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Longitudinal Axis patents

This page is updated frequently with new Longitudinal Axis-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Longitudinal Axis-related patents
 Modular stackable shelving framework and equipment storage system patent thumbnailModular stackable shelving framework and equipment storage system
A modular storage system and method, a module and a method of making the same include a top panel and a bottom panel, each of the top panel and bottom panel comprising first and second opposed edges, and first and second side members. Each of the first and second side members comprises: a top edge and a bottom edge, the top edges of the first and second side members being attached to the opposed edges of the top panel, and the bottom edges of the first and second side members being attached to the opposed edges of the bottom panel; and a longitudinal attachment feature running along a length of the side member along a longitudinal axis of the side member, longitudinal attachment features of first and second modules enabling coupling together of the first and second modules..
Ultraframe Holdings, Llc

 In-flow wind tunnel microphone array patent thumbnailIn-flow wind tunnel microphone array
A phased microphone array capable of being placed in the free stream flow of a wind tunnel test section. The array consists of a plane of microphones on arms radiating out from a central hub.

 Connector module with cable positioning features patent thumbnailConnector module with cable positioning features
A connector module includes a housing that extends along a longitudinal axis between a mating end and a cable end. The housing is defined by a first shell and a second shell that mate at a seam and define an interior chamber therebetween.
Tyco Electronics Corporation

 Ridge waveguide slot array for broadband application patent thumbnailRidge waveguide slot array for broadband application
A ridged waveguide slot array includes a waveguide slot body having one or more walls that define a longitudinal axis of the waveguide slot body. The waveguide slot body includes a narrowed waveguide section having a plurality of slots disposed thereon which extend along the longitudinal axis, the waveguide slot body further characterized by a longitudinal center line.
Victory Microwave Corporation

 Apparatus for supporting spent nuclear fuel patent thumbnailApparatus for supporting spent nuclear fuel
A fuel rack apparatus includes: a base plate having an upper surface and a lower surface; and a plurality of storage tubes coupled to and extending upward from the upper surface of the base plate, the storage tubes arranged in a side-by-side arrangement to form an array of the storage tubes. Each of the storage tubes extend along a longitudinal axis and include: an outer tube having an inner surface defining an inner cavity; and an inner plate-assemblage positioned within the outer tube that divides the inner cavity into a plurality of interior flux trap chambers and a fuel storage cell..
Holtec International

 Sensor device having elongated housing patent thumbnailSensor device having elongated housing
A sensor device includes an elongated housing containing particle motion sensors spaced apart along a longitudinal axis of the elongated housing, where the elongated housing has a length that is greater than a width of the elongated housing. A second portion includes communication circuitry to communicate over a communication medium, the second portion coupled to the elongated housing and having a width that is greater than the width of the elongated housing..
Westerngeco L.l.c.

 Test strip meter with a mechanism for pushing the test strip against an optical reader patent thumbnailTest strip meter with a mechanism for pushing the test strip against an optical reader
The present invention relates to a system, method, and meter for determining the concentration of an analyte in a fluid sample provided on a test strip. The meter (10) may include a body (12), an optical reader (28), and a test strip holder (90).
Bayer Healthcare Llc

 Venturi nozzle for a gas combustor patent thumbnailVenturi nozzle for a gas combustor
A venturi nozzle for a gas combustor includes an orificed gas nozzle, a venturi tube and one or more support members. The orificed gas nozzle has a longitudinal axis, an inlet and an outlet.
Jlcc, Inc.

 Pipelaying patent thumbnailPipelaying
A mudmat for a subsea pipeline accessory has a body with an accessory support structure arranged to lie underneath and support an accessory. At least one foundation element attached to the body is movable from a stowed position at least partially under the accessory support structure into a deployed position extending laterally from the accessory support structure after overboarding the accessory from a vessel and before landing the accessory on the seabed.
Subsea 7 Limited

 Damper assembly patent thumbnailDamper assembly
A damper assembly has a chain, a first mounting element and a second mounting element. The chain has a longitudinal axis and comprising a plurality of links pivotally interconnected by transverse articulation elements.
Renold Plc.


Method for attaching pumps to electric motors

A pump features a motor, a pump head (ph) and a locking pin (lp) that are uniquely coupled together. The motor has a front end bell (feb) with a feb coupling portion configured with twist lock style (tls) connections with locking portions, and an outer surface with a detent.
Flow Control Llc


A compact rotary wastegate valve

A turbocharger includes a turbine section and a compressor section. The turbine section includes a turbine housing (1) that surrounds a turbine wheel (15).
Borgwarner Inc.


Flat plate foundation supports

A flat-plate foundation support includes a lower portion extending longitudinally along a central longitudinal axis of the support and adapted for insertion into a ground surface. The lower portion has a plurality of flat plates that are mutually connected along the central longitudinal axis of the support and extend laterally or radially from the central longitudinal axis.


