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Collector of rotational movement from tangential weight and spring force

Drive shaft coupling mechanism

Connector having coupling mechanism

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Methods for connecting a longitudinal member to a bone portion patent thumbnailMethods for connecting a longitudinal member to a bone portion
An apparatus (10) includes a fastener (16) engageable with a bone portion to connect a longitudinal member (12) to the bone portion. A housing (40) has a first passage (42) configured to receive the longitudinal member (12) and a second passage (44) extending transverse to the first passage.
 Collector of rotational movement from tangential weight and spring force patent thumbnailCollector of rotational movement from tangential weight and spring force
This embodiment of at least two free rotating wheels (108) and (208) rotating on the periphery of each other. A free rotating wheel (108) is mounted on a rigid column (104) and base (301).
 Drive shaft coupling mechanism patent thumbnailDrive shaft coupling mechanism
An in-line coupling device for a motor driven agricultural system utilizes less metal components while optimizing torque transfer. The device comprises a puck having a plurality of outwardly extending arms, a first shaft hub having outwardly extending flanges adapted to seat between a pair of the plurality of outwardly extending arms, and a second shaft hub having outwardly extending flanges adapted to seat between a pair of the outwardly extending arms..
 Connector having coupling mechanism patent thumbnailConnector having coupling mechanism
A connector includes a shell and a coupling mechanism rotatable about the shell. The coupling mechanism includes inner and outer coupling nuts.
 Connector having coupling mechanism patent thumbnailConnector having coupling mechanism
A connector includes a shell and a coupling mechanism rotatably coupled thereto. The coupling mechanism includes an inner coupling nut and an outer coupling nut separate from the inner coupling nut.
 Connector having coupling mechanism patent thumbnailConnector having coupling mechanism
A connector includes a shell having a mating end configured to be mated with a mating connector and that holds at least one contact. A coupling mechanism is rotatable about the shell.
 Control system for fan with concealed oscillating mechanism patent thumbnailControl system for fan with concealed oscillating mechanism
A fan control system includes an oscillating fan and a portable mobile device. The oscillating fan includes a housing member having a first driving motor arranged therein, and an oscillating mechanism mounted between the first driving motor and the housing member to electrically connect to the first driving motor and a receiving control unit.
 Image heating apparatus patent thumbnailImage heating apparatus
An image heating apparatus includes a rotating mechanism for rotating a belt unit in a direction for returning a belt into a predetermined zone; a displacing mechanism for permitting a first supporting member to displace in a direction for substantially equalizing forces, from the first supporting member, urging the belt toward a rotatable heating member at opposite end portions of the first supporting member with respect to a belt widthwise direction and to permit a second supporting member to displace in a direction for substantially equalizing forces, from the second supporting member, urging the belt toward the rotatable heating member at opposite end portions of the second supporting member; a limiting mechanism for limiting an amount of the displacement permitted by the displacing mechanism within a predetermined amount.. .
 Stirring and transport device for poultry droppings patent thumbnailStirring and transport device for poultry droppings
A stirring and transport device for poultry droppings includes a first screw having spiral screw blades, a second screw formed to have a shape symmetric to the first screw, a long groove-like trough having a poultry manure conveyance space, a wet manure charge port through which wet manure collected from a poultry cage is charged into the poultry manure conveyance space, a dry manure charge port through which dry manure is charged into the poultry manure conveyance space, a poultry manure discharge port through which poultry manure obtained by mixing the wet manure and the dry manure is discharged from the poultry manure conveyance space, and a rotating mechanism unit that rotates two screws and conveys the wet manure and the dry manure to the poultry manure discharge port while agitating the wet manure and the dry manure in the poultry manure conveyance space.. .
 Luminaire and output element coupling mechanism therefor patent thumbnailLuminaire and output element coupling mechanism therefor
Described are various embodiments of a luminaire and output element coupling mechanism therefor. In one embodiment, a recessable luminaire comprises two or more luminaire modules, each one of which comprising a recessable housing having opposed side walls.
Electronic device
According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a first main unit having a surface thereof provided with a display panel, a second main unit having a surface thereof provided with another display panel, a hinge mechanism coupling the first and second main units, and two operation buttons arranged symmetrical with respect to a center line passing through the respective centers of the first and second main units.. .
