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Led Device patents


This page is updated frequently with new Led Device-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Led Device-related patents
 Device function disablement during vehicle motion patent thumbnailDevice function disablement during vehicle motion
A method and system for disabling functions of a movement detection enabled device is provided. The method includes monitoring a movement detection signal of the movement detection enabled device in a vehicle and determining that the vehicle is currently in motion.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Proximity based wireless security system patent thumbnailProximity based wireless security system
A wireless security system is provided. The system includes a first wireless device, a second wireless device, an uninstalled wireless device, and an access controller.
Enernoc, Inc.

 Partial software defined network switch replacement in ip networks patent thumbnailPartial software defined network switch replacement in ip networks
The claimed subject matter is directed to novel methods and systems for a network topology wherein an internet protocol (ip) network is partially integrated and enhanced with a relatively small number of software defined network (sdn)-openflow (sdn-of) enabled network devices to provide a resilient network that is able to quickly recover from a network failure and achieves post-recovery load balancing while minimizing cost and complexity. The sdn-of controller, or a management node, determines such a minimum set of sdn-of enabled devices and establishes ip tunnels to route traffic from nodes affected by failure to designated sdn-of switches and finally to the final destination without looping back to the failed link or node.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

 Managing contactless communications patent thumbnailManaging contactless communications
Communicating via near field communication (nfc) between a reader and an application on an nfc-enabled device. A point of sale (pos) device and a consumer's mobile communication device establish an nfc session in accordance with each of the protocol layers of both international organization for standardization (iso)/international electrotechnical commission (iec) 14443 and iso/iec 7816 standards.
Google Inc.

 Voltage slew rate throttling for reduction of anomalous charging current patent thumbnailVoltage slew rate throttling for reduction of anomalous charging current
Systems, methods and/or devices are used to reduce anomalous charging current by selectively shunting biasing current away from a control terminal of a controlled device that conducts the charging current during a charging mode. In some embodiments, a power-control circuit includes: (1) a controlled device with a first terminal coupled to a power-supply node, a second terminal to provide a first output voltage, and a control terminal; (2) a current source to provide a biasing current to the control terminal of the controlled device during a charging mode; and (3) a selective current shunt to shunt a portion of the biasing current away from the control terminal of the controlled device in response to a determination that a charging current through the first and second terminals of the controlled device satisfies a threshold during the charging mode..
Sandisk Enterprise Ip Llc

 Controlled device, control device, device control method, and device control system patent thumbnailControlled device, control device, device control method, and device control system
A controlled device that is capable of executing a predetermined operation set in advance and is also capable of executing an instructed operation in accordance with a control instruction transmitted from a control device that performs power control for the consumer's facility. The controlled device includes a communicator configured to acquire a control instruction from the control device; and a controller configured to execute, when the control instruction has been acquired, the instructed operation in accordance with the control instruction, and to measure, each time the control instruction has been acquired, an elapsed time period that has passed since acquisition of the control instruction, wherein the controller executes the predetermined operation once the elapsed time period since the previous acquisition of the control instruction has reached a predetermined time period without additional acquisition of the control instruction..
Kyocera Corporation

 Wafer level photonic device dies structure and  making the same patent thumbnailWafer level photonic device dies structure and making the same
A vertical light emitting diode (led) device includes an epi structure with a first-type-doped portion, a second-type-doped portion, and a quantum well structure between the first-type-doped and second-type-doped portions and a carrier structure with a plurality of conductive contact pads in electrical contact with the epi structure and a plurality of bonding pads on a side of the carrier structure distal the epi structure, in which the conductive contact pads are in electrical communication with the bonding pads using at least one of vias and a redistribution layer (rdl). The vertical led device further includes a first insulating film on a side of the carrier structure proximal the epi structure and a second insulating film on a side of the carrier structure distal the epi structure..
Epistar Corporation

 Charge coupled device based on atomically layered van der waals solid state film for opto-electronic memory and image capture patent thumbnailCharge coupled device based on atomically layered van der waals solid state film for opto-electronic memory and image capture
An opto-electronic sensor may provide one or more layers of atomically layered photo-sensitive materials. The sensor may include a gate electrode layer, a dielectric layer in contact with the gate electrode layer, and a working media layer that is photo-sensitive deposited on the dielectric layer.
William Marsh Rice University

 Control system including single line switches and method patent thumbnailControl system including single line switches and method
A control system and method of controlling a control system includes a set of pressure-controlled devices having at least a first device and a second device movable between at least first and second positions, and a set of single line switches including at least a first switch and a second switch, each switch configured to move the pressure-controlled devices, respectively, between the first and second positions. The first device alternates between the first position and the second position with every position changing pressure pulse to the first switch, and the second device alternates between the first position and the second position with every two position changing pressure pulses to the first switch..
Baker Hughes Incorporated

