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Leakage Current patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Leakage Current-related patents
 Leakage-current abatement circuity for memory arrays patent thumbnailnew patent Leakage-current abatement circuity for memory arrays
In one memory array embodiment, in order to compensate for bit-line leakage currents by off-state bit-cell access devices, a leakage-current reference circuit tracks access-device leakage current over different process, voltage, and temperature (pvt) conditions to generate a leakage-current reference voltage that drives a different leakage-current abatement device connected to each different bit-line to inject currents into the bit-lines to compensate for the corresponding leakage currents. In one implementation, the leakage-current reference circuit has a device that mimics the leakage of each access device configured in a current mirror that drives the resulting leakage-current reference voltage to the different leakage-current abatement devices..
 Combination esd protection circuits and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Combination esd protection circuits and methods
Circuits, integrated circuits, apparatuses, and methods, such as those for protecting circuits against electrostatic discharge events are disclosed. In an example method, a thyristor is triggered to conduct current from a signal node to a reference voltage node using leakage currents provided by a transistor formed in a semiconductor doped well shared with the base of the thyristor.
 Semiconductor device having vertical channels and method of manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor device having vertical channels and method of manufacturing the same
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device which can prevent leakage current caused by gate electrodes intersecting element isolation layers in a major axis of an active region, and which further has vertical channels to provide a sufficient overlap margin, and a semiconductor device manufactured using the above method. The device includes gate electrodes formed on element isolation layers that are disposed between active regions and have top surfaces that are higher than the top surfaces of the active regions.
 Semiconductor integrated circuit patent thumbnailSemiconductor integrated circuit
To reduce power consumption of a semiconductor integrated circuit and to reduce delay of the operation in the semiconductor integrated circuit, a plurality of sequential circuits included in a storage circuit each include a transistor whose channel formation region is formed with an oxide semiconductor, and a capacitor whose one electrode is electrically connected to a node that is brought into a floating state when the transistor is turned off. By using an oxide semiconductor for the channel formation region of the transistor, the transistor with an extremely low off-state current (leakage current) can be realized.
 Isolation monitoring using a test signal of variable frequency patent thumbnailIsolation monitoring using a test signal of variable frequency
In monitoring an isolation of an ungrounded power grid an ac voltage source is connected to the power grid via at least one test resistor. A test signal with a periodic continuous voltage course with regard to ground and with a frequency is applied to the power grid by means of the ac voltage source.
 Enhancement-mode gan mosfet with low leakage current and improved reliability patent thumbnailEnhancement-mode gan mosfet with low leakage current and improved reliability
An enhancement-mode gan mosfet with a low leakage current and an improved reliability is formed by utilizing a sio2/si3n4 gate insulation layer on an algan (or inalgan) barrier layer. The si3n4 portion of the sio2/si3n4 gate insulation layer significantly reduces the formation of interface states at the junction between the gate insulation layer and the barrier layer, while the sio2 portion of the sio2/si3n4 gate insulation layer significantly reduces the leakage current..
 Shift register unit and driving method thereof, shift register and display apparatus patent thumbnailShift register unit and driving method thereof, shift register and display apparatus
The present disclosure relates to a shift register unit and a driving method thereof, a shift register and a display apparatus. The shift register unit includes a carry signal output terminal(ca(n)); a driving signal output terminal(out(n)); a staged output module(33) connected to the pulling-up node(pu), the pulling-down node(pd), the carry signal output terminal(ca(n)) and the driving signal output terminal(out(n)), respectively, for outputting a carry signal and a driving signal in stages so that the driving signal maintains a high level in the evaluating phase and a low level in the resetting phase; a pulling-up node level maintaining module(34) for, in the evaluating phase, maintaining the level at the pulling-up node(pu) at a high level via the first output control module(31) so that the driving signal maintains the high level.
 Memory cell patent thumbnailMemory cell
This invention relates generally to a memory cell. The embodiments of the present invention provide a sram cell and a sram cell array comprising such sram cell.
 Electroconductive polymer solution and method for producing the same, electroconductive polymer material, and solid electrolytic capacitor using the same and method for producing the same patent thumbnailElectroconductive polymer solution and method for producing the same, electroconductive polymer material, and solid electrolytic capacitor using the same and method for producing the same
Provided are an electroconductive polymer solution in which the carbon material has excellent dispersibility, an electroconductive polymer material which has a high electroconductivity and which can be produced by a simple method, and a solid electrolytic capacitor and a method for producing the same which has a low esr without increasing a leakage current. An electroconductive polymer solution according to an exemplary embodiment of the invention contains an electroconductive polymer, a polysulfonic acid or a salt thereof which functions as a dopant to the electroconductive polymer, a mixture of a polyacid and a carbon material, and a solvent..
