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This page is updated frequently with new Lobe-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lobe-related patents
 Hearing aid device patent thumbnailHearing aid device
A hearing aid device may include a body having an interior housing, an attachment hole, a battery compartment and at least one microphone. An ear piece may be connected to the body through a wire.

 Passive listening pulse adaptive sidelobe canceller patent thumbnailPassive listening pulse adaptive sidelobe canceller
The present invention relates to methods and systems for electronic countermeasures, and particularly to methods and systems for electronic countermeasures that employ radar jamming devices.. .
Src, Inc.

 A  measuring elongation of a fastener with ultrasound, performed by a power tool, and a power tool patent thumbnailA measuring elongation of a fastener with ultrasound, performed by a power tool, and a power tool
The invention relates to a method of measuring elongation of a fastener by means of minimum peak side lobe (mps) coded ultrasonic signals, and a power tool configured to performing the method. Mps coded signals with different base frequencies are transmitted into the fastener and a corresponding set of reflected signals are received from the fastener.
Atlas Copco Industrial Technique Ab

 Fastener patent thumbnailFastener
A fastener comprises a shank defining a shank root, a head, a drilling portion and main threads. Each of the main threads is inclined with respect to a shank axis by 60-82 degrees.
Essence Method Refine Co., Ltd.

 Rocker arm assembly and components therefor patent thumbnailRocker arm assembly and components therefor
A method of precision manufacture of an outer arm of a rocker arm assembly is performed by determining structures of a rough outer arm that would require precision processing and locations to support the structures as they are processed. Starting with at least one structure requiring precision processing, locations on the outer arm close to the structure to hold the outer arm during processing are determined that would cause minimal distortion of the outer arm during processing.
Eaton Corporation

 Transdermal delivery kits patent thumbnailTransdermal delivery kits
Provided are kits containing a base composition and an active pharmaceutical ingredient for transdermal delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Examples of active pharmaceutical ingredients include amitriptyline, baclofen, cyclobenzaprine hcl, ibuprofen, lidocaine hcl, naproxen, and tramadol, ketoprofen, diclofenac, phenylbutazone, mefenamic acid, flubiprofen, piroxicam, guaifenasin, prilocaine, bupivicaine, tetracaine, nifedipine, verapamil, orphenadrine, imipramine, ketamine, gabapentin, carbamazepine, menthol, capsaicin, clonidine, dexamethasone, dextromethorphan, testosterone, progesterone, and estrogens..
Asclemed Usa, Inc. Dba Enovachem Manufacturing

 Method for user authentication using dnssec patent thumbnailMethod for user authentication using dnssec
This invention leverages dnssec to makes post-password technologies work against endpoints across the globe, rather than solely within company walls. It describes a system by which ds records are encoded in ns names, which traverse well from the customer to the registry.
Bot Or Not, Llc

 Method and system for monitoring a phase for transferring a satellite from an intial orbit to a mission orbit patent thumbnailMethod and system for monitoring a phase for transferring a satellite from an intial orbit to a mission orbit
Disclosed is a method (70) for monitoring a phase for transferring a satellite (20) from one earth orbit, called “initial orbit”, to another earth orbit, called “mission orbit”, in particular a transfer using electric propulsion unit. The monitoring method includes a step for estimating the direction of the satellite during the transfer phase by way of an earth array antenna (30) including a plurality of elementary antennas (31), each elementary antenna having a primary radiation lobe with a width greater than or equal to 20°, the elementary antennas (31) being oriented such that their respective fields of vision overlap, the direction of the satellite being estimated based on at least one useful phase difference measurement between signals corresponding to a target signal, transmitted by the satellite and received on a pair of elementary antennas (31)..
Airbus Defense And Space Sas

 Rocker arm assembly and components therefor patent thumbnailRocker arm assembly and components therefor
A method of precision manufacture of an outer arm of a rocker arm assembly is performed by determining structures of a rough outer arm that would require precision processing and locations to support the structures as they are processed. Starting with at least one structure requiring precision processing, locations on the outer arm close to the structure to hold the outer arm during processing are determined that would cause minimal distortion of the outer arm during processing.
Eaton Corporation

 Camshaft phaser patent thumbnailCamshaft phaser
A camshaft phaser includes a stator having a plurality of lobes; a rotor coaxially disposed within the stator and having a plurality of vanes interspersed with the lobes defining advance chambers and retard chambers; a camshaft phaser attachment bolt for attaching the camshaft phaser to a camshaft, the camshaft phaser attachment bolt defining a valve bore that is coaxial with the stator. A supply passage extends radially outward from the valve bore and includes a downstream end that is proximal to the valve bore and an upstream end that is distal from the valve bore and separated from the downstream end by a check valve seat.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Method to optimize electrode placement for cranial electrical stmulation

A method for optimum preparation and placement of transcranial electrodes is described. The method consists of application of liquid silver paint to standard monitoring electrodes and placement of bilateral electrodes over the pterions, the thinnest areas of the skull.


