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 Micro base station, user terminal and radio communication method patent thumbnailMicro base station, user terminal and radio communication method
The present invention is designed to reduce interference from a macro base station to a small transmission power node. The present invention is characterized in providing a micro base station which forms, in a macro cell where a macro base station transmits a signal to a macro terminal, a micro cell where the micro base station transmits a signal to a micro terminal under control with low power, and this micro base station generates a pdcch which includes downlink or uplink resource allocation information, and, in a non-transmission period in which the macro base station stops transmitting signals while leaving minimal quality measurement signals, shifts the transmission starting symbol of the pdcch to a position where the pdcch does not overlap the quality measurement signals..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

 Moving ad hoc network small cell relay handover patent thumbnailMoving ad hoc network small cell relay handover
A mobile small station including a transceiver, a processor, and a memory having instructions for execution by the processor to exchange measurement information with a macro station, provide a wide area network connection and act as a relay for a small station moving network with the mobile small station, and perform handover of relay responsibilities to another mobile small station in the small station moving network.. .
Intel Corporation

 Method for transmitting discovery message in wireless communication system and  same patent thumbnailMethod for transmitting discovery message in wireless communication system and same
A method for transmitting a discovery message in a wireless communication system supporting device-to-device (d2d) direct communication, the method performed by the device, includes: discovering a d2d synchronization signal; classifying one or more macros by using the strength of the discovered d2d synchronization signal; receiving macro resource allocation information from a base station of the classified macro; sensing a macro resource of the classified macro based on the received macro resource allocation information; determining a macro resource for selecting a discovery resource through the sensing result; determining a discovery resource for transmitting a discovery message in the determined macro resource; and transmitting the discovery message through the determined discovery resource.. .
Seoul National University R&db Foundation

 Predictive motion vector coding patent thumbnailPredictive motion vector coding
Overlapped block disparity estimation and compensation is described. Compensating for images with overlapped block disparity compensation (obdc) involves determining if obdc is enabled in a video bit stream, and determining if obdc is enabled for one or more macroblocks that neighbor a first macroblock within the video bit stream.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Cell-based compression with edge detection patent thumbnailCell-based compression with edge detection
An example embodiment may involve obtaining an a×b pixel macro-cell from an input image. Pixels in the a×b pixel macro-cell may have respective pixel values and may be associated with respective tags.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

 Light-emitting device and display device patent thumbnailLight-emitting device and display device
Although an organic resin substrate is highly effective at reducing the weight and improving the shock resistance of a display device, it is required to improve the moisture resistance of the organic resin substrate for the sake of maintaining the reliability of an el element. Hard carbon films are formed to cover a surface of the organic resin substrate and outer surfaces of a sealing member.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Graphic processing system and method thereof patent thumbnailGraphic processing system and method thereof
A graphic processing system and a method of graphic processing are provided. The graphic processing system has a collector, a plurality of slots, a scheduler, an arbiter and at least an arithmetic logic unit (alu).
Mediatek Inc.

 Exhaust purification device for internal combustion engine patent thumbnailExhaust purification device for internal combustion engine
Micropore zones zmi are defined at upstream sides of partition walls 72 of a particulate filter and macropore zones zma are defined at downstream sides of partition walls. The pore size of the partition walls at the micropore zones is set so that the particulate matter and the ash can be trapped by the partition walls at the micropore zones, while the pore size of the partition walls at the macropore zones is set so that the ash can pass through the partition walls at the macropore zones.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Generating and maintaining conductivity of microfractures in tight formations by generating gas and heat patent thumbnailGenerating and maintaining conductivity of microfractures in tight formations by generating gas and heat
Methods comprising: (a) introducing a pad fluid into a formation at a rate and pressure sufficient to create or enhance at least one fracture therein, wherein the pad fluid comprises a pad base fluid, micro-proppant particulates, a gas-generating chemical, and an activator, and wherein either the gas-generating chemical or the activator or both are encapsulated; (b) placing the micro-proppant particulates, the gas-generating chemical, and the encapsulated activator into the fracture; (c) releasing the activator from its encapsulation; (d) reacting the gas-generating chemical and the activator in the fracture so as to generate gas and heat, thereby creating or enhancing at least one microfracture therein; (e) introducing a fracturing fluid into the formation, wherein the fracturing fluid comprises a fracturing base fluid and macro-proppant particulates; and (f) placing the macro-proppant particulates into the fracture so as to form a proppant pack therein.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Flexible window screen patent thumbnailFlexible window screen
Disclosed are apparatuses and methods for use of a mesh screen having a perimeter, an elastomeric material, and a flexible frame that surrounds elastomeric material and is attached to the mesh screen at or substantially proximate to the perimeter, wherein the flexible frame surrounds an entirety of the perimeter. In another embodiment, the flexible frame constitutes connected portions of flexible frame having elastomeric material(s) and portions of flexible frame not having elastomeric material(s).

