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Load Balancing patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Load Balancing-related patents
 Load balancing for charging system clusters patent thumbnailnew patent Load balancing for charging system clusters
A method for load balancing for charging system clusters includes, with a load balancing system, receiving a request from a mobile device, maintaining load data related to current loads for a plurality of charging system clusters communicatively coupled to the load balancing system, and forwarding the request to one of the plurality of charging system clusters based on the load data.. .
 Extended access point patent thumbnailnew patent Extended access point
An extended wireless access point may have many distributed radio units connected to associated processing units via a radio transmission network comprising commodity switches controlled by one or more network controllers. The one or more network controllers may use a load balancing algorithm to select a processing unit to process a signal received by a distributed radio unit.
 Load balancer for parallel processors patent thumbnailLoad balancer for parallel processors
Invented systems and methods provide a scalable architecture and hardware logic algorithms for intelligent, realtime load balancing of incoming processing work load among instances of a number of application programs hosted on parallel arrays of manycore processors, which can be dynamically shared among the hosted applications according to incoming processing data load variations for each of the application instances as well as the processing capacity entitlements of the individual applications.. .
 Decentralized input/output resource management patent thumbnailDecentralized input/output resource management
A shared input/output (io) resource is managed in a decentralized manner. Each of multiple hosts having io access to the shared resource, computes an average latency value that is normalized with respect to average io request sizes, and stores the computed normalized latency value for later use.
 Cache load balancing in storage controllers patent thumbnailCache load balancing in storage controllers
Methods and structure are provided for cache load balancing in storage controllers that utilize solid state drive (ssd) caches. One embodiment is a storage controller of a storage system.
 Multipath load balancing optimizations for alua storage systems patent thumbnailMultipath load balancing optimizations for alua storage systems
Techniques for performing i/o load balancing are provided. In one embodiment, a computer system can receive an i/o request destined for a storage array, where the computer system is communicatively coupled with the storage array via a plurality of paths, and where the plurality of paths include a set of optimized paths and a set of unoptimized paths.
 Aggregating multiple wireless channels patent thumbnailAggregating multiple wireless channels
Extending wired networks by aggregating multiple wireless links multiple wireless links are used to bridge wired networks, such as wired ethernet networks. Each wireless link applies a hash function to the destination mac address of presented traffic and uses the result of the hash function to determine if the traffic is passed by that wireless link or is dropped.
 Mobile communications system, infrastructure equipment, base station and method patent thumbnailMobile communications system, infrastructure equipment, base station and method
A mobile communications system includes one or more mobile communications terminals and a mobile communications network including a radio network having one or more base stations communicating data to/from the mobile communications terminals. The radio network can provide low and high bandwidth communications interfaces formed from respective low and high bandwidth carriers for one or more of the communications terminals to communicate data to/from the mobile communications network with relatively low or high bandwidths.
 Electrical converter system patent thumbnailElectrical converter system
The present invention relates to an electrical converter for power supply, which is constructed from individual modules. Each of the identical modules includes a module capacitor and can be switched by switching elements such that the module capacitors of the modules may be connected in series or in parallel, or a current flow takes place through the modules without charging or discharging the module capacitor.
 Conditioning an electric grid using electric vehicles patent thumbnailConditioning an electric grid using electric vehicles
A grid to vehicle system is described. In some examples, the system selectively controls one or more electric vehicles connected to an electric grid based on conditions associated with the electric grid.
Load balancing utilizing adaptive thresholding
Methods and systems for processing data requests in a client-server computing environment, such as the web, are disclosed. A client device initially transmits a data request to a randomly selected first server device.
Mobile user identification and tracking for load balancing in packet processing systems
Systems and methods are disclosed for mobile user identification and tracking for load balancing in packet processing systems. Packet processing systems, such as network tool optimizer (nto) systems, are configured to receive packets associated with multiple mobile users, to extract user identification information from the packets, to store identity binding information for the mobile users, to track changes in identification information for mobile users within a communication system by analyzing control information within packets for the communication system, and to forward packets to one or more tool ports associated with the packet processing system.
Electricity generation device and method
There is disclosed a device and method for the generation of zero emission electricity that can be used to provide load balancing and emergency support to a electricity distribution network or back up electricity to a critical consumer such as a hospital or data centre. The system uses a cryogenic fluid and a source of low grade waste heat.
