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Data cache block deallocate requests in a multi-level cache hierarchy
In response to executing a deallocate instruction, a deallocation request specifying a target address of a target cache line is sent from a processor core to a lower level cache. In response, a determination is made if the target address hits in the lower level cache. If so, the target cache...

Data cache block deallocate requests
A data processing system includes a processor core supported by upper and lower level caches. In response to executing a deallocate instruction in the processor core, a deallocation request is sent from the processor core to the lower level cache, the deallocation request specifying a target address associated with a target...

File system hinting
A method for generating and communicating file system hints. The method may include receiving an I/O request from a file system layer and checking the I/O request for file system contextual information. The method may also include accessing the file system layer to determine attributes of the file system contextual information...

Data distribution database and method for data distribution and verification
A distribution database includes at least one central database, in which data of use-value given by data a releaser and the values of use are stored, and several local databases, each of which is based at a data releaser's site, and which are bisynchronous with the central database. A method for...

Capacitive fluid level sensing
A capacitive fluid level sensing arrangement for use in a medical device is provided. The arrangement includes at least one pair of conductive plates configured to increase and decrease the amount of electric charge stored in relation to the level of fluid within a fluid maintaining device, such as a reservoir....

Method and apparatus for improved management of service-impacting events
Various methods and devices are provided to address the need for improved management of service-impacting events. In one method, network equipment determines () for a network node that a traffic overload situation is present or that a service-impacting event is imminent or has occurred to establish an operating condition. It then...

Polyetherimides, methods of manufacture, and articles formed therefrom
Polyetherimide compositions of formula (1) are described wherein the polyetherimide compositions comprise a polyetherimide comprising a reacted combination of alkali metal salts comprising an alkali metal salt of a dihydroxy aromatic compound and an alkali metal salt of a monohydroxy aromatic compound with a bis(halophthalimide), wherein the alkali metal salt of...

Stable reprogrammed cells
The present invention relates to a stable pluripotent reprogrammed cells, and compositions and methods of isolation and uses thereof, wherein the stable pluripotent reprogrammed cells is derived from a somatic cell and has undergone incomplete remodeling of the epigenome. In some embodiments, the stable reprogrammed cell is a human stable reprogrammed...

Variability in available levels of quality of encoded content
A server resource provides notification to subscribers in a respective network environment that the content is available for retrieval at a particular bit rate (e.g., a promotional bit rate) or particular level of quality (e.g., promotional level of quality) amongst multiple levels of quality for a limited duration of time. For...

Interaction method and interaction device
The present invention provides an interaction device including an interaction interface, where a display area is formed of multiple display boundaries among which a corner area is formed between every two adjacent display boundaries; an interface interaction unit, for generating two first boundaries at a position that is corresponding to at...

Multi-priority encoder
A multi-priority encoder includes a plurality of interconnected, single-priority encoders arranged in descending priority order. The multi-priority encoder includes circuitry for blocking a match output by a lower level single-priority encoder if a higher level single-priority encoder outputs a match output. Match data is received from a content addressable memory, and...

Method, device and computer program for identifying items having high frequency of occurrence among items included in a text data stream
A method, device and computer program for efficiently identifying items having a high frequency of occurrence among items included in a large-volume text data stream. Identification information for identifying an item and a count of items are stored in a higher level of memory and only identification information is stored in...

Ergonomic elevated keyboard
An ergonomic, elevated keyboard includes: (a) a typing keyboard including upper level keys; (b) at least one substantially vertical support leg, a top edge of the support leg being attached to a lower surface of the keyboard, the support leg either elevating a front side of the keyboard substantially above a...

3d packaging with low-force thermocompression bonding of oxidizable materials
Methods and systems for low-force, low-temperature thermocompression bonding. The present application teaches new methods and structures for three-dimensional integrated circuits, in which cold thermocompression bonding is used to provide reliable bonding. To achieve this, reduction and passivation steps are preferably both used to reduce native oxide on the contact metals and...

Process for desulfurization of diesel with reduced hydrogen consumption
The present invention relates to a novel process for desulfurization of diesel with reduced hydrogen consumption. More particularly the subject invention pertains to an integrated process comprising diesel hydro de-sulfurisation (DHDS) or diesel hydrotreatment (DHDT) with reduced severity to desulfurize high sulfur (1.0-2.0 wt %) diesel stream to a much lower...

Highly integrated media access control
A supervisory communications device, such as a headend device within a communications network, monitors and controls communications with a plurality of remote communications devices throughout a widely distributed network. The supervisory device allocates bandwidth on the upstream channels by sending MAP messages over its downstream channel. A highly integrated media access...

Capacitor for interposers and methods of manufacture thereof
Capacitor designs for substrates, such as interposers, and methods of manufacture thereof are disclosed. In an embodiment, a capacitor is formed between a through via and a lower level metallization layer. The capacitor may be, for example, a planar capacitor formed on the substrate or on a dielectric layer formed over...

Signal processing and tiered signal encoding
An encoder receives a signal. The encoder utilizes one or more downsample operations to produce downsampled renditions of the signal at successively lower levels of quality in the hierarchy. In a reverse direction, the encoder applies the one or more upsample operations to a downsampled rendition of the signal at a...

Upsampling and downsampling of motion maps and other auxiliary maps in a tiered signal quality hierarchy
Certain configurations herein include changing the resolution of an auxiliary map (e.g., a motion map, a z-map, etc.) at a first level of quality to obtain an auxiliary map at a second level of quality. For example, changing the resolution can include receiving a respective auxiliary map of one or more...

Lifesaver apparatus
The Lifesaver apparatus as herein described addresses the problem people can face in circumstances similar to those experienced by the people trapped in the World Trade Center. When lower levels in a building are inaccessible to people trapped in its upper levels, the lifesaver apparatus will provide these people with a...

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