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Led Lighting patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Led Lighting-related patents
 Led lighting fixture patent thumbnailnew patent Led lighting fixture
An led lighting fixture including a housing and an led assembly secured with respect to the housing to permit air/water-flow over the led assembly. The led assembly includes a plurality of led-array modules on an equal plurality of individual heat sinks.
 Power distribution system and method for led lighting patent thumbnailnew patent Power distribution system and method for led lighting
There is disclosed an improved led lighting system and method which limits current and employs a voltage significantly greater than line voltage in order to allow lighting circuits to be built with up to thousands of watts fed from a sing power/data source. The present system and method allows exceptionally long lengths of led lighting of 200 meters or more for large scale led lighting applications such as the architectural delineation of skyscrapers and bridges..
 Oled lighting device and method for manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Oled lighting device and method for manufacturing the same
An organic light-emitting diode (oled) lighting device includes a substrate, at least a conductive wire, an insulating layer, a first electrode layer, an organic light-emitting layer and a second electrode layer. The conductive wire is disposed on the substrate and has a top surface away from the substrate.
 Segmented led lighting system patent thumbnailSegmented led lighting system
The present invention is a segmented led lighting system. In particular, the present invention is directed to a set of channel segments connected by a flexible lens sleeve that can be positioned in a variety of ways.
 Method of detecting a led failure, a controller therefor, a lighting unit and lighting system patent thumbnailMethod of detecting a led failure, a controller therefor, a lighting unit and lighting system
Disclosed herein is a method of detecting an led failure in a series-connected string of leds using a parameter indicative of a voltage difference between a voltage across the string at a predetermined relatively high current and a voltage across the string at a predetermined relatively low current. The disclosure extends to controllers configured to detect an led failure in a string of leds, to led lighting units comprising such controllers, and to lighting subsystems, for instance automobile lighting subsystems..
 Multi-purpose rechargeable led lighting device patent thumbnailMulti-purpose rechargeable led lighting device
An led lighting device includes at least one led light source emitting light, at least one rechargeable battery for supplying power when external power is not available, at least one electrical connector for connecting the rechargeable battery to external power source for recharging, and at least one control mechanism for switching the operation mode of the device. By setting the operation mode via the control mechanism, the led light device can be used for more than one intended purposes such as regular lighting, emergency lighting, and flashlight..
 Led lighting system for self-dissipation of heat patent thumbnailLed lighting system for self-dissipation of heat
A led lighting system includes: a power unit for providing a power supply source for the lighting system, a led circuit connected to the power unit for illuminating the light emitting diodes of the led circuit, a heat control unit connected between the power unit and the led circuit for controlling heat as produced, and a heat dissipating device thermally connected to the heat control unit for outwardly dissipating the heat produced by the lighting system for preventing light attenuation or damage of the light emitting diodes.. .
 Led lamp and led lighting assembly patent thumbnailLed lamp and led lighting assembly
An led lamp or led lighting assembly includes a light guide having opposed major surfaces configured to propagate light by total internal reflection and a light input edge extending between the major surfaces. A light source is adjacent to the light input edge and is configured to edge light the light guide.
 Image obtaining device and detecting apparatus having the same patent thumbnailImage obtaining device and detecting apparatus having the same
An image obtaining device is provided, including a waterproof casing, a ccd image transducer mounted in the waterproof casing, a motor having a driving shaft and being mounted in the waterproof casing, and a transparent plate covered on one side of the waterproof casing, connected to the driving shaft of the motor, and driven to rotate by the motor. A detecting apparatus having the above image obtaining device is further provided.
 Off peak powered lighting system for offices and buildings patent thumbnailOff peak powered lighting system for offices and buildings
The off-peak powered lighting system provides light to offices, buildings and structures via banks of led light fixtures. The off-peak system is electrically coupled to battery power source during peak power cycles and then is coupled to an electrical power grid during off-peak cycles.
Led lighting devices incorporating waveguides
A led lighting device includes at least one waveguide element and multiple light-emitting sources such as leds or led packages, which may be optically coupled though different light entry regions to the at least one waveguide. Multiple light solid state sources may be arranged in strips.
