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Ultrasound mediated delivery with critial-organ protection
A device for delivery of a substance () using energy to protect, at a site of activation, against a side effect of another substance () that was delivered, is being delivered, and/or will be delivered, at another site. The activation may be non-invasive, remote and the energy beam () may be...

Thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display with variable frame frequency
An active matrix includes an array of pixels individually addressable over a first frame-frequency range and over a second, higher frame-frequency range. The active matrix also includes, for each pixel of the array, a charging circuit through which that pixel is addressed. Each charging circuit includes an adjustable storage capacitance and...

Flowmeter for two-phase gas/liquid cryogenic fluids
The invention relates to a flowmeter for two-phase gas/liquid cryogenic fluids, comprising: a liquid/gas phase separator, preferably consisting of a tank, into the top part of which the cryogenic liquid is admitted; a liquid flow-rate sensor, located in a liquid duct in fluid communication with the bottom part of the tank,...

Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing thereof, signal transmission/reception method using such semiconductor device, and tester apparatus
A semiconductor device includes a substrate, an internal circuit including a plurality of transistors provided over the substrate, an insulating film provided over the substrate, a bonding pad provided over the insulating film, an inductor being formed in the insulating film, the inductor carrying out a signal transmission/reception to/from an external...

Monochromatic dot ensembles
This disclosure is directed to systems and methods for sorting a native aggregate, such as a fluorescent nanoparticle aggregate, which includes multiple objects, some of which have different characteristics, into lower level ensembles, such as monochromatic nanoparticle ensembles. In one aspect, the system includes two detectors, one of which accepts all...

Variability in available levels of quality of encoded content
A server resource provides notification to subscribers in a respective network environment that the content is available for retrieval at a particular bit rate (e.g., a promotional bit rate) or particular level of quality (e.g., promotional level of quality) amongst multiple levels of quality for a limited duration of time. For...

Variability in available levels of quality of encoded content
A server resource provides notification to subscribers in a respective network environment that the content is available for retrieval at a particular bit rate (e.g., a promotional bit rate) or particular level of quality (e.g., promotional level of quality) amongst multiple levels of quality for a limited duration of time. For...

Multi-tier message correlation
A system and method determines correlations within multi-tier communications based on repeated iterations/episodes of executions of a target application. Content-based correlations are determined by encoding the content using a finite alphabet, then searching for similar sequences among the multiple traces. By encoding the content to a finite alphabet, common pattern matching...

Distributed computing
Methods, systems, computer readable media, and apparatuses that manage distributed computing tasks based on information received at lower levels of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model are described herein. Some embodiments relate to using a Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) capable device to manage distributed computing tasks at Layer...

Method and system for determining an online loan
A computer system includes a processor, memory and one or more inputs. The computer system is programmed to carry out the following process. Data identifying a user applying for an on-line loan is received. A trust rating is determined as a function of the data identifying the user. Data is provided...

Et system with adjustment for noise
An envelope tracking transceiver dynamically adjusts envelope tracking parameters to achieve the desired tradeoff between noise performance and power efficiency. When higher levels of noise are acceptable, the envelope tracking transceiver dynamically adjusts transmitter parameters to achieve better power efficiency while sacrificing noise performance. When lower levels of noise are desired,...

Opto-electronic assembly for parallel high speed transmission
a transducer component that is mounted with the bottom side on the mounting plate below a micro-minor component that is mounted above the transducer component in such a configuration that the optical transmission path to or from each transducer is reflected at the dedicated mirror surface. ...

High power channel state notification for mobile applications
Systems and methods for providing high power channel state notification, management, and optimization are provided. In some embodiments, data transmissions from mobile devices to remote servers are managed. For example, the operating system, lower level apparatus, or software bundle, sequentially align, or otherwise coordinate the messages to be transmitted during each...

Hierarchical tree network using tdma protocol with 802.11 infrastructure nodes for fire detection systems and other systems
A system includes multiple nodes, where each node includes one or more 802.11 wireless radios. The nodes are arranged in a hierarchical tree structure in which one or more nodes residing in one level of the tree structure are configured to communicate with one or more nodes residing in another level...

Systems and method for level shifters
A level shifter system includes an inverting portion, a non-inverting portion and a cross latch output component. The inverting portion is configured to receive an inverting input, a supply voltage and to generate an intermediary inverting output. The non-inverting portion is configured to receive a non-inverting input, the supply voltage and...

Ceiling support construction and methods
A ceiling construction and method for supporting an upper level of structure using sandwich panels having insulative cores. The ceiling construction has a lower level wall sandwich panel and an upper level wall sandwich panel, each of which with two outer layers and a core separating the outer layers and an...

Computer implemented methods and apparatus for managing objectives associated with an organization
Disclosed are methods, apparatus, systems, and computer readable storage media for managing objectives in an organization. A server may receive an objective at a first level of an objective hierarchy. The objective may be associated with a completion indicator providing progress towards completing the objective. Other objectives at a lower level...

Apparatus and method for treatment of foot and nail diseases
An apparatus for treatment of fungal infections and/or other foot skin disorders, comprises a shoe-type housing having a substantially hollow interior forming a treatment chamber, a supporting platform disposed within the hollow chamber; so that a foot of a patient positioned within the treatment chamber is supported by the platform, so...

Remotely adjustable gastric banding system
An implantable device comprises a reservoir that contains a fluid for filling an inflatable portion of a gastric band. A device is coupled to the reservoir and includes stored potential energy having a first state and a second state. The first state represents a higher level of potential energy and the...

Building built-in air conditioning system
A building built-in air conditioning system comprising: an external heat exchanger (), a reversing valve (), a compressor (), and microporous tubes (). The microporous tubes are metal capillaries bound on a construction steel bar () and integrated with the concrete by casting. each microporous tube has a first...

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