 Residual current device (rcd) with earth current sensing patent thumbnailResidual current device (rcd) with earth current sensing
Safety apparatus is disclosed for use with a load circuit connectable to a power supply via an active conductor and a neutral return conductor and including an earth return conductor. The apparatus comprises means for detecting a difference in load current flowing between an energized active conductor and the neutral return conductor; and means for disconnecting the load circuit from the power supply in response to the difference in load current, wherein the means for detecting includes means for sensing a leakage current flowing between the earth return conductor and the neutral return conductor.
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing thereof
It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide a method in which, in a semiconductor integrated circuit device, a plurality of transistors having wide-rangingly different ioff levels are embedded together in a semiconductor device including transistors each using a non-doped channel. By controlling an effective channel length, a leakage current is controlled without changing an impurity concentration distribution in a transistor including a non-doped channel layer and a screen layer provided immediately under the non-doped channel layer..
Level-up shifter circuit
A level-up shifter circuit is suitable for high speed and low power applications. The circuit dissipates almost no static power, or leakage current, compared to conventional designs and can preserve the signal's duty cycle even at high data rates.
On-line monitoring of stator insulation in motors and generators
Systems and methods are disclosed for on-line monitoring of the condition of the stator insulation of an ac motor or an electric generator. In certain embodiments, the system includes a transformer surrounding each pair of input and output cables associated with a given phase of power provided to the ac motor or generated by the electric generator.
Leakage reduction in dram mim capacitors
A method for forming a dram mim capacitor stack having low leakage current involves the use of a first electrode that serves as a template for promoting the high-k phase of a subsequently deposited dielectric layer. The high-k dielectric layer includes a doped material that can be crystallized after a subsequent annealing treatment.
Shift register driving apparatus and display
A shift register, a driving apparatus and a display. The shift register comprises: an evaluating unit for receiving a second clock signal and outputting an output signal to a signal output terminal under a control of an input signal; a reset controlling unit, a first terminal of which being connected to the evaluating unit and receiving the input signal, a second terminal of which receiving a first clock signal, a third terminal of which receiving a low level signal, for inputting a control signal to a reset unit under controls of the input signal and the first clock signal; the reset unit for receiving a high level signal and resetting the signal output terminal under a control of the control signal input by the reset controlling unit.
Dc/ac inverter to convert dc current/voltage to ac current/voltage
A dc/ac inverter is disclosed having two dc input terminals (1, 2), between which are connected an energy buffer capacitor (c), two output voltage terminals (3, 4) connected to filter section, switch configuration comprising the active switches (s1-s6), and freewheeling diodes (d1-d6) between the output voltage terminals (3, 4) and dc input terminals (1, 2) to provide real and/or reactive power to a public or islanded electric network. It is provided that, capacitive leakage currents occurring on the generator side be avoided while conserving high efficiency.
Electrophoretic display device
This specification relates to an electrophoretic display device, and particularly, to an electrophoretic display device capable of reducing power consumption by blocking a leakage current generated from a power on reset (por) circuit which resets each driver integrated circuit (ic) at an initial period, whereby a transistor as an active element connected to a por circuit may be turned on by applying a positive voltage, other than a power supply voltage, to a gate thereof at an image update period to drive a bias block, and thereafter turned off at an image static period, thereby blocking a leakage current and accordingly reducing power consumption.. .
Linear actuator system with means for fire detection
A linear actuator system comprising at least one linear actuator, a power supply, a control and an operation device. The linear actuator system comprises at least one printed circuit board having multiple layers comprising an electrically conductive circuit.
Leakage reduction in dram mim capacitors
A method for forming a dram mim capacitor stack having low leakage current involves the use of a first electrode that serves as a template for promoting the high-k phase of a subsequently deposited dielectric layer. The high-k dielectric layer includes a doped material that can be crystallized after a subsequent annealing treatment.
Very high resolution amoled display
Oled displays having a resolution of 300 dpi, 400 dpi, or greater are provided. Devices as disclosed may use one or more transistors, such as metal oxide transistors, which have a leakage current of not more than about 10−15 a/μm.
