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Illumination device

Enclosure for radio, parabolic dish antenna, and side lobe shields

Roll-off piston for an air spring rolling-lobe flexible member

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lobe-related patents
 Medical device for treating a target site patent thumbnailMedical device for treating a target site
Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to medical devices, methods, and systems for delivering a medical device to a target site. In one embodiment, a medical device includes a proximal lobe and a distal lobe, at least one of the proximal lobe or the distal lobe configured to receive a delivery device therethrough.
 Illumination device patent thumbnailIllumination device
One of a radiator plate (21) and a globe cover (13) is provided, on a part which makes contact with the other one, with a plurality of cutout sections (41), and the other one is provided, at positions corresponding to the respective cutout sections (41), with a plurality of projections (31). By engaging the cutout sections (41) and the projections (31), the globe cover (13) is attached to the radiator plate (21).
 Enclosure for radio, parabolic dish antenna, and side lobe shields patent thumbnailEnclosure for radio, parabolic dish antenna, and side lobe shields
Enclosures for radios, parabolic dish antennas, and side lobe shields are provided herein. A dish antenna includes a parabolic circular reflector bounded by a side lobe shield that extends along a longitudinal axis of the dish antenna in a forward direction forming a front cavity, and a sidewall that extends along the longitudinal axis of the dish antenna in a rearward direction forming a rear cavity..
 Roll-off piston for an air spring rolling-lobe flexible member patent thumbnailRoll-off piston for an air spring rolling-lobe flexible member
A roll-off piston made of plastic is for an air spring rolling-lobe flexible member (19) of the air spring. The roll-off piston (1) is configured as a plunge piston and has a preferably central support (2) for a stop buffer (3) acting in an axial direction of the air spring.
 Compact low sidelobe antenna and feed network patent thumbnailCompact low sidelobe antenna and feed network
An antenna may include a primary reflector having a ring focus; a feed body along an axis of the primary reflector, the feed body including a circular waveguide coaxial with the axis of the primary reflector; a sub-reflector disposed facing an end of the circular waveguide; and a generally cylindrical stem extending from a center of the sub-reflector into the circular waveguide to form a section of annular waveguide. A sub-reflector support may mechanically connect a perimeter of the sub-reflector and an outside surface of the feed body.
 Slide arrangement for cable drawer patent thumbnailSlide arrangement for cable drawer
A drawer slide having first and second rails interconnected by a center rail. The center rail includes a spool configured to provide half-speed travel of the center rail relative to the travel of the first rail.
 Variable valve timing arrangement patent thumbnailVariable valve timing arrangement
A variable valve timing arrangement for an engine system is disclosed. The variable valve timing arrangement includes a cam follower configured to follow a cam lobe.
 Device for clutter-resistant target detection patent thumbnailDevice for clutter-resistant target detection
The invention relates to a device for passively or actively detecting a target which scatters a useful signal and which is immersed in an observed area comprising elements that are likely to generate clutter echoes forming a non-useful signal, the useful signal having a coherent scattering lobe that is greater than that of the non-useful signal for a given wavelength and given direction, said device including means for receiving the signal scattered by the target, said receiving means including: at a given moment t, at least two separate reception portions having the same polarization, each portion including at least one receiver and one phase center; and a processing means enabling the mutual correlation between at least two received signals, or between at least two signals constructed from signals received at a moment t, each of said received signals being received by a receiver of one of said at least two separate reception portions, characterized in that the phase centers of said at least two reception portions are arranged such that the both of the latter are located in the coherent scattering lobe of a possible useful signal and such that both of the latter are not located in the coherent scattering lobe of the non-useful signal, so as to enable said processing means to detect a possible useful signal present of the non-useful signal, the minimum required distance between said phase centers being that which is required for observing a first decrease in the coefficient of correlation of said at least two constructed signals.. .
 Gas spring end member as well as gas spring assembly including same patent thumbnailGas spring end member as well as gas spring assembly including same
A gas spring assembly (200) with a flexible wall (206) being a rolling lobe (240) with an end member (204) including a side wall (238) and a plurality of corrugations disposed along the side wall. A cover (246) can be secured across a cavity (248) formed in the gas spring end member..
 Surgical implant system and method patent thumbnailSurgical implant system and method
A surgical implant driver includes a member defining an engagement portion including a wall having a circumference and a plurality of lobes disposed thereabout. The lobes are curved toward an interior of the circumference and are connected by a plurality of arcuate portions that are curved toward the interior of the circumference..
