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Pumping/nursing bra

Pumping/nursing bra

Covering for an airbag

Secure cell phone holder

Date/App# patent app List of recent Loops-related patents
 Endoscopic stone-extraction device patent thumbnailEndoscopic stone-extraction device
An endoscopic stone-extraction device is provided comprising a support filament comprising an end portion having a plurality of stacked loops, a sheath comprising a lumen, wherein the support filament is disposed in the lumen such that the sheath is slideable with respect to the support filament, and a handle comprising an actuator. Movement of the actuator in a first direction retracts the sheath and causes the plurality of stacked loops to expand outside the lumen in an arc-like shape.
 Pumping/nursing bra patent thumbnailPumping/nursing bra
A pumping/nursing bra provided with elastic loops on either side of the shoulder straps to hook around the breast shield to ensure that the breast shield remains in place while pumping. Additionally, the present invention includes a strap designed to encircle a woman's neck and attach to the top line of the pumping/nursing bra to add another layer of security..
 Covering for an airbag patent thumbnailCovering for an airbag
The invention relates to a covering for an airbag having at least one airbag that is articulated on the stationary covering region surrounding the airbag cover by a textile hinge, wherein the airbag cover and the covering region b surrounding the airbag cover are formed from a sheet material made of plastic, the rear face of which supports a textile surface element having sacrificial threads (2) that extend substantially at right angles to the hinge axis (3) and tear in the region (a) of the hinge when the airbag is activated, and wherein the textile surface element also has stop threads that, when the airbag is activated, allow the airbag cover to pivot about the hinge axis (3) without tearing in the region of the hinge in order to hold the airbag cover securely alter activation of the airbag, wherein the non-tearing stop threads are arranged such that said threads are compressed in the fonts of corrugations and/or loops only in region (a) of the hinge and therefore have a greater length there than in the regions (b) outside the hinge and the region compressed in the form of corrugations and/or loops is located in the plane of the textile surface element.. .
 Secure cell phone holder patent thumbnailSecure cell phone holder
A carrying case wearable by a user includes a pouch having an inner surface and an outer surface, the inner surface defining an interior carrying chamber, the inner surface and the outer surface defining an opening to provide access to the interior carrying chamber; a belt connected to the pouch, the belt sized to wrap around a pair of belt loops on a waist of the user. A method of using a carrying case having a pouch and a belt connected to the pouch includes wrapping the belt around a pair of belt loops on one side of a waist of a user; and securing the carrying case to the waist of the user.
 Four-braid resistive heater and devices incorporating such resistive heater patent thumbnailFour-braid resistive heater and devices incorporating such resistive heater
An apparatus includes a four-braid resistive heater, which includes a conductive structure configured to transport electrical currents and to generate heat based on the electrical currents. The conductive structure has first, second, third, and fourth electrical conductors.
 Fabric material having cut loop texture, method of manufacturing same and product using same patent thumbnailFabric material having cut loop texture, method of manufacturing same and product using same
The present invention provides fabrics with cut loop group and a manufacturing method thereof, wherein the core yarn at the section where said loops are being cut is outwardly protruded from the covering yarns, while the synthetic fiber divided yarn, which is a core yarn, is separated into multiple filaments. The fabrics with cut loop group show superior characteristics in polishing properties, sliding properties, water absorption properties, rapid drying properties and feeling of touch since polishing can be performed while easily catching foreign substances such as extremely minute dust particles or human hairs and the like by the synthetic fiber divided yarn which functions as a hook.
 Fast transient precision power regulation apparatus patent thumbnailFast transient precision power regulation apparatus
Apparatus disclosed herein implement a fast transient precision current limiter such as may be included in an electronic voltage regulator. The current limiter includes two current sense element/current clamp control loops.
 Iterative data storage read channel architecture having dropout mitigation patent thumbnailIterative data storage read channel architecture having dropout mitigation
According to one embodiment, a magnetic medium's readback signal samples are processed iteratively to provide dropout mitigation for a read channel by feeding the decoder output decisions back to the read channel front end where they are used to drive the decision-aided digital signal processing functions and control loops. Since data decisions provided by the decoder are typically more reliable than those provided by the detector, a significant performance improvement is obtained.
 Cycle-slip resilient iterative data storage read channel architecture patent thumbnailCycle-slip resilient iterative data storage read channel architecture
According to one embodiment, a magnetic medium's readback signal samples are processed iteratively to provide a slip-resistant read channel by feeding the decoder output decisions back to the read channel front end where they are used to drive the decision-aided digital signal processing functions and control loops. Since data decisions provided by the decoder are typically more reliable than those provided by the detector, a significant performance improvement is obtained.
