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Loops patents

This page is updated frequently with new Loops-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Loops-related patents
 Method and  gauge identification based on single ended line testing (selt) patent thumbnailMethod and gauge identification based on single ended line testing (selt)
The present invention relates generally to characterizing loops in a communication system, and more particularly to methods and apparatuses for loop gauge identification. In accordance with certain aspects, embodiments of the invention extract some information from the selt signal.
Ikanos Communications, Inc.

 Method for identifying logical loops in ethernet networks patent thumbnailMethod for identifying logical loops in ethernet networks
A method and system for identifying logical loops in an ethernet network may determine a number of nodes n and a number of links l between nodes. A number of rings r, including a number of major rings and a number of sub-rings for the ethernet network may be determined.

 Memory device and  operating the same patent thumbnailMemory device and operating the same
A method of operating a memory device, which includes of memory cells respectively arranged in regions where first signal lines and second lines cross each other, includes determining a plurality of pulses so that each of the plurality of pulses that are sequentially applied to a selected memory cell among the plurality of memory cells is changed according to a number of times of executing programming loops. In response to the change of the plurality of pulses, at least one of a first inhibit voltage and a second inhibit voltage is determined so that a voltage level of at least one of the first and second inhibit voltages that are respectively applied to unselected first and second signal lines connected to unselected memory cells among the plurality of memory cells is changed according to the number of times of executing the programming loops..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Process control system using typical and adapter components patent thumbnailProcess control system using typical and adapter components
Methods, systems, and non-transitory, computer-readable medium are disclosed to enable a user to configure a process control system. A graphical programming user interface is described for generating coded native control components instantiated from typical and adapter components selected from a library of templates including respective control functions and associated logical expressions.
Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions, Inc.

 Compact pet waste disposal device patent thumbnailCompact pet waste disposal device
The present device is a reusable, machine washable, compact, lightweight pet waste disposal sport pouch designed to conveniently provide hands free transport of used pet waste bags and carry useful supplies while securely attaching to a leash to minimize undesirable motion and thus facilitating extended pet walks and other vigorous activities like jogging and running embodiments of the device include a collapsible, main pouch to carry used pet waste bags that has a rectangular shape with an open top, two inwardly pleated sides, and transitions to form a “v” shape at the bottom, multiple vertical leash attachment options to reduce device motion when attached to a leash, quick release connectors attached to stiffening material at the top of the main pouch which can be rolled down to and secured to leash handles for added stability as well as reduce the device size and potential escaping odors, finger loops near the top front and top back of the device to facilitate opening the device to accept a used pet waste bags, and accessory pockets on the front of the device to hold unused pet waste bags and other useful supplies.. .

 Heating means and methods of manufacture patent thumbnailHeating means and methods of manufacture
Heating elements for respiratory tubing (73) comprise an electrically-insulating substrate (22, 45, 50) with a printed looped track (21, 31, 41) of carbon extending along the substrate between two metal terminals (25, 26, 43, 44, 74, 75) at one end. The heating elements are preferably made by printing several looped tracks (51 to 59) side by side on an insulative substrate (50), applying a metal bus bar (60) along one edge (61) of the sheet over the free ends of the track loops.
Smiths Medical International Limited

 Gait-based biometric system for detecting weight gain or loss patent thumbnailGait-based biometric system for detecting weight gain or loss
Systems and methods for determining a user's static weight while standing as well as the user's load bearing weight. A sensor module with multiple sensors is placed inside a user's shoe and biometric data is gathered from the sensors when the user stands and when the user takes a step or walks.
Autonomous Id Canada Inc.

 Multicore fiber endoscopes patent thumbnailMulticore fiber endoscopes
Endoscopes, multicore endoscope fibers and configuration and operation methods are provided. The fibers may have hundreds or thousands of cores and possibly incorporate working channel(s) and additional fibers.
Z Square Ltd.

 Athletic protective shield patent thumbnailAthletic protective shield
A protective shield for a lower leg of an ice skater is provided. The protective shield comprises a protective segment and a support segment to which the protective segment is secured.

 Athletic protective shield patent thumbnailAthletic protective shield
A protective shield for a lower leg of an ice skater is provided. The protective shield comprises a protective segment and a support segment to which the protective segment is secured.


Improvements for base64 encoding and decoding

Base64 encoding and decoding advances are characterized. Some of the described embodiments rely on only a single bit shifting operation; some have no reliance on bit-shifting.
Numbergun Llc


Compensation device for feedback loops, and corresponding integrated circuit

An electronic device includes an output terminal, an output transistor having a control terminal and a conduction terminal coupled to the output terminal, and a resistor-capacitor (rc) compensation network configured to act on the control terminal of the output transistor. In addition, the electronic device includes a transconductance amplifier configured to drive the output terminal through the control terminal of the output transistor, and a miller effect stage coupled to the rc compensation network and having an input port coupled to the transconductance amplifier and an output port coupled to the control terminal of the output transistor..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.


