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Led Device patents

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Scattering conductive support for oled device, and oled device incorporating it

Saint-gobain Glass France

Scattering conductive support for oled device, and oled device incorporating it

Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof

Fuji Machine Mfg

Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof

Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof

Lextar Electronics

Led device and led lamp using the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Led Device-related patents
 System and  accountability by interlinking electronic identities for access control and tracking of personnel during an incident or at an emergency scene patent thumbnailSystem and accountability by interlinking electronic identities for access control and tracking of personnel during an incident or at an emergency scene
An incident management system includes some form of portable machine-readable data and a collector unit and optionally a manager unit for receiving the machine-readable data where one or all of the portable machine-readable data, the collector unit or the manager unit is provided in the form of a cell-enabled device. The portable machine-readable data may include identification information of a person or a resource/asset.
Salamander Technologies

 Scattering conductive support for oled device, and oled device incorporating it patent thumbnailScattering conductive support for oled device, and oled device incorporating it
A scattering conductive support for an organic light-emitting diode device includes, in this order, on a substrate, a scattering layer, a high index layer, a lower electrode with a dielectric underlayer, a dielectric crystalline layer, a single metal layer having an electrical conduction role, which is based on silver, with a thickness of less than 6 nm, and an overlayer.. .
Saint-gobain Glass France

 Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailSemiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof
For a semiconductor package mounted on a mounting member with wiring which connects an electrode on the upper surface of an led device (semiconductor device) and an electrode at the mounting member side formed by a droplet discharge method or printing method, a stress relaxation film to reduce stresses applied to the wiring due to the difference in expansion/contraction between a land at the level difference sections and the wiring is formed at least at the level difference sections in the land which forms wiring, and the wiring is formed by a droplet discharge method or printing method on the stress relaxation film. The stress relaxation film may be formed of an insulating material for which the difference of the linear expansion coefficient from wiring is as small as possible and for which the young's modulus is as large as possible..
Fuji Machine Mfg Co., Ltd.

 Led device and led lamp using the same patent thumbnailLed device and led lamp using the same
A led device is provided. The led comprises a frame, a housing, a led chip and a protection component.
Lextar Electronics Corporation

 Contactless wireless transaction processing system patent thumbnailContactless wireless transaction processing system
A wireless transaction processing system that includes a seller account and a buyer account with the buyer having an internet enabled device that can access the wireless transaction processing system. The wireless transaction processing system, through the internet enabled device of the buyer enables full processing of transactions without the need for physical cards or an established sales environment.
Tycoon Unlimited, Inc.

 Organic electroluminescent material, the process for preparing the same and oled device using the same patent thumbnailOrganic electroluminescent material, the process for preparing the same and oled device using the same
The present invention provides an organic electroluminescent material, the process for preparing same and an oled device using same. The organic electroluminescent material has a general formula (i): wherein, each of r1, r2, r3 and r4 is independently selected from the group consisting of h, c1-c20 alkyl, c1-c20 alkoxy, ether groups and aromatic amino groups; each of z is carbon atom or each of z is nitrogen atom; r is carbazolyl, wherein, n is an integer ranging from 1 to 3 when each of z is carbon atom, and n is an integer ranging from 1 to 2 when each of z is nitrogen atom.
Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

 Dry-land alpine skis patent thumbnailDry-land alpine skis
A wheeled device, and method of making thereof, that simulates the feel and performance of alpine skiing/snowboarding on dry land is provided. Features of embodiments include: (1) a deck having flex similar to that of a ski/snowboard; (2) placement of wheels in a geometry mimicking the side cut of a shaped alpine ski/snowboard, and that with feature (1), enables a user to turn the device in an arc; and (3) wheels constructed of materials of varied coefficients of friction, which enable a user to skid the device in a braking mechanism similar to that of an alpine ski/snowboard, with the placement and design of the wheels emulating the base edge bevel of a typical snow-ski/snowboard.

 Wireless communications station with satellite backhaul patent thumbnailWireless communications station with satellite backhaul
A wireless communications station is provided that includes base portion and a tower portion. The tower portion includes a plurality of solar panels, a wi-fi antenna, and satellite.

