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Date/App# patent app List of recent Linker-related patents
 Hiv replication inhibitors patent thumbnailnew patent Hiv replication inhibitors
Compounds of formula (i) wherein b is selected from the group consisting of substituted or unsubstituted aryl, substituted or unsubstituted heteroaryl; y is a linker moiety selected from the group consisting of a direct bond. R, r1, r2, and r3 are each individually selected from the group consisting substituted or unsubstituted aryl, substituted or unsubstituted heteroaryl, or heterocycle..
 Template directed split and mix synthesis of small molecule libraries patent thumbnailnew patent Template directed split and mix synthesis of small molecule libraries
The invention combines the advantages of split and mix synthesis with the advantages of template directed synthesis. The method comprises the steps of a) adding a linker molecule l to one or more reaction wells; b) adding a molecule fragment to each of said reaction wells; c) adding an oligonucleotide identifier to each of said reaction wells; d) subjecting said wells to conditions sufficient to allow said molecule fragments and said oligonucleotide identifiers to become attached to said linker molecule, or conditions sufficient for said molecule fragments to bind to other molecule fragments and sufficient for said oligonucleotide identifiers to bind to other oligonucleotide identifiers; e) combining the contents of said one or more reaction wells; and f) contacting the resulting bifunctional molecule(s) of step e) with one or more (oligonucleotide) templates each capable of hybridizing to at least one of the oligonucleotide identifiers added step c)..
 Nucleic acid linker patent thumbnailnew patent Nucleic acid linker
A nucleic acid linker is for producing a complex of mrna and a protein encoded by that mrna, comprising one 3′-terminal region and two branched 5′-terminal regions, wherein the 3′-terminal region comprises a single-stranded polynucleotide segment able to hybridize with the sequence on the 3′-terminal side of the mrna, and an arm segment that branches off from the single-stranded polynucleotide segment and has a linking segment with the protein on the terminal thereof, and one of the two 5′-terminal regions has a binding site with the 3′-terminal of the mrna.. .
 Fuel cell separator sealing material patent thumbnailnew patent Fuel cell separator sealing material
In a fuel cell separator comprising a separator substrate, a first primer layer, a second primer layer, and an elastomeric seal layer, the first primer layer is formed by firing an organometallic compound, the second primer layer is formed by firing an organosilicon compound having a si—h group, and the elastomeric seal layer is formed by curing a liquid addition-curable silicone rubber composition comprising an alkenyl-containing base polymer and an si—h group-containing crosslinker.. .
 Resin compositions for thermosetting powder coating compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Resin compositions for thermosetting powder coating compositions
The invention relates to a resin composition comprising at least an organophosphorous compound and a branched amorphous carboxylic acid functional polyester, said polyester having a tg of at least 40° c., said polyester comprising at least 1 to 45% mol of 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-propanediol; a c3 to c5 aliphatic diol ad1 not including 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-propanediol; a c6 to c50 aliphatic or cycloaliphatic diol ad2; 0.1 to 10% mol of an at least trifunctional monomer; 1 to 55% mol of terephthalic acid, wherein the % mol is based on the polyester. The powder coatings of the present invention derived upon curing at low temperature of the thermosetting powder coating compositions of the invention that were storage stable and comprised said resin composition and a crosslinker having functional groups that are reactive with the carboxylic acid groups of the polyester, have limited or no blooming, good smoothness sufficient reverse impact resistance and preferably have also good degassing limit..
 Microporous coordination complex and method of making the same patent thumbnailnew patent Microporous coordination complex and method of making the same
Disclosed herein is a three-dimensional coordination complex that includes a plurality of inorganic centers; a plurality of a first bis(bidentate) linker; and a plurality of a second bis(bidentate) linker, where the first and the second bis(bidentate) linkers are have different lengths, and the bidentate binding sites on each linker face in opposite directions on an axis.. .
 Methods and compositions for wound healing patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and compositions for wound healing
The present invention relates to methods and compositions for wound healing. In particular, the present invention relates to promoting and enhancing wound healing by utilizing cross-linker covalent modification molecules to attach and deliver wound active agents to a wound.
