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This page is updated frequently with new Mechanism-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Pluggable optical communications module having an improved latching/delatching mechanism, and an optical communications assembly that includes the module patent thumbnailPluggable optical communications module having an improved latching/delatching mechanism, and an optical communications assembly that includes the module
An optical communications module having an improved latching/delatching mechanism is provided. The slider arms of the latching/delatching mechanism are partially encased in the module housing.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

 Actuator element for setting the target mark of a sighting telescope patent thumbnailActuator element for setting the target mark of a sighting telescope
The invention relates to an actuator element for setting the position of a target mark of a sighting telescope having a front module and a rear module, and the front module and rear module are connected to one another by means of a coupling mechanism, which coupling mechanism can be manually actuated in order to separate the front module from the rear module.. .
Swarovski-optik Kg.

 Support component for an apparatus patent thumbnailSupport component for an apparatus
A support component for an apparatus is described. In at least some implementations, a support component is attached to an apparatus (e.g., a computing device) via a hinge mechanism.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Automatic transmission for vehicle patent thumbnailAutomatic transmission for vehicle
An automatic transmission includes a second planetary gear mechanism having a sun gear, a carrier, and a ring gear being defined as first, second and third elements, respectively, when a single pinion type planetary gear mechanism is applied; the carrier, the ring gear, and the sun gear being defined as the first, second, and third elements, respectively, when a double pinion type is applied; a first brake, a switching clutch being switchable to a first position where the third element is selectively fixed to a housing; a first clutch, a second clutch, a third clutch, and a fourth clutch. The first brake fixes a sun gear of a first planetary gear mechanism to the housing, the switching clutch fixes the third element to the housing, and the fourth clutch connects the second element to a carrier of the third planetary gear mechanism when establishing a reverse speed stage..
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

 Novel cam assembly with interlocking parts for furniture patent thumbnailNovel cam assembly with interlocking parts for furniture
A mechanism and method for assembling a base to a piece of furniture is provided with at least two cams having complimentary interlock mechanisms constructed and arranged to interlock one to another.. .

 Power tong unit patent thumbnailPower tong unit
A power tong unit having a gear train in which one or more of the gears in the gear train have removable and replacement roller tooth elements, in lieu of conventional gear teeth. In one embodiment, the ring gear and pinion gears have roller tooth elements, and idler gears disposed between the ring gear and pinion gears, have a semi-circular tooth root profile to mesh with the roller element gear teeth.
Mech Tech Engineering Llc

 Enhancing torque electric motor drive and control system for rotary steerable system patent thumbnailEnhancing torque electric motor drive and control system for rotary steerable system
An example embodiment of a pipe-in-pipe electric motor assembly includes a drilling string that includes an inner pipe, an outer pipe, and an electric motor. The electric motor is provided with power supplied by the inner pipe and the outer pipe acting at least as conductors.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Hand and finger protector for use with doors patent thumbnailHand and finger protector for use with doors
This invention relates to an apparatus and to a method designed to prevent hand and finger injuries resulting from inadvertent door closures. The apparatus for use with an existing door and door surround includes a door latching mechanism mountable to the door having a reversibly extendable bolt actuated by a turning member, a striker member mountable to the door surround wherein a portion of the striker member projects beyond the door surround, and when the bolt is extended, complete door closure is impeded by the projecting portion of the striker member with a gap width created between the leading edge of the door and the door surround sufficient to protect human hands and fingers from being crushed, injured, or amputated.

 Snowmobile with leaning capability and improvements therefor patent thumbnailSnowmobile with leaning capability and improvements therefor
A snowmobile has a suspension with a spring. The spring has a central loop portion and an elastomeric bushing disposed in the central loop portion.

 Workpiece fixing jig and workpiece fixing method using the same patent thumbnailWorkpiece fixing jig and workpiece fixing method using the same
A workpiece fixing jig 1 includes a base 2 to be fixed on a table, and a clamping mechanism 10 provided on the base 2 for clamping a workpiece. The clamping mechanism 10 includes a first clamping portion 20 and a second clamping portion 30 provided to face each other.
Dmg Mori Co., Ltd.


