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Lower Level patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Lower Level-related patents

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Control system
The invention relates to a control system for driving a motorized closure element of a motor vehicle, wherein, in order to detect operator control events, at least one sensor control means and at least one elongate distance sensor which extends along a sensor extent are provided, wherein the sensor control means...

Method for producing a re-closable-container
A method for producing a re-closable container. The method includes sealing a lidding film () on the upper surface () of the peripheral flange () and on the upper surface () of the peripheral frame member (). During the sealing step, the bridging elements () of the discontinuous die-cut line ()...

System and method for dynamically managing message flow
System and method for dynamically managing message flow. According to the example embodiments, an intermediary network device or a client device dynamically manages the flow of messages received from an electronic exchange by analyzing the client device's capabilities, such as CPU utilization. Based on a percentage of total CPU utilization, the...

Energy recovering equipment as well as a method for recovering energy
Disclosed is an energy recovering system having a first pump for pumping a fluid from a first lower level at a first lower potential energy to a second higher level corresponding to a second higher potential energy, and a turbine being located at a third level corresponding to a third potential...

Power distribution box
An integrated power distribution box including an upper level assembly including a printed circuit board comprising at least one electrical component, a lower housing configured to receive at least a portion of the printed circuit board, an intermediate housing configured to be coupled with at least one fuse, a master fuse...

Agricultural frost protection using induction fans
A system for protecting an agricultural field from frost damage, comprising: one or more induced flow apparatuses, each comprising an induced flow fan that has a primary air flow inlet, a primary air flow outlet, a secondary flow inlet and a secondary flow outlet wherein said primary air flow induces a...

Tracheostomy trainer device and related method thereof
A training device and related method designed to provide a user or trainee with a realistic tactile sensation or feel for inserting a penetrating device, such as a tracheotomy tube, into the stoma of a subject. The device and method provides a means for providing the user with a high level...

Payment authorization system
A payment system determines a required level of authentication for a payment transaction by a candidate consumer, based on a correlation with transactions by other consumers related to the candidate consumer, identified for example from one or more social networks. The correlation may be based on geographical location, time and/or type...

Video encoding method and device and video decoding method and device for parallel processing
Provided are video encoding and decoding methods and apparatuses for parallel processing. The video decoding method includes obtaining a parallel processing syntax indicating a parallel processing type that is applied to a second data unit of a lower level from a first data unit header of an upper level, obtaining a...

Systems and methods for gpu virtualization
A method is provided for sharing access to graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware between multiple client virtual machines, wherein each of the client virtual machines has a high-level application programming interface (API) associated therewith for communicating with the GPU hardware. The method includes virtualizing the GPU by intercepting GPU-specific commands from...

Truck tractor
A truck tractor () having, in addition to the driver and passenger seats () in the driver cabin, a kitchenette () with a sink () and a stove () as well as a refrigerator () in an upper level. A bench () serves for dining, which is arranged behind a...

Graduated access multi-password authentication
Methods and systems for accessing computer data and systems require different sequential and serial passwords to drive a user into a tiered set of sub-accounts of graduated access. At the same time, the tiered hierarchy of access acts as a honey pot system where remote intruders would statistically tend to break...

Semiconductor device having passing gate and method for fabricating the same
A semiconductor device includes passing gates. In the semiconductor device, a passing gate formed in a device isolation film is vertically positioned at a deeper and lower level than an operation gate formed in an active region defined by the device isolation film such that the passing gate does not overlap...

Method for supporting automated metadata augmentation in a hierarchical level architecture for machine-to-machine (m2m) cloud computing and corresponding system
A method for supporting automated metadata augmentation in a hierarchical level architecture for machine-to-machine (M2M) cloud computing, wherein metadata is employed to provide descriptive information about entities, wherein said entities are generated at a lower level of said architecture, in particular at the bottom level of said architecture, wherein said entities...

An overpass, including: a main road, an auxiliary road, a turntable, a cross-shaped viaduct, a sidewalk, an elevated bicycle lane, an elevated bicycle parking layer, and a first lower level floor. The main road includes: a first lower level main connecting lane. The auxiliary road includes: a first lower level auxiliary...

Device for purifying a water sink
A device for purification of water sink is provided to remove radioactive substances in a water sink of nuclear facilities. The device for purification of water sink of the present invention relates to a detachable structure for repeating process, changing the height of the device according to the water level, and...

Smart delivery of li data in emergency conditions
Methods and arrangements are provided for maintaining a wanted Quality of Service transmission level of Lawful Interception (LI) payload data to a Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) via an HI3 interface in a LI system. The data is acquired from an intercepted IP packet flow and belongs to one or more target...

Power source for clock distribution network
A clock distribution network having a separate power supply for top levels thereof is disclosed. In one embodiment, an integrated circuit includes a clock distribution network configured to distribute a clock signal to each of a number of clock consumers. The clock distribution network is arranged in a hierarchy of levels,...

Water dispenser
A water dispenser includes a cold water tank in which cooled raw water is stored, a hot water tank in which heated drinking water is stored, a container holder located at a lower level than the cold water tank and in which a replaceable raw water container can be placed with...

Broiling rack for a barbecue grill
A broiling rack for draining grease drippings away from a heat source, including a multiplicity of upper-level lateral bars, a multiplicity of lower-level lateral bars, and two side walls. At least two rows of openings are formed in each of the side walls, wherein each end of the lateral bars is...

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