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Cooler, electrical component unit, and refrigeration apparatus

Daikin Industries

Cooler, electrical component unit, and refrigeration apparatus

G&h Diversified ManufacturingLp

Cable head with cable shear mechanism for attaching to a wireline to support oilfield equipment in a wellbore

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 System and  transapical access and closure patent thumbnailnew patent System and transapical access and closure
Embodiments are described for creating and closing tissue access ports, such as transapical access ports, which involve placement of an introducer across the subject tissue structure, and deployment of a controllable port closure device assembly configured to remain in place with a ratcheting mechanism, and to hold the tissue surrounding the previous access port location closed against a sealing disc with proximal and distal strut assemblies, after the introducer has been removed.. .
Entourage Medical Technologies, Inc.
 Wobble body gear patent thumbnailnew patent Wobble body gear
A gear mechanism with a sun gear and a ring gear is provided, where the sun gear and the ring gear are arranged coaxial relative to a gear axis of rotation, and with a transmitter element and an actuating device. The transmitter element comprises a revolving transmitter ring which is arranged eccentric relative to the gear axis of rotation and in sections engages with the sun gear and the ring gear.
Iwis Motorsysteme Gmbh & Co. Kg
 Expandable play set patent thumbnailnew patent Expandable play set
A playset is provided. The playset having: a structure being reconfigurable from a first orientation to a second orientation; a clamping mechanism configured to releaseably secure the structure to an elevated surface; a release mechanism, which when actuated causes the structure to transition from the first orientation to the second orientation and wherein the first orientation defines a first toy vehicle path and the wherein the second orientation defines a second toy vehicle path, the first toy vehicle path being different from the second toy vehicle path..
 Fuel cell stack assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Fuel cell stack assembly
A fuel cell stack assembly comprises a plurality of fuel cells in a stack, the stack defining two opposing parallel end faces. An end plate is disposed at each opposing end face of the stack.
Intelligent Energy Limited
 Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
A lower mold (2) of a set of upper and lower molds for resin encapsulation of a lead frame having a semiconductor chip mounted thereon is provided with a tapered positioning pin (3) to be engaged with a positioning hole formed in the lead frame. A columnar portion of the tapered positioning pin has an outer diameter larger than an inner diameter of a positioning hole.
Seiko Instruments Inc.
 Expandable chassis patent thumbnailnew patent Expandable chassis
An expandable vehicle chassis, said chassis comprising: a frame; at least two opposing support arms movably attached to said frame; a drive shaft attached to said frame and operably attached to each of said at least two opposing support arms; an actuator mechanically attached to said drive shaft; and a plurality of gear mechanisms generally disposed along an axis parallel to said drive shaft, said gear mechanisms operably attached to said drive shaft such that said actuator engages said drive shaft and said drive shaft engages said gear mechanisms to simultaneously move apart said at least two support arms in opposing directions.. .
 Sheet feeding apparatus, image reading device and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Sheet feeding apparatus, image reading device and image forming apparatus
The invention includes a swing mechanism contacting/separating a driven discharge roller with/from a driving discharge roller by swinging a support portion rotatably supporting the driven discharge roller. A planetary gear mechanism is provided in a power transmitting route from a driving source to the swing mechanism.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
 Coupling and uncoupling mechanism for an onboard device of a turbojet engine  nacelle patent thumbnailnew patent Coupling and uncoupling mechanism for an onboard device of a turbojet engine nacelle
A mechanism for coupling and uncoupling a motor inlet shaft and an outlet shaft, in particular, the inlet shaft is mounted in rotation on a front frame, and the outlet shaft is mounted in rotation on a rear frame. The outlet shaft rotates an outlet pinion, and the rear frame is slidably mounted to translate between a forward compact position and a backward deployed position.
 Load carrier having a coupling device patent thumbnailnew patent Load carrier having a coupling device
The invention relates to a foldable load carrier (1) with at least one adjusting range (8), on which load to be transported, especially at least one bicycle, can be placed, and a coupling mechanism (2), which can be detachably attached at a receptacle-like coupling (3) with a substantially square opening (3a), in which the extracting of at least one latch (25) and the locking of the at least one latch (25) with a locking device (21) is done by a swinging movement around a pivoting axis (st) of a single lever (10) serving as control element, and that the lever (10) serving as control element at the same time also forms the adjusting range (8).. .
 Door latch interlock for a lined bulk material container patent thumbnailnew patent Door latch interlock for a lined bulk material container
An interlock assembly for a door latch mechanism of a door in a container for bulk material that has an interior lined with a membrane for holding fluid. The interlock assembly includes a plunger in an aperture formed through the door, which moves between an extended position, where the plunger extends into the interior of the container, and a locked position, where the plunger is urged outwardly from of the interior of the container.
Conecraft, Inc.
new patent

