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Longitudinal Direction patents

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Methods of depositing thin films using molybdenum sputtering targets

Methods of depositing thin films using molybdenum sputtering targets

Airbag device

Autoliv Development Ab

Airbag device

Airbag device


Plasma processing device and plasma processing method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Longitudinal Direction-related patents
 Absorbent article having enhanced leakage protection patent thumbnailnew patent Absorbent article having enhanced leakage protection
An absorbent article (20;620;720;820;920;1020) capable of inhibiting leakage of a fluid insult generally extends in a plane defined by a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction. The absorbent article (20;620;720;820;920;1020) contains fluid-shrinkable members (60.
 Method for producing a membrane ring or test strip ring and ring magazine patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing a membrane ring or test strip ring and ring magazine
A method for producing a membrane ring or test strip ring for a diagnostic test device includes an elongate strip that is divided into segments by cuts running transversely to the longitudinal direction of the strip, where the cuts are made only as far as a residual width of the strip so that a material bridge remains intact between the segments adjacent to the cuts (24). The strip is closed by bringing its ends together to form a ring where the cut edges of the cuts running towards the material bridges each enclose an acute angle (α).
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.
 Cable-type secondary battery patent thumbnailnew patent Cable-type secondary battery
A cable-type secondary battery, includes an electrode assembly including first and second polarity electrodes with a thin and long shape, each electrode having a current collector whose cross-section perpendicular to its longitudinal direction is a circular, asymmetrical oval or polygonal shape, and an electrode active material applied onto the surface of the current collector, and a separator or an electrolyte layer interposed between the first and second polarity electrodes; and a cover member surrounding the electrode assembly. Also, the cable-type secondary battery is provided with a first polarity terminal and a second polarity terminal connected to the first polarity electrode and the second polarity electrode, respectively, at the end of the cable-type secondary battery; and a housing cap configured to fix the first and second polarity terminals and cover the end of the cable-type secondary battery..
Lg Chem, Ltd.
 Continuous annealing furnace for steel strip, continuous annealing method, continuous galvanizing  manufacturing galvanized steel strip (as amended) patent thumbnailnew patent Continuous annealing furnace for steel strip, continuous annealing method, continuous galvanizing manufacturing galvanized steel strip (as amended)
Provided is a vertical annealing furnace, in which a heating zone and a soaking zone are communicated with each other in the upper part of the furnace, in which a part of the furnace other than the communicated parts is separated by a dividing wall, in which part of the furnace gas is suctioned into a refiner having a deoxidation device and a dehumidification device which is placed outside the furnace to decrease the dew point of the gas by removing oxygen and moisture from the gas and such that the resultant gas having a decreased dew point is returned into the furnace, in which a gas suction port into the refiner is located in the lower part of the connection part between the soaking zone and the cooling zone and in which one or more gas suction ports are located in the parts of the heating zone and/or the soaking zone outside of an area within 6 m in the vertical direction and 3 m in the longitudinal direction of the furnace from the steel strip entrance in the lower part of the heating zone.. .
Jfe Steel Corporation
 Socket attachment structure and spring member patent thumbnailnew patent Socket attachment structure and spring member
A socket attachment structure for attaching a socket to a substrate, the socket including a plurality of contact probes that respectively contact the substrate and a contacted body at both longitudinal direction ends thereof, a probe holder that accommodates and holds therein the plurality of contact probes according to a predetermined pattern, and a holder member provided around the probe holder, includes: a plurality of support members that extend out from a principal plane of the substrate and are respectively inserted through insertion holes provided in the holder member; and a spring member that is attached to the plurality of support members in a state of biasing the holder member placed on the substrate towards the substrate.. .
Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.
 Shear connector for corrugated sheet steel and concrete patent thumbnailnew patent Shear connector for corrugated sheet steel and concrete
A shear connector for corrugated sheet steel and concrete, comprises a flange plate welded at an upper end portion of the corrugated sheet steel, with more than one u-shaped steel channel welded in the longitudinal direction at an upper edge of the flange plate, the channel walls of each u-shaped steel channel being provided with two longitudinal sides, the left and right sides of the front and rear channel walls being respectively provided with corresponding holes or grooves, the left and right sides of the front and rear channel walls being respectively provided with corresponding holes or grooves, which penetrates and connects each of the steel channels; in the holes or grooves on the left and right sides of each u-shaped steel channel respectively, a vertically bent steel bar is provided, a bottom steel bar of each of the vertically bent steel bars penetrating the holes or grooves on the left or the right side in a longitudinal direction, both ends of the bottom steel bar being respectively bent upwards and extending to form a vertical steel bar.. .
Jiangsu Transportation Research Institute Co., Ltd
 Fixing apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Fixing apparatus
A fixing apparatus configured to heat a recording material having a toner image formed thereon and fix the toner image fixing on the recording material comprising: a film; a heater configured to contact the film, the heater including a substrate and a heat generation resistor formed on the substrate; a thermal conduction member configured to contact a surface of the heater opposite to a surface of the heater that contacts the film, the thermal conduction member having a thermal conductivity higher than that of the substrate; and a pressurizing roller configured to form a pressing portion with the heater via the film, wherein the thermal conduction member contacts the heater so as not to overlap with an end region of the heat generation resistor in a longitudinal direction of the heat generation member.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes: a supporting member supporting multiple cartridges and movable between an inside position inside an apparatus main body and an outside position, in which the cartridges are supported arrayed in a direction of extracting the supporting member from the inside position to the outside position, with the multiple cartridges being detachably attachable at the outside position; a first cartridge; a second cartridge adjacent to the first cartridge; and a third cartridge adjacent to the second cartridge. The first cartridge has a greater protrusion amount from the supporting member compared to the second cartridge and the third cartridge, in a direction orthogonal to the extracting direction and to a longitudinal direction of the cartridges.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
 Developing device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Developing device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
A developing device includes a developer bearing member, a developer regulating member, and a space ensuring member. The space ensuring member includes a maintaining unit configured to maintain the space between the image bearing member and the developer bearing member, a rotation regulating portion configured to prevent the space ensuring member from moving, and a cover portion disposed to be not in contact with a surface of the developer bearing member and configured to cover a part of the developer bearing member.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
 Lens device and imaging apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Lens device and imaging apparatus
A lens device according to an embodiment of the invention, includes a lens barrel, a control unit that is provided on the lens barrel so as to protrude, a cable of which one end is mounted on the control unit and the other end is connected to the imaging apparatus main body, a plurality of length regulating members that are provided, in a longitudinal direction of the cable, and a housing portion in which the cable is housed and which is provided with an opening through which the cable is led out. Any one of the plurality of length regulating members is fitted to the opening, so that a lead-out length of the cable is changed..
new patent

