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Vehicle door latch assembly and latch therefor

Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus

Power-assisted winch

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Triboelectric nanogenerator patent thumbnailTriboelectric nanogenerator
A generator includes a first member, a second member and a sliding mechanism. The first member includes a first electrode and a first dielectric layer affixed to the first electrode.
 Vehicle door latch assembly and latch  therefor patent thumbnailVehicle door latch assembly and latch therefor
A vehicle door latch assembly includes a latch lever connectable to a latch mechanism, a latch rod coupled to the latch lever, and a door handle operative to effect movement of the latch rod to unlatch the latch mechanism via actuation of the latch lever. The latch rod is configured so as to attenuate vertical motion of the latch rod in response to a sufficient force associated with a side-impact event.
 Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailSheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
A sheet feeding cassette includes a sheet stacking portion provided turnably in a vertical direction within a cassette body. The sheet feeding cassette also includes first and second side edge restricting portions configured to restrict widthwise positions of the sheets.
 Power-assisted winch patent thumbnailPower-assisted winch
A power-assisted winch includes a rotatable drum for receiving a line thereabout. The power-assisted winch further includes a trigger mechanism configured to be releasably engaged upon a force exerted on the line.
 Adjustable holder for devices patent thumbnailAdjustable holder for devices
Disclosed is an adjustable holder for devices with a simplified design for accommodating devices of various form factors and shapes. The adjustable holder comprises at least a pair of offset, generally parallel arms that are slidable within corresponding openings of a support in order to adjust the arms and fixedly position the arms at varying distances relative to the support.
 Power-switching device with interlock mechanism patent thumbnailPower-switching device with interlock mechanism
A power-switching device with interlock mechanism has a housing with a rotary knob, a slider slidably moved into a rotation range of the rotary knob, and an activation switch mounted on a sliding path of the slider. The activation switch has a control button located on an overlapped portion of the sliding path of the slider and the rotation range of the rotary knob.
 Remotely actuated clamping devices for borehole seismic sensing systems and methods of operating the same patent thumbnailRemotely actuated clamping devices for borehole seismic sensing systems and methods of operating the same
A remotely actuated clamping device for a borehole seismic sensing system. The remotely actuated clamping device includes a clamping mechanism configured to engage a surface of a borehole by actuation of the clamping mechanism.
 Wheeled material distributing machinery patent thumbnailWheeled material distributing machinery
In one aspect of the present disclosure, a wheeled material distributing machinery includes a main travel system, a boom system, at least three outrigger mechanisms, and a material distributing frame, where an inner end of a root end boom of the boom system is connected to the material distributing frame, and an inner end of the outrigger mechanism is connected to the material distributing frame, the main travel system is mounted on a cantilever of at least one of the outrigger mechanisms, and the outrigger mechanism is a driving outrigger mechanism. In a travel state, the driving outrigger mechanism is supported on a road surface through the main travel system, and at least a part of the weight of the folded boom system acts on at least one driving outrigger mechanism..
 Force multiplication device patent thumbnailForce multiplication device
Force multiplication device comprising a low power reciprocable force output device serving to energize, near the end of low force stroke thereof, a coaxially aligned coupling mechanism serving to interconnect to rear shaft of said low force reciprocable force output device, a high power reciprocable force output device comprising a plurality of coaxially disposed, connected and cooperating air cylinders resulting in availability of multiplied force throughout remainder of stroke of low power reciprocable force output device.. .
 Helmet mounting systems patent thumbnailHelmet mounting systems
Helmet mounts for mounting an associated viewing device on a helmet, includes a first pivoting segment for attachment to the helmet and a second pivoting segment for attachment to the associated viewing device. The second pivoting segment is pivotable relative to the first pivoting segment for selectively supporting the associated viewing device in a first, operational position before the eyes of a user donning the helmet and a second, stowed position above a line of sight of a viewer donning the helmet.
Burr hole plug designs
The burr hole plug comprises a plug base configured for being mounted around a burr hole, and having an aperture through which an elongated medical device exiting the burr hole may pass. The burr hole plug further comprises a retainer configured for being mounted within the plug base aperture.
Actuation mechanism for use with an ultrasonic surgical instrument
An ultrasonic clamp coagulator assembly that is configured to permit selective cutting, coagulation and clamping of tissue during surgical procedures. An elongated portion of the instrument can be configured for endoscopic applications and has an outside diameter of less than 6 mm.
Rapid expansion balloon catheter
A balloon catheter assembly including a catheter, a sleeve, and a balloon. The catheter has a body, an exterior surface, a lumen, a port providing fluid communication between the lumen and the exterior surface, and a coupling mechanism to couple the lumen to an inflation source.
