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Loops patents

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Bi-directional magnetic permeability enhanced metamaterial (mpem) substrate for antenna miniaturization

Drexel University

Bi-directional magnetic permeability enhanced metamaterial (mpem) substrate for antenna miniaturization

Recogition email listener

O.c. Tanner

Recogition email listener

Recogition email listener

Kimberly-clark Worldwide

Coil for magnetic induction to tomography imaging

Date/App# patent app List of recent Loops-related patents
 Light emitting diode string driving method patent thumbnailLight emitting diode string driving method
A light emitting diode (led) string driving method applicable to drive a driving circuit is provided. The driving circuit comprises a plurality of led strings, a power supply unit electrically coupled to the led strings, a comparison unit configured to receive an input voltage, a control unit electrically coupled to the comparison unit, and a switch unit electrically coupled to the control unit, the power supply unit and the led strings.
Au Optronics Corp.

 Bi-directional magnetic permeability enhanced metamaterial (mpem) substrate for antenna miniaturization patent thumbnailBi-directional magnetic permeability enhanced metamaterial (mpem) substrate for antenna miniaturization
A bi-directional antenna includes a plurality of unit cells stacked in two perpendicular planes (y-x and z-x planes) to form cube shaped unit cells whereby inductive loops are placed on four faces corresponding to the y-x and z-x planes. Each unit cell includes a magnetic permeability enhanced metamaterial.
Drexel University

 Recogition email listener patent thumbnailRecogition email listener
A system facilitates employee recognition and the analysis of performance indicators for evaluation of employee performance for users of email software by utilizing a plugin to the email software to direct emails containing recognition-related content into a predetermined mailbox. The plugin provides a check box on an email interface, the email-sending user automatically adds the address for the predetermined mailbox to the email interface bcc field by checking the check box.
O.c. Tanner Company

 Coil for magnetic induction to tomography imaging patent thumbnailCoil for magnetic induction to tomography imaging
A coil for facilitating magnetic induction tomography imaging of a specimen, such as a human tissue specimen, using a single coil is provided. The coil can include a plurality of concentric conductive circular loops.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

 Sound abatement system and method patent thumbnailSound abatement system and method
A sound abatement system and method providing for rapid assembly of stacked acoustic suppression walls is disclosed. The system incorporates vertical support members (vsm) and/or vertical i-beams (vib) driven into the ground that support an acoustic suppression panel (acp) array by virtue of diagonal fastening cables (dfc).

 Fluid-fillable barrier patent thumbnailFluid-fillable barrier
A fluid-fillable barrier which includes a flexible, tubular, impermeable membrane and at least two internal tension members. The membrane has opposite ends, a middle, fluid-fillable section, an upper attachment area, and a lower attachment area.
Hydrological Solution, Inc.

 Flood bag patent thumbnailFlood bag
An apparatus, system, and method for creating a flood barrier by use of an open-top fabric bag device or series of connected bag devices that can be filled with materials to create the barrier. Each bag has a bottom panel, a front panel, a back panel, a four-sided neck, an opening in the neck, and lifting loops at the neck for lifting the bag.

 Wasp - wheel armor spray protector patent thumbnailWasp - wheel armor spray protector
A kit containing four round, convex, flexible protective covers to shield tire rims from harsh solvents and chemicals used when cleaning and polishing tires, and four drop cloths. Each cover comprises on its outer edge an extended lip and loops for use in easily handling the cover when applying the cover and removing it from the tire rim..

 Loop fastener material for diaper and related method patent thumbnailLoop fastener material for diaper and related method
A composite loop face fabric which incorporates a multi-bar stitch-bonded construction and related fastening system. A yarn system forms an arrangement of surface loops extending in stitched relation through a composite nonwoven substrate incorporating one or more layers of melt blown nonwoven fibrous material in sandwiched relation to one or more layers of spunbond nonwoven fibrous material.
Tietex International, Ltd.

