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Total Radiated Power
Elastomeric Material
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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Lobe patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Lobe-related patents
 System and method for storing and retrieving geospatial data patent thumbnailSystem and method for storing and retrieving geospatial data
Systems and methods for storing and retrieving geospatial data in a geographic information system are provided. Geospatial data can be spatially partitioned along axes of a spherical coordinate system associated with a virtual globe or other spheroid into a plurality of discrete geospatial volumes pursuant to a hierarchical spatial partitioning scheme.
 Specific deep brain stimulation for enhancement of memory patent thumbnailSpecific deep brain stimulation for enhancement of memory
A site-specific deep brain stimulation for enhancement of memory is described. A method of the site-specific deep brain stimulation for enhancement of memory may include implanting intracranial depth electrodes in a patient, wherein the electrodes are placed in right and/or left entorhinal regions, and stimulating the electrodes with current set below an after-discharge threshold.
 Systems and methods for prostate treatment patent thumbnailSystems and methods for prostate treatment
A vapor delivery needle is provided that may include any of a number of features. One feature of the energy delivery probe is that it can apply condensable vapor energy to tissue, such as a prostrate, to shrink, damage, denaturate the prostate.
 Visualization and characterization of pulmonary lobar fissures patent thumbnailVisualization and characterization of pulmonary lobar fissures
Systems and methods for visualizing pulmonary fissures including a processor and software instructions for creating a 3 dimensional model of the fissures. Creating the 3 dimensional model includes accessing volumetric imaging data of the patient's lungs, analyzing the volumetric imaging data to segment the lungs into lobes, using the segmented lobes to identify locations at which pulmonary fissures should be present where the lobes abut each other, analyzing the volumetric images to identify locations at which pulmonary fissures actually are present as existing fissure, comparing the locations at which pulmonary fissures should be present to the locations at which pulmonary fissures are present to identify locations of missing fissure, and creating a visual display comprising a 3 dimensional model of the pulmonary fissures including existing fissure portions and missing fissure portions, with the existing fissure portion visually distinct from the missing fissure portions..
 Ergonomic earpiece and attachments patent thumbnailErgonomic earpiece and attachments
An earpiece that substantially lacks a lower lobe is disclosed. In one example, the earpiece can have a generally arcuate rib having upper and lower ends.
 Node in a wireless communication system, the node having different functional modes patent thumbnailNode in a wireless communication system, the node having different functional modes
The present invention relates to a node (1, 1′) in a wireless communication system, the node (1, 1′) comprising at least one transceiver unit (2; 2a), a first antenna function (3, 3′) and a second antenna function (4, 4′). The antenna functions comprise at least a corresponding first antenna function first port connection (7, 7′) and second antenna function first port connection (8, 8′).
 Array antenna having a radiation pattern with a controlled envelope, and method of manufacturing it patent thumbnailArray antenna having a radiation pattern with a controlled envelope, and method of manufacturing it
A method for manufacturing an array antenna having a design phase, including synthesizing an array layout of the array antenna and choosing or designing radiating elements to be arranged according to the array layout; and a phase of physically making the array antenna, including arranging the radiating elements according to the array layout; the design phase having the steps of: a) synthesizing an array layout complying with a required minimum beamwidth, a required field of view, a required side lobe level and a target angular dependence of the maximum directivity of the array antenna over the required field of view; b) determining shaped radiation patterns of the radiating elements in order to approximate said target angular dependence of the maximum directivity of the array antenna over the required field of view; and c) choosing or designing radiating elements having the shaped radiation patterns determined at step b).. .
 Computer enclosure with height-adjusting feet patent thumbnailComputer enclosure with height-adjusting feet
A computer enclosure includes an enclosure base, an enclosure cover, two pivoting rods or axles, two height-adjusting feet, pushing members, and two connecting poles. The enclosure cover pivots on the enclosure base and the pivoting axles are connected to the enclosure base and pivot with the enclosure cover.
