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Mass Spectrometry patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Mass Spectrometry-related patents
 Sample preparation and nanoelectrospray ionization mass spectrometry patent thumbnailSample preparation and nanoelectrospray ionization mass spectrometry
Method for loading a sample of a target compound into a nanospray emitter tube for analysis by nanospray ionization mass spectrometry, wherein a cartridge having a fluid container, an inlet and an outlet is mounted onto a nanospray emitter tube on a nanospray emitter mount to form a nanospray emitter tube assembly, the assembly is mounted on a micro-centrifuge tube, a volume of the sample to be analyzed is loaded into the fluid container and the micro-centrifuge tube is spun on a centrifuge to transfer the sample into the nanospray emitter tube.. .
New Objective, Inc.

 System and  maldi-tof mass spectrometry patent thumbnailSystem and maldi-tof mass spectrometry
A system and method for matrix assisted laser desorption time-of-flight (maldi-tof) mass spectrometry. A method for maldi-tof mass spectrometry includes initiating a spectral analysis of a sample on a maldi-tof spectrometer.
University Of Houston System

 Compositions and methods for purification and detection of hdl and apoa1 patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for purification and detection of hdl and apoa1
The present invention provides methods, kits, and compositions for purifying hdl molecules from a sample (e.g., blood sample) using hdl tagging molecules comprising an hdl lipophilic core binding peptide (e.g., portion of apoa1) and an affinity tag. The present invention also provides methods, kits, and compositions for detecting non-fragmented apoa1 with mass spectrometry.
Cleveland Heartlab, Inc.

 Rapid discovery and screening of enzyme activity using mass spectrometry patent thumbnailRapid discovery and screening of enzyme activity using mass spectrometry
Described herein are methods, systems, and compositions for detecting enzyme activity. In some embodiments, the reaction product(s) are coupled with a mass tag, and the enzyme activity is determiner by analyzing the reaction product(s).
Sandia Corporation

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
A transistor capable of being driven at high operating frequency is provided. The transistor includes first to third oxide semiconductor layers, a gate insulating layer, a gate electrode layer, and a portion in which the first to third oxide semiconductor layers are sequentially stacked.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Method for ion production patent thumbnailMethod for ion production
A method for producing multiply charged ions is provided. In the method, a laser is used to ablate a sample comprising a matrix and an analyte.
University Of Reading

 Ultrafast transimpedance amplifier interfacing electron multipliers for pulse counting applications patent thumbnailUltrafast transimpedance amplifier interfacing electron multipliers for pulse counting applications
Systems, devices, and methods are provided for an improved mass spectrometry detection system for pulse counting applications. The detector can comprise an electron multiplier and circuitry, such as a transimpedance amplifier, that allows for the gain of the detector to be decreased, which in turn leads to a pulse counting detector with a high dynamic range.
Dh Technologies Development Pt. Ltd.

 Genetic affinity of microorganisms and viruses patent thumbnailGenetic affinity of microorganisms and viruses
Selecting which sub-sequences in a database of nucleic acid such as 16s rrna are highly characteristic of particular groupings of bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, etc. On a substantially phylogenetic tree.

 Analysis of a panel of cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis biomarkers using site specific derivation and lc/ms/ms workflow patent thumbnailAnalysis of a panel of cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis biomarkers using site specific derivation and lc/ms/ms workflow
A method, a labeling reagent, sets of labeling reagents, and labeling techniques are provided for the analysis of ketosterol biomarkers such as bile acid precursors from human plasma, serum or whole blood. This method is used for new born screening for cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis (ctx).
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd

 Selected reaction monitoring assays patent thumbnailSelected reaction monitoring assays
Provided herein are methods for developing selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometry (lc-srm-ms) assays.. .
Integrated Diagnostics, Inc.


Quantitation of tamoxifen and metabolites thereof by mass spectrometry

Provided are methods for determining the amount of tamoxifen and its metabolites in a sample by mass spectrometry. In some aspects, the methods provided herein comprise determining the amount of norendoxifen.
Quest Diagnostics Investments Incorporated


Non-aqueous microchip electrophoresis for characterization of lipid biomarkers

The invention provides devices and methods for the detection of hydrophobic biomarkers using 3d microchip capillary electrophoresis having a non-aqueous solvent system. Hydrophobic biomarkers can be placed in a microcapillary microchannel and electrokinetically injected into a second microcapillary microchannel through a nanocapillary array membrane.
University Of Notre Dame Du Lac


High pressure mass spectrometry systems and methods

Mass spectrometers and methods for measuring information about samples using mass spectrometry are disclosed.. .
908 Devices Inc.


Probe for extraction of molecules of interest from a sample

A device is described for generating ionized molecules for analysis in a mass spectrometer. The device includes: a solid substrate having one or more edges and a coated area that is coated with an extraction phase comprising an extraction polymer.