Integrated wheel speed measuring device

An integrated wheel speed measuring device according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: a hub which is installed inside a wheel bearing; a magnetic encoder which is installed by being inserted into a recessed portion that is provided in one surface of the hub; and a wheel cap which surrounds the one surface of the hub and the recessed portion, in which the magnetic encoder has a cylindrical shape, and is installed in the recessed portion in a longitudinal direction thereof. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.
new patent

Deflector with frame rail follower and guide on deflector end

A deflector assembly for a vehicle having a bumper and a frame rail that are connected by a crush-can. The deflector assembly absorbs impact forces in a small overlap rigid barrier test by directing the impact from the barrier in a lateral direction toward the frame rail.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc
new patent

Airbag device

An airbag apparatus that prevents a reverse flow of a gas between chambers to allow internal pressures of the chambers to be maintained. The airbag apparatus includes: a cushion portion with a divided internal space including a first chamber and a second chamber; a deflector surrounds a periphery of an inflator with a first gap therebetween to cover a gas ejection port of the inflator.
Autoliv Development Ab
new patent

Airbag arrangement for a closeable or openable roof opening of a motor vehicle

An airbag arrangement for closeable or openable roof opening 2 of a motor vehicle has a gas cushion arrangement which is to be anchored to the vehicle roof 1 and which is suitable in the inflated state for covering the surface of the roof opening 2, wherein the gas cushion arrangement has two inflatable gas cushions 3, 4 which are suitable in the non-inflated state for being arranged along lateral inside edges 5, 6 of the roof opening 2, that extend in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle.. .
Key Safety Systems, Inc.
new patent

