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Total Radiated Power
Elastomeric Material
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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Hybridized compressor

Hybridized compressor

Hybridized compressor

Valve train system for providing continuously variable valve lift

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lobe-related patents
 Position detection for lobe switching camshaft system patent thumbnailPosition detection for lobe switching camshaft system
Systems and methods for determining an active cam profile from a plurality of cam profiles is disclosed. The systems and methods may be used to determine how to operate an engine torque actuator or provide an indication of cam profile switching degradation..
 Pyrrolobenzodiazepines and targeted conjugates patent thumbnailPyrrolobenzodiazepines and targeted conjugates
This invention relates to pyrrolobenzodiazepines (pbds), in particular pyrrolobenzodiazepine dimers having a c2-c3 double bond and an aryl group at the c2 position in each monomer unit, and their inclusion in targeted conjugates. The differing substituent groups may offer advantages in the preparation and use of the compounds, particularly in their biological properties and the synthesis of conjugates, and the biological properties of these conjugates..
 Hybridized compressor patent thumbnailHybridized compressor
An air compressor includes a first compressor stage and at least one motor. The first compressor stage includes a first housing, a first drive plate, and a plurality of first pistons.
 Valve train system for providing continuously variable valve lift patent thumbnailValve train system for providing continuously variable valve lift
A valve train system includes a camshaft with a camshaft lobe that is rotatable about a camshaft axis. A control shaft is rotatable about a control shaft axis and includes an eccentric control shaft slot.
 Convertible earrings for pierced ears patent thumbnailConvertible earrings for pierced ears
A convertible earring construction comprising a euro-wire leverback configuration that incorporates a clutch element, is securable on a pierced earlobe, and when combined with a separate pierced earring that is a post style, and of conventional construction which can be received into the clutch element of the convertible earring, enables the post style earrings to be selectively attached and/or removed.. .
 Workflow for ambiguity guided interactive segmentation of lung lobes patent thumbnailWorkflow for ambiguity guided interactive segmentation of lung lobes
An apparatus and a method for post processing 2d image slices (110a-c) defining a 3d image volume. The apparatus comprises a graphical user interface controller (160), a 2d segmenter (170) and a 3d segmenter (180).
 Absorbent article patent thumbnailAbsorbent article
An absorbent article which can be applied to a wearer in a standing position. The absorbent article can be adjusted following the placement of the absorbent article on the wearer.
 Catalyst system for heterogenous catalysis of an isobutylene polymerization reaction patent thumbnailCatalyst system for heterogenous catalysis of an isobutylene polymerization reaction
A method for preparing a catalyst system for heterogenous catalysis of an isobutylene polymerization reaction includes the steps of forming an alumina support in which the alumina support has pores formed therein, and reacting bf3/methanol catalyst complex with the alumina support. The ratio of methanol to bf3 in the catalyst complex ranges from 0.5 moles to 2 moles of methanol per mole of bf3.
 Antenna control patent thumbnailAntenna control
Measures for fading-based control of an antenna radiation pattern. Such measures may comprise reception of at least one radio wave signal via an antenna unit, detection of fading conditions in relation to the received at least one radio wave signal, and control of an antenna radiation pattern of the antenna unit, at least in terms of antenna lobe width, on the basis of the detected fading conditions..
 Pyrrolobenzodiazepines and conjugates thereof patent thumbnailPyrrolobenzodiazepines and conjugates thereof
X and x′ are independently selected from o, s and n(h).. .
Apparatus for sealing a pump chamber of a rotary lobe pump, and a rotary lobe pump having said apparatus
The invention relates to an apparatus for sealing a pump chamber of a rotary lobe pump vis-a-vis a fluid-free region of the rotary lobe pump, in particular in the region of a shaft duct, wherein the apparatus has two or more sealing elements, which can be disposed adjacent to a front side of a rotary piston disposed on a shaft in the pump chamber of the rotary lobe pump in such a way that a labyrinth gap extends between the sealing elements, said labyrinth gap being arranged in a radial direction relative to the shaft and in an axial direction in order to extend the seal land. According to the invention, the seal land is larger in a radial direction relative to the shaft than the seal land in an axial direction relative to the shaft..
