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Magnetic Material patents

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Dual magnetic phase stator laminations for stator permanent magnet electric machines

Electroless plated material formed directly on metal

Date/App# patent app List of recent Magnetic Material-related patents
 Systems and methods for making radially anisotropic thin-film magnetic torroidal cores, and radially anisotropic cores having radial anisotropy, and inductors having radially anisotropic cores patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for making radially anisotropic thin-film magnetic torroidal cores, and radially anisotropic cores having radial anisotropy, and inductors having radially anisotropic cores
A radially anisotropic toroidal magnetic core is fabricated by a method including providing apparatus having a first magnet for providing a radial magnetic field extending across a cavity from an axial spindle to a surrounding second magnetic element, placing a substrate in the cavity, the substrate having a hole fitting around the head of the spindle; and sputter-depositing a film of ferromagnetic material onto the substrate. An alternative fabrication uses a similar fixture to impose magnetic anisotropy by annealing a previously-formed toroidal core.
 Dual magnetic phase stator laminations for stator permanent magnet electric machines patent thumbnailnew patent Dual magnetic phase stator laminations for stator permanent magnet electric machines
A dual magnetic phase stator lamination for use in stator permanent magnet electric machines is disclosed. The permanent magnet electrical machine includes a rotor mounted for rotation about a central axis and a stator positioned about the rotor and comprising a plurality of stator laminations, wherein each of the stator laminations is composed of a dual magnetic phase material and includes a first stator lamination portion comprising a magnetic material and a second stator lamination portion comprising a non-magnetic material, the second stator lamination portion comprising an area positioned adjacent to each of a plurality of permanent magnets embedded in the stator lamination.
 Leakage preventing device of electromagnetic wave and wireless power transmission system patent thumbnailnew patent Leakage preventing device of electromagnetic wave and wireless power transmission system
According to an embodiment, there is provided a leak preventing device of electromagnetic wave, including a metal pipe and a magnetic material part. The metal pipe is arranged to surround a periphery of a first electric power transmission device.
 Electroless plated material formed directly on metal patent thumbnailnew patent Electroless plated material formed directly on metal
A method for forming magnetic conductors includes forming a metal structure on a substrate. Plating surfaces are prepared on the metal structure for electroless plating by at least one of: masking surfaces of the metal structure to prevent electroless plating on masked surfaces and/or activating a surface of the metal structure.
 Electroless plated material formed directly on metal patent thumbnailnew patent Electroless plated material formed directly on metal
A method for forming magnetic conductors includes forming a metal structure on a substrate. Plating surfaces are prepared on the metal structure for electroless plating by at least one of: masking surfaces of the metal structure to prevent electroless plating on masked surfaces and/or activating a surface of the metal structure.
 Composite rf tag, and tool mounted with the composite rf tag patent thumbnailnew patent Composite rf tag, and tool mounted with the composite rf tag
The present invention relates to a composite rf tag for transmitting and receiving information using an electromagnetic induction method, comprising a magnetic antenna mounted with an ic, and a resin layer formed around the magnetic antenna, wherein the magnetic antenna comprises a central core formed of a magnetic material and a coil-shaped electrode material disposed around the core. The rf tag according to the present invention comprises the magnetic antenna surrounded by the resin, and therefore can provide a composite magnetic rf tag which can minimize adverse influence by surrounding water or metals in view of maintenance of tools or parts to which the composite rf tag is mounted, and is free from occurrence of any failure or cracking..
 Scanning optical systems patent thumbnailScanning optical systems
Scanning mechanisms that have application in confocal imaging use electromagnetic actuation to move elements in an optical system. An objective lens mounted to a flexure comprising a magnetic material is actuated in the axial direction by an electromagnet coil.
