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Magnetic Field patents


This page is updated frequently with new Magnetic Field-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Magnetic Field-related patents
 Plasma confinement device patent thumbnailPlasma confinement device
A device and method for the magnetic confinement of plasma is formed by a cylindrically stacked column of current-carrying magnetic field coils with electrodes interior to each magnetic field coil so as to induce plasma fluid rotation about an annular confinement region formed of cusped-geometry magnetic fields. Electrodes are formed such that the electric fields produced are tangential to the magnetic fields, and so as to maintain consistent azimuthal direction of plasma rotation, electric field electrodes alternate accordingly in polarity along the axial length of the device..

 System and  near field communications having local security patent thumbnailSystem and near field communications having local security
A system for near field communications is provided. The system can include a near field generator configured to generate a near field detectable signal comprising information.

 Spin oscillator device patent thumbnailSpin oscillator device
The present invention relates to using spin transfer torque underneath a nanocontact on a magnetic thin film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (pma), provides generation of dissipative magnetic droplet solitons and report on their rich dynamical properties. Micromagnetic simulations identify a wide range of automodulation frequencies including droplet oscillatory motion, droplet “spinning”, and droplet “breather” states.

 Magnetic levitation electrical generator patent thumbnailMagnetic levitation electrical generator
A device for generating an electric charge, having: a base; at last one capacitor; at least one magnet; a cover; a splitter; a load; a conductive core; a frictionless surface; and at least one discharge point. The at least one capacitor adapted and configured to store electricity generated from the electric charge.

 Closed loop leveraging electromagnetic motor patent thumbnailClosed loop leveraging electromagnetic motor
The invention is a high torque and energy efficient electric motor. With a larger diameter shaft and shortened length, the design of the motor is pancaked.

 Wireless power transmitter patent thumbnailWireless power transmitter
A wireless power transmitter includes a case including a base plate and a structure disposed on the base plate; and a transmitting coil having a three-dimensional spiral shape disposed on a side surface of the structure and configured to generate a magnetic field in a direction perpendicular to the side surface of the structure.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

 Slot array antenna for vehicle radar patent thumbnailSlot array antenna for vehicle radar
A slot array antenna for a vehicle radar system is provided. The antenna includes a cavity which separates a magnetic field signal applied through a feeding waveguide while maintaining phase and amplitude and which radiates such signals to the each radiating slot.
Hyunday Motor Company

 Helmholtz coil assisted pecvd carbon source patent thumbnailHelmholtz coil assisted pecvd carbon source
The embodiments disclose an apparatus including at least two carbon source deposition tools for emitting electrons, at least two reflective polarity rear button permanent magnets integrated into the carbon source deposition tools for reflecting emitted electrons, and at least two paired polarity helmholtz coils integrated into the carbon source deposition tools for forming uniform parallel magnetic field lines for confining the emitted electrons to uniformly deposit carbon onto the surfaces of a two-sided media disk.. .
Seagate Technology Llc

 Superconducting multi-cell trapped mode deflecting cavity patent thumbnailSuperconducting multi-cell trapped mode deflecting cavity
A method and system for beam deflection. The method and system for beam deflection comprises a compact superconducting rf cavity further comprising a waveguide comprising an open ended resonator volume configured to operate as a trapped dipole mode; a plurality of cells configured to provide a high operating gradient; at least two pairs of protrusions configured for lowering surface electric and magnetic fields; and a main power coupler positioned to optimize necessary coupling for an operating mode and damping lower dipole modes simultaneously..
Fermi Research Alliance, Llc

 Printed membrane switch activated with magnetic force and applications thereof patent thumbnailPrinted membrane switch activated with magnetic force and applications thereof
A magnetically actuated membrane switch shiftable between a rest or unmagnetized state, and an activated or magnetized state in the presence of a magnetic field. The membrane switch generally includes first and second conductive traces shiftable between a closed position wherein the conductive traces are electrically connected to make a circuit, and an open position wherein the conductive traces are electrically isolate to break a circuit.
Molex, Llc


Mnbi-based magnetic substance, preparation method thereof, mnbi-based sintered magnet and preparation method thereof

The method of preparing an mnbi-based magnetic substance according to the present invention includes: (a) preparing a mixed melt by simultaneously melting a manganese-based material and a bismuth-based material; (b) forming a non-magnetic mnbi-based ribbon by cooling the mixed melt; and (c) converting the non-magnetic mnbi-based ribbon into a magnetic mnbi-based ribbon by performing a heat treatment. The method for preparing an mnbi-based sintered magnet includes: (a) preparing a magnetic powder by pulverizing the mnbi-based magnetic substance; (b) molding the magnetic powder in a state where a magnetic field is applied; and (c) sintering the molded magnetic powder..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Electric coils

Conductor coils which induce a magnetic field and methods of making same are disclosed, the conductor coil having at least one layer of conductive material formed in a spiral, the spiral having an inner portion forming an air core. Also disclosed are conductor coils and methods of making same having at least two spiral layers of conductive material, wherein the first spiral layer has a configuration in which a first end terminates at an exterior periphery of the first spiral layer and extends spirally inward toward an inner portion of the first spiral layer and terminates at a second end, wherein the second spiral layer has a configuration in which a first end terminates at an interior periphery of the first spiral layer and extends spirally outward toward an exterior periphery of the first spiral layer, wherein the second spiral layer first end is conductively connected to the first spiral layer second end..


