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Loops patents


This page is updated frequently with new Loops-related patent applications.

 Efficient parallel processing of a network with conflict constraints between nodes patent thumbnailEfficient parallel processing of a network with conflict constraints between nodes
According to one exemplary embodiment, a method for parallel processing a network of nodes having at least one ordering constraint and at least one conflict constraint is provided. The method may include breaking a plurality of loops caused by the at least one ordering constraint.
International Business Machines Corporation

 A control device and a  controlling a magnetic levitation system patent thumbnailA control device and a controlling a magnetic levitation system
A control device (101) for controlling a magnetic levitation system includes a controller (103) for controlling one or more voltages directed to one or more windings of the magnetic levitation system on the basis of a deviation of a position of an object (108) to be levitated from a reference position so as to control a resultant magnetic force directed to the object. The controller selects, for each of temporally successive control periods, a control direction so that ability of the resultant magnetic force to decrease the deviation of the position is improved when the resultant magnetic force is changed in the selected control direction.
Lappeenrannan Teknillinen Yliopisto

 Actuation method and efficiency patent thumbnailActuation method and efficiency
A multi-stage centrifugal pump assembly allows for multiple fixed ratio pressure levels. The multiple pressure levels permit optimization of actuation loops without the need for pressure regulators, and can be used directly by the actuators..
Eaton Corporation

 System and  regulating cell culture based production of biologics patent thumbnailSystem and regulating cell culture based production of biologics
The disclosure is directed to a system and method for control of at least one bioreactor, other cell cultivation-related equipment, and systems containing any combination of these in a plant. For example, a plant-wide control system (pwcs) or a process control system (pcs) may be divided into three main components: hardware (including operating systems, such as a controller communicating with one or more servers of a network associated with the pwcs, (2) software (such as a control module) for performing control, and (3) one or more instrument control loops, which may be used by the software to maintain certain process values.
Lonza Limited

 Flexible tie and related methods patent thumbnailFlexible tie and related methods
A flexible tie comprises a body, bulbs with holes and at least one end piece, arranged such that bulbs can be passed through the holes in other bulbs to form loops in the apparatus. These loops can be used to bundle objects together, add a handle to an existing object or prevent other loops from coming undone.

 Hands-free middle back exercise apparatus patent thumbnailHands-free middle back exercise apparatus
This invention relates to health and fitness and more particularly to exercise methods and devices. This invention is directly related to strengthening the muscles between the shoulder blades associated with poor posture, without the use of the hands.

 Looped layer or strip including differential attachment areas and nappy comprising such a layer patent thumbnailLooped layer or strip including differential attachment areas and nappy comprising such a layer
The invention relates to a looped layer in the form of a laminate including an inner supporting element (1), for example a non-woven fabric or a plastic film, and a plurality of fibres and/or filaments (3) attached to the outer surface of the supporting element so as to form loops for engaging with hooks, the attachment being carried out in a attachment region, while in at least one other so-called looped region the filaments and/or fibres are not attached to the supporting element so as to form loops, characterised in that at least in one area (5) of at least one attachment region the attachment is only carried out in a partial manner, while at least in one other area (4) of at least one attachment region the attachment is carried out in a complete manner.. .

 Implant delivery device patent thumbnailImplant delivery device
A system for delivering an implant within a patient is disclosed. The activation of the heater coil causes the degradation, melting or reduction of a component that brings the heater coil into or out of electrical contact with another component, or causes the individual loops of the coil to contact each other, thereby resulting a notable change in resistance in the circuit supplying the heater coil with electricity.
Microvention, Inc.

 Illumination sources for multicore fiber endoscopes patent thumbnailIllumination sources for multicore fiber endoscopes
Endoscopes, multicore endoscope fibers and configuration and operation methods are provided. The fibers may have hundreds or thousands of cores and possibly incorporate working channel(s) and additional fibers.
Z Square Ltd.

 Socks with band portion only consisting of covering yarn and with strong coupling between band and leg portions patent thumbnailSocks with band portion only consisting of covering yarn and with strong coupling between band and leg portions
The present disclosure provides a sock comprising a leg portion, and an elastic band portion coupled to the leg portion, wherein the band portion is knitted using only a covering yarn, wherein a bottom of the band portion is coupled in an integrated manner to a top of the leg portion via knitting, wherein the band portion has inner and outer portions, wherein the band and leg portions are knitted with each other such that each of first loops of outer and inner yarns of the leg portion passes through and hooks on both of first and last loops of the band portion, and, thereafter, the covering yarn is cut, and, then, the leg portion is continuously knitted using the outer and inner yarns thereof.. .

