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Method for making a fibrous absorbent material


Method for making a fibrous absorbent material

Date/App# patent app List of recent Matrix-related patents
 Systems and methods for implementing dynamically configurable perfect hash tables patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for implementing dynamically configurable perfect hash tables
Hardware circuitry may evaluate minimal perfect hash functions mapping keys to addresses in lookup tables. The circuitry may include primary hash function sub-circuits that apply linear hash functions to input key values (using carry-free arithmetic) to produce primary hash values.
Oracle International Corporation
 Atm enabling interface with mobile technology patent thumbnailnew patent Atm enabling interface with mobile technology
A user having a mobile device with optical recognition capabilities and a mobile payment software solution is able to scan a matrix qr code that, upon being scanned by the user's mobile device, links the user's mobile payment software to an atm back-end administrative software allowing the user to complete banking transactions on the mobile device as if a traditional magnetic card has been swiped in the atm. The user can also transfer funds to other mobile payment application users.
 Thermoplastic based sulphur nanocomposites patent thumbnailnew patent Thermoplastic based sulphur nanocomposites
A thermoplastic sulfur-polymer composite comprises a thermoplastic polymer, such as polyethylene and polystyrene; and a sulfur element. Such sulfur element functions as passive sulfur filler in this composite.
The Petroleum Institute
 Novel sustained release dosage forms patent thumbnailnew patent Novel sustained release dosage forms
A sustained release dosage form comprises an active ingredient blended with a polymeric matrix. At least a portion of the polymeric matrix is formed by a cellulose ether having an onset dissolution temperature of at least 40° c., having anhydroglucose units joined by 1-4 linkages and having methyl groups, hydroxyalkyl groups, and optionally alkyl groups being different from methyl as substituents such that the cellulose ether has an ms (hydroxyalkyl) of 0.05 to 1.00, and hydroxyl groups of anhydrogluclose units are substituted with methyl groups such that [s23/s26−0.2*ms(hydroxyalkyl)] is 0.31 or less, wherein s23 is the molar fraction of anhydroglucose units wherein only the two hydroxyl groups in the 2- and 3-positions of the anhydroglucose unit are substituted with a methyl group and wherein s26 is the molar fraction of anhydroglucose units wherein only the two hydroxyl groups in the 2- and 6-positions of the anhydroglucose unit are substituted with a methyl group..
Dow Global Technologies Llc
 Extruded immediate release abuse deterrent pill patent thumbnailnew patent Extruded immediate release abuse deterrent pill
The present disclosure relates to an oral, immediate release, abuse deterrent pill containing at least one active pharmaceutical ingredient susceptible to abuse which is homogenously spread throughout a carrier matrix used to deter abuse. The pill is prepared using hot melt extrusion and a forming unit through a continuous process.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Service, Inc.
 Stabilized compositions containing alkaline labile drugs patent thumbnailnew patent Stabilized compositions containing alkaline labile drugs
A stabilized bioadhesive composition containing an alkaline labile drug and a method for its preparation are provided. In one aspect, the composition is a hot-melt extruded (hme) composition comprising a preformed excipient mixture comprising an acidic component and an alkaline thermoplastic matrix-forming material, e.g.
Auxilium Us Holdings, Llc
 Cellular microarrays for screening differentiation factors patent thumbnailnew patent Cellular microarrays for screening differentiation factors
Provided is a microarray platform for the culture of cells atop combinatorial matrix mixtures; enabling the study of differentiation in response to a multitude of microenvironments in parallel.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California
 Golf ball compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Golf ball compositions
Disclosed herein are heterogeneous golf ball compositions comprising discrete particles of crosslinked rubber dispersed within an acid copolymer-based matrix. Also disclosed herein are golf ball compositions comprising a silicone ionomer..
Acushnet Company
 Gaming system, gaming device and  providing a multiple player persistent game patent thumbnailnew patent Gaming system, gaming device and providing a multiple player persistent game
A gaming system including a multiple player persistent game, such as an ongoing community game. This ongoing community game includes a community game matrix which is continuously displayed to at least each of the players.
 Gaming machine including moving wild symbols patent thumbnailnew patent Gaming machine including moving wild symbols
A gaming machine having standard and bonus game play features includes a housing, an interface attached to a housing, and a computer in operative communication with the interface. The computer has a memory and a processor.
Novomatic Ag
new patent

