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Magnetic Field patents

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Systems and methods for monitoring hand and wrist movement

Integrated metal detector-portable medical device

System for ultrasound image guided procedure

Date/App# patent app List of recent Magnetic Field-related patents
 Magnetic position detection system patent thumbnailMagnetic position detection system
In a magnetic position detection system designed to detect a target object in a detection space using an array of magnetic sensors, the position of the target object can be determined by fitting a model of the target object's magnetic field to the sensor measurements. A robust determination of whether a target object is present can be obtained by fitting the model to the sensor measurements and determining the remaining differences between the fitted model and the sensor measurements.
 Systems and methods for monitoring hand and wrist movement patent thumbnailSystems and methods for monitoring hand and wrist movement
In one embodiment, a system includes apparatus for monitoring hand or wrist movement, the apparatus including a magnetic ring adapted to be worn on a finger of a patient and a data acquisition unit adapted to be worn on a wrist of the patient, the data acquisition unit including a magnetic sensor that can measure the strength and orientation of magnetic fields generated by the ring.. .
 Integrated metal detector-portable medical device patent thumbnailIntegrated metal detector-portable medical device
An integrated metal detector-portable medical device adapted to identify metals in a human body, where the metal detector is in connection with the portable medical device. The metal detector includes: at least one transmitting means adapted to generate a second magnetic field so as to induce a magnetic field generated by a metal; at least one sensor adapted to detect a magnetic field generated by the metals to be detected; and at least one signaling means adapted, upon detection of a magnetic field, to alert the identification of metals, if the intensity of a magnetic field is above a predetermined value..
 System for ultrasound image guided procedure patent thumbnailSystem for ultrasound image guided procedure
A system and method for ultrasound image guided surgical procedures such as needling or catheterisation, in which an ultrasound transducer is provided with a magnetometric detector for detecting the magnetic field emanating from a magnetised tissue-penetrating medical tool such as a needle or catheter. The detection of the magnetic field allows the position of the tool to be tracked magnetically and the position can be displayed on the ultrasound image.
 Semiconductor processing by magnetic field guided etching patent thumbnailSemiconductor processing by magnetic field guided etching
Methods, systems, and devices are described for slicing and shaping materials using magnetically guided chemical etching. In one aspect, a method includes forming a pattern on a substrate by a mask, depositing a catalytic etcher layer on the patterned substrate, a magnetic guide layer on the etcher layer, and a protection layer on the guide layer, etching the substrate by applying an etching solution to the substrate that chemically reacts with the etcher layer and etches material from the substrate at exposed regions not covered by the mask, steering the composite etching structure into the substrate during the etching by an applied magnetic field that creates a force on the guide layer to direct the etching, in which the steering defines the shape of the sliced regions of the etched substrate, and removing the etched material, the mask, and the composite etching structure to produce a sliced material structure..
 Chip-based droplet sorting patent thumbnailChip-based droplet sorting
A non-contact system for sorting monodisperse water-in-oil emulsion droplets in a microfluidic device based on the droplet's contents and their interaction with an applied electromagnetic field or by identification and sorting.. .
 Electromagnetic blood preservation and storage patent thumbnailElectromagnetic blood preservation and storage
A method and apparatus for storing rbc wherein electromagnetic stimulation such as applying an electrical current or magnetic field to the stored blood extends the viability or shelf life of the stored rbc.. .
 Packaged microphone system with a permanent magnet patent thumbnailPackaged microphone system with a permanent magnet
A microphone structure has a lid forming an interior chamber. The lid includes a permanent magnet for forming a permanent magnetic field.
 Magnetic field data modem patent thumbnailMagnetic field data modem
A magnetic field modem (26) includes an electro-magnetic radiation shielded (90) transmitter section (34) and a receiver section (36). The electro-magnetic radiation shielded (90) transmitter section (34) modulates data and transmits the data via a magnetic field through a radio frequency shield (20).
