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This page is updated frequently with new Mechanism-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Mechanism-related patents
 Below grade enclosure patent thumbnailBelow grade enclosure
An enclosure for telecommunications equipment suitable for below grade use with fiber optic equipment or electrical equipment is described. The enclosure incorporates a cam operated latching mechanism and compression plates to seal the door closed and create a water resistant or water tight seal.
American Products, L.l.c.

 Swivel camera mount patent thumbnailSwivel camera mount
A camera mount is configured to attach a camera to a mount base which, in turn, may be secured to sport equipment, musical instruments, vehicles, and the like. The camera mount includes a ball component that couples to a camera or camera housing and that allows a user to rotate a camera within a horizontal plane, and to pivot a camera in one or more vertical planes.
Gopro, Inc.

 Electromagnetic platform motor (epm) (epm-1) (epm-2) patent thumbnailElectromagnetic platform motor (epm) (epm-1) (epm-2)
The presence invention is an electromagnetic platform motor on track wheels that convert reciprocating motion into rotation motion that produces torque force and speed that rotates the shaft of electric generator producing electricity. The invention uses an electromagnetic aluminum tube magnetic force field to repel and attract super strong permanent magnets attached on opposite side of a platform with wheels to move forward and backward, in and out of the electromagnetic aluminum tube with force.

 Barrel coupling for firearm patent thumbnailBarrel coupling for firearm
The invention relates to the firearm hardware, namely to barrel coupling for firearm. Due to the new muzzle adapter construction, clamping mechanism, which consists of a separator with cams and a clamping sleeve, it makes it possible to mount muzzle accessories to the barrels without any special preparation.

 Control valve patent thumbnailControl valve
An expansion valve includes a shaft one end side of which connects to a power element and the other end side of which connects to a valve element, the shaft transmitting the drive force, generated by the power element in a direction of axis line, to the valve element, and a sliding mechanism that applies a sliding resistance to the actuation of the valve element. The sliding mechanism is configured such that the magnitude of the sliding resistance affected to the valve element is varied by the position of the valve element in the direction of axis line in the body..
Tgk Co., Ltd.

 Low profile ocean pump array generation station patent thumbnailLow profile ocean pump array generation station
A system for generating electricity in a moving water environment, including a single point of contact securing mechanism in contact with a floor of the moving water environment, the securing mechanism comprising a weight and a cable, a pump including a bottom section mechanically coupled to the securing mechanism via the cable, the bottom section comprising a water input valve and a bottom water conduit, a top section slidably coupled to the bottom section, the top portion comprising a water output valve and a top water conduit receiving water from the bottom water conduit, a spring mechanism coupled to the bottom section and the top section, and a buoyancy device coupled to the top pump section.. .

 Drawbar hitch conversion for planters with two-point hitches patent thumbnailDrawbar hitch conversion for planters with two-point hitches
A planter with a two-point hitch is converted to a drawbar configuration through use of an existing through-bore in the planter's pull tongue that originally served as part of a swiveling connection between the tongue and the two-point hitch. A pinned connection to the frame of the conversion unit via this existing through-bore of the planter tongue is augmented with a clamping mechanism that secures the planter tongue in place between two spaced-apart side plates of the conversion unit to prevent relative rotation between the planter tongue and the conversion unit about the axis of the coupling pin.
Schnell Industries Inc.

 Universal accessories for oscillating power tools patent thumbnailUniversal accessories for oscillating power tools
An accessory for coupling to an attachment mechanism of an oscillating power tool includes a working end, an opposite rear end, and a fitment portion adjacent the rear end portion. The fitment portion includes a central opening having a central portion and a rearward portion open to the rear end, and configured to receive a post of a tool clamping mechanism.
Black & Decker Inc.

 Expandable corpectomy device patent thumbnailExpandable corpectomy device
The instant invention is a longitudinally adjustable corpectomy device which fits within the intervertebral distracted channel. A ratchet mechanism allows for an extendable member to adjust to a longer length to accommodate a distracted channel.
Atlas Spine, Inc.

 Knee protection system patent thumbnailKnee protection system
A knee protection system includes a kneepad, a knee relief pad, and a coupling mechanism. The kneepad is secured to a knee covering position on the coupling mechanism and the knee relief pad is secured to a calf position in the coupling mechanism.
Athalonz, Llc


Leg protection system

A leg protection system includes a kneepad, a knee relief pad, a foot relief pad, and a coupling mechanism. The kneepad is secured to a knee covering position on the coupling mechanism, the knee relief pad is secured to a calf position on the coupling mechanism, and the foot relief pad is secured to a shin-foot position on the coupling mechanism.
Athalonz, Llc