Pyramidal fabrics having multi-lobe filament yarns and method for erosion control
A pyramidal geotextile fabric comprising two sets of multi-lobe filament yarns interwoven in substantially perpendicular direction to each other, each of the multi-lobe filament yarns having pre-determined, different heat shrinkage characteristics such that, upon heating, the fabric forms a three-dimensional, cuspated profile. A method of stabilizing soil and reinforcing vegetation comprises the steps of placing a three-dimensional, high-profile woven fabric into soil, wherein the fabric comprises two sets of multi-lobe filament yarns interwoven in substantially perpendicular direction to each other, each of the multi-lobe filament yarns having pre-determined, different heat shrinkage characteristics such that, upon heating, the fabric forms a three-dimensional, cuspated profile; securing the fabric to the ground; and, distributing soil and seed onto the fabric such that the section of ground is quickly revegetated and thereby protected from further erosion..
Configuring subscriber systems in wireless mesh networks
A wireless network may be managed by identifying one or more wireless subscriber systems included in a lobe pool of a wireless network, identifying at least one candidate subscriber system outside of the lobe pool with which to enable communications, and reconfiguring the antenna such that the lobe pool includes the identified candidate subscriber system.. .
Led light bulb replacement with adjustable light distribution
An led lightbulb retrofit is described that can be adjusted to (a) to accommodate both top-socket and bottom-socket applications, (b) generate a variety of iesna illumination distributions, (c) generate different levels of total lumens, (d) mount to different sockets such as medium and mogul bases, (e) and work in both refractors and globe fixtures. Led printed circuit boards are mounted on multiple exterior surfaces of a single heat sink with internal fins that can be cut to different lengths to accommodate different numbers of pcbs with a parallel connector mounted (a) symmetrically for symmetrical lighting distributions or (b) asymmetrically for asymmetrical lighting distributions.
Clutch assembly
A clutch assembly is provided. The clutch assembly includes a basket member, an input member and an actuator that is disposed within the basket member.
Cam structure
A cam structure driving a tappet having a crowning on a top face and connected to a base end section of an intake or exhaust valve of an engine, includes: a camshaft rotating in synchronization with a crankshaft of the engine; a cam lobe mounted on the camshaft, and including: a base cam including: a base circular section having a mounting hole for the camshaft; and a valve lift section having a cut-out section in a tip end portion; and a roller provided in the cut-out section and having a cylindrical section with a constant diameter. A center section in a width direction of the base cam makes contact with the tappet at a position deviated from a center of the top face of the tappet, and the cylindrical section makes contact with the center of the top face of the tappet..
Pyrrolobenzodiazepines and targeted conjugates
A compound, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate thereof, or conjugates thereof, selected from the group consisting of formula wherein: (a) r10 is h, and r11 is oh, ora, where ra is saturated c1-4 alkyl; (b) r10 and r11 form a nitrogen-carbon double bond between the nitrogen and carbon atoms to which they are bound; or (c) r10 is h and r11 is s02m, where z is 2 or 3 and m is a monovalent pharmaceutically acceptable cation, or both m together are a divalent pharmaceutically acceptable cation.. .
An ultrasound doppler detection method with golay code excitation
An ultrasound doppler detection method with golay-encoded excitation is used to obtain the flow information of a moving object. A first golay code is transmitted to the moving object for a reflection signal of the first golay code and a second golay code is transmitted to the moving object for a reflection signal of the second golay code after waiting for a pulse repetition interval.
Method and system for user authentication using dnssec
This invention leverages dnssec to makes post-password technologies work against endpoints across the globe, rather than solely within company walls. It describes a system by which ds records are encoded in ns names, which traverse well from the customer to the registry.
Variable angle locking screw and plate
A fastener and plate assembly includes a plate including a hole having a first threaded lobe with a first axis and a second threaded lobe with a second axis. The second axis is offset relative to the first axis.
