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Date/App# patent app List of recent Lobe-related patents
 Systems and methods for ip sharing across wide area networks patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for ip sharing across wide area networks
Computer connectivity is dependent on network availability. When networks are offline, relocating systems and data to an available network is an inefficient, time consuming, and error prone process.

 Enclosure for radio, parabolic dish antenna, and side lobe shields patent thumbnailnew patent Enclosure for radio, parabolic dish antenna, and side lobe shields
Enclosures for radios, parabolic dish antennas, and side lobe shields are provided herein. A dish antenna includes a parabolic circular reflector bounded by a side lobe shield that extends along a longitudinal axis of the dish antenna in a forward direction forming a front cavity, and a sidewall that extends along the longitudinal axis of the dish antenna in a rearward direction forming a rear cavity..
Mimosa Networks, Inc.

 Differential planar aperture antenna patent thumbnailnew patent Differential planar aperture antenna
A planar differential aperture antenna that has a high gain and wide bandwidth at a millimeter wave band is provided. The differential aperture antenna has a cavity within it that has a height of roughly a quarter of a wavelength of the desired transmission band.
City University Of Hong Kong

 Full-duplex antenna and mobile terminal patent thumbnailnew patent Full-duplex antenna and mobile terminal
A full-duplex antenna includes a receive antenna, which is an omnidirectional antenna. A first transmit antenna is disposed on one side of the receive antenna and is a directional antenna.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Forked grating coupler patent thumbnailnew patent Forked grating coupler
A device and system for coupling light into and out of a photonic integrated circuit. The forked grating coupler device applies a forked grating structure to the design of the diffracting lines in an integrated optics grating coupler to make the device compatible with vortex light beams to or from free space, bulk optics, or special optical fiber that can propagate vortex modes.
Clarkson University

 Tap with integral ball valve patent thumbnailnew patent Tap with integral ball valve
A valved tap is disclosed comprising a tap body having a through bore from a threaded input end to an output end thereof. A globe valve is positioned in the valve body so as to interrupt the flow of fluid in the through bore.

 Propellant-free topical spray composition of halobetasol patent thumbnailnew patent Propellant-free topical spray composition of halobetasol
The present invention relates to propellant-free topical spray compositions of halobetasol comprising halobetasol, an emollient, and a non-aqueous solvent. It also relates to a process for the preparation of the propellant-free topical spray compositions.
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

 Embolic protection device patent thumbnailnew patent Embolic protection device
The present invention includes an embolic protection device comprising a catheter having a self-expanding embolic filter that is disposed around the catheter proximal to a distal portion, wherein the embolic filter comprises a frame that has at least two lobes, and the frame defines an opening of the embolic filter that faces the distal end of the catheter; and a deployment mechanism that is disposed around at least a portion of the catheter, wherein the deployment mechanism is longitudinally movable with respect to the catheter, the deployment mechanism is configured to contain the embolic filter in a collapsed configuration, and the embolic filter is configured to self-expand upon the longitudinal retraction of the deployment mechanism.. .
Innovative Cardiovascular Solutions, Llc

 Energy-generating scooter-mounted apparatus patent thumbnailEnergy-generating scooter-mounted apparatus
An energy-generating and mobile-charging apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a housing including a shape featuring at least two lobes; and mounting brackets comprising at least two axles protruding from endplates of the housing for removably securing to a scooter and configured to be in contact with the front wheel of the scooter..

 Reduced weight rotor having structural integrity patent thumbnailReduced weight rotor having structural integrity
A reduced weight rotor design for use in an electric motor where the reduced weight rotor maintains its structural integrity. The reduced weight rotor includes a center hub, an outer ring having lobed portions extending inwardly towards the hub and located adjacent to each location of a magnetic pole pairing, and spokes connecting the hub to the outer ring where the spokes are arranged in a number of pairs equal to the total number of the magnetic pole pairings and wherein each spoke of a given pair does not cross each other spoke of the given pair but does cross a spoke of an adjacent pair thereby forming a one cross spoke pattern..
Zero Motorcycles, Inc.


