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Magnetic Field patents


This page is updated frequently with new Magnetic Field-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Magnetic Field-related patents
 Heater apparatus and controllable heating process patent thumbnailnew patent Heater apparatus and controllable heating process
An apparatus for controllable heating is provided comprising at least one coil system (110) with at least one coil unit (111) connected to a power source, where the coil unit (111) is arranged to create a magnetic field. The apparatus further comprises at least one electric current conductor (120) which is arranged at least partly around said coil unit (111), and at least one element (130) which is configured to be heated and which is connected to the electric current conductor (120) in such a way that the electric current conductor (120) and the element (130) form a closed conduit.
Corebon Ab

 Mri compatible headset patent thumbnailnew patent Mri compatible headset
A wireless headset capable of receiving audio signals transmitted wirelessly and compatible for use in an mri scanner is disclosed. The headset includes a first wireless module connected to the first earphone and a second wireless module connected to the second earphone.
Neocoil, Llc

 Endoscope apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Endoscope apparatus
An endoscope apparatus includes a first optical system, a second optical system, a light-blocking shutter, a magnet rotor, drive coils, detection coils, and a cpu, the cpu performs control to provide direct current to the drive coils and control to provide alternating current to the detection coils, and where the alternating current is provided to the detection coils, the cpu detects a pivotal position of the light-blocking shutter by detecting variation of an inductance when a magnetic field generated in each of hollow portions of the detection coils is blocked by a magnetic body, from a value of the alternating current.. .
Olympus Corporation

 Multichannel data transport suitable for direct optical detection at the receiver patent thumbnailnew patent Multichannel data transport suitable for direct optical detection at the receiver
We disclose an optical transport system configured to transport the same data using two different channels of an optical transport link in a manner that enables an optical receiver to use direct detection of the optical power received through each of the two channels to measure the in-phase and quadrature components of the modulating electromagnetic field. In an example embodiment, an optical carrier of the modulated optical signal transported using the first of the two channels and an optical carrier of the modulated optical signal transported using the second of the two channels have a fixed relative phase offset of approximately 90 degrees.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

 Communication device, communication system, and communication method patent thumbnailnew patent Communication device, communication system, and communication method
There may be included: a demodulation section configured to perform, based on a modulated signal transmitted from an associated communication device, amplitude change demodulation and phase change demodulation, and configured to select a demodulated signal demodulated with either one of the amplitude change demodulation and the phase change demodulation; and a modulation section configured to modulate magnetic field generated by the associated communication device.. .
Sony Corporation

 Covered wire coupling type information communication network, electromagnetic field coupling communication method and electromagnetic field coupler patent thumbnailnew patent Covered wire coupling type information communication network, electromagnetic field coupling communication method and electromagnetic field coupler
This invention relates to a covered wire coupling type information communication network, an electromagnetic field coupling communication method and an electromagnetic field coupler, which makes it possible to solve the problem with the mechanical contact system and the structure where wires are exposed in a connector. A first covered wire and a second covered wire are placed in close proximity to each other in a coupling unit, and electromagnetic coupling in the coupling unit creates a data connection between the first and second covered wire..
Keio University

 Permanent magnet machine patent thumbnailnew patent Permanent magnet machine
A permanent magnet machine includes a stator configured to generate a stator magnetic field when excited with alternating currents and extends along a longitudinal axis with an inner surface defining a cavity, a rotor disposed inside said cavity and configured to rotate about the longitudinal axis, and a plurality of permanent magnets for generating a magnetic field, which interacts with the stator magnetic field to produce a torque. At least one of the plurality of permanent magnets has a light rare earth material including neodymium and praseodymium, and less than about 5 weight percent of a heavy rare earth material, wherein the weight percentage of neodymium is larger than the weight percentage of praseodymium but smaller than three times of the weight percentage of praseodymium..
General Electric Company

 Wireless charging device and electronic device assembly with wireless charging device patent thumbnailnew patent Wireless charging device and electronic device assembly with wireless charging device
A wireless charging device charging for an electronic device is disclosed. The wireless charging device includes a control unit, a sending coil coupled to the control unit, and a range sensor coupled to the control unit.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

 Low-loss continuously tunable filter and resonator thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Low-loss continuously tunable filter and resonator thereof
A tunable filter element comprises a resonator unit that defines a longitudinal axis, the resonator unit includes an inner conducting portion defining an inner shorting end along the longitudinal axis and an inner capacitive end opposing the inner shorting end, an outer conducting portion arranged around the inner conductor defining an outer shorting end along the longitudinal axis and an outer capacitive end opposite to the outer shorting end. The inner and the outer conductors maintain an annular gap there-between, and are coupled to form a shorting end at one end and a capacitive end at the other.
Microelectronics Technology Inc.