Composite and laminate articles and polymerizable systems for producing the same

A composite material comprises a reinforcing material carried in a polymer matrix material which is the polymerization product of a polymerizable composition comprising a di-activated vinyl compound, with the proviso that the di-activated vinyl compound is not a cyanoacrylate. The reinforcing materials may be a wide variety of substrates including thermally sensitive materials.
Sirrus, Inc.
new patent


A nucleic acid aptamer comprising the nucleotide sequence shown herein as seq id no. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 1, 2, 3 or 4 or a fragment thereof or a sequence which is at least 80% identical therewith and use of nucleic aptamers to detect the presence of pathogenic bacteria in a sample, particularly in a complex matrix—such as a food system..
The University Of Chester
new patent

Ordered porous nanofibers, methods, and applications

Described herein are nanofibers and methods for making nanofibers that have a plurality of pores. The pores have of any suitable size or shape.
Cornell University
new patent

Fragranced water-sensitive film

A film formed from a water-soluble polymer matrix containing a fragrance is provided. The film is water-sensitive so that upon contact with a sufficient amount of water, the matrix loses its integrity to increasingly expose the fragrance to the ambient environment for releasing its odor.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.
new patent

Bonding of composite materials

Peel ply for surface preparation and a method of surface preparation prior to adhesive bonding. A resin-rich peel ply is applied onto a curable, resin-based composite substrate, followed by co-curing.
Cytec Industries Inc.
new patent

Apparatus and continuous fermentation

A hybrid continuous fermentation system and related process for fermenting sugars to produce alcohol containing liquors. The system includes a fermentor arranged with a packed bed region and a fluidized bed region.
new patent

Compositions and methods for sterilizing bioscaffolds

The present invention includes a composition for sterilizing a bioscaffold, comprising slightly acidic electrolyzed water (saew) as an active ingredient, and a method for sterilizing a bioscaffold using the same. The slightly acidic electrolyzed water according to the present invention has excellent effects on the sterilization of bioscaffolds and the removal of immunogenic antigens and a little effect on extracellular matrix, such as glycosaminoglycans or collagen.
Knu University-industry Cooperation Foundation
new patent

Microsphere compositions, preparation method and applications thereof

A cell carrying microsphere composition, wherein the microsphere composition comprises a microspheric core comprising a triblock copolymer matrix a-b-a wherein a is selected from poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (plga) or polylactide (pla) and b is poloxamer or poloxamine, wherein the microspheric core is coated with a cell adhesion coating and further comprises whole cells or cell fragments bonded to the cell adhesion coating, a process for the preparation of a cell carrying microsphere composition, and applications thereof.. .
Inserm (institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale)
new patent

Controlled release and taste masking oral pharmaceutical compositions

The invention relates to tablet comprising granules dispersed in at least one hydrophilic compound or matrix. The granules contain an active agent, at least one amphiphilic compound and at least one lipophilic compound.
Cosmo Technologies Limited
new patent

Cell cultivation in chitosan alginate hydrogel beads

The present invention relates to a hydrogel matrix comprising cartilage-forming cells wherein alginate, chitosan and cartilage-forming cells are mixed and subsequently polymerised into beads.. .
Universite De Liege
new patent

