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Lighting patents

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Network-enabled light fixture for locating movable object

Cisco Technology

Network-enabled light fixture for locating movable object

Learning systems and methods


Learning systems and methods

Learning systems and methods


Methods and apparatus to determine home appliance cabinet temperature using a light emitting diode (led)

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lighting-related patents
 System and  promoting marketable items patent thumbnailSystem and promoting marketable items
A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a media processor having a controller to receive from a media communication system metadata describing one or more marketable items depicted in a media program supplied by the media communication system, present images of the media program at a media presentation device without highlighting the one or more marketable items, present an icon at least at one of a remote controller managing operations of the media processor or the media presentation device to indicate a presence of the one or more marketable items in one or more of the images presented at the media presentation device, detect a selection of the icon, and highlight the one or more marketable items. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp
 Network-enabled light fixture for locating movable object patent thumbnailNetwork-enabled light fixture for locating movable object
In one embodiment, a method comprises a wireless detector in a lighting element detecting a movable object within a prescribed detection zone of the wireless detector; and the lighting element sending a message identifying detection of the movable object to a remote gateway, allowing the remote gateway to locate the movable object.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.
 Learning systems and methods patent thumbnailLearning systems and methods
A sequence of images depicting an object is captured, e.g., by a camera at a point-of-sale terminal in a retail store. The object is identified, such as by a barcode or watermark that is detected from one or more of the images.
Digimarc Corporation
 Methods and apparatus to determine home appliance cabinet temperature using a light emitting diode (led) patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus to determine home appliance cabinet temperature using a light emitting diode (led)
Methods and apparatus to determine home appliance cabinet temperatures using light emitting diodes (leds) are disclosed. An example home appliance includes a cabinet, a lighting system disposed in the cabinet having one or more leds to provide lighting in the interior of the cabinet, and a circuit electrically coupled to the lighting system and programmed to determine a temperature inside the cabinet based on a characteristic of the one or more leds of the lighting system..
Whirlpool Corporation
 Lighting device and movable body lighting device patent thumbnailLighting device and movable body lighting device
According to one embodiment, a lighting device includes: a light emitting section that has a light emitting element; a light guide that is provided on a side of radiation of light of the light emitting section; and a reflection section that is provided in an end section of the light guide on the side opposite the side of the light emitting section and includes a through hole that exposes the light guide and a first reflection surface that is inclined in a direction in which a side of the light emitting section approaches a side of a center shaft of the light guide.. .
Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation
 Lighting units for road users patent thumbnailLighting units for road users
A lighting unit (85) for use by a vulnerable road user such as a cyclist, the lighting unit being intended for use as a front light or a rear light, wherein the lighting unit displays a symbol or word that identifies the category of vulnerable road user. It may incorporate two distinct lights: one which is set to achieve light delivery comparable to current standard white front and red rear bike lights, whilst the other is the symbol or word display.
 Optical interference filters, and filament tubes and lamps provided therewith patent thumbnailOptical interference filters, and filament tubes and lamps provided therewith
A multilayer coating systems suitable for use as optical interference filters in lighting systems, for example, halogen lamps. Such an optical interference filter contains alternating layers of a high refractive index material and a low refractive index material.
General Electric Company
 Lighting module patent thumbnailLighting module
The present application relates to a first lighting module (200) arranged to be mounted to a second lighting module (201). The first lighting module has a housing (204), a light source (206) and an electrical connector (218) electrically coupled to the light source.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.
 Luminaire module patent thumbnailLuminaire module
A luminaire module (1) arranged to radiate light in all directions is disclosed. It comprises a plurality of sections (5, 6) each having an led (7) and at least one electrical terminal (3, 4) opposing said led (7).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.
 Luminaire with removable lighting modules patent thumbnailLuminaire with removable lighting modules
There is provided a luminaire apparatus for illuminating an object. The luminaire apparatus may also include a light module housing that is to be substantially parallel to the object and includes a light module recess.

Led lighting device with mint-colored and amber-colored light-emitting diodes

Various embodiments may relate to an led lighting device, including at least one mint-colored light-emitting diode, at least one amber-colored light-emitting diode and at least one yellow light-emitting diode and/or blue light-emitting diode.. .
Osram Gmbh

Day/night switchable light adjusting device and light adjusting method thereof

A day/night switchable light adjusting device and light adjusting method thereof are provided. The day/night switchable light adjusting device is composed of a plurality of panels; each panel includes a reflecting surface and at least one lighting unit.
Gcsol Tech Co., Ltd.