 Embolic framing microcoils patent thumbnailEmbolic framing microcoils
An embolic microcoil can be formed into a complex shape for use in treating aneurysms and other vascular disorders. The microcoil features a distal portion including several loops that together comprise a substantially spherical shape, and an elongated proximal portion that is deployable within the distal portion.
Incumedx, Inc.


Embolic framing microcoils

An embolic microcoil can be formed into a complex shape for use in treating aneurysms and other vascular disorders. The microcoil features a distal portion including several loops that together comprise a substantially spherical shape, and an elongated proximal portion that is deployable within the distal portion.
Incumedx, Inc.


Embolic framing microcoils

An embolic microcoil can be formed into a complex shape for use in treating aneurysms and other vascular disorders. The microcoil features a distal portion including several loops that together comprise a substantially spherical shape, and an elongated proximal portion that is deployable within the distal portion.
Incumedx, Inc.


Method and retrieving an embolized implant

A retrieval portion is attached to an implantable device to facilitate retrieval of the implantable device in the unlikely event of embolization. The retrieval portion may comprise one or more loops, or a plurality of extensions.
Atritech, Inc.


Assistive hand held vessels or items

The assistive apparatus for hand held vessels or items is a device worn on the hand to facilitate the holding of anything of weight and to reduce the need for gripping strength. The device is a length of flexible material with at least two loops; one at either end; such that the loops are worn over the thumb and the pinky or one or more other fingers.


Heat exchanger for back to back electronic displays

Exemplary embodiments include an electronic display assembly for back to back electronic image assemblies. A first closed gaseous loop may encircle the first electronic image assembly while a second closed gaseous loop may encircle the second electronic image assembly.
Manufacturing Resources International, Inc.


Detecting characteristics of a data path loop on a network

Methods and systems are described for detecting data path loops between ports on a device in a network system. Data path loops may be detected by first detecting data path loop characteristics exhibited by ports on a device.
Aruba Networks, Inc.


Head curtains for dock shelters or dock seals

Head curtains for dock shelters or dock seals are disclosed. An example dock apparatus disclosed herein includes a curtain to be suspended from a support panel and configured to be engaged by the vehicle.


Vehicle windshield protection device

A vehicle windshield protective device. The device may comprise: a cover portion, side mirror straps, a wind strap, one or more extra loops, and/or one or more full side straps.
Delk Products, Inc.


Patient heat exchange system with two and only two fluid loops

A heat exchange system for exchanging heat with working fluid from an intravascular heat exchange catheter or an external heat exchange pad includes a working fluid that circulates between the catheter or pad and a fluid cassette, and a refrigerant system that flows against the outer sides of cold plates between which the cassette is disposed.. .
Zoll Circulation, Inc.


Dc/dc power converter control strategy for source protection

A controller (11a) of a dc/dc converter (10a) responsive to power output of a fuel cell power plant (13) operates under a control strategy which determines if fuel cell voltage exceeds a limit, and if so, provided neither fuel cell output current nor dc/dc converter output current is excessive, causes an increase in dc/dc converter duty cycle to thereby increase power demanded from the fuel cell stack. This eliminates the need for conventional voltage limiting to protect fuel cells from corrosion.
Ballard Power Systems, Inc.


Semiconductor device and operating method thereof

An operating method of a semiconductor device includes repeating an erase loop operable to lower threshold voltages of memory cells in a selected memory block by applying an erase voltage to the selected memory block and performing an erase verification to determine whether the threshold voltages of the memory cells in the selected memory block are less than or equal to a target level, wherein an erase voltage is increased by a voltage difference wherein the voltage difference is increased between successive applications of two or more of the erase loops, and repeating a program loop including applying a program voltage to a selected word line to increase threshold voltages of memory cells electrically coupled to the selected word line and performing a program verification to determine whether the threshold voltages are greater than or equal to a target level, wherein a program voltage is increased by a voltage difference wherein the voltage difference is increased between successive applications of two or more program voltages.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Early loop buffer entry

Systems, processors, and methods for determining when to enter loop buffer mode early for loops in an instruction stream. A processor waits until a branch history register has saturated before entering loop buffer mode for a loop if the processor has not yet determined the loop has an unpredictable exit.
Apple Inc.


