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Magnetic Material patents

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Motor unit

Date/App# patent app List of recent Magnetic Material-related patents
 Methods of production for corrosion-resistant bit patterned media (bpm) and discrete track media (dtm) patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of production for corrosion-resistant bit patterned media (bpm) and discrete track media (dtm)
A method for producing a magnetic recording medium in one embodiment includes forming a magnetic material layer above a substrate, transferring an uneven pattern to the magnetic material layer to form concave portions and convex portions, the convex portions being magnetic regions, depositing a nonmagnetic material above the concave portions to form nonmagnetic regions, forming an oxide layer and/or hydroxide layer above the magnetic regions of the recording layer, and forming an organic material layer which exhibits a corrosion-inhibiting characteristic with respect to cobalt or cobalt alloy above the oxide layer and/or hydroxide layer.. .
 Low profile inductors for high density circuit boards patent thumbnailnew patent Low profile inductors for high density circuit boards
An inductor includes a core formed of a magnetic material and a foil winding wound at least partially around or through at least a portion of the core. A first end of the winding extends away from the core to form an extended output tongue configured and arranged to supplement or serve as a substitute for a printed circuit board foil trace.
 Operator control device patent thumbnailnew patent Operator control device
An operator control device has an operating element with haptic feedback. The operating element has a touch-sensitive operator control area and is operated through an input element.
 Mobile carrier system for at least one sensor element designed for non-destructive testing patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile carrier system for at least one sensor element designed for non-destructive testing
The invention relates to a mobile carrier system for at least one sensor element for testing test objects having convex surfaces. The system is provided for testing test objects that are at least made of ferromagnetic material.
 Motor unit patent thumbnailnew patent Motor unit
A rotation detector of a motor according to an embodiment includes a first support and a second support, a pair of magnetic field forming units, at least one magnetic field detector, and a first magnetic member and a second magnetic member. The first magnetic member and the second magnetic member are each made of a magnetic material, cover longitudinal-direction both ends of the magnetic field detector facing the first support, respectively, and face each other with a gap interposed therebetween at a longitudinal-direction mid-portion of the magnetic field detector in the longitudinal direction.
 Piston actuator controlling a valve and method for operating the same patent thumbnailnew patent Piston actuator controlling a valve and method for operating the same
Piston actuators and methods of its operation are described. The piston actuators include a housing defining a chamber having a piston therein and a spring seated against the piston to bias it into a starting position.
 Adapting device for linear compressor, and compressor provided with such device patent thumbnailAdapting device for linear compressor, and compressor provided with such device
The present invention relates to an adapter for connecting a resilient member 1 to a magnetic actuator 2 of a linear compressor, comprised of at least one support member 6 cooperating with a resilient element 1, said support member 6 comprising a substantially cylindrical part equipped with intermediate perimeter salient portion 61; at least one fastening element 7 cooperating with the support member 8 and the magnetic actuator 2, and means for enabling interconnection between a magnetic actuator 2 and a resilient member 1 of a detachable and electrically insulated linear compressor, the fastening element 7 being made in electrically insulating and non-magnetic material, for example, ceramic.. .
 Magnetic material and coil component employing same patent thumbnailMagnetic material and coil component employing same
A magnetic material is constituted by a grain compact formed by compacting multiple metal grains that in turn are constituted by an fe—si-m soft magnetic alloy (where m is a metal element that oxidizes more easily than fe), wherein individual metal grains have oxide film formed at least partially around them as a result of oxidization of the metal grains; the grain compact is formed primarily via bonding between oxide films formed around adjacent metal grains; and the apparent density of the grain compact 1 is 5.2 g/cm3 or more, or preferably 5.2 to 7.0 g/cm3.. .
 Inductor apparatus and method of manufacture thereof patent thumbnailInductor apparatus and method of manufacture thereof
The invention comprises an electrical apparatus and method of manufacture. The apparatus includes a substantially annular inductor comprising an inductor core composed of at least a distributed gap material.
 Multilayer common mode filter patent thumbnailMultilayer common mode filter
A first coil is configured in such a structure that first and second coil conductors are connected by a first through-hole conductor. A second coil is configured in such a structure that third and fourth coil conductors are connected by a second through-hole conductor.
Cmos transistors, fin field-effect transistors and fabrication methods thereof
A method is provided for fabricating a transistor. The method includes providing a semiconductor substrate; and configuring a channel region along a first direction.
