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Led induced tattoo removal system and method of use

Date/App# patent app List of recent Macro-related patents
 Cluster view for storage devices patent thumbnailCluster view for storage devices
One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for generating a macroscopic cluster view of storage devices, as opposed to merely an isolated view from an individual node. For example, nodes within a node cluster may be queried for storage device reports comprising storage device information regarding storage devices with which the nodes are respectively connected (e.g., i/o performance statistics, path connections, storage device attributes, status, error history, etc.).
 Methods for effectively and rapidly desensitizing allergic patients patent thumbnailMethods for effectively and rapidly desensitizing allergic patients
Methods and compositions for delivering antigens to the lymphatic system in doses that desensitize patients to future exposure to antigens have been developed. Rapid desensitization is achieved by introducing small quantities of antigen into the lymphatic system.
 Led induced tattoo removal system and method of use patent thumbnailLed induced tattoo removal system and method of use
An led induced tattoo removal system and method of use that utilizes an ultra bright led having a principal peak with a peak at 640 nm-700 nm for tattoo removal without causing collateral skin damage and without causing pain to a subject is disclosed. The tattoo removal method includes an led, which generates light in a specific range of wavelengths proven to be effective for this purpose.
 Novelcrosslinking reagents, macromolecules, therapeutic conjugates, and synthetic methods thereof patent thumbnailNovelcrosslinking reagents, macromolecules, therapeutic conjugates, and synthetic methods thereof
The invention provides novel chemical entities based on sugar alcohols. These new chemical entities are biocompatible and biodegradable.
 Macrocyclic urea and sulfamide derivatives as inhibitors of tafia patent thumbnailMacrocyclic urea and sulfamide derivatives as inhibitors of tafia
The invention relates to compounds of the formula (i) which are inhibitors of activated thrombin-activable fibrinolysis inhibitor. The compounds of the formula i are suitable for producing medicaments for prophylaxis, secondary prevention and treatment of one or more disorders associated with thromboses, embolisms, hypercoaguability or fibrotic changes..
 Macrocyclic lrrk2 kinase inhibitors patent thumbnailMacrocyclic lrrk2 kinase inhibitors
The present invention relates to novel macrocylic compounds and compositions containing said compounds acting as kinase inhibitors, in particular as inhibitors of lrrk2 (leucine-rich repeat kinase 2). Moreover, the present invention provides processes for the preparation of the disclosed compounds, as well as methods of using them, for instance as a medicine or diagnostic agent, in particular for the treatment and/or diagnosis of diseases characterized by lrrk2 kinase activity such as neurological disorders including parkinson's disease and alzheimer's disease..
 Remedy patent thumbnailRemedy
It is intended to provide a remedy for diseases caused by macrophages with dysfunction or mediated by macrophages. Namely, a remedy which activates the phagocytic capacity of macrophages and thus is efficiently incorporated into the macrophages due to the vigorous phagocytosis.
 Protein microarray assay imager patent thumbnailProtein microarray assay imager
An approach is described that combines distinct properties of a specialized porous nitrocellulose film (pnc) with quantum nanoparticles to create an improved assay and detection sensitivity, permitting the development of a camera-based imaging system for fluorescent detection of macromolecules in microarray format. The two properties of pnc that facilitate the approach are an extraordinarily high binding capacity and a newly observed internal scattering of light.
 Nanochannel arrays and their preparation and use for high throughput macromolecular analysis patent thumbnailNanochannel arrays and their preparation and use for high throughput macromolecular analysis
Nanochannel arrays that enable high-throughput macromolecular analysis are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of preparing nanochannel arrays and nanofluidic chips.
 Catalyst for preparing acrolein and acrylic acid by dehydration of glycerin, and its production process patent thumbnailCatalyst for preparing acrolein and acrylic acid by dehydration of glycerin, and its production process
An object of the present invention is to provide a catalyst for glycerin dehydration reaction for producing unsaturated aldehyde and unsaturated carboxylic acid at higher yield by a dehydration reaction of glycerin, and that can reduce a decrease in time of the conversion ratio of glycerin and the yields of unsaturated aldehyde and of unsaturated carboxylic acid. Another object of the present invention is to provide a catalyst for glycerin dehydration reaction that can produce acrolein and acrylic acid at higher yield by the dehydration reaction of glycerin, and the catalyst has a longer life.
