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Leukocyte patents


This page is updated frequently with new Leukocyte-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Leukocyte-related patents
 High efficiency microfluidic purification of stem cells to improve transplants patent thumbnailHigh efficiency microfluidic purification of stem cells to improve transplants
Described herein is a novel, highly efficient system to remove erythrocytes and purify leukocytes would raise the quality of ucb and other transplant grafts, thereby significantly improving patient outcomes.. .
The Trustees Of Princeton University

 Reducing the immunogenicity of allografts patent thumbnailReducing the immunogenicity of allografts
(c) isolating the passenger leukocytes from the recirculating perfusion solution to prevent the passenger leukocytes from re-entering the tissue or organ.. .

 Receptors for b7-h4 patent thumbnailReceptors for b7-h4
Isolated cell surface receptors for b7-h4 have been identified based on function. B7-h4 receptor activation by b7-h4 on the dendritic cell, t follicular helper cell and germinal center b cell membrane stimulates inhibitory signaling in those leukocytes.
Amplimmune, Inc.

 Antibodies recognizing a carbohydrate containing epitope on cd-43 and cea expressed on cancer cells and methods using same patent thumbnailAntibodies recognizing a carbohydrate containing epitope on cd-43 and cea expressed on cancer cells and methods using same
The present invention provides novel antibodies specifically bind to an epitope on cd43 and cea expressed on nonhematopoietic cancer cells, but do not specifically bind to a cd43 expressed by a leukocyte or by a jurkat cell, and is capable of inducing apoptosis of the nonhematopoietic cancer cell after binding to the epitope on cell surface of the nonhematopoietic cancer cell in the absence of cytotoxin conjugation and immune effector function, wherein the epitope comprises a carbohydrate structure and the binding of the antibody to the epitope is inhibited by a carbohydrate comprising a lea structure, a lea-lactose structure, a lndfh ii structure, or a lnt structure. In addition, the present invention also provides use of the antibodies described herein for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes..
Bioalliance C.v.

 Methods and devices for high throughput purification patent thumbnailMethods and devices for high throughput purification
Described herein are devices and methods for high throughput purification of particles. In some cases, methods and devices described herein can be used to remove erythrocytes and purify leukocytes and raise the quality of umbilical cord blood and other transplant grafts, thereby significantly improving patient outcomes..
University Of Maryland, Baltimore

 Microfluidic device patent thumbnailMicrofluidic device
Described herein are particular embodiments relating to a microfluidic device that may be utilized for cell sensing, counting, and/or sorting. Particular aspects relate to a microfabricated device that is capable of differentiating single cell types from dense cell populations.
California Institute Of Technology

 Mass spectrometric diagnosis of septicemia patent thumbnailMass spectrometric diagnosis of septicemia
The invention mainly relates to the mass spectrometric identification of pathogens in blood cultures from bloodstream infections (septicemia). The invention provides a method with which microbial pathogens can be separated in purified form from blood after a relatively brief cultivation in a blood culture flask, without any interfering human proteins or any residual fractions of blood particles such as erythrocytes and leukocytes, and can be directly identified by mass spectrometric measurement of their protein profiles.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh

 Generation of cytotoxic tumor specific cell lines and uses thereof patent thumbnailGeneration of cytotoxic tumor specific cell lines and uses thereof
An in-vitro method of activating t cells is disclosed. The method comprises incubating t cells with pathogenic cells in the presence of a multimeric peptide comprising at least two peptide monomers linked to one another, each of the at least two peptide monomers comprising at least 6 consecutive amino acids from the amino acid sequence as set forth in seq id no: 1, wherein the at least two peptide monomers are each no longer than 30 amino acids, wherein the multimeric peptide is capable of reducing binding of plif to human leukocytes under conditions which allow expansion of the t cells..
Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.

 Immunologically active polypeptide patent thumbnailImmunologically active polypeptide
Disclosed are immunomodulatory polypeptides that behave as weak tlr2 and tlr4 agonists and as potent competitive antagonists of natural pathogenic ligands for human and murine tlr2 and tlr4, that identify a subset of neutrophils in human peripheral blood leukocytes, and that elicit an unusual induced cytokine profile. Also disclosed are compositions comprising such polypeptides, compositions comprising antibodies that specifically bind to such polypeptides, and methods of using the same, including for treating sepsis or reducing the severity or likelihood of occurrence of sepsis, in cancer treatment, in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, in organ transplantation and for reducing graft rejection, for promoting fertility, and for identifying a neutrophil subset and/or other cellular subset including by flow cytometry.
Institute Of Arthritis Research, Llc

