle, a stem, a ratcheting mechanism and multiple tools.
Wagic, Inc


Method and applying torque

One example of the present disclosure relates to a wrench for applying torque to an object threadably engaging a part. The wrench includes a first handle, a second handle, a drive, a planetary gear mechanism, a first pawl, and at least one second pawl.
The Boeing Company


Clamping mechanism for circular saw machine

A clamping mechanism for a circular saw machine contains a base; a support holder including two parallel sliding rails; an inner clamp device including a fixing mount, a first horizontal clamping module, and a first upper clamping module, wherein the fixing mount has an internal clamp arm and a first clamp block, the first horizontal clamping module has a first movable fixing block; an upper clamping module including a first positioning seat, a first affixing protrusion, and an auxiliary pressing projection; an outer clamp device including a moving pedestal, a second horizontal clamping module, and a second upper clamping module, the moving pedestal having an external clamp arm and a second clamp block, the second upper clamping module having a second movable fixing block; the second upper clamping module including a second positioning seat and a second affixing protrusion; a driving device including a servo motor and a drive column.. .
Kentai Machinery Co., Ltd.


Apparatus for performing electrosurgical procedures having a spring mechanism associated with the jaw members

An end effector assembly is presented including a pair of first and second jaw members configured to move from a first position in spaced relation relative to one another to a second position for grasping tissue therebetween. The end effector assembly further includes an actuation mechanism configured to actuate the first and second jaw members relative to an elongated shaft attached to a flexible catheter having a longitudinal axis defined therethrough.
Covidien Lp


Compact folding furniture pieces

A compact folding furniture piece constructed as a table is configured for convenient storage. The folding furniture piece comprises an object support assembly that is configured for operative connection to a mounting structure and includes a spring mechanism securing together as a flexible unit a support mount, an articulated vertebral column, and a table base.
Aria Enterprises, Inc.


Protective enclosure for electronic device

A protective enclosure for a mobile computing device that has an interactive touchscreen includes a first case member and a second case member. The second case member is attachable to the first case member via a latching mechanism, and the combined case members provide a protective interior of the enclosure.
Otter Products, Llc


Retractable wire systems for mobile devices

Retractable wire systems for mobile devices include a wire and a winding mechanism within a housing for the mobile device. The wire is configured to provide electrical communication between the mobile device and an accessory for the mobile device.


Foldable handgun holder

A gunholder to accommodate a handgun within and to allow a user to support the gunholder with two hands is disclosed. The gunholder includes a front section having a trigger guard chamber to receive a trigger guard of the gun.


Firearm having a dual cam, cock on close bolt action and a low creep sear and step trigger assembly

A bolt action firearm that cocks the firing pin upon closing the bolt and includes a cam pin with dual heads for a high velocity rimfire cartridge. In one embodiment, actuating the main spring while closing the bolt, instead of while opening the bolt, more uniformly distributes the physical energy required by the user over the bolt actuation cycle.
Alliant Techsystems Inc.


Automatic transmission apparatus

A predetermined transmission ratio of a direct coupling mechanism arranged in parallel to the continuously variable transmission and directly connects the input shaft and the output shaft to transmit rotation of the input shaft to the output shaft at that predetermined transmission ratio is set to the minimum transmission ratio of the continuously variable transmission, and the direct coupling mechanism is connected to the input shaft through a third clutch.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Gear mechanism component having a holder for mounting a component

A gear mechanism component having a holder for mounting a component, a lubricant carrier which is infused with a lubricant being pressed into the holder, a gear mechanism arrangement having the gear mechanism component and the component, an adjusting drive having the gear mechanism arrangement, and a method for assembling the gear mechanism arrangement.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Motor vehicle door lock

The invention relates to a motor vehicle door lock, which is equipped with a ratchet mechanism, at least one actuation lever for triggering the ratchet mechanism and a ratchet lever that is pivotable about an axis. The ratchet lever renders the ratchet mechanism ineffective, at least with regard to the magnitude and direction of occurring retarding forces, for example in the event of an accident (“in the event of a crash”).
Kiekert Aktiengesellschaft


Electromagnetic latching mechanism

A latching mechanism selectively joins two surfaces and/or objects and includes a latch and a catch. The latch includes a pivoting locking member with respect to the latch that pivots between a locked position and an unlocked position.
Open Mind Innovations, Inc


Work vehicle and control same

The power-transmission device has an input shaft, an output shaft, a gear mechanism, and a motor. The gear mechanism includes a plurality of planetary gear mechanisms and a mode-switching mechanism, and transmits the rotations of the input shaft to the output shaft.
Komatsu Ltd.