Macrocyclization reactions and intermediates useful in the synthesis of analogs of halichondrin b

The invention provides methods for the synthesis of eribulin or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof (e.g., eribulin mesylate) through a macrocyclization strategy. The macrocyclization strategy of the present invention involves subjecting a non-macrocyclic intermediate to a carbon-carbon bond-forming reaction (e.g., an olefination reaction (e.g., homer-wadsworth-emmons olefination), dieckmann reaction, catalytic ring-closing olefin metathesis, or nozaki-hiyama-kishi reaction) to afford a macrocyclic intermediate.
Eisai R&d Management Co., Ltd.

Electrostatic adhesion of dry powders to macro fertilizers

A method for electrostatically adhering an agricultural input powder to an agronomic carrier is described. A dry nutrient powder is electrostatically charged in a charging chamber which has a grounded metal component such that the electrostatically charged powder moves towards the metal component.
Compass Minerals Manitoba, Inc.

Facility for treating and recycling animal waste comprising methanisation, cultivation of microalgae and macrophytes, and vermiculture

A facility for treating and recycling animal waste (2), including a unit (6) for methanizing the waste including treatment of the obtained biogases, a cogeneration unit (8) delivering electricity and heat (32) from the biogases, and a unit for hydroponically cultivating microalgae (14) in photo-bioreactors supplied by the liquid phase (12) of the organic residues from the methanization. The facility further includes a unit for cultivating macrophytes (22) supplied with water (20) leaving the unit for cultivating microalgae, and a vermiculture unit (24) fed by harvesting the macrophytes (22) and by the sludge (36) coming from the raw digestate from the methanization..
Skyworld International Overseas Limited

Composition for fertilizing agricultural land, a producing the composition and the use of said composition

The present invention relates to a composition for fertilizing desert land and making it agricultural, characterized in that it comprises animal excrement, plant waste, bentonite in an amount greater than 10%, essential macronutrients, essential micronutrients, agricultural sulphur, algae and effective microorganisms. The invention will be of use in agriculture, in particular for increasing the yields of soils that are not very fertile, such as deserts which form most of the countries of north africa and the middle east.

Mercapto-modified biocompatible macromolecule derivatives with low degree of mercapto-modification and the cross-linked materials and uses thereof

The present invention discloses a mercapto-modified biocompatible macromolecule derivative with a low degree of modification. The mercapto-modified biocompatible macromolecule derivative not only maintains the initial structure, physiological function and biocompatibility as much as possible, but also allows the preparation of the biocompatible macromolecule cross-linked material with a low degree of cross-linking through the effectively chemical cross-linking with the introduced mercapto group.
Bioregen Biomedical (changzhou) Co., Ltd.

Super-oxide dismutase mimetics

The present invention relates to compounds which are effective as catalysts for dismutating superoxide and, more particularly, the manganese or iron complexes of substituted, unsaturated heterocyclic 16-membered macrocyclic complexes that catalytically dismutate superoxide. It also relates to methods of using these complexes to reduce the concentration or the effects of superoxide, pharmaceutical compositions comprising these compounds or their metal complexes, and methods of treating conditions associated with excessive superoxide activity..
Galera Labs, Llc

Base station, user terminal and radio communication method

The present invention is designed so that adequate radio communication is carried out even when discovery signals for existing user terminals and small cell discovery/measurement signals coexist. A base station forms a macro cell having a coverage area to include a small cell, and communicates with a user terminal that can connect with the small cell, and this base station has a commanding section that commands, with respect to a predetermined frequency, one or both of a first discovery process to use a synchronization signal transmitted from the small cell, and a second discovery process to use a discovery/measurement signal transmitted from the small cell, to the user terminal, and a transmitting section that, when the commanding section commands the second discovery process, transmits information about the parameters of the discovery/measurement signal to the user terminal..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Network elements, wireless communication system and methods therefor