Ratchet and release mechanism for swing arm of table saw

A table saw includes a safety system to protect a user from injury. The safety system detects a sensed condition and rapidly moves a saw blade away from the user.
Robert Bosch Tool Corporation


Fluid delivery device

Fluid delivery device for discharging a fluid, having: a housing; piston pump; biasing mechanism; and trigger mechanism. The housing has a basal end and a discharge end with outlet for discharging the fluid.
Consort Medical Plc


Stereotactic surgical instrument

A stereotactic surgical instrument for use in stereotactical therapy and surgery and a coupling mechanism for such an instrument is disclosed. The stereotactic surgical instrument includes a semi-circular arc part and a head frame.
Elekta Ab (publ)


Surgical tool for removing kidney stone

A surgeon's tool for operating a basket device to capture and remove an object may include a controller including a piston and cylinder mechanism for selectively and securely controlling and operating a wire and a sheath of the basket device wherein the piston and the cylinder of the piston and cylinder mechanism may each be independently operated to separately actuate the basket device. The piston and cylinder controller mechanism may include a double piston and cylinder design including first and second biasing mechanisms for biasing the basket device toward a closed position and a latch mechanism for selectively securing the positions of the cylinders..
Gyrus Acmi Inc. D.b.a. Olympus Surgical Technologies America


Eating utensil

The invention relates to an eating utensil which combines the capabilities of a fork, characterized by function for spearing the food and of a knife characterized by function for cutting the food and can be used by the handicapped and people with decreased functional ability of one of their upper limbs. The eating utensil consists of a handle (1) and a head (5) with formed static spearing tines (9) and mounted rotating cutting tines (8′) and (8″).


Pass through shelf wall assembly

Apparatuses, systems, and methods for constructing and installing architectural walls include adjustable shelves and a clamping mechanism. The clamping mechanism may allow the architectural wall to selectively secure a panel or shelf disposed through a hole in the wall.
Dirtt Environmental Solutions Inc.


Buckle release tool

In one aspect there is provided a buckle release tool for unlatching a buckle assembly, the buckle assembly having a base with an actuator button, for activating a latching mechanism from a latched position to an unlatched position, the buckle assembly further having a fulcrum member. The buckle release tool comprises a body, a first end on the body suitably sized for engaging the fulcrum member of the base for creating a fulcrum for the body to rotate about, an engagement end, spaced from the first end and extending a sufficient amount from the body such that there is sufficient clearance of the body over the base to allow proper depression of actuator button by the engagement end during operation and a second end, for accepting a force thereon..


Fishing hook setter

A fishing hook setter to carry a fishing pole has a pole holder pivotally coupled to a base. A biasing member biases the pole holder between a raised set position, and a lowered fishing position.


Door lock and arrangement for transferring power and information to door lock

Lock arrangement including a counterpart of the lock and a lock with a lock case. The lock case, which can be installed in a door, includes a locking latch and a latch mechanism, which includes an electrical device for opening and/or closing the locking latch.
Rollock Oy


Two-stage trigger mechanism for firearms

A multi-stage trigger mechanism for a firearm having a trigger body that is pivotally mounted to the receiver of a firearm having a pivotally moveable spring-urged hammer having a trigger hook and a hammer hook. A disconnector is pivotally mounted to the trigger body and has a spring retainer securing a disconnector spring to the disconnector.


Warning lamp assembly

A warning lamp assembly includes a housing having an upper chamber and a bottom chamber; a driving unit; a gear mechanism including a rotary disk disposed within the upper chamber, and formed with an inwardly and radially extending retention flange, a bearing unit disposed on the retention flange so as to permit rotation of the disk relative to the upper chamber, a toothed wheel having outer peripheral teeth meshed with an axle of the driving unit and an inner periphery formed with downward projections slidably contacting the bearing unit and hence covering the same from above to prevent disengagement of the wheel from the rotary disk; a light source fixed within the upper chamber; and a parabolic reflector disposed on the wheel and covering the light source from above to reflect light rays emitted from the light source in a horizontal plane while simultaneously rotating together with the wheel.. .


