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Longitudinal Axis patents

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Plate heat exchanger for homogeneous fluid flows between ducts

Société Technique Pour I'energie Atomique Technicatome

Plate heat exchanger for homogeneous fluid flows between ducts

Article inspection apparatus

Compac Technologies Limited

Article inspection apparatus

Article inspection apparatus

Tesona & Kg

High temperature measuring sensor arrangement

Date/App# patent app List of recent Longitudinal Axis-related patents
 System and  uniform microwave heating patent thumbnailSystem and uniform microwave heating
A microwave heater comprises a cylindrical housing having an inner surface defining an internal cavity. A microwave generator is secured adjacent a first end of the housing and received inside the internal cavity is a sample holder that comprises an annular base member positioned adjacent the first end has a central axis coinciding with a longitudinal axis of the housing.
Scp Science
 Plate heat exchanger for homogeneous fluid flows between ducts patent thumbnailPlate heat exchanger for homogeneous fluid flows between ducts
A plate heat exchange for homogenous fluid flows between ducts is provided. The plate heat exchanger includes a plurality of primary plates, wherein are made a plurality of primary passages; a plurality of secondary plates, wherein are made a plurality of secondary passages; first and second collectors for supplying secondary fluid and a collector for discharging the secondary fluid, made in the primary and secondary plates and extending substantially perpendicularly to the primary and secondary plates, the primary and secondary plates being parallel to a determined longitudinal axis and having a common middle plane containing the longitudinal axis; the secondary discharge collector is located at a first longitudinal end of the primary and secondary plates in the middle plane, the first and second secondary supply collectors being located at a second longitudinal end of the primary and secondary plates opposite to the first, symmetrically relatively to the middle plane and away from the middle plane..
Société Technique Pour I'energie Atomique Technicatome
 Article inspection apparatus patent thumbnailArticle inspection apparatus
A method and apparatus for inspecting the surface of articles and subsequent grading of fruit. The apparatus includes conveying means for conveying an article through an inspection site and rotating the article about a lateral axis of the conveying means as it passes through the inspection site.
Compac Technologies Limited
 High temperature measuring sensor arrangement patent thumbnailHigh temperature measuring sensor arrangement
A high temperature measuring sensor arrangement, includes a sensor element located in a shield tube with a measuring section exposed at the end of the shield tube and oriented towards the hot side and connections opposite this, facing towards the cold side, with a protective cap connected to the shield tube and enclosing the measuring section and a first stabilizing and fastening sleeve directed towards the hot side. The first stabilizing and fastening sleeve overlays the protective cap at the end and provides stabilization against vibrational forces, while thermal expansions in the longitudinal axis direction are absorbed by the joint between the protective cap and the first stabilizing and fastening sleeve.
Tesona Gmbh & Co. Kg
 Apparatus for characterising a flow through a conduit patent thumbnailApparatus for characterising a flow through a conduit
There is described an apparatus for characterising a flow through a conduit. The apparatus comprises a body portion, and first and second sensors.
Teledyne Limited
 Rotor sensor target for magnetic bearings patent thumbnailRotor sensor target for magnetic bearings
A rotor sensor target for magnetic bearings, the rotor sensor target comprising a ring-shaped assembly of magnetic material mounted on a generally ring-shaped assembly of non-magnetic material. The magnetic and non-magnetic ring shaped assemblies are coaxially arranged and mounted on a shaft having a longitudinal axis of rotation x′-x.
Skf Magnetic Mechatronics
 Inlet assembly patent thumbnailInlet assembly
An inlet assembly for a burner includes a manifold having an inlet aperture and a coaxially aligned outlet aperture, the manifold having a nozzle bore extending along a longitudinal axis between the inlet aperture and the outlet aperture for conveying an effluent gas from an inlet pipe coupleable with the inlet aperture to the outlet aperture for delivery to a combustion chamber of the burner. A nozzle bore scraper is housed within the nozzle bore.
Edwards Limited
 Flow drill screw patent thumbnailFlow drill screw
A flow drill screw can retain a structure and includes a shank extending along a longitudinal axis. The shank includes a first shank end and a second shank end opposite the first shank end.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
 Piston-cylinder assembly having integrated measuring device patent thumbnailPiston-cylinder assembly having integrated measuring device
A piston-cylinder assembly, in particular for pneumatic, hydraulic or mechatronic systems, includes a cylinder housing and a piston. The piston is coupled to a piston rod and disposed in the cylinder housing such that it can move along a longitudinal axis.
Wabco Gmbh
 Fuel injector patent thumbnailFuel injector
A fuel injector, particularly for injecting fuel into a combustion chamber, is provided as including a housing having at least one spray orifice, an armature assembly that is movable linearly in the housing, along a longitudinal axis, a magnetic coil acting magnetically on the armature assembly, a valve element that is movable linearly with respect to the armature assembly and with respect to the housing, for opening and closing the spray orifice, and a pin for limiting the movement of the valve element with respect to the armature assembly.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Rotor blade and guide vane airfoil for a gas turbine engine