Gripping device for handling reinforcement cages for tower segments of a wind turbine

A gripping device for handling reinforcement cages for tower segments of a wind turbine, comprising a gripper arm holding fixture and multiple gripper arms arranged radially on the gripper arm holding fixture. In particular, it is proposed that there is a coupling mechanism that can be connected with the reinforcement cage on each gripper arm, the length of the gripper arms can be telescopically motor-adjusted, the gripping device can be coupled with a lifting device that can be moved horizontally and vertically, and is adapted to move a reinforcement cage from apparatus for manufacturing reinforcement cages and/or to put a reinforcement cage down in a casing for creating a tower segment..
Wobben Properties Gmbh


Power transmission device

A power transmission device includes: a planetary gear mechanism; a first rotary machine connected to a sun gear of the planetary gear mechanism; an engine and a one-way clutch that are connected to a carrier of the planetary gear mechanism; a second rotary machine and a drive wheel that are connected to a ring gear of the planetary gear mechanism; and a parking device connected to the ring gear. The power transmission device is configured to positively rotate the first rotary machine at a time a command to disengage the parking device is received and thereafter disengage the parking device, and a direction of the positive rotation is a rotational direction of the carrier rotary-driven by the engine..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Printer cover opening method and mechanism

A printer that may be part of a point of sales terminal. The printer includes a latching mechanism that helps hold the printer's cover in the closed position when latched, but allows the cover to open when unlatched.
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Holdings Corporation


Printer having sled providing wiping, capping and platen modules

A printer includes: an inkjet printhead assembly; a sled slidably arranged with respect to the printhead assembly, the sled supporting a platen module, a capper module and a wiper module; a sliding mechanism for sliding the sled relative to printhead assembly so as to selectively align one of the platen, capper and wiper modules with the printhead assembly; and a lift mechanism for lifting an aligned module linearly away from the sled and towards the printhead assembly. The platen module is positioned between the capper and wiper modules on the sled, such that the capper and wiper modules are positioned at opposite sides of the printhead assembly during printing..
Memjet Technology Limited


Toy vehicle with rollover stunt movements

An illustrative toy vehicle is provided having a two-section chassis and a pivot mechanism rotatably attaching the two sections. The vehicle has the ability to move in multiple orientations and execute movements including a side rollover movement where the pivot mechanism assists in directing the vehicle to roll over from a first orientation to a second orientation about a central axis.
Rehco, Llc


Adaptive tubing cassettes for use in connection with interventional catheter assemblies

Peristaltic pump assemblies in which the closing and opening of a pivoting or sliding door is coordinated with movement of the occlusion bed toward and away from the rotor assembly to engage and disengage tubing within the occlusion pathway are disclosed. Linkage mechanisms provided by the interaction of cam surfaces with rollers, as well as bar linkage mechanisms, are disclosed.
Boston Scientific Limited


Lower lumber traction device and use

A lower lumbar traction device for pulling and bending of the human spine with the hips suspended above the underlying surface. This device and method of use is a simple tool that when used properly may help those suffering from common forms of mechanically induced low back pain.


