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Longitudinal Axis patents


This page is updated frequently with new Longitudinal Axis-related patent applications.

 Adjustable snap-in rail assembly for storage rack patent thumbnailnew patent Adjustable snap-in rail assembly for storage rack
A rail assembly for a storage rack that includes, in one aspect, a first rail member, a second rail member, and a nut assembly slidably mounted to the second rail member. The first rail member may include a first mounting aperture extending through a body of the first rail member and the second rail member may include a first mounting slot extending through a body of the second rail member for a predefined dimension along a longitudinal axis.
Oracle International Corporation

 Microphone  mounting method and apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Microphone mounting method and apparatus
A microphone support and enclosing windscreen has microphone supports curving about 270 degrees about an axis with upper and lower fingers to grip the microphone above and below the longitudinal axis of the microphone. The microphone supports move along an upper rail of a connector.
M. Klemme Technology, Corp.

 High-voltage cable plug patent thumbnailnew patent High-voltage cable plug
A high-voltage cable connector (1) for mounting on one end of a high-voltage cable (20), wherein the high-voltage cable connector (1) has an insulating part (14) that can be mounted on the end of the high-voltage cable (20), which is tapered at least in sections on its outer surface and which can be brought into electrically tight contact with a socket element (2) assigned to the high-voltage cable connector (1) when establishing the plug-in connection, characterized in that the high-voltage cable connector (1) has a protective element (40) on or near its end facing the socket element (2), which protective element protrudes beyond the end of the high-voltage cable connector (1) facing the socket element (2) in a radial direction, relative to its longitudinal axis, to such an extent that the protective element (40) prevents damage to the high-voltage cable connector (1) or to the socket element (2) when the high-voltage cable connector (1) is inserted into and removed from the socket element.. .
Pfisterer Kontaktsysteme Gmbh

 Stripe-shaped electrode structure including a main portion with a field electrode and an end portion terminating the electrode structure patent thumbnailnew patent Stripe-shaped electrode structure including a main portion with a field electrode and an end portion terminating the electrode structure
A semiconductor device includes a stripe-shaped electrode structure that extends from a first surface into a semiconductor portion. The electrode structure includes a main portion and an end portion terminating the electrode structure.
Infineon Technologies Ag

 Contact unit for a tap changer and a tap selector comprising the contact unit patent thumbnailnew patent Contact unit for a tap changer and a tap selector comprising the contact unit
Contact unit for a tap changer including a contact ring having a central axis, a plurality of fixed contacts arranged at a distance from the contact ring in different radial directions, and a moving contact arranged rotatable about the central axis of the contact ring and adapted to electrically connect the fixed contacts one at a time with the contact ring. The moving contact includes two elongated contact elements.
Abb Technology Ltd

 Universal leg for a sign display stand patent thumbnailnew patent Universal leg for a sign display stand
Sign display stands include legs. A leg for a sign display stand includes: a first side; a second side; a base; an inner surface defined by the first side, the second side and the base; an outer surface defined by the first side, the second side and the base, the outer surface opposite the inner surface; a channel defined at or about at least one of the first side and second side on the inner surface, the channel configured to receive a sign panel; and at least one protuberance positioned on the inner surface and substantially along a longitudinal axis of the leg..

 Fiber optic connector patent thumbnailnew patent Fiber optic connector
A connector (10) includes two connector portions (12) and a boot (14). Each connector portion (12) includes a ferrule (78) and a latch (18).

 Apparatus and  inspection of an end region supported steering column assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and inspection of an end region supported steering column assembly
An apparatus (110) (and associated method) for inspecting a steering column assembly (10) including a motor (114a) driven drive sleeve (128) supported in a headstock (114) and having a longitudinal axis, and being adapted for receiving and engaging a portion of the steering column assembly, and at least one optical scanning device (160a, 160b, 160c) adapted to optically scan a feature of interest of the steering column assembly (10) while the shaft of the steering column assembly (10) is rotated for gathering data for identifying one or more deviations from one or more predetermined values for the feature of interest.. .
Nsk Americas, Inc.