The invention refers to a rotor blade or guide vane airfoil for a gas turbine engine having a longitudinal axis and a source of cooling fluid. The airfoil has a pressure wall, a suction wall, a leading edge, a trailing edge and at least one cooling fluid flow passage.
Alstom Technology Ltd

Mud motor drive-shaft with improved bearings

An improved arrangement for bearings for a drive-shaft for off-set or bent drive subassemblies between a mud-motor and a drill-bit in a bottom-hole assembly for directional drilling is provided by using elliptically shaped rollers housed in mating slots in the end or ends of the drive shaft to roll on their axes which are approximately perpendicular to the radius of the shaft and approximately aligned with the shaft's longitudinal axis, to engage with other mating slots in driven or driving housings attached to respectively the mud motor and to the drill's driven bit. The rollers are designed so that as the shaft pivots around a centroid of its tip end(s) the shape of the bearings' outer surface rotates within the slots with improved loading characteristics, with more bearing-to-slot surface area and less point loading than arrangements in the prior art, such as tapered roller bearings or ball bearings..
Newsco Directional Support Services Inc.

Tent pole apparatus with pin member and pole cap

A tent pole apparatus includes a tent pole member having a first, distal end spaced from a second, proximal end along a longitudinal axis thereof. A pin member is disposed at the distal end of the tent pole member.

Railway rail fastening clip and pad for recessed railseats

A resilient railway rail fastening clip (3) has successive first to seventh portions (31 to 37) where, when the clip (3) is in a non-operative configuration, the first and seventh portions (31, 37) of the clip (3) form leg portions which lie in a first plane (p), the second and sixth portions extend substantially away from and above the first plane (p), at least parts of the third and fifth portions (33, 35) extend towards and above the first plane (p) such that the longitudinal axes of the third and fifth portions (33, 35) lie substantially in a second plane (r), different from the said first plane (p), which second plane (r) intersects the first plane (p) at a first acute angle α, and the fourth portion (34) extends substantially in or below the said first plane (p) such that the longitudinal axis of the fourth portion (34) lies substantially in a third plane (q) which is different to the said second plane (r) and intersects the said first plane (p) at a second acute angle β, where 0°≦β<α. A rail pad (4) for use in a sleeper recess (10) has a railseat portion having opposite side edges (43) to which upstanding portions (44) are connected.
Pandrol Limited

Syngas cooler

A system includes a gasifier that may gasify a feedstock to produce a syngas and a syngas cooler that includes a cooling chamber having a tapered configuration. The cooling chamber includes a first section that may separate particulates from the syngas and includes a first opening and a second opening.
General Electric Company

Neck ring system and glassware forming process

A glassware-forming neck ring system includes a neck ring assembly and a carrier assembly carrying the neck ring assembly. The neck ring assembly includes a neck ring guide having a first forming aperture therethrough around a vertical axis, and a neck ring divided along a longitudinal axis into neck ring sections carried by the neck ring guide and movable toward and away from one another along the neck ring guide along a lateral axis.
Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.

Split loading funnel for charging a molten glass gob into a blank mold

A split loading funnel includes two or more individual funnel segments, each of which includes an interior guide surface. The two or more individual funnel segments are arranged relative to one another so that interior guide surfaces of the individual funnel segments cooperate to define a guide passage having a longitudinal axis.
Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.

