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 Tone mapping signaling in a preamble patent thumbnailnew patent Tone mapping signaling in a preamble
Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for providing an efficient way to signal a tone mapping in a wireless communication protocol. Embodiments operate by receiving a frame for a wireless communications protocol.
Apple Inc.

 Method and apparatus of short uniform resource locator lookup and feedback patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus of short uniform resource locator lookup and feedback
A method of short uniform resource locator (url) lookup and feedback of various examples may include: receiving a request related with a short url associated with a target url; identifying resource information of the short url which is descriptive of credibility of network resources pointed to by the target url; and making the resource information provided to a user. Another method of short url lookup and feedback of various examples may include: receiving a request related with a long url; identifying an identity of a website providing network resources pointed to by the long url, the identity is a character string or a logo; generating a short url which includes the identity; and making the short url provided to the user..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

 Digital predistortion for dual-band power amplifiers patent thumbnailnew patent Digital predistortion for dual-band power amplifiers
A signal processing circuit arrangement may include a preamplifier circuit configured to map a first dimension input and a second dimension input to a first subset of a plurality of lookup table coefficients of a two-dimensional (2d) lookup table, wherein the first dimension input and the second dimension input each represent a signal level of one or more input signals, extrapolate from the first subset of the plurality of lookup table coefficients to generate a lookup table output, and apply the lookup table output to the one or more input signals to generate a predistorted input signal for an amplifier.. .
Intel Corporation

 Compact, clustering-based indexes for large-scale real-time lookups on streaming videos patent thumbnailCompact, clustering-based indexes for large-scale real-time lookups on streaming videos
Systems and methods for recognizing a face are disclosed and includes receiving images of faces; generating feature vectors of the images; generating clusters of feature vectors each with a centroids or a cluster representative; for a query to search for a face, generating corresponding feature vectors for the face and comparing the feature vector with the centroids of all clusters; for clusters above a similarity threshold, comparing cluster members with the corresponding feature vector; and indicating as matching candidates for cluster members with similarity above a threshold.. .
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

 File lookup in a file system patent thumbnailFile lookup in a file system
The present disclosure provides techniques for performing a file lookup. An example of a system includes a file system corresponding to one or more physical storage devices, a database that stores metadata corresponding to files in the file system, and a search module.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

 Routing lookup , and construction  b-tree structure patent thumbnailRouting lookup , and construction b-tree structure
Provided are a routing lookup method and device, and a method for constructing a b-tree structure, wherein the device includes a routing lookup algorithm software component, a routing update interface component and a routing lookup hardware component, the routing lookup algorithm software component is configured to execute software calculation for a routing entry and issue an entry update instruction, the routing update interface component is configured to control, after receiving the entry update instruction issued by the routing lookup algorithm software component, a data stream of the routing lookup hardware component according to an actual working state of the routing lookup hardware component, and write an updated entry into a memory of the routing lookup hardware component, and the routing lookup hardware component is configured to respond to a routing lookup request of a hardware system, and return a lookup result matched with a longest prefix to the hardware system.. .
Zte Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

 System and  distinguishing system management mode entries in a translation address cache of a processor patent thumbnailSystem and distinguishing system management mode entries in a translation address cache of a processor
A processor including a memory that stores a system management mode (smm) value indicative of whether the processor is in smm, a translation address cache (tac) that includes multiple entries for storing address translations, in which each entry includes an smm identifier, hit logic that compares a lookup address with address translations stored in the tac for determining a hit, in which the hit logic determines a hit only when a corresponding smm identifier of an entry matches the smm value, and entry logic that selects an entry of the tac for storing a determined address translation and that programs an smm identifier of the selected entry of the tac to match the smm value. The processor may include flush logic that distinguishes smm entries, and processing logic that commands flushing upon entering and/or exiting smm.
Via Alliance Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and image processing program patent thumbnailImage processing method, image processing apparatus, and image processing program
In the image processing apparatus, input transform into an input color space is performed on input image data; after the input transform, transform processing of transforming chroma or chromaticity of the input image data or chroma or chromaticity in the input color space is performed so as to reduce a difference between a space of chroma or chromaticity of the input image data and a space of chroma or chromaticity in the input color space to acquire transformed image data; and output transform into an output color space is performed on the transformed image data using a three-dimensional lookup table including inverse transform processing of returning the chroma or chromaticity of the transformed image data to the chroma or chromaticity of the input image data to acquire output image data.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

 Apparatus and  data decoding patent thumbnailApparatus and data decoding
A computer-implemented method comprises receiving a data stream that includes a series of code words that encodes a respective series of pixel data according to a first entropy coding lookup table, and processing the data stream to determine if there is a match between a first code word and a consecutive second code word, and a code word entry in a second entropy coding lookup table. The method also includes, if there is a match, decoding the first code word and the second code word using the second entropy coding lookup table.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

 Methods and systems for transmitting packets through an aggregated connection patent thumbnailMethods and systems for transmitting packets through an aggregated connection
The present invention discloses methods and systems for transmitting a received packet at a first network node through an aggregated connection. The first network node determines session information of the received packet and determines whether a new tunnel needs to be selected for transmitting the received packet.
Pismo Labs Technology Limited

Privacy preserving registry browsing

A method. System.
Verisign, Inc.

