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Light Guide patents


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 Image sensor and image pickup apparatus including the same patent thumbnailImage sensor and image pickup apparatus including the same
An image sensor includes a plurality of pixels. Each of the plurality of pixels includes a microlens, a waveguide unit having a core and a cladding and capable of propagating light transmitted through the microlens, and a pair of photo diodes and configured to carry out photoelectric conversion of light guided by the waveguide unit.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Backlight units and methods of making the same patent thumbnailBacklight units and methods of making the same
A backlight unit for a lcd can include a tft array substrate, a uv light source disposed at an edge or bottom of the tft array substrate, and a layer of transparent fluorescent films formed on the tft array substrate. The layer of transparent fluorescent films can include a plurality of red transparent fluorescent films, a plurality of green transparent fluorescent films, and a plurality of blue transparent fluorescent films.
Empire Technology Development Llc

 Surface frame for display module, display module and display device patent thumbnailSurface frame for display module, display module and display device
The present invention provides a surface frame for a display module, a display module and a display device. The surface frame comprises a first support portion for supporting an optical film and a light guide plate and arranged surrounding three edges of the optical film and the light guide plate; a second support portion for supporting a liquid crystal panel and arranged surrounding three edges of the liquid crystal panel; a side frame connected to a rear shell; and a connection portion for connecting the side frame to outer sides of the first support portion and the second support portion..
K-tronics(suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.

 Imaging light guide with reflective turning array patent thumbnailImaging light guide with reflective turning array
An imaging light guide has a waveguide and an in-coupling diffractive optic formed on the waveguide and disposed to direct image-bearing light beams into the waveguide. An array of two or more at least partially reflective surfaces are oriented in parallel and disposed to expand the image-bearing light beams from the in-coupling diffractive optic in a first dimension and to direct the expanded image-bearing light beams toward an out-coupling diffractive optic.
Vuzix Corporation

 Laminating a quantum dot enhancement film to a light guide plate patent thumbnailLaminating a quantum dot enhancement film to a light guide plate
Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture are disclosed for providing a display device with a quantum dot enhancement film (qdef) laminated to a light guide plate. Examples involve a device with a qdef laminated to a light guide plate and/or laminating a qdef to a light guide plate of a device..
Hewlett-packrd Development Company, L.p.

 Light guide plate, backlight module and display device patent thumbnailLight guide plate, backlight module and display device
A light guide plate, a backlight module and a display device are provided. A first bottom surface of the light guide plate is provided with a first recess, and the first recess is configured to dispose a first optical film unit.
Beijing Boe Chatani Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Light guide plate and fabricating method thereof, backlight source, display device patent thumbnailLight guide plate and fabricating method thereof, backlight source, display device
A light guide plate, a fabricating method thereof, a backlight source, and a display device. The light guide plate comprises a light guide plate main body, with the surface of the light guide plate main body being provided with a blue coating.
Boe Optical Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

 Light guide film control for optically tunable metamaterials patent thumbnailLight guide film control for optically tunable metamaterials
A metamaterial control device is provided for controlling electromagnetic radiation. The device uses a light-guide film (lgf), with the lgf being capable of receiving light emission along an edge.
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

 Illuminated latch system patent thumbnailIlluminated latch system
An illuminated latch system for a vehicle is disclosed herein. The illuminated latch system includes an engine compartment having a latch configured to open the compartment.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Linear illumination device patent thumbnailLinear illumination device
A linear illumination device is provided in which a transparent light guide made of glass is recessed in a profile opposite to a dark surface. A linear illumination device is also provided having a glass fiber bundle in a dyed tube..
Schott Ag

Display device

A display device includes an image display device that includes an image display surface that emits light polarized in one direction and displays an image; and a superimposing display device that includes a transparent light guide plate that is provided overlapping the image display surface, transmits the light emitted from the image display device, and also has grooves constituting a pattern formed thereon, includes a light source that irradiates an end surface of the transparent light guide plate with light, and is switched between display and non-display of the pattern based on lighting and non-lighting of the light source. A polarization direction of the image display device and an extending direction of the grooves intersect at an angle range of 75° to 105°.
Yazaki Corporation

Curvature sensor and endoscope apparatus

A curvature sensor is to be mounted along detection target to allow a curvature of the detection target. The sensor includes a light source, a light guide to guide light from the light source and sensing parts having light absorbability.
Olympus Corporation

Detection assembly, system and method

An electron detector assembly configured for detecting electrons emitted from a sample irradiated by an electron beam, comprising a scintillator including a scintillator layer, the scintillator layer emitting light signals corresponding to impingement of electrons thereupon, a light guide plate coupled to the scintillator layer and comprising a peripheral surface, and a single or plurality of silicon photomultiplier devices positioned upon the peripheral surface and arranged perpendicularly or obliquely relative to the scintillating surface, the silicon photomultiplier device being configured to yield an electrical signal from an electron impinging upon the scintillator layer.. .
El-mul Technologies Ltd.

