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Magnetic Field patents


This page is updated frequently with new Magnetic Field-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Magnetic Field-related patents
 Magnetic shielding sheet and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailMagnetic shielding sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Provided is a magnetic shielding sheet. The magnetic shielding sheet according to an embodiment of the inventive concept may include a magnetic sheet including a magnetic material, a plurality of first metal strips provided on the magnetic sheet in a first direction, and a plurality of second metal strips provided on the magnetic sheet in a second direction different from the first direction.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Extreme ultraviolet source with magnetic cusp plasma control patent thumbnailExtreme ultraviolet source with magnetic cusp plasma control
A laser-produced plasma extreme ultraviolet source has a buffer gas to slow ions down and thermalize them in a low temperature plasma. The plasma is initially trapped in a symmetrical cusp magnetic field configuration with a low magnetic field barrier to radial motion.
Plex Llc

 Microwave heating apparatus patent thumbnailMicrowave heating apparatus
An apparatus and a method for heating a load using microwaves is disclosed. The apparatus includes a transmission line, configured to transmit microwaves from a microwave generator to a cavity.
Whirlpool Corporation

 A method and a device for checking an ideal position of a cooking pot above an induction coil of an induction cooking hob patent thumbnailA method and a device for checking an ideal position of a cooking pot above an induction coil of an induction cooking hob
The present invention relates to a method for checking an ideal position of a cooking pot (20) above an induction coil (14) of an induction cooking hob (10), wherein said method includes the following steps: a) starting the method for checking the ideal position, b) detecting a first parameter related to the power of the electromagnetic field and/or to the position of the cooking pot (20) above the induction coil (14), c) detecting a second parameter related to the power of the electromagnetic field and/or to the position of the cooking pot (20) above the induction coil (14), d) comparing the detected first and second parameters with a stored relationship between said first and second parameters and the position of the cooking pot (20) above the induction coil (14), e) determining a deviation of the position of the cooking pot (20) from the ideal position above the induction coil (14), f) performing periodic repetitions of the steps b) to e) after predetermined time, and g) outputting at least one signal corresponding with the deviation of the position of the cooking pot (20) from the ideal position, if said deviation exceeds a minimum value. Further, the present invention relates to an induction cooking hob (10) including a system for checking an ideal position of a cooking pot (20) above an induction coil (14) of said induction cooking hob (10)..
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

 Wireless communications headset system employing a loop transmitter that fits around the pinna patent thumbnailWireless communications headset system employing a loop transmitter that fits around the pinna
A wireless communications headset system for double hearing protection systems that eliminates the problems associated with typical wireless communications systems. The system employs a magnetic-field coupled wireless link from a loop transmitter to a magnetic field receiver.
Red Tail Hawk Corporation

 Actuator housing for shielding electromagnetic interference patent thumbnailActuator housing for shielding electromagnetic interference
Examples of the disclosure provide a camera module configured to shield an image sensor from an electromagnetic field. In some examples, the camera module includes a circuit board, an image sensor coupled to the circuit board, a housing coupled to the circuit board such that the housing shields the image sensor from an electromagnetic field, and a lens barrel coupled to the housing such that the lens barrel is moveable within a cavity defined by the housing.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Apparatus and method to configure antenna beam width patent thumbnailApparatus and method to configure antenna beam width
Using high-beam and low-beam transmission signals that have different antenna tilts, different beam-widths, and different polarizations than one another may provide performance advantages in wireless networks. The high-beam transmission signal and the low-beam transmission signal may have orthogonal polarizations.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

 System for controlling micro-robot using transfer robot patent thumbnailSystem for controlling micro-robot using transfer robot
Disclosed is a system for performing a control on a micro-robot using a transfer robot. The system includes a magnetic field control unit configured to control a movement of a micro-structure or a micro-robot within a working area according to an output magnetic field, a transfer robot connected to the magnetic field control unit to transfer the working area in space, and a control unit configured to receive position information about the micro-structure or micro-robot and position information about the transfer robot, and transmit a control signal based on the received position information..
Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute Of Science And Technology

 Drive system in the form of a torque motor patent thumbnailDrive system in the form of a torque motor
A drive system in the form of a torque motor, comprising a stator (1), a rotor (3) and exciter coils (2) on the stator and permanent magnets (4) on the rotor (3), the magnets being located radially opposite one another across an air gap such that electrical excitation of the exciter coils (2) creates magnetic fields extending across the gap and rotating the rotor (3) relative to the stator (1), characterized in that, with the drive system arranged/oriented for normal operation and with the rotor (3) located on the inside, a lower half of the stator (1) has a smaller number of exciter coils than an upper half and, with the stator (1) located on the inside, the upper half of the stator (1) has a smaller number of exciter coils than the upper [lower] half. (fig.

 Disc power generator patent thumbnailDisc power generator
A disc power generator comprises a first housing and a second housing. The first housing and the second housing are locked and fixed together to enclose a receiving space.


Electric motor rotor and electric motor associated

An electric motor rotor includes a substantially cylindrical body, which conducts a magnetic field, and defines at least one housing receiving a group of magnets that includes at least two permanent magnets. Two circumferentially adjacent magnets of the housing are separated from one another by an air knife..
Alstom Transport Technologies


Controlling inductive power transfer system

An inductive power transfer system comprises a primary unit operable to generate an electromagnetic field and at least one secondary device, separable from the primary unit, and adapted to couple with the field when the secondary device is in proximity to the primary unit so that power can be received inductively by the secondary device from the primary unit without direct electrical conductive contacts therebetween. The system detects if there is a substantial difference between, on the one hand, a power drawn from the primary unit and, on the other hand, a power required by the secondary device or, if there is more than one secondary device, a combined power required by the secondary devices.
Access Business Group International Llc


Charging keyboard based on magnetic field generated by computing device

A base may include a frame, a keyboard partially enclosed by the frame, a battery, and a single coil coupled to the battery. The keyboard may be configured to wirelessly communicate with a computing device.
Google Inc.