 Earring support device patent thumbnailEarring support device
The present invention describes an earring support device for relieving the tension caused by having large earrings hanging from a piercing for an extended amount of time. The support device has a set of clam-shell shaped earlobe guards that are hinged together and clipped onto an earlobe.
 Smart antenna with multiple round selection patent thumbnailSmart antenna with multiple round selection
A smart antenna system for communicating wireless signals between a mobile device and a plurality of fixed base stations using different channels and beams. The system comprises a control subsystem, a radio transceiver and an antenna subsystem, providing a plurality of beams.
Integrated clamping system for machine tools
An integrated clamping system for a machine tool includes a male locating taper and a tool holder integrally formed therewith and extending therefrom. The male locating taper is configured to be received by a female tapered holding fixture of the machine tool.
Wireless communication device
A wearable wireless communication device is provided, including a behind-the-ear main electronics enclosure housing wireless communication electronics, a main electronics enclosure mount engaging the behind-the-ear main electronics enclosure, an ear mount fitting the main electronics enclosure mount, and a decorative mount including a speaker. The decorative mount attaches to the ear mount which is configured to fit over an ear of a wearer.
Decorative ice structures, methods, and production equipment
The present invention is directed to methods, materials, and devices for making and displaying globe ice lanterns and other ice structures. In a first implementation of the invention, an ice globe is produced.
Labelled analogues of halobenzamides as multimodal radiopharmaceuticals and their precursors
The present invention also relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising them and to their use in diagnosis, in particular with spect or pet imaging and in therapy of melanoma via targeted radionuclide therapy.. .
Interactive simulated-globe display system
The invention discloses an interactive simulated-globe display system including an imaging body, n image-projecting units, a data processing unit, an optical pointer, and m image-capturing units where n and m are respectively a natural number. The n image-projecting units project n images onto an external hemispheric surface of the imaging body.
Mixer that performs reciprocating rotary motion for a confluent-flow nozzle of a turbine engine, and a method of controlling it
The invention provides a mixer for a confluent-flow nozzle of a turbine engine, the mixer comprising an annular cap designed to be centered on a longitudinal axis of the nozzle and having a stationary upstream portion and a downstream portion that is movable in rotation about the longitudinal axis relative to the stationary portion, the movable portion of the cap terminating at its downstream end in inner lobes alternating circumferentially with outer lobes, and means for imparting reciprocating rotary motion to the movable portion of the cap.. .
Heart valve assemblies
A heart valve assembly comprises a first prosthesis configured to expand from an unexpanded state to an expanded state at which the first annular prosthesis contacts native tissue of a body lumen. The heart valve assembly also comprises a second prosthesis comprising a valve, and a connection adapter that secures the second prosthesis to the first prosthesis, the connection adapter having a multi-lobed circumference..
Median lobe destruction apparatus and method
A system and associated method for altering or destroying tissues and anatomical or other structures in medical applications for the purpose of treating diseases or disorders. In one aspect, the system includes a device configured to deploy devices for altering the lobes of a prostate..
Method and system for maritime high speed broadband communication networking
Method and system for providing an integrated long range, high capacity communication system between several entities involved in maritime simultaneous operations (simops). The method and system makes use of narrow lobe phase steerable antenna being controllable in both azimuth and elevation by software control..
Led luminaire
According to one embodiment, an led luminaire includes a housing, an led module mounted on one end of the housing, and a resin member configured to cover a peripheral portion of the led module and fix the led module to the housing. A wavelength conversion member, which is a cover member coupled to a peripheral portion of the resin member at an opening end thereof and covering the led module, and including a wavelength conversion material on the surface or in the interior thereof, and a globe configured to cover the wavelength conversion member are also provided.
Mehtod for mounting lighting modules and equipment therefor
A method for mounting planar lighting modules on a mounting surface may include: providing on opposite sides of the lighting module fixing indentations opening toward the aforesaid sides, superimposing on said opposite sides of the lighting module stiffening bars having lateral lobes extending into said indentations, and fixing to the mounting surface the stiffening bars superimposed on the opposite sides of the lighting module with the opposite sides of the lighting module sandwiched between the stiffening bars and the mounting surface, whereby the stiffening bars urge the lighting module toward the mounting surface.. .