 Magnetic automatic test equipment (ate) memory tester device and method employing temperature control patent thumbnailMagnetic automatic test equipment (ate) memory tester device and method employing temperature control
In a particular embodiment, a method includes controlling a temperature within a chamber while applying a magnetic field. A device including a memory array is located in the chamber.
Magnetic memory circuit with stress inducing layer
Memory circuit comprising an addressable magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) stack, forming a magnetic storage element in the circuit. The mtj stack comprises a tunnel oxide layer between a free layer and a fixed layer.
Multiprocessor computing apparatus with wireless interconnect for communication among its components
A fan less multiprocessor computing apparatus (mca) is housed in a metallic enclosure (me) that acts as an heat sink and provides extended surface area for heat dissipation. The me also acts as an electro-magnetic-shield that provides immunity from electro-magnetic-interference (emi) from external stray magnetic fields to wireless communications among components of mca.
Multi-mode, multi-band antenna
A multi-mode, multi-band antenna system for a handheld wireless device includes a quadrafilar helix antenna (qha) that radiates circularly polarized waves is fed by a co-axial cable. The co-axial cable is also used in combination with the qha as a monopole antenna.
Coupled discrete inductor with flux concentration using high permeable material
Some implementations provide a coupled inductor structure that includes a first discrete inductor configured to generate a magnetic field, a second discrete inductor, and a first ferromagnetic layer coupled to the first discrete inductor and the second discrete inductor. The first ferromagnetic layer is configured to concentrate the magnetic field generated by the first discrete inductor within the coupled inductor structure.
Magnetization device and method
A magnetizer for a tissue-penetrating medical tool such as a needle, cannula, stylet, or catheter consist of a magnetic flux generator which generates a magnetic field in a tool-receiving space. The tool can be passed through or into and out of the space to magnetise it.
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and antenna device
In order to provide a technique which can suppress coupling to homogenize the spatial distribution of an rf magnetic field and can improve penetration of the rf magnetic field into the subject, pad-like electric field conductors having a predetermined area are provided outside both ends of a rung conductor as a part of a configuration which forms a loop-like circuit and is driven as an antenna. An antenna device includes a sheet-like conductor, a rung conductor which is arranged at a predetermined distance from the sheet-like conductor, two electric field conductors which are arranged in both end portions of the rung conductor at a predetermined distance from the sheet-like conductor, and connection terminals which are transmission and reception terminals provided in the rung conductor and the sheet-like conductor.
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnet for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit and a shield. The imaging unit is configured to perform a magnetic resonance imaging of an object by transmitting a radio frequency signal from a radio frequency coil in a condition that magnetic fields are formed by a gradient coil and a superconducting magnet respectively.
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and irradiation magnetic field distribution measurement method
To obtain the irradiation magnetic field distribution of each channel of a multichannel transmission rf coil at high speed, for multiple channels which are all or some of the channels of the transmission coil, an image is acquired by irradiation with one channel or a combination of two or more channels, an irradiation magnetic field distribution upon irradiation with all of the multiple channels is acquired, and the irradiation magnetic field distribution of each channel is calculated using the acquired irradiation magnetic field distribution of all of the multiple channels and the phase difference calculated from the image of each channel and the image of all of the multiple channels.. .
Noise canceling in-situ nmr detection
Technologies applicable to noise canceling in-situ nmr detection and imaging are disclosed. An example noise canceling in-situ nmr detection apparatus may comprise one or more of a static magnetic field generator, an alternating magnetic field generator, an in-situ nmr detection device, an auxiliary noise detection device, and a computer..
Magnetic field current sensors
Current sensors, conductors and methods are disclosed. In an embodiment, a magnetic current sensor comprises a conductor comprising a first sheet metal layer having a first thickness and comprising at least one hole, and a second sheet metal layer having a second thickness less than the first thickness and comprising at least one notch, the second sheet metal layer being coupled to the first sheet metal layer such that the at least one hole of the first sheet metal layer at least partially overlaps with the at least one notch of the second sheet metal layer; and an integrated circuit (ic) die comprising at least one magnetic sensor element and being coupled to the conductor such that the at least one magnetic sensor element is generally aligned with a tip of the at least one notch of the second sheet metal layer..
