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Magnetic Material patents


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 Non-volatile logic device based on phase-change magnetic materials and logic operation method thereof patent thumbnailNon-volatile logic device based on phase-change magnetic materials and logic operation method thereof
A non-volatile logic device, including: a substrate, a magnetic head, a base electrode, an insulating layer, a phase-change magnetic film, and a top electrode. The substrate includes a silicon substrate and an active layer attached to the silicon substrate.
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

 Artificial microstructure and artificial electromagnetic material using the same patent thumbnailArtificial microstructure and artificial electromagnetic material using the same
The present invention provides an artificial microstructure. The artificial microstructure includes at least three split rings.
Kuang-chi Innovative Technology Ltd.

 Transmitter with improved sensitivity and shielding patent thumbnailTransmitter with improved sensitivity and shielding
A magnetic field transmitter, especially a transmitter used in conjunction with wireless communications earplugs. In one embodiment, a plate of magnetic material is used behind a coil of electrical conductor to improve the efficiency of the transmitter and to provide electrical and magnetic shielding.
Red Tail Hawk Corporation

 Method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive-based device patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing a magnetoresistive-based device
A method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive-based device using a plurality of hard masks. The magnetoresistive-based device includes magnetic material layers formed between a first electrically conductive layer and a second electrically conductive layer, the magnetic materials layers including a tunnel barrier layer formed between a first magnetic materials layer and a second magnetic materials layer.
Everspin Technologies, Inc.

 Thermoelectric conversion structure and  making the same patent thumbnailThermoelectric conversion structure and making the same
A thermoelectric conversion structure according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes a thermoelectric conversion unit structure including a magnetic fine particle including a magnetic material with the spin seebeck effect arising and an electromotive body with which to cover the magnetic fine particle, wherein a plurality of the thermoelectric conversion unit structures form an aggregate with the electromotive body connecting to each other.. .
Nec Corporation

 Applied magnetic field synthesis and processing of iron nitride magnetic materials patent thumbnailApplied magnetic field synthesis and processing of iron nitride magnetic materials
A method may include annealing a material including iron and nitrogen in the presence of an applied magnetic field to form at least one fe16n2 phase domain. The applied magnetic field may have a strength of at least about 0.2 tesla (t)..
Ut-battelle, Llc

 Iron-based soft magnetic material and iron-based soft magnetic core patent thumbnailIron-based soft magnetic material and iron-based soft magnetic core
The iron-based soft magnetic material includes: a parent phase containing iron as a main component; and a grain boundary phase present in a crystal grain boundary of the parent phase, the grain boundary phase containing as a main component a sulfide containing copper.. .
Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.

 Iron nitride permanent magnet and technique for forming iron nitride permanent magnet patent thumbnailIron nitride permanent magnet and technique for forming iron nitride permanent magnet
A bulk permanent magnetic material may include between about 5 volume percent and about 40 volume percent fe16n2 phase domains, a plurality of nonmagnetic atoms or molecules forming domain wall pinning sites, and a balance soft magnetic material, wherein at least some of the soft magnetic material is magnetically coupled to the fe16n2 phase domains via exchange spring coupling. In some examples, a bulk permanent magnetic material may be formed by implanting n+ ions in an iron workpiece using ion implantation to form an iron nitride workpiece, pre-annealing the iron nitride workpiece to attach the iron nitride workpiece to a substrate, and post-annealing the iron nitride workpiece to form fe16n2 phase domains within the iron nitride workpiece..
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

 Magnetic memory devices and systems patent thumbnailMagnetic memory devices and systems
A method of storing one or more bits of information comprising: forming a magnetic bubble; and storing a said bit of information encoded in a typology of a domain wall of said magnetic bubble. Preferably a bit is encoded using a symmetric topological state of the domain wall and a topological state including at least one winding rotation of a magnetisation vector of the domain wall.

