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Leukocyte patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Leukocyte-related patents
 Phenotyping tumor-infiltrating leukocytes patent thumbnailPhenotyping tumor-infiltrating leukocytes
The present disclosure relates to an immune signature of tumor infiltrating leukocytes. In particular, the disclosure provides methods and kits for determining the immune signature of tumor infiltrating leukocytes for use in assessing risk of cancer recurrence and long term survival, and for developing a treatment regimen for a cancer patient..
 Preparation and use of nucleated red blood cell simulating particles and hematology control mixtures patent thumbnailPreparation and use of nucleated red blood cell simulating particles and hematology control mixtures
The present disclosure provides a nucleated red blood cell simulating particle, which may be leukocytes bound to a fluorescent-staining inhibitor capable of stably binding to the nucleus or a nucleic acid in a cell so as to reduce the binding capacity of the particles to a fluorescent dye during their detection. The present disclosure also provides a method for preparing nucleated red blood cell simulating particles, including the following steps: (a) obtaining purified leukocytes; (b) suspending the leukocytes in a cell treatment solution containing a fluorescent-staining inhibitor which stably binds to the nucleus or a nucleic acid in a cell, and (c) washing the obtained product.
 Combination therapy for inducing immune response to disease patent thumbnailCombination therapy for inducing immune response to disease
The present invention concerns combinations of two or more agents for inducing an immune response to cancer or infectious disease. Agents may include leukocyte redirecting complexes, antibody-drug conjugates, interferons (preferably interferon-α), and/or checkpoint inhibitor antibodies.
 Anti-himf antibodies to treat lung diseases patent thumbnailAnti-himf antibodies to treat lung diseases
Hypoxia induced mitogenic factor (himf) is a member of the “found in inflammatory zone” (fizz)/resistin family of proteins and has potent mitogenic, angiogenic, and vasoconstrictive effects in the lung vasculature. The receptor/binding partners for this family of proteins have been largely unknown.
 Method and kit for predicting cytotoxicity patent thumbnailMethod and kit for predicting cytotoxicity
A method for predicting adcc activity in a subject, the method comprising the steps of: (a) preparing a biological sample from the subject, said sample including a leukocyte, (b) bringing a portion of the biological sample and an antibody into contact with each other, (c) detecting expression of at least one marker of adcc activity selected from the group consisting of tumor necrosis factor super family 15, chemokine cxcl3, and interleukin 6 in the leukocyte in (i) the portion of the sample brought into contact with the antibody and in (ii) another portion of the sample not brought into contact with the antibody, (d) comparing an expression level in portion (i) with the expression level in portion (ii); and (e) predicting presence of the cytotoxic activity when the expression level in portion (i) is higher than the expression level in portion (ii). .
 Compositions for the treatment of cancer, and methods for testing and using the same patent thumbnailCompositions for the treatment of cancer, and methods for testing and using the same
A composition comprising leukotoxin proteins isolated from a bacterium is provided. In this composition, greater than 85% of the leukotoxin proteins are chemically modified at a basic amino acid residue, and the proteins induce cell death in myeloid leukocytes, while remaining substantially non-toxic to lymphoid leukocytes, lymphocytes, and red blood cells.
 Method for generating immunomodulatory cells, the cells prepared therefrom and use thereof patent thumbnailMethod for generating immunomodulatory cells, the cells prepared therefrom and use thereof
The present invention develops a straightforward and rapid method for generating immunomodulatory cells from peripheral mononuclear cells, comprising treating peripheral mononuclear cells with a hepatocyte growth factor (hgf) to induce differentiation of the peripheral mononuclear cells into immunomodulatory leukocytes. The present invention also provides an immunomodulatory cell prepared according to this method.
