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Mechanism patents

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Input/output module

Rockwell Automation Technologies

Input/output module

Low-travel key mechanisms using butterfly hinges


Low-travel key mechanisms using butterfly hinges

Low-travel key mechanisms using butterfly hinges

Magnet-schultz Of America.

Coupling with solenoid release locking mechanism

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Externally serviceable it memory dimms for server/tower enclosures patent thumbnailExternally serviceable it memory dimms for server/tower enclosures
A method is disclosed for manufacturing an electronic component carrier. The method comprises positioning a header of a frame between opposing attachment arms extending outwardly for attaching an electronic component for seating within the frame.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

 Input/output module patent thumbnailInput/output module
An input/output (i/o) device for an automation control system may include a terminal base configured to physically and communicatively connect with an i/o module. The i/o module may include i/o communication circuitry and a latching mechanism that may allow the securing or releasing of the i/o module from the terminal base.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

 Low-travel key mechanisms using butterfly hinges patent thumbnailLow-travel key mechanisms using butterfly hinges
A key mechanism including one or more butterfly hinges. Each butterfly hinge may include a double wing design operative to move between a depressed position and non-depressed position.
Apple Inc.

 Coupling with solenoid release locking mechanism patent thumbnailCoupling with solenoid release locking mechanism
A solenoid locking mechanism connects a solenoid body to a male coupling member. The male coupling member surrounds a housing at the end of the solenoid.
Magnet-schultz Of America. Inc.

 Compact nuclear reactor patent thumbnailCompact nuclear reactor
A pressurized water nuclear reactor (pwr) includes a once through steam generator (otsg) disposed in a generally cylindrical pressure vessel and a divider plate spaced apart from the open end of a central riser. A sealing portion of the pressure vessel and the divider plate define an integral pressurizer volume that is separated by the divider plate from the remaining interior volume of the pressure vessel.
Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Energy, Inc.

 Musical instrument vibrational energy modification apparatus and system patent thumbnailMusical instrument vibrational energy modification apparatus and system
A musical wind instrument, comprising a mouthpiece, key mechanism, body, and an alternative material bridge that is couple a first and second opposite facing tube. There is in an alternative embodiment at least one coupling mechanism affixed to at least one of the opposite facing tubes designed to releasably hold the wood based material bridge against the first and second tubes.
Cannonball Musical Instruments

 Tension redistributing and balancing system for stringed instruments, consisting of bridge and string coupling mechanism patent thumbnailTension redistributing and balancing system for stringed instruments, consisting of bridge and string coupling mechanism
A tension redistributing and balancing system for stringed instruments, consisting of bridge and string coupling mechanism which utilizes the very same string tension required to reach the desired pitch to apply inverted torque which counteracts the very same tension and torque forces as they relate to the bridge and/or soundboard.. .

 Latch mechanism for communication module patent thumbnailLatch mechanism for communication module
A latch may include a follower and a driver. The follower may include a follower opening configured to receive a post of a housing.
Finisar Corporation

 Motor planetary gear arrangement and  connecting a motor having a planetary gear mechanism for producing a planetary gear motor assembly patent thumbnailMotor planetary gear arrangement and connecting a motor having a planetary gear mechanism for producing a planetary gear motor assembly
Provided are variations of a motor and planetary gear assembly comprising a motor, as well as a method for producing such motor and planetary gear assemblies.. .
Ims Gear Gmbh

 Differential device patent thumbnailDifferential device
In a differential device, first and second bearing bosses aligned on a same axis to be rotatably supported by a transmission case are integrally formed on one and another side portions of an integrated differential case housing a differential gear mechanism. Paired sleeves rotatably supported by the bosses are connected liquidtightly to paired left and right side gears of the mechanism.
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.


