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Lighting patents

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Biosensing electronic devices

Universal Display

Biosensing electronic devices

Sports lighting to increase contrast


Sports lighting to increase contrast

Sports lighting to increase contrast

On-bright Electronics (shanghai)

Led lighting systems and methods for constant current control in various operation modes

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lighting-related patents
 Lighting control system patent thumbnailLighting control system
A method for controlling a light, comprising: providing a first sensor device (11) comprising a first transmitter and a first occupancy sensor; providing a lighting controller (1) comprising a receiver and a second sensor; and transmitting an occupancy signal from the first transmitter to the receiver. The occupancy signal comprises a repeated cycle of transmission phases and silent phases, such that during a transmission phase the transmitter transmits and during a silent phase the transmitter does not transmit.
C.p. Electronics Limited

 Biosensing electronic devices patent thumbnailBiosensing electronic devices
The device consists of measuring aspects of human activity or emotion and then communicating that information to an adjustable lighting device or electronic display (as part of a phone, tablet, computer etc) such that the color temperature (or luminance) of the display or lamp is adjusted to match the mood of the user e.g. Warmer in the evening close to the end of the day, and cooler in the morning for productivity..
Universal Display Corporation

 Sports lighting to increase contrast patent thumbnailSports lighting to increase contrast
Apparatus, method, and system for improving visibility of objects against a background. Background luminance is monitored for an event or condition.
Musco Corporation

 Led lighting  constant current control in various operation modes patent thumbnailLed lighting constant current control in various operation modes
System and method for providing at least an output current to one or more light emitting diodes. The system includes a control component configured to receive at least a demagnetization signal, a sensed signal and a reference signal and to generate a control signal based on at least information associated with the demagnetization signal, the sensed signal and the reference signal, and a logic and driving component configured to receive at least the control signal and output a drive signal to a switch based on at least information associated with the control signal.
On-bright Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 Multiple backlight keyboard patent thumbnailMultiple backlight keyboard
This application relates to a dynamic lighting circuit for a keyboard of a computing device. The lighting circuit described herein includes several light emitting diode (led) drivers having multiple channels for controlling multiple leds.
Apple Inc.

 Operation of an illuminant by means of a resonant converter patent thumbnailOperation of an illuminant by means of a resonant converter
The invention relates to an operating device for loads in the form of lighting means, particularly for leds, comprising: a clocked converter (b) having a switching element (20); a control unit (c) for switching the switching element (20) with an operating frequency, the operating frequency of the converter (b) being modulated as a forward or feedforward control.. .
Tridonic Gmbh & Co Kg

 Dimmable universal voltage led power supply with regenerating power source circuitry and non-isolated load patent thumbnailDimmable universal voltage led power supply with regenerating power source circuitry and non-isolated load
A light-emitting diode (led) lighting device has an led and a power supply including an inductor coupled to the led. A cathode of the led is coupled to the inductor opposite an anode of the led.
Enertron, Inc.

 Solid state lighting devices with color point non-coincident with blackbody locus patent thumbnailSolid state lighting devices with color point non-coincident with blackbody locus
Solid state lighting devices include at least one electrically activated solid state light emitter and at least one lumiphor (or multiple electrically activated emitters optionally devoid of a lumiphor), with resulting emissions arranged to attain a color point in a desired cct range (e.g., from 2,500k to 10,000k) that is non-coincident with a blackbody or planckian locus, preferably with a negative planckian offset delta u′v′ value (below the planckian locus) according to a cie 1976 chromaticity diagram, such as a value in a range of no greater than negative 0.01.. .
Cree, Inc.