Process for fabricating metal bus lines for oled lighting panels
Systems and methods for the design and fabrication of oleds, including high-performance large-area oleds, are provided. Variously described fabrication processes may be used to deposit and pattern bus lines with a smooth profile and a gradual sidewall transition.
Advertising device
The invention provides a device for advertising (10), which device includes a post (12), which post (12) is configured to have attached thereto a plurality of slats (18) extending horizontally away from the post (12) and in a vertical plane along the post (12) with each slat (18) being pivotably dependable from a horizontal axis (20) to depend in the vertical plane when no wind is present and to be pivoted out of the plane by wind. One embodiment shows a support structure for slats (18) in the form of a frame (30).
Modular led lighting systems, including flexible, rigid, and waterproof lighting strips and connectors
Modular lighting systems are provided that comprise lighting strips physically and electrically connectable with one another by way of flexible connectors. The lighting strip devices can be made of flexible or rigid material to allow for applying the lighting devices along flat as well as contoured surfaces and can be waterproof or water resistant.
Led bracket apparatus for high-output led lighting systems
A bracket holds high-output led lighting systems within existing light fixtures, such as, for example, shoe box parking lot fixtures, gas station canopy fixtures, and street light fixtures. Specifically, the bracket is adjustable to fit most light fixture housings so that the light fixture housings can be retrofitted and orientated with the high-output led lighting systems without removal or replacement of components thereof, such as the housing, the cover, the lens, and/or other like components..
Led lighting apparatus
An led lighting apparatus is disclosed. The led lighting apparatus includes a board having a principal surface, a plurality of led chips mounted on the principal surface of the board, and a wiring pattern which is formed on the principal surface of the board and makes electrical conduction with the plurality of led chips.
Style tyle
An illuminated tile device is disclosed that provides a simplified method of applying led lighting so it can be used in residential and small-scale spaces. The illuminated tile device comprises a base layer, a top layer, and a plurality of light emitting diodes (leds) sandwiched there between.
Active current limiting for lighting apparatus
A lighting apparatus, such as an led lighting apparatus, includes at least one light-emitting device, a rectifier circuit having an input configured to be coupled to an ac source, and a driver circuit coupled to an output of the rectifier circuit and to the at least one light emitting device. The apparatus further includes an active current limiter circuit coupled to the output of the rectifier circuit and configured to limit a current provided to the driver circuit, such as a current drawn by an emi filter of the driver circuit, which may cause erratic operation of a dimmer controlling the lighting apparatus..
Slot machine systems, methods, and apparatus
Systems, methods and/or apparatus for slot machine eye-strain reduction are disclosed. Systems, methods and/or apparatus for slot machine back lighting are further provided.
Led lighting device
Led lighting devices are provided that include two optical waveguides and at least one led in an intermediate region between end faces of the optical waveguides so that radiation from the led is coupled into the optical waveguides through the end faces. A de-coupler is on outer circumferential surface regions of each of the two separate optical waveguides.
Load driving device and led lighting appliance therewith
A load driving device has a switch n1, a driver that performs on/off control of the switch in accordance with swon, a comparator that compares vdet1 with vth, and based on a result of the comparison, generates ipeakdet, an adc that converts vdet1 into adcout, a dac that converts ipeakset into vth, and a logic portion that, upon receiving inputs of ipeakdet and adcout, outputs swon and ipeakset. The logic portion includes a computation circuit that calculates y1 by using a computation equation expressed by y1=ave×α+Δ×ton/2 (where y1: a signal value of ipeakset; ave: an average current set value of an output current; α: an adjustment coefficient for ave; ton: an on period; Δ: a change rate of avcout).
Systems and methods for modular and configurable driver system for led lighting devices
A modular led power supply is provided. The modular led power supply includes a docking module having a plurality of grooves for receiving a plurality of power supply driver modules.