Targeted pyrrolobenzodiazapine conjugates

Provided are conjugate comprising pbds conjugated to a targeting agent and methods of using such pbds.. .
Medimmune Limited


Methods and antenna elevation design

Systems and techniques for elevation beam design. Characteristics, such as number, distribution, and geographical location of elements subject to interference by elevation beams of a base station are analyzed, and a configuration for an antenna array is determined so as to create a set of elevation beams directed so as to avoid interference with the elements subject to interference by the base station.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Apparatus with 3d inductors

Embodiments of an apparatus are disclosed that includes a first three dimensional (3d) inductor and a second 3d inductor. The first three dimensional (3d) inductor has a first conductive path shaped as a first two dimensional (2d) lobe laid over a first 3d volume.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.


Rotary screw compressor

A gas compressor is disclosed that includes a first rotor having a first rotor body, the first rotor body including a plurality of helical lobes, an infernal volume within the first rotor body defined by a wall, and a turbine disposed within the internal volume, the turbine including a turbine body and a plurality of airfoils extending substantially radially from the turbine body to the wall, where the internal volume is structured to enable a cooling fluid to flow therethrough. The gas compressor further includes a second rotor body including a plurality of helical flutes, an inlet manifold and an outlet manifold, both disposed within the second rotor body, and a body channel within at least one flute extending from and in fluid communication with the inlet manifold to the outlet manifold, where the body channel is structured to enable a cooling fluid to flow therethrough..
Ingersoll-rand Company


Audio encoding device and audio encoding method

An audio encoding device includes a processor; and a memory which stores a plurality of instructions, which when executed by the processor, cause the processor to execute: detecting a plurality of lobes based on a frequency signal constituting an audio signal; calculating a masking threshold value of the frequency signal; allocating an amount of bits per unit frequency region to be allocated for encoding of the frequency signal on a basis of the masking threshold value; selecting a main lobe on a basis of bandwidth and power of the lobes; and controlling the encoding by reducing the amount of bits in a first region including a maximum value of the power in the main lobe.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Downhole drilling motor and use

A downhole drilling motor comprises a first elastomer stator molded to an inner surface of a housing in a drillstring where the first elastomer stator has a first number of lobes. A dual purpose, helical shaped hollow member is positioned within the first elastomer stator, where the dual purpose hollow member has a second number of lobes formed on an external surface to form a first rotor.
Halliburtion Energy Services, Inc.


Neurosurgical genomics

Ten (10) genes and seven (7) rna probes are disclosed, the relative expressions of which, hold predictive value with regard to seizure-free surgical outcomes for epilepsy patients. Whole genome and targeted gene expression analyses demonstrate that (a) specific biological process pathways existing in brain tissue of patients with medically intractable temporal lobe epilepsy, and (b) temporal cortical gene expression, differ between patients rendered seizure-free compared to non-seizure-free patients following anterior temporal lobectomy with amygdalohippocampectomy (atl/ah)..
The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona


Roller for hot rolling of wire rods and the like, and wire-rod and the like, hot-rolling machine provided with said roller

A wire-rod and the like, hot-rolling machine wherein the two rollers are fitted on respective frustoconical end portions of as many counter-rotating supporting shafts, via interposition of corresponding centering and coupling bushings having a frustoconical internal profile, each of which is fitted on the end portion of a respective supporting shaft, between the supporting shaft and the corresponding roller, and is structured so as to mesh on the supporting shaft so as to be angularly integral to said supporting shaft, and so as to be inserted/wedged between the supporting shaft and the roller thus to center the roller on the supporting shaft and moreover make the roller angularly integral to the body of the supporting shaft. Each centering and coupling bushing is provided with an annular flange having an eccentric lobe-shaped profile and which cantilevered projects from the outer surface of the bushing, at one of the two mouths of the central through hole of the roller, and is designed to engage a corresponding annular groove with eccentric lobe-shaped profile which is formed on the body of the roller at the mouth of the roller central through hole, and has a shape complementary to that of the annular flange..
Pert S.r.l.


