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Rotary piston pump having direct drive

Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau

Rotary piston pump having direct drive

Protective cover for a tablet

Dean Shoes

Protective cover for a tablet

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lobe-related patents
 Beamforming  serving multiple users patent thumbnailnew patent Beamforming serving multiple users
A beamforming method is provided. The beamforming method includes determining different beams for pieces of user equipment based on channel information fed back from the pieces of user equipment, predicting beam qualities of the pieces of user equipment for the beams, determining whether the beam qualities satisfy quality of service (qos) for the pieces of user equipment, generating a wide nulling beam by applying wide nulling to a second beam having a side lobe acting as interference against one first beam, when the beam quality of the first beam does not satisfy the qos; predicting beam qualities for the beams including the wide nulling beam instead of the second beam, and simultaneously communicating with the user equipment through the beams including the wide nulling beam instead of the second beam, when the beam qualities for the beams including the wide nulling beam instead of the second beam satisfy the qos..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

 Protective cover for a tablet patent thumbnailnew patent Protective cover for a tablet
A protective cover for a tablet includes a foldable board, a base board, a wireless communication module, and a first input device. A foldable board comprising a first segment, and a second segment connected to the one side of the first segment and foldable with respect to the first segment, and the foldable board defining limiting members on edges of the interior surface of the foldable board; a base board connected to an opposite side of the first segment and foldable with respect to the first segment; a first input device mounted on the base board to be connected to the tablet by means of the wireless communication module; wherein the first segment and the second segment are foldable with respective to each other to form a triangular support structure supported by the holder lobe..
Dean Shoes Company Ltd.

 Self-locking photovoltaic module mounting system patent thumbnailnew patent Self-locking photovoltaic module mounting system
A photovoltaic module mounting assembly including a photovoltaic module lever lock and base portion for attaching photovoltaic modules to a roof surface. The base portion includes one or more parallel channels that provide access to one or more corresponding recesses formed in a top surface of the base portion.
Solarcity Corporation

 Computing devices and methods for navigating around a surface of three-dimensional (3d) coordinate system representations of 3d objects patent thumbnailnew patent Computing devices and methods for navigating around a surface of three-dimensional (3d) coordinate system representations of 3d objects
The present disclosure relates to navigating around geographic maps within a map viewport display. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to navigating around a surface of a 3d, geographic coordinate system representation of a body using a pan feature while north is locked.
Google Inc.

 Method of laser welding of an automotive light and relative automotive light patent thumbnailnew patent Method of laser welding of an automotive light and relative automotive light
A method of manufacturing an automotive light including the steps of: providing a container body delimited by a first perimetral profile; providing a lenticular body delimited by a second perimetral profile; associating the profiles, with a contact surface therebetween defining a welding interface; providing a laser emission device emitting radiation, operatively connected to a first light guide with an output to distribute radiation via a spatial distribution including with lobes; providing a second light guide inside the lenticular body adapted to obtain a light guide of radiation inside the lenticular body, having walls defined by a first lobe; arranging the guides to route a first lobe of radiation from the output towards the second guide, to propagate at least one lobe of radiation inside the second light guide towards the welding interface; wherein the container body acts as an absorbing member and the lenticular body acts as a transmissive member.. .
Automotive Lighting Italia S.p.a. A Socio Unico

 Systems, methods, and  internally supported shafts patent thumbnailnew patent Systems, methods, and internally supported shafts
Systems, methods, and apparatus are disclosed for transferring a rotational force. For example, apparatus may include a shaft member that may include a first end configured to receive the rotational force from a first mechanical component.
The Boeing Company

 Rotary piston pump having direct drive patent thumbnailnew patent Rotary piston pump having direct drive
The invention relates to a rotary piston pump comprising a pump housing with a pump chamber, an inlet and an outlet opening, a first multi-lobed rotary piston arranged in the pump chamber and rotatably mounted around a first axis and a second multi-lobed rotary piston arranged in the pump chamber which is rotatably mounted around a second axis spaced apart from the first axis and meshes with the first rotary piston, wherein the first and second rotary pistons, by rotating around the first and the second axis respectively, create a fluid flow from the inlet to the outlet opening, a drive unit which is mechanically coupled with the rotary pistons in order to drive the rotary pistons. According to the invention, the drive unit comprises a first electric drive motor, which is mechanically coupled with the first rotary piston for driving the first rotary piston, and a second electric drive motor, which is mechanically coupled with the second rotary piston for driving the second rotary piston..
Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau Gmbh