 Tumor-associated peptides binding promiscuously to human leukocyte antigen (hla) class ii molecules patent thumbnailTumor-associated peptides binding promiscuously to human leukocyte antigen (hla) class ii molecules
The present invention relates to immunotherapeutic methods, and molecules and cells for use in immunotherapeutic methods. In particular, the present invention relates to the immunotherapy of cancer.
Immatics Biotechnologies Gmbh


Novel n-3 immunoresolvents: structures and actions

The invention describes novel mono-hydroxy, di-hydroxy and tri-hydroxy docosapentaenoic acid (dpa) analogues, their preparation, isolation, identification, purification and uses thereof. Resolution of inflammation is now held to be an active process where autacoids promote homeostasis.
The Brigham & Women's Hospital Inc.


Activated leukocyte conditioned supernatant and uses for wound healing

Disclosed are therapeutic, activated leukocyte conditioned supernatants, methods of making them, and methods of using the conditioned supernatants to repair or promote healing of wounds.. .
Macrocure Ltd.


Microfluidic separation device, separation method using the same and kit for separating circulating rare cells from blood using the same

The present invention relates to a microfluidic separation device, a separation method using the same and a kit for separating circulating rare cells from blood using the same, and more particularly, to a microfluidic-based separation technology for fixing target particles of a sample, which have a specific affinity for magnetic nanoparticles, to a device by use of a magnetic material, and for isolating the sample from which the target particles have been removed. The present invention may be effectively applied to remove leukocytes from a blood sample in order to isolate circulating rare cells (crcs), particularly circulating tumor cells (otcs)..
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University


Quinazolinones as inhibitors of human phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta

Compounds that inhibit pi3kδ activity, including compounds that selectively inhibit pi3kδ activity, are disclosed. Methods of inhibiting phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta isoform (pi3kδ) activity, and methods of treating diseases, such as disorders of immunity and inflammation in which pi3kδ plays a role in leukocyte function, using the compounds also are disclosed..
Icos Corporation


Nucleotide phosphate dissipation as a treatment for vascular disorders

The present invention provides a method of treating or preventing immunoinflammatory, vascular, thrombotic or ischemic disorders in a subject, the method comprises administering to the subject an agent which dissipates nucleotide phosphates or generates a product which stimulates adenosine receptors. The present invention also provides a method of treating or preventing immunoinflammatory, thrombotic or ischemic disorders in a subject by inhibiting leukocyte infiltration into a site which comprises administering to the subject an effective amount a described agent.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Rapid allergy testing method

The present invention provides a method for testing an allergy capable of rapidly and highly accurately testing an allergic reaction. The method can determine whether or not a patient has an allergy or whether or not an agent that may be allergenic to a patient has an allergenicity (an allergic reactivity) in the patient.


Inhibitor of extracellular trap formation in leukocytes

The present invention has an object of providing a novel drug inhibiting formation of leukocyte extracellular traps. The present invention provides a lactoferrin-containing inhibitor of formation of leukocyte extracellular traps, and a lactoferrin-containing composition for treating a disease associated with the formation of the leukocyte extracellular traps..
Nrl Pharma, Inc.


Compositions and methods for inhibiting chemoresistance in cancer and improving response to therapy

Metastatic melanomas are highly resistant to radiation and chemotherapy from the earliest stages, which is a major factor in poor clinical outcomes. Activated leukocyte adhesion molecule (alcam)/cd166 was the gene that showed the highest correlation with detachment-induced chemoresistance.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation


Systems and methods for automated recovery of white blood cells after producing a leuko-reduced blood product

The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for the separation of blood into blood products and, more particularly, to systems and methods that permit automated recovery of white blood cells after producing a leukocyte-reduced blood product.. .
Fenwal, Inc.


Method and system to detect, diagnose, and monitor the progression of alzheimer's disease

Various embodiments provide methods for the detection, the diagnosis, and/or the progression monitoring of alzheimer's disease by observing the epigenetic markers in leukocytes. Methods for determining a state of alzheimer's disease are provided.
Banner Health


Methods for processing whole blood samples, and compositions for use in practicing the same

Methods for processing whole blood samples are provided. Aspects of the methods include depleting leukocytes from a whole blood sample to produce a leukocyte depleted sample, and then lysing red blood cells (rbcs) in the resultant leukocyte depleted sample to produce a leukocyte/rbc depleted sample.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Methods for treating cancer

The disclosure features a method of treating cancer by lowering a patient's two gene score (tgs), particularly by increasing the number of tumor-infiltrating leukocytes. In addition, a tgs animal model and uses thereof are provided..
Combimmune, Inc.