Hinge mechanism and panel apparatus

In a state where a panel unit 53 is held at a storing angle with a projecting portion 15 of a click plate 13 fitted in a recessed portion 10 of a bracket 7, the back side of the projecting portion 15 and a pressing piece 20 of a friction plate 18 do not abut on each other, so that only a reaction force of the click plate 13 serves as a resistance. When the panel unit 53 starts turning, the projecting portion 15 abuts on the pressing piece 20 through the elastic deformation at the time when the projecting portion 15 moves out of the recessed portion 10 to get onto a sliding surface 9, so that a sliding resistance is obtained from the reaction forces of the click plate 13 and the friction plate 18 after abutment..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Earthquake-proof latch mechanism

An earthquake-proof latch mechanism includes a case body, a hook member which is swingably supported on the case body, and a pendulum member which is vibratably suspended and supported on the case body. The hook member includes a hook on one side of a swinging shaft and a pendulum engagement portion on the other side of the swing shaft.
Maruyoshi Kogyo Inc.


Tractor unit, conveyance device, and printer

A tractor unit has first and second tractors with tractor pins that engage sprocket holes on opposites sides of continuous paper. A tractor support shaft supports the tractors movably in the device width direction.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Hybrid vehicle and control method thereof

A hybrid vehicle provided with an engine, a first motor generator, a planetary gear mechanism, a second motor generator, a battery, a battery state sensing unit which senses the voltage and the residual capacity of the battery, a steepness sensor which senses the uphill steepness, an accelerator pedal depression amount sensor, and a controller. The minimum rotation speed of the engine is set in accordance with the uphill steepness and the accelerator pedal depression amount, when the hybrid vehicle is travelling in reverse and the battery is charged with the voltage of the battery equal to or below a first threshold or the residual capacity of the battery equal to or below a second threshold..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Vehicle immobilizing devices, systems, and methods

A vehicle immobilizing device includes a lock, a user interface, memory configured to store an unlock code, and a processor. The lock has a latch mechanism and the processor controls movement of the latch mechanism from a locked position to an unlocked position so that the immobilizing device can be removed from a vehicle.
Pra Group, Inc.


Drive train for a hybrid motor vehicle

A drive train for a hybrid motor vehicle has an internal combustion engine (12) with a motor shaft (18) for providing a torque for driving the hybrid motor vehicle, and an electric machine (30) for providing a torque for driving the hybrid motor vehicle. The motor shaft (18) can be coupled via a transmission clutch (14) to a motor vehicle transmission (16) to shift transmission gears (1 to 8), and the motor vehicle transmission (16) has a transmission output shaft (28).
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Binding systems for boards and skis

Various binding systems for sliding boards and skis are presented. In one example, among others, a binding system includes a boot plate assembly affixed to a boot and a mounting plate assembly.
Ob4 Systems, Inc.


Exercise device providing adjustable step distance

An exercise device comprises a frame, a rotational mechanism, a left and a right coupling mechanism, and an adjusting assembly. A post structure is upwardly extended from the front portion of the frame.
Dyaco International Inc.


Modular exercise board

An apparatus for receiving one or more attachments including a deck having one or more openings along a long axis of the deck and between the top surface and the bottom surface of the deck. Each of the one or more openings having a coupling mechanism and configured to receive one of the one or more attachments.
Morf, Llc.


Hemostasis and closure methods utilizing mesh

A device for causing hemostasis includes a sheet of mesh stretchable between an expanded and a retracted configuration, a size of the sheet in the retracted configuration being selected to cover a target tissue site; a spring mechanism coupled to the mesh, the spring mechanism moving between an expanded configuration and a retracted configuration when the mesh is moved between the expanded and retracted configurations; and a plurality of hooks coupled to the mesh and oriented to extend into tissue to lock the mesh in position when the mesh is placed in a desired position over the target tissue site in the expanded configuration. The hooks are lockingly engaging the target tissue so that, after the hooks have lockingly engaged the tissue, the spring mechanism reverts to the retracted configuration drawing the engaged portions of tissue radially inward..
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Magnetic latch

Magnetic latch mechanisms are provided. The latch mechanisms may be employed to releasably hold a portable computing device in a closed configuration.
Apple Inc.


