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Cam follower or eccentric follower with roller supported by plain bearing mounting

Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Kg

Cam follower or eccentric follower with roller supported by plain bearing mounting

Wood decking screw

Handy & Harman

Wood decking screw

Wood decking screw

Gm Global Technology Operations

Bi-directional control groove design for engine rotation reversal on engine with sliding camshaft

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lobe-related patents
 Timepiece able to indicate the sunrise or sunset anywhere in the world patent thumbnailTimepiece able to indicate the sunrise or sunset anywhere in the world
The timepiece includes sunrise and sunset indicating means taking account of seasonal variations, said means include a sphere reproducing the terrestrial globe, a shell arranged concentrically to the sphere and arranged to demarcate one portion of the terrestrial globe where it is night from another portion where it is day by indicating the position of the earth's terminator. The sphere is arranged to be driven by the movement so as to rotate at the rate of one revolution per 24 hours about a first axis of rotation oriented parallel to the plane of the dial, and the shell is mounted to pivot about a second axis perpendicular to the plane of the dial.
The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd

 Cam follower or eccentric follower with roller supported by plain bearing mounting patent thumbnailCam follower or eccentric follower with roller supported by plain bearing mounting
A component constructed as a cam follower or eccentric follower, such as a finger follower, swinging arm, or rocker arm or tappet for gas-exchange valves or pumps of reciprocating internal combustion engines is provided, with a roller (2) that is guided on a pin (1) and is in active connection with a cam lobe or eccentric of a camshaft or a sliding cam of the internal combustion engine. The roller (2) is arranged on the pin (1) via a plain bearing mounting and the ratio of the plain bearing mounting width to the plain bearing mounting diameter is selected in the range of between approximately 0.4 to 0.8..
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

 Wood decking screw patent thumbnailWood decking screw
A screw for securing dense wood material has a head with a specially configured drive socket and an underside with an array of lobes. The lobes preferably have a left-handed orientation and have chamfered extremities.
Handy & Harman

 Bi-directional control groove design for engine rotation reversal on engine with sliding camshaft patent thumbnailBi-directional control groove design for engine rotation reversal on engine with sliding camshaft
A camshaft assembly includes a camshaft rotatable about a cam axis, and a lobe pack slideably attached to the camshaft. The lobe pack includes a barrel cam that defines a control groove disposed annularly about the cam axis.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Stud removal tool patent thumbnailStud removal tool
A tool for removing a stud includes a housing, a cage and a canted coil spring. The housing has an interior sidewall with a three-lobed cam and a groove.
Tooltech, Llc

 Radar apparatus and antenna apparatus patent thumbnailRadar apparatus and antenna apparatus
Disclosed are a radar apparatus and an antenna apparatus. In particular, disclosed are a radar apparatus and an antenna apparatus including an antenna structure capable of suppressing a grating lobe while enhancing resolution..
Mando Corporation

 Method of inspecting worn surfaces of camshaft lobes patent thumbnailMethod of inspecting worn surfaces of camshaft lobes
The present disclosure relates to a method for inspecting worn surface of camshaft lobes of a camshaft. The method includes providing a laser scanning device at a predetermined distance from the worn surface of the camshaft lobes, the laser scanning device being configured to scan and gather data.
Caterpillar Inc.

 Non-linear actuator system and method patent thumbnailNon-linear actuator system and method
An embodiment of a system and method for moving an object in one axis includes one or more fluid inflatable containers which are arranged to transmit fluid pressure to a plunger, such that a flexible membrane of the fluid inflatable container engages with the plunger and forms a rolling lobe in response to changes in volume. The fluid inflatable containers are enclosed within an enclosure or drum, and a shaft runs axially through the center of the enclosure.
Cbe Global Holdings, Inc.