Battery module retention structure

A battery module mounting system includes a housing of the battery module configured to receive a plurality of electrochemical cells, a lid coupled to a side of the housing, and a cage configured to secure the housing to a vehicle. Additionally, the cage includes a coupling mechanism configured to engage with the lid in a tongue and groove configuration to block movement of the housing in at least three directions when engaged..
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus

The method includes holding a substrate horizontally with a holding and rotating mechanism; introducing processing liquid from a fluid introduction portion of, in a processing liquid pipe in which a processing liquid nozzle having a discharge port at a tip end is provided at one end, the other end of the processing liquid pipe into the processing liquid pipe so as to discharge the processing liquid from the discharge port toward the substrate; introducing, after stopping the processing liquid discharge step, a gas from the fluid introduction portion into the processing liquid pipe so as to extrude the processing liquid within the processing liquid pipe and within the processing liquid nozzle outwardly; and stopping, after starting the introduction of the gas, the introduction of the gas into the processing liquid pipe with the processing liquid being left within the processing liquid pipe and/or the processing liquid nozzle.. .
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.


Apparatus for mapping liner wear of a bearing

An apparatus for mapping liner wear of a bearing around the circumference of the bearing which includes a rotary indexer that can hold the bearing, a shaft, a force applying mechanism, a rotating mechanism, a digital displacement indicator, and a recorder.. .
United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Hinge mechanism with multiple preset positions

A hinge mechanism with multiple preset positions is described. According to various embodiments, the hinge mechanism enables a support component to be adjustably attached to an apparatus, such as a computing device.
Microsoft Corporation


Cable winch

The invention relates to a cable winch, preferably a sprocket-type large cable winch for deep-sea applications, having a cable drum, the end faces of which are enclosed by end discs, and having at least one drive unit for driving the cable drum. The drive unit comprises a motor and a gear mechanism which on the output side drives an output wheel, said wheel being in engagement with a drive wheel, preferably in the form of a sprocket, provided on one of the end discs.
Liebherr-components Biberach Gmbh


Charging stand

A charging stand includes a charging cable detachably attachable to an electrically-driven vehicle; a winding mechanism configured to wind the charging cable; a housing configured to house the winding mechanism; and a winding length changing mechanism configured to change and adjust a windable length of the charging cable to be wound by the winding mechanism.. .
Chuo Hatsujo Kabushiki Kaisha


Charging stand

A charging stand includes a charging cable detachably attachable to an electrically-driven vehicle; a winding mechanism configured to wind the charging cable and having a movable portion that operates in accordance with a movement of the charging cable; a housing configured to house the winding mechanism; and a speed control mechanism configured to operate when the charging cable is wound by the winding mechanism and to control an operation speed of the movable portion so as not to exceed a preset speed.. .
Chuo Hatsujo Kabushiki Kaisha


Paint brush storage and protection device

A paint brush storage and protection device includes a base having an upstanding wall, the upstanding wall being continuous from a first side of an open stem area to a second side of the open stem area, the first side and second side of the open stem area being generally parallel to one another along a longitudinal length of said device. The device also includes a top adapted to close against said upstanding wall and at least one latching mechanism.
Likwid Concepts L.l.c.


Podiatry assist

A podiatry assist device for use with a patient in a wheelchair. While the patient remains in the wheelchair, the device supports at least one of the patient's lower extremities as the patient is examined and/or treated.
Virginia Mason Medical Center


Apparatus for counterbalancing a rotating arm in an imaging system

An apparatus for balancing a statically unbalanced system, particularly useful in balancing x-ray and mammography systems having an x-ray source and detector mounted to a rotational arm, includes a spring mechanism which synchronizes the activation of the spring mechanism with the rotation of the arm of the mammography system. The balancing system reduces the amount of torque necessary to rotate the arm and decreases the overall inertia of the system by eliminating the need for counterweights to maintain balance of the system..
General Electric Company


Apparatus for obtaining and analyzing a blood sample with a lancet coupling mechanism

An apparatus for obtaining and analyzing a blood sample is presented. The apparatus comprises an integrated drive unit having a common drive source and a drive force transmission gearing that couples a lancet drive, a device for advancing a magazine, and a sample transfer device to the drive source.
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


Compact protective cover for eyewear

A collapsible eyewear protector movable between an opened eyewear-receiving position and a closed collapsed storage position, the collapsible eyewear protector including first and second lens covers each including a first cover portion and a second cover portion, the collapsible eyewear protector further including a sliding mechanism having a first portion on the first lens cover and a second portion on the second lens cover where the first and second portions engage to permit the first lens cover to slide relative to the second lens cover between the open and collapsed positions, where in one embodiment the sliding mechanism includes a channel and a rail configured to slide within the channel.. .


Clam digging multi-tool system

A system for clam digging comprising a clam gun and a cart. The cart comprising a set of wheels, a tower, a plate, a lever, and a tether.