Flip-up stereo viewing glasses

An apparatus for viewing a stereoscopic display comprises a frame chassis, a hinge mechanism, a left lens assembly, a right lens assembly, and a sensor array. The hinge mechanism allows the left lens assembly and the right lens assembly to switch from a first orientation to a second orientation.
Autodesk, Inc


Housing system for portable electronic devices and related accessories

A system includes a housing for a portable electronic device and a housing dedicated to house a winding mechanism for an earphone cable. The winding mechanism comprises a hollow base element, a cover element, a central sliding element, a spring, and a groove.


Semiconductor wafer transportation

A wafer transportation pod includes a body, a main compartment enclosed by the body, the main compartment to provide a controlled environment, a holding device within the main compartment, the holding device to hold a plurality of semiconductor wafers, a top latching mechanism configured to connect to another pod or a carrier mechanism of an overhead hoist transfer (oht) system, a bottom latching mechanism configured to connect to another pod, the bottom latching mechanism being similar to the latching mechanism on the carrier.. .
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.



Disclosed in the present application is a horologe, a walking system thereof including: a winding mechanism powering the second hand, minute hand and hour hand; a mechanical transmission wheel train engaged with the winding mechanism and driving the second hand, minute hand and hour hand to operate, wherein the mechanical transmission wheel train comprises a tourbillion mechanism driving a second wheel connected with the second hand to rotate; an accuracy control device, wherein the walking motor of the accuracy control device drives the rotation of the rotor and the walking accuracy of the walking motor is controlled by a quartz crystal oscillator; and an electronic transmission wheel train connected to the rotor. The horologe disclosed in the present application can solve the problem that the walking accuracy of the mechanical horologe is poor..
Fuzhou Xiaoshenlong Watch Technology Research Co., Ltd.


Trigger mechanisms

A trigger mechanism includes a trigger assembly having a trigger nose and a preparator. A hammer includes a striking end.
Tac-con Distribution, Llc


Systems and devices for equipment storage

The present disclosure is directed to mounting clamps for selectively mounting a storage accessory to a rod, the mounting clamps including: a first clamp partner having a first body and a first rod-abutting face, a second clamp partner having a second body and a second rod-abutting face, a coupling mechanism for coupling the first clamp partner to the second clamp partner, and a universal connector having a universal connector attachment mechanism, the universal connector being attachable to the first clamp partner via the universal connector attachment mechanism. The first clamp partner and the second clamp partner are configured to be selectively coupled together to retain a rod, each of the first rod-abutting face and the second rod-abutting face making surface-to-surface contact with an outer surface of the rod.


Electric parking brake driving device and electric parking brake device

A parking brake actuator generates and applies a braking force to a vehicle wheel in such a manner that the parking brake actuator converts a rotational motion of a screw member, which is rotated by an electric parking brake driving device, into a translatory motion and transmitting the converted translatory motion to a piston to push a brake pad toward a disc by the piston. The electric parking brake driving device includes an electric motor and a reduction gear mechanism which transmits driving force of the electric motor to the parking brake actuator.
Advics Co., Ltd.


Shovel and swiveling speed reducer

Provided is a shovel including a swiveling motor, and a swiveling speed reducer that reduces the rotational speed of an output shaft of the swiveling motor. The swiveling speed reducer includes a first gear mechanism; a first gear case that houses the first gear mechanism; a first oil check pipe that is disposed in the first gear case; a first communication portion that allows an inside of the first gear case and the first oil check pipe to communicate with each other; and a second communication portion that connects a position of the first gear case higher than a position where the first communication portion is connected, and a high position of the first oil check pipe..
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Safety interlock nozzle

A safety interlock nozzle for use with a safety interlock mechanism is disclosed which comprises a base having a interlock contact surface at a first end and alternating tabs at a second end, a body having alternating tabs at a first end that mate with the alternating tabs of the base, a channel within the body positioned at a second end, a ring clamp for connected the tabs of the base to the tabs of the body, a splash guard have a first end for contacting with a filler neck housing of a second end having a slot formed therein, the second end capable of fitting within the channel of the second end of the body, and a spring for being captured within the channel in the body and the slot within the splash guard, the spring for connecting the splash guard to the body.. .