Fluid heating apparatuses, systems, and methods
A low leakage current fluid heater and systems and methods thereof. The fluid heater has a configuration whereby a heating element is isolated from a fluid channel so as to leak into fluid passing through the channel an allowed amount of leakage current.
Leakage measurement systems
Described examples include leakage measurement systems and methods for measuring leakage current between a word line at a boosted voltage and a word line at a supply voltage. The boosted voltage may be generated by charge pump circuitry.
Electrical load controller with neutral detection
An electrical load control device as disclosed above is capable of detecting when it has been connected to either a leakage type (two-wire) or a neutral type (three-wire) power input and automatically adjust its operation accordingly. In leakage operation the leakage current is limited to 0.5 ma and in three-wire or neutral operation the power supply provides more current than in leakage operation.
Display apparatuses and methods of operating the same
Provided are display apparatuses and methods of operating the same. In a display apparatus, a display image may be continuously held for longer than about 10 msec after the power of the display panel is turned off.
High voltage power semiconductor devices on sic
4h sic epiwafers with thickness of 50-100 μm are grown on 4° off-axis substrates. Surface morphological defect density in the range of 2-6 cm−2 is obtained from inspection of the epiwafers.
Semiconductor devices having a recessed electrode structure
An electrode structure is described in which conductive regions are recessed into a semiconductor region. Trenches may be formed in a semiconductor region, such that conductive regions can be formed in the trenches.
Insulator and power transmission line apparatus
An insulator is disclosed, which includes an insulating surface. A part of the insulating surface is applied with a conductive coating having a specific resistivity.
Screening method for electrolytic capacitors
A method of iteratively screening a sample of electrolytic capacitors having a predetermined rated voltage is provided. The method can include measuring a first leakage current of a first set of capacitors, calculating a first mean leakage current therefrom, and removing capacitors from the first set having a first leakage current equal to or above a first predetermined value, thereby forming a second set of capacitors.
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
In a nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, there is provided a technique which promotes microfabrication by reducing a thickness of the device as suppressing an off current of a polysilicon diode which is a selective element. A polysilicon layer to which an impurity is doped at low concentration and which becomes an electric-field relaxation layer of the polysilicon diode which is a selective element of a resistance variable memory is formed so as to be divided into two or more layers such as polysilicon layers.
Shift register unit, shift register and display apparatus
A shift register unit, shift register and display apparatus, for addressing the issue that the leakage current of the depletion tft affects the shift register. The shift register unit includes: a first output control module (51); a second output control module (52); a staged output module (53), being connected to a pull-up node (pu), a pull-down node (pd), a carry signal output terminal (ca(n)) and a driving signal output terminal (out(n)) respectively, for maintaining the driving signal at a high level during an evaluation phase and maintaining the same at a low level during a resetting phase and a pre-charging phase as well as during a non-operation phase by outputting the carrying signal and the driving signal in a staged mode; and a pull-up node level maintaining capacitor (c1), with one terminal connected to the first low level output terminal and the other terminal connected to the source of a first thin film transistor (t1) comprised in the first output control module (51), for maintaining the pull-up node (pu) at a high level by the first output control module (51) during the evaluation phase, so that to maintain the driving signal at a high level..
Junctionless semiconductor device having buried gate, apparatus including the same, and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device
A junctionless semiconductor device having a buried gate, a module and system each having the same, and a method for forming the semiconductor device are disclosed. A source, a drain, and a body of a semiconductor device having a buried gate are doped with the same type of impurities, so that the junctionless semiconductor device does not include a pn junction between the source and the body or between the body and the drain.
Power-rail electro-static discharge (esd) clamp circuit
A power-rail esd clamp circuit with a silicon controlled rectifier and a control module is provided. The silicon controlled rectifier is connected to a high voltage level and a low voltage level for bearing a current flow.
Double through silicon via structure
This invention discloses a double through silicon via (tsv) structure, including a first die unit, a first signal path, a second signal path, a receiving unit and a second die unit. The first and the second signal paths respectively include a driving unit and a tsv unit.
Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes an active region in which current flows when the semiconductor device is in an on state and a breakdown voltage structure portion which surrounds the active region. In the active region, a mos gate structure includes, a p well region, an n+ source region, a gate electrode, and a source electrode is provided on the front surface of a semiconductor substrate.
Wide gap semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
A wide gap semiconductor device has a substrate and a schottky electrode. The substrate is made of a wide gap semiconductor material and has a first conductivity type.
