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Method for examining water heater safety
A method for examining water heater safety includes the steps of: setting a desired temperature and sensing a cold water temperature and a flow rate of water to calculate a theoretical gas consumption, and then supplying a combustor the theoretical gas consumption to heat water; sensing a hot water temperature, and...

Method and system to diagnose exhaust gas sensor deterioration
In a method and system to diagnose exhaust gas sensor deterioration, an automobile includes an exhaust gas system. The exhaust gas system has a fuel delivery system, an engine, a catalytic converter, an exhaust gas sensor, a processor, and/or a memory. The fuel delivery system supplies fuel which is combined with...

Periodic data replication
Systems and methods for replicating data from a production server to a backup server include recording at least one operation on one or more data items stored in a volume of a production server. The operation may be recorded as at least one journal event in a memory. A determination may...

Centralized, time-shared vapor sterilization system
A system for conveying a sterilant vapor to a plurality of processing lines having articles moving therealong. The system includes a central source of a sterilant vapor. A conveying device is provided for conveying a sterilant vapor from the central source to a plurality of processing lines. A plurality of sensing...

Pilot circuitry for controlling the emergency feathering of a wind turbine
A pilot circuitry is disclosed for controlling the activation of an emergency feathering system of a wind turbine by means of a pilot pressure, wherein the pilot circuitry comprises at least two parallel control circuits for providing a pilot pressure. Additionally, a selector may provided for selectively preventing a control circuit...

Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
An image forming apparatus includes an image forming unit which forms an image, a power supply which converts input alternating current (AC) power and outputs direct current (DC) power having a predetermined level to operate the image forming unit; a mechanical power switch through which the AC power is supplied and/or...

Method and device for fire detection in enclosed environments
A method for fire detection in enclosed environments () subject to explosion protection regulations out of which an air-dust mixture is filtered while the concentration of dust of the air-dust mixture is lowered to under the explosion limit by a filter () and the aspirated air-dust mixture is checked for burning...

Exhaust gas post processing method
Accordingly, malfunction of the rapid-heat-up logic process is prevented before hand to realize the rapid-heat-up logic process securely, and the malfunction by the error signal is informed to the driver such that the on board diagnosis function is improved. An exhaust gas post processing method may include determining whether a driving condition...

Airbag device for the body
When an absolute value of an angular velocity detected by an angular velocity sensor exceeds a predetermined angular velocity value, angular velocity values are integrated from a most recent detected value to an oldest value within a predetermined time period, and if an absolute value of a resultant value of integral...

Energy-efficient utility system utilizing solar-power
Utility units each have a pole, a solar engine, lighting or other loads, and a controller. The controller senses and controls processes mainly on-pole, but a unit/pole may additionally communicate and/or receive/send control signals from/to poles with which they are networked and/or from a control station. Each pole/network may be adapted...

Battery protection circuit and method of controlling same
A battery protection circuit and a method of controlling the same. The battery protection circuit includes a fuse blowing path connected in parallel to at least a portion of a high-current path between a battery and a terminal unit, the high-current path having a fuse therein, and a fuse current control...

Door lock device for vehicle
A door lock device for a vehicle is provided in which a lock release member that is operable between an operating position at which the ratchet is operated toward the side on which the ratchet engages with the latch and a standby position at which free pivoting of the ratchet is...

Radar level gauge with dielectric rod connection
The radar level gauge according to the present invention facilitates replacement of an electronics unit, e.g. in case of malfunction or upgrades. At the same time, the dielectric rod enables a very simple, cost-effective and reliable feeding to and from each electronics unit. A radar level gauge using electromagnetic signals to determine...

Dynamic fault detection and repair in a data communications mechanism
A communications link of multiple parallel communications lines includes at least one redundant line. In a first aspect, the lines are periodically recalibrated one at a time while the others carry functional data. If a fault is detected, the faulty line is disabled and the remaining previously calibrated lines transmit functional...

Method for operating a hearing system, hearing system and audio gateway devices
A body-worn audio gateway device transmitting audio signals comprised in close-range electromagnetic signals may be used outside a car, where it may provide for hands-free mobile telephony and listening to music streamed directly to hearing devices worn by a user. When the user enters the car, he or she may want...

Communicating information in an information handling system
A node communicates with a first network through a link aggregation of at least one primary port and at least one backup port. The link aggregation is for rerouting a communication with the first network to occur through the backup port in response to a malfunction in the communication through the...

Printer driver and application decoupling using event centric registration model
Some embodiments of the invention provide a printer user interface (UI) component configured to handle presentation of information to a user during printing operations. The printer UI component may de-couple the rendering and configuration functionality provided by a printer driver from the presentation of information to end users, thereby reducing the...

Semiconductor circuit and semiconductor device
A semiconductor circuit of the present invention comprises a capacitor for charging ON driven electric charges in response to an ON driving signal, a capacitor for charging OFF driven electric charges in response to an OFF driving signal, a signal generating circuit for generating a first trigger signal in response to...

Load control apparatus
A load control apparatus is provided in which a circuit of detecting an overcurrent can be correctly operated even if a first capacitor (C) for noise measures is disposed. Since a second capacitor (C) is provided between a gate and a drain of an FET (T), when the voltage (V) of...

System for evaporative and refueling emission control for a vehicle
A fuel tank evaporative emissions control and diagnostic system includes a fuel tank, a canister in fluid communication with the fuel tank to receive vapor escaping from the fuel tank, at least one isolation valve positioned between the fuel tank and the canister, a pressure sensor in fluid communication with the...

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