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Adjustable loop constructs and techniques

Biomet Sports Medicine

Adjustable loop constructs and techniques

External case for redistribution of rf radiation away from wireless communication device user and wireless communication…

Pong Research

External case for redistribution of rf radiation away from wireless communication device user and wireless communication…

External case for redistribution of rf radiation away from wireless communication device user and wireless communication…

Vehicle floor mat

Date/App# patent app List of recent Loops-related patents
 Snare patent thumbnailSnare
A snare for snaring an article in a vessel of a vascular system or other body vessel. The snare includes a core cable having a proximal end portion and a distal end portion.
Medical Device Technologies, Inc.
 Adjustable loop constructs and techniques patent thumbnailAdjustable loop constructs and techniques
A device for securing tissue or bone. The device includes a self-locking construct, which includes first and second adjustable loops.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc
 External case for redistribution of rf radiation away from wireless communication device user and wireless communication device incorporating rf radiation redistribution elements patent thumbnailExternal case for redistribution of rf radiation away from wireless communication device user and wireless communication device incorporating rf radiation redistribution elements
A case for a wireless tablet computer device includes a number of rf resonant loop elements and elongated rf director coupling strip elements mounted in the case and configured such that rf radiation is coupled from an internal antenna of the wireless device out of the device to the rf resonant and coupling elements. The case incorporates a cut-out section in a location leaving exposed a strip that covers an area proximate the internal antenna.
Pong Research Corporation
 Vehicle floor mat patent thumbnailVehicle floor mat
A vehicle floor mat includes a sheet of flexible thermoplastic elastomer containing at least one rigid plastic insert. The insert includes velcro® hooks extending downwardly from its bottom surface for connecting the mat to a vehicle carpet or velcro® loops on a pad connected to the vehicle floor pan.
 Orthopedic back support or vertebral column brace patent thumbnailOrthopedic back support or vertebral column brace
A brace (10) which can be used in the orthopedic sector for correctly blocking and anatomically supporting the vertebral column, substantially consisting of a semirigid slat (11), with elongated vertical development, shaped in accordance with the vertebral column and thus making it possible to follow and support the column, the lower part being attached to straps (12) which are fixed at the front to an abdominal plate (13), wrapping around the waist, and the upper part to the end of straps (14) which also couple to the same abdominal plate (13), passing through loops (15) positioned at the sides, there being, in the initial part of the straps (14), that is to say in the coupling area (16) of the casing that encloses the semirigid slat and to a certain extent the section towards the front of the brace, a pocket (17) surrounded by stitching and in which there is a slit (18), said pocket being designed to accommodate a stiffening element (19) with a substantially arched shape.. .
 Tensioning system for dorsal orthopedic supports for the vertebral column patent thumbnailTensioning system for dorsal orthopedic supports for the vertebral column
A system for tensioning straps applied to dorsal orthopedic supports used to support and restrain the vertebral column, said orthoses consisting of a semirigid bar (10) wherein the lower part is coupled to a lower strap (12) which is fixed anteriorly to an abdominal plate (13) that encircles the waist, and the middle part is coupled to intermediate straps (14) that terminate at loops (15) positioned at the sides of the body, there also being additional vertical straps (16) that start from the abdominal plate (13), pass through the loops (15) and terminate above the shoulder where the ends are fixed to loops (17), whereby said loops (17) fitted to the ends of the upper straps (16) are coupled to respective cables (26) which can be tensioned by a mobile slide (21) in a sliding housing (22) by means of tie rods (18) coupled to the orthosis (10) and activated by the patient by means of relative handles (24) positioned at their lower end.. .
 Hinged transcranial magnetic stimulation array for novel coil alignment patent thumbnailHinged transcranial magnetic stimulation array for novel coil alignment
Adjustable devices and methods of adjusting and customizing transcranial magnetic stimulation (tms) electromagnets to produce an elongated path of induced electrical current along a user-defined trajectory in patients having a variety of different head shapes and curvatures. Existing tms electromagnets (“coils”) allow only limited adjustment of the current delivery surfaces.
 Sandwich panel,  building such a sandwich panel, a core of such a sandwich panel, and a building built of a plurality of such sandwich panels patent thumbnailSandwich panel, building such a sandwich panel, a core of such a sandwich panel, and a building built of a plurality of such sandwich panels
The invention relates to a sandwich panel, comprising: —a core, comprising: —a plurality of zigzag-shaped first spacers extending in a first longitudinal direction, each first spacer comprising at each corner thereof a first loop; —a plurality of zigzag-shaped second spacers extending in the first longitudinal direction, each second spacer comprising at each corner thereof a second loop, each second loop having outer dimensions that are smaller than the inner dimensions of each first loop, —wherein the second loops of each second spacer extend through the first loops of an adjacent first spacer; —wherein the openings defined by the second loops of successive second spacers are registered in rows extending in a second longitudinal direction, which second longitudinal direction extends under an angle of at least 20° with respect to the first longitudinal direction; and—wherein the first spacers and the second spacers define a second zigzag-shape in the second longitudinal direction; —two skin layers arranged on opposite sides of the core, wherein each skin layer comprises a plurality of openings through which the second loops extend; —a plurality of rods, each rod extending through the openings of the second loops of each row at the outer surface of each skin layer such that each rod locks the second loops in the first loops with respect to the skin layer. The invention further relates to a method of building such a sandwich panel, a core of such a sandwich panel, and a building built of a plurality of such sandwich panels..
 Coupling structure for inductive device patent thumbnailCoupling structure for inductive device
A circuit includes a coupling structure and a first inductive device. The coupling structure includes two or more conductive loops and a set of conductive paths electrically connecting the two or more conductive loops.
 Wobble detection via software defined phase-lock loops patent thumbnailWobble detection via software defined phase-lock loops
The embodiments relate to the use of one or more phase lock loops (pll's) for detecting wobble of a surface upon which a computing device is set. The pll's can be configured to lock onto an exponentially-damped sinusoid output from an accelerometer in order to differentiate between surface-induced movement and direct human-induced movement of the computing device.

