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This page is updated frequently with new Loops-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Loops-related patents
 Wireless communications headset system employing a loop transmitter that fits around the pinna patent thumbnailWireless communications headset system employing a loop transmitter that fits around the pinna
A wireless communications headset system for double hearing protection systems that eliminates the problems associated with typical wireless communications systems. The system employs a magnetic-field coupled wireless link from a loop transmitter to a magnetic field receiver.
Red Tail Hawk Corporation

 Noise cancellation for a magnetically coupled communication link utilizing a lead frame patent thumbnailNoise cancellation for a magnetically coupled communication link utilizing a lead frame
An integrated circuit package includes an encapsulation and a lead frame with a portion of the lead frame disposed within the encapsulation. The lead frame includes first and second conductive loops.
Power Integrations, Inc.

 Method and system for assigning a computational block of a software program to cores of a multi-processor system patent thumbnailMethod and system for assigning a computational block of a software program to cores of a multi-processor system
The invention relates to a method (500) for assigning a computational block of a software program to cores of a multi-processor system, the method (500) comprising: evaluating (501) a first number of available cores of a first type of the multi-processor system and a second number of available cores of a second type of the multi-processor system; determining (502) a first number of loops of the computational block for binding with the cores of the first type and a second number of loops of the computational block for binding with the cores of the second type; binding (503) the first number of loops with the cores of the first type and binding the second number of loops with the cores of the second type; and executing (504) the loops of the computational block according to the binding (503).. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Power and communication distribution topology for heliostats patent thumbnailPower and communication distribution topology for heliostats
A network topology for powering and communicating with groups of heliostats in a concentrated solar power plant. Heliostats are arranged in rows and wired together with inter-drive cables that distribute power and data from a field electrical system and plant network.
Esolar Inc.

 Apparatus and  gas-liquid separation patent thumbnailApparatus and gas-liquid separation
A multi-phase separation apparatus shapes fluid flow in a flow shaping line preferably shaped to have a plurality of loops with consecutively decreasing diameters. Shaping the two-phase flow drives the heavier, denser fluids to the outside wall of the flow shaping line and allows the lighter, less dense fluids such as gas to occupy the inner wall of the flow shaping line.
Haven Technology Solutions Llc

 Low profile bracket with elastomeric chain patent thumbnailLow profile bracket with elastomeric chain
An orthodontic appliance comprises a base portion adapted to be affixed to a patient's tooth and an upper portion including a flexible and resilient hook for forming a tubular channel for receiving an archwire. The upper portion includes a flange affixed to the hook, and is sized and shaped to connect to loops of an elastomeric power chain..
World Class Technology Corporation

 Vascular occlusion devices patent thumbnailVascular occlusion devices
The present disclosure provides occlusion devices which comprise (a) a self-expanding support frame having a longitudinal axis comprising a plurality of loops each having an orifice, the support frame being self-expandable from a constrained shape to an unconstrained shape, and (b) a covering material covering an orifice of at least one of the loops. Also provided are assemblies and kits that contain such occlusion devices, and methods of delivering such occlusion devices to a patient..
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

 Dog restraining apparatus and method patent thumbnailDog restraining apparatus and method
Embodiments of a dog restraining apparatus comprise a dog collar and a collar positioning assembly. The collar is configured to attach to a leash at a location behind the dog's head when the collar is secured around the dog's neck.
Dragon Gear 2.5 Lc

 Receiver clock test circuitry and related methods and apparatuses patent thumbnailReceiver clock test circuitry and related methods and apparatuses
An integrated circuit includes a plurality of receivers, each having a clock and data recovery circuit. A first local clock recovery circuit in a first receiver can be caused to produce a test clock which simulates a condition to be tested, and while a second receiver in the plurality of receivers that includes a second local clock recovery circuit is caused to use the test clock in place of the reference clock while receiving a test data sequence at its input.
Rambus Inc.

 Object-based system and language for dynamic data or network interaction including learning management patent thumbnailObject-based system and language for dynamic data or network interaction including learning management
A system including an object-oriented programming language for building state-based applications with flow control, event loops, measures of similarity, and boolean logic to dynamically control the interaction between members in a social network around content and, in particular, project-based activities, where the system collects and groups individuals who are members of a social network, projects or assignments and their content, and activities or processes within projects based on the attributes of the objects and runtime events to create a social context for learning or for other interaction.. .
Cricket Media, Inc.


