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Longitudinal Direction patents


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 Electronic apparatus patent thumbnailElectronic apparatus
An electronic apparatus includes a first substrate and a second substrate mounted on the first substrate and having a smaller area than the first substrate. The second substrate extends in a longitudinal direction and has a planar or substantially planar shape with a uniform or substantially uniform width across all portions of the second substrate in the longitudinal direction.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus in which a process cartridge including a recess is configured in a detachable manner inside an apparatus main body, the image forming apparatus including, a guiding member guiding the process cartridge into the apparatus main body in a longitudinal direction, the guiding member moving up and down together with the process cartridge moving the process cartridge to an image forming position, and a lock member moving in a lifting and lowering direction intersecting a mounting direction of the process cartridge by interlocking with an up and down movement of the guiding member, in which the lock member moves in the lifting and lowering direction by interlocking with the upward movement of the guiding member, and the movement of the process cartridge in the longitudinal direction is restricted by the lock member engaging with the recess of the process cartridge.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus including a cartridge having an image carrying member, and an apparatus main body from which the cartridge is capable of being detached in a longitudinal direction of the cartridge. While being positioned such that a first end side of the cartridge is in contact with a positioning portion of a frame, the cartridge that has been inserted when a door is in an open position is disposed under an intermediate transfer body such that a distance to a surface of the intermediate transfer body opposing the cartridge is greater on a second end side than on the first end side, and by moving the door to a closed position, the cartridge is pivoted with urging force of an urging member and the image carrying member is made to come into contact with the intermediate transfer body..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Fin and bending type heat exchanger having the fin patent thumbnailFin and bending type heat exchanger having the fin
A fin and a bending type heat exchanger having the fin includes a first header pipe, a second header pipe, a flat pipe and the fin. The first header pipe and the second header pipe have bending sections.
Sanhua (hangzhou) Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.

 Synchronous belt with tough fabric patent thumbnailSynchronous belt with tough fabric
A belt having an elastomeric body, a tensile cord embedded therein, and a tooth fabric having an increased value of fabric tensile toughness as defined herein. The fabric tensile toughness may be derived from properties of the yarns making up the fabric, such as yarn linear density, yarn ultimate elongation, yarn tensile strength, yarn packing density and weave ratio.
Gates Corporation

 Connecting rod of engine patent thumbnailConnecting rod of engine
A engine connecting includes a large diameter end portion mounted to a crank of a crankshaft of an engine to be rotatable, a small diameter end portion into which a piston pin is inserted and which supports the piston pin to be rotatable, and a connecting portion connecting the large diameter end portion and the small diameter end portion at a longitudinal end portions thereof. The connecting portion has a plate-shape widened in a wide width direction thereof to be perpendicular to a center axis of the crank shaft, the connecting portion is provided with four vertical reinforcing portions projecting in four directions so as to extend in a longitudinal direction of the connecting rod from the small diameter end portion to the large diameter end portion..
Suzuki Motor Corporation

 Handling device patent thumbnailHandling device
A handling device is provided for handling a burner of a stationary gas turbine during assembly and disassembly, including a base body having at least one contact surface designed to contact a rear end surface of a burner, fixing means for fixing the base body to the rear end surface of the burner, and two arms fixed to and protruding from the base body to different sides of the contact surface, wherein each arm is provided with receiving means, which are designed for removably receiving a fixing component of a lifting appliance and which are spaced apart from each other in the longitudinal direction of a burner during its handling.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Forming belt for shaped nonwoven patent thumbnailForming belt for shaped nonwoven
A forming belt for use in making a nonwoven substrate. The forming belt includes a first surface defining a plane of the first surface and an axis parallel to a longitudinal direction corresponding to a machine direction when in use.
The Procter & Gamble Company

 Systems and methods for composite radius fillers patent thumbnailSystems and methods for composite radius fillers
A composite radius filler material is provided. The composite radius filler includes a resin, a first group of fibers dispersed within the resin, and a second group of fibers dispersed within the resin.
The Boeing Company