 Removable wall decoration kits, systems and methods patent thumbnailRemovable wall decoration kits, systems and methods
Systems and kits for decorating walls include a plurality of décor assemblies and a plurality of complementary fastening structures. The décor assemblies include a décor element and a releasable fastening structure providing first fastening elements.
Strap lifter for use between two persons
A strap lifter for use with a harness is shown and described. The harness may have two shoulder straps that support a central, front buckle for use at about the lower, central belly of a user.
Backpack, such as a hydration backpack
The invention relates to a backpack including a main rear pocket adapted to receive a load and carrying straps configured to position and maintain the main rear pocket on the user's shoulders, whereby the main rear pocket is formed by the juncture of a first base panel, made of flexible material, adapted to be in contact with the body of the user, and of a second external panel, also made of flexible material, the first base panel being extended at the ends of the main rear pocket to form two closed side loops for passage of the user's arms, forming the carrying straps.. .
Harness for preventing a fall and for improved suspension support
The invention relates to a roping harness including a belt, a pair of leg loops, front and rear shoulder straps including at least one fall-arresting safety hooking point on the back, the rear shoulder straps being capable of sliding freely in the belt, while being attached by their lower ends to the leg loops. The back part of the belt is connected to the front shoulder straps by connecting means while being disconnected from the back hooking point.
Suture management system
Assemblies, devices and methods are provided for suture management associated with surgical procedures for anchoring suture to bone. Suture elements mounted to suture anchors are terminated in suture loops or tags, and associated stop members that in combination with visual coding provide suture identification, prevent accidental unmounting of suture from suture anchors, and reduce the number of suture legs requiring active management during complex arthroscopic repairs.
Barbed prosthetic knit and hernia repair mesh made therefrom as well as process for making said prosthetic knit
The present invention relates to a prosthetic knit based on at least a first yarn of biocompatible polymer material defining first and second opposite and openwork faces, and on at least a second biocompatible and heat-fusible monofilament yarn, forming barbs that protrude outwards from at least said first face and are obtained by melting loops generated by said second yarn, the chart followed for the knitting of said first and second yarns on a warp knitting machine having three guide bars b1, b2, b3 being the following, according to the iso 11676 standard:—bar b1: 1.0/0.1//—bar b2: 1.0/7.7/6.6/7.7//—bar b3: 2.1/5.5/3.4/0.0// said second yarn following the chart of bar b3. The present invention also relates to a process for manufacturing such a knit..
Adjustable breast support garment
A breast support garment is configured with adjustable straps, cups, and/or other components in order to facilitate modification of the appearance of the bust. Modifying the length of certain straps causes the cups to move upwards/downwards and/or inwards/outwards with respect to the center of the breast support garment.
Mimo wlan system
A multiple-access mimo wlan system that employs mimo, ofdm, and tdd. The system (1) uses a channel structure with a number of configurable transport channels, (2) supports multiple rates and transmission modes, which are configurable based on channel conditions and user terminal capabilities, (3) employs a pilot structure with several types of pilot (e.g., beacon, mimo, steered reference, and carrier pilots) for different functions, (4) implements rate, timing, and power control loops for proper system operation, and (5) employs random access for system access by the user terminals, fast acknowledgment, and quick resource assignments.
Receivers and methods for detecting false lock of a carrier tracking loop
A method for detecting a false lock of a carrier tracking loop is described. The method includes obtaining an average output of each of one or more loop discriminators in a predetermined time period when the carrier tracking loop works in a first mode; and determining whether the carrier tracking loop is falsely locked when the absolute value of the average output of any of the one or more loop discriminators is greater than a respective threshold associated with the corresponding loop discriminator.
Hybrid phase-locked loops
A circuit may include an oscillator configured to generate an output signal based on an analog signal and a digital signal and a controller configured to generate an offset signal based on a comparison of a first analog control signal and a second analog control signal. The circuit may also include a divider configured to generate a feedback signal based on the output signal and the offset signal.
Anti-shoot-through automatic multiple feedback gate drive control circuit
Automatic and robust anti-shoot-through glitch-free operation of half-bridge control pre-driver and power stage circuits have been achieved by using multiple feedback control signals. These feedback signals are taken both from the gates of power devices on high side and low sides and from the gates of one or more devices on both high side and low side that enable power device on state.