Direct torque control motor controller with transient current limiter

An ac motor controller is provided that utilizes a direct torque controller and primary and secondary control loops. The primary control loop operates in a relatively conventional manner, determining a voltage vector that sets the inverter switching variables for the motor's power inverter, where the voltage vector is based on the motor's torque and flux as estimated from the measured voltage and current of the motor.
Atieva, Inc.


Direct torque control motor controller with transient current limiter

An ac motor controller is provided that utilizes a direct torque controller and primary and secondary control loops. The primary control loop operates in a relatively conventional manner, determining a voltage vector that sets the inverter switching variables for the motor's power inverter, where the voltage vector is based on the motor's torque and flux as estimated from the measured voltage and current of the motor.
Atieva, Inc.


Direct torque control motor controller with torque ripple reduction

An ac motor controller is provided that utilizes a direct torque controller and primary and secondary control loops. The primary control loop operates in a relatively conventional manner, determining a voltage vector that sets the inverter switching variables for the motor's power inverter, where the voltage vector is based on the motor's torque and flux as estimated from the measured voltage and current of the motor.
Atieva, Inc.


Wire bond mold lock method and structure

A method and apparatus are described for fabricating a microchip structure (70) which protects interior electrical integrated circuits and components (120) attached to a lead frame die flag (104) using a molding compound (124) that mechanically interlocks with one or more positive mold lock structures formed as dummy wire loops (114) or stud bumps (214) that are attached to the lead frame (100) and/or die flag (104).. .
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Plasma generating apparatus using dual plasma source and substrate treating apparatus including the same

Provided is a plasma generating apparatus using a dual plasma source and a substrate treating apparatus including the same. A plasma generating apparatus may include: an rf power source supplying an rf signal; a plasma chamber providing a space for generating plasma; a first plasma source disposed on a portion of the plasma chamber to generate plasma; and a second plasma source disposed on another portion of the plasma chamber to generate plasma wherein the second source comprises a plurality of gas supply loops disposed along a circumference of the plasma chamber and supplied with a process gas therein to supply the process gas to the plasma chamber; and a plurality of electromagnetic field applicators coupled to the gas supply loop and receiving the rf signal to generate plasma from the process gas..
Psk Inc.


Flood wall protection system

A flood wall system and method of constructing same, including providing a first main panel section; attaching sleeves to each side of a main panel prior to configuring the final chamber; providing two sleeves of fabric at the upper opening of each chamber for supporting the chambers while the chambers are being filled with materials such as sane; providing a series of chambers sewn together to define a continuous cellular wall; the final chamber having a horizontal height which is two feet (0.6 m) longer than the vertical height further having a front toe portion one feet (0.3 m) in height; filling each chamber with a quantity of the material, such as sand, to fill each chamber; on each end of a completed chain of chambers, further comprising a set of loops or ties so that a chain of chambers is capable of being tied to other chains of chambers to define the continuous flood wall system.. .
Ameriglobe, Llc


Multi part synthetic eye and eye sling

A system for applying a tensile load, the system having: a length of continuous synthetic rope having first and second bitter ends; the continuous synthetic rope being woven with itself to create a sling; the first and second bitter ends of the rope being capable of moving relative to each other and the sling. The system may be configured such that movement of the bitter ends relative to the sling or each other is observable or measurable.
Yale Cordage Inc.


Endoluminal filter having enhanced echogenic properties

An endoluminal filter, comprising a first support member having a first end and a second end; and a second support member attached to the first end of the first support member or the second end of the first support member and forming a crossover with the first support member to form two loops one on either side of the crossover, wherein at least a portion of the first support member, the second support member, the first end, the second end or a region adjacent to the cross over or any portion of one of the above is modified to provide an enhanced echogenic characteristic of the endoluminal filter. A method of positioning a filter within a lumen, comprising advancing a sheath containing a filter through the lumen; deploying a portion of the filter from the sheath into the lumen to engage the lumen wall while maintaining substantially all of a material capture structure of the filter within the sheath; and deploying the material capture structure of the filter from the sheath to a position across the lumen, wherein any of the above steps are performed using an intravascular ultrasound system and the filter is modified to provided at least one echogenic characteristic..
Volcano Corporation


Curvilinear transosseous rotator cuff repair tools

Rotator cuff tears (complete and partial) are surgically repaired without needing more dermal access than percutaneous punctures. The surgeon is afforded a range of options for where to place a second tunnel in the bone, and selection by the surgeon of a desired bone bridge size is provided in advance of tunnel construction.
Microaire Surgical Instruments, Llc


Curvilinear transosseous rotator cuff repair tools

Rotator cuff tears (complete and partial) are surgically repaired without needing more dermal access than percutaneous punctures. The surgeon is afforded a range of options for where to place a second tunnel in the bone, and selection by the surgeon of a desired bone bridge size is provided in advance of tunnel construction.
Microaire Surgical Instruments, Llc


Suture management system

Assemblies, devices and methods are provided for suture management associated with surgical procedures for anchoring suture to bone. Suture elements mounted to suture anchors are terminated in suture loops or tags, and associated stop members that in combination with visual coding provide suture identification, prevent accidental unmounting of suture from suture anchors, and reduce the number of suture legs requiring active management during complex arthroscopic repairs.
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Power supply system and direct-current converter thereof

A dc converter includes a non-isolated conversion module and an isolated conversion module. The non-isolated conversion module is implemented based on a redundant structure and has a first power conversion loop, a second power conversion loop, and an energy storage element.
Acbel Polytech Inc.