 Automated messaging patent thumbnailAutomated messaging
Techniques for automatically prompting a calling user to send a message to a called user, the calling user using a calling device and the called user using a called device, the method including receiving, at a processor in the calling device, an indication that a call from the calling device to the called device has disconnected, determining, at the processor in the calling device, whether the call connected before receiving the indication that the call has disconnected, and in response to determining that the call did not connect before receiving the indication that the call has disconnected, determining that the call was a missed call.. .
Onepin, Inc.

 Handheld camera balancing apparatus patent thumbnailHandheld camera balancing apparatus
A balancing apparatus is suited for use with a camera enabled device such as a smart phone to assist in stabilizing the video being captured. A camera mount including adjustable stabilizer weights balances the camera enabled device on grip member using a pivot coupling.


Operation device

An operation device includes a detecting portion that is configured to detect an operation by a detected object and includes a plurality of operational areas each having a different assigned function executable on a controlled device as an operational object; and a dividing portion to guide the operation of the detected object and to separate the plurality of operational areas along boundaries between the plurality of operational areas of the detecting portion. The dividing portion includes an operable area that allows an operation across adjacent ones of the operational areas by the detected object..
Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho


Method of forming bus line designs for large-area oled lighting

Systems, and methods for the design and fabrication of oleds, including large-area oleds with metal bus lines, are provided. Various bus line design rules for large area oled light panels may include mathematical models developed to optimize bus line design and/or layout on large area oled light panels.
Universal Display Corporation


Anti-reflection layer for back-illuminated sensor

An image sensor for short-wavelength light includes a semiconductor membrane, circuit elements formed on one surface of the semiconductor membrane, and a pure boron layer on the other surface of the semiconductor membrane. An anti-reflection or protective layer is formed on top of the pure boron layer.
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Miniaturized smd diode package and prscess for producing the same

A miniaturized smd diode package involves using a diode chip whose bottom surface has a positive electrode and a negative electrode, using a circuit board instead of a conventional lead frame during packaging, and using charge-coupled device (ccd) image registration technology to perform chip bonding; the beneficial advantages brought from a process for producing the same including to simplify producing process and reduce manufacturing cost, to improve accuracy and precision of producing the miniaturized smd diode package due to using a circuit board instead of conventionally used lead frame, and to ensure the produced miniaturized smd diode package possesses excellent diode characteristics without distortion or defect.. .
Sfi Electronics Technology Inc.


Device sensing in medical applications

An accessory enabled device includes a first device (102) including a selectively activated feature (105). An interrogation source (108) is configured to interrogate an accessory device (106), such that, responsive to an interrogation, feedback from the accessory device is measured to determine compatibility between the first device and the accessory device.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Increasing touch and/or hover accuracy on a touch-enabled device

Techniques are described herein that are capable of increasing touch and/or hover accuracy on a touch-enabled device. For example, attribute(s) of a hand or a portion thereof (e.g., one or more fingers) may be used to determine a location on a touch screen to which a user intends to point.
Microsoft Corporation


Touch-sensitive keypad control device

A touch-sensitive keypad control device for use with a controlled device is provided. The touch-sensitive keypad control device includes: a housing, a touch control device disposed in the housing, and a keypad device uncovered from the housing and disposed above the touch control device.
Touchplus Information Corp.


Liquid cooled light emitting diode devices

The present invention discloses a liquid cooled led device, comprising a cooling module, a led array module and a hollow outer tube. The cooling module comprises an inner tube for liquid conveyance having an outer surface and a pipe.
National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology


Light emitting diode (led) devices, systems, and methods for providing customized beam shaping

Light emitting diode (led) devices, systems, and methods for targeted beam shaping are provided. In some aspects, led devices and methods include providing a submount and a light emission area disposed over the submount.
Cree, Inc.


Bismuth borate glass encapsulant for led phosphors

Embodiments are directed to glass frits containing phosphors that can be used in led lighting devices and for methods associated therewith for making the phosphor containing glass frit and their use in glass articles, for example, led devices.. .
Corning Incorporated


Wheeled lifting device

The present invention is directed to a wheeled lifting device that is configured for positioning between an extended configuration and a retracted configuration and adapted for attachment to a wheeled or non-wheeled device. In the extended configuration, the wheeled lifting device is configured to allow for multi-directional movement of the wheeled or non-wheeled device.