Non-reciprocal circuit element

In a non-reciprocal circuit element, the characteristics variation with respect to temperature is suppressed with a simple configuration without changing a magnetic material or the material of a magnet. A non-reciprocal circuit element includes: a magnetic material (32) to which a dc magnetic field (g) is applied; a plurality of center electrodes (35, 36) disposed on the magnetic material (32) so as to intersect each other in an insulated state; a terminal resistor (r) connected between input and output ports (p1, p2) and in in parallel with one of the center electrodes (35, 36); a variable capacitance element (c11) connected between the input and output ports (p1, p2) and in parallel with the terminal resistor (r); and a thermistor element (s) connected to a control power supply circuit (e) of the variable capacitance element (c11) and in series with the variable capacitance element (c11)..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Enhanced superconductivity of fullerenes

Methods for enhancing characteristics of superconductive fullerenes and devices incorporating the fullerenes are disclosed. Enhancements can include increase in the critical transition temperature at a constant magnetic field; the existence of a superconducting hysteresis over a changing magnetic field; a decrease in the stabilizing magnetic field required for the onset of superconductivity; and/or an increase in the stability of superconductivity over a large magnetic field.
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Llc


Rf package with non-gaseous dielectric material

An rf package including: an rf circuit; a non-gaseous dielectric material coupled to the rf circuit, and having a thickness based on a magnetic field in the rf circuit; and an encapsulant material coupled to cover the rf circuit and non-gaseous dielectric material on at least one side of the rf circuit. A package manufacturing method, including: identifying an rf circuit; dispensing a non-gaseous dielectric material upon the rf circuit, wherein at least a portion of the non-gaseous dielectric material has a thickness based on a magnetic field in the rf circuit; and covering the rf circuit and non-gaseous dielectric material with an encapsulant material on at least one side of the rf circuit..
Nxp B.v.


Noise cancellation for a magnetically coupled communication link utilizing a lead frame

An integrated circuit package includes an encapsulation and a lead frame with a portion of the lead frame disposed within the encapsulation. The lead frame includes first and second conductive loops.
Power Integrations, Inc.


Rf package

An example package comprising: an rf circuit having a first portion and a second portion; a cavity structure positioned only over the first portion of the rf circuit; and an encapsulant material coupled to cover the rf circuit and cavity structure on at least one side of the rf circuit. An example method of package manufacture, comprising: identifying an rf circuit; forming a cavity structure upon the rf circuit, wherein at least a portion of the cavity structure has a height based on a level of magnetic field in the rf circuit; and covering the rf circuit and cavity structure with an encapsulant material on at least one side of the rf circuit..
Ampleon Netherlands B.v.


Switch structure and explosion-proof device

A switch that includes a hermetically sealed container including a container wall separating an inside of the hermetically sealed container from an outside of the hermetically sealed container, a magnetic sensor arranged in the hermetically sealed container and configured to be turned on/off by a magnetic field of a magnet acting from the outside of the hermetically sealed container through the container wall of the hermetically sealed container, and a first magnetic body provided at the container wall of the hermetically sealed container and serving as a path of the magnetic field acting on the magnetic sensor from the magnet.. .
Azbil Corporation


Magnetostrictive wire control rod position indicator

A magnetostrictive wire control rod position indicator for determining a real-time position of a control rod using a mutual interference effect between a magnetic field formed by supplying a pulse current to a magnetostrictive wire provided inside a protecting tube and a magnetic field formed by a permanent magnet of a drive shaft includes magnet members installed at an upper limit position and a lower limit position of the magnetostrictive wire control rod position indicator to cause magnetic field interference with the permanent magnet of the drive shaft.. .
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute


Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and magnetic resonance imaging system

An image processing apparatus according to an embodiment includes processing circuitry. The processing circuitry selects from a plurality of diffusion-weighted images with different applied directions of a motion probing gradient magnetic field pulse or different diffusion sensitive coefficients, a diffusion-weighted image that conforms to a predetermined condition.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Mobile device, press detection method and computer-readable recording medium

A mobile device, a corresponding press detection method and a corresponding computer-readable recording medium are provided. The mobile device includes a back cover and a body.
Htc Corporation


Addressable electro-optic display

A writing implement is described that dispenses a liquid colorant and produces a magnetic field. The magnetic field may be directed to an electronically driven display having a particle that is responsive to a magnetic field, such as an electrophoretic display, thereby changing an optical state of the display..
E Ink Corporation


Tactile supply device

Provided is a tactile supply device for transferring various types of tactile sensations to a user using tactile sensation providers that include magnetic particles. The tactile supply device includes tactile sensation providers made of magnetic particles and a matrix material, and a magnetic field generator for generating a magnetic field to transform the tactile sensation providers..
Ck Materials Lab Co., Ltd.