Electromagnetic energy device with improved coil and use

An apparatus and method are shown for improving the efficiency of motors, generators and machines by using a closed ferromagnetic frame upon which is mounted a plurality of solenoid coils. Two of the solenoid coils are wired together so that they act as one in a closed wiring circuit.


The producing self-rolling elongate element, in particular an electric cable and self-rolling elongate element, in particular an electric cable

The subject of the invention is the method of producing self-rolling elongate element, in particular an electric cable and self-rolling elongate element, in particular an electric cable intended especially for power and signal transmission wires, ropes and cords. The essence of the method, according to the invention, consists in applying to the power transmission wires, the outer coating (1) of a polymer composite, consisting of a polymer and a material, which has magnetic properties in the amount of from 10% to 60% by weight and subsequently, the power transmission wire (2) with the applied outer layer (1) is being magnetized in the magnetic field, which lines are situated along the axis of element rolling, wherein the magnetic induction is equal to at least 2 tesla.


Perpendicular recording media having high-temperature robustness

A perpendicular magnetic recording medium with an grain isolation layer is disclosed. In one embodiment, a perpendicular magnetic recording medium comprises a substrate, a soft non-magnetic under layer formed over the substrate, a granular layer comprising an exchange control layer and a recording layer formed over the soft non-magnetic under layer, wherein a difference between a level at 25 deg c.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Communication visualization device

A communication visualization device includes a transformer for converting a magnetic field caused from a lan cable connected to an information communication apparatus into electric energy at time of information communication, an amplifier circuit for amplifying the electric energy output from the transformer, a rectifier circuit for converting an amplified signal amplified by the amplifier circuit into a dc voltage, and a light-emitting circuit for emitting light when the dc voltage obtained by conversion of the rectifier circuit is supplied thereto.. .
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


Fuel dispenser anti-skimming input device

Systems and methods for detecting fraud. One method includes providing an input device, the input device having processing circuitry, a memory, and at least one information receiving module for receiving information associated with a user of the input device.
Gilbarco Inc.


Methods for developing wireless network topologies in aircraft

A method includes receiving an electronic aircraft model, wherein the aircraft model represents an aircraft in a constructed state for a plurality of aircraft characteristics. The method also includes determining a transmitter location of at least one transmitting device for the aircraft model and determining at least one transmission characteristic of the at least one transmitting device.
Simmonds Precision Products, Inc.


Propulsion and control for a magnetically lifted vehicle

Electromechanical systems using magnetic fields to induce eddy currents and generate lift are described. Magnet configurations which can be employed in the systems are illustrated.
Arx Pax, Llc


Method and self-relative body tracking for virtual reality systems using magnetic tracking

A method and apparatus for self-relative body tracking in virtual reality systems using magnetic tracking is disclosed, which allows more accurate tracking of a user's body relative to the user's field of vision. A head-mounted magnetic tracking (hmmt) system is used, in which other parts of a user's body are tracked relative to the hmd on the user's head, rather than relative to a base station.
Sixense Entertainment, Inc.


Lens driving apparatus

A lens driving apparatus includes a holder, a cover, a carrier, a first magnet, a coil, a spring, two second magnets and a hall sensor. The holder includes an opening hole.
Largan Precision Co., Ltd.


Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) interecho interval control methods and systems

A nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) logging tool includes a pulsed magnetic field source which provides an nmr logging pulse sequence having a reduced interecho interval (te). A controller in communication with the pulsed magnetic field source provides a pulse sequence designed to substantially align an echo peak with a measurement deadtime boundary, yielding a partial spin echo data recovery which is at least partially compensated by a substantially higher measurement density..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc


Switching an operating mode of an nmr logging tool

In some aspects of what is described here, a downhole nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) logging tool can obtain nmr data from a subterranean region. The nmr logging tool includes a magnet assembly operable to produce a static magnetic field in the subterranean region.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Induction key, calibration system for induction keys, and calibration induction keys

A calibration system for induction keys includes a signal source and a computing device. The signal source is configured to generate a low frequency (lf) signal and a magnetic field signal at intervals.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus

In a magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus, the scanner is operated with a multi-echo sequence in order to acquire k-space data of a multi-echo magnetic resonance signal, and the k-space data are used to reconstruct a magnetic resonance image. The multi-echo magnetic resonance signal is an asymmetric multi-echo magnetic resonance signal, and the asymmetric multi-echo magnetic resonance signal includes n asymmetric echo magnetic resonance signals, wherein n is greater than or equal to 2.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Method for the generation of radicals for dynamic nuclear polarization and uses thereof for nmr, mrs and mri

C) dynamic nuclear polarization in the presence of a magnetic field in the solid state by applying a second electromagnetic irradiation with a frequency adapted to transfer spin polarization from the electrons to the nuclear spins leading to a highly polarized state thereof. Furthermore uses of correspondingly prepared samples for nmr, mrs and mri experiments are proposed..


