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This page is updated frequently with new Mechanism-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Zone selective interlocking and circuit protection device monitoring in a power distribution system patent thumbnailZone selective interlocking and circuit protection device monitoring in a power distribution system
Circuit protection devices, power distribution systems, and circuit protection device monitoring in a zone selective interlocking (zsi) system are described. In one example, a circuit protection device for use in a zsi power distribution system includes a trip mechanism configured to interrupt current flowing through the circuit protection device, and a trip unit operatively coupled to the trip mechanism.
General Electric Company

 Apparatus and process for assembling different categories of multi-element assemblies to predetermined tolerances and alignments using a reconifigurable assembling and alignment apparatus patent thumbnailApparatus and process for assembling different categories of multi-element assemblies to predetermined tolerances and alignments using a reconifigurable assembling and alignment apparatus
Systems and methods for assembling different multi-element items with different specifications using a reconfigurable apparatus are provided. One embodiment includes a base plate, a back plate coupled to the base plate in a predetermined angle relationship.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

 Apparatus and process for assembling different categories of multi-element assemblies to predetermined tolerances and alignments using a reconifigurable assembling and alignment apparatus patent thumbnailApparatus and process for assembling different categories of multi-element assemblies to predetermined tolerances and alignments using a reconifigurable assembling and alignment apparatus
Systems and methods for assembling different multi-element items with different specifications using a reconfigurable apparatus are provided. One embodiment includes a base plate, a back plate coupled to the base plate in a predetermined angle relationship.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

 Magnetic trip mechanism for circuit breaker patent thumbnailMagnetic trip mechanism for circuit breaker
A magnetic trip mechanism for a circuit breaker includes an electrically conductive strap having a first wall portion and a second wall portion that define an interior space therebetween. Also included is a flux block disposed at least partially within the interior space, and movable in response to a short circuit condition of the circuit breaker.
General Electric Company

 Torque steering angle sensor patent thumbnailTorque steering angle sensor
A torque steering angle sensor is provided. The sensor includes a ring magnet with magnetic poles, magnetic path forming members to vary in location relative to the magnetic poles depending on torsion of a torsion bar, one pair of magnetic flux collecting rings for the magnetic path forming members, a first detecting element to detect a magnetic field between the flux collecting rings, a second detecting element to receive a magnetic field from the ring magnet, a slide magnet for producing a magnetic field in a different direction from that of the magnetic field of the ring magnet in the second detecting element, and a sliding mechanism to move the slide magnet toward or apart from the second detecting element with rotation of a rotary member of an electrically assisted power steering device.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

 Ratchet mechanism spring patent thumbnailRatchet mechanism spring
A spring component for a ratcheting mechanism, such as a ratchet wrench. The spring component is shaped to be retained in a recess without any special machining.
Snap-on Incorporated

 Micromechanical spring mechanism patent thumbnailMicromechanical spring mechanism
A micromechanical spring mechanism, having two spring legs, which essentially are disposed in parallel with one another; and at least one stop element, which is placed so as to prevent the two spring legs from striking each other.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Cordless fabric venetian window shade assembly patent thumbnailCordless fabric venetian window shade assembly
A fabric venetian window shade assembly including: an actuation system for a double panel window shading including opposing first and second facings coupled by a plurality of vanes, the actuation system comprising: a roller configured to receive the opposing first and second facings; a ratcheting mechanism mechanically coupled to at least the second facing through the roller; and a grip coupled exclusively to a lower end of the second facing, wherein, in response to a downward force being applied to the grip, the downward force is applied directly to the second facing without being applied directly to the first facing, and wherein the ratcheting mechanism is further configured to adjust a position of the opposing first and second facings and an orientation of the plurality of vanes relative to the opposing first and second facings.. .
Comfortex Window Fashions

 Door closing mechanism patent thumbnailDoor closing mechanism
A camming member for a door may have a camming surface which lifts the door as the door is traversed from an opened position to a closed position. The lifting movement of the door caused by the camming member facilitates one or more latches used to reinforce a periphery of the door to be engaged without further user intervention..
Precision Pet Products, Inc.

