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Led Light patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Led Light-related patents
 Automated color tuning of an led based illumination device patent thumbnailnew patent Automated color tuning of an led based illumination device
The color of light emitted by an assembled light emitting diode (led) based illumination device with at least two different wavelength converting materials is automatically tuned to within a predefined tolerance of a target color point by modifying portions of the wavelength converting materials. The color of light emitted from the assembled led based illumination device is measured and a material modification plan is determined based at least in part on the measured color of light and a desired color of light to be emitted.
 Optical panel for led light source patent thumbnailnew patent Optical panel for led light source
An optics panel for use in a light emitting diode (led) lighting is disclosed. A plurality of leds is disposed on a substrate and directed outward therefrom.
 High-output led light fixture patent thumbnailnew patent High-output led light fixture
An led floodlight fixture led light fixture including a plurality of heat-sink-mounted led-array modules, each module engaging an led-adjacent surface of a heat-sink base for transfer of heat from the module, and at least one venting aperture through the heat-sink base to provide air ingress to the heat-dissipating surfaces adjacent to the aperture. The led light fixture may include a plurality of heat sinks, each heat sink with its own heat-dissipating surfaces and heat-sink base which has one of the led-array modules engaged thereon.
 Led lighting fixture patent thumbnailnew patent Led lighting fixture
An led lighting fixture including a housing and an led assembly secured with respect to the housing to permit air/water-flow over the led assembly. The led assembly includes a plurality of led-array modules on an equal plurality of individual heat sinks.
 Low voltage security lighting systems for perimeter fences patent thumbnailnew patent Low voltage security lighting systems for perimeter fences
A security lighting system includes a transformer for transforming high voltage current to low voltage current, and a wiring run having electrically conductive wiring for connecting a plurality of security lights to the transformer. Each security light includes a light module having a low voltage led light, a hat covering the led light, and a junction box coupled with the light module.
 Arrangement for light emission patent thumbnailnew patent Arrangement for light emission
An arrangement for light emission has at least one led light-emitting means (110) in an elongate arrangement, a support element (120), which supports the led light-emitting means (110) and a light emission element (130) which can be connected to the support element (120). The light emission element (130) is designed to modify the light emission characteristic of the led light-emitting means (110) to give the light emission characteristic of at least one fluorescent tube..
 Led light source patent thumbnailnew patent Led light source
A string of led loads is supplied by means of a rectified mains voltage. A cathode of each led load is coupled to ground by means of a string.
 Led light source patent thumbnailnew patent Led light source
A led light source comprises a full bridge rectifier equipped with a first input terminal and a second input terminal for coupling to output terminals of the phase cut dimmer, a series arrangement comprising n led loads, a first and second end of said series arrangement being coupled to a first output terminal and a second output terminal of the full bridge rectifier respectively, control means for during a period of the rectified ac supply voltage subsequently making the led loads comprised in the first series arrangement carry a current, one by one and in dependency of the momentary amplitude of the rectified ac supply voltage when the momentary amplitude increases and for subsequently making the led loads stop carrying a current, one by one, and in dependency of the momentary amplitude of the rectified ac supply voltage when the momentary amplitude decreases, said control means controlling the current through the led loads at zero when the output voltage of the phase cut dimmer equals zero and controlling the current through the led loads at a value that is independent from the phase angle of the phase cut dimmer when the output voltage of the phase cut dimmer differs from zero volt. In order to make the led light source compatible with a phase cut dimmer, the led light source is further equipped with a switchable bleeder current source coupled between the first and second output terminal of the full bridge rectifier, a latch coupled between the first and second output terminals of the full rectifier bridge and comprising a series arrangement of a resistor and a capacitor to prevent the current through the dimmer from crossing zero after a leading edge generated by the phase cut dimmer, in case the phase cut dimmer is a leading edge phase cut dimmer, a unidirectional element arranged in series with the capacitor for preventing discharging of the capacitor via the led loads or the adjustable bleeder current source, and a clamp circuit coupled to the capacitor and comprising a current source for discharging the capacitor and providing a low ohmic path for the dimmer current when the dimmer is off..
 Night light patent thumbnailnew patent Night light
A night light is made to operate conveniently from a house current by converting the current to lower voltage for efficient automatic operation of a suitable led light, or other suitable small light, for response to ambient light. An almost instantaneous response to an ambient light is provided by a circuit formed of readily available standard components guided in this instance by cooperation of a photocell which responds to a light ray to direct a schmitt-trigger inverter to operate a super-bright led lamp.
