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Functional near-infrared spectroscopy as a monitor for depth of anesthesia

Functional near-infrared spectroscopy as a monitor for depth of anesthesia

Heat-resistant polyamide composition and application thereof

Method for operating a lighting system integrating a video camera

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lighting-related patents
 System for tracking surgical objects patent thumbnailSystem for tracking surgical objects
A system for tracking surgical objects placed in a body cavity so that they may be reliably located and recovered from the body cavity at a later time. In one preferred embodiment, the system comprises a vibrantly colored stringer threaded through apertures in a plurality of surgical objects and vibrantly colored tracking tags affixed to each end of the vibrantly colored stringer to maintain the surgical objects on the vibrantly colored stringer.
 Functional near-infrared spectroscopy as a monitor for depth of anesthesia patent thumbnailFunctional near-infrared spectroscopy as a monitor for depth of anesthesia
The effect of artifacts (e.g., strong surgery room lighting, patient-table tilting, patient intubation/extubation) on the fnir signal may be removed using a noise removal algorithm. In selecting the noise removal algorithm, a switching technique may be used to select the component analysis algorithm, such as a principal component analysis (pca), an independent component analysis (ica), or the like..
 Heat-resistant polyamide composition and application thereof patent thumbnailHeat-resistant polyamide composition and application thereof
The present invention discloses a heat-resistant polyamide composition and application thereof. The composition comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 40% to 90% of heat-resistant polyamide resin, 5% to 35% of mineral fiber a, 0 to 35% of mineral filler b, 0.1% to i% of light stabilizer, 0.1% to 1% of flow modifier and 0.1% to 1% of antioxidant.
 Method for operating a lighting system integrating a video camera patent thumbnailMethod for operating a lighting system integrating a video camera
A method for operating a lighting system includes the steps of a) illuminating a stage with light from at least one light source; b) recording a portion of the stage with the video camera and generating digital video signals; c) transmitting the digital video signals to a video conversion device; d) converting the video signals into digital image data signals; e) transmitting the digital image data signals to the digital memory of the lighting control console; f) starting a display task in the digital processor of the lighting control console, in order to process the image data signals for displaying the same at the display of the lighting control console; and g) graphically representing a portion of the stage by displaying the image data signals which have been processed in the digital processor at the display of the lighting control console.. .
 Lighting apparatus and display apparatus patent thumbnailLighting apparatus and display apparatus
A lighting apparatus of the present disclosure includes: a light source device having one or more light emitting diodes; a board on which the light source device is provided; a light guide plate having an entrance surface facing a light exit surface of the light source device to allow entry of light therefrom, and a light emission surface which emits the light having entered through the entrance surface, the light guide plate configured to propagate the light having entered through the entrance surface and emit the light through the light emission surface; and an engagement member fixed on the board and engaging the board with the light guide plate, the engagement member configured to prevent relative motion, between the board and an engaged portion of the light guide plate engaged with the board, in a direction in which the light exit surface and the entrance surface face each other.. .
 Optical device, in particular for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailOptical device, in particular for a motor vehicle
An optical device for a motor vehicle, notably a lighting and/or signaling device for a motor vehicle, comprising a surface light source, wherein the device comprises a light beam shaping member which deflects first light rays of the beam emitted by one face of the surface light source, this member not deflecting second light rays of the beam emitted by the same face of the surface light source.. .
 Optical sheet and lighting device including the same patent thumbnailOptical sheet and lighting device including the same
Provided are an optical sheet used for a lighting device, and the lighting device, the optical sheet comprising: a base plate; and an optical plate including a plurality of micro pattern units formed on the base plate, wherein the respective micro pattern units have any one shape of a quadrangular pyramid shape, a conical shape, and a polypyramid shape, wherein an edge angle formed between the base plate and a side surface of the micro pattern units is determined within a range of 15 degrees to 45 degrees.. .
 Lamp with enhanced lighting angle patent thumbnailLamp with enhanced lighting angle
A lamp includes a mounting frame, at least one supporting member, and a plurality of light emitting members. The mounting frame is provided with a connecting face.
 Lighting device patent thumbnailLighting device
A lighting device may be provided that includes: a heat sink; a light source module which is disposed on the heat sink, includes a substrate having at least one hole, and includes a plurality of light emitting devices disposed on a top surface of the substrate; a power supply unit which is disposed within the heat sink and includes a support plate and a plurality of parts disposed on the support plate; and a soldering portion which connects the substrate and the support plate. The support plate includes an extended substrate which is disposed in the hole of the substrate.