Magnetic field measuring device

A magnetic field measuring device includes a first semiconductor body having a surface formed in a first x-y plane, the first semiconductor body having two magnetic field sensors, spaced a distance apart on the surface, and the magnetic field sensors each measuring one z component of a magnetic field. A first magnet has a planar main extension surface formed in a second x-y plane, the direction of magnetization changing from a north pole to a south pole along the main extension surface on a symmetry surface of the magnet.
Micronas Gmbh


Method and determining a stray magnetic field in the vicinity of a sensor

An apparatus (10) for determining a stray magnetic field in the vicinity of a sensor is described. The apparatus (10) has a multipole permanent magnet (60) with four or more poles and an axis of rotation (70).
Micronas Gmbh


A coreless current probe and a measuring current

A coreless current probe has a body defining an opening in a plane and a central line through the opening which is normal to the plane. A conductor carrying a current to be measured can be accommodated in the opening.
Gmw Associates Incorporated


Apparatus for manipulation and detection of magnetic particles

The present invention pertains to the manipulation and detection of magnetically susceptible components and includes methods of manipulation and detection of magnetically susceptible components and apparatuses for the manipulation and detection of magnetically susceptible components. The apparatuses and systems of the present invention employ controllable magnetic fields to precisely control the orientation, position and relative motion of any magnetically susceptible components within a reaction vessel that is subject to interrogation by a detector system.


Fano resonance microwave spectroscopy of high absorption matter

The invention is a method of fano resonance microwave spectroscopy of high absorption matter. The method comprises: embedding a magnetic-dipolar-mode (mdm) ferrite disk in the microwave cavity, loading a sample of the high absorption matter in the microwave cavity, using a bias magnetic field to tune the mdm resonance frequency of the ferrite disk to the resonance frequency of the cavity; and observing the symmetric lorentz-like lineshape of the resonance peaks that are obtained..
B.g. Negev Technologies And Applications Ltd., At Ben-gurion University


Magnetic linear or rotary encoder

The invention relates to a magnetic linear or rotary encoder (1) for monitoring the motion of a body, comprising: an exciting unit (8), which reproduces said motion and has at least one pair of primary permanent magnets (16, 17), which are arranged opposite one another and are magnetically connected to one another by means of a ferromagnetic yoke body (9) and form a measurement field space therebetween; a fine-resolution sensor unit (29; 29′), which is used to determine a fine position value, is arranged in a stationary manner and has a plurality of magnetic field sensors (25, 26, 27, 28); and processing electronics, which evaluate the signals of the fine-resolution sensor unit and have a data memory. Said magnetic linear or rotary encoder is characterised in that a ferromagnetic deflecting body (18) is provided, which deflects at least some of the magnetic field lines of the magnetic field produced by the primary permanent magnets in a direction permanent to the magnetisation vector of the primary permanent magnets, that the fine-resolution sensor unit is designed and arranged in such a way that the individual magnetic field sensors of the fine-resolution sensor unit are penetrated by the magnetic field lines deflected by the deflecting body by means of a perpendicular component, that at least the yoke body is made of a thermally treated, ferromagnetic material, and that the fine-resolution sensor unit does not contain a ferromagnetic component..


Valve device and method

A valve device, a damper with a valve device, and a method for operating the same are described. The valve device is formed with a flow channel through which a magnetorheological medium flows.
Inventus Engineering Gmbh


Quick release blind fastener

This application relates to a magnetically actuated fastener suitable for use within an electronic device housing having a first housing component and a second housing component. The magnetically actuated fastener can be attached to the first housing component and includes a spring-loaded magnetically attractable plunger that can be moved longitudinally within a fastener body from an engaged state to a disengaged state by applying a magnetic field through an outer wall of the first housing component.
Apple Inc.


Magnetic gas engine and extracting work

The present subject matter overcomes the deficiencies in the prior art by introducing or generating charged particles in an air stream and manipulating the air stream with magnetic fields operating on the charged particles. Embodiments of the present subject mater compress the air stream by accelerating charged particles with a moving magnetic field, where the magnetic field has a velocity perpendicular to its flux lines.


Magnetic location determination in a wellbore

A magnetic system for determining the location of a wellbore component in a first string relative to a wellbore component in a second string. The system includes a circumferentially distributed array of magnets positioned in the first string that is operable to produce a magnetic field in the wellbore proximate the location of the array of magnets.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Ferrofluid tool for influencing electrically conductive paths in a wellbore

A tool for influencing electrically conductive paths using ferrofluids in a downhole system is provided. The downhole system can include a tool body, a source of ferrofluid, and a magnet.
Halliburtion Energy Services, Inc.


Methods and handling microbial samples

B) applying a magnetic field gradient to allow for magnetically controlled motion of said particle to said second carrier, such that at least part of the sample is streaked onto the second carrier. Also provided is an apparatus for inoculating petri dishes with the sample according to the method and also inoculating slides and/or tubes with a portion of the sample.