 Immunomodulation by controlling interferon-gamma levels with the long non-coding rna nest patent thumbnailImmunomodulation by controlling interferon-gamma levels with the long non-coding rna nest
Compositions and methods of modulating an immune response by controlling levels of interferon-gamma (ifn-γ) production by leukocytes are disclosed. Adjustment of ifn-γ levels is achieved by increasing or decreasing the activity of nest (nettoie salmonella pas theiler's [cleanup salmonella not theiler's]), a long non-coding rna that induces expression of ifn-γ.
 Mass spectrometric diagnosis of septicemia patent thumbnailMass spectrometric diagnosis of septicemia
The invention mainly relates to the mass spectrometric identification of pathogens in blood cultures from bloodstream infections (septicemia). The invention provides a method with which microbial pathogens can be separated in purified form from blood after a relatively brief cultivation in a blood culture flask, without any interfering human proteins or any residual fractions of blood particles such as erythrocytes and leukocytes, and can be directly identified by mass spectrometric measurement of their protein profiles.
 Ex-vivo treatment of peripheral blood leukocytes with ifn-lambda patent thumbnailEx-vivo treatment of peripheral blood leukocytes with ifn-lambda
The present invention provides a method of treating th2-associated diseases and disorders by modulating the expression or secretion of il-4, il-5 and il-13 using interferon lambda (ifn-λ). For th2-associated diseases and disorders, cells of a patient having a th2-associated disease or disorder are treated ex vivo, with ifn-λ and returned to the patient.
Filter for removing substances from blood or from blood derivatives, and a method for obtaining it
A filter for removing substances, including leukocytes and platelets by way of non-limiting example, from whole blood or from blood derivatives, the filter includes a casing containing a layered filter element, at least one layer of this latter being coated with polyurethane; this polyurethane has a number average molecular weight between 10,000 and 20,000 dalton. A method for forming the layered filter element for a filter such as mentioned above, in which at least one layer of this filter element is impregnated with polyurethane by immersing it in a container of a mixture in which the polyurethane is present.
A simple and affordable method for immunophenotyping using a microfluidic chip sample preparation with image cytometry
The enumeration of cells in fluids by flow cytometry is widely used across many disciplines such as assessment of leukocyte subsets in different bodily fluids or of bacterial contamination in environmental samples, food products and bodily fluids. For many applications the cost, size and complexity of the instruments prevents wider use, for example, cd4 analysis in hiv monitoring in resource-poor countries.
Reagent and reagent kit for analysis of immature leukocyte
At least one dye for staining nucleic acid selected from the dyes of the formulae (i) and (ii), wherein x− is an anion.. .
Use of stem cells to reduce leukocyte extravasation
The invention is generally directed to reducing inflammation by means of cells that secrete factors that reduce leukocyte extravasation. Specifically, the invention is directed to methods using cells that secrete factors that downregulate the expression of cellular adhesion molecules in vascular endothelial cells.
Cancer vaccine composition
A cancer vaccine composition for human leukocyte antigen (hla)-a*0206-positive persons, comprising a protein product of the tumor suppressor gene wt1 or a partial peptide thereof.. .
Reagent for blood cell counting and blood analysis method
Disclosed is a novel reagent for blood cell counting and a novel blood analysis method, which enable blood cells such as leukocytes to be counted with high accuracy by dissociating platelet aggregates in capillary blood collected from a living body. The reagent for blood cell counting is used to dilute capillary blood collected from a living body to prepare a blood sample in order to count blood cells in the collected capillary blood using a particle analyzer, and is an aqueous solution containing a chloroquine salt..
Method for inducing immune tolerance using viable polymer-modified allogeneic leukocytes
This invention relates to cellular-based therapies for increasing the level of regulatory t cells (treg) and/or decreasing the level of pro-inflammatory t cells (th17) to induce anergy or immune tolerance. To provide these therapeutic effects, two allogeneic leukocyte populations are contacted (in vivo, in vitro or ex vivo) and one of these leukocyte population is modified to bear on its surface a low-immunogenic biocompatible polymer so as to prevent pro-inflammatory allo-recognition.