 Holographic data reproduction apparatus and method thereof patent thumbnailHolographic data reproduction apparatus and method thereof
A holographic data reproduction apparatus is provided. The holographic data reproduction apparatus includes: a charged-coupled device (ccd) that photographs diffracted-light from a recording medium irradiated with reference light, wherein the diffracted-light corresponds to a data page, an operation unit that calculates an optimal threshold value by applying a fitness function (fit) to a genetic algorithm for detecting a number of error bits of the data page corresponding to the diffracted-light, a control unit that determines an output value of each pixel of the data page based on the optimal threshold value, and a decoding unit that decodes and outputs reproduction data according to the output value of the each pixel.
Foundation Of Soongsil University-industry Cooperation


Led device has changeable image

An led device having a changeable image includes an led light source, a kaleidoscope with a variety of constructions through which light from the led light source is transmitted to form a kaleidoscopic image, an image changing mechanism or device for changing the position, orientation, and/or relationships of an inner-medium or media in the kaleidoscope to change the kaleidoscopic image, and a projection assembly for projecting the kaleidoscopic image to a surface such as a wall, ceiling, floor, or surface of an object.. .


Oleds with improved light extraction using enhanced guided mode coupling

An organic light emitting diode (oled) device having enhanced light extraction is disclosed. The oled device includes an upper waveguide structure having an organic layer and supports first guided modes, and a lower waveguide structure with a light-extraction waveguide that supports second guided modes substantially matched to the first guided modes.
Corning Incorporated


System and the retention of universal serial bus and wireless communiction enabled devices

A system and method are provided for substantially preventing the loss of a first electronic device. The system and method establish a short distance wireless communications between the first electronic device and a second electronic device according to a first wireless communications protocol.


Use of gemstones with embedded near field communication chips for communication with nfc enabled devices

Jewelry incorporating gemstones embedded with near field communication (nfc) chips. Methods of sharing electronic messages using nfc gems by using an nfc enabled device to wirelessly upload an electronic file to a remote computer system over the internet, wirelessly writing information to an nfc chip embedded in a gemstone, the information including mapping information for accessing the uploaded electronic file and executable instructions to launch and direct a web browser to the electronic file; providing the nfc gem in close proximity to a same or different nfc device to establish near field communication; transferring the information from the nfc chip to the same or different nfc device; and executing the instructions to wirelessly access the electronic file over the internet..


Wafer level packaging of electronic device

Wafer level packaging of led devices is accomplished using a bottom wafer that includes one or more vias. A passivation layer is placed over the top surface of the bottom wafer including the surface of the vias.


Method for integrating a light emitting device

Light emitting devices and methods of integrating micro led devices into light emitting device are described. In an embodiment a light emitting device includes a reflective bank structure within a bank layer, and a conductive line atop the bank layer and elevated above the reflective bank structure.


Electromagnetic remote control and control method thereof

An electromagnetic remote control and control method thereof; when rotating a second rotary disc (20), the repulsive force between a first magnetic piece (30) on the second rotary disc (20) and a second magnetic piece (40) on a first rotary disc (10) is increased; when detecting increase in force on the second magnetic piece (40), transmitting a corresponding control instruction to a controlled device. The controlled terminal can be controlled by rotating the second rotary disc (20) without providing additional function keys, thus the electromagnetic remote control is small and easy to carry..


Simulation method, recording medium wherein simulation program is stored, simulation device, and system

A simulation method run on a computer simulating the characteristics of a real controlled device including a heating apparatus that changes a heating value in accordance with a first manipulated value, includes creating a controlled-device model representing the real controlled device where a first manipulated value is an input and a process value for the real controlled device is an output, acquiring a first time-related characteristic as input to the controlled-device model, and calculating a second time-related characteristic from the output from the controlled device model with respect to the input of the first time-related characteristic. The controlled-device model includes a heating component corresponding to the heating apparatus for increasing the process value in accordance with the size of a first manipulated value..


System and mobility enhanced wi-fi architecture

Described herein are techniques for providing wi-fi services to a wi-fi enabled device, even when the device is not within range of a wi-fi access point. A wi-fi access gateway can establish a first connection with a wi-fi radio node across a first network, when the device is within range of the wi-fi radio node.


Oled devices including structured backfill layer and planarization layer

Organic light emitting diode (oled) devices are disclosed that include a first layer; a backfill layer having a structured first side and a second side; a planarization layer having a structured first side and a second side; and a second layer; wherein the second side of the backfill layer is coincident with and adjacent to the first layer, the second side of the planarization layer is coincident with and adjacent to the second layer, the structured first side of the backfill layer and structured first side of the planarization layer form a structured interface, the refractive index of the backfill layer is index matched to the first layer, and the refractive index of the planarization layer is index matched to the second layer.. .


