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Computerized system and method of evaluating insurance product underwriting and rating data

Computerized system and method of evaluating insurance product underwriting and rating data

Methods and systems of synchronizer selection

Methods and systems of synchronizer selection

Methods and systems of synchronizer selection

Multiplexer having ase suppression

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lexer-related patents
 Method and  generating a recording index patent thumbnailnew patent Method and generating a recording index
An apparatus and method for indexing data streams and generating an index file used during trick mode playback makes use of a demultiplexer that receives content formatted as a transport stream including a plurality of transport packets from a source. For each of the plurality of transport packets generates, the demultiplexer generates flag data indicating if the respective transport packet contains key frame data.
 High capacity network node patent thumbnailnew patent High capacity network node
An exemplary technique is provided for a scalable architecture for a network node that allows a very high switching capacity. The network node has a number of packet optical add drop multiplexers (poadms), a number of dual line cards, respectively associated with the poadms, and an optical switch matrix.
 Methods and systems of synchronizer selection patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems of synchronizer selection
A circuit includes a plurality of synchronizers to adapt a signal from a first clock domain to a second clock domain. Each synchronizer of the plurality of synchronizers includes a synchronizer input to receive the signal from the first clock domain and a synchronizer output to provide the signal as adapted to the second clock domain.
 Coolerless fiber light source devices for harsh environments patent thumbnailnew patent Coolerless fiber light source devices for harsh environments
A robust broadband ase (amplified spontaneous emission) fiber light source device outputs a light beam which is little affected by temperature and radiation. The light source device is a single-pass backward or double-pass backward architecture, and has a coolerless pump laser and temperature compensated bandpass reflector.
 Front end circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Front end circuit
A front end circuit includes a transmission signal filter for allowing a transmission signal to pass, a reception signal filter for allowing a reception signal to pass and a circulator (an antenna duplexer), and a transmission output variable circuit is connected between a transmission signal terminal of the circulator and the transmission signal filter. The transmission output variable circuit includes a first high frequency switch, a second high frequency switch, and a buffer circuit, and attenuation is switched by switching of the first high frequency switch and the second high frequency switch..
 Configurable flip-flop circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Configurable flip-flop circuit
A configurable flip-flop circuit has modifiable connections between its circuit elements that allow it to be modified for primary and secondary uses. For example, the flip-flop circuit can be modified to provide secondary functions of nor and nand gates during an implementation of an eco.
 Apparatus for a monotonic delay line,  fast locking of a digital dll with clock stop/start tolerance,  robust clock edge placement, and  clock offset tuning patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus for a monotonic delay line, fast locking of a digital dll with clock stop/start tolerance, robust clock edge placement, and clock offset tuning
A delay line has at least four delay stages coupled together in a series, two multiplexers, and a phase interpolator. The first multiplexer has a first input coupled to an output of the first delay stage, and a second input coupled to an output of the third delay stage.
 Elastic wave filter device and duplexer patent thumbnailnew patent Elastic wave filter device and duplexer
In an elastic wave filter device, a package substrate is provided with an elastic wave filter chip defining a ladder circuit including a plurality of series arm resonators and a plurality of parallel arm resonators, and a first inductance connected in parallel with at least one of the series arm resonators and a second inductance connected between at least one of the parallel arm resonators and a ground potential. The first inductance and the second inductance provided in the package substrate, and the first inductance is magnetically coupled to the second inductance to shift a frequency position of an attenuation pole..
 Multiplexer having ase suppression patent thumbnailnew patent Multiplexer having ase suppression
Consistent with the present disclosure, optical filters are provided in a reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (roadm). In one example, groups of optical signals are amplified by corresponding erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (edfas) and supplied to each optical filter, which has a passband that includes the wavelengths associated with the received optical signal group.
 Computerized system and  evaluating insurance product underwriting and rating data patent thumbnailnew patent Computerized system and evaluating insurance product underwriting and rating data
A systems, method, and computer program product for evaluating an insurance policy underwriting and rating instance is disclosed. The system may include a lexer module on a computer, a parser module on a computer, and a generator module on a computer.
new patent

Systems and methods for automatic root port to non-transparent bridge switching for a pci express interconnect architecture

Systems and methods consistent with the present disclosure include techniques for automatically switching a non-transparent bridge enabled root port (nerp) device from a non-transparent bridge configuration state and a root port configuration state. A nerp agent consistent with the present consistent includes a root port agent within a computing fabric network coupled to a first multiplexer and to a second multiplexer.
new patent

Touch sensing system

A touch sensing system includes a plurality of touch sensors, sensing lines connected to the touch sensors, a touch sensing integrated circuit (ic) sensing a touch input using signals received through a plurality of receiving channels, a plurality of differential amplifiers which are formed between the sensing lines and the receiving channels of the touch sensing ic and amplify a difference between touch sensor signals received through adjacent sensing lines, and a multiplexer which connects the adjacent sensing lines to input terminals of each differential amplifier in a forward sensing mode and switches the adjacent sensing lines connected to the input terminals of each differential amplifier in a reverse sensing mode.. .