System and method for providing force information in a magnetic field environment
The disclosure is directed at a method of providing force feedback information experienced by an object of interest (ooi) within a magnetic field comprising determining location of ooi within the magnetic field; determining new location of ooi within the magnetic field; determining expected position of the ooi within the magnetic field; comparing the new location with the expected position of the ooi and calculating force feedback information being experienced on the ooi.. .
Magnetic field probe and probe head thereof
A magnetic field probe and a probe head thereof are disclosed herein. The probe head includes an inner metal layer, a shielding unit, and a filtering unit.
Method and system for localization of open defects in electronic devices with a dc squid based rf magnetometer
Non-destructive localization of open defects in electronic devices is performed with a dc squid based rf magnetometer capable of sensing coherent magnetic fields up to 200 mhz and higher. Rf magnetic fields (or rf current) images are correlated to conductive paths layout of the electronic device, and the open defect is pinpointed at a location of rf current disappearance on the current image.
Method and sensor for sensing current in a conductor
A sensor comprises primary ferrite members spaced apart from the magnetic field sensor on opposite sides of the magnetic field sensor concentrate or steer an orientation of a magnetic field of the observed signal toward a target area of the magnetic field sensor. A magnetic field sensor senses a direct current signal component or lower frequency component of the observed signal.
Method and sensor for sensing current in a conductor
A sensor comprises an inductor for sensing an alternating current signal component of an observed signal. The inductor comprises a substrate, conductive traces associated with different layers of the substrate, and one or more conductive vias for interconnecting the plurality of conductive traces.
Off-center angle measurement system
A method for measuring an angular position of a rotating shaft, the method including providing a magnetic field which rotates with the shaft about an axis of rotation, positioning an integrated circuit having first and second magnetic sensing bridges within the magnetic field at a radially off-center position from the axis of rotation, the first and second magnetic sensing bridges respectively providing first and second signals representative of first and second magnetic field directions, the integrated circuit having a set of adjustment parameters for modifying attributes of the first and second signals, modifying values of the set of adjustment parameters until errors in the first and second signals are substantially minimized, and determining an angular position of the shaft based on the first and second signals.. .
Current sensor
A current sensor comprises a housing of plastic, a current conductor with integrally shaped first and second electrical terminals, through which a current to be measured is supplied and discharged, third electrical terminals, and a semiconductor chip having at least one magnetic field sensor, which is sensitive to a component of the magnetic field generated by the current flowing through the current conductor running perpendicularly to the surface of the semiconductor chip. The first and second electrical terminals are arranged at a first side of the housing, the third electrical terminals are arranged at a side of the housing opposite to the first side.
Electrical current sensor with grounded magnetic core
An electrical current transducer comprising a housing, at least one magnetic core comprising an air gap and defining a central passage configured to receive a primary conductor carrying a primary current to be measured through the central passage, a magnetic field detector positioned at least partially in the air gap, and a grounding element. A lateral surface of the magnetic core is positioned against the grounding element without direct fixed attachment between the magnetic core and the grounding element, and the grounding element overlaps the magnetic core to an extent configured to ensure that a capacitive coupling (c3) between the magnetic core and the grounding element is greater than a capacitive coupling (c2) between the magnetic core and the magnetic field detector..
Resonant commutation system for exciting a three-phase alternator
An alternator has a field coil that produces a magnetic field which induces electricity in a coil arrangement. A field coil excitation system includes a generator with an output coil assembly for producing alternating electricity.
System and method for automatically charging a battery during motion
A system and method for controlling the operation of an electrically operated vehicle. The system comprises a digital commutation system for charging electric vehicle batteries.
Nuclear magnetic resonance electric generator
Methods, compositions, and apparatus for generating electricity are provided. Electricity is generated through the mechanisms nuclear magnetic spin and remnant polarization electric generation.