Fiber assembly with tray feature

A fiber assembly includes a fiber supporting matrix that comprises a length and a width, wherein the fiber supporting matrix comprises a first number of fiber positions that are assembled in a linear configuration across the width and extend along the length from a first end to a second end of the fiber supporting matrix. A second number of secured non-transmitting fibers are secured in a portion of the first number of fiber positions, wherein the second number of secured non-transmitting fibers terminate approximately at the second end of the fiber supporting matrix.
Corning Optical Communications Llc
new patent

X-ray device

An embodiment of the invention relates to an x-ray device, more particularly for phase-contrast imaging in the medical sector. In at least one embodiment, the x-ray device includes an x-ray radiation source, a coherence grid, a phase grid and an x-ray detector from a number of pixels arranged in a matrix, the pixels including a lens grid..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
new patent

Transmission modes and signaling for uplink mimo support or single tb dual-layer transmission in lte uplink

An apparatus for mapping data in a wireless communication system. The apparatus includes circuitry for generating a precoding matrix for multi-antenna transmission based on a precoding matrix indicator (pmi) feedback from at least one remote receiver where the pmi indicates a choice of precoding matrix derived from a matrix multiplication of two matrices from a first code book and a second codebook.
Texas Instruments Incorporated
new patent

Method and device for transmitting and receiving video

Disclosed is a method for transmitting a video, which is used for increasing video transmission and receiving quality. The method comprises: generating multiple layers of video streams; in accordance with an obtained first distortion value, obtaining a corresponding first antennae/video matching matrix; separately dispatching each layer of video streams to respective antennae in accordance with the first antennae/video matching matrix; and transmitting same in accordance with the dispatched video streams.
Peking University Founder Group Co., Ltd.
new patent

Wireless communication system, wireless transmitter, and control program for wireless transmitter

A mobile station transmitting transmission signals using one of a plurality of transmission schemes which includes at least a first transmission scheme and a second transmission scheme, where in a case that the used transmission scheme is the first transmission scheme, the transmission signals are applied by an open loop (ol) in which precoding information is not fed back and in a case that the used transmission scheme is the second transmission scheme, the transmission signals are applied by a closed loop (cl) for which a precoding matrix indicator (pmi) is fed back from the mobile station. The first peak-to-average power ratio (papr) characteristics of the first transmission scheme differs from the second papr characteristics of the second transmission scheme..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha
new patent

Power module substrate with heatsink, power module substrate with cooler and power module

A power module substrate with a heatsink includes: a power module substrate provided with a ceramic substrate, a circuit layer and a metal layer; and a heatsink bonded to the metal layer via a solder layer and composed of copper or a copper alloy. The metal layer is formed by bonding an aluminum plate in which the content of al is 99.0 to 99.85% by mass to the ceramic substrate, and the solder layer is formed of a solid-solubilized-hardening type solder material including sn as a major component and a solid-solubilized element being solid-solubilized into a matrix of sn..
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
new patent

Color filter and manufacturing the same

The present invention provides a color filter and a manufacturing method thereof. A transparent dyeable material is coated on a roller, and then imprint onto a patterned mold.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
new patent

Electrowetting display device

An electrowetting display device includes a black matrix that includes a plurality of openings corresponding to pixels, respectively, a first extension portion extending in a driving direction of an electrowetting layer, the driving direction being a direction in which motion of the electrowetting layer is induced when a voltage difference is applied between a common electrode and a pixel electrode, and a partition wall that partitions the pixels. The first extension portion includes first and second areas respectively extending in opposite directions to each other and a third area having a width substantially the same as a width of the partition wall.
Liquavista B.v.
new patent

Image variable magnification device and image variable magnification method

Disclosed is an image variable magnification device including: a first screen processing unit to carry out a first screen processing for the original image by applying a dither threshold on a position in a dither threshold matrix, which corresponds to a position obtained by adding the shift amount; a second screen processing unit to carry out a second screen processing for the original image by applying a dither threshold on a position in the dither threshold matrix, which corresponds to a position obtained by adding the shift amount and +1 or −1; and a variable magnification processing unit to shift each pixel in an image obtained by the first screen processing, in accordance with the shift amount, and to determine a gradation value of a pixel required to be inserted due to the shift, by adopting a processing result obtained by the second screen processing unit.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.
new patent

