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Load Balancing patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Load Balancing-related patents
 System, method and apparatus of data interaction under load balancing patent thumbnailSystem, method and apparatus of data interaction under load balancing
The present disclosure discloses a system, a method and an apparatus of data interaction under load balancing to solve the problem of heavy workload of a server load balancer under existing technologies. The system includes a server load balancer, a real server, and a conversion apparatus.
 Load balancing in handwritten signature authentication systems patent thumbnailLoad balancing in handwritten signature authentication systems
Described systems and methods allow a biometric authentication system to process authentication requests, such as requests to authenticate handwritten signatures, received from a plurality of client systems, each covered by a service level agreement (sla). The biometric authentication system includes a load balancer configured to distribute authentication tasks to a plurality of worker machines.
 Virtual consolidated appliance patent thumbnailVirtual consolidated appliance
Techniques for managing network traffic in a virtual consolidated appliance so as to avoid interruptions in existing network connections during reconfiguration of the virtual consolidated appliance are provided. In one aspect, a method for operating a virtual consolidated appliance having a plurality of servers is provided.
 Systems and methods for configuring policy bank invocations patent thumbnailSystems and methods for configuring policy bank invocations
Systems and methods for configuring and evaluating policies that direct processing of one or more data streams are described. A configuration interface is described for allowing users to specify object oriented policies.
 Virtual consolidated appliance patent thumbnailVirtual consolidated appliance
Techniques for managing network traffic in a virtual consolidated appliance so as to avoid interruptions in existing network connections during reconfiguration of the virtual consolidated appliance are provided. In one aspect, a method for operating a virtual consolidated appliance having a plurality of servers is provided.
 Computing system including multi-core processor and load balancing method thereof patent thumbnailComputing system including multi-core processor and load balancing method thereof
A load balancing method of a computing system includes calculating a workload of at least one core of a plurality of cores of a multi-core processor that is entering an idle state, and selecting a core from among the plurality of cores to operate as a common core according to the calculated workload, wherein the common core operates while in the idle state.. .
 System and method for real-time load balancing of network packets patent thumbnailSystem and method for real-time load balancing of network packets
Internet protocol packets are statelessly identified as associated with a particular session-instance by identifying a key, or session-instance identifier, within the data (or payload) portion of a user plane packet. This identifier is specific to the session-instance and remains constant throughout the session-instance.
 Methods and apparatus for performing dynamic load balancing of processing resources patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus for performing dynamic load balancing of processing resources
A load balancer coupled between a network and a pool of processing resources utilizes a method for performing automatic, dynamic load balancing with respect to allocating the resources to handle processing requests received over the network. According to the method, the load balancer electronically receives registration requests from the processing resources and registers each resource from which a registration request was received.
 Method and apparatus for balancing cell load in wireless communication system patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for balancing cell load in wireless communication system
A method and an apparatus for balancing a load by taking into consideration a load of each mobile communication network (public land mobile network (plmns)) of a network sharing architecture are provided. A base station apparatus of a communication system having a network sharing architecture capable of serving at least one mobile terminal via at least two plmns is provided.
 Method and system for optimal load balancing in a hybrid wired/wireless network patent thumbnailMethod and system for optimal load balancing in a hybrid wired/wireless network
Aspects of the invention may provide a system and method for load balancing in a hybrid wired/wireless local area network. A method for load balancing in a hybrid wired/wireless local area network may include the step of receiving a polling message from an access device by at least one of a plurality of access points.
Mobile device to base station reassignment
Techniques are presented herein for load balancing of mobile devices among a plurality of bases stations. Specifically, it is determined via a processor whether to reassign a mobile device from a first base station to a second base station, wherein the second base station is one of a plurality of base stations whose operational performance may be impacted by reassigning the mobile device to the second base station.
Local gateway reselection
A method of local gateway reselection, for a local gateway in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method comprises informing a core network of the wireless communication to trigger a local gateway reselection, when at least one of parameters associated with the local gateway changes, wherein the parameters include an access point name request by a user equipment of the wireless communication system, a local gateway address, a local gateway load balancing, and local gateway failure case..
Maintaining load balancing after service application with a netwok device
In general, techniques are described for maintaining load balancing after service application. A network device comprising ingress and egress forwarding components and a service card may implement the techniques.
Load balancing and merging of tessellation thread workloads
In one embodiment described herein, a graphics engine with shader unit thread load balancing functionality executes shader instructions from multiple execution threads in a smaller number of execution threads by combining instructions from multiple threads at runtime. In one embodiment, multiple shader unit threads containing less than a minimum number of instructions are combined to minimize the discrepancy between the shortest and longest thread.
