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Polyvinyl acetal with high flowability and pacticizer-containing films produced therewith
The invention relates to polyvinyl acetals obtainable by reacting polyvinyl alcohol with at least one aldehyde with a degree of acetalisation of at least 75 mol %, characterised by an OH blockiness of the polyvinyl acetal, defined as a quotient from the number of methylene groups of two adjacent alcohol sequences...

Solvents for fluoropolymers
The invention also relates to the solutions comprising the said solvent system and the said fluoropolymer, and to their uses in the manufacture of films, membranes and coatings. The invention relates to a solvent system for fluoropolymer comprising from 50 to 99.9% by weight of a composition (A) comprising dimethyl sulphoxide, and...

Method for developing low dielectric constant film and devices obtained thereof
A method for porogen removal of porous SiOCH film is provided, as well as devices obtained thereof. The devices and associated methods are in the field of advanced semiconductor interconnect technology, and more in particular in the development of dielectric films with low-k value....

Chemical mechanical polishing composition having chemical additives and methods for using same
Chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) compositions containing chemical additives and methods of using the CMP compositions are disclosed. The CMP composition comprises abrasive; chemical additive; liquid carrier; optionally an oxidizing agent; a pH buffering agent and salt; a surfactant and a biocide. The CMP compositions and the methods provide enhanced removing rate for...

Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
An insulating film and another insulating film are formed over a semiconductor substrate in that order to cover first, second, and third gate electrodes. The another insulating film is etched back to form sidewall spacers over side surfaces of the insulating film. Then, the sidewall spacers over the side surfaces of...

Mechanism for automating the process of individual learner course selection in a learning management system (lms)
Embodiments include a method, system and computer program product for automating individual learner course selection. The method includes accessing, by a computer processor, course descriptions for a plurality of variants of a course. The course descriptions include course variant characteristics and course variant titles. The course variant characteristics define target audiences...

Pouch-type battery cell
In an aspect, a battery cell includes a stack that contains at least one anode and at least one cathode, a pouch containing the stack and electrolyte, and anode and cathode terminals. The pouch includes first and second films, each including a metallic main barrier layer and a sealing layer. The...

Plasma etch resistant films, articles bearing plasma etch resistant films and related methods
The invention includes a plasma etch-resistant film for a substrate comprising a yttria material wherein at least a portion of the yttria material is in a crystal phase having a crystal lattice structure, wherein at least 50% of the yttria material is in a form of a monoclinic crystal system. The...

Patterned films and methods
Methods of patterning films that enable visual identification of patterned films and the patterned regions on them, while still achieving minimally discernible optical differences between the patterned and unpatterned regions in devices incorporating the patterned films. Such methods can exhibit wide successful manufacturing operating windows and the patterned films are useful...

Method for depositing layers on a glass substrate by means of low-pressure pecvd
The invention relates to a method for producing metal or semiconductor oxide, nitride or oxynitride films on a substrate, by means of the PECVD method, including the steps that involve: (i) having a low-pressure PECVD device including at least one plasma source that includes at least one electrode connected to an...

Liquid crystal display device, polarizing plate, and polarizer protection film
The invention provides a liquid crystal display device, as well as a polarizer and a protective film suitable for the liquid crystal display device. The liquid crystal display device comprises a backlight light source, two polarizers, and a liquid crystal cell disposed between the two polarizers; the backlight light source being...

Distributed element rendering
A method is provided for distributed element rendering with particular application for feature films and other demanding content creation using scenes of high complexity requiring global illumination. A persistent centralized scheduler receives shading queries that are added to a request queue, determines an assignment of the request queue to hardware resources...

Semiconductor device and test method
A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate including an element region, an inner sealing and an outer sealing which are formed on the element region and have a first opening part and a second opening part, respectively, a multilayer interconnection structure which is formed on the substrate and stacks multiple inter-layer...

Method for fabricating small-scale, curved, polymeric structures
A method is proposed for fabricating small-scale, curved, polymeric structures. Firstly, desired patterns are created from droplets of photocurable PDMS after using ink or wax to create the desired patterns on a flexible material such as papers or plastic films. The photocurable PDMS droplets are then activated by UV light to...

Thin film compositions and methods
Certain embodiments of the present invention include a versatile and scalable process, “patterned regrowth,” that allows for the spatially controlled synthesis of lateral junctions between electrically conductive graphene and insulating h-BN, as well as between intrinsic and substitutionally doped graphene. The resulting films form mechanically continuous sheets across these heterojunctions. These...

Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
According to one embodiment, a nonvolatile semiconductor memory device includes a first stacked structure body, a first semiconductor layer, a first organic film, a first semiconductor-side insulating film, and a first electrode-side insulating film. The first stacked structure body includes a plurality of first electrode films stacked along a first direction...

Semiconductor structure and method for forming the same
A semiconductor structure and a method for forming the same are provided. The semiconductor structure comprises: a substrate (); a plurality of convex structures () formed on the substrate (), in which every two adjacent convex structures () are separated by a cavity in a predetermined pattern, and the cavity between...

Liquid coating compositions of polymer matrix resins with photochromic dyes and films made therefrom
In a third aspect, an ophthalmic lens includes a film, and the film includes a photochromic dye in a polymer matrix. The polymer matrix includes at least one allophanate or biuret group, and the at least one allophanate or biuret group includes a silane moiety. In a second aspect, a film includes...

Multilayered polyolefin-based films having integrated backsheet and encapsulation performance comprising a layer comprising crystalline block copolymer composite or block copolymer composite
A multilayer film structure comprising a top encapsulation layer A, a tie Layer B between top Layer A and bottom Layer C and a bottom layer C, the multilayer film structure characterized in that tie Layer B comprises a crystalline block composite resin or a block composite resin and bottom Layer...

Process and structures for fabrication of solar cells
Contact holes of solar cells are formed by laser ablation to accommodate various solar cell designs. Use of a laser to form the contact holes is facilitated by replacing films formed on the diffusion regions with a film that has substantially uniform thickness. Contact holes may be formed to deep diffusion...

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