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Led Device patents

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Streaming media search and playback system

Streaming media search and playback system

Novel organic electroluminescent compounds and organic electroluminescent device using the same

Lg Electronics

Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Led Device-related patents
 Interactive video viewing patent thumbnailInteractive video viewing
A method and apparatus for providing an interactive video viewing experience for a user. The user has an internet enabled device and launches an interactive watching application (iwa) on his device.
The Carter Group Llc D/b/a Bottle Rocket
 Streaming media search and playback system patent thumbnailStreaming media search and playback system
A method is provided for playing back media from a network. The method includes receiving a search criteria from a network enabled device.
 Novel organic electroluminescent compounds and organic electroluminescent device using the same patent thumbnailNovel organic electroluminescent compounds and organic electroluminescent device using the same
The present invention relates to a novel organic electroluminescent compound and an organic electroluminescent device comprising the same. The organic electroluminescent compound according to the present invention is better in luminous efficiency and lifespan characteristics compared to conventional materials.
 Mobile terminal and  controlling the same patent thumbnailMobile terminal and controlling the same
Disclosed herein is a mobile terminal. The mobile terminal includes a wireless communication unit configured to perform a communication function with an external device, information acquisition means, and a controller configured to generate a call reception request message when a call transmission request is received, send the generated call reception request message to a called device, generate a preliminary message based on information obtained through the information acquisition means before a call is connected to the called device after receiving the call transmission request, and send the generated preliminary message to the called device..
Lg Electronics Inc.
 Lighting apparatus patent thumbnailLighting apparatus
Lighting appliance provided with an outer chassis made in such a way as to permit the operator to comfortably perform in situ a repair or maintenance operation if needed. Said chassis makes it possible to efficiently separate the light emission devices and the reflector and refractor means associated thereto from the power supply means guaranteeing that the section containing the led devices is such as to ensure the required level of insulation from external elements, such as ip55 or more preferably ip67, even after the chassis has been opened and said section has been separated from the rest of the chassis..
Enel Sole S.r.l.
 Led device with built-in fast self-test circuit patent thumbnailLed device with built-in fast self-test circuit
An led device with built-in fast self-test circuit includes at least one led unit, a data shift and latch register, a control unit, at least one multiplexer, and an led driver unit. The data shift and latch register receives a serial data signal.
Generalplus Technology Inc.
 White light emitting led device patent thumbnailWhite light emitting led device
A white light emitting led device comprises: base, blue light led chips, light reflector and transparent substrate covered with a phosphor coating; two ends of the light reflector connect the base and the transparent substrate, respectively, the inner surface of the light reflector is covered with a light-reflecting coating; blue light led chips are set on the surface of the base pointing to the transparent substrate, and the electrode leads of blue light led chips pass through the base; blue light led chip is a single chip, or a group of chips connected in series, or in parallel, or in a mixed manner; the transparent substrate has the shape of a plane, or a convex, or a semi-cylinder. The present invention gets the white light by utilizing the blue lights emitted by the blue light led chips to irradiate the transparent substrate which is covered with a phosphor coating..
 Low-power near-field communication authentication patent thumbnailLow-power near-field communication authentication
This document describes techniques (400, 500, 600) and apparatuses (100, 700) for implementing low-power near-field communication (nfc) authentication. These techniques (400, 500, 600) and apparatuses (100, 700) enable a computing device (102) to detect, in a low-power state, an nfc-enabled device (104) with which to authenticate via nfc.
Motorola Mobility Llc
 Distinctive ring tones prompted by call urgency and context patent thumbnailDistinctive ring tones prompted by call urgency and context
A method includes receiving, at an application server, information related to a call from a calling device to a called device. The method further includes determining, at the application server, a designation of the calling device.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.
 System and  transmitting a message to a wireless limited node patent thumbnailSystem and transmitting a message to a wireless limited node
Methods are provided for transmitting and receiving a message to or form a wireless limited node (10) in a wireless network (100) wherein the wireless limited node (10) is related to a coupled device (30) in the wireless network (100) and is able to receive data only within limited reception opportunities following transmission by the wireless limited node (10). The method of transmitting comprises noticing a need for transmitting the message to the wireless limited node (10), preparing the message to be transmitted, the coupled device (30) changing a physical parameter for triggering external activation of the wireless limited node (10), and after receiving a signal transmitted by the wireless limited node (10) upon said external activation, sending the message to be transmitted to the wireless limited node (10) within the limited reception opportunities.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