Retractable adjustable-trajectory rooftop fire sprinkler

A retractable adjustable-trajectory rooftop fire sprinkler comprising a base component, a lockable flow-through hinge fitting, a trajectory angle setting means, and a sprinkler head. Trajectory angle setting means is a means to adjust, lock, and hold a certain trajectory angle of water flowing from the sprinkler head by allowing the rotation of the lockable flow-through hinge fitting about an axis-of-rotation relative to the base component.
new patent

Method for installing and operating a cable head with cable shear mechanism for wireline cable supporting oilfield equipment in a wellbore

A method for installing and operating a cable head with cable shear mechanism for wireline cable supporting oilfield equipment in a wellbore. The cable head has a housing, a cable bore, a tapered sleeve, a sliding bell, a drive pinch cylinder, a linear biasing mechanism positioned between the tapered sleeve and the drive pinch cylinder, a plurality of shear pins disposed partially into the housing and though the drive pinch cylinder, wherein each shear pin is adapted to withstand from 100 pounds to 2000 pounds of shear load, a pair of slidable cutting segments, and a pair of slidable cutting segment guides.
G&h Diversified Manufacturing, Lp
new patent

Cable head with cable shear mechanism for attaching to a wireline to support oilfield equipment in a wellbore

A cable head with cable shear mechanism for attaching to a wireline to support oilfield equipment in a wellbore formed from a housing with a cable bore. The housing comprises a tapered sleeve with a tapered sleeve cable bore, a sliding bell with a sliding bell cable bore, a drive pinch cylinder, a linear biasing mechanism positioned between the tapered sleeve and the drive pinch cylinder, a plurality of shear pins disposed partially into the housing and though the drive pinch cylinder, wherein each shear pin is adapted to withstand from 100 pounds to 2000 pounds of shear load, a pair of slidable cutting segments and a pair of slidable cutting segment guides.
G&h Diversified Manufacturing, Lp
new patent

Railroad tank car manway assembly

A manway assembly features a nozzle featuring a groove. A cover is attached to the nozzle and may be pivoted between open and closed positions.
Union Tank Car Company
new patent

Gear mechanism and manufacturing gear mechanism

In a gear mechanism that includes a gear in which a tooth trace is twisted at a predetermined angle with respect to an axial direction, a curvature radius along a line of contact at a meshing position where a line of contact does not intersect a pitch circle is formed larger than a curvature radius along a line of contact at a meshing position where a line of contact intersects a pitch circle, on a plane of action of the gear.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
new patent

Cooler, electrical component unit, and refrigeration apparatus

A cooler is placed on a power module to cool the power module with refrigerant through a refrigerant pipe, and includes a heat transfer plate having a groove into which a cooling pipe is fitted, and a presser plate configured to press the cooling pipe against the groove. The cooler includes a hinge mechanism configured to rotatably attach the presser plate to the heat transfer plate such that the presser plate is switched between an open position at which the groove is exposed and a closed position at which the presser plate covers the groove..
Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Compression-distraction spinal fixation system

Compression-distraction spinal fixation systems, and methods of performing compression-distraction spinal fixation, are provided that include screw-rod constructs having a ratcheting mechanism. Bone screws of the screw-rod constructs can have a pawl that engages ratchet teeth on the rod of the screw-rod construct.
Neuraxis Llc

Ratcheting mechanism for surgical stapling device

A surgical stapling device comprising a housing, an elongated portion, an end effector, and a movable handle disposed in mechanical cooperation with the housing and movable between a first open position and a second approximated position for affecting a function of the end effector. A ratchet mechanism is disposed in mechanical cooperation with the movable handle and is configured to substantially prevent the movable handle from moving towards its first open position until the movable handle reaches a predetermined position.
Covidien Lp

Compact consciousness arousing device

A pen-shaped device has a trigger mechanism placed within a trigger housing, the trigger mechanism being used to puncture an adjacent gas containing ampoule housed in an ampoule receptacle. The trigger mechanism is actuated by a cap, which is connected to a stop (the latter connected to a plunger) of the trigger mechanism.