Checking arrangement for value-document check
A testing configuration for testing a security document includes a security element, having a high-coercivity magnetic material and a low-coercivity magnetic material, a device comprising such a test configuration and to a relevant test method. The high- and low- coercivity magnetic materials of the security element are magnetized in a first direction by the interaction of first and second magnet pair units, and subsequently the low-coercivity magnetic material is remagnetized in a second magnetization direction by means of the second magnet pair unit.
Method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive device
A method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive-based device includes a metal hard mask that is inert to a top electrode etch chemistry and that has low sputter yield during a magnetic stack sputter. The metal hard mask is patterned by the photo resist and the photo mask is then stripped and the top electrode (overlying magnetic materials of the magnetoresistive-based device) is patterned by the metal hard mask..
Rotation detection set and bearing assembly comprising such a detection set
This rotation detection set comprises an encoder washer rotatable around a rotation axis, at least one sensor adapted to detect a rotation parameter of the encoder washer through an air gap (g), a support member for holding the sensor with respect to the rotation axis and a mounting member for immobilizing the support member with respect to a fixed structure. The mounting member is made of one piece of magnetic material and has a first wall located on the same side of the air gap (g) as the encoder washer and a second wall located on the same side of the air gap as the sensor whereas a magnetic body of the encoder washer, the air gap (g) and the sensor are located in a volume defined by the mounting member between the two walls..
Base assembly and hard disk drive including the same
There is provided a base assembly including a motor mounting part, and a base body including a disk mounting part coupled to the motor mounting part and having a disk disposed thereon, the disk having data stored therein, and a head seating part formed in a position lower than that of the disk mounting part, wherein the motor mounting part is formed of a non-magnetic material, and the base body is formed of a magnetic material.. .
Method for treating and measuring subterranean formations
A method of treating a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore comprising injecting electrically conductive or electromagnetic fibers into the subterranean formation during hydraulic fracturing is provided. Suitable metallic materials, organic polymers, and organic polymers coated with or containing conductive or electromagnetic materials are described.
Non-contact magnetostrictive sensing systems and methods
A system for sensing stress in a ferromagnetic material is provided. The system includes at least one magnetic flux device configured to induce a conditioning magnetic flux in the ferromagnetic material.
Variable-flux motor drive system
A variable-flux motor drive system including a permanent-magnet motor including a permanent magnet, an inverter to drive the permanent-magnet motor, and a magnetize device to pass a magnetizing current for controlling flux of the permanent magnet. The permanent magnet is a variable magnet whose flux density is variable depending on a magnetizing current from the inverter.
Rotating electric machine
A motor is provided having a consequent-pole type rotor that has soft magnetic material poles and magnetic poles positioned around the rotor in an alternating manner. A convex surface on each of the poles is formed as a surface in which a midpoint of the convex surface has a radial distance from the rotation axis that is greater than a radial distance of the circumferential edges of the convex surface from the rotation axis.
Variable damping force damper
Provided is a solenoid-type variable damping force damper that improves the strength of the piston and prevents wire break in the electromagnetic coil. A piston includes a piston main body, an expansion-side valve plate, a contraction-side valve plate, an electromagnetic coil, and a bolt.
Method and apparatus for detection and characterization of mechanical damage
Yield stress is an important indicator of the strength of a component such as a pipe section. A method and apparatus for measuring yield stress of components made from magnetic materials is provided.
Stent for restenosis prevention
A device for use in reducing or preventing the occurrence of restenosis following procedures such as ptca, in which a stent is used to hold a bodily lumen open. The device comprises a two layered stent, one lying within the other.
Building blocks and a wand having magnetic properties therefor
A toy combination includes a plurality of children's building blocks, each of the building blocks having a ferromagnetic material, and a wand with at least a portion that is magnetic, the wand capable of attracting the plurality of children's building blocks. The wand may have end lower ends in a variety of configurations to pick up the building blocks..
Magnetic powder metallurgy materials
The present invention is directed to electrically conductive compacted metal parts fabricated using powder metallurgy methods. The iron-based powders of the invention are coated with magnetic or pre-magnetic materials..
Magnetic memory devices and systems
A method of storing one or more bits of information comprising: forming a magnetic bubble; and storing a said bit of information encoded in a typology of a domain wall of said magnetic bubble. Preferably a bit is encoded using a symmetric topological state of the domain wall and a topological state including at least one winding rotation of a magnetisation vector of the domain wall.
