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Magnetic Field patents

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Position measurement using a variable flux collector

Absorbtion-based detection of spin impurities in solid-state spin systems

Measuring system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Magnetic Field-related patents
 Geomagnetic sensor calibration apparatus and method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Geomagnetic sensor calibration apparatus and method thereof
A geomagnetic sensor calibration apparatus includes a geomagnetic sensor which measures at least one value of earth's magnetic field, an initial point estimator which estimates first central points regarding the at least one value of the earth's magnetic field by using a first linear function, a central point estimator which estimates second central points by using a second linear function and the estimated first central points, and a controller which determines whether calibrating of the geomagnetic sensor is necessary based on the estimated first central points and controls the central point estimator to estimate second central points based on whether calibration is determined to be necessary.. .
 Method and apparatus for tissue ablation patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for tissue ablation
Devices and methods for tissue ablation include injecting a conductive medium into a target tissue and then delivering an ablative agent to the conductive medium to ablate the target tissue. Optionally, the contents of the target tissue are removed using the ablation device prior to injection of the conductive medium.
 Wireless chemical sensor and sensing method for use therewith patent thumbnailnew patent Wireless chemical sensor and sensing method for use therewith
A wireless chemical sensor includes an electrical conductor and a material separated therefrom by an electric insulator. The electrical conductor is an unconnected open-circuit shaped for storage of an electric field and a magnetic field.
 Magnetic platforms for biomolecule trappings, manipulations, and sorting patent thumbnailnew patent Magnetic platforms for biomolecule trappings, manipulations, and sorting
A magnetic platform is provided and includes a patterned array of discrete magnetic elements positioned on a substrate, a plurality of first electromagnets for creating a first magnetic field substantially in the plane of the substrate, an electromagnetic coil for creating a second magnetic field substantially perpendicular to the plane of the substrate, and a control device for controlling the application of the magnetic fields. Processes for manipulating, transporting, separating and sorting micro- or nano-scale particles and biomolecules are also described..
 Dental implantation system and method using magnetic sensors patent thumbnailnew patent Dental implantation system and method using magnetic sensors
Provided herein, inter alia, is a system for indicating the location of a dental drill includes a dental handpiece, which further includes the dental drill. A plurality of sensors detect a magnetic field and produce a set of outputs, which are usable at least in part to indicate the location of the dental drill.
 Printed circuit board and magnetic field or current sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Printed circuit board and magnetic field or current sensor
A printed circuit has a creep suppressor and a stack of metallization layers separated by electrically insulating layers. A metallization layer arranged above the insulating layer at least partially covers a cavity formed in the latter's top face.
 Magnetic recording head, magnetic head assembly, magnetic recording apparatus, and magnetic recording method patent thumbnailnew patent Magnetic recording head, magnetic head assembly, magnetic recording apparatus, and magnetic recording method
An example magnetic recording apparatus includes a magnetic recording medium and a magnetic recording head. The magnetic recording head includes a first magnetic pole to apply a recording magnetic field to a magnetic recording medium, a spin torque oscillator provided parallel to the first magnetic pole, a first coil which surrounds the first magnetic pole, to magnetize the first magnetic pole, and a second coil to pass a current independently of the first coil and magnetize the first magnetic pole.
 Reflective line source patent thumbnailnew patent Reflective line source
There is provided a reflective line source for an antenna system. The reflective line source comprises at least one region adapted to receive an electromagnetic field and to expand the field in at least one dimension.
 Operator control device patent thumbnailnew patent Operator control device
An operator control device has an operating element with haptic feedback. The operating element has a touch-sensitive operator control area and is operated through an input element.
