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Lighting patents


This page is updated frequently with new Lighting-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lighting-related patents
 Fault detection device for streetlamp lighting system and  operating the same patent thumbnailFault detection device for streetlamp lighting system and operating the same
Various embodiments may relate to a fault detection device for streetlamp lighting system. The streetlamp lighting system includes multiple load groups which are powered by a power cable.

 A lighting device and luminaire comprising an integrated antenna patent thumbnailA lighting device and luminaire comprising an integrated antenna
The invention provides a lighting device (100) and a luminaire (200). The lighting device comprises a light emitter (110) thermally connected to a heat sink (120).

 System, method, and  powering  intelligent lighting networks patent thumbnailSystem, method, and powering intelligent lighting networks
The present invention relates to a system, method, and apparatus for powering intelligent lighting networks. The power for the intelligent lighting network is supplied by power-over-ethernet (poe) switches and/or mid-spans, which are conditioned by a powered device to distribute power tuned specifically for each, at least one light emitting diode (led) fixture.

 Methods and  applying lighting to an object patent thumbnailMethods and applying lighting to an object
Disclosed are methods and apparatus for lighting control. Initial lighting may be applied to an object in response to identifying presence of the object.

 Electronic ballast having a bi-functional control input and a  operating at least one lighting means patent thumbnailElectronic ballast having a bi-functional control input and a operating at least one lighting means
An electronic ballast for operating an illuminant includes a control input for coupling to a control device designed to act as a current sink in a continuous control operation. The electronic ballast is designed to supply, in the continuous control operation, a current to the control device such that a dc voltage is generated at the control input within a predetermined value range.

 Multi-channel lighting fixture having multiple light-emitting diode drivers patent thumbnailMulti-channel lighting fixture having multiple light-emitting diode drivers
A lighting control system for controlling a cumulative light emitted by a lighting fixture having a plurality of led light sources may comprise a plurality of led drivers adapted to be coupled to a respective one of the led light sources and configured to control an intensity of the respective led light source, and a controller configured to transmit a single digital message for controlling the cumulative light emitted by the lighting fixture. Each of the plurality of led drivers is configured to adjust the intensity of the respective led light source to a preset intensity in response to the single digital message transmitted by the controller..

 Wavelength sensing lighting system and associated methods patent thumbnailWavelength sensing lighting system and associated methods
A wavelength sensing lighting system that may comprise a light source included in an array to emit illuminating light, the array including a plurality of light sources, a sensor included in the array configured to sense environmental light from an environment, and a controller operatively connected to each of the sensor and the light source and may be configured to analyze the environmental light sensed by the sensor to at least one of detect and generate data relating to a condition of the environment, the data being transmittable in a data light. The controller may be configured to receive the data included in the data light using the sensor.

 Portable lighting devices patent thumbnailPortable lighting devices
A portable lighting device with a main power circuit for electrically connecting a light source to a portable source of power, the main power circuit including an electric power switch disposed electrically in series with the light source, there also being an inertial sensor and a controller electrically coupled to the portable source of power, the controller including an output for providing a control signal for controlling the flow of power through the electronic power switch and the light source in the main power circuit, the controller also being electrically connected to the inertial sensor, wherein the controller is configured to control the flow of power through the electronic power switch based on one or more signals received from the at least one output of the inertial sensor.. .

 Modular light-string system having independently addressable lighting elements patent thumbnailModular light-string system having independently addressable lighting elements
Apparatus and associated methods relate to modular series-connectable led light strings having an input connector and an output connector for electrically communicating power and a control signal, an input control signal being actively level-shifted to a level suitable to a first lighting element of the led light string. In an illustrative embodiment, the led light string may have a plurality of series connected lighting elements that generate a series of intermediate supply voltage levels.

 Device for heating a composite material with temperature-dependent processing characteristics, and associated methods patent thumbnailDevice for heating a composite material with temperature-dependent processing characteristics, and associated methods
A light emitting unit comprises at least one lighting means for emitting light (l) for heating a composite material, e.g. Resin of a carbon fiber reinforced plastic, wherein the composite material can be fused and/or softened and/or cured, and/or be hold in a liquid state by the heating and wherein the emission of light (l) of the lighting means can be controlled differently in several areas.


