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Lighting Apparatus patents

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Lighting apparatus, lighting control system, and method of controlling the lighting apparatus

Samsung Electronics

Lighting apparatus, lighting control system, and method of controlling the lighting apparatus

Lighting apparatus and vehicle

Diehl Aerospace

Lighting apparatus and vehicle

Lighting apparatus and vehicle


Lighting apparatus with zooming function

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lighting Apparatus-related patents
 Attachment and lighting apparatus patent thumbnailAttachment and lighting apparatus
An attachment adapted to fix a semiconductor light source unit to a support member is provided. The attachment includes a frame having an opening periphery portion defining an opening to allow light emitted from the semiconductor light source unit to pass through the opening, and first and second conductive terminal pieces extending from the opening periphery portion.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 Lighting apparatus, lighting control system, and  controlling the lighting apparatus patent thumbnailLighting apparatus, lighting control system, and controlling the lighting apparatus
A lighting apparatus connected to a network includes a light source for emitting light. A controller controls operation of the light source in response to an external control signal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Lighting apparatus and vehicle patent thumbnailLighting apparatus and vehicle
The invention relates to a lighting apparatus (3), in particular reading lamp, for recessing in a trim (1) of a passenger cab of a vehicle, in particular a land vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft, in which a first light-emitting device (4) is held pivotably on a recess-mounting frame (2) so that a light-emitting direction of the first light-emitting device (4) with respect to the recess-mounting frame (2) is changeable. In order to simplify the design of a lighting apparatus (3) for illuminating a passenger cab, the invention proposes that the recess-mounting frame (2) has, on its visible side (s), a second light-emitting device (5) which at least sectionally surrounds the first light-emitting device (4) and which is fitted invariably in respect of its light-emitting direction on the recess-mounting frame (2)..
Diehl Aerospace Gmbh
 Lighting apparatus with zooming function patent thumbnailLighting apparatus with zooming function
A lighting apparatus includes a reflector which has a truncated cone shape along a central axis of the lighting apparatus and a base which is coupled to a narrow end face of the reflector and is capable of moving toward a wide end face of the reflector along the central axis of the lighting apparatus. The lighting apparatus further includes a light source which is mounted centrally on an end face of the base..
Osram Gmbh
 Vehicular lighting apparatus patent thumbnailVehicular lighting apparatus
A vehicular lighting apparatus includes a front detection sensor, a driving support ecu, a headlight ecu, a leveling motor and a headlight. When a subject vehicle is determined as being in an automatic following state with respect to a forward vehicle or a vehicle-to-vehicle distance between the subject vehicle and the forward vehicle is determined by a vehicle-to-vehicle distance determining portion as being short, the vehicular lighting apparatus changes.
Denso Corporation
 Lighting  use with controlled current drivers patent thumbnailLighting use with controlled current drivers
An apparatus includes a bus configured to be coupled to a controlled current source and at least one light emitting device coupled to the bus. The apparatus further includes a voltage regulator circuit configured to regulate a voltage at the bus and a current regulator circuit configured to control a current through the at least one light emitting device.
Cree, Inc.
 Ceiling lighting apparatus of aircraft and aircraft patent thumbnailCeiling lighting apparatus of aircraft and aircraft
To provide a ceiling lighting apparatus of an aircraft which can improve maintainability. The ceiling lighting apparatus includes: a ceiling panel 20 that is provided so as to be erected and laid with respect to a ceiling structure 14 that constitutes a ceiling structure of the aircraft with a hinge 15 as a rotation center; and a light 30 that is provided in the ceiling panel 20.
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
 Optical semiconductor lighting apparatus patent thumbnailOptical semiconductor lighting apparatus
A optical semiconductor lighting apparatus includes: a board; a drive ic which is disposed in a central portion of the board; a plurality of semiconductor optical devices which is disposed adjacent to and around the drive ic in the board in a grid shape in one or more rows and columns; a non-insulating heat sink in which the board is disposed; an insulating housing which accommodates the heat sink and protects the drive ic and the plurality of semiconductor optical devices from withstand voltages; and a first optical member which faces the plurality of semiconductor optical devices, transmits or reflects light irradiated from the semiconductor optical devices, and forms a vertical vent hole corresponding to the drive ic; and a second optical member which is connected to an upper side of the housing and forms light distribution by refracting light transmitted or reflected from the first optical member.. .
Posco Led Company Ltd.
 Non-glare reflective led lighting apparatus with heat sink mounting patent thumbnailNon-glare reflective led lighting apparatus with heat sink mounting
A lighting apparatus haying an axial heat pipe, will a light source, e.g., light-emitting diodes (“leds”), mounted on a proximate end of the axial heat pipe so as to face a reflector, the heat pipe passing through the reflector, and the distal end of the heat pipe on the other side of the reflector having a heat sink for dissipating the heat generated by the leds, with the heat sink haying multiple heat dissipating fins.. .
Huizhou Light Engine Limited
 Lighting device patent thumbnailLighting device
The disclosed lighting apparatus is provided in a warehouse and driven by an industrial power source, and comprises a main body having a plurality of concave portions and a plurality of convex portions; and a plurality of light emitting modules disposed in the concave portions of the main body, thereby having low power consumption and long life span.. .