Street lighting fixture having an induction lamp

A street lighting fixtures and more particularly to a street lighting fixture having an induction lamp having an improved form and structure regarding the currently existing fixtures wherein the street lighting fixture comprising: a housing having a first end, a second end and an inner surface divided in a light reflector retaining portion and a ballast retaining portion; a reflector, attached to the inner surface of the housing, said reflector having a light source; an insulating panel, dividing the inner surface of the housing in a light reflector retaining portion and a ballast retaining portion; and a transparent cover, covering at least a portion of the light reflector retaining portion and the ballast retaining portion.. .

Solar lantern lamp having led candel

A solar lighting system comprises a candle lantern lamp and a solar charging basket. The candle lantern lamp comprises a led lamp having a candle shaped cover, enclosed in a housing; a slide on/off switch on the bottom of the led lamp, a build-in rechargeable battery, a pcb controller for charging by the solar panel and prevent over charging, and a pair of contact pins connecting the charging base with the led lamp and supplying solar energy to the rechargeable battery.
Test Rite International Co., Ltd.

Apparatus for backlighting billboards using indirect light

An apparatus for backlighting a large-scale billboard display using indirect lighting comprises a plurality of edges comprising fasteners to attach to a corresponding number of edges of a frame of the billboard display, the attached edges creating an enclosure. The apparatus further comprises at least one coupling for at least one point light source within the enclosure, the at least one point source light disposed vertically and horizontally off-center from the center point of the enclosure and further disposed above a lower media boundary.

Overhead support system having adjustable lighting elements

An overhead support system is configured to be positioned within a room. The system may include a main housing that includes at least a portion of an air-delivery sub-system, a plurality of lighting elements secured to the main housing, a light control unit in communication with each of the plurality of lighting elements, and a light operation interface in communication with the light control unit.
Huntair, Inc.

Method and system for soft switching of a relay

Provided is a system for soft switching of an electromechanical relay in a lighting control system using a sensor to detect a specified non-zero position in the electrical input waveform. Following this non-zero position, an adaptive time delay is applied before activation of the relay coil.
General Electric Company

Method and system for analyzing a colorimetric assay

Described herein is a method, system and computer program for analyzing a colorimetric assay that includes obtaining an image of the assay, optionally correcting for ambient lighting conditions in the image, converting the intensity data for at least one of the red channel, the green channel, or the blue channel to a first data point, recalling a predetermined standardized curve, comparing the first data point with the standardized curve, and identifying the value for the assay parameter from the standardized curve.. .
United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Air Force

Methods and estimating light adaptation levels of persons viewing displays

Methods and apparatus for estimating adaptation of the human visual system take into account the distribution of light detectors (rods and cones) in the human eye to weight contributions to adaptation from displayed content and ambient lighting. The estimated adaptation may be applied to control factors such as contrast and saturation of displayed content..
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Led driving device and lighting device

An led driving device includes a first converter configured to generate a first voltage, a second converter configured to generate a second voltage for driving a plurality of light emitting diodes (leds) from the first voltage, and a control circuit connected to an output terminal of the first converter and configured to control a level of the first voltage. The control circuit includes a cut-off circuit including a comparison circuit having hysteresis characteristics and a bleeder circuit..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Lighting device and illumination apparatus using the same

A controller has a first mode and a second mode. First mode is of generating a pwm signal that has a duty ratio to be changed according to a luminous level for a light emitting element and has a constant amplitude.
Panasonic Corporation

Lighting device and illumination apparatus using the same

In first mode, controller is configured, when receiving a dimming instruction signal, to control voltage-adjusting part to provide a dc voltage with a magnitude corresponding to a luminous level, across output ends of dc power supply, and apply a control voltage with a magnitude kept constant to a control terminal of switching element. In second mode, controller is configured, when receiving the dimming instruction signal, to apply the control voltage with a magnitude corresponding to luminous level to the control terminal of switching element, and control voltage-adjusting part to provide the dc voltage with a magnitude kept constant, across the output ends of dc power supply.
Panasonic Corporation