Thick film ferroelectric generator
Methods, compositions, and apparatus for generating electricity are provided. Electricity is generated through the mechanisms nuclear magnetic spin and remnant polarization electric generation.
Binkowski electrical machine
An electrical machine includes at least one magnet that provides a dipole magnetic field having a primary direction. A plurality of elongate conductive members is spaced from one another in a plane perpendicular to this primary direction.
Vibration generation device
A vibration generation device is provided. The device includes a casing configured to have a receiving space in the casing, a coil received in a receiving space of the casing and configured to have an externally supplied current flow through the coil, a vibrator received in the receiving space of the casing, configured to comprise a magnet and a yoke surrounding the magnet, and disposed over the coil so that the vibrator is vibrated under an influence of a magnetic field through an interaction with the coil, and an elastic member received in the receiving space of the casing, disposed under the vibrator, and configured to elastically support the vibrator.
Tubular linear motor with magnetostrictive sensor
A motor includes a position-sensing magnetostrictive element that extends along a stator bore. A slider slides in the stator bore and includes a stack of motor magnets.
Over-load protection of radio receivers
A radio-powered apparatus (100) is protected from overloading in strong electromagnetic fields. The apparatus uses a resonant circuitry (120) to receive antenna signals at resonance frequency of the resonant circuitry and to obtain power from the received antenna signals.
Wireless power transmitter, wireless power repeater and wireless power transmission method
Disclosed is a wireless power transmitter which wirelessly transmits power through a wireless power repeater to a wireless power receiver using resonance. The wireless power transmitter includes a power supply unit for outputting ac power having a predetermined frequency, a transmission coil for receiving the ac power to generate a time-variable magnetic field, and a transmission resonant coil unit for transmitting power received from the transmission coil coupled with the transmission resonant coil, wherein the wireless power transmitter determines a resonance frequency for a power transmission while controlling a frequency of the ac power output from the power supply unit and a resonance frequency of the transmission resonant coil unit..
Resonator and wireless power transmitting apparatus
In one embodiment, a resonator includes a magnetic core, a winding wound around the magnetic core, and a parasitic loop element. The parasitic loop element is arranged so as to be interlinked with magnetic field generated by current flowing through the winding.
Presence and range detection of wireless power receiving devices and method thereof
In accordance with various aspects of the disclosure, a wireless power transmitting apparatus, system, and method are presented that include features of detecting a forward power level and a reflected power level of an electromagnetic field in which a wireless transmit device is capable of determining the presence of a wireless receive device based on the detected reflected power levels.. .
Contactless power transfer system
A system for powering components in a vehicle seat enables electronic components within the vehicle seat to receive power without wires connecting the seat to a vehicle body. The system includes a power transmitter that generates an electromagnetic field, and a power receiver located within the vehicle seat and the electromagnetic field.
Elongated magnetoresistive tunnel junction structure
A magnetoresistive tunnel junction (mtj) device includes an elongated mtj structure formed onto a substrate, the mtj structure including a magnetic reference layer and a tunnel barrier layer. The mtj device also includes a number of discrete free magnetic regions disposed onto the tunnel barrier layer.
Electron lens and the electron beam device
There provided a device for effectively drawing a fine pattern using a permanent magnet. The device has an outer cylinder 201 composed of a cylindrical ferromagnet with a z axis as a central axis, a cylindrical permanent magnet 202 located inside the outer cylinder and polarized along the z axis direction, a correction coil 204 located inside the cylindrical permanent magnet with a gap from the cylindrical permanent magnet, for adjusting a magnetic field strength generated by the cylindrical permanent magnet along the z axis direction, and a coolant passage 203 located in the gap between the cylindrical permanent magnet and the correction coil, for allowing a coolant to flow therethrough and controlling temperature changes in the cylindrical permanent magnet..
Proximity sensor
A proximity sensor for detecting non-contact detection of a target using a fibre optic strain sensor and a system for operating multiple such proximity sensors is disclosed. The proximity sensor includes an optic fibre that has an optic fibre strain sensor that is coupled to a mass that moves in response to the target.