Dynamic clock and voltage scaling with low-latency switching

Systems and methods for dynamic clock and voltage scaling can switch integrated circuits between frequency-voltage modes with low latency. These systems include a resource power manager that can control a power management integrated circuit (pmic), phase locked loops (plls), and clock dividers.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Stock-controlling a storage yarn feeder with rotary drum

A yarn feeder is provided with a drum which is driven to rotate by a motor controlled by a control unit for drawing yarn from a reel and winding it upon itself in the shape of loops forming a stock. The control unit estimates the stock on the drum on the basis of an information indicative of the amount of yarn which is unwound from the drum upon request from a downstream machine, and of an information indicative of the amount of yarn which is wound on the drum, and retroactively controls the motor to substantially stabilize the stock on a reference value.
L.g.l. Electronics S.p.a.


Rf shield for an implantable lead

Various embodiments concern shielding an implantable lead from rf energy associated with mri scans. The lead can include a distal region, a proximal region, an intermediate region between the distal region and the proximal region, at least one electrode disposed on the distal region, and at least one conductor extending from the proximal region to the at least one electrode.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.


Whisk with improved aeration

A whisk for attachment to a blending appliance including a shaft configured to connect to a source of rotary power, a plurality of flexible filament loops, and a coupling for connecting the shaft to the plurality of filament loops. The plurality of filament loops extend downwardly from the coupling to form a cage.
Sunbeam Products, Inc.


Bed cover

A mattress cover assembly for covering a mattress includes a waterproof sheet with a bottom surface that is configured to slide readily across a mattress surface on which same is spread, and the waterproof sheet is configured to cover the mattress surface and to extend downward along right and left sides of the mattress. An incontinence pad is fastened to a middle portion of a top surface of the waterproof sheet, and a plurality of loops are spaced about a perimeter of the waterproof sheet..


Systems, methods, and apparatuses for implementing a dsl system

An apparatus comprises at least one vectoring engine and a cross-connect coupled to the vectoring engine. The cross-connect is to couple with each of a plurality of customer premises equipment (cpe) devices via a respective dsl loop.
Adaptive Spectrum And Signal Alignment, Inc.


Double phase-locked loop with frequency stabilization

A double phase-locked has a first phase-locked loop including a first narrowband loop filter configured to reduce phase noise in a first input clock, and a second phase-locked loop including a second loop filter configured to receive a second input clock from a stable clock source. The second clock has a frequency close to said first clock.
Microsemi Semiconductor Ulc


Apparatus and methods for phase-locked loops with soft transition from holdover to reacquiring phase lock

Provided herein are apparatus and methods for phase-locked loops (plls). In certain configurations, a clock system includes a pll, a control circuit, and a holdover circuit that is electrically coupled to an input of the pll's loop filter via a holdover switch and a variable resistor.
Hittite Microwave Corporation


Low tau synchronizer flip-flop with dual loop feedback approach to improve mean time between failure

A flip-flop and a method of receiving a digital signal from an asynchronous domain. In one embodiment, the flip-flop includes: (1) a first loop coupled to a flip-flop input and having first and second stable states and (2) a second loop coupled to the first loop and having the first and second stable states, properties of cross-coupled inverters in the first and second loops creating a metastable state skewed toward the first stable state in the first loop and skewed toward the second stable state in the second loop.
Nvidia Corporation


Amplifier with reduced idle power loss using single-ended loops

A method of audio signal processing includes receiving a first audio input signal (first input signal) at an input of a first integrating amplifier of a first single-ended (se) closed loop channel, and second input signal with a polarity reversed relative to the first input signal at an input of a second integrating amplifier configured of a second se closed loop channel. During audio signal processing a common-mode (cm) reference voltage level applied to a current source coupled to an input of the first and second integrating amplifiers is dynamically changed including whenever a level of the input signals is below a predetermined low level, reducing the cm reference voltage level for implementing low duty cycle (ldc) pwm operation, and whenever the level is above a level that corresponds to an onset of clipping, increasing the cm reference voltage level for at least reducing the clipping to lower crossover distortion..
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Wirelessly charged battery system