Led driving device and lighting device

The disclosed implementations include a light emitting diode (led) driving device including a dc-dc converter generating a driving signal with respect to a plurality of leds, a rectifying unit rectifying an alternating current (ac) signal to generate a direct current (dc) signal, a power factor correction (pfc) converter connected to the rectifying unit, and a controller detecting an output from the dc-dc converter and an output from the pfc converter to determine input impedance of the pfc converter.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


When an operator operates an operation tool of a dimming operation terminal device in order to set the brightness of a lighting load to desired brightness, an energization electric signal, for example, a voltage level detected by a dimming control section changes. The dimming control section generates a dimming signal modulated according to the voltage level.
Toshiba Lighting And Technology Corporation

Security light with lifestyle solutions

A lifestyle lighting solution using microcontroller technology for controlling nighttime illumination is disclosed wherein the night time illumination is divided into two stages with the first stage being a full power illumination for a preset time period and the second stage being an energy saving/security illumination. The time period of the first stage full power illumination is managed by a virtual timer which is programmable and dynamically variable according to the home owners' living habits and needs.

Light source apparatus and controlling same

A light source apparatus includes: a light-emitting unit which includes a plurality of emission areas emitting light periodically at different phases and in which at least two light sources are disposed in each emission area; a detection unit configured to detect light from the light-emitting unit; and a control unit configured to select the plurality of light sources sequentially and to perform lighting-control of temporarily reducing emission brightness of light sources other than the selected light source, wherein the control unit selects lighting-control target light sources so that lighting-control is sequentially performed on light sources disposed in different emission areas among the plurality of emission areas.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Enhancements for led lamps for use in luminaires

One example solid state lighting type lamp for a three-way luminaire includes a power source, a controller, an output stage, switching logic circuitry and multiple sets of light emitters. The logic circuitry receives input signals from tip and ring power contacts on a lamp base.
Abl Ip Holding Llc

Photo sensor package for lighting

Disclosed is a photo sensor package for lighting, which is configured such that a micro control unit having a lighting control function as well as a timer function is integrated with a remote control element receiving a remote control signal of a lighting fixture. The photo sensor package includes a housing molded using infrared transmissible resin, a remote control element configured to receive an infrared signal, an amplification element configured to amplify a signal that is output from the remote control element, and a micro control unit configured to control a lighting fixture in response to a signal that is output from the amplification element.
Raytron Co., Ltd

Led array member and integrated control module assembly having active circuitry

An lam/icm assembly comprises an integrated control module (icm) and an led array member (lam). The icm includes interconnect through which power from outside the assembly is received.
Bridgelux, Inc.

Lighting device

A lighting device may be provided that includes: a heat sink which includes a top surface and a member which has a side and is disposed on the top surface; a light source which includes a substrate disposed on the side of the member and light emitting devices disposed on the substrate, and has a reference point; and a cover which is coupled to the heat sink and includes an upper portion and a lower portion, which are divided by an imaginary plane passing through the reference point and being parallel with the top surface of the heat sink, wherein a distance from the reference point of the light source to the upper portion of the cover is larger than a distance from the reference point of the light source to the lower portion of the cover.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Lighting device comprising at least two organic luminescent materials

The invention provides a lighting device (100) comprising a light source (10) and luminescent materials (20). The luminescent materials (20) comprise a first organic luminescent material (120) and a second organic luminescent material (220), the light source (10) together with the luminescent materials (20) being configured to generate white lighting device light (101) during operation.
Koninklike Philips N.v.

Mobile power bank

An apparatus for providing power, the apparatus having a housing; a battery module positioned inside of the housing, the battery module having: a battery, a battery circuit board coupled to the battery and an ignition output port coupled to the battery circuit board; a circuit board positioned inside of the housing and coupled to the battery module, the circuit board having: a charge module, a discharge module, a lighting module and a control module coupled to the charge module, the discharge module and the lighting module; a light source coupled to the circuit board; and wherein the apparatus is configured to provide sufficient power to jump start a vehicle.. .
Spacekey (usa), Inc.

