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Lobe patents


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 Roller tappet for a fuel unit pump of an internal combustion engine patent thumbnailRoller tappet for a fuel unit pump of an internal combustion engine
A roller tappet for a fuel unit pump of an internal combustion engine is provided with a roller tappet bore for inserting the roller tappet within the internal combustion engine. The roller tappet includes a roller tappet body having a body longitudinal axis for connecting the roller tappet to a reciprocating element of the fuel unit pump.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Pyrrolobenzodiazepine compounds for treating lymphoma patent thumbnailPyrrolobenzodiazepine compounds for treating lymphoma
A method of treating a patient suffering from lymphoma comprising administering to said patient a therapeutically active amount of a compound formula i, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate thereof, wherein: the dotted lines indicate the optional presence of a double bond between c1 and c2 or c2 and c3; r2 and r3 are independently selected from —h, ═o, ═ch2, —cn, —r, or, halo, ═ch—r, o—so2—r, co2r and cor; r6, r7 and r9 are independently selected from h, r, oh, or, sh, sr, nh2, nhr, nrr′, nitro, me3sn and halo; where r and r′ are independently selected from optionally substituted c1-2alkyl, c3-20heterocyclyl and c5-20aryl groups; r″ is a c3-12 alkylene group, which chain may be interrupted by one or more heteroatoms, e.g. O, s, nh, and/or aromatic rings, e.g.
Adc Products (uk) Limited

 Minimally invasive  treating the retina patent thumbnailMinimally invasive treating the retina
The present invention comprises an implant for placing inside the eye such that the implant comes into contact with the interior tissue of the eye such that it conforms to the inner globe geometry of the eye. Implants of the present invention may also be used to alter the focal length of the eye thereby providing a treatment method for the correction of myopia and hyperopia.

 Microwave heating apparatus with rotatable antenna and method thereof patent thumbnailMicrowave heating apparatus with rotatable antenna and method thereof
A microwave heating apparatus and a method for heating/browning a piece of food by means of microwaves are provided. The microwave heating apparatus comprises a cavity arranged to receive, in a substantially horizontal browning region, a piece of food to be browned.
Whirlpool Corporation

 Range sidelobe suppression patent thumbnailRange sidelobe suppression
A system, apparatus, and method for receiving a signal. In one implementation, the system includes a receiver, a correlator, and a range sidelobe envelope generator.
Navico Holding As

 Alternating notch configuration for spacing heat transfer sheets patent thumbnailAlternating notch configuration for spacing heat transfer sheets
A heat transfer sheet for a rotary regenerative heat exchanger includes a plurality of rows of heat transfer surfaces each being aligned with a longitudinal axis extending between first and second ends thereof. The heat transfer surfaces have a height relative to a central plane of the heat transfer sheet.
Arvos Inc.

 Methods for making a low inertia laminated rotor patent thumbnailMethods for making a low inertia laminated rotor
A rotor assembly having a plurality of rotor plates mounted to a shaft, and methods of construction for a rotor assembly are disclosed. Each rotor plate in the assembly may be provided with a central opening extending between the first and second sides through which the shaft extends.
Eaton Corporation

 Drill chuck assembly patent thumbnailDrill chuck assembly
A drill chuck assembly. The drill chuck assembly includes a rapid change mechanism configured to retain a drill bit shank inserted therein.

 Ferrule holder with suture relief lobes patent thumbnailFerrule holder with suture relief lobes
A surgical suturing instrument has a chamber for receiving and aligning a ferrule with a reciprocating needle. The chamber includes a plurality of protuberant concave and convex surfaces for positioning and aligning the ferrule within the chamber and the plurality of suture receiving chambers disposed between the aligning ridges for receiving a suture and preventing the suture from jamming the ferrule in the chamber..
Lsi Solutions, Inc.

 Profiled adjustment nut patent thumbnailProfiled adjustment nut
A slip clutch includes a driven member, a spring, at least one friction plate interfacing with the driven member and an adjustment nut. The friction plate is pressed against the driven member through the combination of the spring and adjustment nut.
Abb Technology Ag

Pyrrolobenzodiazepine antibody drug conjugates and methods of use

The invention provides antibody-drug conjugates comprising an antibody conjugated to a pyrrolobenzodiazepine drug moiety via a disulfide linker, pyrrolobenzodiazepine linker-drug intermediates, and methods of using the antibody-drug conjugates.. .
Genentech, Inc.