 Magnetic data storage using induced strain of a magnetostrictive material patent thumbnailMagnetic data storage using induced strain of a magnetostrictive material
Acoustically assisted magnetic recording can be used in a hard disk drive or a solid state medium. In the described embodiments, otherwise unwriteable high-coercivity media are made amenable to recording by lowering their coercivity via strain induced by acoustic waves.
Oregon State University

Battery charging system for stylus

Embodiments are disclosed for a stylus comprising an energy storage device for powering active functionality of the stylus, and a charging circuit electrically coupled to the energy storage device and configured to provide charging current for recharging the energy storage device. The stylus further comprises a magnetically-attractable element comprising ferromagnetic material disposed in a ring formation on an outer surface of the stylus, the magnetically-attractable element being electrically coupled to the charging circuit to form a terminal of the charging circuit, and the magnetically-attractable element being configured to be received on a dock via magnetic attraction to a permanent magnet of the dock to bring the stylus into a docked position in which the magnetically-attractable element contacts a charging contact of the dock to thereby cause the charging circuit to receive charging current from the dock..
Microsoft Corporation

Induction heating unit and fixing device and image forming apparatus including this

A induction heating unit is configured to inductively heat a heating member being rotated in a predetermined rotating direction by magnetic flux. The induction heating unit includes a housing, a magnetic flux generating source, a core member and a securing member.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Measuring fluid properties in a downhole tool

A sensor assembly may include a housing made of a non-magnetic material. The housing may define an interior chamber.
Smith International, Inc.

Securing systems for gloves or other objects

Apparel, sporting equipment, and other items include magnetic securing systems (e.g., for holding a ball marker on a golf glove. Housings for such systems include a mount area defining a base surface that includes a magnet or is made from a magnetic material.
Nike, Incorporated

Axial-flux electric machine with winding rotor and the production thereof

An axial-flux electric machine with a winding rotor comprises a stator section and a rotor section, both developing around and axis. The rotor section comprises a rotor, which, in turn, comprises a toroidal rotor core made of a ferromagnetic material and a plurality of windings and of teeth, which are angularly distributed on the rotor core in an alternated configuration.
Lucchi R. Elettromeccanica Srl

Electrostatically controlled magnetic logic device

A magnetic logic cell includes a first electrode portion, a magnetic portion arranged on the first electrode, the magnetic portion including an anti-ferromagnetic material or a ferrimagnetic material, a dielectric portion arranged on the magnetic portion, and a second electrode portion arranged on the dielectric portion.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama

Thermoelectric conversion element and making the same

In order to further improve the spin-current/electric-current conversion efficiency in a spin-current thermoelectric conversion element, a thermoelectric conversion element includes a magnetic material layer having in-plane magnetization; and an electromotive material layer magnetically coupled with the magnetic material layer. The electromotive material layer includes a first conductor with a spin orbit coupling arising, and a second conductor having lower electric conductivity than electric conductivity of the first conductor..
Nec Corporation

Sintered magnet production system and sintered magnet production method

A sintered magnet production system using a press-less method capable of minimizing the distortion of a sintered magnet includes: a filling device for filling a container cavity with alloy powder for a sintered magnet; an orienting section for orienting the powder in the cavity by applying a magnetic field without applying a mechanical pressure to the powder; and a sintering section for sintering the powder oriented by the orienting section, by heating the powder without applying a mechanical pressure to the powder. The orienting section includes: an air-core coil; and two ferromagnetic members made of a ferromagnetic material arranged within the coil at respective open ends of the coil with a space for containing the container in between.
Daido Steel Co., Ltd.

Methods for forming shield materials onto inductive coils

Methods of and systems for directing flux from a transmit coil to a receive coil within an inductive power transfer system are disclosed. For example, a transmit coil may be shielded with a contoured shield made from a ferromagnetic material.
Apple Inc.

Apparatus and methods for magnetic core inductors with biased permeability

Inductive elements comprising anisotropic media and biasing coils for magnetically biasing thereof and methods of manufacture and operation for use in applications such as microelectronics. Application of an electrical current through the bias coils generates a magnetic field that biases the magnetic material such that a desirable orientation of anisotropy is achieved throughout the magnetic core and enables modulation of the inductive response of the device.
Ferric Inc.

Composite magnetic material

A composite magnetic material has sufficient flexibility and can be produced with a high producing ability without having inferior form. The composite magnetic material contains soft magnetic metal powder and resin composition containing an a component, which is an acryl copolymer with an epoxy group, and a b component, which is phenol resin, in which the soft magnetic metal powder is dispersed in the resin composition, and a mass ratio denoted by the a component/the b component is 4 to 99.
Tomoegawa Co., Ltd.

