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Lobe patents


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 Sensor device for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Sensor device for a motor vehicle
A sensor device for a motor vehicle, including a first transmitting antenna, which is situated on a surface of a substrate, has a narrow lobe-type directional characteristic and includes a defined number of planar antenna elements; a second transmitting antenna situated on the surface of the substrate has a wide lobe-type directional characteristic, including a defined number of planar antenna elements, the directional characteristics of the two transmitting antennas being oriented opposite one another by a defined angle, with respect to a boresight; and at least one receiving antenna situated on the surface of the substrate including a defined number of planar antenna elements.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Method and apparatus of back lobe correction to antenna temperature for earth-observing microwave instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus of back lobe correction to antenna temperature for earth-observing microwave instruments
The present invention relates to a method and apparatus which corrects antenna noise temperature in antenna back lobes, for earth-observing microwave instruments on satellites in orbit, to counter signal contamination from celestial bodies. The antenna back lobe signal correction is computer-program-modeled with only a few static and only a few dynamic inputs, and for a given set of parameters (i.e., orbital altitude, pointing characteristics (e.g., nadir or cross-scanning or conical-scanning), frequency selectivity of the receiver/detector) produces a few output files which are then combined by the program to predict the back lobe signal correction which is to be applied..
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

 Tappet assembly for use in an internal combustion engine high-pressure fuel system patent thumbnailnew patent Tappet assembly for use in an internal combustion engine high-pressure fuel system
A tappet assembly for use in translating force between a camshaft lobe and a fuel pump assembly via reciprocal movement within a tappet cylinder having a guide slot. The tappet assembly includes a bearing assembly having a shaft and a bearing rotatably supported by the shaft for engaging the lobe.
Gt Technologies

 Surgical cutting instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Surgical cutting instruments
Surgical cutting instruments and methods of use are described. The surgical cutting instrument (100) comprises an instrument body (102) with a first attachment mechanism (106) at a distal end.
Depuy (ireland)

 Swing arm mechanism for tablet chair patent thumbnailnew patent Swing arm mechanism for tablet chair
On an article of furniture, a bearing assembly is disposed between an elongate central structure and a seat, which permits rotation between the seat and the base. A tablet is provided, which is connected to a tablet arm with a first cylindrical member, and the tablet arm is connected to the elongate central structure of the base with a second cylindrical member.
Keilhauer Ltd.

 Array antenna patent thumbnailArray antenna
An array antenna is provided. The array antenna includes at least one pair of interleaved tr antenna arrays in a continuous arraying direction, where the tx arrays and rx arrays of two adjacent tr antenna arrays are interleaved.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Fixed displacement turbine engine patent thumbnailFixed displacement turbine engine
An engine comprises a compression portion and a combustion portion. The compression portion comprises twin-screw rotors, male engaged with female.

 Package for surgical implants and instruments patent thumbnailPackage for surgical implants and instruments
A method of packaging a surgical implant is provided. The method includes receiving a portion of the surgical implant or a component coupled to the surgical implant at least partially within a recess of an implant holder.
Finsbury (development) Limited

 Dynamic insole patent thumbnailDynamic insole
A dynamic insole that flexes and returns as the plantar fascia flex and return, comprising a medial first windlass-shaped front cutout for great toe phalanges and a lateral second diagonal-shaped front cutout for fourth and fifth toe phalanges, further comprising medial and lateral upwardly-curved side walls wherein a medial side wall comprises a lobe, and made from a first material having a hardness value between 40 shore a and 90 shore a.. .

 Fuel nozzle assembly patent thumbnailFuel nozzle assembly
A system includes a fuel nozzle including a first wall disposed about a central axis, a second wall disposed about the first wall, and a plurality of lobes disposed between the first and second walls, wherein the plurality of lobes is spaced about the central axis to define a plurality of flow passages, and the plurality of flow passages is configured to output a plurality of flows into a flame region.. .
General Electric Company

Stowage carousel and storing cargo for use with an aircraft

A stowage carousel for handling cargo aboard an aircraft is provided including a revolving conveyor having an inner ring facing a passenger cabin of the aircraft and an outer ring facing a fuselage of the aircraft. Stowage compartments are associated with the revolving conveyor.
The Boeing Company

Dual-band phased array antenna with built-in grating lobe mitigation

A dual-band phased array antenna with built-in grating lobe mitigation includes an array of radiating elements capable of working at both bands and arranged at distances small enough, avoiding grating lobes with respect to the lower band within the desired field of view. The radiating elements are arranged in planar subarrays that can be steered independently from each other and each of the subarrays has a different boresight normal vector, so that grating lobes in the upper band is mitigated..
Airbus Ds Electronics And Border Security Gmbh

Molecular active center identification using tunneling barriers and/or associated measurements for sub-molecular qsar

A novel computational qsar approach that provides sub-molecular correlations that are specific to individual lobes of the pertinent molecular orbitals.. .
Florida Institute Of Technology, Inc.

