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This page is updated frequently with new Mechanism-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Split gear assembly with one-way roller clutch for controlling backlash in opposed-piston engines patent thumbnailSplit gear assembly with one-way roller clutch for controlling backlash in opposed-piston engines
Backlash is controlled in an opposed-piston engine that includes two crankshafts disposed in a parallel, spaced-apart relationship and a gear train coupling the first and second crankshafts, the gear train including a driving gear coupled to the first crankshaft and a split gear assembly engaged with the driving gear to transfer rotation from the driving gear to the split gear assembly. The split gear assembly includes first and second gears, a spring mechanism that acts to angularly offset the first gear relative to the second gear in a first direction, and a one-way clutch mechanism that prevents relative angular movement of the first gear relative to the second gear in a second direction opposite the first direction..
Achates Power, Inc.

 Variable displacement swash plate type compressor patent thumbnailVariable displacement swash plate type compressor
Provided is a compressor, in which discharge capacity is changed by an actuator, exhibiting high controllability while realizing reduction in size. In the compressor, a movable body includes a rear wall, a circumferential wall, and a coupling mechanism.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

 Castellated latch mechanism for a gas turbine engine patent thumbnailCastellated latch mechanism for a gas turbine engine
A gas turbine engine includes a fan duct including a fan duct inner structure that surrounds a core engine, a fan case that surrounds a fan, a core engine frame, and at least one mechanism configured to secure a portion of the fan duct inner structure to a portion of the core engine frame. The at least one mechanism includes a castellated arcuate portion mounted to one of the fan duct inner structure and the core engine frame and an inwardly projecting retaining feature mounted to the other of the fan duct inner structure and the core engine frame.
United Technologies Corporation

 Vehicle patent thumbnailVehicle
A vehicle includes an opening between an upper frame and a door when the vehicle is seen from the side. The vehicle includes a lever pivotally attached to a portion of an inner wall of the door that is located above a middle position of the door in an up-down direction and forward of a latch mechanism, and an interlocking shaft linked to the lever and the latch mechanism.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

 Extraction device patent thumbnailExtraction device
An extraction device eases the task of removing a post, bush or the like from a ground surface. The device includes a pair of legs pivotally coupled together at respective first ends of the legs.

 Clamping mechanism, locking arrangement and  operating reconfigurable manipulator patent thumbnailClamping mechanism, locking arrangement and operating reconfigurable manipulator
A clamp mechanism is disclosed, clamping on a tube made of elastic material, provided with a band clamped on a tube. Inside the tube, in the location where the band clamps, a stiff element is located having a diameter substantially corresponding to the inner diameter of the tube.
Centrum Badan Kosmicznych Polskiej Akademii Nauk

 Illuminated seatbelt assembly patent thumbnailIlluminated seatbelt assembly
An illuminated vehicle seatbelt assembly is provided herein. The vehicle seatbelt assembly includes a buckle having a housing and a latch mechanism.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Printhead attachment system patent thumbnailPrinthead attachment system
A printhead support structure may have a receiving portion to receive a printhead, first and second portions having an adjustment mechanism therebetween for converting a translational movement of the first portion to a rotational movement of the second portion, and a coupling mechanism coupling the second portion to the receiving portion for adjusting the rotational angle of the printhead. A method for adjusting a position of a printhead coupled to a printhead support may include applying a force to a first portion of the printhead support to effect a translational movement of the first portion, converting the translational movement of the first portion into a rotational movement of a second portion of the printhead support, and applying the rotational movement of the second portion to the printhead..
Inca Digital Printers Limited

 Mold-clamping mechanism patent thumbnailMold-clamping mechanism
A mold-clamping mechanism in which top and bottom tie bars extend between a pressure-receiving platen and a fixed platen fixed to a bed, a movable platen is movably attached to the tie bars, a toggle link extends between the movable platen and the pressure-receiving platen, the movable platen is moved toward the fixed platen by the toggle link, and a mold is clamped by the movable platen and the fixed platen. The pressure-receiving platen includes a bottom part surrounding a central cavity, and a ceiling part for joining respective top ends of left and right wall parts provided upright from both ends of the bottom part.
Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

 Mold clamping mechanism patent thumbnailMold clamping mechanism
A mold clamping mechanism including a fixed platen and a movable platen is disclosed. The fixed platen includes upper and lower, left and right through-holes for allowing passage of tie-bars therethrough, and a cutout for separating the through-holes into mold-side holes and opposite-mold-side holes.
Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.


