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Rail suspension with integral shock and dampening mechanism

Ring binder mechanism

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Extendable intubation stylet patent thumbnailnew patent Extendable intubation stylet
An extendable intubation stylet including a handle member and a trigger mechanism moveable relative to the handle member between a retracted position and an extended position. A hollow semi-rigid stylet member extends from the handle member from a proximal end to a distal end.
 Physical means and methods for inducing regenerative effects on living tissues and fluids patent thumbnailnew patent Physical means and methods for inducing regenerative effects on living tissues and fluids
The present invention discloses a system for the administration of a plasma modified field (pmf) to a subject comprising: (a) a non thermal plasma (ntp) emitting source for emitting a plasma beam; (b) a plasma modified field coupling mechanism (pmfcm) comprising a plasma beam dish having at least one opening for the passage of said plasma beam; said plasma beam dish having a first surface and a second opposite surface; and (c) a controller for controlling said pmfcm. In a main aspect of the invention, said first surface of said plasma beam dish is mounted with: (i) at least one coupling element selected from the group consisting of: (1) at least one ferroelectric element for providing said field; (2) at least one ferromagnetic element for providing said field; (3) at least one piezoelectric element for providing said field; and (4) at least one piezomagnetic element for providing said field; and (ii) at least one reflecting element.
 Cylinder assembly and dispenser pump using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Cylinder assembly and dispenser pump using the same
The coupling mechanism includes a first coupling piece disposed on the first body and a second coupling piece disposed on the second body and is used for detachably coupling the first and second bodies. The valve is located in an aperture of the ring, the elastomer flexibly supports the valve to abut against the ring and seal up the aperture or retracts to open the aperture for allowing liquid to flow into the first body through the passage..
 Well pump system patent thumbnailnew patent Well pump system
Provided is a well pump system that includes a pressure pipe, a rotatable shaft surrounded by a plurality of bearings, a pumping mechanism mounted to the pressure pipe and having a plurality of pump impellers mounted to a second end of the shaft, a rotating mechanism mounted to a first end of the shaft and configured for rotating it within the bearings, thereby causing the pump impellers to move the fluid in the pressure pipe, and at least one non-return valve configured for assuming at least two states including a first, opened state, in which the second pipe chamber is in fluid communication with the first pipe chamber, and a second, closed state, in which the non-return valve obstructs the fluid communication between the first and the second pipe chambers, thereby lubricating them.. .
 Ring binder mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Ring binder mechanism
A ring binder mechanism has an elongate housing, a pair of locking elements, a translation bar, a pair of elongate hinge plates having mating ring halves extending there-from, a plurality of mating ring halves, and an actuator. Movement of the actuator moves the hinge plates, translation bar, and locking elements to cause the ring halves to disengage so a user can place holed paper over the open ring halves, or closes the ring halves together to secure the paper with the closed-loop rings thus form while simultaneously locking the rings in the closed-loop configuration to prevent inadvertent opening..
 Double-sided keyboard patent thumbnailnew patent Double-sided keyboard
A double-sided keyboard comprises a rearward-facing keyboard, a traditional front-facing keyboard and a hinging means. The double-sided keyboard is assembled in a way that the rearward-facing keyboard is on one side of the double-sided keyboard while the traditional front-facing keyboard is on another side of the double-sided keyboard.
 Fault-likely detector patent thumbnailnew patent Fault-likely detector
A method, device, and system for detecting a fault for a protective device. The device can receive an input signal and detect a power spike in the input signal.
 Cradle for rechargeable lighting devices patent thumbnailnew patent Cradle for rechargeable lighting devices
A charger cradle for recharging a rechargeable lighting device is described. The cradle may include two prongs that flex outwards to allow a lighting device to be inserted into the cradle.
 Pivot bin assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Pivot bin assembly
A pivot bin assembly configured to receive luggage and be positioned in the interior of an aircraft. The pivot bin assembly includes an upper housing that includes a strongback and first and second side panels, a bucket that cooperates with the upper housing to define a bin interior, a first pivot mechanism operatively associated with the first side panel and the bucket, and a second pivot mechanism operatively associated with the second side panel and the bucket.