Liquid crystal display panel

A liquid crystal display (lcd) panel includes a plurality of pixel units, a first alignment layer and a second alignment layer. The pixel units are configured in a matrix formed by columns and rows, and each pixel unit is divided into a plurality of domains.
Innolux Corporation
new patent

Display device

A display panel for displaying an image is provided with a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix. Each pixel includes one or more units each including a plurality of subunits.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
new patent

Liquid crystal display device comprising first and second electrodes wherein the second electrode is connected with a source electrode without passing through a first insulating film

To form a sufficiently large storage capacitor, a liquid crystal display device includes a liquid crystal display panel having a first substrate, a second substrate, and a liquid crystal held between the first substrate and the second substrate, the liquid crystal display panel having multiple pixels arranged in matrix. The first substrate has, in a transmissive display area provided in each of the pixels, a laminated structure containing a first transparent electrode, a first insulating film, a second transparent electrode, a second insulating film, and a third transparent electrode which are laminated in this order.
Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.
new patent

Apparatus and dynamically controlling light transmission

An apparatus for controlling light transmission from an optical input to an optical output can function as a tunable iris or eclipse, or as a privacy window. The iris/eclipse can use a liquid crystal matrix with a dispersion of dichroic particles that absorb light in one orientation and transmit light in another, such that controlling the liquid crystal with an electric field allows control of the dichroic particles.
Lensvector Inc.
new patent

Solid-state imaging device and camera system

A solid-state imaging device includes: a pixel unit in which pixels are arranged in a matrix pattern; and a pixel signal read-out unit including an ad conversion unit performing analog-to-digital (ad) conversion of a pixel signal read out from the pixel unit, wherein each pixel included in the pixel unit includes division pixels divided into regions in which photosensitivity levels or electric charge accumulating amounts are different from one another, the pixel signal reading unit includes a normal read-out mode and a multiple read-out mode, and includes a function of changing a configuration of a frame in accordance with a change of the read-out mode, and wherein the ad conversion unit acquires a pixel signal of one pixel by adding the division pixel signals while performing ad conversion for the division pixel signals.. .
Sony Corporation
new patent

Active-matrix display device, and active-matrix organic electroluminescent display device

An active-matrix display device employs current-programmed-type pixel circuits and performs the writing data to each of pixels on a line-by-line basis. The active-matrix display device having a matrix of current-programmed-type pixel circuits includes a data line driving circuit 15 formed of m current driving circuits (cd) 15-1 to 15-m arranged corresponding to respective data lines 13-1 to 13-m.
Sony Corporation
new patent

Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device

A manufacturing method of a semiconductor device in which the threshold is adjusted is provided. In a semiconductor device including a plurality of transistors arranged in a matrix each including a semiconductor, a source or drain electrode electrically connected to the semiconductor, a gate electrode, and a charge trap layer between the gate electrode and the semiconductor, electrons are trapped in the charge trap layer by performing heat treatment and, simultaneously, keeping a potential of the gate electrode higher than that of the source or drain electrode for 1 second or more.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
new patent

Method for inspecting a component on the basis of barkhausen noises

A method of inspecting a component (1) on the basis of barkhausen noises in which a plurality of barkhausen noise signals are processed, which have been or are determined at measurement positions (ps1, ps2, . .
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag
new patent

Nanocomposite compositions and methods of making

The present disclosure relates to coupling agents capable of dispersing a high loading of nanoparticles into a polymer matrix to provide a nanocomposite with a combination of desirable optical and mechanical properties of the constituent materials. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to high loading nanocomposites comprising nanoparticles coupled with a polymer matrix.
Cree, Inc.
new patent

