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Parasitic Disease
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Malar patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Malar-related patents
 Substituted 2-alkyl-1-oxo-n-phenyl-3-heteroaryl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline-4-carboxamides for antimalarial therapies patent thumbnailSubstituted 2-alkyl-1-oxo-n-phenyl-3-heteroaryl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline-4-carboxamides for antimalarial therapies
In one aspect, the invention relates to novel substituted 2-alkyl-1-oxo-n-phenyl-3-heteroaryl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline-4-carboxamides; synthetic methods for making the compounds; pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds; and methods of treating and/or preventing malaria. This abstract is intended as a scanning tool for purposes of searching in the particular art and is not intended to be limiting of the present invention..
 Ruthenium carbon monoxide releasing molecules and uses thereof patent thumbnailRuthenium carbon monoxide releasing molecules and uses thereof
The present invention provides novel ruthenium compounds of formula (i): or salts, isomers, hydrates, or solvates thereof, or combinations thereof; wherein e, r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, x1, and x2 are as defined herein, and pharmaceutical compositions thereof. Also provided are methods of use and treatment.
 Algal produced malarial transmission blocking vaccines patent thumbnailAlgal produced malarial transmission blocking vaccines
The present invention relates to the production of malaria transmission blocking vaccines in single-celled green algae, particularly algae of the genus chlamydomonas, e.g., chlamydomonas reinhardtii; the immunogenic plasmodium polypeptides produced and compositions comprising them; and methods for preventing, ameliorating, reducing, delaying, treating and blocking the transmission of malaria by administration of immunogenic plasmodium polypeptides produced in an algal host cell.. .
 Modified cationic liposome adjuvants patent thumbnailModified cationic liposome adjuvants
The present invention relates to the use of vaccines with adjuvants comprising cationic liposomes where neutral lipids has been incorporated into the liposomes to change the gel-liquid phase transition and thereby modifying the igg sub-type response and enhancing the cd8 response of the liposomal adjuvant. This technology can be used to increase the production of igg2 antibodies.
 Anti-malarial compounds from marine natural products patent thumbnailAnti-malarial compounds from marine natural products
Novel compositions and methods for the treatment and prevention of malaria are disclosed herein.. .
 Quaternary n-(halomethyl) ammonium salts as therapeutic agents patent thumbnailQuaternary n-(halomethyl) ammonium salts as therapeutic agents
The use of quaternary halogenated ammonium salts for treating leishmaniasis infections and other parasitic diseases is described. Although there have been previous reports in which quaternary ammonium salts are used as antimalarial, antifungal, and antileishmanial compounds, the use of such salts containing a halogenated n-methyl substituent as a therapeutic agent against leishmaniasis had not been reported.
 Solid dosage forms of oleyl phosphocholine patent thumbnailSolid dosage forms of oleyl phosphocholine
The present invention relates to solid dosage forms of oleyl phosphocholine (c18:1-pc), or olpc, for oral administration. Further, the present invention relates to methods for the preparation of the present solid dosage forms and the use thereof as a medicament and especially a medicament for treatment of parasitic diseases, such as leishmaniasis, chagas and malaria, and cancer both in humans and animals.
 Blood stage malaria vaccine patent thumbnailBlood stage malaria vaccine
An immunogenic composition for use as a blood-stage malaria vaccine, a method of producing the immunogenic composition and a method of treatment of malaria are provided. The immunogenic composition includes isolated or purified merozoites, or red blood cells infected with merozoites, treated with centanamycin or tafuramycin a.
 Anti-malarial pharmaceutical composition patent thumbnailAnti-malarial pharmaceutical composition
The invention provides pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment and prophylaxis of malaria, comprising artemether and a medium chain triglyceride formulated for transmucosal sublingual, buccal or nasal delivery, especially by a spray. Also provided are delivery devices containing the compositions..
 Hybrid compounds and methods of making and using the same patent thumbnailHybrid compounds and methods of making and using the same
The present disclosure provides compounds, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, for inhibiting the growth of a microbe; treating a mammal having a microbial infection, malaria, mucositis, an ophthalmic infection, an otic infection, a cancer, or a mycobacterium infection; killing or inhibiting the growth of a plasmodium species; inhibiting the growth of a mycobacterium species; modulating an immune response in a mammal; or antagonizing unfractionated heparin, low molecular weight heparin, or a heparin/low molecular weight heparin derivative.. .
Compounds and compositions for the treatment of parasitic diseases
Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, tautomer, or stereoisomer, thereof, wherein the variables are as defined herein. The present invention further provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds and methods of using such compounds for treating, preventing, inhibiting, ameliorating, or eradicating the pathology and/or symptomology of a disease caused by a plasmodium parasite, such as malaria..
Attenuated plasmodium with deactivated hmgb2 gene, as vaccine
The present invention relates to novel compositions and methods for immunizing a host against malaria using a plasmodium parasite genetically attenuated via the inactivation of the function of the hmgb2 gene.. .
Compositions and methods for treatment of intracellular damage
Pre-implantation factor (pif) may be used to treat intracellular damage. Aspects of the invention are directed to a method of treating intracellular damage comprising administering pif to a subject in need thereof.
Aryl derivatives and uses thereof
The present invention relates to antimalarial compounds and their use against protozoa of the genus plasmodium, including drug-resistant plasmodia strains. This invention further relates to compositions containing such compounds and a process for making the compounds..
Heteroaryl derivatives and uses thereof
The present invention relates to antimalarial compounds and their use against protozoa of the genus plasmodium, including drug-resistant plasmodia strains. This invention further relates to compositions containing such compounds and a process for making the compounds..
Screening methods for identifying plasmodium proteases inhibitors
The invention relates to the field of parasitology. Methods and peptidic substrate for screening and identifying inhibitors of plasmodium are described.