Switchable lighting device and use thereof

A lighting device for operation in at least two operating modes: a mode for free viewing and a mode for restricted viewing. The device includes a backlighting system, which in the restricted-viewing mode radiates light in a restricted angular range, a plate-shaped optical element situated along a viewing direction in front of the backlighting system, and illuminants laterally arranged at the optical element.
Sioptica Gmbh

Scanning endoscope

A scanning endoscope includes: a light guide portion configured to guide an illuminating light that is emitted from a light source portion and irradiate an object with the illuminating light; an actuator configured to drive so as to cause a distal end of a light guide portion to scan, in order to scan the guided illuminating light over an object; a holding portion configured to hold the actuator; a rigid tubular member having a space that encloses the light guide portion, the actuator and the holding portion; and a connection portion that is interposed between the tubular member and the holding portion, and is configured to hold the holding portion at a prescribed position within the tubular member and to change shape in a circumferential direction that takes a longitudinal direction of the light guide portion as an axis when the tubular member or holding portion receives a force.. .
Olympus Corporation

Led assembly for transparent liquid crystal display

A transparent electronic display assembly is disclosed. The assembly comprises an electronic display and a light guide placed behind the electronic display.
Manufacturing Resources International, Inc.

Lighting assembly

The light fixture includes a frame, an optically transmissive panel assembly, a set of light emitting diodes (leds), and driving circuitry. The frame has a frame length measured along a length axis and a frame width measured along a width axis, wherein the frame length is greater than the frame width.
Pixi Lighting, Inc.

Cooling system for liquid crystal display

A light guide may be located behind an electronic display and have a number of leds located adjacent an edge thereof. A thermal plate may be placed adjacent to said plurality of leds and may be in conductive thermal communication therewith.
Manufacturing Resources International, Inc.

Light guide mechanism of fingerprint recognition plate

A light guide mechanism of a fingerprint recognition plate includes a frame, a light guide plate, first electrodes, second electrodes and light emitting diodes. The frame has a hollow portion and receiving troughs.
Concraft Holding Co., Ltd.

Integrated back light unit

An integrated back light unit includes a light emitting device assembly which contains an optically transparent encapsulant portion which encapsulates at least one light emitting device, and a light guide unit optically coupled to the at least one light emitting device to receive light from the at least one light emitting device. An adhesive material portion can be provided to bond the light emitting device assembly and the light guide unit.
Glo Ab

A light guide plate for an electronic paper display, and the electronic paper display

The present invention provides a light guide plate (30) for an electronic paper display and the electronic paper display. The light guide plate (30) is arranged above a display surface of an electrophoretic display module (10), and it comprises a main body, wherein a tooth-shaped pattern is arranged on an in-light surface (33) of the main body.
Guangzhou Oed Technologies, Inc.

Liquid crystal display device

A liquid crystal display device includes a plurality of light source packages each having a light-emitting portion for emitting light, a light guide plate which light emitted from the light source packages enters through the incidence surface, having a height and a width, and from which the light exits through the exit surface, and a liquid crystal display panel for controlling, for each pixel, the orientation of a liquid crystal material to control the transmission of the light exiting through the exit surface. Each light source package has two opposing long sides and two opposing short sides when viewed from the direction of the light emitted by the light-emitting portion.
Japan Display Inc.

Vehicular lamp fitting

A vehicular lamp fitting is provided with: a reflector having a first reflector portion; an inner panel; a first light guide member provided along an edge of the first reflector portion toward the center of the vehicle and disposed to be opposed to the first reflector portion; and a light source provided at least on either one end or the other end of the first light guide member so as to allow light to be incident on the first light guide member. The first light guide member is disposed so as to be visually recognized from the side of the vehicle, and part of direct light reflected by a reflective surface of the first light guide member and emitted toward the first reflector portion that has not been emitted ahead of the vehicle by the first reflector portion is emitted toward the side of the vehicle..
Ichikoh Industries, Ltd.

