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Longitudinal Axis patents

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Permanent magnet rotor shaft assembly and method

Skf Magnetic Mechatronics

Permanent magnet rotor shaft assembly and method

Ball-end milling cutter tool

United Technologies

Ball-end milling cutter tool

Ball-end milling cutter tool

Covidien Lp

Wind up deployment mechanisms for surgical instruments

Date/App# patent app List of recent Longitudinal Axis-related patents
 Occluding device patent thumbnailnew patent Occluding device
An occluding device is provided for occluding fluid flow through a lumen of a body vessel. The occluding device includes an expandable tubular body having a tubular wall defining a lumen formed therethrough.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc
 Ultrasonic dissector and sealer patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasonic dissector and sealer
A method for ultrasonically treating tissue includes accessing a surgical site with an ultrasonic surgical instrument, dissecting tissue with a first portion of the blade, and sealing tissue with a second portion of the blade. The instrument includes a blade that defines a longitudinal axis.
Covidien Lp
 Ultrasonic dissector and sealer patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasonic dissector and sealer
A tool assembly includes an ultrasonic blade and a jaw member. The ultrasonic blade includes a proximal portion and a distal portion.
Covidien Lp
 Trocar-tipped drill bit patent thumbnailnew patent Trocar-tipped drill bit
A drill bit for drilling through bone may include a fluted portion and a trocar tip disposed at an end of the fluted portion. The trocar tip may include an outer lateral surface that is tapered at an angle ranging from about 5 degrees to about 15 degrees relative to a longitudinal axis of the drill bit..
Aeton Medical Llc
 Intramedullary locking bone screw for fixing the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe in foot surgery patent thumbnailnew patent Intramedullary locking bone screw for fixing the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe in foot surgery
The invention relates to an intramedullary locking bone screw for fixing the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe in foot surgery that can be completely received in the bone, said locking bone screw extending along a longitudinal axis (l), with a first outside thread section (6) having a first thread pitch and with at least one second outside thread section (7), preferably designed to be self-tapping, having a pitch that is different from the first thread pitch. According to the invention, at least one fixing channel (k1) penetrating the bone screw (1) for receiving fixing means is provided in the second outside thread section (7), extending at an angle, preferably perpendicular in relation to the longitudinal axis (l), and a second fixing channel (k2) penetrating the bone screw (i) arranged at an axial distance from the first fixing channel (k1) in the outside thread section (6) for receiving fixing means is provided in the first outside thread section, and a first longitudinal centre axis of the first fixing channel (k1) is arranged offset in the circumferential direction of the bone screw (1) at an angle, preferably 90° in relation to a second longitudinal centre axis of the second fixing channel (k2)..
Normed Medizen-technik Gmbh
 Reconstitution device patent thumbnailnew patent Reconstitution device
An apparatus (10) includes a body (2), a plunger (5), and an occlusion (4). The body is able to hold one or more medical substances therein.
Glucago, Llc
 Fluid transfer devices having cartridge port with cartridge ejection arrangement patent thumbnailnew patent Fluid transfer devices having cartridge port with cartridge ejection arrangement
Fluid transfer devices for use in manual cartridge filling procedures for filling cartridges with liquid drug dosages from medicament containing vials. The fluid transfer devices include a double ended main body having a longitudinal axis, a vial port for telescopic receiving a drug vial and a cartridge port for slidingly receiving a leading cartridge end.
Medimop Medical Projects Ltd.
 Anchoring system patent thumbnailnew patent Anchoring system
A retainer comprises a first member and a second member. The first member can define at least a portion of a channel.
C. R. Bard, Inc.
 Needle assembly for drug pump patent thumbnailnew patent Needle assembly for drug pump
An apparatus (110) includes an activation mechanism (20) and a safety latch (122). The activation mechanism is operative to deploy a needle (116) to protrude out of a housing (112), the needle (116) having a longitudinal axis.
Medimop Medical Projects Ltd.
 Access assembly with dual anchor and seal capabilities patent thumbnailnew patent Access assembly with dual anchor and seal capabilities
A cannula assembly includes a cannula adapted for insertion within tissue and having a longitudinal passage extending along a longitudinal axis of the cannula for passage of a surgical instrument. An expandable member is mounted to the cannula and longitudinally spaced from a distal end of the cannula.
Covidien Lp
new patent