 Door hardware locating tool patent thumbnailDoor hardware locating tool
A door hardware locating tool includes a center wall including a first aperture that defines a first axis, a first side wall including a movable aperture movable along a second axis between a first setback position and a second setback position, the second axis being parallel and offset from the first axis, and a second side wall coupled to the first side wall and extending substantially parallel to the first side wall. A clamping mechanism is operable to move the first side wall and the second side wall in a direction normal to the first axis between a first position and a second position to clamp a door between the first side wall and the second side wall.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation


Snow plow and mount assembly

A snow plow and mount assembly has a mount frame, an a-frame, a lift frame, a plow blade, an actuator, arms, receivers, recesses, hitch pins, a latch mechanism, and a latch lever. The elements are arranged such that the vehicle is driven toward the snow plow so that the arms are received in the receivers, the actuator is energized to pivot the lift frame relative to the a-frame so that the hitch pins are received in the recesses, and the lever is moved to move the latch mechanism to the latched position.
Douglas Dynamics, L.l.c.


Double pinion steering gear with an electric motor

A steering gear mechanism for motor vehicles may include a steering system housing in which a toothed rack is mounted and displaceable along a longitudinal axis. The toothed rack may be connected to steerable wheels of a motor vehicle and configured to pivot the steerable wheels.
Thyssenkrupp Presta Ag


Molding die and molding composite material

This molding die used for molding a composite material comprises: a molding member having a molding surface; a support frame that is provided on the lower side of the molding member, and that supports the molding member; and a height adjustment mechanism that is provided between the molding member and the support frame, and that is capable of adjusting the height of the molding member with respect to the support frame. The thermal expansion coefficient of the molding member is less than or equal to the thermal expansion coefficient of the support frame.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Ratchet mechanism spring

A spring component for a ratcheting mechanism, such as a ratchet wrench. The spring component is shaped to be retained in a recess without any special machining.
Snap-on Incorporated


Rotor-type sprinkler with pressure regulator in outer case

An irrigation sprinkler can include an outer case and a riser extendible from the outer case by water pressure. A nozzle can be rotatably mounted at an upper end of the riser.
Hunter Industries, Inc.


Filter heater arrangement

A filter heater arranged to enclose a filter, wherein said filter heater comprises two similar halves each having a protruding handle on one side, whereby the handles are kept together by a spring mechanism such that pinching the handles towards each other will force the sides of the two halves opposite the handles from each other.. .
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab


Golf clubs with hosel inserts and related methods

Embodiments of golf coupling mechanisms are presented herein. Other examples and related methods are also disclosed herein..
Karsten Manufacturing Corporation


Medical infusion pump mechanism

A medical device pump with a housing with a compartment for removably receiving a cartridge containing a therapeutic agent, a conduit configured to operatively provide a fluid flow path for therapeutic agent to exit from the cartridge, a user activated delivery button, a trigger mechanism, and a pump mechanism employing an articulating, coiled drive spring.. .
Animas Corporation


Device for bringing together substances, in particular for reconstitution of injection solutions

The device (1) has a housing (2), and a flexible bag arranged in the housing and intended to receive a liquid. A dispensing device, in particular an injection syringe (5), is also arranged in the housing, so that it is removable from the housing.
Weibel Cds Ag


Latch mechanism for dispensing objects in point of sale systems

A point of sale system including a compartment array for dispensing objects. Each compartment of the compartment array preferably includes a door and a latch mechanism for opening each door.
Magnet Kiosks Inc.


Quick setting trap with enhanced safety features

Devices according to the present disclosure include humane animal traps that include convenient setting elements and/or safety features. These traps comprise a body, an entrance to the body, a door, a bias mechanism configured to bias the door toward a position, a setting mechanism to hold the door open against its bias and a trigger mechanism configured to release the setting mechanism.