System and inter-cell interference coordination

A system and method for inter-cell interference coordination is provided. A method for controller operation includes receiving interferer information from a device served by the controller, scheduling a cell edge device based on the received interferer information, and reporting usage information of the subset of resources to neighboring controllers.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Design and methods to package and transmit energy of high intensity led devices

The curing assembly of this invention has one or more fiber optic cables, each transmitting light to a head, which distributes the light onto a substrate in a desired geometric pattern and intensity. Little or none of the heat generated by a light source is transmitted to the vicinity of the substrate.

Contacts for an n-type gallium and nitrogen substrate for optical devices

A method for fabricating led devices. The method includes providing a gallium and nitrogen containing substrate member (e.g., gan) comprising a backside surface and a front side surface.
Soraa, Inc.

Oled device and manufacturing method thereof, display apparatus

An oled device, comprising: a first electrode (10), a second electrode (11) and an organic thin film layer (13); the organic thin film layer comprises a hole layer (103), an electron layer (104) and an organic light emitting layer (105) located between the hole layer (103) and the electron layer (104); and the organic thin film layer (13) further comprises a hole blocking layer (12). The organic light emitting layer (105) comprises a first light emitting unit (1051), a second light emitting unit (1052) and a third light emitting unit (1053).
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

System and producing electroluminescent devices

The present disclosure provides an electroluminescent device comprising a light-emitting layer containing a blue or a blue-green fluorescent light emitting material that is comprised of a dialkyl-gallium moiety coordinated to a bidentate nitrogen bonding chelating ligand to form a gallium containing 6-membered heteroatom ring. The invention also provides a display or area lighting device including the oled device, a process for emitting light, and a dialkyl-gallium chelate complex.

Network-assisted configuration and programming of gateways in a network environment

An example method for network-assisted configuration and programming of gateways in a network environment is provided and includes registering a non-virtual extensible local area network (vxlan) device with a central controller, for example, by generating registration information associating the non-vxlan device with a virtual local area network (vlan) in a network environment, receiving a communication request from a vxlan enabled device to communicate with the non-vxlan device, mapping, based on the registration information, a vxlan segment corresponding to the vxlan enabled device with the vlan associated with the non-vxlan device, and configuring a gateway with the mapping through a suitable application programming interface exposed at the gateway.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Near field communication enabled device with improved electromagnetic compatibility and a load modulating in near field communication

A near field communication (nfc) initiator communicates with a target device. The carrier is modulated to transmit a digital signal.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

System for use in remote controlling controlled device

An objective of the present invention is to provide a system for remotely controlling a controlled device. The system comprises 1) emitting means comprising a light-emission source for sending a control signal; 2) detecting means comprising a camera unit for acquiring imaging information of the control signal in the camera unit; 3) computing means for determining location information of the emitting means based on the imaging information acquired by the detecting means; 4) controlling means for determining a control instruction corresponding to the location information so as to control a controlled device connected to the system.
Jeenon, Llc

Oled panel and package method thereof

The present invention provides an oled panel and the package method thereof. The oled panel comprises: a substrate 40, multiple oled devices 42 formed on the substrate 40, a package cover 20 attached oppositely to the substrate 40 and multiple sealed plastic frame 60 provided between the substrate 40 and the package cover 20 and corresponding to the oled device 42.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Microcavity oled device with narrow band phosphorescent emitters

A microcavity organic light emitting diode (oled) device is disclosed having a narrow-band phosphorescent emitter.. .

