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Flat-panel speaker having a multilayer pcb pattern voice coil film
The present invention relates to a flat-panel speaker, and more particularly, to a flat-panel speaker having a multilayer PCB pattern voice coil film, which enables induced electromotive force to be increased by controlling the impedance of the multilayer voice coil film. The flat panel speaker having the multilayer PCB pattern voice...

Device and methods for temperature and humidity measurements using a nanocomposite film sensor
Devices and methods are provided for a nanocomposite having a phase change polymer matrix and conductive nanoparticles to provide greatly enhanced responsivity to temperature and/or humidity. A sensing film includes carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and the polymer. Operation near the transition temperature increases the TCR by over an order of magnitude, thus...

Light management film
Example light management films including a plurality of tapered protrusions are described. In some examples, the disclosure relates to a film comprising a reflective polarizer layer and a plurality of tapered protrusions disposed on and tapering away from the reflective polarizer layer, where the tapered protrusions include at least one of...

Polarizing plate suitable for liquid crystal display device capable of displaying three-dimensional images, and liquid crystal display device
Provided is a polarizer whereby screen brightness does not become zero regardless of the direction in which a viewer faces when the polarizer is used in a liquid crystal display device capable of displaying three-dimensional images, in which three-dimensional images are visible through a polarizing filter. The polarizer comprises a polarizing...

Magnetic material and coil component employing same
A coil component having a magnetic material and a coil formed on a surface of or inside the magnetic material. The magnetic material is constituted by a grain compact formed by compacting multiple metal grains that in turn are constituted by an Fe—Si—M soft magnetic alloy (where M is a metal...

Selective wet etching of hafnium aluminum oxide films
Methods and etchant compositions for wet etching to selectively remove a hafnium aluminum oxide (HfAlOx) material relative to silicon oxide (SiOx) are provided....

Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
A solid-state imaging device includes: unit pixels each having a light-receiving element which is divided into line widths shorter than or equal to a wavelength of light; a plurality of light-transmissive films in a concentric structure; and an effective refractive index distribution. Among the light-transmissive films, a light-transmissive film closest to...

Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
A solid-state imaging device with a pixel region in which a plurality of pixels with photoelectric conversion films are arrayed and pixel isolation portions are interposed between the plurality of pixels. The photoelectric conversion film is a chalcopyrite-structure compound semiconductor composed of a copper-aluminum-gallium-indium-sulfur-selenium based mixed crystal or a copper-aluminum-gallium-indium-zinc-sulfur-selenium based...

Light emitting device
A light emitting device is provided with a base member, an interconnect pattern disposed on an upper surface of the base member, a light reflecting layer comprising a first layer disposed on a part of the interconnect pattern and formed from a metal material, and a second layer made of a...

Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes a transistor which includes a gate electrode, a gate insulating film in contact with the gate electrode, and a stacked-layer oxide film facing the gate electrode with the gate insulating film provided therebetween. In the semiconductor device, the stacked-layer oxide film includes at least a plurality of...

Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device in which an increase in oxygen vacancies in an oxide semiconductor layer can be suppressed is provided. A semiconductor device with favorable electrical characteristics is provided. A highly reliable semiconductor device is provided. A semiconductor device includes an oxide semiconductor layer in a channel formation region, and by...

Graphene-based films in sensor applications
An environmental sensor comprises a graphene thin-film as an environmentally responsive material. Such graphene films exhibit negative temperature coefficients (NTC), resulting in rapid decreases in electrical resistance as temperature increases, as well as a much faster response time than any other NTC material reported in the literature. The graphene film is...

Colored polyimide films and methods relating thereto
The present disclosure is directed to a method of increasing optical density by incorporating carbon black in to a colored polyimide composition to obtain a colored polyimide film. The colored polyimide film has 48 to 94 weight percent of a polyimide, 5 to 25 weight percent pigment and 0.05 to 2...

Apparatus and method for heat treatment of coatings on subtrates
An apparatus for thermal treatment of coatings on substrates includes a microwave applicator cavity; a microwave power supply to deliver power to the cavity; a thermally insulated microwave-transparent compartment within the cavity, large enough to contain the coated substrate while occupying no more than 50% of the total volume of the...

Zn-sn-o-based oxide sintered body and method for producing the same
[Solving means] The oxide sintered body is characterized in that tin is contained with an atomic ratio of Sn/(Zn+Sn) being 0.01 to 0.6, an average crystal particle diameter of the sintered body is 4.5 μm or less, and a degree of orientation represented by I(222)/[I(222)+I(400)] is 0.52 or more, where I(222)...

Deposition of licoo2
In accordance with the present invention, deposition of LiCoO2 layers in a pulsed-dc physical vapor deposition process is presented. Such a deposition can provide a low-temperature, high deposition rate deposition of a crystalline layer of LiCoO2 with a desired <101> or <003> orientation. Some embodiments of the deposition address the need...

Conductive laminate, transparent conductive laminate with patterned wiring, and optical device
In a conductive laminate, a transparent conductive thin film laminate including at least two transparent conductive thin films and a metal layer are formed in this order on at least one surface of a transparent base. In the transparent conductive thin film laminate , a first transparent conductive thin...

Nitrogen-containing ligands and their use in atomic layer deposition methods
Methods for deposition of elemental metal films on surfaces using metal coordination complexes comprising nitrogen-containing ligands are provided. Also provided are nitrogen-containing ligands useful in the methods of the invention and metal coordination complexes comprising these ligands....

Inner deckle for die and die
An inner deckle for a die includes a shaft-shaped deckle main body and a sheet- or film-shaped deckle auxiliary portion extending from the deckle main body. The inner deckle is arranged at each end of a die. The die includes a die piece and is formed with a manifold and a...

Low emissivity and emi shielding films
A low emissivity and EMI shielding transparent composite film typically for use in association with window glazing and comprising a transparent film substrate having on one side thereof an underlayer of abrasion resistant hardcoat material with at least one infrared reflective layer covering the underlayer, typically a metallic layer which may...

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