 Baffle with flow augmentation feature patent thumbnailBaffle with flow augmentation feature
One exemplary embodiment of this disclosure relates to a component for a gas turbine engine. The component includes a baffle provided in an internal cavity of the component.
United Technologies Corporation

 Hat for securing external hardware of a cochlear implant patent thumbnailHat for securing external hardware of a cochlear implant
Hat has body of conforming material to cover at least a portion of a wearer's head and at least generally encircle the head about a forehead or upper crown, and a depending projection on at least one side having a lower boundary lower than a respective ear lobe of the wearer; an opposing pair of substantially wide under chin straps of conforming material attached to lower left and right boundaries of the body, the straps being fastened with a non-tying securing couple fixed to the under chin straps; and, in part of the depending projection a soft, conforming open mesh to cover the external hardware of the cochlear implant or a traditional hearing aid, and provide for securing of the same when worn by the wearer and for external visibility of the same by a non-wearer of the hat. The wearer may be a young child..


Methods and message prioritization and gps mapping during instant messaging sessions.

An enhancement to allow additional instant messaging functionality based on a set of instant message capable devices. Devices are set up to identify their contacts and the functionality they will receive.


Modulation circuit for a radio device and a method thereof

The present disclosure relates to a modulation circuit and a method for suppressing energy content of spectral side lobes caused by high-frequency content present in a baseband signal, with the energy content of the spectral side lobes being outside an intended operational bandwidth in a modulated radio-frequency signal. An example circuit is configured to: receive a digital baseband signal, feed the digital baseband signal to a first and a second signal path, with the first signal path comprising a first mixer and the second signal path comprising a delay circuit and a second mixer.
Imec Vzw


Constant-velocity joint

A constant-velocity joint includes an inner member. The inner member has holders that hold respective roller assemblies.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Camshaft phaser

A camshaft phaser is provided for varying the phase relationship between a crankshaft and a camshaft in an engine. The camshaft phaser includes a stator having lobes.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Light altering rub rail and rub rail insert

A light altering rub rail comprising (1) an elastic, semi-rigid translucent polymer base having at least a body portion with proximal and distal ends, top and bottom ends and front and rear faces; (2) an access flap forming the majority of the base front face creating a gap in the base; (3) a light source embedded within the gap in the base; (4) a plurality of mounting lobes at the proximal and distal end portions; and (5) a plurality of linear light refractors embedded within the base wherein the gap in the base may be sealed to create a fully enclosed water-proof housing.. .


Head band with pierced earrings

A headband extending laterally from one side of the head to the other side of the head and designed to maintain a wearer's hair in position, the headband having secured at its two termini, a decorative pierced earring, the pierced earring cooperative with the pierced lobe of the ear, allowing the earring to be affixed through the ear and to the terminus of the headband, thus maintaining the headband in position on the user's head.. .


Global virtual reality experience system

A virtual reality experience system and method of operation includes a network, a virtual user module, a central data center, and one or more cameras located in various places around the globe. Each of the components are in wireless communication with each other, and are able to communicate via the internet.


Two-dimensionally electronically-steerable artificial impedance surface antenna

A method and apparatus for electronically steering an antenna system is provided. A surface wave is propagated along each of a number of surface wave channels formed in each of a plurality of radiating elements to form a radiation pattern.
The Boeing Company


Door closer with tri-lobe pinion

A door closer assembly is configured to controllably close a door and to accommodate several door closer assembly installation configurations. The door closer assembly includes a housing that carries a pinion having a pinion shaft with a tri-lobe end portion.
Stanley Security Solutions, Inc.


Multi-lobed porous ceramic body and process for making the same

A carrier having at least three lobes, a first end, a second end, a wall between the ends and a non-uniform radius of transition at the intersection of an end and the wall is disclosed. A catalyst comprising the carrier, silver and promoters deposited on the carrier and useful for the epoxidation of olefins is also disclosed.
Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.


