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Electronic device and system for controlling applications implementing at least one piezoelectric, electrostrictive or…

Electronic device and system for controlling applications implementing at least one piezoelectric, electrostrictive or…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Macro-related patents
 Method and system for forecasting power requirements using granular metrics patent thumbnailMethod and system for forecasting power requirements using granular metrics
A method for modeling power usage within a macrogrid uses data relating to the behavioral patterns and states (“ba”) of the users, data relating to external impacts on power usage and disaggregated power consumption data in at least one premises within the macrogrid (forming “power usage model data”) and thereafter a method of forecasting and predicting future power requirements within the macrogrid uses such power usage model data.. .
 Electronic device and system for controlling applications implementing at least one piezoelectric, electrostrictive or magnetostrictive transducer patent thumbnailElectronic device and system for controlling applications implementing at least one piezoelectric, electrostrictive or magnetostrictive transducer
The electronic device (1) for controlling comprises an electric power generator (10) suitable for supplying at least one piezoelectric, electrostrictive or magnetostrictive transducer (2), with a control signal (s), electronic controlling means (11) capable of automatically controlling the electric power generator by using a control macro-function (m), and an electronic memory (112) in which the following are stored: a first family (a) of control functions comprising one or a plurality of different elementary control functions (an), making it possible to adjust the amplitude of the control signal (s), a second family (t) of control functions comprising one or a plurality of different elementary control functions (tn), making it possible to adjust the duration of the control signal (s), a third family (c) of control functions comprising a plurality of different elementary control functions (cn), making it possible to adjust the control signal (s) cycle, at least said control macro-function (m), which is made up of the assembly of at least three elementary control functions chosen respectively from among the three families of control functions (a, t, c) recorded in the memory.. .
 Ion-exchanger material with high salt-tolerance patent thumbnailIon-exchanger material with high salt-tolerance
The present invention relates to a crosslinked sulphonated polymer or a crosslinked sulphonated polymer coated with a crosslinked polymer containing amino groups for use as an ion exchanger material of high salt tolerance for separating off macromolecules from a solution which originates from a biological source.. .
 Pesticidal mixtures including spiroheterocyclic pyrrolidine diones patent thumbnailPesticidal mixtures including spiroheterocyclic pyrrolidine diones
A pesticidal mixture comprising as active ingredient a mixture of component a and component b, wherein component a is a compound of formula (i), in which q is i or ii wherein x, y and z, m and n, a, g, and r, are as defined as in claim 1, and component b is a compound selected from the following insecticides: a), pymetrozine; b). A pyrethroid selected from the group consisting of cyhalothrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, gamma-cyhalothrin; c).
 Method of configuring dual connectivity to ue in heterogeneous cell deployment patent thumbnailMethod of configuring dual connectivity to ue in heterogeneous cell deployment
A method and a macro cell en b are disclosed. The method includes receiving a measurement report message of the small cell from the ue connected to the macro cell, determining to configure dual connectivity with the macro cell and the small cell to the ue based on a measured value contained in the measurement report message, transmitting a dual connectivity request message for requesting connection with the ue to the small cell, receiving a dual connectivity response message indicating that the small cell is connected to the ue to determine to allocate a resource to the ue, from the small cell, and transmitting an rrc configuration message for requesting addition of connection with the small cell, to the ue..
 Method and ue for network attachment patent thumbnailMethod and ue for network attachment
A method and a user equipment (ue) for network attachment are disclosed. The method includes receiving first status information associated with one or more remote radio units (rrus) for supporting the small cell from the one or more rrus, receiving second status information associated with one or more macro cells from one or more macro enbs for supporting the macro cell, selecting an rru and macro enb, which the ue wants to attach, among the one or rrus based on the first status information and the second status information, and simultaneously transmitting an attach request message for requesting network attachment from the selected rru and macro enb to the selected rru and macro enb..
 Cell search method patent thumbnailCell search method
A cell search method is disclosed. In an environment that a plurality of small cells are located around a macro cell, a macro base station may allocate a terminal-specific signal distinguishing a terminal from other terminal to the terminal which establishes a connection with the macro base station, and share information of the terminal-specific signal with a plurality of small cell base stations.
 Method and system for reducing co-channel interference due to the deployment of femtocells in a macro-cellular network patent thumbnailMethod and system for reducing co-channel interference due to the deployment of femtocells in a macro-cellular network
During the optimisation step (3), the transmission powers of the femtocells are maximised under the constraint of maintaining a minimum quality of service of terminals that would be attached to the base stations in the macrocellular network.. .