Electrically and thermally non-metallic conductive nanostructure-based adapters

A conductive adapter for carrying relatively high current from a source to an external circuit without degradation is provided. The adapter includes a conducting member made from a conductive nanostructure-based material and having opposing ends.
Nanocomp Technologies, Inc.


Drive arrangement and rotating mechanism for an advertising or information medium having a drive arrangement of this type

A rotating mechanism characterized by a drive arrangement which provides rotating, hoisting and dropping functions with just a single drive.. .
Bayer Feinwerk Gmbh & Co. Kg


Optical connector

A plug-side optical connector, including: a plug-side coupling mechanism and a ferrule. The plug-side coupling mechanism is to be coupled to a coupling mechanism of another optical connector, the other optical connector being on receptacle side and being for being coupled with the plug-side optical connector.
Fujikura Ltd.


Projectile launcher and operating the same

A toy projectile launcher configured to launch projectiles therefrom. The toy projectile launcher having: a housing; a handle portion rotatably received within the housing; a trigger mechanism located in the handle portion, wherein a portion of the projectile launcher in the housing is configured to be transitioned from a first position to a second position as the handle portion rotates with respect to the housing from a first position and a second position..


Interlock mechanism

An interlock mechanism includes a shift-and-select shaft a first fork, a second fork, a first inner lever, a second inner lever, an interlock member coaxially arranged around an outer circumference of the shift-and-select shaft while being allowed to rotate together with the shift-and-select shaft in the rotation direction as a unit and not allowed to be displaced in the axial direction, a first engagement portion formed on the first fork, a second engagement portion formed to project from the second fork, a first engaged portion formed to project from the inter lock member and engaged with the first engagement portion while the interlock member is positioned at a second rotation position and a second engaged portion formed on the interlock member and engaged with the second engagement portion while the interlock member is positioned at a first rotation position.. .
Aisin Ai Co., Ltd.


Drive and operating such a drive

A drive of an energy generation system with a drive shaft (9) has an electrical machine (8) which is connected to a power system (10), and a differential gear mechanism (3) with three drives and outputs, wherein a first drive is connected to the drive shaft (9), an output is connected to the electric machine (8), and a second drive is connected to a differential drive (6) which is connected via a frequency converter (7) and optionally a transformer (5) to the power system (10). The electric machine (8) can be connected to the frequency converter (7) and as result full converter mode can continue to be operated at relatively low wind speeds..
Set Sustainable Energy Technologies Gmbh


Contour crafting extrusion nozzles

An automated extrusion construction system may include an extrusion nozzle configured to extrude construction material in a substantially horizontal direction against an elongated and substantially vertical surface. An extrusion nozzle may have a height adjustment mechanism configured to adjust the height of an outlet in response to level deviations in the surface on which the construction material is extruded by the extrusion nozzle.
University Of Southern California


Rear wheel steering vehicle

A rear wheel steering apparatus for a vehicle includes: a housing connected via first and second connecting members to a suspension mechanism supporting rear wheels of a vehicle; an electric motor accommodated in the housing; a planetary gear mechanism having a sun gear connected to an output shaft of the electric motor, a ring gear non-rotatably supported inside the housing, a planetary gear meshing with the ring gear and the sun gear, and a carrier connected to the planetary gear, and reducing the output of the electric motor; and a linear motion mechanism having a nut member connected to the planetary gear mechanism and forming the carrier, and a rod screwed to the nut member and connected to the second connecting member, and converting the rotational motion of the nut member into the linear motion of the rod.. .
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha


Plug door opening-closing device and plug door device

A plug door opening-closing apparatus, which is adapted for use with a vehicle having a vehicle front-rear direction and a vehicle width direction, includes a door hanger capable of coupling a door panel of the vehicle, a movable guide configured to guide movement of the door hanger in the front-rear direction and move in the width direction, a guide support member that guides movement of the movable guide in the width direction, and an interlock mechanism mechanically connected to the movable guide. The interlock mechanism conforms a movement amount of a first portion of the movable guide to a movement amount of a second portion of the movable guide..
Nabtesco Corporation


Decorative locking device for a shoelace

A one-piece locking device for a shoelace. The locking device includes a top portion hingeably connected to a bottom portion proximate a first end of the top and bottom portions.


Method and protection, mounting, and accessorizing of digital devices

The invention comprises a method and apparatus for providing a connection method to digital devices connecting and disconnecting an exo-skeleton, impact protection, wearable computing and ergonomic texturing for digital devices. The invention increases the devices functionality, while providing a secondary quick release mounting method that allow the fast attachment and release of various accessories to the digital device or other objects, as well as providing mounting surfaces that allows for connection of various accessories.