Led lighting device
The led lighting device of the present invention includes: a power supply circuit connected between a light source including a light emitting diode and a power source and including a series circuit of a switching device and an inductor; an inductor current detector configured to provide a measurement value indicative of an inductor current flowing through the inductor; a drive circuit configured to turn on the switching device at a predetermined period and turn off the switching device when the measurement value is equal to a first threshold or more; a load current detector configured to measure a load current flowing through the light source; and a protection device configured to, when the load current measured is equal to a second threshold or more, perform a protection operation of changing, to reduce the load current, a circuit constant of a power supply path in which the load current flows.. .
Method and apparatus for providing a window with an at least partially transparent one side emitting oled lighting and an ir sensitive photovoltaic panel
Embodiments of the subject invention relate to a method and apparatus for providing a apparatus that can function as a photovoltaic cell, for example during the day, and can provide solid state lighting, for example at night. The apparatus can therefore function as a lighting window.
Led based lighting system
An led lighting system comprises an led assembly for emitting light. A bulb comprises an enclosure and an optic element in the enclosure for receiving the light from the led assembly and transmitting the light from the enclosure.
Led based lighting systems for use on wearable articles
The present invention is directed to an led lighting system adapted for use on the surface of wearable articles, such as headwear (e.g., helmets), outwear (coats, jackets), and sporting wear (uniforms). The led lighting system may be used to provide safety lighting, for example, ambient illumination of the wearer's movements..
Led lighting system
A lighting system includes a low-profile led driver box with quick connect led drivers that are accessible through service doors, panels or plates. The led driver box attaches to a ceiling mount to support or suspend an led light fixture.
Current sharing circuit for led lighting
Techniques and corresponding circuitry are disclosed for providing active current sharing in lighting applications. The techniques can be used, for instance, to minimize or otherwise reduce current differences between parallel led strings of a given lighting apparatus while further minimizing or otherwise reducing power dissipation.
Led lighting device with upper heat dissipating structure
A lighting device, or led lamp 10 is described with a base element 12 for electrical contacting and mechanical mounting and an led arrangement 20 with at least one led element 70. The led arrangement 20 is spaced from the base element 12 along a longitudinal axis l.
Led lighting device with lower heat dissipating structure
A lighting device, or led lamp 10 is described with a base element 12 for electrical contacting and mechanical mounting and an led arrangement 20 with at least one led element 70. The led arrangement 20 is spaced from the base element 12 along a longitudinal axis l.
Integration of led lighting with building controls
An led-based light can be installed in a conventional light fixture. The led-based light can include a sensor operable to output a first signal indicative of whether an area of one or more of the rooms is in an occupied state or a non-occupied state, and the led-based light can also include an led controller operable to control at least one led in the light in response to the first signal.
Multi-segment led components and led lighting apparatus including the same
An integrated circuit component can include an integrated circuit package and a plurality of terminals provided on the exterior of the integrated circuit package. The terminals are configured to provide electrical connectivity to an interior of the integrated circuit package and a plurality of light emitting diode (led) segments that includes an led string in the interior of the package, coupled to the plurality of terminals..
Multimedia jack for vehicle provided with lighting apparatus
Disclosed herein is a multimedia jack for a vehicle with a lighting apparatus, including: a housing with an opening part; a terminal part, mounted on an inner side of the housing, with a multimedia port and a light emitting diode (led) lighting apparatus; a cover part covering the opening part of the housing and including a connection receptacle disposed at a position corresponding to the multimedia port so as to be connected to the multimedia port; and a connection receptacle display part disposed around the connection receptacle, wherein light of the led lighting apparatus is irradiated through the connection receptacle display part. Therefore, it is possible to increase user convenience at night by uniform lighting of the multimedia jack and control power and brightness by interworking with other apparatuses in the vehicle..
Led lighting assemblies with thermal overmolding
One or more light emitting diode diodes (leds) are attached to a printed circuit board. The attached leds are connectable with a power source via circuitry of the printed circuit board.
Led lighting device with improved light distribution
A lighting device and a lighting unit comprising a reflector (52) and a lighting device, or led lamp (10) are described. The led lamp have a first and a second led assembly (30, 32).