Process for the purification of aniline from gase phase hydrogenations

The present invention relates to a process for the purification of aniline which originates from gas phase hydrogenations. In this process, only a minimum proportion of the aniline has to be evaporated and condensed again.
Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

Lubricating oil composition, and sliding mechanism using lubricating oil composition

Disclosed is a lubricating oil composition for low-friction sliding materials, which is used in a sliding mechanism where a dlc film containing hydrogen in an amount of from 5 atom % to 50 atom % is formed on at least one sliding surface. The lubricating oil composition contains, in the lubricant base oil therein and based on the total amount of the composition, (a) an organic zinc dithiophosphate in an amount of from 0.005% by mass to 0.12% by mass in terms of the phosphorus concentration therein, (b) an amine-based friction-reducing agent in an amount of from 0.05% by mass to 5.0% by mass, and (c) an alkaline earth metal salicylate-based detergent and/or an alkaline earth metal sulfonate-based detergent in an amount of from 0.05% by mass to 0.5% by mass in terms of the alkaline earth metal concentration therein, wherein the component (a) contains, based on the total amount of the composition, a zinc primary dialkyldithiophosphate in an amount of from 0.005% by mass to 0.05% by mass in terms of the phosphorus concentration therein..
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Tool, toolholder and tool-toolholder unit for milling cutters and/or shredders

A tool, a toolholder and a tool-toolholder unit obtained by coupling tool and toolholder is adapted to be fixed to a rotor of a shredder. The tool and the toolholder have a coupling mechanism that permit a quick and easy assembly or disassembly of the two elements and ensure, at the same time, a stable and safe fixing during use of the tool..
Fae Group S.p.a.

A device for quick splicing of a display screen

A device for quick splicing of a display screen is provided, the device comprises a left assembly (2) and a right assembly (3). The left assembly (2) comprises a rotation fixing seat (22), a rotation angle seat (20), a rotation locking mechanism, and a step angle-adjusting and clamping mechanism; the rotation angle seat (20) can lock with the right assembly (3), and is rotatably connected to the rotation fixing seat (22); the rotation locking mechanism is disposed between the rotation fixing seat (22) and the rotation angle seat (20); when the rotation locking mechanism is unlocked, the rotation angle seat (20) can rotate relative to the rotation fixing seat (22); and when the rotation locking mechanism is locked, the rotation angle seat (20) is fixedly connected to the rotation fixing seat (22); the step angle-adjusting and clamping mechanism is disposed between the rotation angle seat (20) and the rotation fixing seat (22).
Shenzhen Aoto Electronics Co., Ltd

Rotating-anode x-ray tube assembly and rotating-anode x-ray tube apparatus

According to one embodiment, a rotating-anode x-ray tube assembly includes an x-ray tube, a stator coil, a housing, an x-ray radiation window, and a coolant. The housing includes a first divisional part which includes an x-ray radiation port and to which the x-ray tube is directly or indirectly fixed, and a second divisional part located on a side opposite to an anode target with respect to an anode target rotating mechanism and coupled to the first divisional part.
Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd.

Supplemental restraint system for police vehicles

A supplemental prisoner restraint system is mountable to the frame of a police car to secure a prisoner in a seated position. The supplemental restraint system includes a mounting plate that is secured to the frame, a restraint bar that is pivotally supported on the mounting plate for movement between a raised inoperative position and a lowered operative position, and a locking mechanism that secures the restraint bar in any selected lowered position.

Replacement door handle for vehicle

A flush mounted, vehicle door handle includes a housing having an outer wall defining an interior recess and a handle pivotally coupled to the housing. A first portion of the handle is configured for pressing on a first side of a fulcrum and a second portion of the handle is configured for pulling on a second side of the fulcrum.
Kindig-it Design, Inc.

Pvd plasma control using a magnet edge lift mechanism

Apparatus for providing a magnetic field within a process chamber are provided herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus for providing a magnetic field within a process chamber includes: an inner rotating mechanism including a first plate having a central axis, wherein the first plate includes and a first plurality of magnets and is rotatable about the central axis; and an outer lifting mechanism including a ring disposed proximate the first plate, the ring having a second plurality of magnets coupled to a bottom surface of the ring proximate the peripheral edge of the ring, wherein the ring is movable in a direction perpendicular to the first plate..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Magnetic scaffold tie

A magnetic scaffold tie for coupling a scaffold to a tank, wall or beam. The mount has a base platform having an upper planar face and a lower open face and at least one sidewall, at least one magnet coupled between the upper planar portion and lower open face, and proximate an end of the sidewall, a release bar coupled to a release mechanism, the release bar having a plurality of positions.

