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Magnetic Field patents


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 Hearing aid having an adaptive antenna matching mechanism and a  adaptively matching a hearing aid antenna patent thumbnailHearing aid having an adaptive antenna matching mechanism and a adaptively matching a hearing aid antenna
A hearing aid includes: a microphone for reception of sound and conversion of the received sound into a corresponding first audio signal; a signal processor for processing the first audio signal into a second audio signal compensating a hearing loss of a user of the hearing aid; a wireless communication unit connected to the signal processor for wireless communication and being coupled with an antenna for emission and/or reception of an electromagnetic field; a detector connected to the wireless communication unit, the detector being configured to detect a signal strength of a communication signal; and an adjustable antenna matching mechanism configured to improve antenna reception and/or antenna emission of the antenna based on the detected signal strength of the received communication signal.. .
Gn Resound A/s

 Spin oscillator device patent thumbnailSpin oscillator device
The present invention relates to using spin transfer torque underneath a nanocontact on a magnetic thin film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (pma), provides generation of dissipative magnetic droplet solitons and magnetic droplet-skyrmions and report on their rich dynamical properties. Micromagnetic simulations identify the conditions necessary to nucleate and drive droplet-skyrmions over a wide range of currents and fields.

 Dual coil wireless power transmitter patent thumbnailDual coil wireless power transmitter
A transmit coil assembly configured to transmit two different alternating magnetic fields having different frequencies is provided. The transmit coil assembly includes a first transmit coil set configured to resonate within a first frequency range and a second transmit coil set configured to resonate within a second frequency range which is outside the first frequency range and at least ten times higher or lower than the first frequency range.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

 Power transmitting device and power receiving device patent thumbnailPower transmitting device and power receiving device
A power transmitting device includes a power transmitting coil that forms a magnetic field when an ac voltage is applied thereto and transmits electric power in a non-contact manner to a power receiving coil through the magnetic field, a foreign object detector, a magnetic field detector, and a control device that receives information about a result of detection of a foreign object by the foreign object detector and information about a result of detection of the magnetic field by the magnetic field detector. The control device determines whether there is a foreign object or not based on the result of the detection of a foreign object performed by the foreign object detector during a timing period when the strength of the magnetic field is equal to or lower than a prescribed value..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Direct current socket with direct current arc protection patent thumbnailDirect current socket with direct current arc protection
Technologies for providing dc arc protection in a dc socket include an electromagnet positioned in the dc socket configured to produce a magnetic field. The electromagnet is positioned to be adjacent to a contact region between one or more supply terminals of a dc socket and one or more prongs of a dc plug.
Abb Technology Ltd.

 High brightness ion beam extraction patent thumbnailHigh brightness ion beam extraction
An apparatus for the creation of high current ion beams is disclosed. The apparatus includes an ion source, such as a rf ion source or an indirectly heated cathode (ihc) ion source, having an extraction aperture.
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

 Field regulator patent thumbnailField regulator
The invention generally relates to a field regulator, particularly a field regulator for a resonant circuit, a transmitter including such a field regulator, a proximity detection system including such a transmitter, and a method of regulating a resonant circuit. In one aspect the invention provides a field regulator for a resonant circuit, the resonant circuit including an inductor coil around a core, the field regulator including a dc bias circuit configured to apply a dc bias current to the inductor coil for regulating an electromagnetic field generated by the inductor.
Mine Site Technologies Pty Ltd

 Dipole ring magnetic field generator patent thumbnailDipole ring magnetic field generator
Provided is a dipole ring magnetic field generator capable of generating a substantially unidirectional magnetic field in the internal space of a ring without using permanent magnet pieces having fan-shaped or trapezoidal sections, and as a result, a smaller skew angle therein is achieved. The sections of the permanent magnet pieces are shaped to be rectangular, and a plurality of the rectangular permanent magnet pieces are circularly placed at predetermined positions.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

 Efficient compact fusion reactor patent thumbnailEfficient compact fusion reactor
An efficient compact nuclear fusion reactor for use as a neutron source or energy source includes a toroidal plasma chamber and a plasma confinement system arranged to generate a magnetic field for confining a plasma in the chamber, where the plasma confinement system is configured so that a major radius of the confined plasma is 1.5 m or less and the toroidal magnetic field is operated 5 t or less and the plasma current is 5 ma or less, yet a-particles generated are confined in the plasma.. .
Tokamak Energy Ltd.