 Vehicle seat latching mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle seat latching mechanism
A seat assembly is provided with a seat bottom adapted to mount to a vehicle. The seat assembly further includes a first seat back pivotally attached to the seat bottom defining a recline angle relative to the seat bottom, and a second seat back pivotally attached to the seat bottom proximate to the first seat back defining a recline angle relative to the seat bottom.
new patent Door latch and bar locking mechanism for a rooftop air conditioning unit
A latching mechanism for sealing an access panel to a sidewall includes a cam rod pivotable between a first position and a second position. The cam rod includes a handle and at least one generally u-shaped bend configured to engage a surface of the access panel when in the first position.
new patent Rail suspension with integral shock and dampening mechanism
Generally, examples described herein may take the form of a bicycle including a front frame, a rear frame operably associated with the front frame and configured for coupling to a rear wheel, and a suspension system operably associated with the front frame and the rear frame. The suspension system includes a first sliding body pivotally coupled to the rear frame and configured to travel in a first direction along a substantially linear travel path.
new patent Cross member systems and related methods
Some embodiments include a cross member system comprising a central member, a cross member proximal coupling mechanism, and a cross member distal coupling mechanism. The cross member proximal coupling mechanism is configured to be coupled to a first structure comprising a first structure channel, and the cross member distal coupling mechanism is configured to be coupled to a second structure comprising a second structure channel.
new patent Circumferential walker
An orthopedic device in the form of a circumferential walker includes a first member (posterior shell) and a second member (dorsal shell) corresponding to the first member. An outsole or plantar shell portion is attached to, or formed on or with the posterior shell.
new patent Corner shelf system for storing and displaying consumer electronic source components
A corner shelf system may include a support assembly and a shelf. The support assembly may include at least two support members coupled at about a 90° angle.
new patent Vva control of nox in a low ap area of an engine operating map
When the difference by which pressure in an engine exhaust manifold exceeds pressure in an engine intake manifold becomes less than a selected difference while an intake valve operating mechanism is closing cylinder intake valves at a selected time in the engine cycle, while an egr system is conveying the engine exhaust component of an air/exhaust mixture from an exhaust system to an intake system, and a certain quantity of nox is present in engine exhaust entering the exhaust manifold, the quantity of nox present in engine exhaust entering the exhaust manifold is reduced below that certain quantity by causing the intake valve operating mechanism to close the cylinder intake valves earlier in the engine cycle than the selected time.. .
Vehicle door latch system and method
Methods and systems are provided for door latches for vehicles. The system includes an electric door latch mechanism movable between a latched position and an unlatched position.
Controller and power source for implantable blood pump
Methods and apparatus for controlling the operation of, and providing power for and to, implantable ventricular assist devices which include a brushless dc motor-driven blood pump, are disclosed. In one embodiment, a control system for driving an implantable pump is provided.
Surgical clip applier
A surgical clip applier is provided and includes a ratchet mechanism having a rack member connected to a drive channel such that axial translation of the drive channel results in axial translation of the rack member, the rack member defining a first set of teeth along a first side thereof and a second set of teeth along a second side thereof. The ratchet mechanism including a first pawl and a second pawl each tiltably supported in the housing and disposed on respective opposed sides of the rack member; and a buckling spring interposed between the first pawl and the second pawl and constrained in a slot formed in the rack member, wherein the buckling spring is dimensioned so as to bow in one of a proximal direction and a distal direction..
Ultrasound transducer direction control
Disclosed are embodiments of devices and methods for imaging the inside of a body part, such as a blood vessel. In particular embodiments, a catheter has a chamber within which is a transducer mounted to a pivot mechanism, a motor for turning the transducer, and a coil for providing a pivot force to the transducer.
Pedal motion path adjustable elliptical trainer
A pedal motion path adjustable elliptical trainer includes a base frame, a rotating mechanism assembly, a lifting mechanism, a sliding mechanism and a control mechanism. The lifting mechanism is biasable relative to the base frame, including a rail holder, a support member and two sliding rails.
Pedal motion path adjustable elliptical trainer
A pedal motion path adjustable elliptical trainer includes a base frame , a support mechanism including a rail holder pivoted to the base frame, a support member and two sliding rails, a rotating mechanism set mounted at the left and right sides of the base frame and movable along a respective closed-loop motion path with a respective support link thereof respectively slidably coupled to one respective sliding rail, a linkage mechanism set mounted at the left and right sides of the base frame, and a sliding mechanism mounted at the rail holder and including a transmission member, two follower members respectively mounted on two opposite ends of the transmission member and movable relative to each other. Thus, the elliptical trainer allows the user to change forward-backward pedal motion paths or left-right pedal motion paths, achieving training of different groups of the muscles of the legs..