Wearable directional microphone array apparatus and system

A wearable, shoulder-mounted microphone array apparatus and system used as a bi-directional audio and assisted listening device system. The present invention advances hearing aids and assisted listening devices to allow construction of a highly directional audio array that is wearable, natural sounding, and convenient to direct, as well as to provide directional cues to users who have partial or total loss of hearing in one or both ears.
Wave Sciences Llc

Ball pad with a plurality of lobes

In some forms, an electronic assembly includes a substrate; and a ball pad mounted on the substrate, wherein the ball pad includes a plurality of lobes projecting distally from a center of the ball pad. In some forms, he electronic assembly includes a substrate; and a ball pad mounted on the substrate, wherein the ball pad includes a lobe projecting distally from a center of the ball pad.

Cmc articles having small complex features for advanced film cooling

An engine component for a gas turbine engine generating hot combustion gas flow is provided. The engine component can include a substrate constructed from a cmc material and having a hot surface facing the hot combustion gas flow and a cooling surface facing a cooling fluid flow.
General Electric Company

Gas turbine engine exhaust mixer with lobes cross-over offset

An exhaust mixer for a gas turbine engine has a lobe cross-over offset. The proposed geometric feature leads to improved exhaust performance and potential weight reduction..
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Aircraft engine pylon to wing mounting assembly

Pylon mounting assemblies are provided for mounting an engine (e.g., a turbojet engine) to a wing of an aircraft. The pylon mounting assemblies include an upper pylon connection member, and a lower pylon connection box, wherein the upper pylon connection member and the lower pylon connection box respectively include multiple opposed pairs of connection lobes.
Embraer S.a.

Composite layup tools for aircraft fuselage barrels, methods of assembling the layup tools, and aircraft fuselage barrel sections formed utilizing the layup tools

Composite layup tools for aircraft fuselage barrels, methods of assembling the layup tools, and aircraft fuselage barrels formed utilizing the layup tools are disclosed herein. A method of assembling the layup tools includes aligning an adaptor mating surface of a splice adaptor with a mandrel mating surface of a layup mandrel and initially attaching the splice adaptor to the layup mandrel at an initial attachment point.
The Boeing Company

Nifty globe

An intuitive globe that provides an ornamental display piece and/or an interactive learning tool has a sphere casing, a geographical demarcation, a liquid, and a support stand. The support stand holds the sphere casing, wherein the sphere casing is rotatably connected to a sphere mount.

Global monitoring system for critical equipment performance evaluation

Acquiring and evaluating data regarding the performance of critical equipment of various business units distributed around the globe is essential in today's market. In particular aggregating, organizing and evaluating various types of data at a host processing system that is accessible via an intuitive graphical user interface to approved users connected to an enterprise network..
Conocophillips Company

Adaptive beamformer for sonar imaging

Provided are method, system, and computer program product for imaging an underwater environment. The method may include receiving sonar returns and converting the sound energy of the sonar returns into sonar return data, and generating first beam data associated with a first beam having at least one first main lobe oriented in a first direction.
Navico Holding As

Valve and coupling

A valve and coupling for joining pipe elements has a valve body captured in a central space defined by a plurality of coupling segments attached to one another end to end. The inner surface of the valve body defines a bore.
Victaulic Company

Systems, methods, and supported shafts

Systems, methods, and apparatus are disclosed for transferring a rotational force. Apparatus include a shaft member that has a first end configured to receive a rotational force from a first mechanical component, and configured to receive a torsional load in response to receiving the rotational force.
The Boeing Company

Geometry for increasing torque capacity of riveted vane lever

A number of variations may include a product comprising: a vane lever comprising a first end; a second end; a top surface; and a bottom surface; and an opening defined by an inner surface which extends through the top surface and the bottom surface of the second end, and wherein at least a portion of the inner surface comprises a non-cylindrical, multi-lobed shape.. .
Borgwarner Inc.