Light-emitting module and lighting apparatus

A light-emitting module includes: a board; and a plurality of light sources arranged in a two-dimensional array on the board and including a plurality of color temperatures. In a first direction of the two-dimensional array, light sources having a uniform color temperature are successively arranged.
Panasonic Corporation

Light source having liquid encapsulant

In one embodiment, a light source comprising a substrate, a die, a liquid encapsulant, an attachment member and a resilient cover configured to hold the liquid encapsulant is disclosed. At least a portion of the resilient cover is easily stretchable so as to absorb size increment of the liquid encapsulant due to thermal expansion.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Highly refractive, transparent thermal conductors for better heat dissipation and light extraction in white leds

A lighting apparatus includes a light source and a light conversion layer disposed proximate the light source, the light conversion layer comprising a plurality of quantum dots (qds) or phosphors, and a plurality of transparent thermally conductive particles, embedded in a matrix material to improve heat dissipation.. .

Lighting apparatus, lighting system and registering lighting apparatus

Disclosed are a lighting apparatus, a lighting system and a method of registering a lighting apparatus to easily and conveniently register the lighting apparatus. The lighting system includes a lighting apparatus in which identification information to identify a unique address is recorded on an outer surface of a body of the lighting apparatus; and a lighting registering apparatus which reads out the identification information recorded on the outer surface of the body of the lighting apparatus to obtain the unique address information of the lighting apparatus, and matches the obtained unique address information with location information of the lighting apparatus to perform a register of the lighting apparatus..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Led lighting fabricating wavelength conversion member for use in the same

A method of forming a light-emitting diode (led) lighting apparatus, including forming an led on a printed circuit board, and forming a wavelength conversion member on the led, the wavelength conversion member being spaced apart from the led. Forming the wavelength conversion member includes transfer molding a wavelength conversion layer on a light-transmitting member, and disposing the wavelength conversion member on the led, the wavelength conversion layer being disposed between the led and the light-transmitting member..
Posco Led Company Ltd.

Lenses for cosine cubed, typical batwing, flat batwing distributions

A lighting apparatus with uniform illumination distribution, according to various embodiments, can include a lens for area lighting. In one embodiment, the lens comprises a plurality of cross-sections identified by a thickness ratio defined at different angles.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc

Lighting apparatus

Lighting appliance provided with an outer chassis made in such a way as to permit the operator to comfortably perform in situ a repair or maintenance operation if needed. Said chassis makes it possible to efficiently separate the light emission devices and the reflector and refractor means associated thereto from the power supply means guaranteeing that the section containing the led devices is such as to ensure the required level of insulation from external elements, such as ip55 or more preferably ip67, even after the chassis has been opened and said section has been separated from the rest of the chassis..
Enel Sole S.r.l.