 Part attachment structure of straddle type vehicle patent thumbnailPart attachment structure of straddle type vehicle
Attachment and detachment work of a detachable part is facilitated, while achieving secure attachment thereof, in a part attachment structure of straddle type vehicle including the detachable part attached to a body frame. A seat supporting member includes a base portion spanning paired right and left seat frames, and paired right and left extension portions, which are displaceable in the lateral direction, and extend in the longitudinal direction along the paired right and left seat frames, respectively, from the base portion; the base portion is fixed by being fastened to a body frame; each of the paired right and left extension portions includes an upper locking portion, both lateral locking portions, and a lower locking portion; and the lock on the seat frames is engaged or released by only moving the extension portions in two directions..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Vehicle rear portion structure

A vehicle rear portion structure including: a spare tire house; a front side reinforcing portion provided at a bottom wall portion of the spare tire house, the front side reinforcing portion reinforcing the bottom wall portion and structuring a first high rigidity portion; a rear side reinforcing portion provided at the bottom wall portion so as to include a lower wall portion that extends in a vehicle longitudinal direction, the rear side reinforcing portion being disposed at a vehicle rear upper side of the front side reinforcing portion, reinforcing the bottom wall portion, and structuring a second high rigidity portion, and a low rigidity portion provided between the first high rigidity portion and the second high rigidity portion, and a rigidity of the low rigidity portion being set to be lower than rigidities of the first high rigidity portion and the second high rigidity portion.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Body structure of a motor vehicle with reinforcements for distributing the forces linked to a rear shock absorber of the vehicle

A body structure of a motor vehicle includes two substantially parallel longitudinal reinforcing side members, a body side superstructure connected to the side members, rising above the side members and defining, on either side of the vehicle, two wheel arch housing portions of the vehicle. The two wheel arch housing portions are connected by a floor portion of the vehicle, offset vertically relative to the side members and positioned above the side members.
Renault S.a.s.

Offset deforming fender attachment bracket

A vehicle including a fender panel support assembly includes a hood that at least partially covers an engine compartment. A front fender structure includes a connecting wall portion located at least partially below the hood in a vehicle vertical direction.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Steering column assembly, casing tube for a steering column assembly, and vehicle having a steering column assembly

The invention discloses a steering column arrangement that has a steering spindle and a casing tube enclosing the steering spindle, which may be mounted to be rotatable about a longitudinal axis relative to the casing tube, and also has a switch module, which has a housing and a fastening sleeve provided on the housing. The fastening sleeve is designed such that the switch module with the fastening sleeve can be mounted on the casing tube and can be securely clamped to the casing tube.
Daimler Ag

Side airbag system

A side airbag system includes: an airbag; and a wrapping material that is disposed around a folded-up airbag body into which the airbag is folded so as to prevent the collapse of neatly arranged folds of the folded-up airbag body, the folded-up airbag body being configured as an elongated body having an external shape that is disposed so that a longitudinal direction thereof substantially follows an up-to-down direction, wherein: the wrapping material is disposed so as to wrap around the folded-up airbag body, including a brake planned portion capable of breaking when the airbag inflates which is provided on a front surface side of the folded-up airbag body so as to substantially follow the up-to-down direction; and the break planned portion comprises a low-strength portion where a break strength thereof is set low and a high-strength portion where the break strength is set high.. .
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

Electrical socket seating device and vehicle interior trim employing the same

In one or more embodiments, a seating device is provided to support an electrical socket. The seating device includes a body, and a lip extending from the body.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Electric vehicle

Provided is an electric vehicle, including: left and right rear wheels, which are suspended from a vehicle body by suspensions that elastically allow displacements in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle with respect to the vehicle body, the rear wheels being capable of being driven by corresponding motors independently of each other; and a control device configured to control driving forces of the rear wheels. Target driving forces ti for the left and right rear wheels are calculated during traveling, a value Δg relevant to a difference between relative displacement amounts of the rear wheels in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle with respect to the vehicle body is calculated, and the target driving forces are corrected based on the value relevant to the difference between the relative displacement amounts so that a magnitude of the value relevant to the difference between the relative displacement amounts becomes smaller..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Pipe-shaped member and closing end portions of same

A pipe-shaped member of the present invention is a pipe-shaped member (1) which includes a flat plate portion (1h1, 1h2) placed in at least one end portion (1a1) of two end portions of the pipe, formed in a flat plate shape, and including groove-shaped recessed portions (ta1, tb1, tb2) formed in one and another extended surfaces in the flat plate shape. The recessed portions (ta1, tb1, tb2) are formed such that the flat plate portion (1h1, 1h2) has at least a substantially w-shape, in a direction crossing a longitudinal direction of the flat plate portion (1h1, 1h2), and with a depth not reaching a boundary (1ha) between one plate (1h1) and the other plate (1h2) of the flat plate portion (1h1, 1h2)..
Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.