Gearing control method for automatic gear mechanism
Disclosed herein is a method for controlling gear shifting of an automatic transmission from an n gear stage to an n′ gear stage. The gear shifting is embodied by means of engaging and releasing friction elements.
Assembly having a belt-pulley drive
Assembly having a belt-pulley drive, having a pulley wheel which can be driven by a belt and is configured for transmitting a torque to a drive shaft of the assembly. The assembly has a switchable gear mechanism which makes a transmission ratio possible between the rotational speed of the pulley wheel and the rotational speed of the drive shaft..
Drive apparatus for an electric automobile
A drive apparatus for an electric automobile in which a planetary gear transmission 12 is assembled for which it is possible to lengthen the traveling distance per one electric charge, and thus improve the convenience of the electric automobile. A planetary gear transmission 12 comprises a first single-pinion planetary gear mechanism 16 and a second double-pinion planetary gear mechanism 17, and after changing the power from first and second electric motors 10, 11 by a desired gear ratio, transmits the power to a driven-side rotating shaft 15.
Latching mechanisms for pluggable electronic devices
Latching mechanisms for pluggable electronic devices when received within a host cage of a host device. In one example embodiment, the host cage is configured to be connected to a host printed circuit board and configured to at least partially surround a host connector.
Inlet valve for chamber systems and sample containers, and chamber systems and sample containers with such inlet valves
An inlet valve charges an inner chamber of a system or sample container with liquid and has a first pipetting axis, an inlet opening, it supplies liquid by a laboratory pipette that is automatically reclosed and also has a valve body with a blocking element, a pressing part and a throat, a valve space enclosing the valve body at least partly near the throat, a spring mechanism and a sealing element. The throat connects the blocking element to the pressing part and has an open passage region which opens into the liquid passage of the pressing part and into the valve space.
Apparatus and methods for removal of pills from packaging
A pill extractor removes pills from a blister pack. In some embodiments, the pill extractor is designed to remove all of the pills from a blister pack for distribution or disposal.
Apparatus and methods for removal of pills from packaging
A pill extraction device removes pills from a blister pack. The blister pack sits on a plate of the device, while a roller rolls across the blister pack to contact the blisters a row at a time and applies a force sufficient to extract the pills through the backing of the blister pack.
Recording medium conveying mechanism and image forming apparatus having the same
A recording medium conveying mechanism includes a conveying guide, a guide member, and a rotating mechanism. The conveying guide conveys recording paper to a nip zone between a mountable/demountable intermediate transfer unit and a secondary transfer roller.
Eco-friendly electric-generating apparatus with power-mutiplying gear mechanisms
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a low-cost, easy-to-set-up and eco-friendly electric-generating apparatus with power-multiplying gear mechanisms. Its technical methods comprises of: an electric-generating apparatus and a base, with the electric-generating apparatus consisting of a drive gear, a driving motor, a transmission gear, a generator, and a control box.
Novel cam assembly utilizing 2 or more interconnected and locking parts for furniture
A mechanism and method for assembling a base to a piece of furniture is provided with at least two cams having complimentary interlock mechanisms constructed and arranged to interlock one to another.. .
Window restrictor
The window restrictor (10) of the present invention may be used to limit the opening of a casement hinged window. The restrictor (10) comprises a restrictor member (12) and a latch mechanism (14).
Cargo truck multi-stage extendable personnel platform
A personnel platform for installation on a cargo truck comprises a mounting bracket securely fastened to a framing structure of the cargo truck beneath a personnel door, a platform deck mounted to a sliding mechanism securely fastened to the mounting bracket, wherein the platform deck is operable to be slidably configured in a stowed position beneath the cargo truck and a deployed position extending substantially horizontally beyond the cargo truck, and a latching mechanism operable to lock the platform deck in one of the stowed position and the deployed position.. .
Universal clamping fixture to maintain laminate flatness during chip join
A clamping apparatus and method for maintaining a workpiece flatness during processing includes a base having a planar surface for receiving a first workpiece. Two sets of opposing clamping mechanisms are mounted to the base and include a clamp head at a distal end of a rod extending from a housing in removable overlapping relation to the first workpiece.
Lock system with spring-loaded latching mechanism
A storage cabinet including two storage compartments is disclosed. Each of the storage compartments has at least one door.
