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Lobe patents

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Anti-clog pump nozzles, pump and refill units

Gojo Industries

Anti-clog pump nozzles, pump and refill units

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lobe-related patents
 Implantable penile prosthetic pump bulb having concave side walls and convex lobes patent thumbnailnew patent Implantable penile prosthetic pump bulb having concave side walls and convex lobes
An implantable penile prosthetic has an inflatable member that is sized for implantation into a penis of a user, a reservoir that is implantable in an abdomen, and a pump that is intraoperatively attached between the inflatable member and the reservoir. The pump includes a pump bulb having an internal cavity formed by a side surface connected between a bottom surface of the pump bulb and a top surface of the pump bulb.
Coloplast A/s
 Ion source of an ion implanter patent thumbnailnew patent Ion source of an ion implanter
An ion source uses at least one induction coil to generate ac magnetic field to couple rf/vhf power into a plasma within a vessel, where the excitation coil may be a single set of turns each turn having lobes or multiple separate sets of windings. The excitation coil is positioned outside and proximate that side of the vessel that is opposite to the extraction slit, and elongated parallel to the length dimension of the extraction slit.
Advanced Ion Beam Technology , Inc.
 Anti-clog pump nozzles, pump and refill units patent thumbnailnew patent Anti-clog pump nozzles, pump and refill units
Exemplary pumps, nozzles and refill units are disclosed herein. An exemplary refill unit includes a container, a pump and an outlet nozzle.
Gojo Industries, Inc.
 Camshaft assembly patent thumbnailCamshaft assembly
A camshaft assembly includes a base shaft extending along a longitudinal axis. The base shaft is configured to rotate about the longitudinal axis.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
 Centrifugal switch for pendulum vibration absorber patent thumbnailCentrifugal switch for pendulum vibration absorber
A crankshaft assembly for an internal combustion engine can include a crankshaft having a lobe with a pendulum absorber coupled thereto. The pendulum absorber can include a carrier, a pendulum, a pin and a centrifugal switch assembly.
 Burner arrangement and  operating a burner arrangement patent thumbnailBurner arrangement and operating a burner arrangement
The invention relates to a burner arrangement for using in a single combustion chamber or in a can-combustor comprising a center body burner located upstream of a combustion zone, an annular duct with a cross section area, intermediate lobes which are arranged in circumferential direction and in longitudinal direction of the center body. The lobes being actively connected to the cross section area of the annular duct, wherein a cooling air is guided through a number of pipes within the lobes to the center body and cools beforehand at least the front section of the center body based on impingement cooling.
Alstom Technology Ltd
 In-line frame connector assembly and system for large portable frameworks patent thumbnailIn-line frame connector assembly and system for large portable frameworks
A frame connector assembly is adapted to releasably secure first and second frame members in line with one another. The connector assembly includes first and second expansion elements elastically interconnected.
Moss Holding Company
 Process for preparing an olefin oxide using a multi-lobed porous ceramic body patent thumbnailProcess for preparing an olefin oxide using a multi-lobed porous ceramic body
A carrier having at least three lobes, a first end, a second end, a wall between the ends and a non-uniform radius of transition at the intersection of an end and the wall is disclosed. A catalyst comprising the carrier, silver and promoters deposited on the carrier and useful for the epoxidation of olefins is also disclosed.
Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.
 Transdermal delivery kits patent thumbnailTransdermal delivery kits
Provided are kits containing a base composition and an active pharmaceutical ingredient for transdermal delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Examples of active pharmaceutical ingredients include amitriptyline, baclofen, cyclobenzaprine hcl, ibuprofen, lidocaine hcl, naproxen and tramadol, ketoprofen, diclofenac, phenylbutazone, mefenamic acid, flubiprofen, piroxicam, guaifenasin, prilocaine, bupivicaine, tetracaine, nifedipine, verapamil, orphenadrine, imipramine, ketamine, gabapentin, carbamazepine, menthol, capsaicin, clonidine, dexamethasone, dextromethorphan, testosterone, progesterone, and estrogens..
Asclemed Usa, Inc. Dba Enovachem Manufacturing
 Long-duct, mixed-flow nozzle system for a turbofan engine patent thumbnailLong-duct, mixed-flow nozzle system for a turbofan engine
A long-duct mixed-flow nozzle system for a turbofan engine, the nozzle system may include an inner housing configured to enclose a core and form a core flow duct, the inner housing terminating in a core nozzle having a core exit aperture, an outer housing forming a fan flow duct and terminating in a fan exit aperture at a location downstream of the core exit aperture, the fan exit aperture having a plurality of chevrons, and the core exit aperture having a plurality of chutes separated by radially extending lobes configured to mix exhaust gas from the core flow duct with bypass gas flow in the fan flow duct, the radially extending lobes varying in profile from each other.. .
The Boeing Company

Ergonomic earpiece

An earpiece that substantially lacks a lower lobe is disclosed. The earpiece has a generally arcuate rib having upper and lower ends.
Surefire, Llc

Manufacturing millwork components

A method of manufacturing moulding and like finishing strips or other types of millwork components. An embodiment of the present disclosure includes manufacturing an intermediate component strip having multiple profile faces.
Woodgrain Millwork, Inc.