 Hall effect enhanced capacitively coupled plasma source patent thumbnailnew patent Hall effect enhanced capacitively coupled plasma source
Embodiments disclosed herein include a plasma source for abating compounds produced in semiconductor processes. The plasma source has a first plate and a second plate parallel to the first plate.
Applied Materials, Inc.

new patent

Wireless power transfer device and wireless charging system having same

According to an embodiment of the present invention, a wireless power transmitter comprises a base station configured to supply power to a portable electronic device, a coil formed in a manner of winding a wire and configured to convert a current into a magnetic flux, and a shielding unit configured to shield the base station from a magnetic field generated in the coil, wherein the coil has a triangular shape and is formed into a single layer.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

new patent

Multiprocessor computing apparatus with wireless interconnect and non-volatile random access memory

A fan less multiprocessor computing apparatus (mca) is housed in a metallic enclosure (me) that acts as a heat sink and provides extended surface area for heat dissipation. The me also acts as an electro-magnetic-shield that provides immunity from electro-magnetic-interference (emi) from external stray magnetic fields to wireless communications among components of mca.

new patent

Ranging measurements using modulated signals

A method for performing ranging measurements within a formation includes transmitting an asymmetric time-varying signal from a transmitter (114) disposed within a borehole (106) in the formation. The asymmetric time-varying signal may have a signal characteristic that is based at least in part on a downhole characteristic.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

new patent

Positron attenuation tomography

Positron attenuation is estimated. Positrons attenuate differently than x-rays, so measuring positron attenuation may assist in diagnosis or material study.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

new patent

Measurement apparatus and measurement method

The measurement apparatus and the mri apparatus are provided with a magnet, which forms a specified static magnetic field, and a magnetic field gradient coil for applying a gradient magnetic field on the static magnetic field, and the magnetic field gradient coil is a structure that is separated from the magnet and is configured to be movable relative to the magnet. The mri apparatus is characterized in that mri images of a subject are acquired while the magnetic field gradient coil is moving relative to the magnet..
Kyushu University

new patent

Mr imaging with enhanced susceptibility contrast

The invention relates to a method of mr imaging of an object (10) placed in the examination volume of a mr device (1). It is an object of the invention to provide a method of mr imaging with improved susceptibility weighted contrast.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

new patent

Nmr probe comprising a coil including two helical windings having turns of different opposing angles of between 0 and 90 degrees relative to the axis thereof

A probe for nuclear magnetic resonance includes at least one radiofrequency coil (brf3). The radiofrequency coil includes a first helical winding (e1′″) having turns (s) that are tilted by an angle other than zero and 90° relative to an axis (z) and a second helical winding (e2′″), which is coaxial to the first winding, having turns that are tilted by an angle -a relative to the axis.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

new patent

Atomic magnetometer and operating the same

Provided are an atomic magnetometer and an operating method of the same. The atomic magnetometer includes a vapor cell receiving a circularly polarized pump beam and a linearly polarized probe beam and containing an alkali metal vapor, a detector adapted to receive the probe beam passing through the vapor cell to measure magneto-optical rotation of the probe beam, a feedback coil to establish a negative feedback magnetic field signal orthogonal to a first plane defined by traveling directions of the probe beam and the pump beam and provide the negative feedback magnetic field signal to the vapor cell, and a feedback amplifier adapted to provide feedback current to the feedback coil such that the negative feedback magnetic field proportional to a measurement magnetic field is established.
Korea Research Institute Of Standards And Science

new patent

Magnetic field measuring device with vibration compensation

A magnetic field measuring device with a holding body and a plurality of magnetoelectric cantilever sensors, each of which is designed to output one electrical voltage signal while it bends in the presence of a magnetic field, the cantilever sensors being non-positively connected or bonded to the holding body.. .
Christian-albrechts UniversitÄt Zu Kiel

new patent

Electricity meter having multiple hall devices

Disclosed is a metrology assembly that utilizes a multi-hall effect device configuration which eliminates the necessity of a magnetic concentrator. In some embodiments, the metrology assembly includes a substrate or support platform configured to support at least two hall effect devices per phase of an electricity meter.
Itron, Inc.

new patent

Flexible current sensor

Apparatus and methods for measuring current flowing through a conductor include a device comprised of a magnetically conductive loop having a plurality of strands and a magnetic field sensor. Each strand has a magnetically conductive material.
Fluke Corporation

new patent

Pcb rogowski coil

Disclosed is a pcb rogowski coil, comprising two groups of first cons and second coils which are connected in series and have opposite winding directions, wherein the first coil and the second coil respectively contain a plurality of wire turns. One wire turn of the first coil comprises an inlet wire, a winding wire and an outlet wire.
Inhand Networks Technology Co., Ltd.

new patent

Apparatus for sensor with communication port for configuring sensor characteristics and associated methods

A sensor includes a coil suspended in a magnetic field, an optical detector to detect displacement of the coil in response to a stimulus, and a feedback circuit coupled to the optical detector and to the coil. The sensor further includes a serial communication port used to configure at least one characteristic of the sensor, wherein the at least one characteristic of the sensor comprises an overload point of the sensor, a gain of the sensor, a full-scale range of the sensor, a power consumption of sensor, sleep mode parameters of the sensor, a coil configuration of the sensor, and/or coil damping of the sensor..
Silicon Audio Seismic, Llc

new patent

Device and magnetic inductive flow measurement

The invention relates to a measuring device for measuring a flow rate of an electrically conducting medium in a volume which is permeated by a magnetic field, comprising a device for producing the magnetic field, at least one resistor, at least two electrodes, the at least two electrodes being electrically interconnected via the at least one resistor, and an evaluation unit for evaluating the measurement signal of the electrodes measured in parallel to the at least one resistor, and for calculating the flow rate.. .
Zylum Beteiligungsgesellschaft Mbh & Co. Patente Ii Kg

new patent

Simultaneous localization and mapping by using earth's magnetic fields

There is provided an apparatus configured to perform operations comprising: acquiring motion data sets from the plurality of mobile devices; estimating route models of the travelled routes on the basis of the motion data sets; generating emf fingerprints for the travelled routes by associating the acquired emf data sets with corresponding points of the route models; and determining the locations of the routes with respect to each other on the basis of at least one of the following: the emf fingerprints and the route models.. .
Indooratlas Oy

new patent

Three-axis digital compass

A three-axis digital compass comprising two x-axis magnetic sensors, two y-axis magnetic sensors, a flux concentrator, a signal sampling unit, a signal processing unit, and a signal output unit is disclosed. The x-axis and y-axis magnetic sensors are arranged along a periphery of the flux concentrator.
Multidimension Technology Co., Ltd

new patent

Ferrohydrodynamic thermal management system and method

A ferrohydrodynamic thermal management system is described and claimed. At least one ferrohydrodynamic pump is utilized to motivate a ferrofluid along a fluid communication channel.
Fourier Electric, Inc.