 Inductor design with metal dummy features patent thumbnailnew patent Inductor design with metal dummy features
Techniques are disclosed for enhancing performance of integrated or on-chip inductors by implementing a schema of conductive metal dummies in the design thereof. In some cases, a metal dummy schema may be disposed in a layer proximate an upper surface of the inductor.
new patent Rare-earth permanent magnet and method for manufacturing rare-earth permanent magnet
There are provided a rare-earth permanent magnet and a manufacturing method of a rare-earth permanent magnet capable of improving magnetic properties by optimizing magnetic field orientation. In the method, magnet material is milled into magnet powder.
new patent Determination of specific absorption rate (sar) in magnetic resonance imaging (mri)
A magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system includes static and gradient magnetic field generators, at least one radio frequency (rf) coil, at least one rf transmitter and at least one rf receiver. At least one power consumption monitor is coupled to locally measure power consumed by the rf coil.
new patent Radio frequency (rf) coil device, magnetic resonance apparatus employing the rf coil device, and method of operating the rf coil device
A radio frequency (rf) coil device includes a plurality of rf coil elements configured to generate an rf magnetic field, and a support member configured to support the plurality of rf coil elements so that at least one of the plurality of rf coil elements is movable.. .
new patent Absorbtion-based detection of spin impurities in solid-state spin systems
Absorption based detection of spin states of spin impurities within a solid-state spin system, such as nv centers in diamond, is implemented by measuring the absorption intensity of an optical signal applied to the spin impurities, i.e. Change in intensity of the optical signal after the signal has been transmitted through the solid-state spin system.
new patent Dual purpose atomic device for realizing atomic frequency standard and magnetic field measurement
A dual purpose atomic device (dad) for realizing atomic frequency standard and/or magnetic field measurement based on a hybrid technique comprising of enhanced transmission and polarization rotation by the cpt states is invented. The dual purpose atomic device for realizing atomic frequency standard and/or magnetic field measurement basically involving means for generating bi-chromatic field to facilitate the creation of cpt state in an atomic cell and stabilizing the frequency difference among the said bi-chromatic field to the center of the cpt resonance and thereby realizing atomic frequency standard and/or means for monitoring and analyzing transmitted polarization rotation signal from the cpt enabled atomic gas in a sample cell for measuring magnetic field without scanning the radiofrequency oscillator..
new patent Arrangement for crack detection in metallic materials in a metal making process
An arrangement for a metal making process for detecting cracks along a strip of a metallic material moving in relation to the arrangement. The arrangement includes a coil arrangement fixedly arranged during crack inspection, having: a first winding portion extending in a first direction for inducing a first current in the first direction; a second winding portion extending in a second direction for inducing a second current in the second direction, the first direction and the second direction intersecting each other; a first receiver coil arranged to detect a magnetic field generated by the first current; and a second receiver coil arranged to detect a magnetic field generated by the second current, the magnetic field generated by the first current and the magnetic field generated by the second current providing a measure of whether a crack is present in the portion of the strip..
new patent Motor unit
A rotation detector of a motor according to an embodiment includes a first support and a second support, a pair of magnetic field forming units, at least one magnetic field detector, and a first magnetic member and a second magnetic member. The first magnetic member and the second magnetic member are each made of a magnetic material, cover longitudinal-direction both ends of the magnetic field detector facing the first support, respectively, and face each other with a gap interposed therebetween at a longitudinal-direction mid-portion of the magnetic field detector in the longitudinal direction.
new patent Circuit and measuring system
A measuring system having a first magnetic field sensor, a second magnetic field sensor, an encoder, and an evaluation circuit to which the first magnetic field sensor and the second magnetic field sensor are connected. The evaluation circuit generates a first signal and a second measurement signal.
new patent Measuring system
A measuring system having a first magnetic field sensor, a second magnetic field sensor, a third magnetic field sensor, an encoder, and an evaluation circuit to which the first magnetic field sensor, the second magnetic field sensor, and the third magnetic field sensor are connected. The evaluation circuit is configured to determine the position of the encoder based on a first measurement signal of the first magnetic field sensor and a second measurement signal of the second magnetic field sensor and a third measurement signal of the third magnetic field sensor..
