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Magnetic Field patents


This page is updated frequently with new Magnetic Field-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Magnetic Field-related patents
 Shield film, shielded printed wiring board, and  manufacturing shield film patent thumbnailShield film, shielded printed wiring board, and manufacturing shield film
To provide a shield film which is capable of suitably shielding electric field waves, magnetic field waves, and electromagnetic waves progressing from one side to the other side of the shield film and has good transmission characteristics, a shielded printed wiring board, and a method for manufacturing the shield film, a metal layer 3 which is 0.5 μm to 12 μm thick and an anisotropic conductive adhesive layer 4 which is anisotropic so as to be electrically conductive only in thickness directions are provided in a deposited manner, so that electric field waves, magnetic field waves, and electromagnetic waves progressing from one side to the other side of the shield film are suitably shielded.. .
Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

 Crosstalk reduction in electrical interconnects patent thumbnailCrosstalk reduction in electrical interconnects
Embodiments reduce crosstalk between electrical interconnects by offsetting pairs of electrical interconnects in an electrical system to produce a staggered interconnect pattern for which magnetic flux through a loop formed by a victim interconnect pair is effectively canceled. magnetic field vectors generated by an aggressor pair of interconnects can pass through a loop-bounded surface defined by a victim pair of interconnects in the system.
Oracle International Corporation

 Adjusting energy of a particle beam patent thumbnailAdjusting energy of a particle beam
An example particle accelerator includes a coil to provide a magnetic field to a cavity; a particle source to provide a plasma column to the cavity; a voltage source to provide a radio frequency (rf) voltage to the cavity to accelerate particles from the plasma column, where the magnetic field causes particles accelerated from the plasma column to move orbitally within the cavity; an enclosure containing an extraction channel to receive the particles accelerated from the plasma column and to output the received particles from the cavity; and a structure arranged proximate to the extraction channel to change an energy level of the received particles.. .
Mevion Medical Systems, Inc.

 Magnetic controlled bluetooth device patent thumbnailMagnetic controlled bluetooth device
The present invention relates to a magnetic controlled bluetooth device and more particularly to a magnetic controlled bluetooth speaker. The magnetic controlled bluetooth device comprises a magnetic unit and a magnetic sensor.
Airoha Technology Corp.

 Speaker device patent thumbnailSpeaker device
The present invention relates to a speaker device (1) having a first diaphragm (3) and a second diaphragm (5). A first magnet (19) is mounted to the first diaphragm (3) and a second magnet (25) is mounted to the second diaphragm (5).
Jaguar Land Rover Limited

 Device and  combined signal transmission or for combined signal transmission and energy transmission patent thumbnailDevice and combined signal transmission or for combined signal transmission and energy transmission
A method and a device for combined signal transmission or for combined signal transmission and energy transfer, in particular a portable electronic terminal. The device has at least one coil structure for producing a first electromagnetic field for energy transfer or for signal transmission, wherein the device also has at least one antenna structure for additional signal transmission.
Novero Dabendorf Gmbh

 Squirrel-cage rotor and  manufacturing squirrel-cage rotor patent thumbnailSquirrel-cage rotor and manufacturing squirrel-cage rotor
A squirrel-cage rotor including a rotor which has a plurality of rotor slots on an outer circumferential portion thereof and in which secondary conductors accommodated in the rotor slots rotate freely inside a stator as a result of interaction with a rotating magnetic field formed by the stator. The plurality of rotor slots has the same shape and size, and an arrangement spacing thereof with respect to the rotation direction of the rotor is made uneven within a slot uneven arrangement period (360/(a))° obtained by equally dividing one rotation period of the rotor by a divisor (a) of a number p of poles in the stator..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Actuation device for a clutch device patent thumbnailActuation device for a clutch device
An actuation device for a clutch device is provided having a magnetic field brake with a brake stator and a brake rotor. This magnetic field brake can be operated as an eddy-current brake and/or as a hysteresis brake..
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

 Device for receiving wireless power patent thumbnailDevice for receiving wireless power
A wireless power reception device that wirelessly receives power from a wireless power transmission device according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a reception coil receiving power from the wireless power transmission device wirelessly through a magnetic field, and a switch connected to one end and the other end of the reception coil, wherein the wireless power reception device controls the operation of the switch according to the frequency band of the power transmitted by the wireless power transmission device.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

 Antenna device and communication device patent thumbnailAntenna device and communication device
An antenna device is incorporated into an electronic apparatus and is able to communicate by receiving a magnetic field transmitted from a reader/writer (120). The antenna device includes an antenna substrate (11), an antenna coil (11a) formed so as to loop around on one surface of the antenna substrate (11), a magnetic sheet (13) inserted into a central section of the antenna coil (11a) to pull in the magnetic field transmitted from the reader/writer (120), and a circuit section that is mounted in a shared circuit mounting region (20) provided on the other surface of the antenna substrate (11) at a position that avoids a position at which the magnetic sheet (13) is inserted and that is connected to an external circuit.
Dexerials Corporation


Magnetic sensor including resistor array including a plurality of resistive element sections each having magnetoresistance element

A magnetic sensor for detecting a component of an external magnetic field in a specific direction includes a resistor array including a plurality of resistive element sections each having a magnetoresistance element. Each of the plurality of resistive element sections has a different output characteristic curve with respect to the component of the external magnetic field in the specific direction..
Tdk Corporation


Inductive rotary transmitter

An inductive rotary transmitter includes a rotor and a stator, which form a rotary transmitter. A rotor winding is arranged on the rotor, and a stator winding is arranged on the stator.
Carl Mahr Holding Gmbh


Fe-based amorphous transformer magnetic core, production method therefor, and transformer

Wherein b80 represents a magnetic flux density (t) obtained when magnetization is performed in the magnetic field of 80 a/m, and br represents a residual magnetic flux density (t) obtained when a magnetic field is changed to 0 a/m after magnetization is performed in a magnetic field of 80 a/m.. .