Adaptive load balancing in software emulation of gpu hardware
Aspects of the present disclosure describe a software based emulator of a graphics processing unit (gpu) that is configured to operate over a cloud-based network. A virtual image containing graphics primitives is divided into a plurality of tiles.
Power share controller
A battery input receives a power discharge from a first battery of a local device. A controllable charging circuit generates a charging signal based on the power discharge, a charge status of the first battery, a charge status of one or more second battery for at least one of one or more external devices, and a load balancing plan associated with the local device and at least one of the one or more external devices.
Multi-core device and multi-thread scheduling method thereof
A multi-core device and a multi-thread scheduling method thereof are disclosed. The multi-thread scheduling method includes the following steps: recording thread performance-associated parameters for a thread; and performing a thread load balancing between multiple central processing units of a multi-core processor of the multi-core device.
Name service object clustering
A naming service clustering method which permits naming service load balancing over a set of object references contained within the same cluster such that loads are equitably distributed among servers. Each cluster contains its own unique object binding table which contains object references which each typically represent a single server.
Method, apparatus, and system for acquiring load information
The present invention discloses a method, an apparatus and a system for acquiring load information. In one method, a source access controller and a target access controller can interact through rat handover related messages so that a source rat system can acquire load information of a target rat system when an inter-rat ps handover is performed.
Load balancing traffic in a mpls network
A method and system for managing traffic in a network. Label switch paths are identified.
Method and system of intelligently load balancing of wi-fi access point apparatus in a wlan
A computer networking infrastructure for load balancing, which comprises a network, access points each with a first service set identifier, computing devices and a computing system. The computing system can receive requests from computing devices to access the network via a second service set identifier of an access point.
Paperless radiology workflow
Technical advances over the past few years have rapidly increased the possibilities for filmless radiology services provided by picture archiving and communication systems (pacs). Pacs is technology to eliminate film from radiology tests in the same way a desktop scanner is technology to eliminate paper in the radiology department.
Method and apparatus for adjusting ip network load
A method for adjusting an ip network load, includes: receiving an ip packet flow; and adjusting a forwarding path of an ip packet according to a load status of an ip network, and sending the ip packet, where network devices of the ip network are interconnected to form a multi-stage clos topology structure. According to the method, the forwarding path of the network load may be adaptively adjusted according to the dynamic load status of the network, so as to achieve dynamic load balancing of the entire network; through the dynamic load balancing, possible congestion in the network is better eliminated, thereby improving quality of service; unavoidable design for a light load caused by an actuality of an unbalanced network load is avoided, thereby enabling the network to be designed for a heavy load and increasing a utilization rate of network capacity..
Location-based component deployment for composite applications
A method and system for deploying a component of a composite application in a data center. An example method includes receiving access data from a traffic manager implementing global load balancing, where the access data is related to client accesses to a composite web application including multiple components hosted by virtual machines in a virtualization infrastructure.
Load balancing systems and methods of mac learning in multi-slot architectures
Line cards in a multi-slot network element utilize load balancing systems and methods for synchronizing learned media access control (mac) addresses therebetween. It is an objective of the load balancing systems and methods to enable high data rate scalability between line cards in a distributed system while preventing adverse effects on packet traffic.
Team processing using dynamic licenses
Devices may be grouped into teams by a team identifier configured for each device. Within the team, one device may be selected as a control device for handling requests made to the team.
Facilitation of idle mode traffic load balancing
A potential traffic load imbalance condition associated with sector carriers is detected. The traffic loading for the sector carriers is balanced based, at least, on causing one or more idle mobile devices to select a new sector carrier by adjusting one or more idle mode parameters.
Systems and methods for link load balancing on a multi-core device
Systems and methods are described for link load balancing, by a multi-core intermediary device, a plurality of internet links. The method may include load balancing, by a multi-core device intermediary to a plurality of devices and a plurality of internet links, network traffic across the plurality of internet links.
Evolutionary algorithms for geographic load balancing using a distributed antenna system
Methods and apparatuses are presented for balancing non-uniformly distributed network traffic in a wireless communications system having a plurality of digital remote units (drus). In some embodiments, a method comprises partitioning the plurality of drus into a plurality of dru sectors, and dynamically repartitioning the plurality of dru sectors depending on traffic conditions in at least one of the dru sectors, such that the repartitioning satisfies at least one of a soft capacity constraint or a hard capacity constraint.