Tension adjust device for a chair and chair

A tension adjust device (20) for a chair comprises a carrier member (21), an actuation member (22), a ratchet mechanism and a disengagement mechanism. The actuation member (22) is rotatable in a first direction and in a second direction opposite to the first direction and is coupled to the carrier member (21) to rotate the carrier member (21).
L&p Property Management Company


Thermal head for device under test and controlling the temperature of device under test

A thermal head for device under test having a gimbal fixture and a protective casing and an air chamber having an air inlet hole and a plurality of o-ring grooves to form a pneumatic control mechanism, comprising (a) a cooling chamber within the protective casing having at least one inlet and at least one outlet formed on each of the opposite edge of the chamber for the flow of a cooling fluid from the inlet to the outlet to provide a cooling temperature to a device under test which comes into contact with the thermal head; (b) a metal plate being formed below the cooling chamber, wherein the metal plate touches the surface of the device under test when the thermal head is in operation; (c) an air gap formed between the cooling chamber and the metal plate, wherein the size of the gap depends on distance between the cooling chamber and the metal plate, wherein the cooling chamber moves relative to the metal plate; and (d) a pair of coil spring mechanism disposed in between the base of the metal plate and a jacket covered the cooling chamber at the opposite edges thereof. The present invention also relates to a method of controlling the temperature of a device under test..
Marvelous Technology Pte Ltd


Rifle charging handle

An ambidextrously operated charging handle for use with the m16 family of firearms is provided. The charging handle provides a latch mechanism consisting of two extended handles which are in operational communication with each other.
Lwrc International Llc


Device to transfer lubricant in a lubricating assembly and implementation thereof

A slinger member that is part of a lubricating system that flings, or slings, fluid lubricant about the interior of rotating machinery. The slinger member can include a plate body having a central axis and an outer peripheral edge circumscribing the central axis.
Howden Roots Llc


Chemically targeted control of downhole flow control devices

Systems and methods using enhanced flow control devices are described. The flow control devices can be selectively closed completely or have its effective flow area reduced to restrict production (or injection) by use of a chemical trigger mechanism.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Electric latch retraction device for vertical rod door latches

An electric latch retraction device for vertical rod door latches includes an automatic adjustment feature including a limit switch and a linear sensor, such as a hall effect sensor, which detects vertical position. A microcontroller monitors the vertical position of a pivoting retraction lever driven at the pivot by a linear driver.
Sargent Manufacturing Company


Tension link for drill floor substructure assembly

The present invention relates to a tension link drill floor level connection system for use on a drilling rig, as may be used in subterranean exploration. The present invention provides a tension link assembly for resisting separating forces incurred between sections of the substructure.
T&t Engineering Services, Inc.


Latch mechanism for an agricultural conveyor system

A system includes an agricultural conveyor system including an inner arm having a first end. The first end is configured to rotatably couple to an agricultural storage system.
Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.


Rotary damper

A rotary damper includes a damper motor and a damper housing in surrounding relationship to the damper motor. The damper housing has a connection piece for mounting the damper housing to a first mass.
Audi Ag


Printer cartridge pin exposure and removal apparatus

A printer cartridge pin exposure and removal apparatus for the removal of embedded pins within a printer cartridge. The printer cartridge is positioned within a cartridge mount and securely held in a fixed position through a clamping mechanism.
Flo-tech, Llc


Clamping mechanism for automotive check fixture

The invention is directed toward an improved clamp for an automotive checking fixture. The clamp comprises a body, a cap, a plunger pin, a hard stop dowel, a plurality of fingers, a plurality of engagement jaws, an alignment strap, a plurality of pivot pins, a plurality of alignment pins, a plurality of springs, and a plurality of set screws.


Circumferential walker

An orthopedic device includes a posterior shell with ankle and foot receiving portions, and first and second wing portions forming an opening over a dorsal aspect of the posterior shell. A dorsal shell is contoured to substantially correspond to the opening of the posterior shell.
Ossur Hf


Electronic device cover assembly

An electronic device cover assembly is provided. The electronic device cover assembly is configured to provide a convenient apparatus that allows a user to store his personal items in the same location as his electronic device.


Electronic device connector structures with antennas

An electronic device may have radio-frequency transceiver circuitry for transmitting and receiving antenna signals using an antenna. The antenna may be formed within a connector port in the electronic device or may be formed on an external cable that is coupled to the connector port.
Apple Inc.


