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This page is updated frequently with new Mechanism-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Industrial robot patent thumbnailIndustrial robot
An industrial robot may include a first hand and a second hand, each of which is provided with a first hand portion including a substrate-mounting portion and a second hand portion having multiple substrate-mounting portions; a first arm rotatably joined to the first and second hand portion; a second arm rotatably joined to the first and second hand portion; an arm support portion; a column portion for holding said arm support portion; a first hand portion-rotating mechanism; a second hand portion-rotating mechanism; third hand portion-rotating mechanism; a fourth hand portion-rotating mechanism; a first arm-rotating mechanism structured to rotate said first arm with respect to said arm support portion; and a second arm-rotating mechanism structured to rotate said second arm with respect to said arm support portion.. .
Nidec Sankyo Corporation

 Method for operating a circuit breaker and circuit breaker patent thumbnailMethod for operating a circuit breaker and circuit breaker
A method is disclosed for operating a circuit breaker, the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker includes an operating lever, a latching mechanism and an electrical contact system with a movable contact and a fixed contact.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Method for operating a circuit breaker and circuit breaker patent thumbnailMethod for operating a circuit breaker and circuit breaker
A method is disclosed for operating a circuit breaker. The circuit breaker includes an operating lever, a latching mechanism and an electrical contact system with a movable contact and a fixed contact.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Camera carrying and mounting system patent thumbnailCamera carrying and mounting system
Embodiments of the present disclosure include a camera carrying and mounting system. The system may include a camera plate configured to mount onto a camera and a coupling mechanism.
Asferik Llc

 Trigger mechanism for a pistol patent thumbnailTrigger mechanism for a pistol
A pistol having a sliding hammer (5), a trigger mechanism including a trigger rod (2), an automatic safety (10) which can engage said sliding hammer (5) and a two armed lever (8) rotatably mounted on an axis (15) for operating the automatic safety (10) by means of a first arm (9), said trigger rod (2) having a rear end which is bent to a form a horizontal part, said horizontal part comprising: a first alignment edge (3) which engages a hammer ledge (4) on said sliding hammer (5) and a second alignment edge (6) which engages a hollow (7) in a second arm (11) of the two armed lever (8).. .

 Adjustable dead-latching bolt mechanisms patent thumbnailAdjustable dead-latching bolt mechanisms
Latch mechanisms adapted to prevent unauthorized displacement of a latch bolt from an extended, locked position to a retracted, unlocked position. The latch mechanisms prevent the failure of a latch bolt of one latch mechanism to return to an extended lock position from interfering with the ability of a latch bolt of an inter-related latch mechanism from being able to return to an extended, locked position.
Schlage Lock Company Llc

 Electric balance vehicle patent thumbnailElectric balance vehicle
An electric balance vehicle including a top cover, a bottom cover, an inner cover, a rotating mechanism, two wheels, two hub motors, a plurality of sensors, a power supply, and a controller is described herein. The bottom cover is fixed to the top cover.
Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

 Double-pinion steering mechanism having a hollow shaft motor patent thumbnailDouble-pinion steering mechanism having a hollow shaft motor
A steering gear mechanism for motor vehicles may include a steering system housing in which a toothed rack is mounted and displaceable along a longitudinal axis. The toothed rack may be connected to steerable wheels of a motor vehicle and configured to pivot the steerable wheels.
Thyssenkrupp Presta Ag

 Rotary table and clamping mechanism patent thumbnailRotary table and clamping mechanism
A rotary table, which is provided with a rotating shaft rotatably disposed in a casing and a clamping mechanism configured to disable the rotating shaft from rotating, is designed so that another clamping mechanism, in addition to the first clamping mechanism, can be connected to the rotating shaft, whereby a clamping torque twice that of a rotary table with a single clamping mechanism can be produced.. .
Fanuc Corporation

 Induction-based food holding/warming system and method with height adjustment mechanism patent thumbnailInduction-based food holding/warming system and method with height adjustment mechanism
A device, system and method for induction heating food service pans having differing depths, while maintaining the pans sufficiently closely adjacent an enclosure containing the induction heating power source.. .
Cooktek Induction Systems, Llc A Division Of Middleby Corporation


Modular furniture assembly with dual coupling mechanisms

A modular furniture assembly comprising first and second members (e.g., base and transverse member) may have convenient dual coupling mechanisms, for example, a magnetic coupling mechanism and a mechanical (e.g., hook and loop) coupling mechanism. The first member and/or second member may include a fabric or other cover over a foam or other body (e.g., fabric over foam, or other cover over a skeleton).
Sac Acquisition Llc


Latching mechanism for pet enclosure

A latching mechanism having a camming surface to engage the latching mechanism without human intervention when a door is traversed from an opened position to a closed position is disclosed. Other latching mechanisms are also disclosed.
Precision Pet Products, Inc.


