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Self-alignment filling level detecting device
A self-alignment filling level detecting device has a reflector and a sensor detachable from each other. The sensor has a light emitter, a light sensor, and a controller. The light sensor receives different light intensities when the reflector is assembled to the sensor and when the reflector is not assembled to...

Ventilated athletic flooring systems and methods of assembling the same
A ventilated flooring system may generally include a base, a substructure, a top surface, a control box, an air mover, and a sensor. The base, the substructure, and the top surface may form a floor within which the sensor is disposed. The sensor may measure properties of air within the floor,...

Malfunction diagnosis device and malfunction diagnosis method for knock sensor
To enable, with a simple control, a malfunction of a type wherein the output from a knock sensor becomes excessively large to be detected, a knock-sensor malfunction diagnosis device includes a control section configured to determine that knocking has occurred when the magnitude of a knocking vibration frequency component derived from...

Handover method and apparatus in wireless communication system
The present disclosure provides a method for correcting an error caused by Hyper Frame Number (HFN) and Packet Data Convergence Protocol Sequence Number (PDCP SN) mismatch between a user equipment and base station when the user equipment fails in handover between cells in a wireless communication system. In addition, the present...

Circuit device and electronic apparatus
When a counter-electromotive force generated by an inductive load is applied to the drain of a switch element, the gate of the switching element may pull the gate potential toward the direction opposite to its original potential due to capacitance coupling of the drain-gate capacitance, and this may cause a malfunction....

Multi-functional cleaning system
A multi-functional cleaning system usable as both a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner includes (a) a body having a motor assembly for generating suction and a dust collector for collecting foreign matters, (b) a first cleaning head, such as a vacuum nozzle, . detachably coupleable to the body and having...

Semiconductor storage device and semiconductor storage device control method
When using a read circuit of a semiconductor memory device to read data in a memory cell through a bit line BLX, out of a bit line pair BL, BLX that have a complementary relationship to each other and are connected to the memory cell storing the data, control is performed...

Switched mode power supply with a simplified start-up supply
A switched mode power supply (SMPS) is disclosed in which a simple primary side controller is used to send a single pulse of energy to the secondary side to switch on an output voltage controller. The pulse is sent across the main power train and a filtering arrangement is provided on...

Information processing device, control method, and storage medium
An information processing device including a control unit reduces an occurrence of a malfunction without changing a layout of a displayed object in a situation where a user supports the information processing device with one hand and performs the touch operation with that hand. The control unit sets a first area...

Driver circuit, display device, and electronic device
To suppress malfunctions in a shift register circuit. A shift register having a plurality of flip-flop circuits is provided. The flip-flop circuit includes a transistor , a transistor , a transistor , a transistor , and a transistor . When the transistor or the transistor is turned on in...

Medical systems and methods
A fluid management system for use in a tissue resection procedure includes a controller. An inflow pump is operated by the controller and configured to provide fluid inflow through a flow path to a site in patient's body. An outflow pump is operated by the controller and configured to provide fluid...

Multipurpose cerebrospinal fluid sensor assembly and method of operation of the same
A cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) monitoring device for the detection of obstructions in real time through the collection of pressure data from an on-board pressure sensor. This system is designed to integrate into medical devices equipped with a CSF drainage system, such as implantable shunts. CSF analysis data can be transmitted in...

Analog/digital converter and method for converting analog signals to digital signals
The objective of the invention is to provide an A/D converter that exhibits fewer malfunctions due to variations in manufacturing. An A/D converter () of the invention, which is a cyclic type of analog/digital converter for converting an analog input signal to a digital signal having a predetermined resolution, comprises: a...

Method and system for liquid chromatography fluidic monitoring
A method for monitoring a fluidic system of a liquid chromatography system is characterized by: (a) drawing a fluid into a syringe pump; (b) configuring a valve so as to fluidically couple the pump to either a fluidic pathway through the fluidic system or to a plug that prevents fluid flow;...

Determination of a media malfunction event based on a shape of a media portion
A printing apparatus includes a media support assembly, a scanning module, and a control module. The media support assembly may position a respective media portion in a print zone to receive a printing fluid thereon. The scanning module may scan the media portion in the print zone and generate a media...

Diagnostic methods and systems based on urine analysis
A method for diagnosing a body malfunction is provided. At least one change in urinary parameter values, being indicative of the body malfunction, is monitored and detected. A volumetric urinary output of kidneys is monitored using a urine flow monitoring apparatus having a low flow metering device. It is determined whether...

Compositions and methods using microspheres and non-ionic contrast agents
The present invention relates to compositions and methods for treating diseases and disorders including cancer and various other angiogenic-dependent diseases, vascular malfunctions, arteriovenous malformations (AVM), hemorrhagic processes and treatment of pain, in particular tumor-related pain by drug delivery and/or therapeutic embolization using microspheres. More particularly the invention relates to microspheres containing...

Memory circuit
The present invention provides a memory circuit in which, while the power is not supplied, a data signal that has been held in a memory section corresponding to a volatile memory can be held in a capacitor in a memory section corresponding to a nonvolatile memory. In the nonvolatile memory section,...

Remote controller with magnet
A remote controller with magnet for ceiling fan and includes a transmitter body defining a compartment in which at least a magnet is installed. With the magnet installed therein, the transmitter body can readily attach to a flat surface of a ferric object. Alternatively, the transmitter body can be used with...

Fuel property sensor and method for detecting malfunction of the same
An electrode unit includes a first electrode and a second electrode, which define a space to flow fuel therethough. A detection circuit is connected to the first electrode to charge and discharge the electrode unit and to detect a capacitance of fuel, which flows through the space. A switch device is...

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