Camera housing

A camera housing comprises a four-sided frame. A first side of the four-sided frame includes a first segment, a second segment, and a latch mechanism with a first latch component and a second latch component.
Gopro, Inc.


Dynamic support system for quartz process chamber

One embodiment of the present invention provides a support system for providing dynamic support to a deposition reactor. The system includes a coupling mechanism configured to provide coupling between the deposition reactor and the support system, an attachment mechanism configured to attach the support system to an external frame, and at least one gas bellows situated between the coupling mechanism and the attachment mechanism..
Solarcity Corporation


Shock sensor with latch mechanism and shock detection

A micromechanical shock sensor includes a proof mass coupled to a surface of a substrate and a projection element extending laterally from the proof mass. The shock sensor further includes a latch mechanism and a retention anchor.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Electric linear motion actuator and electric brake system

The electric linear motion actuator includes an electric motor, a drive shaft configured to be rotated by the electric motor, a rotation-to-linear motion converting mechanism configured to convert the rotational motion of the drive shaft to the axial linear motion of an axially movably supported outer ring member, and an electric locking mechanism incorporated in a reduction gear mechanism in which the rotation of a rotor shaft of the electric motor is reduced in speed and transmitted to the drive shaft. When the electric locking mechanism is energized, the power transmission path shifts to the locked state in which power cannot be transmitted, and when the electric locking mechanism is de-energized thereafter, the power transmission path is kept in the locked state.
Ntn Corporation


Trigger mechanism for ball activated device

A trigger mechanism for a ball activated device (100) comprises a seat sleeve (130) with seat defining members (132) forming a fluid tight seal with a ball (300) in an initial state and allowing the ball (300) to pass in a final state. An alternating member (125) can move radially in an aperture (124) through an inner sleeve (120) and abuts an outer surface on the seat sleeve (130) in the initial state, is received in a recess (134) on the seat sleeve (130) in an intermediate state, and is received in a groove (114) in the outer sleeve (110) in the final state.
Trican Completion Solutions As


Roofing ladder bracket and safety equipment

A roofing ladder bracket and safety assembly adapted to be secured to a roof of a building comprising a base member and a clamping member configured as a ladder clamping mechanism for firmly securing a ladder to a roof of a building and including a safety mechanism to which a worker's safety equipment or a worker's tethered tool can be attached.. .
Slator, Llc


Motor drive system for window covering system with continuous cord loop

A motor-operated drive system for a window covering system including a headrail, a mechanism associated with the headrail to spread and retract the window covering, and a continuous cord loop extending below the headrail for actuating the mechanism to spread and retract the window covering. The drive system includes a motor, a driven wheel that engages and advances the continuous cord loop, and a coupling mechanism for coupling the driven wheel to a rotating output shaft of the motor for rotation of the driven wheel.
Etapa Window Fashions Inc.


Adjustable mounting system for window blinds and shades

A mounting system for a roller blind includes a tension bar for mounting under pressure between first and second sides of a windows frame. The tension bar may provide both long and short adjustment of mounting system width.
Etapa Window Fashions Inc.


Mechanical assist mechanism for active pedestrian safety latch

A latch assembly for driving a closure panel from a closed panel position to an open panel position. The latch assembly comprises: a latch mechanism having a first latch element for retaining a mating latch component in a latched position and for moving the mating latch component from the latched position to an unlatched position when released, the movement of the first latch element biased towards the unlatched position by a latch biasing element; and an actuation system having: a mechanical energy storage system having a device for storing mechanical potential energy for assisting the latch biasing element in moving the mating latch component from the latched position to the unlatched position; a mechanical advantage system having a plurality of advantage elements for engaging the device, such that movement of the plurality of advantage elements is associated with a trigger force and cooperation of the plurality of advantage elements provides for amplification of the trigger force as an initiating force to release the stored mechanical potential energy; and a trigger system configured to provide the trigger force to release the stored mechanical potential energy..
Magna Closures Inc.


