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Profiled seaming element for industrial textiles

Method and apparatus for multi-radio coexistence on adjacent frequency bands

Inductor design with metal dummy features

Date/App# patent app List of recent Loops-related patents
 Anti-displacement coil spring-type spine stabilization device patent thumbnailAnti-displacement coil spring-type spine stabilization device
An anti-displacement coil spring-type spine stabilization device includes: a coil spring member made of a spiral spring wire having multiple continuous loops, the coil spring member having the form of an elongated bar; two connection members securely connected with two ends of the coil spring member, opposite end faces of the two connection members being respectively formed with two axially extending sockets; and at least one elastic bar disposed in the coil spring member and axially extending through the coil spring member with two ends of the elastic bar respectively extending into the sockets of the connection members. The coil spring member is made of the spiral spring wire so that two ends of the coil spring member are naturally formed with threads, which can be directly screwed on the connection members without further mechanically processing.
 Profiled seaming element for industrial textiles patent thumbnailProfiled seaming element for industrial textiles
A seaming element for an industrial textile, a textile with seaming elements, and a method. The seaming element has first and second end regions, a fold line in an intermediate fold region, and outer and inner surfaces.
 Method and apparatus for multi-radio coexistence on adjacent frequency bands patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for multi-radio coexistence on adjacent frequency bands
Various methods for controlling an aggressor user equipment (ue) can use two transmission power control loops to mitigate ue-to-ue adjacent carrier frequency band interference to a geographically proximal victim ue. The aggressor ue can select between different transmission power parameters based on two (or more) power values.
 Inductor design with metal dummy features patent thumbnailInductor design with metal dummy features
Techniques are disclosed for enhancing performance of integrated or on-chip inductors by implementing a schema of conductive metal dummies in the design thereof. In some cases, a metal dummy schema may be disposed in a layer proximate an upper surface of the inductor.
 Energy-optimized cycle control of time-variant loads for thermal management of vapor compression systems patent thumbnailEnergy-optimized cycle control of time-variant loads for thermal management of vapor compression systems
Control methods for vapor compression systems and multiple-load vapor compression systems having one or more refrigeration loops include selecting a desired set-point temperature range for a load temperature at one or more load locations. The vapor compression system is then operated to transfer heat from the one or more load locations to a rejection location.
 Device for inserting distancing cords patent thumbnailDevice for inserting distancing cords
In order to insert at least two zick-zack-extending cords (1) between two adjacent glass panels (2, 3, 4), in order to maintain the glass panels (2, 3, 4) at a distance from each other, cord guiding heads (20) which can be moved up and down on the front side of the front glass panel (2, 3) are provided. In order to move each guide head up and down, a length of the cord is placed on the glass panel for each guiding head.
 Reducing instruction miss penalties in applications patent thumbnailReducing instruction miss penalties in applications
Embodiments include systems and methods for reducing instruction cache miss penalties during application execution. Application code is profiled to determine “hot” code regions likely to experience instruction cache miss penalties.
 Loop avoidance for event-driven virtual link aggregation patent thumbnailLoop avoidance for event-driven virtual link aggregation
Embodiments of the invention relate to virtual link aggregation. One embodiment includes forming one or more virtual links using physical links connecting a first networking element, a second networking element and a third networking element.
 Method for optimizing performance of database/web-service backed applications by automatically prefetching query results patent thumbnailMethod for optimizing performance of database/web-service backed applications by automatically prefetching query results
The present disclosure proposes the method for optimizing the performance of data base/web-service backed applications by automatically prefetching query results. The proposed system and methods automatically insert prefetch instructions at the earliest possible points across procedure calls in application source code, in presence of conditional branching and loops.
 Loop avoidance for event-driven virtual link aggregation patent thumbnailLoop avoidance for event-driven virtual link aggregation
Embodiments of the invention relate to virtual link aggregation. One embodiment includes forming one or more virtual links using physical links connecting a first networking element, a second networking element and a third networking element.
