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Longitudinal Direction patents

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Steering spindle arrangement

Fixing device and image forming apparatus including same

Image forming apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Longitudinal Direction-related patents
 Liquid filled light distributor and a method of use patent thumbnailLiquid filled light distributor and a method of use
The present invention relates to liquid filled light distributor comprising an elongated tubular body with a tube wall defining an in inner lumen filled with a liquid, said tubular body having—a proximal end closed by first closing means—a distal end closed by second closing means. Wherein the proximal end is arranged to be in optical communication with a light source and wherein the refractive index of the tube wall is n1 and the refractive index of the fluid is n2 and n1/n2<1 so that light from the light source travels along the longitudinal direction of the tubular body and that a part of the light is emitted through the tube wall along at least a part of the tubular body.
 Steering spindle arrangement patent thumbnailSteering spindle arrangement
A steering arrangement includes a steering spindle having a steering spindle connection connected to a fork crown of a steering coupling via an intermediate piece. The steering spindle connection and the intermediate piece, which is designed as a hub, are formed as plug partners at ends facing each other, by means of at least one tongue and groove guide element pair positioned in the axial longitudinal direction, which provides a torque-transmitting priority control.
 Fixing device and image forming apparatus including same patent thumbnailFixing device and image forming apparatus including same
A fixing device includes a rotary fixing member; a pressure roller pressed against the fixing member to form a nip in association with the fixing member; and an induction heater, as a heat source, to heat the fixing member. The induction heater includes an excitation coil to induction-heat the fixing member; a side core disposed along an outer circumference in a longitudinal direction of the excitation coil; and a plurality of arch-shaped cores disposed to cover the excitation coil in the longitudinal direction thereof.
 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes: a development device which is provided so as to be detachably attachable to an apparatus body to develop an electrostatic image on a surface of an image bearing member with a developer; an airflow generating device which generates an airflow; a duct which induces the airflow generated by the airflow generating device into the apparatus body; and a support member which supports a lower surface of the development device along a longitudinal direction of the development device; wherein a tubular flow path is formed between the support member and a bottom of the development device such that air flows along the longitudinal direction, and the flow path is connected to the duct.. .
 Display apparatus patent thumbnailDisplay apparatus
A display apparatus includes a display panel, a backlight, a pair of inverter circuit boards that are respectively arranged in vicinities of end portions in a longitudinal direction of a hack side of the display panel, and an expansion slot unit having an expansion slot, a case that includes a slit serving as an opening through which a expansion board to be inserted into the expansion slot is inserted and can guide and house the expansion hoard, and an expansion slot board, the expansion slot unit being arranged on the back side of the display panel to be adjacent to a side of one of the pair of the inverter circuit boards and the slit being provided in an open state at a position separated from the side edge of the display panel by more than a length in an insertion direction of the expansion board that is inserted.. .
 Illumination light source and lighting apparatus patent thumbnailIllumination light source and lighting apparatus
An led unit which serves as an illumination light source includes: a mounting board on which a light-emitting element, which emits light frontward, is provided; a support disposed behind the mounting board; and a case disposed so that the mounting board is sandwiched in a longitudinal direction by the case and the support. The case includes a restricting portion which restricts sideward movement of the mounting board..
 Electrostatic protection component patent thumbnailElectrostatic protection component
An electrostatic protection component includes: a body in which a plurality of ceramic substrates is laminated; and a pair of discharge electrodes which are formed within the body and which are spaced to face each other. The discharge electrodes include main body portions extending along a longitudinal direction, and the main body portions include tips in the longitudinal direction and side edges extending along the longitudinal direction.
 Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device patent thumbnailLiquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device
The present invention provides a liquid crystal display panel and a liquid crystal display device having excellent display quality, with reduced string-like defects that occur in display pixels. The liquid crystal display panel of the present invention includes multiple spacers between a pair of substrates, wherein the spacers are arranged such that an inter-spacer distance between adjacent spacers in a longitudinal direction is different from an inter-spacer distance between adjacent spacers in a transverse direction, and an angle formed between a line connecting the spacers with a shorter inter-spacer distance and an alignment direction of liquid crystal molecules at a voltage lower than a threshold voltage in the liquid crystal layer is 20° or smaller..