System and tufting sculptured and multiple pile height patterned articles

A system and method for tufting sculptured and multiple pile height patterned articles, including controlling placement of yarns fed to the needles of the tufting machine by a yarn feed mechanism to form varying patterns includes a backing support over which the backing is fed, and which lifts/and biases the backing to a raised position. As the backing material is fed through the tufting machine, a series of loopers or hooks engage and pick loops of yarns from the needles.
Card-monroe Corp.

Bit holder for a cordless power drill

A bit holder for a cordless power drill provides a strap with a buckle and hook-and-loop fastener strips, which enable the user to easily secure the strap tightly around the battery pack of the power drill. An additional hook-and-loop fastener strip is provided on the strap, such that the user may affix a rectangular patch, which is provided, to the strap.

Apparatus and methods for fractional-n phase-locked loops with multi-phase oscillators

Apparatus and methods for fractional-n synthesizer phase-locked loops with multi-phase oscillators are provided. In certain configurations, a fractional-n pll includes a time-to-digital converter (tdc), a digital loop filter, a multi-phase oscillator, and fractional division circuitry.
Analog Devices, Inc.

Laminated lc filter

In a laminated lc filter, at least four lc parallel resonators are provided inside a multilayer body. At least a pair of loops of inductors in odd numbered-stage lc parallel resonators among the at least four lc parallel resonators are disposed at an angle at which magnetic coupling is obtained therebetween, and winding directions thereof are the same, so as to obtain magnetic coupling between the inductors.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Switching converter and electronic device using the same

An input smoothing circuit is provided between an input line and a ground line. A high-side transistor and a low-side transistor are provided in series between the two ends of the input smoothing circuit.
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Pile fabric and methods for manufacture of the same

The invention provides a novel pile fabric and a method for manufacturing the novel pile fabric. The pile fabric comprises: (i) a woven ground fabric comprising a plurality of warp yarns and a plurality of weft yarns intersecting the plurality of warp yarns, (ii) one or more pile yarns woven to form a plurality of pile loops extending from the ground fabric, wherein (a) at least one pile yarn from among the one or more pile yarns is a multi-ply pile yarn comprising a first pile component yarn plied with a second pile component yarn, and (b) a turns-per-loop ratio of the multi-ply pile yarn is less than 1.9 turns-per-loop..
Trident Limited

Method of manufacturing a rotor body of a magnus-type rotor

A method is provided for manufacturing a rotor body of a magnus-type rotor. The method includes providing a plurality of arcuate panels, wherein each of the panels has an arc-length less than a predetermined circumference of the rotor body.
Norsepower Oy Ltd

Guidewire with torque transmission element

A guidewire includes a shaft element and a flexible distal torque transmission element. The torque transmission element can be formed of a coiled wire having one or more of the loops that are welded or otherwise fixed together to achieve desirable flexibility and torque transmission..
Microvention, Inc.

Shoe with exchangeable upper

An article of footwear comprising a sole constructed for receiving a foot having a toe section and an ankle section with at least two loops fixedly attached to the toe section; an interchangeable upper, or several interchangeable uppers, having loops for securing the upper to the loops of the sole of the footwear; such uppers and soles attached by specialized clips adapted to facilitate a wide variety of advantages.. .

Method and system for identifying network loops

Identifying network loops is disclosed including determining a first data packet having a time to live (ttl) that at least meets a first condition, the first data packet having a destination internet protocol (ip) address; within a time period after the determining of the first data packet, identifying a plurality of second data packets that are to be transmitted to the destination ip address; and determining whether a network loop exists for the destination ip address based on ttls of the plurality of second data packets.. .
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Loop avoidance in repeater networks

A technique for loop avoidance in repeater networks involves a first repeater, having a first node number or a first weight, connecting to a second repeater with the second repeater being a child node of the first repeater. The first repeater assigns a second node number or the first weight to the second repeater.
Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Multifilament transmitter coupler with current sharing

A wireless power transmitter that provides wireless power via a magnetic field includes electrical connections for a driving signal and a plurality of coupler loops that divide the current generated by the driving signal. The transmitter can be tuned to provide a distributed magnetic field that is more evenly distributed over the transmitter pad.
Qualcomm Incorporated

High precision thickness control on a rolling mill for flat rolled metal

The high precision rolling design utilizes a high speed hydraulic roll position control along with a high accuracy roll gap measurement. The lower work roll position is fixed and the upper work roll is positioned by a hydraulic roll force cylinder using an inner and outer control loop.

Protective belt apparatus

A belt apparatus is configured to support the trousers worn by a person and to include a number of airbags that are deployable in a falling event to protect the person from bone breakages. The belt apparatus includes a flexible belt element and a fastener that appear and function in much the same way as an ordinary trouser belt, i.e., fitting through belt loops in trousers and being fastenable to itself to support the pair of trousers at the waist of the user.