Battery kit for use with headset
A battery kit is provided for use with a headset including a headband, and an upper support portion coupled to the headband. An electronic component is coupled to the headset.
Head-up display for a vehicle
A head-up display has a screen, a cover for the screen, and a gear mechanism for simultaneously pivoting the screen and the cover around a pivot axis between a first end position and a second end position and concurrently shifting the cover relatively to the screen in such a way that the cover uncovers the screen in the first end position and completely covers the screen in the second end position.. .
Magnetic gear mechanism with coils around permanently excited magnet poles
The dynamics of a magnetic gear mechanism are intended to be improved. For this purpose, a magnetic gear mechanism with a stator, a first rotor, which has permanently excited magnet poles (2, 3), and a second rotor, which likewise has permanently excited magnet poles, is proposed.
Vehicle seat
The invention relates to a vehicle seat comprising a base portion for attachment in a vehicle; a seat bottom part, with a top side and an underside, which seat bottom part is attached to the base portion; a waist belt, which extends between the seat bottom part's sides. At least one hinge mechanism that is adjustable between a first and a second position is arranged at the base portion.
Impact sensitive latch actuation link for vehicle door
An apparatus may include a latch mechanism, an actuator, and an actuation link. The latch mechanism may be movable to allow and restrict movement of a vehicle door relative to a vehicle frame.
Spring bar lift and attachment system
A spring bar lift and attachment system includes a bracket assembly, a ratchet mechanism, and a flexible strap. The ratchet mechanism is secured to the bracket assembly, and the bracket assembly is configured to be secured to a portion of a frame of a trailer.
Sensor mounting for a sensor for object detection
A sensor mounting for a sensor for object detection includes a housing for the sensor, a holder on which the housing is pivotably held, an adjusting device for an angular orientation of the housing and an angular gear mechanism for controlling the adjusting device. The angular gear mechanism includes a drive wheel and a driven wheel, the drive wheel being connected to an engagement contour for the transmission of torque to the drive wheel, and a gear mechanism housing of the angular gear mechanism being set up so as to permit mounting of the drive wheel at different sides of the angular gear mechanism..
Seat belt retractor and seat belt assembly including same
[solution] an annular internal gear member 24 is formed of a noise suppressing material having lower strength than a metal. A deformation restricting portion 22d of an annular flange shape is formed along an outer circumferential edge of a carrier 22.
Collapsible transport container and retention mechanism for use therewith
Embodiments of the invention are directed to collapsible transport containers with hinged and/or removable side walls to facilitate container collapse, as well as latching mechanisms capable of securing the side walls of such containers to one another and releasing said side walls from one another without the need for tools. Embodiments of the invention are also directed to keeper assemblies that allow said latching mechanisms to guard against inadvertent unlatching and possible unintentional collapse of one or more container side walls..
Load measurement sensor support structure
In a case where a load measurement sensor is supported so that an extension shaft portion is located at the lateral side of a sensor body, the load measurement sensor is stably disposed without interference with the other members and an increase in the size of a seat is suppressed. In a support structure that supports a load measurement sensor by a height adjustment mechanism so that an extension shaft portion of the load measurement sensor is located at the lateral side of a sensor body, the height adjustment mechanism is a mechanism that displaces the height of a side frame with respect to an attachment member through the link mechanism including link members connecting the side frame to the attachment member, and the load measurement sensor is disposed so that at least a part of a load receiving portion of the sensor body is disposed in the link mechanism..
Quick assembling/disassembling structure for motor handle module of electrical gear box
A quick assembling/disassembling structure for motor handle module of electrical gear box includes a firearm body having a trigger and sideways connected to a grip that forms a connection slot and a snap-fitting element rotatably mounted to the firearm body at a location adjacent one side of the trigger. The snap-fitting element has an end forming a snap-fitting section in retaining engagement with the connection slot.
Load test stand
A load test stand includes a frame, a flange, and a spring mechanism. The spring mechanism is mounted on the frame and includes a symmetrical arrangement of at least four spring elements.