Load balancing apparatus and method based on estimation of resource usage
Provided are a load balancing apparatus and method based on estimation of resource usage. The load balancing apparatus includes a service platform configured to generate service resource information including information on respective necessary resource amounts for providing a plurality of pieces of content, a service processor configured to have one or at least two service units, and generate service unit information including information on amounts of resources allocated to the respective one or at least two service units, and a load balancer configured to compare the received service resource information with the received service unit information on the basis of a received service identification (id) number and select a service unit for providing a service corresponding to the received service id number from among the one or at least two service units..
Method and system for application-aware load balancing
An approach for providing application-aware load balancing is provided. A load balancing platform at a base station receives application information specifying an application or type of service utilized by a mobile device and determines allocation of a plurality of carriers based on the received application information to provide load balancing across the plurality of carriers.
Creating multiple noc layers for isolation or avoiding noc traffic congestion
Systems and methods described herein are directed to solutions for network on chip (noc) interconnects that automatically and dynamically determines the number of layers needed in a noc interconnect system based on the bandwidth requirements of the system traffic flows. The number of layers is dynamically allocated and minimized by performing load balancing of the traffic flows between the channels and routes of different noc layers as they are mapped.
Method and apparatus for notifying starting symbol of physical downlink shared channel
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and apparatus for determining a starting symbol of a physical downlink shared channel; wherein, a pico base station transmits information indicating a pdsch starting symbol of the pico base station to a macro base station, the macro base station transmits the information indicating a pdsch starting symbol to a terminal, and the terminal determines the pdsch starting symbol in accordance with the information indicating a pdsch starting symbol. With the embodiments of the present invention, the terminal within a serving range of the pico base station resulted from a high offset value will not incorrectly decode a pcfich due to interference of the macro base station, thereby making the terminal determine a demarcation symbol between a pdcch and a pdsch, further increasing the coverage of the pico base station, and realizing load balancing of the macro base station and pico base station..
Virtualized data storage in a network computing environment
Methods and systems for load balancing read/write requests of a virtualized storage system. In one embodiment, a storage system includes a plurality of physical storage devices and a storage module operable within a communication network to present the plurality of physical storage devices as a virtual storage device to a plurality of network computing elements that are coupled to the communication network.
Multicast traffic load balancing over virtual link aggregation
One embodiment of the present invention provides a switch. The switch comprises one or more ports, a link management module and a load balancing module.
Cell range expansion elasticity control
In some aspects, a method for carrying out load balancing between cells in a heterogeneous network includes measuring loads within macro clusters in the network. The method additionally includes identifying one or more macro clusters experiencing unbalanced load conditions, and sending balancing indicators to one or more cells in the identified macro cluster(s).
Link aggregation (lag) information exchange protocol
In one embodiment, a switch includes a processor adapted for executing logic, logic adapted for receiving link aggregation (lag) information about a first peer switch, logic adapted for storing the lag information about the first peer switch, and logic adapted for using the lag information about the first peer switch and lag information about the switch to determine load balancing across one or more connections between the switch and the first peer switch. In another embodiment, a method for exchanging lag information between peer switches includes receiving lag information about a first peer switch at a second peer switch, storing the lag information about the first peer switch, and using the lag information about the first peer switch and lag information about the second peer switch to determine load balancing across one or more connections between the first and second peer switches..
Virtual server agent load balancing
Virtual machine (vm) proliferation may be reduced through the use of virtual server agents (vsas) assigned to a group of vm hosts that may determine the availability of a vm to perform a task. Tasks may be assigned to existing vms instead of creating a new vm to perform the task.
Virtual machine categorization system and method
Virtual machine (vm) proliferation may be reduced through the use of virtual server agents (vsas) assigned to a group of vm hosts that may determine the availability of a vm to perform a task. Tasks may be assigned to existing vms instead of creating a new vm to perform the task.
Virtual machine management in a data storage system
Virtual machine (vm) proliferation may be reduced through the use of virtual server agents (vsas) assigned to a group of vm hosts that may determine the availability of a vm to perform a task. Tasks may be assigned to existing vms instead of creating a new vm to perform the task.
Remote upgrade servers and load balancing methods thereof
A remote upgrade server having a networking module and a processing unit is provided. The networking module provides a network access service.
Method and system for frequency reuse in wireless relay scenario
The disclosure provides a method for frequency reuse in a wireless relay scenario, wherein a center frequency spectrum, an edge frequency spectrum and a random access frequency spectrum are pre-allocated to a cell according to a scenario parameter in the cell; load conditions of all mobile stations (mss) covered by each relay station (rs) in the cell is calculated and reported to a base station (bs); the bs allocates the random access frequency spectrum to an rs according to load conditions of all rss and schedules mss. The disclosure also provides a system for frequency reuse in a wireless relay scenario.