 Method and system for controlling a display system patent thumbnailMethod and system for controlling a display system
A control system and a method that controls a display system are provided. The control system receives sensing signals from one or more sensors and controls the display of items based on the sensing signals received.
Smart Tlcd Limited

 Fault localisation patent thumbnailFault localisation
Proposed is an improved method of determining the location of a common fault on a line in a telecommunications network. An overall performance measure is generated for each of the lines in the network based on various electrical measurements, highlighting potentially faulty lines.
British Telecommunications Public Limited Company


Wireless christmas tree lighting and ornaments device and system using non-radiative energy transfer

A system is for wireless non-radiative energy transfer. A transmitter comprises an inductively coupled power source that is configured to provide a magnetic energy field.
Powered By Aura, Llc


Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, display device, electronic device, and lighting device

Provided is a light-emitting element which includes a first electrode, a second electrode over the first electrode, and first and second light-emitting layers therebetween. The first light-emitting layer contains a first host material and a first light-emitting material, and the second light-emitting layer contains a second host material and a second light-emitting material.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Organic light emitting compound and organic light emitting device including the same

Also disclosed is an organic light emitting device including the organic light emitting compound. The organic light emitting device can be driven at a low voltage to achieve high power efficiency.


Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, lighting device, and electronic device

A light-emitting element is provided, in which n (n is a natural number of two or more) el layers are provided between an anode and a cathode. Between the m-th (m is a natural number, 1≦m≦n−1) el layer and the (m+1)-th el layer, a first layer containing any of an alkali metal, an alkaline earth metal, a rare earth metal, an alkali metal compound, an alkaline earth metal compound, and a rare earth metal compound, a second layer containing a substance having high electron-transport properties in contact with the first layer, and a charge-generation layer containing a substance having high hole-transport properties and an acceptor substance in contact with the second layer are provided in this order over the anode.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Energy generation device using non-maxwellian gases

An energy generator using a potential energy gradient applied to a non-maxwellian gas occupying and restricted to a volume, to generate a temperature difference between regions in this volume. This temperature difference occurs in the absence of any flow of particles in or out of this volume.


Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device

A light-emitting device includes a first light-emitting element emitting blue light, a second light-emitting element emitting green light, and a third light-emitting element emitting red light. A first reflective electrode and a first transparent conductive film, a second reflective electrode and a second transparent conductive film, and a third reflective electrode and a third transparent conductive film are stacked in the first to third light-emitting elements, respectively.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Optical semiconductor lighting apparatus

An optical semiconductor lighting apparatus including: a substrate in which a single led chip or a plurality of led chips are disposed; a first mold portion disposed on the substrate to cover the plurality of led chips; and a second mold portion extending from an edge of the first mold portion and disposed on the substrate. The respective led chips can improve adhesive strength with respect to the substrate through the first and second mold portions.
Posco Led Company Ltd.


Modular push switch mechanism

The present invention is directed to switch device that includes a switch actuator having a user-accessible surface, the user accessible surface including an indicator element and an interior channel optically coupled to the indicator element. The switch actuator is configured to actuate a mechanical linkage by moving between a first actuator position and a second actuator position in response to a user-stimulus, the mechanical linkage actuation driving the set of electrical contacts between a first contact state and a second contact state.
Pass & Seymour, Inc.


Standalone wireless lighting application

In one embodiment, a wireless lighting application (app) is executed on a mobile device to configure a wireless lighting control system including a plurality of wireless lighting control devices. A connection is established between the mobile device and a wireless lighting control device.
Savant Systems, Llc


Shading cg representations of materials

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for shading computer graphics (cg) representations of materials. One of the methods includes obtaining data describing a physical material; receiving a shading request to shade a particular point in a cg representation of the physical material from a rendering engine, wherein the request identifies a mapping position of the particular point, a view direction at the mapping position, and a light direction at the mapping position; calculating a direct lighting color at the mapping position using a plurality of palettized images; calculating an indirect lighting color at the mapping position using the data describing the physical material; generating a final color at the mapping position by combining the direct lighting color and the indirect lighting color; and providing the final color to the rendering engine for use in rendering the cg representation of the physical material..
Chaos Software Ltd.


Efficient lighting effects in design software

System, methods, and apparatus allow for maintaining a real-time rendering time for rendering the lighting effect during a time interval that is independent of the number of the one or more light sources within the design space. One or more implementations allow a user to provide inputs regarding the location of an object within a design space.
Dirtt Environmental Solutions, Ltd.


