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Optical communication module including optical-electrical signal converters and optical signal generators

Optical module

Retroreflective elements

Date/App# patent app List of recent Lenses-related patents
 Device for polishing optical lenses patent thumbnailDevice for polishing optical lenses
The device for polishing optical lenses includes a lens holder; a device for positioning the lens holder; and a device for rotating the lens holder about an axis. There is also a polishing tool; a tool holder; a device for positioning the tool holder; and a device for rotating the tool holder about an axis.
 Optical communication module including optical-electrical signal converters and optical signal generators patent thumbnailOptical communication module including optical-electrical signal converters and optical signal generators
An optical communication module includes a substrate, an optical signal receiving unit, an optical signal emitting unit and a coupler. The substrate includes a first surface and a second surface.
 Optical module patent thumbnailOptical module
A prism/lens array (25) in the present invention is a grass prism having an approximately 45 degrees tapered part. A plurality of lenses (31) are provided side by side on the front surface of the prism/lens array (25).
 Retroreflective elements patent thumbnailRetroreflective elements
The present application relates to a pavement marker including a core from which extends protrusions and a cavity between adjacent protrusions. The microsphere lenses are fixed within the cavity by one of a softening material disposed in the core and an adhesive agent disposed in the cavity..
 Image display apparatus and image display method patent thumbnailImage display apparatus and image display method
A display displays a composite image including element pixels. Each element pixel is formed by arranging, in a direction, pixels respectively extracted from images having different viewpoints.
 Broadband or mid-infrared fiber light sources patent thumbnailBroadband or mid-infrared fiber light sources
An optical system for use in an imaging procedure includes one or more semiconductor diodes configured to generate an input signal beam with a wavelength shorter than 2.5 microns that is amplified and communicated through optical fiber(s) to a nonlinear element configured to broaden the spectral width to at least 50 nm through a nonlinear effect. A subsystem includes lenses or mirrors to deliver an output beam having a broadened spectrum to an optical coherence tomography apparatus with a sample and reference arm to perform imaging for characterizing the sample.
 Shrouded sensor clip assembly and blood chamber for an optical blood monitoring system patent thumbnailShrouded sensor clip assembly and blood chamber for an optical blood monitoring system
An optical blood monitoring system for blocking unwanted light from reaching sensors in a sensor clip assembly fastened to a blood chamber connected in an extracorporeal blood treatment system. The blood chamber has an internal flow cavity for communicating the extracorporeal blood flow and viewing windows to enable the sensor clip assembly to illuminate the blood with light as the blood flows through the blood chamber in order to monitor characteristics of the blood.
 Image-capturing device and image processing method patent thumbnailImage-capturing device and image processing method
An image-capturing device includes: a photographic optical system; a photoelectric conversion element array made up with a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements arrayed therein; a micro-lens array made up with a plurality of micro-lenses arrayed therein; a data creation unit that creates pixel data at a plurality of pixels on a specific image forming plane by applying filter matrix data to output signals provided from the plurality of photoelectric conversion elements; and an image synthesis unit that synthetically generates an image on the specific image forming plane at a given position assumed along an optical axis of the photographic optical system, based upon the pixel data. The filter matrix data assume a two-dimensional data array pattern conforming to a specific intensity distribution with a distribution center thereof set at an element corresponding to a central position of a projection image of each of the plurality of pixels..
 Method and system for assisting security camera focusing patent thumbnailMethod and system for assisting security camera focusing
A system and method for installing security cameras on a security network of a security system. The security cameras include an autofocus routine, manually adjustable lenses, and feedback mechanisms.
 Light-emitting circuit and luminaire patent thumbnailLight-emitting circuit and luminaire
According to one embodiment, a light-emitting circuit including a substrate, a plurality of light-emitting portions, and a luminous intensity distribution control member is provided. A plurality of the light-emitting portions are arranged apart from each other on the substrate.
Apparatus for coherent beam combining in an array of laser collimators
A method and apparatus for coherent beam combining in an array of laser beam collimators. The array of laser beam collimators includes an array of a plurality collimating lenses, each lens intercepting a respective one of a plurality of divergent laser beams.