Camshaft phaser with coaxial control valves
A camshaft phaser is provided for varying the phase relationship between a crankshaft and a camshaft in an engine. The camshaft phaser includes a stator having lobes.
Turbine blade root profile
A turbine blade for a gas turbine engine includes an airfoil that extends in a first radial direction from a platform. A root extends from the platform in a second radial direction and has opposing lateral sides that provide a firtree-shaped contour.
Gerotor pump, a gerotor motor and a gerotor transmission system
A gerotor pump (1) comprising; a housing (2) which comprises a first and a second supply socket (18a, 18b; 19a, 19b), an inner rotor (4); and an outer rotor (5) rotatably located relative the housing (2); wherein the inner rotor (4) is located within the outer rotor (5), and lobes (13, 4) of the inner and the outer rotor (4, 5) engaging, the inner rotor (4) is centred around an axis (15b) which is eccentric from an axis of rotation (15) of said outer rotor (5), wherein a pressure chamber (7) with a high pressure and a low pressure section, is defined between the inner and outer rotor (4,), characterised in, that the inner rotor (4) is rotatably arranged on a shaft cylinder (10b) which is fixed at one end of a central drive shaft (10) of the pump (1) and is centred about said rotational axis (15b), whereby said inner rotor (4) wanders in said outer rotor (5) when said central drive shaft (10) is turned, and wherein the inner rotor (4) is provided with radial supply conduits (9) extending from the pressure chambers (7) to the shaft cylinder (10b), and wherein said shaft cylinder (10b) is provided with at least a first and a second cylinder opening (16, 17), such that the first cylinder opening (16) is axially displaced relative the second cylinder opening (17), and said first opening (16) is arranged such that it is connected to said high pressure section, and said second cylinder opening (17) is arranged such that it is connected to said low pressure section.. .
Rotor for pump
The present invention relates to a rotor for a vacuum pump having a roots pumping mechanism, the rotor comprising at least two hollow lobes, each lobe having an outer wall which defines a lobe profile, a hollow cavity generally inward of the outer wall, and at least one strengthening rib located in the cavity to resist stress on the lobes generated during rotation.. .
Air cooling design for tail-cone generator installation
A system for cooling a generator mounted in the tail-cone of an engine. The system comprises a fairing, which receives through an inlet thereof air from a bypass duct and directs the bypass air towards a cavity of the tail-cone for cooling the generator.
Tec mixer with variable thicknesses
A mixer of a bypass turbine aeroengine according to one embodiment, includes circumferential inner and outer flow surfaces in a wavy configuration to form a plurality of lobes of the mixer. The mixer has an upstream end portion of sheet metal with a first thickness and a downstream end portion of sheet metal with a second thickness less than the first thickness..
Embolic protection system and method for use in an aortic arch
A device temporarily positionable within an aortic arch for deflecting embolic particles released during a therapeutic or diagnostic procedure comprises a resilient frame defining an opening and a barrier disposed in the opening. The barrier has a plurality of openings, which may be pores, proportioned to allow passage of blood therethrough but to prevent passage of embolic particles.
Tri-lobe flowmeter rotor with partially open core structure
There is a gear rotor for use in a positive displacement flowmeter of the type described. The rotor has an external wall profile 8 forming three equally spaced lobes 9 and a partially open core structure inside said profile with internal cavities 15, 15a defined between webs 13, 14 extending from a central hub 12 of said rotor to said wall profile 8..
Method for generating synthetic image and ultrasonic imaging apparatus using same
The present disclosure relates to a method for generating a synthetic image. In the method, image data is generated using a receiving dynamic beamforming method, image data is generated using a synthetic aperture beamforming method, and the image data generated using the receiving dynamic beamforming method and the image data generated using the synthetic aperture beamforming method are synthesized with being applied with weighting factors according to advancing distances of ultrasonic waves.