Driving circuit and driving method applied to display system and associated display system

A driving circuit applied in a display system includes a node, a current control circuit, a protecting circuit and a timing controller, wherein the node is arranged to connect to a lighting element; the current control circuit is coupled to the node and arranged to selectively provide a current to the lighting element according to a pulse width modulation (pwm) signal; the protecting circuit is coupled to the node and arranged to be selectively enabled to limit the voltage of the node according to a control signal to make the voltage of the node maintain a predetermined voltage, wherein the lighting element does not have any current passed through when the voltage of the node maintains the predetermined voltage; and the timing controller is arranged to generate the pwm signal and the control signal.. .


Organometallic complex, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device

To provide an organometallic complex with high emission efficiency and high heat resistance, which emits yellow green light. The organometallic complex includes a metal and a ligand which is a benzo[h]quinazoline skeleton including a condensed ring bonded to benzo[h]quinazoline through a carbon-carbon bond between the 5-position and the 6-position.


Light emitting device and lighting system

A light emitting device includes a body having a cavity and a step difference structure around the cavity, a plurality of electrodes in the cavity, a light emitting chip in the cavity, a transparent window having an outer portion provided on the step difference structure to cover the cavity, and an adhesive member between the transparent window and the body. The adhesive member includes a first adhesive member between an outer bottom surface of the transparent window and a bottom of the step difference structure and a second adhesive member between the outer portion of the transparent window and the body..


Apparatus, video output brightness adjustment

Systems and methods are operable to increase brightness output from a display. An exemplary embodiment detects a predefined user action of a remote control, and then increases brightness of a currently presented image that is being presented on the display in response to detecting the predefined user action so that an ambient lighting level in the vicinity of the display is increased..


Service indicators with minimal light sources

A service indicator lighting system which minimizes the active lighting sources for designation of a failed or otherwise identified component is provided. The system includes an array of service indicators arranged in a grid of columns and rows.


Granting control of a shared system

Method and apparatus for granting control of a shared-access system. The method comprises: obtaining (305) an identity of a user; obtaining (310, 315) a priority rating associated with the user, wherein the priority rating is updated in response to one or more observed activities of the user, the one or more observed activities being linked to the shared-access system (100); comparing the priority rating with a threshold; and granting (320) control of at least a part of the shared-access system (100) to the user if the priority rating is above the threshold.


System and modeling a lighting control system

A system and method for modeling a lighting control system for an enterprise is provided comprising an application (app) on a mobile device, or laptop, or personal computer, or other like device, that can communicate electronically with a webpage accessible by the internet or local area network or wide area network, wherein the webpage represents a program, and the program provides for the receiving, storing, and processing of lighting control system specified information on a space-by-space basis, and further wherein a unique part number for the space-based lighting control system can be generated for the particular space, such that delivery of individual, but substantially integrated space-based lighting control systems, can be delivered to the spaces for installation in the enterprise location.. .


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes: a fixing unit configured to include at least a first and second radiation heaters capable of heating printing medium; a power supply unit configured to supply power to the first and second radiation heaters; and a controller configured to select either one of the first and second radiation heaters and control to light or turn off the selected radiation heater, wherein a heating width of the printing medium of the second radiation heater is wider than that of the first radiation heater, and the controller determines whether to preheat the second radiation heater based on the number of times of lighting of the first and second radiation heaters and controls to light and turn off the second radiation heater when the controller has determined that it is necessary to preheat the second radiation heater.. .


Lighting module

A lighting module may be provided that comprises: a first and a second light sources, which are disposed opposite to each other; a first case including the first light source; a second case including the second light source; a first plate of which one side is connected to the first case and the other side is connected to the second case; and a second plate of which one side is connected to the first case and the other side is connected to the second case, wherein the second plate is disposed opposite to the first plate, wherein the first plate has a plurality of first holes, wherein the second plate has a plurality of second holes, and wherein a size of one of the first holes is different from a size of one of the second holes.. .