Determining cognitive load of a subject from electroencephalography (eeg) signals

Disclosed is a method and system for determining a cognitive load of a subject from electroencephalography (eeg) signals. Eeg signals are received from eeg channels associated with a left-frontal brain lobe.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


System and evaluating reading comprehension

A method for evaluating reading comprehension is provided. The method includes the steps of providing at least one printed passage of text; providing a test subject, the test subject wearing a device for measuring brain frontal lobe usage; requiring the test subject to read the printed passage; providing a question based on the printed passage for the test subject to answer; and determining whether the device measures brain frontal lobe usage.


Process for the preparation of the monomer pentabromobenzyl acrylate and polymerization thereof

A process for preparing pentabromobenzyl acrylate through the reaction of pentahalobenzyl halide with a salt of acrylic acid in a water-immiscible solvent, wherein said salt is in aqueous form and the reaction is carried out in the presence of a phase transfer catalyst. A process for polymerizing the pentabromobenzyl acrylate in halogenated aromatic solvent and the poly(pentabromobenzyl acrylate) obtained are also disclosed..


Axl antibody-drug conjugate and its use for the treatment of cancer

The present invention relates to an antibody-drug conjugate capable of binding to the protein axl. From one aspect, the invention relates to an antibody-drug conjugate comprising an antibody capable of binding to axl, said antibody being conjugated to at least one drug which is a pyrrolobenzodiazepme dimer (pbd dimer) drug.


User-configurable precut kinesiology tape strip

A user-configurable precut kinesiology tape strip is provided for application by a user to a patient. Each end of the strip lobed, having troughs between the lobes.


Clutter suppression for synthetic aperture ultrasound

Solid-state ultrasound imaging devices, systems, and methods are provided. Some embodiments of the present disclosure are particularly directed to identifying and removing artifacts in ultrasound data due to side lobes, grating lobes, and/or other effect.


Balanced double seated globe valve with flexible plub

A valve plug includes a cylinder, a first plug seat, a second plug seat, and a convoluted portion. The cylinder has a first and second end.


Laser array sidelobe suppression

A laser apparatus comprising an aperture module array including two or more aperture modules, each aperture module of the array being optically couple-able to a source of coherent electromagnetic radiation and configured to emit a beam of radiation received from the source. The apparatus emits a composite beam comprising beams emitted by the respective aperture modules and modulates at least one of the beams in power and phase relative to at least one other of the beams such that a desired non-uniform composite beam profile is provided..
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Device, system and method to mitigate side lobes with an antenna array

Techniques and mechanisms to transmit signals with an antenna array. In an embodiment, a first signal is received at a first input of the first antenna while a second signal is received at a second input of the second antenna.


Timepiece able to indicate the sunrise or sunset anywhere in the world

The timepiece comprises means for indicating the sunrise and sunset taking account of seasonal variations. These means comprise a sphere reproducing the terrestrial globe, a shell arranged concentrically to the sphere and arranged to demarcate one portion of the terrestrial globe where it is night from another portion where it is day by indicating the position of the earth's terminator.
The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd


Rotor for pump

The present invention relates to a rotor for a vacuum pump 150 having a roots pumping mechanism, the rotor comprising at least two hollow lobes 160, 162, 164, 166, each lobe having an outer wall 208 which defines a lobe profile, a hollow cavity 210 generally inward of the outer wall, and at least one strengthening rib 226 located in the cavity to resist stress on the lobes generated during rotation.. .
Edwards Limited


Lettuce variety 83-02 rz

The present invention relates to a lactuca sativa seed designated 83-02 rz, which may exhibit a combination of traits including resistance to downy mildew (bremia lactucae) races b1:1-31 and ca-i to ca-viii, resistance to currant-lettuce aphid (nasonovia ribisnigri), very intensely red deeply lobed leaves, and a loose to moderately firm head. The present invention also relates to a lactuca sativa plant produced by growing the 83-02 rz seed.
Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt En Zaadhandel B.v.


Universal system for measurement instruments for industrial hygiene and environment

Universal system for measurement instruments for industrial hygiene and environment, consisting of a data collector (1), this equipment will be a portable device or computer equipped with microsoft windows or android operating system, used to communicate with following instruments: wet bulb globe temperature thermometer index (wbgt) (2), sound level meter (3), noisedosimeter (4), vibration meter for hand, arm and whole body (5), fixed type portable gas detectors (6), alpha, beta, gamma and/or neutrons ionizing radiation detector (7), non-ionizing radiation detector(8), lux meters (9), iaq systems—internal air quality (10) and iaq systems—internal water quality (11). Its application field belongs to the area of occupational hygiene applicable to industries or businesses in general in which workers are exposed to physical, chemical and biological agents causing occupational diseases..


