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Massage Apparatus patents


This page is updated frequently with new Massage Apparatus-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Massage Apparatus-related patents
 Thigh massage apparatus patent thumbnailThigh massage apparatus
A thigh massage apparatus is provided which enables the user to easily and comfortable engage the various muscles of the leg, providing the leg muscles with a therapeutic massage which helps to loosen and relieve sore or damages muscles. The apparatus may also be used to assist in the removal of cellulite from areas of the leg.

 Personal massage apparatus patent thumbnailPersonal massage apparatus
A massage apparatus for applying pressure to a body part includes a handle section configured to be positioned on a first side of the body part. The handle section includes a free end and an attached end, and a transverse section configured to extend from the first side of the body part to a second side of the body part.

 System and  providing massage related services patent thumbnailSystem and providing massage related services
A method of providing massage related services comprises providing a massage apparatus, establishing a connection between a terminal device and a server computer, transferring a massage program executable on the massage apparatus from the server computer to the terminal device, establishing a connection between the terminal device and the massage apparatus, and transferring the massage program from the terminal device to the massage apparatus. Once the new massage program is downloaded in the massage apparatus, a graphical user interface displayed by a remote controller of the massage apparatus can be updated with a new icon associated with the new massage program.
Osim International Ltd

 Massage apparatus patent thumbnailMassage apparatus
A massage apparatus includes: a pump that is an air supply source; a motor that actuates a distributor; a power switch that optionally supplies power to the pump and the motor to actuate the pump and the motor; and a limit switch that is connected in parallel with the power switch, and is operated by a cam working with the distributor so as to be turned on when the distributor assumes a position to supply air to any of bladders, and so as to be turned off when the distributor assumes a position to discharge air from at least any of the bladders.. .

 Stationary self-massage  attachment to various stabalizing surfaces patent thumbnailStationary self-massage attachment to various stabalizing surfaces
A massage device for use on horizontal, vertical, narrow or non-flush stabilizing surfaces is disclosed. The massage device can include a frame having a cavity of a substantially half spherical shape to accommodate a roller ball.

 Massage apparatus and methods of use patent thumbnailMassage apparatus and methods of use
A two sided fabric or sleeve sewn together having a center divide configured to create a primary sleeve and an over pressure flap, a compressible ball configured to freely move therein the primary sleeve and the over pressure sleeve is folded over the primary sleeve, thus to enable a hand held massage device capable of deep tissue self-massage of specific body parts.. .

 Vibrating massage apparatus and a bluetooth headset patent thumbnailVibrating massage apparatus and a bluetooth headset
A vibrating massage apparatus comprises a control device and at least one vibrating device. The control device comprises a waveform generator module for outputting a control signal having a waveform, and a motor drive for receiving the control signal.

 Massage machine having a tiltable bed provided with a seat patent thumbnailMassage machine having a tiltable bed provided with a seat
A massage machine has a base (1) and a bed (6) with a first longitudinal axis frame transversally swinging mounted on the base (1) and sustaining a patient support plane (7) having a head crossbar and a foot crossbar (17, 11) being mutually connected by telescopic side members (18) and ball joints (19). A second frame being mounted under the patient support plane (7) and has pairs of lower and upper oscillating end cross members (59, 60 and 59-a, 60-a) being joined together by pairs of lower and upper telescopic longitudinal members (62, 63) and ball joints (19-b) and supports a longitudinally movable massage apparatus having massaging roller systems (27) and massaging planetary systems (28) arranged on supporting frames (45, 45-a) movable in turn on lower telescopic longitudinal members (62), and patient supporting elements with idle transversal rollers (29, 30) sliding on upper telescopic longitudinal members (63)..
Bios Project Srl

 Massage apparatus patent thumbnailMassage apparatus
A massage apparatus in which both a massage mechanism and a warm-cool air supply section are housed inside a backrest. The massage apparatus includes a backrest for supporting a user's back; and a massage mechanism disposed inside the backrest for producing massage action on user's back.
Daito Electric Machine Industry Company Limited

 Thermal massage apparatus patent thumbnailThermal massage apparatus
A multi-component, convertible, individual thermal therapeutic device has multiple parts that can be arranged in at least 3 ways to provide multiple therapeutic treatments to the users body.. .
Bioactive Sports


Massage apparatus and massage method

A massage apparatus includes a sheet member attachable to a skin of a body, and a pressure unit that presses the skin from the sheet member. The sheet member is elastic and thermoplastic such that the sheet member is hardened at a temperature of the skin and is softened at a predetermined temperate different from the temperature of the skin.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Massage device and chair-type massage apparatus equipped with the massage device

Provided is a massage device for giving a variety of non-boring kneading and massage feelings to a to-be-treated part. The massage device of the invention comprises: paired left and right massage members having a treatment element, and a massage mechanism for operating at least one of the paired massage members to cause the treatment elements to move close to and away from each other in the horizontal direction to produce kneading actions.
Daito Electric Machine Industry Company Limited


Massage apparatus having massage pressure sensing and adapting device mechanism

Disclosed is a massage apparatus having a massage pressure sensing and adapting drive mechanism (50). The apparatus comprises a movable base frame (30) at the bottom, a massage mechanism (40) and a pressure sensing and adapting drive mechanism (50).