 Electrically actuated camshaft phaser patent thumbnailnew patent Electrically actuated camshaft phaser
A camshaft phaser includes a housing having a housing bore extending along an axis and a plurality of lobes extending radially inward. The camshaft phaser also includes a stroke limiter having a central hub with a plurality of vanes extending radially outward such that the vanes are interspersed with lobes.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

 Synthesis and intermediates of pyrrolobenzodiazepine derivatives for conjugation patent thumbnailnew patent Synthesis and intermediates of pyrrolobenzodiazepine derivatives for conjugation
A method of synthesing a compound of formula (i) from a compound of formula (iii).. .
Spirogen SÀrl

 Structure and  reducing air flow in a wall volume of an aircraft patent thumbnailnew patent Structure and reducing air flow in a wall volume of an aircraft
An aircraft including a fuselage defining an upper lobe and a lower lobe, the fuselage including a wall structure that includes an outboard boundary and an inboard boundary spaced from the outboard boundary, wherein the outboard boundary and the inboard boundary define a wall volume therebetween, and a barrier sheeting member extending into the wall volume.. .
The Boeing Company

new patent

Structure and reducing air flow in a wall volume of an aircraft

An aircraft including a fuselage defining an upper lobe and a lower lobe, the fuselage including a wall structure that includes an outboard boundary and an inboard boundary spaced from the outboard boundary, wherein the outboard boundary and the inboard boundary define a wall volume therebetween, and at least one sealing member positioned in the wall volume.. .
The Boeing Company

new patent

Tool attachment for power-driven winding of winch straps

An apparatus used for winding or unwinding winch straps includes a clevis, a first engagement plate, and a second engagement plate. Both the first engagement plate and the second engagement plate contain a lobe, a lug, an oblong body, and a plate pinhole which are rotatably connected to the clevis with a plate retaining pin which traverses through the plate pinhole.

new patent

Fragrance emitting snow globe assembly

A fragrance emitting snow globe assembly is provided which has the ability to interchange globes with different themes and which has the ability to emit fragrances therefrom that are associated with the theme of the globe being used and displayed. The assembly further being configured to secure and lock the globes in place relative to a base portion of the assembly.
Belle-aire Fragrances, Inc.

new patent

Pyrrolobenzodiazepine-anti-psma antibody conjugates

Conjugates of an antibody that binds to psma with pbd dimers.. .
Adc Therapeutics SÀrl

new patent

Pyrrolobenzodiazepine-anti-her2 antibody conjugates

Conjugates of an antibody that binds to her2 with pbd dimers.. .
Medimmune Limited


Beam broadening with large spoil factors

Methods for generating weights for the antenna elements (110) in an aesa antenna (100). In one embodiment, transmitting weights are selected to have unit amplitude and quadratic phase, and receiving weights are selected to provide a two-way antenna pattern which is uniform over a useful portion (300) of the main lobe, and decreases rapidly outside of the uniform portion.
Raytheon Company


System and improved performance of gerotor compressors and expanders

A system and method are presented for improved performance of gerotor compressors and expanders. Certain aspects of the disclosure reduce porting losses in a gerotor system.
Starrotor Corporation


Development of a switching roller finger follower for cylinder deactivation in internal combustion engines

A system for selectively deactivating engine valves of a cylinder of an internal combustion engine. The system employs switching rocker assemblies between the valves of the engine and rotating cam lobes.
Eaton Corporation


Pyrrolobenzodiazepine-anti-cd22 antibody conjugates

Conjugates of an isolated humanized, anti-cd22 antibody with pbd dimers.. .
Medimmune Limited


Lip enhancement and enlargement device

A lip enhancement and enlargement device includes a suction element and a lip shaper coupled to the suction element. A lip shaper may include one or more features that allow the device to shape and contour lips.


Devices and methods for noninvasive measurement of intracranial pressure

Provided are systems and methods for noninvasively assessing intracranial pressure by controllably applanating at least a portion of a subject's ocular globe so as to collapse an intraocular blood vessel and correlating the collapse pressure to intracranial pressure. Also provided are ophthalmic components useful in ophthalmic imaging applications, as well as methods of assessing intracranial pressure that are based, at least in part, on the degree of papilledema, if any, present in the subject..
Third Eye Diagnostics, Inc.