Lighting device

According to one embodiment, a lighting device includes a hollow globe having an opening at an end thereof, a light source housed in the globe and including at least an led, a pillar portion housed in the globe and supporting the light source, a cap connector directly connected to the pillar portion, or indirectly connected to the pillar portion via another member, and a cap attached to the cap connector and electrically connected to the light source. A thermally conductive layer is provided between the inner surface of the globe and the lateral surface of the pillar portion..
Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.

Rocker arm assembly and forming retention elements in a rocker arm

An assembly for a valvetrain having a valve, a lash adjuster, and a lobe. The assembly includes a shaft, a bearing supported by the shaft for engaging the lobe, and a rocker having a pad for the valve and a socket for the lash adjuster.
Gt Technologies

Segmented multi-lobe mixer

A multi-lobe exhaust mixer has an annular body composed of a plurality of circumferentially adjacent lobe segments. The lobe segments may be made of a ceramic matrix composite material to reduce the weight of the mixer and ensure proper behavior when exposed to high thermal gradients.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Method to maintain peace through electromagnetic energy targeted to the brain

World peace and resolution of conflicts depends upon methods to deter use of weapons of mass destruction. Negotiations are the primary method to resolve conflicts.

Light fixture and tool for installing light fixture

A combination is disclosed that includes: a shipping box containing a light fixture globe and base, the base having two mounting apertures, each having a slot contiguous thereto, with the width of the slots being smaller than the mounting apertures; a mounting bracket for mounting the base to a junction box; two screws for attaching the mounting bracket to the junction box; two mounting screws for mounting the base to the mounting bracket, with each mounting screw having a head larger than the width of the slot; and an elongated tool that is made of a flexible material, is hollow at one end, and can frictionally engage a mounting screw's head when the mounting screw is forced head-first into the hollow end to the point only its tip end protrudes from the elongated tool.. .

Animated globe showing real-time web user performance measurements

A method includes providing a graphical user interface (gui) that displays a view of the globe as from outer space. The view including a geographic distribution of beacons having one or more visual attributes.
Soasta, Inc.

Fresnel liquid crystal lens panel, manufacturing method thereof and 3d display

There is disclosed a fresnel liquid crystal lens panel for a naked eye three-dimensional display, a manufacturing method thereof, and a 3d display using the same. The fresnel liquid crystal lens panel comprises: a fresnel liquid crystal lens panel for a naked eye three-dimensional display, comprising: a first substrate comprising a first transparent substrate and a first electrode; a second substrate comprising a second transparent substrate and a plurality of second electrodes; a liquid crystal layer divided into a plurality of lens regions to form a fresnel liquid crystal lens; and a plurality of insulating barrier blocks being located at an inner side of the second substrate and arranged between two adjacent side lobes of the fresnel liquid crystal lens.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Robotic platform and operating perpendicular to crop rows on agricultural fields

A multi-lobed wheel adapted to be mounted to an agricultural platform for traversal of an agricultural field generally traverse to adjacent rows of planted crops without crushing the individual plants. The multi-lobed wheel having a wheel hub including a central axis on which the multi-lobed wheel is configured to rotate and a plurality of spaced apart lobes defining an outer perimeter configured to make ground engaging contact with the agricultural field, the outer perimeter including structure presenting a plurality of gaps between the plurality of spaced apart lobes, the gaps shaped and sized to provide sufficient clearance for individual plants within a planted crop row so as to enable the multi-lobed wheel to pass over a planted crop row without crushing the individual plants therein..
Rowbot Systems Llc

Modified release dosage forms of skeletal muscle relaxants

A unit dosage form, such as a capsule or the like, for delivering a skeletal muscle relaxant, such as cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride, into the body in an extended or sustained release fashion comprising one or more populations of drug-containing particles (beads, pellets, granules, etc.) is disclosed. At least one bead population exhibits a pre-designed sustained release profile.
Adare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Low diffuse scatter, anechoic chamber absorber

An electromagnetic chamber absorber provided improved absorption across a wideband and both lower diffuse and specular scatter and a method for constructing the same. An exemplary device can compromise a periodic arrangement of disconnected electromagnetically lossy elements where the periodicity of the lattice is adjusted to suppress all or most grating lobe scattering.