Shoe and shoe ornamenting devices

A shoe and shoe ornamenting device is shown. The shoe is shown in an exemplary embodiment, depicted as a preferred loafer having attachment points for attachment of a shoe ornamenting device thereto.

Modular footwear platform

A footwear apparatus and method including a sole to which fasteners are attached. Straps are mounted to fasteners and extend across the user's foot when the footwear is worn.

Stitch bonded cleaning material

A wipe structure of stitch bonded construction incorporating one or more substrate layers of an absorbent material with a barrier layer across a face side of the absorbent material and a preformed lightweight loop fabric disposed across the underside of the absorbent layers with loops projecting away from the absorbent layers.. .

Pocket system for an audio player

A pocket system for wearing an audio player comprising a pocket on a garment, where the pocket is capable of securely storing the audio player during use; and an eyelet opening above the pocket, where the eyelet opening channels an ear phone wire from the audio player toward a neck portion of the garment. The garment includes a set of loops on a top surface of the garment, where the set of loops guide the ear phone wire from the audio player.

Method and preparation and insertion of an intraocular lens into the eye of a patient

A method for insertion of an intraocular lens into the eye of a patient, the method including removably attaching loop extensions to loops of an intraocular lens prior to insertion of the intraocular lens into the eye of a patient, initially inserting into the eye of the patient the loop extensions, pulling on the loop extensions through sclerectomies formed in the sclera of the eye of the patient, inserting the intraocular lens into the eye of the patient, positioning the intraocular lens in a desired position in the eye of the patient by pulling on the loop extensions through the sclerectomies, and fixing the loops to the sclera of the eye of the patient at the sclerectomies and detaching the loop extensions from the loops.. .
Visioncare Ophthalmic Technologies Inc.

Tplo plate with suture holes for rotational stability

A tplo plate configured to accommodate flexible strands (flexible loops) attached to tissue to be attached to bone. The tplo plate has one or more suture eyelets, to allow the user (surgeon) to pass a flexible strand through the eyelets and attach/reattach the tissue to the plate at the anatomical location, and to improve the rotational stability of the joint or bone.
Inthrex, Inc.

Self-locomotion training systems and methods

Embodiments allow the application of a settable and/or a programmable resistance to a trainee's leg drive phase and/or recovery phase while walking or running over extended or infinite distances. Multiple mechanical or electrical feedback loops or combinations of both to monitor the applied resistance to the trainee by the tether or tethers and then control the amount of breaking (drag) or propulsion created by the mobile training module during the acceleration and constant speed training phases to accurately generate, control and transfer resistance through the elastic tethers to the trainee.

