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Zipper arrangement

Zipper arrangement

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lobe-related patents
 Celestial globe patent thumbnailnew patent Celestial globe
A celestial globe model includes several petal-shaped sheets and two circular sheets fabricated from transparent and flexible material. Each petal-shaped sheet has two opposite end portions respectively defining a notch and two long curved edges interconnected with corresponding long curved edges of an adjacent petal-shaped sheet to form a sphere like body with a circular opening confined by the notches.
 Punch pins, associated sockets, and methods of forming sockets using punch pins patent thumbnailnew patent Punch pins, associated sockets, and methods of forming sockets using punch pins
Punch pins which have further extending lobes, and which are designed to punch sockets that have deeper flutes while not having lobes which extend further toward a center axis of the fastener. Using such a punch pin to form a socket in a fastener provides that the resulting socket has flutes which are deeper than they otherwise would be, without having to provide corresponding lobes which extend further toward the center axis of the socket.
Acument Intellectual Properties, Llc.
 Zipper arrangement patent thumbnailnew patent Zipper arrangement
A zipper arrangement for jeans which includes: a pair of jeans, where the pair of jeans includes a front panel and a rear panel; and an extended zipper, with the extended zipper extends down the front panel to a crotch area and back up the rear panel of the jeans. In an alternative embodiment, a zipper arrangement for a leg insert on a pair of jeans comprising: a first earlobe-shaped zipper arrangement on a left side of the jeans; a second earlobe-shaped zipper arrangement on the right side of the jean leggings, where the zipper arrangement is continuously connected with a single zipper; and a mid-point at the center of the pair jeans that connects the zipper arrangement between the first earlobe-shaped zipper and the second-earlobe shaped zipper..
 Multiple zone coil antenna with plural radial lobes patent thumbnailMultiple zone coil antenna with plural radial lobes
A low inductance coil antenna for a plasma reactor has multiple radial zones of plural conductor lobes extending radially from respective rf supply and ground rings.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.
 Coil antenna with plural radial lobes patent thumbnailCoil antenna with plural radial lobes
A low inductance coil antenna for a plasma reactor has plural conductor lobes extending radially from respective rf supply connections.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.
 Solar thermal lamps and globes for heating water in a water tank patent thumbnailSolar thermal lamps and globes for heating water in a water tank
A solar thermal lamp used for heating water inside a tank. The thermal lamp includes a transparent glass bulb with a threaded male coupling for attaching to a female coupling in the tank.
 Positive control (desmodromic) valve systems for internal combustion engines patent thumbnailPositive control (desmodromic) valve systems for internal combustion engines
Various types of valve systems are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a positive control reciprocating sleeve valve system for use with an internal combustion engine includes opening and closing rockers controlled by corresponding opening and closing cam lobes.
Pinnacle Engines, Inc.
 Website platform to locate and engage with international diasporas patent thumbnailWebsite platform to locate and engage with international diasporas
A website platform focused around sharing needs or offers amongst people of similar residence and/or origin allows users to locate and engage diasporas across the world. This global platform provides each user to interact amongst each other through a plurality of communication, and development resources.
 Preferential volume reduction of diseased segments of a heterogeneous lobe patent thumbnailPreferential volume reduction of diseased segments of a heterogeneous lobe
Methods and apparatus for diagnosing and treating disorders of the lung are provided, which may include any number of features. In one embodiment, a method comprises obtaining diagnostic information relating to a patient's lungs, compiling a list of potential treatment plans for lung volume reduction in the first and second lungs, excluding treatment plans from the list of potential treatment plans that propose treatment of a lung segment that falls within a segment exclusion rule, and identifying at least one preferred treatment plan from the list of potential treatment plans that targets sufficiently diseased lung segments while also targeting a preferred combined volume of the first and second lungs..
 Modified release dosage forms of skeletal muscle relaxants patent thumbnailModified release dosage forms of skeletal muscle relaxants
A unit dosage form, such as a capsule or the like, for delivering a skeletal muscle relaxant, such as cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride, into the body in an extended or sustained release fashion comprising one or more populations of drug-containing particles (beads, pellets, granules, etc.) is disclosed. At least one bead population exhibits a pre-designed sustained release profile.
Aptalis Pharmatech, Inc.