 Apparatus, method, and system for independent aiming and cutoff steps in illuminating a target area patent thumbnailApparatus, method, and system for independent aiming and cutoff steps in illuminating a target area
A lighting fixture is presented comprising a plurality of modular apparatuses wherein each modular apparatus comprises one or more light sources and one or more light directing or light redirecting devices. Methods of adjusting one or more components of said lighting fixture about one, two, or three axes are presented whereby the lighting needs of a target area—even one of complex shape—may be addressed and in a manner that promotes compact fixture design with low effective projected area (epa) without sacrificing transmission efficiency of the light sources..
Led lighting system, method, and apparatus
An led lighting system having at least one led circuit formed on a pcb assembly, the led circuit and the pcb assembly forming an led pcb assembly, and a driver for powering the led circuit. The led lighting system includes a cover for attaching to the led pcb assembly, the cover being configured to allow light emitting from the led pcb assembly to pass there through..
Linear led lighting device, system, method, and apparatus
A linear led lighting system having at least one led circuit formed on a pcb assembly, the at least one led circuit and pcb assembly forming an led pcb assembly. The linear led lighting system includes at least one housing for housing the led pcb assembly, the at least one housing and the led pcb assembly, wherein the at least one housing is a piece of trim.
Lighting fixtures having illuminated ornaments and methods for providing illumination
A lighting fixture includes a support having an outer surface and at least one inner surface defining at least a portion of a passageway extending through said support, a plurality of ornaments disposed inside said passageway, and at least one of a light source and a receptacle for a light source for emitting light into said passageway and onto some of said plurality of ornaments which emitted light is at least one of refracted and reflected from said plurality of ornaments through said at least one inner surface and out said outer surface of said support.. .
Street lighting device for communicating with observers and associated methods
A thoroughfare lighting device may include a housing configured to be attached to a thoroughfare surface, having a top surface, a proximal face, a distal face, and first and second opposing sidewalls, a driver circuit, a plurality of light-emitting diodes electrically coupled to the driver circuit comprising a first set of leds configured to emit a generally white light, and a second set of leds configured to emit colored light that is observable by an observer. The lighting device may also include an optic carried by the housing and positioned in optical communication with the plurality of leds.
Led retrofitting system for post top outdoor lighting
A modular lighting system for controlling light output and direction in a pole top luminaire includes a base. Lighting modules which have leds mounted on a heat sink include pairs of heat pipes extending from the heat sink plug into the base.
Method for performing dither processing
In a case where dither processing is performed as image forming processing, a reference position of a dither matrix to be used is changed in units of predetermined printing execution. Such a change prevents continuous lighting of a light emitting element and fixation of a lighting position, and suppresses speed of deterioration in the light emitting element with time..
Light guiding system, edge-lighting backlight module and liquid crystal display
A light guiding system includes an ambient light gathering system for absorbing the ambient light to generate absorbed light; multiple light guiding devices each of which includes a light input end near the ambient light gathering system and a light output end near an incident side of a light guiding plate, and multiple light diffusion devices between the light output end and the incident side of the light guiding plate, for broadening a light-emitting angle of the light output end. The absorbed light enters the light input end and is guided to the light output end to form a backlight source.
Avoiding flash-exposed frames during video recording
A flash removal system identifies and removes flash lighting from a video. The flash removal system identifies flash-exposed frames in the video based on a time stamp of the frame, an average luminance of the frame, or a user input.
Image-capturing system
An image-capturing system for automatically adjusting divergence angle includes an image-capturing unit, an auxiliary lighting unit and a control unit. The image-capturing unit includes an image sensor and a zoom lens adjacent to the image sensor.
Colour lighting control method for improving image quality in a vision system
Provided is a color lighting control method including a lighting device having a plurality of lighting unit, the method including the steps of: (a) applying predetermined input voltages to the plurality of lighting units respectively and obtaining image data through the camera; (b) calculating an image histogram that is a distribution graph for displaying the number of pixels corresponding to each monochrome level intensity through the image data; (c) calculating a standard deviation of the image histogram; and (d) calculating an optimal input voltage value for each of the plurality of lighting units within an adjustment range of the predetermined input voltages, wherein the optimal input voltage value maximizes the standard deviation.. .
