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Solid-state imaging element, method of driving the same, and camera system


Solid-state imaging element, method of driving the same, and camera system

Solid state imaging device and camera system


Solid state imaging device and camera system

Solid state imaging device and camera system

University Of South Australia

Digital communication system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Matrix-related patents
 Method for encoding and decoding quantized matrix and apparatus using same patent thumbnailMethod for encoding and decoding quantized matrix and apparatus using same
The present invention relates to a method for encoding and decoding a quantized matrix and an apparatus using same, the method for encoding a quantized matrix according to the present invention comprising the steps of: determining a quantization matrix to be used for quantization and quantizing; determining the prediction method used for the quantization of the quantization matrix; and encoding quantization matrix information on the basis of the determined prediction method, wherein the prediction method can be either a prediction method between coefficients in the quantization matrix or a duplicate of the quantization matrix.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Solid-state imaging element,  driving the same, and camera system patent thumbnailSolid-state imaging element, driving the same, and camera system
A solid-state imaging element including pixel signal read lines, and a pixel signal reading unit for reading pixel signals from a pixel unit via the pixel signal read line. The pixel unit includes a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix form, each pixel including a photoelectric conversion element.
Sony Corporation

 Solid state imaging device and camera system patent thumbnailSolid state imaging device and camera system
A mos type solid state imaging device in which unit pixels, each having a photodiode, a transfer transistor for transferring the signal of the photodiode to a floating node, an amplifier transistor for outputting the signal of the floating node to a vertical signal line, and a reset transistor for resetting the floating node are arrayed in a matrix. A gate voltage of the reset transistor is controlled by three values of a power source potential (for example 3v), a ground potential (0v), and a negative power source potential (for example −1v)..
Sony Corporation

 Digital communication system patent thumbnailDigital communication system
Methods and apparatus for use in communication systems using recursive modulation schemes with a low density generator matrix code (including an irregular repeat accumulate (ira) code) are described that have reduced complexity and thus reduced cost compared to prior art systems. A communication system is described in which the transmitter concatenates a low density generator matrix code with an accumulator followed by a recursive modulator in order to eliminate the use of an interleaver, and in which the receiver combines the decoder for the accumulator and the soft demodulator into a single joint decoder in order reduce the number of components and complexity.
University Of South Australia

 Channel establishment patent thumbnailChannel establishment
A channel establishment method and device are provided. The method includes: establishing a media channel between a first node and a second node; establishing a signal channel between a third node and a fourth node after the media channel is established, wherein the signal channel passes a frequency slot matrix of one or more intermediate nodes between the third node and the fourth node and a traffic engineering link between any two nodes; and allocating frequency spectrum to the signal channel from available frequency spectrum of the traffic engineering link, wherein the frequency spectrum includes multiple split frequency spectrums which bear one optical channel and each of which contains a plurality of optical carriers or only contains a single optical carrier.
Zte Corporation

 Method and  mixing event driven media patent thumbnailMethod and mixing event driven media
An event-drivable and programmable matrix that permits reconfigurable mixing of a first plurality of audio sources into a second audio outputs via digital control of analog-only signal paths is disclosed.. .
Fox Filmed Entertainment

 Mobile communication system and communication control method patent thumbnailMobile communication system and communication control method
A mobile communication system performs downlink multi-antenna transmission by applying a precoder matrix that defines transmission directionality of downlink and a rank that defines number of signal sequences of the downlink. The mobile communication system comprises a user terminal that feeds back feedback information of a target frequency band, to a base station.
Kyocera Corporation

 Encoding apparatus and encoding method thereof patent thumbnailEncoding apparatus and encoding method thereof
An encoding apparatus which performs encoding such as low density parity check (ldpc) encoding is provided. The encoding apparatus includes: an encoder encoding input bits using a parity check matrix including a plurality of blocks, each being formed of a first information word sub-matrix and a first parity sub-matrix arranged next to each other, and a second information sub-matrix and a second parity sub-matrix arranged next to each other; a bit determiner determining a value of a last sub-parity bit among sub-parity bits generated by encoding the input bits with respect to a first block among the plurality of blocks; and a bit modifier reversing values of bits generated by encoding the input bits with respect to a second block next to the first block based on the value of the last parity bit among the sub-parity bits generated by the encoding with respect to the first block..
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

 Wind turbine having improved overvoltage protection patent thumbnailWind turbine having improved overvoltage protection
A wind turbine comprises a wind rotor, a generator driven by the wind rotor, a converter, wherein the generator and the converter generate electrical energy output via a connecting line with an inductively acting line reactor to a grid, and an overvoltage protection device comprising a plurality of different active modules, which are designed in such a way that they each effect, in different ways, a reduction in the voltage at the output of the converter, a switching matrix, which connects and disconnects the different active modules, and a selector comprising an overvoltage classifier, which is designed to select a predetermined stage depending on the overvoltage and to actuate the switching matrix in such a way that successive ones of the active modules are disconnected, wherein the overvoltage classifier defines a plurality of overvoltage ranges by virtue of in each case the selector setting different switching groups.. .
Senvion Se