Method for removal of yarn, especially faulty yarn, from inter-storage of yarn at operating unit of textile machine and device for carrying out the method

The invention also relates to a device for removal of the yarn, especially faulty yarn, from a drum inter-storage of yarn at an operating unit of a textile machine, where the drum inter-storage comprises a drum (1) with a working surface (10). The working surface of the drum (1) is assigned with power means for moving the yarn (0) from the drum (1) by force (f) exerted in the direction of the longitudinal axis (a) towards the end of the drum (1) and/or outside the drum (1), where the drum (1) is assigned with suction pipes (2) of the yarn..

Foil capsule, bottle, machine and making score lines in a foil capsule

The machine for making score lines in a foil capsule comprises a rotary element (30) configured for being inserted in the capsule such that the capsule rotates on a longitudinal axis of the capsule when the rotary element (30) rotates, and at least two cutting elements (31, 32), arranged to make the corresponding cutting lines as the rotary element rotates. The cutting elements (31, 32) are arranged in a mounting (33) configured such that it can rock in a plane about a pivoting axis (35), said longitudinal axis being perpendicular to said plane..

Suspension for a turbine engine

A rear suspension for attaching an aeroengine (20) of longitudinal axis x to a carrier structure or mast (12) of an aircraft, the suspension including at least two clevis-forming vertical uprights (26a, 26b; 28a, 28b) supporting a respective horizontal slideway (30a, 30b) having a roller (32) freely mounted thereon that is suitable for moving in a slot (34a, 34b) in a lug (20a) arranged in a yz plane of transverse axis y and of vertical axis z, in such a manner as to enable the aeroengine to move only in translation along the longitudinal axis x and in pivoting about said longitudinal axis x.. .

Vertical-takeoff aircraft

A vertical-takeoff aircraft with a wing. A first drive unit and a second drive unit are swivellably mounted on the wing.

Helical wound flexible torque transmission cable

A cable adapted to transmit torque in rigging or furling a sail of a boat includes a core having at least one termination end and a bight, and at least one layer of fiber wound around the core, wherein a fiber in a portion of the fiber layer disposed over a center portion of the bight has a first pitch angle relative to a longitudinal axis of the core and wherein a fiber in a portion of the fiber layer disposed over the at least one termination end has a second pitch angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the core. The fiber layer includes a transition zone disposed between the at least one termination end and the center portion, wherein a fiber in the transition zone has an orientation that transitions from the first pitch angle to the second pitch angle..

Shell for bicycle saddle

A shell for a bicycle saddle has a groove opened through top and bottom surfaces thereof, a narrow anterior portion having a front edge, and a wide posterior portion having a rear edge and divided by an imaginary longitudinal axis passing through the front and rear edges and the groove into left and right regions where two sockets are located, respectively. The groove has a longitudinal section extending along the axis, and a transverse section extending from a rear end of the longitudinal section to the left and right regions so as to form two elastic wings adjacent to the groove.
Velo Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Brake master cylinder for a motor vehicle brake system with profiled pressure piston

A brake master cylinder arrangement includes a housing with a cylindrical recess, a pressure piston moveable in the cylindrical recess along a longitudinal axis and guided in a sealing manner, and a reservoir for storing brake fluid that is fluidically connected via a fluid channel to the housing. The pressure piston and the housing enclose a pressure chamber that is connected to a fluid circuit of the brake system.
Lucas Automotive Gmbh

Gas spring end member as well as gas spring assembly and suspension system including same

A gas spring end member is dimensioned for securement along an associated suspension member having an associated planar surface and at least an associated first side surface. The gas spring end member can include a base wall disposed transverse to a longitudinal axis and a bracket wall that extends longitudinally-outwardly from the base wall.
Firestone Industrial Products Company, Llc

Vehicle wheel spoke connection

A vehicle wheel comprising a rim, a hub, and a plurality of spokes extending with a span portion between the rim hub. The rim and/or hub constitutes a bracing element.