Apparatus and methods for loading and unloading of sensor capsules

An apparatus and methods for loading and unloading of sensor capsules (9) into or out of seismic node casings (5) forming part of a seismic cable (19) to be deployed or retrieved by a vessel (18), the apparatus comprises: a trolley (3) with room for at least one sensor capsule (9), the trolley (3) is moveable back and forth in a direction essentially corresponding to the longitudinal direction (24, 25) of the seismic cable (19); a support structure (12) for the trolley (3); a latching mechanism (7) for latching the trolley (3) to a node casing (5), and at least one inserting/withdrawing mechanism (8, 11) for inserting and withdrawing the sensor capsules (9) into or out of the node casing (5).. .
Magseis As


Handgun converter

A handgun converter enclosing a handgun and allowing the user to operate the handgun with full and increased functionality and enhanced safety. The combined weapon endows the handgun with increased stability and accuracy due to additional supports, versatility by adding rails, and with an additional mechanical latch mechanism supporting safe use.
Caa Industries Ltd.


Worm gear mechanism

The invention is directed to a worm gear mechanism comprising a worm shaft with a worm thread formed or worked, in particular cut, directly into the shaft main body, and also comprising a worm wheel that meshes with said worm thread, which worm wheel is of annular form and is integrated with an annular connection element of an open-center large-diameter rolling bearing, the two annular, mutually concentric connection elements of which are supported against one another in rotatable fashion and serve for connection to two machine or installation parts that are rotatable relative to one another, wherein the toothed worm wheel connection element is formed from an annular main body with a toothing formed or worked directly therein, having at least one connection surface for abutment against a planar contact surface of the respective machine or installation part, and having multiple fastening bores arranged so as to be distributed in a ring around the clear opening, the longitudinal axes of which bores extend perpendicularly through the respective connection surface; and wherein the non-toothed connection element is formed from an annular main body with at least one planar connection surface for abutment against a planar contact surface of the respective machine or installation part, and having multiple fastening bores arranged distributed in a ring around the clear opening, the longitudinal axes of which bores extend perpendicularly through the respective connection surface; wherein furthermore, in the region of the worm, sensors are provided which permanently detect the (rotational) position of the worm; and to a method for the operation of a worm gear mechanism of said type.. .
Imo Holding Gmbh


Bicycle seat post height adjustment mechanism

The present invention provides a bicycle seat post height adjustment mechanism. When said bicycle seat post height adjustment mechanism is in a state of locking, said lower valve packing ring may block said lower valve port, and moreover, based on demands, said upper valve packing ring is allowed selectively to block said upper valve port or to be away from said upper valve port so as to stay on top of said upper valve port.
Taiwan Hodaka Industrial Co., Ltd.


Mining roof support system

A support system for a mining roof includes a base, a cylinder coupled to the base and configured to extend and retract, a pivot mechanism coupled to the cylinder, a roof support beam coupled to the pivot mechanism and configured to contact a surface of the mining roof, wherein the roof support beam and the pivot mechanism are raised relative to the base when the cylinder is extended and lowered relative to the base when the cylinder is retracted, and a support structure coupled to the base on a first end and coupled to the pivot mechanism on a second end, the support structure being configured to limit movement of the roof support beam about an axis provided by the cylinder.. .
Caterpillar Global Mining Llc


Covering device for openings, in particular for machine openings

A covering device for machine openings includes a shaft and a winding body which can be rotated relative to one another. A spring element is prestressed between the shaft and the winding body and is mounted by a first spring end to the winding body and by a second spring end to the shaft.
Hennig Holding Gmbh


Hollow glass built-in sun-shading apparatus

The present invention relates to a built-in sun-shading device of hollow glass. The built-in sun-shading device comprises a cord-winding mechanism, a transmission mechanism controlling the rotation of the cord-winding mechanism and a sun-shading mechanism connected onto the cord-winding mechanism.
Intigral, Inc.


Swivel bar pedal lock

A pedal lock includes an elongate frame. A first locking mechanism operating a swivel bar pivoted at distal end of the elongate frame is installed.