Massage apparatus and massage chair with health monitoring devices

The present invention is directed to a massage apparatus for a massage chair wherein massage benefits or effects are provided to a back body area, a seat or bottom body area, and a thigh body area of a user. Massage benefits or effects may also be provided to a head and neck body area of the user.
Luraco Technologies, Inc.


Massage massage chair

massage apparatus for a massage chair includes a frame that includes at least one guide rail and a massage device that includes a power source and at least one massage element. Each guide rail includes a first end, a second end, a thigh body area portion located about the first end, a bottom body area portion located proximate the thigh body area portion, and a back body area portion extending upward from the bottom body area portion.
Luraco Technologies, Inc.


Automatic massaging apparatus

An automatic massage apparatus may include a main body, a massaging unit, at least two first belts and at least two second belts. The main body has a guiding rail that is hollow to provide a space for a driving unit of the massaging unit, and a long groove is formed on both sides of the guiding rail.


Sole acupoint pressure massage apparatus

A sole acupoint pressure massage apparatus includes a base. The base has therein a mechanism lower cover engaged therewith.


Finger-held massage apparatus

A finger-held massage apparatus is described and includes an inverted u-shaped element composed of a u-shaped bridge with a pair of legs in spaced relation from one another and extending from the bridge, with lower ends of the legs configured to have opposed first pockets on leg inner surfaces thereof and second pockets on leg outer surfaces thereof. Each leg inner surface includes a first pocket integrally-formed therein, one first pocket in opposed facing relation with the other on the opposite leg inner surface, each first pocket being configured to hold a vibrating massage element therein.


Massaging machine

According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a massage apparatus comprising: a support frame; and one or more acupressure assemblies, each of which comprises one or more acupressure members rotated by power and is supported by the support frame, wherein the acupressure assemblies rotate in one direction around one axis of the support frame.. .


Massage apparatus

A massage apparatus includes an upright support frame and a moving seat. Each of the support frame and the moving seat has a u-shaped cross-section.


Massage roller

A massage apparatus includes coaxially nested rollers, which may be frictionally engaged. Each roller includes a tubular frame, raised rolling bands, and a plurality of massaging protuberances, wherein the height of the bands is at least the height of the protuberances.


Adjustable handheld roller massage apparatus with fabric-covered resilient air-filled spherical contact orbs

Handheld roller massage apparatus comprising at least two air-filled elastomeric massage spheres and two handle grips attached to a support rod where the handle grips and massage spheres are fully adjustable along the support rod. Massage spheres have special size, elastic modulus, and perceived inflation pressure to reach deep muscle and ligament tissue along either side of the spine.


Skin-stimulation unit and skin-massage apparatus having same

Provided are a skin-stimulation unit and a skin-massage apparatus having same. The skin-stimulation unit comprises: a striking member for applying an impact to the skin; a cap part into which the striking member is slidably inserted; and a connecting rod having a front end connected to the striking member and a rear end connected to an external source of motive powder, wherein the connecting rod linearly reciprocates the striking member..


Inhalant delivery system for massage apparatus

A inhalant delivery system for supplying oxygen or another harmless gas to a user positioned on a massage apparatus such as a massage table or massage chair. A plenum having exit openings conforms generally to the inner periphery of a headrest of the massage apparatus such that the exit openings direct the oxygen or other harmless gas toward the nostrils of the user.


Massage apparatus having a sleeve with a lubrication well

A massage apparatus having a vibrator device engaged to a flexible hollow sleeve that defines a lubrication well for receiving and dispensing a lubricant is disclosed. The lubrication well includes a peripheral wall that defines a well portion configured to receive the lubricant and a protrusion that extends outwardly from the well portion for stimulating the clitoral area of a female individual while facilitating the dispensation of the lubricant from the well portion to that same area..


Massager and making the same

A massage apparatus is provided to enable an individual to perform a variety of massages by applying targeted pressure to effected muscle groups. In one embodiment, the massage apparatus includes a plurality of generally spherical balls and an oversleeve shrink-fitted over at least a portion of the plurality of balls.


Back kneading device and chair-type massage apparatus equipped with the back kneading device

The back kneading device mounted in the chair-type massage apparatus comprises: the massage mechanism including paired right-hand and left-hand massage members having the treatment element for massage and the driving section for transmitting massage action to the massage member; the base member for supporting the massage mechanism, with the massage member pointing forward; the vertical movement mechanism for moving the base member in the vertical direction in the backrest; and the protruding-amount varying mechanism for moving the massage member so that protrusion amount of the treatment element in the front-rear direction can be varied.. .