Recombinant adenovirus expressing alpha-a-crystallin gene and gene therapy for retinalvascular disease using the same
The present invention relates to a recombinant adenovirus expressing an αa-crystallin gene, and gene therapy for retinal vascular disease using the recombinant adenovirus. Gene therapy using the recombinant adenovirus comprising an αa-crystallin gene of the present invention increases the expression level of the αa-crystallin gene in the damaged retinal pericytes to suppress pericyte loss and death, retinal vascular leakage, and leukocyte adhesion surrounding retinal vessels, thereby protecting the pericytes.
Method for observing, identifying, and detecting blood cells
The invention provides a method for the observation, identification, and detection of blood cells, which comprises a label-free third harmonic generation (thg) tomography having a property of least injury. Submicron morphologies and granularities of blood cells can be revealed and reflected through this method.
Leukocyte activation and methods of use thereof
Described herein are compositions, methods and/or kits for determining the likelihood of a pregnant subject delivering at term, or developing a disorder associated with pregnancy. These compositions, methods and/or kits feature the measurement of the chemotactic activity of peripheral leukocytes, the measurement of ccl2 mrna expression or the measurement of fp or otr protein expression..
Diagnostic and therapeutic potential of hla-e monospecific monoclonal igg antibodies directed against tumor cell surface and soluble hla-e
Provided herein are compositions comprising purified antibodies and fragments thereof that are specifically immunoreactive to only human leukocyte antigen e (hla-e) but not to other hla ia and hla-ib alleles. Also provided are methods of their making and diagnostic and therapeutic applications.
Method for the elimination of leukocytes from blood
The invention relates to a method for reducing the number of leukocytes in blood through treating the blood in an arrangement of a plurality of fibers based on organic polymers, whereby the blood is channeled along the fibers and whereby the reduction in leukocytes from the blood occurs essentially through adsorption on the fibers, characterized in that the plurality of fibers based on organic polymers is fixed in a housing with an inlet arrangement and an outlet arrangement, and that the blood is channeled via the inlet arrangement into the housing, flows through the housing with the plurality of fibers made from organic polymers, and exits the housing via the outlet arrangement, that the arrangement of the fibers shows a high degree of order, that the blood flows along the external surface of the fibers, and that the fibers cause a generation of the complement activation product c5a in a concentration of at least 10 μg per m2 of fiber surface.. .
Activated leukocyte composition and uses for wound healing
Disclosed are therapeutic, blood-derived activated leukocyte compositions, methods of making them, and methods of using the compositions to repair or promote the prevention and healing of wounds.. .
Nanoprobes for sensing of reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species
For whole animal in-situ and real-time imaging of inflammation, a dual-color fluorescent nanoprobe is provided for the detection of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (rons) in inflammatory microenvironments. The nanoprobes of the disclosure are a rons-responsive energy transferring nanosystem of a fluorescent conjugated polymer core and a peg-shell linked with rons-sensing antennae as a fret acceptor.
Method for treating a blood component containing sample
Provided is a treatment method for damaging an erythrocyte and a leukocyte while suppressing damage to cells other than blood cells present in blood. In an embodiment, the disclosure relates to a method for treating a sample containing blood components, the method including mixing a sample containing blood components with a surfactant a, where the surfactant a is a nonionic surfactant represented by general formula r1—o-(eo)n-r2 (i)..
Multimeric vla-4 antagonists comprising polymers moieties
Disclosed are conjugates which bind vla-4. Certain of these conjugates also inhibit leukocyte adhesion and, in particular, leukocyte adhesion mediated by vla-4.