Low complexity adaptive temporal filtering for mobile captures

A method of noise filter parameter adaptation, the method comprising receiving a current video frame comprising a plurality of pixels. A table lookup is performed, using current statistical values associated with the current video frame.
Nvidia Corporation

Fast substring fulltext search

A system includes receiving a substring to be searched and determining one or more n-grams associated with the received substring. A lookup of each of the one or more n-grams is performed using an n-gram index.

Fast multi-tier indexing supporting dynamic update

A method includes performing a lookup using a key into a root node of a multi-tier data structure, to find a partition for performing an insert. A lookup for the key is performed on a first level index that is part of a linked data structure.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and utilizing customer data in a communication system

Systems and methods for utilizing customer data in a communication system are provided. In exemplary embodiments, customer records at a customer data warehousing system are accessed.
Fonality, Inc.

Mitigating neighbor discovery-based denial of service attacks

In one embodiment, a device in a network determines whether a destination address of a packet received by the device is within a neighbor discovery (nd) cache of the device. The device determines whether the destination address is not in a set of addresses used to generate an address lookup array or possibly in the set of addresses used to generate the address lookup array, in response to determining that the destination address of the packet is not within the nd cache.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Apparatus and generating lookups and making decisions for packet modifying and forwarding in a software-defined network engine

Embodiments of the present invention relate to a lookup and decision engine (lde) for generating lookup keys for input tokens and modifying the input tokens based on contents of lookup results. The input tokens are parsed from network packet headers by a parser, and the tokens are then modified by the lde.
Cavium, Inc.

Vector currents controller for salient pole synchronous machine

A control system for an alternating current (ac) machine having a rotor and a stator is disclosed. The control system may include a direct current (dc) link providing a variable dc link voltage; an inverter module operatively coupled between the dc link and the ac machine, and a controller in communication with the inverter module.
Caterpillar Inc.

Instant data center recovery

Facility for providing backup and restore of all data center components including physical machines, virtual machines, routers, networks, sub-networks, switches, firewall, directory lookup, dns, dhcp and internet access. Virtual or physical machines are associated to data center components and a software defined network, storage, and compute infrastructure is provided..
Catalogic Software, Inc.

Accelerated non-volatile memory recirculation processing

A method, according to one embodiment, includes: receiving a recirculation command, performing a coarse page lookup to determine valid ones of logical pages to be recirculated, issuing write commands for the valid logical pages, requesting performance of a fine page lookup on source physical addresses containing the valid logical pages to verify the valid logical pages, receiving verified valid logical pages resulting from the fine page lookup, and sending the write commands corresponding to the verified valid logical pages. Other systems, methods, and computer program products are described in additional embodiments..
International Business Machines Corporation

Secure distribution of non-privileged authentication credentials

An authentication credentials push service (acps) that securely pushes non-privileged authentication credentials to registered client entities. The acps comprises a classification server and a push server to provide access to non-privileged authentication credentials absent a pull transaction.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

Method and remote identity proofing service issuing trusted identities

Illustrative methods, processes, and software are disclosed herein that remotely prove the identity of individuals fully compliant with identity proofing standards and policies. The embodiments may utilize photo identification and government identities using networked capabilities and capabilities within a process for end-to-end fully remote identity proofing followed by the automated provisioning and issuance of a trusted identity and optional credentials.
Michigan Health Information Network - Mihin

Method and system for baseband predistortion linearization in multi-channel wideband communication systems

An efficient baseband predistortion linearization method for reducing the spectral regrowth and compensating memory effects in wideband communication systems using effective multiplexing modulation technique such as wideband code division multiple access and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing is disclosed. The present invention is based on the method of piecewise pre-equalized lookup table based predistortion, which is a cascade of a lookup table predistortion and piecewise pre-equalizers..
Dali Systems Co. Ltd.

