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Solar thermoelectric generator
Solar thermoelectric generators (STEGs) are solid state heat engines that generate electricity from concentrated sunlight. A novel detailed balance model for STEGs is provided and applied to both state-of-the-art and idealized materials. STEGs can produce electricity by using sunlight to heat one side of a thermoelectric generator. While concentrated sunlight can...

Method and production system for producing and/or packaging cigarettes
A method for producing and/or packaging cigarettes, in a system in which at least one production unit is fed packaging units from a lower packaging level, and the production unit packages the packaging units in associated packaging units from a higher level, and the packaging units from the higher packaging level...

System for reducing vibration in a wind turbine
A system for reducing vibration in a wind turbine includes a mass structure having at least one hole extending therethrough; a rod having a top threaded portion, an upper level stop disposed on or below the threaded portion, and a fixed lower level stop disposed below the upper level stop. The...

Programmable current source with optimized compliance region for efficient backlighting in portable applications
A programmable current source programmable current source circuit has DAC current source providing an incrementally programmable current levels. A programmable reference current source adjusts a compliance factor of the DAC current source. An input adjustment code indicating an output current amplitude is adjusted by a adjustment code modification circuit when the...

Compilation of transformation in recalculation user interface
The compilation a transformation chain of a recalculation user interface that displays an electronic canvas that contains one or more displayed result of a transformation chain. The transformation chain includes transforms between a respective data source and data sink. User editing of the recalculation user interface could cause one or more...

Provision of early data from a lower level cache memory
In response to snooping a read-type memory access request of a requestor on a system fabric of a data processing system, a memory channel interface forwards the request to a memory buffer and starts a timer. In response to the forwarded request, the memory buffer performs a lookup of a target...

Provision of early data from a lower level cache memory
In response to snooping a read-type memory access request of a requestor on a system fabric of a data processing system, a memory channel interface forwards the request to a memory buffer and starts a timer. In response to the forwarded request, the memory buffer performs a lookup of a target...

Management system for managing operation and method
A management system stores tier relationship information of operational items that configure an operational flow, the execution sequence information, and the operational item type information that indicates whether an operational item that is a lower end of a tier of the operational flow is an automated operational item or a manual...

Method and apparatus for preventing non-temporal entries from polluting small structures using a transient buffer
A method for preventing non-temporal entries from entering small critical structures is disclosed. The method comprises transferring a first entry from a higher level memory structure to an intermediate buffer. It further comprises determining a second entry to be evicted from the intermediate buffer and a corresponding value associated with the...

Catch basin trap and mounting system
A trap for a catch basin, and means for mounting said trap to a catch basin wall, comprises a hollow trap body having an inner wall and an outer wall, and side walls joining the inner and outer walls. The trap body has a first aperture near the top of its...

Method and apparatus for path switching
The present invention discloses a path switching method and apparatus in a network comprising at least a first path and a second path. For an incoming traffic flow, it is determined that any of tunnels on the first path of all levels into which the incoming traffic flow is multiplexed is...

Interlocking applications and files
A file system monitoring layer is positioned between a virtual file system (VFS) encryption layer and a lower level file system layer. The file system monitoring layer stores a list of applications that are allowed to access encrypted files stored in the lower level file system. The monitoring layer receives from...

Nol3 is a predictor of patient outcome
The present invention features a method for determining the prognosis for survival of a cancer patient. Methods for measuring the level of NOL3 expression in a cancer cell-containing sample from a patient, and comparing the level of NOL3 expression in the sample to a reference level of NOL3 expression are also...

Methods for transmitting and receiving data between a terminal and a gateway, in particular via a satellite link
A method for transmitting data between a terminal and a gateway, the data being transported by Ethernet frames comprising an Ethernet header and a payload, which are themselves encapsulated in lower level packets each comprising a header containing a medium access address, comprises the following steps: determining contexts common to frames...

Display apparatus, electronic apparatus, and image forming apparatus
A display apparatus includes a display section, a display control section, a distance detection section, and a coordinate detection section. The display section has a display area in which a selection image is displayed. When the selection image is formed by a plurality of images hierarchically associated with one another, the...

Actuator control device
An actuator control device includes an upper-level control unit that sets an upper-level target value of a predetermined control factor relating to driving an actuator, a lower level control unit, and an intermediate control unit. The lower-level control unit has a command input element that receives an input of the upper-level...

Fresh water supply system for a railway vehicle
A fresh water supply system for a railway vehicle has a fresh water tank, a feed line extending from the fresh water tank for fresh water consumers to be supplied, and a valve that is located within the feed line for metered dispensing of fresh water. The valve is disposed at...

Method, apparatus and system for encoding and decoding the significance map for residual coefficients of a transform unit
Disclosed is a method of decoding residual coefficients of a transform unit from a bitstream of video data. The method receives the transform unit () from the bitstream of video data in which the transform unit has upper () and lower () level square layers. The upper level layer represents a...

Integrated circuit
An integrated circuit includes a reset control circuit suitable for outputting a reset signal when one of a first voltage and a second voltage has lower level than a reference level, and a reset execution circuit suitable for resetting a peripheral circuit based on the reset signal....

Enterprise security management system using hierarchical organization and multiple ownership structure
A hierarchical security model for networked computer users is described. Files and resources are controlled or created by users within the network. Each user within the network has an account that is managed by a network administrator. The account specifies the user identifier and password. Users are grouped into organizations depending...

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