 Flattening film forming composition for hard disk patent thumbnailFlattening film forming composition for hard disk
A flattening film forming composition for a hard disk that can prevent a magnetic material from migrating to the nonmagnetic layer, including a photopolymerizable coating material containing at least one polymer selected from a homopolymer that has a divinyl aromatic compound-derived unit structure and a copolymer having the unit structure or containing a mixture of the polymer and a photopolymerizable compound. The photopolymerizable compound may include an acrylate group, a methacrylate group, or a vinyl group.
 Semi-hard magnetic material and theft-prevention magnetic sensor using same and method of manufacturing semi-hard magnetic material patent thumbnailSemi-hard magnetic material and theft-prevention magnetic sensor using same and method of manufacturing semi-hard magnetic material
A semi-hard magnetic material that is formed with equal to or more than 5.0% but less than 13.0% of ni by mass, equal to or more than 0.5% but equal to or less than 4.0% of mn by mass, more than 0% but equal to or less than 3.0% of al by mass, more than 0% but equal to or less than 1.0% of ti by mass and a remainder of fe and an impurity, that has a coercivity of 1000 to 2400 a/m and that has a residual magnetic flux density of 1.3 t or more. A method of manufacturing the above semi-hard magnetic material wherein the material is a thin plate having a thickness of 0.030 to 0.30 mm and, after a cold rolling, performing an aging treatment on the thin plate at a temperature of 520° c.
 Linear vibration actuator and mobile communication device or gaming device including the same patent thumbnailLinear vibration actuator and mobile communication device or gaming device including the same
A linear vibration actuator for which the positional accuracy of coils in the casing can be easily increased. A linear vibration actuator (1) in which a magnet (13) and a weight (15) are fixed.
Memory element and memory device
There is disclosed a memory element including a memory layer that maintains information through the magnetization state of a magnetic material, a magnetization-fixed layer with a magnetization that is a reference of information stored in the memory layer, and an intermediate layer that is formed of a non-magnetic material and is provided between the memory layer and the magnetization-fixed layer. The storing of the information is performed by inverting the magnetization of the memory layer by using a spin torque magnetization inversion occurring according to a current flowing in the lamination direction of a layered structure having the memory layer, the intermediate layer, and the magnetization-fixed layer, the memory layer includes an alloy region containing at least one of fe and co, and a magnitude of an effective diamagnetic field which the memory layer receives during magnetization inversion thereof is smaller than the saturated magnetization amount of the memory layer..
Magnetic material and coil component
A magnetic material includes a grain compact in which metal grains having oxide films are compacted, wherein the metal grains are constituted by fe—si-m soft magnetic alloy (where m represents a metal element that oxidizes more easily than iron), the metal grains in the grain compact are mutually bonded with adjacent metal grains by inter-bonding of their oxide films, and at least some of this bonding of oxide films takes the form of bonding of crystalline oxides, or preferably at least some of the bonding of oxides is based on continuous lattice bond. A coil component has a coil on an interior or surface of an element body wherein the element body uses the magnetic material..
Magnetic material and method for producing same
The invention relates to a method for producing a magnetic material, said magnetic material consisting of a starting material that comprises a rare earth metal (se) and at least one transition metal. The rare earth metal content is 15 to 20 wt.
Small form factor magnetic shield for magnetorestrictive random access memory (mram)
Some implementations provide a die that includes a magnetoresistive random access memory (mram) cell array that includes several mram cells. The die also includes a first ferromagnetic layer positioned above the mram cell array, a second ferromagnetic layer positioned below the mram cell array, and several vias positioned around at least one mram cell.
Magnetic storage element and magnetic memory
Disclosed herein is a magnetic storage element including: a reference layer configured to have a magnetization direction fixed to a predetermined direction; a recording layer configured to have a magnetization direction that changes due to spin injection in a direction corresponding to recording information; an intermediate layer configured to separate the recording layer from the reference layer; and a heat generator configured to heat the recording layer. A material of the recording layer is such a magnetic material that magnetization at 150° c.
