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Radar device and a method for detecting a malfunction of a receiver channel of a radar device
A radar device for transmitting and receiving a signal in a frequency band for target detection. The invention includes a control means, an oscillator, with an input of the oscillator being connected via a converter to the control means, with it being able to address the oscillator via control means in...

Semiconductor device
To reduce power consumption of a circuit (TEDC) which detects timing errors in a main flip-flop by determining whether or not output data signals of the main flip-flop and a shadow flip-flop correspond. The TEDC includes a power gating circuit (PGC) which performs power gating of the shadow FF and a...

Restarting device of internal combustion engine
An automobile control device includes a function that can control drive torque of a starting device to an arbitrary value, and a positive rotation detecting unit having at least one of a function to detect whether an engine rotates positively and a function to detect whether the engine does not rotate...

Vehicle diagnostic system, vehicle diagnostic method, and external diagnostic device
In a vehicle diagnostic system and a vehicle diagnostic method, malfunction codes recorded in each ECU in a vehicle include idle stop malfunction codes that disallow idle stop, and a non-idle stop malfunction code that does not disallow idle stop. The idle stop malfunction codes include: a first idle stop malfunction...

Receiving malfunctioning mobile phone and a dispensing functioning cellular telephone console
The present invention relates to a user-friendly and a user-interactive cellular mobile phone console, allowing a user to interactively replace a malfunctioning cellular mobile phone with a functioning mobile phone....

Coupling device for circuit breaker
Disclosed is a coupling device for a circuit breaker. A third coupler formed as a curved surface is provided between a first coupler coupled to an outer handle assembly, and a second coupler coupled to an inner handle. Under such configuration, even if the inner handle and the outer handle assembly...

Power steering system
A power steering system includes an EPS and a HPS. At normal times, an assist force required by a steering system is computed based on a steering torque and a vehicle speed, and the required assist force is generated by the EPS and the HPS. The torsional stiffness of a torsion...

Vehicle diagnostic system, vehicle diagnostic method, and external diagnostic device
Provided are a vehicle diagnostic system, a vehicle diagnostic method, and an external diagnostic device that are capable of readily or promptly confirming or diagnosing whether or not a malfunction related to non-execution of idle stop in a vehicle having an idle stop control system has occurred. The external diagnostic device...

Repairable organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of repairing the same
An organic light-emitting display apparatus includes a plurality of lines disposed to include crossing points where lines insulated from one another by an insulation layer cross. If a defect occurs at one of the crossing points, the lines may be shorted together and the apparatus malfunctions. A method of identifying a...

Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
A semiconductor device using an SOI (Silicon On Insulator) substrate, capable of preventing malfunction of MISFETs (Metal Insulator Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) and thus improving the reliability of the semiconductor device. Moreover, the parasitic resistance of the MISFETs is reduced, and the performance of the semiconductor device is improved. An epitaxial...

Electronic device and method for testing button function
An electronic device includes a storage unit, a pressing apparatus, a processing unit, and a button unit having a number of buttons. Identification (ID) information of each of the buttons and a predetermined signal corresponding to each of the buttons are stored in the storage unit. When a control signal is...

Liquid crystal display
An LCD includes a liquid crystal panel having a TFT substrate, a CF substrate, and a liquid crystal layer interposed between the two substrates; a TFT ambient light photosensor having a semiconductor layer for detecting external light; a photodetector unit having a capacitor in which a predetermined reference voltage is charged...

Micro-electro-mechanical-system resonant sensor and method of controlling the same
A micro-electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) resonant sensor includes: a MEMS unit that generates an output signal corresponding to a vibration component of a mass body vibratable between a first driving electrode and a second driving electrode; an automatic gain control (AGC) unit that automatically generates a comparative voltage by controlling a gain of...

Functional test for gas sensors
A gas sensor which works according to the principle of thermal conductivity is functionally tested. In the method, a calibration cycle is conducted in which a membrane of the gas sensor is immersed in a fluid calibration medium having a known concentration of a target gas. After the calibration cycle, a...

Securely obtaining memory content after device malfunction
One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for securely obtaining memory content after a device malfunction. For example, applications, components, and/or an operating system of a device may maintain information within volatile memory in a secure manner (e.g., using encryption). When the device malfunctions, such information may be useful for...

Electric circuit evaluation method
The electric circuit evaluation method according to the present invention is characterized in that a designated electric circuit is placed inside a shield structure, a noise signal for a malfunction test is inputted to the designated electric circuit, a short-circuit is established between a ground of the shield structure and a...

Electric circuit evaluation method and electric circuit
A noise signal for a malfunction test is inputted to a ground terminal, and a frequency property of the magnitude of the power at which a designated electric circuit causes a malfunction is found. A detection reference ground of a detection part for detecting malfunctions of the designated electric circuit is...

Electric circuit evaluation method
The electric circuit evaluation method according to the present invention comprises: a step for finding a malfunction power frequency property, in which the magnitude of a critical noise signal at which a designated electric circuit causes a malfunction is represented by the power injected into the designated electric circuit; and a...

Method for diagnosing the malfunctioning of a device for adding an additive into a fuel for a vehicle, and system for implementing said method
The invention relates to a method for diagnosing the malfunctioning of a device for adding an additive into a fuel for a vehicle comprising an internal combustion engine, said method including: a step of analyzing the fuel in order to determine a variation in the amount of additive in the fuel;...

Cyclone dust collector and vacuum cleaner having the same
A cyclone dust collector includes a cyclone chamber to centrifugally separate dust by creating rotating airflow, and a ring-shaped indicator provided to the cyclone chamber to rotate due to the rotating airflow in the cyclone chamber. The indicator visualizes the rotating airflow by rotating when the rotating airflow is created. The...

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