 Small cell base station dtx mode patent thumbnailSmall cell base station dtx mode
The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for transitioning small cell base stations out of a discontinuous transmission (dtx) mode. The system and method comprise monitoring at the small cell base stations uplink transmissions from user terminals (uts) to a macrocell base station while the small cell base stations are in the dtx mode.
 Lignin-degrading methods patent thumbnailLignin-degrading methods
Disclosed herein are methods that involve degrading materials that include lignin. In one aspect, the method generally includes contacting a lignin sample with a lignin depolymerase and contacting the lignin sample with an auxiliary compound.
Methods and compositions for enhancing cd4+ regulatory t cells
Disclosed are methods and related compositions for administering immunosuppressants and therapeutic macromolecules for enhancing cd4+ regulatory t cells.. .
Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (ra) to provide clinical benefit in patients, including decrease in das28-crp by more than 1.2 and/or improvement determined by acr20, acr50 or acr70, comprising administering therapeutic antibody mavrilimumab or other inhibitor targeted to tyr-leu-asp-phe-gln motif of granulocyte/macrophage colony stimulating factor receptor alpha (gm-csfrα). Use of gm-csfrα inhibitors such as mavrilimumab to enhance clinical benefit in ra patients receiving stable dose of dmards, particularly methotrexate..
High purity powders
This invention relates to high purity yttria or ytterbia stabilized zirconia powders comprising from about 0 to about 0.15 weight percent impurity oxides, from about 0 to about 2 weight percent hafnium oxide (hafnia), from about 6 to about 25 weight percent yttrium oxide (yttria) or from about 10 to about 36 weight percent ytterbium oxide (ytterbia), and the balance zirconium oxide (zirconia). Thermal barrier coatings for protecting a component such as blades, vanes and seal surfaces of gas turbine engines, made from the high purity yttria or ytterbia stabilized zirconia powders, have a density greater than 88% of the theoretical density with a plurality of verticalza macrocracks homogeneously dispersed throughout the coating to improve its thermal fatigue resistance..
Sub-block transform coding of prediction residuals
Techniques and tools for sub-block transform coding are described. For example, a video encoder adaptively switches between 8×8, 8×4, and 4×8 dcts when encoding 8×8 prediction residual blocks; a corresponding video decoder switches between 8×8, 8×4, and 4×8 inverse dcts during decoding.
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data by using plurality of carriers in mobile communication systems
The method for transmitting and receiving data at a base station in a wireless communication system according to one embodiment of the present invention includes the steps of: receiving a performance report from a terminal; determining whether the addition of a serving cell is necessary; when the addition of the serving cell is necessary, transmitting a request for receiving a cell identifying signal to one or more other base stations on the basis of the received performance repoπand transmitting a request for transmitting the cell identifying signal to the terminal. According to the embodiment, in a network in which a small cell and a macro cell are overlapped and operated, the terminal can minimize battery consumption and quickly recognize the small cell..
Memory macro configuration and method
A memory macro comprises a plurality of memory array segments, each having a predetermined number of data inputs and outputs. A segment decoder circuit is configured to: receive a first value indicating a number of memory partitions among which the memory array segments are to be divided, and output a plurality of signals for selectively activating one or more of the plurality of memory array segments to be accessed based on the first value.
Macro lens and imaging unit
A macro lens includes: a first focus lens group having negative refractive power; and a second focus lens group arranged closer to an image side than the first focus lens group is arranged and having positive refractive power. At time of performing a focusing operation from an object at infinite to an object at a close distance, the first focus lens group travels toward the image side, and the second focus lens group travels with a traveling amount different from a traveling amount of the first focus lens group.
Method for making a colored plastic film
A method for making a plastic film having a three-dimensionally structured and colored surface includes the steps of: providing the film with a three-dimensional surface structure via a shaping process; determining the provided topography of the film surface via a scanning process; and, applying a coloring to the surface after the topography of the surface has been determined. A device configured to apply the coloring to the surface is controlled such that the application of the coloring to the surface is changeable in dependence upon at least one of topological data of the surface and macroscopic shapes of the surface..
Process for encapsulating an inorganic pigment by polymerization in an organic medium
The present invention relates to the field of inks for electrophoretic display devices, and more particularly to a process for encapsulating at least one inorganic pigment by dispersion polymerization in an organic medium. The process consists in dispersing the inorganic pigment in the organic medium, then in synthesizing at least one stable polymer latex in said organic medium, said latex precipitating around said inorganic pigment in order to form a protective shell and to thus obtain a particle, said synthesis of the latex being carried out by polymerization, in said organic medium, of an electrostatically chargeable functional monomer, based on use of a macroinitiator capable of stabilizing said particle obtained..