Swimming device with retractable fins

The swimming device with retracted fins (sdrf) employs fins that have slanted axes of rotation which are connected to the rear sides of user's swimming shoes. Fins are tilted diagonally in opposite directions away from each other.


System and transapical access and closure

Embodiments are described for creating and closing tissue access ports, such as transapical access ports, which involve placement of an introducer across the subject tissue structure, and deployment of a controllable port closure device assembly configured to remain in place with a ratcheting mechanism, and to hold the tissue surrounding the previous access port location closed against a sealing disc with proximal and distal strut assemblies, after the introducer has been removed.. .
Entourage Medical Technologies, Inc.


X-ray computed tomography apparatus

To solve the problems described above, an x-ray computed tomography apparatus includes an x-ray tube, a scintillator, a photoelectric convertor, a thermal storage material, a rotating portion, a rotating mechanism, and image generating circuitry. The x-ray tube generates an x-ray.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Hangable artist's easel and accesories

A space saving, door or wall-mountable artist's easel with a framework adapted to receive and hold an artist's canvas, art panel, clipboard, or some other item that would normally be affixed to an easel with a mounting bracket attached to the frame so the entire device may be hung on a door or wall. The easel can be used while mounted.


Translating stowage bin and assembly

A stowage bin is provided. The stowage bin includes a bucket, a support assembly, and at least one translating pivot mechanism rotatably coupling the support assembly to the bucket, the at least one translating pivot mechanism including a first component integrally formed with the bucket and comprising a first pin and a first slot, and a second component integrally formed with the support assembly and including a second pin and a second slot, wherein the first and second components engage one another such that the first pin is received in the second slot and the second pin is received in the first slot.
The Boeing Company


Portable electronic apparatus

An object of the present invention is to provide a cellular telephone terminal in which intuitive operation is possible, by providing a rotary dial portion. A cellular telephone terminal is provided with: a body that includes an operation unit side body, a display part side body, and a hinge mechanism that connects the operation unit side body g and the display part side body; a rotary dial portion, which is rotatable around a rotational axis, and which is attached to the body with a standard position; a mark which serves as an indicator for a rotation amount of the rotary dial portion; and a control part that causes one application among a plurality of applications to enter a state in which activation thereof is possible, based on the rotation amount of the rotary dial portion..
Kyocera Corporation


Vibration control device, lithography apparatus, and article manufacturing method

A detecting system of a vibration control device provided herein includes a second object, a second spring mechanism that supports the second object, a third object, a third spring mechanism, a first detector that detects displacement of the third object with respect to the second object, a second driving member, and a feedback control member that perform feedback control on the second driving member based on the output of the first detector. A two-degree-of-freedom system, including the second object and the third object, vibrates by a first vibration mode that accompanies a translation motion and a second vibration mode that accompanies atilt motion according to a natural frequency, and a servomotor control frequency of the feedback control member is higher than the natural frequency of the first vibration mode and lower than the natural frequency of the second vibration mode..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha



A level is selectively coupled to a work piece and includes a housing, an adjustable clamping mechanism configured to selectively couple the housing to the work piece, a first bubble vial coupled to the housing and operable to indicate a first levelness of the work piece, and a second bubble vial rotatably coupled to the housing about a first axis. The second bubble vial is operable to indicate a second levelness of the work piece..
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation


Rotatable holster

A mounting assembly for securing a holster to a user that permits a holstered weapon to be rotated from a normal, dominant-hand accessible position to a reversed position more easily accessible to a non-dominant hand. The assembly includes a first portion that is securable to a user and a second portion hingedly connected to the first portion in a manner allowing rotation about a generally upstanding axis.


Quick-release clamp with secondary retention mechanism

A quick-release clamping mechanism secures two objects and rapidly attaches or detaches to secure the objects to one another in a rigid, repeatable manner. The mechanism is formed from two interconnecting contiguous pieces of material, free from hinges or other attachment devices.
Redshift Sports Llc


Tool for selectively connecting or disconnecting components of a downhole workstring

The present invention relates to a tool for selectively connecting or disconnecting components of a downhole workstring comprising a drive shaft (3) and a housing couplable to said drive shaft, said housing comprising first and second housing parts (21, 22) releasably connected to one another, transmission means such as a reduction gear mechanism (52-54) coupled to the drive shaft, the transmission means being arranged to selectively connect or disconnect the housing parts by rotating the drive shaft.. .
Tercel Ip Ltd.