Led lighting apparatus

An led lighting apparatus includes an led substrate, a led chip, a sealing resin member, and a reflecting face. The led substrate has a main surface.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Lamp and lighting apparatus

A lamp includes a base configured by a case and a heat discharging board, a supporting member disposed upright on the base, a light-transmitting substrate mounted on the supporting member, and light-emitting units mounted on the light-transmitting substrate. The supporting member includes a stand part, a rod-shaped leg part disposed upright thereon, and a head part positioned on top of the leg part.
Panasonic Corporation

Lighting apparatus, headlamp, and mobile body

A lighting apparatus is provided that, while suppressing an increase in size, can change the illuminating direction. The lighting apparatus has: a laser generator which emits laser light; a light emitting member which is irradiated with the laser light emitted from the laser generator to emit light; an irradiated position changer which moves and thereafter stops an irradiated position at which the light emitting member is irradiated with the laser light; and a light projecting member which projects the light emitted from the light emitting member..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

System and illuminating a specimen

The disclosed technology relates generally to a method and system for an improved lighting apparatus compatible with imaging small specimens for viewing or photographic purposes. In certain embodiments, the disclosed technology provides an apparatus for projecting light on specimens from opposing light sources at varying distances and angles.
University Of Maine System

Lighting infrared camera system comprising array of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

The invention relates to a lighting apparatus (1) comprising an array (2) of light sources (3) emitting emission cones (4) with edges (5) which intersect in an intersection plane and a lens unit (7) for homogenizing the intensity distribution in the far field. The array of the light sources and the lens unit are arranged such that i) the emission cones traverse the lens unit and ii) the distance (s) between the array of the light sources and the lens unit deviates from the sum of or the difference between a) the focal length f of the lens unit and b) the distance t between the intersection plane and the array (2) of the light sources (3) by 20 percent or less.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Led lighting apparatus having improved flicker performance

Provided is a lighting apparatus using leds (light-emitting diodes having improved flicker performance. In general, in a direct-drive led lighting apparatuses of the related art which use no switching-mode power supply (smps), percent flicker (hereinafter referred to as “% f”) is 100%.

Omni voltage direct current power supply

A battery operated led lighting apparatus including: a battery outputting a battery voltage; a light emitting diode or array of light emitting diodes; and a power supply including a boost regulating circuit. The power supply being in communication with the battery and the light emitting diodes such that a constant voltage or constant current is supplied to the light emitting diodes as the battery discharges and the battery voltage falls below the output voltage.

Substrate, light-emitting device, illuminating light source, and lighting apparatus

A lighting apparatus includes a substrate and a semiconductor light-emitting element mounted on the substrate. The substrate includes a plate-like base member and a copper foil layer formed on part of the base member.
Panasonic Corporation

Light-emitting device and lighting apparatus using the same

A light-emitting device includes a substrate, first leds and second leds mounted on the substrate, multiple wirings separately formed on the substrate, and a conductive member for connecting adjacent two wirings in multiple wirings for establishing series connection, parallel connection, or a combination of series and parallel connections of the first leds and the second leds. This achieves the light-emitting device that can support multiple different specifications, using a single type of substrate..
Panasonic Corporation

Theatre light comprising of a plurality of remotely positionable light emitting modules

A theatre lighting apparatus including a plurality of light emitting modules or light emitting devices contained within a lamp housing each having a remotely controllable pan and tilt axis. The theatre lighting apparatus is also capable of remotely positioning the lamp housing containing the plurality of light emitting modules.

Led driver capable of regulating power dissipation and led lighting apparatus using same

An led driver having one end coupled with an led module and another end coupled to a ground, being capable of generating a duty current and a duty in response to a dropout voltage across the led driver in a way that, the duty current will increase and the duty will decrease when the dropout voltage exceeds a first threshold, and the duty current will decrease and the duty will increase when the dropout voltage falls below a second threshold.. .
Luxmill Electronic Co., Ltd.