Led cooling device

The present invention relates to an led cooling device and, more specifically, to an led cooling device for increasing cooling efficiency by smoothly circulating air in an led module, comprising a structure having: an led lamp in which leds for emitting light are provided on one lateral surface of a substrate and a heat exchange means for absorbing and radiating heat is provided on the other lateral surface of the substrate; a pumping member in which a supply hole for supplying air is formed at a lower end on the outer circumference of one side on one lateral surface of the heat exchange means of the led lamp and an inflow hole for introducing the air is formed at a central part of an upper end thereof, wherein a check valve for controlling the inflow of air is provided at the inflow hole; an operating lobe which has a predetermined length and is provided at a central part of a lower end of the pumping member; and a transfer unit for upwardly and downwardly moving the operating lobe to expand or contract the pumping member.. .
Kim Hwa Ja


Rotor for cam phaser with improved geometry

A rotor for a cam phaser, the rotor rotating about a rotation axis and the rotor including a first face; a receiving face arranged opposite to the first face; a central portion; at least one lobe that is arranged at the central portion and which extends away from the central portion in a radial direction; and a cam shaft receiving recess provided at the receiving face and configured to receive a cam shaft, wherein the cam shaft receiving recess includes an inside surface, wherein at least two cam shaft centering elements are arranged at the inside surface for centering the cam shaft, and wherein the cam shaft centering elements are configured as protrusions. The invention also relates to a joining kit..
Hilite Germany Gmbh


Hybrid vehicles with radial engines

A radial cam engine with an optimized cam configuration can provide improve performance over crankshaft internal combustion engines. The cam configuration can include a flat-top or flat bottom piston motion, multiple lobe cam configurations, matching piston force with torque/force ratio in combustion phase, asymmetry piston motions for improved power transfer during combustion phase, and/or offset piston and cam configurations.
Thien Ton Consulting Service Company Limited


Appliance hinge counterbalance assembly with snubber

A counterbalance assembly for an appliance hinge has a base including first and second spaced-apart side walls and a transverse face wall. A channel is located between the first and second side walls.
Mansfield Engineered Components, Inc.


Twisted polylobed extrudates and process for their manufacture

The invention relates to moderately twisted polylobed extrudates having improved crush strength. The moderately twisted polylobed extrudates have an oblong shape and a cross section comprising a plurality of lobes, which lobes extend along and are twisted around a longitudinal axis of the extrudate and wherein the twist has a pitch from about 0.5 turns/inch (0.5 turns per 2.54 cm) to about 2 turns/inch (2 turns per 2.54 cm).
Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.


Tunable laser source

A tunable transmission optical filter is optically coupled between a laser section and semiconductor optical amplifier (soa) section of a tunable laser device. The optical filter may be tuned to provide a high transmission near the lasing peak while suppressing a significant portion of back-propagating amplified spontaneous emission (ase) of the soa section.
Lumentum Operations Llc


Band-selective aperture shading for sidelobe reduction in tx/rx phased array satellite communications transceivers

For phased array aperture shading for sidelobe reduction in satellite communication transceivers, apparatus and systems are disclosed. One apparatus includes a planar array antenna tile having a plurality of patch antenna elements.
Brigham Young University


Headset with pivotal parts

The invention concerns a communication device for placement at the ear of a user. A battery and transmission part is shaped to rest behind and above the ear lobe of a user and a speaker and microphone part is arranged to extend downwards in front of the ear canal.
Sennheiser Communication A/s


Optical gain fiber having fiber segments with different-sized cores and associated method

Apparatus and method for amplifying laser signals using segments of fibers of differing core diameters and/or differing cladding diameters to suppress amplified spontaneous emission and non-linear effects such as four-wave mixing (fwm), self-phase modulation, and stimulated brillouin and/or raman scattering (sbs/srs). In some embodiments, different core sizes have different sideband spacings (spacing between the desired signal and wavelength-shifted lobes).
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Strap system for virtual reality head-mounted display

A strap system and a method for wearing the strap system are disclosed. The strap system includes a first flexible segment comprising a first stretchable band; a first semi-rigid segment to conform to a portion of the user's head and comprising a first arc portion to extend from above a user's first ear to below the user's occipital lobe; and a first rigid guide segment connected to the first flexible segment and the first semi-rigid segment.
Oculus Vr, Llc.