Methods and compounds for modulating the secretion or expression of adhesion proteins or angiopoietins of cells
This invention provides methods, processes, compounds and compositions for modulating the gene expression or secretion of adhesion proteins, angiopoietins or their receptors to cure diseases, for anti-angiogenesis and for treating parasites, wherein the adhesion proteins or receptors comprise fibronectin, integrins family, myosin, vitronectin, collagen, laminin, glycosylation cell surface proteins, polyglycans, cadherin, heparin, tenascin, cd 54, cam, elastin and fak; wherein the angiopoietins comprise angiopoietin 1, angiopoietin 2, angiopoietin 3, angiopoietin 4, angiopoietin 5, angiopoietin 6, angiopoietin 7, angiopoietin-like 1, angiopoietin-like 2, angiopoietin-like 3, angiopoietin-like 4, angiopoietin-like 5, angiopoietin-like 6, and angiopoietin-like 7; wherein the cancers comprise breast cancer, leukocyte cancer, liver cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, bone cancer, brain cancer, leukemia cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, cns cancer, melanoma cancer, renal cancer, cervical cancer, esophageal cancer, testicular cancer, spleenic cancer, kidney cancer, lymphatic cancer, pancreas cancer, stomach cancer and thyroid cancer.. .
Anti cd4 antibodies to prevent in particular graft-versus-host-disease (gvhd)
The present invention relates to, among others, an in vitro method of modifying a cell graft containing immune cells comprising the steps of incubating a cell graft containing immune cells with an anti cd4 antibody wherein said incubating is carried out for from 1 minute to 7 days, b) removing unbound antibody from said graft; as well as to corresponding modified grafts and uses. The invention further relates to the modification of antibodies reactive to the cd4 human leukocyte antigen to provide anti-cd4 antibodies that have a reduced number of potential t-cell epitopes but retain the ability to bind to cd4, such as to an anti human cd4-antibody comprising a heavy chain immunoglobulin variable domain (vh) and a light chain immunoglobulin variable domain (vl), wherein at least one t cell epitope located outside the cdrs of said immunoglobulin variable domains is removed from said immunoglobulin variable domains.
Genotoxicity as a biomarker for inflammation
The invention provides a method for detection of inflammatory disease in a subject that comprises assaying a test sample of peripheral blood from the subject for a marker of dna damage. An elevated amount of marker present in the test sample compared to control sample is indicative of inflammatory disease activity, including sub-clinical inflammation.
Method and material for separating leukocytes or mononuclear cells
An object of the present invention is to provide a separation system and a separation material for efficiently separating white blood cells or mononuclear cells from a biological fluid containing blood cell components. White blood cells or mononuclear cells can be efficiently separated by contacting a biological fluid containing blood cell components with a separation material having an average fiber diameter of at least 2.0 μm but not more than 6.0 μm and an air permeability coefficient m of at least 6.2 but not more than 35 to capture white blood cells on the separation material, and recovering the captured white blood cells or mononuclear cells using a detachment solution..
Apparatus and method for isolating leukocytes and tumor cells by filtration
The present invention provides novel apparatuses and methods for isolating or recovering a subset of blood cells such as leukocytes and/or circulating tumor cells from blood samples by filtration without changing the intracellular concentration of a therapeutic agent such as an anticancer drug. Contrary to the art, the apparatuses and methods of the present invention advantageously provide cell lysates from recovered cells such as leukocytes and/or circulating tumor cells without substantial dilution of a therapeutic agent such as an anticancer drug..
Method of detecting ethylated thymidine dna adducts
A method of analyzing ethylated thymidine dna adducts is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of: providing leukocyte dna; adding at least one isotope-labeled internal standard and a plurality of enzymes to the leukocyte dna, and hydrolyzing the leukocyte dna into a plurality of nucleosides; using a solid-phase extraction column to extract the plurality of nucleosides; and using a stable isotope dilution nanoflow liquid chromatography-nanospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry to detect and quantify at least one ethylated thymidine dna adduct in the plurality of extracted nucleosides..
Filtering unit having a calendered layer for removing leukocytes
One aspect of the disclosure relates to a filtration unit intended to allow the removal of leukocytes from a fluid such as blood or a blood component, the unit containing a porous element including a medium for the removal of leukocytes by adsorption and filtration of the leukocytes. The disclosure also relates to a bag-based system including such a unit, said system being in particular arranged for the sterile and closed-circuit filtration of the fluid..
