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Method and system for split voltage domain receiver circuits


Method and system for split voltage domain receiver circuits

Method for sensing fast motion, controller and electromagnetic sensing apparatus


Method for sensing fast motion, controller and electromagnetic sensing apparatus

Method for sensing fast motion, controller and electromagnetic sensing apparatus

Stewart & Stevenson

Injector head for coiled tubing systems

Date/App# patent app List of recent Loops-related patents
 Adaptive physical layer warm-up for lte tdd c-drx power optimization patent thumbnailAdaptive physical layer warm-up for lte tdd c-drx power optimization
Methods and apparatus to reduce power consumption in user equipment (ue) that operates in a connected discontinuous reception (c-drx) mode while in communication with wireless network are disclosed. A c-drx warm-up period before the ue enters an on-duration is adjusted dynamically based on one or more factors including a time division duplex (tdd) uplink/downlink (ul/dl) subframe configuration, signal-to-noise ratio (snr) values, and doppler shift values.
Apple Inc.

 Method and system for split voltage domain receiver circuits patent thumbnailMethod and system for split voltage domain receiver circuits
Methods and systems for split voltage domain receiver circuits are disclosed and may comprise amplifying complementary received signals in a plurality of partial voltage domains, and combining the amplified received signals, utilizing a stacked cascode amplifier for each domain, into a single differential signal in a single voltage domain. The stacked cascode amplifiers may comprise a feedback loop having a comparator which controls a current source in each domain.
Luxtera, Inc.

 Method for sensing fast motion, controller and electromagnetic sensing apparatus patent thumbnailMethod for sensing fast motion, controller and electromagnetic sensing apparatus
Disclosure is related to a method for sensing fast motion, a controller, and a related electromagnetic sensing apparatus. The method is applicable to a touch panel, in which a fast scan mode is introduced when a fast motion made by an electromagnetic stylus is sensed under a partial scan mode.
Wacom Co., Ltd.

 Injector head for coiled tubing systems patent thumbnailInjector head for coiled tubing systems
An injector head used in coiled tubing systems including at least two opposed counter-rotating chain loops having a first end and a second end, the chain loops having a chain. The injector head further includes a fixed drive sprocket disposed at the first end of a chain loop and a floating sprocket disposed at the second end of the chain loop.
Stewart & Stevenson, Llc

 Patient stabilization and transport aid patent thumbnailPatient stabilization and transport aid
The invention relates to a patient stabilization and transport aid (1) having two triangular sections (3, 4) made of a flexible material, wherein the sections (3, 4) are attached to one another along a connecting line (5) on one side (a) of the triangle, wherein a handle-reinforcing strip (6), in particular in the form of a belt band, is engaged in a releasable connection (7, 8) with the triangular sections (3, 4) along the connecting line (5), and handle loops (91, 92) are present on the ends (61, 62) of the handle-reinforcing strip (6) protruding beyond the tips (21 and 22; 31 and 32) of the triangular sections (2, 3).. .
X-cen-tek Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Loop-engageable fasteners and related systems and methods patent thumbnailLoop-engageable fasteners and related systems and methods
A method of making a sheet-form loop-engageable fastener product includes placing a layer of staple fibers on a first side of a substrate, needling fibers of the layer through the substrate to form loops extending from a second side of the substrate, removing end regions from at least some of the loops to form stems, and forming loop-engageable heads at free ends of at least some of the stems.. .
Velcro Industries B.v.

 System with multiple signal loops and switched mode converter patent thumbnailSystem with multiple signal loops and switched mode converter
In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a system may include an impedance estimator configured to estimate an impedance of a load and generate a target current based at least on an input voltage and the impedance, a voltage feedback loop responsive to a difference between the input voltage and an output voltage of the load, and a current controller configured to, responsive to the voltage feedback loop, the impedance estimator, and the input voltage, generate an output current to the load.. .
Cirrus Logic, Inc.

 Foreign object detection in wireless energy transfer systems patent thumbnailForeign object detection in wireless energy transfer systems
Systems and methods for detecting foreign object debris around a wireless power transfer system include a plurality of detectors, each detector featuring one or more loops of conducting material, and a controller configured to measure at least one of a voltage and a current in each detector and to determine, based on the measurements, whether foreign object debris is present around the wireless power transfer system, where at least some of the plurality of detectors include a first number of loops of the conducting material, and at least some of the plurality of detectors include a second number of loops of the conducting material larger than the first number.. .
Witricity Corporation

 Device and  loops-over-loops mri coils patent thumbnailDevice and loops-over-loops mri coils
A method and apparatus for receiving (rx) radio-frequency (rf) signals suitable for mri and/or mrs from mri “coil loops” (antennae) that are overlapped and/or concentric, and each of which has a preamplifier and frequency-tuning circuitry and an impedance-matching circuitry, but wherein the loops optionally sized differently and/or located at different elevations (distances from the patient's tissue) in order to extract signal from otherwise cross-coupled coil loops and to improve signal-to-noise ratio (snr) in images made from the received signal.. .