Transmission device

A transmission device, wherein the compound planetary gear mechanism increases the speed of the power transmitted to the input element and transmits the resultant power to the first and the second output elements when the fixable element is non-rotatably held stationary by the first brake; and the first and the second clutches are disposed on a side closer in the axial direction to the compound planetary gear mechanism than the first and the second planetary gear mechanisms.. .
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.


Evacuated tube transport system

A capsule for an evacuated tube transport system, the capsule comprising a capsule body for carrying passengers within an evacuated tube; a first door disposed in a first end of the body; and a first coupling mechanism and a first sealing mechanism arranged respectively to couple the capsule to another capsule at the end of the body while the capsules are moving and to establish a seal around the door and a corresponding door in the other capsule to enable passengers to move from one capsule to another through the doors without exposing the passengers to the pressure of the evacuated tube.. .


High-pressure fuel pump

A high-pressure fuel pump includes a pressurizing chamber for pressurizing fuel, an outlet valve for discharging the fuel pressurized in the pressurizing chamber to an outlet passage, a relief passage for connecting the outlet passage located downstream of the outlet valve and the pressurizing chamber with each other while bypassing the outlet valve. A relief valve device is provided in the relief passage and adapted to open when an internal pressure of the outlet passage becomes higher than that of the pressurizing chamber, thereby providing communication between the outlet passage and the pressurizing chamber.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Telescoping latching mechanism for casing cementing plug

Improved cementing plugs and methods of using these cementing plugs in subterranean wells are disclosed. A cementing plug comprises a hollow mandrel and one or more wiper elements coupled to the mandrel.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Vehicle door latch with inertial lock

A vehicle door includes a latch mechanism having a fork-bolt that is configured to engage a striker and prevent opening of the vehicle door when the latch mechanism is in a latched configuration. The latch mechanism includes a lock mechanism that disconnects an exterior door handle from the latch mechanism when the latch mechanism is locked.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Work vehicle, and work vehicle control charging

A power transmission device includes an input shaft, an output shaft, a gear mechanism, an energy-generating motor, a first clutch, and a locking device. The energy storage unit is configured to store the energy generated by the energy-generating motor.
Komatsu Ltd.


Work vehicle and work vehicle emergency travelling method

A gear mechanism of a power train includes first and second planetary gear mechanisms, which respectively include first to third rotating elements and fourth to sixth rotating elements which are each different to each other. The transmission section transfers the drive force of the second rotating element to the fourth rotating element.
Komatsu Ltd.


Sheet conveying apparatus, drive transmission apparatus and image forming apparatus

A sheet conveying apparatus includes a conveying member conveying and rotating a sheet, a moving member configured to be movable between a first guiding position and a second guiding position, a first abutting portion configured to stop the moving member at the first guiding position, a second abutting portion configured to stop the moving member at the second guiding position, and a planetary gear mechanism. The planetary gear mechanism includes a first rotating element configured to rotate in a first direction and a second direction which is opposite to the first direction, a second rotating element configured to rotate the conveying member by drivenly rotating with the first rotating element, and a third rotating element configured to move the moving member from the second guiding position to the first guiding position by drivenly rotating with the first rotating element rotating in the first direction, and move the moving member from the first guiding position to the second guiding position by drivenly rotating with the first rotating element rotating in the second direction..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Retractable boat extension

A retractable boat extension. The retractable boat extension is a platform that is attachable to a boat, such as a pontoon boat, that provides additional space to transport items or lounge upon.


Motor vehicle having a retractable screen

A trim part of a motor vehicle has a gap into which a display device with a screen can be retracted into the interior of the trim part in a covered position. The screen projects into a passenger compartment of the motor vehicle in a use position by moving through the gap from the covered position with a pivot movement.
Audi Ag


Separable membrane improvements

An apparatus is provided for nebulising a liquid from a liquid supply through a membrane comprising first and second surfaces and a plurality of apertures extending through the membrane. The apparatus includes an area for receiving a liquid supply, arranged to deliver a liquid to the first surface of the membrane, a vibrator member, arranged to vibrate the membrane to eject liquid droplets from the front surface of the membrane on vibration; and a mechanical coupling mechanism, arranged to provide a removable mechanical clamping force for clamping the membrane to the vibrator member.
The Technology Partnership Plc