Secure location session manager
A secure location session manager (slsm) is an intelligent router for open mobile alliance (oma) secure user plane location (supl) version 1.0 (and later) messages best implemented when multiple, geo-diverse supl servers are deployed in a distributed environment, such as an active-active redundant configuration within a wireless carrier's network. In a standalone option, the slsm acts as a “middleman” for all supl positioning messages between a mobile device and a responsible supl server.
Stateless load balancer in a multi-node system for transparent processing with packet preservation
Stateless load balancing of network packets within a system avoids detection by a network client or end user for deep packet inspection or other bump-in-the-wire applications. At least one header field of a received packet is used in generating a hash value.
Load balancing descending device
A load balancing descending device for controlling the descent of a user descending on a rope carrying a load is provided. The rope has a decreasing rope free end as the user descends.
Dynamic cpu gpu load balancing using power
Dynamic cpu gpu load balancing is described based on power. In one example, an instruction is received and power values are received for a central processing core (cpu) and a graphics processing core (gpu).
Load balancing overlay network traffic using a teamed set of network interface cards
A system includes a server including: logic adapted for receiving traffic from a virtual machine (vm), the traffic including at least one packet, logic adapted for hashing at least a portion of the at least one packet according to a hashing algorithm to obtain a hash value, and logic adapted for selecting an uplink based on the hash value; at least one accelerated network interface card (nic), each accelerated nic including: network ports including multiple peripheral component interconnect express (pcie) ports adapted for communicating with the server and a network, each network port including an uplink, logic adapted for encapsulating the at least one packet into an overlay-encapsulated packet, logic adapted for storing a media access control (mac) address corresponding to the selected uplink as a source mac (smac) address in an outer header of the overlay-encapsulated packet, and logic adapted for sending the overlay-encapsulated packet via the selected uplink.. .
Intra-frequency load balancing method and apparatus thereof
The present disclosure provides an uplink intra-frequency load balancing method. The uplink intra-frequency load balancing can be performed by adjusting a beam direction of a user equipment ue.
Methods and systems for establishing electronic communications in a hosted voip pbx using two tiered load balancing
A system and method is provided for two-tiered load balancing on a hosted voice-over internet protocol (voip) private branch exchange (pbx). The system includes a plurality of client devices, at least one device load balancer, and at least one call load balancer.
Load balancing in an sap system
A method of load balancing is provided in an sap system where a central processor within the sap system monitors the total number of processors within the system and the total number of available processors within the system. From these numbers the central processor can allocate processors to fulfil a request for data processing from an endpoint connected to the sap system and reallocate processors in response to a new request for resources, or an alteration in the total number of processors..
Systems and methods for load balancing using predictive routing
Systems and methods are disclosed for routing requests for information based on predictive data. The systems and methods may receive measurement data indicative of states of each of a plurality of destination servers, and generate predicted measurement data values for each of the plurality of destination servers based on the retrieved measurement data.
Archival data storage system
A cost-effective, durable and scalable archival data storage system is provided herein that allow customers to store, retrieve and delete archival data objects, among other operations. For data storage, in an embodiment, the system stores data in a transient data store and provides a data object identifier may be used by subsequent requests.
User equipment and base station in carrier aggregation system, and call admission control method for use with the user equipment and base station
Disclosed are user equipment and a base station in a carrier aggregation system, and a call admission method thereof. The user equipment includes a plurality of physical layers, and the base station provides multiple component carriers.
Method for a self organizing load balance in a cloud file server network
The present invention relates to a method for improving load balancing and management for file servers in a cloud network. More particularly, this invention relates to a de-centralized file server network which does not require a main central load balancer.
Global server load balancing
A global server load balancing (gslb) switch serves as a proxy to an authoritative dns communicates with numerous site switches which are coupled to host servers serving specific applications. The gslb switch receives from site switches operational information regarding host servers within the site switches neighborhood.
System and method for the configuration of a clustered simulation network
A system and method are provided for configuring a clustered simulation network using virtualization. A user configures access to the main engineering personal computer (pc) being used for the plant solution, and the user configures the physical host pcs which are used for performing virtual machines containing simulators.
Control of uplink transmission
A dedicated grant may be shared by a group of wtrus for performing uplink communications. A wtru in a group may use the dedicated grant when it receives a group identifier and/or a wtru identifier that are associated with the wtru.