Method and apparatus for notifying starting symbol of physical downlink shared channel
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and apparatus for determining a starting symbol of a physical downlink shared channel; wherein, a pico base station transmits information indicating a pdsch starting symbol of the pico base station to a macro base station, the macro base station transmits the information indicating a pdsch starting symbol to a terminal, and the terminal determines the pdsch starting symbol in accordance with the information indicating a pdsch starting symbol. With the embodiments of the present invention, the terminal within a serving range of the pico base station resulted from a high offset value will not incorrectly decode a pcfich due to interference of the macro base station, thereby making the terminal determine a demarcation symbol between a pdcch and a pdsch, further increasing the coverage of the pico base station, and realizing load balancing of the macro base station and pico base station..
Methods for analyzing biological macromolecular complexes and use thereof
In a first aspect, the present invention relates to a method of determining assembly, homogeneity and/or thermodynamic stability of biological macromolecular complexes. In particular, the method allows determining maximum stability of said complexes based on fluorescence changes at an appropriate wavelength as a function of temperature whereby said fluorescence changes reflect the status of assembly, homogeneity and/or thermodynamic stability of the biological macromolecular complexes.
Bioactive carbon nanotube composite functionalized with b-sheet polypeptide block copolymer, and preparation method thereof
The present invention relates to a bioactive carbon nanotube composite functionalized with a β-sheet polypeptide block copolymer by combination self-assembly, which shows excellent water dispersion, and has biological activity so as to be used as stimulus-responsive and adaptable biomaterials or in the manufacture of cnt-based electronic biosensor devices. In addition, the bioactive carbon nanotube composite can be used as a composition for delivery of a biological active material into cells.
Macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (mic-1) as a prognostic marker in chronic kidney disease
The present invention relates to methods of prognosing the survival of a diseased subject, particularly a subject with chronic kidney disease (ckd), as well as selecting an end-stage renal disease subject for a kidney transplant. The methods involve detecting an elevated amount of macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (mic-1) in a test body sample from the diseased subject.
Macrocyclic heterocyclic compound for inhibiting hepatitis c virus and preparation and use thereof
The present invention discloses a class of novel macro-heterocyclic compounds represented by the formula ia or ib, and their intermediates, preparation methods and the uses. The macro-heterocyclic compounds of the present invention have good inhibitory activities against hepatitis c virus (hcv), and can be used to treat hcv infection effectively by its excellent inhibition against hcv, low toxicity and side effects..
Collecting and processing complex macromolecular mixtures
This document provides methods and materials involved in collecting and processing complex macromolecular mixtures (e.g., stool samples). For example, stool collection devices, buffers for stabilizing nucleic acid and polypeptides present in stool, and kits for using sequence-specific capture probes (e.g., nucleic acid sequences designed to hybridize with particular target nucleic acids) to capture target nucleic acids directly from complex macromolecular mixtures (e.g., stool samples) without the need to perform prior steps to enrich, isolate, or purify the nucleic acid component are provided..
Frazil ice conjugate assay device and method
An improved apparatus and method for dispersion of a labeling conjugate in a diagnostic assay, the result being a one-step assay. By eliminating a conjugate pad as in conventional lateral diagnostic devices, and forming a frazil ice pellicle (fip), rehydration and flow are improved resulting in better reproducibility, improved sensitivity, and reduced costs of individual assay devices.
Method for encoding and/or decoding images on macroblock level using intra-prediction
Conventional intra-prediction uses pixels from left and upper neighbour blocks to predict a macroblock (mb). Thus, the mbs must be sequentially processed, since reconstructed left and upper mbs must be available for prediction.
Super macro block based intra coding method and apparatus
Provided are technologies that may perform intra coding of a super macro block that is an enlarged macro block. In this case, the super macro block is handled as a single entity or may be divided into a plurality of macro blocks.
Method and apparatus for mpeg-2 to h.264 video transcoding
A method for transcoding from an mpeg-2 format to an h.264 format is disclosed. The method generally comprises the steps of (a) decoding an input video stream in the mpeg-2 format to generate a plurality of macroblocks; (b) determining a plurality of indicators from a pair of the macroblocks, the pair of the macroblocks being vertically adjoining; and (c) coding the pair of the macroblocks into an output video stream in the h.264 format using one of (i) a field mode coding and (ii) a frame mode coding as determined from the indicators..