An armrest apparatus includes an armrest arranged on one lateral side of a driver seat. A height adjustment mechanism adjusts a height of the armrest relative to the driver seat.
Kubota Corporation


Ring binder mechanism

A ring mechanism has an elongate housing and rings for holding loose-leaf pages. Each ring has ring members mounted on pivoting hinge plates for movement between open and closed positions.
World Wide Stationery Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Ring binder mechanism

A ring binder mechanism that includes a housing, first and second hinge boards positioned in the housing that cooperate to define a slot having a closing edge and an opening edge. The hinge boards are pivotable between open and closed positions.
Chung Tin International, Inc.


Hand power tool and drive train

A drive train for supplying power to a power tool may include, a motor, a motor shaft, a rotational coupling mechanism connected to the motor shaft, and a drive shaft connected to the rotational coupling mechanism that forms the shape of a “u.” a pair of enmeshed bevel gears transfers the motion from the motor shaft to an orthogonal tool bit. The drive train may also include a hammering device that transfers a rotational impacting motion to the tool bit.
Brigham Young University


Air purifier device with coupling mechanism

An air purifier device is provided including a fan unit including a fan arranged to produce an air flow through the air purifier device, and a filter unit including a filter arranged to filter the air flow produced by the fan. The filter unit is adapted to stand on a support surface when the air purifier device is positioned for use.
Blueair Ab


Prosthetic joint with cam locking mechanism

A prosthetic joint can include a first attachment member and a second attachment member coupled to the first attachment member. The second attachment member can include a cylindrical chamber.
Ossur Hf


Screw and rod fixation system

A pedicle screw and rod fixation assembly including a pair of opposing tabs having a proximal end and a distal end, the pair of opposing tabs being coupled to one another about the distal end thereof by a screw head member, a decoupling mechanism for decoupling the pair of opposing tabs from the screw head member, a rod receiving slot between the pair of opposing tabs, and a sliding member configured for coupling to the pair of opposing tabs. The sliding member and the pair of opposing tabs are configured for allowing movement of the sliding member distally along the pair of opposing tabs and preventing movement of the sliding member proximally along the pair of opposing tabs..


Device for collecting and releasing debris

A device comprises a collection bin and a stationary front plate pivotably coupled with the bin via a hinge mechanism. The bin is rotatable relative to the front plate between a first position, wherein the bin's front end is closed by the front plate, and a second position, wherein the front end is spaced from the front plate for releasing debris out of the bin.
Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.


Possitive pressure-applying latch mechanism

A latch mechanism is provided for latching a field-replaceable unit within an enclosure. The latch mechanism includes a pivotable latch coupled to the field-replaceable unit via a pivot, at a first side of the unit, and a spring member associated with the enclosure.
International Business Machines Corporation


Fabrication of positive pressure-applying latch mechanism

Fabrication of a latch mechanism is provided for latching a field-replaceable unit within an enclosure. The latch mechanism includes a pivotable latch coupled to the field-replaceable unit via a pivot, at a first side of the unit, and a spring member associated with the enclosure.
International Business Machines Corporation


Clamping mechanism for processing of a substrate within a substrate carrier

A method and clamping apparatus for securing a substrate within a substrate carrier during an ultrasonic mounting process. The clamping apparatus may include a substrate carrier having a top plate and a bottom plate, the top plate and the bottom plate forming a cavity dimensioned to hold a substrate.
Apple Inc.