The disclosure features power transmitting apparatus for wireless power transfer to a receiver that includes a housing having a form factor that corresponds to a container featuring lateral surfaces, a bottom surface, and an opening opposite the bottom surface, a first coil formed by a continuous path of electrically conductive material and featuring a plurality of non-planar loops that conform to a first pair of opposite lateral surfaces and to the bottom surface, and a second coil formed by a continuous path of electrically conductive material and featuring a plurality of non-planar loops that conform to a second pair of opposite lateral surfaces and to the bottom surface.. .
Witricity Corporation


Modularized planar coil and planar transformer using the same

Disclosed is a planar coil module comprising a first planar coil, a second planar coil and a connection portion to connect the first and second planar coils in series. The first and second coils respectively include an outer loop and an inner loop, connected in series and separated by a first distance, with the inner loops of the first and second planar coils connected by the connection portion.


Planar coil module and planar transformer using the same

Disclosed is a planar coil module comprising a first planar coil, a second planar coil and a connection portion to connect the first and second planar coils in series. The first and second coils respectively include an outer loop and an inner loop connected in series, with the inner loops of the first and second planar coils being connected by the connection portion.


Driving nonvolatile memory device using variable resistive element

Provided is a driving method of a nonvolatile memory device for performing a write operation using a plurality of consecutive write loops. The driving method includes writing data to a plurality of nonvolatile memory cells during a first write loop, and after the first write loop, writing the data to the plurality of nonvolatile memory cells during a second write loop.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Analysis of program code

This disclosure relates to the analysis of a program based on source code where the source code comprises a call to a function associated with a function implementation. A processor determines, based on a summary that over-approximates the function, an assignment of an input variable and an output variable of the function call to reach a predefined state.
National Ict Australia Llmitied


Method and system for analyzing an extent of speedup achievable for an application in a heterogeneous system

The present disclosure includes, in a heterogeneous system, receiving a desired speedup of an application as input and performing a static analysis and a dynamic analysis of the application. The dynamic analysis of the application comprises, identifying a set of parameters including, an end-to-end execution time of the application, an execution time of data parallel loops in the application, an execution time of non-data parallel loops in the application, and an amount of physical memory used by each data structure in each data parallel loop.
Infosys Limited


System for biasing sheet of material to gather in predetermimned direction

A system for biasing or encouraging a sheet of material to gather in one direction when one edge of the sheet of material is moved toward an opposite edge of the sheet of material is provided. A plurality of strips of material may extend along a face of the sheet of material and may be laminated to the face of the sheet of material.
Hunter Douglas Inc.


Monoclonal antibodies directed against trimeric forms of the hiv-1 envelope glycoprotein with broad and potent neutralizing activity

The invention provides a method for obtaining a broadly neutralizing antibody (bnab), including screening memory b cell cultures from a donor pbmc sample for neutralization activity against a plurality of hiv-1 species, cloning a memory b cell that exhibits broad neutralization activity; and rescuing a monoclonal antibody from that memory b cell culture. The resultant monoclonal antibodies are characterized by their ability to selectively bind epitopes from the env proteins in native or monomeric form, as well as to inhibit infection of hiv-1 species from a plurality of clades.
The Scripps Research Institute


Rope use as a round sling

A round sling includes a line arranged to define a plurality of loops and a plurality of organizers. The organizers engage the line such that each of the plurality of loops defines a first segment, a second segment, a third segment, and a fourth segment.
Samson Rope Technologies