Cryptographic cipher with finite subfield lookup tables for use in masked operations

Various features pertain to cryptographic ciphers such as advanced encryption standard (aes) block ciphers. In some examples described herein, a modified masked aes subbytes procedure uses a static lookup table that is its own inverse in gf(22).
Qualcomm Incorporated

Electronic control for a rotary fluid device

A fluid system is provided including a fluid pump having an output and an electric motor coupled to the fluid pump. The electric motor is adapted to operate the fluid pump in response to an electrical signal.
Eaton Corporation

Two-dimensional color transformations for wide gamut workflows in digital cameras

In a digital camera system, traditional input color transformations of raw data using a 3×3 matrix are replaced by two-dimensional lookup (2-d luts) tables that better approximate spectral reflectance characteristics. Chromaticity-like signals and an input scale factor are generated in response to raw sensor output values.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Providing additional information to called parties

A system, method, and computer readable medium for providing additional information to called parties comprises receiving a call from a calling party, performing a lookup of information associated with the calling party in a database, receiving the information from the database, and forwarding the information to a called party. The system comprises at least one device for receiving a call from a calling party, and at least one database for storing information associated with the calling party, wherein the at least one device is operable to perform a lookup of information associated with the calling party in a database, receive the information from the database, and forward the information to a called party..
Accudata Technologies, Inc.

Bng / subscriber management integrated, fib based, per subscriber, opt-in opt-out, multi application service chaining solution via subscriber service chaining nexthop and meta ip lookup

Exemplary methods for performing service chaining include generating a plurality of service chaining (sc) next hops (nhs) by, for each sc nh hop, generating a plurality of sc maps, each sc map identifying a chain of one or more service modules, wherein each service module is to apply a corresponding service on a packet. The methods further include generating a plurality of hosted nhs, each hosted nh including forwarding information that causes the packet to be forwarded to a corresponding service module.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Systems and methods for implementing low-latency lookup circuits using sparse hash functions

A lookup circuit evaluates hash functions that map keys to addresses in lookup tables. The circuit may include multiple hash function sub-circuits, each of which applies a respective hash function to an input key value, producing a hash value.
Oracle International Corporation

Virtual assistant continuity

At a first electronic device with a display and a microphone, receiving audio input via the microphone, wherein the audio input comprises a request; sending data representing the request to a service; receiving a token from the service, wherein the token permits lookup, from the service, of at least one of: the request, and result responsive to the request; and sending the token to a second electronic device external to the first electronic device.. .
Apple Inc.

Tpms sensor autolocation through low frequency programming

In order to mitigate a need for reprogramming tire pressure sensors after tire rotation, tire change, etc., all sensors on a vehicle are preprogrammed with a lookup table that correlates modulation frequency to axle and wheel end positions on the vehicle. Dual antenna initiator coils are mounted to a vehicle such that each wheel end has one directional antenna directed toward it.
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems Llc

System, apparatus, and remote soil moisture measurement and control

A system for remote moisture monitoring and control includes: a measurement vehicle, including a vehicle body, a vehicle control unit, a transmitter antenna, and a receiver antenna; a moisture control server, including a processor, a non-transitory memory, an input/output, and antenna manager, a multi spectrum analyzer, a sensor manager, an irrigation manager, a soil simulator and a data bus; a vehicle storage facility; an irrigation controller; irrigation valves; a mobile control device; ground sensors. Also disclosed is a method including piloting measurement vehicle; obtaining moisture measurements, including controlling outbound transmission, determining reflected power, calculating dielectric constant via reflection calculation, determining soil moisture via lookup in soil calibration table; obtaining sensor measurements; calculating soil model; and adjusting irrigation..

Method and coding/decoding 3d video

The present invention provides a method for coding and decoding a 3d video comprising a depth-map picture. The method for coding a 3d video, according to one embodiment of the present invention, comprises the steps of: inducing a first index value with respect to a first sample of a current block by mapping a depth lookup table (dlt) on a predicted depth value of the first sample of the current block which has been induced based on an intra-prediction mode of the current block in a depth map picture; inducing a second index value with respect to the first sample of the current block by mapping the dlt on an original depth value of the first sample of the current block; inducing a residual index value between the first index value and the second index value with respect to the first sample of the current block; and transforming, quantizing, and entropy-coding the residual index value..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method, apparatus, and system for supporting flexible lookup keys in software-defined networks

A method is described in a network element for supporting flexible lookup keys in a software-defined network. The method includes receiving a packet to be forwarded and determining a next hop for the packet, which includes parsing the packet to identify a superkey comprising a plurality of header field values of the packet; identifying a superkey mask value and a superkey offset value for a first lookup table of a set of one or more lookup tables; generating a table key for the first lookup table based upon the superkey mask value, the superkey offset value, and the superkey; and performing a lookup in the first lookup table using the table key.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

System and using an exact match table and longest prefix match table as a combined longest prefix match

A method and apparatus of a device that determines a match for a destination address using an exact match table and a longest prefix match table of a network element is described. In an exemplary embodiment, the network element receives a data packet that includes a destination address.
Arista Networks, Inc.