 Traffic light detection patent thumbnailTraffic light detection
A traffic light detection system is provided that includes, but is not limited to an optical sensor for recording image data of an environment ahead of the vehicle, and an evaluation device for detecting a traffic light mapped in the image data, and an evaluation device for detecting a traffic light mapped in the image data, as well as a method for traffic light detection. The evaluation device is configured to detect a stop line in the image data, which is arranged on a carriageway ahead of the motor vehicle, in a predefined area ahead of a traffic light associated with the carriageway, transversely to the carriage longitudinal direction.
 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus
Provided is an image forming apparatus including a light scanning apparatus that emits a light flux to photosensitive surfaces of a plurality of photosensitive bodies arranged so that longitudinal directions are the same direction and that optically scans the plurality of photosensitive surfaces in the longitudinal direction, wherein a diameter of at least one of the plurality of photosensitive bodies is different from diameters of the other photosensitive bodies in a cross section perpendicular to the longitudinal direction, and in the cross section perpendicular to the longitudinal direction, a sign of θ1 and a sign of θ2 are different, wherein θ1 denotes an incident angle of a light flux incident on a first photosensitive body with a smallest diameter among the plurality of photosensitive bodies, and θ2 denotes an incident angle of a light flux incident on a second photosensitive body with a largest diameter, and a condition . .
Head-mounted display, display apparatus, and input apparatus
A head-mounted display includes a main body and an input operation unit. The main body includes a display unit configured to be capable of presenting an image to a user, and is configured to be mountable on a head of the user.
Wiring structures for three-dimensional semiconductor devices
Wiring structures of three-dimensional semiconductor devices and methods of forming the same are provided. The wiring structures may include an upper wordline and a lower wordline, each of which extends in a longitudinal direction.
Cartridge and multicomponent cartridge
A cartridge is provided having at least one reception chamber (2), which extends in the longitudinal direction, for a medium to be dispensed, having a head part (4), a base part (6) and a cartridge wall (3) which bound the reception chamber (2), with the head part (4) having an outlet (5) for the medium. The cartridge wall (3) is designed as a film (3), the head part (4) and the base part (6) in each case as fixed shape parts and the head part (4) is sealingly and non-releasably connected to the cartridge wall (3).
Adhesive band system for forming a tear-off strip
An adhesive tape system opens cardboard packaging and consists of (i) an adhesive tape a furnished on at least one side with an adhesive coating and having a carrier, the carrier having a film and having filaments extending in the longitudinal direction of the carrier, and (ii) an adhesive tape b furnished on at least one side with an adhesive coating and having a film carrier, wherein the adhesive tapes a and b are disposed one above the other.. .
Sorting screen for sorting material and rotor body for such a sorting screen
A sorting screen for sorting material comprises a row of rotatable, driven shafts mutually spaced in a conveying direction. Each shaft extends transversally to said conveying direction and carries carrying a row of radially extending rotor bodies for intermittently urging material on the sorting screen upward and in conveying direction.
Hanger support
A hanger support includes a unitary structure defining a set of panels comprising a center panel, a first end panel extending from the center panel along a first longitudinal direction, and a second end panel extending from the center panel along a second longitudinal direction, the second longitudinal direction opposing the first longitudinal direction. The hanger support includes a first hinge joint disposed between the first end panel and the center panel, a second hinge joint disposed between the second end panel and the center panel and at least one set of openings defined by the center panel extending through a first planar surface and a second planar surface of the unitary structure, the at least one set of openings configured to receive a hook of a hanger..
Reaction apparatus and a process for the gasification of wet biomass
A reaction apparatus for the gasification of wet biomass comprises a feeding system for feeding wet biomass at a pressure of at least 22.1 mpa (absolute), a reactor comprising a reaction tube and a heating device, and a recovery system. The reaction tube is configured to comprise a bed of solid particles suspended in a fluid, and to receive wet biomass from the feeding system at a temperature below the critical temperature of water.