new patent

Apparatus for reducing blow-by gas for vehicle and controlling method thereof

An apparatus for reducing a blow-by gas for a vehicle includes an electromagnet disposed in a cylinder block of an engine and producing a magnetic field with respect to a piston when an electric current is applied thereto. An oil ring is inserted into an outer diameter of the piston to be expandable in an outer diameter direction of the piston by an absorption force of the electromagnet.
Hyundai Motor Company

new patent

Engine pulley structure of hybrid vehicle and controlling the same

An engine pulley structure of a hybrid vehicle and a method of controlling the same are provided. The engine pulley clutch structure includes a disc hub part that is configured to transfer or block power of an engine for the hybrid vehicle that has a hybrid starter generator (hsg) and an idle starter generator (isg).
Hyundai Motor Company

new patent

Apparatus, establishing plasma and using plasma in a rotating magnetic field

Systems and methods establish plasma in a rotating magnetic field. An exemplary embodiment is a plasma thruster that establishes a first transverse magnetic field with respect to a system axis of a plasma propulsion system; establishes a second transverse magnetic field oriented orthogonally to the first transverse magnetic field, wherein the second transverse magnetic field is out of phase with the first transverse magnetic field; and establishes a magnetic field aligned with the system axis using a plurality of magnet elements oriented along the system axis.
Msnw Llc

new patent

Injector waveform

A system for controlling the displacement of a spool in a spool valve of a fuel injector. One or more coils may be employed to move the spool between closed and open positions in the fuel injector.
International Engine Intellectual Property Company , Llc

new patent

Active magnetic azimuthal toolface for vertical borehole kickoff in magnetically perturbed environments

An artificial toolface reference system includes a power supply providing current to a ground lead and a reference lead. A ground point is coupled to the ground lead and in electrical connection with the ground.
Applied Technologies Associates, Inc.

new patent

Gas distribution system for a reaction chamber

A gas distribution system of a reaction chamber wherein the reaction chamber has a body defining a closed inner volume, in the inner volume rectangular substrates are arranged spaced apart from each other and electrodes suitable for providing high-frequency electromagnetic field are disposed between the substrates; the spaces between the substrates provide flow channels for the laminar flow of reaction gases between two opposite sides of the chamber, and the gas distribution system comprises an inlet channel, a gas distribution area and a distributing plate on one side of the chamber, and a collecting plate, a collection area and an outlet channel on the other side, and in the gas distribution system between the inlet channel and the distribution area a mixing chamber is provided, which is separated from the distribution area by a wall portion and provides better mixing and homogenization of reaction gases.. .
Ecosolifer Ag

new patent

Apparatus for direct-write sputter deposition and method therefor

A microplasma sputter deposition system suitable for directly writing two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures on a substrate is disclosed. Deposition systems in accordance with the present invention include a magnetic-field generator that provides a magnetic field that is aligned with the arrangement of an anode and a wire target.
Case Western Reserve University

new patent

Magnetic scale reducing and inhibiting system

An apparatus for reducing and inhibiting scale formation in water conduits is disclosed. The scale reducing apparatus has at least two stages, each stage containing one or more conduits therein surrounded by magnets.
Akwamag, Pbc.

new patent

Adaptive velocity control system and method

Embodiments of the invention provide a braking safety system for controlling the velocity of a vehicle on an amusement attraction. The braking system includes a track assembly including a plurality of control surfaces configured to support and guide the vehicle on the amusement attraction, a carriage system for coupling the vehicle to the track assembly, and at least one adaptive braking system configured to adaptively control the velocity of the vehicle on the track assembly.
Whitewater West Industries Ltd.

new patent

Power receiving device, power transmitting device, power transfer system, and parking assisting device

A power receiving device includes: a power receiving unit moved between a first position and a second position and receiving electric power in the second position from a power transmitting unit contactlessly; a movement mechanism moving the power receiving unit to the first position and the second position; and a sensing unit provided at a vehicular body independently of the power receiving unit and sensing the intensity of one of a magnetic field and an electric field formed by the power transmitting unit. The second position is obliquely below the first position with respect to the vertical direction, and the second position has a shorter distance to the sensing unit than the first position..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Electrically-adjustable tool holder

An electrically-adjustable tool holder precisely movable in a straight line within a magnetic field under electrical stimulation includes a handle body, a connecting member, and a driving member. The connecting member has a first end securely coupled to an end of the handle body, a second end opposite to the first end, and defines a through hole passing through the first end and the second end.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

new patent

System for informational magnetic feedback in adjustable implants

According to some embodiments, systems and methods are provided for non-invasively detecting the force generated by a non-invasively adjustable implantable medical device and/or a change in dimension of a non-invasively adjustable implantable medical device. Some of the systems include a non-invasively adjustable implant, which includes a driven magnet, and an external adjustment device, which includes one or more driving magnets and one or more hall effect sensors.
Ellipse Technologies, Inc.

new patent

Magnetically actuated gating devices, systems, kits, and methods

Magnetically actuated gating devices, magnetically actuated gating systems, magnetically actuated gating kits, and methods of treatment using a magnetically actuated gating device are described herein. An example embodiment of a magnetically actuated gating device comprises a housing, a rotatable member, a compression member, and a membrane.

new patent

Aerator for enhancing aquatic life by creation of magnetic water

An aerator having a rotatable shaft that is secured to a magnetic driving element and a plurality of plates positioned in spaced apart relation to the magnetic driving element. Each plate and the magnetic driving element have a plurality of elongated openings about their peripheries to enhance aerodynamics and thus oxygen content within the aerated water.
Once Innovations, Inc.