 Positive electrode active material/graphene composite particles, and positive electrode material for lithium ion cell patent thumbnailPositive electrode active material/graphene composite particles, and positive electrode material for lithium ion cell
To provide: positive electrode active material/graphene composite particles, which are for a positive electrode active material of a lithium ion battery having low electron conductivity, and with which electron conductivity is improved while suppressing hindrance of lithium ion extraction/insertion into active material particles; and a positive electrode material for a lithium ion battery, said positive electrode material comprising said composite particles. [solution] the present invention provides: positive electrode active material/graphene composite particles; and a composite particle-like positive electrode material which is used in a lithium ion battery, and which is obtained by combining, with a matrix including graphene, positive electrode active material particles, said positive electrode material wherein, a value obtained by dividing the proportion of carbon (%) in a material surface measured by way of an x-ray photoelectron measurement, by the proportion of carbon (%) in the whole material, is in the range 1.5 to 7 inclusive..
Toray Industries, Inc.


Organic electroluminescent display device

An organic electroluminescent display device of the invention includes a substrate on which a plurality of pixels are disposed in a matrix, an under layer that includes an organic insulating film and lower electrodes, a pixel separation film that is provided on the under layer so as to project therefrom, and an organic layer that covers the top of the under layer and the top of the pixel separation film and includes at least a light-emitting layer. A first adhesive film formed of one or more kinds of substances selected from the group consisting of amorphous carbon, diamond-like carbon, silicon, gallium, germanium, graphite oxide, and silicon carbide is formed at least partially between the top of the under layer and the pixel separation film or between the pixel separation film and the organic layer..
Japan Display Inc.


Display device

Provided is a display device that even in the case where microlenses are formed to increase the light extraction efficiency, can decrease damage on an oled caused by the production of the microlenses. The display device includes a first substrate; light emitting elements provided on the first substrate and located in correspondence with pixels arrayed in a matrix; a second substrate; a light collection layer provided on the second substrate and including, on the side facing the light emitting elements, at least one convex lens in correspondence with each of the pixels; and a light-transmissive layer that is provided between the first substrate and the second substrate so as to be in contact with the lens and has a refractive index lower than that of the light collection layer..
Japan Display Inc.


Gang clips having distributed-function tie bars

Gang clips (500) having a flat area (510), a ridge (510a), and tie bars (530b) extending from the flat area, the end portions of the ties bars aligned in a common x-direction; a plurality of gang clips having respective end portions of tie bars merged in x-direction to form an elongated chain (701) of clips; and a plurality of chains arrayed parallel to each other, free of tie bars between adjacent chains, the plurality having the chain ends tied at both ends (730a) to rails (740) normal to the chains to form a matrix (700) of clips having the rails as a stable frame.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated


System and maldi-tof mass spectrometry

A system and method for matrix assisted laser desorption time-of-flight (maldi-tof) mass spectrometry. A method for maldi-tof mass spectrometry includes initiating a spectral analysis of a sample on a maldi-tof spectrometer.
University Of Houston System


Transformer insulation

The present invention relates to an electrical transformer comprising an electrical insulator and a winding of an electrical conductor around a core, said insulator being formed of an essentially non-porous composite material comprising a resin matrix and up to 85% by weight of insulating fibres surrounded by the resin matrix, the composite material having a maximum moisture content of less than 0.5% by weight at 23° c. And 50% relative humidity..
Abb Technology Ltd


Densified waste form and forming

Materials and methods of making densified waste forms for temperature sensitive waste material, such as nuclear waste, formed with low temperature processing using metallic powder that forms the matrix that encapsulates the temperature sensitive waste material. The densified waste form includes a temperature sensitive waste material in a physically densified matrix, the matrix is a compacted metallic powder.
Sandia Corporation


Memory array plane select

Memory arrays and methods of forming the same are provided. An example memory array can include at least one plane having a plurality of memory cells arranged in a matrix and a plurality of plane selection devices.
Micron Technology, Inc


Electroluminescent display panel and electronic device

An el display panel including: a pixel array section in which el display elements whose light emission state is controlled by an active matrix driving system are arranged in a form of a matrix; a first writing control line driving section and a second writing control line driving section configured to drive each writing control line from both sides of the pixel array section; and a first power supply line driving section and a second power supply line driving section configured to drive a power supply line disposed along a direction of a horizontal line from both sides of the pixel array section, the first power supply line driving section and the second power supply line driving section being respectively arranged between the first writing control line driving section and the pixel array section and between the second writing control line driving section and the pixel array section.. .
Sony Corporation


Display device and electronic device

According to one embodiment, a display device includes first, second, and third interconnects, switch elements, pixel electrodes, a display layer, and a controller. The switch elements are arranged in a matrix configuration, and connected to the first and second interconnects.
Japan Display Inc.