Selection of popular highlights

Highlights from a community of users highlighting portions of an electronic digital content are analyzed and popular highlights determined. The popular highlights are then distributed to the users..
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Systems and methods for providing a lighting control system layout for a site

Methods and systems for providing a lighting control system layout for a site. The site includes a plurality of floors and a plurality of lighting control system components.
Kenall Manufacturing Company


Apparatus and verifying lightning arrester of high voltage direct current transmission system

Provided is an apparatus for an insulation design. The apparatus for the insulation design, which performs the insulation design of a high voltage direct current (hvdc) transmission system, includes an insulation design part, a lighting arrester modeling part, a simulation test part, a comparison part, and a result output part..
Lsis Co., Ltd.


System and processing control commands in a voice interactive system

A system and method for processing user speech commands in a voice interactive system is disclosed. Users issue speech phrases on a local device in a premises network, and the local devices first determine if the speech phrases match any commands in a set of local control commands.
Tyco Safety Products Canada Ltd.


Method for designating a subset of a basic set of data records stored in a memory unit and for visualizing at least a part of the designated subset on a display unit

A method for designating a subset of a basic set of data records stored in a memory unit and for visualizing at least a part of the designated subset on a display unit. To designate the subset on the display unit, at least two graphically delimited display regions are formed.
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft


Automation and motion control system

An automation and motion control system for the entertainment industry is used to dynamically respond to random or unknown inputs as well as known inputs and to coordinate the movement and operation of the objects, such as theatrical props, cameras, stunt persons, lighting, scenery, drapery, kinetic art sculptures, moving displays or other similar types of devices or items, on a large scale.. .
Tait Towers Manufacturing, Llc


System and automating electrical devices at a building structure

An electrical control system for automatically controlling the operation of a plurality of electronic control units, each of which is operatively connected to one or more electrical devices. The electronic control units are configured to communicate with a client device having access to a user application configurable by a user.


Direct backlight module

The present invention provides a direct backlight module, which includes: a backlight frame (2), a backlight source (4) mounted in the backlight frame (2), and a diffuser plate (8) mounted on the backlight frame (2) and located above the backlight source (4). The backlight frame (2) includes a bottom frame (22) and a plurality of side boards (24) mounted to outer edges of the bottom frame.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Liquid crystal module and electronic device

A liquid crystal module (1) of the present invention includes: a backlight (2) (a lighting device) that emits a light; a liquid crystal panel (3) that is struck by a light emitted from the lighting device; and a power transmitting coil (4) that receives a voltage from an ac power supply, generates a magnetic field, and transfers an electrical power to a device to be charged.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Light source module and lighting device having the same

Provided are a light source module capable of providing a line shaped beam with various effects using optical patterns of both sides of a light guide layer optical pattern, and a lighting device having the light source module. The light source module, including: a first optical layer having a first surface, a second opposite to the first surface, and a first optical pattern on the first surface or the second surface; a second optical layer having a third surface facing the second, a fourth surface opposite to the third surface, and a second optical pattern on the third surface or the fourth surface; a light guide layer on the first optical layer; and a light source part supplying an incident beam into the light guide layer..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Methods and surface classification

In illustrative implementations of this invention, light sources illuminate a surface with multi-spectral, multi-directional illumination that varies in direction, wavelength, coherence and collimation. One or more cameras capture images of the surface while the surface is illuminated under different lighting conditions.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Device for illuminating bbs emanating from an airsoft gun and method therefor

A device for illuminating bbs emanating from an airsoft gun has a lighting element positioned proximate a breech area of the airsoft gun to illuminate the breech area, a switching device is coupled to the lighting element. A power source is coupled to the switching device and the lighting element..