Device for maintaining voltage during startup for a motor vehicle
Device (dmt) arranged to provide an additional voltage, when the heat engine starts up, for the electrical power supply of the rotating electrical machine (ad). This additional voltage is added to a rated voltage of the on-board electrical system (rb) provided by a battery (bat).
Adjustable, amorphous apparatus for positioning screened devices and method for the use thereof
An adjustable apparatus comprises at least one amorphous, elongated armature having a length, a first end and a second end, the amorphous, elongated armature configured to be adjustable and positionable, and the adjustable apparatus also comprises at least one first mating connector thereon. The first mating connector may be a magnet, a plurality of hooks, a plurality of loops, a suction cup, one half of a snap, a clip, a clamp, a clasp, and combinations of these.
Coil heat exchanger
A coil heat exchanger is provided, comprising a closed vessel having an inlet for receiving heat transfer media and an outlet for discharging heat transfer media, a tubular conduit extending helically within said vessel from a lower part to an upper part of said vessel for transporting liquid products to be heated by said heat transfer media, and an inner housing enclosed by loops of said tubular conduit and sealed against the heat transfer media. The inner housing comprises an open passageway to the environment outside said coil heat exchanger..
Vehicle cover
A form-fitting protective vehicle cover is disclosed. Example embodiments include a fabric sheet for protecting a vehicle and vehicle components, wherein said fabric sheet is flexible and weather resistant, the fabric sheet being configured with a forward portion to cover handle bars of the vehicle, the fabric sheet exposing a front wheel of the vehicle; attachment loops configured to releaseably attach to the handle bars of the vehicle, but expose the front wheel of the vehicle, the attachment loops being attachable to individually attach to each handle bar, yet the attachment loops being releasable to enable the forward portion to be folded back to expose the handle bars; and heat shields integrated into the underside of the fabric sheet to form an extra layer of protection for particular vehicle components..
Animal restraint for a vehicle
A disclosed restraint secures an animal to a pair of vehicle seat anchors. The restraint includes a first strap and a second strap.
Animal traps communicating a message
An apparatus is provided for trapping animals, a carrier for use with same, and a method of trapping animals using same. The apparatus includes a reservoir for animal bait, a tubular housing for the reservoir where the housing has a lower end having an opening and the lower end is configured with a stop located on its outer circumference proximate to the opening of the housing, a plurality of resilient loops, a release mechanism for the loops, and carriers for each loop, where each carrier is configured to be slidably moveable about the outer circumference of the housing when the housing is in a substantially vertical orientation, and wherein the release mechanism is configured to be activated to move the loop from its carrier onto the body of an animal activating the release mechanism..
Hand-strung jewelry construction board
A hand-strung jewelry construction board. A plurality of holes is drilled into the board.
Computer-readable recording medium, compiling method, and information processing apparatus
A compiler determines executability of loop fusion, for each of a plurality of loops existing in a code to be processed, based on performance information of a system where the code to be processed is executed and based on operands and number of data transfers executed inside each of the loops. Then, the compiler executes fusion of loop processing in accordance with a determination result of executability of the loop fusion..
Sequential logic sensitization from structural description
A method of sensitizing a sequential circuit is described. This sensitizing generates stimuli to drive any circuit output to a predetermined value or transition.
Antibodies to ccr2
Provided are antibodies including human antibodies and antigen-binding portions thereof that specifically bind to ccr2, preferably human ccr2, and that may inhibit ccr2. The present antibodies may bind to the first and/or second extracellular loops of ccr2.
Forming structures using aerosol jet ® deposition
Method and apparatus for direct writing of passive structures having a tolerance of 5% or less in one or more physical, electrical, chemical, or optical properties. The present apparatus is capable of extended deposition times.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa oprm epitopes for use in diagnostics and therapeutics
The present invention relates to a peptide antigens derived from pseudomonas aeruginosa outer membrane protein oprm for use in the diagnosis of pseudomonas aeruginosa infection and/or prevention/treatment of diseases associated with pseudomonas aeruginosa infection. Methods of inducing an immune response to pseudomonas aeruginosa using peptide antigens derived from the oprm outer loops as well as derivatives or fragments thereof are also encompassed by the present invention.