Controllable emitter
A controllable emitter of an irrigation apparatus including a drip line having pressurized fluid therein is provided. The controllable emitter includes a container coupled to the drip line, the container being formed to define an interior and including an inlet through which the pressurized fluid is receivable in the interior from the drip line and an outlet through which the pressurized fluid is exhaustible from the interior, a magnetic stopper, which is normally disposable in a first position such that the magnetic stopper prevents a flow of the pressurized fluid through the outlet and which is actively disposable in a second position such that the magnetic stopper permits the flow and a controllable actuator configured to generate a magnetic field operable to urge the magnetic stopper to move from the first position to the second position..
Film deposition apparatus with low plasma damage and low processing temperature
A deposition system includes a magnetron sputter deposition source that includes a backing frame that includes a window and a closed loop around the window. The backing frame includes inside surfaces towards the window, one or more sputtering targets mounted on inside surfaces of the backing frame, and one or more magnets mounted on outside surfaces of the backing frame.
Electrical power transmission system and method
A power carrier transmits an electrical current to and from a load. The carrier has a set of wires carrying electricity in parallel to the load and another set of wires carrying the electricity back in parallel from the load.
Apparatus for heating hydrocarbon resources with magnetic radiator and related methods
An apparatus is for heating hydrocarbon resources in a subterranean formation having a wellbore therein. The apparatus includes an rf source, and a magnetic field radiator including a ferromagnetic body having an aboveground portion and a belowground portion coupled thereto.
Rotating magnetic field downhole power generation device
The present disclosure relates to a downhole rotating magnetic field generator, wherein a stator assembly is formed by fixedly connecting a guiding stator, windings, and a body together, and a rotor assembly is formed by mounting a turbine rotor and a permanent magnet together. Between the stator assembly and the rotor assembly, sliding bearings are arranged and small mud passages are formed.
Iron-based composition for magnetocaloric effect (mce) applications and method of making a single crystal
A method of making a single crystal comprises heating a material comprising magnetic anisotropy to a temperature t sufficient to form a melt of the material. A magnetic field of at least about 1 tesla is applied to the melt at the temperature t, where a magnetic free energy difference Δgm between different crystallographic axes is greater than a thermal energy kt.
Engine valve position sensing systems and methods
A vehicle system includes a position sensor, a current supply module, and a mode indicator module. The position sensor includes: an electromagnet (em) that generates a magnetic field proximate to one of an intake valve and an exhaust valve of an engine; and a hall-effect sensor that generates a position signal indicating a position of the one of the intake valve and the exhaust valve based on the magnetic field.
Magnetic flowmeter assembly framework
A magnetic flowmeter includes a pipe section, coils for generating a magnetic field across the pipe section, and electrodes for sensing emf induced by process fluid flow through the magnetic field. An assembly framework is mounted on the pipe.
Hardness tester
A hardness tester has a test force applier generating a test force using an electromagnetic force generated by supplying a current to a drive coil provided in a magnetic field and applies the test force to an indenter to press the indenter into a surface of a sample; a temperature detector detecting a temperature of the test force applier; and a test force corrector correcting the test force generated from the test force applier based on the temperature detected by the temperature detector.. .
Diagnostic system for detection of fluid changes
A diagnostic system for monitoring changes in a medium is disclosed. The system includes a transmitter configured to generate and transmit a time-varying magnetic field into a medium responsive to a first signal.
Pulsed electromagnetic field device with adhesive applicator
Systems and techniques for applying an electromagnetic field to bodily tissue include a self-contained and portable electromagnetic field generating device adhered to a surface with an adhesive composition on the applicator such that the radiated electromagnetic fields impinge upon the bodily tissue. The adhesive composition may include a therapeutic substance such as a rubefacient and/or one or more additives.