System and enhancing an automated delivery system

The present invention relates to a system and method for enhancing an automated delivery system by implementing a laser scanning mechanism. The method accepts the consumer's order over the network and instructs the delivery vehicle to collect the item(s) as per the order placed by the consumer.


Adaptive user input device

A user input device for use with a controlled device. The user input device includes a substrate; a plurality of sensing electrodes disposed separately on or in the substrate for sensing an object; and a controller electrically coupled to the sensing electrodes and stored therein at least one virtual key allocation table, wherein the controller executes a converting operation to generate a sensed object information according to a capacitance data realized from the sensing electrodes, and generates an input command associated with a specified key in the virtual key allocation table, which corresponds to the sensed object information, for controlling the controlled device.


System and network configuration and behavior control by proximity enabled devices

A method and system of configuring a network using a network application of a mobile device including detecting a gesture sequence that comprises at least one gesture, in response to a user performed action. The detected gesture sequence may be indicative of network configuration rules associated with at least one network device.


Method and illuminating omnidirectional lighting using solid-state lamps

A solid-state light fixture capable of emitting omnidirectional illumination using light emitting diode (“led”) is disclosed. The light fixture, in one aspect, includes a base, an led stand, and a protective shell.


Extended led light source with optimized free-form optics

A shaped lens for use with an led device to produce a rectangular light pattern on a surface; wherein the led device comprises a square extended area led emitting surface (an emitter greater than 1 mm square). A refracting surface of the lens extends upward from a horizontal x-y plane having the square emitter extending horizontally and centered at the x-y-z origin, wherein the lens surface exhibits both two-axis orthogonal symmetry and 180 degree rotational symmetry about the central z-axis; and wherein the lens surface profile around the periphery of any horizontal section is generally rectangular with obtuse corner angles and is generally convex between corner angles; and further wherein the lens surface profile in any vertical section passing through the origin is generally convex upward and inward from the base plane through an apex and continuing convex downward and inward to an intermediate height end point at the z-axis..


Self propelled device with magnetic coupling

A self-propelled device includes a spherical housing and an internal drive system including one or more motors. The internal drive system acts to provide power to an interior surface of the spherical housing, thereby causing the self-propelled device to move.


Method and terminal for controlling internet of things and controlled electronic device

A method for controlling an internet of things comprises: displaying, by a terminal, an interactive page of a controlled device, wherein the interactive page includes an interface interaction element configured to control the controlled device, and the controlled device is assigned a unique communication number; obtaining, by the terminal, a control command inputted by a user via the interface interaction element for controlling the controlled device, wherein the control command comprises the unique communication number; and sending, by the terminal, the control command to the controlled device in accordance with the unique communication number.. .
1more Inc.


Internet of things context-enabled device-driven tracking

A determination is made at a server that a network connected device is to control monitoring performed by a first network connected sensor. A first connection is established between the network connected device and the first network connected sensor, the first connection providing control of the first network connected sensor by the network connected device.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Communicating via near field communications

Communicating via near field communication (nfc) between a reader and an application on an nfc-enabled device. The device receives, from a reader, a selection of an application identifier (aid) proxy of the device.
Google Inc.


Using mems fabrication incorporating into led device mounting and assembly

Led chip packaging assembly that facilitates an integrated method for mounting led chips as a group to be pre-wired to be electrically connected to each other through a pattern of extendable metal wiring lines is provided. Led chips which are electrically connected to each other through extendable metal wiring lines, replace pick and place mounting and the wire bonding processes of the led chips, respectively.
Imec Taiwan Co.


Transcoder enabled cloud of remotely controlled devices

Various embodiments are directed to one or more transcoder devices in communication with an input device such as a remote control device and multiple destination devices in which the transcoder device(s) facilitate communication between the remote control and the various destination devices in the vicinity. The transcoder device(s) can also provide the user with an environmental awareness of conditions and events surrounding the user.
Intel Corporation


Controlling device, controlled device, and operating method

A controlled device includes a non-volatile memory, a power pin, and a controller. The controller is configured for performing, through a negotiation module, a power negotiation operation with a controlling device via the power pin; receiving a programming declaration from the controlling device via the power pin; disabling the negotiation module according to the programming declaration; receiving a programming data from the controlling device via the power pin after the negotiation module is disabled; and writing the programming data into the non-volatile memory.
Nuvoton Technology Corporation


Mobile hotspot managed by access controller

Systems and methods are described for a mobile hotspot that can be managed by an access controller. According to an embodiment, a wan connection is established by a mobile hotspot through a telecommunication data network via a wireless wan module.
Fortinet, Inc.