Probe for extraction of molecules of interest from a sample

The present disclosure describes a device for generating ionized molecules for analysis in a mass spectrometer. The device includes: a mesh substrate coated with an extraction phase, the extraction phase comprising a polymer that absorbs a molecule of interest from a matrix, or a polymer and solid phase microextraction (spme) particles having pores dimensioned to absorb a molecule of interest from a matrix, where the mesh substrate has a sufficiently open structure to allow fluid to flow through the mesh substrate; and a solid substrate connected to the mesh substrate to provide stability to the coated mesh substrate.


Correction of time of flight ms adc data on push by push basis

A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising pulsing ions into a time of flight region and detecting the ions using an ion detector. The signal output from the ion detector is digitised to produce a digitised signal.
Micromass Uk Limited


Ion group irradiation device, secondary ion mass spectrometer, and secondary ion mass spectrometry method

The present invention provides an ion group irradiation device for irradiating a sample with an ion group. An ion group selecting unit is configured to select, from ions released from an ion source, at least two ion groups formed of ions having different average masses.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


High sensitivity electrospray interface

The invention provides a sheath-flow interface for producing electrospray from a capillary. The electrospray generated by the interface can be used as the source of ions for mass spectrometry.
University Of Notre Dame De Lac


Ionization device, mass spectrometry apparatus, mass spectrometry method, and imaging system

A mass spectrometry apparatus includes a holding table that holds a specimen to be ionized, a probe that identifies a portion of the specimen to be ionized, an ion extraction electrode that extracts ions obtained by ionizing the specimen, a liquid supplying unit that supplies liquid to between the specimen and the probe to form a liquid bridge between the specimen and the probe, a vibrating unit that vibrates one of the probe and the holding table, an electric field generating unit that generates an electric field between the probe and the ion extraction electrode, a mass spectrometry unit that mass analyzes ions extracted by the ion extraction electrode, and a synchronization unit configured to synchronize a time at which ions are generated from the portion with a time at which the mass spectrometry unit measures the ions.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Display device

One object is to provide a transistor including an oxide semiconductor film which is used for the pixel portion of a display device and has high reliability. A display device has a first gate electrode; a first gate insulating film over the first gate electrode; an oxide semiconductor film over the first gate insulating film; a source electrode and a drain electrode over the oxide semiconductor film; a second gate insulating film over the source electrode, the drain electrode and the oxide semiconductor film; a second gate electrode over the second gate insulating film; an organic resin film having flatness over the second gate insulating film; a pixel electrode over the organic resin film having flatness, wherein the concentration of hydrogen atoms contained in the oxide semiconductor film and measured by secondary ion mass spectrometry is less than 1×1016 cm−3..
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Methdos for detecting estradiol by mass spectrometry

Provided are methods for determining the amount of estradiol in a sample using mass spectrometry. The methods generally involve ionizing estradiol in a sample and detecting and quantifying the amount of the ion to determine the amount of estradiol in the sample..
Quest Diagnostics Investment Inc.


Methods of analyzing crude oil

The invention generally relates to methods of analyzing crude oil. In certain embodiments, methods of the invention involve obtaining a crude oil sample, and subjecting the crude oil sample to mass spectrometry analysis.
Purdue Research Foundation


Methods of detecting reverse triiodothyronine by mass spectrometry

Provided are methods for determining the amount of reverse t3 in a sample using mass spectrometry. The methods generally involve ionizing reverse t3 in a sample and detecting and quantifying the amount of the ion to determine the amount of reverse t3 in the sample..
Quest Diagnostics Investments, Inc.


Ion trap analyzer and ion trap mass spectrometry analysis method

An ion trap analyzer, an ion trap mass spectrometry analysis method, and an ion fragmentation method are provided. The ion trap analyzer includes an ion trapping space enclosed by multiple electrodes (101, 102, 103, 11, 12, 214), where a high-frequency voltage is applied on at least a part of the electrodes, so as to generate, within the trapping space, a trapping electric field dominated by a quadratic field.
Shimadzu Corporation


Fully automated analytical determination of chloroethers in water and urine sample

A fully automated flow assisted-solid-phase microextraction (fa-spme) is developed for the determination of chloroethers in aqueous samples. A ctc combipal autosampler coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) is used to automate the extraction process.
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology


Tissue sample preparation, and maldi ms imaging thereof

Aspects of the present invention relate to a method for the preparation of samples for maldi ms imaging. Certain embodiments relate to a method of matrix deposition for samples, wherein tissue sections are prepared via a synergistic combination of fixation with matrix.
The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.