Stuffer trigger system for an agricultural baler

An agricultural baler system has a plunger, a bale chamber, a pre-compression chamber and a stuffer unit, for moving crop from the pre-compression chamber to the bale chamber. The stuffer unit includes a stuffer fork trigger mechanism, an actuator and a controller.
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Percussion firing mechanism of the pistol

Invention refers to the armament industry, namely to percussion firing mechanism of the pistol and according to the invention, the barrel is moving inside the frame parallel to the slide axis only, at that the cartridge is located in the magazine in alignment with the barrel, the hammer is performed with firing pin located in the slide lateral channel and has the ledge directed upwards to interact with the hammer spring and the ledge, directed downwards to interact with pistol trigger mechanism, at the rear part of the slide, under the hammer the port is performed, which contains the hammer spring module, located in case, which is fixed at the front part of the slide port by means of catches and by means of the cross pin at the rear part and contains the tube-form extractor with collar for the interaction with hammer ledge, at that the front end of the guide is inserted in extractor lateral hole, but its rear end intrudes in the hole, performed at the guiding socket base, the hammer spring, located inside the guiding socket between the guiding socket base and extractor collar, grips the guide and extractor and the ends of the guide are inserted into the module case walls holes, therewith the firing mechanism contains the automatic safety device, ledge of which, driven by the safety device spring intrudes into the hammer notch, providing its lengthwise displacement inability. The invention allows improving the pistol operation durability due to the cartridge jamming against the barrel breech face possibility elimination, and to ensure maintenance, disassembly, cleaning ease due to the firing mechanism components, located in the quick-release module of the slide..


Burst firing device for firearm

A burst firing trigger mechanism is provided. The mechanism includes a sear having a hamper engagement surface and a transfer mechanism.


Automatic transmission apparatus

An automatic transmission apparatus that includes a first planetary gear mechanism, a second planetary gear mechanism, a third planetary gear mechanism, a fourth planetary gear mechanism, a first coupling element, a second coupling element, a third coupling element, a fourth coupling element, a first clutch, a second clutch, a third clutch, a fourth clutch, a first brake and a second brake.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Viscous rotational speed control device

A rotational speed control device maintains a shaft rotation speed. The device includes a housing containing a viscous fluid and a shaft disposed in the housing and rotatable relative to the housing.
Nelson Irrigation Corporation


Viscous rotational speed control device

A rotational speed control device maintains a shaft rotation speed. The device includes a housing containing a viscous fluid and a shaft disposed in the housing and rotatable relative to the housing.
Nelson Irrigation Corporation


Non-coaxial multi-axial rotating mechanism

A mechanism whereby fluid can be pumped by the addition of mechanical power to a shaft, or conversely, shaft power may be extracted from a fluid by forcing a fluid through the device, or allowing an expansion of fluid to occur, thereby producing power. The mechanism consisting of four basic components: a housing with a cylindrical interior cavity; a vane mounted concentric with the interior cavity, and having a radius such that the end of the vane touches or nearly touches the cylindrical cavity walls as the device rotates; a cylindrical hub that is smaller than the interior cavity diameter, and mounted parallel with the vane, but offset from the vane so that one side of the hub is continuously tangent, or nearly tangent with the interior of the interior housing cavity; a seal that allows the vane to move by translation and rotation relative to the cylindrical hub while preventing fluid movement between one side of the vane and the other.


Hinge with spring pre-load transfer mechanism

Latching or locking deployment hinges are provided that include a latch mechanism, a spring-loaded tensioning device, and a trigger mechanism. The trigger mechanism and the spring-loaded tensioning device are configured to transfer the compressed spring load in the spring-loaded tensioning device to the latch mechanism once the hinge has closed sufficiently far enough to latch together, thus inducing a pre-load through the latch mechanism that eliminates gapping in the hinge interface.
Space Systems/loral, Llc


Vehicle door opening and closing apparatus

A vehicle door opening and closing apparatus includes: a closing latch mechanism having a first latch and a first ratchet; an opening latch mechanism having a second latch and a second ratchet; a release electric mechanism configured to operate the first ratchet to a released position; an opening latch interlocking mechanism configured to operate in a cancel direction from an initial position in association with movement of the second latch from the unlatched position to the latched position; a relay mechanism configured to enable returning of the first ratchet stopped at the released position by switching over from a connected state to a disconnected state; and a cable that is routed through inside of a door trim and that transmits the operation of the opening latch interlocking mechanism in the cancel direction to the relay mechanism.. .
Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation


Wear assembly

Wear members for wear assemblies include a lock configured to secure the wear member to a base, where the lock has two engagement positions, namely: (a) a first position that secures the lock to the wear member, and (b) a second position that secures the wear member to the base. The locks are further configured to be unlatched and removed from the wear member in two phases, a first retraction of the latching mechanism, followed by a rotation of the lock itself with removal from the wear member..
Esco Corporation


Work vehicle and work vehicle control charging

A power transmission device includes a gear mechanism, a predetermined controlling rotation element, an energy-generating motor, and a connected motor connected to the controlling rotation element. The energy storage unit is configured to store the energy generated by the energy-generating motor.
Komatsu Ltd.