Drive device for hybrid vehicle

A drive device for hybrid vehicle includes: a planetary gear mechanism; a first rotating machine coupled to a sun gear of the planetary gear mechanism; an engine and a one-way clutch coupled to a carrier of the planetary gear mechanism; a second rotating machine and a drive wheel coupled to a ring gear of the planetary gear mechanism; and a braking device. The drive device relatively changes a rotation speed of the first rotating machine to a rotation speed of a positive rotation side to perform braking by the braking device in response to a braking command..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Heel retainer with auxiliary lever

A heel retainer for a combined downhill and touring binding for a ski, including: a base plate which can be fastened on an upper side of the ski; a connecting structure; a tensioning device for securely holding a ski boot in the heel retainer, including a sole retainer; a shifting mechanism using which the heel retainer can be moved from a travelling position to a walking position and vice versa; and a latching mechanism which latches at least parts of the heel retainer in the travelling position or in the walking position. The latching mechanism includes a latching lever which can be operated manually or using a ski pole and which latches the heel retainer at least in the travelling position, wherein the parts of the heel retainer for changing from the travelling position to the walking position and vice versa can be linearly shifted on the base plate..
Marker Deutschland Gmbh


Orthosis for deformity correction

Disclosed are systems and methods correction of spinal deformity that overcome current limitations by utilizing a dynamic, multi-segment torso orthosis that allows motion during wear. The disclosed embodiments utilize a series of elastically coupled segments that conform to the circumference of the torso of a patient.


Adjustable bus bar for power distribution equipment

A busbar assembly for interconnecting electrical equipment units is disclosed. The busbar assembly includes one or more conductors have a conductive rod.


Hinged cover for computing device

Techniques including use of a hinged cover for a computing device are described. In one or more implementation, a system includes a computing device having a slate form factor and an input device.


Optical connector

An optical connector, including: a coupling device that is made of metal, and that is to be coupled to a coupling mechanism of another optical connector that is to be coupled with the optical connector; a ferrule; a housing that is made of resin and that is accommodated by the coupling device while accommodating the ferrule in such a manner that the ferrule can move rearward; and a metal member that is affixed to the coupling device while holding the housing between the metal member and the coupling device.. .


Laminate structure and clamping mechanism for faulted circuit indicator

A faulted circuit indicator (fci) device for installation on a power line includes a housing, a laminate structure fastened to the housing and configured to receive the power line, and a clamp mechanism pivotally fastened to the housing and configured to secure the housing to the power line. The clamp mechanism includes a pair of opposing clamp arms each having a curved configuration.


Remote hydraulic control of downhole tools

A well tool apparatus comprises a control arrangement configured to control response of the downhole tool by varying a bore-annulus pressure difference. The control arrangement includes a valve piston longitudinally slidable in a generally tubular controller housing that is in operation substantially co-axial with the wellbore, to open or close a valve port to a fluid flow connection between the drill string's interior and the tool.


Roll-up door and guide system therefor

A roll-up type industrial door including a flexible sheet or woven fabric forming a curtain for closing a door way having an upper end, a lower end and two opposite side edges. The sheet has a main area and elongate side edge sections that are thicker than the main area.


Convertible vanity mirror assembly

In a convertible mirror assembly for a vehicle visor, a flexible mirror is operably coupled to a housing and is operable between first and second display states. A slider mechanism is slidably supported on the housing and operably coupled to the flexible mirror.


Orthopedic device

An orthopedic device is presented which comprise a horizontal base and a vertical support. The vertical support is connected toward the rear end of the horizontal base by a pivot mechanism and a tension mechanism.


Apparatus for creating portal sites using a blade and needle

An apparatus comprises a barrel comprising an interior and an open end. The barrel is configured for engaging a needle along a longitudinal length where the engaged needle extends a distance past the open end.