 Power distribution system and method for led lighting patent thumbnailnew patent Power distribution system and method for led lighting
There is disclosed an improved led lighting system and method which limits current and employs a voltage significantly greater than line voltage in order to allow lighting circuits to be built with up to thousands of watts fed from a sing power/data source. The present system and method allows exceptionally long lengths of led lighting of 200 meters or more for large scale led lighting applications such as the architectural delineation of skyscrapers and bridges..
new patent Oled lighting device and method for manufacturing the same
An organic light-emitting diode (oled) lighting device includes a substrate, at least a conductive wire, an insulating layer, a first electrode layer, an organic light-emitting layer and a second electrode layer. The conductive wire is disposed on the substrate and has a top surface away from the substrate.
new patent Solar powered water purification canteen
A solar powered water purification canteen includes a container, uv led lights and a solar power panel. The container is adapted to hold a fluid and has a reservoir, an inlet and an outlet.
Led-based light fixture
Led-based light fixtures are presented that are configured for attachment to a substrate to advantageously function without a reflector and without a backing plate. A light fixture according to an embodiment includes a waveguide having a front surface and a rear surface for emitting light, the waveguide configured to optically couple to a surface of a substrate.
Segmented led lighting system
The present invention is a segmented led lighting system. In particular, the present invention is directed to a set of channel segments connected by a flexible lens sleeve that can be positioned in a variety of ways.
Method of detecting a led failure, a controller therefor, a lighting unit and lighting system
Disclosed herein is a method of detecting an led failure in a series-connected string of leds using a parameter indicative of a voltage difference between a voltage across the string at a predetermined relatively high current and a voltage across the string at a predetermined relatively low current. The disclosure extends to controllers configured to detect an led failure in a string of leds, to led lighting units comprising such controllers, and to lighting subsystems, for instance automobile lighting subsystems..
Multi-purpose rechargeable led lighting device
An led lighting device includes at least one led light source emitting light, at least one rechargeable battery for supplying power when external power is not available, at least one electrical connector for connecting the rechargeable battery to external power source for recharging, and at least one control mechanism for switching the operation mode of the device. By setting the operation mode via the control mechanism, the led light device can be used for more than one intended purposes such as regular lighting, emergency lighting, and flashlight..
Led lighting system for self-dissipation of heat
A led lighting system includes: a power unit for providing a power supply source for the lighting system, a led circuit connected to the power unit for illuminating the light emitting diodes of the led circuit, a heat control unit connected between the power unit and the led circuit for controlling heat as produced, and a heat dissipating device thermally connected to the heat control unit for outwardly dissipating the heat produced by the lighting system for preventing light attenuation or damage of the light emitting diodes.. .
Vehicle window with shade
A window assembly for a vehicle includes inner and outer window panels and a spacer element disposed between the window panels to establish an interpane cavity, with a roller shade disposed therein having an end fixedly attached at an anchor stop. A dielectric layer is disposed between the roller shade and a conductive layer at the inner window panel.
System and method for tattoo removal
A combination device for applying a treatment of light and ultrasound on a tattooed area of a patient desiring tattoo removal. The device includes an ultrasound and a led light source.
Earth positioning system
An earth positioning system (eps) is provided. The eps includes a plurality of fixed led lights with communication functions and a mobile communications device.
Multiphase sampling of modulated light with phase synchronization field
A light transmitter transmits multiple light packets, each formatted to include a predetermined phase synchronization field (psf) and a same message comprising a series of bits. The psf and each bit are each represented as light that is intensity modulated over a bit period at a corresponding frequency.
Recordable led fridge magnet
This invention pertains to a recordable led fridge magnet which can not only emit light and sound but also have the recording function. Designed with a casing cover for the recordable led fridge magnet, there is a permanent magnet pad at the bottom.
Low profile heat sink with attached led light source
An led light source with an attached heat sink includes larger fins, smaller fins, a mounting platform and light emitting diodes attached to the mounting platform. The larger fins are oriented parallel to the smaller fins.
Led light bulb with light-shielding structure
A led light bulb with a light-shielding structure is provided. The led light bulb includes a bulb base (1), a transparent cover (2), a sensor (3) and a light-shielding barrel (4).
Led lamp and led lighting assembly
An led lamp or led lighting assembly includes a light guide having opposed major surfaces configured to propagate light by total internal reflection and a light input edge extending between the major surfaces. A light source is adjacent to the light input edge and is configured to edge light the light guide.
Image obtaining device and detecting apparatus having the same
An image obtaining device is provided, including a waterproof casing, a ccd image transducer mounted in the waterproof casing, a motor having a driving shaft and being mounted in the waterproof casing, and a transparent plate covered on one side of the waterproof casing, connected to the driving shaft of the motor, and driven to rotate by the motor. A detecting apparatus having the above image obtaining device is further provided.