Light-emitting-diode-driving device, lighting vehicle and vehicle including the same

A light-emitting-diode-driving device includes a control circuit that is configured to perform constant current control with a dc-dc converter so that a value of a current detected by a current detection unit agrees with a prescribed reference current value to be supplied to a light source. The control circuit includes a reference-current-instruction unit, a threshold-voltage-setting unit, and a comparator circuit.
Panasonic Corporation

Charging system and power failure device detecting power failure of led light

In an emergency lighting apparatus, charging efficiency is increased by individually charging cells in a power storage unit. When a power failure or other situation occurs requiring the actual use of the emergency lighting device, the proper operation of the emergency lighting device is ensured.

Led lighting fabricating wavelength conversion member for use in the same

A light-emitting diode (led) lighting apparatus is provided. The led lighting apparatus includes at least one led, and a wavelength conversion member spaced apart from the led and configured to convert a wavelength of light emitted from the led.
Posco Led Company Ltd.

Light emitting device and lighting apparatus including the same

A light emitting device is disclosed. The disclosed light emitting device includes a light emitting structure including a first-conductivity-type semiconductor layer, an active layer, and a second-conductivity-type semiconductor layer, a second electrode layer disposed beneath the light emitting structure and electrically connected to the second-conductivity-type semiconductor layer, a first electrode layer including a main electrode disposed beneath the second electrode layer, and at least one contact electrode branching from the main electrode and extending through the second electrode layer, the second-conductivity-type semiconductor layer and the active layer, to contact the first-conductivity-type semiconductor layer, and an insulating layer interposed between the first electrode layer and the second electrode layer and between the first electrode layer and the light emitting structure.
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Light-emitting device, and light source for lighting and lighting apparatus using the same

A light-emitting device includes a first light-emitting element and a second light-emitting element. The first light-emitting element has a first led, and emits a first spectrum.
Panasonic Corporation

Led light strings with remote controlling device for growing plants

A led lighting apparatus for growing plants includes a remote controlling device for sending wireless signals; and at least one lighting device each including a receiver and transmitter for receiving the wireless signals sent from the remote controlling device, a first power source electrically connected to the receiver and transmitter and being capable of supplying electricity to four downstream first led groups connected in series, and a second power source electrically connected to the first power source via the first led groups and being capable of supplying electricity to four downstream second led groups connected in series.. .
Formolight Technologies, Inc.

Light emitting diode driver with linearly controlled driving circuit

A driver circuit for a lighting apparatus includes a current regulator configured to supply a load current to a load, and a control circuit coupled to the current regulator and configured to receive a dimming control signal and to linearly vary an amplitude of the load current in response to the dimming control signal.. .
Cree, Inc

Led lighting apparatus, control system, and configuration method

Apparatus and control systems for led lighting, and methods for configuring the control systems are provided. An led lighting apparatus includes: a primary led lighting device containing a wifi module and a zigbee module; and at least one secondary led lighting device containing a zigbee module.
Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd

Light emitting diode driving apparatus and light emitting diode lighting apparatus

There are provided a light emitting diode driving apparatus and a light emitting diode lighting apparatus capable of absorbing a noise current generated according to power of a phase control of a dimmer. The light emitting diode lighting apparatus includes: a dimmer controlling a phase of an alternating current (ac) power; a power supplying unit receiving the phase-controlled power from the dimmer and supplying a preset driving power; a driving unit receiving the driving power from the power supplying unit to drive a light emitting diode unit receiving the phase-controlled power; and a noise current absorbing unit suppressing an increase in a voltage level of the driving power supplied to the driving unit by the phase-controlled power..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Light emitting panel and lighting apparatus