Hybrid vehicle driving device
A hybrid vehicle driving device includes a first planetary gear mechanism, a second planetary gear mechanism, a clutch configured to connect and disconnect a carrier of the first planetary gear mechanism to and from a ring gear of the second planetary gear mechanism, and a brake configured to regulate a rotation of the ring gear of the second planetary gear mechanism by being engaged. The second planetary gear mechanism is of a double pinion type, a sun gear of the first planetary gear mechanism is connected to a first electric rotating machine, a carrier thereof is connected to an engine, and a ring gear thereof is connected to a driving wheel, respectively, and a sun gear of the second planetary gear mechanism is connected to a second electric rotating machine, and a carrier thereof is connected to the driving wheel, respectively..
Hybrid vehicle driving apparatus
A hybrid vehicle driving apparatus includes: a first planetary gear mechanism; a second planetary gear mechanism; a clutch that connects and disconnects a carrier of the first planetary gear mechanism to and from a carrier of the second planetary gear mechanism; and a brake that regulates the rotation of the carrier of the second planetary gear mechanism by engaging, in which a sun gear, the carrier, and a ring gear of the first planetary gear mechanism are respectively connected to a first rotating electric machine, an engine, and a driving wheel, and a sun gear and a ring gear of the second planetary gear mechanism are respectively connected to a second rotating electric machine and the driving wheel.. .
High-pressure fuel supply pump
The damper mechanism used for a high-pressure fuel supply pump system is configured so that an outer circumferential surface of a cover in regard to the thickness direction of the base material of the cover engages with the inner circumference of an open end part of a bottomed tubular concave part formed in a damper housing or in a pump housing of the high-pressure fuel supply pump. The total height of the damper as a low-pressure pulsation reducing mechanism can be reduced and the dimensions of the damper in the radial directions can also be reduced.
Display stand with latching mechanism
Example embodiments disclosed herein relate to a display stand. The display stand includes a base, a support arm, one or more display mounts, and a latching mechanism.
Accessible cabinetry system
A high cabinet may be mechanically lowered to within reach of a disabled user. In the second exemplary embodiment, a scissor-jack type mechanism pushes an outer cabinet out from the wall and a sliding mechanism allows an inner cabinet to drop down from within the outer cabinet..
Accessible cabinetry system
A high cabinet may be mechanically lowered to within reach of a disabled user. In the first exemplary embodiment, a cabinet is attached to a wall by two sets of rotatable lever arms, which allow the cabinet to be translationally moved between a raised position against a wall and a lowered position out from the same wall, optionally resting on a countertop.
Hair styling device
A hair stylist device comprises a top and bottom board, each having a plurality of opposed bristles for retaining strands of bulk artificial or commercial hair therebetween for performing hairstyling operations, and including a hinge mechanism for opening and closing the boards around the bulk hair retaining it loosely but securely, while allowing the removal of strands of bulk hair without opening the device providing optimal gripping ability to the bulk hair while permitting removal of hair without unnecessary loss. The board inner surfaces each may have a generally planar pad with plural embedded bristles extending in a direction perpendicular to one surface of the pad.
Geared motor
A geared motor has a rotor, a stator which surrounds the rotor, and a gear mechanism with gear wheels. According to the described system, the gear wheels of the gear mechanism are arranged at least partially within the rotor.
Reconfigurable lithographic structures
A lithographically structured device has an actuation layer and a control layer operatively connected to the actuation layer. The actuation layer includes a stress layer and a neutral layer that is constructed of materials and with a structure such that it stores torsional energy upon being constructed.
Spinning reel
A spinning reel configured to forwardly reel out a fishing line includes a handle, a spool, a rotor, an oscillating mechanism, a rotor drive mechanism, and a reel unit. The reel unit includes a fishing rod attachment leg, a chassis, a lid member, a reel unit guard, a protruding portion, and a restriction portion.
Container lid latch
The present invention is a latching mechanism and a container employing that latching mechanism, where the container has a lid that is attached to the rear of the container and can be rotated upward from the front. The latch includes an arm that attaches to the walls of the container with a protrusion extending above and abutting a portion of the top of the lid to latch it in place.
