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Longitudinal Axis patents


This page is updated frequently with new Longitudinal Axis-related patent applications.

new patent Rotor and electrical machine
A rotor for an electrical machine is provided, comprising a main rotor (2), which can be rotated about a longitudinal axis (3) and which is free of permanent magnets, and having an auxiliary rotor (5), which comprises at least one axial flux rotor (6), which can also be rotated about the longitudinal axis (3) and is arranged in axial direction adjacent to the main rotor (2), in which the axial flux rotor (6) comprises permanent magnets (8). Furthermore, an electrical machine with the rotor (2, 5) and a stator (1) is provided..
Feaam Gmbh

new patent Nonmetallic push-in connector
A push-in connector generally having an interior channel equipped with longitudinal protrusions that run at least part of the length of the interior channel of the connector body to define grooves through which wires of a different gauges can be inserted. When the user rotates the connector body about its longitudinal axis, the interior channel defines a second gauge through which a wire of a second gauge can pass.

new patent Calibration device and calibration a laser beam horizontal trueness testing device
Calibration device and calibration method for calibration of a laser beam horizontal trueness testing device whereby the calibration device comprises an elongated support body for support of an elongated laser housing with a longitudinal axis and a laser source, whereby a laser beam is emittable in a direction of the longitudinal axis. According to the calibration method, calibration parameters are determined based on at least three impinging positions of the laser beam of the laser housing for at least two different rotational positions of the laser housing in a first face and at least one position of the laser housing in a second opposing face..
Leica Geosystems Ag

new patent Inertial navigation system
An inertial measurement system for a longitudinal projectile comprising: a first, roll gyro to be oriented substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the projectile; a second gyro and a third gyro with axes arranged with respect to the roll gyro such that they define a three dimensional coordinate system; a controller, arranged to: compute a current projectile attitude from the outputs of the first, second and third gyros, the computed attitude comprising a roll angle, a pitch angle and a yaw angle; compare the computed pitch and yaw angles with expected values for the pitch and yaw angles; calculate a roll angle error and a roll scale factor error based on the difference between the computed pitch and yaw angles and the expected pitch and yaw angles; and apply the calculated roll angle error and roll scale factor error to the output of the roll gyro.. .
Atlantic Inertial Systems Limited

new patent Body deformation sensor and use of such a body deformation sensor
A body deformation sensor includes a telescopic arm that is collapsible along a longitudinal axis. The telescopic arm includes a length sensor for detecting a length of the telescopic arm.
Kistler Holding Ag

new patent Downhole anchor
The disclosure provides a downhole anchoring apparatus for use in a downhole tool. An example downhole anchoring apparatus may include a housing with a hub provided within the housing.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

new patent A downhole production casing string
The present invention relates to a downhole production casing string for insertion in a borehole in a reservoir, the downhole production casing string having a first end nearest a top of the borehole and a second end furthest away from the top, the downhole production casing string extending along a longitudinal axis and comprising at least one opening which during production allows hydrocarbon-containing fluid from the reservoir into the downhole production casing string, a plurality of casing parts having end sections and a base section between the end sections, the base section having an outer diameter, and at least one annular projecting element having an outer face and at least one helical groove arranged in or on the outer face and having an overall outer diameter which is larger than the outer diameter of the base section. Furthermore, the invention relates to a downhole production casing string system for completing a well downhole and to a method of implementing a production casing string according to the invention..
Welltec A/s

new patent Bistable electromechanical magnetic locking device
An electromagnetically actuated, bistable locking device is disclosed. The locking device has a lock pin that is moveable substantially along a longitudinal axis between an extended position and a retracted position, at least one permanent magnet with two pole ends, at least one electromagnet having first and second ends and electromagnetically actuated in one of the extended and retracted positions of the lock pin, a mechanical interconnection between the pin lock and the at least one permanent magnet for moving said pin lock between the extended and the retracted positions of the lock pin at the actuation of the electromagnet.

