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Magnetic Field patents


This page is updated frequently with new Magnetic Field-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Magnetic Field-related patents
 High current cyclotron patent thumbnailHigh current cyclotron
Cyclotron for accelerating charged particles around an axis, comprising an electromagnet with an upper pole and a lower pole, producing a magnetic field in the direction of said axis; a dee electrode assembly and a counter dee electrode assembly separated from each other by a gap for accelerating said charged particles and a pair of ion sources located in a central region of the cyclotron. Said ion sources are located at a distance of said axis such that the particles emitted from the first ion source pass between said first and second ion sources after a path of half a turn, and radially outwards of the second ion source after a path of three half-turns, and reciprocally..
Ion Beam Applications S.a.

 Electroacoustic conversion chain with selectively powered coil patent thumbnailElectroacoustic conversion chain with selectively powered coil
This electroacoustic conversion chain comprising at least one loudspeaker, this loudspeaker comprising means for generating a magnetic field in a magnetic circuit having an air gap and a membrane secured to turns of a conducting material which may move in this air gap, is characterized in that it comprises at least one control module comprising at least one input for conveying a signal to be broadcast and at least one output connected to a turn, the control module being able to apply to said or each output an excitation signal depending on the position of at least one turn relatively to the air gap.. .

 Communication device and feeder device patent thumbnailCommunication device and feeder device
A communication device includes an antenna, at least one magnetic field sensor, a communication component, and a controller. The antenna generates a magnetic field and communicates with an external device that generates a magnetic field during communication.
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

 System and  near field communications antenna for mobile devices patent thumbnailSystem and near field communications antenna for mobile devices
A system for an antenna for near field communications (nfc), said antenna comprising a primary loop with a primary current to produce a magnetic field; one or more secondary loops with one or more secondary currents; wherein by adjusting one or more variables associated with said one or more secondary loops, said magnetic field is modified to ensure antenna operation within a defined operating range.. .
Bbpos Limited

 Portable device including means for transmitting data by inductive coupling and intracorporeal current patent thumbnailPortable device including means for transmitting data by inductive coupling and intracorporeal current
The present invention relates to a device for transmitting data by intracorporeal current comprising a first electrode intended to be capacitively coupled with the body of a subject or with the environment, and a circuit for biasing the first electrode comprising an electric coil arranged near the first electrode so as to generate, from an ac signal, an alternating magnetic field having field lines which interfere with the first electrode and therein induce currents which, in turn, induce an electric field generating intracorporeal current.. .
Inside Secure

 Low cost injection molded buried permanent magnet motor for an electric power steering system patent thumbnailLow cost injection molded buried permanent magnet motor for an electric power steering system
An interior permanent magnet motor includes a housing, a ring-shaped stator fixed in the housing and having a coil which generates a magnetic field when a voltage is applied, a rotor being disposed for rotation within, and relative to the ring-shaped stator. The rotor includes a shaft rotatably supported by the housing, a magnetic plate pair disposed about an outer circumference of the rotor.
Steering Solutions Ip Holding Corporation

 Power transmission device, wireless power feeding system, and control method patent thumbnailPower transmission device, wireless power feeding system, and control method
The present power transmission device performs a power transmission process for transmitting power in a wireless manner through electromagnetic field resonance coupling using a resonance circuit. In a case where a resonance frequency of the resonance circuit set to be the same as a frequency of a power transmission signal which is output as transmission power is deviated during transmission of the power, the present power transmission device detects a direction in which the resonance frequency is deviated and controls the power transmission process on the basis of a detection result thereof.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Restoration  silicon-based photovoltaic solar cells patent thumbnailRestoration silicon-based photovoltaic solar cells
Subjecting the substrate (1) to a magnetic field (b) during the charge carrier generation step, the magnetic field (b) having a component (bc) substantially parallel to the interface (24) between the emitting area (1e) and the substrate (1).. .