Lighting device

A lighting device may be provided that comprises: a cover; a member comprising a first placement portion, a second placement portion and a guide disposed between the first placement portion and the second placement portion; a light source module disposed on the first placement portion; a heat sink comprising a first receiver and a second receiver, the first receiver being defined by a flat surface and a plurality of heat radiating fins extending from an edge portion of the flat surface; and a circuitry disposed in the second receiver; wherein the second placement portion is disposed in the first receiver, wherein a first portion of the guide is couple to the cover and a second portion of the guide is couple to the heat radiating fins of the heat sink, and wherein the guide is spaced apart from the flat surface, the guide contacts the heat radiating fins, and the guide is disposed on the heat radiating fins.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Light emitting diode (led) lighting device with heat sink

A light emitting diode (led) lighting device including a circuit configured to energize a surface mount led lamp having an integral led heat sink with a source of power. The led lighting device further includes a printed circuit board having a first side, a second side and a metallic thermal connector extending from the first side to the second side.


Portable upright stand

Embodiments include systems, methods, and apparatuses for providing a portable upright stand. A portable upright stand can include a pole for suspending objects such as string lighting, protective coverings, etc.


Luminaire ceiling mounting mechanism

Provided is a device including a base configured for attachment to a lighting fixture. The device also includes an engagement mechanism having first and second portions configured for mounting the lighting fixture within a recess of a substantially flat member having first and second ends.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


Flexible led light source panel, and flexible led lighting device for taking image by using the same panel

Provided is a flexible led light source panel including: a flexible led module in which a plurality of leds is disposed in an array form on a flexible circuit board; a protective sheet stacked on the flexible led module and diffusing light from the leds; a heat conduction sheet disposed under the flexible led module; a heat radiation sheet disposed under the heat conduction sheet, made of fireproof fiber, and coated with a carbon nano tube molecule having a grid or vertical structure; and a light source guide having a quadrilateral shape.. .


Electronically controlled stage lighting system

A lighting system operating using a digital mirror as its operative device. The digital mirror is used to shape the light which is a passed through advanced optical devices in order to produce an output..
Production Resource Group, Llc


Lighting unit, especially for road illumination

The invention provides a lighting unit (100) comprising (a) a lighting unit cavity (130), (b) a light source unit (110), for light source unit light (111), wherein the light source unit (110) comprises a light source (1100) and a collimator (1200), and (c) a light exit window (120), configured to enclose at least part of the lighting unit cavity (130) and configured to allow transmission of at least part of the light source unit light (111) as a beam of light (101), wherein the light exit window (120) comprises an upstream face (125) and a downstream face (126), with the upstream face (125) directed to the lighting unit cavity (130); wherein the upstream face (125) comprises light outcoupling structures (140), configured to couple the light source unit light (111) via the light exit window (120) out of the lighting unit (100).. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Lighting device

Provided is a lighting device, including: a light source module comprising at least one light source on a printed circuit board, and a resin layer in which the light source is embedded; a light reflection member which is adjacent to at least any one of one side surface and the other side surface of the resin layer; and an optical plate comprising a side wall which is closely adhered to the light reflection member, and an upper surface which covers an upper part of the light source module, wherein a haze of the optical plate is less than 30%.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Linear lighting systems, manufacturing and methods to configure the same

Linear lighting fixtures intended to be incorporated into thin architectural surfaces, interconnected and configurable as a continuous run with potential to follow the direction of adjacent planar surface in three dimensional spaces while maintaining the structural integrity of the supporting framework within the scope of the majority of building code specifications.. .


Low luminance lighting

Novel and advantageous lighting modules and systems are provided. Lighting modules and systems according to embodiments of the subject invention can be low-luminance, high-efficiency, low-glare lighting modules.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Led light fixture for use in public transportation facilities

Led lighting systems, mounting configurations, and light fixtures are disclosed for original and retrofit configurations. Some configurations mount the light fixture with a mounting bracket that allows for the removal and replacement of the light fixture in about the same time as a traditional light bulb change.
Clear-vu Lighting Llc


Built-in lighting device and corresponding production method

A built-in lighting device comprising a supporting body which is structured/shaped so as to be recessed in a wall with a front face which surfaces/emerges from the wall, and a light source which is placed inside a concave recess purposely realized on the front face of said supporting body; the supporting body comprising a solid compact block which is made of polymeric-material foam and downward approximates the shape of the supporting body, and a protective surface shell which is made of hard rigid composite material and covers at least the surface portion of the block of polymeric-material foam which forms/delimits the concave recess of the supporting body.. .