According to one embodiment, a light emitting panel includes: an organic layer including a light emitting layer; a transparent first electrode provided on one surface of the organic layer; and a second electrode provided on the other surface of the organic layer. The second electrode includes an opaque first metal film section and a second metal film section having a film thickness thinner than a film thickness of the first metal film section and light transparency higher than light transparency of the first metal film section..
Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

Led driving device, led lighting apparatus, and error amplification circuit

An error amplification circuit amplifies an error voltage between a reference voltage and an output voltage of the led current sensor. A control circuit controls the dc output power so that the dc output power becomes a predetermined value, by performing on-off control on a switching element based on the output voltage of the error amplification circuit.
Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

Light emitting device and lighting apparatus including the same

Disclosed herein is a light emitting device exhibiting improved current spreading. The disclosed light emitting device includes a light emitting structure including a first conductivity type semiconductor layer, a second conductivity type semiconductor layer, and an active layer disposed between the first conductivity type and second conductivity type semiconductor layers, a first electrode disposed on the first conductivity type semiconductor layer, and a second electrode disposed on the second conductivity type semiconductor layer.
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Led lighting apparatus and heat sink thereof

In an led lighting apparatus and a heat sink thereof, the heat sink includes a heat dissipation structure for airflows, and the heat dissipation structure includes: a plurality of heat conductive rods arranged spaced apart from each other in rows and attached at a back side of an led light engine; each heat conductive rod including an extension portion horizontally extended on at least one side of the led light engine and a plurality of surfaces; and a plurality of fin modules attached to two corresponding surfaces of each one of the extension portions respectively; each fin module including a plurality of fins spaced apart from each other; wherein an air gap is formed between any two of the adjacent fin modules and a fin channel is formed between any two of the adjacent fins such that air flows through these air gaps and fin channels.. .
Spinlux Technology Co.

Lighting apparatus comprising phosphor wheel

Various embodiments relate to a lighting apparatus including at least one light generating device for generating primary light, and at least one phosphor wheel arranged optically downstream of the light generating device. The phosphor wheel may include at least one phosphor for wavelength conversion of the primary light into secondary light.
Osram Gmbh

Light emitting diode lighting apparatus and driving method thereof

There is provide a light emitting diode lighting apparatus capable of being generally used in various kinds of dimmer, the apparatus including: a dimmer varying waveforms of input power according to a dimming signal; a bleeder adjusting a bleeding current under control; a controller comparing a latching current of the dimmer with the bleeding current of the bleeder to control the amount of the bleeding current; and an led driver receiving a current other than the bleeding current flowing through the bleeder from among the currents from the dimmer to driver a light emitting diode (led).. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Lighting apparatus and light guide

According to one embodiment, a lighting apparatus includes a light source which includes a light emitting surface, and a light guide provided to be coaxial with an axis which extends along a direction perpendicular to the light emitting surface. The light guide includes: an incident plane facing the light emitting surface; an outer circumferential surface configured to protrude in a direction extending away from the light source so as to surround the axis from an outer periphery of the incident surface and so as to totally reflect light from the light source which is made to enter the light guide from the incident surface; and a hollow part provided at a position distant in the axis direction from the incident surface.

Optical plate for lighting, and lighting apparatus using same

The present invention relates to an optical plate for lighting capable of improving the brightness of light emitted from a light source and adjusting a viewing angle to alleviate side glare phenomenon. The present invention also relates to a lighting.

Flexible light panel

One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for a lighting apparatus. A base panel can comprise a flexible material that is configured to be manipulated into a first configuration, comprising a compact arrangement, and a second configuration, comprising a use arrangement.

Intergrated lighting apparatus and manufacturing the same

An integrated lighting apparatus comprises a first control device including a semiconductor substrate, an integrated circuit block formed above a first portion of the semiconductor substrate, and a plurality of power pads formed above the integrated circuit block; a first light emitting device formed above a second portion of the semiconductor substrate; and a through plug passing through the semiconductor substrate for electrically connecting the first control device and the first light emitting device.. .