Aquatic metal ion harvesting device and system

The present invention is a device and system for recovering metal ions from bodies of water. The device comprises two electrode cylinders, a keel, at least two connectors, a buoyant housing and a power supply.


Movable member bearing aerial vehicles and methods of use

An aerial vehicle includes a body having a longitudinal axis, a plurality of movable members emanating connected to the body, at least one motor, and at least three aerodynamic propulsors driven by the at least one motor. The movable members are connected to the body and extend away from the body..


Vertical take-off aircraft

A mechanism for stowing and/or adjusting a ducted propeller of a flying object, the flying object comprising a fuselage and at least one pair of wings, the outer walls of which together define a shell of the flying object, comprising a ducted propeller comprising a substantially cylindrical duct, which defines a longitudinal axis of the ducted propeller and is open at the base faces thereof, a rotor comprising a plurality of rotor blades, which is set up to rotate in a plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the ducted propeller, and a drive device for driving the rotor; a receiving chamber, provided in the fuselage and/or a wing of the flying object, for the ducted propeller; a mechanism which is set up to transfer the ducted propeller from a stowed state into a deployed state.. .
Lilium Gmbh



A folding tricycle (1) for transporting a person, wherein the tricycle (1) comprises a front wheel (2), two rear wheels (3) and a frame joining the wheels (2, 3) wherein the frame comprises two arms (7) that carry the rear wheels (3). The arms (7) are connected to the rest of the frame in such a manner that the arm (7) can adopt different positions relative to the rest of the frame.
N.g.m. Sprl


Motorcycle to reverse trike conversion kit and method

A method and kit for converting a two-wheeled motorcycle into a three-wheeled reverse trike. To convert the two wheeled motorcycle to a reverse trike, the front fork tubes, including the front wheel, are removed from the triple-tree of the motorcycle.
Ido-endeavor Llc


Agricultural vehicle

An agricultural vehicle having a full-track design with a vehicle structure on each side of which, relative to a vehicle longitudinal axis, a track roller unit is arranged. The track roller unit has roller unit body to which a front deflector roll, a rear deflector roller and a plurality of yoke-type track rollers arranged therebetween are coupled, and an endlessly closed track belt that wraps around the rollers/roller.
Claas Industrietechnik Gmbh


Universal brake beam strut

A strut for a brake beam assembly includes a strut body extending along a longitudinal axis between a proximal end and a distal end. At least one slot is defined in the strut body and receives and supports a brake lever extending non-parallel to the longitudinal axis.
Schaefer Equipment, Inc.


Pen with seat belt cutter

A combination writing instrument and seat belt cutter, includes a barrel and a writing implement incorporated into the barrel, a cap, and a seat belt located on the cap. The cap has a longitudinal axis, a closure end, and opposite an open end that is installable onto the barrel.
Taylor Brands, Llc


Laterally moving cargo shade and net

A vehicle includes a body that extends lengthwise along a longitudinal axis, and defines an cargo area laterally bounded by a first lateral side wall and a second lateral side wall. A shade assembly includes a housing that is removably attached to the first lateral side wall.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Heat exchanger arrangement, especially for a vehicle heater

A vehicle heater heat exchanger arrangement (10) includes: a pot-like heat exchanger housing (12) with a first bottom wall (18) in a first axial end area (16) and with a first circumferential wall (20) adjoining the first bottom wall and enclosing a longitudinal axis (l); and a pot-like outer heat exchanger housing (14) with a second bottom wall (22) in the first axial end area and with a second circumferential wall (24) adjoining the second bottom wall and enclosing the longitudinal axis. The inner heat exchanger housing and the outer heat exchanger housing are connected to one another in a second axial end area (26) and a fluid flow space (34) is formed between the inner heat exchanger housing and the outer heat exchanger housing.
Eberspächer Climate Control Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg


Apparatus and a shape memory alloy mandrel

In one or more aspects of the present disclosure, a mandrel is disclosed. The mandrel having a shape memory alloy (sma) shell having a longitudinal axis, an interior extending along the longitudinal axis and an exterior contour, the sma shell being configured to interface with a structure to be cured, and at least one sma actuation member disposed within the interior and connected to the sma shell, where the at least one sma actuation member is configured to exert pressure against the sma shell effecting an interface pressure between the exterior contour of the sma shell and the structure to be cured where the exterior contour has a predetermined actuated shape that corresponds to a predetermined cured shape of the structure to be cured..
The Boeing Company


Mortising tool

A mortising tool or mortiser including a handle having a first longitudinal axis and a head having a second longitudinal axis. The mortiser includes an interchangeable scorer holder that has a first side and a second side.
Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.


Push block for a woodworking apparatus

A push block for a woodworking tool comprises at least heel member at an end of the push block and the heel member is passively actuatable to an extended position to engage a trailing end surface of a work piece to advance the work piece by a working element. The push block also includes a wall member along a first side of the push block to serve as a barrier between a cutting element and an operator's hand.
Micro Jig, Inc.


