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Ligament patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Ligament-related patents
 Methods of use of biomaterial and injectable implant containing biomaterial patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of use of biomaterial and injectable implant containing biomaterial
This invention relates to the use of a biomaterial for the treatment, repair and/or enhancement of bodily tissue insufficiencies of the vocal chords, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, post-operative regions, sexual organs and/or weight supporting areas of the feet as well as other conditions of the bones and joints. The biomaterial for use in the invention may comprise an injectable bioresorbable polysaccharide composition wherein the polysaccharide may be succinochitosan glutamate.
 Use of stem cells or progenitor cells to treat, delay, prevent, or repair tearing of cruciate ligaments patent thumbnailnew patent Use of stem cells or progenitor cells to treat, delay, prevent, or repair tearing of cruciate ligaments
Methods for treating a partial or complete rupture of cranial cruciate ligament (crcl) damage and for preventing or delaying crcl damage with or without synovitis in dogs are disclosed. For example, this document provides methods for using stem cells and/or progenitor cells to prevent or reduce the likelihood of crcl rupture in the contralateral leg of mammals, especially dogs, diagnosed with crcl rupture, as well as methods for using stem cells and/or progenitor cells to treat, delay or prevent complete crcl rupture in mammals, especially dogs, diagnosed as having a partial crcl rupture..
 Device and method for use during ligament reconstruction surgery patent thumbnailDevice and method for use during ligament reconstruction surgery
The present disclosure relates to a device for use in ligament reconstruction surgery. The device includes a handle, a tube coupled to the handle, and a locking mechanism coupled to the handle.
 Surgical aiming device patent thumbnailSurgical aiming device
A hinged pivoting guide for positioning a femoral tunnel in anterior cruciate ligament (acl) reconstruction locates a drilling hole for placement that optimally penetrates a minimal depth of soft tissue (skin, muscle, etc.) yet directs drilling into a sufficiently rigid and structurally sound area of the femur. The hinged guide allows placement of an aimer point at a desired drilling exit location on the femur.
 System for acl reconstruction using retrograde cutter patent thumbnailSystem for acl reconstruction using retrograde cutter
A system for anterior cruciate ligament (acl) reconstruction using holes in bone created by retrograde cutting. A rotary cutter, mounted onto an insertion post of a tibial guide, is inserted through an anteromedial portal and the rotary cutter placed on the anatomical origin of an acl tibial insertion.
 Anti-obesity devices patent thumbnailAnti-obesity devices
Method and apparatus for limiting absorption of food products in specific parts of the digestive system is presented. A gastrointestinal implant device is anchored in the pyloric portion of the gastrointestinal system and extends beyond the ligament of treitz.
 Method for supporting vaginal cuff patent thumbnailMethod for supporting vaginal cuff
Described are methods and devices useful for supporting posterior vaginal tissue for various purposes such as treating or preventing vaginal prolapse or enterocele, especially in a patient not having a uterus, the devices including implants designed to contact the vaginal cuff and connect to sacral anatomy such as the sacrum or the uterosacral ligaments.. .
 Cast features for a turbine engine airfoil patent thumbnailCast features for a turbine engine airfoil
A core assembly for a turbine engine blade includes a generally radially extending trunk interconnected to multiple generally axially extending tabs. The tabs are interconnected by a generally radially extending ligament.
 Demineralized cancellous bone scaffolds patent thumbnailDemineralized cancellous bone scaffolds
The present invention provides a cancellous bone scaffold to use in the replacement or repair of connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons. The cancellous bone scaffold has a fully demineralized segment with at least one adjacent mineralized end segment..
 Methods, compositions and kits for surgical repair patent thumbnailMethods, compositions and kits for surgical repair
In some aspects, the present invention provides surgical procedures that comprise applying compositions into and/or onto tissue, including supporting tissues (e.g., ligaments, connective tissue, muscles, etc.) for pelvic organs, among other tissues. In other aspects, the present disclosure pertains to compositions that are useful for performing such procedures.
Kit for placing fixation devices
A fixation device can be delivered to the body of a patient by coupling the fixation device to a delivery instrument at a head of the fixation device. Engaging the fixation device to the delivery instrument at the fixation device's head allows the fixation device to be secured to a tissue and/or ligament of the patient.
Surgical mesh for prolapse repair
A surgical mesh for prolapse repair is anchored into the anterior longitudinal ligament of the sacrum and then adjusted. On the sacral end of the mesh, synthetic anchors are placed into the anterior longitudinal ligament of the sacrum.
Apparatus and method for reconstructing a ligament
A method of revising a graft in a bone tunnel including unpinning a graft ligament support block from within a bone tunnel in a host bone, withdrawing the graft ligament support block from the bone tunnel to create a vacated bone tunnel, advancing a graft ligament support block into the vacated bone tunnel, and pinning the graft ligament support block within the bone tunnel. In one embodiment, the graft ligament support block includes a body having a graft hole and a transverse fixation pin hole extending through the body.