Substrates and methods for preparing samples for mass spectrometry

A mass spectrometry substrate for performing adsorption and biological processing includes a porous silica-based material comprising a chemical adsorption material that captures analyte(s) of interest. A biologically active material incorporated into the porous silica-based material performs biological processing on the analyte(s) of interest..
Virgin Instruments Corporation


Ionization of chemicals in mixture at low ph by ambient ionization/mass spectrometry

A mass spectrometry-based method for analyzing an acidic organic target compound includes directing a charged solvent (44) toward a pre-acidified sample (12) comprising the target compound, to thereby ionize the pre-acidified sample (12). The method further includes directing the ionized pre-acidified sample (54) to a mass spectrometer (18), the mass spectrometer (18) being configured to identify and quantify the target compound..


Method of diagnosing galactosemia in neonatal screening

A method of diagnosing galactosemia in blood samples from neonates by determining gal-1-p concentrations before 5-7 days of life is disclosed. The removal of interfering compounds allows a more specific and therefore more accurate determination of gal-ip levels in newborn screening for galactosermia using mass spectrometry.


Vitro assays for detecting salmonella enterica serotype typhi

Provided are assays, kits and compositions for testing subjects, particularly asymptomatic subjects, to ascertain whether or not they are carriers of salmonella enterica serotype typhi. Methods for detecting the presence of salmonella enterica serotype typhi indicating molecules by a variety of methods such as immunoassays and mass spectrometry also are provided..


Microfluidic devices for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and microscopic imaging

This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus for integration of microscopic imaging and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry on a microfluidic device. In one aspect, an apparatus includes a first wafer, a second wafer, and an emitter.


Accurate and interference-free multiplexed quantitative proteomics using mass spectrometry

Embodiments are directed to a method, a computer readable medium encoded with instructions that, when executed, perform a method, and a system for performing mass spectrometry analysis. Molecules of different samples may be labeled with a chemical tag, allowing a multiplexed analysis of multiple samples.


Methods of quantifying n2-(1-carboxyethyl)-2'-deoxy-guanosine (cedg) and synthesis of oligonucleotides containing cedg

Methods of quantifying a n2-carboxyethyl-2′-deoxyguanosine (cedg) levels in biological samples and comparing those levels to known normal levels can diagnose a number of disorders, including diabetes and cancer. Methods can also determine whether therapies for disorders are effective by measuring cedg levels before and after treatment.


Online monitoring of fuel cell reactions by desorption electrospray mass spectrometry

A mass spectrometry-based method of directly online detecting fuel cell reaction products includes passing a reactant sample (16) through a fuel cell (12) to form reaction products that exit the fuel cell (12) in an output stream (26). The method also includes adding a derivatizing reagent (32) to the output stream (28) to form a derivatized output stream (34), wherein the derivatizing reagent (32) reacts with a potential reaction product to thereby form a derivatized reaction product if the potential reaction product is present.


Apparatus and sub-micrometer elemental image analysis by mass spectrometry

A mass spectrometer system for elemental analysis of a planar sample is provided. In some embodiments, the mass spectrometer system comprises: a primary ion source capable of irradiating a segment on planar sample with a beam of primary ions that is less than 1 mm in diameter, c) an orthogonal ion mass-to-charge ratio analyzer positioned downstream of sample interface, the analyzer being configured to separate secondary elemental atomic ions according to their mass-to-charge ratio by time of flight; d) an ion detector for detecting the secondary elemental atomic ions and producing mass spectra measurements; and e) a synchronizer, wherein the system is configured so that so that the beam of primary ions scans across the planar sample in two dimensions and the synchronizer associates the mass spectra measurements with positions on the planar sample..


Laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry using a particulate separation bed

A self-assembled engineered lattice of nanometer-scale silica particles, or other suitable particles generally resembling regularly-sized spheres, is configured in a separation bed for electrophoresis, isoelectric focusing, chromatography, or other voltage-induced separation of analytes. After separation, the analytes are immobilized on the separation bed and then ionized using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (maldi) for use with a mass spectrometer.
Purdue Research Foundation


Ion guide for mass spectrometry

An ion guide is provided having an enclosure extending longitudinally around a central axis from a proximal inlet end to a distal outlet end. The proximal inlet end receives a plurality of ions entrained in a gas flow through an inlet orifice.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Mass spectroscope and mass spectrometry

According to an embodiment, a mass spectroscope has a chamber, a charged particle beam source, a laser beam source, a mass spectrograph, and an optical system. The chamber accommodates a sample.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Parallel mass analysis

A system and method of mass spectrometry is provided. Ions from an ion source are stored in a first ion storage device and in a second ion storage device.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Methods and increased ion throughput in tandem mass spectrometers