Machining tool including a pivoting machining arm and a using the same

The present disclosure relates generally to a machining tool and method for using said machining tool. The machining tool includes a machining arm including a first arm section, a second arm section, a proximate end, a distal end, and a machining arm longitudinal axis, a belt disposed around the machining arm; and a first motor operably coupled to the machining arm, wherein at least a portion of the machining arm is configured to pivot such that an angle is formed between the distal end and the machining arm longitudinal axis.
United Technologies Corporation


Boring tool, particularly a reamer

A boring tool includes a clamping shaft and a boring body. Between the end face of the boring body and the clamping shaft, at least one main blade extends along a longitudinal axis of the boring body and includes a blade web with a rake face facing a groove-shaped chip space, and a free surface on the outer circumferential side, these converging at a cutting edge which runs along the boring body longitudinal axis and which removes material on an inner wall of a pre-bored workpiece core bore hole as a result of said boring tool being rotated.
Audi Ag


Ceramic end mills with coolant holes

In one aspect, end mills are described herein, at least a portion of which comprise or formed of ceramic material. An end mill described herein comprises a shank portion extending along a longitudinal axis of the end mill, a cutting portion extending from the shank portion, the cutting portion formed of a ceramic material and comprising a plurality of blades disposed at a helical angle from the longitudinal axis along an axial length of cut and extending onto a cutting end surface of the end mill, and at least one fluid transport hole extending along the longitudinal axis and terminating in the cutting end surface..
Kennametal Inc.


Tool for preforming a tube for subsequent internal high pressure forming, as well as a producing such a tool and for producing a component by internal high pressure forming

A tool is provided for preforming a metallic starter tube section for subsequent internal high pressure forming in order to produce a tubular ihf-component. The tool includes a plurality of tool sections that can move relative to one another and that delimit, between them, a shaping cavity for receiving and forming the starter tube section.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Curved treadmill

A curved treadmill having a base comprising: an exercise surface configured for rotating around a first roller and a second roller, converting the potential energy of the user on the exercise surface into rotational kinetic energy; a first pulley operatively connected to the first roller adapted to rotate around a respective rotation axis. The base comprises a first coupling device of the first pulley with the first roller operatively connected between the first roller and the first pulley.
Technogym S.p.a.


Reducing mechanical stress on conductors and connection points in a position determinable interventional medical device

A medical device configured for diagnosis or treatment of tissues within a body is provided. The device includes an elongate, deformable member configured to be received within a lumen in the body and having proximal and distal ends.
Mediguide Ltd.


Medicament delivery device

A device for delivering a number of predetermined amounts of medicament includes a body having proximal and opposite distal ends, extending along a longitudinal axis, and configured to hold a medicament container; a driver in the body configured to act on a held container; a manually movable activation member arranged on the distal end; a biased actuator member movable by the activation member along the longitudinal axis and configured to protrude a distance from a distal end of the activation member and to interact with the driver when the actuator member is moved the distance toward the proximal end for delivering a predetermined amount; and an actuator guide member arranged in the body and configured to interact with the activation member and actuator member such that the guide member is held in a position in the body and released from the position after a predetermined amount of medicament is delivered.. .
Carebay Europe Ltd


Dose divider syringe

A syringe includes a barrel having an internal surface defining an internal bore therein, and a plunger disposed within the internal bore of the barrel. A distal end of the plunger is inserted into a proximal end of the barrel.
Teleflex Medical Incorporated


Expandable intervertebral implant

An implant for therapeutically separating bones of a joint has two endplates each having an opening through the endplate, and at least one ramped surface on a side opposite a bone engaging side. A frame is slideably connected to the endplates to enable the endplates to move relative to each other at an angle with respect to the longitudinal axis of the implant, in sliding connection with the frame.
Globus Medical, Inc.


Crossed-cylinder wrist mechanism with two degrees of freedom

According to an aspect, a device may include a first member, a second member, and a wrist mechanism disposed between the first member and the second member. The wrist mechanism may include a first cylinder portion coupled to the first member, and a second cylinder portion coupled to the second member.
Brigham Young University


Multi-mode electrosurgical apparatus

A multi-mode electrosurgical apparatus for use in cold plasma applications, electrosurgical cutting, electrosurgical coagulation and mechanical cutting is provided. The electrosurgical apparatus includes a housing having a passage extending therethrough, an electrically conducting tube being disposed in the passage of the housing; an insulating outer tube disposed around the electrically conducting tube coupled to the housing, the electrically conducting tube being movable along a longitudinal axis of the housing and outer tube; an electrically conducting blade coupled to the distal end of the electrically conducting tube, and a transformer assembly disposed on a proximal end of the housing, the transformer assembly including a first transformer and a first switch for selectively coupling the first transformer and an external second transformer to the electrically conducting tube for providing electrosurgical energy thereto..
Bovie Medical Corporation


Spinal rod system and method

A spinal rod system includes a first instrument extending between a proximal portion and a distal portion along a longitudinal axis thereof. The proximal portion defines an inner cavity extending along the longitudinal axis.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.