Mao inhibitors and their conjugates as therapeutics for the treatment of brain cancer

A pharmaceutical composition and method for treating brain cancer are provided. The method includes administering to a patient in need thereof an effective amount of one or more compounds that include moclobemide, clorgyline, clorgyline's near-infra-red dye monoamine oxidase inhibitor (nmi), and mhi 148-clorgyline, and their salt thereof.
University Of Southern California


Apparatus and continuous noninvasive measurement of respiratory function and events

An apparatus and method for non-invasive and continuous measurement of respiratory chamber volume and associated parameters including respiratory rate, respiratory rhythm, tidal volume, dielectric variability and respiratory congestion. In particular, a non-invasive apparatus and method for determining dynamic and structural physiologic data from a living subject including a change in the spatial configuration of a respiratory chamber, a lung or a lobe of a lung to determine overall respiratory health comprising an ultra wide-band radar system having at least one transmitting and receiving antenna for applying ultra wide-band radio signals to a target area of the subject's anatomy wherein the receiving antenna collects and transmits signal returns from the target area..


Catheter system for mapping of the left atrium, right atrium and coronary sinus

A pair of new catheters designed to be deployed as a catheter system to allow a simultaneous acquisition of electrograms from widely dispersed electrodes in the left atrium, right atrium, and coronary sinus. The first catheter is the spiral globe catheter which has the primary shape of a spiral globe and has additional modifications to facilitate safe entry into the left atrium, to orient the primary axis of the spiral globe toward the mitral valve, and to maximize contact of electrodes to multiple areas of the left atrium.


Finger drive for a crop feed roller

A crop feeding roller for a header includes a plurality of finger units within the roller each having a pair of fingers projecting outwardly for engaging crop outside the peripheral wall of the roller. The peripheral wall has opposed finger guide holes associated with the pair of fingers.
Macdon Industries Ltd.


Clamp device

In a clamp device, a main clamp body includes an elongated tightening groove delimited by groove-forming wall sections. First and second lobe parts are disposed in the vicinity of end portions of two such tightening grooves.
Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.


Textile using a flat multilobar cross-section fiber

A fabric is subjected to calender processing on one or both surfaces and includes a polyamide fiber as warp or/and woof having, after calender processing, a single filament fineness of 0.5 to 2.5 dtex and a total fiber fineness of 5 to 50 dtex, the single filament having a cross-sectional shape that is flat multifoliar with 6 to 10 lobe parts and has a flat ratio (w) (α/β) of 1.5 to 3.0, the fabric having a cover factor of 1200 to 2500.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.


Flesh tunnel finding, dangle jewelry and method

A finding used with dangle jewelry configured to attach to a flesh tunnel with a center bore inserted into a body part. The finding includes a continuous, single wire shaped and bent forming two longitudinally aligned post configured to be inserted into the opposite end openings of a center bore.


Systems and methods for interpreting medical information

Disclosed are a system and a method providing patients with access to highly ranked medical professionals. The invention identifies, ranks, and connects qualified medical experts with patients and their families across the globe.
Best Doctors, Inc.


Modified release dosage forms of skeletal muscle relaxants

A unit dosage form, such as a capsule or the like, for delivering a skeletal muscle relaxant, such as cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride, into the body in an extended or sustained release fashion comprising one or more populations of drug-containing particles (beads, pellets, granules, etc.) is disclosed. At least one bead population exhibits a pre-designed sustained release profile.
Aptalis Pharmatech, Inc.


Spark plug construction

A spark plug is disclosed and comprises: a metal tube which interiorly defines an axis and is externally-threaded for engine block engagement; an insulator having a portion which is disposed inside the tube and extends therebeyond; a positive electrode extending through the insulator and projecting beyond the extending portion of the insulator; and an annular ground electrode coupled to the tube. The electrodes are configured such that a spark gap defined therebetween comprises an elongate channel which opens axially and away from said insulator and is substantially unobstructed in the axial direction.
Nano Spark Inc.