Microfluidic microbe detection and isolation

A method and microfluidic device useful for isolating microbes from a blood sample which includes introducing the blood sample into the sample inlet of a spiral microfluidic device; and introducing a second fluid into the sheath inlet of the microfluidic device, wherein the spiral channel terminates in a microbe outlet and a waste outlet, and wherein the spiral channel includes a length, height, and a width that define an aspect ratio adapted to isolate any microbes present in the sample along a first portion of the spiral channel terminating at the microbe outlet, and to isolate red blood cells and leukocytes along a second portion of the spiral channel terminating at the waste outlet; and collecting the microbes from the microbe outlet, thereby isolating the microbes.. .
The General Hospital Corp


Methods and systems for the reduction of leukocytes in a biological fluid

Methods and systems for removing leukocytes from a biological fluid are disclosed. The methods and systems include a chamber containing particles to which the leukocytes adhere.
Fenwal, Inc.


Hiv viral load testing

Methods of testing hiv viral load are described. The methods comprise detecting hiv viral rna in a sample of leukocyte-depleted blood.
Diagnostics For The Real World, Ltd


Pharmaceutical composition comprising an anti-cd6 monoclonal antibody used in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

The present invention is related to the branch of immunology and particularly with the generation of pharmaceutical compositions containing a humanized monoclonal antibody recognizing the leukocyte differentiation antigen cd6. Accordingly with that statement, the purpose of this invention is to provide pharmaceutical compositions which contain a humanized anti-cd6 monoclonal antibody for the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases, particularly the rheumatoid arthritis..
Centro De Inmunologia Molecular


Compositions and methods for use of recombinant t cell receptors for direct recognition of tumor antigen

Provided are compositions and methods for prophylaxis and/or therapy of a variety of cancers which express a ny-eso-1 antigen. Included are recombinant t cell receptors (tcrs), polynucleotides encoding them, expression vectors that include the polynucleotides, and cells into which the polynucleotides have been introduced to produce modified cells, including cd4+ t cells, cd8+ t cells, natural killer t cells, γδ t cells, and progenitor cells, such as haematopoietic stem cells.
Health Research, Inc.


Diabetes regulator

An implantable device that continuously regulates the blood glucose levels of a type 1 diabetes mellitus patient is provided. The device which is implanted in the bloodstream, relies on a microfluidic chip and a microsieve that efficiently separate leukocytes away from an amount of blood received and an islet compartment made up of multiple islets (beta and alpha cells) from at least one compatible donor pancreas source.


Method for identifying altered leukocyte profiles

Methods of identifying altered leukocyte profiles are disclosed. In one embodiment, counts or relative percentages of leukocyte cell types are received and constitute input data points.


Use of cd31 peptides in the treatment of thrombotic and autoimmune disorders

The present invention stems from the finding that the extracellular domain of cd31 proteins present on blood leukocytes is shed and released in the circulation as a soluble form of cd31. The invention relates to peptides corresponding to fragments of cd31 that inhibit t-cell response, and to their use in the treatment of thrombotic disorders such as atherothrombosis and autoimmune disorders..
Inserm (institute National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale


Device and detection of humidity-compromised urine test strips

The timing of the reaction of moisture-sensitive reagents for detecting the presence of analytes, e.g. Leukocytes in urine samples, is used to detect when the reagents have been compromised by excess humidity.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.


Anti-histone therapy for vascular necrosis in severe glomerulonephritis

Severe glomerulonephritis involves cell necrosis as well as netosis, programmed neutrophil death leading to expulsion of nuclear chromatin and neutrophil extracellular traps (nets). Histones released by neutrophils undergoing netosis killed glomerular endothelial cells, podocytes, and parietal epithelial cells.
Immunomedics, Inc.


Compositions and methods for inihibiting the activity of lar family phosphatases

A method of inhibiting and/or reducing the activity, signaling, and/or function of leukocyte-common antigen related (lar) family of phosphatases in a cell of a subject induced by proteoglycans includes administering to the cell a therapeutic agent that inhibits one or more of catalytic activity, signaling, and function of the lar family phosphatases without inhibiting binding to or activation the lar family phosphatases by the proteoglycans.. .
Case Western Reserve University


Complex targeting hepatitis b virus

A compound medicine for treating acute and chronic hepatitis b, includes a polyphenolic selenium compound having a functional group of alkali metal ion and selenium coordination complex, which has functions of directly killing hbv and destroying replication template of hbv. Auxiliary formulas thereof include high-purity oxymatrine and glycyrrhizin sulfate.
Shangha Ai Qi Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.