Tracking of signals with at least one subcarrier

A system for tracking a received signal with a subcarrier, the received signal representing a carrier signal modulated with a code signal and with a subcarrier signal. The system comprises independent and cooperatively operating loops: a phase lock loop tracking the carrier signal, a subcarrier lock loop tracking the subcarrier signal, and a delay lock loop tracking the code signal.
Airbus Ds Gmbh

Tuning building control systems

Technical solutions are described for tuning a building control system, such as a variable air volume system, which includes intervened control loops. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a performance objective of the system.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Three-dimensional complex coil

A complex coil and a fixture for forming same configured such that loops are formed having various configurations relative to each other. The configurations provide improved thrombus formation and reduced rotation or tumbling once implanted.
Microvention, Inc.

Limited expansion heart valve

A prosthetic heart valve configured to replace a native heart valve and having a support frame configured to be reshaped into an expanded form in order to receive and/or support an expandable prosthetic heart valve therein is disclosed, together with methods of using same. Interlocking members or flexible loops are included to limit expansion of the valve to one or two valve sizes, for example, with a 2-mm gap between each valve size.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Cosmetic applicator

An applicator comprising at least two applicator elements and one of the at least two applicator elements at least partially surrounds or encompasses other of the at least two applicator elements. One of the at least two applicator element is constructed from a filament constructed at least partially from a thermal storage material that is capable of retaining heat or cold for application to a body, and comprises at least two loops which provide a discontinuous application surface..
Zen Design Solutions Limited

Method of securing and aligning a necktie on a shirt

The present invention relates to a method of securing and aligning a necktie on a shirt. The method includes an object with flexible material loops protruding from two sides of the object.

Spacer fabric, spacer fabric section and heatable covering element

A spacer fabric has a first flat layer of knitted fabric formed with conductive threads, a second flat layer of knitted fabric and spacer threads connecting the first and second layers of knitted fabric. The conductive threads have an electrically conductive coating and are arranged adjacent to one another over an entire surface in the first layer or in conductive strips extending along a direction of production, and are connected to one another in direct, electrical contact.
Mueller Textil Gmbh

Dac servo

A servo block in a buck, boost, or switching converter allows a positive offset to be applied to the dac voltage. In a typical switching converter application, the load will have a positive current, sourced from the switching converter to ground through the load.
Dialog Semiconductor (uk) Limited

Adaptive electromagnet for high performance magnetic resonance imaging

A method of configuring a conducting grid of elements interconnected at intersecting nodes by switches is described. The method includes: constructing a background grid by connection of centroids of the cell shape of the conducting grid; identifying a subset of elements in the background grid that intersect the smooth pattern of loops; identifying a subset of elements in the conducting grid that intersect the subset of elements in the background grid; the subset of elements in the conducting grid forming a discretized pattern of loops representing the smooth pattern of loops; for each of the discretized pattern of loops identifying current-in and current-out nodes; altering the on-off state of individual switches in accordance with the discretized pattern of loops; opening the switch between each respective pair of current-in and current out nodes; and applying power to the conducting grid via at least one pair of the input and output current nodes such that the current flow through the elements generates the magnetic field profile..

Negative resistance preamplifier for inductively coupled local mri coils

A novel mri-compatible amplifier design uses positive feedback from a low-noise field-effect transistor to amplify the signal current within a resonant nmr coil. The amplified signal current in this low-power circuit produces rf flux can be coupled out to receiving loops positioned externally without significant loss in sensitivity.
Office Of Technology Transfer, National Institutes Of Health

Robot actuator utilizing a differential pulley transmission

An example robot actuator utilizing a differential pulley transmission is provided. As an example, a differential pulley actuator includes input drive gears for coupling to a motor and timing pulleys coupled together through the input drive gears.
Redwood Robotics, Inc.

Reconfigurable control architectures and algorithms for electric vehicle wireless energy transfer systems

A control architecture for electric vehicle wireless power transmission systems that may be segmented so that certain essential and/or standardized control circuits, programs, algorithms, and the like, are permanent to the system and so that other non-essential and/or augmentable control circuits, programs, algorithms, and the like, may be reconfigurable and/or customizable by a user of the system. The control architecture may be distributed to various components of the wireless power system so that a combination of local or low-level controls operating at relatively high-speed can protect critical functionality of the system while higher-level and relatively lower speed control loops can be used to control other local and system-wide functionality..
Witricity Corporation

Solid and liquid waste vacuum

The invention discloses a system for vacuuming waste having a motor module and a waste module. The motor module has an open receiving area, motor, battery, vacuum tube receiving area and handle.

Article of footwear with tongue including a plurality of loops

An article of footwear includes an outsole and an upper positioned above the outsole and including an opening having opposed edges thereof. A plurality of eyelets extends along the opposed edges of the opening, and a tongue extends from the upper into the opening.
Converse Inc.