Transperineal prostate biopsy device, systems, and methods of use

A transperineal biopsy guide including a guide member and a displacement member supported by the guide member. The guide member may be configured to operably couple with the transrectal probe and may include a distal end, a proximal end opposite the distal end, and a length extending along a longitudinal axis between the distal and proximal ends.
Corbin Clinical Resources, Llc


Apparatus and methods for transferring ultrasonic energy to a bodily tissue

An apparatus includes a monolithically-constructed transmission member that defines a lumen along a longitudinal axis. The transmission member includes a first portion, a second portion, and a third portion.
Med-sonics Corporation


Knotless suture anchor and using same

A suture anchor including a first portion and a second portion. The first portion defining a first suture bore and having an angled distal surface that extends in a plane oblique to a longitudinal axis of the suture anchor.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc


Biopsy apparatus having integrated thumbwheel mechanism for manual rotation of biopsy cannula

A biopsy apparatus includes a driver assembly and biopsy probe mechanism drivably coupled to the driver assembly. The biopsy probe mechanism includes a biopsy cannula having a cylindrical side wall that defines a lumen and has a side port located near a distal end that extends through the side wall to the lumen.
C.r. Bard, Inc.


Protective sleeve with bonded wire filaments and methods of construction thereof

A fabric sleeve for protecting elongate members against at least one of emi, rfi or esd and method of construction thereof is provided. The sleeve includes a wall extending along a longitudinal axis between opposite ends.
Federal-mogul Powertrain, Inc.


Electric motor with functional monitoring of the motor bearings

The present invention relates to an electric motor, comprising a stator and a rotor that can rotate relative to the stator and that is mounted in bearing arrangements, and also comprising a motor housing and a vibration sensor to pick up vibrations that occur in the electric motor and that are caused by malfunctions of the bearing arrangements. The configuration provided here is that of an external-rotor motor.
Ebm-papst Mulfingen Gmbh & Co. Kg


Brushless electric motor/generator

Disclosed are various embodiments for a motor/generator comprising: a rotor adapted to rotate about a longitudinal axis, the rotor comprising a first partial toroidal magnetic cylinder defining a semi-circular tunnel, wherein the plurality of magnets forming the first partial toroidal magnetic cylinder have substantially all like poles facing inward toward the semi-circular tunnel, the semi-circular tunnel having an entrance and an exit forming an open throat defined by a space between the entrance and the exit, and a stator positioned about the longitudinal axis within a rotational path of the rotor.. .
Linear Labs, Inc.


Coaxial cable connector with integral rfi protection

A coaxial cable connector for coupling an end of a coaxial cable to a terminal is disclosed. The connector has a post assembled with a coupler.
Corning Optical Communications Rf Llc


Global navigation satellite system antenna with a hollow core

Disclosed is a dual-band global navigation satellite system antenna with a hollow core. The antenna includes a conductive cylindrical tube with a longitudinal axis.
Llc "topcon Positioning Systems"


Device for transferring ions from high to low pressure atmosphere, system and use

Tube-like device (100) for transferring ions generated by means of ion generation source (4) comprising a cylindrical middle portion (104) and an inlet portion (102) for introduction of the ions in at least one ion cloud into the cylindrical middle portion (104), wherein a flow direction of the ions is along a longitudinal axis (l) of the tube-like device (100), wherein the inlet portion (102) is formed tapering funnel-like towards the cylindrical middle portion (104).. .
Technische Universitaet Berlin


Apparatus for focusing and for storage of ions and for separation of pressure areas

An apparatus for focusing and for storage of ions and an apparatus for separation of a first pressure area from a second pressure area are disclosed, in particular for an analysis apparatus for ions. A particle beam device may have at least one of the abovementioned apparatuses.
Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh


Electronic device with wrapped display

An electronic device may have a hollow display cover structure. The hollow display cover structure may be formed from a structure having an inner surface.
Apple Inc.


