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Surveillance device with display and light-emitting modules
A surveillance device with display and light-emitting, is a photographic apparatus including a cover body, a display module and a plurality of light-emitting modules, wherein the cover body covers a photographic unit and there are the display module and the plurality of light-emitting modules set around the cover body, which power...

Methods and systems for monitoring environmental conditions using wireless sensor devices and actuator networks
The present invention comprises methods and systems of a network of sensor devices to monitor environmental conditions. Each sensor device is capable of acquiring environmental data and transmitting the data to a central controller of a networking system by wireless communication. By processing the environmental data obtained from the geographically deployed...

System and method for providing additional blowout preventer control redundancy
An apparatus to allow backup or alternate fluid flow routes around malfunctioning BOP control components using a remotely installed removable hydraulic hose connection. The backup fluid flow route sends pressure-regulated hydraulic fluid to a BOP operation via an isolation valve rigidly attached to the BOP, then to a hose connected to...

Controller to detect malfunctioning address of memory device
A controller including a non-volatile memory to store a repair address, and a memory control unit operatively coupled with the non-volatile memory. The memory control unit comprising a memory test function configured to detect a malfunctioning address of primary data storage elements within a memory device. The memory device being another...

Soldering connector, battery module having the same, and battery pack comprising the battery module
According to the present invention, when a secondary battery overheats due to the malfunction thereof, electrical connection between unit cells comprised in a battery module rapidly disconnects under a relatively low temperature and current range, thereby ensuring the safety of the secondary battery. The soldering connector according to the present invention, which...

Force compensating device and use in a medical system
A force compensating device includes a force generating unit configured for generating a compensating force that at least partially counteracts a tractive force acting on the force compensating device. The device includes at least one safety unit that is rotatable about a first axis of rotation and which, in the event...

Method and an apparatus for supervision of current transformer in a differential protection system
A method and device are disclosed for supervising the operation of plural current transformers and for prevention of a malfunction, such as false tripping of power in an electrical system. Exemplary embodiments can include measuring current parameters (e.g., magnitude and phase angle) for each winding in current transformer (CT) sets. A...

High-lift system for a wing of an aircraft
A high-lift system for a wing of an aircraft is provided. The high-lift system includes movably held high-lift flaps, at least one drive unit, at least one transmission shaft connected to the drive unit, and several actuator devices, distributed on the transmission shaft and connected to the high-lift flaps, for moving...

Direct current electric starter solenoid manual activation device
A manual activation device for activating a starter assembly. The present invention may include a push rod that is connected to a solenoid plunger. The starter may be activated manually by pushing the rod and thereby pushing the solenoid plunger into the gears. Therefore, if there is an electrical or mechanical...

Short peptides for enhancing muscle function
The present invention relates to shortened peptides comprising a muscle function enhancing amino acid sequence which is derived from the S100 calcium binding protein family. Furthermore, the present invention provides said peptides for medical use, in particular, for treating or preventing disorders associated with muscular malfunction, such as skeletal muscle or...

Work apparatus for setting fastening elements
The invention relates to a work apparatus for setting fastening elements in a substrate, with a fuel container and with a dosing device, through which the fuel is fed from the fuel container into a combustion chamber in which a flammable mixture is ignited, for setting a fastening element, and with...

Lcd device and a method of manufacturing the same
A liquid crystal display (LCD) device and a method of manufacturing the same are proposed. A first transparent conducting layer is disposed on a first via for forming a testing point. A second transparent conducting layer is disposed on a second via and a third via. The first transparent conducting layer...

Lcds with integrated touch panels
An LCD with an integrated touch panel that prevents sensor malfunction by eliminating coupling noises includes an insulating substrate, a plurality of gate lines formed on the insulating substrate so as to extend in a first direction, a plurality of data lines formed in a second direction so as to intersect...

Method and arrangement for detecting a malfunctioning terminal
A method and arrangement in a terminal evaluation unit for detecting a malfunctioning terminal in a cellular network is provided. Connection data is received from at least one network node in the cellular network, wherein the connection data is referring to connections of terminals when present in cells of the cellular...

Method and apparatus for power loss compensation and suppression of sidelobes in antenna arrays
An antenna array for the transmission of signals is disclosed which comprises a plurality of antenna elements connected to a plurality of transceivers. The plurality of transceivers receive transceiver signals for transmission to the plurality of antenna elements. The antenna comprises a failure detector or monitoring and control system connected to...

Level shift circuit using parasitic resistor in semiconductor substrate
A level shift circuit in which no adverse effect is produced on a delay time, regardless of the resistance values of resistors. The level shift circuit includes an operation detection circuit that outputs a nseten signal and a nresen signal in response to a state of output from first and second...

Current sensor
There is provided a current sensor capable of performing malfunction determination with high accuracy even under the influence of an adscititious magnetic field. A current sensor includes first and second current sensor units, a computation unit, a storage unit, and a determination processing unit. The first current sensor unit measures a...

Electric driving apparatus
A valve control apparatus is provided with a valve, a shaft supporting the valve, an end-gear of an actuator driving the valve. The shaft is press-inserted into the end-gear. A stopper disposed on the shaft regulates a valve operation range. The end-gear can engage with the middle gear of the reduction-gears...

System and method for converting electric power, and apparatus and method for controlling the system
Disclosed is technology regarding a system and a method for power conversion, particularly technology for converting power, which is supplied from a plurality of power supply sources, using a plurality of power conversion modules. A plurality of power conversion modules, which can process all of various types of supplied power, are...

Light-emitting device
It is an object of the present invention to provide a light emitting device which is less affected by a malfunction caused in a light emitting element. It is another object of the invention to provide a light emitting device in which light emitting elements are connected in series. As to...

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