Exhaust system mounting structure for vehicle
An exhaust port formed on one side portion of an engine body along the vehicle width direction, the exhaust port connected to an exhaust muffler arranged in an extending manner in the vehicle width direction along a rear edge of the vehicle body frame by way of an exhaust pipe passage means that introduces an exhaust gas from the exhaust port. The exhaust pipe passage means is arranged in an extending manner in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle while having a bent portion bent toward the center in the vehicle width direction from one side of the engine body in the vehicle width direction behind the engine body, as viewed in a plan view..
Snowmobile suspension
A tracked vehicle has a chassis including a tunnel. An engine is connected to the chassis.
Torque-free robot arm
The present invention provides a torque-free robot arm, comprising: a base unit; and a first link in which one end is rotatably connected to the base unit to form a first joint as a rotary shaft horizontal to the ground and the center of gravity is separated from the first joint, wherein the first link includes one end arranged at the first joint, the other end arranged along the longitudinal direction of the first link, and a first counter balancer for compensating the gravity of the first link when the first link is rotated around the first joint.. .
An electromotive linear drive
An electromotive linear drive with a housing that is equipped with a drive unit, the output member of which is designed as linearly movable spindle nut that is operatively connected to a connecting part for connecting to another component. The spindle nut is engaged with the connecting part in the normal operating state by a first coupling part and a second coupling part engaged with said first coupling part, and the driving connection can be decoupled by a movement of at least one coupling part in the longitudinal direction of the spindle..
Thermal energy storage for combined cycle power plants
Thermal storage systems that preferably do not create substantially any additional back pressure or create minimal additional back pressure and their applications in combined cycle power plants are disclosed. In one embodiment of the method for efficient response to load variations in a combined cycle power plant, the method includes providing, through a thermal storage tank, a flow path for fluid exiting a gas turbine, placing in the flow path a storage medium comprising high thermal conductivity heat resistance media, preferably particles, the particles being in contact with each other and defining voids between the particles in order to facilitate flow of the fluid in a predetermined direction constituting a longitudinal direction, arrangement of the particles constituting a packed bed, dimensions of the particles and of the packed bed being selected such that a resultant back pressure to the gas turbine is at most a predetermined back pressure..
Anti-stretch treatment of leather for articles of footwear
An anti-stretch treatment of natural leather or suede materials for articles of footwear is provided. The anti-stretch treatment is used to prevent or reduce the degree or amount of variation in stretch property of an upper or vamp of articles of footwear.
Inflatable floatable liferaft for marine rescue
The present invention relates to an inflatable floatable liferaft (1) for marine rescue which in its deflated state is capable of being stored in a container on board a ship, vessel or sea installation, and which is inflatable when deployed into the water, the fully inflatable floatable liferaft (1) extending in a longitudinal direction and comprising a non-rigid bottom element (2) having a water side (2a) and an air side (2b). The inflatable floatable liferaft (1) further comprises a plurality of non-rigid floatation tubes (3) arranged beneath the non-rigid bottom element (2), the non-rigid bottom element (2) extending in the longitudinal direction and being arranged with an intermediate distance (id1) between neighbouring non-rigid floatation tubes (3).
Sealing member, sealing method, and method for producing optical semiconductor device
A sealing member includes an elongated releasing film, and a plurality of sealing resin layers composed of a sealing resin, the plurality of sealing resin layers being laminated on the releasing film so that the plurality of sealing resin layers are arranged in a row along the longitudinal direction of the releasing film with a space provided therebetween.. .
Fuel cell limiting the phenomenon of corrosion
A fuel cell includes three membrane-electrode assemblies. And first and second bipolar metal plates interposed between the membrane-electrode assemblies.