Level shifters, memory systems, and level shifting methods

Level shifters, memory systems, and level shifting methods are described. According to one arrangement, a level shifter includes an input configured to receive an input signal in a first voltage domain, an output configured to output an output signal from the level shifter in a second voltage domain different than the first voltage domain, a plurality of pull-down devices, and wherein one of the pull-down devices is coupled with the input and the output, a plurality of cross-coupled devices coupled with the pull-down devices and configured to provide transitions in the output signal as a result of transitions in the input signal, a plurality of current limiting devices coupled with the cross-coupled devices and configured to limit a flow of current from a source to the cross-coupled devices, and a plurality of dynamic devices configured to selectively provide charging current from the source to the cross-coupled devices..
Micron Technology, Inc.


Light emitting diode package and manufacture

A light emitting diode (led) device and packaging for same is disclosed. In some aspects, the led is manufactured using a vertical configuration including a plurality of layers.


Systems, devices, and methods for displaying accessories and information from a vehicle

Systems, devices, and methods incorporate accessories into the body of a vehicle while maintaining the vehicle's original shape and aesthetic characteristics. In some cases, the accessories may be license plates, registration/inspection stickers, parking/security passes, bumper stickers, taxicab medallions, or any object that is typically attached to, and displayed from, the outer surface of a vehicle.


Obtaining vehicle traffic information using mobile bluetooth detectors

A method and system for obtaining traffic information from mobile bluetooth detectors is disclosed. A mobile bluetooth detector is a device located in a moving vehicle that includes bluetooth and gps firmware for collecting data from bluetooth enabled devices.
Here Global B.v.


Reducing controller updates in a control loop

A control technique controls a process in a manner that reduces the number of controller changes provided to a controlled device, and so reduces the power consumption of the controlled device along with the loading of a process control communications network disposed between the controller and the controlled device. This technique is very useful in a control system having wirelessly connected field devices, such as sensors and valves which, in many cases, operate off of battery power.
Fisher-rosemount Systems, Inc.


Handsoffs between access points in a wi-fi environment

Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods for providing active mobility of wi-fi enabled devices within a given wireless local area network (wlan). In general, techniques include dynamically commanding wi-fi enabled devices to disconnect from a corresponding access point in response to meeting predetermined conditions.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Led with internally confined current injection area

Methods and structures for forming arrays of led devices are disclosed. The led devices in accordance with embodiments of the invention may include an internally confined current injection area to reduce non-radiative recombination due to edge effects.
Luxvue Technology Corporation


Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing the same

Provided are an organic light emitting display (oled) device and method for manufacturing the same. The oled device includes: a plurality of gate lines in one direction on a substrate, a plurality of light-shielding patterns corresponding to at least parts of peripheries of the respective pixel regions on the substrate, the light-shielding patterns spaced apart from the gate lines, at least one insulating film covering the substrate, the gate lines, and the light-shielding patterns, a plurality of data lines in another direction crossing the gate lines on the insulating film to define the pixel areas, a passivation film covering the insulating film and the data lines, a plurality of color filters in the pixel areas on the passivation film, an over-coating film evenly covering the passivation film and covering the color filters, and a plurality of organic light emitting elements in the pixel areas on the over-coating film..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Organic light emitting display device

An oled device according to one example includes a substrate defined into a plurality of sub-pixel regions which includes red, green and blue sub-pixel regions; a first electrode formed on the substrate; an organic emission layer formed on the first electrode; a second electrode formed on the organic emission layer; and a capping layer formed on the second electrode. The capping layer is formed to contain an optical adjustment material which rises in proportion to a wavelength of incident light..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Etch removal of current distribution layer for led current confinement

A method and structure for forming an array of led devices is disclosed. The led devices in accordance with embodiments of the invention may include a confined current injection area in which a current spreading layer protrudes away from a cladding layer in a pillar configuration so that the cladding layer is wider than the current spreading layer pillar..
Luxvue Technology Corporation


Method and controlling luminance of organic light emitting diode display device

A luminance controller of an oled device and the oled device including the luminance controller include a peaking processor for calculating a minimum gray level value by filtering low gray level data from primary rgb data and determining a compensation gain value corresponding to the minimum gray level value; a boosting processor for calculating a maximum gray level value by filtering high gray level data from the primary rgb data, calculating a gain value corresponding to the maximum gray level value, and calculating a coloring ratio coefficient using the minimum gray level value and the maximum gray level value; and a secondary rgb generator for generating secondary rgb data by applying the compensation gain value, the coloring ratio coefficient, and the gain value to the primary rgb data.. .
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for controlling in-room safes with nfc-enabled devices