Speek diaphragm for alkaline electrolysis and its use
The present invention describes a diaphragm comprising speek for alkaline electrolysis with a first layer having micropores and a second layer of macroporous channels which start at the contact surface between the first and the second layer then extending and forming the outer surface of the second layer, where said macroporous channels increase in section and change direction as they approach said outer surface of the second layer, and where the walls of the macrochannels are in turn macroporous. The invention also describes a production method for producing the diaphragm comprising the use of the chemically induced phase separation (cips) technique, and its use in alkaline electrolysis and in electrolyzers..
Tire comprising a tread made up of several elastomeric compounds
A tire with radial carcass reinforcement, comprising a crown reinforcement, itself capped radially by a tread connected to two beads by two sidewalls, the said tread comprising at least two radially superposed layers of polymer compound, a first layer of filled elastomeric compound, constituting the radially outer part of the tread, has a macrodispersion score z higher than 80 and a maximum tan(δ) value, denoted tan(δ)max, lower than 0.130 and a second layer of elastomeric compound radially on the inside of the said first layer of elastomeric compound has an elongation at break at 60° c. That is higher than 600%..
Injectable composition containing phosphatidylcholine devoid of sodium deoxycholate and preparing method thereof
The present invention includes an injectable composition containing phosphatidylcholine including phosphatidylcholine; ethanol; propylene glycol and/or benzyl alcohol; polysorbate and/or macrogol 15 hydroxystearate; and a balance of water or water for injection, and a preparing method thereof. An injectable composition of the present invention includes no sodium deoxycholate, which is carcinogenic, and therefore a safer injectable composition of phosphatidylcholine can be prepared..
Development of novel macromolecule transduction domain with improved cell permeability and method for using same
The present invention relates to an improved macromolecule transduction domain (mtd), which facilitates permeating the cell membrane of a biologically active molecule, having enhanced cell permeability. Specifically, an improved mtd according to the present invention, compared to an existing mtd, can transmit various types of biologically active molecule from inside the body and inside a test tube more effectively, and thus can be effectively used in a method to genetically alter a biologically active molecule so as to have cell permeability or in a method to transport a biologically active molecule into a cell, or the like.
Service continuity during local breakout in a femtocell
Service continuity is provided when a user equipment (ue), employing local breakout mechanisms at a femto access point (fap) for a communication session, moves out of the femto coverage area. In particular, a network change detection component can be employed to detect when the ue, attached to the fap, changes its connection from the femto network to the macro network.
Access control for macrocell to femtocell handover
Access to a femtocell can be controlled as part of handover of a mobile device from macrocell to femtocell. Macro network platform issues a handover (ho) request towards femto network platform and a single virtual femto node, which represents a plurality of femto access points (aps).
Metal-based covalent viability reagent for single cell analysis
The present invention provides a robust viability stain for methods utilizing elemental analysis. A population of cells is contacted with an effective dose of a non-chelated biomacromolecule-reactive metal derivative, which selectively crosses the plasma membrane of non-viable cells, and which covalently modifies a biological macromolecule within the cell, for a period of time sufficient to permit entry into non-viable cells.
Genes encoding major capsid protein l1 of human papilloma virus
The present invention discloses a codon-optimized gene encoding major capsid protein l1 of human papilloma virus, which is capable, after transduced into a yeast cell, of efficiently expressing the major capsid protein l1 of human papilloma virus. The present invention also discloses an immunogenic macromolecule which is essentially produced by expression of said codon-optimized gene encoding the major capsid protein l1 of human papilloma virus in a yeast cell.
Delivery of immunosuppressants having a specified pharmacodynamic effective-life and antigen for the induction of immune tolerance
This invention relates to methods that provide immunosuppressants and therapeutic macromolecules that are administered within a pharmacodynamically effective window of the immunosuppressants to induce immune tolerance to the therapeutic macromolecules. The methods allow shifting the immune response in favor of tolerogenic immune response development specific to the therapeutic macromolecule..
Dosing combinations for reducing undesired humoral immune responses
Disclosed are dosings of therapeutic macromolecules and immunosuppressants, in some embodiments attached to synthetic nanocarriers, in combination with dosings of therapeutic macromolecules without synthetic nanocarriers, and related methods that provide reduced humoral immune responses.. .
Local, concomitant administration of tolerogenic synthetic nanocarriers to reduce type i and type iv hypersensitivity
Disclosed are methods and related compositions for concomitantly, locally administering immunosuppressants and doses of therapeutic macromolecules for reducing type i and type iv hypersensitivity.. .
