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Magnetic Field patents

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Cryoprobe using closed gas loop for nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus

Korea Basic Science Institute

Cryoprobe using closed gas loop for nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus

Method for forming oxide semiconductor film

Semiconductor Energy Laboratory

Method for forming oxide semiconductor film

Date/App# patent app List of recent Magnetic Field-related patents
 Magnetically-controllable delivery system for therapeutic agents patent thumbnailnew patent Magnetically-controllable delivery system for therapeutic agents
A magnetic delivery system for delivering a magnetizable particle to a location in a body, the device includes a magnetizable object implanted in the body, wherein the magnetizable object includes a plurality of segments distributed throughout the magnetizable object and wherein the segments are configured to provide a magnetic gradient for attracting the magnetizable particle and an external source of a magnetic field capable of (i) magnetizing the magnetizable particle and (ii) increasing a degree of magnetization of the magnetizable object and thereby creating the magnetic gradient. A drug delivery system including the magnetic delivery system and a magnetizable particle associated with a therapeutic agent and/or a cell.
Drexel University
 Nearly isotropic dipole antenna system patent thumbnailnew patent Nearly isotropic dipole antenna system
Systems and methods described herein can use near field communications to locate a radiating transmitter, such as a pill transmitter swallowed by a patient. In some embodiments, the pill transmitter can include multiple transmitting elements configured to transmit signals in an axis orthogonal with respect to each other.
Rock West Solutions, Inc.
 Mr imaging with rf coil integrated into patient engaging component patent thumbnailnew patent Mr imaging with rf coil integrated into patient engaging component
In mr imaging of a body part in the magnetic field of a magnet, an rf signal is applied in a transmit stage to the subject to be imaged such that the subject generates an mr signal in response to the magnetic field and the rf signal applied with the mr signal being acquired in a receive stage using an rf coil where the rf coil is an integral element defined within a supporting element such as a pillow or u-shaped head support carrying the body part or within an article worn or carried by the body part such as a cast, brace, brassiere or vest.. .
Imris Inc.
 Spatial modulation of magnetic particles in vasculature by external magnetic field patent thumbnailnew patent Spatial modulation of magnetic particles in vasculature by external magnetic field
A method for modulating a response signal includes introducing functionalized magnetic particles configured to interact with target analytes into the body, applying a magnetic field sufficient to draw the functionalized magnetic particles towards a surface of the lumen of subsurface vasculature closest to an internally or externally applied mask having a spatial arrangement, and detecting a response signal, which includes a background signal and an analyte response signal, transmitted from the subsurface vasculature. The analyte response signal related to interaction of the functionalized magnetic particles with the target analytes and is modulated with respect to the background signal due, at least in part, to the spatial arrangement of the mask.
Google Inc.
 Non-invasive analyte detection system with modulation source patent thumbnailnew patent Non-invasive analyte detection system with modulation source
A system for modulating a response signal includes functionalized particles configured to interact with target analytes, a detector configured to detect an analyte response signal transmitted from the body, a modulation source configured to modulate the analyte response signal, and a processor configured to non-invasively detect the one or more target analytes by differentiating the analyte response signal from a background signal, at least in part, based on the modulation. The analyte response signal is related to the interaction of the target analytes with the functionalized particles.
Google Inc.
 High speed turbine patent thumbnailnew patent High speed turbine
A number of configurations of a high speed electromagnetic turbine (1300) are discussed. The turbine (1300) includes a housing (1301) includes at least superconducting coil (1307) for the generation of a magnetic field, the coil being retained within a cryogenic envelope of a cryogenic body (1306).
Heron Energy Pte Ltd
 Cryoprobe using closed gas loop for nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Cryoprobe using closed gas loop for nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus
Provided is a cryoprobe using a closed gas loop for a nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus, including: superconducting magnets providing a magnetic field; a rotor rotatably disposed between the superconducting magnets in the state of a sample being put therein, the rotor being rotated by a driving gas; a coil configured to generate a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum according to a resonance phenomenon of the sample by applying a radio frequency to the rotor; and a gas loop configured to cool the driving gas in a cryogenic condition while circulating it in a closed-loop condition and to supply the driving gas to the rotor, wherein the gas loop supplies the driving gas to the rotor while cooling it in a cryogenic condition, thereby rotating the rotor.. .
Korea Basic Science Institute
 Blood cell sorting methods and systems patent thumbnailnew patent Blood cell sorting methods and systems
The invention relates to methods of isolating white blood cells (wbcs) from a sample, e.g., whole blood, using magnetic particles that specifically bind to wbcs and a series of specific steps and conditions. The methods can include one or more of decreasing the viscosity of the sample prior to wbc isolation, agitating the sample at specified frequencies, and/or using a sample container arranged such that all of the sample is placed in close proximity (e.g., within 5, 2, 1, or 0.5 mm) to the source of the magnetic field.
The General Hospital Corporation
 Method for bonding plastics and  releasing a bond in the plastic composite and a plastic composite patent thumbnailnew patent Method for bonding plastics and releasing a bond in the plastic composite and a plastic composite
The invention relates to the field of chemistry and concerns a method suitable for example for use in the automotive industry or in aircraft construction. The object of the present invention is to provide a method by which a bonding of the regions of the plastics that are in direct contact is accomplished.
Leibniz-institut Fuer Polymerforschung Dresden E.v
 Magnetically movable objects over a display of an electronic device patent thumbnailnew patent Magnetically movable objects over a display of an electronic device
In one implementation, the present disclosure provides a method for imparting motion to a magnetically movable object. The method includes disposing the magnetically movable object over a display of an electronic device.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.
new patent