A radio access network element (101) obtains a permanent subscriber identity (imsi) of a user equipment (103) in an lte wireless communication system (100) by sending a “fake” service reject message to a user equipment which has attempted to attach to a cell (102) in a request for services message which includes its s-tmsi. The reject message may include a cause code which results in the ue attempting to attach again, this time using its imsi.
Ip.access Limited

Guided wave couplers and methods thereof

A dielectric waveguide coupling system for launching and extracting guided wave communication transmissions from a wire. At millimeter-wave frequencies, wherein the wavelength is small compared to the macroscopic size of the equipment, transmissions can propagate as guided waves guided by a strip of dielectric material.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

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Method and sampling macromolecules from a biological specimen

Apparatus and methods for laser ablation sampling, electrophoretic extraction from the laser plume, electrophoretic transport to a container, and capture of macromolecules of interest. In certain embodiments, when macromolecules of interest are nucleic acid, the apparatus and methods further provides for nucleic acid amplification and detection in a rapid mobile platform for environmental and clinical identification of pathogens..
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Oklahoma

Phenol polymer with 5,5'-biaryl bonds, preparing same, and uses thereof

A phenol polymer is obtainable by oligomerization of one or more macropolyphenols serving as monomers, wherein the oligomerization step is catalyzed by an oxidase enzyme. The bonds between the macropolyphenol fragments in the polymer are exclusively 5,5-biaryl bonds.
Inst Sciences Ind Vivant Environnement

Peptidomimetic macrocycles

The present invention provides novel peptidomimetic macrocycles and methods of using such macrocycles for the treatment of disease.. .
Aileron Therapeutics, Inc.

Macro-chip reinforced alloy

Described herein is a powder blend comprising a first component comprising a blend of a first metal particle and a first ceramic particle; and a second component comprising a reinforcing chip, the reinforcing chip comprising a second ceramic particle dispersed within a chip metal matrix.. .
Orrvilon Inc.

Spiral wound gas separation membrane modules

A gas separation module comprising gas separation elements, said elements comprising at least two membrane sheets and a permeate carrier sandwiched between the membrane sheets, wherein the permeate carrier comprises at least two macroporous layers and a gas-impermeable sheet located between the macroporous layers.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Modulation of splenocytes in cell therapy for traumatic brain injury

The invention provides methods for treating traumatic brain injury. The invention is generally directed to treating traumatic brain injury by administering cells that have one or more of the following effects in an injured subject: interact with splenocytes, preserve splenic mass, increase proliferation of cd4+ and cd8+ t-cells, increase il-4 and il-10, and increase m2:m1 macrophage ratio at the site of injury.
Abt Holding Company

Use of sting agonists to treat hepatitis b virus infection

The invention includes methods of treating a subject having hepatitis b viral (hbv) infection. In certain embodiments, the method of the invention comprises stimulating the innate cytokine response in macrophages, dendritic cells and/or liver non-parenchymal cells with small molecular sting agonists, thus suppressing hbv replication in hepatocytes.
Drexel University

Compositions and methods for treatment of respiratory tract infections

This invention teaches a novel treatment of patients infected with influenza virus in early stages of the disease, with liposomes called α-gal/sa liposomes, in order to decrease the infection period and decrease further complications by this disease. The treatment is based on inhalation of biodegradable liposomes that present two types of carbohydrate epitopes: α-gal epitopes with the structure galα1-3galβ1-4(3)glcnac-r) and sialic acid (sa) epitopes.

Frequency selective almost blank subframes

Frequency selective almost blank subframes (abs) are scheduled in a heterogeneous network in which a protected portion of an available frequency band is allocated to protected subframes transmitted in by a small cell during a first time period and an unprotected portion of the frequency band is allocated to non-protected subframes transmitted during the first time period by the macro cell. The macro cell in the heterogeneous network utilizes the unprotected portion of the frequency band to transmit data to served user equipment (ues) during abs while the small cell uses the protected portion of the frequency band to transmit data to served ues during abs.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Non-persistent heterogeneous neighbors

A heterogeneous network comprising macro network devices and micro network devices operates to maintain a dynamic data set of neighbor relations for a potential transfer of a user equipment (ue) device from one network zone to another network zone. In response to detecting a failure of a macro network device to establish a network connection with a network device, a dynamic management of the data set initiates.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Cell id allocation in a heterogeneous network