Provided is a tire such that both tire weight reduction and high durability can be achieved by establishing a technology capable of ensuring the sufficient effect of preventing diameter growth even when the amount of steel used in a belt layer is decreased. The tire includes: two or more crossing belt layers 4 including rubberized layers of steel cords tilting and extending at an angle of 10° to 30° with respect to a tire equatorial plane, the rubberized layers being arranged such that the directions of the cords intersect each other; and a high-angle bell layer 3 including a rubberized layer of steel cords tilting and extending at an angle which is 5° or more greater than the angle of the crossing belt layers.
Bridgestone Corporation

Method of manufacturing pneumatic tire and pneumatic tire

A method of manufacturing a pneumatic tire comprising a belt which is wound with a belt-under diameter d outside a carcass ply in a tire-radial direction, includes preparing a strip-like rubber-coated cord member where a plurality of belt cords which are arranged approximately parallel are coated with rubber and a width of the cord member in a lateral direction is πd sin θ. The cord member is cut at the cord angle θ with respect to a longitudinal direction to cut out a belt forming member having a parallelogram which includes circumferential direction sides extending in a tire circumferential direction in a wound state and formed as cut portions and inclined sides extending parallel to the belt cord and defined as both side portions of the cord member.
Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

Image formation apparatus and image formation method

An image formation apparatus includes: a feeder that feeds a label sheet, having a long base sheet and labels detachably adhered to the base sheet at a predetermined interval in a longitudinal direction thereof, to a conveyance path; a conveyance member that conveys the fed label sheet along the conveyance path; a detector that is placed along the conveyance path and that detects a position of at least one of the labels on the label sheet being conveyed; an image formation unit that is placed downstream of the detector in a conveyance direction and that forms an image on the label detected by the detector; and a controller that controls the conveyance member, the detector, and the image formation unit. The controller switches the detector between a constant light emission operation of emitting the detection light constantly and an intermittent light emission operation of emitting the detection light intermittently..
Oki Data Corporation

Systems and methods for making composite structures

A system for depositing a composite filler material into a channel of a composite structure includes an end-effector configured to extrude a bead of the filler material into the channel. The filler material can comprise a first group of relatively long fibers, a second group of relatively short fibers and a resin.
The Boeing Company

Press forming method, and manufacturing press-formed part

A press forming method forms a metal plate into the part shape having at least a top surface portion and side wall portions continuous with both left and right sides of the top surface portion, the part shape having a u-shaped or hat-shaped cross section and having one or two or more bent portions bent in a longitudinal direction that is a direction intersecting the cross section. The press forming method includes: a first step of applying in-plane shear deformation to a plate portion on both sides or one side of the bent portions in the longitudinal direction of the metal plate, the in-plane shear deformation corresponding to a direction of bending the portion of the part shape; and a second step of implementing press forming for the metal plate into the part shape, the metal plate to which the in-plane shear deformation has been applied..
Jfe Steel Corporation

Filter for a high-pressure nozzle, high-pressure nozzle and producing a filter for a high-pressure nozzle

A filter for a high-pressure nozzle having a tubular section and a cap section. The cap section and/or the tubular section are provided with a plurality of filter slots which extend in the longitudinal direction of the tubular section and each have a first end situated on the side of the tubular section and a second end situated on the side of the cap section.