Method for carrying out multimedia broadcast multicast service, home base station and user equipment
A method for carrying out a multimedia broadcast multicast service, a home base station, a network management system of the home base station and user equipment. The method includes: acquiring, by a home network side entity, multimedia broadcast multicast service (mbms) configuration information of a macro cell, the mbms configuration information of the macro cell comprising first mbms configuration information, the first mbms configuration information comprising position information of a multimedia broadcast multicast single frequency network (mbsfn) subframe in the macro cell; and configuring a subframe of a closed subscriber group (csg) cell at a position which is the same as that of the mbsfn subframe of the macro cell into a first almost blank subframe (abs) or into a first abs and mbsfn subframe, according to the acquired first mbms configuration information, so that the user equipment (ue) is capable of receiving the mbms of the macro cell..
Method and apparatus for multicast and broadcast service management
Methods, apparatuses, and systems for announcing services available in a macro-diversity region of a data frame broadcast by a plurality of base stations in a single frequency network to a plurality of subscriber stations, including providing to the client station broadcast service identification and type of service information. Other functions include data content synchronization, broadcasting and forwarding of multicast and broadcast services (mbs) packets, and mbs session control..
Communicating data using a local wireless access network node
A local wireless access network node receives a request to offload at least a portion of data traffic for a user equipment from a macro wireless access network node to the local wireless access network node, where the user equipment is to maintain a wireless connection to the macro wireless access network node after the offload. The local wireless access network node sends a response to indicate whether the local wireless access node has accepted or denied the request..
High current capable access device for three-dimensional solid-state memory
The present invention generally relates to three-dimensional arrangement of memory cells and methods of addressing those cells. The memory cells can be arranged in a 3d orientation such that macro cells that are in the middle of the 3d arrangement can be addressed without the need for overhead wiring or by utilizing a minimal amount of overhead wiring.
Quinolinium single crystals for use in nonlinear optics
The present invention relates to quinolinium-derived single crystals for use in nonlinear optics, which exhibit high molecular orientation and macroscopic optical nonlinearity. When the quinolinium-derived crystals according to the present invention are applied to thz wave light sources, higher thz wave generating efficiency may be obtained as compared with inorganic crystals or existing organic m crystals..
Electrode for a li-ion battery having a polyether-siloxane copolymer as binder
Where r1 is a monovalent, sic-bonded c1-c18 hydrocarbon radical which is free of aliphatic carbon-carbon multiple bonds and a and b are nonnegative integers, with the proviso that 0.5<(a+b)<3.0 and 0<a<2, and that at least two silicon-bonded hydrogen atoms are present per molecule, by means of polyether macromers (p) containing at least two alkenyl groups per molecule and optionally further compounds (w) containing alkenyl groups, with polyethylene glycols functionalized by one allyl group being excepted from the compounds (w) as binder; and also a process for preparing a crosslinked polyether-siloxane copolymer (v) as binder for the electrode in a li-ion battery in a crosslinking step.. .
Cache-induced opportunistic mimo cooperation for wireless networks
Cooperative caching systems incorporating plug-and-play base stations are described herein. Plug-and-play base stations with large caching capacities are employed in a wireless network to perform cooperative transmission with macro base stations.
Methods and devices for the treatment of atrial fibrillation
Apparatus, systems and methods for creation of ablation lesions for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. A method for creating a maze of lesions to isolate macro re-entrant circuits.
Process and intermediates for preparing macrolactams
The present invention includes compounds useful as intermediates in the preparation of macrolactams, methods for preparing the intermediates, and methods for preparing macrolactams from the intermediates. One use of the methods and intermediates described herein is in the production of macrolactam compounds able to inhibit hcv ns3 protease activity.
Usage of 1,3,5,7-tetrahydroxy-8-isoprenylxanthone for treating inflammation
This invention relates to the use of a natural compound from natural sources for its therapeutic uses. More particularly, it relates to a compound 1,3,5,7-tetrahydroxy-8-isoprenylxanthone (ti, fig.
Hybrid interference alignment for mixed macro-femto base station downlink
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. The apparatus is a first bs.
Operation of a heterogeneous wireless network by determining location of a wireless device
A heterogeneous wireless communication network includes a macrocell base station that one or more low power nodes. The location of a wireless device is estimated based on feedback reports received from the wireless device in response to downlink transmissions of a reference signal.
Method and apparatus for cell selection and handover in lte-advanced heterogeneous networks
Example implementations are directed to systems and methods based on physical broadcast channel (pbch) muting are utilized to avoid frequent cell selection/reselection and handover in a lte-advanced heterogeneous network. In the example implementations, a pico enb that is fully covered by a macro enb or other pico enbs transmits blank pbch such that it is inaccessible to the ues who perform cell selection/reselection.