 Magneto-elastic non-volatile multiferroic logic and memory with ultralow energy dissipation patent thumbnailMagneto-elastic non-volatile multiferroic logic and memory with ultralow energy dissipation
Memory cells, non-volatile logic gates, and combinations thereof have magneto-tunneling junctions (mtjs) which are switched using potential differences across a piezoelectric layer in elastic contact with a magnetostrictive nanomagnet of an mtj. One or more pairs of electrodes are arranged about the mtj for supplying voltage across the piezoelectric layer for switching.
Virginia Commonwealth University

 Method and device for producing contact elements for electrical switching contacts patent thumbnailMethod and device for producing contact elements for electrical switching contacts
In order to optimize the production of electrical switching contacts, particularly for vacuum tubes, a field assisted sintering technology process is proposed in which an electrical or electromagnetic field supports and/or produces a sintering process for producing semifinished contact elements for electrical switching contacts, contact elements for electrical switching contacts and/or electrical switching contacts, particularly for vacuum tubes. According to an embodiment, the contact material prior to the sintering process is present in such a form that the material composition of the contact material and/or at least one property of the contact material varies in at least one body direction of the finished contact element..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Magnetically controlled polymer nanocomposite material and methods for applying and curing same, and nanomagnetic composite for rf applications

A method includes applying a filler material to at least one component, the filler material including a heat curable matrix and nanoparticles; and applying an electromagnetic field to at least part of the filler material. The nanoparticles have a core capable of being heated by the electromagnetic field to a temperature sufficient to at least partially cure surrounding matrix.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Systems and methods employing unique device for generating random signals and metering and addressing, e.g., unusual deviations in said random signals

According to some embodiments, a system comprises a generator of a truly random signal is connected to an input and feedback device for the purpose of providing a user with real time feedback on the random signal. The user observes a representation of the signal in the process of an external physical event for the purpose of finding a correlation between the random output and what happens during the physical event.
Psyleron, Inc.


User input device using alternating current magnetic field and electric device having same

A user input device uses an alternating magnetic field, which is configured to accurately transmit and process a location, a direction and the like requested from a user by using the alternating magnetic field. The user input device using the alternating magnetic field includes a power source, a magnetic field generation unit, and a control unit which receives power and controls the magnetic field generation unit involved in generating and blocking the alternating magnetic field.
Widevantage Inc.


Feedback-controlled fluid valve

A feedback-controlled fluid valve and methods of using the same are described herein. One feedback-controlled fluid device includes piston within a valve associated with a conduit, a position sensor to determine a position of the piston relative to a metering cone, a coil to generate a magnetic field within the valve, wherein the magnetic field moves the piston, and wherein a rate of fluid flow through the valve is configured to adjust based on the position of the piston relative to the metering cone..
Honeywell International Inc.


Nonreciprocal three-way divider based on a magneto-optical resonator

The present invention is based on a two-dimensional photonic crystal in which defects are inserted in a controlled manner, has the main function of division of the power of an input signal, excited in one of its six waveguides, among other three waveguides (output ones), while keeping isolation of the input port by means of two other waveguides. The operating principle of the device is based on the alignment of a dipole mode excited in the resonant cavity, in such a way that the nodes of this mode are oriented in the direction of two waveguides, so that these waveguides are not excited.
Universidade Federal Do ParÁ - Ufpa


Fiber optic based magnetic sensing apparatus, systems, and methods

In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to acquire a monitoring output from a first distributed feedback (dfb) fiber laser sensor at least partially bonded to a piezoelectric portion of a downhole device, to demodulate the monitoring output to determine a frequency shift in a lasing frequency of the dfb fiber laser sensor, and to correlate the frequency shift to a measure of magnetic field strength to determine a strength of a downhole magnetic field. Additional apparatus, systems, and methods are disclosed..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Device and monitoring access to a storage area of a plurality of storage areas for goods

Embodiments of the present invention provide a device for monitoring access to a storage area of a plurality of storage areas for goods, including a measurement signal generation, detection, and evaluator. The measurement signal generator includes a signal source and a conductor loop arrangement, the detector for detecting the generated magnetic field is configured to provide a measurement signal on the basis of the detected magnetic field, and the evaluator for evaluating the measurement signal is configured to determine an instance of access to one of the storage areas on the basis of the measurement signal, to compare a determined instance of access with a target access instance, and to output a display signal on the basis of the comparison..
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Magnetic field sensor having calibration circuitry and techniques

A magnetic field sensor includes at least one magnetic field sensing element configured to generate a measured magnetic field signal responsive to an external magnetic field and to generate a reference magnetic field signal responsive to a reference magnetic field and a calibration circuit configured to divide the measured magnetic field signal by the reference magnetic field signal to generate a calibrated magnetic field signal. The calibrated signal has reduced susceptibility to stress influences..
Allegro Microsystems, Llc


Methods for spatial and spectral selectivity in magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy

The present invention provides magnetic resonance multidimensional selectivity based on spatiotemporal encoding (spen). In particular, multidimensional selectivity is achieved by the concurrent application of frequency-swept irradiation and magnetic field gradients for the sequential manipulation of spins in space in one dimension or more.
Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.