In a heterogeneous cellular communication network, a macro cell equipped with a base station may be configured to support one or more macro user equipment (ue) and one or more micro cells, each of which further serves as proxies of one or more micro ue for wireless communications between the micro ue and the macro cell. The base station may be configured to assign a first cell id to the macro cell and other cell ids that have a mathematical distinction from the first cell id to the micro cells..
Emprie Technology Development Llc

Reformatting data to decrease bandwidth between a video encoder and a buffer

A reference picture buffer may supply an asymmetric macroblock to a video encoder to improve the bandwidth between the encoder and buffer. The macroblock width may be sized to match the minimum burst width of the buffer.
Intel Corporation

Method for producing camera module

An optical section (3) and a lens holder (4) are fixed to each other in a state where the lens holder (4) is at an intermediate position within a movable range so that the optical section (3) does not come into contact with an image pickup section (10) in a case where the lens holder (4) is driven within the movable range. This makes it possible to provide (i) a camera module in which it is possible to reduce the influence of a tilt that occurs in the vicinity of an infinite-distance side mechanical end and also reduce the influence of a tilt that occurs at an intermediate position away from the infinite-distance side mechanical end and a macro side and in which image pickup lenses are attachable with high positional accuracy and (ii) a method for producing a camera module..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Cell-based compression with edge detection and interleaved encoding

An example embodiment may involve obtaining (i) an a×b attribute macro-cell, and (ii) a×b pixel macro-cells for each of a luminance plane, a first color plane, and a second color plane of an input image. The a×b pixel macro-cells may each contain 4 non-overlapping m×n pixel cells.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Methods for the compensation of imaging technique in the processing of radiographic images

The present invention relates to methods and devices for analyzing x-ray images. In particular, devices, methods and algorithms are provided that allow for the accurate and reliable evaluation of bone structure and macro-anatomical parameters from x-ray images..
Imatx, Inc.

Techniques for automatically freeing space in a log-structured storage system

A method includes (a) writing blocks of data to a storage device, pluralities of the blocks of data being organized into macroblocks, macroblocks having a first fixed size, pluralities of the macroblocks being organized into segments, segments having a second fixed size, (b) marking some of the written blocks as deleted, (c) computing a ratio of storage marked as deleted (smd) from a segment and storage written (sw) to the segment (ratio smd:sw), and (d) in response to the computed ratio exceeding a threshold value, performing a compaction operation on the segment. Performing the compaction operation on the segment includes (1) copying blocks which have not been marked as deleted from within macroblocks that contain at least one block marked as deleted to a new macroblock of the first fixed size and (2) in response to copying, marking the macroblocks from which the blocks were copied as free for reuse..
Emc Corporation

Assays for macromolecular analytes

A method of determining a macromolecular analyte in a sample suspected of containing the macromolecular analyte is disclosed. The sample and a conjugate reagent comprising a small molecule and a binding partner for the macromolecular analyte are combined in a medium.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

Mass spectrometric diagnosis of sepsis without blood culture

The invention relates to methods and instruments for the rapid detection and rapid mass spectrometric identification of microbial infective agents in blood or other body fluids. The invention recognizes that blood is not a good environment for the cultivation of microbes and provides a method which (a) largely destroys or dissolves the human particles in body fluids, such as erythrocytes and leukocytes in blood, without impairing the ability of the microbes to reproduce, (b) separates the microbial pathogens from the fluid, (c) cultivates them in a nutrient broth which contains none of the antimicrobial components of the body fluids, (d) separates them from the nutrient broth, and (e) identifies the microbes by a mass spectrum of the microbial proteins.

Apparatus and filtration of a suspension

The present invention provides devices suitable for filtration including diafiltration of a suspension containing a species such as particles, cells or macromolecules, apparatus comprising such devices and methods of using the devices and apparatus. The devices of the invention comprise a vessel having a filter that divides the vessel into a first chamber and a second chamber provided with various outlet ports.
Amercare Ltd

Novel receptor trem (triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells) and uses thereof

Novel activating receptors of the lg super-family expressed on human myeloid cells, called trem(s) (triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells) are provided. Specifically, two (2) members of trems, trem-1 and trem-2 are disclosed.
Novo Nordisk A/s

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Peptidomimetic macrocycles

The present invention provides novel peptidomimetic macrocycles and methods of using such macrocycles for the treatment of viral disease.. .
Aileron Therapeutics, Inc.