Transportable beveling tool

Beveling tools having a variety of features are described. The tools can utilize a combination of handles, a protective external frame, guide rollers that are positionally adjusted by swing arms with timing lobes, or by an alternative guide bar mounting system, a helical knurled drive roller, guide rollers that have a convex or crowned face, skewed guide rollers, a positive clutch assembly for governing force applied to the guide rollers, a hand crank assembly for moving the tool when mounted on a workpiece, position adjustment provisions for varying the position of a milling head, and indicators providing visual feedback to an operator..
Ridge Tool Company

Electrocardiographic signal measurement apparatus and electrocardiographic signal measurement method

An electrocardiographic signal measurement apparatus includes an outer ear electrode that is made of a material having elasticity and conductivity and is brought into contact with and attached to an area of an outer ear including a boundary region between an auricle and an earlobe configuring the outer ear, an upper arm electrode that is brought into contact with and attached to an upper arm on the opposite side in the horizontal direction to the side where the outer ear electrode is attached to the outer ear, and a signal processing unit that is connected with the outer ear electrode and the upper arm electrode and measures an electrocardiographic signal detected by the outer ear electrode and the upper arm electrode.. .

Trauma training simulator with event-based gesture detection and instrument-motion tracking

Surgical trauma training simulator system including replaceable trauma module structured to mimic a portion of human anatomy and, in particular, a prosthetic anatomical structure containing a periorbital structure that includes an eye-lid and an eye globe in cooperation with a drive mechanism. The system is structured to provide, in operation, an event-driven surgical gesture recognition-based tracking of the simulation of the surgical procedure by the trainee and, in absence of expert trainer, provide visual feedback comparing the tracked simulation with correct sequence of steps of such procedure..
The General Hospital Corporation

Method for detecting thermal emissions of the new moon

The invention provides a method for detecting thermal emissions from the new moon, wherein the new moon is positioned at an angle of less than about 5 degrees from the sun. The invention utilizes a radio telescope, wherein a side-lobe level of the radio telescope is less than about −20 db, wherein an effective telescope diameter of the radio telescope depends on a wavelength of operation.
King Abdul Aziz City For Science And Technology (kacst)

Advanced 3d inductor structures with confined magnetic field

Embodiments of an apparatus that includes a substrate and an inductor residing in the substrate are disclosed. In one embodiment, the inductor is formed as a conductive path that extends from a first terminal to a second terminal.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

Spark plug construction

A spark plug is disclosed and comprises: a metal tube which interiorly defines an axis and is externally-threaded for engine block engagement; an insulator having a portion which is disposed inside the tube and extends therebeyond; a positive electrode extending through the insulator and projecting beyond the extending portion of the insulator; and an annular ground electrode coupled to the tube. The electrodes are configured such that a spark gap defined therebetween comprises an elongate channel which opens axially and away from said insulator and is substantially unobstructed in the axial direction.
Nano Spark Inc.

Roll-off piston for an air spring rolling-lobe flexible member

A roll-off piston is made of plastic for an air spring rolling-lobe flexible member. The roll-off piston and the air spring rolling-lobe flexible member are arranged between a sprung mass and an unsprung mass.
Contitech Luftfedersysteme Gmbh

Antenna and manufacturing the antenna

A slot array antenna where slots are arrayed in two directions is provided for suppressing occurrence of side lobes. An antenna includes a radiation waveguide part and probes.
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

Tool retention system having cam-driven keys

A retention system is provided for use in connecting a replaceable tool to a work implement. The retention system may have a sleeve configured to be received within corresponding bores in the work implement and the replaceable tool.
Caterpillar Inc.

Continuous indentation lateral lobe apparatus and method

A system and associated method for manipulating tissues and anatomical or other structures in medical applications for the purpose of treating diseases or disorders or other purposes. In one aspect, the system includes a delivery device configured to deploy and implant anchor devices for creating continuous defects or indentations in lobes of a prostate..
Neotract, Inc.

Systems and methods for treatment of bph

A prostate therapy system is provided that may include any of a number of features. One feature of the prostate therapy system is that it can access a prostate lobe from the urethra.