Dc squid based rf magnetometer operating at a bandwidth of 200 mhz and higher
An rf dc squid based magnetometer capable of sensing coherent magnetic fields up to 200 mhz and higher is developed which overcomes frequency limitations associated with noise signals due to transmission line delays between the squid circuit and readout electronics. The bandwidth limitations are overcome by superimposing the rf flux on the modulation flux to produce at the squid output a binary phase modulated rf voltage, which is processed to lock the static flux, and to control modulation regime by producing an ac bias for the rf flux.
Communication device and feeder device
A communication device includes a sensor, an antenna, and a notification component. The sensor is configured to detect magnetic field strength.
Magnetic particles based separation and assaying method
A magnetic particle based separation and assaying method uses at least two sets of magnetic particles placed in solution within a container and characterized respectively by a coercive field e1 and e2, wherein e1 is greater than e2. The first magnetic particles with a larger coercive field e1 will be used as carrier to handle the second affinity magnetic particles having a lower coercive field e2.
Apparatus and methods to enhance field gradient for magnetic rare cell separation
The present invention discloses apparatus and methods to enhance magnetic field gradient for magnetic cell separation. One preferred embodiment in accordance with the invention comprises an electromagnet with an open gap formed between two pole tips and two driving coils with independently controlled electrical current magnitude and direction.
Magnetically induced microspinning for super-detection and super-characterization of biomarkers and live cells
Identification, quantification and characterization of biological micro- and nano-systems is enabled by magnetically spinning these natural, non-magnetic systems with the aid of induced magnetization. Biofriendly magnetic micro- and nano-labels enable magnetorotation in extremely weak electromagnetic fields.
System for producing graphene in a magnetic field
An improved system for generating graphene involves producing a plurality of ionized carbon atoms in a plasma generation chamber and providing the plurality of ionized carbon atoms to a graphene generation chamber having a magnetic structure. The graphene generation chamber generates graphene from said plurality of ionized carbon atoms over said magnetic structure such that said graphene floats over said magnetic structure due to said graphene being diamagnetic.
Switching power supply device
A primary side resonant circuit is formed by a primary side resonant inductor and a primary side resonant capacitor, and secondary side resonant circuits are formed by secondary side resonant inductors and secondary side resonant capacitors. Mutual inductances are formed equivalently through magnetic field resonant coupling between a primary winding and secondary windings, and a multi-resonant circuit that includes two or more lc resonant circuits is formed by a primary side circuit and a secondary side circuit.
Mirror actuator, beam irradiation device, and laser radar
A mirror actuator includes: a base; a first rotation portion that is supported on the base so as to be rotatable about a first rotation axis; a second rotation portion that is supported on the first rotation portion so as to be rotatable about a second rotation axis perpendicular to the first rotation axis; a mirror disposed at the second rotation portion; a first drive portion that rotates the first rotation portion around the first rotation axis; and a second drive portion that rotates the second rotation portion around the second rotation axis. The second drive portion has a coil part and a magnet part applying a magnetic field to the coil part.
Antenna device and electronic apparatus including antenna device
An antenna device includes a casing including a metal casing portion and a feed coil. The metal casing portion includes a main surface, a side surface connected to the main surfaces, and a notch portion located in the side surface.
Electric power consumption, pipelined gas or water real time remote monitoring system employed in industrial, commercial and home distribution networks, managed by power, gas and water concessionaries
As of invention patent, hereof represented by an inventive solution under the represented management concessionary sector for the distribution, commercialization of electricity, pipelined gas and water, internet and cable tv subscription services is provided. Notably as far as data collection, and individual consumption data processing (home, commercial and industrial) which once applied produces gains in terms of operational logistics, expressive cost reduction, notably manpower cost reduction, more reliability of the collected consumption data, also the possibility of real time consumption monitoring, enabling the efficient processing in due diligence of the accounts payable payments, as well as signaling the concessionary company on the consumption points, such as proprieties where there is excessive consumption of electricity, pipelined water and gas which is not in accordance with the previously defined home (2), commercial (3) and industrial (1) client profile for each property, at which each meter (4) is coupled with an individual consumption data translator/transmitter (9) that captures the consumption data transmitting it to a reception and retransmission center such as radiofrequency edge, optical fiber, plc, zigbee, satellite, 3g, 4g, lte wimax, pstn, stfc, z-wave, xbee, lan or mesh that communicates remotely with the management center (6) of the concessionary company (5).