 Total synthesis and immunological evaluation of saccharide moieties of the lipopolysaccharide from neisseria meningitidis patent thumbnailnew patent Total synthesis and immunological evaluation of saccharide moieties of the lipopolysaccharide from neisseria meningitidis
The present invention relates to the total chemical synthesis of the monosaccharide 35# (r′═h), the disaccharide 36# (r′≠h; r″═h), the trisaccharide 37# (r′≠h; r″≠h; r′″≠h) and the tetrasaccharide 1# (r′≠h; r″≠h; r′″≠h) of the following general formula wherein r represents —y—nh2y represents a linker r′ is h or r″ is h or r′″ is h or of the lipopolysaccharide from neisseria meningitidis, as well as to the trisaccharide 37# and the tetrasaccharide 1#, to vaccines containing at least one of the saccharides 1#, 35#, 36#, and 37# and to the use of such vaccine for immunization against diseases caused by infection with bacteria containing the tetrasaccharide α-glcnac-(1→2)-α-hep-(1→3)-α-hep-(1→5)-α-kdo or the trisaccharide α-hep-(1→3)-α-hep-(1→5)-α-kdo or α-glcnac-(1→2)-α-hep-(1→3)-α-hep, especially for immunization against meningitis, septicaemia, pneumonia and nasopharyngitis caused by neisseria meningitidis.. .
 Influenza vaccine patent thumbnailnew patent Influenza vaccine
Disclosed are immunogenic conjugates having the general formula: ha2-xxx-pr, where ha2 is the influenza ha2 fusion peptide or a portion thereof, xxx is a linker and pr is the carrier. Methods of producing an immune response in a subject using the disclosed immunogenic conjugates, as well as methods of treating, ameliorating or preventing influenza infection, are also disclosed..
 Remote assembly of targeted nanoparticles using complementary oligonucleotide linkers patent thumbnailnew patent Remote assembly of targeted nanoparticles using complementary oligonucleotide linkers
The present invention provides targeted delivery compositions and their methods of use in treating and diagnosing a disease state in a subject. Components of the targeted delivery compositions are put together through duplex formation between oligonucleotides..
new patent Galvanized metal bonding adhesive formulation and process for the use thereof
A two-part adhesive formulation is provided that has an adhesive part a and an activator part b. The part a includes a monomer amount of a methacrylate ester monomer, a crosslinker amount of a polyfunctional monomer, an anti-oxidant, a free-radical polymerization inhibitor, and an adhesion promoter system to improve cured adhesive strength to a substrate, an impact modifier and a toughening agent and a free-radical polymerization initiator.
new patent Method for producing ternesite
The present invention relates to the production of ternesite clinkers containing 20 to 95% by weight c5s2$ and less than 15% by weight c4a3$, and to the use of ternesite as an additive to hydraulic and/or latent hydraulic and/or pozzolanic materials.. .
new patent Calcium sulfoaluminate cement with ternesite
The present invention relates to a ternesite calcium sulfoaluminate clinker as well as a ternesite clinker containing 20 to 100% by weight of c5s2$ and less than 15% by weight of c4a3$, as well as the use of ternesite as an additive to calcium sulfoaluminate (ferrite) (belite) (csa(f)(b)) clinker, calcium sulfoaluminate (ferrite) (belite) cement, and calcium sulfoaluminate (ferrite) (belite) binder containing 10 to 90% by weight of csa(f)(b) and 90 to 10% by weight of ternesite.. .
new patent Ternesite used as an additive in portland cement
The present invention relates to the production of ternesite clinkers containing 20 to 100% by weight c5s2$ and less than 15% by weight c4a3$, and to the use of ternesite as an additive to portland cement or portland composite cement, and to a binder containing 20 to 95% by weight portland cement (clinker) and 80 to 5% by weight ternesite (clinker).. .
new patent Flexible connectors
In one embodiment, the present application discloses a linker comprising a linker body having a first end and a second end, wherein the first end is configured with a first slot, wherein the second end is configured with a second slot, wherein the first slot is configured to form a reversible connection with the second slot or a third slot or a protrusion and wherein the linker, the linker body and the slot comprise of material selected from silicone or a silicone composite.. .