Heat sink for a spin torque oscillator (sto) in microwave assisted magnetic recording (mamr)

In accordance with one embodiment, a magnetic head includes a main pole configured to emit a recording magnetic field for affecting a magnetic medium, spin torque oscillator (sto) device in electrical communication with and positioned above the main pole in a track direction, the sto device being configured to generate a high-frequency magnetic field which is superimposed with the recording magnetic field in order to record data to the magnetic medium when current flows to the sto device, and a heat sink positioned near the sto device, the heat sink being configured to reduce a temperature of the sto device when current flows to the sto device. In another embodiment, a method includes forming a heat sink behind a sto device in an element height direction perpendicular to a media facing surface, and/or on both sides of the sto device in a cross-track direction at the media facing surface..
Hgst Netherlands B.v.
new patent

Plasmonic phototransistor

A plasmonic phototransistor includes a photon to surface-plasmon-polariton (spp) transducer including and an optical coupling structure configured to receive incident light and an electrically conducting layer having a first and a second surface. The second surface is on the optical coupling structure and the first surface generates spps responsive to the incident light.
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.
new patent

Delta-sigma modulator having sensor front-end

A delta-sigma modulator is configured to sense and convert an electromagnetic field into a digital signal. An exemplary delta-sigma modulator includes a sensor component, such as an lc resonator, that is configured to sense the electromagnetic field and generate an input analog signal, where the delta-sigma modulator is configured to convert the input analog signal to the digital signal.
Analog Devices Technology
new patent

Non-reciprocal circuit element, module of the same, and transmission and reception module

A non-reciprocal circuit element includes a ferrite to which a direct current magnetic field is applied by a permanent magnet, and first and second center electrodes arranged on the ferrite so as to intersect with and be insulated from each other. One end of the first center electrode is connected to a first port and the other is connected to a second port.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
new patent


A magnetometer (100) for measuring an external magnetic field has at least one core (102), two excitation coils (106a), (106b), and a pick-up coil (104). The at least one core (102) has a magnetoresistance property measurable in response to the external magnetic field (111).
Institute Of Geological And Nuclear Sciences Limited
new patent

Eddy current testing probe and eddy current testing method

An eddy current testing probe includes: exciter coils 2 including a first exciter coil 2a and a second exciter coil 2b identical with each other and arranged in point symmetry, and each of which generates an alternating magnetic field to generate an eddy current in a test object; and detector coils 1 including a first detector coil 1a and a second detector coil 1b identical with each other, arranged in point symmetry, arranged in phase, and differentially connected to each other. The exciter coils 2 and the detector coils 1 are arranged on a single plane.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
new patent

Methods and systems relating to ac current measurements

Accurate measurements of electrical power at various points of a power grid is becoming more important and, at the same time, is getting more difficult as the old power distribution model of a few, large power generating stations and a multitude of relatively linear loads is replaced by a newer model containing a multitude of smaller, and to some degree unpredictable power sources, as well as a multitude of not always linear and often smart (essentially also unpredictable) loads. Embodiments of the invention provide for management of ac current measurements in the presence of a dc current.
Guildline Instruments Limited
new patent