Echogenic surface using reuleaux triangle
Disclosed are embodiments of devices and methods for providing enhanced echogenicity to medical devices. An echogenic feature is formed in the shape of a pyramidal reuleaux triangle.
Treatment planning for lung volume reduction procedures
Methods and systems for planning a bronchoscopic lung volume reduction procedure, such as placement of a one-way valve or biosealant or energy delivery in a patient's lungs. The system may include a processor and programming operable on the processor for planning the lung volume reduction procedure.
Prospective evaluation of tumor visibility for igrt using templates generated from planning ct and contours
The plan ct is described to generate dual energy (drr) that stimulates the treatment time radiographs in order to prospectively evaluate the angles in which issues for the template matching algorithm are present, and thus the visibility of the tumor. The present invention uses template matching to quantify the “trackability” of the target from different angles or directions.
Synthesis method and intermediates useful in the preparation of pyrrolobenzodiazepines
A compound of formula i wherein: r7 is selected from: ora, where ra is selected from c1-4 saturated alkyl, optionally substituted by phenyl, which may bear a chloro substituent, pyridyl and furanyl; chloro; nh2; —ch2—o—c(═o)me; r8 is oproto, where proto is a silicon-based oxygen protecting group orthogonal to rc; r9 is selected from h, methyl and methoxy; rs is selected from cf3, (cf2)3cf3, ch3 and (formula 2) and rc is selected from: (i) c(═o)—orc1, where rc1 is a saturated c1-4 alkyl group; (ii) —ch2—o—c(═o)rc2, where rc2 is methyl or phenyl; (iii) ch2—o—si—(rsi1)(rsi2)(rsi3), where rsi1, rsi2, rsi3 are independently selected from c1-6 a saturated alkyl group and a phenyl group; and (iv) c(—yrc3)(—yrc4) where each y is independently o or s, and where rc3 and rc4 are independently a saturated c1-4 alkyl group, or together form a c2-3 alkylene.. .
Network polymers useful for suspending particles
Polymer particles having an average diameter from 100 nm to 10 μm, where each particle comprises: (a) a core; and (b) lobes comprising at least 15 wt % polymerized residues of at least one c3-c6 carboxylic acid monomer.. .
A compound with the formula (i), wherein: r2 is of formula (ii), where x is selected from the group comprising: oh, sh, co2h, coh, n═c═o, nhnh2, conhnh2, formula (a), formula (b), nhrn, wherein rn is selected from the group comprising h and c1-4 alkyl; rc1, rc2 and rc3 are independently selected from h and unsubstituted c1-2 alkyl; and either: r12 is selected from the group consisting of: (ia) c5-10 aryl group, optionally substituted by one or more substituents selected from the group comprising: halo, nitro, cyano, ether, c1-7 alkyl, c3-7 heterocyclyl and bis-oxy-c1-3 alkylene; (ib) c1-5 saturated aliphatic alkyl; (ic) c3-6 saturated cycloalkyl; (id) formula (c), wherein each of r21, r22 and r23 are independently selected from h, c1-3 saturated alkyl, c2-3 alkenyl, c2-3 alkynyl and cyclopropyl, where the total number of carbon atoms in the r12 group is no more than 5; (ie) formula (d), wherein one of r25a and r25b is h and the other is selected from: phenyl, which phenyl is optionally substituted by a group selected from halo, methyl, methoxy; pyridyl; and thiophenyl; and (if) formula (e), where r24 is selected from: h; c1-3 saturated alkyl; c2-3 alkenyl; c2-3 alkynyl; cyclopropyl; phenyl, which phenyl is optionally substituted by a group selected from halo, methyl, methoxy; pyridyl; and thiophenyl; r6 and r9 are independently selected from h, r, oh, or, sh, sr, nh2, nhr, nrr′, nitro, me3sn and halo; where r and r′ are independently selected from optionally substituted c1-12 alkyl, c3-20 heterocyclyl and c5-20 aryl groups; r7 is selected from h, r, oh, or, sh, sr, nh2, nhr, nhrr′, nitro, me3sn and halo; either: (a) r10 is h, and r11 is oh, ora, where ra is c1-4 alkyl; (b) r10 and r11 form a nitrogen-carbon double bond between the nitrogen and carbon atoms to which they are bound; or (c) r10 is h and r11 is sozm, where z is 2 or 3 and m is a monovalent pharmaceutically acceptable cation; r″ is a c3-12 alkylene group, which chain may be interrupted by one or more heteroatoms, and/or aromatic rings; y and y′ are selected from o, s, or nh; r6′, r7′, r9′ are selected from the same groups as r6, r7 and r9 respectively and r10′ and r11′ are the same as r10 and r11, wherein if r11 and r11′ are sozm, m may represent a divalent pharmaceutically acceptable cation.. .
