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Lower Level patents

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Semiconductor device having passing gate and method for fabricating the same
A semiconductor device includes passing gates. In the semiconductor device, a passing gate formed in a device isolation film is vertically positioned at a deeper and lower level than an operation gate formed in an active region defined by the device isolation film such that the passing gate does not overlap...

Method for supporting automated metadata augmentation in a hierarchical level architecture for machine-to-machine (m2m) cloud computing and corresponding system
A method for supporting automated metadata augmentation in a hierarchical level architecture for machine-to-machine (M2M) cloud computing, wherein metadata is employed to provide descriptive information about entities, wherein said entities are generated at a lower level of said architecture, in particular at the bottom level of said architecture, wherein said entities...

An overpass, including: a main road, an auxiliary road, a turntable, a cross-shaped viaduct, a sidewalk, an elevated bicycle lane, an elevated bicycle parking layer, and a first lower level floor. The main road includes: a first lower level main connecting lane. The auxiliary road includes: a first lower level auxiliary...

Device for purifying a water sink
A device for purification of water sink is provided to remove radioactive substances in a water sink of nuclear facilities. The device for purification of water sink of the present invention relates to a detachable structure for repeating process, changing the height of the device according to the water level, and...

Smart delivery of li data in emergency conditions
Methods and arrangements are provided for maintaining a wanted Quality of Service transmission level of Lawful Interception (LI) payload data to a Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) via an HI3 interface in a LI system. The data is acquired from an intercepted IP packet flow and belongs to one or more target...

Power source for clock distribution network
A clock distribution network having a separate power supply for top levels thereof is disclosed. In one embodiment, an integrated circuit includes a clock distribution network configured to distribute a clock signal to each of a number of clock consumers. The clock distribution network is arranged in a hierarchy of levels,...

Water dispenser
A water dispenser includes a cold water tank in which cooled raw water is stored, a hot water tank in which heated drinking water is stored, a container holder located at a lower level than the cold water tank and in which a replaceable raw water container can be placed with...

Broiling rack for a barbecue grill
A broiling rack for draining grease drippings away from a heat source, including a multiplicity of upper-level lateral bars, a multiplicity of lower-level lateral bars, and two side walls. At least two rows of openings are formed in each of the side walls, wherein each end of the lateral bars is...

System and method for authorization and authentication, server, transit terminal
System for authorization and authentication comprises a server and at least one level of transit terminals. The server transmits digital content, server's identifier, and business pattern to the transit terminal. The transit terminal transmits to a lower level transit terminal the digital content, the server's identifier, the business pattern, and identifiers...

In house high rise evacuation system
A system for the evacuation of occupants of a high-rise structure in an emergency, expressly designed to be located within the high-rise structure itself. The system comprises an evacuator which operates over a 10-floor or more distance within a fire inhibiting tubular structure such as a shaft, wherein the evacuator is...

Delivery particle
The present application relates to encapsulated benefit agents, compositions comprising such encapsulated benefit agents and processes for making and using compositions comprising such encapsulated benefit agents that do not require or require a reduced amount of scavenger materials. Such encapsulated benefit agents, compositions comprising such encapsulated benefit agents are processed such...

Network visualization system and method
A system and method for visualizing a network topology is disclosed that includes defining a tree representation of a network topology wherein a highest level of detail includes representations of nodes of the network and connections therebetween and lower levels include nodes representing clusters of nodes in a lower level of...

Skills ontology creation
Disclosed in some examples are systems, methods, and machine readable mediums which allow for the automatic creation of a skills hierarchy. The skills hierarchy comprises an organization of a standardized list of skills into a hierarchy that describes category relationships between the skills in the hierarchy. The category relationships may include...

Automatic dishwashing detergent composition
The present invention is in the field of automatic dishwashing detergent compositions, as well as methods of making and using same. In particular, it relates to an automatic dishwashing detergent composition comprising a new protease. The automatic dishwashing detergent composition provides improved cleaning and finishing. In particular the composition of the...

Methods of predicting acute rejection outcomes
A method for assessing risk of losing a transplanted organ by a patient having an episode of acute rejection of the transplanted organ is described. The method includes obtaining from the patient a cell sample from the transplanted organ or peripheral blood, determining a level of FOXP3 in the cell sample,...

Centralized policy management for security keys
Example embodiments include centralized systems for managing cryptographic keys and trust relationships among systems. Embodiments may include a centralized key store and a centralized policy store. Key sets comprising public/private keys may be stored in or identified by key objects. Key objects within the key store may be organized into key...

Crowd-powered self-improving interactive visualanalytics for user-generated opinion data
Embodiments relate to interacting with a collection of user opinion documents associated with a topic. One aspect includes obtaining opinion data for the collection of opinion documents associated with the topic. The opinion data includes one or more features discussed in the opinion documents, one or more key phrases included in...

High selectivity and low stress carbon hardmask by pulsed low frequency rf power
Methods of forming high etch selectivity, low stress ashable hard masks using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition are provided. In certain embodiments, the methods involve pulsing low frequency radio frequency power while keeping high frequency radio frequency power constant during deposition of the ashable hard mask using a dual radio frequency...

Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the same
A semiconductor memory device includes a memory cell array configured to store data; peripheral circuits configured to perform program verifying operation, read operation, and erase verifying operation on the memory cell array; and a control circuit configured to control the peripheral circuits, wherein the control circuit is configured to control the...

Automatic order picking system and method in retail facility
An order picking system includes a storage system for storing containers arranged in multiple rows at various horizontal levels with respect to ground, the containers including source containers with goods stored in the storage system and reception containers to be filled with the ordered goods. At least one mobile picking unit...

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