System and methods for computer clock synchronization

A clock synchronization system and methods including an algorithm, or protocol, that synchronizes to any source of time without the need of estimating frequency errors and only performing frequency adaptions. Specifically, a clock synchronization protocol synchronizes networked nodes without explicit estimation of the clock skews and steep corrections on the time.
Cornell University


Portable attachment of fiber optic sensing loop

The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a system for removably attaching an optical fiber sensor loop onto a tubular member, which includes an optical fiber sensor loop having a continuous optical fiber positioned arranged in a plurality of loops, each of said loops having a first end turn and a second end turn, a first and a second turn guide each including a plurality of turn grooves increasing outwardly in increasing radii, each of said turn grooves configured to receive an end turn portion of the optical fiber, a first and a second supporting wedge each having a planar first surface configured to receive a turn guide and a curved second surface configured to be received on the tubular member, and a connector configured to couple the first mounting wedge to the second mounting wedge.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Fixing device for fixing a measuring pressure sensor, in particular a tyre pressure sensor

The invention is characterised in that the tension belt contains at a first end an eyelet for threading a second end opposite the first end, and starting from the second end and away from the first end on the surface of the tension belt, two textile fields are positioned behind one another in the longitudinal direction of the tension belt, one of which is fitted with barbed hooks and the other with loops to form together a velcro fastener after folding the textile fields together on top of each other.. .


Suspension therapy apparatus

A suspension therapy apparatus features a hammock formed from a rectangular textile modified at its long edges with a first and second plurality of attachment loops. The hammock suspends from a support with suspension hardware that permits the hammock to swing back and forth and rotate 360 degrees.


Low profile transseptal catheter and implant system for minimally invasive valve procedure

A low profile transseptal catheter and implant system is disclosed. Access to the mitral valve can be obtained using femoral catheterization with a fluoroscopically guided, low-profile catheter.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation


Antler shed attachment device and garment for use

An anther shed attachment device is disclosed. The device includes a main strap and a plurality of loops including a clasping member.


Microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch and lighting apparatus having the same

A microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch uses a detection circuit design to convert external motion signals into message carrying sensing signals readable to the microcontroller. Based on the time length of sensing signals and the format of the sensing signals received in a preset instant period of time the microcontroller through the operation of its software program codes written in the otprom is able to recognize the working modes chosen by the external signal generating user and thereby selecting the appropriate loops of subroutine for execution.


Digital controlled battery charging system

A battery charging system has a switching circuit and a control circuit. The switching circuit has a first switch, and the control circuit has a plurality of analog control loops and a digital control unit.
Chengdu Monolithic Power Systems Co., Ltd.


Discovering and using informative looping signals in a pulsed neural network having temporal encoders

Embodiments are directed to a computer implemented method of implementing a network having pathways. The method includes communicating among a plurality of units through the pathways.
International Business Machines Corporation


Discovering and using informative looping signals in a pulsed neural network having temporal encoders

Embodiments are directed to a computer network having pathways. The network includes a plurality of units configured to communicate through the pathways.
International Business Machines Corporation


Loop handling in a word-level netlist

This application discloses an electronic design automation tool configured to identify combinational loops in a word-level netlist, and then modify the word-level netlist based on the presence of the combinational loops. The electronic design automation tool can analyze the word-level netlist to identify a portion of the word-level netlist having at least one characteristic associated with a combinational loop, translate the identified portion of the word-level netlist into a bit-level circuit representation, and utilize the bit-level circuit representation to determine whether the identified portion of the word-level netlist implements the combinational loop.
Mentor Graphics Corporation


Fine-grained scheduling of work in runtime systems

A runtime system for distributing work between multiple threads in multi-socket shared memory machines that may support fine-grained scheduling of parallel loops. The runtime system may implement a request combining technique in which a representative thread requests work on behalf of other threads.
Oracle International Corporation


Fiber optic termination assembly

A fiber optic termination assembly (10) includes a chassis (12) which holds a plurality of pivotally mounted trays (14) in a stacked array. The trays (14) and chassis (12) allow selective access to each tray (14) as desired by pivoting a selected tray (12) relative to the chassis (12).
Adc Czech Republic S.r.o.


Sling with adjustable and tensionable ends and methods and making and using the same

A sling having tensionable ends such that the sling can be provided for carrying, strapping, tethering, handling or otherwise engaging one or more objects, for example, a firearm, collapsible chair, bow, an animal, etc. In one example form, the sling includes a woven portion extending from a first end to a second end and defining a length therebetween.


