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Lobe patents

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Optimized helix angle rotors for roots-style supercharger

Sending information at a band edge within an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) symbol

Variable valve actuation apparatus, system, and method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lobe-related patents
 Access assembly including inflatable seal member patent thumbnailAccess assembly including inflatable seal member
An access assembly for insertion through an opening in tissue is provided. The access assembly includes a flexible outer sleeve having an upper rim formed on a proximal end, a lower rim formed on a distal end and defining a longitudinal opening extending therebetween.
 Optimized helix angle rotors for roots-style supercharger patent thumbnailOptimized helix angle rotors for roots-style supercharger
A roots-type blower has first and second meshed, lobed rotors disposed in first and second chambers of a housing. Each lobe has first and second axially facing end surfaces defining a twist angle that is a function, at least partially, of the number of lobes on each rotor, and each lobe further defines a helix angle that is a function of the twist angle and an axial length between the first and second axially facing end surfaces of said lobe.
 Sending information at a band edge within an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) symbol patent thumbnailSending information at a band edge within an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) symbol
Technology is discussed for increasing the spectral efficiency of an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) symbol. Spectral efficiency can be increased by adding information to a band edge of the ofdm symbol in connection with measures taken to reduce oob spectral leakage from the ofdm symbol.
 Variable valve actuation apparatus, system, and method patent thumbnailVariable valve actuation apparatus, system, and method
A variable valve actuation system in one form includes a rocker coupled with a valve stem at one end and a cam follower at the other end. The rocker is operable to rotate about a fixed axis and the cam follower includes a set of lower rollers operable to follow one cam lobe and an upper roller operable to follow another cam lobe.
 Actuator for lobe switching camshaft system patent thumbnailActuator for lobe switching camshaft system
Systems and methods for actuating lobe switching in a camshaft system in an engine are disclosed. In one example approach, a method comprises deploying a first pin into a groove of a camshaft outer sleeve while a second pin remains in place due to an absence of a groove in which to deploy, and maintaining the second pin in place with a ball locking mechanism even after the second pin is exposed to a vacated groove in the camshaft outer sleeve..
 System for passive entry and passive start for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailSystem for passive entry and passive start for a motor vehicle
A system for passive entry and/or passive start for a motor vehicle is described, which includes an antenna group and an electronic control unit designed to be coupled to the vehicle, the electronic control unit for controlling the antenna group to cooperate with a portable recognition device carried by a user to enable the entry and/or start of the vehicle. The antenna group has at least a first antenna and a second antenna, designed to operate within the frequency range, and according to the communication protocol, of the bluetooth standard, and having a respective radiation lobe; wherein the first antenna and the second antenna are arranged so that their radiation lobes are arranged on opposite sides with respect to a longitudinal symmetry axis of the motor vehicle..
 Cyclopropyl fused indolobenzazepine hcv ns5b inhibitors patent thumbnailCyclopropyl fused indolobenzazepine hcv ns5b inhibitors
The invention encompasses compounds of formula i as well as compositions and methods of using the compounds. The compounds have activity against hepatitis c virus (hcv) and are useful in treating those infected with hcv..
 Lighting lamp patent thumbnailLighting lamp
A lighting lamp for improving heat dissipation efficiency and preventing life-shorting of an lighting lamp is provided. More specifically, an lighting lamp which comprises a heat sink on peripheral surface of which a first heat transfer flow path is provided, a light emission module provided on the upper plane of the heat sink and provided with at least one light emission element, and a globe connected to the upper part of the heat sink and covering the light emission module, and a second heat transfer flow path provided on outer peripheral surface of the globe and corresponds to the first heat transfer flow path..
 Manufacture of cutting elements having lobes patent thumbnailManufacture of cutting elements having lobes
An apparatus for forming a cutting insert may include a compression device having a sleeve with a bore. The sleeve may receive a substantially hollow can.
 Manufacture of cutting elements having lobes patent thumbnailManufacture of cutting elements having lobes
An apparatus for forming a cutting insert. The apparatus may include compression device having a first sleeve with a bore therein.