Array antenna, configuration method, and communication system

Embodiments of the present invention relate to the communication field and provide an array antenna. The array antenna includes: an antenna body, which is a multi-beam antenna, a single-beam antenna without grating lobes, or a single-beam antenna with grating lobes and transmits or receives a beam set by centering on the antenna body, where the beam set includes at least one beam; a planar reflection board, configured to reflect the beam set transmitted or received by the antenna body; and an adjusting unit, connected to the antenna body and/or the planar reflection board, and configured to adjust a relative position between the planar reflection board and the beam set of the antenna body so that the beam set of the antenna body can be transmitted or received in any direction after being reflected by the planar reflection board..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method

In order to provide a technique for improving image quality by selectively exciting only a target region with high precision in either of a two-dimensional spatial selective excitation method or a three-dimensional spatial selective excitation method, selecting a k-space trajectory restraining excitation in a non-target region by side lobes is received. At this time, an excitation region of the selected k-space trajectory is presented to an operator, and the operator can adjust the excitation region through the display.
Hitachi Medical Corporation


Segmented positive displacement rotor housing

This disclosure concerns an advanced nutating positive displacement device having a high power to mass ratio and low production cost. This device in one example forms an exemplary pump as will be discussed in detail.
Exponential Technologies, Inc.


Camshaft phaser

A camshaft phaser includes a stator having a plurality of lobes and a rotor coaxially disposed within the stator and having a plurality of vanes interspersed with the lobes defining a plurality of alternating advance chambers and retard chambers such that a phasing valve supplies and vents oil to and from the advance and retard chambers. A first check valve allows oil to flow from only one of the retard chambers to only one of the advance chambers when a first diverter valve permits communication between the one of the advance chambers and the first check valve and a second check valve allows oil to flow from the one of the advance chambers to the one of the retard chambers when a second diverter valve permits communication between the one of the retard chambers and the second check valve..
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Cyclonic/cross-flow hierarchical filter

An example filtration device may include a plurality of filter lobes. The filtration device may also include a spine connected to each of the plurality of filter lobes such that each filter lobe is interconnected through the spine.
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization


Interbody implantation system and method

A system for implanting an interbody device between adjacent vertebrae comprises an interbody device having a plurality of lobes extending outwardly from a longitudinal rib, and having a relaxed shape approximating the shape of the disc being replaced. An insertion guide is provided having a bore therein from a proximal end to a distal end thereof to accept said interbody device in an unrelaxed shape, wherein said distal end is shaped for insertion into an intervertebral space.
R Tree Innovations


Magnetic denture retention systems with non-surgical, limited surgical, and minimally invasive surgical methods of use

A denture attachment system and method for replacing natural teeth, comprising a set of dentures for one or more teeth made out of a first dental durable material, a first magnetic component secured to the set of dentures, and a second magnetic component separate from but attracted to and couplable to the first magnetic component. Preferably, the dentures are made of ceramic or acrylic, and the first magnetic component is embedded therein, and the second magnetic component is held to the patient by passing through or in the nose, nostril, a cavity in the cheek, an earlobe, lip, frenulum, palatal arch, etc.


Lung, lobe, and fissure imaging systems and methods

An automated or semi-automated system and methods are disclosed that provide a rapid and repeatable method for identifying lung, lobe, and fissure voxels in ct images, and allowing for quantitative lung assessment and fissure integrity analysis. An automated or semi-automated segmentation and editing system and methods are also disclosed for lung segmentation and identification of lung fissures..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Mimo antenna with improved grating lobe characteristics

A multiple input multiple output (mimo) antenna for a radar system that includes a first transmit antenna, a second transmit antenna, and a receive antenna. The first transmit antenna is configured to emit a first radar signal toward a target.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Composite supercharger rotors and methods of construction thereof

A supercharger rotor with reduced rotational inertia may result in increased performance of a supercharger. The rotor may include composite material and may be extrusion molded, injection molded, or otherwise molded or laid-up.
Eaton Corporation


Turn limited wheel lug nut and nut cap

A turn limited wheel lug nut and nut cap combination is provided. The combination includes a lug nut for retaining a wheel on a vehicle.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Hydraulic apparatus having an improved structure for its commissioning

