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Electric magnet device and switch provided therewith
An aspect of the present invention provides an electric magnet device, in which a smooth movement of an armature is ensured and, even if a vibration or an impact is applied, an attraction state between a yoke and the armature is maintained to prevent a malfunction, and a switch provided therewith,...

System and method for control and analysis of a prime mover in an electrical machine using calculated torque
Apparatus for controlling and diagnosing a prime mover of a vehicle traction system includes an alternator having a rotor and coupled to a crankshaft of the prime mover, a source of electrical energy, a position sensor supplying a position signal representative of an angular position of the rotor, and a control...

Spring-bodied device for in-situ overheat alert for equipment
Malfunction or failure of mechanical, electrical and electro-mechanical equipment, for example equipment used in manufacturing operations, is often preceded by an increase in the operating temperature of at least some portion of the equipment. Some pre-determined temperature, greater than the highest normal operating temperature of the equipment, is presumed or known...

In-situ overheat alert for equipment
Malfunction or failure of mechanical, electrical and electro-mechanical equipment, for example equipment used in manufacturing operations, is often preceded by an increase in the operating temperature of at least some portion of the equipment. A temperature-sensitive, active material-containing actuator is pre-selected to operate at a pre-determined temperature indicative of impending equipment...

Safety system challenge-and-response using modified watchdog timer
Some embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a watchdog timer having an enhanced functionality that enables the watchdog timer to monitor a process flow of the microprocessor on a task-by-task basis that enables a simple output signal to be used to determine if the watchdog timer is malfunctioning. The watchdog...

System and method for controlling integrated network of a vehicle
The present invention relates to a system and method for controlling an integrated network of a vehicle, and more particularly, to a system and method, which separately identifies a malfunction of a plurality of communication networks applied to a vehicle and integrally controls power off and power on of the communication...

Driver circuit for reducing ic malfunction and liquid crystal display panel comprising same
A driver circuit and a liquid crystal display panel for reducing IC malfunction are provided. The driver circuit includes a source driver IC, a gate driver IC, and a wire on array, wherein the source driver IC and the gate driver IC connects through the wire on array. The source driver...

Detecting faults affecting communications links
A modem or associated computing or testing device is configured to detect the presence of one or more faults that affect DSL communications, and upon their detection, generate, for example, an indication, communication or message that recommends corrective action. In this context, a fault is generally caused by one or more...

Method and system for compensation of an insufficient pressure buildup in the braking system of a vehicle
A method is described for compensation of an insufficient pressure buildup in the braking system of a vehicle in the event of a failure or malfunction of a brake booster for brake force support when an actuating element of the braking system is actuated, the compensation occurring with the aid of...

Apparatus and method for managing register information in a processing system
The setting in a configuration register is controlled based on a value stored in a management register and/or based on generation of a reset signal during a debugging operation or detection of a malfunction or power state transition in an electronic system. The management register may allocate a single bit to...

Method and apparatus for applying a time alignment timer in a wireless communication system using a carrier aggregation technique
Operation of a terminal for determining which time alignment timer is applied to a certain condition when specific timers operate for each carrier-wave group in the event a wireless communication system using carrier aggregation techniques. A terminal performs communication without malfunctions using a timer suitable for a certain condition. The terminal...

System and method for monitoring ac ripple
A system capable of identifying various possible technical malfunctions with an uninterruptible power supply system by detecting AC ripple on a power bus of the UPS system. A battery monitor is positioned on the terminal posts of one or more batteries of the UPS system. The monitor, since it is connected...

Mixing apparatus
A mixing apparatus which can reliably prevent an auxiliary liquid from being unintentionally mixed into a main unit even when a failure occurs in a switching device, and which can prevent the switching device or an auxiliary flow route from being damaged even when a pressurizing device malfunctions due to the...

Display drive circuit, display panel, and display device
A retention circuit () corresponding to each stage of a shift register is configured such that, when SROUT(k−1) is active, an input terminal of an inverter (INV) and an output terminal of an inverter (INV) are electrically connected to each other and an output terminal of the inverter (INV) and an...

Flip-flop, shift register, display panel, and display device
A flip-flop circuit (a) includes: an input transistor (Tr) having a gate terminal thereof connected to an SB terminal, a source terminal thereof connected to an RB terminal, and a drain terminal thereof connected to a first CMOS circuit and a second CMOS circuit; a power supply (VSS) which is connected...

Intrinsic monitoring of shape memory alloy actuated devices
Some on-vehicle devices, such as air dams, air spoilers, and HVAC system baffles, may have movable components that are pulled from one position to another by shrinkage of a linear shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator. Upon an activation signal, the shrinkage of the SMA actuator occurs when it is resistance heated...

Malfunction training dummy round
The present invention is an instrument for simulating malfunctions in firearms during live fire training which could not previously be simulated during live fire training. In some exemplary embodiments the invention approximately matches the external dimensions of an ammunition cartridge with the addition of novel features described herein which modify the...

Method of operating a marine vessel propulsion system, marine vessel propulsion system, and marine vessel including the same
A marine vessel includes a plurality of turning mechanisms provided respectively in correspondence to a plurality of outboard motors. Each turning mechanism includes a hydraulic pump, an electric motor to drive the hydraulic pump, a hydraulic cylinder including two cylinder chambers partitioned by a piston, and a normally-closed bypass valve to...

Safety lockout system
A safety lockout system for releasably locking a mast guided working surface to a mast is provided. The safety lockout system may include an outer rollcase, an inner rollcase, and a lockout assembly. The lockout assembly includes a retractable dog that is movable between an engaged position and a disengaged position....

Jet propelled watercraft
A jet propelled watercraft includes a jet pump that jets water rearward from a jet port, a reverse gate, a reverse gate moving mechanism, and a withdrawal controller. The reverse gate is movable in an up/down direction between a reverse drive position at which an entirety of the jet port is...

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