Methods, apparatuses and a computer program product for small cell and user equipment discovery. The present invention includes obtaining information regarding small cell discovery on macro layer, obtaining information regarding user equipment discovery, determining whether the information regarding user equipment discovery depends on the information regarding small cell discovery, if it is determined that the information regarding user equipment discovery depends on the information regarding small cell discovery, building parameters for user equipment discovery based on parameters for small cell discovery included in the information regarding small cell discovery, and starting small cell discovery and user equipment discovery based on the parameters..
Proton-conducting composite membrane for fuel cells
The present invention relates to a membrane that includes a porous polymer material made of a polyimide with interconnected macropores and impregnated with protic ionic liquid conductors (clip), as well as to the method for manufacturing same and to the uses thereof. The membranes of the invention fulfil the need for membranes including clips, which have good proton-conducting properties as well as good physical properties, in particular high thermal and mechanical stability, in addition to a wide range of electrochemical stability..
Dry ink for digital printing
Pigment based particles in powder form intended to be used as colourants (7) in a digital print formed by applying dry colourants (7) on a surface (2), bonding a part of the colourants (7) with a binder (11) and removing the non-bonded colourants (7) from the surface (2). A panel (1) with a surface (2) including a digitally formed print of macro colourants (64) including a particle body (66) and colour pigments (12) attached to the surface of the particle body (66) is also described.
Purification of luo han guo extract
A method of purifying a luo han guo extract includes contacting the luo han guo extract with activated carbon and a macroporous polymeric adsorbent resin, an ion exchange resin, or both.. .
Compositions having means for targeting at least one antigen to dendritic cells
A composition that can be used as a vaccine containing means for targeting at least one antigen to dendritic cells and as adjuvants a granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor and a cpg oligodeoxynucleotide and/or a cpg-like oligodeoxynucleotide. This composition can used to treat cancers, infectious diseases caused by bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic or protozoan infections, allergies and/or autoimmune diseases..
Method and associated apparatus for processing video data
A method and associated apparatus for processing video data are provided. The video data includes a first frame formed by a plurality of macroblocks.
Image encoding/decoding method for rate-distortion optimization and device for performing same
Disclosed are an image encoding/decoding method for rate-distortion optimization and a device for performing the same. A macroblock to be encoded is provided, a prediction macroblock is generated by executing either inter prediction or intra prediction, a residual prediction block is generated on the basis of the generated prediction macroblock and the provided macroblock, and the residual prediction block is transformed by applying one of a plurality of predetermined transform matrices to the generated residual prediction block.
Reuse of rf receive chain for hand-in assistance
A radio frequency receive chain of an access point is reused for different functions. For example, the same rf receive chain may be used to receive on a downlink at certain points in time and on an uplink at other points in time.
Cell range expansion elasticity control
In some aspects, a method for carrying out load balancing between cells in a heterogeneous network includes measuring loads within macro clusters in the network. The method additionally includes identifying one or more macro clusters experiencing unbalanced load conditions, and sending balancing indicators to one or more cells in the identified macro cluster(s).
Image acquisition apparatus, image acquisition method, and information processing program
An image acquisition apparatus includes: a macro-photographing unit that performs macro-photographing of an image of at least a sample mounting area of a slide, on which a pathological sample is mounted, at a first magnification; a microscopic photographing unit that microscopically photographs a designated photographing area at a second magnification larger than the first magnification; a first judgment unit that judges whether there is an image of the pathological sample in each of a plurality of sectional areas sectioning the image obtained by the macro-photographing; a second judgment unit that judges, as a sample image area, a set of at least one of the plurality of sectional areas judged to be including the image of the pathological sample; and an area expansion unit that generates an expanded area by expanding the sample image area and causes the microscopic photographing unit to photograph the expanded area as the photographing area.. .
Method of encapsulating a phase change material with a metal oxide
Storage systems based on latent heat storage have high-energy storage density, which reduces the footprint of the system and the cost. However, phase change materials (pcms), such as nano3, nacl, kno3, have very low thermal conductivities.
Memory access for a vector processor
A method and device for memory access in processors is provided. A processor, comprising a plurality of computational units, is capable of executing a single instruction on multiple pieces of data simultaneously (simd).
Anthelmintic formulations and treatments
A new method of controlling worm burden in ruminants by using two different injectable anthelmintics at or about the same time to increase the time between treatments and to rely on the animal's immune response. One of the anthelmintics is a long acting formulation capable of providing a sustained release of abamectin or other macrocyclic lactone for 2-14 days, to enable the anthelmintic to remove or kill incoming larvae for a sufficiently long period of time to allow the host to recognise the incoming larvae as foreign, and thus allow the ruminant to mount an immune response against these incoming larvae.