Method of producing an optical element having a mark
The present invention relates to a method of forming an optical element that includes a mark. The method involves, irradiating at least a portion of a surface of the optical element with laser radiation, thereby forming a plurality of substantially parallel elongated grooves in the portion of the surface, which are each aligned substantially parallel with a common longitudinal direction that extends from a center point of the plurality of elongated grooves.
Ethylene cracking furnace
The present disclosure provides an ethylene cracking furnace, comprising at least one radiant section provided with a bottom burner and/or a side burner, and at least one set of radiant coil arranged along a longitudinal direction of the radiant section. The radiant coil is an at least two-pass coil having an n−1 structure, wherein n is preferably a natural number from 2 to 8.
Method for manufacturing an actively heatable pavement
A method for manufacturing an actively heatable paved surface by a heating system is provided, where the paved surface includes block-like paving stones arranged in a plane and each having one or more recesses. One or more heating elements are laid out on a paving bed in a longitudinal direction in such a way that segments of the heating element(s) are oriented substantially parallel to one another with a first spacing.
Developer accommodating unit, developing device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
A developer accommodating unit for accommodating a developer includes: a flexible container provided with a plurality of openings for permitting discharge of developer. The openings are formed and arranged in a longitudinal direction of the developer accommodating unit.
Developer accommodating unit, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
A developer accommodating unit for accommodating a developer includes: a flexible container provided with an opening for permitting discharge of the accommodated developer; a sealing member for sealing the opening and for exposing the opening by being moved in a direction crossing a longitudinal direction of the developer accommodating unit; an unsealing member, mounted to the sealing member, for moving the sealing member; a frame including a fixing portion for fixing the flexible container; and a bonding portion for bonding an end portion of the sealing member and a periphery of the opening. The bonding portion includes a projected portion or recessed portion in a plane of the bonding portion as at least a part thereof, in an upstream side or a downstream side of the opening with respect to an unsealing direction of the opening..
Motor unit
A rotation detector of a motor according to an embodiment includes a first support and a second support, a pair of magnetic field forming units, at least one magnetic field detector, and a first magnetic member and a second magnetic member. The first magnetic member and the second magnetic member are each made of a magnetic material, cover longitudinal-direction both ends of the magnetic field detector facing the first support, respectively, and face each other with a gap interposed therebetween at a longitudinal-direction mid-portion of the magnetic field detector in the longitudinal direction.
Vehicle axle suspension, and vehicle comprising such vehicle axle suspension
The invention relates to a vehicle axle suspension comprising:—a tubular axle body (3) having a longitudinal axis;—resilient suspension arms (5) which extend in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle on both sides of the vehicle, and which cross the axle body substantially perpendicular, each suspension arm having a curved portion (9) with a concave underside forming an axle recess in which the axle body is received, and each suspension arm being hingedly connectable at the front, viewed in the direction of travel of the vehicle, to a bearing bracket arranged on the vehicle chassis;—two intermediate members (13), each intermediate member being positioned in said axle recess between the axle body and the curved portion of one of the respective suspension arms, wherein each intermediate member has a concave underside which matches with the outer contour of the tubular axle body;—a pneumatic spring for each suspension arm which is operational between the respective suspension arm and the vehicle chassis;—a clamping assembly (17, 18, 19) associated with each suspension arm, wherein the axle body, the respective intermediate member and the suspension arm are retained solely by the clamping assembly.. .
Filler assembly for a valve
A filler assembly is mounted in an axial hole of a cap of a valve. The filler assembly includes at least one first filler and at least one second filler stacked in a longitudinal direction.
Corrugated tube provided with passage maintenance member, and wire harness
A passage restricting member is attached to a corrugated tube. This corrugated tube includes a corrugated tube, a passage maintenance member, and an attachment member.
Semiconductor module cooler and semiconductor module
A semiconductor module cooler includes a fin which is a heat sink, which is thermally connected to a semiconductor element, and which has one or more notches in an edge at one or more arbitrary positions in a longitudinal direction and one or more convex ribs which are formed on a bottom of a water jacket having a cooling flow path and which fit into the one or more notches at one or more arbitrary positions. By doing so, the efficiency of transferring heat generated by the semiconductor element by a coolant is improved and cooling performance is improved..