Wind turbine rotor

A wind turbine rotor is provided which comprises a hub (2) and at least one blade (20) supported by said hub (2). The blade (20) comprises a first blade section (3) and a second blade section (4), wherein said first blade section (3) is mounted to said hub (2) stationary with respect to said hub (2) and said second blade section (4) is supported by said first blade section (3) rotatably adjustable about a longitudinal axis of said blade (20) wherein said second blade section (4) is supported by said first blade section (3) by at least two bearings (7a, 7b) which are spaced with respect to said longitudinal axis of said blade (20)..
Youwinenergy Gmbh
new patent

Retractable composite rotor blade assembly

A retractable rotor blade assembly includes a rotor hub assembly having a rotor hub wall, a pitch disc mounted to the rotor hub wall for undergoing rotation about a longitudinal axis, and retractable rotor blades configured to be extended and retracted relative to the rotor hub assembly. Each of the rotor blades has an interlink assembly, a blade base, and a damper for dampening movement of the interlink assembly during extension and retraction of the rotor blade.
new patent

Underwater propeller device with pulsed jets

A device, which is autonomous or which can be associated with another structure, for propulsion in a liquid environment is described. The device has a bladder body made of a soft material, developing along and around a central longitudinal axis, defining an internal chamber between a dorsal wall and a ventral wall; in the bladder body, an inlet opening and an outlet opening of a liquid in and out of the chamber, arranged at a longitudinal end of the body; and drive means for driving a contraction of the bladder, arranged on the dorsal wall and having a mechanical connection with the ventral to cyclically attract the ventral wall to the dorsal wall, thereby causing a pulsed ejection of a propeller jet from the chamber through the outlet opening..
Scuola Superiore Di Studi Universitari E Di Perfezionamento Sant'anna
new patent

Laval nozzle

A laval nozzle may include a convergent duct section having a first longitudinal axis for accelerating a flow of a working fluid from a subsonic speed to a sonic speed. The laval nozzle may include a divergent duct section, which is fluid-connected to the convergent duct section.
Mahle International Gmbh
new patent

Ball-end milling cutter tool

A tool is disclosed that has an elongated tool body defining a longitudinal axis and includes a ball-end section having a positive taper angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the tool body, and a relief section that extends rearwardly from the ball-end section and has a negative taper angle relative to the positive taper angle of the ball-end section.. .
United Technologies Corporation
new patent

Lamp assembly for a thermographic nondestructive evaluation system

A thermographic nondestructive evaluation system includes a lamp assembly having a lamp. The lamp is configured to be positioned within an internal cavity of a target object and to emit an energy pulse toward an interior surface of the internal cavity.
General Electric Company
new patent

Lighting arrangement

Lighting arrangement (1, 1′) comprising a light source (2) for generating light; a spreading element (3) realised to laterally spread the generated light in a spreading plane (s), defined by an optical axis (ao) of the light source (2) and a longitudinal axis (l) of the spreading element (3), to give an essentially uniform quantity of light per unit area at an emission face (41, 51) orthogonal to the spreading plane (s) and parallel to the longitudinal axis (l) of the spreading element (3) and a light redirecting element (4, 5) arranged to collect the spread light, which comprises a longitudinal planar emission face (41, 51), and is realised to collect the laterally spread light and to emit the collected light essentially uniformly from the emission face (41, 51).. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.
new patent

Induction device

A device for sustaining a plasma in a torch is provided. In certain examples, the device comprises a first electrode configured to couple to a power source and constructed and arranged to provide a loop current along a radial plane of the torch.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.
new patent

