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Loops patents


This page is updated frequently with new Loops-related patent applications.

 Cable management assembly for rack mounted equipment patent thumbnailCable management assembly for rack mounted equipment
A cable management assembly for managing cabling of equipment is provided. The cable management assembly may be utilized to manage the movement of cables attached to the enclosures when the enclosures are pulled into and out of the front of a structure during servicing.
Sanmina Corporation

 Microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch and lighting apparatus having the same patent thumbnailMicrocontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch and lighting apparatus having the same
A microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch uses a detection circuit design to convert external motion signals into message carrying sensing signals readable to the microcontroller. Based on the time length of sensing signals and the format of the sensing signals received in a preset instant period of time the microcontroller through the operation of its software program codes written in the otprom is able to recognize the working modes chosen by the external signal generating user and thereby selecting the appropriate loops of subroutine for execution.

 Method and  processing information patent thumbnailMethod and processing information
Provided are a method and apparatus for processing information. The apparatus includes: one or more memories, configured to store parameters of one basic parity check matrix set; and one or more processors, configured to encode information bits to be encoded or decode data to be decoded using the basic parity check matrix set hb, wherein at least 50 percent of short loops-4 in a basic parity check matrix hbj1 among all basic parity check matrices in the basic parity check matrix set hb except hbj0 are the same as short loops-4 in the hbj0, where j0 is a fixed positive integer between 0 and l−1, l is the number of basic parity check matrices contained in the basic parity check matrix set, and j1=0, 1, .
Zte Corporation

 Coupling structure for inductive device patent thumbnailCoupling structure for inductive device
A circuit includes a coupling structure and a first inductive device. The coupling structure includes two or more conductive loops and a set of conductive paths electrically connecting the two or more conductive loops.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

 Systems and methods for optimizing looping parameters and looping trajectories in the formation of wire loops patent thumbnailSystems and methods for optimizing looping parameters and looping trajectories in the formation of wire loops
A method of forming a wire loop in connection with a semiconductor package is provided. The method includes the steps of: (1) providing package data related to the semiconductor package to a wire bonding machine; (2) providing at least one looping control value related to a desired wire loop to the wire bonding machine, the at least one looping control value including at least a loop height value related to the desired wire loop; (3) deriving looping parameters, using an algorithm, for forming the desired wire loop; (4) forming a first wire loop on the wire bonding machine using the looping parameters derived in step (3); (5) measuring actual looping control values of the first wire loop formed in step (4) corresponding to the at least one looping control value; and (6) comparing the actual looping control values measured in step (5) to the at least one looping control value provided in step (2)..
Kulicke And Soffa Industries, Inc.

 Eyeglass frame having selectively interchangeable temples with simplified recessed interconnection clips patent thumbnailEyeglass frame having selectively interchangeable temples with simplified recessed interconnection clips
An eyeglass frame having selectively interchangeable temples has a conventional frame front, combined with specially-designed hinges and the temples. Each temple has a longitudinal cavity of generally rectangular cross section, at the hinge end thereof, that is in communication with a rectangular aperture that opens to the inner surface of the temple.

 Adjustable shower curtain liner and removable bottom with an interchangeable front panel patent thumbnailAdjustable shower curtain liner and removable bottom with an interchangeable front panel
An adjustable shower curtain liner that includes: (a) a plurality of horizontal rows of curtain hook loops; (b) a neutral color for attachment by snaps, buttonholes or velcro® to a decorative outer panel that go partially to the base of the tub or all the way to the bathroom floor; and (c) a set of lower magnets for keeping the liner close to the tub interior—with one or more strips of perforations that can be easily removed when they become too moldy or unsightly.. .