Coil antenna device and antenna module
In a coil antenna device, a multilayer structure includes non-magnetic sheets and magnetic sheets stacked on each other. A coil conductor is provided in the multilayer structure such that a portion of the magnetic material defines a magnetic core and such that a coil axis extends along a principle surface of the multilayer structure.
Common mode filter and method of manufacturing the same
Disclosed herein are a common mode filter for increasing inductance using simpler structure and a method of manufacturing the same, the common mode filter including: a magnetic material substrate; an insulating layer included on an upper portion of the magnetic material substrate and having a coil electrode formed therein; an opening part penetrating through a central portion of the insulating layer; and a magnetic composite formed in the opening part, wherein the opening part has a side wall inclined at a predetermined angle.. .
Common mode filter
Disclosed herein is a common mode filter including: a coil part including a conductor coil provided in an insulating part; a plurality of external electrodes provided on the insulating part while being electrically connected to the conductor coil; and a magnetic material part provided in a region between the plurality of external electrodes on the insulating part. By this configuration, impedance characteristics of the common mode filter may be improved..
Stator of an axial flow electric machine and the process for making it
Described is a stator for an axial flow electric machine comprising a toroidal core (2) made from ferromagnetic material and a plurality of windings (3) and teeth (4) angularly distributed on the core (2) in an alternating configuration. The teeth have, on at least one relative lateral surface, a shaped profile defining at least one gripping surface (12) such as to act in conjunction with a matrix of resin designed to stably press the teeth (4) on the core (2)..
Spindle motor
There is provided a spindle motor including a stator including a base member in which a stator core is fixedly installed, and a rotor including a rotor hub in which a driving magnet disposed to face the stator core is installed, wherein the driving magnet is installed on a magnet mounting part provided in the rotor hub so that the magnetic center thereof in an axial direction is disposed in a position higher than that of the magnetic center of the stator core in the axial direction in order to generate force directed in a downward axial direction by interaction with the stator core, and the stator core is formed of a soft magnetic material and includes protrusion parts formed at a front end portion thereof disposed to face the driving magnet and extended therefrom in the axial direction.. .
Resonator enclosure
Described herein are improved configurations for a wireless power transfer and mechanical enclosures. The described structure holds and secures the components of a resonator while providing adequate structural integrity, thermal control, and protection against environmental elements.
Magnetoresistive memory device and fabrictaion method
A magnetoresistive memory device and a fabrication method are provided. A first dielectric layer disposed on a semiconductor substrate can include a groove formed therein.
Electromagnetic interference shield and electronic device using the same
An electromagnetic interference shield includes a shell body and a magnetic material layer formed on the shell body. A number of holes are defined in the shell body.
Dump bailer
A dump bailer for downhole placement of flowable materials in a wellbore. The dump bailer has an elongated housing with a cavity for placement of the flowable materials.
Universal sample holder for measuring the electromagnetic properties of a dielectric and/or magnetic material
The invention relates to the technical field of measuring electric and magnetic properties, and specifically relates to a sample holder (1) to be connected to a device (2) for supporting a sample holder in order to measure the dielectric and/or magnetic properties of a sample (3), said supporting device (2) comprising: first and second connectors (4, 5) suitable for allowing an electromagnetic wave to pass therethrough, and for being connected to a means (6) for transmitting the electromagnetic wave and to a means (7) for circulating the electromagnetic wave after passing through the supporting device (2) and the sample holder (1), respectively, which is suitable for transmitting all or part of the electromagnetic wave from the first connector (4) to the second connector (5) according to a reference axis (x) and for being removably arranged therebetween, the sample holder (1) comprising an outer tubular body (11) that is coaxial to said reference axis (x), and a cavity (8) in which the sample (3) is to be housed, the sample holder further comprising sidewalls (9) positioned transversely to the reference axis (x) on either side of the cavity (8), which said walls thus laterally seal.. .
Nanoparticle-sized magnetic absorption enhancers having three-dimensional geometries adapted for improved diagnostics and hyperthermic treatment
Nanoparticle-sized magnetic absorption enhancers (maes) exhibiting a controlled response to a magnetic field, including a controlled mechanical response and an inductive thermal response. The maes have a magnetic material that exhibits inductive thermal response to the magnetic field and is embedded in a coating, such that the mae conforms to a particular shape, e.g., hemisphere, dome or shell, chosen to produce the controlled mechanical response.
Coherent spin field effect transistor
A coherent spin field effect transistor is provided by depositing a ferromagnetic base like cobalt on a substrate. A magnetic oxide layer is formed on the cobalt by annealing at temperatures on the order of 1000° k to provide a few monolayer thick layer.