Mechanism to enable rejection and cancellation of request actions from wireless peer-to-peer devices

Systems, apparatuses, and methods are directed to a first peer-to-peer (p2p) enabled device configured to wirelessly transmit a first request message and a second p2p-enabled device configured to wirelessly receive the first request message. In response to receiving the first request message, the second p2p-enabled device wirelessly transmits a second request message to the first p2p-enabled device, and if the first request message is rejected by the second p2p-enabled device, the second request message includes status control information indicating that the first request message is rejected.
Intel Corporation


Mobile hotspot managed by access controller

Systems and methods are described for a mobile hotspot that can be managed from an access controller. According to an embodiment, a mobile establishes a wide area network (wan) connection through a wireless wan module and establishes a wireless local area network (wlan) connection with a wireless fidelity (wifi)-enabled device using a first wireless access point (ap) profile, wherein the first ap profile is also used for multiple aps of an enterprise that are controlled by an access controller (ac).
Fortinet, Inc.


Beverage composition system

A beverage service system is described herein, and may include a payment facility adapted to receive a payment from a user and load the payment electronically, as a credit for cup units of a beverage, against a user profile created by the user, the user having a near field communication (nfc)-enabled device linked to their user profile, and a beverage dispenser connected to a computer processor. The system may further include a credit receipt circuit in operative communication with the processor and having at least one reader provided in an immediate vicinity of the beverage dispenser, wherein the system is configured to dispense a cup unit of a beverage into each of a plurality of cups respectively having an electronically detectable, unique identification tag on transmission to the at least one credit receipt reader of a request to redeem a cup credit..


Heat-sink for high bay led device, high bay led device and methods of use thereof

A heat sink comprises a base, primary fins on and vertically extending from the base, and a fin-free region on the base. The primary fins each have a first arm, a second arm, which meets the first arm to form a primary fin bottom, and a stem, which extends away from the primary fin bottom.
Aeonovalite Technologies, Inc.


Magnetically coupled accessory for a self-propelled device

A system comprising a self-propelled device and an accessory device. The self-propelled device includes a spherical housing, and a drive system provided within the spherical housing to cause the self-propelled device to roll.
Sphero, Inc.


Organic light-emitting display device and manufacturing organic light-emitting display device

An organic light-emitting display (oled) device and a method for manufacturing an oled device are provided. A thin-film transistor is disposed on a lower substrate.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Organic light emitting display device

An organic light emitting display (oled) device is disclosed. The oled device includes a substrate configured to include a sub-pixel defined into an emission region and a driving region.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Movable gas nozzle in drying module

Provided herein are methods and apparatuses for cleaning wafers by coating an active surface of the wafer with a film of water to clean the wafer, delivering gas from a gas nozzle to the center of the active surface to break a film of water on the active surface to form a wet-dry boundary while spinning the wafer, and moving the gas nozzle radially outward from the center to the edge of the active surface of the wafer by following the wet-dry boundary. Tracking devices, such as cameras or charge-coupled devices, and systems may be used with an apparatus for cleaning wafers by tracking the wet-dry boundary on the wafer to move the gas nozzle to follow the wet-dry boundary.
Lam Research Corporation


Near field communication activation and authorization

A method of activation and authorization of a near field communication (nfc) enabled device comprising: receiving login information from an nfc enabled device; sending packet data via a network in response to receiving the login information from the nfc enabled device; and receiving corresponding data from the nfc enabled device in response to the sending of the packet data, the sending of the packet data and the receiving of the corresponding code facilitates the activation and authorization of the nfc enabled device, and the subsequent activation of the nfc device via a nfc link without further authorization of the nfc enabled device, is described herein.. .
Paypal, Inc.


System and method to have location based personalized ui updates on mobile app for connected users in security, video and home automation applications

An apparatus including a plurality of user controlled devices, each located at a respective predetermined location within a geographic area of a user, a respective location indicator associated with each of the plurality of user controlled devices, a portable user device including a respective controlling application of each of the plurality of user controlled devices embodied in a memory of the portable user device, a monitoring processor of the portable user device that detects a location of the portable user device within the geographic area based upon a wireless signal from one of the respective location indicators and an interface processor of the portable device that loads the controlling application of one of the plurality of user controlled devices based upon the detected location of the portable user device.. .
Honeywell International Inc.