 Foreign object detection in wireless energy transfer systems patent thumbnailForeign object detection in wireless energy transfer systems
The disclosure features apparatus, methods, and systems for wireless power transfer that include a power source featuring at least one resonator, a power receiver featuring at least one resonator, a first detector featuring one or more loops of conductive material and configured to generate an electrical signal based on a magnetic field between the power source and the power receiver, a second detector featuring conductive material, and control electronics coupled to the first and second detectors, where during operation, the control electronics are configured to measure the electrical signal of the first detector and compare the measured electrical signal of the first detector to baseline electrical information for the first detector to determine information about whether debris is positioned between the power source and the power receiver.. .
Witricity Corporation

 Airborne platform for aircraft with attitude correction and tow hitch assembly patent thumbnailAirborne platform for aircraft with attitude correction and tow hitch assembly
In a general aspect, an airborne geophysical prospection device can include a support structure having a surface area of several hundred square meters and an electromagnetic antenna disposed on the support structure. The electromagnetic antenna can have a surface area of several hundred square meters.
Action Communication

 Viking knit hand tool patent thumbnailViking knit hand tool
This invention in one embodiment comprises a cylindrical rod with a rotating, removable loop head inserted into the center of the top end of the rod. The loop head is inserted into a vertical hole drilled into the top end of the rod, wherein the loop head is able to rotate in the hole.

Tire including a knitted fabric having variable properties

Tire (10) comprises a knit (44) comprising: columns of loops, the loops of one and the same column being arranged one after the other substantially in an overall direction referred to as the main direction and rows of said loops, the loops of one and the same row being arranged one beside the other substantially in an overall direction referred to as the transverse direction. The knit (44) comprises first and second zones (451, 452), each respectively having, at least in one of the main or transverse directions, a force ft100 and fs100 at 100% elongation that satisfies fs100<ft100, each force ft100 and fs100 being determined from a force-elongation curve obtained by applying standard iso 13934-1:2013 to the knit before it is incorporated into the tire (10)..
Michelin Recherche Et Technique, S.a.

Leads for selective sensing and virtual electrodes

Selective sensing implantable medical leads include pulsing and sensing portions and pulsing and not sensing portion. Leads and electrodes may be used in defibrillation and as integrated bipolar defibrillation electrodes.
Medtronic, Inc.

Method and coupling anatomical features

A method of coupling a first portion of an anatomy to a second portion of the anatomy includes coupling first and second bones of the anatomy with a bone-tendon-bone implant. The bone-tendon-bone implant has a first bone end, a second bone end and a replacement tendon between the first and second bone ends.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc

Tether line tongue or other tissue suspension or compression

Systems and methods of placing one or more suture loops into tissue, such as the base of the tongue, are described. A system can include a variable-thickness suspension line for suspending tissue, including a suture having a first thickness dimension; an elastomer surrounding a portion of the suture and defining a central segment of the suspension line having a second thickness dimension greater than the first thickness dimension, and at least one transition zone extending from the central segment of the suspension line to a lateral end of the suspension line, the transition zones having a thickness dimension that tapers from the second thickness dimension to the first thickness dimension..
Siesta Medical, Inc.

Garment cinching belt

A garment cinching belt for tightening garments around a user and for supporting articles of clothing. The garment cinching belt includes a strap having a pair of hooks on opposing ends for securing the strap to belt loops of a garment.

Dog restraining apparatus and method

Embodiments of a dog restraining apparatus comprise a dog collar and a collar positioning assembly. The collar is configured to attach to a leash at a location behind the dog's head when the collar is secured around the dog's neck.
Dragon Gear 2.5 Lc

Low stress trainer kit

Provided is a kit facilitating the low stress training horticultural technique comprising an elastic band upon which are strung arms of synthetic cord. The elastic band fits around horticultural containers and the arms form loops when pulled through the cord lock.

Overlapping uncoupled inductors for low-cost multi-frequency voltage-controlled oscillators

Certain aspects of the present disclosure provide techniques and apparatus for generating multiple oscillating signals. One example circuit generally includes a first voltage-controlled oscillator (vco) having a first inductor and a second vco having a second inductor in parallel with a third inductor, wherein the second and third inductors are disposed inside a loop of the first inductor and may behave as a magnetic dipole.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Electric propulsion system for marine applications and use

An electric propulsion system for use in marine applications. The system comprises rechargeable battery cells, ac or dc electric motors for propulsion, control units to manage the flow of energy between the battery cells and the motor, a water cooling loop that pumps water through heat exchangers then out of the watercraft for thermal management.
Cedar Marine Propulsion, Inc.