Ultrasound signal processing device, ultrasound signal processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium

Preceding decoders each convolve a corresponding one of a plurality of transducer elements constituting a transducer element array of an ultrasound probe with an impulse response waveform, while varying a filter coefficient corresponding to time side lobes for each transmission event. A succeeding decoder stores, in a memory, a reception beam signal that is output from a reception beam former.
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Gas turbine arrangement alleviating stresses at turbine discs and corresponding gas turbine

A turbine arrangement is provided, particularly a gas turbine arrangement, having at least one rotor blade and a turbine disc, the rotor blade having a root portion, the turbine disc having at least one slot in which the root portion of the rotor blade is secured. The slot has a plurality of opposite pairs of slot lobes and a plurality of opposite pairs of slot fillets, and a slot bottom of the slot.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Lobular elastic tube alignment system for providing precise four-way alignment of components

An elastically averaged alignment system includes a first component and a second component. The first component includes a first alignment member and an elastically deformable alignment element fixedly disposed with respect to the first alignment member.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Split row-column addressing three-dimensional ultrasound imaging

The invention discloses a split row-column addressing method for three-dimensional ultrasound imaging, and the method comprises: for an n×n planar array, obtain the pulse-echo response distribution from fully connected two-dimensional planar array, parameters thereof comprising beam widths a′ and b′ at −6 db and −20 db respectively, average side lobe c′, highest side lobe d′ and main side-lobe energy ratio e′; set counter k=2, split two-dimensional planar array into k regions in channel direction, determine array elements amount and connect array elements in each region; calculate the time delay according to distance between the coordinates of each region and the focus point within a scanning range of the two-dimensional planar array, and analyze the two-dimensional planar array by ultrasonic sound field simulation algorithm according to the time delay of each region. The invention can solve the prior art of low resolution, and the problem that transmitted and received beam cannot be deflected..
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

Rotary vane motor

The present invention relates to a rotary motor, comprising a plurality of vanes, wherein each of the vanes is split into two subvanes, one or more elastic members, wherein the elastic member is configured to push each of the subvanes foil ling a vane toward an end plate to form a seal between the subvane and the end plate; an inner rotary member housing the plurality of vanes projecting from a central rotation axis of the inner rotor; a lobe member encompassing the inner rotary member and the plurality of vanes; a plurality of chambers wherein each of the chambers is encompassed by an inner surface of the lobe member and an outer surface of the inner rotary member; and one or more end plates to enclose the plurality of vanes, the inner rotary member, the lobe member and the plurality of chambers.. .
Spx Corporation

High torque rotary motor

The present invention relates to a rotary motor, comprising a plurality of vanes, an inner rotary member housing the plurality of vanes projecting from a central rotation axis of the inner rotor, a multi lobe member encompassing the inner rotary member and the plurality of vanes, where the multi lobe member comprises at least two lobes wherein each of the lobes comprises an inlet and an outlet for a working medium, and a plurality of chambers wherein each of the chambers is encompassed by an inner surface of the multi lobe member and an outer surface of the inner rotary member. Such devices in accordance with some embodiments of the invention provide that a plurality of inlets and outlets amplify the output torque of the motor, that any side load is absent or minimized, and that a faster and stronger rotational force is achieved compared to a conventional hydraulic motor having a single pair of inlet and outlet..
Spx Corporation

Led light bulb with leds mounted on angled circuit board

An led light bulb has a lamp base for a lamp socket, a heat sink, and a globe. Within the globe on the heat sink is a printed circuit board having tabs or legs projecting from the circuit board.
Huizhou Light Engine Limited

Exhaust mixer with offset lobes

An exhaust mixer for a gas turbine engine where each outer lobe has at the downstream end a circumferential offset in a direction corresponding to that of the swirl component of the flow entering the mixer. The mixer has a crest line having at least a downstream portion curved with respect with respect to a circumferential direction of the mixer and/or a center line at the downstream end tilted with respect to a radial line extending to the tip of the outer lobe to define the circumferential offset.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Liquid crystal lens device and driving liquid crystal lens device

A liquid crystal (lc) lens device and a method for driving the lc lens device are provided. The lc lens device includes an lc lens array and a driving device, and the lc lens array includes lc lenses in parallel.
Au Optronics Corp.