Compositions, methods of synthesis and use of carbohydrate targeted agents
The invention provides d02s derivatives conjugated to monosaccharide ligands directly or through a linker and optionally chelated to a metal, wherein the d02s derivatives having the following structure: wherein r1′, r2′ are each independently —oh or —o-alkyl; r1 is a hydrogen, a linker, or a ligand; r3 is a linker and/or a ligand; and n is an integer from 1 to 10; the linker is an amino acid, a peptide, an amino alcohol, a polyethylylene glycol, an alkyl, an alkenyl, an alkynyl, an azide, an aromatic compound, a carboxylic acid, or an ester, the alkyl, alkenyl, or alkynyl is optionally substituted with an alkyl, a halogen, a nitro group, a hydroxyl group, an amino group, or a carboxyl group; the ligand is a glut1 targeting moiety.. .
Polymer, process and use
There is described a process for producing a gel free hyperbranched polyamide polymer p having a polydispersity of at least 1.1 and a weight average molecular weight of at least 300 daltons, having primary amino groups (useful as a crosslinker). The process comprises the step of reacting reagent a, a compound comprising at least one amino group (—nh2) and one functional group selected from the group consisting of a further amino group (—nh2), thiol (—sh) and a secondary amine radical (—nhr); (where r denotes a hydrocarbo group) (=functional amine) and reagent b, an alpha-beta unsaturated michael-reactive ester comprising a plurality of ester groups (=diester); in a molar ratio of amine a to diester b greater than 1 but less than 3 (preferably 2.1 to 2.9); to form the polyamide in a two stage reaction michael addition and then amidation.
Method and kit for constructing plasma dna sequencing library
The disclosure relates a method and a kit for constructing a plasma deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) sequencing library. The method provided by the disclosure includes: extracting a plasma dna; making the plasma dna ligate to a sequencing linker, and purifying a ligation product; performing polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplification for the purified ligation product, purifying the pcr amplification product, and obtaining the plasma dna sequencing library, wherein, the method does not include the step of performing 5′-terminus phosphorylation for the plasma dna.
Encoded polymeric microparticles
Provided are encoded polymeric microparticles and a multiplexed bioassay using the encoded polymeric microparticles. Each of the encoded polymeric microparticles includes an encoded polymeric microparticle core and a silica shell surrounding the microparticle core.
Probe with multiple target region specificity and of tripartite character
Probes and methods are described for detecting polymorphisms, including short tandem repeats, in a target nucleotide sequence. The probes include first and second regions separated by a linker sequence, with the first and second regions having discrete melting temperatures with their respective target sequences.
Heterobifunctional linkers with polyethylene glycol segments and immune response modifier conjugates made therefrom
Conjugates of an immune response modifier, a linker, and an antigen are disclosed. The linker is represented by formula (i): wherein a is ch or n, p is in a range from 1 to 50, r″ is a bond or -alkylene-o—, r′ is alkylene that is optionally interrupted or terminated with one or more amide or ether groups, and e is an amine- or thiol-reactive group.
Nemorubicin metabolite and analog reagents, antibody-drug conjugates and methods
Where one or more nemorubicin metabolite or analog drug moieties (d) are covalently attached by a linker (l) to an antibody (ab) which binds to one or more tumor-associated antigens or cell-surface receptors. These compounds may be useful in methods of diagnosis or treatment of cancer, and other diseases and disorders..
Pegylated interleukin-10
Interleukin-10 (il-10) conjugated via a linker to one or more polyethylene glycol (peg) molecules at a single amino acid residue of the il-10, and a method for preparing the same, are provided. The method produces a stable mono-pegylated il-10, which retains il-10 activity, where pegylation is selective for the n-terminus on one subunit of il-10 with little or no formation of monomeric il-10.