Magnetic resonance imaging gradient coil

The invention provides for a magnetic gradient coil (110) for a magnetic resonance imaging system (100, 200). The magnetic gradient coil is actively shielded, wherein the magnetic gradient coil is operable for generating a magnetic field (504).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Method for acquiring a magnetic field inhomogeneity value and distortion correction magnetic resonance imaging system

A method for acquiring a basic magnetic field inhomogeneity value of a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system includes homogenizing an original basic magnetic field of the mri system into a target magnetic field, providing a magnetic field compensation amount for the mri system by a dynamic shimming method. The dynamic shimming method includes performing a 3d low-resolution dual-echo gradient echo sequence, and using a general formula to acquire the magnetic field inhomogeneity value, the general formula being: Δb=Δboriginal+Δbcompensating, wherein Δb is the magnetic field inhomogeneity value, Δboriginal is a difference value between the original magnetic field and the target magnetic field, and Δbcompensating is the magnetic field compensation amount.
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh


Magnetic field measurement apparatus

A magnetic field measurement apparatus includes an irradiation portion, a gas cell, a measurement unit (polarization separation unit, light receiving portion, signal processing circuit), and a magnetic shield. The magnetic shield is formed in a elongated hollow shape having openings at both sides thereof.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Systems and arrangements of three-contact hall-effect devices and related methods

Embodiments relate to vertical hall effect devices comprising hall effect structures with three contacts in each hall effect region. In one embodiment, the contacts are interconnected with terminals such that the hall effect device has symmetry and nominally identical internal resistances in the absence of externally applied magnetic fields.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Variable permeability magnetometer aerospace applications

A magnetometer configured to measure low field strength magnetic fields is provided. Certain embodiments of the magnetometer include a cylindrical coil assembly having a variable permeability core and terminals disposed at both ends.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


Magnetic field sensor with shared path amplifier and analog-to-digital-converter

Methods and apparatus for processing a signal comprise at least one circuit configured to generate a measured signal during a measured time period and a reference signal during a reference time period. Also included is at least one dual- or multi-path analog-to-digital converter comprising at least a first processing circuit configured to process the measured signal, at least a second processing circuit configured to process the reference signal, and a third processing circuit configured to process both the measured signal and the reference signal..
Allegro Microsystems, Llc


Sensor incorporating multiferroic materials for detecting both electric and magnetic fields

A sensor for detecting both magnetic fields and electric fields can include at least one sawyer-tower (st) circuit that can incorporate a multiferroic capacitor. An odd number of st circuits coupled together in a ring configuration, so that for each st circuit, the output of one st circuit is an input to another of the st circuits.
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Combined magnetometer accelerometer mems devices and methods

Considerations for selecting capacitive sensors include accuracy, repeatability, long-term stability, ease of calibration, resistance to chemical and physical contaminants, size, packaging, integration options with other sensors and/or electronics, and cost effectiveness. It is beneficial if such sensors are amenable to above-ic integration with associated control/readout circuitry for reduced parasitics and reduced footprint through area sharing.


Torque steering angle sensor

A torque steering angle sensor is provided. The sensor includes a ring magnet with magnetic poles, magnetic path forming members to vary in location relative to the magnetic poles depending on torsion of a torsion bar, one pair of magnetic flux collecting rings for the magnetic path forming members, a first detecting element to detect a magnetic field between the flux collecting rings, a second detecting element to receive a magnetic field from the ring magnet, a slide magnet for producing a magnetic field in a different direction from that of the magnetic field of the ring magnet in the second detecting element, and a sliding mechanism to move the slide magnet toward or apart from the second detecting element with rotation of a rotary member of an electrically assisted power steering device.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


Contactless rotary sensor

A rotary sensor (10) includes a rotating portion (12) having an outside surface (28) and a magnetic pattern (16) magnetically printed on the rotating portion (12). One or more hall-effect switches (32) are located adjacent to the magnetic pattern (16) and a magnetic field of at least a portion of the magnetic pattern actuates the switches (32).
Borgwarner Inc.