Coatings and powders, methods of making same, and uses thereof

This invention relates to thermal spray coatings, powders useful in deposition of the thermal spray coatings, methods of producing the powders, and uses of the thermal spray coatings, for example, coating of piston rings and cylinder liners of internal combustion engines. The coatings of this invention are applied by thermal spray deposition of a powder.
new patent

Silicon dot formation by direct self-assembly flash memory

Some embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a method that achieves a substantially uniform pattern of discrete storage elements comprising a substantially equal size within a memory cell. A copolymer solution comprising first and second polymer species is spin-coated onto a surface of a substrate and subjected to self-assembly into a phase-separated material comprising a regular pattern of micro-domains of the second polymer species within a polymer matrix comprising the first polymer species.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
new patent

Silicon dot formation by self-assembly method and selective silicon growth for flash memory

Some embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a method that achieves a substantially uniform pattern of discrete storage elements within a memory cell. A copolymer solution comprising first and second polymer species is spin-coated onto a surface of a substrate and subjected to self-assembly into a phase-separated material comprising a regular pattern of micro-domains of the second polymer species within a polymer matrix comprising the first polymer species.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
new patent

High electron mobility transistor

A high electron mobility transistor comprises a substrate, an epitaxial stack arranged above the substrate and having a first region and a second region surrounding the first region, a matrix electrode structure arranged in the first region, and a plurality of first bridges electrically connecting the plurality of second electrodes. The matrix electrode structure comprises a plurality of first electrodes arranged on the epitaxial stack and a plurality of second electrodes arranged on the epitaxial stack and adjacent to the plurality of first electrodes.
Epistar Corporation
new patent

Organic electroluminescence display device

An organic el display device includes: a circuit substrate formed of a plurality of layers including an organic el layer; a counter substrate facing and spaced from a surface of the circuit substrate on which the organic el layer is provided; a seal provided around the organic el layer between the circuit substrate and the counter substrate; a filler filling a space surrounded by the circuit substrate, the counter substrate, and the seal; and a color filter layer and a black matrix layer stacked on the counter substrate on the side of the space. The seal includes a layer of the same material as at least one of the color filter layer and the black matrix layer..
Japan Display Inc.
new patent

Organic el display device

An organic el display device includes: thin film transistors that are arranged in respective pixels within a display area which are arranged in a matrix; a planarization film that is formed over the thin film transistor and made of an organic insulating material; contact electrodes that are connected to drains or sources of the respective thin film transistors through contact holes formed within the planarization film; contact hole planarization films that are arranged over the respective contact electrodes with which the contact holes are embedded, and made of an organic insulating material; a lower electrode that is formed to be electrically connected onto the contact electrodes, and formed over the contact hole planarization film; and an organic layer that is arranged over the lower electrode to cover the overall display area, and formed of a plurality of organic material layers including a light emitting layer.. .
Japan Display Inc.
new patent

Mixed matrix membranes with embedded polymeric particles and networks and related compositions, methods, and systems

Described herein are mixed matrix filtration membranes and related, compositions, methods and systems and in particular mixed matrix filtration membranes with an embedded polymer network and/or embedded polymeric micro/nanoparticles functionalized with a functionalization polymer covalently and/or non covalently linked to the micro/nanoparticles and related compositions, methods, and systems.. .
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology
new patent

Galvanic corrosion mitigation with metallic polymer matrix paste

A method of mitigating galvanic corrosion on a vehicle is provided for use of metals with carbon containing composites. An electrically conductive material comprising a plurality of electrically conductive metallic particles and a polymer is applied to a corrosion susceptible region of an assembly having a carbon-reinforced composite and a metal.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
new patent

Gas transport composite barrier

A method of minimizing vapor transmission from a constructed permeability control infrastructure can comprise forming a heterogeneous hydrated matrix within the constructed permeability control infrastructure, the constructed permeability control infrastructure comprising a permeability control impoundment defining a substantially encapsulated volume. The heterogeneous hydrated matrix includes a particulate solid phase and a continuous liquid phase which is penetrable by a vapor having a permeation rate.
Red Leaf Resources, Inc.
new patent