Antibody-sn-38 immunoconjugates with a cl2a linker
The present invention concerns improved methods and compositions for preparing sn-38 conjugates of proteins or peptides, preferably immunoconjugates of antibodies or antigen-binding antibody fragments. More preferably, the sn-38 is attached to the antibody or antibody fragment using a cl2a linker, with 1-12, more preferably 6 or less, most preferably 1-5 sn-38 moieties per antibody or antibody fragment.
Saddle type vehicle
A saddle type vehicle is provided wherein the visibility thereof can be improved. The saddle type vehicle includes a headlamp configured to illuminate the front of the vehicle and position lamps configured to emit light for the visibility of the vehicle or act as blinkers.
Ammonium halide as gelation retarder for crosslinkable polymer compositions
A method for blocking the permeability of a portion of a subterranean formation including the steps of: (a) selecting the portion of the subterranean formation to be treated, wherein the bottomhole temperature of the portion of the subterranean formation is equal to or greater than 250° f. (121° c.); (b) selecting estimated treatment conditions, wherein the estimated treatment conditions comprise temperature over a treatment time; (c) forming a treatment fluid that is a crosslinkable polymer composition comprising: (i) a water-soluble polymer, wherein the water-soluble polymer comprises a polymer of at least one non-acidic ethylenically unsaturated polar monomer; (ii) an organic crosslinker capable of crosslinking the water-soluble polymer; (iii) an ammonium halide; and (iv) water; (d) selecting the water-soluble polymer, the crosslinker, the ammonium halide, and the water, and the proportions thereof, such that the gelation time is at least 2 hours under the estimated treatment conditions; and (e) injecting the treatment fluid..
Acid-cleavable linkers exhibiting altered rates of acid hydrolysis
An acid-cleavable peptide linker comprising aspartic acid and proline residues is disclosed. The acid-cleavable peptide linker provides an altered sensitivity to acid-hydrolytic release of peptides of interest from fusion peptides of the formula pep1-l-pep2.
Cleaning compositions employing extended chain anionic surfactants
The invention discloses synergistic combinations of surfactants blends and cleaning composition. In certain embodiments a surfactant system is disclosed which includes extended anionic surfactants, linker surfactants, and a multiply charged cation component.
Photo-curable resin composition, photo-curable dry film, patterning process, protective film, and electric/electronic part
A photo-curable resin composition comprising a silicone-containing polymer, a photobase generator, a solvent, and optionally an epoxy resin crosslinker forms a coating which serves as a protective film for the protection of electric/electronic parts.. .
Monomethylvaline compounds capable of conjugation to ligands
Auristatin peptides, including meval-val-dil-dap-norephedrine (mmae) and meval-val-dil-dap-phe (mmaf), were prepared and attached to ligands through various linkers, including maleimidocaproyl-val-cit-pab. The resulting ligand drug conjugates were active in vitro and in vivo..
Novel vista-ig constructs and the use of vista-ig for treatment of autoimmune, allergic and inflammatory disorders
The present invention relates to a fusion proteins comprising regulatory t cell protein, vista (v-domain immunoglobulin suppressor of t cell activation (pd-l3) and an immunoglobulin protein (ig), preferably also containing a flexible linker intervening the vista and ig fc polypeptide. The invention also provides the use of vista polypeptides, multimeric vista polypeptides, vista-conjugates (e.g., vista-ig), and vista antagonists for the treatment of autoimmune disease, allergy, and inflammatory conditions, especially lupus, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, multiple sclerosis, crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease and type 1 or type 2 diabetes..
Short-range cornering light in an exterior mirror
The invention relates to a short-range cornering light in the exterior mirror (3) of a vehicle, which contains at least one lighting unit (5) that comprises at least one mirror blinker, characterized in that the lighting unit (5) contains means for illuminating a short-range area (6) that extends at least alongside the vehicle and in front of the exterior mirror (3) in the driving direction, wherein the means can be activated below a threshold speed of the vehicle (1).. .