Airbag for a vehicle occupant restraint system

An airbag (20) for a vehicle occupant restraint system comprises a first fabric layer (10) and an opposed second fabric layer (12) each being formed of a composite fabric of wefts and warps and delimiting a chamber (14) adapted to be filled with gas. Plural weaving threads (16) are provided which exit the composite fabric of a fabric layer (10, 12) in the direction of the other fabric layer (12, 10) and are freely floating in the chamber (14) before they enter into the composite fabric of the other fabric layer (12, 10).
Trw Automotive Gmbh
new patent

Cap having expanded pad and towing pipe mounted said cap

There are provided a cap having an expanded pad and an apparatus having a towing pipe provided with the cap. The cap includes a body having opened ends and an expanded pad attached to an inner circumferential surface of the body.
Hyundai Motor Company
new patent

Plasma processing device and plasma processing method

To provide a plasma processing device and a plasma processing method capable of performing high-speed processing. In an inductively-coupled plasma torch unit, a coil, a lid and a first ceramic block are bonded together, and a long chamber has an annular shape.
Panasonic Corporation
new patent

Methods of depositing thin films using molybdenum sputtering targets

In various embodiments, tubular sputtering targets comprising molybdenum are provided and sputtered to produce thin films comprising molybdenum. The sputtering targets may be formed by forming a tubular billet having an inner diameter idi and an outer diameter odi, the formation comprising pressing molybdenum powder in a mold and sintering the pressed molybdenum powder, working the tubular billet to form a worked billet having an outer diameter odf smaller than odi, and heat treating the worked billet.
new patent

Arrangement for the fastening of lift shaft equipment to a wall in a mine shaft

The present invention concerns an arrangement for the fastening of lift shaft equipment to a wall in a mine shaft for a personnel lift, the equipment comprising at least one rail that extends in the longitudinal direction of the shaft, on which rail a lift car can run, and fixtures for the mounting of the rail at a predetermined distance from the wall of the shaft. The fixture comprises an extended beam with means that can be adapted to the angular deviation of the wall of the shaft relative to the longitudinal direction of the beam..
Bergteamet Ab
new patent

Wire harness exterior member and wire harness

A wire harness exterior member has a plurality of specified sections set along a tubular body longitudinal direction of a body portion, and the body portion has, for each specified section, a resin characterized portion molded using a resin material having characteristics adapted to the corresponding specified section.. .
Yazaki Corporation
new patent

Flexible pipeline

A flexible pipeline for transporting a pressurized flowable medium, includes two pipes of metal which are undulated transversely of their longitudinal direction, an inner pipe and an outer pipe which are arranged concentrically relative to each other with the inclusion of an annular gap. A vacuum insulation is arranged in the annular gap between the two pipes.
new patent

Rail vehicle with roll stabilizer

A rail vehicle includes at least one running gear and at least one anti-roll stabilizer which is connected to two different vehicle parts of the rail vehicle. The anti-roll stabilizer includes a torsion shaft disposed on a vehicle part transversally to the longitudinal direction of the vehicle, levers anti-rotationally disposed on the torsion shaft at both sides of the longitudinal axis of the vehicle and a respective draw/push rod for each lever.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
new patent

Steering column for motor vehicle

Steering column for a motor vehicle having a column tube for rotatably mounting a steering spindle and having a carrier body which engages around the column tube, at least in certain areas, wherein the column tube is mounted in the carrier body so as to be slidable at least in a longitudinal direction of the steering spindle, wherein the steering column has at least one leaf spring which presses against a cylindrical-column-shaped section of the column tube, in a transverse direction orthogonally with respect to the longitudinal direction of the steering spindle, wherein the leaf spring has at least two support faces which are spaced apart from one another in the circumferential direction (10) of the column tube, with which supports faces said leaf spring presses against the column tube directly or with the interposition of at least one bearing body, wherein both during the direct pressing and during pressing with the interposition of the bearing body, the leaf spring presses against the column tube exclusively with its side facing the column tube.. .
Thyssenkrupp Presta Aktiengesellschaft
new patent

Force torque sensor, force torque sensor frame, and force torque measurement method