Broadhead with deployment mechanism

A broadhead with deployment mechanism is disclosed. An example broadhead includes a core, at least one actuators rotatably attached to the core.


Magnetic control of guide vanes

A system for controlling an angular position of a component of an aircraft includes a component having a shaft that includes at least one magnet. The system also includes a housing configured to receive the shaft and including at least one coil configured to generate a magnetic field based on a current through the at least one coil..
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Wireless charging system

A wireless charging system of a vehicle includes: a transmitting coil module including a plurality of transmitting coils; and a receiving coil module including a plurality of receiving coils receiving power by electronic resonance with the plurality of transmitting coils. The plurality of transmitting coils have a winding structure which is formed by a conductive wire causing a direction of a magnetic field generated by any one of the plurality of transmitting coils different from a direction of a magnetic field generated by a transmitting coil directly adjacent to the one transmitting coil by making a current flow in the plurality of transmitting coils..
Hyundai Motor Company


Device for managing the illumination of the grips of a climbing wall

An illumination management device intended for an artificial climbing wall having at least one emission loop arranged so as to be fixed to the rear of the wall and able to emit an electromagnetic field through the wall, at least one luminous grip arranged so as to be fixed to the front of the wall and being able to receive an electronic card includes at least one light source and a reception loop able to receive said electromagnetic field emitted by the associated emission loop so as to convert it into electric current in order to power the light source, and a control housing for the light source being arranged so as to be connected to an electrical network so as to power the emission loop with electric current and able to send commands to manage the illumination of the light source.. .


Methods and apparatuses for the localization and treatment of disease such as cancer

Embodiments of the present invention provide methods of detecting disease, methods of treating disease using targeted hyperthermia, methods of treating disease using targeted chemical agents, methods of treating disease comprising accurate measurements of the efficacy of treatments. The effect of nanoparticles on magnetic fields can be used to determine the location of a disease, and a measure of the number of cells characteristic of the disease.


Personalized detection system for detecting magnetic objects in the human organism

The invention relates to a device with a sensor arrangement, which is able to detect magnetic or magnetized oral administration forms after oral take-up, moreover tracks the dissolution thereof via the reduction or disappearance of the magnetic field of the oral administration form, and with a log function, which records a subjective evaluation on the part of the human wearer of the sensor arrangement during or after the oral take-up.. .
Evonik Roehm Gmbh


System and determing the position of a catheter

A system for locating a catheter includes a catheter with a locatable tip and a hardware platform. The locatable tip can include a magnetic field generator.
Angiodynamics, Inc.


Magnetic particle imaging devices and methods

A magnetic particle imaging device is provided. The device includes a magnetic field source configured to produce a magnetic field having a non-saturating magnetic field region, an excitation signal source configured to produce an excitation signal in the non-saturating magnetic field region that produces a detectable signal from magnetic particles in the non-saturating magnetic field region, and a signal processor configured to convert a detected signal into an image of the magnetic particles.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Handle remote control for use with bronchoscopy navigation system

A surgical system includes an extended working channel, a magnetic field generator, a sensor, a workstation, a computer readable recording medium, and a remote control handle. The extended working channel is sized for insertion into the working channel of a bronchoscope and to receive one or more instruments therethrough.
Covidien Lp


Applying indoor magnetic fields for acquiring movement information

An apparatus caused at least to acquire information indicating first indoor magnetic field vectors measured by a first portable device inside a building; generate a first indoor magnetic field sequence, imfs, on the basis of the first indoor magnetic field vectors; acquire information indicating second indoor magnetic field vectors measured by a second portable device inside the building; generate a second imfs on the basis of the second indoor magnetic field vectors, wherein the first and the second imfss represent at least one of the magnitude and the direction of the earth's magnetic field; perform a comparison between at least part of the first imfs and at least part of the second imfs; and acquire information on the relative movement of the first portable device with respect to the second portable device inside the building on the basis of the comparison result.. .
Indooratlas Oy


Emitter-coupled spin-transistor logic

A switch comprising a spin-transistor and a first control wire. The spin-transistor is configured so that when a magnetic field applied to the spin-transistor is less than a threshold value, the transistor is in a conductive state in which electric current flows through the spin-transistor.
Northwestern University


Multi-layer sandwich-shaped electric wheel

A wheel assembly comprising a wheel-shaped stator plate provided between two wheel-shaped rotor plates, all of which being co-axially attached to a rotation shaft. Each rotor includes a plurality of permanent magnets on the side facing the stator.
Tidnab Innovations Inc.