System and simulated firearms training

A simulated firearm comprises an integrated camera that is disposed within the firearm where the barrel of a standard firearm would normally be. The camera is used to capture video and still images of one or more training exercises, with simulated “hits” being superimposed on a video stream or still photographic image of the training exercise, as captured by camera.


Electric portal axle for electrically driving a motor vehicle

An electric portal axle (1) for electrically driving a motor vehicle has a housing (28), a single electric machine (2) and two spur gear stages (13, 14) for driving two wheels of the axle. A shiftable transmission (5) is downstream of the electric machine (2) and is embodied as a planetary gear mechanism with a freewheel (6) and a differential (7).
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Geared motor

A geared motor has an electric motor with an output shaft and a gear mechanism, the electric motor and the gear mechanism being adapted to one another such that a bearing plate of the electric motor can be fastened directly to an input shaft side of a housing of the gear mechanism. A coupling thread, which surrounds the output shaft for producing a threaded connection, is provided for fastening the bearing plate to the input shaft side.
Lenze Drives Gmbh


Fan drive gear system module and inlet guide vane coupling mechanism

A connection assembly for securing a fan drive gear system module within a gas turbine engine includes first and second members removably secured to one another by radially extending fasteners.. .
United Technologies Corporation


Vehicle panel handle lever

A vehicle panel handle lever and a vehicle panel handle for opening a panel of an automotive vehicle having such a lever is disclosed. The handle lever has a lever body, a handle lever cover intended to be received on the lever body, and a mobile trigger part, which cooperates with a latch mechanism to actuate the handle and which is able to be mobile in rotation between a resting position where the mobile trigger part does not activate the latch mechanism, and an activating position where the mobile trigger part activates the latch mechanism enabling the opening of the vehicle panel.
Valeo S.p.a.


Latch and lock system

The present invention discloses a lock mechanism, comprising a latch mechanism that includes a remote latch actuator that is positioned remotely from a remote latch assembly and a keeper assembly, with the latch mechanism housed and accommodated within an enclosure.. .
Kls Doors Llc


Interlock mechanism for the closing door of washing machines or tumble dryers

In door interlock mechanisms, used for locking the door of washing machines or fumble dryers, the closed or open state of the door of the machine is detected by reading the resistive value of a circuit in which a switch is placed in series. The interlock mechanism according to the invention envisages providing the door interlock with two contacts that make it possible to check, independently, whether the device is in the position with the door closed and locked and whether the door catch is inserted in the device.
Elettrotecnica Rold S.r.l.


Cargo truck multi-stage extendable personnel platform with foldable guardrail

A personnel platform for installation on a cargo truck comprises a mounting bracket securely fastened to a framing structure of the cargo truck beneath a personnel door, a platform deck mounted to a sliding mechanism securely fastened to the mounting bracket, wherein the platform deck is operable to be slidably configured in a stowed position beneath the cargo truck and a deployed position extending substantially horizontally beyond the cargo truck, and a latching mechanism operable to lock the platform deck in one of the stowed position and the deployed position. The platform further includes a guardrail accessory stowable under the platform deck, the guardrail accessory having first and second elongated members rotatably coupled together at one end.
Rom Acquisition Corporation


Wheelhouse cladding step

A wheelhouse cladding step assembly includes a step movable between a closed position and an open or deployed position in which the step is located proximal the wheelhouse of the vehicle and provides improved access to the roof and/or rooftop cargo storage of the vehicle. The step is designed to have a shape matching the shape of the wheelhouse of the vehicle and is preferably curved and when in the closed position shows a surface that matches the vehicle trim to hide the step.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


External table height adjustment for printer systems

An external table height adjustment technique for a printer system is disclosed. An operator can align an image gap between a printer table of the printer system and a printhead carriage via a height adjustment mechanism.
Electronics For Imaging, Inc.