Wide metal-free plasma flood gun

In one embodiment an apparatus to provide electrons to a substrate includes a plurality of helicon plasma sources arranged in a helicon source array, wherein each helicon plasma source comprises a helical antenna configured to generate a wave vector parallel to a first axis; and a magnet configured to generate a magnetic field vector parallel to the first axis, wherein each helicon plasma source is further configured to generate a respective magnetic field vector that is opposite that of a magnetic field vector of an adjacent helicon plasma source.. .
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.
new patent

Torque ripple reduction in electric machines

An electric machine, such as an internal permanent magnet or synchronous reluctance machine, having x phases, that includes a stator assembly, having m slots, with a stator core and stator teeth, that is further configured with stator windings to generate a stator magnetic field when excited with alternating currents and extends along a longitudinal axis with an inner surface that defines a cavity; and a rotor assembly, having n poles, disposed within the cavity which is configured to rotate about the longitudinal axis, wherein the rotor assembly includes a shaft, a rotor core located circumferentially around the shaft. The machine is configured such that a value k=m/(x*n) wherein k is a non-integer greater than about 1.3.
General Electgric Company
new patent

Fiber optic sensor for position sensing

A system for sensing the position of a movable object includes a polarization maintaining fiber configured to receive light from a light source; an optical system configured to rotate an angle of polarization of the light by a first predetermined angle; a low birefringence fiber connected to the optical system at a first end and having a mirror connected to a second end configured to reflect the light and rotate the angle of polarization at a second predetermined angle, the second end being configured to overlap a magnetic field of the a magnet attached to the object. The angle of polarization is rotated to a third predetermined angle proportional to at least one of the strength of the magnetic field and an amount of the overlap.
General Electric Company
new patent

Method for forming oxide semiconductor film

A method for forming an oxide semiconductor film using a sputtering apparatus including a target containing a crystalline in—ga—zn oxide, a substrate, and a magnet includes the following steps: generating plasma between the target and the substrate; and separating a flat-plate-like in—ga—zn oxide in which a first layer including a gallium atom, a zinc atom, and an oxygen atom, a second layer including an indium atom and an oxygen atom, and a third layer including a gallium atom, a zinc atom, and an oxygen atom are stacked in this order. The flat-plate-like in—ga—zn oxide passes through the plasma and thus is negatively charged.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
new patent

Electric cables having self-protective properties and immunity to magnetic interferences

The present invention provides electric cable having substantial immunity to external magnetic fields. The cables may be prepared by splitting one or more conductors of an original cable design into two or more sub-conductors, determining a crosssectional area for each one of the sub-conductors to obtain a desirable electrical current density therethrough, arranging the sub-conductors in said cable in an intervening fashion such that each sub-conductor is placed adjacent and alongside at least one neighboring conductor or sub-conductor associated with either a different electrical phase or electric current direction, and electrically connecting the sub-conductors of each split conductor in parallel..
Green Elmf Cables Ltd.
new patent

Uv-curable anisotropic conductive adhesive

Illustrative embodiments of anisotropic conductive adhesive (aca) and associated methods are disclosed. In one illustrative embodiment, the aca may comprise a binder curable using uv light and a plurality of particles suspended in the binder.
Sunray Scientific Llc
new patent

Magneto- and electro-rheological based actuators for human friendly manipulators

Systems and methods relating to a clutch system for use in controllably transmitting torque from an input shaft to an output shaft. The clutch system has a torque transmission fluid that has a viscosity that changes based on the strength of an electromagnetic field passing through the fluid.
The University Of Western Ontario
new patent

Meditation surface adaptable for electrical grounding and using same

A meditation surface configured in such a way to facilitate electrically grounded meditation and method of using same for the purpose of restoring harmony and electrical balance of the individual with the earth during meditation, removing electromagnetic field induced body voltage, re-establishing electric contact with the earth, emulating an aspect of ancient teachings of being grounded during meditation activities, while still preserving comfort, cleanliness and shielding from the elements.. .
Phoenix Chemical Corp.