Integrated nanospray system

Integrated nanospray ionization package, comprising a nanospray emitter, a push button carriage with button element projecting through a bore in said package, an integral high voltage contact pin, a bore in said package for reversible protrusion of the nanospray emitter, a push-and-retract spring mechanism in which the range of forward motion of the emitter is not dependent on range of travel of the said button, and then upon actuation of said button element and spring element for retraction of said nanospray emitter, said nanospray emitter is pushed forward to establish electrical contact, and upon release of said button retracts and breaks the electrical contact.. .
New Objective, Inc.


Secure electronic compartment identifier system

A latch, or tag that can be used on luggage, baggage, trunks, rail cars, trailers or any compartment that can be opened and closed that establishes profile data that is associate with the latch or tag and is adapted to store personal data and an identifier in the latch mechanism or on the tag. The profile data can be used to establish a risk factor with the luggage or compartment and/or a person associated with the luggage or compartment..


Camera housing for a square-profile camera

A square camera housing accommodates a square camera with a substantially square profile. The square camera housing includes a latching mechanism to secure the camera in the housing, a mounting mechanism to secure the housing to a mounting device, and multiple openings in the housing body to accommodate the camera interface.
Gopro, Inc.


Door hinge mechanism for telecommunications panel

A double jointed hinge mechanism for pivotally coupling a door to a telecommunications chassis includes an first hinge arm configured to be non-rotatably attached to the chassis, a second hinge arm non-rotatably attached to the door, and a third hinge arm pivotally attached to the first and second hinge arms. The hinge mechanism is configured such that the door can be placed in a first open position and a second open position through rotation about first and second rotational axes.
Adc Telecommunications, Inc.


Pneumatic launcher system and method

Improvements in a projectile launcher is disclosed. The launcher converts an airsoft gun to fire paintballs to handle feeding either airsoft projectiles or paintball projectiles depending upon the installed kit.


Electric linear motion actuator and electric brake system

An electric linear motion actuator includes a locking mechanism for locking and unlocking the rotor shaft of an electric motor. The locking mechanism includes circumferentially arranged locking holes provided in a gear of a reduction gear mechanism, a locking pin moved toward and away from the locking holes, and engaged in one locking hole to lock the gear when the locking pin is moved toward the gear, and a linear solenoid for moving the locking pin toward and away from the gear.
Ntn Corporation


Cable support system

A cable support system for supporting a cable over water includes a base constructed to float on the surface of the water. A cable support is connected to and disposed at least in part above the base.
Dock Cable Float Llc


Device for adjusting the tilt of a vehicle seat by smaller increments

A hinge mechanism for a vehicle seat, allowing adjustment of the tilt of a seat backrest relative to a seat cushion. The hinge mechanism has two plates, the first plate containing base gear teeth on an edge directed inward, a set of first elements cooperating with a first control cam biased by first springs, a set of second elements cooperating with a second control cam biased by second springs, and a control hub for moving the control cams toward an unlocking position against the biasing of the first and second springs.
Faurecia Sièges D'automobile


Injection molding machine

A machine base of an injection molding machine on which a mold clamping mechanism and an injection mechanism are mounted includes a plurality of struts. At least one of these struts are constituted by arranging and coupling two members (strut elements) each formed by bending a metal plate and having a c cross section, thereby providing a structure to withstand vibrations of the mold clamping mechanism and the like mounted on the machine base..
Fanuc Corporation


Polishing apparatus and polishing method

A polishing apparatus capable of eliminating a variation in film thickness along a circumferential direction of a substrate, such as a wafer, is disclosed. The polishing apparatus includes: a polishing head including an elastic membrane for pressing the substrate against the polishing surface and a retainer ring arranged so as to surround the substrate, the retainer ring being capable of contacting the polishing surface; a rotating mechanism configured to rotate the polishing head about its own axis; a rotation angle detector configured to detect a rotation angle of the polishing head; and a polishing controller configured to periodically change a polishing condition of the substrate in synchronization with the rotation angle of the polishing head..
Ebara Corporation


Patient interface device

A patient interface device (8) that includes a cushion (12) structured to receive a flow of treatment gas, a frame (14) having a central portion (17) structured to couple with the cushion and a strap (18a, 18b) extending from the central portion, a headgear component (28) including at least one of a top portion (30) adapted to fit on top of a patient's head and a rear portion (32) adapted to fit behind the patient's head, and a coupling mechanism (34a, 34b) structured to couple the strap to the headgear component, wherein an end portion of the strap is structured to pass through an opening in the coupling mechanism, fold back in a direction toward the central portion of the frame, and releaseably attach to the strap, such that pulling the end portion of the strap toward the central portion of the frame tightens the patient interface device.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Fixation of a torsion spring

The present invention relates to a torsion spring based automatic injection device for expelling settable doses of a liquid drug. The spring mechanism of the injection device comprises a housing assembly and a dose setting assembly being rotatable relatively to the housing assembly and a torsion spring (1) encompassed there between such that the torsion spring (1) is strained when rotating the dose setting assembly relatively to the housing assembly.
Novo Nordisk A/s


Needlescopic instrument with reusable handle and detachable needle assembly

A surgical device including a disposable needle assembly, a reusable handle assembly and a retractable slide. A method for inserting and releasing a disposable needle assembly from a reusable handle assembly is included.
Teleflex Medical Incorporated


Subscriber identity module (sim) ejector

Several embodiments for ejecting a sim tray from an electronic device are disclosed. In some embodiments, a lever positioned behind the tray can be actuated to eject the tray.
Apple Inc.