Iris dilator

An iris dilator has a head spring transmitting a spring bias to a pair of limbs extending from the head spring. The limbs are provided with loops that can engage an inner perimeter of an iris while the bias exerted by the head spring results in a dilation occurring approximately at the four corners of an iris opening..

Method and coupling soft tissue to a bone

A method and apparatus for coupling a soft tissue implant into a locking cavity formed within a bone is disclosed. The apparatus includes a member to pull the soft tissue implant into a femoral tunnel.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc

Magnetic field-compatible components of a medical diagnostic and/or therapeutic system

A medical device assembly comprises a medical device comprising a shaft having proximal and distal end portions. The device further comprises a sensor at the distal end portion of the shaft that comprises first and second leads extending therefrom to the proximal end portion of the shaft.
St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.

Hair accessory

A hair accessory having a horseshoe shaped base terminating at two free terminal ends, each terminal and comprising a loop. Projecting from one of the edges of the horseshoe shaped base are plurality of spikes used to catch hair.
Kaleidoscope Visions, Inc.

Magnetic thrust generation system

An apparatus comprises multiple electrically conductive loops, an elongated tubular ferromagnetic shield, and an elongated tubular superconductive inner shield. The superconductive inner shield is positioned within the ferromagnetic shield.

Nfc antenna with a metal back cover

An nfc antenna includes a first metal back cover and an antenna coil located on the inner side of the first metal back cover, a through-hole and a first slit are formed in the first metal back cover, the first slit is connected with one edge of the through-hole and one edge of the first metal back cover, the antenna coil surrounds the through-hole and the first slit, and one part of the antenna coil does not coincide with the first metal back cover and is not intersected with the first slit. Through the above manner, the effect of optimally changing the flow direction distribution and intensity of eddy currents can be achieved, the eddy current loops are used to enhance the performance of the antenna, and the shielding effect of the metal back is eliminated..
Shenzhen Sunway Communication Co.,ltd.

Carrier bag with loops and displaced rims

A carrier bag has a first side panel (back panel) with a first carrier handle, which may be a first flexible loop, and an opposing second side panel (front panel) with a second carrier handle, which may be a second flexible loop. The first side panel has a first upper edge and a first lower edge as well as two opposite first side edges, wherein the second side panel has a second upper edge and a second lower edge as well as two opposite second side edges.
Papier-mettler Kg

Coiling apparatus and method

Pre-straightening the wire before storing it in loops inside the cylindrical drum 34 allows for a more consistent pocket spring, and ultimately a flatter spring unit/mattress as any pre-stressing of the wire, caused by the drawing process used to manufacture it, is neutralised leaving the wire largely stress-free. This means that there is no need to compensate for, or break, the forces inherent in the wire before feeding it to the coiler.

Absorbent pants

The pants has two zippers symmetrically arranged from a waistband's front center extend slantwise downward to a lateral side of the pants. A detachable wrapping member is integrated with the pants.

Garment with embellished back strap

A garment comprising a front portion; a back portion; the front portion and the back portion converging to define a first edge section and a second edge section; a first attachment device having a first opening located in proximity to the first edge section; a second attachment device having a second opening located in proximity to the second edge section; the first and second openings extend from the front portion to the back portion; an embellished back strap having a first surface a second surface, a first attachment portion, and a second attachment portion; the first attachment portion loops through the first opening and the second attachment portion loops through the second opening; and an adjustable attachment system for attaching the first and second attachment portions to the second face of the embellished strap.. .