Methods and apparatus for the retention of a personal electronic device within a physical interaction device
A retention apparatus configured to retain a personal electronic device within a protective device may include a personal electronic device retention element including two or more retention loops, where the two or more retention loops comprise flexible material, and each retention loop of the two or more retention loops is configured to stretch over and secure a portion of a personal electronic device. The retention apparatus may further include a retention strap configured to releasably connect the retention apparatus to an exterior shell of the protective device, where the retention apparatus is configured to replaceably receive the personal electronic device during connection of the retention strap to the exterior shell of the protective device..
Yarn-feeding assembly for textile machines
A first yarn feeder is provided with a drum which has a plurality of yarn loops wound thereon and is driven to rotate by a respective motor. The motor is electronically connected to a textile machine for rotating at a speed proportional to the yarn-drawing speed of the textile machine and delivering the yarn wound on the drum to the latter.
Pin seamed press felt with triple layer base fabric
A press felt includes: a base fabric comprising a plurality of repeat units, each of the repeat units comprising a plurality of exterior machine direction (md) yarns, each of which includes an upper run and a lower run merging with seam loops at each end, a plurality of middle md yarns positioned between the upper and lower runs of the exterior md yarns, a plurality of cross machine direction (cmd) yarns interwoven with the exterior md yarns and the middle md yarns in a predetermined regular weave pattern, the seam loops defining the longitudinal ends of the press felt; and a batt layer overlying the base fabric.. .
Instructions and logic to vectorize conditional loops
Instructions and logic provide vectorization of conditional loops. A vector expand instruction has a parameter to specify a source vector, a parameter to specify a conditions mask register, and a destination parameter to specify a destination vector to hold n consecutive vector elements, each of the plurality of n consecutive vector elements having a same variable partition size of m bytes.
Collapsing of multiple nested loops, methods and instructions
In an embodiment, the present invention is directed to a processor including a decode logic to receive a multi-dimensional loop counter update instruction and to decode the multi-dimensional loop counter update instruction into at least one decoded instruction, and an execution logic to execute the at least one decoded instruction to update at least one loop counter value of a first operand associated with the multi-dimensional loop counter update instruction by a first amount. Methods to collapse loops using such instructions are also disclosed.
Efficient intercept of connection-based transport layer connections
A tcp connection is established between a client and a server, such that packets communicated across the tcp connection pass through a proxy. Based at least in part on a result of monitoring packets flowing across the tcp connection, the proxy determines whether to split the tcp control loop into two tcp control loops so that packets can be inspected more thoroughly.
Vectorization of collapsed multi-nested loops
In an embodiment a method of vectorizing a collapsed multi-nested loop includes executing, in a vector unit of a processor, the collapsed loop to obtain a vector of offsets, including for each of a plurality of iterations, calculating a scalar offset into a multi-dimensional data structure, storing the scalar offset in a data element of a first vector register, and updating a loop counter value of a multi-dimensional loop counter vector. In turn, a plurality of data elements are loaded from the multi-dimensional data structure using a base value and indexes from the vector of offsets, at least one computation is performed on the loaded plurality of data elements to obtain a plurality of results, and the plurality of results are stored into the multi-dimensional data structure using the base value and the indexes from the vector of offsets.
Multiple loop snare
A snare device comprising multiple loops is described. The loops may be configured having various sizes or shapes and may be configured for use within a single outer sheath.
Stretching device for therapy
A stretching device for therapy contains a base including a inclined foot platform axially connected with a rear end thereof and tilting backward, a frame for the inclined foot platform having a horizontal support to abut against or be connected to an upright member extending upwardly from the front end thereof, and the upright member having two handle loops mounted thereon relative to a user's waist, the inclined foot platform is lifted to be used as an oblique platform. Accordingly, the user is capable of stretching calves, hamstrings, lower back, upper back, shoulders and neck, also to provide traction to the spine..