Method for manufacturing a t-shaped composite part by resin-transfer molding

A method for manufacturing a t-shaped composite part by resin transfer molding, includes the following steps: making a preform with a planar stack of plies and with two l-shaped stacks of plies; placing the preform so that the l-shaped stacks meet between two cores of a resin transfer molding tool; inserting and removing fibers through the planar stack in a direction perpendicular or quasi-perpendicular to the planar stack and so that loops are formed inside a portion of the l-shaped stacks which are substantially perpendicular to the planar stack; closing the resin transfer molding tool; injecting a resin into the resin transfer molding tool; and heating the resin transfer molding tool to cure the resin.. .

Apparatus for unloading material from a truck bed

An improved tarp specifically configured and adapted for transporting cargo in a truck bed, and unloading cargo from the truck bed at a desired location. The tarp includes several foldable flaps or panels which may be used to secure the cargo within the tarp.

Loop detection and repair in a multicast tree

Systems, methods and transitory computer-readable storage media for detecting one or more loops in a multicast tree. The method includes calculating a multicast tree radius for a first multicast tree, the multicast tree radius representing a maximum number of hops from a root node to a furthest edge node in the first multicast tree, forwarding, by the root node, a first packet to each edge node within the first multicast tree, the first packet having a time-to-live (ttl) value equal to twice the first multicast tree radius, receiving, at the root node, a copy of the forwarded first packet, and determining an existence of a loop in the first multicast tree based at least upon receiving the copy of the forwarded first packet..
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Methods for isolating portions of a loop of pitch-multiplied material and related structures

Different portions of a continuous loop of semiconductor material are electrically isolated from one another. In some embodiments, the end of the loop is electrically isolated from mid-portions of the loop.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Tubular racetrack

A racetrack for toy vehicles is constructed from a racetrack set including closed track sections that reversibly snap together end-to-end. The inner surface of the closed track sections serves as the track for the toy vehicles.

Wire coil retainer

A wire coil retainer having a band with at least one fastening feature configured to detachably attach one side of the band to the other side of the band that allows for quick and easy retention of a wire coil, such as a headphone wire. When the fastening feature is attached, two opposing loops are formed on either side of the fastener.

Method for optimization of control and fault analysis in a thermal power plant

An exemplary control system performs a control and fault analysis method in a thermal power plant using plant data specifications during normal operation of the plant. The method includes obtaining information for at least one set point from the plant data specification which includes a list of process parameters and process outputs.
Abb Technology Ltd

Stent-mesh assembly and methods

A method of affixing a stent jacket to a stent, comprising aligning the stent jacket coaxially with the stent, placing a portion of the stent within a portion of the stent jacket, wherein a central axis of the stent is aligned with a central axis of the stent jacket, and affixing the stent jacket to the stent with a plurality of stitches, wherein the plurality of stitches form a plurality of consecutive loops that pass through one or more holes in the stent jacket and through an outer surface of the stent.. .
Inspiremd, Ltd

Reduction of the inductance of power loop and gate loop in a half-bridge converter with vertical current loops

A half bridge circuit including an isolation substrate, a metal layer on one surface of the isolation substrate, a power loop substrate on the metal layer, an upper switch on the power loop substrate, a lower switch on the power loop substrate and coupled to the upper switch, a capacitor on the power loop substrate and coupled to the upper switch, a first via through the power loop substrate and coupled between the lower switch and the metal layer, and a second via through the power loop substrate and coupled between the capacitor and the metal layer, wherein the power loop substrate has a height and separates the metal layer from the upper switch, lower switch and capacitor by the height.. .
Hrl Laboratories, Llc

Sample-rate conversion in a multi-clock system sharing a common reference

A method comprises determining a reference ratio based on a first division ratio of a first phase-locked loop (pll) and a second division ratio of a second pll, and converting a first discrete sequence to a second discrete sequence based on a sequence of multiples of the reference ratio. The first and second plls operate under a locked condition and share a common reference oscillator.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