Concentric camshaft arrangement

A concentric camshaft arrangement comprises an inner shaft, an outer tube concentrically arranged around the inner shaft and rotatably supported in a cylinder head. A first set of lobes is fixed for rotation with the outer tube and a second set of lobes is rotatably supported by bearing journals on the outer tube and connected for rotation with the inner shaft.
Mechadyne International Limited


Process for the preparation of the monomer pentabromobenzyl acrylate and polymerization thereof

A process for preparing pentabromobenzyl acrylate through the reaction of pentahalobenzyl halide with a salt of acrylic acid in a water-immiscible solvent, wherein said salt is in aqueous form and the reaction is carried out in the presence of a phase transfer catalyst. A process for polymerizing the pentabromobenzyl acrylate in halogenated aromatic solvent and the poly(pentabromobenzyl acrylate) obtained are also disclosed..
Bromine Compounds Ltd.


Process for sulfonating halobenzene derivatives with sulfur trioxide

A process for sulfonating at least one halobenzene with sulfur trioxide (so3) comprising the following steps: step 1. Manufacturing a gaseous mixture [mixture (m)] comprising so3 and at least one additional gas different from so3 by oxidizing sulfur dioxide in the presence of at least one catalyst, wherein the so3 content in mixture (m) is from 1 to 95% by volume, relative to the total volume of mixture (m); and step 2.
Solvay Specialty Polymers Usa, Llc.


Method and system for stereotactic intensity-modulated arc therapy

A method of irradiating a target in a patient comprising directing a beam of radiation from an external source of radiation 24 at the target in the patient from numerous directions in a broad solid angle by longitudinally rotating the external source of radiation 24 around a central axis and simultaneously or sequentially, in either order, latitudinally rotating the external source of radiation 24; a globe gantry 21 comprising (i) a front opening ring 22 with its origin on the central axis of the globe gantry 21, (ii) at least one arc-shaped, gantry support arm 23, which has a front end and a rear end and is part of a circle, (iii) an external source of radiation 24, which is mounted on at least one arc-shaped, gantry support arm 23, (iv) a rear rotational axle 25 with an axis along the central axis of the globe gantry 21, (v) a support base 27, and (vi) a rear housing 26 comprising a source of power, mechanisms for moving components of the globe gantry 21, and controllers for controlling the movement of the components of the globe gantry 21 and the irradiation of the target in the patient; a system 20 comprising the globe gantry 21; and a method of irradiating a target in a patient using the system.. .


Computing devices and methods for navigating around a surface of three-dimensional (3d) coordinate system representations of 3d objects

The present disclosure relates to navigating around geographic maps within a map viewport display. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to navigating around a surface of a 3d, geographic coordinate system, representation of a globe using a pan feature while north is locked.
Google Inc.


System and organizing field data obtained through a plurality of devices

An automated process collects and organizes field data from an inspection of a building or other structure such as pipe supports, bridges, buildings, over head supports, and smoke stacks.. .
Globex Corporation


Rotor set

A rotor set comprises a pair of engaging rotors disposed in a pump room of a housing rotating oppositely with identical speeds. Each rotor comprises a plurality of lobes, and each lobe has a fan-shaped end with a curved edge.


Variable valve gear for internal combustion engine

A variable valve gear for an internal combustion engine includes: a cam base portion integrally or separately provided in a camshaft, and immovably fixed to the camshaft; a cam lobe portion connected to the cam base portion so as to swing and shift between a first state where the cam lobe portion is positioned to project from an outer circumference of the base portion and a second state where the cam lobe portion is positioned to be lower than the cam base portion in the first state; a lock mechanism locking the cam lobe portion in the first and second state; and a biasing member biasing the cam lobe portion to be shifted to the first state, to such an extent that the cam lobe portion is shifted to the second state by reaction force from a cam follower when the locking mechanism is unlocked.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Water supply device with double supply modes

A water supply device with double supply modes contains: a body, a shifting mechanism, and a magnetic attraction device. The body includes an inflow channel, a water distributing cavity, a first outflow channel and a second outflow channel.
Globe Union Industrial Corp.