Lighting device and corresponding mounting housing, kit and method

A lighting device may include a strip-like carrier with a first and a second opposed faces with light radiation sources on the first face, and a strip-like profiled member having a pi-shaped cross section, including a channel-like central portion with a bottom wall and side walls. The strip-like carrier is arranged in the profiled member with the first face and the light radiation sources facing outwardly of the central portion and the second face facing the bottom wall of central portion.
Osram Gmbh


Illumination device having broad lighting distribution

An illumination device includes at least one semiconductor light emitting element, a supporting base, and a lamp housing. The semiconductor light emitting element is disposed on the supporting base.
Formosa Epitaxy Incorporation


Rotatable awning with illumination

Various embodiments of a rotatable awning with illumination are provided. The awning includes an axial groove wherein a plurality of luminaires are located for lighting of an area below and around an extended awning.
Dometic Corporation


Organic compound, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic appliance, and lighting device

An organic compound that emits blue light with high color purity and has a long lifetime is provided as a novel substance. The organic compound is a fluorescent organic compound having a structure in which benzonaphthofuranylamine is bonded to the 1-position and the 6-position of a pyrene skeleton..
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Seatbelt lighting system

A lighting system for a vehicle seatbelt assembly is provided herein. The lighting system includes a light source disposed on a seatbelt webbing.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Plasma growth lamp for horticulture

A lamp apparatus for horticulture lighting is disclosed. The lamp apparatus is a high intensity electrodeless plasma lamp with an optimized spectrum for horticulture applications.
Topanga Usa, Inc.


A controlling a lighting system and a lighting system

A lighting system and a corresponding method are provided. The method comprises: sending a change operational state command to a lighting device group (3) comprising several lighting devices (9); at each lighting device, applying a randomized delay within a predetermined delay interval or an individual predetermined delay within the delay interval; changing the operational state in accordance with the change operational state command at each lighting device at the end of each respective delay; detecting changes in the total drive power fed to the group of lighting devices within the delay interval and counting the total number of changes; comparing the total number of changes with a nominal number corresponding with the number of lighting devices within the group of lighting devices; generating a lighting device error signal if the number of changes is smaller than a predetermined fraction of the nominal number, including the nominal number..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Lighting device

Provided is a lighting device. The lighting device includes a light emitting diode (led) printed circuit board (pcb) on which led devices for emitting light are disposed, the led pcb controlling an operation of each of the led devices, a converter pcb for supplying power into the led pcb, a housing having a space in which the led pcb is accommodated, the housing having a heat dissipation structure, a communication module disposed under the led pcb, the communication module allowing the lighting device to communicate with an external device, and a signal receiving unit connected to the communication module, the signal receiving unit being disposed on the led pcb.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Commissioning led (light emitting diode) lighting system and assembling same

In one embodiment, the present invention includes a commissioning lighting system. The lighting system comprises a plurality of light emitting diode (led) lighting elements, and a plurality of radio frequency (rf) enabled ethernet power driver devices.


Methods and causing leds to generate light output comprising a modulated signal

Methods and apparatus for changing a dc supply voltage applied to a lighting circuit are disclosed. In specific cases, a constant voltage power supply is used to power an led lighting circuit in which there are uncertainties within the forward voltages of the leds, which in turn creates uncertainty with respect to the current level flowing through the leds.
Arkalumen Inc.