Induction vehicle detection and identification system, induction license plate, and induction reader

An induction vehicle detection and identification system comprising electronic identification devices with electronic memory, mounted on vehicles, and a reader capable of reading and/or writing data obtained from devices in hf-band. Devices have a non-volatile memory and are integrated into the vehicle's license plate.


Projective capacitive stylus and controlling method thereof

Configurations of a stylus and controlling methods thereof are disclosed. The proposed stylus causes a touch panel to generate a signal by an electrical field generated by a magnetic field via one of a conductor and an electric plate, wherein the stylus includes a set of windings and a magnet, which can move towards each other and generate a current on the set of windings through interaction.
Henghao Technology Co., Ltd.


Vehicle system, portable device, and vehicle-mounted device

A vehicle system includes a vehicle-mounted device mounted to a vehicle and a portable device portable by a user, and performs a control to the vehicle corresponding to a collation result performed based on a wireless communication established between the vehicle-mounted device and the portable device. The vehicle-mounted device includes a vehicle-mounted transmission unit which simultaneously transmits radio waves having a predetermined phase difference using at least two transmission antennas disposed orthogonal to each other.
Nippon Soken, Inc.


Optical device

An optical device including a faraday rotator, wherein the faraday rotator includes a faraday element 31 made of a magnetooptical material 34, two permanent magnets 35, and an electromagnet 20a, with a direction of travel of light as a front-rear direction, the faraday element includes light incident/emission surfaces in front and rear, and surfaces parallel to each other in left and right, the plate-shaped permanent magnets are attached to each of left and right side surfaces of the faraday element such that different magnetic poles are opposed to each other, and the permanent magnets are configured to apply a permanent magnetic field to the faraday element in one direction of a left direction and a right direction, a shaft part 10 that holds the faraday element, attached with the permanent magnets, over an entire length in the front-rear direction is included, the electromagnet is configured including a coil made by winding a conductor 21 around a periphery of the shaft part with the front-rear direction as an axis, and the electromagnet is configured to apply to the faraday element a variable magnetic field in the front-rear direction.. .
Kohoku Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Improved ecg-based triggering for magnetic resonance imaging

A method of imaging, by means of magnetic resonance, at least a portion of a human or animal subject of interest (20) positioned in a static magnetic field, the method comprising: —taking measurements of electrocardiogram data; —generate vector cardiogram data from the electrocardiogram data; —determining at least one parameter of an acquisition period of acquiring magnetic resonance signals from the vector cardiogram data in order to synchronize measurement of magnetic resonance signals to a cyclic movement of the heart of the subject of interest (20); wherein the at least one parameter of the acquisition period is determined from an actual value of a discriminating function and a predetermined reference function, wherein for determining the at least one parameter of the acquisition period, a step of adapting at least one of the discriminating function and the predetermined reference function is executed, dependent on a breathing status of the human or animal subject of interest (20); and—a magnetic resonance imaging system (10) for acquisition of images of at least a portion of a human or animal subject of interest (20), synchronized to a cyclic movement of the heart of the subject of interest (20), comprising: —a control unit (28) for controlling functions of the magnetic resonance imaging system (10); —an image processing unit (34) provided for processing acquired magnetic resonance signals; —an electrocardiogram device (36) for taking measurements of electrocardiogram data of the heart of the subject of interest (20); —a synchronization unit (40) coupled to the electrocardiogram device (36) and configured for determining at least one parameter of an acquisition period from the vector cardiogram data, wherein the synchronization unit (40) is configured to provide trigger signals (60) indicative of the determined at least one parameter of the acquisition period to the control unit (28); and wherein the synchronization unit (40) is configured to adapt at least one of the discriminating function and the predetermined reference function, dependent on a breathing status of the human or animal subject of interest (20).. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Magnetic sensor element

Provided is a magnetic sensor device having a structure in which a plurality of mtj structures, each using a ferromagnetic layer having an in-plane axis of easy magnetization and a ferromagnetic layer having a perpendicular axis of easy magnetization, are laminated. By a single device, magnetic fields in two or more directions can be sensed, or a plurality of magnetic field ranges including a small magnetic field and a relatively large magnetic field can be sensed..
Hitachi, Ltd.


Amr-type integrated magnetoresistive sensor for detecting magnetic fields perpendicular to the chip

An amr-type integrated magnetoresistive sensor sensitive to perpendicular magnetic fields is formed on a body of semiconductor material covered by an insulating region. The insulating region houses a set/reset coil and a magnetoresistor arranged on the set/reset coil.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Magnetic field strength and magnetic field angle detection system in magnetoresistive sensors

Embodiments relate to magnetoresistive sensors suitable for both angle and field strength sensing. In an embodiment, a sensor comprises two different magnetoresistive (xmr) sensor components for sensing two different aspects or characteristics of a magnetic field.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Hybrid closed-loop/open-loop magnetic current sensor

Hybrid magnetic current sensors and sensing apparatus are presented with closed-loop and open-loop circuitry employs first and second integrated magnetic sensors to sense a magnetic field in a magnetic core structure gap to provide high accuracy current measurement via a closed-loop magnetic circuit with the first sensor in a nominal current range as well as open-loop current measurement using the second sensor in an extended second range to accommodate over-current conditions in a host system as well as to provide redundant current sensing functionality.. .
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh


Nuclear magnetic flowmeter and operating nuclear magnetic flowmeters

A nuclear magnetic flowmeter (1) for determining the flow of a medium flowing through a measuring tube (2) having a magnetic field generator (4), a measuring unit (5) and an antennae unit (6) with an antenna (7). Wherein the antennae unit (6) has at least one further antenna (11, 12), that is designed as a coil and is designed for transmitting the excitation signal to the magnetized medium (3) and for detecting the measuring signal over a further measuring section (13, 14) aligned parallel to the longitudinal axis (8) of the measuring tube and located in the magnetic field path (9), and the measuring section (10) and the further measuring section (13, 14) are different..
Krohne Ag