Pressure balancing globe valve

A valve assembly includes a valve body with an upstream inlet, a downstream outlet, and first and second valve elements located between them and engageable with and disengageable from first and second valve seats, respectively. The first valve seat has a diameter which is less than that of the second valve seat.
Hawa Valves (india) Private Limited

Non-rising stem globe valve

A valve assembly includes a valve body with an upstream inlet and a downstream outlet and a valve element which is engageable with and disengageable from a valve seat to open and close the valve assembly. The valve body defines a bore with an axis for receiving the valve element.
Hawa Valves (india) Private Limited

Arrangement for reducing torsional loading of a camshaft

An engine comprising a camshaft, the engine coupleable to an auxiliary device driven from the camshaft, the camshaft comprising: a plurality of valve cams each configured to actuate a respective intake valve or exhaust valve of the engine, an angular orientation of the valve cams about the rotational axis of the camshaft defined by the operational requirements of the valves; and an auxiliary device cam configured to actuate a drive element of the auxiliary device via one or more cam lobes, the auxiliary device cam having an angular orientation about the rotational axis of the camshaft, and the drive element having an angular orientation about the rotational axis of the camshaft, wherein the angular orientation of the drive element of the auxiliary device is selected respective to the angular orientation of the valve cams such that each actuation event of the auxiliary device occurs between two successive valve actuation events.. .
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Systems and methods for beam enhancement

Beam enhancement through sidelobe reduction and/or mainlobe sharpening is shown. Embodiments utilize dynamic resolution, improved dynamic resolution, and/or enhanced dynamic resolution techniques to synthesize beams, such as ultrasonic beams used in ultrasonic imaging, having desired attributes.
Fujifilm Sonosite, Inc.

Magnetic sensor having a weak magnetic spacer

A magnetic sensor having improved magnetic free layer stability and signal resolution. The magnetic sensor includes a weak magnetic spacer located between a magnetic free layer and a trailing magnetic shield.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.

Doppler shift frequency measuring device, log speed meter and tidal current meter

A doppler shift frequency measuring device is provided, which includes a plurality of transmitters respectively configured to transmit a transmission wave, a plurality of receivers provided corresponding to the transmitters, respectively, and configured to receive reception waves that are reflection waves caused by the transmission waves from the transmitters, respectively, and a reception signal processor configured to calculate doppler shift frequencies of the reception waves by processing reception signals obtained based on the reception waves received by the receivers. The reception signal processor includes a reception circuit configured to generate a synthesized signal by synthesizing processing target signals of which center frequencies of main lobes of power spectra are different from each other, the processing target signals generated based on the reception waves, and a doppler shift frequency calculating module configured to calculate the doppler shift frequencies of the reception waves based on the synthesized signal..
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

Safety globe valve & method to prevent accidental valve openings

The invention is directed to a safety globe valve having a housing and a stem. The stem is disposed within a hollow interior of the housing and disposed in a safety orientation.

Sliding camshaft with improved compressive residual stress

A sliding camshaft for shifting to a selected one of a plurality of selectable cam lobes includes an inner shaft and an outer shaft. The inner shaft has an external spline.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Torque limiter having a lobed shaped mechanism

A torque limiting tool is described. The tool comprises a torque limiting mechanism comprising a sleeve connectable to a drive shaft and a torque drive coupler that resides within a housing.
Greatbatch Ltd.

Drill chuck assembly

A drill chuck assembly. The drill chuck assembly includes a rapid change mechanism configured to retain a drill bit shank inserted therein.

Substituted triazolobenzodiazepines

This invention relates to novel substituted triazolobenzodiazepines of the formula (i), wherein each of the variables are defined herein and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. This invention also provides compositions comprising a compound of this invention and the use of such compositions in methods of treating diseases and conditions that are beneficially treated by administering i-bet762..
Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Lobe topics:
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Combustion
  • Retraction
  • Exhaust Gas
  • Simulation
  • Total Radiated Power
  • Elastomeric Material
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Anisotropy
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Turbine Shroud
  • Downstream
  • Rotor Blade
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Clobetasol

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