Roller system adapted to be used in relation to a flattening flattening foodstuff

A flattening apparatus with a roller system including an impact resistant system and a first conveyor belt facing and arranged opposite to the impact resistant system and having a flattening area between the first conveyor belt and the impact resistant system. The roller system is rotatable mounted adjacent to the first conveyor belt distally away from the impact resistant system across the first conveyor belt.
Marel A/s

Method for producing a flexible wall in a groove of a tread for a tire

Method of manufacturing a tread of a tire made of rubber compound, the said tread comprising a tread surface, at least one groove having a bottom wall and two lateral walls extending from the bottom wall towards the tread surface, and at least one flexible wall arranged in the said groove in such a way as to be able to flex as liquid flows, the said method including molding the tread with at least one groove and at least one connecting element of a thickness equal to that of the wall which element is arranged inside the groove transversely to the longitudinal axis thereof, so that, after vulcanizing, the connecting element connects the lateral walls to the bottom wall over a given depth from the latter cutting the said connecting element at its junction with each of the lateral walls of the groove so as to obtain the flexible wall.. .
Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

Handle for a tool, tooling system and tools for such a system

A handle for actuating a removable instrument formed by a rod extended by an active area, said rod extending in a longitudinal direction ox, said rod having at least one means for mechanically coupling with said handle, characterised in that said handle has a transverse insertion slot, symmetrical relative to a plane yoz, wherein the axis oy is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis ox, said slot opening onto a surface of the handle and having a section corresponding to the section of the coupling area of said rod, in order to allow said coupling area to be inserted by way of a movement in a direction oy, until it butts against the bottom of said slot, said bottom extending in a plane parallel to the plane xoz, wherein xoz designates a plane perpendicular to the axis oy.. .
Safe Orthopaedics

Installation device

A device for installing a lining panel in an aircraft. The installation device comprises a main beam having first and second sections and a hinge pivotably connecting a first end of the first and second sections such that the first section can be pivoted relative to the second section about an axis perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the first section.
Airbus Operations Gmbh

Bar clamp and bar clamp assembly

A bar clamp configured for engagement with a workpiece is provided. The bar clamp includes a pair of parallel elongated bars, each extending along a longitudinal axis.
Damstom Inc.

Partial radial heat exchanger and oxygenator

Methods of making a combination heat exchanger and oxygenator. A heat transfer tubing is wound about a core and a potting compound is applied to a portion of the wound tubing.
Medtronic, Inc.

Nasogastric tube with camera

A system comprising: a nasogastric tube comprising: (a) a main lumen having one or more proximal connectors for connecting to a source of substances or pressure, (b) at least four vacuum lumens peripherally surrounding said main lumen, (c) at least four suction ports for sealingly drawing an inner wall of an esophagus thereagainst, each of said at least four suction ports associated with a different one of said four vacuum lumens, wherein said at least four suction ports are distributed between at least two different locations along a longitudinal axis of said nasogastric tube; and an imaging system for capturing and rendering one or more images of an area accessible by said tube, said imaging system comprising: (d) a camera disposed at a distal end of said nasogastric tube, for capturing said images; (e) an illuminator disposed at said distal end of said nasogastric tube, and (f) a processing unit provided at a proximal end of said nasogastric tube, that is configured to receive and process said captured images, render said processed images on a display screen, and provide a camera control signal to control said camera and a light control signal to control said illuminator.. .
Nutriseal L.p.

Absorbent article comprising an activated region

An absorbent article may comprise at least one abdominal stretch panel, and an absorbent assembly comprising an absorbent core. The chassis may comprise a longitudinal axis, a lateral axis, a front waist region comprising a front waist edge, a back waist region comprising a back waist edge, a crotch region between the waist regions, laterally opposing side edges extending between the front waist edge and the back waist edge, an exterior surface, and an interior surface to which the absorbent assembly is attached.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Tissue-sensing vitrectomy surgical systems and methods

A device for removing a tissue from an eye of a patient is disclosed, comprising a housing, a cutter, and an actuator. The cutter comprises an outer cutting tube coupled to the housing, an outer port formed in the outer cutting tube, an inner cutting tube slidable along the longitudinal axis within the outer cutting tube between a retracted position proximal to the outer port and an extended position distal to the outer port, and a tissue sensor positioned on the cutter and configured to measure a characteristic of the tissue received within the outer port to identify when nontarget tissue enters the outer port.
Alcon Research, Ltd.