Latching mechanism for pet enclosure

A latching mechanism having a camming surface to engage the latching mechanism without human intervention when a door is traversed from an opened position to a closed position is disclosed. Other latching mechanisms are also disclosed.
Precision Pet Products, Inc.


Air guiding device, vehicle and operating an air guiding device

An air guiding device for a vehicle has a first air guiding element and a second air guiding element. A first hinge mechanism connects the first air guiding element hingedly to a rear of the vehicle, and a second hinge mechanism connects the second air guiding element hingedly to the first air guiding element..
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Hybrid vehicle driving apparatus

A hybrid vehicle driving apparatus includes: an engine; a first rotating machine; a second rotating machine; planetary gear mechanisms capable of forming a four-element complex planetary to which the engine, the first rotating machine, the second rotating machine, and drive wheels are connected; and a controller. In a collinear diagram of the complex planetary, the first and second rotating machines are adjacent to each other and disposed on one side with respect to the engine.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Components for active pedestrian safety mechanism

A latch assembly for driving a closure panel from a closed panel position to an open panel position. The latch assembly comprises: a latch mechanism having a first latch element for retaining a mating latch component in a latched position and for moving the mating latch component from the latched position to an unlatched position when released, the movement of the first latch element biased towards the unlatched position by a latch biasing element; and an actuation system having: a mechanical energy storage system having a device for storing mechanical potential energy for assisting the latch biasing element in moving the mating latch component from the latched position to the unlatched position; a mechanical advantage system having a plurality of advantage elements for engaging the device, such that movement of the plurality of advantage elements is associated with a trigger force and cooperation of the plurality of advantage elements provides for amplification of the trigger force as an initiating force to release the stored mechanical potential energy; and a trigger system configured to provide the trigger force to release the stored mechanical potential energy..
Magna Closures Inc.


External lube system for a transmission

The present disclosure is related to a transmission for a powered vehicle. The transmission includes a housing defining an interior of the transmission and a fluid supply portion disposed in the housing.
Allison Transmission, Inc.


Latch in particular for a reclining backrest of a seat of a vehicle

A latch includes a support structure to be fitted to the frame (f) of a backrest of a seat; and a coupling mechanism associated with the support structure and adapted to be coupled to a fixed striker (r) in a releasable manner when the backrest is in a substantially straight position. The latch also includes an elongated member, which, on one side, is adapted to be firmly and directly coupled to the support structure and, on the other side, is adapted to be firmly and directly coupled to the frame (f), without obstructing the operation of the coupling mechanism..
Proma S.p.a.


Angular adjustment device for a vehicle seat

A hinge mechanism for a motor vehicle seat allowing angular adjustment of a backrest relative to a seating portion. The hinge mechanism includes first and second hinge plates, a control member moving locking elements and biased to a locking position by first springs, and a drive shaft biased to a first rest position by second springs.
Faurecia Sièges D'automobile


External table height adjustment for printer systems

An external table height adjustment technique for a printer system is disclosed. An operator can align an image gap between a printer table of the printer system and a printhead carriage via a height adjustment mechanism.
Electronics For Imaging, Inc.


Molded-in insert and fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite structure

A method of retaining a molded-in insert in a fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material and forming a high strength mechanical locking mechanism is provided. The method includes fixing a molded-in insert in a mold cavity.
The Boeing Company


Movable platen support structure for injection molding apparatus

A movable platen support structure includes: a linear guide mechanism via which a movable platen is provided for horizontal movement; a plurality of movable-platen height adjustment mechanisms provided in corresponding relation to leg sections of the platen, each of the height adjustment mechanisms including a flat plate placed on a corresponding slider of the guide mechanism, and an adjusting bolt screwed into the corresponding leg section of the slider and abutting at its distal end against the flat plate; and a plurality of fastening mechanisms provided in corresponding relation to the leg sections, each of the fastening mechanisms including a fastening bolt for, following the height adjustment by the adjusting bolts, fastening the corresponding leg section to the corresponding slider by being passed through the leg section and the flat plate so as to be screwed into the slider.. .
Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.


Turning and face grooving tool having a pin clamping mechanism

A turning and face grooving tool body has a pocket and a pin. The pin has a unitary one-piece construction and an elongated shape which defines a longitudinal direction along a pin axis.
Iscar, Ltd.