Method for driving liquid crsytal display and liquid crsytal display using same

An exemplary liquid crystal display (lcd) provides data lines, gate lines, and pixel units arranged as a matrix array. A method for driving the lcd includes a step of analyzing and determining polarities of one column of the pixel units as determining pixels, thereby defining a first polarity group and a second polarity group, and a step of sequentially applying corresponding data signals to a part of the whole pixel units that are arranged at same rows with the first polarity group in a part of a period of a frame.
Innolux Corporation


Display device, driving display device, and electronic apparatus

According to an aspect, a display device includes an image display panel in which pixels each including first to fourth sub-pixels are arranged in a two-dimensional matrix; and a signal processing unit that converts an input signal into an output signal and outputs the generated output signal to the image display panel. The signal processing unit determines an expansion coefficient, obtains a generated signal of the fourth sub-pixel in each pixel based on input signals of the first to the third sub-pixels in the pixel itself and the expansion coefficient, obtains an output signal for the fourth sub-pixel in each pixel based on a generated signal of the fourth sub-pixel in the pixel itself and a generated signal of the fourth sub-pixel in an adjacent pixel to be output to the fourth sub-pixel..
Japan Display Inc.


Display device

A display device includes: a display unit including pixels arranged in a matrix therein, each of the pixels including a first sub-pixel that displays a first color component, a second sub-pixel that displays a second color component, a third sub-pixel that displays a third color component, and a fourth sub-pixel that displays a fourth color component; and a signal processing unit that receives input signals that are capable of being displayed with the first sub-pixel, the second sub-pixel, and the third sub-pixel, and calculates output signals to the first, second, third, and fourth sub-pixels. The signal processing unit generates converted input signals with changed saturation among the input signals.
Japan Display Inc.


Passive-matrix light-emitting diodes on silicon micro-display

A passive-matrix light-emitting diodes on silicon (ledos) micro-display is presented herein. The ledos micro-display comprises a passive-matrix micro-light-emitting diode (led) array comprising passive-matrix micro-light-emitting diodes (leds), and a display driver configured to apply column signals to columns of led pixels of the passive-matrix micro-led array and scan signals to rows of the led pixels, wherein the passive-matrix micro-led array is flip-chip bonded to the display driver based on solder bumps located at peripheral areas of the passive-matrix micro-led array..
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology


Gaming device having oversized symbols in the play matrix

Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a gaming device having oversized symbols in the play matrix. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to a gaming apparatus having an improved game play comprising oversized symbols in the play matrix, and methods of administering, operating and playing the same in wagering and non-wagering applications.


Surround-view camera system (vpm) and vehicle dynamic

A system and method for correcting the calibration of a plurality of cameras on a mobile platform such as in a surround-view camera system on a vehicle based on changes in vehicle dynamics. The method includes reading measurement values from one or more sensors on the vehicle that identify a change in vehicle dynamics and defining the plurality of cameras and a vehicle body as a single reference coordinate system.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Interactive synchronization of multiple videos

There are provided systems and methods for an interactive synchronization of multiple videos. An example system includes a memory storing a first video and a second video, the first video including first video clips and the second video including second video clips.
Disney Enterprises, Inc,


Regression using m-estimators and polynomial kernel support vector machines and principal component regression

Embodiments of the invention relate to sketching for m-estimators for performing regression. One embodiment includes providing one or more sets of input data.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and system for monitoring the displaying of video contents

A method (100) for monitoring the displaying of a plurality of video contents (vd1, . .
Taggalo, S.r.l.


Touch panel and display apparatus

A touch panel including a transparent dielectric layer having a front surface and a reverse surface opposite to the front surface, first electrodes each extended in a first direction of a pixel matrix and formed on the front surface of the transparent dielectric layer such that the first electrodes are arranged in a second direction of the pixel matrix which crosses with the first direction, and second electrodes each extended in the second direction and formed on the reverse surface of the transparent dielectric layer such that the second electrodes are arranged in the first direction. Each of the first electrodes includes first main electrode wirings and first sub electrode wirings.
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.


Liquid crystal display apparatus

According to one embodiment, a liquid crystal display apparatus includes a display region including a plurality of display pixels arrayed in a matrix, an array substrate including a plurality of first electrodes which are arrayed in a matrix, second electrodes which are arranged on the same layer as a layer of the first electrodes and connect the first electrodes to each other, and third electrodes which are arrayed in a matrix on the first electrodes and the second electrodes, a countersubstrate which is arranged to face the array substrate, and a liquid crystal layer which is interposed between the array substrate and the countersubstrate.. .
Japan Display Inc.


Touch sensor-integrated display device

A touch sensor-integrated display device is provided which does not suffer from a reduction in aperture ratio. The touch sensor-integrated display device includes first and second substrates, color filters that are defined by a black matrix in the active area of the second substrate and arranged in a first direction and a second direction crossing the first direction, touch electrodes that are arranged in the first and second directions so as to overlap the color filters, and a plurality of routing wires that are arranged on the black matrix and are respectively connected to the touch electrodes and extend to the bezel area..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Integrated silicon-oled display and touch sensor panel

An integrated silicon-oled display and touch sensor panel is disclosed. The integrated silicon-oled display and touch sensor panel can include a silicon substrate, an array of transistors, one or more metallization layers, one or more vias, an oled stack, color filters, touch sensors, and additional components and circuitry.
Apple Inc.