Portable solar apparatus for purifying water
A production unit for purifying water is provided. The production unit has a fluid intake and a heating basin fluidly connected to the fluid intake by a connector such that a layer of water with a depth of less than about 30 mm is provided.
Cutting device for cutting residual runner of lenses
A cutting device includes a bearing seat, a positioning seat, and a guiding element. The bearing seat includes a first seat and a second seat connected to the first seat.
Intraocular lens with a proofed surface
Methods and apparatus for an intraocular lens with a proofed surface are disclosed. The proofed surface functions as a barrier to fluid diffusion inside the material and within vacuoles.
Accommodating intraocular lens
Systems, devices, and methods are presented for a prosthetic injectable intraocular lens. The lenses can be made from silicone, fluorosilicone, and phenyl substituted silicone and be semipermeable to air.
Cases for mobile electronic devices for use with auxiliary lenses
In some embodiments, high-performance, rugged, or damage-resistant cases for mobile electronic devices, such as mobile communication devices, are provided to enclose and/or protect mobile electronic devices and/or one or more auxiliary products for mobile electronic devices, such as one or more auxiliary lenses, from various hazards, such as impact, shock, and/or ingress of potentially damaging substances, such as water, other liquids, dust, dirt, sand, and/or other debris, etc.. .
Projection zoom lens and projection type display device
A projection zoom lens has a negative first lens group which is fixed when changing magnification, second through fifth lens groups that move when changing magnification, and a positive sixth lens group which is fixed when changing magnification, in this order from a magnification side. The reduction side is telecentric.
Erecting equal-magnification lens array unit, image reading device and image forming device
An erecting equal-magnification lens array unit includes a first lens array and a second lens array. The first lens array includes a plurality of first lenses.
Fluid filled lenses and mechanisms of inflation thereof
An actuator for a fluid-filled lens including a housing having a first and second end; a reservoir disposed within the housing is disclosed. In an embodiment, the actuator further includes a compression arm having a first end that is fixed at a pivot and a second end that is not fixed such that the compression arm flexes to compress the reservoir..
Material for contact lenses, method for manufacturing contact lenses and contact lenses obtained thereby
At least one hydrophilic monomer; and an initiator.. .
Screen saver
A stack of laminated transparent lenses consists of two alternating optically clear materials in intimate contact. The materials are a plastic lens and clear adhesive.
Optical power splitters
Waveguide array optical power splitters that provide compact, low-cost implementation of optical power splitting for one and two dimensional optical waveguide arrays are disclosed. The optical power splitters do not introduce mode dependent loss and preserve polarization, enabling the optical power splitters to be used with multimode and single mode light sources.
Laser lighting device
The present invention discloses a laser lighting device, includes a laser device, used to emit lasers; a power supply, connecting to the laser device; a battery of lenses, locates at the same optical axis with the laser device; a regulating device, used to regulate exit angles of the lasers passing through the battery of lenses; a controlling device, connecting to the power supply and the laser device separately, used to receive and based on the users' control instructions to control the laser device emitting lasers at corresponding exit angles, and/or control the power supply outputting corresponding powers. The laser lighting device can regulate the laser exit angles through the regulating device, and receive and based on users' control instructions to control both laser brightnesses and laser exit angles.
Led lamp for illuminating specific surfaces
An led lamp and at least one associated system of such lamps for illuminating internal and external surfaces, in particular industrial facilities and surfaces, with improved lighting efficiency is provided. The radiation-source leds which are constructed as a 3-chip led, and the adjacent chips are arranged rotated relative to one another in such a way that the asymmetrical emission of a 3-chip led is balanced thereby.
Light source module and lighting device having the same
A light source module including a substrate, a plurality of light emitting devices installed on the substrate, and a plurality of lenses installed on the substrate to cover the plurality of light emitting devices, respectively, and each of the plurality of lenses having a pair of open end portions facing one another, the plurality of lenses arranged such that an open end portion of one lens faces an opened end portion of an adjacent lens is provided.. .