Anti-etbr antibodies and immunoconjugates

The invention provides anti-etbr antibodies and immunoconjugates and methods of using the same. In some embodiments, an immunoconjugate comprising an antibody that binds etbr covalently attached to a cytotoxic agent is provided, wherein the antibody binds an epitope within amino acids 64 to 101 of seq id no: 10.
Genentech, Inc.


Nut removal tool

A tool for removing a nut includes a housing, a cage, and a canted coil spring. An interior sidewall of the housing defines an orifice that extends from top surface of the housing to a lip.
Tooltech, Llc


Versatile light-guided ophthalmic treatment system

A light-guided, ophthalmic-treatment-system for administering therapeutic agents to, into or through the scleral wall of the eye globe using any one of a variety of therapeutic applicators in conjunction with either transcorneal or transpupillary viewing methods or both.. .
Ip Liberty Vision Corporation


Outer wear

There is provided an outer wear including a hood for covering the head of a wearer and a front fastener splitting a front garment body into right and left parts. The outer wear has an opening and enlarging structure for extending an entire circumferential length of an opening formed by the hood.
Globeride, Inc.


Reel seat having fiber-reinforced resin sheet in fixed hood and fishing rod having the reel seat

One object is to provide a reel seat allowing reinforcement of a hood for retaining a reel leg while maintaining the appearance and restricting the increase in weight, and a fishing rod having such a reel seat. A reel seat according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a fixed hood for retaining one end of a reel leg on the reel seat body, and a fiber-reinforced resin sheet is provided so as to extend over an outer circumference of the fixed hood and an outer circumference of the reel seat body.
Globeride, Inc.


Reel seat having fiber-reinforced resin sheet in fixed hood and fishing rod having the reel seat

One object is to provide a reel seat allowing reinforcement of a hood for retaining a reel leg while maintaining the appearance and restricting the increase in weight, and a fishing rod having such a reel seat. A reel seat according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a fixed hood for retaining one end of a reel leg on the reel seat body, and a fiber-reinforced resin sheet is provided so as to extend over an outer circumference of the fixed hood and an outer circumference of the reel seat body.
Globeride, Inc.


Fishing rod

To provide a fishing rod having a flexible tip rod less prone to breakage, and desired degrees of the flexibility and strength can be obtained at a required portion of the tip rod. A fishing rod includes a tip rod made of a fiber-reinforced resin material.
Globeride, Inc.


Fishing rod

To provide a fishing rod having a tip whose bending strength is improved and breakage is prevented with unexposed end surfaces of reinforced fibers of the tip on a tapered surface thereof. A fishing rod according to the disclosure includes a solid tip made of a fiber-reinforced resin material in which reinforced fibers are continuously disposed along an axial direction, the tip is tapered toward a distal end.
Globeride, Inc.


Detachable crank and slider circuit pack ejector

A mechanism for connecting a first object, such as a chassis and/or motherboard, to a second object, such as a faceplate and/or daughterboard. A first link may be connected to the first object and a second link may be connected to the second object.
Flextronics Ap, Llc.


Method for defining the structure of a ka band antenna

A method is provided for defining an antenna with weak sidelobes having at least two sources, in which the sources are regularly distributed and the reflectors have suitable shapes, obtained by the implementation of a specific algorithm, the reflectors being illuminated by sources composed of a single part. The obtained antenna will offer a gain close to 0 in the direction of the array lobes, so these will be as low as possible..


Metamaterial waveguide lens

A metamaterial waveguide structure is disclosed. In some approaches the metamaterial waveguide structure is compressed along an optical axis using transformation optics techniques.
Duke University


Functional beamforming

Functional beamforming is a vast improvement over classical beamforming methods. Let v be a power greater than unity.