Circular coils for deep transcranial magnetic stimulation
A transcranial magnetic stimulation coil which is location-specific for frontal lobe regions, occipital lobe regions, parietal lobe regions, right temporal regions and left temporal regions is designed with multiple spaced apart stimulating elements having current flow in a substantially circular direction, and multiple return elements having current flow in substantially the same circular direction.. .
A compound with the formula i: wherein: r2 is of formula ii: where a is a c5-7 aryl group, x is selected from the group comprising: nhnh2, conhnh2, formula iii, formula iv, and either: (i) q1 is a single bond, and q2 is selected from a single bond and —z—(ch2)n—, where z is selected from a single bond, o, s and nh and n is from 1 to 3; or (ii) q1 is —ch═ch—, and q2 is a single bond; r12 is a c5-10 aryl group, optionally substituted by one or more substituents selected from the group comprising: halo, nitro, cyano, ether, c1-7 alkyl, c3-7 heterocyclyl and bis-oxy-c1-3 alkylene; r6 and r9 are independently selected from h, r, oh, or, sh, sr, nh2, nhr, nrr′, nitro, me3sn and halo; where r and r′ are independently selected from optionally substituted c1-12 alkyl, c3-20 heterocyclyl and c5-20 aryl groups; r7 is selected from h, r, oh, or, sh, sr, nh2, nhr, nhrr′, nitro, me3sn and halo; either: (a) r10 is h, and r11 is oh, ora, where ra is c1-4 alkyl; (b) r10 and r11 form a nitrogen-carbon double bond between the nitrogen and carbon atoms to which they are bound; or (c) r10 is h and r11 is sozm, where z is 2 or 3 and m is a monovalent pharmaceutically acceptable cation; r″ is a c3-12 alkylene group, which chain may be interrupted by one or more heteroatoms, and/or aromatic rings; y and y′ are selected from o, s, or nh; r6′, r7′, r9′ are selected from the same groups as r6, r7 and r9 respectively and r10′ and r11′ are the same as r10 and r11, wherein if r11 and r11′ are sozm, m may represent a divalent pharmaceutically acceptable cation.. .
Radial fluid device with multi-harmonic output
According to one embodiment, a radial fluid device comprises a cylinder block, first and second pluralities of pistons, a first cam disposed about the first plurality of radially extending cylinders, and a second cam disposed about the second plurality of radially extending cylinders. The second cam has at least one more lobe than the first cam..
Gas turbine engine exhaust mixer
An exhaust mixer for a gas turbine engine includes an annular wall having upstream end adapted to be fastened to an engine case and a downstream end forming a plurality of inner and outer mixer lobes. A support member interconnects at least a number of the inner lobes, and includes a circumferentially extending stiffener ring located radially inwardly from the inner lobes and a series of circumferentially spaced apart mixer struts radially extending from the inner lobes to the stiffener ring.
Expandable sheath
A medical device assembly may include an elongated tubular membrane having a wall defining a lumen extending through the membrane from a proximal end to a distal end, the lumen having a first inner diameter, and a percutaneous medical device having a maximum outer diameter greater than the first inner diameter, wherein the membrane is configured to permit the medical device to pass through the lumen, and wherein the membrane includes a plurality of longitudinally-oriented channels recessed along an inner surface of the wall. A medical device delivery sheath may include a tubular first layer of polymeric material formed into a wavy cross-section having a plurality of lobes and a plurality of valleys, wherein the first layer of material is resiliently expandable in a radial direction from a relaxed configuration to an expanded configuration, and wherein the first layer of material is substantially non-expandable in an axial direction..
Process for the manufacture of dihalodiphenylsulfones starting from organic acids
A process for the preparation of dihalodiphenylsulfones_such as 4,4′-dichlorodiphenyl sulfone or 4,4′-bis-(4-chlorophenylsulfonyl)biphenyl with high regioselectivity, at low temperature and in the absence of toxic reagents by reacting together at least one acid, sulfur trioxide and at least one halobenzene. The invented process is particularly suited for the manufacture of 4,4′-dichlorodiphenyl sulfone..
Three-dimensional single-molecule fluorescence imaging beyond the diffraction limit using a double-helix point spread function
Embodiments of the present invention can resolve molecules beyond the optical diffraction limit in three dimensions. A double-helix point spread function can be used to in conjunction with a microscope to provide dual-lobed images of a molecule.
Diffusion globe led lighting device
Disclosed is a lighting fixture that provides approximately even illumination across a planar surface. Also enclosed is an led light for producing the same.