new patent Measuring system
A measuring system having a first magnetic field sensor, an encoder, and an evaluation circuit. The first magnetic field sensor and the second magnetic field sensor and the third magnetic field sensor are connected to the encoder.
new patent Method for positioning based on magnetic field characteristics and system thereof
A system for positioning based on magnetic field characteristics includes a system apparatus and a client device. The system apparatus includes a characteristic magnetic field generation device, a magnetic field characteristic database and a processing device.
new patent Position measurement using a variable flux collector
A magnetically-based position sensor. The sensor includes a magnet assembly that moves along a path, a common collector, one or more magnetic sensing elements, a first variable collector, and a second variable collector.
new patent Current probe, current probe measurement system, and current probe measurement method
Provided is a current probe which reduces, in current measurement, a measurement error due to an unnecessary magnetic field generated from a subject not to be measured, said subject being adjacent to a subject to be measured. The current probe is characterized in having: a sensor that detects a magnetic field; a transmission path connected to the sensor; and a pair of conductive members, which protrude toward the front from a leading edge portion of the sensor, and are provided to face the sensor.
new patent Electronically commutated electric motor comprising rotor position detection with interference field compensation
An electronically commutated electric motor includes a stator and a rotor formed as a permanent magnet. A control unit is connected to the stator and configured to energize the stator to produce a rotating magnetic field.
new patent Spin rotation device
A spin device includes: a first condenser lens which focuses a spin polarized electron beam discharged from an electron gun or reflected on a sample; a spin rotator which includes a multipole having a point to which the electron beam is focused by the first condenser lens at a lens center or in the vicinity of the lens center and being capable of generating an electric field and a magnetic field; a wien condition generating means which applies a voltage and a current which satisfy the wien condition for rotating spin of the electron beam by a designated angle and making the electron beam advance straightly to the multipole which constitutes the spin rotator; and a second condenser lens which focuses the electron beam whose spin is rotated by the spin rotator.. .
new patent Apparatus and method for multiplexed multiple discharge plasma produced sources
An apparatus for producing euv light, including: a plate with pluralities of through-bores; at least one power system; and a plurality of discharge plasma devices disposed in the through-bores. Each device includes: a respective plasma electrode forming at least part of a respective plasma-producing region; a respective magnetic core embedded in the plate and aligned with the respective plasma electrode in a radial direction and configured to create a respective magnetic field within the respective plasma-producing region; and a respective feed system arranged to supply an ionizable material to the respective plasma-producing region.
new patent Magnetic field for sintering conductive material with nanoparticles
Conductive particle sintering systems including a conveyor for conveying a low-temperature substrate with a conductive ink having metallic nanomaterial on the substrate, the conveyor for conveying the substrate along a first direction; and at least one source of alternating magnetic field configured to provide sufficient energy to the conductive ink to cause the nanomaterial in the ink to be sintered; such that the at least one source of magnetic field is positioned above and/or below the substrate and oriented in a second direction substantially perpendicular to the first direction. Also disclosed are methods using such sintering systems..
new patent Vacuum sealer with a retractable heater bar
Systems (200) and methods (1300) for selectively retracting a first component of a vacuum packaging appliance (“vpa”). The method comprises: causing the first component to normally be in an engaged position in which the component facilitates a formation of a heat seal along an open end of a container disposed within the vpa; detecting an existence of at least one first condition associated with the vpa; and applying a magnetic field in proximity to the component when the first condition is detected, whereby the first component is at least maintained in an unengaged position in which the first component no longer facilitates the formation of the heat seal..
Dynamically self-adjusting magnetometer
A dynamically self-adjusting magnetometer is disclosed. In one embodiment, a first sample module periodically generates an electronic signal related to at least one magnetic field characteristic of a monitored environment.
Wheel speed sensor with support for indirect tire pressure monitoring
The present disclosure relate to an indirect tire pressure monitoring system (tpms). In some embodiments, the indirect tpms has magnetic field sensor that detects a modulated magnetic field indicative of one or more resonance parameters of an automobile tire.
