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Rate adaptive irregular qc-ldpc codes from pairwise balanced designs for ultra-high-speed optical transports

Transductive lasso for high-dimensional data regression problems

Transductive lasso for high-dimensional data regression problems

Date/App# patent app List of recent Matrix-related patents
 Systems and methods for supporting multiple operating system versions patent thumbnailSystems and methods for supporting multiple operating system versions
In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a method may include querying, by an application program executing on a first information handling system, a second information handling system remotely coupled to the first information handling system for data comprising identities of versions or patches of an operating system certified by a provider of the operating system. The method may also include receiving the data in response to the query.
 Rate adaptive irregular qc-ldpc codes from pairwise balanced designs for ultra-high-speed optical transports patent thumbnailRate adaptive irregular qc-ldpc codes from pairwise balanced designs for ultra-high-speed optical transports
Systems and methods for data transport include encoding one or more streams of input data using one or more quasi-cyclic low density parity check (qc-ldpc) encoders; controlling irregularity of the qc-ldpc encoded data while preserving the quasi-cyclic nature of the ldpc encoded data and eliminating the error floor phenomenon. A parity-check matrix may be partially reconfigured to adapt one or more code rates; and one or more signals are generated using a mapper, wherein the output of the mapper is modulated onto a transmission medium.
 Transductive lasso for high-dimensional data regression problems patent thumbnailTransductive lasso for high-dimensional data regression problems
Various embodiments select features from a feature space. In one embodiment, a set of training samples and a set of test samples are received.
 Transductive lasso for high-dimensional data regression problems patent thumbnailTransductive lasso for high-dimensional data regression problems
Various embodiments select features from a feature space. In one embodiment, a set of training samples and a set of test samples are received.
 Fairly calibrated distribution matrix modeling patent thumbnailFairly calibrated distribution matrix modeling
The present disclosure provides for evaluating and managing multi-dimensional performance data of individual entities and their group as a whole by producing unbiased bell curved distributions according to organizational, product, manufacturing, or other goals and/or guidelines. An exemplary two dimensional performance management model may display a grid with potential along a first axis and performance along a second axis.
 Method for correlating business strategies for growth and profitability with acquisition and use of property patent thumbnailMethod for correlating business strategies for growth and profitability with acquisition and use of property
A strategizing method for ensuring that the matrix that support and address a business's strategies for growth and profitability are highly correlated with the business's property, the features of the property and the uses of the property is disclosed. The selected property, the set of potential uses of the selected property and the one or more features of the selected property are recommended independent of any interest of the recommended party and the selected property or features thereby ensuring an unbiased correlation factor.
 Simulation of phenomena characterized by partial differential equations patent thumbnailSimulation of phenomena characterized by partial differential equations
Various aspects of the present disclosure are directed toward apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture for simulating a physical phenomenon characterized by a set of partial differential equations that are reduced based on harmonic time dependence. The system of linear equations represent an operation in the differential equations, and are characterized by a coefficient matrix multiplied by an unknown column vector, with the product thereof being equal to a column vector.
 Apparatus for recognizing motion feature of user, method for generating orthogonal non-negative matrix factorization (onmf)-based basis matrix, and method for generating orthogonal semi-supervised non-negative matrix factorization (ossnmf)-based basis matrix patent thumbnailApparatus for recognizing motion feature of user, method for generating orthogonal non-negative matrix factorization (onmf)-based basis matrix, and method for generating orthogonal semi-supervised non-negative matrix factorization (ossnmf)-based basis matrix
An apparatus for recognizing a user's motions based on sensor information and label information, a method for establishing an onmf-based basis matrix, and a method for establishing an ossnmf-based basis matrix are provided, where the basis matrices are used to extract motion features of the user. The apparatus for recognizing the user's motions may include a feature vector extractor configured to multiply a transposed matrix of an orthogonalized basis matrix by a sensor data matrix of frequency domain sensor data acquired from sensors to extract an onmf-based feature vector and a multi-class classifier configured to use the extracted onmf-based feature vector to classify the user's motion into a type from among types of a user's motions..