Systems and methods for forming and implementing book binding geometries as a function of stack thickness
A system and method are provided for forming and implementing book binding geometries as a function of image receiving medium stack thicknesses for automated book binding in image forming devices. The disclosed schemes optimize book binding employing a plurality of strip-like binding elements to form loops in a process that employs heat and pressure to reduce residual stresses in the strips as they are formed into loops.
Reducing settling time in phase-locked loops
A circuit may include a phase detector configured to generate a phase error signal based on a feedback signal and an oscillator configured to generate an output signal. The feedback signal may be based on the output signal.
Coiled spreader spring
A spreader spring comprising: (a) a locking arm that connects the spreader spring to a brake component; (b) a retraction arm; and (c) a bias device located between the locking arm and the retraction arm; wherein the bias device includes six helical loops or more that store energy during a brake apply and once the brake apply is complete assist in retracting a brake pad.. .
Panel hanging system
An apparatus and method for simple and quick attachment and removal of a hanging panel to a panel holder. The apparatus comprises a panel holder and panel, interconnected on by a complimentary loop cache on one edge of each panel.
Toy crossbow projectile launcher with extendable body and safety release
A toy projectile launcher assembly has the form of a crossbow. The crossbow only launches the safety projectiles that are provided.
Single pull and double pull fit adjustment system for shoes
A system for securing shoes to the feet utilizing a one or two pull fit adjustment set of straps. The embodiments utilize a number of straps, some variable in length, positioned at select points across and around the top and sides of the shoe.
Over molded g-hook
A loop engaging g-hook with a metal interior having a polymer covering. The metal interior remains uncovered in selected regions which engage the connection strap and loops during use.
Posture correction reminder
A wearable apparatus is configured to be worn by an individual and includes left and right shoulder loops which are connected through intermediate strap segments to at least one connector. The wearable apparatus further includes at least one bottom strap connected to the at least one connector and configured with a fastener that may be used to reversibly mount the bottom strap to the beltline of the wearer.
A container has a box shape and comprises a bottom wall, side walls forming a circumferential wall of the container and a strap. One or more straps form four lifting loops at the upper side of the container and are fixed to the side walls diagonally such that the strap forms a v-shape on each of said side walls between two adjacent lifting loops.
Access network selection in a multi-access network environment
Novel techniques of access network selection in multi-access network environment are provided, which allow for avoiding access selection loops for independent access selection processes. The multi-access network environment provides a first access selection function, e.g.
Aircraft tire pressure loop link
The aircraft tire pressure loop link is formed of first and second single metal loops connected by parallel spaced apart metal shafts, and provides for coupling a magnetic field between a wheel hub coil and a tire pressure sensor coil to provide electromagnetic communication between a control unit connect to the wheel hub coil and a tire pressure sensor connected to the tire pressure sensor coil. The current induced in the first single metal loop travels the distance from the edge of the wheel axle coil to the periphery of the of the wheel rim to the second single metal loop, which generates the flux in the tire pressure sensor receiver coil necessary to power the tire pressure sensor..
Phase-locked loops that share a loop filter and frequency divider
A shared loop filter includes an input port configured to selectively receive a first input from a first charge pump. The first charge pump is connected to a first phase locked loop (pll) in a first die.
Phase-rotating phase locked loop and method of controlling operation thereof
A phase-rotating phase locked loop (pll) may include first and second loops that share a loop filter and a voltage controlled oscillator in order to perform the operation of a phase-rotating pll, the first and second loops configured to activate in response to an enable signal. The pll may further include a phase frequency detection controller configured to provide the enable signal to the first and second loops in response to a transition of a coarse signal that may be applied as a digital code..
Multiple channel nuclear magnetic resonance coil
A multi-channel nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) coil operating at a resonance frequency includes a plurality of unit loops disposed upon a cylindrical surface of a coil body and surrounding the coil body as a closed nmr coil; and a plurality of inter-loop capacitors configured to connect adjacent unit loops respectively, wherein each unit loop comprises a signal channel and further comprises a pair of vertical conducting parts parallel to a cylindrical axis of the coil body, each vertical conducting part comprising an inductor and a first capacitor connected in serial; and a pair of horizontal conducting parts perpendicular to the cylindrical axis of the coil body, at least one horizontal conducting part comprising a second capacitor; and the inter-loop capacitor connects two respective horizontal conducting parts of adjacent unit loops disposed on a same side to eliminate coupling between signal channels of adjacent unit loops.. .
Multi-function dog leash and methods of use
An adjustable dog leash and associated obedience training methods are provided. The leash has clamps at opposing ends that can be affixed to a dog collar, belt loops, or other sections of leash.