The present invention relates to a force torque sensor, a force torque sensor frame, and a force torque measurement method. The force torque sensor includes a central hub, a plurality of beams each having one side connected to the hub, and a rim connected to the other side of each beam to surround the hub and the plurality of beams.
Korea Electronics Technology Institute
new patent

Apparatus and bending and winding conductors to make superconductive coils

The apparatus comprises a first working unit for unwinding a coil of conductor and providing straightened conductor, and a second working unit comprising a bending device arranged to bend the straightened conductor leaving the first working unit and a rotary table on which the bent conductor leaving the bending device is laid, whereby a set of turns is formed to make the superconductive coil. The rotary table is rotatably mounted about a stationary vertical axis.
Cte Sistemi S.r.l.
new patent

Household brush or body care brush comprising injected bristles, and injection mold for manufacture thereof

The household or body care brush has a handle and a bristle arrangement supported thereby. The bristle support and the bristles formed integrally therewith are produced in an injection moulding process.
Trisa Holding Ag

Stent for electrothermal treatment

A stent comprises at least two or more separated bodies formed by separating in a longitudinal direction a hollow cylindrical body formed by weaving superelastic shape memory alloy wires, the separated bodies connected with each other through an insulator formed of a flexible material, wherein the separated bodies respectively include power connection lines formed by extending the wires from rear sides thereof, and wherein when an electricity generator is connected to the power connection lines of the separated bodies, an electric current flows between the separated bodies to generate electric heat by which the lesion tissue is cauterized.. .

Soft tissue coring biospy devices and methods

An excisional device for either handheld or stereotactic table/mri use may comprise a work element configured to rotate at a first rotation rate and comprising at least one articulable beak configured to cut tissue in a longitudinal direction. Helical elements or equivalent assemblies may be configured to transport tissue cut by a work element and may be co-axially disposed relative to the work element and may be operative to rotate at rotation rates that may be different from the work element rotation rate.

Surgical instrument with stamped double-flag jaws and actuation mechanism

A surgical instrument includes a housing that supports an elongated shaft. A selectively movable drive rod extends through the elongated shaft and carries a cam pin in a longitudinal direction.

Absorbent personal care articles having longitudinally oriented layers in discrete portions

An absorbent article is provided. The article includes at least one additional layer non-integral with the absorbent layer, and positioned upon the absorbent layer.

System and performing auscultation using motor vehicle seats

According to the disclosed embodiments, auscultation is performed using motor vehicle seats. The embodiments include a vehicle seat including a seat support member that includes at least one mounting rod extending in a longitudinal direction, and an auscultation device.

Two-component cord and molded power transmission belts

A belt having a tensile cord embedded in the belt, extending in a longitudinal direction and made up of two components: a tensile component and a sacrificed component. The sacrificed component may be broken into a plurality of discontinuous segments.

Nonwoven fabric for reinforcing foam molded articles and product using same

It is provided that a nonwoven fabric for reinforcing foam molded articles which is excellent in the dimensional stability in a cutting/sewing step, in the followability to a mold in a foam molding step, and gives a foam molded article with excellent appearance and durability. A nonwoven fabric for reinforcing foam molded articles formed by interlacing at least 2 filament nonwoven fabric layers with different apparent density, wherein the nonwoven fabric has base weight of 50-110 g/m2, thickness of 0.5-1.2 mm, 23 to 50 n/5 cm stress at the time of 5% elongation in longitudinal direction, 15 n/5 cm or lower stress at the time of 5% elongation in transverse direction, and air permeability of 50 to 250 cm3/cm2·sec..

Sandwich panel, building such a sandwich panel, a core of such a sandwich panel, and a building built of a plurality of such sandwich panels