Automatic location-based camera frame rate settings
Systems and methods for adjusting the frame rate or other settings of a video camera device operably connected to a computing device are discussed. Embodiments disclosed herein include features such as detecting a camera activation event, acquiring location information about the location of the computing device, determining an ac power frequency associated with the device location or with a power source used by the device, determining ambient lighting conditions near or around the device, identifying a camera frame rate meant to reduce or avoid flicker that would otherwise be caused by a mismatch between ac frequency and camera frame rate, and setting the frame rate of the camera to the identified rate.
Image magnifying apparatus
Disclosed herein is an image magnifying apparatus which automatically brings a target into focus using a diopter lens depending on whether the target is at a short distance or at a long distance. The orientation of a camera and short- or long-distance focusing of a camera lens can be automatically controlled to provide a clear image to a user, whereby even a user with low vision, a blind user, an aged user, a hand tremor user, etc.
Method for detecting 3d geometric boundaries in images of scenes subject to varying lighting
Three-dimensional (3d) geometric boundaries are detected in images of a scene that undergoes varying lighting conditions caused by light sources in different positions, from a set of input images of the scene illuminated by at least two different lighting conditions. The images are aligned, e.g., acquired by a stationary camera, so that pixels at the same location in all of the input images correspond to the same point in the scene.
Method for factorizing images of a scene into basis images
A set of nonnegative lighting basis images representing a scene illuminated by a set of stationary light sources is recovered from a set of input images of the scene that were acquired by a stationary camera. Each image is illuminated by a combination of the light sources, and at least two images in the set are illuminated by different combinations.
Method for controlling an obstruction light and a wind park for carrying out such a method
The invention concerns a method of controlling the flight lighting arrangement of a wind park by means of acoustic monitoring or wind park comprising one or more wind power installations, wherein the wind park has an acoustic monitoring device having a microphone arrangement, wherein the microphone arrangement records sound signals, noises or the like from the environment of the wind park and said sound signals are processed in a signal processing device connected to the microphone arrangement, wherein there is provided a switching device for switching on a flight lighting arrangement of at least one wind power installation of the wind park and the switching device is coupled to and controlled by the signal processing device so that the signal processing device causes the switching device to switch on the flight lighting arrangement if a sound signal of a flying object, for example an aircraft or a helicopter, is detected by means of the acoustic monitoring device, and/or a predetermined sound signal (for example sine sound) is superposed and/or falsified by the noises of the flying object.. .
Systems and methods for providing an oem level networked system
The present application is generally directed to systems and methods for control and management of lighting components connected in a network. A user specified rule is executed to control lighting effects in a lighting network which comprises an interface module in communication with one or more lighting control modules.
Led lighting device and an ledlighting network system
The present invention provides an led lighting device and an led lighting network system. The led lighting device includes an led lighting unit, an led driving circuit, a controller, and a wi-fi module configured to send and receive wi-fi signals.
Programmable current source with optimized compliance region for efficient backlighting in portable applications
A programmable current source programmable current source circuit has dac current source providing an incrementally programmable current levels. A programmable reference current source adjusts a compliance factor of the dac current source.
Methods and apparatus for controlling a lighting fixture utilizing a communication protocol
Methods and apparatus for controlling a lighting fixture utilizing a communication protocol transmitted over the power line that feeds the lighting fixture. Data may be transmitted to a plurality of lighting fixtures (40) via altering the output voltage transmitted to the lighting fixture through switching of a transformer (120) connected to the output voltage.
Variable led light illumination
Improvements in lighting are disclosed where the light uses pwm to gradually increase the illumination to reduce illumination shock as the lighting abruptly changes. Pwm essentially changes illumination by using square waves where the width of the square wave is adjusted to vary the amount of visible illumination.
Control of the intensity of a led lighting system
There is described a system and method for controlling the intensity of a lighting system for vehicles comprising light emitting diodes mounted on printed circuit boards (pcbs). The method comprises sending a first modulation signal to the lighting modules from a master controller upon detection of a presence of power from a power source by the master controller; and sending a second modulation signal to the lighting modules from the master controller upon detection of an absence of power from a power source by the master controller.
Self-adjusting lighting driver for driving lighting sources and lighting unit including self-adjusting lighting driver
A lighting unit (100) includes light emitting diode (led) modules (120, 300) and a lighting driver (110, 200) connected to the led modules. Each led module includes leds (323) and an identification current source (324) supplying an identification current to an identification current output node (180, 380).