Solid-state light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and lighting device

A solid-state light-emitting element includes a structure body having a property of transmitting visible light and an uneven structure on each of the top side and the bottom side thereof; a high refractive index material layer provided on one surface of the structure body; and a light-emitting body with a refractive index of greater than or equal to 1.6 provided over the high refractive index material layer. One surface of the high refractive index material layer is flatter than the other surface thereof which is in contact with the structure body.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Food lighting device and meat lighting device

In a food lighting device, a blue led element, a green phosphor, and a red led element or a red phosphor are selected such that light synthesized by the blue led element, the green phosphor, and the red led element or the red phosphor becomes white light whose wavelength component in the vicinity of 580 nm or in the vicinity of 600 nm is reduced.. .
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

Light-emitting element, display module, lighting module, light-emitting device, display device, electronic appliance, and lighting device

A multicolor light-emitting element that utilizes fluorescence and phosphorescence and is advantageous for practical application is provided. The light-emitting element has a stacked-layer structure of a first light-emitting layer containing a host material and a fluorescent substance and a second light-emitting layer containing two kinds of organic compounds and a substance that can convert triplet excitation energy into luminescence.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Led with current spreading layer and fabrication method

A lighting emitting diode including: an n side layer and a p side layer formed by nitride semiconductors respectively; an active layer comprising a nitride semiconductor is between the n side layer and the p side layer; wherein, the n-side layer is successively laminated by an extrinsically-doped buffer layer and a compound multi-current spreading layer; the compound multi-current spreading layer is successively-laminated by a first current spreading layer, a second current spreading layer and a third current spreading layer; the first current spreading layer and the third current spreading layer are alternatively-laminated layers comprising a u-type nitride semiconductor layer and an n-type nitride semiconductor layer; the second current spreading layer is a distributed insulation layer formed on the n-type nitride semiconductor layer; and the first current spreading layer is adjacent to the extrinsically-doped buffer layer; and the third current spreading layer is adjacent to the active layer.. .
Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Air deflectors for heat management in a lighting module

A lighting module has an array of light-emitting elements that is electrically coupled to a heat sink and a housing having a heat exit. The array of light-emitting elements is positioned in the housing and the heat sink is positioned to dissipate heat generated within the housing so that the heat is expelled through the heat exit.
Phoseon Technology, Inc.

Channel letter and trim cap retaining clip therefor

A channel letter has a rear surface for mounting against a raceway, wall, or a structure for supporting the signage, and sheet metal sides defining the figuration of the letter or shape to be depicted. A lighting element is positioned against the rear surface of the enclosure, and a lens is retained to the open front of the enclosure.
Signcomp, Llc

Greenhouse outdoor shower

In a combination outdoor shower and greenhouse, privacy for the shower component is provided by the strategic arrangement of plantings within the greenhouse. Optionally, the shower can be enhanced with heaters, steam generators, mist generators and/or lighting to create a spa, sauna and/or steam-bath effect.

Feedback for lasso selection

Visual feedback indicating that a graphical element is included in a selection boundary prior to a commitment of a selection is provided. Visual feedback may be displayed indicating which graphical element(s) may be selected once a lasso selection operation is completed.
Microsoft Corporation

Light up case for an electronic device

A case for an electronic device, the case includes a lighting unit and a light activation unit, where the light activation unit is configured to detect a notifying event in the electronic device and activate the lighting unit.. .

Methods and composition for detection of surface defects in surface finishing operations

In various embodiments, methods are provided for detecting surface defects in in the preparation of a surface for overcoating (e.g., in a painting operation) where the method comprises applying to a surface being prepared for overcoating a highlighting liquid composition that increases the gloss of the surface onto which is applied, wherein said highlighting liquid substantially comprises odorless mineral spirits; examining the glossy surface for surface shape irregularities; and removing any noted surface shape irregularities by mechanical means.. .
Cal-west Specialty Coatings, Inc.

Illuminated dissuader device

An illuminated dissuader device includes a frame (1) to be secured to the ground and a bollard (10) that comes out from the ground to form an obstacle protruding therefrom. The bollard (10) includes a base (12) connected to the frame and an upper portion (11) having a tubular lighting element (111) extending substantially along the entire length of the upper portion..
Came Group S.p.a.

Water feeding device of instantaneous heating type and control method thereof

A water feeding device of instantaneous heating type electrically connected an external power source includes a water tank, a transparent pipe, a heating module, a contactless sensing module, and a control module. The transparent pipe is connected between the water tank and the heating module.