Canine handling apparatus

A canine handling apparatus for tethering a dog to a handler so that the handler maintains use of both hands while maintaining positive control of the dog. The handling apparatus includes in combination a collar, a handler sling and a lead, which are detachably connected together by a pair of carabiners.

Layer 3 routing loop prevention system

A layer 3 routing loop prevention system includes a port extender coupled to a first and second control bridges by a lag. The first and second control bridges are coupled by an interchassis link.
Dell Products L.p.

Continuously charged isolated supply network for secure logic applications

A floating core network for secure isolation of a circuit from an external supply interface is described. Isolation of a core is accomplished through a dynamic current limiting network providing an isolated core voltage to the core; and an isolated supply for the corresponding core that is continuously recharged by the dynamic current limiting network.
Chaologix, Inc.

Multiple coil structure for supporting multiple types of wireless charging and near field communications

The present invention provides a multiple coil structure for supporting multiple types of charging and near field communications. The multiple coil structure includes an inner charging coil comprising a first conductor path forming one or more loops, wherein the direction of travel of the conductor path from an end point of the first conductor path is one of a substantially clockwise direction or a substantially counter-clockwise direction, and wherein the inner charging coil has an inner boundary and an outer boundary.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Optical-coupler based modulation-averaging structures for self-seeded colorless wdm-pon

A connected optical waveguide structure comprises n four-port optical couplers, where n is greater than one; and n waveguide loops, each loop having a corresponding perimeter; wherein each of the n perimeters is different from each of the other n−1 perimeters. In one embodiment, for any pair of the n loops, the ratio of the larger perimeter to the smaller perimeter is greater than five halves (5/2)..
University Of Zagreb, Faculty Of Electrical Engineering And Computing

Integrated on-chip antenna

The present disclosure is related to a microchip apparatus, where the microchip apparatus comprises a plurality of metallic layers. Each of the metallic layers may have a respective layer thickness.
Verily Life Sciences Llc

Mesh generation system and method

A system and method is provided that facilitates generating meshes for object models of structures for use with finite element analysis simulations carried out on the structure. The system may include at least one processor configured to classify a type of an input face of a three dimensional (3d) object model of a structure based at least in part on a number of loops included by the input face.
Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

System for biasing sheet of material to gather in predetermined direction

A system for biasing or encouraging a sheet of material to gather in one direction when one edge of the sheet of material is moved toward an opposite edge of the sheet of material is provided. A plurality of strips of material may extend along a face of the sheet of material and may be laminated to the face of the sheet of material.
Hunter Douglas Inc.

Pilates aquatics device

A pilates aquatics device (pad) including a board, the board being generally rectangular, planar, buoyant, and having top and bottom surfaces, first and second sides that are generally parallel to one another with a longitudinal axis midway there between, first and second ends generally perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, and a strap defining three loops on the top surface of the board, the loops aligned along the axis, the loops defining openings perpendicular to the axis for insertion of a user's hands or feet to control the pad.. .

Free floating patient interface for laser surgery system

Systems and methods here may be used to support a femtosecond laser eye surgery system including utilizing a floating head and/or patient support to maintain alignment of the system with a patient using feedback loops of force sensors in a patient interface. In some examples, the floating head and/or patient support may counteract movements detected in the force sensors.
Optimedica Corporation

Method and preparing a finished smokable product including a booklet containing a plurality of sheets each having a plurality of openings which are irregularly torn open to cause a shredding effect to assist in the sealing of a custom made smokable product

A finished smokable product is formed using a booklet of smoking rolling papers comprising: (a) a plurality of smokable sheets being stacked together each sheet having first and second longitudinal edge portions along with first and second lateral edge portions, and first and second faces, and a plurality of openings adjacent the first longitudinal edge portion, and the first longitudinal edge portion having a first length, and the first lateral edge portions having a first length; (b) wherein the plurality of sheets are bound together by a plurality of connecting loops; (c) wherein the plurality of openings have bound and unbound states, wherein in the bound state the openings are unbroken and have a mean diameter opening and mean spacing between unbroken openings, and in the unbound state the openings are broken open with the mean spacing remaining constant but the first lateral edge portion having a second length, the second length being greater than the first length of the first lateral edge portion; and (d) wherein the bound plurality of sheets and plurality connecting loops are packaged for sale.. .

Earbud headphones that convert into an accessory

Headphones are provided that can be formed into one or more loops of sufficient size to be worn as an accessory when the headphones are not in use. The one or loops can be formed by a magnetic closure.
Head First Ventures, Llc

Shielded power coupling device

Axisymmetric solid of revolution derivable from section at fig. 5 is generally toroidal with electric current(s) in windings 110, 160 preferably flowing circumferentially along major circle(s) during power coupling device operation.
Analogic Corporation

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