Lighting control system and lighting control method
Plural luminaires are installed in a lighting space surrounded by a wall part. A sensor equipment detects existence or nonexistence of a person in the lighting space.
Commissioning of lighting systems
A lighting system that includes luminaires (1,2,3,4,5) installed at individual locations (r1-5) in premises, is commissioned by placing auxiliary commissioning devices (6) in the premises at spaced apart locations and forming them into a wireless local network. The auxiliary commissioning devices each include a sensor (13) to detect light from the luminaires, establishing the locations of the auxiliary commissioning devices in relation to the premises, for example by using ranging on the basis of signal strengths of the devices (6) in the local network, and detecting light emitted from the luminaires individually with the sensors (13) of the auxiliary commissioning devices such as to associate the luminaires with individual ones of the commissioning devices..
Control device for providing a visual indication of energy savings and usage information
A dimmer switch for controlling the amount of power delivered to and thus the intensity of a lighting load comprises a visual display operable to provide a visual indication representative of energy savings and usage information. The dimmer switch comprises an intensity adjustment actuator, such as a slider knob or a rotary knob, which may be coupled to a potentiometer for adjusting the amount of power delivered to the lighting load.
Near unity power factor long life low cost led lamp retrofit system and method
Disclosed are various embodiments of low cost high quality led (light emitting diode) retrofit lamp devices capable of operating in a wide range of power and to supersede conventional lighting devices such as incandescent, halogen, sodium or fluorescent lamps. The disclosed embodiments include various led lamp retrofit apparatuses that maximize the electro-mechanical-optical compatibility of seven interactive systems, such as: leds, led panel, supply adaptor, housing, lens/diffuser shield, in/out electrical wiring an led driver.
Lamp using solid state source
A lamp includes a single string of light emitting diodes (leds), driven in common, configured to cause the lamp to emit a visible light output via a bulb. The lamp also includes a lighting industry standard lamp base, which has connectors arranged in a standard three-way lamp configuration, for providing electricity from a three-way lamp socket.
System for controlling, measuring and monitoring the secondary electric power distribution grid
The present invention relates to a system for controlling, measuring and monitoring the secondary electric power distribution grid with remote fraud and power theft detection, readings, power cuts-off, reconnection and client load control, besides continuous monitoring of the electric grid parameters, providing diagnostics on the status of the grid and public lighting from an assigned command central, located at the secondary bulbar of the distribution transformer, and measuring modules at clients installations.. .
Led lighting system for a railway vehicle
There is described a lighting system for vehicles comprising light emitting diodes mounted on printed circuit boards (pcbs). Auxiliary components such as speakers are mounted on some of the pcbs lighting modules which are connected in an end-to-end relationship and which form light rows of the lighting system.
Heterocyclic compound, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
A substance having a hole-transport property and a wide band gap is provided. A heterocyclic compound represented by a general formula (g1) is provided.
Organic electroluminescence element, display apparatus, image processing apparatus, lighting apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Provided is an organic electroluminescence element, including: a light reflective electrode; a light transmissive electrode; an emission layer formed between the light reflective electrode and the light transmissive electrode; a low-refractive index layer having a refractive index at a maximum peak wavelength of an emission spectrum of light emitted from the emission layer lower than that of the emission layer, the low-refractive index layer being formed between the light reflective electrode and the emission layer; and a light extraction member for changing an exiting direction of the light emitted from the emission layer, the light extraction member being formed on the light transmissive electrode, in which an optical path l between a maximum emission surface of the emission layer and the light reflective electrode satisfies a specific expression.. .
Method of disinfection and lighting by using leds and led device thereof
A method of disinfection and lighting by using leds and an led device thereof are provided. Two kinds of leds, i.e., the lighting leds, and the uv-leds, are fixed on a circuit board evenly and mixedly in a certain way, and a separator is also provided on the circuit board.
Laser cladding method
In a laser cladding method, a laser beam is emitted from a semiconductor laser to melt alloy powder for laser cladding on the surface of a hydraulic support column. The semiconductor laser is a laser functioning with semiconductor material as gain medium and lighting by means of semiconductor material transition among energy bands.