 Aneurysm closure clip patent thumbnailAneurysm closure clip
An aneurysm closure clip along with a system and method for use by a physician in delivering the closure clip into the vasculature of a patient is disclosed. The closure clip delivery system comprises a delivery tube in the form of a catheter, a guide wire, and a detachable closure clip.
 Aqueous-triggered color-appearing inks patent thumbnailAqueous-triggered color-appearing inks
The invention describes a color-developing composition that contains at least four major components: (1) a leuco dye or a combination of leuco dyes, (2) an electron-withdrawing color-developer agent or a combination of color-developers that can form colored complexes with the leuco dyes, (3) a separator or combination of separators that when present in sufficient amounts, can prevent the formation of the colored complexes between the color-developer and leuco dyes, all contained within (4) an encapsulation matrix that includes at least one film-forming and one aqueous-insoluble polymer. All of the foregoing components are dissolved together in a volatile organic solvent medium to form a homogeneous solution that can be applied as an ink on substrates, which can be incorporated as part of absorbent articles or personal care products..
Coating for improving the ultrasound visibility
The disclosure relates to a coating for improving the ultrasound visibility of a device, the coating being made of a matrix material comprising at least one contrast agent, wherein the at least one contrast agent is a plurality of gas-filled microparticles. Moreover, this disclosure relates to an ultrasonic contrast agent-containing coating for a device.
Object information acquiring apparatus and control method for same
Provided is an object information acquiring apparatus including elements with which an acoustic wave is transmitted to and received from an object and converted into a plurality of received signals, a processor that acquires a power intensity signal of the inside of the object, and a corrector that corrects the power intensity signal, the processor being configured to calculate correlation values of frequency components, perform frequency average processing on a correlation matrix that is a set of the plurality of calculated correlation values to acquire a first power intensity signal, and reduce variance of elements in the diagonal direction of the correlation matrix to acquire a second power intensity signal, and the corrector being configured to output a power intensity signal subjected to correction processing.. .
Peptides modified with triterpenoids and small organic molecules: synthesis and use in cosmeceutical
The present invention relates to the synthesis of triterpenoid peptides and mechanism of action for anti ageing and skin care. The present invention is directed towards anti-aging skin care compositions comprising peptides which are made by linking herbal actives to a pentapeptide for enhanced anti ageing activity by regenerating the dermal matrix.
Heterophasic copolymers
A heterophasic polypropylene resin comprising a polypropylene homopolymer matrix phase (a) and an ethylene-propylene copolymer phase (b) dispersed within the matrix, wherein the xylene soluble fraction of the heterophasic polypropylene resin is in the range 20 to less than 50 wt %; the heterophasic polypropylene resin has an mfr2 of 0.01 to 50 g/10 min; the ethylene content of the xylene soluble fraction of the heterophasic polypropylene resin is in the range of at least 20 wt % to less than 50 wt %; the heterophasic polypropylene resin has a notched charpy impact strength at −20 c of at least 25 kj/m2, preferably at least 50 kj/m2; and wherein the mfr2 (matrix)/mfr2(xs)≧5, preferably ≧10.. .
Thermoplastic compositions containing nanoscale-sized particle additives for laser direct structuring and methods for the manufacture and use thereof
This invention relates generally to a thermoplastic compositions and, more particularly, to compositions comprising a polymer matrix and comprising a filler composition. To that end, according to the aspects of the invention, a thermoplastic composition is disclosed that generally comprises a polymer matrix and at least one filler composition.
Dental restorative material
The present invention discloses a dental restorative material comprising 10-50 mass % of (a) a polymerizable monomer, 5-80 mass % of (b) an organic-inorganic composite filler which is prepared by dispersing an inorganic fine filler having an average particle diameter of 1 μm or smaller in an organic matrix and has an average particle diameter of 5.0-50 μm, and 10-60 mass % of (c) a third component, i.e., an inorganic filler having an average particle diameter of 1.1-5.0 μm, wherein the absolute value of the difference between the refractive index [nc] of the inorganic filler (c) and the refractive index [nb] of the organic-inorganic composite filler (b) (i.e., . .