 Programmable security sensor patent thumbnailProgrammable security sensor
Various embodiments of a programmable barrier alarm are described. In one embodiment, a programmable barrier alarm comprises a magnet and a sensor, the sensor comprising a magnet and a sensor, comprising a magnetic field detector for sensing a magnetic field produced by the magnet and for producing an electronic signal based on the magnetic field, a processor, and a memory for storing alarm threshold values and processor-executable instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the sensor to, in a calibration mode of operation, determine a value of a first electronic signal from the magnetic field detector when the barrier is in the closed position, calculate a first threshold value based on the first electronic signal, and calculate a second threshold value based on the first electronic signal, in a normal mode of operation, compare electronic signals from the magnetic field detector to the first and second threshold values, and generate an alarm signal if any of the electronic signals are less than the first threshold or greater than the second threshold..
Ecolink Intelligent Technology, Inc.

Ic tag

Provided is an ic tag favorably applicable even to linen products. An ic tag 100 using a magnetic field type tag unit 110 in which an ic chip and a coil antenna to be electrically connected to the ic chip are embedded inside a hard resin material.
Nok Corporation

Distance determination based on reflected admittance

A distance measurement system includes a tank circuit including a transmit coil coupled to a transmit capacitor, a distance calculation circuit coupled to the transmit coil, and a target resonant circuit including a receive coil coupled to a receive capacitor. The receive coil is to receive a magnetic field generated by the tank circuit.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Tramp metal detection

A system for detecting and discriminating a metal object in a bulk non-metallic material includes at least one triple-axis magnetometer adapted to detect a change of a magnetic field and output a signal including a detection signal representative of a metal object and a signal processing system adapted to detect the detection signal. The bulk non-metallic may be continuously moving through a detection volume, or may be placed in and removed from the detection volume as a batch..
Syncrude Canada Ltd. In Trust For The Owners Of The Syncrude Project As Such Owners Exist Now And

Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and artifact suppression method thereof

According to at least one of embodiments, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a superconducting magnet configured to generate a static magnetic field; a cryocooler configured to cool down the superconducting magnet in a refrigeration cycle in which mechanical fluctuation with a predetermined period is included; a sequence controller configured to acquire magnetic resonance signals for generating a diagnostic image from an object; and processing circuitry configured to correct phase fluctuation included in the magnetic resonance signals for generating a diagnostic image acquired by the sequence controller, the phase fluctuation being generated by periodic fluctuation of the static magnetic field caused by mechanical fluctuation of the cryocooler.. .
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Device for subdividing magnetic field and simultaneous detection of magnetic resonance signals from multiple sample compartments

Devices and methods are provided for simultaneously interrogating multiple samples using nmr spectroscopy. A first magnetic field is induced.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

Hall sensor and sensing method, and corresponding device

A hall sensor may include a hall sensing element configured to produce a hall voltage indicative of a magnetic field when traversed by an electric current, and a first pair of bias electrodes mutually opposed in a first direction across the hall sensing element. The hall sensor may include a second pair of bias electrodes mutually opposed in a second direction across the hall sensing element.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

Sensor for measuring an external magnetic field

In general, techniques of this disclosure are directed to a sensor for measuring an external magnetic field. The sensor an optical cavity, a laser medium which together with the optical cavity has a laser threshold, a laser pump, and a radio-frequency (rf) drive applied to the laser medium, such that the laser threshold varies with a change in the external magnetic field.
Rmit University

Magnetic sensor array and system

A magnetic sensor array includes non-packaged magnetic sensors disposed on a substrate. The non-packaged magnetic sensors can include bare dice, in one embodiment.
Innovaura Corporation

Structure and system for simultaneous sensing a magnetic field and mechanical stress

A structure having collocated magnetic field sensing elements can be used to simultaneously determine magnetic field and mechanical stress. A primary magnetic field sensing element generates a primary signal responsive to a magnetic field and a secondary magnetic field sensing element generates a secondary signal responsive to mechanical stress.
Allegro Microsystems, Llc

Circuits and methods for removing a gain offset in a magnetic field sensor

A magnetic field sensor and a method include a modulator coupled in a feedback arrangement and operable to modulate a calibration feedback signal with a modulator clock signal having a selected frequency and a selected relative phase operable to remove a gain error in the magnetic field sensor and in the method.. .
Allegro Microsystems, Llc

Magnetophoresis system for separation of biological particles

A magnetophoresis system for separation of biological particles for the purpose of analysis. A magnetic field is used to separate magnetically functionalized particles from a larger sample.