Chair-type massage apparatus

There is provided a chair-type massage apparatus which, while having a low-height backrest, affords an adequate massage effect without forcing a user to take an uncomfortable position. The chair-type massage apparatus 1 comprises: the seat 2; the base frame 8 for supporting the seat 2 on a floor; the backrest 3 disposed at the rear of the seat 2 for the support of user's back; and the massage section 6 incorporated in the backrest 3, for performing a massage on a user sitting on the seat 2, and further includes the up-and-down means 15 for switchably changing the height of the backrest 3 vertically within a range between the housing position where the lower part of the backrest 3 is stored under the seat 2 and the protruding position where the lower part of the backrest 3 is raised to an upper location..


Motion-based control for a personal massager

A personal massage apparatus includes a personal massager and can also include a controller for controlling the operation of the massager. The massager includes a motor or other motion-causing device and can also include an interface (e.g., a wireless interface) to the controller (where such a controller is included).


Pulsation massage apparatus

An adjustable massage apparatus, whose massage effect is based on the suction effect created in association with the treatment head, the treatment head of the apparatus including a surface which comes in contact with the skin, a frame, and in connection with this surface a low-pressure chamber and a low-pressure hose in connection with the low-pressure chamber for created low-pressure suction in order to lift the skin tissue. The apparatus is mainly characterized in that a valve is arranged in connection with the low-pressure hose for adjusting the low-pressure suction created in the low-pressure chamber so that the pressure in the low-pressure chamber is oscillating between an upper limit and a lower limit..


Massage apparatus

A massage apparatus having a power source that can be a motor producing forward and reverse movement, and an active gear attached to a protruding axis from the power source. The active gear engages with a passive gear on a horizontal transmission stick to transmit the power, and the power source can drive a vertical transmission stick through a steering gear group, so that the horizontal transmission stick and vertical transmission stick can generate simultaneous forward and reverse movement.


Massage apparatus with a configurable stimulator sleeve

A massage apparatus having a vibrator component engaged within a configurable stimulator sleeve is disclosed. The configurable stimulator sleeve defines a proximal portion having an opening in communication with an interior channel configured to receive the vibrator component therein and a flexible distal portion that is manually configurable to a assume one or more different configurations such that the flexible distal portion directly imparts a vibration effect generated by the vibrator component to different anatomical portions of an individual based on the particular configuration assumed by the configurable stimulator sleeve..


Massage device and mounting body

A massage device mounting system may include a massage ball with a plurality of massage fingers positioned across the ball aligned with the vertices of a pentakis dodecahedron. The massage device mounting system may also include a mounting body removably entrapped between a plurality of massage fingers on the massage apparatus.


Neck massager

The present invention relates to a health massage apparatus, providing a neck massager including a u-shaped neck pillow capable of being hungon a neck of a person, an inside of the u-shaped neck pillow corresponding to the neck has at least one massage component, the at least one massage component include at least two massage heads from the top down along the inside of the u-shaped neck pillow, a height of the upper massage head is lower than the adjacent lower massage head in sequence. According to the human neck characteristics involving the protrusion of the upper neck and the depression of the lower neck, in the present invention the upper massage head is set a low position and the lower massage head is set at a high position, advantageously, each of the massage heads respectively massages the corresponding neck part, the good massage effect can be obtained..


Massage jetted spas

A massage apparatus is provided for use in water environments in vessels such as jetted spas, baths, hot tubs and the like, the apparatus having a massager including rotatable, imbalanced impeller. An inlet of the massager is fluidly connected to a jet and an outlet is directed back to the water environment below the waterline.


Body massage apparatus

A body massage apparatus comprises a foot plate and a bifurcated pillar having first and second outer walls and first and second inner walls. The first and second outer walls cooperatively form a first structure with an outer corner.


Dual stimulating massage apparatus

A dual stimulating massage apparatus including a flexible massage apparatus body including a deformable middle portion having a first end in communication with a ring-shaped portion configured to be engaged to a male sexual organ and a second end in communication with a stimulator portion that defines a receptacle configured to receive a vibratory component therein is disclosed. The deformable middle portion defines a first arm and a second arm that collectively define a deformable opening, wherein when an external force is applied to the stimulator portion the deformable opening assumes a deformed configuration and when the external force is not applied to the stimulator portion the deformable opening assumes a non-deformed configuration such that an individual wearing the massage apparatus may simultaneously provide a massage effect to the wearer of the massage apparatus and the wearer's partner..


Massage use in a vaginal or rectal cavity or a vaginal or rectal opening of the human body

An insertion apparatus for use in a vaginal or rectal cavity or a vaginal or rectal opening of the human body. The insertion apparatus has a base body, which in turn has a working body.


Massage the shower

A massage, scrubbing and cleaning apparatus for use in the shower that comprises a casing, a water-powered motor, a drive shaft that creates rotational movement, a drive shaft that creates linear movement, a pad, a clutch, an on/off button, a regulator, and a water hose to the shower head.. .


Massage apparatus using magnet is the cosmetic container adhered to lower part

Characteristic the massage apparatus using magnet of this kind of invention as to the cosmetic container adhered to lower part, has the lid part who enables to detach and attach is combined on the top of receiving part having the accommodation space of the massage apparatus part: material which enables to detach and attach is installed at the lower part of the receiving part top is open the lower part is shut tightly: receiving part as the configuration.. .

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