Tolerogenic synthetic nanocarriers and therapeutic macromolecules for reduced or enhanced pharmacodynamic effects
Disclosed are compositions and methods that provide pharmacodynamic effects specific to therapeutic macromolecules. The effects may result from reduced doses of therapeutic macromolecules in combination with immunosuppressant doses.
Bioactive amphiphilic polymer stabilized nanoparticles with enhanced stability and activity
The present invention relates to nanoparticle compositions and treatment of cardiovascular disease using nanoparticles to target class a and b scavenger receptors. This invention further relates to methods of detecting cells that express scavenger receptors, detecting atherosclerotic lesions, and targeting bioactive amphiphilic macromolecules to cells that express scavenger receptors..
Downlink scheduling in heterogeneous networks
The present invention provides methods to support scheduling of transmissions from a pico base station or micro base station to a mobile terminal operating in a link imbalance zone where interference from macro base station is present. A method is provided to enable the mobile terminal to detect when it is in a link imbalance zone, and for triggering scheduling restrictions when the mobile terminal is in the link imbalance zone..
Small cell uplink interference mitigation
Identifying a interfering, candidate or suspect of interfering (interferer) user device, ue, being served by a first base station (macro enb) and causing uplink interference on a second base station (small cell). The first base station (macro enb) transmits uplink channel configuration information (prach configuration info) to the second base station (small cell).
Transmission of device to device sounding reference signals using macrocell communication resources
A first wireless communication user equipment (ue) device transmits a device-to device (d2d) sounding reference signal (srs) to a second wireless communication (ue) device using microcell communication resources. The second wireless communication (ue) device evaluates the srs to discover the first wireless communication (ue) device, estimate channel conditions, and/or determine channel state information.
Macromolecule-based conductive composite material and ptc element
A macromolecule-based conductive composite material and a ptc element. The macromolecule-based conductive composite material comprises: a macromolecule base material, having a volume fraction of the macromolecule base material of 20%-75%; a conductive filler with a core-shell granule structure and dispersed in the macromolecule base material, having a volume fraction of 25%-80%; and a coupling agent, being a titanate coupling agent and accounting for 0%-5% of the volume of the conductive filler.
In-situ homogenization of dc cast metals with additional quench
The invention relates to a method and apparatus for direct chill casting ingots with in-situ homogenization. Large particles of eutectic material may form in the solid ingot and the metal may exhibit macrosegregation of alloying components, especially when large ingots are cast in this way.
Location-dependent, server side macro method, apparatus and computer readable medium
A computer-implemented method of managing computer macros is disclosed. The method includes storing code for a computer macro at an internet-accessible hosted computer system and associating the stored code with a user account on the hosted computer system.
Device management macros
Mobile device management macros may be provided. A request to perform a function may be received.
Method and system for generating a medical report and computer program product therefor
A method and a system for generating, with the assistance of a computer system (12), a medical report (18) suitable for automatic billing, where an electronic template (39) suited for a specific patient's condition is selected out of a plurality of given electronic templates stored in storage means (15); personal data of the specific patient's and previously stored in storage means (11) are automatically entered into the selected electronic template; and medical report text passages and instructions are entered into the selected template by dictating and using a speech recognition system (13); additionally, condition data are automatically entered on the basis of condition information as far as stored in storage means (7) into the selected template, and code data associated with these condition information are automatically embedded in the selected template; and when entering medical report text passages, at least one predetermined voice macro stored in the storage means (16) together with code data embedded therein is called in; the code data thus embedded in the medical report (18) being applicable when coding the medical report for automatic billing.. .
Biologically active peptidomimetic macrocycles
The present invention provides biologically active peptidomimetic macrocycles with improved properties relative to their corresponding polypeptides. The invention additionally provides methods of preparing and using such macrocycles, for example in therapeutic applications..
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of renal injury and renal failure
The present invention relates to methods and compositions for monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, and determination of treatment regimens in subjects suffering from or suspected of having a renal injury. In particular, the invention relates to using assays that detect one or more markers selected from the group consisting of cytoplasmic aspartate aminotransferase, soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 5, soluble cd40 ligand, soluble c-x-c motif chemokine 16, s100-a12, eotaxin, soluble e-selectin, fibronectin, granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor, heparin-binding growth factor 2, soluble hepatocyte growth factor receptor, interleukin-1 receptor antagonist, interleukin-1 beta, interleukin-10, interleukin-15, interleukin-3, myeloperoxidase, nidogen-1, soluble oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor 1, pappalysin-1, soluble p-selectin glycoprotein ligand 1, antileukoproteinase, soluble kit ligand, tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1, tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 2, soluble tumor necrosis factor, soluble vascular cell adhesion molecule 1, and vascular endothelial growth factor a as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in renal injuries..