Control circuit of led lighting apparatus

Provided is a control circuit of a light emitting diode (led) lighting apparatus which is capable of reducing a flicker while performing a lighting operation using a rectified voltage. The control circuit may include a charge and discharge module charged to perform a charge operation using a rectified voltage and a discharge operation for led channels, and the charge and discharge module may provide a discharge current to the led channels during a discharge period including the lowest current point at which the level of the current supplied to the plurality of led channels is the lowest.
Silicon Works Co., Ltd.


Synchronized pwm-dimming with random phase

Pwm-based dimming techniques are provided for lighting systems. The techniques can be used to eliminate or otherwise reduce the potential for strobing and flickering, and may be implemented, for example, in a driver suitable for powering led lighting systems, but can be used with other suitable light sources as well.
Osram Sylvania Inc.


Led (light-emitting diode) string derived controller power supply

An led lighting device includes an auxiliary power supply that supplies power to a control circuit of the led lighting device that receives an input from a terminal of a light-emitting diode (led) string of the lighting device that has a substantially lower voltage than the line voltage to which the lighting device is connected. The terminal may be within the led string, or may be an end of the string.


System and controlling a multiple-color lighting device

A light-emitting structure, comprising: a ground path; a first current path receiving a control current; a first light-emitting element receiving the control current from the first current path and generating light within a first wavelength range based on the control current; a first conductive substrate portion formed over the first light-emitting element, and receiving the control current from the first light-emitting element; a first connection element receiving the first control current from the first conductive substrate; a second current path receiving the control current from the first connection element; a second light-emitting element receiving the first control current from the second current path, and generating light within the first wavelength range based on the control current; a second conductive substrate portion receiving the first control current; and a grounding element receiving the control current from the second substrate portion, and passing the control current to the ground path.. .
Grote Industries, Llc


Binal synchronized lens system

A duel lens camera for optimizing images including: a first lens, where the first lens includes a cmos sensor; a second lens, where the second lens includes a spinning cylinder and said spinning cylinder spins the second lens to capture lighting values; a first cpu, where the first cpu processes an image captured by the first lens; a second cpu, where the second cpu process an image captured by the second lens; and a image layering processor, where the image layering processor weaves the two images together where the cylinder image becomes the platform image that applies balance and proportional light onto the image.. .


Information input apparatus and method

An electronic camera is capable of recording image, voice, text, line-drawn information and the like. A release switch in the electronic camera is operated to photograph a subject image.
Nikon Corporation


Led chip-on-board component and lighting module

Numerous advantages are further realized by an led construction having superior thermal dissipation properties from the light emitting element.. .


Lighting device

A lighting may include a substrate, a light emitting device disposed on the substrate, a wavelength conversion layer which is disposed on the light emitting device and converts a part of first light emitted from the light emitting device into second light having a wavelength different from that of the first light, and a resin which is disposed on the substrate and buries the light emitting device and at least a portion of the wavelength conversion layer. An area of the top surface of the wavelength conversion layer is greater than that of the bottom surface of the wavelength conversion layer.
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Method of fabricating semiconductor devices

Vertical high power leds are the technological choice for the application of general lighting due to their advantages of high efficiency and capability of handling high power. However, the technologies of vertical led fabrication reported so far involve the wafer-level metal substrate substitution which may cause large stress due to the mismatch between metal substrate and led layer.
Nanyang Technological University


Lighting device

A lighting device includes: a casing having an inlet that introduces external air at one side and an outlet that discharges the introduced air through the inlet at the other side; a fan located within the casing to flow external air from an inlet direction to an outlet direction; an inlet cover that blocks at least an upper area of the inlet to prevent external air from being directly introduced into the inlet; and an air flow channel that communicates the inlet and the outside, wherein the air flow channel includes: two contracting flow channels having a reducing sectional area advancing in an advancing direction of air; and two expanding flow channels that communicate with the contracting flow channels and that have an increasing sectional area advancing in an advancing direction of air, wherein in a connection portion of the contracting flow channel and the expanding flow channel, the advancing direction of air is changed.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Flat panel display device, aging the same, and testing lighting of the same

A flat panel display device formed in a pentile structure is provided, which includes a pixel portion and a lighting tester. The pixel portion includes a first pixel column, a second pixel column and a third pixel column.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Highway variable message sign with apertures

Embodiments of a highway variable message sign with apertures are generally described herein. Various embodiments of a highway message sign comprise a housing and one or more circuit boards.
Skyline Products, Inc.


Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for generating a composite scene of a real-world location and an object

Provided are systems, methods, and computer-readable media for generating a composite scene of a real-world location and an object. An image, such as a panoramic view, of a real-world location and an image of an object are obtained.
Mobile R&d Inc.


Method for reconfiguring components, and component

A method for reconfiguring components arranged in a lighting system, in which, when reconfiguring a component, at least part of the software or data stored in the component is updated and/or additional software or data is/are stored in the component, wherein the reconfiguration is carried out during ongoing operation of the component, and a corresponding component with a management unit for reconfiguration.. .
Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh


Methods of and systems for reducing keyboard data entry errors

Method of and system for reducing data entry errors that ascertains a subset of keys that can be selected by a user based upon the respective likelihood that each key follows a previously selected key within a predetermined language, corpus, or subset thereof, and controls the display of the keys within an input device so that the keys within the ascertained subset are displayed in a visually distinguishable manner from the keys that not within the ascertained subset. In a touch screen device, the keys that are displayed are part of the soft keys displayed on the screen.


Display apparatus and highlighting object on image displayed by a display apparatus

A display apparatus which includes a display configured to display an image including a plurality of objects; a user interface configured to receive an input of a highlight moving key in order to move a highlight from a first object to a target object positioned in a direction associated with the highlight moving key; and a controller configured to determine the target object satisfying a predetermined condition as the target object among the plurality of objects biased from the first object toward the direction desired by the user in accordance with the input of the highlight moving key, and move the highlight of the first object to the target object.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Display apparatus and controlling method thereof

A display apparatus and a control method thereof are provided. The display apparatus includes a user manipulation unit on which a keypad is mounted, a display unit controlled by manipulating the keypad, and a lighting unit movably mounted on the display unit, the lighting unit emitting light to the outside of the display unit..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Lighting device, display device and television device

A lighting device 24 includes a light guide plate 20, leds 28, an led board 30, a chassis 22, a heat dissipation member 36, and a restriction member 40. The light guide plate 20 includes a light entrance surface 20a and a light exit surface 20b.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Method for manufacturing large-size light-guide sheet by using mask

A method for manufacturing a large-version light guide sheet using a mask plate, comprising: adopting a mask plate containing a plurality of regions, performing selective polymerization on a photopolymerizable material mixture which is coated on a large-version light guide substrate (401) by means of the mask plate, and forming a raised or depressed microstructure (402) on the large-version light guide substrate (401), so as to constitute a large-version light guide sheet. The large-version light guide sheet comprises a plurality of units (u11, u12, u13, u14).
Brivu Technologies Co., Ltd


Complex three-dimensional multi-layer structure and manufacturing method thereof

The present invention relates to a 3-dimensional complex multilayer structure. The 3-dimensional complex multilayer structure includes a first pattern and a second pattern having different thicknesses formed on one or both surfaces of a plate.
Minuta Technology Co., Ltd


Face protective optical element

An optical element is provided which reflects a reduced amount of light even under a very high intensity lighting system used for a surgical operation, a dental treatment etc., has anti-fogging performance, and is transparent and useful for face protection. The optical element has a flexible transparent substrate and a plurality of structures disposed on opposite surfaces of the substrate at a pitch equal to or less than the wavelength of visible light.
Dexerials Corporation


Combined lighting and air conditioning fixture

The disclosed embodiments describe a cost and energy efficient combined lighting and air conditioning fixture. This combined system may employ a flexible distributed air handler that can employ distributed heat exchangers to a liquid loop.
Ringdale, Inc.