Finfet electrical characterization with enhanced hall effect and probe

A method of proving inline characterization of electrical properties of a fin-shaped field effect transistor (finfet) is provided. Embodiments include applying an electrical current along a length of at least one fin of a finfet disposed over a wafer surface; generating a magnetic field across a width of the at least one fin, wherein the magnetic field is perpendicular in direction to the electrical current; and detecting electron flow concentrated at an upper portion of the at least one fin..
Globalfoundries Inc.

Magnetostrictive multi-frequency guided wave ice sensing probe

A system for detecting ice accretion includes a probe body, at least one magnetostrictive guided wave sensor for generating and receiving shear horizontal-type guided waves supported by said probe body, and a controller. The magnetostrictive guided wave sensor includes a ferromagnetic strip, at least one sensor coil disposed adjacent to said ferromagnetic strip, and at least one biasing magnet configured to induce a biasing magnetic field in said ferromagnetic strip.
Fbs, Inc.

Methods and systems for detecting fluidic levels and flow rate and fluidic equipment malfunctions

An improved sensor system is provided that monitors and controls a dendritic fluid system. A dendritic fluid system can include artificial components and/or natural components that carry fluid from a source to a destination through a series of paths.

Magnetic object detection for vehicle door assist system

A door assist system for a vehicle is disclosed. The system comprises an actuator configured to control a position of the door about a hinge assembly and an interference sensor.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

System for inductive power transfer, pavement slab assembly and operating a system for inductive power transfer

The invention relates to a system for inductive power transfer to vehicles driving or standing on a surface of a route, in particular to road automobiles, wherein the system includes a primary winding structure for generating an alternating electromagnetic field, wherein a field volume (fv) is assigned to the primary winding structure, wherein the system includes at least a part of a first heating system, wherein elements of the first heating system which are arranged within the field volume (fv) are non-metallic elements. Further, the invention relates to a pavement slab assembly and a method of operating a system for inductive power transfer..
Bombardier Primove Gmbh

Manufacturing silicon monocrystal

A manufacturing method of a silicon monocrystal uses a monocrystal pulling-up apparatus including: a chamber; a crucible disposed in the chamber and configured to receive dopant-added melt; a pulling-up portion that pulls up a seed crystal after the seed crystal is in contact with the dopant-added melt; a cooler disposed above the crucible to cool a monocrystal that is being grown; and a magnetic field applying unit disposed outside the chamber to apply a horizontal magnetic field to the dopant-added melt. The method includes: during a formation of a shoulder of the silicon monocrystal, starting the formation while moving the cooler downward; stopping the cooler from moving downward at a stop position before a top of the shoulder reaches a level of a lower end of the cooler; and continuing the formation of the shoulder while the cooler is kept at the stop position.
Sumco Techxiv Corporation

Alloy for medical use, and producing same

The present invention provides an alloy for medical use including an au—pt alloy, in which the au—pt alloy has a pt concentration of 24 mass % or more and less than 34 mass % with the balance being au, and has at least a material structure in which a pt-rich phase having a pt concentration higher than that of an α-phase is distributed in an α-phase matrix, the pt-rich phase has a pt concentration that is 1.2 to 3.8 times the pt concentration of the α-phase, and the pt-rich phase has an area ratio of 1 to 22% in any cross-section. This alloy is an artifact-free alloy material that exhibits excellent compatibility with a magnetic field environment such as an mri and has magnetic susceptibility of ±4 ppm with respect to magnetic susceptibility of water..
Kyoto University

Side-stream particle precipitator apparatus and system for condenser open loop cooling system

A side-stream particle precipitator system for the breakdown and removal of bio-materials and suspended solids in water cooling systems using a plurality of ionizer treatment units utilizing electric and electro-magnetic fields and a mechanical vortex precipitating system to remove particulate materials contained in the water complex as suspended solids. The system also uses high voltage electrodes for charging the water complex to breakdown laminar flow at the conduit walls to mechanically dislodge any build-up of bio-materials or chemical compounds along the walls resulting in an increase in thermal conductivity..