Methods and intermediates for preparing macrolactams

The present invention includes compounds useful as intermediates in the preparation of macrolactams, methods for preparing the intermediates, and methods for preparing macrolactams. One use of the methods and intermediates described herein is in the production of macrolactam compounds able to inhibit hcv ns3 protease activity.
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Amorphous salt of a macrocyclic inhibitor of hcv

As well as processes for manufacturing this salt.. .

Metal-conjugated microporous polymers

A catalyst which can catalyze ring-addition reaction of co2 and an alkylene oxide at 0˜180° c. Under 0.1˜8.0 mpa to produce a corresponding cyclic carbonate, and the preparation thereof.
Dalian Institute Of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy Of Science

Macrocyclic urea and sulfamide derivatives as inhibitors of tafia

The invention relates to compounds of the formula (i) which are inhibitors of activated thrombin-activable fibrinolysis inhibitor. The compounds of the formula i are suitable for producing medicaments for prophylaxis, secondary prevention and treatment of one or more disorders associated with thromboses, embolisms, hypercoagulability or fibrotic changes..

Biomineralization promoting materials and methods of forming same

Bone tissue biomimetic materials, biomimetic constructs that can be formed with the materials, and methods for forming the materials and constructs are described. The bone tissue biomimetic materials include electrospun nanofibers formed of polymers that are conjugated with peptides that include acidic amino acid residues.
University Of South Carolina

Peptidomimetic macrocycles

The present invention provides novel peptidomimetic macrocycles and methods of using such macrocycles for the treatment of viral disease.. .
Aileron Therapeutics, Inc.

Stabilized pharmaceutical dosage forms comprising atrasentan

The present disclosure relates to: (a) methods of using stabilized pharmaceutical dosage forms comprising atrasentan, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and, optionally, another therapeutic agent to treat type 2 diabetes, microalbuminuria or macroalbuminuria; and (b) methods for the preparation of such pharmaceutical dosage forms.. .
Abbvie Inc.

Coordination techniques for discontinuous reception (drx) operations in dual-connectivity architectures

Coordination techniques for discontinuous reception (drx) operations in dual-connectivity architectures are described. In one embodiment, for example, user equipment (ue) may comprise logic, at least a portion of which is in hardware, the logic to receive a radio resource control (rrc) configuration message during operation in a dually-connected ue state, determine whether ue assistance information reporting is enabled for the ue based on the rrc configuration message, and in response to a determination that ue assistance information reporting is enabled for the ue, send one or more ue assistance information messages to report a macro cell power preference and a small cell power preference.
Intel Corporation

Mobile device paging and small cell connection establishment in heterogeneous networks

Technology and techniques to page mobile devices and establish connections between mobile devices and small cell base stations in a heterogeneous network (hetnet.) a macro base station pager may transmit an enhanced paging message, the enhanced paging message to include an indication that the paging message may be answered through a small cell base station. A small cell base station configurator may transmit configuration information to the small cell base station.
Intel Ip Corporation

Communications methods and apparatus that facilitate discovery of small coverage area base stations

A communications system includes a plurality of different types of small coverage area base stations, e.g., femto cell base stations, wifi access points and bluetooth access points within a macro cell. Different user equipment (ue) devices, e.g., different smartphones, include different capabilities.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Handover control high speed mobility user equipment

A handover control method and apparatus for limiting handover of a user equipment (ue) from a macrocell to an underlying small cell when the ue is operating in a high speed mobility (hsm) mode in a radio access network. The ue receives an hsm pilot strength threshold offset parameter from the network and initiates handover from a macrocell to an underlying small cell using a first pilot strength threshold value when the ue is operating in a standard mode.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Measurement configuration method, identification and measurement method, macro base station, and ue

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a measurement configuration method, an identification and measurement method, a macro base station, and ue. The measurement configuration method provided in the embodiments of the present invention includes: configuring, by a macro base station, a first measurement gap pattern for ue; receiving, by the macro base station, indication information sent by the ue, where the indication information is used to represent that quality of a signal radiated by a small base station and received by the ue is higher than or equal to a preset signal quality threshold; and configuring, by the macro base station, a second measurement gap pattern for the ue, where a measurement gap period in the second measurement gap pattern is less than a measurement gap period in the first measurement gap pattern..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for integrated, model, and role-based management of a microgrid based on real-time power management

Systems and methods for real-time modeling of a microgrid are disclosed. An analytics server communicatively connected to a microgrid.
Power Analytics Corporation

Antibodies and methods for detecting and isolating the common conjugation site-specific epitopes/antigens

This invention discloses the “artificially cleaved epitope (ace)” methods, antibodies, reagents, immunoassays, immunoaffinity isolation, and kits for all antibody-based applications of designing, detecting, or isolating the common ace epitopes/antigens in a sample. The ace methods can detect or isolate epitopes that are either absent or poorly accessible naturally to antibodies, and thus must be specifically and artificially created (free terminals) and/or exposed in a sample for antibody-based applications.