Macrocyclic cysteine protease inhibitors and compositions thereof
The present invention provides a novel class of macrocyclic compounds, which are useful as cysteine protease inhibitors. Also provided are novel intermediates and methods of preparing the compounds.
Macrocyclic proline derived hcv serine protease inhibitors
Which inhibit serine protease activity, particularly the activity of hepatitis c virus (hcv) ns3-ns4a protease. Consequently, the compounds of the present invention interfere with the life cycle of the hepatitis c virus and are also useful as antiviral agents.
Porous silicon carbide nanocomposite structure comprising nanowires and method of preparing the same
Provided are a porous silicon carbide nanocomposite structure comprising nanowires that are self-formed, a preparation method thereof, and a catalyst comprising the same, in which the catalyst with excellent activity may be prepared by uniformly supporting a catalytically active component in meso-macro pores and nanowires.. .
Methods and apparatus for efficient co-existence of macro and small cells
A femto base station (bs) maintains two different timings: a femto bs downlink timing and a femto bs uplink timing. A femto base station's uplink reference timing is based on the macro uplink timing being used by one or more ue devices in the local vicinity of the femto bs.
Device and method for selecting a cell according to a speed of a terminal in a mobile communication network
The present invention defines an efficient method for (re)selecting a cell according to a speed of a terminal in a hetnet where cells having various regions such as macro cells, pico cells and femto cells are arranged in the same frequency band in a mobile communication system. A cell selection control method of a terminal in a mobile communication system, according to an embodiment of the present invention, comprises a step of receiving, from a base station, cell list information for not allowing a terminal moving at a high speed to select a cell and a step of setting the terminal so that cells included in the cell list information are considered or not considered to be targets of selection or reselection when the terminal moves at the high speed.
Visible light photoinitiating system for preparing high diffraction efficiency hologram optical polymer material
The present invention provides a visible light photoinitiating system for preparing a holographic photopolymer material with high-diffraction efficiency. The photoinitiating system comprises a photosensitizer and a co-initiator, and its mechanism is that the photosensitizer transforms from ground state to excited state after absorbing photons, and then interacts with the co-initiator through transfer of electrons and protons, which produces an alkyl (or aryl) free radical r and a ketyl radical k; wherein the free radical r initiates the addition polymerization of monomers that are capable of free radical polymerization, whereas the radical k inhibits the chain propagation of the macromolecular free radicals to a certain degree due to the steric hindrance effect, and thus delays the gelation time of the photopolymerization, which helps to increase the phase separation between the polymer and the functional components.
Protection against influenza infection by granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor
Alveolar macrophages contribute to host defenses against influenza. Enhancing their function contributed to protection against influenza and other acute lethal pulmonary infections.
Biodegradable carrier with adjustable zeta potentials and particle sizes, method for making the same, and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
The present invention is related to a biodegradable carrier with adjustable zeta potentials and particle sizes, a method for making the same, and a pharmaceutical composition comprising the same. In such a method, a first solution comprising a first biodegradable macromolecule is prepared, and a second solution comprising a second biodegradable macromolecule is also prepared according to a desired zeta potential of a biodegradable carrier and further added into the first solution to form a mixture solution.
Mesenchymal stromal cell populations and methods of making same
The present invention provides compositions of mesenchymal stromal cells which express b7-h3, their subsequent use in tissue repair, improved methods of producing tissue repair cells and method of producing a substantially pure population of cd14+ autofluorescent macrophages.. .
Anti-inflammatory food product
According to some embodiments, a method selects one or more inflammatory markers to evaluate. The one or more inflammatory markers selected from the group consisting of inos, cox-2, tnf-alpha, no, pge2, il-6, and il-1β.
Systemic glucose tolerance in type-2 diabetes
Obesity is associated with a state of chronic low-grade inflammation and the present invention establishes that adipose-resident natural killer t (nkt) cells attenuate inflammation in adipose tissue and improves systemic glucose homeostasis in mice at different stages of obesity. Accordingly, the present invention provides methods of treating type-2 diabetes or those at risk for type-2 diabetes using activators of adipose-resident nkt cells.
Imaging contrast agents and uses thereof
Provided are macrocyclic compounds having a macrocyclic core which has at least one macrocyclic donor and at least one pendant group which has at least one donor group. The macrocyclic compounds can be complexed to fe(ii) and ni(ii).

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