Video encoding/decoding device, method, and program

A video encoder 101 encodes image data of an input moving image based on prediction and generates a video bitstream of encoded pictures. A refresh controller 102 refreshes such that a partial area in the picture is assumed as a unit area to be refreshed and the unit area to be refreshed is moved on a picture-by-picture basis.
Nec Corporation

Mechanism to monitor quality of service

A processing device includes a processor to generate a plurality of events, an interface circuit coupled to the processor comprising one or more multiplexers to select events from the plurality of events, and a tracker logic coupled to the interface circuit to perform a quality of service (qos) measurement based on the selected events.. .

High-speed serial data signal receiver circuitry

Circuitry for receiving a high-speed serial data signal (e.g., having a bit rate in the range of about 10 gpbs and higher) includes a two-stage, continuous-time, linear equalizer having only two serially connected stages. Phase detector circuitry may be provided for receiving the serial output of the equalizer and for converting successive pairs of bits in that output to successive parallel-form bit pairs.
Altera Corporation

Optical line terminal arrangement, apparatus and methods

A wavelength division multiplexed optical communication system includes a plurality of optical line terminals which may be part of separate in service networks, each having a line interface and an all-optical pass-through interface including a plurality of pass-through optical ports, and each also including a plurality of local optical ports which are connectable to client equipment and an optical multiplexer/demultiplexer for multiplexing/demultiplexing optical wavelengths. The optical multiplexer/demultiplexer may include one or more stages for inputting/outputting individual wavelengths or bands of a predetermined number of wavelengths, or a combination of bands and individual wavelengths.
Coriant Operations, Inc.

Multiplexer/demultiplexer based on diffraction and reflection

Transmissive diffraction grating(s), reflector(s), and multiple optical sources/receivers are arranged such that each one of multiple optical signals at corresponding different wavelengths co-propagating along a multiplexed beam path would: (i) be transmissively, dispersively diffracted at a multiplexed transmission region of a grating; (ii) propagate between the multiplexed transmission region and multiple demultiplexed transmission regions of a grating undergoing reflection(s) from the reflector(s); (iii) be transmissively, dispersively diffracted at the demultiplexed transmission regions; and (iv) propagate between the demultiplexed transmission regions and the sources/receivers along multiple demultiplexed beam paths.. .
Finisar Corporation

Systems and methods for signal frequency division in wireless communication systems

A system may include at least one antenna for receiving a first receive signal having a first signal diversity property and a second receive signal having a second signal diversity property. A first signal path may include a first frequency converter for downconverting the first receive signal to a first intermediate frequency signal having a first intermediate frequency.
Aviat U.s., Inc.

Analog-to-digital conversion with noise injection via wavefront multiplexing techniques

A novel noise injection technique is presented to improve dynamic range with low resolution and low speed analog to digital converters. This technique combines incoming signal and noise signal with wave front de-multiplexer and split into several channels.
Spatial Digital Systems, Inc.

Port spreading

A semiconductor die having: a logic unit having a plurality of inputs/outputs; a plurality of pads whereby electrical connections can be made to the die; and a multiplexer arranged between the inputs/outputs and the pads, the multiplexer being operable in a first mode in which it maps a first number of the inputs/outputs to a first number of the pads with a first mean spacing between those pads, and a second mode in which it maps a second number of the inputs/outputs to a first number of the pads with a second mean spacing between those pads, wherein the first number is larger than the second number and the first spacing is smaller than the second spacing.. .
Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

Antenna duplexer

An antenna duplexer includes first and second filters connected to an antenna terminal. The first filter has a passband of a low frequency band.
Panasonic Corporation

Method and electron beam lithography

A system using an energy beam to expose patterns on a wafer includes first mirror elements, a multiplexer element, and second mirror elements. The first and second mirror elements are dynamically controlled to reflect the energy beam to the wafer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Lookup table and programmable logic device including lookup table

To optimize the arrangement of configuration data stored in a configuration memory. A lookup table includes a memory configured to store configuration data, a plurality of multiplexers each configured to select one signal from a plurality of input signals in accordance with the configuration data supplied from the memory and output the one signal, and an inverter.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Media playback component comprising playback queue and queue bypass

A media playback component includes a demultiplexer for receiving a data stream and for demultiplexing media content items provided at a first demultiplexer output and at least one type of non-media content items provided at a second demultiplexer output. The media playback component includes playback queue, a queue input of which is connected to the first demultiplexer output.