Glass plate for light guide plate

A glass plate for a light guide plate includes a first glass layer; a second glass layer facing the first glass layer; and a third glass layer that is an intermediate glass layer formed between the first glass layer and the second glass layer, wherein the glass plate is provided with a three layer structure in a plate thickness direction, and wherein the glass plate satisfies t1c/(t1b1+t1b2+t1c)<0.03 . .
Asahi Glass Company, Limited

Scanning endoscope apparatus

A scanning endoscope apparatus is provided that includes: an endoscope having a light guide portion configured to guide and emit an illuminating light for illuminating a subject, and an actuator configured to oscillate the light guide portion; a storage portion configured to store a resonance frequency at a time when the light guide portion is caused to oscillate in a resonant state; an application portion configured to sequentially apply a plurality of signals having different frequencies to the actuator; a signal monitoring portion configured to monitor signals that are applied to the actuator; and a determination portion configured to compare a frequency of a signal which is smallest in a case where the actuator is taken as a load with the resonance frequency stored in the storage portion to determine whether or not the endoscope is abnormal.. .
Olympus Corporation

Image display apparatus and image display unit

An image display apparatus and an image display unit. The image display apparatus and the image display unit includes a light source configured to emit light, an illumination optical system including a luminous body forming device configured to form a secondary luminous body, the illumination optical system guiding the light emitted from the light source, an optical modulation element including a plurality of reflection planes to modulate the light guided by the illumination optical system, and a projection optical system including a projection lens system and a barrel storing the projection lens system, the projection optical system projecting the light modulated by the optical modulation element onto a projection plane.

Illumination apparatus, image sensor unit and image reading apparatus

An illumination apparatus includes: a light source; a rod-like light guide having an incident surface that enters light from the light source that is disposed on one side in a main-scan direction, a diffusing surface that diffuses light that enters from the incident surface, and an emission surface that linearly emits light towards a bill; and a reflection member having a reflection surface that reflects light diffused by the diffusing surface to the light guide. The light guide has a locking projection that is locked in the reflection member on one side in the main-scan direction.
Canon Components, Inc.

Image reading apparatus

A transmission light source unit includes a first light source portion including: a first light source; and a first light guide that shapes light emitted by the first light source into a line and emits the light toward a conveyance path of a paper sheet. An image sensor unit includes: a second light source portion that emits light toward the conveyance path of the paper sheet; and an image sensor that detects the light emitted by the first light source portion and transmitted through the paper sheet and the light emitted by the second light source portion and reflected by the paper sheet.
Canon Components, Inc.

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor laser including current block layers disposed between a p-type clad layer and a p-type light guide layer and a current confinement region which is a region between the current block layers is configured as follows. A width of an opening portion of an insulating layer is made narrow above a wide portion of the current confinement region in which the wide portion, a tapered portion, a narrow portion, a tapered portion and the wide portion are disposed in this order between an incidence side (hr side) and an emission side (ar side), and both ends of the wide portion are covered by an insulating layer.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Cable connector assembly having a stopping member for avoiding light scattering

A cable connector assembly includes a cable and an electrical connector electrically connected with the cable, and the electrical connector includes a mating member, a printed circuit board electrically connected with the mating member, a light emitting element electrically connected with the printed circuit board and a light guide element for transmitting the light emitted by the light emitting element, having a receiving room, wherein the light emitting element is received in the receiving room, and the printed circuit board includes a soldering portion electrically connected with the matting member and an extension portion rearwardly extending from the soldering portion, and the cable connector assembly further includes a stopping member disposed between the soldering portion and the light guide element and abutting against the light guide element, to block the receiving room of the light guide element.. .
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

Light guide device and projector

A projector includes a light source device, an optical mixing device, a light guide device, a prism group, a digital display, and projection lenses. The light guide device includes a hollow body; the body includes an inner surface and an exterior surface corresponding to the inner surface.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Backlight unit and 3d image display apparatus

Provided are a lighting system, a backlight unit and a 3d image display apparatus including the backlight unit. The backlight unit includes: a lighting system configured to selectively output collimated light and diverging light, a diffraction device, and a light guide plate configured to guide the collimated light and the diverging light from the lighting system to the diffraction device.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Display device

Provided is a display device including a display panel, a first backlight unit, and a second backlight unit. The first backlight unit provides first light beams to the display panel.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Light guide device and virtual image display apparatus

A light guide device may be incorporated into a virtual image display apparatus, and functionally includes a light-incident part for entrance of picture lights, a light guide part that guides the picture lights via the light-incident part, and a light-exiting part that outputs the picture lights from the light guide part to a position of an eye. In the light guide device, light guide that enables non-diffraction virtual image formation is performed with respect to lateral first directions and a pupil size is enlarged by first and second diffraction optical elements with respect to longitudinal second directions..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Endoscope system