Afterbody for a mixed-flow turbojet engine comprising a lobed mixer and chevrons with a non-axisymmetric inner surface

The invention concerns an afterbody for a mixed-flow turbojet engine having a central axis (ll), comprising a lobed mixer (6), having alternating hot lobes (12) projecting into the secondary flow (f2) and cold lobes (13) penetrating into the primary flow (f1), and a nozzle (1) comprising, on the trailing edge (14) of same, longitudinal indentations (15) defining a crown of noise-reducing chevrons (7), characterised in that, at a predefined abscissa (x5) on the central axis (ll) downstream from the lobed mixer (6), the inner wall (2) of the nozzle (1) has a neck where the surface area of the transverse passage section of a flow into the nozzle passes through a minimum, and in that, downstream from this predefined abscissa (x5), the radius of the inner wall (2) of the nozzle (1) varies between the indentations (15) and the chevrons (7) so as to produce, in the flow, in the vicinity of said crown of chevrons (7), azimuth fluctuations of the mach number. It also concerns a method for designing such an afterbody that comprises setting the azimuth of the lobed mixer (6) and of the chevrons (7)..


Heterocyclic molecules for biomedical imaging and therapeutic applications

Probes which target diffuse and fibrillar forms of amyloid beta (aβ) are described. These probes demonstrate high initial brain penetration and facile clearance from non-targeted regions.
Washington University


A device for use in the evaluation of suicide risk

A device for evaluation of suicide risk of a person. A measuring unit measures electrodermal activity in fingers of the person to detect depressed persons who are at risk for suicide.
Emotra Ab


Antenna formed from plates and methods useful in conjunction therewith

An antenna array configuration is provided with h-plane splitters between ends of a feeding network and radiating elements e.g. Horns, thereby to reduce the distance between the centers of the horns to less than one wavelength which results in a better side lobe level.


Side lobe modulation system and related techniques

Embodiments for providing side lobe modulation in a radio frequency (rf) transmitting are generally described herein. In some embodiments, an antenna side lobe is modulated to add data to the side lobe for communication with an intended recipient..
Raytheon Corporation


High pressure, single stage rotor

Rotors for a rotary screw compressor having geometries that increase the efficiency of the compression process. The thermodynamic behavior of the rotors may be improved through an increase in the number of male and female lobes of the rotors and/or by an increased wrap angle, such as, for example, using wrap angles that exceed 360 degrees.
Ingersoll-rand Company


Adjustable interference progressive cavity pump/motor for predictive wear

Various examples are provided for progressive cavity pumps and motors. In one example, among others, a progressive cavity pump (or motor) includes a stator having a hyperboloidal internal bore including a plurality of spiral lobes, and a rotor comprising a plurality of spiral lobes positioned within the hyperboloidal internal bore of the stator.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Variable valve internal combustion engine

An variable valve apparatus for an internal combustion engine according to the invention includes a cam base member, an elastic member, a cam lobe member, and a mechanism for fixing the cam lobe member to the cam base member. The cam lobe member includes a main cam part, and a push part provided at a different position from this.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Rotor bearing for progressing cavity downhole drilling motor

A progressing cavity drilling motor positionable in a wellbore includes a tubular housing, a stator having a collection of helical lobes, and a rotor having a collection of helical lobes. The rotor orbits about the central longitudinal axis of the stator.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Circular coils for deep transcranial magnetic stimulation

A transcranial magnetic stimulation coil which is location-specific for frontal lobe regions, occipital lobe regions, parietal lobe regions, right temporal regions and left temporal regions is designed with multiple spaced apart stimulating elements having current flow in a substantially circular direction, and multiple return elements having current flow in substantially the same circular direction.. .
Brainsway, Ltd.


Filter for use in time-of-arrival estimation in wireless communications

Apparatus and method are provided for estimating the shortest time of arrival or the shortest round-trip time (rtt) of radio signals between communication devices in a wireless network. Filtering is performed by adaptive filters with suppressed side lobes adjustable in the time domain and widths of main lobes adjustable in the frequency domain to improve detection of signals on the shortest path of arrival or line-of-sight (los) path while mitigating the effects signals received from longer paths of arrival or non-line-of-sight (nlos) paths..
Qualcomm Incorporated


A concentric rotary fluid machine

A concentric rotary fluid machine includes a first body and a second body that are rotatable relative to each other and coaxially arranged one inside the other. A plurality of gates are supported by the second body in gate pockets.
Greystone Technologies Pty Ltd


Mounting member for frame assembly of machine

A mounting member for a frame assembly of a machine is provided. The mounting member includes a first lobe portion having an opening.
Caterpillar Inc.


