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Malfunction patents

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Digital closed loop proportional hydraulic pressure controller
A digitally controlled current to pressure converter (CPC) and method of controlling same is provided. The method of controlling includes the step of periodically imparting symmetrically-opposed movement of a control valve of the CPC to loosen and flush accumulated silt therefrom. More particularly, the method may include the step of periodically...

Prognostics-based estimator
Described herein are methods and devices for determining estimate information related to at least one potential vehicle fix for a vehicle based on vehicle information and content of a vehicle repair database. According to an example method, a computing device can receive vehicle information that includes a vehicle identifier and vehicle-usage...

Method and apparatus for determining information indicative of cardiac malfunctions and abnormalities
An apparatus for determining information indicative of cardiac malfunctions and abnormalities includes a processing device () configured to detect amplitude variation from a signal indicative of cardiovascular motion, where the amplitude variation element variation of the amplitude of a wave pattern, e.g. the AO-peak, repeating on the heart-beat rate on the...

Cooling fan system and communication equipment
A cooling fan system includes at least one fan unit including a cooling fan and a controller for controlling the cooling fan, a management unit including a fan control section that controls the controller of the fan unit, and a circuit directly connecting the management unit to the cooling fan so...

Power device for preventing malfunction
The protecting relay may include: an input conversion unit configured to receive the analog signal and sample the analog signal according to a pre-set sampling period; a multiplexer configured to selectively output any one of a plurality of signals output from the input conversion unit; a programmable gain amplifier (PGA) configured...

Electronic circuit, display device, electronic device, and method for driving electronic circuit
To control the state of an input signal and output signal of a sequential circuit in order to prevent a malfunction of an electronic circuit. An electronic circuit includes a sequential circuit and a control circuit. A first signal, a second signal, and a third signal are input to the sequential...

Semiconductor device
In a semiconductor device connected to a mutual-inductive load, a voltage dividing diode is provided in series to an ST-MOS circuit so that an anode thereof is connected to a GND terminal and a cathode thereof is connected to the back gate of each of lateral nMOSFETs forming the ST-MOS circuit....

Current control circuit
Consistent with an example embodiment, there is a current control circuit for controlling current flow between a first terminal and second terminal. The current control circuit comprises a current-sensing power MOSFET (metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor). Current control is useful for limiting current flow during linear mode operations such as “hotswap”,...

Electromechanically controlled decoupling device for actuators
An aircraft includes an electromechanical actuator and a decoupling device. A form-fit between a drive element and a linkage point outside of the actuator element can be reversibly decoupled and recoupled. The decoupling device allows the actuator element to run freely in the event of a malfunction, which effectively prevents a...

Server rack cooling system
A server rack includes a plurality of servers received therein. The server rack includes a delivery mechanism, a plurality of main fan groups and a backup fan group for cooling the servers. Each main fan group and the backup fan group both include one or more cooling fans. The delivery mechanism...

Overflow warning device dye clip
The present invention relates to a device for housing a dye tablet that is capable of acting as a visual warning device to liquid overflow in liquid containers, particularly toilet cisterns. The device may be affixed to the overflow pipe by means of a clip attachment or through integration with the...

System and method of interlocking to protect software-mediated program and device behaviours
Methods and devices for thwarting code and control flow based attacks on software. The source code of a subject piece of software is automatically divided into basic blocks of logic. Selected basic blocks are amended so that their outputs are extended. Similarly, other basic blocks are amended such that their inputs...

Flight control system for unmanned aerial vehicle
A flight control system controls flight of an unmanned aerial vehicle by control signals of the unmanned aerial vehicle itself and from a ground facility. The unmanned aerial vehicle and the ground facility are each provided with at least one flight control unit (FCU) capable of controlling driving of an airframe...

Intravenous infusion monitoring apparatus, system and method
An intravenous infusion system that shows infusion flow rate, volume of medication infused, and alarming during malfunction. User intervention to adjust flow rates deviation is possible, using the data already stored in the system prior to the onset of making the adjustment. The system detects flow rate by measuring temperature dynamics...

Machine tool with touch control work lamp and using method thereof
A machine tool with a touch control work lamp includes a machine and a touch control work lamp. The touch control work lamp includes an electrically insulating lamp base disposed on the machine, a connecting member mounted onto the base and extending outwardly from the base, a casing engaged to the...

Wind turbine transformer arrangement
An improved transformer arrangement of a wind turbine is provided. A wind turbine transformer arrangement comprises a transformer that is arranged in the wind turbine. The transformer comprises a housing. The transformer housing is filled with an oil. The transformer arrangement comprises at least one decompression chamber and the interior of...

Electrophoretic display film for anti-counterfeit application
The present invention is directed to an electrophoretic display film which can be controlled to malfunction permanently within a period of time. It provides an elegant method to utilize an electrophoretic film for anti-counterfeit purposes. The concept involves the removal of strong barrier layer(s) from the film to allow the solvent...

Liquid crystal display apparatus and television receiver
A housing of a backlight unit is reinforced by a reinforcement frame installed so as to communicate an upper edge and a lower edge of the back face, and a window hole is formed at an upper edge of the housing at the vicinity of the reinforcement frame. An LED substrate...

Diagnostics for systems including variable frequency motor drives
One embodiment is a diagnostic method for a system including setting a first diagnostic code based upon a condition of a DC bus of a variable frequency drive during a first drive state, setting at least one additional diagnostic code based upon a condition of at least one motor phase current...

Method and device for monitoring the malfunction of apu turbine vane fracture and rotor shaft jam
The present invention relates to a method and device for monitoring APU turbine vane fracture and rotor shaft jam. The method for monitoring APU turbine vane fracture and rotor shaft jam comprises: acquiring APU messages at multiple time points within a period; obtaining the operation parameters of the APU according to...

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