Methods, systems and devices for employing the near field communications (nfc) protocol are described. Specifically, a safe or similar in-room security device is configured to exchange communications with one or more nfc-enabled devices in accordance with the nfc protocol.
Assa Abloy Ab


Haptic feedback for thin user interfaces

Piezo-actuated structures are disclosed and haptic-enabled devices employing piezo-actuated structures are disclosed. One embodiment of a piezo-actuated structure comprises a non-traveling deformable layer, a backer structure that partitions the deformable layer into a set of substantially isolated haptic regions, a set of user sensors that are capable of detecting user interactions with at least one of the substantially isolated haptic regions.
Microsoft Corporation


Multifunction operating device, particularly for a vehicle component

The multifunction operating device (10), which is designed particularly as an input device for monitor-controlled devices such as computers, information or entertainment technology devices, vehicle components or generally for a man-machine interface, is provided with a manually operable operating unit (12), which can be rotated about an axis of rotation (16), depressed along the axis of rotation (16) in a flexible manner, and laterally displaced in a substantially radial direction in respect to the axis of rotation (16). The operating unit (12) has a rotary sensor (19) for detecting the current rotational position and a pressure sensor (20) for detecting a depression movement.
Behr-hella Thermocontrol Gmbh


Device package and methods for the fabrication and testing thereof

Provided are methods of forming sealed via structures. One method involves: (a) providing a semiconductor substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface; (b) forming a layer on the first surface of the substrate; (c) etching a via hole through the substrate from the second surface to the layer, the via hole having a first perimeter at the first surface; (d) forming an aperture in the layer, wherein the aperture has a second perimeter within the first perimeter; and (e) providing a conductive structure for sealing the via structure.
Nuvotronics, Llc


Thematic, interactive, adjustable handle extension for wheeled device

In one aspect, a themed handle extension device for making pushing a wheeled device for carrying a baby/toddler more entertaining and/or comfortable. One preferred device embodiment may be aeronautically or video-game themed.


Prophylactic bactericidal medical device

A medical implant system is described for inhibiting infection associated with a joint prosthesis implant. An inventive system includes an implant body made of a biocompatible material which has a metal component disposed on an external surface of the implant body.
Argentumcidalelectrics, Inc.


Quantifying probe deflection for improved catheter identification

A system and method include a shape sensing enabled device (120) including one or more imaging devices (202), the shape sensing enabled device coupled to at fiber (122). A shape sensing module (132) is configured to receils from the at least one optical fiber within a structure and interpret the optical signals to determine a shape of the shape sensing enabled device.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Method of ims (sip network) webrtc optimized p2p communication

A webrtc system, device and method enabling a p2p communication when both ends of a communication are webrtc enabled devices. The system and devices also enable a webrtc client to sip device communication.
Futurewei Technologies Inc.


Nfc sensor with power sleep mode

This disclosure describes systems, methods, and computer-readable media related to near field communication (nfc) sensors with power sleep mode. In some embodiments, one or more motions of a user device may be detected.


Novel substrate and process for high efficiency oled devices

A method of fabricating a substrate for an organic light emitting device (oled), by applying a volume-reducing substrate material onto a mold with topographical features that generates a smooth but non-flat surface on both sides of the substrate which can enhance light extraction of oleds that are built on top of the substrate. The resulting substrate includes surface features on a first substrate surface complementary to the surface features of a mold, such as spherical lens features, and surface features on a second substrate surface, such as dimple features, complementary to the curvature of the spherical lens features on the first substrate surface..
Universal Display Corporation


Layered structure for oled device, manufacturing the same, and oled device having the same

A layered structure for an organic light-emitting diode (oled) device, the layered structure including a light-transmissive substrate and an internal extraction layer formed on one side of the light-transmissive substrate, in which the internal extraction layer includes (1) a scattering area containing scattering elements composed of solid particles and pores, the solid particles having a density that decreases as it goes away from the interface with the light-transmissive substrate, and the pores having a density that increases as it goes away from the interface with the light-transmissive substrate, and (2) a free area where no scattering elements are present, formed from the surface of the internal extraction layer, which is opposite to the interface, to a predetermined depth.. .
Saint-gobain Glass France