Wireless power transfer for a seat-vest-helmet system

Wireless power transfer system include: a seat configured to support a human and including a first resonator featuring a conductive coil formed by a plurality of loops that each encircle a common first axis, a layer of magnetic material, and a conductive shield; an article of clothing featuring a second resonator having a conductive coil formed by a plurality of loops that each encircle a common second axis, so that when the article of clothing is worn by the human and the human is seated in the seat, the first and second axes are aligned; and a first electronic apparatus positioned in the seat and coupled to the first resonator, and configured to deliver electrical power to the first resonator so that during operation of the system, power is transferred wirelessly from the first resonator to the second resonator.. .
Witricity Corporation

Mems device with integrated temperature stabilization

An apparatus for providing localized heating as well as protection for a vibrating mems device. A cap over a mems gyroscope includes an embedded temperature sensor and a heater.
Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, Llc

Beverage container with retractable straw

The current invention includes a beverage container with an integrally molded handle. Housed within the handle sits a retractable, sliding straw track.

Valve system for brass instruments

A valve system for brass instruments comprising mechanically actuated rotary valves rotatably mounted in valve sleeves, and tube sockets for tubes which conduct the air flow in and out and for valve tube loops. The valve system has a milled valve block, in which a bore is arranged which runs through the valve system rectilinearly and with a constant cross section through the valve sleeves, into which bore bores open which run approximately at right angles to said bore and have the same cross section as the valve tube loops.

Camera strap attachment mechanism and methods of use

A male/female connection system is disclosed. The system is specifically designed as a novel way of attaching straps to cameras.

Tissue graft anchoring

A fixation device includes a member defining at least two openings, and a suture tied to the member by passing the suture through the at least two openings in the member to form two suture loops through which ends of the suture pass. The two suture loops are interconnected.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Internet protocol routing mehtod and associated architectures

Disclosed are structures and methods for improved routing methods for ip networks that advantageously extend the ip shortest path routing capability by establishing pre-computed longer paths that can be activated on-demand to alleviate network link congestion caused by the heavy data loads. These pre-computed longer paths allow an ip network to more effectively meet an application's stringent performance sla while at the same time supporting large bandwidths to carry large volumes of data.

Systems, methods, and increased foreign object detection loop array sensitivity

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for detecting foreign objects. An apparatus for detecting a presence of an object is provided including a plurality of electrically conductive loops arranged in an array.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch and lighting apparatus having the same

A microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch uses a detection circuit design to convert external motion signals into message carrying sensing signals readable to the microcontroller. Based on the time length of sensing signals and the format of the sensing signals received in a preset instant period of time the microcontroller through the operation of its software program codes written in the otprom is able to recognize the working modes chosen by the external signal generating user and thereby selecting the appropriate loops of subroutine for execution.

Apparatus for eddy current inhibiting electro-magnetic interference shielding

A non-eddy current electro-magnetic interference (emi) shield to prevent or inhibit generation of eddy currents in the shield. The shield may include a non-conductive enclosure, one or more conductive traces interlaced on the non-conductive enclosure, wherein the one or more conductive traces do not form any conductive loops, and one or more ground connections on the one or more conductive traces, wherein the one or more ground connections do not form a ground loop, the emi shielded electronic device may at least partially encompass an electronic device, such as a magnetic tracker, wherein the emi shield comprises a non-conductive housing, with conductive traces interlaced on the housing, in a pattern or arrangement such that the conductive traces do not form any conductive loops.
Thales Visionix, Inc.

Method for forming and annealing an insulated conductor

A method of forming an insulated conductor, includes forming an insulated conductor to modify a cross sectional shape thereof heating at least a portion of the insulated conductor to a selected temperature range. Maintaining the selected temperature range for at least a selected period of time thereby annealing the conductor.
Remy Technologies, L.l.c.

Whisk assembly

A whisk assembly, including: a handle having a first end, a second end, a first portion, a second portion, and a third portion, the first portion hingedly secured to the second portion by a first hinge and the second portion hingedly secured to the third portion by a second hinge; and, a plurality of wire loops emanating proximate the first end of the handle, at least one wire loop emanating from the first portion, at least one wire loop emanating from the second portion, and at least one wire loop emanating from the third portion. In a closed position, the first, second, and third portions are operatively arranged to form a closed handle; and, in an open position, the first, second, and third portions are operatively arranged to form an open handle..
Umbra Llc

Solar-nuclear hybrid power plant

A solar-nuclear hybrid plant includes a nuclear energy loop, a solar energy loop, and an electrical generation loop. The three loops are closed loops.
Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc.