Dynamic microphone unit and dynamic microphone

A dynamic microphone includes: a diaphragm; a voice coil fixed to the diaphragm; a magnetic circuit which includes a magnetic gap in which the voice coil is arranged and generates a magnetic field in the magnetic gap; a volume reducing member which is attached to the magnetic circuit, is arranged in aback surface space of the diaphragm, and reduces, and reduces a volume in an air chamber in the back surface space; a communication passage which is formed along between the volume reducing member and the magnetic circuit and communicates the back surface space with a back side air chamber; and an acoustic resistance which is attached to the magnetic circuit and intervenes between the communication passage and the back side air chamber.. .


Automatic and adaptive defluxing device and method implementing such a device

A vector control driving device is provided for an electric motor receiving an operating setpoint, with stator windings receiving a driving current and producing a rotating magnetic field, the windings generating a voltage at terminals of the motor, a rotor producing a magnetic field to follow the rotating magnetic field, the device generating current in a vector domain, and configured to carry out a transform of the current from the vector domain to a real domain allowing for generation of the driving current, and configured to carry out an inverse transform of a parameter measured in the real domain on the stator windings into a transform of the parameter in the vector domain, and comparing the value of the inverse transform of the parameter with a predefined maximum parameter value, which can drive the generating of the current in the vector domain. An automatic and adaptive defluxing method is provided..


Electronically commutated electric motor with harmonic compensation

The invention relates to an electronically commutated electric motor with a stator and a rotor, which is designed as a permanent magnet rotor in particular. The electric motor also has a control unit which is connected to the stator.


Wirelessly rechargeable battery and power transmitter

A wirelessly rechargeable battery is provided having coils oriented off major battery axes to facilitate good coupling with power transmitter magnetic fields. A magnetic core may house charging electronics for a compact form factor.


Battery management system and method

A battery management system (bms) monitors and reports on an operational state of a battery. In some embodiments the bms can be part of a battery assembly.


Power supplier and receiver and mobile device

An arrangement place for a device such as a rectifier and a power storage device is easily secured. At the time of power supply using a resonance phenomenon, a power-receiving device generates a magnetic field space having a lower magnetic field strength than other parts at or around the inner side of the power-receiving module, and this magnetic field space is used as the arrangement place of an electronic component.


Distributed resonators for wireless power transfer

An apparatus for wireless charging may include a casing for housing an electronic device and a plurality of power receiving elements that can couple to an externally generated magnetic field to wirelessly power or charge a load in the electronic device. At least one of the power receiving elements may comprise an electrically conductive segment of the casing..


Durable miniature gas composition detector having fast response time

A miniature oxygen sensor makes use of paramagnetic properties of oxygen gas to provide a fast response time, low power consumption, improved accuracy and sensitivity, and superior durability. The miniature oxygen sensor disclosed maintains a sample of ambient air within a micro-channel formed in a semiconductor substrate.


Method and device for huge magnetoresistance in graphene-based magnetic tunnel junctions with segmented potentials

A graphene-based magnetic tunnel junction is disclosed. The magnetic tunnel junction can enhance the tunnel magnetoresistance ratio and a device including the magnetic tunnel junction.


Vertical hall sensors with reduced offset error

A semiconductor chip for measuring a magnetic field based on the hall effect. The semiconductor chip comprises an electrically conductive well having a first conductivity type, in a substrate having a second conductivity type.


Axial magnetic field coil for vacuum interrupter

A contact assembly for use in a vacuum interrupter includes a contact disc of a first electrically conductive material, a coil, and a contact support. The coil is made from a second electrically conductive material and includes multiple helical sections that are oriented axially with respect to a common central axis.


Magnetic actuator

A magnetic actuator includes: a movable unit, movable between a first position and a second position, and including an integrally formed eddy-current component and first magnet yoke component; a second magnet yoke component to form a magnetic circuit with the first magnet yoke component; an electromagnetic coil capable of generating an exciting magnetic field when being energized, magnetic lines generated thereby being energized penetrating the magnetic circuit formed by the first and second magnet yoke components; an eddy-current coil to enable an eddy current to be generated in the eddy-current component, to produce an electromagnetic repulsive force to the movable unit; and a permanent magnetic holding component to hold the movable unit in the first position or the second position. The magnetic actuator can simplify the actuator, reduce the number of components and the size thereof, as well as reducing the energy consumption and improving the stability thereof..


Near-field communications element and electronic device having same mounted therein

Near field communication device has a configuration in which at least a part of coil of coil element is covered with cover at a portion opposite to substrate and a part of cover is fixed to substrate directly or indirectly. Therefore, even when near field communication device is mounted to one of various electronic apparatuses in a vicinity of display unit outer peripheral frame made of metal, a large change in impedance or a large reduction in magnetic field strength can be prevented.