Orientation adjustable multi-channel haptic device

A system that generates haptic effects on a haptically-enabled device determines an orientation of the haptically-enabled device and obtains one or more haptic effect channels. The system then assigns each of the haptic effect channels to a haptic output device on the haptically-enabled device based on the orientation..
Immersion Corporation


Method and simulating surface features on a user interface with haptic effects

A haptic effect enabled device for simulating a tactile sensation on a surface. In some cases, the haptic effect enabled device may be a user interface device, and the tactile sensation may be simulated on a surface of the user interface device.
Immersion Corporation


Method and controlling downhole rotational rate of a drilling tool

A downhole rotational rate control apparatus, adapted for coupling to the lower end of a drill string, includes a progressive cavity pump or motor, a mud flow control valve, and an electronics section. Drilling mud flowing downward through the drill string is partially diverted to flow through the pump or motor, with the mud flow rate and, in turn, the pump or motor speed being controlled by the mud flow control valve.
Dreco Energy Services Ulc


User plane location services over session initiation protocol (sip)

A method and mechanism to allow a location server to initiate a user plane location service (e.g., supl defined by oma) procedure to a user plane enabled device via instant messaging, or alternatively, via an existing sip session if a multimedia session is already established. The location request is signaled to the user plane enabled device via a sip info message.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.


System and early media buffering using detection of user behavior

A system and method for early media buffering using prediction of user behavior. In accordance with an embodiment, a client device user interface displays a plurality of media options, each of which is associated with a corresponding media content, for example a media channel or video stream, that can be received from a media server system for playing at the device, or at a controlled device.
Spotify Ab


Organic electroluminescent device and display having the same

The present disclosure provides an organic electroluminescent device including: a first electrode layer; an organic functional layer, disposed on the first electrode layer; a second electrode layer, disposed on the organic functional layer; and an inorganic layer, disposed on the second electrode layer, wherein the inorganic layer is a titanium dioxide layer or a silicon carbide layer. There also provides a display including the above organic electroluminescent device.
Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited


Semiconductor device and a making a semiconductor device

An led device capable of emitting electromagnetic radiation ranging from about 200 nm to 365 nm, the device. The device includes a substrate member, the substrate member being selected from sapphire, silicon, quartz, gallium nitride, gallium aluminum nitride, or others.
Rayvio Corporation


Organic light emitting display device

An oled device is disclosed. The device includes a substrate defined to have a first active area and a dummy area.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Identifying un-stored voice commands

Devices, methods, and computer-readable and executable instructions for identifying un-stored voice commands are described herein. For example, one or more embodiments include a microphone component configured to capture an un-stored voice command issued by a user and a speech recognition engine.
Honeywell International Inc.


Led driving device and improving harmonic current distortion on a led driving device

A led driving device is provided. The led driving device includes a multi-segment linear led driver, first current-compensating device and second current-compensating device.
Princeton Technology Corporation


Social messaging hub system

A social messaging hub provides communication services for a data enabled device having internet network access capabilities such as a portable media player, personal digital assistant, a wi-fi mobile platform, a tablet computer, portable e-reader, a personal computer, a laptop and a netbook computer. The social messaging hub communicates with the data enabled device over the internet or cellular data networks, and interfaces with a message infrastructure including mobile carriers, message aggregators, message exchanges and various specialized social messaging services.
Heywire, Inc.


Feedback-based adaptive load modulation (alm) for a near field communication (nfc) device

A first near field communication (nfc) device or a first nfc-enabled device utilizes a feedback based approach to allow for dynamic adjusting of one or more operating characteristics. The feedback based approach can be a direct feedback based approach or an indirect feedback based approach.
Broadcom Corporation


Systems and methods for interacting with an implantable medical device

An interactive implantable medical device system includes an implantable medical device and a network-enabled external device capable of bi-directional communication and interaction with the implantable medical device. The external device is programmed to interact with other similarly-enabled devices.
Neuropace, Inc.


Methods and improving peer communications using an active communication mode

Aspects disclosed herein relate to providing peer communications between nfc enabled devices using an active communication mode. In one example, a communications device is equipped to detect a remote nfc device field within an operating volume, establish a peer communication link with the remote nfc device using an active communication mode, determine that the peer communication link is to be deselected, and transmit a deselection request message to the remote nfc device indicating to the remote nfc device that it has been deselected while maintaining the peer communication link.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing communications services

An aspect of providing communications services to internet protocol-enabled devices includes storing, in an account of the subscriber, a globally unique identifier for each of a plurality of the devices associated with the subscriber. For each of the devices, the globally unique identifier is appended to a network address of the subscriber in the account, where each of the devices is uniquely addressable via the appended globally unique identifier and network address.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Method and wireless power transmission

Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and system for transferring power wirelessly to electronic devices. The system can utilize magnetic coupling between two coils at close proximity to transfer sufficient power to charge an electronic device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Streaming media search and playback system

A method is provided for playing back media from a network. The method includes receiving a search criteria from a network enabled device.