The invention relates to a hydraulic apparatus (1) including: a casing (6) defining a first assembly; a shaft (2) defining a second assembly; said first and second assemblies being freely rotatable relative to one another; a multi-lobe cam (3) rotatably connected to one of said first or second assembly; a dispenser (51) and a dispenser cover (52); a cylinder block (4) mounted such as to be freely rotatable relative to said first and second assemblies and including a means for rotatably engaging relative to the other of said assemblies, characterized in that the hydraulic apparatus (1) includes a return means for moving the cylinder block (4) in order to rotatably disengage same from said first or second assembly, and in that the dispenser (5) is configured, when applying pressure, to rotatably engage the cylinder block (4) relative to the other of said first or second assembly.. .
Poclain Hydraulics Industrie


Apparatus with elliptical movement for microdermabrasion and topical delivery of treatments

A device for providing elliptical path motion to skin or other surface. The device includes a motor, shaft, and a cam having at least one offset axis cam lobe for creating offset motion.
Newton Medical, Llc


International keyboard for in-car communication and entertainment system

An in-car communication and entertainment system including an international keyboard having a key (e.g., an abc key) located on a display/screen (e.g., touch screen) enabling a user to toggle through multiple pages of characters, for example accented or special characters associated with a particular language. The key also includes jewels/indicators representing the amount of pages of characters associated with a particular keyboard wherein each jewel or indicator is lit or highlighted to indicate the specific page.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Corrugated pipe gasket

A gasket is adapted for sealing a joint between bell and spigot ends of corrugated pipes. The gasket generally includes a pair of seal lobes which provide a redundant double seal, together with an anchoring portion sized to be received in a trough defined by the pipe corrugation and at least one anti-roll lip adapted to engage the anchoring corrugation..
Press-seal Gasket Corporation


Intake valve actuation system for dual fuel engine

An intake valve actuation (iva) system for a dual fuel engine is disclosed. The iva system is retrofittable between the dual fuel engine and a diesel fuel engine and includes a cam lobe with a cam-profile, a rocker arm, and an iva piston.
Caterpillar Inc.


Method of processing cardiovascular sound signals

A math model envelope of a single heartbeat between primary and secondary peaks of an autocorrelation of a received cardiovascular sound signal comprises an s1 lobe and a like-polarity s2 lobe. A bootstrap filter envelope is generated by averaging data from a plurality of heart cycles within heart cycle boundaries located responsive to a convolution of the envelope with the cardiovascular sound signal.
Sonomedica, Inc.


Timepiece able to indicate the sunrise or sunset anywhere in the world

The timepiece includes sunrise and sunset indicating means taking account of seasonal variations, said means include a sphere reproducing the terrestrial globe, a shell arranged concentrically to the sphere and arranged to demarcate one portion of the terrestrial globe where it is night from another portion where it is day by indicating the position of the earth's terminator. The sphere is arranged to be driven by the movement so as to rotate at the rate of one revolution per 24 hours about a first axis of rotation oriented parallel to the plane of the dial, and the shell is mounted to pivot about a second axis perpendicular to the plane of the dial.
The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd


Cam follower or eccentric follower with roller supported by plain bearing mounting

A component constructed as a cam follower or eccentric follower, such as a finger follower, swinging arm, or rocker arm or tappet for gas-exchange valves or pumps of reciprocating internal combustion engines is provided, with a roller (2) that is guided on a pin (1) and is in active connection with a cam lobe or eccentric of a camshaft or a sliding cam of the internal combustion engine. The roller (2) is arranged on the pin (1) via a plain bearing mounting and the ratio of the plain bearing mounting width to the plain bearing mounting diameter is selected in the range of between approximately 0.4 to 0.8..
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Wood decking screw

A screw for securing dense wood material has a head with a specially configured drive socket and an underside with an array of lobes. The lobes preferably have a left-handed orientation and have chamfered extremities.
Handy & Harman


Bi-directional control groove design for engine rotation reversal on engine with sliding camshaft

A camshaft assembly includes a camshaft rotatable about a cam axis, and a lobe pack slideably attached to the camshaft. The lobe pack includes a barrel cam that defines a control groove disposed annularly about the cam axis.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Stud removal tool

A tool for removing a stud includes a housing, a cage and a canted coil spring. The housing has an interior sidewall with a three-lobed cam and a groove.
Tooltech, Llc


Radar apparatus and antenna apparatus

Disclosed are a radar apparatus and an antenna apparatus. In particular, disclosed are a radar apparatus and an antenna apparatus including an antenna structure capable of suppressing a grating lobe while enhancing resolution..
Mando Corporation


Method of inspecting worn surfaces of camshaft lobes

The present disclosure relates to a method for inspecting worn surface of camshaft lobes of a camshaft. The method includes providing a laser scanning device at a predetermined distance from the worn surface of the camshaft lobes, the laser scanning device being configured to scan and gather data.
Caterpillar Inc.