Method and device to control the gain of a radio receiver

An automatic gain control (agc) method and system for a radio receiver are proposed in which the acg comprises two agc loops; a first loop controlling signal gain in the analogue portion of the radio receiver, a second loop controlling gain in the digital domain after digitization of the received signal. The analogue agc loop has a slower response time than the digital agc loop.
Ericsson Modems Sa


Differential bang-bang phase detector using standard digital cells

Certain aspects of the present disclosure provide fully differential phase detectors for use in delay-locked loops, for example. One example phase detecting circuit generally includes a first input for a reference signal; a second input for an input signal to be compared with the reference signal; a set-reset (s-r) latch having a set input, a reset input, a first output, and a second output, and a delay (d) flip-flop having a logic input, a clock input, a reset input, and a logic output.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Auto-phase synchronization in delay locked loops

Tuning circuitry may include a controller that is configured to determine a phase difference for a pair of signals generated at different points in a master delay line of a master-slave delay locked loop (dll) circuit. One of signals of the pair may be communicated through a slave delay line of the master-slave dll circuit before the phase difference is determined.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.


Multi-band plasma loop antenna

Disclosed is a multi-band plasma loop antenna that may reduce radio interference and provide multiple bands. First, the multi-band plasma loop antenna includes an antenna element including a plurality of plasma loop patterns; a plasma activation controller configured to activate a specific plasma loop pattern among the plurality of plasma loop patterns based on an input signal; and at least one rf feed configured to apply an rf signal to the antenna element.
Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute


Semiconductor device including conductive layer with conductive plug

Some embodiments include a semiconductor device which includes a first conductive layer formed on the semiconductor substrate and a first contact plug connected to the first conductive layer. The first conductive layer includes a plurality of loops of conductive material over the semiconductor substrate.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Surge arrester comprising traction elements maintained by loops

A surge arrester has several tensioning elements which brace the discharge column in the axial direction. One or more loop arrangements radially surround the tensioning elements.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Injection-locked phase locked loop circuits using delay locked loops

An injection-locked phase-locked loop (ilpll) circuit includes a delay-locked loop (dll) and an ilpll. The dll is configured to generate a dll clock by performing a delay-locked operation on a reference clock.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Processor loop buffer

A method and apparatus for executing program loops. A processor, includes an execution unit and an instruction fetch buffer.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh


Loop distribution detection program and loop distribution detection method

A loop distribution group detection program for causing a computer to execute a process including, converting a loop distribution target program into a test program having a cache miss measurement instruction, by dividing a loop in the loop distribution target program into plural distribution loops based on a loop distribution specification parameter, sequentially executing the test program while varying the loop distribution specification parameter, extracting loop distribution candidates, for which the number of cache misses exceeds a reference value, as a first loop distribution candidate group, and extracting loop distribution candidates with not exceeding the reference value, as a second loop distribution candidate group, and excluding loop distributions from execution target candidates for the test program, by comparing a loop distribution based on the loop distribution specification parameter with loop distributions of the loop distribution candidates in the first loop distribution candidate group.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Rooftop bracket or jack system for supporting roofers, roofing supplies or other rooftop loads

A rooftop bracket or bundle jack system features a first unit arranged for fastening to a sloped roof near the peak, and one or more additional link units arranged to hang downward from the first unit. Each unit features supports for a step or platform for workers, supplies, tools, etc.


Dryer fabric

A papermaking dryer fabric has a system of md yarns interwoven with a system of cmd yarns in a single layer weave. The md yarns have groups each formed of a plurality of adjacent md yarns weaving in the group side-by-side the same weave path with the cmd yarns.
Voith Patent Gmbh


Novel thermoprotections obtained by a filament winding process and use thereof

A novel composite material is obtained by winding a reinforcing yarn, made of refractory fibers, onto a form, and a mandrel, the wound yarn being impregnated, as it is wound, with a “slip” composed of a liquid resin mixed with fillers composed of particles of refractory material. The reinforcing yarn is composed of linear fibers and of fibers forming protruding loops which confer a three-dimensional texture on the wound reinforcement.
Roxel France