Electric bicycle

A bicycle includes a frame including first and second segments pivotable relative to each other between a folded position and an unfolded position. A magnet is fixed relative to the first segment.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Location-based electric power mediation module, electric vehicle, mediation server, and user certification socket or connector

The present invention relates to a location-based charging/discharging power mediation system of an electric vehicle, and more particularly to a module, an electric vehicle, and an intermediate server for location-based charging/discharging power mediation. The present invention also relates to a user authentication socket or connector used in the power mediation system.
Geo-line Co., Ltd.


Inductive wireless power transfer system having a coupler assembly

A vehicle includes an inductive charge coupling arrangement that can be electrically connected with a traction battery. The arrangement includes a charge coil and a plurality of permeable panels surrounding the charge coil.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Modular wireless electrical system

A wireless modular power transfer system includes electric power modules and rf converter circuitry within the electric power modules that meets voltage and power characteristics of the electric power modules. Sensor data is processed to determine a wireless power transfer path.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Dielectric enryption and endothermoic heating of additive manufacturing process using magnetic excitation and heatless induction sources

A feedstock material can be doped with magnetic particles, and an inductive coil can be used to induce an endothermic reaction within the feedstock material, due to the presence of the magnetic particles within the feedstock material, during the creation (or printing) of an object. An inductive coil can also be used to create magnetic fields for manipulating the position and/or orientation of the magnetic particles within the feedstock material before, in situ, and after the am process.


Force feedback gripping device with magnetorheological based actuator

A force feedback gripping device employs a mechanical gripper (23), an electromagnetic actuator (22) and a force feedback controller (21). The mechanical gripper (23) is operable to be actuated to one of a plurality of gripping poses for gripping an object.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Method of irradiating a magnetic fluid containing a semiconductor pigment and metal microparticles with microwaves, thereby creatingmixed-phase fluid, and amplifying the superfluid state energy by means of the quantum turbulence phenomenon.

A method of amplifying the energy of a superfluid by irradiating a paramagnetic body, diamagnetic body, ferromagnetic and ferromagnetic metal microparticles with microwaves, thereby creating a superfluid phenomenon to generate superfluid energy, wherein a mixed phase electromagnetic fluid containing a semiconductor pigment is created and irradiated with microwaves, and when an external magnetic field is applied thereto, quantum chaos occurs, generating quantum turbulence phenomenon, thereby amplifying the energy of superfluid. Microparticles of an element, an oxide or a compound that creates a superfluid phenomenon in microwave band, are sorted from a diamagnetic or a paramagnetic material according to microwave frequency, and introduced into a mixed liquor containing a surfactant and a liquid characterized by containing an organic polyphenol.


Controller and flexible coils for administering therapy, such as for cancer therapy

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for providing a portable magnetic field therapy system for treatment of diseases and adverse health conditions, such as cancer.. .
Nativis, Inc.


On-demand drug release using magneto-electric nanoparticles

Disclosed herein are methods of delivering drugs to a subject in a controlled release fashion by administering a magneto-electric nanoparticle having ionic bonds to a drug then applying a magnetic field to weaken the ionic bonds and release the drug.. .
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees


Speaker apparatus

A support chassis mounted on a sounding side of a speaker apparatus is formed of an iron material. The support chassis is formed in a shape in which a central supporting part nears a main-body chassis.
Alpine Electronics, Inc.


Resistance adjustment device for exerciser

An adjustment device includes a casing to which a movable member and two positioning members are movably connected. Two links are connected between the movable member and the positioning members.


Split pole spoke type pm machine with enclosed magnets

A rotor for a permanent magnet synchronous machine that includes a rotor core structure. A first set of permanent magnets forms poles within the rotor core structure.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Inductive power for seismic sensor node

Embodiments of systems and methods for inductively powering seismic sensor nodes are presented. An embodiment of an inductive battery includes a battery cell configured to store charge for use by an external device.
Seabed Geosolutions B.v.


Systems and methods for electrical and magnetic uniformity and skew tuning in plasma processing reactors

In some embodiments, a plasma processing apparatus includes a processing chamber to process a substrate; a mounting surface defined within the processing chamber to support a substrate disposed within the processing chamber; a showerhead disposed within the processing chamber and aligned so as to face the mounting surface, the showerhead defining a plurality of orifices to introduce a process gas into the processing chamber toward a substrate disposed within the processing chamber; and one or more magnets supported by the showerhead and arranged so that a radial component of a magnetic field applied by each of the one or more magnets has a higher flux density proximate a first region corresponding to an edge surface region of a substrate when disposed within the processing chamber than at a second region corresponding to an interior surface region of a substrate when disposed within the processing chamber.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method and controlling a magnetic field in a plasma chamber

Methods and apparatus for controlling a magnetic field in a plasma chamber are provided herein. In some embodiments, a process chamber liner may include a cylindrical body, an inner electromagnetic cosine-theta (cos θ) coil ring including a first plurality of inner coils embedded in the body and configured to generate a magnetic field in a first direction, and an outer electromagnetic cosine-theta (cos θ) coil ring including a second plurality of outer coils embedded in the body and configured to generate a magnetic field in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction, wherein the outer electromagnetic cos θ coil ring is disposed concentrically about the inner electromagnetic cos θ coil ring..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Closed drift magnetic field ion source apparatus containing self-cleaning anode and a process for substrate modification therewith

A process for modifying a surface of a substrate is provided that includes supplying electrons to an electrically isolated anode electrode of a closed drift ion source. The anode electrode has an anode electrode charge bias that is positive while other components of the closed drift ion source are electrically grounded or support an electrical float voltage.
General Plasma, Inc.