Gear mechanism, speed reducer, and robot arm

A gear mechanism, including: a first gear; and a second gear. The first gear and the second gear are arranged at an inclination angle to form a first meshing region and a second meshing region.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


System and transapical access and closure

Embodiments are described for creating and closing tissue access ports, such as transapical access ports, which involve placement of an introducer across the subject tissue structure, and deployment of a controllable port closure device assembly configured to remain in place with a ratcheting mechanism, and to hold the tissue surrounding the previous access port location closed against a sealing disc with proximal and distal strut assemblies, after the introducer has been removed.. .
Entourage Medical Technologies, Inc.


Method and related device of a trigger mechanism of buffer status report and scheduling request in a wireless communication system

A method of a trigger mechanism of buffer status report (bsr) and scheduling request (sr) for a mac layer of a ue in a wireless communication system, including receiving a first data, identifying a state of sps resource configuration and a type of the first data when the first data arrives at a transmission buffer, deciding a state of a bsr-sr triggering according to the state of sps resource configuration, the type of the first data and a comparison between a size of a second data in the transmission buffer and a threshold, and after a bsr-sr is triggered, performing at least one of cancelling a pending sr when an uplink grant corresponding to the bsr-sr is enough to transmit total available data in the transmission buffer and remaining the pending sr when an uplink grant corresponding to the bsr-sr is not enough to transmit the total available data.. .
Htc Corporation


Imaging apparatus

There is provided an imaging apparatus including a first housing at one end of which an imaging lens is mounted, a second housing on which a display is mounted, and a rotating mechanism including a linking portion linking another end of the first housing and one end of the second housing. The first housing and the second housing are made mutually rotationally movable by the rotating mechanism.
Sony Corporation


In-vessel control rod drive mechanism and nuclear reactor with the same

Disclosed are an in-vessel control rod drive mechanism and a nuclear reactor with the same. The in-vessel control rod drive mechanism includes a control rod drive mechanism for regulating and a control rod drive mechanism for shutdown provided at an upper or lower space of a reactor core to insert or withdraw a regulating rod and a shutdown rod into/from the reactor core based on an operation state of the nuclear reactor, wherein the control rod drive mechanism for regulating and the control rod drive mechanism for shutdown are alternately arranged in the vertical direction.
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute


Image forming apparatus

There is provided an image forming apparatus including a main casing, an opening-closing member configured to open and close an opening on a side of the main casing and to move between an open position and a closed position, a belt unit configured to move between a first position and a second position, a drum unit configured to move between a third position and a fourth position, a developing device unit configured to move in an arrangement direction of developing rollers, and an interlock mechanism configured such that in response to a movement of the opening-closing member from the closed position to the open position, the belt unit moves from the first position to the second position and the drum unit moves from the third position to the fourth position.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Differential device and assembling the same

A differential device includes: a differential gear mechanism; and an integrated differential case housing the mechanism, the differential case including bearing bosses formed integrally on one and other side portions thereof and aligned on a same axis to be rotatably supported by a transmission case; a work window being provided in the differential case; sleeves rotatably supported by the bosses and connected to side gears of the mechanism liquid-tightly. The sleeves can be passed through an inside of the differential case from the window and fitted and inserted to inner peripheries of the bosses, falling-off prevention devices are provided between the sleeves and the bosses, and seal devices for preventing lubricating oil in the differential case from flowing out are provided between the side gears and the sleeves.
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.


Differential device

In a differential device, an outer tube portion is formed in one of a side gear and a sleeve, and an inner tube portion fitted to an inner periphery of the outer tube portion is formed in the other. An engagement portion is provided in the outer tube portion.
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.