Write head having beveled non-magnetic write gap seed layer

An apparatus has a main pole layer of magnetic material, a second layer of magnetic material, a first gap layer of non-magnetic material between the main pole layer and the second layer of magnetic material, and a second gap layer of non-magnetic material disposed between the main pole layer and the second layer of magnetic material. The second gap layer of non-magnetic material can be directly adjacent to the second layer of magnetic material.
Seagate Technology Llc

A composition, connector, process for improving bonding between two or more means for conveying fluids, and system for conveying fluids

A composition comprising: (a) a thermoplastic polymer; (b) a plurality of particles, each said particle having core-shell structure and comprising, (i) a core comprising one or more magnetic materials and (ii) a shell comprising silicon dioxide; wherein the composition comprises particles (b) in an amount from 2 to 15 wt % is provided. Further provided is a connector comprising the composition, a system comprising the connector and a process for improving bonding between two or more means for conveying fluids..
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Magnetic microstructures for magnetic resonance imaging

The present invention relates to magnetic contrast structures for magnetic resonance imaging, and methods of their use. The contrast structures include magnetic materials arranged as a pair of disk-shaped magnetic components with a space between a circular surface of each disk shape, or a tubular magnetic structure, a substantially cylindrical magnetic structure, a substantially spherical shell-formed magnetic structure, or a substantially ellipsoidal shell-formed structure, each defining a hollow region therein.
The United States Of America, Represented By The Secretary Of Commerce

Stage apparatus, lithography apparatus, and articles manufacturing method

A stage apparatus including: a magnet; a moving member configured to be supported so as to float by a magnetic force of the magnet and move in a first direction along a horizontal plane together with the magnet; and a fixed member having a magnetic material facing the magnet above the magnet in a movable area of the moving member, wherein side surfaces of the magnet in the first direction are covered by using a first magnetic field blocking surface of the moving member and a second magnetic field blocking surface of the fixed member.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Magnetic sensing apparatus and magnetic sensing method thereof

A magnetic sensing apparatus includes a third direction magnetic sensing component that includes a substrate and a pair of coupled magnetic sensing modules. A groove is set in surface of the substrate.
Qst Corporation [cn/cn]

Device and magnetically axially supporting a rotor

The invention relates to a device (40) for magnetically axially supporting a rotor, which rotor comprises a thrust bearing plate (32) connected to the rotor, in a magnetic thrust bearing (54) having at least two independently controllable bearing branches (3, 4, 41) which each comprise at least one coil (5, 42), wherein magnetic flux isolation of the bearing branches (3, 4, 41) is provided, which flux isolation consists in that at least two of the bearing branches (3, 4) are arranged one after the other in the circumferential direction and have a single common pole (9) which has a circularly closed circumference, the center point of which is arranged on the axis of rotation (35) of the rotor, wherein the coils (5) surround pole segments (11) connected to the common pole (9) and wherein the common pole (9) is arranged either radially inside or radially outside of the pole segments (11), and/or in that the thrust bearing plate (32) is divided into at least two coaxial plate parts (46, 61) which are associated with different bearing branches (3, 4, 41) and which are separated by a non-magnetic material, for example in the form of a spacer ring (60), wherein the bearing branches (3, 4, or 41) associated with the plate parts (46, 61) are arranged coaxially partially in each other or overlapping.. .
Technische Universitat Wien

Electronic device

This technology provides an electronic device. An electronic device in accordance with an implementation of this document includes semiconductor memory, and the semiconductor memory includes a first magnetic layer having a variable magnetization direction; a second magnetic layer having a pinned magnetization direction; and a tunnel barrier layer interposed between the first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer, wherein the second magnetic layer includes a ferromagnetic material with molybdenum (mo) added thereto..

Reactor provided with a cooler

A reactor provided with a cooler, comprising: a coil, a core formed of a soft magnetic material, the core covers an inside of the coil and an outer periphery of the coil; the cooler being arranged on both sides of the core, the core and the cooler being pressed in a stacking direction of the core and the cooler; a thickness of the core in the stacking direction being smaller than a length of a height of a surface of the core that faces the stacking direction; and the thickness of the core in the stacking direction being smaller than a length of a width of the surface of the core that faces the stacking direction.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Body shield for thermal and electromagnetic radiation

A body shield (10) is disclosed for protecting a user from harmful thermal and electromagnetic radiation. The body shield includes a body portion (31) and a cover (32) having sidewalls (80 and 81).
Icaro Innovations Corporation

Instant access guitar system

An instant access guitar system allowing easy access to cavities in the body portion of the electric guitar. The cavities are covered by plates, a pick guard, flexible laminates or other suitable cover materials.