Rotational coupling using magnetically generated lift and control of magnetically lifted vehicles

Electromechanical systems using magnetic fields to induce eddy currents and generate lift and/or thrust are described. Magnet configurations which can be employed in the systems are illustrated.
Arx Pax Labs, Inc.

Jetting device

A jetting device includes: a fluid chamber connected to a nozzle and containing an electrically conductive liquid to be jetted out through the nozzle; a magnetic field generator arranged to create a magnetic field in the fluid chamber; a pair of electrodes contacting the electrically conductive liquid in the fluid chamber; and a controller arranged to control a flow of an electric current through the electrodes and the electrically conductive liquid. The magnetic field generator is arranged to create a rotating magnetic field in the fluid chamber..
Océ-technologies B.v.

Therapeutic field generator device and method

A portable therapeutic field generator device (10) generates a reduced magnetic field component for a relatively large electric field by virtue that adjacent conductive tracks in a radiating element (40, 50) conduct electrical current in opposing directions. The device (10) includes a processor (12) that, in response to a control algorithm stored in memory (14), supplies a pulse wave (22) to a circuit containing the radiating element (40, 50).
Zeez Technology Ltd.

Device and method to control release of compound

An implantable time-release delivery system is disclosed, comprising at least one nano-complex of a plurality of vertically aligned rods fixed at one end to a substrate and configured to be implantable within a body, the plurality of vertically aligned rods comprising polypyrrole, gold nanoparticles, and a compound. An electromagnetic field generating device configured to generate an electromagnetic field, positioned in a near field arrangement with respect to the nano-complex, the electromagnetic field causes release of the compound from the nano-complex into the body..
Purdue Research Foundation

Cosmetics made in one or more colours by applying a magnetic field, and their preparation

The present invention relates to a cosmetic product having a visible pattern consisting of one or more colours, comprising a cosmetic composition including one or more dyes and/or pigments which contain magnetic or magnetisable particles, characterised in that said cosmetic composition is housed in a container enclosing a magnet capable of generating a magnetic field, whereby said dyes and/or pigments are positioned and/or oriented in the container by said magnetic field, thereby creating the visible pattern.. .
Art Cosmetics S.r.l.

Automated insertion and extraction of an implanted biosensor

A device and method are outlined for the manual or automated insertion and extraction of a miniaturized implantable biosensor underneath the skin. System comprises injection and extraction module that is in operable communication with a positioning and tracking module, microprocessor and data acquisition units.
Optoelectronics Systems Consulting, Inc.

Distributed location sensor

A catheter configured for use with a magnetic field-based localization system includes a distributed location sensor that includes a plurality of individual location sensing coils electrically connected in series. The distributed location sensor has an effective magnetic center based on the individual characteristics of each location sensing coil.
Mediguide Ltd.

Headgear with displacable sensors for electrophysiology measurement and training

A method and system provides for headgear usable for electrophysiological data collection and analysis and neurostimulation/neuromodulation or brain computer interface for clinical, peak performance, or neurogaming and neuromodulation applications. The headgear utilizes dry sensor technology as well as connection points for adjustable placement of the bi-directional sensors for the recoding of electrophysiology from the user and delivery of current to the sensors intended to improve or alter electrophysiology parameters.
Evoke Neuroscience, Inc.

Beverage cooler and heater

A system having a beverage coaster with a receiving coil that can be magnetically coupled or decoupled from a driving coil in a counter, table, bar, and the like. The coaster may be magnetically coupled to the table by moving the coaster into an area where the driving coil generates a magnetic field of sufficient strength.

Devices and methods for a high performance electromagnetic speaker based on monolayers

A device is provided that comprises a membrane that includes one or more layers of an electrically resistive material. The device also comprises a film disposed along a surface of the membrane to form a coil.
Google Inc.