Manufacturing system and methods

In one aspect, a manufacturing system is provided having lobe clamps configured to secure lobes of a spider, drive assemblies configured to pivot the lobe clamps, sensors for detecting the position of the lobe clamps, and a control system operably coupled to the drive assemblies and configured to cause the drive assemblies to pivot the lobe clamps and impart a twist to lobes of the spider. In another aspect, a method is provided that includes twisting lobes of a spider in a first direction toward initial target positions using a machine, permitting the lobes to twist in a second direction toward free state positions, and twisting one or more of the lobes using the machine in response to the one or more lobes having free state positions different than final target positions of the lobes..
Revcor, Inc.


Method and obtaining elastic feature of object

A method for obtaining an elastic feature of an object includes inducing a first shear wave in the object by transmitting a first push ultrasound signal which is generated by a probe of an ultrasound apparatus and a first grating lobe signal which relates to the first push ultrasound signal toward the object, transmitting a tracking ultrasound signal to an area of the object where the first shear wave has propagated, receiving, from the object, a reflection signal which relates to the tracking ultrasound signal, measuring a first shear wave parameter which indicates a shear wave characteristic of the first shear wave based on the reflection signal, and obtaining an elastic feature of the object by using the first shear wave parameter.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Slide arrangement for cable drawer

A drawer slide having first and second rails interconnected by a center rail. The center rail includes a spool configured to provide half-speed travel of the center rail relative to the travel of the first rail.
Commscope Emea Limited


Isolating torque coupler

An isolating torque coupler includes a drive element assembled between annular cage elements of a driven element. The cage elements each include a plurality of aligned voids.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Downhole drilling motor

A downhole drilling motor comprises a housing located in a drill string. A power sleeve is located inside the housing and is operatively coupled to a drill bit.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Apparatus and detecting heart murmurs

Discussed herein are an apparatus and a corresponding method for classifying a murmur detected in a heart signal as a still's murmur. Circuitry included in the apparatus segments a heart signal to detect a first lobe (s1) and a second lobe (s2) of the heart signal.
Children's National Medical Center


Ergonomic earpiece and attachments

An earpiece that substantially lacks a lower lobe is disclosed. In one example, the earpiece can have a generally arcuate rib having upper and lower ends.


Method for extracting airways and pulmonary lobes and apparatus therefor

Provided is a method and apparatus for segmenting airways and pulmonary lobes. An image processing apparatus obtains a first candidate region of an airway from a three-dimensional (3d) human body image by using a region growing method, obtains a second candidate region of the airway based on a directionality of a change in signal intensity of voxels belonging to a lung region segmented from the 3d human body image, segments an airway region by removing noise based on similarity of a directionality of a change in signal intensity of voxels belonging to a third candidate region acquired by combining together the first and second candidate regions.


Manufacture of cutting elements having lobes

An apparatus for forming a cutting insert may include a compression device having a sleeve with a bore. The sleeve may receive a substantially hollow can.


Protecting an athletic participant against impact injury

An article, garment and method protect a user's coccyx. Articles include: a core member constructed of an elastic composite, the core member including a upper lobe and a lower lobe, the core member further having an outer face, an inner face and a thickness between the outer face and the inner face; an arched outer shell attached to the outer face of the core member, the outer shell having a thickness less than the thickness of the core member, the outer shell biasing the core member toward an arched configuration; and a layer of resilient material attached to the inner face of the core member..


Wide cut rotary header having crop conveying slinger

A harvesting header has a crop conveying element fixed to an outboard cutter of a cutter bed. The crop conveying element includes at least one slinger attached to an upstanding spacer to space the slinger apart from a top wall of the cutter.