Automated medication dispensing and related applications thereof

Automated medication dispensing devices, kits, systems, methods, and related applications thereof, such as using computer readable (e.g., nfc [near field communication], or qr) standards for monitoring and verifying patient and caregiver activities and health related data-information. The medication dispensing device includes: a housing having a sliding mechanism configured to receive, hold, and release a removably slidable medication holder containing a plurality of individual medication holding compartments.
Vaica Medical Ltd


Robotic vacuum cleaner comprising at least one side arm

A robotic vacuum cleaner includes a movable side arm. The side arm is inwardly pivotable into the inside of a housing of the robotic vacuum cleaner by a spring mechanism in the event of contact with an obstacle.
Miele & Cie. Kg


Belt buckle for a safety belt system

A belt buckle for a safety belt system for latching a belt buckle (1) with a casing (4), and a locking mechanism (3) arranged in the casing (4), and a spring element (13) loading the latching mechanism (3) in the closing direction, and a damping element that acts against the closing direction of the lathing mechanism (3). The damping element is formed by a soft layer arranged on the inside of the casing (4) on an anticipated impact surface of one of the components of the latching mechanism (3) during the latching or unlatching movement (3)..
Autoliv Development Ab


Domain establishment, registration and resignation via a push button mechanism

A network node includes a pushbutton to provide a button-press event and a pairer to receive the button-press event while not being in a secure domain. In response to the button-press, the pairer alternates between acting as an endpoint node and acting as a temporary domain master, until pairing is completed.
Sigma Designs Israel S.d.i Ltd


Electrical plug and receptacle assembly with interlock mechanism

A plug and receptacle assembly including a housing, an actuating mechanism for manipulating a switch to on and off positions, a plug receptacle adapted to receive a plug, a link driving member attached to the actuating mechanism, a link member adapted to move laterally when the switch is moved to the on position, a link blocking member movable from a position where lateral movement of the link member is blocked to a position where lateral movement of the link member is allowed, wherein upon insertion of the plug into the plug receptacle, a notch on the plug causes the link blocking member to move into the unblocked position where the actuating mechanism is movable to have the link driving member laterally move the link member and to turn the switch from the off position to the on position.. .
Appleton Grp Llc


Drive gear unit

The present invention provides a drive gear device that can easily be made compact and lightweight with a simple configuration, and that has little friction loss. Among externally toothed sun gear members (12a, 12b) and ring gear members (16, 17) of first and second planetary gear mechanisms (11a, 11b), one pair, which are first paired members (12a, 12b), are coupled to a coupling member (12) for equalizing the rotational speeds and rotational directions of the first paired members (12a, 12b), and the other pair, which are second paired members (16, 17) are coupled to opposite rotation members (18, 19) for making the second paired members (16, 17) rotate in opposite directions.
Alchemica Corporation


Electronic limited slip differential with separation of clutch and actuator

A differential gear mechanism constructed in accordance to one example of the present disclosure can include a differential casing. A first and a second side gear can be rotatably mounted within the differential casing.
Eaton Corporation


Foldable ladder

A foldable ladder has a first ladder portion and a second ladder portion hingedly attached to the first ladder portion by a pair of hinge mechanisms. Each hinge mechanism adapted to lock the first and second ladder portions such that the first ladder portion and the second ladder portion form an angle therebetween.
Core Distribution, Inc.


Sequential control roller system for variable a pitch shutter

The present invention discloses a sequential control roller system for a variable pitch shutter. The system comprises a lifting device for controlling the overall lifting and switchover of all blades and a blade separating/shutting and turnover device for controlling the lifting of the blades relative to each other and the overall turnover of the blades.
Hangzhou Wokasolar Technology Co., Ltd.