Motorized snare
Motorized snare. In one example embodiment, a motorized snare includes a housing, a snare cable extending from the housing and terminating in a noose, a retraction mechanism at least partially positioned within the housing and including a motorized reel attached to the snare cable, and a trigger mechanism configured, upon being triggered, to cause the motorized reel to reel in at least a portion of the snare cable into the housing..
Automatic height adjusting vehicle roof cleaner
A vehicle roof cleaner is provided with a pair of vertical supports, an upper cross bar, a cleaner assembly, and an adjustment mechanism. The upper crossbar connects the pair of vertical supports, and the cleaner assembly is movable along the pair of vertical supports and positionable below the upper crossbar by the height adjustment mechanism.
Hinged attachment of headgear to a helmet
A hinge mechanism for attaching ear accessories to a helmet allows an accessory to be attached at a point outside the helmet shell utilizing, for example, a slidable mounting rail, and to reach under the edge of the helmet shell so that the accessory is supported in contact with the wearer's head. The hinge mechanism is well suited for use in connection with military helmets that have a “bulge” or protrusion over the ear..
Automotive vehicle container handling system
A number of variations may include a container handling system for an automotive vehicle having a generally horizontal cargo bed area including a container for holding cargo. The container may have an alignment surface.
Storage structures
A storage structure (10) according to the invention comprises a plurality of pallets (14) that is each configured to carry a load such as a car (16), a vertical conveyor (12) including a number of endless chains (26), a support structure (24) that defines storage bays (18) in which the pallets (14) and cars (16) can be stored, a number of brackets (30) on each chain (26), and a sliding mechanism (44,46) on each level, for sliding the pallets (14) between the bays (18) and a position in which the pallet (14) is supported on some of the brackets (30) on the chains (26). The bays (18) are provided on opposing sides of the vertical conveyor (12) and are spaced apart vertically on multiple levels, with equal vertical spacing between the levels.
Magnetic trigger mechanism and associated control method
A magnetic trigger mechanism is provided. The magnetic trigger mechanism operates in conjunction with a plurality of magnetic sensors.
Latch mechanism
A latch is provided including a fork bolt configured to rotate between an unlatch position and a latched position. A detent is configured to cooperate with the forkbolt.
Latch mechanism
A latch is provided including a fork bolt configured to rotate between an unlatched position and a latched position. A detent is configured to cooperate with the fork bolt.
Magnetic gate latch
A magnetic gate latch comprises magnetic materials and a latching mechanism attracted into a keeper when the gate latch is closed by a first magnetic force and retained in a unlatched position by a second magnetic force. For example, the latching mechanism comprises a pin without a spring or other biasing mechanism biasing the spring in a direction opposite of a magnet in the keeper assembly.
Hinge mechanism, collapsible ascension ski having such a hinge mechanism, and related methods and kits
A hinge mechanism includes a first hinge element, a second hinge element, and a locking element. The first hinge element may include a first plate portion and a first plurality of substantially parallel fingers spaced from one another.
Heel retainer with auxiliary lever
A heel retainer for a combined downhill and touring binding for a ski, including: a base plate which can be fastened on an upper side of the ski; a connecting structure; a tensioning device for securely holding a ski boot in the heel retainer, including a sole retainer; a shifting mechanism using which the heel retainer can be moved from a travelling position to a walking position and vice versa; and a latching mechanism which latches at least parts of the heel retainer in the travelling position or in the walking position. The latching mechanism includes a latching lever which can be operated manually or using a ski pole and which latches the heel retainer at least in the travelling position, wherein the parts of the heel retainer for changing from the travelling position to the walking position and vice versa can be linearly shifted on the base plate..
Paper sheet processing device
Device with: banknote processing unit (10); banknote storage unit (30) having a plurality of banknote storage parts (32) for separating and storing paper sheets; transport mechanism for bidirectionally transporting the paper sheets via a connection mechanism (45) connected between the banknote processing unit (10) and banknote storage unit (30); and a unit guide mechanism (50) that guides the banknote storage unit (30) in order to be stored in a drawer from a housing (102) and a storage space. The unit guide mechanism (50) has: first sliding mechanism (52) which is positioned on the housing (102) and storage body (31), and guides the storage body (31) from the storage space in a horizontal direction to store the storage body (31) in the drawer and the storage space; guide parts which are inside the housing (102), positioned along the connection mechanism (45) in the horizontal direction; and linked guide mechanisms (53) positioned on top of the banknote storage parts (32), and have guided parts that are guided by the guide parts..