Magnetic field structures, field generators, navigation and imaging for untethered robotic device enabled medical procedure

A magnetic field generating apparatus comprises two or more co-facing, coaxial magnetic field generators configured to generate equivalent magnetic fields directed toward a symmetrically central convergence plane; a magnetically shielding encasement configured to contain all of the associated magnetic fields generated by the coaxial magnetic field generators; and articulation frames and supports for positioning of the apparatus about a fixed point, wherein the generated magnetic fields are counter-rotated relative to one another.. .


Magnetic head, head gimbal assembly including the same, and disk device

A magnetic head includes a main magnetic pole that applies a recording magnetic field to a recording layer of a recording medium, a recording coil that generates a magnetic field in the main magnetic pole, a microwave oscillator that is disposed in a vicinity of the main magnetic pole, a first wiring electrically connected to recording coil, a second wiring electrically connected to the microwave oscillator, and a low pass filter that is electrically connected to the second wiring.. .


Touch display panel and display device

Disclosed are a touch display panel and a display device. The touch display panel includes common electrodes, pixel electrodes, a processing module, at least one first magnetic sensing electrode and at least one second magnetic sensing electrode.


Tooling configuration for electric/magnetic field guided acid profile control in a photoresist layer

A method of processing a substrate is disclosed herein. The method includes applying a photoresist layer comprising a photoacid generator to a substrate, wherein a first portion of the photoresist layer has been exposed unprotected by a photomask to a radiation light in a lithographic exposure process.


Methods and apparatuses for echo processing of nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) data

In one aspect, a nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) system includes a transmitter of an nmr tool to output a magnetic field pulse into a zone of interest, a receiver of the nmr tool to output an nmr echo data set produced from an interaction of the magnetic field pulse and the zone of interest, and an nmr echo processing module including a filter matched to a response of the nmr tool to output a filtered nmr echo data set from the nmr echo data set. In another aspect, a method of processing an nmr echo data set includes providing from an nmr tool the nmr echo data set produced from an interaction of a magnetic field pulse and a zone of interest, matching a filter to a response of the nmr tool, and filtering the nmr echo data set with the filter to produce a filtered nmr echo data set..


Buried service detection

Some embodiments of the invention relate to a mobile detection device embodied as a bucket of an earth moving machine for an evaluation of a distance value and/or proximity from the bucket to an occluded ac-current carrying structure according to the magnetic field emanated from the structures ac-current. There is at least one detection coil, comprising at least one winding of an electrically conductive material, which is connected to a first amplification stage, with an amplifier circuit embodied as a current sensing amplifier, which are both are sealed within a common enclosure that is located at the bucket.


Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method

According to one embodiment, an mri apparatus includes a gradient coil, an rf coil, an rf receiver, and processing circuitry which controls these components to perform each pulse sequence. The processing circuitry sets a main-scan pulse sequence, a first pulse sequence which includes application of a gradient magnetic field in a readout direction, and a second pulse sequence which includes application of the gradient magnetic field in a readout direction, and whose acquisition region is shifted from the first pulse sequence.


Using a cavity to polarize a spin ensemble

In some aspects, polarization of a spin ensemble can be increased using cavity-based techniques. A resonator applies drive field to a spin ensemble in a static magnetic field.


Magnetism measurement apparatus, gas cell, manufacturing magnetism measurement apparatus, and manufacturing gas cell

A magnetism measurement apparatus that measures a magnetic field includes a gas cell including a primary chamber, a reservoir, and a exhaust hole that allows the primary chamber and the reservoir to communicate with each other. The primary chamber and the reservoir are filled with an alkali metal gas, and at least one of an alkali metal solid and an alkali metal liquid is placed in the reservoir..


Single-chip bridge-type magnetic field sensor

A single-chip magnetic field sensor bridge, comprising a substrate, a reference arm, a sensing arm, shielding structures, and wire bond pads is disclosed. The reference arm and the sense arm respectively comprise at least two rows/columns of reference element strings and sense element strings formed by electrically connecting one or more identical magnetoresistive sensing elements.


Magnetic field sensor for the detection of at least two magnetic field components

A magnetic field sensor includes first and second sensors for detecting first and second magnetic components according to first and second directions. Each sensor includes a flux concentrator including first and second magnetic parts, an air gap between the parts, and a magnetoresistive element in the air gap.


Inspection circuit for magnetic field detector, and inspection the same

An inspection circuit serves as a pseudo circuit of a flux gate-type magnetic element having an excitation coil and a detection coil and inspects a magnetic field detector that detects a magnetic field based on an output of the magnetic element when detecting an intensity of a stationary magnetic field applied to the magnetic element based on a time-resolved magnetic balance type. The magnetic field detector includes: an excitation signal generation unit, a detection signal comparison unit, a feedback signal conversion unit, a feedback signal adjustment unit, a data signal conversion unit, and an excitation signal adjustment unit..


Offset compensation method and system of hall sensor in motor

An offset compensation method and system of a hall sensor in a motor are provided. The system and method prevent a detection error regarding the position of the rotor of the motor and more accurately measure the speed and location of a rotor by storing the position of when output values of three hall sensors while slowly rotating the rotor by adding control mode for applying a low speed rotating magnetic field to a controller, extracting and storing offsets between each hall sensor and the u-phase position of a stator winding, and then excluding the influence of the offset of a rotor magnet in normal operation mode..