Remote illumination light duct

The present disclosure describes light delivery and distribution components of a ducted lighting system having a cross-section that includes at least one curved portion and a remote light source. The delivery and distribution system (i.e., light duct and light duct extractor) can function effectively with any light source (480) that is capable of delivering light which is substantially collimated about the longitudinal axis (405) of the light duct (410), and which is also preferably substantially uniform over the inlet of the light duct.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Monochromator comprising vibration resistant moveable optical elements

A monochromator has at least one optical grating which is rotatable in relation to incident light of a source of light, a drive unit to rotate the optical grating by a connected drive rod around a longitudinal axis, and a control unit to control the drive unit and thereby the rotation of the optical grating. The drive unit further has a first damping element with at least one electrical conductive surface, and a second damping element which provides at least one magnetic field having a magnetic axis which penetrates the electrical conductive surface.
Tecan Trading Ag


Method and control unit for determining an angle between longitudinal axes of a vehicle combination

A method for determining an angle between a longitudinal axis of a first, leading component vehicle and a longitudinal axis of a second, trailing component vehicle. For at least one wheel axle or wheel axle group of the first, leading component vehicle a travel speed and/or an angular speed of the wheel axle or wheel axle group concerned is determined, and for at least one wheel axle or wheel axle group of the second, trailing component vehicle a travel speed and/or an angular speed of the wheel axle or wheel axle group concerned is determined.
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag


Angled tube fins to support shell side flow

A heat exchanger, including: a shell configured to have an inlet and an outlet for a first fluid; baffles disposed in the shell, wherein the baffles are configured to guide the first fluid into a helical flow pattern, and at least some of the baffles are disposed in a helical pattern with a helix angle; a tube disposed in the shell, wherein the tube extends along a longitudinal axis of the shell, the tube passes through the baffles, and the tube is configured to facilitate an exchange of thermal energy between a second fluid within the tube and the first fluid; and fins fixedly attached to an outer surface of the tube, wherein at least some of the fins are angled to match the helix angle of the at least some of the baffles.. .


Modular robotic assembly

A modular robotic assembly including a first and second pod assembly. The first pod assembly including a first frame assembly extending a first length along a first longitudinal axis, a displacement assembly housed at least partially within the first frame assembly, and a shaft rotatably supported by the displacement assembly at a first end region of the shaft.
Robotic Pipe Repair, Llc


Electric drive system with a novel dual-clutch transmission

Dual-clutch transmission assemblies for use with electric vehicles include a first shaft having a plurality of input gearwheels mounted thereon. The assembly further includes a second shaft having a plurality of intermediate gearwheels that are freely rotatable with respect to the second shaft and situated to mesh with respective input gearwheels on the first shaft.
Uvic Industry Partnerships Inc.


Vibration damper

Wherein at least one stop device (ae) is provided, which in damping fashion limits a deflection of the vibrating weight (12) along the longitudinal axis (m) of the vibration damper (10).. .


Guiding element for actuator

Provided is a washdown bearing for an actuator, comprising: a housing having an annular wall surface extending in a longitudinal direction; a bore extending through an interior of the housing in the longitudinal direction; a plurality of irrigation channels in the housing extending through the annular wall surface of the housing to the bore that provide a fluid path between the wall surface to the bore; first and second cylindrical plane bearings positioned at ends of the housing, each having a low-friction surface permitting the absence of an externally applied lubricant; and an opening extending along a longitudinal axis through the plane bearings and the housing for receiving a rotatable or translatable shaft element.. .
Boss Tool Corporation


Radial bearing assembly, in particular for an unbalanced shaft

A radial bearing assembly for supporting an outer part with respect to an inner part, which parts are rotatable relative to each other about a common longitudinal axis, the radial bearing assembly including a bearing seat formed on the outer part or on the inner part and having a width that varies over a circumference of the bearing seat, and assembly including at least one rolling-element in line contact with the bearing seat. The bearing seat includes at least one interruption configured such that the at least one rolling element is supported by the bearing seat along the entire circumference of the radial bearing assembly and such that at least part of the at least one rolling element makes line contact with the bearing seat along the entire circumference of the radial bearing assembly..
Aktiebolaget Skf


Nozzle body, the valve assembly and fluid injection valve

A nozzle body for a fluid injection includes a cavity and a bottom wall delimiting the cavity at a fluid outlet end. The bottom wall is perforated by an injection hole having an inlet opening at an inner surface of the bottom wall and an outlet opening at an outer surface of the bottom wall.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Valve body and fluid injector

A valve body for a fluid injector includes a central longitudinal axis and a one-piece base body. The base body has a side wall defining a recess extending from a fluid inlet side to a fluid outlet side of the base body.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Stator for progressive cavity pump/motor

A stator for a progressive cavity pump or motor includes a stator housing having a longitudinal axis. In addition, the stator includes a stator insert of a material moulded within the housing.
National Oilwell Varco, L.p.


Hole opener and drilling

The present document describes a drill-bit which achieves both the rigidity and a fast rate of penetration. The drill-bit comprises a cone shaped central portion comprising a plurality of ribs protruding from the central portion and defining a plurality of blades.
First Corp International Inc.


Post for a folding door

A locking post for a closure, the post having front and rear walls joined at their sides by two side walls to form a tubular post having a generally quadratic cross-sectional shape. Each side wall has a groove therein, the groove parallel to the longitudinal axis of the post, and wide enough and deep enough to at least partly receive a locking element carried by the post.