Quick release tuck strap

A releasable fastener system includes a first base material and a second base material being fastened together when the fastener system is in a fastened state and released from one another when the fastener system is in a released state. The fastener system further includes a stiffening member fastened to the second base material.
Point Blank Enterprises, Inc.

Filter device, system, and method

A filter device has a single hub and a plurality of filter struts extending in a first longitudinal direction. A plurality of wire loops extend in a second longitudinal direction opposite the filter struts.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Frictional hinge for electronic devices

A frictional hinge assembly for use with electronics devices such as computer notebooks having base and lid portions may present a higher level of frictional resistance to rotation in one direction than in the other. The hinge may comprise a base-mounted helical sleeve having loops that embrace a rotational shaft that is connected to a lid.

Winding and preparing a winding applied to an inductive device

The present invention relates to a winding and a method for preparing a winding of inductive devices. The winding includes at least a plurality of layers, where each layer includes at least one conductive loop; the conductive loops are electrically connected to form a winding; and the conductive loop or the portion of the conductive loop of at least one layer is not spatially aligned with the conductive loop or the portion of the conductive loop of at least one another layer.
Montage Technology (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

High dynamic control current source converter

Current source converters and control methods are presented for high dynamic performance by implementing a dc link current control loop parallel to one or more motor control loops, with a dc link current control command value for operating the current source rectifier being derived at least partially independent of the motor control command values, wherein certain implementations drive the current source rectifier to its maximum rated value, or the dc current command value can be set above an amount required by the current source inverter using a gain factor which can be fixed or can itself be adjusted based on one or more motor control error values for balancing as-needed dynamic performance and efficiency.. .
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Method and machine for producing a muselet for bottles of effervescent drinks

Forming a first loop (5) on each free end of the first and second wires, in said first plane; forming a second loop (6) in a plane that is essentially perpendicular to the first plane, by folding; and folding the three wires at a certain distance from the twisting, in a plane essentially perpendicular to said first plane. Furthermore, a closed rim (3) is inserted such that it passes through the three loops by translation according to a direction essentially perpendicular to the first plane of the cage, and the three loops are closed by pressing in a direction parallel to said first plane.

System and generation of event driven, tuple-space based programs

In a system for automatic generation of event-driven, tuple-space based programs from a sequential specification, a hierarchical mapping solution can target different runtimes relying on event-driven tasks (edts). The solution uses loop types to encode short, transitive relations among edts that can be evaluated efficiently at runtime.
Reservoir Labs, Inc.

Assisting parallelization of a computer program

A parallelization assistant tool system to assist in parallelization of a computer program is disclosed. The system directs the execution of instrumented code of the computer program to collect performance statistics information relating to execution of loops within the computer program.
Cray Inc.

Implantation assembly for a prosthetic ligament

An implantation assembly (16) comprises a guide element (22) for a ligament (18); a pulling element (24) comprising a pulling loop (26); and a manipulating loop (28). The guide element has a pulling aperture (36) towards a leading end (32), a manipulating aperture (38) towards a trailing end (34), and a connecting arrangement (40) for the ligament.
Xiros Limited

Chimeric il-1 receptor type i agonists and antagonists

Featured herein are non-naturally occuring cytokine domains that can be used, inter alia, to modulate cellular signalling responsive to interleukin-1 receptor i (il-1ri), to treat disorders, and to detect and/or bind to cellular receptors, as well as other agents. Exemplary cytokine domains can contain amino acid residues from at least two parental cytokines domains, for example, receptor binding features, surface features, β strands, and loops from at least two parental cytokines domains..
Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Elastic network structure with excellent quietness and hardness

[solution] a mesh structure comprising a three-dimensional, random-loop, joining structure formed by winding a continuous line of thermoplastic resin to form random loops, bringing the loops into contact with one another in a molten state, and fusing the majority of the contact area, wherein (a) the apparent density of the random-loop contact structure is 0.005-0.200 g/cm3, and (b) the number of contact points per unit weight of the random-loop contact structure is 500-1200/g.. .