Apparatus for generating plasma using dual plasma source and treating substrate including the same

The present invention relates to an apparatus for generating plasma using a dual plasma source and a substrate treatment apparatus including the same. A plasma generation apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: an rf power supply configured to supply an rf signal; a plasma chamber configured to provide a space in which plasma is generated; a first plasma source installed at one part of the plasma chamber to generate plasma; and a second plasma source installed at the other part of the plasma chamber to generate plasma, the second plasma source including: a plurality of insulating loops formed along a circumference of the plasma chamber, wherein a gas passage through which a process gas is injected and moved to the plasma chamber is provided in each insulating loop; and a plurality of electromagnetic field appliers coupled to the insulating loops and receiving the rf signal to excite the process gas moved through the gas passage to a plasma state..
Psk Inc.


Instruction for implementing vector loops of iterations having an iteration dependent condition

A processor is described having an instruction execution pipeline. The instruction execution pipeline includes an instruction fetch stage to fetch an instruction.
Intel Corporation


Computer processor employing explicit operations that support execution of software pipelined loops and a compiler that utilizes such operations for scheduling software pipelined loops

A computer processor includes execution logic (having a number of functional units) configured to perform operations that access operand data values stored in a plurality of operand storage elements. Such operand data values include a predefined none operand data value indicative of a missing operand value.
Mill Computing, Inc.


Fibrous network structure having excellent compression durability

A network structure comprising a three-dimensional random loop bonded structure obtained by forming random loops with curling treatment of a continuous linear structure including a polyester-based thermoplastic elastomer and having a fineness of not less than 100 dtex and not more than 60000 dtex, and by making each loop mutually contact in a molten state, wherein the network structure has an apparent density of 0.005 g/cm3 to 0.20 g/cm3, a 50%-constant displacement repeated compression residual strain of not more than 15%, and a 50%-compression hardness retention of not less than 85% after 50%-constant displacement repeated compression.. .


Nasal drip pad

A nasal drip pad apparatus for use on a patient after sinus surgery including a drip pad assembly positioned underneath the patient's nose and a string forming a continuous loop configured to extend through the interior of the drip pad assembly configured to form a pair of loops. One of the loops is placed around one of the patient's ears and the other one of the loops is placed around the other one of the patient's ears..
Kah Medical Supplies, Llc


Electromagnetic sensor with probe and guide sensing elements

A sensing system includes an off-axis coil in which wire is wound in loops about a roll axis and at an angle to the roll axis. In particular, the loops define respective areas that have a normal direction at a non-zero angle relative to the roll axis.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Method and routing between fibre channel fabrics

An interfabric link between two separate fibre channel fabrics so that devices in one fabric can communicate with devices in another fabric without requiring the merger of the two fabrics. The interfabric switch performs a conversion or a translation of device addresses in each fabric so that they are accessible to the other fabric.
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.


High speed mmf (multi-mode fiber) transmissions via orthogonal wavefronts

A system is provided for high speed optical fiber data transmission by generating artificial wavefronts along multiple paths exhibiting spatial mutual orthogonality. Multiple independent signal streams are “structured” over a group of different propagation paths that are coherently organized by wavefront multiplexing and de-multiplexing techniques.
Spatial Digital Systems, Inc.


Quadrature output ring oscillator and method thereof

Various circuits are described, which sustain an oscillation using a combination of four primary inverters, four feedforward inverters, and four coupling resistors for outputting a quadrature output signal while avoiding contention between a primary inverter and a feedforward inverter. In one configuration, a circuit includes four primary inverters configured in a ring topology, four coupling resistors uniformly interposed in the ring among the four primary inverters, and four feedforward inverters forming four sub-feedback loops, respectively, each sub-feedback loop comprising two primary inverters, one coupling resistor, and one feedforward inverter.
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.


Conformal electronic devices

The present invention relates to a flexible antenna that can harvest energy for short-range wireless communication such as near-field communication. The flexible antenna comprises a plurality of metal loops arranged in a concentric manner and disposed on a flexible base substrate.
Mc10, Inc.


