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Malfunction patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Malfunction-related patents

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Detection of a malfunction in an electrochemical accumulator
An electrochemical accumulator, including a casing, at least two electrodes and an electrolyte contained in the casing. There is a ferromagnetic material contained in the casing and having remanent magnetization. There is also a magnetic sensor arranged outside the casing and capable of measuring a remanent magnetic field of said ferromagnetic...

Systems and methods for balance stabilization
A system for rehabilitating patients affected by balance disorders with or without vestibular hypofunction and/or malfunction with or without an associated hearing loss, which includes sensors of sound and head movement, processing circuitry, a power source coupled to head phones, an air conduction hearing aid, bone conduction hearing aid, middle ear...

Network adapter based zoning enforcement
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to enforcing zoning at a network adapter of an end point device. Thus, a network adapter can monitor the communications that are sent and/or received by the adapter and discard communications that are prohibited based on the zoning rules applicable to the adapter. In...

Resin discharge mechanism
To suppress the thermal expansion of a slide bar and to prevent occurrence of failures such as galling or malfunctioning to the slide bar, a resin discharge mechanism, provided in mixing equipment that includes a barrel having a hollow interior and a pair of mixing rotors accommodated in the barrel and...

Protective case for portable electronic device
The present specification discloses a protective case for a portable electronic device that protects the device from temperatures that can cause temporary malfunction or inoperation and/or permanent damage....

Nor-type flash memory device configured to reduce program malfunction
Embodiments of the present invention include a NOR-type flash memory device capable of reducing or eliminating program malfunctions. In some embodiments, the device includes a memory array, row selection circuit, column selection circuit, and program driver circuit. The memory array includes a memory sector having a first sector bit line and...

Methods of treating optic disorders
The present invention relates to methods for treating optic disorders or for reducing or alleviating the signs, symptoms, or pathological conditions related to such optic disorders. In particular, methods are provided for treating optic disorders, or reducing the symptoms thereof, the methods involving the administration of one or more downstream folate...

Method for using an electric unit
A power plant, and a method for using an electrical unit therefor are disclosed, wherein, an electrical machine can be connected to a power network via a converter and a block transformer. A method is disclosed for using the electrical unit, wherein the converter disconnects the block transformer from the machine...

Electromagnetic driving device and methods for manufacturing and controlling same
An electromagnetic driving device is resistant to failure, high practicable, safe and reliable and of a simple structure, and methods for manufacturing and controlling the electromagnetic driving device. The device aims to provide an electromagnetic driving device able to operate and serve the function of driving even if a power supply...

Control system and method for dual fuel engines
Control systems comprising electronic control modules () may be configured to control operation of a dual fuel internal combustion engine (). In case of a failure of an electronic control module (), the dual fuel internal combustion engine () may interrupt operation. The disclosed control system and method may...

Electronic tap with operating system at the end of the spout
The present invention relates to an electronic faucet with a head () that incorporates the operative system for controlling dispensing of the water. The head is mounted at the end of the spout (). Furthermore, the tap is equipped with a by-pass system for manual operation in an emergency when the...

Substrate treatment process
In a substrate treatment process, substrates are moved by a transporting device in a transporting direction through a substrate treatment installation having a number of chambers. The substrates are moved by transporting sections of the transporting device driven independently of one another. The transporting sections are driven such that, if substrates...

Electric parking brake
A parking brake is provided having the function of monitoring malfunction of the brake, thereby preventing accidents. The parking brake includes an electric motor () and a linear motion mechanism () which are connected together through a speed reduction mechanism (). The parking brake further includes a locking pin () which...

Burst disk protected valve
A safety unit for a home carbonation machine that includes a valve to release gas from a sealed state at a first pressure and a backup element set to rupture at a second higher pressure when the valve malfunctions. The valve also includes a backup element housing which moves to vent...

Forward ejection assembly for firearms
Ejection assemblies, actions including such ejection assemblies, and firearms including such actions and/or ejection assemblies are provided herein. At least one ejection assembly is provided that is configured to facilitate forward ejection of spent cartridges when a forward-ejection guide cover is in place on a receiver, and to allow for side...

Mechanism for locking and fault detection in the electrical vehicle supply equipment cord
An electric vehicle charging assembly includes a cord reel, a cord reel locking mechanism, and a master control unit for selectively unlocking the cord reel in response to an authorization signal. The electric vehicle charging assembly monitors the rotational position of the cord reel to prevent unauthorized use, and to record...

Method for specifying a malfunction of an exhaust gas recirculation system of an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle and corresponding diagnostic device
A method for specifying a malfunction of an exhaust gas recirculation system of an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle, including: setting a first operating point of the engine and a first operating state of the fresh air/exhaust gas system as vehicle conditioning in a first measurement setting; measuring volumetric...

Railroad vehicle bearing malfunction sensing system
A railroad vehicle bearing malfunction sensing system which is able to accurately determine a malfunction of an axle bearing in each vehicle of a train. The system includes: a plurality of data loggers mounted on a plurality of axle bearings, respectively, in at least one vehicle of a single-line train, each...

Fiber management system and method thereof
A fiber management system is for managing malfunction fiber network devices in a room, each fiber network device includes a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. The fiber management system includes an electronic terminal, a data center, and a reader. The data center stores room information and fiber network device information in...

Digital closed loop proportional hydraulic pressure controller
A digitally controlled current to pressure converter (CPC) and method of controlling same is provided. The method of controlling includes the step of periodically imparting symmetrically-opposed movement of a control valve of the CPC to loosen and flush accumulated silt therefrom. More particularly, the method may include the step of periodically...

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