Swing diagnosis apparatus, swing diagnosis system, swing diagnosis method, and recording medium

A swing diagnosis apparatus includes a level calculation section that calculates a level on the basis of a relationship between a rotation angle about a rotation axis of an exercise appliance at a predetermined timing between the time of starting a backswing and the time of impact with a longitudinal direction of the exercise appliance as the rotation axis, and an inclination of a ball hitting portion of the exercise appliance at impact.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Installation member and peristaltic pump

An installation member and a peristaltic pump are provided that allow work of attachment and work of detachment of a flexible tube to be peristaltic to and from a stator to be performed more easily and smoothly. An installation member that is to be detachably attached to a peristaltic pump including: a stator including an attachment recessed portion, in which a flexible tube to be peristaltic, is attached; a rotor that is rotatably driven in the attachment recessed portion; and a roller that causes the fluid to flow by imparting peristaltic motion to the flexible tube to be peristaltic attached to the attachment recessed portion in a longitudinal direction in association with rotation of the rotor while compressing the flexible tube to be peristaltic in a radial direction.
Nikkiso Company Limited

Drug container connector and male member cover

A drug container connector (1) is provided with a puncture needle (20) capable of puncturing a plug (186) that seals a mouth (183) of a container (180); and a cover (90) that covers an opening, on a tip side, of a flow channel (21) formed in the puncture needle (20). The puncture needle (20) is configured to penetrate the cover (90) and puncture the plug (186).
Jms Co., Ltd.

Absorbent product comprising odor control material

Hygienic product comprising an odor control material having a longitudinal direction, a transverse direction and a thickness direction, the odor control material including a first carrier material wherein a plurality of odor control particles are bonded to at least one surface of the first carrier material by a binder substance wherein the first carrier material in an unexpanded condition has a plurality of transversal slits, and that the first carrier material in an expanded condition in the longitudinal direction has a plurality of openings, and that the first carrier material is fixed in the expanded condition in the hygienic product whereby the odor control material is in the form of a reticulated structure.. .
Sca Hygiene Products Ab

Method of manufacturing absorbent article

A method of manufacturing an absorbent article in which an absorbent body (4) is provided between a liquid permeable topsheet (3) and a backsheet (2), an absorbent body concave portion (20), which is a concave groove or a slit, being formed at a skin-contacting side including a body fluid expelling area (h) along a longitudinal direction of the absorbent body without using compression, and an embossed portion (21) being formed in the absorbent body concave portion (20) along the absorbent body concave portion (20) by embossing from a top surface side of the liquid permeable topsheet. The method includes a first step of forming the absorbent body (4) provided with the absorbent body concave portion (20); a second step of forming core embosses (23) at least on both sides of the absorbent body concave portion (20) by compressing the absorbent body from the skin-contacting side of the absorbent body (4); and a third step of stacking the liquid permeable topsheet (3) on a top surface side of the absorbent body (4) and forming the embossed portion (21)..

Valve cutter

A cardiac valve cutter of the present disclosure has a flexible housing with a central lumen for receiving a guide wire. A high-speed cutting blade is disposed within the housing near an edge of the housing.

Snap-on surgical clip cartridge

A surgical clip cartridge, assembly, and method are provided for the storage, delivery, and loading of clips, such as those used in a surgical ligating process. The surgical clip cartridge includes a base portion extending in a longitudinal direction, the base portion having a bottom surface and defining a mounting groove for attaching the base portion onto a surgical instrument shaft.
Teleflex Medical Incorporated

Mirror for aircraft crew members

Provided is a mirror for aircraft crew members, whereby a large effective surface area of the mirror surface can be maintained during use even though the mirror is compact and does not feel bulky when placed inside a pocket. A mirror main body (2) of the mirror (1) for aircraft crew members is formed in a vertically long shape, said mirror (1) being held together with at least a key (9), by a coupling tool (8).
Komy Co., Ltd.

Food dough rounding device and food dough rounding method

A rounding device for rounding food dough is provided with a conveyance device (9) which conveys the food dough (7) and a pair of forming plates (11, 13), which, on the upper face of the conveyance device (9), are arranged so as to extend along the conveyance direction (r) of the conveyance device (9). The forming plates (11, 13) at least opposed sloped surfaces (18b, 22b).
Rheon Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Surface acoustic wave device