Adjustable dead-latching bolt mechanism

A latch mechanism having an adjustment mechanism that adjusts the distance to which a latch bolt extends into a mating recess. The adjustment mechanism may include a driver component and a driven component.
Schlage Lock Company Llc


Lock device with a electric locking function

A lock device with an electric locking function includes a latch head slideably mounted in a case and an unlatching mechanism mounted in the case. The unlatching mechanism includes a follower portion operatively connected to the latch head.
I-tek Metal Mfg. Co., Ltd


Winding glass ribbon by tensioning interleaving material

A method of winding a glass ribbon (10), including: winding an interleaving material (20) and the glass ribbon together to produce a roll (40); and tensioning the interleaving material so as to control a roll inter-layer pressure. By controlling the roll inter-layer pressure, the roll can be formed with straight side walls.
Corning Incorporated


Launch device for remotely controlled aircraft

A device to launch a drone, comprises a rail extending along a longitudinal axis and a carriage, mobile on the rail, that can support and launch a drone by the acceleration of the carriage between a loading position and an end-of-travel position, further comprising a spring mechanism configured to exert a return force on the carriage along the longitudinal axis that is substantially constant between the two positions. The spring mechanism comprises at least one coil spring around a hub, one end of the coil spring being linked to the carriage, the return force exerted on the carriage being generated by the coiling of the spring around the hub..


Railroad tank car manway assembly

A manway assembly features a nozzle featuring a groove. A cover is attached to the nozzle and may be pivoted between open and closed positions.
Union Tank Car Company


Shredder with jam proof system

A shredder has a jam proof system with a thickness detector having a contact member which displaces as an article is inserted into the shredder and a resistance generating mechanism which provides a resistance force to the contact member, in response to its displacement. The greater the thickness of the article, the greater the resistance force realized.
Fellowes, Inc.


Detachable rotating mechanism with positioning function and electronic device having a rotatable door with the positioning function

A detachable rotating mechanism and a related electronic device with positioning function are provided. The detachable rotating mechanism includes a base, a pivoting component and a blocking component.
Wistron Corporation


Ratcheting lever actuated connector assembly

A connector assembly including a first and second connector configured to be connected to the first connector. The first connector has a slide including a cam groove for receiving a latch pin defined by the second connector.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Connector assembly for electrically coupling a module card to a circuit board

Connector assembly including a board connector configured to be mounted to a circuit board. The board connector includes a connector housing having a reception slot.
Tyco Electronics Corporation


Method of improving line roughness in substrate processing

Provided is a method for processing a semiconductor substrate to reduce line roughness, the method comprising: positioning a substrate in a film-forming system, the film-forming system comprising a chuck having a clamping mechanism configured to hold the substrate in a processing chamber and flex the substrate by displacing a center of the substrate relative to a peripheral edge of the substrate so as to create a concave surface during processing; coating the substrate with a layer of material; performing a post apply bake process; flexing the substrate to create the concave surface either during the post apply bake or following the post apply bake process, wherein the concave surface has a degree of concavity measured at the center of the substrate that exceeds a base number of microns; and unflexing the substrate and inducing tensile stress in the layer of material on the substrate.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Thermal-mechanical flexible overload sensor

An overload relay is provided for electrical equipment, such as a motor. The overload relay includes a set of electrical contacts, a trip mechanism and a single-arm, a set of monolithic compliant mechanism actuators.
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.


Latch mechanism for a fuser assembly having a heat transfer roll

A fuser assembly for an electrophotographic imaging device which transfers heat from overheated portions of the fuser assembly to portions having lesser temperatures. The fuser assembly includes a heating member; a backup roll disposed proximate to the heating member so as to form a fuser nip therewith; a heat transfer device in contact with backup roll; a positioning mechanism coupled to the heat transfer device for positioning the heat transfer device in a first position in which the heat transfer device contacts the backup roll, and a second position in which the heat transfer device is spaced apart from the backup roll; and a latch mechanism for latching the heat transfer device in the second position..
Lexmark International, Inc.