Method and implementing reduced bandwidth processing of navigation satellites

A method and apparatus for processing navigational signals with reduced bandwidth by receiving a combination of two navigational signals, reducing the frequency of the combined two navigational signals to an intermediate frequency (if); converting the if signal to digital signals; translating the frequency of the if signal to near baseband; filtering the near baseband signal; reducing the sample rate of the filtered near-baseband signal by a factor; translating a selection of the reduced, filtered, near-baseband signal to a single sidelobe; storing the single sidelobe in memory; and processing the single sidelobe for navigational purposes.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for retrofitting existing lighting systems

Led lighting systems and methods for retro-fitting existing lighting systems such as acorn and other globe style fixtures is disclosed. The retro-fit systems can be provided with an led driver, an adaptor casting which mounts to industry standard fixture, a riser for adjusting the height of the lighting fixture, and an assembly of an optically active sealing lens, a heat sink and a led board, wherein the led lights, which can be made up of a plurality of leds, are arranged in concentric rings on the led board, and are fitted with a sealing lens in the form of a rotated bubble optic with concentric grooves on the inner surface..
Amerlux Llc


Solar path light

This disclosure is generally directed to a solar path light. Existing garden path lights typically generate a fixed, motionless lighting effect.
Nii Northern International Inc.


Camshaft-in-camshaft apparatus of variable valve duration system

A camshaft-in-camshaft apparatus may include a hollow outer shaft having at least one slot formed along a length direction of the hollow outer shaft, an inner shaft rotatably inserted inside the outer shaft and having at least one pin hole formed on the inner shaft, a position of each of the at least one pin hole corresponding to that of each of the at least one slot, one or more first cam lobes fixedly mounted on an exterior circumference of the outer shaft, one or more second cam lobes fixedly mounted on the inner shaft to be rotatable on the corresponding slot of the outer shaft, a cam phaser changing a phase angle between the outer shaft and the inner shaft by rotating any one of the outer shaft and the inner shaft, and at least one torsional spring mounted between any one of the one or more first cam lobes and any one of the one or more second cam lobes.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Apparatus for assembling overhead camshaft

An apparatus for assembling an overhead camshaft that comprises a hollow outer shaft having at least one slot formed, an inner shaft having at least one pin hole formed, at least one first cam lobe, and at least one second cam lobe. The apparatus comprises a first fixture having two journals, on which the outer shaft is disposed, formed at opposite ends thereof.
Hyundai Motor Company


Helical extrusion of unsymmetrical multi-lobed catalyst supports

The invention also relates to the process for the preparation of said catalyst support in the shape of helical extrudates.. .


Method for assessing residual accommodation in presbyopic eyes

A system for determining an accommodative force in a patient includes a sensor adapted to detect motion of a lens of the patient relative to a globe of the patient's eye, a controller configured to determine an accommodative force in the patient based on the relative motion and to determine at least one parameter for an intraocular lens based on the accommodative force, and an interface adapted to output the at least one parameter for the intraocular lens.. .
Novartis Ag


Spark plug

The plug comprises a nut, a coupling extending from the nut and adapted to receive an ignition wire and an insulator extending from the nut and away from the coupling. A positive electrode extends through the insulator.
Nano Spark Inc.


Computing devices and methods for navigating around a surface of three-dimensional (3d) coordinate system representations of 3d objects

The present disclosure relates to navigating around geographic maps within a map viewport display. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to navigating around a surface of a 3d, geographic coordinate system representation of a body using a pan feature while north is locked.
Google Inc.