In a tandem mass spectrometry system, a first mass analyzer filters parent ions using a wide mass passband with a narrow rejection notch defined according to a modulation format. A wide mass range of parent ions is transmitted to an ion fragmentation device.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Mass spectrometry assay for congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Methods are provided for detecting the amount of one or more cah panel analytes (i.e., pregnenolone, 17-oh pregnenolone, progesterone, 17-oh progesterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (dhea), androstenedione, testosterone, deoxycorticosterone, 11-deoxycortisol, and cortisol) in a sample by mass spectrometry. The methods generally involve ionizing one or more cah panel analytes in a sample and quantifying the generated ions to determine the amount of one or more cah panel analytes in the sample.
Quest Diagnostics Investments Incorporated


Methods for diagnosing pulmonary hypertension

Hypoxia induced mitogenic factor (himf) is a member of the “found in inflammatory zone” (fizz)/resistin family of proteins and has potent mitogenic, angiogenic, and vasoconstrictive effects in the lung vasculature. The receptor/binding partners for this family of proteins have been largely unknown.
The Johns Hopkins University


Mass spectrometry method using matrix additive

Where r represents an alkyl group having 4 to 14 carbon atoms; and irradiating the mixed crystal with laser to detect the sample to be analyzed.. .


Sputter neutral particle mass spectrometry apparatus

A sputter neutral particle mass spectrometry apparatus includes a sample table holding a sample which is a mass spectrometry target, an ion beam irradiation device which irradiates an ion beam on the sample held by the sample table to generate neutral particles in an adjacent region of the sample, a light beam irradiation device which irradiates a light beam on the neutral particles positioned in the adjacent region to obtain photoexcited ions, a draw-out electrode which draws out the photoexcited ions, a mass spectrometer which draws in the drawn out photoexcited ions to perform mass analysis, and an optical element which is provided in a light path after the light beam passes the adjacent region, and changes a traveling direction of the light beam so that the light beam passes the adjacent region again.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Sputter neutral particle mass spectrometry apparatus

A sputter neutral particle mass spectrometry apparatus includes a sample table holding a sample which is a mass spectrometry target, and comprising a temperature control mechanism for the sample, an ion beam irradiation device which irradiates an ion beam on the sample to generate neutral particles, a laser irradiation device which irradiates the neutral particles with a laser to obtain photoexcited ions, a mass spectrometer which draws in the drawn out photoexcited ions and performs mass analysis, a driving system mirror which is provided retractably on a laser light path between the laser irradiation device and the sample table, and reflects the laser when positioned within the laser light path, and, a profiler which is arranged in a reflective direction of the driving system mirror and detects a feature of the laser.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Ambient sampling mass spectrometry and chemometric analysis for screening encapsulated electronic and electrical components for counterfeits

A method and apparatus for identification of a counterfeit electronic component, subjecting a suspected counterfeit electronic to an analytical method of ambient surface analysis to desorb and ionize compounds directly from a suspected counterfeit electronic surface with no pretreatment, detecting the resultant ions, comparing the identified ions to known standards, and returning a confidence that the suspected counterfeit electronic being analyzed is counterfeit.. .
United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Mass spectrometer

An equation expressing a previously and experimentally determined relationship between the number of ions and a cv value is stored in a reference cv value calculation data memory. When mass spectrometry is performed for a target sample under measurement conditions including a loop time tp and a dwell time td, a chromatogram creator creates a chromatogram based on the analysis result and calculates a peak area value a.
Shimadzu Corporation


Mass spectrometer

An object of the present invention is to provide a mass spectrometer having a simple structure and being capable of precisely measuring a total pressure and performing mass spectrometry with high precision. A mass spectrometer according to one embodiment includes a quadrupole configured to selectively pass therethrough an ion of a target gas having a predetermined mass-to-charge ratio among components of a measurement gas ionized by an ion source, an ion detector configured to detect an ion current value based on the ion of the target gas that passes through the quadrupole, a total pressure measurer configured to detect a photoelectric current value based on vacuum ultraviolet light generated when the ion source ionizes the measurement gas, and an arithmetic unit configured to calculate a partial pressure of the target gas by using the photoelectric current value and the ion current value..
Canon Anelva Corporation


Non-thermal plasma jet device as source of spatial ionization for ambient mass spectrometry and application

The present invention relates to a non-thermal plasma jet device as spatial ionization source for ambient mass spectrometry of the type which allows a free adjustment of the geometry of the plasma beam, wherein the device comprises a double dielectric barrier probe of non-thermal plasma or ntp probe, which generates a non-thermal plasma jet; a high voltage and high frequency transformer circuit that connects an outer electrode through which it is possible to perform a discharge for the ionization of a gas which produces plasma, and wherein said plasma generator circuit is in turn connected to a source of ac power; an inner electrode which is grounded and allows to perform the discharge for the production of plasma; a storage tank of a gas serving as discharge gas; a test sample on which the non-thermal plasma jet is applied; and a ion transfer adapter to direct the ions produced by the device from the vacuum-free sample into a mass analyzer. The device described allows to directly analyzing live samples (plants, for example) without causing any damage to them..
Centro De InvestigaciÓn Y De Estudios Avanzados Del Instituto Ploitecnico Nacional