Ultrasound transducer direction control
Disclosed are embodiments of devices and methods for imaging the inside of a body part, such as a blood vessel. In particular embodiments, a catheter has a chamber within which is a transducer mounted to a pivot mechanism, a motor for turning the transducer, and a coil for providing a pivot force to the transducer.
Patient positioning system with an electromagnetic field generator of an electromagnetic tracking system
It also relates to a method for navigating a patient or a part of the patient's body by means of a medical navigation system using an electromagnetic tracking system, wherein the patient or part of the patient's body is positioned by such a patient positioning system (10).. .
Apparatus and method for non-invasive measurement of cardiac output
A comparatively light and compact permanent magnet arrangement for an mri apparatus has a pair of opposed permanent magnet arrays with a shimming system to adjust the uniformity and strength of a magnetic field in a central chamber of the apparatus. The mri apparatus is used to examine the extremities of a patient to determine cardiovascular characteristics from an analysis of the blood flow through selected arteries in the extremity.
Systems and methods for sensing external magnetic fields in implantable medical devices
Systems and methods for sensing external magnetic fields in implantable medical devices are provided. One aspect of this disclosure relates to an apparatus for sensing magnetic fields.
Portable therapeutic device using rotating static magnetic fields
The present invention provides a portable therapeutic device for treatment of dyslipidemia, hyperviscosaemia, diabetic neuropathy, and peripheral artery disease, using rotating static magnetic fields (rsmf). The device comprises a two part plastic housing with a handle and a designated treatment area, a dc motor with microcontroller and a cylindrically shaped magnet roller, which comprises magnets tightly fitted into a stainless steel sleeve capped with two bearing shafts protruded on each end.
Metamaterial optical elements self-assembled on protein scaffolds
A genetically modified cowpea mosaic virus (cpmv) protein capsid serves as a scaffold for metal nanoparticles, preferably gold nanospheres, of 15 nm to 35 nm, creating plasmonic nanoclusters. The self-assembled nanoclusters gave rise to a 10-fold surface-averaged enhancement of the local electromagnetic field.
Bead manipulation techniques
The invention provides a method of redistributing magnetically responsive beads in a droplet. The method may include providing a droplet including magnetically responsive beads.
Method and apparatus for selecting multi-antenna transmission mode in electronic device
A method for selecting a multi-antenna transmission mode of an electronic device is provided. The method includes determining, by using a detection signal from a sensor, whether there is a contact with a human body, changing a second transmission mode to a first transmission mode when there is a contact with a human body that affects the electromagnetic field around an antenna, and transmitting the same data stream through at least two antennas according to the first transmission mode..
Color rewritable storage
A chromatic data storage system includes a substrate. The substrate includes nanoparticles operable to emit light frequencies (e.g.
Voice coil motor and driving method thereof
A voice coil motor (vcm) is disclosed, the vcm including: a stator including a magnet generating a first electromagnetic field; a mover including a bobbin formed with a hollow hole through which light passes and a coil formed on a periphery of the bobbin that generates a second electromagnetic field responsive to the first electromagnetic field; a base fixed at the stator and formed with an opening through which the light passes; and at least one elastic member elastically supporting the bobbin and forming a gap between the bobbin and the base when the coil is not applied with a current.. .
Mechanized area controller
Mechanized area controller systems and methods for coordinating the movement of workers and vehicles to improve safety are disclosed. Some embodiments of the methods include generating a magnetic field defining a first zone and detecting a response signal from a first device.
Transmission line phase shifter
Embodiments disclosed include transmission line phase shifters and methods for fabricating transmission line phase shifters that switch signal and ground conductors to reverse electromagnetic fields in a transmission line structure.. .