Method of recombinant macromolecular production

A method for recombinantly expressing a macromolecule in a host cell is disclosed which involves culturing a host cell which contains two nucleic acid sequences, i.e., a first nucleic acid sequence encoding a membrane-permeabilizing agent and a second nucleic acid sequence encoding a desired macromolecule under the operative control of an inducible promoter, to a selected cell density that permits accumulation of the agent. Thereafter the host cell is exposed to an environmental condition that induces the agent to disrupt the integrity of the cell membrane without complete lysis of the cell membrane.
Da Yu Enterprises, L.l.c.

Direct synthesis of ph-responsive polymer particles and application in control release of hydrophobic therapeutic compounds

The present disclosure relates to a process for making a branched copolymer comprising reacting polymer monomers with macro-azo polyethylene glycol (peg) initiators and cross-linkers, in the presence of a chain transfer agent, wherein said process comprises the step of traditional radical polymerization. The process further comprises a step of dialysis to obtain polymer nano-particles.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Crystalline forms of a macrolide, and uses therefor

New crystalline forms of macrolide compounds, and pharmaceutical compositions thereof, are described herein. In addition, processes for preparing the crystalline forms are described herein..
Cempra Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Curved nanofiber products and applications thereof

A filtration device including a contoured support having 1) an interior surface, 2) an outside peripheral surface spaced farther from a center of the contoured support than the interior surface, and 3) a rim enclosed and sealed to a perimeter of the contoured support. The filtration device includes macroscopic openings in the contoured support extending from the interior surface to the outside peripheral surface, and a plurality of nanofibers having diameters less than 1 micron.
Research Triangle Institute

Macroscopic psuedo magnetic monopoles and fabrication techniques

Pseudo magnetic monopoles made from a plurality of building blocks, each having one outer surface that is substantially a north magnetic pole and an opposing outer surface that is substantially a south magnetic pole. The building blocks are assembled to form a hollow object having an inner surface and an outer surface, with all of the north or south poles of the building blocks facing outwardly, such that entire outer surface of the object is substantially either north or south.
Harrington Electronics Llc

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Composite containing collagen and elastin as a dermal expander and tissue filler

An injectable composition having dermal filling and tissue expanding activity comprises: (1) a quantity of elastin sufficient to bring about dermal filling and tissue expansion when injected into a subject in need of dermal filling and tissue expansion; and (2) a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. The composition can further comprise collagen; in other alternatives, the composition can further comprise hyaluronic acid; and one or more of the elastin, the collagen, and the hyaluronic acid, if present can be cross-linked, either intramolecularly or intermolecularly.
Hancock-jaffe Laboratories, Inc.

Polymer hydrogel adhesives formed with multiple crosslinking mechanisms at physiologic ph

The present invention encompasses biocompatible reactants, biocompatible product hydrogels, methods of use thereof, and methods of synthesis thereof using a novel crosslinking mechanism between a first reactant compound including an n-hydroxysuccinimide (nhs) ester group and a second reactant compound including a n-terminal cysteine amine group. In certain embodiments, one or more of the reactant compounds may be a macromonomer..
Northwestern University

Methods and products to provide oral nutritional care to subjects with dementia

The present invention provides food products, nutritional programs, and methods for meeting nutritional needs of subjects with dementia and related cognitive disorders. In one embodiment, the invention provides a food product comprising a reversibly sealed container and a soup, wherein the soup is in the container and comprises a total volume of 200-2000 mls, a vegetable or meat component, 300 to 2500 calories, a macronutrient caloric distribution comprising: 20-80% fat, 10-45% protein, and 10-65% carbohydrate, about 2% to about 40% medium chain triglycerides, omega 3 fatty acids in an amount of 100 to 2000 mg and less than 20 solid food particles having a volume greater than about 20 cm3.
D&e Gillespie Enterprises Llc

Communication control device, communication control method, and terminal device

[solution] provided is a communication control device including: an acquisition unit configured to acquire information about a terminal device that uses one component carrier of a macro cell as a primary component carrier; and a control unit configured to set one or more component carriers of a small cell partially or fully overlapping with the macro cell as an additional component carrier to be used additionally by the terminal device. The control unit sets one component carrier among the one or more component carriers as a special component carrier on which the terminal device is able to transmit uplink control information on an uplink control channel..