Angle-resolving radar sensor for motor vehicles
An angle-resolving radar sensor for motor vehicles having multiple antenna elements and multiple receive channels, at least two antenna elements connected to the same receive channel together having a directional characteristic having at least two main lobes having different primary sensitivity directions.. .
Cam style locks and systems and methods including the same
The present invention includes door locks having a cam having three lobes, and to systems including such door locks. The outer lobes of the cam can limit the rotation of the cam.
Endovascular staple clip and stapler
A staple clip for providing an attachment function in a surgical procedure is described. A center hub has a center hub aperture.
Socket fastener removal tool
An apparatus for removing a socket fastener is described. The apparatus includes a base, a camshaft, a sleeve and a cartridge.
Dutchman fastener removal tool
An apparatus for removing a fastener having a cylindrical aperture is described. The apparatus includes a base, a camshaft, a sleeve and a cartridge.
Stud removal tool
An apparatus for removing a stud is described. The apparatus includes a housing, a cage and a canted coil spring.
Flip socket nut removal tool
An apparatus for removing a first nut and a differently sized second nut is described. The illustrative apparatus includes a housing, a first cage and a second cage, and a first canted coil spring and a second canted coil spring.
Nut removal tool
An apparatus for removing a nut is described. The apparatus includes a housing, a cage, and a canted coil spring.
Bucket tooth locking pin
A system to attaching a tooth to a bucket shank comprises a ring seat in the shank having a cam. A locking ring having a corresponding cam is seated in the seat and has an interior channel bounded by shoulders.
Hydraulic device
A hydraulic device (1) comprising a housing (2) and a gerotor (3) contained within the housing (2), the gerotor (3) having an inner rotor (4) eccentrically disposed within an outer ring (5), the outer ring having a central axis (19), the outer ring (5) being fixed to the housing, the inner rotor (4) having external lobes (4a) extending radially outwardly engaging the outer ring (5) having internal lobes (5a) extending radially inwardly, the inner rotor (4) being arranged for orbital and rotational movement relative the outer ring (5), wherein the orbital and rotational movement will define a plurality of expanding and contracting volume pressure chambers (7) between the inner rotor (4) and the outer ring (5). The hydraulic device (1) comprises a fluid feeder tube (8) with a central axis (19), the fluid feeder tube (8) is provided with at least one fluid inlet line (8a, 8c) and at least one fluid outlet line (8b, 8d), the inner rotor (4) is adapted to slide against a drive shaft cylinder (10b), the drive shaft cylinder (10b) having a circumference which is eccentrically disposed relative the central axis (19), the inner rotor (4) comprises at least one radial fluid feeder channel (9) disposed radially from the centre of and through the inner rotor (4) and out to at least one of the plurality of expanding and contracting volume pressure chambers (7), wherein said fluid inlet line (8a, 8c) and said fluid outlet line (8b, 8d) respectively are radially connectable to said radial fluid feeder channel (9) for fluid communication into and out from said expanding and contracting volume pressure chambers (7)..
Multi-lobed cooling hole
A gas turbine engine component subjected to a flow of high temperature gas includes a wall having first and second wall surfaces and a cooling hole extending through the wall. The cooling hole includes an inlet located at the first wall surface, an outlet located at the second wall surface, a metering section extending downstream from the inlet and a diffusing section extending from the metering section to the outlet.
Solar gazing globe
A lighting device is described having a diffuser having an aperture and generally enclosing a chamber. An electrical light source is positioned to direct light through at least a portion of the diffuser via the chamber.
Electronically steerable antenna using reconfigurable power divider based on cylindrical electromagnetic band gap (cebg) structure
A low complexity/cost beamsteering antenna includes a central line feed affixed to a radial waveguide structure, radiating elements positioned along the circumference of the radial waveguide structure, and a plurality of active elements interspersed along the surface of the radial waveguide structure between the central line feed and the radiating elements. The active elements may comprise pin diodes or microelectromechanical system (mems) components, and may be selectively activated/deactivated by dc switches in order to direct the propagation of an rf signal over the radial waveguide structure in a manner similar to a power divider.
Enhanced radar range resolution
A synthetic aperture radar imaging method that combines each radar return pulse with a sinusoid to reduce the radar return pulses to a baseband frequency and deskew each radar return pulse. It includes determining a maximum likelihood estimate (mle) of residual motion parameters for a dominant scatterer on the ground relative to the airborne radar and correcting for errors in inertial navigation system measurements based on the mle residual motion parameters.