Variable stiffness cannula and methods for a surgical system

Described herein is an apparatus for treatment of an ocular condition of a patient, comprising a hollow elongate member sized to penetrate an eye of the patient and including a body portion, a distal tip, and a lumen extending though both. The body portion includes a proximal end, a distal end, and a first diameter, and defines longitudinal axis.
Alcon Research, Ltd.

Personal hygiene implement

A personal hygiene implement comprises an axle that extends along a first longitudinal axis; a movable functional element comprising a base comprising a first side and an opposing second side, a first pillar extending from the first side of the base, wherein the first pillar comprises a piston chamber that is fluidly connected to a discharging through-hole, and at least one cleaning element extending from the second side of the base; and a fixation element comprising a piston which extends orthogonally to the first longitudinal axis; wherein the movable functional element is capable of rotatably oscillating around the axle, and the piston chamber engages with the piston to form a pump.. .
Braun Gmbh

Replaceable multi-directional brush head for a toothbrush and a using the same

A brush head including a housing, detachably securable to a handle of a powered toothbrush. A camshaft extends through a cavity defined in the brush head.
Brushpoint Innovations Inc

Dentists' preparation instrument

Disclosed is a dentists' preparation instrument (1) comprising a turbine (4) for driving a tool (3) using compressed air, and a rotor (6) that is arranged in a turbine compartment (5), rotates about a longitudinal axis (7), and has blades (11) extending to a face (13) of the rotor (6). The turbine compartment (5) has a wall (10) opposite the face (13), and a discharge port (12) for the compressed air in the direction of a returning air duct (8).
Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh

Torsion reduction system

An apparatus, including an insertion tube having a proximal tube end and a distal tube end that includes an electrode, a first irrigation line including proximal and distal irrigation line ends and configured to supply fluid from the distal irrigation line end through apertures in the tube, and an electrical line including a proximal electrical line end and a distal electric line end coupled to the electrode. The apparatus includes a slip ring unit having a stator, a rotor connected to the proximal electrical line end, and a hollow channel extending through respective centers of the stator and the rotor along a longitudinal axis of the slip ring unit.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

Orthopedic fixation devices and instruments for installation thereof

Minimally invasive vertebral stabilization systems may include at least one fastener, at least one coupling element connected to the fastener, and an elongate rod member. The fastener is deliverable to a vertebral body of a patient through an opening.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Systems for and methods of fusing a sacroiliac joint

A sacroiliac joint fusion system including a joint implant, anchor element and delivery tool. The joint implant includes a bore extending non-parallel to the implant longitudinal axis.
Jcbd, Llc

Medical instrument with a flexible toothed belt

A medical instrument has a shaft with a longitudinal axis, a jaw head on a distal end of the shaft having two jaw parts, at least one of the jaw parts being pivotable about a pivot axis extending transversely to the longitudinal axis, the pivotable jaw part having a wheel portion with toothing mounted about the pivot axis, at least one actuation element having a distal end portion with toothing that meshes with the toothing of the wheel portion such that movement of the actuation element along the longitudinal axis pivots the pivotable jaw part, control elements at a proximal end of the shaft controlling movement of the actuation element, said distal end portion with toothing is flexible, one of the jaws having a hollow space arranged distally to the pivot axis, wherein the distal end portion comes in or out of the hollow space when moving the actuation element.. .
Karl Storz Gmbh & Co. Kg

Rotable and pivotable medical instrument

A medical instrument has a shaft, which has a distal end and a proximal end, with a jaw head which is arranged at the distal end and is pivotable out from the longitudinal axis of the shaft, wherein the jaw head has two jaw parts, of which at least one is pivotable, furthermore, with a first actuation element for pivoting the jaw head, and with a second actuation element for pivoting the pivotable jaw part, wherein the actuation elements are received in the shaft, and with control elements which are arranged at the proximal end of the shaft and are used for controlling the movement of the actuation elements. The actuation elements are arranged extending coaxially with respect to each other, and that the actuation elements are received in the shaft so as to be rotatable jointly about the shaft axis and to be rotatable relative to the shaft..
Karl Storz Gmbh & Co. Kg

Surgical bur with plural flutes and a groove, the groove formed in a single one of the flutes and spaced away from the distal end of the bur

A bur with features that minimize the application of substantially identical forces to the tissue against which the bur is applied. One of these features is a single groove located in a single one of the flutes.
Stryker Ireland, Ltd.