Dispersions of nanoscale dental glass particles and methods for preparing the same
Provided are a dispersion of a nanoparticulate mixed oxide of sio2 with at least one further metal oxide in a matrix monomer, methods for preparing such a dispersion, a dental composite producible by curing such a dispersion, and uses of the dispersion as a precursor for dental composites.. .
Use of inorganic matrix and organic polymer combinations for preparing stable amorphous dispersions
The present invention relates to methods for processing pharmaceutically active substances having poor water solubility in the presence of an inorganic matrix, e.g., magnesium aluminometasilicate, and a secondary polymer as a means of converting the crystalline api to substantially amorphous and stable form, i.e., the crystallinity is less than 5%. The methods of the invention result in more complete amorphization, increased solubility, drug loading and stability as compared to typical amorphization or literature methods..
Characterization of biochips containing self-assembled monolayers
The present invention relates to a method of characterizing biochips with matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization and time of flight mass spectrometry (maldi-tof ms).. .
Zsm-5 additive activity enhancement by improved zeolite and phosphorus interaction
A catalytic additive comprising an intermediate pore zeolite, such as zsm-5 is treated so as to improve propylene yields when the additive is included in a fcc catalytic inventory by first treating the zeolite with a phosphorus compound to incorporate the phosphorus in the zeolite, and mixing the p-treated zeolite with a matrix component comprising kaolin and another phosphorus-containing compound.. .
Three-dimensional cell culture methods for test material assessment of cell differentiation
The present specification discloses three-dimensional in vitro cell-based methods to assess a test matrix polymer ability to support differentiation of a population of cells methods of screening a material for its ability to stimulate cell growth and/or differentiation.. .
Method for identifying agents that inhibit cell migration, promote cell adhesion and prevent metastasis
Disclosed are methods for identification of agents that modulate cell attachment, cell migration and cell viability. Cancer and primary cells adhered to a matrix are treated with agent(s) that modulate actrii signaling and cell adhesion.
Modification of root form dental implants for accelerated tissue regeneration
An endosseous dental implant for guided regeneration of gingival tissue onto the implant and method of producing the same is prepared by coating a region of the implant with biocompatible, random or aligned microfibers or nanofibers to which gingival epithelial and connective tissue cells may become attached. The fibers may be degradable or nondegradable.
Storage element and method for the production thereof
A storage element for a solid electrolyte battery is provided. The storage element has a main member having a porous matrix of sintered ceramic particles in which particles that are made of a metal and/or a metal oxide and jointly form a redox couple are embedded.
Composite coated substrates and moldable composite materials
A moldable composite material contains flakes of composite material, i.e., flakes of polymeric matrix materials having fibers embedded therein. An improved substrate is provided by providing a substrate and applying a coating onto the substrate, the coating containing the flakes of composite material.
Utility materials incorporating a microparticle matrix formed with a setting agent
A composition, utility material, and method of making a utility material is disclosed. A composition having an improved setting time may include a plurality of microparticles mixed with a sodium silicate binder and an isocyanate setting agent, where the microparticle composition has a setting time of less than or equal to one hour.
Externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer strengthening system
A fiber reinforced polymer strengthening system having a concrete structural member having at least one outer facing surface. At least one pultruded element is located on the outer facing surface of the concrete structural member, the pultruded element containing a matrix material having a tg of at least about 110° c.
Biopolymer photonic crystals and method of manufacturing the same
A method of manufacturing a biopolymer photonic crystal includes providing a biopolymer, processing the biopolymer to yield a biopolymer matrix solution, providing a substrate, casting the matrix solution on the substrate, and drying the biopolymer matrix solution to form a solidified biopolymer film. A surface of the film is formed with a nanopattern, or a nanopattern is machined on a surface of the film.