Indirect lighting apparatus

An indirect lighting apparatus includes a light-emitting device, a reflector disposed above the light-emitting device, and a wavelength conversion layer disposed on a surface of the reflector facing the light-emitting device and spaced apart from the light-emitting device. The wavelength conversion layer includes phosphors configured to change the wavelength of light emitted from the light-emitting device.

Lighting apparatus

Provided is a lighting apparatus. The lighting apparatus includes a base unit, a first rod-shaped member, a second rod-shaped member and a middle connection unit, wherein the middle connection unit includes a first frame fixed at the other end of the first rod-shaped member, a second frame fixed to the other end, having a form corresponding to the first frame, and coupled to the first frame to be rotatable with respect to the first frame, at least one guide elongate hole provided for any one of the first and second frames, extending along an arc, and penetratively formed, and a guide pin unit fixed to the remaining one of the first and second frames and fixed to be movable along the guide elongate hole..

Lighting apparatus

A lighting apparatus is provided. The lighting apparatus comprises a base, a light cover, at least a first light emitting element, and at least a second light emitting element.

Laundry machine with lighting drum lighting

A laundry machine (100) is proposed. The laundry machine comprises a drum (115) for housing the laundry to be treated, an encasing portion (105,120) for encasing the drum (115), and a lighting apparatus (245) for illuminating the inside of the drum (115).

Heat-dissipating structure for lighting apparatus and lighting apparatus

There is provided a lighting device including: a light emitting module having at least one light emitting device outputting light and a light emitting device board on which the at least one light emitting device is disposed; a housing installed on one side of a ring in a central axis direction relatively to the light emitting device board; and a resin globe installed to cover the light emitting module, wherein the globe has a plurality of protrusions formed by retaining at least a portion of a gate unit used in molding the globe, and the light emitting device board may have notch portions combined with the protrusions.. .

Optical semiconductor lighting apparatus

An optical semiconductor lighting apparatus includes a housing including a groove, a light-emitting module disposed in the housing, the light-emitting module including a semiconductor optical device, a sealing body disposed in the groove, the sealing body including a main portion and a first rib extending from the main portion, and an optical cover disposed on the housing and covering the groove and the light-emitting module, wherein a first open space is disposed between the optical cover, the first rib, the main portion of the sealing body, and a side surface of the groove.. .

Light emitting device package and lighting apparatus using the same

Disclosed is a light emitting device, and more particularly are a light emitting device package configured to improve the quality of light and a lighting apparatus using the same. The light emitting device package includes a light emitting device located on a package main body, the light emitting device including a first light emitting device configured to emit light having a first wavelength band and a second light emitting device configured to emit light having a second wavelength band, a lens disposed over the light emitting device, and a wavelength conversion layer disposed over the lens, the wavelength conversion layer serving to absorb light having the first wavelength band or the second wavelength band so as to emit light having a third wavelength band..

Organic light-emitting diode lighting apparatus

Disclosed herein is an organic light-emitting diode lighting apparatus. The organic light-emitting diode lighting apparatus may include a transparent substrate main body with a plurality of groove lines formed therein, auxiliary electrodes formed in at least of the plurality of groove lines, a first electrode formed on the substrate main body, positive temperature coefficients configured to connect the auxiliary electrodes and the first electrode, an organic emission layer formed on the first electrode, and/or a second electrode formed on the organic emission layer..

Lighting apparatus

A lighting apparatus may include a holding member, a lighting panel, and an attachment bracket for removably attaching the lighting panel to the holding member. The lighting panel may form a first position in which a light-emitting surface of the lighting panel and a light-emitting surface of a lighting panel are located substantially on the same plane with each other and a second position in which the lighting panel is pressed from its light-emitting surface side so that the attachment bracket pivots around a portion where the attachment bracket is attached to the holding member and the lighting panel is inclined with respect to the lighting panel.