Encapsulation structure and encapsulating oled device

An encapsulation structure for oled device comprises a glass substrate, a glass cover plate, an oled device and a sealing layer. The glass substrate has a recessed portion, the glass cover plate is located at an opening of the recessed portion, and a periphery of the glass cover plate and the glass substrate are bonded through a frit barricade formed by melted glass powders, so that the glass cover plate and the glass substrate have an integral structure, a closed cavity is formed by the glass cover plate and the recessed portion, and both the oled device and the sealing layer are located within the closed cavity.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Micro-led array with filters

An integrated led device is provided. The led device includes a substrate.
University College Cork, National University Of Ireland


Method of fabricating white led devices

A light emitting device and a method of fabricating the same is provided. The device includes an led chip having a first main surface, a second main surface opposing the first main surface, and one or more side surfaces extending between the first and second main surfaces.


Led with current injection confinement trench

A method and structure for forming an array of led devices is disclosed. The led devices in accordance with embodiments of the invention may include a confined current injection area, embedded mirror, or sidewall passivation layer, and any combination thereof..
Luxvue Technology Corporation


Electronic circuit, driving the same, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus

At a writing time, a first transistor 412 is turned on so that a data signal xj is supplied to one end of a capacitor 420. At this time, since a second transistor 414 is turned off, driving current does not flow to an organic light emitting diode (oled) device 430.
Intellectual Keystone Technology Llc


Annotation hint display

An annotation hint may be displayed in conjunction with an application enabling document interaction in order to indicate metadata information. The application may determine metadata information, such as a status, an amount, and/or a context of metadata associated with annotations within a document, and may display the annotation hint to one or more users to indicate the annotation metadata information.
Microsoft Corporation


Self-propelled device with center of mass drive system

A self-propelled device is disclosed that includes a center of mass drive system. The self-propelled device includes a substantially cylindrical body and wheels, with each wheel having a diameter substantially equivalent to the body.
Orbotix, Inc.


Motion-compensated dose received by tissue in high dose rate brachytherapy procedures

A system and method include a shape sensing enabled device (116) having at least one optical fiber (118). A source positioning module (124) is configured to receive optical signals from the at least one optical fiber within a structure and interpret the optical signals to provide motion information of treatment sources within the device.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Remote operation system and terminal device

The present invention can provide a remote operation system which can support compatibility between devices and is easier to use. A remote operation system is provided with a terminal device, a control device, and a controlled device.
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.


Automatically providing a communication based on location information for a user of a social networking system

Systems and methods for automatically locating web-based social network members are provided. According to one embodiment, contact content including an associated gps identifier and status for web-based social network members located at or near the same location automatically appears on a gps-enabled device.
Facebook, Inc.


Method and system for verification of presence

The present disclosure provides a more accurate and secure for verification of presence which comprises: reading an identifier which is associated with a location from a nfc tag fixedly coupled to a location by a nfc-enabled device; verifying the received identifier against an identifier database to verify the location corresponding to the received identifier; generating a query based on the verified location to solicit a user input entered by a user in charge of the location; receiving the user input by the nfc-enabled device; recording a check-in time according to the time of reading the identifier; and recording a check-out time according to the time of receiving the user input.. .
Vorsz One Pte. Ltd.


Method of preventing condensation of battery pack

A method of preventing condensation of a battery pack in an eco-friendly vehicle including measuring a temperature of the battery pack provided in the eco-friendly vehicle and a temperature of air introduced into the battery pack through an air-cooled device for maintaining the battery pack at a set temperature. A humidity of air introduced into the battery pack is measured.
Hyundai Motor Company


