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 Resistive bypass for series lighting circuit patent thumbnailResistive bypass for series lighting circuit
A resistor bypass circuit for a series lighting circuit includes a plurality of serially connected light sources and a bypass resistor being connected in parallel with at least one of the respective light sources, each respective light source being low wattage and being capable operating on a one hundred percent duty cycle as desired.. .
Seasonal Specialties, Llc

 Coded light detector patent thumbnailCoded light detector
A coded lighting system comprises a set of light sources and a remote control unit or an arrangement. The set of light sources emits coded light.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Light switch controlling light source via wireless transmission patent thumbnailLight switch controlling light source via wireless transmission
This disclosure relates in general to a networked light switch. More specifically, the disclosure relates to a light switch that, in response to detecting a local input or motion, transmits a communication that causes another light switch to change a state of a light.
Belkin International, Inc.

 Remotely programming a photocontrol device patent thumbnailRemotely programming a photocontrol device
Disclosed are various methods for lighting control of a light fixture by a remote device. The remote device receives, via a wireless network interface, an identifier from a photocontrol device that manages light output of the light fixture.
Abl Ip Holding Llc

 Techniques for remote communication with a photocontrol device patent thumbnailTechniques for remote communication with a photocontrol device
Disclosed are various embodiments for remote lighting control by a processor of photocontrol device for a light fixture. The photocontrol receives, via a wireless network interface, a request to establish a communication session with a remote device using the wireless network interface.
Abl Ip Holding Llc

 Networked system of intelligent lighting devices with sharing of processing resources of the devices with other entities patent thumbnailNetworked system of intelligent lighting devices with sharing of processing resources of the devices with other entities
A system of network-connected lighting devices also offers a distributed processing function that utilizes processor and/or memory resources if/when available in some or all of the lighting devices. In the examples, a resource manager receives a job for distributed processing using shared available resources.
Abl Ip Holding Llc

 Motion detector system, lighting system with such  detecting moving vehicles and/or pedestrians patent thumbnailMotion detector system, lighting system with such detecting moving vehicles and/or pedestrians
The invention relates to a motion detector system (2), a lighting system (14) with such detector system and a method for detecting moving vehicles and/or pedestrians. The motion detector system comprises: —a first motion detector (6a, 6b) for detecting vehicles and/or pedestrians having a speed in a first speed range, the first detector being arranged to detect moving objects in a first detection zone (d1, d2) having a first size, the first size determining the first speed range; and —a second motion detector (8a, 8b) for detecting vehicles and/or pedestrians having a speed in a second speed range, the second detector being arranged to detect moving objects in a second detection zone (d3, d4) having a second size, the second size determining the second speed range..
Tvilight B.v.

 Led mains voltage measurement using a current mirror patent thumbnailLed mains voltage measurement using a current mirror
Measurement circuits which are configured to measure wide ranges of the input voltage using a sensed input voltage of the driver circuits for solid state lighting (ssl) devices are presented. The measurement circuit comprises a first resistor which is coupled at a first side to the input voltage.
Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

 Led lighting system patent thumbnailLed lighting system
A system and method involving lighting fixtures, a control network, a controller and other devices such as light sensors, input devices and network adapters for coordinating precise brightness and color schedules among the lighting fixtures while maintaining a high color reliability including provisions for managing a plurality of lighting fixtures. The lighting fixtures contain lighting elements selected such that when controlled properly, operating along a daytime locus, the resultant light output closely resembles sunlight on a cloudless day in spectral characteristics, and wherein the total flux of blue light can be adjusted from a relative level of 1-100% the maximum blue flux of the lighting fixture by controlling individual lighting elements..
Delos Living Llc

 Monolithic led chip in an integrated control module with active circuitry patent thumbnailMonolithic led chip in an integrated control module with active circuitry
A lighting device includes a monolithic led chip flip-chip mounted onto an interconnect structure. The monolithic chip includes led junctions formed from a single led junction.
Bridgelux, Inc.

Controlling led current from a constant voltage source

An led driver circuit provides dimming control in led lighting applications that can accommodate an ac/dc constant voltage converter. The driver circuit provides a dimming control signal that is used to directly control the dc output current of a downstream dc/dc converter driving an led array.
Juno Manufacturing, Llc

Led drive circuit

The purpose of the present invention is to provide an led drive circuit that is capable of ameliorating insufficient lighting and improving power utilization efficiency. This led drive circuit is an led drive circuit wherein the number of leds that are turned on varies in accordance with the voltage of a commercial alternating-current power supply, the led drive circuit being characterized by having an led row in which multiple leds are connected in series, a current detection resistor for detecting a current that flows in the led row, a bypass circuit that is connected to an intermediate connection part of the led row, and a current-limiting circuit that is connected to an end of the led row, wherein the bypass circuit includes a first current-limiting component, the current-limiting circuit includes a second current-limiting component, the first current-limiting component is controlled on the basis of a voltage across the ends of the current detection resistor or a voltage that is obtained by dividing the voltage across the ends of the current detection resistor, and the second current-limiting component is controlled by the divided voltage that is obtained by dividing the current detection resistor..
Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd.