Inlet valve for chamber systems and sample containers, and chamber systems and sample containers with such inlet valves

An inlet valve charges an inner chamber with liquid and has a first axis and an inlet opening with a tool that automatically recloses. The inlet valve has a valve body with a blocking element, and a pressing part; a valve space enclosing the valve body at least partly; a spring mechanism and a sealing element.
Tecan Trading Ag



An auto-injector with an interlock mechanism for defining an operation sequence of the auto-injector in a manner to allow a lateral trigger button to be operated only when a proximal end of the auto-injector is pressed against an injection site.. .
Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh


Self-adjusting tissue holder

Tissue holders that can be used for gripping natural or synthetic heart valves are described. The tissue holder can include a clamping mechanism and a spring and can be self-adjusting with regard to pressure applied to the tissue gripped in the holder.
Clemson University


Substrate conveyance mechanism and component mounting device

A substrate conveyance mechanism includes conveyance units and a clamp mechanism. The conveyance units include a working unit corresponding to a working area for types of substrates having different sizes of length taken as objects, an area length of the working area being variable in accordance with the sizes of length, and a stand-by unit corresponding to a stand-by area for the substrate to be carried-in to the working area.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Using an optical expander/condenser to achieve a compact beam structure for a multi-channel optical rotary joint

The multiple channel fiber optic rotary joint of this invention can transmit an increased number of optical signals simultaneously through the de-rotating mechanism without increasing the size of the de-rotating mechanism. It also allows for the recapturing of the signals with relative ease.
Princetel Inc.


Leakage current sensor for suspension type insulator

A sensor apparatus for detecting leakage current in a suspension-type insulator of an electrical power system includes: a housing having a first half of a leakage current sensor contained therein; a door pivotally connected to the housing by a hinge, and having a second half of the leakage current sensor contained therein, the door pivotable about the hinge between an open position in which the first and second halves of the leakage current sensor are separate from each other, and a closed position in which mating surfaces of the first and second halves of the leakage current sensor join together to define a closed perimeter; and a clamping mechanism connected to the housing comprising a first jaw and a second jaw, wherein the jaws are moveable between an open position and a closed position.. .
Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.


Charging handle accessory for firearm

An externally mounted firearm accessory and a method of operating the accessory. The firearm accessory includes a mounting clamp and a collar offset extending from the mounting clamp on the side of the firearm on which the bolt catch/release is located, a shaft that is slidably mounted on the collar, a handle at the forward end of the shaft, and a slot at the rear end of the shaft that receives and holds the charging handle of the firearm accessory.



Stator vane assembly includes plurality of vanes arranged in circumferential array, radially proximal mounting portion, radially distal mounting portion, and first latching mechanism. Each of plurality of vanes extends radially between radially proximal mounting portion and radially distal mounting portion, with each of plurality of vanes being pivotally mounted between radially proximal mounting portion and radially distal mounting portion.
Rolls-royce Plc


Plastic beer keg

A plastic keg includes a liner including a neck portion and a body portion. A lid having an opening is disposed at least partially over the liner.
Rehrig Pacific Company


Belt retractor

On a belt retractor (10) for a vehicle seat belt comprising a frame (12) provided with plural locking teeth (24), a belt reel (14) which is rotatably supported in the frame (12) and includes a locking tooth system (26) corresponding to the locking teeth (24), and comprising a locking mechanism adapted to transfer the belt reel (14) from a home position in which it is freely rotatable into a locking position in which the locking tooth system (26) of the belt reel (14) engages in the locking teeth (24) of the frame (12), wherein at least one pivoting control lever (28) is provided in which one side of the belt reel (14) is rotatably supported and which is adapted to guide the belt reel (14) from the home position into the locking position, an interlock mechanism is provided which releases the pivoting movement of the control lever (28) not before the latter has been rotated in the unwinding direction (a) of the webbing out of a home position into a release position.. .
Trw Automotive Gmbh


Vehicle display apparatus

A vehicle display apparatus includes a left decorative panel and a right decorative panel each including a first instrument panel and a second instrument panel, a left rotating mechanism that rotates the left decorative panel about an axis of rotation and changes which of the first instrument panel and the second instrument panel to be allowed to face toward a driver in a vehicle, and a right rotating mechanism that rotates the right decorative panel about an axis of rotation and changes which of the first instrument panel and the second instrument panel to be allowed to face toward the driver in the vehicle.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Centrifugal barrel polishing device and barrel polishing method

A centrifugal barrel includes a disc-like turret configured to turn about a revolution shaft, a plurality of barrel tanks each installed in the turret via a rotation shaft and configured to turn about the rotation shaft, a rotating mechanism configured to turn the turret and the barrel tanks, and a tilting mechanism configured to tilt the revolution shaft of the turret with respect to a horizontal plane and to tilt each rotation shaft with respect to the horizontal plane. By tilting each rotation shaft with respect to the horizontal plane, it is possible to prevent the workpieces from being damaged..
Sintokogio, Ltd.