Display card holder assembly

A display card holder for use on support surfaces, such as golf carts includes a display card retaining sleeve and a sleeve holder. The sleeve holder includes an entrance slot having inwardly extending retention ridges which deform and thereby reduce vibration of the retaining sleeve.
Ph2 Engineered Products, Llc

String trimmer head configuration and method

A trimmer head assembly and the method of configuring the trimmer head assembly. The trimmer head assembly has a housing that attaches to a string trimmer machine.

Removable heat management for recharge coils

Devices, systems, and techniques for managing heat generated in coils for wireless energy transmission are disclosed. Inductive coupling between two coils (e.g., a primary coil and a secondary coil) may be used to recharge the power source of an implantable medical device.
Medtronic, Inc.

Sliding mechanism and grease composition for sliding mechanisms

A sliding mechanism includes first and second members slidable relative to each other and a grease composition interposed between the first and second members and containing a thickening agent and a base oil, wherein the grease composition contains lithium 12-hydroxystearate as the thickening agent and dioctyl sebacate and/or poly-α-olefin as the base oil; and wherein at least one of the first and second member has a sliding surface coated with a hard carbon film of diamond-like carbon.. .
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Deceleration device for a directly electromechanically actuated planetary gear assembly in a seat adjustment mechanism and operating a deceleration device

A deceleration device is used for a directly electromechanically actuated planetary gear assembly in a seat adjustment mechanism. The deceleration device is integrated into the structural unit consisting of the planetary gear assembly and the electromechanical actuator therefor.
Johnson Controls Gmbh

Drive unit with drive motor and planetary gear mechanism

A drive unit with a planetary gear mechanism includes a stationary housing. A drive motor is eccentrically positioned on an end face of the stationary housing.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Ring binder mechanism with self-locking actuator

A ring binder mechanism for holding loose-leaf pages has a housing having a cavity formed in the underside of a central portion of the housing. A pair of hinge plates are disposed between the sides for pivoting movement relative to the housing to open and close rings of the mechanism.
World Wide Stationery Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Lighting poles with accessible electrics

The present invention provides an adjustable street light having a pole having a first end and a second end, an anchor member, wherein the second end of the pole is attached to the anchor member. A sleeve member slidably mounted on said pole, a pair of opposing arms pivotally attached to the sleeve member, and a pair of light housings each attached to an end of the pair of opposing arms.

Tripping mechanisms for two-pole circuit breakers

A two-pole circuit breaker is provided that includes an electronic pole disposed between a first mechanical pole and a second mechanical pole. The first mechanical pole includes a first armature, and the second mechanical pole includes a second armature.
Siemens Industry, Inc.

Doherty power amplifier with coupling mechanism independent of device ratios

A method and system for design and implementation of symmetric and asymmetric doherty power amplifiers are disclosed. Quarter wave transmission lines are interposed between the main and peak power amplifiers of a doherty power amplifier system and a 3 db hybrid coupler.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

One-piece food container having an integral hinge with latching mechanisms and a full perimeter seal

The present invention relates to a one-piece food container with an integral hinge and one or more latching mechanism, a full perimeter seal, and ribbed or ridged support structures. The food container is fabricated from hybrid bio-based and polymeric a material that has heat resistance capabilities.

Home cooking appliance with a side swing oven door having an integral self capturing latch

A home cooking appliance with a side swing door is provided. The home cooking appliance includes a self capturing latch mechanism that secures and seals the side swing door in the closed position, the self capturing latch mechanism including a stationary hook and a receiver that receives and draws part of the stationary hook into a secured position within the receiver when the side swing door is moved into the closed position to secure the side swing door in the closed position.
Bsh Home Appliances Corporation

Multiple slope or multiple or multiple offset tool mechanism

Use of multiple-slope and/or multiple-offset mechanism or equivalent to address the issues with current mechanical clickers that have single-slope spring mechanism. The varying-slope can be a continuously varying-slope non-linear spring, or a combination of discretely varying multiple-slope springs.

Firing blocker mechanism for firearm

A striker-fired firearm in one embodiment includes a firing mechanism having a spring-biased blocker movable into and out of the linear path traveled by the striker to reach a chambered cartridge. A sear operates to hold the striker in a cocked position.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.