new patent Machine and filling containers
A machine for filling containers, each container having a longitudinal axis, the machine comprising: a conveying device; at least one handling unit including a support device configured to receive and retain a container and at least one filling device selectively activated for feeding a pourable product into the container while the at least one handling unit travels along the transfer path; a pressurizing circuit; a decompression circuit; at least one actuating device; and a control unit configured to: control activation and deactivation of the at least one filling device and the at least one actuating device; control connection of the pressurization circuit and the decompression circuit with the container; and simultaneously maintain the at least one actuating device in an active state while the decompression circuit is in communication with the container so as to rotate the container about the longitudinal axis during decompression.. .
Sidel Participations S.a.s.

new patent Container for stacked foodstuff
A container for foodstuff is provided and includes a housing having an inner surface extending from a proximal end to a distal end about a longitudinal axis. The inner surface defines a height h1 and a width d1, whereby a ratio of the height h1 to the width d1 is between approximately 0.5 and 2.0.
Kellogg Company

new patent

Steering column produced from fibre-composite and on the basis of pultrusion, braiding and/or winding technology

The invention relates to a steering column for a motor vehicle comprising a steering shaft which is mounted in a steering shaft mounting unit and is rotatable about a longitudinal axis, and comprising a support unit for connecting the steering shaft mounting unit to the body of the motor vehicle. At least one component of the steering column is composed at least partially of a fibre-reinforced composite material and the component lies in the flux of force between the steering column and the body.
Thyssenkrupp Presta Ag

new patent

Feeder insert for a vertically split casting mold

A feeder insert (10) for use in a vertically split casting mold that is used for the casting of metals includes a feeder body (11), which has an internal cavity (12) as feeder volume and which is composed of an exothermic and/or insulating material and which, in the base surface (17) thereof, which faces toward a pattern inserted into the casting mold during production of the casting mold, has a feeder opening (18) for connecting the cavity (12) to the mold cavity of the casting mold, wherein the feeder body (11) is oriented with its longitudinal axis (21), which runs through the feeder opening (18), at an angle with respect to the vertically oriented pattern and so as to be horizontal relative to the pattern, and the volume of the internal cavity (12) is of asymmetrical design with respect to an imaginary parting plane (25) running in or parallel to the longitudinal axis (21), characterized in that the feeder body (11) has an uneven mass distribution with respect to the parting plane (25), with a center of mass situated to one side of and spaced apart from the parting plane (25), and that region (28) of the internal cavity (12) of the feeder body (11) which is situated on that side of the parting plane (25) which is situated opposite the center of mass has a larger volume than that region (29) of the internal cavity (12) which is situated on that side of the parting plane (25) which faces toward the center of the mass.. .
Gtp Schaefer Giesstechnische Produkte Gmbh

new patent

Stacked hot melt reservoir and methods of assembling same

A thermal reservoir including a melting section and a heating arrangement is provided. A method of assembling is also provided.
Moldman Systems Llc

new patent

Filtering assembly comprising a filter cartridge

The present invention relates to a filtering assembly (1) for filtering at least one fluid circulating in particular in an engine or a hydraulic device, comprising: a filter body (2), which comprises a vessel (3) and a head (4), the vessel (3) and the head (4) being provided to engage with one another in order to close the filter body (2), in particular by screwing; a tube (15), in particular a central tube, which is inside the filter body (2) and extends along a longitudinal axis (x); a removable filtration cartridge (16,) which is accommodated in the filter body (2) and includes an upper end plate (20), a lower end plate (21) and a filtration medium (22) which extends between the upper (20) and lower (21) end plates, the filtering medium (22) having a tubular opening (17) for surrounding the tube (15), characterized in that the upper end plate (20) comprises first reversible rigid-connection means (25) and in that the vessel (3) comprises second reversible rigid-connection means (26) which are complementary to the first reversible rigid-connection means (25), such as to enable the filtration cartridge (16) to stay in position in the vessel on the one hand, and in the filtering assembly (1) on the other hand, only by rigidly connecting the first and second reversible rigid-connection means (25, 26).. .
Cummins Filtration Sarl

new patent

Fluid filter system

An endcap including a first plate member including a radial inner portion, a radial outer portion, and defining a longitudinal axis. The endcap also includes a flange disposed between the radial inner and outer portions of the first plate member and projecting axially along the longitudinal axis in a first direction.
Advanced Filtration Systems, Inc.