Optical multiplexer and transmitter optical subassembly

An optical multiplexer and a transmitter optical subassembly are provided that relate to the field of optics communications. A light-combining part is formed by using at least one light combiner that can combine two beams of light into one beam of light, and at least two levels of light-combining parts are used to constitute an optical multiplexer, so that 2n beams of light are combined into one beam by using n level of light-combining parts, thereby reducing a package size and packaging loss, and reducing the complexity of a manufacturing process..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Biosensor, palm-sized device and method based on magnetic resonance relaxometry

In accordance with one aspect of this disclosure, there is provided a device for performing magnetic resonance relaxometry. The device comprises a radio-frequency spectrometer comprising at least one field-programmable gate array chip; a power amplifier electrically connected with the radio-frequency spectrometer and amplifying an electrical output of the radio-frequency spectrometer, thereby producing an amplified electrical signal comprising between about 0.1 watts and about 10 watts power; a duplexer configured to isolate the radio-frequency spectrometer from the amplified electrical signal during a receiving mode of the device; a radio-frequency detection probe configured to transmit radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation to excite nuclei under resonance during a transmission mode of the device, the radio-frequency detection probe comprising a detection coil comprising an inner diameter of less than about 1 millimeter; and at least one magnet supplying an external magnetic field to a detection region of the radio-frequency detection probe, the external magnetic field being less than about 3 tesla..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Balancing tunable duplexer

An apparatus comprises a tunable duplexer configured to output a transmission signal to be wirelessly transmitted from the apparatus at a transmission frequency, and configured to input a reception signal wirelessly received by the apparatus at a reception frequency, a tuning device connected to the tunable duplexer, configured to control a balance between impedances of an antenna port and of a balance port of the tunable duplexer, a transmitting device configured to, during a predetermined time period, wirelessly transmit a specific transmission signal for calibration of the tunable duplexer, a receiving device configured to, during the predetermined time period, wirelessly receive the specific transmission signal transmitted by the transmitting device, and a measuring device configured to, during the predetermined time period, measure the power of the specific transmission signal received by the receiving device. The tuning device controls the balance based on the measured power of the specific transmission signal..
Broadcom Corporation

Method and devices for access control

The invention relates to a method and system which provides access control and access control enforcement particularly in relation to business process data streams. Embodiments of the invention provide a method and a set of components (referred to as: policy administration point, policy enforcement point, filter updater, log de-multiplexer) for fast online filtering of process logs based on access rights.
British Telecommunications Plc

Spectral alignment of a wdm device to a specified frequency grid

A wdm device having a controller that individually controls the operating parameters of tunable lasers and the temperatures of an optical multiplexer and etalon. The device employs a spectral analyzer to measure the spectral composition of the optical output signal produced by the device.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Low-loss electrical balance duplexer with noise cancellation

A circuit for a low-loss duplexer with noise cancellation in a receive (rx) path of a transceiver includes a duplexer, a balancing network, and a noise cancellation circuit. The duplexer circuit is coupled to an antenna of the transceiver.
Broadcom Corporation

Optical network and optical network element

An optical network is suggested, comprising a first set of optical fibers, a multimode multiplexer, a multimode amplifier, a multimode demultiplexer, and a second set of optical fibers, wherein the first set of optical fibers is connected via the multimode multiplexer to the multimode amplifier and wherein the multimode amplifier is connected via the multimode demultiplexer to the second set of optical fibers. Accordingly, an optical network element is provided..
Xieon Networks S.a.r.i.