Generating search database based on earth's magnetic field measurements

There is provided a database entity for generating a search database, comprising: at least one processor and at least one memory including a computer program code, wherein the at least one memory and the computer program code are configured, with the at least one processor, to cause the database entity at least to: acquire, from each of the plurality of mobile devices, an indication of at least one object; acquire a reference earth's magnetic field, emf, fingerprint representing at least one of magnitude and direction of the emf in a location and/or environment to which the at least one object is related to; associate each object with the corresponding reference emf fingerprint; and generate a database of associations between the reference emf fingerprints and the objects.. .
Indooratlas Oy

Devices and methods for passive navigation

Devices and methods are disclosed for determining position and controlling navigation by sensing movement through the earth's magnetic field. Change in position is determined by integrating velocity which has been normalized for spatial and temporal field variation.
Physical Devices, Llc

Therapeutic micro-vibration device

A system includes a therapeutic module including a module housing. An electric motor including a shaft is contained within the module housing.

Heart pulse monitor including a fluxgate sensor

A heart pulse monitor includes a permanent magnet including a mounting structure for securing the permanent magnet in displaceable contact with a blood vessel of a wearer. The permanent magnet has a thickness defining an axial direction that the permanent magnet is displaceable when blood flows.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

Efficient whole-body sar estimation

A method for estimating a whole-body specific absorption rate (sar) caused in a body by electromagnetic fields emitted by a wireless communication device (40), where the body is represented by a phantom (30) and the wireless communication device (40) is positioned in the proximity of the phantom (30), comprises determining a complex electric field in a plurality of points distributed substantially in a single planar or curved surface (31) within the phantom (30), based on measurements of the magnitude of the electric field components in these points, and based on an assumption of constant phase of the electric field components. The method further comprises estimating a whole-body sar in the phantom (30) based on the determined complex electric field in the plurality of points, and based on propagation of the complex electric field from the plurality of points into the volume of the phantom (30)..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson(publ)

Nfc device with pll controlled active load modulation

A wireless communication device for communicating in the near-field via active load modulation. The device including an antenna configured to receive a magnetic field, a recovery device configured to recover a clock from the magnetic field, and a multiplexer configured to receive the recovered clock and a reference clock, and to output one of the recovered clock and the reference clock based on a current operational state of the wireless communication device, the wireless communication device further including a shunt regulator configured to produce the active load modulation by modulating an impedance of the wireless communication device, a phase-locked loop (pll) configured to receive one of the recovered clock and the reference clock and to utilize the received clock to control the active load modulation, and a driver configured to contribute to the active load modulation by adjusting an amplitude of a voltage across the antenna..
Broadcom Corporation

Materials for magnetizing cells and magnetic manipulation

A material comprising positively and negatively charged nanoparticles, wherein one of said nanoparticles contained a magnetically responsive element, are combined with a support molecule, which is a long natural or synthetic molecule or polymer to make a magnetic nanoparticle assembly. When the magnetic nanoparticle assembly is combined with cells, it will magnetize those cells.
Nano3d Biosciences Inc.

Structure for power electronic parts housing of vehicle

A structure for a housing of a power electronic part of a vehicle, particularly the battery, having varying thermal conductivity, the housing having insulation properties for solving heat dissipation and heat insulation problems. And controlling thermal conductivity depending on a surrounding environment is disclosed.
Hyundai Motor Company

Microwave- assisted recording head with stable oscillation

A magnetic recording head for microwave-assisted magnetic recording is disclosed. In one embodiment, a magnetic recording head is for applying a magnetic field from a main pole of said magnetic recording head for recording data to a disk.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.

Microwave-assisted magnetic recording (mamr) head with an inclined and recessed main pole structure

In one embodiment, a magnetic head includes a main pole configured to emit a recording magnetic field for affecting a magnetic medium, the main pole configured to serve as a first electrode and having a front portion at an air bearing surface (abs) of the magnetic head and a rear portion extending from the front portion in an element height direction perpendicular to the abs, wherein an upper surface of the front portion of the main pole is angled with respect to a plane of deposition at a first angle of inclination of greater than 0°, and wherein at least a portion of an upper surface of the rear portion of the main pole is angled at a first angle of declination greater than 0° with respect to the plane of deposition, an upper shield positioned above the main pole, the upper shield configured to serve as a second electrode, and a microwave oscillator positioned between the main pole and the upper shield at the abs.. .
Hgst Netherlands B.v.

