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Methods and systems to reroute data in a data network
An example method involves, when a first quality of service parameter for a failed logical circuit is equal to or less than a second quality of service parameter for a logical failover circuit, rerouting data from the failed logical circuit to the logical failover circuit without requiring authorization from a customer...

Cable hang-off arrangement
A cable hang-off arrangement for an elevated support including a cable assembly with a flexible reinforced protective tube for accommodating a transmission cable arrangement, a mounting assembly arranged on the elevated support, and a lifting assembly for lifting the cable assembly from a lower level to the elevated support, which lifting...

Screen device for interacting with a multi-level hierarchy
A method, system, and computer program product for a human-computer graphical interface device for interacting with a multi-level hierarchy. The method commences by receiving a hierarchy data structure that describes a plurality of adjacent hierarchical levels, from which are selected three adjacent levels, which in turn are used in forming a...

Mobile drilldown viewer for standardized data
Retrieving and displaying data from a remote data storage system on mobile computing devices via a user interface for browsing data stored on the data storage system. In response to a user selection of a dataset stored on the data storage system, a top level report grouping and summarizing the data...

Method and system of computer based and software directed educational therapy employing video games to treat the effects of dyslexia and reading disabilities
A process and method for providing a dyslexic individual with prerequisite skills that must be in place prior to beginning the process of learning to read and general reading skills necessary in order to learn how to read are described herein. The software directed educational therapy of the embodied invention is...

Electronic structure containing a via array as a physical unclonable function
A secure electronic structure is provided including a via array as a physical unclonable function (PUF). Specifically, the secure electronic structure includes an array of electrical contact vias located between a lower level of a first regularly spaced array of conductors and an upper level of a second regularly spaced array...

Methods and apparatus for partitioning data
A method for data partitioning method includes defining a set of category levels associated with a plurality of entities stored within a first database, wherein the set of category levels is hierarchical (e.g., proceeding from higher to lower levels). Each of the plurality of entities is assigned to a category level...

Generating and applying redo records
Techniques for maintaining a cascading index are provided. In one approach, one or more branch node compression techniques are applied to the main index of a cascading index. In an approach, a Bloom filter is generated and associated with, e.g., a branch node in the main index. The Bloom filter is...

Programming and virtual reality representation of stimulation parameter groups
The present disclosure involves a medical system that includes one or more implantable medical devices configured to deliver a medical therapy to a patient. The medical system also includes a portable electronic device on which a touch-sensitive user interface is implemented. The user interface is configured to provide a visual representation...

Tangential indexable cutting insert
A tangential indexable cutting insert having eight lips which are distributed in pairs over four side faces of the indexable cutting insert, each lip being formed by a main lip which is formed by the intersection of one of the side faces with a base face, a secondary lip, which is...

Display device
A display device prevents a foreign material from entering from a gap formed between an adhesive member and a chassis, said gap being formed due to having a structure simplified. The upper surface of a resin chassis, said upper surface facing a touch panel, is provided with steps having a height...

Nonvolatile memory device and method for fabricating the same
A nonvolatile memory device includes a plurality of gate structures, each gate structure formed over a substrate and including a tunnel insulating layer, a floating gate, an inter-gate dielectric layer, and a control gate, which are sequentially stacked, and an interlayer dielectric layer covering the plurality of gate structures and having...

Minimization of contaminants in a sample chamber
A formation testing apparatus and method for obtaining samples with lower levels of contaminants is provided. Such a method can remove contaminants from at fluid sample, and can include the steps of obtaining fluid, from a formation and passing a first quantity of the fluid through a sample flow line. A...

Analyzing data using a hierarchical structure
Apparatus, systems, and methods for analyzing data are described. The data can be analyzed using a hierarchical structure. One such hierarchical structure can comprise a plurality of layers, where each layer performs an analysis on input data and provides an output based on the analysis. The output from lower layers in...

Table format for map reduce system
A key-value store provides column-oriented access to data in a distributed and fault tolerant manner. Data can be inserted into the data store and data can be retrieved either randomly or sequentially from the data store at high rates. Keys for a table are ordered and the entire table is divided...

Polymerization of isoprene from renewable resources
This invention relates to compositions and methods for producing polymers of isoprene derived from renewable resources, such as isoprene produced from cultured cells that use renewable carbon sources. A starting isoprene composition, such as a bioisoprene composition, is distinguished from petroleum based isoprene by its purity profile (such as lower levels...

System for automating consumer shopping purchase-decision
A method comprises: (a) receiving from a mobile device (MD) a first list identifying an item and a store list identifying a store. The first list of items at each store represents a basket; (b) for each store, performing in a computer remote from the MD a comparison calculation among baskets....

Thermal energy conversion plant
A thermal energy conversion plant, wherein a pressurized liquefied working fluid gasifies in an evaporator unit located at the lower level of a closed-loop thermodynamic circuit, ascends through a widening ascending conduit to a condenser unit located at the upper level of said thermodynamic circuit, condenses and falls because gravity powering...

Method and apparatus for saving processor architectural state in cache hierarchy
A processor includes a first processing unit and a first level cache associated with the first processing unit and operable to store data for use by the first processing unit used during normal operation of the first processing unit. The first processing unit is operable to store first architectural state data...

Multi-level abstract power modeling method
Methods, apparatuses, and computer readable media for utilizing a single model of event-based energies at multiple hierarchical levels of a design. The event-based energy model contains multiple interfaces that access or reference lower level power data, such as pin-based power data. The power of a transaction level definition of a design...

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