Weapons cabinet lock plate

A storage cabinet having doors including latching mechanisms for securing the doors in a locked position for the safe storage of weapons and related equipment and accessories. A lock plate assembly is used for added security thereof and includes a plate for receiving the latches before the latches are locked together through the shackle of a padlock..
The Marvel Group, Inc.


Electric self-balancing vehicle

An electric self-balancing vehicle including a top cover, a bottom cover, an inner cover, a rotating mechanism, two wheels, two hub motors, a plurality of sensors, a power supply, and a controller is described herein. The bottom cover is fixed to the top cover.
Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co.,


Pintle latch system

A latch system includes a striker and a latch mechanism. The striker includes a pintle having a head portion.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Retention feature for snap-in attachments

A coupling system includes a glovebox panel having inner and outer surfaces and a keyhole slot disposed therethrough having an enlarged portion leading to a narrowed portion. A ramped flange is disposed on the outer surface of the glovebox panel.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Hybrid vehicle having an engine and a flywheel which alternatively drive the vehicle at low speed in a pulsatile way

A hybrid vehicle having a series-parallel architecture, i.e. A mechanic (gears) and an electric (generator (4), inverter (7), and motor (6)) propulsion chains associated by a planetary gear mechanism (2) powered by an engine (1).


Prophylactic knee brace

A knee brace (10) according to the invention includes an upper leg formation (12), a lower leg formation (14) and a hinge mechanism (16) that is disposed entirely on the lateral side of the knee. The knee brace (10) has pressure formations (20, 24,62, 28) pressing on three pressure points: on the lateral aspect of the wearer's upper leg, on the lateral aspect of the wearer's lower leg, and against the knee complex on the medial aspect of the distal extremity of the femur.
Leatt Corporation


Subcutaneous implantable device for gradually aligning a spine and subcutaneous implantable device for gradually lengthening a bone

A subcutaneous implantable device for aligning a spine having a plurality of vertebrae including a first brace assembly secured to a first vertebra of the spine, a second brace assembly secured to a second vertebra of the spine, a rod secured by the at least two brace assemblies, the rod arranged for limited sliding movement within the at least two brace assemblies, a gear mechanism attached to the rod, a control means attached to the gear mechanism, and a cable fixedly secured to a third vertebra of the spine by an anchor. The third vertebra is located between the first and second vertebrae, and the cable is arranged for pulling the third vertebra towards the rod.


System and transapical access and closure

Embodiments are described for creating and closing tissue access ports, such as transapical access ports, which involve placement of an introducer across the subject tissue structure, and deployment of a controllable port closure device assembly configured to remain in place with a ratcheting mechanism, and to hold the tissue surrounding the previous access port location closed against a sealing disc with proximal and distal strut assemblies, after the introducer has been removed.. .
Entourage Medical Technologies, Inc.


Gear mechanism used for slide rail

A gear mechanism used for slide rail, comprising a movable rail, a middle rail and a fixed rail which are mutually nested, an upper gear rack is provided between the movable rail and the middle rail; a lower gear rack is provided between the middle rail and the fixed rail; characterized in that, a gear mechanism is engaged between the upper rack and the lower rack; at least two gears respectively engaged with the upper gear rack and the lower gear rack are provided on the gear mechanism; two gears are closely coordinated and assembled through polygonal column and polygonal hole; when the acting force is greater than a certain value, two gears make relative slipping rotation; when the acting force is less than a certain value; two gears make synchronous rotation. The present invention is provided with a gear mechanism, the gear mechanism also comprises a a gear and a b gear, which are closely coordinated and assembled through polygonal column and polygonal hole respectively; when the acting force is greater than a certain value, the polygonal hole is expanded and two gears make relative slipping rotation; when the acting force is less than a certain value, two gears make synchronous rotation..
Guangdong Taiming Metal Products Co. Ltd



A press includes a top plate, a receive plate, and a pivot mechanism connecting the top plate and the receive plate such that the top plate and the base plate are rotatable relative to each other. The top plate includes a press portion, a first middle portion extending upward and outward from the press portion, a first rim surrounding the first middle portion, and a first pivot portion and a first handle portion extending from the first rim in two opposite directions.
Arrow Industries, Inc.