Rfid-based book tagging device and method
The present invention relates to a radio frequency identification (rfid) device and method for book tagging, using which a rfid tag which is designed to attach to a book is first being scanned and detected in view of optimizing the rfid tag's signal strength and its effective reading rate as well so as to determine a position on the book for the rfid tag to attach thereat while allowing the detection to the rfid tag to be prevented from being adversely affected by metals or magnetic materials that are situated ambient to the book.. .
Magnetic cooler
A cooler with a magnetic base is provided. The cooler is particularly suited to being used with a truck because the magnetic base can secure the cooler against a metal truck bed, ensuring that the cooler will not move during transport.
Tile with magnetic type material and covered with a layer of parchment and process thereof
The present invention relates generally to a tile or panel having at least one magnetic material embedded therein, and fully or partially covered with at least one layer of parchment. The invention also encompasses at least one discrete permanent magnet that is placed at an appropriate location within a panel or tile, and wherein at least a portion of the panel or tile and the at least one magnet are then optionally covered with at least one layer of at least one barrier material, and then at least one parchment layer partially or fully envelopes this assembly.
Patterned mr device with controlled shape anisotropy
A magnetic sensor with increased sensitivity, lower noise, and improved frequency response is described. The sensor's free layer is ribbon shaped and is closely flanked at each long edge by a ribbon of magnetically soft, high permeability material.
Reduced adjacent track errors in bit-patterned media
The present disclosure relates to a magnetic medium that includes a substrate and a bit patterned magnetic layer applied to the substrate. The bit-patterned magnetic layer includes islands and each island includes a first magnetic material having a first magnetic anisotropy and that has a top surface, a bottom surface, and a peripheral surface.
Spintronic oscillator, and use thereof in radiofrequency devices
An oscillator is provided including a nanopillar and current injector for injecting a power supply current through the nanopillar, the nanopillar including at least one pattern including first and second layers made from a ferromagnetic material separated from each other by an intermediate layer made from a non-magnetic material. Each of the first and second ferromagnetic layers is prepared such that its remanent magnetic configuration corresponds to a vortex configuration and the polarity of the vortex core of the first layer is opposite the polarity of the vortex core of the second layer.
Patterned mr device with controlled shape anisotropy
A magnetic sensor with increased sensitivity, lower noise, and improved frequency response is described. The sensor's free layer is ribbon shaped and is closely flanked at each long edge by a ribbon of magnetically soft, high permeability material.
Bias field generation for a magneto sensor
Embodiments related to the generation of magnetic bias fields for magnetic sensing are described and depicted. In one embodiment, a sensor includes at least one magnetosensitive element, and a magnetic body with an opening, the magnetic body comprising magnetic material, the magnetic body having inclined surface sections shaped by the opening, wherein the sensor is arranged within the opening such that the magneto-sensitive element is in lateral directions bounded by the inclined surface sections..
Magnetic gate latch
A magnetic gate latch comprises magnetic materials and a latching mechanism attracted into a keeper when the gate latch is closed by a first magnetic force and retained in a unlatched position by a second magnetic force. For example, the latching mechanism comprises a pin without a spring or other biasing mechanism biasing the spring in a direction opposite of a magnet in the keeper assembly.
Magnetic sensor integrated in a chip for detecting magnetic fields perpendicular to the chip and manufacturing process thereof
An integrated magnetic sensor formed by a semiconductor chip having a surface and accommodating a magnetic via and a sensing coil. The magnetic via is formed by a cylindrical layer of ferromagnetic material that extends perpendicular to the surface of the first chip and has in cross-section an annular shape of a circular or elliptical or curvilinear type.
Electrostatically controlled magnetic logic device
A magnetic logic cell includes a first electrode portion, a magnetic portion arranged on the first electrode, the magnetic portion including an anti-ferromagnetic material or a ferrimagnetic material, a dielectric portion arranged on the magnetic portion, and a second electrode portion arranged on the dielectric portion.. .