 Textile balloon catheters patent thumbnailTextile balloon catheters
Textile balloon catheters, textile sleeves useful in balloon catheters, and methods of making balloon catheters are described. An example catheter includes an elongate shaft and a balloon movable between uninflated and inflated configurations, and a textile sleeve secured to the balloon.


Multifunctional surgical access system

A tissue retractor comprising an outer ring, an inner ring, and a flexible, metal sheath extending therebetween is described. Embodiments of the outer ring comprise an outer ring rotatable around an annular axis thereof, thereby rolling the sheath therearound when retracting an incision or opening in a body wall.
Applied Medical Resources Corporation


Cosmetic applicator

An applicator comprising a stem having a handle at its proximal end and an applicator element at its distal end. The applicator element is constructed from a filament constructed at least partially from a thermal storage material that is capable of retaining heat or cold for application to a body.
Zen Design Solutions Limited


Footwear customization device

An improved footwear device is user customizable permitting selective alteration of the footwear appearance. Each footwear device is made from layers of rubber or similar footwear material.


Convertible swimsuit and assembling same

Convertible swimsuit includes top with left and right cups, pair of first integrated loops each disposed at first end of left and right cups, and pair of second integrated loops each disposed at second end of left and right cups for receiving longitudinal strap such that left and right cups are adjacent to each other at middle section of second end. Pair of top rings disposed in pair of first integrated loops at first end of left and right cups, and detachable top strap secured to each top ring at first end of left and right cups.


Animal restraint system with adjustable tether

An animal restraint system includes an arm clamp having a clamp body, a tether, a tether clamp, and a tether connector. The clamp body affixes to a securing arm at or below the animal's head and includes a tether anchor and a tether guide.
The Pet Salon, Inc.


Power control methods and procedures for wireless local area networks

A method and apparatus is described herein for performing loop power control and transmission power control (tpc) in a wireless network. Described herein are methods including using separate power control loops for communication with an entire wireless network and for point-to-point (p2p) transmissions and separate power control loops for omni-directional and directional beamformed transmissions.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Low noise phase locked loops

Aspects of circuits and methods for generating an oscillating signal are disclosed. The circuit includes a phase detector configured to output first and second signals responsive to a phase difference between two input signals.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Permanent magnet machine with hybrid cage and methods for operating same

A permanent magnet machine with a hybrid cage and methods for operating same are disclosed. According to one aspect, the subject matter described herein includes a rotor and hybrid cage for an electrical machine, the rotor comprising a rotor body having a central axis and including a plurality of permanent magnets positioned to create a plurality of rotor magnetic poles distributed around a peripheral surface of the rotor.
Abb Research Ltd.


Electromagnetic energy transfer using tunable inductors

A receiving coil apparatus for use in an electromagnetic energy transfer system includes multiple conductive loops and a switching circuit connected with the conductive loops. The switching circuit is configured to control an electrical center of the receiving coil apparatus as a function of at least one control signal.
Lsi Corporation


Method and wideband, polarimetric reception of high frequency radio signals

A method and apparatus for wideband, polarimetric reception of high frequency radio signals. Traditionally, high frequency (hf) antennas that employ magnetic loops are “tuned” to specific frequency and a single polarization.


Switch circuit package module

A switch circuit package module includes at least a semiconductor switch unit and at least a first capacitor unit. The semiconductor switch unit includes a first semiconductor switch element and a second semiconductor switch element.
Delta Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Method of making a knit with barbs

The present invention relates to a method for producing a knit, said method comprising the following steps:—a) knitting first yarns of biocompatible polymer materials, a second yarn, which is a monofilament yarn, and a third yarn, which is a monofilament yarn, which are made of the same biocompatible hot-melt material, the diameter of the second yarn being strictly greater than the diameter of the third yarn:—said second and third yarns generating loops protruding from one face of said knit,—b) thermosetting the knit obtained at a),—c) placing the face of the knit with loops flat on a heated cylinder, resulting in i) the complete melting and elimination of the loops formed from the third yarn, and ii) the partial melting of the loops formed from the second yarn, said partial melting causing the rupture of each loop and, therefore, the formation, for each loop, of two barbs protruding outwards from the face of said knit.. .
Sofradim Production


Pilates aquatics device

A pilates aquatics device (pad) including a board, the board being generally rectangular, planar, buoyant, and having top and bottom surfaces, first and second sides that are generally parallel to one another with a longitudinal axis midway there between, first and second ends generally perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, and a strap defining three loops on the top surface of the board, the loops aligned along the axis, the loops defining openings perpendicular to the axis for insertion of a user's hands or feet to control the pad.. .