Method for creating layered chocolate body and chocolate mold for creation thereof

A chocolate mold is provided for the creation of a layered chocolate body. The chocolate mold has a tubular shell connected to a primary platform.


Micro camera and multi-purpose mounting base

A power connector facilitates mounting and repositioning an electronic device via a magnetic field. The power connector can include a receptacle surface comprising a curved surface operable to mate with a curved contact surface of an electronic device, and a device-coupling mechanism operable to hold the curved contact surface of the electronic device pressed against the curved surface of the power connector device, while an angle of the electronic device changes with respect to the power connector.
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.


Optical transceiver module and assembly having a latching/delatching mechanism that works with symmetric and asymmetric cage latches

An optical transceiver module and assembly are provided with a latching/delatching mechanism that is well suited for use with cages or receptacles that have symmetrically-located or asymmetrically-located latches. The latching/delatching mechanism comprises stops that engage the cage latches in the stored, or non-actuated, state and comprises delatching features that engage the cage latches in the pulled, or actuated, state.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Magnetically driven trip mechanism for an overload relay

In an overload relay, a tripping actuator 12 has a first magnet 18 and a moveable contact carrier 20 has a second magnet 28 mounted opposed to the first magnet. A moveable contact 22 on the moveable contact carrier is urged by repulsion between the magnets, to make a normally closed connection with a stationary contact 24, when the tripping actuator is in an on position 15 and the contact carrier in a first stable position 26′.
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.


System and controlling display brightness

A method and apparatus for regulating display brightness at a data capture device comprising a display is provided. Initially, the brightness of the display can be regulated to a first level.
Symbol Technologies, Inc.


Mechanism for selecting and actuating functions of a clockwork movement

The present application relates to a mechanism for selecting and actuating n functions of a clock movement, where n is an integer no lower than 1, preferably no lower than 2, more preferably no lower than 3, including a winding mechanism rod ending in a crown, a device for actuating a function, said device being kinematically connected to the crown and arranged such as to move and assume n selection positions and n actuation positions in which the actuation device is kinematically connected to an actuation member of the selected function, and a selecting device arranged such as to move the actuation device into a selection position. Said mechanism further includes a base onto which the actuation device is moveably mounted such as to be moved and positioned, by the selecting device, into a selection position facing the actuation member of the selected function, and such as to be moved, by an axial movement of the winding mechanism rod, into the actuation position thereof in order to engage with said actuation member of the selected function..
Gfpi Sa


Air brake hose support bracket

A railway car air brake hose support bracket has an upper portion with first and second attachment members, a lower portion and an air hose connector. The first attachment member enters into and engages a portion of an accessible compartment of an uncoupling mechanism housing below the coupler head, and the second attachment member is secured to an air brake hose support lug of the railway car coupler.
Ireco, Llc


Vane assembly for a gas turbine engine

A vane assembly for a gas turbine engine is disclosed in this paper. The vane assembly includes an inner platform, an outer platform, and a ceramic-containing airfoil.
Rolls-royce Corporation


Downhole vibration enhancing apparatus and using and tuning the same

The present disclosure is directed to an apparatus for use with a vibratory tool in a bottom hole assembly to enhance the vibration of the bottom hole assembly. The apparatus includes at least one spring mechanism and a fluid passageway disposed within a housing.
Thru Tubing Solutions, Inc.