Compact asymmetrical double-reflector antenna

The antenna comprises main and sub reflectors, each of which being made with nonaxisymmetric curvilinear surfaces and having two planes of symmetry at the intersection. A feed is arranged between the main and sub reflectors and capable of illuminating, first, the sub-reflector and, through it, the main reflector to form plane wave front.
new patent

Current transducer for measuring an electrical current

The present invention concerns current transducers for measuring a current flowing through a cable. The current transducers have a ferromagnetic core providing a substantially ring-shaped portion and at least two legs.
Senis Ag
new patent

Permanent magnet rotor shaft assembly and method

A permanent magnet rotor shaft assembly for a high speed electrical machine provides a permanent magnet cylindrical core having a longitudinal axis, the cylindrical core being axially compressed by first and second end shafts and being radially compressed by a sleeve made of a non-magnetic high strength metal. At least one of the first and second end shafts includes, facing the cylindrical core, a central shoulder head that cooperates with a mating central recess made in a central portion of a front face of the cylindrical core.
Skf Magnetic Mechatronics
new patent

Folded beam clamp

A clamp for overhead assemblies has a clamp portion including a frame with first and second spaced apart side portions connected at respective ends to a top portion. The first and second side portion can have first and second openings therethrough to form a clamp opening.
Unistrut International Corporation
new patent

Non-lethal weapon for self-defense

Non-lethal weapon includes a housing, a barrel insertable into the housing and a barrel locking mechanism. The non-lethal weapon may be adapted for spraying a pepper extract onto a potential attacker in order to disable the potential attacker.
H. D. Defense Products Ltd.
new patent

Systems and methods for extracting sand from raw slurry material

A processing system for processing raw slurry material has a barrel member, at least one transport member, and at least one separator member. The barrel member defines a processing chamber and at least one intermediate opening.
Daritech, Inc.
new patent

Anti-stall mechanism

The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a locking clutch that includes a collection of movable locking blocks slidably coupled to the rotatable output shaft. The movable locking blocks slide radially inwardly and outwardly with respect to a central longitudinal axis of the rotatable output shaft, and are spaced apart circumferentially about the rotatable output shaft, with each movable locking block having a first contacting face and a second contacting face.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.
new patent

Device for mixing and heat exchange

A device (1) for static mixing and heat exchange comprises a cladding element (2) and a mixer insert (3), whereby the mixer insert (3) is in the operative state arranged inside the cladding element (2). The mixer insert has a longitudinal axis and comprises a first group (5) of web elements and a second group (6) of web elements.
new patent

Protective canopy and method

A portable canopy can be deployed either on a vehicle or on a paved area. Depending on the amount of tension of its elastic corner straps, the canopy can be deployed in a convex configuration, so as to arch over the cab of a vehicle, or alternatively in a substantially flat configuration, so as to cover a pavement.
new patent

Hair pin opener apparatus and system

A method, apparatus and system for storing and distributing hairpins for application to the hair of a subject, includes a support having a support surface, a plurality of hairpins releasably coupled to the support and an opener mounted to the support. The opener includes a base segment defining a longitudinal axis and having opposed generally diverging side segments.
Conair Corporation
new patent

Concertina applicator

A cosmetic applicator with an applicator body, a wand, and a handle that is attached to the latter; the applicator body has a longitudinal axis that coincides with that of the wand; and the applicator body is composed of plates that are arranged in concertina-like fashion, are integrally joined to one another, and simultaneously constitute the support structure of the core-less applicator.. .
Geka Gmbh
new patent

Wind up deployment mechanisms for surgical instruments

A surgical instrument includes a handle assembly having an actuating rod extending therefrom, a rotating member, a release member, and a stop, the actuating rod translatable along a longitudinal axis defined therethrough. The rotating member is disposed within the handle assembly and is configured to operably engage the actuating rod via a cam and link arrangement.
Covidien Lp
new patent