The invention relates to a sandwich panel, comprising: —a core, comprising: —a plurality of zigzag-shaped first spacers extending in a first longitudinal direction, each first spacer comprising at each corner thereof a first loop; —a plurality of zigzag-shaped second spacers extending in the first longitudinal direction, each second spacer comprising at each corner thereof a second loop, each second loop having outer dimensions that are smaller than the inner dimensions of each first loop, —wherein the second loops of each second spacer extend through the first loops of an adjacent first spacer; —wherein the openings defined by the second loops of successive second spacers are registered in rows extending in a second longitudinal direction, which second longitudinal direction extends under an angle of at least 20° with respect to the first longitudinal direction; and—wherein the first spacers and the second spacers define a second zigzag-shape in the second longitudinal direction; —two skin layers arranged on opposite sides of the core, wherein each skin layer comprises a plurality of openings through which the second loops extend; —a plurality of rods, each rod extending through the openings of the second loops of each row at the outer surface of each skin layer such that each rod locks the second loops in the first loops with respect to the skin layer. The invention further relates to a method of building such a sandwich panel, a core of such a sandwich panel, and a building built of a plurality of such sandwich panels..

Textile-reinforced concrete component

A concrete component includes a fiber reinforcement structure (12), formed by a grid arrangement (15). At least some of the rods extending in the x or y direction are preferably designed as double rods having a joined cross-section or having sub-cross-sections separated from each other by a gap (20).

Fixing device and image forming apparatus

A fixing device 23 according to the present invention includes: a fixing roller 25 for fixing a toner image onto a sheet of paper; a plurality of separation claws 40 in contact with the fixing roller 25 to separate the sheet of paper, onto which the toner image is fixed, from the fixing roller 25; a holder 28 for supporting the plurality of separation claws 40; and a slide mechanism 30 for sliding the holder 28 along a longitudinal direction of the fixing roller 25.. .

Illumination device and display device

Provided are an illumination device capable of improving the uniformity in brightness of the illumination light, and a display device using the same. An illumination device is provided with: a plurality of light sources arranged in a row in one direction; and a light guide plate which has, along a side edge face, a light receiving face facing the light source, guides light entering through the light receiving face, and outputs illumination light from a light emitting surface disposed on the front surface; the light guide plate having a plurality of prisms and a plurality of prisms provided in an indented manner on the front or rear surface and arranged in a row along the longitudinal direction of the light receiving face; the prisms being formed spanning between the light receiving face and the opposing face opposite the light receiving face; and the prisms being formed, between adjacent prisms, deeper than the prisms within a predetermined range in the vicinity of the light receiving face..

Blackplane board and wiring backplane board

The present invention is a backplane board including a first circuit board, a second circuit board, a first slot in which a first connector is connected with the first circuit board, and a second slot in which a second connector is connected with the second circuit board. The first connector and the second connector are arranged so that pin arrangement of the first connector may be shifted by at least one column in a longitudinal direction against pin arrangement of the second connector..

Imaging device, imaging system, and imaging method

An imaging device includes an imaging unit configured take a plurality of images, the imaging unit including a plurality of imaging parts each configured to acquire an imaging data item relevant to one of the plurality of images taken, and a wiring part configured to transmit a plurality of the imaging data items acquired by the plurality of imaging parts. The wiring part includes an external part forming an outline of the wiring part, and a cable part disposed inside the external part.

Tem resonator system especially for use in an mri system

A tem resonator system is disclosed comprising at least two tem resonators (21,31; 22, 32), especially in the form of tem volume coils, and especially for use in an mr imaging system or apparatus for transmitting rf excitation signals and/or for receiving mr signals into/from an examination object or a part thereof, respectively, wherein the tem resonators are arranged and displaced along a common longitudinal axis and wherein an intermediate rf shield (4) is positioned in longitudinal direction between the two tem resonators for at least substantially preventing electromagnetic radiation from emanating from between the first tem resonator and the second tem resonator into the surroundings. A pet detector and/or another supplementary element can be placed in the volume between the two tem resonators..

Rotary electric machine and manufacturing rotary electric machine stator

A plurality of core blocks that are arranged into an annular shape are inserted into and fixed to a cylindrical frame, and are disposed inside the frame, a bolt passage member that is produced as a solid body and that has a bolt passage aperture that passes through in a longitudinal direction is fixed by welding to an outer circumferential surface of the frame such that the longitudinal direction thereof is oriented in the axial direction of the frame, and a stator is held on the housing by fastening a bolt that is passed through the bolt passage aperture into a fixing portion that is formed on the housing.. .