Tunable laser source

A tunable transmission optical filter is optically coupled between a laser section and semiconductor optical amplifier (soa) section of a tunable laser device. The optical filter may be tuned to provide a high transmission near the lasing peak while suppressing a significant portion of back-propagating amplified spontaneous emission (ase) of the soa section.
Lumentum Operations Llc


Ultrasonic imaging system with angularly compounded acoustic radiation force excitation

An ultrasound machine for generating push-pulses to excite shear wave stimulation employs separated angled beams that converge at the target region to generate the push-pulses. In one embodiment, the beams are modulated by a set of apodization functions to reduce side lobes caused by the narrowing of the apertures of the beam as well as transducer heating by reducing the average energy deposited in each transducer element.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Fiber for artificial hair and hair ornament product including same

The present invention relates to a fiber for artificial hair having a void in a center of a fiber cross section. A ratio of an area of the void to an entire area of the fiber cross section is 5% to 50%.
Kaneka Corporation


Lens antenna

Disclosed is a lens antenna comprising a dielectric lens consisting of a collimating part and an extension part, and an antenna element. The extension part of the lens comprises a substantially flat surface crossed by the axis of the collimating part, and the antenna element is rigidly fixed on the surface.
Limited Liability Company "radio Gigabit"


High altitude balloon

A high altitude balloon comprised of three parts: a body and two end caps. The high altitude balloon includes a substantially cylindrical body formed with a single rectangular sheet of thin membrane material.


Heart shaped exercise device

A method and apparatus for performing individual or group exercises with a heart-shaped exercise device are disclosed. The device includes a heart-shaped body and two or more handles.


Systems and methods for prostate treatment

A vapor delivery needle is provided that may include any of a number of features. One feature of the energy delivery probe is that it can apply condensable vapor energy to tissue, such as a prostrate, to shrink, damage, denaturate the prostate.


Footwear having sensor system

An article of footwear includes an upper member and a sole structure, with a sensor system connected to the sole structure. The sensor system includes a plurality of sensors that are configured for detecting forces exerted by a user's foot on the sensor.
Nike, Inc.


Hearing device comprising a gsc beamformer

The application relates to a hearing device comprising a beamformer of the generalized sidelobe canceler (gsc) type. The application further relates to a method of operating a hearing device.
Oticon A/s


Antenna alignment

The present disclosure provides an antenna alignment method and device. The method comprises: according to an antenna type of an antenna and a pre-selected image element type, acquiring a standard feature image corresponding to the antenna type and the image element type from a feature image library; according to the standard feature image, determining an actual feature image of the antenna to be adjusted, wherein there is a correlation between the position of a main lobe in the standard feature image and an alignment direction of a main lobe in the actual feature image; and according to the position of the main lobe, determining the alignment direction of the main lobe in the actual feature image, and adjusting the antenna to be adjusted to the alignment direction of the main lobe in the actual feature image..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Coupling and seal

A mechanical coupling for joining pipe elements end to end has a channel that receives a ring seal. The channel is defined by oppositely disposed sidewalls and the ring seal has lobes on opposite sides.
Victaulic Company


Balanced globe valve assembly

A balanced globe valve assembly includes a housing having an inlet and an outlet and a cage disposed within the housing between the inlet and the outlet. The cage includes a valve seat and at least one port formed therein.
Schneider Electric Buildings, Llc


Pyrrolobenzodiazepines and antibody disulfide conjugates thereof

Where n shows where the group binds to the n10 of the pbd moiety.. .


Quick-connect drill guide

A drill guide for use with a bone plate is provided in accordance with various aspects of the present teachings. The drill guide can include a body and a quick-connect coupling arrangement.
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc



A stringed instrument pick made with two lobes designed into the plucking end. The dual lobe when strumming provides double the plucking sound of each string when strummed..


Personal incident alert system

A personal incident alert system, for alerting aid responders to guide them to a residence where an individual has suffered a personal incident, and having a bulb having a globe portion containing a plurality of low voltage response lights, a base portion attached to the globe containing a plurality of response circuits and connectable to a domestic conventional power supply and adapted to activate the response lights, fastening means on the base portion whereby it is adapted to be received in a conventional domestic electrical lamp receptacle, and, a radio frequency remote controller adapted to communicate with the response circuits in the base portion operable to activate the low voltage response lights.. .