Safety coupling mechanism

An excavator tool attaching mechanism comprising a housing comprising a pair of housing walls; a first fixed engaging means for engaging with a first retaining element of an excavator tool; a second moveable engaging means for engaging with a second retaining element of the excavator tool; a safety mechanism moveable between a locked and an unlocked configuration; wherein the second moveable engaging means comprises an engaging element moveable between a first position for releasing an excavator tool and a second position for engagement with the second retaining element, wherein the safety mechanism is automatically moved from the unlocked to the locked configuration by movement of the engaging element from the first to the second position, preventing movement of the engaging element between the second and first position; and wherein the engaging element is moveable to the second position when the second moveable engaging means engages with the second retaining element.. .
Geith International Limited


Culture system and culture method

A culture system comprises: a preparatory culture vessel and a main culture vessel that accommodate cells and a solution; a main stage that holds the preparatory culture vessel and the main culture vessel; a connecting tube that connects the culture vessels; a valve that opens and closes the connecting tube; and a rotating mechanism that rotates the main stage and imparts a height difference between the culture vessels to transfer the cells and solution by dropping between the culture vessels.. .
Universal Bio Research Co., Ltd.


Compact document bundler

A document bundler for a bill validator includes a document path, a transportation unit, and a clamp mechanism. The transportation unit is adapted to move a plurality of documents in series through the document path.
Crane Payment Innovations, Inc.


Consumable product package with pivoting lid

A package including a container having an open end defining an opening into a container interior adapted to hold consumable product. A closure is disposed on the container open end and has a base and a lid pivotally secured thereto.
Intercontinental Great Brands Llc


Tonneau cover latch apparatus

A vehicle cargo box tonneau cover apparatus includes two or more hard panels. Adjacent panels are joined along their common edges by a hinge enabling transitioning the panels between a planer deployed position and a folded retracted position.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Steering column assembly

A steering column assembly comprises a shroud having a first part that is fixed in position axially relative to the vehicle and a second part that can in use can move relative to the first part for adjustment of the length of the shroud, a support bracket that in use is secured to a part of the vehicle, and a clamp mechanism that has a locked position in which it locks the position of the moving part of the shroud relative to the first part of the shroud and an unlocked position in which it permits movement between the first and second parts of the shroud. The assembly further comprises an end of travel protection mechanism which comprises a cam that is free to rotate around an axis and a lock bolt, in a locked position the end of travel protection mechanism urging the lock bolt into a position where it limits the amount of collapse of the shroud and in an unlocked position the end of travel protection mechanism the lock bolt being withdrawn into a position where it permits additional collapse of the shroud beyond that permitted when in the locked position, in which the mechanism converts a rotary movement of the cam into the required linear motion of the lock bolt, the rotation of the cam in use being created by a linkage that is connected to a part of the clamp mechanism arranged such that with the clamp mechanism in the unlocked position the secondary lock mechanism is in the locked position and with the clamp mechanism in the locked position the secondary lock mechanism is in the unlocked position..
Trw Limited


Single use intranasal atomizer

An intranasal atomizer drug chamber housing comprises an atomizable liquid, an atomizer chamber; a slidable plunger; an atomizer in the atomizer chamber and a spring to drive the plunger upon release from a compressed position. The intranasal atomizer may additionally comprise: a drug chamber veil attached to outlet end of the atomizer, and shaped to fit in a user's nostril.
Bixa Research And Health Inc.


Surgical patient side cart with steering interface

A patient side cart for a teleoperated surgical system includes at least one manipulator portion for holding a surgical instrument and a steering interface. The steering interface may include at least one sensor positioned to sense turning, fore, and aft forces exerted by a user to move the cart.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Systems for securing a mobile device in a waterproof case

A mobile device case comprises a seal member and a sealing channel to receive the seal member. The sealing channel exerts a force of the seal member perpendicular to a direction of travel of an upper section of the mobile device case.
Hit Technologies Inc.


String winding and unwinding apparatus

Embodiments of the present invention provide an apparatus for convenient tightening and loosening of strings such as those found in shoelaces of footwear. The apparatus includes a rotating portion within a base portion.