Sense coil geometries with improved sensitivity for metallic object detection in a predetermined space

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for detecting a presence of an object. In one aspect an apparatus for detecting a presence of an object is provided.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Tunable acoustic transmitter for downhole use

The resonant frequency of an example transducer can be adjusted by changing the effective mass of a backing mass using a tuning module. The tuning module includes a electrical source, a switch, and an electromagnetic coil connected in series as an electrical circuit.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Imaging method with multi-slice acquisition

In a method and magnetic resonance (mr) apparatus for acquiring mr signals from an examination object an rf excitation pulse is directed into the examination object while activating magnetic field gradients in two different spatial directions, such that a magnetization in the examination object in the two different spatial directions is limited by the rf excitation pulse and the switching of the magnetic field gradients. The magnetization is excited in one of the two spatial directions, of a slice selection direction, in a number of periodic layers, so mr signals are generated in the multiple periodic slices.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Magnetic sensor cell for measuring three-dimensional magnetic fields

A magnetic sensor cell includes a magnetic tunnel junction including a reference layer having a reference magnetization oriented parallel to the plane of the reference layer, a sense layer having a sense magnetization, and a tunnel barrier layer between the sense and reference layers. A magnetic device is configured for providing a sense magnetic field for aligning the sense magnetization.
Crocus Technology Sa


Magnetic sensor including bias magnetic field generation unit for generating stable bias magnetic field

A magnetic sensor includes an mr element and a bias magnetic field generation unit. The mr element includes a magnetization pinned layer, a nonmagnetic layer and a free layer stacked along z direction.
Tdk Corporation


High sensitive micro sized magnetometer

The magnetometers possess detector part with a magnetic wire sensitive to magnetic field consisting of a domain structure of the surface domain with circular spin alignment and core domain with longitudinal spin alignment and micro coil surrounding its magnetic wire to pick up the change of longitudinal magnetizing caused by spin rotation in surface domain with circular spin alignment called as gsr effect excited by pulse with frequency of 0.5 ghz to 4 ghz. Peak coil voltage is detected by a circuit characterized with pulse generator, gsr element, buffer circuit, sample holding circuit, amplifier circuit and means to invert it to external magnetic field.
Magnedesign Corporation


Temperature compensation magnetic control fields in a hall sensor with os adaption

A method for detecting a relative position of a magnetic field source is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of detecting at least two magnetic field components of a magnetic field produced by a magnetic field source using a magnetic field sensor, determining a temperature effect compensation which compensates for a temperature effect on the magnetic field components, and establishing an output signal corresponding to the relative position of the magnetic field source based on a quotient of the magnetic field components, the temperature effect compensation, and an offset correction..
Te Connectivity Germany Gmbh


Systems and methods for processing temperature data or other signals

In an embodiment, a circuit is configured to produce a magnetic field signal having a frequency spectrum. The circuit may also produce a temperature signal.
Allegro Microsystems, Llc


Device and detecting a state

A device and a method for detecting a state of an electrical device. A magnetic field is thereby measured by a magnetic field sensor along an electrical power supply cable of the electrical device via which the electrical device is supplied with power; a magnetic field is thereby measured by a magnetic field sensor, and the magnetic field measured in this manner is compared with previously determined reference values in order to determine the operating state of the electrical device.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Wireless chemical sensing method

A wireless chemical sensor includes an electrical conductor and a material separated therefrom by an electric insulator. The electrical conductor is an unconnected open-circuit shaped for storage of an electric field and a magnetic field.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


Method and inspection of corrosion and other defects through insulation

Detection of corrosion and other defects in piping is needed to prevent catastrophic pipeline failure. Sensors, systems and methods are provided to enable detection of such defects.
Jentek Sensors, Inc.


Redundant torque sensor - multiple band arrays

A device for determining an external magnetic influence has a component comprising ferromagnetic material and a magnetizable region comprising at least three opposing magnetic tracks. The at least three magnetic opposing magnetic tracks are magnetizable in opposite directions, form at least two groups, and are arranged axially relative to the component.
Methode Electronics Malta Ltd.


Apparatus for correcting trajectories of projectiles launched from firearms

An apparatus for correcting trajectories variations of projectiles launched from a firearm is disclosed. The apparatus includes a control circuit for determining an appropriate impulse to be imparted into a projectile based on the measured velocity of the projectile, at least one steering coil, and a pulsed-power supply for discharging an amount of energy commensurate with the determined impulse to the steering coil such that a set of magnetic fields is produced to impart an amount of corrective kinetic energy into the projectile as the projectile passes the steering coil..
Magnetospeed Llc


Fiber optic current monitoring for electromagnetic ranging

A wellbore ranging system and method utilized between first and second wellbores includes an electromagnetic field sensing instrument disposed in the second wellbore, a conductive casing in the first wellbore, an electric current source exciting current flow in the conductive member, and a fiber optic sensor disposed adjacent the conductive member. The current flow along the conductive member results in a magnetic field which is measured by the sensing instrument.
Halliburton Energy Services Inc.


Inductive coupler assembly for downhole transmission line

Inductive coupler assemblies for controlling the stray magnetic fields of an inductive coupler to reduce the associated losses are disclosed. This results in reduced attenuation (increased efficiency) of the inductive coupler even in the presence of gaps.
Intelliserv International Holding, Ltd.