Camera assembly and rotating mechanism

A camera assembly includes a camera and a rotating mechanism configured to drive the camera to rotate. The rotating mechanism includes a base, a driving device, a first driving gear, a second driving gear connected with the camera, and a switch gear.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Composite wearable electronic communication device

Said composite method of coupling a wearable communication device allows to reduce the overall length of the connecting wires, organizing their mobility to compensate the user's head turns, and in some embodiments, when the device comprises winding mechanisms and storage pockets, extra batteries, microphone—array microphones, the method allows to use the wearable communication device for a long time and to wear it on the body under the clothing in operating and non-operating state.. .


Sample plate for an x-ray powder diffraction apparatus

A sample plate for use in an x-ray powder diffraction apparatus, the sample plate comprising a body having an exterior circumference which rotatable about a central axis, and a self contained rotating mechanism for rotating a sample holder containing a powder about a longitudinal axis, wherein the longitudinal axis intersects central axis; and wherein rotation about the central axis and rotation about the longitudinal axis occur simultaneously.. .
Glaxo Group Limited


Disposable ice container for ice shaving machine

A disposable ice container for an ice shaving machine includes: a container body including a side member having upper and lower openings and defining a storage, and a bottom member having a rotary member coupling mechanism being in contact with an inner side of the lower opening of the side member to fill the storage with water; and a fixing mechanism coupling the bottom member and the side member being each other.. .


Aft-facing transom seating for a boat

A boat, having a transom, includes one or more aft-facing seats. Each aft-facing seat is positioned proximate to the transom and includes a seat bottom that is inclined at a downward angle in a direction extending from aft to fore, a seatback, a headrest, a seat support structure having at least one hidden compartment therein, and at least one pivot mechanism attached to the seatback and the headrest and configured to allow the seatback to move between a first position in which the seatback is capable of supporting the back of a person seated in the seat and a second position in which the seatback is pivoted upwardly to allow access to the compartment and the headrest to move between an upright position and a folded position.
Mastercraft Boat Company, Llc


Vehicle body manufacturing apparatus

A vehicle body manufacturing apparatus includes: side jig frames disposed respectively on the right and left sides of a vehicle body; an upper jig frame installed between the side jig frames, the upper jig frames including a pair of front and rear frame members insertable into the inside of the vehicle body through front and rear openings of the vehicle body, respectively; a connection mechanism that removably connects insertion ends of the pair of frame members; and a clamping mechanism that is held on the upper jig frame and that positions the vehicle body.. .
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Bike carrier

The present disclosure includes a bike carrier having a longitudinal rail section with first and second wheel supporting members for supporting the wheels of a loaded bicycle. A retaining arm may be pivotally arranged relative to the longitudinal rail section.
Cequent Performance Products, Inc.


Center-pull latch mechanism

A base for a safety seat and method for manufacturing the same are provided. The base may have a shell defining a cavity therein with a locking assembly disposed within the cavity.
Britax Child Safety, Inc.


Reciprocating pencil sharpener

A reciprocating pencil sharpener has a shavings receptacle, a stationary member, a cutter and a ratchet mechanism. The cutter includes a blade secured to a blade holder.
Sdi Corporation


Jigs and methods for consistent manual configuration of cylindrical material into standardized building components and products derived thereof

A rigid, hollow cylindrical jig comprising bolt-actuated centering and clamping mechanisms, a repeating pattern of hole boring guides and end cutting guides enables manual and consistent configuration of cylindrical stock, such as raw bamboo poles, into standard building components able to form unique building constructs and products.. .