Latch mechanism of a protective case for portable electronic device
A protective case for an electronic device includes a cover and a back plate that are hingedly coupled to one another. The cover has a locking plate hingedly coupled to the top of the cover.
Height adjustment mechanism for rack assemblies for appliances
A rack assembly for an appliance is provided. The rack assembly includes a sidewall and a block that defines a series of holes.
Pipe machining apparatuses and methods of operating the same
Pipe machining apparatuses are provided. In one aspect, a pipe machining apparatus includes a coupling mechanism adapted to couple a first section and a second section of the pipe machining apparatus together.
Magnetic oil drain plug apparatus and method of use
A magnetic oil drain plug removal apparatus is provided. After the drain plug has been loosened manually, the ratcheting mechanism, such as a wrench, would clamp or magnetically attach to the drain plug; the clamp or magnetic holder would then be rotated by the user to turn the screw via a thumb-actuated ratchet mechanism.
Method and apparatus for securing baled items
One embodiment of the present invention includes an apparatus for securing a wrapping material around an item, such as a baled agricultural item, the apparatus including a main plate and at least one projection, the projection including a heating element and a height adjustment mechanism, wherein the height adjustment mechanism controls a force applied to the wrapping material by the projection and provides a force for moving the projection.. .
Foot snare triggering device
The foot snare triggering device of the present invention is designed to be used with a foot snare, and comprises a trigger plate assembly, having a tension adjustment means which allows the trigger plate assembly to pivotally yield to vertical pressure. A trigger mechanism has a trigger end set within said plate assembly and a mechanism end attached to an extension mechanism, and a snare attachment port located within the trigger mechanism for releasably securing a foot snare by moving longitudinally when the trigger mechanism is engaged by pressure to said plate assembly allowing a foot snare to be released from the snare attachment port after triggering said device.
Shearing apparatus
A shearing apparatus comprising an index portion and a thumb portion that are pivotable relative to one another about a pivot mechanism. One of the thumb blade and index blade is provided with a serrated portion, while the other of the index blade and the thumb blade is provided with a cutting edge, such that the serrated portion and the cutting edge cooperate with one another during the relative pivoting movement of the index portion and the thumb portion to carry out a shearing or severing action.
Methods of using, providing and manufacturing a shoulder prosthesis with a one-piece humeral head
A humeral head augment device in use in a modular shoulder prosthesis. The humeral head augment device has an external bearing surface with at least one surface portion that includes a radius of curvature.
Intervertebral cage expandable in steps
An intervertebral fusion implant for fusion of two adjacent vertebrae, comprising a base piece and a cover piece, which are each designed to bear on a facing end plate of one of the adjacent vertebrae, wherein the cover piece is adjustable in height with respect to the base piece, wherein a ratchet mechanism, provided between base piece and cover piece, effects a stepped adjustment of height and secures an adopted height against reversal. In this way, a defined expansion can be achieved that is dependent on the number of actuations.
Moving handrail disinfecting device for passenger conveyor
A moving handrail disinfecting device for passenger conveyor whereby disinfection solutions can be suitably used depending on the situations of the device and the like, resulting in appropriate disinfection treatment with little waste, is a moving handrail disinfecting device 10b, having a contact roller switching unit comprising an applying roller 17 to be allowed to make contact with the surface of a moving handrail 5, a first impregnating roller 18 and a second impregnating roller 19 which supply disinfection solutions, a first slide section 22a, a second slide section 22b and a sliding mechanism 23a which separately slides the both, wherein a control unit 60b controls the sliding mechanism 23a to separately slide the first slide section 22a and the second slide section 22b so as to switch a roller to be allowed to make contact with the applying roller 17 from the first impregnating roller 18 to the second impregnating roller 19, or from the second impregnating roller 19 to the first impregnating roller 18, when a prescribed switching condition was satisfied.. .
A printer includes a print head that prints information on a recording medium, a fixed blade, a sliding mechanism that is slidable relative to the fixed blade, a movable blade that moves according to the sliding movement of the sliding mechanism, and a cutter driving part that causes the sliding mechanism to slide to move the movable blade.. .
Electronic device with releasable card holder
An electronic device includes a housing, a card holder, a latching mechanism, and an elastic member. The housing defines a receiving channel and includes a sidewall.
