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new patent Method for depth lookup table signaling in 3d video coding based on high efficiency video coding standard
A method and apparatus for depth lookup table (dlt) signaling in a three-dimensional and multi-view coding system are disclosed. According to the present invention, if the pictures contain only texture data, no dlt information is incorporated in the picture parameter set (pps) corresponding to the pictures.

new patent Read/write split database query routing
Systems and methods for improving database system performance are described. In one embodiment, a database system includes a database application cluster including at least one read-write node and a plurality of read nodes, a shared memory, and a multiplexer coupled to the database application cluster and shared memory.
Paypal, Inc.

new patent Query result caching for database environments
Systems and methods for improving database system performance are described. In one embodiment, a database system includes a master database, a cache system, a shared memory, and a multiplexer coupled to the master database, cache system, and shared memory.
Paypal, Inc.

new patent Replica database query routing for database environments
Systems and methods for improving database system performance are described. In one embodiment, a database system includes a master database, a replica database, a shared memory, and a multiplexer coupled to the master database, replica database, and shared memory.
Paypal, Inc.

new patent Systems and methods for providing call context to content providers
The present disclosure is directed to providing call context to content providers. A tracker receives a selection of a content item associated with a keyword.
Google Inc.

new patent Redundant array of independent discs and dispersed storage network system re-director
Systems and method for accessing data in a storage network include a processing module receives redundant array of independent disks (raid) data to store determining which memories to utilize (e.g., a raid memory, local and/or remote dispersed storage network (dsn) memory) based on one or more of the metadata, the raid data, a vault lookup, a command, a message, a performance indicator, a predetermination, local dsn memory capabilities, remote dsn memory capabilities, raid memory capabilities, and a comparison of requirements to capabilities of the raid memory and local and/or dsn memory. The processing module saves the determination choice in a memory indicator that is stored in one or more of the raid memory, the local dsn memory, the remote dsn memory, and a dsn user vault..
International Business Machines Corporation

Method for low-latency illumination compensation process and depth lookup table based coding
A method and apparatus for low-latency illumination compensation in a three-dimensional (3d) and multi-view coding system are disclosed. According to the present invention, the encoder determines whether to enable or disable the illumination compensation for the current picture or slice based on a condition related to statistic associated with a selected reference picture or slice respectively, or related to high-level coding information associated with the current picture or slice respectively.
Hfi Innovation Inc.

Technologies for enhancing computer security
A method includes providing a plurality of variables and a variable. The variables differ from each other.

Accelerated lens distortion correction with near-continuous warping optimization
A digital image processing technique, such as an image warping operation, is stored in a pre-computed lookup table (lut) prior to image processing. The lut represents a pixel-to-pixel mapping of pixel coordinates in a source image to pixel coordinates in a destination image.
Intel Corporation

Method and gas flow control
An apparatus for controlling the flow of a gas, containing a controllable valve, wherein the position of the valve and the gas pressure upstream of the valve are measured and used in conjunction with a first lookup table to determine the flow rate of the gas through the valve; and a flow restrictor upstream of the controllable valve, wherein the temperature of the flow restrictor and the gas pressure upstream and downstream of the flow restrictor are measured and used in conjunction with a second lookup table to determine the flow rate of the gas through the flow restrictor.. .
Pivotal Systems Corporation

Ventilating system and control unit thereof

A ventilating system includes: an electric fan including a fan motor and a fan impeller; and a control unit including a storage module storing a lookup table, a power detection circuit and a control circuit. The power detection circuit detects a power signal received by the ventilating system so as to generate a power detection signal.
Bigbest Solutions, Inc.

Triggering associations based on detection events

A signal detection system can trigger virtual resource allocation based on detected signals. The signal detection system can detect network devices and perform a lookup to determine whether a uid of a respective network device is associated with a particular item.
Sphero, Inc.

Systems and methods for retrieving electronically stored information in real-time for electronic transactions

Systems and methods for providing real-time data and performing network transactions via a gui over a network using computer-based storage and retrieval schemes including real-time lookup tables and databases and updating the real-time lookup tables and databases in real-time, with the network including but not limited to internet, phone, wireless communications, and other channels.. .
Value Payment Systems, Llc

Hybrid table-lookup algorithm for functions

A method and system for approximating functions, including a function approximation repository, which includes a hybrid lookup table configured to store coefficients associated with polynomials in factored form (pffs), and a results store configured to store results. The system also includes a function approximation device that includes two processors, memory, an io module and a function approximation module, which includes functionality to receive a request to approximate the function for an argument; verify that the argument falls within a function interval; perform a determination to find a subinterval in which the argument falls; select a pff associated with the subinterval; obtain pff coefficients associated with the pff from the hybrid lookup table; evaluate the pff using the pff coefficients and the argument to obtain a result; store the result in the results store; and return the result as an answer to the requesting entity via the io module..
Oracle International Corporation

Processor with instruction for interpolating table lookup values

Apparatus and methods are disclosed for performing mathematical operations that can be applied in a number of processor architectures. In one example of the disclosed technology, a lookup table is configured to return two or more function values based on an input operand of a single processor instruction storing a fixed-point number.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Laser scanning micrometer device

The present invention provides multiple improvements to optical-based laser scanning micrometers and providing a small handheld version laser scanning micrometer based on the these improvements. For added accuracy and reduction in unit size, a double sided coated mirror receiver reflects the beam back into the transmitter light source.