Organic light emitting composition, device and method
Disclosed is a crosslinkable light-emitting composition comprising at least one host material, at least one phosphorescent light-emitting dopant, a first crosslinker comprising an unsaturated carbon-carbon bond group and a second crosslinker comprising a ring system capable of undergoing ring-opening crosslinking.. .
Electron-conducting crosslinked polyaniline-based redox hydrogel, and method of making
A polymer matrix that may coated on an electrode is created by co-crosslinking (1) an adduct of a polyaniline formed by templated oxidative polymerization on a polymer acid; (2) a water-soluble crosslinker; and (3) a redox enzyme. The polymer matrix may be hydrated, and the absorbed water may make it permeable to, for example, glucose.
Code generating system and method
A code generating system includes a code converting module and a linker. The code converting module is configured to generate a plurality of candidate instructions, in response to a source code.
Folate receptor binding conjugates of antifolates
Conjugates of antifolates, releasable linkers, and drugs, and pharmaceutical compositions containing them are described. The conjugates are useful for treating diseases arising from pathogenic cell populations.
Hydrophilic thiol probe
Wherein r1 represents a linker group, and r2 represents a substituted ammonium group or a substituted amino group. A mass spectrometry method for a protein, comprising the steps of: obtaining a modified protein by reacting the thiol probe with a protein to be subjected to mass spectrometry; and subjecting the modified protein to mass spectrometry..
Fet sensors with subtractive probes for indirect detection and methods
The present invention relates to compositions on a fet sensor for detecting wide variety of biological entities. The composition of the fet sensor comprises a linker probe having a region for binding a biological entity, and enzymatic region that can cleave or change the position of a cargo molecule bound to the linker probe.
Process and device for the purification of waste gases
For the purification of waste gas containing nitrogen oxides in combination with co, vocs or nitrous oxide, in particular waste gas resulting from the production of cement clinker, nitric acid, adipic acid, fertilizers and uranium trioxide, a regenerative thermal post-combustion system with at least two regenerators (a, b) is used by means of which the co, vocs and nitrous oxide are thermally purified in the combustion chamber (1) at a temperature of 800 to 1000° c. And the nitrogen oxides are thermally reduced with the scr catalyst (6) by adding a nitrogen-hydrogen compound, wherein the waste gas already thermally purified is removed from the respective two-part regenerator (a or b) at a suitable place at a temperature of approx.
Electrowetting device
Electrowetting apparatus including a compound comprising a plurality of colorant moieties and a linker. The plurality of colorant moieties includes a first colorant moiety having a first net dipole and a second colorant moiety having a second net dipole, wherein the plurality of colorant moieties are linked by and disposed around the linker so that the first net dipole and the second net dipole at least partially cancel each other..
Nuclease fusion protein and uses thereof
The present invention is concerned with nuclease fusion proteins and various uses thereof. Specifically, it relates to a polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide comprising (i) a first module comprising at least a first dna binding domain derived from a homing endonuclease, (ii) a linker, and (iii) a second module comprising at least a second dna binding domain and a cleavage domain derived from a restriction endonuclease, wherein said polypeptide functionally interacts only with dna comprising a dna recognition site for the first dna binding domain and a dna recognition site for the second dna binding domain, and wherein said cleavage domain cleaves dna within a specific dna cleavage site upon binding of the polypeptide.
Thermoplastic sheet, a radiation mask of thermoplastic sheet and method for providing said sheet and said mask
The present invention relates to a thermoplastic composition suitable for manufacturing a thermoplastic sheet for producing a medical cast, such as a radiation mask. The composition has a polymeric component comprising a mixture of a styrene acrylonitrile copolymer and polycaprolactone, optionally together with a cross-linker and/or a filler, wherein the polymeric component comprises, 20 to 40 weight % of a styrene acrylonitrile copolymer and 80 to 60 weight % of a polycaprolactone, expressed in weight % of the polymeric component, wherein the thermoplastic composition has a glass transition temperature of 35° c.-80° c.