Lens unit
A lens unit (lu) holding at least two lenses (4, 5) in a lens frame (1) adjacently in the optical axis direction and provided with positioning protrusions (2c, 2d) formed in correspondence with each of the two lenses (4, 5) in at least three separate locations in the peripheral direction of the lens frame (1), protruding from the inner surface of the lens frame (1) and contacting a peripheral surface of a corresponding lens to position the corresponding lens relative to the lens frame (1), an adhesive filling space (gsp1) formed between the peripheral surface of each of the two lenses (4, 5) and the inner surface of the lens frame (1) in overlap with the two lenses (4, 5), and an adhesive injection hole (1c) formed in the lens frame (1) in communication with the adhesive filling space (gsp1).. .
Eyepiece lens system and image observation device
An eyepiece lens system forms a magnified virtual image of an object to be observed, the system including: a first group disposed adjacent to an image display device and having negative refractive power; and a second group disposed adjacent to the first group on a side closer to an eye and having positive refractive power; the first group including a cemented doublet lens of a biconcave lens and a biconvex lens, the second group including two or three positive lenses, being telecentric on the object side. The eyepiece lens system has satisfactory telecentricity on the object side and satisfactorily corrects aberration..
Pattern controlled bonding
Disclosed is fixation by means of any type of adhesive of two- or more parts in an assembly consisting of one or more inhomogeneous part internally joined rigid together, e.g. Lenses buildup as doublets or higher—or as the detailed example; polarizing beam splitters..
Method, apparatus, and article to facilitate evaluation of substances using electromagnetic energy
Sampling device geometry reduces specular reflectance, using lenses to focus electromagnetic energy to predominately return scattered rather than reflected electromagnetic energy to detector(s), reducing effect of non-matte surfaces and/or window. Sampling device includes inherent automatic optical calibration, and optionally thermal calibration.
Image projection apparatus and image projection method
An image projection method includes: reflecting, by a concave mirror, light having transmitted through one or more lenses after forming an intermediate-focused image of the light; and projecting an image onto a projection plane through reflecting the light reflected by the concave mirror by a plane mirror that has an aspect ratio of 1.9 or more.. .
Method of making eyewear having flexible frame with rigid lens retainer
A lens is permanently engaged with a substantially rigid lens retaining apparatus to form a lens unit during a formation molding process of the lens retaining apparatus. The rigid lens retaining apparatus is permanently engaged with a substantially flexible eyewear frame during a formation molding process of the frame.
Double sided camera module
A multi-sided camera module, having a multiple lenses directed in different directions and multiple image sensors in a housing frame is disclosed. The multiple lenses can selectively be aligned with any of the multiple image sensors by positioning a mirror assembly disposed in an internal region of the housing frame to relay images received from any one of the lenses to any one of the image sensors.
Image capture device with shared focusing mechanism
An image capture device includes a focusing mechanism, a plurality of lenses, and an image sensing element. The lenses are driven by the focusing mechanism to perform focus operation.
Solid-state image pickup device, electronic apparatus, and manufacturing method
A solid-state image pickup device includes: a filter section including filters that are disposed corresponding to respective pixels, and each allowing light of a color that corresponds to corresponding one of the pixels to transmit therethrough, in which the pixels are each configured to receive the light of the predetermined color; and a microlens array section including a plurality of microlenses each configured to collect the light for corresponding one of the pixels, in which the microlenses are stacked with respect to the filter section, and are arranged in an array pattern corresponding to the respective pixels. The microlenses have two or more shapes that are different from one another corresponding to the respective colors of the light to be received by the pixels, and each having an end that is in contact with the end of adjacent one of the microlenses..
Semiconductor optoelectronics devices
A semiconductor device comprising a semiconductor substrate with a plurality of photo-diodes arranged in the semiconductor substrate with interconnect layers defining apertures at the photo-diodes and a first polymer which fills the gaps such as to cover the photo-diode. Further, layers of color filters are arranged on top the gap filling polymer layer opposite to the photo-diodes and a second polymer arranged on the interconnect layers covers and planarizes and passivates the color filter layers.