Gear motor
A gear motor is provided with a motor, a decelerator, an output shaft of the decelerator coupled to a driven shaft of a driven machine, and a torque arm for preventing rotation of the gear motor around the driven shaft. One end of the torque arm is fixed to the gear motor and the other end is fixed to an installation seat.
Vehicle seat
A vehicle seat with a height adjustable seat bottom, includes left and right side frames each including a main body portion extending in a front-rear direction and a mount portion for a seat back frame protruding from a rear portion of the main body portion, which side frames constitute left and right frames of the seat bottom, a height adjustment mechanism configured to allow the left and right side frames to be lifted and lowered, and an operation unit including an operation knob configured to be operated by an occupant to cause the height adjustment mechanism to be actuated which operation unit is fixed to one of the left and right side frames. The operation unit is so disposed that at least a part thereof lies over the mount portion..
Accessory clamping mechanism and power tool having the same
An accessory clamping mechanism for clamping an accessory to a working mandrel of a power tool wherein the working mandrel has a mandrel flange and a first longitudinal axis. The accessory clamping mechanism includes: at least one clamping member; a thrust member for supporting the clamping member; an elastic member by which the thrust member is biased towards a clamped position; a driving assembly for forcing the thrust member and the clamping member to move along the first longitudinal axis, the driving assembly comprising a driving member moved between a first position in which the accessory is in the clamped position and a second position in which the accessory is in a released position, the thrust member and the clamping member being driven by the driving member to move along the first longitudinal axis; and a motion converting member for driving the clamping member to move in a direction different from the first longitudinal axis..
Valve module
The invention relates to a valve module for influencing a fluid supply of a fluid-operated load, comprising a valve housing (4) which defines a valve chamber (17) with a fluidically communicating connection to an inlet port (18) and an outlet port (19), and further comprising a valve member (5) which is movably accommodated in the valve chamber (17) and which is adjustable along a movement axis (21) between a blocking position and a release position in order to influence a free flow cross-section between the inlet port (18) and the outlet port (19), and further comprising a spring mechanism (20) designed to apply a presettable preloading force to the valve member (5) in order to determine a preferred position of the valve member (5) in the valve chamber (17), characterised in that the spring mechanism (20) is supported, with an end region thereof which is remote from the valve member (5), on a supporting means (45) which can be located, within an adjustment range, in a freely selectable adjustment position relative to the valve housing (4).. .
Dry-fire safety for crossbow
A trigger mechanism for a crossbow that includes a housing having a channel for receiving an arrow, a trigger arm carried by the housing, a bowstring latch for retaining a bowstring in a cocked position that is pivotally carried by the housing and engagable with the trigger arm, and a dry-fire safety (dfs) latch pivotally carried by the housing and engagable with the bowstring latch, wherein the dfs latch substantially retains the bowstring latch in the cocked position when the trigger arm is actuated without the arrow seated in the channel.. .
Electrical locking device with fail-safe emergency release
The invention relates to an electrically operable locking device for locking a gate. The electrical lock has a frame for mounting the locking device to the gate, and a housing slidably movable with respect to the frame between an upper position and a lower position and comprising a drop bolt arranged to move between an extended drop bolt position and an retracted drop bolt position and a mechanical locking mechanism arranged to lock and unlock the housing to the frame and comprising a key-operated cylinder lock to unlock the housing to the frame.
Poultry loader with alignment mechanism
An improved loader is described. The loader includes a frame having an upper surface, a pair of horns adjustably connected to the upper surface, each horn comprising an upper shoulder, a lower shoulder, and an air duct between the upper shoulder and the lower shoulder, a pair of air hoses connecting each air duet to a controller, the controller being connected to a pressurized air supply, and an alignment mechanism mounted, the alignment mechanism including an axle mounted to the frame, a first arm connected to a first panel, the first arm rotatably connected to the axle, a second arm connected to a second panel, the second arm rotatably connected to the axle, a gear mechanism connected to the axle and to the first arm and the second arm, the gear mechanism configured to rotate the second arm in a direction opposite to a direction of rotation of the first arm, and a dual-action cylinder connected to at least one of the first arm and the second arm..
Location-based small arms control system
An apparatus includes a trigger mechanism and a controller coupled to the trigger mechanism. The controller is configured to disable the trigger mechanism when the apparatus is within a gun-restricted zone..