 Duplex pressure transducers patent thumbnailnew patent Duplex pressure transducers
A transducer baseplate includes a base, a protrusion extending from the base along a longitudinal axis, a pair of opposed transducer receptacles defined within the protrusion, and respective pressure plena. The pressure plena are separated by a plenum wall, each plenum being in fluid connection with an area external to the protrusion through a respective pressure line.
Rosemount Aerospace Inc.

 A  measurement of linear dimensions of three-dimensional objects patent thumbnailnew patent A measurement of linear dimensions of three-dimensional objects
A method for performing three-dimensional measurements that includes: projecting with a projector of reset non-overlapping images oriented alone the one of longitudinal axis with a constant distance in between, registering the light from the projector reflected from the object using at least one camera placed with formation of a triangulation angle between the central beam of the projector and central beams of the cameras, the cameras are arranged at an angle to the projector as in the vertical and horizontal planes. Each of the images projected on the measured object is a discrete sequence of geometric elements, and the identification of images taken by the camera of these elements is made due to the projected shift.

new patent

Fin deployment system

A fin deployment system for a projectile is provided, the fin deployment system defining a longitudinal axis and including: an actuator plate, a first mechanical stop arrangement, an actuation assembly, a plurality of fin assemblies, and a second mechanical stop arrangement. The actuator plate is pivotable from a first pivot position to a second pivot position about the longitudinal axis.
Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

new patent

Archery bow

An archery bow comprises a structural riser that comprises a plurality of cells defined between structural rails and connecting members. In some embodiments, a central longitudinal axis of the riser is oriented midway between the rails.
Mcp Ip, Llc

new patent

Firearm charging handle

A charging handle for a firearm having an elongate member, a bolt engaging element at a forward end, a handle portion at a rearward end, the handle portion including a first projection from the elongate member and a second projection from the elongate member opposing the first projection, the first projection having a first surface defining an elongate opening at least partially therethrough extending substantially parallel with a longitudinal axis of the elongate member and configured to receive a first end of a lanyard, and the second projection having at least one surface defining a pivot point opening with a pivot axis substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the elongate member, and a latch having a surface defining a first opening therethrough, where the latch pivots around a pivot pin positioned through the pivot opening and the first opening through the latch.. .
Ar Products, Llc.

new patent

Led-based light with canted outer walls

An led-based light has an elongate housing having a longitudinal axis and a vertical axis, the housing defined by a base and two canted outer walls meeting opposite the base, the housing defining a cavity. An led circuit board on which a plurality of leds are located is positioned within the cavity.
Ilumisys, Inc.

new patent

Pipe float assembly with roll axis stability

A float assembly securable to an elongate conveyance wherein the elongate conveyance defines a longitudinal axis and the float assembly has a roll axis parallel with the longitudinal axis. The float assembly includes a first buoyant float member coupled with the float assembly.
Neptune Flotation, Llc

new patent

Enhanced pilot stage servovalve

Servovalve with jet-type pilot stage including an ejector for ejecting a jet of fluid that is movable relative to a deflector adapted to generate a pressure differential that can be used to move a power distribution member of the servovalve, the ejector projecting radially from a column extending along a longitudinal axis and to which the ejector is fastened, being in fluid communication with a central passage of the column via which the ejector is fed with fluid, the column having a first end pivotably engaged in a part of the servovalve in the vicinity of a pressure feed thereof and via which the fluid is introduced into the central passage of the column, the column having a second end loaded by a torque motor to apply selectively to the column a rotation torque about the longitudinal axis in either direction relative to a rest position.. .
Zodiac Hydraulics

new patent

Sealing element, annular filter element, oil separator, and opening filter housing of oil separator

A sealing element (60) for an annular filter element (100) of an oil separator (200) of a crankcase ventilation system, wherein the annular filter element (100) is configured to separate oil from fluid. The sealing element (60) fulfills more than one sealing function and yet is easy to use and replace.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

new patent

Barrel cam rudder pedal system

A barrel cam rudder pedal system is provided. The system includes an outer housing with a chassis assembly carried by the outer housing.
Woodward Mpc, Inc.

