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Ceiling support construction and methods
A ceiling construction and method for supporting an upper level of structure using sandwich panels having insulative cores. The ceiling construction has a lower level wall sandwich panel and an upper level wall sandwich panel, each of which with two outer layers and a core separating the outer layers and an...

Computer implemented methods and apparatus for managing objectives associated with an organization
Disclosed are methods, apparatus, systems, and computer readable storage media for managing objectives in an organization. A server may receive an objective at a first level of an objective hierarchy. The objective may be associated with a completion indicator providing progress towards completing the objective. Other objectives at a lower level...

Apparatus and method for treatment of foot and nail diseases
An apparatus for treatment of fungal infections and/or other foot skin disorders, comprises a shoe-type housing having a substantially hollow interior forming a treatment chamber, a supporting platform disposed within the hollow chamber; so that a foot of a patient positioned within the treatment chamber is supported by the platform, so...

Remotely adjustable gastric banding system
An implantable device comprises a reservoir that contains a fluid for filling an inflatable portion of a gastric band. A device is coupled to the reservoir and includes stored potential energy having a first state and a second state. The first state represents a higher level of potential energy and the...

Building built-in air conditioning system
A building built-in air conditioning system comprising: an external heat exchanger (), a reversing valve (), a compressor (), and microporous tubes (). The microporous tubes are metal capillaries bound on a construction steel bar () and integrated with the concrete by casting. each microporous tube has a first...

Method, apparatus, and terminal device for displaying multiple input boxes in a web page
A method, an apparatus, and a terminal device for displaying multiple input boxes in a web page are provided. The method includes: obtaining, by an obtaining unit using a processor, a focus input box in a web page currently displayed by a terminal device; searching, by a searching unit using a...

Method and system for storing information by using tcp communication
The present invention relates to a method and system for storing information using TCP communication, and the method includes a communication connection request operation of transmitting, by a client, to a server a first TCP packet containing a header with a SYN field set to be active and an SEQ field...

Mems device and method of manufacturing the same
According to one embodiment, a MEMS device including a first electrode provided on a support substrate, a second electrode opposed to the first electrode, having at least one end part overlapping the first electrode, and able to move in a direction it is opposed to the first electrode, and beam parts...

Semiconductor device and semiconductor module
A semiconductor device includes a first source/drain region and a second source/drain region disposed in an active region of a semiconductor substrate, and a gate structure crossing the active region and disposed between the first and second source/drain regions, the gate structure including a gate electrode having a first part and...

Solar thermoelectric generator
Solar thermoelectric generators (STEGs) are solid state heat engines that generate electricity from concentrated sunlight. A novel detailed balance model for STEGs is provided and applied to both state-of-the-art and idealized materials. STEGs can produce electricity by using sunlight to heat one side of a thermoelectric generator. While concentrated sunlight can...

Method and production system for producing and/or packaging cigarettes
A method for producing and/or packaging cigarettes, in a system in which at least one production unit is fed packaging units from a lower packaging level, and the production unit packages the packaging units in associated packaging units from a higher level, and the packaging units from the higher packaging level...

System for reducing vibration in a wind turbine
A system for reducing vibration in a wind turbine includes a mass structure having at least one hole extending therethrough; a rod having a top threaded portion, an upper level stop disposed on or below the threaded portion, and a fixed lower level stop disposed below the upper level stop. The...

Programmable current source with optimized compliance region for efficient backlighting in portable applications
A programmable current source programmable current source circuit has DAC current source providing an incrementally programmable current levels. A programmable reference current source adjusts a compliance factor of the DAC current source. An input adjustment code indicating an output current amplitude is adjusted by a adjustment code modification circuit when the...

Compilation of transformation in recalculation user interface
The compilation a transformation chain of a recalculation user interface that displays an electronic canvas that contains one or more displayed result of a transformation chain. The transformation chain includes transforms between a respective data source and data sink. User editing of the recalculation user interface could cause one or more...

Provision of early data from a lower level cache memory
In response to snooping a read-type memory access request of a requestor on a system fabric of a data processing system, a memory channel interface forwards the request to a memory buffer and starts a timer. In response to the forwarded request, the memory buffer performs a lookup of a target...

Provision of early data from a lower level cache memory
In response to snooping a read-type memory access request of a requestor on a system fabric of a data processing system, a memory channel interface forwards the request to a memory buffer and starts a timer. In response to the forwarded request, the memory buffer performs a lookup of a target...

Management system for managing operation and method
A management system stores tier relationship information of operational items that configure an operational flow, the execution sequence information, and the operational item type information that indicates whether an operational item that is a lower end of a tier of the operational flow is an automated operational item or a manual...

Method and apparatus for preventing non-temporal entries from polluting small structures using a transient buffer
A method for preventing non-temporal entries from entering small critical structures is disclosed. The method comprises transferring a first entry from a higher level memory structure to an intermediate buffer. It further comprises determining a second entry to be evicted from the intermediate buffer and a corresponding value associated with the...

Catch basin trap and mounting system
A trap for a catch basin, and means for mounting said trap to a catch basin wall, comprises a hollow trap body having an inner wall and an outer wall, and side walls joining the inner and outer walls. The trap body has a first aperture near the top of its...

Method and apparatus for path switching
The present invention discloses a path switching method and apparatus in a network comprising at least a first path and a second path. For an incoming traffic flow, it is determined that any of tunnels on the first path of all levels into which the incoming traffic flow is multiplexed is...

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