Magnetic-inductive flowmeter

The invention relates to a magnetic-inductive flowmeter having a measuring tube (1), a magnetic field generator (2) and a measuring electrode (3). Thereby, the measuring tube (1) has a measuring section (4) that is flat on one side having a planar measuring tube portion, called portion (5) in the following, and the magnetic field generator (2) has a pole shoe (7).
Krohne Ag


Magnetic-inductive flowmeter

A magnetic-inductive flowmeter for measuring flow of a flowing medium, having a measuring tube, a magnetic field generator, at least one measuring electrode and a measuring section that is flat on one side having a planar measuring tube portion. Furthermore, the magnetic field generator has at least one coil core and a pole shoe.
Krohne Ag


Rotation angle detector

A rotation angle detector has a rotation angle sensor and a microcomputer, where the sensor detects a change of a magnetic field of a magnet that rotates with a shaft. The microcomputer has a first corrector for correcting a pre-correction mechanical angle, based on a first correction value that corrects an error due to an assembly process for assembling the magnet and the sensor, and a second corrector for correcting the pre-correction mechanical angle based on a second correction value that corrects an error due to a spill magnetic flux that is generated by a supply of an electric current to a winding wire.
Denso Corporation


Magnetic field sensor and magnetic field sensing method

A magnetic field sensor includes at least one magneto-resistive spin-valve sensor element configured to sense a first magnetic field component, and at least one amr sensor element configured to sense a second magnetic field component which is perpendicular to the first magnetic field component.. .
Infineon Technologies Ag


Generating magnetic field map for indoor positioning

There is provided an apparatus caused to acquire information indicating a measured magnetic field vector and information relating to an uncertainty measure of the measured magnetic field vector in at least one known location inside the building, wherein the indicated magnetic field vector represents magnitude and direction of the earth's magnetic field affected by the local structures of the building, and to generate the indoor magnetic field map for at least part of the building on the basis of at least the acquired information and the floor plan.. .
Indooratlas Oy


Ratiometric nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) gyroscope system

An nmr gyroscope system includes a vapor cell that includes an alkali metal, a first gyromagnetic isotope, and a second gyromagnetic isotope, and a pump laser generates an optical pump beam. A magnetic field generator generates a magnetic field that is substantially aligned with a sensitive axis to cause the first and second gyromagnetic isotopes to counter-precess based on the optical pump beam and the alkali metal.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation


Coupling and control assembly including a sensor

A coupling and control assembly including a sensor for providing an electrical signal for electronic transmission control is provided. The assembly includes a first coupling member which supports the sensor and a locking element and a second coupling member supported for rotation about a rotational axis.
Means Industries, Inc.


Radial electrodynamic bearing

The invention provides a radial bearing for supporting a shaft of a rotating device comprising an inductor having an inductor axis, generating a magnetic field radial to said inductor axis having p pole pairs, a winding having loops disposed around a winding axis, magnetically coupled to said radial magnetic field, and connected in a closed circuit in such a manner that the net flux variation intercepted by said winding when said inductor and said winding are in rotation with respect to each other is zero when said inductor axis and said winding axis coincide, and a gap between said inductor and said winding. According to the invention, said armature winding comprises p−1 or p+1 pole pairs when p is larger than or equal to 1 and said armature winding comprises one pole pair when p is equal to 0..
Universite Catholique De Louvain


Apparatus for cost effective wireless actuator using sma and mrc

A system and method for wirelessly controlling a shape memory alloy (sma) actuator using magnetic resonant coupling (mrc). The sma actuator is part of a receiver circuit including an actuator coil, where the sma actuator is configured into a certain shape.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Method and actuation of downhole sleeves and other devices

A downhole equalization assembly permits selective and remote opening of at least one downhole port or pathway to allow communication of pressure and/or fluid flow from inside a pressure containing system (such as, for example, a tubular pipe or other pressure containment system) to the outside of the containment system, or vice versa. A control device generating a magnetic field is inserted into a well and conveyed to a downhole equalization assembly.
Completion Innovations, Llc


Method and adding thermal energy to a glass melt

Disclosed herein are methods and apparatuses for adding thermal energy to a glass melt. Apparatuses for generating a thermal plasma disclosed herein comprise an electrode, a grounded electrode, a dielectric plasma confinement vessel extending between the two electrodes, and a magnetic field generator extending around the dielectric plasma confinement vessel.
Corning Incorporated


Converging/diverging magnetic nozzle

A magnetic nozzle having a converging/diverging contour shape that converts the thermal energy of a propellant into directed kinetic energy, but uses magnetic fields instead of a physical boundary to direct the flow of particles.. .
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Direct position measurement for aircraft flight control surfaces

A method and apparatus for determining a discrete position of a first surface of an aircraft is disclosed. The first surface and a second surface movable relative to the first surface are provided.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Integrated magnetic field sensor and powering on and off a load

An integrated magnetic field sensor includes a magnetic field sensing circuit and a power driving circuit disposed upon or within a common substrate. A method of powering on and off a load uses the above integrated magnetic field sensor..
Allegro Microsystems, Llc


Spatial heat treatment of additively manufactured objects

A matrix material dispersed with one or more susceptor structures can be formed into a feedstock for an additive manufacturing process. The one or more susceptor structures can be excited by an energy field such as an electric field, a magnetic field, an electromagnetic field, or any combination thereof, to produce heat.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Magnetic guided ablation catheter

Magnetic guided ablation catheters and methods of manufacture are disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, a catheter includes a unitary flexible tubing having a proximal end and a distal end.
St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.


X-ray generator device

An x-ray generator device includes a housing at least partially holding a specific fluid pressure, with an arm positioned to be able to strike a strike plate within the housing. The housing contains an x-ray window.
Tribogenics, Inc.