new patent

Retaining tab for diffuser seal ring

An example diffuser assembly includes a diffuser case, an annular ring, and a retaining tab that is mounted to the annular ring and has an end that engages an inner wall of the diffuser case. The engagement between the second end and the inner wall locks the retaining tab and limits movement of the annular ring along a central longitudinal axis of the diffuser case.
United Technologies Corporation

new patent

Exhaust gas treatment device with replaceable insert

An exhaust gas treatment device (1), for an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine, includes a tubular housing (2) and an insert (5) arranged replaceably in the housing (2). The insert (5) has an exhaust gas treatment element (7) fixed in a tubular jacket (6) and is able to be pushed into the housing (2) in a pushing-in direction (9), which extends parallel to a central longitudinal axis (10) of the housing (2).
Eberspächer Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

new patent

Perforating gun assembly and forming wellbore perforations

A perforating gun assembly used to form perforations in a wellbore includes a charge carrier having a longitudinal axis, and multiple groups of shaped charges that are disposed on the charge carrier. Two or more of the shaped charges within each group are arranged to generate jets oriented substantially along respective axes that converge towards one another.
Delphian Ballistics Limited

new patent

Annular barrier having a downhole expandable tubular

An annular barrier has a tubular part, and a downhole expandable tubular to be expanded in an annulus downhole from a first outer diameter to a second outer diameter to abut against an inner face of a casing or borehole. The downhole expandable tubular has a first end section, a second end section and an intermediate section between the first end section and the second end section, the downhole expandable tubular surrounding the tubular part.
Welltec A/s

new patent

Connector assembly for connecting a hose to a tubular

A connector assembly for connecting a hose to a tubular element. The connector assembly includes a housing, a hose connector, and a latch.
Managed Pressure Operations Pte. Ltd.

new patent

Percussive rock drill bit with flushing grooves

A percussive rock drill bit has a head and a shank in which a plurality of flushing grooves extend radially outward and axially rearward from a front face. The flushing grooves are configured to optimize the axially rearward flow of rock particles and fines entrained in the flushing fluid.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

new patent

Structural stud

A panel includes structural studs, each of the structural studs includes a central longitudinal axis, a baseplate, and a sidewall extending from the baseplate, and tabs punched out of the sidewall, each of the tabs including a tab leg that is connected to the sidewall at one end of the tab leg, and that projects outwardly from the sidewall, and a tab foot extending from the tab leg and curving in a direction that is toward a plane extending perpendicular to the central longitudinal axis through the one end of the tab leg, and away from a hole in the sidewall created by the tab being punched out of the sidewall, wherein the hole is defined by a base side and a top side, the base side has a greater length than the top side, and the tab leg the extends from the base side.. .
Hi-tech Tilt Intellectual Property Management, Inc.

new patent

Electrospinning device

An electrospinning device includes a rotatable carrier, a collector unit including at least one collector bar, a dispenser for dispensing a polymer composition, and a power supply. The collector bar is disposed on the rotatable carrier and is rotatable about a longitudinal axis.
National Chiao Tung University

new patent

Apparatus and system for treating organic mass

An apparatus for treating organic mass. The apparatus comprises a treatment chamber and agitation means provided in the chamber to agitate the organic mass.
Biomax Holding Pte Ltd

new patent

Methods and material processing using atmospheric thermal plasma reactor

Methods and apparatus provide for: producing a plasma plume within a plasma containment vessel from a source of plasma gas; feeding an elongate feedstock material having a longitudinal axis into the plasma containment vessel such that at least a distal end of the feedstock material is heated within the plasma plume; and spinning the feedstock material about the longitudinal axis as the distal end of the feedstock material advances into the plasma plume, where the feedstock material is a mixture of compounds that have been mixed, formed into the elongate shape, and at least partially sintered.. .
Corning Incorporated

new patent

Fastening device

The invention relates to an aircraft structure, the aircraft structure comprising a first component and a second component. A fastening device fastens the first component to the second component, wherein the fastening device comprises a clamping member, and a fastening member.
Airbus Operations Limited

new patent

Structure to support equipment in a fuselage of an aircraft

A structure for fastening components of interior equipment in the passenger compartment of an airplane. The fastening structure contains a fastener produced on the fuselage; suspension elements (2) immovably connected to the fastener, and at least one system support (1) running in the longitudinal direction of the fuselage, connected to the suspension elements (2).
Airbus Operations Limited

new patent

Exhaust muffler for transverse installation in a vehicle

An exhaust muffler for transverse installation in a vehicle includes a muffler housing (26) elongated in the direction of a housing longitudinal axis (g) with a housing jacket (28) and two front walls (30, 32). The two front walls (30, 32) are arranged at spaced locations from one another and define an interior (34) of the muffler with the housing jacket (28).
Eberspächer Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

new patent

Vehicle axle assembly with integrated pressurizing medium line for filling the tires