Lighting device for respiratory humidifier and respiratory humidifier
A lighting device for a respiratory humidifier (1) is provided, the humidifier comprising a liquid container (3) with a bottom plate and a housing (2) with a heating plate (8), wherein the heating plate (8) can be heated for heating the liquid in the liquid container (3), and wherein the bottom plate can be brought into contact with the heating plate (8), wherein the housing (2) comprises a light source (20) and a light exit portion (22), and the liquid container (3) comprises a light entrance portion (21), wherein the light proceeding from the light source (20) proceeds in a lighting direction through the light exit portion (22) and the light entrance portion (21) and thus arrives in the liquid container (3).. .
Light irradiation device for improving cognitive symptom and depression symptom, room having the light irradiation device, and lighting device for improving cognitive symptom and depression symptom
In a light irradiation device 20 for improving cognitive symptom and depression symptom according to the present invention, photostimulation is given to a retina by continuous flashing of a light source 21 of frequency of 1 to 10 hz, homer 1a is made to continuously express by the photostimulation, and bk-type potassium channel in pyramidal cell of cerebral cortex is activated. It is possible to exert an effect equivalent to a depression symptom improving effect obtained by an electroconvusion stimulation device, an effect equivalent to a depression symptom improving effect and an effect equivalent to a cognitive symptom improving effect obtained by a transcranial magnetic stimulation device.
Heterocyclic compound, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
Provided are a heterocyclic compound which emits blue light and is represented by general formula (g1) below, and a light-emitting element, a light-emitting device, an electronic device and a lighting device which are formed using the heterocyclic compound represented by general formula (g1) below. The use of the heterocyclic compound represented by general formula (g1) makes it possible to provide a light-emitting element which has high emission efficiency, and also a light-emitting device, an electronic device and a lighting device which have reduced power consumption..
Mobile phone
A mobile phone operable to operate a first display using a second touch panel display that partially covers the first display is disclosed. The first display and the second touch panel display are slidably coupled such that the second touch panel display may cover the first display.
Lighting/sounding device activated by inflation of balloon
A lighting/sounding device activated by inflation of a balloon includes a lighting lamp/sounder, a battery, and a housing at least covering the lighting lamp/sounder. The housing includes an inlet end, an outlet end, and an air channel connecting the inlet end and the outlet end to form a through passage for air flow within the housing.
Balloon inflation, illumination and holding device
A device for inflating, illuminating and holding a balloon like a torch, without the use of helium. The device includes illumination means, a power supply and related circuitry, a pathway for inflating and sealing the balloon, an elongate handle, and a cap.
Polymer molecular film and method for manufacturing the same
The present invention provides a polymer molecular film, a photo-electronic element comprising the same and method for manufacturing the same. The polymer molecular film of the invention is formed via a deformation process on a substrate.
Concrete screeding machine with improved auger
A screeding machine for screeding a concrete surface having a partially cured concrete area and a newly placed concrete area includes a wheeled unit and a screeding head attached at the wheeled unit. The wheeled unit has a plurality of wheels for moving the wheeled unit over a support surface.
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus is provided. The image forming apparatus includes a sensing unit configured to check a transfer belt, which serves to transfer a visible image to a printing medium, the image forming apparatus capable of reducing contamination of sensors since a lighting window of a sensor provided in the sensing unit is open and closed by a shutter and a shutter driving device..
Sensor nodes with multicast transmissions in lighting sensory network
An embodiment method for communicating data within a lighting sensory network may include configuring a first plurality of lighting nodes to operate as sensor nodes, configuring a second plurality of lighting nodes to operate as listening nodes, generating, by a sensor node using an encryption key, a sensor message associated with sensor data and including at least a timestamp, calculating an interval for transmitting the sensor message, wherein the interval is randomized and exponentially increasing, determining whether to transmit the sensor message based on the calculated interval, transmitting the sensor message in response to determining to transmit the sensor message based on the calculated interval, receiving, by a listening node, the sensor message at a listening node, determining whether the received sensor message is useful based on the timestamp and a predefined age threshold, and performing a lighting action in response to determining the received sensor message is useful.. .
Component lighting system
A component lighting system allows for easy installation, removal, and reconfiguration. The system allows individual elements to be readily replaced and allows new components to be readily added to the system.
Luminous body
A luminous body is described, in particular in the form of a planar lighting device for general lighting or for backlighting of displays, which luminous body comprises a plurality of light sources, for example led elements, arranged in a housing, in particular an optical waveguide plate. The optical waveguide plate forms a first optical medium with a first optical scattering power, into which the light of the light sources is coupled.