Wafer-level liquid-crystal-on-silicon projection assembly, systems and methods

A wafer-level liquid-crystal-on-silicon (lcos) projection assembly includes a lcos display for spatially modulating light incident on the lcos display and a polarizing beam-separating (pbs) layer for directing light to and from the lcos display. A method for fabricating a lcos projection system includes disposing a pbs wafer above an active-matrix wafer.
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.


Display panel, display device and manufacture the display panel

The present disclosure relates to display technology and provides a display panel. In an embodiment of the present disclosure, the display panel comprises a first substrate and a second substrate assembled with each other, and a liquid crystal layer between the first substrate and the second substrate.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Liquid crystal display apparatus

A liquid crystal display apparatus which includes a liquid crystal panel including a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix shape in a row direction and a column direction, and a retardation plate having a first polarization region which converts a polarization state of light transmitting through the liquid crystal panel into a first polarization state and a second polarization region which converts the polarization state thereof into a second polarization state different from the first polarization state, includes a plurality of picture elements including a plurality of first pixels which have a relatively high brightness in a prescribed gradation and are arranged in an oblique direction with respect to the row direction, and a plurality of second pixels which have a relatively low brightness in a predetermined gradation and are arranged adjacent to the first pixels, wherein the retardation plate is configured so that the first pixels in each of the picture elements face each other in the first polarization region and the second polarization region, and the picture elements including the first pixels facing each other in the first polarization region and the picture elements including the first pixels facing each other in the second polarization region are arranged in the row direction, respectively.. .
Sakai Display Products Corporation


Color filter substrate, manufacturing method thereof and display device

A color filter substrate, a manufacturing method thereof and a display device are provided. The color filter substrate includes: a transparent base (1); a color filter layer (2) disposed on the transparent base (1) and at least including a plurality of color filter units; a protective layer (3) disposed on the color filter layer (2); a plurality of auxiliary electrodes (4) disposed on the protective layer (3), with a position of each of the auxiliary electrodes (4) corresponding to a connecting position between two adjacent the color filter units; a black matrix (5) disposed on the auxiliary electrode (4) and partially covering the auxiliary electrode (7); a spacer (6) disposed on the black matrix (5); and a transparent electrode (7) disposed on the spacer (6) and electrically connected with the auxiliary electrode (4) in an area of the auxiliary electrode (4), not covered by the black matrix (5).
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Optical area monitoring with spot matrix illumination

An imaging sensor device is configured to illuminate a viewing field using an array of focused light spots spaced across the viewing field rather than uniformly illuminating the viewing field, thereby reducing the amount of illumination energy required to produce a given intensity of light reflected from the spots. In some embodiments, the imaging sensor device can project an array of focused light spots at two different intensities or brightness levels, such that high intensity and low intensity light spots are interlaced across the viewing field.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Calibration methods for voltage sensing devices

A calibration method for enhancing a measurement accuracy of one or more voltage sensing devices in presence of a plurality of conductors is provided. The method includes operatively coupling at least one voltage sensing device of the one or more voltage sensing devices to a respective conductor of the plurality of conductors and determining a sensed voltage value of the respective conductor using the at least one voltage sensing device the method further includes determining a calibration matrix having cross-coupling factors representative of cross-coupling between an antenna of the at least one voltage sensing device and other conductors of the plurality of conductors and determining a corrected voltage value of the respective conductor by deducting at least in part contributions of the cross-coupling from the sensed voltage value of the respective conductor using the calibration matrix..
General Electric Company


Method for estimating the spectral response of an infrared photodetector

A method (1) is described for the estimation of the spectral response of an infrared photodetector (32) that starts with response measurements of the infrared photodetector (32) obtained by varying the temperature of the black body (31) and is such as to estimate the spectral response by solving a numerical matrix problem. The method (1) is fully automatable and presents a cost reduction compared to the known methods because it does not require the use of a monochromator or a circular filter..
Mbda Italia, S.p.a.


Method and rapid acquisition of elasticity data in three dimensions

Interpolation of ultrasound data at regular grid locations is provided by simultaneously optimizing interpolated data according to fidelity of interpolation of the voxel data to actual measured spatial data and according to a gradient of the interpolated data. This process is made amenable to real-time processing by limiting the range of interpolation to produce a sparse interpolated matrix that may be readily inverted.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Headlights for vehicles

A headlight for vehicles with a plurality of led light sources that are arranged in a matrix in an led array, each emitting a partial light beam that falls on an optical unit, located in the front, in the main beam direction in order to image light spots that combine to form a predetermined light distribution, whereby the optical unit comprises a first lens element and a rotationally symmetrically arranged second lens element, by means of which the partial light beams are transformed so that imaged light spots that are adjacent in the light distribution are directly adjacent or overlap, wherein the first lens element (4) is shaped in such a way that light spots of the light distribution in the vertical direction have a greater separation than in the horizontal direction.. .
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.