Relationship-centric portals for communication sessions

A method for providing relationship-centric resources includes establishing a communication session between a first device and a second device, determining, during the communication session between the first and second devices, an intersection of mutual topics of interest between users of the first and second devices by cross-referencing sets of interests for the users, retrieving content based on a determination that the content meets a content descriptor, and simultaneously displaying the retrieved content. The content descriptor describes a nature of the communication session.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and centralized configuration and authentication

A system and method for efficiently obtaining user configuration information for a given device. Multiple devices are deployed in an environment and may be storage appliances.
Veritas Technologies Llc

Network transmission method and network transmission system for a multi-layer network address translator structure

A peer-to-peer server sends a first internal internet protocol (ip) address and a first internal port number of a first node to a second node, and sends a second internal ip address and a second internal port number of the second node to the first node. The first node sends a first packet to the second internal ip address and the second internal port number via a network address translator.
Vivotek Inc.

Accelerated address indirection table lookup for wear-leveled non-volatile memory

Embodiments are generally directed to accelerated address indirection table lookup for wear-leveled non-volatile memory. A embodiment of a memory device includes nonvolatile memory; a memory controller; and address indirection logic to provide address indirection for the nonvolatile memory, of the address indirection logic to maintain an address indirection table (ait) in the nonvolatile memory, the ait including a plurality of levels, and copy at least a portion of the ait to a second memory, the second memory having less latency than the first memory..
Intel Corporation

System for managing real-time work information of a motor fitting

A system for managing real-time work information of a motor fitting provides a sensor set at the motor fitting to transmit the real-time work information to a processing module. A processing unit of the processing module sends type information and a real-time work parameter according to the real-time work information.
Teco Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.

Object information acquiring apparatus, object information acquiring method, and storage medium

An object information acquiring apparatus is used, which includes: a conversion element receiving an acoustic wave from an object irradiated with light with a plurality of wavelengths and converts the acoustic wave into an electric signal; a memory storing a lookup table or a relational expression that represents a relation between the wavelength of light and a transformation coefficient based on an intensity of an acoustic wave from a standard sample with a known coefficient relating to light absorption and the coefficient for the standard sample; a transformation coefficient acquiring unit that acquires the transformation coefficient from the memory; and a signal processing unit acquiring specific information on the object, using an electric signal and the transformation coefficient.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Device for assisting a user to remember a numerical string

A device for assisting a user to remember a numerical string, the device comprising a processor; a memory for storing a lookup table; an input module for providing one or more decimal digits to the processor; and an output for receiving an output from the processor; wherein the processor is configured to accumulate decimal digits until a predetermined number of decimal digits is accumulated, wherein the predetermined number is at least three; to respond to detecting that the predetermined number of decimal digits has been accumulated by performing a lookup to retrieve a human language word associated with the accumulated decimal digits, wherein performing the lookup comprises generating a query based on the accumulated decimal digits and submitting the generated query to the lookup table; and to provide the retrieved word to the output.. .

Simulating an infrared emitter array in a video monitoring camera to construct a lookup table for depth determination

A process generates lookup tables for estimating spatial depth in a scene. The process identifies subsets of illuminators of a camera system that has a 2-dimensional array of image sensors and illuminators in fixed locations relative to the array, and partitions the image sensors into a plurality of pixels.
Google Inc.

Orientation-based hashing for fast item orientation sensing

Technologies are generally described for orientation-based hashing to determine item orientation. In some examples, a conveyance system may be configured to adjust the orientations of various types of items before sorting.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Focusing method, and image capturing device for implementing the same

A focusing method includes the steps of calculating a diameter difference between a first circle of confusion diameter and a second circle of confusion diameter which correspond respectively to first image data and second image data associated respectively with light energy of a first spectrum and light energy of a second spectrum, generating a control signal associated with a target image distance according to an initial image distance, the diameter difference, and a lookup table, driving movement of a lens module so as to change a distance between the lens module and an image sensor from the initial image distance into the target image distance according to the control signal.. .
Lite-on Technology Corp.

Timing controller of display apparatus and operation method thereof

A timing controller of a display apparatus is provided. The timing controller timing controller includes a processing unit and a memory unit.
Au Optronics Corp.