Multiplexed heater array using ac drive for semiconductor processing

A heating plate for a substrate support assembly in a semiconductor plasma processing apparatus, comprises multiple independently controllable heater zones arranged in a scalable multiplexing layout, and electronics to independently control and power the heater zones. A substrate support assembly in which the heating plate is incorporated includes an electrostatic clamping electrode and a temperature controlled base plate.
Lam Research Corporation


Camera module and electronic apparatus

A camera module includes a lens and an image sensor that converts an image formed by the lens into an electrical signal. The camera module is disposed such that the lens is exposed from an opening in a metal housing.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Antenna device and electronic apparatus

The balance between communicable regions in the x-direction and the y-direction with respect to an antenna on the side of a reader/writer that is facing in the xy-plane is improved, allowing reliable communication via an electromagnetic field signal transmitted from the reader/writer. An antenna device incorporated into an electronic apparatus and configured to communicate with an external device via an electromagnetic field signal includes an antenna coil (11a) having formed therein a loop antenna (21a) disposed on a peripheral portion of a casing surface of the electronic apparatus and having an external shape formed by bending a long side of a rectangular shape into which a coil that inductively couples to the external device is wound, thereby improving the balance between communicable regions in the x-direction and the y-direction with respect to an antenna (121) on the side of a reader/writer that is facing in the xy-plane..
Dexerials Corporation


Method and device for transmitting data by inductive coupling with controlled self-oscillation

In a general aspect, a method for transmitting data by inductive coupling can include applying, at a rate of a data-carrying signal, a plurality of bursts of a periodic signal to a tuned inductive antenna circuit. The method can further include producing, in the tuned inductive antenna circuit, an antenna signal, the antenna signal generating a magnetic field.
Inside Secure


Halbach array and magnetic suspension damper using same

A halbach magnetic array is disclosed, including a plurality of first and second magnetic units alternately arranged in a width direction, wherein: each first magnetic unit includes first magnetic groups and first magnetic columns alternately arranged in a length direction, each first magnetic group includes four first magnetic bars arranged in a 2*2 matrix; each second magnetic unit includes second magnetic groups and second magnetic columns alternately arranged in the length direction, each second magnetic group includes four second magnetic bars arranged in a 2*2 matrix; each first magnetic column is magnetized in a height direction, and each second magnetic column is magnetized in a direction opposite to the height direction. A magnetic suspension vibration damper is also disclosed which includes halbach magnetic arrays as described above that are stacked together along a height direction to produce a magnetic force in the height direction and performs the vibration damping function by means of magnetic attractive forces or magnetic repulsive forces.
Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment Co.,ltd.


Electromagnetic segmented-capacitor propulsion system

The present invention discloses electromagnetic propulsion systems and methods. The electromagnetic propulsion or thrusting systems include a multi-element capacitor, a means for charging and discharging the capacitor, a means for rotating parts of the capacitor, one or more electromagnetic coils, and a means for periodically shaping the intensity, duration and polarity of magnetic fields from the coils.


Contactless power transmission device

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a contactless charging device which reduces magnetic field leaking from an air gap between a primary coil and a secondary coil so as to suppress radiation noise in contactless electrical power transmission. The device is provided with a power supply device (1) comprising a primary coil (13) which generates a magnetic field by way of a supply current from a power supply (2), and a power receiving device (8) comprising a secondary coil (15) which receives power by way of the magnetic field from the primary coil (13).
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Wireless energy transfer in lossy environments

Described herein are improved configurations for a wireless power transfer for electronic devices that include at least one source magnetic resonator including a capacitively-loaded conducting loop coupled to a power source and configured to generate an oscillating magnetic field and at least one device magnetic resonator, distal from said source resonators, comprising a capacitively-loaded conducting loop configured to convert said oscillating magnetic fields into electrical energy, wherein at least one said resonator has a keep-out zone around the resonator that surrounds the resonator with a layer of non-lossy material.. .
Witricity Corporation


Device for a current limiter and a current limiter comprising said device

A device (10) for a current limiter is described, the device (10) comprising: at least one coil assembly (12) adapted to carry a current, the coil assembly (12) comprising: a first coil (14), comprising a first superconducting element, adapted to carry a first portion of said current, and a second coil (16), comprising a second superconducting element, adapted to carry a second portion of said current, wherein said first and second coils (14, 16) are arranged such that, when said first and second superconducting elements are each in a superconducting state and said coil assembly (.12) carries said current, a magnetic field generated by said first portion of said current in said first coil (14) is substantially cancelled by a magnetic field generated by said second portion of said current in said second coil (16); and wherein said device is adapted such that, in use, the first superconducting element carries a higher proportion of said current than the second superconducting element. The device may be used in a superconducting fault current limiter to provide a low inductance during normal operation and a rapid and even quench under fault current conditions..
Energy Technologies Institute Llp


Traveling-wave loop antenna based on metal ring cavity for generating radio frequency orbital angular momentum

A traveling-wave loop antenna based on a metal ring cavity for generating a radio frequency oam beam includes a main structure which is the metal ring cavity whose top surface has an annular slot circumferentially opened. Two openings ¼ of a perimeter of the metal ring cavity apart, are two excitation source ports of the antenna, for connecting a metal waveguide.
Zhejiang University


Nonreversible circuit device

A nonreversible circuit device includes circulators of high pass type, each circulator including a first central conductor, a second central conductor, and a third central conductor arranged on a microwave magnetic body, to which a dc magnetic field is applied, in a relation intersecting each other in a mutually insulated state, and capacitance elements connected respectively in series between one end of the first central conductor and an antenna port, between one end of the second central conductor and a reception port, and between one end of the third central conductor and a transmission port. A pass frequency band of the circulator is lower than that of the circulator.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Generator unit for energy harvesting with a single force input point