Agglomerate abrasive grain comprising incorporated hollow microspheres

An agglomerate abrasive grain includes a mixture of individual abrasive grains and hollow bodies, wherein the abrasive grains and the hollow bodies are held together via a binding matrix of aluminosilicate and alkali silicate, and the agglomerate abrasive grain has an open porosity and a closed porosity in each case ranging from 5% by volume to 40% by volume, wherein the total porosity of the agglomerate abrasive grain is less than 50% by volume.. .
Center For Abrasives And Refractories Research & Development C.a.r.r.d. Gmbh
new patent

Boron nitride composites

According to one embodiment, a composite product includes hexagonal boron nitride (hbn), and a plurality of cubic boron nitride (cbn) particles, wherein the plurality of cbn particles are dispersed in a matrix of the hbn. According to another embodiment, a composite product includes a plurality of cbn particles, and one or more borate-containing binders..
Lawrence Livemore National Security, Llc
new patent

Abrasive slicing tool for electronics industry

A bond matrix for metal bonded abrasive tools includes a metal bond system, porosity and an optional filler. Tools according to embodiments of the invention exhibit long tool life, produce an acceptable quality of cut and can have self-dressing properties.
Saint-gobain Abrasifs
new patent

Method for making a fibrous absorbent material

An absorbent material including a fibrous material having a plurality of individual fibers forming a fiber matrix, a plurality of absorbent fibers, wherein the plurality of absorbent fibers are impregnated within the fiber matrix by means of a needlepunch process.. .
Mcneil-ppc, Inc.

Identifying a sketching matrix used by a linear sketch

Embodiments relate to identifying a sketching matrix used by a linear sketch. Aspects include receiving an initial output of the linear sketch, generating a query vector and inputting the query vector into the linear sketch.
International Business Machines Corporation

Unsupervised learning of one dimensional signals

A method for unsupervised learning of one dimensional signals includes obtaining a sample vector from a one dimensional signal and storing the sample vector in a computer accessible memory (115) and identifying a higher dimension convex natural space where the surface of the function of a constant modulus (cm) performance measure of the sample vector is convex. The method further comprises transforming, with a computational processor (110), the sample vector from an original space into a higher dimension natural convex space cm matrix in the higher dimension natural convex space and solving, with a computational processor (110), for an optimum solution to the cm performance measure in the higher dimension convex natural space.

Providing personalized item recommendations using scalable matrix factorization with randomness

Some embodiments include a method of providing personalized item recommendations using scalable matrix factorization with randomness. Other embodiments of related systems and methods are also disclosed..
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Modeling intersecting flow paths in a well system environment

In some aspects, techniques and systems for modeling fluid flow are described. A flow model represents intersecting flow paths for well system fluid.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

High activity catalyst for hydrosilylation reactions and methods of making the same

A heterogeneous catalyst comprising a metal-containing polymer matrix covalently bonded to a support material and a method of making and using such catalysts. The metal-containing polymer matrix comprises metal nano-particles encapsulated in a polymer matrix, e.g., a siloxane.
Momentive Pereformance Materials Inc.

Roll cover production method and roll cover

A roll cover is produced, in particular for use in a machine for producing and/or processing a fibrous web such as a web of paper or cardboard. The roll cover includes least one layer of a resin matrix that is filled with at least one particulate filler.
Voith Patent Gmbh

Tw part sizing composition for coating glass fibres and composite reinforced with such glass fibres

The present invention concerns a two-part sizing composition comprising: (a) a precursor comprising: (a) an aminosilane (e.g. A1100) and (b) a polymer or copolymer containing carboxylic acid and/or anhydride, both having a functionality, f≧3, and (b) a binder comprising a multi-functional epoxy resin of functionality, f≧3.
3b-fibreglass Sprl

Compounds and methods for treating cancer by inhibiting the urokinase receptor

Compounds and methods for treating or preventing cancer associated with binding to the urokinase receptor are provided. Biological processes affected by the compounds include cell migration, cell growth, cell adhesion, angiogenesis, cancer cell invasion, apoptosis, tumor formation, tumor progression, metastasis, degradation of the extracellular matrix, pericellular proteolysis, activation of plasminogen, changes in the levels of an extracellular protease, and changes in the levels of a vegf receptor..