Off peak powered lighting system for offices and buildings
The off-peak powered lighting system provides light to offices, buildings and structures via banks of led light fixtures. The off-peak system is electrically coupled to battery power source during peak power cycles and then is coupled to an electrical power grid during off-peak cycles.
User interface for a power folding stroller
A user interface for a power folding stroller includes: a rotational mechanical joint positioned on the handlebars of the stroller. The rotational mechanical joint is coupled to electrical sensors that must be activated by the user rotating a ring combined with a second step of pressing a button to activate the folding or unfolding process.
Led lighting devices incorporating waveguides
A led lighting device includes at least one waveguide element and multiple light-emitting sources such as leds or led packages, which may be optically coupled though different light entry regions to the at least one waveguide. Multiple light solid state sources may be arranged in strips.
Process for fabricating metal bus lines for oled lighting panels
Systems and methods for the design and fabrication of oleds, including high-performance large-area oleds, are provided. Variously described fabrication processes may be used to deposit and pattern bus lines with a smooth profile and a gradual sidewall transition.
Advertising device
The invention provides a device for advertising (10), which device includes a post (12), which post (12) is configured to have attached thereto a plurality of slats (18) extending horizontally away from the post (12) and in a vertical plane along the post (12) with each slat (18) being pivotably dependable from a horizontal axis (20) to depend in the vertical plane when no wind is present and to be pivoted out of the plane by wind. One embodiment shows a support structure for slats (18) in the form of a frame (30).
Functional-imaging-based ablation monitoring
Functional imaging for localization in biological tissue entails measuring a response in the tissue (240) to electromagnetic radiation. A catheter (200) for real-time monitoring of cardiac ablation is employed to distinguish a hemorrhage zone (232) from the sandwiching necrotic and healthy tissue, or to distinguish exogenous photoacoustic contrast agent from bordering native tissue.
Optical mixer, optical receiver, optical mixing method and production method for optical mixer
In order to provide a high performance optical mixer having good yield, an optical mixer comprises: a first light branching means that branches a first input light into a plurality of first lights including a first output light and a second output light, and outputs the first lights; a second light branching means that branches a second input light into a plurality of second lights including a third output light and a fourth output light, and outputs the second lights; and a first light coupling and branching means and a second light coupling and branching means that couple the first and the third output lights and the second and the fourth output lights respectively, and branching the coupled lights into at least two, and outputting each of the branched lights as a coupled-and-branched light, wherein propagation paths for the third and the fourth output lights comprise widths that cause a prescribed optical path length difference to occur between the third and the fourth output lights, and propagation path lengths for the first and the second output lights are approximately equal and propagation path lengths for the third and the fourth output lights are approximately equal.. .
Led light fixture
The invention discloses an led light fixture, which comprises a lamp body and a lamp handle connected therewith, wherein the lamp body adopts an ac (alternating current) led as a light source. As the led light fixture does not need a power supply, the light fixture has the advantages of being small, having a simple structure and saving materials; as a plurality of small planes are used for forming a complete multi-stage sagittal reflecting surface, the light fixture has higher reflection efficiency; as a gland strip and a shielding mechanism are adopted, the reverse side of the product has a complete structure and is lightproof; as non-through screwed connection holes are formed at positions of the lamp body, at which the lamp body is connected with the lamp handle, the light fixture has superior sealability and watertightness..
Modular led lighting systems, including flexible, rigid, and waterproof lighting strips and connectors
Modular lighting systems are provided that comprise lighting strips physically and electrically connectable with one another by way of flexible connectors. The lighting strip devices can be made of flexible or rigid material to allow for applying the lighting devices along flat as well as contoured surfaces and can be waterproof or water resistant.
Led bracket apparatus for high-output led lighting systems
A bracket holds high-output led lighting systems within existing light fixtures, such as, for example, shoe box parking lot fixtures, gas station canopy fixtures, and street light fixtures. Specifically, the bracket is adjustable to fit most light fixture housings so that the light fixture housings can be retrofitted and orientated with the high-output led lighting systems without removal or replacement of components thereof, such as the housing, the cover, the lens, and/or other like components..
Lighting device
Lighting device, usable for example with led light sources, comprises a bowl-shaped body having a base surface with a plurality of mounting studs projecting from the base surface, together with one or more boards for the mounting of light radiation sources, provided with holes for the passage of respective mounting studs. The board has pairs of mounting locations for light radiation sources, each pair being arranged on opposite sides of a respective hole so as to be located on opposite sides of the stud which extends through said respective hole.