A generator unit to harvest energy from motion is disclosed which comprises a support (6) with a connection member (7) for attachment to a movable object (8), at least a first body (3) and a second body (9) supported by the support and configured to move relatively to each other and with a varying, preferably magnetic field (4) spatially in between, one of the first or second body comprising at least one electricity generating member (2) of piezoelectric, electromagnetic or electrostatic type to produce electricity when mechanically deformed or moved, and a field engagement part (5) configured to move in the varying field when the first and second bodies move relatively to each other and generate a varying mechanical deformation or movement of the electricity generating member.. .
Meggitt A/s


Electromagnetic actuator and producing such an actuator

An electromagnetic actuator, including: a ferromagnetic housing extending in a longitudinal direction with a height in a vertical direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction; two coils arranged inside the housing, each including at least one winding around the longitudinal direction; a ferromagnetic member arranged between the coils; and a ferromagnetic plunger subjected to a magnetic field generated by the coils, the plunger movable in the longitudinal direction and to be immobilized in three different longitudinal positions depending on the field generated by the coils. The ferromagnetic member is rigidly connected to the housing and has, in the vertical direction, a size greater than one sixth of the height of the housing, and located at a distance smaller than one fourth of a gap in the longitudinal direction between the two coils, relative to a median plane perpendicular to the longitudinal direction and located at the midpoint between the two coils..
Schneider Electric Industries Sas


Method and device for compensation of temporal magnetic field fluctuations in powered magnets

A system for reducing temporal fluctuations in a powered magnet. The system includes a magnetic field generator that generates a magnetic field with temporal fluctuations and a power supply having an ac/dc converter that delivers electric current to the magnetic field generator.
The Penn State Research Foundation


Magnetization vector storing method, magnetization vector data compression method, and magnetic field simulator device

A magnetization vector storing method includes: acquiring, by a computer, a saturation magnetization value of a material to be simulated from a database indicating the saturation magnetization value of each material; dividing each component of a magnetization vector indicating a magnetization state of the material to be simulated by the saturation magnetization value; and converting each component of the magnetization vector obtained after the dividing using the saturation magnetization into an integer value and storing the integer value in a storage unit.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Earth surveying for improved drilling applications

Methods and apparatuses for geophysical surveying are disclosed. In one embodiment, a marine vehicle may obtain magnetic measurements in a location around a drilling site.
Liquid Robotics Oil And Gas Llc


System and groundwater detection and evaluation

A system for mapping a depth of an aquifer and determining the presence and salinity of water from the aquifer and methods for using the making/using the same includes a central processor. One or more horizontal loop transmitters can be coupled to the central processor, wherein said one or more horizontal loop transmitters produce a first half-sine pulse of magnetic field at a first pulse duration for measuring the resistivity of a ground surface.
The Regents Of The University Of California


System and estimating the position and orientation of a mobile communications device in a beacon-based positioning system

An example of a technique for compensating for effects of earth's magnetic field variations on a mobile device positioning system. A mobile device utilizes a compass to obtain an absolute heading when located relative to a visible light source.
Abl Ip Holding Llc


System and estimating the position and orientation of a mobile communications device in a beacon-based positioning system

An example of a technique for maintaining a previously calibrated mobile device positioning system to account for changes in perturbers of the earth's magnetic field. A mobile device obtains a corrected heading estimate of the mobile device within a space based on a previously recorded heading correction value.
Abl Ip Holding Llc


Apparatus for testing sample properties in a magnetic field

A magnetic testing apparatus includes a magnet assembly with a sample path extending through the magnet assembly. The magnetic field produced by the magnet assembly defines a known, varying magnetic field profile along the sample path.
Hts-110 Limited


Discontinuous fluidic systems for point-of-care analyte measurement

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for using the controlled movement of magnetic particles using controlled magnetic fields in a fluidic device containing separated fluidic regions to detect analytes in solution by immunoassay, such as an enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay (elisa) for various medical and scientific applications. In order to achieve sequential exposure to the different chemical environments required in an immunoassay, magnetic particles are driven through fluid-containing chambers separated by air-gaps that may take the form of air bubbles or small open-air separations, for example.
Fannin Innovation Studio, Inc.


Magnetic permeability measurement of ferromagnetic wires

Embodiments described herein provide magnetic permeability measurements of ferromagnetic wires. In one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a non-magnetic wire retainer having a circular groove that holds a ferromagnetic wire for measurement.
The Boeing Company


Method and detection, identification and quantification of chemical or biological material through modification of operating conditions

A sensors reading when exposed to different chemical compounds changes if an operating condition of the sensor such as temperature, pressure, electromagnetic field intensity, light or radiation level is modified and the amount of change is different for different compounds. This invention uses this phenomenon to identify and quantify the concentration of the compound..


Method and system for locating an object

A method and system for locating an object are disclosed. The method comprises generating a plurality of sampling points in an activity area map for an object; obtaining a conditional probability density of the object's locating at the plurality of sampling points according to an initial electromagnetic field intensity of the plurality of sampling points and a current electromagnetic field intensity of the object to be located; conducting resampling and updating for the sampling points according to the conditional probability density; and determining a position of the object to be located based on coordinate values of sampling points after the updating.
Chigoo Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.


Electronic device with calibrated compass

An electronic device may have electrical components mounted in alignment with an electronic device housing. A compass in the electronic device housing may potentially be misaligned with respect to the electrical components and the electronic device housing.
Apple Inc.