Lighting device

The invention relates to a lighting device (10) including: at least two light sources (22, 24, 26); at least two light-sensing guides (32, 34, 36) associated with the light sources, each one of the sensing guides being associated with a separate light source; a light collector (40) associated with the light-sensing guides, characterized in that each one of the sensing guides includes an input end arranged opposite the light source associated therewith and an output end tangentially penetrating the light collector such as to lead a light beam from the associated light source into the collector, and in that the sensing guides are helical between the input and the output ends.. .


Lighting device

The invention relates to a lighting device (10) including: at least one light source (12); a light collector (14); two light-gathering guides (16, 18) associated with the light collector (14), characterized in that the light collector (14) is shaped such as to lead a light beam from said at least one light source (12) into the two light-gathering guides (16, 18); each one of said gathering guides is provided with an input end (161, 181) that tangentially penetrates the light collector (14), and with an output end (162, 182); and the two gathering guides (16, 18) are shaped such that the output ends (162, 182) come together, forming an output diopter of the lighting device.. .


Indoor positioning terminal, network, system and method

An indoor positioning terminal, network, system, and methods which relate to an indoor positioning terminal, including a memory, a camera, and a processor where the camera is configured to capture, with low exposure, a picture of an indoor lighting device, and the memory is configured to store indoor positioning map data, where the indoor positioning map data includes an indoor electronic map and three-dimensional data information of the indoor lighting device that use a same frame of reference, and the processor is configured to perform correlation matching between the three-dimensional data of the indoor lighting device and the captured picture of the indoor lighting device, and position a location of the positioning terminal on the indoor electronic map when the picture is acquired.. .


Navigational lane guidance

Navigational lane guidance enhances a maneuver display by incorporating full display of available lanes in a freeway, when available in the map data. An otherwise regular turn icon display is replaced with a variable width image that grows to show all available lanes, highlighting lanes usable to complete a navigated maneuver.


Illuminated aiming devices and related methods

An aiming device including a thermoelectric module, a light source and a sight element. The thermoelectric module generates electricity from a thermal gradient, produced from a user's body heat that is transferred to the module.


Energy-saving and high brightness lighting fixture

An energy-saving and high brightness lighting fixture includes a light cover, a circular plate, a light-collecting lens, a housing body and an electronic device. The light cover is tubular with a plurality of heat sinks and a cooling tank.


Efficiency lighting apparatus with led directly mounted to a heatsink

Led efficiency in a lighting device, such as an aluminum flashlight, is increased by directly mounting the led without use of a pcb to a heatsink that is in thermal and electrical contact with an outer casing to dissipate heat, resulting in an led that operates much cool and therefore much more efficiently.. .


Integral cooling for led lighting source

An illumination device comprises a lighting module that itself includes one or more leds; a driver module, physically separate from the lighting module, and comprising for supplying power to the one or more leds; a flexible conduit electrically connecting the driver module to the lighting module; an air pathway following the conduit; and a cooling facility for directing air through the lighting module and the driver module, such that the air passes through the air pathway.. .


Led module and lighting assembly having a corresponding module

An led module having an arrangement of electronically connected leds and a carrier for the leds, wherein a parallel connection of series circuits of leds is present. The parallel connection is selected in such a manner that the thermal load on the carrier caused by the operation of the leds is distributed substantially evenly across the carrier..


Portable lighting devices

A flashlight has a lock out feature that prevents it from being turned on which is activated or deactivated by pointing the flashlight in a first direction (e.g., upward) prior to turning it on, depressing a switch to turn it on, tilting the flashlight in a second direction (e.g., downward) while continuously depressing the switch, and releasing the switch.. .


Lighting device

A lighting device includes a substrate and a planar light source portion including a plurality of led chips arrayed on the substrate. The planar light source portion faces an illumination space (space to be illuminated) by a predetermined opening area.


Lighting system and decorative article including same

A lighting system comprises a crown including a plurality of connectors for engaging a plurality of light strands. The lighting system further comprises a plurality of light strands extending between first and second ends.


Lights on a track with braking feature

Described is an overhead lighting device (10) that slides on a track (12) that may be continuous and has a releasable brake (20). A light bar (14) comprising a plurality of light sources (16) is in movable contact with the track (12).