Led lighting device with incandescent lamp color temperature behavior
In a lighting device, sets of leds are employed using the natural characteristics of the leds to resemble incandescent lamp behavior when dimmed, thereby obviating the need for sophisticated controls. A first set of at least one led produces light with a first color temperature, and a second set of at least one led produces light with a second color temperature.
Method and apparatus for led lighting
A led lighting method and a led lighting device has been disclosed, a method for improving the luminous efficiency of led, an integrating method of a led lighting circuit and a led lighting integrated chip are provided, which use the negative power characteristics of the constant current diode crd to enable the power supply current to drive the led to emit light and illuminate after affecting by the constant current effect of the constant current diode crd. The constant current diode crd and an led light module group are packaged and integrated into a chip to form an led light module group integrated chip.
Led lighting apparatus
An exemplary embodiment of the present invention discloses a light emitting diode (led) lighting apparatus with a housing, a lighting module and a diffusion cover. The lighting module includes a circuit board combined with the housing, and a plurality of light emitting diodes mounted on the circuit board to generate light, the light emitting diodes in a first region being arranged with a first distance and the light emitting diodes in a second region being arranged with a second distance that is greater than the first distance.
Method and device for constructing high-power led lighting fixture
A method and a device for constructing a high-power led lighting fixture are disclosed, wherein a high power led lighting fixture is constructed by assembling one or more standard-interface led lamp heads, in which an led optical module and a separate power source are integrated, onto a lamp base (15). This method can have the production process of the led lighting fixture shortened, and improve its mass productivity..
Led lighting unit
An led lighting unit having a circuit board on which a plurality of led elements are mounted and a light transmitting housing in which the circuit board is accommodated. The led lighting unit includes a light screen cover formed so as to cover an outer surface of the light transmitting housing and having light output opening parts formed on walls of the light screen cover respectively opposed to the plurality of led elements and a light screen member which screens in an inner part of walls of the transmitting housing lights guided in the walls of the transmitting housing so that the lights emitted respectively from the plurality of led elements are guided in the walls of the transmitting housing and do not interfere with each other..
Power control system for current regulated light sources
A light emitting diode (led) lighting system includes a pfc and output voltage controller and a led lighting power system. The controller advantageously operates from an auxiliary voltage less than a link voltage generated by the led lighting power system.
Led lighting unit
An led lighting unit includes a housing, a circuit board and a seal member. The seal member includes a seal main body inserted into the housing in an insertion direction, a wire insertion portion, a protrusion piece protruded from a rear surface of the seal main body opposite to the insertion direction.
Led lighting system
An led lamp having electronic components that power a plurality of leds arranged on a circuit board contained inside an elongated housing. The led lamp may include connectors on both ends to allow serial connection of led lamps through direct connection or use of an extension cord..
Solar lighting system
The present invention discloses a solar lighting system comprising a solar cell assembly and a led lighting assembly, so that solar energy utilization is more efficient.. .
Controller of an ac-dc converter for led lighting
The present invention relates to a controller of an ac-dc converter, which controls an led lighting using electricity of ac 100v to 250v which is used in a building or home, and more particularly, to a controller of an ac-dc converter for led lighting, which is capable of effectively controlling brightness of an led lighting.. .
Reducing lumen variability over a range of color temperatures of an output of tunable-white led lighting devices
A system provides white light having a selectable spectral characteristic (e.g. A selectable color temperature, delta uv, and intensity) using a combination of sources (e.g.
Lifetime correction for aging of leds in tunable-white led lighting devices
A lighting system having at least three light sources receives an input relating to color coordinates of a target point representing a desired color characteristic for a combined output from the light sources. The system provides color tunable output and/or dimmable output in response to differences in user input.
Led lighting device
An led lighting device includes a step-up chopper circuit for increasing an input voltage to a prescribed dc voltage, a voltage detection circuit for detecting the dc voltage, a step-down chopper circuit for decreasing the dc voltage to apply it across a light source, a step-down chopper controlling circuit for turning on and off a switching device of the step-down chopper circuit when the dc voltage is a threshold voltage or more, and an inrush current preventing circuit having a parallel circuit of a thyristor and a thermistor. When the dc voltage is less than the threshold voltage, only the induced voltage obtained from the step-up chopper circuit is employed as a drive power supply for the thyristor.