Nanoparticle chains and preparation thereof
Fabrication and arrangement of nanoparticles into one-dimensional linear chains is achieved by successive chemical reactions, each reaction adding one or more nanoparticles by building onto exposed, unprotected linker functionalities. Optionally, protecting groups may be used to control and organize growth.
Mutant protein capable of binding specifically and quickly to troponin i derived from human myocardium
Provided is a mutant protein capable of binding specifically and quickly to troponin i derived from human myocardium. The mutant protein comprises a first mutant scfv antibody fragment 51 a second mutant scfv antibody fragment 52 and a linker 53.
Preparation of conjugated aromatic/heteroaromatic oligomer-containing dielectric polymers and their applications
A π-conjugated aromatic/heteroaromatic oligomer-containing vinyl monomer is generally provided, which can include a polymerizable group, a linker group, and a π-conjugated aromatic/heteroaromatic side chain. The π-conjugated aromatic/heteroaromatic side chain includes a first cyclopentadiene ring covalently attached to the linder group, a set of second cyclopentadiene rings covalently attached to the first cyclopentadiene ring, and a third cyclopentadiene ring positioned at a terminal end of the π-conjugated aromatic/heteroaromatic side chain such that the set of second cyclopentadiene rings is positioned between the first cyclopentadiene ring and the third cyclopentadiene ring.
Kisspeptide-pentasaccharide conjugates
The invention relates to kisspeptide-pentasaccharide conjugates having the general formula (i) wherein z1 is tyr or d-tyr; z3 is trp, hyp, phe or lys(r2); z5 is thr, aib or ala; z7 is gly or azagly; z8 is leu; or z7 and z8 together represent; z10 is phe or trp; n is 0 or 1; or r2, when present, represents a pentasaccharide derivative having the formula (ii) wherein r is methyl or so3x; x is a positively charged counterion; with the proviso that when r2 is present, r1 is h or (c1-6) alkylcarbonyl; r3 is h or (c1-3)alkyl; and l represents a pharmacologically inactive linker moiety having 10-50 atoms; or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; to pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same as well as to the use of said kisspeptide-pentasaccharide conjugates in the treatment of female infertility.. .
Bipartite inhibitors of bacterial rna polymerase
The invention provides bipartite inhibitors of bacterial rna polymerase having the general structural formula (i): x-α-y (i) wherein x is an moiety that binds to the rifamycin binding site of a bacterial rna polymerase, y is a moiety that binds to the ge23077 binding site of a bacterial rna polymerase, and is a linker. The invention also provides compositions comprising such compounds, methods of making such compounds, and methods of using said compounds.
Opioid prodrugs with heterocyclic linkers
The embodiments provide prodrug compounds of formulae i-xv. The present disclosure also provides compositions, and their methods of use, where the compositions comprise a prodrug compound of formulae i-xv that provides controlled release of an opioid.
Novel reagents for directed biomarker signal amplification
Described herein are methods, compositions and articles of manufacture involving neutral conjugated polymers including methods for synthesis of neutral conjugated water-soluble polymers with linkers along the polymer main chain structure and terminal end capping units. Such polymers may serve in the fabrication of novel optoelectronic devices and in the development of highly efficient biosensors.
Massive parallel method for decoding dna and rna
This invention provides methods for attaching a nucleic acid to a solid surface and for sequencing nucleic acid by detecting the identity of each nucleotide analogue after the nucleotide analogue is incorporated into a growing strand of dna in a polymerase reaction. The invention also provides nucleotide analogues which comprise unique labels attached to the nucleotide analogue through a cleavable linker, and a cleavable chemical group to cap the —oh group at the 3′-position of the deoxyribose..
Cross-linking compositions and related methods of isotope tagging of interacting proteins and analysis of protein interactions
An isotope labeled asymmetric cross-linker is provided for the detection of cross-linked peptides. A cross-linking and mass spectrometry strategy, referred to as isotope tagging of interacting proteins (itip), improves the specificity of detecting cross-linked peptides and accurate identification of the interacting peptide sequences via the incorporation of isotopic signatures that are readily observed in the ms/ms spectrum.