Navigation assistance based on visual codes

Visual codes are scanned to assist navigation. The visual code may be a quick response (qr) code that contains information useful to calibrating a variety of navigation-based sensors such as gyroscopes, e-compasses, and barometric pressure sensors.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Device to control the functioning of a heat exchanger, heat exchanger comprising said device and corresponding control method based on the measurement of an electromagnetic field

A device to control the functioning of a heat exchanger comprises an electric generator, suitable to generate an electromagnetic field, at least an emission element, connected to the electric generator and associable with the heat exchanger, to generate in the latter an electromagnetic field, at least a detection element, configured to detect a value of the electromagnetic field with respect to the value generated by the electromagnetic field, and a detector, connected to the detection element with an appropriate de-modulation and de-coding method to determine functioning conditions of the heat exchanger.. .
New Technology Consultants (n.t.c.)


Film deposition apparatus and film deposition method

A film deposition apparatus includes: a plasma generating section configured to generate plasma between a cathode target and an anode; a film deposition chamber in which a base material is placed; and a magnetic-field filter section configured to remove a particle from the plasma by a magnetic field and to transfer the plasma to the film deposition chamber. The magnetic-field filter section includes: a first housing area to which a first voltage is applied; and a second housing area, provided downstream of the first housing area in the moving direction of the plasma, to which a second voltage is applied..
Fujitsu Limited


Poly-magnetic filter device for hot water heaters and gas water heaters

The various embodiments herein provide a poly-magnetic filter for enhancing the filtering effect on the sediment of limestone in the affected water. The filter doubles the effect of neutralizing the limestone sediment in the water molecules by simultaneously using a magnetic field and a plurality of polyphosphate crystal in a single filter.


Wireless power transmission device

A wireless power transmission device comprises: a ground-side coil (13) for generating a magnetic field by current supplied from a power control device (7); a current transformer (23) for detecting the magnitude of an input from the power control device (7); a power supplying device-side control unit (6) for, based on a detection signal from the current transformer (23), controlling the current supplied from the power control device (7) to the ground-side coil (13); and a vehicle-side coil (15) for receiving power via the magnetic field coming from the ground-side coil (13). When detecting an input change having a predetermined value or more on the basis of the detection signal from the input detection unit (23), the power supplying device-side control unit (6) stops the current supplied to the ground-side coil (13)..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Method and system for magnetic actuated mixing

A method and system for magnetic actuated mixing which use magnetic particles and electromagnetic field to facilitate the mixing. The method and system use magnetic particles and a generated electromagnetic field to facilitate the milling as well.
Xerox Corporation


Method and providing transcranial magnetic stimulation (tms) to an individual

Apparatus for applying transcranial magnetic stimulation (tms) to an individual, wherein the apparatus comprises: a head mount for disposition on the head of an individual; and a plurality of magnet assemblies for releasable mounting on the head mount, wherein each of the magnet assemblies comprises a permanent magnet, and at least one of (i) a movement mechanism for moving the permanent magnet and/or (ii) a magnetic shield shutter mechanism, for selectively providing a rapidly changing magnetic field capable of inducing weak electric currents in the brain of an individual so as to modify the natural electrical activity of the brain of the individual; wherein the number of magnet assemblies mounted on the head mount, their individual positioning on the head mount, and their selective provision of a rapidly changing magnetic field is selected so as to allow the spatial, strength and temporal characteristics of the magnetic field to be custom tailored for each individual, whereby to provide individual-specific tms therapy, to assist in diagnosis or to map out brain function in neuroscience research.. .
Cornell University


Apparatus and treatment of organic human tissue with a low pressure plasma

Wherein a safety device, by which the power of the electromagnetic field generated by the transformer can be set automatically for the corresponding application, is associated with the control device.. .


Methods and devices for performing electrical stimulation to treat various conditions

In certain variations, systems and/or methods for electromagnetic induction therapy are provided. One or more ergonomic or body contoured applicators may be included.
Emkinetics, Inc.


Dual antenna microwave resection and ablation device, system and use

A system for generating microwave energy includes a microwave generator that generates first and second microwave signals, a transmission line and a dual antenna microwave device. The transmission line transmits the first and second microwave signals to the microwave device.
Covidien Lp


Method for operating a linear motor assembly and linear motor assembly

A method for operating a linear motor assembly includes: open-loop controlled introduction of electric energy to a first stator segment provided with solenoids for an open-loop controlled provision of a magnetic field for a permanent magnet arrangement of a conveying means for a generation of drive forces, and closed-loop controlled introduction of electric energy to a second stator segment provided with a measuring device for a detection of a position of a conveying means and with solenoids for a closed-loop controlled provision of a magnetic field acting on the conveying means, wherein a controlling device effects a temporary switch-over of the second stator segment from a closed-loop controlled state to an open-loop controlled state at a transition of the conveying means from the first stator segment to the second stator segment, and/or at a transition of the conveying means from the second stator segment to the first stator segment.. .


Wheel-driven electric generator

An electric generator includes a wheel coupled to an axle of a vehicle which includes battery. A rotator is fixedly mounted to the wheel and includes a series of magnets positioned so that the north pole of one magnet abuts the south pole of an adjacent magnet.


Systems and methods for beam angle adjustment in ion implanters with beam decelaration

An ion implantation system employs a mass analyzer for both mass analysis and angle correction. An ion source generates an ion beam along a beam path.


Device and optimizing diffusion section of electron beam

Provided is a device for optimizing a diffusion section of an electron beam, comprising two groups of permanent magnets, a magnetic field formed by the four magnetic poles extending the electron beam in a longitudinal direction, and compressing the electron beam in a transverse direction, so that the electron beam becomes an approximate ellipse; another magnetic field formed by the eight magnetic poles optimizing an edge of a dispersed electron-beam bunch into an approximate rectangle; by controlling the four longitudinal connection mechanisms so that the upper magnetic yoke and the lower magnetic yoke of the first group of permanent magnets move synchronously towards the center thereof thereby longitudinally compressing the electron beam in the shape of an approximate ellipse, and the upper magnetic yoke and the lower magnetic yoke of the second group of permanent magnets move synchronously towards the center thereof thereby longitudinally compressing the electron beam in the shape of an approximate rectangle, and the process of longitudinal compression is repeated until a longitudinal size of the electron-beam bunch is reduced to 80 mm. The invention is capable of reasonably compressing a longitudinal size of an electron-beam bunch after diffusion to approximately 80 mm, which ensures optimum irradiation uniformity and efficiency, and enables the longitudinal size to be within the range of a conventional titanium window,.