Apparatus for using a medicine ball

An apparatus for holding a medicine ball includes an adjustable holder for receiving medicine balls of different sizes and a pair of adjustable straps for securing the holder to different portions of a user's body. In some embodiments, the holder comprises adjustable bands, the length of which can be adjusted to adjust the size of the holder.


Crossbody utility bag with convertible strap system

A handbag includes a convertible strap system having a fixed first end and a second end securable to the first end to form a first loop, a second strap having a fixed first end and a second end securable to the first end to form a second loop, and a handle strap extendable between the loops and having an adjustable length. The strap system is configurable between a first configuration wherein the handle strap is adjusted to a crossbody length and extends between the loops, a second configuration wherein the handle strap is adjusted to a shoulder length and extends between the loops, a third configuration wherein the straps are secured together to a form a handle and the handle strap is stored, and a fourth configuration wherein the straps form the loops to be secured to a stroller or the like and the handle strap is stored..
Thirty-one Gifts Llc


Baling press with a rope tying system and supplying rope to a knotter of a baling press

A baling press has feeding structures for feeding rope materials along opposite first and second sides of the pressing channel and one or more knotters on a first side of the pressing channel. The or each knotter includes a knot tier for knotting sections of the rope materials in a knotting area to each other, a cutter and a rope holder for holding rope material cut off from the knotted rope sections.
Bollegraaf Patents And Brands B.v.


Oscillator crosstalk compensation

Systems and methods for mitigating crosstalk between controlled oscillators of phase-locked loops (plls) are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes a first pll including a first controlled oscillator and a second pll.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Wireless power trasmitting method and apparatus using dual-loop in-phase feeding

Provided are wireless power transmitting method and apparatus using dual-loop in-phase feeding. The wireless power transmitting apparatus includes a generator configured to generate a radio frequency (rf) signal, an amplifier configured to amplify the generated rf signal, a matching circuit configured to be connected to the amplifier to perform impedance matching, a first resonator configured to comprise a first feeding loop connected to the matching circuit and transmit wireless power using a signal provided through the first feeding loop, and a second resonator configured to comprise a second feeding loop connected to the matching circuit and transmit wireless power using a signal provided through the second feeding loop, wherein the first and second feeding loops are formed in a manner that allows magnetic fields respectively generated by the first and second resonators to be excited in the same direction and in phase..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Zero overhead loop

A method and apparatus for zero overheard loops is provided herein. The method includes the steps of identifying, by a decoder, a loop instruction and identifying, by the decoder, a last instruction in a loop body that corresponds to the loop instruction.
Broadcom Corporation


Method for managing the air data of an aircraft

The invention relates to a method for managing altitude data of an aircraft in which a main baro-inertial computation loop is used that uses signals originating from an inertial unit and a standard altitude information item supplied by a main air data reference, and at least one standard altitude information item supplied by a secondary baro-inertial deviation loop respectively using signals from said inertial unit of the main loop and a to standard altitude information item originating from the second air data reference, and a baro-inertial altitude deviation, a vertical speed deviation and accelerometric bias deviation visible on the vertical between the main loop and at least one of said secondary baro-inertial loops are computed.. .


Low pressure drop remediation bed for water based coolant loops

A method of remediating a water-based fluid includes the steps of providing a container providing a fluid cavity and organic, inorganic and biological remediation media within the cavity. The container is tubular and provides a linear flow direction, organic, inorganic and biological remediation media arranged in the cavity and configured to permit a water-based fluid within the cavity to simultaneously flow through the media.
Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International, Inc.


Ultimate equine training lines

A set of training lines for efficiently helping into aid in the training of horses, no matter what the discipline, replacing the use of many different instruments and devices for such training, the ultimate equine training lines generally includes of braid pieces of polypropylene rope. Two 7 foot pieces with a scissor hook that swivel, and loop on the opposite ends.


Wound retractor with split hoops

An incrementally adjustable wound retractor, which provides access to a body cavity, includes a flexible retraction sheath, an inner ring having a diameter greater than the desired diameter of the wound incision attached to the distal end of the retraction sheath, and at least two rows of a plurality of loops disposed around the proximal end of the retraction sheath, each row of loops sized and configured to receive a noncompliant split hoop. The two split hoops may be rolled over each other and around the annular axis to retract the sheath with sufficient force to stretch the incision to the desired diameter..
Applied Medical Resources Corporation


System and positioning using hybrid spectral compression and cross correlation signal processing

The present invention relates to a system and method for positioning and navigation using hybrid spectral compression and cross correlation signal processing of signals of opportunity, which may include global navigation satellite system (gnss) as well as other wideband energy emissions in gnss obstructed environments. Examples of these signals of opportunity include but are not limited to gps, glonass, cellular code division multiple access (cdma) communications signals, and 802.11 wi-fi.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.