Magnetic field value measuring device and measuring magnetic field value

A magnetic field measuring device including: a vibrational probe unit having a probe that includes one or more material(s) whose intensity of magnetization is proportionate to an external magnetic field, a mechanical vibration source for the probe; a vibration detector detecting a vibration frequency and amplitude of the probe; an alternating-current magnetic field generator applying to the probe an alternating-current magnetic field; a direct-current external magnetic field generator applying a direct-current external magnetic field to the probe; a frequency modulation detector detecting frequency modulation occurring to the mechanical vibration of the probe; a direct-current external magnetic field controller adjusting the intensity of the direct-current external magnetic field applied to the probe; and a direct-current magnetic field determination unit determining a value of the direct-current magnetic field originating from a specimen.. .


Inspection head of an eddy current non-destructive testing sensor and sensor comprising such an inspection head

An inspection head of an eddy current non-destructive testing sensor with separate transmitting and receiving functions includes a support whereon is arranged at least one transmitting/receiving element. Each element includes a circuit transmitting a local electromagnetic field, by circulating a predefined alternating current in the circuit, and an electromagnetic receiver sensitive to the locally transmitted electromagnetic field.


Multiple angle computational wafer inspection

A system and method for inspecting a surface, comprising: illuminating a region of said surface, with said region having an aspect ratio larger than unity; capturing an image of scattered radiation originating from said region; and computing electromagnetic field of said scattered radiation from said image of scattered radiation and generating an image of region by computational propagation of said electromagnetic field through a predetermined distance, whereby features of said region are captured in said image of region.. .


Manipulation of beads in droplets and methods for manipulating droplets

The invention provides a method of circulating magnetically responsive beads within a droplet in a droplet actuator. The invention also provides methods for splitting droplets.


Control, autonomously navigating utility vehicle

In an apparatus for controlling operation of an autonomously navigating utility vehicle adapted to run about a working area defined by a boundary wire which generates magnetic field therearound when supplied with electric current and having a magnetic sensor that produces an output indicating intensity of magnetic field generated by the boundary wire and a position determining unit that determine a position of the vehicle with respect to the working area based on the output of the magnetic sensor, a coded data signal determined to be inherent to the working area is generated and supplied to the electric current, and the position determining unit detects the data signal and determines the position of the vehicle based on a rate of concordance of the detected data signal and a reference signal.. .


Method of detecting attitude faults based on magnetometer measurements

An avionics system comprises one or more attitude sources, each configured to produce a respective calculated attitude solution; at least one magnetometer configured to measure magnetic field; and at least one attitude monitor configured to use the respective calculated attitude solution from one of the attitude sources to project the measured magnetic field estimate or an earth magnetic field model (emfm) estimate such that the measured magnetic field estimate and the emfm estimate are in a common shared frame. The at least one attitude monitor is further configured to determine a difference between the measured magnetic field estimate and the emfm estimate in the common shared frame.


Multisegmented toroidal magnetic field projector

A system for triggering improvised explosive devices (ieds) with an alternating magnetic field. In one embodiment, the magnetic field is produced by a magnetic field projector in the shape of one-half of a torus, the half-torus being composed of several conductive segments referred to as toroidal wedges.


Magnetic bearing having permanent magnet assemblies with repulsive bearing surfaces

The magnetic bearings make use of magnet assemblies with a high magnetic field gradient. The magnet assemblies use two permanent magnets with opposite polarisation in a kittel open domain structure.


Electronic cooling water pump with floating impeller

An electronic cooling water pump with a floating impeller for a motor vehicle. The mechanism includes a support or housing, a stator, a water pump cover, a socket injection molding, a controller (or circuit board), and a rear cover.


Methods for producing low oxygen silicon ingots

An method for producing a silicon ingot includes melting polycrystalline silicon in a crucible enclosed in a vacuum chamber to form a melt, generating a cusped magnetic field within the vacuum chamber, dipping a seed crystal into the melt, withdrawing the seed crystal from the melt to pull a single crystal that forms the silicon ingot, wherein the silicon ingot has a diameter greater than about 150 millimeters (mm), and simultaneously regulating a plurality of process parameters such that the silicon ingot has an oxygen concentration less than about 5 parts per million atoms (ppma). The plurality of process parameters include a wall temperature of the crucible, a transport of silicon monoxide (sio) from the crucible to the single crystal, and an evaporation rate of sio from the melt..


Method and supercooling of metal/alloy melts and for the formation of amorphous metals therefrom

A method and apparatus is described for creation of amorphous metals using electromagnetic supercooling of a metal/alloy without the utilization of rapid quenching nor immaculate process environments. By exposing the cooling melt to electric currents, either induced by an alternating magnetic field or supplied directly, crystallization is suppressed and the melt can reach significant levels of supercooling.


Magnetic separation of rare cells

A magnetic separation system configured to separate with high qualitative and quantitative yield magnetized cells from cell mixtures, comprising at least one electromagnet structured to generate a magnetic field flux about a plurality of separation zones and sufficient to attract a majority of the magnetized cells in the mixture, and a pump to drive the cell mixture at a controlled flow rate through a tube disposed within the zones thereby separating a majority of the magnetized cells from the mixture. The system is particularly useful to retrieve rare cells from a fluid mixture of cells having low abundance of the rare cells relative to the rest of the cells while sustaining viability of the cells..


Solid-core ring-magnet

A solid-core ring-magnet having one or more cavities is provided. The magnet can have an overall cylindrical shape or a rectangular-prism shape.