Hand exoskeleton device

In a hand exoskeleton device, according to a three-layered sliding spring mechanism, the motion of the device is changed by a single drive mechanism to transmit power to the metacarpophalangeal, proximal and distal interphalangeal joints of a human finger, thereby enabling support of the daily activity motions of the finger. According to the hand exoskeleton device, when compared with a conventional device, there can be realized a device which is small in size and weight and is capable of supporting the gripping motions of the human finger.
Kyushu University, National University Corporation


Guidance system mounts for surgical introducers

A delicate tissue retraction system having a retractor, an introducer and a clamp mechanism. The retractor has a hollow retractor passage extending along a longitudinal axis from a proximal retractor end to a distal retractor end.
Vycor Medical, Inc.


Shear blade assembly for a blender

A blender system with a shearing blade assembly is shown and described. The blender system may include a container and a shear blending assembly attached thereto.
Vita-mix Management Corporation


Grill device

A grill device includes a coupling mechanism having first and second ratchet teeth that cooperate to permit movement of an upper grill unit in a first direction for uncovering a lower grill unit, and to resist movement of the upper grill unit relative to the lower grill unit in a second direction opposite to the first direction.. .
Tsann Kuen (zhangzhou) Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Agricultural baler platform

An agricultural baler comprising a baler mechanism and a carriage assembly coupled to the baler mechanism. A platform is coupled to at least one of the baler mechanism and the carriage assembly.
Deere & Company


Agricultural bale sliding method and mechanism

An agricultural baler includes a baler mechanism. A carriage assembly is coupled to the baler mechanism.
Deere & Company


Inherently fail-safe circuit breaker assembly

A circuit breaker assembly for a small commercial establishment or residence, wherein the circuit breaker assembly has a coordinated backup fuse within its standard enclosure to protect against failure of the trip mechanism of the circuit breaker assembly to open.. .


Modular transformer system

A transformer system includes a transformer module and a base module. One or more transformer modules are detachably coupled to the base module.
Tstm, Inc.


Slim profile, rear docking tape drive canister

In one embodiment, an automated tape library includes an array of tape drive canister bays, each tape drive canister bay being configured for insertion of a tape drive canister therein, each tape drive canister supporting a tape drive. The library also includes a power system, a communications system, and a robotic accessor configured to access tape cartridges in tape drives in the array of tape drive canister bays.
International Business Machines Corporation


Valve flapper spring stop mechanism

A check valve with a housing and a first flapper rotatable about an axis between open and closed positions includes a first spring mechanism operatively positioned between a static component and the first flapper. When the first flapper is in the closed position there is a distance between the first spring mechanism and either the static component or the first flapper..
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Continuously variable transmission for vehicle

The present invention provides a cvt including a transmission mechanism and a planetary gear mechanism which includes a plurality of rotation elements. The transmission mechanism can differentially operate in a predetermined operation mode.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Power transmitting apparatus

An object of the present disclosure is to provide a power transmitting apparatus which can sufficiently damp the torque variation and also can further improve the fuel consumption. For achieving the object of the present disclosure above, there is provided a power transmitting apparatus of a vehicle comprising a damper mechanism including dampers having spring properties for damping torque variations of an engine and being able to arbitrarily and selectively transmit or cut off a driving power of an engine to wheels characterized in that the power transmitting apparatus further comprises a spring property switching device for arbitrarily switching spring properties of the damper mechanism; and a spring property controller for actuating the spring property switching device to switch the spring properties according to the running state of the vehicle..
Kabushiki Kaisha F.c.c.


Transmission for a vehicle

A power transmission mechanism transmits torque of the input shaft to the output shaft, and includes gear mechanisms corresponding to each of gear stages respectively. A control device controls the power transmission mechanism to realize one of a first control mode, a second control mode and a third control mode selectively.
Aisin Ai Co., Ltd.


Testable isolation packer

Certain aspects are directed to a testable isolation packer that sets and provides the ability to test upper and lower packer elements. In one aspect, the testable isolation packer includes at least two packer elements, a packer element setting system, a bypass system, and a testing subassembly.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Apparatus and a motorless seismic tool

Method and apparatus for collecting data. The apparatus for a motorless seismic tool includes a body; a motorless clamping mechanism connected to the body; and an anchoring arm attached to the body and the motorless clamping mechanism.