Adapter device for retrofitting in lighting arrangements

An adapter device (100) for releasable attachment of a lighting module in a luminaire. The adapter device comprises at least one resilient element (110, 110a, 110b) arranged to abut the lighting module.


Led module and led lighting fixture

An led module according to the present invention is an led module including a plurality of light-emitting diodes, wherein the plural light-emitting diodes are disposed only on a lateral surface of a right cone, a right pyramid, a truncated right cone, or a truncated right pyramid; the lateral surface has an inclination angle of 55° or more and 82° or less with respect to a bottom surface; the plural light-emitting diodes have light-emitting surfaces substantially parallel to the lateral surface; and angles formed between projection lines of lines normal to light-emitting surfaces of adjacent light-emitting diodes or adjacent ones of grouped light-emitting diodes, the projection lines being drawn on the bottom surface, are all equal to each other and are 72° or less.. .


Lighting device, lighting reflector and production method therefor

A lighting reflector 10 includes a base member 11, made of metal, having an inner circumferential surface 13a expanding toward a light exit aperture 14 open at an end in an axial direction. A thin-film layer 17 which is formed from a thin film containing ceramic and which scatters light is placed on an end portion of the inner circumferential surface 13a that is on the opposite side to the light exit aperture 14..


Light fixture

The present disclosure describes a light fixture for general lighting. The light fixture is includes a light source assembly that uses a point source of light such as an led, an aspheric reflector, and a lightguide made of transparent materials, that redirects and distributes the light from the point source to an area light.


Lighting device

The present invention discloses a lighting device provided with an electronic lamp cover (30) surrounding a light emitting component (20). The electronic lamp cover (30) can present different light transmitting states according to different voltage values applied thereto within an operation voltage range so as to change the illumination angle and illumination brightness of the illumination light of the lighting device..


Vehicle lighting unit

A vehicle lighting unit can prevent the erroneous emission of laser light from a lens member through its light emission surface to the outside even when a wavelength converting member is dislocated. The vehicle lighting unit can include a laser light source, the wavelength converting member configured to receive the laser light and wavelength-convert at least part of the laser light, and the lens member including a light incident surface on which light from the wavelength converting member or the laser light is incident, a first reflecting surface configured to totally reflect the light from the light incident surface, and a light exiting surface through which the light from the first reflecting surface can exit.


Vehicle light

This invention relates to illumination systems, namely, to automotive headlamps and can be used as the principal head lighting of light and cargo vehicles. The automotive headlamp includes at least one led and a system of lenses.


Lighting and/or signaling device comprising a plurality of light-emitting diodes

The conducting tracks are formed by thicknesses of metal that differ according to whether the tracks extend along the treads or along the risers, the tracks arranged on a tread being produced by a thickness of metal encrusted into the volume of the plastic support, in housings formed in the thickness of the tread.. .


Led lighting module for plant factory and led lighting device for plant factory having same mounted thereon

The present invention relates to technology to implement a technique of managing light intensity by each wavelength band for a light apparatus at a low price, whereby the light intensity is suitable for plant growth. In the present invention, cheaper led blue-chips are incorporated instead of more expensive led red-chips which are conventionally incorporated in plant factories, which let the production cost of lighting apparatus for plant factories reduced.


Enhanced wavelength converting structure

The present disclosure provides an enhanced wavelength converting structure. The enhanced wavelength converting structure includes a first crosslinked cholesteric liquid crystal layer and a plurality of first quantum dots dispersed in the first crosslinked cholesteric liquid crystal layer.


Red phosphor, white light emitting apparatus, display apparatus, and lighting apparatus

There is provided a red phosphor that may include a nitride represented by a formula of (sr1−x−ybaxeuy)2si5n8, wherein 0<x<0.7, and 0<y<0.1. The red phosphor may emit light having a peak wavelength in a range of 600 nm to 630 nm when irradiated by an excitation source and the excitation source may be a blue light source having a dominant wavelength in a range of 420 nm to 470 nm..