Oled device and manufacture thereof

A method of manufacturing an oled device, a semi-finished product, and a oled are described herein. In one embodiments, the method comprises providing an electrically conductive carrier substrate with a first carrier surface and a second carrier surface, assembling at least the first carrier surface a patterned layer of insulating material over an integral area, the layer of insulating material being patterned by a plurality of holes such that an electric access to the first carrier surface is possible, assembling a patterned conductive coating on the insulating material such that the conductive coating enters the holes and covers the insulating material, whereby the conductive coating is patterned such that a number of discrete first electrode areas are formed in the conductive coating, applying an organic light-emitting layer above at least one first electrode area, applying a second electrode layer above the organic light emitting layer..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Back-emitting oled device

An oled device includes an anode, which is transparent, anode of a sheet resistance r1, a cathode of sheet resistance r2, the ratio r=r2/r1 ranging from 0.1 to 5, a first anode contact and a second anode contact, spaced from and facing the first anode contact, and a first cathode electrical contact, which is: arranged above the active zone, offset from the first anode contact and from the second anode contact, at every point of the contact surface.. .
Saint-gobain Glass France

Back-emitting oled device and homogenizing the luminance of a back-emitting oled device

If 1.5≦r<2.5, then 5%<d/l<30%.. .

System and gesture disambiguation

Optimized distributed disambiguation of gestures is disclosed. In one innovative aspect, there is a gesture controlled device.

Live non-av content over a dlna network

A digital living network alliance (dlna) aliasing apparatus includes a dlna interface, a non-dlna interface, and aliasing logic coupled to the dlna interface and non-dlna interface. The aliasing apparatus also includes a processor coupled to the aliasing logic wherein the processor is arranged to execute software instructions.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Method and wireless digital radio

A method and apparatus are provided for a first controlled device, such as a wireless local transmitter that accepts a plurality of digital audio signals and corresponding program information signals converted from a controlled source, such as the encoded digital data provided by a digital data signal source, typically a community antenna television (catv) cable or direct broadcast satellite, then modulates said digital audio and corresponding program information signals on different carrier frequencies and transmits the modulated signals to a plurality of second controlled devices, such as remote digital receiver/tuners that demodulate said signals to output music in stereophonic sound and display the corresponding program information by means of an alphanumeric display. The first and second controlled devices contain microprocessor systems for communicating, controlling, storing, processing, and display of digital data within the operation of the respective system.
Dima Communications Inc.

Led device manufacturing method and fluorescent material-dispersed solution used in same

The present invention addresses the problem of providing an led device having no color unevenness in light emission. In order to solve the problem, this led device manufacturing method includes: a step of providing an led chip-mounted package; a step of film-forming a fluorescent material layer by applying a fluorescent material-dispersed solution to a emission surface of the led chip, said fluorescent material-dispersed solution containing a solvent, a fluorescent material, clay minerals and porous inorganic particles, and by drying the fluorescent material-dispersed solution; and a step of film-forming a wavelength conversion section by applying, to the fluorescent material layer, a precursor solution having a precursor of a light transmissive ceramic dispersed in a solvent, and by firing the layer, said wavelength conversion section being composed of a light transmissive ceramic layer having the fluorescent material, the clay minerals and the porous inorganic particles dispersed therein..
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Light emitting diode linear light with uniform far field

Described is a light emitting diode (led) linear illumination system that includes a linear array of led groups, high efficiency non-imaging optics and aberration corrected imaging optics. Each led group can include one or more leds.
Innovations In Optics, Inc.

Wireless communication enabling capacitive imaging sensor assembly

Embodiments of the invention generally provide a touch sensing device that is integrated with one or more components that are configured to use a wireless communication technique, such as a near field communication (nfc) technique, to communicate with another wireless communication enabled device. Some embodiments of the invention include configurations in which the touch sensing components and one or more nfc enabling components are configured so that the close proximate positioning of these components will minimally affect each other's performance during normal operation.
Synaptics Incorporated

Using an led die to measure temperature inside silicone that encapsulates an led array

A light-emitting diode (led) device includes first and second led dies with the same structure and that are both encapsulated by the same silicone layer. The first led is supplied with sufficient drive current to illuminate the led.
Bridgelux, Inc.

Methods for authenticating device-to-device communication

Devices and methods are described to enable devices to be paired in a convenient and secure way based on proximity with the use of a single radio transmission protocol. Using devices configurable to perform the processes described, users are able to pair bluetooth enabled devices or other radio communication protocols simply by putting the devices briefly in contact, or within close proximity, usually few centimeters.
Qardio, Inc.