Assembly for storing and deploying for use a handheld digital device

An assembly for storing and deploying for use a handheld digital device, the assembly incorporating a case adapted for nestingly receiving the handheld digital device; a pin and socket combination having upper and lower halves, the upper half being fixedly attached to or formed wholly with the case; a flexible lanyard; a pair of loops interconnecting the flexible lanyard and the pin; a base; a socket; and a hinge mount interconnecting the socket and the base; the pin and socket combination's socket being slotted for passage of the lanyard.. .

Systems and methods for mri continuous gradient coils

A magnetic resonance imaging (mri) gradient coil assembly includes a substrate and first hollow conductor coil. The substrate has a surface.
General Electric Company

Portable animal refuse bag dispenser and making

A non-plastic, fabric container attachable to a leash with a closure flap and having an opening for dispensing bags and method of making. This design offers consumers a more durable and functional dispenser constructed from a single strip of fabric.

Tension sources and stabilizers with modified roll on mounting tire chains

A method of mounting a vehicle tire chain on a vehicle tire by draping the chain on the tire and connecting the free ends of the chain with suitable temporary straps to form temporary loops on the tire and rolling the wheel a quarter to a half of a revolution to complete the mounting of the chain, and producing a high quality mounting using special tension sources and stabilizers to migrate residual chain slack to the side chain closure device during a short travel to a stop to re-hook the chain to a suitable operating chain tension.. .

Suture passer tongue or other tissue suspension and compression

Suture passer systems for tissue suspension and tissue compression, and more particularly for tongue suspension, are described. The system can include at least a first elongate tubular body or shaft, a needle having a lateral bias carried by the elongate body, and a retrieval element operably connected to the elongate tubular body.
Siesta Medical, Inc.

Ceramic implant placement systems and superelastic suture retention loops for use therewith

Described herein is a simplified placement system and method for a tissue graft anchor by which a surgeon may introduce one or more sutures into a hole in a boney tissue, apply a precise amount of tension to the sutures to advance a soft tissue graft to a desired location, and then advance the anchor into the bone, preferably while maintaining the requisite pre-determined suture tension and without introducing spin to the suture. Particularly preferred embodiments allow for the placement of small diameter knotless anchors.
Tenjin Llc

Magnetic localization of a medical device

A method of localizing a medical device in a magnetic localization field is disclosed. The medical device includes a distal region forming at least a partial loop and can be devoid of dedicated magnetic localization sensors.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

Ear bud holder

An ear bud holder that includes a lanyard, a clasp and first and second ear bud retainers. The lanyard has first and second sections with first and second ends and the clasp has first and second members.

Efficient parallel processing of a network with conflict constraints between nodes

According to one exemplary embodiment, a method for parallel processing a network of nodes having at least one ordering constraint and at least one conflict constraint is provided. The method may include breaking a plurality of loops caused by the at least one ordering constraint.
International Business Machines Corporation

Apparatus comprising inductive coupling communication means

In a general aspect, a mobile communications apparatus can include a housing and inductive coupling communication circuitry configured to communicate in peer-to-peer mode with a like apparatus. The inductive coupling communication circuitry can include a communication controller and an inductive antenna.
Inside Secure

Fuel cell system with a single coolant loop

Embodiments of the present invention provide a single coolant loop (40) that can be used for cooling at least two systems (100, 26) that are generally operable at two different temperatures. Rather than providing two separate cooling loops that can provide the two different cooling temperatures, there is provided a single cooling loop (40) that can route, harness, and mix heated coolant so that the two system can be served by a single loop..
Zodiac Aerotechnics

Memory system, programming the memory system, and testing the memory system

A method of programming a memory system includes repetitively performing n program loops for a selected memory cell (where n is a natural number equal to or greater than two). Each of the n program loops includes a program operation and a program verify operation.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Decoupled processor instruction window and operand buffer

A processor core in an instruction block-based microarchitecture is configured so that an instruction window and operand buffers are decoupled for independent operation in which instructions in the block are not tied to resources such as control bits and operands that are maintained in the operand buffers. Instead, pointers are established among instructions in the block and the resources so that control state can be established for a refreshed instruction block (i.e., an instruction block that is reused without re-fetching it from an instruction cache) by following the pointers.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Tyre equipped for attaching an object to the wall thereof and making same