Method and system for setting a metal seal

A system and method is provided for setting a metal-to-metal seal (e.g., in an annular space between wellhead components) using a temporary elastomer seal. For example, the annular space may be sealed with one or more elastomer seals before hydraulically setting the metal-to-metal seal.
Cameron International Corporation


Pivot mechanism of synchronous hinge device

A pivot mechanism of the synchronous hinge device is applied to a foldable electronic apparatus. The pivot mechanism can be stably rotated and the distance between two shafts of the dual-shaft hinge is shortened, whereby the electronic device can be smoothly rotated and have a miniaturized and lightweight structure.
First Dome Corporation


Opening-and-closing device for vehicle door

An opening-and-closing device for vehicle door includes: a close-latch mechanism which holds a door at a closed position; an open-latch mechanism which holds the door at an opened position; an electric-powered releasing mechanism which operates the close-latch mechanism; an open-latch interlocking mechanism which operates from an initial position toward a canceling direction in conjunction with an operation of the open-latch mechanism from an unlatched position to a latched position; and a relay mechanism which changes a state of a transmission path of releasing operation from a connected state to a disconnected state to allow returning of a first ratchet which has stopped in a releasing position.. .
Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation


Opening-and-closing device for vehicle door

An opening-and-closing device for vehicle door includes: a close-latch mechanism; an electric-powered releasing mechanism; an association mechanism; a relay mechanism; an electric open/close unit; and a control unit. The relay mechanism switches from a connection state to a disconnection state by the operation of an association mechanism in a cancellation direction to allow returning a first ratchet stopped at a release position.
Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation


Apparatus and methods for alignment of a susceptor

The embodiments described herein generally relate to a stem assembly for coupling a susceptor to a process chamber. The stem assembly includes a pivot mechanism, a first flexible seal coupled to the pivot mechanism, a second flexible seal coupled to a plate on a first side of the plate, the plate having a second side coupled to the first flexible seal, a housing coupled to the second flexible seal, and a motion assembly adapted to move the housing in an x axis and a y axis, and position the susceptor angularly relative to an x-y plane of the process chamber..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Self-deploying apparatuses, assemblies, and methods for drag reduction of land vehicles

Examples of drag reduction apparatuses and assemblies for land vehicles, and particularly for attachment to a door of a land vehicle operated by a cam lock bar, are described. A drag reduction apparatus may include a plurality of panels foldedly coupled together and automatically deployable into an unfolded configuration.
Aerovolution Corporation


Two-position, high-mount latch

A latch mechanism that selectively receives a striker is provided. The latch mechanism includes a housing having a channel and a locking mechanism having a claw rotatably supported by the housing and movable between a first locked state and a second locked state.
Fisher & Company, Incorporated


Processing apparatus and processing method

A processing apparatus and a processing method which perform processing more accurately with a simple structure are provided. The processing apparatus includes an irradiation head 16 and a control device.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Cervical collar with height adjustment mechanism

A cervical collar provides height adjustment using a locking member disposed on a height adjustment member extending through a height adjustment aperture. As the locking member is moved between locked and unlocked positions, ridges on a main collar body and on a chin support member may be interlocked or allowed to slide over each other from one desired position to another, thereby providing a height adjustment mechanism for the cervical collar..
Otto Bock Healthcare Lp


Store frames tooth profiles

A universal store frame bracket profile is provided for coupling to one of multiple different store frame openings. Embodiments of the bracket include a bracket body with a platform support surface, a first tooth feature, and a second tooth feature.
Hallmark Cards, Incorporated


Tilt mechanism for a chair and chair

A tilt mechanism for a chair comprises a base, a first support configured to support a chair seat and a second support configured to support a chair back, the second support is pivotably coupled to the base. A coupling mechanism couples the second support to both the base and the first support.
L&p Property Management Company


Electric drive system

This invention concerns an electric drive system (200) for driving an output. The electric drive system comprises: a first electric motor (250) arranged to drive a first input shaft (230) at a first angular velocity, ω1, and a second electric motor (260) arranged to drive a second input shaft (240) at a second angular velocity, ω2.
Harper Adams University