Ultra-low profile monopole antenna for 2.4ghz band

The disclosure concerns an ultra-small and ultra-low profile monopole antenna for configured for use in ism bands. The antenna generally includes a flexible substrate having a printed conductor pattern thereon.
Taoglas Group Holdings Limited


Multipath open loop antenna with wideband resonances for wan communications

The disclosure concerns an antenna with open loops and multipath current distribution to achieve ultra wideband characteristics and antenna miniaturization, while simultaneously keeping high performance for a more reliable wan communication, with higher data transfer, less dropping connections and improved sensitivity. To further reduce spatial requirements, the antenna may be incorporated on a flex substrate for bending with the contour of a device housing or the like..
Taoglas Group Holdings Limited


Wireless power transfer systems with shaped magnetic components

In a first aspect, the disclosure features apparatuses for wireless power transfer, the apparatuses including a coil formed of a conductive material. The coil includes a plurality of loops, where the plurality of loops defines an internal region of the coil that extends along a coil axis.
Witricity Corporation


Wireless power transfer systems with shield openings

In a first aspect, the disclosure features apparatuses for wireless power transfer, the apparatuses including a plurality of magnetic elements joined together to form a magnetic component extending in a plane, where discontinuities in the magnetic component between adjacent magnetic elements define gaps in the magnetic component, a coil including one or more loops of conductive material positioned, at least in part, on a first side of the plane. The apparatuses include a conductive shield positioned on a second side of the plane and which includes one or more openings positioned relative to the gaps..
Witricity Corporation


Optimization of loops and data flow sections in multi-core processor environment

The present invention relates to a method for compiling code for a multi-core processor, comprising: detecting and optimizing a loop, partitioning the loop into partitions executable and mappable on physical hardware with optimal instruction level parallelism, optimizing the loop iterations and/or loop counter for ideal mapping on hardware, chaining the loop partitions generating a list representing the execution sequence of the partitions.. .
Hyperion Core Inc.


Knit with barbs on both faces

The present invention relates to a knit with outwardly protruding barbs on each of its faces, said knit being obtained by: i) knitting yarns on at least four guide bars, one bar forming a chain leaving one needle free in two; two bars threaded with monofilament yarn generating loops protruding outwards from the faces of said knit; the fourth bar producing the connection between the yarns of the three other bars, ii) thermosetting the knit obtained at i), iii) forming the barbs by melting the loops. The invention also relates to a prosthesis comprising such a knit..
Sofradim Production


Plural parallel cuff for muscle training by pressurizing limb

A plural parallel cuff for muscle training is made to reinforce muscles of limbs while it is wound broad around the portion of an upper arm and/or a thigh with uniform and stable binding force for the light exercise training. Three cloth sleeve bags are sewn to a connection cloth spaced in parallel.


Embolic medical devices

An occlusive device for occluding a target area can include an elongate member having opposing first and second side edges extending longitudinally along the member and a member width. The member can have a collapsed configuration in which the first and second side edges are curled toward each other about a longitudinal axis of the member.
Covidien Lp


Rotatable pin loom with multi orientation base

A disclosed loom for creating an item consisting of a series of closed loops forming links includes a base and at plurality of pins extending from the base. Each of the pins includes a flange near a top surface for holding a closed loop in a desired orientation and an access groove extends through the top surface, wherein at least some of the plurality of pins is rotatable to orientate the access groove in a desired direction..
Choon's Design Llc


No jump harness

A dog harness to deter jumping comprising a neck collar, a brisket cinch, and at least one fabric panel overlying the forechest of the dog and interconnecting the neck collar and the brisket cinch at a harness anchor point below the dog's chest and a pair of hind leg loops with free ends that respectively encircle each hind leg of a dog above the stifle, a connection to merge the free ends to form a single abdominal connecting link that underlies the belly and abdomen of a dog, and a selective connection between the abdominal connecting link and the harness anchor point.. .


Mechanical enclosures for a communication device

The present disclosure describes a mechanical chassis having one or more conductive regions separated by one or more non-conductive regions. When a magnetic field contacts, or is sufficiently proximate to, this communication device, the magnetic field induces one or more eddy currents that flow in one or more closed loops around a surface of the one or more conductive regions.


Displaying content between loops of a looping media item

A method for displaying content between loops of a looping media item is provided herein. The method includes receiving a request for a primary media item and determining that the requested primary media item is a looping media item.