Speaker apparatus and electronic apparatus including same

A speaker apparatus includes a speaker unit including a magnet configured to provide a magnetic field; and a membrane disposed in the magnet field, configured to be vibratable in a first direction, and configured to emit a sound in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction; and a blocking unit disposed at the membrane, configured to block a first region of the membrane having a first height along the first direction from being exposed and configured to expose a second region of the membrane having a second height, a sum of the first and the second heights corresponds to a total height of the membrane, wherein the first height of the membrane blocked by the blocking unit is less than a half of a wavelength corresponding to a maximum frequency in a frequency domain of the sound emitted from the membrane.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Microwave receiver and magnetoresistive device

A microwave receiver includes a magnetoresistive element to which a microwave is input, a magnetic field application unit, and a dc bias current application unit. The magnetoresistive element includes a free magnetic layer, a fixed magnetic layer, and a nonmagnetic spacer layer interposed between the free magnetic layer and the fixed magnetic layer.
Tdk Corporation

Electromagnetic field generator and method to generate an electromagnetic field

The electromagnetic field generator includes a shell, an electrostatic generator, a power plant, a thermoelectric generator, and an electric motor. The shell has embedded polycrystalline ferroelectric ceramic material which is polarized such that the ceramic material exhibits strong piezoelectric effect properties thus inducing high frequency vibrations.
United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Method and manufacturing interior permanent magnet-type inner rotor

A manufacturing method for obtaining an interior permanent magnet-type inner rotor without thermal demagnetization due to shrink fitting to a rotating shaft includes: a shrink fitting step of heating a rotor core having slots and inserting a rotating shaft into a shaft hole to shrink-fit the rotor core; and a filling step of filling the rotor core slots in a residual heat state after the shrink fitting step with a flowable mixture of a binder resin heated to a flowable state and anisotropic magnet particles, in oriented magnetic fields this allows, in similar manufacturing steps, an inner rotor of which the magnetic poles are anisotropic bond magnets formed by solidifying the flowable mixture in the slots and a conventional inner rotor of which the magnetic poles are sintered magnets. This allows both the inner rotors concurrently and in parallel (mixed flow production) in an already existing ipm motor manufacturing line..
Aichi Steel Corporation

Dc motor and manufacturing the same

A dc motor includes a cylindrical yoke constituting a magnetic path, pole cores fixed to an inner periphery of the yoke so as to be arranged at even intervals along a circumferential direction of the yoke, and a field conductor that generates a magnetic field to magnetize the pole cores when supplied with a current. The field conductor includes inter-core conductors each of which extends in an axial direction of the yoke so as to be disposed between circumferentially adjacent pole cores.
Denso Corporation

Brushless dc electrical generator

The present disclosure relates to an apparatus for the generation of a unidirectional electrical signal. The apparatus may include at least one magnet defining a magnetic field, a rotor disc of substantially no magnetic permeability comprising at least one magnetic field interrupter of magnetically permeable material positioned at a first radial distance from a center axis of the rotor disc, the rotor positioned so as to, upon rotation of the rotor disc, cause the at least one interrupter to pass through the magnetic field, and an electrical conductor extending across the magnetic field, whereby as the at least one interrupter passes through the magnetic field, the magnetic field is distorted by the interrupter thereby inducing a unidirectional electric signal in the conductor.

Foreign object detection in wireless energy transfer systems

The disclosure features apparatus, methods, and systems for wireless power transfer that include a power source featuring at least one resonator, a power receiver featuring at least one resonator, a first detector featuring one or more loops of conductive material and configured to generate an electrical signal based on a magnetic field between the power source and the power receiver, a second detector featuring conductive material, and control electronics coupled to the first and second detectors, where during operation, the control electronics are configured to measure the electrical signal of the first detector and compare the measured electrical signal of the first detector to baseline electrical information for the first detector to determine information about whether debris is positioned between the power source and the power receiver.. .
Witricity Corporation

Devices, systems, and methods for adjusting output power using synchronous rectifier control

In one aspect, an apparatus for wireless receiving power comprises a receive circuit configured to receive wireless power via a magnetic field sufficient to power or charge a load. The apparatus further comprises a tuning circuit comprising a variable reactive element, coupled to the receive circuit, and configured to detune the receive circuit away from a resonant frequency to adjust an output power level to a first output power level.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Power source, charging system, and inductive receiver for mobile devices

A power source, charging system, and inductive receiver for mobile devices. A pad or similar base unit comprises a primary, which creates a magnetic field by applying an alternating current to a winding, coil, or any type of current carrying wire.
Mojo Mobility, Inc.