Molecular conjugate
A method is disclosed for making a conjugate of two molecules using a hydrazide thiol linker. In a particular working embodiment, an fc-specific antibody-enzyme conjugate is made using the method and demonstrated to provide exceptional staining sensitivity and specificity in immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization assays..
Dual acting prodrugs
The present invention relates to a prodrug which comprises at least two different pharmaceutically and/or diagnostically active compounds independently bound by cleavable linkers and a protein-binding moiety which is capable of binding to carrier a molecule.. .
Blanket materials for indirect printing method comprising structured organic films (sofs)
An intermediate image transfer member for indirect printing contains a layer containing a structured organic film (sof). The sof contains a plurality of segments including at least a first segment type and a plurality of linkers comprising at least a first linker type, arranged as a covalent organic framework (cof), where at least the first segment type optionally contains fluorine..
Dog harness
A dog harness is comprised of a torso strap encircling a dogs chest, connected to a chest strap passing around the chest of a dog, and a shoulder strap passing over the back of a dog. The chest strap is provided with a elongate linker.
Driver assistance system and method for operating a driver assistance system
A driver assistance system for a vehicle including: a detection device for detecting the vehicle surroundings, a position determination device for determining a vehicle position relative to the vehicle surroundings, a database having an ontological data structure in which traffic rules are implemented, a linker for linking the detected vehicle surroundings and the vehicle position to the ontological data structure to form a linked data structure, and an evaluator for evaluating the linked data structure. Also described is a method for operating a driver assistance system for a vehicle..
Anticancer agent
The invention relates to a method for preparing a bisphosphonate covalently bonded to a nanostructure. This invention also relates to a bisphosphonate having incorporated therein a radioisotope selected from 32p or 33p, preferably 33p, wherein the bisphosphonate is covalently bonded to a nanostructure directly or by way of a linker, and to the use thereof in a method of treating calcific tumours in a patient..
Nanoparticle coated with ligand introduced with long hydrophobic chain and method for preparing same
The present invention relates to a nanoparticle having a linker connected to a long alkane or alkene chain, and a method for preparing the nanoparticle. The alkyl chain of c10-30 introduced with a ligand of the present invention can be coated on a hydrophobic nanoparticle through a noncovalent bond, enabling easy introduction of various ligands to the nanoparticle, and the nanoparticle having various functional groups prepared using the method can be applied to fluorescent detection, mri, raman spectroscopy, optical detection, pet, spect, or gamma image device, and the ligand of the visualization agents can be modified to be used for new vessels detection, cancer cell detection, immunocyte detection, hepatocyte detection, cell death detection, and gene detection..
Temperature controlling system and method for battery
The present invention provides a temperature controlling system for a battery in an energy storage system, the temperature controlling system including: a converter comprising a plurality of switches and a converter inductor, the converter being configured to increase or decrease a voltage of the battery; a dc linker comprising first and second capacitors that are coupled in series and configured to stabilize an output voltage of the converter; and an inverter comprising a plurality of switches and an inductor, the inverter being configured to invert an input voltage, wherein the inverter further comprises a switch coupled between a terminal of the inductor and a first node between the first and second capacitors of the dc linker to provide a current from the inductor to the battery.. .
Fluorescent tags for detection of swellable polymers
The invention is directed to stable crosslinked swellable fluorescently tagged polymeric microparticles, methods for making same, and their various uses. A particularly important use is as an injection fluid in petroleum production, where the expandable polymeric particles are injected into target zone and when the heat and/or suitable ph of the target zone cause degradation of the labile crosslinker and the microparticles expand.
Cleaning compositions and emulsions or microemulsions employing extended chain nonionic surfactants
Synergistic combinations of extended chain surfactants and co-surfactants, emulsions or microemulsions and cleaning compositions incorporating the same are provided. In certain embodiments a surfactant system is disclosed which includes extended nonionic surfactants, and a linker surfactant.

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