Load balancing based on trill
A method for load balancing based on transparent interconnection of lots of links (trill) is provided. Said method comprises: acquiring, by a routing bridge (rb), all current medium access control (mac) addresses within each virtual local area network (vlan) on a link where the rb is located.
Load balancing method and related wireless communication device
A load balancing method for a wireless communication device includes checking a total loading of the wireless communication device, wherein the total loading comprises a first loading of an omni antenna and a second loading of a directional antenna; and adjusting transmission power of the wireless communication device according to the total loading of the wireless communication device and information sent by at least one neighbor wireless communication device, in order to perform load balancing.. .
Load balancing for devices within a network
A first device is configured to receive an instruction from a second device, identify network demand associated with the instruction, identify a third device associated with the instruction, send a first load query to the third device, and receive a first load response from the third device. The first load response may identify network capacity associated with the third device and may indicate that the third device is under-loaded, overloaded, or substantially overloaded.
Dynamic load balancing in a communication network
Methods and systems for providing a dynamic and real time load factor that can be shared with other network elements is disclosed. The load factor can be used in determining the relative load among a set of network elements and in distributing new sessions requests as well as existing session on the set of network elements.
Load balancing using progressive sampling based on load balancing quality targets
A method, system, and computer program product for of load balancing in a parallel map/reduce paradigm. The method commences by sampling a first set of input records, and forming a prospective load balancing assignment by assigning the first set of input records to the plurality of worker tasks based on a workload estimate for each of the worker tasks.
System and method of generating rest2rest services from wadl
A system and method is provided for generating a restful communication service which offers rest2rest functionality seamlessly with automatic support for the api agnostic features such as policy enforcement, load balancing, routing, failover, logging, accounting, format conversion (xml2json,json2xml) etc. Such a system can include one or more applications, executing on one or more application servers.
System and method for provisioning and load balancing user accounts on server clusters
Providers of internet based services must handle requests from many different customers. However, to make the experience simple and effective, a system for allowing a user to enter a simple uniform resource locator based upon the user's identifier is provided that re-directs the user to a server cluster allocated to that user.
Concept for load balancing in a radio access network
A concept for balancing a load in a mobile communication network, comprising receiving 130 receive data from a radio transceiver using a first interface and determining 140 a first receive data packet and a second receive data packet from the receive data, the first receive data packet and the second receive data packet being associated to different services. The concept comprises forwarding 150 the first receive data packet to a first processing unit using a second interface, and forwarding the second receive data packet to a second processing unit using the second interface..
Adaptive load balancing
Methods and systems for performing load balancing within an ethernet network are provided. According to one embodiment, a set of paths is maintained by a first component of multiple components coupled in communication with a network.
Method and apparatus for inter-carrier load balancing
Various methods and devices are provided to address the need for improved inter-carrier load balancing. In one method, network equipment determines (101) an achievable rate for a plurality of wireless devices on each carrier of a plurality of carriers.
Systems and methods for load balancing of time-based tasks in a distributed computing system
A load manager comprises a configuration manager and a load monitor. The load manager is configured to monitor and manage aspects of a distributed computer system comprising a plurality of servers.
Systems and methods for multi-blade load balancing
A method for load balancing by updating session information in a multi-blade load balancer is disclosed herein. The method may include distributing information about a local session table by a blade in the multi-blade load balancer to at least one other blade in the multi-blade load balancer.
Connection rate limiting for server load balancing and transparent cache switching
Each service in a computer network may have a connection rate limit. The number of new connections per time period may be limited by using a series of rules.
Method, system and serving node for data backup and restoration
Disclosed is a method, a system and a serving node for data backup and restoration, in which a serving node generates a backup schedule after receiving a data backup request, uploads the schedule to a cluster public storage block, each serving node sends a copy to be backed up to a target node for consolidation; a client sends a data record in a consolidated copy to the serving node through a data writing request, generates a data distribution table according to a load balancing principle, sends the request to other serving nodes according to the table to perform a write operation, the client sends the data writing request for a next data record after the write operation, until the copy is completely restored. The backup and restoration is performed in a complex cluster network accounting for performance differences among serving nodes, data consistency, data integrity and data uniform distribution..
Method, apparatus and computer program product for updating load balancer configuration data
A load balancing system that utilizes a dynamic method for updating a load balancer's pool of targets (e.g., a dynamic method for adding newly available targets to the pool of targets and/or removing from the pool of targets a target that is no longer accepting new connections). Advantageously, this dynamic method does not require periodic monitoring of each of the targets in the pool of targets..