Hierarchic macroscopic incentivization for electric utility load balancing
A method of balancing a demand for electricity is disclosed. Consumers of the electricity are organized into a hierarchical set of nodes.
Distributed power management for multi-core processors
A system and method for performing distributed power control in a processor comprising an array of cores enables each core to regulate power at least partially independently. Global power management settings are made accessible to all cores and communication between cores propagates power consumption information between nearest neighbors in the array.
Systems and methods for gslb based on ssl vpn users
The present invention provides a system and a method for global server load balancing of a plurality of sites based on a number of secure socket layer virtual private network (ssl vpn) users. The ssl vpn users may access servers at each of the plurality of sites.
Software-defined networking gateway
A device determines a network attribute associated with a first network, transmits, to an orchestration device associated with a second network, information that identifies the network attribute, and receives, from the orchestration device, control information that specifies a routing policy, a security policy, or a load balancing policy associated with the first network. The device provisions network devices associated with the first network, based on the control information, and provides packets, associated with a traffic flow, to a network device, based on the control information..
Method and system for intelligent load balancing
An approach for providing intelligent load balancing between data centers is described. A load balancing platform monitors a replication delay associated with the replication of data between a first data center and a second data center, and determines to halt access to the data at the second data center if the delay satisfies a threshold delay value.
Hvac motor load balancing
A method of motor operation includes monitoring a voltage of a power bus supplying power to the motor, determining if a power failure is occurring or has occurred based on the monitoring, and lowering an operational capacity of the motor in response to the determining.. .
Dynamic load balancing under partial service conditions
Methods and apparatuses for controlling load balancing of modems may include receiving an indication of impairment of a channel, placing modems using the impaired channel into a partial service mode and removing the impaired channel from a list of channels available for load balancing, monitoring the quality of the impaired channel, and, responsive to detection of acceptable quality on the impaired channel, removing the modems from partial service mode and adding the channel back to the list of channels available for load balancing. Another method includes, but is not limited to, receiving an indication of a partial service mode for a modem, incrementing a partial service mode counter for a channel associated with the partial service mode indication, computing a partial service mode metric based in part upon the partial service mode counter, and responsive to a determination that the partial service mode metric meets a threshold, determining an allocation of modems to channels..
Load balancing method for multicore mobile terminal
Methods and apparatus are provided for load-balancing in a portable terminal having a plurality of central processing units (cpus). A utilization is calculated for each of the plurality of cpus, when a state of a task is changed.
Load balancing and inter-cell interference coordination for heterorgeneous networks
Embodiments of the claimed subject matter provide a method and apparatus performing inter-cell load-balancing and inter-cell interference coordination. Some embodiments of the method include partitioning cells into groups that include a different subset of the plurality of cells.
Cell processing method and device for switch fabric chip
A cell processing method and device for a switch fabric (sf) chip are disclosed, which belong to the field of communications. The sf chip includes a unicast route table, which is multiplexed in two working modes and is looked up according to a unicast cell, and a multicast route table, which is multiplexed in the two working modes and is looked up according to a multicast cell.
Method and apparatus for interprocessor communication employing modular space division
Novel method and system for distributed database ray-tracing is presented, based on modular mapping of scene-data among processors. Its inherent properties include scattering data among processors for improved load balancing, and matching between geographical proximity in the scene with communication proximity between processors.
Load balancing scheme
Technologies are generally described for load balancing scheme in a cloud computing environment hosting a mobile device. In some examples, a load balancer may include multiple request processing units, each of the multiple request processing units comprising a network socket that is connected to at least one application server and at least one cache server and a programmable processor configured to process a cache request from one of the at least one application server, a performance checking unit configured to measure processing loads of the programmable processors, and a processor managing unit configured to adjust the processing loads by writing or deleting a load balancing program in at least one of the programmable processors..
Systems and methods for finding solutions in distributed load balancing
Pa systems and methods for finding solutions exhaustively in distributed load balancing are provided. A plurality of virtual machines (vms) is in communication with a virtual machine management server (vmms).
Command process load balancing system
A command process load balancing system performs load balancing of received commands among a number of server processes to resolve access contention for virtual software resources. These contentions are resolved through a history recording unit that records a history including contents of a processed command and a response time of a process for the command into a history database.
Exchange of server health and client information through headers for request management
Server health and client information are exchanged through headers for request management. Headers in standardized or proprietary protocol communication between servers and a request management module and/or clients and the request management module may be used to exchange server health and client information.