System and method to decrease warmup time of coolant and engine oil in engine equipped with cooled egr

A cooling system and method of using a cooling system for an engine equipped with an exhaust gas recirculation (egr) system. A pump provides pressure for circulating liquid through the cooling system.
Southwest Research Institute


Needling fibrous webs

Methods for forming a touch fastening material are described as including: providing a lengthwise-incoherent layer of staple fibers supported directly on a bed of bristle tips of a brush; needling the layer of staple fibers by cycling needles through the layer of staple fibers and into the brush; then, while the needled layer of staple fibers remains supported on the brush, fusing portions of the staple fibers by at least partially melting resin of the fibers disposed outside the brush; and then pulling the layer of fibers from the brush as a lengthwise-coherent touch fastening material having exposed fastening loops pulled from between the brush bristles.. .
Velcro Industries B.v.


Novel polypeptides

The present invention relates to polypeptides which are covalently bound to molecular scaffolds such that two or more peptide loops are subtended between attachment points to the scaffold. In particular, the invention describes peptides which are specific for the human and rat protease plasma kallikrein and are modified in one or two peptide loops to enhance potency and/or protease resistance..
Bicycle Therapeutics Limtied


Multifunctional continuous phase transition extraction apparatus

A multifunctional continuous phase transition extraction apparatus comprises an extraction system, a desorption system and a solvent recovery system. The extraction system comprises a first heat exchanger and an extraction tank.


Double-sided fasteners

A method for forming a double-sided loop strap includes: receiving a continuous longitudinal strip of loop material including a strip-form base bearing a field of upstanding loops on a fastening side of the strip bounded by opposite longitudinal edges, folding each of the longitudinal edges away from the fastening side, such that the base overlaps itself, and securing the folded edges in place by permanently bonding together overlapped areas of the base to form the double-sided loop strap.. .
Velcro Bvba


Systems and methods for automatic image enhancement utilizing feedback control

Disclosed herein is an automated system comprising methods for improving image quality and image features by using feedback methodologies. More particularly, the systems and methods utilize a feedback loop that takes corrective actions based on the difference between the desired and the actual quality of the image in the enhancement system.


System and mitigating the impact of branch misprediction when exiting spin loops

A computer system may recognize a busy-wait loop in program instructions at compile time and/or may recognize busy-wait looping behavior during execution of program instructions. The system may recognize that an exit condition for a busy-wait loop is specified by a conditional branch type instruction in the program instructions.
Oracle International Corporation


Warp knitting elastic fabric and fabricating therefore

Warp knitting fabric having a double needle overlap structure forming two loops on two adjacent needles in the same course, and loops being formed from double yarns one of which is a chemical filament yarn and the other yarn is a spandex yarn, and both of the yarns being knitted with the same lapping movement.. .
Best Pacific Textile Ltd.


Drain tube stabilizing belt

A drain tube stabilizing belt (1) that wraps around a patient's abdomen and has locking straps (13) located thereon for securing excess drain tubes (12) in place to prevent pulling on the patient's incisions. The drain tube stabilizing belt preferably has one or more loops (16) and/or pouches (21) located thereon for holding for holding drain bulbs, ekg monitors, pacemakers and/or other devices..


Delivery system having an integral centering mechanism for positioning a valve prosthesis in situ

Embodiments hereof relate to a delivery system for a transcatheter valve prosthesis, the delivery system having an integral centering mechanism to circumferentially center both the delivery system and the valve prosthesis within a vessel at the target implantation site. The centering mechanism may include expandable wings that may be selectively aligned with openings formed through a sidewall of an outer shaft of the delivery system, a coiled wing that may be selectively exposed through an opening formed through a sidewall of an outer shaft of the delivery system, a plurality of elongated filaments extending through a plurality of lumens of an outermost shaft of the delivery system that may be selectively deployed or expanded, an outer shaft that includes at least one pre-formed deflection segment formed thereon, a tool having a deployable lever arm, and/or a plurality of loops deployable via simultaneous longitudinal and rotational movement..
Medtronic Vascular, Inc.


Prosthetic device and manufacturing the same

A biocompatible surgical silk mesh prosthetic device employs a knit pattern that substantially prevents unraveling and preserves the stability of the mesh device, especially when the mesh device is cut. An example prosthetic device employs a knitted mesh including at least two yarns laid in a knit direction and engaging each other to define a plurality of nodes.
Allergan, Inc.


Method for implanting soft tissue

A suture construction and method for forming a suture construction is disclosed. The construction utilizes a suture having an enlarged central body portion defining a longitudinal passage.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc


Home and lifestyle improvements

Methods and devices for enhancing drinking chilled drinking vessels are provided. In some aspects, a concentric set of arms or tabs in a pre-configured section of a drinking vessel applies holding pressure to expanded water poured within the section.