Combined multipole magnet and dipole scanning magnet

A combined scanning and focusing magnet for an ion implantation system is provided. The combined scanning and focusing magnet has a yoke having a high magnetic permeability.


Bi-stable electrical solenoid switch

An improved bi-stable electrical solenoid switch comprising a solenoid being wound with coil windings. The solenoid having a central aperture defined therein, and the coil windings, which when engaged by a power source, generates a magnetic field.


Magnetic control switch

A contactless control switch that is resistant to influence from external magnetic fields is disclosed. The switch includes a switch housing, a button moveably mounted to the housing that has at least one protrusion formed on an underside thereof, a circuit board mounted to the housing and including at least one magnet sensor, and a magnet holder positioned adjacent each respective magnet sensor, the magnet holder housing a positive field magnet and a negative field magnet therein and being rotatably mounted to the housing.


Power transmitting coil structure and wireless power transmitting apparatus including the same

A power transmitting coil structure and a wireless power transmitting apparatus including the same are provided. The power transmitting coil includes a first coil which is wound to have a circular or polygonal shape and at least one sub coil positioned within the first coil.


Cascaded coils for multi-surface coverage in near field communication

Described herein are techniques related to near field coupling and wireless power transfers. A device may include a cascaded coil antenna to include a first coil antenna that is connected in series with a second coil antenna.


Method and device for controlling cooling loop for superconducting magnet system in response to magnetic field

A valve is configured to control a flow of a gas disposed within a convective cooling loop. The valve can be actuated between an open position and a closed position via a magnetic field generated by at least one electrically conductive coil disposed within a cryostat..


Contoured-field magnets

Apparatus and methods for manufacturing magnets, and magnets, having magnetically oriented grains, and apparatus including such magnets. The field of a permanent magnet may be shaped by applying an external field to the material from which the magnet is made in such a way as to magnetize different regions of the material in different directions.


Formation of a field reversed configuration for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma

A system and method for containing plasma and forming a field reversed configuration (frc) magnetic topology are described in which plasma ions are contained magnetically in stable, non-adiabatic orbits in the frc. Further, the electrons are contained electrostatically in a deep energy well, created by tuning an externally applied magnetic field.


Entry point opening sensor

A sensor package is disclosed that includes, a compass, an accelerometer, and an electromagnetic flux tag based open/close sensor. The compass may be activated by a microcontroller in response to an indication of movement detected by an accelerometer.


Entry point opening sensor

A sensor package is disclosed that includes a compass and/or an accelerometer. The compass may be activated by a microcontroller in response to an indication of movement detected by an accelerometer.


Alarm arming with open entry point

A magnet and magnetometer may be integrated into a smart home environment and allow it to be placed into an away mode of operation despite an entry point being semi-open. The disclosed implementations can detect a magnetic field strength and determine, based on the detected field strength, an approximate distance that a moveable partition is open.


Systems and methods for communicating with a magnetic reader head

A device and method for waveform transmission of transaction card data to a merchant point-of-sale device are provided. The device includes a memory device for storing data, a processor, and a transmitter.


Chip card

According to one embodiment, a chip card is described including a chip, an antenna, a coupling structure configured to transmit energy from the antenna to the chip and a control element configured to control, depending on a field strength of a magnetic field to which the chip card is exposed, at least one of the resonance frequency of the antenna, the quality factor of the antenna and an energy transmission efficiency of the coupling structure.. .


Using reactive coupling of a printed rfid chip on a strap to allow the printed material to be over-laminated with a barrier film against oxygen and moisture ingress

An rfid device using a printed electronic circuit (pec) is disclosed. The pec or electronic circuit which includes printed elements is coupled to a conductor structure, such as an antenna, by reactive means, such as an electric field, a magnetic field, or a combination of both.


Method and energy harvest from a proximity coupling device

The disclosure generally relates to a method and apparatus for energy harvest from a proximity coupling device (pcd) by a proximity integrated circuit card. In one embodiment, the picc includes an integrated ble.


Systems and methods for creating dynamic programmable magnetic stripes

Conventional magnetic stripe cards are encoded with static magnetic patterns. To act like many different magnetic stripe cards, a programmable dynamic magnetic stripe card disclosed.


Security mode data protection

In one embodiment, a device containing sensitive information may be placed in a data security mode. In such a data security mode, certain activities may trigger the partial or full erasure of the sensitive date before the data can be retrieved by an unauthorized user.


Laser scan unit housing for an image forming device

A scan unit for an imaging device having a movable minor and one or more light sources. A light beam generated by each light source is directed towards the movable minor, movement of the minor causing each light beam that is reflected by the minor to follow a distinct scan pattern.


Optical device, image display device, and manufacturing optical device

An optical device includes a glass plate, a movable section adapted to support the glass plate, shaft sections adapted to support the movable section so as to be able to oscillate around an oscillation axis, a support section adapted to support the shaft sections, a permanent magnet provided to the movable section, and a coil disposed so as to be opposed to the permanent magnet, and generating a magnetic field acting on the permanent magnet, and the support section has a window section through which a gap between the permanent magnet and the coil can visually be recognized.. .


Dynamic appearance-changing optical devices (dacod) printed in a shaped magnetic field including printable fresnel structures

A printed image is disclosed wherein the image may be in the form of an array of magnetically aligned platelets or flakes that may by uniform in shape and size and wherein the flakes are arranged in a particularly manner to form optically illusive images useful as security devices, or useful in beam steering applications. In one embodiment of this invention printed array is disclosed a plurality of concentric rings of magnetically aligned platelets disposed upon a substrate in the form of a fresnel structure, preferably a fresnel reflector.