Glass sliding gate and glass fence assembly

A support bracket for supporting a glass panel comprises a base adapted to be anchored to a ground or structure. A glass interface is configured to be connected to a glass panel for the support bracket to support a portion of the glass panel.
Groupe Vfg


Bowden cable arrangement

A bowden cable arrangement is provided for a motor vehicle door lock arrangement, wherein the bowden cable arrangement has a cable strand and a cable conduit, and wherein an adjustment device is provided with a first coupling element and a second coupling element within the chain of operating forces of the cable strand and with a coupling mechanism. In some embodiments the coupling elements may be coupled to each other by the coupling mechanism in different coupling positions relative to each other in order to adjust the length of the cable strand..
Brose Schliesssysteme Gmbh & Co. Kg


Damping eccentric motion link in ceps usage

The invention relates to an electromechanical servo steering system having an electric servomotor which drives a worm shaft which meshes with a worm wheel arranged on a steering shaft, wherein the worm wheel is operatively connected to an input shaft of a steering gear mechanism, and wherein the worm shaft and the steering shaft are rotatably mounted in a common gear mechanism housing, wherein the worm shaft has a free end which is remote from the motor and an end which is close to the motor, wherein the end which is remote from the motor is mounted in a rolling bearing and the end which is close to the motor has a rolling bearing which is received in an eccentric lever.. .
Thyssenkrupp Presta Ag


Tailgate compartment release mechanism arrangement

A tailgate assembly for a vehicle includes a structure that defines a compartment, and a cover that is moveably attached to the structure to cover the compartment. A compartment latch mechanism is attached to the structure for latching the cover to the structure.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Top having roof frame elements being displaceable with respect to one another

A top for a convertible vehicle having a linkage, which is displaceable between a closed and storage position and which, in relation to a vertical longitudinal center plane of the top on both sides, includes a link arrangement, having a first roof frame element being disposed in the front and a second roof frame element being arranged, in the closed position, toward the rear with respect to the front roof frame element, wherein the two roof frame elements are connected to each other via first and second control links of a four-arm hinge arrangement and can be displaced with respect to each other using a coupling rod, which is linked to a main link of a main four-arm hinge mechanism, the second roof frame element being linked to said mechanism.. .
Webasto-edscha Cabrio Gmbh


Rubber v-belt yarn blank coating and cutting device

A rubber v-belt yarn blank coating and cutting device is described herein. The rubber v-belt yarn blank coating and cutting device is numerically controlled and includes a frame and a base compound rubber leading-out device, a base compound rubber conveying device, and a base compound rubber coating and cutting mechanism sequentially disposed on the frame.
Sanlux Co., Ltd


Horizontal mold clamping mechanism

A horizontal mold clamping mechanism includes a base, a fixed platen secured to the base for supporting a fixed mold, a mold clamping cylinder laid parallel to the fixed platen, having a piston rod extending toward the fixed mold and horizontally movably supported on the base, a mold opening/closing actuator for moving the mold clamping cylinder, a movable platen disposed between the fixed platen and the mold clamping cylinder, the movable platen being connected to the piston rod and horizontally movably supported on the base for supporting the movable mold, a tie-bar extending horizontally from the fixed platen and passing through the movable platen and the mold clamping cylinder, and a first linking mechanism for optionally linking the mold clamping cylinder to the tie-bars. The movable platen has a through-hole of a hole diameter corresponding to an outer diameter of the tie-bar, added with a clearance for the tie-bar not to slide-contact with an inner peripheral surface of the through-hole..
Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.


Variable gear ratio ratchet

This invention relates to a fastener driving device including a variable ratio gear mechanism that enables the ratio of the rotation of the handle to the rotation of a driving bit extending from the handle to be varied to allow the bit to rotate at different speeds from the handle. The device includes a gear mechanism disposed within a housing for the device that includes a locking member.
Gauthier Biomedical, Inc.


Portable full-body workout system and using same

A full-body workout system comprises a cooler having a hinged lid and defining an insulated compartment and an adjustable weighted bottom portion, at least two drink bottles having an adjustable weighted bottom portion and configured for releasable attachment to the cooler, at least one cooler handle configured for releasable attachment to the cooler and the at least two drink bottles, a full-body workout strap having a strap body with first and second ends, each end including a padded hand grip and a latching mechanism configured for releasable attachment to the cooler, wherein the cooler may be carried by at least the at least one cooler handle and the full-body workout strap.. .