Controlling coupling in a filter by aperture design

A multi-mode cavity filter, including at least one dielectric resonator body incorporating a piece of dielectric material, the piece of dielectric material having a shape such that it can support at least a first resonant mode and at least a second substantially degenerate resonant mode; a layer of conductive material in contact with and covering the dielectric resonator body; and a coupling mechanism including at least one aperture in the layer of conductive material for at least one of inputting signals to the dielectric resonator body and outputting signals from the dielectric resonator body, the at least one aperture being arranged for at least one of directly coupling signals to the first resonant mode and the second substantially degenerate resonant mode in parallel, and directly coupling signals from the first resonant mode and the second substantially degenerate resonant mode in parallel.. .
Mesaplexx Pty Ltd


Battery pack

The present invention relates to a battery pack including a housing, a latch mechanism, a printed circuit board connected to electrical terminals, and an internal frame. The housing includes a first and second portion.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation


Low movement trip and integrated signal flag for miniature circuit breakers

A circuit breaker includes a trip mechanism having reduced trip movement and an integrated signal flag. The trip mechanism includes a spring-biased trip lever and a latching member for keeping the trip lever in an on or latched position.
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.


Winding device for self-winding automatic watch

A device for winding automatic watches, including an electrical energy source and a receptacle support including a surface configured to receive in abutment a back cover of a watch, the device configured to generate a magnetic and/or electrostatic field or eddy currents, in a fixed position underneath the bearing surface and generate, on a substantially annular angular sector, a magnetic and or electrostatic field that varies as a function of time and whose direction is orthogonal to the bearing surface, or generating eddy currents that vary as a function of time. The device can be provided for a watch including an automatic winding mechanism with an oscillating weight including a first ferromagnetic inner part and a second heavy metal peripheral part, and possibly with a paramagnetic conductive disc coaxial to the oscillating weight..
The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd


Lighting housing having self-adjusting hinge mechanism

A lighting fixture including alighting housing having a reflector member having that is attached to the bottom of the lighting housing, lights positioned beneath the reflector, first and second brackets positioned on the top surface the reflector member, wherein the reflector member is hingedly mounted to the lighting housing using a first fastener extending through the first bracket, and using a second fastener extending through the second bracket of the reflector member.. .
Appleton Grp, Llc


Multi-point exit device

A center slide assembly for a multi-point exit device. Upper and lower spool assemblies may be displaced from first positions to second positions along an inner region of a center slide.
Schlage Lock Company Llc


Gate latch assembly

A gate latch arranged to be mounted to either a gate or gate post and adapted to co-operate with a component mounted on the other of the gate or gate post to hold the gate closed, the gate latch comprising: a latch mechanism, and a housing containing at least a portion of the latch mechanism, the housing being configured to receive at least one latch accessory to modify the gate latch.. .
D & D Group Pty Ltd


Pvd processing apparatus and pvd processing method

A pvd processing apparatus and method capable of forming a composite coating having a coating thickness with excellent circumferential uniformity on an outer peripheral surface of a substrate. The pvd processing apparatus includes: a vacuum chamber; a revolving table revolving a plurality of substrates around an revolution axis in the vacuum chamber; a plurality of rotating tables rotating the substrates about their rotation axis parallel to the revolution axis on the revolution table; a plurality of types of targets provided radially outside the revolving table at circumferentially spaced positions; and a table rotating mechanism rotating the rotating table by an angle of 180° or more while the substrates passes through a region between two tangent lines drawn from a center of the target to an arc enveloping the rotating tables..
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)


Hydraulic control device for forklift

A hydraulic control device for a forklift includes: a plurality of hydraulic mechanisms including a lifting/lowering hydraulic cylinder and a tilting hydraulic cylinder; a hydraulic pump; an electric motor; a discharge control mechanism; a proportional valve; a flow rate control valve; and a controller. When the lifting/lowering hydraulic cylinder performs a lowering operation of the fork and a hydraulic mechanism other than the lifting/lowering hydraulic cylinder simultaneously performs a further operation, the controller controls an open degree of the proportional valve in accordance with a rotation speed difference of a required lowering operation rotation speed for the hydraulic pump, which is required to perform the lowering operation at an instructed speed that is in accordance with an operation amount of the lifting/lowering control member, and a required further operation rotation speed for the hydraulic pump, which is required to perform the further operation..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki


Vertical take-off and landing aerial vehicle

A vtol (vertical take-off and landing) aerial flying vehicle comprising an inner frame, a gimbal system and an outer frame, the inner frame comprising a propulsion system and a control system. The propulsion system being able to generate a lift force.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)


Rehabilitation equipment

A rehabilitation equipment includes a main frame, a rotating mechanism, a linking mechanism and a resistance mechanism. The rotating mechanism is disposed on the main frame.
Preventive Medical Health Care Co., Ltd.