new patent

Golf bag and golf bag collar

A golf bag and golf bag collar structure are disclosed. More specifically, a golf bag including a rigid frame including a collar having a top edge and a bottom edge is disclosed.
Dunlop Sports Company Limited

new patent

Packaging systems and methods

Systems and methods are provided for delivering single-dose packages sequentially from a substantially continuous strip having a first dispensing end and a second end, e.g., contained within a cassette or other dispenser. The strip includes a cover layer attached to a base layer to define a plurality of blisters therebetween that have one or more medications therein.
Id-con, Llc

new patent

Stirrups devices

A stirrups device includes a transverse member having a first end, a second end, and a horizontal axis. The device also includes first and second connectors fastened to corresponding first and second ends of the transverse member.

new patent

Earplug assembly for iontophoresis system

An apparatus includes a rigid body, a flexible sealing element, a nozzle assembly, and an electrode. The rigid body defines a channel, a reservoir, and a vent path.
Tusker Medical, Inc.

new patent

Highly flexible stent and manufacture

Preferred embodiments of a stent with a high degree of flexibility are shown and described. The stent can include a continuous helical winding and at least one bridge.
Angiomed Gmbh & Co. Medizintechnik Kg

new patent

Expandable intervertebral implant

An implant for therapeutically separating bones of a joint has two endplates each having an opening through the endplate, and at least one ramped surface on a side opposite a bone engaging side. A frame is slideably connected to the endplates to enable the endplates to move relative to each other at an angle with respect to the longitudinal axis of the implant, in sliding connection with the frame.
Globus Medical, Inc.

new patent

Stents for prosthetic heart valves

A prosthetic valve including a wire frame having a generally tubular body portion, an interior area, a longitudinal axis, a first end comprising a plurality of crowns, and a second end comprising a greater number of crowns than the first end. The wire frame includes a plurality of adjacent rows of modified diamond-shaped structures extending between the first and second ends.
Medtronic, Inc.

new patent

System and uv tacking an implant

A surgical instrument is provided including a handle portion and a body portion extending distally from the handle portion and defining a longitudinal axis. The surgical instrument also includes a grasper disposed at a distal end of the body portion, the grasper including an ultraviolet (uv) light mechanism for performing uv tacking of an implant.
Covidien Lp

new patent

Wrist and jaw assemblies for robotic surgical systems

An end effector for use and connection to a robot arm of a robotic surgical system, wherein the end effector is controlled and/or articulated by at least one cable extending from a respective motor of a control device of the robot surgical system, is provided. The end effector includes a jaw assembly defining a longitudinal axis and including a pair of jaws.
Covidien Lp

new patent

System and aligning an elongated tool to an occluded target

A system and a method for aligning an elongated tool to an occluded target are disclosed. The system comprises an adjustment mechanism configured to adjust an angular orientation of the elongated tool relative to a pivot point spaced from the target; an imaging device configured to capture one or more x-ray images of the elongated tool and the target; and a processor communicatively coupled with the adjustment mechanism and imaging device, wherein the processor is configured to: extract euclidean vector data of the elongated tool based on image data of an x-ray image received from the imaging device; and control the adjustment mechanism to iteratively adjust the angular orientation of the elongated tool based on the euclidean vector data to align a longitudinal axis of the elongated tool with the target and the pivot point..
Ndr Medical Technology Pte. Ltd.

new patent

Ultrasonic surgical instrument

An ultrasonic surgical instrument having a proximal portion forming a socket attached to an ultrasonic vibration generating device, and a distal portion, the instrument extending from the proximal portion to the distal portion along a main longitudinal axis, said instrument comprising a fluid channel, wherein the distal portion comprises a cutting portion, a fluid port and one or two radial bumps extending radially outwardly, such radial projections having a longitudinal position corresponding substantially to the longitudinal position of the cutting portion, whereby the radial bump provides a mark and/or a tactile location point beneath the skin for the surgeon, for use in rhinoplasty or jaw surgery.. .
Nsk Nakanishi Inc.