Manufacturing wireless devices

A manufacturing method for a wireless device may involve placing a plurality of antennas on a plastic layer, wherein each of the antennas comprises one or more conductive loops positioned within an inner diameter and an outer diameter; placing a plurality of sensor chips on the plastic layer such that each sensor chip is interconnected to a respective antenna on the plastic layer and is positioned within the inner diameter and outer diameter of the respective antenna, wherein each sensor chip has a respective sensor facing away from the plastic layer and has respective electrical contacts interconnected with the respective antenna; and providing an encapsulation layer over the plurality of antennas and the plurality of sensor chips on the plastic layer.. .
Google Inc.


Automatic test pattern generation for a reconfigurable instruction cell array

An instruction cell array is provided that comprises an array of tiles. Each tile includes a set of input/output (i/o) ports for switching between a plurality of input channels and a plurality of corresponding output channels.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Commercial fischer-tropsch reactor

A method for converting synthesis gas into liquid hydrocarbons by introducing a synthesis gas feed into a fischer-tropsch system that includes a catalytic reactor fluidly connected with at least two slurry loops, the reactor comprising at least as many reactor product outlets and slurry return inlets as slurry loops; each slurry loop comprising a separation system comprising at least one separator, an inlet of each separator fluidly connected to a reactor product outlet via a slurry offtake, and an outlet of each separator fluidly connected to a slurry return inlet via a slurry return; separating concentrated catalyst slurry from the reaction product via the slurry loops; removing liquid hydrocarbon product from each separator; and returning concentrated catalyst slurry to the catalytic reactor via the slurry returns and slurry return inlets. A system for converting synthesis gas into liquid hydrocarbons via the method is also disclosed..
Res Usa, Llc


Stabilization and control of a crane load

A stabilizer cable has a first end and a second end, wherein the first end is coupled to a crane load. The stabilizer cable loops around a boom pulley that is attached to a crane boom, then runs through a traveler pulley, then loops around a floating pulley, then loops around a deflector pulley.


Smart knitted fabrics

Knitting machines are used to intermesh conductive yarns into loops resulting in knitted fabrics. The knitting machine is adapted to import different types of yarns (conductive and non-conductive) directly into the knit structure.
Drexel University


Piggyback carrying system with closable circular webbed harness

In one embodiment of the invention, a piggyback carrying system is disclosed including a closable circular webbed harness and a plurality of fasteners. The closable circular webbed harness can selectively secure an article to a carrying device.


Loop avoidance during network convergence in switched networks

Various techniques can be used to avoid loops during network convergence after a topology change such as a failure. For example, a method can involve detecting a failure that disrupts an existing forwarding path between a node and a destination node; calculating at least one updated forwarding path from the node to the destination node; identifying a maximum time for at least a portion of the network to reach a post-convergence state with respect to the failure; until the maximum time has elapsed at the node, explicitly specifying at least a portion of the updated forwarding path in packet headers of any packets being sent from the node to the destination node; and after the maximum time has elapsed at the node, non-explicitly specifying the portion of the updated forwarding path in packet headers of any additional packets being sent from the node to the destination node..
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Wireless charger having e-field shield

A shielding arrangement for preventing am radio interference when a wireless charger is used in a vehicle has a plurality of parallel conductors arranged at a distance from one another responsive to a frequency desired to be attenuated. An interconnection arrangement includes a solid conductive junction and connects the conductors to one another without forming loops, and to ground.
Powermat Technologies Ltd.


Electronic circuitry having superconducting tunnel junctions with functional electromagnetic-responsive tunneling regions

A device includes at least one superconducting tunnel junction having a junction region comprising a junction barrier material responsive to electromagnetic fields within the mhz to thz range. The junction may be contained within a bi-squid loop having two main junctions and a center junction.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Technologies for determining binary loop trip count using dynamic binary instrumentation

Technologies for binary loop trip count computation include a computing device that dynamically instruments binary code, executes the instrumented code, and records execution statistics during execution of the instrumented code. The computing device may instrument only instructions affecting local control flow within functions of the binary code.


Music generator

Techniques are disclosed relating to generating music content. In one embodiment, a method includes determining one or more musical attributes based on external data and generating music content based on the one or more musical attributes.
Be Labs, Llc


Calibrating a power supply using power supply monitors

A processing system includes one or more power supply monitors (psms) to measure one or more first voltages corresponding to one or more locations in the processing system. The measurements are performed concurrently with the processing system executing one or more code loops.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


Resilient control design for distributed cyber-physical systems

A distributed cyber-physical system includes physical elements (15-1, 15-2, . .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Generation of magnetic fields for mri with loops having current shunts

A conducting loop has thick cross section and is powered by a single voltage source capable of producing extremely high currents. Anti-parallel segments of the loop are brought in close proximity to each other and the unpaired segments in this loop are shaped to collectively form a homogenous b0 field.