Executing loops

A method of executing a loop computer program comprising receiving at an execution unit a set of state variables which define an entry state, wherein one of the state variables defines a sequence of loop options; recording the entry state in a storage unit; in the execution unit, executing a first loop option in the ordered sequence of loop options in the entry state, using as parameters at least one of the other state variables in the set of state variables, wherein executing the first loop option comprises cancelling the first loop option from the ordered sequence, carrying out processing steps using at least one state variable, and determining if any of the state variables have altered as a result of the processing steps, wherein if none of the state variables have altered, entering a next loop iteration with an entry state in which the first loop option is cancelled from the ordered sequence, revealing a new first loop option, and; if at least one of the state variables has altered, reinstating the cancelled first loop option in the ordered sequence and entering a next loop iteration with an entry state defined by the altered state variable (s) and the original ordered sequence, whereby each next loop iteration receives a new entry state.. .


Virtual local loops

Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, computer program products, and the like, for implementing a high-quality video over internet protocol (voip) network accessible through a public network, such as the internet. More particularly, a user of a telecommunication network may access the voip through an internet connection or other public network connection and is then connected to a virtual local loop for transmission across the voip.


Clock generation circuit with dual phase-locked loops

Embodiments provide a clock generation circuit with a first phase-locked loop (pll) and a second pll that are coupled in parallel with one another and receive a same feedback signal. The first and second plls generate respective output signals that are combined to generate an output clock signal.


Circular loop crossed elements omnidirectional antenna

The main objective of the invention is to provide a broadband omnidirectional antenna that could, for example, be used for the reception of over-the-air television signals on both, the vhf and uhf bands, comprising two circular folded elements, each formed as a self-supporting open-ended loop, arranged with an element inside and slightly below the other in the vertical plane and perpendicularly aligned against each other at 90° angle, in such way that they cross at exactly half way their circumference without making contact, both loops are isolated from ground and from each other using dielectric materials. Said antenna will effectively accept horizontally polarized signals coming from all quadrants of the geographic coordinates in a given location without the need to orient it as long as the signals is received through a quadrant of the antenna, said antenna will resonate over a wide band with an effective gain that overcomes circuit loses for a typical installation and within a wide range of terrain conditions and environments..


Memory system, programming the memory system, and testing the memory system

A method of programming a memory system includes repetitively performing n program loops for a selected memory cell (where n is a natural number equal to or greater than two). Each of the n program loops includes a program operation and a program verify operation.


Instruction loop buffer with tiered power savings

Techniques are disclosed relating to power reduction during execution of instruction loops. Multiple different power saving modes may be used by a processor, such as a first power saving mode after only a few loop iterations (e.g., 2-3) and a second, deeper power saving mode after a greater number of loop iterations.


3d cover glasses for applying over prescription eyeglasses

The invention discloses a cover glass system for securing lenses to prescription eyeglasses to allow the viewer to watch a three dimensional motion picture or television program. Lenses having different characteristics are mounted in a frame having elastic loops are attached to the upper corners of the cover glass system to further secure the cover glass system to prescription eyeglasses..


Apparatus having feedback loops between multiple pairs of instrumentation modules

The apparatus includes a frame to accommodate more than two instrumentation modules; a multiplexed bus associated with the frame and including more than two connectors; and a sense instrumentation module and a source instrumentation module mounted in the frame, electrically connected to respective ones of the connectors, and collectively including a communication link, and a circuit path that includes, in series between a sense input and a source output, a sense circuit to generate a sense output signal representing a sensed parameter dependent on a source signal; a feedback controller to generate a control signal in response to the sense output signal; and a source circuit to generate the source signal in response to the control signal. The communication link is in the circuit path, and includes a bus transmitter and a bus receiver each configured to select a channel of the multiplexed bus via which to communicate..


Cleaning reduction of sox in exhaust gases

A cleaning system for reducing sox and particulate matter in exhaust gases from a marine combustion engine, burner or boiler. The cleaning system comprises first and second scrubber process loops having first and second scrubbers, respectively, and first and second water circulation tanks, respectively.


Splicer device

The invention relates to a splicer device comprising a first unwinding device to unwind a non-endless first material web and a second unwinding device to unwind a non-endless second material web as well as a joining device for joining together the non-endless material webs to form an endless material web. The splicer device further has a storage carriage, which comprises at least one deflection roller to deflect the endless material web and is displaceable between two end positions to form or loosen material web loops of the endless material web.


Frame of a water-jet propulsion unit for a boat, a water jet propulsion unit and an arrangement in a boat

A frame of a water jet propulsion unit arranged to be installed and sealed into an installation opening of a boat. The water-jet propulsion unit includes an impeller and the boat has a counter-sealing surface to which the frame is attached.


Vehicle cooling system

A vehicle includes a cabin, an auxiliary unit, a cooling arrangement that includes a condenser and a plurality of cooling loops, and a controller. The cooling loops are arranged to transport heat from cabin air and the auxiliary unit to the condenser.