Percutaneous extraforaminotomy with foraminal ligament resection and instrument tool used for the same
Provided is a percutaneous extraforaminotomy with foraminal ligament resection, which examines various ligaments around intervertebral foramen, artificially expands the intervertebral foramen blocked by adhesive fibrosis through repeated inflammatory reactions using epidural neurolysis or percutaneous extraforaminotomy, transmits chemical materials efficacious in pain treatment to the periphery of nervous branches causing pain through a catheter, and smoothly discharges an inflammatory material existing in spinal canal with the chemical materials through the intervertebral foramen.. .
Tissue repair devices and methods
Devices and methods for reconnecting or supporting torn, damaged or weak tissue are disclosed. The disclosed embodiments can be used on long slender tissue such as ligaments, tendons, nerves, vessels, intestines, muscles, bones, appendages and any other elongate tissue within the body, of both humans and other animals.
Wakeboard release mechanism
Wakeboarding causes a large number of knee injuries, especially to the acl. These injuries occur from large tensile, compressive and rotational forces on the knees.
Crosslinker enhanced repair of connective tissues
A protein crosslinker delivery device includes a body and a protein crosslinker held in a synthetic or natural biodegradable polymer. The body, a coating on the body, or an attachment to the body can contain the protein crosslinker holding biodegradable polymer.
Bridge button for ligament reconstruction
A bridge button formed by an elongate body of pre-defined dimensions such that said button being adapted to sit across a cavity in a bone, said button comprising a span member, located substantially at the centre of said elongate body, adapted to define a bridge portion, said span member being defined by lateral edges of sutures placed across adjacent inner circumferences of a pair of pre-determined holes used for passing suture loop, along a longitudinal axis of said bridge button, for holding a graft.. .
Cable knee brace system
It is the object of the invention to provide a knee bracing system that bolsters the body's natural ligaments to reduce the knees proneness to injury or re-injury. The invention is a cable system that acts much like the body's natural way that resists the forces that cause excessive joint movement and injury to the acl and or mcl.
Limb protection device
A joint-supporting device comprises tensile members extending from a proximal cuff secured to the limb above the joint to a distal cuff secured to the limb below the joint, supplementing the tensile characteristics of the joint's tendons, ligaments, and other structure. The device may also comprise structure for limiting the range of motion and angular velocity of the joint..
Fixation screw, graft ligament anchor assembly, and method for securing a graft ligament in a bone tunnel
A fixation screw, graft ligament anchor assembly, and method for fastening a graft ligament in a bone tunnel. The screw comprises an elongated shank having a distal end and a proximal end, and a central axis extending from the distal end to the proximal end.
Methods of manufacture of immunocompatible chorionic membrane products
Provided herein is a placental product comprising an immunocompatible chorionic membrane. Such placental products can be cryopreserved and contain viable therapeutic cells after thawing.
Polymer nanofiber scaffold for a heparin / fibrin based growth factor delivery system
A growth factor delivery scaffold combines a heparin/fibrin-based delivery system (hbds) with a backbone based on polymer nanofibers for tissue (e.g., tendon and ligament) repair. The scaffold has improved surgical handling properties compared to the gelatinous consistency of the prior art hbds system and retains the capability for delivering mesenchymal cells and controlling the release of growth factors.
Knee joint device
A medical device for creating an artificial knee joint or an artificial cruciate ligament in a mammal patient, the medical device comprising a transversal member adapted to be placed through at least three layers of cortical bone of the distal portion of the femoral bone, out of totally four cortical layers along a prolongation of the transversal member. The transversal member is adapted to be involved in the artificial knee joint or the artificial cruciate ligament, wherein the transversal member comprises at least one fixation portion adapted to be involved in fixation of the transversal member to at least one of the at least four layers of femoral cortical bone..
System and method for electrical stimulation of the lumbar vertebral column
Disclosed methods and devices treat lower back pain from degenerated or injured intervertebral discs. Electrodes connected to a pulse generator deliver electrical impulses to nerves located within the posterior longitudinal ligament and posterior annulus fibrosus of lumbar intervertebral discs.
Biologic replacement for fibrin clot
The invention provides composition and methods for repairing a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament.. .
Method and system of measuring anatomical features in subcutaneous images to assess risk of injury
The present disclosure provides a method and system using software and associated equipment to automatically identify two or more preselected anatomical features by examining pixels within images such as computerized tomography (ct) scanned images, determining appropriate measurements between such identified features based on dimensions and scaling available within the image file, comparing these measurements to normative data, and providing output of the results to a user, such as medical personnel. In at least one embodiment, system can measure the basion-dens interval (bdi), which has been shown to be an effective indicator of ligament injury within the occipito-cervical complex (“occ”) that may not present with other symptoms, is not revealed with standard ct imaging, and is of mortal danger to the patient if untreated.