Lobular elastic tube alignment and retention system for providing precise alignment of components

An elastically averaged alignment system has a first component having a first alignment member and an elastically deformable alignment element, and a second component having a second alignment member and an alignment aperture. The elastically deformable alignment element is configured and disposed to interferingly, deformably and matingly engage the alignment aperture.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Receive filters to minimize side lobes in a uwb system

Methods, systems, and devices for maximizing signal to interference plus noise ratio of a channel in a location tracking system. The methods, systems, and device may include tools and techniques for minimizing interference from adjacent samples at a receive filter, may include relaxing constraints at a transmitter.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Laser system with wavelength converter

A method of controlling beam quality and stability of a laser apparatus, the laser apparatus comprising, a diode laser (10) providing first radiation of at least a first wavelength, and a frequency conversion unit (12) configured to frequency-convert the first radiation from the diode laser and to output the frequency-converted radiation (213), the frequency-converted radiation having at least a second wavelength different from the first wavelength, the diode laser (10) comprising at least a first and a second section (222,223), a first contact (220) for injecting a first current (i1) into the first section (222), a second contact (221) for injecting a second current (i2) into the second section (223), and means for controlling a temperature of the diode laser; wherein the method comprises monitoring a first parameter indicative of the power content of a dominant lobe of the first radiation; iteratively determining a combination of respective values of the first current, the second current and the temperature at which combination of respective values the monitored first parameter and a stability parameter indicative of a fluctuation over time of the monitored first parameter each fulfils a respective predetermined optimization criterion; and setting the first current, the second current, and the temperature to the determined combination of respective values.. .

Camshaft phase

A camshaft phaser for controllably varying the phase relationship between a crankshaft and a camshaft in an internal combustion engine includes stator having a plurality of lobes. A rotor is coaxially disposed within the stator and has a plurality of vanes interspersed with the lobes defining alternating advance chambers and retard chambers.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

Pendulum vibration absorber

A crankshaft can include a pendulum absorber and a retention arrangement. The pendulum absorber can include a carrier, a pendulum and a pin.

Make-up removal wipe

To better facilitate the application and removal of make-up on the skin, including on the face, and especially around the eyes, the present invention provides a wiping product having two or more lobes which substantially conform to both the user's finger and the area around the user's eyes. The wiping product is not secured to the user's finger or worn like a glove, but rather is simply supported by one or more fingers in use.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

Stable dosage forms of skeletal muscle relaxants with extended release coating

A unit dosage form, such as a capsule or the like, for delivering a skeletal muscle relaxant, such as cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride, into the body in an extended or sustained release fashion comprising one or more populations of drug-containing particles (beads, pellets, granules, etc.) is disclosed along with a method of preparation therefor. The dosage form comprises active core particles which are individually surrounded by a water insoluble polymer coating which lacks plasticizer..
Mylan, Inc

Locking pipette tip and mounting shaft and hand-held manual pipette

The pipetting method is directed to mounting and ejecting a disposable pipette tip. The pipetting system has one or more tip mounting shafts with an upper locking section and a lower sealing section.

Wearable directional microphone array apparatus and system

A wearable microphone array apparatus and system used as a directional audio system and as an assisted listening device. The present invention advances hearing aids and assisted listening devices to allow construction of a highly directional audio array that is wearable, natural sounding, and convenient to direct, as well as to provide directional cues to users who have partial or total loss of hearing in one or both ears.
Wave Sciences Llc

Illuminating apparatus with large view angle

An led lamp where the combination of an enlarged globe having a side cross section that is greater than 180°, leds with large view angles and the placement of the leds at the periphery of the printed circuit board adjacent the globe generates a view angle for the led lamp greater than 180°. Further, a method of illumination through an led lamp weaving supplying electrical power to a plurality of leds through a lamp base, generating light through the plurality of leds, where the leds have a view angle of greater than 120 degrees and are mounted in a circle at a peripheral edge of a printed circuit board, dissipating heat generated by the leds through a heat sink coupled to the printed circuit board, and transmitting light from the leds through a globe, the globe having a substantially spherical wall extending greater than 90 degrees from its vertical centerline..
Huizhou Light Engine Ltd.

Antenna array, antenna apparatus, and base station

Embodiments of the present invention relate to an antenna array, an antenna apparatus, and a base station. The antenna array includes: at least two antenna sub-arrays, where the at least two antenna sub-arrays are arranged in a vertical direction, each of the antenna sub-arrays includes multiple radiating elements, and in at least two adjacent antenna sub-arrays in the vertical direction, radiating elements at corresponding positions in the respective antenna sub-arrays are arranged in a staggered manner in a horizontal direction.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Infrared light director for gesture or scene sensing fsc display

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for touch and gesture recognition, using a field sequential color display. The display includes a processor, a lighting system, and an arrangement for spatial light modulation that includes a number of apertures, and devices for opening and shutting the apertures.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Acoustic source apparatus, systems, and methods

In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to rotate a rotatable driving member having at least one driving lobe, and to periodically contact at least one cam on a unitary driven member with the at least one driving lobe during rotation of the rotatable driving member, to set the driven member in motion. This motion can be used to launch an acoustic wave along an axis substantially orthogonal to the axis of rotation of the driving member, where the driving member disposed completely within the driven member.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Combustion and vapor cycle lobed rotor engine

An internal combustion engine utilizing an additional vapor expansion piston/cylinder to capture traditionally rejected energy. Hot combustion gases from the combustion process are used to power an additional vapor expansion cycle in a separate cylinder from the combustion cycle.

Drive for railroad ballast tamper apparatus

A tamper drive includes a wobble shaft rotatable about a central axis. The wobble shaft includes an eccentric hub recess within a movable bearing coupled to a yoke.
Nordco Inc.