Universal voltage led power supply with regenerating power source circuitry, non-isolated load, and 0-10v dimming circuit

A light-emitting diode (led) lighting device has an led and a power supply including an inductor coupled to the led. A cathode of the led is coupled to the inductor opposite an anode of the led.
Enertron, Inc.

Lighting control device, lighting device, and lighting fixture

The lighting control device according to the present invention includes: a power supply for operating a light source including a first light source and a second light source lower in color temperature than the first light source; and a controller for controlling the power supply. The power supply includes: a first power supply for supplying power in a first range to the first light source; and a second power supply for supplying power in a second range to the second light source.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Flash collision detection, compensation, and prevention

Certain aspects relate to systems and techniques for flash collision detection, compensation, and prevention. For example, the flash of another camera or other sudden increases in ambient lighting of an image scene can introduce unwanted quality degradations into captured images, for example over-exposure of part or all of the captured image.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Flash collision detection, compensation, and prevention

Certain aspects relate to systems and techniques for flash collision detection, compensation, and prevention. For example, the flash of another camera or other sudden increases in ambient lighting of an image scene can introduce unwanted quality degradations into captured images, such as over-exposure of part or all of the captured image.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Infrared camera

An infrared camera, comprising photosensitive element (101) capable of sensing infrared spectrum, gas discharge flash acting as flash light source (102), a first optical filter (103) filtering visible lights and allowing infrared light to transmit, and processing module (105) used to execute instructions, wherein the first optical filter is fixedly or removablely disposed in the emitted light path of the flash light source. Due to gas discharge flash filtering visible lights and acting as infrared light source, the camera could provide infrared lighting capability far better than infrared led, improving the nighttime infrared photographing quality..
Boly Media Communications (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Automated authorization response techniques

Techniques are disclosed relating to automating permission requests, e.g., in the context of multi-factor authentication. A mobile device may display an option to allow a user to automate responses to future permission requests to perform an action., Inc.

Uninterruptible power supply system

The system contains a first operation module connected to ac mains and a second operation module connected to a lighting device. The first operation module contains an activation switch, a first electricity detection unit, and a wireless transmitter.
Just Power Integrated Technology Inc.

Emergency lighting system

An emergency lighting system is configured to activate a plurality of emergency lights in response to a determination of an emergency condition, wherein the determination of the emergency condition includes determining if the system is not receiving power from a power source and/or determining if an amount of ambient light proximate the system is below a predetermined threshold. Moreover, the emergency lighting system is configured to reduce an amount of power provided from a battery to the one or more emergency lights when an emergency condition is determined in order to maximize a battery life of the system..

Uninterruptable power supply system and method

An uninterruptable power supply (ups) system/method providing power line conditioning and power factor correction (pfc) that incorporates centralized battery backup energy storage architecture is disclosed. The system generally comprises an ac-dc power supply with active pfc (power factor correction) function, a battery transfer switch, an isolated battery charger placed between the utility power source and battery strings, battery strings connecting the battery charger and the battery transfer switch, emi/lightning circuitry that provides lighting/line surge protection as well noise suppression functions, and a controller monitoring the quality of the utility power source.
Lite-on, Inc.

Eye-safe laser-based lighting

A laser-based light source includes a laser device configured to generate laser light of a predetermined laser wavelength and emit this laser light as a laser beam. A light-conversion device is configured to convert at least part of the laser light into converted light and a laser-output sensor is configured to determine a laser-output signal proportional to the output of laser light emitted by the laser device.
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

Organic electroluminescent element and lighting device

An object of the present invention is to provide an organic electroluminescent element, which has a light emitting efficiency improved by suppressing the deterioration of storage property under a high temperature-high humidity atmosphere due to the recess-projection state of a surface of a gas barrier layer or a light scattering layer, or the like that is in contact with a light emitting unit, and by suppressing the occurrence of a short-circuit. The organic electroluminescent elements 100 and 400 in the present invention are each characterized by including a film substrate 4, and at least, a gas barrier layer 5, a smooth layer 1, and a light emitting unit 3 that is sandwiched between a pair of electrodes 2, 6 and has an organic functional layer, which are stacked in this order on the film substrate, wherein the gas barrier layer 5 is constituted by at least two kinds of gas barrier layers 5 that are different from each other in the composition or distribution state of the constitutional elements..
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Method and device for displaying a desktop

A method of displaying a desktop on a terminal, includes: determining a device type of a peripheral device connected to the terminal; and highlighting an application associated with the device type of the peripheral device on the desktop of the terminal.. .
Xiaomi Inc.