Cutting insert for percussion drill bit
A cutting insert for a percussion hammer bit. The cutting insert includes a base portion for coupling to a bit face of the percussion hammer bit.
Reset type rocker braking method and device
A reset rocker arm braking method and device are provided. A braking piston hole and an oil drain piston hole which are communicated with a braking oil supply passage are arranged inside a rocker arm, and an oil drain passage is arranged between the braking piston hole and the oil drain piston hole.
Surgical instrument
A surgical instrument is disclosed. The surgical instrument comprises a body operable with a surgical tool and an actuator system supported by the body and configured to convert rotational motion into linear motion to facilitate operation of the surgical tool.
Anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory agent combination for treatment of vascular disorders with an implantable medical device
Drug-delivery systems such as drug-delivery stents having an anti-proliferative agent such as everolimus and an anti-flammatory agent such as clobetasol are provided. Also disclosed are methods of treating a vascular impairment such as restenosis or vulnerable plaque..
Reinforced plastic energy absorber system and methods of making the same
In one embodiment, an energy absorber, comprises: a plurality of crush lobes including a base and sides extending from the base to an outer wall; and a composite insert in the energy absorber. The insert comprises a second plastic material and reinforcement.
Connection arm for coupling a rear view mirror to a supporting element fixed to a windscreen
A connection arm has an elongated shank, which is made of plastic material and is provided with a first terminal portion having a joint to be coupled to a rear view mirror; moreover, the elongated shank is provided with a second terminal portion fixed to an interface, which is made in one piece of metallic material and comprises a plurality of elastic wings, arranged angularly apart and adapted to be coupled to respective lobes defining part of a supporting element fixed to a windscreen.. .
Azalea plant named "stewla#1"
A new and distinct cultivar of azalea plant named ‘stewla#1’, characterized by its globe to broad columnar plant form; freely branching habit; terminal truss flower arrangement; pure white hose-in-hose flowers with some yellow-green flecking in the throat of the petals; green-yellow flower buds; and hardiness in usda zone 6a.. .
Multi-lobe artificial spine joint
An artificial disc is provided which more closely matches the movement of the natural spine. The artificial disc uses one or more projections and corresponding recesses to provide a sliding articulation.
Patch for treatment of eyelid disease containing clobetasol
A patch for treatment of eyelid diseases that is provided with a support, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, and a release layer in this order, wherein (a) the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer includes the following (a-1) to (a-4): (a-1) a styrene-isoprene-styrene block copolymer, a tackifier resin, and a softening agent are contained; (a-2) a ratio (mass ratio) of the styrene-isoprene-styrene block copolymer and the tackifier resin is 1:2 to 1:4; (a-3) a content of the softening agent is 40% to 60% by mass; and (a-4) further 0.005% to 5% by mass of clobetasol or acid ester thereof is contained; and (b) the support has elastic modulus with a young's modulus of 0.01 to 0.5 gpa: and a method for producing the patch for treatment of eyelid diseases including: forming a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer on a upper surface of a release layer.. .
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and correction value calculation method
In order to obtain a high-quality image even in multi-slice imaging in a ute sequence that uses a half rf pulse, a refocusing pulse of the slice gradient magnetic field is adjusted and applied so that the excitation profiles of positive polarity data and negative polarity data have phase distributions that are 180 [deg] inverted with respect to each other in side lobe portions. In addition, the irradiation frequency of the half rf pulse is adjusted so as to eliminate a position shift between the intensity distributions of the positive polarity data and the negative polarity data..
Multiple variable valve lift apparatus and engine provided with the same
A multiple variable valve lift apparatus may include a camshaft, a plurality of cams slidably fitted on the camshaft and each having a cam base with a guide groove and a cam lobe, a solenoid valve including an actuating rod capable of being selectively inserted into the guide groove of a cam in the plurality of cams, and a valve opening/closing unit capable of selectively coming in contact with any cam in the plurality of cams.. .