Therapeutic methods and compounds

The invention provides diketopiperazines of formula i. The invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising the diketopiperazines, or pharmaceutically-acceptable salts or prodrugs thereof, as the active ingredient.
Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Sporting goods with graphene material

A racket may include a frame including at least one prepreg layer. The at least one prepreg layer may include reinforcing fibers.
Head Technology Gmbh

Flame retardant composition, fibers, process of preparation and applications thereof

The present disclosure provides a flame retardant composition as well as fibers comprising a matrix and an additive wherein each of the matrix and the additive is independently selected from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmpe) and polyphosphazene (ppz) and wherein, when the matrix is uhmpe, the additive is ppz and when the matrix is ppz, the additive is uhmpe. Further the present disclosure provides a process of melt spinning the flame retardant composition of a matrix and an additive wherein each of the matrix and the additive is independently selected from uhmpe and ppz and wherein, when the matrix is uhmpe, the additive is ppz and when the matrix is ppz, the additive is uhmpe to obtain flame retardant fibers.
Director General, Defence Research & Development Organisation

Development of nucleic acid gel matrix for cell-free protein synthesis of cell nucleus replicate, and producing same

Provided are a nucleic acid gel matrix for the cell-free protein synthesis of a cell nucleus replicate that contains an x-type nucleic acid nanostructure, an expression plasmid containing a dna fragment, transcription and translation constituents, and a lipid membrane component, and a method for producing same. The nucleic acid gel matrix for the cell-free synthesis of a cell nucleus replicate is a polymorphic gel matrix that contains the x-type nucleic acid nanostructure, the expression plasmid containing the dna fragment, the transcription and translation constituents, and the lipid membrane component..
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

Method for species-independent measurement of complement activation in animals

A method for species-independent measurement of complement (c) activation in animals. The method comprises taking samples in the range of 3-100 microliter of anticoagulated blood, plasma or serum of an animal (specimen), mixing the specimen with a specificity converting protein matrix (scm), mixing to the specimen/scm mixture an activator of the c system (act), incubating the specimen/scm/act mixture at a temperature between 36° c.
Tecomedical Ag

Imaging members having electrically and mechanically tuned imaging layers

An electrophotographic imaging member which has improved imaging layer(s) formulated to comprise a charge transport compound and a polymer blended binder to render photoelectrical stability, tune-ability, and surface contact friction reduction for providing service life extension. The polymer blended binder used in the imaging layer(s) is a binary polymer blend consisting of: (1) an a-b diblock copolymer and a bisphenol polycarbonate and (2) an a-b diblock copolymer and a bisphenol polycarbonate plus a slippery nano poss particle dispersion in its material matrix..
Xerox Corporation

Battery pack system

A cell housing, such as for a backpack battery pack, includes a first wall, a second wall, and a cell retention structure there-between, wherein the cell retention structure is configured to retain battery cells arranged in a matrix of rows and columns such that the longitudinal axis of each battery cell is substantially parallel to the longitudinal axes of the other battery cells. A plurality of connectors are located on the exterior of the cell housing and are electrically connected to the battery cells through openings in the first and second walls of the cell housing.
Husqvarna Ab