Acquisition and assessment of classically non-inferable information

Mind-enabled question answering (meqa) systems (300, 340) and methods (400, 500) produce answers (313) that are not inferable from information available from private databases, online searching or other traditional sources. Meqa systems utilize information provided by using devices (200) and methods that are responsive to an influence of mind.
Psigenics Corporation


Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

Novel carbazole-containing compounds are provided. The novel compounds also contain electron donor groups, aryl linkers, and at least one nitrogen heterocycle.
Universal Display Corporation


Novel power and lighting arrangement

The present invention comprises a novel and improved power and lighting arrangement suitable for use in commercial and/or domestic applications. The invention particularly relates to a controllable system for the provision of power and lighting for commercial and/or domestic applications wherein the system comprises one or more led lighting arrays and optionally one or more non-led devices and wherein the lighting and devices are powered by low voltage power distributed on bus bars..
Intelligent Growth Solutions Limited


Speaker system

A speaker system may include a dome-shaped shell defining an internal cavity, a receiver configured to receive audio signals from a wireless-enabled device and positioned in the internal cavity, and a plurality of speakers positioned at least partially within the internal cavity and in audio communication with the receiver, wherein the wireless receiver and speakers are configured to project audio outward of the dome-shaped shell. At least some of the plurality of speakers are facing outward of the dome-shaped shell, wherein the at least some of the plurality of speakers are at least partially upward and partially forward facing and configured to project audio outward of the dome-shaped shell in at least a partially forward direction.
Audio Icons, Llc


Apparatus, providing machine-to-machine applications development

A framework for a machine-to-machine (m2m) application development is disclosed. The framework enables users to login and affect devices and applications that may interact with the devices by enabling m2m applications.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Systems and methods for providing feedback to a user while interacting with content

Systems and methods for providing feedback to a user are described. One of the methods includes sending interactive data for rendering on a head mounted display (hmd).
Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.


Remotely controlling a self-propelled device in a virtualized environment

A computing device operating as a controller can obtain image data from a camera component. The computing device can determine a location of the self-propelled device relative to the camera based on the image data.
Sphero, Inc.



The controller according to the present invention includes an identifying information storing portion for storing unique identifying information; a non-contact communicating portion for receiving, through near-distance radio communication, identifying information for a controller and control parameters that indicate control conditions for a controlled device; a control parameter storing portion, an evaluating portion for evaluating whether or not there is a match between identifying information that has been received and identifying information that is stored in the identifying information storing portion; and a writing controlling portion, wherein: when there is a match between the identifying information that has been received and the identifying information that is stored in the identifying information storing portion, the writing controlling portion writes the received control parameters to the control parameter storing portion, and, if there is no match, does not write the received control parameters to the control parameter storing portion.. .
Azbil Corporation


Atrial appendage blood filtration systems

Instrumentation for percutaneous delivery of blood filtration devices to atrial appendages includes a curved access sheath and a delivery tube. The curved access sheath is coursed through the patient's vasculature to gain transseptal access to a left atrial appendage.
Atritech, Inc.


Detection of 802.11p signals in 802.11n/ac enabled devices

Embodiments allow a wireless device configured to work with the 802.11n/ac standard to work in the communication bands where 802.11p devices operate with little change. Embodiments may receive signals using a receiver adapted for the wider bandwidth 802.11n/ac signals.
Intel Corporation


Determining effects on communication signals

A system (10) for determining effects of one or more factors on one or more properties of a signal received by a wireless communication enabled device (24), the system (10) comprising: at least one sensor for sensing and gathering sensor data relating to a state of the wireless communication enabled device (24) or a state of the environment surrounding the wireless communication enabled device; and decision means for receiving input including the sensor data and determining whether one or more criteria are satisfied based on the input, each criteria being associated with a respective factor affecting a respective property, and determining the effects on the one or more properties of the signal on the basis of the criteria determination.. .
Norwood Systems Pty Ltd


Computer-programmed telephone-enabled devices for processing and managing numerous simultaneous voice conversations conducted by an individual over a computer network and computer methods of implementing thereof

In some embodiments, the present invention provides for a computer-implemented method, including: causing, by a specifically programmed computer call management communication system, to transform, over a computer network, computing devices of users, into corresponding specialized call management devices, by having each computing device to execute a specialized call management client software application being in electronic communication with the specifically programmed computer call management communication system over the computer network by utilizing sip; where the specialized call management client software application generates specialized graphical user interfaces configured to allow each user to concurrently initiate and maintain, over the computer network, a plurality of voice communications of distinct types with other users, by, for example, allowing each user to independently and dynamically divert, in real-time, any voice communication of any type to any audio device associated with a corresponding specialized call management device of such user.. .
Green Key Technologies Llc