Systems and methods for vital signs monitoring with ear piece

A vital signs monitoring system, the system including: (a) an ear device including: a curved body adapted to a shape of an ear, an upper end, a lower end, two opposite facing sides, a first side adapted to be proximal a skull and a second side adapted to be proximal an earlobe, the ear device including: (i) a temperature sensor adapted to sense a body temperature from a depression between a lower jawbone and skull; and (b) a control system, including a processor and a memory, configured and operable to control operation of the ear device, to collect signals received from at least one sensor including the temperature sensor, to process the signals to provide medically significant results.. .

Non-thermal electromagnetic sterilization

The present disclosure provides systems and methods associated with non-thermal electroporation. One or more electromagnetic radiation sources may be used to generate an interference pattern having at least one antinode.
Elwha Llc

Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components

A drive gear for a generally cylindrical imaging component. The drive gear includes a body for engaging the generally cylindrical imaging component; a cylindrical shaft attached to the body, the cylindrical shaft having an end surface; and lobes extending longitudinally outward from the end surface..
Static Control Components, Inc.

Method for resisting noise of co-phasing system of dispersed fringe sensor and optical system

The present disclosure provides a method for improving capability of resisting image noise of a co-phasing system of a dispersed fringe sensor. The method comprises the following steps: carrying out a coarse co-phasing adjustment by utilizing the dispersed fringe sensor until the coarse co-phasing is stabilized in a closed loop; collecting a two dimensional dispersed fringe image by the dispersed fringe sensor; superposing the dispersed fringe image along a dispersed direction so as to convert the two dimensional dispersed fringe image to a one dimensional image along an interferential direction; extracting peak values of the main peak, a left side lobe and a right side lobe of the one dimensional image along the interferential direction, and calculating corresponding piston error value of the image by carrying out a left-subtracting-right lsr algorithm on these peak values..
The Institute Of Optics And Electronics, The Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Fuel unit pump and internal combustion engine including a fuel unit pump

A fuel unit pump for an internal combustion engine includes a fuel unit pump body, a pumping plunger and a roller tappet for contacting a cam lobe of a rotatable shaft of the internal combustion engine. The roller tappet includes a roller tappet body connected to the pumping plunger, and a cam roller rotatably mounted on a cam roller carrier and defining a cam roller rotation axis.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Exhaust sampling system including a mixer that mixes exhaust gas and dilution gas

A mixing system for an exhaust sampling system is disclosed. In one example, the mixing system includes a mixing passage, an exhaust pipe, and a mixer.
Avl Test Systems, Inc.

Anti-rotation device for lifter

An anti-rotation guide for a lifter in an overhead valve valvetrain. The anti-rotation guide includes a plug having two lobes connected through a neck region.
Eaton Corporation

Elevator overspeed governor

An elevator governor rotor comprises a central axis and a plurality of pairs of lobes. Each pair of lobes comprises an inner lobe and an outer lobe..
Otis Elevator Company

Side airbag includin forward facing vent

An airbag includes a panel including a first lobe and a second lobe connected at a spine. The first lobe and the second lobe are affixed to each other along a seam.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Anatomical robot

A robot having anatomical robot joints with convex surfaces significantly less in average overall curvature than their corresponding concave surfaces; having single lobe, double lobe, or saddle shapes; and held together by flexible bands that allow rocking, slipping, and twisting types of motion.. .

Optimized helix angle rotors for roots-style supercharger

A blower may include a blower housing that may include a plurality of rotor chambers and a plurality of rotors. The plurality of rotors may be substantially identical and each may include a twist angle and a helix angle.
Eaton Corporation

Pump cover

A cover with a center axis for a pump assembly includes a plate. A center hole is formed in the plate and positioned on the center axis of the cover.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Cam phaser

A cam phaser including a rotor; and a stator, wherein the rotor is rotatable relative to the stator, wherein a lobe of the rotor is arrangeable between two bars of the stator, wherein the lobe divides an intermediary space formed between the two bars into a first pressure cavity and a second pressure cavity, wherein a locking device including a spring loaded locking bolt and a locking disc is configured to lock the stator relative to the rotor in an end position, wherein the locking provides a locking clearance for moving the rotor relative to the stator, wherein the locking disc includes a contact element for adjusting the end position.. .
Hilite Germany Gmbh

Lobe topics:
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Combustion
  • Retraction
  • Exhaust Gas
  • Simulation
  • Total Radiated Power
  • Elastomeric Material
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Anisotropy
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Turbine Shroud
  • Downstream
  • Rotor Blade
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Clobetasol

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