Exhaust stream mixer

An exhaust nozzle for a turbine engine includes multiple daisy style corrugations arranged circumferentially about the exhaust nozzle. Each of the daisy style corrugations has a radially inner base portion and multiple lobes protruding radially outward from the base portion..
United Technologies Corporation


2-step variable valve lift apparatus actuated by dual roller bearings using electromagnetic system

A variable valve lift apparatus may include a camshaft, a cam lobe including at least one low lift cam and at least one high lift cam, and formed or mounted on an exterior circumference of the camshaft, and a cam follower opening a valve with a low lift or a high lift or closing the valve by a rotation of the camshaft. The cam follower may include a valve lift body pivoting on one side and opening or closing the valve by the cam lobe when the camshaft rotates, a bearing shaft fixedly mounted in the valve lift body, and at least one rolling bearing rotatably mounted on the bearing shaft and being movable axially on the bearing shaft to make contact selectively with the low lift cam or the high lift cam..
Hyundai Motor Company


Disc recliner with internal leaf springs

A disc recliner for a seat assembly includes a guide plate and a tooth plate rotatably coupled to the guide plate. A rotatable shaft moves a pawl between a first position engaging the tooth plate to prevent pivotal movement of the seat back and a second position disengaged with the tooth plate to allow pivotal movement of the seat back.


Cannula tip for an arterial cannula

A novel arterial cannula tip includes an elongated body having an expanded four-lobe swirl inducer and a diverging diffuser. The swirl inducer presents micro-scale blood-wetting features that help to enhance the jet or core of the flow of blood sufficiently to delay the onset of turbulence and facilitate a strongly coherent blood outflow jet as it enters the cannulated artery, while the diverging diffuser reduces exit force and promotes and laminar flow which mitigates intimal vascular damage owing to high wall shear stresses at regions of jet impingement.
Carnegie Mellon University


Substrate-emitting transverse magnetic polarized laser employing a metal/semiconductor distributed feedback grating for symmetric-mode operation

Semiconductor lasers comprise a substrate; an active layer configured to generate transverse magnetic (tm) polarized light under an electrical bias; an upper cladding layer; a lower cladding layer; and a distributed feedback (dfb) grating defined by the interface of a layer of metal and a layer of semiconductor under the layer of metal, the interface periodically corrugated in the longitudinal direction of the laser with a periodicity of Λdfb=mλ/(2neff), wherein m>1. The dfb grating is configured such that loss of one or more antisymmetric longitudinal modes of the laser structure via absorption to the dfb grating is sufficiently maximized so as to produce lasing of a symmetric longitudinal mode of the laser with laser emission characterized by a single-lobe beam along each direction defined by the grating diffraction orders corresponding to emission away from the plane of the grating..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Micro unmanned aerial vehicle and control therefor

A micro unmanned aerial vehicle or drone (“uav”) 10 is remotely controlled through an hmi, although this remote control is supplemented by and selectively suppressed by an on-board controller. The controller operates to control the generation of a sonar bubble that generally encapsulates the uav.
Torquing Group Ltd.


Radar system for vehicle and measuring azimuth therein

Provided are a radar system for a vehicle and a method for measuring an azimuth therein, which are capable of increasing target sensing and tracking reliability by blocking an error signal that is input from the ground where no vehicle exists or in the elevation angle direction. A system for blocking an error signal input from a ground or in an elevation angle direction includes: two or more main reception antennas; a single side lobe suppression antenna; and a radar configured to compare a magnitude of a main reception signal received from the main reception antenna with a magnitude of a side lobe suppression reception signal received from the side lobe suppression antenna, and measure an azimuth of a target by using the received main reception signal when the magnitude of the main reception signal is larger than the magnitude of the side lobe suppression reception signal..
Mando Corporation


Pyrrolobenzodiazepines as unsymmetrical dimeric pbd compounds for inclusion in targeted conjugates

A compound with the formula i wherein: r2 is of formula ii where q is selected from oh, sh and nrn, and rn is selected from h, methyl and ethyl, as well as drug-linkers and drug-conjugates made from this compound.. .
Spirogen SÀrl


Gas spring curve control in an adjustable volume gas pressurized device

A gas spring curve control valve for a adjustable-volume gas-pressurized device is described. The valve allows for selection from among at least four spring curves and can be packaged in small spaces/devices.
Fox Factory, Inc.

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