Method for producing porous polytetrafluoroethylene membrane
Provided is a method including: a step a of extruding a mixture containing a polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) fine powder having a standard specific gravity (ssg) of 2.19 or less and a liquid lubricant into a sheet using a flat die so as to obtain a ptfe sheet; a step b of rolling the ptfe sheet by passing the sheet between a pair of rolls in a longitudinal direction of the sheet; a step c of stretching the rolled ptfe sheet in a transverse direction of the sheet; a step d of removing the liquid lubricant from the ptfe sheet; and a step e of stretching the ptfe sheet, from which the liquid lubricant has been removed, both in the longitudinal direction of the sheet and in the transverse direction of the sheet, for example, at an area stretch ratio of 150 to 700, so as to make the sheet porous. According to this production method, it is possible to increase the pf value of the porous ptfe membrane..
Solar cell, solar cell module, and method for producing solar cell
A solar cell includes bus bar portions and finger portions . Each of the finger portions has a first end portion that extends in a longitudinal direction of the finger portion, and a second end portion that is connected to the bus bar portion.
Stamp assembly
A stamp assembly has a bracket, a stamping member, an ink cartridge, a spring, a housing and a pushing device. The stamping member is mounted in the bracket and is capable of being moved in a longitudinal direction relative to the bracket and being rotated.
Modular system for mounting firearm accessories and method for attaching firearm accessory to firearm
A modular system for mounting firearm accessories and a method for attaching a firearm accessory to a firearm are provided. In one example, the modular system includes a first mounting member capable of receiving a firearm accessory, the first mounting member having a channel and a stopping means in the channel, a second mounting member capable of combining with the first mounting member, the second mounting member having a cavity, and a joining mechanism disposed in the channel of first mounting member and the cavity of the second mounting member for releasably combining the first mounting member with the second mounting member.
Hydraulic connector for a windshield wiper blade having a retractable button
A hydraulic connector for a wiper system includes an end part of an arm extending in a longitudinal direction, a blade, a mechanical connector fixed to the blade for attaching the blade to the arm, and at least one pipe for conveying a liquid to the blade via the mechanical connector and at least one button intended to connect the hydraulic connector to the end part in a standby position. The button is retractable so as to allow movement of the hydraulic connector with respect to the end part..
Dose measuring device for drug delivery device
A dose measuring device for a drug delivery device is provided. The dose measuring device includes a main body and a dial sleeve coupled to the main body to spirally move, the dose measuring device including a housing provided to be removable from the main body, a rotation ring received in the housing to rotate, an encoder installed in the housing to detect the amount of rotation of the rotation ring, and an auxiliary sleeve provided to be removable from the dial sleeve and to spirally move together with the dial sleeve in the housing, in which the rotation ring is bound to the auxiliary sleeve to rotate together with the auxiliary sleeve and is fixed in the housing in a longitudinal direction of the main body..
Insertion device
An insertion device includes an idle state detector detecting an idle state in which an insertion section does not move in directions along the longitudinal axis when a rotation unit rotates in directions around the longitudinal axis, and a movement displacement calculator calculating a rotation direction and amount of the rotation unit based on a driving direction and amount of the driving member and calculating a movement displacement of the insertion section from a reference position in directions parallel to the longitudinal axis based on the rotation direction and amount of the rotation unit. The movement displacement calculator calculates the movement displacement of the insertion section so that a movement amount of the insertion section in the longitudinal directions while the idle state being detected is zero..
Axial bearing of pinion gears of a planetary gear set
An axial mounting of the planetary gearwheels of a planetary gearset having a sun gear that meshes with at least one planetary gearwheel mounted on a planetary bolt that is supported on the planetary carrier. The at least one planetary gearwheel meshes with a ring gear.