Cage having an automatic door

A cage having an automatic door is described. A front side of the cage is provided with a door panel.


Electrical wire connector

An electrical wire connector for electrically coupling together a plurality of electrical wires, which comprises a bridging member having a midsection interposed between a pair of sectional ends each having a lower jaw element integral thereto and an upper jaw element pivotally connected thereto to collectively form a clamp mechanism for receiving a bare portion of electrical wire. A torsion spring positioned between the lower and upper jaw elements serves to supply a downward clamping force that retains the electrical wire within the clamp mechanism.


Bistable relay and bistable actuator

A bistable relay and a bistable actuator are provided. The bistable actuator includes a magnetic latching mechanism and an electromagnet.


Coupling mechanism for date display discs

Grand date calendar display device for a watch movement comprising a first disc and a second disc, arranged to display, at least on certain dates, first date values through a combination of symbols borne by the first disc and symbols borne by the second disc, wherein the device includes a first coupling mechanism and a second coupling mechanism between the first disc and the second disc such that, at least on certain dates, the first disc drives the second disc, and on certain other dates, the second disc drives the first disc.. .
Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes a main casing, an opening-closing member configured to open and close an opening on a side of the main casing and to move between an open position and a closed position, a belt unit configured to move between a first position and a second position, a drum unit configured to move between a third position and a fourth position, a developing device unit configured to move in an arrangement direction of developing rollers, and an interlock mechanism configured such that in response to a movement of the opening-closing member from the closed position to the open position, the belt unit moves from the first position to the second position and the drum unit moves from the third position to the fourth position.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Mechanical transmission

A drive system (10) for an aircraft, operable for selectively enabling ground movement, and in particular taxiing movement, of the aircraft without requiring the aircraft to be moved by a ground vehicle. The drive system (10) comprises a power system (25) and a mechanical transmission (23) for delivering rotational drive to landing gear (13) of the aircraft.
Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd


Ratchet chain binder

The chain binder includes a main tube and two links separately screwed to the main tube. A u-shaped seat has two parallel side plates and a hollow portion and is pivoted by the main tube.
Strong Yun Industrial Co., Ltd.


Housing for a crankcase ventilation system

A housing for a crankcase ventilation system of an engine is provided. The housing includes a plurality of walls connected together and having an outer surface and an inner surface.
Caterpillar Inc.


Retractable stirrup extension

A retractable stirrup extension for use with a saddle and horse. The extendable stirrup assembly includes an conventional fixed stirrup with an upper (top) foot plate for supporting the rider's foot during riding, and a retractable bottom foot plate retractably attached to the upper stirrup with an extension mechanism that provides about 4-8 inches of vertical travel (extension).


Ratcheting, self-aligning load-support device

Disclosed herein is a ratcheting, self-aligning load-lifting device featuring a ram, responsive to a pressurized medium, having at least one rack of teeth and a keyway slot, and a ratchet mechanism encircling the ram. The ratchet mechanism has at least one pawl for engagement with the rack of teeth during elevation of the ram, a set screw extending into the keyway to maintain proper alignment of the mechanism, a spring plunger radially positioned for engagement with the keyway slot after the ratchet mechanism has been rotated and the pawl has been released from the elevated rack of teeth, and a biasing means positioned within and attached to rotate the ratchet mechanism thereby urging the re-engagement of the pawl with the lowered rack of teeth..


Integrated active hinge mechanism

An active hinge mechanism structured for lifting a portion of a hood of a vehicle is provided. The mechanism includes a tubular link structured for operative coupling to the hood so as to transmit a lifting force to the hood after activation of the mechanism..
Tk Holdings Inc.


Power transmitting hybrid vehicle

A power transmitting apparatus (tm) for a hybrid vehicle includes a power split mechanism (4), a transmission gear mechanism (17) and a support (118). The power split mechanism (4) includes a differential device provided with a first/second/third rotation elements.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Lightweight mop and mop bucket used therewith

A portable mop comprises a mop rod (1). The mop rod (1) is provided with a steering mechanism (5).


Golf putting and chipping training aid

Disclosed herein is a golfing aid that includes a club holder for realisably holding a golf club shaft, and a flexible shoulder strap coupled to a club holder. The flexible shoulder strap is sized and shaped to loop over the shoulders of a golfer and press against upper arms of the golfer.