Method and high-performance compact volumetric antenna with pattern control

A wide-bandwidth antenna with antenna pattern control includes a radiator and a feed. The radiator includes two or more volumetric radiating elements.

Magnetic sheet, wireless charging sheet and manufacturing magnetic sheet

The present invention relates to a magnetic sheet, a wireless charging sheet, and a method for manufacturing a magnetic sheet. According to an embodiment of the present invention, a magnetic sheet used in a wireless charging sheet, which includes a metal sheet layer consisting of a plurality of divided segments; and an insulating material filled in a dividing space between the segments and forms a magnetic path of a magnetic field generated around a coil, is provided.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Planar transformer

The present invention relates to a planar transformer, the transformer including a core provided to induce formation of a magnetic field, a bobbin coupled to a core, at least one primary winding interposed between the core and the bobbin to supply a power signal, a first insulation unit provided to the at least one primary winding to insulate the at least one primary winding, at least one secondary winding provided to the first insulation unit and insulated by the first insulation unit to transform the power signal, and a second insulation unit provided to the at least one secondary winding to insulate the at least one secondary winding.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

High speed solenoid

There is provided a high speed solenoid having enhanced response characteristics. The high speed solenoid includes: a movable shaft linearly movable in an axial direction; a movable coil unit coupled to the movable shaft; and a magnetic field forming unit forming a magnetic field in a direction perpendicular with respect to that of a current flowing in the movable coil unit, wherein when a current is applied to the movable coil unit, the movable coil unit is moved by a magnetic field formed by the magnetic field forming unit to move the movable shaft.
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Method for actuating an electromagnetic actuator device having a coil

A method for actuating an electromagnetic actuator device having a coil includes providing a plunger to be activated having at least one section movably disposed in the magnetic field, after activation of the plunger, reducing a voltage again by applying an electrical voltage to end the activation, and after an end of the electrical activation of the plunger, applying a magnetization voltage, which is not sufficient for an activation, to the coil for a predefined time period.. .
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Shimming procedure that includes determination of the target field by optimization in a parameter space of reduced dimensionality

A method for homogenizing the static magnetic field with a distribution b0(r) in the active volume of a magnetic resonance apparatus having a number n of shim coils defines a target field distribution b0t(r) using a filter method in which a norm of the shim currents is influenced by means of filter factors. An optimization procedure works in a parameter space having m control parameters, wherein 2≦m<n.
Bruker Biospin Ag

Magnetic sensor

A magnet is disposed on one face of a hollow section which is the conveyance path of an object of detection, and has a magnetic pole of designated length along the conveyance direction of the object of detection. A magnetic body is disposed along the conveyance direction opposite the magnet with the hollow section therebetween, and generates a cross magnetic field that crosses the hollow section formed between the magnetic body and the magnet.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

System for magnetic self test

The disclosure provides a system for magnetic self test. The system includes an electronic control unit (ecu) including a controller.
Infineon Techologies Ag

Vehicle-mounted electric rotating machine

A vehicle-mounted electric rotating machine includes a field winding wound on a rotor for magnetizing a field pole of the rotor, a stator winding for generating an ac voltage in accordance with a rotating magnetic field generated by the field pole, a power converter for converting the ac voltage to a dc voltage and outputting the dc voltage through a first power supply line connected to an output terminal thereof, and a load dump handling section for performing a load dump protection operation when a voltage of the output terminal of the power converter exceeds a threshold voltage. The load dump handling section is supplied with operating power through a second power supply line provided separately from the first power supply line..
Denso Corporation

Vehicle capable of contactlessly receiving electric power

A vehicle capable of contactlessly receiving electric power is directed to suppress an electrical device carried by an operator from being affected by an electromagnetic field formed around a power reception unit. The vehicle includes: a connection portion to which an energy supply unit supplying energy is connected; and a power reception unit including a coil.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Downhole tool for sidetracking

A downhole tool for drilling a sidetracked borehole. The downhole tool includes a body having an axial bore formed at least partially therethrough.
Smith International, Inc.