An endoscope system has observation modes making observations with lights having optical characteristics different from each other. The system includes an endoscope including an insertion section provided with an illumination window, a light guide arranged in the insertion section, and including an entrance end on which the lights enter and a plurality of light guide areas that guide the lights entered on the entrance end, and an entrance area switching unit that switches between the light guide areas through which the entered lights are guided by switching between areas on which the lights enter at the entrance end in accordance with an observation mode..
Olympus Corporation

Display device

A backlight module and a display panel. The backlight module comprises a light guide plate, a heat dissipation plate and a light source.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Display device

A display device includes a first display panel including a display surface defined by first and second directions, a second display panel spaced apart from the first display panel in a third direction perpendicular to the display surface, and a backlight unit disposed between the first and second display panels to provide a light to the first and second display panels. The backlight unit includes a light emitting element, a first exit light guide plate, a second exit light guide plate spaced apart from the first exit light guide plate, a first light-division light guide member, and a second light-division light guide member..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Light guide plate, backlight unit and display device

A light guide plate (02), a backlight unit (05) and a display device (09) are disclosed. The backlight unit (05) includes a light guide plate (02), a frame (051) and a lamp group.
Beijing Boe Chatani Electronics Co., Ltd.

Backlight unit and display apparatus including the same

A backlight unit includes: a light guide member including an light incident surface which receives light, a light emitting surface bent from the light incident surface, and a rear surface bent from the light incident surface and parallel to the light emitting surface; a light source which provides light to the light incident surface; and a refractive index control member disposed on the rear surface and divided into a plurality of areas on a plane parallel to the light emitting surface, where an electric field is generated for each area. Each of the areas is in a first state to have a first refractive index or in a second state to have a second refractive index, which is different from the first state, based on the electric field generated therein..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Backlight unit using micro optical switch and 3d image display device

A backlight unit using a micro optical switch and a three-dimensional (3d) image display device are provided. The backlight unit includes a light source configured to irradiate light, a light guide plate configured to guide the irradiated light, an optical switch array including micro optical switches disposed above the light guide plate for each of cells of the backlight unit, and a lens array disposed above and corresponding to the optical switch array.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Light guide plate and display device having the same

A light guide plate includes a light conversion portion which transmits a transmission incident light having a first wavelength, and converts a conversion incident light having the first wavelength to a converted light having a second wavelength; and a light guide portion which guides the transmission incident light and the converted light in a first direction. The light conversion portion includes a light incident surface which receives the transmission incident light and the conversion incident light, an inclined side surface inclined with respect to the light incident surface to form an inclined angle with the light incident surface, quantum dots which convert light having the first wavelength to light having the second wavelength and are distributed in a quantum area on the light incident surface and the inclined side surface, and a reflector adjacent to the inclined side surface in a second direction opposite to the first direction..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Band-limited integrated computational elements based on hollow-core fiber

An optical analysis tool includes an integrated computational element (ice). The ice includes a first hollow-core fiber.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Lighting device and scenographic projector comprising a plurality of such lighting devices

A lighting device for producing scenographic light effects has a light source mounted on the frame; a light guide coupled to the light source to define an optical path along a longitudinal axis; a first mirror (5) arranged along the longitudinal axis facing the light source to reflect the light beam towards the light source; a second mirror movable with respect to the frame and facing the first mirror to reflect the light beam reflected by the first mirror.. .
Clay Paky S.p.a.

Light device for motor vehicles

A light device for motor vehicles comprises a carrying housing covered by a translucent cover and an inner chamber where an optical system is mounted containing a light guide with a light guide body for guiding the light generated by the light source and its emission as a light beam through one or more output light surfaces out of the light guide, one or more flat electroluminescence diodes and a reflective element for reflection of light emitted from one or more light emitting surfaces of the flat electroluminescence diode. The electroluminescence diode is attached to the light guide.
Varroc Lighting Systems, S.r.o.

Thin wall internal reflection light optic

An example lamp optic comprises a light guide (100) to receive light from a light source (108) and generate a light beam via internal reflection. The light guide includes a proximal end (104) to receive the light and a distal end (106) to emit the light beam.
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Vehicle lighting device

A vehicle lighting device includes a light guide lens, a light source and a reflector. The long light guide lens extends in a direction obliquely tilted with respect to a front-rear direction.
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

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