new patent

Patient-specific total hip arthroplasty

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for performing total hip arthroplasty with patient-specific guides. Pre-operative images of a pelvic region of a patient are taken in order to predefine the structure of the guides and corresponding implants.
Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

new patent

Ultrasonic endoscope

The ultrasonic endoscope includes: an insertion part that includes a tip, a base end, and a longitudinal axis; an ultrasonic transducer that is provided at the tip of the insertion part; a locking groove that is a balloon mounting portion which is disposed closer to the base end of the insertion part than the ultrasonic transducer is and on which a balloon wrapping the ultrasonic transducer is detachably mounted; a balloon pipe line that extends in the insertion part; a tip-side opening surface of the balloon pipe line that is provided closer to the tip than the locking groove and has components normal to a direction of the longitudinal axis; and a groove portion which is formed toward the tip from the tip-side opening surface as a starting point and of which at least a part overlaps the ultrasonic transducer in the direction of the longitudinal axis.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

new patent

Medical measuring production of the measuring system

The invention relates to a medical technology measuring system (1) comprising a measuring device (10) for measuring a characteristic of a fluid—in particular, for pressure measurement—wherein the measuring device comprises a lead (20) which extends along a central longitudinal axis (m) and is equipped to guide a fluid—in particular, blood—inside a longitudinal cavity (24) enclosed by a wall, and a sensor device (30) comprising a sensor (32) which is equipped to measure a characteristic of the fluid guided in the longitudinal cavity, wherein the measuring system (1) has an overmolding (9) which at least partially surrounds the measuring device (10)—preferably, both at least the sensor device (30) and also a section of the lead (20). As a result, the measuring device can be fastened and positioned on the lead in a simple and/or reliable, robust manner.
Novalung Gmbh

new patent

Apparatus and aligning stereoscopic lens assemblies

An adjustable assembly for a lens system comprises a lens assembly mount having a first bore and a second bore, a lens assembly that has a fixed longitudinal axis within the first bore, and an adjustable lens tube housing a second lens assembly within the second bore. The adjustable lens tube has a proximal portion, a distal portion forming a spherical joint with a distal portion of the second bore, and a longitudinal axis.
Transenterix Surgical, Inc.

new patent

Movement-resistant floor mat

A floor mat made of a rubber sheet having a top surface and a bottom surface with spaced-apart lugs extending therefrom, each lug having a pair of opposing nibs spaced-apart to define a passage therebetween with a longitudinal axis in a selected direction and the selected direction different from the direction of the longitudinal axis of the passage in an adjacent lug, which lugs cooperatively resist movement of the mat in response to loading by foot and wheeled cart traffic across the floor mat disposed on a floor surface.. .
Mmi Andersen Company, Llc

new patent

Transfer disc and its use

The object of the application is a transfer disc (2) for the transferring of tobacco industry's rod-like articles (5) provided with lugs (3), where the disc is characterized in that a front surface (3a) of the lug (3) is inclined in a direction corresponding to the direction (t1) of rotation of the transfer disc (2), and the lug (3) is configured so that it hits a rod-like article (5) above the longitudinal axis (x) of the rod-like article (5).. .
International Tobacco Machinery Poland Sp. Z O. O.

new patent

Multilayer high pressure cylindrical vessel apt in particular for high pressure processing

A multilayer high pressure cylindrical vessel (1) has an inner metal cylinder (3), the inner surface defining an inner volume of the vessel (1) along the radial direction, an outer metal cylinder (4), and one intermediate cylindrical layer sandwiched in space between the inner cylinder (3) and the outer cylinder (4) has and comprising a number of circular wedge segments (51) separated by gaps (52). To improve the vessel there exists an interference fit between the one intermediate cylindrical layer and the adjoining solid cylinders and said gaps (52) are broken by bridges (522) connecting angularly adjacent circular segments (51) and defining two axially adjacent gap sections (521) so that the cylindrical layer is a single cylindrical element (5), and the circular wedge segments (51) separated by gaps (52) both extend in parallel to each other along the longitudinal axis of the vessel (1)..
Exdin Solutions Sp. Z O.o.

new patent

Agricultural harvester with improved rotor transition geometry

An agricultural harvester includes a chassis and a threshing and separating system carried by the chassis that is configured for threshing and separating grain from gathered crop material. The threshing and separating system includes: a rotor defining a longitudinal axis; a concave at least partially surrounding the rotor; a transition cone defining an infeed to the rotor; and a transition surface connecting the transition cone to the concave and having a conical portion defined about the longitudinal axis and a blended portion connected to the conical portion.
Cnh Industrial America Llc

Electric machine having rotor and stator cooling assembly

A cooling assembly is disclosed for use with an electric machine having a housing, a shaft rotatably supported within the housing, a rotor operatively coupled to rotate with the shaft, and a stator annularly surrounding the rotor. The cooling assembly may have an axial passage formed along a longitudinal axis of the shaft and configured to direct cooling oil from a first end of the shaft towards a second end of the shaft opposite the first end of the shaft.
Caterpillar Inc.