Methods to superheat carbon nanotubes

A method for annealing multi-walled carbon nanotubes includes applying a high-frequency electromagnetic field to the carbon nanotubes and causing the carbon nanotubes to self-heat to a temperature and for a time effective to reduce defects and reduce a number of walls in some of the carbon nanotubes.. .
University Of Cincinnati


Windshield of aircraft

The present invention provides a windshield of an aircraft, including a plurality of conductive members that are disposed along an in-plane direction of the windshield, and are wire-connected together, wherein the plurality of conductive members are heaters that generate heat when supplied with an alternating current, and the conductive members are wire-connected such that induced currents induced in the respective conductive members by a magnetic field in association with a lightning current are circulated between the conductive members.. .
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation


Systems and methods for high gradient magnetic separation of biological material

Described herein are methods for purification of biological material using high gradient magnetic separation. For example, a method includes: providing a ferromagnetic matrix surrounded by a separation column, the separation column including an elongate body defining a lumen having an inlet and an outlet; applying an external magnetic field to the separation column; saturating unspecific binding sites in the ferromagnetic matrix by applying a buffer solution to the ferromagnetic matrix; and introducing biological material into the lumen of the separation column.
X-zell Biotech Ltd.


Low frequency neurostimulator for the treatment of neurological disorders

A system for treating neurological conditions by low-frequency time varying electrical stimulation includes an electrical device for applying such low-frequency energy, in a range below approximately 10 hz, to the patient's brain tissue. An implantable embodiment applies direct electrical stimulation to electrodes implanted in or on the patient's brain, while a non-invasive embodiment causes a magnetic field to induce electrical currents in the patient's brain..
Neuropace, Inc.


Methods and systems for controlling a state of a neurostimulator

A method and system is described for ensuring a state of an active implantable medical device based on the presence and persistence of a magnetic field. The output of a magnetic field sensor is monitored.
Neuropace, Inc.


Systems and methods for directed energy therapeutics

The present disclosure relates generally to methods, apparatus and systems for beneficial administration of directed energy to target locations on subject. In some implementations, the directed energy is administered at or near the surface of the body and includes one or more forms of energy including but not limited to visible light, infrared light (ir), near infrared light (nir), electromagnetic fields (emf, whether pulsed, repetitive, or static), millimeter wave (mw), ultrasound (us) or other therapeutic wavelengths and/or energy forms..
Noothera Technologies Llc


System and controlling the position of a levitated rotor

A rotary machine is provided which may include a rotor and a stator within a housing. The stator may be for generating a rotating magnetic field for applying a torque to the rotor.
Thoratec Corporation


Magnetic based device for retrieving a misplaced article

A device for locating and retrieving a misplaced foreign body that has metallic characteristics includes a shaft connected to a handle and a retrieval tool that is coupled to the shaft and moves between a deployed position and collapsed position. The tool has a magnetic element that generates a magnetic field, wherein the magnetic field extends over a greater area in the deployed position and is of sufficient strength to attract the foreign body such that it is held in contact with the tool.
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai


Angioplasty guidewire

A guidewire, consisting of a hollow tube, containing a longitudinal lumen and having a spiral channel cut into the tube, and having a distal end. The guidewire has an elongate flexible core positioned within the longitudinal lumen.
Cordis Corporation


Combined heating and stirring arrangement heating food and heating stirrer

The invention discloses a facilitated cooking method which allows it to stir and heat food on the basis of magnetic fields preferably respectively by induction cooking. A magnetic stirrer heater (110) is preferably propelled by coils (125, 128) and heated by an induction coil (110).
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


Flexible cushioning device for shoes and methods of producing the same

A cushioning device for high heel shoes includes a layer of energy field generators producing electric/magnetic fields, and a chamber filled with an er/mr fluid. The strengths of electric/magnetic fields are positioned in preassigned locations of the layer, according to the pressure distribution of foot.
Vocational Training Council


Induction heating device for shaving and cosmetic applications

An induction-heating device for heating and or melting a heat affected product zone of shaving or cosmetic products (6a) stored in a product container (6) which consists of a layer of said product immediately below a top product surface and heated by an electrically conductive metallic target member (7) having through-passages overlying said top product surface and energized by an induction coil (3) into which an electromagnetic field is generated by electronic circuitry for a predetermined time period into said product container, thereby permitting said heated and or melted product to flow through said through-passages onto said top surface of said target member to be collected by a user for shaving or cosmetic purposes.. .
Alps South Europe S.r.o.


Communications apparatus

Communications apparatus has a short range wireless radio frequency communicator (1301a) capable of at least one of seeking to initiate short range communication by transmitting an rf signal and of responding to such initiation so that communication between two short range wireless radio frequency communicators occurs when an antenna of a short range wireless radio frequency communicator seeking to initiate communication by transmitting an rf signal is in range of or comes into range of the antenna of another short range wireless radio frequency communicator responsive to such initiation so that the magnetic field of the rf signal transmitted by the short range wireless radio frequency communicator seeking to initiate communication is inductively coupled to the antenna of the short range wireless radio frequency communicator responsive to such initiation to enable communication of at least one of power and data between the short range wireless radio frequency communicators. The communications apparatus also has a high data rate data communicator (1301b) for communicating directly with another high data rate data communicator to at least one of receive and transmit data when the short range wireless radio frequency communicator (1301a) has communicated with another in-range short range wireless radio frequency communicator..
Broadcom Europe Limited


A switched reluctance motor with multiple pole sets and robust behaviour under rotor displacement

To reduce stray magnetic fields and the accompanying inefficiency in electric motors, the present specification provides a motor having a plurality of stator poles and rotor poles. The rotor poles are configured to rotate across the stator poles.