Apparatuses and methods for providing clock signals

Apparatuses and methods for providing clock signals are described herein. An example apparatus may include a clock generator circuit.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Filter device and duplexer

In a filter device, a transversal elastic wave filter, which defines a delay element, is connected in parallel with a band pass filter. The transversal elastic wave filter has the same amplitude characteristic as and the opposite phase to the band pass filter at a desired frequency inside an attenuation range of the band pass filter.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Piezoelectric thin-film resonator, fabricating the same, filter and duplexer

A piezoelectric thin-film resonator includes: a substrate; a piezoelectric film having a lower piezoelectric film provided on the substrate and an upper piezoelectric film provided on the lower piezoelectric film; lower and upper electrodes that face each other through at least a part of the piezoelectric film; an interposed film that is interposed between the lower piezoelectric film and the upper piezoelectric film and is located in an outer circumferential part of a resonance region in which the lower and upper electrodes face each other through the piezoelectric film, the interposed film not being provided in a central part of the resonance region; an upper surface of the lower piezoelectric film having a first roughness in a region in which the interposed film is not provided and a second roughness in another region in which the interposed film is provided, the first roughness being smaller than the second roughness.. .
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

Apparatuses and methods for writing masked data to a buffer

Disclosed are apparatuses and methods for writing data to a memory array of a buffer. One such apparatus may include a multiplexer that receives data words and a data mask.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Organic light emitting diode (oled) display device

An organic light emitting diode display device having a demultiplexing structure is disclosed. One inventive aspect includes a display panel, a scan driver, a data driver, a plurality of demultiplexers and a timing controller.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Light multiplexer with color combining element

A light multiplexing system includes a color combining element and two or more first, second, and third color channels. Each color channel includes a light source that directs light of a corresponding first, second, or third wavelength band, respectively, toward the color combining element.
Corning Incorporated

Position-measuring operating a position-measuring system

A position-measuring system includes a plurality of scanning units for the optical scanning of at least one measuring standard, the scanning units being coupled optically to a plurality of light sources and a plurality of detectors. Disposed between the scanning units and the detectors are a plurality of demultiplexers, via which in each case at least two scanning units are coupled to one detector..
Dr. Johannes Heidenhain Gmbh

Enhancing isolation and impedance matching in hybrid-based cancellation networks and duplexers

Multi-port hybrid-based cancellation networks may be used to enable simultaneous transmit and receive in one or more co-existent communication systems. A multi-port hybrid-based cancellation network may include a first and second quadrature hybrid, a first and second two-port network, and other circuitry components.
University Of Southern California

Fractional-n synthesizer

One embodiment of the present invention provides a synthesizer. The synthesizer includes one or more tunable oscillators, a frequency-dividing circuit coupled to the tunable oscillators, and a multiplexer coupled to the frequency-dividing circuit.
Aviacomm Inc.

Driving apparatus with 1:2 mux for 2-column inversion scheme

A driving apparatus comprises a plurality of pixels provided in an array employing the 2-column inversion scheme, a 1:2 multiplexer and a data driving unit. Each pixel comprises a plurality of sub-pixels corresponding to different colors respectively.
Innolux Corporation

Lookahead scheme for prioritized reads

A circular queue implementing a scheme for prioritized reads is disclosed. In one embodiment, a circular queue (or buffer) includes a number of storage locations each configured to store a data value.
Apple Inc.

Message tunneling in an industrial network

A networking system is discussed. The system may be used for industrial networks where access to field device data is valuable.
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

Message tunneling in industrial networks

A networking system is discussed. The system may be used for industrial networks where access to field device data is valuable.
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

Method and transmitting and receiving data in broadcasting system

Methods and apparatus are provided for transmitting data in a broadcasting system. Input data is encoded by an encoder.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Duplexer-less transceiver and communication apparatus

A duplexer-less transceiver arrangement (300) is disclosed. The transceiver comprises a receiver (302) arranged for frequency-division duplex communication with a communication network; a transmitter (304) arranged for frequency-division duplex communication with the communication network; an antenna port (306) for connecting to an antenna; a balancing impedance circuit (308) arranged to provide an adaptive impedance arranged to mimic the impedance at the antenna port; and an impedance network differentially connecting the receiver (302), transmitter (304), antenna port (306) and balancing impedance circuit (308), wherein the impedance network includes a cross-connection..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Method and acquiring internal fiber connection relationship in reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer

A method of the present invention includes: acquiring logic optical propagation paths between an egress port of a wavelength selective switch at a receive end and an ingress port of a wavelength selective switch at a transmit end; separately configuring a different wavelength cross connection for the acquired logic optical propagation paths; connecting a communication light source to an ingress port of the wavelength selective switch at the receive end; collecting a wavelength of an optical signal on an egress port of the wavelength selective switch at the transmit end; determining a logic optical propagation path corresponding to the collected wavelength of optical signal; and determining a fiber connection relationship between the egress port of the wavelength selective switch at the receive end and the ingress port of the wavelength selective switch at the transmit end.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and routing traffic using asymmetrical optical connections