Inhibitors of extracellular proteases
Provided is a plant derived extract including inhibitory activity against one or more extracellular proteases which degrade human tissue matrix. Moreover, the amount of inhibitory activity in an extract can be increased by stressing the plant prior to forming an extract.
Method of tissue repair using a composite material
A composite biocompatible hydrogel material includes a porous polymer matrix, the polymer matrix including a plurality of pores and providing a young's modulus of at least 10 gpa. A calcium comprising salt is disposed in at least some of the pores.
Method of preparing bone material having enhanced osteoinductivity
Methods for increasing osteoinductivity and/or surface area of bone material are provided. The methods include providing bone material and dehydrating the bone material with a solvent at its critical point.
Hygiene tissue
A hygiene tissue includes a composition including one or more lactic acid producing bacterial strains and a lipid phase including at least one lipid, wherein the lipid is selected from the group having olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, peanut oil, soy bean oil, dimethicone, paraffin oil, and petrolatum; and a matrix impregnated by the composition.. .
Solvent cast film sustained release latanoprost implant
The present invention provides a sustained release latanoprost implant in the form of a thin film comprising latanoprost incorporated in a biodegradable polymer matrix. Preferably, said implant is an intraocular implant comprising a thin film comprising latanoprost incorporated in a biodegradable polymer matrix wherein said implant is configured as a disc or a rolled film that can be inserted into the eye and unrolls to provide a film having a high surface area to volume ratio..
Expandable polymeric beads and their production
The present invention concerns antimicrobial expandable polystyrene (eps) beads, comprising as main antimicrobial agent metal ions selected from silver and copper and combinations thereof, which antimicrobial agent(s) may be either mixed into the polymer matrix or coated onto the beads. The invention also concerns a method for producing the coated form of these antimicrobial beads..
Engineered respiratory syncytial viruses with control of cell-to-cell virus transmission for enhanced safety of live virus vaccines
Highly antigenic yet safe vaccines against diseases caused by paramyxoviridae viruses such as respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) are provided. The vaccines comprise attenuated paramyxoviridae viruses with high antigenicity but which display impaired cell-to-cell transmission as a result of genetic manipulation of the gene encoding the matrix (m) protein.
Compositions and methods for treating organ dysfunction
A method of retarding cellular senescence comprising (i) providing an extracellular matrix (ecm) composition comprising ecm from an adolescent tissue source, the ecm comprising an exogenously added cytokine, and (ii) administering ecm composition to an organ with cells exhibiting cellular senescence, wherein, the cytokine interacts with at least one molecule in the ecm composition and modulates ros production of the cells, whereby, the cellular senescence is abated.. .
Frazil ice conjugate assay device and method
An improved apparatus and method for dispersion of a labeling conjugate in a diagnostic assay, the result being a one-step assay. By eliminating a conjugate pad as in conventional lateral diagnostic devices, and forming a frazil ice pellicle (fip), rehydration and flow are improved resulting in better reproducibility, improved sensitivity, and reduced costs of individual assay devices.
Soft magnetic powders and compacts
A water atomized fe powder for a magnetic compact reduced in deformation resistance during molding and annealing temperature for removing strains is provided. A compact having improved magnetic properties is also provided.
Turbine engine rotor including blade made of composite material and having an added root
A turbine rotor includes a plurality of blades of composite material comprising fiber reinforcement densified by a matrix. Each blade comprises a blade body extending between an inner end having a blade root and an outer end forming the tip of the blade.
Energy diffusing wear ring and methods thereof
An energy diffusion sealing ring [872] for use with a hydrocyclone or pump is provided. The energy diffusion sealing ring [872] comprises a sacrificial suspension matrix [872a] comprised of a polymer, elastomer, or combination thereof, and a number of packed inserts [872b] suspended in the matrix [872].
Methods and systems for reducing crosstalk
At least one example embodiment discloses a method of reducing crosstalk interference in a system having a plurality of communication paths. The method includes obtaining a plurality of signal values corresponding to a set of active communication paths, the active communication paths being a subset of the plurality of communication paths, obtaining an inverse channel matrix, the inverse channel matrix representing an inverse crosstalk channel matrix of the system when the plurality of communication paths in the system are active, determining a plurality of sub-matrices from the inverse channel matrix based on the set of active communication paths and compensating the signal values for crosstalk by individually applying at least one of the sub-matrices to the plurality of signal values..