Mechanical-based anti-cogging apparatuses and systems for applying an anti-cogging torque on a rotating shaft
An apparatus that improves rotation of a shaft. The shaft has a cyclical cogging torque acting thereon in a first direction.
Adaptive sidelobe suppression of radar transmit antenna pattern
A system for adaptively generating a sidelobe null in a radar transmit antenna pattern by positioning a small air vehicle along the radial of the sidelobe to be suppressed. The air vehicle is fitted with a receiver and antenna facing the radar, as well as a gps device for maintaining the designated position.
Downhole motors having adjustable power units
A downhole drilling motor for well drilling operations includes a tubular housing and a stator disposed in the tubular housing. The stator defines an internal cavity passing therethrough, wherein the stator includes one or more lobes defining at least a portion of the cavity.
Translation station
An interactive electronic translation and communications process is provided for use in a translation station that provides a mobile or stationary fixed interactive facility for interviews or interrogations to be carried out between two persons speaking in different languages. The process can be assisted by animated virtual characters (avatars) realistically created and displayed on a computer screen to represent ethnic looks from around the globe.
Medical connector with a reversibly deformable lobe
A connector for coupling to a base of medical device equipped with a circular hub having a circumferential recess. The connector includes a cap having a top surface, a bottom surface, a central region, and a circumferential region.
Medical connector with lift tabs
A connector for coupling to a base of medical device equipped with a circular hub having a circumferential recess. The connector includes a cap having a top surface, a bottom surface, a central region, and a circumferential region.
Cosmetic product applicator comprising an elongate portion coated with a lobe
An applicator is provided for a cosmetic product, in particular mascara. The applicator includes a brush which includes a core and fibers projecting from the core.
Combining differential images by inverse riesz transformation
A method forms a representative image from a crossed grating fringe pattern interferogram of an object from an interferometer. The method determines a plurality of spectral lobes from the interferogram and selects from the plurality of determined lobes, two substantially orthogonal sidelobes.
Led lamp and lighting device
An led lamp has an envelope that includes a globe (30) and a case (50), an interior space of the envelope being divided in two by a mount (20) closing an opening of the globe (30), the lamp containing, in a globe (30) side of the interior space, an led and, in a case (50) side of the interior space, a circuit unit for causing the led to emit light. The led is thermally connected to the mount (20), and the mount (20) and the case (50) are joined to the globe (30) such that, during light emission, at least as much heat from the led is propagated from the mount (20) to the globe (30) as from the mount (20) to the case (50)..
Bulb-type led lamp
An led lamp according to an embodiment includes an led module, a base body, a first globe, a second globe and a light guide body. In the led module, a plurality of leds are mounted on a substrate.
In a lamp: an led module and a circuit unit for lighting are housed within an envelope composed of a globe and a case; the led module is attached to an end of an extension member that extends from a mount, which closes an opening at one end of the case, into the globe; the circuit unit is mounted inside the case; an insulation member disposed inside the case ensures insulation between the mount, which is made of metal, and the circuit unit; the insulation member has a bottomed cylinder portion inserted into the mount, and a protrusion portion formed on an outer circumference of the based cylinder portion that protrudes toward an inner surface of the mount; and the insulation member is attached to the mount by the protrusion portion pressing against the inner surface of the mount.. .
Single lobe deactivating rocker arm
A deactivating rocker arm can include an outer arm extending between a first end and a second end. The outer arm can have a first outer side arm and a second outer side arm.
Use of a clobetasol spray formulation to treat psoriasis
The present invention provides a method for treating psoriasis, by spraying onto the skin with psoriasis daily for at least 4 weeks a pharmaceutical composition containing an effective amount of clobetasol propionate. A preferred pharmaceutical composition containing clobetasol propionate, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, and anionic surfactant..
Self-ballasted lamp and lighting equipment
A self-ballasted lamp includes: a base body; a light-emitting module and a globe which are provided at one end side of the base body; a cap provided at the other end side of the base body; and a lighting circuit housed between the base body and the cap. The light-emitting module has light-emitting portions each using a semiconductor light-emitting element, and a support portion projected at one end side of the base body, and the light-emitting portions are disposed at least on a circumferential surface of the support portion.