A control input system

A control input system comprising: an input unit comprising, a ferromagnetic material medium, a non-invasive detachable attachment means for attaching the ferromagnetic medium to the hand of the user; a control unit comprising, a control input area defining the input interface for interaction with the ferromagnetic medium, a sensor unit capable of registering the position of n the ferromagnetic medium of the input unit relative to the control unit and providing at least one sensor output signal, a signal processor for converting the at least one sensor output signal to a control output signals representing the position of the ferromagnetic material relative to the control input, a signal transmitter for transmitting processed signals to an external device, and a housing for enclosing the sensor unit, the signal process and/or the signal transmitter.. .
Tks A/s


The magnetometers possess a detector part with a magnetosensitive material sensitive to the magnetic field and coil surrounding its magnetosensitive material to pick-up the magnetic field, a pulse generator circuit supplies pulse current to the magnetic material, a sample holding circuit including with an electronic switch synchronized with pulse timing for switching on/off and holding capacitance to charge electricity produced by the pickup coil during the switch on period, and an amplifier circuit amplifies the holding capacitance voltage. Magnetometers possess a buffer circuit connecting the output side of the pickup coil with the input side of the buffer circuit and connects the output side of the buffer circuit with the input side of the electronic switch to transfer the pulse signal voltage induced in the pickup coil from the input side to the output side keeping the pulse signal voltage of the outside at the same level as the inside..
Magnedesign Corporation

Active magnetic bearing coils rolled in series

An axial magnetic bearing comprising a rotor stop disc which is mounted perpendicularly and integral with a rotating shaft and a coaxially stator assembly and comprising at least one stator element of magnetic material having an inner face parallel to a side of the rotor stop disc and separated from it by an air gap, the at least one stator element comprising two annular coils and housed in two annular notches formed continuously in the magnetic material of the at least one stator element and opening to the side of the rotor stop disc, the two annular notches being separated by an annular tooth, rolled in series and are formed by a single continuous wire, a bridging recess being cut in the annular tooth for receiving a massive insert part that extends the annular tooth without locally modifying the air gap with the rotor stop disc.. .
Skf Magnetic Mechatronics

Ferromagnetic fibre composites

The composite structure comprising at least one ferromagnetic fibre ply, wherein said ferromagnetic fibre ply is substantially encapsulated in a binder matrix to form a fibre reinforced polymer composite, wherein said at least one ferromagnetic fibre ply comprises a fibre ply and on at least one surface of said ply comprising at least one layer of a ferromagnetic material.. .

Wireless electronic device with magnetic shielding layer

An electronic device may have a housing, electrical components, and other electronic device structures. A display may be mounted in the housing.
Apple Inc.

Imaging device and interchangeable lens

A first magnetic body is arranged between a coil and an image pickup element, and has an opening through which light directed from an imaging optical system toward the image pickup element passes. A second magnetic body is arranged at a position on the coil side with respect to the first magnetic body in an optical axis direction of the imaging optical system.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Method of constructing a rotor for a line start interior permanent magnet motor

A method includes: (1) providing a rotor for a line start interior permanent magnet motor wherein the rotor has rotor bars slots extending axially along a length of the rotor configured to receive rotor bar material, and magnet slots extending axially along a length of the rotor configured to receive magnetic material; (2) disposing rotor bar material in the rotor bar slots; (3) arranging a first end member on an axial end of the rotor; (4) disposing magnetic material in the magnet slots; (5) magnetizing the magnetic material; and (6) arranging a second end member on the rotor opposite the first end member. The step of arranging the second end member on the rotor occurs after magnetizing the magnetic material..
Baldor Electric Company

Thin film battery with magnetic components

Solid-state battery structures and methods of manufacturing solid-state batteries, such as thin-film batteries, are disclosed. More particularly, embodiments relate to solid-state batteries that incorporate magnetic material in one or more layers.
Apple Inc.