Golf swing training device
A golf swing training device teaches proper golf swing. The present invention comprises a golf club with attached elastic band loop.
Intellimarks universal parallel processes and devices for user controlled presentation customizations of content playback intervals, skips, sequencing, loops, rates, zooms, warpings, distortions, and synchronized fusions
In addition to an individual user customizing his own viewing experience, by sharing his intellimarks file(s) with others that have access to the same media content, these others can experience the customized playback as constructed by other users. Further, they can evolve their own interpretations and share back to the original user and/or others..
Methods and apparatus for broadband frequency comb stabilization
Feedback loops can be used to shift and stabilize the carrier-envelope phase of a frequency comb from a mode-locked fibers laser or other optical source. Compared to other frequency shifting and stabilization techniques, feedback-based techniques provide a wideband closed-loop servo bandwidth without optical filtering, beam pointing errors, or group velocity dispersion.
Translational phase lock loop and synthesizer that eliminates dividers
This invention describes a method by which a low cost low phase noise phase locked loop or phase locked loop based frequency synthesizer can be realized. The new method, called a translational phase lock loop or tpll, allows the conversion of a traditional voltage controlled oscillator or vco signal so that the phase noise of the vco signal is substantially identical to the noise that the loop is aimed to correct via comparison to a low noise reference oscillator.
Hoist spooling assembly and methods of using same
A hoist spooling assembly for spooling a cable about a drum while preventing relative movement between the cable and the drum. The hoist spooling assembly evenly delivers force from a roller to the cable while reducing the incidence of spooling problems, including mechanical wear of the cable and formation of loops and kinks in the cable..
Reinforce corrugated cardboard box
The present invention is an improvement to reinforce the corrugated cardboard container. More specifically, the invention reinforces the base of such containers, thus, allowing them to bear a much heavier weight load without breaking apart.
Torso to waist load transfer apparatus
An adjustable load transfer apparatus adapted to transfer a portion of a load between a torso-covering garment and a belt at the user's waist. The apparatus includes a post adapted for insertion into the interior passageway of a female body.
Method for forming cavity, apparatus for forming cavity, method for manufacturing circuit board, and circuit board
A method for forming cavity in substrate includes setting start position on closed loop line having circumference l for substrate, consecutively irradiating laser from laser device upon board for the substrate such that holes are formed, and moving the device in loop from the start position along the line such that penetrating hole is formed through the board. The start position of first loop is set as base position, the moving includes shifting the start position by distance d after each loop and controlling such that the moving satisfies p=Σdi, m≅l/p and m=m×n, where i=1 to n, n represents number of loops, p represents pitch of the holes, m represents number of the holes in loop, Σdi is distance from the base position for the start position after i-th loop, and m is number of the holes by the loops..
Roman shade type blind paper and blind using same
The present invention relates to a roman blind fabric on which loops are formed and a roman blind using the same. More particularly, rings for inserting loop cords thereinto are woven integrally with a loop-forming fabric in such a manner as to be formed transversely and longitudinally at the time when the loop-forming fabric is woven, and the loop-forming fabric and a roll-up fabric are provided as a double layer to prevent the loop cord from being wrapped around the neck of a child.
Microwave antenna having a reactively-loaded loop configuration
A microwave ablation system is provided. The microwave ablation system includes a power source.
Wireless communications headset system employing a loop transmitter that fits around the pinna
A wireless communications headset system for double hearing protection systems that eliminates the problems associated with typical wireless communications systems. The system employs a magnetic-field coupled wireless link from a loop transmitter to a magnetic field receiver.
Wavelength stabilization
Systems and methods of the invention generally relate to feedback loops for wavelength stabilization. According to certain aspects, a method of the invention includes filtering light through a tunable filter configured to deliver a target wavelength of light, measuring the wavelength of the filtered light, detecting a change between the target wavelength and the filtered wavelength, and adjusting the tunable filter based on the detected change so that the filtered wavelength matches the target wavelength..