Aerodynamic measurement probe with evacuation of penetrated liquid by gravity

An aerodynamic measurement probe intended to measure a local angle of attack of an airstream flowing along the fuselage of an aircraft, comprises a support and a shaft that is able to rotate about a longitudinal axis with respect to the support. The support and the shaft are configured to form between one another a plurality of successive chicanes about the longitudinal axis.
new patent

Shaving blade cartridge

A shaving blade cartridge including a housing extending along a longitudinal axis (x-x), having first and second longitudinal sides, and being provided with a through hole extending transversally to the longitudinal axis through the housing. The shaving blade cartridge also includes at least one cutting blade and a clip retaining the at least one cutting blade in the housing and having a first leg, a second leg, and a clip body.
Bic-violex Sa
new patent

Fastening devices and methods

A fastening device for connecting identified openings, including: an elongated main body member defining a longitudinal axis, the main body member having a first end portion and a second end portion at opposite ends of the longitudinal axis; first and second tip end members located at the first end portion and second end portion of the body, respectively, the first and second tip end members each adapted to fit through one of the identified openings; and a first deformable interference portion located between the main body member and the first tip end member, and a second deformable interference portion located between the main body and the second tip end member; where the first and second deformable interference portions are each normally located in a rest state where they define an outer dimension that prevents their passage through one of the identified openings. Other embodiments, features and methods are also described..
Hickies, Inc.

Devices and methods for stenting an airway

An implantable device and method are disclosed for stenting an occlusion of an airway. The implantable device includes a cylindrical tube shaped proximal region, a flared distal region, and a non-bifurcated single lumen extending through the device.
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Retaining mechanism

A retaining mechanism for use in affixing a stratum to bone is disclosed. The mechanism comprises a stratum comprising a first surface, a second surface, and a hole extending between the two surfaces.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

Surgical implant system and method

A spinal implant comprises a wall extending between a first end and a second end and defining a longitudinal axis. The wall has a first surface and a second surface configured to engage tissue.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

Connection element and spine stabilization system

The present invention relates to a connection element for a spine stabilization system comprises a first end for fixing to a first bone fixation device, a second end for fixing to a second bone fixation device and an intermediate portion arranged or formed between the two ends and defining a longitudinal axis. At least one of the two ends takes the form of a coupling element for fixing the connection element to a bone fixation device in at least one defined orientation relative to the longitudinal axis.
Aesculap Ag

Articulation features for ultrasonic surgical instrument

A surgical apparatus comprises a body, an ultrasonic transducer, a shaft, an acoustic waveguide, an articulation section, an end effector, and an articulation drive assembly. The ultrasonic transducer is operable to convert electrical power into ultrasonic vibrations.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

Device for preparing a hole formed in a bodily wall and system for making an anastomosis between a bodily wall and conduit

The disclosure relates to a system for preparing an opening created on an organic wall, comprising: —a supporting body defining a longitudinal axis and having a proximal portion and a distal portion adapted for insertion through the opening; —external clamping elements deployable in an outwardly flaring arrangement relative to the supporting body and able to cover portions of an annular surface of said wall; and—biasing elements arranged to tighten and juxtapose said external clamping elements on said body in order to progressively deform said annular surface so as to shape on said wall a tubular portion extending along the longitudinal axis and form an anchoring clamp consisting of said external clamping elements.. .
Vetagro-sup Institut D'enseignement Superieur Et De Recherche

Cortical, anti-migration, facet dowel for fusion of facet joints in the spine and devices for setting the same in place

A novel allograft is provided for insertion into a prepared site between adjacent spinal facets. The allograft or facet dowel is typically comprised of three portions, a partially spherical body defining a spherical segment, a nose portion, and a tail portion, all aligned along a longitudinal axis.
Facsecure, Llc

Intramedullary rod with pivotable fastener and using same

An intramedullary rod for use with a fastener to repair a femur includes an elongate nail extending along a longitudinal axis and having a stem and a head. The head is provided with an aperture extending along an axis at an angle to the longitudinal axis for receiving the fastener.
Epix Orthopaedics, Inc., A Delaware Corporation