Activated leukocyte composition and uses for wound healing

Disclosed are therapeutic, blood-derived activated leukocyte compositions, methods of making them, and methods of using the compositions to repair or promote the prevention and healing of wounds.. .
Macrocure Ltd.


Non-transgene transfection for therapeutic purposes

This disclosure describes compositions and methods involved in tumor suppression and inhibiting infection of cells by pathogens. Generally, the compositions include an mrna cargo that can provide a therapeutic benefit after being introduced into an epithelial cell.


Immunological function enhancing agent

A method for enhancing immune function of an animal other than human includes administering an immune function enhancing agent that contains activated lymphocytes to the animal, wherein the animal is an allogeneic animal that belongs to the same species of a donor animal, from which the activated lymphocytes are derived. The immune function enhancing agent is produced by: isolating lymphocytes from the donor animal; obtaining the activated lymphocytes by amplifying and activating the isolated lymphocytes; and producing the immune function enhancing agent using the activated lymphocytes.


Container and supporting structure for housing an organ

An apparatus intended tor evaluation, preservation and perfusion of an organ, such as a lung. The apparatus includes a container with a bottom portion, an insert portion and a lid portion.
Vivoline Medical Ab


Mac-1 antibodies and uses thereof

A method of treating a subject having or at risk of a disease or disorder associated with aberrant leukocyte-platelet interactions includes administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of a monoclonal antibody or antigen binding portion thereof that specifically binds to at least one of seq id no: 1, seq id no: 2, or seq id no: 3 to inhibit leukocyte arrest on adherent platelets in the subject.. .
Case Western Reserve University


Co-differentiation of monocytes from allogeneic donors

Disclosed is a method of producing non-exhausted immature dendritic cells (dcs) originating from at two different, allogeneic donors. In the method, a mixture of allogeneic leukocytes, which allogeneic leukocytes have been obtained from at least two different, allogeneic donors is provided.
Immunicum Ab


Compositions and methods for treating or preventing conditions and diseases associated with mannheimia haemolytica

Particular aspects show that the signal peptide remains intact on the mature cd18 molecule on ruminant leukocytes rendering these cells susceptible to cytolysis by lkt. Comparative amino acid sequence analysis of the signal peptide of cd18 of eight ruminants and five non-ruminants revealed that the ruminant cd18 signal peptides contain ‘cleavage-inhibiting’ glutamine (q), compared to ‘cleavage-conducive’ glycine in non-ruminants, at position −5 relative to the cleavage site.
Washington State University


Blood markers for lung cancer predisposition

The invention provides a method for detection of lung cancer, or predisposition to lung cancer, in a subject that comprises assaying a test sample of peripheral blood from the subject for a marker of dna damage. An elevated amount of marker present in the test sample compared to control sample is indicative of lung cancer, or predisposition to lung cancer.
The United States Government Represented By The Department Of Veterans Affairs


Microfluidic device

Described herein are particular embodiments relating to a microfluidic device that may be utilized for cell sensing, counting, and/or sorting. Particular aspects relate to a microfabricated device that is capable of differentiating single cell types from dense cell populations.
California Institute Of Technology


Assay method

A method of determining the likelihood of a patient developing rheumatoid arthritis (ra) is provided, which relies on the use of adipor1 and/or adipor2 in leukocytes as prognostic markers. The method may comprise determining the expression of a dipor1 and/or adipor2 in leukocytes in a sample from said patient.
The University Of Birmingham


Animal model with human immune system

The present disclosure provides an immuno-deficient animal useful as an animal model for a human disease, wherein the animal comprises: (a) functional human immune cells; and (b) a human xenograft comprising a pathogenic human cell or tissue, wherein the human immune cells and the human xenograft meet at least one of the following criteria: i) the human xenograft expresses a threshold level of a therapeutic target for the human disease; ii) the human immune cells match with the human xenograft for at least one human leukocyte antigen (hla) marker; and iii) the human xenograft cells expresses a desired level of the matched hla marker. Also provides is a method of producing the animal model and use of the animal models..


Method for prediction of an immune response against mismatched human leukocyte antigens

The invention relates to a method for prediction of an immune response against human leukocyte antigens (hla) after transplantation, said method comprising hla-typing of the donor and/or donor material and recipient to determine hla-mismatches and determination of the number of predicted indirectly recognized hla epitopes (pirches). The invention therefore provides methods for selecting and/or screening donor material for allogeneic transplantation, for example for selecting donor material with permissible mismatches from mismatched unrelated donors.
Umc Utrecht Holding B.v.


