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Magnetic Gears patents

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 Magnetic gear system patent thumbnailMagnetic gear system
A magnetic gear system for use anywhere gears are required. The magnetic gear system incorporating magnetic gears including at least one end plate and at least one axle coupled to the at least one end plate.
Jak Research, Llc

 Inherently torque limited magnetically-coupled wheels patent thumbnailInherently torque limited magnetically-coupled wheels
An apparatus having a driving magnetic gear and a driver magnetic gear, disposed on each of which are a series of adjacent magnets of alternating polarity. The magnetic gears are tiltable relative to each other, and the angle of the imaginary driver gear plane at the pivot point between the driving gear and the driver gear must be less than 90° to prevent loss of sequential magnetic interaction beyond which angle, reversal of rotation relative to the driver gear would occur when the sequential magnetic interaction is re-established..

 Magnetic gear with first and second members arranged to interact in a magnetically geared manner patent thumbnailMagnetic gear with first and second members arranged to interact in a magnetically geared manner
Embodiments of the present invention relate to magnetic gears comprising first and second moveable members arranged to interact in a magnetically geared manner via a first electrical winding arrangement arranged to generate, at least in part, a first magnetic flux having a first number of pole-pairs, and one or more pole-pieces arranged to modulate the first magnetic flux to interact with a second magnetic flux having a second number of pole-pairs, wherein the first number of pole-pairs is less than the second number of pole-pairs.. .
Magnomatics Limited

 Magnetic gears, and related systems and methods patent thumbnailMagnetic gears, and related systems and methods
A magnetic gear may comprise a first gear member comprising a plurality of permanent magnets arranged to have a first number of magnetic pole pairs and a second gear member positioned relative to the first gear member. The second gear member may comprise a plurality of individually rotatable magnetized elements each driven and synchronized with one another to selectively generate a second number of magnetic pole pairs that differs from the first number of magnetic pole pairs.
National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

 Magnetic powertrain and components patent thumbnailMagnetic powertrain and components
Magnetic powertrains for vehicles comprised of magnetically integrated transmission systems and components built from a plurality of magnetic gears are provided. Embodiments provide magnetic clutches, magnetic differentials, and assemblies of kinetic-electric cvts integrating one or more motors with a flywheel by the use of magnetic gears..

 Cycloidal transmissions patent thumbnailCycloidal transmissions
The present invention refers to a conventional spur gear transmission or magnetic gear transmission, with a cycloidal configuration. The magnetic gears include contact points such that the mobile gear rolls on the fixed gear.

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