Led lighting assembly integrated with dielectric liquid lens
An led lighting assembly integrated with dielectric liquid lens, including: a heat dissipation substrate; an led chip, located on the heat dissipation substrate; a transparent material, covering the heat dissipation substrate and the led chip and having a curved surface; a transparent liquid, located above the transparent material; a transparent layer, located above the transparent liquid; a first dielectric liquid, located above the transparent layer; a second dielectric liquid, located above the first dielectric liquid and having a curved surface, wherein the second dielectric liquid has a second dielectric constant smaller than a first dielectric constant of the first dielectric liquid; a transparent electrode layer, located above the second dielectric liquid for applying a control voltage to generate a dielectric force on the second dielectric liquid; and an enclosing body.. .
Data transmission method and related device and system
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a data transmission method and a related device and system. A data transmission method includes: a transmitter performs scrambling, constellation modulation, and multiple-input multiple-output precoding processing sequentially on downlink user data to obtain a precoded symbol sequence; performs time-frequency resource mapping on the precoded symbol sequence to obtain frequency domain data of an ofdm symbol; performs conjugate symmetric extension and ifft on the frequency domain data of the ofdm symbol to obtain a time domain real-number sequence; performs cp insertion processing on the time domain real-number sequence to form a first downlink time domain baseband signal; loads the first downlink time domain baseband signal onto a direct current of a led lighting circuit to form a led driving electrical signal; and converts the led driving electrical signal into a visible beam of the led for transmission..
Lighting and integrated fixture control
Radio frequency-enabled lighting-fixture management systems, apparatus, and methods are described. One implementation includes a wireless communication component and a controller that is integrated into the radio frequency-enabled lighting-fixture management unit.
Methods, systems, and apparatus for providing variable illumination
Digital control ready (dcr) is a two-way open standard for controlling and managing next-generation fixtures. A dcr-enabled lighting fixture responds to digital control signals from a separate digital light agent (dla) instead of analog dimming signals, eliminating the need for digital-to-analog signal conditioning, fixture-to-fixture variations in response, and calibration specific to each fixture.
Architectures for led lighting assemblies
A modular light emitting diode (led), remote phosphor, and other lighting technologies lighting assembly includes a plurality of lighting subassemblies and a power supply electrically coupled with the plurality of lighting subassemblies in parallel such that each of the plurality of lighting subassemblies receives electrical power from the power supply in parallel with the other of the plurality of lighting subassemblies.. .
Led lighting apparatus
An led lighting apparatus of the invention includes a substrate having a length in a first direction and a width in a second direction. Led chips are supported on the substrate along the first direction.
Optical cavity structure of led lighting apparatus
The present invention provides an optical cavity structure of an led lighting apparatus comprising a base, a light reflector, led module, and a light cover. The light reflector can be integrally formed with the base or an independent unit.
Heat sink for led lighting
A heat sink for led lighting formed of an aluminum material includes: a mounting face part having an led element mounted on a surface thereof; a first fin part extending in a direction perpendicular to the mounting face part; and a second fin part extending in a direction perpendicular to the mounting face part and extending in a direction intersecting the first fin part.. .
Troffer lighting control system
A lighting control system for a troffer led lighting system is provided with a power supply having at least three pairs of wires extending therefrom. The first pair of wires is in connection with a power source.
Low-temperature led lighting and power supply device
A low-temperature led lighting and power supply device has a low power-consuming power supply control module and an led lighting module electrically connected therewith. The led lighting module is composed of at least one light source driver and an led light source.
Led lighting unit for vehicle
A lighting unit for a motorcycle for efficiently cooling heat generated from an led apparatus. An led lighting unit includes two plate-like members on which led apparatus are mounted as light sources.
Led lighting device with an adjustable spatial distribution of the emitted light
The position of the focus point (f) of the light (l2) reflected by said reflective surface can thus be varied in a controlled manner.. .