Surgical access devices and methods providing seal movement in predefined movement regions

Various methods and devices are provided for allowing multiple surgical instruments to be inserted into sealing elements of a single surgical access device. The sealing elements can be movable along predefined pathways within the device to allow surgical instruments inserted through the sealing elements to be moved laterally, rotationally, angularly, and vertically relative to a central longitudinal axis of the device for ease of manipulation within a patient's body while maintaining insufflation..
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

Ultrasound probe centering device

A centering device for use with an ultrasound probe and the combination of that device and the probe is disclosed. The probe has a distal portion in which an ultrasound emitter is located.
Civco Medical Instrument Co., Inc.

Integrated multi-rail imaging system

The imaging system can comprise a plurality of elongated rails, a scanhead assembly, and a small animal mount assembly. The scanhead assembly is selectively mounted onto a first rail and is constructed and arranged for movement in a linear bi-directional manner along the longitudinal axis of the first rail.
Fujifilm Sonosite, Inc.


A laryngoscope is described for inserting into a mouth of a patient having a tongue, the laryngoscope comprising a handle and an elongate blade detachably fixed to the handle in a plane angularly disposed with respect to the longitudinal axis of the handle. The blade includes a stationary portion and a movable portion having a surface for engaging the tongue of the patient, the movable portion mounted to the stationary portion of the blade for rotation about an axis substantially along the longitudinal axis of the blade.

Cyclonic vacuum cleaner and dirt separator

A vacuum cleaner operable to separate debris from an air stream. The vacuum cleaner includes a first cyclonic separator and a second cyclonic separator having an inlet configured to receive the air stream from the first cyclonic separator.
Techtronic Floor Care Technology Limited

Toothbrush with biofilm-removing touch points

A tooth brush device having bristle touch-points composed of a polymer material (e.g., silicone) provides improved biofilm removal from teeth. The tooth brush device comprises a head with an apex, a base opposite the apex, a front surface, and a back surface opposite the front surface.

Apparatus for injecting soil treatments

Apparatus for injecting soil treatment into soil includes a manifold head having at least one high pressure nozzle for injecting the soil treatment into the soil and a handle having a longitudinal axis and a lateral axis. The handle comprises an upper portion having two spaced-apart tubular shafts and a lower portion having two spaced-apart tubular shafts.
Basf Agro B.v. Arnhem (nl), Zurich Branch

Conduit and a cleaning a conduit

The invention relates to a conduit for transferring milk. The conduit is provided with at least one flexible wall, which divides the conduit into at least one milk duct and at least one secondary duct.
Lely Patent N.v.

Electromechanical transducer

An improved electromechanical transducer is provided. In an embodiment, the transducer comprises at least two flux modules, each defining a magnetic circuit having a gap; an armature configured to move along a longitudinal axis passing through the gaps; and a gas containment structure laterally surrounding the armature, wherein: the at least two flux modules are provided outside the gas containment structure; and the armature comprises a reinforcing portion laterally outside of the gaps that is wider in a direction parallel to the flux in the gaps than at least one of the gaps..
Isis Innovation Limited

Spacer device

A spacer device includes an elongate spacing member extending a longitudinal axis for securing to electrical transmission lines, and has a minimum thickness dm. At least one thickened portion having a thickness tt and length dt is positioned intermediate along the spacing member to form at least two column lengths lc separated by the at least one thickened portion.