Contactless power supply device and contactless power receiving device

Disclosed is a contactless power supply device which supplies power in a contactless manner, and adopts a configuration including a power supply coil that generates an electromagnetic field and supplies power, a case that houses the power supply coil, a wire that dissolves at a temperature below a heat-resistant temperate of the case, a dissolution detection unit that detects dissolution of the wire, and a controller that performs control based on a detection result of the dissolution detection unit.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Integrated wireless resonant power charging and communication channel

A power delivery system wirelessly delivers electric power and a communication signal to a target device. The power delivery system includes a power transmitting unit having a power source operable to source alternating current power and a sending resonant coupling component operable to couple the alternating current power to a coil for wireless power transmission by a non-radiated magnetic field at a target resonant frequency.
Broadcom Corporation


Methods for steering a magnetic field for smart wireless power transmission

Systems and methods for mitigating constraints associated with wireless power transmission in applications where the position and orientation of the desired magnetic field changes over time, for example, because the position and orientation of the receiver being powered changes over time or because different receivers having different positions and orientations are being powered at different times. In accordance with some embodiments, the system employs a plurality of wireless power transmitters in a defined space, each transmitter consisting of individual coils oriented orthogonally relative to each other.
The Boeing Company


Magnetically controlled traction battery thermal plate

A vehicle traction battery assembly is provided. The vehicle traction battery assembly may include an array of battery cells, a thermal plate in thermal communication with the array and defining a coolant path, and an electromagnet.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Non-volatile logic device

A non-volatile logic device, comprising: a first input element magnetizable along a first direction to impart or change a chirality of a domain wall traversing the first input element a second input element configured to transport the domain wall, a magnetization of the second input element along a second direction representing a second logical input; a bifurcated output section comprising a pair of output elements for receiving the domain wall from the second input element, a magnetization of at least part of the output elements being changeable by propagation of the domain wall along the output elements; and a non-magnetic conductive element; wherein the magnetization in an output element after propagation of the domain wall represents a value of a logical function selectable by passing an electrical current through the non-magnetic conductive element to induce a magnetic field of a desired magnitude and direction in the second input element.. .
Nanyang Technological University


Semiconductor device and forming the same

A semiconductor device having a semiconductor substrate is provided. The semiconductor substrate includes an integrated circuit, which includes multi-layer structured metallization and inter-metal dielectric.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.


Hall effect enhanced capacitively coupled plasma source, an abatement system, and vacuum processing

Embodiments disclosed herein include an abatement system for abating compounds produced in semiconductor processes. The abatement system includes a plasma source that has a first plate and a second plate parallel to the first plate.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Dome detection for charged particle beam device

According to an embodiment, a method of operating a charged particle beam device is provided. The charged particle beam device includes a beam separation unit, a first optical component distanced from the beam separation unit and a second optical component distanced from the beam separation unit and distanced from the first optical component.
Ict Integrated Circuit Testing Gesellschaft Für Halbleiterprüftechnik Mbh


Linear duoplasmatron

A duoplasmatron is provided having a cathode, an anode with linear slit, and an intermediate electrode (ie) between the cathode and the anode where the ie has an opening that is aligned with the anode slit. A magnet forms a magnetic field that passes through the anode slit.
General Plasma, Inc.


Method and device for producing contact elements for electrical switch contacts

A method is disclosed for improving the production of electrical switch contacts, in particular for vacuum tubes. In the method, an electrical or electromagnetic field assists and/or effects a sintering process.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Electro-mechanical device and manufacturing methods for various applications

The coil using this manufacturing method is destined to stators, rotors for axial, radial rotating or linear electric motors, transformers and all devices that generate a magnetic field (non-exhaustive list).. .