Arrangement for a quick electron beam x-ray computer tomography

A system for electron beam x-ray computer tomography, which requires no considerable axial extension of the electron emitter and substantially eliminates electron-optical beam guidance elements is provided by disposing an x-ray detector arc and the target around the examination cross-section within an irradiation plane, and radially introducing an electron beam generated in the electron beam generator into the magnetic flux region of one or more longitudinal coils from within or outside the coils and forcing the same onto a circular path by way of the magnetic field. By periodically changing the field strength, the radius of the circular path is increased, as a result of which the electron beam impinges on the target in a tangentially migrating focal spot.
Helmholtz-zentrum Dresden-rossendorf E.v.


High resolution high quantum efficiency electron bombarded ccd or cmos imaging sensor

An electron-bombarded detector for detecting low light signals includes a vacuum tube structure defining a cylindrical vacuum tube chamber, a photocathode disposed at a first end of the vacuum tube chamber, a sensor disposed at a second end of the vacuum tube chamber, ring electrodes disposed in the vacuum tube chamber for generating an electric field that accelerates emitted photoelectrons toward the sensor, and a magnetic field generator configured to generate a symmetric magnetic field that applies a focusing lens effect on the photoelectrons. The ring electrodes and magnetic field generator are operating using one of a reduced distance focusing approach and an acceleration/deceleration approach such that the photoelectrons have a landing energy below 2 kev.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Method for producing rfeb system sintered magnet and rfeb system sintered magnet produced by the same

A method for producing an rfeb system sintered magnet with the main phase grains having a grain size of 1 μm or less with a considerably equal grain size, including: preparing a shaped body oriented by a magnetic field and sintering the shaped body, wherein the shaped body is prepared using an alloy powder of an rfeb material having a particle size distribution with an average value of 1 μm or less in terms of a circle-equivalent diameter determined from a microscope image, the alloy powder obtained by pulverizing coarse particles having fine crystal grain, each coarse particle having grains of the rfeb material formed inside, the crystal grains having a crystal grain size distribution with an average value of 1 μm or less in terms of the circle-equivalent diameter determined from a microscope image, and 90% by area or more of the crystal grains being separated from each other.. .
Intermetallics Co., Ltd.


Method of forming stable states of dense high-temperature plasma

A method is proposed for forming stable states of a dense high-temperature plasma, including plasmas for controlled fusion, the method comprising: generating a dense high-temperature plasma in pulsed heavy-current discharges, followed by injecting the plasma from the area of a magnetic field with parameters corresponding to the conditions of gravitational emission of electrons with a banded energy spectrum and subsequent energy transfer along the spectrum (cascade transition) into the long wavelength region (of ev-energy), this leading to the state of locking and amplification of the gravitational emission in the plasma with simultaneous compression thereof to the states of hydrostatic equilibrium, with using multielectron atoms as a prerequisite element in the composition of a working gas, for quenching the spontaneous gravitational emission from the ground energy levels (the kev-region) of the electron in the proper gravitational field.. .
Zakrytoe Aktisionernoe Obschestvo Rustermosintez


Magnetic recording head and magnetic recording apparatus

According to an embodiment, a magnetic recording head includes a main magnetic pole and a spin torque oscillator. The spin torque oscillator includes a first perpendicular free layer, a second perpendicular free layer, and a first spacer layer, each of the first perpendicular free layer and the second perpendicular free layer including a magnetic anisotropy axis in a direction perpendicular to a film plane of the spin torque oscillator.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Magnetic field sensor

A magnetic field sensor comprises a power source, an indicator and a microprocessor. The power source supplies current to the indicator.


System and determining an attitude of a device undergoing dynamic acceleration

A system and method for determining an attitude of a device undergoing dynamic acceleration is provided. A first attitude measurement may be calculated based on a magnetic field measurement received from a magnetometer of the device and a first acceleration measurement received from a first accelerometer of the device.


Systems and methods for pulsed direct current magnetic actuated milling of pigment dispersions

A system for pigment milling includes a pulsing direct current (dc) source that generates a dc pulse, an electromagnetic field generating subunit that includes an electromagnetic coil coupled to the pulsing dc source to receive the dc pulse and to generate a magnetic field, and a rotating container subunit that includes a container for holding magnetic particles and ink pigment particles in an ink carrier, and a rotating subunit to rotate the container. A portion of the container is disposed within the electromagnetic coil and generation of the magnetic field causing motion of the magnetic particles thereby dispersing the ink pigment particles within the ink carrier..
Xerox Corporation


Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and methods

A nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) apparatus includes at least one solenoid configured to induce a radio frequency magnetic field in a sample. The sample is located inside the solenoid.


Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and methods

A nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) apparatus includes at least one magnet arranged to induce a static magnetic field in a sample chamber. The static magnetic field has a known amplitude distribution.


Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and methods

A nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) apparatus includes at least one magnet configured to induce a static magnetic field in a sample chamber. At least one radio frequency antenna is configured to induce a radio frequency magnetic field in the sample chamber.


Magnetic resonance imaging device and timing misalignment detection method thereof

A magnetic resonance imaging device produces a magnetic field gradient with parallel driving of positive-side subcoils and negative-side subcoils with different power sources in the magnetic field gradient direction, to detect a misalignment in drive timing of the positive side and the negative side. Pulse sequences for timing misalignment detection having a slice magnetic field gradient pulse and a read-out magnetic field gradient pulse in the same direction as a magnetic field gradient of interest are executed.
Hitachi Medical Corporation


Guidance and alignment electric vehicle wireless charging systems

Guidance and alignment systems are disclosed for wireless charging systems to assist in aligning the transmitter and receiver inductive power transfer (ipt) couplers. These systems guide positioning and alignment to provide sufficient coupling between the transmitter and receiver ipt couplers.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Systems and methods for magnetic field sensors with self-test

Systems, methods, and apparatuses for magnetic field sensors with self-test include a detection circuit to detect speed and direction of a target. One or more circuits to test accuracy of the detected speed and direction may be included.
Allegro Microsystems, Llc


Probes and probe assemblies for wafer probing

In one aspect, a probe assembly for probing an ic is provided. The probe assembly includes a probe, which includes a probe head for contacting the integrated circuit and a body.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method for targetting growth and death of neoplastic cells by bursts of energies from cellular energy emissions

The embodiments herein disclose a non-invasive method of using bursts of energies/electromagnetic field energies from cells to reduce or arrest the growth rate, proliferation of cancer cells/neoplastic cells. The energy from cells induces apoptosis in cancer cells, without harming normal cells beyond their physiologic threshold of survival are provided.


Pipeline condition detecting method and apparatus

The current invention relates to an apparatus for detecting at least one characteristic of a pipeline. The apparatus includes means for generating a magnetic flux along a portion of a pipeline wall, means for detecting the magnetic field, and at least one proximity sensor.
Advanced Engineering Solutions Inc.


Non-destructive real-time magnetic flux leakage imaging system and method

A system and method for acquiring three-dimensional images of a magnetic flux leakage present in steel tendons, which are embedded in concrete and/or grout. The inventive method preferably magnetizes the steel tendon.
The State Of Florida Department Of Transportation


Machine element and arrangement for measuring a force or a moment as well as a producing the machine element

A machine element designed for transferring a force and/or a torque and also for measuring the force or the torque to be transferred, as well as to an arrangement for measuring a force and/or a torque having such a machine element. A method for producing the machine element is also provided.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Magnetic field sensor feedback for diagnostics

magnetic field sensor feedback for diagnostics is disclosed herein. A disclosed example apparatus includes a first magnetic field sensor to provide a first output signal in response to a magnetic field generated by a magnet coupled to a movable portion of a process control device, and a second magnetic field sensor to provide a second output signal in response to the magnetic field.
Fisher Controls International Llc


Magnetostrictive transmitter piezoelectric pickup sensor

A pickup sensor is disclosed for a magnetostrictive sensing instrument for sensing position of a magnetic field. The instrument includes an elongate tube having a near end and a distal end.
Orion Instruments, Llc


Measuring system and drive system

A measuring system and drive system with a measuring system, a magnet, a transmitter, and a magnetic field sensor. The magnetic field sensor is arranged between the magnet and the transmitter.
Micronas Gmbh


Actuator for hydraulic valve of cam phaser and hydraulic valve with actuator for cam phaser

An actuator for a hydraulic valve of a cam phaser, the actuator including a magnet housing receiving a magnetized metal sleeve and a coil that is radially enveloped by the magnetized metal sleeve generating a magnetic field, wherein the coil is fixated in a non-magnetizable coil carrier that is positioned in a cavity of the magnet housing, wherein the coil carrier at least partially envelops a pole core and a pole core yoke that is axially offset from the pole core, wherein the pole core and a pole core yoke are positioned so that they radially define a non-magnetic sleeve, wherein the non-magnetic sleeve forms a divider wall between the cavity of the magnet housing and an inner cavity of the non-magnetic sleeve.. .
Hilite Germany Gmbh


Generating electric arc, which directly areally thermally and mechanically acts on material, and device for generating electric arc

Generating electric arc, which thermally and mechanically acts on material in such manner that the electrical arc is shaped and guided by the action of magnetic field and hydro-mechanical forces on the electrical arc, wherein: —the substantial part of the electric arc acts directly and areally on conductive and/or non-conductive material to be disrupted, —the substantial part of the electric arc's heat flow is directed into the material to be disrupted, —wherein both electric arc roots move on the electrodes of the generator and the electric arc has preferably a shape of a spiral. A device for generating an electric arc with thermal and mechanic action on material containing axially symmetrical electrodes, i.e.
Ga Drilling, A.s.