Building block construction system

A building system includes blocks having first and second side surfaces that are perpendicular to a common plane defining a subtended angle, couplers and receivers are defined in the first and second side surfaces such that chains of blocks may be coupled to one another in rows forming closed loops or non-closed chains. Rows may be coupled together by engaging core links with a block in each row and with a core rod passing through each row.


Corrective cervical stretching device

A therapeutic stretching device includes a strap; a fulcrum member centrally located on the strap and arranged to be placed behind the back of a user's neck and operable as a fulcrum for cervical spinal extension; first and second shoulder pads attached to the strap on either side of the fulcrum member, the shoulder pads arranged to assist the strap in pulling shoulder joints of the user backwards and to create bilateral glenohumeral external rotation; and at least one pair of loops disposed on the strap, wherein shoulder pads are disposed between the fulcrum member and the pair of loops, the loops being disposed and sized for right and left hand or wrist placement during use.. .


Multiple loop surgical snare assembly and suturing methods thereof

A surgical snare assembly is disclosed. The surgical snare assembly has a suture fastener having an entrance and an exit.


Apparatus and window treatment management

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide an apparatus and method for window treatment management. The apparatus may include a material strip and a pulling device.


Hands-free medication holder headband and use

A headband can be used by medical doctors and animal technicians for a safe and efficient hands-free method of transporting filled, capped, medical syringes (without needle) and/or treatment items to treat patients, pastured cattle and livestock, and other pets, reducing risk of injury and stress to both technician and patients/animals, saving time, money, manpower, and medicinal product. The headband generally includes, the main elements—a headband strap to be fastened around the head that has heavy duty elastic gripping sleeves (loops) threaded onto it.


Fasteners of bulk amorphous alloy

Embodiments relates to a hook side fastener having hooks and a loop side fastener having loops. The hooks and/or loops are made of bulk solidifying amorphous metal alloy.


Avoiding micro-loops in a ring topology of a network

In one embodiment, micro-loops are avoided in ring topologies of packet switching devices by changing the order of propagation of link state information concerning failed communications between a particular packet switching device and a neighbor packet switching device. In one embodiment, the particular packet switching device communicates link state information of a high cost of the particular communications (e.g., in the direction from particular to neighbor packet switching devices) such that this link state information will propagate towards the particular packet switching device from at least from the furthest packet switching device in the ring topology that is currently configured to forward packets having a destination address of the neighbor packet switching device through the particular packet switching device..


Flat-wire vertical winding toroidal inductor

The present invention discloses a flat-wire vertical winding toroidal inductor, includes a toroidal inductor core, characterized in, it also includes a plurality of flat-wires wound on the said toroidal inductor core, whose cross section shows a hollow rectangular shape; wherein, each end of two adjacent flat-wires among the said plurality of flat-wires connects to a leading-out bare wire, which is used to connect to the circuit board. Due to adopting flat-wire single layer winding method, that makes the distance between wire loops pretty large, without any overlaps, thus the electric capacity between coil loops is pretty small; also, the coil loops are arranged totally in a fan-shaped style, which has a large interface with air, ensuring full heat dispersion.


Choke and choke core

The present invention relates to a choke with two coils and a core for interleaved applications in step-up or step-down circuits or power factor compensation circuits. The core comprises several core sections with several lateral legs and a middle leg, whereby the core is designed such, that a coupling factor k of the two coils is smaller than 3%-5%.


Lightweight headrest assembly

A headrest assembly is attached to a seat back assembly by providing holes through a panel of the seat back assembly; providing loops protruding from a rear surface of the headrest assembly; inserting the loops of the headrest assembly through the corresponding holes of the seat back assembly; and inserting a retainer through the loops to fasten the headrest assembly to the seat back assembly.. .


Oral mouthpiece and the use thereof

The present invention relates generally to an oral device, or mouthpiece, for delivering a fluid to the mouth or oropharynx of a user. In one embodiment, the oral device includes an intraoral portion, an extraoral portion, and an auxiliary support device that serves to stabilize the oral device.


Detachable hanger loop for apparel

A detachable loop used to hang unconventional pieces of clothing on a conventional hanger hook. The product is primarily intended for strapless dresses.


Pants configured for motor vehicle workers

The pant of the present invention is specifically inspired and configured for use in the motor vehicle industry. The pant may be scratchless, meaning that the pant does not have any exposed features that are capable of scratching the finish on a motor vehicle.


Light adjustable ac led device

A light adjustable ac (alternating-current) led device is provided. A color temperature of the light adjustable ac led device is decreased as decreased brightness thereof.
Prolight Opto Technology Corporation


Transient performance improvement for constant on-time power converters

Response of a variable frequency switching constant on-time or adaptive on-time controlled power converter to a large step-up or step-down change in load is improved with a simple circuit that detects magnitude and polarity of a change in output voltage and initiates, extends or terminates conduction of power pulses from an input source through said power converter. Both the amplitude and duration of undershoot or overshoot of the transient response are reduced or, alternatively, the capacitance of an output filter may be significantly reduced and still provide comparable transient performance.
Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.