Gan dual field plate device with single field plate metal
A low leakage current transistor (2) is provided which includes a gan-containing substrate (11-14) covered by a passivation surface layer (17) in which a t-gate electrode with sidewall extensions (20) is formed and coated with a multi-level passivation layer (30-32) which includes an intermediate etch stop layer (31) which is used to define a continuous multi-region field plate (33) having multiple distances between the bottom surface of the field plate 33 and the semiconductor substrate in the gate-drain region of the transistor.. .
Logic circuit and semiconductor device
To reduce a leakage current of a transistor so that malfunction of a logic circuit can be suppressed. The logic circuit includes a transistor which includes an oxide semiconductor layer having a function of a channel formation layer and in which an off current is 1×10−13 a or less per micrometer in channel width.
Device and method for controlling supply voltage/frequency of process variation
A device capable of controlling a supply voltage and a supply frequency using information of a manufacturing process variation includes a data storage device storing data indicating performance of the device, a decoder decoding the data stored in the data storage device and outputting decoded data, and a frequency control block outputting a frequency controlled clock signal in response to the decoded data output from the decoder. The device further includes a voltage control block outputting a level controlled supply voltage in response to the decoded data.
Solid electrolytic capacitor with high temperature leakage stability
A solid electrolytic capacitor and method for forming a solid electrolytic capacitor with high temperature leakage stability is described. The solid electrolytic capacitor has improved leakage current and is especially well suited for high temperature environments such as down-hole applications..
Leakage current detection circuit, semiconductor apparatus, led illumination apparatus, and vehicle
A leakage current detection circuit detects a switch current flowing in a switch which is targeted for leakage monitoring, and generates a detection signal to prohibit operation of a control target circuit which is targeted for control when the switch current does not reach a predetermined threshold value.. .
Gallium nitride (gan) device with leakage current-based over-voltage protection
A gallium nitride (gan) device with leakage current-based over-voltage protection is disclosed. The gan device includes a drain and a source disposed on a semiconductor substrate.
Access device, fabrication method thereof, and semiconductor memory device having the same
An access device having a reduced height and capable of suppressing leakage current, a method of fabricating the same, and a semiconductor memory device including the same, are provided. The access device may include a stacked structure including a first-type semiconductor layer having a first dopant, a second-type semiconductor layer having a second dopant, and a third-type semiconductor layer.
Fluid warmer and method of operating a fluid warmer
A fluid warmer (10) for temperature control of a medical fluid (14) guided in a fluid tube (12) and a method for operation thereof have a sensor (38), which determines a leakage current (40) via a functional grounding conductor (fe). Two supply connection conductors (22a; 22b) for a resistance heating element (18) as well as the functional grounding conductor (fe) are each equipped with a switch (30a; 30b; 30c) which can be controlled by a control device (32).
Rectifier of alternating-current generator for vehicle
In a rectifier device (2) for full-wave rectifying an output of a vehicle alternating-current generator (1), a schottky barrier diode having a characteristic whose forward voltage drop with respect to a forward current is small and whose reverse leakage current is small, is used as a rectifier semiconductor element (201),(202) constituting the rectifier device (2).. .
Optimized flip-flop device with standard and high threshold voltage mos devices
A flip-flop operating with standard threshold voltage mos devices as compared with high threshold voltage mos devices may have improved speed performance, but greater leakage current. Likewise, a flip-flop operating with high threshold voltage mos devices may reduce the leakage current and have better power efficiency, but decreased speed and performance.
Metal-insulator-metal capacitor and method of fabricating
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for manufacturing metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitors. The mim capacitors may comprise an electrode, which may be a top or bottom electrode, which has a bottle neck.
Contacts for semiconductor devices
A memory device includes a number of memory cells and a dielectric layer formed over the memory cells. The memory device also includes contacts formed in the dielectric layer and spacers formed adjacent the side surfaces of the contacts.
Semiconductor device, hemt device, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Provided is a semiconductor device in which a reverse leakage current is suppressed and the mobility of a two-dimensional electron gas is high. A semiconductor device includes: an epitaxial substrate in which a group of group-iii nitride layers are laminated on a base substrate such that a (0001) crystal plane is substantially in parallel with a substrate surface; and a schottky electrode.