Intramedullary nail locking hole arrangement

An intramedullary nail has a driving end portion and a non-driving end portion with a longitudinal axis. The non-driving end portion comprises a locking hole arrangement with a sequence of four holes, i.e.
Stryker Trauma Gmbh

Telescopic strut for an external fixator

A telescopic strut for use with an external fixator comprising an axially extending rod; an axially extending tube moveably recurring the rod for varying the length of the rod and tube combination along a longitudinal axis; the tube having first and second ends, the second end having a pin extending therethrough; a locking system mounted on the tube first end for adjusting the position of the rod in the tube and fixing the length of the rod and tube combination; a coupling element having a tubular sleeve with a threaded outer surface mounted on an outer surface of the second end of the tube, the sleeve having two diametrically opposed slots receiving the pin and an adjustment element threadably mounted on the sleeve outer surface for axial movement along the axis, the adjustment element having a surface contacting the pin to limit the movement of the pin in the slots.. .
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc

System and performing surgical procedures with a reusable instrument module

A surgical instrument includes an outer housing shell defining a cavity. The outer housing shell defines an upper outer housing half and a lower outer housing half.
Covidien Lp

Intervertebral dosing device and method

Some embodiments of the invention include a cannulated bone screw including a screw shaft with screw thread, a proximal end, a distal end, and a channel extending through the screw shaft. Some embodiments include an inlet port coupled to the channel and extending through the distal end, and an outlet port coupled to the channel by a curved or angled channel region.
Globus Medical, Inc

Peristaltic pump

A peristaltic pump comprises a tube for transporting a material, wherein the tube is arranged linearly along a longitudinal axis. The peristaltic pump further comprises a pump head for causing a squeezing of the tube, wherein the pump head is rotatable about a rotation axis..
Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

Percutaneous needle guide and methods of use

An indicator element of a percutaneous needle guide for a medical scanning device includes a pointer for pointing to a percutaneous needle entry site on an epidermis of a body, when the guide is attached to the device and the device is positioned over the epidermis for scanning a user may orient and insert a needle into the entry site according to the direction of the pointer, by just viewing the pointer, without the needle being constrained by the pointer. The guide may include an adjustment mechanism for moving the indicator element with respect to the device, when the guide is attached to the device; the adjustment mechanism moves the indicator element, without changing an orientation of the pointer, in a direction approximately parallel to a plane that is approximately tangent with an apex of the device transducer surface and approximately perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the device..
Medtronic, Inc.

Abrasive tool and a finishing complex shapes in workpieces

An abrasive tool includes a bonded abrasive body having abrasive grains contained within a bonding material, wherein the bonded abrasive body comprises a complex shape having a form depth (fd) of at least about 0.3. The form depth is described by the equation [(r1−rs)/r1], wherein rs is a smallest radius (rs) at a point along the longitudinal axis of the bonded abrasive body and r1 is a largest radius (r1) at a point along the longitudinal axis of the bonded abrasive body.
Saint-gobain Abrasifs

Hermaphroditic electrical connector device with additional contact elements

An electrical connector device (1), which extends along a longitudinal axis (x) and having an interface part (2) comprising a first set (3) of electrical contact elements (3a, 3b, 3c, 3d) arranged along a first line (l1), which is orthogonal to the longitudinal axis (x). The connector device (1) comprises mechanical engagement elements (17, 18, 19) being shaped such that the electrical connector device (1) can be electrically and mechanically connected with an identical connector device (1) when they are aligned along the longitudinal axis (x) and one of them rotated 180 degrees about a transversal axis (y) parallel with the first line (l1).
Gn Netcom A/s

Wind turbine rotor blade components and methods of making same

Structural preform layers of multiple rigid unidirectional strength elements or rods are constructed and arranged for use in fabricating load-bearing support structures and reinforcements of wind turbine blades. Individual preform layers include multiple elongate unidirectional strength elements or rods arranged in a single layer along a longitudinal axis of the preform layer.
Neptco, Inc.