Memory element and memory apparatus
A memory element has a layered structure, including a memory layer that has magnetization perpendicular to a film face in which a magnetization direction is changed depending on information, and includes a co—fe—b magnetic layer, the magnetization direction being changed by applying a current in a lamination direction of the layered structure to record the information in the memory layer, a magnetization-fixed layer having magnetization perpendicular to a film face that becomes a base of the information stored in the memory layer, and an intermediate layer that is formed of a non-magnetic material and is provided between the memory layer and the magnetization-fixed layer, a first oxide layer and a second oxide layer.. .
Magnetic sensor with extended pinned layer and partial wrap around shield
A magnetic read head that has improved pinned layer stability while also maintaining excellent free layer stability. The free layer has sides that define a trackwidth of the sensor and a back edge that defines a functional stripe height of the sensor.
Systems and methods for coupled power inductors
Power inductor has a magnetically isotropic core including two or more laminations. At least a first lamination can include anisotropic magnetic material having a first orientation of magnetic anisotropy.
Power inductor and method of manufacturing the same
There is provided a power inductor including a coil supporting layer having a through-hole, first and second coil layers formed in a spiral shape on both surfaces of the coil supporting layer, an inductor body having the coil supporting layer and the first and second coil layers buried therein so that end portions of the first and second coil layers are exposed through both end surfaces thereof, and first and second external electrodes formed on both end surfaces of the inductor body, to be connected to the exposed end portions of the first and second coil layers, respectively, wherein in the inductor body, a core formed in the through-hole is formed of a magnetic material including spherical metal powder particles, and upper and lower cover parts are formed of a magnetic material including flake shaped metal powder particles.. .
Electronic engine
The present invention provides embodiments of more efficient electric motors. Disclosed herein is an embodiment of an electric motor having a stator and a rotor, each of which have at least two electromagnets.
Semiconductor device with integrated magnetic element provided with a barrier structure against metal contamination, and manufacturing
A semiconductor device including: a semiconductor body having a first side and a second side opposite to one another; a first barrier element, which extends over the first side of the semiconductor body and is made of a first material configured to act as barrier against metal ions, for example chosen from among titanium, tantalum, titanium alloys or compounds, tantalum alloy; a magnetic element, which extends over the first barrier layer and is made of a second material having magnetic properties, for example a ferromagnetic material; a second barrier element, which extends over the magnetic layer and is made of a third material configured to act as barrier against metal ions, for example chosen from among titanium, tantalum, titanium alloys or compounds, tantalum alloys or compounds. The first and second barrier elements form a top encapsulating structure and a bottom encapsulating structure for the magnetic element..
Fluid transfer assembly and methods of fluid transfer
A fluid container and method of manufacture. The fluid container may be a drinking vessel, and may include an opening in a bottom surface thereof and a coupling device around the opening.
Magnetic window valance
A magnetic window valance is disclosed. The magnetic window valance can include a sheet of ferromagnetic material, and a decorative layer disposed about the sheet of ferromagnetic material.
Valve body, fluid injection valve and method for producing a valve body
A valve body for a fluid injection valve has a longitudinal axis and includes a base body. The base body has a sidewall defining a recess extending through the base body in an axial direction.
System for distributing gas cylinders, including means for identifying the type of cylinder, comprising a color sensor and a sensor for detecting ferromagnetic material
This system (10) for distributing gas cylinders, wherein the gas cylinders (11) are likely to be of different types defined by different shapes, volumes and colors, comprises means (20) for identifying the type of gas cylinder (11), the identification means (20) comprising a first sensor (60) for sensing the color of the gas cylinder. The identification means (20) also include a sensor (62) for detecting ferromagnetic material..
Spin transfer torque magnetic memory device
A spin transfer torque magnetic memory device is disclosed. In one aspect, the spin transfer torque magnetic memory device comprises a first layered structure stacked in a vertical direction and comprising alternating topological insulator layers and insulator layers.
Inductor device, method for manufacturing the same, and printed wiring board
An inductor device has a core base, and an inductor structure including a first conductive pattern formed on a first surface side of the core base, a second conductive pattern formed on a second surface side of the core base on the opposite side with respect to the first surface side of the core base, and a through-hole conductor formed through the core base such that the through-hole conductor is connecting the first conductive pattern and the second conductive pattern. The core base includes a magnetic material layer including a magnetic material, and the magnetic material layer of the core base is positioned adjacent to at least a portion of the periphery of the inductor structure..