Extended articular surface resurfacing head

A modular humeral head resurfacing implant including a head, an anchoring stem, and a modular extended articulation flange. The head includes an exterior hemispherical articulating surface defining a terminating rim, an interior concave surface opposite to the exterior articulating surface, and a first coupling mechanism proximate to the terminating rim.
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc

Heart anchor positioning devices, methods, and systems for treatment of congestive heart failure and other conditions

According to one embodiment, a heart anchor tensioning device includes a main body and an elongate shaft. A tension member or tether may be inserted through a lumen of the elongate shaft to allow the shaft to be advanced over the tension member and within a body while the main body is positioned outside of the body.
Bioventrix, Inc.

Locking rim cell phone case

A cellular phone case includes an insert panel. The insert panel is flat and has an insert panel height with an insert panel width.
Evutec Corporation

Fluid machine and rankine cycle

A fluid machine includes: a first shaft; a compressor/expander fluid machine; a planetary gear mechanism having a sun gear connected to a second shaft rotating in synchronization with the compressor/expander fluid machine, a ring gear connected to the first shaft, a planetary gear, and a planetary carrier; a first clutch that locks/releases the planetary carrier and one of the ring gear and the sun gear; a second clutch that locks/releases the planetary carrier and the housing; a clutch control unit that controls locking/releasing of the first and second clutches depending on whether the compressor/expander fluid machine operates as an expander or a compressor.. .
Sanden Corporation

Ring binder mechanism

A ring binder mechanism for holding loose-leaf pages has a housing and rings movable between closed and open positions. The rings are mounted on hinge plates supported by the housing for pivoting movement relative to the housing.
World Wide Stationery Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Optical module having latching mechanism of cover with bush

An optical module with an improved coupling portion to couple an optical device with an external fiber is disclosed. The coupling portion includes a stub to secure a coupling fiber in a center thereof, a bush to support the stub, a sleeve to receive the stub in a portion thereof and an external ferrule in another portion, and a sleeve cover to cover the sleeve.
Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Inc.

Method and system for nature observation

A nature observation device has a lower housing including a camera, the camera being configured to record images of nature. The observation device may include an upper housing configured to be disposed adjacent to and on top of the lower housing, the upper housing including a transmitter and a microphone.

Collet adapter

A collet adaptor 20 including a work piece clamp mechanism 29. The collet adaptor 20 is rotatable about a first axis a and the work piece clamp mechanism 29 is mounted within the collet adaptor 20 for rotation with the collect adaptor 20.
Anca Pty Ltd.

Support bracket

A support bracket includes a housing, a driving member, a first linking member, a gear mechanism, a first engaging member, a second linking member and a second engaging member. The housing has a guiding rail and a through hole.
Wistron Corporation

Insulating container and latching mechanism

According to an aspect of the invention, a latching mechanism/device is provided, as well as a method of maintaining a closed position between opposing first and second portions of a container. The latching mechanism includes a latch attached to the first portion and a latch keeper integrally molded to the second portion.
Yeti Coolers, Llc

Feeding device

A feeding device includes a guiding assembly and a clamping mechanism. The guiding assembly includes a guiding rod and a transfer rod coupled to the guiding rod.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Ladder lift

A ladder lift is provided. The ladder lift may include a foldable platform, a frame, a motorized gear mechanism, a gear channel and a toggle switch.

Resilient track frame pivot mechanism

The present disclosure provides a pivot joint about which a track frame pivots relative to a main frame of a work machine. The pivot joint includes a housing having a first cover portion, a second cover portion, and at least one load-bearing rib.
Deere & Company

Electronic frame for use with coupled conduit segments

An electronic frame for use in a downhole component coupling mechanism in a segmented wired pipe system includes a first frame element including at least one retaining structure configured to retain an electronic component. The frame also includes a sealed chamber disposed in the frame element, the sealed chamber including inputs to receive input signals from communication elements and either couple the inputs together or direct the input signals to control electronics..
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Assembly and taping walls for painting stripes and patterns

Assemblies and methods for applying painter's tape to a wall for painting stripes thereon wherein the assembly has a first elongated body with a first straight outer edge, a second elongated body having a second straight outer edge with a substantially transparent body and having a tape width guide marking substantially along the elongated body with a plurality of elongated markings parallel to the second straight outer edge, two or more arms each having ends rotatably coupled to the first and second elongated bodies respectively, each of the arms being spaced apart of another and coupled at different positions of the elongated bodies, and a coupling mechanism rotatably coupling an arm to one of the elongated bodies and having a locking feature selectively fixing the angular position of the coupling mechanism and preventing rotation of the rotatably coupled arm relative to the coupled elongated body.. .