Method for engineering immunoglobulins

The present invention relates to a method for engineering an immunoglobulin comprising a variable domain and at least one modification in at least two structural loops of said immunoglobulin and determining the binding of said immunoglobulin to an epitope of an antigen, wherein the unmodified immunoglobulin does not significantly bind to said epitope, comprising the steps of: providing a nucleic acid encoding an immunoglobulin comprising at least two structural loops, modifying at least one nucleotide residue of each of said structural loops, transferring said modified nucleic acid in an expression system, expressing said modified immunoglobulin, contacting the expressed modified immunoglobulin with an epitope, and determining whether said modified immunoglobulin binds to said epitope, immunoglobulins produced by such a method and libraries of immunoglobulins.. .
F-star Biotechnologische Forschungs- Und Entwicklungsges.m.b.h.


Compliant slit film seaming element

Disclosed herein is a seaming element for attachment to an industrial textile. The industrial textile has opposed first and second seamable edge regions, while the seaming element has: i) a first lateral edge; ii) a second lateral edge; iii) a trailing edge; iv) a forward portion comprising a plurality of protruding seaming with successive loops spaced apart by an aperture, and v) a rearward portion continuous with the forward portion, with the rearward portion comprising an upper member and a lower member.
Astenjohnson, Inc.


Network for transmitting information with at least two loops

This transmission network for transmitting information, of the type comprising at least two associated loops (2, 3) for transmitting information, in each of which functional nodes (4, 5) are integrated, each comprising at least one distribution module for distributing messages (6, 7) between the input and output ports of the node and at least one network interface module (8, 9) associated with this distribution module, is characterised in that the network interface modules (8, 9) of at least certain of the nodes of at least one of the loops (2, 3) are connected to the distribution modules (6, 7) for distributing the nodes of at least one other loop.. .


Receiver clock test circuitry and related methods and apparatuses

An integrated circuit includes a plurality of receivers, each having a clock and data recovery circuit. A first local clock recovery circuit in a first receiver can be caused to produce a test clock which simulates a condition to be tested, and while a second receiver in the plurality of receivers that includes a second local clock recovery circuit is caused to use the test clock in place of the reference clock while receiving a test data sequence at its input.
Rambus Inc.


Methods and apparatuses for employing a sub-band approach towards doubling transmission bandwidth for dmt systems

According to certain aspects, the present invention provides techniques to address g.fast and/or digital subscriber line (dsl) transmission at frequencies below and above 106 mhz in support of aggregate service rates well above 1 gbps on short loops based on combining two independent first generation g.fast transceivers, each operating up to 106 mhz, into a single transceiver, capable of operating up to 212 mhz and achieving service rates of up to 2 gbps. In these and other embodiments, a sub-band approach is used in which a total bandwidth is divided into two or more sub-bands, with communications for one or both of the first generation g.fast transceivers using one or both of the sub-bands, respectively..
Ikanos Communications, Inc.


Sampled analog loop filter for phase locked loops

An integrated circuit implements at least part of a phase locked loop (pll). The integrated circuit includes a sampled analog loop filter for the pll.
Analog Devices, Inc.


Wireless power transfer systems and methods

Systems and methods for transmitting and receiving wireless power are disclosed. A transmitter may include one or more magnetic inductive coil(s) configured to transmit power, a plurality of drive loops, one or more switches connected to the plurality of drive loops, and a controller configured to connect or disconnect the drive loops using the one or more switches.
Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama


Position sensing by asymmetric electric coil sensor

A printed circuit board (pcb). The pcb comprises a non-conductive substrate and a plurality of conductive coil loops formed on the substrate, wherein the coil loops are asymmetric.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Fluid-fillable barrier

A fluid-fillable barrier which includes a flexible, tubular, impermeable membrane and at least two internal tension members. The membrane has opposite ends, a middle, fluid-fillable section, an upper attachment area, and a lower attachment area.
Hydrological Solutions, Inc.


Fluid-fillable barrier

A fluid-fillable barrier which includes a flexible, tubular, impermeable membrane and at least two internal tension members. The membrane has opposite ends, a middle, fluid-fillable section, an upper attachment area, and a lower attachment area.
Hydrological Solutions, Inc.


Method of passing suture tails through a surgical pledget

A method of passing suture through a pledget is disclosed. A first suture tail is passed through a first suture engaging loop extending out of a first aperture in the pledget on a distal side of the pledget.
Lsi Solutions, Inc.


A vector analysis of electrocardiogram in assessment of risk of sudden cardiac death (scd) due to arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia/cardiomyopathy by quantifying micro scars (i.e. "bites") in three dimensional vector loops

Subject matter of the invention are a method and a system to provide diagnosis of arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia—arvc/d (and similar inherited conditions) that cause sudden cardiac death in otherwise healthy population. Innovative approach in this analysis is possibility to detect so called frusta forms or clinically silent forms.


Sanitary napkin

A sanitary napkin for clean or dry a user's rectal and genital area. The sanitary napkin has a first side, a second side, and a pair of opposing ends, wherein the ends are tapered and form a pointed structure.