Compiler optimization for many integrated core processors

Systems and methods for source-to-source transformation for compiler optimization for many integrated core (mic) coprocessors, including identifying data dependencies in candidate loops and data elements used in each iteration for arrays, profiling candidate loops to find a proper number m, wherein data transfer and computation for m iterations take an equal amount of time, and creating an outer loop outside the candidate loop, with each iteration of the outer loop executing m iterations of the candidate loop. Data streaming is performed by determining optimum buffer size for one or more arrays and inserting code before the outer loop to create optimum sized buffers, overlapping data transfer between central processing units (cpus) and mics with the computation; reusing buffers to reduce memory employed on the mics, and reusing threads on mics to repeatedly launch kernels on the mics for asynchronous data transfer..
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.


Unlocking using same

An unlocking method for use in a terminal having a touch screen, includes: detecting a touch signal corresponding to a touch movement on the screen in a moving direction; and triggering the terminal to enter into an unlocked state, if the moving direction is the same as a preset reference direction and a number of loops of the touch movement corresponding to the touch signal is the same as a preset reference number of loops, wherein the preset reference direction is one of a clockwise direction or an anticlockwise direction.. .
Xiaomi Inc.


Electromagnetic-type touch substrate and electromagnetic-type touch display apparatus

An electromagnetic-type touch substrate is disclosed. The electromagnetic-type touch substrate includes a substrate having a display region and a non-display region, and a first conductive layer formed on a first side of the substrate, where the first conductive layer includes a plurality of first electromagnetic induction coils forming loops extending in a first direction.
Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.


Coordinating control loops for temperature control

In one example a controller comprises logic, at least partially including hardware logic, configured to define a control relationship between a first control loop associated with a first heat source and a second control loop associated with a second heat source and enforce the control relationship during throttling operations of the first heat source and the second heat source. Other examples may be described..
Intel Corporation


Tissue retractor for minimally invasive surgery

Improved methods and devices for performing an endoscopic surgery including a system for performing minimally invasive procedures including a flexible catheter having a working space expanding system positioned at a distal portion, the working space expanding system movable from a non-expanded insertion position to an expanded position forming an expanded region to expand the working space within the body lumen. A tissue retractor having an inner member positioned within an outer member has a plurality of closed loops at a distal portion forming a petal-like structure.
Macroplata, Inc.


Cleaning system incorporating stitch bonded cleaning pad with multi-filament stitches

A cleaning pad structure of stitch bonded construction incorporating one or more substrate layers of an absorbent nonwoven material with an optional additional fluid blocking substrate layer of polymer film or other suitable material in juxtaposed relation to the absorbent nonwoven layers. Stitching yarns are introduced in stitching relation through the substrate layers.
Tietex International Ltd.


Illuminated shoe insert

An illuminated shoe insert that can be secured to a conventional shoe. The shoe insert comprises an elongated body for placement over the tongue of a shoe.


Animal trap

An animal trap has a housing (2) and a support (12) extending within the housing. The support is movable between a first, set position and a second, fired position.
Beagle Products Limited


Calibrated electromagnetic survey system

An airborne electromagnetic survey system that determines a calibration factor for its receiver system by combining low frequency sensitivity for its magnetic induction sensors, with measurements of high frequency response obtained using calibration loops. .
Geotech Airborne Limited


Conjugated knottin mini-proteins containing non-natural amino acids

Disclosed are knottin peptides containing non-natural amino acids so that they can be formed by chemical conjugation into two or more knottin monomers. The knottin monomers comprise a non-natural amino acid such as an aminooxy residue within the polypeptide sequence.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Hanger bar assembly for architectural mesh and the like

An architectural mesh hanging system having a hanger assembly including a hanger tube having a plurality of openings and an architectural mesh panel of predetermined size having an uppermost edge defined by a plurality of loops. The plurality of loops are positioned within the plurality of openings in the hanger tube and a retaining rod is disposed through the plurality of loops within an interior of the hanger tube, thereby preventing the plurality of loops from displacement out of the plurality of opening..
Cambridge International, Inc.


Adaptive uplink link adaptation

A wireless communication system is presented for adaptive uplink (ul) link adaptation (la). The adaptive ul la can include multiple outer loops, for which multiple block error rate (bler) filtering is performed.
Apple Inc.


Mimo equalization optimized for baud rate clock recovery in coherent dp-qpsk metro systems

The present invention is directed to a mimo equalization system and method, optimized for baud rate clock recovery in coherent symbol-spaced dp-qpsk metro systems. According to this method, the mueller & muller timing function is extended to cope with controlled isi induced signals, while decoupling between mimo equalization and clock recovery loops, using a midpoint output of the equalizer for timing estimation, instead of its final output.
Multiphy Ltd.