Neck supporter
Provided is a neck supporter which is easy to use and which can reliably support the head of the wearer. The neck supporter includes an elongated main body providing said air-bag; an air injection valve that is provided in said main body to enable the air to be injected into said air-bag or discharged therefrom; connection sections (e.g., loops and hooks) that are provided on opposite surfaces in a vicinity of opposite ends of said main body to connect said opposite surfaces to each other; and a plurality of retaining portions (e.g., thermal compression bonding portions and through-holes) that are provided dispersedly as dots in series in a longitudinal direction of said main body to provide bonded portions between a front surface and a back surface of said main body..
Double-loop endobutton, ovoid tunnel guide, and method of acl re-construction using the ovoid tunnel guide and the double-loop endobutton
A graft attachment apparatus including at least two separately formed filament loops, and a fixation member comprising at least one opening configured to receive the at least two separately formed filament loops. The at least two separately formed filament loops are continuous loops..
Method and apparatus for coupling anatomical features
An assembly for coupling a first portion of an anatomy to a second portion of the anatomy includes an anchor having an anchor body and a first and second bores through the anchor body. A first adjustable suture construct having a body portion passes through the first bore of the anchor and includes first and second adjustable loops slidable relative to a passage portion defined in the body portion of the first adjustable suture construct.
Patent foramen ovale (pfo) closure device with radial and circumferential support
The present invention provides a device for occluding an anatomical aperture, such as a septal defect or patent foramen ovale (pfo). The occluder includes two sides connected by an intermediate joint.
Wrist orthotic with taper adjusting binding strap
An adjustable wrist orthotic suitable for the treatment of wrist fractures and similar injuries. The orthotic includes a panel which encircles the hand, the wrist, and a portion of the forearm.
Golf tee
A golf tee contains a fixing nail, a spring, a plurality of fitting loops, a seat, and a cap. The fixing nail has a holding portion, the holding portion has a notch, and the notch communicates with a first groove.
Bondline embedded current sensor
A system for monitoring electrical current passing through a cured bondline may include a current sensor network embedded in an adhesive layer of the cured bondline. The current sensor network may include a plurality of inductive coils and a plurality of current sensor nodes electrically interconnecting the inductive coils to form a plurality of current sensor loops generating induced current in response to a magnetic field associated with an electrical current passing through the adhesive layer.
Dimensionally flexible touch fastener strip
A fastening strip for touch fasteners is provided which includes a corrugated portion as well as fastening elements. The corrugated portion allows the strip to be bent in a plane perpendicular as well as parallel with the longitudinal axis of the strip such that it may be applied to curved surfaces and remain substantially flat.
Filled amorphous bag apparatus for positioning screened devices and method for the use thereof
A filled amorphous bag apparatus, similar to a “bean bag”, comprises at least one amorphous bag, a malleable filling within the amorphous bag, and at least one first connector on or within the amorphous bag. The malleable filling may include, but not be limited to, a plurality of pellets (e.g.
Firefighter and tactical harness
A firefighter and tactical harness can be worn as a belt. If a situation arises that leg loops are desired, the firefighter and tactical harness includes a pair of pouches that can be ripped open to release the leg loops.
Method and apparatus for coupling anatomical features
A method of coupling a first portion of an anatomy to a second portion of the anatomy includes coupling first and second bones of the anatomy with a bone-tendon-bone implant. The bone-tendon-bone implant has a first bone end, a second bone end and a replacement tendon between the first and second bone ends.
Oil containment bag/container for the transporting and storage of electrical transformers of all types (i.e. all pole, pad mount and underground models etc.)
A leak-tight/water-proof transformer containment bag includes (i) an outer puncture-resistant liquid-barrier fabric bag with a bottom having an oil-absorbent cushioning mat; (ii) a middle tear-resistant liquid-impervious continuous-sheet bag liner secured inside the outer bag; (iii) an inner puncture-resistant liquid-barrier fabric bag secured inside the liner; the bottom of the inner bag having outer and inner cushioning oil-absorbent mats; the outer bag, middle liner and inner bag being secured together at their open ends; (iv) lifting loops secured on opposite sides at the front and back of the outer bag and extending above the top of the outer bag to enable grabbing and lifting the lifting loops from above; (v) reinforcing bands secured around the outer bag and lifting loops; and (vi) a duffel top secured openly over the open top of the bags; the duffel top having a closure for closing the duffel top and closing off the top of the bags.. .