Hardware architecture for simulating a neural network of neurons

Embodiments of the invention relate to a neural network system for simulating neurons of a neural model. One embodiment comprises a memory device that maintains neuronal states for multiple neurons, a lookup table that maintains state transition information for multiple neuronal states, and a controller unit that manages the memory device.
International Business Machines Corporation

Scalable policy management in an edge virtual bridging (evb) environment

A method includes validating, by a switch, a message including virtual machine (vm) information using a value of a virtual station interface (vsi) type identification (id) to perform a lookup of a fetched vsi database. The vm information for the vm comprises vsi type id and virtual local area network (vlan) id.
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods and systems to implement fingerprint lookups across remote agents

The present invention provides methods and systems to protect an organization's secure information from unauthorized disclosure. The present system uses protect agents installed across various egress points (e.g., email server, user's computer, etc.) to monitor information disclosed by a user.
Workshare Technology, Inc.

Methods, apparatuses, and systems for online item lookup operations

Methods, apparatuses, and implementations of an online item searching platform having a store-to-store interface are disclosed. At least some versions of the disclosed systems enable a user to perform purchase and pickup transactions for items across multiple remote stores.
Homer Tlc, Inc.

White-box cryptography interleaved lookup tables

A method of producing a white-box implementation of a cryptographic function, including: creating, by a processor, a white-box implementation of a cryptographic function using a network of two dimensional lookup tables; identifying two dimensional lookup tables using a common index; and rewriting the identified two dimensional lookup tables as a three dimensional table.. .
Nxp B.v.

Methods and sharing encrypted data

A method for sharing encrypted data and encryption keys through a system comprised of the following data types, but not limited to a; 1) record and its encryption key, 2) recordset and its encryption key, and 3) entity and its encryption key. A record is encrypted using an encryption key, furthermore, the record encryption key is encrypted using a recordset encryption key, and finally, both the encrypted record and its encrypted encryption key are wrapped as a single unit, to avoid key the expensive operations of key lookup and general key operation overhead.

Matching objects using match rules and lookup key

Some embodiments of the present invention include a method for identifying match candidates in a database object and may include generating, by a database system, a match key associated with a lookup field of a database object. The method may further include activating, by the database system, a matching rule associated with the match key, and receiving, by the database system, a request to search for duplicate candidates in the database object., Inc.

Managing sectored cache

Apparatus, systems, and methods to manage memory operations are described. In one example, a controller comprises logic to receive a first transaction to operate on a first data element in the cache memory, perform a lookup operation for the first data element in the volatile memory and in response to a failed lookup operation, to generate a cache scrub hint forward the cache scrub hint to a cache scrub engine and identify one or more cache lines to scrub based at least in part on the cache scrub hint.
Intel Corporation

Systems and methods for estimating parameters of a spacecraft based on emission from an atomic or molecular product of a plume from the spacecraft

A parameter of an actual spacecraft can be estimated based on a spectroscopic image of an emission from an atomic or molecular product of an interaction between an atmospheric gas and an atomic or molecular species in a plume from the actual spacecraft. The actual spacecraft can be characterized by a set of values of at least n parameters.
The Aerospace Corporation

Pfm scheme for boost and flyback converter in led backlight application

This application relates to systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling a switching frequency of a boost or flyback converter to be above an audible frequency range when operating the boost or flyback converter in a pulse frequency modulation (pfm) mode. The boost or flyback converter uses one or more switches for converting power for a display panel.
Apple Inc.

Methods and systems for processing messages at a network node

The present invention discloses a method for processing messages at a network node, wherein the network node does not any hardware components for displaying messages. The network node first receives a message and determines whether the message matches any predefined pattern by performing a lookup on the first configuration database.
Pismo Labs Technology Limited

Dynamically assigning packet flows

In general, in one aspect, the disclosure describes a method includes accessing data of an egress packet belonging to a flow, storing data associating the flow with at least one queue based on a source of the data of the egress packet. The method also includes accessing an ingress packet belonging to the flow, performing a lookup of the at least one queue associated with the flow, and enqueueing data of the ingress packet to the at least one queue associated with the flow..
Intel Corporation

Likelihood generation apparatus and method therefor

A likelihood generation apparatus for acquiring a likelihood of a 16qam signal includes a first likelihood generation unit configured to generate a likelihood of each of two bits of a 16qam signal point of the 16qam signal from a relationship of each of an i-axis component and a q-axis component with a likelihood when the 16qam signal point is mapped on a constellation diagram, and a second likelihood generation unit configured to generate a likelihood of each of remaining two bits other than the two bits of the 16qam signal point of the 16qam signal based on a position of the 16qam signal point in a lookup table, which is configured to input the i-axis component and the q-axis component of the 16qam signal point as arguments, and includes regions acquired by dividing the constellation diagram based on a possible value of each of the bits.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Area efficient cryptographic method and apparatus

A method of improving the efficiency of an encryption/decryption process implementing the nist fips 197 standard which includes a substitution box (s-box) and an inverse substitution (inverse s-box), comprises concatenating the s-box and inverse s-box to form a combined lookup table, and folding the concatenated table to generate a folded lookup table. The folded lookup table may be indexed for an encryption operation and for a decryption operation using a signal indicative of whether encryption or decryption is used..
Elliptic Technologies Inc.