Inductor formed in substrate
A method and device includes a first conductor formed on a first dielectric layer as a partial turn of a coil. A second conductor is formed on a second dielectric layer that covers the first dielectric layer and first conductor, the second conductor forming a partial turn of the coil.
A reactor includes a core made of a magnetic material; a resin mold that encloses the core; a coil that is wound around the core through the resin mold; a plurality of fasteners located on the resin mold; and a supporting member that is secured to the resin mold through the fasteners. At least one of the plurality of fasteners is a flexible fastener..
Thermomagnetic power generator
A thermomagnetic power generator is provided. The thermomagnetic power generator includes: at least one set of magnetic poles; at least a trough, filled with a fluid; and a plurality of chain links, linked into a closed chain, wherein each of the chain links is made of the magnetic material and a first part of the closed chain is inside the trough and immersed by the fluid while a second part of the closed chain is outside the trough and exposed to an environment.
Magnetoresistive sensor integrated in a chip for detecting magnetic fields perpendicular to the chip and manufacturing process thereof
An integrated magnetoresistive sensor, formed in a chip including a substrate having a surface and an insulating region covering the surface of the substrate. A magnetoresistor, of a first ferromagnetic material, is formed in the insulating region and has a sensitivity plane parallel to the surface.
Systems and methods for magnetic material imaging
Magnetic material imaging (mmi) system including first and second sets of field-generating coils. Each of the field-generating coils of the first and second sets has an elongated segment that extends along an imaging axis of the medical imaging system.
Magnetically tracked sensor
A magnetic field sensor assembly includes a hollow cylindrical core, conductive material and at least first and second lead wires. The hollow cylindrical core is made of ferromagnetic material and has a proximal end and a distal end.
Rotating electric machine
A rotating electric machine is equipped with a consequent-pole type rotor that includes a magnetic pole having a permanent magnet buried therein and a soft magnetic material pole that interposes two magnetic poles. The thickness of the permanent magnet and a circumferential width of the soft magnetic material pole have a relationship that prevents a spread of magnetic flux distribution in the circumferential direction within a gap between the soft magnetic material pole and a stator.
Fixing device for efficiently heating of heating member
A fixing device includes a pressure member, a heating member, a coil, a first magnetic core, a second magnetic core, a shielding portion, and a switching belt. The second magnetic core is disposed to extend in a width direction in a hollow portion formed by the loop of the coil, and formed in an arc shape with a protruding portion at a side facing the heating member.
Method for manufacturing magnetic substrate and common mode filter
A common mode filter is manufactured to include a coil part including an insulation layer and a conductor pattern formed in the insulation layer; and a magnetic substrate coupled to one surface or both surfaces of the coil part. The magnetic substrate includes: an electrostatic absorbing layer made of an electrostatic absorbing material; a magnetic layer provided on one surface or both surfaces of the electrostatic absorbing layer and made of a magnetic material; and an electrode provided between the magnetic layer and the electrostatic absorbing layer and made of a conductive material.
Integrated tunable inductors
An integrated inductor can be tunable via a control current which alters the magnetic flux density in a permeable magnetic material. The resulting inductor can be adjusted in-circuit, and may be suitable for applications such as dc-dc converters, rf circuits, or filters requiring operation at high frequencies and across wide bandwidths..
Devices and methods for magnetic pole retention in electromagnetic machines
In some embodiments, an electromagnetic machine includes a rotor element configured for movement relative to a stator. The rotor element includes a magnetic support, a magnetic pole assembly, and a retainer.
Stator for brushless external-rotor motor and method of manufacturing thereof
A stator for a brushless external-rotor motor. The stator includes a stator core; a winding; and an end insulator.
Apparatus and method for transceiving wireless power
An apparatus configured to transceive wireless power, includes a magnetostrictive resonator configured to be excited by a magnetic field, and a soft magnetic material disposed in a vicinity of the magnetostrictive resonator. The apparatus further includes a transducing coil disposed in a vicinity of the magnetostrictive resonator or the soft magnetic material, and configured to convert mechanical energy generated by the excitation of the magnetostrictive resonator to electric energy..
Semiconductor package
A semiconductor package includes a substrate in which a plurality of wires are formed; at least one semiconductor chip electrically connected to portions of the plurality of wires; and a shielding can mounted on the substrate, surrounding the at least one semiconductor chip, electrically connected to at least one wire of the plurality of wires and including a soft magnetic material. The semiconductor package can prevent or substantially reduce electromagnetic interference (emi)..