Elevator and modernizing an elevator

An elevator, more particularly an elevator for passenger transport and/or freight transport, which elevator includes an elevator car, is arranged to travel in an elevator hoistway. Above the elevator hoistway is a space bounded by a floor, a counterweight, a first suspension roping and a second suspension roping, which suspension ropings connect the aforementioned elevator car and counterweight to each other, a mechanism configured to move the first suspension roping and the second suspension roping, one or more diverting pulleys of the first suspension roping disposed in said space, one or more diverting pulleys of the second suspension roping disposed in said space, and in which elevator the first suspension roping and the second suspension roping travel on vertical planes parallel to each other.
Kone Corporation


Method and system for vehicle climate control

Methods and system for operating a vehicle climate control system are described. In one example, the vehicle climate control system includes high and low temperature coolant loops that operate in conjunction with a heat pump.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Methods and filtering a body lumen

An implantable lumen filter is described. The filter may include a body formed from an elongate member.
Abbott Laboratories Vascular Enterprises Limited


Neuromodulation catheters having jacketed neuromodulation elements and related devices, systems, and methods

A neuromodulation catheter in accordance with a particular embodiment includes an elongate shaft and a neuromodulation element operably connected to the shaft. The shaft includes a proximal hypotube segment at its proximal end portion and a jacket disposed around at least a portion of an outer surface of the hypotube segment.
Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.l.


Removable wall decoration kits, systems and methods

Systems and kits for decorating walls include a plurality of décor assemblies and a plurality of complementary fastening structures. The décor assemblies include a décor element and a releasable fastening structure providing first fastening elements.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Belt loop array for a carry pouch or holster

A belt loop array for mounting a pouch or holster to waist belts of three or more different widths. The belt loop array consists of a plurality (five shown) of belt loop straps: a single intermediate strap, a pair of short straps and a pair of long straps, which are sewn or otherwise affixed to the back of a pouch or holster to form belt loops of three different widths.


Methods and wireless power field testing

This disclosure provides methods and apparatus for wireless power field testing. An apparatus for sensing magnetic field strength of a wireless charging pad is provided.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Adaptive inertial measurement system and method

A control system includes a processor that operates one or more control loops that enable gyroscopic angular measurement for an inertial measurement unit (imu). Each of the one or more control loops operates over a range of set points defined for each of the respective control loops.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation


Device for attaching two mechanical connectors

The invention relates to an attachment device for attaching two mechanical connectors including a strap and a protective enclosure. The strap includes opposite first and second ends folded so as to define first and second loops separated by a central part on which the first and second ends are secured.


Injection needle insertion barrier

A catheter system includes a positioning catheter for receiving an injection needle into its lumen. Structurally, the injection needle incorporates a plurality of loops that are mounted directly onto its shaft.


Wipe pad for mop heads

A wet wipe pad designed to be connected or attached to floor mop heads that utilize a hook-and-loop mechanism for attaching the wipe pad to the mop head. The wipe pad includes a cleaning layer ultrasonically welded to an attachment layer having an absorption layer disposed between the cleaning layer and the attachment layer.


Multigrip touch closure fasteners

Specialized tape and tape-built articles help reduce problems such as load slippage, odd or varying load sizes, or the inconvenience of knots. A touch closure fastening means allows users to releasably fasten together different portions of the article.


Attachable armored garment

A ballistic protection garment assembly has a two sleeves joined by front and back yolks. The sleeved garment can be attached to a variety of ballistic vests with front and rear attachment assemblies which are removably connected to the yolks by zippers.
Lineweight Llc


Apparatus and manufacturing three-dimensional net-like structure

The object is to improve the production efficiency of three-dimensional net-like structures while maintaining the surface quality of the three-dimensional net-like structures. A second chute 6 is located below a hole-free region 33 and is provided between first chutes 4a and 4b.
C-eng Co., Ltd.