Image pickup apparatus

[solving means] an image pickup apparatus includes: an optical block constituted of a lens; an image pickup block constituted of an image pickup device; a lens tube that accommodates the optical block and the image pickup block and includes a rotating sphere section having a shape of a sphere larger than a hemisphere; a supporting member in which a circular opening having an inner diameter smaller than a diameter of the rotating sphere section is formed, the rotating sphere section being mounted on the supporting member on an outer side of the opening; and a retaining member in which a circular opening having an inner diameter smaller than the diameter of the rotating sphere section is formed, the retaining member accommodating the rotating sphere section on an inner side of the opening and preventing the lens tube from falling out, in which: the image pickup block is provided inside the rotating sphere section; at least a part of the optical block is positioned inside a virtual globe obtained by extending a spherical surface of the rotating sphere section; the rotating sphere section has two grooves formed on a front surface thereof; and the retaining member has a protrusion that comes into contact with the front surface of the rotating sphere section. The present technique is applicable to a dome-type camera..


Labeling for three-dimensional occluded shapes

Systems and methods for displaying labels in conjunction with geographic imagery provided, for instance, by a geographic information system, such as a mapping service or a virtual globe application are provided. Candidate positions for displaying labels in conjunction with geographic imagery can be determined based at least in part on a virtual camera viewpoint.


Fuel unit pump and internal combustion engine comprising it

A fuel unit pump for an internal combustion engine, said fuel unit pump comprising a fuel unit pump body, a pumping plunger and a follower assembly for following the movement of a cam lobe of a camshaft of the internal combustion engine. The follower assembly may have a follower body connected to the pumping plunger and a roller rotatably mounted on a roller carrier and having a roller rotation axis, wherein said roller carrier is rotatably mounted on said follower body and having a roller carrier rotation axis..


Composite cam carrier

A cam carrier assembly includes a cylinder head having valves and a camshaft having lobes. A cam carrier has a first side coupled with the cylinder head engaging around the valves and a second side with bearing surfaces supporting the camshaft.


Unitary composite cam cover and carrier and assembly method

A valve cover module includes a unitary cover and carrier made of a carbon fiber composite. The unitary cover and carrier has a lower side with a peripheral edge for attaching to a cylinder head.


High coverage antenna array and method using grating lobe layers

An embodiment antenna having first and second planar arrays. The first array has a first element spacing in an x-dimension and a y-dimension and is operable in a first frequency band.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Translation station

An interactive electronic translation and communications process is provided for use in a translation station that provides a mobile or stationary fixed interactive facility for interviews or interrogations to be carried out between two persons speaking in different languages. The process can be assisted by animated virtual characters (avatars) realistically created and displayed on a computer screen to represent ethnic looks from around the globe.


Process for lobe and journal preparation and weld repair

A process for repairing a section of a rotatable shaft is disclosed. The section of the rotatable shaft has a surface portion having a surface parallel to an axis of rotation of the rotatable shaft and axial ends perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the rotatable shaft.
Caterpillar Inc.


Turbine airfoil attachment with multi-radial serration profile

An attachment root of an airfoil is provided comprising a serration profile with a symmetry plane bisecting the serration profile. A first lobe of the serration profile has a first contact face angled 45 degrees from the symmetry plane.
United Technologies Corporation


Coalescing filter separation system and method

Embodiments of the invention provide a coalescing filter assembly including a filter element with longitudinally coupled filter lobes. The filter element can include a fluid inlet, filtration media, and fluid outlets.
Porous Media Corporation


Non-pierced earring, and fitting implement for the same

A non-pierced earring can be secured to the earlobe with elastic restoring force of itself, and causes no pain. An implement 6 for fitting, on an earlobe, a non-pierced earring that includes a coupling unit made of an elastic wire material and bent so as to maintain a predetermined distance between both ends, and a pair of ear contact units wider than the diameter of the coupling unit and respectively disposed at both ends of the coupling unit with principal surfaces facing each other includes a pair of levers 7 and 8 each having a front end portion and a rear end portion and coupled to each other between the front end portions and the rear end portions via a rotation shaft so as to cause the front end portions to open or close when the rear end portions close or open..
Kiyomizu Glass Inc.