Trigger mechanism for toy blowgun

A trigger mechanism for a toy blowgun wherein the toy blowgun comprises: a launching mechanism for launching a projectile from the toy blowgun; and a locking mechanism for locking the launching mechanism in a primed configuration, the locking mechanism being releasable to launch the projectile from the toy blowgun. The trigger mechanism comprises: a trigger chamber having an inlet for receiving a flow of air; and a shuttle movable from a start position to a launching position in the trigger chamber by the flow of air to release the locking mechanism..
Buzz Bee Toys (h.k.) Co., Limited


Carrier, planetary gear mechanism, transmission, and working vehicle

A carrier is provided with a circular plate section, a cylinder section, a planetary gear arrangement section, a first hydraulic fluid flow path, and a second hydraulic fluid flow path. The cylinder section has a second support section for supporting a support pin for a planetary gear, a first clutch attachment section for attaching to a first clutch, a second clutch attachment section for attaching to a second clutch, and a piston attachment section for attaching to a piston for driving the second clutch.
Komatsu Ltd.


Transmission and working vehicle

A first clutch is configured to switch between connection and disconnection of a second carrier and a housing. The first clutch is arranged between a first planetary gear mechanism and a second planetary gear mechanism in the axial direction.
Komatsu Ltd.


Oscillating mechanism and ceiling fan using the same

A ceiling fan with an oscillating mechanism includes a clutch member for adjusting the angle of oscillation according to a user's need. When the motor is actuated, the rotating torque induced by the motor and the transmission mechanism is less than the rotational resistance of the clutch member such that the motor may drive the fan to oscillate.


Vehicle door lock device

A vehicle door lock device includes: a latching mechanism maintaining a vehicle door in a closing-stop state; an active lever having a support swiveling around a first support shaft, a link section disposed on the outer side from the support in a radial direction with the first support shaft as the center and having an outer circumferential section linked to and driven by an electric motor, a connection section connecting the support and the link section, and a first engagement section formed in one of an outer circumferential section of the support and an inner circumferential section of the link section; a release lever swiveling around a second support shaft disposed in the recessed portion to be parallel to the first support shaft, interconnected with the latching mechanism, and having a second engagement section engageable with the first engagement section so as to integrally swivel with the active lever.. .
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha


Winding waveguide prototype mould and waveguide manufacturing method

A wiring apparatus includes a substrate, two winding modules, and an axial wire dividing module. The two winding modules are disposed on the substrate.
Metal Industries Research&development Centre


Steering column assembly

An adjustable steering column assembly comprises a steering column shroud, a support bracket, and a clamp mechanism. The support bracket comprises two arms having a portion of the column shroud located therebetween.
Trw Limited


Support foot for luggage carrier

A support foot for a luggage carrier, for a vehicle, said support foot including a main part, a first clamping part, a second clamping part wherein at least one of said clamping parts are movable and a clamping mechanism, said clamping mechanism including an attachment lever, arranged to secure a load bar to a mounting rail or similar device, wherein said attachment lever is arranged at one side of said main part and is arranged to operate in a horizontal plane between a closed and an open position.. .
Mont Blanc Industri Ab


Drive mechanism for a drug delivery device

A drive mechanism for a delivery device or a positioning mechanism comprising a rod (5), a rotatable cam member (9), and a follower member (6) being coupled to the cam member (9) in such a manner that a rotation of the cam member (9) is transferred to a reciprocating movement of the follower member (6) or a part thereof (7), the follower member (6) being coupled to the rod (5) via a ratchet mechanism (62, 64) in such a manner that the reciprocating movement of the follower member (6) or the part thereof (7) drives the rod (5).. .


Grilling device, in particular bowl grill

The aim of the invention is a variable heat regulation and a comfortable operation of a grilling device, in particular in the form of a bowl grill (1), comprising a lower shell (4) in which a heating plane and a grill grate are arranged, the vertical spacing between the grill grate (5) and the heating plane being variable. This is achieved in that the spacing between the grill grate (5) and the heating plane can be adjusted by a coupling mechanism which is arranged within the lower shell (4) in particular.


Single drawer dispenser rack

A bag dispenser includes a bag platform with a first support surface, a first side, a second side, a first end and a second end. At least one side support extends outwardly from the first and second sides of the bag platform and upwardly from the platform.