Dual tip seals for a rotary engine
A biased dual tip seal arrangement for the rotor (106) of a rotary engine (102). The dual tip seals (100-t, 100-l) are located on opposite corners of the tip (130) of a planetary rotor (106).
Helmet structure
A helmet structure without any hard outer shell has axially compressible cell units contained in a hemispheric frame by a thin fabric covering stretched over cup shaped cell retainers that have sidewalls of compressible foam. The frame is supported on the wearer's head on plastic foam posts that space the inner ends of compressible bladders from the wearer's head, and ambient air in the bladders compresses at impact, being vented then through openings for gradually absorbing such impact forces.
System and method for managing information related to spatially resolved units
A system and method is provided for apportioning and selling non-overlapping virtual overlay territorial units based on a system of coordinates, with accompanying exclusive rights to sell advertising and post information within a geographic area defined by a corresponding virtual overlay territorial unit. The inventive system and method is facilitated by an internet based platform accessed via a website with a graphical user interface (gui) is used to present varying views of geographic areas that may range from the entire globe down to unitized areas presented at street level.
Pyrrolobenzodiazepines used to treat proliferative diseases
Pyrrolobenzodiazepine dimers having a c2-c3 double bond and an aryl group at the c2 position on one monomer unit, and a c2-c3 double bond and either a conjugated double or triple bond at the c2 position or an alkyl group at the c2 position on the other monomer unit, and conjugates of these compounds.. .
Asymmetric lobes for motors and pumps
An apparatus for use in a wellbore may include a stator having a bore and a rotor disposed in the bore. Either or both of the rotor and the stator may include a layer that has an asymmetrical material property profile along at least a portion of a circumference of that layer..
Method and apparatus for out-of-channel emission suppression
A wireless communication device is provided that is capable of suppressing out-of-channel emissions. The wireless communication device includes an upsampled broadband multicarrier signal generator and multiple upsampled sidelobe signal generators.
Hybrid tomato 'esas'
A new and distinct variety of paste-type hybrid tomato plant is described that is derived in part from an amish tomato, and in part from a big bertha pepper. This hybrid tomato has 2-4 lobes similar to a pepper, a hardy skin, and remains on the vine when ripe until frost.
Method for manufacturing soft, resistant and bulky nonwoven and nonwoven thus obtained
Methods for manufacturing nonwovens and nonwovens obtained by such methods are provided. Particularly, nonwovens are provided with improved tactile and absorbent characteristics, which make them suitable for use in the field of surface cleaning, personal hygiene, or formation of garments.
Roll-off piston for an air spring rolling-lobe flexible member
A roll-off piston for an air spring rolling-lobe flexible member, the interior of the roll-off piston is connected to the interior of the air spring. The roll-off piston includes two parts, namely, a pot-shaped piston lower part and a piston upper part connected in an air-tight manner to the lower part.
Spray gun with rotary valve
A spray gun includes a gun body, a rotary plug and a button. The gun body has a valve seat extending in between an inlet passage and an outlet passage thereof.
Hybrid artichoke variety nun 04325 ar
The present invention provides a new and distinct hybrid variety of globe artichoke nun 04325 ar. The new variety is of the camus type having large ovoid, medium green heads, and is relatively early maturing and produces heads suitable for both the fresh market and/or the processing industry..