Method for lifting a concrete product with a lifting boom and lifting boom

Method for lifting a concrete product with a lifting boom and a lifting boom, in which method the lifting boom is moved above the concrete product to be lifted with a crane, lifting hooks of the lifting boom are set in lifting loops located in the concrete product to be lifted, and the lifting is carried out by lifting the lifting boom together with the concrete product with a crane, wherein the location of at least one lifting loop in the concrete product to be lifted is detected by a control system of the lifting boom, which control systems moves at least one lifting hook along the lifting boom to the location of the lifting loop.. .
Elematic Oy Ab

Apparatus and methods for synchronizing phase-locked loops

Apparatus and methods for synchronizing phase-locked loops (plls) are provided. In certain implementations, a fractional-n synthesizer includes a pll and a control circuit that controls a division value of the pll.
Analog Devices Technology

Apparatus for road vehicles

An apparatus for road vehicles includes a sealed housing (07) which mounts the shafts (11 & 12) in bearings (10). Closed chain or belt loops (13) are driven by sprockets or pulleys (29) which are supported on the shafts (11 & 12) by one direction clutch bearings (09) such that the shafts (11 & 12) can only transmit power in a single direction (15).

Method and device for shredding sheet-shaped material

According to the method according to the invention, a stack of paper is placed onto a support, the sheets are grasped individually from the stack and, whilst realizing a sheet loop, are guided one after another through a through-opening in the support to a cutting system, and are shredded in the cutting system, wherein, when the loops are formed, the sheets are merely deformed elastically and consequently reversibly such that by realizing a free end each sheet loop is opened again before it reaches the cutting system, and is cut up, unfolded, into regular particles over its entire length.. .

Assembly of stent grafts with diameter reducing ties

A temporary diameter reduction constraint arrangement for a stent graft is disclosed. The arrangement comprises: primary and secondary release wires extending along the graft; a plurality of loops of thread, each loop engaged with either the primary or secondary wire and engaged around a portion of the graft circumferentially spaced away from its release wire, and drawn tight to reduce the diameter of the graft; an end constraint arrangement comprising four of the plurality of loops of thread arranged into a first and second pairs engaged with respective primary and secondary wires; and an intermediate constraint arrangement comprising a fifth and sixth of the plurality of loops of thread arranged into a third pair, the third pair engaged with the primary release wire, the primary release wire deviating towards the secondary release wire so as to locate the intermediate constraint arrangement substantially in-line with the end constraint arrangement..
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Methods and devices for applying localized thermal therapy

Methods and devices are disclosed herein that generally involve applying thermal therapy to tissue (e.g., localized cooling or heating of tissue), and in particular applying thermal therapy to the spinal canal, tissue disposed within the spinal canal, and/or nerve roots extending from the spinal canal. In some embodiments, tissue can be cooled or heated by implanting or positioning a thermal device in proximity to the targeted tissue.
Neuraxis, Llc

Intracorporeal imaging aid (ima)

An embodiment of the invention relates to an apparatus for determining a location of a surface of an internal organ of a body, the apparatus comprising: a marker support (12) having proximal and distal ends, an axis, a collapsed state and a deployed state, the marker support (12) comprising: at least three flexible filaments, which in the collapsed state lie within a relatively small radial distance from the axis of the marker support (12), and in the deployed state, each filament forms a loop, the loops each configured to abut a surface of an internal body tissue at an abutment region of each filament; and at least three tissue markers (28), each tissue marker (28) located at an abutment region of a filament; wherein projections of each of the abutment regions on a plane perpendicular to the axis of the marker support (12) each lie along a side of a polygon.. .
Medivalve Ltd.

Horizontal connection for mechanically stabilized earth walls

An improved method for attaching a geosynthetic strip to a plurality of fact panels of a retaining wall. The method first begins by providing a plurality of stackable face panels, each face panel having a plurality of connector loops fixed with the back portion of the face panels.