Rotary rattoo machine with suspended motor give

A rotary tattoo machine with suspended motor give, includes: a frame adapted to receive and support rotary tattoo machine components; a spring mechanism having at least one spring connected to the frame; a d.c. Rotary drive motor connected to the at least one spring and rotatably suspended from the spring mechanism relative to the frame, the d.c.


Force module for class ii and class iii correction and releasable distal connector for force module

Orthodontic force modules and assemblies for use in correcting class ii and/or class iii malocclusions include an elongate hollow outer body extending between proximal and distal ends, a plunger, spring, and push rod. The plunger and push rod are slidably received within different ends of the hollow outer body.
Ultradent Products, Inc.


System and transapical access and closure

Embodiments are described for creating and closing tissue access ports, such as transapical access ports, which involve placement of an introducer across the subject tissue structure, and deployment of a controllable port closure device assembly configured to remain in place with a ratcheting mechanism, and to hold the tissue surrounding the previous access port location closed against a sealing disc with proximal and distal strut assemblies, after the introducer has been removed.. .
Entourage Medical Technologies, Inc.


Optically augmented fine needle aspiration biopsy device and using the same

Devices for performing fine-needle aspiration of tissue and methods of using the same are disclosed. The device includes a syringe including a fiber optic probe, a plunger, and a needle and a holder including a coupling mechanism, a first actuator, and a second actuator.
Fraunhofer Usa, Inc.


Internal ultrasound assembly with port for fluid injection

There are disclosed embodiments of devices and methods for imaging the inside of a body part, particularly a blood vessel. In particular embodiments, a catheter has a tip chamber, within which is an ultrasound transducer mounted on a pivot mechanism, a motor for turning the transducer, and an implement for pivoting the transducer.
Muffin Incorporated


Universally mounted work surface height adjustor with suction cups

An apparatus for adjusting the height of a work surface comprising a height-adjusting mechanism and a universal mount that ensures compatibility with a wide variety of desks and other work surfaces. The apparatus may include one or more suction cups for securing the work surface to the height adjustment mechanism.
Wl Innovations, Llc


Adult hidden tobacco or smoking system

The embodiments herein provide a system for a secretive storage of a tobacco smoking kit. The tobacco smoking kit is hidden in a toy-like structure for secretive storage, preservation, grinding, rolling and smoking of tobacco.


Automatic transmission

An automatic transmission that shifts power applied to an input member and outputs the shifted power to an output member, the automatic transmission including a first planetary gear mechanism, a third planetary gear mechanism, a compound planetary gear mechanism, a first clutch, a second clutch, a third clutch, a fourth clutch a first brake, and a second brake.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Geared motor

A geared motor includes a gear mechanism portion that meshes with a rotational shaft provided within a main motor unit. The gear mechanism portion has a multistage planetary gear reducing mechanism.
Nidec Copal Corporation


Systems and methods for releasing a tool string

Disclosed is a release tool used to separate portions of a tool string. One release tool includes a main body, a bolt housing coupled to the main body and defining a bore for receipt of a separation bolt therein, the separation bolt being configured to couple the bolt housing to a lower sub, and a trigger mechanism communicably coupled to the separation bolt and configured to send an electrical signal to the separation bolt whereupon the separation bolt breaks and thereby allows the lower sub to separate from the bolt housing..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Latch assembly

A latch assembly is provided that includes a housing, a release mechanism and a latch mechanism. The release mechanism includes a handle.
The Eastern Company


Latch mechanism for an exit device

A latch assembly is configured to be operable within a door latch system where the door latch system releasably secures a door in a door frame. The latch assembly comprises a housing and a latch pivotally mounted in the housing.
Hanchett Entry Systems, Inc.


Rotatable vehicle seat frame assembly

A rotatable vehicle seat frame assembly has a main frame, at least one first seat frame, at least one second seat frame, and at least one elevatable desk. Each seat frame has a bottom sliding mechanism, a top sliding mechanism, and an angle-adjusting mechanism.


Rotatable vehicle seat frame and a rotatable vehicle seat frame assembly

A rotatable vehicle seat frame has a base bracket, a stand, a seat bracket and a back support bracket in sequence from up to down. A bottom sliding mechanism is mounted between the base bracket and the stand.

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