Magnetically susceptible particles and apparatuses for mixing the same
The present invention includes a magnetically susceptible polymer component, a method of making the same, and apparatuses and systems for mixing, separating or localizing a magnetically susceptible polymer compound in a reaction. The magnetically susceptible polymer component includes a polymer and a magnetically susceptible particle of a predetermined size, which yields a component having a much-improved magnetic reactivity due to the increase in magnetic material by mass percentage.
Mechanical vibration switch
A mechanical vibration switch having a magnet connected to a bar that rotates about an axis, an inertial mass connected to the bar, a magnetic material part disposed in a predetermined spaced apart relation from the magnet, a spring, a stop, and an electrical relay mechanically actuated by the bar. The magnetic material part is adjusted parallel to the magnet such that the magnetic force varies approximately linearly with the common surface area s between the face of the magnet and the face of the magnetic material part..
Helmet systems and other wearable safety gear
A system of two or more helmets used in team sports with magnetic material embedded in, or attached to, each helmet. Magnets are positioned identically in helmets so that the north magnetic field is facing outward.
Thrombus removal apparatus
A thrombus removal apparatus (10) includes a catheter (12) having at its distal end (14) a solenoid coil section (16) within which there is disposed a piercing element (20) made of electromagnetic material. Within the solenoid coil section (16) there is provided a solenoid coil (26) which can be powered to generate an electromagnetic field which causes the piercing element (20) to reciprocate into and out of the coil section (16), in practice to pierce into and fragment a thrombus disposed in a patient's vessel.
Reduced spacing recording apparatus
Aspects include recording media with enhanced areal density through reduction of head media spacing, head keeper spacing, or head to soft underlayer spacing. Such aspects comprise replacing currently non-magnetic components of devices, such as interlayers and overcoats with components and compositions comprising magnetic materials.
Magnetic separation using nanoparticles
Nanoparticles as described herein are configured to bind to bacterial contaminants, such as gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria, and endotoxins. The nanoparticles include a core comprising a magnetic material; and a plurality of ligands attached to the core.
Electronic device with detachable keyboard
An electronic device includes a base and a keyboard module. The base defines a receiving space in which a number of magnets is received.
Rare earth-free permanent magnetic material
The invention provides rare earth-free permanent magnetic materials and methods of making them. The materials can be used to produce magnetic structures for use in a wide variety of commercial applications, such as motors, generators, and other electromechanical and electronic devices.
Component for fixing curvature of flexible device and deformation and fixing curvature method
Provided is a component for fixing the curvature of a flexible device. The component includes a permanent magnet substrate and a magnetic substrate connect to the permanent magnet substrate.
Electromechanical valve
An electromechanical valve includes, in a housing, a core of magnetic material surrounded by a coil to be supplied with excitation current, a valve seat attached to the housing with a space to the core, at least one outlet port in the valve seat and at least one inlet port communicating via the space, and a valve washer of magnetic material suspended in the space to close the outlet port in absence of excitation current to the coil, the valve washer cooperating with the core to open/close the outlet port when excitation current is supplied to the coil.. .
Selective deposition of magnetic particles and using magnetic material as a carrier medium to deposit nanoparticles
Selective deposition of magnetic material such as particles, and producing a pre-laminated stack of shielding layers for offsetting attenuation of rf caused by a metal face plate of a smart card (or tag) or a metallized layer near a passive transponder. Coated or uncoated magnetic particles of different sizes may be used to increase the packing density of the material after its deposition on a substrate.
Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic memory
Provided are a magneto resistive effect element with a stable magnetization direction perpendicular to a film plane and with a controlled magnetoresistance ratio, and a magnetic memory using the magneto resistive effect element. Ferromagnetic layers 106 and 107 of the magneto resistive effect element are formed from a ferromagnetic material containing at least one type of 3d transition metal such that the magnetoresistance ratio is controlled, and the film thickness of the ferromagnetic layers is controlled on an atomic layer level such that the magnetization direction is changed from a direction in the film plane to a direction perpendicular to the film plane..