A frame assembly for an air filter

There is provided a frame assembly 200 adapted for installation in a filter housing of an air handling system. The frame assembly is arranged having a frame 210 which is adapted to receive a filter unit of a predetermined size.
Camfil Ab


Automatic drug injection device with sophisticated drive mechanism

Handheld drug injection device (10) for setting and dispensing of a dose of a medicament, having a housing (20) extending in an axial direction (1, 2) and a dose setting and drive mechanism (3) comprising: —a rotatable dose setting member (50) in a sidewall of the housing and engaging two dose indicating wheels (54,56), —a drive member (70) axially displaceable relative to a drive spindle (80) and the housing against the action of a spring element (78) during dose setting and having a sleeve-shaped part (72) being threadedly engaged with the drive spindle (80) to form a spindle gear, and having a rack portion (71) engaged with a gear wheel (58) of the dose setting member, —the drive spindle (80) being linked on its proximal end to a ratchet mechanism (140,150) which is releasable via an axially shiftable trigger button (40) for dose dispensing, and on its distal end via a pinion (86) to a —drive sleeve (90), the latter being axially shiftable to form a clutch for engagement with —a threaded piston rod (120), which engages a piston (14) of a cartridge (12) to displace the piston (14) in a distal axial direction (1), the trigger button (40) releasing the ratchet holding the drive spindle (80) to free it for rotation, and closing the clutch between drive sleeve (90) and piston rod (120), such that the drive spring (78) can push the drive member (70) forward, thereby rotating the spindle (80), which in turn rotates the drive sleeve (90), which in turn produces spiral forward movement of the piston rod (120). A dose limiter element (130) is also included between piston rod and coaxial drive sleeve..


Bioresorbable biopolymer stent

A bioresorbable biopolymer stents can be deployed within a blood vessel and resorbed by the body over a predetermined time period after the blood vessel has been remodeled. A ratcheting biopolymer stent can include a ratcheting mechanism that allows the biopolymer stent to be deployed on a small diameter configuration and then expanded to a predefined larger diameter configuration wherein after expansion, the ratcheting mechanism locks the biopolymer stent in the expanded configuration.
Trustees Of Tufts College


Chopsticks with a hinge mechanism

Chopsticks comprise a lower chopstick member (20), an upper chopstick (10) and a hinge mechanism. The hinge mechanism comprises a hinge arranged on the lower chopstick member (20) and a hinge hole (102) in the upper chopstick member (10).


Adjustable support for a glove such as a baseball, softball, or cricket glove

The present disclosure may relate to an adjustable support for a glove. The adjustable support may include a shape retaining member, a base, and a height-adjustment mechanism coupled to the shape retaining member and the base.


Expandable animal crate

An expandable animal crate that expands and retracts in order to receive various sized animals therein. The expandable animal crate includes a first enclosing member adjustably disposed within a second enclosing member, wherein each enclosing member includes a base, one or more sidewalls, an open sidewall, and a top wall.


Triboelectric nanogenerator

A generator includes a first cylindrical member and a second cylindrical member. The first cylindrical member includes a first dielectric layer including a first material that has a first rating on a triboelectric series; and a first conductive strip disposed around an exterior surfaces of the first cylindrical member.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation


Quick disconnect utility power distribution system

A quick release connector for tensioned power lines, the connector comprising: a first component, said first component attached to a power line segment; and a second component attached to a second generally collinear power line segment, said second component comprising a locking clamp mechanism that selectively clamps the first component and automatically releases upon the application of a longitudinal force of predetermined magnitude along the clamp.. .


Adjustable docking device and display device therewith

An adjustable docking device includes a hinge mechanism, a holding base, a guiding member, and a fixing mechanism. The hinge mechanism is installed on a frame.
Wistron Corporation


Mechanism device with rotary holder and display device therewith

A mechanism device includes a hinge mechanism, a holding base, a guiding member and a fixing member. The holding base is pivoted to the frame by the hinge mechanism and includes a main casing, a first holding casing and a second holding casing.
Wistron Corporation


Narrow crossbow with large power stroke

One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for a crossbow may include a main beam; a compound bow assembly mounted to the main beam; and, a trigger mechanism mounted to the beam for use in holding a bowstring in a cocked position. The crossbow may include wheels at opposite ends of the bow that operatively receive the bowstring.
Hunter's Manufacturing Company, Inc. D/b/a Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies


Power actuator with integral decoupling mechanism

A device and method for manually controlling a system including a first lever movable between multiple positions and a movable component. The method including: activating a manual engagement device; engaging a manual control to couple a first lever and a movable component; disengaging an automatic control coupling the first lever and the movable component; and moving the movable component by moving the first lever..


Openable forcipate gear mechanism, forcipate gear open-close mechanism, and winding machine

A forcipate gear open-close mechanism comprises a circular base spliced by two parts, an annular gear spliced by two parts, and an open-close device for driving the circular base and the annular gear to open or close. An annular guide rail formed by splicing is arranged on the circular base; the annular gear is mounted on the annular guide; and a power transmission device drives the annular gear to rotate along the annular guide rail.
Newonder Special Electrict Co., Ltd.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus including a driving source, a planetary gear mechanism including first, second and third elements, a rotation restraint member configured to switch the planetary gear mechanism between a locked state where rotation of the second element is locked and a released state where the second element is capable of rotating, and a switching mechanism configured to switch the planetary gear mechanism between a first state where any two elements of the first, second and third elements are separated and a second state where the two elements are coupled, wherein the third element is configured to rotate in a first direction when the planetary gear mechanism is in the locked state and first state and to rotate in a second direction opposite to the first direction when the planetary gear mechanism is in the released state and second state.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Door closing mechanism

A camming member for a door may have a camming surface which lifts the door as the door is traversed from an opened position to a closed position. The lifting movement of the door caused by the camming member facilitates one or more latches used to reinforce a periphery of the door to be engaged without further user intervention..
Precision Pet Products, Inc.