Drive mechanism for a drug delivery device

Drive mechanism of a drug delivery device the present invention relates to a drive mechanism of a drug delivery device for dispensing of a dose of a medicament, the mechanism comprising: an elongated housing (20) extending in an axial direction (1, 2), a piston rod (70) to operably engage with a piston (16) of a cartridge (14) to displace the piston (16) in axial distal direction (1), a drive sleeve (50) rotatably supported in the housing (20) at least in a dose incrementing direction (5) against the action of a spring element (58), a ratchet mechanism (150) to rotatably fix the drive sleeve (50) relative to the housing (20), the ratchet mechanism (150) comprises a first ratchet body (151) and a second ratchet body (152), wherein the first ratchet body (151) has a first and a second ratchet element (94, 95) to alternately engage with a toothed profile (51) of the second ratchet body (152),—wherein one of the first and second ratchet bodies (151; 152) is operably engaged with the housing (20) and wherein the other one of the first and second ratchet bodies (152, 151) is operably engaged with the drive sleeve (50).. .


Apparatus for preparing food having a drawer with a sliding mechanism

The present invention relates to an apparatus for preparing food, said apparatus comprising: —a shell (1) having internal walls (2), —a drawer (3) placed inside the shell (1), the drawer comprising a pan (4) and a food basket (5), the food basket (5) being placed inside the pan (4), —an air heating system (6) and an air fan (7) placed inside the shell (1), —a sliding mechanism (8) placed between the internal walls (2) and the drawer (3). The sliding mechanism allows to correctly position the drawer inside the apparatus, and reduces efforts of use to manipulate the drawer..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


System and methods for assembling chain elements using a coupling mechanism

The disclosure herein relates to methods used to facilitate the assembly of chain-links. In particular, the disclosure relates to using a coupling mechanism comprising at least one coupling pin and at least one coupling socket to form a chain element in various ornamental and decorative forms.


Pluggable optical module latch mechanism and method

A latch mechanism for a pluggable optical module includes a slide disposed in the pluggable optical module, wherein the slide includes a front cylinder connected to a rear cylinder with a slide body therebetween and a post connected to the rear cylinder; a bail over a top of a front portion of the pluggable optical module and rotatably connected thereto, wherein the bail includes a first cutout portion on each side in which the front cylinder is moveably positioned therein; a ramp disposed within the pluggable optical module for sliding the rear cylinder thereon; and a notch disposed within the pluggable optical module for translating force from the post thereto responsive to the bail moving the front cylinder, the front cylinder applying force to the rear cylinder via the slide body, and the rear cylinder translating the force to the post.. .


High impedance compliant probe tip

A test probe tip can include a compliance member or force deflecting assembly and a tip component. The compliance member or force deflecting assembly can include a plunger component and a barrel component to receive the plunger component, wherein the plunger component is configured to slide axially inside the barrel component.


Hobby servo motor linear actuator systems

A lead screw attachment mechanism for a linear actuator system is provided. The attachment mechanism comprises an attachment housing comprising a fixed cover configured to house the attachment mechanism.


Air conditioner

The present invention includes a blower sucking and blowing air; a plurality of cylindrical air discharging units, each having an air discharging flow path through which the air blown by the blower passes and discharges, the plurality of air discharging units respectively having rotational center axes parallel with each other; and an air discharging unit rotating mechanism rotating each of the plurality of air discharging units, with the respective rotational center axes of the air discharging units kept in position. The plurality of air discharging units arranged in parallel with each other may distributively discharge air in multiple directions.


Dual motor device with application to power cinch and latch mechanism

A rotary drive actuation system for actuating a latch including: an output shaft having a member affixed at one end of the output shaft for coupling to a component of the latch; a common drive element affixed to the output shaft at the other end of the output shaft; and a plurality of motors coupled to the common drive element for simultaneously driving the common drive element and the output shaft in a first rotary direction to effect actuation of the latch.. .


Latch mechanism

A latch mechanism for releasably securing a hinged gate to one or more latches. The latch mechanism includes a handle that is pivotally connected to a gate wall.


Control network for led-based lighting system in a transit vehicle

A transit vehicle lighting system has a plurality of led-based lighting fixtures for providing interior illumination. A control network comprises a plurality of slave nodes for controlling the led-based lighting fixtures, and a master node for controlling the slave nodes.


Combination step rail assembly for use as a step platform or a ramp on a vehicle

The present disclosure relates to a system readily configurable for use as either a step rail along a side of a motor vehicle, or also as a loading ramp for use in loading and unloading cargo to and from a cargo bed of the motor vehicle. The system makes use of a ramp assembly and a plurality of hangers.


Electric vehicle range extender charging

In an electric vehicle having a primary battery powered source of energy with a primary electric motor driven and connected to one or more ground engagement wheels of the electric vehicle, has a device called a sprocket used for collecting energy form the inner rim edge of the rear wheel of the electric vehicle. This sprocket mechanism device collects this energy then transfers that energy to alternators one and two on its mounted framework in the trunk compartment by way of a chain.


Shelving system with obscurable shelving

Various shelving systems, such as shower caddies, are disclosed. In some embodiments, a shower caddy includes an elongate support member and a plurality of shelves, each of which can be supported by a clamping mechanism.