Anti-reverse mechanism for mud motor

Disclosed are systems and methods for preventing backdriving of a mud motor through its output. One disclosed mud motor may include a housing having a longitudinal axis, a rotor disposed within the housing and configured to rotate generally about the longitudinal axis in a first direction with respect to the housing when a flow of fluid is provided to the power generator, an output shaft at least partially disposed within the housing and coupled to the rotor, and an anti-reverse bearing arranged radially between the output shaft and the housing and configured to support the output shaft within the housing and allow rotation of the output shaft in the first direction but resist rotation of the output shaft in a second direction about the longitudinal axis with respect to the housing, the second direction being opposite the first direction..
Halliburton Energy Service, Inc.


Vehicular door device

A vehicular door device in which an inner handle is connected to a latch mechanism with a wire so as to be capable of being linked, and in which a latch release restriction device that disables and restricts a link between the inner handle and the latch is provided in an operation transmission path ranging from the inner handle to the latch with the wire in between. A release motor that actuates the latch in an engagement releasing direction is provided, the release motor being linked to the latch without having the wire between itself and the latch.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


System and connecting platform

A platform is disclosed. The platform includes a body having at least one piece.
Progress Rail Services Corporation


Ignition switch

An ignition switch includes a rotor into which a vehicle key can be inserted, a switch body rotationally accommodating the rotor, and a key interlock mechanism integrally coupled to the switch body. The key interlock mechanism prevents removal of the vehicle key when the vehicle is traveling..
Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho


Hair clipping device

The present invention relates to a hair clipping device, comprising:—a housing (12);—a cutting assembly (14) which is arranged on one end of said housing (12) and comprises a stationary blade element (22) with a circumferentially arranged toothed cutting edge (26) surrounding the stationary blade element (22) and a moveable blade element (24) with a circumferentially arranged second cutting edge (28) surrounding the moveable blade element (24), wherein the stationary blade element (22) and the moveable blade element (24) are arranged substantially parallel to each other; and—a motor (34) for driving a drive shaft (36) in a rotatory manner; wherein the drive shaft (36) is coupled to the moveable blade element (24) via an eccentric coupling mechanism (38) that translates a rotatory movement of the drive shaft (36) into an eccentric movement of the moveable blade element (24).. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Person lift system

A person lift system comprises a lift assembly, and a sling support assembly configured to be moved by the lift assembly. The sling support assembly includes a frame and a plurality of sling coupling mechanisms configured to removably couple a sling to the sling support.
Liko Research And Development Ab


Chair, a support, and components

A chair has a seat support, a seat portion, a back portion, and a supporting frame. The supporting frame is formed by a castored base, a height adjustment mechanism, and a main transom.
Formway Furniture Limited


Support base for electronic device

A support base for an electronic device includes a base, a trigger mechanism and an operating mechanism. The base includes a limit rib.
Wistron Corp.


Switchgear motor operator

A motor operator assembly is described, which is releasably secured and selectively coupled to a switchgear unit. The motor operator assembly includes a support plate, and a latch mechanism secured to the support plate that has a latch member configured to releasably secure the support plate to the switchgear unit.
S&c Electric Company


Hinge mechanism with preset positions

A hinge mechanism with preset positions is described. In at least some implementations, the hinge mechanism enables a support component to be adjustably attached to an apparatus, such as a computing device.
Microsoft Corporation


Fixing device and image forming apparatus

A fixing device includes first and second rollers, a pressure adjustment mechanism, a drive input gear, a ratchet mechanism, and a transmission mechanism. The pressure adjustment mechanism changes a pressing posture of the first and second rollers.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Sample plate for an x-ray powder diffraction apparatus

A sample plate for use in an x-ray powder diffraction apparatus, the sample plate comprising a body having an exterior circumference which rotatable about a central axis, and a self contained rotating mechanism for rotating a sample holder containing a powder about a longitudinal axis, wherein the longitudinal axis intersects central axis; and wherein rotation about the central axis and rotation about the longitudinal axis occur simultaneously.. .
Glaxo Group Limited