Cyanated naphthalenebenzimidazole compounds

The present invention relates to cyanated naphthalenebenzimidazole compounds of the formula (i) and mixtures thereof, in which r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, r7, r8, r9 and r10 are each independently hydrogen, cyano or aryl which is unsubstituted or has one or more identical or different substituents rar, where rar is as defined in the claims and in the description, with the proviso that the compounds of the formula i comprise at least one cyano group. The invention further relates to color converters comprising at least one polymer as a matrix material and at least one cyanated naphthalenebenzimidazole compound or mixtures thereof as a fluorescent dye, to the use of the color converters and to lighting devices comprising at least one led and at least one color converter..


Gliding motion apparatus in use with an infant/toddler carrier

A gliding motion apparatus is for use in combination with a standard infant/toddler carrier such as a car seat or bassinet. The motion apparatus is comprised of a support structure, an inner frame within the stroller frame for receiving the transportable base of an infant car seat or bassinet.


System and turning on lamp linked with vehicle seat position

The disclosed technology relates to a system and a method for turning on a lamp linked with a vehicle seat position, capable of: automatically turning on a lamp corresponding to a seat position by moving, forward or backward, the position of a seat on which a driver or a passenger sits in the indoor lighting of a vehicle; and adjusting the lighting of the lamp according to a light distribution standard for a vehicle. The system for turning on a lamp linked with a vehicle seat position, according to the disclosed technology, comprises: a vehicle seat capable of moving forward or backward; a lamp lighting unit provided with one or more lamps corresponding to a stop position according to the movement of the vehicle seat; a seat information memory unit for storing seat position information according to the stop position of the vehicle seat; and a control unit turning on the lamps corresponding to the stop position of the vehicle seat on the basis of the seat position information such that the vehicle seat at the stop position is controlled to be lit..


Lighting control device of vehicle headlamp and vehicle headlamp system

In a vehicle headlamp that uses a light source having high output intensity, turn off the light source quickly when an abnormality occurs. A lighting control device of a vehicle headlamp includes a lighting control part that controls an on state of the vehicle headlamp, an obstacle detecting part for detecting an obstacle that exists in front of the vehicle, and a collision prediction processing part that, when the obstacle exists on the basis of detection results from the obstacle detecting part, predicts a possibility of collision between the obstacle and the vehicle on the basis of a distance between the obstacle and the vehicle and a speed of the vehicle and, when it is determined that the possibility of collision exists, instructs the lighting control part to relatively decrease an output light of the vehicle headlamp to below a normal intensity of the vehicle headlamp..


Method and system for enhanced visualization by automatically adjusting ultrasound image color and contrast

Certain embodiments provide a method and system for enhancing visualization of an image acquired with a handheld ultrasound scanner by automatically adjusting the image to optimize the color and contrast. The method may include performing, by a probe of an ultrasound system, an ultrasound scan to acquire ultrasound scan data.


Device and highlighting patient data and trends

A monitoring or diagnostic device including a display having a display screen on which incoming data from sensors attached to the item or object being monitored by the device is illustrated. The incoming data is represented on the display screen to enable an individual viewing the display screen to determine the current operating condition or parameters of the item or object, such as a patient.


Low-cost instrument for endoscopically guided operative procedures

Installments and methods are described for performing endoscopically guided operative procedures. According to some embodiments, a re-usable portion of the instrument includes a handle, electronics and an integrated display screen while a fluid hub and a cannula which includes a cmos imaging module and led lighting, form a single use portion of the instrument.


Systems and methods for specifying and formulating customized topical agents

Systems and methods for determining a customized cosmetic formulation. In one method, a user is guided to capture an image of a skin region with known lighting and color characteristics, and the image is processed to provide calibrated skin color information.


Light emitting footwear

Light emitting footwear includes an upper housing, a sole and a lighting unit. The sole is positioned beneath the upper housing and includes a translucent midsole and an outsole having a tread pattern along the bottom end thereof.


Device and lighting high-pressure discharge lamp

A lighting device for a high-pressure discharge lamp comprises a power supply circuit configured to supply an alternating current to the high-pressure discharge lamp so as to light the high-pressure discharge lamp, and to increase a power to be supplied to the high-pressure discharge lamp and reduce a frequency of the alternating current when an inter-electrode voltage of the high-pressure discharge lamp reaches a predetermined inter-electrode voltage lower limit.. .
Phoenix Electric Co., Ltd.