Lighting device and display device
A lighting device includes a translucent member having the same cross sectional tubular shape throughout a longitudinal direction and including a lens that includes a light incident surface for receiving incident light and a pair of light exit surface for diffusing and emitting the light incident on the light incident surface to the outside, and a light-emitting portion mounted on a substrate and emitting the light toward a region including the light incident surface of the translucent member, where in the translucent member includes a pair of light guide portions for guiding the light incident on the light incident surface to a pair of the light exit surfaces so that the light incident on the light incident surface is diffused and emitted from the pair of light exit surfaces in a width direction that is orthogonal to the longitudinal direction.. .
Candle-like lighting device
An candle-like lighting device includes a light body having a diffuser, a light guider and a light source; the diffuser having a plurality of diffusing particles mounted therein; the light guider having a reflecting portion defined at one end thereof and having a refracting portion defined at another end thereof, the diffuser sleeving the light guider; and the light source assembled to the light guider. Wherein, partial light beams from the light source are reflected by the reflecting portion toward the refracting portion and are refracted by the refracting portion into the diffuser; simultaneously, rest light beams form the light source are directly transmitted toward the refracting portion and are refracted by the refracting portion into the diffuser; as a result, the refracted light beams are diffused by the diffusing particles in the diffuser..
Edge profile for bordering a superstructure of a rescue vehicle, in particular a fire fighting vehicle
Edge profile (100) for bordering the superstructure of a rescue vehicle, in particular a fire fighting vehicle, comprising an extruded hollow profile body (10) with a cross section that comprises a central hollow channel portion (12), a first groove (14) opening towards the upper side of the profile body (10) in which a first band-shaped lighting device (28) is arranged, a second groove (18) opening laterally towards the bottom side of the profile body (10) in which a second band-shaped lighting device (30) is arranged, a first cross section portion (44) for engaging with a fixing means for fixing the edge profile to a vehicle body, said first cross section portion (44) being arranged at a back portion of the profile body (10) that faces the vehicle body, a flat upper support portion (54) on top of the first cross section portion (44) for supporting a top plate (32) of the superstructure, and a plate-shaped flange portion (36) extending vertically at the bottom of the profile body (10).. .
Structure for assembling vehicle interior lighting
A structure for assembling a vehicle interior lighting, comprises a lens, a socket, a cover fitted to the socket, a first regulation portion configured by one side of the fitted cover or the fitted socket that is located on a front side in the insertion direction and a part of the lens, the first regulation portion regulating forward movement of the cover or the socket in the insertion direction; and a second regulation portion configured by another side of the fitted cover or the fitted socket that is located on a rear side in the insertion direction and a part of the lens, the second regulation portion regulating backward movement of the cover or the socket in the insertion direction.. .
Housing for an illuminating apparatus and an illuminating apparatus having the housing
A housing for an illuminating apparatus may include: two housing portions assembled together, and a transparent cover, the two housing portions and the transparent cover jointly defining a cavity, wherein a transparent separator is provided in the cavity for separating the cavity into an assembling cavity and an isolated cavity sealed with respect to each other, wherein the assembling cavity is configured to mount a plurality of lighting assemblies of the illuminating apparatus, and the isolated cavity is defined jointly by the transparent cover and the separator.. .
Emergency lighting
A photoluminescent guide for an emergency lighting system includes a housing having a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a longitudinal slot extending between the first end and the second end. A one-piece composite insert is disposed within the longitudinal slot.
Wide angle based indoor lighting lamp
The present disclosure provides one embodiment of an illumination structure. The illumination structure includes a substrate.
Reduced-blue-light led lighting device, method of its manufacture, and led lighting method
Led lighting device in which color-mixed light according to a mixture of a blue optical emission spectrum according to the emission from an led element, a red optical emission spectrum according to the emission from a red phosphor, and a green optical emission spectrum according to the emission from a green phosphor is emitted, wherein in the spectrum for the emitted color-mixed light, letting the relative spectral area for the principal-wavelength peak of the blue optical emission spectrum be ab and the peak emission intensity be ib, letting the relative spectral area of the green optical emission spectrum be ag and the peak emission intensity be ig, and letting the relative spectral area of the red optical emission spectrum be ar and the peak emission intensity be ir, then ib<ig, ib<ir, ab≦ag, ab≦ar, and ab/(ar+ag)≦0.4.. .
Lens module and led lighting module having the same
A lens module for divergently refracting light from an led includes a first lens and a second lens matching with the first lens. The first lens is received in the second lens, and the first lens is spaced from the second lens.