Pixel and organic light emitting display device having the same
A pixel of an organic light emitting display device includes a transistor, an organic light emitting diode, and a common line. The organic light emitting diode includes a first common layer, an organic light emitting layer disposed on the first common layer, and a second common layer.
Medical, topper, pet wireless, and automated manufacturing of distributed thermoelectric heating and cooling
A thermoelectric device comprising an elongated panel, formed of a thermally insulating material, and having a plurality of thermoelectric elements comprising compacted conductors inside the insulating material and expanded conductors outside the insulating material is combined with other layers for leakage current interception, bodily fluid absorption, and pillars that preserve pressure re-distribution. The thermoelectric device may be integrated into a variety of surfaces or enclosures needing heating or cooling and manufactured using pre-existing automated equipment..
Non-volatile resistive-switching memories
Non-volatile resistive-switching memories are described, including a memory element having a first electrode, a second electrode, a metal oxide between the first electrode and the second electrode. The metal oxide switches using bulk-mediated switching, has a bandgap greater than 4 electron volts (ev), has a set voltage for a set operation of at least one volt per one hundred angstroms of a thickness of the metal oxide, and has a leakage current density less than 40 amps per square centimeter (a/cm2) measured at 0.5 volts (v) per twenty angstroms of the thickness of the metal oxide..
Testing retention mode of an sram array
An embodiment of the invention discloses a method for testing the retention mode of an array of sram cells. A data pattern is written to the array.
Resistive switching for non volatile memory device using an integrated breakdown element
A method of suppressing propagation of leakage current in an array of switching devices. The method includes providing a dielectric breakdown element integrally and serially connected to a switching element within each of the switching device.
Display apparatus, method of driving a display, and electronic device
In a display apparatus including a switching transistor, a correction voltage for eliminating an effect of a variation in a characteristic of a driving transistor is stored in a storage capacitor. The switching transistor is disposed between one current terminal of the driving transistor and a light emitting element.
Biomedical implant with a monolithic timing control based rectifier for multivoltage for biomedical applications
A biomedical implant is provided for simultaneously generating multiple voltages for digital and analog circuits. Two ac voltages induced from an external single ac source located externally to the biomedical implant are used as input to a multi-voltage rectifier.
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
A semiconductor device comprises: a semiconductor substrate including an active region defined as a device isolation film; a bit line hole disposed over the top portion of the semiconductor substrate; an oxide film disposed at sidewalls of the bit line hole; and a bit line conductive layer buried in the bit line hole including the oxide film. A bit line spacer is formed with an oxide film, thereby reducing a parasitic capacitance.
Manufacturing method of tunnel oxide of nor flash memory
A manufacturing method of tunnel oxide of nor flash memory controls the temperature and thickness of tunnel oxide in a gate structure to prevent a channel region to change its doping concentration and range due to a high-temperature manufacturing process, so as to overcome the leakage current and improve the reliability of storing data.. .
Adaptive gate drive circuit with temperatuare compensation
An adaptive gate drive circuit that can generate a gate bias voltage with temperature compensation for a mosfet is disclosed. The adaptive gate drive circuit may generate the gate bias voltage with variable drive capability to combat higher gate leakage current of the mosfet at higher temperature.
Low supply voltage logic circuit
A low supply voltage logic circuit includes a first current source operable to generate a first current dependent on a first control signal and to generate a first leakage current. A second current source is operable to generate a second current dependent on a second control signal and to generate a second leakage current.
Reconstituted wafer package with high voltage discrete active dice and integrated field plate for high temperature leakage current stability
A reconstituted wafer level package for a versatile high-voltage capable component is disclosed. The reconstituted wafer package includes a dice substantially encapsulated by a mold material except for a first face.
Multi-layer piezoelectric element, and piezoelectric actuator, injection device, and fuel injection system provided with same
There are provided a multi-layer piezoelectric element which is capable of suppression of occurrence of an imperfect area, suffers from no development of leakage current even with moisture intrusion, has long-term freedom from variations in displacement and can achieve stable driving, as well as to provide a piezoelectric actuator, an injection device, and a fuel injection system provided with the multi-layer piezoelectric element. A multi-layer piezoelectric element includes a stacked body in which piezoelectric layers and internal electrodes acting as positive and negative internal electrodes are laminated; an inorganic coating attached to a side surface of the stacked body where ends of both the positive internal electrodes and the negative internal electrodes are exposed; and metal particles composed predominantly of a metal element contained in the internal electrodes, the metal particles dispersed in the inorganic coating..