Ratcheting mechanism for surgical stapling device
A surgical stapling device comprising a housing, an elongated portion, an end effector, and a movable handle disposed in mechanical cooperation with the housing and movable between a first open position and a second approximated position for affecting a function of the end effector. A ratchet mechanism is disposed in mechanical cooperation with the movable handle and is configured to substantially prevent the movable handle from moving towards its first open position until the movable handle reaches a predetermined position.
Cooking device with separate compartments
A cooking device comprises a bottom pan comprising a plurality of bottom compartments being configured to separately contain food items during a cooking process. A top pan covers the bottom compartments to separately retain the food items.
Subsea retrievable pressure sensor
A subsea retrievable pressure sensor for measuring fluid pressure at a well or other subsea fluid system. In one embodiment, a pressure sensor assembly includes a subsea pressure housing, a first pressure sensor, an electrical connector, a first hydraulic connector, and a latching mechanism.
Fishing device
A fishing device, for use with a reel and rod combination having fishing line with attached terminal tackle, includes a base, an indicator device, a trigger mechanism, and a tine device. The base has a hole and slot configuration to allow a fishing line to feed through the base.
Wear assembly
Wear members for wear assemblies include a lock configured to secure the wear member to a base, where the lock has two engagement positions, namely: (a) a first position that secures the lock to the wear member, and (b) a second position that secures the wear member to the base. The locks are further configured to be unlatched and removed from the wear member in two phases, a first retraction of the latching mechanism, followed by a rotation of the lock itself with removal from the wear member..
Hedge trimmer
A hedge trimmer having a drive motor, a gear mechanism, and a blade arrangement with at least one cutter bar, which is driven in a reciprocating manner by the drive motor via the gear mechanism in a longitudinal direction. The blade arrangement includes a guide mechanism that extends over at least a part of the length of the blade arrangement.
Coupling mechanism for a medical device
Embodiments of the present disclosure include a medical device. The medical device may include a proximal handle, a distal tool, an elongate member connecting the distal tool to the proximal handle and including a first portion and a second portion, wherein the elongate member may be configured to deliver electrical energy to the distal tool, and a coupling mechanism configured to connect and disconnect the first and second portions of the elongate member..
Medical instrument
A medical instrument having a shank, at the proximal end of which a handle is arranged, wherein the shank is rotatable about its longitudinal axis and can be secured in various positions of rotation relative to the handle via a licking mechanism. In order for a medical instrument with a shank rotatable about its longitudinal axis to be designed in such a way that, while being easy to handle, it permits a large number of secure and positionally precise rotations of the shank with respect to the handle, the licking mechanism is designed as a latching mechanism which has a perforated disk with recesses and latching elements, wherein the latching elements and/or the perforated disk are spring-loaded relative to each other, and at least one of the latching elements engages in a corresponding recess of the perforated disk in order to fix the shank..
3d catheter-based ultrasound assembly with gimbal-mount transducer and single-coil drive
Described are embodiments of devices and methods for imaging a body conduit, such as a blood vessel. In particular embodiments, the catheter has a chamber within which is a transducer mounted to a pivot mechanism.
Apparatus and method for implantation of devices into soft tissue
Apparatus and method for surgeon-assisted rapid surgical implantation of devices into soft tissue. The apparatus comprises several subsystems that enable the referencing of the spatial position and orientation of the device being implanted with respect to the soft tissue into which it is being implanted and then the controlled implantation of the device at a predefined speed with higher positional accuracy and precision and a reduction in soft tissue damage, provided by ultrasonic assisted motion, compared to current state-of-the-art implantation methods and devices.
Chassis stacker
A chassis stacker having a first and a second vertical storage rack displaced from one another by a distance wide enough to accommodate a trailer chassis, and connected at a top end by a trolley rail support beam. A trolley is positioned on the trolley rail support beam, said trolley having an elevation system capable of raising and lowering a first and a second stabilizing beam that are suspended from the trolley and guided in their vertical motion by low-friction, storage-rack contact members attached at respective first and second ends of the elevating structure, said contact members in contact with an inner surface of the respective first and second vertical storage racks.