Wireless power supply system, power transmission device, and power receiving device
A wireless power supply system includes a power transmission device capable of transmitting power to a plurality of power receiving devices by a magnetic field resonance method. The power transmission device includes a detection unit configured to detect an amount of charge of each of the plurality of power receiving devices, a determination unit configured to determine, if the amount of charge of a certain power receiving device is not increased even when a predetermined time has elapsed since start of power transmission to the certain power receiving device, whether a cause of failure to increase the amount of charge is the power transmission device or the certain power receiving device, based on the amount of charge of any other power receiving device detected by the detection unit, and a notification unit configured to transmit a notification about the determination result by the determination unit..
Zero- & low-field transport detection system
A sensing apparatus for detecting and determining the magnitude of a static magnetic field has a first set of coils capable of producing a sweeping, quasi static, magnetic field when driven by a direct current and a second set of coils, for magnetic field modulation, positioned between the first set of coils capable of producing a low-frequency (audio), oscillating magnetic field when driven by an oscillating current. The magnetic fields induce a current through the semiconductor device which sampled to identify changes as a function of sweeping, quasi static magnetic field.
Methods and systems for accelerated mr imaging
A method for operating a magnetic resonance (mr) imaging system that includes generating radio frequency (rf) excitation pulses in a volume of patient anatomy and generating slice select magnetic field gradients for phase encoding and readout rf data acquisition in the patient anatomy. The method further includes concurrently acquiring t1 map image data of slices of an image by: (i) acquiring image calibration data using a pre-scan sequence; (ii) inverting a longitudinal magnetization in the volume of patient anatomy using a non-selective inversion recovery pulse; (iii) applying an excitation rf pulse to different slices in the volume of patient anatomy to rotate a portion of the longitudinal magnetization in a transverse direction; (iv) sampling individual slice image data of the slices in response to applying the excitation rf pulse; and (v) separating the concurrently acquired t1 map image into separate slices..
System and method for atom-modulated, low-drift sensor
A compact, high-sensitivity magnetometer, including: an optical interface to accept a linearly polarized first light; a pump light source to produce a circularly polarized pump light; a vapor cell comprising a sealed vessel containing an alkali-metal gas, a first input port to receive the first light, a second input port to accept the pump light from a direction perpendicular to the first light, and an output port configured to produce a second light; an electromagnetic source configured to apply an electromagnetic field to the vapor cell at a direction perpendicular to the first light and the pump light; a second linear polarizer, having an axis of polarization perpendicular to the first light, the second polarizer configured to receive the second light and to produce a third light; and a photodetector configured to receive the third light, to produce an intensity measurement of the third light.. .
Current sensor
A current sensor includes a first magnetic sensor and a second magnetic sensor which are configured to detect an induced magnetic field from target current to be measured flowing through a current line. The first and second magnetic sensors each include a magnetoresistive element that includes a free magnetic layer and a hard bias layer applying a bias magnetic field to the free magnetic layer.
Triaxial magnetic field sensor
The present invention discloses a triaxial magnetoresistive sensor. It comprises a substrate integrated with a biaxial magnetic field sensor, a z-axis sensor that has a sensing direction along z-axis perpendicular to the two axes of the biaxial magnetic field sensor, and an asic.
System and method for orientation and movement of remote objects
The disclosed invention provides apparatus, systems, and methods for orientating an object in an enclosed area using a magnetic dipole deployed in the enclosed area and thereafter applying an external rotating magnetic field for applying a rotational force to the dipole along one or more selected axis. The external magnetic field is moved to manipulate object in the desired direction(s) of movement..

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