Ion pump and charged particle beam device using the same

An ion pump and a charged particle beam device each includes two opposite flat-plate cathodes, an anode with a cylindrical shape having openings that face the respective flat-plate cathodes, a voltage application unit configured to apply a potential higher than potentials of the flat-plate cathodes to the anode, a magnetic field application unit configured to apply a magnetic field along an axial direction of the cylindrical shape of the anode, and a cathode bar arranged within the anode. The surface of the cathode bar is formed with a material that forms a non-evaporative getter alloy film on the anode or the flat-plate cathodes..
Hitachi, Ltd.


Plasma-based material modification with neutral beam

Systems and processes for plasma-based material modification of a work piece are provided. In an example process, a first plasma in a plasma source chamber is generated.
Advanced Ion Beam Technology, Inc.


Magneto-rheological fluid based filter/reflector

A magneto-rheological filter/reflector that controls the transmissivity of any form of electromagnetic or particulate radiation through the filter by varying discrete electromagnetic fields across a magneto-rheological fluid. In one embodiment, the filter/reflector controls the rate of the nuclear reaction within the core of a reactor without any moving parts..
Westinghouse Electric Company Llc


Toroidal field coil for use in a fusion reactor

Disclosed herein is a toroidal field coil for generating a toroidal magnetic field in a nuclear fusion reactor comprising toroidal plasma chamber having a central column, the toroidal field coil comprising a plurality of windings passing through the central column and around the outside of the plasma chamber. Each winding includes a cable comprising a plurality of stacked hts tapes, each hts tape including one or more layers of a high temperature superconductor material.
Tokamak Energy Ltd


Method of writing servo information on a storage medium and arrangement for writing servor information on a storage medium

According to embodiments of the present invention, a method of writing servo information on a storage medium is provided. The method includes applying heat to a servo portion of a storage medium, and applying a magnetic field to the servo portion that is heated to write servo information on the servo portion.
Marvell International Ltd.


Magnetic recording medium processing device and control the same

A device comprising a detection mechanism to detect a medium; a pre-head to slide on a magnetic strip formed on the medium to read magnetic data; a shutter that opens and closes in response to the result of the detection mechanism; a card processor to process information recorded on the medium; and a magnetic field generating device which may include a magnetic field generator to generate a magnetic field by a resonance unit; and a drive control circuit to control driving of the magnetic field generator. The drive control circuit may include a power supply, a reference potential circuit, and a resonance drive circuit..
Nidec Sankyo Corporation


Control autonomously navigating utility vehicle

In an apparatus for controlling operation of an autonomously navigating utility vehicle travelling about a working area delineated by a boundary wire, the working area including a narrow area and a broad area, there are provided with a magnetic field strength detector, a travel controlling unit controlling the vehicle to turn and travel straight forward every time the vehicle reaches the boundary wire based on the magnetic field strength, and a narrow area discriminating unit discriminating that the vehicle travels in the narrow area when the magnetic field strength is kept to be greater than a threshold value predefined based on a minimum value of the magnetic field strength in the narrow area from a first turn to a second turn of the vehicle, or for a predetermined time period after the first turn.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


System, retrofit module and monitoring a current operational state of a program-controlled domestic appliance

A current operational state of a program-controlled domestic appliance is monitored while it carries out an operating process. The monitoring system includes a retrofit module and a communication device separate from the retrofit module and from the domestic appliance.
Bsh HausgerÄte Gmbh


A controlling the position of a mems mirror

According to the present invention there is provided a method of controlling the position of a mems mirror in a mems device, wherein the mems device comprises, a mems mirror, a magnet which provides a magnetic field (b), an actuating means which operatively cooperates with the mems mirror so that it can apply a force to the mems mirror which can tilt the mems mirror about at least one rotational axis when the actuating means is provided with a drive signal, wherein the magnitude force applied by the actuating means to the mems mirror is dependent on the amplitude of the drive signal, and a detection coil which is mounted on the mems mirror, the method comprising the steps of, detecting a change in the resistance (r) of the detection coil so as to detect a change in temperature of the mems mirror; determining the drive signal amplitude required to maintain the mems mirror at a predefined angular position (Θ); providing the actuating means with a drive signal which has an amplitude which is equal to the determined drive signal amplitude. .
Intel Corporation


Magnetic sensing for auto focus position detection

Some embodiments include a method for measuring the position of a camera lens carrier moveable by an autofocus actuator. In some embodiments, the method includes generating a measurement of a magnetic field resulting at least in part from the one or more position sensor magnets.
Apple Inc.


Apparatus for airborne geophysical prospecting using both natural and controlled source fields and method

A composite electromagnetic (em) system and method for measuring naturally occurring magnetic fields and controlled magnetic fields. The composite em system includes a housing, an audio-magnetotelluric (amt) system attached to the housing and measuring natural magnetic fields generated by earth, a frequency-domain em (fdem) system attached to the housing and measuring controlled magnetic fields generated by a controlled source, and a position and orientation (pos) system attached to the housing and configured to calculate an orientation and a position of the amt system and housing relative to the earth.
Cgg Services Sa


Mr imaging with dixon-type water/fat separation

The invention relates to a method of mr imaging of at least two chemical species having different mr spectra, such as water and fat. It is an object of the invention to provide an improved method that enables a precise quantification of water and fat or derived measures, such as a fat fraction.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Apparatuses and methods for cancellation of inhomogenous magnetic fields induced by non-biological materials within a patient's mouth during magnetic resonance imaging