Acridone compounds
A class of acridone compounds has been discovered that exhibits chemosensitizing and antiparasitic activity. Described herein are pharmaceutical compositions and methods for their use to treat parasitic infections, such as malaria and toxoplasmosis, and to sensitize resistant cells, such as multidrug resistant cells to other therapeutic agents.
Hdac inhibitors and therapeutic methods using the same
Histone deacetylases inhibitors (hdacis) and compositions containing the same are disclosed. Methods of treating diseases and conditions wherein inhibition of hdac provides a benefit, like a cancer, a neurodegenerative disorder, a peripheral neuropathy, a neurological disease, traumatic brain injury, stroke, hypertension, malaria, an autoimmune disease, autism, autism spectrum disorders, and inflammation, also are disclosed..
Total synthesis of redox-active 1.4-naphthoquinones and their metabolites and their therapeutic use as antimalarial and schistomicidal agents
Naphthoquinones, azanaphthoquinones and benxanthones, their process of synthesis and methods of their use as antimalarial or antischistosomal agents.. .
Devices and methods for detection and quantification of immunological proteins, pathogenic and microbial agents and cells
The present invention provides a method and microfluidic immunoassay pscreen™ device for detecting and quantifying the concentration of an analyte in a liquid sample by using antigen-specific antibody-coated magnetic-responsive micro-beads. The methods and devices of the present invention have broad applications for point-of-care diagnostics by allowing quantification of a large variety of analytes, such as proteins, protein fragments, antigens, antibodies, antibody fragments, peptides, rna, rna fragments, functionalized magnetic micro-beads specific to cd4+, cd8+ cells, malaria-infected red blood cells, cancer cells, cancer biomarkers such as prostate specific antigen and other cancer biomarkers, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogenic agents, with the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of bench-top laboratory-based assays..
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising attenuated plasmodium sporozoites and glycolipid adjuvants
Disclosed herein are pharmaceutical compositions comprising plasmodium sporozoite-stage parasites and compatible glycolipid adjuvants useful in vaccines for preventing or reducing the risk of malaria. In particular, human host range plasmodium and analogues of α-galactosylceramide (α-galcer), a ligand for natural killer t (nkt) cells, are combined in pharmaceutical compositions, which are useful as vaccines against malaria.
Methods for treating or preventing malaria by administering an antibody that specifically binds angiopoietin-2 (ang-2)
The present invention provides methods for treating or preventing malaria by administering to a patient in need thereof a pharmaceutical composition comprising an antibody that specifically binds human angiopoietin-2 (ang-2).. .
Natural product derivatives with antiprotozoal activity
The present invention provides new chemical compositions with desirable biological activity and toxicity profiles for the enhanced treatment of malaria.. .
Enzyme inhibiting compounds and methods
The invention provides compounds, compositions, and methods for studying the rohmer pathway and for treating bacterial infections or parasitic infections. The parasitic infection can be a protozoan infection, such as malaria.
Composition and methods for site-specific drug delivery to treat malaria and other liver diseases
A system for selectively delivering drugs to target tissues is provided. The system includes a drug-linker-saccharide-drug conjugate (d-l-a-d1).
Malaria vaccines
The present invention relates to a synthetic antigenic sequence which represents a combination of epitope-containing sequences from the highly polymorphic block 2 repeat region of k1-type plasmodium falciparum merozite surface antigen (msp1) and fusion proteins containing that sequence in combination with additional epitope-containing sequences capable of inducing antibody and cellular immune responses to p. Falciparum antigens.
Inhibitors of the plasmodial surface anion channel as antimalarials
Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein r1 to r7 are as described herein.. .
Assay method for peptide specific t-cells
A method of assaying for peptide-specific t-cells comprises adding peptide to a fluid sample of fresh peripheral blood mononuclear cells, and detecting a cytokine such as interferon-y produced by t-cells that have been pre-sensitised to the peptide. The assay method is quick and cheap and is expected to be useful for the study of various disease states including hepatitis b, hepatitis c, tuberculosis, malaria, hiv and influenza..
Plasmodial surface anion channel inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of malaria
The invention provides methods of treating or preventing malaria comprising administering to an animal an effective amount of a compound of formula (i): q-y—r1—r2 (i), wherein q, y, r1, and r2 are as described herein. Methods of inhibiting a plasmodial surface anion channel of a parasite in an animal are also provided.
Compositions and methods for treating multi-drug resistant malaria
A method is provided for treating an individual for a malarial infection, in particular drug-resistant species of plasmodium, including administering to the individual in need of such treatment a composition comprising an extract containing an effective amount of one or more anti-malarial di- or tri-terpene compounds. Potent and effective extracts containing the anti-malarial compounds can be derived from luo han fruit and stevia leaves, including combinations of the same, for the purpose of treating and preventing malaria in an inexpensive manner from readily available commodities.
Novel bisaminoquinoline compounds, pharmaceutical compositions prepared therefrom and their use
The present invention relates to novel bisaminoquinoline compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising these novel compounds and methods for inhibiting autophagy in biological systems. Methods of treating cancer in patients in need using compounds and/or compositions according to the present invention alone or in combination with at least one additional anticancer agent represent additional aspects of the invention.
Applying torque to paramagnetic structures in bodies using dual magnetic fields
Techniques for applying torque to microscopic paramagnetic structures in a body includes exposing a body simultaneously to a first magnetic field oscillating at a first frequency in a first direction and a different second magnetic field oscillating at a second frequency in a second direction. The body includes a plurality of microscopic paramagnetic structures for which magnetic susceptibility to the first magnetic field is different from magnetic susceptibility to the second magnetic field.

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