Networked lighting management

Techniques presented herein are directed to lighting management techniques supporting lighting functions of networked light fixtures. In accordance with one example, a light fixture in networked lighting system accepts a lighting request transmitted by a computing device.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Lighting control system, terminal, and lighting control method thereof

An improved lighting control system, method, and terminal is disclosed. A lighting control system includes a plurality of lighting devices and at least one terminal.
Aplix Ip Holdings Corporation


Light switch controlling light source via wireless transmission

This disclosure relates in general to a networked light switch. More specifically, the disclosure relates to a light switch that, in response to detecting a local input or motion, transmits a communication that causes another light switch to change a state of a light.
Belkin International, Inc.


System and reducing peak and off-peak electricity demand by monitoring, controlling and metering lighting in a facility

A method of reducing electricity usage during peak demand periods includes the steps of establishing predetermined load reduction criteria representative of a desire by a power provider to reduce loading on an electricity supply grid, and coordinating with a facility having lighting equipment to permit the power provider to turn-off one or more of the lighting equipment by sending instructions to a master controller at the facility in response to the predetermined load reduction criteria, and establishing a list of lighting equipment to be turned-off in response to the instructions, and configuring the master controller to send an override control signal to the lighting equipment to implement the instructions, and configuring the lighting equipment to send a response signal to the master controller providing a status of the lighting equipment.. .
Orion Energy Systems, Inc.


Led retrofit assembly

A retrofit kit for an existing lamp uses its lighting and optical structure to retrofit existing lamp and use the existing lens of the lamp. The new lamp also includes electronic controls which enable remotely or manually controlling the lamp, and also enable other functions..
Production Resource Group, Llc


Method for controlling lighting element and associated system

A method for controlling at least one lighting element includes: setting a dimming speed; determining a dimming level according to the dimming speed; and using the dimming level to perform a stepped dimming operation to brighten or dim the lighting element.. .
Mediatek Inc.


Lighting system and control device

A lighting system includes a lighting fixture, a demand controller and a control board. The demand controller obtains power usage of a plurality of devices including the lighting fixture and, outputs a demand signal depending on the power usage obtained.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Sensing within a region

A controller comprising a control module configured to: use a non-optical sensor to perform motion detection; in response to the non-optical sensor detecting motion whilst one or more lighting device is operating in a first state whereby the lighting device(s) illuminates an environment according to a first level or emits no light, control the lighting device(s) to operate in a second state whereby the lighting device(s) illuminates the environment according to a second level higher than the first level, use a light sensor to perform motion detection whilst the lighting device(s) is operating in the second state; if no motion is detected by the light sensor, control the lighting device(s) to operate in the first state or a further state; and in response to the light sensor detecting motion, control the lighting device(s) to illuminate the environment according to a third level higher than the second level.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Integrated control circuit with combined temperature and presence detection

An integrated control circuit for operating means for lighting means, the integrated control circuit is provided having at least one output for supplying a signal controlling a switch, such as e.g. A transistor, of the operating means, in particular controlling directly or indirectly a dimming level of a lighting means, and a common input arranged for being supplied with a combination of a temperature indicating signal and a presence indicating signal, the integrated control circuit being designed to adjust the switch control signal as a function of the signal at the common input..
Tridonic Gmbh & Co Kg


Vehicle lighting control system using wearable glasses and the same

A vehicle lighting control system includes wearable glasses configured to recognize pupils of a driver in a vehicle in real time, a head unit configured to receive a size of the pupils of the driver from the wearable glasses to acquire brightness control values of a plurality of lighting devices installed in the vehicle according to a predetermined formula, and a controller configured to adjust brightness of the lighting devices installed in the vehicle according to the brightness control values received from the head unit.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Lighting system for contained environments

Techniques and architecture are disclosed for a lighting system for contained environments, such as elevators or other such environments. The lighting system can include one or more luminaires and/or one or more display devices that include tunable output controlled to automatically change the ambient lighting and/or presentable content (e.g., imagery, video, audio) based on one or more conditions related to the contained environment.
Osram Sylvania Inc.