Character-shaped porous mitt for housing and dispensing soap

A character-shaped porous mitt for housing and dispensing soap comprised of an outer body formed from terry cloth or similar material and a sponge-like material lining an interior cavity containing a soap pocket in which to hold bar or liquid soap that is fastened using a hook-and-loop fastener. An area at the mouth, the body or the rear of the mitt through which the bar of soap or the liquid soap can be received and housed until the soap mixes with water to produce a rich lather with which to cleanse a user's body.
Phillips Entertainment Group Llc


Cleansing textile device especially for makeup removal

The invention relates to a cleansing textile device, which contains a cleaning element which comprises t-shaped, l-shaped, y-shaped, x-shaped, or otherwise shaped loops of synthetic fibers consisting of one or more types of synthetic materials, fixed axially in relation to the fiber, where the diameter of a single fiber ranges from 500 nm to 20μm and the thickness of the fiber loop is 50 to 2,000 nm.. .


Multi-zone heated esc with independent edge zones

An electrostatic chuck (esc) with a cooling base for plasma processing chambers, such as a plasma etch chamber. In embodiments, a plasma processing chuck includes a plurality of independent edge zones.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Inductor structure and application thereof

The present disclosure relates to composite inductor structures for use in integrated circuits. There is provided a composite inductor structure comprising a first inductor coil and a second inductor coil.
Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited


Sheet casting with integrated cables

A method of integrating antenna wiring into a sheet, e.g., an acrylic sheet. The method includes routing wire elements relative to brackets on a first plate to form detection loops.
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.


Ldo regulator powered by its regulated output voltage for high psrr

In an ldo regulator, two feedback loops are created. The first feedback loop includes a high power pnp bipolar power transistor connected in series between the input voltage vin terminal and the output voltage vout terminal.
Linear Technology Corporation


Sagnac effect based radio frequency electronic gyroscope incorporated in cmos integrated circuit

A radio frequency based electronic gyroscope function that may be incorporated in its entirety on a monolithic integrated circuit (ic). The detection and measurement of movement in a particular plane is based on the sagnac effect as it applies to a radio frequency signal that propagates in two different directions in a loop that may be subject to rotational perturbation.


Combined brayton/rankine cycle gas and steam turbine generating system operated in two closed loops

A combined cycle dual closed loop electric generating system, comprising a gas turbine assembly (comprising a combustion chamber, a compressor, a first pump, a first driveshaft, a gas turbine and a first generator) and a steam turbine assembly (comprising a second pump, a second driveshaft, a steam turbine and a second generator). Said first portion of said working fluid circulates through said gas turbine assembly and a first heat exchanger.


Multiple tier elevated light train

A method for enabling elevated trains for travel both above as well as below a vertically tiered pair of tracks by having wheels both in the upper and lower area of the train with the ability to switch, at the end of the line, from traveling on the upper tracks using lower wheels to traveling on the lower track using upper wheels, where the said method of switching between upper and lower tracks enables trains to be moved between multiple levels serving as passing loops as well as vertical depots.. .


Wheels and vehicles comprising the same

The present invention is applicable to the technical field of wheels. Provided are a wheel (100) and a vehicle comprising the same.
China Intellectual Property (h.k.) Limited


Methods and systems for determining formation parameters using a rotating tool equipped with tilted antenna loops

Methods and systems for characterizing a formation are disclosed. A tool is placed in the formation.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Electrode configuration for limca

Disclosed is a method and apparatus for reducing electromagnetic noise pick up in a liquid metal cleanliness analyzer (limca), used to detect and measure particles in molten metal. A first electrode inserted in the molten metal is electrically insulated from second and third electrodes, also inserted in the molten metal.
Novelis Inc.


Bandwidth assignment for multi-line tdd systems

Transceiver node and method therein for enabling dynamic bandwidth assignment in bi-directional time division duplexing (tdd) multicarrier communication over wire lines. The transceiver node is operable to be coupled to a plurality of loops, wherein each loop is terminated by a respective network terminal (nt).
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Erisson (publ)


Defense and denial method

The presently disclosed method and system includes a network of computer devices, sensors, and actuators operating in concert with application software to actively detect, identify, and localize threats and generate real-time countermeasures designed to delay and/or mitigate damage that may be caused by the threats. Application software, in the form of automated reasoning and logic control, initiates preparatory and countermeasure sequences automatically, which may be used by users or automatically executed by the system to at least delay an attack to a physical asset/area by adversaries with use of non-lethal actuators.
The Security Oracle, Inc.


Accumulator for combined component with internal heat exchanger especially for refrigerant loops with r774 as working fluid

A coolant accumulator including an accumulation tank with a suction pipe assembly, wherein the suction pipe assembly includes an external suction pipe and an internal suction pipe which are positioned coaxially and at a distance from each other, and connected with each other by way of a connecting piece at the respective lower ends of the suction pipes to form a flow path, and wherein the connecting piece features a radially positioned oil balancing bore which connects an oil sump region of the accumulation tank with the flow path in the suction pipe assembly.. .
Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.