Method for manufacturing flexible oled (organic light emitting diode) panel

The present invention provides a method for manufacturing a flexible oled panel, which includes: (1) providing a rigid substrate (20) and a flexible substrate (40); (2) forming a metal layer (22) on a circumference of the rigid substrate (20); (3) forming a support layer (24) inboard the metal layer (22); (4) positioning the flexible substrate (40) on the rigid substrate (20); (5) applying a voltage to the metal layer (22) to heat the flexible substrate (40) so as to make the material of the flexible substrate (40) in contact with the metal layer (22) reach a melt point for bonding the flexible substrate (40) and the rigid substrate (20) together; (6) forming an oled device (42) on the flexible substrate (40) and packaging the oled device (42); and (7) applying a voltage to the metal layer (22) to heat the flexible substrate (40), whereby after the material of the flexible substrate (40) in contact with and the metal layer (22) reaches the melt point, the flexible substrate (40) and the rigid substrate (20) are separated.. .
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

Novel heterocyclic materials are disclosed. The materials contain a fused tetracyclic structure that can improve the properties of oled devices when the novel heterocyclic materials are incorporated into such devices.
Universal Display Corporation


Novel organic electroluminescent compounds and organic electroluminescent device using the same

Since the organic electroluminescent compound disclosed herein exhibits good luminous efficiency and excellent life property, it may be used to manufacture oled devices having very superior operation life.. .


Use of dielectric film to reduce resistivity of transparent conductive oxide in nanowire leds

Various embodiments include methods of fabricating light emitting diode (led) devices, such as nanowire led devices, that include forming a layer of a transparent, electrically conductive material over at least a portion of a non-planar surface of an led device, and depositing a layer of a dielectric material over at least a portion of the layer of transparent conductive material, wherein depositing the layer of dielectric material comprises at least one of: (a) depositing the layer using a chemical vapor deposition (cvd) process, (b) depositing the layer at a temperature of 200° c. Or more, and (c) depositing the layer using one or more chemically active precursors for the dielectric material..
Glo Ab


Contacts for an n-type gallium and nitrogen substrate for optical devices

A method for fabricating led devices. The method includes providing a gallium and nitrogen containing substrate member (e.g., gan) comprising a backside surface and a front side surface.
Soraa, Inc.


Semiconductor plate device

Technologies are generally described for providing solar device or led device structures and methods for manufacturing the same, which may allow for making ultra-thin semiconductor plate devices with flexible contact arrangements at the meantime of maintaining or improving performance of solar devices, improving the utility of the semiconductor plate material, and increasing the fabrication through-put and yield of the solar and led devices.. .


Submount for led device package

A light emitting diode (led) assembly may include an led semiconductor attached to a first surface of a submount made of optically transparent material. The submount may redirect back side light emitted by the led semiconductor light away from the led semiconductor to increase recovery of back side light.
Toshiba Techno Center, Inc.


Method and wireless digital radio

A method and apparatus are provided for a first controlled device, such as a wireless local transmitter that accepts a plurality of digital audio signals and corresponding program information signals converted from a controlled source, such as the encoded digital data provided by a digital data signal source, typically a community antenna television (catv) cable or direct broadcast satellite, then modulates said digital audio and corresponding program information signals on different carrier frequencies and transmits the modulated signals to a plurality of second controlled devices, such as remote digital receiver/tuners that demodulate said signals to output music in stereophonic sound and display the corresponding program information by means of an alphanumeric display. The first and second controlled devices contain microprocessor systems for communicating, controlling, storing, processing, and display of digital data within the operation of the respective system.
Dima Communications Inc.


Method for non-intrusive measurement of low water content in oil

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for determining trace amounts of water in oil, including the steps of obtaining a blended sample of a low water content fluid including an amount of water and an amount of oil, transferring a portion of the blended sample to a cuvette to create a measurement sample, covering a viewing surface of the cuvette with an opaque sheet with a slit, providing a barrier with a fixed opening between a laser source and a laser-receptive surface of the cuvette, transmitting a pulsed laser beam from the laser source into the cuvette; inducing fluorescence in the measurement sample, focusing the fluorescence through a collecting lens and transmitting the fluorescence to a spectrometer, and measuring the fluorescence with the spectrometer by dispersing the fluorescence with a spectrograph and intensifying the fluorescence with an intensified charge coupled device.. .
Saudi Arabian Oil Company


System and garden monitoring and management

An automated garden monitoring and plant treatment system includes one or more sensors and programmable timers for the control of irrigation and other plant treatment devices that are connected to a server through wireless router that enables remote access using a smart phone or computing device. A sensor sends a measurement through a wireless router to the server.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Method and controlling operating states of bluetooth interfaces of a bluetooth module

