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Method and system for determining an airspeed of an aircraft
A method and system for determining an airspeed of an aircraft, known as assisted aircraft, comprises: a) determining a position; b) measuring a ground speed; c) receiving a plurality of messages from a plurality of other assisting, aircraft, each message containing a first item of information, indicating a position of an...

Sensing a status of an infuser based on sensing motor control and power input
A status of a battery operated infuser may be detected by measuring a controlled input parameter. The measurement may be used to determine a magnitude of the input parameter and a parameter of the control. For example, control of power input to a motor may be by pulse density modulation. An...

System and method for monitoring power facility status by mesauring online electric circuit parameter
The present invention relates to a system and a method for monitoring a power facility by measuring from online a line parameter of the power facility that is in operation, and the system for monitoring the power facility, according to the present invention, sets a measurement time and selects a facility...

Package on package device and method of manufacturing the same
Provided is a package on package (PoP) device and a method of manufacturing the same. In the PoP device, a thermal interface material layer is interposed between a lower semiconductor chip and an upper package substrate, and a heat sink is disposed on an upper semiconductor package substrate. This maximizes heat...

Rotary table device
The inside of a case of a rotary table device is divided into a first space and a second space. The pressure of the first space is regulated to a pressure higher than the pressure of the second space during a steady state. The relationship between the pressures is reversed at...

Injector control method
Disclosed is a control method for restoring temporary malfunction of an injector for adding urea water into exhaust gas due to adhesion of urea crystals. A passage is laid out such that the passage (suction line ) for feed of the urea water runs downward from above of...

System and method for heart pump interrogation and inspection
The present invention relates to systems and methods for in situ inspection, interrogation, and maintenance of heart pump function in subjects with an implanted heart pump. In certain embodiments, the system comprises a catheter assembly deliverable to the inflow port and outflow port of the implanted heart pump. The system comprises...

Semiconductor device
An object is to prevent malfunction of a power device. In a semiconductor device for driving a power device for power supply, a buffer circuit and a level-shift circuit are configured by transistors having the same conductivity type. Furthermore, a capacitor is provided in the level-shift circuit, and a signal to...

Detection of bending effects in the case of electric drives
A method and a corresponding system for detecting a malfunction in an electric drive unit. The method comprises the following steps: ascertain (S) a current flow characteristic () of an electric drive unit; detect (S) a gradient change in the current flow characteristic () at a first point in time (t=n);...

Engine control method of construction machine
An engine control system for a construction machine is disclosed, which can compulsorily stop engine driving when an attachment or the like malfunctions against an operator's intention during the operation of an excavator or the like. The engine control system includes a first step of determining whether pilot signal pressure, which...

Electrically operated shaver with replaceable cutting device
The invention relates to an electrically operated shaver with at least one upper blade attachable to a shear head frame by means of a removable frame, on the underside of which lies a linearly oscillating lower blade. The lower blade is connected via a clutch engagement with an oscillating bridge mounted...

Methods and apparatus for powering up an integrated circuit
A power supply () supplies electrical power to a first portion () of an integrated circuit () (e.g., a portion designed to operate in a relatively wide temperature range). The first portion () of the integrated circuit () includes an on-die temperature sensor (). If the first portion () is above...

Detecting system for hard disk drive
A detecting circuit for a hard disk drive includes a controller, a first connector, a second connector connected to the first connector, a processor, a feedback circuit, and an indicator circuit. The controller outputs a control signal to the indicator circuit upon receiving feedback data from the feedback circuit, to control...

Diagnosis device for temperature sensor
A diagnosis device for a temperature sensor provided to a power transmission device transmits driving force generated by a driving power source of a vehicle. The diagnosis device includes: an output voltage estimating unit to calculate an output voltage estimation value of the temperature sensor, based on the operating state of...

Method and apparatus for controlling dormant mode in wireless communication system
A method for avoiding interference in an idle mode and a method for receiving a public warning system message regardless of an operation mode when different wireless communication modules coexist in a terminal in a wireless communication system are provided. The method for controlling an idle mode of a terminal in...

Macro-image oled lighting system
Techniques to fabricate and assemble a lighting system including multiple patterned OLED lighting panels to form a high-resolution macro image are provided. An image to be displayed is determined and divided into multiple portions. Patterned static OLED lighting panels that display each portion of the image are fabricated and assembled into...

Drive device for opening/closing body
An opening/closing-body drive device is achieved, in which a malfunction, caused by the electrical contacts of the relay switch freezing, can be reliably prevented from occurring. The control unit includes a freeze determiner which determines that the relay switch(es) is frozen when an opening/closing-body drive motor a does not...

Display device and electrical apparatus
A display device is provided which is capable of preventing a malfunction and carrying out a common reverse drive without increasing electric power consumption. The display driver (a) supplies a voltage of a common electrode, whose a polarity is determined in accordance with (i) an oscillation circuit output signal (OCOUT) which...

Radar device and a method for detecting a malfunction of a receiver channel of a radar device
A radar device for transmitting and receiving a signal in a frequency band for target detection. The invention includes a control means, an oscillator, with an input of the oscillator being connected via a converter to the control means, with it being able to address the oscillator via control means in...

Semiconductor device
To reduce power consumption of a circuit (TEDC) which detects timing errors in a main flip-flop by determining whether or not output data signals of the main flip-flop and a shadow flip-flop correspond. The TEDC includes a power gating circuit (PGC) which performs power gating of the shadow FF and a...

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