Door closure mechanism for refrigerator or other appliance
A door closure device includes a pivot pin adapted to engage an associated appliance hinge, and a channel rotatably connected to the pivot pin and adapted to be connected to an associated appliance door. A cam is non-rotatably engaged with the pivot pin.
Petal shaped greeting card and method
A foldable greeting card and method of making the card, with a polygonal base with hinged lobes attached to the edges of the base, with the lobes foldable inward to the center of the base. The lobes overlap neighboring lobes.
Unsymmetrical pyrrolobenzodiazepine-dimers for treatment of proliferative diseases
The present invention is directed to novel pyrrolobenzodiazepine dimers and methods of using the dimers in the treatment of proliferative diseases.. .
Rotary fluid machine
A rotary fluid machine 10 has a rotor 12, a stator 14, and a plurality of gates. The rotor 12 and stator 14 are rotatable relative to each other and arranged one inside the other to define a working chamber 18 there between.
Blade root, corresponding blade, rotor disc, and turbomachine assembly
A blade root including of a plurality of lobes and fillets and flanks in between is provided. A shoulder is provided between the flanks and the fillets to increase the distance to a corresponding lobe of a corresponding rotor disc into which a blade with such a blade root is inserted.
Closure system on a fuel tank
The invention relates to a closure system on a fuel tank (1) comprising an opening (2) in the wall of the fuel tank (1) and a closure cover (6) which covers the opening (2) and clamps at least one elastomer seal (5) between itself and a border of the tank wall enclosing the opening (2), the elastomer seal (5) being formed as a multilobed sealing cord or multilobed sealing ring surrounding the opening (2), in such a way that it forms a number of sealing lips (11) that are spaced apart from one another, at least two spaced-apart sealing lips (11) of the elastomer seal (5) consisting of different materials, one of which is impermeable to hydro carbons and a second is impermeable to alcohol-containing media or alcohol-containing additives.. .
Metal stators
A stator for a helical gear device is formed from multiple rigid disks and support rings bonded to the disks. Each disk forms part of a profile consisting of radially equally spaced or opened lobes which interact with the convex portions of rotor lobes.
Antenna system having guard array and associated techniques
An antenna system includes a main array and a guard array. The main array has an antenna pattern that includes a main beam and multiple side lobes that are concentrated in distinct side lobe regions.
Artichoke plant named 'pietro #3'
A new cultivar of cynara named ‘pietro #3’ that is distinguishable by high yield of immature edible flower buds that are tight, globe-shaped, and dark red in color. In combination these traits set ‘pietro #3’ apart from all other existing varieties of cynara known to the inventor..
Pyrrolobenzodiazepines and conjugates thereof
And salts and solvates thereof, as well as their conjugates with a cell-binding agent.. .
Downhole hydraulic pump
The present invention relates to a downhole hydraulic pump for providing fluid pressure during downhole operations, comprising a pump housing, a cam shaft rotatably arranged in the pump housing and having a longitudinal spin axis, the cam shaft comprising a shaft and a cam lobe arranged on the shaft, a radially arranged piston having a housing end and a cam end, a piston housing arranged in the pump housing, an inlet valve arranged in an inlet in the piston housing, an outlet valve arranged in an outlet in the piston housing, and a piston spring arranged in the pump housing for moving the piston away from the piston housing, wherein the piston housing is rotatably connected to the pump housing enabling rotation of the piston housing around a piston housing rotation axis parallel to the longitudinal spin axis of the cam shaft.. .
Camshaft phaser with centrally located lock pin valve spool
A camshaft phaser includes a stator having lobes and a rotor disposed within the stator having vanes interspersed with the lobes. A lock pin disposed within one of the rotor and the stator selectively engages a seat for preventing relative rotation between the rotor and the stator when the lock pin is engaged with the seat.

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