Optical semiconductor lighting apparatus

An optical semiconductor lighting apparatus includes a light emitting module including semiconductor optical devices arranged in a plurality of rows and columns, a housing including a heat sink base in which the light emitting module is disposed, and an optical unit arranged in parallel along the plurality of row or column directions and configured to change a path of light emitting from the semiconductor optical devices to a specific direction. The optical unit includes at least one unit module integrally formed in the row or column directions of the semiconductor optical devices..

Lighting apparatus

Provided is a lighting apparatus. The lighting apparatus includes a base unit, a first rod-shaped member, a lighting unit and a base connection unit, wherein the base connection unit includes, a rotating member rotatably coupled to the base part, a base cam fixed to the rotating member and including a base cam through-hole that penetrates a central portion of the base cam; a main shaft disposed in the base cam through-hole, capable of performing a tilt operation for rotating in one direction and the other direction on the basis of a tilt rotation central axis orthogonal to the lengthy direction of the first rod-shaped member, and having an upper portion to which the one end of the first rod-shaped member is coupled and fixed, and an elastic member that is provided to change an elastic bearing power applied to the main shaft, as the main shaft is tilted..

Light-emitting diode lighting apparatus having multifunctional heat sink flange

Disclosed is a light-emitting diode (led) lighting apparatus having a multifunctional heat sink flange, which includes an led board on which a transmitted light cap and a plurality of leds are mounted, a main heat sink formed of magnesium or an magnesium alloy, an auxiliary heat sink formed of a conductive/polymeric resin material for heat dissipation, a heat sink upper case formed of a conductive/polymeric resin material for heat dissipation, and a power supply. The main heat sink includes multiple streamlined heat sink segments that are integrally formed on an outer surface thereof so as to radially protrude to allow air to flow in all directions, and a heat sink flange formed along an outer circumference of a bottom thereof such that omega-shaped wings having enclosed holes and inverse omega-shaped open holes are alternately formed..

Lighting apparatus

A lighting apparatus including a base, a light cover, an optical element, and at least a light emitting element is provided. The light cover having a first opening is disposed on the base and together with the base forms a space.

Low profile backlight high-brightness microdisplays

An edge-lit waveguide-based backlighting apparatus for high-brightness microdisplays. In one example, the backlighting apparatus includes a waveguide having substantially parallel top and bottom surfaces and a side surface substantially perpendicular to the top and bottom surfaces and extending between the top and bottom surfaces along a periphery of the waveguide, a specularly reflective film disposed on and at least partially covering the bottom and side surfaces of the waveguide, and at least one light source disposed on the side surface and configured to emit light into the waveguide in a direction of a length of the waveguide, the waveguide being configured to direct the light out of an output region of the top surface of the waveguide..

Load driving device, and lighting apparatus and liquid crystal display device using the same

A load driving device disclosed in the specification includes a power supply circuit for supplying to a load an output voltage converted from an input voltage, a detection voltage generation circuit for generating a detection voltage which varies depending on a magnitude of a voltage drop which across the load, and a control circuit for controlling the power supply circuit so that it performs output feedback control of the output voltage, on the basis of the detection voltage.. .

Light-emitting device and lighting apparatus using the same

A light-emitting device including: a substrate; leds arranged on the substrate in a row; electrode pad pairs each including electrode pads at opposite sides of a corresponding led in a row direction; zener diodes (protective elements) in one-to-one correspondence to circuits (groups) u1 to u8 each including nine consecutive leds, each protective element being located between adjacent electrode pads; and a sealing member sealing the leds, the electrode pad pairs, and the zener diodes, wherein, in each circuit, a distance between electrode pads included in an electrode pad pair corresponding to an led located closest to the zener diode is the shortest, and a distance between electrode pads varies between two electrode pad pairs other than the electrode pad pair corresponding to the closest led.. .