Stack packages having token ring loops
Stack packages are provided. The stack package includes a substrate having first and second bond fingers and a plurality of semiconductor chips stacked on the substrate.
High-strength ribbon loop anchors and anchoring systems utilizing the same
A high-strength ribbon loop anchor and cavity wall anchoring system employing the same is disclosed. The ribbon loop anchor is a wire formative construct that is cold-worked with the resultant body having substantially semicircular edges and flat surfaces therebetween.
Disposable safety garment with improved doffing and neck closure
Nonwoven safety garments are described. Features of the stitching of some embodiments limit the number of particulates emitted from seams between cut edges.
Systems and methods for connecting tissue patches
A system for connecting mesh laproscopically is provided. The system includes a first patch, a second patch and connection means for joining the first and second patches.
Loop mitigation mechanism for ethernet networks
A technique is provided for mitigating loops in ethernet networks. A first port in an ethernet device receives an ethernet frame.
Direct network having plural distributed connections to each resource
A direct network is described in which each resource is connected to a switching fabric via a set of two or more routing nodes. The routing nodes are distributed so as to satisfy at least one inter-node separation criterion.
Inductive sensor for angular measurement of the position of a moving part and measuring method using such a sensor
An inductive sensor includes a primary winding, two secondary windings and a moveable target, the primary winding being centered about a central axis and carrying a high-frequency alternating current which can induce a voltage in secondary windings, the secondary windings also being centered about the central axis and made up of a number k of substantially identical loops, which are successively crossed and arranged opposite the primary winding. In this case, the target is made up of a part having p=1 angular sector with an angular opening.
Multi-channel endorectal coils and interface devices therefor
An intracavity probe for use with a magnetic resonance system includes: a pair of coil loops arranged in a phased array configuration; a pair of decoupling circuits; a pair of output cables; and a spacer material positioned adjacent to an anterior surface of the coil loops. Each coil loop has a drive capacitor and a tuning capacitor.
Computer chassis
A computer chassis has a body with variable components. The chassis is accessible from the front or back of a casing or cabinet through the use of gripping loops.
Circuit for allocating power among generators
A circuit and method for allocating power among two or more generators to a single load on a shared bus includes a sharing regulator and a feedback loop for each generator. A digital share command input and current in the feedback loops will cause the sharing regulators to alter the power of the generators at the generator outputs, thereby allocating the load on the shared bus according to the share command, and confirming the allocation of power at the outputs..
Infant carrier
An infant carrier comprises three interconnected loops of fabric, the three interconnected loops comprising a first loop, a second loop and a third loop. The first and second loops are each configured for being worn over a respective shoulder of a wearer, and the third loop is configured for being worn about the waist of the wearer.
Support for resisting radial creep of a heating element coil
A support member for a heating element coil includes at least one support beam having an opposed distal and proximal end. The distal end being arranged to be anchored in insulation of the heating element and the proximal end oriented towards a center of loops of the heating element.
Heat dissipating device using heat pipe
There is provided a heat dissipating device using a heat pipe. The heat dissipating device includes a plurality of unit pipe loops.
Refrigerator control system and method
A control system for operating a refrigerator appliance is provided. The refrigerator has a variable damper, a variable speed fan, and a variable speed compressor.
Distributed management of a shared clock source to a multi-core microprocessor
Microprocessors are provided with decentralized logic and associated methods for indicating power related operating states, such as desired voltages and frequency ratios, to shared microprocessor power resources such as a voltage regulator module (vrm) and phase locked loops (plls). Each core is configured to generate a value to indicate a desired operating state of the core.
Method and apparatus for soft tissue fixation
A tissue fixation apparatus can include a flexible construct and an elongated locking member. The flexible construct can include at least two adjustable loops and tensioning members.