Display apparatus

A display apparatus includes a plurality of light emitting elements, at least one common line, a power supply, a plurality of drive lines, and a controller. The at least one common line is connected to first ends of the plurality of light emitting elements.
Nichia Corporation

Infinity lighting system for transparent media display

The present invention provides an infinity lighting system for transparent media display, the system comprising of: a glass panel; a mounting door or frame or bezel; plurality of lighting strip(s) or led(s); a lighting diffuser; a polarized mirror-finished film; a transparent media display screen; and a mask or scratch resistant clear panel; wherein, said plurality of lighting strip(s) or led(s) mounted in the periphery between a glass panel and the transparent media display screen, for generating numerous reflections to create infinite lighting effects, which enhances visibility and clarity of the transparent media display and visibility of product(s) stored in a container or in a display body.. .
Smoothweb Technologies Ltd.

System and automatic alert and lockdown

An apparatus and method for generating and transmitting alerts in response to an indication of an emergency in a facility. The apparatus comprises an emergency and mass notification system (emns) configured to be connected to a plurality of mobile devices each having an app installed thereon for communication with the emns over a network.

Lighting audit and led lamp retrofit

Embodiments of the invention provide systems and techniques for analyzing an existing light fixture in its installed environment and, based on the sensed location of the light and its environmental illumination pattern, identifying at least one led retrofit fixture that may be used to replace the existing light fixture.. .
Terralux, Inc.

System for, and , detecting the presence of a mobile communication device in proximity to an imaging reader and for automatically configuring the reader to read an electronic code displayed on the device upon such detection

A printed code associated with a product is illuminated with light having a first lighting characteristic, and is readable in a default mode of an imaging reader. An electronic code displayed on a mobile communication device is readable in another mode of the reader, with a different second lighting characteristic that is designed to minimize specular reflection from a screen of the device.
Symbol Technologies, Inc.

Generating visualizations from keyword searches of color palettes

Systems and methods are described herein to generate visualizations associated with color palettes identified from keyword searches. Color palettes may include colors determined by human color preferences.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Backlight, display device and controlling backlighting thereof

The present disclosure provides a backlight, a display device and a method for controlling backlighting thereof. The present disclosure relates to the field of display technology, and enables a display panel with uniform brightness.
Beijing Boe Vision-electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Afocal optical concentrator

A mersenne reflector system provides solar daylighting uses parabolic troughs as primary and secondary reflectors, in cassegrainian and gregorian configurations. A mersenne-like reflector system uses truncated parabolic troughs as primary and secondary reflectors in the cassegrainian configuration.
Sunflower Corporation

Illumination system based on active and passive illumination devices

Illumination systems are described for illuminating a target area, e.g., a floor of a room, using active illumination devices in optical communication with passive illumination devices. The active and passive illumination devices of the illumination system are configured and arranged relative to each other in a variety of ways so a variety of intensity distributions can be provided by the illumination system.
Quarkstar Llc

Edgelit lighting fixture and assembly

Embodiments described herein are directed to a lighting fixture including a lightguide that distributes light from a major surface, a light assembly including light sources arranged linearly, and a frame including a means for providing a force that urges the light assembly against an edge of the lightguide. A standoff or spacer can provide an air gap between a light source of the light assembly and the waveguide edge.
Cooper Technologies Company

Dynamic highlighting of geographic entities on electronic maps

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, can be used to dynamically generate electronic maps with highlighted entity boundaries. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a request for an electronic map segment for a geographic region, with the request identifying a geographic entity to be highlighted in the requested electronic map segment.
Google Inc.

Fishing apparatus with power unit

The present invention relates to an apparatus for fishing, wherein said apparatus includes a main body, a collapsing bar, and at least one lighting unit. Said main body further comprises an ice chest, a tackle box, a bait bucket and a power unit.
Greenluc, Llc

Fan and light combination

A lighting and fan combination device is disclosed where the lighting can be mounted on a housing of the fan. One or more light and fan combination members can be connected to a mount that allows the device to be mounted to a wall, ceiling, or other structure.