Moving apparatus and charged particle beam drawing system

A moving apparatus includes a moving member movable in a first direction, a drive unit that drives the moving member, and a magnetic field shielding unit made of a magnetic material to shield at least part of a magnetic field emanating from the drive unit. The drive unit includes a stator and a movable element connected to the moving member.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

System for concentrating and controlling magnetic flux of a multi-pole magnetic structure

An improved system for concentrating magnetic flux of a multi-pole magnetic structure at the surface of a ferromagnetic target uses first pole pieces having a magnet-to-pole piece interface with a first area and a pole piece-to-target interface with a second area substantially smaller than the first area for concentrating flux of the multi-pole magnetic structure at each pole piece-to-target interface, where the target can be a ferromagnetic material, complementary pole pieces, or a gap. The improved system may also include a magnetic circuit having second pole pieces located between the first pole pieces and the target that controls the flux directed from the first pole pieces to the target..
Correlated Magnetics Research, Llc.

Magnetic material and producing magnetic material

An internal structure of a magnetic material is phase-separated into at least a first phase and a second phase. At least one of the first phase and the second phase includes a compound having a perovskite structure.
Japan Science And Technology Agency

Magnetic mount for security device

A security apparatus includes a body with a socket that includes a first magnetic material, and a mount with a stem that is formed to fit into the socket and includes a second magnetic material. If the stem is inserted into the socket, the body is held in place by magnetic attraction between the first magnetic material and the second magnetic material.
Greenwave Systems Pte Ltd.

Jacketed magnetic bearing and rotary machine comprising such a bearing

A jacketed magnetic bearing for a rotary machine having a rotor. The jacketed magnetic bearing comprises a stator magnetic circuit secured to a stationary support device, the stator magnetic circuit comprising at least one coil and a ferromagnetic body placed in a metallic protective enclosure.
Nuovo Pignone Srl

Magnetospinning low-magnetic materials and methods of use

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide magneto-spinning apparatus, methods of use, magnetospun material (e.g., a fiber such as a low- or non-magnetic fiber), and the like.. .
The Chancellor Masters And Scholars Of The University Of Oxford

Imaging apparatus

An imaging apparatus comprises a housing including, on a side surface, at least one portion lower in magnetism shielding performance than a remaining portion of the housing, and configured to contain an image detector. The imaging apparatus includes a magnetic material that is arranged at a position between the image detector and the side surface including the portion, lower in magnetism shielding performance, of the housing, and a side of a rear surface of the image detector..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Magentic jewlry

A system of magnetic jewelry for attachment to clothing or other fabric substrate has a plurality of decorative elements is provided. One or more of the decorative elements is affixed to a permanent magnet or unaligned magnetic material.

Bistable electromagnetic actuator and surgical instrument

A bistable electromagnetic actuator including: a tube; a stator arranged outside the tube, and a rotor mounted in the tube so as to be displaceable axially in the longitudinal direction, is the rotor being at least partially formed of one or more of a paramagnetic and ferromagnetic material, the rotor being reversibly moved between a first position and a second position by applying an electromagnetic field. Wherein the stator includes: two ring permanent magnets that are axially polarized in opposite directions, a coil for generating the electromagnetic field, and a magnetic return element having two stator pole shoes.
Olympus Winter & Ibe Gmbh

Chip electronic component and board for mounting thereof

A chip electronic component may include a magnetic material body including an insulating substrate and coil conductor patterns formed on at least one surface of the insulating substrate, and external electrodes disposed on both end portions of the magnetic material body so as to be connected to end portions of the coil conductor patterns, respectively. In a cross section of the magnetic material body in a length direction, a thickness of an innermost loop/section of the coil conductor patterns may be smaller than a thickness of the remaining loops/sections of the coil conductor pattern..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Integrated dual axis fluxgate sensor using double deposition of magnetic material

A method of fabricating fluxgate devices to measure the magnetic field in two orthogonal, in plane directions, by using a composite-anisotropic magnetic core structure.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Method and measuring an amount of superparamagnetic material in an object

Method and apparatus for measuring an amount of superparamagnetic material in an object, the method including a) applying a magnetic field having a first component alternating with a first period to the object and a magnetic field strength lower than a magnetic field strength at which the superparamagnetic material is driven in saturation; b) measuring a first magnetic susceptibility of the object with a detection coil; c) applying a static second component to the magnetic field for a second period being equal or larger than the first period, the strength of the magnetic field during the second period is such that the superparamagnetic material is driven towards saturation; d) measuring a second magnetic susceptibility of the object with the detection coil during the application of the static second component; and e) determining the amount of superparamagnetic material from a difference between the measured first and second susceptibility of the object.. .
Universiteit Twente