System, method and process for authenticating product genuineness and supply chain management using universal product identifier tag

The present disclosure provides for a system, method and process for product authentication, product tracking for use with products intended to be introduced for circulation into the supply chain; including machine and human readable product identification data; comprising a product data storage and look up means, for general consumers or supply chain intermediaries, wherein the upit is affixed to the product or embedded onto the product label and is arranged for inspection by a human or at least one reading device, remote from the product data storage means and at least one point in the product supply chain; wherein the human data entry lookup or at least one reading device is arranged to verify the authenticity of the machine readable product identification data and thereby verifying the authenticity of the product itself based on the last transaction of the product in the supply chain.. .

System and diagnosing line replaceable unit failure

A system and method of identifying part failures is provided. The system may comprise monitoring a sensor, detecting a failure mode, selecting a row from a lookup table corresponding to the failure mode, looking up a line replaceable unit (lru) failure probability for the detected failure mode, and reporting the lru failure probability for the detected failure mode..
Goodrich Corporation

Systems and methods for performing dual dns lookup to detect public versus intranet

The present disclosure is directed towards systems and methods for performing dual domain name system (dns) lookups to detect whether a request is for a public site versus an intranet site on a private network. A hosted application on a client device on a first network can receive web page content from a second network via a tunnel connection.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Flow-indexing for datapath packet processing

A system for forwarding data in a computing environment captures a flow pattern created for a datapath for a data packet. A flow index table is created based on creation of the datapath.

Method of offloading cyclic redundancy check on portions of a packet

A method and apparatus are provided for computing a crc value for a packet containing a data stream with a modified data unit data and one or more additional data units extending to the end of the data stream by computing a first crc value from the one or more additional data units, computing a second crc value from the modified data unit, adjusting the second crc value based on a shift length equal to a distance of the one or more additional data units to compute a perspective shifted second crc value by using fixed number of distance lookup table operations, and generating an updated crc value from the first crc value and perspective shifted second crc value, thereby avoiding recalculating a complete crc value based on an entirety of the modified data stream.. .
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Innovative text encodation in quick response code

An approach includes a method implemented in a computer infrastructure having computer executable code tangibly embodied in a computer readable storage medium having programming instructions. The approach further includes the programming instructions configured to receive a bilingual text which comprises a first set of characters in a latin-based language and a second set of characters in a non latin-based language.
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

Apparatus and accelerating operations in a processor which uses shared virtual memory

An apparatus and method are described for coupling a front end core to an accelerator component (e.g., such as a graphics accelerator). For example, an apparatus is described comprising: an accelerator comprising one or more execution units (eus) to execute a specified set of instructions; and a front end core comprising a translation lookaside buffer (tlb) communicatively coupled to the accelerator and providing memory access services to the accelerator, the memory access services including performing tlb lookup operations to map virtual to physical addresses on behalf of the accelerator and in response to the accelerator requiring access to a system memory..

Online igbt junction temperature estimation without the use of a dedicated temperature estimation or measurement device

A number of variations may include a method which may include determining a temperature rise in an igbt junction without the use of a temperature estimation or measurement device because determination may be made by first determining the power loss due to the conduction losses of the igbt and power loss associated with switching the igbt where these losses may be determined by utilizing the saturation voltage of the igbt, igbt pwm duty cycle, igbt switching frequency, fundamental frequency along with a lookup table for the switching energies and the phase current going through the igbt. The determined power loss may be multiplied by a measured, sensed or obtained thermal impedance from the igbt junction.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

User assignment of resource blocks in a preamble

Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for providing an efficient way to assign resource blocks to user receiver devices in a wireless communications protocol. For example, the method can receive a frame for a wireless communications protocol.
Apple Inc.

Tracking the content of a cache

A cache is provided comprising a plurality of ways, each way of the plurality of ways comprising a data array, wherein a data item stored by the cache is stored in the data array of one of the plurality of ways. A way tracker of the cache has a plurality of entries, each entry of the plurality of entries for storing a data item identifier and for storing, in association with the data item identifier, an indication of a selected way of the plurality of ways to indicate that a data item identified by the data item identifier is stored in the selected way.
Arm Limited

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