Device and method for monitoring the state of a system component
In order to detect the current state of a system component, e.g. To display whether an electrical conductor, a cable or the like, is currently live, a field generator that generates a magnetic field in the environment of the system part is provided, which generator is connected to an organic magnetoresistive omr semiconductor element that is arranged stationary in the environment of the system component to be monitored, and a voltage source for generating an electrical voltage between two electrodes of the omr semiconductor element is provided.
Fiberoptic systems and methods for subsurface em field monitoring
A disclosed subsurface electromagnetic field monitoring system employs at least one fiberoptic cable to optically communicate measurements from an array of electromagnetic field sensors in a borehole. A data processing system that receives the measurements and responsively models the subsurface electromagnetic field, which in at least some cases is generated by a controlled source such as a downhole electric or magnetic dipole source or a casing that serves as an electrode for injecting a distributed current into the formation.
Method and apparatus for suppression of the airwave in subsea exploration
The far zone “airwave” that arises when surveying subsea formations is greatly diminished by deployment of the transmitter combining mutually orthogonal horizontal electric and magnetic dipoles with the electric and magnetic dipole moments being locked in a special relationship. At each of the operating frequencies, the amplitude and phase characteristics of the transmitter electric and magnetic dipole moments are determined either from a supplementary measurement earned out using natural and/or controlled field sources, or by minimization of the vertical magnetic field at a remote receiver.
Multi-frequency locating systems and methods
Multi-frequency buried object location system transmitters and locators are disclosed. A transmitter may generate and provide output signals to a buried object at a plurality of frequencies, which may be selected based on a connection type.
Magnetic testing method and apparatus
A magnetic testing apparatus comprises a first magnetizing device for applying a dc bias magnetic field to a test object p in substantially parallel to the direction in which a flaw f to be detected extends, a second magnetizing device for applying an ac magnetic field to the test object p substantially perpendicularly to the direction in which the flaw f to be detected extends, and a detecting device for detecting leakage flux produced by the magnetization of the test object p accomplished by the first and second magnetizing devices.. .
Measuring system
A measuring system is provided that includes a magnetic field sensor array, an evaluation circuit for evaluating measurement signals of the magnetic field sensor array, and a rotatable encoder that has a mass element to change a magnetic field vector in the magnetic field sensor array. The encoder has a spring element in which the mass element is attached to the spring element.
Method for detecting an electrically conductive foreign body and device for inductively transmitting electrical energy
In a method for detecting an electrically conductive foreign body at a device for inductively transmitting electrical energy from a stationary unit having an electrical power supply unit and a primary inductor to a mobile unit having a secondary inductor and an electric load, electrical power is initially fed from the electrical power supply unit into the primary inductor and the feed-in is interrupted. The curve over time of the resulting decay of an electrical operating variable of the primary inductor is measured and at least one parameter of the measured curve is compared with a corresponding parameter of a reference curve in the event of an interruption of the power feed-in into the primary inductor without the presence of an electrically conductive foreign body.
Magnetic load sensor for use in a linear motion actuator, and a linear motion actuator
A magnetic load sensor unit (1) is provided which can detect the magnitude of an axial load applied by a linear motion actuator (14) to a friction pad (22). The magnetic load sensor unit (1) includes a magnetic target (4) which generates a magnetic field, and a magnetic sensor (5) designed to move relative to the magnetic target (4) corresponding to the axial load..
Device and control system for producing electrical power
Briefly, the invention involves a system and method for generating electrical power. The system includes an electromagnet positioned with one pole directed toward a like pole of a permanent magnet.
Solenoid valve assembly for a seat of a vehicle
The present invention provides for a solenoid valve assembly including a housing (32) defining a cavity (34). A support (48) is disposed in the cavity and defines a bore (50).
Catalytic etch with magnetic direction control
A material can be locally etched with arbitrary changes in the direction of the etch. A ferromagnetic-material-including catalytic particle is employed to etch the material.
Cmos transistors, fin field-effect transistors and fabrication methods thereof
A method is provided for fabricating a transistor. The method includes providing a semiconductor substrate; and configuring a channel region along a first direction.