Superconducting synchronous motor

A superconducting synchronous motor having a simple and stable structure is provided. The superconducting synchronous motor according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: a rotary shaft; a rotation core mounted at the rotary shaft so as to be rotated by connecting with the rotary shaft; and hooked magnetic poles extending from one end of the rotation core in a longitudinal direction.

Longitudinal adjuster for a vehicle seat and vehicle seat

A longitudinal adjuster for a vehicle seat (1) includes a lower rail (5) and an upper rail (3) guided displaceably in the longitudinal direction therein. An upper clamp (30) is connected to the upper rail (3) and has at least one upper blocking region (39).

Sunroof device

A sunroof device comprising: a drive cable having driving teeth arranged in a longitudinal direction and being driven to move in the vehicle front-rear direction along a guiderail; and a sliding member that controls the posture of a functional bracket together with a movable panel, in conjunction with movement in the vehicle front-rear direction. The sunroof device also comprises: driven teeth formed on the sliding member, that are meshed with the driving teeth and restrict relative movement of the drive cable and the sliding member in the vehicle front-rear direction; and a mounted portion formed on the guiderail.

Driven axle of a dual-track vehicle

A driven axle of a dual-track vehicle is provided in which a wheel-guiding control rod on the body of the vehicle or on a cross member connected to the body of the vehicle is stabilized spatially in an slightly elastic fashion via a control rod bearing on the body. The control rod of the right-hand wheel is additionally connected to the control rod of the left-hand wheel via a coupling rod.

Transistor including a gate electrode extending all around one or more channel regions

A semiconductor structure comprises a substrate and a transistor. The transistor comprises a raised source region and a raised drain region provided above the substrate, one or more elongated semiconductor lines, a gate electrode and a gate insulation layer.

Wafer-level chip scale package

A wafer-level chip scale package is disclosed, including a chip including a substrate and a gan transistor disposed on the substrate. The gan transistor includes a first electrode, a dielectric layer disposed on the chip, and a redistribution trace disposed on the first dielectric layer and electrically connected with the first electrode, wherein the redistribution trace has a linear side and a curved side on opposite sides along its longitudinal direction..

Arm support apparatus

In an arm support apparatus, a grippable member is connected to a longitudinal mount and is located such that a part of the grippable member is grippable by a hand of an arm when a part of the arm is mounted on the longitudinal mount. The hand is located to be closer to the first end of the longitudinal mount than to the second end of the longitudinal mount.

Winding core and roll

Provided is a winding core which has a cylindrical shape and on which an adhesive tape, formed by an adhesive layer formed on an elongated base film in the longitudinal direction of the base film, is wound as multiple layers, wherein the outer diameter of the winding core is a dimension in which a deviation amount of the adhesive layer in the circumferential direction of the winding core between adjacent inner and outer tape portions of the adhesive tape in the radial direction of the winding core becomes 55 mm or less when the adhesive tape is wound on the winding core.. .


A railway comprising rails that are at least in part at regular places along their longitudinal direction supported by and mounted on baseplates, wherein each baseplate is fixed to a sleeper resting on ballast, and wherein each rail is clamped to the baseplate with a clamping plate that is fitted to the baseplate with a clamping bolt, and which clamping plate has opposite extremities of which a first extremity rests on a cam provided on the baseplate and a second extremity rests on and presses the rail to the baseplate, wherein the first extremity and the cam have first contact surfaces and the second extremity and the rails have second contact surfaces, wherein the first contact surfaces and the second contact surfaces each have imaginary perpendicular lines that cross each other at an imaginary center line of the clamping bolt.. .

Guide plate for the attachment of rails for rail vehicles

A guide plate for the attachment of rails for rail vehicles includes at least one recess moulded into the guide plate from an underside on which the guide plate stands in an assembly position, a support surface formed on an upper side of the guide plate for a spring element and a contact surface provided on one face of the guide plate which extends in a longitudinal direction of the guide plate. At least one reinforcing rib is provided on the upper side of the guide plate which rises above the support surface and extends crosswise to the contact surface and the recess moulded into the guide plate from the underside reaches into the area of the guide plate in which the reinforcing rib is provided..

Storage rack

A storage rack assembly comprising a configurable hanging frame and one or more replaceable support elements is described. The support elements may be detachably affixed to the hanging frame.