Method and computer program for actuating a fuel injector

A method actuates a fuel injector having a coil drive with a solenoid and a magnet armature. The magnet armature can be moved along a longitudinal axis by a magnetic field generated by the solenoid.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

System for controlling thermal conductivity of electronic parts housing

A system for controlling thermal conductivity of a housing of an electronic part is provided. In particular, liquid is disposed within a hollow portion formed between an external wall body and an internal wall body of the housing and a magnetic field generating member is attached to an outer surface of the internal wall body.
Hyundai Motor Company

Inductive coupling

The coupling includes drive and driven hubs. The drive hub is mounted to a rotating element and has a surface presenting away therefrom.

Ram angle and magnetic field sensor (rams)

A method and system is described for determining attitude for a satellite. A two-axis ram sensor head measures neutral winds and provides a density of the neutral winds.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Method for measuring a magnetic field by means of a switching hall-effect sensor

A method for measuring a magnetic field via a hall cross (12) including two orthogonal branches (120, 122), in which, for a given state of the hall cross, a polarization current is made to flow in one of the branches of the hall cross, referred to as the “polarization branch”, and a voltage is measured in the other branch, referred to as the “measurement branch”, the measured voltage including a useful signal representing the magnetic field, the method including the modulation of the useful signal via a switching sequence consisting in placing the hall cross in nb successive states, and the demodulation of the useful signal. The switching sequence is furthermore chosen in such a way that a measurement bias and interference pulses are zero-mean after demodulation.
Continental Automotive France

Method and system for constructing map of magnetic field

A method for constructing a map of a magnetic field includes acquiring the map information including the information on the internal or external structure of the building; measuring the information on the magnetic field, using the measurer's electronic device; and associating the information on the magnetic field with the map information based on the schedule information, wherein the schedule information is generated based on the structure information or a command made by the measurer.. .
Idecca Inc.

Electromagnetic stimulation device for changing nerve threshold

The electromagnetic stimulation device contains at least a positive electrode and at least a negative electrode. An insulating gap having width of a first distance is maintained between the positive and negative electrodes.
Gimer Medical Co. Ltd.

Implantable medical device with one or more magnetic field sensors to assist with external charger alignment

An implantable medical device (imd) is disclosed having one or more magnetic field sensors for measuring a strength of a magnetic charging field provided by an external charger and used to provide operational power to the imd, for example, to charge its battery. The measured field strength data, or derivations of such data, are telemetered to the external charger, which further process the received data if necessary and can inform a user whether alignment between the external charger and imd is sufficient, a misalignment direction, and/or a misalignment distance, so that the user can attempt to improve the alignment of the external charger.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

Magnetic field applicator for the magnetic stimulation of body tissues

A magnetic field applicator for the magnetic stimulation of body tissues comprising a core carrier (1) in which a plurality of magnetically conductive flow guide pieces comprised of layered iron sheets is disposed, upon which at least one live coil (3) is disposed that generates an upward-emitted magnetic field having a plurality of field line bundles (8), wherein the magnetic field applicator comprises a polygonal coil (3) that is wound as a pancake coil in one or more planes in such a way that the direction of the individual coil conductors (27) is selected such that the coil conductors (27) run in pieces in a predominantly straight line and perpendicular to the plane of the flow guide pieces that are made of layered sector iron cores (5-8).. .
Qrs International Ag

Control of magnetic rotors to treat therapeutic targets

A system for the physical manipulation of free magnetic rotors in a circulatory system using a remotely placed magnetic field-generating stator is provided. In one embodiment, the invention relates to the control of magnetic particles in a fluid medium using permanent magnet-based or electromagnetic field-generating stator sources.
Pulse Therapeutics, Inc.

Training system

Training system including: a training machine including: a magnet rheological fluid (mr-fluid) load generating unit generating a load to be exerted on the trainee, by using an mr-fluid having a variable viscosity depending on a magnetic field strength; mechanical arrangements; a displacement detection sensor; a power-assisting motor; a storage unit configure to store mr-fluid load characteristic information on a relationship between a current through the mr-fluid load generating unit and the load generated by the mr-fluid load generating unit; and chain and sprocket arrangements.. .
Yokohama National University

Cmp equipment using magnet responsive composites

Embodiments described herein generally relate to devices and methods for magnetic-responsive chemical mechanical polishing. In one embodiment, a device including a support with one or more magnetic field generators formed therein is provided.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Coated microbubbles