System and matching patients with clinical trials

The current invention discloses improved systems and processes for increasing clinical trial enrollment. Information for a clinical trial is received, such as the disease or condition under investigation and the pharmaceutical, device, or therapy under investigation and stored as a clinical trial record.
Bionews Services, Llc

Apparatus and collecting responses to a plurality of parallel lookup queries from a flow of packets at a network switch

A network lookup engine in a network switch is proposed, which is configured to generate multiple lookup requests/queries for each incoming packet in parallel to a remote search engine. The number and type of the lookup queries depend on the protocols supported by the network switch.
Cavium, Inc.

Finding objects in a key-based data structure by their approximate location

Object identification is described. A processor identifies a first cell of a rectangular grid overlapped over a map of a certain geographic area.
Red Hat, Inc.

In-context exact (ice) matching

Methods, systems and program product are disclosed for determining matching level of a text lookup segment with a plurality of source texts in a translation memory in terms of context. The invention determines exact matches for the lookup segment in the plurality of source texts, and determines, in the case that at least one exact match is determined, that a respective exact match is an in-context exact match for the lookup segment in the case that a context of the lookup segment matches that of the respective exact match.
Sdl Enterprise Technologies, Inc.

Method and determining optimum skip fire firing profile with rough roads and acoustic sources

In one aspect, a skip fire engine controller is described. The skip fire engine controller includes a skip fire module arranged to determine an operational firing fraction and associated cylinder load for delivering a desired engine output.
Tula Technology, Inc.

Process and kit for predicting antibiotic resistance and susceptibility of bacteria

There is disclosed a pcr-based test kit and pcr process for identification of multiple clonal sub-species lineages of infectious bacteria, such as uropathogenic e. Coli causing cystitis, pyelonephritis and urosepsis, for the purposes of predicting antibiotic resistance of the bacteria.
Regents Of The University Of Washington

Substrate connection system and inkjet recording device

After powered on, a check unit rewrites a lookup table in a memory of a programmable logic circuit unit to one of lookup tables in its own memory so as to switch a circuit state that a logic circuit implements. When the check unit outputs an inquiry signal in this state and an identification signal which responds to the inquiry signal is input into the check unit from a check circuit of a sub substrate via the logic circuit and a port, the sub substrate corresponding to the identification signal is specified as a connection destination of connectors.
Riso Kagaku Corporation

System and image compression in x-ray imaging systems

An imaging system includes an analog-to-digital converter configured to convert an analog pixel value into a first digital pixel value. The imaging system also includes an index value source configured to receive the first digital pixel value from the analog-to-digital converter and to generate a digital index value based on a comparison of the first digital pixel value to a digital reference value.
General Electric Company

Envelope tracking (et) closed-loop on-the-fly calibration

Apparatus and methods are provided to calibrate a closed-loop envelop tracking system for a power amplifier of a wireless transmitter using standardized modulation signals. In one novel aspect, a closed-loop adaptive method is used to track changes in pa nonlinearity due to environmental or circuitry changes during operating condition using standardized modulation signals.
Mediatek Inc.

Instant messaging system

An instant messaging system having a messaging server that provides a buffering gateway through which all instant messages must pass in order to reach a user. The buffering gateway has a lookup table with criterion specified by the user.

Client aware dhcp lease managment

Managing dhcp address leases based on client properties. A dhcp server may allocate a short dhcp lease to a client device based on client properties.
Aruba Networks, Inc.

Apparatus and methods for antenna correlation estimation in a multi-antenna system

Disclosed apparatuses obtain real time performance measurements and adaptively select mimo antennas to improve mimo antenna performance under given conditions. A correlation estimator determines an approximation of instantaneous antenna correlation values.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Method and generating parallel lookup requests utilizing a super key

The invention describes a network lookup engine for generating parallel network lookup requests for input packets, where each packet header is parsed and represented by a programmable parser in a format, namely a token, which is understandable by the engine. Each token can require multiple lookups in parallel in order to speed up the packet processing time.
Cavium, Inc.