User terminal and driving method thereof, control device and driving method thereof, and control system of controlled device

A user terminal and a driving method thereof, a control device and a driving method thereof, and a control system of a controlled device are provided. The user terminal includes: a communication interface configured to communicate with a plurality of controlled devices which are operated based on individually set setting values; a user interface configured to receive an adjustment value for collectively controlling the plurality of controlled devices as a group; and a controller configured to individually adjust each of the setting values based on a ratio which relates to the received adjustment value, and to control the plurality of controlled devices based on the adjusted setting values..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Accessing local applications when roaming using a nfc mobile device

A method of accessing local applications when roaming on a nfc mobile device may include creating a first partition and a second partition on a secure element (se) of a subscriber identification module (sim) of a near field communication (nfc) enabled device. The home tsm separates the first partition and the second partition by public key encryption.
International Business Machines Corporation

Host controller interface and messaging ant applications

A system and method using ant and/or ant+ protocols for one or more ant and/or ant+ applications. The system can include a bluetooth interface and a host controller interface (hci) that are configured to process incoming and outgoing ant and/or ant+ messages from/to one or more ant and/or ant+ enabled devices.
Broadcom Corporation

Accessing local applications when roaming using a nfc mobile device

A method of accessing local applications when roaming on a nfc mobile device may include creating a first partition and a second partition on a secure element (se) of a subscriber identification module (sim) of a near field communication (nfc) enabled device. The home tsm separates the first partition and the second partition by public key encryption.
International Business Machines Corporation

In-store content sampling and shopping bag techniques for electronic devices

In-store sampling techniques using short-range wireless communication are disclosed. An nfc-enabled device may transmit an nfc signal that can automatically power an nfc tag located on an item in a store and read information stored on the tag. Iic

Smart selection engine

A smart selection engine is provided. The smart selection engine may run in the context of a spreadsheet application on any device, service, or general endpoint capable of running the spreadsheet application.
Microsoft Corporation

System, method, and computer-readable medium for development and deployment of self-describing controlled device modules in a control system

A system, method, and computer-readable medium for configuring a controlled device in a control system are provided. A self-describing device module associated with a controlled device provides capabilities of a controlled device both at runtime and before installation.
Amx, Llc

Feature pack for a portable device

A feature pack coupled to and interfaced with a cellular phone, which is able to relieve the cellular telephone from performing tasks associated with several of battery power draining features of the cell phone thus preserving the power of the battery of the cellular telephone. The feature pack, while interfaced and coupled to the cellular telephone, uses its own circuitry and battery to perform these tasks.

Mobile imaging application, device architecture, service platform architecture and services

Systems and methods are provided for compressing and decompressing still image and video image data in mobile devices and monitoring applications. Corresponding mobile device and camera architectures, and service platform architectures for transmitting, storing, editing and transcoding still images and video images over wireless and wired networks and viewing them on display-enabled devices are also provided..
Soryn Technologies Llc

Chip on board light emitting diode device having dissipation unit array

A chip on board light emitting diode (led) device comprises a led device, a printed circuit board (pcb) and a dissipation unit array. The led device comprises a led substrate, a first contact pad and a second contact pad above the led substrate and a thermal layer formed on top surface of the led device.
Cofan Usa, Inc.

Led light pipe

A light emitting device and method of manufacture are described. In an embodiment, the light emitting device includes a micro led device, a light pipe around the micro led device to cause internal reflection of incident light from the micro led device within the light pipe, and a wavelength conversion layer comprising phosphor particles over the light pipe.
Luxvue Technology Corporation

Reflective bank structure and integrating a light emitting device

Light emitting devices and methods of integrating micro led devices into light emitting device are described. In an embodiment a light emitting device includes a reflective bank structure within a bank layer, and a conductive line atop the bank layer and elevated above the reflective bank structure.
Luxvue Technology Corporation

Led display with wavelength conversion layer

A display and method of manufacture are described. The display may include a substrate including an array of pixels with each pixel including multiple subpixels, and each subpixel within a pixel is designed for a different color emission spectrum.
Luxvue Technology Corporation

Scheduled device communication

A processing device receives a schedule from a server, the schedule identifying delivery times for a set of items associated with the user device. At each delivery time, the processing device contacts the server to obtain one or more items from the server in accordance with the schedule..

Infusion tracker and related methods

An infusion tracker comprising a base and a cover configured to be assembled onto the base. The infusion tracker further comprises a memory tag, attached to one of the base and the cover and configured to store data and operable to wirelessly release stored data in a format readable by a processor-controlled device or to activate an application software.