Lighting fixtures and methods of commissioning lighting fixtures
In embodiments of the present invention, a method and system is provided for commissioning improved intelligent, led-based lighting systems. The led based lighting systems may include fixtures with one or more led light bars, integrated sensors, onboard intelligence to send and receive signals and control the led light bars, and network connectivity to other fixtures..
Led light bulb replacement with adjustable light distribution
An led lightbulb retrofit is described that can be adjusted to (a) to accommodate both top-socket and bottom-socket applications, (b) generate a variety of iesna illumination distributions, (c) generate different levels of total lumens, (d) mount to different sockets such as medium and mogul bases, (e) and work in both refractors and globe fixtures. Led printed circuit boards are mounted on multiple exterior surfaces of a single heat sink with internal fins that can be cut to different lengths to accommodate different numbers of pcbs with a parallel connector mounted (a) symmetrically for symmetrical lighting distributions or (b) asymmetrically for asymmetrical lighting distributions.
Security lighting systems having offset brackets and rapidly deployable and reuseable low voltage security lighting systems
A security light system for a fence includes a security light having a light module with an led, a hat overlying the led for reflecting light, a junction box having an interior compartment containing an led driver for controlling operation of the led, the junction box including a front end having a front opening and a rear end opposite the front end, and a front cover plate covering the front opening. The security light includes an extension tube having an upper end secured to the light module and a lower end secured to the junction box, a clamp assembly for securing the junction box to a fence post, and an offset bracket positioned between a rear end of the junction box and the fence post for spacing the junction box from the fence post which, in turn, spaces the hat from the fence post..
Digital reading device with cosmetic function
A digital reading device with cosmetic function includes a base plate, a lighting panel, a driving unit and a transparent touch panel. The base plate includes a plurality of black units.
Straight tube lamp and luminaire
According to one embodiment, a straight tube lamp includes a straight tube cover, at least a portion of which has light transmissivity, and a light-emitting unit including a light-emitting element. A first cap including a pair of terminals for power supply are provided at one end of the cover.
Lighting assembly
An elongate tubular lighting assembly having a body with a length between spaced first and second ends. The tubular lighting assembly has a source of illumination and first and second connectors respectively at the first and second body ends.
Rapid deployment lighting system
A rapidly deployable portable lighting system includes a low voltage rechargeable power source, lights, and a wiring harness configured for being coupled to the lights with quick-release connectors. Each light includes a housing, leds receiving power from the power source and transmitting light of at least two colors, and a power port for connecting to the wiring harness.
Lighting device
A cordless light attachment for a tool includes a housing that has a proximal end and a distal end, and an interior cavity that extends from the proximal end to the distal end, forming an opening extending through the housing from the proximal end to the distal end. The device receives therein a tool and removably attaches to the tool.
Optical lens, light emitting device, and lighting device
An optical lens, light emitting device, and lighting device are provided. The optical lens may include a first surface, a second surface disposed over the first surface, a third surface concaved with respect to the second surface towards the first surface, wherein the third surface converges toward a center thereof with a curved shape, and wherein a predetermined distance is provided between the third surface and the first surface along an optical axis, which is a straight line that passes through the center of the third surface and a center of the first surface, a protruder centrally arranged with respect to the first surface and that protrudes in a first direction along the optical axis, wherein a cross-section of the protruder taken along the optical axis includes two curved portions that each curve in the first direction and then curve in a second direction opposite to the first direction to substantially meet at the optical axis, and a plurality of supports that extend from the first surface in the first direction, and configured to provide a space below the protruder, wherein the plurality of supports is provided adjacent to the protruder..
Reflective color display with luminescence and backlighting
A reflective color display has at least a color pixel disposed to receive ambient light for front lighting and has a light source optically coupled to the color pixel to provide back light for backlighting. The color pixel has a first sub-pixel and a second sub-pixel.
White light source and white light source system including the same
The present invention provides a white light source comprising: a blue light emitting diode (blue led) having a light emission peak wavelength in a range of 421 to 490 nm; and a phosphor layer including phosphor and resin, wherein the white light source satisfies a relational equation of −0.2≦[(p(λ)×v(λ))/(p(λmax1)×v(λmax1))−(bλ)×v(λ))/(b(λmax2)×v(λmax2))]≦+0.2, assuming that: a light emission spectrum of the white light source is p(λ); a light emission spectrum of black-body radiation having a same color temperature as that of the white light source is b(λ); a spectrum of a spectral luminous efficiency is v(λ); a wavelength at which p(λ)×v(λ) becomes largest is λmax1; and a wavelength at which b(λ)×v(λ) becomes largest is λmax2, and wherein an amount of chromaticity change on cie chromaticity diagram from a time of initial lighting up of the white light source to a time after the white light source is continuously lighted up for 6000 hours is less than 0.010. According to the above white light source, there can be provided a white light source capable of reproducing the same light emission spectrum as that of natural light..