Integrated lighting and network interface device

There is disclosed an integrated lighting and network-interface device comprising a housing defining an aperture, a lens supported at the aperture for allowing light and 55-65 ghz radiation to pass therethrough, a light source, a transceiver module having an antenna unit, the transceiver module being adapted for connection to an optic fibre port, and being for operation at at least one centre frequency between 55 ghz and 65 ghz, wherein the light source and the antenna unit are disposed in the housing and arranged to radiate through the lens.. .
Bae Systems Plc

Water lamp with top decoration

A water lamp with a top decoration mainly includes a main body, base seat and top decoration. The main body is hollow and pervious to light, and slightly-thick, flowable low-boiling point fluid is filled hermetically and a poking member are mounted inside the main body; the base seat is configured below the main body, and a control circuit and at least one light-emitting element in electric connection with the control circuit are configured on the base seat correspondingly to the bottom of the main body, and a magnetic rotating shaft attracting the poking member magnetically to rotate is further configured on the base seat; the top decoration assumes a foggy, pervious-to-light, three-dimensional modeling, coupled to the upper side of the mainbody, a light-emitting element in electric connection with the control circuit being configured inside the top decoration.

Coupling with integral fluid penetration barrier

The present disclosure provides a support coupling which provides a frangible point for a lighting fixture, and which prevents water from accumulating at the frangible point and from penetrating an inner chamber of the lighting fixture where electronic components are disposed. In certain example embodiments, the coupling accomplishes this by providing an inner wall and an outer wall, in which the inner wall has a higher grade (i.e., is taller) than the outer wall.

Lighting apparatus

Provided is a lighting apparatus. The lighting apparatus includes one or more light-emitting modules; a base plate having a bottom surface to which the one or more light-emitting modules are attached; and a heat dissipation fin assembly seated on a top surface of the base plate, wherein the heat dissipation fin assembly includes a plurality of heat dissipation fins which are mounted upright on the top surface of the base plate, wherein each of the heat dissipation fins has a predetermined width in a radial direction from a center of the base plate, and is formed by a thin sheet of a graphite material..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Lighting device with improved thermal properties

The disclosed embodiments relate to a lighting device (1) comprising an exit window (2) and a light source substrate (3) arranged to carry at least one solid-state light source (4), the at least one light source (4) being arranged to emit light through the exit window (2). The exit window (2) is shaped to allow a front surface of the light source substrate (3) to be brought into physical contact with a surface of the exit window facing the light source substrate (3), and in that the light source substrate (3) is held in physical contact with the exit window (2), thereby enabling thermal contact between the light source substrate (3) and the exit window (2).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Efficient illumination system for legacy street lighting systems

An led lamp for outdoor and large space lighting, particularly for streets, warehouses car parks and the like, is adapted for fitting into legacy light fittings designed for sodium bulbs and the like. The led lamp includes light emitting diodes arranged over a surface of the lamp, is rotatably connected through a rotatable electrical connection to a screw-in adaptor for insertion into a legacy screw-in socket, such that the screw in adaptor is rotatable independently of the lamp, so that the legacy screw in socket can be used even though the light fitting is too small to allow rotation of the led lamp.
Led Net Ltd.

Led array member and integrated control module assembly having active circuitry

An lam/icm assembly comprises an integrated control module (icm) and an led array member (lam). The icm includes interconnect through which power from outside the assembly is received.
Bridgelux, Inc.

Lighting device and operating method thereof

A lighting device includes a rotating unit, a clutching unit releasably engaging the rotating unit, and a lighting unit connected to the rotating unit. The clutching unit is operable to move between a first position, where the clutching unit engages the rotating unit to limit rotation thereof, and a second position, where the clutching unit disengages the rotating unit to permit free rotation thereof.
Radiant Opto-electronics Corporation

Globe clamp with level mount

The present disclosure provides a globe clamp with integrated mounting pads which can hold a level while a user adjusts the lighting device to which the globe clamp is coupled. In one example embodiment, the globe clamp includes a clamp body, which includes a top portion, a bottom portion, and an exterior contour.

Decorative led lighting system

The present disclosure generally provides for systems and methods that allow for leds to be effectively incorporated into existing lighting fixtures, including chandeliers and sconces. In some exemplary embodiments, the light source itself can include a heat sink disposed within a sleeve, a base disposed at the bottom of the sleeve and conductively coupled with the heat sink, an led component disposed on the top of the heat sink, and one or more optical distributors associated with either or both of the heat sink and sleeve.
Fusion Optix, Inc.