This disclosure includes magnetic field correction devices and methods for using the same. In particular, some magnetic field corrections devices include an arch-shaped body configured to be worn outside of a user's mouth such that the arch-shaped body follows a contour of the user's face; and where the arch-shaped body comprises one or more sidewalls configured to be coupled to a plurality of members comprising magnetically permeable material.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System


Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and imaging parameter setting assisting method

In order to provide an mri apparatus that can efficiently approximate a specific absorption rate or a magnetic field variation rate per unit time of a magnetic flux density to a target value, the present invention is characterized in that suggestions of imaging parameters related to a control subject and change directions of the imaging parameters when the control subject is input based on an input operation and that the control unit further calculates values of the selected control subjects based on the changed imaging parameter values.. .
Hitachi Medical Corporation


Apparatus and estimating absolute axes' orientations for a magnetic detection system

A system for determining an orientation of a nitrogen vacancy (nv) diamond material is disclosed. The system includes the nv diamond material having a plurality of nv centers, a magnetic field generator that generates a magnetic field, a radio frequency (rf) excitation source that provides rf excitation, an optical excitation source that provides optical excitation, an optical detector that receives an optical signal emitted by the nv diamond material, and a controller.
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Magnetic field sensor and associated method that can store a measured threshold value in a memory device during a time when the magnetic field sensor is powered off

A magnetic field sensor includes a comparator detector for which a measured threshold value is stored prior to power down and recalled upon power up for use by the comparator detector. A corresponding method is associated with the magnetic field sensor..
Allegro Microsystems, Llc


Sensor self-diagnostics using multiple signal paths

Embodiments relate to systems and methods for sensor self-diagnostics using multiple signal paths. In an embodiment, the sensors are magnetic field sensors, and the systems and/or methods are configured to meet or exceed relevant safety or other industry standards, such as sil standards.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Apparatus and a current sensor

Disclosed is a current sensor that senses current flow in a conductor by coupling a first magnetic field generated by the conductor to a sense element. The current sensor includes a shield including a first material that sandwiches the sense element to define a stack and a second material that sandwiches the stack.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Sensor system for rotational speed measurement having a pole wheel with a linearized magnetic field

A sensor system (01) for measuring the rotational speed of a rotatable component having a pole wheel (02) comprising a carrier (04) with at least one path of alternating magnetic north and south poles (05), and at least one magnetic field sensor (03) for sampling the path of the pole wheel (02) is provided. The sensor system (01) provides that the rotational direction in front of and behind the magnetic field sensor (03) a ferromagnetic flux-conducting component (07) is arranged in each case opposite the path, the ferromagnetic flux-conducting components (07) being arranged in the installation space between the magnetic field sensor (03) and the pole wheel (02), the distance between the ferromagnetic flux-conducting components (07) corresponding to the width of one magnetic pole (05) of the pole wheel (02)..
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Method for the contactless determination of a mechanical-technological characteristic variable of ferromagnetic metals, and also said method

A method is disclosed for determining a mechanical-technological characteristic variable of ferromagnetic metals, preferably ferromagnetic steels, and in particular fine-grained steels, which are used in pipelines. A magnetization apparatus, which has at least one permanent magnet or solenoid, magnetizes the metal which is to be determined, and a sensor apparatus comprising a transmission coil generates a magnetic field which interacts with the magnetic field which is generated by the magnetization apparatus in the metal, and which generates an eddy current.
Rosen Swiss Ag


Electromagnetic flowmeter and using same

A magnetic flowmeter has a transmitter module that generates a drive signal for driving a magnetic field in a flowing fluid. A flowtube module samples a voltage induced in the fluid by the magnetic field and generates a measurement signal.
Invensys Systems, Inc.


Rotation angle detection device

A rotation angle detection device includes: a magnetic field generation portion that generates a magnetic field; and a first magnetism detection element and a second magnetism detection element disposed to have an angle of 90° therebetween in a rotation direction of the detection target and to rotate relative to the magnetism generation portion. The first magnetism detection element outputs a first output signal, and the second magnetism detection element outputs a second output signal.
Denso Corporation


Method and detecting plunger arrival

The disclosed device provides a high-accuracy plunger arrival detection system comprising a low-power magnetometer with high sensitivity and which is capable of sampling low or high intensity magnetic fields. The device processes gathered data from sensors, stores at least some processed data in memory, executes a trending algorithm which compares the magnetic field of the plunger to the ambient magnetic field or a predetermined set of initialization values, and generates an output which is relayed to a well controller.
Pcs Ferguson, Inc.


Method, device and system for determining a position of a vehicle

The invention relates to a method, to a device, and to a system for determining a position of a vehicle. The method comprises the method steps: measuring (s01) at least one first magnetic field strength of a magnetic field at one each first position (a-i) by means of a first magnetic field sensor (11) arranged on a vehicle (1); measuring (s02) at least one second magnetic field strength of the magnetic field at one each second position (b-i) by means of a second magnetic field sensor (12) arranged on the vehicle (1) at a distance from the first magnetic field sensor (11); determining (s03) position data of the vehicle (1) at least by comparing data, which are based on the measured first and second magnetic field strengths, to a predetermined magnetic field data of the magnetic field; and outputting (s04) a signal based on said position data..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Peripheral tumour treatment

A magnetic resonance (mr)-radiotherapy (rt) hybrid system for treating a patient is disclosed. The mr-rt hybrid system comprises: an mr imaging (mri) apparatus comprising bi-planar magnets configured to generate a magnetic field; a radiation source configured to supply a radiation beam to treat the patient; a gantry configured to couple the mr apparatus at a first end and the radiation source so that they can rotate in unison; a treatment support configured to support the patient; a motor configured to move the treatment support; and a controller.
Alberta Health Services


Uni-polar pulsed electromagnetic medical apparatus and methods of use

Apparatus and methods for providing uni-polar pulsed electromagnetic field (upemf) therapy for various medical conditions. The apparatus includes a unit having an electromagnetic field producing coil and a focusing subassembly in it.