Novel organic electroluminescent compounds and organic electroluminescent device using the same

The present invention relates to a novel organic electroluminescent compound and an organic electroluminescent device comprising the same. Using the organic electroluminescent compounds of the present invention as a phosphorescent host material, a hole transport material, and a mixed host material, it is possible to manufacture an oled device with improved current efficiency..

Led module and led lamp employing same

Provided is an led module with which wide light distribution may be obtained even with a small number of attached led devices, and which has a simple structure which may be easily assembled. An led module includes a column-shaped mounting substrate and a plurality of led devices.

Remote control system for pointing robot

There is provided a remote control system including a controlled device and a remote device. The controlled device has a light source and moves according to a control signal from the remote device.

High efficiency led driver and driving method thereof

The present invention relates to a high efficiency led driver and driving method thereof. In one embodiment, a high efficiency led driving method configured for a led device can include: (i) receiving a dc bus voltage and generating a driving voltage for the led device through a power switch; (ii) comparing the dc bus voltage against a sum of the driving voltage and a first reference voltage; (iii) where when the dc bus voltage is greater than the sum of the driving voltage and the first reference voltage, generating a first output current; (iv) where when the dc bus voltage is greater than the driving voltage and less than the sum of the driving voltage and the first reference voltage, generating a second output current; and (v) matching an average current of the first output current and the second output current with a corresponding driving current..

Directional touch remote

The present system and method is particularly useful for remotely controlling a device having one or more menus via a remote touch interface having at least an unstructured primary input area. A user can provide inputs to a touch interface without needing to view the interface and yet still achieve the desired response from the remotely controlled device.

Method and system for hydrocarbon release management

Method and system is described to enhance operations for managing the hydrocarbon release. The system utilizes remote controlled devices equipped with herder delivery components.

Novel organic electroluminescent compounds and organic electroluminescent device using the same

The present invention relates to a novel organic electroluminescent compound and an organic electroluminescent device containing the same. Using the organic electroluminescent compounds of the present invention, it is possible to manufacture an oled device with a long operating lifespan and high luminous efficiency.

Cellphone wlan access point

An integrated cell phone/wlan ap for providing cell phone functionality and cellular-based data connectivity to a wlan enabled device. The cell phone ap comprises a wlan radio, a wlan ap coupled to the wlan radio, a cellular radio coupled to the wlan radio, for communicatively connecting to a cellular system having a cellular-based data service and passing data between the wlan-enabled device and the cellular system, a cell phone function block coupled to the cellular radio for providing conventional cell phone functionality, and a power supply..

Interference reduction using signal quality

Techniques are described for interference reduction using, e.g., a received signal strength indicator (rssi) or packet error rate threshold. Ues that implement these techniques may reduce interference among personal area network enabled devices, for example, with the added benefit of reducing power consumption by reduced rf transmissions.

Oled panel, manufacturing method, and related testing method

The present invention discloses an oled panel, a manufacturing method and related testing method. The oled panel includes a substrate (20), a cover (40) positioned oppositely to the substrate (20), an oled device positioned on the substrate (20), a humidity sensing film (42) positioned on the cover (40), a sealed frame (60) for adhering the substrate (20) and the cover (40), a plurality of testing wires between the humidity sensing film (42) and the cover (40), wherein one end of each of the testing wires is electrically connected to the humidity sensing film (42); wherein the substrate (20), the cover (40), and the sealed frame (246) form a sealed space, the oled device and the humidity sensing film (42) are inside the sealed space, and another end of each of the testing wires stretches to an outside of the sealed space (246)..

Distribution of an ip-based multimedia channel to non-ip enabled devices

An apparatus and method for converting an ip-based multimedia channel and distributing the channel to a plurality of non-ip enabled devices based on the channel's popularity among the devices. The apparatus identifies a plurality of multimedia channels requested by a group of devices, and determines a data rate for providing each channel to the devices based on a popularity of each channel among the devices.

Systems and methods for managing and tracking recommendation/purchase relationships

A transaction tracing system that includes a seller, a buyer, and several recommenders using an internet enabled device that can track and store all data associated with the chain of recommendations that lead to a discrete transaction. The tracing system, through the internet enabled device of the buyer enables a full tracking of the recommending events leading to a fully consummated transaction..