Device for storing items in a wallet and other carrying cases
A device is described for carrying an item inside a wallet or other carrying cases. The device includes a base which can be inserted into a slot, a pocket or a compartment of a wallet or a carrying case.
Apparatus and method for controlling a downhole device
Apparatus for controlling a downhole device in a well has a body with a control slot and pin movable in the slot. The slot has a first inactive loop in which the pin can cycle between different idling configurations, and a second active loop in which the pin can move between different configurations which correspond to active and inactive configurations of the downhole device.
Apparatus for generating plasma using electromagnetic field applicator and apparatus for treating substrate comprising the same
A plasma generating apparatus is provided which includes an rf power which provides an rf signal; a plasma chamber which generates a plasma using the rf signal; a plurality of isolation loops which are formed along a circumference of the plasma chamber; and a plurality of electromagnetic applicators which are respectively coupled with the isolation loops and applies an electromagnetic field to the plasma chamber in response to the rf signal, wherein impedance values of the electromagnetic applicators increase according to an increase in a distance from an input terminal.. .
Low weight terry fabric and a method of producing the same
A towel is provided comprising a ground cloth having warp yarns and weft yarns in a flat weave and having first and second sides. Stripes are provided on the first and second sides of the ground cloth that are defined by alternating areas of pile loops and flat weave, the pile loops on the first side being opposed by flat weave on the second side and the flat weave on the first side being opposed by pile loops on the second side.
Method for controlling a scanning microscope
The invention relates to a control method having at least two control loops for a scanning microscope provided with a microlever and an actuator suitable for energizing the microlever, in which a first loop maintains as a controlled variable the oscillation amplitude of the microlever and as a manipulated variable the amplitude of the electric signal supplied to the actuator, and a second loop uses as a controlled variable the amplitude of the aforementioned electric signal and as a manipulated variable the tip-sample distance. Said procedure makes it possible to ignore changes of sign in the tip-sample interaction..
Preventing sms message forwarding loops
A device may be configured to receive a message from a user device; and determine whether the message includes a parameter. When the message does not include the loop indicator parameter, the device may add the loop indicator parameter to the message to generate a first modified message, and output the first modified message toward an intended recipient of the message.
Article of manufacture providing golf tee receptacles
A tee holder article of manufacture for holding golf tees provides one or more loops of material, each loop sized to hold a golf tee, mounted to a backing. The tee holder is attached to an item of apparel, such as a hat or visor, at an attachment portion of the backing..
Apparatus and method for suspending sausage from hooks
Hook groups formed by hooks in a number identical to a maximum number of loops of sausage to be suspended from a stick are provided on a wrapping connector moving body of a conveyor with a respective hook absent zone interposed between adjacent ones of the hook groups. When the sausage is suspended from all the hooks of one hook group, the supply of the sausage to the conveyor is interrupted, and the sausage whose supply to the conveyor has been restarted after the hook absent zone moved a predetermined distance is suspended from a first hook of an ensuing hook group to form one loop by a last hook of the one hook group and a first hook of the ensuing hook group..
Expanded products with high protein content
High protein expanded products are produced by extrusion with unique blends of ingredients, such as wheat protein isolates, modified wheat starch, salts, gums and moisture. The mixture is extruded in a twin-screw extruder with the temperatures in the range of 50 to 140° c., screw speeds of 250 to 450 rpm and with a back pressure of 350 to 1200 psi for different recipes.
Vlf transmit antenna system, method and apparatus
There is provided a very low frequency (vlf) transmit antenna system, method, and apparatus for creating a magnetic field at low frequencies suitable for communications through the earth or other thick, solid barriers. At least two loop antennas are arranged such that a magnetic field of each one of the at least two loop antennas passes through each remaining one of the at least two loop antennas, thereby closely coupling the at least two loop antennas.
Electromagnetic meta-materials
Apparatus including meta-materials and methods for making the apparatus are described. Circuit components, such as split ring resonators and/or spiral loops, may be formed on substrates to form the meta-materials.
Temperature compensation in a wireless transfer system
Described herein are improved configurations for a resonator for wireless power transfer that includes a conductor forming one or more loops and having an inductance l, a network of capacitors, having a capacitance, c, and a desired electrical parameter, coupled to the conductor, the network having at least one capacitor of a first type with a first temperature profile of the electrical parameter, and the network having at least one capacitor of a second type with a second temperature profile of the electrical parameter.. .

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