Feedthrough device for an explosion-proof housing

A feedthrough device (10) for an explosion-proof housing constructed as a “flameproof enclosure” of the flame protection type. The feedthrough device (10) is arranged in a wall opening of the housing and forms a flameproof gap therein.
R. Stahl Schaltgerate Gmbh

Electrical connection system

Electrical connection system, in particular of an underground cable, with a first connecting piece which can be connected to an end of a first cable, wherein a longitudinal axis of the first cable determines a first longitudinal axis, and a second connecting piece which can be connected to an end of a second cable, wherein a longitudinal axis of the second cable determines a second longitudinal axis, wherein the first connecting piece has a seat formed for a protrusion of the second connecting piece, and the second connecting piece has a protrusion corresponding to the seat, and wherein the protrusion can be arranged in the seat to form an electrically conductive connection between the connecting pieces. A particularly simple installation in the region of the underground cables is possible because the seat extends parallel to the first longitudinal axis, the protrusion extends parallel to the second longitudinal axis, and the protrusion can be pushed into the seat parallel to the first longitudinal axis..
Auto-kabel Management Gmbh

Dielectric layers having ordered elongate pores

Embodiments of the present disclosure describe dielectric layers and methods for their fabrication and use. In some embodiments, a dielectric layer may include a dielectric material and a plurality of elongate pores.

Orthogonal acceleration coaxial cylinder time of flight mass analyser

A time of flight mass analyser is disclosed comprising an annular ion guide having a longitudinal axis and comprising a first annular ion guide section and a second annular ion guide section. Ions are introduced into the first annular ion guide section so that the ions form substantially stable circular orbits within the first annular ion guide section about the longitudinal axis.
Micromass Uk Limited

Collision cell

A method of operating a gas-filled collision cell in a mass spectrometer is provided. The collision cell has a longitudinal axis.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

Notebook metal hinge as heat sink element

A computing device can include a base portion housing a central processing unit, a heat exhaust element disposed within the base portion and operable to move air past the central processing unit, a display portion configured to display information to a user, and a metal hinge portion operably coupling the base portion to the display portion and being operable to couple the base portion to the display portion between an open and a closed configuration. The hinge portion can include a hollow cavity extending parallel to a longitudinal axis of the metal hinge and a longitudinal slot in a wall of the metal hinge and parallel to the longitudinal axis, where the longitudinal slot is positioned relative to the heat exhaust element so as to receive air moved by the heat exhaust element through the slot and into the hollow cavity..
Google, Inc.

Cable enclosure systems, plugs and methods for using the same

An enclosure system for receiving a cable includes an enclosure having an inner chamber and an open position exposing the inner chamber and a closed position covering the inner chamber. A cable receiving port in a wall of the enclosure extends along a longitudinal axis from outside of the enclosure into the inner chamber.
Tyco Electronics Corporation

Compact photonic platforms

Compact photonics platforms and methods of forming the same are provided. An example of a compact photonics platform includes a layered structure having an active region along a longitudinal axis, a facet having an angle no less than a critical angle formed at least one longitudinal end of the active region, and a waveguide having at least one grating coupler positioned in alignment with the angled facet to couple light out to or in from the waveguide..

Illumination device having a tapered light guide

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for illumination devices. In one aspect, an illumination device having a longitudinal axis includes a light source and a light guide.
Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

Illumination device having a tapered light guide

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for illumination devices. In one aspect, an illumination device having a longitudinal axis includes a light source and a light guide.
Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

Rf shielding conduit in an mri closure assembly

The present invention provides, in a magnetic resonance imaging device (mrd) comprising (a) a main longitudinal axis with a distal and proximal ends; (b) an open bore extended along the axis and terminated by an aperture located in the proximal end; and (c) a closure assembly which is shaped to fit the aperture; an rf shielding conduit (rfsc), having apertures shaped to permit passage of medical equipment tubing from the external environment of the mrd to inner space of the bore, affixed to the closure assembly, wherein the conduit is characterized by a length (l) and width (w), l:w ratio is greater than a predefined value n, thereby providing rf shielding.. .
Aspect Imaging Ltd.

Tape measure apparatus with a rotating and sliding catch

An improved tape measure apparatus which includes a catch that is both slidable and rotatable relative to the rule blade in a plane which is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the rule blade when the rule blade is extended from the tape casing. In one embodiment the catch can both rotate and slide relative to the rule blade when frictional forces exceed a predefined minimum or are within a predefined range..