Combination compositions and methods of treatment
The instant invention describes macrocyclic compounds having therapeutic activity, and methods of treating disorders such as methods of modulating cellular proliferation processes, and methods of treating disease, disorders, and symptoms thereof.. .
Pesticide compositions and methods for their use
Pesticide compositions and methods for their use are provided. Embodiments of the subject pesticide compositions include a pesticide and an assimilable carbon skeleton energy component.
Human homeobox gene ventx and macrophage terminal differentiation and activation, compositions and methods thereof
The invention relates to a unique formulated pharmaceutical composition and a novel treatment method of intratumoral injection. The pharmaceutical composition of the invention is the saturated ionic solution of sodium ions and calcium ions (the “medicinal ion bomb”).
Video encoder bit estimator for macroblock encoding
A video transmission system includes an encoder to receive video images, and encode them for transfer to a decoder. The video images include macroblocks having data that are encoded according to a prediction mode, such as inter-prediction or intra-prediction.
Method and apparatus for determination of almost blank subframe pattern by network listening
A method of determining almost-blank subframe (abs) information in a heterogeneous network (hetnet) including a macro cell and one or more small cells underlaid with respect to the macro cell, the method including obtaining, at a first base station (bs) of a first one of the one or more small cells, almost-blank subframe (abs) information of the macro cell based on at least one of transmissions of the macro cell and transmissions of a ue attached to the first small cell.. .
Device-to-device communication management using macrocell communication resources
Macrocell communication resources are assigned for device-to-device (d2d) communication between two wireless communication user equipment (ue) devices. A scheduler in a communication system schedules (assigns) scheduled downlink communication resources for downlink transmission of signals from a base station, schedules (assigns) scheduled uplink communication resources for uplink communication from wireless communication (ue) devices to base stations, and schedules (assigns) (d2d) communication resources for (d2d) communication between wireless communication (ue) devices.
Data sending method, device and system in heterogeneous network
Disclosed are a data transmission method, apparatus and system in a heterogeneous network. The data transmission method in a heterogeneous network comprises: a macro base station carrying control information in a subframe, transmitting the control information to a terminal in a control-frequency band, and informing a low power node of the control information; according to the control information, the low power node carrying data information in a subframe and transmitting the data information to a terminal by a data-frequency band; the control-frequency band and the data-frequency band are statically deployed, and the control-frequency band and the data-frequency band are non-overlapped..
Optical film
An optical film comprising a substrate having front and rear surfaces, and at least one solid optical retardation layer on the front surface of the substrate, wherein the solid optical retardation layer comprises organic rigid rod-like macromolecules based on 2,2′-disulfo-4,4′-benzidine terephthalamide or its salt of the general structural formula i. The solid optical retardation layer is an uniaxial positive a-type layer and is substantially transparent to electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectral range..
Selective water vapour transport membranes comprising a nanofibrous layer and methods for making the same
A water vapour transport membrane comprises a nanofibrous layer disposed on a macroporous support layer, the nanofibrous layer coated with a water permeable polymer. A method for making a water vapour transport membrane comprises forming a nanofibrous layer on a macroporous support layer and applying a water permeable polymer to the nanofibrous layer.
Macromolecule positioning by electrical potential
Provided herein is technology relating to depositing and/or placing a macromolecule at a desired site for an assay and particularly, but not exclusively, to methods and systems for placing or guiding a macromolecule such as a protein, a nucleic acid, or a protein:nucleic acid complex to an assay site, such as near a nanopore, a nanowell, or a zero mode waveguide.. .
Coated substrate apparatus and method
A coated substrate is formed with aligned objects such as small molecules, macromolecules and nanoscale particulates, such as inorganic, organic or inorganic/organic hybrid materials. In accordance with one or more embodiments, an apparatus or method involves an applicator having at least one surface patterned with protruded or indented features, and a coated substrate including a solution-based layer of objects having features and morphology attributes arranged as a function of the protruded or indented features..
Bio-fuel composition and method for manufacture of bio-fuel composition
The present invention provides a liquid bio-fuel mixture comprising: a liquid condensate product of bio-mass fast pyrolysis; a bio-diesel component; and an alcohol component. The liquid bio-fuel mixture is macroscopically single phase.
Server side macro method, apparatus and computer readable medium
A computer-implemented method of managing computer macros is disclosed. The method includes storing code for a computer macro at an internet-accessible hosted computer system and associating the stored code with a user account on the hosted computer system.

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