Protective hammock enclosure and use

A hammock enclosure designed for preferably one or two hammocks can be used in a variety of settings and locales due to a number of features of the enclosure. The hammock enclosure has sides made of a high quality netting to prevent insects from entering the enclosure.


Apparatus and combining multiple charge pumps in phase locked loops

A frequency synthesizer includes circuitry configured to generate two or more feedback clocks based on the oscillation signals output from a voltage-controlled oscillator. The circuitry also modulates the feedback clocks based on fractional offsets from a reference clock frequency for input into two or more phase and frequency detectors.
Broadcom Corporation


Concealed carry holster belt

A concealed carry holster belt for attachment to a concealed carry holster having attachment clips associated therewith, the belt including a belt member having a length, a height, an outer surface and an inner surface, and a plurality of loops, sleeves or pockets located on the inner surface of the belt member for receiving the attachment clips associated with the concealed carry holster, each of the loops, sleeves or pockets being configured such that when the attachment clips are received by at least some of the loops, sleeves or pockets, the attachment clips are substantially hidden behind the outer surface of the belt member.. .
Specialty Tech Ltd.


Underground heat-exchange system

An underground heat exchange system is provided to reduce energy consumption for circulation of a heat transfer medium and reduce construction, management, and maintenance costs. The underground heat exchange system includes: a double-pipe heat exchanger that is buried underground to convert a heat transfer medium into a usable form; a medium collector that collects the heat transfer medium that has dispersed its heat via a heat consumption area to circulate the same to the ground heat exchanger; and a plurality of circulation loops.
University Of Seoul Industry Cooperation Foundation


Protective cover for drainage tube cable tie

A protective cover for a drainage tube cable tie protects a surgical patient from injury and/or infection. The protective cover includes a first fastener member having velcro® hooks on one side and pressure sensitive adhesive on the other side, a second fastener member having velcro® loops on one side and pressure sensitive adhesive on the other side, and an insert made of a flexible, relatively elastic material.


Universal securement strap for personal items

An adjustable securement device which retains and secures items of personal property without slippage. The device includes an elastic band, an at least one sliding cinch, and a lanyard attachment mechanism.


Method of simultaneously knitting opposing sides of an article of footwear

A method of knitting a knitted component for an article of footwear includes performing a pass of at least one yarn feeder along a longitudinal axis relative to first and second needle beds of a knitting machine. The method includes feeding at least one yarn with the at least one feeder during the pass.
Nike, Inc.


Ice chest suspension device

A means of suspending items within a transportable container, such as an environmental enclosure like a common “cooler” or “ice-chest”. Inside the container, items are supported by resting on top of a shelf or platform that may be rigid, semi-rigid, inflatable, pleated, telescoping, floating, cushioned, or flexible.


Vehicle seat cover system

A vehicle seat cover arrangement comprising a vehicle seat having an outer surface, an interchangeable vehicle seat cover having an inner surface integrally made from a plush-like material with a loops-like structure, and a sheet-like attachment means having a hooks-like surface and attached on to the outer surface of the vehicle seat, wherein the seat cover is closely fitted on to the vehicle seat by engagement between the loops-like structure and the hooks-like surface.. .


Pen support rack having biometric access restriction

A pen support rack for securing pens and preventing unauthorized access comprises a support member defining a rack body having a base, a trunk, and a plurality of branches and an integrated fingerprint scanner. Each branch includes a locking loop for receiving the body of a conventional pen, with its clip secured over the loop so that the pen hangs from the locking loop.


Grab-and-use exercise strap

An exercise apparatus with enhanced strength for use with one or more limbs of a user to perform a variety of exercises includes a resilient strap having a first end portion, a central portion and a second end portion, the first end portion of the strap coupled to the central portion of the strap to create a first loop, the first end portion being disposed around a top portion of the central portion of the strap and a bottom portion of the central portion of the strap, the second end portion of the strap coupled to the central portion of the strap to create a second loop, the second end portion being disposed around a remaining top portion of the central portion of the strap and a remaining bottom portion of the central portion of the strap. Each of the first and second loops can receive a user's limb..