Unit load device shipment loading system for mixed shipments

The invention relates to a shipment loading system for loading shipments into an unit load device, comprising a conveyer, a platform and a cargo space for placing the unit load device on a static rack, whereby the conveyer is provided on a ground floor and tiltable across its longitudinal axis, the conveyer comprises an extendo extending the conveyer along the longitudinal extension of the conveyer, the extendo is movable between a retracted position and an extracted position, in the extracted position the extendo faces the cargo space, the platform is movable between a first position and a second position along the longitudinal extension of the conveyer, in the first position the platform faces the cargo space and at least in one of the first and second positions the platform is arranged between the ground floor and the conveyer.. .
Deutsche Post Ag

Electric spindle for numerical control machines

Electric spindle for numerical control machines structured to lock and rotationally drive a tool about a predetermined reference axis locally coinciding with the longitudinal axis of the tool; the electric spindle comprising: an outer structural casing that is structured to be rigidly attachable to a generic numerical control machine; an electric motor that is housed within the structural casing and is provided with a drive shaft, which projects/emerges with its front end outside the structural casing while remaining locally coaxial to the reference axis of the electric spindle; a rotating thrust-bearing bushing or sleeve, which is fitted in an axially rotatable manner on the front end of the drive shaft via interposition of a first set of annular rolling bearings, and is maintained coaxial to the reference axis of the electric spindle by a second set of annular rolling bearings, which are interposed between the rotating bushing or sleeve and the structural casing; and at least one disassemblable tool-holder head that is structured to be attachable, in a rigid and stable though easily releasable manner, to the front end of the drive shaft, is structured so as to accommodate and retain, in a rigid and stable though easily releasable manner, the shank of a generic tool for numerical control machines, and is provided with a peripheral crown that is dimensioned/structured to stably abut, selectively and alternatively, on the front end of the drive shaft or on the rotating thrust-bearing bushing or sleeve.. .
Fcs System S.r.l.

Cutting tool

The invention relates to a cutting tool, particularly for use in a tool chuck of a machine tool, including a tool shaft with a center longitudinal axis and a tool head. The tool head is connected to the tool shaft via a positive-locking connection, which locks the movement in the direction of the center longitudinal axis and the positive-locking connection is supplemented by a bonded connection, particularly a soldered connection..
Kennametal Inc.

Optical plug connector having an optical body with a lens on a reflective surface

Disclosed are optical plug connectors and methods for making the same. The disclosure is directed to optical connectors.
Corning Optical Communications Llc

Device for dispensing a mixture, preferably foam

The present invention is a device (10; 110; 210; 310) for dispensing a mixture (s), suited to be applied to a container (c) holding a first fluid (f1) and a second fluid (f2) suited to be mixed in order to obtain a mixture (s), comprising: a first body (13); a second body (32) associated with the first body (13); a mixing chamber (12) defined at least partially in the first body (31) and/or in the second body (32); a first delivery duct (c1) suited to convey the first fluid (f1) towards the mixing chamber (12); a second delivery duct (c2) suited to convey the second fluid (f2) towards the mixing chamber (12); a thin tube (38) suited to define at least partially the first duct (c1) and comprising an end portion (39) connected to the first or the second body (31, 32). The end portion (39) of the thin tube (38) is connected to the first body (31) or the second body (32) so as to define for the first fluid (f1) a main advance direction (d1) that belongs to a longitudinal axis (x) that intersects the mixing chamber (12).
Taplast S. P. A.

Decorative lighting with reinforced wiring

A reinforced decorative light string assembly, including: a first lamp assembly including a first lamp holder and a first lamp element, a second lamp assembly including a second lamp holder and a second lamp element, and a first reinforced decorative-lighting wire. The first reinforced decorative-lighting wire includes: a reinforcing strand extending axially along a central longitudinal axis of the wire, the reinforcing strand including one or more fibers comprising a polymer material; a first conductor layer including a first plurality of conductors including a copper material; a second conductor layer, the second conductor layer including a plurality of conductors; and an outer insulating layer adjacent to, and covering, the second conductor layer..
Willis Electric Co., Ltd.