Fiberoptic systems and methods for formation monitoring
A disclosed formation monitoring system includes a casing that defines an annular space within a borehole. An array of electromagnetic field sensors is positioned in the annular space and configured to communicate with the surface via a fiberoptic cable.
Induction heating compaction system
An induction heating compaction system is provided. The system includes an induction heating member and a compaction member.
Mems device and a method of using the same
A method of using a mems gyroscope is disclosed herein, wherein the mems gyroscope comprised a magnetic sensing mechanism. A magnetic field is generated by a magnetic source, and is detected by a magnetic sensor.
Magneto caloric heat pump with variable magnetization
A heat pump system that uses variable magnetization to control the amount of mcm subjected to a magnetic field is provided. More particularly, the amount of mcm subjected to a magnetic field can be selected based on the amount of refrigeration needed.
Calbration of a sensor assembly for use in medical position/orientation tracking
A position and orientation system and method is provided. A magnetoresistance sensor is provided having a sensor array configured to measure magnetic fields and a metallic coil positioned within the magnetoresistance sensor.
Control device and method for controlling an electric machine
A control device for controlling an electric machine with ks windings on a stator and kr windings on a rotor, where ks+kr=n and either ks or kr may be zero, includes an input for receiving commands, an output for outputting control commands to a driver, machine modeling means for modeling behavior of the machine, and decision means connected to the input, output, and machine modeling means for determining the driver control commands. The machine modeling means models behavior of the machine through functional mapping suited for correlating sets of values of electrical and mechanical quantities, sets of values of their total or partial derivatives and/or integral functions with one another.
Iconic representations for guidance of an indwelling medical device
An integrated catheter placement system for accurately placing a catheter within a patient's vasculature is disclosed. In one embodiment, the integrated system comprises a system console, a tip location sensor for temporary placement on the patient's chest, and an ultrasound probe.
Catheter with serially connected sensing structures and methods of calibration and detection
A catheter is responsive to external and internal magnetic field generators for generating signals representing position and pressure data, with a reduced number of sensing coil leads for minimizing lead breakage and failure. The catheter includes a flexible joint with pressure sensing and position coils, at least pair of a pressure sensing coil and a position coil are serially connected.
Method and system for position orientation correction in navigation
A method performed in a medical navigation system includes driving a transmitter at a first frequency and a second frequency to generate first and second electromagnetic fields, wherein the first and second frequencies are sufficiently low such that the first and second electromagnetic fields are frequency independent; receiving first and second distorted fields corresponding to the first and second electromagnetic fields, respectively, with each of at least two electromagnetic (em) sensors attached to a surgical device; generating first and second signals in response to receiving the first and second distorted fields, respectively, using each of the at least two em sensors; and determining a distortion in the first and second signals based at least on a distance between the at least two em sensors and a difference between the first and second signals generated by each of the at least two em sensors.. .
Computer-implemented system and method for determining the position of a remote object
The invention provides methods and systems for determining the position of a remote object such as an in vivo medical device such as capsule or probe within a medical patient. Integrated computer and computer executable remote permanent magnetic dipole position and orientation detection system monitors remote object movement.
Medical device
Provided is a medical device including a self-propelled capsule endoscope that is propelled through the inside of a body by vibration of a fin portion and a capsule controller that controls self-propulsion of the capsule endoscope from the outside of the body, the medical device being capable of precisely controlling the moving direction of the capsule endoscope easily. This medical device (1) includes: a capsule endoscope (2) in which a magnet (21) having a magnetization direction in an axial direction is mounted and a fin portion (2b) is provided at a rear end in the axial direction of an endoscope main body (2a), and which can be self-propelled through the inside of a body; and a capsule controller (3) which controls self-propulsion of the capsule endoscope (2) from the outside of the body by generating a static magnetic field whose direction is controlled three-dimensionally, and an alternating magnetic field orthogonal to the static magnetic field.