Apparatus and method for generating soft-decision information in a multiple antenna system
A method and an apparatus for generating soft-decision information in a multiple antenna system are provided. The method includes determining q candidate symbol vectors for a first transmission symbol of a received signal vector by performing parallel detection on a received signal vector and a channel matrix, determining a candidate symbol vector having a shortest euclidean distance to the received signal vector from among the q candidate symbol vector, as an approximate maximum likelihood (ml) symbol vector, determining (q−1) candidate symbol vectors for each of the remaining transmission symbols of the received signal vector by performing partial parallel detection on the received signal vector and the channel matrix using the approximate ml symbol vector, and calculating log likelihood ratios (llrs) of bits of the first transmission symbol using the candidate symbol vectors, wherein q represents a modulation order..
Terminal device, base station device, program, and integrated circuit
In a cellular system, new precoding that enables the performance of precoding to be adequately utilized is introduced, and thereby throughput is increased. There is provided a terminal device that includes a plurality of transmit antennas and that performs precoding on a transmit signal.
Signal generating method and signal generating device
A transmission method for transmitting a first modulated signal and a second modulated signal in the same frequency at the same time. Each signal has been modulated according to a different modulation scheme.
Method and system of receiver parametric computation for multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) transmission
A method of calculating combining weight vectors associated with a received composite information signal comprising at least one data stream transmitted from at least a first antenna and a second antenna is disclosed. The method starts with computing a parametric estimate of an impairment covariance matrix including at least a first impairment term associated with common pilots deployed by the first antenna and the second antenna respectively.
Tuning algorithm for multi-tap signal cancellation circuit
A self-interference signal cancellation circuit includes a transmitter for transmitting a transmit signal, a plurality of signal paths, a controller, and a receiver for receiving a signal. Each signal path includes a delay element and a variable attenuator having attenuation levels set by the controller.
Methods and apparatus for device scheduling
Systems and techniques for crosstalk estimation. One or more user devices feed back preceding matrix indicator rank information to one or more base stations, which generated channel state information reference sources, at least one of which includes weightings based on the preceding matrix indicator rank information.
Method for controlling a motion of optical elements in lithography systems
A method for controlling a vibrating optical element of a lithographic system the optical element having a predetermined number of degrees of freedom comprises: detecting a number of displacements of the optical element, each displacement corresponding to a degree of freedom, wherein the number of detected displacements is larger than the number of degrees of freedom; for each displacement according to a degree of freedom, generating a sensor signal corresponding to a movement in a degree of freedom; wherein the optical element moves as a function of a rigid body transformation matrix, the optical element movement including a first type of movement and a second type of movement; and modifying the sensor signals as a function of a modified transformation matrix, wherein the modified transformation matrix at least partially reduces at least one eigen mode or resonance of one of the first type of movements or the second type of movements.. .
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
A display device and a manufacturing method are provided. The display device includes a blue light backlight source and a liquid crystal display panel, and the liquid crystal display panel comprises a first substrate, a second substrate.
Solid-state imaging device
According to one embodiment, a pixel array unit, an exposure period control unit, and a charge discharge control unit are provided. In the pixel array unit, pixels that accumulate photoelectrically converted charges are arranged in a matrix form.
Dimensional data chart matrixes with drill operations
A computing device outputs a chart matrix defined by associating a first data dimension with a row edge and a second data dimension with a column edge. Members of the first data dimension are displayed as row headers of the chart matrix, and members of the second data dimension are displayed as column headers of the chart matrix.
Pixel circuits and driving schemes for active matrix organic light emitting diodes
A pixel driving circuit includes a storage capacitor, a first, a second, and a third transistor. A method for driving an organic light emitting diode (oled) display includes controlling the second transistor by a first signal from a gate line such that the second transistor is switched “off” for a first phase, and “on” for a second phase and a third phase, “off” for a fourth phase.