Coating method, surface layer structure, as well as applications

A coating method for producing a function layer on mechanically loaded components or surfaces includes providing or applying a first material layer of a first material or substrate matrix having a mechanical flexibility higher than that of a second material on a substrate constituting the component or the surface, respectively, structuring the first material layer such that the material layer surface of the first material layer, which is opposite to the substrate, obtains a three-dimensionally moulded basic structure with projections and recesses, and coating the material layer surface of the first material layer with a second material layer of the second material in such a way that the second material layer adopts substantially the basic structure of the material layer surface with the projections and recesses. Also, surface layer structures can be produced by this method..
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

Injection molded composite blank and guide

This specification discloses an article of manufacture. The article of manufacture has at least one structural blank and at least one guide.
Cutting Dynamics, Inc.

Structural component semi-finished part for producing a fiber-reinforced structural component as well as structural component and the production thereof

A structural component semi-finished part has two wall elements which at least partly define a receiving space in a transverse direction. The receiving space extends in a longitudinal direction.
Supertex Composites Gmbh

Multi-dimensional fiber composites and articles using the same

A composite down-hole tool for use in oil and gas wells includes plurality of fibers which extend along at least a first fiber plane and a second fiber plane. The first fiber plane and the second fiber plane are arranged perpendicular.
Fiber Materials Inc.

Decellularisation of tissue matrices for bladder implantation

The invention provides an improved method of producing a natural, acellular matrix scaffold for subsequent use in tissue-engineered replacement of tissues such as the bladder. Decellularisation is carried out on an expanded or distended bladder and the product retains the strength and compliance of natural material.
Tissue Regenix Limited

Methods for fine particle manufacture

Processes for preparing micronized particles comprising a poorly water soluble bioactive agent are provided. The processes utilize a superheated aqueous phase which can serve as the continuous phase of an emulsion.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Sustained-release drug carrier composition

The present invention provides compositions for extended release of an active ingredient, comprising a lipid-saturated matrix formed from a biodegradable polymer. The present invention also provides methods of producing the matrix compositions and methods for using the matrix compositions to provide controlled release of an active ingredient in the body of a subject in need thereof..
Polypid Ltd.

Implantable liposome embedded matrix composition, uses thereof, and polycaprolactone particles as scaffolds for tissue regeneration

In various embodiments, the present invention describes materials and methods for the local reprogramming of cells in a location where the treatment is applied. The invention can be used to replace lost cells or to restore function to tissue damaged due to disease, injury or genetic defect.

Natural tissue-derived decellularized matrix and methods of generating and using same

Decellularized tissue-derived extracellular matrices (ecm) and methods of generating and using same are provided. The method of generating a decellularized matrix includes the steps of: (a) subjecting the tissue to washes and a hypertonic buffer; (b) subjecting the tissue to an enzymatic proteolytic digestion with an enzyme such as trypsin; and (c) removing all cellular components from the tissue using a detergent solution which includes triton-x-100 and ammonium hydroxide.
Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.

Polymeric composite materials with antimicrobial and biodegradable properties and uses thereof

A composite material for the production of a medical device having an antiseptic action includes a matrix of alginate in which the complex of iodopovidone is dispersed. The composite material is used particularly for the production of films, micro-capsules, and suture threads with iodine controlled release..
Fondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia

Infused spar cap using a low viscosity matrix material

Embodiments of the present application generally provide for wind turbine blade spar caps comprising composite materials prepared using a low viscosity resin system and a high density fabric and methods for their manufacture. In particular embodiment, the low viscosity resin system has a viscosity in the range of about 1 to about 100 centipoises at a temperature in the range of about 0° c.
General Electric Company

Annulus filler

An annulus filler, mounted to a rotor disc of a gas turbine engine and bridging the gap between two adjacent blades attached to the rotor disc, is disclosed. The annulus filler, formed from a polymer matrix composite material, includes an outer lid, defining an airflow surface for air drawn through the engine in an axial airflow direction, and a support structure, connectable to the rotor disc, to support the rear of the lid on the rotor disc.
Rolls-royce Plc

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