A vehicle axle assembly is provided having a hub which is mounted on a cylindrical axle body by way of a ball bearing so as to be rotatable about a central longitudinal axis, wherein the ball bearing has an inner race connected to the axle body and has an outer race connected to the hub. The vehicle axle assembly includes an axially inner shaft sealing ring and an axially outer shaft sealing ring which are sealingly arranged between the two races and which delimit a ring-shaped chamber between the two races, a first pressure medium line which extends through the inner race or one of the two shaft sealing rings and which opens into the ring-shaped chamber; and a second pressure medium line which extends from the ring-shaped chamber through the outer race and which is configured to be connected to a wheel fastened on the hub..
Gv Engineering Gmbh

new patent

Box-making apparatus and method

Embodiments of the invention are directed to an apparatus and method for creating folded multi-dimensional shapes from pliable substrates. An apparatus having a handle connected to one or more plungers that are configured to move along a longitudinal axis is used to form folds in a flat substrate by pressing dies attached to the plungers into a die area to shape the flat substrate.
Crayola, Llc

new patent

Three-dimensional (3d) printed composite structure and 3d printable composite ink formulation

A filamentary structure extruded from a nozzle during 3d printing comprises a continuous filament including filler particles dispersed therein. At least some fraction of the filler particles in the continuous filament comprise high aspect ratio particles having a predetermined orientation with respect to a longitudinal axis of the continuous filament.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

new patent

Method and device for friction stir welding materials of different thicknesses and having fillet welds

The invention relates to a device and a method for friction stir welding materials of different thicknesses and that have fillet welds, comprising the following features: a) a receiver panel (1) that has a drive head (2) and a welding shoe (4) that has a pin bearing, said welding shoe (4) being selected and inserted according to whether it is being used with materials of different thicknesses or with materials that have fillet welds, b) the longitudinal axis of the spindle bearing being at an incline of an angle between and 5 degrees relative to the vertical line; the transverse incline being 0 degrees for the fillet weld shoe (4), and c) when the welding pin (6) is exchanged, the length of the welding pin (6) being adjusted using an adjustment element (12) and the position of the counter-bearing of the welding pin (6) being adjusted using an adjustable pin stop (19) and, in the case of the pin stop (19), additionally secured by an adjustment screw (20).. .
Grenzebach Maschinenbau Gmbh

new patent

Drill chuck assembly

A drill chuck assembly. The drill chuck assembly includes a rapid change mechanism configured to retain a drill bit shank inserted therein.

new patent

Customizable transporting and depositing fluids

A system for dosing one or more fluids on a substrate, the system comprising a rotating roll. The rotating roll has a central longitudinal axis, wherein the rotating roll rotates about the central longitudinal axis; an exterior surface defining an interior region and substantially surrounding the central longitudinal axis; and a vascular network configured for transporting the one or more fluids in a predetermined path from the interior region to the exterior surface of the rotating roll..
The Procter & Gamble Company

new patent

Apparatus for analyzing a test liquid

An apparatus for a test liquid includes an inlet device defining a chamber configured to receive the liquid, a preparation device defining a preparation chamber and including a preparation reagent to be reacted with the liquid, an analysis device defining an exposure chamber associated with the preparation chamber and including an analysis unit to be exposed to the prepared test liquid for indicating information on the test liquid, a housing defining a longitudinal axis, and a guiding device configured to guide the inlet device, the preparation device or the analysis device so as to limit the motion of the inlet device, the preparation device or the analysis device to a sequence of alternating rotational and axial movements, each axial movement of the inlet device, the preparation device or the analysis device requiring activation through a preceding rotational movement of the inlet device, the preparation device or the analysis device.. .
Sulzer Mixpac Ag

new patent

Golf club head with polymeric hosel

A golf club head includes a face, a club head body, and a hosel. The hosel has a tubular hosel body extending along a longitudinal axis and defining a bore.
Nike, Inc.

