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Custom decorative covering for bicycles and the like and method of manufacture of the covering
A custom-cut decorative covering, and method of its manufacture, is disclosed, the covering designed to substantially cover at least a frame of a bicycle or similar device without a need for user cutting and/or trimming of the covering. The covering of the invention can be quickly applied and quickly removed and/or...

Flooring apparatus and systems for improved reduction of impact forces during a fall
This invention provides a flooring apparatus comprising: (a) a flooring plate; (b) a plurality of columns extending from an underside of the flooring plate, wherein at least some of the columns deform when the flooring plate is subjected to a pressure equal to or greater than a critical buckling pressure; and...

Flash suppressor
An improved flash suppressor and silencer mount. The use of tapered tines allows for the easy removal of a noise suppressor from the flash suppressor even after extended use. Due to the construction of the flash suppressor and through proper material selection the tines will not warp or break even after...

Refractory wall for a combustion furnace
A fireproof wall intended, in particular, for use in a combustion furnace has a tube wall of tubes connected by webs and a fireproof and fire-tight protective lining which is arranged upstream of the tube wall at a distance therefrom and has a plurality of fireproof plates (tiles) which are arranged...

Nanofiber scaffold
The invention is directed to a device and method to prevent migration of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSCs) from a delivery site while allowing communication between the stem cells and native cardiomyocytes. The device is characterized by scaffold pore size, fiber diameter and biomaterial selection. The invention includes a two part...

Golf club with high friction striking surface
Disclosed herein are golf clubs for reducing the spin imparted to a golf ball, the golf club having a gripping portion around which a golfer can position his hands to swing the golf club, a shaft having a first end and a second end, wherein the gripping portion extends from the...

Transistor device and method of manufacture thereof
A CMOS device includes high k gate dielectric materials. A PMOS device includes a gate that is implanted with an n-type dopant. The NMOS device may be doped with either an n-type or a p-type dopant. The work function of the CMOS device is set by the material selection of the...

Solar cell device and method for manufacturing same
It is an object of the present invention to enlarge flexibility with, respect to material selection for transparent conductive oxide layers within a solar cell device especially in view of the respective, material-specific vacuum deposition processes. This object is resolved by a solar cell device which comprises at least one thin...

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