Bag dispenser

A bag dispenser includes a frame with a roller portion for receiving a bag roll defined by a plurality of bags attached to a leading bag to be dispensed, the roller defining a longitudinal axis. A brake plate is configured to capture the leading bag against the frame for providing frictional force on the leading bag to limit sliding thereof, the brake plate pivotally attached to the frame via a pivot arm, the brake plate pivotable with respect to the frame between a non-pivoted friction-application position and a pivoted bag roll-installment position, the pivot arm configured to pivot with respect to the frame along a pivot plane generally perpendicular to the longitudinal axis..
Twist-east Inc.


Wiper device for cleaning a vehicle window and wiper blade for a wiper device

A wiper device cleaning a vehicle window is disclosed. The device has a wiper shaft and a holding element, fastened on the wiper shaft, and an adapter element which is connected to the holding element and to which a wiper arm and a wiper blade arranged on the wiper arm are fastened.
Valeo Systèmes D'essuyage


Vehicle seat bottom assembly having an anti-submarine device

A seat bottom assembly includes a seat bottom frame and an anti-submarining device having a pivot shaft and a panel. The frame extends along a longitudinal axis between a front edge and a rear edge and the pivot shaft is mounted on the frame.


Wrappable abrasion resistant, reflective thermal protective textile sleeve and construction thereof

A wrappable textile sleeve and method of construction thereof is provided. The sleeve includes a woven wall having opposite inner and outer edges extending in a lengthwise direction along a central longitudinal axis of the sleeve between opposite ends.
Federal-mogul Powertrain, Inc.


Skiving of cylindrical gears

A skiving tool comprising a cutter head (2) having a plurality of cutter blade mounting and positioning slots (8) arranged spaced, preferably equidistant, about the periphery (7) of the cutter head with the blade slots, and hence the cutting blades (4), preferably oriented perpendicular to the axis of rotation (a) of the cutter head. Alternatively, the blade slots may be inclined from the perpendicular orientation by less than 50 degrees, preferably less than 20 degrees, thereby forming a conical shaped cutter.
The Gleason Works


Method for producing a gun barrel having barrel flutings

The invention relates to a method for producing a gun barrel by cold forging a cylindrical blank in a barrel hammering machine, which has a plurality of forging hammers distributed around the circumference of the blank and acting radially on the blank, wherein forging hammers having ribs parallel to the longitudinal axis of the blank are used in order to forge longitudinal grooves in the blank during the cold forging.. .
Steyr Mannlicher Gmbh


Cue ball deflection path teaching aid and method

A cue ball deflection path training aid used by beginning pool or billiards players to help them optimally position the cue ball for the next shot. The aid includes cue ball deflection grid attached or imprinted on a cue stick's top surface.


Method and for controlled dissipation of radiated energy emission

Disclosed herein are devices and methods for shielding certain medical conductors, such as neurotherapy leads from mri energy. Preferred embodiments comprise a heat sink; a first antenna coil extending from the heat sink and wound around the longitudinal axis of the therapeutic conductor in a first longitudinal direction; and a second antenna coil extending from the heat sink and wound around the longitudinal axis of the therapeutic conductor in a second longitudinal direction..


Systems and methods for making and using electrode configurations for paddle leads

A paddle lead assembly for providing electrical stimulation of patient tissue includes a paddle body having a longitudinal axis and a lateral axis transverse to the longitudinal axis. The paddle body includes a plurality of electrodes disposed into at least four columns extending parallel with the longitudinal axis.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation


Needleless connector with compressible valve

Needleless connectors are described. An example needleless connector includes a housing and a compressible valve.
Carefusion 303, Inc.


Vascular access system and use

A vascular access system includes a catheter having an inner lumen in communication with an open distal end; a guidewire at least partially positioned in the catheter lumen and extending out the open distal end thereof, respective proximal and distal stops secured to the guidewire; and a centering device slidably mounted on the guidewire such that the centering device may freely within the catheter lumen relative to the guidewire between the proximal and distal stops, wherein the centering device substantially aligns a longitudinal axis of the catheter with a longitudinal axis of the guidewire proximate the centering device.. .
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc


Push button safety injector

A push button safety injector includes a housing having a proximal end, a distal end spaced from the proximal end, and a longitudinal axis. An injection ram is positioned along the longitudinal axis and configured to actuate a fluid chamber.
Antares Pharma, Inc.


Flexible stent design

The present invention relates to tissue-supporting medical devices and drug delivery systems, and more particularly to tubular flexible stents that are implanted within a body lumen of a living animal or human to support the organ, maintain patency and/or deliver drugs or agents. The tubular flexible stent has a cylindrical shape defining a longitudinal axis and includes a helical section having of a plurality of longitudinally oriented strut members and a plurality of circumferentially oriented hinge members connecting circumferentially adjacent strut members to form a band.
Cordis Corporation


Cement mixer and bone filler device

An apparatus and method for mixing and dispensing bone cement is provided. The apparatus includes a mixing vessel for mixing bone cement attached to a syringe body.
Kyphon Sarl


Bone fastener and methods of use

A bone fastener includes a first portion that defines a longitudinal axis and includes an inner surface defining an implant cavity. A second portion that includes a first end and a second end configured to penetrate tissue.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.