Light emitting element, display apparatus, and lighting apparatus

A light emitting element includes a first electrode, a second electrode, and an organic layer in which a first luminescent layer and a second luminescent layer are provided from a first electrode side, the organic layer being provided between the first electrode and the second electrode, light from the organic layer being reflected on an interface of the luminescent layer and the first electrode, passing through the second electrode, and being emitted to outside, a first optical transparent layer, a second optical transparent layer, and a third optical transparent layer being provided, from a second luminescent layer side, on a side of the second luminescent layer, the side being opposite to the first luminescent layer.. .

Lighting pad

A body-protection board with lighting functionality includes a board body that has a recessed portion and a cavity. A control set is deposited in the cavity and connected to a power source and has a switch.

Lighting control system, arrangement registering method, and recording medium storing arrangement registering program

According to one embodiment, there is provided a lighting control system including an integral control unit capable of a control; a mobile terminal which photographs a plurality of lighting apparatuses among a plurality of lighting apparatuses as a photographing range; and a control unit which performs a first process of obtaining an association between an image portion of the lighting apparatus in a photographed image and an arranging position on a layout drawing; a second process which obtains a correspondence between the lighting apparatuses which are sequentially turned on and the lighting apparatuses on the layout drawing; and a third process in which each address corresponding to the lighting apparatuses which are arranged on the layout drawing is caused to correspond with each id information of the plurality of lighting apparatuses.. .

Led light source assembly for automotive forward lighting apparatus

A led light source assembly for an automotive forward lighting apparatus may include a led lighting unit assembly provided with a led lighting unit, a housing, and a heat transfer body which is assembled to the housing and to which the led lighting unit assembly is assembled, wherein a mounting protuberance is provided at an outer circumference of the housing, and wherein the mounting protuberance is used to cooperate with a corresponding mounting groove in a holding bracket of the automotive forward lighting apparatus so as to install the led light source assembly to the holding bracket by way of quarter turn installation.. .

Backlight module, driving same and display device using same

An led lighting apparatus is provided. The led lighting apparatus comprises: an led module; a heat dissipation member; and a connection member for connecting the led module and the heat dissipation member mechanically and heat-conductively.

Enhanced light output from a led containing laminate

A laminate capable of emitting light comprises a reflective layer. The reflective layer increases the amount of light output from the laminate.

Led light source module

An led light source module is disclosed, which can replace a halogen bulb. The led light source module includes an led light source, a heat sink, an electric fan unit, a driver circuit, and an attachment, and all of these constituent elements are integrated.

Lighting apparatus

A lighting apparatus according to an embodiment includes an optical unit and a body. The optical unit includes a light emitting module that has a light emitting element, a reflector that controls distribution of light from the light emitting module, and a unit supporting member that supports the light emitting module and the reflector.

Stringed led capsule lighting apparatus

A plurality of adjacent capsules, each comprising a base component, a body component carrying an led circuit board, and a lens component, wherein the body and the base snap together and the lens snap-fits to the body. Such capsules are attached to a flexible electrical power cable by electrical connector components internal to the body and which conduct power from the power cable through the body to the led circuit board..

Lighting apparatus with luminophore on a movable carrier

The lighting device (11) has at least one light generation device (12) for generating a primary light (p), a first luminophore (16) for converting the wavelength of the primary light (p) to a first secondary light (s1), and a second luminophore (20) for converting the wavelength of the primary light (p) to a second secondary light (s2), the first luminophore (16) being located on a movable support (15), which is provided in order to alternatively move the first luminophore into and out of a beam path of the primary light (p), and the second luminophore being located on a stationary support (21). The invention also relates to a method for generating wavelength-converted secondary light from primary light with alternating irradiation of a first luminophore located on a movable support and of a second luminophore located on a stationary support by the primary light.

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Lighting Apparatus topics: Lighting Apparatus, High Voltage Power Supply Circuit, Storage Device, Candle Power, Semiconductor, Optical Component, Led Lighting, Organic Electroluminescence, Circuit Board, Voltage Controlled Current Source, Reference Voltage, Lighting Fixture, Led Circuit, Reflective Coating, Mobile Terminal

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