Permanent magnet assemblies for generating concave field lines and process for creating optical effect coating therewith (inverse rolling bar)

The invention relates to the field of the protection of security documents such as for example banknotes and identity documents against counterfeit and illegal re-production. In particular, the invention relates to magnetic-field-generating devices which produce positively curved magnetic field lines in a concave fashion.
Sicpa Holding Sa


Fixtures and methods for forming aligned magnetic cores

Magnetic cores and method and fixtures for forming the same are disclosed. The magnetic core may comprise a magnetic body including magnetic grains and a magnetic flux path, the magnetic grains aligned in a plurality of distinct directional alignments to conform to the magnetic flux path.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Magnetic writer having multiple gaps with more uniform magnetic fields across the gaps

A magnetic device according to one embodiment includes a source of flux and a magnetic yoke coupled to the source of flux. The source of flux includes a thin film coil having multiple turns.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method for processing input and electronic device for supporting the same

An electronic device and method for processing an input are provided. The electronic device includes a digitizer pad formed by a single channel and a digitizer pad controller configured to supply a current to the digitizer pad, sense a change in at least one of a frequency and a phase of an electromagnetic field corresponding to a pressure intensity applied by a tip of an external input device, and determine data related to the pressure intensity applied by the external input device based on the change in the at least one of the frequency and the phase of the sensed electromagnetic field..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Ferromagnetic incident detecting and logging arrangement

An arrangement for association with an mri and detecting presence of ferrous material and discriminating out far field magnetic disturbance. The arrangement includes a detector configured to monitor the magnetic field and includes an array of sensors arranged about the periphery of an opening in a spaced arrangement such that each sensor is associated with a different portion of the opening.
Kopp Development Inc.


Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, magnetic resonance imaging method, and verse pulse compression rate determination method

In order to improve image quality while reducing an sar regardless of an imaging condition such as a slice position, a phase-encoding amount, and an rf pulse type difference, the verse method determines a verse pulse compression rate according to the imaging condition. Hence, an imaging sequence generation section generating an imaging sequence by applying an imaging condition to a predetermined pulse sequence and an imaging section executing measurement according to the imaging sequence to reconstruct an image from the obtained echo signal are provided.
Hitachi Medical Corporation


Pulse sequences for low field magnetic resonance

A low-field magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system. The system includes a plurality of magnetics components comprising at least one first magnetics component configured to produce a low-field main magnetic field b0 and at least one second magnetics component configured to acquire magnetic resonance data when operated, and at least one controller configured to operate one or more of the plurality of magnetics components in accordance with at least one low-field zero echo time (lf-z te) pulse sequence..
Hyperfine Research, Inc.


Magnetic field generation device

A magnetic field generation apparatus includes a main coil and a variable-current correction coil. The main coil is formed by winding a rebco-based superconductive wire rod and generates a magnetic field in a measurement space.
Japan Superconductor Technology, Inc.


Magnetic field measurement method and magnetic field measurement device

A light source unit irradiates a gas cell disposed in a measurement region with linearly polarized light in which the direction of travel is a z-axis direction and the vibration direction of an electric field is a y-axis direction. A polarimeter detects optical characteristics of light passing through the gas cell.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Reverberation chamber with improved electromagnetic field uniformity

The reverberation chamber comprises a shielded enclosure (10) made up of a floor (11), side walls (13 to 16), and a ceiling (12), together with an antenna (2) for emitting radiofrequency waves in order to generate radiation inside the enclosure (10) at a lowest usable frequency. The chamber also comprises, inside the enclosure (10), a set (5, 6) of passive and selective elements for absorbing radiofrequencies in a defined frequency band..
Universite Paris Sud 11


Current sensor and smart meter

A full bridge circuit comprises first to fourth magnetic resistance elements. The first and fourth magnetic resistance elements have a first polarity, while the second and third magnetic resistance elements have a second polarity.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Magnetic sensor and electrical current sensor using the same

A magnetic sensor has a first tube-shaped bias magnet and a first magnetic sensor element. The first tube-shaped bias magnet has a bottom face, a top face facing the bottom face, and an outer side surface and an inner side surface both located between the bottom face and the top face, and includes an n pole formed by magnetizing one of the bottom face and the top face and an s pole formed by magnetizing a remaining one of the bottom face and the top face.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Jet engine assembly and generating electricity