Door securing system

A door closing mechanism utilizing a motor and a worm gear to engage with a gear drive attached to an engagement mechanism that is capable of pressing against a force applied to a door and shutting the door against such force.. .


Power control circuit assembly for an electric door latch mechanism

A power control circuit assembly for an electric door lock comprises a load control circuit module configured to distribute a dc operating voltage to power an electromechanical door latch mechanism and its associated access control device. An energy storage device such as a rechargeable battery is coupled to the load control circuit module and is configured to deliver a dc voltage to the load control circuit module wherein the dc energy storage device voltage supplies the dc operating voltage.
Hanchett Entry Systems, Inc.


Gravity-actuated latch mechanism

A gravity-actuated latch mechanism is provided. The gravity-actuated latch mechanism may include a strike attached to a lid of a container and a latch body attached to an inside wall of the container.
Northland Products, Inc.


Ring binder mechanism

A ring mechanism has a housing and rings for holding loose-leaf pages. Pivoting hinge plates are supported in the housing.
World Wide Stationery Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Method for making an oscillating weight made from composite materials

A method for making an oscillating weight for an automatic winding mechanism of a self-winding watch including a central part made from a first composite material and a heavy sector made from a second composite material charged with heavy metal particles, the method including: forming the central part with a lateral rib and a rebate by injecting the first composite material into a mold; overmolding the heavy sector onto the central part by injecting the second composite material into a mold containing the central part, so that the second composite material fills the rebate and a gap underneath the lateral rib, so that the lateral rib is embedded in the second composite material and the central part and the heavy sector are interlocked.. .
Eta Sa Manufacture HorlogÈre Suisse


Cleaning a model

A cleaning apparatus is used for a carrier and a model is fixed on the carrier. The cleaning apparatus includes a case body, a sprinkling unit, a switching valve, and a rotating mechanism.
Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited


Huber safety needle

A huber safety needle assembly including a body, configured to receive a needle. The body further including an upper portion having a first gripping portion coupled thereto, a lower portion having a second gripping portion coupled to thereto, and a hinge mechanism.
Medical Components, Inc.


Cage trap with easy set and release mechanism

A cage type animal trap having an enclosure with an animal access opening into a vacant interior sized to receive an animal to be trapped. The access opening is closed by a door that is movable from a closed to an opened position by an actuating mechanism having a flexible actuating member with one end secured to the door and the other end releasably held by a latch mechanism.
Woodstream Corporation


Harvesting machine header connection

A drive arrangement for a harvesting header (22) of a harvesting machine (10) having a running gear on which a feeder housing (20) is mounted. A front side of the feeder housing has a header mount (21) that moves relative to the feeder housing and on which the harvesting header (22) is detachably fastened.
Agco International Gmbh


Header latch mechanism for agricultural vehicle

A latching mechanism for securing a header to an agricultural vehicle has latching pins located on opposite sides of a centerline of the vehicle. The latching pins are movable between latched and unlatched positions from the same side of the machine.
Deere & Company


Electronic apparatus including hinge mechanism rotationally supporting display unit

A first hinge section is attached to a camera body rotationally about a first shaft. A second hinge section is attached to the first hinge section rotationally about a second shaft.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Brushless wiper motor

A motor case (31) in which a stationary portion (35) is fixed, and a gear case (41) in which a gear mechanism (sd) is accommodated are made of aluminium, most heat generated from the stationary portion (35) at the time of actuation of a brushless wiper motor (20) can be directly dissipated outside from the motor case (31). That is, compared with conventional technique, heat transmitted to the motor case (31) can be efficiently dissipated outside, and the motor case (31) does not reach high temperature.
Mitsuba Corporation


Battery assembly for fitting a battery pack to a frame of a cycle

A battery assembly 51 for fitting a battery pack 52 to a frame of a cycle 2 comprises a battery holder 54 for fitting to the frame, and a connector portion 55 which forms an electrical connection between the battery pack 52 and wiring 90 for connecting to at least one other component of the cycle when the battery pack is held by the holder 54. The connector portion 55 is slideable in a linear direction with respect to the battery holder between an open position which provides clearance of the battery pack to be inserted into the holder and a closed position in which the connection is formed.
Modern Times Ltd.