Interchangeable lighting fixtures for track and wall lighting system

An exchangeable head lighting system may include a canopy and one or more exchangeable lighting heads. The canopy may include a support post configured to receive a connecting post.
Evolution Lighting, Llc

Flat panel lighting device and driving circuitry

The light fixture includes a frame configured to define a first channel, and a substantially flat light emitting diode (led) panel disposed within the frame. Power circuitry is disposed within the first channel, the power circuitry being configured to electrically couple the substantially flat led panel to an external ac power supply.
Pixi Lighting, Inc.

Radiation-emiting semiconductor component, lighting device and display device

A radiation-emitting semiconductor component including a volume-emitting semiconductor chip including a first main surface and a second main surface opposite the first main surface, a first reflective element arranged at the first main surface and reflects electromagnetic radiation emerging through the first main surface during operation of the semiconductor chip back to the first main surface, a second reflective element arranged at the second main surface and reflects electromagnetic radiation emerging through the second main surface during operation of the semiconductor chip back to the second main surface, and at least one radiation exit surface through which electromagnetic radiation generated during the operation of the semiconductor component emerges from the semiconductor component, wherein the at least one radiation exit surface runs transversely with respect to the first main surface and the second main surface of the semiconductor chip.. .
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

Lighting system with improved illumination distribution

Optically patterned waveguides and systems employing optically pattered waveguides are provided. The optically patterned waveguide is configured for use in a lighting system and arranged perpendicular to an overhead structure, such as a ceiling.
General Electric Company Global Research

Automotive light

An automotive light includes a substantially basin-shaped rear body; a front lenticular half-shell arranged to close the mouth of the rear body and includes a ribbon-like, transparent or semitransparent portion; and a first lighting assembly structured to emit light when electricity powered, and arranged within the rear body to backlight the ribbon-like portion of the front lenticular half-shell. The first lighting assembly includes a light-guide plate made of light-conducting material and a linear-extending light source within the rear body next to the light-guide plate, and structured to direct emitted light towards the inside of the light-guide plate.
Automotive Lighting Italia S.p.a.

Vehicle interior and portable accessory light assembly

A vehicle interior light assembly is provided. The assembly includes a housing having a light support and a cover door.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Attachment and lighting apparatus

An attachment adapted to fix a semiconductor light source unit to a support member is provided. The attachment includes a frame having an opening periphery portion defining an opening to allow light emitted from the semiconductor light source unit to pass through the opening, and first and second conductive terminal pieces extending from the opening periphery portion.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Retrofit led lighting system

A retrofit led lighting system for replacement of existing metal halide lamp driven by magnetic ballast is provided. The retrofit lamp includes a circuit that converts the ac current supplied by magnetic ballast to dc current required for illuminating the leds..
Lunera Lighting, Inc.

Structure of a led lamp

The purpose of the present invention is to provide an improved structure of a led lamp that can adjust its lighting distance and can disassemble its lens rapidly. It consists of a radiator with its front end's outer surface provided with a first combination part and said end's surface installed with a led module and its rear end as a fixing part and a lens unit that can be set on the radiator's front end separately.

Lighting module

A lighting module may include a housing having an open rear side, a light source substrate with at least one light source arranged thereon, a driver circuit board accommodated in the housing, at least one electrical connection element for electrically connecting the driver circuit board to the light source substrate, and a closure element for closing the open rear side, wherein the closure element is designed for feeding through at least one electrical connection.. .
Osram Gmbh

Led matrix lighting device

One embodiment of a light emitting diode (led) lighting device comprises multiple led light sources disposed on multiple elongated circuit boards, with each led light source being electrically connected to one of the circuit boards. The elongated circuit boards are electrically coupled using electrical passageways to provide power to the circuit boards at intervals along the length of the elongated circuit boards, and the light sources disposed on the circuit boards emit light in the same direction perpendicular to the elongated circuit boards.
Bitro Group, Inc.

Lighting device

In a first aspect of the present inventive subject matter, a lighting device includes a light-emitting device 1 including p-contact and n-contact that are separately arranged from each other on a first surface of the light-emitting element and a phosphor layer including a phosphor particle and covering the light-emitting element 1 except the p-contact and n-contact of the light-emitting element, the phosphor layer includes a higher density of the phosphor particle on a position of the first surface between the p-contact and the n-contact of the light-emitting element than on a position of a second surface that is an opposite surface of the first surface 1b of the light-emitting element.. .
Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.