Electrically steerable antenna arrangement
An electrically steerable antenna arrangement comprising at least a first antenna function and a second antenna function, each antenna function comprising at least one antenna element, the antenna functions having at least one main radiation lobe that is electrically steerable, where each antenna function comprises at least one signal altering means arranged for altering the time characteristics and/or phase characteristics and/or frequency characteristics of a signal fed through the signal altering means, the electrically steerable antenna arrangement comprising a control unit arranged for feeding a signal comprising control information to the antenna functions via a control connection, the signal altering means being arranged to take certain settings in dependence of the control information, such that for certain settings of the signal altering means, a certain angular direction of said main radiation lobe in relation to an antenna reference plane is acquired. The electrically steerable antenna arrangement further comprises a first monitoring unit connected to the control connection, and a second monitoring unit connected to the antenna functions, the first monitoring unit being arranged to analyze the control information fed to the signal altering means and trigger a first alert via a first alert connection if there is a deviation which exceeds a first threshold, where furthermore the antenna functions are arranged to send signal information to the second monitoring unit regarding the resulting signal fed to said antenna elements, the second monitoring unit being arranged to analyze said signal information and to trigger a second alert via a second alert connection if there is a deviation which exceeds a second threshold..
Cyclopropyl fused indolobenzazepine hcv ns5b inhibitors
The invention encompasses compounds of formula i as well as compositions and methods of using the compounds. The compounds have activity against hepatitis c virus (hcv) and are useful in treating those infected with hcv..
Screw for composite/plastic materials
A fastener for composite or plastic material having a dense composition employs a head which has a socket and a recessed underside and a lower rim. In one embodiment, the shank has an upper portion with an enlarged diameter and a left hand thread while the lower portion has a tri-lobed configuration and is traversed by a right hand thread.
Switching rocker arm
A switching rocker arm assembly can include an outer arm, an inner arm and a latch assembly. The outer arm can have one or more high lift lobe contacting surfaces, where each of the high lift lobe contacting surfaces has an uppermost point that defines an outer arm tangent plane.
Process for the manufacture of dihalodiphenylsulfones
A process for the preparation of dihalodiphenylsulfones_such as 4,4′-dichlorodiphenyl sulfone or 4,4′-bis-(4-chlorophenylsulfonyl)biphenyl with high regioselectivity, at low temperature and in the absence of toxic reagents by reacting together at least one acid, at least one fluorinated anhydride and at least one halobenzene. The invented process is particularly suited for the manufacture of 4,4′-dichlorodiphenyl sulfone..
Systems and methods for configuring subscriber systems in wireless mesh networks
A wireless network may be managed by identifying one or more wireless subscriber systems included in a lobe pool of a wireless network, identifying at least one candidate subscriber system outside of the lobe pool with which to enable communications, and reconfiguring the antenna such that the lobe pool includes the identified candidate subscriber system.. .
Extruder mixing element
A dispersive mixing element for co-rotating twin screw extruder is disclosed. The element for co-rotating twin screw extruder comprises of a continuous flight helically formed thereon having a lead ‘l’, wherein either the flight transforms at least once from an integer lobe flight into a non-integer lobe flight in a fraction of the lead ‘l’ and transforms back to an integer lobe flight in a fraction of the lead ‘l’ or the flight transforms at least once from a non-integer lobe flight into an integer lobe flight in a fraction of the lead ‘l’ and transforms back to a non-integer lobe flight in a fraction of the lead ‘l’..
High efficiency light bulb
A high efficiency light bulb has an outer globe with a base and a detachable bulb portion. The base has a base connection portion with a screw base and a control circuit with transformer for controlling and conveying electric power from the screw base to a quartz tungsten filament.
Variable valve phasing lift & duration
Various exemplary illustrations of a camshaft assembly for actuating valves of an engine are disclosed. The camshaft assembly may include a camshaft having a plurality of lobes, including at least one phase adjustable lobe configured to be selectively rotated with respect to the camshaft.
Display kit
A press character (100) includes a character portion (101) and a first post (102) and a second post (103). The first post and second post extend from opposite ends of the character portion.
Webbing tie down with friction roller
A ratchet includes a knurled or longitudinally ridged roller for engagement by webbing. A pawl includes a lobe having knurling or ridges formed thereon on its curved surface for contacting the webbing and urging the webbing toward the roller.
Animated globe showing real-time web user performance measurements
A method includes providing a graphical user interface (gui) that displays a view of the globe as from outer space. The view including a geographic distribution of beacons having one or more visual attributes.

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