Component comprising a metal matrix reinforcement member and formation thereof

The anchor portion having a bore, the reinforcement member having a longitudinal axis having at least a component thereof substantially parallel to or coincident with a longitudinal axis of the bore, the anchor portion being arranged to allow a second component to be inserted into the bore thereof to enable the second component to be attached to the anchor portion.. .


Bundled pipe and manufacture

The specification discloses a multi-stage injection pipe and method for manufacturing a multi-stage injection pipe. The multi-stage injection pipe includes a plurality of thermocomposite high pressure pipes and a thermocomposite tendon.
Crescent Point Energy Corp.


Device and producing a spring made of fiber composite material

The invention relates to a method for producing a spring made of fiber composite material, in which a laminate strand which is formed from fibers of fiber composite material and is impregnated with a matrix material that can be consolidated is reshaped into a spring geometry. The invention also relates to a device for carrying out the method.
Leichtbau-zentrum Sachsen Gmbh


Membrane pump

A pump comprising a pump body defining a circulation space for circulation of fluid according to a direction of circulation from an entry orifice of the circulation space to an output orifice of the circulation space; a membrane retained in the circulation space substantially parallel to the direction of circulation; and an actuating device adapted to vibrate the membrane in a direction substantially perpendicular to the direction of circulation, wherein the membrane comprises a material or a protective coating having a polymer organic matrix with a young's modulus in a range of between 100 mpa and 10 gpa.. .
Saint-gobain Performance Plastics France


System and evaluating operating capability of a prime mover

A method of evaluating operating capability of a prime mover includes: starting the prime mover with a minimum load requirement threshold; obtaining a reference prime mover operation parameter for the prime mover; comparing the reference prime mover operation parameter with a standard prime mover operation parameter to determine a reference matrix; and adjusting via a trs controller a standard operation threshold based on the reference matrix to obtain an optimal operation threshold.. .
Thermo King Corporation


Real-time vehicle data acquisition and analysis

An engine controller, system and method for collecting vehicle data. Drive torque data is determined using the engine controller in the vehicle and is stored in a memory in the vehicle.


Fully infiltrated rotary drill bit

A fully infiltrated rotary drill bit having a bit body that includes at least one particle-matrix composite material having a particle material composition and a binder material having a binder material composition that differs from the particle material composition. The particle material composition has a particle material melting temperature and the binder material composition has a binder melting temperature that is lower than the particle material melting temperature..
Longyear Tm, Inc.


Binding a target substance

Magnetic particles capable of binding a target substance, which comprise a magnetic material and a matrix material, wherein the magnetic material is remanent upon exposure to a magnetic field and the matrix material has a surface comprising functional groups which promote disaggregation of the particles in the presence of a liquid phase.. .
Sinvent As


Liquid crystalline medium and liquid crystal display

As defined in claim 1, to their stabilization by polymerization and to the polymer-stabilised liquid crystal materials, as well as to liquid crystal displays comprising these liquid crystal media, respectively these stabilized materials, especially to ush-displays and in particular to active matrix displays and, last not least, to the processes of preparation of the respective composite systems and of the displays comprising these systems.. .


Fiber and nanomaterial composite material and making the same

A new method for the making of a new composite of nanomaterials and fibers is disclosed, comprising at least a step in which the nanomaterials are incorporated into the fiber preform by applying ultrasound to an impregnated fiber preform and iterating the steps of the method until to obtain a desired concentration of nanomaterial incorporated into the composite. The method allows obtaining uniform composite of high quality with higher thermal conductivity which are also part of the present invention.


Pvc-free surface covering

A pvc-free surface covering comprises at least one layer of a thermoplastic composition. The composition comprises a polymer matrix and at least one filler.
Tarkett Gdl S.a.


Regenerated cellulose fiber

The present invention relates to a regenerated cellulose fiber which contains a hydrophobic substance selected from the group consisting of alkyl ketene dimers, alkenyl ketene dimers, alkyl succinic anhydrides, alkenyl succinic anhydrides, alkyl glutaric acid anhydrides, alkenyl glutaric acid anhydrides, alkyl isocyanates, alkenyl isocyanates, fatty acid anhydrides as well as mixtures thereof incorporated in the cellulose matrix.. .
Kelheim Fibres Gmbh


Process for manufactuing filled polymeric materials with modified filler particles

The invention pertains to a process for manufacturing a filled polymeric material comprising a polymeric matrix and filler modified with functional particles in a high energy dry-blending process through collisions of sufficient energy to bound, adhere, or otherwise associate the pigment particles to the filler.. .
E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Fireproof polyamide article including a coating formed by plasma treatment

Polyamide articles are described, in particular molded fireproof articles, including a coating deposited using cold plasma. The articles can have excellent flame properties, and can include, in the polyamide matrix, at least one fireproofing system and have such a coating on at least one of the surfaces thereof..
Rhodia Operations


Biocomposite materials derived from animal protein

Biocomposite materials are derived from animal proteins, and, in particular, animal proteins derived from byproducts such as specified risk material. The composite materials are created by embedding a fibrous material with a polymer matrix comprising a hydrolysate from the animal protein and a crosslinking reagent such as an epoxy..
The Governors Of The University Of Alberta


Peroxide masterbatch based on bioresin

Masterbatch comprising one or more organic peroxides in liquid form, dispersed in a polymeric matrix comprising at least 50 wt % of a bioresin, wherein the polymeric matrix has a porosity, expressed as percentage of voids on the volume of the matrix, of 2.5-70 vol % and the concentration of water in the masterbatch is kept to 2000 ppm or less, based on the total weight of the masterbatch.. .
Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.