Device for dental, cleaning, or other procedure
A device for use in an oral healthcare or other procedure includes a ring having a base and two arms extending in opposite circumferential directions. An upstanding receptacle having a flexible wall is mounted on the base.
Toothed-lobed gear pump
Toothed gears and lobed gears intermesh to create large volume pockets in gear sets of a given size. The pockets are larger than the pockets that exist in current tooth or lobe pumps and provide the benefit of a pump that better handles shear sensitive liquids.
Dual axis rotor
This disclosure concerns an advanced nutating positive displacement device having a high power to mass ratio and low production cost. This device in one example forms an exemplary pump as will be discussed in detail.
Rivets with anti-rotational features
Semi-tubular self-piercing rivets and solid rivets are provided with surface features such as recesses or lobes. The recesses or lobes engage the panels that are joined by the rivet to prevent rotation of one or both panels after rivet insertion.
Nested torque tubes for photovoltaic tracking systems
A sun tracking solar energy collection system can include torque tubes that can be configured to allow the cylindrical body of one torque tube to nest with projections extending from an adjacent torque tube. The torque tubes can be formed with a plurality of rotatable shafts connected to each other in an end to end fashion.
System and method for performing progressive beamforming
A progressive beamformer in an imaging system includes a number of stages. A first stage delays and combines a number of received data streams to align the streams to a point of interest on a first beamline.
Specular object scanner for measuring reflectance properties of objects
An apparatus to measure surface orientation maps of an object may include a light source that is configured to illuminate the object with a controllable field of illumination. One or more cameras may be configured to capture at least one image of the object.
Method and system for geographic-oriented graphical representation of multivariable input data set
Methods and systems for computerized geographic-oriented graphical representation of multivariable input data sets are disclosed. In one embodiment, a graphical rendering application programming interface and a graphical rendering engine are configured to correlate the multivariable input data sets and other variables with geographical categories represented from geographic and map-related data, which are represented on a three-dimensional globe.
Echogenic surfaces with pressed-dimple formations
Disclosed are embodiments of methods and devices for providing enhanced echogenicity to medical devices. The method includes rolling an impression roller having a plurality of protrusions and an outer surface against a medical device.
Lobed aperture radiant sensor
A radiant sensor includes a modified, e.g. Lobed, aperture for modifying the sensor response to heat sources with its field of view to achieve a mean radiant temperature measurement..
Method for inducing and further propagating formation fractures
Fractures are induced from lobe shaped inflatable members disposed at different axial locations along a string with frac ports in the circumferential gaps between the lobes. The lobes are inflated by landing a ball on a seat on a sleeve that is initially shifted enough to expose a fill port on each lobe.
Engine overspeed shutdown systems and methods
Approaches to control engine overspeed are provided. Engine overspeed is controlled by one or more mechanisms that operate the intake and/or exhaust valves of the engine to interrupt the combustion cycle.