Power system including a coupling mechanism

In one general aspect, an apparatus can include a base component including a keyed mount receptacle, and a power component including a keyed mount configured to be inserted into the keyed mount receptacle. The power component can be configured to be lockably coupled to the base component when the power component is rotated with respect to the base component..
Google Inc.


Interlock mechanism in image forming apparatus and electrical device

An opening and closing portion is opened and closed. A switch is turned off when a voltage applied to a drive terminal is smaller than a first voltage and to be turned on when the voltage is greater than or equal to a second voltage.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image heating apparatus

An image heating apparatus includes a rotatable heating member of magnetism-adjusted alloy configured to heat a toner image on a sheet; an excitation coil configured to generate a magnetic flux for electromagnetic induction heating of the rotatable heating member; a voltage source configured to supply an ac current to the excitation coil; a rotating mechanism configured to rotate the rotatable heating member at a first peripheral speed in an operation in a first image heating mode and configured to rotate the rotatable heating member at a second peripheral speed lower than the first peripheral speed in an operation in a second image heating mode; and a controller configured to control the voltage source in which a maximum current supplied to the excitation coil in the second image heating mode is smaller than a maximum current supplied to the excitation coil in the first image heating mode.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Portable extrication device and use

Embodiments of the invention relate to a system for producing collisions or near-collision situations between a collision body, in particular a vehicle, and a test object. The system comprises a fastening plate having a coupling mechanism, by means of which coupling mechanism the test object can be detachably coupled to the fastening plate, a drive belt which is fastened to the fastening plate, and a drive unit having a drive body for driving the drive belt.
4activesystems Gmbh


Support bracket with moveable sides and backstop

An adjustable support bracket configured to support a portion of an object includes a seat configured to support the portion of the object. The seat includes a base plate, a backstop and a first side plate.
Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc.


Fluid coupling

An object is to provide a fluid coupling capable of effectively utilizing an internal space of a cover member and of sufficiently exerting a performance of a device damping torsional vibration. In a fluid coupling including a cover member accommodating a fluid, a pump impeller, a turbine runner, a lockup clutch operated by a fluid pressure and selectively connecting the cover member and an output shaft, a damper mechanism having an elastic member, and a pendulum damper having a rotary member rotating integrally with the output shaft and an inertial mass capable of relative rotation with respect to the output shaft, the turbine runner, the damper mechanism, the lockup clutch, and the pendulum damper are arranged in this order in an axial direction of the output shaft inside the cover member..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Multi-stage planetary gear mechanism

A multi-speed planetary transmission, in particular an automatic transmission for a motor vehicle, comprising a housing (3) featuring a housing longitudinal axis (2), a drive shaft (10) connectable to a drive train for transferring a drive torque from the drive train to the multi-speed planetary transmission (1), a drive shaft (11) connectable to a drive train for transferring a drive torque from the multi-speed planetary transmission (1) to the drive train, four single planetary transmissions (12, 13, 14, 15) arranged along the housing longitudinal axis (2), the planetary gear (21, 25, 29, 33) featuring, in each case, one sun gear (18, 22, 26, 30), one ring gear (19, 23, 27, 31) and at least one bar (20, 24, 28, 32), sixth shift elements arranged within the housing (3), which are designed as four clutch elements (4, 5, 6, 7) and two brakes (8, 9), and connecting shafts (34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 44) for connections between the single planetary transmissions (12, 13, 14, 15), the drive shaft (10), the output shaft (11), the clutch elements (4, 5, 6, 7) and/or the brakes (8, 9), the single planetary transmissions (12, 13, 14, 15) are shiftable by means of the shift elements (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) in such a manner that different transmission ratios (i) take effect between the drive shaft (10) and the output shaft (11), such that the multi-speed planetary transmission (1) features nine forward gears (g1, g2, g3, g4, g4a, g4b, g4c, g5, g6, g7, g8, g9) and one reverse gear (r), and the shift elements (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) are arranged in a manner easily accessible from outside the housing (3).. .
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag


Utility enclosure having attached cover latching mechanism

A utility enclosure assembly includes a base having at least one receiving latching mechanism and a lid having at least one attached latching mechanism, each at least one attached latching mechanism for operatively engaging a respective one of the at least one receiving latching mechanism.. .
Hubbell Incorporated


Modular wall system

A wall panel of a moveable and demountable frameless wall panel system that is secured between a floor of a room and a ceiling rail secured to a ceiling of the room. The wall panel includes a frameless panel, an upper clamp assembly, a ceiling track configured to be removably inserted into the ceiling rail, a lower clamp assembly, a first height adjustment mechanism secured to the lower clamp assembly, a second height adjustment mechanism, and a bottom floor channel receiving the first height and second height adjustment mechanisms..
Allsteel Inc.

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