Systems and methods for migrating components in a hierarchical storage network
System and methods for selectively or automatically migrating resources between storage operation cells are provided. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, a management component within the storage operation system may monitor system operation and migrate components from storage operation cell to another to facilitate failover recovery, promote load balancing within the system and improve overall system performance as further described herein.
Wan-wlan cell selection in ues
A selection process is disclosed for a user equipment (ue) to select between a wan and a wlan. Instead of defaulting to select one or the other networks, as long as the connection is available, a better load balancing and maximization of the system capacity may be achieved when the ue selects the network according to a priority order between the wan/wlan.
Load balancing with scsi i/o referrals
A method and/or system may be configured to receive an input/output (i/o) request from an initiator system, add priority information to a multiple path referral for each port on which data can be accessed, selectively omit ports on which data may be accessed, transmit the multiple path referral from the target to the initiator, and/or choose a path on the initiator with the highest performance.. .
Long term evolution integrated radio access network system leverage proactive load balancing policy enforcement
A method may comprise receiving, at a server configured in a long term evolution network, information indicative of a condition of utilization of a first radio access technology resource accessible by a user device. If the condition of utilization indicates an adverse network condition, then the server may transmit a change command instructing the user device to migrate to a second radio access technology resource..
Device-based idle mode load balancing
Concepts and technologies are described herein for device-based idle mode load balancing. According to one aspect disclosed herein, a mobile device can receive a cell information message that includes load information of a current camping cell on which the mobile device is currently camping and load information of at least one neighbor cell of a plurality of neighbor cells to the current camping cell.
Load balancing hash computation for network switches
Techniques to load balance traffic in a network device or switch include a network device or switch having a first interface to receive a data unit or packet, a second interface to transmit the packet, and a mapper to map between virtual ports and physical ports. The network device includes hash value generator configured to generate a hash value based on information included in the packet and based on at least one virtual port.
Dynamic reconfigurable heterogeneous processor architecture with load balancing and dynamic allocation method thereof
A dynamic reconfigurable heterogeneous processor architecture with load balancing and dynamic allocation method thereof is disclosed. The present invention uses a work control logic unit to detect load imbalance between different types of processors, and employs a number of dynamic reconfigurable heterogeneous processors to offload the heavier loaded processors.
Load balancing and failover of gateway devices
Methods and systems for load balancing and failover among gateway devices are disclosed. One method provides for assigning communication transaction handling to a gateway.
Distributing user information across replicated servers
Online systems store information describing a large number of users in order to process requests accessing the user information. The user information is distributed across multiple servers.
Synchronization system and method thereof
A synchronization system and a method thereof are provided. A synchronization server detects a location message of a client to generate a time zone label, calculates a use frequency according to a use time of the client, and according to the use frequency and the number of clients with the same time zone label and synchronization time, sets a practical synchronization time for each client, so as to distribute the time point of synchronization processing on each client and the synchronization server, thereby achieving the technical efficacy of improving load balancing of the synchronization processing..
Resource management in a wireless communications network
Detection of an unbalanced network load and redistribution of network traffic to balance the network load is provided herein. Load balancing across different radios in the same sector of a cell site can be facilitated through detection of the unbalance network load and changes to one or more parameters can be made to rebalance the network load.
Module level redundancy for fuel cell systems
This disclosure relates to module level redundancy for fuel cell systems. A monitoring component monitors a set of operational parameters for a fuel cell group.
Load balancing in shortest-path-bridging networks
A flow classification process is used at the edge of the shortest path bridging network to determine a flow label for attachment to a client frame entering the network. Any of several flow labels can be assigned to a client frame traversing the network to a particular egress node, and the flow labels are used by forwarding nodes to select among multiple equal-cost paths.
Ingress traffic classification and prioritization with dynamic load balancing
According to one embodiment, a method comprises an operation of determining whether an ingress control message is locally terminated control traffic on a digital device prior to the ingress control message being forwarded to a hardware processor of the digital device for processing. A priority is assigned to the ingress control message based on information within the ingress control message, if the ingress control message is determined to be locally terminated control logic..
Load balancing for optimal tessellation performance
A system, method and a computer-readable medium for load balancing patch processing pre-tessellation are provided. The patches for drawing objects on a display screen are distributed to shader engines for parallel processing.