Guidance system mounts for surgical introducers

A delicate tissue retraction system having a retractor, an introducer and a clamp mechanism. The retractor has a hollow retractor passage extending along a longitudinal axis from a proximal retractor end to a distal retractor end.
Vycor Medical, Inc.


Expanding biopsy catheter

A device for collecting a tissue sample includes an outer sheath extending longitudinally from a proximal end to a distal end and including a lumen extending therethrough. The device also includes a tissue collecting member movably housed within the lumen and biased toward an expanded configuration in which the tissue collecting member is curved about a longitudinal axis thereof and longitudinal edges thereof are separated from one another.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Systems for measuring force and torque on ultrasound probe during imaging through strain measurement

An ultrasound system employs an ultrasound probe (31), a strain sensor(33) and a workstation (20). The ultrasound probe (31) includes an ultrasound transducer for acquiring ultrasound images (40) of an anatomical region.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Device for use in a blender

A device for use in a blender comprises a rotatably arranged tool (10) for moving through food to be processed by means of the blender, and a tool cage (20) for partially covering the tool (10). The tool cage (20) is shaped like a hollow cylinder having a longitudinal axis and an inner surface (24) with exclusively non-convex areas, wherein a cross-sectional shape of the tool cage (20) deviates from a circular shape and has at least one protruding area which is outside of an imaginary circle being centrally positioned about the longitudinal axis and touching the inner surface (24) while having a minimum radius.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Oral-care implement having color-communicative element

An oral-care implement comprises a mounting surface having a longitudinal axis and a transverse axis perpendicular to the longitudinal axis and a plurality of filaments outwardly extending from the mounting surface in at least one direction not parallel to either one of the longitudinal axis and the transverse axis, each filament having a free end terminating with a tip. At least some of the filaments possess at least one functional characteristic selected from the group consisting of filament's structure, composition, cross-sectional shape, tip geometry, and any combination thereof.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Achilles heel wedge

An achilles heel wedge has a front part, a back part, and a longitudinal axis extending in a longitudinal direction between the front part and the back part. A first wedge section defines a bottom surface and a top surface.
Ossur Hf


Method for forming a sensor electrode for a capacitive sensor device

A sensor electrode (se) for a capacitive sensor device is designed such that the width of the sensor electrode decreases towards the center such that the capacity between the sensor electrode and an object (f) with constant distance between the sensor electrode and the object (f) substantially is equal in size for each position of the object (f) relative to the sensor electrode along a longitudinal axis of the sensor electrode. The sensor electrode may consist of a plurality of segments arranged in a strip with decreasing width towards the center of the electrode..
Microchip Technology Germany Gmbh


Swivel cord-connector

A swivel cord-connector having a swivel head and a swivel tail connected via a swivel core. In an embodiment, a head assembly of the swivel core is enclosed in the swivel head and a tail assembly of the swivel core is enclosed in the swivel tail.
All Good Inc. Limited


Miniskirt tape head having quasi-statically tilted transducer arrays

In one general embodiment, an apparatus includes a magnetic head. The magnetic head has a first portion and a second portion, the first portion and the second portion providing a tape bearing surface.
International Business Machines Corporation


Miniskirt tape head having quasi-statically tilted transducer arrays

In one general embodiment, an apparatus includes a magnetic head. The magnetic head has a first portion and a second portion, the first portion and the second portion together providing a tape bearing surface.
International Business Machines Corporation


Miniskirt tape head having quasi-statically tilted transducer arrays

In one general embodiment, an apparatus includes a magnetic head. The magnetic head has a first portion and a second portion, the first portion and the second portion together providing a tape bearing surface.
International Business Machines Corporation


Dynamic moveable hinge

A hinge which may be used for example in portable electronic devices may raise the upper body of the device from the lower body in response to rotation of the upper body about the hinge. The need to include a half-pipe section on the upper surface of the lower body maybe avoided.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Fuel lances having thermally insulating coating

A method for producing a fuel lance for a burner, in particular for a gas turbine burner, has at least the following steps: creating a fuel lance body having a tip that has a cooling air duct, which opens into an exit opening extending around a longitudinal axis of the fuel lance body, and a nozzle face, which is arranged around the exit opening and has a plurality of fuel nozzles; determining a spatial distribution of a heat input, to which the nozzle face is subjected during operation when a fuel flowing out through the fuel nozzles is burnt; and applying a thermally insulating layer onto the nozzle face in accordance with the spatial distribution of the heat input. A fuel lance is produced with the method.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Single-axis drive system and method

A system for moving an object in one axis that creates highly dispersed but precisely controlled mechanical force to support, manipulate, and maintain an object, tool or application in precise alignment or orientation with respect to a stationary or moving target is disclosed. The system includes one or more fluid containers within a cylindrical enclosure or drum, and a shaft running through longitudinal axis of the drum.
Cbe Global Holdings, Inc.