A jet engine assembly includes a jet engine having at least one spool and a generator. The generator comprising a rotor and a stator, with the rotor being operably coupled to the at least one spool, and an electronic commutator controlling the rotation of a magnetic field of the rotor such that the electric motor generates electricity.
Ge Aviation Systems Llc


In-situ conversion process for oil shale

Systems and methods for oil recovery from oil shale are described. Systems and methods may include a method for in-situ conversion of oil shale.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Knitting spirality stabilizer

Knitting spirality stabilizer constituted of the main frame and the internal mechanism (removable capsule). The main body of the machine is constituted of the frame (1) in which is placed a circle pattern constituted of two rings, one constant (2) and one removable (3).


Deposition apparatus

A deposition apparatus comprises a source unit configured to generate a plasma by arc discharge, a deposition unit in which a deposition target material is arranged so as to be irradiated with the plasma generated in the source unit, and an induction unit configured to induce the plasma for the source unit to the deposition unit. The induction unit comprises a partition unit airtightly connected to each of the source unit and the deposition unit and configured to pass the plasma inside, and a plurality of magnet units configured to form a magnetic field to induce the plasma in the partition unit.
Canon Anelva Corporation



A sensor for measuring physical parameters such as acceleration, rotation, magnetic field, comprises a substrate (13) defining a substrate plane and at least one sensing plate (11, 12) suspended above the substrate (13) for performing a movement having at least a first component in a sensing direction. The sensing direction is orthogonal to the substrate plane.
Tronics Microsystems S.a.


Dehumidifier apparatus

A dehumidifier is disclosed comprising a base, a fast coupler disposed on the base, a water receiving tray, a water collection tank disposed below the water receiving tray, a water discharging tank connected to the water receiving tray, and a pump having an outlet connected to the fast coupler and an inlet connected to the water discharging tank, wherein a water level switch is provided in the water discharging tank and comprises a floater and a closed hollow rod, wherein the floater has a hole for passing through of the rod and a magnet, and the rod has a magnetic field response switch electrically connected with the pump.. .
Guangdong Kelon Air Conditioner Co. Ltd.


Systems and methods for enhanced building block applications

A curvilinear tetrahedral enhanced building block may be formed. The block may include sigmoid or reverse sigmoid curve edges, and may include curved vertices.


Magnetic neural stimulator and activation of neural tissue with same

An electromagnetic neural stimulation device includes a biocompatible shaft and one or more microcoil systems inside the shaft. A microcoil system includes a microcoil (driven externally) that is complemented with a metallic element juxtaposed against the microcoil as a shield to non-uniformly affect spatial distribution of the strength of the magnetic field generated by the microcoil.


Magnetic hyperthermal ablation of tumor cells

A method of treating cancer cells in a tumor comprising: a) administering a pharmaceutical composition comprising: i) functionalized magnetic gold nanoparticles (gnp) coated with a polymer giving them a positive charge and ii) a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier therefore; and b) exposing the tumor to an intense and rapidly fluctuating magnetic field sufficient to induce eddy currents capable of hyperthermally ablating the cancer cells.. .


Pulsed electromagnetic therapy device with combined energy delivery

An energy delivery device for emitting a combination of different types of energy. The device can emit pulsed electromagnetic fields (pemf) energy and another type of energy, including pulsed electrical energy, heat energy, vibration, percussion, etc.


Selectable boost converter and charge pump for compliance voltage generation in an implantable stimulator device

Compliance voltage generation circuitry for a medical device is disclosed. The circuitry in one embodiment comprises a boost converter and a charge pump, either of which is capable of generating an appropriate compliance voltage from the voltage of the battery in the device.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation


Method to optimize electrode placement for cranial electrical stmulation

A method for optimum preparation and placement of transcranial electrodes is described. The method consists of application of liquid silver paint to standard monitoring electrodes and placement of bilateral electrodes over the pterions, the thinnest areas of the skull.

Magnetic Field topics: Magnetic Field, Transverse, Magnetic Separator, Homogeneous, Photovoltaic Cell, Semiconductor, Compliance, Anisotropy, Crystallin, Electrical Machine, Wireless Power, Transmitter, Radial Direction, Eddy Currents, Calibration

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