Led lighting apparatus
An led lighting apparatus is disclosed. The led lighting apparatus includes a board having a principal surface, a plurality of led chips mounted on the principal surface of the board, and a wiring pattern which is formed on the principal surface of the board and makes electrical conduction with the plurality of led chips.
Led work light
An led work light assembly includes a housing defining light chamber, a plurality of led lights positioned in the light chamber, and a lens assembly secured to the housing with a liquid-tight connection to create a waterproof environment in the light chamber. The led work light assembly also includes a mounting arrangement carried by the housing and comprising a pivot mount that includes a spherical socket and a bolt having a spherical ball positioned at one end and a threaded shaft at an opposite end.
Led whip light assembly
A light emitting diode (led) whip light assembly includes a base and an led light assembly. The base is configured to mount to an elongate whip rod.
Style tyle
An illuminated tile device is disclosed that provides a simplified method of applying led lighting so it can be used in residential and small-scale spaces. The illuminated tile device comprises a base layer, a top layer, and a plurality of light emitting diodes (leds) sandwiched there between.
Computer led bar and thermal architecture features
The described embodiments relate generally to liquid crystal displays (lcds) and more particularly to thermal management of heat produced by an illumination source in an lcd module. High temperatures generated by the illumination source can cause color shifts in the lcd due to changes in any included leds and liquid crystals.
Led strobe light
A strobe light includes a base, a mounting post, a plurality of light emitting diode (led) lights, a control system, and a lens. The mounting post extends vertically from the base.
Active current limiting for lighting apparatus
A lighting apparatus, such as an led lighting apparatus, includes at least one light-emitting device, a rectifier circuit having an input configured to be coupled to an ac source, and a driver circuit coupled to an output of the rectifier circuit and to the at least one light emitting device. The apparatus further includes an active current limiter circuit coupled to the output of the rectifier circuit and configured to limit a current provided to the driver circuit, such as a current drawn by an emi filter of the driver circuit, which may cause erratic operation of a dimmer controlling the lighting apparatus..
Method for programming a led light using a light sensor
A method for programming a led light that uses a light control circuit that includes a light sensor to read the data from an encoded light source, where the encoded light source would typically by a lcd display. This allows the led light to have a wide array of options where the user only selects the options or modes that they want the light to have..
Slot machine systems, methods, and apparatus
Systems, methods and/or apparatus for slot machine eye-strain reduction are disclosed. Systems, methods and/or apparatus for slot machine back lighting are further provided.
Led lighting device
Led lighting devices are provided that include two optical waveguides and at least one led in an intermediate region between end faces of the optical waveguides so that radiation from the led is coupled into the optical waveguides through the end faces. A de-coupler is on outer circumferential surface regions of each of the two separate optical waveguides.
Led light assemblies and methods of making such assemblies
An led light assembly comprises an aluminium extrusion cut to length to form a heat sink (20) with a hollow interior that may be semi-circular in cross-section or any other convenient cross-section to allow air flow through the heat sink and including a mounting surface (21) for supporting and conveying heat from an led light source (62) mounted on the surface. The extrusion has a heat dissipating surface (24) with fins (27) for receiving and dissipating heat from the led light sources (62) on the mounting surface (21).
Method and apparatus for diffusing led light bulbs
An led diffusion element is provided having at least one cavity for receiving an led light bulb. The led diffusion element contains a conditioned surface on both its exterior surface and in a light collection area that is facing the led light bulb when inserted into the led diffusion element.
Led light fixture
An led light fixture a housing, a heat sink secured with respect to the housing, the heat sink has a base with front and back surfaces, and an led arrangement mounted at the front surface of the heat sink the back surface of the heat sink is open to water/air flow thereover. The led light fixture also includes at least one closed channel extending along the base and spaced therefrom for receiving wire connections for the led arrangement.
Engineered light distribution led light bulbs
Led light bulbs especially suited for use in table lamps or floor lamps with lamp shades. The led light bulbs include optics which provide more limited but more uniform illumination of the lamp shade and provide more uniform illumination through the top and bottom apertures of the lamp shade.
Quantum dot/remote phosphor display system improvements
A display system comprises light sources configured to emit first light with a first spectral power distribution; light regeneration layers configured to be stimulated by the first light and to convert at least a portion of the first light and recycled light into second light, the second light comprising (a) primary spectral components that correspond to primary colors and (b) secondary spectral components that do not correspond to the primary colors; and notch filter layers configured to receive a portion of the second light and to filter out the secondary spectral components from the portion of the second light. The portion of the second light can be directed to a viewer of the display system and configured to render images viewable to the viewer..

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