Methods for diagnosing pulmonary hypertension

Hypoxia induced mitogenic factor (himf) is a member of the “found in inflammatory zone” (fizz)/resistin family of proteins and has potent mitogenic, angiogenic, and vasoconstrictive effects in the lung vasculature. The receptor/binding partners for this family of proteins have been largely unknown.
The Johns Hopkins University


Reagents for reducing leukocyte interference in immunoassays

Methods and devices for reducing interference from leukocytes in an analyte immunoassay are provided. In one embodiment, a method is provided comprising the steps of amending a biological sample such as a whole blood sample with one or more leukocidal reagents that reduce or eliminate the metabolic activity of leukocytes, and performing an immunoassay on the amended sample to determine the concentration of analyte in the sample.
Abbott Point Of Care Inc.


Methods of treating and preventing staphylococcus aureus infections and associated conditions

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for preventing and treating staphylococcus aureus in a subject. Therapeutic compositions of the present invention comprise leukocidin e and/or d proteins or polypeptides and anti-leukocidin e and/or d antibodies.
New York University


Blood filtering of inflammatory biomarkers to treat post-resuscitation syndrome

Provided is a therapeutic device that includes tubing; at least one pump; and a column or filter capable of removing leukocytes, cytokines, and/or other blood components from the blood of a patient to effectively treat or prevent post-resuscitation syndrome. Methods for treating and/or preventing post-resuscitation syndrome that include the use of such a device, or a filter or column capable of selectively removing inflammatory biomarkers, are also provided..
Zoll Medical Corporation


Leukocyte micrornas for use in diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis

Methods for diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis are described. Methods utilize the recognition that leukocyte mirnas can be dramatically dysregulated subjects suffering from endometriosis.
University Of South Carolina


Flexible biological fluid filters

Filter assemblies are processing biological fluid, such as blood or a blood component containing leukocytes. The filter assemblies include a flexible housing with first and second walls.
Fenwal, Inc.


Methods of treating hemoglobinopathies

Methods of alleviating the symptoms of hemoglobinopathies, including, but not limited to, sickle cell disease, β-thalassemia, and hemoglobin h disease are provided. In some embodiments, the methods comprise administering an inhibitor selected from a β-arrestin1/2 inhibitor and/or a grk2 inhibitor to the subject.
Duke University


Traditional chinese medicine combination for regulating immune function and preparation method therefor

The present invention relates to a traditional chinese medicine composition for regulating immunity and preparation method thereof, characterized in that the composition comprises raw materials such as radix panacis quinquefolii, ganoderma, fermented cordyceps sinensis powder, flos rosae rugosae, and rhizoma anemarrhenae and is prepared into various conventional pharmaceutical formulations through processes such as pulverization, water decoction and alcohol extraction. The traditional chinese medicine composition is effective in preventing and treating allergic diseases, hepatitis b and aids, elevating leukocytes, preventing and treating radiation injury, reducing toxic and side effects resulting from radiotherapy and chemotherapy, improving the male sexual function, enhancing immunity of the human body and alleviating physical fatigue..
Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Characterization of cancer using detection of activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule (alcam) shedding

The presently-disclosed subject matter includes labels for use in the identification of shed alcam in s sample from a subject. Further included are methods for characterizing, monitoring, evaluating treatment efficacy, or evaluating the progression of cancer in a subject that comprise providing a biological sample from the subject, determining the presence or amount of shed alcam in the biological sample, and then comparing the presence or the amount of the shed alcam to a reference.
Vanderbilt University


Diagnosis and treatment of aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease (aerd)

Described herein are assays and methods relating to the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease (aerd) by detecting and/or measuring the level of platelet-bound leukocytes in a subject or a sample obtained from a subject.. .
Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.


Peptides having nf-kb inhibitory activity, or composition comprising same

The present invention provides small peptide fragments derived from the nf-κb p65 subunit and a pharmaceutical or cosmetic composition comprising the same. The peptides have a nf-κb inhibitory activity, through controlling the transcription-activation of nf-κb.
Knu-industry Cooperation Foundation


Methods, systems, and compositions for enrichment of rare cells

The present invention discloses a highly efficient method of isolating circulating tumor cells in a blood sample by removing leukocytes and other interfering components in a blood sample. Exemplary isolation method relies on a specially configured separation column for magnetic separation of leukocytes from circulating tumor cells.

Leukocyte topics: Leukocytes, Immunogenic, Stem Cells, Immune System, Animal Model, Human Leukocyte Antigen, Transgenic, Stimulator, Macrophage, Thromboxane, Attenuated, Fibronectin, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Antagonist, Vaccination

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