Method and system for modularized configurable connector system for ethernet applications
A first modular ethernet connector and a coupled corresponding second modular ethernet connector may communicate data based on ethernet standards. The ethernet connectors may be configurable and comprise at least twelve contact positions.
Latch assembly
A water seal system is provided for a latch assembly that comprises a housing having a receptacle in which a handle extends therein. A trigger extends from the handle through an aperture in the receptacle to a latching mechanism on a rear side of the housing.
Latch mechanism for a vehicle
A latch mechanism for a vehicle includes a mounting bracket defining a slot configured to receive a striker of the vehicle. The latch mechanism also includes a catch pivotally coupled to the mounting bracket.
Stabilizer for a lower link of a three-point hitch of a tractor
Stabilizer for a lower link of a three-point hitch of a tractor, comprising a first stabilizer member and a second stabilizer member connected to the first stabilizer member by a spring mechanism which allows a longitudinal movement between the stabilizer members, wherein the overall length of the stabilizer is adjustable by rotating the stabilizer members against each other. Furthermore, a blocking means is connected to the first stabilizer member, wherein the blocking means can be moved into a closed position in which a longitudinal movement between the stabilizer members is restricted.
Pop-up push lid
A conventional pop-up latch mechanism to which a second rotating tongue that will disengage the main latch is used in combination. This tongue is moved in place by pressing on the lid a similar way as to close it.
Clamp mechanism for power distribution line sensors
A clamp mechanism for a power distribution line sensor including a drive rod having a first rod portion with a spiral thread formed in a first-handed thread direction, a second rod portion with a spiral thread formed in an opposite-handed thread direction, and a coupling end portion. The mechanism also includes a first clamp portion having a first drive block engaged with the first rod portion and a first clamp arm having a pin-in-slot connection to that drive block, as well as a second clamp portion having a second drive block engaged with the second rod portion and a second clamp arm having a pin-in-slot connection to that drive block.
Hollow built-in blind
A hollow built-in blind includes two glass plates, an annular spacer cooperating with the glass plates to define a receiving space, and a blind disposed in the receiving space and including a lower rail, a plurality of slats, and two pull cords connected to the lower rail. A transmission unit includes a transmission shaft, a winding mechanism disposed on the shaft, and a belt pulley fixed to one end of the shaft.
Apparatus and method for cleaning objects
A container is disclosed. The container includes a top portion and a bottom portion, both including a mesh portion, at least one hinging feature attached to the bottom portion, wherein the at least one hinging feature hingably attaches the top portion to the bottom portion, wherein the top portion and the bottom portion having an open configuration and a closed configuration and wherein the top portion and the bottom portion, when in the closed configuration, forming an inner portion, also a latching mechanism wherein when the latching mechanism is in a locked position the top portion and bottom portion are locked into the closed configuration, also at least one spring holder attached to the at least one hinging feature and located within the inner portion wherein when the top portion and bottom portion move from the closed position to the open position, the at least one spring holder lifts upwards..
Steering column assembly
A steering column assembly comprises an adjustable shroud which at least partially surrounds a steering shaft and a clamp mechanism operable between a clamped position in which the adjustable shroud part is locked in position and an unclamped position in which the adjustable shroud part can be moved to set the reach and/or rake of the steering column assembly, in which the clamp mechanism comprises a clamp pin, a locking handle and a cam mechanism fitted to the clamp pin, in which the cam mechanism comprises first and second cam portions which can be moved relative to each other by operation of the locking handle to vary the overall length of the cam mechanism, the unclamped position of the cam mechanism being defined by contact of a first end stop of the first cam portion with a second end stop of the second cam portion. At least one of the end stops comprises a resilient cushioning element which provides cushioning as the at least one end stop engages the other end stop upon the clamp mechanism reaching the unclamped position.
Over-center trigger mechanism for animal cage traps and conversion kit
A trigger mechanism for an animal cage having a door that can be closed by linking to hanging bait comprises a frame for mounting to that cage. The frame includes a first support pivotally mounted at its base end, a second support fixedly mounted substantially perpendicular to the frame; and a door actuation bar pivotally mounted to the frame at one end.