Current diverter for magnetic stimulation of biological systems
Apparatus and methods which enable the stimulation of neurons oriented in all directions within a biological structure using applied magnetic fields.. .
Processes for producing controlled porous catalysts for the dehydrogenation of organic compounds
The current document is directed to processes for producing improved porous catalysts for the dehydrogenation of organic compounds. In one implementation, the process comprises providing a powder of metal particles, sieving the powder using vibrating-screen sieves, aligning metal particles collected from sieving under an external magnetic field, partially sintering the aligned metal particles to form a solid matrix by heating the aligned metal particles in a furnace or microwave oven, or heating the aligned metal particles using a laser sintering process with a controlled amount of external heat, to a temperature below the melting point of the metal powder, and oxidizing the matrix to produce the porous catalyst.
Cvd apparatus and method for forming cvd film
As the antireflection film of solar cells, a nitride film was used which was conventionally formed by reduced pressure plasma cvd. However, reducing solar cell production costs has been difficult due to high equipment costs and processing costs involved in reduced pressure treatment.
Device and method for coloring anode coatings using the coloring device
A device for applying a magnetic field to a container comprises an adjustable magnetic field generator. The adjustable magnetic field generator is adjacent to the container and has a magnet having one magnetic pole adjacent a wall of the container and another magnetic pole away from the wall of the container.
Dipole antenna for a hearing aid
A hearing aid includes: a hearing aid housing; a microphone coupled to the hearing aid housing for reception of sound and conversion of the received sound into a corresponding first audio signal; a signal processor in the hearing aid housing for processing the first audio signal into a second audio signal compensating a hearing loss of a user of the hearing aid; a wireless communication unit connected to the signal processor for wireless data communication; and an attachment member connectable to the hearing aid housing; wherein the wireless communication unit is coupled with an antenna having a first pole element and a second pole element for emission and reception of an electromagnetic field; and wherein at least a part of the first pole element extends in the attachment member, and the second pole element extends in the hearing aid housing.. .
Bone conduction speaker and bone conduction headphone device
When sound signals are transmitted to a coil in a vibration driver, a magnet vibrates according to change in magnetic field caused by the coil. A diaphragm vibrates up and down together with the coil, due to magnetic effects of the coil with respect to the magnet.
Modulation of vertical cavity laser (vcsel) for enhanced range of multi-modal fiber communication
Technologies are described for enabling vcsels to transmit phase or frequency modulated signals, which may have a substantially smaller transmission bandwidth and are more robust to transmission in a highly dispersive media such as multi-mode fibers. By applying an electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic field across one or more reflector layers of the vcsel, a refractive index of the reflector layer(s) may be modified.
Actuator, optical scanner, and image formation apparatus
An actuator includes: a movable portion that swingably moves around a first axis; a first shaft that extends from the movable portion and swingably supports the movable portion around the first axis; a frame portion that is connected to the first shaft and swingably moves around a second axis that intersects the first axis; a second shaft that extends from the frame portion and swingably supports the frame portion around the second axis; a support portion connected to the second shaft; a coil provided on the frame portion; and a magnet that produces a magnetic field that acts on the coil, wherein the frame portion is so formed that the frame portion surrounds the movable portion, the first shaft, the second shaft, and the support portion in a plan view viewed in a thickness direction of the movable portion.. .
Fiber optic sensor for position sensing
A system for sensing the position of a movable object includes a polarization maintaining fiber configured to receive light from a light source; an optical system configured to rotate an angle of polarization of the light by a first predetermined angle; a low birefringence fiber connected to the optical system at a first end and having a mirror connected to a second end configured to reflect the light and rotate the angle of polarization at a second predetermined angle, the second end being configured to overlap a magnetic field of the a magnet attached to the object. The angle of polarization is rotated to a third predetermined angle proportional to at least one of the strength of the magnetic field and an amount of the overlap.

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