Modular led lighting systems, including flexible, rigid, and waterproof lighting strips and connectors

Modular lighting systems are provided that comprise lighting strips physically and electrically connectable with one another by way of flexible connectors. The lighting strip devices can be made of flexible or rigid material to allow for applying the lighting devices along flat as well as contoured surfaces and can be waterproof or water resistant.
Us Vaopto, Inc.

Parabolic quadrant led light fixture

The present invention is a lighting fixture device with a frustoconical housing. The frustoconical housing has a housing edge and an inner housing chamber accessible by a housing aperture.

Candle-like lighting device

A candle-like lighting device includes a candle shell, a stand and a reflector. The candle shell is positioned above the stand at which the reflector is secured and extends inside the candle shell.

Vehicle lighting unit

A vehicle lighting unit can reduce the load applied to the actuator for driving a reflecting member as well as can improve the durability of the actuator. The vehicle lighting unit can include a light source, a reflecting member configured to reflect light from the light source toward an illumination area, an actuator including inner piezoelectric actuators and outer piezoelectric actuators configured to cause the reflecting member to swing (turn) around x and y axes simultaneously, to thereby scan the illumination area with the reflected light from the reflecting member horizontally and vertically, and a controller configured to control the inner piezoelectric actuators and the outer piezoelectric actuators such that a scanning frequency in the vertical direction of the reflected light is larger than a scanning frequency in the horizontal direction of the reflected light..
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

Vehicle lighting device

A vehicle lighting device including a light source module, a light valve, a sensing unit, a projection lens set and a control unit. The light source module provides an illumination beam.
Coretronic Corporation

Pivoting mounting of a lighting module for motor vehicles

The present invention concerns a lighting and/or signalling device including at least one lighting and/or signalling module. The module including at least one light source, a heatsink thermally coupled to the light source or sources to cool it or them, and optical means adapted to deflect the light rays from the light source or sources to form a light beam along an optical axis of the module.
Valeo Vision

Motor vehicle headlamp lighting module with mutual positioning of reflector and lens

A lighting module for a motor vehicle, comprising at least one light source; a heat sink able to dissipate the heat produced by the light source or sources; a reflective surface able to reflect the rays from the light source or sources; a lens able to deflect the rays from the reflective surface so as to form a beam of light along an optical axis of the module; a support of the lens and of the reflective surface, the support being mounted on the heat sink. The heat sink and/or the support comprises at least one, and preferably at least two, bosses directed vertically and in contact with the other out of the heat sink and the support so as to maintain a predetermined distance between the heat sink and the support..
Valeo Vision

Lighting device for a motor vehicle

The invention also relates to a motor vehicle headlamp equipped with at least one device of this type, and to a method of repositioning replacement means in a lighting device.. .

Illumination apparatus using sunlight

An illumination apparatus includes a sunlight guide member, a light emitting device, a wavelength converting element, a fiber-optic light guide connecting the light emitting device and the wavelength converting element, and a lighting control system for controlling the light emitting diode. The sunlight guide member is provided to guide outdoor sunlight to an indoor area.
National Central University

Aqua-lamp-based candle-like lighting device

An aqua-lamp-based candle-like lighting device includes a stand, an aqua-lamp and a seat. The stand and seat are positioned at a bottom and a top of the aqua-lamp respectively.

Light-emitting element

The present invention relates to a tubular-shaped optical conversion element suitable for use in a light-emitting device. The element includes a light source and at least one wavelength conversion layer containing materials such as phosphors or quantum dots in a silicone matrix.
Shenzhen Crystal River Optoelectronic Technologies Co., Ltd

Lighting device

A lighting device (11, 12, 13, 14) comprising a light source (101, 102, 103, 104) emitting light, and at least one optical element (30, 301, 302, 303, 304) arranged in front of said light source, said at least one optical element comprising an at least partially transparent material such as to allow at least part of the light emitted by the light source to be transmitted therethrough, wherein said at least one optical element comprises a plurality of through openings (20, 201, 211, 202, 212, 203, 213, 204, 214) adapted for collimating said light emitted by said light source such as to cause light exiting said at least one optical element to comprise a brightness varying with the direction in which said light exits said at least one optical element.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Modularized led lamp tube

The led lamp tube contains a tubular body, a lighting module, end circuit boards, positioning elements, and caps. The lighting module contains a circuit board attached to a metallic base, led chips on the circuit board, and first connectors at the ends of the circuit board.
Taiwan Advance El Technology Ltd.

Lighting device and a assembling thereof

The present invention relates to a tubular lighting device (1) comprising a light engine (10) and a flexible material sheet (11) wrapped around said light engine (10) such that a tubular housing enclosing said light engine (10) is formed. The application further discloses an apparatus and method for assembling such a tubular lighting device (1)..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

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