Nanocomposite materials with dynamically adjusting refractive index and methods of making the same

A concept and synthesis technology for a composite nanoparticle material which can be used to develop nanocomposite films and suspension with 1) dynamic refractive index control across a wide temperature and wavelength of light, and specified refractive index range, or 2) magnetic susceptibility or electronic conductivity over a wide temperature, magnetic field and electric field range. Core-shell nanoparticles can be made from two or more materials whose temperature dependent, electric field dependent or magnetic field dependent properties compensate one another will dynamically maintain a targeted refractive index, electronic conductivity or magnetic susceptibility over a specified temperature, electric and/or magnetic field range.
University Of Utah Research Foundation


Method and system for injecting rf signal into a fluid-containing system

A method and system for injecting a pulsed radio frequency signal into a fluid-containing system in order to create and propagate an electromagnetic field throughout the fluid-containing system. Use electromagnetic field may be used to prevent the formation and build-up of scale in the fluid-containing system and/or to prevent the proliferation of bacteria within the fluid-containing system.
Msl Oilfield Services Limited


System for producing graphene in a magnetic field

An improved system for generating graphene involves a liquid reaction chamber configured to receive a working liquid source, a carbon atom source, and a catalyst to cause a chemical reaction in the reaction chamber and a resulting reactant liquid comprising ring structures having starved carbon atoms. The ring structures are provided to a graphene generation chamber having a magnetic structure that includes a two-dimensional array of alternating polarity magnetic sources that produce a magnetic field having a gradient sufficient to float graphene over the magnetic structure.
Cedar Ridge Research, Llc


Ozone generator and ozone generation method

In order to generate ozone, which is used for ashing and plasma cleaning, plasma generated in a decompressed chamber is conventionally used. But it is difficult to reduce the production cost of an ozone generation, because facility cost and process cost are expensive in a decompressed process.


Slurry recycling method, producing rare earth sintered magnet and slurry recycling apparatus

The present invention provides a producing method of a rare earth sintered magnet which is suitable as a producing method of a high performance rare earth sintered magnet which can reduce the number of steps for reusing defective molded bodies generated in a wet molding step of the rare earth sintered magnet, and which has a small content amount of oxygen. The invention also provides a slurry recycling method used for the producing method, and a slurry recycling apparatus.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


Chemical method catalysed by ferromagnetic nanoparticles

A method for the heterogeneous catalysis of a chemical reaction using, in a reactor, at least one reagent and a catalytic composition that can catalyze the reaction within a given range of temperatures t. At least one reagent is brought into contact with the catalytic composition which includes a ferromagnetic nanoparticulate component whose surface is formed at least partially by a compound that is a catalyst for the reaction; the nanoparticulate component is heated by magnetic induction in order to reach a temperature within the range of temperatures t; and the reaction product(s) formed on the surface of the nanoparticulate component are recovered.
UniversitÉ Paul Sabatier Toulouse Iii


Microdevice arrays formed by magnetic assembly

Microdevices containing a predetermined preferential axis of magnetization are disposed in an array having discreet regions. Under influence of a magnetic field, the microdevices can have at least twelve discrete orientations, and can advantageously be flipped upside down in place.
Arrayomics, Inc.


Bicycle trainer with variable magnetic resistance to pedaling

A bicycle trainer provides variable resistance to pedaling and allows for a rider to simulate a real-world bicycle course. The trainer engages both the front tire and the back tire of the bicycle and adjusts each according to the rider's preferences during a training session.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation field shaping

Described herein are transcranial magnetic simulation (tms) systems and methods of using them for emitting focused, or shaped, magnetic fields for tms. In particular, described herein are arrays of tms electromagnets comprising at least one primary (e.g., central) tms electromagnet and a plurality of secondary (e.g., lateral or surrounding) tms electromagnets.


Rotating field inductive data telemetry and power transfer in an implantable medical device system

An improved implantable medical device system having dual coils in one of the devices in the system is disclosed. The dual coils are used preferably in an external device such as an external controller or an external charger.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation


Magnetic field detectors, implantable medical devices, and related methods that utilize a suspended proof mass and magnetically sensitive material

magnetic field detectors include a proof mass suspended by deformable arms similar to a three dimensional accelerometer. The magnetic field detectors further include magnetically sensitive material present on the proof mass and/or deformable arms to cause movement of the proof mass and/or deformable arms when in the presence of a magnetic field.
Medtronic, Inc.