Hybrid data distribution in a massively parallel processing architecture

System and method for hybrid distribution mode in massively parallel processing (mpp) database preventing storage imbalance issues caused by data skew. Key values of the database are identified as outliers if records of those keys cause database skew.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Prefetching data

A prefetch controller is configured to communicate with a prefetch cache in order to increase system performance. The prefetch controller includes an instruction lookup table (ilt) configured to receive a first tuple including a first instruction id and a first missed data address.
International Business Machines Corporation

Reciprocal unit

A reciprocal unit for computing an estimated reciprocal of a number represented by a bit string. The unit comprises a first lookup table configured to receive one or more of the bits in the bit string and to output an initial estimate of the reciprocal of the number.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

Method and system of detecting touch operation on touch screen, and touch display device

The present invention discloses a detection method and system for detecting whether or not a touch screen is touched, and a touch display device, for precisely detecting whether or not the touch screen is touched. The method comprises: controlling the touch screen to output a frame image, using pre-established correspondences between each gray scale and the correction data for the gray scale to convert gray scale of each sub-pixel region in the image into correction data for the gray scale, and using the obtained correction data to constitute a correction data table, the correction data table comprising correspondences between each sub-pixel region in the image and correction data; outputting a touch scan signal to a touch drive electrode line, and receiving a voltage signal outputted from a touch sensing electrode line, determining the sub-pixel region corresponding to the position coordinates, determining the correction data corresponding to the sub-pixel region through lookup in the correction data table, using the correction data to correct voltage waveform data corresponding to the voltage signal, and judging whether or not the touch screen is touched based on the corrected voltage waveform data..
Hefei Xinsheng Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Systems and methods for estimating flow in positive airway pressure therapy

A system adapted to regulate pressure of a flow of breathable gas generated by a motorized blower fan. The system may include a flow estimation analyzer adapted to receive a speed signal representative of a speed of the fan and estimate a parameter representative of the flow of breathable gas (e.g., a flow rate of the breathable gas).
Somnetics Global Pte. Ltd.

Single queue link aggregation

A method for transmitting a packet on a logical port comprising two or more physical ports comprises receiving a packet of a class of service; storing the packet in a memory; maintaining a lookup table relating a plurality of identifiers to at least one physical port; storing a pointer to the stored packet in the memory in a single pointer list for the class of service along with a selected one of the identifiers; and copying the stored packet to one or more physical ports corresponding to the selected identifier for transmission on at least one of the physical ports. In one implementation, a plurality of the physical ports are grouped into a logical port, and the received packet is processed to determine its logical port and its class of service..
Accedian Networks Inc.

Technologies for concurrency of cuckoo hashing flow lookup

Technologies for supporting concurrency of a flow lookup table at a network device. The flow lookup table includes a plurality of candidate buckets that each includes one or more entries.

Methods, optical transmitter, optical module, and optical communication system for improving the monitoring and/or reporting accuracy of a laser transmitting power

The present application discloses a method and circuitry that improves the monitoring and/or reporting accuracy and of a tosa transmitter output power. In the method, the output power of an optical transmitter is measured at 25° c.
Source Photonics (chengdu) Co., Ltd.

Decoding low-density parity-check maximum-likelihood single-bit messages

For decoding messages, a decoder exchanges single-bit messages for a data channel between a plurality of m parity nodes and a plurality of n symbol nodes. Each parity node has one or more adjacent symbol nodes with a plurality of edges between the parity node and each adjacent symbol node.
Utah State University

Method and coding a user defined constant into a key composition rule using variable length command

A method and apparatus are provided for classifying received network frames (234) by extracting frame header data (e.g., n-tuple) which is combined with a key insert value (e.g., embedded prefix value “op01, op02, . .
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Modular multiplication using look-up tables

Various embodiments relate to a method, system, and non-transitory machine-readable medium encoded with instructions for execution by a processor for performing modular exponentiation, the non-transitory machine-readable medium including: instructions for iteratively calculating a modular exponentiation, bd mod n, including: instructions for squaring a working value, c; and instructions for conditionally multiplying the working value, c, by a base value, b, dependent on a bit of an exponent, d, including: instructions for unconditionally multiplying the working value, c, by a lookup table entry associated with the base value.. .
Nxp B.v.

System and mobile network access point name virtualization

Mobile and in particular internet of things (iot) devices have access point names (apn) for identifying network servers with which they are supposed to communicate. Disclosed are network devices and methods for apn virtualization to manage the mobile devices.
Starhome Mach Gmbh

Bidirectional mapping between applications and network content

A bidirectional mapping is established between network content and application programs, based on declarations at both the network content and at the application. Additionally, bidirectional mapping can provide for deep links, which can associate specific network content with a specific presentation of data in an application program.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Reconfigurable interconnect element with local lookup tables shared by multiple packet processing engines

The invention describes the design of an interconnect element in a programmable network processor/system on-chip having multiple packet processing engines. The on-chip interconnection network for a large number of processing engines on a system can be built from an array of the proposed interconnect elements.
Cavium, Inc