Focused power transfer for implantable medical device

A rechargeable cell of an implantable medical device is recharged by an external charging unit that includes a transmitting coil configured to emit an electromagnetic field and a near-field focusing plate having a subwavelength structure pattern that focuses the emitted electromagnetic field to a focal pattern. The implantable medical device includes a housing having a window of an electromagnetically transparent material and a receiving coil enclosed by the housing.
Medtronic, Inc.

Wireless charger

The present invention is directed to an electrical wiring assembly that includes a plurality of line terminals configured to be coupled to a source of ac power. A circuit assembly is coupled to the plurality of line terminals.
Pass & Seymour, Inc.

Electronic device

This technology provides an electronic device. An electronic device in accordance with an implementation of this document includes a semiconductor memory, and the semiconductor memory may include a substrate; a plurality of structures formed over the substrate to be spaced apart from each other, each structure comprising a free layer having a variable magnetization direction, a pinned layer having a pinned magnetization direction, and a tunnel barrier layer interposed between the free layer and the pinned layer; and a magnetic correction layer formed adjacent to the plurality of structures and structured to reduce an influence to the free layer by a stray magnetic field generated by the pinned layer..
Sk Hynix Inc.

Right angle time-of-flight detector with an extended life time

There is proposed a right angle time-of-flight detector (41, 117, 124, 143, 144, 145) comprising a conductive converter (46) for emitting and accelerating secondary electrons, a magnetic field formed by at least one magnet (47) for deflecting the secondary electrons at a right angle and a sealed photo-multiplier (26). The detector is expected to provide an extended resource and dynamic range and may be fit into tight assemblies, such as mr-tof ms..
Leco Corporation

Ion generating device with electron cyclotron resonance

An electron cyclotron resonance ion generator device includes a metal tube subjected to a first potential and pierced by a first cavity forming a plasma chamber intended to contain a plasma; a second cavity forming a waveguide configured to inject a high frequency wave into the plasma chamber, an extraction system including an upstream end connected to the plasma chamber and a downstream end configured to be connected to an ion transport line, the connecting flange being subjected to a second potential, a magnetic field generator, and a ceramic tube in contact with the metal tube, the ceramic tube surrounding the metal tube and at least a part of the extraction system.. .
Commissariat À L'Énergie Atomique Et Aux Énergies Alternatives

Contact device

An aspect of the present invention includes a first contact unit including a fixed contact and a movable contact configured to move between a closed position at which the movable contact is in contact with the fixed contact and an open position at which the movable contact is separate from the fixed contact, a magnet configured to generate a magnetic field, and an arc-extinguishing body. Provided that a direction of action is a direction intersecting with a direction of the magnetic field applied to the first contact unit and with a direction in which the movable contact moves, the arc-extinguishing body forms an arc-extinguishing space in the direction of action..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Method for manufacturing sintered magnet

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a sintered magnet, using a mold provided with a main body having a cavity and a lid whose inner face is flat, and the method containing a filling process of filling alloy powder in the cavity and then mounting the lid on the main body, an orienting process of applying a magnetic field in a predetermined direction to the alloy powder in a state of being filled in the cavity, a sintering process of sintering the alloy povvder by heating in a state of being filled in the cavity after the orienting process, and a mold inverting process of turning the mold upside down which is carried out between the filling process and the orienting process or between the orienting process and the sintering process. .
Daido Steel Co., Ltd.

Electronic device with signal line routing to minimize vibrations

An electronic device may has e a source of magnetic field such as a magnet that produces a static magnetic field. A flexible printed circuit may have a flexible tail that surrounds a central portion.
Apple Inc.

Spherical fusion reactor with aerogel material

A spherical nuclear fusion reactor machine is provided that uses a graphene aerogel material to enclose a fuel reaction zone. In illustrative examples described herein, the graphene aerogel material functions as a greybody material and includes a heavy noble gas such as xenon, krypton or argon or combinations thereof.

Apparatus for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma

A system and method for containing plasma and forming a field reversed configuration (frc) magnetic topology are described in which plasma ions are contained magnetically in stable, non-adiabatic orbits in the frc. Further, the electrons are contained electrostatically in a deep energy well, created by tuning an externally applied magnetic field.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Proximity detection system and method and collision avoidance system and method using proximity detection

The invention relates to a complex proximity safety and warning system. The invention provides a safety system comprising a generator that generates a magnetic field that establishes a boundary, where the generator is capable of receiving radio frequency signals.
Strata Safety Products, Llc

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