Substituted 2- amidoquinazol-4-ones as matrix metalloproteinase-13 inhibitors

The present invention provides a novel amide derivative having a matrix metalloproteinase inhibitory activity, and useful as a pharmaceutical agent, which is a compound represented by the formula (i) wherein ring a is an optionally substituted, nitrogen containing heterocycle, ring b is an optionally substituted monocyclic homocycle or an optionally substituted monocyclic heterocycle, z is n or nr1 (r1 is a hydrogen atom or an optionally substituted hydrocarbon group), is a single bond or a double bond, r2 is a hydrogen atom or an optionally substituted hydrocarbon group, x is an optionally substituted spacer having 1 to 6 atoms, ring c is (1) an optionally substituted homocycle or (2) an optionally substituted heterocycle other than a ring represented by (ii) (x′ is s, o, so, or ch2), and at least one of ring b and ring c has substituent(s), provided that n-{(1s,2r)-1-(3,5-difluorobenzyl)-3-[(3-ethylbenzyl)amino]2 hydroxypropyl}5,6 dimethyl 4 oxo 1,4 dihydrothieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine-2-carboxamide is excluded, or a salt thereof.. .
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited


Micro-rebar concrete reinforcement system

A method for designing and manufacturing micro reinforced concrete that produces a composite material that shares physical properties with both the reinforcing material and the concrete. Micro reinforced concrete is a two-part system that made of micro reinforcements, which are twisted steel fibers, and a concrete matrix.


Near-infrared light absorbing glass, element and filter

Provided is a near-infrared light absorbing glass with a near-infrared light absorbing element and a near-infrared light absorbing filter. When the length of the near-infrared light absorbing glass is 1 mm, transmissivity is more than 80% at the wavelength of 400 nm, and more than 85% at the wavelength of 500 nm.
Cdgm Glass Co., Ltd


Composite structure with a flexible section forming a hinge

A composite structure includes a first composite section including a fiber reinforcement and a composite matrix, a second composite section including the fiber reinforcement and the composite matrix, and a flexible section interposed between the first composite section and the second composite section. The flexible section may include the fiber reinforcement and a reduced portion of the composite matrix or no portion of the composite matrix.


Method of making a self-healing composite system

A self-healing composite system includes a solid polymeric matrix and a woven structure in the matrix. The woven structure includes a plurality of fibers, and a first plurality of microfluidic channels.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Seat structure and the production thereof

A seat structure (1) and a method for the production thereof (1) are provided. A preliminary injected molded article (6) is injected-molded into an injection mold and is subsequently provided with fiber layers in the same injection mold, the layers are filled, at the end, with reactive components.
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Systems for forming a ceramic matrix composite structure, and related advanced fiber placement apparatuses

A method of forming a ceramic matrix composite structure. The method comprises forming at least one prepregged composite material comprising a ceramic fiber preform and a pre-ceramic matrix slurry.
Coi Ceramics, Inc.


Method of making porous metal articles

In one embodiment, the present invention may be a method of making a porous biocompatible metal article by combining a metal powder with a homogenizing aid to form metal granules, including blending the metal granules and an extractable particulate to form a composite, forming the composite into a green article, removing the extractable particulate from the green article to form a metal matrix and pore structure, and sintering the metal matrix and pore structure. Furthermore the present invention may include a second homogenizing aid combined with the extractable particulate.
Praxis Powder Technology, Inc.


Catalytically active porous element and manufacturing same

The invention relates to a catalytically active porous element and to a method of manufacturing same. The element is formed with at least 40% by mass cobalt and at least one further chemical element and/or at least one chemical compound which form a matrix into which particles of pure cobalt, of a cobalt alloy or of an intermetallic phase formed with cobalt are embedded.
Glatt Gmbh


Method for cleaning of packed bed chromatography columns

The invention discloses a process for chromatographic separation of at least one target biomolecule from at least one contaminant, comprising the steps of: a) providing an axial chromatography column comprising a consolidated bed of separation matrix particles, where the consolidated bed is confined between a bottom support net and a movable top adaptor; b) separating a target biomolecule from at least one contaminant on the column; c) raising the adaptor by at least 10% of the height of the consolidated bed; d) flowing a cleaning liquid upwards through the bed under conditions sufficient to liquefy the bed, and; e) repacking the matrix particles of the liquefied bed to create a consolidated bed and lowering the adaptor such that it contacts the packed bed and optionally compresses it, and; f) separating a target biomolecule from at least one contaminant on the column.. .
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab


Process for demineralization of bone matrix with preservation of natural growth factors

A demineralized bone matrix is produced by a process in which a bone body is placed in a first processing solution comprising an acid to demineralize the bone body. The bone body is periodically removed from the first solution at specific time intervals to perform at least one test, such as a compression test, on a mechanical property of the bone body.
Bacterin International, Inc.