Rooftop canvas
Rooftop canvas includes a twill texture layer having a plurality of flat warp strips extending in a longitudinal direction and a plurality of flat weft strips extending in a lateral direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction. An imaginary line passing through an intersection of one of the flat weft strips and one of the flat warp strips and an intersection of another flat weft strip adjacent to the flat weft strip and another flat warp strip adjacent to the flat warp strip is inclined relative to the longitudinal direction and the lateral direction.
Electric wire connection structure
The present invention has an object of providing an electric wire connection structure for providing sufficiently high electric characteristics by welding and fixing a terminal and core wires, for providing the terminal with a strength sufficiently high to withstand the pressure at the time of welding, and for improving the adhesiveness of the core wires to the terminal by preventing the core wires from escaping at the time of welding. The electric wire connection structure is for connecting core wires (10) exposed at a tip end of a coated wire (12), including the core wires (10) covered with a insulating cover (11), to a conductive terminal (20).
Lower profile card edge connector
A card edge connector for being retained into a notch of a print circuit board includes an insulative housing defining a central slot extending along a longitudinal direction, a first wall and a second wall located on the opposite sides of the central slot and a fitting portion extending downwardly into the notch from a bottom portion of the first wall, the fitting portion defining a plurality of first terminal slots and the second wall defining a plurality of second terminal slots. A plurality of first terminals are received in the first terminal slots, and a plurality of second terminals are received in the second terminal slots.
Indexable cutting insert for milling
An object is to provide a cutting insert for milling that has a minor cutting edge for wiping to achieve improved machined surface quality. A minor cutting edge 3 at a corner includes two circular cutting edge portions 3a and 3a joined to major cutting edges 2 on both sides of the corner and a straight cutting edge portion 3b located between the two circular cutting edge portions 3a.
Heater and image heating apparatus including same
The image heating apparatus includes a heater that achieves even heat-generation distribution and suppression of a non-sheet feeding portion temperature increase when an image is printed on a sheet whose size is smaller than a maximum size for the apparatus, and an endless belt, wherein plural heat-generation resistive members having positive temperature coefficients are connected in parallel are provided between first and second conductive members provided along a longitudinal direction of a substrate; plural heat-generation blocks including the plural heat-generation resistive members connected in parallel, are arranged in series along the longitudinal direction; and in the plural heat-generation resistive members included in one of the heat-generation blocks, a heat-generation resistive member arranged at an end portion in the longitudinal direction has a resistivity value higher than that of a heat generation resistive member arranged at a center in the longitudinal direction, or an interval between heat generation resistive members is larger in the end portion.. .
Developer-agitating transporter, developing device, and image forming apparatus
A developer-agitating transporter includes helical blades that helically extend around a rotation shaft, the helical blades being arranged at different positions in a direction perpendicular to a longitudinal direction of the rotation shaft; and a gap portion that divides each helical blade into a first blade portion and a second blade portion, which oppose each other across the gap portion, so that the helical blade is discontinuous in a direction in which the helical blade extends. The gap portion causes the first blade portion and the second blade portion to be arranged at a certain angular interval in a circumferential direction of the rotation shaft, and at least one surface of adjacent ones of the helical blades that are adjacent in the circumferential direction of the rotation shaft has a sloped area that is sloped at an angle that changes with respect to an axial direction of the rotation shaft..
Hearing aid component with earwax filter
A hearing aid component with earwax filter is provided, wherein the hearing aid component has a sound inlet opening that has at least two sound inlet portions having different diameters and being displaced with respect to each other in a longitudinal direction of the sound inlet opening so that the sound inlet opening narrows towards the interior of the hearing aid component so that more proximal sound inlet portion has a relatively larger diameter and more distal sound inlet portion has a relatively smaller diameter. The earwax filter is placed in said sound inlet opening and comprises: a cap with an outward-facing and an inward-facing side, and a peripheral edge, said peripheral edge being force-fitted into the sound inlet portion with the relatively larger diameter.