Zone selective interlocking and circuit protection device monitoring in a power distribution system

Circuit protection devices, power distribution systems, and circuit protection device monitoring in a zone selective interlocking (zsi) system are described. In one example, a circuit protection device for use in a zsi power distribution system includes a trip mechanism configured to interrupt current flowing through the circuit protection device, and a trip unit operatively coupled to the trip mechanism.
General Electric Company


Apparatus and process for assembling different categories of multi-element assemblies to predetermined tolerances and alignments using a reconifigurable assembling and alignment apparatus

Systems and methods for assembling different multi-element items with different specifications using a reconfigurable apparatus are provided. One embodiment includes a base plate, a back plate coupled to the base plate in a predetermined angle relationship.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Apparatus and process for assembling different categories of multi-element assemblies to predetermined tolerances and alignments using a reconifigurable assembling and alignment apparatus

Systems and methods for assembling different multi-element items with different specifications using a reconfigurable apparatus are provided. One embodiment includes a base plate, a back plate coupled to the base plate in a predetermined angle relationship.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Magnetic trip mechanism for circuit breaker

A magnetic trip mechanism for a circuit breaker includes an electrically conductive strap having a first wall portion and a second wall portion that define an interior space therebetween. Also included is a flux block disposed at least partially within the interior space, and movable in response to a short circuit condition of the circuit breaker.
General Electric Company


Torque steering angle sensor

A torque steering angle sensor is provided. The sensor includes a ring magnet with magnetic poles, magnetic path forming members to vary in location relative to the magnetic poles depending on torsion of a torsion bar, one pair of magnetic flux collecting rings for the magnetic path forming members, a first detecting element to detect a magnetic field between the flux collecting rings, a second detecting element to receive a magnetic field from the ring magnet, a slide magnet for producing a magnetic field in a different direction from that of the magnetic field of the ring magnet in the second detecting element, and a sliding mechanism to move the slide magnet toward or apart from the second detecting element with rotation of a rotary member of an electrically assisted power steering device.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


Ratchet mechanism spring

A spring component for a ratcheting mechanism, such as a ratchet wrench. The spring component is shaped to be retained in a recess without any special machining.
Snap-on Incorporated


Micromechanical spring mechanism

A micromechanical spring mechanism, having two spring legs, which essentially are disposed in parallel with one another; and at least one stop element, which is placed so as to prevent the two spring legs from striking each other.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Cordless fabric venetian window shade assembly

A fabric venetian window shade assembly including: an actuation system for a double panel window shading including opposing first and second facings coupled by a plurality of vanes, the actuation system comprising: a roller configured to receive the opposing first and second facings; a ratcheting mechanism mechanically coupled to at least the second facing through the roller; and a grip coupled exclusively to a lower end of the second facing, wherein, in response to a downward force being applied to the grip, the downward force is applied directly to the second facing without being applied directly to the first facing, and wherein the ratcheting mechanism is further configured to adjust a position of the opposing first and second facings and an orientation of the plurality of vanes relative to the opposing first and second facings.. .
Comfortex Window Fashions


Door closing mechanism

A camming member for a door may have a camming surface which lifts the door as the door is traversed from an opened position to a closed position. The lifting movement of the door caused by the camming member facilitates one or more latches used to reinforce a periphery of the door to be engaged without further user intervention..
Precision Pet Products, Inc.


Door hardware locating tool

A door hardware locating tool includes a center wall including a first aperture that defines a first axis, a first side wall including a movable aperture movable along a second axis between a first setback position and a second setback position, the second axis being parallel and offset from the first axis, and a second side wall coupled to the first side wall and extending substantially parallel to the first side wall. A clamping mechanism is operable to move the first side wall and the second side wall in a direction normal to the first axis between a first position and a second position to clamp a door between the first side wall and the second side wall.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation


Snow plow and mount assembly

A snow plow and mount assembly has a mount frame, an a-frame, a lift frame, a plow blade, an actuator, arms, receivers, recesses, hitch pins, a latch mechanism, and a latch lever. The elements are arranged such that the vehicle is driven toward the snow plow so that the arms are received in the receivers, the actuator is energized to pivot the lift frame relative to the a-frame so that the hitch pins are received in the recesses, and the lever is moved to move the latch mechanism to the latched position.
Douglas Dynamics, L.l.c.