Roman shade type blind cloth

Disclosed is a roman shade type blind including: a front blind cloth with the upper end thereof fixed to a frame and the lower end thereof fixed to a weight part; a back blind cloth with the upper end thereof fixed to a winding-rod rotatably mounted in the frame and the lower end thereof fixed to the weight part; and a cord line passing the back side of the front blind cloth with the upper end thereof fixed to the winding-rod and the lower end thereof fixed to the weight part, wherein the blind cloth is woven so as to have a set of two or more rings arranged repeatedly in the back side of the front blind cloth with a given interval and to integrally have the cord line inserted into the rings, the rings of the ring set having a given interval, so that pulling the cord line causes the parts of the blind cloth between the sets of the rings to be folded forward so as to form loops of a given length.. .
Winplus Co., Ltd

Air conditioning companion stabilizer system

An air conditioning companion stabilizer system for improving the operating cooling efficiency of refrigeration cycle components in air conditioning systems integrates the refrigeration cycle components with two independent, closed loops whose operation is complementary of one another. A temperature stabilizing loop functions in ambient conditions that lower cooling efficiency and is operative to absorb heat from the refrigerant exiting the condenser, thereby lowering the temperature of the refrigerant before it arrives at the expansion valve.

Implement for cleaning areas surrounding the eyes

An implement for the cleaning of areas around the human eye, especially the upper and lower lids and the eye lashes, includes a reusable cleaning implement having at least one low absorbency pad of a soft looped material for cleaning areas adjacent the eye orb wherein the loops of the material capture and remove oils, debris, crusts and cosmetics such as eye liner and mascara. Once laid on a surface, the pad of the article is elevated away from the surface to prevent soiling.

Method of forming convertible tights

A method of forming an article of hosiery for being worn by a wearer in a footed or footless configuration includes forming a foot portion, leg portion, and panty portion, where the foot portion is formed by turning in an end portion of a circularly knitted fabric tube and connecting a first portion of an end edge to the fabric tube using transfer loops to form a turned welt around only a first portion of the perimeter of the fabric tube. A second portion of the end edge remains unattached and defines an opening between the second portion of the end edge and the fabric tube.
Hbi Branded Apparel Enterprises, Llc

Wagering game having seamless looping of compressed audio

Gapless looping playback of an audio sound seamlessly without any silence between loops. An uncompressed digital audio file is divided and encoded using an mp3 encoder to produce two encoded files, a and b.
Wms Gaming Inc.

Flexible printed circuit cables with service loops and overbending prevention

An electronic device may have a signal cable formed from a flexible printed circuit. A service loop may be formed in the signal cable.
Apple Inc.

Integral inductor arrangement

The disclosure relates to an integral inductor arrangement with at least three magnetic loops arranged side by side to each other in a row and at least one winding associated with each of the magnetic loops. The magnetic loops are formed by individual core elements, each of which being part of one of the magnetic loops, and shared core elements, each of which being part of two adjacent of the magnetic loops.
Sma Solar Technology Ag

Loop strap system for convertible bag

This patent application describes the loop strap system for convertible bag which allows the user to convert a bag to multiple carrying modes such as backpack, crossbody, and shoulder bag mode. Currently, users have to go through the hassle of buying and switching between many different types of bags for different occasions.

Fabric having cut-loop structure, manufacturing same, and product using fabric having cut-loop structure

The present invention provides fabrics with cut loop group and a manufacturing method thereof, wherein the core yarn at the section where said loops are being cut is outwardly protruded from the covering yarns, while the rayon yarn, which is a core yarn, is separated into multiple filaments. The fabrics with cut loop group show superior characteristics in polishing properties, sliding properties, water absorption properties, rapid drying properties and feeling of touch since polishing can be performed while easily catching foreign substances such as extremely minute dust particles or human hairs and the like by the rayon yarn, which is a core yarn, functioning as a hook.
Clembon Co., Ltd.

Current, temperature or electromagnetic field actuated fasteners

A method of bonding or debonding objects includes providing a first object including a first substrate with moveable features thereon which provide an actuated and a non-actuated state having different protrusion from the first substrate or a different curvature. A second object has an array of loops thereon.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


A pilates reformer includes a pair of rails mounted between a front frame portion and a rear frame portion. A carriage is mounted to the pair of rails.

Functional resistance exercise apparatus

A functional resistance exercise apparatus includes a glove for a user's hand. At least one loop is securely disposed or formed on the glove, and a resistive element is attachable to the loop which generates force in opposition to the user's movement of the hand wearing the glove in substantially any direction.

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Loops for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Loops with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.



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