Non-linear actuator system and method

An embodiment of a system and method for moving an object in one axis includes one or more fluid inflatable containers which are arranged to transmit fluid pressure to a plunger, such that a flexible membrane of the fluid inflatable container engages with the plunger and forms a rolling lobe in response to changes in volume. The fluid inflatable containers are enclosed within an enclosure or drum, and a shaft runs axially through the center of the enclosure.
Cbe Global Holdings, Inc.


Baffle with flow augmentation feature

One exemplary embodiment of this disclosure relates to a component for a gas turbine engine. The component includes a baffle provided in an internal cavity of the component.
United Technologies Corporation


Hat for securing external hardware of a cochlear implant

Hat has body of conforming material to cover at least a portion of a wearer's head and at least generally encircle the head about a forehead or upper crown, and a depending projection on at least one side having a lower boundary lower than a respective ear lobe of the wearer; an opposing pair of substantially wide under chin straps of conforming material attached to lower left and right boundaries of the body, the straps being fastened with a non-tying securing couple fixed to the under chin straps; and, in part of the depending projection a soft, conforming open mesh to cover the external hardware of the cochlear implant or a traditional hearing aid, and provide for securing of the same when worn by the wearer and for external visibility of the same by a non-wearer of the hat. The wearer may be a young child..


Methods and message prioritization and gps mapping during instant messaging sessions.

An enhancement to allow additional instant messaging functionality based on a set of instant message capable devices. Devices are set up to identify their contacts and the functionality they will receive.


Modulation circuit for a radio device and a method thereof

The present disclosure relates to a modulation circuit and a method for suppressing energy content of spectral side lobes caused by high-frequency content present in a baseband signal, with the energy content of the spectral side lobes being outside an intended operational bandwidth in a modulated radio-frequency signal. An example circuit is configured to: receive a digital baseband signal, feed the digital baseband signal to a first and a second signal path, with the first signal path comprising a first mixer and the second signal path comprising a delay circuit and a second mixer.
Imec Vzw


Constant-velocity joint

A constant-velocity joint includes an inner member. The inner member has holders that hold respective roller assemblies.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Camshaft phaser

A camshaft phaser is provided for varying the phase relationship between a crankshaft and a camshaft in an engine. The camshaft phaser includes a stator having lobes.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Light altering rub rail and rub rail insert

A light altering rub rail comprising (1) an elastic, semi-rigid translucent polymer base having at least a body portion with proximal and distal ends, top and bottom ends and front and rear faces; (2) an access flap forming the majority of the base front face creating a gap in the base; (3) a light source embedded within the gap in the base; (4) a plurality of mounting lobes at the proximal and distal end portions; and (5) a plurality of linear light refractors embedded within the base wherein the gap in the base may be sealed to create a fully enclosed water-proof housing.. .


Head band with pierced earrings

A headband extending laterally from one side of the head to the other side of the head and designed to maintain a wearer's hair in position, the headband having secured at its two termini, a decorative pierced earring, the pierced earring cooperative with the pierced lobe of the ear, allowing the earring to be affixed through the ear and to the terminus of the headband, thus maintaining the headband in position on the user's head.. .


Global virtual reality experience system

A virtual reality experience system and method of operation includes a network, a virtual user module, a central data center, and one or more cameras located in various places around the globe. Each of the components are in wireless communication with each other, and are able to communicate via the internet.


Two-dimensionally electronically-steerable artificial impedance surface antenna

A method and apparatus for electronically steering an antenna system is provided. A surface wave is propagated along each of a number of surface wave channels formed in each of a plurality of radiating elements to form a radiation pattern.
The Boeing Company


Door closer with tri-lobe pinion

A door closer assembly is configured to controllably close a door and to accommodate several door closer assembly installation configurations. The door closer assembly includes a housing that carries a pinion having a pinion shaft with a tri-lobe end portion.
Stanley Security Solutions, Inc.