Driving pixel circuit and driving device thereof

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a technical field of display technology, and provide a driving method for a pixel circuit and a driving device thereof. A problem of cost increase can be solved which is caused by an increase in a number of storages when adjustment is made by way of gamma curve and table lookup, by means of the technical solutions according to embodiments of the present disclosure.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Distance measurement system applicable to different reflecting surfaces and operating method thereof

There is provided an operating method of a distance measurement system including the steps of successively capturing image frames with an image sensor; controlling a sampling parameter to converge an average brightness value of an object image in the image frames to be within a predetermined range; calculating a plurality of first object sizes of a converged object image in a converged image frame and calculating a first average value of the first object sizes; calculating a second average value of the first average values corresponding to a plurality of converged image frames; and comparing the second average value with a lookup table to determine an object depth.. .
Pixart Imaging Inc.

Mobile malware detection and user notification

Methods and systems for detecting and responding to malware events associated with mobile/portable computing devices by means of a malware detection gateway device associated with a mobile service provider network are provided. According to one embodiment, a malware detection gateway device associated with a mobile service provider network detects a malware event based on a data stream transmitted to or from a portable computing device communicating with a packet data network via the mobile service provider network.
Fortinet, Inc.

Methods and systems to regenerate h-sync by a touch controller

Methods and systems to regenerate h-sync by a touch controller are described. In an embodiment, a method may include setting, using a processing device, a noise peak threshold for identifying a horizontal synchronization (h-sync) signal generated by a display device.
Dell Products, L.p.

Binarized frequency transform

A computing device analyzes data taken over a period of time using a data transform. Frequency components are extracted by converting the data to a binary signal and computing an approximate inner product between the converted data and one or more basis functions.
Intel Corporation

Filter file system with inode number as primary database key

Example apparatus and methods identify files that are so small or so large that they compromise the efficient operation of a file system that uses re-assignable one-to-one inodes and inode numbers. Small files are aggregated into collections of files and large files are subdivided into collections of smaller files.
Quantum Corporation

Fine grained address remapping for virtualization

Address remapping technologies are described. A method can include receiving, at a paging device of a system memory, a first physical address of an input/output (io) device from a sub-page translator, where a sub-page location indicator may be associated with the first physical address.
Intel Corporation

Matrix ordering for cache efficiency in performing large sparse matrix operations

Mechanisms are provided for performing a matrix operation. A processor of a data processing system is configured to perform cluster-based matrix reordering of an input matrix.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and registering and storing virtual machine unique information capabilities

A hypervisor preferably provides vm (virtual machine) identification, priority and lun/lba range information to the hba (hoist bus adapter) when a vm is created. Alternatively, the hba can determine that a lun/lba range is new and request vm identity, priority and lun/lba range from the hypervisor.
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

Method and determining the identity of a virtual machine

A hypervisor preferably provides vm (virtual machine) identification, priority and lun/lba range information to the hba (hoist bus adapter) when a vm is created. Alternatively, the hba can determine that a lun/lba range is new and request vm identity, priority and lun/lba range from the hypervisor.
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

Method and providing virtual machine information to a network interface

A hypervisor preferably provides vm (virtual machine) identification, priority and lun/lba range information to the hba (hoist bus adapter) when a vm is created. Alternatively, the hba can determine that a lun/lba range is new and request vm identity, priority and lun/lba range from the hypervisor.
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

Converging algorithm for real-time battery prediction

A method predicts the battery state in “real-time”, which is based on a nodal algorithmic model. Under this method, the battery is modeled as a network mesh of both linear and non-linear electrical branch elements.
Sendyne Corporation

Device for logic operation

An arithmetic logic operation device including a memory device configured to store a lookup table and receive an input of a bit string n bits long, n being an integer of at least 2, the input bit string representing an address in the lookup table at which is stored multiple-bit data of which a part includes a bit representative of the result of a logical operation performed between the bits included in the input bit string. The memory device is accessed to output the bits included in the data stored at the address represented by the received bit string.
Buffalo Memory Co., Ltd.