A method, computer-readable storage device and apparatus for routing traffic in a reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer layer of a dense wavelength division multiplexing network are disclosed. For example, the method determines the reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer layer has asymmetric traffic, and routes the asymmetric traffic in the reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer layer over a plurality of asymmetrical optical connections, wherein the plurality of asymmetrical optical connections is provided with only uni-directional equipment in the reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer layer..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Isolation requirement mitigation for idu-odu interconnections in microwave systems

A system and method to reduce and/or eliminate interference between an indoor unit (mu) and an outdoor unit (odu) in a split backhaul architecture. The interference can be present in, for example, an n-plexer in the idu and/or the odu.
Broadcom Corporation

Optical receiver, optical reception module and controlling an optical receiver

An optical receiver includes a semiconductor optical amplifier configured to amplify wavelength multiplexed light, an optical demultiplexer configured to demultiplex the wavelength multiplexed light amplified by the semiconductor optical amplifier into light of a plurality of signals having different wavelengths, a plurality of light-receiving elements configured to receive the signal light obtained by demultiplexing of the optical demultiplexer, a detector configured to detect an intensity of the wavelength multiplexed light of a previous stage of the optical demultiplexer, a memory configured to store an upper limit value of a drive current of the semiconductor optical amplifier corresponding to a detection result of the detector, and a controlling the drive current of the semiconductor optical amplifier by referring an output of the detector and the upper limit value.. .
Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Inc.

Elastic wave filter device and duplexer

In an elastic wave filter device, an elastic wave filter element chip is mounted on a board. In the elastic wave filter element chip, a ladder filter including a plurality of series arm resonators and a plurality of parallel arm resonators are provided.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

System and accessing information using objects

A device, such as a hart multiplexer, may allow devices that communicate using the ethernet/ip protocol or other protocols that support treating collections of data as objects to access one or more instruments. The devices may communicate with one or more object instances that each correspond to an instrument.
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

High speed and low power circuit structure for barrel shifter

A barrel shifter uses a sign magnitude to 2's complement converter to generate decoder signals for its cascaded multiplexer selectors. The sign input receives the shift direction and the magnitude input receives the shift amount.
International Business Machines Corporation

Optimized communications with hart instruments

A device, such as a hart multiplexer, may allow access to one or more hart instruments from a single interface. The device may also support access to the hart instruments from a second interface.
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

Photonic integrated transmitter device, photonic integrated receiver device, and active optical cable transceiver system

A photonic integrated transmitter device (21) is provided, including a substrate, an array of modulated light sources, each light source providing a modulated signal output at a channel wavelength different from the channel wavelength from other modulated light sources of the array of modulated light sources, an optical fiber interface, configured to receive an end portion of an optical fiber cable, and a division-wavelength multiplexer, wherein the division-wavelength multiplexer is provided in the substrate and is optically connected to the array of modulated light sources and the optical fiber interface via a first and second optical waveguide, respectively. Furthermore, a photonic integrated receiver device and an active optical cable transceiver system are provided..

Satellite-based emission and reception device with high multi-path attenuation rate, repeater and satellite which are equipped with such a device

A satellite-based emission and reception device, intended to receive and to process radiofrequency signals originating from an uplink and then to emit the processed signals on a downlink towards terrestrial users, comprises a power divider, two independent frequency converters and two input demultiplexers connected respectively at the output of the two corresponding frequency converters, each frequency converter being controlled by a dedicated local oscillator, the two local oscillators operating at one and the same frequency, the two input demultiplexers comprising channel filters operating in different, disjoint frequency sub-bands spaced apart in frequency, two adjacent frequency sub-bands being filtered by two channel filters belonging to different input demultiplexers.. .

Wireless transceiver with circulator and active cancellation and methods for use therewith

A wireless transceiver includes a transmit path configured to generate a radio frequency (rf) transmit signal for transmission via an antenna, the transmit path generating a feedforward signal having at least one adjustable phase. A receive path is configured to receive an rf receive signal via the antenna.
Broadcom Corporation

In-memory computational device

A computing device comprising includes a memory array having a plurality of sections with memory cells arranged in rows and column, at least one cell in each column of the memory array connected to a bit line having a bit line voltage associated with a logical 1 or a logical 0. The computing device additionally includes at least one multiplexer to connect a bit line in a column of a first section to a bit line in a column in a second section different from the first section and a decoder to activate a word line connected to a cell in the column in the second section to write the bit line voltage into the cell..
Mikamonu Group Ltd.