Combined screwdriver head accommodating device

The present invention relates to a combined screwdriver head accommodating device, which comprises at least two screwdriver heads and an accommodating device used for the screwdriver heads, wherein the screwdriver head comprises a working portion, a transition portion and a clamping portion; the two ends of the transition portion are connected with the working portion and the clamping portion respectively; the transition portion is provided with an accommodating portion recessed inwardly along a radial direction; the accommodating device comprises at least two accommodating loops and a connector connecting the at least two accommodating loops; the accommodating loops are configured to be installed in the accommodating portions of the screwdriver heads; and the connector is formed by at least one slice. Through implementing the combined screwdriver head accommodating device, users may identify, store and replace the screwdriver head more conveniently, and easily identify old and new screwdriver heads..
Talent Key Holdings Limited


Droops jeans

The “droop loops” portion of the garment would be the noticeable part of the new product that makes it distinctive. (possibly a different color).


System and avoiding loops in automatic message processing

Loop avoidance information is added to messages to determine whether a messaging application had previously processed a message. Loop avoidance information can be added to messages as they are received in an added header field (such as a message identifier and user identifier) prior to storage.


Method and controlling a hybrid energy storage system

A control apparatus and corresponding control method use per-unit filtering in a plurality of power-sharing controllers, to obtain a power-sharing command signal for respective ones among a plurality of different energy storage units in a hybrid energy storage system. The hybrid energy storage system includes two or more types of energy storage units and the power-sharing command signal for each energy storage unit is obtained by filtering an input signal using a filter having a filter response that is tailored to the energy storage characteristics of the energy storage unit.
Abb Technlogy Ag


Direct drive generator-equipped with flux pump and integrated cryogenics

This invention relates generally to a generator having a rotor with a rotor structure, a set of flux pumps secured to the rotor structure and a cooling system secured to the rotor structure for cooling each one of the flux pumps. The flux pump includes separate superconducting loops in separate layers with each superconducting loop including a plurality of sections in revolutions in its respective layer.
Grid Logic Incorporated


Left atrial appendage treatment systems and methods

Embodiments of the present invention encompass systems and methods to prevent complications from atrial fibrillation by preventing or reducing the likelihood of blood flow out of the left atrial appendage, to eliminate a possible source of aberrant electrical circuits, or both. Accordingly, techniques are provided for delivering ligature loops or closure means to the left atrial appendage, and to other anatomical structures of a patient which may be desirable in other surgical procedures..
Atricure, Inc.


Episodic coordination model for distributed applications

An episodic execution of program instances and a coordinated message exchange protocol are combined to achieve eventual consistency in the communication between nodes of a distributed system. Program instances run in episodic loops that are triggered by defined input events and that generate checkpoints.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Automatic generation of 2.5d extruded polygons from full 3d models

A capability to automatically generate a two-and-a-half-dimensional (2.5d) model from a three-dimensional (3d) model comprising a mesh of polygons representing a plurality of objects in a three-dimensional environment is provided. Such a two-and-a-half-dimensional model includes a set of extruded polygons (e.g., right prisms), each of which can have multiple shells (e.g., outer loops) and holes (e.g., inner loops).
Google Inc.


Nonvolatile memory device, nonvolatile memory system including the same, and operating the same

A nonvolatile memory device includes a memory cell array having a normal area and a temporary area. A page buffer stores data to be written to the normal area in a normal program operation and store a temporary data to be written to the temporary area in a temporary program operation.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Inductive touch-control display substrate, inductive touch-control screen and touch-control display device

The invention discloses an in-cell inductive touch-control display substrate, an inductive touch-control screen and a touch-control display device. The in-cell inductive touch-control display substrate includes: a first electrode layer; a second electrode layer insulated from the first electrode layer to form an electric field; first electromagnetic inductive coils extending in the row direction and forming loops and second electromagnetic inductive coils extending in the column direction and forming loops, disposed in the same layer as the first electrode layer.
Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.