Method and ion mobility spectrometry

Methods and systems for performing mass spectrometry are provided herein. The method includes ionizing one or more compounds to generate ions, passing the ions into an ion mobility spectrometer, providing ozone, reacting the ions with ozone to produce ozone-induced fragment ions, and performing mass analysis and detection of the ozone-induced fragment ions.
University Of Wollongong


Drilling fluid analysis using time-of-flight mass spectrometry

An example method for analyzing drilling fluid used in a drilling operation within a subterranean formation may comprise placing a tof-ms in fluid communication with a drilling fluid. The drilling fluid may be flowing through a fluid conduit coupled to a drilling assembly.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Ion trap-based analyzing and detecting bipolar ion

An ion trap-based device and method for analyzing and detecting bipolar ions is provided. The device includes multiple electrodes of an ion trap; a radio frequency voltage source configured to form a radio frequency electric field; a direct current voltage source configured to form a bias electric field, positive and negative ions in the ion trap being separated by the bias electric field; a first and second detectors, configured to detect the positive and negative ions, respectively.
Beijing Institute Of Technology


Apparatus and methods for microbiological analysis

Methods and systems for identification of microorganisms either after isolation from a culture or directly from a sample. The methods and systems are configured to identify microorganisms based on the characterization of proteins of the microorganisms via high-resolution/mass accuracy single-stage (ms) or multi-stage (msn) mass spectrometry.
Oxoid Limited


Quantification of tau in biological samples by immunoaffinity enrichment and mass spectrometry

The present invention provides a quantitative immunoaffinity lc-ms/ms assay for detection and quantification of tau protein in a biological sample.. .
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.


Systems and methods for acquiring data for mass spectrometry images

Systems and methods are provided for maximizing the data acquired from a sample in a mass spectrometry imaging experiment. An ion source device is instructed to produce and transmit to a tandem mass spectrometer a plurality of ions for each location of two or more locations of a sample.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Active material, electrode, secondary battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, electric power storage system, electric power tool, and electronic apparatus

A secondary battery includes: a cathode; an anode including an active material; and an electrolytic solution, wherein the active material includes a central section and a covering section provided on a surface of the central section, the central section includes silicon (si) as a constituent element, the covering section includes carbon (c) and hydrogen (h) as constituent elements, and one or more of positive ions represented by cxhy (x and y satisfy 2≦x≦6 and 3≦x≦9) are detected by positive ion analysis of the covering section with the use of time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry.. .
Sony Corporation


Mass spectrometric quantitation

Provided is a method of assaying for an analyte, including combining a test sample having the analyte, with a calibration sample having at least two different aliquots of the analyte, each aliquot having a different known quantity of the analyte. The test sample and each aliquot are differentially labeled with one or more isobaric mass labels each with a mass spectrometrically distinct mass marker group, such that the test sample and each aliquot of the calibration sample can be distinguished by mass spectrometry.
Electrophoretics Limited


Conical multi-well filter plate

The present invention relates to a multi-well filter plate able to facilitate, simplify and accelerate preparation and treatment of samples to be analyzed by for example liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (uplc—ms/ms method for simultaneous quantification of analytes).. .
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois


Systems and methods for automated analysis of output in single particle inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and similar data sets

The present disclosure provides methods and systems for automated analysis of spectrometry data corresponding to particles of a sample, such as large data sets obtained during single particle mode analysis of an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (sp-icp-ms). Techniques are presented herein that provide appropriate smoothing for rapid data processing without an accompanying reduction (or with an acceptably negligible reduction) in accuracy and/or precision..
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.


Ion trap mass spectrometer and ion trap mass spectrometry method

There are provided an ion trap mass spectrometer and an ion trap mass spectrometry method which can realize reduction of the number of times that a sample is ionized, and shortening of the measurement time. Ions corresponding to a plurality of peaks p11, p12 and p13 with the intensity or s/n ratio falling within a predetermined range l are detected as ms2 precursor ions based on the ms1 spectrum.
Shimadzu Corporation


Method and system for quantitative and qualitative analysis using mass spectrometry