Apparatus and method for treating tissue
An apparatus for treating tissue of a mammalian body. In one embodiment, a spring mechanism is carried by first and second tubular members and actuatable for moving a needle from a first position disposed within the distal extremity of the first tubular member to a second position extending distally of the first tubular member.
Hand activated ultrasonic instrument
An ultrasonic surgical clamp coagulator apparatus is configured to effect cutting, coagulation, and clamping of tissue by cooperation of a clamping mechanism of the apparatus with an associated ultrasonic end-effector. The handle of the apparatus is configured to permit hand activation for cutting, coagulation, and clamping of tissue during surgical procedures.
A vehicle includes a transmission between an engine and a drive wheel and includes a differential mechanism (planetary gear mechanism) between the engine and an engagement device (transmission). A controller (ecu) included in the vehicle calculates a variation rate in the whole rotation energy of the planetary gear mechanism when it is in the inertia phase of a shift.
Differential having externally mounted plenum
A differential gear mechanism can include a differential casing, a piston and an externally mounted plenum assembly. The differential casing can have a differential gear set configured to selectively rotate a first axle shaft and a second axle shaft.
Differential having two-piece case split through planetary carrier wall
A differential gear mechanism constructed in accordance to one example of the present disclosure can include a planetary gear assembly having a plurality of planetary gears rotatably mounted on a corresponding plurality of planetary gear shafts. A first differential case portion can have a plurality of first planetary gear shaft mounting surfaces.
Continuously variable transmission for vehicle
Construction of a continuously variable transmission device for a vehicle is achieved that, when a shift lever is shifted to a selection position for a direction opposite the traveling direction at that time, it is capable of preventing the vehicle from continuing to travel at high speed in a direction opposite the direction intended by the operator. When the shift lever is shifted to a selection position of a direction opposite the traveling direction at that time, and the vehicle speed is faster than a specified speed (v1), the connection of a clutch device that transmits power between a continuously variable transmission mechanism and a differential gear mechanism is disconnected, and the drive force from the drive source is prevented from being further transmitted to the wheels.
Pet door flap attachment
A pet door flap attachment may be easily installed and removed by a user to allow for cleaning of the attachment. A pet door flap attachment may include at least one covering and a coupling mechanism to removeably couple the at least one covering to a pet door flap..
Cassette clamp mechanism
A surgical cassette clamping system includes a mounting plate having a first side and a second side. A bracket system may be disposed adjacent the first side of the mounting plate.
Mechanism for rapid de-coupling of load bearing structures
A de-coupling mechanism includes a link slidably received in a link aperture of a bracket. A pin is slidably received in a pin bore of the link and a receiving bore of the bracket.
Systems, methods, and apparatus for recording three-dimensional audio and associated data
Embodiments of the disclosure can include systems, methods, and apparatus for recording three-dimensional audio and associated data. In one embodiment, an apparatus can include a base, a stick operable to move in either an x-axis direction or a y-axis direction with respect to the base, a pedal operable to mount to a portion of the stick and receive a user input in either the x-axis direction or the y-axis direction, and a sliding mechanism operable to facilitate sliding the pedal with respect to the base, wherein the pedal is further operable to receive another user input to correspond to a z-axis direction.
Solar electric winder for a self-winding watch
The electric solar watch winder includes a rotating support, a motor arranged to drive the rotating support, an accumulator arranged to power the motor, a solar cell arranged to charge the accumulator, an internal clock, an electronic means of controlling the motor, a light sensor connected to the electronic means, and a user control interface for the electronic means. The electronic means is arranged to be controlled by the user to be selectively placed in one or other of a plurality of operating modes, said plurality of operating modes including a first mode in which the rotating support is only driven when the winding mechanism is illuminated and a second mode in which a rotating support drive programme is started at a pre-selected time using the control interface..
Timepiece comprising a winding mechanism and at least one mechanism for correcting at least one indicator member
The invention relates to a horological device, in particular a horological movement or timepiece, comprising a winding mechanism and at least one mechanism for correcting at least one indicator member. According to the invention, the aforementioned mechanisms can be actuated by a control stem that can occupy at least two axial positions, each corresponding to the actuation of one of the mechanisms, said control stem (t) comprising: a winder pinion (5) that can engage with the winding mechanism; and a sliding pinion (6) that can be moved axially, both with respect to the control stem (t) and with respect to the frame of the horological device, and can engage with the correcting mechanism..

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