Miniature high performance solenoid valve

A solenoid valve assembly includes an armature having a longitudinal axis and an ovular cross-section, the armature being moveable along the longitudinal axis from a first position to a second position, and a bobbin including a solenoid coil configured to electromagnetically move the armature when energized. The bobbin defines a recess also having an ovular cross section for receiving the armature and restricting lateral movement of the armature, thereby providing a linear actuation path for the armature along the longitudinal axis.
Parker - Hannifin Corporation


Blade pitching

A blade pitch system for a wind turbine comprising a motor coupled to a central reduction gearing, wherein a rotatable output of the central reduction gearing is fixed to a mobile link that in use is joined to the blade and allows rotation of the blade around its longitudinal axis and a static part of the central reduction gearing or the motor is fixed to a static link that in use is joined to a wind turbine hub, wherein the system further comprises one or more flexible couplings to couple the central reduction gearing or the motor and the static or the mobile link such that torque about a blade longitudinal axis is transmitted between the blade and the reduction gearing while substantially limiting the transmission of other loads.. .
Alstom Renewable Technologies


Aero-actuated vanes

A turbomachinery vane includes a vane body defining a longitudinal axis, a trunnion extending from the vane body and defining a pivot point for pivoting the vane body about the longitudinal axis, and a lock system operatively connected to the trunnion and configured to lock the vane body in a plurality of locked positions. A gas turbine engine includes a turbomachinery component including a row of actuated stators, wherein the actuated stator row includes a plurality of the turbomachinery vanes.
United Technologies Corporation


Electrically operated valve and method thereof

A downhole tool assembly includes a tubular having a flowbore extending along a longitudinal axis of the tubular. An electric actuating mechanism supported by the tubular and distanced from the longitudinal axis of the tubular; and, a valve assembly connected to the tubular and fluidically connected to the flowbore.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Cutting elements comprising sensors, earth-boring tools having such sensors, and associated methods

A cutting element for an earth-boring tool includes a body having a longitudinal axis, a generally planar volume of hard material carried by the body, and a sensor affixed to the body. The sensor may be configured to sense at least one of stress and strain.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Latching assembly

A latching assembly for a gate comprising: a latch operative to adopt a latched condition, the latch comprising one or more members coupled together, each latch member extending along a longitudinal axis; and a lock comprising a lock portion adjustable from a retracted to a projected configuration to bring the lock portion into engagement with the or at least one of the latch members in the projected configuration so as to lock the latch in its latched condition.. .
D & D Group Pty Ltd


Yarn draw-off unit of a rotor spinning machine and producing a yarn with the aid of a rotor spinning machine

The invention relates to a yarn draw-off unit of a rotor spinning machine, having a draw-off nozzle (21) which projects into a spinning chamber (22) of the rotor spinning machine, and a draw-off conduit (23) for a yarn (5) produced within the spinning chamber (22), the draw-off conduit (23) being arranged downstream of the draw-off nozzle (21) in the draw-off direction of the yarn (5) that is drawn off from the spinning chamber (22). The draw-off conduit (23) comprises a helical section (24), with the aid of which a false twist can be imparted to the yarn (5) within the draw-off conduit (23).
Maschinenfabrik Rieter Ag


Transport device and operating the transport device

The invention relates to a transport device (1) for conveying a product, comprising a stationary running rail (2) which extends along a longitudinal axis (3); a cart (6) with a height axis (5) which is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis (3), said cart being guided on the running rail (2); guiding rollers (7) which are arranged on the cart (6), can be rotated about rotational axes (8) perpendicular to the longitudinal axis (3), and roll on the running rail (2), wherein the rotational axis (8) of each guiding roller (7) intersects the same straight line (9), which is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis (3); and a compensating device for compensating for a yaw moment (m) of the cart (6) about the height axis (5), comprising multiple magnetic coils (12) arranged along the running rail (2), at least two ferromagnetic or permanent magnetic counter elements (11) which are arranged on the cart (6) and which are arranged on both sides of the running rail (2), and a control device (18) for controlling the magnetic coils (12) such that the counter elements (11) can be simultaneously pushed away from the running rail (2) in the direction of a transverse axis (4), said transverse axis (4) being defined as perpendicular to the longitudinal axis (3) and perpendicular to the height axis (5).. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Tire demounting tool for deep-dish wheel rims

A tire demounting tool for demounting a second bead of a tire from a deep-dish wheel rim having a flange includes a handle that extends along a longitudinal axis. Extending from the handle is an extension section that extends radially away from the longitudinal axis at an oblique angle.
Summit Tool Company

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