Coil wire for rotating electric machine and coil body
A coil wire for a rotating electric machine includes: an element wire assembly formed by bundling a plurality of element wires, the plurality of element wires being coated so as to be insulated from each other; and a coating member having conductivity, the coating member coating a periphery of the element wire assembly, the coating member being positioned in a slot of a stator of the rotating electric machine and being obliquely wound with respect to a longitudinal direction of the coil wire, and the coating member being formed with a plurality of conductive belts electrically insulated from each other.. .
Vehicle seat apparatus
A vehicle seat apparatus includes a seat unit supporting mechanism rotatably supporting a seat unit about a rotation axis in a roll direction of a vehicle and a yaw direction of the vehicle. The rotation axis is set so that a rear side is higher than a front side in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle seat apparatus, and so as to pass near a waist of a driver sitting on the vehicle seat apparatus..
Snow glide board
The invention relates to a snow glide board, especially a ski, having a glide board body with one forward and one rear glide board body end and with a middle glide board section forming a binding section for fastening at least one binding and/or binding plate. The glide board body being designed at least in a partial section on its top side facing away from one glide surface three-dimensionally with a raised section extending in a first axis direction (x axis) corresponding to a glide board longitudinal direction, the raised section is adjoined in a second axis direction (y axis) toward the longitudinal side of the glide board body by lateral sections, which in a third axis direction (z axis) perpendicular to the first and second axis direction (x axis, y axis) and perpendicular to the glide surface have a reduced thickness, the glide board body width in the second axis direction (y axis) being defined by the sum of the widths of the raised section and the lateral sections..
Bicycle on-board device and related support and mounting method
A bicycle on-board device is disclosed having an oblong shape and comprising a cavity, the device being sized for insertion in a bicycle oblong element, wherein it has two seats for fastening devices, said two seats being spaced apart along a longitudinal direction of the on-board device, and/or a groove extending along its main longitudinal direction and sized to receive at least one protrusion projecting inwards inside said bicycle oblong element.. .
Three dimensional stacked structure for chips
A 3-d chip stacked structure is disclosed. Each chip layer is provided with plural single-layered conductive members where among the same chip layer the two adjacent conductive members are structurally formed in minor symmetric way with each other along a chip longitudinal direction and the arrangements of the single-layered conductive members of the two adjacent chip layers are shifted by a test pad distance.
Laser cleaning system for a stator slot
A device for removing a coating formed in a slot of a stator core. The device includes a carriage movably attached to a first guide rail assembly to enable movement of the carriage in a longitudinal direction.
Conveyor belt system
A conveyor belt system includes a conveyor belt running in longitudinal direction and support roller assemblies spaced apart along the conveyor belt and each having four support rollers distributed about the outer periphery of the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is shaped into a tube having overlapping edges by an annular positioning of the support rollers.
Electric power tool
It is an object to provide an electric power tool with improved workability in a dark place. In an electric power tool that includes a housing extending in a longitudinal direction and accommodating a motor, a spindle driven by the motor and protruding downward from a front end of the housing, and a distal end tool coupled to an end of the spindle, a light-emitting diode (led) capable of emitting light downward is provided in an upper part of a front of the housing.
Annular barrier with axial force mechanism
The present invention relates to an annular barrier to be expanded in an annulus between a well tubular structure and an inside wall of a borehole downhole for providing zone isolation between a first zone and a second zone of the borehole. The annular barrier comprises a tubular part extending in a longitudinal direction for mounting as part of the well tubular structure; an expandable sleeve surrounding the tubular part and defining a space being in fluid communication with an inside of the tubular part; a first fluid passage for letting fluid into the space to expand the sleeve; and a connection unit comprising a connection part slidably connected with the tubular part, a first end of the expandable sleeve being connected with the connection part, wherein the connection unit further comprises a stationary part fixedly connected with the tubular part and an actuation mechanism adapted to induce an axial force on the first end of the expandable sleeve..