Miniskirt tape head having quasi-statically tilted transducer arrays

In one general embodiment, an apparatus includes a magnetic head. The magnetic head has a first portion and a second portion, the first portion and the second portion together providing a tape bearing surface.
International Business Machines Corporation

Front load distribution mechanism for a vehicle

A vehicle includes a body that extends along a longitudinal axis. The body includes a front fascia and a forward load bearing beam that are disposed transverse to the longitudinal axis.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Lockset operable by pivoting actuator about a first axis or a second axis

A lockset is actuable by pivoting a handle about a longitudinal axis of the lockset by rotating the handle and by pivoting the handle about an axis transverse to the lockset axis, such as by pushing or pulling. The lockset includes an inside handle and an outside handle, each associated with an independent mechanism, each of which can independently actuate the lockset.
Hampton Products International Corporation

Damping an oscillatory movement of a nacelle of a wind turbine

A method is provided for damping an oscillatory movement of a nacelle of a wind turbine. The nacelle is attached to a tower of the wind turbine.

Thread connection for a torch system

A connector component is provided for assembly into a torch. The connector component comprises a body that includes a proximal end and a distal end disposed along a longitudinal axis.
Hypetherm, Inc.

Rider-propelled wheeled vehicle

A rider-propelled wheeled vehicle includes a support surface for supporting a user's feet, which defines a longitudinal axis, a pair of front wheels and a pair of rear wheels associated with the support surface, a system for rotatably connecting the rear wheels to the support surface, and adapted to allow their oscillation about a first oscillation axis inclined with respect to the support surface. The rear wheels have respective first pivot axes independent of and transversally offset from each other for at least partial transfer of the propulsion exerted by the user on the support surface to such wheels and for generation of a reaction substantially parallel to the plane to thereby promote a forward motion of the structure..

Support stand for video-photographic accessories

A telescopic support stand (1) comprises a telescopic column (2) extending along a longitudinal axis (x) and a supporting base (10) provided with a sleeve (15) intended to receive a base portion (3a) of the column (2) along which there is defined an opening bordered by an edge (15a) through which the column (2) is inserted into and extracted from the sleeve (15), the column (2) being provided with a coupling device (30) which can be moved between a coupling configuration (w) in which the column (2) is coupled with the sleeve (15) and a release configuration (w′) in which the column (2) is released from the sleeve (15), the coupling device (30) comprising an abutment element (31) which can move radially within the column (2) between the coupling configuration (w) in which an end portion (40) of the abutment element (31) projects radially from the column (2) and the release configuration (w′) in which the abutment element (31) is withdrawn towards the interior of the column (2), the end portion (40) and the edge (15a) being arranged so as to interact when the column (2) is inserted into the sleeve (15) and forms a guide and a counter device to move the abutment element (31) into the release configuration (w′).. .
Lino Manfrotto + Co. S.p.a.

Neutral buoyancy craft

Neutral buoyancy craft of architecture according to which all the necessary for its guidance, navigation and control forces act exclusively on part a (2.1) which locates between the craft's extreme front and the drag's application center d as the surrounding flow's axis is parallel to the craft's longitudinal axis and its direction from its front portion towards its back. The part a (2.1) which may be an independent part connected to the rest of the craft by means that ensure the effective transfer of powers from the one part to the other allowing also the relative rotation between the two parts by 360 degrees around the craft's longitudinal axis..
Laskarri Limited

Extended endurance air vehicle

An air vehicle comprises a vehicle body and a propulsion assembly. The vehicle body has the shape of a wing airfoil so that the vehicle body generates lift when air flows over the vehicle body.