Ballistic resistant article, semi-finished product for and making a shell for a ballistic resistant article

Described is a ballistic resistant article, such as a helmet, having a double curved shell in turn has a stack of layers of an oriented anti-ballistic material, the layers having one or more plies and having a plurality of cuts, the ends of which define a central polygon and lobes extending from the polygon. The stack has at least 10 rotationally staggered layers and, for most successive layers, the orientation of the material in the or at least one of the plies is rotationally staggered relative to the orientation of the material in the or at least one of the plies of a successive layer over an angle of 90°±30°..
Teijin Aramid B.v.


Variable valve lift apparatus

A variable valve lift apparatus includes a lever body having a set length for a lever motion. One end of the lever body is connected with a hydraulic pressure supply portion and another end thereof is connected with the valve.
Hyundai Motor Company


Stabilized composition for treating psoriasis

A storage stable ointment of the present invention comprises a vitamin d compound, a corticosteroid, and an n,n-di(c1-c8) alkylamino substituted, (c4-c18) alkyl (c2-c18) carboxylic ester a (c1-c4)-alkyl (c8-c22) carboxylic ester in a petrolatum ointment base, and optionally containing mineral oil and/or tocopherol. Preferably, the vitamin d compound is calcipotriene, the corticosteroid is selected from the group consisting of clobetasol propionate and betamethasone dipropionate, and the n,n-di(c1-c8) alkylamino substituted, (c4-c18) alkyl (c2-c18) carboxylic ester comprises dodecyl 2-(n,n-dimethylamino)-propionate (ddaip)..
Nexmed Holdings, Inc.


Directional array for near vertical incidence skywave antenna

An antenna array comprising: four dipole antennas configured to function together as a directional, near vertical incidence skywave (nvis) antenna with reduced side lobes, wherein each dipole antenna comprises two conductive elements and a feed point disposed between the two conductive elements, wherein the conductive elements of each of the four dipole antennas are disposed in an x-y plane of an x-y-z mutually orthogonal axes coordinate system, and wherein the conductive elements are substantially parallel with the x-axis and the x-y plane is substantially parallel with a ground plane; and wherein the feed points of the four dipole antennas are positioned on the x-y plane at approximately (x, 0), (−x, 0), (0, y), and (0, −y), and wherein the x-y plane is separated from the ground plane by a distance h that is less than or equal to 1/10 the wavelength (λ) of an operating frequency.. .


Extreme sports glasses

The extreme sports glasses are a design with a functionality that allows the ear portion to wrap around the back of the ear with a flexible portion from the ear lobe to the ear canal for the ear bud to be placed inside the ear canal and be held in place while being active in extreme sports activities.. .


Gear pump on shaft

A pump assembly includes a housing having a first lobe. A shaft rotates at least partially inside the housing about an axis and has an outer surface.
United Technologies Corporation


Switching rocker arm

A switching rocker arm assembly can include an outer arm having a first outer side arm and a second outer side arm, each of the first and second outer side arms having a high lift lobe contacting surface, and an inner arm disposed between the first and second outer side arms and pivotably secured to the outer arm, the inner arm having a low lift lobe contacting surface and defining a latch bore. A latch assembly can be arranged at least partially within the latch bore of the inner arm.
Eaton Corporation


Torsion assembly for controllably providing torque to a camshaft

A torsion assembly for providing controllable torsion to a camshaft, including: a spring assembly including a first spring; and, a contact element arranged to engage at least one lobe for the camshaft. For a locked mode: the contact element is arranged to be displaced by the at least one cam lobe; the contact element is arranged to compress the first spring; and the first spring is arranged to impart a first torque to the camshaft via the contact element.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Thread forming tool

The invention relates to a thread forming tool having a thread part based on a helical effective surface (1), and an adjoining clamping shank (2), wherein the helical effective surface (1) is formed by pressing lobes (5) and the thread part extends from a chamfer or taper (6) in the direction of the clamping shank (2). Furthermore, at least one axially oriented, groove-like cooling channel (7) that runs between the pressing lobes (5) and extends from the chamfer or taper (6) to the clamping shank (2) is provided.
Bass Gmbh & Co. Kg Technik Für Gewinde


Thread forming taps

In one aspect, thread forming taps are described herein. In some embodiments a thread forming tap comprises a shank disposed at a first end adapted to engage a tool holder and an elongated working portion disposed at a second end.
Kennametal Inc.

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