Shedding waste selvage in a loom

A shedding apparatus for waste selvage includes a pair of first swing levers and a pair of second swing levers for forming an open shed of selvage yarns. The drive force to the swing levers is transmitted by cranking through a drive shaft which is coaxial with the sun gear of a planetary gear mechanism.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

Adjustable umbrella

An adjustable umbrella, which includes: an umbrella base, a stand column, a sliding sleeve, a cross rod, an umbrella cover adjustment mechanism, a drawing rod, and an umbrella frame, wherein a top of the umbrella frame is rotatably attached to a top end of the cross rod through a rotating mechanism, a bottom joint of the cross rod is rotatably connected to the sliding sleeve, the umbrella frame has an elongated umbrella rib with a bottom end, the bottom end of the elongated umbrella rib is connected to the umbrella cover adjustment mechanism, the umbrella frame is rotatable by adjusting the umbrella cover adjustment mechanism. The sunshade is novel in appearance, and has strong practical performance and reasonable and practical structure..
Phaeton Manufacturing Llc

Air gun magazine with ratchet loading mechanism

A magazine for an air gun is provided with first and second shells; an internal passage; a rotatable shaft including a lengthwise groove on a surface, and a transverse slot on the surface communicating with the groove; a pulley rotatably put on the shaft and having both ends rotatably secured to the first and second shells respectively; a ratchet mechanism mounted on the pulley; a pin inserted into the pulley to dispose in one end of the groove; a line having one end wound on the pulley, the line extending through the passage to have an other end engaged with a projectile support in the passage; a spring put on the line and biased between the pulley and the projectile support; and a spring biased knob disposed on an outer surface of the first shell and secured to the shaft.. .

Substrate processing apparatus

A substrate processing apparatus comprising a substrate holding rotating mechanism, a process liquid supply mechanism having a nozzle for dispensing a process liquid toward a principal face of the substrate, a processing liquid reservoir for holding sufficient process liquid to form a liquid film covering the whole principal face of the substrate, a liquid film forming unit for forming the liquid film by supplying the process liquid onto the principal face of the substrate in a single burst, and a control unit for controlling the liquid film forming unit and the process liquid supply mechanism such that the process liquid is dispensed from the process liquid nozzle toward the principal face of the substrate after formation of the liquid film covering the whole area of the principal face of the substrate by the liquid film forming unit.. .
Screen Holdings Co. Ltd.

Rip fense with lockng mechanisms

A table saw includes a movable rip fence and a base including an upper cutting surface through which a blade extends. The rip fence includes front and rear clamping mechanisms connected to front and rear ends of a casing respectively.

Ratchet tools

Illustrative embodiments of ratchet tools are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, a ratchet tool may comprise an output shaft, a motor, and a transmission coupled between the output shaft and the motor.
Ingersoll-rand Company

Lift system, overload coupling and operating the lift system

A lift system defines a vertical hoist axis and includes a holding unit for lifting and lowering an object in a direction along the vertical hoist axis. An overload coupling mutually connects the drive shaft of a motor and the input shaft of a gear assembly.
Efs-gesellschaft Fuer Hebe-und Handhabungstechnik Mbh

Flexible wall system

The present invention relates to a novel, sustainable, flexible, modular, reusable constriction system, which can be used as a vertical or horizontal space-enclosing element (fig. 1) or can functionally extend existing space enclosures as a lacing shell (fig.
Jan-michael Werner

Latch alignment jig

A jig includes a plate with at least one jig aperture which defines a jig aperture axis; a striker defined along a striker axis generally parallel to the aperture axis; and a bias member movable relative to the striker axis. A method of mounting a latch mechanism to a door of a vehicle, the door includes a multiple of latch mechanism apertures, includes mounting a jig to the latch mechanism, the jig biased with respect to the door to align a multiple of jig apertures with the multiple of latch mechanism apertures..
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Shower partition assembly

A shower partition assembly that includes at least one and preferably at least two innovative hinge mechanisms, a stationary wall and a door pivotally attached thereto by the hinge mechanisms, wherein in the closed state, the door panel is flush with the stationary wall. The substantially parallel gap formed between the stationary wall and the pivoting door is sealed by a sealer, wherein the pivoting door may pivot in both directions, with respect to the stationary wall.

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