Rotary piston internal combustion engine
A rotary internal combustion engine of the wankel type having a housing with a two lobed epitrochoidal inner peripheral surface, a shaft journalled in end housings and a rotor eccentrically mounted on the shaft and geared to rotate at one third the speed of said shaft whereby working chambers are formed between the flanks of the rotor and the housings which vary in volume as the rotor rotates. The rotor is cooled by a fully closed circuit system wherein pressurised gasses are circulated by a centrifugal fan which is directly mounted on the main eccentric shaft, and circulates the gases through a heat exchanger which is integrated into the cool sector of the rotor housing, all components being enclosed within the pressurised system and only one drive shaft using a single high pressure shaft seal assembly emerges from this system..
Multistage variable valve lift apparatus, system and engine
A multistage variable valve lift apparatus includes: a camshaft; a plurality of cams slidably provided on the camshaft and each including a cam base with a guide projection and a cam lobe; a solenoid unit that includes an operating rod with a guide slot into which the guide projection is selectively inserted; and a valve opening/closing portion that comes into selective contact any one of the plurality of cams.. .
Low friction camshaft with electric phaser
An exemplary engine assembly includes a crankshaft, and a camshaft having cam lobes mounted thereon. The cam lobes are configured to provide lift to respective devices as a function of a rotation of the camshaft.
Gas turbine engine exhaust mixer with aerodynamic struts
An exhaust mixer for a gas turbine engine has a plurality of circumferentially distributed alternating inner and outer lobes, and a plurality of aerodynamic struts positioned and oriented between adjacent inner lobes in the core flow passage. The struts are configured for diverting a portion of the core flow radially outwardly in troughs formed by the outer lobes on the core flow side of the mixer..
Volumetric energy recovery device with variable speed drive
A volumetric expander configured to transfer a working fluid and generate useful work via a variable drive system is disclosed. The expander includes an inlet port configured to admit relatively high-pressure working fluid and an outlet port configured to discharge to a relatively low-pressure working fluid.
Low diffuse scatter, anechoic chamber absorber
An electromagnetic chamber absorber provided improved absorption across a wideband and both lower diffuse and specular scatter and a method for constructing the same. An exemplary device can compromise a periodic arrangement of disconnected electromagnetically lossy elements where the periodicity of the lattice is adjusted to suppress all or most grating lobe scattering.
Medical device for treating a target site
Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to medical devices, methods, and systems for delivering a medical device to a target site. In one embodiment, a medical device includes a proximal lobe and a distal lobe, at least one of the proximal lobe or the distal lobe configured to receive a delivery device therethrough.
Illumination device
One of a radiator plate (21) and a globe cover (13) is provided, on a part which makes contact with the other one, with a plurality of cutout sections (41), and the other one is provided, at positions corresponding to the respective cutout sections (41), with a plurality of projections (31). By engaging the cutout sections (41) and the projections (31), the globe cover (13) is attached to the radiator plate (21).
Enclosure for radio, parabolic dish antenna, and side lobe shields
Enclosures for radios, parabolic dish antennas, and side lobe shields are provided herein. A dish antenna includes a parabolic circular reflector bounded by a side lobe shield that extends along a longitudinal axis of the dish antenna in a forward direction forming a front cavity, and a sidewall that extends along the longitudinal axis of the dish antenna in a rearward direction forming a rear cavity..
Roll-off piston for an air spring rolling-lobe flexible member
A roll-off piston made of plastic is for an air spring rolling-lobe flexible member (19) of the air spring. The roll-off piston (1) is configured as a plunge piston and has a preferably central support (2) for a stop buffer (3) acting in an axial direction of the air spring.
Compact low sidelobe antenna and feed network
An antenna may include a primary reflector having a ring focus; a feed body along an axis of the primary reflector, the feed body including a circular waveguide coaxial with the axis of the primary reflector; a sub-reflector disposed facing an end of the circular waveguide; and a generally cylindrical stem extending from a center of the sub-reflector into the circular waveguide to form a section of annular waveguide. A sub-reflector support may mechanically connect a perimeter of the sub-reflector and an outside surface of the feed body.
Slide arrangement for cable drawer
A drawer slide having first and second rails interconnected by a center rail. The center rail includes a spool configured to provide half-speed travel of the center rail relative to the travel of the first rail.

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