Barometric relief air zone damper
A control system for an hvac system serving at least two zones, each zone receiving conditioned air by way of a zone duct, each zone duct including a zone damper having a first portion responsive to the static pressure in a hvac system to open and bleed an amount of conditioned air past the damper when the static pressure of the system increases above a selected level, a second portion controlled by a actuator to move between an open and a closed position in response to a zone thermostat, and a coupling mechanism coupling the first and second portions to limit the relative movements of the two portions with respect to each other, and a biasing mechanism exerting a torque against the system static pressure differential. The first portion can be a single one-piece undivided blade pivotally mounted with a shell surrounding the zone damper..
Window blind
A window blind includes a stationary seat, a blind mechanism, a coupling mechanism and a control pole. The blind mechanism includes a linking rod mounted to the stationary seat and a blind unit wound on the linking rod.
Labeling machine
A labeling machine with a rotatably driven carousel in which drive shafts for pallet shafts being parallel to the axis of rotation are rotatable, and having shaft control for rotating the drive shafts in an oscillating manner via translating gear mechanisms that are drivable by roller levers co-acting with a stationary cam system, with each gear mechanism being entirely accommodated in a capsule casing together with a supply of lubricant and the capsule casing is defined in the carousel.. .
Apparatus and method for containing fluid or gas released from a pipe
An apparatus and method is provided for containing fluid or gas that is released when two adjoining sections of pipe are disconnected. The apparatus can comprise two or more arcuate sections hinged together to form a generally cylindrical or tubular containment chute that can be releasably enclosed around a pipe joint.
Seismically activated gas shut-off valve
A gas shut-off valve assembly designed to automatically close gas flow in a gas conduit in response to a seismic vibration comprises a trigger mechanism disposed in a trigger mechanism housing, a springless sealing mechanism disposed in a valve housing, a latching mechanism configured to engage the springless sealing mechanism to keep the gas conduit open, and a pressure release valve. Upon sensing a seismic vibration, the trigger mechanism disengages the springless sealing mechanism from the latching mechanism.
Height adjustable work surface
A height adjustable work surface is provided, which includes an l-shaped frame supporting a cantilevered platform adapted to support computer and work space items thereon. The frame includes an upstanding rail portion and a horizontal base support, whereby the rail portion slidably supports a work surface platform above the base support.
Sorting and bundling all-in-one machine and banknote stacking and sorting module thereof
A banknote stacking and sorting module comprises a banknote clamping and conveying sub-module, which comprises a clamping mechanism and a vertical reciprocating mechanism thereof. Clamping mechanism comprises bearing plate, support, cam, clamping rod and clamping spring.
Apparatus, system and method for multi-modal volumetric ultrasound imaging and biopsy of a single breast
An apparatus for volumetric ultrasound imaging of a breast using different modes, including transmission, reflection and the speed of sound, which apparatus comprises a negatively pressurized breast imaging cup with integrated ultrasound transducers and an ultrasound coupling mechanism; an ultrasound system comprising the apparatus; and a method of imaging a breast in three dimensions without moving the ultrasound transducers.. .
Externally serviceable it memory dimms for server/tower enclosures
An electronic component carrier and method for mounting the electronic component to a circuit board includes a frame including a header having opposing attachment arms extending outwardly therefrom for seating an electronic component within the frame. A latching mechanism of the frame includes latching members at a distal end of each of the attachment arms for releaseably seating the electronic component between the attachment members.
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device according to an embodiment of the invention includes applying a resist on a substrate surface in a resist application apparatus, light-exposing the resist on the substrate surface in a light exposure apparatus, and after the light-exposing the resist, developing the resist in a development apparatus. The resist is a negative resist.
Injection apparatus
The injection apparatus is provided with a high speed step cylinder, a pressure accumulation part and a coupling mechanism. The high speed step cylinder has a rod and an operating chamber.
Arrangement of components of a linear compressor
The present invention refers to the arrangement of components comprised in a linear compressor (1), which is fundamentally composed by at least one resonant oscillating mechanism comprising at least one resonant spring (2) which defines at least one neutral point (21), at least one magnet (3) and at least one piston (4); at least one intermediate element (5) which defines an axially flexible surface (51); at least one flat spring (6) which defines at least one binding structure (62); at least one shell (7); and at least one attaching means (8).. .
Linear compressor
The present invention refers to a linear compressor based on resonant oscillating mechanism, which comprises an oscillating arrangement essentially formed by at least one linear motor (2) defined by a movable portion (22) and a fixed portion (21), at least a resonance spring (3), at least one piston (4) and at least one balancing body (5), wherein the movable portion (22) of the linear motor (2) is cooperatively associated with the piston (4), defining a piston-motor assembly. The piston-motor assembly is operatively associated to the end (31) of the resonant spring (3) and at least one balancing body (5) is functionally associated with the end (32) of the resonant spring (3).