Systems and methods for targeted imaging and ablation of cardiac cells

The present invention relates to nanoparticles. In particular, the present invention provides nanoparticles for clinical (e.g., targeted therapeutic), diagnostic (e.g., imaging), and research applications in the field of cardiology.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Photocleavable drug conjugates

Novel photocleavable drug conjugates for forming drug depots comprise drugs attached to photocleavable groups. In one embodiment, the drug is linked via photocleavable group(s) to a polymer chain to form a photocleavable drug-polymer conjugate that generally forms the depot matrix.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri


Orally administratable formulations for the controlled release of a pharmacologically active agent

Drug tablets that include a controlled release layer of a moisture-sensitive active agent are prepared with a lipidic matrix forming excipient, a water-soluble, channel forming excipient and a filler, each being non-hygroscipic. The tablets are formed in a process where the components are blended in the absence of moisture and in particulate form..
Vivus, Inc.


Rehydratable pharmaceutical product

A pharmaceutical product comprising lyophilised polymer matrix including a biologically active compound, of particular utility for embolisation, having improved rehydration properties is packaged in an airtight package under vacuum.. .
Biocompatibles Uk Limited


Hydrophilic matrix beadlet compositions with enhanced bioavailability

The instant invention provides hydrophilic matrix beadlet compositions that include at least one fat soluble nutrient and an effective amount of cellulose polymer with low viscosity. The invention also provides a process for the preparation of the hydrophilic matrix composition by employing a fluid bed system or extrusion spheronization technique.
Omniactive Health Technologies Limited


Abradable films for use in oral care

The present invention relates to abradable films useful, e.g., in dentifrice formulations, wherein the film is stable in formulation, but abrades to release pigment or oral care active components upon brushing. The invention provides, e.g., an orally acceptable, water insoluble film which does not dissolve under formulation conditions but disintegrates upon brushing, comprising a polymer matrix, plasticizer (e.g., propylene glycol), releasable material (e.g., color or pigment) incorporated therein; and (optionally) nonionic surfactant (e.g.
Colgate-palmolive Company


Radiolucent patient table

A radiolucent patient table top including a first face sheet, a second face sheet, and a honeycomb core is provided. The first face sheet includes carbon fibers in a first radiolucent plastic matrix.


Antibacterial composition, antibacterial cases and accessories for handheld electronics, and making antibacterial cases for handheld electronics

An antibacterial composition is formed from a polymer matrix that includes silver nanoparticles. The antibacterial composition can be used to provide surfaces that are to be touched.


Display mother panel and cutting the same

The embodiments of the present invention provide a display mother panel to be divided into a plurality of display panels. A sealing agent is provided around a display region of each display panel, the sealing agents provided between adjacent longitudinal edges of the display regions of two adjacent display panels in a same row are formed integrally, and a first black matrix is provided on the sealing agents provided between the adjacent longitudinal edges of the display regions of the two adjacent display panels.
Chengdu Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Method for feeding back channel status information in wireless communication system supporting multiple antennas, and apparatus therefor

The present invention relates to a method for feeding back, by a terminal, channel status information (csi) in a wireless communication system. In detail, the method includes the steps of feeding back a subband channel quality indication (cqi) and a subband precoding matrix index (pmi), wherein a first subband size for the subband cqi and a second subband size for the subband pmi are set differently..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Delay and jitter limited wireless mesh network scheduling

Schedule and channel assignment (sca) in a wireless mesh network (wmn) is disclosed. A method includes: forming a representation of a sequence of permutation matrices from an n×n rate matrix.


Method and performing effective feedback in wireless communication system supporting multiple antennas

A method for transmitting channel status information (csi) of downlink multi-carrier transmission includes generating the csi including at least one of a rank indicator (ri), a first precoding matrix index (pmi), a second pmi and a channel quality indicator (cqi) for one or more downlink carriers, the cqi being calculated based on precoding information determined by a combination of the first and second pmis, determining, when two or more csis collide with one another in one uplink subframe of one uplink carrier, a csi to be transmitted on the basis of priority, and transmitting the determined csi over a uplink channel. If a csi including an ri or a wideband first pmi collides with a csi including a wideband cqi or a subband cqi, the csi including a wideband cqi or a subband cqi has low priority and is dropped..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Solid-state imaging device, driving the same, and electronic apparatus

In the solid-state imaging device, a pixel summing unit outputs a horizontally- and vertically-summed pixel signal by combining pixel signals of pixels that are aligned in a vertical direction and have different weights, and pixel signals of pixels that are aligned in a horizontal direction and have different weights, the pixels being arranged in a matrix fashion. An ad converter unit performs ad conversion on the horizontally- and vertically-summed pixel signal that is output from the pixel summing unit.