Kitchen appliance and using same

A kitchen appliance includes a housing that defines a cavity. The housing has a housing rim defining an opening to the cavity.


Electrical plugs with integrated strain relief and manufacture

Overmolded electrical plugs with integrated strain relief are disclosed. The strain relief may have multiple protrusions extending though the overmolded housing which are visible to users.


Electrical plugs with integrated strain relief and manufacture

Overmolded electrical plugs with integrated strain relief are disclosed. The strain relief may have multiple protrusions extending though the overmolded housing which are visible to users.


Circuit breakers with polarity sensitive shunt trip mechanisms and methods of operating the same

A circuit breaker includes at least one set of breaker contacts and a contact actuating mechanism configured to open and close the at least one set of contacts. The circuit breaker further includes a polarity sensitive shunt trip mechanism mechanically coupled to the contact actuating mechanism and configured to lock the contact actuating mechanism responsive to a shunt trip voltage of a first polarity to prevent closing of the at least one set of contacts and to unlock the contact actuating mechanism responsive to a shunt trip voltage of a second polarity to enable closing of the at least one set of breaker contacts..


Adjustable hinge arrangement for eyewear

Systems and methods may provide an adjustable eyewear piece, and may include implementing an adjustable hinge mechanism to detachably couple a first eyewear component and a second an eyewear component. In one example, the adjustable eyewear component may include a frame, a temple arm, and an adjustable hinge mechanism to couple the frame and the temple arm..


Ambidextrous bolt action rifle chassis and plug

An ambidextrous chassis for a firearm includes sidewalls and a plug. The sidewalls define a trigger well that is configured to receive a trigger mechanism.


Trigger mechanism for a firearm

A trigger mechanism for a firearm provides modified and/or adjustable trigger pull length, reduced sear pressure, reduced reset trigger slap, and/or improved engagement of the trigger safety.. .


Method and self-resetting trigger mechanism

A projectile launcher using a self-resetting trigger system includes a striker, a sear, and a trigger. The striker, also known as hammer, includes an anchoring notch and is able to slide between a firing position and a ready-for-firing position for launching an object.


System and charging dust-free fuel dosage in solid-fuel stoves for heating of cubature facilites

Described herein is a charging system for dust-free fuel feeding, comprising a loading chamber, container, and belt conveyor located in the chamber, wherein the loading chamber is bipartite and its lower part, charging is a rectangular body, closed in the lower part by the arched profiled surface of the bottom, located at an angle in respect to the walls of chamber, connected in the lower part with the chamber of the belt conveyor, wherein the brackets are placed in the upper part of the chamber, fastened horizontally to the wall of the charging chamber, in the lower part of the chamber there is an inlet of suction port of turbine, and the loading chamber has cylindrical shape, which the top edge has arched outline, forming funnel profile, closed at the inlet by a flexible membrane and the ratchet mechanism is placed on the external surface of the chamber.. .


Iron-based sprayed coating, cylinder block for internal combustion engine using same, and sliding mechanism for internal combustion engine

An iron-based sprayed coating for coating a bore inner surface of a cylinder block for an internal combustion engine. A coating surface contains pits, its pit amount is within a range of 0.01% to 2.1%, and an average roughness ra of this coating surface is within a range of 0.01 μm to 0.15 μm.


Two-stroke internal combustion engine with a spherical chamber

An internal combustion heat engine, of which the architecture of one elementary “cylinder” includes 4 identical mobile couplings distributed about the z axis of the engine, consisting of a segmented “piston” driven by the crank pin of a crankshaft and guided by a roller rolling in a slide. The crankshafts, which are parallel and synchronised by a gear mechanism, perform one revolution per cycle.


Low profile arc resistant door latching mechanism

The disclosed concept pertains generally to electrical switching apparatus, such as circuit breakers, and more particularly, to enclosures for electrical switching apparatus and the components of the enclosures, such as latching doors and latching mechanisms.. .


Adjustable manhole cover

A manhole cover assembly has an inner cylinder and an outer cylinder. An upper ratchet mechanism extends axially and circumferentially about an outwardly facing surface of the inner cylinder.