Double pinion steering gear with an electric motor

A steering gear mechanism for motor vehicles may include a steering system housing in which a toothed rack is mounted and displaceable along a longitudinal axis. The toothed rack may be connected to steerable wheels of a motor vehicle and configured to pivot the steerable wheels.
Thyssenkrupp Presta Ag


Molding die and molding composite material

This molding die used for molding a composite material comprises: a molding member having a molding surface; a support frame that is provided on the lower side of the molding member, and that supports the molding member; and a height adjustment mechanism that is provided between the molding member and the support frame, and that is capable of adjusting the height of the molding member with respect to the support frame. The thermal expansion coefficient of the molding member is less than or equal to the thermal expansion coefficient of the support frame.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Ratchet mechanism spring

A spring component for a ratcheting mechanism, such as a ratchet wrench. The spring component is shaped to be retained in a recess without any special machining.
Snap-on Incorporated


Rotor-type sprinkler with pressure regulator in outer case

An irrigation sprinkler can include an outer case and a riser extendible from the outer case by water pressure. A nozzle can be rotatably mounted at an upper end of the riser.
Hunter Industries, Inc.


Filter heater arrangement

A filter heater arranged to enclose a filter, wherein said filter heater comprises two similar halves each having a protruding handle on one side, whereby the handles are kept together by a spring mechanism such that pinching the handles towards each other will force the sides of the two halves opposite the handles from each other.. .
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab


Golf clubs with hosel inserts and related methods

Embodiments of golf coupling mechanisms are presented herein. Other examples and related methods are also disclosed herein..
Karsten Manufacturing Corporation


Medical infusion pump mechanism

A medical device pump with a housing with a compartment for removably receiving a cartridge containing a therapeutic agent, a conduit configured to operatively provide a fluid flow path for therapeutic agent to exit from the cartridge, a user activated delivery button, a trigger mechanism, and a pump mechanism employing an articulating, coiled drive spring.. .
Animas Corporation


Device for bringing together substances, in particular for reconstitution of injection solutions

The device (1) has a housing (2), and a flexible bag arranged in the housing and intended to receive a liquid. A dispensing device, in particular an injection syringe (5), is also arranged in the housing, so that it is removable from the housing.
Weibel Cds Ag


Latch mechanism for dispensing objects in point of sale systems

A point of sale system including a compartment array for dispensing objects. Each compartment of the compartment array preferably includes a door and a latch mechanism for opening each door.
Magnet Kiosks Inc.


Quick setting trap with enhanced safety features

Devices according to the present disclosure include humane animal traps that include convenient setting elements and/or safety features. These traps comprise a body, an entrance to the body, a door, a bias mechanism configured to bias the door toward a position, a setting mechanism to hold the door open against its bias and a trigger mechanism configured to release the setting mechanism.


Camera housing

A camera housing comprises a four-sided frame. A first side of the four-sided frame includes a first segment, a second segment, and a latch mechanism with a first latch component and a second latch component.
Gopro, Inc.


Dynamic support system for quartz process chamber

One embodiment of the present invention provides a support system for providing dynamic support to a deposition reactor. The system includes a coupling mechanism configured to provide coupling between the deposition reactor and the support system, an attachment mechanism configured to attach the support system to an external frame, and at least one gas bellows situated between the coupling mechanism and the attachment mechanism..
Solarcity Corporation


Shock sensor with latch mechanism and shock detection

A micromechanical shock sensor includes a proof mass coupled to a surface of a substrate and a projection element extending laterally from the proof mass. The shock sensor further includes a latch mechanism and a retention anchor.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Electric linear motion actuator and electric brake system

The electric linear motion actuator includes an electric motor, a drive shaft configured to be rotated by the electric motor, a rotation-to-linear motion converting mechanism configured to convert the rotational motion of the drive shaft to the axial linear motion of an axially movably supported outer ring member, and an electric locking mechanism incorporated in a reduction gear mechanism in which the rotation of a rotor shaft of the electric motor is reduced in speed and transmitted to the drive shaft. When the electric locking mechanism is energized, the power transmission path shifts to the locked state in which power cannot be transmitted, and when the electric locking mechanism is de-energized thereafter, the power transmission path is kept in the locked state.
Ntn Corporation

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