Lighting system for light emitting diode having gas detection function
A light emitting diode (led) lighting system having a gas detection function may be used not only for lighting but also for detection of volatile organic compounds (vocs) causing the sick house syndrome at home and other odorless and colorless non-combustible gas harmful to a human body. The led lighting system may be used as an optical sensor showing with the fast response time and high sensitivity with respect to an environment harmful to a human body.
Led lighting device and illuminating apparatus using the same
An led lighting device includes: a resistor r1 configured to output a detection value of an inductor current i1 flowing through an inductor l1 during an on period of a switching element q1; a threshold generation section 42 configured to generate a threshold value vs of the inductor current i1 corresponding to a dimming level; and a switching control section 44 configured to control the switching element q1 to turn on and off. The switching control section 44 is configured to determine an off timing of the switching element q1 based on comparison between the detection value and the threshold value vs of the inductor current i1.
Methods and arrangements for generating a waveform for frequency shift keying communications
Embodiments may provide a way of communicating via an electromagnetic radiator, or light source, that can be amplitude modulated such as light emitting diode (led) lighting and receivers or detectors that can determine data from light received from the amplitude modulated electromagnetic radiator. Some embodiments may provide a waveform in the form of chips at a chipping clock frequency that switch a light source between on and off states to communicate via light sources that can be amplitude modulated such as led lighting.
Led lighting device
An led lighting device 1 lights led blocks 4a and 4b which correspond to a plurality of functions of an illuminator such as headlights and are connected in series. The led blocks 4a and 4b are connected in series with a current converting unit 5.
Led module and lighting device
The present invention relates to lighting field, provides an led module, the led module comprises a cuttable led holder and a detachable drive circuit, the led holder is provided with a plurality of led lighting units with different power and different color temperature, the led lighting unit comprises one or more led chips and a packaging layer arranged at an outside of the led chip, the drive circuit is connected to the led chips and used for driving one or more of the led chips to light. The led module can be cut into modular units with required power, lighting color and color temperature, the led module can be made by a kind of process to avoid the usage of various material and production devices, numerous and complicated processes aren't required, thus the problem of resource waste in the production of the led module and low production efficiency is solved..
Glass-ceramic substrates for semiconductor processing
Embodiments are directed to glass-ceramic substrates with a iii-v semiconductor layer, for example, a gan layer that can be used in led lighting devices. The glass-ceramics material is in the anorthite-rutile (caal2si2o8+tio2) family or in the cordierite-enstatite (sio2—al2o3—mgo—tio2) family..
Elongated led lighting arrangement
An elongated led lighting arrangement comprises an elongated fiberoptic light pipe having an exteriorly facing sidewall between its ends. The light pipe is constructed to promote tir of light between the ends.
Led light tube
A hallow light tube for led lighting comprises an inner surface, an outer surface and at least one end surface. At least one led is placed on at least one end surface to provide edge illumination.
Louver type led lighting apparatus using dye-sensitized solar cell
An led luminaire has a dye-sensitized solar cell for converting light emitted from a light source to electric energy and uses the converted electric energy. Since the dye-sensitized solar cell plays a role of a louver, the led luminaire may reflect or shield light and convert wasted light into power.
Transparent organic light emitting diode lighting device
Provided is a transparent organic light emitting diode (oled) lighting device in which opaque metal reflectors are formed to adjust light emitting directions. The transparent oled lighting device includes a transparent substrate, a transparent anode formed on a predetermined region of the transparent substrate, a reflective anode formed adjacent to the transparent anode on another region of the transparent substrate, an organic layer formed on the transparent and reflective anodes, and a transparent cathode and an encapsulation substrate sequentially stacked on the organic layer.
Cool tube (tm) led lighting
Provided is a brilliant humiliation light fixture using high efficiency white leds in a strip design that can replace many conventional single or multiple tube fluorescent lighting fixtures. This led lighting fixture provides benefits in lower installation cost, lower cost of ownership, lower room heating, higher illumination availability, higher efficiency, elimination of faculae, flexibility in re-layout lighting and avoidance of hazard waste.

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