Engineered integrin binding peptide compositions

Engineered peptides that bind with high affinity (low equilibrium dissociation constant (kd)) to the cell surface receptors of fibronectin (α5β1) or vitronectin (αvβ3 and αvβ5 integrins) are disclosed as useful as imaging tissue. These peptides are based on a molecular scaffold into which a subsequence containing the rgd integrin-binding motif has been inserted.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Coils with a series of proximally-and-distally-connected loops for occluding a cerebral aneurysm

This invention can be embodied in a device for occluding a cerebral aneurysm comprising a series of proximally-and-distally-connected coil loops. This invention can further comprise a stretchable mesh which spans the interiors of these loops.
Aneuclose Llc


Adjustable carrying pack

An adjustable carrying pack includes a main body having an outer surface with an upper portion, a lower portion, and a rear portion. A first strap having a plurality of loops is disposed along a first side of the outer surface of the main body and a second strap having a plurality of loops is disposed along a second side of the outer surface of the main body.
Thule Ip Ab


Baler and baling

A baler apparatus includes a baling chamber including at least one adjustable wall for adjusting compression of a body of bale material. A reciprocating plunger is operable to compress the bale material and a binding device binds the compressed material to form a bale by use of twine loops.
Kuhn-geldrop Bv


Enhanced loop-breaking protocol to support connectionless and connection-oriented ethernet

A method and system for breaking loops in an ethernet network that supports connectionless and connection-oriented ethernet. A loop-breaking protocol may be used to detect a loop among a plurality of network elements and to identify a port to block in order to break the loop.


Laser-assisted device alteration using synchronized laser pulses

A pulsed-laser lada system is provided, which utilizes temporal resolution to enhance spatial resolution. The system is capable of resolving cmos pairs within the illumination spot using synchronization of laser pulses with the dut clock.
Dcg Systems, Inc.


Radial electrodynamic bearing

The invention provides a radial bearing for supporting a shaft of a rotating device comprising an inductor having an inductor axis, generating a magnetic field radial to said inductor axis having p pole pairs, a winding having loops disposed around a winding axis, magnetically coupled to said radial magnetic field, and connected in a closed circuit in such a manner that the net flux variation intercepted by said winding when said inductor and said winding are in rotation with respect to each other is zero when said inductor axis and said winding axis coincide, and a gap between said inductor and said winding. According to the invention, said armature winding comprises p−1 or p+1 pole pairs when p is larger than or equal to 1 and said armature winding comprises one pole pair when p is equal to 0..
Universite Catholique De Louvain


Engine system having two cooling loops

An engine system having two cooling loops may include a first coolant loop in which a first coolant circulates through an engine and a first radiator, a second coolant loop in which a second coolant circulates through a water-cooled intercooler and a second radiator, a first branch line that branches from one side of the first coolant loop, a second branch line that branches from one side of the second coolant loop, a mixture line allowing the first coolant and the second coolant to be mixed to flow therein, and branching to the first coolant loop and the second coolant loop, a temperature adjusting valve configured to control a temperature of the mixture coolant flowing in the mixture line, and a mixture coolant line allowing the mixture coolant to flow, and branching to the first coolant loop and the second coolant loop.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Garments having mechanisms integrated therein, gripping mechanisms, and methods of use thereof

Garments having gripping mechanisms integrated therein, gripping mechanisms, and methods of use thereof are disclosed. In one example, the garment is a motorcycle vest or motorcycle jacket that includes one or more handgrip pockets integrated therein.


Suture and wire stent deployment system

A stent delivery system is provided that includes a self-expanding stent with a longitudinal length and a plurality of individual suture loops spaced along the longitudinal length of the stent, wherein the stent is compressed by the plurality of individual suture loops. The stent delivery system also includes a longitudinal pull member that secures the plurality of individual suture loops about the stent, wherein the plurality of individual suture loops are configured to separate from about the stent when the longitudinal pull wire is removed..
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Method and coupling soft tissue to a bone

A method can include forming a bore in a bone of a patient and positioning a first anchor in the bore. The first anchor can have a self-locking adjustable suture construct extending therefrom that can include first and second adjustable loops.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc


Retaining device having hooks

A hooked retaining device (100) for defining at least a portion of a reception groove formed at the periphery of an article comprises a retaining element (10) made by injection molding. The retaining element has a first side wall (11) and a second side wall (12) that are spaced apart from each other in a lateral direction, and a base (20) connecting together said side walls (11, 12).


Multipurpose infant travel blanket and associated methods

A multipurpose infant travel blanket and manufacturing method are disclosed. A material is folded such that a first edge and a second edge, opposite the first edge, of the material meet.


Baler and baling

A baler apparatus includes a baling chamber including at least one adjustable wall for adjusting compression of a body of bale material. A reciprocating plunger is operable to compress the bale material and a binding device binds the compressed material to form a bale by use of twine loops.
Kuhn-geldrop Bv


Wireless communication device and mobile terminal

A wireless communication device that communicates wirelessly with other device includes a first antenna, a second antenna, a measurer, and a selector. The first antenna is a loop or loops of coiled wire, and the first antenna is disposed on a substrate so that a rotation axis of the first antenna is orthogonal to the substrate.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Light-emitting device with multi-color temperature and multi-loop configuration

A light-emitting device with multi-color temperature and multi-loop configuration is provided. The light-emitting device may include a substrate, multiple light sources disposed on the substrate, a light-emitting unit covering the light sources, a first circuit and a second circuit.
Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.