Piezoelectric power generation system

A piezoelectric power generation device includes a stator, a rotor, and one or more piezoelectric power generation elements. The stator comprises an internal surface which defines an internal orifice.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Modulation patterns for surface scattering antennas

Modulation patterns for surface scattering antennas provide desired antenna pattern attributes such as reduced side lobes and reduced grating lobes.. .
Searete Llc


Lead-free polymer-based composite materials

The present invention relates to a lead-free, non-toxic and arc resistant composite material having a thermosetting polymer, at least one heavy particulate filler, at least one light particulate filler and, optionally, at least one arc resistant filler. The composite material may be utilized in manufacturing articles used in radiation shielding and other applications where arc resistant and dielectric strength are desired..
Globe Composite Solutions, Ltd.


Cmc oxide-oxide mixer design

An exhaust mixing system having an attachment flange configured to couple a lobed oxide-cmc exhaust mixer to a turbine engine. The attachment flange includes an annulus and a plurality of projections extending from the annulus in a first direction that is substantially parallel to a central axis of the annulus.
Rolls-royce Corporation


Turbine airfoil attachment with serration profile

An attachment root of an airfoil is provided. The attachment root may comprise a serration profile, a symmetry plane bisecting the serration profile, and a line perpendicular to the symmetry plane.
United Technologies Corporation


Petal shaped greeting card and method

A foldable greeting card and method of making the card, with a polygonal base with hinged lobes attached to the edges of the base, with the lobes foldable inward to the center of the base. The lobes overlap neighboring lobes.


Device and the delivery of drugs for the treatment of posterior segment disease

Hydrogel lenses are infused with a drug for the treatment of posterior segment disease. The lenses are placed in contact with the subject's cornea.
Direct Contact Llc


Heat transfer sheet for rotary regenerative heat exchanger

A stack of heat transfer sheets includes one or more first sheet which includes a first undulating surface formed by first lobes that are parallel to each other and oriented at a first angle. The first sheets include a second undulating surface formed by second lobes that are parallel to each other and oriented at a second angle, different from the first angle.
Arvos, Inc.


Gas turbine engine exhaust mixer

An exhaust mixer for a gas turbine engine includes an annular wall having upstream end adapted to be fastened to an engine case and a downstream end forming a plurality of inner and outer mixer lobes. A support member interconnects at least a number of the inner lobes, and includes a circumferentially extending stiffener ring located radially inwardly from the inner lobes and a series of circumferentially spaced apart mixer struts radially extending from the inner lobes to the stiffener ring.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.


Polymeric materials

A polymeric material has a repeat unit of formula —o-ph-o-ph-co-ph- i and a repeat unit of formula —o-ph-ph-o-ph-co-ph- ii wherein ph represents a phenylene moiety; wherein the repeat units i and ii are in the relative molar properties i:ii of from 65:35 to 95:5; wherein log10 (x %)>1.50−0.26 mv; wherein x % refers to the % crystallinity measured as described in example 31 and mv refers to the melt viscosity measured as described in example 30. A process for making the polymeric material comprises polycondensing a mixture of at least one dihydroxybenzene compound and at least one dihydroxybiphenyl compound in the molar proportions 65:35 to 95:5 with at least one dihalobenzophenone in the presence of sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate wherein: (i) the mole % of said potassium carbonate is at least 2.5 and/or (ii) the following relationship applies (formula iii)..
Victrex Manufacturing Limited


Folding proprotor gimbal lock and blade lock mechanism

A gimbal lock mechanism for a rotor hub can include a cam member having a cuff lock lobe and a gimbal lock lobe. The cam member is configured so that rotation can cause the first cuff lobe to become adjacent to the root end of the rotor blade and at the same time causes the gimbal lock lobe to become adjacent to a gimbal so as to inhibit gimbaling of the gimbal.
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.


Method for the treatment of nanohydrogels

A method for treating nanohydrogels comprising—a dispersion step, in which a nanohydrogel obtained from a polysaccharide functionalized with hydrophobic molecules is dispersed in an aqueous solution, and a sterilization and homogenization step, in which the aqueous dispersion of nanohydrogels is added with a compound designed to be charged in the nanohydrogel particles by being englobed or adsorbed thereby and is subjected to a temperature of between 70° c. And 150° c.
Niob Sagl

Lobe topics: Internal Combustion Engine, Combustion, Retraction, Exhaust Gas, Simulation, Total Radiated Power, Elastomeric Material, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Anisotropy, Aspect Ratio, Turbine Shroud, Downstream, Rotor Blade, Salicylic Acid, Clobetasol

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