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Malfunction detecting device for solar cell panel
A malfunction detecting device for a solar cell panel includes an AC source that is provided on one of positive and negative sides of a solar cell panel body and can apply AC voltage superimposed on DC voltage to the solar cell panel, a measuring means provided on another of the...

Motor with circuits for protecting motor from input power outages or surges
A DC motor is provided. The DC motor prevents rush or overload of current in the DC motor during and/or after power input irregularities to the DC motor. A control circuit of the DC motor is configured to control current provided to the DC motor. When power irregularities in the power...

Rotary die cutter insert
The provision of a hardened elevated surface within the a inside die cutting area of a cutting rule to limit and control the extent to which die cut scrap processed corrugated fiberboard sheet material can position itself within the area within the cutting rule before ejection limit the tendency for instability...

Parking brake system with electric control
A system including a calculator and a control housing including switches having a single stable position in an opened position and with a manual control member for the switches. The control member is of monostable type with automatic return into a rest position in which all switches are open. The housing...

Method for diagnosis of incorrectly set energy supply parameters of a field device power supply module
A method for the diagnosis of incorrect settings of energy supply parameters of a field device power supply module, which is connected to exclusively one field device and by which the one connected field device is supplied with electrical energy. In the method, the system comprising field device power supply module...

Electrode assembly and lithium rechargeable battery using the same
An electrode assembly comprising an electrode tab or an electrode plate substrate which has an identification mark formed thereon and a lithium rechargeable battery using the same are disclosed. This identification mark makes it possible to easily check the record of the manufacturing processes of the battery, including production equipment, production...

Nuclear power plant, fuel pool water cooling facility and method thereof
The nuclear power plant includes a reactor pressure vessel that encompasses a reactor containing nuclear fuel; a containment vessel for housing the reactor pressure vessel ; a fuel pool for storing spent fuel ; a reactor building that houses the reactor pressure vessel , the containment...

Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device that can suppress variation of GND potential of a control board and prevent malfunction of IC without restricting a mounting direction of the IC of the control board is provided. In a power module as a semiconductor device in which an insulating board having a power...

Voltage controlled switching element gate drive circuit
A voltage controlled switching element gate drive circuit makes it possible to suppress an occurrence of a malfunction, while suppressing surge voltage, surge current, and switching noise, when switching in a voltage controlled switching element. A gate drive circuit that supplies a gate voltage to the gate of a voltage controlled...

Control system of aircraft, method for controlling aircraft, and aircraft
Stable flight can be achieved without the need for a complicated throttle operation by a pilot even when part or all of control surfaces malfunction. A computation means () calculates a thrust control signal for controlling engine thrust and a deflection angle control signal for controlling control surfaces based on state...

Clutch system and method for operating a clutch system
A clutch system for closing and interrupting a force flow includes a clutch actuator that can have a pressure medium applied thereto, a first electrically actuatable valve device and a second electrically actuatable valve device. Pressure medium can be fed into a switching chamber of the clutch actuator by the first...

Method and device for detecting the dysfunction of a gas pressure sensor in a vehicle tire
A method () for detecting the malfunctioning of a sensor () of the pressure of a gas inside a tire of a vehicle includes at least a step () of determining whether a predefined gas temperature variation detection criterion is verified. If a temperature variation is detected, the method () includes...

Control method for vehicle drive source of hybrid vehicle when a transmission malfunctions
A system and method for controlling a power source when a transmission malfunctions in a hybrid vehicle is disclosed. In particular, a control unit confirms a speed of a transmission output is 0 rpms, detects whether the transmission is in park or neutral, and limits a speed of an engine and...

Mems display pixel control circuits and methods
This disclosure provides novel latching circuits, and pixel circuits and display devices that include such latching circuits. The latches herein include a switch positioned on an inverter coupling interconnect which couples two cross-coupled inverters of the latch. The switch is configured to control a passage of a current between the first...

Vehicle brake device and vehicle brake device control method
In a BBW type vehicle brake device, first and second fluid paths that are connected to each other are both connected to a slave cylinder with a simple structure equipped with a single fluid pressure chamber, thereby enabling wheel cylinders having two lines to be operated and eliminating the need for...

Heat shield on a compact fluorescent lamp
The inventive concept is directed to a heat shield on a Compact Fluorescent Lamp CFL. When a CFL is installed in an upside down position, that is, the screw-in section is up and the lighted section is down, the heat created by the lighted section rises and impacts on the ballast...

Solar system for generating electric power
A solar power generation system for providing operating power for a desired application, the system includes one or more solar-array modules, wherein each of the one or more solar-array modules includes a multiplicity of solar cells and a high efficiency DC to DC power converter. The multiplicity of solar cells is...

Sludge dehydrating apparatus
A sludge dehydrating apparatus () according to the present invention is configured such that power is provided at opposite sides of a rotating rod () of movable disks () so that even if the apparatus is comparatively large or is operated at low speed, the rotating rod of the movable disks...

Diagnostic apparatus for fuel-property reforming system
In a reforming driving mode, while the EGR valve is opened to recirculate a part of exhaust gas into the intake pipe, a reforming-fuel injector injects a reforming-fuel into an exhaust gas flowing through an EGR pipe. The injected reforming-fuel is vaporized and flows into the fuel-reforming catalyst. The fuel-reforming catalyst...

Monitoring device for container processing systems
An apparatus for handling containers with a plurality of handling units for handling the containers, which handling units contain at least one filling device for filling the containers with a flowable medium, a closure device disposed downstream in a transport direction of the containers for closing the filled containers with closures,...

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