Optical connections having magnetic coupling
Optical connections for optical communication having in-line optical paths and magnetic coupling portions are disclosed. In one embodiment, an optical connection includes a lens block having an optical interface portion that defines an in-line optical path without an optical turn for optical signals propagating through the lens block, and a magnetic coupling portion disposed about at least a portion of the lens block.
Apparatus for initializing perpendicular mram device
The present invention is directed to an apparatus for initializing perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction. The apparatus comprises a permanent magnet for generating a magnetic flux; a flux concentrator made of a soft ferromagnetic material and having a base area in contact with the permanent magnet and an tip area that is smaller than the base area, thereby funneling and concentrating the magnetic flux to the tip area for emitting a magnetic field therefrom; and a means for supporting and conveying a substrate with an arrays of magnetic tunnel junctions formed therein to traverse the magnetic field in close proximity to the tip area.
Nozzle unit for printer and printer having the same
A nozzle unit for a printer that includes a sleeve having a guide path formed in the sleeve and through which ink passes, a nozzle hole seat arranged at one end of the sleeve and having a nozzle hole corresponding to the guide path, and a nozzle holder accommodating the sleeve and the nozzle hole seat, having an opening whose diameter is larger than a diameter of the nozzle hole of the nozzle hole seat so that the ink passing through the nozzle hole is externally discharged through the opening, and including a paramagnetic material.. .
Integrated magnetic core inductors with interleaved windings
A coupled inductor topology for a thin-film magnetic core power inductor that enables efficient integrated power conversion. Coupled magnetic core inductors with interleaved windings inductors comprise magnetic films and partially or fully interleaved conductors.
Electro permanent magnetic system with magnetic state indicator
An electro permanent magnetic system (10) for anchoring ferromagnetic material, with magnetic state indicator (14), comprising: an electro permanent magnetic module (12), a control unit (11) for said electro permanent magnetic module (12), an electrical connection system (13) between said control unit (11) and said electro permanent magnetic module (12); a magnetization indicator (14) for said electro permanent magnetic module (12) associated with the electro permanent magnetic module (12); characterised in that said magnetization indicator (14) is a bistable indicator having two stable states; said magnetization indicator (14) not requiring electrical power to remain in one of said stable states; said magnetization indicator (14) being electrically fed only in association with the magnetization or demagnetization of said electro permanent magnetic module (12), to pass from one stable state to the other of said two stable states.. .
Displays with magnetic couplings
The perimeter of a hollow-core nonmagnetic frame is magnetized with magnetic inserts. Display panels of corresponding shape and size are provided with a ferromagnetic material along their perimeter so that the display panels can be magnetically retained in position on the frame by magnetically coupling to the magnetic inserts through the nonmagnetic frame.
Methods of production for corrosion-resistant bit patterned media (bpm) and discrete track media (dtm)
A method for producing a magnetic recording medium in one embodiment includes forming a magnetic material layer above a substrate, transferring an uneven pattern to the magnetic material layer to form concave portions and convex portions, the convex portions being magnetic regions, depositing a nonmagnetic material above the concave portions to form nonmagnetic regions, forming an oxide layer and/or hydroxide layer above the magnetic regions of the recording layer, and forming an organic material layer which exhibits a corrosion-inhibiting characteristic with respect to cobalt or cobalt alloy above the oxide layer and/or hydroxide layer.. .
Low profile inductors for high density circuit boards
An inductor includes a core formed of a magnetic material and a foil winding wound at least partially around or through at least a portion of the core. A first end of the winding extends away from the core to form an extended output tongue configured and arranged to supplement or serve as a substitute for a printed circuit board foil trace.
Operator control device
An operator control device has an operating element with haptic feedback. The operating element has a touch-sensitive operator control area and is operated through an input element.
Mobile carrier system for at least one sensor element designed for non-destructive testing
The invention relates to a mobile carrier system for at least one sensor element for testing test objects having convex surfaces. The system is provided for testing test objects that are at least made of ferromagnetic material.