The present invention relates to methods and apparatus to provide coated microbubbles, particularly but not exclusively microbubbles at least partially coated with a component, for example a clinically active component. Systems of the present invention use electromagnetic fields to move microbubbles between streams of liquids in order to perform coating or washing steps..
University Of Leeds

Method and apparatus to produce high specific impulse and moderate thrust from a fusion-powered rocket engine

A system and method for producing and controlling high thrust and desirable specific impulse from a continuous fusion reaction is disclosed. The resultant relatively small rocket engine will have lower cost to develop, test, and operate that the prior art, allowing spacecraft missions throughout the planetary system and beyond.
The Trustees Of Princeton University

Systems and methods for monitoring temperature using a magnetostrictive probe

Systems and methods for monitoring temperature distribution in downhole equipment using magnetostrictive probes. In one embodiment, an esp motor has a stator with a rotor and shaft rotatably positioned within the stator.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Device for generating a high temperature gradient in a sample comprising optical monitoring means

An assembly comprising a sample and a device for generating a high temperature gradient in said sample comprises: a chamber inside which the sample is placed; a resistor passing through the sample; first inductive means at the periphery of the chamber, for creating an electromagnetic field; and second inductive means that are arranged inside the chamber and connected to the resistor, and that are capable of picking up said electromagnetic field so as to make an induced current flow through said resistor, the chamber being transparent and the first inductive means comprising at least one first coil at least one coil of which contains windings separated by at least 2 mm, this separation being configured to allow an optical means for measuring deformation to be targeted.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Power converter, power conversion, and switching device

A power converter including at least one switching device is presented. The power converter is configured to convert an input parameter to an output parameter by periodically activating and deactivating the switching device.
General Electric Company

Portable computing device with a housing secured by a magnetic element and related method

Magnetic elements and attractors may be employed to secure a top case and a bottom case of a housing of a personal computing device. The magnetic elements may include a magnet that produces a magnetic field and a shunt.
Apple Inc.

Antenna with multifrequency capability for miniaturized applications

A circuit arrangement includes a first antenna configured to couple to an electromagnetic field from a first frequency band and a second antenna configured to couple to an electromagnetic field from a second frequency band, the second frequency band being different than the first frequency band. The first antenna is connected in series with the second antenna as an electrical supply line therefor..
Infineon Technologies Ag

Validating operation of an electronic marker locator

A locator for locating a buried electromagnetic marker is operable to generate a test signal in order to validate that the locator is operating in accordance with calibration data. The locator comprises a transmission antenna and a first reception antenna.
Radiodetection Limited

Magnetic sensor device

Provided is a magnetic sensor device capable of attenuating the intensity of the magnetic field to be applied to the magnetic sensor. A magnetic sensor device includes a magnetic sensor element which detects the intensity of a magnetic field in a predetermined detection axis direction, and a magnetic field attenuation body which includes a first magnetic field attenuation unit and a second magnetic field attenuation unit, each of the attenuation units having a surface and the surfaces being opposed to each other with the magnetic sensor element therebetween..
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

System and loss prevention using a magnetometer

A loss prevention device includes a magnetometer and a processor operatively coupled to the magnetometer. The magnetometer is configured to measure intensities and directions of one or more maxima in a magnetic field, the one or more maxima including at least a first maximum from magnetic north of the earth, wherein a first intensity and a first direction are associated with the first maximum.
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

Cover opening detection with hall sensor

A display terminal, an apparatus for cover opening detection, and a method of arranging a hall sensor in a display terminal are provided. A display terminal includes a first body, and a hall sensor disposed in the first body, the hall sensor including a magnetic field sensing surface configured to sense a magnetic field, in which the magnetic field sensing surface is disposed at a slope with respect to an front surface of the first body..
Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

Method and measuring location of user terminal using magnetic field

A method for measuring a location of a user terminal, using a magnetic field includes receiving information on a map of the magnetic field; acquiring a first measured value from a magnetic field sensor provided in the user terminal; acquiring a second measured value from another sensor provided in the user terminal and distinguished from the magnetic field sensor; and measuring a location of the user terminal based on the information on the map of the magnetic field, the first measured value and the second measured value.. .
Idecca Inc.