An arrowhead having a tip end, a shaft end, and a longitudinal axis intersecting the tip end and the shaft end. The arrowhead has a first portion longitudinally positioned between the tip end and the shaft end and having a first maximum diameter.
Hartcraft, Ltd.

Annular wall for turbomachine combustion chamber comprising cooling orifices conducive to counter-rotation

An annular wall for a turbomachine combustion chamber is disclosed, comprising cooling orifices through which cooling air can circulate through the annular wall, each having an air injection axis oriented orthogonal to a longitudinal axis of the annular wall. The cooling orifices are distributed into first annular rows of cooling orifices oriented in a first circumferential direction from an outer face as far as an inner face of the annular wall, and second annular rows of cooling orifices oriented in a second circumferential direction opposite the first circumferential direction from the outer face as far as the inner face of said annular wall.

Plug for a fluid coupling, corresponding valve, bottle and filling method

Stopper (1) for fluid coupling and comprising a self-locking sheath (11) designed to be slipped onto a connector (2), the sheath (11) extending about a central longitudinal axis (13), the sheath (11) comprising, on its inner surface and at a first end, a tapped portion (12) designed to engage with a mating threaded portion (20) formed on the outer surface of a connector (2) so that it can be screwed onto the latter or unscrewed therefrom by rotation about a direction parallel to the longitudinal axis (13), characterized in that the tapped portion (12) comprises at least one recess (116) parallel to the longitudinal axis (13), in projection according to a plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis (13), the at least one recess (116) being secant with the circle of smaller diameter of the tapping (12), and in that the inner surface of the sheath (11) comprises, at a second end opposite the first end, a spindle (14) extending inside the sheath (11) in a direction parallel to the longitudinal axis (13) towards the second end of the sheath (11) as far as a free end (15) located between the first and second ends of the sheath (11), said free end (15) of the spindle (14) being designed to form a protective cover for a surface of the connector designed to engage with a filling tool.. .
L'air Liquide, Société Anonyme Pour I'etuede Et I'exploitation Des Procédés Georges Claude

Actuator assemblies

Actuator assemblies with a casing having an elongated body defining an interior with a longitudinal axis and an open end providing access to the interior, a main piston having at least a portion slidably received within the interior through the open end for sliding axial movement relative to the longitudinal axis between a retracted position and an extended position and a lock segment mounted to a portion of the main piston such that sliding movement of the lock segment moves the lock segment radially, relative to the longitudinal axis, between a locked position and an unlocked position.. .
Triumph Actuation Systems - Yakima, Llc

Annular flow jet pump for solid liquid gas media

A fluid jet pump assembly is provided having a pump body for receiving a plurality of fluids to be pumped. The assembly includes a venturi subassembly mounted within the pump body having a venturi throat section placed in a pump fluid flow path for receiving a power fluid and a well fluid at a venturi inlet.
General Electric Company

Filter device, in particular for gas filtration

A filter device with filter housing and housing cover has a filter element disposed therein. A first holding part on the filter element projects past an outer wall surface of the filter element.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Axis maintenance apparatus, systems, and methods

In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to select a longitudinal axis (250) within a borehole (220), and to move a down hole housing using at least one set of rollers (82) attached to the housing to contact a surface of the borehole (220), so that simultaneous movement with two rotational degrees of freedom is enabled within the borehole (220). The centerline of the housing can be substantially aligned with a selected longitudinal axis (250) while the housing moves along the selected longitudinal axis.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Tile installation tool

A tile installation tool comprising a base defining substantially opposed base first and second end edges and a longitudinal axis extending therebetween; and a screeding element including a central portion and first and second screeding protrusions extending therefrom away from the central portion along respectively first and second directions that are angled relative to each other, the first and second screeding protrusions having different dimensions perpendicularly to the first and second directions. The screeding element is mountable to the base in a first configuration and in a second configuration, the screeding element being substantially transversally substantially fixed relative to the base in both the first and second configurations and at least part of the first and second screeding protrusions protruding substantially longitudinally from the base first end edge with the screeding element selectively movable substantially longitudinally relative to the base in the first and second configurations respectively..

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