Multispecific peptides
The invention relates to a method for providing a multispecific peptide ligand comprising a polypeptide covalently linked to a molecular scaffold at three or more amino acid residues and capable of binding to two or more separate targets, comprising the steps of: (a) providing a first repertoire of polypeptides, each polypeptide comprising two or more reactive groups capable of covalent linkage to a molecular scaffold, and at least one loop which comprises a sequence of two or more amino acids subtended between two of said reactive groups; (b) providing a second repertoire of polypeptides as described in (a); (c) joining at least one loop of one or more members of the first repertoire to at least one loop of one or more members of the second repertoire to form at least one polypeptide comprising two loops, and (d) conjugating the composite polypeptide(s) to a molecular scaffold at at least three amino acid positions.. .
Methods of detecting long range chromosomal interactions
Wherein the presence of dna loops indicates the presence of a specific long range chromosomal interaction.. .
Decorative flowers and methods of making and using the same
A method for making a decorative flower is disclosed, including folding a material to form a loop, applying an adhesive within a predetermined distance from at least one of two opposing outermost edges of the material to generate a receptacle region, forming a plurality of cuts along the loop, attaching a first end of the receptacle region to a first end of a holder, wrapping a predetermined length of the receptacle region around the holder to form a base of the decorative flower, and securing the receptacle region in wrapped form to the base is disclosed. The decorative flower generally includes a folded material having a plurality of cuts along a fold thereof and an uncut receptacle region, and a holder attached to the receptacle region.
Fiber optic assembly with loopback
A fiber optic assembly includes an optical cable supporting a plurality of optical fibers and a furcation integrated with the optical cable. The furcation separates optical fibers of the plurality into a first set and a second set.
Transmissions/receptions of uplink acknowledgement signals in wireless networks
An apparatus for use in a wireless communication network includes a ue configured to communicate with a plurality of serving cells with at least a first serving cell and a second serving cell. The ue is configured to operate in at least two carrier frequencies.
Loop condition prevention at internetwork interface boundary
The present invention provides a solution to maximize the chance of completion for an isup to sip direction call by enabling a bigger factor for converting isup hop counter to sip max-forwards value than the reverse direction thus enabling more hops in the sip network. Enabling a bigger factor for isup to sip direction can cause loops without special considerations.
Antenna device and method of setting resonant frequency of antenna device
In antenna device, a coil conductor of an antenna coil module and a conductor layer at least partially overlap. A current flows in the conductor layer to block a magnetic field generated by a current flowing in the coil conductor.
Gait-based biometric system for detecting pathomechanical abnormalities relating to disease pathology
Systems and methods for diagnosing a user's condition based on his gait. A sensor module with multiple sensors is placed inside a user's shoe and biometric data is gathered from the sensors when the user takes a step or walks.
Phone/tablet holder
Implementations of a holder for handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets are provided. In some implementations, the holder includes a first piece of fabric-like material having adhesive on a first side for securing the first side to a hand-held device.
Concealed carry firearm holster
The present disclosure provides a concealed-carry firearm holster for wearing under the clothes of a user between the user's waist and a waistband of the user's pants. The holster generally includes a backing panel and a firearm receptacle connected to the backing panel and structured and operable to removably retain a firearm.
Positioning device for the positioning of loops for sewing said loops and sewing machine comprising said device
A positioning device and a sewing machine arrange and position a loop on a garment during processing.. .
Crib safety products
A bumper pad includes a base attached to a material that extends over the rail and couples as a crib teething rail cover. The bumper pad includes a base, mesh sides, and a teething rail cover.
Face armor
Ballistic material side elements are shaped to cover portions of a wearer's face and selectively attached to a ballistic helmet. The side elements cover the sides of the wearer's head, but leave room to avoid interfering with hearing needs and goggles.
Conversion apparatus, method of converting, and non-transient computer-readable recording medium having conversion program stored thereon
A conversion apparatus for converting a source code into a machine language code, includes an information obtainment unit that obtains profile information from the source code; a determination unit that determines an optimal position of a prefetch command for access to a multi-dimensional array of multiple loops having a nest level of two or greater, on the basis of the profile information; and a placement unit that places the prefetch command at the optimal position.. .