Vapor phase growth apparatus and vapor phase growth method

A vapor phase growth apparatus includes: a reaction chamber; a lower region provided below the reaction chamber; a rotating body provided in the reaction chamber; a rotating shaft connected to the rotating body and having a lower end provided in the lower region; a support portion provided in an upper portion of the rotating body and supporting a substrate; a reaction gas supply port provided on the reaction chamber and supplying a reaction gas for forming a film on the substrate into the reaction chamber; a rotating mechanism including a rotor, the rotating mechanism provided in the lower region and configured to rotate the rotating shaft; a first bearing provided in the lower region and rotatably supporting the rotating shaft; a second bearing provided below the first bearing in the lower region, the second bearing rotatably supporting the rotating shaft; a first air supply port provided above the rotating mechanism and the first bearing in the lower region, the first air supply port supplying a first gas into the lower region; a second air supply port provided below the rotating mechanism and the second bearing in the lower region, the second air supply port supplying a second gas into the lower region; a first exhaust port provided between the first air supply port and the second air supply port in the lower region, the first exhaust port exhausting the first gas and the second gas from the lower region; and a second exhaust port provided in the reaction chamber and exhausting a surplus reaction gas and a reaction by-product generated by the formation of the film from the reaction chamber.. .


Mobile cart with retractable wheel assembly

A mobile cart having a retractable wheel assembly. A control rod engages the gear mechanisms coupled to the deployment rods.


Full memory seat track mechanism

A seat track assembly includes a latch mechanism operable to allow movement of a movable track relative to a fixed track between a plurality of positions. A memory mechanism is operable between a home position, coupled with the movable track, and a memory position, coupled with the fixed track, to define a selected position.


Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus

A lower mold (2) of a set of upper and lower molds for resin encapsulation of a lead frame having a semiconductor chip mounted thereon is provided with a tapered positioning pin (3) to be engaged with a positioning hole formed in the lead frame. A columnar portion of the tapered positioning pin has an outer diameter larger than an inner diameter of a positioning hole.


Storage cassette and rack system for biospecimens

A storage cassette, including: a housing having a substantially hollow interior to receive a biospecimen container via a housing opening; a cover for closing the housing opening; a lock mechanism to be moved between a locked position in which the cover is maintained in a closed position and an unlocked position in which the cover can be moved to an open position; and a latch mechanism which, when the storage cassette is inserted into a rack, prevents inadvertent removal of the storage cassette from the rack. A rack, including a plurality of stacked rack elements, each rack element including an interlocking mechanism for securing adjacent rack elements, wherein each rack element is adapted to receive a storage cassette or each rack element includes a housing having a substantially hollow interior to receive a biospecimen container via a housing opening and a cover for closing the housing opening..


External fixation clamp using a trigger mechanism and stored spring energy

An external fixation clamp for receiving a fixation element includes an inner jaw and an outer jaw movable between an open position that permits the fixation element to be placed between the inner and outer jaws and a closed position that restricts removal of the fixation element from between the inner and outer jaws. A latch assembly may cooperate with the inner and outer jaws to secure the jaws in a closed position.


Modular furniture assembly with dual coupling mechanisms

A modular furniture assembly comprising first and second members (e.g., base and transverse member) may have convenient dual coupling mechanisms, for example, a magnetic coupling mechanism and a mechanical (e.g., hook and loop) coupling mechanism. The first member and/or second member may include a fabric or other cover over a foam or other body (e.g., fabric over foam, or other cover over a skeleton).


Alignment guide

An alignment guide and method of assembling an apparatus with an alignment guide is provided. The alignment guide comprises a body having a first abutment surface and a second abutment surface.


Fish striking device

A fish striking device for attachment to a fishing rod and line having a channel body containing tension means one end of which is retained at one end of the channel and the other end of which is fixed to a trigger mechanism slidably mounted on the channel which trigger mechanism is releaseably retained on the channel and engages the line of the fishing rod such that when a fish pulls on the line the trigger mechanism is released and the line is pulled taught by the released tension means.. .


Pluggable optical communications module having an improved latching/delatching mechanism, and an optical communications assembly that includes the module

An optical communications module having an improved latching/delatching mechanism is provided. The slider arms of the latching/delatching mechanism are partially encased in the module housing.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Actuator element for setting the target mark of a sighting telescope

The invention relates to an actuator element for setting the position of a target mark of a sighting telescope having a front module and a rear module, and the front module and rear module are connected to one another by means of a coupling mechanism, which coupling mechanism can be manually actuated in order to separate the front module from the rear module.. .
Swarovski-optik Kg.


Support component for an apparatus

A support component for an apparatus is described. In at least some implementations, a support component is attached to an apparatus (e.g., a computing device) via a hinge mechanism.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Automatic transmission for vehicle

An automatic transmission includes a second planetary gear mechanism having a sun gear, a carrier, and a ring gear being defined as first, second and third elements, respectively, when a single pinion type planetary gear mechanism is applied; the carrier, the ring gear, and the sun gear being defined as the first, second, and third elements, respectively, when a double pinion type is applied; a first brake, a switching clutch being switchable to a first position where the third element is selectively fixed to a housing; a first clutch, a second clutch, a third clutch, and a fourth clutch. The first brake fixes a sun gear of a first planetary gear mechanism to the housing, the switching clutch fixes the third element to the housing, and the fourth clutch connects the second element to a carrier of the third planetary gear mechanism when establishing a reverse speed stage..
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha


Novel cam assembly with interlocking parts for furniture

A mechanism and method for assembling a base to a piece of furniture is provided with at least two cams having complimentary interlock mechanisms constructed and arranged to interlock one to another.. .