Humanized transgenic mouse model
This invention relates to a transgenic animal model for testing immunogenicity and protective efficacy of human vaccines and the method for generating such a multi-transgenic animal. This invention also relates to methods for screening compositions for human vaccine development.
Pulmonary disease treatment and diagnosis based on arhgef1
Treatment and diagnostic methods are provided for pulmonary disease, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, arhgef1, a leukocyte signaling molecule, functions normally to suppress integrin-mediated mmp production by alveolar macrophages. Mmp9 production by fibronectin-stimulated monocytes and macrophages depends on autocrine thromboxane receptor signaling and this signaling pathway is attenuated by arhgef1.
Cytopheresis cartridges and use thereof
The present invention relates to a cytopheretic cartridge for use in treating and/or preventing inflammatory conditions within a subject and to related methods. More particularly, the invention relates to a cytopheretic cartridge that includes a housing and, disposed within the housing, a solid support capable of sequestering activated leukocytes and/or platelets..
Novel uses of elafin
The invention relates to novel uses of the polypeptide elafin, and/or homologies, derivatives or fragments thereof having inhibitory activity against leukocyte elastase for the prevention and treatment of medical conditions like sirs.. .
Novel leucocyte removal filter
The present invention aims to provide a leukocyte depletion filter that has both higher leukocyte removal performance and higher blood permeability than conventional filters. The leukocyte depletion filter according to the present invention includes a filter material having an average fiber diameter of 0.30 to 1.60 μm and a coefficient of variation of fiber diameter of at least 0.40 but not more than 1.20..
Reagents for reducing leukocyte interference in immunoassays
Methods and devices for reducing interference from leukocytes in an analyte immunoassay are provided. In one embodiment, a method is provided comprising the steps of amending a biological sample such as a whole blood sample with one or more leukocidal reagents that reduce or eliminate the metabolic activity of leukocytes, and performing an immunoassay on the amended sample to determine the concentration of analyte in the sample.
Biomarkers associated with nephropathy
Use of urine biomarkers for diagnosing nephropathy, monitoring nephropathy progress, and assessing efficacy of a nephropathy treatment. These urine biomarkers include leukocyte-associated ig-like receptor-2, alpha-1 acid glycoprotein, their fragments, and combinations thereof..
Plif multimeric peptides and uses thereof
Provided is a multimeric peptide comprising at least two peptide monomers linked to one another, each of the at least two peptide monomers comprising at least 6 consecutive amino acids from the amino acid sequence as set forth in seq id no: 1, wherein the at least two peptide monomers are each no longer than 30 amino acids, wherein the multimeric peptide is capable of reducing binding of placenta immunomodulatory factor (plif) to human leukocytes.. .
Antimicrobial peptides and derived metapeptides
The peptides and derivative metapeptides based upon natural antimicrobial peptides have potent and broad spectrum activity against pathogens exhibiting multiple antibiotic resistance. Specific peptides can also potentiate the antimicrobial functions of leukocytes, such as neutrophils.
Agents for the molecular imaging of serine-protease in human pathologies
The present invention is directed to the use of an irreversible ligand of a serine protease selected from the group consisting of leukocyte elastase, thrombin, tissue plasminogen activator (t-pa) and plasmin for the molecular imaging of said serine protease and the diagnosis of pathophysiological conditions associated with said serine protease activity.. .
Quinazolinones as inhibitors of human phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta
Compounds that inhibit pi3kδ activity, including compounds that selectively inhibit pi3kδ activity, are disclosed. Methods of inhibiting phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta isoform (pi3kδ) activity, and methods of treating diseases, such as disorders of immunity and inflammation in which pi3kδ plays a role in leukocyte function, using the compounds also are disclosed..

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