Exercise device

An exercise device that includes a frame, a user interface; a connection cable and a plurality of components that provide resistance to the cable and user interface. These components include a programmable, driven carriage capable of vertical movement between first and second positions and including one or more pulleys mounted thereon, wherein the cable extending away from the first end and user interface passes around the one or more pulleys on the carriage, a slider mechanism moveable between first and second positions and including one or more pulleys mounted thereon, and a pneumatic resistance device that is secured to the frame and that is operatively associated with the slider mechanism to provide resistance to slider mechanism movement between the first and second positions..


Molecular imaging vial transport container and fluid injection system interface

A pharmaceutical transport container includes a first body portion adapted to receive at least a portion of a pharmaceutical vial, a second body portion removably engaged with the first body portion to fully enclose the vial, and, optionally, a ratcheting mechanism to permit rotation of the cap member relative to the second body portion upon application of rotational force of a predetermined amount. A pharmaceutical transport container may also include, for example, a guide tab extending from an exterior surface of the second body portion to engage a guide slot defined in a fluid injection system docking station, whereby the transport container translates axially and rotationally into the docking station to establish a fluid connection between the vial and a fluid connector mechanism or element disposed within the docking station..
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Press-on link for surgical screws

A coupling assembly that is configured to couple a surgical screw to another coupling assembly and another surgical screw is disclosed. The coupling assembly comprises a body that includes a receptacle configured to receive a head portion of the surgical screw and hold the head portion through an interference fit.
Nexus Spine, Llc


Adjustable bite blocks

Embodiments of the present invention relate to an adjustable bite block for positioning within a person's mouth and maintaining the mouth in an open position. The adjustable bite block comprising at least one band of curved material comprising a first portion and a second portion.
Us Endoscopy


Pocket system for holding a handkerchief

A handkerchief holding system for displaying a portion of a handkerchief or pocket square, the handkerchief holding system including a substantially squared-hexagon combination pouch-like construction which is configured to be disposed in the breast pocket of clothing such as a suit, tuxedo, sport jacket or vest. The handkerchief holding system may be made from any quality material and is supported by a clamping mechanism.


Lawnmower discharge device

A lawnmower discharge device for discharging grass clippings in various directions. The lawnmower discharge device includes a planar baseplate that can be removably secured to a discharge port of a lawnmower.


Sliding mechanism and machining device using the same

A sliding mechanism includes a case, a sliding assembly mounted in the case and a stopping assembly. The sliding assembly includes a sliding member and a driving member supplying power for the sliding member.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Magnetically biased retracting key assembly and keyboard

Magnetically biased retracting key assemblies and keyboards are provided. A key assembly includes a touch surface for receiving a press input from a user and a planar-translation-effecting (pte) mechanism configured to guide as the keycap moves from an un-pressed position toward a pressed position.
Synaptics Incorporated


Method and triggering and distribution of digital scratcher tickets

A system for displaying a digital scratcher ticket on a device having an interactive display. A backend data storage and processing unit creates and stores data corresponding to a digital scratcher ticket having a unique identifier.
Actv8, Inc.


Firearm with folding buttstock

A firearm includes a receiver, barrel coupled to the receiver, and buttstock. An openable/closeable hinge assembly comprising front and rear hinge elements pivotably mounts the buttstock to the receiver.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.


Crossbow trigger assembly

Certain embodiments of the present disclosure describe a trigger assembly for use in a crossbow. The trigger assembly includes a floating sear that is able to translate with a cable catch as the cable catch is rotated and also may rotate relative to the cable catch.
Bear Archery, Inc.


Lock-up device for torque converter

A lock-up device for a torque converter is disposed between a front cover coupled to an engine-side member and a torque converter body and directly transmits a torque from the front cover to a turbine of the torque converter. The lock-up device includes a clutch portion to transmit the torque from the front cover to an output side.
Exedy Corporation

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