Water jet peening apparatus and water jet peening method
In a water jet peening apparatus, a high-pressure under-water pump is installed on an upper end of a casing and an injection nozzle drive mechanism equipped with an injection nozzle is attached to the casing. A high-pressure hose whose one end is connected to the high-pressure under-water pump is disposed in the casing and the other end of the high-pressure hose is connected to the injection nozzle.
Retractable light string inside an ornament device
An ornament device for storing and deploying ornamental lights is formed as a shell or housing. The shell or housing stores and provides for deploying a string of ornament lights.
Luminaire and output element coupling mechanism therefor
Described are various embodiments of a luminaire and output element coupling mechanism therefor. In one embodiment, a recessable luminaire comprises two or more luminaire modules, each one of which comprising a recessable housing having opposed side walls.
Field replaceable power supply cartridge
A field replaceable power supply cartridge is provided for coupling with a socket. The cartridge has a latch mechanism that can be actuated by the user to couple the cartridge to the socket, such that latches of the cartridge releasably engage recessed portions in the socket.
Magnetic trigger mechanism and associated control method
A magnetic trigger mechanism is provided. The magnetic trigger mechanism operates in conjunction with a plurality of magnetic sensors.
Electroactive polymer energy converter
A balanced multi-phase energy conversion apparatus configured to convert energy from a mechanical energy source into electrical energy is disclosed. The energy conversion apparatus may comprise a plurality of transducers.
Brush holder for an electric motor, and gear mechanism drive unit having a brush holder
A brush holder (100) for an electric motor (12a; 12b), having a brush holder main body (20) which has a passage opening (25) for an armature shaft to pass through, having a first receiving region (37) for fastening a printed circuit board (35), on which electrical or electronic components are mounted, to the brush holder main body (20), wherein the first receiving region (37) extends as far as into a region between an outer boundary (23, 24) of the brush holder main body (20) and the passage opening (25), and wherein the first receiving region (37) for the printed circuit board (35) is designed to arrange the printed circuit board (35) on the brush holder main body (20) at least substantially perpendicularly to the plane of the brush holder main body (20), and having components (26, 33) which are arranged on the brush holder main body (20) and which are mechanically and/or electrically connected at least indirectly to the printed circuit board (35).. .
Standing vehicle occupant restraint system
Presented herein is a restraint system comprising an attachment point configured to attach to a hatch opening of a vehicle, a harness having a seat and a strap attached to the attachment point and to the seat. The harness is configured to accept an occupant and support a portion of the occupant at a position below the hatch opening.
Door handle device for vehicle
A vehicle door handle device is configured so that, after a frame is assembled to an outer panel of a slide door, a link base, a connecting link, and a hand grip are mounted to the frame. Next, a lever and a cap are mounted to the hand grip and the frame, thereby assembling each component member to the outer panel.
Target system
A target system includes a blocking plate with one or more openings through which bullets are fired and one or more targets for being struck by the bullets disposed behind the blocking plate and generally in line with the one or more openings. The target system may include a hinge mechanism which limits the range of movement of the target after it has been struck by a projectile.
Fluid delivery device
A fluid delivery device (1) for discharging a fluid comprises a housing (2, 3), piston pump (4), biasing mechanism (5, 101), and trigger mechanism (6); the housing (2, 3) comprising a basal end (3) and discharge end (2) having an outlet (10) for discharging the fluid; the piston pump (4) comprising a casing (20) defining a pump chamber (35) for fluid storage, piston (21) slidably movable relative to the pump chamber (35), piston plunger (22), and delivery channel (59) for delivering fluid discharged from pump chamber (35) to outlet (10); the trigger mechanism (6) being movable from cocked configuration, preventing transfer of biasing mechanism (5, 101) force to the casing (20) to prevent casing (20) movement towards the outlet (10), to triggered configuration, enabling transfer of biasing mechanism (5, 101) force to the casing (20) to cause casing (20) movement towards the outlet (10) to discharge fluid from the pump chamber (35). The biasing mechanism (5, 101) comprises one or more flexible catch members (104) which in cocked configuration are catched and in triggered configuration are decoupled from the housing (2, 3).
Electroblotting device
An electroblotting system including a cassette configured to receive a membrane and a material impregnated with at least one of proteins or nucleic acids. The cassette is connectable to a base such that a current is passable through the cassette to cause at least some of the proteins or nucleic acids to be transferred from the impregnated material to the membrane.