Tdi-type linear image sensor
In a tdi-type linear image sensor in which pixels are constituted of ccds (charge coupled devices) of n phases (n being an integer not smaller than 3), a gate opening portion and a gate non-opening portion functioning as a tdi transfer channel (15) are formed in all of transfer gates of the ccds of n phases constituting the pixels. Within one pixel pitch in a tdi transfer direction, n microlenses (18) are formed such that light is concentrated at the gate non-opening portion formed at the transfer gate of each phase..
Radio-frequency-free hybrid electrostatic/magnetostatic cell for transporting, trapping, and dissociating ions in mass spectrometers
Mass spectrometry cells include one or more interleaved magnetostatic and electrostatic lenses. In some examples, the electrostatic lenses are based on electrical potentials applied to magnetostatic lens pole pieces.
Method to assemble transmitter optical subassembly
A method to assemble a transmitter optical module is disclosed, where the optical module installs two lenses, one of which concentrates an optical beam emitted from a laser diode, while, the other collimates the optical beam concentrated by the former lens. The method has a feature that the first lens is firstly positioned in a point to collimate the optical beam coming from the laser diode, then, moved to a point, which is apart from the former point with respect to the laser diode, to concentrate the optical beam.
Minimally invasive apparatus and method for cleaning endoscope lenses
The disposable apparatus for cleaning a distal lens of an endoscope comprises a hollow tube having an open proximal end and an openable distal end and is sized and configured to receive an endoscope therethrough, the apparatus including a plurality of lens cleaning members disposed across an inner diameter of the hollow tube, the cleaning members each including a slit through which the distal lens passes with the lint-free material of the cleaning members wiping across the lens as it passes therethrough.. .
Optical connector connected between electronic device and optical fiber
An optical connector includes a substrate, a photoelectric element, and a base. The substrate includes a bearing surface.
Imaging lens
A low-cost imaging lens which corrects aberrations properly with a small f-value, ensures high performance with a larger number of constituent lenses and has a more low-profile design than before. The constituent lenses are arranged in the following order from an object side to an image side: a positive (refractive power) first lens having a convex object-side surface near an optical axis; a positive second lens having convex object-side and image-side surfaces near the optical axis; a negative third lens having a concave image-side surface near the optical axis; a fourth lens having at least one aspheric surface; a meniscus fifth lens having a concave object-side surface near the optical axis; a sixth lens as a double-sided aspheric lens; and a negative seventh lens as a double-sided aspheric lens having a concave image-side surface near the optical axis.
Contact lens having peripheral high modulus zones
Soft contact lens having regions of a material forming one or more higher modulus of elasticity zones in the peripheral region of the lenses add stiffness to the contact lenses. This increased stiffness in different zones or regions enable the contact lens to be more easily handled and make it less likely to fold in on itself..
Asymmetric lens design and method for preventing and/or slowing myopia progression
Contact lenses incorporating asymmetric radial power profiles that increase the radial dioptric power from the center to the margin of the optical zone of the lenses may be utilized to prevent and/or slow myopia progression. The power profiles vary along different meridians..
Image pickup module
An image pickup module is provided with: lenses; a lens support unit that supports the lenses in a freely movable manner in the optical axis direction; an image pickup unit that detects light from the lenses and outputs an image signal; an operation information storage unit in which information about the operating state of the image pickup unit is stored; and a lens drive control unit including a drive circuit for driving the lenses in the optical axis direction and a drive method switching circuit for switching the drive method therefor between linear drive and pulse drive. The drive method switching circuit of the lens drive control unit is made so as to switch the drive method in accordance with the operating state information stored in the operation information storage unit..
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus using the same
A zoom lens includes in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens unit having a positive refractive power, a second lens unit having a negative refractive power, a third lens unit having a positive refractive power, and a fourth lens unit having a negative refractive power, and includes an aperture stop which is disposed between the second lens unit and the fourth lens unit, and the first lens unit includes a negative lens and a plurality of positive lenses, and at the time of zooming from a wide angle end to a telephoto end, a distance between the first lens unit and the second lens unit widens, a distance between the second lens unit and the third lens unit narrows, and a distance between the third lens unit and the fourth lens unit changes, and the zoom lens satisfies predetermined conditional expressions.. .