Particle resistant enclosure for dead tank circuit breaker

A tank for a circuit breaker has a body defining an interior volume and having opposing ends. An flange is at each end of the body with the flanges defining a central longitudinal axis of the body.
Abb Technology Ag

Linear and rotational adjustment systems

Systems and methods may include a motor and an output shaft apparatus. The output shaft apparatus may be configured to position a manufacturing component using the motor.
Seagate Technology Llc

Ligature for a wind instrument

A ligature for a wind instrument is provided. The ligature includes a cord harness having a plurality of apertures extending transverse to a longitudinal axis of the cord harness, and an adjuster.
Leto R&d Corporation

Spirit level

A spirit level has a hollow profile member as the spirit level body and at least one bubble level with a bubble level holder. The bubble level holder is mounted moveably in the spirit level body, and the bubble level holder has an opening into which a fixing means can be introduced through a wall of the spirit level body.
Sola-messwerkzeuge Gmbh

High throughput triangulation system

A system for measuring heights of multiple structures of an object, the system may include an illumination module that is configured to illuminate the object by a light strip that is spatially incoherent; multiple cameras; a collection module that is configured to collect light that is reflected from the object and to distribute the light to the multiple cameras; wherein the collection module has an elongated field of view that has a longitudinal axis that is parallel to the light strip; wherein the multiple cameras are configured to generate, during a height measurement process, detection signals indicative of heights of the multiple structures; a mechanical stage for introducing a movement, during the height measurement process, between the object and each one of the illumination module and the collection module; and a processor that is configured to process the detection signals to determine the heights of the multiple structures.. .
Camtek Ltd.

Stirling cryocooler

In a stirling cryocooler, a displacer includes an internal space which is filled with gas. The displacer is reciprocatably accommodated in the expander main body.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Hydraulic pump

A hydraulic pump is described comprising a rotor provided for rotation about a longitudinal axis (x-x) within a housing. The pump comprises a plurality of chambers for pumping a fluid that are provided by longitudinally extending recesses in a circumferential outer surface of the rotor.
Hs Wroclaw Sp. Z O. O.

Self venting piston plugs

A piston plug includes a cylindrical body having a longitudinal axis and an outer cylindrical surface. The outer cylindrical surface extends longitudinally between a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface.
Dresser-rand Company

Motive air conditioning system for gas turbines

A motive air conditioning system for a gas turbine assembly is provided. The motive air conditioning system may include an inlet flow channel configured to be fluidly coupled with the gas turbine assembly.
Dresser-rand Company

Particulate filter for a motor vehicle

A particulate filter for a motor vehicle has a casing (2) that allows through flow. A core (4) is accommodated in the casing (2) and allows through flow.
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

Camshaft adjuster

A camshaft adjuster including a stator and a rotor, wherein the stator and the rotor are arranged such as to be able to rotate relative to one another, the camshaft adjuster has a cover which is connected to the stator or to the rotor such as to rotate therewith, and wherein the stator an/or the rotor and/or the cover has a through-opening which is at least partially penetrated by a screw, wherein the camshaft adjuster has a threaded bushing which is inserted in the through-opening and which includes a tubular piece having an internal screw thread and a radial collar arranged at one end of the tubular piece, wherein the screw engages in the threaded bushing, the threaded bushing has a bearing face which is arranged in the transition from the radial collar to the tubular piece and which is oriented at an angle to a longitudinal axis of the tubular piece, and the threaded bushing bears with the bearing face against a correspondingly shaped counterface of the stator an/or of the rotor and/or of the cover.. .
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

Fixed displacement turbine engine

An engine comprises a compression portion and a combustion portion. The compression portion comprises twin-screw rotors, male engaged with female.