A first bluetooth-enabled device includes an interface controller that determines proximity between a first bluetooth module and a second bluetooth module of a second bluetooth-enabled device, and controls transitions, based on the proximity between the first bluetooth module and the second bluetooth module, between a first set of operating states of a classical bluetooth interface of the first bluetooth module that include an enabled state and a disabled state.. .
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Device communication system with proximity synchronization mechanism and operation thereof

A device communication system includes: a communication interface configured to receive a wireless signal strength for locating a wireless enabled device; a control interface, coupled to the communication interface, configured to measure the wireless signal strength; a user interface, coupled to the control interface, configured to receive a left acoustic signal and a right acoustic signal for determining an acoustic direction; and a control unit, coupled to the user interface, configured to form a peer-to-peer network connection based on the wireless signal strength and the acoustic direction for displaying on the wireless enabled device.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Organic light emitting diode device and manufacturing the same, display device and electronic product

The oled device according to this disclosure at least includes a first electrode, a second electrode and an organic functional layer disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode. The organic functional layer at least includes a first part functional layer formed through a first process, a second part functional layer formed through a second process, and a hybrid connecting layer disposed between the first part functional layer and the second part functional layer.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Led device and manufacturing same

The present invention addresses the problem of providing an led device, which has less deterioration of a reflecting layer for reflecting output light from an led element, and the like, and which is capable of efficiently taking out light over a long period of time, and a method for manufacturing the led device. In order to solve the problem, the present invention relates to an led device having a substrate, and an led element, which is mounted on the substrate, and which outputs light having a specific wavelength.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Ear-scan-based biometric authentication

The current document is directed to an ear-scan-based biometrics subsystem that is incorporated into any of a wide variety of processor-controlled devices, including mobile phones. The biometrics subsystem collects touch-point locations, device-orientation-representative angles, and, in certain implementations, additional data during each ear scan and uses the collected information to derive additional data that is stored with the collected data to generate a stored data representation of the ear scan.
Descartes Biometrics, Inc.


Light emitting diode device

A light emitting diode (led) device is disclosed. The led device includes a light emitting module, a metal barrier, an isolation structure, a metal housing and a plurality of lenses.
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Camera supporting assembly including angularly adjustable wheels

A camera supporting assembly includes a frame supporting interchangeable camera mounts thereon to support smartphones, and other camera enabled devices interchangeably thereon. A grip member with a first pivot coupling selectively couples to a second pivot coupling on the frame and a pair of stabilizer legs are suspended below the frame so as to balance the camera on the grip member.


Wall-embedded power line communication device

A “wall-embedded” power-line-communication (plc) enabled device connecting with the home network backbone through the plc technology is disclosed. The wall-embedded plc enabled device includes at least a system module, a front panel, and a holder.
Zyxel Communications Corp.


Novel organic electroluminescence compounds and organic electroluminescence device containing the same

The present invention relates to a novel organic electroluminescent compound and an organic electroluminescent device comprising the same. Using the organic electroluminescent compound according to the present invention, it is possible to manufacture an oled device of lowered driving voltages and advanced power efficiency..
Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials Korea Ltd.


Method for manufacturing led device with structure for precisely locating leds thereon

A method for manufacturing an smt led device includes steps: providing an led with two solder slugs extending downwardly from a bottom thereof; providing a circuit board with two first solder pads spaced from each other thereon, the first solder pads each defining a positioning hole therein corresponding to a position of each of the two solder slugs, forming a pair of second solder pads on the circuit board by directly and physically contacting with the circuit board; putting the solder slugs into the positioning holes; subjecting the circuit board and the led to a reflow soldering, during which the solder slugs are first melted and then solidified to electrically and mechanically connect with the first and second solder pads thereby connecting the led and the circuit board together.. .
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Aluminum coated copper bond wire and making the same

A wire, preferably a bonding wire for bonding in microelectronics, contains a copper core with a surface and coating layer containing aluminum superimposed over the surface of the copper core. The ratio of the thickness of the coating layer to the diameter of the copper core is from 0.05 to 0.2 μm.
Heraeus Materials Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg


Methods and systems for detecting esd events in cabled devices

An audit device according to one embodiment includes a substrate; at least one test element coupled to the substrate; a connector adapted for coupling the at least one test element to leads of a cable; and a probe for detecting at least one of: voltage across and current through the at least one test element. One test element is coupled to a group of leads of the connector.
International Business Machines Corporation


Natural language control of secondary device

Natural language controlled devices may be configured to activate command recognition in response to one or more wake words. Techniques are provided to enable a voice controlled system to detect or receive an indication of a secondary device available to be controlled.
Rawles Llc


Centralized toll tracking, payment and monitoring system using geo location enabled devices

The present invention describes the system of centralized toll identification, payment and monitoring, which uses geo-location enabled devices such as mobile phone, pager or wireless connected laptops to do so. The invention receives the series of readings, distributed over the length of the toll road, by location based services (lbs) provided by geo-enabled devices along with geo-location database lookup and statistical algorithms to accurately identify whether the vehicle is travelling on toll road, distance travelled by the vehicle on toll road and accordingly calculate and deduct charge by online mode.


Rapidly programmable volumes

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to controlling the functions of various devices based on spatial relationships. In one example, a system may include a depth and visual camera and a computer (networked or local) for processing data from the camera.
Google Inc.


System for reducing energy consumption of a device and a method therefor

A system for reducing energy consumption of a device and a method therefor. An apparatus for providing power to a controlled device includes a memory, a power controller, and a processor.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Rapidly programmable locations in space

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to controlling the functions of various devices based on spatial relationships. In one example, a system may include a depth and visual camera and a computer (networked or local) for processing data from the camera.
Google Inc.


Housing for led lighting device

The invention relates to lighting technology and specifically to led lighting devices. The led device contains walls which delimit a housing cavity of the led device, said walls being made of electrically insulating material, and at least one of the walls being provided with a recess capable of accommodating a current source, which allows for replacing the current source without disassembling the lamp and also increases electrical safety in using the lighting device by means of excluding galvanic mains decoupling elements..
Limited Liability Company "dis Plus"


Led device for wide beam generation

An apparatus and method is characterized by providing an optical transfer function between a predetermined illuminated surface pattern, such as a street light pattern, and a predetermined energy distribution pattern of a light source, such as that from an led. A lens is formed having a shape defined by the optical transfer function.
Illumination Management Solutions, Inc.


Living plant monitoring systems

A plant monitoring system for the monitoring of environmental parameters that affect growing plants and that is capable of producing audible and visible alerts when the health of the plant is threatened. In some embodiments, the plant monitoring system is configured to produce calibrated alerts specific to the type of plant being monitored based upon information stored in an on-line database.
Living Systems, Inc.


Wireless device, controlled device controlled by the same, control system including a wireless device and controlled device, and program for causing a computer in a wireless device to control a controlled device

A wireless device (1) searches a database that stores positional information of the wireless device (1), a device (2-4) and control identifiers for controlling the devices (2-4) in an associated manner, acquires a device (2-4) located near the wireless device (1) and a control identifier for controlling the device (2-4) based on the positional information of the wireless device (1), and, based on the device (2-4) and the control identifier for controlling the device (2-4) that have been acquired, determines a controlled device (at least one of the devices (2-4)) and generates a control identifier for the controlled device. The wireless device (1) transmits, by wireless communication, the generated controlled identifier to a receiver mounted on the controlled device to control the controlled device..
Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International


Method, computer-readable medium, and system for discovery and registration of controlled devices associated with self-describing modules

A system, method, and computer-readable medium for the discovery and registration of controlled devices associated with self-describing modules in a control system are provided. A controlled device associated with a self-describing module is coupled with a master controller on which the self-describing module is installed.
Amx Llc


Method for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display device

A method of manufacturing an oled device is discussed. The method can include forming a gate electrode on a substrate; forming a gate insulation film on the substrate provided with the gate electrode; forming a channel layer, a source electrode and a drain electrode on the substrate provided with the gate insulation film; forming an organic light emitting diode which includes a first electrode connected to the drain electrode, an organic emission layer formed on the first electrode, and a second electrode formed on the organic emission layer; forming a passivation layer, which has a hydrogen content below 10%, on the substrate provided with the organic light emitting diode using an organic silicon compound; and forming a sealing layer on the substrate provided with the passivation layer..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

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