On-board diagnostics system
An on-board diagnostics system for an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine is disclosed. The system comprises one or more ferromagnetic materials and a means for measuring magnetic field strength.
Reciprocating pump assembly for liquids
A reciprocating pump assembly for dispensing liquids is provided. The pump assembly comprises a pump housing providing an interior compartment and being provided with an inlet for providing a liquid to be dispensed, and an outlet for dispensing the liquid.
Multilayer inductor and method for manufacturing the same
Disclosed herein is a multilayer inductor, manufactured by stacking laminates each including: a substrate having internal electrode coil patterns formed thereon; and a magnetic substance filling the substrate on which the internal electrode coil patterns are formed, wherein the substrate is formed by using a composition including a magnetic material, so that, when the substrate is placed in the middle of the electrode circuit patterns at the time of manufacturing a power inductor, the substrate can be utilized as a gap material, and thus the thickness of an inductor chip can be minimized, and, in addition, the magnetic material is included in the substrate forming composition, thereby improving magnetic characteristics, and the liquid crystal oligomer and the nanoclay are added to the composition, to thereby increase insulating property between magnetic metals, thereby raising inductance, and thus dimensional stability and physical hardness of the structure can be secured.. .
Magnetic relay device made using mems or nems technology
A magnetic relay device having a substrate of semiconductor material houses two through magnetic vias of electrically conductive ferromagnetic material. At least one coil is arranged underneath a first surface of the substrate in proximity of at least one between the first and second magnetic vias, and a contact structure, of ferromagnetic material, is arranged over a second surface of the substrate and is controlled by the magnetic field generated by the coil so as to switch between an open position, wherein the contact structure electrically disconnects the first and second magnetic vias, and a close position, wherein the contact structure electrically connects the first and second magnetic vias..
Rotary electric machine
A housing and a rotary shaft of a motor are formed of non-magnetic material. A soft magnetic member is provided between a first axial end surface of a fixed core and a bearing.
Permanent magnet motor
The present invention is directed to the method of utilizing magnetic materials in permanent magnets and permanent magnet discs and surfaces, as a source of magnetic fields for producing rotational means, to produce a permanent magnet motor and utilizing this method to produce a powered means for use in remote pumping stations, geologic sensing stations both undersea and mountain top, remote electrical generating stations for inhabited areas of the planet off the power grid, power units for space stations, repair robots, planetary and lunar land rovers, astronomical research stations, electric generators, stabilization gyros and generators for autonomous robots, power units for motorized vehicles, and single person aircraft.. .
Electromagnetic valve device for high-pressure fluid
A guide portion made of a magnetic material can be filled with a gaseous fuel of high-pressure and is slidably receiving a movable core. The guide portion is constructed by a first small-diameter portion, a second small-diameter portion, and a magnetism blocking portion having a wall thickness less than that of the first small-diameter portion and the second small-diameter portion.
Keeper for implant and its assembly, and keeper-fixing method
A keeper for an implant comprising (a) a keeper body made of a soft-magnetic material, which comprises a recess for receiving a head of an abutment having a female thread, and a female thread extending along a center axis to have communication with the recess and having a larger nominal diameter than that of the female thread of the abutment; and (b) a stepped screw member comprising a small-diameter screw portion threadably engageable with the female thread of the abutment, and a large-diameter screw portion threadably engageable with the female thread of the keeper body; the keeper body being strongly fixed to the abutment by the stepped screw member, when the keeper body is rotated in a threadably engaging direction, after the female thread of the abutment threadably engages the small-diameter screw portion, and after the female thread of the keeper body threadably engages the large-diameter screw portion.. .
Electromagnetic interference suppressor
According to the present invention, there are provided an electromagnetic interference suppression material capable of exhibiting a good low-pass filter characteristic in an extensive frequency band ranging from a low frequency to a high frequency, and an electromagnetic interference suppression sheet using the electromagnetic interference suppression material. When laminating a conductive layer having a surface electrical resistance of 100 to 5000 Ω/□ in which 5 to 25% by volume of a conductive carbon is mixed, and a magnetic layer having a magnetic permeability with an actual number portion of 3 to 45 in which a magnetic material is mixed, to each other, it is possible to obtain an electromagnetic interference suppression sheet suitable for high-density packaging of electronic equipments which is excellent in low-pass filter characteristic in a near electromagnetic field..

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