Apparatus and methods for synchronizing phase-locked loops

Apparatus and methods for synchronizing phase-locked loops (plls) are provided. In certain implementations, a fractional-n synthesizer includes a pll and a control circuit that controls a division value of the pll.
Analog Devices Global


Duty-ratio controller

A controller for determining the duty-ratio for a pulse width modulator of a converter includes an inner current loop, an outer voltage loop and a multiplier with an input voltage feed forward to connect both loops. A prediction unit determines a correction signal icor that is added to the reference current iref by means of an adder and it further determines a sample correction signal to correct the current samples in the current loop.
Det International Holding Limited


Rfid reader device and antenna device

An rfid reader device and an antenna device have a first antenna implemented as a near-field antenna, wherein the first antenna has a first dual strip line. The first antenna has a first strip line and a second strip line.
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.


Dynamic register machine

In one embodiment, a dynamic register machine that edits program instructions while the instructions are running on the machine is disclosed. In another embodiment, an execution node pair machine is disclosed that represents programs as collections of execution node pairs.
Aemea, Inc.


Vibrating sensor assembly with a one-piece conduit mount

A vibrating sensor assembly (200) is provided. The vibrating sensor assembly (200) includes a one-piece conduit mount (205).
Micro Motion, Inc.


Hand-operated tool device with a brake mechanism for braking a machining tool

A hand-operated tool device with a brake mechanism for braking a machining tool is disclosed. The tool device has a drive device, a band brake with a brake drum and a brake band that loops around the brake drum, and a control device with a brake switch for activating the band brake.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Post-pregnancy hip compression garment

A compression garment for compressing the hips to encourage the hips to re-position in pre-childbirth position or address sacroiliac dysfunction is provided. It includes an inner layer having at least one leg opening.


Bendable stent

A stent formed by slitting a tube to create a matrix of struts, the slitted tube being radially expandable to a stenting disposition in which the struts exhibit a zig-zag pattern in successive loops around the circumference of the stent, the zig-zag pattern exhibiting a cusp between any two adjacent struts, with selected tied cusps of any one loop being connected by a bridge to a facing cusp of the adjacent loop and with intervening free cusps, characterized by lengthwise staggering of circumferentially adjacent said slits within said loops, wherein any two struts that are contiguous with a said tied cusp are of different lengths and any strut that extends from one free cusp to another free cusp has the same length as any other such strut such that, in the said stenting disposition, the free cusps of adjacent loops are circumferentially displaced from each other.. .
C. R. Bard, Inc.


Vascular device for treating venous valve insufficiency

A vascular device for treating vein valve insufficiency including an elongated member, a first retention portion movable from a first elongated insertion position to an expanded position and a second retention portion movable from a first elongated insertion position to an expanded position. An intermediate looped portion is positioned between the first portion and the second portion.
Rex Medical, L.p.


Adjustable knotless loops

Methods of attaching a soft tissue to an adjacent bone at a defect site are provided. An adjustable loop region of a flexible construct contained in a bore defined by a fastener is passed through a tissue.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc


Article of footwear for athletic and recreational activities with bootie

An article of footwear with an inner bootie that fits into and is strapped into an external shell to form the article of footwear. The inner bootie may have specially-treated regions that together allow the bootie to slip readily into the external shell and to be held firmly in place.
Nike, Inc.


Systems and methods of calibrating replacement alarm control panels

An apparatus and method of up-dating an existing alarm monitoring system control panel having installed wire loops, with detectors coupled thereto, and installed end-of-line resistors. Upon removal of the existing control panel, the loops are coupled to an up-graded control panel having an adjustable loop interface.
Honeywell International Inc.


Fiber optic vault security system

An enclosed security system includes a metal cage with security panel affixed thereto, forming a vault in which an item of value is enclosed. The security panels include a series of fiber optic security cables, preferably arranged in a sinusoidal pattern with nested fiber loops for added security.


Display substrate and manufacturing the same

A display substrate includes a substrate, a plurality of first sensing loops and second sensing loops, an insulating layer covering the first and second sensing loops, a plurality of bridges disposed on the insulating layer, a gate line disposed on the insulating layer, and a transistor connected to the gate line, the transistor being disposed on the insulating layer. The first sensing loops are arranged on the substrate in a first direction at a predetermined interval.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Fluid flow sensor

A fluid flow sensor that utilizes hot-wire anemometry and is a small, light weight, cost effective, easily manufactureable, and low power consuming device. The fluid flow sensor operates by exposing a hot wire loop to a fluid stream such that the amount of heat lost to fluid convection is a function of one or more fluid-related parameters (e.g., fluid speed, fluid type, fluid density, etc.).
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

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