Methods and systems to traverse graph-based networks
Methods and systems to translate input labels of arcs of a network, corresponding to a sequence of states of the network, to a list of output grammar elements of the arcs, corresponding to a sequence of grammar elements. The network may include a plurality of speech recognition models combined with a weighted finite state machine transducer (wfst).
Tilted test loop calibration system
A tilted test loop for use in calibrating an electromagnetic logging tool includes a substantially cylindrical hub, a planar elliptical frame connected to the hub and oriented at a tilt angle with respect to a longitudinal axis of the hub, at least one triangular wedge connected to the hub and the planar frame, the triangular wedge having an angle that defines the tilt angle, and a plurality of elliptical conductive loops deployed in corresponding elliptical grooves in the frame.. .
System and method for implementation of layer 2 redundancy protocols across multiple networks
The system, method, and article of manufacture of the present invention allows multiple customers connected to a common external network to each implement a layer 2 redundancy protocol, such as the spanning tree protocol, in order to prevent layer 2 loops. Accordingly, a method is presented for providing an independent loop free layer 2 topology between a external network and a customer network comprising tagging control packets originating on the customer network with a unique identifier and tunneling the control packets received from the customer network between a plurality of boundary interface devices at the external network such that the control packets are routed back to the customer network based on the presence of the unique identifier in the control packet.
Methods of and apparatus for using textures in graphics processing systems
A graphics virtual texturing system in which textures stored in a storage medium of a host system are divided into respective pages that are then loaded into a local memory of a graphics processing system for use. If the texture page that is required for performing a texturing operation at an originally desired level of detail (52) is not present in the local memory of the graphics processing system (53), the virtual texture lookup process loops back to try to sample the texture at an increased level of detail (55), and so on, until texture data that can be used is found in the local memory of the graphics processing system (53).
Failure point diagnostics in cable telemetry
Methods and systems for failure point diagnostics in cable telemetry at a wellsite. The methods involve providing a system includes a cable operatively coupling between a surface modem and a downhole modem that is operatively coupled to a downhole toolstring of one or more downhole tools via a toolbus.
Case for electronic tablet device
An electronic tablet case includes a body configured to receive an electronic tablet and one or more sets of finger loops on a rear surface of the body. The finger loops are configured to receive a user's individual fingers thereby allowing the user to hold the case and electronic tablet with one hand while operating the electronic tablet with the other hand.
Apparatus and method for storage of a cord
An apparatus and method for containing a cord is provided. The apparatus and method include a longitudinal hollow member having a first end and an opposing second end.
Air-based cooling for data center rack
A high-velocity low-pressure cooling system (100), especially suited for data center applications, includes an air coolant loop (102), a non-air coolant loop (104) and a cooler unit (126) for heat transfer between the loops (102 and 104). The air loop (102) is used to chill ambient air that is blown across heat transfer surfaces of equipment mounted in data center racks (110).
Spiral textile and system for weaving the same
Loom configurations and methods for efficiently manufacturing unique spiral-shaped fabrics. The loom introducing two weft yarn segments in the form of a continuous loop in each shed may be configured with one or two weft needles and is equipped with a knitting system to form a knitted selvedge along the outside circumference of the fabric.
Article of footwear incorporating a knitted component
An article of footwear may have an upper with a knitted component. Alone or in combination, the knitted component may include regions with different degrees of stretch-resistance; the knitted component forms a collar with a half-gauge knit; the upper includes a strand with sections that are inlaid within the knitted component, and the sections are positioned immediately adjacent to each other; the strand forms a plurality of loops, pairs of the loops are positioned immediately adjacent to each other and configured to receive a lace; and the knitted component includes a thermoplastic polymer material, and the strand is unbonded to the thermoplastic polymer material..

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