Split-tip applicator
An applicator system for applying a product includes a handle (e.g., housing) and at least a first applicator and a second applicator. A mechanism, such as a pivot mechanism or a slide mechanism, enables the first applicator and the second applicator to be placed in at least two different positions.
Implant delivery and deployment system and method
An implant delivery system comprising a catheter including at least one lumen, an implant configured to be received in the lumen, and a latching mechanism configured to be received in the implant. The latching mechanism may be configured to releasably couple the implant to a delivery wire and to transmit a torque through the delivery wire to cause at least a portion of the implant to rotate.
Fluid dispenser
A fluid dispensing device is provided for dispensing a measured amount of fluid into a living organism. The device has a needle having a first end and a second end.
Rack oven with direct fire heating system
A rack oven includes a cooking chamber accessible via a door and a rack rotating mechanism within the cooking chamber. A combustion chamber is separated from the cooking chamber by at least one wall, the combustion chamber including a burner.
Height adjustment mechanism for head rest of child safety seat
A child safety seat is provided with a backrest including parallel first and second recesses; a head rest including first and second projections slidable in the first and second recesses respectively, and top first and second holes; an adjustment plate including side slots; a pressing plate on bottom ends of the first and second recesses; first and second trigger rods between the backrest and the head rest wherein the first trigger rod includes a bottom tab member moveable in one slot, and a top finger tab; the second trigger rod includes a bottom tab member moveable in the other opposite slot, and a top finger tab; and the finger tab of the first trigger rod projects out of the first hole and the finger tab of the second trigger rod projects out of the second hole; and a biasing member.. .
In-line jack
An in-line jack includes a body, an extendable shaft, drive mechanics, and a motor. The body has first and second distal ends.
Spinning reel
A spinning reel includes a handle, a reel unit, a rotor, a spool, a spool shaft, and an oscillating mechanism. The oscillating mechanism includes a traverse cam and a slider including a slider body, a through hole, an engaging member, a first bearing, and a retainer member.
Automated analyzer and maintenance method for same
An automated analyzer includes a conveyance mechanism to convey a specimen, an analysis portion to analyze the specimen, and a device cover to cover a movable mechanism including the conveyance mechanism. The automated analyzer is provided with an interlock mechanism and an interlock release mechanism.
Electric wheelchair
An electric wheelchair comprising a movable seat part (1), a body part (2) served as a support for the seat part, a seat adjustment mechanism (3) arranged under the seat part, a bottom part (4), and a crawler moving mechanism (5). The crawler moving mechanism (5) comprises two sets of crawlers arranged respectively at both sides underneath the bottom part, and each of which comprises a front crawler and a rear crawler.
Material sampling device
The invention provides material sampling devices and methods of using the material sampling devices. In a general aspect, the material sampling device includes a material sampling device including a rotator, an auger, and a sample containment tube.
Foot snare triggering device
The foot snare triggering device of the present invention is designed to be used with a foot snare, and comprises a trigger plate assembly, having a tension adjustment means which allows the trigger plate assembly to pivotally yield to vertical pressure. A trigger mechanism has a trigger end set within said plate assembly and is attached to an extension mechanism providing a tandem extension spring configuration attached to a pair of pulleys, and a snare attachment port located within the trigger mechanism for releasably securing a foot snare by moving longitudinally when the trigger mechanism is engaged by pressure to said plate assembly allowing a foot snare to be released from the snare attachment port after triggering said device.
Feed mechanism for swagable lockbolt collars
An air-driven feeder tool is provided for presenting swagable collars one at a time for placement on the shanks of lockbolts and thereby made ready for the application of a swaging tool. The swaging tool breaks off a pintail from the lockbolt and a vacuum system draws the broken-off pintails through a vacuum device and into a receptacle for safe disposal.
Walk-in tub door assembly
A walk-in tub includes a tub frame having a door frame provided in one or more of the walls of the tub frame. The tub further includes a door hingedly connected to the door frame and adapted for movement between an open position into the interior cavity of the tub and a closed position aligned with the door frame.
Toilet overflow prevention device
The invention is directed to a toilet overflow prevention device. The device is a toilet tank shutoff system, composed of a sensor for use in the toilet bowl or tank, an electro-mechanical actuator, and an electronic communication link.

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