A surface acoustic wave device includes a piezoelectric substrate, an idt electrode that is provided on the piezoelectric substrate and includes combtooth-shaped electrode fingers, and a wiring electrode that is connected to the idt electrode. A line width of the electrode fingers at a lower edge thereof and a line width of the electrode fingers at an upper edge thereof in a cross section of the electrode fingers that is perpendicular or substantially perpendicular to a longitudinal direction of the electrode fingers is smaller than a maximum line width of the electrode fingers..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Base terminal block and auxiliary terminal block for switchboards and two-tier terminal block assembly comprising base terminal block and auxiliary terminal block

A switchboard base terminal block for connecting electrical wires comprising an insulating body having one top side and a bottom side opposite in a vertical direction, and at least two respective flanks opposite to each other in a longitudinal direction; wherein inside the body there is formed at least: a first pair of seats; a first space centred on a central vertical axis and bounded in the longitudinal direction by respective first partitions extending parallel to the vertical direction spaced from each other in the longitudinal direction by an amount such as to define a size of the space suitable for housing a jumper of the screw type; an undercut with base formed in the top side of the terminal block, presenting a first central opening for connecting externally the central space for insertion of the respective screw jumper, and means for coupling with corresponding means of an add-on terminal block for forming a two-tier terminal block in the vertical direction wherein said coupling means are adapted for determining a stable and non-decouplable along the vertical direction coupling with the corresponding coupling means of the add-on terminal block.. .
Morsettitalia S.p.a.

Earthing conductor element for switchboard terminal blocks and associated terminal block for earthing earth wires

An earth-conducting element includes a conductor lamina designed to electrically connect together two wires and a substantially vertical shaped body extending in the longitudinal direction. The substantially vertical shaped body including a bottom body section having a bottom free edge, a first end, a second end, and a flat-lamina spring.
Morsettitalia S.p.a.

Secondary battery

A conductive member including an opening portion is connected to a positive terminal and is integrally secured to a sealing plate together with an outer insulating member and a second insulating member. The conductive member opening portion is sealed by a deformable plate.
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

Laminated sheet for sealing electronic elements and production electronic devices

A laminated sheet for sealing electronic elements is configured to comprise: a first long release sheet; a plurality of sealing materials that are laminated on the first release sheet within a central area in the width direction and at different positions in the longitudinal direction; protection materials that are laminated on the first release sheet at both side portions in the width direction; and a second long release sheet that is laminated on the sealing materials and the protection materials at the opposite sides to the first release sheet. According to such a laminated sheet for sealing electronic elements, highly reliable electronic devices can be produced in an efficient manner..
Lintec Corporation

Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same

Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same are provided. The semiconductor devices may include gate electrodes on a substrate.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor memory device according to an embodiment comprises a stacked body, a semiconductor layer, a charge accumulation layer, and a slit portion. The stacked body includes a plurality of control gate electrodes stacked above a substrate.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Transistors having offset contacts for reduced off capacitance

Systems, apparatuses and methods for reduced off capacitance in switching devices are disclosed. A transistor stack includes first and second doped regions serving as a source and drain, respectively of a transistor, an elongated gate structure including a first gate structure disposed between the first and second regions and serving as a gate of the transistor, a first set of electrical contact pads disposed on the first region, and a second set of electrical contact pads disposed on the second region, the second set of contact pads having an offset position with respect to the first set of contact pads in a longitudinal direction of the first and second regions..
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Gas purge unit, load port apparatus, and installation stand for purging container

A gas purge unit includes an intake nozzle 28, a pivotable body 31, and an o-ring 35. The intake nozzle 28 has a nozzle opening 26 flowing out a cleaning gas.
Tdk Corporation

Gas purge unit

A gas purge unit introduces a cleaning gas into a container with a main opening there through for taking a housed object in and out. The gas purge unit includes a blowout member and a supply portion.
Tdk Corporation

Powder recovery device and processing device using the same

Provided is a powder recovery device including a recovery container that includes a powder collection chamber therein, recovers used powder transported from a powder processing section that performs a process using powder, and collects the recovered powder in the powder collection chamber, and a transport member that is provided within the recovery container along the longitudinal direction of the recovery container, and evenly transports powder collected in the powder collection chamber, wherein plural recovery ports are provided at positions located higher than a highest location in the recovery container at which powder is collected, and plural air vent ports are at least separately provided at regions with a center of the recovery container in the longitudinal direction of the recovery container interposed therebetween.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Developing device and image forming apparatus including the same