Infrared communication sensor and motion sensor network lighting in group units by using same

A motion sensor network method for lighting in group units by using an infrared communication sensor according to the present invention comprises the steps of: sensing a first motion of a person or a vehicle by means of a first sensor module and turning on one lighting module; implementing infrared communication with another sensor module adjacent to the first sensor module and turning on another lighting module; maintaining the turning-on of the first lighting module and the other lighting module when the first sensor module or the other sensor module senses a second motion of the person or the vehicle; and turning off the first lighting module and the other lighting module when the first sensor module or the other sensor module fails to sense the second motion of the person or the vehicle for a certain time.. .
Jpk Korea Co., Ltd.


Control circuit of led lighting apparatus

Disclosed is a control circuit of an led lighting apparatus having a current control function. The control circuit of the led lighting apparatus may include: a current control circuit configured to control the led lighting apparatus divided into a plurality of led groups, and provide a current path corresponding to sequential light emissions of the led groups in response to a rectified voltage; and surplus voltage buffer circuits corresponding to two or more led groups, respectively, and each configured buffer a surplus voltage..
Silicon Works Co., Ltd.


Lighting device and operating a lighting device

The present invention refers to a lighting device (10) and a method of operating this lighting device (10). A lighting module (13) having a light element series connection (15) of several semiconductor light elements (14) is connected to the output (12) of a drive circuit (11).
Panasonic Corporation


Method and selective illumination of an illuminated textile based on physical context

Various methods and apparatus disclosed herein relate to selectively illuminating an illuminated textile (100) based on a physical context of the illuminated textile. For example, in some embodiments, data from one or more sensors (104) embedded in or otherwise associated with an illuminated textile may be utilized by a controller (108) to implement lighting property adjustments for one or more selected light sources (106) embedded in or associated with the textile, based on the data.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Methods and controlling lighting based on combination of inputs

Disclosed are methods and apparatus for lighting control based on a combination of inputs. One or more properties of light output of a lighting fixture (120a, 120b, 120c) are controlled based on local input (based on local sensor readings) and group input (provided to the lighting fixture and additional lighting fixtures) and/or one or more sensors (125a, 125b) are auto-calibrated.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Systems and methods for dimming of a light source

In embodiments, improved capabilities are described for dimming performance of lighting methods and systems, such as the improvement of dimming led lamps that are dimmed from standard external dimming devices. Methods and systems for improving dimming performance include a fast startup override facility for overriding a default dimming function of the lamp's electronics through forcing the lamp electronics to operate with a higher than normal duty cycle to ensure the lamp electronics can deliver higher than normal power to an led module during a dimming current level startup condition.
Ecosense Lighting Inc.


Minimal component high voltage current limited ac dimmable led driver

This invention is suitable for directly driving from an alternating current (ac) line voltage source an array of led lamps with a minimal amount of ancillary circuitry. Most of the required circuitry is situated within an integrated circuit, which includes a full wave rectifier, transient protection, a current control transistor, a feedback control loop, and overheating protection.
Lsi Computer Systems, Inc.


Power supply device and lighting device

A power supply device includes led driver circuits electrically connected to led light sources, respectively, and a control circuit. Each of the led light sources includes light-emitting diodes electrically connected in series.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Balanced ac direct driver lighting system with a valley fill circuit and a light balancer

An ac direct driver lighting system is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the ac direct driver lighting system includes a plurality of led groups serially connected to an ac power source, and an ac driver comprising a plurality of current sinks.
Altoran Chips & Systems


Solid-state lighting compatible with ballasts and operable with ac mains

A light-emitting diode (led)-based solid-state universal lamp using a ballast compatible and ac-mains operable (ba) led driving circuit with a power factor correction (pfc) and control device operates normally for a regulated power and current from either ballast or ac mains. The ba led driving circuit is configured to operate in a wide range of input voltages and frequencies, especially for various high voltages and high frequencies associated with various ballasts.
Lightel Technologies, Inc.