Concurrent driving capacitive touch sensing device and transmission system
There is provided a concurrent driving capacitive touch sensing device including a drive end, a capacitive sensing matrix and a detection end. The drive end simultaneously inputs encoded and modulated drive signals into a plurality of channels of the capacitive sensing matrix within each drive time slot of a frame.
Display device
A display device includes a pixel matrix having pixel rows and pixel columns and including pixels having switching elements positioned alternately at a corner near an upper and a lower side of each pixel row and positioned alternately at a corner near an upper and a lower side of and alternately at a corner near a left and a right side of each pixel column; multiple pairs of gate lines transmitting a gate-on voltage; and multiple data lines transmitting data voltages, wherein each pair of gate lines are disposed at the upper and lower sides of each pixel row with the pixels in each row connected to the gate line positioned nearest the respective switching element, and each data line is disposed between adjacent pairs of pixel columns and connected to pairs of pixels where one pixel of the pair has a switching element positioned nearest the respective data line.. .
Display device with power source supply scan circuits conducting negative feedback and driving method thereof
A display device includes a pixel array unit having pixels disposed in a matrix shape, each pixel including an electro-optical element, a write transistor for sampling and writing an input signal voltage, a holding capacitor for holding a signal voltage written by the write transistor, and a driver transistor for driving the electro-optical element in response to the signal voltage held in the holding capacitor. The display device further includes a scan circuit for selectively scanning each pixel in the pixel array unit at a row unit basis, and a plurality of power source supply scan circuits for selectively supplying a first potential and a second potential lower than the first potential to power supply line wired per each pixel row of the pixel array unit to supply current to the driver transistors, synchronously with scanning by the scan circuit..
Tablet computer with integrated tactile keyboard
A mobile electronic device such as a tablet computer is provided having flexible display panel that deforms in response to the application of pressure thereto. The tactile response of the display panel is affected by underlying structures.
Layout structure of electronic element and testing method of the same thereof
A layout structure of an electronic element comprising an electronic matrix, a first load and a second load is disclosed. The first load couples to a first end of the electronic matrix and comprises a first testing pad and a second testing pad coupling to the first testing pad.
Wiring test device for electronics cabinets having internal signal wiring
A wiring test device for electronics cabinets having internal signal wiring between a first section having a matrix-like arrangement of inputs and outputs and a second section having inputs and outputs is provided. The test device includes a first measuring means having a number of test points arranged in the manner of a matrix to be placed on and make contact with the inputs and outputs of the first section, and second measuring means communicating with the first means and having a test point to make contact with individual inputs and outputs of the second section, and a monitoring device which, for each of the inputs and outputs of the second section of the selected electronics cabinet with which contact is made, checks whether the internal signal wiring thereof corresponds to a previously stored wiring list for said electronics cabinet..
Reconfigurable matrix-based power distribution architecture
A power management and distribution (pmad) system includes a first power supply of a first type, a second power supply of a second type different from the first type and first and second loads. The pmad system includes a matrix of solid state power controllers (sspcs) connected between the first and second power supplies and the first and second loads.
Production of unit dose constructs
Dissolvable unit dose constructs and their method of manufacture are disclosed in which the unit dose constructs are formed of a composition including a polymer matrix that includes a water soluble polymer, active ingredient, and a liquid carrier. The composition is deposited directly, such as by stenciling, to form individual unit doses without the need to cut and convert long, continuous rolls of film..
Laser sintering systems and methods for remote manufacture of high density pellets containing highly radioactive elements
The invention relates to remotely operated laser sintering systems and methods for manufacturing pellets containing highly radioactive elements. The highly radioactive elements can be recovered from used nuclear fuels.
Display device
A display device includes a substrate and pixels arranged on the substrate in a matrix form. The substrate includes a display area in which the pixels are arranged and a non-display area disposed adjacent to a side of the display area.