Differential current sensing scheme for magnetic random access memory

A circuit includes a cell segment, first and second reference cells, and a current sense amplifier. The first and second reference cells are configured to store opposite logic values, respectively.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Sram bit-line and write assist lowering dynamic power and peak current, and a dual input level-shifter

Described is an apparatus comprising a plurality of memory arrays, local write assist logic units, and read/write local column multiplexers coupled together in a group such that area occupied by the local write assist logic units and the read/write local column multiplexers in the group is smaller than it would be when global write assist logic units and the read/write global column multiplexers are used. Described is a dual input level-shifter with integrated latch.

Systems, circuits and methods related to low-loss bypass of a radio-frequency filter or diplexer

Disclosed are systems, circuits and methods related to low-loss bypass of a radio-frequency (rf) filter or diplexer. In some embodiments, a switching network circuitry can include a first switch that has an input pole configured to receive a radio-frequency (rf) signal, a pass-through throw configured to be connectable to the input pole to allow routing of the rf signal to an rf component, and at least one dedicated bypass throw configured to be connectable to the input pole and at least one bypass conduction path.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Multi-wavelength optical signal receiving apparatus and method

A multi-wavelength optical signal receiving apparatus receives a multi-wavelength optical signal, demultiplexes the received optical signal to convert into an electric signal. The multi-wavelength optical signal receiving apparatus includes a demultiplexing part including a demultiplexer configured to divide the received multi-wavelength optical signal into a plurality of optical signals by wavelength, a photoelectric conversion part to convert the optical signals into electric signals and amplify the electric signals, and at least one lower securing plate configured to couple the parts by an active alignment method.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Flexible grid twdm-pon architecture and intelligent set-up for twdm-pon

An approach to proving a flexible grid architecture for time and wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks is described. One embodiment includes an optical transmitter array configured to transmit an optical signal, an optical combiner coupled to the optical transmitter array configured to receive unlocked wavelengths from the optical transmitter array and output a single optical signal, and an optical amplifier coupled to the optical combiner configured to boost downstream optical power.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Data serializer

A serializer circuit may include a recovery circuit, an adjusting circuit, and a multiplexer circuit. The recovery circuit may be configured to receive a first data signal at a first frequency, to generate a first clock signal at the first frequency using the first data signal, and to retime the first data signal based on the first clock signal to generate a retimed first data signal.
Finisar Corporation

Multi-chip module with a high-rate interface

A multi-chip module (mcm) may include a substrate, and first and second physical-layer (phy) chips mounted on the substrate. In some implementations, the first phy chip includes a multiplexer and a phy circuit.
Broadcom Corporation

Signal amplifiers that switch to an attenuated or alternate communications path in response to a power interruption

Rf signal amplifiers are provided that include an rf input port, a switching device having an input that is coupled to the rf input port, a first output and a second output, a first diplexer having an input that is coupled to both the first output of the switching device and the second output of the switching device, and a first rf output port that is coupled to an output of the first diplexer. These amplifiers further include an attenuator that is coupled between the second output of the switching device and the input of the first diplexer..
Commscope, Inc. Of North Carolina

Digital subscriber line access multiplexer for sending communication signals to customer devices

Methods and systems are provided for sending and/or receiving communication information by a digital subscriber line access multiplexer to customer devices at one or more customer premises, via customer lines. In particular, the digital subscriber line access multiplexer may be configured to send a communication signal, for a particular customer device, concurrently via more than one customer line.
Swisscom Ag

Ultrasound beamformer with individual array element multiplexers

An ultrasound beamformer may include an array of ultrasound transducer elements. Multiple signal transmitters may each generate an ultrasound signal that is different from the ultrasound signal generated by each of the others.
University Of Southern California

Image capture accelerator

An image capture accelerator performs accelerated processing of image data. In one embodiment, the image capture accelerator includes accelerator circuitry including a pre-processing engine and a compression engine.
Gopro, Inc.

System and providing three-dimensional (3d) broadcast service based on retransmission networks

A system and method for providing a three-dimensional (3d) broadcast service based on a retransmission network are provided. A 3d broadcast retransmission apparatus in a 3d broadcast service providing system may include a remultiplexer to remultiplex 3d tv service information in a received stream of a first broadcast network, based on a retransmission scenario, and to generate a stream of a retransmission network, and a retransmission network transmitter to transmit the stream of the retransmission network through the retransmission network..
Kookmin University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation

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