Motorcycle tire
A motorcycle tire comprises a tread portion provided on each side of the tire equator with primary oblique grooves extending from a tread center region to the vicinity of the tread edge, and secondary oblique grooves each having an axially outer end positioned axially inside the axially outer ends of the primary oblique grooves. The secondary oblique grooves comprises a pair of gradually widening parts respectively extending from two extreme ends of the secondary oblique groove in its longitudinal direction toward an intermediate position between the two extreme ends, while gradually increasing the groove width measured perpendicularly to the longitudinal direction, and a pair of gradually narrowing parts which are disposed between the gradually widening parts, and of which groove widths gradually decrease from the gradually widening parts toward the intermediate position..
Device and method for crimping an implant
A device (10, 10′) and method for crimping an implant (20), which can assume either a compressed state or an expanded state, at least over a portion of the length thereof. An crimping device is attained according to the invention in that a hollow-cylindrical and/or hollow-conical, preferably braided wire netting is provided, in the inner volume (14, 14′) of which the implant (20) in the expanded state can be placed, at least via a section thereof, wherein, upon application of a tensile force on at least one end in the longitudinal direction, and/or upon application of a compressive force in the radial direction, the wire netting simultaneous undergoes extension and a reduction of the inner diameter (d, d′) such that the implant (20) can be transformed, at least along a section thereof, from the expanded state into the compressed state..
System and method for dividing silicon blocks
The invention relates to a method for dividing silicon blocks, including the following steps: providing a cuboidal silicon block, dividing the silicon block into at least two bars in a first dividing step, turning the bars in a turning step by 90° respectively around a rotational axis perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the block and dividing the bars into silicon ingots in a second dividing step.. .
Robot and method for milking a cow by this robot
A milking robot comprising a movable arm and a plurality of grippers. The movable arm has a length in a longitudinal direction.
Scoop used in cooking and/or portioning food
The invention relates to a scoop (1) used in cooking and/or portioning food, comprising a plate-like, elongated handle (10) and a plate-like scoop blade (20) as its extension. The handle (10) is provided with at least one weakening line (11) in the longitudinal direction of the handle (10), which allows the handle (10) to be bent into a chute by pressing the handle (10).
Shearing apparatus
A shearing apparatus comprising an index portion and a thumb portion that are pivotable relative to one another about a pivot mechanism. One of the thumb blade and index blade is provided with a serrated portion, while the other of the index blade and the thumb blade is provided with a cutting edge, such that the serrated portion and the cutting edge cooperate with one another during the relative pivoting movement of the index portion and the thumb portion to carry out a shearing or severing action.
Terminal chain
The invention provides a terminal chain so that a terminal can be connected with a signal conductor only by being press-formed by dies. A rectangular piece (12) is jointed to an end part extending in the longitudinal direction of a carrier (11).
Article of footwear with slots and method of making
A sole structure for an article of footwear and a method of making the sole structure is disclosed. The sole structure can include a plurality of slots.
Endoluminal prosthesis with fiber matrix
An expandable endoluminal prosthesis may include a graft body and a support structure attached to the graft body. The graft body may include a tubular body of nonwoven electrospun fibers disposed about a longitudinal axis.
Guide wire
A guide wire includes a first wire disposed on the distal side, and a second wire disposed on the proximal side and made from a material having an elastic modulus larger than that of the first wire. The first wire and the second wire are joined to each other by welding.
Guide wire
A guide wire includes a first wire disposed on the distal side, and a second wire disposed on the proximal side and made from a material having an elastic modulus larger than that of the first wire. The first wire and the second wire are joined to each other by welding.
Flexible tube for endoscope and endoscope
A flexible tubular portion for an endoscope having a central axis includes a spiral tube, an outer layer covering the outside of the spiral tube, and an inhibiting portion. The spiral tube includes, along the longitudinal direction of the central axis, a closely wound portion to which an initial tension is applied, and sparsely wound portions provided on the distal side and the proximal side of the closely wound portion.
Disposable wearing article
A disposable wearing article includes an absorber having a crotch region. The central curving unit that allows the absorber to be convex in the inner direction is formed at a center in the widthwise direction of the crotch region.

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