Load balancing for single-address tenants
Load balancing for single-address tenants. When a load balancer detects that a virtual address is associated with a single destination address, the load balancer sets a flag to distinguish the virtual address from virtual addresses that are associated with a plurality of destination addresses.
Tracing with a workload distributor
A load balanced system may incorporate instrumented systems within a group of managed devices and distribute workload among the devices to meet both load balancing and data collection. A workload distributor may communicate with and configure several managed devices, some of which may have instrumentation that may collect trace data for workload run on those devices.
Module level redundancy for fuel cell systems
This disclosure relates to module level redundancy for fuel cell systems. A monitoring component monitors a set of operational parameters for a fuel cell group.
Load balancing mechanism for service discovery mechanism in structured peer-to-peer overlay networks and method
An overlay network, node and application for load balanced service discovery. The application includes the steps of implementing the service discovery mechanism in the dht p2p overlay network for finding a peer (1100) that provides a desired service; a step of adding to a record structure (50) of the service discovery mechanism a maximum capacity parameter cmax (54) and a currently used capacity parameter ccurrent (56); and a step of removing from the tree (10) a record of the peer (1110) that provides the desired service when the currently used capacity reaches a predetermined capacity so that the peer is not contacted by other service clients..
Method for traffic load balancing
A method for balancing traffic load is disclosed. The method comprises: monitoring, by a stacking device in a distribution layer, traffic in an aggregation link between the stacking device and a core layer; when a traffic unbalance is monitored in the aggregation link, finding by said stacking device a data flow which causes said traffic unbalance from data flows transferred over the aggregation link; and determining by said stacking device an incoming interface through which the found data flow enters said stacking device, reallocating a new mac address to the incoming interface, and sending the new mac address allocated to the incoming interface to a terminal server, so as to enable said traffic unbalance to transit to traffic balance by way of said terminal server sending a data flow with the new mac address as the destination mac address..
Method and architecture for a scalable application and security switch using multi-level load balancing
A switch architecture and method provides scaling through multi-level load balancing of flows across data and application processing planes. An input/output module receives a communication session flow (forward) from a client device and selects one of a plurality of data processors to process the flow.
System and method for load balancing multiple file transfer protocol (ftp) servers to service ftp connections for a cloud-based service
System and method for load balancing multiple file transfer protocol (ftp) servers to service secure ftp sessions having encrypted signals are disclosed. In one aspect, embodiments of the system include multiple ftp servers coupled to a load balancing agent.
Load balancing secure ftp connections among multiple ftp servers
System and method for load balancing multiple file transfer protocol (ftp) servers to service secure ftp sessions having encrypted signals are disclosed. In one aspect, embodiments of the system include multiple ftp servers coupled to a load balancing agent.
Method and system for distributed task dispatch in a multi-application environment based on consensus
A method and system for distributing tasks from an external application among concurrent database application server instances in a database system for optimum load balancing, based on consensus among the instances. Each application instance identifies a task partition ownership by those in a membership group based on a time window and generates a new membership group and partition ownership based on the current partition ownership.
System and method associated with a service flow router
A method is provided in one example embodiment and includes configuring a network element for load balancing based on input provided by a mobile gateway, where the configuring includes selecting an instance of a service flow router control function (sfr-c) at the network element based on an internet protocol (ip) address assigned to a subscriber. The subscriber flow rules can be provided to a service flow user plane of the network element.
Llc balancing
A converter arrangement (c.5, c.7, c.8, c.9, c.11, c.12) with at least two single llc converters (l), a pulse generator (2) per single llc converter (l) wherein each pulse generator (2) is configured to supply switching pulses to one single llc converter (l) and an output controller (11) configured to use switching frequency control and/or phase-shift control to control the pulse generators (2) comprises a load balancing control (7.5, 7.7, 7.8, 7.9, 7.11, 7.12) for overcoming unbalanced loading of the converter arrangement (c.5, c.7, c.8, c.9, c.11, c.12).. .
Actuator with electric motor and motor controller
An actuator (1m, 1s) with a motor (12) and a motor controller (11) is configurable to operate as a master or a slave to another actuator which is coupled mechanically for driving a common load. For the case where the actuator (1m) is set as the master, the motor controller (11) receives on an input terminal (y3) an external position control signal (pc), generates a motor control signal (sc) for controlling the motor (12) based on the position control signal (pc), and supplies the motor control signal (sc) to an output terminal (u5) for controlling a slave.

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