Solid-state imaging apparatus and endoscope apparatus

A solid-state imaging apparatus includes a plurality of photoelectric conversion sections configured to generate a signal charge according to an amount of an incident light and disposed in a matrix, a first accumulation section configured to accumulate the signal charge, a first transfer section configured to transfer the signal charge from the photoelectric conversion sections to the first accumulation section, a second accumulation section configured to accumulate the signal charge accumulated in the first accumulation section, a second transfer section configured to transfer the signal charge accumulated in the first accumulation section to the second accumulation section, a reset section configured to reset the signal charge accumulated in the second accumulation section, an output section configured to output a signal according to the signal charge accumulated in the second accumulation section, and first and second control sections configured to control each section for every row or column.. .
Olympus Corporation


Matrix-based cryptosystem

Various embodiments herein describe methods for enhancing the hill cipher by inserting a small amount of noise into the ciphertext. Encryption and decryption using this enhanced hill cipher can be performed quickly.
Cavalry Storage, Inc.


Hd-fdd harq operation

Methods, systems, and devices for half-duplex frequency division duplexing (hd-fdd) hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) operation are described. The base station may receive a message from a user equipment (ue) indicative of a duplexing capability of the ue.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Radio base station and user equipment and methods therein

The ue maps the block of bits to a sequence of complex valued modulation symbols. The ue block spreads the sequence across discrete fourier transform spread-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (dfts-ofdm) symbols.


Interleaving and deinterleaving method

An interleaving method by a transmitting device is provided. The transmitting device divides a bandwidth into a plurality of bands, and divides an interleaver matrix into a plurality of matrices corresponding to the plurality of bands respectively in a predetermined direction.
Newracom, Inc.


Am/fm antenna performance in the presence of wide-band noise using tunable high-q structures

An am/fm radio system for a vehicle that is selectively impedance matched to the particular tuned frequency of interest so that noise received by other frequencies does not affect the received signal. The radio system includes an hmi allowing a user to select an am or fm radio station and a radio tuner responsive to a signal from the hmi identifying the selected radio station.
Kathrein Automotive North America, Inc.


Mimo transmission method and mimo transmission device using plurality of cells in multi-cell wireless communication system

The present invention relates to a method by which a base station performs multiple input and multiple output (mimo) transmission using antennas of a plurality of cells in a multi-cell wireless communication system, the method comprising the steps of: selecting a rank value and cells for downlink mimo transmission of a terminal on the basis of measurement information of the base station and the terminal, and determining a precoding matrix according to the rank value; and generating data which is to be transmitted to the terminal as data streams corresponding to the selected rank value, and mapping the data streams to antennas of the selected cells through a precoder so as to transmit the data streams to the terminal.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Transmission method, transmission device, reception method, and reception device

Provided is a precoding method for generating, from a plurality of baseband signals, a plurality of precoded signals to be transmitted over the same frequency bandwidth at the same time, including the steps of selecting a matrix f[i] from among n matrices, which define precoding performed on the plurality of baseband signals, while switching between the n matrices, i being an integer from 0 to n−1, and n being an integer at least two, generating a first precoded signal z1 and a second precoded signal z2, generating a first encoded block and a second encoded block using a predetermined error correction block encoding method, generating a baseband signal with m symbols from the first encoded block and a baseband signal with m symbols the second encoded block, and precoding a combination of the generated baseband signals to generate a precoded signal having m slots.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Assistance information for advanced receivers

Systems and methods relating to assisting a wireless device with suppression of an interfering physical channel during reception of a desired physical channel are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method of operation of a wireless device to assist with suppression of an interfering physical channel during reception of a desired physical channel comprises receiving assistance information for an interfering physical channel and receiving a desired physical channel while suppressing the interfering physical channel according to the assistance information for the interfering physical channel.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


System and multiple-input multiple-output communication

An embodiment communication system and method for using multiple-input multiple-output use. Kronecker model to determine a symbol coding formulation that achieves ergodic capacity for high signal-to-noise ratios (snrs).
Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd.


Method for collecting signal with sampling frequency lower than nyquist frequency

A method for collecting a signal with a frequency lower than a nyquist frequency includes, by a data transmitting end, selecting a suitable transformation base matrix for an input signal, deriving a sparse representation of the signal using the transformation base matrix to determine a sparsity of the signal, calculating a number m of compressive sampling operations according to the sparsity, sampling the signal with fnyq/m using m channels, and integrating sampling values of each channel to obtain m measurement values. A reconstruction end reconstructs an original signal by solving optimization problems.
Institute Of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Storage of a matrix on a storage compute device

A compressed format is selected for storage of a matrix based on a computation to be performed using the matrix and architecture of a storage compute device to which the matrix is stored. Data of the matrix is stored on the storage compute device according to the compressed format.
Seagate Technology Llc


Radio frequency power amplifier non-linearity compensation

There is provided compensation for non-linear effects caused by a radio frequency power amplifier. An input sequence is acquired.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Roof mounted installation solar power system

A solar power system is mounted to a solar power componentry support structure suspended above a pre-existing surface by a collective of solar collector suspension base supports. Suspended solar power system row support structure members and suspended solar power system column support structure members may for a solar component position lattice to which a matrix of individual solar power components such as solar panels can be attached.
Sustainable Technologies, Llc

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