Method and system for re-projection for multiple-view displays
Systems and methods are provided that allow for the rapid creation of multiple novel views for applications. These multiple views may allow for not only stereo views but also for different viewpoints of a stereographic scene to be presented, or for a time progression of the stereo scene to be presented, where a viewpoint is altered with respect to time.
Glasses and media playing function
A pair of eyeglasses includes an eyeglass frame, a left lens, a right lens, a processor, a memory, an orientation sensor, and a location tracker. The eyeglasses contain left and right display screens.
Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
The present invention relates to a solid-state imaging device having good focusing properties, a method for manufacturing such a solid-state imaging device, and an electronic apparatus. The solid-state imaging device has a semiconductor substrate 11 and a photoelectric conversion part formed in the semiconductor substrate 11.
Multi-vertical led packaging structure
The present disclosure involves a light-emitting diode (led) packaging structure. The led packaging structure includes a submount having a substrate and a plurality of bond pads on the substrate.
Photoelectric coupling module
A photoelectric coupling module includes a substrate, a photoelectric unit, and a lens module. The substrate defines a positioning recess.
Image pickup lens and image pickup device
The present invention provides a compact and high-performance image pickup lens having a fast f-number and capable of suppressing shading by using a curved projection surface. An image pickup lens 10 includes a first lens l1 having a positive refractive power, a second lens l2 having a negative refractive power, a third lens l3 having a positive or negative refractive power, a fourth lens l4 having a positive or negative refractive power, and a fifth lens l5 having a negative refractive power.
Image capture device with shared image sensing element
An image capture device includes a plurality of focus driving elements, a plurality of lenses, and an image sensing element. The lenses are respectively driven by the focusing driving elements to perform focus operation.
Apparatus, systems and methods employing contact lenses having an electrochemical sensor to detect ethanol concentration of a wearer of the contact lens are provided. In some aspects, a contact lens includes a substrate that forms at least part of a body of the contact lens and an electrochemical sensor, disposed on or within the substrate, that detects information related to concentration of alcohol present in blood of a wearer of the contact lens..
Silicone-containing monomer
The monomer is used for the preparation of a composition for use in manufacturing of ophthalmic lenses potentially with anti-infective properties. Also, methods of making the present monomers are described..
Lens module
A lens module with an optical axis passing therethrough from an object side to an image side includes a lens housing and two lenses disposed in the lens housing. The first lens has a first refract portion and a first positioning portion encircling the first refract portion.
Subminiature optical system and portable device including the same
There are provided a subminiature optical system having a miniature size and capable of obtaining a narrow view angle using only five sheets of lenses, and a portable device having the same. The subminiature optical system includes a first lens convex toward the object side and having positive refractive power.
Imaging lens and imaging apparatus
An imaging lens substantially consists of six lenses of a negative first lens, a negative second lens, a positive third lens, a positive fourth lens, a negative fifth lens and a positive sixth lens in this order from an object side. An object-side surface of the second lens has a shape having negative refractive power at a center, and including a part having positive refractive power in an area between the center and an effective diameter edge, and having negative refractive power at the effective diameter edge (concave shape facing the object side), and the refractive power at the effective diameter edge being weaker than the refractive power at the center.
Imaging lens and imaging apparatus
An imaging lens substantially consists of six lenses of a negative first lens, a negative second lens, a positive third lens, a positive fourth lens, a negative fifth lens and a positive sixth lens in this order from an object side. An object-side surface of the second lens is concave, and an object-side surface of the third lens is concave.
Lens unit and method for manufacturing the same
A holding frame of a lens unit has a frame main body of a cylindrical shape, which corresponds to the shapes of lenses. A protruding part is provided at a front end of the frame main body.
Method for detecting alignment between optical fibers and lenses of optical connector
In a method for determining alignment between an optical fiber and a converging or diverging lens, light is directed into an optical fiber of an optical connector with a lens element. The lens element has a front surface forming a lens and a back surface defining a recess, the optical fiber is inserted into the recess and points at the lens, to form a light spot on the front surface.