System and adaptive active noise reduction

A system and method for adaptive active noise reduction measure the acoustic response for each user to adaptively adjust and customize the anr operation using adaptive filters to correct for any differences between the measured response and a targeted response. The system and method of various embodiments incorporate a closed loop control system with a feedforward input.
Lightspeed Aviation, Inc.


Method of multiple satellite measurement failure detection and isolation for gnss

Methods for reducing the resources needed to detect and identify faulty pseudorange measurements in a gnss receiver are described. In a receiver autonomous integrity monitoring (raim) method, a position solution is calculated using a weighted least squares method on measurements from satellites of one or more gnss constellations.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Modular automated chromatography system

Valves, pumps, detectors, sample loops, fraction collectors and the like are individually incorporated into modules that are mountable in interchangeable manner at individual mounting sites on a base unit which also supports one or more chromatography columns. Each module includes fluid connections to other modules and a microcontroller joining the module to a computed and monitor through an electronic connector at each mounting site.
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.


Universal fibronectin type iii bottom-side binding domain libraries

The invention pertains to a natural-variant combinatorial library of fibronectin type 3 domain (fn3) polypeptides useful in screening for the presence of one or more polypeptides having a selected binding or enzymatic activity. The library polypeptides include (a) regions a, ab, b, c, cd, d, e, ef, f, and g having wildtype amino acid sequences of a selected native fibronectin type 3 polypeptide or polypeptides, and (b) loop regions ab, cd, and ef having selected lengths (bottom loops).
Novartis Ag


Medical implant and manufacturing method thereof

A medical implantable occlusion device (100) is disclosed comprising a braiding of at least one thread, an expanded diameter portion (102), and a tubular member (103) having a distal endpoint closest to the expanded diameter portion having a distal rim (107). The braiding comprises a stem (108) having a first end connected to the expanded diameter portion and a second end connected to the distal region, where the stem in a relaxed state is partly sunk into the tubular member beneath the distal rim (107), wherein the proximal region comprises a connecting member (113), wherein ends of the at least one thread are fixed to the connecting member, the expanded diameter portion comprises returning loops of the at least one thread whereby opposite ends of the at least one thread forming the expanded diameter portion are fixed to the connecting member..
Occlutech Holding Ag



A glove includes: a glove body made of fibers, the glove body being for covering a hand of a wearer; and a coating layer made of a resin or rubber, the coating layer being overlaid at least on a palm region of the outer surface of the glove body, in which a loop yarn is used as a knitting yarn of the glove body, and irregularities arising from the loop yarn are provided on the surface of the coating layer. The ten-point mean roughness (rz) of the surface of the coating layer is preferably no less than 300 μm and no greater than 1,200 μm.
Showa Glove Co.


Analog switch for transmitting high voltage signals without utilizing high voltage power supplies

Described herein are multiple designs for an improved analog switch for use in transmitting high voltage signals without using high voltage power supplies for the switch. The analog switches are able to pass and block input signals in the approximate range of −100v to +100v.


Guitar strap

A guitar strap including lasso-like connectors at either end, allowing the strap to be fastened to the guitar by placing the sliding loops over the guitar's strap-buttons and pulling tight. A pull-tab near the sliding eye on the sliding loops is used to pull the loop back open and disconnect the strap end from the guitar.


Signal detection, recognition and tracking with feature vector transforms

A method for obtaining object surface topology in which image frames of a scene (e.g., video frames from a user passing a smartphone camera over an object) are transformed into dense feature vectors, and feature vectors are correlated to obtain high precision depth maps. Six dimensional pose is determined from the video sequence, and then used to register patches of pixels from the frames.


Systems and methods for integrated pick-up loops in body coil conductors

A rf conductive member for a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) resonator includes an opening, a butterfly pickup loop, and a sensor cable. The rf conductive member has a length, a width, and a depth, and is configured to conduct a rf conductive member current.


Explosive matrix assembly

A matrix assembly having a single detonating cord. Further, the matrix assembly has a first plurality of parallel portions of detonating cord arranged in a first plane and a second plurality of parallel portions of detonating cord arranged in a second plane, wherein each one of the second plurality of parallel portions intersects only one of the first plurality of parallel portions perpindicularly.