Rotation angle detection apparatus

Rotation angle detection apparatus includes a magnet provided in a main gear and a magnetism detector positioned to face to the magnet. Magnet rotates integrally with main gear and magnetism detector detects changes in magnetic field of magnet so a rotation angle of main gear is detected.
Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Drum for magnetic separator and relevant production method

In a drum for magnetic separator comprising a cylinder (c) of ferromagnetic material on the outside of which there are formed a plurality of longitudinal grooves (6) housing permanent magnets (7) arranged in longitudinal rows along a magnetic arc of 130°-160° with alternate n-s polarity, the cylinder (c) being located within a shell (m) of nonmagnetic material, the length (d) of the single dipole of the magnetic circuit is comprised in a range between 100 and 150 mm so as to provide a substantially homogeneous magnetic field along the whole magnetic arc, thanks to the limited length (d) of the dipole which results in a sinusoidal pattern of very limited amplitude and therefore with nominal values of the magnetic field that are present over almost 100% of the magnetic arc.. .
Sgm Gantry S.p.a.

Electromagnetic interference suppressor

The present invention relates to an electromagnetic interference suppression sheet comprising a conductive layer comprising a conductive metal filler and having a surface electrical resistance of 100 to 5000 Ω/□, and a magnetic layer comprising a magnetic material mixed therein and having a real part μ′ of a magnetic permeability of 3 to 45 as measured at 100 mhz which is laminated on the conductive layer. The electromagnetic interference suppression sheet of the present invention is suitable for high-density packaging of electronic devices, and has an excellent low-pass filter characteristic in a near electromagnetic field in a wide frequency band ranging from a low frequency to a high frequency..
Toda Kogyo Corp.

High speed brushless dc electric machine

Certain aspects encompass a brushless dc electric machine that has a dc stator having field windings. The dc electric machine additionally has a dc rotor.
Calnetix Technologies, Llc

Multipole lens, aberration corrector, and electron microscope

A multipole lens (100) which can produce static magnetic fields showing different strengths in the direction of travel of an electron beam has lens subasssemblies (10a, 10b, 10c) stacked on top of each other. The lens subassemblies (10a, 10b, 10c) have yokes (14a, 14b, 14c), respectively, and polar elements (12a, 12b, 12c), respectively.
Jeol Ltd.

Method for manufacturing powder magnetic core, powder magnetic core, and coil component

A method for manufacturing a powder magnetic core using a soft magnetic material powder, wherein the method has: a first step of mixing the soft magnetic material powder with a binder, a second step of subjecting a mixture obtained through the first step to pressure forming, and a third step of subjecting a formed body obtained through the second step to heat treatment. The soft magnetic material powder is an fe—cr—al based alloy powder comprising fe, cr and al.
Hitachi Metals Ltd.

Teardrop-shaped magnetic core and coil device using same

The present invention provides a teardrop-shaped magnetic core having excellent manufacturing efficiency, a large initial inductance, and stable dc superposition characteristics and a coil device using this teardrop-shaped magnetic core. A teardrop-shaped magnetic core according to the present invention is a magnetic core that is made from a magnetic material and is to be used in a coil device 20, the magnetic core including a first rectilinear portion 11 and a second rectilinear portion 15 that have a straight-line shape and are connected to each other at one end via a bent portion 16 that is bent at a right angle, and a circular arc portion 17 that has a circular arc shape and connects the first rectilinear portion and the second rectilinear portion to each other at the other end.
Sht Corporation Limited

Valve having a magnetic actuator

A magnetic actuator, which is used particularly for devices of internal combustion engines, includes a magnetic coil and at least one ferromagnetic component. In this instance, a magnetic flux caused by the magnetic coil is able to be guided via the component.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Magnetic material and manufacturing the same

A magnetic material includes a structure in which a first magnetic layer 1 and a second magnetic layer 2 are stacked such that each layer is formed at least partially in a stacking direction by substantially one atomic layer. The first magnetic layer contains co as a principal component.
Tohoku University