Device adjustable support

A device adjustable support comprises a bracket plate and a coupling mechanism including: a guiding track that is securely integrated with the bracket plate and that extends along a first curved and non-circumferential line; a course-keeping member that is integrated with the bracket plate; a first connector that is connected slidably to the guiding track so as to be slidable on the bracket plate along the first curved and non-circumferential line; and a second connector that is connected movably to the course-keeping member so as to keep sliding movement of the first connector along the guiding track.. .
Top Victory Investments Limited


Over clamping protection method and clamping mechanism therefor

A method where the spin factor is looked up in a table; the slip factor is measured and the clamping pressure is adjusted to achieve a slip/spin ratio provided in a desired range is described herein. According to another aspect, an active mechanical clamping mechanism using a radially movable contact point is also described..
Transmission Cvtcorp Inc.


Ligature resistant push-pull latch handle

A push-pull door handle assembly is provided for use with a door having a latch mechanism. The assembly includes a base plate, an actuator linkage associated with the base plate and configured for actuating the latch, a door handle having a working end pivotally connected to the base plate and a free end opposite of the working end configured for manipulation by an operator such that a pushing action on the working end actuates the latch.
Architectural Builders Hardware Mfg., Inc.


Height adjustment mechanism for an auxiliary member on a crane

A lift crane includes a carbody and movable ground engaging members mounted on the carbody. A rotating bed is rotatably connected to the carbody and includes a counterweight support frame including a rack coupled directly to a lower surface of the rotating bed.
Manitowoc Crane Companies, Llc


Actuator for an electric parking brake system

An actuator for an electric parking brake system has an outer housing. A planetary gear train and an electric motor are disposed in the outer housing.
Johnson Electric S.a.


Vehicle seat

Realized is a vehicle seat capable of improving the rigidity of a cushion frame with respect to a load input to a seat back while suppressing an increase in weight and size of the cushion frame. In a vehicle seat including a height adjustment mechanism which is driven to adjust the height of a seat cushion and a brake mechanism which maintains the height of the seat cushion when the height adjustment mechanism is not driven, the brake mechanism is connected to a second connection portion different from a first connection portion connected to the seat back in the cushion frame, and reinforcement portions and which extend in a direction from the first connection portion toward the second connection portion are provided between the first connection portion and the second connection portion in the cushion frame..
Ts Tech Co., Ltd.


Molding machine and driving method thereof

A molding machine includes; a fixed platen capable of having a fixed mold attached thereto; a moving platen capable of having a moving mold attached thereto; a mold clamping mechanism clamping the moving mold and the fixed mold with each other by moving the moving mold; a driving unit operating the mold clamping mechanism; and a control unit controlling the driving unit, wherein the control unit compensates an operation loss of the driving unit occurring from an operation start of the driving unit to an operation start of the moving mold to set the moving mold at a desired position.. .
Toshiba Kikai Kabushiki Kaisha


Gear mechanism, speed change apparatus, actuator, and articulated robot arm

A gear mechanism includes: a first gear; a second gear; an input shaft; a tilting shaft; an output shaft; a swing gear including: first teeth different in number by one tooth from teeth of the first gear; and second teeth different in number by one tooth from teeth of the second gear, the swing gear being configured to mesh with the first gear and the second gear at a certain tilting angle; and a coupling unit configured to couple the input shaft and the tilting shaft to each other so as to prevent relative rotation between the input shaft and the tilting shaft, and to allow the tilting shaft to freely swing about a center part between the first gear and the second gear in a plane including an input rotational axis.. .
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Apparatus and coupling tubing to chromatographihc column

An apparatus for coupling a liquid chromatography column comprising an end fitting to a tubing comprises: at least one body member comprising at least one chamber; a first spring within the at least one chamber, the first spring configured so as to apply a first force to the tubing towards the column end fitting; a second spring within the at least one chamber, the second spring configured to apply a second force to a deformable sealing member towards the column end fitting; and a pushing and latching mechanism configured to push the at least one body member and the first and second springs towards the column end fitting.. .
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