Electric vehicle

The electric vehicle of the present invention comprises: a battery; an electrical component unit provided toward the back of the vehicle relative to the battery; an electric power supply harness connected to the electrical component unit and routed toward the battery; and a motor to be driven by electric power supplied from the battery. The electrical component unit is installed on an upper part of a floor panel 2.

High-voltage wire wiring structure in vehicle

A high-voltage wiring structure in a vehicle includes an extending member extending in an extending direction which is a longitudinal direction or a width direction of the vehicle, a plurality of bulkheads respectively provided at a plurality of portions of the extending member in the extending direction, a high-voltage wire extended from a battery for driving the vehicle, and a pipe, in which the high-voltage wire is inserted, and which is surrounded by the extending member. A plurality of portions of the pipe in a longitudinal direction of the pipe are respectively fixed to the bulkheads by welding..

Coupling device and fuel injector assembly

A coupling device for mechanically and hydraulically coupling a fuel injector to a fuel rail of a combustion engine is disclosed. The coupling device includes a fuel injector cup having a central longitudinal axis and extending from an inlet side for hydraulically coupling to the fuel rail and an outlet side for engaging a fuel inlet portion of the fuel injector, and a collar element coupled to the fuel injector cup.

Holding structure of oil control valve

A holding structure of an oil control valve includes an oil control valve, a cam holder, and a head cover. A valve portion is provided on a second end side of the oil control valve opposite to a first end side in a longitudinal direction.

Suspension for washing machine and washing machine with the same

A suspension for a washing machine and a washing machine with the suspension is disclosed. The suspension includes a support shaft; a first elastic member that surrounds a portion of the support shaft and provides a first elastic force to the support shaft in a longitudinal direction of the support shaft; a second elastic member between the support shaft and the first elastic member, and configured to provide a second elastic force different from the first elastic force to a support shaft in the same direction as the first elastic member; a guide stopper at one end of the support shaft, configured to restrict movement of the first elastic member and the second elastic member in one direction; and a housing on the support shaft that surrounds the first and second elastic members, configured to restrict movement of the first and second elastic members in another direction..

Brush drying and storage apparatus

An apparatus is provided for drying and storing brushes, each having a handle and a bundle of bristles extending therefrom. The apparatus comprises a base or sleeve retention member supporting a plurality of elastic sleeves configured to surround one of the bundles of bristles in a conforming and radially compressive relationship, and a brush retention member supporting a plurality of brush retainers configured to retain the respective brush handles.

Device and stripping a cable

A device for simultaneously stripping at least two cable ends surrounded by insulation material includes a cutting device having first and second cutters that are movable relative to each other in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the cable ends. The cutting edges of the first and second cutters are disposed substantially in the same plane and are movable towards each other such that the cutting edges simultaneously cut into the insulation material of the at least two cable ends.

Disposable diaper

A disposable diaper includes a chassis, front and rear waist regions, and a crotch region between the front and rear waist regions and a liquid-absorbent structure extending at least in the crotch region. The chassis includes a pair of first leg elastics, and a pair of second leg elastics.
Unicharm Corporation

Amphibious vehicle and operating an amphibious vehicle

An amphibious vehicle, in particular military, amphibious vehicle, includes a first end region (2) and a second end region (3) opposite the latter in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle. The first end region (2) is designed as a land driving front and the second end region (3) is designed as a ship's bow for water travel.
Krauss-maffei Wegmann Gmbh & Co. Kg

Connection structure

In a connection structure, electric wire includes an inclined sheath section between an exposed core wire section and a whole circumferential sheath section. In the inclined sheath section, an end surface of the insulating sheath on one end side in a longitudinal direction inclines in a direction intersecting the longitudinal direction and thereby a portion of the core wire is exposed.
Yazaki Corporation

Connector assembly contact having an outwardly projecting primary lance

A contact for a plug connector has: a housing; and a primary lance which projects obliquely outwardly over the housing counter to a plug-in direction and which is inwardly deflectable for restraining the contact plugged into a contact chamber of a plug connector. The primary lance has both a stiffened region and a resiliently deformable region which is curved and extends at least partially in the plug-in direction.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Dental wedge with asymmetric sides