Wrap and methods of using and making the same

A decorative and/or practical wrap according to the present invention comprises an elongated strip of material having opposed ends and a central portion in between, a body providing a slot therethrough, the width of the slot at least equal to the width of the strip, and portions of both ends of the strip secured to the body with the central portion extending through the slot slidable therein, thereby forming two loops wherein increasing the size of one loop decreases the size of the other loop.. .


Belt with interchangeable accessories

The belt with interchangeable accessories is formed of a soft, resilient elastomer and includes a series of notches along its upper and lower edges. An accessory or accessories is/are adapted for removable and interchangeable installation on the belt.


Apparatus and methods for phase-locked loops with temperature compensated calibration voltage

Apparatus and methods for frequency lock enhancement of phase-locked loops (plls) are provided. In one aspect, a pll can include a vco and a calibration voltage generation circuit that can generate a calibration voltage for controlling a tuning voltage input of the vco when the vco is being coarsely tuned.
Analog Devices Technology


Apparatus and methods for frequency lock enhancement of phase-locked loops

Apparatus and methods for frequency lock enhancement of phase-locked loops (plls) are provided. In one aspect, a pll can include a vco having a tuning voltage input and a frequency tuning circuit configured to set a frequency band setting of the vco.
Analog Devices Technology


Three-dimensional wire bond inductor

An inductor is provided on a substrate that includes a capacitor. The inductor comprises a series of wire loops.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Semiconductor device, semiconductor substrate, manufacturing semiconductor device, and manufacturing semiconductor substrate

A second epitaxial layer is grown epitaxially over a first epitaxial layer. The first epitaxial layer includes an epitaxially grown layer and a defect layer.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Automated state machine extraction for rapid-single flux-quantum circuits

The invention provides a method and system for extracting a state machine representation of a digital logic superconductive circuit from an alphanumeric representation of the circuit. The alphanumeric representation typically specifies circuit components including inductive elements, their interconnectivity and input and output nodes.
Stellenbosch University


Non-invasive prostate coil for mr systems with vertical main field

An inductively coupled magnetic resonance local prostate radio frequency coil (10) includes at least two connected electrically conductive loops (50) and an interface device (80). The at least two connected electrically conductive loops (50) are tuned to receive magnetic resonance radio frequency signal components along an axis of a subject disposed in a main magnetic field (b0) orthogonal to the axis of the subject (i.e.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Load sensing electric-proportional multi-way valve

This application discloses a load sensing electric-proportional multi-way valve. The technical problem to be solved by the present application is to provide a load sensing electric-proportional multi-way valve, enabling individual loops to operate with different loads, to save energy and reduce the environmental pollution.
Hangcha Group Co., Ltd.


Method of folding paper

A method for folding paper by means of a folding machine having a folding station, wherein a portion of a paper web (9) supplied to same is firstly folded in a first stack (10) containing continuous sheets and, after reaching a threshold value of the thus-created first stack (10), moved into a stacker (15) and thus remains in contact, via a folded stacking area (12) with a further portion of the paper web (9), wherein a section of the folded stacking area (32) serves as basis for a further subsequent stack of continuous sheets to be folded thereupon. Such method is intended to be developed such that only the smallest possible loops are required.
Roth + Weber Gmbh


Garbage can lid retention device and methods

The present invention relates to devices and methods for coupling the lid of a trash can to the body of a trash can. The device of the invention comprises an elongated tether with a first end and second end, the first end and the second end of the elongated tether terminate in loops capable of engaging with connectors to mount the ends of the tether to the lid and body of a trash can.


Collective pitch integration with control power management system

A control system having a series of control loops for determining the upper and lower cyclic limit increments due to the contribution of collective pitch in rotorcraft based at least on nacelle angle and airspeed.. .
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.


Method and supporting a portable media device

A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a collapsible supporting member, which includes a frame a portable media device retainer attached to the frame multiple strap anchors attached to the frame and a strap redirector. The strap redirector is affixed relative to the frame and positioned between two strap anchors of the multiple strap anchors.
White Compass, Llc

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