Flexible pipe body and producing same

A flexible pipe body and method of producing a flexible pipe body are disclosed. The flexible pipe body includes a layer comprising a first elongate tape element and a further elongate tape element, the first and further tape elements being alternately wound in a helical manner such that each first tape element winding lies between further tape element windings, the first tape element having a cross sectional profile including a central body extending from a radially inner edge to a radially outer edge and first and further side lobes extending from the central body outwards along the radially inner edge, the further tape element having a cross sectional profile including a central body extending from a radially inner edge to a radially outer edge and first and further side lobes extending from the central body outwards along the radially outer edge, wherein a first side wall portion of the central body of the further tape element is provided in continuous sliding contact with one of the first or further side lobes of the first tape element..
Wellstream International Limited

Volumetric energy recovery device and systems

A volumetric expander (20) configured to transfer a working fluid and generate useful work includes a housing. The housing includes an inlet port (24) configured to admit relatively high-pressure working fluid and an outlet port (26) configured to discharge to a relatively low-pressure working fluid.
Eaton Corporation

Expandable body device and use

Disclosed herein are medical devices comprising a single-lobed, thin-walled, expandable body (“ballstent” or “blockstent”) and a flexible, elongated delivery device (“delivery catheter”) and systems and methods of use for treating saccular vascular aneurysms and methods of use for occluding segments of blood vessels and other biological conduits. Expandable bodies comprising gold, platinum, or silver that can be compressed, positioned in the lumen of an aneurysm or blood vessel, and expanded to conform to the shape of the aneurysm or segment of blood vessel or biological conduit are disclosed..

Fiber-reinforced composite material

A composite material is disclosed that includes a matrix binder material and a plurality of elongated fiber strands. The strands have a longitudinally extending central portion having two or more lobes extending radially from the central portion and disposed longitudinally along the strand..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Multiple transmission methods for improving the operation of automotive radar systems

Methods for disambiguating the location of a radar contact using an n×m dimensioned radar array are provided. In the horizontal plane, the method comprises transmitting a first radar energy pattern in a direction, collecting reflected energy of the first radar energy pattern from the contact, transmitting a second radar energy pattern in the direction and collecting reflected energy of the second radar energy pattern from the contact.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Active cam device

An anchor assembly is described and which includes two bodies with a common axle between them and with a shaft mounted to each body distal to the axle, there being a plurality of lobes, each having a first end, a distal tip, and a raised portion, mounted on the shafts and axle, the shaft receiving lobes rotating in the opposite direction to the axle receiving lobes and with the lobes caused to rotate by a slideably moveable trigger from a first position with the tips below a horizontal plane defined by the shaft and axle centerline to a second position with the tips on the opposite side of the horizontal plane causing the anchor assembly to have a first dimension, and a second position where the rotation of the lobes causes the anchor assembly to have a second dimension which is lesser than the first dimension.. .

Tapered lobular driver and fastener

A torque transmission driver has a first end portion adapted to receive and transmit torque from a torque generation source, and a second end portion including a shaped tapered bit having drive surfaces with an alternating series of five or six lobes and troughs about a rotational axis, having a taper angle between 15 and 65° from the rotational axis operable to engage corresponding drive surfaces in a plurality of at least two size fasteners, the tapered drive surfaces of the bit comprising a first tapered portion operable to engage drive surfaces of a first sized fastener and a second tapered portion operable to engage drive surfaces of a second sized fastener, the drive surfaces of the second sized fastener being larger than the drive surfaces of the first sized fastener. The taper angle may be nominally 52° from the rotational axis..
Infastech Intellectual Properties Pte. Ltd.

Write head designed for adjusting relative write phase between subtracks of a patterned media hypertrack

A magnetic recording system configured for recording to a bit patterned media using both hypertrack recording and shingled recording. The magnetic recording system includes a write pole with a notched trailing edge that results in a write bubble with a trailing edge that has two outer convex lobes separated by a centrally disposed concave region.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.

Amplitude tapered switched beam antenna systems

Switched beam antenna systems are disclosed. The disclosed antenna systems include an antenna having multiple, co-linear arrays of electromagnetic radiating elements and a butler matrix feed network that feeds the antenna.
Radio Frequency Systems, Inc.

Engine system and operation method using engine braking mechanisms for early exhaust valve opening

A valve actuation system for an internal combustion engine is disclosed. The engine has a first set of cylinders having a first set of exhaust valves and a second set of cylinders having a second set of exhaust valves.
Jacobs Vehicle Systems, Inc.

Support device

A support device for transferring at least part of the weight of an earring from an earlobe to a part of the ear that comprises cartilage, the device comprising a first portion (p1′) capable of being attached to the earlobe and a second portion (p2′) protruding from the first portion and capable of when the first portion is attached to the earlobe, extending from the earlobe to attach to the part of the ear comprising cartilage.. .
Doosan Infracore Co. Ltd

Image processing device, controlling same, program, and inspection system

A measurement target is captured using two types of illumination patterns set such that only color features of specular objects change, the two images that are obtained are compared, and objects are identified as being specular objects or diffuse objects depending on whether the color features change markedly. At this time, the emission intensity distribution of each illumination pattern is devised such that specular lobe components that are included in reflected light are canceled out..
Omron Corporation

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