A developing device of the present disclosure includes a developing roller, a toner supply roller, a regulation blade, a casing, a toner receiving support member, a toner receiving member, a vibration generation unit, and a vibration inhibition member. The toner receiving support member is disposed in the casing so as to be opposed to the developing roller or the toner supply roller in an area between the regulation blade and an image carrier.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Image carrier unit and image forming apparatus including the same

An image carrier unit of the present disclosure includes an image carrier, a charging device, a unit housing and a drive mechanism. The charging device is fittable to and removable from the unit housing in a direction perpendicular to its longitudinal direction, and has a charging member and a cleaning member for cleaning the charging member.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Heat exchanger tube and heating boiler having such a heat exchanger tube

A heat exchanger tube of a heating boiler, comprising an outer tube, which may be flown through by exhaust gases from the boiler firing and which may be surrounded by boiler water on the outside, and a profiled insert inserted into the outer tube, which comprises ribs running in longitudinal direction of the outer tube to enlarge the inner surface of the outer tube and which is in thermally conductive contact with the outer tube, are to achieve that an even greater heat transfer capacity from the combustion gases to the boiler water in the heating boiler is enabled. A first longitudinal section of the outer tube is formed in a cylindrical, smooth-walled manner and a second longitudinal section of the outer tube has at least one cross-sectional narrowing element narrowing the flow cross section.
Hoval Aktiengesellschaft

Bearing component comprising an inner diamond coating

The invention relates to a bearing component, comprising a base body (2) and an opening (3) which is formed in the base body (2) and on which an internal bearing face is formed, the internal bearing face having a diamond coating (4), and the diamond coating (4) having elongate depressions (42) extending substantially in the longitudinal direction (x-x) of the opening.. .
Eagleburgmann Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg

Low-construction trolley for wire rope hoist

A low-construction hoist for a wire rope hoist is arranged to move along a lower flange of a horizontal beam or rail. The trolley includes a trolley frame; bearing wheels, which are fixed to the trolley body and arranged to move on the upper surface of the lower flange of the rail, a hoisting mechanism including a rope drum for a hoisting rope, a hoisting member in cooperation with the hoisting rope for hoisting a load, and a hoisting motor for driving the rope drum; whereby the rope drum is supported to a first side of the trolley frame so that the axle of the rope drum is parallel to the rail, and the hoisting member is arranged to move under the rail; whereby the hoisting rope is led from the rope drum to a fixing point in the trolley frame through at least a rope pulley arrangement of the hoisting member, whereby the fixing point of the hoisting rope to the trolley frame is located in the longitudinal direction of the trolley outside the end of the rope drum, or outside the vertical plane which is transverse in relation to the rail or beam and passing through the end of the rope drum..
Konecranes Global Corporation

Buckle device

In a buckle device, cord portions that are pulled out from a distal end portion in a longitudinal direction of a helical portion of a curl cord are electrically and mechanically connected to a terminal of a buckle switch of a buckle. The distal end portion in the longitudinal direction of the helical portion of the curl cord is held by a holding bracket that is provided at a first cover component of a buckle cover.
Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai-rika-denki-seisakusho

Vehicular airbag device

A vehicular airbag device capable of improving reduction of an occupant obstruction value during a diagonal collision. A vehicular airbag device opens an airbag door on an instrument panel 2 the outer shape of the airbag when fully deployed and expanded is line-symmetrical with respect to a center line (a line x-x) of the opening in a vehicle left-right width direction, and a width dimension wb in the vehicle width direction at a position of a rear edge 2b of the instrument panel in the vehicle longitudinal direction is greater than a width dimension wc in the vehicle width direction at a position of a center z1 of the opening in the vehicle longitudinal direction which is more forward in the vehicle longitudinal direction than the rear edge position of the instrument panel..
Autoliv Development Ab

Bumper assembly with closing plate

A bumper assembly for a motor vehicle comprising a cross member that extends transverse the motor vehicle, and has an open hat-shaped hollow profile with a rear-sided web and legs, extending from the web, wherein flanges extend from a free end of the legs in the vertical direction; and an opening pointing away from the motor vehicle, in the longitudinal direction. At least one closing plate is arranged allowing the opening to be completely closed in the vertical direction and arranged allowing a partial length of less than 50% of the length of the opening to be closed in the transverse direction; and that the flanges are offset from each other with an offset in the longitudinal direction; and that the cross member has a varying cross section over its length, wherein a central region is offset upwards from the end regions with a height offset to the vertical direction..
Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh

Line for supplying electrical units with power in vehicles

A line for supplying electrical units with power of more than 3 kw in vehicles, comprising: at least two electrically conducting, oblong bus bars having a flat cross-section and two opposite ends in the longitudinal direction, the bus bars each being insulated from and extending parallel to each other; a foil shield surrounding the bus bars from a first of the ends to a second of the ends; a stranded drain wire running between the bus bars and the foil shield in the longitudinal direction from the first end to the second end; a pair of flexible electrical conductors at one of the ends of the bus bars, each surrounded by a shield and electrically connected at a first end to a respective one of the bus bars, with the shield of the conductors being electrically connected in each case to the stranded drain wire.. .
Lisa Draexlmaier Gmbh

Layered composite component

A laminated composite part, which includes a first member having a predetermined mating surface, and a second member that is made of an elastically deformable resin material, that has a plate portion substantially parallel to the mating surface and having a multiplicity of protrusions formed integrally therewith so as to protrude toward the mating surface so that space is created between the plate portion and the mating surface, and that is placed on the first member such that the protrusions contact the mating surface, which has cushioning properties as tip ends of the protrusions are pressed against the mating surface and elastically deformed, and in which one of the first and second members which is located on a design surface side has an engaging projection that projects to a larger extent than the protrusions, and the engaging projection is inserted through an insertion hole formed in the other of the first and second members and is retained in the insertion hole, whereby the first and second members are connected together, the insertion hole being provided with a stopper portion that is engaged with the engaging projection to retain the engaging projection in the insertion hole, in order to allow the engaging projection to move relative to the stopper portion in a direction parallel to the design surface due to a difference in thermal expansion between the first and second members, the stopper portion having a predetermined length in a direction of the relative movement that occurs due to the difference in thermal expansion, the stopper portion being a bridge extending across the insertion hole and having a slit in a middle so as to be separated into a plurality of parts, and the engaging projection having an annular shape and being inserted through the insertion hole such that the engaging projection elastically deforms the bridge and expands the slit, and the bridge thus extending through an opening of the annular shape, so that the engaging projection is retained in the insertion hole by the bridge and is allowed to move relatively in a longitudinal direction of the bridge.. .
Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd.

Air nozzle device for a vehicle

The present invention relates to an air nozzle device (10) for a vehicle (1) comprising a housing (11) defining an interior volume and having an air inlet (12) at one side, an air discharge opening (14) at a second side and an air flow channel (18) through the housing (11) for transporting a flow of air between the air inlet and the air discharge opening, the device (10) further comprising a moveable operating member (30), a shutoff mechanism (40) and an air flow adjustment arrangement (20), said shutoff mechanism (40) being pivotably connected to said housing and configured to regulate the air flow and said air flow adjustment arrangement (20) being pivotably connected to said housing and configured to adjust the direction of the air flow in a longitudinal direction x and in a vertical direction z, wherein said operating member (30) comprising a user-actuated manual mechanism (32), a first linkage member (34) and a second linkage member (36), wherein said user-actuated manual mechanism (32) is arranged downstream of said air flow adjustment arrangement (20) to permit manual operation of the air flow adjustment arrangement (20) and the shutoff mechanism (40) from the outside of the device.. .
China-euro Vehicle Technology Aktiebolag

Motor-vehicle suspension system of the macpherson type, including a transverse leaf spring

A vehicle suspension system of the macpherson type includes a pair of wheel supports, and two shock absorbers each having a body bolted to a corresponding wheel support with a top end connected to structure of the vehicle. A leaf spring is set transverse to a longitudinal direction of the vehicle, and has a central portion connected to the vehicle structure, and two ends connected to the respective wheel supports.
Fca Italy S.p.a.

Flexible panel

A flexible panel has an area, a lateral direction, and a longitudinal direction. The flexible panel includes a plurality of panel layers attached on top of each other.
Tencate Performance Composites

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