Trailer door seal

A sealing system seals the perimeter of insulated hinged double doors. The sealing system includes first and second exterior seals made of a monolithic, resilient and elastically deformable material.
Press-seal Gasket Corporation

Method and decoding stereo loudspeaker signals from a higher-order ambisonics audio signal

Decoding of ambisonics representations for a stereo loudspeaker setup is known for first-order ambisonics audio signals. But such first-order ambisonics approaches have either high negative side lobes or poor localisation in the frontal region.
Thomson Licensing

Downhole motor stator and manufacture

A method for producing modular down hole, hydraulic motor components involving the formation of replaceable stator slugs to be collectively housed within a stator housing to form a stator assembly, including, in some embodiments, replaceable lobe components for the stator slugs for altering the interference with a selected rotor for such motor.. .

Tunable progressive cavity pump

A well pump assembly includes a progressive cavity pump having a stator with an elastomeric inner portion. The stator has an axial cavity with internal lobes; a rotor with external lobes positioned within the axial cavity.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Acoustical holography with multi-level square wave excitation signals

Systems and methods are disclosed herein in which multi-level square wave excitation signals are used instead of or in addition to fully-analog excitation signals to drive an array of transceiver elements to create a sound field. Use of multi-level square wave excitation signals produces acceptable transceiver output with reduced complexity, cost, and/or power consumption as compared with use of fully-analog excitation signals.
General Electric Company

Malware and exploit campaign detection system and method

A malware and exploit campaign detection system and method are provided that cannot be detected by the malware or exploit campaign. The system may provide threat feed data to the vendors that produce in-line network security and end point protection (anti virus) technologies.
Nss Labs, Inc.

Golf club or other ball striking device having stiffened face portion

A ball striking device, such as a golf club head, has a head that includes a face configured for striking a ball and a body connected to the face, the body being adapted for connection of a shaft proximate a heel thereof. The face has a thickened portion including an annular tapered area that tapers in thickness between an upper boundary and a lower boundary and encloses an elevated area bounded by the upper boundary.
Nike, Inc.

System and performing progressive beamforming

A progressive beamformer in an imaging system includes a number of stages. A first stage delays and combines a number of received data streams to align the streams to a point of interest on a first beamline.
Fujifilm Sonosite, Inc.

Elastic wave filter

An elastic wave filter includes a piezoelectric substrate, an input side idt electrode, an output side idt electrode, and a reflector. At least one idt electrode among the input side idt electrode and the output side idt electrode is weighted only with a main lobe among an apodized weighting method such that the intersection length becomes short from a part at which one electrode finger is opposed to another electrode finger adjacent to the one electrode finger toward an end portion of the at least one idt electrode in a propagation direction of an elastic wave.
Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Downhole motor with concentric rotary drive system

A downhole motor rotary drive system including a housing, a rotor rotatably and coaxially disposed within the housing, and an annular space between the rotor and housing. The rotor includes first and second ends, a bore extending between the first and second ends, an inlet port extending from the bore to the annular space, and an outlet port extending from the annular space to the bore.
National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

Methods and compositions for treating fatigue associated with disordered sleep using very low dose cyclobenzaprine

The present invention relates to methods for the treatment or prevention of fatigue associated with disordered sleep, for example, in multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, fabry's disease, parkinson's disease, or traumatic brain injury, using cyclobenzaprine. The present invention further relates to a biomarker for the therapeutic effects of a cyclobenzaprine treatment..
Tonix Pharmaceuticals

Cushions for relieving sciatic and/or perineum pressure

Cushions configured to relieve pressure on the piriformis muscle/sciatic nerve area and/or perineum pressure. In some embodiments, a cushion may comprise a first lobe and a second lobe connected by a bridge region to define a low-profile region.
Heavy Feather, Llc

Cylinder head assembly with oil reflector for lubrication of a rocker arm

A cylinder head assembly includes a cylinder head defining a port for selectively communicating air to a combustion chamber of an engine or for selectively discharging exhaust gases from the combustion chamber. The cylinder head also defines a valve seat between the port and the combustion chamber.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

Implantable penile prosthetic pump bulb having concave side walls and convex lobes

An implantable penile prosthetic has an inflatable member that is sized for implantation into a penis of a user, a reservoir that is implantable in an abdomen, and a pump that is intraoperatively attached between the inflatable member and the reservoir. The pump includes a pump bulb having an internal cavity formed by a side surface connected between a bottom surface of the pump bulb and a top surface of the pump bulb.
Coloplast A/s

Ion source of an ion implanter

An ion source uses at least one induction coil to generate ac magnetic field to couple rf/vhf power into a plasma within a vessel, where the excitation coil may be a single set of turns each turn having lobes or multiple separate sets of windings. The excitation coil is positioned outside and proximate that side of the vessel that is opposite to the extraction slit, and elongated parallel to the length dimension of the extraction slit.
Advanced Ion Beam Technology , Inc.

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