In some embodiments, a quantitative analysis of at least one ion signal associated with a sample, which is detected by a mass spectrometer having at least two tandem quadrupole instruments, is employed to select one of the following operational modes for further mass analysis of the sample: (a) utilizing both quadrupole instruments as mass resolving filters, and (b) utilizing one quadrupole instrument as a mass resolving filter and utilizing the other as a linear ion trap. In some embodiments, the quantitative analysis of the ion signal comprises comparing the ion signal intensity with a predefined threshold..
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Method for automated, large-scale measurement of the molecular flux rates of the proteome or the organeome using mass spectrometry

Disclosed here is a method for measuring the kinetics (i.e., the molecular flux rates—synthesis and breakdown or removal rates) of a plurality of proteins or organic metabolites in living systems. The methods may be accomplished in a high-throughput, large-scale automated manner, by using existing mass spectrometric profiling techniques and art well known in the fields of static proteomics and static organeomics, without the need for additional biochemical preparative steps or analytic/instrumental devices..
The Regents Of The University Of California


High sensitivity electrospray interface

The invention provides a sheath-flow interface for producing electrospray from a capillary. The electrospray generated by the interface can be used as the source of ions for mass spectrometry.
University Of Notre Dame Du Lac


Analysis of ubiquitnated polypeptides

The disclosure relates to antibody reagents that specifically bind to peptides carrying a ubiquitin remnant from a digested or chemically treated biological sample. The reagents allow the technician to identify ubiquitinated polypeptides as well as the sites of ubiquitination on them.
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.


Methods of preparation and manufacture of biocompatible solid-phase microextraction coatings and coated devices

Fibres with an extraction phase coated thereon in combination with a positioning device are described to perform adsorption of components of interest from an animal or animal tissue for the investigation of living systems. A number of interfaces to analytical instrumentation are disclosed including mass spectrometry, lc/ms, maldi and ce as well as direct spectroscopic on-fibre measurement..


Quadrupole mass spectrometry apparatus

A quadrupole mass spectrometry apparatus including a quadrupole power supply unit, in which the frequency of the high frequency voltage produced by a high frequency power supply is made switchable, and variable capacitors are provided in parallel with the floating capacitance of a quadrupole mass filter. In a high sensitivity mode which prioritizes sensitivity, the frequency of the high frequency voltage is made higher than in a high mass mode which prioritizes width of mass range, and the capacitance values of variable capacitors are increased.
Shimadzu Corporation


Ion guide

An ion guide for mass spectrometry comprising an electrode arrangement of at least two electrodes, at least one of which is an rf electrode, arranged adjacent to each other but spaced apart on a planar surface of a dielectric material and arranged at a distance from an ion flow path, wherein a portion of the dielectric surface is exposed between an adjacent pair of the spaced apart electrodes and wherein at least one electrode of said adjacent pair of electrodes is arranged to overhang the exposed portion of surface between them such that there is no direct line of sight from the ion flow path to the exposed portion of dielectric surface. The device enables rf guiding of ions accompanied by much reduced charging-up of dielectric surfaces and reduced amount of collisions of neutral species with electrodes..
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Mass spectrometer

Every time a target sample is injected from an injector (12) of an lc unit (1) and a mass spectrometry for a target component in the sample is performed, a cd voltage applied to a conversion dynode of an ion detector (29) is switched. For each of the multiple cd-voltage levels, a data collector (32) collects noise data during a period of time where no component is present and intensity data of an ion originating from the target component, while the sn ratio calculator (33) calculates an sn ratio.
Shimadzu Corporation


Mass spectrometer and mass spectrometry method

There are provided a mass spectrometer and a mass spectrometry method which can realize shortening of the measurement time and reduction of the consumption of a sample. Ions, in which the intensity distribution forms a peak waveform at both of each retention time and each mass-to-charge ratio (peaks p11, p21, p22 and p32) are detected as ms/ms precursor ions based on three-dimensional information of a retention time, a mass-to-charge ratio and an intensity.
Shimadzu Corporation


Setting ion detector gain using ion area

A control system and method of determining a signal to noise (s/n) ratio of an ion detector system, including an ion detector, electron multiplier or photomultiplier, operates by determining an area of a noise peak, determining an area of a signal peak and determining a ratio of the area of the signal peak to the area of the noise peak. Based thereon, the signal to noise ratio can be optimised.
Micromass Uk Limited


Diagnostic assay for alzheimer's disease

The present invention relates to the field of alzheimer's disease (ad). More specifically, the present invention provides methods and compositions useful in diagnosing and assessing ad.
The Johns Hopkins University


Sensitive measuring cis-diol containing compounds in plasma using 2d-lc-ms/ms

The present invention provides methods for determining the amount of cis-diol containing compounds in a biological samples using mass spectrometry, particularly catecholamines (dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine) in a plasma sample. After a sample is mixed with an internal standard, extracted with a two-step liquid-liquid extraction process utilizing phenylboronic acid chemistry, and then derivatized with a benzoyl chloride-like agent, relevant moieties are then separated chromatographically and detected by ms/ms whereby specific ion transitions are monitored.
National Medical Services, Inc.