Multistage ejector

A multistage ejector has a nozzle arrangement, which has at least three nozzles which are arranged in series in the direction of a longitudinal axis, wherein the nozzles are designed for passage of a throughflow of a fluid, wherein a fluid gap is provided between adjacent nozzles in each case, wherein at least two of the at least three nozzles are interconnected monolithically to form a nozzle string, and wherein the nozzle string is arranged at least partially in a sleeve and the nozzle string and the sleeve are detachably fastened to each other. The nozzle string and the sleeve are axially fastened to each other by means of a fastening mechanism which acts in a positively locking manner..
J. Schmalz Gmbh

Mist generating apparatus

An improved mist generating apparatus is provided, the apparatus having a longitudinal axis (l), and first and second opposing nozzle surfaces (100,102) which define a nozzle between them. A first process fluid passage (28) has an inlet connectable to a supply of process fluid, and a process fluid outlet (110) on one or the first and second nozzle surfaces (100,102) such that the process fluid owlet (110) opens into the nozzle.
Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

Merchandising system and use

A guide assembly for a displaying a plurality of products is disclosed. The guide assembly includes a base, a first lateral wall and a second lateral wall.
Display Technologies

Fluid powered spindle

A fluid-powered high-speed spindle (100) having a longitudinal axis (a) defining an upper end defined by a shank and a lower end accepting a tool. The spindle includes a body (120), a rotatable shaft (530) supported by at least one bearing (508) within the body (120), a seal housing (150) connected to the body (120) at the lower end thereof, a cover (180) connected to the seal housing (150) at the lower end thereof, a fluid channel system for directing fluid from an entry port (102) to a nozzle (576) for turning a turbine (570) attached to the shaft (530); and a flinger (660) attached to the shaft (530) and positioned above the turbine (570).
Colibri Spindles, Ltd.

Cantilever umbrella

An umbrella is provided that has a transverse member mounted canopy control module. The umbrella has a support structure and a canopy.

Hair styling device with grip-tip

A hair styling device comprises a handle, a heatable elongated member having a longitudinal axis, a distal portion and a proximal portion. The proximal portion of the elongated member is connected to the handle.
Trade Box, Llc

Fastening assembly for a fuel rail of a combustion engine

A fastening assembly for mounting a fuel rail in an engine includes a bracket which includes a longitudinal axis and is coupled to the fuel rail, a retainer which includes a first through opening for receiving a bolt, and a bolt which is inserted through the first through opening. The bracket includes a second through opening for receiving the retainer and the bolt.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Lid opener

A lid opener includes a handle and an opening mechanism extending from the handle. The opening mechanism includes at least two projection members.

Timing pin module for use on an engine during service

A timing pin module for an engine is disclosed herein. The timing pin module includes a mount end, an engagement end, an adapter, a pin, and a resilient member.
Caterpillar Inc.

Lockset operable by pivoting actuator about a first axis or a second axis

A lockset is actuable by pivoting a handle about a longitudinal axis of the lockset by rotating the handle and by pivoting the handle about an axis transverse to the lockset axis, such as by pushing or pulling. The lockset includes an inside handle and an outside handle, each associated with an independent mechanism, each of which can independently actuate the lockset.
Hampton Products International Corporation

Heat exchanger, fabricating heat exchanger, and air-conditioning apparatus

Plate-like fins have notches longer than a longitudinal axis of flat tubes that are placed in the notches. The plate-like fins also have bend portions that are located on projections projecting toward the edges more than the ends of the flat tubes, are formed by bending part of the plate-like fins, erect in a stacking direction in which the plate-like fins are stacked, and are in contact with adjacent ones of the plate-like fins.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

System and reductant injection

A mixing chamber for an exhaust system is disclosed. The mixing chamber includes a tapering cross sectional area perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the mixing chamber.
Caterpillar Inc.

Surgical rod cutter

A surgical rod cutter includes first and second device parts adapted to be rotated relative to one another about an axis of rotation. The device parts each have a continuous opening for accommodating a rod to be severed, the opening having its longitudinal axis oriented in the direction of the axis of rotation and a cutting edge.
Aesculap Ag

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