new patent

Balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration catheters and related systems and methods

A multi-lumen catheter defining a longitudinal axis includes an inflation lumen, a plug lumen, and a microcatheter lumen, each defined by the catheter and extending substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis. The inflation lumen defines an inlet aperture and an outlet aperture and is configured to provide a fluidic connection from the inlet aperture of the inflation lumen to a balloon.
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

new patent

Gas delivery device

A system for delivery of a gas to a user has a single tubular nasal cavity component having only two terminal ends: a gas inlet and a gas outlet with a single gas flow path between. The component is configured for insertion into the nostril of a user and maintains the position without adhesive.
Upods, Llc

new patent

Dosing unit for an ambulatory infusion device

A dosing unit for an infusion pump device is disclosed having a piston pump with a pump cylinder and a plunger arranged within said cylinder, coaxially arranged along a longitudinal axis. The plunger has a shaft with a thread and the cylinder has a threaded sleeve part with a thread.
Roche Diagnostics International Ag

new patent

Surgical limb positioning and support device and method

A limb positioning and support device for achieving and maintaining reduction of a human bone in connection with surgical procedures involving orthopedic and other surgical fracture tables. The limb positioning and support device includes an articulating and rotating positioning and support arm coupled between a surgical table and a limb saddle.

new patent

Absorbent articles having channels and wetness indicator

An absorbent article, such as a diaper or a training pant, having a wearer-facing side and a garment-facing side and a longitudinal axis. The absorbent article comprises a topsheet on the wearer-facing side, a backsheet on the garment-facing side, and an absorbent core between the topsheet and backsheet.
The Procter & Gamble Company

new patent

Layered soft palate support and implantation method

The present invention relates to a layered soft palate support and an implantation method for treating sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome or snoring. The layered soft palate support is a layered structure formed by two or more supporting plates.
Guangzhou T.k. Medical Instrument Co. Ltd.

new patent

System for loading a collapsible heart valve having a leaflet restraining member

An assembly for loading a self-expanding prosthetic heart valve into a delivery device, includes a compression member having a longitudinal axis, a first open end with a first diameter, a second open end with a second diameter less than the first diameter, and a wall decreasing in diameter from the first open end to the second open end, a support member having a longitudinal axis, a base and a recess extending along the longitudinal axis and adapted to receive an end of the valve, the support member and the compression member being movable between an initial position and an operative position, and a substantially tubular restrainer disposed within the support member and, in the operative position of the compression member and the support member, defining a passageway for accepting a portion of the delivery device and leaflets of the valve when the valve is assembled on the support member.. .
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

new patent

Elongate medical device including chamfered ring electrode and variable shaft

An elongate medical device shaft may comprise an elongate body and an annular electrode disposed on the elongate body. The annular electrode may define a longitudinal axis and have an outer diameter.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

new patent

Electrocautery device

An electrocautery device for use in a surgical operation to coagulate tissue and/or organs in a patient. The cautery device includes a sheath defining a longitudinal axis, a handle coupled to a proximal end of the sheath, a cauterizing tip coupled to the distal end of the sheath, and at least one actuator configured to move the cauterizing tip relative to the sheath.

new patent

Bone plate with captive clips

A fixation system includes a plate comprising a top surface, a bottom surface, a central longitudinal axis, at least one fixation hole extending between the top and bottom surfaces and comprising an undercut therein, and at least one passage intersecting one of the undercuts. At least one resilient clip is disposed in at least a portion of the undercut, with the at least one clip having a pair of generally parallel sides and an end tab.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

new patent

Cervical minimal access fusion system

A cervical minimal access fusion system is presented. The system has a plate with a longitudinal axis and defining at least two bone screw bores therethrough and an inter-vertebral cage configured to be positioned between two adjacent cervical vertebrae.
Spectrum Spine Ip Holdings, Llc

new patent

Surgical system for bone screw insertion and rod reduction

A screw insertion instrument includes a housing, a knob, a drive shaft, and a screw alignment post. The housing includes a proximal portion and a distal portion, and the proximal portion includes a proximal body portion defining a channel extending longitudinally therethrough along a longitudinal axis of the housing.
K2m, Inc.

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