Instance level server application monitoring, load balancing, and resource allocation
A system and methodology to monitor system resources for a cluster computer environment and/or an application instance allows user to defined failover policies that take appropriate corrective actions when a predefined threshold is met. An engine comprising failover policies and mechanisms to define resource monitoring, consumption, allocation, and one or more thresholds for a computer server environment to identify capable servers and thereafter automatically transition an application between multiple servers so as to ensure the application is continually operating within the defined metrics..
Load balancing method and device
A load balancing method and device are provided by the present invention. The method includes that: for each base station, determining the number of shared mobile hosts shared by the base station with each neighbor base station of the base station and the number of fixed mobile hosts covered only by the base station; ranking all of base stations in an ascending order of the number of fixed mobile hosts; and balancing the number of fixed mobile hosts of each base station by applying a greedy algorithm on the ranked base stations.
Network sharing
A wireless communication system includes one or more base stations able to divide resources between multiple network operators sharing the base station. A shared base station is configured to monitor a contribution to the load on the base station associated with network operators sharing the base station resources and to provide the determined contribution to the load to one or more other base stations for use in load balancing between the base stations..
Methods for carrier aggregation
Methods to manage multiple component carriers (ccs) efficiently in a mobile network with carrier aggregation (ca) enabled are proposed. For cc activation/deactivation, a single lcid value is used to represent both activation and deactivation command.
Load balancing among a cluster of firewall security devices
A method for balancing load among firewall security devices in a network is disclosed. Firewall security devices are arranged in multiple clusters.
Systems and methods for load balancing of modular information handling resources in a chassis
A chassis may be configured to receive a plurality of modular information handling systems and a plurality of modular information handling resources including one or more storage controllers, and have at least two internal switching fabrics for communicating data between the modular information handling systems and the information handling resources. The chassis management controller disposed in the chassis may be configured to retrieve information regarding at least one of relative priorities among modular information handling systems disposed in the chassis, associations between modular information handling systems disposed in the chassis and storage resources disposed in the chassis, and input/output metrics from storage resources disposed in the chassis.
Parallel face detection and tracking system
The present disclosure is directed to a parallel face detection and tracking system. In general, embodiments consistent with the present disclosure may be configured to distribute the processing load associated with the detection and tracking of different faces in an image between multiple data processors.
Fabric load balancing
In one implementation, a series of nodes in a network or a fabric communicate congestion values upstream against the flow of data packets. A current node determines average data intensity for each of a set of outputs.
Network system and load balancing method
The load balancing method includes: receiving identify information of the nodes to construct a network topology diagram and receiving support rates of connection ports through a controller; monitoring average data rates of the connection ports through the controller; when the average data rate of one of the connection ports is in excess of a congestion criteria, searching a packet flow with the highest data rate among packet flows passing through the connection port of which the average data rate is in excess of the congestion criteria through the controller; and performing a shortest path first algorithm according to the packet flow with the highest data rate and the network topology diagram, wherein the computed connection ports do not include the connection port of which the average data rate is in excess of the congestion criteria; and a new transmitting path is acquired.. .
Multi-core-based load balancing data processing methods
Systems and methods for processing data are provided. A system can include a plurality of cores and a core manager.
Systems and methods for appflow for datastream
The present disclosure is directed towards systems and methods for monitoring application level flow for database applications served by a cluster of servers. An application flow monitor may receive and distribute write requests of a client to at least one master server and read requests of the client to one or more slave servers, based on load balancing or similar policies.
Cell load balancing method and devices thereof
A cell load balancing method, a cell load measuring method, and devices thereof are provided. The cell load balancing method includes: acquiring information of the load of a current cell and information of the load an adjacent cell; determining a target cell in which a mobility parameter needs to be modified thereof according to the information of the load of the current cell and the information of the load of the adjacent cell; sending a parameter modification request to the determined target cell; and modifying parameters of the current cell according to content of the parameter modification request if the parameter modification response message is a parameter modification response indicating modification successful.
System and method of intelligent call routing for cross sell offer selection based on optimization parameters or account-level data
An apparatus and methods for a call routing system is disclosed whereby the call routing service provider is associated with a series of partners. By providing a system supporting not only the main user, but also the partners, efficiencies are gained through cost-spreading.
Upstream receiver integrity assessment for modem registration
A method and computing device for assessing the integrity of receivers in a cable modem termination system (cmts) to improve load balancing. The method configures a load balancing manager to move registered modems between the receivers, where each receiver is tuned to a frequency.
Method and system for work load balancing
Method system, and programs for balancing work load in a distributed system. A plurality of resource units in the distributed system are ranked based a plurality of multi-dimensional load metrics determined from each of the plurality of resource units.

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