Apparatus and treating multiple tumors in patients with metastatic disease by electric fields

An insulated electrode system for delivering a plurality of tumor treating electromagnetic fields including an array of electrode elements for proximate location on a body of a patient. Each electrode element of the array having an insulation layer.
Loyalty Based Innovations, Llc


Magnetic operating microscopes and methods of treatment and diagnosis using the same

In certain aspects, the present invention is directed to a device selected from (a) an operating microscope with an attached or attachable magnet and (b) a magnet that is configured for attachment to an operating microscope. In either case, the magnet is configured to allow a patient's tissue to be viewed through the operating microscope while at the same time permitting the creation of a magnetic field of sufficient magnitude and direction to move a magnetic therapeutic and/or diagnostic agent lying within the tissue to a preferred location in the tissue..
Emmetrope Ophthalmics Llc


Spinning nanowires and inducing cell eradication using the same

The present invention provides a cell eradication method and a cell eradication principle for necrotizing a cell by agitating a cell using a physical turning force from the impression of an ac magnetic field, after preparing a magnetic nanowire having a dipole and introducing the magnetic nanowire into a cell. Therefore, the composition for inducing cell eradication of the present invention, when applied to a cell that is requested to be removed such as a cancer cell, can eradicate the cell by applying a physical impact through the rotation of the nanowire introduced inside the cell.
Korea University Research And Business Foundation


Remotely powered sensory implant

An implant (110) includes an antenna unit (130) and an encapsulation. The antenna unit includes an elongated ferrite core (142) having a first length and an antenna coil (146) wound around the ferrite core, and is configured to communicate with an external unit (120) using inductive coupling of a magnetic field.
Vectorious Medical Technologies Ltd.


Coil systems for magnetic resonance imaging

A rf coil compression system for use with an mri system configured to image a patient's breast is disclosed. In one embodiment, the compression system comprises a first compression plate comprising a first plurality of rf coil elements, which is positioned in a plane oriented orthogonal to a direction of the main magnetic field and the first rf coil elements having a reception sensitivity to a b1 field and is orthogonal to a main magnetic field of the mri system.
Invivo Corporation


Maneuvering coils setup for maneuvering a swallowable in-vivo device

A ternary coil assembly (tca) is provided, which may include an anterior coil, a posterior coil adjacently mounted side by side with respect to, and electrically isolated from and forming a plane with, the anterior coil, and an ancillary coil encircling, and electrically isolated from, the anterior and posterior coils. A magnetic field maneuvering system may include a number n of tcas that may be positioned circularly.
Given Imaging Ltd.


Magnetic user interface controls

A device includes a magnetic field source that generates a rotationally asymmetric magnetic field, a magnetic field sensor that generates a signal that is indicative of a position of the magnetic field sensor in the rotationally asymmetric magnetic field, and a processor coupled to the magnetic field sensor. The processor is configured to process the signal from the magnetic field sensor to control one or more operational settings of the medical device..


Method and arrangement to generate few optical cycle coherent electromagnetic radiation in the euv-vuv domain

The present invention relates to a method and an arrangement to generate a coherent electromagnetic radiation containing at most a few optical cycles in the extreme ultraviolet/vacuum ultraviolet domain. The inventive method comprises the steps of providing an electron package (15) of relativistic velocity; modulating said electron package (15) with high intensity laser light (17) in an undulator (20) having an undulator period smaller than the undulator period (λu) satisfying the resonance condition, producing thereby an electron package formed of electron microbunches; and passing the electron package (15) of electron microbunches leaving said undulator (20) through a static magnetic field, and generating thereby a coherent electromagnetic radiation, wherein said static magnetic field is generated in conformity with the coherent electromagnetic radiation to be achieved.
University Of Pecs


Non-stationary magnetic field emitter, its connection in system and data modulation method

The emitter is intended to provide a contactless communication channel (particularly rfid/nfc) in miniature build space. The emitter has an oblong, at least partially ferrite core (1), the core (1) is winded up by a wire (4) with at least two threads (2), the threads (2) are on the core (1) placed tightly next to each other and the effective width (w)of one thread (2) corresponds to the radius of the core (1) in the circular core (1) cross-section, or corresponds to the equivalent radius in other shapes of the core (1) with deviation up to +−75%.
Smk Corporation


Alignment determination for antennas and such

An exemplary alignment module for a base station antenna has one or more accelerometers and one or more magnetometers. The one or more accelerometers are used to determine tilt and roll angles of the antenna, while the yaw angle of the antenna is determined using the one or more magnetometers and the determined tilt and roll angles.
Commscope Technologies Llc


Plasma generating apparatus using dual plasma source and substrate treating apparatus including the same

Provided is a plasma generating apparatus using a dual plasma source and a substrate treating apparatus including the same. A plasma generating apparatus may include: an rf power source supplying an rf signal; a plasma chamber providing a space for generating plasma; a first plasma source disposed on a portion of the plasma chamber to generate plasma; and a second plasma source disposed on another portion of the plasma chamber to generate plasma wherein the second source comprises a plurality of gas supply loops disposed along a circumference of the plasma chamber and supplied with a process gas therein to supply the process gas to the plasma chamber; and a plurality of electromagnetic field applicators coupled to the gas supply loop and receiving the rf signal to generate plasma from the process gas..
Psk Inc.


Electrical power transmission system and method

A power carrier transmits an electrical current to and from a load. The carrier has a set of wires carrying electricity in parallel to the load and another set of wires carrying the electricity back in parallel from the load.

Magnetic Field topics: Magnetic Field, Transverse, Magnetic Separator, Homogeneous, Photovoltaic Cell, Semiconductor, Compliance, Anisotropy, Crystallin, Electrical Machine, Wireless Power, Transmitter, Radial Direction, Eddy Currents, Calibration

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