System and providing least-cost routing of calls

A private network associated with an enterprise interconnects multiple points of presence (pops) located in regions in which communications devices associated with the enterprise operate. In addition, the communications devices and pops are each connected to the public switched telephone network (pstn) and/or the internet, or collectively, public network.
Calero Software, Llc


System and facilitating communication with network-enabled devices

Systems and methods for communication between sensors and a cloud-based service are disclosed. The cloud-based service is configured to parse a message from the network-enabled device into one or more message elements, to obtain input related to selected message elements of the one or more message elements, and to generate an output format according to a message definition that includes the selected message elements.
Raco Wireless Llc


Multifuctional platform system with device management mechanism and operation thereof

A platform management system includes: a control unit configured to implement a device smart agent to: receive a management request; calculate a projected resource usage for an agent host device based on execution of the management request; determine a performance degradation of a primary device function of the agent host device based on the projected resource usage; determine a request type of the management request based on the performance degradation; generate an inter-device communication based on the request type of the management request; and a communication unit, coupled to the control unit; configured to: transmit the inter-device communication from the device smart agent for receipt by a non-agent device or an agent enabled device.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Flexible led device with wire bond free die

An article includes a flexible polymeric dielectric layer having first and second major surfaces. The first major surface has a conductive layer thereon and at least one cavity therein.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Light emitting diode device

The present invention relates to a light emitting diode (led) and a flip-chip packaged led device. The present invention provides an led device.
Genesis Photonics Inc.


Canal hearing wireless remote control of an appliance

The present disclosure describes examples of systems and methods of wireless remote control of appliances using a canal hearing device upon manual activation of a switch placed in the concha cavity behind the tragus. In some examples, the lateral end comprises one or more manually activated switches, a wireless antenna, and a battery cell.
Ihear Medical, Inc.


System and dynamic thermal management in passively cooled device with a plurality of display surfaces

An information handling system includes a primary integrated display platform and a secondary integrated display platform attached via a hinge, and including a passive cooling system, a dynamic thermal management system, and a processor. The information handling system further includes an application window locator system for determining a location of a software application display window running on the information handling system on the primary integrated display platform or the secondary integrated display platform..
Dell Products, Lp


Digital downloading jukebox system with user-tailored music management, communications, and other tools

A digital downloading jukebox system including a mechanism for delivering custom services to a recognized user, including services for creating playlists, communicating with others, accessing other features, etc. Is provided.
Touchtunes Music Corporation


Light emitting assembly and backlight module

A light emitting assembly, a backlight module having the light emitting assembly, and a liquid crystal display (lcd) apparatus having the backlight module are provided. The light emitting assembly includes a rigid circuit board, a plurality of light emitting diode (led) devices, and a flexible circuit board.
Au Optronics Corporation


Method and system for allowing incoming emergency communications on a disabled device

A system and method to allow a disabled device to receive an incoming communication after the termination of an emergency communication session with a service provider. A disabled device is a device having a portion of its service plan that allows the device to send or receive communications either temporarily or permanently disabled.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.


Network scheduled device to device communication

A technology for device to device (d2d) communication scheduling is disclosed. A d2d device can be synchronized with a base station of a cellular system.


Method for improving the accuracy of an indoor positioning system with crowdsourced fingerprints

A user may manually indicate his or her location using a first ips-enabled device and share the location with a second device. The first ips-enabled device may communicate to an ips backend the user-specified location and information about beacons and their respective signal strengths detected by the first ips-enabled device at the time that the user indicated his or her location.
Cartogram, Inc.


Method for achieving short-distance unlocking according to the electrocardiogram and system thereof

A method for achieving short-distance unlocking according to the electrocardiogram and a system thereof are disclosed. The method comprises the following steps of: a.
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.


Universal remote control for effecting the same function on a plurality of different devices

A universal remote control device effects a same function on a plurality of different remotely controlled devices. The device has a housing, an actuator within the housing, a database of encoded signals for effecting the same function on the plurality of different remotely controlled devices; and a signal emitter configured to emit the encoded signals so as to effect the same function for each of the plurality of different devices in response to actuation of the actuator with no more than ½ second between each encoded signal..


Network-enabled device provisioning

Systems, devices, and techniques for network-enabled device provisioning are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, a network-enabled device may include: a storage device; listening logic to wirelessly receive a plurality of key fragments from a corresponding plurality of peer devices, to cause storage of the plurality of key fragments in the storage device, and to receive an encrypted provisioning message from a management device; key generation logic to generate a decryption key based on the plurality of key fragments stored in the storage device to decrypt the encrypted provisioning message, and to decrypt the encrypted provisioning message using the decryption key; and control logic to provision the network-enabled device in accordance with instructions included in the decrypted provisioning message.
Intel Corporation


Film packaging structure for oled, oled device and display apparatus

The present invention provides a film packaging structure for an oled, an oled device, and a display apparatus. The film packaging structure for an oled comprises a flexible film for packaging an oled unit.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Method of fabricating a light emitting diode device

The present invention relates to a light emitting diode (led) and a flip-chip packaged led device. The present invention provides an led device.
Genesis Photonics Inc.