Assembly for the installation of geothermal conduits adjacent a foundation wall inside or outside a building structure

An assembly for installing geothermal conduit loops into the ground under an existing foundation, including a support platform including a plurality of beam sections interconnected to form an elongated support beam having a longitudinal axis, the plurality of beam sections including first and second beam sections each defining a respective end of the elongated support beam, each of the first and second beam sections including an attachment flange attached to the respective end of the elongated support beam, each attachment flange defining a flange plane oriented non-perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis, each attachment flange configured for detachable securement to a respective one of adjoining walls of the foundation.. .


Safety tether for a hand-held article

A safety tether is able to secure a wide variety of different hand-held articles directly to a user, particularly for overhead work. A resilient bag holds the article and is formed by joining portions of a wire at nodes such that the bag is biased to a collapsed state to form a mesh.
Mrm Hk Limited


Damping layer and manufacture

A damping layer comprises a large number of yarns combined to form a textile, wherein at least some of the yarns are foamed synthetic yarns. Such a textile, which consists of a mix of foamed and non-foamed synthetic yarns, is relatively strong and light and can lead to more efficient use of the foamed material.
Ten Cate Nederland B.v.


Systems and methods for printing sensor circuits on a sensor mat for a steering wheel

Systems and methods of printing sensor loops on a sensor mat for use in a steering wheel are disclosed herein. For example, the sensor mat may include a base substrate, one or more printed sensing loops, and an insulating material.
Tk Holdings Inc.


Catheter with distal section having side-by-side loops

The catheter allows mapping and/or ablation of the area around two or more pv ostia at the same time, with a single placement of a distal section of the catheter having a 2d configuration resembling an infinity or lazy 8 symbol. The catheter has an elongated catheter body, a distal section having at least a flexible elongated member with shape memory, the member being configured to assume a 2d configuration resembling an infinity symbol, and at least one electrode mounted on the member.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.


Convertible boot band

A convertible boot band includes an interior band extending from a first to a second end from a first to a second border and having front and back, first and second end loops coupled proximate the interior band first and second ends, and at least a first gripping portion connected to the interior band back surface. The apparatus may include an exterior layer of pliant material overlaying the interior hand front surface.


Vehicle animal motion restraint

An animal restraining or tethering device for permitting movement of an animal along paths having their extent defined by a telescoping elevated rod adapted to be mounted between opposing passenger grab handles in a vehicle or between opposing mounting locations in a truck bed, is described. One end of a component rod member and one end of a tube member are fitted with adjustable end connectors for reversible attachment of the rod assembled therefrom to the passenger grab handles or the truck bed attachment locations.


Device holder

The instant application discloses, among other things, a device holder. In one embodiment, the device holder may include four fasteners coupled to a device case.


Chip electronic component and board for mounting thereof

A chip electronic component may include a magnetic material body including an insulating substrate and coil conductor patterns formed on at least one surface of the insulating substrate, and external electrodes disposed on both end portions of the magnetic material body so as to be connected to end portions of the coil conductor patterns, respectively. In a cross section of the magnetic material body in a length direction, a thickness of an innermost loop/section of the coil conductor patterns may be smaller than a thickness of the remaining loops/sections of the coil conductor pattern..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Stabilizer assembly for fracturing calcifications in heart valves

A device for fracturing calcifications in heart valves includes a stabilizer assembly (20) for use with an impactor assembly (10). Relative motion between the impactor assembly (10) and the stabilizer assembly (20) with sufficient energy fractures a calcification located in tissue which is sandwiched between the stabilizer assembly (20) and the impactor assembly (10).
Pi-cardia Ltd.


Transportation of parallel wire cable

A preassembled parallel wire cable creates a random cast of loops. Any of the random cast of loops is hung for transport, thus eliminating costly and time-consuming coiling and reeling operations..


Face mask with adjustable earloops

A method and apparatus for forming a face mask having a panel with a pair of adjustable earloops. The panel may comprise one, two, three or more layers.


Adaptive physical layer warm-up for lte tdd c-drx power optimization

Methods and apparatus to reduce power consumption in user equipment (ue) that operates in a connected discontinuous reception (c-drx) mode while in communication with wireless network are disclosed. A c-drx warm-up period before the ue enters an on-duration is adjusted dynamically based on one or more factors including a time division duplex (tdd) uplink/downlink (ul/dl) subframe configuration, signal-to-noise ratio (snr) values, and doppler shift values.
Apple Inc.


Method and system for split voltage domain receiver circuits

Methods and systems for split voltage domain receiver circuits are disclosed and may comprise amplifying complementary received signals in a plurality of partial voltage domains, and combining the amplified received signals, utilizing a stacked cascode amplifier for each domain, into a single differential signal in a single voltage domain. The stacked cascode amplifiers may comprise a feedback loop having a comparator which controls a current source in each domain.
Luxtera, Inc.