Base station, user terminal and radio communication control method

The present invention is designed to adequately control small cells (small base stations) on/off in a structure where small cells and macro cells are arranged to overlap each other. A base station forms a small cell that is arranged to overlap a macro cell and applies an on state, a dtx state and an off state in a switching manner, and this base station has a detection section that detects a ul signal transmitted from a user terminal, a control section that controls the transition from the off state to the dtx state based on the detection of the ul signal, and a transmission section that transmits a detection/measurement signal in the dtx state, and the control section controls the transition from the dtx state to the on state based on information that is reported depending on the result of a measurement report from the user terminal having received the detection/measurement signal..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Method and modified reference signal transmission for cell discovery

The proposed approach comtemplates systems and methods configured to utilize a modified reference signal to facilitate efficient discovery of as many cells as possible within one channel state information reference signal (csi-rs) sub-frame while maintaining certain detection and measurement performance. The proposed approach is configured to unambiguously discover at least the number of anticipated small cells within one cluster and to further identify all small cells within the coverage area of a base station/macro cell.
Zte (tx) Inc.

Small base station, user terminal and radio communication method

The present invention is designed so that a small cell detection/measurement signal is introduced without making an impact on existing systems. Where a small cell (s) covered by a small base station (10) is placed within a macro cell (m) covered by a macro base station (20) and a user terminal (30) is present within the small cell, the small base station generates a detection/measurement signal for a new detection process, which is different from an existing small cell detection process using synchronization signals, and maps the detection/measurement signal to avoid the synchronization signals and transmits the detection/measurement signal to the user terminal, and the user terminal receives the detection/measurement signal from the small base station and detects the small cell..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Radio base station, user terminal and communication control method

The present invention is designed so that, in a radio communication system in which a plurality of component carriers (ccs) are used in each small cell within a macro cell, the load of measurements, the amount of information to report and so on in user terminals are reduced. The macro base station of the present invention transmits, to a user terminal, measurement indication information that includes a measurement indication for the received power of a measurement signal of a specific cc in each small cell, and receives, from the user terminal, a measurement report that includes the received power of the measurement signal of the specific cc.
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Closed loop heterogeneous network for automatic cell planning

Measurement data collected by a set of femto access points (faps) can be utilized, during a network listen procedure, to detect one or more areas with weak macro network coverage and/or high interference. Moreover, an automatic cell planning (acp) component can be employed to analyze the measurement data and update a transmission parameter(s) associated with a macro access point.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Notification , and acquisition for downlink power adjustment

A notification method and device for downlink power regulation and an acquisition method and device for downlink power regulation are described in the present disclosure. The notification method includes that: adaptive regulation is implemented by at least keeping power of a discovery signal (ds) unchanged or at least regulating the power of the ds, and a power parameter configured after adaptive regulation is notified to a terminal, and/or a neighbouring small cell and/or a macro cell..
Zte Corporation

Mobile communication system

There is a problem that when a closed subscriber group (csg) cell available to subscribers is installed in a macro cell area, communication cannot be performed due to the interference between a macro cell and the csg cell in an area thereof. The csg cell that is provided in the csg cell area and transmits a downlink synchronization signal using a radio frame assigns control signals to a first subframe and a second subframe among a plurality of subframes constituting the radio frame, and the macro cell that is provided in the macro cell area and transmits a downlink synchronization signal using the radio frame assigns control signals to a third subframe and a fourth subframe, which are shifted from the first subframe and the second subframe by a predetermined number of subframes, respectively, among the plurality of subframes constituting the radio wave, the csg cell and the macro cell being configured to perform transmission in synchronization with each other..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Apparatus and reorganizing resources of optical fiber cabinet and optical fiber cabinet