Remotely controlled and/or laterally supported devices for direct spinal cord stimulation
A method for treating intractable pain via electrical stimulation of the spinal cord. Remote, non-contact stimulation of a selected region of spinal cord is achieved by placement of a transceiver patch directly on the surface of that region of spinal cord, with said patch optionally being inductively coupled to a transmitter patch of similar size on either the outer or inner wall of the dura surrounding that region of the spinal cord.
Motion style acupuncture treatment method for relieving acute low back pain
Disclosed is a motion style treatment (mst) technique, more particularly, a method for treatment of diseases using mst technique that includes applying acupuncture to meridians (or acupuncture points) at applied sites of the body of a patient, instructing the patient to move and conduct muscle motion of the above sites while applying acupuncture thereon, which in turn maximizes circulation of bio-energy on the applied sites, and activating stimulation of muscles, ligaments and/or nerves by acupuncture needles to maximize effects of acupuncture stimulation, thereby curing a patient suffering from acute low back pain with serious disability.. .
Methods of manufacture of immunocompatible amniotic membrane products
Provided herein is a placental product comprising an immunocompatible amniotic membrane. Such placental products can be cryopreserved and contain viable therapeutic cells after thawing.
Methods of manufacture of therapeutic products comprising vitalized placental dispersions
This invention provides a fluid therapeutic placental product comprising placental cells and a placental dispersion comprising placental factors. The placental cells and the placental dispersion are derived from placental tissue.
Surgical instrument and method of using same
A surgical instrument for use in performing anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions includes an elongate body section having a handle portion for a user to grasp the instrument, and a head section having a curvilinear groove formed therein adapted for receiving and frictionally engaging a guide wire. The head section can include an end portion having a contour anatomically conforming to the femur.
Systems and methods for treatment of compressed nerves
Disclosed herein is a system for releasing a ligament. In one embodiment, the system includes a proximal handle, a tubular body, and a flexible body.
Anchor for bone and soft tissue
The invention is directed to an anchor for fixing a tendon or a ligament in a bone comprising: an elongated tubular body having a bore extending along a longitudinal axis, said tubular body comprising first and second independent parts slidably contacting each other, the first and second independent parts each having an outer circumferential surface along a length thereof parallel to the longitudinal axis, and each having an elongated partial inner bore, such that the tubular body is capable of mounting a tendon or ligament within the partial inner bore.. .
Methods and instrumentals for forming a posterior knee portal and for inserting a cannula
A specialized obturator that has a curved configuration designed specifically for entry through the anterior joint and out the back of the knee in the ideal position for a posterior portal. The curved obturator is shaped to avoid intact knee ligaments and femoral condyles.
Adjustable handheld roller massage apparatus with fabric-covered resilient air-filled spherical contact orbs
Handheld roller massage apparatus comprising at least two air-filled elastomeric massage spheres and two handle grips attached to a support rod where the handle grips and massage spheres are fully adjustable along the support rod. Massage spheres have special size, elastic modulus, and perceived inflation pressure to reach deep muscle and ligament tissue along either side of the spine.
Cartilage product
The present invention relates to a method for preparing a cartilage product comprising a protein hydrolysate with a degree of hydrolysis comprised between 0.5% and 3.0%, at least one glycosaminoglycan and at least one growth factor. The present invention also relates to the cartilage product obtainable through said method.
Customized arthroplasty cutting guides and surgical methods using the same
Implementations described and claimed herein provide an arthroplasty system for making resections in a patient knee. In one implementation, the system includes a femoral cutting guide having a patient specific mating region, and a distal planar surface distally spaced from a distal resection surface based on thicknesses of femoral and tibial implants.
Model for practicing cutting
A model for practicing surgical procedures which involve the cutting of skin and or tendons. A covering representing skin is stretched around a frame.
Slotted multi-nozzle grid with integrated cooling channels
An apparatus includes a slotted multi-nozzle grid with a plate having multiple elongated slotlettes through the plate. Each of at least some of the slotlettes has a convergent input, a divergent output, and a narrower throat portion separating the convergent input and the divergent output.
Scaffold for spring ligament repair
A construct is disclosed that may be used to repair or replace a natural ligament. The construct may be formed of materials for biocompatibility and/or resorbtion.
Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment
The equipment includes at least one connecting bar, at least one flexible ligament, and at least one connector making it possible to connect the ligament to the connecting bar. The connector having a first conduit for engaging the connecting bar, equipped with a device for immobilizing the connector relative to the connecting bar, and a second conduit for receiving at least one strand of the ligament, having an insertion opening for this or these strands and an outlet opening for this or these strands, and equipped with devices for mobilizing the ligament relative to the connector.
Reduced height ligaments to minimize non-integral vibrations in rotor blades
A system for minimizing non-integral vibrations in rotor blades located in a compressor section of a gas turbine engine includes a casing having a plurality of bleed slots, at least one of the bleed slots being located in close proximity to a row of rotor blades, a plurality of structural ligaments, at least one of the structural ligaments extending between two adjacent ones of the bleed slots; and a channel for reducing the height of at least one of the structural ligaments so as to minimize the non-integral vibrations in the rotor blades in the row.. .

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