Microfluidic device for particle enumeration

This invention relates to a microfluidic device for conducting automatic particle enumeration. The microfluidic device comprises an inlet, a microchannel, an outlet, multiple branched channels and a sensing channel.


Load following single bed reversing blower adsorption air separation system

An exemplary single bed reversing blower adsorption based air separation unit is configured to follow the o2 load placed thereon by adjusting flow rates therethrough and power consumption. At least one and preferably multiple pressure sensors sense o2 pressure within an o2 storage region downstream of an adsorber vessel.


Multi-loop coupling for lead extension and extraction

A device for extending a lead according to an embodiment of the present disclosure includes a body, wherein the body is elongated and includes at least two apertures; a first filament loop comprising a filament, the filament extending along the inner surface of the body and through at least one of the at least two apertures, the first filament loop extending outside the outer surface of the body; a second filament loop extending outside the outer surface of the body; the first and second filament loops arranged so as to receive therethrough a lead, the first and second filament loops being tightenable about the lead in a manner that grips the lead between the first and second filament loops and an outer surface of the lead; and a tether coupled to the lead via one or more of the body, the first filament loop, and the second filament loop.. .


Snaring systems and methods

Snaring systems and methods involve engaging objects such as pacemaker pacing leads within a patient. Physicians can use snaring systems having loops, tags, and roller mechanisms to remove a pacing leads from a patient.


Systems and methods for preparing reinforced graft constructs

Systems and methods for preparing a tissue repair construct for a ligament reconstruction procedure using a reinforced whip-stitching are provided. The described techniques include passing a needle having suture tails attached thereto through a first surface of a graft at an origin point so that a portion of the suture tails exits on a second, opposite surface of the graft while a terminal length of the suture tails is maintained on the first surface of the graft.


Strap lifter for use between two persons

A strap lifter for use with a harness is shown and described. The harness may have two shoulder straps that support a central, front buckle for use at about the lower, central belly of a user.


Current, temperature or electromagnetic actuated fasteners

A method of bonding or debonding objects includes providing a first object including a first substrate with moveable features thereon which provide an actuated and a non-actuated state having different protrusion from the first substrate or a different curvature. A second object has an array of loops thereon.


Coarse tuning selection for phase locked loops

A phase locked loop system comprises a phase locked loop and an oscillator that is coarse tuned and fine tuned according to coarse tuning operations and fine tuning operations. The system operates to calibrate the coarse tuning of the oscillator based on one or more characteristics related to the oscillator and determined by a characterization component, an interpolation function and one or more final measurements.


Multimode oscillator enabling simultaneous monitoring of variations in several resonance frequencies of a resonator

And in which the resonator and the calculators form two self-oscillating loops making the oscillator resonate simultaneously in the two modes.. .


Separately excited electric machine with at least one primary magnetic circuit and at least two secondary magnetic circuits

A separately excited electric machine having a stator provided with at least one exciter unit and a rotor provided with strips. Each exciter unit comprises two secondary magnetic circuits and one primary magnetic circuit.


Knitted elastomeric vibratory damping apparatus

A flexible vibratory damping apparatus is defined by a sheet-like component that is formed from threads made from at least one elastomeric material and formed into a knitted configuration. The knitted configuration is defined by a plurality of adjacent loops wherein the sheet-like component can be wrapped about a structural component under load or otherwise attached thereto.


Geosynthetic connection mechanically stablized earth walls

A connection system for stabilizing an earth wall is disclosed. The system may include a geosynthetic loop assembly partially embedded within a concrete panel.


Methods and devices for applying localized thermal therapy

Methods and devices are disclosed herein that generally involve applying thermal therapy to tissue (e.g., localized cooling or heating of tissue), and in particular applying thermal therapy to the spinal canal, tissue disposed within the spinal canal, and/or nerve roots extending from the spinal canal. In some embodiments, tissue can be cooled or heated by implanting or positioning a thermal device in proximity to the targeted tissue.


Whip-stitching with reinforcement material

Systems and methods for preparing a ligament graft construct for a ligament reconstruction or repair procedure are provided. In general, the described techniques utilize a reinforcement material having at least one suture tail extending therefrom.


Anastomotic device for joining lumens or viscera to each other

The invention provides an anastomosis device for joining together hollow lumens or viscera, the device being suitable for being deployed at the surface of two superposed adjacent lumens, said device comprising a main tubular body of longitudinal axis (l), having first and second open ends and opposite outside and inside faces, said main tubular body comprising at least three columns of loops and at least three rows of loops. In characteristic manner, said tubular body further comprises sets of proximal and distal radial projections extending from said tubular body along at least a depth (e) at the peripheries of said first and second ends respectively, said distal and proximal sets being spaced apart by a minimum internal distance (d), and further comprises a set of intermediate radial projections extending from said body along at most a depth (e) and arranged between the sets of proximal and distal radial projections, in that (e) is less than (e), and in that the minimum internal distance (d) is determined so as to receive two superposed adjacent lumens..