Bulb-type lighting apparatus

Provided is a bulb-type lighting apparatus which uses an led as a light source to improve a heat dissipation structure. The bulb-type lighting apparatus may include heat dissipation bodies in surface contact with a substrate having a semiconductor light emitting device mounted thereon, and dissipate heat of the substrate using the heat dissipation bodies..
Silicon Works Co., Ltd.


Led-based lighting apparatus with heat pipe cooling structure

A lighting apparatus includes a housing, a light emitting module disposed on an open region at a first side of the housing, a heat sink unit disposed within the housing to absorb and discharge heat from the light emitting module, and at least one subsidiary heat pipe independent of the heat sink unit and disposed on the heat sink base. The light emitting module includes a heat sink base on which a semiconductor optical device is disposed..
Posco Led Company Ltd.


Multi-mode portable lighting device

A portable lighting device, such as a flashlight, with a mechanical power switch and multiple operating modes is provided. The mechanical power switch is disposed in series with the controller for the lighting device and acts as the user interface to the controller to change modes of operation.
Mag Instrument, Inc.


Light-emitting diode (led) lighting fixture

The present invention relates to a light-emitting diode (led) lighting fixture, which comprises a radiator, a housing and an led module mounted at the bottom of the radiator, and further comprises a lamp holder being fixed on the top of the radiator and running through the housing, an elastic element clamped between the lamp holder and the housing, and a lamp shade encircling the led module. The radiator includes a chassis, a body extended upwards from the chassis, and a plurality of radiating fins; one side of the radiator close to the bottom is provided with a recess..
Dongguan Jiasheng Lighting Technology Co.,ltd.


Light emitting module and lighting apparatus having the same

A light emitting module includes a board unit, a light source unit mounted on the board unit, a diffusion lens disposed above the light source unit to diffuse light emitted from the light source unit, and a shield member disposed independent from the diffusion lens and under the diffusion lens to prevent the light emitted from the light source unit from being irradiated in a specific direction.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Ventilation system for vehicle lighting

A ventilation system for a vehicle headlight housing. The ventilation body has an inner part extending into the housing opening as well as an outer part extending circumferentially about the opening wall of the housing opening, which on the one hand offers, in the locked position thereof, a sealing attachment and on the other hand provides a labyrinthic ventilation channel..
Az Ausruestung Und Zubehoer Gmbh & Co. Kg


Ventilation system for vehicle lighting

The ventilation body and the housing opening are formed such that the ventilation body can be brought from an unlocked position into a locked position or vice versa by rotation according to a predetermined angle of rotation relative to the housing opening.. .


Photoluminescent lighting vehicles

A vehicle taillight is disclosed. The vehicle taillight comprises an at least partially light transmissive layer and at least one light generating layer configured to substantially coat a portion of the transmissive layer.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Lighting apparatus and automobile including the same

A lighting apparatus for vehicle use that projects light forward includes: a base; a first light emitting device disposed on the base; a second light emitting device disposed on the base; a first lens body disposed in front of the first light emitting device; a second lens body disposed in front of the second light emitting device; and a light restrictor adjacent to the first lens body, the light restrictor restricting light emitted by the second light emitting device from entering the first lens body.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Lighting apparatus and automobile including the same

A lighting apparatus for vehicle use that projects light forward includes: a base; a low beam light emitting device disposed on the base; a high beam light emitting device disposed on the base; a lens body disposed in front of the low beam light emitting device and the high beam light emitting device; and a first light restrictor disposed in front of the high beam light emitting device, the first light restrictor restricting light emitted by the high beam light emitting device from traveling downward.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Retrofit lighting device

There is provided a lighting device comprising at least one light source for providing light, a envelope encompassing said light source, a base to which said envelope is engaged, and a control means for adjusting the lighting settings of said lighting device. The control means are arranged for detecting a position in relation to the base of a point of reference being movably arranged on the lighting device.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Lighting topics: Semiconductor, Semiconductor Substrate, Electronic Device, Scattering, Homogeneous, Distributed, Control Unit, Lighting Fixture, Transceiver, Modulation, Notification, Led Lighting, Computing Device

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