Alternative magnetic stimulating system for preventing or treating brain tumor growth

Disclosed herein is a bidirectional alternating application system for preventing or treating a brain tumor caused by malignant glioma cells in animals. The bidirectional alternating magnetic field application system can apply a magnetic field having weak intensity and low frequency to patients in need of the prevention or treatment of brain tumor to thereby specifically inhibit the proliferation and mobility of glioma cells without causing any damage to normal cells.
Sangji University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation


Method of use of hybrid infra-red laser and pulsed electromagnetic medical apparatus

Apparatus and methods for simultaneously providing an infra-red laser beam and a concentrated uni-polar, pulsed electromagnetic field to a region of interest in the body of a patient are disclosed. The apparatus produces the infrared laser beam from a laser diode and the pulsed electromagnetic field from an electrically conductive coil.


Electromagnetic field perturbing object having a biocompatible exterior surface and a selected dielectric permittivity value or a selected magnetic permeability value

Described embodiments include an electromagnetic field perturbing object and a method. The electromagnetic field perturbing object includes a biocompatible exterior surface.
Elwha Llc, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware


Nanoparticle delivery system for targeted anti-obesity treatment

A magnetic nanoparticles including a trpv1 agonist, as well as methods of preparation and use, are described herein. A magnetically responsive pharmaceutical can include a core region having a magnetic nanoparticle (mnps) and a trpv1 protein agonist.
University Of Wyoming


Method and system for interventional navigation with a medical device and medical device therefor

A system for performing a medical intervention in a subject's body includes a medical device (10) having several segments (12, 15) to be navigated through the body lumens; an external magnet; and a control unit connected with the magnet. The magnet generates control signals for the external magnet to generate a magnetic field (b) having a direction (40) to orient a magnetically responsive element (25) in the distal end portion (20) of the medical device (10), especially to cause the distal end portion (20) of the medical device (10) to bend in a given direction (30) for improving navigation.
Aeon Scientific Ag


Minimally-invasive tissue ablation using high contrast electric fields

Described embodiments include a system and a method. A system includes an electromagnetic structure having a surface and a radiofrequency electromagnetic field source.
Elwha Llc, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware


Method for the manufacture of a plastic component, plastic component, and shoe

Described are methods for manufacturing a plastic component, in particular a cushioning element for sports apparel, a plastic component manufactured with such methods, for example a sole or a part of a sole for a shoe, and a shoe with such a sole. The method for the manufacture of a plastic component includes loading a mold with a first material includes particles of an expanded material and fusing the surfaces of the particles by supplying energy.
Adidas Ag


Enhancement of electromagnetic freezing by stabilization and oscillation of biogenic magnetite particles

Novel methods and systems for electromagnetic freezing are disclosed. An oscillating magnetic field can be applied in conjunction with a static magnetic field in order to align magnetic particles inside biological tissues.
California Institute Of Technology


Control autonomously navigating utility vehicle

In an apparatus for controlling operation of an autonomously navigating utility vehicle travelling about a working area delineated by a boundary wire, there are provided with a pair of magnetic sensors, a turning angle detector, a travel distance detector, a travel controlling unit controlling the vehicle to travel along the boundary wire based on the magnetic field strength detected by one of the magnetic sensors while positioning other of the magnetic sensors inside the boundary wire, a route generating unit generating a travel route along a boundary of the working area based on the turning angle and the travel distance, a memory unit memorizing the magnetic field strengths detected by the other of the magnetic sensor in association with the travel route, and a position identifying unit identifying a position of the vehicle by comparing the detected magnetic field strengths with the memorized magnetic field strengths.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Heating method

A tubular comprises a composite material including a matrix and a plurality of reinforcing elements embedded within the matrix. A method for heating the composite material of the tubular comprises exposing the composite material to a time-varying magnetic field to directly induce a flow of electrical current in the composite material.
Magma Global Limited


Speaker box

A speaker box is disclosed in the present disclosure. The speaker box includes a housing having a receiving space and a sidewall provided with a sound output hole communicating with the receiving space for outputting sounds, and a sound generator received in the housing.
Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.


Method and device for detecting position errors of a rotor of an electronically commutated actuator drive

The method for detecting a position error of an electronically commutated actuator drive between an assumed position and an actual position of the actuator drive includes performing a position control procedure for the position of the actuator drive. The method further includes providing data with regard to the assumed position of the actuator drive.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Polyphase electric motor equipped with a device for determination of the angular position and/or the speed of rotation of a rotor of the said motor

A polyphase electric motor (1) of a motor vehicle which includes a rotor (6) and a stator (2, 5, 13) surrounding the rotor and including a plurality of stator windings (5) around stator teeth (4, 19) defined by notches (3) in a stator magnetic mass (2). According to the invention, the motor includes a device for determining an angular position (17) and/or the speed of rotation of the rotor, including a plurality of magnetic field sensors (18) which are stationary relative to the stator.
Valeo Equipements Electriques Moteur