Motor unit
A rotation detector of a motor according to an embodiment includes a first support and a second support, a pair of magnetic field forming units, at least one magnetic field detector, and a first magnetic member and a second magnetic member. The first magnetic member and the second magnetic member are each made of a magnetic material, cover longitudinal-direction both ends of the magnetic field detector facing the first support, respectively, and face each other with a gap interposed therebetween at a longitudinal-direction mid-portion of the magnetic field detector in the longitudinal direction.
Piston actuator controlling a valve and method for operating the same
Piston actuators and methods of its operation are described. The piston actuators include a housing defining a chamber having a piston therein and a spring seated against the piston to bias it into a starting position.
Adapting device for linear compressor, and compressor provided with such device
The present invention relates to an adapter for connecting a resilient member 1 to a magnetic actuator 2 of a linear compressor, comprised of at least one support member 6 cooperating with a resilient element 1, said support member 6 comprising a substantially cylindrical part equipped with intermediate perimeter salient portion 61; at least one fastening element 7 cooperating with the support member 8 and the magnetic actuator 2, and means for enabling interconnection between a magnetic actuator 2 and a resilient member 1 of a detachable and electrically insulated linear compressor, the fastening element 7 being made in electrically insulating and non-magnetic material, for example, ceramic.. .
Magnetic material and coil component employing same
A magnetic material is constituted by a grain compact formed by compacting multiple metal grains that in turn are constituted by an fe—si-m soft magnetic alloy (where m is a metal element that oxidizes more easily than fe), wherein individual metal grains have oxide film formed at least partially around them as a result of oxidization of the metal grains; the grain compact is formed primarily via bonding between oxide films formed around adjacent metal grains; and the apparent density of the grain compact 1 is 5.2 g/cm3 or more, or preferably 5.2 to 7.0 g/cm3.. .
Inductor apparatus and method of manufacture thereof
The invention comprises an electrical apparatus and method of manufacture. The apparatus includes a substantially annular inductor comprising an inductor core composed of at least a distributed gap material.
Multilayer common mode filter
A first coil is configured in such a structure that first and second coil conductors are connected by a first through-hole conductor. A second coil is configured in such a structure that third and fourth coil conductors are connected by a second through-hole conductor.
Cmos transistors, fin field-effect transistors and fabrication methods thereof
A method is provided for fabricating a transistor. The method includes providing a semiconductor substrate; and configuring a channel region along a first direction.
Checking arrangement for value-document check
A testing configuration for testing a security document includes a security element, having a high-coercivity magnetic material and a low-coercivity magnetic material, a device comprising such a test configuration and to a relevant test method. The high- and low- coercivity magnetic materials of the security element are magnetized in a first direction by the interaction of first and second magnet pair units, and subsequently the low-coercivity magnetic material is remagnetized in a second magnetization direction by means of the second magnet pair unit.
Method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive device
A method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive-based device includes a metal hard mask that is inert to a top electrode etch chemistry and that has low sputter yield during a magnetic stack sputter. The metal hard mask is patterned by the photo resist and the photo mask is then stripped and the top electrode (overlying magnetic materials of the magnetoresistive-based device) is patterned by the metal hard mask..
Rotation detection set and bearing assembly comprising such a detection set
This rotation detection set comprises an encoder washer rotatable around a rotation axis, at least one sensor adapted to detect a rotation parameter of the encoder washer through an air gap (g), a support member for holding the sensor with respect to the rotation axis and a mounting member for immobilizing the support member with respect to a fixed structure. The mounting member is made of one piece of magnetic material and has a first wall located on the same side of the air gap (g) as the encoder washer and a second wall located on the same side of the air gap as the sensor whereas a magnetic body of the encoder washer, the air gap (g) and the sensor are located in a volume defined by the mounting member between the two walls..
Base assembly and hard disk drive including the same
There is provided a base assembly including a motor mounting part, and a base body including a disk mounting part coupled to the motor mounting part and having a disk disposed thereon, the disk having data stored therein, and a head seating part formed in a position lower than that of the disk mounting part, wherein the motor mounting part is formed of a non-magnetic material, and the base body is formed of a magnetic material.. .