The present invention provides an apparatus including: a macrobending injected-light modulation and control module, configured to modulate an injected optical signal according to a port identifier of each first port and inject the injected optical signal to an optical fiber connected to the first port; a macrobending signal detection module, configured to receive a received optical signal at a second port of an optical transmission path; a phase-locked detection module, electrically connected to the macrobending injected-light modulation and control module and the macrobending signal detection module, and configured to: when an injected optical signal that is injected by the macrobending injected-light modulation and control module to an optical fiber is consistent with a received optical signal that is acquired by the macrobending signal detection module, acquire and output port identifiers of a first port and a second port.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and system to enhance computations for a physical system

A method and system for performing computations of physical systems are described. The method and system involve a hardware aware flexible layout for storing two dimensional (2-d) or three-dimensional (3-d) data in memory for stencil computations, which may be used for exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons.

Dynamic cache row fail accumulation due to catastrophic failure

A technique is provided for accumulating failures. A failure of a first row is detected in a group of array macros, the first row having first row address values.
International Business Machines Corporation

Dynamic array masking

A method, system, and/or computer program product for dynamic array masking is provided. Dynamic array masking includes, during execution of computer instructions that access a cache memory, detecting an error condition in a portion of the cache memory.
International Business Machines Corporation

Dynamic cache row fail accumulation due to catastrophic failure

A technique is provided for accumulating failures. A failure of a first row is detected in a group of array macros, the first row having first row address values.
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods and nanomembrane-based nucleic acid sensing platform for portable diagnostics

A dna/rna detection technology is provided. The open flow detection technique includes a substrate defining a pair of opposing microchannels, a pair of opposing electrodes in the opposing microchannels, and at least one ion exchanging nanomembrane coupled between the opposing microchannels such that the opposing microchannels are connected to each other only through the nanomembrane, wherein the nanomembrane is functionalized with a probe complementary to the macromolecule.
University Of Notre Dame Du Lac

Zeolite catalyst composition

A low density zeolite composition includes a zeolite in the amount of less than 80 wt % of total composition and a crystalline non-zeolite metal oxide-containing binder. The composition has a pore volume of at least 0.4 ml/g and an average meso-pore diameter of 20-500 Å, and macroporosity with average pore diameter greater than 500 Å..
Cool Planet Energy Systems, Inc.

Dendritic macroporous hydrogels prepared by crystal templating

The present invention includes a hydrogel and a method of making a porous hydrogel by preparing an aqueous mixture of an uncrosslinked polymer and a crystallizable molecule; casting the mixture into a vessel; allowing the cast mixture to dry to form an amorphous hydrogel film; seeding the cast mixture with a seed crystal of the crystallizable molecule; growing the crystallizable molecule into a crystal structure within the uncrosslinked polymer; crosslinking the polymer around the crystal structure under conditions in which the crystal structure within the crosslinked polymer is maintained; and dissolving the crystals within the crosslinked polymer to form the porous hydrogel.. .
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Method for preparation of polycarboxylate superplasticizer by graft copolymerization of fatty acid vinyl ester onto acrylate polymer

This invention relates to a method for preparing a polycarboxylate superplasticizer by graft copolymerization of fatty acid vinyl ester onto acrylate polymer. In this invention, a type of polycarboxylate superplasticizer by graft copolymerization of fatty acid vinyl ester onto acrylate polymer was synthesized by the processes of polymerization-grafting-alcoholysis-hydrolysis with acrylate and fatty acid vinyl ester as main reactants.
Beijing University Of Technology

Polymer, production same, and molded article

The present application pertains to a production method for a polymer, including a step for polymerizing a starting material composition (i) that includes: a monomer mixture (i-1) containing a macromonomer (a) represented by the following formula (1), and (b) a vinyl monomer; and 0.01 to 5 parts by mass of a non-metallic chain transfer agent with respect to 100 parts by mass of the monomer mixture (i-1); a polymer obtained by the production method; and a molded article. According to the present invention, there can be provided a polymer having exceptional resistance to dwell-induced degradation, and a molded article having exceptional yellowing resistance, a low haze value, and exceptional pliability..
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

Biopolymers having coiled nanostructures and processes incorporating the biopolymers

The present disclosure is generally directed to biopolymers having coiled nanostructures, methods of making those biopolymers, and applications involving those biopolymers. Biopolymers having coiled nanostructures may be produced through a biophysical process by which the shape of a biopolymer macromolecular chain is altered.
Biopolynet Inc.

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