Detection method and facility for checking sealed products for leaks

The invention concerns a detection method for checking sealed product packages for leaks, characterised in that it comprises the following steps: at least one previously sealed product (2) is placed in an air, nitrogen, or oxygen atmosphere, in a chamber (3) (step 101), the pressure in the chamber (3) is lowered to a secondary vacuum pressure below 10−1 mbar and, while continuing the secondary vacuum pumping of the chamber (3), the gases contained in the chamber are ionised to monitor the change in the chamber (3) of the concentration of at least one gaseous species of the gas volume contained within the sealed product (2) chosen from among nitrogen, oxygen, or argon, by analysis by optical emission or mass spectrometry (step 102).. .
Adixen Vacuum Products


Techniques for performing mass spectrometry

Techniques are described for performing mass spectrometry. A quadrupole, or more generally, an electrode-based device, performs mass filtering for selectively filtering ions.
Waters Technologies Corporation


Method and system for the quantitative chemical speciation of heavy metals and other toxic pollutants

This invention relates to systems and methods for measuring quantitatively multiple species or heavy metals, including mercury, and other toxic pollutants. More specifically, the systems and methods of the invention allows for determination of the analytes even at very low concentration, through concentration on a collection interface, desorption and analysis by mass spectrometry.


Method for detecting at least one mechanism of resistance to glycopeptides by mass spectrometry

The present invention relates to a method of detection, for at least one microorganism contained in a sample, of at least one marker of resistance to a glycopeptide, including the detection, by mass spectrometry, of at least one peptide or protein of said microorganism. Preferably, the glycopeptide is vancomycin.


Sample collection in compact mass spectrometry systems

mass spectrometry systems include a core featuring an ion source, an ion trap, and an ion detector connected along a gas path, a pressure regulation subsystem connected to the gas path and configured to regulate a gas pressure in the gas path, a sample pre-concentrator connected to the gas path, where the sample pre-concentrator includes an adsorbent material, and a controller connected to the sample pre-concentrator, where during operation of the system, the controller is configured to heat sample particles adsorbed on the adsorbent material to desorb the particles from the adsorbent material and introduce the desorbed particles into the gas path, and a pressure difference between a gas pressure in the sample pre-concentrator and a gas pressure in at least one of the ion source, the ion trap, and the ion detector when the desorbed particles are introduced into the gas path is 50 mtorr or less.. .
908 Devices Inc.


Automated microextraction technique for the analysis of n-nitrosoamines in water

An automated headspace solid-phase microextraction coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the determination of four n-nitrosoamines in groundwater samples is developed. Response surface methodology technique was employed to investigate the optimized extraction conditions of headspace solid-phase microextraction using combipal autosampler.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


Tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometry with non-uniform sampling

A method and apparatus are disclosed for parallel all-mass tandem mass spectrometry employing multi-reflecting time-of-flight analyzer for both ms stages, preferably arranged within the same analyzer to secure ultra-high resolution. Sensitivity and speed of tof-tof tandem are enhanced by non-redundant multiplexing based on signal sparseness and on avoiding repetitive signal overlaps at multiple repetitions of true fragment signals.
Leco Corporation


Method and analyzing biomolecules using raman spectroscopy

The present invention provides an apparatus having a sample separation unit, a raman spectroscopy unit, and a mass spectrometry unit. The present invention further provides a method for specifying a biomolecule and a method for identifying the binding site of the biomolecule and the low-molecular-weight compound, comprising a combination of raman spectroscopy and mass spectrometry.
Japan Science And Technology Agency


Method for detecting susceptibility of microorganisms to chemical agents

A method for detecting susceptibility of microorganisms to chemical agents or antibiotics through a combination of exposing the microorganisms to the chemical agents or antibiotics after having exposed the microorganisms to a stress response-inducing stimulus and subsequently analyzing the response of the microorganisms by mass spectrometry.. .
Idmic Sa


Pulse-burst assisted electrospray ionization mass spectrometer

The present invention relates to a mass spectrometer system, which combines laser desorption with pulse bursts comprising a train of ultrashort pulses and electrospray ionization. The pulse separation between individual pulses within the pulse burst is selected such that transient phenomena on an irradiated sample do not fully relax between individual pulses.
Imra America, Inc.