Projection optical assembly and projector device
There is provided a projection optical system (1) that projects from a first image plane on a reducing side to a second image plane on an enlargement side, including a first refractive optical system (11) that includes eight lenses (l1) to (l8) and forms a first intermediate image (31) on the enlargement side using light that is incident from the reducing side, a second refractive optical system (12) that includes six lenses (l9) to (l14) and forms the first intermediate image (31) on the reducing side into a second intermediate image (32) on the enlargement side, and a first reflective optical system (20) that includes a first reflective surface (21a) with positive refractive power that is positioned closer to the enlargement side than the second intermediate image (32).. .
Message projection system
A message display that produces a visible message by projecting an image on a surface such as a wall or floor. A bright light source is provided, preferably including an array of light emitting diodes (“led's”).
Progressive lenses
A method comprising: performing eye exam to a subject having a first and second eye; determining a prescription for the first and second eyes, the prescription describing focal power for each of the first eye and the second eye for at least three distances; and providing the prescription to a machine that produces progressive glasses that comprise a first and second lenses, wherein the first and second lenses each having at least three focal portions associated with the at least three distances that are located in a same height in the glasses thereby enabling clear vision for the subject in the first eye and the second eye with respect to the at least three distances.. .
Adjustable electro-active optical system and uses thereof
The present invention relates generally to electro-active optical systems, such as a pair of spectacles having one or more lenses that employ electro-active optical structures. In some embodiments, the invention relates to electro-active optical systems whose position can be adjusted relative to a wearer's face.
Finder optical system, image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system
A finder optical system 20 includes a focusing glass 21 including a collection surface 21a that collects a light beam and a diffusion surface 21b that diffuses the collected light beam, an eyepiece 23 that receives a part of the diffused light beam, a photometry lens 24 arranged near the eyepiece 23, and a photometry sensor 25 on which an image of another part of the light beam diffused by the diffusion surface 21b is formed via the photometry lens 24, a plurality of micro lenses are arranged on the diffusion surface 21b of the focusing glass 21, at least one micro lens of the plurality of micro lenses has at least two radii of curvature on its cross section in a predetermined direction, and the at least one micro lens satisfies r1<r2 where r1 and r2 are radii of curvature in first and second areas, respectively.. .
Network camera and photographing method thereof
Disclosed are a network camera and a photographing method thereof. The network camera includes a lens module comprising a plurality of lenses having incident paths different from each other, a prism reflecting light incident through the lens module, a prism driving module rotating the prism, and a controller controlling the prism through the prism driving module.
Variable imaging arrangements and methods therefor
Various approaches to imaging involve selecting directional and spatial resolution. According to an example embodiment, images are computed using an imaging arrangement to facilitate selective directional and spatial aspects of the detection and processing of light data.
Photographing device and photographing method for taking picture by using a plurality of microlenses
A photographing apparatus and method are provided. The photographing device includes: a main lens configured to transmit light beams reflected from a subject; a microlens array which includes a plurality of microlenses configured to filter and transmit the reflected light beams as different colors; an image sensor configured to sense the light beams that are transmitted by the plurality of microlenses; a data processor configured to collect pixels of positions corresponding to one another from a plurality of original images sensed by the image sensor to generate a plurality of sub images; a storage device configured to store the plurality of sub images; and a controller configured to detect pixels matching one another in the plurality of sub images stored in the storage device and to acquire color information and depth information of an image of the subject.
Solid state imaging device and imaging apparatus
A solid-state imaging device has, in a semiconductor substrate, plural pds arranged two-dimensionally and signal reading circuits which are formed as mos transistors and read out signals corresponding to charges generated in the respective pds. Microlenses for focusing light beams are formed over the respective pds.
Reactive dyes for contact lenses
A method for preparing a polymerizable monomer-dye compound is provided in which a monomer, a reactive dye, and base are combined under substantially anhydrous reaction conditions to form the polymerizable monomer-dye compound, wherein the monomer comprises a pendant reactive group that covalently links to the reactive dye to form the monomer-dye compound.. .
Silicone hydrogel contact lenses
Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are provided which have reduced modulus and contact angle properties, and which have acceptable wettabilities for use in daily wear and extended or continuous wear applications.. .

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