Organic light emitting display devices and methods of manufacturing the same

An oled device and a method of manufacturing the same, the oled device including a substrate having a pixel area and a transmission area; a pixel circuit on the pixel area; a first electrode on the pixel area and being electrically connected to the pixel circuit; a first organic layer extending continuously on the pixel area and the transmission area and covering the first electrode; an emitting layer selectively on a portion of the first organic layer on the pixel area; a second organic layer extending continuously on the pixel and transmission areas and covering the emitting layer; and a third organic layer selectively on the transmission area, the third organic layer including a non-emitting material that has a different transmittance from that of the emitting layer; and a second electrode extending continuously on the pixel area and the transmission area and covering the second and third organic layers.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Pre-discharge circuit for multiplexed led display

A system includes an output driver circuit configured to operate a light emitting diode (led) display having a plurality of columns of led devices. The output driver circuit is configured to drive a given column output for the plurality of columns of led devices in response to being activated based on data and an driver on signal supplied to the output driver circuit.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Interactive three dimensional displays on handheld devices

Techniques are disclosed for rendering an anamorphic projection of 3d scene geometry on a handled device using a correct asymmetric perspective geometry projection. Once pose of the handheld device is determined, a relative eye position may be inferred when the device is tilted away from an initial or default pose, based on data supplied by accelerometers.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Rfid user input device with one or more integrated circuits for use with an rfid system

A rfid system that includes a rfid user input device and an rfid-enabled device. The user input device is configured to send one or more commands to control the enabled device.
Gema Touch, Inc.


Implant telemetry with dynamic tuning

Systems and methods for maximizing the resonance frequency match between a reader and a controlled device interacting over a narrowband inductive link involve, in various embodiments, features of the controlled device, the reader, or both.. .


Shared speech dialog capabilities

The disclosure includes a speech-enabled device and method to share speech dialog capabilities of the speech-enabled device with a dumb device. The speech-enabled device includes a processor and a memory storing instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the speech-enabled device to: receive speech dialog data of the dumb device that indicates a function of the dumb device; receive speech input; determine the function of the dumb device to be invoked based on the speech input by using the speech dialog data; generate a command effective to invoke the function of the dumb device based on the speech dialog data; and send the command to the dumb device to invoke the function of the dumb device..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Game controller on mobile touch-enabled devices

Various technologies described herein pertain to controlling a game with a mobile touch-enabled device. A thumbstick and a mode selection button can be rendered on a display of the mobile touch-enabled device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Method and distinguishing screen hold from screen touch

A touch screen enabled device of the present invention includes at least a display screen, a frame bordering the display screen and at least one touch sensor located in the device such that when pressure is applied to at least a portion of the frame proximate the at least one touch sensor, the pressure is sensed by the at least one touch sensor. In a touch screen enabled device of the present invention, the activation of a touch sensor located proximate at least a portion of a frame of the touch screen enabled device is electrically sensed and a touch screen functionality of at least a portion of a screen of the touch screen enabled device proximate the activated touch sensor is disabled..
Thomson Licensing


Lighting device and system for wireless calibration and controlling of lighting device

Present invention relates to modular lighting devices and systems as may be used for film, television and photography. Semiconductor technology based lighting device is mobile and miniature by its dimensions.
Digital Sputnik Lighting OÜ


Medicinal safe, lockable in a medicine cabinet

The present invention is a preferably rectangular sturdy, yet plastic, compartment or safe, small enough to fit inside a medicine cabinet, but large enough to house pill bottles and other medications. The safe has an openable and lockable front door that preferably comprises the safe's front wall.


Design and methods to package and interconnect high intensity led devices

Design and methods to package and interconnect high intensity led devices employ tabless led devices adjoined in alternating polarities, such that an anode of one led device is electrically connected to a cathode of an adjoining led device to create a series. Electrical and positional connections are affected by connectors attached to the anode or cathode by means of fasteners, thermally conductive insulators optionally present..


System and controller redundancy and controller network redundancy with ethernet/ip i/o

An apparatus includes a first controller having at least one interface and at least one processing device. The at least one interface is configured to communicate with a second controller and with a controlled network having multiple ethernet/ip-compatible input/output (i/o) modules and multiple ethernet/ip-compatible controlled devices.
Honeywell International Inc.

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