Time difference-based generator using balance of both poles

The present invention relates to a time difference-based generator using the balance of both poles and specifically comprises: a pair of fixing plates, each having a rotating-shaft through-hole formed in the center thereof and a plurality of ferrite core fixing holes formed along a circle with a predetermined diameter; a plurality of ferrite cores fixedly provided between the pair of fixing plates in such a manner that the ends of the ferrite cores are inserted into the ferrite core fixing holes, the ferrite cores allowing the magnetic field to make a closed circuit; a plurality of winding coils provided in such a manner to be wound around the outer circumference of the ferrite cores by a predetermined number of rotation; a pair of rotating plates for rotors, arranged adjacent to the outer surface of the pair of fixing plates and fixed to the ends of a rotating-shaft provided in such a manner to pass through the rotating-shaft through-holes formed in the center of the fixing plates; and a plurality of permanent magnets fixedly provided at predetermined intervals and positions in such a manner that the s poles and the n poles inside the rotating plates for rotors face each other so as to be opposite to each other. Thus, the generator can greatly improve the generation efficiency thereof and greatly increase the generation capacity, and thus greatly improve the marketability and reliability thereof..


Reconfigurable distributed active wireless charging system

A system and method utilizes an array of unit coils for wireless charging and/or near field communication. The array of unit coils can be configured to provide magnetic fields of various shapes to accommodate consuming devices and/or to accommodate types of devices.
Broadcom Corporation


Electronic cigarette case and detecting battery rod insertion into or removal from electronic cigarette case

An electronic cigarette and a method for detecting battery rod insertion into or removal from an electronic cigarette case. The electronic cigarette case is used for charging an electronic cigarette battery rod having a built-in magnet.
Kimree Hi-tech Inc.


Magnetic field fluctuation for beam smoothing

The time-averaged ion beam profile of an ion beam for implanting ions on a work piece may be smoothed to reduce noise, spikes, peaks, and the like and to improve dosage uniformity. Auxiliary magnetic field devices, such as electromagnets, may be located along an ion beam path and may be driven by periodic signals to generate a fluctuating magnetic field to smooth the ion beam profile (i.e., beam current density profile).
Advanced Ion Beam Technology, Inc.


Multipole lens and charged particle beam system

A multipole lens is provided which is for use in electron microscopy and which is simple in structure but capable of producing x- and y-components of a quadrupole field and x- and y-components of an octopole field. The multipole lens (100) comprises: first through twelfth polar elements (10-1 to 10-12); first through sixteenth coils (20-1 to 20-16); a first power supply (30-1) for supplying currents to the coils (20-1, 20-4, 20-9, 20-12); a second power supply (30-2) for supplying currents to the coils (20-3, 20-5, 20-11, 20-13); a third power supply (30-3) for supplying excitation currents to the coils (20-6, 20-8, 20-14, 20-16); and a fourth power supply (30-4) for supplying excitation currents to the coils (20-2, 20-7, 20-10, 20-15).
Jeol Ltd.


Method for a targeted shaping of the magnetic field of permanent magnets

The invention relates to a for a targeted shaping of the magnetic field of a single permanent magnet or an arrangement of a plurality of permanent magnets, wherein magnetic material from selected locations of the single permanent magnet or at least one of said permanent magnets of the arrangement is removed by means of at least one of the following removal procedures for shaping the magnetic field: laser ablation using laser radiation, high-pressure waterblasting using high-pressure water jets and mechanical ablation using a non-magnetic tool.. .
Rheinisch-westfälische Technische Hochschule (rwth) Aachen


Tunable inductor arrangement, transceiver, method and computer program

A tunable inductor arrangement arrangable on a chip or substrate is disclosed. The tunable inductor comprises a first winding part connected at one end to a first input of the tunable inductor arrangement, a second winding part connected at one end to the other end of the first winding part, a third winding part connected at one end to a second input of the tunable inductor arrangement, a fourth winding part connected at one end to the other end of the third winding part, and a switch arrangement arranged to tune the tunable inductor arrangement.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)


Magnetic-assisted nondestructive self-reference sensing spin-transfer torque random access memory

A method of reading a memory cell of a magneto-resistive random access memory device, wherein the memory cell has a ferromagnetic free layer having a first magnetization orientation and a ferromagnetic reference layer, includes applying a first read current from the ferromagnetic free layer to the ferromagnetic reference layer and storing a first voltage generated by the memory cell in response to the first read current, generating a magnetic field adjacent to the memory cell, the magnetic field having a second magnetization orientation that is not parallel to the first magnetization orientation, while the magnetic field is being generated, applying a second read current from the ferromagnetic free layer to the ferromagnetic reference layer and storing a second voltage generated by the memory cell in response to the second read current, and determining a state of the memory cell based on the first voltage and the second voltage.. .
University Of Pittsburgh-of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education


Recording head, magnetic recording device comprising recording head and manufacturing recording head

According to one embodiment, a recording head includes a recoding magnetic pole which applies a recording magnetic field, a write shield which faces the recording magnetic pole across a recording gap, and a spin-torque oscillator provided in the recording gap between the recording magnetic pole and the write shield. The spin-torque oscillator is physically and/or magnetically destroyed and has resistance greater than or equal to a predetermined value..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Magnetic Field topics: Magnetic Field, Transverse, Magnetic Separator, Homogeneous, Photovoltaic Cell, Semiconductor, Compliance, Anisotropy, Crystallin, Electrical Machine, Wireless Power, Transmitter, Radial Direction, Eddy Currents, Calibration

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