Method for treating and measuring subterranean formations
A method of treating a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore comprising injecting electrically conductive or electromagnetic fibers into the subterranean formation during hydraulic fracturing is provided. Suitable metallic materials, organic polymers, and organic polymers coated with or containing conductive or electromagnetic materials are described.
Non-contact magnetostrictive sensing systems and methods
A system for sensing stress in a ferromagnetic material is provided. The system includes at least one magnetic flux device configured to induce a conditioning magnetic flux in the ferromagnetic material.
Variable-flux motor drive system
A variable-flux motor drive system including a permanent-magnet motor including a permanent magnet, an inverter to drive the permanent-magnet motor, and a magnetize device to pass a magnetizing current for controlling flux of the permanent magnet. The permanent magnet is a variable magnet whose flux density is variable depending on a magnetizing current from the inverter.
Rotating electric machine
A motor is provided having a consequent-pole type rotor that has soft magnetic material poles and magnetic poles positioned around the rotor in an alternating manner. A convex surface on each of the poles is formed as a surface in which a midpoint of the convex surface has a radial distance from the rotation axis that is greater than a radial distance of the circumferential edges of the convex surface from the rotation axis.
Variable damping force damper
Provided is a solenoid-type variable damping force damper that improves the strength of the piston and prevents wire break in the electromagnetic coil. A piston includes a piston main body, an expansion-side valve plate, a contraction-side valve plate, an electromagnetic coil, and a bolt.
Method and apparatus for detection and characterization of mechanical damage
Yield stress is an important indicator of the strength of a component such as a pipe section. A method and apparatus for measuring yield stress of components made from magnetic materials is provided.
Stent for restenosis prevention
A device for use in reducing or preventing the occurrence of restenosis following procedures such as ptca, in which a stent is used to hold a bodily lumen open. The device comprises a two layered stent, one lying within the other.
Building blocks and a wand having magnetic properties therefor
A toy combination includes a plurality of children's building blocks, each of the building blocks having a ferromagnetic material, and a wand with at least a portion that is magnetic, the wand capable of attracting the plurality of children's building blocks. The wand may have end lower ends in a variety of configurations to pick up the building blocks..
Magnetic powder metallurgy materials
The present invention is directed to electrically conductive compacted metal parts fabricated using powder metallurgy methods. The iron-based powders of the invention are coated with magnetic or pre-magnetic materials..
Magnetic memory devices and systems
A method of storing one or more bits of information comprising: forming a magnetic bubble; and storing a said bit of information encoded in a typology of a domain wall of said magnetic bubble. Preferably a bit is encoded using a symmetric topological state of the domain wall and a topological state including at least one winding rotation of a magnetisation vector of the domain wall.
Coil antenna device and antenna module
In a coil antenna device, a multilayer structure includes non-magnetic sheets and magnetic sheets stacked on each other. A coil conductor is provided in the multilayer structure such that a portion of the magnetic material defines a magnetic core and such that a coil axis extends along a principle surface of the multilayer structure.
Common mode filter and method of manufacturing the same
Disclosed herein are a common mode filter for increasing inductance using simpler structure and a method of manufacturing the same, the common mode filter including: a magnetic material substrate; an insulating layer included on an upper portion of the magnetic material substrate and having a coil electrode formed therein; an opening part penetrating through a central portion of the insulating layer; and a magnetic composite formed in the opening part, wherein the opening part has a side wall inclined at a predetermined angle.. .
Common mode filter
Disclosed herein is a common mode filter including: a coil part including a conductor coil provided in an insulating part; a plurality of external electrodes provided on the insulating part while being electrically connected to the conductor coil; and a magnetic material part provided in a region between the plurality of external electrodes on the insulating part. By this configuration, impedance characteristics of the common mode filter may be improved..

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