Hydraulic hinge, in particular concealed hinge for doors

A hydraulic hinge comprising a fixed element anchorable to a stationary support structure and a movable element anchorable to a dosing element. The fixed and movable elements are mutually coupled in such a way that the latter rotates with respect to the former about a first longitudinal axis between an open position and a closed position.
Ol.mi S.r.l.

Sewing needle with double twist groove

A sewing needle is used in a sewing machine. The sewing needle has a working portion with a needle eye and a region which tapers into a needle tip.
Groz-beckert Kg

Humidifying apparatus

A cap assembly for conveying air into the interior of a container and water from the interior of the container, the cap assembly comprising a valve moveable from a first position, in which the cap assembly is closed, to a second position, in which the cap assembly is open to permit the flow of air and water through the cap assembly, the cap assembly further comprising at least two apertures through which the air and water can flow when the cap assembly is open, wherein the apertures are offset with respect to one another in a direction along the longitudinal axis of the cap assembly.. .
Dyson Technology Limited

Passive wireless sensors for rotary machines

A rotary machine includes a rotatable shaft and a retaining ring coupled to, and at least partially extending about, the rotatable shaft. The rotatable shaft defines a longitudinal axis.
General Electric Company

Side rail with flat hook retaining feature

A semi-trailer includes first and second main beams that extend parallel to a longitudinal axis. A left side rail extends parallel to the longitudinal axis and defines a left lateral side of the trailer, and a right side rail extends parallel to the longitudinal axis and defines a right lateral side of the trailer.
East Manufacturing Corporation

Writing device having a ribbed stylus tip

There is provided a reversible ink-stylus assembly that includes an ink cartridge assembly. The ink cartridge assembly includes an ink cartridge and an ink tip, where the ink tip is attached to a first end of the ink cartridge.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Can decorator machine, ink station assembly therefor, and can decorating method employing same

An ink station assembly is for a can decorator machine structured to decorate a plurality of cans. The ink station assembly includes a first oscillator roll and a second oscillator roll each having a longitudinal axis and being structured to oscillate back and forth along the longitudinal axis, a printing plate cylinder including a printing plate, and only one single form roll cooperating with the printing plate cylinder to apply a supply of ink to the printing plate, the single form roll cooperating with the first oscillator roll and the second oscillator roll..
Stolle Machinery Company, Llc

Shaving blade cartridge

A shaving blade cartridge including a housing extending along a longitudinal axis (x-x), having first and second longitudinal sides, and being provided with a through hole extending transversally to the longitudinal axis through the housing. The shaving blade cartridge also includes at least one cutting blade and a clip retaining the at least one cutting blade in the housing and having a first leg, a second leg, and a clip body.
Bic-violex Sa

Composite focus tubes

A composite focus tube for a cutting head of an abrasive waterjet cutting machine includes a chemical vapor deposition diamond (cvdd) tube retained within a holder. The cvdd tube is held within a passage extending through the holder by filling the volume between walls of the cvdd tube and walls of the passage with a polymer, ideally an adhesive, or with a low-melting point metal or alloy, which support and hold the cvdd tube in position without exerting significant stress on it.

Methods of forming earth-boring tools, methods of affixing cutting elements to earth-boring tools

An earth-boring tool may comprise a body having at least one blade, and at least one cutting element recess may be formed in a surface of the at least one blade. At least one cutting element may be affixed within the at least one cutting element recess.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Refractory mold and making

A refractory mold is disclosed. The refractory mold includes a fugitive pattern assembly comprising a hollow sprue that comprises a sprue wall disposed about a longitudinal axis; a pattern disposed outwardly of the sprue wall; and an outwardly extending gate attached to and extending between the sprue wall and the pattern, the hollow sprue, pattern and gate each formed from a fugitive material; and a refractory mold formed on and having a mold cavity defined by an outer surface of the fugitive pattern assembly..
Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Rotating suction chamber apparatus

A rotating suction chamber apparatus for sorting a mixture of materials comprises a cylindrical drum with its upper end is at a higher elevation than its lower end. An upper housing connected to the upper end has a material intake for receiving the mixture of materials for introduction to the upper end.
Cp Manufacturing, Inc.

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