Thermal management of tightly integrated semiconductor device, system and/or package
Some implementations provide a semiconductor package that includes a first die and a second die adjacent to the first die. The second die is capable of heating the first die.
Semiconductor device
It is an object to provide a semiconductor device in which power consumption can be reduced. It is another object to provide a highly reliable semiconductor device using a programming cell, such as a programmable logic device (pld).
Subsea deployed apparatus and method
An apparatus includes a voltage source, voltage measurement means and a processing means, and connects to a line to apply and monitor a voltage between the line and earth. The processing means controls the voltage source to transmit and receive communications from the line, via the voltage measurement means.
Thyristor-based, dual-polarity blocking photo-conductive semiconductor switch (pcss) for short pulse switching and methods
A system and method utilizing thyristor-based photo-conductive semiconductor switches (pcss) for short pulse switching in high power microwave and/or broadband electromagnetic pulse generation is disclosed. The pcss consists of thyristor-type npnp structure having multiple emitter regions enclosed by the base region and multiple emitter shorts to divert leakage currents for voltage holding.
Method of manufacturing field effect type compound semiconductor device
Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a field effect type compound semiconductor device in which leakage current of a device is decreased and breakdown voltage is enhanced. The method of manufacturing a field effect type compound semiconductor device includes: stacking an active layer and an ohmic layer on a substrate and forming a first oxide layer on the ohmic layer; forming a mesa region in predetermined regions of the first oxide layer, the ohmic layer, and the active layer; planarizing the mesa region after forming a nitride layer by evaporating a nitride on the mesa region; forming an ohmic electrode on the first oxide layer; forming a minute gate resist pattern after forming a second oxide layer on a semiconductor substrate in which the ohmic electrode is formed and forming a minute gate pattern having a under-cut shaped profile by dry-etching the first oxide layer, the nitride layer, and the second oxide layer; forming a gate recess region by forming a head pattern of a gamma gate electrode on the semiconductor substrate; and forming the gamma gate electrode by evaporating refractory metal on the semiconductor substrate in which the gate recess region is formed..
Liquid crystal display device and method for driving the same
A liquid crystal display device whose power consumption is reduced while image quality is prevented from being degraded is provided. Further, a method for driving a liquid crystal display device whose power consumption is reduced while image quality is prevented from being degraded is provided.
Measurement circuit for leakage current of capacitor
A measurement circuit includes an instruction input unit, a charging circuit to charge a capacitor, a charging and discharging circuit to control the capacitor to leakage discharge, a control circuit, a first amplifying circuit, and a display unit. The control circuit receives a measurement instruction through the instruction input unit to control the charging circuit to charge the capacitor, and receives a stop charging signal from the charging circuit when a voltage of the capacitor reaches a saturation voltage for controlling the charging circuit to stop charging the capacitor.
Pixel and organic light emitting display device having the same
A pixel of an organic light emitting display device includes a transistor configured to output a first source voltage, an organic light emitting diode coupled to the transistor, and a wiring configured to be applied with a reference voltage to ground a leakage current of the transistor. The organic light emitting diode includes a first electrode configured to receive the first source voltage, a first common layer on the first electrode, an organic light emitting layer on the first common layer, and a second electrode on the organic light emitting layer and configured to be applied with a second source voltage different from the first source voltage.
Array operation using a schottky diode as a non-ohmic selection device
A two-terminal memory cell including a schottky metal-semiconductor contact as a selection device (sd) allows selection of two-terminal cross-point memory array operating voltages that eliminate “half-select leakage current” problems present when other types of non-ohmic devices are used. The sd structure can comprise a “metal/oxide semiconductor/metal” or a “metal/lightly-doped single layer polycrystalline silicon.” the memory cell can include a two-terminal memory element including at least one conductive oxide layer (e.g., a conductive metal oxide—cmo, such as a perovskite or a conductive binary oxide) and an electronically insulating layer (e.g., yttria-stabilized zirconia—ysz) in contact with the cmo.
Indirect measurement method and system for monitoring and reporting leakage currents
A system and method are provided for monitoring and reporting leakage currents caused by a load that is coupled to an ac supply line. A sensor positioned adjacent to an ac supply line senses an amperage difference between currents traveling along the ac supply line.
Remote control system
Provided is a remote control system with which leakage current flowing in a switch can be reduced so that power consumption can be reduced. The remote control system includes a portable information terminal, a server, and an electric device.

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