Power tong unit

A power tong unit having a gear train in which one or more of the gears in the gear train have removable and replacement roller tooth elements, in lieu of conventional gear teeth. In one embodiment, the ring gear and pinion gears have roller tooth elements, and idler gears disposed between the ring gear and pinion gears, have a semi-circular tooth root profile to mesh with the roller element gear teeth.
Mech Tech Engineering Llc


Enhancing torque electric motor drive and control system for rotary steerable system

An example embodiment of a pipe-in-pipe electric motor assembly includes a drilling string that includes an inner pipe, an outer pipe, and an electric motor. The electric motor is provided with power supplied by the inner pipe and the outer pipe acting at least as conductors.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Hand and finger protector for use with doors

This invention relates to an apparatus and to a method designed to prevent hand and finger injuries resulting from inadvertent door closures. The apparatus for use with an existing door and door surround includes a door latching mechanism mountable to the door having a reversibly extendable bolt actuated by a turning member, a striker member mountable to the door surround wherein a portion of the striker member projects beyond the door surround, and when the bolt is extended, complete door closure is impeded by the projecting portion of the striker member with a gap width created between the leading edge of the door and the door surround sufficient to protect human hands and fingers from being crushed, injured, or amputated.


Snowmobile with leaning capability and improvements therefor

A snowmobile has a suspension with a spring. The spring has a central loop portion and an elastomeric bushing disposed in the central loop portion.


Workpiece fixing jig and workpiece fixing method using the same

A workpiece fixing jig 1 includes a base 2 to be fixed on a table, and a clamping mechanism 10 provided on the base 2 for clamping a workpiece. The clamping mechanism 10 includes a first clamping portion 20 and a second clamping portion 30 provided to face each other.
Dmg Mori Co., Ltd.


Ratchet and release mechanism for swing arm of table saw

A table saw includes a safety system to protect a user from injury. The safety system detects a sensed condition and rapidly moves a saw blade away from the user.
Robert Bosch Tool Corporation


Fluid delivery device

Fluid delivery device for discharging a fluid, having: a housing; piston pump; biasing mechanism; and trigger mechanism. The housing has a basal end and a discharge end with outlet for discharging the fluid.
Consort Medical Plc


Stereotactic surgical instrument

A stereotactic surgical instrument for use in stereotactical therapy and surgery and a coupling mechanism for such an instrument is disclosed. The stereotactic surgical instrument includes a semi-circular arc part and a head frame.
Elekta Ab (publ)


Surgical tool for removing kidney stone

A surgeon's tool for operating a basket device to capture and remove an object may include a controller including a piston and cylinder mechanism for selectively and securely controlling and operating a wire and a sheath of the basket device wherein the piston and the cylinder of the piston and cylinder mechanism may each be independently operated to separately actuate the basket device. The piston and cylinder controller mechanism may include a double piston and cylinder design including first and second biasing mechanisms for biasing the basket device toward a closed position and a latch mechanism for selectively securing the positions of the cylinders..
Gyrus Acmi Inc. D.b.a. Olympus Surgical Technologies America


Eating utensil

The invention relates to an eating utensil which combines the capabilities of a fork, characterized by function for spearing the food and of a knife characterized by function for cutting the food and can be used by the handicapped and people with decreased functional ability of one of their upper limbs. The eating utensil consists of a handle (1) and a head (5) with formed static spearing tines (9) and mounted rotating cutting tines (8′) and (8″).


Pass through shelf wall assembly

Apparatuses, systems, and methods for constructing and installing architectural walls include adjustable shelves and a clamping mechanism. The clamping mechanism may allow the architectural wall to selectively secure a panel or shelf disposed through a hole in the wall.
Dirtt Environmental Solutions Inc.


Buckle release tool

In one aspect there is provided a buckle release tool for unlatching a buckle assembly, the buckle assembly having a base with an actuator button, for activating a latching mechanism from a latched position to an unlatched position, the buckle assembly further having a fulcrum member. The buckle release tool comprises a body, a first end on the body suitably sized for engaging the fulcrum member of the base for creating a fulcrum for the body to rotate about, an engagement end, spaced from the first end and extending a sufficient amount from the body such that there is sufficient clearance of the body over the base to allow proper depression of actuator button by the engagement end during operation and a second end, for accepting a force thereon..

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