Method for sensing fast motion, controller and electromagnetic sensing apparatus

Disclosure is related to a method for sensing fast motion, a controller, and a related electromagnetic sensing apparatus. The method is applicable to a touch panel, in which a fast scan mode is introduced when a fast motion made by an electromagnetic stylus is sensed under a partial scan mode.
Wacom Co., Ltd.


Injector head for coiled tubing systems

An injector head used in coiled tubing systems including at least two opposed counter-rotating chain loops having a first end and a second end, the chain loops having a chain. The injector head further includes a fixed drive sprocket disposed at the first end of a chain loop and a floating sprocket disposed at the second end of the chain loop.
Stewart & Stevenson, Llc


Patient stabilization and transport aid

The invention relates to a patient stabilization and transport aid (1) having two triangular sections (3, 4) made of a flexible material, wherein the sections (3, 4) are attached to one another along a connecting line (5) on one side (a) of the triangle, wherein a handle-reinforcing strip (6), in particular in the form of a belt band, is engaged in a releasable connection (7, 8) with the triangular sections (3, 4) along the connecting line (5), and handle loops (91, 92) are present on the ends (61, 62) of the handle-reinforcing strip (6) protruding beyond the tips (21 and 22; 31 and 32) of the triangular sections (2, 3).. .
X-cen-tek Gmbh & Co. Kg


Loop-engageable fasteners and related systems and methods

A method of making a sheet-form loop-engageable fastener product includes placing a layer of staple fibers on a first side of a substrate, needling fibers of the layer through the substrate to form loops extending from a second side of the substrate, removing end regions from at least some of the loops to form stems, and forming loop-engageable heads at free ends of at least some of the stems.. .
Velcro Industries B.v.


System with multiple signal loops and switched mode converter

In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a system may include an impedance estimator configured to estimate an impedance of a load and generate a target current based at least on an input voltage and the impedance, a voltage feedback loop responsive to a difference between the input voltage and an output voltage of the load, and a current controller configured to, responsive to the voltage feedback loop, the impedance estimator, and the input voltage, generate an output current to the load.. .
Cirrus Logic, Inc.


Foreign object detection in wireless energy transfer systems

Systems and methods for detecting foreign object debris around a wireless power transfer system include a plurality of detectors, each detector featuring one or more loops of conducting material, and a controller configured to measure at least one of a voltage and a current in each detector and to determine, based on the measurements, whether foreign object debris is present around the wireless power transfer system, where at least some of the plurality of detectors include a first number of loops of the conducting material, and at least some of the plurality of detectors include a second number of loops of the conducting material larger than the first number.. .
Witricity Corporation


Device and loops-over-loops mri coils

A method and apparatus for receiving (rx) radio-frequency (rf) signals suitable for mri and/or mrs from mri “coil loops” (antennae) that are overlapped and/or concentric, and each of which has a preamplifier and frequency-tuning circuitry and an impedance-matching circuitry, but wherein the loops optionally sized differently and/or located at different elevations (distances from the patient's tissue) in order to extract signal from otherwise cross-coupled coil loops and to improve signal-to-noise ratio (snr) in images made from the received signal.. .


Textile balloon catheters

Textile balloon catheters, textile sleeves useful in balloon catheters, and methods of making balloon catheters are described. An example catheter includes an elongate shaft and a balloon movable between uninflated and inflated configurations, and a textile sleeve secured to the balloon.


Multifunctional surgical access system

A tissue retractor comprising an outer ring, an inner ring, and a flexible, metal sheath extending therebetween is described. Embodiments of the outer ring comprise an outer ring rotatable around an annular axis thereof, thereby rolling the sheath therearound when retracting an incision or opening in a body wall.
Applied Medical Resources Corporation


Cosmetic applicator

An applicator comprising a stem having a handle at its proximal end and an applicator element at its distal end. The applicator element is constructed from a filament constructed at least partially from a thermal storage material that is capable of retaining heat or cold for application to a body.
Zen Design Solutions Limited


Footwear customization device

An improved footwear device is user customizable permitting selective alteration of the footwear appearance. Each footwear device is made from layers of rubber or similar footwear material.


Convertible swimsuit and assembling same

Convertible swimsuit includes top with left and right cups, pair of first integrated loops each disposed at first end of left and right cups, and pair of second integrated loops each disposed at second end of left and right cups for receiving longitudinal strap such that left and right cups are adjacent to each other at middle section of second end. Pair of top rings disposed in pair of first integrated loops at first end of left and right cups, and detachable top strap secured to each top ring at first end of left and right cups.


Animal restraint system with adjustable tether

An animal restraint system includes an arm clamp having a clamp body, a tether, a tether clamp, and a tether connector. The clamp body affixes to a securing arm at or below the animal's head and includes a tether anchor and a tether guide.
The Pet Salon, Inc.

Loops topics: Inflatable Bladder, Electrostatic Chuck, Integrated Circuit, Buffer Circuit, Duty Cycle, Distributed, Relaxation

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