Method to generate data acquisition mass spectrometry

A process for automatically creating a measurement method suitable for plasma ion source mass spectrometry, including: semi-quantitatively measuring all elements in the sample that affect the measurement; determining a plasma condition based on the total concentration of the semi-quantitatively measured elements; for each of the semi-quantitatively measured elements, estimating signal strengths of the element and an interference component in the sample to be measured and based on the resultant estimates, estimating the concentration of the element; and, based on the estimated signal strengths of the elements and the interference components and the estimated concentrations of the elements, creating at least one mass spectrometry method including at least one of: (1) a plasma condition; (2) an internal standard to be added to the sample; (3) a tuning condition for the collision/reaction cell; (4) a mass-to-charge ratio used in the mass spectrometer; and (5) an integration time used in the mass spectrometer.. .
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Mass spectrometer

Provided is a mass spectrometer capable of easy exchange of a measurement sample and suppressing a carryover. The mass spectrometer includes a mass spectrometry section, an ion source the internal pressure of which is reduced by a differential pumping from the mass spectrometry section and the ion source ionizes the sample gas, a sample container in which the sample gas is generated by vaporizing the measurement sample, a thin pipe that introduces the sample gas generated in the sample container into the ion source, an elastic tube of openable and closable that connects the sample container and the thin pipe, a pair of weirs that closes or opens the elastic tube so as to sandwich the elastic tube, and a cartridge that integrates the sample container, the thin pipe, and the elastic tube, and is detachable in a lump from a main body of the mass spectrometer..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Mass spectrometry data display device and mass spectrometry data display program

A mass spectrometry data display device in which the mass axis (m/z axis) is made into a ring shape and the intensity axis is the radial direction thereof, and peak information (in the drawing, the compound name and structural formula candidates) are arranged in a ring shape in correspondence with the peaks along the outer circumference of the mass spectrum and displayed together therewith on a screen.. .
Shimadzu Corporation


High voltage power supply filter

Systems, devices, circuits, and methods are provided for an improved mass spectrometry detection system that comprises at least one component that operates at a high voltage. A number of high voltage filters or circuits are provided for reducing noise from high voltage power supplies that produce positive and negative voltages.
Dh Technologies Development Pet. Ltd.


Method for mass spectrometer with enhanced sensitivity to product ions

A mass spectrometry method comprises: introducing a first portion of a sample of ions including precursor ions comprising a first precursor-ion mass-to-charge (m/z) ratio into a first mass analyzer; transmitting the precursor ions from the first mass analyzer to a reaction or fragmentation cell such that a first population of product ions are continuously accumulated therein over a first accumulation time duration; initiating release of the accumulated first population of product ions from the reaction or fragmentation cell; continuously transmitting the released first population of product ions from the reaction cell to a second mass analyzer; transmitting a portion of the released first population of product ions comprising a first product-ion m/z ratio from the second mass analyzer to a detector; and detecting a varying quantity of the product ions having the first product-ion m/z ratio for a predetermined data-acquisition time period after the initiation of the release.. .
Thermo Finnigan Llc


Methods and performing mass spectrometry

The present disclosure relates, in part, to ms apparatus, methods, and/or software, having improved selectivity, sensitivity, specificity, resolution, mass accuracy and dynamic range over conventional ms technologies. In particular, the technology relates to apparatus, methods, and/or software wherein a combination of in-source fragmentation, ion mobility separation, and/or time-aligned parallel (tap) sample ion fragmentations are utilized in mass spectrometry for the analysis of samples..
Waters Technologies Corporation


Trapping reagents for reactive metabolites screening

The present invention provides compounds of formula (i) and (ii): (i) (ii) wherein r1, r2, r4, r5, r6, x and n are as defined herein, and wherein r3 is hydrogen or a sulfur protecting group. Compounds of formula (i) and (ii), wherein r is hydrogen, may be useful in methods for detecting a reactive metabolite in a sample, e.g., wherein the metabolite is generated from the metabolism of a test compound, and wherein the metabolite and the compound of formula (i) or (ii) react to form a detectable adduct, e.g., detectable by mass spectrometry..
Biogen Idec Ma Inc.


Srm methods in alzheimer's disease and neurological disease assays

Provided herein are methods for developing selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometry (lc-srm-ms) assays.. .
Integrated Diagnostics, Inc.


Universal antigen retrieval compounds and methods of use

Provided herein are methods, compounds, mixtures and formulations of antigen retrieval agent useful in retrieving antigens and improving the detection of amino acids, peptides and proteins or epitopes thereon in a tissue fixed with aldehyde-based cross-linking agents. Contacting the fixed tissue with a solution of the aldehyde scavenging agent causes reactivity with the aldehyde moieties to retrieve antigens and improve detection of the amino acids, peptides and proteins or epitopes.
University Of Houston System


Multiplexed analyses of test samples

The present disclosure describes methods, devices, reagents, and kits for the detection of one or more target molecules that may be present in a test sample. In one embodiment, a test sample is contacted with an aptamer that includes a tag and has a specific affinity for a target molecule.
Somalogic, Inc.

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