Anchor valve for security
A system for protecting a fluid supply from a contaminant includes an anchor check valve having an inlet end and an exit end, the anchor check valve adapted to allow fluid flow through the anchor check valve from the inlet end to the exit end but prevent fluid flow through the check valve from the exit end to the inlet end; a dry-barrel fire hydrant in proximate fluid communication with the anchor check valve, the dry-barrel fire hydrant having a valve operating mechanism; and a hydrant shoe coupled to the anchor check valve, the hydrant shoe having a valve assembly adjustably connected to the valve operating mechanism of the dry-barrel fire hydrant.. .
Coupling mechanisms for detachably engaging tool attachments
Coupling mechanisms for engaging and releasing a tool attachment such as a socket from a drive element include an engaging element and an actuating element. The actuating element can include a collar or other manually-accessible part, and various features allow for a relatively small outside diameter for the collar or other part.
Spindle drive for the motorized adjustment of an adjusting element of a motor vehicle
The invention concerns a spindle drive for the motorized adjustment of an adjusting element of a vehicle, comprising a drive motor with a motor shaft, a speed reduction gear mechanism, and a feed gear mechanism, the speed reduction gear mechanism having a planetary gear mechanism and the feed gear mechanism being designed as a spindle/spindle nut gear mechanism, the planetary gear mechanism having a rotatable sun gear and coaxially in relation thereto a rotatable planet-gear carrier and a fixed or fixable ring gear, and the planet-gear carrier carrying at least one rotatable planet gear, which is in axially parallel engagement with the sun gear on the one hand and the ring gear on the other hand, the drive motor, the speed reduction gear mechanism and the feed gear mechanism being accommodated one behind the other in a substantially elongate drive housing and aligned with a common longitudinal drive axis.. .
Gap expanding method of ball screw and fine motion control rod drive mechanism incorporating gap expanded ball screw
It is an object of the present invention to provide a gap expanding method of a ball screw for preventing an increase in torque relative to an electric motor due to a protruding bulge caused by generation of a scar on the traveling side of the screw shaft of the ball screw, and to provide a control rod drive mechanism incorporating the gap expanded ball screw. In a ball screw disposed in a control rod drive mechanism, the ball screw has a screw shaft and a ball nut engaged with the screw shaft via travelling balls, and the balls are each configured to have a diameter smaller than that of the existing ball, thereby expanding a gap between a ball traveling side of the screw shaft and the ball and a gap between the ball and a ball traveling side of the ball nut..
Pneumatic stamping press with high velocity slide and punch
A pneumatic press with high slide acceleration and velocity is equipped with an arrangement trigger mechanism for holding the slide, upper die, and punch in place until air pressure force in tons is exerted against slide opposite the upper die and punch. When the trigger mechanism releases the slide, upper die, and punch in a short travel the velocity is very high.
Seamless exterior handle without bezel or lock keyhole
A vehicle door includes a lock cylinder having an actuator member that is operably connected to a door latch mechanism. A door handle is movably connected to the door structure for movement from a first or home position covering an outer end of the lock cylinder to a partially open position wherein the outer end of the lock cylinder is exposed.
Methods for connecting a longitudinal member to a bone portion
An apparatus (10) includes a fastener (16) engageable with a bone portion to connect a longitudinal member (12) to the bone portion. A housing (40) has a first passage (42) configured to receive the longitudinal member (12) and a second passage (44) extending transverse to the first passage.
Collector of rotational movement from tangential weight and spring force
This embodiment of at least two free rotating wheels (108) and (208) rotating on the periphery of each other. A free rotating wheel (108) is mounted on a rigid column (104) and base (301).
Drive shaft coupling mechanism
An in-line coupling device for a motor driven agricultural system utilizes less metal components while optimizing torque transfer. The device comprises a puck having a plurality of outwardly extending arms, a first shaft hub having outwardly extending flanges adapted to seat between a pair of the plurality of outwardly extending arms, and a second shaft hub having outwardly extending flanges adapted to seat between a pair of the outwardly extending arms..
Connector having coupling mechanism
A connector includes a shell and a coupling mechanism rotatable about the shell. The coupling mechanism includes inner and outer coupling nuts.
Connector having coupling mechanism
A connector includes a shell and a coupling mechanism rotatably coupled thereto. The coupling mechanism includes an inner coupling nut and an outer coupling nut separate from the inner coupling nut.
Connector having coupling mechanism
A connector includes a shell having a mating end configured to be mated with a mating connector and that holds at least one contact. A coupling mechanism is rotatable about the shell.
Control system for fan with concealed oscillating mechanism
A fan control system includes an oscillating fan and a portable mobile device. The oscillating fan includes a housing member having a first driving motor arranged therein, and an oscillating mechanism mounted between the first driving motor and the housing member to electrically connect to the first driving motor and a receiving control unit.

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