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Thermal energy conversion plant
A thermal energy conversion plant, wherein a pressurized liquefied working fluid gasifies in an evaporator unit located at the lower level of the closed-loop thermodynamic circuit, from where ascends through a widening ascending conduit, under constant temperature, to a condenser unit located at the upper level of said thermodynamic circuit, where...

Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication
Each of a plurality of wireless communication apparatuses determines a factor that indicates wireless communication congestion and compares the factor that indicates wireless communication congestion with a predetermined first threshold value. Each wireless communication apparatus then judges, by means of transmission power set values that are received from other wireless communication...

Method and apparatus for document image indexing and retrieval using multi-level document image structure and local features
An image based document index and retrieval method is described. During document indexing, each source document is analyzed to generate index information at document, page, region and unit levels. Region and unit level index information is generated by segmenting each text region into units, constructing unit length or unit density histograms,...

Geographical boundary based tracking
An apparatus, method and system for geographical tracking entry and/or exiting of an asset into and/or out of a defined geographical boundary and reporting the same. Entry and exit tests compare position fixes with various thresholds and parameters to determine if the asset has entered or exited the geographical boundary. Tests...

Internal voltage generation circuit
An internal voltage generation circuit includes a pumping voltage generation unit configured to generate a pumping voltage when a first internal voltage has a lower level than a first reference voltage or a second internal voltage has a lower level than a second reference voltage, and a select transmission unit configured...

Management of partial data segments in dual cache systems
For movement of partial data segments within a computing storage environment having lower and higher levels of cache by a processor, a whole data segment containing one of the partial data segments is promoted to both the lower and higher levels of cache. Requested data of the whole data segment is...

Display-cum-packaging box
A box that has enhanced product package storing efficiency and that can display product packages stored inside. The box includes a box body and a cover that can open and close the upper surface opening of the box body. The box body has a front plate, a back plate, right and...

Cooler of power converting device for railroad vehicle
A cooler of a power converting device for a railroad vehicle has heat exchanger tubes or heat radiator fins disposed to enhance the cooling performance of semiconductor devices arranged on an upper level of the multiple semiconductor devices arranged in multiple rows. Temperature detecting elements are arranged to detect temperature of...

Medium storing budget determination support program, budget determination support method, and budget determination support apparatus
A computer-readable recording medium storing a program for causing a computer to execute a procedure that supports budget determination, the procedure includes: receiving designation of a group that makes up an organization having a hierarchical structure; selecting, between a lower level or a higher level adjacent to a level of the...

Method for forming a via contacting several levels of semiconductor layers
A method for forming a via connecting a first upper level layer to a second lower level layer, both layers being surrounded with an insulating material, the method including the steps of: a) forming an opening to reach an edge of the first layer, the opening laterally continuing beyond said edge;...

Vehicle based spray system
A mobile system for dispensing cleaning fluid at a jobsite comprising a vehicle with wheels and an interior; a lower level provided in the interior; an upper level provided in the interior and separated from the underlying lower level by a deck; a clean fluid supply tank located on the lower...

Method and apparatus to support m2m content and context based services
Devices, computer readable media, and methods for supporting services at an application service layer (ASL) are disclosed. The ASL may be a machine-to-machine (M2M) services capability layer (SCL). Content functions may interpret the data to generate a semantic description of the data. Semantic information associated with data may be stored. Context...

Machine for embroidering an item
Machine () for embroidering a hat comprising a frame (), a head () mounted to the frame and provided with upper embroidering members (), a vertical column () having a lower end () fastened to the frame and a free upper end () provided with lower embroidering members, and a positioning...

In service upgrades for a hypervisor or hardware manager hosting virtual traffic managers
Embodiments are directed towards upgrading hypervisors operating in hardware clusters that may be hosting one or more virtual clusters of virtual traffic managers. Virtual clusters may be arranged to span multiple computing devices in the hardware cluster. Spanning the virtual clusters across multiple hardware nodes the virtual cluster may enable the...

System and method for inferring reporting relationships from a contact database
A system and method for inferring reporting relationships from contact records. Contact records from a single company are identified, and each record is ranked based on the title. A probabilistic analysis is used to compare the number of contacts on the current level with the number of contacts on a lower...

System, method and apparatus for drying a shower
A shower drying system directs air downwardly onto the walls, surfaces and/or shower curtain of a shower enclosure. In one embodiment, the air is heated. The movement of the air in the downward direction helps urge droplets of water on the shower surface towards a drain at the lower level of...

Sensor detection device, corresponding detection method and computer program
A device detecting at least one scenario from predetermined scenarios wherein a physical system observed by at least one sensor is likely to be found, including: at least one sensor providing a physical system observation data sequence; a storage storing at least one statistical model associating possible observation data values with...

Population state-based performance assessment of a hypervisor
Techniques promote monitoring of hypervisor systems by presenting dynamic representations of hypervisor architectures that include performance indicators. A reviewer can interact with the representation to progressively view select lower-level performance indicators. Higher level performance indicators can be determined based on lower level state assessments. A reviewer can also view historical performance...

Method of measuring health index of plant in which condition of lower level component is reflected and computer-readable storage medium in which program to perform the method is stored
The present invention relates to a method of measuring a health index of a plant in which a condition of a lower level component is reflected and a computer-readable storage medium in which a program to perform the method is stored in which the condition of the plant is more easily...

Sliding loading lifting system
The present invention relates to a motorized device that can be operated by one person to load or unload a platform containing cargo or a wheel chock attached to a motorcycle or multi-wheeled vehicle, or bins and containers holding cargo. The device taught herein is employed to lift or move the...

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