Device and measuring very low frequency electromagnetic fields

A measuring device for measuring one or more electromagnetic fields is provided. The measuring device includes a measuring sensor arrangement which is operable to detect the one or more electromagnetic fields and to generate one or more corresponding measurement signals; moreover, the measuring device further includes a data processing arrangement which is operable to process the one or more corresponding signals to generate an analysis of the one or more electromagnetic fields.
The Mind App Ltd Oy

Faraday current and temperature sensors

This patent application discloses techniques and devices for sensing or measuring electric currents and/or temperature based on photonic sensing techniques. An optical current sensor head is located near or at a current-carrying conductor so that a magnetic field associated with the current is present at a faraday material and the optical detection unit detects the light from the faraday material to determine a magnitude of the current.

Wireless charger with coil position adjustability

A wireless charger includes a base unit including a base member and a rack mounted at the base member for holding a mobile electronic device, a push-pull unit including a sliding seat mounted in the base member and slidable along a predetermined sliding path and automatically lockable to the base member at an adjusted position, and a power supply unit including a power-supplying coil mounted in the sliding seat and a circuit module mounted in the base member and electrically connected with the power-supplying coil for controlling the power-supplying coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field for enabling a power-receiving coil of a loaded mobile electronic device to take power from the electromagnetic field and to convert it back into electrical current for charging a battery in the mobile electronic device.. .
Cyberpower Systems, Inc.

Plasma confinement device

A device and method for magnetic field confinement of plasma is formed by a cylindrically stacked column of direct current-carrying magnetic field coils with electrodes adjacently interior to each magnetic field coils so as to induce plasma rotation about an annular confinement region. Each field coil produces a magnetic field alternating in direction relative to adjacent coils and, so as to maintain consistent overall azimuthal direction of plasma rotation, electric field electrodes alternate accordingly in polarity along the axial length of the device.

Direct drive for a rotation machine, particularly for a container treatment machine

A direct drive for a rotation machine, particularly for a container treatment machine, this drive including a fixed machine part (1) and a machine part (2) rotating around a vertical machine axis, wherein the rotating machine part (2) is rotationally connected to the fixed machine part (1) by a roller bearing (3) arranged between the two machine parts (1, 2) and having an outer bearing ring (4), an inner bearing ring (5) and a plurality of rolling elements rolling between said bearing rings (4, 5), and can be driven by a torque motor (7). On the rotating machine part (1), a plurality of magnets (8) is provided, surrounding the rotating machine part, while on the fixed machine part (1), a stator (12) formed of a plurality of electric coils (9, 10, 11) is arranged, such that the rotating machine part (2) can be set in a defined rotational motion through an electromagnetic field generated when the stator (12) is energized in cooperation with the magnets (8).
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Driving apparatus

A driving apparatus (101) is provided with: a base part (110); a driven part (130) which is capable of rotating; an elastic part (120a, 120b) which connects the base part and the driven part and which has elasticity for allowing the driven part to rotate around a rotational axis which is an axis along one direction (y axis); a coil part (140) which is disposed on the base part, wherein the driven part is disposed on an outside of a winding of the coil; and a magnetic field applying part (151, 152) which applies the magnet field to the coil part.. .
Pioneer Corporation

Multimode wireless power transmitters and related methods

A wireless power transmitter comprises a bridge inverter configured to receive a dc power signal and generate an ac power signal according to an operating frequency, a resonant tank configured to receive the ac power signal and generate an electromagnetic field responsive thereto, and control logic configured to cause the resonant tank to reconfigure and adjust its resonant frequency for a particular receiver type of a wireless power receiver with which a mutual inductance relationship is desired. A method comprises determining a receiver type for a wireless power receiver with which it is desired to establish a mutual inductance relationship for wireless power transfer, and generating a wireless power signal with a wireless power transmitter having an operating frequency and resonant tank that is adjusted for a particular receiver type..
Integrated Device Technology

Light emitting diode having magnetic structure and fabricating the same

A light emitting diode including a magnetic structure and a method of fabricating the same are disclosed. The magnetic structure composed of passivation layers and a magnetic layer is disposed inside a luminous structure composed of an active layer and a semiconductor layer.
Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

Magnetic field-partitioned non-volatile memory

A non-volatile memory cell and a magnetic field-partitioned non-volatile memory for multi-bit storage are provided. The non-volatile memory cell for multi-bit storage includes a bottom electrode.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

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