Device for heating a pressuriser

An induction heating device for a pressuriser of a pressurized water nuclear reactor, which pressuriser includes an enclosure having an inner wall made of magnetic material, the induction heating device including a heating module having a winding mounting, and a winding of conductive wire wound around the winding mounting, the winding generating a magnetic field when an alternating electric current passes therethrough; and a module mounting that engages with an attachment device configured to removably attach the heating module to the module mounting, the module mounting being configured to position the heating module outside of the inner wall of the enclosure of the pressuriser in a position that makes it possible to heat the inner wall of the pressuriser by magnetic induction when an electric current passes through the winding of the heating module.. .
Societe Technique Pour L'energie Atomique Technicatome

Magnetic recording medium and producing the same

A patterned magnetic recording medium, accessible by a magnetic recording head, including a plurality of tracks, a width direction of each track and that of the magnetic recording head being of a skew angle. The patterned magnetic recording medium includes a plurality of magnetic dots, each corresponding to a recording bit, formed on a non-magnetic material.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Magnetoresistive sensor

Implementations disclosed herein allow a signal detected by a magnetoresistive (mr) sensor to be improved by providing for one or more alloyed layers that each includes a ferromagnetic material and a refractory material. The alloyed layers are provided adjacent to a shield element or between soft magnetic layers of the sensor stack..
Seagate Technology Llc

Magnetoresistive-based high field sensor

An omnidirectional magnetoresistive magnetic field sensor includes a plurality of magnetic material film layers each having an equal thickness of less than 0.5 nanometers (nm), and a plurality of non-magnetic spacer layers between each of the magnetic material film layers.. .
Nve Corporation

System and measuring defects in ferromagnetic materials

Defects in ferromagnetic materials are detected and characterized by analyzing the items' magnetic fields to find portions of the magnetic fields that differ in characteristic ways from residual magnetic fields generated by non-defective portions of the items. The portions of the magnetic fields that differ in the characteristic ways correspond to locations of the defects.
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

Heat exchanger beds composed of thermomagnetic material

Provided is a packed heat exchanger bed composed of thermomagnetic material particles having a mean particle diameter of 50 μm to 1 mm. The packed bed has porosity of 30-45%.
Basf Se

Binding a target substance

Magnetic particles capable of binding a target substance, which comprise a magnetic material and a matrix material, wherein the magnetic material is remanent upon exposure to a magnetic field and the matrix material has a surface comprising functional groups which promote disaggregation of the particles in the presence of a liquid phase.. .
Sinvent As

Magnetic receptive printable media

An article, the article comprising at least one first surface, the first surface comprising magnetic receptive media, the magnetic receptive media comprising about 60% to about 95% by weight ferrimagnetic material and about 5% to about 40% by weight thermoplastic polymer and at least one second surface, the second surface comprising a permanently magnetized composition, wherein the at least one first surface and at least one second surface are magnetically adhered.. .
Magnetnotes, Ltd.

Multi-layered structure and a sealing or shaping using a multi-layered structure

A multi-layered structure comprising an induction activation layer comprising a blend of (a) a first thermoplastic polymer, (b) a plurality of first particles, each said first particle comprising (i) a core comprising one or more magnetic materials and (ii) a shell comprising silicon dioxide; and (c) optionally a plurality of second particles, each said second particle comprising heat conducting particles; and a sealant, wherein the sealant exhibits a melting point equal to or lower than any other layer in the multi-layered structure, wherein the induction activation layer and sealant are in direct or indirect thermal contact is provided.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Single magnet planar-magnetic transducer

Planar-magnetic transducers and headphone speakers are provided. The transducer includes a magnet, a diaphragm and an electrically conductive trace.
Jps Labs Llc

Electronically controlled universal motor

An electric motor apparatus and method of controlling the same are provided. The electric motor apparatus includes a stator and a rotor rotationally mounted coaxially with the stator; an intermediate screen having a magnetic material and rotationally mounted between the stator and the rotor to provide magnetic screening between the rotor and the stator; and control circuitry to control power supplied to windings on the rotor and the stator in dependence upon a desired output rotational speed..
Arm Limited

Fuel pump

A fuel pump with an electric motor having a stator, a shaft, and a rotor arranged on the shaft. The rotor is a magnetic rotor, and an impeller is driven by the shaft, which impeller is rotatably mounted in a pump housing.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

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