Led based lighting application

The present invention relates to a lighting application, the lighting application comprises an led assembly comprising a serial connection of two or more led units, each led unit comprising one or more leds, each led unit being provided with a controllable switch for substantially short-circuiting the led unit. The lighting application further comprises a control unit for controlling a drive unit and arranged to receive a signal representing a voltage level of the supply voltage, and control the switches in accordance with the signal.
Eldolab Holding B.v.


Led output response dampening for irradiance step response output

A system and method for operating one or more light emitting devices is disclosed. In one example, the intensity of light provided by the one or more light emitting devices is adjusted responsive to follow a step change in requested lighting output..
Phoseon Technology, Inc.


Led replacement lamp for safe operation under fault condition

An led replacement lamp (20) is described. An led lighting assembly (40) comprising led lighting elements is electrically connected to filament emulation circuits, connected to electrical contacts at each of two opposite ends (22a, 22b) of an elongated member.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


System and selective advertisement of availability to communicate based on light source and associated lighting property

Computer-readable media, methods and systems are provided herein for facilitating selective advertisement of a user's availability to communicate based on one or more lighting properties of one or more light sources (112-116, 742, 746). In various embodiments, an identifier and one or more lighting properties of a light source may be obtained by a computing device (100, 150, 700), directly (e.g., using an optical sensor) or through one or more computer networks (122).
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Optical keypad for explosive locations

An optical keypad for use in hazardous areas and which can ensure safe and reliable detection of keystrokes through an at least 8 mm thick glass window, as is required for electronics equipment located in hazardous explosive areas (in accordance with atex directive 94/9/ec and similar requirements) is obtained by providing a system in which at least 6 leds are lit in a pseudo-random sequence, modulated by a pseudo-random frequency and the interval between the lighting of each of the leds is change randomly to avoid interference between collocated keypads and light from other sources, such as daylight and artificial light.. .
Pr Electronics A/s


Standby switch sense emergency lighting device

In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for providing intelligent power control in response to an external power interruption, causing a processor is in an electrical fixture to interrogate an external power control switch to gain an understanding of the switch's state, where prior to the external power interruption the electrical fixture may be powered by external power and where external power may be connected and disconnected by a user of the switch. In the event that the switch's state is determined to be such that it would normally pass power to the electrical fixture, the processor causes the electrical fixture to operate using a backup power supply.
Wireless Environment, Llc


Flexible lighting device having unobtrusive conductive layers

A flexible lighting element is provided, comprising: a first substrate; first and second conductive elements over the first substrate; a light-emitting element having first and second contacts that are both on a first surface of the light-emitting element, the first and second contacts being electrically connected to the first and second conductive elements, respectively, and the light-emitting element emitting light from a second surface opposite the first surface; a transparent layer located adjacent to the second surface; and a transparent affixing layer located between the first substrate and the transparent layer, wherein the transparent layer and the transparent affixing layer are both sufficiently transparent to visible light that they will not decrease light transmittance below 70%, and the first and second conductive layers are at least partially transparent to visible light, or are 300 μm or smaller in width, or are concealed by a design feature from a viewing direction.. .
Grote Industries, Llc


Phosphor compositions and lighting apparatus thereof

A phosphor composition is disclosed. A phosphor composition, comprises at least 10 atomic % bromine; silicon, germanium or combination thereof; oxygen; a metal m, wherein m comprises zinc (zn), magnesium (mg), calcium (ca), strontium (sr), barium (ba), or combinations thereof; and an activator comprising europium.
General Electric Company


Tunable oled lighting source

Described herein are devices and methods related to lighting systems that are color tunable and have a long lifetime. In certain embodiments, the device comprises two independently controlled phosphorescent oled lighting panels coupled together in one package to emit light in one direction.
Universal Display Corporation


Keyboard backlight system

Disclosed systems provide keyboard backlighting from organic light emitting diodes (oleds) placed under the keys. A keyboard stack optionally includes a light guide or reflector.
Dell Products, Lp

Lighting topics: Semiconductor, Semiconductor Substrate, Electronic Device, Scattering, Homogeneous, Distributed, Control Unit, Lighting Fixture, Transceiver, Modulation, Notification, Led Lighting, Computing Device

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