Active matrix organic light emitting diode display having variable optical path length for microcavity
An organic light emitting diode display includes an array of pixels on a substrate. Each pixel includes three sub-pixels that emits light of different wavelengths from each other.
Methods of preparing metal quantum clusters in molecular confinement
Methods for the synthesis of metal quantum clusters within the framework of a porous gel matrix are described. For example, ag25(glutathione)18 quantum clusters are synthesized in a cross-linked polyacrylamide gel matrix.
Systems and methods for real-time sampling and analysis of biomolecules beneath the surface of biological tissue
Provided are systems and methods for real-time sampling and analysis of biomolecules beneath the surface of biological/agricultural tissue/sample. A method for determining fatty acid profiles in agricultural products (for example, seeds) comprises using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (maldi) mass spectroscopy or laser ablation electrospray ionization (laesi) mass spectroscopy.
Am-ewod device and method of driving with variable voltage ac driving
An active matrix electrowetting on dielectric (am-ewod) device includes a substrate electrode and a plurality of array elements, each array element including an array element electrode. The am-ewod device further includes thin film electronics disposed on a substrate.
Boron-doped zinc oxide sputtering target and its application
A boron-doped zinc oxide sputtering target, bzo sputtering target, is provided to deposit a bzo film by direct current sputtering. The bzo sputtering target has an amount of b/(b+zn) ranging from 1.15 atomic % to 6.74 atomic % and a second phase ranging from 2% to 25% relative to a total area of the matrix phase and the second phase.
Methods of adjusting the rate of galvanic corrosion of a wellbore isolation device
A wellbore isolation device comprises a first material and pieces of a second material, wherein the first material: is a metal or a metal alloy; forms a matrix of the portion of the wellbore isolation device; and partially or wholly dissolves when an electrically conductive path exists between the first material and the second material and at least a portion of the first and second materials are in contact with the electrolyte, wherein the pieces of the second material: are a metal or metal alloy; and are embedded within the matrix of the first material; wherein the first material and the second material form a galvanic couple and wherein the first material is the anode and the second material is the cathode of the couple. The isolation device can also include a bonding agent for bonding the pieces of the second material into the matrix of the first material..
Temperature equalization apparatus jetting fluid for thermal conduction used in electrical equipment
The method and equipment having an intermediate thermal storage between the temperature equalizer and the natural thermal matrix to provide equalized temperature by utilization of natural thermal energy, wherein the intermediate thermal storage is installed between the targeting subject for temperature adjustment and the natural thermal matrix to promote the advantage of thermal energy utilization effect of the natural thermal matrix thereby reducing the required installing capacity and operating power of the conventional temperature adjusting equipment.. .
Method for embedding a biological sample in a transparent matrix for analysis using single plane illumination microscopy
The invention is directed to method for positioning and aligning a preferably biological sample in the detection area of the objective of a microscope arrangement. According to the invention, the method mentioned above has the following method steps: a sample is introduced into a transparent medium, preferably agarose gel, which is initially liquid; the medium is changed from the liquid state to the solid state, wherein the sample is fixated within the medium, but the transparency of the medium is retained; the solidified medium is positioned in the microscope arrangement in such a way that the sample enclosed therein is situated in the detection area of the objective.
Systems and method for gyroscope calibration
A mechanism by which a mems gyroscope sensor can be calibrated using data gathered from other sensors in a system incorporating the mems gyroscope sensor is provided. Data gathered from an accelerometer and a magnetometer in fixed orientation relative to the gyroscope is used to calculate changes in orientation of a system.
Cleated footwear
Cleat structures, e.g., for football shoes, may include: (a) a cleat base; (b) a cleat free end; and (c) a concave side edge and at least two additional side edges extending between the cleat base and the cleat free end. Such cleats may be incorporated into sole structures (e.g., outsole components) that have one or more of: a base plate having a v-shaped support structure with lateral and medial support members extending forward from a base support area located in a heel or rear midfoot area of the outsole component; a base plate having a matrix structure with recesses or openings formed between rib elements that make up the matrix structure; and/or a base plate having a rear heel support.

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