Stepping motor and stator thereof

A stator of a stepping motor comprises two magnetic field closed loops. Each magnetic field closed loop comprises a body as well as a main driving pole and an auxiliary driving pole.
Wellgain Motion Tech Company Limited


Semiconductor device and operating the same

A semiconductor device and a method of operating the same are provided. The method includes performing a multi-plane erase operation on selected planes; determining that the multi-plane erase operation has failed when a number of erase loops reaches a maximum number without successful completion of the multi-plane erase operation; determining whether there are passed planes amongst the selected planes; and performing a soft program operation on the passed planes..
Sk Hynix Inc.


Multiple-thread processing methods and apparatuses

Multiple-thread processing apparatuses and methods are provided. The multiple-thread processing method may include searching for loops in a plurality of threads, calculating a number of repetitions of each of found loops in respective threads among the plurality of threads, determining one or more threads based on the calculated number of repetitions of each of the found loops, dividing at least one of the one or more determined threads into child threads, and processing the child threads separately from one another in the plurality of threads..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Sock and sling system

A sock and sling system is presented for storing a gun within the sock in a storage state and for using as a sling connected to the gun when in a sling state. The system includes a sock extending a length from a first end to a second end and having an open interior.


Braided medical device and manufacturing method thereof

An medical implantable occlusion device (100) is disclosed having a collapsed state and an expanded state and comprising a braiding (101) of at least one thread, and a distal end (102) comprised of said braiding. The distal end comprises loops (103, 104, 204, 304) formed by loop strands (105, 106, 206, 306) of the at least one thread, wherein, at least in said expanded state, each loop strand has a curved shape and extends away from a centre point (117) of the distal end, whereby an apex point (107, 108, 208, 308) of each of the loop strands corresponds to the turning point of the curved shape and to the point of each of the loop strands being arranged closest to the centre point.
Occlutech Holding Ag


Toe closing method and structure

A toe closing method for closing a toe end with first and second circumferential portions includes the steps of: folding the first circumferential portion to superimpose over the second circumferential portion such that the toe end is formed with opposed first and second end points; knitting a stitching thread by threading the same through the loops of the superimposed circumferential portions to form a first loose thread and an initial stitch segment; continuously knitting the thread around the superimposed circumferential portions until the second end point is reached to form a joining segment; and continuously knitting the thread around a part of the joining segment to form at least one tail portion and a second loose thread.. .
Da Kong Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Binding structure of industrial fabric

A binding structure of an industrial fabric for binding both ends of a fabric with ends to form it into an endless type has loops formed by bending a portion or all ends of warp constituting the fabric at both ends and folding it back, the loop at the one end constitutes a binding loop which forms a common hole into which a core wire is introduced upon binding, the loop at the other end portion which is opposed to the binding loop to form a pair with the binding loop upon binding has a structure into which the binding loop is fitted and against which the binding loop is locked, and forms a loop hole into which the core wire is not introduced.. .
Nippon Filcon Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and attaching watercraft

The present invention provides an apparatus for attaching a first watercraft to another structure such as another watercraft or a fixed structure. The apparatus comprises a spacing member and attachment members.
Fundamental Consulting Services Inc.


Buckle-free belt

A buckle-free or buckleless belt is disclosed. According to various configurations, the belt can be lightweight, low profile, and highly durable.


Method and system for split voltage domain receiver circuits

Methods and systems for split voltage domain receiver circuits are disclosed and may comprise amplifying received electrical signals in a plurality of partial voltage domains, and combining the amplified received signals, utilizing a stacked cascode amplifier for each partial voltage domain, into a single differential signal in a single voltage domain. The stacked cascode amplifiers may comprise a feedback loop having a comparator which controls a current source in each domain.
Luxtera, Inc.


High-speed resistor-based charge pump for active loop filter-based phase-locked loops

Techniques are described for increasing the speed of a resistor-based charge pump for an active loop filter-based phase-locked loop (pll). The techniques may include placing a low-resistance discharge path between respective nodes of a current source and sink in a charge pump, and selectively activating the low-resistance discharge path when the charge pump is turned off.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Loops topics: Inflatable Bladder, Electrostatic Chuck, Integrated Circuit, Buffer Circuit, Duty Cycle, Distributed, Relaxation

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