Multi-lobed porous ceramic body and process for making the same

A carrier having at least three lobes, a first end, a second end, a wall between the ends and a non-uniform radius of transition at the intersection of an end and the wall is disclosed. A catalyst comprising the carrier, silver and promoters deposited on the carrier and useful for the epoxidation of olefins is also disclosed.
Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.


Mao inhibitors and their conjugates as therapeutics for the treatment of brain cancer

A pharmaceutical composition and method for treating brain cancer are provided. The method includes administering to a patient in need thereof an effective amount of one or more compounds that include moclobemide, clorgyline, clorgyline's near-infra-red dye monoamine oxidase inhibitor (nmi), and mhi 148-clorgyline, and their salt thereof.
University Of Southern California


Apparatus and continuous noninvasive measurement of respiratory function and events

An apparatus and method for non-invasive and continuous measurement of respiratory chamber volume and associated parameters including respiratory rate, respiratory rhythm, tidal volume, dielectric variability and respiratory congestion. In particular, a non-invasive apparatus and method for determining dynamic and structural physiologic data from a living subject including a change in the spatial configuration of a respiratory chamber, a lung or a lobe of a lung to determine overall respiratory health comprising an ultra wide-band radar system having at least one transmitting and receiving antenna for applying ultra wide-band radio signals to a target area of the subject's anatomy wherein the receiving antenna collects and transmits signal returns from the target area..


Catheter system for mapping of the left atrium, right atrium and coronary sinus

A pair of new catheters designed to be deployed as a catheter system to allow a simultaneous acquisition of electrograms from widely dispersed electrodes in the left atrium, right atrium, and coronary sinus. The first catheter is the spiral globe catheter which has the primary shape of a spiral globe and has additional modifications to facilitate safe entry into the left atrium, to orient the primary axis of the spiral globe toward the mitral valve, and to maximize contact of electrodes to multiple areas of the left atrium.


Finger drive for a crop feed roller

A crop feeding roller for a header includes a plurality of finger units within the roller each having a pair of fingers projecting outwardly for engaging crop outside the peripheral wall of the roller. The peripheral wall has opposed finger guide holes associated with the pair of fingers.
Macdon Industries Ltd.


Clamp device

In a clamp device, a main clamp body includes an elongated tightening groove delimited by groove-forming wall sections. First and second lobe parts are disposed in the vicinity of end portions of two such tightening grooves.
Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.


Textile using a flat multilobar cross-section fiber

A fabric is subjected to calender processing on one or both surfaces and includes a polyamide fiber as warp or/and woof having, after calender processing, a single filament fineness of 0.5 to 2.5 dtex and a total fiber fineness of 5 to 50 dtex, the single filament having a cross-sectional shape that is flat multifoliar with 6 to 10 lobe parts and has a flat ratio (w) (α/β) of 1.5 to 3.0, the fabric having a cover factor of 1200 to 2500.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.


Flesh tunnel finding, dangle jewelry and method

A finding used with dangle jewelry configured to attach to a flesh tunnel with a center bore inserted into a body part. The finding includes a continuous, single wire shaped and bent forming two longitudinally aligned post configured to be inserted into the opposite end openings of a center bore.


Systems and methods for interpreting medical information

Disclosed are a system and a method providing patients with access to highly ranked medical professionals. The invention identifies, ranks, and connects qualified medical experts with patients and their families across the globe.
Best Doctors, Inc.


Modified release dosage forms of skeletal muscle relaxants

A unit dosage form, such as a capsule or the like, for delivering a skeletal muscle relaxant, such as cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride, into the body in an extended or sustained release fashion comprising one or more populations of drug-containing particles (beads, pellets, granules, etc.) is disclosed. At least one bead population exhibits a pre-designed sustained release profile.
Aptalis Pharmatech, Inc.


Spark plug construction

A spark plug is disclosed and comprises: a metal tube which interiorly defines an axis and is externally-threaded for engine block engagement; an insulator having a portion which is disposed inside the tube and extends therebeyond; a positive electrode extending through the insulator and projecting beyond the extending portion of the insulator; and an annular ground electrode coupled to the tube. The electrodes are configured such that a spark gap defined therebetween comprises an elongate channel which opens axially and away from said insulator and is substantially unobstructed in the axial direction.
Nano Spark Inc.

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