Devices, conserving resources by treating liquids with electromagnetic fields

Resources, such as water, energy, power, amount of de-scaling chemicals, device lifetimes, data analytics and system depreciation may be conserved through the use of dual-field electric and magnetic probes that create and apply electromagnetic fields to liquids, such as water.. .


Coil inductive power transmission

The invention provides a coil apparatus (100) for inductive power transmission, comprising an electromagnetic coil (102) for emitting and/or picking up an electromagnetic field (112) on a transmission side (106) of the coil apparatus (100), and comprising a housing wall (104), which covers the coil (102) on the transmission side (106) and is transmissive to the electromagnetic field (112). Furthermore, the coil apparatus (100) comprises a housing medium (108), which is enclosed by the housing wall (104) in such a way that, when a through-opening (110) is formed in the housing wall (104), the housing medium (108) passes through the through-opening (110).


Magnetic toss game

A magnetic toss game with a three-dimensional target capable of generating a magnetic field, a support mechanism having two ends, the first end operably coupled to the three-dimensional target, and a three-dimensional backdrop having at least one side surface and a bottom surface, the three-dimensional backdrop spaced apart from the three-dimensional target and operably coupled to the support mechanism, wherein the three-dimensional backdrop envelops the three-dimensional target on at least two sides, including the bottom side.. .


Electronically triggered personal athletic device

An athletic device is worn by a participant during an athletic event (e.g., a race). In one example, a race course is provided with a plurality of mats or signal devices along the race course.


Antenna determining a transit of a movable object through a detection plane

Embodiments relate to a concept for determining a transit of a movable object through a detection area within a detection plane. At least one exciter antenna provides an exciting electromagnetic field.


Prevention and treatment of brain diseases and disorders related to abnormal protein aggregation through electromagnetic field treatment

A method of treating and preventing a neurological disorder, such as alzheimer's disease, in a subject in need thereof by positioning an electromagnetic field emitting source proximal to the subject and exposing the subject to an electromagnetic field having a predetermined frequency (preferably ≈300-3,000 mhz) for a predetermined absorption period (preferably greater than ≈3 days). Each individual treatment (comprising exposure to the predetermined frequency for the predetermined absorption period) is continued at a predetermined schedule for a predetermined treatment period.


Device and reducing the permeability of the cornea

The present invention provides a device and a method for non-invasively enhancing the integrity of the cornea by applying magnetic field, whereby treating eye disorders.. .


Magnetic shielding sheet for digitizer and portable terminal having same

A magnetic field shielding sheet includes: a magnetic field shielding main sheet disposed on the back of the digitizer to thus prevent affecting the digitizer; and a magnetic field shielding sub-sheet laminated in a dual on at least one of four side edges of the magnetic field shielding main sheet, and to prevent affecting the digitizer by the magnesium frame inside the portable terminal, wherein the magnetic field shielding main sheet includes a shielding layer made of a plurality of pieces, a cover layer adhered to one surface of the shielding layer, and a double-sided tape adhered to the other surface of the shielding layer. A magnetic field arising from various components incorporated in a portable terminal device is shielded by the magnetic field shielding main sheet while the magnetic field shielding sub-sheet prevents a digitizer from being affected by a magnesium frame, thereby enhancing performance of the digitizer..


Nfc card reader, system including nfc card reader, and a operating the same

A near-field communication (nfc) card reader may include a monitor configured to measure an amplitude of a magnetic field induced by an antenna; a gain controller configured to determine an amplification gain based on the measured amplitude of the magnetic field and output a gain control signal; a signal restoration unit configured to receive a carrier signal and a data signal that overlaps with the carrier signal via the antenna, and restore the data signal from the received signals; and a variable-gain amplifier configured to amplify the data signal restored by the signal restoration unit according to the gain control signal.. .


Phantom electric motor system with parallel coils

A method and apparatus for operating an electric motor is presented. A transmit magnetic field is received at a group of receive coils having a group of axes oriented substantially parallel to magnetic field lines from a transmit coil and having a group of resonant frequencies.


Control reducing torque ripple in an electrical machine

A method of controlling torque ripple in an electrical machine that includes a field winding for creating nominally constant field current using dc current and an armature winding for creating a rotating magnetic field using ac current, calls for superimposing a spatially varying current component on to the dc current of the field winding. Other methods are also disclosed that are suitable for electrical machines that have a winding that is excited with nominal dc current including srms, fsms, and wound-field synchronous motors..


Dc-excited synchronous electric motor

In a dc-excited synchronous electric motor in which a field system is excited by using an exciting core, in order to obtain large torque density and output density, the effective area of air gaps, through which an armature and a field system face each other, is increased. The armature of a stator 300a (300b) is arranged to face a side surface in a radial direction and two side surfaces in an axial direction of the rotor 200a (200b), with air gaps, respectively.


Process integration of a single chip three axis magnetic field sensor

A semiconductor process integrates three bridge circuits, each include magnetoresistive sensors coupled as a wheatstone bridge on a single chip to sense a magnetic field in three orthogonal directions. The process includes various deposition and etch steps forming the magnetoresistive sensors and a plurality of flux guides on one of the three bridge circuits for transferring a “z” axis magnetic field onto sensors orientated in the xy plane..


Method of and magnet assembly for high power pulsed magnetron sputtering

A magnet assembly for use in high power pulsed magnetron sputtering comprises a configuration of magnets having a magnetic field topology comprising magnetic field components bx, by and bz. A tangential magnetic field b// distribution on an x-y plane above the configuration of magnets comprising an outer continuous ring and one or more inner continuous rings contained in the outer continuous ring.