Cover module for host and electronic device
An electronic device includes a cover module and a host having a lighting unit. The cover module has a light permeable cover, a system signal indicator, and a transmission unit.
Photography lighting fixture
A photography lighting fixture includes a lighting device and a shade device. The lighting device includes a housing, a lighting element disposed in the housing, and a first attaching unit connected to the housing.
Lighting unit and image scanner using same
A lighting unit is provided with: led arrays in which light-emitting elements are positioned in an array in a main scanning direction; cylindrical parabolic mirrors that project light emitted from the led arrays on an illumination region of an illuminated item; and a housing that houses or holds the led arrays and the cylindrical parabolic mirrors. Each cylindrical parabolic mirror forms a shape in which a cylindrical paraboloid having curvature with respect to a sub-scanning direction has been clipped by an axial plane that is perpendicular to the vertex of the cylindrical paraboloid in the main scanning direction.
Image reading device, image forming apparatus, and image reading method
An image reading device includes a red light source, a green light source, a blue light source, a white reference plate, a light-amount adjusting section, a photo-detecting section, and a signal processing section. The light-amount adjusting section sets lighting periods of the red, green, and blue light sources for reading in a monochrome mode, based on: lighting periods of the red, green, and blue light sources set for reading in a color mode; and a result of detection performed by the photo-detecting section when the white reference plate is illuminated with the red light, the green light, and the blue light respectively emitted by the red, green, and blue light sources for the respective lighting periods set for reading in the color mode..
Speed measuring device for conveyor line
A speed measuring apparatus for a conveyor line may include a lighting unit mounted to one side of the conveyor line with a bracket, a coupling module coupled to an upper side of the lighting unit, the coupling module having coupling portions formed on both sides of an upper side thereof, respectively, a camera having a lens unit mounted between the coupling portions to face downward for taking a picture of an image of the object on the conveyor line under operation, a lens rotation device having a motor mounted to end portions of, and between, the coupling portions for selective positioning of a magnifying lens matched to the lens unit of the camera as the motor may be driven, and a controller for controlling operation of the lens rotation device and comparing images taken by the camera at different times to determine a speed of the object.. .
Lighting system and digital cinema projection apparatus employing same
A lighting system for a digital cinema projection apparatus is provided. The lighting system includes an ultra high pressure mercury lamp, a relay lens group, a digital micro display module, an optical filter module, and a projection lens.
Projector and illumination device
A projector includes a plurality of light sources, an integrator lens and an overlapping lens, a light guide optical system, a light control device, a light modulation device, and a projection optical system, the light control device includes a pair of light-blocking members opposed to each other across a light path of the light emitted from the light sources in one direction in which the plurality of partial areas is arranged on the integrator lens, and a control device adapted to move the light-blocking members into and out of the light path, and the control device moves the pair of light-blocking members into and out of the light path so that the light entering the overlapping lens has a shape with a symmetric property in accordance with lighting and extinction states of the plurality of light sources.. .
Liquid crystal device, electronic apparatus and lighting device
In a liquid crystal device, when the local dimming is adopted, at a light guide plate of a lighting device, light guide plate portions having a trapezoidal planar shape where two sides facing each other in the y-axis direction have different lengths are arranged in the x-axis direction to have reverse orientations in the y-axis direction. A light emitting element emits the light of a light source from the end surface of the light guide plate portion which is located at a short side into the light guide plate portion.
Rearview mirror assembly
A vehicular rearview minor assembly includes a mirror reflective element and a touch sensor device disposed behind a portion of the reflective element and operable to sense the presence of a person's finger at a touch zone of the reflective element proximate to the touch sensor device. A backlighting device is disposed behind the touch sensor device and is operable to backlight a portion of the touch sensor device.
Laser based display method and system
The present invention is directed to display technologies. More specifically, various embodiments of the present invention provide projection display systems where one or more laser diodes are used as light source for illustrating images.

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