Lighting system with angled led arrays

A lighting system with extended arrays of led light engines is disclosed. The extended arrays of led light engines are coupled to bent, curved, contoured or angled support surfaces withing a housing structure, coupled to bent, curved, contoured or angled surfaces of the housing structure or a combination thereof.
Finelite Inc.

Lighting device with flexible circuits having light-emitting diodes positioned thereupon and associated methods

A lighting device has a base, an optic defining an optical chamber, a driver circuit positioned in electrical communication with the base, and a flexible circuit board positioned within the optical chamber along and generally circumscribing a longitudinal axis of the optical chamber and in electrical communication with the driver circuit. The flexible circuit board may comprise a plurality of longitudinal sections.
Lighting Science Group Corporation

Led lighting device

An led lighting device includes a circuit board, an led die module, an led driving component, and a translucent packaged body. The circuit board has a thermally conductive substrate, an electrically conductive layer, and two electrodes disposed on the thermally conductive substrate.
Brightek Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

Solid-state lighting troffer with readily retrofittable structure

A light-emitting diode (led) troffer adopts led light sources mounted along two lengthwise sides of an led module that uses a reflecting diffuser and a diffused light exit window to sufficiently average white light emissions from a plurality of leds or to properly mix light emissions from white leds at correlated color temperature (cct) of 6,200±300 k with emissions from leds having saturated colors for uniform and tunable cct light outputs having a consistent intensity or color hue within viewing angles. The troffer adopting a retrofittable design enables single person to readily hang and secure the led module single-ended on top of the troffer for installation, retrofit, and inspection.
Lightel Technologies, Inc.

Musical self-lit lamp finial

Briefly described, light generating, light emitting, and/or sound producing finials are disclosed for both utility and decorative purposes. These finials may be used for dim lighting of a room such as to replace night lamps or for romantic occasions, and can be changed based on seasonal traditions or holiday customs.

Burner cup

A device has a canister with a bulk wick occupying at least most of the canister, and a lid affixed to the canister and in contact with the bulk wick. The lid defines an opening exposing a portion of the bulk wick for lighting..
Lamplight Farms Incorporated

High efficiency source of artificial lighting with photovoltaic feedback

The invention is a method for decreasing the energy consumption of artificial lighting fixtures by reducing the amount of fixtures required for a particular task. The invention consists of the application of photovoltaic cells to the parts of a lighting fixture not directly producing artificial light.

Easily mountable lighting luminaire with fitting arrangement

A lighting device for outdoor use comprising a lighting body and a socket body, where the lighting body comprises a lighting unit, a first electrical connection and a first locking member. The socket body comprises a second electrical connection and a second locking member, wherein the first and second electrical connections are arranged to connect to each other in a closed position in order supply the lighting unit with power.
Strihl Scandinavia Ab

Lighting device with a pump laser row and operating said lighting device

A lighting device may include a pump laser row and a phosphor arrangement. The pump laser row is designed for the purpose of emitting pump laser radiation for the irradiation of the phosphor arrangement.
Osram Gmbh

Daylighting sheet, daylighting panel, roll-up daylighting screen and manufacturing daylighting sheet

The daylighting sheet is formed by stacking a plurality of layers, the layers include: a translucent base material layer; and a light deflection layer that is formed on the base material layer, and the light deflection layer includes: light transmission portions that are aligned along one surface of the base material layer so as to be able to transmit light; and light deflection portions that are formed between the light transmission portions and deflect the light reaching the light deflection portions.. .

Information processing methods and electronic devices

The present disclosure provides a method for processing information and an electronic device. The method includes: obtaining a first image, which is captured in a first direction when illuminating an object to be recognized with a first flash lighting parameter, wherein the first image comprises a first object image and a first spot image corresponding to the first flash lighting parameter, wherein the first spot image is overlapped with the first object image at a first position; obtaining a second image, which is captured in a second direction different from the first direction when illuminating the object to be recognized with a second flash lighting parameter, wherein the second image comprises a second object image and a second spot image corresponding to the second flash lighting parameter, wherein the second spot image is overlapped with the second object image at a second position different from the first position; removing the first spot image from the first image to obtain a third image and removing the second spot image from the second image to obtain a fourth image; and merging the third and fourth images to obtain a fifth image comprising a third object image without the first and second spot images at the first and second positions..
Lenovo (beijing) Limited

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