Device for providing tactile feedback for robotic apparatus using actuation
A haptic feedback system includes a transducer that presses an actuator against an operator's skin with a force corresponding to a sensed parameter. Embodiments provide a simulated sense of touch corresponding to actual interactions between a robotic system and an environment.
Park mechanism for a motor vehicle
A park mechanism includes a cam pivotal between park and not-park ranges, including a radial outer surface formed with angularly spaced lobes, a roller urged by a spring into contact with the outer surface, a park spring urging the cam toward the park-range, a power source for pivoting the cam, and a pawl actuated by cam movement into a park state and a not-park state.. .
Fiber-based adsorbents having high adsorption capacities for recovering dissolved metals and methods thereof
A fiber-based adsorbent and a related method of manufacture are provided. The fiber-based adsorbent includes polymer fibers with grafted side chains and an increased surface area per unit weight over known fibers to increase the adsorption of dissolved metals, for example uranium, from aqueous solutions.
Apparatus with elliptical movement for microdermabrasion and topical delivery of treatments
A device for providing elliptical path motion to skin or other surface. The device includes a motor, shaft, and a cam having at least one offset axis cam lobe for creating offset motion.
Implant system having a multifunctional inserter and complementary implant
An implant system having an inserter or implant-drill guide defining a plurality of overlapping bores or elongated passageways. The inserter or implant-drill bit guide provides a drill jig for defining a complementary-shaped drilled-out area in the first and second vertebra.
Reinforced structural member and frame structures
Disclosed are frame members and mullions for a window frame that comprise a reinforcing member that is surrounded by an outer plastic layer. The outer plastic layer is held securely to the reinforcing member as a result of a waist banding effect that comprises an inward force created by the outer plastic layer as it cools and contracts around the reinforcing member.
Tube for heat exchanger
A folded tube for a heat exchanger is disclosed. The tube includes first and second ends for connection to first and second headers of the heat exchanger.
Card with area containing components capable of movement
A card, such as a greeting card, is provided. The card includes an enclosed space that is partially embedded in or coupled to a portion of the card, where the space includes pieces of material that are moved within the space by one or more moving pieces.
Access assembly including inflatable seal member
An access assembly for insertion through an opening in tissue is provided. The access assembly includes a flexible outer sleeve having an upper rim formed on a proximal end, a lower rim formed on a distal end and defining a longitudinal opening extending therebetween.
Optimized helix angle rotors for roots-style supercharger
A roots-type blower has first and second meshed, lobed rotors disposed in first and second chambers of a housing. Each lobe has first and second axially facing end surfaces defining a twist angle that is a function, at least partially, of the number of lobes on each rotor, and each lobe further defines a helix angle that is a function of the twist angle and an axial length between the first and second axially facing end surfaces of said lobe.
Sending information at a band edge within an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) symbol
Technology is discussed for increasing the spectral efficiency of an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) symbol. Spectral efficiency can be increased by adding information to a band edge of the ofdm symbol in connection with measures taken to reduce oob spectral leakage from the ofdm symbol.
Variable valve actuation apparatus, system, and method
A variable valve actuation system in one form includes a rocker coupled with a valve stem at one end and a cam follower at the other end. The rocker is operable to rotate about a fixed axis and the cam follower includes a set of lower rollers operable to follow one cam lobe and an upper roller operable to follow another cam lobe.
Actuator for lobe switching camshaft system
Systems and methods for actuating lobe switching in a camshaft system in an engine are disclosed. In one example approach, a method comprises deploying a first pin into a groove of a camshaft outer sleeve while a second pin remains in place due to an absence of a groove in which to deploy, and maintaining the second pin in place with a ball locking mechanism even after the second pin is exposed to a vacated groove in the camshaft outer sleeve..
System for passive entry and passive start for a motor vehicle
A system for passive entry and/or passive start for a motor vehicle is described, which includes an antenna group and an electronic control unit designed to be coupled to the vehicle, the electronic control unit for controlling the antenna group to cooperate with a portable recognition device carried by a user to enable the entry and/or start of the vehicle. The antenna group has at least a first antenna and a second antenna, designed to operate within the frequency range, and according to the communication protocol, of the bluetooth standard, and having a respective radiation lobe; wherein the first antenna and the second antenna are arranged so that their radiation lobes are arranged on opposite sides with respect to a longitudinal symmetry axis of the motor vehicle..

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