Image processing apparatus, image processing method, information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and non-transitory computer-readable medium

An image processing apparatus decides a grid point coordinate on a lookup table corresponding to a predetermined color; calculates, based on association between a signal of the predetermined color in the uniform color space designated by a first color space information and the decided grid point coordinate, a first matrix for converting each signal in the uniform color space into a grid point coordinate; calculates, based on association between the signal of the predetermined color in the uniform color space designated by a second color space information and the decided grid point coordinate, a second matrix for converting each grid point coordinate into a signal in the uniform color space; and generates a lookup table for converting each grid point coordinate into a signal in the second color space by using the second matrix and the second color space information.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Vehicle, controlling the same and gesture recognition apparatus therein

Provided is a vehicle including a storage unit that stores a vein pattern lookup table including a plurality of reference vein pattern images according to a rotation angle of a driver's hand. The vehicle also includes an image acquisition unit that acquires a driver's image including an image of the driver's hand.
Hyundai Motor Company

Data lookup and operator for excluding unwanted speech search results

A method, system, and phonetic search engine are described that enable phonetic searches to have increased relevancy to the searcher. Specifically, phonetic searches on a database containing phonetically-searchable content can have one or more phonetically-confusable terms excluded from search results, thereby leaving search results that more faithfully reflect the search terms used during the phonetic search of the database..
Avaya Inc.

Memory descriptor list caching and pipeline processing

Memory descriptor list caching and pipeline processing techniques are described. In one or more examples, a method is configured to increase efficiency of buffer usage within a pipeline of a computing device.
Microsoft Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Using biomarker information for heart failure risk computation

Provided is a method, system and/or apparatus for determining prospective heart failure event risk. Acquired from a device memory are a heart failure patient's current and preceding risk assessment periods.
Medtronic, Inc.

Broadcast response system

A broadcast response system provides, e.g., a radio broadcast listener with the ability to obtain media content such as music or speech while listening to the radio. The user can respond to items in the radio broadcast such as advertisements, fund raising drives, or interactive listener polls during the broadcast.
Stratosaudio, Inc.

Vertical threat analytics for ddos attacks

Embodiments are provided to allow institutions and individuals the ability to subscribe to notifications regarding ddos attacks on certain types of institutions, e.g., institutions that fall into certain market verticals or categories. Subscriber data can be integrated with an attack monitoring platform (amp), which can push out certain information to a system, which tabulates and analyzes the information regarding attacks.
Level 3 Communications, Llc

Resource allocation using ccn manifests

A network forwarder can use a manifest to allocate resources in a content centric network (ccn). Specifically, the forwarder can include a manifest table which stores a manifest state for a set of pending manifests.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

Method, apparatus, and system for recognizing fingerprint

A fingerprint recognition method includes determining a code corresponding to a query image based on features of blocks in the query image, obtaining information corresponding to the determined code from a lookup table, and verifying the query image based on the obtained information.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method for classifying a data segment with regard to its further processing

In a method for classifying a data segment with regard to its further processing in a data transport unit, which data segment includes a header information of a data packet of an encapsulated network protocol, a parameter for the further processing of the data segment is ascertained as a function of a table entry in a lookup table that corresponds to an ascertained key for the lookup table.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Mechanism for performing lockless rolling upgrade of nosql database

A method for performing lockless lookups during a rolling upgrade of a column family from an old column family version to a new column family version in a nosql database.. .
Nutanix, Inc.

Cache line compaction of compressed data segments

Methods, devices, and non-transitory process-readable storage media for compacting data within cache lines of a cache. An aspect method may include identifying, by a processor of the computing device, a base address (e.g., a physical or virtual cache address) for a first data segment, identifying a data size (e.g., based on a compression ratio) for the first data segment, obtaining a base offset based on the identified data size and the base address of the first data segment, and calculating an offset address by offsetting the base address with the obtained base offset, wherein the calculated offset address is associated with a second data segment.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Apparatus and measuring temperature of led

Provided is an apparatus for measuring a temperature of an led, the apparatus including: a chamber in which an led module is disposed therein, and set to have a plurality of temperatures; a temperature measurement unit measuring a temperature of the led module and a temperature of the chamber at each of the temperatures; a controller outputting a plurality of current control signals when the temperature of the led module and the temperature of the chamber are equal to each other; a current supply unit applying a plurality of current pulses having a plurality of current values to the led module responding to the current control signals; and a voltage detection unit detecting a voltage of the led module whenever the led module is driven by each of the current pulses, wherein the controller tabulates the temperatures of the led module, the current values, and a plurality of pieces of information on the detected voltages by using a lookup table to store the tabulated results.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Method and system to process navigation information

A system to process navigation information includes at least one hardware processor and an information storage and retrieval platform executed by the at least one hardware processor. The information storage and retrieval platform is configured to receive a data request from a client, the data request including a client identifier that identifies the client, generate a network event in response to the data request received from the client, and generate, by the at least one hardware processor, a hash value from the client identifier.
Ebay Inc.