Floating lounge with improved back support

According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a recreational floatation device comprising a body portion comprising an inflatable member having a first inner perimeter surrounding a first inner area, a first support portion comprising a layer of material extending through the first inner area and attached to the inflatable member at its first inner perimeter to support a user of the device, a back support member located within said first inner area, a hinge mechanism coupled to the back support member and the first inner perimeter and configured to allow the back support member to rotate between a first position, wherein a substantial portion of the back support member extends generally away from the first inner area, and a second position, in which the back support member lies substantially within the first inner area.. .


Systems and methods for providing a network link between broadcast content and content located on a computer network

The invention relates, in various aspects, to systems and methods for linking content stored on a computer network with content broadcast over a television network. The system includes a database, a trigger mechanism, a communications interface, and a packet generator.


Chip supplying apparatus

In this specification, a chip supplying apparatus which supplies a chip to a mounting machine which mounts the chip on a substrate is disclosed. The chip supplying apparatus is provided with a wafer table which holds a wafer sheet at a position where an operation head of the mounting machine can receive the chip.


Fiber optic distribution system

A fiber optic telecommunications system includes a frame and a fiber optic module mounted on the frame via a slide assembly that includes a gear mechanism. The slide assembly is defined by a rack mount portion, a center portion, and a main housing portion.


Thin heat transfer device for thermal management

A thin design heat transfer device for thermal management is described herein. The heat transfer device uses a cold plate that is independent or “floating” relative to a spring mechanism employed to generate contact pressure with a heat-generating device.


Spring mechanism for electric shift actuator

In one embodiment, a system comprising an electric actuator; a mechanical shift linkage; and a spring system operably configured as a conduit of force and motion between the electric actuator and the mechanical shift linkage when the mechanical shift linkage is not constrained from movement, the spring system energized by the electric actuator when the mechanical shift linkage is constrained from movement.. .


Motorized servo device

A motorized servo device includes a case, a motor disposed in the case, a rolling bearing, and a gear mechanism. The case has an installing portion.


Pulley assembly with radially oriented decoupling mechanism

A pulley assembly with a radially oriented decoupling mechanism is disclosed. The pulley assembly includes a pulley body having a bore therethrough, a hub, and a one-way clutch mechanism.


Latching system

Devices and methods based upon the concept of a split ring (604) having certain multiple interior angles (604a, 604b) to engage a stem or post (608) having annular ring(s) with angular geometries that are complimentary to those of the split ring. The disclosure provides designs for a wide range of insertion and desertion forces between latch engagement stems and latch engagement bodies.


Hinge mechanism for a variable displacement compressor

A hinge assembly for coupling a rotor assembly to a swash plate assembly in a variable displacement compressor includes a hub integrally formed with the swash plate assembly and a pair of spaced part arms coupled to the hub and extending outwardly therefrom. Each of the arms having an aperture formed in a distal end thereof.


Hinge mechanisms and foldable furniture

Embodiments generally relate to hinge mechanisms. Many of the hinge mechanism embodiments may be used in foldable furniture.


Tray device, reaction chamber and mocvd apparatus

Embodiments of the invention provide a tray device, a reaction chamber, and a mocvd apparatus including the reaction chamber. According to an embodiment, the tray device includes a large tray, a rotating shaft, a small tray, and a supporting disk.


Universal tailgate latch and support

A universal tailgate latch and support system for receiving a commonly available latching mechanism. The latch housing secures the latch to the side of a vehicle cargo bed and allows the cargo door to be supported with a cable or the like when open and secured when closed.


Hand truck exchangeable tool attachment method

A hand truck includes a quick release/attach mechanism operating according to a method for quickly and easily exchanging various tools with the hand truck, the quick release/latch mechanism including biased locking pins movably located within tubular frame members integral to the hand truck and proximal holes in the tubular frame members for receiving a projection member of the tool and spaced a predetermined distance from a hangar portion of the tool and wherein the hangar portion may be hung on a crossbar of the tubular frame and then the projection members of the tool may be coupled with and retained by the locking pins of the tubular frame. The arrangement requires no hand tools such as wrenches or screwdrivers, and no external fasteners such as pins or bolts.

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