Focused symmetric pipe inspection tools

An electromagnetic sensor for a pipe inspection tool includes a first coil antenna having a wire wrapped about a first core in a first direction, and a second coil antenna axially offset from the first coil and the wire wrapped about a second core in a second direction. A power source is coupled to the wire such that, when excited by the power source, the first coil antenna generates a first magnetic field in a first polar orientation and the second coil antenna generates a second magnetic field in a second polar orientation opposite the first polar orientation..


Systems, methods, and detecting ferromagnetic foreign objects in a predetermined space

An apparatus for detecting a presence of an object is provided. The apparatus includes an inductive sensing coil that is configurable to generate a first magnetic field.


Energy metering its calibration

An energy metering system includes a plurality of sensors arranged in proximity to circuit breakers of a distribution panel for sensing a magnetic field in the area of the circuit breakers and providing corresponding sensor data. The system further includes a data processing system for converting the sensor data of the plurality of sensors into electrical load information for a plurality of electrical circuits protected by corresponding circuit breakers.


Coil assembly for magnetic resonance imaging

A magnetic resonance imaging system is provided. The system includes a solenoid magnet configured to generate a static magnetic field and an annular coil assembly housed within at least a portion of the solenoid magnet.


Magnetism detection device

Provided is a magnetism detection device by which it is possible to achieve a reduction in size and an increase in accuracy. A magnetism detection device includes: a magneto-impedance element; a magnetic field direction changing body; and a substrate that is formed of a semiconductor material and has an element arrangement recessed portion bottom surface and a back surface that face mutually opposite sides in a thickness direction, and a through-hole that reaches the element arrangement recessed portion bottom surface and the back surface and has a cross-sectional dimension that increases toward the main surface starting from the element arrangement recessed portion bottom surface.


Current sensor

To provide a current sensor excellent in insulation resistance. A current sensor (1) includes a conductor (10); a support part (30) for supporting a signal processing ic (20); a magnetoelectric conversion element (13) configured to be electrically connectable to the signal processing ic (20), and arranged in a gap (10a) of the conductor (10) so as to detect a magnetic field generated by a current flowing through the conductor (10); and an insulation member (14) supporting the magnetoelectric conversion element (13)..


Electrical current transducer with wound magnetic core

Electrical current transducer including a housing (5), a magnetic field detector device (3) comprising a magnetic field sensing element (11), and a magnetic circuit comprising a magnetic core (4) with a gap (6) and a bridging device (8) mounted on the magnetic core and spanning across the gap. The bridging device comprises a gap positioning element (26) made of a non-magnetic material inserted in the gap configured to determine a minimum width of the gap.


Method for active detection bio molecules

Provided is a method of detecting biomolecules. The method of detecting biomolecules includes accommodating a plurality of metal particles to which a first molecule specifically binding to target biomolecules is attached, a plurality of magnetic particles to which a second molecule specifically binding to target biomolecules is attached, and the biomolecules; applying a magnetic field to exert an attractive force on magnetic particles; filtering one or more among metal particles, biomolecules and metal particle-binding biomolecules, on which an attractive force is not exerted; and exerting an attractive force on the metal particles of a first assembly in which both of the metal particles and the magnetic particles are bound to the biomolecules by applying an electric field and detecting the metal particles..


Electromagnetic transducer

An electromagnetic transducer is disclosed. An example electromagnetic transducer may be provided for a fluid parameter meter.


Sensing system using a marginal oscillator

A sensor system comprises a marginal oscillator. A tank circuit comprises inductive and capacitive elements including a probe arranged to generate an electromagnetic field in a sensing region.


Hoist main shaft torque monitoring device based on angle measurement

A hoist main shaft torque monitoring device based on angle measurement, constituted primarily by a first base, a second base, a light generating unit, a shutter, and a light sensing element; the light source, a first lens, and a first optical aperture arranged in the light generating unit, as well as a second optical aperture, second lens, and light sensing element on the shutter, forming a light source generation, propagation, and reception pathway; when the elevator main shaft is subjected to a certain torque, a corresponding displacement is produced between the first optical aperture and the second optical aperture, thus measuring the change in amount of light ultimately reaching the second optical aperture so as to measure the twist angle of the rotary shaft and finally calculate the magnitude of the shaft torque. Without damaging the original equipment and foundation, the device measures the torque of the shaft at different rotational speeds.


Method for developing a sensing system to measure the attractive force between a magnetic structure and its target by quantifying the opposing residual magnetic field (ormf)

The subject of this patent is a novel method for developing a sensing system that can determine a magnetic attraction force between a magnetic structure and its target level by using an opposing residual magnetic field (ormf) to quantify said magnetic attraction force. Steps for the development and implementation of an ormf sensing system are set forth herein..


Air spring height measurement arrangement

The subject invention relates to an air spring height measurement arrangement comprising a magnetic field transmitting arrangement (110) and a magnetic field receiving arrangement (120). The magnetic field transmitting arrangement is adapted to adopt a first state and a second state with regard to the magnetic field receiving arrangement.


Magnetic anomaly tracking for an inertial navigation system

One example includes an inertial navigation system (ins). The ins includes a navigation controller configured to generate inertial data associated with motion of a vehicle based on at least one navigation sensor configured on the vehicle and based on magnetic anomaly data.


Guided installation for an opening sensor

Systems and techniques are provided for guided installation of an opening sensor. A strength of a magnetic field created by a magnet of an opening sensor at a location of a magnetometer sensor of the opening sensor may be determined.

Magnetic Field topics: Magnetic Field, Transverse, Magnetic Separator, Homogeneous, Photovoltaic Cell, Semiconductor, Compliance, Anisotropy, Crystallin, Electrical Machine, Wireless Power, Transmitter, Radial Direction, Eddy Currents, Calibration

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