Method and system for processing a geographical internet protocol (ip) lookup request

Various aspects of a method and a system to process a geographical internet protocol (ip) lookup request of an ip address are disclosed herein. The method is implemented in a first server.
Sony Network Entertainment International Llc

Protocol independent programmable switch (pips) software defined data center networks

A software-defined network (sdn) system, device and method comprise one or more input ports, a programmable parser, a plurality of programmable lookup and decision engines (ldes), programmable lookup memories, programmable counters, a programmable rewrite block and one or more output ports. The programmability of the parser, ldes, lookup memories, counters and rewrite block enable a user to customize each microchip within the system to particular packet environments, data analysis needs, packet processing functions, and other functions as desired.
Cavium, Inc.

Logical-to-physical address translation for a removable data storage device

A method for making memory more reliable involves accessing data stored in a removable storage device by translating a logical memory address provided by a host digital device to a physical memory address in the device. A logical memory address is received from the host digital device.
Kingston Digital, Inc.

Updatable address lookup application program interface

Embodiments relate to a new application program interface (api) and supporting tools to introduce efficiency associated with a transaction. An in-memory translation table maintains accurate address locations of key-value pair locations.
International Business Machines Corporation

Base station, mobile station, wireless communications system, and wireless communications method

At a base station, a lookup table is prepared that for each index value among multiple different index values, associates repetition counts of different channels correlated with each other. The base station acquires reception information indicating a reception state of a wireless signal at a mobile station, determines a repetition count for each channel based on the reception information, and acquires from the lookup table, an index value corresponding to the respective repetition counts for the channels.

Peripheral device detection with short-range communication

In general, embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to techniques for configuring a mobile device according to detection of one or more peripheral devices in an environment using short-range wireless communication. In one example, a method includes, receiving, by a computing device that communicates with a peripheral device using short-range wireless communication, a unique identifier of the peripheral device.

Transparent client authentication

A system and method for authenticating an application (client) to a server or service. During a registration phase, an application that requests access to a service can receive a service identifier, which it can authenticate.

System and distribution of policy enforcement point

The disclosure herein describes an edge device of a network for distributed policy enforcement. During operation, the edge device receives an initial packet for an outgoing traffic flow, and identifies a policy being triggered by the initial packet.

Pattern matching values of a packet which may result in false-positive matches

In one embodiment, a packet switching device determines that a packet matches one of a plurality of predetermined patterns, however, this matching may produce a false-positive match of one of the underlying rules corresponding to the plurality of predetermined patterns. In one embodiment, determining the packet matches one of the plurality of predetermined patterns includes determining a first pattern match of a packet when each particular portion of a plurality of different portions of the packet is found to be matching a corresponding particular pattern portion by performing a table lookup operation based on the particular portion as an address in a corresponding different current portion-iteration table to retrieve a corresponding partial result.

Generating , receiving for dual-frequency constant envelope signal with four spreading signals

The application relates to a generating method and device, receiving method and device for a dual-frequency constant envelope multiplexed signal with four spreading signals. According to the method, the four baseband spreading signals s1(t), s2(t), s3(t), s4(t) can be modulated to a frequency f1 and a frequency f2 respectively, so as to generate the constant envelope multiplexed signal on a radio carrier frequency fp=(f1+f2)/2, where the signals s1(t) and s2(t) are modulated on the frequency f1 with carrier phases orthogonal to each other, the signals s3(t) and s4(t) are modulated on the frequency f2 with carrier phases orthogonal to each other, f1>f2.

Communication methods and systems for nonlinear multi-user environments

An electronic receiver comprises a nonlinear distortion modeling circuit and a nonlinear distortion compensation circuit. The nonlinear distortion modeling circuit is operable to determine a plurality of sets of nonlinear distortion model parameter values, where each of the sets of nonlinear distortion model parameter values representing nonlinear distortion experienced by signals received by the electronic receiver from a respective one a plurality of communication partners.

Display device including a dynamic capacitance compensation lookup table

A display device includes an external image processing set and a display assembly configured to receive converted image data from the external image processing set and display an image corresponding to the converted image data. The display assembly includes a dynamic capacitance compensation lookup table storage unit which stores therein a dynamic capacitance compensation lookup table, and the external image processing set includes a memory which receives the dynamic capacitance compensation lookup table from the display assembly and stores therein the received dynamic capacitance compensation lookup table, and a graphic processing unit which outputs converted image data in which current frame data has undergone dynamic capacitance compensation based on the stored dynamic capacitance compensation lookup table, the current frame data and previous frame data..

Organic light-emitting display device and driving method thereof

A gray voltage generator includes a reference voltage generator and a gray voltage setter. The reference voltage generator generates a reference voltage lookup table (lut) for each of a plurality of gray levels and luminances for a first luminance based on a first gamma code.

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