A dental wedge (10) includes symmetrical sides (22, 24). The dental wedge (10) includes a restorative tooth side (24), the restorative tooth side (24) having a generally longitudinally extending planar wall (44) defined in part by an upper edge (34) and a lower edge (42), the planar wall (44) is inclined, wherein the planar wall (44) extends from the lower edge (42) upward and inward.
Rhondium Holdings Limited

Rail system including adjustable detector

A rail system including an adjustable detector. A rail unit is elongated in a longitudinal direction, and includes first and second rails which are spaced apart from each other in a horizontal direction and are fixed to the ground.
Medien International Co.,ltd

Multi-leaf collimators

A multi-leaf collimator for a radiotherapy apparatus comprises at least one array of laterally-spaced elongate leaves, each leaf being driven by an associated motor connected to the leaf via a drive means so as to extend or retract the leaf in its longitudinal direction, the drive means comprising a sub-frame on which at least a subset of the motors are mounted, the sub-frame being mounted at a location spaced from the leaf array in a direction transverse to the lateral and longitudinal directions, and including a plurality of threaded drives disposed longitudinally, each being driven by a motor and being operatively connected to a leaf thereby to drive that leaf.. .
Elekta Ab (publ)

Light-emitting unit and display

Provided is a light-emitting unit that includes: a light-guide section having a light entering surface; and a plurality of light sources opposed to the light entering surface of the light-guide section and arrayed in a first direction, and each having an anisotropy in emission intensity. A pattern shape of light applied from any of the light sources to the light entering surface has a shape anisotropy, and the light sources are each disposed to allow a longitudinal direction of the pattern shape to be inclined relative to the first direction..
Sony Corporation

Luminaire with leds and cylindrical lens

A lamp is provided having at least one module that includes a plurality of leds distributed over a module surface. The plurality of leds are arranged in a row of a plurality of rows in a longitudinal direction of the at least one module.
Heraeus Noblelight Gmbh

Antenna with high isolation

An antenna includes a grounding portion extending in a longitudinal direction, a main body and an isolating portion extending from the grounding portion, a metal foil assembled on the grounding portion and a coaxial cable connecting the main body. The grounding portion includes a first section and a second section connecting with each other.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited


A stator configured with an annular stator core, and a plurality of coils mounted on the stator core and each including a winding portion formed by winding a rectangular conductor in a loop shape, a bus bar portion extended from one end in a radial direction of the stator core in the winding portion, and a terminal portion extended from the other end in the radial direction of the stator core in the winding portion. A bus bar portion is formed so that a longitudinal direction extends perpendicularly to a direction of a central axis of the stator core.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Vehicle instrument panel assembly

A vehicle instrument panel assembly includes a center stack assembly that has a main trim surface and an attachment surface with a peripheral edge surrounding the main trim surface. The peripheral edge includes a lower first side portion and a lower second side portion laterally opposite the lower first side portion.
Nissan North America, Inc.

Door guard for vehicle

A door protector for a vehicle is mounted on the external surface of a door of the vehicle to protect the coated layer on the door or a vehicle body from damages occurring by outside impacts or scratches. The door protector for a vehicle includes: a body having a shape of an elongated band having a length corresponding to the width of a vehicle door in left and right sides; hooks fixedly mounted on both ends of the body in such a manner as to be locked in a hook shape onto both ends of the door; cushions fixedly disposed on the body in the longitudinal direction of the body to conduct impact absorption; and a rubber magnet disposed in the longitudinal direction of the body to allow the body to be attached to the surface of the door by means of a magnetic force generated therefrom..

Oil sump and axle carrier with an oblique flange face

An oil sump and an axle carrier of an internal combustion engine in a vehicle having obliquely inclined flange faces for fastening to one another. The flange faces being obliquely inclined relative to a longitudinal direction of the vehicle or a longitudinal direction of the vehicle..
Man Truck & Bus Ag

Method for manufacturing organic el device and organic el device

Provided is a method for manufacturing an organic el device which suppresses a deterioration in the light emission properties. In this method, while first and second electrode layers are prevented from being in contact with each other, an organic layer is allowed to protrude from the first electrode layer toward at least both outer sides in the longitudinal direction of a substrate.
Nitto Denko Corporation

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