Plasma processing device

A plasma processing device is provided. The plasma processing device includes a plate formed between a window covering a top portion of a chamber where plasma processing is performed and an antenna generating a magnetic field, and a fluid supply unit supplying a fluid for controlling temperatures of the window and the antenna, wherein the plate includes first and second regions supplied with the fluid, and the fluid supply unit independently controls the first and second regions..


Method for manufacturing permanent magnet

Provided is a method for manufacturing an nd—fe—b-based permanent magnet having an improved coercive force while reducing the amount of dy used. A method for manufacturing a permanent magnet according to an embodiment of the present invention may comprise the steps of: preparing powder including nd, fe, b, and cu; preparing a shaped body by forming a specific magnetic field in the powder; sintering the shaped body at a specific sintering temperature; and subjecting the sintered, shaped body to annealing at a annealing temperature determined according to the content of cu..


Optimized electromagnetic actuator component design and methods including improved conductivity composite conductor material

Electromagnetic actuator components include a magnetic core, a conductor assembled with the core and defining a winding completing a number of turns, and a movable component that may be displaced by a magnetic field. The conductor is fabricated from a composite material including carbon nanotubes having an improved conductivity.


Read-write non-erasable memory with laser recording and recording

A nonvolatile memory comprising at least one ferromagnetic region having permeability which changes from a first state to a second state of lower permeability upon heating; at least one laser operatively associated with the at least one ferromagnetic region which selectively provides heat to the ferromagnetic region to change its p permeability; and a plurality of connectors operatively connected to the at least one laser and adapted to be connected to a current source that provides a current which causes the laser to change the at least one ferromagnetic region from a first state to a second state. Optionally, the memory is arranged as an array of memory cells.


Wireless access control system including lock assembly generated magnetic field based unlocking and related methods

A wireless access control system may include a remote access wireless device that includes a magnetic sensor and a remote controller coupled to remote wireless communications circuitry and the magnetic sensor. The system may also include a lock assembly for a door that includes a magnetic field generator and a lock controller coupled to a lock, lock wireless communications circuitry, and the magnetic field generator.


Methods and systems of vibrating a screen

Screen vibration systems are provided that can vibrate theatre screens using acoustical, electromagnetic, or another type of energy while reducing the presence of image artifacts that may otherwise be visible as result of vibrating the screen. In one example of a screen vibration system, the system includes a screen, a permanent magnet mounted to the screen, and a magnetic source positioned with respect to the permanent magnet and uncoupled from the screen.


Well ranging apparatus, methods, and systems

Apparatus, systems, and methods may operate to couple a power supply to a ground point associated with a well, and to a lower portion of a conductive casing disposed within the well, where the lower portion of the conductive casing is separated by an insulating gap from an upper portion of the conductive casing, the upper portion of the conductive casing being at a higher elevation of the first well than the lower portion of the conductive casing. Further activity may include injecting an excitation signal into the lower portion of the conductive casing to induce a magnetic field in a geological formation surrounding the first well.


System and automatic tracking and image capture of a subject for audiovisual applications

A system and method for automatically tracking and capturing an image of a subject is disclosed. The system and method includes at least one magnetic emitter device emitting a magnetic field, a magnetic sensing device enabled to receive the magnetic field from the magnetic emitter device and the magnetic sensing device is attached to at least one subject.


Systems and methods for real time gradient timing modification

A method is provided for modified gradient timing in a magnetic resonance (mr) imaging system. The method includes generating radio frequency (rf) excitation pulses in a volume of patient anatomy to provide subsequent acquisition of associated rf echo data and generating a sequence of gradient waveforms on a static magnetic field in three directions each orthogonal to each other for slice selection, phase encoding and readout rf data acquisition in the volume of patient anatomy.


System for simultaneous pet/mr imaging

A combined pet/mr system includes an mr subsystem including a main field magnet (14) which generates a stationary magnetic field through an examination region (16), a gradient magnetic field system (18, 20, 22, 24) which applies magnetic field gradients across the examination region, and an rf system (26, 28, 32, 34, 36, 38) that applies rf excitation pulses to excite resonance in a subject in the examination region and receive magnetic resonance signals from the subject. A pet detector module (70) which is permanently or removably fixed in the examination region (16) to detect radiation from radiopharmaceuticals injected into the subject causes distortions in the magnetic field gradients.


Sensor device for direct magnetic field imaging

The present invention discloses a sensor device comprising a probe carrying a three-dimensional magnetic field sensor. The probe has a conical tip portion with an edge being configured as the three-dimensional magnetic field sensor.


Methods and testing of wireless power transmitters and systems

This disclosure provides methods and apparatus for wireless power field testing. A method for generating testing the interoperability of a wireless power transmitter with one or more wireless power receivers is provided.


Apparatus and determining statistics of electric current in an electrical system exposed to diffuse electromagnetic fields

Some embodiments include an apparatus for determining statistics of the current in various wiring systems exposed to diffuse electromagnetic fields. Other embodiments of related apparatuses and methods are also disclosed..


Eddy current pipeline inspection apparatus and method

Apparatuses and methods for inspecting a section of piping are disclosed. In one example embodiment, an apparatus includes first and second excitation coils, a plurality of magnetometers, and a data acquisition system.

Magnetic Field topics: Magnetic Field, Transverse, Magnetic Separator, Homogeneous, Photovoltaic Cell, Semiconductor, Compliance, Anisotropy, Crystallin, Electrical Machine, Wireless Power, Transmitter, Radial Direction, Eddy Currents, Calibration

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