Near field communication activation and authorization

A method of activation and authorization of a near field communication (nfc) enabled device comprising: receiving login information from an nfc enabled device; sending packet data via a network in response to receiving the login information from the nfc enabled device; and receiving corresponding data from the nfc enabled device in response to the sending of the packet data, the sending of the packet data and the receiving of the corresponding code facilitates the activation and authorization of the nfc enabled device, and the subsequent activation of the nfc device via a nfc link without further authorization of the nfc enabled device, is described herein.. .

Device with an eeprom having both a near field communication interface and a second interface

A peripheral device and a method for programming the read/writeable memory of the rfid circuitry by communications between either rf antenna or bus communications port controller interface or both. In the peripheral device, an eeprom , bus communications controller interface, nfc interface, antenna, and logic controller operate to receive and transmit configuration and calibration data between a wireless personal area network circuit and an external wireless personal area network enabled device.

Channel formation for the fixing element of a dental superstructure and making the same

Channel formation for the fixing element of a dental superstructure. The superstructure (1) is fixed to the implantation (3) integrated in the jaw bone by means of a fixing element (2).

Infrared control device

An infrared device configured to remotely control a remote controlled device includes an infrared emitter and a processor. The processor includes a pin connected to the infrared emitter, a generating unit, and a control unit.

Neutral host wireless local area network apparatus and method and/or data offloading architecture apparatus and method

Network architectures, apparatus, methods, and processes related to wifi enabled devices (e.g., tablets and cellular phones) and wireless local area networks. In certain non-limiting embodiments, network architectures, apparatus, methods, and processes for providing or handling data offloading from congested cellular networks.

Device and measuring phase retardation distribution and fast axis azimuth angle distribution in real time

Device and method for measuring phase retardation distribution and fast axis azimuth angle distribution of birefringence sample in real time. The device consists of a collimating light source, a circular polarizer, a diffractive beam-splitting component, a quarter-wave plate, an analyzer array, a charge coupled device (ccd) image sensor and a computer with an image acquisition card.

Wireless power transfer (wpt) for a mobile communication device

A wireless power transfer (wpt) station is disclosed for wirelessly transferring power to a wpt enabled device. To initiate charging of the wpt enabled device, the wpt enabled device is simply moved to be proximate to the wpt station.

Led device with power removal detection and using the same

An led lamp is placed in service on an automotive vehicle to enhance nighttime visual ability or anywhere where increased lighting is needed. The led lamp utilizes a multi-stage power and control design, where the led drive current is managed by an led constant current controller that is coupled to a microprocessor that commands the intensity value of an led array.

Led devices with reduced reflection and an led display including same

Led devices are provided including an led package including an led and an optical element in an optical receiving relationship with the led. The optical element has a higher light absorbing property at an exit surface away from the led than at a bottom surface proximal to the led.

Magnetically coupled accessory for a self-propelled device

A self-propelled device includes a spherical housing and an internal drive system including one or more motors. The internal drive system acts to provide power to an interior surface of the spherical housing, thereby causing the self-propelled device to move.

Modular hydraulic hammer reduction system for railroad tank cars

A modular hydraulic hammer reduction system for railroad tank cars includes tubular hydraulic hammer reduction devices which include means to connect the tubular devices to flanges other than by welding or being cast together. For example, the tubular devices can be press fit into the flanges, or the tubular devices can be connected to the flanges with snap rings (preferably spiral-lock snap rings), or even more preferably the tubular devices can be press fit into the flanges and the tubular devices can be connected to the flanges with snap rings (preferably spiral-lock snap rings).

Optical semiconductor device, socket, and optical semiconductor unit

An optical semiconductor unit of the present invention has an led device provided with an led (light emitting diode) and a socket to which the led device is mounted, the led device has a main body to which the led is mounted, the main body has a first surface to which block-shaped electrode portions are connected.. .

Methods and machine-to-machine based communication service classes

Methods and apparatus enabling a wireless network to provide differentiated services to a machine-to-machine (m2m) client. In one embodiment, the wireless network comprises a umts network, and the home location register (hlr) entity identifies subscriptions as machine-to-machine (m2m) enabled devices based on flags or other descriptors associated with each m2m device, and imposes one or more rule sets (e.g., service restrictions) based on this identification.

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