A tyre is described that includes a casing defining a cavity and equipped to receive an object, such as an electronic circuit, for example, through use of a two-part attachment, such as a touch-close attachment, of which a first part is fixed to a wall of the casing and a second part can be joined to the first part when placed in contact with the first part to keep the object on the casing in a service position. The first part of the attachment includes connection elements that are an integral part of the wall of the casing of the tyre.
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

Barbed prosthetic knit and hernia repair mesh made therefrom as well as process for making said prosthetic knit

The present invention relates to a prosthetic knit based on at least a first yarn of biocompatible polymer material defining first and second opposite and openwork faces, and on at least a second biocompatible and heat-fusible monofilament yarn, forming barbs that protrude outwards from at least said first face and are obtained by melting loops generated by said second yarn, the chart followed for the knitting of said first and second yarns on a warp knitting machine having three guide bars b1, b2, b3 being the following, according to the iso 11676 standard:—bar b1: 1.0/0.1//—bar b2: 1.0/7.7/6.6/7.7//—bar b3: 2.1/5.5/3.4/0.0// said second yarn following the chart of bar b3. The present invention also relates to a process for manufacturing such a knit..
Sofradim Production

Catheter having closed loop array with in-plane linear electrode portion

A catheter adapted or high density mapping and/or ablation of tissue surface has a distal electrode array with offset spine loops, each spine loop having at least a pair of linear portions and a distal portion connecting the pair of linear portions, and one or more electrodes on each linear portion. The linear portions of the plurality of offset spine loops are arranged in-plane a single common plane, and the distal portions of the plurality of offset spine loops are arranged off-plane from the single common plane..
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

Neuromodulation catheters and related devices, systems, and methods

A neuromodulation catheter in accordance with a particular embodiment includes an elongate shaft and a neuromodulation element operably connected to the shaft. The shaft includes a proximal hypotube segment at its proximal end portion and a jacket disposed around at least a portion of an outer surface of the hypotube segment.
Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.l.

Portable screen kit

A portable screen kit includes a screen that may be stretched around an area. A plurality of sleeves is provided and each of the sleeves is attached to the screen.

Average current-mode feedback control of multi-channel class-d audio amplifier

Described herein are several configurations of class-d audio amplifiers, including a single-ended and a bridge-tied load (btl) configuration, in which voltage-mode control and average current-mode control circuitry in feedback loops can be included to control the outputs of the class-d amplifier to reduce open-loop errors and maintain a relatively high loop gain over an expected audio frequency range. The average current-mode control circuitry monitors current through a resistor common to both a current flow into a positive terminal of a loudspeaker associated with the amplifier and a current flow into a negative terminal of the loudspeaker.
Crestron Electronics, Inc.

Flash memory device performing adaptive loop, memory system and operating the memory system

A method of operating a flash memory device includes detecting the number of program/erase cycles that have been executed by the flash memory device. A setting value related to the number of times a program loop is performed is changed according to the detected number of program/erase cycles.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Light and thin fabric for comfortably expelling sweat

A light and thin fabric which is made by juxtapostionally knitting a hydrophilic yarn on a hydrophobic yarn by repeatedly juxtapositionally plating the hydrophilic yarn on the hydrophobic yarn to form an inner hydrophobic sublayer consisting of a plurality of inner hydrophobic loops, and an outer hydrophilic sublayer consisting of a plurality of outer hydrophilic loops, whereby the inner hydrophobic loops are adapted to be proximate or contacted with a wearer's skin or body to capillarily transfer the moisture or sweat as discharged from the wearer towards the outer hydrophilic loops; and whereby the outer hydrophilic loops are adapted to absorb the moisture or sweat from the inner hydrophobic loops to diffuse the moisture and evaporate as vapor outwardly.. .

Integrated modular attachment system

An integrated modular attachment system for releasably attaching an object to a garment. The garment may include one or more loops.
5 Seas Engineering & Trading Llc

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